Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 24, 1861 Page 2
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2 .?- M * s ^ aii'sicAt^ . m-. -- - - -1 J O. MAEDEH, Compoaer and I'rnfemor of Murto, Singing uiiil l'ixiiol'orm. No. 192 Tenth Hrcrl. TIOUTE A liUA.Dm,UYH' NKW MALE ,?V?WT?V?<} i Husk Patent I ntiii.ui'il V>ai JjuSie ?ir?|id ii|ilH|fi4r? l'mnofortM, 4tl Hroortie street w1mt everybody Hays indul be true; everybody sayn they arc tho bent, thorcforc they niuat be the bonL. Musical i.nhtkwution. -m r, j. kdtth* sat. rath,' or^itnUl of the IB".' Dr. Hue"* clutrch, NTOUPy plhre, Brooklyn, teacher of the 1'iMFiuforte. v.teal inuMc and thorough bum, respectfully uuhouuchh that he hua resumed Ills lirorcsaional dutleH, ?ii>! w ill continue to attend iMiplln In New York ?nd Ui'Hoklyii. fur LwrvuUkni |ik?n a.l?tr?s? lit II.title kin el, between II< nry and ?' Street*; ltmokljrn. MRS. HOOPER CONTINUES TO GIVE LESSONS ON the piano and In Singing. ClasncH $5 for 124 leuonu, oiidiiete?|on a new and pleualjjg method. Advanced iiiud * received. MM Broadway, belweiu t'grtl. uh R*d rorty-Utst HI,vetS ' 1 ' M" MUSIC.?IN8THUCTION tj9J TtTE PIANO K"t ft PER month, with of <lntiy pnn'itr*', by a Iftdy "well qualified. Apply at 172 Twenty-lifta street, between Seventh ami hitfnth avenue. 1" \ 1U3 A NI ST.?A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A KIWJA.TION V f a? onanist in a Prou-Htai.t church in i hit city or vieinlty. hHlury SlftO per annum. AiidrfsMOr^uniHt l<u Tn.,th w# pianoforte wanted?a oood second hand J or new Pianoforte wanted In exchange fur Board, in u tir*l<Uxa hoti'l in Uroadway ; Iimiiih vi'ry reaaonablv; ruftJren<? given. Add rem Henjaiitln, lleruld ofP?q. Removal.?noran? waters,' aoemt, n.\s re moved to 4^51 Broadway, between Grand and streets, where ho sella now aoven o<itavo PUtim* for $W. and w ii j ?iiil?*d. Second huud Pianos and Midodcons from $2ft to SI 30. All kinds of musical merchandise ?t war prior?. Pianos and Melodeous to let from t?? $<> per month; rent allowed If pijrchased a* per imretmujnt; niouthly payment* received for the same. SIGNOK A. AHDAVANI, BARITONE OF THE ACADK my of Music, lMirpoaca devoting part of hit time to givn.g singlnc les*otis. For term a apply at 149 East Ninth utrral, care of M emirs. Deaoombe's piano store. VOCAL Ml Sir IN CLASSES. S \OKEJ> OH SECULAR Mr. G. (L KEYFOKH, \oaiiM, will arrange with parties for (he fall and winter; also for mualuil conventions .abroad. Communications may bo lei t at Win. Hall A Son a, ftl.1 Broadway, or at the residence of Mr. R , !W1 West Twi nty-eiglith street. New York city. Private leaaona aa uanal. I WSTUt CTIOW. AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH CLASSICAL MASTER isd< sirons of giving private Lcaons In I lie ClnsslctU or the EiikUhII TJran' h? ?; a i:< ?d opportunity for for ignei * winning to learn English, or for private?luaalcal i union. AJU<? aa J. M. K.. Ill) I'llnion place, Eighth street AT $2 AO?WRITING, 20 LESSONS; BOOKKEEPING, $10. I *?a??11a unlimited: Wi lling ami Arithmetic, $U) in r quarter 7Mieaaop* ea< b, at Howreiy, N. Y . iU;U j'iUt ?n a tree i, Brooklyn. Aa h Hplendid penman and skilful teacher, Colonel Paine has no superior.?Newport News. A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY, AN experienced teacher, having a few hour* disengaged, desires to make another engagement as vl 1 1 og inatrucires? to children of ehher sex. lier course ol instruction embrace* all the En.:ll?h branches, with wrttim;, composition, Ac., ami will be louud einiiiMiiily thorough. The mohi nuiisfactory referem es given. Address Instructress, Ilerald ofliceA FRENCH LADY, NATIVE OF l'AUIS, AND EXPErlenfced In leac-hing, with the he?t of reference from her last engagement, wishes a situation aw Franeh teacher, In a school or nrivatc family; she alsu understands German; , wages moderate. Address Miss L. E. L., Herald oflice, stating terms. 4 T RENVILLE'S BOOKKEEPING. ARITHMETIC AND J\ Willing Iiooma, 36J Broadway, thousands of students, during ihe past tilleen y? ars, have been thoroughly lilted for ?very department of butdness. Instruction Imparted as usual, day and evening. Terms moderate. J BRADY'S SEVENTH REGIMENT GYMNASIUM, 20 St. Mark s place (Eighth street) OPEN To THE PUBLIC. The regular classes tor gentlemen and children In cymtias iich, uuiKineMca, sparring, Ac., will ioiiiujcuoh on thit 1st of October. I,adle?i'*, Tue.-d.ivh, Thuratlay.and S.uurdnyii Laden and ?vntlcnieii aie Invited to mil and iiim)? t the Institution, where circulars and p rirtloular* mar he hail. ABNElt S. BRADY, Proprietor, Boardino school for boys at new ko. chelle?One hour from th?> city, via the New Huron Railr mil. Twenty-seventh street and rcnirth avenue. Thin school ojiened Im sixteenth fall term on the 2d Inst., and Is now In uceesafnl o|>erallon. II. LOCKWOOD, Principal. <100PER UNION MERCANTILE COLLECE, 1? AND 19 J Caliper Institute. Open dnv and evnutlH. Course of instruction emhraie* Bookkeeping, Businrsa I'enmaii.lilp, M ercatitile Law, Commercial Call illation*, Commercial Cur- J poui]f*no?t Ac. JJUYANT, STRATToN, PACKARD A l'ENN, Principal* Fbxmh institi tk rem yotoogentlemen. wo. m Jiast Twentv-fourth street.?Hoarding and day School, classical and commercial, luurteeu tfutchers?six Amcrlcftn, live French, two German, ono Spanish. A ]>rimary department ami a tymi.,isium. See prospectus for details, Professor ELI E I II WILIER, Director. Will be re-op^nod on Tnemlay, September 17. TJ1RENCII AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROFESSOR r E TELLERING, 811# BrMH.Iway, corner of Twelfth street (established will receive applications lor prmito Instruction Id either language, Latin and Greek, and make translations Kiiwlfine 1'Anoint* auk et rangers. MONS. L. DE GRAND-VALE'S HOARDING SCHOOL, collegiate and commercial. Hudson terrace, llohoken. Terms, $200 per aitiiuui. Reference: Mr. E. l'onvert, No. 3o BroadaUMt; *!r. E. Plunkett, N<>. 190Bros l?i>. THE SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAUGHT, as HRREtofore, by CIPRlANOGORRIN, at Clinton Hall, Ast r place, room No. 7, library Moor. Otttco hour* from WHO to 10 JO A. M., or 4 to 5 P. M. TR(>Y FEMALE ~8BMINABV.-THJS INSTITUTIOX offers the accumulated advantage* of nearly fifty years of luooewOil operation. Every faculty is provided" for a thorough course of UHetulaud ornamental education, under the direction of a corps of more than twenty professor* and teachers. For circulars apply to JOHN U. WlLLAitl), Troy, N. Y. WANTED?AN KNERGETIF"Y01/NG TEACHERTOS the common English branches, principally arithmetic and peumansbip. The s.ime would have tola* governor and 4nstruct many hours. a tingle man and good disciplinarian may hearof a situation at No. 72 West Twentieth street. DANCING ACADEMIES. ^ Adodworths dancing academies, N<>. 206 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth st., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Fridays tn Brooklyn, (lumtiifllH'iuv ()c!nl*p 1. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Comtue?ring October 2. la the new building on Fifth avenue recently erected for the purpose, will be found every requisite for such an establishment. In addition to the dancing, classes will also he formed for exercises in a new system of t'alisthenii-s, esperially valuable to ladies and children of dellrate frame. Mr. Uodworth would be tflad to make arrangement* with seminaries for lesaons in Dancing, Calisthenics or Military OrilL Circulars for terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. A CARD.? MME. FERRERO JACKSON, RBSPECTfully announces that during the absence of Colonel Forrero, she will discontinue her school at No. 29Wett Thirtysixth street, to take his place at Ferrero's Academy. No. 69 W est Fourteenth street, and trusts there to receive tne sup- t |x>rt of her fellow citizen*, while her son supports the flag of our country. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEM Y, 361 BROOM E STREET. Ladies meet Tuesdays and Fridays. 3 to 6 l\ M. Gentlemen, Tuesdays and Fridays, to 1U>? IV M. Children, Wednesdays and Saturday*, 3 to ti i\ M. Private lessons at hours not occupied by classes. Ladies primary classes instructed by Mrs. Brookes. The new dancee are received, and will be produced in rapid succession. All the fashionable danccs taught in one course of lessons. In connection with the hall are reception, dressing and |>rs< tiHin^ rooms, for the free use of pupils. OPENING SOIREE WEDNESDAY EVENING, SETT. 25. IjlERRERO'H DANCING ACADEMY, WEST FOUR' teenth street, opens Saturday, October 5. Circulars, for terms, Ac., may be hail at the Academy. political.. Fifth ward I'Eofle s union tarty. The citizens of the Fifth ward, in favor of the People's Union nominations m.i4e at Syracuse, September 10 and 11, and In favor of the vigorous prosecution of the war for the preservation of the Union, without distinction of party, are Invited to attend a meeting authorized by the delegates of the above Convention at the Fifth Ward Hotel on Tuesday overling, September 24, atHoVJfvk, P.M. Distinguished speakers have been invited, and will addrena the meeting. By order of the Committee. Cms. Kaiij., Secretary. JOHN HEWITT, Chairman. UNION CLUb?SEVENTEENTH W ARD? V ILL" mebt at 327 Bowery, on Tuesday evening, Septemt>er 24, at 7>? o'rI<?ck, for the purpose of organizing an axaoeiatlon fn support ot the Union Staxe ticket. Those in favor of said ticket are invlied to attend. J. A. KENTON, Seo'y. 3D WARD U.N'foN A^^(TfATI()N.?A MKHTINU (VP this assoclaton will be held thU Tuesday evening, Septcml>er 24, at No. 271 Greenwich street. By order. JAMES B. ENGLISH, Chairman. J WO M I'lKTA, H^n-tary. t?ti1 ward "for tilb"~uiiion.?at a large and Xt-I enthusiastic meeting of the vot*r? of the above ward, held at ,4Thc Store, ' Bleaker street, lift evening, the following re-solutions were unanimously adopted:?Resolved, That in view of the dangers m w Imperilling our devoted country, this meeting plc?lc?-s Itself render all the aid in Its power to supf>ort tTie government, mid crush out rebellion. Resolved, That this meeting assembl** on Friday evening next, hi eigm o c-iocl (. ? aoovej, lur permanent nrxml.-attlon, and that the?e proceeding* t>e puMlahed In the Herald. WILLIAM J FAOAf?, Chairman (pro lein.) 1 QT1I WARD. lo union AND A VTOOROfB l?ROr?KCCTIOH OF THE WAR. The cltlrenn of the Eighteenth ward ?i* hereby re<jue?ted to aax< ml4? In Ma (' invention on Tueaday evenlns, Sep. Unlrrit, IWI.ui Worth Monument. Madiaon aquare. at 7H o'clo k, (or the i uriow <?f ratilyim; the Stale Ticket nominated ai the r?i| ? ? I ulnn Convention at Syracuav. Thn fallowing named gentlemen hive been Invited, anil will addrusa tbe meeting ? DAVIT* DUDLEY FIELD. E?q.. Hon. ROBERT C. IIITCHINGti, Hon. J A VIEpi HKOoKN, JI'DtiE HOOEHOOM, Hon CHARLES 8I KM ER, Hon. HORACE F CLARK, Hon RICHARD B BRADFORD, Rl'KCS F. ANDKHWS. E?o., Col. ELLIOT F SIIEI'i'ERD. Signed?Peter Cijoper, llauley D. Clapp, Daniel Drew, ?T>hn Pollmkn, Cor IGeorge Opdyk*, J. Ain-tlu Swi en*, Jr.. Eranfix Hro k?. Darld Klllmi-r, John Biker. Ki?'u4. r A. JUchtw, Nathan R Valentin*, Elliott C. Cowdln, Lnt r Br.idt*b, Win. II Vail. Wm. O Lambert, Benj. K. Ma nl-rre, E. F. Hall. Rolen J Dillon, William Ricbanlaon, < irte? M Nelll, C W. Field, IIorn<*Oreeley, luute Bnll, Ja, I'Hiidolph Tilttle. A. Fisher. John II Palmer, Thoa. V. II >1^ ti (1. Dael*. Richard Harden, A. Amleraon, John D. Outv.. 1 Kdiert Enaever John Kiaher. Dudley Pcraae, Jan. M. T irt?wi,Cha? f HIM. K C Lee, C. JacoDa, H. Hlahop, 1 i > liaiey. ? m. T. Hla< k, Julm Hyde Wm Cooper, Win. ? h-vu. /.hn Ml.U.Chaj. Hradhurat, Edw d North, W. II. K !> Man.mia'i, Kiml Itlrchner, Wm. McOralh. J. >y it.ron Frank. H W Wlnnana, T O. Churchill, I- K H"l.|n?>n. L. L Dean, W S. Matthew*. It i . K iw 1 Marrlner, laravl Jarvl*, M. D . W . ??.. i.ell W W Northrup, R. Mitchell, Wm. 't >b]p J. C Colea, \t m E Jonea, C W. J i ?m'- r in. RenJ. Warden, Cha? (? Cor ? - V vv Kenny, Jaa. DavldMin. ijeo I,. t. , , Win E. f'roat aud throe hundred i l l. S UNION ASSOCIATION WILL ' -i Tucuday evening, at Contl1 y-! orth mi'eet and Eighth are. r* .1 addreaa the meeting. The 1 "mI'UELL, I'rculdcut. Jxa<- llittn- i). 1 ! \ u ! to '~"ix?fi-H?T?t A ffff ?'"{ SAL,K~A MJOKT distance m . I,orn t??. New York and Brooklyn f?*rrl<?M To nhvai ul uoUcu- 'iU* u vices ,JX& r?mhn* 1 r"rf?nt,y rteprtrfffl of the w?r. lv . | | | n? It will be hoI11 >i Kicrlllce. It Ik handsome?Orv ranvinSfnr1!^ ,',hrl'll' >"" "ock,'<i. The houite It ??w y , ! 'in k ' '?w ' " '""Kleins*. l'nrt caith re. to A VcPPPTwnS MlTil.!!w""""<:'"nL"'r,'d "'''''irny. Applv toA. Met- t.t.TEK.s, 110 Wlllluin Btrwt, New York. gjsXjjaraggM^^r*""^ S.-lriiv ? f t''1 nitlumoney) leuvinj W8|c?y, uni?u?l tmJueemauU aw offeniu Southwiuk & wood, wxmu atn-et. A22?,P BfSI.NKSS FOR S.\ /.!. Ji.STAJU-I.C1'111 . .n i ! J j mil h nU with liwge |>i >iit>; .."V iniii li tnnney mitred; iiflr fif.t lijr the tfiim,, K. r W.W U,,"U W' WA,'KiiTT. 132 W?l?r atroet, T)t'SI?KS? t'ilANCB XF()H SALB, T11K tfTAXUKU *2 "*-*!Country royv, West WaNhin^tim market. TOUTCHER'H SHOP FOR SALE-CHEAP FOR CAMH A JJ firmrateaiuipjitoiiu ,a Uiir kiplm-aa. The owner has Kot two. nnd cannot attend to I. Apply before 2 o'clock at the aim,., xm .Werner Wreet. near Fount!, lor two aiyi I IJl'TCIfKR SHOP FOR SALE ?A (IfiDI) CUANC'K FOR I XLZXZrS *?","I,,,|,c{ft htmuiem Mimi he aold till* week, I hi'je.iXi" *"-^3 pANAL BOAT FOR SALE?ON FAVORABLE TERMS, \J recently rebuilt, and in lirst rate order. Apply to SIMPbON, SN ELLIN G ?k CO., |*er90 East river. /10AL YARD TOR 8ALE-TKN YEARS' LEASE, FIX\J tares, Busineas, Carts. Horse#, Ac In auood location, for sale at a !ovr price. Apply to F. 0. BOWMAN, 112 Broadway. / lONFRt -TIONERY AND ICR CUE AM SALOON TOR \j sale?including stock aad Fixturw. The location i* pH>4, 111*I a lair business can be done. A bargain to offered, M tbflfMr Will|ai049|M the City. A| pi) III WmuIi av. For balk?cheap, for oabh, tub leahe of House, Stock and niUrif of one of tfce IwM purine Liquor Stores in the Sixth ward; rent* collected from tenants 1' avcs the store at a nominal rent. Apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, No 4 Kant Broadway. IMRBALB?1fhu LEASE AND FIXTURES oF TIIE 1 Id established Iniot un?t shoo store Sixth avenue; al* so two back Room* attached to it; rent very loir; must Im sold by the tirsi or the month. Reason* lor le?t\ iu? .;lveu ou the premise*. IjjlOR SAI.K-A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, WITH 1 a llor** anil Wagon and two yearn Lease from Muv next; rent low. and a go??i location for buainen?; must is? - ?ld tb.s we.-k. for particulars inquire at the la., r beer salo u corriur of Grand street mil Centre Market place, from 8 to 11 A. M. TT'OR SALE?THE CHEAPEST STEAM ENGINES AND I Bo.lets in N?'W York, new aiul second hand, of three, four, six, eight, twelve, twenty nnd ninetyh .r*e power, at Si (ianS'Voort hire it, between Orsemviiih* and Wanhingt hi. Nintli avenuv < ars pass the door u iu*: down. J. W YLIE. For sale-dining and lodging rooms, doing a iirst rate business; favorable lease; will Hell ut a sacrifice as the proprietor S?:ih n sutler's appointment In the army. Call immediately at-11 Eighth avenue, near Tn outy-ttrst ut. FOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, CENTRALLY located, well furnished, and doltitf a pro.liable business. Woqld sell for csah on cimv terms, or trade for a good farm or niar by real estate. A bargain worth examining. Apply at tl?e General Agency, 49 Nassau street. For sale-a small sjdewjiekl steamer, new and in perfect order; draws t wo feet; engine fifteen I liorse |lower; will carry thirty pa*s?-tigers; very last, and 1 Will be Si.1.1 Veivl,.u A,.,.lu .> t -? -j -tTV " A ??Uiw?ilLISIJ Na*SaU Street. IjlOH RALE-A DOWN TOWN DINING SALOON ANI) Bar, with the whole Ho ?e,ai ! eranrtnfogftitland com1 pletu, doing about &>o per day. Wlil self ftt a very low price, or etichauge for oth?*r probi ty bi0o8 \ R08SBTBB, 73 nmmu street rpan sale?at a great bargain, the stock. J1 Fixture* and Lease ol a well fitted up paying Sal ion; c od location, ou Woo^ter win el; three rooms on nrst Hoor. Thr??e years' i*?aMe, at SIS per month. Apply to IIOLBitOOK ? HOLMES. .VJ9 Broadway. TJIOR SALE?CHEAP FOR CASH, TIIK LEASE, STOCK r tod fixtures ol * Liqhor store, todUidMit?> ibuid foundry and various other publie work*, west ni?i?' ??l the city. .satisfactory reasons for Halting. Anply at "548 Weat Twenty-sixth street. 1J10K SATiE?A LIQUOR STORE, WITH TTfREE YEARS' . Lens.? ol" the House and Store; hou>e all orcuptetl with K??od tona?its; nice .uvominodauoiis for a family back of the hi ru. For parth ulars inquire at 137 First avenue, in the tea store. UiqR SALE?A FIRST CLASS BAKBRT AND CONFECX1 tionery and Croara Saloon; one of lh?* liest stand* In the c ity. Doing a good hiifttness; stocked fixtures all complete; the proprietor wishing to retire from the business. Apply at 1% uroi ? street, Jap> y City. J mm hale?a neatly kitted up candy store, iu a well located neighborhood. Reason for idling given at the premie*, |$y Canal street. Pol; SALE?THE EXCLCSfV E FRO 1*111 K 1'uKMI I F J1 and trade m irk of two Valuable Article* In ^.?n?'ral demand an4 all ordiug a Urge profit, with ?St?H?k. ami Fixtures. A rar?* rhanee for a man with hii,. ]' apltal or good seouritlvs, . The owner has other business and ??u?l leave the city, Call ! at 71 Naaaau stn et? r< o?n Ku. y. I,1011 SALE?AT A LOW PRICE. THE STOCK, FIX- 1 ' tim-H and good will fit an old established Lamp, Camphene and Fluid Store. For parllcubus inquire at 98 Woosu*r street, near Spring I [fog SALE?TH E STOCK AND FIXTUKKSOF A DRUO 1 Htore, very handsomely fitted up, situated in a good | neighborhood and n</w dojug a go?xl business; sold meonse- i ni^iU'H of the owner's having other Injsm hm to attend to. For i?'rmn. Ae.. whfrh will !?# ?.? ?! ? CRISTALAlt'&Bowerj.' T:J / ibpcert fob SALE-consisting of STOCK, FIX\X turcs, Horse, Wagon. J|c.; will *4*11 immediately; good location! terms easy. Call on the premises. comer Macdwugal and Houston sis., between 10 and 12 o'clock. ni>TKI, KoK SALE-THE LEASE, Fl HMTI'liH AM) Fixtures of a H<?tel. m oot of the beat l wail ulntlili ? ity; an old established place anil doing a good business; hht'sfaeiory reason given for selling. N. B.?A House and Lot In \\ est Twenty-tilth street at a bargain. Apply to F. (J. KINK. 264 Fulton sireet. 1EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A CORSET. SKIRT J and Fancy Store will be sold low; rent $400; lease Mx yearn; honw contains seven rooms anil store; furniture; g?o?J piano; sewing machine* tak* ti In part payment. Apply at 237 Sixth avenue, near Fif teenth street. I ease of hol .sk ani> st.>t:i; 10 stonk street, J situated iu thi' most thickly part of the First war J, between Whitehall au<l Broad streets Satisfactory reasons for selling out will be gL en by applying to M. J. DUNN, 70 Centre .iireeL Ii?>kh WANTED?A party living out of town. 1 desires to establish a liquor store, and having a lirst mortgage upon property in the country, about two hours from NVw York, but no cash, would like to sell the mortgage to tome il?|u??r dealer who could pay about $600 In cash and the balance would be taken hi an assorted stock of liquors. Amount of mortgage $4.ft'0. Would continue to trade with any honse that could arrange such a transaction. Address Fair D'-allng, box l3ti Herald ofllce, stating where the parties can be seen. Quart* rock mills and patent foe sale? Conceded by miners the very best tor reducing rock and otu r hard substance* to Impalpable powder, with hardened shifting grinding surfaces, easily changed. SOUTHW1CK x WOOD, 82 Nassau street. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FANCY DRY OOOD8 Si ore for sale cheap, hs the owner Is going t?? the country. Location good, and *tock all new Apply in the store, Third avenue, one door below 120th struct, Harlem. To clothiers?cutting tables?twelve or fifteen walnut Cuttiu^ Boards lor sale, at a sacrifice, by a house quitting business. Apply at the clothing store, under tL.> Tiv..Wm .ti*a flunk Mm.>r ..P llm.. 1 uruu mt%A If* I or ailiin-HM boi H48 Font otlicc. To brewers.?for sale, a perforated wrought ir<>u Mash Tub, fals*- bottom (new), ton feet in diameter Apply to T. O. ARNOLD, manufacturer of patent ttfe f<?r malt kiln*, 447 Hroomo streut. WASTKD-A WE LI. LOCATED MQt'OK STORE FOR ? chhIi. Several opportunity* open for investments for purtio* wishing biuine**, offered at burgjum* lorcaab. You vrili ronmiIt your Interest by calling on General Agency, 49 Naftaau street. tf.1 /ta will buy a wholesale and retail iJlO'/ Liquor Store, down town, doing a large cash trade; low rent. and aparunentsfor a family; lino fixtures and liquor* Will take part ca*b. Apply at 12 ttantre utreet, cortgf ftf Cbimbtifi ZBOLiO M HA8TINQ8> (itoao will buy a firstolass intelligence 90yo Oflice, the owner having received n commission lr. tin! army; profit* from $S& to $40; a rare <Jiance for an InU Uigent geotkman or lady. Aiidrce* 8. L., box 136 Herald oUi***-. <5 1 (HI ?TOR SAL*, OH AOOOUJfT of DJ8AARBB^ i "J" ' ment of partners, one of the best paying Restaurant*, in the Immediate neighborhood of the Font OflVce, Cuntom llou*-, banksand Insurance ollicos. Dally receipt* $.*0 tofil Inquire*! the Colon, 23Ltb^riyst. ct 1 ao ?por sale. a pirstclass restaurant, on one <?f tin- larg'-sttliorougyifares down town, lilted up in ct?<)d style, consisting of lunch, bar and oyster countern comMned^ all In good ordvr. Address C., llerald ollioe. <2 ('(W \ ^'ILL B0Y A LARUE CORNER LIQUOR p'-HMf Store, doing at present a good pijtng busings, winch ckft be shown; a g?*?d iea*e; rent low; will take part chub and wait for the balance. 0<>od reasons for selling Apply to J IV TRAV'ER, lTDChntham street. C?1 *>/in -FOR 8ALB, THE O^E HALF INTEREB? V l.Ol" In a down town Flour, Feed sndGrsin Store, no* .m ig ii excellent business; good leas*!; satisfactory r?*kaons f .r selling. Address A. M., box 1 ^ Herald ofllce. DEN TISTRY y ... Artificial teeth.?only $8 for beautiful and substantial s?*u on pure silver; on One gold and platina, $2'>, tingl* teeth, $1. Teeth tilled and extracted without the least palu, Superior bone tilling only 60c. AU work warranted. Oftlce 138 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh IfW. Or. LUTIIBK, Dentist. Artificial bone filling without pain, so rftnUb Warmnied Artiiici*! Teeth, $1 to $2 each, in whole nets, beautifully mounted on gold, platina, silver, ami#r, vulcanite **r rubier. Painless Extracting, Ac. Dr. LUTHER, dentist (twenty years). removed to 104 East Twmtv-Mvond afreet. bet\4?-?*n I^vlnuowi uml \ RnneuL 555 ftLuxa I^OR 2^ATU> Tfevfl, I J\ married While toft and giving no ualn. Aclung teeth or in? r? ?.|ielta "mi be tilled and pr**erved by the dltcovercr, J. ; PKifUhoU, M P, nw>uis HM> Hn??<iwrty, west aide, one door above Hi'Tcntccnil) iitreet. N. B.?Bw? an> (if the tra*hy Imitation* of c hen p operator*. DB - B KIGBSMOND, WO BROADWAY CONTINUES to tnaen hU iin^iMVM rhMp Khuule Bone Teeth, without metai | lai*. < lii-pn. or citrac'tiiiC any roota; ure three* ; quart" r* lighter than any other*, ana warranted. Best referooce? given. Pru a* moderate. HATRlHOMUk i l.\S KENOKAS 1>K RA1Z KHPANOLA?UN CABALi\ If ro, que h? vlnto mucho mundo, qukre trabar r<*U< tone* ittiiimoHAfi eon lennra vmda ? aaHcra. eon motivo de matrlmonU, o Kf.nle ronvenienda, a tin de perlectlouarse en el Idiont.t. el aeiinr no quiet tmtar eon Drraonas COUiUnCi, o i luai uudaa. DuljiMj id Cva. i).t licialu oUkc. 1 ew ? toek herald, tui -1 AJIUMKMWfTS. WINTER OARPKNT" ? TO-NI(JIIT AND E\T.RY NIOnT, 1 THH BRILLIANT AW BEAUTTKt'L COSEBDIE3SE, MRS. JOIIN WOOD. Wllluppwrln tbo cVarrniiiK l>n rl?nmie of 1 CIIW^KELLL ' Wblnh lia* l>??n |j|-o,1iii'. iI wiUi new Hiulfb>? Ik* ftow'.uetor .Charii'M K"i>i>;ti, lii'ludluu a new mixiiay owrture, wllli n l'l xulu Flageolet obligate, oy Kopplll nui Lothian Ll^hllj rweived Willi an , , i^Tuuauaric raqniuL I Nrwa#<l brtlli mt tmotiry l j Got*, and n>-w and effect* The east iiK-lmlf- In iiiMllliin In Mr*. Join: W.hmT, Mri(. W. R. Make, Siterret, Mian Emma Hall, Lothian. Jteaain. A. II Daienp ir;? Lowia U.iker, ILany jVaraon. L> Siullo'y, to. Sirs. Wnni, In addition the caquUila mimio of th?> burIh nun, Iian liitroi(uic.! wllhlu the lam few nluliU t'iu- Inllnwliu ranwuiit!?.-:?ntirwl m<qfi mdx:~ ' l>ii'tflu juj?r?l?l.', AU-?ri> lanuodcrutoujn Iubms ana featbot alio, (Tom tlid opera "uiuramid Binto ntfflo Batujab >i In." While Ke'rehnre If they InterlMfe, W ou t wo ulvii lliwin a warming. l!HS. jtmtf WOOD and MR. L. BAKER. AIM Ule oekHiraual niia iMidaliUi 'XJI1 fuiia o'luiiei'ttizA, from the upi a II piuiiejn Hryiinty del Muovo Yofki'. V> HfcHt, fow do ilow dow, Where was you General Patteraou. . MIW. JOUN WOOD Alan a Solo for nno vuoe In particular!!, frnm the Opera of Brojkalaai. Con Geiilii-tii-lanl in taitero. Re.I tu|Mi np ul Albany Will ...til. I... For It makes a General every day Of a tailor or a haUcr. Red tape tip at Albany Will settle all the nutter, For It makes a (Juner;tl every day _ . . , Of a tailor or a hatter Rat Hred nl-'hUy %viils UNBOUNDED ACCLAMATIONS OF DELIGHT. Bp* iUiliiyi of tlio ii,?w Introductions and alteration- In the piece the IlKUALp *ays-~-The burlesque itself has very myri luprored kinceit* first representation, Ah wesii.'gostcu, w?^raicomlr. soiium in lj? r old po|)iiliw style, have i??? n inu?rjn I.iti J In Mrs. \v<MMr? part, and an* n odved wlthuutinned applause. Changes, slight but imfx-rtant ha/ealso iHi'n made In the dialogue, druses and s?nge bu*in<-ts; the ?*mii ry haaameral Uaujful effects, and the whole i lay U iii i * am,,'''nK and apr 'poa. I in- Tribuuo says*.?The t>uri?'M|iie "Cinderella" has been 7 runny ImnrovedTby the Introduction into It of ill iia I table ui). Mrs. John Wood ha?a nightly re-eufopftiient of spirits, ana slugs .several comin son^s ?>t a patriate teuiriug with e*? treine eloquence. Applause greets her efforts. Wi.?re the w?i;i W'lrtty H has been (Mod with light, and the scenery, and the music, and the ballet ure su^o ni tla.: it lift capital entertainment. ? ' T.'ln,,M *ays:-?The ehangoof programme ha* ma le Cinderella" exquisitely runny, and added brilliancy to what before was ouly charming. Any quantity ofsong* navu been introduced, and the partol Cinderella ho remoueiiod as to give the .sparkllug representative of that u 11hapny but damsel a chance lor unlimited iv-play ol the most r< ^uish and heart-breaking diameter. jCnder the new regime everybody plays with infinitely more dash and vigor. Mrs. Wood Ls th?* \ery spirit of mlftdiii-i A. II. Davenport has nearly recovered his good looks, and makes an admfralrie prlne*. vh n anybody might fall In l<?v with Vf1*'., . ****'r Hl"*lv ?*>'> ! ** l-ar.m. and MUs 11 all, who succeeds to the pari oi Mine Ada Clift->n, who has speeded, fills her pla^e very satisfactorily. 1 The house has w'-B literally j^i^iul dining tin* pant we? k, ar.d (Undorella will doulal .->s nil up the term of Mrs. Wood's engage, ment. SoHts for the Winter CJardeu may secured tnree \?V a,i^ we strongly advise thoac who only s*w ri |,!,|,? j ?n *,K f,ur^,M' r?pnsentatfori'to udon it again. It wdl ail-.rd a suillclent amount of pleasure to well repay the trouble. , ?Hn.^a>" Mercury savs:?At the Winter Q.wlcn the bur ir si|n? , t uniiTfll.t," veiled a renew: I of puHio tav< r t))' the addition of cnriaiti tin|>ni\? incuts ill Mrs. John Wood's rola. Thiu lady lint mm an opportunity lo dls[ lay horfinished tvt H?n?"lnl: YixUlst, an.I In th"* excrull' i uf certain new mo l(-op)>ratiu morceaiu, alio "brings down the house" ul^ht'.V Tlie Sunday Courier any*'Tbo moat f n inallng of women, and the only rol'd' kliig representative of burlesque l'u "j? hi;-' iilritD iih. In |>olnt of t?<t, a" Mleaw'ier would * .v. Thalia Matilda, Iho I HI' 1 iiu)>erMouatlon of the luiry Ide.d of the tin' Ulitl" Maid of the (llass Slipper Lo^end, will Iwllaher Court, and h&nditomn enurt, ton, at the Winter Garden. Th? additions of solids 'Ullejsl of two old popularities tnade 1ftvorltes liy being suns at the Bryant's, and admirably adapted to TiuilU M.iiil.m's I*>wrr?; but, liuaide* thiii, she bu*\r?n* formed her part, by her own vlvai lounneag, from the l iuhrymo-e Neutr.ilii) or I'lanehe and EShaliley Into a wry v eeptabli blt of fanciful extrava^an/.H, and nlghtlr givo* evidence of an approach to her former um quailed self. Gaietie'k ooxcert room, 0.1 broadway, above lljusloll Direct, U olmli every nicllp. By the belt orjanlxed company In -New Yor k. In spile of all opposition, and theconataut rise aiid fall of uuw cuncorua , which spring up like MUSHROOMS Around our oatabllshui' nt. The (I.AU'TIKrt, filfi BROADWAY, Still maintains its ftupremacy over them all. It never deviates fr nn lis llrst coil: se, nod that Is, of havlnu the UK ST I. AI > V VOCALISTS, BEST I.VOV DANCERS, BEST LADY VOCALISTS. BEST LAl'Y DAM'KKS, BUST ACROBATS, BEST ETHIOPIAN PERFORMERS, 11E.ST ACROBATS. BEST ETHIOPIAN Chit FORMERS, THE 11EST. LARGEST AM.' I'RETT I EST THE BEST. LAR(!F.ST AVI) PKKTTIESI BALl.F.T TROUPE OF YOl'Ntl LADIES B \LLET TilOl' 1*E OF \OL'N(l LADIES In the bust no.-a; besides which, it i? a noted fact the world over that Hie prettiest waiter c.irls prettiest waiter Ullti.s prettiest waiter UiKLS prettiest waiter oiki.h PitrrrriKsT waiter girls prettiest waiter GIRLS rnr.TTlK.ST WAITER OII'.LS PRETTIEST WAITHK (ll.'tLti PRETTIEST W.VITKK tilULS PRETTIEST WAITER OIRL8 In the world attomi to the waul* uf vistU ru. N. B.?Strangers In th(" city will ill.'ami nut fon;t'L the GAIETIES, fitff BROADWAY, The rainli-m, moMtui'mfortabloMluun In New York. Adaiissloii 13 cent*; Urclieitru Chair*, 25 cents. Open at 7 o'clock, riimmnnrKt at 8. NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS. A SANTA FE MKVAfiKKIE. PALACE UARDEN, Corner of Fourteenth mm'i ami Broadway. GREAT 1111,1, For tliiH (TUESPaY) NIGHT, September 24, Ahoiindlnu In CHARMING arknfo SCENES, In wlikh ALL THE STAR ARTISTES of thin popular Company perform. DEN STONE TONMIITI ZOYAKA TONIGHT' SKB \ST] AN T i NHiHTI THE LEARNED BUF>ALOE? TONIG1ITI AND THE NEW PANTOMIME TONIGHT! FOUR MATINEES THIS WEEK: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, commnm Irti; at 2J*jJ o'clock. Great preparations lor Thank?|(li mg Day. Admission 25c.; children 15c. "VTEW ItOVVEKY THEATRE. 1.1 Sole proprietors.. >!? Q. L. Fox and J. II. Llngard. Tl'ESDVY, SEPT. 24. 1*11. An entire new Drama, entit nl THE OLD HOI'SE ON THE mtlDOR. NewSccnory, New Dresses, New Effect*, And a cant of characters embracing Every memherof the Company. Tlie Conile Fun* .if THE SPITKiRB, And the romantic Drama of TIIE DUMB GIRL OF GENOA. METROPOLITAN CONCERT IIALL-fiUO BROADWAY one door from the Meirois litnt. Hotel. A NEW INSTITUTION, conducted on th- moat liberal principle^. A new Idea for Broadway. Four hours* entertainment for nothing. The Metropolitan is hound t*i he,-nine a < IKE AT INSTITUTION. Every person that purch??m? a TEN CENT TICKET 1* entitled to a Refreshment Ticket, ami thorn that PATRONIZE THE BAR are admitted free. Everybody kn"? ^ or otikl t to know bolt hart. tfte nesi tunny Kthloplun duliucaljr in the business. He supt rinu ndN the entire AMUSEMENT DEPARTMENT. and wry body will b? well satisfied. T!i<? i>est of attendant. No hoys-^-no nois*??no stamping or whittling tit annoy the i audience, but everything conducted in AITLE 1'IE ORDER. Remember the BEST COMPANY" In the citv, the larg^t Concert Hall, the best filled up. Own ( from *J A. M. till 12 P. M. ANTKl)-l,\I?Y DANCEttS, SENTIMENTAL AM) ? e^mle singers, vjirls for the ballet, ban joist, Jkc. Also waiter girls. Apply ai the Varieties, tx>4 Broadway. CLOTHING. A HAKE CUAtiCE.?LADIES VND GENTLEMEN?I want a larj;c lot of cast oft'Clothing for the Western market; Carpets ami Furniture. I prom Im? to pay the highest nrlce for them by calling on or addressing M. Ellin, No. 93 Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth street*. Ladies attended by Mis. Elds. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?if you wish to set the full value of your east off Clothing. Carnets, Furniture and Jewelry,tfhe t>? st you can do is io wud a note to F. Harris, lfli> Seventh avenue. There you may be convinced you will be dealt with to your satLsractlon. l^adi*'* attended to by Mrs. llurus. lit) Scv.^ith areuue, near Twenty first sir?*?. AT THE NEW STAND* 117 SIXTH AVE.N I'K, LADIES snd gent* secure the full value for their cast oil Clothing, Furniture and Carp is, by colli tiff on or addressing li. Almtz, 1.17 Sixth avenue. betweenTuuihand Eleventh streets. | Ladies attended to by Mr*. Mint*. A positive FLACK FOR LADIES AMD GENTS to secure the full valu?? of their cast off Clothing, Kami. 1 lure, Otirpi'ii, Ac,, b\ calling on or addressing U. HARRIS. 353 Bowery, opposite Gr? .a Join s mLudlt:s ?iti** by Mr*. Harris. A TTENTION, LADIB8 AND OSNTLEMEN.-WANTED, J\. a I oi or cu*l off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, ,*0. I guarantee to pay the highest pn< e by calling on or addressin* M. Abrahams, 2.'t3 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-tilth and Twenty-si itb streett. Ladies attended by Mra. A. ABETTER CHANCE FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN to dis|>ose of their cast off Clothing, Furniture. Carpets and Jewelry. I ga.iruntee to Day 50 per <:ent more than any other dealer. Cull on or amlr^s* .J. An halt, 15$ Seventh avenue, between Twentieth an*? Twenty-first streets. Lftdies attended by Mra. Anhalu AN ORDER RECEIVED.?$8,000 WORTH OP CAST off Clothing to purchase lor California and Western markets; Furniture, Carpels, Jewelry, Ac. I do not pretend to offer nominal pricey but I guarantee to pay the utmost value for each article, by ending on or iftddrcsaing K. II., 79 Sixth avenue, second door above Waverley plat**. Ladies af tended by Mra. E. H. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any Cast Off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 588 Third avcMue. Ladies at* tended by Mrs. Tlarria. V GREAT PRICK FOR CAST OFF CLOTHING AND Carpets.?For allk dresses, $7 to $>32: eoats, $7 to $2<>; pants. $1 75 to $5. ('all on or a?i?lre*s J. LEVBNbTYN, No. Seventh avenup, between Twenty-third and Twenty* lourth streets. Ladles attended to by Mra. L. At kzekiels old stanp-ladiks and (.knts ran obtain the following prices lor their cast-oil Wearing Apparel. Knur $5 to $25 lor silk dresses; from $3 to $15 loi coaia, and f rom $1 to $5 for pints; also carpels. Jewelry, Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by KZhKIKL, l.\4 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth nnd Tvm ntloth streets. Ladies attended to l?y Mrs. E. A GREAT Qi ANTITY OI CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted.?Furniture, Carjieta and.It welry wanted, to supply the Western market. I pay hs follows:?For silk dresses from $10 lo $30; coats from $r? to $|H; pants from $1 50 to $5. Call on|or address A. Dues a, 21$Seventh avenue, between Twenty lourth and Twenty-littli streets. \*adics altcuUed by Mra. I). ISDIY, | SEPTEMBER 24, 1 ^AMNTSI " IfB. WALLACE lTX bu the honor to announce the completion of bis NBW THKATKH, Entrant* Mi Broadway and 61 Thirteenth street. The Full tuul Winter Season will commence ' ' I WHDWTBSDAY, SKIT. 2a. ! The prufrifttArrwruius from entering into minute detail , with reg.ird lo the qualities of Uiu new eatpblisliinent In the <niwntlal? of comfort, safety and t-le^anco ol dealgn, ureterring to loav* those matter* lo the Judgment of the plibllc und the preaa. lie would beg, however, to call attention to the names of those principally concerned in the various departinenUi:-? Architect, Mr. Tbos. B. Jack.son, 229 Ilamllton Buildings, Diiwi wnj. Masonry, by Messrs. J. M. Hhnte, 221 West Eighteenth street. Builders, Mwnfi. Baldwin A Co., Bowery. Thi' Irun ?yi>rk, nf uuw and uUtmruUi pattern, designed and piaiiufvtured eipresely fur thu theatre, by Mr. Ueorge B. Jackson, 201 Centre street. The hi knlstery, draperies, ia, by Messrs. 0. L. and J. B. Kolt.y, 369 Broadway. rita inert glass decorations and papier nniehe mouldlna and orn.umuU, by Mr. Win. (ilbwiu, Gibson Building, Broadway. Oil painting throughout und panelling of fronlt entrances, l)y Mr. M. H. FosdUk, 145 Fifth avenun. Ornamental and fruaui pointing, by Messrs. 11. Isherwood and Charles Ingles. (ill ling of ihe Interior, Mr. James Timony. The carrot, green curtain, malting, Ac., from Julian Brother*, 422 mnsaway. The new and Improved arrangements 1* the stage rnocbinorv by Messrs. Van llatton and Becrofl. The border |>nworilniii draperies painted by Sig. Prime. TUB ACT DROP Designed and painted by that ailmlrable artist Mr. HIM.YAKD. TUB COMPANY Will combine the names or Mr. LESTKR WALLACK, Mr. BLAKE, Mr. CHAULKJS KIM (Kit, Mr. JOHN SEMOtf, Mr. OEORUE HOLLAND, Mr NORTON, Mr. YODNU, Mr. RKYNOLDB, Mr. MOORB, Mr. KLOYD, Mr. BKOWw, Mr. FABKSB, Mr*. HOEY, ^"u^MAUY GANNON

Mrs. VBRNON, Miss FANNY MORANT, Mrs. JOHN tiEKTON, MissMAUK. IIKSKLUUEZ, Mrs. SLOAN, , Miss VIOl.A CBOCK KB, Mrs. KKKVE8, Miss MABY MILLER, Mrs. BKOVVN, MU* CARMAN. ? TUB ORCHESTRA, i>? the perfection of which the.utontion of the management lttt? been Hp'-daUy directed, will be conducted by MK. ROBERT 8TOBPEL. The opening eni*'rtMinin*nt will notj*i*tof a GRAND NATIONAL l.'NION OVERTURE, Composed by Mr. R. Stoepal. After which MR. WALT.ACK W1H have the honor to uddnsH the audience. To be followed by A NEW COMEDY, From th? pen of il'oni Taylor, Kiq., cntllleil THE NEW PRESIDENT, W 1th appropriate SCENERY, APPOINTMENTS AND COSTUME, THE CAST Comprising nearly every member of the company. In thecjurne ul ilte play a Otaaraiii-'rlitttc Ounce, ( imposed by the celebrated Mona. Paul Brilliant. Mr. WALLACE, Proprietor and Manager. Stagq Manager ? Mr. LESTER \VA1<LAC5 Prompter Mr. MOORE Tivn*nr?r., < Mr. MOS? MELODEON, 5S9 BROADWAY?CHINESE Bl'lLUIKG, Between Snriuit arid Prince streets. PIONEER CONCERT HALL OK AMERICA. The H *t Company in the city. Tlio a<W?rtHng pulley of nil ihu various grades of Concert Hall* is to style tucmaelvea the Butt Saloons, JBeat conducted, with the Boat audionci M and ' Best Companies Iii the city ol New york. Inasmuch aa there cua be tint ONE BEST Concert Ilail, Company or Performence, tho lint of tbe artists ciik'aRed at the MELODEON Is submitted us an evidence of Its EXCELSIOR POSITION. The plaudit* of the i row.led audience* who nightly flock to witness tho VERY BEST PERFORMANCE IN NEW YORK, Establishes the rlyht to priority, which tho public have spontaneously nccorded to tbu MELODEON Ah the bent plant of amusement In tho United States. While ovory effort 1h bent by the mittiaMcinenl to secure enjoyment f<ir his guests, and render them comfortable, his time ami mean* are also Invested to provido superior artists for their amusement. No performer has such an exalted ppsitlon or commands such salary but what tbe liberal policy ot the Melodeon management can rnaeli them, hu advantage gained by thu known respectability of the MELODEON over any other Concert Hull In New York. Every Concert Hall advertises ihat It has the BEST?ALWAYS THE BEST, performer* In the cltv. They are nil alike, tuey all have the BEST BALLET TROUPE, tho best artists, In the world. Now the public well know that tills la is all HUXBUO, it Is Impossible for every Ooticei t Itiom to havo the BEST, there Is always to be found one a little more talented than the other, and as the MELODBON professes, like the rest, to have iuo BEST, wo will leave the public to deride which CONCERT ROOM has the BEST. It la a well known fact, and not contradicted by any. that ANN ETTA OALLETTI la decidedly tbe BEST LADY DANCER at present In America. Will any great Managers diMly this point t It has also he-n derided that MONS. VELAllDE * Is the BEST MALE DANCER In America. In hi* eipeclal line. Tills is also a settled point. It is a well known fact, and lias lieen decided by even our would-be aristocratic rivals that J. II. OUDEN la ll,? BEST IRISH DELINEATOR that ever sum? in a concert room. I' an often tntd fair, repeated by all the opposition managers In the city, tn their own words, that MISS EVA BRENT l? the BEST LADY VOCALIST that ever appeared In a concert room. Now, wo don't wish to proceed miv further. We itiInk that the above statement U Kiilllclent to settle the point Mint the MKLODEON has decidedly not onlv the BEST IN THE CITY, hut wn think we can safely wiv th>BEST I.N AMERICA. The OREAT BALLET TROUPK that all the concert room-* male such h display of words about In the papers, cannot compare with the RONZANJ BALLET TROUPE, consisting as it d >es of FIKST CLASS DANSEUSES, such an MISS KATE l'ENNOYEE, MISS ERNESTINE IJE FAIBER, MISS ADELE CALLA, MISS JOSEPHINE BERNARD, MISS ADELAIDE MILLER, MISS FANNY CLIFFORD, < AND TWENTY-FIVE YOUNG LADIES, who are practiced by the celebrated Motis. KONZANI, known to be the BEST BALI.ET MASTER In the world. We think that so far a? singing com, UUSTAVE B1DEAUX is about the BEST and most popular baritone singer lo be beard Id a concert saloon. Ana so on to the ENI) OF THE CHAPTER. We leave the public to d(-'l'1 ' when- the BEST PERFORMERS are to be seen. At present we an- out of NIGGER PERFORMERS, But when we can not talented ones we shall let the public know it. Those who are fond of Ethiopian performances we would advise to fio to BRYANTS' OR CHRISTY'S, where, no doubt, they will be better j leased than they will by hearing second class performers at Coucci t Rooms. Tne entire company of the MELODEON numbers ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ana wp a?y any CONCERT ROOM In I'm city to products tl.e mmiu amount of talent at the prewilt time. Door* open at 7; to commence nt 8 o'clock. AilmMnn I*- OrcheMra * ?!* 2.V Kiw?1 s"(it* and Priim Botii DOc. tCANTERBURY WI SH: HALL. J Sf& BROADWAY. IMMENSE SUCCESS OP THE OREAT CANTERBURY MINSTREL BAND. (2 It EAT CANTEItBUIIY MINSTREL HANI). UKEAT CANTERBURY MINSTREL ?ANI>. CHEAT CANTERBURY MiNSTllLL HAND. GH1.AT t:\NTEKBIRY MINSTREL HAND. EVERT MEMBER A STAR. No'n the foll<j'*lng name? ? RAM SHARPI.EY, RAM SIIARPLEY, I'liAULEY FOX. CHARLEY I'OX, SICSOR AHKCOO, SIUNOK AHKi'CO, J. II. llCDWORTH, J. II BUDWORTH. K. J. MELVILLE, E. J. MELVILLE, T. MANSINI, P. MANSINT, PAUL BKKiiER, PAUL HERUER, T. LA MONT, T. LA MONT. FRANK SPEAR, KRANK SPEAR, WM. ROSS, WM ROSS, 8. ROLAND, S. ROLAND, T TIIllRP T Tf I ( ill I* forminu, "wirtiont <yn*pUoii," a superior rnmpanr to any enir bi ircht helore the New Yurk public. Fourth ill 'u <>f TtIK CONTRABANDS, THE CONTIlARANDS. THE CONTRABANDS, THE CONTRABANDS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. till' meit eccentric individuals In npuenruiiL^, Inn making remurks the ino?t profound, enlitfhtenln.: the audience on many subject* niT<-r before dweussed in public Third week <if the nr-at GYMNASTS, GYMNASTS, GYMNASTS ASIITON, kogek8, DvYKKE, asiiton, rogers, dkvlke, ixLi mi; NELSON BROTHERS. NELSON BROTHERS. THE GREATEST BALLET TROUPE und ihe lluest d incera In the profession, nniotig which will liw found MLLE. MARIETTA KAYELL, mlle. whf.i.ri.ey, MLLE. AUGUSTA WALBY, mlle louise, MLLE. rosalie, And MLLE. FRANCIS. Jtoveltipn in active preparation. FOX A curr VN, 'Ynprietors. Herrmann amphitheatre and g'w.i.eky now tipen. AdmlaaiM 30 otpti, Tuesday, VrinMdajr nd Thin -day, last three nights of the I'nangiin.tory Pro. krauiine. Friday, tlrst night of the Comic Pi gramme. Debut of Madame llerrniann. Saturday, at luilf-past twelve, lint Pri HUdlgiiiUorlul Matinee. AdmUslon W cents. No reserved seal*. Saturday evening, fc.-oond night of the Comic Programme. W ANTED-A DANSKFSE, M'NGKK AND BANJO " plajer; also a piano and violin placer, at Marble Hull, OuU UiouiIiMiy, basement. DON'T FORGET UNCLE JOHN'S BENEFIT THIS EVENING -SI Uil THEATRE, BOWERY. HERRMANN AMPHITHEATRE AND GALLERY NOW open. Admission eenla. Tuesday, Wednesday and TUursiCty, la*t three nights of the Inni^uratory Programme. Friday, first nlxut of tlie Comic Programme. I>ebiitot Madame Herrmann. Saturday, at hal:-pan twelve first PmildtgitatorlalJMatlaee. Admission AOeeni". No re served s-rtti. Saturday evening, second night of the Couilc Progl'M intne. GIO EARLY To r uncle john s benefit TO-NIGHI?STAUT TUtAiBLj UOWERY, " ABTOTBBUKSTS. ' . , f'AtirATffelftff.iB frtftAffefe? L UKEAT BUUOESS OK TIIK NEW BURLEKQl'E. A TO-NIQUT, -*1 AND EVRRY NIOHT TILL FURTHER NOTICE, Will be pri'i-flnte'l a nnw utxl luili* tIIwMu curtoalt)' it lltcra turn compruluc Comedy, Puree, Burlcitqua, HjxjoUde, Meiuaruiuu. Opera. Bullet, Ac., thk SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS. Tii ik inoompreheiuiuie mux ot arumatlc nose|uw bus bmn arranged In tnree arts, wlllujul the slightest attempt at cohesion <>r plot or continuity of action, for the sole purpose of furnishing amusement am! provoking laughter the distinguished dramatist ok the occasion Hopes to tiuve formed a constellation of aur passing beauty of the following brilliant ?tars MTSH LAURA KKENK. MRS. J. H. ALLEN. MISS SARA STEVENS. MRS. LOTTV IIOUUH. MRS. CIIANKIIAC. MULES. MARIA AND AU MRS. DILLON. OUST A. Mlts. MARLOWE. MISS KRANCER MISS IONE HURK.E MISS EVERETT. MISS ROBERTSON. 001 MR. J. G. BUUNETT, MR. J. H. STODDART, MR. LEUCK, MR. DILLON. MR. 1'KTEKtL MR. 0. BURNETT, by MR. DALY, MR. BILBV, m?. Marlowe. mk riohardson, 4e. THE MU8I0 or THIS OLLA l'ODHlDA, Including A NEW OVERTURE, Introducing a fairy Minuet, Mm posed and arranged by THOMAS BAKER. Ad Also the following entre'acUis:? N< A NEW MEDLEY OtTADRILLE, NC or popular melodies of the day, with nolo* for all the principal instruments, Ac. newmilitaby oallop, NAPOLEON, with nolo lor liells, Ac. wh THE EXQUISITE SCENERY pot la painted by celebrated artists, whose names are appended to their worhs THE NEW AND ELABORATE MACHINERY . BY MR. JOHN M. SMART. Novel pro crtles and appointment* by Mr. Henry and asMala. The piece will bo presented with the following CAST OF CHARACTERS: Diavoline. an old fkvortte, formerly one of the Seven Sifters MIn* Laura Knene foi Columbia Mrs. J. 11. Allen I KatanelU, another of the Seven Sisters... .Mis* Sara Steveua da . Tartarus, afterwards Ike. a Yankee l>oy. and Hezeklah Peahody, a Yankee peddler Mrs. Lotty Hough Asmodens, afierwans ltnnk, a last boy, atte>- wli wards Mil* Mane, a tr'renuli lady, alUirwards a Kin' Zuave, v, k i Union song Mrs. Chanfrau wti Dlarolus, aft?r*??'.l? Tun Toggles, an Imported '1 I/ DM equestrienne Mission# Burke Sal Molasses, afterward* Jack, ft sailor Mi?s Frances c Rhadamanilitm. afterwards Harr/, a newsboy... .Mr*. Dillon cor Sulphurua, afterwards liana, a Dutch lioy, alter- dm wards tl><< Fraulieu pumiier ueekid Mm. Marlowe nu, Mc|>hisiophlles, afterward* a young man about u h town Mis* Robertson ?. PluU), King ?f Hades, atierwardsCutTee, Irrepresall>|{< us erer, in everybody'* way, continually breaking out In a new pbuv, wltb a new l!nlou sons .. . Mr. J. U. Burnett \ Caesar, afterwards Dr. Postal), special waroorre- fl a| ut of tue Thunderer, fully Impregnated r|n with tbe belief that he who ?lon"t t1<ht but runs uwa.v will certainly have the best chance of llv. V lng 10 tight on another6ceas|on Mr. Lerlc hoi Jake ltutt, a New York hoy, other than which no 1nil description la necessary Mr. II. F. Daly U!ji Fred." Flutter, an EngUsn fop, formerly an officer em In tliu Crimea Mr. Marlowe mi, Mickey MoUlnnls, one of the great unwashud,a the Stxtli ward politician Mr. Dillon Machlnvelii, alterwards Sleekwit, un unmitigated 1 abolitionist Mr. J. II. Stoddurt hai AMxander, afterwards Von Klynk, iv gentleman of |,lfc Teutonic origin, who has been spoiled l>y his up- he petite , Mr. C. Burnett ch, Policeman, one of the regular blue and pewter? f,M. Mr. W. K. Richardson 11D( Imp Mr. J. D. Bllbjr Sw Mrs. I'luto, the mother of the Seven Sons, us well "I as the niuternol parent of the Seven Slater* (It ?t,, is trusted the exrellenre of the lirst rendition of m(l this character will apologise tor ita anund Intro- ,n, ductlou) Mr. C.Pcters i Atrr I?SCENE I. tn A DULL IK TUB CATSKli.L*? (J. H. BOMCKTS "> thr Dlnrollne and Sauuu-llu who were banl&hed to earth last Jjy, season, are still ont In the cold. ARRIVAL OF MI!S. PLUTO. w| StntPKISC PAKTT OK TJIK SKVK.N .SONS, A(j As though there wero not follies enough on ourth, they let ?j*0 loose llfty more. _ DANCE OP THB FOLLIEfl, t Those awful boya?How to gel tbem buck from New York. . SCKNE II?THE UATKs OF IIADES-j. m Roukhts. , Pluioon Humbug? An Irishman murdered?Old Nlek Machl- > avelii?Revolutions Domestic and Foreign?The tials?Mrs. 1". where I* she jroiie*?Her husband ufter'her. SCENE III-CilLIMIilAS HOME.?M. LEWIS. A HOUSE OF MOURNING. A PICTURE OF ANARCHY?MI.NARD Lie WIS. ? 8aml>o?Who si.ull be lint ia the land of the 2 ret ??Let me I alone. l A FHRK FIOUT AND NO OOUGINQ. kfi THE SPIRIT OF 76 TABLEAU. _! THE BATTi.E OF Bl'NRRR MILL?Mis \nn Lswrs. SCENE IV?A NEW YORK HOTEL. W An importer ii,;or?Ma?lilavelli at work?I)r. Fussull,ape? rial correspondent oi the Time*?Doesn*t think ntnall beerof ttU himself? Fop and the Rowdv?Mtchiavtilli's Aptmai? llifalutiu Nigger Dance?It Won't Wash?Lamps and lloostTHE SEVEN SONS ON EARTH. A r.rirk Dili of Place?A How?A Muscular Christian?Olorlous Oue on llw No?i '' SCENE v.?CORAL OAVE.-J. M. Robkrts. "J The Pearly Palace of Ulavoltne, hf-nrath the* Crotou Lake , TIIE FAIRY l'OLLYWUliS. ' PAS DE DKUX OK THE CORAL NYMPHS, . ~rt MLLES. AUGl'STA AND MARIA. ?< Dl>is*tUfacUonol'thuRaukand File?An Arrest?Columbia's Sorrow, DRILL OF THE POLLYWOGS, lQ By Mittses Everett, Harris. Valentine, Burt, Erviiiff, Clifford, I>lx. Brown, Smith, W?l*h. Jones. G.ilwar, lilt, Webb, ki: 1'ratt. W? ils, Smart., Young, Black, Baker. Blake, Wood, Orton, King. Prlc#., Mark*, li<>rton, Arthur, ularke, Maekey, \ Burke, Pond, Parka, l?ewU, Leigh, Newton, Matthews, Mirk- } ham. Lillfe, Jaekson, Hall, II.1U, Derby, Franks, Lake, Ladd, J;!" Brailly, Lfcdlow and Clay. Wl PLUTO AS A JOLLY JACK TAR, If* Running the lilo?ikade?Highly Improper Conduct of Mrs. fid P?ColumMn?A Fishing Excursion?Women's Rights? Dlavoliue Exercise# Her Power, m? ESCAPE OF PLUTO AND COLUMBIA. SE Mrs. P served with a ne fixate from Wl GRAND TABLEAUX OF 1*0LLIW008. be ACT 2, SCENE I. Tnrc SKATtifO Pond.?J. M. Roberts. E> A frozen lop?Jake on skating machines?Skating on the pr< Shannon.. THK SKWT SONS OUT OIf THK LOOSK. A female French woman?Young New York and his gal. An A I'MVATX .SI.?10111110 l'AUTT OF O.NK. Mrs. Pluto snowballed?Jake as the protective of beauty Wl In distress?Young. love?Mrs. P. us sweet.Juliet?Somebody I hurt? Fussall's netes again?A musical direction?A large number of ships?Cnldum lljhts sit a discount. KIRK BOY* AMI) LANTERNS, III, HI, lll| An Song atnl Dance thf by thk bully bi>ys of new york. ye. SCENE 2 ? A STRKKT IN NEW YORK. set Th" boy* on the watch?A m*tamorph?>sls?Out on the tight ?A little mistake?A slip of the tougu<>?What's the time of day!?A slight exchange?.pocket your watch ami watch Th your i? 'Cket? An M. P. on hand when wanted, for a won- P. der?The Slater* again. oth Dl WoLlNR FOR THK NORTIT, opi SAT AN El. LA FOR THK SOUTH. (VII Columbia to oe enticed from the Luke of Lillies. da; The Times special again?Were you ever in the Cruncah? for Letter* lor Bull-dom. su BULL HUN AND FUSS ALL'S RUN. * A Yankee Pedler?An Aboriginal Ingtn?llalr Dye, Lamps, nei Ac.,** . tin A TRUE SON OF SAM. A YANKEE SONG. T1 SCENE THIRD. J5 COLl'M 11IA*S RETREAT. Sequestered nook in the depths of th? forest. Cli TI1E PEERLESS POOL OF WATER LILIES. fc SUMMONING OF COLUMBIA. Til ASCENT OF THE SPIRITS OF TOE LAKE. Mlnard Lewis. ACT THIRD in i Scene First?A Federal Picket Camp on the South Bunk of the Pot<nmu\?Minard Lewis. The I'loKct Guard?fusmiii and Sleek wit?Unwarrantable C Impertinence?A Passvort Wanted?A Sentinel who don't at i know his Business?Brudder Blocker?Another Note?Bad Gunpowder?What it Dot*?An Unexpected Inquiry. Red, White and Blue and the British Lion. W A Disturbance?The Enemy?Fussall don't want to see any More?A non ?*t Wig?Sleek wit Absquatulates. The Emerald Greens?Our Raw Recruits. One of the Greens?Bravery of the Irish?An Object to Fight for?Nien Soups. *lr A D?uble Dutch Sour Kro it Oration. DRILL OF THE EMERALD ORE EN'4 scene second?tuk hal!. of just1ck in tub k lyman fields t"' (Mlnard Lewis.) Mr. and Mrs. Pluto?Abolition Played Out?Machiavelli's Return?Ike?The Study of Domestic Peace?Over the Left? 'n 1 Columbia?A Favor?A Quarrel?A Habeas Granted?A Mo- 8?11 dern Judge. NORTH AND SOUTH. ^Pl thk north's CHARGE AGAINST THE south. THK SOUTH'S DEFKNGK. *ur A Trial by Combat?A Momentary Reverse?The North at a Disadvantage. Bci tuk north all right again. SHK MEANS FIGHT. columbia's appeal for the south. thk olive of mf.rcy. w" Mrs. P. Bre.-ks Out Again?She Becomes a Lamb Again? Tlu? Hoys All Home?Mrs. P. Released?Bully for All?A Fete Cham pet re in the Fields in Tlonor >t* Columbia. THE GREAT WATTEAU SCENE OF Mr ARCADIAN NYMPHS BECMNTNO AMONGST T! I F.IK FLOCKS By the Mountain Torrent of Real Willi r ? (F. M. Robert!.) mil Door* open at 6,^. Commences at 7%. Box book nair open Sens secured ten days in advance without extra ' churijtv Tb< BR() V DvV a V" 'j V sic IIALL, ~ " jBn 4.s3 anil Broadway, 4X1 and 4fl5 Broadway Oue di?>r irmn Broomo street. (IKKAT SENS VTION. ? T Tin- large*' phi'* "f u'.inueiimiit in the city, t BEYOND COMPARISON. Conducted on a very different principle to any plaoe of <! amuaemoiit in the country, I'A Talent foelnj? the great success. 6 Ail the avail;.t>le I 'lent (n the p'ofemlon Tin: -ITAIt company (?! the WORLD. T t'le broadway .MINSTUELS, hid THE HRo.vllW VV minstrels, foil the bu').U>W.\y MlNsTRELS, m the broadway minstrels, th<ti:broadway minstrels, ? In a variety of sons*, glees, choruses, Ac. ami BILLY BIRCH, BILLY BIRCH, E BE.N COTTON, BUN COTTON, froi J. A. HERMANN, H J. A HERMANN, E TIM NORTON, tie* JOHN MULLIGAN, M C. R BISHOP, wot J. PIERCE, out. TIM. HAYES. W The world renowned Ncpro Comedians. at TONY PASTOR, pal T< 'NY PASTOR, L TONY PASTOR, tint TONY PASTOR, \V The best Comic Singer In America. Sep THE tilt ISA T A BALLET TRO' E, ?ballet tr pk. (1 ll-.LLKT Ti.uu'PK, V BALLET TROirPE. cf.' Composed of lint: - Dancers, under the direction of A i'AL'L BRILLIANT. ~ The best T3 ORCHESTRA, ORCHESTRA, -* ' Under tlie leadership of Mr F. VAN ALKER. w<'' ROBERT W. BUTijER, Sole Lessee. n'"l Mono, LA THOIINK, Stage Manager. Doors open at Ct%. 1'err'ormaticp t?? commcuw at 7^ o'cluck XT No, '"R - Wrt<ml Matinee on Saturday ilurnoon for th i 1 accommodation of ladles and children. * Thu /teo! CH1U8TY8 MINSTRELS Eft It vr f.NCi.K .IOIIN'S HESKKIT M>I this evUNtN'it?8TADT THEATRl . bowert, r,.n ! 1BVIMU H aI.L. ; 1 THURSDAY, SEI'T. 2d. 1-W.I. mv A VOICE I'I'.OM THE KANKS. 1 AN EVEN I Nil WITH THE SIXTY NINTH. I A narrative of the late campaign, deftcriptive, anecdotal and A f musical, >>y i MAXWELL0'8lTI#MVAS, rODlh regiment, Tak I On wlitrh 'H ranion, > y 11*#* kind i - ri-.ii??i? ?-f th?' authorities wal 1 at K<>rt Hamilton, lie v\li m>? {sir.; by'ihe BANDOKTHK FIKST AKTILLKKV. THE HEKUK.N oK 1 OUT SI MTEK. 1>< 1 under the direction ox Jmocs Uailway, Egq. l'rice ol aUmifc- i ) ?iuu Zb tcuia, Aj?iJ [IT r 11^ ?* AMIT8KMICNT8. CADEMY OK MUSIC.?HKR R M A N N!" " . TUIS AND EVERY EVENING OK THE WEEK. Door* open at 7>i. Commcuce M & AtiiniHsiofi ftl) cenu. Amjihlthfulre now open, 2ft opaln. Second week or THE GREAT l'RESTIDIOITATOH, HERRMANN. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. LAST THREE NIGHTS OK THE INAUGUBATORY PROGRAMME, AatiatMl byihe ORCHESTRA of TBBItIMIAW OPERA. R1H0AT HVB!?NT>, ' " " ENTIRE CHANGE OK 1' lit >0 RAM ME. FIRST APPEARANCE OK MADAME ROSALIE HERRMANN. FIRST NIUHT OK HERRMANN'S _ COMIC PP.OCBAMME. COMIC PROGRAMME, npricing twelve entirely new and huiiioroiw offocU, one ot Iksrruiann'a most aafcmUUlng vanl Lildt, aud ^ - ? LA DOUBLE VUE, Mr. and Mm. Herriniiiiu. ON SATURDAY EVENING, SECOND NIUHT OK FIRST I'RESTIDIOITATORIAL MATINEE. FIRST l'RKt>Tll>IGi3,A1'< liUAL MATIN Eli. mlaalon in all jKlrtit of the lioaae. rtry unit ) RESERVED SKATS. NO RESERVED SEATS. ? RESERVED SEATS. NO RESERVED SEATS. GRAND EXTRA PERFORMANCE OK THE IN'AUQURATORY PROGRAMME. THE vIMAUGUlUkToUY PROGRAM MB, Ich baa jir.iducad *0011 an iwmenee teuMbtiou fell ner tfca lutry. EVERY LADY , EVERY VAD* Will he presented with a GRATUITOl'H COPY tlRATI ITOPS COPT GRATUITOUS COPY GRATUITOUS COP* or HERRMANN'S PRESTIDIOITATORIAL HERRMANN'S PRESTIDIOITATORIAL CDLLHOTI()N 0>' TRU'KS, COLUJ0TIO!* OP TRICK* 'tiling a neat Utile Rook nf 24 imgra. >nora open at IIJ4; Matinee ui commence at 12^ |M TO GOMOUVIX* AT THREE O'CLOCK, TO CONCLUDE AT THREE O'CLOCK. Ich will give the lixtiea aiilflcli-nt time to altnnd THE CONCERT AT THE CENTRAL PARK. lei commeneea at 4 P. M. 'here will bo given not inure Uuui two Ucituuuui MjiU m?ilia lint ih> Saturday next, un?l the toooO'l aud lam on turdnp, OeinherS. rikn.?The Manager again beca to o.|>ologlze for the alight ifuaion tluit h.ia attended the aale of tlcketa and aeata ring the i>aat week owing to the continued and Inimeiiae I'ndanee. All arrangeiuenta are now ftdly completed, Ich will pn*v?nt the Hale <>f mom tlrketa tlian'lhe Aiadoaqr i convwlteirtlv *>* !>,innodate. npncefonh NO MORE TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT TI1K IIOTKI.S. MlM>K,A*|> M?U0 ?T<IIIICH, BtT 0HJ.T AT THE THREE KEtltXA.t Tli'KKT OFFICES, 'It:?1The Academy of Music; S l?'H'a, 12 Wull street, and Breuaing'a, 7'Jl Ur ad way, win ro tlcketa may bo had du "SEATS'SECURED THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE. I'hllsi ili'i Alai.iv r cheeriully accord* to every i?rson Jinn ? slihrie gJtnlMon tlckM, hud cannot tttid ? seat, thw iBiiat privilege of either having tilt money returned or of n? tin- ticket on 45* ojkk# kvskhk; or riot wkkk. he IK-Btly reiiuesu thrn public, htkI PARTiOVMKr.V Tne I.*a, to buy their tickets dukin.; tiik oay. and ihun avoid crowd at tho doom and enabling the ticket sellers better ittend to their duties. he manager regrets that a great part of the public should if bcrn inmle to l ay double price for their tlckeUi, by buythem on the street or at npnrlous ticket o(Tires over Wlilrh has no control, To stop this practice, the price of the ck lor a reserved seal will he distinctly printed on It* e. The public ean, however, easily avoid being imposed >n by buying their tickets at the turik authorized and ivenlwutly l<)cat*d llckoi oiiices 'he maniig^rhas much pleasure in announcing that the ckhol.lers, aware of the prejiaiju demand for places, have si handsomely given up their i rb'ttegu ? whic h, com nciiiK from to-iiay, may be bail hy the public, tesinnu, furlhennore, to extend every facility to all classes see Mil. HERRMANN, the AMPHITHEAfRE will be own open to the public at the usual adinisslou of tivcutyi cents, THE PRICES OF ADMISSION 11 therefore lie mission SO cento tbe amphitheatre 23 ocnUi PRICKS OK RESERVED SEATS. 'arquit Reserved Seats, 2i cents extra. tal ony Reserve,1 Seats, 25 cents extra. Orchestra SutlU (3i?)ln niuule-rj, ?1. i. ii.?The price of every Heat will be legibly printed ao :h check. HERRMANN, THE GREAT PRESTIDIOITATECR. 'hursday, L ist Niulit of the Inaugtiratory Programme. Ylday, First Night of the OpmIc Programme. iatur.lay, at 12**. Prestidlgkali rial Matinee. laiiirday evening, Second Nlglit ot the Comic Programme, AI'.NUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. i Closlny exhibition ol that woudorful and extraordinary WL THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, OR KIVER 1I0U.SE, FROM THE RIVER NILE, IN EGYPT, e most extraordinary creature In the whole antnul igdom. iE GREAT BEHEMOTH OF THE SCRIPTURES, filch is so graphically described In the book of Job. The second eiutauenu'nt of t' is unequalled cnrlosty POSITIVELY CLOSES O.N SATURDAY, OCT. 8, 1861 make rnoin for other novelties; hence those who fall ts > him previous to that lime will nil's seeing the IEATEST WONDER OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, 'hislt the only really amphibious animal evorexhibited Amerlr*. nnd is lw??inifl nil dniiht THE MOST MARVELLOUS CREATURE lOwn to eithvT ancient or modern naturalists. Job, chap* ilL, nivi(if liirn:? -* "**' * ""V TON tllE EARTH THF.RK IS NOT HIS LIKE." Vho, then, can lull lo pay hint it visit T Remember lb at i day here arc numhered. and after leaving lien? he ILL NEVER AGAIN BE SEEM IN NEW YORK; infce the Importance of embracing this opportunity. Bees, in?y also he seen, the BEAUTIFUL AQUARIA, with myriads of living halt, and to which have iitat been adiled mv new rih.m'1 nn1 ;is, bealdfs A LIVING SHARK, LIV1NO AL. SEA LION. MAMMOTH BEAU SAMSON. THE HAT IS ITT OK MAN MONKEY, 11 AI'i'Y FAMILY, Ac., jides TWO SUPERB DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE8 'ERY HAY, ?t 3 and 7'4 o'clock 1'. M., til each of which U iduced the decant drama, T1IE CROSS OF GOLD, OH, TltKKKSA'S VOW; id the latighnble and inimitable farce THE TWO BU/.ZAKDS, llch Itaa never failed to convulse tin; Ionise with luughtor. Jitf n the entertainment will also apiiettr MIsaTOEDT, THE WONDERFUL VIOLINIST, And Via* DAWRON, In a Patriotic Son#, d, notwithstanding all these novaltles and attracting i price of admission la only 23 rente; children itttder tea ix*, 15 centa; while It would coat ten times that amount ta ! the same things at 'itlier establishment*. ON THURSDAY NEXT, THE GREAT NATIONAL FAST DAY, e Museum will be CLOSED UNTIL ONE O'CLOCK M., to give employes tin opportunity to attend church and lerwlse iieoomtngly observe the day. The doors will be ni'd at preciaely one o'clock, and tlie moat brilliant pre ations will bo made to celebrate the remainder of the f with joy ?nd rejoicing, aa becomes a people wlioae Uvea, tunes and sacred honors are devoted lo supporting ana staining their government and nation. ll'LENDID DRAMATIC l'ERKOKMANCE8 will benlvoB ?rly every hour during the AFl'EUNOON and EVENING, i llrat commencing at two o'clock P M. RYANTS' MINSTRELS, > Mechanics' Hall. 472 Brnaduv.y, above Grand street. Moadav, Sept. 2;! and everv night during the week. HOUSES. IMMENSE ATTRACTIONS, i. '' CAMPBELL in new ballads and waitings. IE RAW RECRUITS, TIN l'AN-ONION, RIVAL DARKIKS. EPH HORN. NEIL AND DAN BRYANT i new budget of iMinicallllL'S. Revival oi" the burlesque of THE RUGGED I'ATII; Or. Tiiky would nn So\-.i ok Malta. Ihange of Time.?Doors open at hall pastti. Curtain rlaea t quarter to 8 o'clock. Tlckc,ts25cenU. TAI)T THEATRE, NO. V BOWERY.?.JOHN TRYON'S Hetinlu ? On Tl F.SItAY KVKMNI! K?oi 11 l.-Uil For that night only, ENGLISH AND GERMAN BRILLIANT RE PRESENTATIONS! ?t appearance in America of the great troupe of German mnasta, BROS. MATTY, 2 most daring find accomplished performers that have ever appeared in thin country. GEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, i full and attractive programme, embracing many ]>opular us. Grand combination, for tliis night ouly, of tlireo of the st popular and fashionable amttsumentaof the day, During endora of the UvmniiHium, Negro Melodies and Eccentrics* i and Dramatic Excellence, nil of which have volunteered the occasion, m the kindest manner. Also AN EXCELLENT AMATEUR INTERLUDE. ildeN the Brother* Matty and the George Christy .Mmstrote, the following distinguished artists have gencroualjr volunteered to uorlorm on ilii* occasion, viz:? Mr. JAMES DUNN, 1 sing the patriotic ndr of VIVE L'AMERIOA. Mile. LOUISE, the beautiful Dansouse. Mr. J. DONNELLY. Che great Ethiopian Delineator. SAMUEL J ACKSo.V, Drum Major of the National Guard B ind, will give nn IITATION of a FIELD OK BATTLE upon his TENOB DRUM, nicking, with wonderful effect, the FIRING OK A BATTALION OK INFANTRY, rhe Sound of Cannon, the Assembly. Retreat, Ac., Ae. entertainment will eommime ?ith ih<* drama of THE GOLDEN FARMER. lmyTwitcher Mr. Roekmaa TICKETS ;? CENTS. TP ROUSE YE, THEN, MY MF.KKY, MERRY MElC J It is our o|n i,liig du>." r.ind opening d?v of the UI SI AN CABINET OF WONDERS AND ANAToM*, t>3 Broadway, next door to Ball, BUck ,t Co , V York ON SATURDAY, Sept. 'A*.. |s>5|, he wonders of the world and In-autus n iturv lulicrta den now revealed, shewing that the haudicruft of man ows on the heels of nature. render* of the brain and p ma rarialll, where the seat at mind or soul Is supposed 10 tie. Minders of tho flvt- snaes?seeing, hearing, amclling, Laata I Jtniordluary freaks of nature?together with wondetm II l'arls, Florence. Munich an I K'wland. fonder* of life, actually allowing hi Iden life within life, xcitlng, toriiliiig and unsurpassable wonders andcurioaii In the rotunda. fonder* of aic incitement, wonde'a In hermaphrnditeiL id -is in obrtotricy, wendcra of .ml :yoliigy, n-aiders uf 'OsfPtERFUL?1,700 PARTS .>1 i 'IE HUMAN BODY one vl. w, and still grentc. v . 'luei's in sepulchre ar tiological room. ectuns dally, together with surprising, interesting aiwt ?ri*cedented experiments in chemistry. rill open dally, for gen tinmen onlv, on and after Saturday, t 28. 1 rorn lu in the morning till V at ui^ht. dmissloa 25 cms. RAND ANATOMICAL MUSEUM, FORMERLY AT 990 Broadway, in removed lo No. 47 Chatham .street, Hours xhtbition from 8 A. M. t?? J> P. M. dmission 25 cents. ARXUM'8 MUSEUM.?LADIES AND (iENTLEMEN engaged nt this establishment f<?r the ensuing dramatic ion will please assemble on the Mas** of the Museum. on Jnesday, the 25th inst., at 11 o'clock A M., without further ice. E. F. TAYLOA, stage Mftniger. EHRMANN AMPHITHEATRE AND GALLERY NOW open. Admission 25 cents. Ti ?*sday, Wednesday and irnday. last three nights of the Iuatiguratory lYonme." Friday, llrst night of the Comic Programme. Deof Madame Herrmann. Saturday, at half-past twelve, PrcHttdigituiorialfMatlnce. Admission ?r41 cents. No rered seats. Saturday evening, second night of the Comic gramme. VO LIVINii \VHALES ~ NOW UN EXHIBITION AT JONES* WOODS. Amission 25cents; children under 10, 15cents. THE SECOND AND THIRD AVENUE CARS e IMMNcngcr* to Sixtydil th street, within five minutes* k ot Jones' Woods. )WKHY THEATRE TO LET?WITH SCENERY, wardrobe and p i "rtie> Immedlute posnession ^iveti. ly lu <JuliN S. viiLliS, Receiver, &e., 31 Elizabeth street.

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