Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1861 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9143. THE REBELUON. Important News from Virginia. Indications of a Rebellion Among the Rebels, The Union Element Organizing Against the Rebel Naders. Another Defeat of the Rebels at CvAeat Mountain. French Princes Volunteering In the Union Army* IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. PROGRESS OF THE SIEGE OF LEXINGTON. Splendid Charge and Repulse of the Rebels by the Irish Regiment* Reported Reinforcement of the Garrison. IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. The Union Hen Preparing for the Conflict. Ten Thousand Indiana Troop* Beady to Enter the State, &o.| &c., &e. <RR SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES* Wrtniifowm, Sept. 81,1861. tmw ALONO THE UNION LINKS?NO PROBABILITY OF AN ATTACK FROM TUB KNEW. NeRber Beauregard* promise to his array, to take tho ?tr of Washington, aor that given aboat crossing ovor telo Maryland bavQ yet been fulfilled. The form I luMe appearance of the Union forces at every assailable [>oint precludes the one, and the dissolution of the saoeeskm Legislature Of Maryland renders the other profit Iwe as well as hamrdous. The same quiet that has prevailed for days still reigns throughout the whole extent of our array at the Potomac. Nervous people bave boon startled by oooasional discharges of artillery, which were traced to t-1-'? te General McCleDan and the Prince de Jolnviile, r to firing fbr practice In soma Of the various fortiflcatloaa. fhe fact is, the prospect of a grand assault upon Mr works by the consolidated rebel army grows "email hy degrees and beautifully less." ^ Hts now generally ooooeded that there win be no h*ttk of conscience te this Ttcinity, unless Geaeral MeOleUan himself directs the amy nnder his oommar.d to sasume an o{Tensive etttltudo. There is no immediate probability that this will be dose, In view of the fact that the rebels in Virginia wlU be quite as badly and as surely defeated by Inactien as by a general engagement, in which the lives of tundredrcf our soldiers might be lost: to attain a result that can 1>e reached withoct such u Haertflce. Everything istatetaNwig the lines to-night,'from Gen?ral Banks' ootemn to Peiat Lookout, on the Gitesapetlie Bay. ANOTHER DEFEAT OF TOE REBELS AT CHEAT WOr.VTAIN. Gen. Reynolds, who was at the Cheat Mountain ,ihas, the jleppatch states,'driven the rebels from their position, killing nearty a hundred of them. Col. Kid-well, of tho Fourteenth Indiana regiment, was sorronaded twice,but. repulsed the-rebels-with great gallar.try and small loss to ua. The date of the action is not manuoned. THK TOFFICPtTT RESPECTING ?HK. FRNHOTT. There te as yfet no definitive actkmihi n-gard to Major OeoeralFremont's administration of Aflhir* in Missouri, the questions involved being of a delicate and complicated character. Tho indications are, however, that If ha sbatl not be superseded in his command, wk'.eh now aacms probable, other arrangements of an huportant heariagwtll bemade, having in viov.-tho public welfare. Koth tag beyond what is here stated can be asoer tallied, for tho reason already monitored. CHEKtlNQ REP0RT8 nWK<UIITWH . Gentlemen-just arrived from K-entatky gpoak in chonriBg torms of tb? enthusiasm prevailing nrnonp the Union men thern. Stay say if Kentucky has boon stow to move, K Is evident that she is moving 'now with'H will and heartiness that will not be cbechcd -until every robot in arms is driven from ber soil. Tbe.peaplo aro -responding with entboaListlo alacrity to <the resolutions of tbeir Legist* ure, that the iavaders tioet bo Ariven out. Hie rnmorod approach -of tbo aomndrollj spy and traitor Buckner, by way of Sowling ?reen, towards tha Oltf of Loqlsvllie, baa .aroused tif deepest Indignation, and the Home GworJ are rushing to repol hie advance wittout waiting for reinforcement*. Theeo, bowewr, are rapidly going forward from and Diinoia. Thereto probably by tfcie time ooncenkated in Burnettta bonightad district a aaflcieatiiorca of the Kentacky Come Gawd and Unloa volunteers froai other Btatoa to drive Generate Polk, Buckner and ZoMlcoflfer back lata Tenneaaae, and to follow up the advantage thus gained. -flThclrj attempt to aubjtaptte -Kentucky has tired the patrts'.ism of " tha Dark and Steady Groand," and - will raooMarith crugbing force upoa fthemeeivea. INDIANA jTBOOra SSADT TO iUMCB TO UKTWIT. A deapata'i received yesterday by * prominent oClcor mt the goveaament, dated Tndianspodir, says thAt Governor Ifortoa xnd Colons) Wood left Car Louisville on the ltlh Inat , or a special .train, with guaa and amounltU-n TbaGovernor-lias ordered the Home Guard aad tha tegl entr oa the herder to hold themselves in readiness. It li further added that ten thousand additional treopeoouitf leave that State, la twenty-four hours. OfrEAATIOJU or TQt POTCMtAO P19T.UJLA. There-have beea-a number of arrivals at tha Navy Tard mt transports and aasaels attached to the flotilla. A fow days ago lieutenant JlcGaw, commanding the Pocihontaa, landed near tha White House, and made a thorough cooenoolssance of tits neighborhood. He found Ihero neither batteries nor rebels. The place was deserted. It 4a also reported by negroes taken in the vicinity of ifafthta* Point, that tha rebels have now no gjina in battery there, and only a small force of tftree er four hundred man engaged in watching the sscvvemecta of oar Potomac teat. This morning tha steamer Lockwood rein/nod from a nocdQoisaanea down the river, brinalnc thirteen "con- I Irabandt," s?nt np ficm tbe Yankee. Two otters wen taought up by the Rescue. TV schooner Hartford, of Baltimore, laden with wheat and tobacco, from Port Tobacco, Maryland, J?as f <ind j-?sur lay without pipers, and taken in charge by" the PotoAM fleot. She was brought up to tb? Navy , Yard b/ ths Beeeue, loawait an Inquiry ' [E NE - " akbival o? a rrorrmt from manabsas?h* rePORTS TBI rkbbl army at dkmobalibu) amd ulaitho up. <fce of the moat Intelligent men In the rebel army, who !?aa occupied a high and confidential poeittoo,reached here to-night from Manassas. He left there on yesterday, and j I wiy* no is totally disgusted with tne conieoeraw went, and that the umo feeling prevail# througho'itmore than half of the rebel army, that It is domoraiftod; that Urge numbers of the Gulf Slate troops are leavynrg, and others belonging to the other Southern coMit States havo left Manassas for home. Be elate* that there Is no Intention on the part of tho rebel generals of attacking our lines, and that their guns are left ia position and the places ?rt garrisoned for appearance only; that the fear on the part of the rebels Is that eur troops will attack them. He asserts most positively that they have not the power either to attack the Dslon army, or even to defend themselves against any considerable force. They view their Bull run success as a sort of luck and chance atfhir, which oost them too dearly to boast much over. They were so totally cut to pieces and disorganized that It took them quite as long to rally from It as It did the Union forces from their pan is and stampede. This robel officer, who escaped across the Potomac, and reached this city through Charles county, Maryland, says he was pressed Into the rebel service, is thankful he has escaped, and desires to take the oath of allegiance, which he will do to-morrow. Ho has keen a citizen of Baltimore, and has had a wifo living In this city for several months. That he has not come here as a spy Is evident from the manner of his conduct since his arrival to-night. RKVIKW OF GENERAL M'CALL'B DIVISION, THR PRINCE DK JOINV1LLE AND 8UITK ASSISTING IN TI!E CEllKMONY?CREDITABLE APPEARANCE 09 THE PENNSYLVANIA TROOPS, ETC. At ten o'clock this forenoon General McdeTUn despatched one of his aids and ;i detachment of cavalry to Wltlard's Hotel, to esoort the Prince de Jolnvllle and sons and suite to the commanding Goneral's headquarters, whoro the Gcnoral revived the Prince with all the honors, and then proceeded immediately to review Major General MeCaH's division of Peunsylvania troops. The party arrived on the flold, amidst tho firing of cannon, at halfpast eleven, where the troops were drawn np in columns of two regiments each. General McC!c!ti?n, uncovered, advanced to tho centre, where ho met Gt norol McCall. The Prince and suite took a position a f w yards In the rear. General McClellan soon approach id I ??I?J rriaem, wim ueuorai MCVBII, >na introduce!! me I Prince to the commander of tho division. Prince de Joln? ?illa removed his black Kofwu'h hat and bowed graoefully. The review commenced, and was proceeded with in regular order, General McClcllan riding a few feet in ...Vance of his staff, who had the Prince and sons In charge. Tho troops made a flno apjwjaraiice, inarching and wheeling like experienced regulais. They aro well nnlformod, very neat and healthy In their appearance, and look lite men of great tnduranco. General McCall receivod many compliment*; from General MoClclian, the Prince, and other distinguished military men on the Hold, for the flto appearance of his troops. Pennsylvania is making up '.or Uie past, and if what I witnoasod today la any criterion by which to judge, tho old Keystone State will come gloriously rmt of the conflict. Aftor the rovicw G?n. MoCJellan and staff, the rrlnce and suite, accompanied Gen. McCall to his headquarters, i where refreshments were nerved. Gen. McClellan, having an eye to businoss, gave his guests but a short time to rest, having business rise where. He subsequently inspected Gen. John Fii7. Porter's brigade. These frequent Inspections and reviews are mainly for tho purpose of Laving the ofilcers and meu see and know their commanding General and stall, to avoid mistakes by a want of such knowledge iu the event cf a battle. TIIE ARMY. The following army apiiointinentc and promotions wer0 ; made to day:? At sia.iiai Surgeon Alexander B. Hasaon, to be Surgeon* I vice Ma lison, promoted. ^ Alfred A. Woodhall, to be Assistant 8urgeen, vice Has- J son, promoted. I Wm. Brodie, to be Surgeon. Clias. H. Goddard, of Ohio, to be a Captata of the 9ev tnenth infantry, vico Clarke, resigned. CukKWl Edward D. Baker, United States Senator (rmc California, has been appointed a MajeTGeneral of > teers. DISTINGUISHED FOWnGWEBS ENTKRWO THE A ?**. Tho government accepts tfeo tender ef military s frriem by -Count do Paris ar,4D?0e Chartres. They *IC pr jMbly enter Gen. McClellaa'B staff. Bie young Cuant de Penthlorro, son of the Prince Do Joinville, e atere the Fnited States Naval A<?4cmy. He Is sixteen y jarsxfld. Ma,ior Bausenwein, Aid-de-Camp to GarlbaU* a, has'toJ?? l,fcn?, MmmUai/wa^ 4m (ha mllHnpv oart'iAA The commission (petted to the Prussian P Anoe ftrtm Sclra, designates hi to *3 follows:?"Colonol commanding1 the Pennsylvania volunteer regiment *of oavalry knfcwn as < Young's Kentacky Cav*Jry,' which w4U henceforth "be known vs 'The damee Cam-; arm Pewrytoairta Volunteer Cavalry.'' ?? A flier 4hia ftppointmciit was mado, 1t was vcertaieed 'tint tin Prince couK ^ot speak tie Jinglisb. language -wall enough * bo understood, wscquontl^ lie has been, fat his own request, tcrapcrarily detailed to the * fc-aff of lirigadier General1 Btenkeo, commanding a divi!sion, ae stated-in tho Filial ld. In the mcantim* tho Lieutenant Ootcael will coaMtandithe regiment. tbej.a-vfy. Captain L. il.-ColdsboroaRh has assumed the .notneaant; of Uie Sortbom Atlantic Scjua lron, to which Ste waacrld?red,? roHeve Hag Offlo* Strloghara. Preparations are being tkidn to light one of .tiioshlp?beusea?t the H::vy Yard with gas, so that the work there J-nM? he vigoriasly, with double uetf -or wori. J won, day aad night. * vmraxxltiotis of the i rebels on rat -osors of i > the vsbob1a farmers. Along tho whole lino of> '-he Potomac the p#Ma have been gathering, for <ho ??f of their army, all tjo crops within their ncach. These depredations have beea so .. wanton and indiFcriminal* that General Smith .has dotailed a regime! t to assist Cic farmers living between the , Cr.toaand -the rebel linos* in the vicinity of the Chain Bridge,to savetielr crops^-end place them eat of roach of tho rebel robbers. This-bet only secures tho friendship of ti>? peoplo thus aMtatad, but deprives the risbel3 of their chief reaourco for forage. capture of wei. supplies. On .Thursday Colonel Cowden's First ItawacbuftoMa raiment, flow performing drty on the Peuin8ulaicaptared two wagoa loads of military clothing, amw^fce., destined to be smuggled acrcaa tha Potomac for the use of the cabt>l troops. Tho aeisuro was made about QfUtsti nattea from Loonardstown, Mary-ic nd. KKBB-i WOWST BEQCTUHB OUR SOLDfRM. Tfce singular scene is dally witnessed In this aity-of officers of aur nrmy walking vm in arm rUb open mowttiod secession wotieo. la there no way to prevent such disgraceful ficenau, if any oCl? r? will Ibua dtelioner themselves? NECKSSITT FO* THE INrOMnm? OF TUB CONFISCATION ACT nr TOK BORDtS STATES. Hie hvurs of lbs suocw of bridge burners and eWld murderers are numbered. Since the w*r has begun to to prosecuted vigorously, in a military aense, inquiries <? frequent wJby the arm of thaoiril power i? stayed. TLere is work for the United Statec District Attorneys aa well as for the 'Generals. Thouaacda of men in the border States are induced to favor the causc of tha.rebels only by the belief thai they will profit by it pecuniarily. The souls, tbo principles, tie honor and the honesty of these men aro In their pocket*. Tlicy can be reached through no other channel. In the rebel States the confiscation of the property of Union men is psesecuted with a vonfeanco, and If the meat act of Congress authorising the confiscation of the property at rebels la arms agaicat the government were at once executed In Lbs border States, It would strike more terror Into the sordid hearts of tbeao purse proud aiders and abettors oftraaaca than a buodrod battles. COKSTXAE ArrOlKTMTWTS. William Elanchard, of this city, has bceo appointed Consul to Melbourne. TIIE TOION CAMP AT CHAIN BRIDGE. Cahp Ltox, D. C., Sept. T, 1801. The night I wrote to you last, our regiment receive ! orders to be In readiness to march at half-past ten o'clock P. M. Similar orders were iasued to fee rest of the brlgale. At about nln# o'clock the cavalry and two battel s of artillery w it!) tha Thirty-third New York roglment paused over the bridge,so were aware o ir destination <was into Virginia again. Our rcglttfeal star ted about eleven, W TO NEW TORS., SUNDAY, carrying two d?-g. provtoh)M wd blan*ete with tbera. ^ f rWAc? they were on the "eacred oil," Mid deet1^ j Qot to return until J bey 5*v* ttKi Richmond. The movement began TueaEvening, and before Wedneeday evening ten ./v^Veaod troops bad paaeed o?er the bri;'.ge. All Ifce camp equipage tenia and baggage, are left tble aide, and will not be taken over until It If certain we can bold Ibe p< Bltlona we havo occupied. Two forte are being built that will oommand all approaches to the bridge, and 0 ..? wciu^ ortuiou iu wTeru uiucr tween fbree and four bundrad acres of woodland has already been cleared. On Wodnesday and Thursday over two thousand men wero engaged In chopping. The Flxth Maine regiment beat all the rest at that business. U was astonishing to see with what rapidity they mado their way through those dense woods They walkod through them as last as a man would cutting corn. Two companies of our regim nt, Bennington and Montpclier, under Lieutenant Colonel Stuenarl, are stationed near the r< a I about a mi'e and a half from the ] bridge,near General Smith's headquarters, with a bat | tory of arrillery. The remainder of the regiment is on a bill to <ho left of the road, engaged ru building a fort With them are Colonel Baker's California remmenl, the Seventy ninth New York (Highlander*), Captaiu Simpmmi's battery of flying artillory from Pennsylvania, and a company of cavalry. General Smith, of our brigade, Is 1 in command of the whole foroe on the other aide (about Chain Bridge). which amounts to about twelve thousand men. General King, of Wl-consdn, occupies General Smith's former quarter* on this side, and has oommond of the reserve. The Quartermaster and Commissary departments remain on Ibis side the river, and send over supplies as they aro needed. 1 go over the river every day?sometimes two or three . time* a day, returning to camp at night. It Is not likely 4. any advance will be male until wo aro well establishes here. Our pickets extend out four miles from the brid s often in sight of the rebel pl< kets. As near as mod learned they have a forco of from ten to fiftoen thoi *vnd pome flvo or six miles from General Smith's headqur .ncrs, but they have shown no disposition yet to advar ^ thoy do not soon it will be iu vain for them to try for Uiey will pel a worse taste of "masked batteries' we did at Bull run. Geueral licClcilan rides Vtvcr tho ground every day, acelug everything himself rlwer Ing by his presence the oouragu of the mer ^ "iis*w him yosterday aflerno< n whore our regiment Stationed. He rode a small chestnut horse?with hi' lw0 or three aide an I a dozen dragoons, all v /h mounted, as they have to be, to keep r*~e with him ?,or >?, rj,|, Ike men r\y?like the very d?l. No *n j 4i a'iowed to paws the b. idge, either odlcer or soldi a pass from General Smith's or General ' headquarters Any quantity of carriages full of c ?||Wn.<, can be *een ! n' ar the bridge every day, that t C0U10 up from Washington for ihe pi.rposo of rr< B .OTOri bet ..they go back without having set their fe< x.fiQ%\rgiui.i soil. NEWS 4MEKS' DIVISION. STATE OP AFFAIKS f qjj the UPrER PO* T< i?A<a Da 0Mtrfv.vt, Md.,Sept. 18,1861.There has boen no ser demonstration on the parf. of the rebel* within the 'forty-eight hours, and, ar, far as oan be loomed, ev< along the upper Potomac remains In a state o / ^,1|et{ht. The Division Qu jrtermttner to-day protested >( tn 'fke nsme of the War ' ^ patltm;nt, against tbe paymei#. lu'iy-ln of any bills for d Cages'sustained by owners of "property where encamp' tn located; but he will ocriPy to such claims, b.' ^ ^rincjpiog 0f equity, tearing it to Congress or U rt' Claims to authorize U* payment The cause < procedure is supposed to tare arisen rrom me ra' mrxh of the federal ooim tteretMbre ilia bursed for ^ ffhls tw.-pose has focmd Its aaryto'lko rebol side of th< |f ?ototna?. It is underMood,however,>tmt ?<(>-' plies Tor frxwafi. subsiBteno* are not Unchile* in Utrts protest \os? ftniftmitborlMd *coutir><r:T*rtyt; TWIrtyf""rl a'Vew Tort roglmnnt went aoroNR (h? >?lnriic,iW the1 0f tbvVoueca, and wore aBlackedfby a sulfate; P*' |J*tr the <BP*my. ' fcx*Of oar bk-o was kll**l outright and ~a"!veral, wr.e w iwrflod. ' Op* of the lalfter was tlfcov through thrv*ts? k, ' (rt .'fpd, pnrR.ied by the attacking party. "On rrgirMrga f ei'c ho thr* w in bis |nm, and pUmpedtn-fitmselT. -jjiy. 1%-ori hts'teck, and rwting htetoad wpeo a et one; with IH* mouth*nd nostras above t*i? water, ho e-*?1?; his 'ptrsueravfnd after thepo hoars submersion ho ?*.wlod to tho rtiro of the river. 7?'.s enrrpar.ions, nine wore * 'Truw-ale-f o_n^the Maryland cite, discovered aixt *?-totied 'i ' Mm whfl ; making a vain rttenpt to aw*n arrow. These 1 - exrffrsWr.s, which can be TTroduetlv)?" no gaM to oar <cau*?,' * o condemned by wtywrlenced filcers. i Tho Sccood Rhode lahrAi battery,etattonaA'tiar the mo:ltlj if tho ffcnoca, yoBt'TSnv shettod an snoaupraent cf the rebels, aearly ppeiflte.-'and'H Is bettered that soveri i wcrc/ki'lud. Tbeaaemy dld tot I Mytifc , pitoba ' bly-fs.- the ffant of arMHtry. If<j rcpf rt^d that* lfeuten?nt"?iid sevwWhmea, bohntirtl ig to ' me of the River Guard radmenta, or; sod the rive; seer etiy, and are -believed to' have deaatfeid to the rebels. "Are name* ?T'tfe:s offlocr ts. d the regto lent are \rftih'jld /until the report can be vert Jed, butttr. authority .8 coi iceded to be vaHfcblo. <<)ur c Mrn and the ea??7's picket?are said tfttt efnently KT 'Ot 011 one or tha-other shore of tho I'otomao^and pass tte tic te In social Intercourse, occasionally par.aking of - -a xh r Ahcr's hospitality. Thi! morning at djyURbt it was discovered (Sonera] intone's pickets, near'Conrad's ferry, that ft) cinomy, darir% the previous n!*ht, had commenced and pjtrtially Nina irnrfflH on <n#?An^li*nan* rtn -v.-...* | ftvo bundred feet from'! he shore, tip on a sloped xiiig the river. of o?r Mfcht batteries opened upon it about niuso'clock, and ?ftor twenty or A irty roawb; nothing be seen of tho?aeuiy, and but Little of Ik J result* ; of flieir labor. For some days past eenversat ions have beesr'jeld between our own and the rebel pickets,from whkJfc It bw bean discovered that tin latter belong to thaSeoatJ Richmond cavalry, who were anxious to exchango lati Klch; m ind papers for the lee. J lng Union journals, but?x.r pickets declined to rootprectio. I.ioiitjnant Colomifiwu-d, nephew oftWTotr. Tdl K. Seward. Secretary of Statetfrom severe indispositionently withdrew from t!io eoaasiand of the Now: York Nines onth repiiii ;it. and proeeodod to WscfeiDgtaii, where he t-ndcred tiis rcsitpial ion/ before its acceptance arrmor reached him that a batik) between a fiiperior force?f (lie enemy and the diviti irwta which his regia^onl was altVeiled w:ts imminent, &ud, notwithstanding;. ^!! physic* debility, ho withdrew th*.resigcation and Kunmediatetj rejoined his command. Your correspondent hopes to bo excuse^ for parties r izing, but among the met* efficient regiments of Uauz al ; Ranks' command k the Pennsylvania Twenty-ninth./i.iI der Colonel Murphy. This oflicor rose to dite grade of. % I Lieutenant Colonel iu Iho-v/ar of 1812-16, and still retail the vigor of early manhOKl. His regliueBt joined Ihu nrmy at Sandy Hook, and 'the oommamter, ac well as hat odicers, have perforated all the arduous ma#piua on foot. Jlif cncampment. Artlif lt d discipline are. considered models by competent military authorities. There is a general complaint in regard to stall faaillties. In this division of thoariny. Numerous le<teii,.never arrive. while others are days and weeks behind <tcoir time. is attributed to local oflfees and carriers 4awre than, tc the Department at Washington. , SEARCH FOR CONCEALED ASMS, #TC. Darmsoown, Md., Sept. M*1861. Be far as ean be learned. to-night nothing hu transpired along the lino of the Potomac to-day Indicating any m wi mo vewiont of tha rebels. A gvnUcman frira RarcflsvlUe reports thu sarest anil search for areas of Oaptala WUiiata Sol Unas, Lioyd Jones, Charles Orne and Richard Hayee, all of a late infautry company, known to be generally twfrlendly to the Uqjgt. No arms iroro found, and the prlsoacrs were released. <ju the spot. . One uniform, belonging 'to Mr. Hayes, was retained as contraband of war. Yes tor day several shells were ttrown over the river at; .Edwards Fsary, and a body of nrbels.there disperse*. Averal sltses belonging to a weftftfey farmer In this vieirlty recently disappoarod, aad It.Is reported tbat Genotal Ranks, on app!ioatlon, gave the owner permission to Inev'tutc a search among rtie troope for tbem. An osier hxr bten issued to*rec!uoe perwtial baggage IA the lovbSkt possjhii standard. ?UXE^GESvCP A PARTY OP SOLDIERS. DiB!n?row*, Md., Sept. SO, 18G1. On Sunday' last tl*eo soldiers, boIongiAg respectively to the Sixteenth Jndi?aa regiment, tho Xiaotoenth New York regiment and the Sccond Pennsylvania regiment, mado an assault on a ftrmor at bis residence. a few mlJes front here, and tHat .him severely. Hie sac shot (bo Indiana soldier through* I**' body. lie Is still alive, but lies in a orltlca! condition; The others aio In charge of tho Provost Marshal. It app?K"? th*t tbe polrilers were intoxicated, and commenced the ttC^T by attempting to tear down the American flag on the termer's premise*. Lost night the Twelfth UaasachusetM regiment and the Second Pcnnayimnin regiment were desptt.'cb**1 on special duty to a p let aL ,t ffcur miles distant, w^ero they will probably remain for several gays. Pr. rata Charles 0. Potter, of Woodstock, In ca^P^f H, Firth Connecticut regiment, died yesterday, of .typhoid fever. Tho camps ore all qniet. No newt frcm the river Ulig morning. BK H SEPTEMBER 22, 1861. IMPORTANT FROM RICHMOND/ Interesting Letter hi Regard to the Treatment of Soldiers. Loud complaints Against JelT. Davis And the Rebel Leaders, ?C'i &c. Baltimom, Sept. 31,1801. The Awuncan has ftirnlghad wMh Into lti. liUii.D4 paperi by a VlrRtnurj refu^.#i from which the following interesting items correspondence is taken;? The Richmond tlzamfnrr 0f (he 12th I nit says:? It I* aviden',^, every intelligent observer that the embittered rc'/linnt-of ihe snbmieslouists party, which was fully rejin In the Virginia Convention, Is beet on organizing regular opposition to the governm nt Inder uU itu names that It baa borne, that oloment, v?, our pdiitios baa been Invariably agalr.^vvenlhem interests, and alibnigh the eveuts of ,l V'rt1* aunihllatert lis matei inl form, or at least caus i.H to^isappear from public view, it exists with tiudiP jfirtafced virulence and a wane the opportunity to spring fight again. Tfco following article appetrs In the Richmond IPJiip wr the initials of "F. M.," no doubt from tbo pen of ftftnklin Minor ? To Whom it jut CoftnatN.?The foltowlm; prlvato letter to tho editor is fiom an old ie:suuitt fri. ud, but long s-parated

by party, ami one tlrs* In pws it i- n und intellect in the K>"(tt county of AJbeinarlo. tt was obviously uot do signed for publication, but on that very account It nv.y be the better s>gn of things uMeen, und the bettor servo to enlighten the adraiuieiraUot) respecting the temper of the public muid:? AtllKVJtlUK, Angus! W,.Iflfil. Piur Monurr?I am nt? rly disgusted with your men. Jeff. Davis und his uiau tfalker, and I want to know if you will publish my speech if 1 utter it. 1 have a kater jubt from UiUMlsshh. Our treops tlioro | one. day iact week UadUotl.Ing lor breakfast but s i!t and potatoes; were sent eight miles at <lonl>lc ^ui>k to meet a fake alarm, nn.l got neither dinner im supper wb?n tfcoy cume b*ek to camp. Now, Moseley, it is ovldetit to ?ne that yivr go^ei nnu-nt to rotten io the hea<l. Duvis uu;:ht to fco bpiicud up wtxro ni.<n run sue him. You bave won a great victory and got no 'fruits fi om it. You teive hud cfoarg.'of the government f't b.x months : and bare done nothing. No romt, no'tread, no powder. no tvaf'<Q8, no any'not, tail and jjx taand yfc. you sing out, "Tho'{rivernment has <>>e entire rortj iciice of tlio wbolc pefcpie." Now, it bud not mine, ar * 1 w?t to kltow whetl.T I can get a Hair 'fceai ing. F-? only'smart tiring I bare-seen is?your proposition to j><v tpone tho Presteeuihtl Al?-ction. That is ok cc U nt?1? ost_excellont. 1 ttust lliit.H may save us. If 1 were luCttugi esa I wouldrofosoone dtlUr of appaopctetioBS for thenar, holy though K Is, totti Walker was turned out,**; somebody put 1n Ills"rfceo with sense?no to alt* id to thu duUN of It. I don't know ellKor Day's or Walker, but 1 hftvo seon enough to rvs?e susptr.<iiis in my mind Jlsat nt' is tbo right, min "ta tliu right p ace. Why, Uic:i; Ulk about the cotfBdentfa of the people iu the adtnateiriitkiaf 1 don't feel any "troll t'oW deuce myself. 1 "believe 1 am not singular in til-, sltoIrtfJ. If you edlterE We;iM euly speak out, full toued ?,.?< J?o ' 4V inirr wmlil get right, it In a slitimo wliicJi cri' f " o heaven for cc?r*r,ti.n when you biSi ' Of the It so arc talking <bout :'c?.tliieuce, 4.x.,a#d'oarBaidion i:v made to trot W.xteen'Kf.les on oue m<*rU 6t'y itatoof nd salt. Thereto) r<ym?cvos'g enough in ibernefll al stuf aloae to damn %-ny tut ninistra'.ion. Vby 'h-olwlnl the people? Vjur government is rotten -tk' Blink? i We trnell 1S at last, Ml the soonei I tho better. You Vvill not smWI ?fty stronge; ' to Yankee rlls rfftc' you turn Walter o(ttf*.nd make liftv 8 loo the mark. They know you c&fttitf. advana upon them, Pic war.t'tf victuals awJ vehii-V-, nnd you weakness rcnaitrf | Alcnl to them utfcll 'you reform th attunes of y??tr aflrfc^riBtratlon. Tho wmarWs thing tlia England tl*t la ti?:; Crimean wir tha refor mation of abodes In full vlaw of 'HJ.o enemy and her rtral, Your enernkw kn**v you are ro ten. Ywe will ifotr-iell them anything y turning 01 Davis ant hirwh-Wt crew, which I fin <tj?c!dodly in lav< of, if tlx* do not r,how themselves Tnorf MiF rienf. But a your wWtorl1' haVeiujah'i M> 1 Kins and Companj It frrfe me. Voor soluiers mo - starving, M i ro kmc oa ffcs President and peir'riir can wear I'n linen, bo.,' fttc nine; Inf^rrm*, kc. 'I"v-vill not do, 1* friend. ;-ly inup't tell the pefr^lc th." plain tm?* 1 or w? ?re r(?t*;d. Freezing a?d It ion Blare yom the Cw tor*ttta next winter, im<\ynw u; 11 on tho W , < n J c9tildrefc ? i give up their tela?Mt"?and breud f<? !i soldiers. -%T> t women liavo siif?W"'ed flic war- e far. You -could not h? ita v the fluid totr. but*ir thelrvieedles. Yon bwe't!!' he governmerit fti ! nm mcfllfe*, and you^onfep* ,yotn Inability to do <.n\ thug byvw daily ways, Mid" rHII you fpeak of ?<tnl fierce. It Ik waning hourly, I t?r yon; and snley: th prcr^'sp^^* out plainly, and thuC- - wa, all if, l"?t. 11' iiol kno'?? :y politician* ncd I ?*n not caro Tor tnjr; b 1 4e<garo'isr my en-on try trf(V foe brave mea \vt no HtUt'.ij for ub, uad .t ptirn my gi to*i?o I Ben treated worne ttian > treat my ilops nrW It .g , Ttoiiot bett'raid of showing y<mp vjonkness to the Y:u keea,iW#t/.oy know It. PbM War'strength byfnttii thfcjfs to Tights at home, afo*you will theu .'oari i abroad.' \ ery truly yours, F. M. E30HR! OF PRISON BRf-FPROM RICHMCNT) BJi.tuhork, Sept. Zti, IS61. Tho ft' "imond Whig of IbetE.h lust, gays in.. rnoi Ckilon :onrrH hftrn fvraaiorl flf PORTANT FROW KENTUCR . FBOCILAMATION GF GETERAL AND? SON, Ky., sept. 21 1801. owing proclamation Jr.s JtiBt been teeim'.? kantt .kmxp?Called by the Legislature of tlua. my nj tivo State, I hereby ifuMecr. maud of this dej? tmen I curae tc cnforce, not to make laws, and. Uodiwk'iug, I p.*>iecLi"'ur irrojxirty and yo ;r lives. The .enir.iies < Lhucuoa; y havo dared to ioradnour s'>il. Kentucky , in daagei Sholuw vainly strtv jh to keep jieaow ? 1th hi ' ncicUbuc Our Bute Is nw invaded by tho_o wh I>noft<uM4l to be her frittxi', but who uur Bee i . to cunt-cr her. No triiO B.;ii of Jut ltuck tcac laufje hesitate 03 to hie da: v to his State a&d* untrj Ibe must, and, Gc<i willing, will ha e? ;*!!(* The !Slide, of the hostile Uorctj* who now approachjs is, regret tot iy, a Kentuckian, n.iiinj; war on KeatkWI.y uu K?n?u?kifc p. Let all past differences of nvoi j loofcod. <s? cry unc who now mIIub to the sup|*>rt jf on i*Unk>a and mr State is a frigid. Kally, then, my exuntrj lm?T, ftron. i the llag our ?aU.ers loved and vtfate > h.i ] ahiel'icd- u.. po long. I ca'J you to arms for gelt4t. ona i and Cur llif protection of aU Uiat is dear to froomftc. Lt ua truet.iB. iod, and do our<li ^T' as did our fathers. , P.03KRT ANDERSON, Brigadier Ctniural United States Art y. t FBOCLtt. ATION OF T1BL1 REBEL GENHL Ai \ BUCKNER. Louifvk.14:, Ky., Sept. 21, M07. < It it puracved that (General Buckcer has advanced o '.LliiabeiJbtQwn, but this cannot be confirmed in 8ca?oa To tho afternoon papers. Tho Union troops are prcpuijj iter any etuetg ncy. ?Xhe foUrwlpc proclamatioT^ias^ast been received:? To?hib Pnonji <~t Ksrrccar:? The Legielatarc of Ktntucky faithless to .Mm will of the peopir. Thi y lia\ a ociJe?.vi>rod to malu) yo*t , Stale afcrtress, In which, uttfer the guise of ncu . SraBty, the araw-1 forces of the United States might sc icretiy prepare to subjugate alike the.people of Kontuekj and the San there States. It was ?ot until alter thre< 9 nnths of orrverV ind open violation ,of your neutrality jth largo aacmpments of fedaral troops cc jk jr territory, and a racant official declaration of the froMcnt of the Up (tod States not to re^rrd yoar neutral ima'l irtn rnunliWH nai-k nritll nPAnavA^ n.iknwin /? ? nal point in your territory at such vital importance to the^e/toty and defence of Tennessee that tho noo|? ft the 8o*t iern confederacy,on tbe invitation of tlx- people of Kect.-Vy, occupied a defensive ]x.*t In yoarfate. lu doiiig *o tbe cotnmwuler^ttiiouncod bis purpoe. to arsenate yosr territory eimulta^oously with a (similar movement on-the part of the fcU.fral forces, whcnew tlie I>p*lelatire of Kentucky .thnH undertake to.aaforco agaiiwt both belligerents .the ptrlct neutrality Which th< y ii?<-o *o often declared I return Among yoo, citlienf of ii?ntutky, at the head Af aforce, theadvanettf which Is .eomp-wod entirely of-Jtentuekliina. We 4i not conw? to molest nny citizen ^nfiatover may bo hit political Unlike the Ajente of the Northern despotism, who eo?*c to reduce u? to tbe.condltk'n of depend.-nt vsspale, w< believe that the rereipition ef the oivll rlgtts of cltif-ne < the foundation ofcon?tltul?,?al liberty - end that the rtelm of the President ot' tho IJrifcd Stntee to-dec!aro martin.' law, to suspend tbcrprlvllege of tbe wrH of liHk*ru< corpus, aud to rot<rert I every barrack apd prison in .tho bad into a BasUle la netliing bet the claim which other tyrants have aannmel to ^Jugate n free people. The Confcdcv. rate states occupy Bflerllng Ore^n n a defensive position. I renew the pledges af commanders of other columns of Confederate treofe tecetire from the territory of Kentucky on tke same conditions which will govern their movements. I further give yon my o*?n assurance that the force under my command will be wed as an aid to tjic gorerumoct of Kentudky in carrying out the strict neutrality doelred by Its people, wber.e* er they under takc to enforce It against the two belligerents alike. 8 H. BUCKNER fW^dlor Genial C. 8. A. Bowusa Gkuk, Sept 18,1861. ACTIVE PREPARATIONS FOR THE WAR. Lonsvnur, Sept. 21,1801. Coventor Magoffin has also issued his proclamation ordering General Thomas L. Crittenden to eaecute (be pur. poses oontemplated by tbe recent resolutions ef t*e Kentucky Legislature In reference to the expulsion a< the invaders. General Crittenden has erdered the military to master forthwith Inte service. llaioJltco Pope, Brigadier General of tho Homo Curd _ERAI (Onion), tUo call* on the people of each ward In 1/jiiIs Till* W> meet this afternoon and organize into companies for the protection of the city. Tha Evening Bulletin says that from wren to eight thou- . sand rebel troops, with twenty-one cannon, arrived at f B nvllng Green on Wednesday, taking a canuon and one hundred and twenty Bland of arma from the Bowling Green Home Guard. Six cannon and two thousand " uitu were then leot to General lUger W Bauson,tbo robot commander on Green rWer. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM MISSOURI. 1 ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OP THE PIUIIT AT LEXINGTON. ( Kansas City, Sept. 10,1801. Advices received l>y a private letter from Lexington to day says tbnt General Price attacked the Cnion force* at ten o'clock yesterday morning wlih a force of thlrty Ihousand. The I'mon force was estimated at from thro* thousand to four tliousaud. Tiie Union troops fought them ( two hours, when tlio rebels drove them buck Into their intrenchmcnts, carryiug everything before them. Tho < Irish brigade then came out and charged them at the polut of the bayonet, scattering tho rebels everywhere. , General Price was to attack them again this mornli.g with aeventeou pieces of artillery. No statement of tho lo6s or, either side is given. 1 On Thursday of last week an attack was made from Oliltown by a strong party of roving rebels, who were , r?pulsod with considerable loss, and Oldtown shelled , and burned to prevoeit Its being used as a place of shelter. Lrxingtou proj>er is in tho possee.'^n of General Price, but it ts not the tbcutro of the conflict. i Ttie relntorccwents which left ,'etlcrson City on We'inesday, If thry were not assailed lir the rebel batteries along tho ?-hore, nrust have routhed the neighborhood of !oxington yesterday. These troops could doi.btless have been landsri near tho south side of tho river, where the steamers could cross to ferry G<"n. Sturgls' command over, and the combined forces, numbering u'.iout 12,000 men, w<*ld march on Lexington, and, with 11 o assistunee of Mulligan's heroes v t Gen. line's command, attack and p:^np!ctely root Oro. Price's whole army. Jmmsox Citt, Sept. 20,1W1. 'Tt 1? sup;iosed mf. 1n>adqiiarters that Color"! Millio n's fvco at Lexington is 3,f00, consisting of an Irlth b-l^ade, folonol MulligasC-tOO; Colonel Marshall's Illinois cavalry, ! <00; a Krus.? regiment, tlio number of which is not known; COO Guard, mouuted; 600 Home Guard, infantry; throe ?t:c pounders, one hew user and two mortars. Some UttMt. scouts Just in report the firing at Islington i still going -Wednesday evening. The rebels arc said to have no fd-^lls, sciapnel or canltfter, nothing hut round shot and-Sings. Near 3.000 government horses and mules are wlttfc Mulligan's intrenchmente/Vcijetring much care to prcv&*t a Mampode. A sp^ail despatch to tho St. I/iuts 9mineral says:? G?n*r.U lane is reported to baveesade a Junction with tboWics at Lexington with 4,000 mcl. Reinforcements L from ft. Joseph arc also ruportod to have reached that c pl*M, and Lexington In now oanstdered safo. Qrueral Price will undoubtedly 1)0 stirro indef. and cut r off II is feared that tho reinforcements s nt from here i ha* i not yet roachod Lexiofton. Heavy butteries aro 3 ptt ntod at Glasgow by lit*; rebels, and our troo;s will r to disembark below tho lowu aud attack tin m In o t 't-o roar. - I Jeff. C. Davis, commanding hero, reecivcd his appolnt> p:aont us Brigadier General to-day. lt'j St. Loui?,8ppt. 21,1861. y1 In order In i p " fonfiisinn and many contra lictory V statements relaUw to tho 'position of Lexington and the opposing forces vf Ooloncl Mulligan and is deemed neccprnryto make the following explanation ? i. The general dirootion bf tho Missouri river at Lexington 11 | Is from west tw east'of tho city, lying on the sot'th bank. p Tlio early settlement, now calk-J "Oldtown," is situated m liack on a hill, and has heonsuparsedo.l by now Lexington, y further up tie river, whero the steamlxat landing Is, T and which is the tiwiu rity. Colonel Mulligan's 1- fort iflcaiknis aro ou a ridge running at right angles be10 tweoii I ho two towns. Ihey surround the Masonic Col^ lege bulletin?,-standing about a quarter of a mile from the io river, whksh lias bcou used aa quaft?ri for tho troops and ^ strengthened to resist an artillery attack. The line of for*" titicMions runs to tho river bluff, between wbidi aud the watert edgo is a wide shelving beach. This is the *1 point whore tho conflict took place on Tuesday for the pos session of ftlto ferry boat*. The main body of General Price's anil}' is situated at Oldtown, but the fortifications beve beet-evaded from all sides except tbe river. r* DESPEIUTE FIGHTING AT BLUE MILLS AUD DEFEAT OP THE REBELS. St. Locis, Sept. "21, 1881. Two flgltfl occurred at Blue Mills Landing en the.nth inst. The Crst whs between Ave hundred of (ho Third Iowa ragleient, v.ith ono pieco of artillery, under Lieutenant Colonel Scott and about four thousand rebels. After a dcspcrato struggle of an hour's duration, In which Sc?tt lost one hundred and twenty Killed and t- wouud<-d,*nd all bis horses, ho rctreatod slowly half a !J mile, drawing his eannon by hand. 1^ He Biilwequcntly took a position with bis howitzer on :r an cminenee and walt<d for tho enemy to renew tUo at? tack but lie did not pursue. y Not longtr.fterwiirds Colonel Smith's command, with four pisceacf artillery, approached Blue Mills by another ' route, andeegsged and routed tho rebels as tkty were d about cross lag the river. A MISSOURI REBEL CONDEMNED TO i SARD r- i L^JJOR?HIS FINAL RELEASE. IS I CKXEKAL OROSRF?!?0. 12. . ! HEAIWARIKN WB1TBRN PTTART*T.WT, \ It j St. Lorw, Mo., Sept. 10,1881. / * Bcfcue tha.llilit.iry Commit* ion which convened at the h St. I/>uta Arsenal, on the 6th inst., pursuant to Special t Ordoir No. lit, current serW*, from these headquarters, ' was tried:? r 1 .li Animation; Charge: Xroason against the gcvcrn! meet <k the. Uartod states. Specif catioiu~?"In this, that Joseph Aubnchon,-cf the 'town of droning, Iron cooiitvVrtiite of Missouri, did asBtini' on attitude jf open rebelUfu ugainxt the federal gon . verammt, by taking up arms&gains! the same: by uar I sum log unit exercising the functions and tifllce of liutteng ant In tho, wlthm>th') limits proper of' tlm UState of Missouri, from and after about the 20tt of J August , 1801." Finding arul .?* >!itce.?The Commission finds <L? IfpriKoner am follows:? f, Of the epeciflcatieri "guilty," except the words "by r taklcg upwrnn a<<aiwt the same: by assuming and oxer cteiug the functions atd office of ileuununt in the rebel . irmy." r-1 Of tliecftacffo Vgtitfyr," and doosttherefore sent^nee t bika (Joseph 4nhuch?i) "to be ooatjied at hard labor di iriug the exiaUnt^K, and to have i?u property eonfle[; ?a1Wl." TV prooeedtogs, fintUfcjs and sentence of the Oommise'on pro upproe&J. On rfLo recowtendaik*: of the members?f the Commission, #nd in c? wiilcr a* Ign of the fact. Ctort the oflonoe (itargolloccurred previou'rl? tbi-prclauiaiun by the Com -gliding Oeneral <if tho Department, th" sentence against Joseph Aabuiihoo ie ruj^iUtd. He will be released from oufiaemcnt and (wcmiUod to retarn to his home. By r^tir of Ma,|nr Genera' JKRKMONT. J. C. Kirju.i, dtfkUnt icfeutunt General. IKLSGRAfHIC COMMUNICATION IN THE WEST. r. Josktti, Mo., 8ept. M, 1M1. Tclofrapliic commurtksalion Is once mere re-established. ?IIW h? IAJ unw ell; ?UU iu bll ^)inig ii) Rums ?M Nebrnnta. T5v? Pacific lino is boliif Huiahe*! raplJJy towards completion. Whoc a gap ef twenty milts is closed, wfcich will be don* within a week, we shall be able to wort; (o within 150 ?Uea of Great Halt Lake City. That portloa of the line west Of Fait Lako in abont beiw completed rapWIy. From present appearances tha Jnuwill l>o flnishotl lo Baa FrauviMD bjr Uie 80th of November. POLITICAL PRISONERS TO GO TO GEORGE ISLAND, BOSTON HARBOR. Bflffios,Sept. SI, 1361. Orders have been Issued from JFashingt/iu to Captain Keusil, Quartermaster at this post, directing hfm to proTide quarters and rations on George Jsland, In this harbor, tor one hundred political prisoner*. Ibo prisoners are etpecleato arrive Is a few days. THE QUARTERMASTER AT BOSTON. 1 Boerov, Sept. 21,1801. i Captain George A. Kernel, formerly a llovtraaat In the < Fourth United 8tates Artillery, has keen detailed as Quartermaster at ibis pr?t, vice Colonel Avaory, of the Seventeenth Massachusetts regiment. ( THE NATIONAL LOAN IN PHIL AHELPnTA. PHiLAnn.fHta, Sept. 21,1880. Ths subscription to th^ national loan in this city up t? this da 14 amjuuis to j C L?D. PRICE THREE CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. iRRIVAL OF THE SAXONIA OFF CAPE RACE Phe Shipment of Troops to Canada Suspended. ingto-French Demonstration Against Mexico. :0TT0N UNCHANGED-ADVANCE IN BREADSTUFFS. Ac., Ac., tc. Cat* Rica, Sopt. 21,ISM. The steamship Saxonia from Hamburg, via Southimpton 11th inst., |HLs.-eU Cape Race at six o'clock this Saturday) morning. She was intercepted by the news yacht or the press and l summary of her news obtained. Tho advices l>y the Paxonia are three days later than toose by the Europe at Halifax. Tho jiolicy of sendlcg reinforcements to Canada was incationed, und the arrangements made for doing ao have been suspeud**! for the present. It was expected that a combined Anglo French naval and military expedition would be orgai.tred against Mexico, to obtain redi em for injuries to llritlsh and French Interests. Consols for vr.rtty a 93 Tlie Liverpool cotton market was firm and unchanged. The Bales for tlie two days added up 20,000 bales. Wheat b?< advanced 2d. a 8d. Corn war, a trille higher. Provisions were heavy. The 'steamship Persia, from Now York, arrived at Liverpool on the 8th Inst. Tke steamship Bohemian, from Quebec, arrived at Londeadesry on the 10th inst. Kon-Arrlral of (lie Jura, FaiiiER Po?T, Sept. 21?8 P. M. There are no sit;UR of tho steamship Jura, now about due Loin Liverpool 12th, via Loudouderry 13th Inst. Movement* ??f I'vlnce NapoUon, HIS DEi'AHTVRK KltOM THIS CITY. Two iD'-nths !it,o his Irni>orial Highness Prlnoe Jorome Kapoleon, his c-msort Princess Clotbilde, an J a select suite of ladk-s and gentlemen, arrived In this country for the ostensible purpose or Keetng our mini, uu% rwuijr >u inquire Into the arrangements of our affairs and the working of our initltutlnus. The arrival of Prlncc Napoleon did not cr'-ate a furor (Similar to that of tho Prince of Wales a year ago. The fact that the United Status Is engaao'l in i? horrible war, and partially from a desire on the jiarl of Uls Highness to remals incog., ail ceremonies tending toward* I a public reception were declined, and th? tho Imperial party paw and heard alni' at everything of interest without un '.ergolng thu stiffformalities of j*ib! e guests. At the Now York Hotel I'nnc" Napoleon found the quill which bo sought for, and while absent in tho Princess Clothilde remained at that house, tho return of her liege lord. ?Tlio movements of his Imperial Highness, h'neo hl.7 advent in the Uuited P - tet , were -o mmut- ly recorded tithe ocluinns of tie liuui? thf t th >y must still be fresh In tlio nuiul ?"ir r-.. r, arid it would bn superfluous to ..r \ > ti*. same. Sinco bid return frcrni thi g it *-\ . tun ( itiaUac, tho i'rlnca Las made the mik-tof hi : .ie, aud in two days paid Cyitig visits to the Navy Yart, tb.i Novelty Iron Worka .-.nd tlr'new guts. 11 a s" stepped In-ide >f tho Custom,, pa d In* compliments to < <>Iitor Bamoy, waited ujsm Mr. John J. Cisco, aud,, the gre>it c.-.tablishBuilt of tho Amarican Bank Note Compaay. To crown all, his Hlf;ht ess woe honored with a r-. Itcrche tcrouado, sudor the able leadership of tignor Muilo. At ten o'clock vesterday morning tiie princely party loft this city and iiarlH?r In the splond.d Sfam yacht Jerome Nupoleo; , and t'lrwsd their attention nr.d tho prow of the vessel Kir touw ird, leaving the Kmplre City probably forever. In tho napital of Vaukeodntn his II ghat-as will S| C}? I probably two days, when ho goers tobt. John, N. B., from there to Ireland, md tiuallf to his bom? in Franco. Very fow foreign r - .>f any rai k have visited tho United States with such thorough preparation aud with stronger sympathies in favor < f our people m,d government. And n > talrily none I. tve sh< wn a in rt thorough appreciation of tho country, w:th oqual intelligence a:.d lib rality of mind, oh !'rm?': Napoleon. Of our great mot, opolitan city ho li.-ia ? I'xi m this anil a dp via s vi .l ail that we can shew In rtI, bibliography, antiquities, domestic architecture, flrrinen and financial Institutions, conrtnorce and pracleal art. A'i<l lie appears di.?;xmed to give the great centre of AmaiV.aa civilisation and commerce its appropriate place at 11 lig the world's empire cU:is. The Slave Trade. (JNITKR HTJlT .6 CUMMIHSIONKK'S OFFICE. Ifofore CominUsioncr Osborne. OUItWt OF FITTING OCT T.I It i ..1-JIOCTH. Burr. 18.?27k Uniial Slalrtvt. Oturgt H. Lfnat.?Th? defendant was formerly bailed ou the charge of voluntarily hervfng on board tho slaver Falmouth, and Is now charged witli luting out that vessel. C. II. Ki:i ball, who wns examined by Mr. Andrews for the government, deposed that ho was one of tlio ship's ccm|);iDy of the Faimoutb; Joined her in New York last OutoU r; she lay at Kud li xA for about thro* days; tho was then towed to plor No. 6 North rlvor; Kb* lav there ab< ut ten days; Ca|it. Unas cumo on board then; did not know hiiu previously; he had a l.-ltor of instruction, whieh lws .since hewn destroyed} tho letter st.'itod thai he (the captain) wag going in command of thai voffiol (.? her voyago; he stopped . bo t n quaiter of aii hour; be looked around tbo vessel and told mo to make o it a list of what wo wanted; ho came on throo or four other occasions until tho Fa mouth w is loaded; If I saw there was unj thing to be u< e-lcd ho c rdere'l It to bo done; T acted a.s tamo when ho cumo a!> uird and he acted a.? mats or; we U*ik iu cargo every day until she was loaded; 8 >mo trilling repairs were nuide; the vessel sprung aloak and was taken luto the dry dock; Otptiin Muaa wag on board when sin- was taken there; she lay there twenty four bonis and then went dawn to Sandy Hok, and th-n went into Bed H iok, wltare sho was repaired; we thon wetit to se i and proceeded to Havana, where her cargo was discharged, and wo reloaded; from Iluvaoa wo went to 1'orto I'raya .-aid from thence to Uorce. Ai^ournod till Friday morning. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROR Bat.tik'ir*, Sept. 21,1MI. Tho Old Point boat brings do news of importance. The withdrawal of Commodore Stringham from th* Minnesota excitod much comment, and tbore was g?aeral regret at Fortress Monroe. Commodore Golds borough, of tbo Brazil squadron, to t? ?U> tho flag oflyer at Hampton. 3MIB LATE ENGAGEMENT WITH THE Brnizff STEAMER YORKTOWN. TO TUB EDITOR OF TDE IIJCKAI.D. Nkwtort Ktws, ra., SepC 17,1m1. Having aecn In your paper of the 16th hist. an anfalr stataneut of tbo engagement between tbo rebel steamer Yorktearn and tho United States fleot lying at this place, I take the ltb?rty or forwarding the facts, trusting thai, r*. c gnui' g the justice or rendering honor to whom honor to due, you wl!l correct the error. Pie ffiats are these:?On the afternoon of Friday, the 13th inat.,tho Yoiktowa cumo down James river, and cii< <*mg lier distance, opened fli e upon the tlc?t, tbo shout Ftriking u tr tho bavannuh, which ship returned tho flro from herlaree onus?ihn ahnt h,.r ,m.? - i w?y short. She also throw shohs from her lower deck g rs which burst in the air not more thin onetlilrd of the distance to the Hltamnr. The Cumberland sloop of war fired two or three times, but limllng Ute shot full short, c as< J ftrli.g. The Sawyer (?tn In our battery od shore *af fired too, b;it the ihot St. u<k froni'a qiarter to half* mile ahead of th" Fte.ner. Iu the moan tnno the United States ilsaiti'T ijMusifcne got uaUer weigh and advanced about three quarto.a or a mile towards ihu Vorktowu and opened an effcciWc Are upon har, which was continued for more tl-ni as hour, the York town directing all her fire at the l/> t intaaa. tnme of the shot, however, striking her, although several came very near. The Yorktowu was Ana::y forced to retire by a crow Are Trom the 1/Hiitiiutia and UouteOAOt Ok ice's battery of light aftiih-ry, which had gone ap tho bank of the river uiiiii the steamer wm In riune. A deserter brought in tu-<'?y reports that the Yorfctown iras three days repairing the damages done by the hosWuta's i&ot. on" of wInch pasred ?ntiroly through her. hkVENTll ItmUUEN'T N. Y. V. )rENING OF A TELEGRAPH OFFICE AT PEUIiYVILLE, MARYLAND. JUltihori, Sept. 21,1861. An ofllce has been opened by the American Tclegrajh kjmi>aiij' at I'erry viile, Maryland.

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