Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1861 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunday, Sept. 22,1RC1. Tlie gradual improvement in business which it) taking place has led (o a slight increaae in tho imports at this port. This was to bo expected. Wo require a certain quantity of foreign goods, and arc shipping breadstuff* enough to pay for them. Our exports of food continue very large, and, though the news from Europe and the West has laUt-rly imparted more strength to our breadstuff's market, tlie drain must continue. Though the crop in the West is undoubtedly shorter than that of last year, there in enough of last year's crop on still to keep prices down. Tho chief complaint of tJic farmers iB of the want of tonnage on the lakes to transport their stuff. The owners of die propellers seem to have entered into a coinbi.Hiion which enables them to ?xact more than r lieir share of the money which the Western pro?.< <? yield.-* when sold in New York. Tlie followIn are the oilicial tables of the trade of the port lor ;hc week and since January 1:? Imp <kts. is,v.i. 1S60. 1SHI. > >r y ^oodu $936,130 l ,262 ,s;i2 85.;.60l I u. .ii?rcUuudiso. 2,039,777 1,920.;76 1,371.209 't l il for wboIc.. $ '.974,907 3,18.1,307 2.'->24,710 I'i. v. reported.... 1S4,943,821 174,160,315 91 84U.07-W Pitice January 1.$187,918,728 177,"48.622 97,073,789 Ex pouts ok 1'itorx cT a,*cr> UsanuKniKK. 1S59. IM>>. 1861. I r the we?k $1,644,446 2.101, .*.S 1.988,526 1i .. rejioried 46.996,662 62.030,37u 8S,730,8lW Since January 1.. $47 ,541,007 64,781,788 90,719,365 Extorts or Scerm. it?.vj. isoo. mm I' Mm w>ck ?2,727.792 47. uno None. T v. reported .,^,146,194 38,48'.',C52 3.231,719 0 January 1. 62,87^.986 38,904,632 3,231,719 '1 banks last Monday showed a specie average <'f .. 17,52:1,412, being a decrease of J l.:i57,Kls from tin* week previous. At the corresponding date la-;t. year, when they were deemed quite strong, . Hi'V hold ?ls,D88,C03 '<> coin. During the week t!vy have paid into the Sub-Treasury $7,000,000, about ,000,000 of which was in coin, and the public Lave paid into tiic sunn; institution about $2.<'U'),000, which, of course, came ont of the bank \ jriilth. Yet bo heavy have been the disbursements oi the Sub-Treasury that we are reliably informed 1 hit! the banks held yesterday morning more gold th in they had on the morning of Saturday, 14th. Kwnts are, in fact, verifying the prediction that v.'" umd'j when the loan was first negot tod: tlie gold llows back to bank aw fast it Is drawn from bank for the purp i-es of tlio government. So long as the government has to pay a million a day to tr ops, sailors, contractors, commissaries, builders ami merchants, there can be no accumulation of jrold in the Treasury, and the coin, once paid out ]>y government, can go nowhere but into bank. V. ha id last week that our banks had probably Been the lowest average they would exhibit tor the present. The statement of to-morrow will proliably confirm this assertion, though we hardly look for auy increase as yet. Sufficient time has li >w elapsed to test the soundness of the policy pursued by the banks in August last. When tip y i! '(led to subscribe i'30,000,000 to the governinei.t Jo:ri, with the privilege (which, in this case, t? rutted to a covenant) of subscribing for J- '0,000,000 more in October and December, it >v.;s asserted by rebel sympathizers in our midst that they were hurrying forward to their ruin, ml that they would suspend specie paj'jitenlB in less than sixty days. These critics ignored the patriotism and the shrewdiieMS of the people at large. They did not foresee that before the expiration of the tirst term of sixty days the people would t ike off the hands of the li.inks the bulk of their tirst subscription, leaving llo'Tii free to subscribe to the second without danpi to their a?seU or their specie. They did not reflet, cither, that the policy of the banks, in subscribing to the government loan, imparted such solidity to the financial attitude; of the government, and such confidence to the masses of the people, that it proved to be the first step towards the reCovury of b'.iMaess, and thus gave real value to ashets which, ha>l the government failed to obtain jiouey, would have proved comparatively worthless. We can now venture to estimate that it will c- t something like $300,000,000 to suppress this r b'-llion. Of this amount $150,000,000 will be taken by the hanks of New York, Boston and Philadelphia by loth December, and will be felly paid np by 15th Februiiry. According to 111'1 best estimates, Europe will take $75,000,000 ?it' $100,000,000, though Kuropeaus may possibly jirefir a twenty years' stock, bearing seven per cut interest, to our 7 3-10 per cent three years Treasury notes. The balance of the money re,tj::Ted can be raised easily and cheaply by the j-mi?-of demand notes bearing ho interest. We Jtavp shown heretofore that the Inwinvss of the Northern States now requires a paper enrre icy of #139,000,000, nineteen-twentieth* of which is so intrinsically unsound thut it is only current at par in f'i- p.irticuTar locality in which it is Issued. An in iic of h hundred millions of government paper, redeemable in coin on presentation at the various pub-treasuries and depositories of the United Ktates ?>t the leading cities of the North, would drive the B ulk of this unsound bank paper out ol' circulation, ?>id would render to the commcnetal public an enormous benefit. Merchants and traders would ti'. l inger pay a tax of from ^ to S per cent on (heir business to bankers and exchange dealers, (iovornment notes would be at par everywhere, ml n very little financial dexterity wonld procure th ir instantaneous redemption in aoiu on presenta Ijoii, without the necessity of keeping large # mounts of gold in the sub-treasuries. Bvery one l.n \\s that the banks of the North ?ould not redeem their eirculation in coin if it w?ro suddenly jir-'^ent?d for redemption; yet no on? hesitates to |;\l%o bouk notes at their face, simply because peo|de generally are ?atisfied that they are safely seen <! by deposits of stocks and bonds and mortfcii^es. How nach safer than any stock or fiDiiil and mortgage If the solemn promise to |j.*y of the United States, which may be paid to be secured by a tacit mortgage upon the whole resources of the %\!iole a.sAots of the country. If, then, it lp H-ifc to assume that the war will bo ended ne? tjning, at a cost of (300,000,000, and that the %rholo of this sum can be raised by the issue of 1100,000,000 of 7 3-10 per cent Treasury notes (already negotiated'), by the distribution of >100,000,000 of demand notes, and by tie tale in Europe of some <>0,000,000 of seven per cent Ijomls, having twenty years to rnn, it will follow, pis a matter of course, that in the coarse of the Coming wiutcr these new Treasury notes will rise ' , Ion premium, and that the banks will make more tnom-y by Laving taken them at par than they rver made by any former financial operation, h'liis, we admit, is the prospect which we look for. kVr have reason to believe that its likelihood is fed, nitted by some of the shrewdest financial adJfrL ers of the administration. It is urged by certain economists of the last cenlurv school that the nresent rmiirv nf tk? fj Department, and especially the issue of demand motes, i.? calculated to create a general expansion Ikud an era of vrild speculation. This cannot be Denied. Every addition to tho money capital or ^Currency oi a country involves a gradual appreciation of all commodities interchangeable for money, tend the progress of the appreciation intallibly leads to speculation. But what then? General Expansions are not in themselves events to be Er> :ided. They develop? enterprise, encourage I'R'le, foster industry, advance the general malei ;al interests of a country. They are only hurtpal j.rr tr when tl*y are based upon an unsound f. ut. 'ation, as on irredeemable paper, such as H 'c 1 sued bv the law in France: or-on ? . * South Sea ntookn, an waa the cane a hundred yean ago in England; or on worthier commercial obli Rations, hh wa? the ca*e in this country in 1833?36, when the United States Hank and the State hunks vnrn mnninir a race foi popularity. When they are baaed on a solid foundation?and nothing can surely be Boundei than the specific obligations of a prosperous nation of thirty millions of people?they involve no intrinsic danger. That they are the incidental cause of much loss and ruin, through reckless speculations, is undoubtedly true. When speculation fairly sets in the wisest cannot foreseo its course, and nothing is certain except that it will eventually outrun the bounds of prudence, and that at some point or other a reaction will ensue. But this, in a national point of view, is not a matter of unmitigated regret. Tho ruin of speculators is often the gain of the country; the individual falls, but tho array advances, (treat services are rendered by those reckless operators who, in seasons of general expansion, lead the van of enterprise, cap the climax of commercial daring, and too often fall victims to their own boldness. This country, economists 111.1/ rely upon it, will be none the worse for a sharp reaction from the despondency and stagnation which have prevailed for the last twelve months. And even if the speculation era, which is slowly unfolding, should terminate fatally for many who are preparing to avail themselves ol'its benefits, sound thinkers will console themselves with the reflection that they cannot destroy or take away anything which tliey may have created or improved in the hour of their power and their we !th. The little spasm in the money market caused by the first heavy withdrawals of coin from the banks for the use of the government, lias subsided, and money is again easy at 5 per cent on call, and 6 for first class short mercantile paper. Lenders are generally devoting more attention to Treasury notes titan to mercantile paper; but there is so little ot'llie latter making tliat the supply of money in ftill in excess of the demand. The improvement in" which is taking place is not causing a proportionate increase in the supply of mercantile paper; an nnusual proportion of the business done i.< for cash. A heavy failure in the dry goods trade i.i announced. It lr.ts been expected for some time, and causes no alarm. It was caused, of course, by the impossibility of effecting collections at the South. Foreign exchange closed steady at the recent advance. The supply of bills from the Corn Exchange hit 5 been reduced by the recent advance in grain, and at the same time the recovery in business has enabled many merchants to remit to the other side more liberally than they liavc been doing of late. This, and the demand for bills from parties holding Southern moneys in their hands, will account for the market closing at 10'-'% a 10 t for sterling, and 5. 23 a 27% for francs. Unless our importations should increase (to u very unusual extent, no permanent advance in exchango can be expected. The trade of last month showed a balance of a million iu favor of the port of New York, while other ports showed a still heavier amount to our credit. Under these circumstances the recent improvement in bills must be regarded as merely temporary. The following table shows the course of the stock market during the past week and month:? Ami. 'J-!. Atuj.'M. Rrjtt. 7. S pl. 14. S ;>/. 21. Missouri fl's 42'; 41', 43\ 4.'P? 43', N. Y. (Vntral 74 73 '; 73?; 73 73'., Ke4<lllig .15 36l; ;i<J 35 Kr:e 25 24>? 2.) 25.',' 2?i'1 Michigan Centra!.. 41 41 fi 42'i 42 42 South. H"?rft!itood 'JS2s*s? 3D'( 30 3u1 j Illinois Cuutral... 66}; fit '4 ti7iih 65 '.j Ga!cuu... 64'; 60 0-il; 6'J>i R.K-k Islau.t 40V 40--; 43?; 4244 Toledo 2D 2S.TO'; 29,? 29}; I'Hiiama 105 ?.< 10S>; 101),110 100. IlM.ig'iu Hiver.... 33*; 52?; sa<; 33 3.:,'a Pacific Mai! 72.1; 75 78'., 81 83 The stock market, though still inactive, presents a more healthy appearance than for some time past. There is evidently a tendency to operate for the rise among the leading operators of the boar.I and a yortion of the outside public; but both are deferring their movements until the risk of a de luai iu inn ueiu in entirely removed. itanroau imsin<*M continues to fluctuate; some lines arc doing better than wan expected; others not so well as la-^t year. The various issues of the government continue to rise In pric.0 steadily; if no startling reverse occurs the funded sixes will work their way this fall towards par. State stocks are pretty steady; people are watching the movements ofthe armies, and are ready, as each border State is wrested from the rebels, to invest in its securities. A thorough defeat of Generals Price and McCulloch would put Mlmotlris up ten per cent. With regard to railway shares very little is determined by operators. Notwithstanding the diminished yield of wheat this year, so much of last year's crop remains on hand, and the closing of the river drives so much stuff to Chicago, that it is probable the roads will have ivy much as they can do. Several of the Illinois lines are trying to borrow rolling stock from the Kwtcru roads. Nothing is said about dividends, except in regard to the (Valeria, ou wliich a dividend of live, or some say seven, is expected by many. A fresh example of the mischief wrought by the confiscating act of last session is reported in the last telegraphic summary of the overland mail news. The ship Benefactor is reported as having been seized at San FVaacisco by tho United States Marshal as rebel property. Every one know# here that the Benefactor is the property of Messrs. A. A. Low & Co.. of this city, than whom there are iyt more loyal men ill tho whole country. At one time a resident of Norfolk, Va,, did own a share in the Benefactor; hut this he told to Metres. Low some time before the rebellion broke out, as the ship's register will show. The execution of this confiscating act, in the hands of greedy and over zealous oficials, is doing no much mischief anil so little good that the President would do well to consider its purpose accomplished, and to ccase to act npon 11. CITY COMMERCIAL RKPORT. &m*M>AT, Sept. 21?? P. M. Asms.?The market was quiet, Mbd small sulos of both sorta wore juade at $5 23. RvKAiwriFW.? Hour?'Tko receipts continued to b$ light and tbi' demand good, while prices were excited, efipe [ cially for abipirtng hrauia of State and Western. The market ctoaixl at an advance of about 10c. a 16c. per bbl. for ?aine gradow. The vales embraced about JO,QUO bbto., do* tag witbtc the following range of prices:? SuperUnc State $5 10 a 0 25 Extra state,geod to choice 6 40 a 5 TO 8nparflBe Wwtoru fi 10 a 6 25 Common to (burce Western eattra 5 65 n 6 40 Kxtra Canada 6 40 a 0 50 Uixed to straight SmitHorn 6 45 a 6 00 Straight t<> gead extra do 6 10 a 7 2A Choice extra family and bakers' broods 7 25 a 8 00 Rye (lour 2 75 a 4 00 Corn mtal, Jersey and Brandywine 2 75 a 3 14 ?Canadian Haur wan also lass plenty and firmer, with aal<of about 1,700 hbls., cloning within the range of tho above prices. 5a itheru flour wai in moderate receipt and prices wore firmer. with mIchoT about 2.200 bids., closing wilLtn the abeve Tange of pricw. )(ye Hour was lirm afci! nctivo, wilh soles of about 1,500 hbls., clueuig at quota i ins. Corn meal was tlrm at our figures. wftlj sales of .AX) a 400 bb's. Jersey and Hrandy wine. Wheat was again active and tirniT, a?]* cially shipping lots ot Western. The sales for ihe day, here and to arrive, footed up alKiut 26U.OOO bin-tie.l.-, and closed at an advance of 2c. a3c. per bushel. Sa.>n were m,t/h' at $1 31 a $1 33 fui amber Indiana and Miohif;,in, ?l U7 a $1 .'ill for red Western, $128 a $1X0 for re>t Stake $1 38 a $1 40 for white Kentucky, $1115 n $1 30 for white Ohio. $119 a |1 22 f< r t'anadian club,$l 16 a $1 20 lor Milwaukee club, and $1 14 a $1 17 ft>r Chicago spring. Cam was less buoyant and closed at eaMer rates lor shipping lots, while the demand was good. The sales footed up, here and to arrive, about 225,000 bashels, at 63c. a 54c. for lieafd, 54*jC. a Sfl ^c./for fUstern mixed, and 50c. a 57c. for slipping do. was llrm at 70c. for North river, and 75c. aslwd. Harley w.i? quiet at 66c. a 72c. for the new crop, and lia ley trait a* 76c. a 80c. Oats w^ro firm and in good demand; Canadian sold at .'Ujc, a 34c., Western At 34c. a 35c.. and i-'late ut 35c. a 35He. turns.?inc market was Arm, with shKw of I 000 hap? of Kio at 15c. u l.v.c.; .TOO <lo. togunyra at I0',c. a 17 ijC.. anil '200 mats .lava at 20r. t'orrow.?lit# market w in quiet ami Filled confined to 200 a :,00 buies, in lotn. We c ontinue to quote middling tn Htri. t middling uplands at 21 V'. ? SI*. I r?i;hiv.?!tates wrro tlrin r l'>r Kngllfli ports. To l.iv.'rpool 10,000 I) ;Kh?ls of oorn were em-aged, hi I) ilk,at lot.d . aud 'JO.OOQ b,. l?eU wliout. m bulk and rEW YORK. HERALD, M(J I HXd.,700 hblB. flour at 2s.9d. ToLondon wheat,In bull ami uhlp'p bagg, ?u imgit^ad at XHd. alll^d., and flour a 3?. 0d. To lUvra about 24,000 bualiola wheat wore r? k ported at 28c. a 24c., and 2,600 bhla. Hour at 80c. To lire i men 200 cattet* tobacco were engaged at 22s. 6d. Fi.-u.?The market was active aud firm, aud prices foi mackerel ha?? advanced; sales were makltig pretty fret; i ly at *7 26 a ?7 60 for No. 1. and at U 76 a ?6 as for No 1 2, Mid IJ 60 for No. 8. Sato* of drv cod were maktnj ' freely at $3 26 a $3 37 X for St. (ieorge'a Hank, an I $3 i , $3 IVi for Hank. Pickled herring wire in fair deniant at $- 60 a $3 50, ami smoked were uetivo at 26c. a 27o > for scaled, and 16c. a 10c. for No. l.uwih. [ Knurr.?Malaga raisins were Arm and in good request with sales ot layers al $2 46 a$2 60, and of buoh it ' $176 a $2. Currants were Arm and higher, with sales u i 8c. a 8^c , closing with a tendency to higher price*. Hay.?Sales for shipment were making at 66c. a 60e. and fur city tutu, at 60c. a 70o. Horn.?The market was Arm, with sale* of new at 22c. a 26c., with Rome tots of 1860 at 16c. a 2#c. Ikon.?Scotch pig was quiet, but Arm, with limit* sales at $22 60 n $23. I.kai> was in lair demand at $6 62X for foreign, cash Galena wan Arm and I.imi was in moderate demand, with sales of coinmor at 60c., and of lump at $1. Moia-.-kh was Urm. A small lot of Now Orleam brought 68c. Navai SroHiM Salos of 400 bbls. common rosin wcr< made at $4, and MM lota retried at $4 26. Bpidt weio ruther more Urmly held, without chaug'i of momcul in prices. Oll.s.?Crude whale and sperm w?ro steady at 41c. I 44>jc. oath for the former, and $1 24)? a $1 20 for tin latter do. City Unseed oil wuh helling in lot* at 69c. u 60c. Provision.?Pork?Tlio government contract forfl,00( bbls. mess, token at $14 62 a $14 73. The sales todaj wore 700 a 800 bids. at $14 5'l a $24 75 f'>r mess, au l al $!i 75 a ?I0 for prime, and at $16 J6 for clear moss. lie was Urm, and with sules of 200 bbls. at $10 26 a$ll 5( for repacked moss, and $12 50 a $13 76 for extra do. Keel hatiiM were Arm al $14 a $15. Ijird was Arm. wlthsalesol 325 packages at 8 ",c. a y1 ,'c. Itaron was inactive. 'Ho U 'vernui' iit demand ol' U30,000 lbs. was taken at $7 ' 0 ' $. 'j.'i per 100 llm. Cut meats were inactive, but steady a old prices. Hotter was selling at 12c. a 14c. For SI do and at 8c. a 10c. for Ohio. Cheese at 6c. a 7c. for Slate and al 6c. a 6c. for Ohio. it I k WM lino, with h!h of 150 c:i?W-', al 7 Nkkiis.?.Timotlij' was dull and lower,w ith sales at $1 7.' a$2. Clover was selling in small lots at 8>*c. a l>c (sir lb. !,in?eed wan in fair requost, with soles in two <n three ilavs Dibit of an 000 luura Hiiinlmv al *1 M'.. uu 2,932 pockets C/ilcult.'i at abotit |1 75, and in lit.uw i (mid po< keus Calc uUuat $1 72)?.ntid 4.000 Jo. hi >.? I'Ufll. s-hiarp were firm and active, witli anion of 1 ,S(M) lilnls. chiefly Cuba with Kcmo I'orto Uico, at a He. for fail IO good r tftilng grades. and ll 8\e a We. for good tl prime grocery <;i m >?Ih , audi,200 liai'- Calcutta at privati terra?. Tim following aru the quota! iou? establish' I l<> day by Memrf K. L. k A. Stunt t for their rellnof sugars:?Hest quality lonf mnrar, llr. per lb.; best qnaltt) crushed 8"(j?r, 10?i,c. Circle A?C'riehed sutrar, in1, , granulated sugar, lOKc.; ground sugar, lOJfa.; whlti kii"ar (A), 10';c.; yellow suirar (C),10>,c. WmsxKY.?Tlio market war, (Inner, with rales of 5001 000 bbln., at luc. a 19J,c., and small lots prime bbls. weri rejiorled at 20c. ? .?-???*? .i ? ii i nan???? SHIPPING NEWS. Movement* of Occa it Steamers. FROM BITKOPK. Name*. Leaven Ihite. For Conner* IIuvih Ai?^ 21...New Yor! Ureut r. .sum'ii 1?iv rj onl Kept 10...Now Yu('ify of Now York. ..Liverpool > -p' II... New V ?rl S''.??ni.i So> M unntnn Sept 11...New V??rl Norwegian Livor|k?oI Sept 12 Ou?!?ei Liverpool Kept 14...New Yorl Fnltou Sonttianiptou Kept IS...New Y??rl K'llnbiirg Titvorpool Sept IS... New Y?>; i *1nra Live'iwol Sept 1> Oue'?',? Niagara Liverpool Sept 21 Bostoj FOR C/C1POKNIA. North Star Yew York Oeto 1. ..A*pinwnl Northern Lirjht NewYorlc Oeto 11 ..Anpln val Champion Ne'v YorK Oeto 21. ...\4p1nwal A J.MAN AC rOlt N*W TOftK?THIS DAT. gtn* Rt?KS 5 4S| MOON KISR4 eve 7 ft sun sktj 5 57 I iii(aii watkii morn 1<I 4 Port of Xcw York, September 1801* ARRIVED. Shin Abby P.rown (of K- nnebnnk), Curti*. Bristol, 42ilu* .? in b, to Hiversmltli X <'o. S'e r* HoMori. B: ?wer. ri?i .nii?li>lila for 1'rovliience. S- 'iro K. Kumiss, Now irk far Fall Hiver. S? lir Fakir, Heath, KhII Kiver. S hr Almon Bacon, Nickerson, Providence. Hoar N:itli 1 I mk, Flouting, Providence for 2*tiiladeiphia. Schr .1 It M?on, Smith, New H .von. Schr Amelia Uockhill, New Haven. Schr Ann T S p ile, lia^on, .M'.?.vn\ l<?r Boston. S"!ir John II Willi huh, W illiaiu .. AH' mv lor Boston. Sf ir? hn' M-j, Bullinc'tam. Alhanv I'm* Boston. Steamer Delaware, Ashtnore. 'fivntou. Steamer i'eilcart, Jones, Providence. BELOW. One ship and two barks, unknown. , SAILED. 2)th? Ships Harvest Queen, Washington, and Magellan, Li vorpool; Surinam (Br), Queetismwn; (Jomj> >rt, and Eliza.' 1 , Havre: harks Goethe, of an I for Bremen; .1 ?!:'r? \* schrsThos Holeomb, Napl**; Virgini.t Price, St Thomas* 1 ^;i1 si la, Havana; Equator (Br), Nassau, MP; Victory (Br), Kleu thora. 21st?-Shins Dashing Wave, San Francisco; James tiulhrlo Art-lie, and Berlin, Antwerp; Elena (Bremen), Baltimore lukrkn Good ? e.1, Dunkirl : Arzac, ttachello; \ '1 Gaston Barbados; Maraval, Bermm.i*. brl/* Krriokutn. (Ttal), Gibra! tar: l^ieen Victoria (Br), Barbados; Helen Jano i Br), ' ? nl"a; M'hrn Passport, Marseille*; .1 W ComMon, N magna I!?-la IV tc, ami CIpHey (Br), St Jugo; Ann, St Johns, NF. Wind at sunset NVV. mlficrllan coih. Frritoii snip vim.' i -wK of bark Ebon Dod~? at New Ilodi or. I, reports A:i?> cmUi. or ion given), sp"'M Kreii'-h nhlp Vir-j'nla, in dlMr.- vs. having beeu thrown on he ho tn nods, lost main and mkoti mast* < I??ho <? the do- k, am had< ahln ami everything movoMbie on deck washed over board; had lost one man ovrr!>< a: i", and the capum wa m any dead, having been Injured during the pile. Snip Phajctom, at San Francisco 20th nit fro (>is port, re ports that, off St>itori Land John Larson and i u>nk Geor^t soaimta, fell overboard ami were drowned. Ship David Crockett, at F??n Francisco 2Vh till from thi port, on the second day out lost a seaman lrom the jlbbonm, ; native of Douinark, name unknown. Snip Ai.rkrt Gai.i.atin, Storor, at Boeton from Liverpool on ? i i ult lost doiMie/ed main topsail an I m liu I ?p al lullltuulit. Bark Svyrviotk. at Smyrna from Boston, reports .Tnly 2.1 1st 41 i-, Ion Y) 10, passed t!i h ill of a Ve?sej, apjvu ally fit) t.? 7i)<? tons, hotiorn up, keel pniiy gone, rudder none; h o lieensouie time In that condition; could not make out no name. Ship rienry Brighatn, of Savannah, at San Francisco fron Liverpool. baa bti i Mixed, Bark Revolution, of New Orleans, at Beverly, has beei seized. She is partly owned in Boston. The Collector at Buoksport seized on Monday the brtc VTinsold, CircassliMi, Lillian, and sehr A Colby, which are J paitly owned in South Carol int.. Th? V S government ha* purchased clipper ship Grey Err!*1 of Philadelphia, fi?r blo.-uading purpose*. She is about CO tons, an 1 a very fa?t sailor. Ship Man'olliia, of Boston, Is s.alo.l to have been sold ii En;lami f.?r ?3000. The.f?)llowiui? table plven a summary of the vessels in th< harbors of Now York, Boston, Baltimore, Charleston, Savan naJi, New Orleans and Galvcaton, at the latent account* fron ca? 4? of thoii*' port#;? ifkw torr. Steamsliipa 41 Bri^n 9 Ships 138 bchoouers 11 Bark> 129 ? Toliil W boston. ffteamshtpa 2 Bri?s 3 sb<ym ;. lh Schoonot's fi Bark* 45 ? Total Hi BALTIMOUK. Fieauudtips 3 Brig* Strip* I Hcliuuciurs, 2 Bark* 12 ?? Total 4 CHAULKSTOtf. Steamship* & Hr.k'S hhlpfl.. 2 schooners. Burks I ? Total t4i unv it. ?teamslti))ft 3 Brigs .ships 2 Schooners Barks i ? Total 1 new orleans. Steamship. 12 Brig*..... fchip* 12 Schooner A 1 Burks 4 ?? Total 4 OALVKSTON. Steamships 1 Brit?* ? Skips ? Schooners , Bark* ? Total Whalenifdi Arrat fi'r.r>kMt*n ISth iti?t> ?chr Atlantic, Oarberry, Altai tic Oman. Mmm Aug i& wtiii 60 Arr at Now Bedford ZJtb, hark EHen Dwkje, T?ewK i^rSfi Own, T?lr*fc*itm M*r < h 19, rla WnAcni rtrouiHl ^?p? fl with 275 ?p (175 *>ken en Western Grmnid); *vutlv?o*e &J Kj). tint feed *n Wemern Ground 3 mo* bum-en la(32 .md ; saw whs but 4 iluu?*ai>d rook Ummh 3 the w?u titer tV. the hmt *mth wan a cmtftaiuous cale. Spoke Aug 115 bark Kli/abeth, Kranasla. Wi'slport, 86 hnl* tke? season; AAMiawati Kvliw, Mutt. '** bi>lH all told; ?.br Walton Irr'ru, Atkitu, I'rt Tln^tvwn, 2ft) <ta; 21st, br g Pavilion, I' maon. KH, 10 bbl this s* a*<?; MRU. imrW# Lafayette, She rant n, MB. # bbla ibi k j'ow tiara prarions, Tropic Bird, Dfmmkk, dk>, 60 bbla A* 21st, .)o*bua Hr*?d??d, ?)n>otwJ*. ?! ?, Ismail wh; Mfch, nuw bnrk wWli fop'BL"! *oae. Aug y, the M D Iwvl a heavy NV gale, tuid bulwrarki an J waist nu>?e, atai .Hprung bead o ?or?-n).t?t; aest hkw a whaling bark wirh paiotcd port# having bnt two buiVts lwtt. (See MlsnrHanaouii.) Spukaa?>Sapl 17, kit 40, Inn 69 29, bark N D CEaso, Hatalii of and I or Beverly, full. Spoken, *c. Ship " Jlary Aoodwiu," steering SW (probably thP Kar flood*!), bene* vra I'oriluud for Buenos A>res), Aug 22, bit 12 8, U.i) M 10. A Itark Mooring S, showings hlai-k Rag with a white din monri in it, was *? eu Auk 21, iat 9 U5 S, toil !V4 .'50. Bii-r.hiita Ford, Lovett, bencc tor Gttrallar, Sept 19, lot U - Ion 7940. ling HMulfco, from Machlas f?>r jAoiitevideo, Sept 10, lat 4 It), Ion till 40. Foreign Pores* Antwerp, Sept&?In |.ort shin* Klttv Simpson, nephttrn for NVork 10th: Alboni, lloyer, for <W> fcHh: (Jeorgen, Sljitet for :Vo 10ih; A Morrinon. .Morriaon, tine; bur** M Mit/lal iFrits), l?aruh, for NYork soon; Antou fiuntin r (Olden] ZUOoaen, for iW? lftlh. Ckosstapt. Aut'31?In ;v>rt n\i\y<* Virginia Dare, Colo, fo England; K Snerman, Hichhom. and li V HaxM-r, Owen for Hnglsnd; Vlllaga Belle, lifni^dvll, to Ii?ji<! deals fr?r Bristol North Wind, Jewell, unc (tho Unt two Fatiing under Brill" or. Ki.*tn'?uf. Sept 9?Passed by, ship Dublin, Lane. fn?n Cmn?itadi for Boston. I.<i*nON, S?'|it 7?In port ?hip Oean Eagle, Clitam, fo 8hi< l<la t/> le.wl <">al for Hhanshar. Hai.aja, Auk 31?In port bark Young Turk, Harding, fo B<>- .!>; |irin K?Wet, T?rry, for N York. Nhwcasti.k, NB, S. pt2?An alilp 8el>Mtopol, Aulil. Bttli. OnK!<s*, Aug 21? Arr l>ark Minha Clay, Dcshou, Karri l'"i .i. (^iiKiiKr, S-'pl 16? Arr ahip Orrtrmlp, Doane, Liverpool. In |K>rl 17lh, ahfp Favrn, Manaon, for London 1lg. Rio Jaskiho, Aug 12?iJolng in, l>ark A l*eudi\rg?st, Lar fart-, iri'in lardlir. Smykia, Au? 27?In port t*? rk? Smyrnloto, Weston, an Riuv ii'.nM', ><-ar; ?. Mb to load lor B'mton. stTiih.mas sept 2?Arr brig J We*:, H.trdison, Boaton. Kt.Iohms, I'K Sent A?In |"irt hrlg OhatU'ii""fra, Fry. fo art*t i''i' kiiiih- day to lo.*il for llulttintri*. St Jon v. Nil. >i< pi It?A rr - 11 r i ,Nep: iiiic, Willi heater, I'll aleluhUi; Cilfton. Bivra. N York. 17th, Margaret A, Ltuacu >NDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, ] Ic do. rid 17th, *hlp? Bella Creole, Aiunbury, London; Ohta ,t g". Chaae, Deptfurd, barkn Alma, Kemble, New York; De phlne, Nloiiol., RaU|>orl, 18th, ?hi|w North America, Collie mid C&?tlue, Hinitli, do. Vkiia Ckui, Mept 3?Arr bark Chilton. Penned, Bangor. YaiiuouTH, NS, Kept 4?CM bark Bonito, Ktchan, NYork. AinerUsit Ports* BOSTON, Sept Mi- Arr U S gunboat K B Hale, Foater, Na< York. ateainer Kuimington, Baker, Philadelphia: ably Ann ( re, dough, Liverpool, Ntrk Kmblem. Hamilton, klo Janoiri l aelira Wiliowr lim p, D?vIh; Julia K Pratt, Pratt; I'li/.a k Hi I la-eeo, Prlee; AM, Biidl<oli; llannnb Matilda, Prlcp; Ikaai' I Wainwrluht, I.inliHiii, M try II.tiny. Main/, nu t M Htandial Altvood, Philadelphia. ("Id bark* lotluon, Taylor, Port EIIm ; Selau, lioiiid, Baltimore; Allan, Bartleti. N York lo loa , tor Klver Plaie; brig It R llaaklni, L-'nnan, Matanxai: arhr I SiiNitu, Liidlam; B K Iteevea, Cannon; J (1 Bab.o<k, Batvek i 1> A E Ki ller, Kelley; M B Mahoney, 1. ; JohnC Ilnnrj l.oril; Oeo LOreen, llobh; North Pacific ircy: J William Hun, Jr, Winninoiv, and 1' M VVhuuon. oi?ton, I'll lUde > pliia: Allda, Ilolt, NYork. HM harkaJaf (ill, Vernon; au from the Kniid*. ahlp W*nt Wind. , 21st. AM? Arr ?hlp Albert Gallatin, fitoror, Liverpool vli Portsmouth, NH; xcnr J W Lawrenoe, Tunker, NYork. His I nal fur a liark. Old bark Uraee II imuiond, Bornham, Shi Knmclxo; Br brig Kagle, Haulnier, Barbado* via Ma< ?i hrMj SulUTthwHite, Milonetr; Maria Riiana, Palmer; .1 f > Paraona, Shaw; L J>U|kjiU, Herring: Win W Marry, Norton lluena Vlnta, Roby, and Ja< II II ?yI, Lyon, Philadelphia. I BALTIMORE, Sept 20?Arr i ark Pjrruiont. Oliver, NYork will' PeerleM, Pat'ernon, at Johnn, l'K. Old Br alup MoLeod , li.ilmaiino, Rotterdam; nohrn Muriel, Hutchinson, Portland ?-.. ? iiuu, mum ibiiii, rruriat'iiiT. GLOUCESTER, Sept 18?Arrnhrs Narciwa, Woodbury, 8 * Thomas; Wen Olnam, Thit. Korkj>ort tor Nww York . 19th, ( \ , W Baldwin, Crowoil, NYork; Sophut K Jauica ?tiv .) ?ui< son I Carver'* Harbor lor Sandy Hook: Way Suit*. Verrlll, Rock land for N York. HOLMES' HOLE. Sept 19?Arr brl* Two Boy*, Ilalsey Cow Baj.01, for lfvork?WAnt uburi Iml nigluon Nuki ' Ki t Ulaud, hut came oil uninjurftd an t without dam?me; hcIi Jenny Lltirt. Mitchell, St Thomas for Mac Ilia*. HAKTKORP, Sept 20?Arr ?*hr K M Wull*. Fou, Rondout ) sloops J<?hn Bevcrld?e, Kraeley, Kin -*i? n; Karmer, l>?*rty North port. Aid whru M F Webb, Buckingham; Talltha l Hannah, AI??r:*ill, and J ik Baldwin, Bailey. KiUahfthport; , \ l> Buckley, Wain* LD JauAnl, Ireland, and L Uuuiel *, mui.1i ' NYork; U'ifluti, Jonrii, <to. ) NEW HKbKOKD, <i?pt SI(1 achr Sarah, B-mton (froii f Sij)i?lo;Mi), Philadelphia. r NKWBURYl'OKT, Sept l*>? Ai r K'lirs Ml I)ot?ndo, Orafton , Kll/ah?*t Iimhi; Uaro \V Holmes, McKlwe *, I'liiladtdpbla. Sl< iM-hi'N I Merrick, M-nuoinary; (ja/.ollr. Ketch urn, hu'I A i 1 C tiiuon, Nowell, Philadelphia. t 2'itli? \r. schr.J Realty, Sharp, Philadelphia. , NKWPhHT, Sept Bf? Arr ac'ar* S McDonald, Kelly, and I Waterman, Bowman. N"W Ho lfor l for NYork; SutuiVNid*

Sruull, Dennis lor do: A Tirrell, Hi^ins, H m n tor PhtUido i)inft' Wui Thomas, Baker, Providence lor NYofk: Koanok* raull. Taunton for Ellzabethport. S1?! M?*lir K perkliiH, El?1 > ridge, Saaffus. Returned ou u'-couutof uead wind, kchr Si rab Ann, Pease, from Calais for NYork. r 'JUih?Arr sclir Sarah Jane, Gardner, NYork. Sid schr Stei i ,i g All oth 1 n \n main UIFK, PORTSMOUTH. s pt 19?Arr m'Iiw Nepti'.ne, Nutter, and< C I'.iMith. n. ll.niil, Phi'idclphin. PROVIDENCE S ^>tArr steamers Westchester, .Fonei and ikmmy, K*'iii:cy, N York; sclir* ??-d.n \\.Ikcr. Orlllltti Philad.-ijhla; M .1 (I-uiv*, (!r.i< e, Del:iw nc City t r P.i w 'uck r rt. il R Barnes, B irn??-, <> m-uTu r v.?k, l; (*h?* f, Il'i!??' j and Emily, Thomson. U??nih?ut lor l'uw^t -kot Mo-niiain liotnr. I'oikI, N I !.; h!o? Maiy Dalian, 11m ketl K:i/ah*-thp(?! t; 1 N Si'Vinour, Norioii. l'ort r. ? n ; ,iu< :?t, l>n ni-' NY ?rk. SM i*(ira <'i '?*io i.ut i i i.-hs, I'miMilrlph.a; A I II MifV^n. Buck, Elh.ahKthjiort; Nafh' liiuk, I'l^mlu^ Kvj N ?rthup; I Andei.-yui, lleiiiiu^w in, and J li IH'puty. Lnwti NYork. ' SAN FHANCIKOO, 7?Arr ntnamHhfp Ooldpn 12?* ? I'anaina; llctity B> i^bain, l*ottrr. I<iv?*rf>ool; Inle lie l;??e (ht - Ylctol'-i:i: J', IjIvc i pool, 11* h. Sat t din. !?. !!_ 1C >nc- Sid /tb, bMrk* ( onstant:t?o;>l?'l Sydney 9*li, U-n a or. Hon? Ko;iur; lt)th, t?hipx A.*a Kl liv , M ;! h? u i ? ; 111 li. Arhilhts, Svtinrv. SAI KM S -i.t 19?tMil h -hr? Loesfr, Law*; .1 1) M< f'? -lv " Kiiiltb, and II UlMi kin.iii, 4'omon, I'hiiaucip ii i. S1U acbr V 11 I) ni.:a, L ike, i'liilaililpliia. UOAHUINCi AN a) .MilK.IXCi, A SMAIJi PRIVATE FAMILY WOi.'U) LET \ ilANL jV sojju'ly furnished suit "i H ? m... :i i'ai-lornnd two ii--u rooms, a hath room adiotnlni;, on tli?' ???i 1 lioor, will t 11 ?ard. Tii'* hou s?* li i*i i.ll tin* m > ! vn unnrov.onfnt.s audi c pl' ifMxitly altuau d on Murray H II. Inrj on-at li-'l Ia vim; { ton j'Vi'inii', third bouse ahoVo Thii jy -.^Ulh strrrt. Ufl'e c rriii*??s r?'?|uir? d. i 4 LADY IIA VINO TAKEN THE 1'1 CST CLA.-S HOUS1 t J.\ 11 SiM'ond av??nu?*. oriu'roi S'-vrntli street, has a t'<?v ; Suits and al-? soui** Min t!'' K-iorhn to d ol. < .ill a ho tint* or address ho< New York Pont olllee. | V HANDSOMELY Ft'RNISHEO KOO.MS Ti i 1_ n-ut, in siiiir? or sin "!y, Willi It . fur m?* \vi*. ^i t<M mii lviiMiiiTiHc; liuus!* flrb'l cliritf. Apply nl 44 \V??:?t Nmtl J utiivt, n" ir Fifth amine. A T JZ \VI>T FOURTEENTH STREET. liKTWKKJ J\ Fifth an.i Sixth ttveuucc. Urgf Bdoiiih. baoilMittx y I'm ii ihIh-U, i:i hhUm or Aiko Mtn.iZlrr U ins for ^-nth lien, with Tin* ha* all tin* moutTti. improve tu ufa. it uon exi h.? ed. v t an') i.ijo broadway, between twenty . \ lifili :m i i'vvin\v--KUi Mir i ts, m-i.r li.i'i Av.-ii';.- 11 ?ulu of K<?hiii.?. witii prlv*tM ta'nc; all lh modcr ' rouwnu'lii'C*. AUh K(?unn> I ?r nincU* utieiiun, wit . . \ FRONT ROOM AM) BEDROOM, I'ONNKCTINK. 02 ? \ t1i?- !i" ml ili?.ir; ni <\ two itDoiiiH on tli" toui 111 - . ?r, t In. vvnli Bo ;r t?? famil!< !-: or mngir gntitleiuun, utl51rvin pi , r.u'arr I'lfl.-tmlll MU rt. * HANDSOMELY FIKMSHED FRONT ROOM AM ^ V. Bedroom, on third :; In hous* with a prl it 11U3 v ill 4r.-nd-'l loom* or two persona of q ilm h >iih, wit 111. als n -li'nlrrd. AUo a l.irgi* rftom c?n arcond iloor. 4J In v? r>lty plan*. t LAR\M' HAND8OMBLT FURNISHED BOO) /V O M 1Q H . -: 1 ' t - . u r. 1 |fl r.|?i illy lin?? "it tin* oimI floor, (i'ront); ul*o iw> li 11 to l.M.' willi ll.Mi-.l, at Jiii ?i< t llMEa?t F.mriornth attvH ^ in*:ir I'iiIoii il | \ NEATI.Y Ft R NISI I ED FRONT ROOM TO LET?I! j \ .1 small prti ui funiljr, to n01 t*..? sin gentlunu 11 ? nv#*ni-hi 1/ < ami ? u* 'JVriiiH rcNiHofMohv R?*lVi -r* i^lVfii r111 ivqulrrti. Apply a* JJ IV nth street, tlea ^lx11> avenue. 4 FAMILY DK4IKINQ A GOOD II o.VIE FOR THE WIN jt\ 1 >r, nil 1! 1 . 1iccoiu|nod?tionM (In .1 j?: u&t t loos ; U u, lira: llnir Ir :vl?), ? ill !i:>?1 anr'.i an out', Willi ? ) . 1 -'? ; !! v un I h'T dni^hu*i\ by addressing \Va<swortli W\ I,V^V? l*oi*t ollii e. \ FINE SKIT OF ROOMS, WITH BAT11 ROOM Al iV tached, on h't.iii.I H>or, w ill In* M, with Una: i, to , par*y 'I* thrfi' ?r lonr. -li i rv n-jiKu.i.wili' '--rm-.. Vlso. !< ? 1 m1i anil'n ??iiiH I'.o sin^i" ^Mi'l'vn *n Apply aL^5 v'lintoti plai 1 r ! b.'twi en Uttiv?*rKlt\ and iiro id way. i ? A T N<). >l U EST FOI RTEENTH STREET. BETWI'E: S JV Kift 1 mi m . - 1 na, .i- y n iiird, in sni??r Niinclv. Al??? Htnu'lrr li?M?niH fur^.-nili tiifii, with It ard. Th^noiim* haa all the n?oUe:n i-nprovt in niM. Ui*tV*i'tMU?'.-4 r\? hanu?-il. I A k.ih, n-u-'.y ?u I neatly turni*hed, to let. to a ??uulen ar wlilt partial Hoard if detdred, .it lU'J K.iol Thirty-third ture<* near Lexington avenue. r K (JENTIiKMAN AND WIFE OR A FEW SINOL i\. ijentletoen may h>- ae? onunod.it4*d with very pl?*aaai \t K'iotiix, having criry ronv enfetie* ; location pleaaant and <*<?r .) 11 nlenl i o >% u s in : stage Efc : f |i red. Apply a 1 | 42 VV'-rtt Fifteenth ntr?vt, between Fifth and SLxth aven 'ea. r I * | t <UT OF ROOMS AND TWO SINGLE ROOMS AH1 I J\ now vaevmt .a No. 10 lloud at reel?to Irt, together or St 1 ? | A T lil EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, CORNER O I. \ . ith neei , and on< riiorf block i to Brwulwi) to le(, without t>ourd, a ple?>>atit from and hack Parlor, o second floor; will !>? let together or separately. Dinner: I o. References ex< handed. L \ SUIT OF BLBGANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS V J\. let, nnfrstamt second floor*, together or separ.rt % wit good Hoard, to gentlemen and tin if wive* or single p ti11 < f| men. la the very detdrabla houae IWest Eleventh alive neai Si&th avenue. llouae and location un?urpatu?ed. Reft f> re nee* required. k A PARTY OF ORCTLBME19 CAM OBTAIN, IN A 1 \ American family. n Second Floor, conaNum; or two pa: lorx, lour Nsiroom* and two h.-uhroon;*, all connected, wit 4 lull or Hoard. Residence near tirace church an 7 | went of Bioudvvuy. Adtlresa K. K.. Herald oJice, for tw - j <bjl? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OAK MAKE AOBEEJ A A hlc nrr hi ;enieni* to hsciipy? with H<>ard, an clegs t 8 turgA front Room, with plenty of ctosoi room. on Ibo soono - floor. in th# first eloss house 24 Went Twenly-nrat street, nea 1 Firth avenue. Hv*i referenire- given and required. 0 4 T GREATLY REDUCED PRICES?NEWLY FI B 2 XV nished Room*, fnun $lt?$2 50 per week, Lod^m^ - , from 25 to37 cents per nu;ht, at the Frankfort Ifou*e,cort2C 1 of Frsnfori and William atreet*. Open all night. } 4 T 38 KA.ST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAU &ROAI * 2\ way.?Board for Ktntlsinen auil whrus? or ain?k.? getttb ~ men. A few choice front, room* (rtiti^ln aiid In HUit^>? Lon * lion deHimhle. Houae Urat chtta. M^nieru couveti^uicei IP*bt reference# offered. I | A CHOICE OP HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FROM !j ! j\ Room* on the i**??ml and third (loom to !*'t, wilii Hoarc y I to a[fiu1"(n?u ami (hi'lr iriTi'M ar single ^enttetni'n; tuoder laiprm'omonts; t print reaaotuMe. References uichftu^pt J N<i. 4 Second MfMlt Mr the BNwx> II A SMALL AMD STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, Rfl siding in 11 Urwt <uov* house, will lake a lady in bt?arrL r ^ will let a h<*ttd*omely furnished Room to a xenilpuian, trltl I out Board. Term* m<?dprate. RviVrmires required. Appl al 199 Kast Nlaeteeatb rtoai. 3 A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM. ON SF.COM ?/iL MiH?r, haucfc-oniply furn!vh<*K io l?t to raigte i??>?*W?rnPi >- or lo a wntimnaa and wife, witft or without Hoard I bath, Jtc. Mwtmw required. Apply a? t>4 Amity it < A HIGHLY im'UNIsjikd BOOM, W1TF1 FlMFZiAGS XL. to let?WUhaut Board, to one or two penum*; rer * $1 75 per woefc. Aim, one for $1 26 per weak. Apply a! MS ? Prfnue stivefc. A mm ov aooaa well PTTRNPKflKi>. to lbvJ Together or Mpparatoly, to Majrle geutlemefi, in a prwrat " French raui thy, In a mnit iWirai?h? lufaAoa. Apply at 2f Fenrth elieel, w^'lhgloi ? A T N) WEST WASnlSfOTOK PLACE, A FRW DOOR! / Jl VMlOf iftllll aTHiina? Room*, alili Ikmrd. A luni!!] , genHenan ?nd wtte, giilhiian or IsOea, mn be suitably :* * I'omriMKliitHd; noar car* and ***?? *. Dinner at *-? o'rlork. P A mtu KfKNlsilRD MUM AMD BSDBOOM 01 J\. tl>p rtr*t tfoor; iti*o a niee Room on live third tlo<>r. wft rjim, ftnttahle for a ^ riilornan und Id* wife, or *h?c;fp gentl? J? aiun, may l>? had, with or without Board, hi a nn ill prlvaf family, by calling at 185 Latirea* street, near Bleeoker *tvm? A mm OV BAMDSOMSLY P0RKI8BBD ROOMS vfcb of without beard, bating all Ibe Bodero Impron '* nwn in Hiid erery coDTrniem-?, to |??t to *tngb> fMiflrm.-ti or o Hinall t'atutlv for hon*ek??ephig. I?o<-atfc>n desirable. Appl at iW Welt Twenty-fifth ftreet, near ?*ar* and railroad. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY, IN A FIRST CLASS HOCSI J\. won id die to let, uafujntiihed, with Board, olthpr I * IMn.i ? -V...M1HWH mid v> lie i ( two aingle gentlemen, at vry rea?onattl?* r?t. *; the hen*- tin every improvement. Apply ?t the atore Si, Earn Twelfth at ' \ DESIRABLE (MOT AMP other VII! PLBJ /V aant Roumn, In a house kept niee and private, with fir: ' ? ! Board. Private table if preferred. Referenda e c hanged. Apply ai 19 L'nlveralty place, corner wf Ninth c-l. 0 A rr.easaxt home MAY bk found BV AC.UT.T.J j- J\. Me parties, chokv of room.*, dinner atfl o'clock, how lii'Ht rUM, four atory, at Id Ashland place, corner ?f Wave r 1>7 place. AT 4? BliBBOKBR 8TBEBT.?HANDSOME BOOM and Board for a ^enilt-inun and wife and a few alng: K .ntlemen. Tertnt moderate. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Kef< tmi ca exchanged. Boarding.?single or married persons wisi ln< Board and nice Boom* hi a very low rtte. wi t] call ai 353 We.<t Thirty-flfth atrt-eL Houae modern; bath un waah tub* free. ChlMrcn no objection. r TJOARD?A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS ON SEroNt J) floor, to rent, with full or partial B-?ar.!. li >u*?? 1.1 |. cia*R, with m ?I'-rn iniproveimMita; ulso Koono* t?,r <-iti^ i, K' ntleuc n. Auulv at Utf Niu'.U atrcet. wcw of Broadwav. p L861. i- BOARDIHO AND LODQIWO. r, 1JOAKD.?TWO OKNTL.KUKN AMD riiKIR WIVK8, OR "1U D two (Ingle geiitl> mou, uuy obtain II.mpI in ? jirivule 1VJ f amily. TheliiMiM cnnutlu* nil tk? luixliirn luiproT?IueuM. Hue Dlunttr Iuqulre at H4 Twnlftli ?U'oet, bi-ltreea foil KlM!i ?nil Sixth av?nun?. Iteferauiwa axulikuip-d. Wh ? ^OAKD.-A FRONT ROOM OR(PARLOR AND BED ' Rooms for single gentlemen. wit V ??-?? hq ; T10AKD?A YOUNG LADY OK QUIRT HABITS, CAN BE : .13 an-<>mraodated with Board on moderate terms by apply- V] tig at 125 Greene street. Apply after ten o'clock. XN a thi . T>OAKD.?TO LKT, WITH BOARD, TWO 8U1T8 OK or 1 well furnished Room? on the second and third floors; ? jl IxUb, gas, Ac. Apply at 48 Clin ton place, near the Brevoort Hon***. ?y ? 2 cut] 130AKD.?PLEASANT ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR URN- Ac. % JJ tlemeu an t their wives or single gciitlciucu, may be twt obtained at No. 404 K?>unh street. Location convenient to , iiron-lway stages aud Fourth avenue care. | > i "OOARD.?AfFAM ILY, HAVING MORB ROOM THAN R?>< .IJ required, wonki dispose ot excellent areoiumoda thins rot ' to a tiiiHll, genteel lamily, for the ensuing winter. Locution . desirable; accessible by cur* and stages. Apply at 17- West Twenty-nrst street. * . ?? - rot * OOAKD-A PRIVATE FAMILY, DEHIROUH TO RE- >"e, t J3 duoe expeuses, would ai<s>minodate two Kcntlcincn and ) their wives with pleasant Risiiu*, with Board; house brown , stone, ple,\?antly hu nted betwn?n Lexington and Third ave- -IV Iiucs, A ( <irh? II. P., Herald ofHee. Reiereuces exchueged. I"'' - ins Board.?a gentleman and wwb, or two singie gentlemen, may obtain a plfauant I.toom, with Board, ur 1 r In a private family, at 48 West Twenty sixth street, near ,or Br??a.lvay. House has modei n improvements. Terms res* H> 11 . mi ; t TOOARD.?A NEATLY FlrRNI8HED ROOM, SUITABLE <>*' I IJ lor two gentl, men, or gentleman and wile, to let, wlih ,'11' i, Board, iu a privat.* faintly, where home eomforts can be realized. Uou*(t ha* all the modern improvements and is CJ n mc by i iMi*t car oi *iage. References exchanged. O Please call at HI King ntreet. clai j TOOAKD.?OCSTLEMKN AND THEIR WIVES Oil FAMI- ? * IJ li??s ean n aeeommodateu with Booms, in suits or Keparate, at 178 Went Fourteenth street. Also, Rooms for single A gentl-mcn. Dinner at tf oVlis:k. References given aud re- vs?? quired. Term* moderate. the I IJOAKD ?SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OHTAIN NEAT J J Rooms. witb or without Board, at No. 5 West Washing* A 1 ton place; also m mitol Parlors on the ttrst tioor, suitable for ?i1 * k" a party of gentlemen. References required. BOABPINU?AT SM TENTH stieeet. BBTWBBM J first avenue .ftirt avenue A. Gentlemen aud their wives be * eaii he .le. oniuiodut;' i with Board and Rooms on the most ron riv -"unable terms, a small Parlor, Bedroom and clothes ne? * closet w !l be let to two, gun In-'lu-led. The house lias all the ?? e? mo,iiu n improvements; i* convenient to cure and stages. in ? ? _ no1 ' l>OARDlN<3.?GENTLEMEN ANI) THEIR WIVES. OR * I > singh gentlemen who like i comfi ible u I hot fiat m * home, with really j;o:>d ta ?le, in a smali lamily, < an lind ^ V such accommodations at 101 Lawrence itreet. Brooklyn, In h ri, ceiiti ii and desirable uei^lihoi hood, w ithin thirty minut -sof J' the M i liant'sKx hange, N?-w York,ferry included. Terms no tonU m ; II ANT ?SO>! K K-ONT PAIU.OK AM) .1} Bedroom, suitable for a gentleman and his wife, may be obtained, wUh Boat I, in a uouse having everi de irsbls m * convenience. Also one single Room. Aj ]?Iy at 104 Second avenue. sl.i IIJ Koi'inn, with or Without Board; (prma, board, $3 to I -?* $.t 50. AIm? I* irl ?r; \v*?>i!?l nuit a K' utieiuan aud wife \\ i phjr Iah, wl taand termiin l< te;a 1 ?i West .Ull | 7 iui:rh... . !j.-ut i'ii s? w. i? 11 and SI tUhivaoiMi. Board.?sevkrai, tt.kasant and wem. fur. \\ niched ro ?iiih, with Boatd, at Clinton place, near pt,, ii I Fifth avnntie. Dinnei at 6 s. HOARDING? 10ft WEST FOURTEENTH STREET?A v IJ ku it'>t Rooms, on * - -md and tin >1 rtoorp. and a ?in:.i" \1 Room, with Hoard; the hoi!.*e in find elagu, with evory com- v.,t tot :, and Hi#* situation the beat on the afreet, l>? ing open \yu ?? through, front and rear. u,l, v j, i t "TIOARD WAITED?BY A (iENTLEMAN, IS A PRIVATE J) t'nui'y ??r small l>>ardiu:j h'?u- Location hetw.-rti i* Fourletuitn and Twenty-third *tr? etsund Fourth and Seventh > avenue#. A'idtvs.i D. U. J., box 614 i'oal olUce, .stating |)f%i ; term*, &c. ^ | TJOARD WANTED?EIGHTEENTH W4JLD FEBi I) t rr*'.l, for self, > in* :in,d fluid, to? iiinm"nc? in OotolnT. tin * ! Could t'unmh room it re-juired. Addtva, stating lo^atiou ke< and price ivi *\v> moderate), K., box 2,00'J Post oilier X. rIOARI) WANTED?FOR A FAMILY OF SIX PERSONS <j?< > ii i., from 8 to S mart); fo rnfl S, ! wh n*?vl; h r.rd i:uiat K* nrat i l.iss, in that rlaaa hou?a? on sin Brooklyn H Ulru, or "'ti F urth and Twenty-fourth Lo. I, ' h?re? U, N w York. Addr-"^ A. S., box Itift Herald oflice, i?ta* nai n I tin.? locution and tortus. N >other answer* noticed. Brooklys.?to let, with hoard, a large 8 Room, coiitaintnu h ?t ;rad cold water, clos ts, Ac., to two tw< S' | <;oiiilemen, or a I i ly ami U'Mivlouirin; bath on the same tioor; ?? also a Koom f ?ra ain^ia gentleman \ dinut-r at C>a o'clock. g | Apply at Ilk) Clinton street. Jih h 1 Brooklyn.?1to let, with board, a front at: R??o i in.i It Irooni on ai-.-oud tloor, convenient to South ui; ! \\ ail *t.? et lerrii <. Apply at ifc) CUntou atroet, opposite "| ' h Bcliermerhorn. L , i- ~ ?" bo Board in hrooklyn.?tiik proprietor of the out Globe Hotel. JiJ, 2U ami b't Iron at reel, and 114 l'ine- ion 'I apple *treet, can otii*r pie*.-<ani Rooms for families or single He, i' ? v. 411!:.- lk>ard for the winter, at reasonable rates, s Dinner at t!i?* <i(??'? ut hallp i. t one o'clock. ami at 4} , Pineapple street at six o'clock. sam MIS, Proprietor. ? TJOAIID IN' HUOOKLYN.?A LADY, WITHOt'T FA- PH i li miiy, <<. a handsomely furnished house close to nie , til * S->11 iia Ferry, accommodation for a lew boarders; bi .iK, hot uiil cold water in rooms, j,e. Dinner at eu. Apply r ut i?l romjrcsK all *ej, fair doors west of llenry. ?jl Board iv ukooklyn, atoi sands street, near Pearl.?Ro ?ms nearly turn-dod, or tintuni'shed, in A >?i! ^ or wparate; ex'-ellri t. pantries. auitab'e i'or fatalities. 'x n Fa good and i ins in k) nit . jj., Hoard im br >ok . f frnikhed rooms, with II !! .i' i* :i ' .'-I?i i i Mil 11fi?r a u i* 111.?n rj and \vi' ; t wo min1? nti? .*? n. m iy l*e obt.ined in a | a private faniliv; term.-* moderate; reference required. Apply wit I nt 45 Nassau atreet. ttb. B' OARDIN BROOKLYN -A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD Q If a p'e#\> ,nt trout Room to two finale gentlemen or O ^ I gentleman an \ wile. II ' ^a>, b.ith, .; n* ar the fer- hIii i v .m?! about two hmv're-i feet from railroad. Tc .Mis mode- cjn * rate. Applv at Third place, or nddrcsa Hoard, box4,197 fer Pof oflV . jf r v >rk. r?OARD IN BROOKLYN -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, 81 > or tw ) or thr- single xenll"fuen, can lind pleasant ac* hi; . I couintodM Ion* at 30 Cliei v? r plac \ between lli. ks and lien- am t? j ry and De^raw and Harrison streets. Dinner at 6. sot ? I "OOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A FEW GENTLEMEN' CAN Q Xj be icoomniodaU*d wlti pleasant Rooms with Bi ard, on *J >l ! reasonable terms, at 44 Nassau street. References required. sui fl I -DROi)!.[,YN BOARD TO I.ET IN AT'tlVATE FAMILY | D a second atory parlor an^l bedroom, front; bandiouiel^ ? I I'urt.i lied. Hath r?>oin uml all other improvementa. House Q j ilrat <-Imks. D.iiin'r halt' past six. One block from cars, ten ' minutes' walk from lern?*a. Apply at 2^4 State street. Cn | - ? ? ~sz? ?? ?; noi BUOOKLYN heights.?very PLEASANT rooms, Re on MM'-ond and t^iUd tioor*, ro let, with Board, nt No. 5 - . Poplar skrutt, within three minutes' walk, of Fulton terry, "1 i 1 nai ghtfrom W >'.\ * "eet. ^ .1' i l^KOOKLYN llEIGIirS.?A SUIT OK ROOMS, HAND. IJ snmely turuUiiHii^o let, with Board; stiUsbta for a an , I family; the hnu?e is pl^-autly located, coiiveniftnt to either *? Wall st%?-t or ierrp. Apply at 87 Henry street. V w Be ferencee e xch angv. .1. " * "ROARDIN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, l's i .IJ occupying an elegantly furnished house tlobo to the ft I Smith ferry, will In- nappy to accommodate one or two in^ j mates f^r the winter. Hoi and cold whUm baths, Ac. Refe- "1"] ** remvs required. Apply at Stoi Congress street, four doors .1 I J* | west { Henry. get o | tdoaSd in wiLY,r am>buiiii.-a lady. omvvxisq S!i I -L) a first class ht<u*c with nil the tni^l^rn improvements, ? , in a KpU'tnlM location, would take a gentleman and bis wile, 1^ or two Kindle jjentleii!*'tt, to Board; i'.noth*r boarders; large ibi it airv nminc, furnished <?r unfurnished, with bedrooms at JJ. 4l tarried if required. Apply at 17* South Ninth street. Kefe- ?r n* reucesexchangnd. T\ESirA?I.E ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, SUIT 1( As able for families or sinpln gentlemen, st 38 West Ninth .,j h street, between FUpi nod Sixth avenues. jjjj. ' TOLBUANTLT FURNISHED ROOMS KOlfMARRIED ? JJJ gestlemen. Also Rooms tor single. gentlemen, on second "I ( j or third tloor. Bathroom and Kptu'lons closets, gas jnd every ?.* aceuru nidation to suit first cms# Iwar-Ierw. Udnner at six. pi'' J* 119 Waverley place, uear Wsnkfrigtau square. Tei j- "LX> CRT Eli NTH STIfiEI ? FAMILIES OH 8INQLI ? _ .V gentlemen returntna from th* country, will find pleaT Kant Rooms, wlili BonrtT Table unsurpassed. Terms rea- Oi , sonaWe, Apply at lift East Fourteenth street. h ? ? ? frs J1 "EH'RNISUEO ROOMS TO LET, WITH PARTIAL t1"'1 I Board, ut No. 9 VfiuvMn^.on pbkee.?limine llrnt rlau, *' with till the mcxteru improTe?*'nw. Best of references filveu rw/foired. * ty 'r 1?uun1shed rooms?witii board, for families > "< F nnd single gentlemen, in a ple**tnl and agreeable fa* nillv, at prices to suit, the times. References given and re- O quired. At 164 West Twemystetft street\ near Eighth ave* ^ ^ i noe. Ptoiet el ^ctoek. let, ^ TT'CRHISHED ROOMS ?A WPDOW LADY WILL LET A ro? * J; tew handttsmely nirrUheo w?a%>iid story Ko*ms; every aitentlen paid U> raou'ort and cfeanliuese; renns low asd fo- Q1 onttoncentral. Sft h?*h1 atmt O' Tj?L ?N1SI1E1> ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, TO ,> r only. lions* cvntiua* all the modern iin- ,) prornmenta. Apply at .CT Faurth alreei, W4we?fia Bowery rr. Mlid S TPlTiNIsnED ROOMS TO LET-WIT1I OR WITHOUT = L Rooril, Hi a heii^e kwlnv ?IHb? mottern lnt|>rovi'Dient?. A Suit >!' liwotiu for bou<K-keerlua. Apply at 12 East Kif- " ^ teemth elreeU js^ LH-RMTSUED ROOMS TO LET?HOME AS I/lW AS SI r;? r per wprk; ccnreniral t? ?ara and for nil purls nf wli the city. Call for a few days at 206 Weal Tweuty-fourth wn afreet, uenr Eighth arenne. Bl< h T^URNISllKD ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD TO LBT.?A A !- e aanall ;'iirair faBlily, BWflpytal a kit dM* bNN in J\ * vh w of Bi wi'twuy, ilesirfi W> let or two Booms to xluglR v< l t. ! p-ntfemen only. Apply ?t !A). 7 Bond atreut. Rrftreucei mu IeacbahflM. Li "n^URKISnED OR UMVl RMSnED R()oms~TO LET? T" a in liimm j-M.K.r. ?i-u fwtuim f.r inn i>???ru, uw'iiimn y pteasaut; beat of referenda pivt?u and required. Apply at i;M We.;t Forly-sceoud atreet, newr Broadway. ; TTOBdKEN -WANTED, PKRNCH BOARD FOR A OER? JlL man Rent lento n. Address, statin# iwrtlculars and b'rms, >r which mu;H be moderate, H. S., box899 Post office, New York. nr< 'I . 1)0 a TN THE KKTOHBORIIOOD OF CLINTOK AND LA- lo? X fayette avenues, to lei, a nice milt of Koom?; also, a small Room, with Board. to a ?*in*<le oentkeman or a lady and t ?l.n??hu?r, or a ntleman and wife. The attention of parties ' I* invited who value a quiet, tithr home, and are loud ol' musle. A'Mrvf-hM M. M., Brooklyn Post office. i- TAOKSON HOUSE, 210 ELM STREET.?THE LOWEST Cn e f| rented and moat comfortably and conveniently I'nr- 1 r* tji*hed Apartments In the city, to meet the want* of*amall *.:l families, with every requisite furniture; linen, cooking range Kt . n?l utensile, gaa and On)ton water. 1' rSMBT cm HOARD?FIRST CUASK, WITH ALL V ' ft the modern Improvement*; u splendid view ot'the hn\ ; " back Parlor $10, front Chamber for gentleman and wife.' Hn or single gentlemen. A short walk from the ferry. Dinner' f. at six o'clock. Be*u of references given and required. Apply il nt 158 Grand street, d - ? MRS. M. D. SUMNER, \ No. 22 West Twenty-ninth street, J" |> li is on<> nult of Rooms and a 1m< k i'arlor not disposed of for an \'\>- winter; ala ?. throe *?ngle Ro.ima. >11 elegantly furnished. m< .c Her h ?in" lias been euUrged ur.d improved, aud ulaundrv 1'. aided to iu ua. 4 BOARDING AND LUOOING. [AISON MEUBI.BE, 70 AND Ti west TIIIKTV L eiKlitU Hired.?K< mill eleijHuUy furnUhed, or whot* ir?, with kitchen, cellar and yard. Hnuiwa uew, drat Haas. ratojy, brown alone; common pallor; im-ala i'oinuhed. ol? parlor floor or Baaemrnt for pliysldan'l oUlec. OK. 110 AND 1U EAST FOURTEENTH Hl'UEKT nnar Union mniaW?Ele'yant Kootua, aingly or In auiw h Board. 'lermn moderate. Ilouan jual repaired an4. orated. Apply aa above. 0 lir wkst eleventh street? a kunr pleaaant!rout Uoohi ui let, t\ ith or without Board, ?U? ee or l'our a.iinller K'u m.i,^tillable cither for gcutl* turm rrices 10 huh me times. EATLY Fl'UMSflED ROOMS TO LET?TO OENTLBmen, with break last it defired, in a quint, <te*iruble Ulon, only two blocks from Broadway; house has bath, gas, ; prices t<> Huit tl.o i men. A| ply ai 251) Ureeue 6Uect, I*. !TU Waverley and CilOlon place*. IJ-ASVNT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET--WITH lloat d, aultablc foi ueutlemeu an 1 wlvoa. Alao smalt n?H tor gentlemen. Dlnuer at ?lx o'clock. Apply at 41& trth street, between Howery and StHjond etcntie. LEAS A NT ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, dinner at 0>? o'clock, In the finely located house 111 Weac iricenth -tied, I't?r gentlemen una wive* or single g<*itisn. House has ev. ry conveniens*. Terms moderate. IiHLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT?IN TIIK REST i neighborhood iti the city, near Uiuuii opiate; house in feet order and new iy iui nished'; any arrangement can bt? de in regard to meals, which If given would be in the beat ?nch *iy!<-. Thuopiiovtunity i?an unusually goodour tor tw?? ihree gentlemen who desire to be is'nnuneutly and com* tahly located. Address box 'VUM I oat othce. KOOND AND THIRD STORY FRONT ROOMS TO let, furnished, with Hotml, to a gentleman aud his wifn two sing;!.* i entlcinen, at '.l&l Fourth street, Hear Lal'ayi place. References exchanged. INGLE GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR v.ives vvlsii' i>o rd am lind desirable Rooms, in a lirst -H house. ,t ::r, Teutii street, between Fifth and Sixth ave a. The best of reference* given aud required. O LET?WITH BOARD, A HACK PARLOR ON TITB first t ac.<l two large itoouia on lbs second floor, aH 11 f'ui nl.sli? i; j.o . Assion given Immediately: house baa all inoderu iui pi ovcriiema. Call at 117 West Houston at reel. 0 LET?FURNISHED PARLOR AND BKDROOM* with ru and bath, in a resectable lo?;.tiou. In<iuirn ft Grand street. Also a few Rooms tor single gentlemen. 4 0 THOSE LIVING IN HOTELS AND BOARDING Houm s.?-There Is un establishment opened, but ilia t# managed d life rent from any hoti-a- in this country, th? mis being laid out in suits .ni l furnished with everything saary f'?' housekeeping, in order that a faintly may ha*<? rnplete home the inment that they arrive, nnd live at ua onceivably low rate. There is a restaurant attached. Thin re I and splendid establishment is at 110 Maodou^ul street. WO FRONT ROOMS, WITH PAHTET-WELL IVKnUhod \ 11h xhs ut.<l l?ath, wl 11 be let, together or se|mcly, in a plain American family, with a plentif ul tablo oC td food, iit 7u L light street, near Greenwich. WO GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN AND llffr wife can be accommodated with Hoard in a private faly, at a i nod orate pri e, at 12o Yurie k street. WO LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, suitable t or single genlcmen, may be had in a family reing on Fifth a o,it??, Kefeienc.V exchanged. Address W. W.. 98 Keade street. rBLLER'8.- NO. 7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. \ conic:- of It. at!way, Ma.'son square, a suit of UooiOS, i mn v miiniviru; now va am. TANTKD?,a child to board, bet when tiie 1 age ??; 4 ami I'), ?i i spe'-table ]>.?i. .?ih, l?y it lmly of ei ifni'S can be highly r- -nt.iiuetiwod. Cull ai 110 North 34 Willi.unsoiir:.', at any time. J ANTED-A PARI.OU AND BEDROOM FOR A LADr 1 and gentleman, w;h Boai I for the In lv only, in a prie house, (Kivii'li prei'ened), where tiiei? hpc no other i:\lcr*. t^ui?*t and desirable partfoa v/ill lie tuet with by ire*sinrr, i.:?vir. .: location, terms aud full particulars, ii. A. Hon, station D l'o*t olliee. JAXTKJ>?FUKNIS11KD OK UNFtJRNIS11ED, TWO ' gooii1 Rooms, Willi hoard, in a Miieily private family, weeu Fourth mid Twenty-nst streets a-id Fourth an J cut!) avenues, in h house well 1 ie .t d, with mcalcm irn veiuent?-. I' r a lady and daughter n :.e yeais old. Terms, liulitig IS:'- yv I ;:as" not. to ??\?eed $50 a moiitl;. UnexoepnaUe ret ere: i? e> given and required. Hoarding house peih are r?-iuchi ',1 to abstain frou replying. Addrcse Q , box 115 Herald ofllce. i) or: ?ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FROM $2 25 TO $3 ?ja week and upward. Families and ladles led less th in any house In the ci:v. I'urlor and man*, ilglnp* very cheap and watchman >.*11 ni^ht, at 48 Lisperd street, near Broadw ay and Canal. WEST ELEVENTH STREET, THREE DOOR.J FROM Broadway.?A handsome suit or Room* to reut tooneer ) gentlcm;*n, with Board, it* desired. in n:r v, BBK - FOE A FB8TTZLT FUBKI8BQB 1' "Room, wi.!* full Board, to a gentleman and wife: alan !"otn lor ^in : e gentlemen, at$l; let mumi1 ate or together; So. 102 WcM '1 \\ enty>K!xth attvet, near ElghLh avenue. 7 WEST TWI NTY-SIXTII STREET.?A CHOICE Cir I a iew newly furnished Rooms, in a new brown atone ise, to let, * gentlemen or small famtlW, with or withB '.ird; also an uufurnished suit of Rooms. Delightful ution, one bloek west ol' Madison Park, and couvenlool to Midway and Fifth avenue stages. n WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STSSIT. ?li andsomr f <t vm ir?hed or unfurnished Rooms to let, on lirst ac <>nil floor. <'arpeta nil new; hous? and table lirst elaus. ivnte table ii desired. Also single Rooms to let to gentle f\ UNION IQUAUL -A M :v OF ROOMS OH T'"fFW 1/ floor to let, with Hoard; also single Rooms for gentle u. References given and required. | WK3T TWELFTH STREET?tfOABD.?TWO VERB jV -ant front Rooms, on third storv, to ""lei, vrltfi itrd, at 44 West Twelfth street, between Filth and Sixth lines. Also, u hall Bedroom. References exchanged. 9 TENTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH ATBNUE.?HJJOK mi Kom.-ly furnished Ajnrtmen.s, en suite and single, ih full Board, or private tabic if preferred, to let to respect* e parties. ? 0 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLAOR and Fifth aveni.e.?Gentlemen and their wives and igeutlemcn can obtain Hoard in a lirst class house, with d'-epf rooms in suits ? : single. Dinner at (> o'clock. Re ence giveu and required. WHITE STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF BROADl" way.?Gentlemen wishing permanent Board will lind the above number a good table, pleasant rooms, ^as, baths, I everything ?s near like home, as possible. Terms raft* table. required. 1 CLIWT*>N PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?AN J entire seeond Floor can now be obtained cither tm te or .'dngly, with or without lirst class Board. Also, one two Room's on third and fourth floors. Reference given :i require^. GREENS STREET, ABOVE SPRIKG?w.STONT ' * j Hons--.?Elegantly 1 tiroished stilts of Rooms, with gaa, ton waterand every convenient* for housekeeping ecotnically; particularly auited for small, resjiectable families. Ill lovs. \\ 4 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE THR ll*X Academy of Mottle.?Room* to let. wiili Board, furdied or unfurnished, struly or in suits to lainilies or hingUi rsons; location very desirable. Proper reference given d required. IA MACDOUGAL STREET?RICHMOND HOUSE IS L*/ now opened as a private family Hotel, for the recqp* n of single gentlemen, or small famil vm tired of t>o.-<rdliig. riles desirous of housekeeping can lind every convenience the above csiablUhment. | f* WEST TWENTY THIRD STREETS-ROOMS, SUIT-* 1') abl- for gentlemen and their families, also for single r'? men, may be obtained, with Board. Reference* re[?' r j " UNCE STREET-rST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELEJl / ?:|y furnished liooum with Jtodn situs attached, tk .;e convenience* for housekeeping complete, inidi _ .isand Orotou water, to let to respectatie families single gentlemen. * C KLEECKER STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAU ROW. )?J Furnished Rooms to lei, with Board, suitable forfalies and single gentlemen; the house lias all the modem proTiaieoti. ReAntMHi wMhtayA MRAST TENTH STREET-TWO AJfD A HALT Blacks from Broadway.?Oeottoaen requiring asaiit furnished Rooms, wi%h or wfthayt Breakfast ana x, will find every accommodation, at wwo*raie prices, by dying as above. Single and double rooms with convent-* af heat, bath, gas, Ac, f\~| WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A LARGE, nt Hall Room* for (fetiUeinea and thefrirtm> or g??aien. DiTiuerat 6 o'clock and br.wtftM m 7. Refor?uaa? 'bansad. , fW? WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A SUIT OF * "U final-died Room* to IpI, with Hoard, To a gemlenvwa i family. IM?H?r at 6 o'clock. References Picmnxnd. 9 A VARICH STREET, HETWHKN BOU8TOK AKB far'ititiK?Kiiruikhcd K??aa, in aului >>> ainfriy, ( with or without Hoard. Uoiine la brat ral? ordor. Nutia dw.r, A I'-t young ladle* auk be meamoiUtcd. JVrvun to ault tke tiima. >>-| ORUENWICH ktrrkt-a r?w gentlemen ill. etui bo nrrnTiHnodaUrd with mod Ifeiard aud {Ilr.t win* at Mm. Taykir'a. Terraa |)|n *-eek. 76 fourth amsat?rvaammo rooms with. I O out Board. A private taiaily k*?tu* nwn> room u they recjulro, will let* few Room* at priaea U> mil Mm ic*. DENTISTRY. " RTIFICIAL TEETO.?oSlY $S KOR BBAlTTirTTU and substantial ants on pmw aflr?r; 00 flnfrgold and Una, $2A; aiiifite teeth, SI. Teeth filled a ad extracted bout the least pain, Htiperler benelllllag only 40c. All rk warranted. Cflke 138 Sixth uremic, hetweeaTentti end ?emk streets. Dr. Lt TJUKU, OMtifc RTIFICIAL BONE FFLLIN'O WITHOUT PAIN, 00 l c?at*. Warranted Artificial Teeth, (1 to $2 each, in mle nets, beautifully a?eti???d en geM, fhuina, sliver. iber, Tiikailte or rubber. Painless Extracting. Ac. Dr. TIIER, dentist (twenty yeara). removed to llM East enty-aemnd street, between Lexington and Third avnnues. WATCHES AMD JKWBLRV. ITHY AM I SELUNO OOHD AND SILVER WATCHES T so ch'-apT Beoausc aaab la ecarce and I am obliged to I. Silver Watches $6; Held Wat'hen $10, $1.\ $25 ami MO; hilar* urices S2t).$2S. $40 and $101. Old gold and silver light or taken in exchange. Watches c leaned uuil repair?* $1. Glasses fitted lbr 15 cents. L. JACOBS, 4.1 Cedar street. COAL. IOAL.-BEINQ wholksaljs AMD RETAIL .viENT ' for the Hale ftf some ?f Ihe hen Hod Ash and Lehigh. al, I will sell cargoes at the lowed possible price, and ojr wiliita lower tu n c than anjr other dealer In the city. rdscorncrof King and Greenwich streets, nnd No. SO inMvelt street, corner of New Bmverr. MAlTHBW CLINTON. ITYOMINO VALLEY COAL W S0.-T1IK 3KST TOAfc ? for Htore and range use. Free burning, full wcigkt d no dust. LOYD A CO., .'t:2 Eighth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh ttrcet. MATRIMOjriAi. LA fl 8ENORA8 DK'RAIl E8PAN0LA?UN CABAL* L lero, qtn ha rMo mnoho muMo, qofere tntbti retarioMfl J il>li,H.iscnn scmira vluda i> ?:il'"r.i nfu.'vi il in.ilrl- ' >nla, o flea do ccnvrh m l?, n tin de ] ion a o en el in.i; ! ?eiior no ?jtil. [, n-* con p. r?oi,a? .nuues, 6 il ci ia Jus. Utrijuke ui CoL I),, Ueralu oilicc. * , , '} j J

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