Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1861 Page 3
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' POUTICAIm Fifth ward peoples union pakty. rtu:nu/.t iw i f llm t'll'ili want. In favor of tb? IVorl'*'" Union tioioluatloim iniulc ui Syrai'imi'. Sr-j.n uiI><t HJiimI 11 *?J lu lavor of (lit) vlK<iri>uit nroKeciiuoD of tlie wur lor tin prujcrvatii/ti of the I'ulon, without itimlnotlon o( partj, ?n IBV.tad to a mi*i Inn; amlo ri/ril by ilm ilHi'uai*'* ol tin ?l?ovt' ConviMilii it Hi the l'"illli Ward Hot* I on Tiie^lay i'vi'11 Ing, September 34, at 8 n'llmlt, I'. M. OtatlnKuuloiiapeak??k hiivii be/*:i iiivlfc.l, and ?111 luMrmoi the meeting By order of the Committee, Vim*. Kih.l, Secretary. JOHN HEWITT, Chairman. "llTfl WARD UNION ASSOCIATION WILL HOLD A 1 1 ioi c Hug i, Hohuiii'h Knrtuna Hall, No. iES) Bernm! atreet, 4Wi Almi'lay evi-uing, Septemiiei' 33, al 8 o'e.loek, lor tin* purpone uf i<i-if<M ttna i'ii' nr^'iui/atloa. AU who favor a union upon pmniple, iitintHi'ilvH nl party, lor Ilia auppori oi l?n guveruuiuul, are Invited to alii ml. ? H. L. i.AHKEMORE, President. Edwin Stewart, Secretary. "I Q'l'H WARD. lO UNION AND A VIUOKOl'S I'KOSKUUTION OK TUT? WAR. The cltl/.'ii.H nl the Eighteenth wurd arc herei-y n^ii^ted t?? a?* mul" iii Mam Convention 'in Tueaday v. ihm.\ Sep. tcnilwr 34, IKGI, at the Worth Monument. Mao.son - 'are. at 7W o 1il l-!lio imrii'im* ol ratifying tlo' Stair 'H ki t :i mlMUV-il at. the People'* Union Convention ?t 8yrarn?i'. 1 h" l\>ltowlnr named KoiiUetiMin have Uetn invited, and will ailurea* Um meeting ? DAVID DUDLKV FIELD. Esq. lion. i.OBKHT t' IIITCIUNUlt Jlun. JAMES llitOOKS, Jt'D(iE IKXiEUOOM, Hon. OH VKJvKc- Nl'E.NtEK, linn, ill IKAI.K K. i:L.\ItK, Hon. UH'liAKD B. Hit A! "FORD, Ki'Kt s I-'. t.VI'M WS. I,....,, rol. ELLIOT K xHK'M'KtiU SI J'rl.'i- Cm per. llav. ley 1". I'laop, Dmitri Dww, J?hn Pollimn. 'nr. !> ! v, cjei.'w (>julyi.<\ An-tin Sti Venn, J:., 1^1'auns li. > I. U ivhi Kidun r.'j'.im L. .n i' . ."illOTA. Hi.- K&th B. VftlflnUnii, Ell OU 0?* li . Luther Bnnlifli, Win. II V.dl, ,Wni. U. l.unilieil, ",i- ' Xluatfnv. E. F Hull, It. l? rt J II.II m. William U. -i mis >i?, Ckullra M. Vclll, C. \\ . Kiel.1, Hor.irclJi.ilry, K.on' ? i, K?iiii<.:,,l, TiiuUt A. KUIn r, John II. T tmer, Tlrm. V. il 11, -JotiIt <i. l).iv I'lrbunt ti; i.l.M, A. Ami- . soli, John !'. > >' ?eU, ICi. rt I'l.nrvrr. .1 ilitt Einli. i', II uii. y I'. .I:i M. Thoiii|?i>ii, l!h)tn I!l!l, K. I', nr., II II.-'.op, Vthiuih Dalev, Win. I. Mark, J nn Hvae, Win. <V : Win. C.O'ltrl n.Jotin Mills, CIihk. li, a.;I..,i - . EchvM i hi, W. li. Korke, li. 1). M.icmnlier. Eto.l K r. h r. Wm. M ?i. >:!>. >. W. Henry, Aaron, H. W. Win., ux, T. <i. < l> ill, ilenry Benny, E Kulilimon, L. U lie ui, \\ . S. V . \vn, Rol.'tC. HiiiihiiiB, E.lw'd M:ii-rii..-r, I-. ? 1 .li.rvU, i!. I< W. ?'*rr, W. K. Win. In-Il. W. W X<.nli.-oji, It. > "iDrtimnit ud, II. Dunii.liy, .1. I' m -, \\ m, E. J"n> > W. Ktcbur.lson, lii'o t.'lii.niUirlln, Honj. Warden, i i. n.l'nr> jiell, Jul.n II. Korman, K W. K. uny, I.-. DavM.-on. tiro. L. I'ler.*, Juljn A. Ki/.iii'i', Wm. E. Front hui! iliri v hundred ?Ui?rn. OAT1I W AltO I'ICIII'I.E'S I MON AKS(,l'l A l'li >N WILL jZd" hold a ina?? on Tuenhtr evetiii..'. ..< I'.inuneutul it.ill. corner<>l Thirty-t'inirlli KtieeL ami Kirlilli venue. I'r. inlnent neuilera. 'i will ih? irn eiim,. The v?ter.s nt the Hard are Invin-.i attend. JAMKS fA.MI'BELL, IVesidcnt. Jamhh 1,. Hutik, Secretary . HKSTAT it A\TS. Decidedly Tiii. best place to enjoy a si'lexili.l Breakf.tnt. Winner and Tea Ulhe Union Kesii.iirant, 21 liberty Direct. Tender Beefsteak*, ClUtelH, < .. ,m, Fried Huliliitt, prime < 'nt , with Hied or mashed I'm. . -. 10"'.; Bwei>t I'.'iaiorK. r.ii'n. Lltniv B"jiiim, TomntoeH, HiuliUngs, 6 cruU; 1'lea, 4 . enu; delieiuus t'oiieo and Tea, 3 renin. From heading my advertiseeent \s ykstishday's Herald, people might think that I had swallowed a latin and a Fr oth Dictionary, or might be laboring under the influence of my three err)' ?!?; but it i* neither; hut tlu? phrases in question, which we learned at school, ha I been artowed away until a suitable lime occurred to >?i intr them iort.i. Ale ihr? ? rents a glafg. No. 2 Cortlandt ?tPM t, northwest corner of Broadway. vt<>t FOR a day, OR a week, OB a month, but J.l| all the time,?\ ou cau ?et a k1*hh of ale aim xuuuw\> ti Jor 6 cents, hikI a hot lunch, free, every day ai SERJEANT s, 00William itwet, between Oadtr tnd New lunoii counter.?the new lunch counter, under the Atlantic Hauk, comer of Broadway and Libe rty street, is now in successtul operation, wh?*re choico Meats. Domestic Pastry, superior Java Coffee and the Unest A lea in the city urn be obtained, all for six cents, ('all anil eee. Restaurant.?the infernal machine that was picked up bv the schooner .lames Steele, off Newport Nr\%> and S**wh1Vs i'oint, opposite Fort Mouroe, ran V>c jieen free at "The Store," No. lli Leroynlace, Blceekci si reel, #neblock *?ve<t of BraMWiy* JAM1S8 E. AYUK1 B "IQQ VUtiTOH STREET WILL BB opened IN JLOf/ few day* with three new tfiiliard Tables and a bran new proprietor, with an entire new nt.o?lt of Ales at thre cents perglaMi, not to be equalled in this cltv. The bar will eoiUain (h?* choicest of liquors mitt se^ars. Billiards 15 cents per game. Also a lunch counter. HOISES, KOOMS, ACM WAMKO. A house and lot in Brooklyn wanted?in exchange lor improved proprrty in O^we^o. Cash mould be paid lor hiiv dil)'t:reuce in value. Addnss box 3H1 New York I'ost otiice, or M. C.t HI Bchenuerhorn street, Brooklyn. Furnished tiouse wanted.?a responsible party wishes to hire a three or four story House, entirely or partially furnished, where the rent ??r part of it will be taken out In board. Location must b?* betw< rn Eighth and Thirtieth streetn, west of Fourth avenue. Addrehs li., tnj x 1,?*2 Foot office. "CVARM WANTED.?WANTED TO HIRE. A farm of JP from twenty to liftv acre*, with the privilege of buying. A.ddresF, stating terms, location, Ate., W. A. F., llerald oibee. House wanted?unfurnished, these stoby, high stoop, in an unexceptionable neighborhood, on a kmbt' ?f two year* from next Flay, toj?etbrr with balatvce oi lblay?*tr. Any [ erson having such <*an find a good tcuuut by addret-slnK i\ W. QoodllH, 18 Broad street. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN and wife, between Fourteenth ami Twenty-second itpiti and Fourth and 8ixth ivesuei; mutt contain iUum* ?Wn improvements. Address, with particulars, II. Harris, U73 Broadway. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED?BY A GERMAN family of three adults; must be in a goo J neighborltood, aadaontain modem improvements; mh $150 to $100 per annum; unexceptionable references girep. Address R., box MB I'kWt uflllT. Stover?wanted, to exchange a house and IaiI or ?omr viwuiit In>t? 111 ilii* i lly forHtovea. Atldrru-t Awtin, boi 590, New York P<mt I'lticr. rno SAJ.oon XBBFSB&?WANTED To I'UKCIIASE, JL necon.l hand Dining TilIiIi.'S imirble u>\u> tip fers.-ri. AIM. Counter, Oyster Box, Mirrors, Chairs, Street, lump, Ac. Addrvss T. M., box l'A> Herald oillee. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF THREE FSBSOKfc a ?.?iuaen suit.? ?? . . ?<HuwiMi'i?ui||ma umix u pih'MU.' family; one lloorof four rooms in *. uond story preferred: rent not to exceed $2U> per annum; location befwven rwwiuuiiu mucin ?wt an i r irm ujju lentil ai't'IKieft. iiirnni.givingrefen nm, F. i>. II., i?<?\ Pott oflVe. WAlfTBD?A sri r OF FIVE OB SIX ROOM8, WITH water and pis, or the l-nprr Part of a Houko. convenient in Second, Third or Fourtn Av**nno Railn>ad; rent mutt bo tow; will pay eitlior monthly, quarterly, or, il* Mcur?*d, up to May in advance. Addrt-afa, with lull particulars, S. O., -V Bixih avenue. WANTED?A FLOOR, OON8ISTINQ OF TWO BOOX8 and lhref bedroom*, with Owtoii. pas an<t oath pr?-ferre>l. Address J. 0. J., with full iwticuianjand anH.unt of rent. None others will Ik- noticed. WANTED TO JIE.NT?A FURNISHED HOUSE, IX the vicinity ol Kultim or Wall street lVrry; one win re the owner would be willing to board out u part of tlie ri'tit preferred. Address S. VV. CI., Herald tiilice, for two days. WANTED?TI1E LOWER PAST Of A SMALL HOUSE, aay about three Rooms with Basement, in a respectable locution. The family Is email, no children. Kent moat be law. Address Houston, box 175 Herald o.'Ikw*. WANTED TO HIRE?A SUGAR REFINERY, WITH machinery complete. Address, with luirticularn, tei'iux, -tMallon, te.| A. M. U.. box iHerald office. WANTEO-BY A GENTLEMAN ANI) WIFE, KOI I'.OB live nnfnrnlitbed Koom< on first or second Uo<irj most Inn good neighborhood, on went aide of th? town. Kent tint t., .) 812 month. Address W. T., 335 Hudson tre?t, In store. Oj u V ?GROCERY OR LIQUOR 8T0RE.-I WANT wXaiJvH/. a good Grocery or Liquor Store, for which I will ?We a ul?e lot up town, Tliiru avenue, and some cash if re<|?ir?d. I want h business, no J will give a good trade. Apply t* l'AYTKN, 95 Division strset. ^ THE REGA1TA. TG?MPIRE CITY RF.IiATTA CLUB?THE MEMBERS OF JJj the Club, the Judge*ot the Regatta and nil the rowers U> the several raws, are requnoied to meet tills evening at lite iiational, 4'.<V Third uvcjiue, as the prizes to the successful boats will in* delivered. The (uri jIni; the clutniiiiuD fiagn from last year will please deliver them up to the Cluli this evening. STEPHEN ROBERTS, I'reaident. John Thlkbak, Secretary. LOST AND KOIM). "iSvAMOND RINO-CLWTER. WITH NINE STONES.? XJ The Under will be liberally rewarded l>\ lf?vinu it hi ?? Dining Room, corner ui Worth ulrwl ami Broadway. DOG LOST.?ON I9TH IJH?T., A WHITE SCUTCH TER rier.Hiut, Tin' tinder will ? handsomely rewarded bv irturwu^ Che same to 69 Eleventh mrret, near Fifth nivmic'. D"~_b?lx>st?prom m6 west twextv-riktll street. on WfdlU'K lay list; sort i)l a lvlo^ Charles breed; white Jicna&t, brown siiois over the ?>'??, white nose, till tipped WKh whit< ; named Tuney. Any <tue returning liLiu to the Wvr will Ik- Ml'ti-nUr rewarded. LOST?$5 REWARD.?LOST, OK satikdav. BJJT I ln?titii(. in loi.rth avenue, between Tweuty-ihlrtl and Twnmr-eiehih sue.-vi. a <?<ilil Hiw>-lot, with the letter* A. S. 4. M the Inside. The a'aise rew.ird ssd Jlit> thanks at 'tie <?wa?r will be given on its being left at 61 East Twenty-eighth m/ ma:. Lg81.-A corral necklace, os broadwav. The tinder will be IllieraUy rewarded by leaving ft with Me bscriU-r, OH oevenUi avenue. jane coombs. X HOTELS. ALBION HOTEL AND BOARDING HOUSE, NO. 585 A Hudson street, eorncr of Charles street.?l'l>*asant ?nd weft furnished Bedrooms, In suits or single, at from (4 to t6 *r?i'>'k tor single perwms, uiid Irnni $7 to $11 lor married, mdiMlinit U ?< ' ?a?, bath. ie. T. LAMBERT. Proprietor. Hotel lioier.-hotei< and restaurant, on the Eutape?n plan, at 74 Franklin street, three doors west ot Broadwav, rumWhed Rooms or Board by the ww k: Veals served at nil hours. Separate lunch and barnxmi. I have Jaat made extensive Improvements in the restaurant and barroom,, anil solicit the continuation of the pairuua^t' of lay friends and the pubUe In general. 8SPOKTIN G. A MEETING OF THE BROOKLYN CHESS CLUB Will be held on M'Uldav. tile !LVI mat., at 8 n'eloek P. \I M N?. 9Court street, Brooklyn, room No. li to organize for the ennnlng year. Member* and others wishing to jolu are -urgently rvqueated to bp present. "JjTRANt'IS BL'TLKK, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, HAS ALT,THE J choice Breed* lor (*ock and anle. Hutler'a Infalll hie Mange Cure anil He* Exu\rmlniitor, SU cents per bn'.tle. Bullera^Breeding. Training, DlaeiMea. Ar., of Dog*," $1, Dogs JBnarded, Tralmnl? Ae. Medleine* for all <li?eii*?a. PIGEON SHOOTING.?A MATCH AND SWEEPSTAKES to come off ON MONDAY, SEPT. 23. AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M? At the Bergen Hotel, termination of the Bergen borne railmad. A CHOWDER WILL BE SERVED CPOS TnE OCCASION. Partlea wishing Blrila for private or pnbllr shooting < an be aMouimodMtet) tj? aildreaainv J. A. Van Ilvru, projirictur. t J DRY UOODH. Y R.N OLD, C0N8TABLK A Co' HAVE NOW OPEN AT UKTAIL Their eriliw* imjKirtttdon or OKKMAN AND BRirjsu DItY uooDS. Ca?al urect, corner of Mercer. V CARD?TIIF. ADVERTISER BEOS LEAVE TO I> l Mm requirim; any kind of |>luin work, aim lii.ikliu: IT )ui >>> linen, in it.'l lir.iiii'h.K, they can have fh . ime exei'iiteil in a m|?Ti"f iivu ii'T ami on me numi llin'rn tei ina by a|ii>K-tiig til KU/.nlieth utreet. A note aciilrt'Xap In T. (!. will h? iininedfotety attainted to N H?Will, i re<iul: cit, attend at the residence of any luity, by the day u week. C1LOAKS AND SHAWLS. ) E. S. MILLS * t'O. OFFER Tt> ?'AM1 HI'I hits OKI]AT BARGAINS IN Ct.l'AKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. SU ASl> H14 It ROADWAY. T\RY OOODS v BAVKR r 8T0( K BELL!WO IT i I " MlU'rilii e, at ;i7 t'lnililliel a ivef, SjIKK, ! :i. e?, I' -e?s UoOilr Me, limes, I'.ife , l(..,e;v, Hi; k tilnven, wooUen Ivnlt OOOdl <ti'. Meieliants are Invited to call. JjUMILY AND HOTEL LIVENS, OK EVERY DESCRIPTION, S I" K VI ("EABI.E AND CHE AI" ALSO, HOOSE FPRXISIIINO OOODS, 'L'RT.VIN MATERIALS, WINDOW SHADES, CORNICES CARl'ETINO, Oil. LOTUS', RICJS, Ac., Ac., at very low prii-es. LORD Jt TAYLOR, 4til to 4?7 Rroa lwny, tn iil Orund Mreet. 47 ami 4!) Catharine mreet. JjVVSllION ABLE CLOAKS AND 8BAWUL HOST ELEOANT ASSORTMENT OV ini-j ^EAnun, LOW pbi<*es!"at retail. LOUD A TAYLOR, 4fll to 4rt7 BROADWAY. 2ft5 to att liUANU STREET. 47 aud 4'J CATHARINE STREET. GlENTLEMEN'S FURNISHINU GOODS.?A SMALI r stoe.k, suitable for fall, wi ll Kete?t?d, at fiO pereentlesi than rout pri'e, u ^, ther with tin- *tor?to nt; good lix iiUm nil wliloh, aluii, ? liberal reduction will be made. Addrvns N 1., Herald oftlce. TBSBB l'lU'LlNK, l'AKIS MEK1NOKS, PRINTED VELOURS, fIKPS, DE LA1NBS AND FASHIONABLE DRESS GOODS f>f every kind?fine assortment now ready. LORD A TAYLOR'S, 461 to 467 Broadway. 233 to 261 (J rami street. 47 and 49 Catharine sire*!. 1 J A DIES' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. In this department nf our more, 461 to 467 Broadway, which is under ihe direction ol' LADIES OF ADMITTED GOOD TASTE, ffviy ho found all the newest patterns and ahapei of uuder clothing for LADIES, CHILDREN AND INFANTS, at very reasonable prloei. Order* promptly atlemded I*. LORD A TAYOR. TkTKVV PAM, nHK^S slll.k'J ^ RICHEST STYLES OK THE SEASON. just received. also, low-priced hii.k8, new and desirabi.e, in ore at variety lord a tvylor, Ml to *67 RROADWAY.' iVi In iil OKAND Si'KEKT. 47 and 49 CATHARINE ST. RONALD8ON HEARKS?MAVK BEHOVED TO OOft n- r of Nineteenth street and Sixth awuuo wlii'rp thej arc ullVrinR nival bargain* in Hosiery, Ribbon*. Trimmings SumII Wan h, A.. All pilrrhUM'd ?t the laic auction aah'K. mARClJUL ATLANTIC SAVINGS HANK. CHATHAM SQUARE, _*V OJ'EN DAILY. Rerelren IlepusUn 11 'Mil 23 cnfs to $6,00). SIX l'Elt CENT INTEREST ALLOWED. IuU.'1'chC will commence Oclolier 1. M. D. VAN I'KLT, Pr?*id*nt Jopern P. Coopkr, Secretary. pHESHCAL BANK-NEW YORK, SKI'T. 19,1KC1 -THE V./ President and DireoUnri'?>t tbi* bank have thin da? do ctored a quarterly dividend of aix <61 per cent, payabW w> tfw l.ickholderiiou anil alter Tucaday, llie liirsl Jay of Octobei next. By order of the Board. U. O. WILLAAMs, Owlihi. Dividend notice ?the board ok director* of the Bnll'H Head Bank Unve declared a bemi -animal dividend of four (4) per nent, paywiir to I hi' atmkhold'H wu nnd arter the ftrst day of Orjuber ucxt. The transfer bowks Will he closed until October 1. Nkw York, Sept. HI, 1X01. R. WILLIAMSON, Vr?". JOHN B. MURRAY, HA.NRER, 89 NAfcSAU 8TRKKT, New York. S?cuntlfM negotiated andt.idvajieed uimhi. Treaauiy notes of nil issues Sought and Uaa litfkl stocks for hale. fpiIIRD AVENUK SAVINOS BANK?CORNKROKTUIBD X avenue and Tweuty-tlftb street,?Chartered IHW.?Sil percent inter'vt Allowed on ull depoMtn, from one dollar tu one thousand dollar*. Depoalts will <lr.iw iuk'"?M frotu October 1. Bank open diulyftom ?'ii to throe o'clock. Alsu on the evenings of Monday, Wednesday r*n?l Saturday, froui sixtoei.'M. SPENCER K. WKEtiN. President. S. S. Cimlm, Secretary. Union niMn savings bark, .NO. 4J8CANAL8TKEET, CORNER OP VARK'K. Open daily from 10 to 2 juid Irom 6 to7 P. M. Stx per rent ItUersst allowed on all i>i $500andiuv der, and live percent ou larger anwnnts. Interest ulfcrwixl I loin October 1. THE BANK UAS RECEIVED ON DEPOSIT DLRINO THE LAST PJW MONTHS $301,228 33. Ji. V. haughwoft, Presideitf. CJAHnxKR S. Chapin, Secrtrtar.v. (2*/J Ajlft WANTED?ON GOOD IMPROVED PRO?PU?UUV/pony, In New York.?Those bavin* tuts h mount w ill tlnd a gcxid chance to put it out; lite pri'perty ie worth fo<ir times the atri'mw. No brokers iiood apply/ Address H. Wlnte, box 225 lleriM oUlao. (27Q AAA TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTMAUE, OH i? * 0?"7U" tlrst ?.lass Improved pmnerty, In (niui? to smt iipplii.nnl.j in this city. Only principals need apply. Aypiv to R. WETXKL No. II Third avemie, BoflglWCiu'* ciutknig store, Cooper Institute. LOAN OFF1CSMU Advances made on diamonds, watches, jewelry aud other valuahlwLor bought for cash at full value, bv J. 8. COHEN, 8i*5 Broadway, corner of Dtnuie etrecL Parties visited nt thrtr residences if iteMaeU. All buslnea* strictly ?mttdc ratal. AT 66 NASSAU STREET.?A. HON [OMAN Df A HON D Broker. tuakeq lllt?ni.t jLilviiju-iM nn lii?wuuiiU Jf wi-lry. Su'., or buys them at full v:?l'le, at bin private wAre, b6 Kttositn aire?t, room Xg. ?, dp Business eouihieu. I ml. A T NO. 9 CHAMBEUS CTREBT?~M6NEV~TO LOAfTro J\. tiny amount oil XHtiuMnd", WateJjes, Jewelry, Ac., by , tli" well known and old eatjiblWied ISAAC, Broker ? nd Commission Merchant, No. 9 Chambers street. N. B.?i*io b>Minoas trnt??.irted on Saturday. T~77 iLEECKEB STREET?MONEY ADVANCED To say amount on Diamonds. WauJow, Jewelry, IV uuos, Sugars, Dry Uoode, Ac. N. B.?Pawubrukeri Tinlteta t<out;ht, at 77 Wrecker hii .-et, np Malm. <61 Q Qf)Q TO ADVANCE, IN SUMS Tf> SUIT, ON <J5 XtJtfJ<0O Diamonds, WuUihes. Silver Ware and flue /ewalrv, or bougbt I'm-cosh and tie t>e*t ptlcfta HiTen. Bnmnnsx strictly cmiUdetttiul. AT>viy at Vac old ontuUiMlio<l jewelry Btorex of D. JACOBS, 23 Cedar sireet. Branch W7 Broadway. 49/Winift' W ADVANCE, BY HENKV HYMAN. Broadway, room No. 3. on Watches DImmou.Jsatid Merchandise ot every description, from il l .Mid upwards. Merchants In want of mouay will do well to (.aQ. Business strictly confidential. (XH'ARTNF.ilSHIP WOTICKsT THE 81BSCRIBER* HAVE THIS DAY FOAMED A C.Upartnerabip tor the InuiaaotioQ nt a CommUbion BiKvine-s In stock* and Bon is, muter the firm of I?u?nii A Isrw. at i'l William street. J. E. it. LAZARUS, Naw Yoiik, Sept. 23,1061. II. W. DOW. lVrANTED?A SMAKT MAN. AS PARTNER, WITH A if Iltie money, who will like sole charge of a large lus-nsiM Lienor Store, doing a Rood business, or I will lei it at a moderme rent to a (food tenant, without a pan haae, as I am going in a few days t? the aeat of war. Alip'y for three dava to the proprietor, lu tb" -Ho re, rurner til Frvtil Pearl st?.. Brooklyn. ''AIT. JAS. McCAKFRF.Y, (JCn-.NO FURTHER CAPITAL REQUIRED?WIM. iPtiU buy the Good Will ami Fixture* of the lie*; cash phy. lug Business lu the i ity, as Iscfcs show; everything complete: n? risks; call and ace; must be aold. tHIlut 820 Broadway, ban iloor, for three days. (t TO $fi,(U0.?PARTY TO JOIN IN A SUCCESSfill laiMttofs splendidly located on Broad w ay; sales t .w?li. Reapei table uud eligible iwraon required more than tnticli money. Information at Real Estate Mitchell, Esq., 77 Cedar street. Hudson river railroad?trains for alb ant. Troy, tin- North unci We*t, leave t.'hiunber* street at 7 and II A. M., lUirt 3:30, 5 and 10:1ft 1*. M. New tork. harlem and albany railroad.? Summer arrangement?Ekiiwm train for Albany, Troy, North and Wi?t, leave* Tweniy-nlith street Station ut II A. M. Fur local train* tu p time table. JOHN BURCHILL, Assistant Superintendent. REWARDS. gM) REWARD.?8TRAVED FROM THE PREMISES 174 ?PO Fifth avetmr, on Friday, Kept. 3), a Black and Tin Slut. answering In the name of Fanny. The above reward will b<- paid Iter bar mx>v?*j. SC REWARD.?STRAYED FROM MSECOND PLACE, t) Hrn'ikljn, ? small blank .tid tan terrier Da*. Any oiie ictuxuliiK the same will recclrelbe abuve reward. STEW YORK HERALD, MOl ItorSES, ROOMR, Sir., TO I.ET. ASl'IT Of ri'KNISHED ROOMS TO UBT-IM Twenty-tiint ?lreet, near P'oiwlway, aultable for h?uwM.'i'inii; would Iw lei to a party nt' KemleinHii or a small f imlty without children. Real reference required. Apply ?t Mauiaon n;nare IWt ulUeo. A GOOD CHANCE.-THE LARUE AND SPACIOUS Store, with the whole Uoiik*, .V7 Eighth avenue, betweeu Twenty-eighth unci Tweuur-nlnth ?tr*et?, went ?l<le, ?o let. The locution cannot be excelled on thi avenue lor al noHt any kind of limine**; puawiMluo Immediately. Inquire Id the More. A FRAME BUILDING TO LET-AT HARLEM: NEWLY made; 109'h Hirffl, between Second anil Third avenue*; line locution and convenient to the city. Apply ti> Mr. WOODS, llotb itred, between Second and Third arenuM. Brooklyn.-to let, at a moderate hent. the line brown atone house, No. 370 If nry .treeI. wilh can I flume* unit nil ih>' modern Improvement!. Inquire <it 11. t II. silverman, IM Broadway. J /lOTTAtJE AND ONE ACRE OF GROUND?AT HLR[j \J m'n Point, in let, fnrn Willed nr nnfiirnUheil, * locked with f all kmils of fruit, Ac.; vMihin Xt minute* of the city hourly, r by boat, seven mile* l>y plank mart. Rent reanonable. Apply Ui HYDE a CONKUM, M.H Witter street. "TVESIRABLE FLOORS WITH NOMINAL RENTS.?ONE If Floor ol private Iioiimc .No. .165 East-Tenth Mreet, near the square; nlso, one Floor of the kouae No. 7a.'t Sixth avenue li.iw to lei. Kent, $10 per month only. 1 IjH'RNIfUIKD IIOC8B TO LET?AT KLVHHINO, L. I. r A modoi ate idxed double II<<?i?e, m the vfllage of FIumIiV. ihtf, lurtwooii the atoamboat landing mid the Kanroad tlt*)x>t, with ntno roooma. Apply to JNO. W. LAW HENCE. No. 92 Wall a eel. IaU'KNIHHED llOUSK TO KENT?TILL MAY NEXT, 17 or for a limber term.?In oomio?iueiioe of tho Midden departure of the owner from tho oily, a now ttr*?t fin** brown atone House, Minuted in a inowt d?airuble and taahfciiable noifthb<>rh?M?d, and recently furnihod in tho moot eh?*ptutami Jmuriouo manner with rone worn 1 iurnitoro throughout, Will he p'liiftl in a Mti.dl fumilv only. A triik-ty net of norvants can go with tho hoitNo. Kent nominal. A note direct?*?t to k. wT, box 717 P< st ott< ? , Will Tti? i\ ittMtii D. FI'RNISHKD HOU6B ZK8O0TR BROOKLYN TO LBT? Throe minutes' walk from the ferriea; iwuuo in parlor; no objection to ! e i-ing boarder*; rent $.** a month. AUo other iurnlahed in Now Yoik and Hrooklxn. Apply to wm. POST 8ACKBTT, US Watarstreet, Ni w V,uk. House to let?with furniture for sale. No. Irvine place. a newly hml most elegantly furlimbed Huinte, Willi ,il) the modern liuiiroveiiients; liouao ojien for itispeetlou between 12 M. ami 3 r. M. For pai'lieiilur? apply to 11. LEON A UO., Dcy street, or at 45 Irving place. Hall to let-cm* broadwav, opposite bond street. The commodious Hull nt ilie Sluyvc-ant lnstltllte. occunied of late f,v (Jem CI.iIkIv'v M . ..1- I.. I... Willi ImmeHate possession. ?or terms, Ac., apply to the agent on Hit* premises, GY.f ltroadway. OART OF A Fl RMSilKI> HOUSE TO LET?IN A PE 1 suable situation, with ?i> the modern improvements. For further particulars apply at 37 West T\\ euty-tlrst street. RENTS REDUCED.?A PA HTM E NTH TO LET, WITH every convenience. items $4, $4 50and $5 im p month. ] Inquire ?>i the housekeeper, on the premises, 99 wVul Hotts* m i itv0tti| mi : 'i hompeon. QTORB To u;t.-a labqb 8TOBI, at in SIXTH 0 *trt\ . near the junction of Third and Fourth avenues; also the Dwelling Part, consisting of three floors ami !mwment, in good order; rent $500. Inquire at 12 Sixth street. mo LBT?THB FIBftT and THIRD BT0RIB8 OF 1 house So. & > East Twenty-ninth street, with improve, menu of water ami gas if required. Terms reasonable. TK) LBT?THE UPPER PART (SBCOKD AMD THIRD stories), with either front or back Basement, of a three story house, in perfect order, and with all modern conveniences. Very desirable neighborhood. Inquire at 114 Twelfth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. To LBT?THE DWBLLXHG FABT OF HOI sb BO. 2i* I'berry street; has l?een a boarding house five yearn. Hoarders enough to pay wish to remain. A great part <>k" rent taken in Board it suited. Apply at 206 Cherry street. mo LBT?THB THIRD FLOOR IN RBAB BOTLDINQ A 29 Allen street, 20 leet wide and 50 feet long, with a good trout light. Inquire at 4# Eldridge street, in the oflice, rear. mo LET.?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A BAKER TO OOHI tneooe btwin? In viUagi of OuUbd)nu|i N. J,?Two Houses, one a three story, built expressly for a bakery; the other suitable for a dwelling; oach have stables atta* hed, with a good well ot waier. It will be a good cb&noe to ?sy enterprising man to commence thv baking business, as there Is no good baker in the village. Apply to KOHLER* at the steam brewery of Kohler A Vlucke. Gottenlwrg, N. ?J., or to Squire Dwvcrs, near the premises, opposite Seventieth street. North river, >i. Y. mo LBT?THE FOLLOWING DB8CRIBED hou8b8, J. containing the model n improvement*-, at reuueed rents; 174 West 21st street, three stor/and basement, high sloop. 189 West 18th street, three story and attic, hlgn sloop. 110 West 2ftth street, three story, Ac., English basement. 4tH> West 40t!i atrect, three story and busineut (new), high stoop. 173 West 37th street, three story, Ac., English basement. SM West 35th street, three story, A?\, Kngllsh basement. 44th street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, bsown stone front. 42*1 street, between 7th and 8th avcuues, brown stone front. ?.'ink Hurt HtcMkt r atreela, thr?c etory, At*., high atoop. 10 R' liwlck Street, three atorv, high mImiji, and other*. AI no large Store and R'tacmeui, corner of Broadway and Fortv-acc.ond atreet; No. ?46 Eighth avenue, llouaeand Store, besides several <i? >lrabl?- junta of houses. J. k W. DEN HAM, &ih avenue and 16th atreet. OfficehoursItan 7 a. M. to 9 p, m. mo LKT-TWo OK THREE BXCBLLSKT ROOMS, JL above the store S86 Broadway, ami the Basement, will be i? t lor buaiuesa purnoae*, it required, ai it in a up tup fcaaUon for such. Inquire on the premises. rnO LET.?IN BUOOKLYN, AT LB&S THAN HALF THE a pi ire, a neat two story and ftaeement brick House, u ith jjua lixtuiva rind wafer, No. 2GH Dean at n et, ea*t of Powers afreet; alsoa threeetoryand lavement Brick House, No.$f l'ow era street, l*?th adjacent to earn ami ferries. Apply le WILLIAM STONE,builder,Bargutstreet,but PowotiC TOISMSB I.ABOB FisurrcLABs HOUSE KaIT West Twenty-ninth sireet, near Broadway, fonte.lnln^ > all the modern improvements, bath. Ae.; everything in hist mi# order; no objection to a lirst clues boarding bouse. Apj)iy the 4m ner on the premise . r) LET?Ki-kNiSHKD OR UCTURNI8HBD, TBI Houee 283 Weat Tweuty-tbird atreel, nuar Seventh avet tiue. l^M-Ation ajnl neighbourhood Aral class; terms low to a i tesponsible party. For particulars apply to A. BERNARD, Broadway. mo LET~-THE LARGEFLOORS IN THE NEW Hol'HE, X comer of Forty-sixth street ah<1 Third avenue, with el* large room-Hand mojJeru fmproven>enia on each floor. Also, Floury with range, bafh, wnU r closet, Ac., on each floor. Rent* very low. Apply to JOHN FE1TKETOU, 415 ThtrJ avfiHi*-, near Thirty-first atreet. fnO LET?AT NO. V> NORFOLK STREET, SEVENTY1 I. live feet lroiti Grand atreet, alarce 2>tore aud Ba*<-ni<'rit, with counter cellar?a lirst r?ifc* atand for meat, N c^tables .-iiid provision* of ail kinds; twenty-eight laimlteaon the prei uitses. (jood for any business. INutflcaaion given inimedi.iu-'.y. Apply at 435 urtod at. JOHN CONGER, rpo J/ET?THE THREE STORY HlfiH STOOF BUICK j. uouse ino. j:?.miiui M reel, oelweeti l irili anil ftiuh ave. Hues; bonne In ewellent.enndltlon; rent tMuy.'ar. Apply U>T0WN8KND SCUDDEB, 86 Wall rtwet. rpo REST?TO A SMALL FAMILY, 'I HE Til I HI) FI/OOK 1 ol btHmr 116 VVfHt Seventeenth street, consisting of two lai-Re rooms, four bedrooms, live pantries .ioti water; uu mus 'IX) LET?THK STORE AVD DWELLING 96.'.; BROAD J *treet, lirar Bridge. oocuplcd bv tin* present<'< upturn In WOT, Deslrible tor any htiskieiis. Apply on Ilia , premise*or In JOHN 8. KELSO, 62 William ?i?wi, TO LET?THE THREE STORY HOl'SK, CONTAINING all the modern improvement*, 1<J3 W ent Twenty-tuitrih street, glasses ,?/. Will Iw let to ? good tensiitand let low. Ajipl.v I" HENRY McEWtKii, 152 Chambers sliest, up stair*. TOLET-A SMALL OENTEEL THREE STORY BRICK, neurthe Peek slip ferry, Wil'ian^linrfr:<l water In the twine. Rent low to a nmall lainllv. Innutre of Mr. (!, FIE1JW, Williamsburg City Bank, or at 109 Front sLreeL, Sew York. rpo LET,?THE THREE STORY RRICK HOUSE NO J. 119 Fourth street, aimer of West Tenth street, will be let on very tnudcrale terms to ? K/ssl ten.iui, mull tlie bit of May psxt. Apply iki the premises, bet v?en llw-hours ot 2 and 4 1 rpo LET? IV BROOKLYN. THK WHOLE OR LOWER J. riius of a Holm consisting of Basement, two 1'uiV'r* and two Bedrooms, or the upper part. Hi nt I mm $9 to $l.r> j*>r month. Also, a small Hoiiae; n ut $5 per iisuitU. Apply at H77 AiialpUl street. rpo LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT A House, 92 Thirty-eecotnl street, between Lexington and Third avenues, MiluUile for a email genteel family; 1m.. i1 t'w, kb*. Ac.: rent low to a good tennnt. Impilteon the prsmissis, from HI till 4 o'clock, or of K. RUSSELL, 127 West Twenty-firm street. TO LET?ON BROADWAY AND TWELFTH STREET, for stare*, societies, r.-slsurant*. Ac., Store <17 Kte;?dwsy. Srtsoad Story sonier, llinein.nt corner, large and rniwU front Rooms, ratal! store* 4.4 Ta elflh street. JOHN S. KELSO, 82 William street. T > LET?A Sl'IT OF ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEI'IVfl, '>i'isist1 igof a front pa/lor, biisetneiit sad one or two rhatn'.ierv handsomely furnished: also u larije Bedroom, with -?i, to a single geutlaman, with |iartiM Board If icipdred. Tiie house h;m ;tll the modern Jroprowtm'-nt*. Terms reasonable. Apply hi 21A Sixth avenue, near fourteen til street. TTo LET-I'lll'kIRST FLOOR AND IIANEMEXT, WITH a Bednsitn up stairs If required, suitable f?r a suuill family oi phvui Inn; hath, gis, Imi and cold water; rent inode. ule. Appii to J. HOl'Kl.VS, 2&! Fourth avenue, nearTwetity -seeend street. TO j.ET. FOR SALE Oil EXCHANGE?TIIE DESIrI able lour Stury brown stone Houses No. 5H East Twentyeighth ?lrect, near Fourth nvenue, and Nu. 22y West Thirtyfourth street. Terms very easy. Apply to JOHN S. KELSO, 62 WillUiii KreeL ^ fii RENT LOWrT<> A GOOD TENANT?THE FOUR X story brown stone House No. W East Tlilrty-elyhth street; uJ! the modern Improvements. Apply ut No. 62. ne?l door, or to T. & L. ROSS A CO.. 84 l'earl street. TO LET?THE FI1LST FI/JOB AND BASEMENT OF A hoime In Thirteenth ?ucet, west oi Filth hvi uu". In .s??l onter, i! i^ llltut es, Ac., to a small family. Ren i $17 y,.r month. App'y at lf2 Fuurtlt stntet, near Slxili avi n ie, in the imviy, TO LET A FIRST CIsASB FOtTE STORY BROWN tone House, tu eoniple'e order, 63 Essi Thlrty-tlfth sire"!, on Murray Hill, near I'nrk avenue; will be let very low to a small family. Can l? seen from S) until 4 O'clock. L bio brown mone Ilnuw. b>9 Eighth Ktivet, St. Mnvn. it plitf*. OmuiiH,M's pjtj> every live minutes. Has ga* llxmreA id water i ilif io|>. Inquire ol A. s. LEVY, Cauusellyr hi J.nw, 83 William afreet. rPO LET-TOE THIHD AND FOUKTO STORIES OF I the new building, 171 Jay atreet, Brooklyn; flnlnln-cj In ' i*t elaaa ?iyle; ten mlimu-a' walk from all the terries; water utiil M'iKir.iU- jjas metre to wh lion-. Apply at 173Jay alrvrl, inrurrol ConuurU mrvet, In lli? bakej-v \VlLLIAM SPltOTT. TO XjET?AT 42S HPOVOWAY, ALL THE SECOND Floor, live roor.x, $20; lir a bualne?.< or family; alto a rean<l Kootnit, J l'?; a p'ut of a modern Honae; rent very low. Apply to BMITU, 174 Broadway, room 10. rpo I.ET?PART OF THE HOUSE 12 WILLOW PLACE, i Brooklyn, three ralnuti a'walk from the South or Wall -trfi t ferr.v, to a Mnall 1 tinHy. Will be let low. Apply on the premlNe*. rpo LET?THE SMALL, NEAT KOl'U STORY HOUSE, I all modern Improvement*. M Bank Mrret, near Ailingdon Nijuare; relit ?HC; P'-?'->-*ion October 1. Ainu mnuo Knoma, 772 Greenwich stnc'; rent $4 per month to a small luatlly voly. tfDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1 HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. To KENT?TUB SECOND FLOOR OK A MODBKN built houap, lu one of the mo*t jiU-iwunt mil declruMe iie^bborbiHMl* uj> town; wl!l be let to 11 (mall I'amtly with cmi cuuunMi. every convenience for feouMkMrtng. Cam and stage* convenient. Apply irons 10 A. M. to 6 P. M. at II B?K>rtti*n place, West Thirty-thlrd ntreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF A THREE STORY House, coiUiMting of seven rooms, Including bath room; 1 gas and water on the premises. luquire at No. 9 Ludlow place, Weit Houstcn tnreet, near Maodougal. ^ IAMBI OF RKAL ESTATE. A country residence to exchange for harlemlotsor other property; bous** and 9 lots well Hul ked with fruit, Htable, Ac., near Morriftsnta. O. W. DITCH ETT, Westchenter Land office corner of Chatham and Chambers m reels, brown stone building, neeond tloor. C1HEAP DAIRY, STOCK ANI) GRAIN FARM FOR ) mle.?100 acre*, 16 wood, balance In cultivation: well fenced and watered, good houM, *1* room*; barn, alied and liny lot t, com and carriage bouse, ulenty of fruit. good road*, church and school near, beautiful and tightly location, 1)6 nriies from ? village and nine mile* from Saratoga Spring*, N. Y. Price $1,Wo, $1,MX) cash, bs lance in tiro yean*. For full particular!* addr? box 651, Poat office, Saratoga Springe, TjlOR SALE?AN ITALIAN VILLA, ON THE BANKS OK F the Hudson river, twelve mile* from the citr, am! half a mile from the depot at Spuyten Duyvil. The liou**<? in two story, attic and basement, aboutfl0xJ5 feet, and contains all

the modern Improvements?outbuildings, coach bonne, stable, Ire home* mid *a* liouve. The poiiiultf lire laid out in the moat t i*?.<(l'ul ntsnner, with fruit and nliade tree*. Th<* place m one of ;l?- in'ml beautiful and healthy In thi* vicinity, and will be Hold low. Apply to CHARLES K. HILLS, No. S4 Cedar at reel. TflOU SALE?THE THREE STORY. HIGH BASEMENT f Bouse, .'4 i West Twenty second street, I I 9 i i complete rejmir. with all modern Improvement*; $7,0Utf may rciu.ifn. Also, House 104 South Firth street, Brooklyn. 1-. D., three story, high basement: lot21 x 148; r^ar part, feet, nlth fruit tree* and grspf vines; $5,000 may remain, the balance on each may be paid in cash, atocks or other mortgages* I. F. JONES, 69 Ann street. |}U>K jSALE-ORj WILL^KXCHANGE FOR A NICE jl nviH- uwunr nun mi m x>ro?<:;iyn, liarlem or rwur the KikIh 'M river, a tbiv?* story lion*' and Ijot, ant ore property, am! paving a good ivn(. hituated in one of the avenu* * on the \vi si side of tin- city. For further particulars miilri ta box 101 Herald ofti No need apply. D6B SALS' mi: DK8IRABLY LOCATED P1H8T J7 rluHh fi?ur atory, high atoop, brown alone noun', 'MM Lexiin'ion avenue, ihlnl houne above Thirty-ninth mrf. t. Partiea wiaiiing a \v??ll built houae ut a moderutc. price will plea*#j eull on the (iwuer, oil the pre tuiaen, from 8 to 10 A. M., and from A to 6 1'. M. IjlOR SALE?AT ORANGE, NEW JERSEY, A PLEAMBth ?? ' , < on inio| Un nit, ii bin two minute*' walk of the depot; good ?i/ed garden and variety of fruit. Term* easy. I'rice $2,800; Inquire of MAKVIN, 80 aud S2 Leonard street, New York. TjMJU SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Oil BROOKI1 lyn Property?A line Farm of 116 aerea, near Saratoga Hprlrigx; 35 acre* woodland and the rent under ciiltl'alloti. For fnil particular* addrOtf* Farmer, box 193 Herald otll? e, or apply at 248 Seventh avenue. 1JTQB SALB?A FIRST CLAM HOU8B IN SOUTH 1/ Brooklyn, convenient to iho ferries; will well it for what it in worth; part on mortgage and balance in merehandlM,l atockx, mort?'. .. ? r will trade for a farm. Apply to WM. POST SACK K IT, 1U Water street, New York. IjlOR SALE CHEAP?ELEVEN MILKS FROM CITY Hall, We u?i.ester county, near depot, chtirehe* and achooU, a fiu?* Country Seat; new house, one acre garden, choice fruit, ahale tre??a, shrubbery. Ac. SEYMUl'R A WII1TON, 132 Broadway. tjior kai.e-a valuable kruit kakm, within JT one luu ut iho city ??f New Bronx* t? k, N. J., containing tin acre*. with good buildings; alao a Farm of 17ft acre*, and one of I6uere?#, with find class dwelling, Ac., IS minutes' walk from d?*Po(; all clear of incumbrance, inquire of WARREN IIAKDEMJERUH, M Wall street. JIOR SALE, TO LET OR EXCHANGE?THE LARGE and couv cnient premise* known an number* running from 04 to 102 Rapt Thirty-tiivt street, between Third and Lexliurton avenues. The building*are strong and substantial, wjth uood engine and iwdlcrs, sb.ifting, belting ami pullloM. Will Iih !??{. lo'A'. I?f f?.i? nnAmiimV?*iM?il rtmrnti-w ... . iu.n . convenient to |7m rtty oi" New York. Appiy to J*6lIN'fc'klfTRKTi'U, 415 Third avenue. IEtOBfiALl (ikto LIT?THB H0U8B AM) STOSB 178 Third avenue; or the house would be let f or live years or more, If required, ??r the More alone would be let serrate. W hoever rented wmild be required to purchase the stoek, about $C?.(AMI worth, at their preneiit value; term* eusy by giving unexceptionable secuilty. The present proprietor h?.K boon In husineKii tor the past 1R yearn, ami hi?s u liyxl ?-l*va trade; reaaott of celUntr, having business to at tend to in Waish* itigtoo. Apply to W. <i. <\\MI'HfcILL, In the atore. KUBAL COTTAGE FOR 8ALB.?TKN BOOHS, NBAR* lytlniHhed) lot 50x210 feet: two fronts, on 130th and 137th streets, Wilton, near 1'urt Morris, overlooking the Kant river, Itiker's Island, the Two Brothers, Flushim;, k>\; one of the finest water view* above Randall's Inland; every convenience of a ?4ty house; $1,000 |on ten per oent required. Also a smaller eottaRo on 138tU street, near St. Ann's* avenue; Name terms. Apply at 24 lieckman street, or on tin' premise* daily. TO EXCHANGE?AN IMPROVED FA KM OF 1,0U acres, and 2,01*3 acres Land in East Tennessee, (52 head of Mock, well tumlfthed, Tools. Implements, I'ropa, a*. Prlee Apply to HE Kill AN, 316 West Forty-third streef. A^ent* need not apply. WANTED TO ri'Kt MVSK-A SMALL HOU8B AND Lot, some place on this island, not farther up thau Kinpibridge; noM be moderate in prioa. Address <\ B., Herald oINce, stating price, when and *here iteau besnen immediately. WHO. PURCHASE pOO A LOT OF GROUND, Willi a cJmnee of a House nn It. THE ENTERPRISE HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION ef Newtown, will hoitl a meeting Monday, Sept. 23, at o'? lin k, at Union Hall, eorner M Fourth street and avenue(f This is one ol thoae opportunities of getting a home in an accessible locality, at a very low price. It ran be reaehed by three lines of railroad ami .steamboat, and is a* convenient as 'J hiftU h Stl wt ho- AfltKS <?KA KIKE KAUmTk NEW .1 EI:SKV t\ i IV)t/ exchange for other property.?The larm haa #ood buildings, ijood water ami a hue marl bed; the owner will trade for city or Brooklyn property, or a hotel, livery alabta or liquors. Apply to 1*A YTKN, U6 Divtsnm street. UAVCINO ACADK.MIES. a nonivoWTifsJ nimcTVi! ac*inwuTPu A.* N?' 2 ?5 Klt'ih avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth st., New York. N?>. |.*17 Montaguestreet, Brooklyn. CLAHSlisWTuesdays and Fridays in Brooklyn, Commencing October !. CLA8SEJS?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Com mowing October 2. In the new building on Fifth avenue recently ereeled for tho purpose, w ill be found every requisite for such an establishment. in ti<>ti to the damiing, e|as?cs will also We lormcil for exercise* in a new system nf Calisthenics, enp?'dally valuable to ladies and children ot' delicate frame, iir. Dodworth would be gljul t*? m:Uto arrangement* with seminaries fin' lessons in valuing, Calistheni< s or Military Drill. Circulars lor terms, Ac., may be had at either aia?demy. Brookes dancinc; academy,m broomestreet. Ladies meet Tne -days and Fridavs, 3 to <i P. M. Centleinen, Tuesdays and Friilays, to P. M. Children, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 3 to t? r. M. Private |Mf->on?at hours not orennfe'd by classes. Ladies primary classes instructed by Mm. Brooke*. The new dames arc received, and will be produced in rapid SU<<'?>(iHion. All the fashionable dances taught in one course of lesson?. In connecjJon with the hall are reception, Ait twin# n?4 prolixin 5 room*, for the free use of pupils. (h'emn'.' hOIKEE WEDNESDAY evening, sept. 25. rp DUMAR, BALLET MASTER OF THB THEATRES 1 Itoyal at Herlin and Hanover.?DaucSng Academy, 2o7 Howry. Lesnons $1 per month, every night. Tuesdays him! Friday's $'J. Private lessons 00 cents. Ladies afternoon classes. perbovaia BROADWAY AND AMITY STREET STAGE, SATURDAY evening eight o'clock; lady, black veil, dress polka spots; gentlemen opposite timers? r<ws??d, g*?t out at Amity street. Please address E. V. Gordon, Broadway Post' office. CVWMMTv-A PARTY OK FIUKNDS WILL MEET YOU ) Miiy day day thin week, rain or shine, at the Art Gallery, 411 He adway, cornet* of Lispcnard street, to secure Uiose unequalled Photographic Cartes de Visile, at $2 perdoien. C1LEMEKTIXE-W1IY DID YOU DISAPPOINT MR ON ) Siitiirdavf Write inc uamiug a tin*: and place of meeting In New York. C1has. a. w.?will you come home or let mr i ltcar from you us quick as )x>s>dble? a1i in right. __ _ E. II., 101. IF THE TWO YOUNG LADIES WHO WERE IN TWEN ty-first street on Saturday morning wish to make the &'* qunlutaiioe of the gentleman whom they met they can do no by addressing 8. L., Union square Post oQkre. IF THB TOUMO LADIES WHO SAW TWO FOREIGN gentlemen in one ol The Sixth avenue cars, on Saturday afternoon, ami afterwards met at the Central Park, wish lo iu?tke their aequaintancc, they will do so by addressing Ur. Y. D. L, Madison square Post otflcc. TF THE LADY WHO WAS RENDERED SO RESTLESS 1 hyrejtson of the crowded state *?: a Fulton avenue ear, pollte&csM I u?m a lellow j>asHeuger, ane will pkumv addivaa \ p ilogitt, Hcnld office. TOJLN QIJTNCKV, OF PROVIDENCE, R. I.?COME I.W #| mediately t*? frv*vmth avenue, laowcen Thirty-j?e'*>ud ami Tidrty-thud turret*. MU. LLOYD, OK SHREWKBURY, ENGLAND^ WHO suddenly left hi* home in Dei by, la requeued to write without <1?'Ik\ to hi* friend who wmh to have met him in Rhyl, North Wale*, before he Milled for New York. VroTU'R?ANY PERSON K I SUING TO AliOIT A BOY, 1.1 4 years und 0 month* old, can do so by applying at No. 7 Union street. 8<ntth Brooklyn. None but reaj>eetable p Taous need ap|uy to Mr. Meyer. WILL THE LAUY WHO 1U)1)K DOWN ;IS A WALL htrout stage uu Monday morning, 15th Inst, and got out ?L the corner of Cedar street, pI?um? address a line to lienry DeLary, Union square IVst ..thee. STKAMiiOATS. Day boat for alhany andtroy,?the new and fast steamer DANIEL DREW have* Jay street on Toe*. u?ys, Thursday* and Haturday*, at 7 A. M., calling at Tbirtlotli afreet. Excnrsion tickets to be bad on board. Morning line for peekskill?the aurora leaves Jay street daily, ut 8 a. m. (Sundays 7%), lor Pcekskill. L.iuds at West Tenth and Thirtieth streets, Yonkers, HaaUnca, Dobba' Ferry, Tarrytoaru, Slug Htug, Have rat raw, Grassy Point and Yerplank's. Morning boat direct for keyport, middle town Foint and < iiflwood.?Cheap lnr^** and commodiousstoamer MAYFLOWER will leave pier 26 North river, between Birelay and Robinson *tr?*ct*, every morning at V* o'clock. ReturnlnK, will leave Kcvport ai F. M., landing at ClilTwood. Fare each way, I ft cents, or 26rems lor iin* trip. Stages will be in attendance on the arrival of the l>ont. qteameb long island leaves james slip 0 every day (Sunday* eicepicd) at 3 o'clock F. M., for Northport, nm'ilngthe Intermediate lan Unas. leaves Northport at 5:30 A. M. Fare from Olen Gove 20 cents; from Sands Point and Great N*ck JO cents. Freight from (lien Cove, Hands Point and Great Neck reduced to unit the limes; horses 60 cents, and all other freight In proportion. wixes AID u^voes. Gilbert a parson s great ale and wine vaults, No. 76 Li ben y afreet. corxirr Broftdwij, uudcr Atlantic Bank. Finest Ales in New Voik. .861. SALES AT AUCTIOW.^ AD. CAULK1NS, AUirnONEER. . UOKTGAUE SALE. Klch and cosily Houaehuld Furniture, Elegum rotewood Pianoforte, Kuaewood I'nrlor Sulta, In br.x-nwl, Valuable Painting*, Artlatlc Broutea, Marble OronM, Afc Monday, Kept. iJ, ai the rlcitant private realdcncu Ho W??t fourteenth iiwi, notr KUktli avenoe, CiimiuiMu'iiiK at lo)? n'< lock. The aal? comnriwa the enure conwnu i>f the hew*. The elegant Parlor Furniture wan made to erder and la tn (olid rout-wood. The whole will he mild to the htgheet bidder for ninh, offering extra Inducement* U) putvhaaer*, aa the enure Furniture or the houao la nearly new, and muut lw Bold to cli?Me the Elegant roaewood seven octave Pianoforte, with all modern improvement*, overstrung b**a, ia?arl keya, 4c., Coal $800; rich rosewood Stool, oovered in Matin, and embroidered cover; three elegant full sulta of rosewood Parlor Furniture, In rich brocade and satin; rosewood Eiegerea, hplcndld and costly Parian Ornament#", rich Vanea, Ac. AIho a magnificent collection of rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Easv Chairs, in An arena; rosewood Centre and Side marble lop Table*, richly QirvM, Chamber Stilts, In rosewood and mahogany ; Burcana, carved BedatcadM, Wuahtftands. Sofa Beds, In line haircloth; ten pure llair Mattreafcen, from 40 to 60 pound*, made to order ami in miiUiqI eondltion. Dining Room Furniture consists of fine oak Eitenftton Tables, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and Sliver Cutlery, Foi fca, Kpoonx, Ac., with heavy cut and engraved Olannware of every description. Sale positive, By order of C. HALL, attorney for mortgagee. V LBB&T MORTIMER ORIFFIN A CO., AUCTIONEERS. J\ $16,000 worth of ELEGANT FIRST CLASH HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, To be peremptorily sold at Public Am-tlon, THIS DAY (MONDAY), SeptemberUX THE PROPERTY OK A OKNTLEMAN LEAVING FOR EUROPE. Rosewood 7 <H-tave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing Room Suita, r>a?*wt>oU and mahogany Chamber Kurnlture, Oak Dining Room Furniture, Paintings, Statuary, Bronzes* ChamfvlieiS, Mirrors, Velvet Medallion Carpet*. At the residence of l>r. Phillip Kun*om. 48 West Sixteenth mi nm t. betweon Kiftn and Htxtn avenues. SALE COMMENCES AT 11 O'CLOCK. Nnperb Snlta, carved in nolid roaewood, covered with Mlk brocate'; Set retary and Honk< aae, Etegcrea, bronze Clock, rnna otovnionth; pho-and m.inlcl Mirrors. embroidered lace Curtain*, ni.tuP l Ornaments, Centre Tables, King's patent Reclining Chair, Oil Painting', by eminent artiaia; bronze and marble Statoiry; two superb match Paiutiug", Scenes in Swit/ei land, hv Cole*. th? Auaitnintlim i.f tlv.. Vim.In re r rum from the celebrated painting in the Louvre Uiillciy, ! I'll Ha, bv Leeard; Fruit Piece ; Winter Scene on the Danube; elegant V.iiutinKH mi silk, by llcaly. Magnihcent *evo Doctavc lrosewood Pianoforte, CAnterburv, Stool, and Cover; Midland, oak Bullet, Extension Taide, china Dinner and Ten S1 t*. crystal Olasaware, richly engraved Table Cutlery, aolld Silv-rw are, row woo. I anil mahopany Bureaus, Be?istea?>*, Wan'rot**, Toilet Tables, Comuiodcs, Dressing Tables, hair unit ?prlng Mattresses, Counterpane?, fiiaukets. Sheet*. Towel . si c( 2 raw's patent Sofa Bedstead, Bookstand*. Toilet Taldes, Brussels and ingrain Carpet*, Oilcloth, Stair Carpet. Also, n lar^e assortment of Baacment and Kitchen Furniture. Il??une to let or tor sale. For further particular* see Au?. 'I I . A8SXOMBB89 BALM Of Elegant lionsehold Furniture, with (ho Entire su|*-rb Parlor, Dining Kooin, Chambers and Library Furniture A-'. Over $12,000 worth of rich and costly Furniture, contained in the. live story r? sidence 152 Weil Twcutydlrat street, near Seventh avenue, thin (Monday) morning, at 11 o'clock prw ir.?*iy. The whole f->r absolute and peremptory iale, rain or shine, constating of Eu-.dbh Velvet and Tufieetry and Ingrain Curpet*; rl -^aiU rosewood Parlor Fin ulture en suite, comprising Three Fill! Suits, richly *<yved, all of which are covered in rieli silk broejiti 1 and of tLe bent description; ro*ewood tVntre and Pier Table*; Turkish Chairs, In blue and gold, satin and luoqtiet; Damask and Laen Curtains, Velvet and Turkish Louuajo, Mantel and Pier Mirror*, fine rosewood Etegerea, Artistic Bronzes, Parlor Ornament?, Ac?. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MdHie Cabinet., Stool and Cover. Elegant Bureau*and Bedsteads, 12 Hair Mattresses, Chamber Suit*, in roaewood; Bronze Clocks, Spring Seat Clriir*, Mirror*, Bed*and Beddings, oak Extension Talde, two Sofa Bedsteads, rich Cut (iluHM, of every description; marble top Bullet v Oilcloth, rich Chandelier*, Ac. Sale poaitlvc, ruin or shine. K W. wb8tc0tt, Auc tioneer. Auction aalb or blboant akdfzkb houbbhold Furniture.?K. KOTII, auctioneer, will aell till* (.Monday) afternoon, at i n'clK k, all the splendid llouaehold Ktirultclrii of Architect Edward Miller, leaving the city, at hi* private residence, 12S VVaverley pln< e, near Sixth avenue, consisting of one solid rose wood Parlor Suit, coven 1 In French Matin brocatel; one do. eonaiMttng of one Sofa Tetea fete, one Ann, one Keception and four Medallion back ( hairs, very richly upholstered in shawlwork. and covered with two colored green silk repa; Turkish Bo fa Ixmngcs, with spring lacks and Armchairs to match; rosewood Etegcvcs, with glass door* and back; Pier and Centra Tables, large oval French Mirrors, bronze Clock, Vases, Damask and Lace Curtains, rosewood aud mahftgany Bedsteads. Bureaus, Washatnnil*, black walnut Corner S ands, llair Mattresses, Beds t.nd Bedding; hi ick waliiu: Bookcase, Paintings, Charks, Sola lieda, Chair*, H??ck. rs, Mirrors, Lounges, Tea Table*, solid oak Extension Thblc, Dining Chairs, (alius, China and Silverware; Tah|?? Cutlery, Ac. Also tine Brus- 1- and lnitrain Carpet*, Oil loili, Chaml'lors, A?:. Sal'- positive. All good* niuxt Ho removed twenty-four hours alt* r the sale 4 I'I'TIDN NOTICE.?ASSIGNEE'S HALE OF MANUJ\ i'a< ami unmaunlaeturrd stock, <te.?Satiwdny, Kept. '2*, Mil, f t A. >1., at the agricultural foundry ami fnaehlne A6t? .i !%! 5fi2 Water niri ?". I?t>?Jeflerson ami Clinton Hiri'ftb, .V u York. the entire Moek, eonsistinK *>f f PlotitfliK, Plough Canting*, Plough Beam*. Handles ainl Round*. Cultivator Timber Harrow, Corn S' Her, Sugar V 1 ( rind blotto and Truck Frames. Plough BoMaamI Wr< ; also a lutol WroughtHIIII Cas? Iron, an.J W/u 1!<mrd .:iid within buildings, together with aundry ankles pert; lning to tin- hllHincHK. Ami on lli*? same day, nf otic P. M , at th<? store Ii?7 Water street, one tloor from "Pulton, the Skn Board* wiJl.iil and outtdle Mie building; also the Plough Van*' on root, Sheet Piank and Iron*, and other arti-1< ?. Turin* -nail. GEO. J. 8. THOMPSON, Aftftignee, Ac., of Jno. MeNally. A UCTTOJ* 8 A LB OF machinists TOOLS ?WILL BE J?V *old at pilh.'ie auction, to e|o*?- a . ?uicei n. oil SatUi dly, Ky| t. 2S, 1 SOI, the f.illnv.inj; desirable tool* . ? (*e> en fe- t Planing Machine, two Crunk Planer*. one large Drilling Ma ehiue, one hixteen lo t Kntrine Lathe, one twelve i?<iilo i on" five and one-half fed do., one four feet do., tluv mnull Lathes, lot of Vice*, one 1'attern Lathe, one Portal.le Korge. They can b? *een any day previous to aa)e HI the Kngine Works, foot of Ka?t 'fwenty-iourth utrect. Hale po^Uve to the highest Milder. ASSIGNEE'S s A LB JOHN LLOYD. AUCTIONEER. J\. JOltS LLOYD A SO.VS will sep on lay, Sept..,a- er 2i, at W}g n't loek, hi 'Mb Broadway, tin* entire wiork <?i Hoys' Clothing, Cloths, Trimmings Fixturea, Ac. Sale jMi-dtive, rain or shine, Catalogue* will l?e ready the day of *ale. By order of A. D. Wh'KhLODK, A**?i,-.!ier. \LBBBT L. SMITH. AUCTIONEER, \ II. L SELL THIS day, it two < I 11 entfn I rnitureof h aw jiving Hp housekeeping, in the private residence |.*</ Kij'lith street, near Broadway . Kvcrvthing must, be re moved thi.< day. Auction notice.?you can m v all kinds op . Furniture, Looking GIISM *, '! .ioni", Ae., cheap r than any other pluee at <J. W. S.NIUIKN Bow* vv, i? two n Stanton and Houston Htr? ( i-. l'|ca> iii; you will nave mole y. Note the number. It' done. AUCTION NOTICE.?B. II. SEIXA8, AUCTIONEER, i will KCII, at the afore of \V. H. .V P?. Matthew ^ 275 Pearl street, a lar>fe lot of White Granite, Common and War.- tu Ni:it eitv ;i ml eoiint rv ile:it..i i4 w l.i' ti imiimL vi. .W1 for cash. Sale positive, Auction notice.?the attention of keepers and other* Is Invited to the k;i!< > nl lino HousflioM Furniture, *< ., at 2 o'clock thin day, at 454 Canal ??tr? >et? tapestry, thrrft-niy and other Carpets; Parlor h??iitk. Beds and Boddiug, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. Everything must *? sold. Auction notice.?crockery, olaks and ciiika; also a retailer's Sun k, ny J. S. II. BAKTLKTT, auctioneer, on Tuesday, September 24, at* 10 o'chs-k, ml 2.SI Pearl street, a Urge st?x:k, thai most be sold, in lots to huIl dealers, ('all and see. Panic < ash prices. Goods well parked. Auction koticb.?burhham's furniture pack. iug establishment, 113 Wont Eleventh street, between Filth and Sixth avenues.?Pianolortes, Paintings, Statuary, Household Fnrnlturo, boxed and shipped to all part# of Die world. Covered wagons lor moving families, storage of furpftore, &< . Auction hale op crockery, ac. HENRY G. EVANS will sell, In lot* to suit dealers, om Tuesday, September 2-1. at lOo'elotk, atSfi Maiden lane, a full assortment of White Granite Dinner. Tea and Toil't Wu??, Common Ware, 6 lass Ware, China, Ac. Sal" positive and without reserve, and all goods will be carefully repacked for shipping. Am. merwin, auctioneer, Hv BANGS, MEKW1N A CO., Irving Buildings, 591 and 890 Broadway. MONDAY ENENINO, SEPT. 23, AT 7 O'CLOCK, VALUABLE PRIVATE LIBRARY of choice Standard Worka and Miscellaneous Lite rature, ineludlng many lllustrated Books, 4ce. For particulars see catalogue and the books at the salesrooms. Brown a niciiols, auctioneers. Will sell <?n TUESDAY, sept. 24, At 10}{ o'clock, at salenroom, 35 Nassau street, very largo sale of Propeller Furniture, comprising the entire furniture of two largo propellers?-Mattresses, Carpets, Feather Heds, Pillows, Blanket*, Quilts, Sheets, Towels, Tables. Chairs, Stools. Lire Preservers, Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery, Jic. French Plate Mirrors, Lamps, Valances, Curtains, Culinary Utensils, Table Linen, Casters, Ae. Full particulars on Tuesday. (CONSTABLE'S SALE.-JAS. C US HI NO, AUCTIONEER. ) will sell on Mondsv, September 23, the Stock ami Kit lures of a well iitteri up Liquor Store, on Ui? corner ot Sixtysecond street and Ninth avenue, at 10^? o'clock, consisting of Counters, ('asks, Kegs, Beer Pumps, lee Box, Bottles, Ac. Also the [<ease of the house and blacksmith1'? shop on tho THOMAtf OUSHINO. Constable. C10N8TABLES BALE.?BY VIRTUE OF AN RXEOIT. ) tlon, I will Hell this day, ul 10)4 o'clock, ut No. 1.3U6 Broadway, between Thirty-eighth ami Thirty-ninth streets, the coments of a Marble Yard, Tlx: Mantels, Mates, .to. HENRY WEST, Constable. ClONSTABLE'S 8ALE.-BY VIKTl'E OP AN EXECU) linn, I will expose for mIt, n public rendu?, th'1 con* t"iiu ut a bakery, c?nidstiiii{ of Counters, Shelving, Cake Pan*, Ac., at M First avenue, on Monday, 23d of Kepteiubcr, 186), at 11 o'clock to llie Ion-noon. JAMES SULLIVAN. ConMoble. Datko Skw Yor*. Kept. 16, 1861. FCOLTON, Al/CTIONEER.-UENTEEL HOUSEHOLD Furniture, Caryl*. Oilcloth*, Mirrors, rosewood and mahngxtiy Furniture, Ae., 4"'.?On Wednesday, September M, ut 10>g o'clock, at No. 77 Fourth avenue, near Tenth street, llie entire Furniture of the house embracing Parlor, Dlniugrnotn. Bedroom ?nd Basement, Brussels, Threi Fly and Ingrain Curpets, Oilcloths, Mirror*, marble top Dressing amiother Bureau*, French .md Untitle Bedstead*, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Extension Tables, China and Ulaaa Ware, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., Ac. JOSEPH HEC.EMAN, AUCTIONEER ? TUESDAY, September 24, ut 10 o'clock A. M. uilftM Carlton avenue, between De Knlb and Lat'ayeUe avenue*.?Handsome Furniture, splendid rosewood Piano, Stodard maker; two French plate l'i r Glasses and Tables, Very line n?ewi>o<t Parlor Nwit. HP\en piece*, in maroon ?nd crimson mtin; handsomo KrcepUon and Arm < hairs, marble top On ire Tables, 8<egere*, Curtain*. Marble vaaea, Oil PRintlnga, Engraving*, mahogany marble top Drewting Bureaus, WMahabtnda, Bert- I Hte.nlh, pu>med marble top Suit. f?*n plec?a; IUIr Mattrvau'a, < Keither H?dr<, S -ih, Ac., oak Extension Table, Chairs, Dinner and Tea Seta, Plated Ware, Velvet, Hruv?ela iud Three 1'ly Carpets, Plated Stair Roils. Oilcloth*, Ac. Catalogues at salesroom. J COLE, AUCTIONEER. To Mi Ikmeo and others. HORSES, COWS, WAGONS, Ac. JAMEB COLESS' SON will sell mi Wednesday, October . 2, at 12 o'clock, on the premises of Wm. Kidd, Butler street. Oetween Washington and C.aaaon avenues, Brooklyn, 16 (\?ws, all In good health and rendition, a number of which I a re fivi?h; two kikm! work llont'H, {two Colts, aired by Major Anderson (the Martlnee horse); ?il#o Wagons, llaria^n, i Tuba, Ar.; Oeeae and Fowls; alao a quantity of Manure, tfalu ? IMtfltm; UiUi?caali. I \ t 3 balks at afctiON. T MORIARTV, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT NO. ft . 173 Chaihum wjuare, this <liiy, ?t 10 u'cUx'k, ?iou% Oh*lr?, t?bl??, Hureaua, Loniigfla, Clock*, Oil Pilni?i.; <, Mirror*, feather Bed*, Ac., Ac. Ala a varloiy of tilie SUuw Hmiery, HUliiM, with Turium other good*. Henry orern, auctioneer-will hell on Monday, tfepU-wWr 'A ?t l?H at tbe inicli >it loru 1W WillUun it auaiulljf ..f Qrocerl*tf, W :* ?, Liquor*, 8e^?r?, itiO bul)!* of llitrrtnu. <'*i iientrr'ii Wiirklwiu li. m, lot of TimI*, Sw, Alto ail] o'uiuuk, Clothing, Dry Oo In, Yankee Notluu*, Ao. MORTlUUE SALE ?DRL'li STORE AND FIXTURES.? A. M. t'It I ST ALAR. Auctioneer, "will acll, ihi.i ,[kv. 23'1 lint., lit 1U o'clock, at No. 331 Ti-utli atr>-ri tlx* entire w It elected stock of Drug* and Medicine*, Suana, Bruuhe*. T >1 let Article* and Funcy Ooori*. Ula?*and Clda* Jar*. But'Ira, Scale* Hint W.'IkIuii, Show Uawtt, Counters, Shelving ami.? variety of ftrtirle* t>?i niimernu* to mention. By order ot LOItENZo OliEKLE, Attorney for Mortgage. MJ. BEN DALL, AUtrriONEER-WILL SELL Till* day, at S33 Hudson at reel, at ItlU o'clock, % genernl UMK'rlineiit nt lion**UoM Furniture, rfather Bed* *teada, Bureau*, Table*, Mirror*, Ac. Al?o one ot Houc'a 9130 Sewing Hachine*. PAWNBKOKKR'S SALE Of MJJN'3 CLOTHINtl.?TUM day, at A. M t'RJKTALAR'S auction nt.irc. IB Isvenr. consisting of a lavge auil valuablen?aorlinent of Men'* Wealing A|ipar l c l every >1eae,rtptli.n, aiiltulle fur the Winter *rn*<<n. By order of Joil.N J. LEVY, pawubroker, M Sixth avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-A. M. CIIISTALAR, WILL sell, ou Tuesday, September 24, at No. i't Bowery, t> i>r hundred lnlg, noualHtlng of Kroek ntvl Over Coata, Pant*, Yeata, Cloaks, Boot*, Sine*. BUnkcia, heavy Shawl*, t^uilta, Ac., Ac. By order of PECARE A CO., No. 197 tirauil *U* el, TliIn aale la worthy the attention of dealer* antl other*. PAWNBROKER S SALE ?B. LEVY, Al'l TION'BER. *2 Catharine MreeL will acll Una day,at 10H o clock. Silk and other Divsaca, Skin*. Basque*, Slilrta, l^ullt*. Cl <ka, Shawl*, Blanket*, Brda, Pillion, mens CloUiei, Watctc ?, J. welry, ic. Uy order ol II. Bl'llNRTT. PEREMPTORY SALE.?(7HO. It. SOLOMON, JR., Al'Ctliiioer, will *ell, at OiiA KUhtli avenue, Thirty-eighth street, a largo quantity of line Wluea, Bundle*, Preserve*, Ac., without reaerve. PAWNBROKERS SALE. ?A. M. tTIST.VLAK. Al ?' tloneer, Bowery, will sell on Tin viay. 24th Inst., at KIM o do. k. a I. i4ri4?i jihU unierml HM^or'UH iit nl men ami \\ ><? nfn'M VV? a Ini; ccmprUtiu; Milk, lit o?tu?. tmpo ai. l woollen Shawl*; hlik, merino iind otb*r Vrrw*, reunxinu uf Silkn ami Merlmwn, UmiU? ami IWimk't*, t-oatn. Fant*, v? n >, Ac. By order of PEGARB 4 CO 197 Grand (root Richard waltekh, auctionkkk?will seu. thin day, at IS En?l Bromlway, hi 11 o'clock, a 1 iu?*?>rUm nt of lloiuwholil Furniture, con^Httog of Sotw?, Dm in*, Toft Suit#, H< Bftding. M.kUrcuM*, Bureau*. V. - tsbimU, l'aliiilit .h, Print*, Htovr*. wilJj?<;thue tity of Kitchen atul other Furniture. Sal?* poniuv^ ami miAl?u, [MiwnUrokciNhlt- at lo* o'L-l?>ek at 'lb& lluu ton street. SA J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER# -MONDAY. 8EPTB ; ber23, tit- lOtf o'ct'H'k, at the auction roni' No. I N- ? Willuitn afreet, ( ? stable'*#al#? of tfenieel Household Fumi1(11*0, cotisihtln^' of rosewood Parlor Suits, In Rutin l>roo*t?); mahogany Cliaira, Rockers, in irhle top Centre table*, B'ireauft, W iaiedaiidc, iron BedatcaU, .Mirror-; Bedroom an l Kitchen Furniture. L. OBEKLY, Co tut a Me. QAIiE OK STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER. M\. 0 ehinery, Ac.? Oil AMBERS A FAlRt'lllLU, Aueun, 'cr?, will sell on Tueadav, Octob* r 1, at 10 o'clock, lit No. IS.1 Attorney street, one 16 burns Steam Engine; al*o BhaftinK. l'ulllea, Belting, Ac., throughout the buildiug and now running, und cau be examined till day of aaW: priv u* bid* will be entertained till day of ??ile. Apply to u. CONGER, No. U Rutgers place, or to the auetioneera, 113 Na*saU street. SHERIFF'S SALE.?GROCERIES, HORSE, JkC. CHAMBERS A FAIKCIJILD, Auctioneer*, Salesroom 113 Nassau street, Will sell on Monday, Sept. 23, at II o'clock, at No. 3 Third avenue, a larvo and general assortment of line Groceries, eonaiutintf of tne usual variety of a Unit da** retail at ore. Also one Ilor8e. Wagon, llarn?*tift. JOHN KELLT, SheI f Thomas veitch, auctioneer?office 271 broad war. Mm*tvaK'a sale of Horses, Carriages, llarnc*.. Ac., Ac., on Wednesday, S-'ptcrnbcri.V?, LSI, at Seventy-Hot k;i- t one door west of Third avenue, .it 10 A. M., confiJwln^ ot eleven valuable Horses, ( \irriages, Light Wagons, Saddles, Ac., Ac.; also, wooden stable. WM HOLLINGSHEAI), AUCTIONEEU.-1,0W> CAKES Boots, S1hh?s and Broguna at aueflon on Tues!.iy, September -4, at 10/, o'clock, ut ti?e store of J. J. Whltehon*. , 8ft Cortl; ndt si reel,. tun prion/; a <l?'*fr;?M<' slo< k, direct ir- u manufacturers. Al-o, a line of stock fcooda. Catalogue* on morning of hale. WM. WITTBR8. AUCTIONEER WILL SELL TH 8 day, at 2 o'elo"k. at 4M Canal street, nil the genteel Fur niturc, <tc., ?i1 a tamlly lire-. -nmic up housekeeping?Thr?*j fine 1'arlor Sain, In haliviwth; marble top Tables, f*i? r Glaascs, velvet taiieatry, thive.plv and other Carp*?*: OR. cloths, mahou;in.y HeiNteads, hair MnitrcJaea, Bed*, >t.'laic, marble top DresM..*; r rMii*. Waabatands, Toilet <"lna. (iliHs, Silver i<n<> - r \\ . *; Watches. Uiuiax Kouia ar. i Kitchen Fund" . .mi "s, All id'the above goods l ave only been a r* time n, n.-.-. WILLI A . \iinov:\ 'OTIONKKK.?Sfl'ST BE SOLD t?? ' * thelMiHi C.u'P' H, Oil'loih#, nil;**, JW.i Win?l? w S.i.i i Vim Miiiro Hiork c.oniatm'd in tiio larp' -in. . I Bow??ry, wfU lm Mold at auction, on T?i?*h d s j? i ,r. ih n nu t' r1uti;ct\ art the mI(k-k Is < 17 _ '? iii^rtf Oat*) n't A ?>!' virion* qnnlltlfH, Iron il ? liui-hi ; 1 li \elv?'i <0 a o .;nmon liigmin Oai*p?:L Ail i?i vvoiiM do wl! to attend tfii.s Hal". 'flu' K.ilrt vil^ . 1 tv?* ?il 10>? k. Al*o rt ll?>rsc, Wagon and llara*'*# will Hold at 12 o\?!o k. TIUS TiHb\ pKNTKKVILLK OIKSE.-A MATH I FOR SJ M; Vj lutift?*i; mil1to wagons; bo*l Hire* In iiv?v On Monday, tf"pt?'in?n?r24, nt 'A}? ?. ? lovk. II. Woollcy tmiuw Tom Sayi>; ti. lloagluud names a :> ith| Mar*-. HKVhNS <t OOXKUV. ( IKNTUKVITiLK t'oi ItSK ?Tliu lTINcJ.?A I'l K K \ ) Hi: I Htiiko 'if $260.?4 Mi Thtr- <av, >;? ?!>?;r 'i >. <?vl.? ?. <\ M. 10111;^' n.uooa Bwll?'i; Iv. W urri'ti Howdy: Mr. Hall tiiun<>> .Jipiter, Jr.; M:*. V..11 tiu.u?"? V m <'haiiij.lon, John Connolly names l,a?h M V !. t..i to w.i *"n, brHt thr*o in nvc, BKVINK ,v ('O.N'KU.V. l^WK l?i. Tli: I Tl?.'l l IN?. llnl'^h )lUNliS'F VLi" - if. r Apply lo II liCAXt WOODltri' K. 1 TNION t:ori;SH, L. I ?TROTTINtf.?ON WKDNF* U ilay, .S?p,?*inl?i". 26, at 3 o'? !"ck. * jj.: 'In' horvi- 1 hi:J Iri>ts 1 :,< n> ,1 r#?Hl to Ihr< minute* v.'I't.. Mil 1,1 t r? )M?at. Tin* following i!?'nili*no .1 Inn'-* 1 Uodr In" v Air. O Oonnoll, Mr. Mrllridf*. Mr. M?M-n, Mr. t'??nwvy, '.fr. Vt'oNey, Mr. Mo*h, ?lr. l\*!?? , Mr. Suaw, I:' >> h* and Owner. AdnnMion filly <? ?>! . SHAW k WHITE, Proprietor*. HOICKS, (iVKUIAOKS. d;(. A BAY liOUSi., SOUND aSD KIM>; , KIM: TKLTfv J\ or ?M?al <\irt II m - * ?.., . ??d far' 11. y ll'.i-i', ??oniid,.? /;?khI drh? r, C l"?. a tit; k.o, - ... , adrlvor, $0'?. A' .y r?-r i. < l?v * 7:: r'? ? *. 1?0W SALE?TWO BLA^K M MM. roLJ -, KIVK YEA r "Id. 1.lid as. i ? t if.i . y k. .. . i; lla.^bV V a h 1 n. ?.:iza by WumIih .r<??t. (\? 1 ( 1 >i??r(..uuuiy Kii r, Moum \fin.?n. ' : i .?iwi --><i? lino*. WM n. i)i:i;iti:,4.. 11 i.,.,-:,r-L-. L1l)H HAi/K?A FINK BAY ?II \I'/.KlC. SCITABLE F"f? J' mililai v lit.1 hr wan hi 'In- oatili* nf i?i;!i j nn. a ltd v> stano nniHi. or raninni; iiko a l'oiiy, 14 h-.nd* httfh : kind > i n ? .n mm. ??i i?.i , ,? nameax. Appiy i> WARDKKLLKY, U> Went Thirteenth atreet, between KtMlm and Sixth i'' ntte*. IjlOR SALE?FIFTEEN SOI Nil YOUNtl * Huitni >)e J'or ?W?wn town cai'Mcfi, rMfl <<arta, tria k.* oc uiiy kind oi hi tivy work. Can U* * u at 17 L*roy hmh i, l?e I worn Bedford a net Hlee?ker ntr-etp. JpOit half.?a KlXEt'JiEA&i ? oLORKP HORSE, witil ' !o iu awiu li tali, lift M*oni.\ ?if ?ll<j ?* tu>pf ira'n I well, au'l la admirably adapted i'?o .? lady s u-?-, vv.H be ?l cheap. Apply at atViNt 147 Elizabeth afreet. tjiok sale?A PAIR of kay hoksem i AS BE " neen at 27 Montgomery atre'd, .|ora**v mat the ry, on Tuesday*, Tlnir^t?yi* and Saturday*. rf*?m 10 to J. i >ne of them to an excellent, huddle hor*e, a;.U Would la: a?/i J* aepamte. FOR SALE?A KfRST <*LASS LIOHT WAOOV, SUIT V Ido tor a doctor; built to order lor owjiit'h jawat#* -> . but never used; will be. Hold eh#-s?p for nigh. Can I e seen *? Snediker's autoie, Boerum atreet, Brooklyn. TpOll SAL.B-?A. PATH OK IMOWN Jloft.-KS, WELL J? ntatehed, good travel!#'!--. 16 hand#* high, f*rtectly * nd and kind; will be * >Ul much below flieir value; alaoajx.y Mare, ][>\ hamla hlirh# flu# tail, ?< i'''? tearw o d m a fleet en4 atyHnh dhv?>r, and Ih an ex. ?Mlent an# Idle buia-; warrHi/i: I perfectly kind and Hound. Apply at K. Sc;ufoU'? BxceUlot abtblea, filial 24 Wot Thirteenth afreet. For sale?two young houses, six years old warranted aound and kind In ev-ry reopect, t'nat trav?-V> lem, and excellent horsea for any buainefrx. in?pire at It Ludlow a tree t. Horse for sale.?is a jet black horse, six teen iMittdfthigh, eight yemn old, warraute l Bound an.I kind in nil harnetM#; unliable lor a grncer'a w.ifron or cart. AImo, a aplendid Newman Cow, warranted to make t\vu;?y eight quart* of milk a day. Apply at 106 Euai Tweiity-tuili street. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE V( -4. aea?ioll; also, for Hale low, a aeennd baud Coupe, foi one or two horaea. Apply at?i5 Went Twentieth at! net "IV*"ANTED?BY A CASH Pl'RCJIASER, a SUPERIOR f Horse, pkaaaut and tree driver, pound, kin<l ami stylitii, from ft to 7 y*ar* old, not low* than 1 hfa hartds liU'i, and t an trot Inside of 2:46. Address box i.&Jtf Port otitic, with full particular* and lowest price. 1 NEW WOHT CARRIAGES, CO AC 11FR, PRETTY, atjv/ Family Ri^Xaways, top and no Uir? Bu^zies. Or? wm' and BurIum** Wagons, 50 seoond hand Wagons. AO - Harness, Ac. Nos. 6, oj 10 ami 12 Nevtu* Street, Brooklyn, K) Flatbush avcuue and 184 Fulton avenue. _ Ft-HXITiaB. ^ ~ Abedroom svit OF enamelled furniture for $M. In *11 colors of warranted manutacture; uIhi Solid Ch?**tnut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, at II. K. FARltlN(iton's, 368 Caual street, opposite \v ouster. Estaidisiwd in l/titi. All kinds of furniture, bedding, looking (Uasaes, ?i<., cheaper than Ht auction, warranted, and dr live red free. rlMM call at G. W. SWEDEN'S. 203 Bow. ry, between Mutton and Houston streets. Vou will wive mouJf and la; served honorably and promptly. Enamelled cuauber suits of furniture, is (ill colon* ami at vies, at wholesale and retail. at$J5an?l upwards: also, W<tUr'***< a and Palliasse*. WAJiREN \vARi>. 2i7 Canal street, four doors eual ol Broadway. First class enamelled furniture?plain decorated and graincil; solid walnut and twik Set#, Mat. FISHER * t o., Manufacturers. Mi) Brtiulway, between Ble*? kt*r and Bond atree.ta, marble building. FURNITURE WANTED.? V NEWLY MARRIEI> couple, di'Siron* of humu-keeplux, wt*h u> purcba?< Iromone lo Ave hundred dollar* w?nh of furniture. A general aaaorlment required. l'artle* haviug the game, rh?'ap for cash, m ly ailiiremi S. Biirgeiia, HhiIuu A, Saving Mrwn, Hew fork Furniture wanted.-any family having a suit of parlnr furniture, n mirrnr, kiuih bedding, ,t , i heap, may lind a puribaaer )>y aiWrxMing A. \Y , bo* Herald office. Furnitl're. carpets, books, 40., bought foh ready money at 128 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and l'enth afreet*. The highest price paio for all kinds of Hoiinehold Furniture, I'arpet*, Mirrorn. Plain *, &* ., at 170 Third avenue, near Thirty fourth alrret. Call a* i r ,i?Ireaa Furniture, a* shore. S B?A gujJ uaoi'tmtut i.t itxoud baud Furniture alnar* uu uai.^t

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