Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1861 Page 3
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, ' n4 ooufldeno* Increases, and loss complaint i* hear Among bankers on the rcore of idle capital. Still thu la) Mr remain sonic what In uxceen of the offorin^re of sal ^factory i>;vpjr. A stronger umo is uotlcoabld m the ?j hang# ma ket, which Is the result of an Improved dt Mid, and thin, ae heretofore nbservod, is attributable t revival m tho line of collections. Ruled, however, ar Bly Inner at previous quotations?vii: pa* baying, an )( premium selling. Very little doing in gold. W foete:? Huifing. SellingJCew York par * l>r?? Boston par. Philadelphia. par. M Pron CI i more ?.pr-m. ? preiu i * prcun. PretI1 Stock Exchange. Raturd.?v, Sept. 21,1861. $ 000 D S 6>, '81, reg #1* 6ft P M SS Co... 83*, 3000 USft's, '71,oou 80* 60 do bOO 83V M000 U 8 5 ?, >74,coii 80 * 60 do b60 83 1000 do... 80* 20 do 83 *000 III co.i bds, 62 82* 100 Erie RR 1000 111 Canal rogbs 80 130 do 2?^ 9000 Tenn 6's, 00.. 43 671 N Y Cen RR 73% 10000 Virginia fl s... 62 100 do b60 78* 9000 do ?60 61 6 do 73^ 16000 N Carolina 6's. 01* 100 Rea ling RR 36 9600 Georgia 6 s.... 64 * 260 111 Cen RR scrip. 66 >( 10000 Missouri fl's... 43* 6 Clov, Col & ClnRR 90 44000 do 43* 10 Gal & Chi RR ... 69^ 1000 116'sitonWIUR 47 60 do nw 69^ WOO California 7's.. 7? 60 do 6?H Two n r tvnt 802 150 ao JOOOV YConb,'76. 100^ <M) Clev & Tol RR... 29* lOOOLaC&M 1 gbds 11 200 do 2?7t $000 do 11 % 2^0 Cht & Rk Is RR.. 43* SOOO Clic.VXWlatmb 38 100 do 43% 1100 Gal&Chiclstmg 98 100 (to 44 1000 do 87 X 60 Cbl, Bur &Qui RR 62 1000 L E #j\V lstmb. 660 do 62 M 75 Cum Coal prof. 5 100 do 62h RECOKD BOARD. 91000 US6*b, '81,oou 91 10 l'annma RR 110 WOOU S6'H,'81,rcg 90 75 l'ac Mail 8 S Co.. 83 SOOO U S 6'a, '74,c<>u 80 50 do s30 82^< 18000 Trens6pc,2yr 98)? 60 N Y Central RR.. 73^ MOOTonnfl'si,'90... 43 100 do blO 73)i M sin Am Kx RanS. 80 150 do b3 73<j M Little Miami KR. 76 100 do >3 73>f CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Sattoday, Sept. 21?6 P. M. Vlocx.?The market was firmer and in good demand aft closed for some grades at an advance of 10c. a 15c far barrel. Tho sales embraced about 15,000 bbls. Wbbat.?The receipt a were, light, and the market 2c. ( Bo. better, especially for good ehlppicg grades. The salci mbraced about 120,000 bushels. Ooui was less active, and prices for shipping lots o Mixed Western rather easier; sales 90,000 bushels,closinf ft 66c. a 57c. for export lots of mixed. Pcu.?The market was steady, with sales of 800 a 40< bbls., at $14 60 a $14 T6 for mess, and at $0 76 a $10 foi yrtane. Wmmiv was held with firmness; small sales were mad< ft ltc. a lOtfc. 8 HIPPING NEWS. Movements of Ocean Steamers. FROM EUROPE. tfamu. Ltatm Date. for BfMM.... Havre Aug 24...NewYorl real Eiu tern Liverpool Sept 10. ..New York pity of New York.. .Liverpool... Sept 11.. .New York feaxonia Southampton Sept 11... New Yorl porwegtan Liverpool Sept 12 Quebec ferula Liverpool Sept 14. . .NewYori Bfttnbnrg. Liverpool. Rept 18... New Yorl (ar? Liverpool Sept 19. Quebec mm Liverpool... Sept 21 Bos tor (TovaScotlan Liverpool Sept M. Qnebe< uU. Liverpool. Sept 38...New Yort FOR EUROPE. Met. New York .Sept 38... I.lverpoo taaroo New York. ,8ept 23... Liverpool wYork NewYork Sept 38 Bremer laropa Boston..... Octo 2. ..Liverpool By of New York.. .New York Octo 5... Llverpoo' mtl Eastern New York Octo 8... Liverpool ertla. New York ....Octo 9... Liverpool tHM Boston Oeto 16. ..Liverpool afat. New York Octo 23. ..Liverpool reman. New York Octo 98 Bremen FOB CALIFORNIA. (forth Star New York Oeto l...Aspmwal Northern Light Newtork Oeto 11. ..Aspinwall fctNGRTON, JA., HAVANA,MATANZA8 AND NASSAU,N.P, CUUTOK?From New York for Kingston. Ja, on the 30th ny of each month. The Cleator leaves for New York on th< Kw each month, and will be due here about the 15th. ? Councils up Mario*?No stated dajrs ire vet fixed foi M departure of the Columbia and Msrion for Havana, but MT will Mil about every ten days, touching at Key West out nrd and homeward. "Kamak?From New York for Havana via Nassau, NP, on |ka arrival of ewy alternate Cnnard steamer at New York. jLtTAiiCAi?From New York for Matanzas on the 8th day ol Mck month. From Matanzas on the 22d. due at New York on SPECIAL NOTICE. All Utter land ptukagtt intends! far (JU N*w YoM HbbalI ^Jitsssnls*. auukao fok raw ro???this bat. n KISS* 5 47 I neon hum... eve 7 IS In urn 6 891 aioi watkk morn 10 01 fWrt ofltv Tor*, September 91, 1801. CLKARKO. Steamship Champion, Wilson, Aspinwall?D B Allen. Steamship Chesapeake, Crowel], Portland?H B Cron? Thtp R 8 Ely, Livingston, Liverpool?Howland A Fro thin# *??ip Eclipse, Hughes, Liverpool?O F Bailey. Ep Mongolia, Eustis. Havre?C C Duncan A Co. p Berlin, Jacksoft, Antwerp?Trask ft Dearborn, k Restless. RoMlllard, Exeter, E?O F Bailey. Bark Dundalk, Kennedy, Queenstown for orders?Thoi Pearl, Cook, Cork and a market?Edmlston tree. Bark Fides (Brem), Arfmann, Antwerp?Roger Bros. Bark Wm Wilson (Br), Plummer, Gibraltar?Giro ft FranMa. Bark Indian Belts, Tenney, Mataniaa?H P Brookman ft nhftgJWLorvU (Br), Crain, Cork and a market?Boyd S Blacken. Brig A Hopkins, If array, Dunkirk?Sturges, Clearman i Brig Roska (Dan), Lichtenberg, Rio Janeiro?Fnneh, |?tocu ft Wendt. Brig Comet, Rawlings, Antigua?Xtddleton ft Co. Brig AC Iferrvman. Gray, Bath?A Benner. Mir Hound, Richardson, Demarara?Mlddleton ft Oo. fsfai Eclipse, Peterson, St Kitts?Smith Jones ft Co. Nhr Charm. Crowell, St Johns. NF?Gordon, Bruce ft Oo flekr Ylvld, Burgess, Halifax?H J ft C A Do wolf. Schr 8 Y Coo nan (Br), Coonan, St John, NB?P I Mertai m Itehr Emily, Smlthers. Washington?J W Mckee. tsfer Passport, Are rill, Philadelphia?Vaster. fohr Effort, Baker, Philadelphia?T O Benton ft find. iilama VMlai.lnkU H H Qantivn ft {Lv?l Mr RA Cummlopw, Keller, Philadelphia?J W McKee. Mr W L Dayton, H?n<1, Philadelphia?JW McKee. fchr Dragon, Sadder, Calais?J Born ton k Son. fchr 8 T King, , Calais?Jed Frve A Co. Schr K Herbert, Appleby, Eastport?J Boynton k Bona. Mir Mary Ann, Bryant, Marhia*?Simpson A Clapp. Schr Hiawatha, Ingrnham, Bangor?W 8 Brown. fchr R 8 Bett, Mills, Bangor?R V Bock k Co. fchr Spokane, Lopans, Boston?Miller k Houghton. Bohr Village Queen. Hawkins. Bo*ton?Master. Bebr Eva, Sidrick, Boston?J W MoRee. Hr Otronto, Hammond, Boston?Brett, Son k Oo. r M Rogers, Farron, New Bedford?Maater. r Meteor, Parker, New Bedford?W Howell. fchr Billow, Green, East Weymouth?J W McKee. Bohr Whistler, Prtsbv, Taunton?Master. Mr Q F Brown, Jollne, New Haven. Ur 8 Smith, Cool, Bridgeport?L Kenny. Hoop J H Borden, OolMns, Fall River?Borden. loop Suffolk, Overton, New Haven?H 8 Rackett. Sloop Jane Maria, Ward, Norwich?H S Rackett. Steamer Suwassett, Loper.Waslilngton?Master. Steamer Elizabeth. Allen, Baltimore?W Dalxell. Steamer Beverly. PIcrce, Philapclphia. MUner Raritan. Plover, Philadelphia. Steamer W W Brainard, Bowdltch, Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Brtg D O Castner, Hastings, Inagua, U days, with Mil, tc [ate* 4 Porterfteld. Sept JS, 1st SI 68, Ion ?, spoke schi Busily. York, from Philadelphia tor Havana. Brig Common wealth (Br), Hiltz, Ltngan, OB, Udays, wltt teal, to master. Brig Lois (Br, of Yarmouth, N8), Haaley, St John, NB, ' lays, in ballast, to Thoe James, ti&T Mystic valley, Russell, Tamtdoo, Aug 18, with go* kins, Ac, to M Echeverrta k Co. Ailed In oompany wlk ?ehr Virginia Antoinette, far Havana. fchr vigilant (Br), Llghtbeurn, Fortune Island, Sept 7 1th sugar, to J Eneas, The L brings as passengers Cap nrry and crew, late or schr JoWn Stanley, wreaked at For Sum Island Aug 14: the mate and crew of Swedish bar! Use* (wrecked Aug 14), en route for Sweden. fckr A Hastings<lr), Chanua, Amherst, MS, days, wlU %sh and spars, to PI Nevius k Son. fchr Roma (wrecker), Weeks, Little Egg Harbor. fchr Silas Wrteht, Seaman, Ellzabethport for Fall Rtver. fchr Emma Warwick. Cadmus, Elltabethport for Troy, fchr Heary Laurens, Johnson,Ellzabethport for Boatoa. fchr Wave, Hnlse, Ellzabethport for Hartford. IWtr Sylph, Davie, Elixabethport for Providence. fchr A < RnssellVHodges, Portland. f? Mom H. '"SFoop Aomas Hotl, Hull, Providence. Steamer t)neas (U 8 transport), Orumley, Washington, DC ^l5?mer Elisabeth,Fowler, Baltimore. fceaaser Stevens, Radnor. Baltimore. Steamer Franklin, Doughty, Baltimore. fitaamsr Black Diamond, Alien. Philadelphia. Steamrr Delaware, Cannon, Philadelphia. Steamer Concord, Norman, Philadelphia. Steamer Westchester, Jones. Providenoe. Stsamer Ospray, Menney, Providenoe. Rituaaan?Bark Corilla, PeUingtiL hsuee for Havre Otl teal having carried away foremast, jlbboom, maintopgallan last, split sella, Ac, during agale. Binm Steamehlp City of Manchoeterter (Br), Liverpool; Haramc la (Sam), Hamburg; Champion. AsplnwaUl Ttenoh yaflb eeresne Napoleon, , via Long Island Bound. Wind at anaaat SSE. Mlterllaneoai. to nwup vur 01 aucncner, vnpuun naicrow, eaiie< Altll y?l>ri1>y for Quseoatown atid Liverpool. Tk* itwinrtly Hammonla, Captain Bchwcnwn, tailed a Mod ye?Urd*y far Southampton and Hamburg. TW >r??hly Champkm, Cap* WUaon, nlled yeaterda; tar AaplnwalL Bnr rotumnil, at Baa PrsneUeo from Boston, report Kay?, lat 4J 8, bad a heavy gale from NW to saw, laatlni aarentf hour*: swept dock*, store bulwark*, monkey rail StM^ Ac; laM water eaeka, Md the oaMn filled with watei ssas.^sissesSisr*"" """ " tore the doon of^ha forward hooaa, aaia balek botuw aw fiat; wmMovaftoard waterwkiandapar^andSited th. JftMawltk water. Jaa*t, to*MM. km MmTw. Predertel ^Barton, of Beverly, aeami, feU from aloft and waa drown* 323 ham ?w tan Jon Bruur in Rvnm Bai luuf??h*iKltaSU?i*7, OaiUlwry, fra? Cumberland Uai L' 1 ' . KJ d bor, Cuba, with a e?r*t> of ?u^*r. bound to New Tor*. weirt l- aidiore on Fortune Island Aug 14, durlag a hear* blow, and . became a t"tal loan: part of cargo and crew **Ted. The Bweillth b?rk Uncii, Xrlaoi, from J.tmaJoa for Uoadoa, weat ashore alao <>n Fortune IiUud, and during the muu* gale, ?ee* ael a toUal lona; crew and p:irt of cargo saved. ? C-HROirr, Sept 8?Ship Clara t Treble, Haiwell, drove ? aground on the Centre Ledt:e; but catne od with 9 fact water d In her lioM?men and uteiunera bad been aent to her ?* !*< fcnie. The Shinning Lint *ay*:?We notice the oale, to go*er?. merit, of A2 propeller 1'olom?ka, JH7 tona, AS propeller anttn, 270 ton*, both built al Hoboken In I&54. and AIH *hl? flray Eaijle, 810 toon, built at Philadelphia In 1*1. P"; vate term*; we note bt aid. s the (hip Cygnet, 400 tona, built , at Medfnrd In 1HM, on private term*. The ateamuhip 1'iirkurahuig. of Cromwell'* ll?a, wa* yesterday morning taken on the drv dock for ?*amln?tlo?. Launch?A Tine brig called the Timothy Field, Moat WO l?n< n-.u I,.- . K.Vo? la iifii'haH .. . r on the 19th Slip la owned by Jjm O Donahue, Palmer A JohnsoBi *"4 Timothy Field, aud is Intended to be employed ID IM Weal In. din trade. ?' Notice to Hsrlatn. W*8?B: AI.TF.kat10.N Of BOOT AOS. *?!> *** OBAIOrWj l Ciiaumck or CommMM, Hbumkm, Aug tt, 1981. The Chamber of Commerce herewith notlfiee for general ta' formation the following alterations in the aeverftl position* of i the Buoys ?t tne mouth of the Weser:? ! new channel. The hitherto first red Buoy, K, dlstlnpilshed by ft round basket fiuitwui d to a pole and with two white painted B's oa [ its siiles, lifts been |'laced nearer the red D Buoy and In 8)4 fathoms depth of water at low tide. < The bearing* from the Mine are? 1 TTie I,lt;ht*hip at eV>b, SK'kE. The lied F Buov with double wing, 8SEXE. [ The Church at Minsen, SW(4-W. The I.iRhtliouse at Wbngeroog, ntvom WK8, The Bed 1) Buoy with basket, NWUK. I The White Buov No 3, N by E^E. 1 The White Buoy No 4, SR Vy EJfE. ! Caution?As the Ja'ide F at ou which the D and E Buoys i lie rises precipitously, Mariner* should carefully ayoid getting ' into tho line of those Jluavs. ; Above the E Buoy Just described a new Bed Buoy has been laid, which is dlst.ngiiished by a double wing ana with two white painted F's on the sides of the Buoy, and Ilea In <\ fathoms depth of wuter at low tide. i The bearint;1! from the same are? i The JjiRhtshipat ebb, SE WE. The Black 0 Buoy, SE>?S The Llabibousc at Wanueroog, about WWN. The Bed EBuoy, NNWWW. The White Buoy No 4. NEUN. The Black F Mollum Buoy, E. wi7bstek ciiawhcl. ' On a wreck lying on Meyer's Ledge beforo the Balge mat the Juncfern Beacon, ft new Green Flat Buoy, flfth elasa, naa been laid in l>i fathom depth of water at low tlds. This Buoy liea just above the White W 4 Buoy, and the bearings from the same are? Tho W 4 Buoy, NW by N. ' The J ungiern Beacon, NEV^A new Green Flat Buoy, fourth class, has been laid In 3 fftthoms depth of wnterat low tido, on a Wreck lying at Wr*> men above the White W 8 Buoy. The bearings are? The White W 8 Buoy, N by WJfW. The Church steeple at Missel warden, NEXE. The Church steeple at Wremen, EKK'j'E. ^ Whalemen. j A letter from Capt Whiteside, of ship Emily Morgan, reports her at Hakodmdl May 27?arr 18th from the Yellow Sea, where saw no whales, and Japan 8ea wher? saw ? few, ftnd r mnirn o. win wnvra (inty tvi nnin on. n*' uoiina DfICK WIH Japnn Boa, and niU'lit go to ths Ocholxk. Had dls-har^ed { Pierre D'Sllva. n Portuguese seaman, sick with consumption. Rid July 14, ship New England, Hempstead, of and for Nsw Ix>ndon, baring boeu hove down and repaired. Mo report ) of oil. Spoken?Aug 2S, lat 40 40, Ion SI 12, bark Atlantic, Sher" man, wltli 80 bbla oil on board, bound to China and the Booloo Sea. 9 Spoken, Ac. Ship Darin?, Slmonsun, from Liverpool July IS forCal. euttn, Aug 5, lat 12 26 N, Ion 27 IS W. Ship Arizona (reported American). from Cardiff for Rio Janeiro, Aug5, lat 12 19 N, ion 2623 (the Ameriean ship Artxona, Robinson, aid from Liverpool Aug 27 for Genoa). Shin Li?*ie Drew, Orar, from Cardiff for Cap* Good Hope, Ana 7, lat 13 N, ion 26 SI" W. Ship Superior (reported American), from Newbaven, Aug 18, lat 28 ? N, ion 38 06 W. Ship Lion, Cooper, from Cardiff for Liverpool, Aug 6, lat . 12 SON. Ion 2810W. J Ship Britannia, Patten, from Cardiff for Montevideo, Aug ?, Ut9ION, IonW 16. Foreign Porta. AimrKRr, Sepl 6?Arr Hero, Coldrev. NTork; 6th, Hellas, r do. Sid 6th, Abner Stetson, Stetson, NYork. , Bristol (Pill), Sept 6?Arr Louisa, Howes, Onebec (and , passed to Bristol). Sid 6th, Shatemnc, Oxnard, Newport. , Cardiff, Sept 6?Arr Messenger, Sweet, Portland: 6th, . Mountaineer, Wilson, Bristol, outward bound. Sid 5th, , Shamrock, Doaoe, Rio Janeiro. . Calais, Sept 4?Arr Otodini, HiU, NYork. Old 6th, Bar! mnda, Hall, NYork. Dial, Sept 6?Arr Katahdtn, Amesbnry, London for St. I John, NB; Lucinda, Smith, do for Boston; Monsoon, Five, I and Olamori, Stewart, do for NYork (and all anchored); i "American ahlp Benj Delano, bound W" (and anchored); I 7th, Caatilian, Proctor, Boston for London (and proceeded). i Dover. Sept 6?Off, Emeline, Dennlaon, from Rotterdam I for NYork, I Dcxmork East, Sept ft?In port Souther, Sawyer, from Liv1 erpool for Boston, I Elmkohk, Sept S?Arr Garibaldi, Randall, Dantxte for i Newport: H D Brookman, Cheney, Cronatadt for London. Falhocth, Sept 7?Arr off, Northland, Arey, from ManV meln for Portsmouth. Sid 6th, Alfred Lamont, Anderson I i (from Rangoon), Antwerp, I Fortcs* Island, Sept 7?No Am vesael In port. Glasoow, Sept 6?Arr Globe, Hort, B'ictonche: Lucinda Jane, Lambert, Wexford. Sid Sth, John Fyto, Luther, New York. 1 Ornoa, Sent s?Arr Randolph, Hallett, Cardiff. Htajrorr, Sept ft?Arr Macanlay, Rogers, BalttTnore. : Havrx, Sept 6?Arr Kentuckian, Kerryraia, NYork. ' I nag u a, Sept 8?No Am vesael in port, Lrvwtroot, Sent 7?Arr Eagle Wing, Ellla, New York. 8 Id Sth. Fidelia, Boasting, NYork. Cld 6th, J O Baker. Rosn, Genoa; Spark the Ocean, Kinney, do; Underwriter, Roberts, NYork; Grange, Cleeshy-do. Ent for Idg 6th, Goloonda, Purrlngton, for Hong Kong. ' LonpGn, Sept 6?Arr Liberty, Post, and John Cottle, Hallowell, Uuei>ec; Stella, Duell, MioaUtlan; Transit. Mlnot, SaSia;7th, Windsor rorrest,Cartis, NYork; Bosphorus, Psneton, Quebec. Cld 6th, Florence Nightingale, Holmes, NYork; 7th, Byzantium, Robinson, do. Arr at Grave send 7th, J V Brookman, Crockett, Havana for I London; Trenton, Baguenay for do. i Lawlash, Sept S?Arr f *. Clifford, Glasgow for NYork. Nbwpokt. Sept S? Ajt / ... Jo tyre, Mcln lyre, Bridge water, to_load for Halifax. < _ _ _ rLTMui TH. ru-pt .mmtoomM, unniwiwr (irom Cronstadt), Newnnrc Qokisitowk, 8e|>t ??Arr Mary Baker, Churchill, NYork: 7th, Inland Qoceu, Cotierr, do. Imt; Persia <?). do for Liverpool (and prooaeded); Edinburgh), dodo. Sid 7th, Mary Ann, NYork" Arr at do Id, Moonlight. Small. Btictonche. NB, for Dnndnlk 7th, to discharge; 6th, J A H Crowley, Driako, do, wtg order*. St Hiiu'i Roam, Sept ft?Sid J W Spencer, Spenoer (from London), Cardiff. Start, Sepl4?Off, Lombard, Eastman, from Calcutta for i Hamburg. Smyrna, Aug tl-Arr Smyrntote, Weston, Boston, i Tjtxia, Sept 5?Arr John Duffus, Forrest, Boston. Tamnco, Aug 13?No Am resect In port Bid 18th, schr Virginia Antoinette. Havana. 1 Americmn Porto. BALTIMORE, Koi4 19?Arr schr Kamuel Eddy, Patten, Boston. Cld schr Minnehaha, Young, New Bedford. Sid bark Isabella C Jones, Woodburn, Havre; Br brig Muscovado, Butler, Demarara: schr Minnehaha, Young, New Bed* ford. ' FALL RIVHR. Sept IS?Sid schr* Alexander Blue, Crowell, Philadelphia; WmD Cargil!, Hawkins, and Almlra Cornell- ' i us. Simonson. NYork. HARTFORD, Sept 19?Arr schr New Mexlao, Burnett, New Brunswick; aioopFloyd fS Warner, Cheeny, NYork; ?th. steamer Madgie, Wilcox. Philadelphia. Sid llth, achrs J 6 Curtis, Bunce, and Cynthia Jane, Bennett, NYork. NEWPORT, Sept 18?Arr srhrs Z Secor, Rrthnlson, New Bedford for NYork; 19th, Fakir, Heath, Fall River for Elixahcthport. Sid 19th, aohr Z Secor, and all other* hound west ward/ NEW HAVEN, Sept JO-Arrschra Willie, Brown. NYork j Mary H Williams, Vcrplanck** Point; sloop* Napoleon, do; Defiance, Ooodale, Haverstraw. PHILADELPHIA, Sept 30?Arr ship Hortensla, Atkins, Liverpool; hark Aaron I Harvey, Miner, Portland; brig* New Zealand (Br), Gunning, St John, NB: Waltham, Clark, Boston; scbreJohn Lancaster, Wllletts, Province town; Jas Allderdice, SiUes, and MM Freeman, Howe*, Boston; John Farnum, Hall, Providence; J B Bleecker, Edward*. NYork; Trojan, Shourda, Key West: James Neilson, Burt, Taunton; Jos Porter, Yates, Boston: Ellen Baker, Bteeiman, Dover, NIT. Cld ship Philadelphia, Poole, Liverpool; schrti Z A Paine, Jones, Eastport- F Boa rd man, Mathlaa, Rock port; H A Rogers, Rogers; B H Wilson, Davis; New Jersey, Yanneman; J Cadwalader, Clayton, aad Pathway, Oaw/ord, Boston; R n Daley, Sherman, Provider**; M Monson, Brewster; II Patterson, Godfrey; Isaac Rich, Crowel], and A Merer, Wheaton, Boston; C William*, Golding, ft Bed ford: WmP Cox, Honck, Medford; Saratoga, Adams, and 3 mmbea Somen, Newburyport; 8 D Bellows, Clark, Hartford; B 0 Scrlbner, Irons, fit Thomas; George k Arthur (Br). Btabbs, Montngo Bay, Ja: Rhodelia, Blew, Peterson, and Emma Amelia, Hanllnc, Boston. PORTLAND, Bfpt 1ft?Arr bark WTUard, Mitchell, Rio Janeiro; schra Ann. Blake,??d Matenzas, Blake, Windsor for Philadelphia, Bid bark Howard; revenue cutter Caleb Cashing, on a cruise. PROVIDENCE, Sopt 19?Arr steamer Petrel, Yeung, New Tork. Bid schrs Albert Pharo, Llpplncott, and Emellne Cheater, Brewer, Philadelphia: Chanty, Fowler, Elizabeth port; Wm Thomas, Baker, and Lady Jane, Saunders, New York; sloops Pointer, Nichols, and Biensi, Brings, do. , PAWTUCKET, Sept l?-6ld ectar John O Wright, WalUoft r Philadelphia; sloop Benj Aiken, Martin, Rondout. SOMERSET, Sept 18-Sld sohrs Anna Shepherd, Tooker, , and Arsus. Crowley, NYork. TAUNTON, Sept 19?Sid achr Roanoke, Paol], Elisabeth- < 1 POUTICAIJ. 8l TH WARD UNION INDEPENDENT CLUB.?AT A regular meeting of this Club, held at their headquarter*, I on Friday, evening, September JU, INI, the following niotations were unanimously adopted t Resolved, That this Club heartily approves of and ratifies the nomination of State offioers on the ticket headed Daniel i 8* Dickinson. Resolved, That we endorse the principle* enunciated by the People's Union State Convention in making the nominations. Resolved, That this Club will heartflr aid In advocating the triumphant election ef -the People1* union candidates, both In the State and county. Resolved, That we are In favor of burying all political differences at this time, aad ef giving a mutual and hearty support to the national government, until peace shall be satisfactorily established and the Union honorably restored. Resolved, That we invite all Mod <dHasps, without dlstination of party, to join our organization, and to help on in the. . good work. I8AAC RATLOR. President _ . WAMM BETM, Vioe President. Wiumi H. gfimn, Secretary. ftESTACRAim. VTO. S CORTLANDT STREET, NO^IWHSTTCORNEIB X't of Broadway, is the ne plus ultra of an Ale Hon**. The lunch counter Is a bilon; the house and Its sniroundinas is the Ultima Thule of all places. If any of the above exprea1 sions are objectionable to the typo*, call and get aatiafacUoa. t N. B.?'Three cents per giaas. RE8TAURANT<-THE INFERNAL MACHINE THAT waa picked up by the schooner James Steele, off N*w 7 port New* and Sewall's Point, opposite Fort Monroe, can be 1 seen free at "The Store," No. 13 Lerorplace, Bleecker street, one block west of Broadway. JAMES E. AYLIFFE. FULTON STREET WILL BE OPENED IN A few day* with three new Billiard Tables and a bran new proprietor, with an entire new stock of Alee at three 4 cents per glsM, not to be equalled In this city. The bar will contain the chotseet of liquors andaegars. Billiard* IS cents t )ier gam*. Also a lunch counter. ^ATCBOCB AMP JEWELRY. r WHIAM I SELLING GOLD AND SUTEBWATCHES M eocbeapt Because casta la scares and I am obliged to sell. Silver Watches M; Gold Watches $10, $1A (29 and M05 ordinary prlee* (90, $SS, $*0 and flOOi Old gold and silver |i bought or^en In exchanae. Watche* cleaned aad repaired ? r JACOBS, a Cedar street. i RJBWAJUM. 9 fcOBJSWAR^^^ THB FRKMISKlTm ( ?D Fifth tniiw, on Filter, Sept. 10, a Blwk and Tan 1 Slot, anawertnc to the namtof Fanny. The abort reward , will be paid for ber rmrtrjr, { fcQ RKWAKD.?I>0*T, OH FBIDAY MORWTWO. SRFT 1 ipO 19, the Arobrotrpe of a female friend, cnraaeii In par. pie relret?oral al auapoaed to hare been dropped in % Fourth arenue ataae. The abore reward will be paid by k l??rlng H with Mr. CrWtadoro, under the Actor Boute. KW YORK HERALD, SUN) DRT (MWM. J^ILilOLD, CONVTABUtJkOO IULXK How OrBJI ? AT RETAIL ? TWlr Mltrr un portal* IEI i rUNCH. uuul * Am BRtnaa DBTUOODB. * ? % Canal itnvl, nrntr of MlfMT. AT VBRT GREAT BAROAtNB, AND WILL WOKTU 1 attention. J GOODS BOUGHT AT THITTATB BAJCBRPIT SAIJM. * Engttah Carpeting, Oilcloth, he. French rhangtuaa, I Window flkadaa, Ae. J Fine Vclrat Oarpcu, ?l U par yard; f '? Carpata. h 88 wnU; On* three-ply Carpets at 7h r , ,ul, hue All 0 wool Carprta, SO oanls p?-r yard; go< <>U,Sft nili r*r " yard. Also, A<*W yards rery thick *U?h Oilrlolh at 37 " cents per yard. AJ?>, French | . 1 .-Wet Paper, *> cants " per nil; tine French rutin Puprr, 12 ceutu per roll. &.U00 pairs 1 fine sold Window Rh.ides, $1 per pair; One gold rr|vr? Shade", ' 2 40 per pair. Alao, Kilt fornli ea, Hugs, Mala, Ac., at '' COATBS*, 514 Hudson street, a hot* Kprlng street. ACARD.-TflK ADVKRTISBR RKO* LBAVB TO l!< 1 form ladies requiring auy kind of plain work, shirt I making or hahe limn, in all Ita hranches, they can have the aatnecxacated In superior manner and on tae moat liberal a terms by applying at 2?7 EligabaUi street. A u ta ad.iraaaed to T. G. will ha Immediately attended to N R -W J, If waakT*^1 ,U"lld ** ,k* ot any lady, by ike da/ or a BARGAINS I If LACBfl AT R FT AIL. | B?-al Malteae Collars, 1}^ ?aat? ?arh I jweni .nam?? wu\ -.i.araaml n.. <?? n ? >>? wl n R>-al Thr?a4 acta,I'*r? and , II WIU ML t? Apnllqi.a Colkra at (I and ipwania Point fl*if Outturn at IS Mil ?r,.*ai IL rkal black tiirrad uh collars, $1 *111 upw ?r<ta. 1 RmI Black Oolp-. # ?V?1 ?r?. It <wnu u4 upward*. i Raal Tkraad H..r Vrlla t I VI and upairli " Bra) Ouljxira Valla,_SI ? and |UO?Mfe a, r iianar Laoa Valla, SSU oauu u4 ufaarte A. T ?r?1? ART * OO | BARGAIN* in RMHRO|t>RR|RS, * I'umhaM-d at I ha rwnl ? * a? ?al?a s UNBN CAMBRIC HANDkKIM'lllRPB, II pvr iWwan a?4 >ipwar4a. J? n?m?t!ti-h?d II MMlt. r ai $1 fmi >?aaa _ rrr irh Lawn Maitdkrrrfctrfaat (3 ??r 4 ?a? a. ] Eml>r<IJ<-r?-U>.M.i, h*i . T% H , i . J CAMHKIC HI*WI PDGINOli ri."' ? IHrtf, * Victoria ltu01ia?a, lefanU R-rfx-a. Waiwa, Apromm, *>t-. *? AtaqualW V>w piVta. i(\ __ Thraa ra?M if Lln?n, rViur a -I I'lmWV TraraJ r< aa4 Ilraakfaat licia, frooi 7> <*nu upward j A T fTtVtIT t CO ? Black threvd lace veil* ? .tiikkaI) la<r vbi?s, Juai ?|*n.4. from Tttmt ifavtt All of wbtek ?r? ntfrrad at prtoaa. Aiaa k RICH LACKS I AMD PARI* EMBSOtDBBlBR At prima to ault the tlnaa 1 B. VILLI ARB * CO, Lata P?W R>-b*ru. fl irnrntmmf CLOAKS ARD RIIAWLS. B. R MILLS A CO OPPBB TO CASH BVTBRK l.REA* BARGAINS IN CLttAKH AMI SEAR IJ AT NOS. M AND M NBOAJ'W AT I1BT GOODS.?A BANKRUPT STOCK KL^JNO AT A t aAcrttoe, at V Ch?ral*r< aire*i. Kllkj, L? ? . I>r*a??> ?>.1? erlonaa, Capva, Huajorjr. Buck Ctloraa, wall.-a Kali ?aa?a. Ac. Merchanta ara luvltrd to ralL jpAMILY AND HOTEL LINENS, OF BVBBY DESCRIPTION, 8ERTICEABLB ARDCBBAP ALSO, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, * CURTAIN MATERIALS, WINDOW SHADBS, CORNICES, H CARPBTINQ, OILCLOTHS, RUGS, to, Ac., at vary low prtcaa. LORD A TATLOR, Ml to M7 Broadway. 265 to Ml <>rand Hmi 47 and M Catharliw- atraat. plASUIONABLB CLOAKS AMD SHAWLS. MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT Of THE SEASON. LOW PRICES. AT RETAIL * LORD k TATLOB, * 47 and 49 CATHARINRsfBUT. JRISH POPLINS, PARIS MERINOEfl, PRINTED VBLOU RS, RBPS, DE LAI MRS J AHD ( FASHIONABLE DRESS OOODfl <; Of erery kind?fine assortment now ready. LORD A TAYLOR'S, ( 461 to 417 Broadway. M to Ml Grand street 47 and 49 Catharine street. J^ADIES' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. ] In tbta department of our store, 461 to 407 Broadway, which 1* under the direction of t LADIES OP ADMITTED GOOD TASTE, c may be found ?U the newest patterns and shapes of nadsr- 11 clothing for LADIES, CHILDREN AND INFANTS, ( at rery reasonable prices. Orders promptly attended to. J1 LORD * TAYOR. ?| 7VT "W UttBBH UUWC ' IN AT RETAIL. A. T. STEWART A CO. 1 Will addon Monday, Sept. 23, to their aaaortmeot of Brttlah J and Saxon; * DRESS GOODS. 900 pleoe* Union Plaid* at It. fid. per yard. 1 100 pieeea Arabella* at 36c. per yard. J 100 piece* 4-4 Iraogene Plaid* at 3*. fid. p 180 piece* Broche Rosalia* at STKc. per yard. a 100 piece* all wool Plaid* at 40c. per yard. All new and attractive *tyle?, at popular price*. -i BROADWAY, CHAMBSRS AND READS STREETS. J FAM. DBE38 BILES. RICHEST BTYLE8 OF THE 8BASON. r JUST RECBTVED. ALSO, LOW-PRICED SILKS, MEW AND DESIRABLE, IN GREAT VARIETY LORD k TAYLOR, ? 461 to 4m BROADWAY. ' 386 to *1 OR AND STREET. c 47 and 49 CATHARINE W. 0 VTEW FALL GOODS. IN STRANG, ADBIANCE * OO., _ NO. 369 BROADWAY, Will open, <m MONDAY, September 3S,thetrNaw FallBtoek, 1 Cooilctfo|o( Black un> Colomo Silu, OrSSS^Si^nu Am Evntam Cloths, {< Frknor amd Ibisr Foruir*, ' if KsiNoe aim Moumxliwx Ox Lajito, 0 Fames aits Emuai Calico**. , Cloth*, cahixfau axb Vxstikg*, 1 HoaixsT Am Oioni, Evbboidbbim iirp Lidfl* And a general aaaortmentof Hon*ek?eptn^ Alao, a fine stock of rtot'lndia Camel'* Hair Shawl*, at 4iy great bargains, together with a laif* atook of MMlMt . kind* of Shawl*, and ah J VERY CHEAP FOE CASH. ' ? I XTEW TALL, QOODS, H j> |DdudtOf I q 'db laines, * A large lot of gjJJtQjtjLJj SKIRTS, I Embracing every rarlmy nod prtoe. a M* una of FRENCH PARIS CORSETS, 1 i In allalcea. j SHAKER AND PLAID BAXO&Y FLANNELS. 2 LINEN SHIRTINGS AMD 8H8BTINQB. * DAMASK TABLECLOTH8 AND NAPKINS, DOYLIES, *C., Together wRh a complete aaaortment of j HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, V Much Mow the prenent ralue. ? All of tbe above, in addition la th? entire belane* of oar t> FaU and Winter Stock, at very reduced prices. In Order to ctoae (ha preaent buiiaeM connection. EDWARD LAMBEBT A 00., J (In liquidation.) o No. tti Broadway. J t>OPTLAR STOCKS. A 1,000 pleoea rich Fancy Striped, , Broche, Plaid and Chene Sitka, . At TBc., 87Kc. and SI per yard, f Purchaaed at the recent caah auction aalea, greatly below " their ralue. A. T. STEWART A CO. ( H. MACT, ~~~ ! . Koa. SQt AND KM SIXTH AVENUE, T Now opening ' FROM THE CASH AUCTIONS! ' FALL STYLES HAT RIBBONS, 1 NEW EMBROIDERIES, , LACK QOODS, TEILS, Ac. j Full Block FALL STYLES FRENCH FLOWERS, J HEAD DRKBKS. ROCHES, Ac., ? HOUSEKEEPING GOOD8, MUSLINS, TARLATAN8 Aa. 5 Full stock YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac., Ae. N.R?1,080 do*. beat quality Ladiee' Parla Eld CMo*ee, all the fall and winter oolora, ?8 cenU a pair. R. H. MACT. J Rich fall silks a at retail. A T. STEWART A CO. 1 ESTVSSrtklH V?*"?' Arabia and Africa. J 20 CASES CHOICE PARIS AND LYONS NOVELTIES, I

conaUtln# In fart of Brooke, La nop, Impremee, Ac., a Which will be offer** ai aitreroely tow prtceei RONALDSON A MEARE8-HAVE REMOVED TO COR- 1 ner of Nineteenth atreet and Sixth avenue where the* J are offering great bargain* In Hoalery, Rlbbona, THmmloaa BmaU Warea, Ac. All purchaaed at U? lata auction aalea. DAY, SEPTEMBER 22, II ^-?-nramT> A/mw HELL'S, NO S CATHARINE HTRHKT-TJIB H HWMI ?ijlra <>r Kali H'inncU now read*. N. B.?New mwuf ! " *?? tUauuai, gorvd brcmt, Cloak*, Maullltf, > ? . KiMt'a anil Apn>oa for tadtea' aoil ctall. m Maiiiw.t auj nobruMeiMl Yokea and Baud* In great 11W7 aa?l ?"?? In ordrr. A OrK*I*U Of fAKIB FATTEBM BONNSTB I* Mr* ! will orx-ii a arlact aaaortment of MUlt'H 1'ATTBHN B?>NNKTa on Wrdoaxlajr. ItU Intl. AW- HKKKM (APS AND DKADURE88K8. MR*. V. UWM, MRU. J. U. UO8H0N, Til and 385 Broadway. A CAEI) ? MKM. WM. SIMMONS TAKKM PLEASURE ft. la ?>? '. TKiivf Ink. rrw' r? ami th* ladle* (bat alio rui opM fail MJtra of fail* MUllntiry of Ui? lata* iiotelOe* VMMiilir,Hr*ral?r & Mia * M. SIMMONS, ?ST Broadway. fJINWS' MILLINBRT?LARGEST !M THB WOELIV-flBl 3 Broa<lw*y, om. aita th? M-lr?t?>Uiaii llolol, ui> atalra. t* Will 'ir f?ll Mill . r '.-r 8 Illl. nil Wi-<{lie*lay, MIL ItMMcall. ChlUf-n n Hai? and Straw Unoda. I. KISSK miliar, am ALL AND WINTER OTEXINO Or PARI* MILLINB. ?7* f LOVFTT, A(*iU, bent !**? ui Inform rrmtatoiu. ra that ah* will u> m h. r rail aad winter wlri f H?U on Tueadar and Wi-dneedar, Srpt It and tt, to htrh ab# r?.,^,tfullr tariu* four aUcaUoft, ai 7M B madray. lirn doora l<r|..w Uphill Mrt?L CTALI. M1L1.IKERY -**? UAVIMON. U6HLKF< KER r ??r I, U< Ihr y ??ur? lo announce thai aha will open II Yitea?la? n*m, K- (i H, t rl> w itlKU.q ,.f full Kail and k '"f* 1' ,lu l*"*t ?"<1ra, ? ?ary mudrraM pricaa. IK Mlaerk.t umi, rM at Jj* LOWER.*' ~ *emm of U?a f?trr?\ til3m i? rrMtion ui ornamental tMfft A m?rimlily la RK?!?*L WR**T1I* AXO BOrQlTCTS, ra Um t 11* ai fatwrltm of . ?* 11 ,-t am leu. IMKM i . KKK, 7W Broadway.^ i*MK u.t.iMj, WU.I. DtMfLAT ON WEDNESDAY, fl ? an f.rtn"- aaaortment of Fall anil Wluler ..nana, ( ail Ike iai-? p..i.??i*? ?kapea, htvlnc hanu ae*i4>.1 Ivy *r Ka? imc- A'?" a larifr ?rtni?iil <>f our own uaaafart ire T*e pu ? ae* r? aprvlfully larlled lo nail w K<W(.lNi|? Tl< I . .at .tr-r(, 1,-ar Br ad?ay. ifM Mt l< MINOTK. ?0 CANAL KTRKKT. BE'JS 1 laa? ? v> a?i>""i.. ? in her ruei.iiaera and la liea (eti?MM aa Wii ?? <>?. it* Mik laM , aha will ..peo a ... II :?i?. >?KI- ?V(? MKW I KK MftipBar-MM. M I PKH \ H.w 1 ?ad 7W IMvln >n airaet, h*? now ready It aiira*. and <*> I aaa. rtanaut of Fall and Winter II i O ' <r afc ieaaV- ai.d retail trade. MorrtiaaU and jown i ? . ** rwiara naia a* IM mi rNaout. UAi * *1 U MA* ' * l?*l'n?.T fllXOI'KS ' " ' ? ?Iwk af foil u4 wuilar V uni'ia on >iHlll ly Nrf4a??fcav ? NIMICU4XBOII. ~ 4?MHIT?lK*T t MM** AM<K? A TI.. . iMkU M4a to <Mtr Mock ilurtaf ih* paat ww ntsan .a atk far ut tfen. tUl a a< u. |*> at ai lnwl ika M* ?aai|4a?? au.i ??rl. d ii i! r rkikmikq ARTiruta mm tkai mi k> f m.4 H Haw (ad Tka prkaa o< I ? MlWl oak) fc?4 a *MI? **AI>" MUSM rka?r?..A <.?>? i? r~.. *, ika ?i w H>?* h ?*' I >a * ?tfa<4 fW** Ik* 4"*aa. I tb I a I'D" . r l kk? < w ? ?? T?r a?a. aark t ? Wk? r>. i n r ?. . <1 III i,ri. aa, k 40 i?tv f? k ' Ui?a *r* f ?< Ha-ka?a k M nu?r wUfca m in I ! ? J I ' k f'hlaa T?? K. u 44 |Hw?? IN 'mm* r?? * < ? *? tm * ? ua . < I Ha?4 I ' h I t K* l>l '??! irlk, Ml pknM M M Wtr> ?k'1U?a Ik' < *?* Nli 'an y? .'* <? ika ?i ? ii I itlV? !' . vra. Ik- I-4< I 9 <>lawa n??r k?la. ika i ? .... I ' H?. l^l Ikwi im 4a??a 4 M t fry M ?. < . | t a * .*>?a, Ika |.?n 4 m ? > ? rt?l?4 T-a !( ?>( ik. ?naaa lit IM> n*M U'k fewa. tk> kaa* .. IS fa* |- ?l?4 Tak? r ta Ikr *-a?a I Ml ? i*i? *< <tIf 4 *> ia? i-U'Mu- k-i'x in) H? hifc "N ki? H> Ifcm 1* *1 IMl 1 Nt fcoutaa ffi IwlWII la I n. ?M ? *ht n? i i? niriwn 91 I rpl i 4ar ha* l? aaala ai|?Nl * wi \SiI7, 9 M 9 ? Tka MkalHI kn?*?la tao? aTflkft RMIWA ra a< HiX.iti kai tkMk ran #v.a? (M?i fkaiwt rum Is 4>-'W r>* f'aaw < ln? tp flat*ika 4ak?a M rwi Max ?*ktM leal 'aat CWtaa. tk? 4aaaa MkrianiMftPkat iWkan .... S iva iMa OMm laM Ta>? m aaak IM rt? kiim rtlM f?M kk II " Ife >" n,r RH f,rrjrfc?uir>4 Wn<M ?kk ??. (Ir^n rr<*> m?l<; ktal ia kil ika ?wk. akk Ikr ,<14 ii'-' a/ ia^i4a>l auat k ? # tar MW ' fk fa?4? ? i r ?4ii|T I on. n M iSE23ft r?(KW? Altl> !?<.?> AT ? 4k rml? Km l> A ?rwral ana?.rt...??i ( ki i--. ja->. ta, >afi. 4 'fcii.lrat. waatr af Kil iaakl> f"? ? ^nia ralf auvk*4 MM knu' ? !( |a? 1 M kiili' cmlf iuf ii4 <'*<i(Ma t M kuu' pal'a I laa'kar aiM- s?4 (' 4fe-raa t k> lonu pMa*t tafclbM a w (I < ''..4 Tk-a I M knla ralf ai?. ka4 .1 -4? ? . kal?u .rai? I M kirt' >nAm, M???i? H<>y? ?- w, Rl loulto'Rr<?aaB. tow <a t. rtfca R.?aa M?h Ull UtlHWlM tto ? "* w4 m bM uaoaufn ituim. 7 ?.?* ? llw* w rw?fc atrwtt BTtADrn ?nrm rboimbmt Iirmtmii, M K>rt>|4'< Hwi: otkk w raiwMJr Tfce rwular cIuh it fnUmm^n an* rkuin* to fjmmm lea, oalliittonlra, A' M o? tfcr lot nt Motor. Larft**' (to*", ?, Tlnn4?n twl Rnxtnlaf* Ladkrt au4 f?all*m??i am lorit# i t raff ?w<l 0m ulUattuB, nut MttulMt u<l p?n(f??M mi to M ARKBk ? KK*l?T7rr.*H<.M1r 1ABH FOR BOOBB AR|t URRARIB* -MtMJKfMM J harttif RtoaiVa ??r l? 4u>? * .-f ratnuli nu aw an uioortmilu <>f #'4u< a?. to a<(>ti*-aain? k ><?r tot 14 Hm <Sni, M??r lark II ft.?Vtoto InitofVbaaad. lARI'ETK REI-AXKRDAMI RBLAID J A W*TT?, l:p*?tM?r?r. Ill R?w>rv MPORTANT TO DVFRK -MTERR TAT MET* M?* . untly i?ti tond or !/*<? lo nnW at Ro to Euiwa Nmi, . T. AUo N'ta <4a*ary 4M?H|Mloa J R CROOK A < 0 r AD1EK?IF *or A!:E ANY WaY IM>1*r??BI> Li Iuum no Ubm', bat ?<iawiii Mm. WotU'KNlTIK. tfcr r> iVnrrd Mid aurwaaful tfijalrtaa awl attdwM*. to < torllue treet, Mar YaiV-fc. LfAKBLE MAKTELR ?OREAT BAROAIMB IN MAR n I')*. Th?>a? Wlvhtac I" >'"* Manwla a< a ar??> ii?mi rill find It to ttolr i^rniup u> call al I tl.AIIR'l arfelt jnrd, III EaM tlfkMriit MMt, Mtr TUMamw ris moiiEXT I'KBMIt'M or TUB MEW VOBB RtATB Fair, a OuM M< Jul, ha? >w*n a?ar4vd to PABk't AMBRUAM VAMP CHBMT FOB AMT htoM I*m B, MB Tbia Chaat wtoa or?p forma a DIKING TABU! FOB POCR PBBMOM. lid co>Ulna bindft Um MtuflMtrr tiirvia. t)l tlM imp^wNfti or an olin*i m?M, kair<NL pUwit, n|n, nruH> ?*?4. Bhl* rlotha '? tvwUrtf** r?mi?rMir aaar k?Lok*i At It J* auuto of bl**k wminut. rtmptr In It* loaed w Mtacheiiou. U?t4> w<MiH|k aad, wtto Ma ontonta. wflafc?only fortr pwnde. TH2B HI-HE UMtT bH^^nur um? HH ailiki|UriMOMMsM kr/tnauy 4Mt*a?Ukad fmrmmm. H< aHtora Having heretofore Wi unabU to mw the ntqwMlf up demand for tkto oaafnt tavanU>*i, ?* warn baa la lafana hn public that wa ab*U Iwmftw to preparedto nitoi ?U rdm inamedtelaly on nmIm >N EXHIBITION AT MBJU&lBALU BUCK * OCR, MOADVil. Midtoim) and for aat* to toe AMERICA* CAMP CHEST OOMrABT, m BROADWAY AOENT8 WANTED IK ALL THE UKAI^mW A* were It another ctoat adrortlaad, wki k w* bnlW-r* to e hut an Inferior imitation ?f our^ *t vmM raftahk Ik the public not to toy any tofort etamiatoa aura, aad la particular todoao to oar o?nr ar at BAI4*. BLACK A IO."8. aa an unfair Competition riblUu ow <.f Parr*? CtoaH a oonnaetlon with tha*?a, which. totac ana of the tow ?!?. iMd and dUflgumi, doaa not truly iinmit toe ?yia aad uaiity of ow article. AMERICAN CAMP CHBKT rOMTAITT. BO. KB BBOADWAT rrBBOHW electrochemical batbb. kq, im T fourth avenue, ?HeaM by Prutoanar T&IunrH, toe urentor, celebrated for U?e altntoa of amatllf mhrtanw ram the eyatem, and tor tbetr imim to cArwa>? ?mwm ndrbeamatii. Conmihatioa frae From $ la Mil CTELLOW SAME TOBAOCO.-OOOOWIITg PTRB X Vellow BaskTotoeco, free Iranaalllafurtoafartoi it an kbit dealer*, and at wbotenale by B. 0000*0) IRUTUBR, JOT and BM Water etrret, Haw Tartu voam orricM. Advances mads on diahond*. watches, jew fl. elry and other iilnMauir bni^t far eaah M fa* nine, by J. B. COHEN, MS Broadway, aonwr of t>?w tract. Partita vlalted at IMr mMmm If Mni AS ualneaa atrictly ooaOdendal 4TJ.H. BARRINOERS, tl> BBOADWAT, BOOH U\ Tbla old MUhlKM ettre atvuw the W*e> eama. r bar* for eaah, Merchaadlaa, Dtaax>?d< art or uaK; ' aria, WeU-bee, Plata. Opticallutnawlt, Ac., 6a, at No. 13 Broadway, room 13, up at aire. A T 77 BLEECEEB STREET?MONET ADVANCED TO tV. any amount on Diamond*, Wetchea, Jewelry, At., h noa-Hegara, Dry Oooda, Ac. N. B.?Pawabcuhere tkMa ought, at 77 Blaeeker (treat, up ataira. fcl Q QQQ to advance, in sums to err. on blt/.WVt/ Diamond a, Watchea, Mlwr Were aad Saa ewelry, or bought for eaah aad the beet prteae rirea. Boetlaaa atrictly confidential. Apply at the old atkbllaM Jrwlry atorra of L. JACOBS, ft Cedar (treat. Branch Mf (roadway. ton nnn10 advance, bt renrt htman, m ^U.UUU Broadway, nxwi Ko. Is ua WaMaaW innde and Merehandlae of ererjr deecriptlon, froai SM aad pwarda. Merchant* In waal of mooay w>U doweliteeaQ. lualneee atrictly confidential. ____ BIUJARDHi ^ RILLIARDg-BAK8FORD 8 TRI E ANOUNO TABLBS, L> US Pulton (treeL 8 Ann olmet. and Oo?rt and Ramoea trtieta, Brooklyn. OHAB. LORDS? TahUa, Stapleiow. A 1 BILLIARDS?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID STOCK OP new and aecond hand Tabk?, for S75, (>00, 112ft, ?U0. 300 and |0U, oomplcte. T?blr? to let. Order* by mail Uended to for Tablea and Trimming*. W. H. OBIPmH, MtTalton ttreet. PHELAN'S I'ATE NT IMPROVED BtfXTARD TABLES and combination cushions* l'rlcea reduced to ault the ttmea. PII ELAN A COLL&nder, tt Croafcr atmt. m. | BALKS AT ArcnOiT. AD. CAULK INS, AUCTIONEER. MOKTQAQB SALE. Kich and eoally llouaehold Furniture, Elegant roaewood Pianoforte, Roaewood Parlor fluita, to brocatul. Valuable Painting*, ArtUtic Brontea, Marble Group*. Ao. Moaday. Sept. 23, at the elegant private realdeuco 218 Welt Fourteenth atreet, near Eighth avi-nue, Commencing at 10>? o'clock. The sale eomnrlaea the entire couienta of tha lioua*. The elegant Parlor Furniture waa made to order and ia in aolld roaewood. The whole will be Bold to the hlghe?t bidder for caah, ollVrlng extra Inducements to pnrchsaera, ai tha entire Furniture or the houae I* nearly new, and iuunt be sold to oieae tha mortgage. Elegant map wood seven octave Pianoforte, with aH modern Improvement*, over?trun^bHay>earl key*, Ac., rich roaewood Stool, on re rod tn utl'n, and embroidered cover; three elegant full aulta of rosewood Parlor Furniture, In rlob brocade and satin; roaewood Ktegorva, uleudld aud ooatly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, Ac. Alno a magnificent collection of rare Painting*, roacwuod Turkish Easy Chain. In fln ere^a; roaewood Centre and Hide marble top Tables, richly Chamber Suit#, in roaewood and mahogany; Bureau*, carved Bedsteads. Waahatanda. Sofa Beda. tu tin* pur* Hair Mattresses, f rolh 40 to 60 pounds, made to order ' *ud Id excellent condition. Dtulns Room furniture consist* of fine oak Extension TaI bles, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and Silver 1'utlery, i Turk*, Spoons, Ac., with heavy cut and engraved tiliuwwnre ' of every description. Hale positive. By order of C. 11A.I.L, attorney far mortgagee. Albert mortimer griffin a go., auctioneers. $IS.'IOO worth of ELEGANT FIRST C1.AS8 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, To be peremptorily sold at Public Auction, On U>-morrnw (Monthly), September 23, TOE PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN LEAVING FOR EUROPE. Rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing Room Bulla, rosewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Room Furniture, Paintings, Statuary, Bronzes, Chandeliers, Mirrors, Velvet Medallion Carpets. At ibe residence of Dr. Phillip Ransom. 43 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. SALE COMMENCES AT 11 O'CLOCK. Superb Suits, carved in solid rosewood, covered with silk bro- i catel; Secretary and Bookcase. Etcgcrea, bronre Clock, runs ' one month; pier and mantel Mirror*, embroidered lace Curtains, mantel Ornaments, Centre Tables, King's patent Reclining Chair, Oil Painting*, by eminent artists; bronxe and marble Statuary. Magnificent seven octave Jroaewood Pianoforte, Canterbury, Stool, and Cover; Hslstand, oak Buffet, Extension Table, china Dinner and Tea urta, crystal Olaasware, richly engraved Tablu Cutlery, solid (silverware, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Bedstead*, Wardrobes, Toilet Tables, Conunodes, Dressing Tables, hair and sprtag Mattresses, Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Towel*, MCmw'* patent Sofa Bedstead. Bookstands, Toilet Tfcble*, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth, StalrCarpet. Also, a large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. House to let or for sale. For further particulars see Auctioneer. ASSIGNEES' SALE Of Elegant Household Furniture, with the Entire superb Parlur, Dining Room, Chambers add Library Furniture of Over IW.UOO worth of rich and costly Furniture, contained in the Ave story residence 142 West Twenty-Unit, street, near Seventh avenue, to-morrow (Mouday), at 11 o'clock precisely. The whole for absolute and nei-emntorv sale, rain or shine. roiiaUMug of Engllah Vnlvet and Tapestry ami Ingrain Cur- ! fU, nit rt.? wood 1'arlor Furniture en suite, comprlxlng I Three Vull Suit*. richly c-trved, all of which are covered In ru-h allk broeatel and If the bent description; rosowiMid Centre and Her Tables; Vurkiah Chrlr*, in blue and gold, Satin an'! moqitei; I)..maak and Laee Curtain*, Velvet and Ttirklah Lounaea, Mantel and lVr Mirrors, line rosewood Etegerea, Artistic Bnui>e?, r?rV>r ornament*. Ac. ELEUANT SEVKN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, M nali- Cabinet, Stool and Cover. Elegant Bureau* and Bedateada, 12 Hair Mattresses, Chamber Huiu,ln r'M'M'iMid; Bronze Clock*. Spring Scat Chiilr#, Mirrors, Bed* and B+ddtnga, oak Extension Table, two Sofa BedaUuK ilib Cut Uliu, of every descriptionj marble top Bullet, Oil' loth. rtch tliandeliers, Ac. Malt iM?itlve, rain or ablne. B. W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. \ICTI?N NOTICE-AHSIONF.E'8 BALE OF MANUlaeiiired and uiitn.,iiuluetured bUKk, At:.?Saturday, H?-(it ?t. I?dll, at ln'< A. M., at the agricultural roundiy and m... kill. atin|i, Mil .uiU US Water atreet, between Jefferson a : ".I M- New York. Ihe entire stock, consisting of i 1 o ,(li- Mouth fining*, i'lough Beam*. Uandlea and H i.i In, CuiUtMnr Timber Harrow,Corn Shelter. Sugar Mill, liilnd M m. and Trti'-k Fraiue*, Plough Bolt* and Wrenches; a>~, lot .if Wrought and Caat Iron, and Sign Board*on ana within bull lings. together with aundry article* pertaining to lb# Im-laraa And on tne same day, at one P. M., at the store 137 Water str. ?i. in d> '<r ft in Pulton, llie Slcn Board* within and nu4>te Um- luilldlng. alao tbe I'lough Vane on roof, Sheet Plank and, and other arll W a OEO. J. 8. THOMPSON, Aaalgnee, Ac., of Jno. MeKully. A l'< Tl<l* HAL* Or MACHINIST S TOOLS.?WILL BE A * M ai puMii auction, lo eloae a concern, on Saturday, * 11 i-1 i??h .1 f !|||>? l:ij i1e?irabl? t'Hii. <m? neven feet I'im'iii.* Mai i. ne i? Crank planer*, one large DrlllUig Ma; i4i inr iii-r .|..e?.|, I? ,t KII cine Lathe, one twelve feet tin., ?w ft>? ami - ii Lull lee', do , one lour feet do., three small Ij.1 ' r? loi .f 'VI f Pattern loathe one Portable Forge. T > r?i <* >ii n >? .y day j.v*\i??ua to *?le at the Bntlue w . u fHaat Tweutj lourtb street. Sale positive to the hlghaai l>l '.iter AWHtiiSBK* MALE ?Jf'IIN LLOTD, AUCTIONEER. I i' t M<i*? . ill a? I! mi Monday. September $\ a. ! , I- a "> ' ' Il"'? ?ai. III. entire at.ieit of Btiya' . >iM?.* I I II.-, Til I.ajivr*. Flklurt-a, *e. Sile politic, lal, .i ?l,t.i. Catalog .. will be r>aov the day of *ale II, ektofA !> WHI.KLf* K. Aaatgn. e. 1 litHKI M<>Tli'K ?BI'BMIIAM M FrBNITCBP TX/\ fee Furniture I'an*, IIS \Seat I ???rii. .iifi Miw.en Plftb and tviath an nttes. Piano. 'V a ? ami all kl'i.laof liu.iaeliol.l liirnl' i.. r? -.??.! ?u4 to all |?rta al lb* win ill. Curercd * ? ?? (or raMorta< furniture 10 tba ountrjr. Ktorafe for l?rMUK l>Bo*B A HK'll'tlJi, Al ITIONEEHR, D *111 ?n fCIMItr, HKPT M. At *?% ., tkwA, St *i ' *ra?'ii. 16 Kumui iirwt, Ttry large sale f Pia^rlUr Furtttura, r?iu|.i>?.|.| Iks enure finUlin ?l kir i r I- m Miunwi, Carp*!*. Feather Beila, Pi !..? , ft , nk. -r. tf I. ' ll.rrii, T'UfU. Tables, Ckalrt, i ?Aa Ll'? l'rv?rr*i-i? , t em kery, lilaaawarr, ClUrrT, Ac. Fi?n*fc Plat* Mtrr<i?? Vain urea, l iirwlnn. Culinary Uw<\ ii.un, Ac. Full particulars uu Hr THOU AH, AI'i TIhNKER.?J. L. DAYTON A CO. . wm mil >m T.i..4i? S*pieuil?r 21 at 10"^ o'cl'irk, w'Mf ?f ' .*dway an I Tweni) tirat street, tbe alurk mid lltiurea M nrnl class lnni?([ Bakun. embracing Chant, Tal4*a, ? 'n? t?rj. all tar I )at*d Cnati.rv, Mirrors, Bur Ft*!?" k i ti*n Fur*, lire, i ^ Olli|.,lh. Ac. Bale pnaitire. I' annaa'lsai ?f Ml* ? ' Kiirraviiifa at thrir auction room*, ( III Masaa. ibwi, am M- u'lur. al Tl a'cImA. JOOLt. AWOOBEKB | . 1<. Milkmen aad ?tb*fai HoNBK*. *AOO\5, AC. JaMES fill.*** ??.?. will aril .-a Wednesday, October 1 at a'et - k. <* IB* premium i,|fr, k |. I.I, Bill !w slnnt, Wiwm-k * ??h iitii ii at'u- ii v. nuca, Brooklyn, 16 CV-*a all i* ?<l ti-nsik ? i u a u iiitlwr lit wuKii arc tre?b. i* . --<1 an rt II r??, ;t?i . lis uri-d M M?j? r A Ifi** (|i. Martm? I alao name**, Tut* A. ii. anil K.<wla, ala" a quantity of Mattur*. Hale pKatttra, Irraaa <wak H?miV UKSE*. AKTIOSIRR -WILL MELL ON k.ifc.11?, H. |rtrmliar IS at !<% ..' I<? k. at Ike auction at"?a in Will...til aun t, aauanllty of Urooarlea, Wilies, IAH'mra. lift, tut) bolts uf H.-rntm, Carp, mar's Wurkt??.!i. an, k>l atAr Alao at It ti clock, Cloihuif, Dry Goods, Yaakaa K?il<?a, Ac T aat nauc Arm on ofbi'iummu lotb, bitcalj tad la OuiMakarg. will ha bald on Monday. Heptemhrr V Wl Bab Itiaauvw* atla'cbss* P. M. al tba brewery m A. Marfccrt Th# town of Oattrnbarg ta hraullfally ailuakc4 ? ib> bank* nt\k? Modaot. rtrar. about a aallc fro* tba WartMaatlwai aad fi*tjr-aai ?d atrrat forty, and oupoalta BamnUatb atiwt, M?w Turk Oiitumhcrf la aaa of Ika moat baautlful l.?M?d t"?"fca witbln nrtaan rnllra of tb? city of Maw Tat* TW F.?t Lea and Bfarinc atriNPt frrry bnau maka . taa trtpa par day, and land aack Uaa at tbr Omtrnbtn dock. Tar? "My Bat naa Tba au?nt1i.a of tbr public It wIM to *k? abittt laat aaka farw^ naaa. o?iT B?a par oaut cm tba day af Mta. laa Bar ?r?t In thirty dbfi iron* aald day of aala, taw war aat it atorty daya, bad tba balaoca. tawitydn per fuar yrarm, vltb aaran |*r aaat. Tula wrtwl A warrant** daad ftraa at tba cipcnaa al Ika wntattr ?baa laaaitytn par aaaM at BURiuaa If 1Aa d^ abawMba may tba talc will lafca plana Ibt aaat Baa d?r VfOltTtlAO* (Al?~DMr<> BTOU ABO FIXTT'RKB ? ju A M CMI>TAlidJL AnMlnaaai. wUlaalL on Maaidaf, ttd laat., at M i. a? ?k at Mo JSl T?atk atiwet, Utt rntlrt wail mjf I aflhA tLdi*aa A MB ? . . ^.a. ? aMa_i WW ?"H* Ba Mt'MWTl V*l* pruiBTR, I*?lM ArUrlaa aad Kary u-?4a tilaaa aad t'Maa Jar& likiaA Baalat and Matgbu bk-a Caa. a,f^unura. Bbalrjm aad a tatlalf mbiM laa Ma aeanarwawta aaawtlae. Brwdarof miwho WW*, Amnmt t* munw. Hegrei w MM, W 9?mj, ?iMlfM| m ? MP u4 TktaaM* ? f\ rrJ^JisFv^^^vai-iSX Mir.?*riMM p*WWMW?jMl^ *AIM ~jj>??KI^II?'?n?^, U KA*J RIC?AM> waiTIVM >r?TO*u?Zwiu. mux * "*r??"r?f * '-*??*1 I VjHn njl liFr |S?, n wi|. lA*yll, >*? IJ ?wiy. htMOlm* tM tinu*tr-JtLan fcs&aSaSSHSEl A'*'?? r? JEL ???* 1 mm\rr ^f-^^*!!' \SSimfwSSSlSt jbw^fefesMi^s i CCS r^v^X^^SfSxsSiii^i; r will 1M, -*rcTK???B?-wtu> mux air*. ; Itrgt awl wmM' riwm a* Pmrmfmim *- *rmm tat- ' hlWiitlMH >. ?fcy imiWii i tr-m ?? * ? ) ^jtrnp , WIiW^M. rjjW'jFWW fcHfcTW III? '^'w* !whwm>i7<?im ^ * j unuitH AMurr. AI ctkmmuk -ai VT m M>U? , VI |jk al,^M fltk? <V?teM i |i. |. ?W- H tftJHL BAM w'njztsz 5px.^x: tara? earfwl MM, II Mmt, will k* *44 ?/?.??**,?# T?? ?y.??lt TW?l??ww im?a. M u? MI k <?T 1 g& UmSS^ji^mT'm CVwt^1 "?>**! > * *? of atrprta raM <*> ?r*U * mimI Mrti ?*Ml Vha aat? wtll ? ? ??a mi tt% ?%?twr? Ala* a B**Twe* m4 lUnMivtlttalAMVMk. cs^si^?i#rJu,lfa^,'eH l'?L!?UlMtt<*ifMMlka MM |MMM?|M?M. MM M n-t??l M a Varrr arw tfcaa aa; utfer *?ter to ih> ciu. Yarteaoraar a< K>?? mi OMagfi Mirntm m4Iu WW* ?rwt, j I ?"s^??i 8 niiiiruu^ fV'gMi^Ai'iuKic Ksrr >? mu?mi y u >fcMk *?*? -u.?4ar*?. l!lii3,UrVrl* ' ( " * ltllfrt <W??4 f?' tUf W> IM tgekhuUfcr. o?. ?1 ?fw?r IWw, |C to., i.. f OrW*W floit. Byuf^cr /u,<a.wi \( >1, Wii.UamA < uk?i. T^mptKD IJOTjr* _tllE luiAWH or MurtOM ij Of IfcO Bull'* I *> ?W'-.?r?4 | VI . aUXl ] ?? ?I ? '? * > tu? iStf*? *? %?**..** ?f <>*"> ' 1u> v.u*l? will be eloael bntll (Motor 1. N?w Yom. Six. ?l. I?l. ft wikl.1 ??*<-?. fm TOHK B. KIRRAY, BANKER. ? * **I aTREBT. tl New York. goeurilleo I * , f .i?t4 i,|>* Trvanurjr not?? of All iaaueo Aaugtu IM *..4 Um I40M Stork* for ml*. NOTICE-HOMESTEAD IX8CBAXCB C*>MV i%l-A meeting of lite kU> kb<>Iden will be k#U. At u>? lr utkm II Boc'luiiau truci, on WeiliMadajr, Um tHk "> < , wir i All Interested ?r? reuue?ted to AUe?<1. 1'HILO MPEP. BrtTf Third atekub savisos BANK-t'<>RNBBorTi?i?D avenue And Twenty-urtli ?lr?-et?CnartereJ IIH Wl per oent iutenut allowed on *11 dep?>?U?, from ?no 4dtor to one tUouauud dollar*. lk|? >iu will draw im? r??t Irmt October L Bunk opt o dAlfyfrom ten to tbreo n'rlnrfc. 4lt? on the evening* of Munduv, Wednesday and Hitur4*r NS li to eixht. 81'KNCEK *. UKKKN, t*raM<toaL 8. 8. Child*, Secre Urjr. TTN1TED STATES LOAN. ^ 7 5-10 THE AH CRY KOTE8. office or KETCH IM, SON A CO.,. NO. 40 EX< IIANOE FLACK. _ Ntw Voita, September 10, I Ml. Puriuant to instructions from the Secretary of the Trm ury, abookwlll taopeuednn the2lstdayof g>-picmt?-ratth? odlce of KETl'III'M. HUN A Co., No. 4" Kicliin.! |iarr, for subscriptions, under my superintendence, for Tress irjr Mute* to b<- Isnued under the Act of Congress ot .1 uly 17, I-ol. These Note* will be issued in sumeef (an, $1-ju, $.7U, (t.uuo and J5.UUU each, dated Will Auuust, l9fil ) ay* VI.- Uiree year* after date, to tlie order of the subscriber or an dir.-. ted, and bearing interest at the rate of mru aud4liree.tenlhs pcrr?ul per annum, payable semi-annually ; such ini< ie?t islng at the rate of TWO CENTS PEit DAY ON EVfclCY Mr M. DKED DOLLARS. For tike convenience of the iio d*r each Note will have Coupons attached expressing the several amount* of semi-annual interest, which coupons tuny im detached and presented forpayment separably from the Notes. Subscription* for such Treasury times will be received during lifteen days from the day ol o|iei>lng the book as aforesaid. No subscription for less than tiny dollars nor for any fraction of that sum win be received. 8u!>*cri pilous of III If dollars or on* hundred dollars must be paid In lawful colli of the United f tales at the time of subscribing. Subscription* of more than one hundred dollars may be paid at once ; or If preferred, ouc-teuth at the time ot subscribing, und onethird of the whole amount on every twentieth day therealter until the whole shall be pidd. No payment of less than lil iy dollars can be accepted, that bcln? the smallest sum' fur which Treasury listen can be Issued. Ceriliicatcs will be granted in duplicate to subscribers for the amounts so paid, the original of which the subscriber wllj transmit by mall to the Secretary of the Treasury, when Treasury notes, as aforesaid, will be. issued thereon to such Subscriber or hlB order, canning interest as expressed In such certificate ; but ill eases where oplv a part of the amount subscribed is paid at the time of subscribing, Treasury notes will be issued only for the payments nntde subsequently to the first, which will remain until the whole amount subscribed by such person shall be paid, when Treasury notes will be Issued for such flrst payment also. Ou payment of each deferred instalment, the subscriber will |>ay, In addition thereto, a sum equal to the Interest accrued thereon from the likh of August to the date of payment, and on tinal payment like Interest on the amount paid on subacrlptlon, which payment* of interest wilt be reimbursed to the subscriber in tiie payment of the li^st coupon. The Treasury notes issued upon such certiorates by the Treasury will be sent to the subscribers by mall, or *uch other mode ns may be indicated by them, when tlicy transmit their original certificates. The duplicate cernticatcs may be retained by them lor tbelr own security. JlORRIS JCETCHPM. No. *0 Ex<-H4NCK 1'I.ACK, J Ntw Yokk, September 20,1861. I To facilitate the objects for which the above agency has been established, we will receive from subscriberscertibed check* ui>on the banks of this city, and current bunk note*?our- w selves furnishing coin to the required amount. We will also, if desired, forward the eertiarAte* of deposit to Washington, obtain the Treasury notes and forward them to any given address. No charge will be made for the above service*. ___ KETCHUM, BON ACQ. ?fi fUWl WANTED-ON CiOOD IMPROVED PROi]pU?UUl/ perl)', in New York.?Tho?e having this smoutil will iiuU h good chance to put it out; the property is worth four times the amount. No brokers ueed apply. Address R. White, box 225 Herald otlk-e. ~ personal.. B1)B?WILL CALL AT YOUR FLACK OP BUSINESS on Wednesday next, any K> o'clock. Please be iu trout ollice. Want u> explulu to you the l ull particulars. THEODORE. Bertha?you will mebt crowds ok happt face* every day, ralu or ahlne, at the Art Oill-ry, 411 Broadway, corncr ol Li-i^tr.l, netting beautiful, gilt e l?e ^holographic Carte* <lo \ ,mU.\ at $2 per dozen, elegantly CCARRIE L 1IAS NO OBJECTION TO CONTINUING J tlie ac4| In itnec Uiu grounds presented to beral a prevlout ioti rviw. < ill before the 1st. I wonder wher# the faK."i i;i.l.i S. S. H '<r A carriage coutalning my little emtxxll n"nt lit, m tin" Tive to gee htm. Tous lc Jour? peraewratm- is my i.ojIio. , 1AH1. :: STANLEY?OBAMEIlcy SQUARE, MONDAY V alter .1*111 at hall-past iour. "Old heads on young shoulders." II LANSING WII.L CAM. WITHOUT KAIL ON MONJ. day at 10 A. M.,s:ime place as bet ore, oil the same business, ruin or slilne. H. L. INFORMATION WANTED?MR. AUGUSTUS TROTT ABrlv.'d from the island of Bermuda a few d.iya ago. and left tho vcm.i1 with the intention ol going to Albany by boat, since which tun.- nothing lias Veen heard of him. He law years of age, slender frame, tall and square, iknrk eompleg* ion, dark curly liair, n Utile bald, and riresacd in a clsret colored suit, brown atraw hat with Mne ribbon, lao-d boot*. Any person who can give Information as iu his whereabout! Hill confer a great favor on bii friends, and be suitably rewarded. Address Middleton A Co., 40 Exchange place, New York. _ IK THE TWO YOUNG LADIES WHO WERE IN TWENty-flrst street on Saturday morning with to make the acquaintance of the gentleman whom they met they can do so by addressing S. L., Um.>:i square 1'ust utU. e. IK J. h. KING WILL CALL at the UNION SUUARE Post oOlec be will tlud a letter from Lizzy or Htxlh avenue. tkcha8. w. smith, formerly connected with H.. box 37 New York Foil (.ill lie may hour or something to his advantage. ISFORM ATION \VAN HiD?OK JoTTaNSa""CCRTIN, who left Birmingham, Onflft., on tue 30ili August l.iat, for New York. Six-lias not Ih-.-ii ?ln heard ftvm. Any information respectiiig her will tie thankfully received by her Lmltii r, I'utrick Curtln. Addresa llW E .?t Sixteenth meet, New York. IF THE LADY WnO RODE DOWN BROADWAY IN A Bi ker street omnibus je?mr<lay almiu IS "'dw'*, and gut out Just below lloiixton street, wiahea to make the acquaintance of the gentleman who ant opposite, olie can do *0 by ad Iresslnc A. If., Broadway PuSV uM.e. MU. LLOYD, OK HIRKWHiURV, ENGLAND, WHO auddenly left hia home in Dei by, 1* requested to write without delar to his 1 riciid who ?n to hnve met htm lu Rhyl, North Wales, before he called for New York. PETER MURPIIY. WHO ARRIVED IN THIS COUNtry from the pariah oi Kiel,ecrjnty Weatmeath, Irrlaml, oine year* ntuce, with his wife, Komi Dovle, will flud a U tter In the New York Poat ollieu from a friend. PATRICK LAWLOB, LATE OUTDOOR OFFICER 09 customs, London, la requested to call at the Bntlah Consulate's, 17 Broadway. RUN AWAY?FIVE WEEKS AGO, A OIRL AO ED U year*, named Mary Chrlrtlne Jane Des Besay Dilka, troui her toother. Any, one knowing the whcrealaiuut of the girl or detaining her, will not be puiilsbod In any wuy if they will only ruunrn her to her afflicted mother, at M7 Can# I met. But if they persist In detaining her they will be punlahed tp the full'-at extent of the law. TRUTHFUL'!! LETTER* ALL RECEIVED ?6HE IS earaestly requested to throw aaide the Impenetrable veil of aeereey which uow envelopes her, and grant an Interrlew. Charles baa loved sincerely, enrn^ntlv, devotedly; bnt believed hla fragrance was wasted on the desert air. Should the object of his affeetiona prove to be the fair unknown, happiness may yet lie In nlore for both. When they meet, Charlea will deaeribe his palaco by the lake of Cotno, whleb, with hunaelf, hla ten thonaund a >ear, Ms aho iting box on U?* Mlawaalppl and all hla other Jewels aimII be bet's. TirilX TUB LADY WHO RODE DOWN IN A WALL. TV street stage on Monday morning, 14}'.h Inst, and got <ml at ooroer of Cedar street, plaaee address a Use toHenry DeLary, Talaa square Post office. \iniA THITLADIBS wno %ERft 80 GROSSLY INTT suited on Tbtuwlar nveuiua last allow the unfortunate parxo en <(pportualiy or nlTerltis hl? rurnril and heartfelt ajMugta* In reparation of hi* conduct? It U humbly hoped tue mn? will be (ranted. A note *ddraa?ad to tbe pUc? of lb* iKviirrenoB will meet with Immediate attention. WHITK STHKET AND BROADWAY-eight O'CfcOCK Haturday evening. WUI the lady who promlMd on Tk urartaj nlgbt to meet one aa above drop a line to WIIL HenMi4al ti'ii-Tjam a, or tub wiijtb waoon, AMI1T n ii/oi wUl plaaae meet hit Cuban friend at ilieNew T?rt Hotel. A U 81 OR. ono?|. fVOVMTT VOKASHAN SOCIAL C1A7B.?THE MEN \J bart u< naU'ae of M'inacbau are raqne*t*d to meet thla wnlaa B*|*eMb*r ML at a o'clock, to make arrangement* la i-4a wt& tfca Irttb aucietie* to bopor tbe remain* of T. B. hajMM fiecnu HOOAN, PreaidanU CBAMVina U)DOB, HO. Mf, r. AND A. N-THB MwWt irftite Ledce are bernl/T aoAfled to attend tb? kail NHular <MMnm?iilnair>n. la (fctfhfc Room, Odd Kellowa' Hall tat W. Wd.> areatac, Kept. U, at 8 o'clock. A fug eife4aa<-? la i Ii-ii Hi. aa Kt Ami of great l<n porta nee win be be. I.4M ?? '.** iM By order. , * a f MMOI. fce-reury ROBERT BE ATTY, W. If. gMjkrrtm cu ??botiob?tub members of the V t ia/vwt Clab are laqaaatad to attend tbe fn??f ear lata brother member, William C. c. are. frwa bia lata ra?tdenc*, 81 Wllloughby t'.roet, J a. tm Ibakr a/Waoun. September *3, at threa >??* T U By <.tAer, JOHN KBUD, JTealdent. IoHa M K?ita.? |^|.,i.n IHrvBTAKT To W1 OWfKRH OK HOR8E8.-JAMES 1 BrUjOAB. H.?w tWi and farrier, formerly of 1ST , eareat, raap. Uully I a form* bla friend* and the put. >f New T?et n-r. tbat be ha* opened a bora* (boring *? III lib* mil at m Ha<ea?b aveaue, between Twenty-drat awl THi'f ae?l etrwta, abere etrirt attention will ba 0mm la Mm baai*'**. It aaay be nanabtrN that J. M. waa >awti< a aad aaedal tar bla auperlor ipacimena aC ef ami ?a aa?l li.-. rf?-r1aa *' *, by tbe American }n?J. ta?h BB at Oerara Owremment order* received aad pawaaaUy Mli i *m* ta> by Ik* Proprietor. The bait Wii?aii>a* >4 *?dry p* i i*l iia aboea farniabed to lb* tray at d? abaf%rat aottee. V(> (<<BB CTTT AhD COl'BTT UQl'OB DEALER* i> r*n*r***?e MMt ?A aiweui mertlng of the above MW| ?t? a* bH4 ua BuaUaT. *a?al*i8Aat Ro'eteeB dm Bin ib*r Maaae. eortjj- <f BleacAar aad Ureeaa aw ta. ij^i^lai af # aLTBB BoCUB, fiaaliliaL 1 jnmo* bjvbb baii.x<>ad-tkairs fob alb ant. m n ab . M4IATM4 Mttr it

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