Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1861 Page 3
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i HOUSES, ROOMS, Ac., TO LET. KUIT 'OP FURNISHED K00M8 TO TET-IN i i wer.ty-tlfrpt Niiwt, near Broadway, mutable for houMiv wnulil Ims let to ,t party of tfeutleinen or a ?inall fahv.thmil children. Het?t rcfereuw required. Apply at r*>n square l*o*toir?oe. I ELEGANTLY F17BK1RUBD HOUSE TO LET-ON Murray Hill, n?%ur M<utiw>n avenue four story, bl*iwu high utoop; ivptate with even convenience. Will wuj to a pood tenant. Apply to (ililFKIN k GULICK, fu Fourth nth ntveet. 8MALL, NEATLY FTKNISHED AND PLEASANTLY located brown *u>ua fr? nt limine in Bant Thirty-fourth t. to rent until May 1,1^2. The ooru|?auU will takr i?I th?- rent in boarti if fufivc-abk*. HtklreiMi M., box 9U8 ofllee. ' AN EXTREMELY LOW KENT?THE SK4'ONT> Floor, replete with every cotwnieuot, of the brown ? front bouuc No. 177 >S^ocnd avenue, corner of Thirtieth KINK HOl'.sK i<> LET?NO. ?! BAST THIRTY. nth street: furnished all but parlors; vrlQbe rented 10 a private fitinllv until May, or lonper. For permit apu> N. C. BISHOF,* 144 Broadway, ?iore floor. _ iKEItY TO LEASE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE.? To be sold tb - week, Q I cbanoe to buy obe i?. I " X M m.I? Siroet. IQADWAY APARTMENTS -To LET, THE FIRST Floor of housr 698 Hroitdway, northcu&toorner of Fourth et. Imj'iiie at the drug more*. )UNTI!Y RESIDENCE TO LET?AT YONKERS (WARL berton avenue), two story aud high ittle, is ro ms, furnace, yas, water end all the nvt:nienu<e of a eity ?<*. Rent very low. The family going abroad. Inquire W. A ROY, v I tirwnwlrh street. f ?li KENT?THE FILST FLOOR AND PROMT BASEmeni o! iimis .".I < .* th avi uue The it I In ? SCI I ? r?! i : l-ot am! ?'.oM wau-r, fca>, ; uug*a \a: . ! - .in.ii y desi i able. ruNisinoo i!<n >K to let it fh mivo l r A moderate sized .oible How . in the v.!' ;v of flushbelwiMvii tin* steam N ml landing and tin* Knitrt?:%?| depoL h wipe rooonm. Apply to JNO. W. LAWRENCE, No. 4JZ 11 street. L'RNISHED HOUSE TO LET?NO. 33 TENTH STREET, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. None but private ?' tfUeb need apply. _ !URNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN YONKBR0*?NBAB tlie railroad station and steamboat landim*. on vrrv ivaable terms, till 1st of May; it commands a iiuevl?*w of river, Is handKoinelv furnished, ami contains gas and fure. Apj ly to WILLARD A HOWE, US Broadway. URNISHED HOUSE TO LET.?A SMALL FAMILY of four p ' x esidlng in a mo U rn h? ium on Murray I, would lei ?!? ; House, partUilly furnitoed, to a resp??:i?\ Kiriall family, who would bo willing to arrange to tfive *rd for the rent. Address S. A. 11., box 5,021 New York plnwo. , luRKIKHED llOl'sft.?TO I.KT, A MODEItN TIIUKE 5 ntory House, w?*11 furnished throughout; rent will be !rn in heard; also iuilf of a llous?> t?? l"t. Reforcnee r.-red. Apply at 171 West Twenty-sixth street, near Kighth nue. OUSETO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE IT A u. derided In rgaln.?A verj genteel House in Korty-eighth |e?t, near Sixth avenue, can be rent"d until May noil f??r r half it* value. The Furniture, which cost mently ai out 00, will he sold for half price; there is everything corn'.le. Fit full particular* inquire of F. COLTON, 113 Fulton eet, in ar Nitsxaii. [Ol'Si: TO LET IN BROOKLYN AMD FURNITURE for tialrv.?A ? ha nee.?A very geuted metlium sired niwe, three stories and basement, within live miuuhs' walk Wall and Fulton lenlos, and in n delightful neighbored. will he routed until May next lor $310. The Furniture, ii< b cost recently about $Tl.K), can be bought fur ?70d. is is an opportunity th.u s M >m oeeurH. For particulars mirr oi k COLTON, UsFuUoq itfoet, nor Vonftu? rOUBE TO LEASE?TI1E THREE STORY BRIOK House I7>) LfixindM iventia. Hat b( u lh< i u {hi n inted, papered, Ac., throughout; contains all the modern provetm nts, and now ready for oeeupation. For terms 'ply on the promise* fro:u 10 to 12 A. M. and 2 to 5 1?. M., of John 11. Hudson, with Walter Brown, GO Pine street. IALF OF A NEAT, THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE to let?I'onfMing ot live rooms, will) closets, wash om ami cellar privileges, Ac. Rent $15 per month. Apply 20 W it Flfty-rourt . itr< et, < r 195 W - st itrw t. IOU8E NO. 7 HUBERT STREET, NEAR 8T. JOHN'S park to Wit low to u g?w)d lenan', and possession intim ately. Apply to GEORGE (?. bICKLES, 79 Nassau street, ) stairs. >ART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN \ DBstrahW'hitURtVon, with all the modern Improvement!?. For irther particulars apply at 37 West Twenty-first stieet. pO LET.?A GOOD CHANGE FOR A BAKER TO COMi inonee business in the vlllnge of Quttenbeiy, N. J.?Two ousts, < ne a three story, built expressly for a bakery; live iher suitable for a dwelling; each have siables attached, ith a good well el water. It will he a j;ood chance to any nterprislng man to commence the baking business, as there i baker in the village. Apbly to KOlILER, at the .earn brewery of Kohler <k Fincke, Gut ten berg, N. J., to- u> autre Dwvers. near the mrmises. onnosiic Seventieth treet, N<?rt^i river, N. Y. rO LET?THE LARGE FLOORS IN THE NEW HOUSE, corner ol Forty-nlx th atroetand Third avenue, with sis ?rge rooms and modern improvements on each floor. Also, 'lours, with rang", bath. wat?r closet, Ac., on einh tloor. tent* very low. Apply 10 JOHN FETTKETOH, 415 Third venue, near Thirty-tirst atrcrt. rO LET?LOWBR PAST AND THBEB ROOMS OH tltird floor of the pleasantly located bouae .'Vr2 Waal weifth street., near Eighth avenue; gas and (Yoton water .11 in good order. Apply to J. M. VANDENHERCH, 123 Jbertv street. Ala >the three story high stoop bmwn *ione ront n<j?iseM West Thlrty-irfxth. street; newly papered aiul minted throughout. po LET?FIRST FLOOR OP NO. 014 BROADWAY JL good location for ladies' business. Also Second Fl<?or, 'urnUhed or unturniehed; water and gas on each floor; bath n the bouse. Also a restaurant attached to the house. Injuire on the premise b. TO LET?FOR MILITARY JTRPOSEH, A LARGE, airy Ropm, 25x100; accommodation for Hoard on tinpremises. Eighteenth Ward House, 13 Bast Nimteeiith tret t, N. t. rLBT- FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE House '233 Went Tweinv-third street, near Seventh avenue. Location aud neighborhood Jirst class. Terms low to a responsible party. For p&rVicul^Mr apply to A. 11ERKAUD, 103 Broadway. _____ TO LET?AT RYE, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, A NEAT twe story, attic and basement House, Stable, Barn, Carriage House, a Rood Garden and over three acres of ground. Rent low. Apply at No. 6 Ludlow plane. rjflO LET?A COTTAGE AT FISHKILL LANDING. TWO X hoars from the city, containing ten roorni, pantries, orllarm, Ac., completely furnMu-d; also, burn mi l stables, lour acre* of ground, dirwaty on the Hudaon, with lini* view, ami near the depot; will be let In exchange I'or a neatly fui iiikIuhI bouae In town, from Ocloher 15 or November 1 lo Hay 1, 18fi2. Apply to F. A. DEW I NT, KixUklll lauding, ortoO. FL'R. liK, 27 Cortlandt struct, New York. fno LET?8TORE, BACK ROOM, BASEMENT, fiOOD A for any business; rent $241). Also, a nlre Second Floor Of ftve rooms; water, gas; rent moderate. Als 0, I wo Otter nice Apartments, reu?s $12, $14, and Sill. Apply at 346 JMeecker^treet, near Charles, of T. CUDBIKT1I. rLET-A SMALL THREE STORY KUIOK HOUSE, 13i}4 East Forty-firat street, near Third avenue, Willi ga? Mid fixtures, rang", not and cold water, ball:, tu-.; all in good rder. Rent to kit of May next $200. Possession imm?'Ulately. TO LET?THE LARGE STOKE AND SAI/>ON NO. !M Grand street, near the Bowery, lOfttlM with the bMMment and dwelling part, If drstoM; well adapted for an axtensive business. Apply nt 226 Bowery. fpO LET-TIIE FOUR STORY HO I'HE, WITH AN EXA tension two fclorie*. situate No. 134 Houston streot, 1?.twoen Thompson and Sullivan slr?ots; lias ull the modern improvements aivl la In perfact order. Apply to U DO LP 110 WOLFE, No. 22 Beaver stroot. rpO LET?THE THREE OTORY AND BASEMENT A. House, 92Thiuy-sooond street, between Lexington and Tlitpt-avenueii, suitable fur a small geutocl family; hasCroton, gas, Ae.: rent tow ?o a good tenant. Inquire on the premises, from It) till 4 o'cloek, or of R. RUSSELL, 127 West Twenly-Iiftli stroal. rpO LBT-A KIRHT ("LASS POUR STORY BROWN M. alone House, In onwpieta order, 03 Bast Thirty-rtftti ataeet. <"n Mitt-ray IUU, tx-jir Vark nvenne; will lie let very VOW to a small family. Oan be seen from 9 until 4 o'clock. fpO LOT?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A BARA gain, two story, attic and basement House at CanuansYille; six lots, gas and water throughout; n gisxl winter rosi4eno*. Apply to W. H. SILLlHAN, 73'j Sixth avuuue, Irahraen Vorty-thkrtl and Forty-fourth streets. ?P0 LBT?VERY LOW, ON MURRAY HILL, TO A GOOD A tenant, the four story brown stone House 01 East TMrty tahth street; all the modern improvements, chandeliers, Ac. Apply at No. 62, next door, or at T. L. ROSS A Co.'*, Hi Pearl street. ^ mo LET-TWO FTRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSES A oil Thirty-third street, neat- l^'Xington avenue; also "nice houses,! uriiished and unfurnished, on Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Fourtoeniii, Sixteenth, Seven toe n tli, Ninetaenlh, Twenty-seeoud, Twenty third, Twenty-lifth, Twenty. Blnth to Fiftieth sueeta, from $40U to$800a-ynar. A wily ait 810 Bwadway. PEET A THOMAS. mO LBT-A HALF OF A STORE, IN A MOST DESIBX able location on Broadway. To n good tenant will be l?H low. Inquire ou the Wrl"Broadway. mo LBT-A FURNISirED HOUSE, WITH ALL MOX Aeru Improvements; also a brown stoue front House for ale < ? exchange; also a House partly furnished, for sale or to 1st at a very great bargain. Apply at 32ii Lexington avenue, Between Fortieth and Forty-first streets. tno LET-NO. IB WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, A M One large four storv stone front House; rosewood doors and hard wood trimmings iui<l atalrs.wllh all ilie modern linprnvgments. Iuqulie ul S. ty. BENEDICT, oornor Of Broadway j?iit Thirty-fifth !?tri?H. mo LET?FURNISHED, A FIRST CLASS FOl'R STORY JL btown stone Htiiiw, i5.\00, situate on u wide sUont, Wir Breadwuy. The furniture la ootnpiete throughout, except lfne.n and stiver. and very handsome. Hi nt to a private family very lcnr. Apply to C1IAKL/:.S E. MILLS, No 34 Cedar MWt rpO LET?BAClt PARLOR AND BEDROOM. WITH JL clnaeta, I'rotou ami u-uu-r eloaet, on Sixth avenue, near Twenty-fourth strict; reni $8 to a man and w Ife; no tfhlldren. Inquire at The ooal yard, SO Weat Twenty-fourth Mnwi. ^ TO LET?THE SBCOND FLOOR OF HOUSE IIO.EAST Fortieth iitwt, between Se.?n i and Third avpiiik ?, to a mall, respectable family. consisting of patloi and dining ^jroom, tcvo bedroom* and kltehen, with g.ts and Orotoii waltr and waMr closet. Ki rn $15 a monlh. rLKT?ror $15 per MONTH. AT 35 new canal street, fix Room*ov f'rst lloor, ov*r [he store; v.ould be ufcafdc lor one laige or two iyu.ill fauiilkf. H?s >vat?r and *?nW pipe. mo "lETOR lease?FOK a TE H V OF YEARS, IN JL Brmklyn, a three story slone Hunt House, rn<li?ed with six jmls or ground, filled lrlth various choice frnlt Lreiv Ale) flower*, The Mouse coiiiaio.h thirteen room*. *tib-oellar and hiv k piazza, ba^fcinent, hall and parlors lian/lMiniely papered, beautiful statuary, marble matit"is, part of the carpet* nod furtilltue new. WOI be Hold low If required, or let with the house. All Is In good order, beautifully and healthily toaatod. Cars pass to different ferries. a gond stable anil earriage house If needed. For full particulars apply on the premise*. In Twenty-third slrtiet, lirst house fri.m Third avenge, near Fourth avenue, South Brooklyn, for one week. mo LEY?A NICE, SM ALL Til l<EE STORY BRICK X House, in FIfty-elghlh sireel, third house we?t of Seii.nd venue, in line order; water and gas, large y, rd. Rent $25 per month. Inquire on the premises, or of it M.JONES, cashier Harlem Railroad, eorner of Fourth avCllUCi and Twenty with ttruel. I'oBnt'Ssluii October1. KKS C lllllllll H003IS, jMBBg TO LBTi rrw) LET?THE TIIIUD AND FOfRTI' STORIES OF X tlw iww butklliw, 171 Jay slniet, liro 'kKti: tliiinlunl til first fliiwt ?tyU;; ten mfuiifc*' wulk from iJl iU' icrrWa; water iuiiI aejiunvte giu nHtrc l> tsu'h I Wan'. A)>(4y .a I73Jaj auvt*, auriM'i- or Cuuuura utreuL to tlM> bakery. _ WJLU4AM BPltC>TT. rpn LET-TUB nfeff PUK)U AND BA.HEMEHT, WITH I * Hmlrwim up sUiii., n r?x|iitiv<1. nuuihle l'?r ? miudl U?11illy or phwiflKii; Nub, jy*. hoi iiikI anld wivWxi rent iikiiIprute. Apply u> J. UOrKlVW, ifi Vkjiui'ibawtiaua, tnwrtVwJit?-m?junl MireKt. , rpo LET?XT A VBRY LOW KKNT. TllE FAK1IIONA1 hki brown hU?uc Tloumt, ll>U KiyliLU street, Hi. MarkV Jilaoe. Oinuibim?? juihh ??v?-.ry liw mintMo*. llw llxtow* i tuxl wauir to th*' top. imjulrv cm the or of A. 8. : LEVY, rtt Uw. (?3"WPltkun strurt. 4PO LK'JV-A MEOOND 8TOUY OF A FIRST CLASH 1 II-hum'; 109 bant Seventeenth street, Btuyveaunt ganarc. fTH) LKY-Tu A SMALL FAMILY, AT M WB0T THJRA ty-fourth jitroct, the aesond Btorv, with Extension, eontainlug live room*, with kitchen in baocment; o<miatoa the modem improvement*. Apply on the pi<emlac?. TO LET-THE FURNISHED HOC SB 8M WWtT TWF.NX ly.fHxund airoet. li may be mvh after 9 A. II. For terms inquire on the promiaea or of U. NICilOLLS, D1 Weal Thirty nth sticet. rpo LET-TO A small family, the second floor L ot hoiiae 276 Elizubc'h atroet, n?w HHMvkt-r atroet, conHistlntf of two ltooiua, lJodroom unid Pa Ulrica, with goo<l yard. Item low. rno let-the UPPER PART OP A VBRY PRETTY I houae, ronaiatiu# <?f three hir^n- Room a and puntrhu?. hath J and wm. Rent very low tu u suwtll hunliy. Iiu^uul- at lh7 i Emm Tliirl>>ihird t. * J rpO LET- \ >PI'M?I.I> OFFICE FOR A DOCTOR*1 well I'urntaheiL and an luijohgnu loom H doaired. No. ?4 Went Twelf th atWo*. A pply lYotn IU lo 1- A. M., for throe duyji. fTH) LET?A HANDSOME HACK I'AIU>?R AND FRONT L Basement; licitib.* contain* modern iiup?ov<iitPuMi; ara ami jiuu'iH convenient. Can la* teen from till 0 - iL..Apy5' Jit 72 Went Twenty-se^md atroat. mo lbv?thb WHOI4B or the upper part of \ L houae in Eighth avenue, over a drug stow-. A KO?d K?- ( caiion !'or aoiue li^'ht huaincsa. Ci.nsUta of haek Kftehen, two very largo Parlors and two Bedmoma ?*:i the lirat tk*or; 1 two Parlor*and three Bedroom*, with p&ntrioa, on the * - I eond tloor; tVmrlai'Me Bedroom*, one with il replace, and hath I room on llie third lioor. Alao, to let, a suit oi genu;) !ly fur- 1 nished K'M>ms. large, airy anil clean, with everv convenience for houaekeeptng. Also, Apartuicnii* in a tfentael hoiigr in Forty lirat atreet. Rent from $5 fco $10 per Inquire at 67') Eighth avenue. riX) LET OR LEASE.?MANCHE DUMPING (JUOCND, Jl cloae lo the Eupt river, U? let t?-r a term of yearn. Tliiala the tnoht eoiivi iiit'iJt pUuie in five city. Apply to T. POSTER A li HO., corner of Thirty-eighth atiuot and taoomi aveuiw. rrto PARTIES RETURNING FROM THE COUNTRY.? 1 To let, the new fir&i? -la** lii<h ttioop brown aioue hoipe, 31 \V? ?t Fort v-lif ih atrrut; mil low. Intjulre of A. TLKaDELI.ul03 Chamber** Mti ?H*t. WILL RE RENTED CHEAP?A NICE 1IOUSE, WELL (vinl r..injxU rly furni-lwd, t>I?'iiKantly lo ated in the Vi?inlty of Valley Station, Orange r?. ?J., between l*?t of <)? y?Ixt arid 1st i t May iu*\t. For j artL-uiar* address box 672 )'<|M 00 *. dfelA i MONTH, OOTTAOB HOU8B?EIOITF BOOMS, Vl'' suluibl** r??r <>ne <?r two families; elkJbly and health!h stum led in Hontli Brooklyn, aev**n miuui/s1 walk t'rctai ll.Miilllou terry. liimtedittc noMe*f<ioii. Apply al21) Oolumbia HUeet, near Pulton terry, Brooklyn. QIC IKK MONTIL?A NEAT OOTT AGE, TWO LOTS, viu fruits, Dowers, iitftble, dmi TaiiUi avent md Twenty-third street, and t-ara to Fulton and Grand strflrtH, ll.iMtkivij. Call from 0 u? 7 1*. M., or a.idles* Benjamin, Minlaain Gas otRoo, No. 4 Irving pUos. (\ff BARROW 8TREBBL?ISO LET, A SUIT OF ROOMS * *< * furnialMHi nioely, and leaving bath and gaa, will be let for $6 a week. Abo "it beautiful Parlor lor less ilian half yrk-e, unfurnished. Call immediately. Rolerenie* exchanged. HOUSED 0009I9, WANTED. 4 PARTAIEKTS ^WANTED.?A FLOOR, CONTAINING J\. seven roouiH, or two doors, on iit?* earn side of the eiiy, not below Eighth street, wanted by October!. Rent not to exeeed $11 i>eMnomh. lai. atiou near a elu n.ilioad. Adt!res?f stating full particular* as to r*nt, location, accomnwjd lili'-ibH. At*., L.. Y., box lt?3 llerald-olUoe. A WIDOW LADY AMD DAI OHTES ABB ANXIOUS jV to i roeuiv two imftiMtisbod Rooms, in a private aud v*'h|HTtat>lc family; locsftou not to be above Tweuty-third street and not below Fourth street. Address or call at IN East Twentieth street, until Thursday afternoon. Ternu must be moderate. U V ?.M. iiwi; uutnii ?IAn 1 r*u?nc.i I ? VsWril J1 MdTweiMJ to rib rtrteti attd fiaonnd Mid flevaoUi uve iiimns, in a good locality. th a <*wner to t'lke part payment of r< nt 111 board prtferrt'il, with the privilege ?f takhi^ a lew oil,? r boarder*. Address, staling particulars* J. W. II. T., box 4,<161 Post office. 1^1/KM SUED HOUSE WANTED.?1THE ADVERTISER L w iild like U> hire u smell furnished House, ft r a Miiall family, not too high up In thisdty, or eoirve nient to tin lerri "s In J't -oklyr. Th*'property must he in good order, and with nil things satisfactory. Would lmw no objection Ho taking the property ior two or more year*. Address M. A., of Evening Post. k.m+ - ? House wanted in Brooklyn ?a private family Ih desirous of having a gnteel three story IIoum', With all the modern unprowments, und w nilJ It willing to pa> $u4M) to $500. A new house pre: erred. Neigh I >or hood must he desirable, Addsess, with partveukirs, box 1,1.,6 New York Pott othoe. OFPU'S WANTED.?WANTED To HIRE, FOR A term or one year or longer, a wood sized furnished OH ice. Will either buy or rent the furniture. OHk-e room separate by Uftelf. Adtkoss Broker, box 1 M'? Herald olbee. QV0VB8.?1WANTED, TO BXOHAMOB A HOU8B AND lO Lot or some vauant Lou* in ihiseiiy for Slows. Address Austin, box 690, New Vork Peat oillee. TIT A NTBD?T U K FLOOR OF A SINGLE ROWLING T Alley, not ken* t&an sixty feel long, with the usual lixtures. Address, staking prkv? and desenptibn, N. M., box fljpi P???t ofltoe. V' IT ANTED?A GOOD HOUSE, IN A DESIRABLE U)V <atloti in New York or Brooklyn, hv a l/uaily ot ladle*, where the rent will he taken in ImihM. For particulars apply lo HOMER MORGAN, No. 8 PiiM sin < t. "llrANTED?BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, PART it 11! a boom, :u Eini BnNwtwajr, RuUshlt for honsekeeping. Real Ml o>? mid $3100, AddressB. W. M.t AO W I; iu it \irANTMD?FIRST VLOOR AND BASEMENTS, WITH M a vm;J] Hedrooin up stairs, in a genteel bonne, with ail the new improvements. Location not 1 urther up than Tinrtioth street. Addrfcs?<C., box 2.7i#7 Postoilko. TVTANT9CB? koom AMD BBDROOM, FURNISH hl> t? w *h eunvenk-noes lor homek'-epiiig; locaiiou not above Thirtieth mroet; west side preferrt Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, Furnished Rooms, Station C Post office. \irANTED?FART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE, WITH YT all modern Improvement*, on the west hide of the city, not below Broome street, by n family of lour adults. Rent from $160 to $200. Address, staling term*, convenience, Ac., KI. C.t Heiaid office. ll.rANTKD?FOR A SMALL FAMILY. A n<u iVf aku H two Bad rooms, in ft tenportable wig ht>or hood, not above Twentieth street; went Aide of the low n preferred. AddPOtt, stating terms, locaUou, a:c., Uastard, No. 2 Ann street. ' "117*ANTED?PART OF A IIOUSB?BIX TO SEVEN M r.Minis, ?.ik, ItaUi, &<v?by a small uenteel lamlly. References exchanged. Acdross E. 11., box 3,064 Post oilltje. WAWBD TO niBR-A HOTEL, WLTH WFTY OH \l Fix ty acres of land attached, tor h term of yeai^, * tth th?* privilege of touring It at uny time at a set price, wilhfcu 200 miles of Kew York. Addroes II. D. 8., Jamaica, L. I. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. A person ii avi no AN improved wiieeler * WIInr1! wwfa| jncfaine, would like lo joto some respectable lady who oaifammuMid work. Addreas II., box 160 Herttjd ollf-. PARTNER WANTED?IN A BEAUTI FT L LIQUOR X Store, in an excellent iHininaHg location, uuowill Like the entirerhaig?', wKh Rooms lor a family; will rrt*4ve jwy for IwiH' bin time. POUTER MERB1LL, 335 Broadway, office ?7. The subscribers have this day entered into a aopartncinblp under the firm and style of Weaver A Livingston, lor the purpose of tramuietlnff a Produee Ootnmi?sion Business in thin city, at No. 41 WaU r street. ALEXANDER F. WEAVER, WM. II. LIVINGSTON. Nfw Yonic, flept. 23, 1801. "TITANTED?A MAN, WITH $.\000 OR $10,000 CASH T? capital to join the advert tee r in armv contract*. Nouu but ptiixipals need inquire. Addrt*** II. 8., IK?-raid otfioe. "tXTANTED?A PARTNER, WITH ONE TO TWO HCN11 dred dollars, l*> invest with a lady in n ?< *! paying lmBent of references Liven and required. Call at or address for tmi days No. 4W Broadway, room No. 7. Agents need not apply. TVrANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A CAPITAL OF $11)0, who thoroughly understands the oyster businc**, in one of the bent p*aeot> in the Bowoty. Inquire at 7* Bowery, in the sogar store. (OAA ?A PARTNER WANTED, TO RECEIVE THE tPOUvf# money at the door and share equally In the bost exhibition known. It Is highly re*|*otabk\ riupiirHS the attention of but two persons, and uili pay $400 weekly. Profit* divided daily. lucjuiK at 082 Broadway, third floor, room No 4.. ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN A RECTIFYING ^v)V"U# ami wholowUe Ibptor business; none but principals need apply. Address M , Herald ofllee. Q.~\ tfWWl ADVERTISER DESIRES ACTIVE tP?./.vUw. buaine**; oan furnish narunr or (hs Investment or loan), and business talents aenuir?d by several ymrs experience hi fin* nun and trade. Andres* V. M. B., Imix 1M Herald ofliac. (in nnn -WANTED, A SPECIAL OH GENERAL ?JPJ. partner, with about $1<VXM cash capital, in a well established, ante and wry lucrative business, properly and enerpeti'gilly nuiuiicil. Address box 3,6l?I Post cffllee, with real name, stating when and where an Interview may be had. FVHNITUHK. 4 BEDROOM SUIT OF BNAMELLBD FURNITURE J\ for $24, In all colors, * ! warranted manul'aeture; also #o1id Chestnut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, at H. ? FARRINGTON'S, 36b ('anal street, opposite Wooster. KsuJ.jiHl?e?l in 1H4& IjWAMELLED < HAMBKR Sl'ITS OF FURNITURE/IN j yjl colors and styles, at wholesale and retail, ut $2.r> and upwards; also, Mattresses and Palliasses. WARREN WARD, 2<7 Canal street, four doorit eu*l of Broadway. First claw enamelled furniture?plaintlweofal#.*<l and grained; solid walnut and *?ak Set*, Mat tresses, sphuft B?mI, ??' Suits, from $25 upwards. J. \V. FiSliER k CO.. Manufacturers, 66?> Broadway, between Bleet Her and Bond streets, marMe building. OFFICE FURNITURE AND SAFE FOR RALE PRI va'fly. Apply *> WATSON, TURN BULL 4 CO., No. 4 Bowling Green. The highest price paid for all kinds of Household Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors, Pianos, Ac., at I' 479 Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. Csllnt or address Furniture, as above. N. B.?A good nsKurintent of second hand Furniture always on band. V YORK HERALD, WED1 E7 BO A HIII!V<J ASD I-OOCSING. A hm'AU! I'KIVATK KAHII;fwOULD LET A BAND;\ Miuiu ly rur11 IfilK-il mill of Hodiiih, a l'urkir nnil Iwu Ui'<I, nonftt liik Man adjoining, mi tM Meond Oobr, with Hoiuil. 'ltw lioiw hitx nil tlx'iixutri'ii impruvi'Mwno ami in iil<?siuiUy Hiuukbnl uii Muifuy HIM. lin|iilrc at ISM L*'*limbin avcnui-, khiwl tlouau above Tliltly-i'lgbth rtnwt. Krf?pjn*v?y?i^iri*l. A LADVHAVD*! TAKEN THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE J\ 114 Honuyt iil. iiuf, corner of Sewntli n^rwi, hiw n few Hulls uiVl ?j?ft mo hIukId Hn.inm ui dl^M- of. Cull at hjjwe or wVUcnk box 3..1H3 New York l*wl < ilk*. AT n Wfor KHTBTBXliTB BTBXBT, IICTWKI'N hVJi mill Sixth avi-num, lai-iy Rooms, liiuitlsoiiH'ly lur n ihiiiMi, tu liuitA or tnngie. Also ffmakk-r Rooms for genu*nun, wiift Hoard. Ti*e house hiwi tiFI The modern improvement*. ex< luuiged. AT 1,123 AM) 1,121* BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTYfifth and Tweiitv-alalh alreeta. near Klfili Avenue ^oud, hamiaoine miilaof It'ooms, with private laid*; all the modem oonveuitinoea. Also Rootna tor single g'-ntUumn, with JJoaxl. i st rr OF R00M8, WELL FURNISHED, 10 LET? A Tojjetht r or *?'i?arau*ly, to single ^entk'nieii, in a private French family. in * moot ncairaMe location. Apply at 268 Fourth atreet, Washington aqua*?. A DESIRABLE SUIT AND OTHER VEBY PLEAfwrit Rooms, in a house kept nlw and private, with firnt eliUM Hoani. Private table H preferred. Kefert'iiecN ex< h^ny>d. Apply at i'J lluivevalty plaoe, oorMiof Ninth at A LADY LIVING ALONE WOULD LET A HANDHonu'ly furnlahed l&ooui to A lady iu?l gentleman; Hoard for tin* lady only; alt*> for *iivgl'* ganln'tncn; neighlMirlenal uU-asa'it; location conveiUent. For parttcuLun upply ut 'JO West 'lN**nty-aevenili str? * t, ikcur Sixth avenite. \ HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN family, without rLlMw n, o?-<??pying a first ?las* house, will h*t u t mdtv of handsomely furtushttd Rooms, v.nli lull or p;iriiaJ Hoard nrfnrivnU? tabki. Fir m h and Limlish w au< ki*n. \) i . ut48E i hi. k< p tract, neat Bi tdwa> APLHASANT FRONT ROOM, FlTRNISUHD, WITH I* * and hall), to l? i to a geutlemun without Hoard, ut 51 U yet IV cnty.eighth ytm t. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO SINGLE GENii. tl? if.en :iM*y obta-n pleasant Room*, g??od Hoard, in a sit all private familv, where the eomforts nl a home ran he cnjoyuJ. Modern imj ?r?m in* nts. Dinner at s.x. Wot Twenty-second ?n* t. A FINE SUIT OK FURNISHED ROOMS, ON FIRST or second l!oor, having < very <"uvenh i.? ? , t ? let, with A.-without Hoard, at No. A? Wual FifU ' Uth stiv t. Terms, Including full bond, gas ami lire, $ JO per wal k. Clique*tionaldr reference rcpiirod. VFl'RNISHED PARLOR, AND BEDROOM ADJOINing, on mti'ond or third floor, to lei, to a gcntl<-man and \n il?*, witli t est of accoimixatattons in hojinlliu.'. with a private finally, near Thlrty-lirst Kirn t, between Br. adway and Fifth qyi iuu'. Addros* r>ox 4,PJ8 Font oilloc. |.TT4 EAST rWENTY-TIIURD STREET HANDSOME ^\. Iv Jurnbhrd Rooiiih may be had, with Hoard; KkmIIou ii'-ar l'ourth mvi nno, and unKui pa>Hed lorqulct and ?*onvt ulenoe Ui cars and st ?u< ?. v PRIVATE FAMILY, WHERE HlBRB IRE NO otlu?r boardr ra, wouid let a suit of Room with Board, on Dueond ilonr; hoi and coiu water, bath, location <i? MiiKw1. Au tioss Imix 2, io? r>?Ht oillce, or apply at lyy Went Tfilr'ly-ftiiiKUM! street, Eighth avenue. at the large fibbt ( lass doj ble house no. il i'i7 BUm eker westofaud near Broadway. Is a really lll'l&l clilXH lalUilv Boarolllg HolISC, Willi lloolUS UIIKIH pa**rd in size and coin f if, in suit*or single; the cheapest place in the clfy for tbe sfyfc and quality or what is ottered. 4 LBION HOTEL ANI) BOARDING HOUSE, 535 111*1)J\ son street, corner ? ! Charles.?Pleasant and wi ll furnMied Rooms, in suits or single. at from $4 lo $rt per week lor single persons, and from $7 to $11 for married, liu iudhig board, pa, hatha, Ac. t LAMBERT, Proprietor. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?IX ^.'v a small private family, to one ?>r two single gentlemen, nuivenient to stages and car*. Terms reasonable. References given and required. Apply at UO Tenth sirect, near $i\tb avenue. A SHALL PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO LET TO ONB or two lnsl.? gf-ntlemcn a richly furnished wait of Apartments, together or Kingly, witli or without jmi'uI Board. lioct>c combines rvciy modem convenience. Apply a* 37 East Fifteenth street. Union square. \ SI IT of ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO A let, on lirst and second Moors, to^ethei or m parate, w.ih (.' 'Od Board, t<> gentlemen and their wives or sfngl*'gt-iul in* n, In the very desirable Iioils. UK) West Eleventh sti. eL near Sixth avftnuo. Huusr ami locuti ?n unsurpassed. K? IW reiM*es required. a LADY residing in ufttii street < HARLEM.) A has two nktrly liirnish< d Rooms, with KlU hen, to rent to a n*pecu?ble gentl *mai. ;?nd wite or Uvo simrlc gonilenu o, with partial Hoard for ihe 1 tier it desired. Referen res ex changed. Address M., box 117 Herald o!lice. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OdCi PYfffQ A SMALL flRSl class house, would accommodate three or tourfcenik' lie r. desiring an agreeable home lor the winter; location con veimmt to curs immI stages. ReiVreuees reipused. Apply a Is liamniond street, corner of Waverley place. \ private family residing at 103 west for t>-second street, will let two Kooms on second tloor i? g.-in??men and wives or single gentlemen, on very moderate terms. Dinner ai G}? o'clock. Front room very large. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, A front Room and Bedroom on second iloor to three youn* gentlemen j?u $12 a week, tin and gas tncluded. Refer* ne ? (.Exchanged. Apply at lol! West f weuty-lirst street. Avery pleasant bomb may be found bv genteel parties, with choice ol Kooms, til 15 Ashland place, corner ot Waverley place; location pleasant aiu family small; diiuu r rt f>. V LARGE BACK 1'Ait LOU, ON THE FIRST FLOOR to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wit ; iiN i plea s.iiit Rooms, with Bcdi'ooriui adjoiiilug, on second ainl thin liiKirs, to gentlemen .uiU their wives ?.r sjiigl.- ^ ntlei'icn. Apph ??t Ui West Twclith street, between Filth and Six it a\t lines. 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, ON MItK'l J;V tloor, to let. Also a larg iront Parlor, on second Iloor aim front ftouui; witli Hull Boo room adjoining, on third tloor with B'Wird. Tcrma reaaonahle. Family srl.i t. KcIcioiik required. Apply ut 12.1 Lexington avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOME si n oi Rooms, lun.lshetl or not, lo one or more getiUemcn, w on pariuil Hoard it uehireu. Al-o a single Itoom. Apply at 3?*i h'inth street, near Fifth avenue. i 4 pleasant fkont room to let?with boaku 1 jL on second story, 10 a lady and Kcnticmun, furnishen 01 umurnishcd. or to two cringle gentlemen, who an* willing t< ro?iip together, v. in ! lite voiiiinrtH ol a home can be loll) realized. Dinner at 6 o'cltwk. Apply at No. 58 Twenty eighth street, between Ltiin^ion una Fourth aveu'u>. i FKONT 1'AULOR TO LET?WITH OR WI'TOoU! J:\ Hoard, to one or two ulni'lc gentlemen. Ktri<ily pii vate. Terms moderate. Appiy at Court street, ucur I'm cilic street, Brooklyn. \ HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 1' A u I >R \.M? PAH try, wiili Board, 1 a flrtl claai Enail ,i bu no ut In um suitable for a gentleman and wile, Family small ; locatioi line. Als'T' a large upper Koom, at a very moderate price Apply liti West Tweiuy-:ifrth hi reel, for two days. A strictly i'ltlVAJi; FAMILY, ha'.im; no i si tor two handsomely furnished !;??? tos. would btlheii t?? ?.i?e or two single gentlemen. T* runt moderate. Inquiit at 114 East Eighteenth street, near Irving j?!i* ? Atx east TWENTIETH STREET, HEAR BROADway.?Hoard lor gentlemen and their wive* or single gmilemt u; a few very choice Rooms, single aud in mcCm h??|ibc lirxi <lass; best re fere nee oil tied, ltjcauuu very de suable; all modern conveniences. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN lit*men can obtain a very pleiUAiii Room, furnished oi uulurnlsbed, on sveond Moor, with board, on moderuU ieims, in a private family. Inquire at y* Carroll street Brooklyn. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NEWLY AND NEATL\ furnished, with closets, gas, hot and cold vs..t? r, to lot toa gentleman, with partial Jioard if desired, at 1 (AS Ens Thirty-third street, near Lexingti n avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND 3lS WIFE. OR TWO 8INGLI gentlemen, can !?? accommodated with fullorparila Houru in a private family; nicely furnished rooms, in a pli-a uant kxalit>j ne:tr Broadway. Reference required. Add re hi G., station D. AT 55 EAST TWENTY-EIOHTII STREET?ONE OP JY two families can N* handsomely accommodated, aUw two or three Finite gentitm-n. IIoiihc first class; lamtt) FnwiU; terniM low. References exchanged. Accommodations for families and single gcutUMiw-u, In a new modern built house; K.omstor nlshed or unlurnlsbeci. No. 34 West Twenty -fourth street between Broadway and Sixth avenue, near Fifth Aveuut Hotel. A COUPLE, OB Tivo HEX, can FIND a PLEAS an! New England lmme, with pood Board, in a lirst rate location up town. Terms reasonable. Address Home, boi New York FoatOlflOC. 4 front KOOM AND bedroom 0if sbcon1 xi. iioor, nanumnnejy iumi*uca, to let, witu ap am, him able for a gentleman and wll>. Also aneommodtiuon lorn single gentleman. A qui**! home realized. Reference excluiiigAu. Apply at 23 Grove street, between Bleecker and Iludfton. 4 FEW YOUNG MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED J.Y Willi good Board; also a few young Indie*. No. 40 Frank jhHir^ec, near Broadway. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY IS DB8IROT S OF LET ting a neatly furnished Bedroom to a gentleman. at 2i Prospect street, Brooklyn, three minutes' walk from Fulton lerry. 4 T NO. 29 CLINTON PLACE.?TO LET, A FfRNISHKD J.V. frunt Pai lor and Bedroom on iAe second iloor, with or without Board, at Clinton place, Eighth strict, between Broadway and University place, where please apply. A SUIT OF TH11BE ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOAKI), together or separately, at 40 East Twenty-fourth street; houre urst class; eoutmuing all modern improvements. Koicirtiwu exchanged. 4 GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND A BEAUTY?/jl ful front Room, furnished or unfurnished, on second Moor, with pantries and private hath; other p?ea*nnt K >oms for single gentlemen, with purtial Hoard, at 153 Bleecker street, corner oi Thompson. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD DISPOSE OF A THIRD J.\. st^ry front Room, with Board, t<? a gentleman and wile or one or two single gentlemen. Ko I ere nee required. Apply at 127 West Sixteenth street. APWTATB FAMILY, RESIDING IN SOUTH BROOK lyn, have first class accommodations t?> ollVr a gentleman aivl his wife; the house is u double one, with ''XteiiHive garden, elegantly furniahed, and located in one <?: our principal si i e is. Dinner at G. References exchanged. Address box 2,063 Post ofUce, N. Y. \ WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A BROWN STONE A House, replete wit.h modern improvements, <le*ir< * to let <i few handsomely furnished Rooms to ladies and gentle* men. Full Board for ladies only. Apply ut West, Fif 4 FRONT l'AKLOH AND BEDROOXI, ON SECOND JL floor, handsomely furnliilu'd, to let to one or two Kindle y ntlrlni ii it a *.< lit finun and ?il<, In a small In lull y. w ith or without; gas, bath, Ae. Apply tit fit Amity street. i I'KIVATE lAMIJ.V. Vol"N(l PEOPLE, HESIDINO 2\ at 37 Wnt Thlrt.v eighth street, between Klflli and Sixth avenues, desire to take as boarders three or lourxinllrrriiii, and oiler 111 in large wi ll t'urnlkffed Koom*. A pleasant home guaranteed. Apply as aliove. 4 SMAI.r, PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM 1\. 'li?n tliey require, will li t to gcutl>*mcn, without Board, a handsomely furj]|t>h?d Room, tvlth (jrutt) uud gnu, Apply itl ,Ml Broome street TESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, BOARDXTO AMI I*OI>C;I\O. > \T (JREATLY REDDl'El) l'BK'ES?NICWLY PUR* "

nihhiMt from *1 ?" $2 60 |*r wvek. 1* from 25 to 87 will* uor tiight, at tlm Krunkfort llouM.vH,ruur f of Fraiifori uml Wifhain Oyi*u till ni^ht. i T>OAHD.?A FRONT ROOM OR PAULOK AJ*D BBD > I) room to i with iioavo, Ureal Jouvm t>iro*t. Aitftj f ^ooiiig for Hin^lo jj??ntWii*en. I >< >a Ki>.?8K v KKAli VERY PUU8AW PMOT ' j j WHiniK, naving mi?m, uuKii, imu juui uoiu wnwr, *e., can i las had, wiili lioaid. at 4? ?*."L SUU'futh MtiiH-.t, u??*t n> ir- #1 viiiK plaoe. Terfh* for two person* i<> $u |N>r ttc- ^ oording u> room roqulrod. Dinner ui 6 o'clock. Ki'iVviiMxi MOhAOIOd* Boa ed.?a family and one ok two 8ingijs (jen- * llt-mcn wishing a qtflot and HenLucl r< sidenee can obtain 1 well fitf-uUhcd Apartments, with Hoard, at til flliUon yliyw, I two doors oast ol Filth avenue. Rcfereuucs given ami required. BOABD.-PLBABANT BOOMS, 8OTTABLB POB OS* tl? men ami their wives or hin?lc ?c title men, may in- h*d, I with HitaMl, at 404 Fourth street Nation (convenient lo Broadway slaves ami Fourth avenue earn. BOAI;i>.- OBNTLBMBN and their wiyb8 ob simKle gentlemen can lieAocomm<Hlated with ltouns, in suit or separaU), at 17S We.?t K nru nth street. References given and required, DIuTMrfttfo'viock. Terms mo<WnU9> ^ BOARD.-TWO PLEASANT ROOMS ANI) WELL FURn i shod Kuitg of Rooms, on lite acennd tl?K?r, *\n i11i Board, at 83t'linion place, near Fifth avenue; dinnr at 60'cleck. Board?a cnotce of rooms to let, with Hoard, at reduoed rales, at 56 Kant Sixteenth street, near Uuion square. BOABD. -A FBW GBNTLBMBN OB GHNTUUUSIf AMD llieir wiv * t an be accommoo.i ed where no othH*' boarders will be uiken. Location, Ismuoii Utfracc, Went Twentyihlrd str? et. Terms from $!' w. ( ciikU'men and wives ^ lrom to $11. Apply nv atoie 135 Ninth avenue. Board.?huith of rooms to let, with hoard, in a small family, in the lirst clam house 37 West hi^Mwui.ih street; dinner at 6 o'clock. Board.?two small front rooms, connected, to let, with Hoard, for tie* inter, lo on or (wo person* . m a private family, at it mode rale pri.e; will l.e 1? t for loi.'g. in/ riHiuiR to . & niii in.?n. Av.' ly at krJ West Tldi ty-eixtn stmt, near Eighth aveii'M. Board.?a small private family, occupying their own hom?e, willing !- e>o.mmise, will lei a Suit ol t* .* s< nit*man amt wife wl'oare wlinu.: to pay a suitable price tor llie uomf ?ris ail advantages offered, liou-c lii>t? lass, ei '^mily ruroished, and in a fashionable locality. Address box i.ltf Post olli.v. "OOARD.-A PINOLE GENTLEMAN REQUIRES .13 Hoard in a sele< t pnvatc family offering an aureenbl" home fur th*? winter; loe.ilon preferred between Truth and Twenty-third Mr* el , on the we*t Hide. A square Room on s? conn or third floor required. Would be pivummnt 11 euitvd. Address G., box li* i'oatofllee. ij oa b d.?well furnished front rooms tt> I) les, with H?-ard; ne^'lihoiiiood pleasant; 1 oration con- " venient cars aud stares. Apply at hi West Twenty-sfxth jd rwt Kefeieucei eicwinRed Board?to, with hoard, at 137 seoond avenue, b- tweeii Kiuls'h an ! Ninth utreets, two nicely fuinislied Rooms, suiutbie for gemi?-nien and their wives aud Kenllemen. Local^?n Very d( su able. DOABD -TO LET, JO ONE OR TWO YOI NO LADIES. -lJ a furnished front Room, cheap. Those who work out preferred. Uall all this *v?. k at 2HU Firm avenue, near 16th street, up two pairs oi smiis, front room. MJAKU.?A .^?IALL I'Kh A1K r A M I Li, Ut'l'l li IX# .1J their ov. n huUH* an<4 having spare rooms, nicely 1'iiriiislied, would accommodate oi*e or two gentlemen and their wives. House with all the modern Improvement*, pleasantly located in Tw?nty-sixth street, near Lexln.ton avemu\ Addrets IJ. c.t Madison sq.iftre l'ust oflkc. Rdcreixes exchanged. T>o.\f:i? \ FAMILY. II \ \ 1N <! MoKK ROOM III A K 1) r <piired, would ittspoMi of excellent accommodations ? .i the second tloor to a small, genteel family, for the ensiling winter. I-i'm-ration ?f?-s Table. Aeccs.Obk' by cars and stages. Apply at 172 West Twent)-:nst street. Board.?a handsome suit op rooms on He. ond floor to rent, with full or partial Hoard. House * first cinss. with modern improvement*. Alto Ro.-uix i*r hi in; It* gentlemen. Apply 1?9 Ninth street, west of Broadway. T>OARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A J3 married lady, two infants and nur?e; would lurnMi her own room. State terms, nod address 11. A. M., 145 Broadway, room No. t>. Best of reference*. fclg "tJOARD AND ROOM VVANTED?BY A YOl'NC MAN. 4 J 3 Terms not to exceed $.r.. Location between Fourth end Twentieth *tr?ets preferred. AcMreu K., box 781 FocioUlce. Board FOIl a fiKNTLKMAN AND WIPE OR TWO thigh1 ^entievni n in a private family, where l>i?t lew btotidcrs arc taken; hoi.te ha* all modern improvement*; P location tine; a I ho, a piraittiit aui|;lr Koom. Inquire nt lC4i West Twenty-first Knot. doard w.\nti:!> ? by two <;t:nti.i:mi n, in a .1) hiii.ill family where there nre but lew r>o;mi? i>; brcakfast and tea riurfni: the wc<*k ; dinner on Sumlaxs; location between Twenty-third and Fortieth streets, and liiMdiKon and Sixth avenue* ;*refcrci.cci given and required. Address box > 9,Utf0 Poat ollice. Board wantkd-by a party consisting ok a geutfcmnn and wi e, a 1 idy, <1 i.i^ht-'r aged * wen, and i Nervani, and three or four g*ntfemen. The location mom be ; gentee!; the rooms, l urnltuie ami board llrst class; the prices ? i<> suit th<' tiuiep. Reiereuee requirei. Address oinicroa, box 1,690 1* st oillce, giving particutai of loeation, terma, Ac Board w ^ ied. any prh vte f imily, be Minim; on ljio -klyn Heights. having a .-pare Room, 1 either lurid-hcd < r unturtifshe'i, and Would let me same to a gentleman who wishes to i < hide down town for the winter, can m.iko arran^em'-iis by addr* ssing, stating kaation, Ac., , Brooklyn Post ofllec, i t>oakd Wanted?in fifth or madikom avkni e 1> .,r fcH.uiu.Tilh or Twenty-tnlrd kipti, by a K.'iitlfmnu. I i wife, child and maid; lirst story required; large par*<r, u? ll furnished, and inn laiye bedrooms, with private table, at $.o(J per week fornix .iiontiiH. Address D. !>., Uondoul, N. Y. f S? BOARD VV A NT ft l>?H A NDS< > M E ACCO M M( > I) ATI ONS, ill u imnjern u<uLlJas>' house, lor a gent btiiari, \\ iIf, two ' children and nuric, 7or tlie winter: a private taruily tvill Im* treated Willi only, ami for hu i-L net oiy aceommo ir.tlons a reasonable price\vill be paid. ?catlon near Kiitki avenue and ulntve Sixte* nth Htn-? t. A birrs*, With rel'en n< e, 11. D. , L., box 1,784 I'ost oilier. DOARDTI AM BU UJOVETHIM EBKTH AND BEU >W J) Tliirtft??th ?tfee?, lorn t;?ntleinafi, w.fe, iiil.ui: ami nuisc; . two rooms; $40 to 9&U per month. Aiidrexfc William*, Herald oAlro. HO A KI) WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN, HIS WIPE tod ion, in a ibiaU private lamlly. Two Roonm pn ?pdivd, on lirst ?t mwmuI lloor, in u house with moilern 111?prnvrtnents; or would take part of a house. Lo<-itlon, \ I?*aP iiity of CUiiton or lloiity stnet. Address A. Herald oillre. DOARDING IT JM4 TENTH STREET, BETWEEN ' J ) First avenue and avenue A. Oruticmeti and their wives out be n^onimodHied with Board and Rooms f>:i the most , reasonable terns. A Kuril. I'mhir, ]b*droom and elothrg ? e.loMet will be let to two, pi* inrlmled. Thr house haH all the modern impruveinents; is convenient to earn and stups. I HOARDING.?OENTLEMEN AKD THEIR WIVES, OR > Kindle gentlemen who like a comfortable and eherrful > home, with u rraliy good table, in a amaH fhmlly, ran lind i mic.h ai-c<'...mnd.ti:ons at pil I/iwreiice street, Brooklyn. i;i a ten:r?i 1 r.11J desirable nei^hboi hooil. within thirty mtntilr* ol' the M -rcliuut'a Exchange, New York,ferry included, rerun* moderate. ; l)OA RHINO.?FURNISHED OR UNFCUNISH ED 1) Uo< rn*, wifh or without Bo'ini; terms, board, u> 93 80. a ek Parlor; wuold nuit a grnttcanraatid wlfia oi pliyhn Ian, witii , bath; terms moderate; at 141 AVetl Thirty-third mpm i, between .Seventh and Eighth avenues, r h BOARDING.?A CHOICE OK ROOMS CAN NOW BE obtained fot one or tW ? fainille*, at i caSoLiable; also single Rooms, with e**venieie e for fire, suitable l"t?r r gentlemen; dinner at C o'clock. Apply at 41 East I'lltcenth street, near Union square. 1 DOARDIKO,-ONK OK mouk PROMT ROOMS OAK HE .1) obtained, with Board, in a Mi;nll private 2ami!y; hous-! j has every oonvenienre. Apply at 210 Second avenue, be tew J Thirteenth street. i "DOARDINO.?-LOCATION CENTRAL, CONVENIENT Ji to Hioadwaj.?I'b'iiiuii.t Room., I''.c.I or unfurIiihIk o. House \slih all the modern improveiiients. Dinner I atsix. RejVivii exrhai.yed. Apply at 72 Second avenue, , corni r 01 p.mrti. aireta. Boarding in-' west iourtxkkth streb*?an entire So ' nd FU?or, or tin- lr;/iit I'ailor ami itedrooin, ; handsomely Ittrn1*h?d. n a fii^f class hou?e and private family, to lei. with Hoard, to a gentleman ami wife or small family. Address F. 1!., boi !.K4/J Post ofllcc. "DROOKLYN.?TO LET, WITH BOARD, A FRONT 11 Room and Bedroom on second door, convenient to Sotnh * and Wall str? ?5l ferries. Apply at 90 Clinton street, opposite Schermerborn. brooklyn-a suit op rooms to lbt, with j j Board, suitable for a family or gentleman; the houne is > pleasantly located, convenient to either Fulton avenue or >lyrtle avenue ears. Apply at 90 Lawrence street. Rofek re noesexchanged. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife era couple of slnale gentlemen ran be accommodated with plrasanLiionms and Board inasmall fnmily by inquiring > at aia OltaU n i irwtt Board in Brooklyn.?single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives wishing Hoard for the winter, in a Moall private family, where they ran iind the ; comforts of a home, at a moderate price, will ph ase rail at , "> Oarduu street, within five minutes' walk from Wail street ferry. Board in Brooklyn?a large room on se- > cond lloor, wfth tine, end one on third ll<?or, together or separately, may ih- ln.d by applylug at 132 Henry street. Location pleasant, m-ar Wall street and Fulton forrU s. Refcn n e?e* iaoi? I. "l>oard in brooklyn.?a gentleman and his J I wife or one or two single gent!ernen cjiii J ltd pleasant Rooms, with Board, at 80 Cheever place, between Hurris'm and D?gr.?w, llicks and Homy sti-ets, live minuti ' walk from South lerry. Terms moderate. HOARD IN BROOKLYN?DESIRABLE ROOM*, FURJ) dialled or unfurnished, with Board, lu a private family, w here all the comforts of a home may be had. Beat of references given and required. Tea minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Apply at C5 .Nassau street. Board in Brooklyn.-handsomely furnished It K>rns on second Poor, sui'able for a gcntl-msnand wiie or single g .?tlen.en, in a in si via m house. Dinnerut >I\ o'cloc k. A| ply at 137 Amity street. nnAiil) IN BROOKLYN.?A ttANMOMSLY FiTR II nUhed tront Parlor and Bedroom, on mroml lloor; also one or two single Rooms mav lie had. with Board, in a modern house, pleasantly located at 106 riintou street, corner of State. Board in south Brooklyn?in a private faroily, for two single tcntlninen; a large front R< in and B(,droom; also a hail Bedroom; term $3 50 eacli; con- i vriiiPiit to ir??? lerrirn; mrs pass tbe door. Reference* exc !*ii i) g**? 1. Aj ply *t 24 i 1^'urt ft reft. Bnakd in wii.mamsbrro.~a few oektlrmbn can find a | iisj?nt I.?<n??? in a small private family, live iiilmu* h' walk iron* all Hie f'Trie*; khiiiim wvil liuiiiMhcd; >;a? and hath; dinner at 0. Apply nt 181 s??ntli Third street. Board oh Brooklyn height# -ai i i poplah ?tiv?*l, a tnnn and wife, or-in^V' gentleman, can { obtain Uihuiih. with lx>urd. in a miuiII family ; g?od location Mid near Kulton ferry. Terms moderate. Board om Brooklyn heights.?to let, with lVmrd, a handsomely furnished 1'arloi' nn<l Hedroom, I mutable lor a gentleman and wife, or single geMiemen. ApJ si l<tf Henry street. Hv'irvuvv required. i 1861. BO A HI) I X< J AM) l,On(ilNO. Board in soi tii brooki yn.-a i*rivatk family, i occupying an I'li'unnily f\mii?hi'd hmiiu clows to tins 1 <oiith frrrv, wiU*b? iotppy to unjoin module one or two In- | nate* fur the winter. Hut hik! roUl water butlix, At'. Hi'fwvrwrH required. Apply ut tfii CougroM ?treat, four doom i vent of IIiTvy. Brooklyn hkiciits.-iikntlkmitk ani> tiikiu ; wIvbh or ulnglo Retil^mni cnn uliljiln ploawiut ltoom*, illi Umiitl; four mliinti*'\talk fivin! stn i t ferry. Ale I it; ut 7'i fchnuivtu1 jiIikv. corner nf litnry atrot't; untruuce In IKUrjr ilrttot. SM ere noes excliuiipi'tk BROOKLYN HB1GHT8 ?K1ATLY PURN18HBD K-mmum, with Board. in a private family: poMesHioti imncdiab'ly; solvable lS?r ft gentleman and hin \i !fe or two h:ti<le gentlemen; location iiiiMun>m*cd; onlv throe mluunw' >valk from Fulton or IIv?? from Wall ntroot terry. For turtlwr jxtftlctitoni inquire at 18 Willow street, Brooklyu Brooklyn heights, no. too oohxriaiA street, river aide, overlooking the Imy.?Rooms, single or in Hint#, on aeeond lloor, in one of the tiuest situations in Brooklyn, run be obtained, with Board, between Wall and Fulton lorries. Dinner at 6 o'clot k. References exrhanged. DELIGHTFUL rooms to lbt-nbar thb with Avenue Hotel, adapted for gentlenkou who desire quiet, comfort and respeot ability; no boarder# nor children. Apply at No 1 West Twent) sixth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. IjlLBaANTLY FURNISHED ROOM! TO 8U1T M\H j ried gentlemen: Alio Rooms sdepted for tingle gentle men. on second and third floors; large closets, with water nitaeUed, btitli rouui, Hint every accommodation suitable lor tlrst elans boarding. No. 119 Wa\erlyphwe, near Washingt* n square. T7K>R GENTLEMEN?BOARD, IN A WELL FUR17 niched bouse, with agreeable people; ple:u>ai>t rooms, tine location; terms reasonable. He fere nee given. Apply at I \\ * m r* entyn Ighth street* I RJUSU1 D APARTMENTS TO LET-CON8I8TINO II of two l',i lora and two Bedrooms; to gentlemen i?uly; tlw? bonne u strictly private; Hit tinted one door troin Broadway, below Fourteenth . ireet. Address A. Z., l'o?t olllee. I^URKISHKD TO LET?WITHOUT HOAIU), TO 1/ gentlemen only. llou?e contains all the modern Improvements. A|plyul9H7 Fourth street, between Bowery and Hi o.idway. Tjl|?RMS-:iKI) ROOM!*'.?A ririM.K OF FLEAS A NT I li. .'I I' his, ou i -l lloor, to let. without bo ltd, to .1 L Ut !e.. .1 . I , . c >Uple ot geUi lemon. ill a p'V\ ite family; ten m .. r.w Inquire at N '. ll 1 lit sti t t. near Oraiid. IjUILNIHHEI) ROOMS?WITH BOAKl>, AT REDUCED priced, lor familleH and single gentlemen, in a pleasant and Agreeable family, at lt>4 West Twenty sixth str? et, near Eighth avenue, lteierenoes given and required. Dinner ut SI \ o'eitM k. pENTLEMEN RBQUIHINQ \ SMALL PARLOR AND vT Bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, with a | rivaie lamlly of ^r??w11 persons, breakiinst served in own room if desired, may apply at 47 Went Twenty-seventh street, near H roadway. p* /GENTLEMEN AND Til KIR WIVES <\\N FIND BEAU\T tlful front Rooms, furnished or luifur-itI- lit d, on second Iloor, with panlrie* and bath. Also pleasant Rooms for single Kt*ntl? nifii, with t nl 1 or partial Hoard, at No. 153 Hleccker hi reel, corner of Tlmmpson. "i i AN Dsn me i. v furnished ROOMS TO let?with XI or without Board. to a M' and \\lie or ?iu;;ln Kcntlcmeii; bonne first ? luas, in a good neighborhoodand with a!l the tncdern convcnleiifcca. Reference# exchanged. Apply !<t No. (^Ludlowgteoe. Handsomely furnished rooms, wmi first class Hoard,on Clinton place. near Fifth avenue. Aim) nloelv furnished Rooms, with or without Hoard, in <i?-.-irable locations, in ail parls of the* cily, lit tenna to suit H\e times. Apply at the City Board Agency, 820 Hiondway. l'EKT ,V THOMAS. Handsomely furnished rooms to let-with Hoard, In snitH or singly. An curly application will secure a choice at 03 Went Twenty-first atrcet, corner of Sixth avenue. TTANDSOME ROOM ?WITH BOARD, CAN HE FOUND 11 suitable fur gentlcm*'ii and their wlven or aingle Kcnllenitrn. Also a variety ot single Rooms. Apply at lo3 lileocker street. UOTEL ulM.v Vol' NO MEN \BOUT To I N list will find this a convenient place to Hop, ua they can be a<. mtuodatcd Irom 12 to 25 em Is j^er night. or I coin $1 to ?1 50 per week, at the Union Hotel, No. 106 1'rinee hti? et, corner of Thompaon. Open all night. Wr 1 ? ??? IN HARLEM.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO single ^cotieiiion, can obtain good Hoard with the comforts ?iJ a home In a small pti. ate family on vea> rensonal In terms, hy addressing W., box'127 Harlem Font ofliee. TACKSON HOUSE, 210 ELM STREET?THE LOWEST ?) rented and most comfortably and com eniently Inriu'licd Apai tnenth in the cily, to meet the wants oi* small families, witlieyery rctpil*.ie furniture; linen, cooking range ami utensils, u..,* ami Croton water. TODGINOS AT MOSS HOTEL, CORNER BOWERY J and Hayard street. One hundred and twenty clean, l.ght and well furnished rooms, at 25e. nnd 37e. per i.ight. MA1.HON MEUBLEE. 70 AND 72 WIST THIRTY eighth street.?Uooms elegantly furnished, .or whole lloora, w *ili kitchen, eelUr and yard, 'Houses new, l.i st class, four slorv. brown stone; common pafl ?r; meals furnished. Whole parlor ItiMir or Basement for pliysi' inn's ol!i?-e. \OS. J10 AND 112 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET Dear utkion -i" " -Eh nut RrKtmi, i oi In anlta with Hoard. Terms moderate. House1 just icpaiicd and renovated. Apply us above. VTEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO OKNTLE .11 men, with b;? itk.ast li dt Hired, in a i\uiet, desirabke lo. cation, only two blot ka from Broadway: h? use iias hall:. gas, Ac.; prices t?? suit tl.e t me.--. Apply fw 25'J (j rev no htrcet, between Waverley and ritntoti pl-ices. " vto. i west twenty fourth stbeet.?a suit of li looms and looms lor u ^entit man and wife, and single lion opposite Fifth Avenue I ONE OR TWO CHILDREN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Hoard lor the winter, where they wiil have tiic best of can: at a reasonable prne. Addrexh Mrs. S. It. S., box 179 Herald olllre. 1 >I'l:S0NS WIStilKO IKiAI'.l) C\N |;K I'l.EASANTt.Y 1 accommodate 1 at Kn. 107 E;??i Thirty-ninth *tre? t. Mocoiivriiirii.n, good UoiiM- newly 1 srnislied throughout. Terms reasonable. Re?eicnte< chunked. #r ?? ? * IJLEASANT I.OdMS, WITH OR WITHOt'T BOARD, J dinner at f.'^ o\ lo. in the finely Iterated bouse 111 WVn Fourteenth > t ? i, 1'or keiit.enien and wiv.-h or single j/entlimen. House l?ia every convenience. Term* moderate. UOOV.S. WITH BOARD?SEt OMD OR Till RD Fl.Oii!!:>, furnished or unfurnished, in a lannlv where then* are Ihii few boarders. Location plcaisitit. S.\ n.:fn? - i > Soiit'i ferry And fifteen t.? Fulton ferry. <'urs bull blU I'roni *' > Dime rutt t?j^. Rcleteceea i xr!i;>npad. Pi i? a I ? suit (in; times, ('all at 207 Slate street, between Court and Boerum, Brooklyn. IJOOM8 TO LET? FCRNIKIfED OR UNFCRCTSHED, It wl:li Board, for lumilicx ?r single gentlemen, at No. 2J Weht Seventeenth street, near tutu avenue. rIOOMB I< i LET?FURNISHED OR UNFI-RK18HED. t with II >ard, lor lamilieft ? r king e ; u,itlem?i., at >. . Z'. W? it Sixteenth street, ne; r Fifth avmi.c, 1JICHI.Y FCRNISHED IMOMSTO I.ET? IN THE BE*T J V iii i n: mi tn the city, tie,ii Onion square; h i:t p.*i feet order and newiv 1 tu un?hcd; any arran.? mcnt I e. liittde in regit rd to mej.fs, whh li if given w.ntl.i le i i 11. * i' ft Freie h b*. Ti.eo.oj o: TUnity isan unusually good one lor i wo or tl.r e gentlemen w ho d< *ire to ne p rmant utiy ar.d cum* lortably ioo.-u.-d. Addirr* box .'',t't)l fVst oili- . RICULY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.?A LADY Would like to let two oeu iy i' .rnb !:en Pal low Jo ; #.entlt-man and lady; board lor the lan>, imriiul forp utiemau if required. House has all Ibe modern imp: ovene-nta. Location excellent. Apply at1W Knut Twcnty-fjfth street, near Lexington avenue. ULTERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS I OR TWO OENTI.KIJ men, in t)i - elegantly fun ! lied bouse of i.n Engli !i widow lady, f'eilghtlv situated near St. Mark's church. S? eond avenne (.No. 5/East Eleventh sue :). Spacious and airy bedi?Knus, ni t breakfast. Apply iininedinteiy. rro THOSE LITIKO IS HOTEJLS AM) BOA&DiNO X H mi m-n?There iw an eMtabl.fiimetit op4-netr, bu't it is to be inauaced different from any bouse in this eountrv. the nanus lienn{ laid out in suits and IuiuIhIkhI wiili everything necessary for lions* keeping, in ordi r that a family may have a < unpiete home the iu<-m? n; that they arrive, and live a! at; inconceivably low rate. There is a restaurant, attached. This novel and splendid eslabliiihiiHnit is at 110 M.ualougai street. rilO GENTLEMEN.?TO LET, TO ONE OR TWO GENJ. tletnen, a neatly fuinihluwi, comfortable Room, with uw of imLli rii< m, adjoinng, in a .-triitly i-rivau* family. Apply at US W?*hi Houston nireet, corner of Mactloug.i!. To PRIVATE FAMILIES ?A OENTLE MAN. BACHlor. (i? k r? k B".-ir.i (a homo) In Hiinc n spec la hie, agrcea. Me, * trier! ly private family, living in good *tyle uptown; private hoarding hoiixe will not <b>; would expert to conform to eMab)i*h< d )i>?t>iih and ctn-KtoH, and give very k.ttlc ixtna trouble; hrcakfaftt and tea, or Into dinner, rcqulnnl; fruneh downtown. Addn **, with full particular*, John Halifax, ll'-rald office. lt<jl?iriicei exchanged it desired. mwo PROMT ROOMS, WITH PAMTRY?WELL PtJR. X ni?hed with gii* and bath, will be Us, K^ftiM r or wp?irately. in a plain American family, with a t -h-nUful table of good food, at 70 Lnight Him-l, near Greenwich. / TWO NEATLY PURNIPHED ROOMS ON THE HEOOKD floor to let. to one or two *ingl?* gentlemen, in a private family, where there are no other boarders; reference? ?equirrd. Inquire at Kit) Varick ftrect. mwo PROMT ROOMS PURNI8HED, TO LET TO A J. gen tier ita u and wise or one rr two gentlemen, in the houfte of a private family. For further particular* apply at 1?1 St. IV ark'it place. To l.k't- a MAR MOM ELY PI KM^ifKh PROMT Hootu, io a private- family. with or without partial Ib-nrd. wuHnlf<-r a ?mgle genii* -nan or a gentleman ami hi* wife. Apply at IK We*r fortieth street. TO LET? R(M>M8, heATLY Ft RNIHIIKP, IN A I'KIvate family for singh* gentlemen; partial Board If required. Hvum ha* ga?. Proton water, bath, &?. Apply at 'M \\?-i Houituft "in rpo LET?A WELL FINISHED FRONT PARLOR,'ON J. the second Uoor, with h.til Bedroom, and all modern improvement*, lor two tingle g nilemm or a gentleman and wife, wiih or without B??ar<T. Inquire at l?l Wavcricy place. LpKPURMlSURD ROOMS WANTED.?THREE i;ENTUv men wish to engage two unfurnished Sitting Room* ind two small Bedroom*, with Breakfast (liiv ui?d light extra), somewlu r?? Ijetv/ecn Fourth and Eighteenth An ct* and Third and Seventh avenue*. Add res*, siatlug terms, A'*., 11., box iX)l Post office. UrANTED?A NICELY Ft'RNlPHED ROOM, WITH Eighth and Tw. niy-third *tivu*.: anVi'iitli *1 i !s5o\entli iv?-, I nucit; refercnr* h i*x< Untie d. Addif** X, lmx 31$ l'o?t ilico. \Y ANTED? BY A WIDOW I.ADV, A LITTI.K OIRI, OH ?f boy to hoard; will Ik* \v? 11 taki n <;are of. lining .1 com pvirut ntirs? \v? nld :?!<< tl.. i i.iin-1 liui'iv of an infant. Oill on Wis. Manning, 170 Ei ??i%i3<! *t.? nearJJd iv?\, ttiat lloor. WAWTKn-BOAUI) FOR \ I AUV IN A PIUVATF. tt family. In which no other boardms arc tuken. Aodn hs j H. W. M , iK raKl olllce. Deal of reference given und rc- | ydnd. 1 HORROR 8TRBST, COlUfBR OF CATHARIMft J Mi n t.?Furnish* d Itixms to lot lo small quW?t fumlltoo, with r*clllLl< for economical bouw*k60j it. Croion water, Ac. Abo, lotting Rooms lor isiugle gentlemen, w ith <>r w fthout Hoard. 1Q 8T. MAKK'8 PLACR.-A LARGRAIR1 ROOM FOR JLO two gentlemen or a tfcntlciniin and l?U? w ft? ; .tl?o hull Bedrootnff tor (tingle fcentlctm'iJ, In u t nvutc Engiith luinily. K'.icrtucta exchanged. 8 BOAQDT1VG AND LODGItytt. S9 OK?CHEAPEST BOARD IN THE OfTY ?NH'E <mJf9 K<*>inn, with tfooil Hoard, for ftniilwaor niriKin H-rKoiu, from $'2 2A t<? $Sa w*"k, nywardu; nkv Parlor* kvirh pianos, at 4S LttfKouinl Min?* I, near itroartwat and ?'ainil hi Wiib'Jitiunt nil nitfhfe Hilil tutifctf cImmd nWKSTTWRNTV-SIXTll STREET.?A i llunniOFA few newly furnished koont* In ft first ??w ftrowu stone house, to U*t to geu'leiiKn or snuril feuoH**, witn or without Hoard; alao n suit <?1 imfurni*ho<l R-jonu*; tfc hnhtful l?Motion, our block wont of li.tdMvui park ami a fcw doors from BrniulWM^jMMl Huh avenue stamps. 99 UNrVEIit<ITY PLAt'EL?TO MIT. wWTbO UU>, a suit of UouinH, on moo nd floor, oouiUeUntfof Ihnfl: bathroom. Jim'., handsoruoly niruished; family *um4l. Hi fo* rciUTH eaehaimod. 90 KINTH STIIEET, BETWBBN rfrlB AM> SIXTH -J*) avenues.?Furtikdiod Hounis, lor aetiUeinnu only, without board. 9J NINTH STKEET-ROOMS TO I.F.T. \v1?il l*>AP.P, J i Parlors uiul Bedrooms on flm wh'oih! iloor; al.?*> Rooms on the fourth floor. OL* GREENE RTBEKT, IN THE NBlUHB^lllkmD Ofl ^yu the beet bun-1^ and restaurants.?Furnished Rooms to let, to gentlemen only. Rooms at $1 io $4 per woek. Ikoiwe ban a fine yar^gae, Ac., and It* wry unlet. A A WEST TWELFTH STREET.?HOAED?^WO FLEAXT aant hnJI Bedroomx to lei, with Hoard, aA 44 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; mutable for single Hentleincn. Dinner at Mix. References exchanged. ?? ? - - ?? ? * ?imjk ~ ? Ai* WEST TWENTY-FOURTH HTItEET. BETWEEN T\) Fit ill and .Sixth a von tun.?The entlrt Sa<ond Floor, furnished, wild) Hoard. Also furnished Rooms for fjmitllea or single j'sntlemeu; house first class. Terms i^sgo^ftole. rT tl KEEN Wit! II AVENllB.?DESrUAIIl-B UOO.MS. )_I wnb good ?: 11**?oatUe.hed, on tin? second and tliiru floors, to let, with Hoard, suitable lor ^eiilU niun uiwi their wives or single tfoutlemen; al*), a hnuusoiue Parlor and Ejlu nslon Room on the first floor. /T I TENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH A VP SIXTH ) 1. avenues.?Very desirable Rooms, In suits or singh*, elegantly furnished, eau ?>e obtained f'?r uentl-nv n ainllheli \. Ives, or single gentlemen, with Board, In a iifat class ){?>ui>o? Dinner at six o'eloek. r/7 i ArT TWENTY RHJHTli STREET, NEAR ?/ ( I-'.-iu 1I1 avenue.?l)e> :iiible ureominodaii<>us for fhuitl'es and h.ngle ^eutlciuen, in Mills or a* para'elv, < .ui f>e had, with It ?ni i, on reasonable terms, on application at the above nutnlier. Unlet-nces e*ehan?ed. 1 I WKSi' l''Ol'KTEENT1I STREET.?A I.JPR7TE PI!It') i ulxlied Room to let, witfl Hoard. Also a sliv^ie Koon) and largo front Hiwnient. Relereincs ex< han^?'<|. 70 TENTH STIwEET, NEAR FIFTH A VENUE?HANDI stunely furnished Apartments, en suit*: aiul with full Hoard, or private table if prut erred, to let to re sy cutable pa 11 les, # OA TENTH STREET.?TO MIT, TO (IENTLEMEN ON. K. ' \ f iy, t'ariorH on mo ursi nonr, nammouieiy iuiucm!* oil. lloiiho inrenirully lo' utr l, m ar Fifth avonu*'. Break* rant Nerved in tho apartment* if denlred. Keienrnoc* ex* changed. OA FAST TWENTY-WItST STREET, ORAMKRCY CM F I'ark.?T??1* t. a Ktilt of fiaivlH-iiiioly furnUibiMiuiMHiut suitable l'or a family, with private table if r??l. Honrl llr*t i'Iiihh, and beautifully lo auM, between Lexington anP Fourth uvoniK H. i'ark tirlvilege. OA NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACl) Ol" ami l-'iftli avenue.?Oeiitlemoii and th?-ir wlv? s amf >*i(ifflo gentlemen ran obtain Board in a liret el** a boun\ wit!* choice oi room* in suits or singlr. Dinner aiGo'rtm k. Rc? ferenm given and required. (VI CLINTON I'LATK. NIIAR FIFTH AVENI'IV-AN t/1 entire second Floor ran now t#' obtained cfthrr en suite or ninety, with or without Ornt elu*s Board. Afco, one or two R'him*s oil third and fourth (loot s. Rofereitf** given and lefjuired. QQ OBEBNE STREET, ABOVE SPBINCHAL8TOM JO House.?Elegantly furnished suits of IU"n^, with gun, Croton wateraml every convenienee for housekeeping eeonomleally ; particularly Hiiitod for small, respectable families. Bent low. (\(J SPRING STREET, ADJOINING THE PBES0OTT */?/ House and oppotute the St. Nkrh ?la? Hotel.?I Lit n?lxoinely furnished Room* t > let. House has nil the umhtern Improvements. Terms und-ratr to auit tike times, l/iOl'RINCK STREET, TWELVE POOB8 WEgfP OP I' ' J Broadway.?(JeiifJemrn, or geatl *m<*n and their wives will find pleasant Rooms. and good Board, in a ?| iW't English family, Oas and both. Dinner .a ti. U? ft -imch exchanged. "lAff WEST l'"i RTEENTH STRt Oft J wt J three sulIs of liooiiiH and a sluuie Room, w I Millard. The. house ik Hr*t etas* in every ivspve.Vand the N^itUnii un i pu m lu i o| et tl t ii hi n .0. 1 /\7 WAVKkLEY i?I?AC;>. WASU(N(STOK S'Jd'ARE.? I'l j Fa'111 I' S OI' : i.'l ?|e wllil 'lin'H a o uumou .{rd W tU lirst elnss 11 >ard ami pk\?*a:it ltuumi Dinner at nix. Kcfereuees exchan.f l. Mr wiiKT poitTV-siXTii sTiirF.T, u::t\\T kn sixth J a.n?l Seventh avi'iiiie ? Fro.ij Mown and ffedinom, i.t < oml floor, lo.lei, onti.rnndietl; phmtv of el *? ! room. Also, frohI Room, tlifr<1 t'oor. furnished. Prtvnfce family. The house ron; iiik t!ie modern Improvement*. 1 Q/' THOMPSON STREET.? A C iMFORTAHLE 1K)MK I )l ) lor the winter t"i a lew i tal 1 ; ouug rueti, with full or naitlal 1* ?nid, :it i o? u"!?le |> i -en. ]1Au?' had modern lm|irovcini n k and wniiiMfd throtighouL Mr EIGHTH STIiEET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE *) pi.u4*.?I'urniHhed I'.'rloi and Itadrooms, nn-i mi Horv, front. ' i:eutlcin' u only, x\ : >!? or \n! liout Botrd. Reference recpiirrd. ~a j si * vni o c> t l-ip e. I'UTt.TvTil CTIirV'P ikiPVI'1? Ill) of ^ (">11 1 it V I'll 111*, to AO Hi I I iV It fill?'Avn fl.'jrunt Sultf of Itootu* fci Wl. 11 ) h ! : <> nt:il m < . n ! hturU'*, lo fit?nili -H and nlrif!l<' i * ? tl?*r.u u. '!' r.. * irt% or*'& h?r tin a"* mrjuci'laiUuiK; iiuu?t M'?n t<? ? ? .. j j? ?1 ^ ?l 1 r,(* )'RiNrK sTkHr:r--; r. n.uit iiors#^-i;i.r:! )') ^uriilv Tm ;i:* l?f.i If K'fflH, Wi !i K ,it*i> !n?<|, * with :?ll ihc ?* nvfi:M-in%*h 1 .r Iiou.m koe)>iu^ tk-*i?i?W-l?\ including yiiK iiinl t'rofcui \vul**v, lu V t to tvsiiiufciJ'te If*i:xi.I.? ?? or hin^lt- s^uiuuikmi. kl?? wkst kofurr.kmii ktkfkt tkki.-iii'n ' " J Koon.s U :. ui' i Umir-I; .il*?, aii o?t*rv bi'cnr.d lUxir, uiifitrvti-I?? ?l. IteIV??'!?< * * < >* ,lmiu;?'il. 41/W' WKST TWIiN I'V Til I %: i) KTiUW: f ?A S TP OF 'D ?l Ko??til? !< i' l, U'Mli jli*i*i, !* * 1$ n't* I;iaII in<l l imily. ft'nm'v ?t 0 ??'<; -KohT* ii ?* I ooo WF.hT Foriliiil v'i ll STilK! t -to I KV JL ? ') !i.i:i .>?/;i,r!v i nr.! '..<! f: . , xr,'M .?*.? I; f ;t: 1111.4 s or if,- i n ' m V nr.* fill* fccrMte. JlilUl.'l'Ml x o'l ?.? . l'?< ! J ly^ * U? lit. OfO Fo! KTII AVKM'ii.-T > IJi'.. (\?M. *^')J I .rt.iuij, ui;?! i; i. fi.i iii.-Ihm', i-i til n??it . to liih.r.'* Willi \>: v. l;i'?l.\ o.- ,<? 5 ^viiilvtuirU \v*tii ; rtin 1 li' iiril. T lioit I..!* ?h<* in < * . it..; ? >< ? (' . . IVri'.'ifi's I'xrltji'i^i?!. '>7U KOCKTI! : li.KHi Fl' i.N TSII r.l> IlOOiJS Til0 I O out |.m?r.!. A |.i ivati- > ?ill 1. ' i.1 i> *r t \ llu ii Ihov i'mpi )? \ il ] f a i. i!- in ill j i'." -. u mi;l thu J in- s. [it frwfi.M s h: i. :t !. JO I KOI KTII r'TKICS'T. v.:: \It !. ' KaYi~r: i :,? GO r T?\ o ?il I !?? * I: t?? T - - ! ? I mii > 4 k'-M rn. W illl A i?r( akl.isf. ai.'l 'iitiM r ?it ,?. !<. i:?-.iio>' ? 'h .UK . ooi * ; H'? no A n o. porNTKY BOAit: ? : *>u IAI.L AM> vj l'..:? town*, >?t i'll- l.iw p: I ii si|t.-vv.^'li 1 it 11-vkiiil lociitfoi:, in ?,:11 o! t .? uin -' ? \c. : hit* of , in i .???<i u -s ir > on mil Ii it \f. > 1-i th 'is ii' .. 1*- !?? . !' : I u; l?i r JiirticiiIhiu ( Jill ut k'?rs - n y' i"i l, ?; >. h I'l o iU'_ u. |>OAKl> IN r<>N>;jrOTH:UT FOK TIIK Wli-VKit.?A 1 I f.iinUy <i. u.i ?iji to/hvv < 1h ? ; .i.wi * mi?|.*'\.t i- o<n .;? :??i pi?.?l ii.vii.l uii(' |?i< ?jit Ho* n?- < ii . t rm, n* -4i t*!? . i.l ,i&>. Dim liv,- < on:u crLi-1:U. For aj-pi\ fco Mr. CIIB* VALIEit; V Hi u:iilw;a;. *11112 ARTS. rPIIE KINK ARTS. X .lit*! rnibUittMMl, TUB DKKKSIH-.KS or THE UNION." a beautiful picture, couiprls.i.jL: tv.rlvr p ?nr?? tt?o- f.j" leading ivunmsini'.fiK in our army i utlimvy. Slitgl* ??pfo* t i. rollers, price $1. Liberal cMscwuti.'. to iWalrrs a:?d Ai OOUl'lL'tf, 772 Kroad way* cXoTiniroi A RAKE rilANC'H.?I.APIHS .'.MP rj-:?!EN?I A w.ait a lit iw Jot i?f cm si <?Jl Cl"Thinj( for tli* VVi M.rrti ii. irkct; r:,rjH nnr. I P?irnitui? . I i?r??nil^ ? pay ?h'? highest I rlci fur il?'i'i J?v?S'!llne ? or u?I'(m ?itm M. Kl!>, K? . 03 Seventh avi'iMif. 'Vi\.?? nth :!ev? i*? <'i:ifi sticcUi. Ixulicn aUcmicd by Ah . KIHh. Attention, values and oKNTjjKtfKX.?ir voir wish li/u?*t iho fn'.l vuliic of t '?r taunt i??f riothinff, ('ArpclM, *'urnF'u?f ui??l Jewell y, tl?u l***;. you mi do is Lo M'fifl m note to F. Ilarrif, lf?fl H-;v*i?ih mvwiim. fberc yoti may Iwwonvin vo you ivnl be ileal: with u> your mitisiiu;lion. Lu'II-h ullctoietl to by Mr?. Harris. Iftti KPvt-mh avei..w-, nearTw< pli*flid nwoi. Attention, i.adies aki> ^snt^em!???wanted, ai ot of ir.isL nil CJunlitnt', FumJmwj, Cur#* tit, &c. I guaranlec to pay th? hltfhext prW l>y e lUiug <41 or aiMresgh>K M. Abraham-, W> Moventh av?tiue, between Twenty-lil ill ami Twmty.sixth streets. Ladle* a4 tended Uy Mil*. A. Abetter chance for i.adikk andHhkti.emen to<|i*|?*? ni then rant off t'hrthhuc, Kiu uUui?. Carpem mid Jewelry. I K'.oiunU'r to p*y 00 per omit more (ban any other (I'ali'r. Call on or lulitiV- J., tft! Set-ruin avenue, U-tucyii Tv.enllult) utxl Tvvent)-tit^l siMMI-. LimIiCH attentat! by Mr*. A tikult. A OREAT DEMAND FOB < I/)THINfl.-INDIES A."?D Jjl urutlenieii lnivliH.' itny Caul llIT Ckithfuf. Furniture, r?r|M'!K find Jewelry, will rimelvr the blubeM |mw by ealling on oriuUiret sInt: A.'UAKKIS, 180 Third .-amnne. fcuitfc ? uttvmleil by Mm. li nns. A GREAT PRICE FOR CAST OFF CI^TIITNO AND . Carpel*.?For akin drfttH*?f, $7 4o $113; omtts. $7 to H20: pallia, $1 7ft to 95. ( all on or add ww J. LEVENfijYK No. 203 Soventh avenue, between Twenty-third and Twentyloiirth *tre??ta. Ladies a tienifted to by Mrs. L. i t EIBKIBL* (11.1) n^n^usai j$Tn oBNia il 1'iin obtsIn the foliowingprief** for Un?tr <**t-i?fr Wear-% ln? Apparel. From to $2.? for silk dromon; ffirn $;i l?? $la for eont*, and from $1 lo $5 lor pant*; also <suix?to, jj wHrf? Ac. A note Ijy p.m! punctually ntfrndml to by KZEKIEL,* 1.14 Seventh avenue. bctn-ivM Nirifui?uth ah<l Tweutieta streets. Ludios attended to by Mm. E. AO RKAT QUANTITY OF CAST Q4-T CLOTHING! wanted.?1- multure, Carpels and Jewelry \vuni< d, to. supply the Western market. I pov as followat?For silk* dresses from $10 to $30; coats from $0 to $18; pants from $1 M to $f>. Call ongomririresft A. Dueas, 218v<?nth avenue, between Twenty-iourth and Tweniy-iitfh irtreets. Ladies attested by Mm. i) A POSITIVE PLACE FOR LADIES AND UENTS TO secure the full value of their cast <4T Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Ac., by milium on or add rearing H. HARKIS: .158 opptwllu Great Jones struct. Ladles attended by Mm. liarrin. AN ORDER RECEIVED.?$8,000 WORTH OF CAST off Clothing to purchase I???* California and Western markets; Furniture, ( arpets, Jewelry, &c. I do not pretend to offer nominal prWs, but I guarantee to pay the utmoaC value for eaeh art iile, by calling on or atkhvpaiug E. H., 79 Sixth avenue, aeeond door above Wuvsrley p4a<*?. Ladies attended by Mrs. E. II. \ T THE NEW STAND, Vi7 SIXTH AVENUE. INDIES J\ and sent* rtui aoeure the full value f?* their cast <?ff C'lwthimr. ru? niture and Carpets, by calling on or addressing B. MINT/, l.?7 Sixth uvi nue, between Tenth and Eleventh street", ladlesattended to by Mrs. Mint/. 4 CARD.?GENTLEMEN S NEW AND I.EFT OFF J\ ci.'tliitu purchased tor the Western market. In large or hiit,ill lots, tor wbl< h the full value will be paid, without haggling or seeking to impose. Please call at the store, or adtiiw.* I.***. 2. ~.u. ; , 44 CcuiK itigei

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