Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1861 Page 1
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I TI WHOLE NO. 9144. THE REBELLION All Quiet Along the Line! of the Potomac. Important Circular from th< Secretary of State. EXPLANATION OF THE CONFISCATION AC1 interesting statement or the Situatloi of the Rebels in Virginia* Seizure of Correspondence Implicate Politicians North and South. Honors to the American Flag in Berlin. NEWS FROM MISSOURI Proclamation of the Governor Rcasscmblin, the State Convention. . REPORTED SURRENDER OF COL. MULLIGA! Details of tlie Battle at Blue Mills. Xffames of the Union Force Silled Wounded end minting. The Humored Removal of Gen Fremont, Sx., &c., &c. OCR SPECIAL WASHUTCTOX DESPATCHES. Washing tun, Sept. 22,1861. QUEST ALONG TUE UNION LINES. Up to a laic hour to-night everything is quiet along tb dm of oar army. KXPIANATION OF THE CONFISCATION ACT. Tho following circular has been Issued by the 9ecr< Urj of Stato:? Wascdiutos, Sept. 21,1861. Sir?In order to prevent seizures of property boloattin to citizens of Insurrectionary States not warrantod by th Bote of Congress relating to that subject, it is thought m Tlfiiblo to direct the special attention of MurjiLius tku Dutn ;t Attorneys of the United Staccato tbi) proviskjc Of those acts. The llfih section of the act of July 13 provides that a goods and chattels, wree and merchandise coming froi or proceeding to a State or place declared to bu in iusw reotion, together with the vessel or vehiclo cooveyir tbo game,or conveying porsone to or fr<m such Statec place, thai I be forfeited to the United Stauv. This soctio Obviously applies to all property in transit, < . purchased or provided with a view to trans between loyal and disloyal States, and especial) to property forming the eubjeot of commercial iutti course. Sucii property, wherever found, is liable t seizure, and tbe ooly redross of parties who thmk Uicn ntjiYoc u^jrtirycu u> uv u w wi< oocreuuy OI IOC Tret Bury, who Is inreetod by law with full power or mitigi liou and remission. Tho first section of an act approvod August 8 declare that if any person or persons, his, her or their ugeni attorney or employe, shall purchaao or acquire, sell e ftve any projxsrty of whatever kind or doscriptto with intent to use or employ the same, or Buffer the sain 1 to bo used or employed in aiding or abetting or promo tag such insurrection, or any person or persons ougage theroin, or if any person or persons boiug the owners i any such property, shall knowingly u.-Ksor employ, or su ler the use or employment of the s&nio as aforesaid, a Bucli property la heroby doclarod to bo lawful subject < prize and capture wherevor found. No doubt can bo entertained Uiut this s^tlon was we oonfidorod, and that its operation was intended to L limited to proporty usod in fuitlieranoe of tho insurrei Hon only. Seizures undor tho act of July 13 should b made by tho officers or under the directiua of the offloci of tho Treasury Department; and all Distriot Attorney and Marshals of the United Statue should olluril all [>rm ticablo counsel and aid in tho execution of the law. Seizures under the act of August C should bo made b the Marshal oC tUo district In which such property lm bo found, undor tho general or particular djrootioti of Ui Distriot Attoaiey or other superior authority. For such seizures there is no pow?r of mitigation c remission in tho Secretory of the Treasury; but the 1)? trtct Attorney, or other suporior authority, may dire< tho discontinuance of airy proceeding in relation ttmrcU and the restoration of tho property seized. It will be 9oea,from an Impectimof tlioRe provision* the acts of Congress, that no properly is confiscated ( subjected to forfeiture asoept such as is in transit or {* < vided for transit to or from insurrectionary States,! used for tbo promotion of tho Insurroction. Ileal ee tat bonds, promissory notns, moneys on depot;it and U Mko arc therefor? Dot subject to seiwira or confiscoUca | I the u'..atnoo of erUouoe of such unlawfulness. I All officers, whlio vigilant ia tla prevention of tl I conveyauco of proi*rty to or from iUE'jrrocUonary State or tho use of it for insurrectionary pui'tK**s, aro expect* I to bo careful in avoiding unnecessary vexation owl ca I t>7 seizures not warranted liy law. I WM. U. SEWARD, Poorotary of 3UUo. I OITEBESTIM3 ACCOCNT OF THE SITCATCON OP AFFA11I IN Y1BOINIA. I From doTtiopcmpiits mado to-day I am satisfied thi I NMBttttmMt AfOUlMlltt night, and whkth apjioart I l& Sunday's Hkiuld, purporting ?o come from a ma I |ust from Manassas ooncoruiug tho strength and ooud I tiou of the robols, was garblod coming through thii I portias, and not from tlie njan himself. To-day 1 Uai I ?ccn and talked with him, and his statement fa vei I eloor, circumstantial, and is oonrlrniod by nvirnerm I other statements made by other reliable parties, Hisp I sltlou of late at Richmond, Manassas, Wtax&cstl I Hari-er's Ferry, Mun^on's Hill ami Fairfax Cou I Houes at various perk>ls, and his cxto I ilvo acquaintance wtto tnun and things h I enabled him to judge pretty accurately of tho oonditi( tnd movoment' ot' the rebel?. He saysj tho number I troops from Richm ond to the Potomac, at Loeshurg I one direction and Aqnia Orork and MatLias Point in a I other, may safely bo put down at one hundred and M I enty flvo thousand. Flf'y thousand of this number wc I at Richmond t'.irao days ago, anolber flfty thousand I Mantissas, while the remaining soventy-flvo thousand ai I scattered a'ong from that point to M.msou's HU1, nt torn tho vicinity of Xoland'a Ferry to Harper's Ferr I aid on tho Potomac, south of Alexandria, from the vi< I cliy of Aqula Creek to Mathtu Pofst. I Tfco troops at teesburg aro militi i and n umber abr* I live thousand. There are also about five thousand In t! I vicinity or Nola&d's ferry. Tho force at Fairfax Cou I House is qnite sir.nil. Generals Beauregard and Ji>'in=t( m ikt this place their headquarters. Tho main conspic oub battery on Mnnson's HJU consists of three forty-tw I Boun(lets. A little In tho rear of this Is another batter IE NE more ebscure, containing three more riidb. The men are g generally well clad at present, but not with woollen clothing, and are beginning to sufifor for the want of them, especially those from the extreme Southern States. Blanket* are Tory much needed at nights, and It * la considered impossible to supply their wants. Tbe ' troops have no shoes oxoept those they brought from home, and most of them are about used up, and there la no possible moans for supplying the article. They cannot be manufactured, as leather is scarce and there being no neatsfoot oil to be had, hides cannot be cured for tbe manufacture of leatl>er. 3 The cotton crop which has been pledged for the ftonfoderato loan is not to be removed to tbe seaboard olties until roody for shipment, for taar of seizure. There have boen pruned Into the Confederate service nearly all tbo teams and horses In tho valley of r Virginia. Parmer* are thereby deprived of the usual ad. , vantages for tilling the ground preparatory to sowing their next whoat and corn crops. Forage for borers In Uie rebel army is being rapidly bought up, showing that a speedy move i9 about to take place. Between Aquia creek and B Alexandria two new batteries, one live miles above and the other ton miles, have been crectod. The work u[>on j these has boen done dark nights, between ten and four o'clock. The Intention seems to bo the further erection j cf similar defcnoes along tho Potomac up to a point as r near to Alexandria as practicable. Ho says tho robots 3 feel Bafe In regard to tho pro<?ction of the Potomac betwoen Aquia croek and Mathias Point, and that this feeling of security has probably arison from tho fact tliat contralwuul goods have, in aevoral instances, been carried across from the counties of Charles and St. Marys Into p Virginia. On the Maryland aide In these two oountios ' signal light* have been noticod, giving to the robete timely warning of the passage at night or any of our sailing vessels. My informant learnod, upon unquestionable authority, before leaving Mnnaasas, that the anticipated ad vanoe will * ho made simultaneously at Nolan's Ferry, Alexandria and at a point betwoen Aqula croek and Matliias Point. The movement at Alexandria will probably bo a feint. They j havo made every attempt to induoo General MoCleUan to ^ ... - - - auacit mem in tnoir masked batteries; but are now satisfied tiiat lie will not do it, and consider It a military necessity to advance themselves. Salt is scarce at fifteen dollars per sack, coffee fifty cents per pound; common sugar, twenty-five cenUs; common molassos one dollar por 1 gallop. * iiy informant was asked If he ever hoard of a plan to asaoFsiuato General McClollan. He said ho never did, but ^ that be had board soraethingabout af sassinating President J Lincoln, whom they assert to be tho hood and front of all thoir troubles^Uo says they regret that General McClellan is in command, and express the hopo that General Scott will again (wisume command. He says Jeff. Davis, although not dead, was quite l'eeble when his death was announced, "> and that his health Is declining fast. The gentleman from whom the above Information Is obtained held a high IKMition in the rebel army, and had tho confidence of Beaur^ard. He is a nativo of Virginia. . STATEMENT OP A DESEKTER FROM THE KKBEW. To-day's Sunday Chnmici* contains tUo following notice of an important interview with the Secretary of War:? A young man of intelligence, whose name is withheld owing to his position and probable future movements, had on Interview with the Secretury of War yesterday, during which ho made iho following statement:? lie was a resident of Kentucky, and was appoints a lieutenant in the Onion army. Ho had occasion to go South, where ho was imiu .;SBCd into the rebel army. Ho was present at the bull run engagement, and luu been in the army in that vicinity up Ut the 0 lime of his escape, a few days ago. Jlo osraped by getting beyond the lines and obtaining the aid of a farmer, who brought him along in his market wagon, covered up in straw. Ha Bays Beauregard lias now 185.000 inea at ilauKaas and vicinity. They are all well clothed and abundantly supplied with shoes of good quality, of which dWN aro a samido (showing a very ? apoA artiflto OB hi* I'ect). Their pay is prompt. TM Virginia troo|?s iiihj nil paid m Virginia bank t ills, e and all tho others In gold. The iiouisiana troope 1- wore otored bank paper of that State or gold. The hoy* J put me matter to a vote untong themselves, and decided t i take feoid, which was paid t" tliem. HwhUmimn liberal, and, in short, to use his own wot-flH, they have \ plenty of everything. Ho was offered and declined a ,1) colonelcy In the telxi army. lie was yestoriluy offered and aooepted a lleuteuautoy in our army, in which Uia father, from Pennsylvania, is a chaplain. r THE RE13BL8 IN FA1HFAX COUNTY?THEIR DESIRE tO * ATTACK (iKNKRAI, BANKS. ^ A Cni<? woman, residing at Lcwiasville, arrived her? 11 fc>-Aay. She reiwte that Chore uro not more Uian tiluxin 3 or twenty UiouhbikI robols iu Fairfax county, which cz11 eludes Manassas. "Those who are thero," she says, '-are ' vory active and oontiUuitly on tho alort." "One would supr* pose," she says, "that there ware at least seventy-live ? thousand from tho fuss they make." From the host in formation she ooukl obtain iu talking with the soldiers, it l" is their intention to attempt a crossing somo* where on the Upper Potomac. Thsy had moved a largo portioo of thoir array in that vicinity. * They hoped to cross, and thon by u llauk '' movement, wit off Banks' division. They swear venT guanoe against him and his gallant army, and soem more D anxious tor an ong; icemen I with him lliau with General 10 iicdellan. " THE IlErOKTED KEMOVAX Of GKXKRAL FREMONT. ' A Sunday paper hero his the following to-day:? ^ We have authority for say ing that all rumors relative < f- to the removal ot' Genial Fremont from the command of 11 the West am Department, h*vc uo foundation iu truth. X Tho ITesidont a^nerte to night that be lias not authorized any such staUmoot. It is true tint General Fremont is il not removed, but this is no guarantee oi wliat may bo m doue hereafter in the premises. That he has 1'Ocn called > upon for an explanation, if uot sutmnonod to Washington, 1 ie is beyond doubt. a 1J1POKTANT AK1UST8 ANJ) BEIZUBE Of COKKBfeTOX- I 3 DKNC'E. I y The polloe in several of tho Northern cities, especially Philadelphia, havo mudo some important arrests within y tho past few days, and also discovered a quantity of y treasonable correspondence, implicating, it is ej^d, lead. ie iug politicians m tho North a^d Wept. Tito documents UUW Ul*Ul HMU uwuro tUl-gOVlTUIDCni. JUOJiiCIS 01*1,r neotod with this matter we arc not at liberty at preeciit j Vo UfiO. )t IIOXOKS TO THE AMEKJCAX FLAG IN PRCSSU. 5, The following If an extract from a do6i>atch from Mr Judd, our Aliuietw at Borknv? jf The German Turnere Assorwll? of yoting men. for their mcuuJ and physical dcvtfopemout, had a gr.tnd * national r<.\pre?i?tatiou oelebraUon in the city of iJcrlln 0- in llio eniy part of Au^w?t. A donation of (*erraaa )r Turners from Uve United Slates h;ud also eoine to participate iuUialnslU-Hiwt. which, althoughlargely of ' a poi\U>Al okorartor, p.*s<>d without ihn giightoft ia inwicrucco ui' Uio gimrnmuut or |<oho>?u tao-t |u hi jxiful Blgu fur ?*? cause of liberalism in (;?rm?oy? aud an our American Turuar* had no banner the Hag of the Amoricfto Legatiou was readily loaned tliujn. Tt*i *o t'uirH and 8tri[<? iuid tho firist rank of all the represontaa, tiv- embloms '1' nationality, the /on Tumors h iving . boon aPoipned the bead of the proc?rto?oij, aud I had tbo pleasure of knowing tliat although our Hag cannot bo -* cheered in Char kw ton It wad ihuereu n?o6t Luxu tily iu tlu) (tipUal of PruflBta' n JnU ouonalon. OmiATIONS OP TIXE 1'OTOMAC FLEET. !S The fleet 'i>f the Potomac uow lncludoe twonty-flve st/yttrwMv. well umnoed and thoroughly a^jioiUbou. Its rt cflkl'Tiey te now complete. >d on Tuesday lost Lieut. Caaii wae detailed, wttb a doin tachnxtit upon the steamer Rohanoe, aud arroytod tho 1- Adume family, residing .at Smith's I"o4nt. Evidence hud fl been furnished to Commodore Crovon of the distoyaJty uf re j these jx-ople and Uteir habitunl communication of intuUi y geooe to the rebels on tho Virginia Bide of the river. They are now in custody on board tho stoatnor Hiiladolo phia. f' j A CAPTAIN IN THE CALIFORNIA KDOIMSWT BITOT BY ft j RKBE1/6. n. J am os W. J.ingr?rfViter, Contain of company B, Colonel [is WifMtr's California rntfiraoiit, was shot in tbo m he.*! yoeterdny afternoon in Uio woods off from Of the Kirt>f roa^l, near Paine's houee, and inIn atantly killed. lie liad loft oar picket*, and n- with a ewrgeont advanood into the wood* 011 a roconnoiterv. ing expedition about huDdrod and fifty yards from ro tl>c innin body of our pickets. lie was suddenly surprisod at by a party of ton dismounted robot cavalry nit?, with e whom ho exchanged show, until one <t lite enemy ad id vanned and taking deliberate aim at him with a rifle shot y, him through the head. !i. A CAPTAIN IK JJAKKK'S BEfiI>TCNT SHOT CV REBKLS. On Sunday morning, at one o'clock, the advanced picklit ots of the First New York Volunterr* were fl.-ei upon by tho lie rebels, who seomod to have been <>dfiu^ about the brushrt wood about four miles from Kulle Church. Ca( tain Dovin, ,n acting comtnander of this tro>haati ncJ to the * pot, but u- saw nothing of i'ao rebels except the ii>./ ,s of the hocla of :o their retreating horse?. II" had not rit'.riied Ave minute, y, wliea Captain l.khteufcldtcr, of E^ka'* regwent, wan W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY, shot dead 011 the ground ho bad traversed. A man named J Tyler la suspected an being the informer to the rebels. Ho pretends to b? a Union man, bat our soldiers aro after bim. The funeral of the deceased took place to-day, and ; Ike body will arrive In New York to-morrow. RUMORED SURRENDER OP LEXINGTON, MO. The city us excited to night by the painful rumor that' Lexington, Mo., lias been surrendered to the rebels, but neither the Resident nor Secretory of War have had any information on tho subject. INTERESTING 1JCTTXR FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE. | The Secretary of State has published tho following I lettor In reforeuoe to the treasonable matter contained in the oorrcepondenoe of certain European Journal*:? Par/RTMKXT oif State, \ yfjLmtmmni. Sept. 21,1881. J Many Intelligent and patriotic cttisens have applied to me by memorial, asking tho attention of the gover:mieut to what they represent as treasonable matter oontained In a letter bearing the dale of Washington, August 10, published In the London Timet, and they express their conviction that the statement* made In that oownnimoation are untrue, and that It In tho design of tho writer to bring the credit and lame of this government into disrepute in foreign countries. It has been a halnt ol the government of tho United States to take no notice of representations, howovor obnoxious, made by tlie prews of foreign nations, or even injurious utterances made by ministers or other agents for foreign: Powers In the ordinary transaction of their own affair*. Tlie government, on the contrary, has hitherto recognized au worthy ot Its observation only tiio lu.gusgd and the aeliou of the exooutivo organs of foreign States. For mysolf, I confess T have nnt read tho publication cotnplaiuod of, and 1 am <|uitu sure that it has not arrested tha attention of any other member of tho administration, engrossed as we all iiv ar? with urgent ntibliu du tits and care*. liowevor orroneoua tho facts or tho inferences of the writer may be, they, nevertheless, suuid ou his own individual authority, while the whole patriotic press of our own oountry in free and is Interested to refute theui. The government of the United Suites depends out ui>oa the favor or good wit! of foroign nations, but Bjx'n the Just support of tho American people. Its credit and its tame seem to me now more than ovor heretofore safe iu their keeping. If it ho assumed that the obnoxious paper may do harm hero, l.s It not asufliciout reply that probably not fifty copies of the London 7\intt ever find tbelr way to our shore*? If it bo said a#ain'that the obnoxious communication has been widely published iu the United States, it seems to me a sufficient rejoinder that the consilro of a magnanimous government, in that ease, ought to fall on those of its own citizens who reproduce tho libel rather than on the foreigner who wrote it oxoluslvely lor remote publication. Finally, interference with the press even In the case of an existing insurrection, can be justiflod only ou tho ground of public danger. I do not sue any such danger in the present ease even if one foreigner do<*i pervert our hospitality to shelter himself In writing injurious publication* against for a foreign proa*. A hundrod other foreigners as intelligent, us virtuous and ae respectable a* he is are dally enrolling themselves in the army of the United Status, to defend and maintain tho I'nlun as thj thief hope of humanity in all countries and for all aires. Could there he a hotter Illustration of that great fundamental truth of our system, that orror of opinion may safely bo toleratod when reason is left free to combat it t WILLIAM H. St,WARD. DISTrKOriSHEO F0RE1GNBB8 IN TUB UKIOX ABMT. Iu addition to other distinguished foreigners heretofore mentioned, the following named have been commissioned in our army, Uio highest testimonials having been furnished of their military capacity:? Lieutenant Colonel John Kitzrony do Oxircy, of Ute Fi g" llsh army in tho Crimea; First Lieutenant Oscar Broui doner, of Prussia; Cuptttins Vegesack and lioluuaii,of Sweden. Uenerul Dlenkor has received into his brigade, with great cordiality,Prince Salm-Halm, who has been cowmissiouod to command a cavalry regiment. THE AKMY. It Is understood that Ward B. Burnett, of Now York, was yesterday appointed a Bi igadlor General of Volunteers. Tho position of Major General lias been tendered to Colonel F.. D. Baker, of the California regiment, but will not probabiy be accepted for the same reasons that impelled him to decline the anointment of Brigadier General. To morrow momiue General UoClellan will review Van Alloa's Cavalry and several other cavalry regiments. The members of Company A, Anderson Zouaves, yesterday presented to their Captain, Joseph Knlglit, iui uin giuit k?M watch and chain, with the following inscription:?"Prociotttod to Captain Joseph Knight by Comiiauy A, Anderson Zouaves, as a token of esteem for his efficient services ua Captain of the comj>any. Sei>tciul>ur 21,1WB1." Yesterday ti? Prod dent commissioned a youi^; mun Just from the rebel army as idoutenant In the UnKcd States Army, because ho hae ceased^ a rebol and return Hi to bis senses and to loyalty. Wouldn't tt bo as well to Bit such crinvertfl on the anxious Boats awhilo and give sm-h oommlf^ioufl to worthier young men wh" did not light against the Hag of th?ir country at Hull run, but aro worthy of somo oon^ldoratiou at the hands of the President. TOE OOI/ONELCY OF THE FOURTH llHOHlENT, EXCELBIOU DllKt A.IIE. Gov. Morgan having rooelved nutifie of the rejection of Fairmaii, us Colonel of the Fourth rogtment of the Kxoelsior Brigade, the latter addroased a letter to General McCIe'.Uui, asking tliat ho be ns&igned to tho cotouoicy of the regiment. The I'oi.owing hitter from GonaMl McClellaii settles tho qucstim iwirmaueuUy:? IIbadqi'^ktkks Army or the P<m?iJtr, ) Washi:;uto.n, *>[*. 21.1HGJ. f Fifv?T am Instr ;ct'jd by Alitor Conernl M lullnn to say, la r'-ply to yo-ir ounnvinicatlou to him c, Ui<> 20th int-t., thut, in nbeiltewe to the orders of the War JjnpMtmont, an election for Colonel of the KixirUi rej<i;ui>ijt if the hxcelsior Brigade whs reoently held In the /uiinp of tho regiment, new thu city. Tho election resulted in tho cjioice oi Wm. K. Bre\wi<?r tu> Colonel of the regiment, aud he lum been doiy mustered m such into tho military service ot' the United JHat< s. 1 am directed to add that yew claim to oommand tho roinn n .litem, r-v< tt-;>1 ur^ra), cannot, uioreiore, DO reooguized. Very resj octfully, your obedient servant, S. wn.l.LiltfJ, Atsalaat Adjutaut Genera). Jaws Fami! an. Ksq. Tim FRENCH OON3CL AT CJIARLE8TOW AKD TUB BLOCKADE. Tliu French Consul at CLarl'ekm, who recently left Now York for Europe, took with hira a luag list of v<*etrie, several hundred hi number, wbieii ho alleges have parsed In an out <f lbs blockaded ports in the Southern StaU*. Jt apptars tliat most of the fcln(>fl on his Itat are of Kgbt draft, many of tham snyill boats, Qehlng smacks, &c., which oan easily ptu? the birs and shoals along the en1 Ire coast. Before ho loft tUo L'uitod States ha showed this list to severnl gentlemen In New York and Washington. HiB object In taking the list Is to show hie government that the blockade to not effective. TUo Qiglish Consul lu-s boon eo?ag*<l In the hkum thing. Tho rehol government at Richmond have Uwn luu'ling all tho facilities iu their power to swell the number as large as possible. Our pmirivmont, howew, has t u^-u the precaution to thoroughly voutiiate this matter. ARTtHBTS BY THE PHOTOWT OUAKD. Hie 0K00i!''nt ordor and discipline in Uto uro?y, kn t!iis vlc.nity, that has resulted from Uie couUuued ?f irts of General jUoClollau and Gwmral Vnrior, haw Induced a partial relaxation of tUo vlgilanoe of the l*ruv<?t Guard in roforcuce to wtragiiuig soldiers. For wocks tho |Mroi hoe ImmI very litUe to do in the way of arroels, but pay day in some of tho regunenUt within tho Iwt forty eight hours has required a roaumpUon of aoUvc rfforl* to prevent disorder and drunkemitas iu the streets, drinking saloons and brothels iu the city. On I'riuay lught sevnntyone odioera aikl privates, lnciudj.g aUrtgadior Geosral of volunteers, were arrested ? brothels, *.*! either conducted to the guard house or soot to q'.iartors. T jj of those wore found eusoouood under one boil, and were l>ok?d out by the bayonets of tho guard. (In' Saturday night tl?e Anderson Zouaves hold hi<h revel. Tliey had joet beeo i*?hl iMT, atul wore seeking ways ?ud moans to got rid of their mouoy. Out of tho nine hundred in tho re-'irooiit, omy ouo huiv dred and forty-eight nvwio their a+ipoaranco at evening ',1m I?wn-iK.f (luav<\ uxiitt kmtt. Iiuhv in:nl ir ih,< * tragi* tore. One batch of liino and anotbor U' liflotvu woro feu ad in too brotliol. In one inetancu one of thorn wu<s pullod down from a chhnnoy into which ho had crawled to (?ch|>? the guard, and another wue dragged out uf a pilo of fomalo cloth dig in a wardrobe. During to day tlie patrols have again cl-.iarud tho streets and avonuea and Bent the. roorouule buck to thoir cumne to loarn better discipline aud a wiser uw> of their money. FIRISO ALONU THE LIN SB OF TUB riCKETS, There is somo tiring along tho lines of our picket* every night. One of tho privates of Coloool Ita.Ws reg,mont shot a rebel soldier at noon to-day. llo fell dead. WORKS OP ART AXD ANTIQUITY OFl'ERED TO THE GOVERN MiTT. Tie government has unofficially received information of an opportunity to buy paintings of tho groat manors of antiq'.itlcs aiu! other works of art at Home. It is sup 1> scd tliat tlio offer may have been occasioned by tho RK E SEPTEMBER 23, 1862. financial necessities of llio Papal tfovorument ami of Chi members of tlio Koman arisiocraoy. Aa Congress ha! mode no appropriation for such a mirr.h&so the oiler couk not of course bo accepted. IMP0RTANT FROM M^SOURK Proclamation of tho Governor Rc?uem< bllnK the State Convention?The Fight *t Blue Mill*?Reported Surrender ol Colonel Mulllgun. JKFKKKSON ClTY, Sept, 21, 1S61. Governor G&mblo to-day taauod the following call tc the Convention:? Tbo exigences of the State require. In ray judgment, the reassembling of the State Convention. Therefore I Hamilton It. Gamble,Governor of tli?8tateof Mfc^oarl,'by vlrtvio or tlio power vested In me hy the Convention, hereby cal! tlin Convention of the Slate to ws-orable st the Mercantile 1 iluury Hull, lu the oily of St. Louis, ou the 10th of October next, to adopt such measures us the welfure of the Slate may require. (liven uuiler ray hand and tin sea! of the State at Jefferson City, this 21st day of September, A. 1). ISOI. H. GAMBLE. By the Governor. M. Oijrrat, Secretary ofState, No neves from Lexington to day h is reached city. Tho steamer War Faglo arrived here from above this evening This steamer, together with the steamer iata.ii, with tho Indiana Twenty-s?cond and KlghWeuth rrgi

mentsahoard, accompanied tho nteainers White Cloud uuil Des Moines, with the Indiana Twenty-sixth, ns high uf the river as Cambridge, where they captured the steam er Sunshine, seized a short tlnio sinco hy Green. They encountered no rebol troops. Union llaga wero 11 ylug al Gluscow. The War Eagle and Iatnn returned from Cambridge, thf former to this city, tlie lattor to Boom*vllie. TboWhiU Cloud aud Iks Moines went on up tho river torcinforoc Lexington. While nil four I Hints wore laying up for tlu night a short distance below Clascow, two dctacli mentsvvero sent out to reconnoitre. They enuountcrot eacli other,each mistaking tho other for thn enemy,fired and b T rv their mistake waa discovered four men wori killed and several wounded. Among tho wounded ii Major Gordon Tanner, of tho Twenty-Becond. llo waj brought down to this place. IliB wound though soverc I; not considered niprtal. CmrjiOO, Sept. 22,1M1. A special despatch to the Tinuj sent from Qulrcy a ono'clock this morning says the mail agent of the llanmba and St. Joseph Kail road, who arrived at sevoi o'clock Saturday uljjlit from St. Joseph states tlu? Colonel Mulligan and his whole command a Lexington surrendered to General I'rico on ?ii!ny tnoru iug at llvo o'clock. Tho sin(;c continued front Monday uti til tho tlmo of the sttrrend r. Colonel Mulligan aud me wore without water all Thursday and Friday, and wer completely exhausted. Tliey fought desperately, bu were compelled to yield to superior numbers. Tho Uuiou loss in killed ia paid to be hOO or 900, whil that of the rebels i- ?ome 3,000 or 4,000, with a propoi tionate number of wounded. The report of the buttle and tlie result Is fully corrot* rated by passengers on the saino train. Tho news w. bn tight by stago to Hamilton, which is the nearest p<?ii on tho railroad to Lexington, being a of lift mlloe. Of the fact of tho surrender there can bo l doubt. I/'xin :t'<n to reinforce (date not given) suddenly as ! unexpectedly came wws a body of 4,000 rebels at Bit Miils, M<>., when a battle commenced and continued r hour nml a half. The Iowaregiment wus about to roti when tlift rebels retreated and crossed tho river iu tin to full into the hands of General Lane.s brigado, 4 ,0( strong, who wero also marching to reinforoo (Vdouel M11 ligun. The Unionists eaptur d fi vi'ii or eight hundrt and killed two liiuiitrod. Tho reikis fled nud recrossc the river, whan the Iowa regiment started in pursuit. | In tho iirst oncounter tho lowaiums !?et nineteen ktllt and :lnrty wounded. Tun or twi'lvo rebolprisoners wei brought Into Quincy from C(. Joseph on Saturday, two ( t'iroo of whom are known to lmvu b?on ooi.cernod in i' burning of tho Platto bridge a few weeks fiinoo. A F[M*'ial d?s patch to the Jribuw, frmn headquarters i St. l/nils, says the surrender of C.iiou'i Mulligan was u b"lieved there, but that reinforcements wore pushing u wards liitn from different directions. St. Louis, Sept. 22,1401. The following aoeount of the battle of Blue Mills Ia:i toi; m from aiith .'ntkj sourc<?;? IJontenant Oolonol tioott, wlUi 5W mon of tho Tim Iowa raiment and ouo piece of artillery, left Came re Monday, tho 15th, in pursuit of the r<l?>!s, who left H JosejJi on the 1'riday previous. SooU arrived ut Lltwrtj Clay oounty,on the morning of tho 17th, and moved I'roi that plaoo at ono P. M. At throoo'clook bo fall in wit the enemy, 4,5f)0 in number, occupying a swung iwsitt'M Our skirmishers rooetved a galling fire, and tdowly ti I tired to our main body, when tho actiou became genera 1 Our six povndcr was brought to l.(*r on the enemy an a few shots fired, which proved deetncUTe. At this tin, a U>:?vy tire opened on our single g'in, killing one gnnut an 1 wounding fcwo others. Ou tiiKs soveral other gunnei (<;,>rraai?),fromBt. I?uis,abandoned tho gun,ourryin o!T die primer and matches, rendermfl tho piooe twuloei TJm> action continued an hour, wliea our ootumn ws slowly withdrawn to wore open ground, bringing off ti; wounded and dragging away the pin by hand, all th Isirsesli iving boan killed ortwdly wounded. About tU: time Ooione! Smith, who tuft St. JostjpU wiUi ooo thousan four bund rod men about toe tame lime Koott did Can* ron, for the same general puriwse, Joined the Uttw 1 iavlug pusuea lorwaraeu u? motmwa m >n una nm ?j Ullory at a rapid pae?. Oo rwlving a rnwaapc froi !i*iW <? n miles back tbut ho w.-x; advancingon Uie engmj but it being uijjht, tbu.r ciju comitluteiy oiiiuimtM au iJi<< roboJs reported strongly intrci.ohod at a tbickot iu j/jseablo, except by a narrow rood, a further utt/uik vrr pOAtfXKied until llie next morning. fiirly the folk) win day nil aivanoe was made by the combined forces, but o arriving at Bliio MiHu Vbcy found tit* em?ny had l)?o rivor before dsylijht, takmg the ratd Cowan* [/ ] ington. The following Is a partial list of tho killed and wwiu of the Third Ma>>r Stone filtghtly wounded. Co?ipM*y A?Capt. Oucill, slightly woondofl; Buane, Bcvoroiy; private** W. JI. Mui^jor, E. Cr<w!k?(< p. J. MoCaffcrty, severely; Adjutant liurmy, muwing. OumjH my Ii?Lieut. Ilobbs, Bom I. Woods, eevorclj priv;UuH Robbing, Ilart and Woodruff, C?Coijiwral Hunting, seriously.; privv* Brown, Maddiw and Squirce, Hi4=8iug. Ctm/KHm IX?Oij'l. Willett, BM-lOttsly; Add*** mortally; i>rivaU) AliUer, seriously; Frank, mlssiu^. CtrtufKiny E?Corporal MuCowuu, awioubiy; privt* Guthrie and llil, severely. VomjKiny F? Lieut. Brown, slightly; Corporal Dnvk Fevcisiy; privates Wiacbeil, Iabaai, &uiado*n and Hone newreiy; Nolan, killod. Cmnjtiny G?Privates Fwao and McCaitagfe, uamrui; Michael I-olla aud MoOullogh, missing. Cunrttny II?Capt. Wurrln and Lieut. Rillw, sever elj privates Gamble and MoCluro. severely; Ilurbour &r W aorta;, dau^eiously ; Corporal l/uuii/, tiusetti#. ComikMi//?Lieut. Knight, Sorgoant Fornoy, Oorpor i fur dick, IhiKician Haioouib, severely; privates Buoi (artar, Dollph, Hawks, KusAiii, i t xjks, WUlcox, and Wi j boarue, sovorely; Liwlm and Mcrrilield, dangerous!) Wiuthburno, mortally; Dasltug, IH Idle, Mix,aj*i BrowneJ killed; Ii?vou;Kjrt, severely wounded. Ilio total kuown to b? killed ib five, wiliio the woundc umber eighty-four, and tUc mli?ing bU. TTireo of tl lu HSing aresupjKisod to bo tn tho bauds uf Uiu otiutn] uod tlic balance kliiod. In addition U> the loafl of the Third Iowa thore wei six Uotnc (.uards and one artiliiTymmi klUwl, .vuior tbrm Oa}>taiu Cupp, and about too woundud. Four < i1k*w Houie tJiiardd wero killed iu Kkirmwiutig, about tw Injure before tho battle. It ie perhaps proper to state that General Pojio's arilei to Chloral Scott wore to romain at Liberty till Joined b Colonel Smith; but learning on l>ts arrivul atth&tpta that tbo oo'jiuy won Uvo iuikm diauiut ho aunt m<!-. > nfi toSiaith, with wurd to UmU ufloct, mi l piiehedcn, ?iYio tbo robots battle. (Mineral Fromont has appointed Brigadier Oen<Ta Tojic, Siogal, Asboth and McRinetry to oomraaoda m nc iug Major General*; ami Ookinete Ilavte, MulHgnn, Keku and Tottcn aa aoting Brigadier GereniK Thomaa L. Prke,of JeQoraon City, bus boen oomrnfc sinned a Brigadier General by tho President. A special despatch to tho Dcnwcral from Rimiltc says reports fruin Caiuden, uluc miles ab.vo Lcxingtoi tERAJ a fttiito that thfi Unitwt Ptatos flujj was flying oyer Colon1! 9 Mulligan's kbtrunclunuiits at six o'clock on Saturday 1 morning. OUR ST. LOUIB COIUIBSPONDENCE. Br. Uins, Mo., Sept. 18,1861. Thf Difficulty betioeen Gen. Fremtmt arid Col. iilair? Heeling ( in .AUiw iff Ocn. Fremont?liu MuivmenU Uamperrd by the Government?I'itil iff Gen. MHgs lo St. Louit?Ihe r Quarternuuter General't Department?ilr/iimj of Irishmen in St. Un*??State <ff Affair* in the InUrior?The Fxclutipeneitof Gen. Fremont?Dull Times?Grau Grouy i inji on the Actee, <fc., <tc. Tho difficulty between (Jan. Fremont and Ool. Blair hwi causcri| and is still causing, much excitement In this city ' Gen. Fremont's order tor the arrest of Col. Blair took llio people completely by Burpriso, and, as might bo oxjiected, > there was considerable talk among their friends. , No cause litis an yot been made public, bnt tho general understanding in that it was oil account of loiters and language of Ool. lllair's impr(j[>or to bo made by a subordinate ofllcor concerning a superior. Tho arrest merely precludes Cdonol Blair from going boyond tho city limits. It ifc prolmblo that he will in a few days be tried upon the charges against him, 1 when tho wholo testimony will be made public. i Tho rupture is u very unfortunate one, and onuses much sorrow among tho friends of both parties. Colonel Blair ' Is held in high estimation by the Union men of Missouri, 1 and in tlio early p:irt of tho struggle displayed much ability and zed iu striking quick and cU'ective blows at (ho enemy. It is unnecessary to spiwk of tho prestige attuehod to Fremont's name, and with what enthusiasm bo is loved by tho people of the whole ? North, and particularly of that portion drained by > tlm Misuisaimil ii 1111 nuir tmv.i Innt, | boon perianal friends, and consequently nearly all in St. Louis who arc attached to tho one art) attached to tho otlior. Tho preponderance of feeling lu this city in relation to the present <|iiarrel is largely lu favor of Gouoral Fremont, and if the lllairs succeed tn taking tho command from him It will bo a revere blow to tho Union cause. No other man in tho country will so route tho 4 popularheart as General Fremont, and the loading men 3 of tho West ur? well aware of this fact to such nn extent tlui' should ho be removed a coldness and indifference will be manifested In (ho conduct of many who are now 0 the imist ardent supporters i.f the Stars and Stri|s?. j The charge brought against General Fremont by Ctolonel :l Blair ami his friends Is oue of Incompetency and ineltlcioncy. Th y sustain tho proclamation of General Fre* tnoiu, and uro in favor of carrying it out in full; .t but charge that h? is unlit for the commaud, in view of his not yet having accomplished anything. 1 h.ive examined fully tlie whole mutter; and, from what I Lave sei n, can m<?t freely exonerate Gen. n Fremont iron )iu-o charges, llo turn bean exceedingly ? hampered!. je u< tion ol' thu government ever since Ue I assumed control .of the Western Department. Arms and 11 ! munitions ol war Intended and ordered for St. I/siis have been diverted to Washington, to bo wiod in defence ? of the capital, (m three several occasions, when he hat; nwtde everything ready i >r striking efl.otlvo blows at " the enemy, and nlows which wore pretty certain to be successful, ho has been prevented by peremptory orders from Wa liingtou talcing away the c irtsin of his force on which his reliance vr.u- placed. Not a twentieth part "* of tins money nee.U?d has nronfuruishud.aud (Lo expeit dieut el borrowing from the Missouri l>;u?ks mul from in? dlviduals lias been reported to lu t!io last extremity, us a reference to tho illes of the Hwuu> will ut onco w wiow. l'or weeks paet there has ap|*iured to Ui a determination of "ye powers that he'' to throw every olmtaoto w in the v?ay of General Fremont's success, and thus force him to rosign.or, falHiig in this, to supersede him auil give his command to some aspirant for public honors, si under tho plea tint the present Major General was doing m ButlUUg. As far as 1 can learn, the visit of (Juartcrm.ister General ro Meigs, in reforetn i- to the business oi lib) department, w*i ws entirely satisfactory. The Quartermaster of this jiost, Gi neriil M iKInstry, is conducting everything as efficiently as poss.blo in c nnoctlou with a depleted treasury. A swarm of contractors is constantly hovering uround his kI oilic*, clamoring for favors; but ?U rtciv orders to jiut their projiosii ions In wTitbi#, and in due timo obtain .i k'i Mil,I I1I< .urtiul uLuui TtnLm; 1 ........ ,.f his l ater in rep;> u> a proposition fur l'uruiabing supplioo to the government. t. OhPicK OF QcARTW-MAWrrKU. S*. A., > St. Lort?, Mo., Auguot 26,1801. j n>m. Joun flows.?hi*?1 Uavo the honor t<> *"km>w o li'dg'i (!i? ilck 'i>' i ?t yieir limits, of ? siropmitton, 07?r your signature aii i that of W.??. (jurnco, of (iiieagu, ad. <(ruK.s?.t to Mnj<>r lienrral Fremont, oowmaiMlliajUie tera Ucfuiruiifut, I'flerUlf, ujxm ovum tormn, u> en tor it iat'i u I 'tulrAd to In: rutii Uu (Juartorniw-Ur's Depart9 meut with certain articles of supplies pertaining to tho equipment i f tl?? t' root now tocim: organized iu tills city. Th'i (joniiioiad jh; (Jeueral has rotor red your pnniusitiuu to me. A rnfiu euco from fo high ii no*rri? niukis it uu Imperative duty ou lay part to give toy roaeons in detail j for declining your proixjeition. Tliuy are as fuliowm:? Uie acceptance of yuur proposition wouH Involve tho e* d pondituro if ia n.vtet threj-loui Um of A mttlkon ofd'iUiir#? ^ an uuurmoiie amount ut monty to tw expended for a p?b)* ohjoct kHWiI throwing open tbe <loor to public <vm1 i<uUli'di. The butfinws oikimmiity juet now m in that r, Htute of inactivity where it anth'l|>*tefl and attempts Bo n soibold ol' w; y o(mu: tumiy to obtain employment for both in?"cU.', i-ao machinery and capital, arxl It uaturnUy " turn* tu thi' War Dop.trtnvnt u< tho government for that a. relief which It fails t/> And among civil afluir*. Thin h*. ^ In# the chno, tills d<'|?vtin?nt will oou?tautiy be the ot>joot of urj-nwy wkI crWewm by UtoM in-** kit :r?nU?<t in . btijijt made aware ot tho wiv.Ah of the govertmijut, and id tho expenditure of eo ?on.'-(durable a Rum without p*Ntc M rompetrtiou, even if perfectly lunooent m it/iWf (of which tlii*" luitht U)Bomfcs.'ight(j<iJ6ti(iaj,would provoke unkind " and bitter feelings. Flaudefoue rerrruks and publication*, n and such trouble iw you aad 1 have both witnessed mi rn g tlian one? in relation to government contract*. Neither 1, urn- tiny other oflky-r of to' g"veriiuient, be bin loeltion ' or r.iiik wiiat n may. ban strin^'tA enough to utand l*i? foru tho poofilo .,n mah a r'?;or<l mid hoj>.> t?M\iui|i? tin> l6 mwpt \-hulcnt cLuinofi of frot.d awl corruption. At nil evonts 1 ilo not IntoiKl V> try tho i xfierirueot. nt I"?i>t, 10 until ordered to do bo by the gJVtfrnniuiit wtx?e? a^/cnt I irf mm. Ij -4. uio sa>, rir, in ooocJuhhu. that oi' : Kirse boiiiiug ,j iioiitaliiod in tin* lailcr in hiti n<v d uh axiy reik'ctim or critlcifin uponyotir motives, or thoseof Mr. Gurnoll, in making tin- propoeitiiin referred to, and to add I uui, -, an ever, very roepw ltdllv, yours, r- J. IlcKiNSTKy, M^ior and Qnartermastor. Night before last a largo uinl o.jthnswstic tawtlng of the Irishmen of St. 1/mm wae h.M Iii Moaart Flail, at h wl ich ijtii. McKmptry, cx-Cloveroiir ,-?ew?rt, I?istrk;t At4 torney I iilixiu, ot ItiiStalo, N. Y., and otborp muik- (iarni*Ht anil telling hpoech' P. During a roend of applause which followud (ion. MeKiiiftry's renirirke, tho cry wari raised IB Lhi l t >io 1'iA-.r id' t h<> hit) 1 u.i.u i/iv niir n'tac* rl ]i>? u vr>tt* 'iwtnf ig that Ut onoo arena e:iu cnaily bo liivirlnod, mid lit tliroo ( mluuu* from tlio flret alarm the )hi)I yttm nearly ompty, tho uudienoe finding egret*< through doom and wlndo-.ra "J Indiscriminately. Major William Doiaheinwr, private c secretary to tleu. Fremont, fell from ? window upon ttm I'M' of u UitfUl mica, and lieloro be could ris.i from a horizontal yo?turv tnnldeu upon by a dosen or mora " excite 1 OolU. 1'Ik-ro.<ult wa? a broken ftt^i-r aud various eoatusions <if vtoo body. No uue woe 8?i-HH?tly Injur wd, iumI U.u allttir is looked iqioo art u good joko. The ebjoot of the me-ting WM to induce * tbo Iriabuutn of St. Louis to join the Sblnlito Brigade, now 1> forming. The Cotlie clmneu;. ?f this cily bi? been mumly ojn>owyl to ouliptmetit, uu acoonnt of thuir doeji j rojudice &g*u>.?t ;S> Goruiana, rather than frun <a>iKx'-iLi.>n to Hie f'i guverumcait. It w thought tbia fcohug bay boon overconm, und that Umi Hibernian* wUl lull in. ^ Mat<?rs iu the mtortor arc uol materially oh'ingwl from thwr i*>*U<ro <f two duyn rtnoe. Oa Sunday liu-t General Itioo, wRb 12(000 m"\, wat, U-fore l?x:ugioii, but iiwl J, mwlo oo attack. A fl?ht fc< lm:ai:>ont in tin.' vicinity of Jclfoiaou cStjr witfiiu t!?- ne*t week, it v.ouid not bejudie uui< t?! slitc Uio evict ouoditiou of our loroea and ti.-3ir aud I wliluuly say thai our prospect* of ftuceetw ur? good. We to day r<?:-tvnd a mall from fct. Joseph. I the llntt, I tiiink, for ?wwi. General Sturgie wUl bold 1M1U point f^kinet Ujc rebvle in that section, and may bo ubki to oarry oa nfenaive operations. No dsmonstraUons ar<> ben* made ncn-wM. Holla. f. fientou HurracJto , Uw n-<w oamp of instruction, vrero ' in<unt?r?W yMUvdAfr Ih a grand mlHt.vy review of soverul Ui'?u.'-iid man, a liat; r?Mmo({ aud by m?oe<;heB. fy Geuoral Fr?u?<u and atad w w* prwnt, and many hunk1 droda of liic cituoiis <* .St. Louie v. urn ou tlx) ground to wiuiiMi the display. Vt*- repjrta of exokistVeOMB at General Fremont ? fmaiicjuarters. which have t>een luule Uiu suliywt <f imvt^iup?r comment, have drawn tlio 1, General's attention to Um nlfair. ;uhI Wo now httro Uio i m<?t |M>nm' iMi'>nu?o<?s that the like Khali not occur again. It wim a matter about whtch (ion. Fremont knew f I nothing, and wan <*iti?ly c.-Mwed by the iaetUclency of 1, Uio?e to *1)1*it whs 'legated tho duty of attJ'ndintf to v*Mcrn. Th?? 'ilk**!* wwrc strangely negligent uf i'-ny ajxl ail fjeuUonuia who oailod thuro, 1(1 wany of Ui?m upm? moot Itn|>orlaut busiu<?s?, mi mid" wore grmtt dincri-dit upon the V.'i?torn ItoparluiuiU. 11k< UKUici lmrt lately txx? ' brought to General Kruoout'a special attonti'o, aud tlie nrriv ai, two days ninoo, <* hrf private ??cretAry, Major o l<orslR'in><T, wili cauao n loapatchof bwines* in future. General V'romciit'i staff was yesterday reorganised, and contains the alduht *floors in tho West. Tuotr umnos * have not y?t beeu made public. ro Tlve prwllcti 1* of the ioutlwraors that tlio present war would cauf>e U>? nrr?HB to ?row in Broadway have not proved true. 1 kiok a wnlk u(k*i the leroe >4' St. Urn# * last eveuta#, and found graiM gpr'iiging up between Uio y paying atones in many places. "tie Ipveo is almost ctv M tiroly deserted, eaoopt at tlio l'tndlnga of three or four np river boats. Throe y <wh alac* the whoio extent of the " b tbc was crowded with drays and with merchandise; it iK wan far more dUUcillt to cror from boat landing to sidewalk than to mako Uio traiiKit of i(roadway wlion the human otnl equine Btruun n at iw midday ho^ln. K _______ ' SKETCH OP MAJOR SAMUEL D. SCURGfS, a UNITED STATES ARMY, wtto cowDTcncn tur. ttuaat uattljj nkar mT.iV'i? PLEM>, MISBOOHJ, AKTKK T11K FAIX OP GI*.\ LVOV. Mi\)or SttirRis la a nativo of Cumberland county, I'enn'ti ftylvania, and gr:wlmit?d at ihn W>n i'i int Military l, J Acadeuy in 1S40, in the same tUsi with Uoacrai Model \ * : V LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Ian. Ho was breveted a Nontenant of dragoons, and Joined tho army in Moxto.i, midur General T.tylor. Among other distinguished nor vices rendered there, n|>on one occasion ft becamo Important, before the battle of Ruena Vista, to osoert&in If the engmy were occupying the opposite aide of a high mountain; but its ascent by a squadron of dragoons sent out on a reconnoh-sam-e *? deemed impracticable. Sturgls immediately undertook tho enterprise himself, accompanied by a single private soldier. Upon reaching the summit, on foot, hi was flred upon by an arabuRcaile of Mexicans, taken prisoner, and carried Into General Mlnon's camp. Tho flrlng upon him, however, being heard by tho squadron, gavo General TuyUir the desired information; aud, doeply lamenting tho supposed death of bis young officer, ho propared to atengn him In the over memorable battle of li ieua Vista. After the battle an exchango of prisoners took place, and tho old General was so rejoice! at the safety and restorati<n of Pturgis that ho eiiturtamed him sumptuously at his own tent. After the war ho was assigned to duty tn Now Mexico; and such was the promptness with which ho pursuod and punished seine of tlio marauding bands of Indians in that Territory, and recovered tho stolen property of the citizens, that upon one occasion tho I<egislatnro tendered him a Joint resolution of thanks, and, Joined by tho Executive anil Judicial Departments, urged the President to confer upon him the appointment of Major in tho army. Congress having creat?d two regiments of cavalry, tho President a;>|x>lntod him to a captainry, sido by fide with General MoCloilnn. Thus distinguished for successful combat n.n. 14U3 uniuui.-!, no wan ?oiorie<j oy mo war ileparvment to l'-ail 0110 of the columns of the army agaiust tho Kiowa anil Caraaucku Indians. Two sonior olllcera (now Hrigadier Generals) lod tho otlirr columns. Tho Indiana wero ho fortunate <1.4 to csc.ipo the two latter, bul Captalu Sturgls, after a determined pursuit of a thousand milos, overtook aud engaged between 000 and 800 warriors, and, with a forco of a litllo over half that number, completely defeated and routed them. S> linportiuit did tho Secretary of War consider tho Achievement that he referred to Giptalu Smrgis by name in his annual report to Congrow, and his rout of tho Indians,as an evidence of tho ellicieucy ol tho department iu this branch of the service. Sulxiniueutly he was placed tu command of Kurt Smith, Arkansas. Whi n the rebellion broke out iu thai Slato General Solon lloriand, an ox-Senator of tho United Statm, raised 600 or 800 tr<V>i>s and marched them clandestinely ujkiu it, for its oipture. The citizens were secret* ly conniving with bim in the design. Our lori es and publie property in Texas and elsewhere ti.ul fallen into the baud* of tho insurgents, through treachery and cowardice, and they were determined to have the lor' and publio property at Fort Smith. Their surprise and chagrin knew no bounds when they discovered tliat th" "federal captain," who h id bc?'!i on the alert tor them alt the time, had, but a few hours before thi ir approach, >|uiot'y withdrawn his two companies of cavalry and all the muni tions aud valuable public property which twenty odd teams conWi transport, aud was beyond their roach on hl? way to Fort Leavenworth. In May last he becmne a Major by promotion, and foi his capacity and cxjwrience wo.- assigned to the head of n column of lobulars and volunteers, as an actio;,' llrigadiet General, with General Lyon, In the war in Missouri. IU took the command of the army at the battle near Spring field, when General l.yon fell. How g i lantly lie and h.s brave little army repulsed and Tairlv routi d an on iny outnumbering them iour to one, and effected a successful and unuisturbed retreat, the ctticial report, grapiilc, bal unostentatious, will fully show. flu butt been fifteen years In active service. When th? President of tho United States Invited tho respective donations in Gongregg to nam" experienced otllcers, na> tives uf their respective S <ates, to command as Majors aud Brigadier Generals, to avoid the mistake s of inextierionced ottKvars, us at Bull run, the Vonu?ylvo.d? delegation unani mously presented liim lor one of the iirigadier General ships. and it is duo to their discrimination to say tiiat but few of those appointed havo had tho experience, or b on selected for dutus so fur abovo their rank, as MaJ >i | oturgit*. 1 REINFORCEMENTS FOR COL. MULLIGAN. Tho 'thirty ninth Ohio, Ool. Groesbeck; the Third Iowa, | Col. Scott; tho Siateenth Illinois, Oil. Smith; with a force ' i f Missouri State llllitla and Iowa S'tite troops imilur Ools. Craynor und fcilwants , about .'100 Irregular and regular cavalry, and six piece* of artillery, left St. Joseph and I Chillfcothe ill two divisions early on Sunday morning, the 16tb hut., and wro expected lo roach toxiuKton on Oit > 3Stli, to reinforce Col. Mulligan. Th so regimonts are not full, and tlm whole force consists of ubout 3,&CU men. WEWS FROM KENTUCKY. SKIRMISH AT 13AIIBOOHHVTLI.E, KY. FHAKKTOBT,SO|lt 22, 1601. A skirmish took placo botwoon somo of tho Homo Gu^ird (XInlou) and boido of General Zolllckoflor's ttwu at liurbonrsvillo, on Wednesday, without resulting In any | damage. It wax renewed on Thursday, when seven rebels and one of their hordes were killed, one of the Homo Guard retired six wounds, which aro not necessarily lata). Ono of tho Homo Suard was taken prl toner. Tbirty-soven of the Homo (Jjard and thrvc hundred vt the rebels were in tho engagement. The loams that Hon. Humphrey Mar: hall Is nt I.iU-rty, Owen county, guurdedby eight hundred rebels, who made his arrest. Two miles of the Covington and Lexington Railroad was torn up yesterday, noar Cyntheana. A rjxxial traiii went feom Fiunkfort to I<exlngton toi!ny, guarded by a detatchment 'if tlic Homu Guard. An intelligent passenger from Elizabetbtown to-day re jmris thit 1,500 of Goueral llucknor's force, mostly fron Harding oouuty, aro eight miles south of that place, ana tluit tlio bulk of their force is *till at Howling Green Kach I/arty soein to bo gainiuj; reinforccm.rits at varioui point*. A rxirfirnT IRrt mnn ujr>r>? in C?t? ?l-?? ??.i...i... ?? "??* ? ? ? ' '? prevent tho transmitiou of contraband goods southward tlir.vifh that channel. Tho Bulletin cocr?;i>o!idcnt says that tho Lebanon train yesterday brought in Mutt. Jourctt, W. W. Woodruff, A Fisher, II. W. Smith auil Wa. Tanflcr, prisoners who had escupod from tho rebels. Jourett is deputy United S>atei Marsha!, and w is released by Iluckuer. The railroad from Howling Green to Nolan is R'-iardod by the rebels, who have a force of 600 collected from the vicinity. W. N. HoMcrman, recently p'inelpal proprietor of th? G/wir, hue l"ft for the rebel C nfederacy. J. H. flravos,just elected Lieutenant Colonel of tho I abaann Home Guard, was accidentally killed there on Thursday by one or hia own battalion while firing a salute. THE LEGISLATURE. FiumcroBT, Sept. 22,1861. The proceedings of tho Legislature yontcrday wero unimportant. AFFAIRS IN LOUISVILLE. I.OUISVHJJ:, Srpt. 22.1861. Hwr9 h? been no news received from below to day. Thoro U no telegrufhic ootnmunication with Lebanon Junction. , Tlie Forty ninth Ohio regiment arrived lioro this morning. On paMin# the headquarters of General Andorson, at the I/JUiFrilUi Hotol, they wore addressed by tho General Ufc brief but patriotic Bj?ech, which wari enthwiastically cheered and happily responded to by Colonel Gibeon, commanding. The officers of tho regiment subsequently dined at the hotel by invitation of the proprietors NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. arsjval or BCKOBONB op the union army from RICHMOND. FV RTRFA-t Moratoit. Sept. 21, ) Via lULTmoBK, Sept. 22, lijbl. j Surgeons Powell, Harris, Lo BoutlUlor, Goodenougb, Ojnu<<JIy, JCcLetcher, Gray ana Wilson, who were made prisoners at Bull rnn and lcleoeed on parole, arrived hero from Norfolk oo a flag of truce, and proceeded to Washington. Ttvjy aro aeoompujied by H. 1'liillips Day, special c?>rri*pon(t?nl of th? I/mriou Uerald. Until within two weeks there wore about 1,200 Union prisoners at Richmond. Ynpterday and to-day many of them woro seat to New Orleans. Mr. Ely is still at Richmond. The above surgeons have taken ?are of our wounded, and have a letter from Lieut. Todd, brother-in-law of Preeideot Linoiln, highly complimentary of their servlc'*, and rotiocting severely up'ti the Union surgeons whofirmx* their wounded compatriots at Richmond, sotno week* since, to return North. (iouoral Beauregard's headquarters are at Fairfax Court ]louse, and General Johnston's prtrtiably at Winchester. It w.ttf not fropvosed at Richmond that Uto rebels would ruiik . aii attack tipui Wmdungu.n. Certain kind of provisions wat enormously high. Gold tor*>ught 16 per cent. JTltc U-rriuutt', :it Norfolk, was fast be ingV?r. verted into aV'werf'il Uoatn-g buttery. Thore aro abeut 4,000 tioope at Norfolk. DRAFTING FOR THE ARMY. Ctauoo, Sept. 22.18(11. Drafting for the army begins in thin city to-morrow Orders to that cflvxi were issued ou Saturday.

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