Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1861 Page 2
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2 ARRIVAL OF THE PERSIA AND SAXONIA. Interesting Details of the News from Europe. The IlritLsli Cabinet ami Aristocracy oil the Aiiirrjrnii Purport System. The Coalition Against Mexico. and Why it Was Organized. GARIBALDI'S COMMISSION 1,1 MCOTIATUW. out runs a\i> vi:ki.ik vouitiSPONCKXct:, Ac., &?M &( Tin- Cuiiurd mail Kti*:im*bl|< 1'i-rsin, Captain .linlWin.<> *ii '-li It'll i/verpool .it thrio .!; nil tlm aft ! mum of th1* 14tli, .ui(t yiitfiwtm\ ti ob tin' lfitii lint.,arrive ! hero imi'iv it.'.i-rduv ni'truiii'.'. ' ?m ?? |Ki-.-ii'iig:'rn, ?10,0(U> ia ?(i'. .? , an J Knru|*'iai li!< > <'* 'In' 14tli iui-l. i'iir I II viiiif in tbr MH elr si ul'the IVrSiu:? K. is J. Sl ikin. CI OOO ?: < . Slyjibi iibOli \.C? 1.0.12 A M. Selxos I,0s5 IV Ulllilli \ (Ui 1 l;(m Julin M fnjlli A -wm ] ,(MXt tlco. b>ril (liwum) 1.500 Stml. ' 11*"*' i .'c i o 1 .OCKJ Ttio.?. Imnham <>'<lor 1 ,'oo Tula! ?10,'ay FROM 11AV111-* IMrrior A; Cr> $40,000 Tlio tluiubur,: sli'aia>!il|? ?iix "iii'i, ICli!??i-y, I'rmii mi tbo Jltli of .sp/ifi>iiibrr. rt>ai:h*il Dm (mrl | ?lw? yo-liTduy lui l'liHv. bj infill,; lliail.J, iw.-ruyr;.mil npoclv. Of tin* xpt-<-ie sli.' Iiuj from Hamburg $I7.h5i>. ami from Knijhiml 122.200. TU?* toiSowlng in the list of llie sti'Miishij) S/i.vo- j ria rviiamn, .Mirniiii v nunm' IMi Murc i ? i. r?ilt7or IJ.700 Total ....:?7,8C8 \ llMIVnin ?'J,(X.<I w itaicuit i: 14 S'livietuinlt & (letihurd li.uto Tolal J.22 i<W 'Iho li tal ppprU) liy both vi+^i'ly annum!." t?$-23,181. A dc!?|Mti'h oi" Scnli'mlMT tin Ulli ray*:?'>'li>- ('iiiiatln rrivod nt QMoongiown ?t qiwrwr.f'Ufit scvu A. M.; .ill well. W 111 uirive m I.lvi r|> >"l at much A. M. Soplt-mlitr ir>. Tlir now* by hotli vi'jueln ha? lwon nntiripnt'>1 1 rlhi'ir tiwti r<???>rt* <>n <in !!n' .wlili'h wore I'liv?vaplu'<l from St. .Mills. NewiVmndlamt, rikI |>tli||i<h<'<l iu tin- IIkhami mi Mowlay unit Tvf'lay . tin- 2:1(1 ami 2ltb irst. Our lli->oi' Kuii'>'iiii journals ami 1< Iters from our rurrusp?>ii<l(*mn 0'inliiiii tin* <I? t?i:-. ivlii. li arc iiupiiriaut. Wui* Paris tiiri'isiaimii it'r. I'lKlP, Pcpl. 13. l&fll Th* Fi'mih Syw'ilfiH in // < Anerimti ?O r \ . <i lialimu trith (iiU'IboliH. mi'l Trip "f Ory Mini Omti Hriutfh lo Co/ irrii?lli'l Jry (i< u /if W? I'rugrr of th Krlffi'l /.< ? iIr The report < ijr*>'jit tlmt it' I'n'iirh ." |n;ulri>ti rrn tinftauthwr i 1T..,: I ,.r Aun'riia wa< tn he ri.i.?ii!t'i'.il>iucroMMMl lius mi fouBihuiMi, - ri-pl llic f.n.t lhut throe *mull vi s-' Is I ruin i In* \i"vh.iiii.;I.lihI t-;.iliori <1 ill. miiiii' t lino ago, Join t lie squadron; Inn ;iii fulfill Ion ol III.iking a further increas.i is entirely repudiated. Tlie Haiti ? f tiio lJtU m (. :?\i the mom nl f going to | ri-m wo received tlie following l'r?-tri ? Tho Am : i'-un >Iini-wr at Itrin.-oU started fr?m jilaen for' sprora tbe ilay before j ^lerday. nud tan not v?l returned. The PiU?te fUeauier wvh efigngnd tor the voyage ?i the price of "1 .fit mi. Menoili ami hi* brother 1 art no*. here, mul leave lo-uioriovr lor inproia. The health 1.1' tl<? (.iiithI is geo.l Mo one knows whnt his tnipiilli i s ,iv<> reaper! io the application eairt i? lie mad'* lo Inm m aid the federal goveruiuem in Aio rir 1. Kor nt> mvn part I am iuol in ol 10 totully ili??l?olip\c the probahiliiy of (iaribaldi's acceptance of any invite;. n 1 if any such !? ma '") lo give hi- servic* in a contest \vlii li. to biin. innst dniply a donn-llo (juarrcl .1-1 1 tiuot a- ?. !u from darkness from any of tin- g eat tuub-rtakitifcs v. nb which the event ol hi advei.iiirou- life li no In a mi.\e1 up. If I lie on- i' was the other way; if 11 fraction ol lb" I n.tod Sl*?t?t wiT" in iinns again.-! the m.1101 pa 1 for ibo euiavn ip:.lion of .-I.ivory. in the vindication ui miuo opprc.-aion ni mi:nl ii|uhi i: by the simple right 01' the si rong.-1. tin'li MM' might nn<l<-r^i mil In vr (iiirihaldi having no inH'il ol vigilance at home, might th^nv ii: th? ai l of his avctigiu- arm l<? aid ; feeble but homf 1 o.n -0. lUit that,at a mouiont when 1.0 man knows what a day or an hour may bring f" Hi in ih" ronntry bis r!?ht bind hits Hoaignalli ilelhored.le should Iimvo 11> I"!!'- -! 10 .1 - ist a grow ami powerful oornlry. which .* 1* .tpi : .irilv an tioyed by-too-- rebel ci,, em . wliMtn a hint o.cir of triw'hrr ha i ii it.l d lo htnfn .1 initlientn > -11 1" s, (Wins so 111. to ;ibio thai.) shall never Ixltevo tin- I'tu l t.ll 1 tee il. lml"od. from an intimate i'rionl 01' hS ol ibis inftiiient 111 Paris, wba wv witli the (;< tu al : o Into as the ml ol .liiiy last. I l.t.o heard thai Harib i ii >10w on:c: tallied snob i.|i 1 lea lor au 111.-1 in . Kvery one is ?liiii mod Ii to \v ill tin 1 jmi'mii il' . ipliua of Cenvral M C'lelten. ail ! I mule*- lnys -lf thai ! *.f u<>wliei o, u-iiir , niiv iii' nioiiihoif of fho irorernnu nt uor the people. Ibo Mligitte.'l dosbu 10 loan Icwvarrti' Iboroiilb. li ia very natural ibai p..oplo should bo loi.ktng oni for lliemsclvo: . and bo unii"iis nljoul ilml u aletiiil supply oa whioh so vifv mm Ji of the IndiMtry ef the iMuutry dopond- bin bi.hoTi n'l -iicti pors anl niotivo do I perceive provaillin an lion-*1 >ym|wlhy wuh j great and pnla- ml 1 uifini, mibjecieil toiliilini.'tit -, w huh aro c?nini"ii m all groat Stati". I road lotions in your journal taking a viow totaJlv differont to this, but I must speak .v- I lunl. ,\i 'onio proof of wlui I any, I ean stal 1 as a faot that the loading American hanker? in Paris a e being nan.-tantly applied to for bliaros in the ? ? loan: tuidus *i nil lunt Kretichiuni am p 'oulnuly temo a ils of t-H>b.irWiu>; ib''ii' apual iu loroivn invosiineniF, I think this 11 a striking avridenee of th'-ir ftiitli in ill" power of tbe North l? friumpli ovor every eb^ Tho triilh is > ? ?nnl bnt <nie victory. ami it is impossible to doubt, thai yoit win have il it ill.' American mind will but. -'dtuopt-Mconquer." lo nail ovory wiivori" to your staunard but laon and ange'a forbid an?fkei Hull ri 11. Panic, Sept. 13, 1MX. IU..,,.r It., j ....... j..... .i- IL. . .?w .... ..rr. I, ..-^.y... ' HebrU?l'i"Uct ?f M' Semi-Official Pi tt* '/? , Union?Heporlrd Krinfvrcmu-nt ?f tUf Frmn**-X*rth AtHTumt h'lfi?thingfr >( Of I'nivn ?Ihr Jihij m*nl of Mnh*h Tfo*}X for C<tnse*?Kx*iu^rtt:-ld Rrpvrlinf Garibaldi's ('trM>iiiMi*n. 4.r. As yi-i 110 ill-rick*! <-( }>)i:is born taken by (k<in *?v?r? iiient> affairs, buta general " KM' thai the Soutliorn confederacy will 1>? ? turn lerijfeit verv wwei a evidcut. rbe/'a/riepuldishel ?e.->lc tin* ?a artwhich attempted U)dwaaastrnte that either anoc#*?ft:l *r defeat d the North cauM aever recover ant authority aver th" South. '-That every a?an. woman and chiM ia thaalure States would rivt ta case of N^rthera la r?ptl the Yankees, and that bo ?nd t? ih* deadty oMlict ceuld be expected uatil Wnropenn Power* interfere ' The?uc OMMKm of the $auther?ers are modified iata brllli?at vi<U>ri"B, those of th* tefrniu' nt force* are al way* doubted or denied, while ea> k erasing *? have laudatory aottc'ti of Beatregard ami PaviK in th" sea.i ilna! rga'K. Alter lotes and descriptions of lh? maaaer* aid i oatoins ?>f th<?c persons ateonad while on the ether kaae tkere in not larking th rogatnrv ?"lire of tienerBl Scott, aliwo aye is much dwelt upen whit* "Xfravagmt ulinw of tkinsub irdinal 'n el the Tailed State* a'e&ia.iied aboi.t iu thi' column* al iill the Roveranieata! pf-sf Tli? I'atrir ii i. k?i-u disowned a ?hei I time since hv the government a- either :a! or s -tai off.- ml. is chiefly unidc us" of in the^e nuonillii at in- us aynMst 'he State." government nan jeopl.:. It m so imtaly and wife to bave thuti an orn ia whii'h < .hi We i i>i al at pleasure, but which. ijeveribele-s i? male to <Ja regular s?Tviee. The Cimstitu'iounel, than which u atare contemptible iourual never oxtetod, fli es uwiiy at th' Vf . iU et?ry da> under the hearting Ameriqur tin ,\?rd. Kvery cxaggera tion, every lie, every riUoinnv. howevnr grow. however itiaulluig it may be, that can be out el thv coIiiiiiub ?l the ;o'ti t:als or th"-nay Smthe i fiape that find their way here owi-Mnally. cir still wnr-? frim the Kuropean eotti in of Is I'nvriirr JJa Mult I't.>r, are crowded into the column-' "1 the I'oiuiilutiium'l k*\et??l to abutting the No'lh ?n1 it - ^ vcitinu'ni. AdiJi il to ibis nhii"-:ir<* letter* ffclincate1' e.n h arrival of the mall. i-oiilaliiuiK ilie most dolrtul neiva from New York. Kvery now anil th-n the writer mistakes as regards date-, an t tiublm-h irvly till lettera dated New York, /i. c-orrtiiif; t> th" der^rati li j;i*.t "cehed here, the mails being yet on bo.ird tiie uner- I elw.-eu tvneetu-tawii and Liverpool, the tol"a-ajb having bcon *ent from the formei placi wla're tin si aau r tnuotius in routs lor Liverpool. The I'abrit and Poji give also duly, each nm .New Yorkaud Wa."litngt<m letters made up in tia "it . s of Hie journals, and ail invariably inimical and most ituair towards the North All thin but proves the govern nient here is against the I.mcoln adraiiustritlioii lor these journals would otherwiw- bi- all for the North. The Krench (li-et on your ruaet is to lie r ttilori-i <1 two ni"U of war that wcr" slatmueil at Newfoundland have joined the French Hurt in the dull of Mexico, while I am ii Iknred that four more heavily armed st< ann-i - are to h iii. in fuel have already dotii o. for the Atnet iran coast This t/odes no good to the blockade of Southern ports UbieM the United States guvot'Diueut *,>?ctiily tquiji a J > NE large numbor of hofkvily nrmod vontM'lx, thin govoriimeut will iat?l lilcoly break tile blockade. II i? d?cmo<l hno ? sign of i tUir wdukliewi that tho North eiu?nol Kup|>ruiiM Milt ('/Ml I ia< . ti.ialLAtilnif ?ml ulilui ro lllwillt (kit threat* und our inability to perform thorn are plontlful.r Tho Hoixuro of Journal! that won- inimical u< the North is comiuontod iijmiii l>y tho I'arin preen, a? though they wero uol tho most inxlgmilcant, b'oodlewi, bodiloBH Mieoi* in tho world. I muni acknowledge that whcu they unoer at iih for oxactmg paatiports from foreigners thoy do .so justly. Thu measure Kccm* a u. eleHX one, a harsh, unnecessary ono, utid must uud will glvo ollenco and prejudlco people against the North, thai up to the printout timeluit o been our frii'nd*. Tito tone of tlio I,imdon Journals, with the exception of the AVuv, is Inimical to tho North. More troops aro tol>o Hunt to Oaiuwla, at least hi ch wan the design of th> Hritish government a low dayi hack. I am told that thoy now hesitate about koik!iiiK away trooiie.ais it bag been forced upon (heir notice that iuc.h a conrho would leave thctu unAhlii to co|k' with circumstance* that tnny arise nearer home. Tho French guvcrumcnt has ordered tho tmmodlate completion ol the .-i\ additional Iron plated steamers, uud I although tho I'ahif and 1'agt dony the fact of any such order having b en given, tlioy are not considered astriwt, worthy authorities In Um matter; and Kngland, winch ho canity taken alarm where France I* concerne l,looksa-kauoo at these enormous warlike piepaial l >ns, and mcliocs to keeping her troops at home, leaving the Canadians to tike cafe of IhomfO'ves. A r>i|iort is now going the round* of tho Vrcuuh i-rens that General liar I bald i had been solicited to laVc the supremo command of tlio United States government fore*, and that he had accepted. I remember so'dug sometime sini'H hi Uim-Hku.m.uuii announcement to the Hlect that (iaribalill bad been eflcrcil a general's commission by tlio Wnitml States government. I think it likely that the pre iM'tit minor is a revival of that statement, Of course, no one having any knowledge of Aiii tIciiu affairs would for one moment belicvo th it tiiviorul Garibaldi, or any other foreign otllcer, wonltl be a^miUmflu theeupreme com maud of the I'nlted ft itca forces. It. is not When we have a Scott, a McCloilau and many others ol efllcieucy un<l i'K|KTieuee tit it ?e would place foreigners to conimttiid lliT'i. Tlouil. Heaven, we have in o n s' lvos all the ele UM'nts we need fr.i stat . Kiel) and soMierfi. and the world may yet learn that lesson effectually. Our Rerliu CiimniiondcNrr. Uisit!.i.\, Sept. 11.1861 IV /'rwnidii Oaztiit im the 't tHlsvf Hk'l /Cuts?Drill ? shm pn'hiiri'i i i?l/rr.iu Vulr.r A'hitroUnii by W\ui' of , Di-'siplin*?NfW J 'art (!?rrts..piiniUlirr nf In I" itvirh' Z ''utit;?Mi . Wm. an<l lli.\ lu-jM!I?IjmU at lin lin, A\ Tho qu.i.-i-oll'cial Prussian flmtUt contain* un editorial mi llio proKrctisof til# Ani 'ricmi war In general. nnt on tho buttle itl Hull run in part. -nlar, which in h'tcrc.-.tinx as shiwint; tlio opinions oiilorluitieU 011 the -'.ubjeit n the and military circle:* of thtot country,and,us I am informed, by tli? Klin; htin-el! . It will bo recnlleoloti that lie mortal iiza Hon of the I'ruiy-an urmy, wblcli him ; excitedsuchtiercedebates in tli?* iitcwh u:ul theI." Mature, hlngod on tli" ipiiwtlou whether tlio tlirea yours' toini <>f t'lTvico prcscr-li il hitherto was snlllcicnt to form u completo soldier, or wliolbrr il would ho necessary t? j extend il for ill leost a year loader. Tlio <>;i|?wil:< a nitt'u; Umod iwo yi'iir.-, or even one. would lie niup'y ufll eiont?thai pdantic i(Uenti"ii to tile niinnllai w drilling I and cxcruianiK wux no guarantee of mii-c.<;.- In-the tieid, 1 and thul in u popular wur (lit1 tiallonal otithwfnsm wnuld I ln.iko tip for any o?tii nf practice oc discipline. The Mini* and bis Miulsti'i were of the contrary opinion. and they tbink their vit<w of the case iabirnootH to a con| siderable extent l>y the course of events in America. | 'l'lic article referred to contincncco by alludlm; to Ijird 1'alin. ini'in'K spe rb a! flnvar, Itr which he dcsei ib'Hl it as a br.lliiu l rcyiH of the volunteer move. ni'.'Utiii I nn! nil. iluil. out o 170,000 volunteer., areordint; I to the Judgment of competent authorities, jirob.ibly ill .(.?><? would Ih' able 10 net in eonjuiirlkm with regular u-nops. 'fh I'mi^ian (7fl:cfSe roniurks tbnt, in |x>int of fail, tbiM is mi c>ij>!ioui!*in, for saving tbat more tlian t'ire" fain t lis oi tlmi yreut army of vi' !inti>?|> would lie i . i"iIv us i:i wt'jnl military opor.-iMons. Tii:y inaj bo ill' lie <t workmen in th" wor'd, tint! as brave a lion. , bill if they cnmn'l not conjointIV with rugnlur truopa they would rather be an clement of confusion than of ntretij;tti in tbo llelj o!' battle. ' What in lli -eli-rief sccli fttnaleur Kilmeri:W," continues the l.itiilsioriai Jo- rnal, "is p.aluly deaioU-! rated I by lb<-battle of Hull I nil. Here wo *eo a i im?'.0lne|-ale oi troopc. without tlie cli:irm-,t"i of a real army, com 1 i?'?eii of lb. most U?tero;;onc<iun mat riu.s?of a lew iloi;i line-lit.- > regular*, u number of voluutcers e.illiKi to amis by |?n! i >tic wthcglu in, ami an imperfectly trained tnilitl i. l" wi'l.-i.v dilfercnt Mat ?a slinj* !r>.- ma do ! till te (i, every principle of union and cohesion. Under such ctii tinist.nn i \ or wbat use would be the mast Jniikior." p!. n i I opei atii'iis!' We are informed b> tlio oilii ial report--' tluti, in eoiis?,|uetac* of the defcetlw icTaniwitiou or the f'tafl, the march of ilia army mis dei.u -il l"r n we'k alter tli" time apiaciit...I 1.1 ll.i. >.|1>1<.I'. II . III.. I r. ';im -nts always arrived too late et tlic phenol rt'iulivmiiih; that two 'lav'were ?*s K-t by the t nit))* not , li-intf ill en-lomed III r?- 'I lie dinjriiii ni. nl (.in c f ill" nrm.x i liere.'ore, ne.tleT , o-'iporaled with imrli other. iini u ri' iiiirty q'Mil to the task tluit devolved upon i neh hi i! cm. M'e see these troopu marching I'm n.i .1, eager f ir lie I'my, mid, with the most brlliinnt p* i -- imi! \ .dor. ill iv ii'1' the enenvfrom one tioaltiori to the other, when. in tIi" fe!l I i to i,;" sni.t e i aiMiirfiir . ivii l ucci lent ^milieu!;. ilin ivr .ipic of the di\ isi mx I ito a I ili ... dor w li li. i p airiofl.v.instasi'ly i.urmmtiiicuteN itself In the who,. hi:.- de *e!\ es all flic I owls ?.f s ib; onlliiiiInn, iiml flvii- the i-i; nil for u prccipltitlo retreat. An < ulin- nriuy. already tli.licd with vi. turv, i- suddenly Pro!,. m irj> elm li Or?]? ' ? 11 each oiiiv ! if cut'i.Ml w Hli itsi-li'. ami eur-l-.-s of the (ic.ioral d'ety. .IinI i41 i I -' jill--ii'n Mm- -mi" "( tilings Is lint i \\ hit ' nmro: tV'1' till.- th" vletorfrai- otmrny mi little ia nil ' deitec in it-fit thnt lie is very in ur ronsi'l'vin.'/ Iiiin -h : lii-l.-aii'il. and oii'j urndunllv awaWn:s lo the |?li a-intr eon I vii lion Iiml he i 'iiiiv'trrof the Held,' ami even then ho i Ii?h not eii'tjry eli(w;.'li iii |>un*iic hin Hying inliw-niicn i and reap 111 llml;' of Ins unhoped fin- vl'tory. nlthoe. ii I lie Im --.over r i\ limn .- Jitnl fresh troops to disp." t-ol, who ; arrived alter the "ii' lnsii n of Hit* flilit." ! "Mi persMiaJ eoiiii.L'e?this i- a.liiiille l on ill li iiidi-? mil her |.,r l\ hu shown itself t!elh:iont, nor are nn> moral imptils.-s wtuiMiii' tlvii animate an army to tV.rt.lnn-i- ami i \>> i ne will ili-ny Hint genuine eittliusiatuu I ii'iil patriotic 7 il prevail in lh'' North, uml Dm South > neumtcil by still more powerl'nl m Hives?political pas. j sions anil private inte-e-1. To wluit is to bo i:i"-|lniteil, | then, this disgraceful pane m the i-nj ilile, anil I th" fdiiRjrishtiesH, if possible ?ii,i more Hisjjrai-eful, ' on the other" The fai t? above st:i;od are a i -.i ITieient answer to ijiis question: tie. want oi llrm oif;aiiii:.!'i('ii an ! discipline t- the rea.-oa why so iii i h hi' od h is been she:I in v." n. I'mised to net in one solid body. an army of volnntiors is too apt lo 1 dissolve into its original elements: in thef.iei.of danger ) the instinets of iho Individual predomitial.' mil a sa?is >/ui pent i* the inevi'iaMtM-onsrijiieiice.'' ; A* this nrtlelo In portly n? om io jnortrmi-?u defence or flic Ry lem oi M-'ituilntr irmlcB atmnst thi:l of p.i|n.'lar levies?,l must of co'ir-o b? taken for wuat il e: tiorth: bill, as | have Just said, it exprewe* pretty i-ori reetly tlie views of l"riifs;nn military men on a stil?tect which has unlsqrr'lfy Ihi'i.uio of s? mnoh mijior tuiiec to iKitb liemispheri . After<|t:<Hh:g ihv /'nwum <inu>lr, wb'.eb derlvi s i's of Amerl- an afliti'seliietly I from the rejKirts in the I pinion Tinirr, it mat aut beatniks to inontlon what miofle* l!*r)in sinrs ahom these 1 s;ime reports la \ esti'nlay ' I'iwuV/i Xietioip?tht kc^uii | of the boiir::eois. nn.l n >)nr*al more widely cireuhuisl titan even the demicratiu .Yolicntrt?then1 is a letter ! from Sow York in ivWeh w/* mid the f?lli)>vlu<r;? The neei iint Mr lTn. *11 Imh given the hati'e of DnllniJl. and which at amy rate wUI pass fur tuttheiitic in 1'jirnpc., is nntr? mjiy n t'pcciii, and tlw wurst of ii is that llti ureal i urie-pearlem |ms ?ny ptr *f th' fcrittfr v-i'h Mtttii"!/ *. When the h^lil w.i- racing >uen I iriooslj . /,? nr.-, fittr miffvejl'. fUtfiuyxI IVtriad kf> t iniy nn<< ' tntJorWJii tihaunhii h> itiitiwr H th roik1 Home ilisla'K'e t?riv,'M nat!l In Hwiml ?nt tfcnt (lie fi'diral army was ref:>atinu. \?lip|o?po?>b< pit ..|im> i? fcis eliarger and wa imt' ni tin- llrst lbut ior.i''b"?| t?' . he'.ti-rlUJT lx.lik's of tile Aid tbci! lilt" ihm^l ty cor re?i undent i-it- u?\vn ami w* Ut lT?m tfiue ) ami ucivs pupe rnmns an :mowim ot tie battlewhi. h tnU'sitp ionr or til e columns HTI lie Ttmat.' Iji-I week l*rd l.'h k? arrireW Is re fiaat Rn^Uml la a-sist at swi.i: agilita y i vulnitin- wfctcfc eame i'f near Hitt?'nwal<e jkeni twenty mrto- fr?t? thi? e^pha!. and at wltK-h tw? r?He?1 States ee:a were nit-a ftri*"#1 the l./ajoes e???jue:?r ?f >b<. S |M?T s is a sb?rf, fbi. k'et fe!,i|etuaii. with a ph?.-ie|ra??y ?f '? irue *'< * .]i type, > 4 a ??rT <tetrn?ai??d s\p!Os*i?? eO'!ntO|iu?ee. ti't wiih a tnnk > ia lit- mf% tfcnt .bans ke is not 4vm iiiite of ' bitmor. Be Icl'l a|ra?? rm >ii?tfa? tar nk.- P.kiae ta attend al th" griUMi *.a??UTr?s mbieh f?k? pu -r i? day and t? orraw iti ' lee in iIn- Km; an< ~>.iss li<.|?r:tii ami I foivtjfa pi r*e.'-. llU':t4iii I lie I' mcc af M ale?. ? The AecMcnt lo lltv Unat Kastrrn. I Mi Haw.ird Pa-il aa? ai tae an >er>:ei-? oa bearit at ike ferssi. furn skei- us Willi iks la owniy iti ia? can. eruii.^ ! Hie i istkea ? Tke stratu kf V*r ia. wkieli left l.ivetnaol oa Satnr da?.September 14. ?! ih- tit-eir Masters ?i M*mtay) !-' ptesife' r Hi i>l el??e* #Vk* k A U . twa hundred .mil twelve ssi!'\- (rata Qne?TMewB. On apprsaeVimg h' r ttoe |Nt -etste?s <' ihe Fersia K-rv#-* thai t-he was ratling vrrv em* fa hrt h.iH ae # h'r cead*' on which a ! KMifr view uB*r?ted. It wa? feuad that -kit bait k>st ' hath ef her y.iddtc wheel* ih? whole at the heats fwith f I ha ejeepi :?n ef two' aa her pert eide were now hi ar ' disabled. ?art. ihe ruddei hen<i hetng carried away, she ' was steering tv-r B<>m? with the rudder chains. Dirge ' rc.p.'-' wore str> t hnt irei? bulwark ta bulwark for the j passepgtr* to rh?i to ana th? relliag *?' so fearful thJ; | eue nu ment the gte:?t s-iup revealed thewbnleol' her I ?!eel;f at a w?o?t d stv -mp itmle aad the next ih<> hii* ?as plainly visible. ?>h a overtag the pliRht of llt<w?*-v"i ('apt* c Judlt nj hni iid it nana)?' TV* vnu ro<mire ?t?i.'" which *.i- anly replied to by u targe board being displayed on tiie paddle box but the cUraiiion thereon being yfl small >b" writing could not be deciphered. The Groat Eastern still kept en her course, working with her arrow and f>-r twenty annul* - the Persia followed her in order li get an answer to her signal, llio passengers of th* tin'.it Hasten) w? re M attered over the dicks (there were reported to be about four hundred on Ivard of her all of whom seemed straining anxiously forward to catch n view of the Persia Hie ladies waved their handkerchiefs, the meti their hat-' and. notwithstanding the extraordinary toll of the vessel, the utmost enthusiasm seemed to he manifested hy her passengers. Up to this time no Answer had bccu given W YORK HERALD, THTJ] to the signal of tho l*orel?, and uu xhe dip|? l linr ensign and turned hur head away, ouothor board writteu ou was elevated from the paddle box of tlie Ureal K. intern, wiih no better result. Kvon with the aid of the kIuhsks of tho ollioera tho cliuractorftoould not bo dlatingulKned. During this tinio the Ureal Eastern had not itlackened her pace, and whan tho i'ortiia got hoiiis distance from her alie hoisted tho signal "Cotno within hall;" but ust'uptain Judklus jmtly auid, ho had followed her for half an hour, ftHkod her if sho required aid, and receiving no reply in tho usual uiunuor, ho could lose no further timo by again putting buck. It wuh a mutter of wonder on board of the 1'ernia why this Hignul had not hern given befor*. as um pie limn wuh afforded. After (h - Portia left I.ivarpool on SaliirdHy nlu met with rough wwtthor ?|om: the rhanim?1; (he wind wutt blowing hard from tho wi-tward, anil it is supposed Unit the threatKasteru muM have experieuied u tremendous gale to luive niot with the disasters The history of thir lurjjft vessel Ivan bwn uno of continuous calamity, uud Mils lust lnisi-hnticc will :I>tik< public faith In her to a vast extent It ift fortunate there w?re no cavalry troop* in her, a? tlio rolling rt,ut *" l('r' ntlc tin1 horses iniiKt have Im n I literally danTe-d lo pieces. Many of the (leaguing passengers ou hoard of tho IVrsla cavii It us their deliberate opinion Mint th,,v never iu thu greatoHt stcrm enw any vessel roll ho wildly as tlui Ureal Kusluru did. by lh> uoxl steamer from Kngland wo liopo to l>e ablo to report the safe arrival of the p.ixs ogcr*, many of whom w< re AfncriciuM. It is u oiirioiw circumstance that at (he Umilon oifl; > of the <!n-at Kast ftrn the uaine of the captain wan not know n live doyn before,"110 sailed. A gentleman on hoard of (he I'er.-i.i i-aliud there and tu-kotl Din ipicstton. The ri;?!y was? ' they iliil nol know." Thu irihenr In charge of lliev el v. a* l actam Walker, fot m rly of the Adriatic She loft l.iverpoolon Wednesday,.Vptomber It,and wlu-ti uiot hy thu 1'orsia hud been, there'lore, live day* out. F.iirl Drrliy'ii Opinion of the Purport tiun?Ai i.tixunit Amiouncciuont 01 I lie ' Failure i>f Drniiiii'flry. [Kmmi the Ijiiiuou Herald (IWby organ), S ut. IS. | In luel, to go to Amei ira, a uiau inusl get a passport. To leav? America he gat a |uuw|inrt too Kugiund and Prance have done aivay with this OM World uU-urdity. America means to try it. If thorn is a world that remind.- a travelling man of everything thattn -al anri"> iiii(, * iceum, most tyniunienl ami ru hi objectless in tUnt t-ystem of inbltl'.uy g ivcri.melit hy insulting frrut d'nnntM, inquisitive jnili<-?< mid iticipuhle, ivarletmis i iliie ia?8, tint drives uti Englishman out oMn> til n 1 a down times in crt-h.-iiii; K'.i"jp? , It i? tlui ino.i uim .si mis word "|>a sport.'' For what iIoch it ilmkl?{'oiiti;iiini imI i>lon:i;o, dally losMif llherty, intcr^ifraRJtb1" freedom | of travel, extortions if every corV, alteram ionti witfc . ! outnumber, lo-.sof iemi? r, pote-mMon, .iiuyii-ouiii nt;' uiHipexy?anything. Iht|iiy m tho land whVn lli'-fe ire 110 piv-sportf. llle-sed be the ruler that abolish a them. He may ho a- great a tyrant as ho liken at bun ?ho it) tlio friend ol fmcigilers. Men talk about thu -r'-netlor." in Naplen What If Hint to the reaction in Auierl -a v lli l'o|ie and th<-brigandd would bring back Kram is If., and Francw II. OM" gave u constitution. In a week Mr. {' ward, in his office nt , Watdiluglt n, hat- revoked all tin litiertie* oC America and ' Inaugurated u retgu of terror. Ho has repealed the liai bej? corpus, and sendtj powerful Ameriran s'lliiocts to pi'ison by the Ptroko of a |h-ii and without pr temn of trial, lie lias oMtahlisliod a t-.iHiKorship of lln- ;i.-etiii,'lio Misper.d.- liewspuiK-rs and coutlncs thrli-cdito: .uidion I ilibuUirs; ho examiues p. ivutu lottery and <?nn -i-ates I ho ; mail l>.i(fM has .-t-amors for Kuroi*) stopjied that ho imy seize upon Hrltlfb coiihoih andlmk ovor tho di-spau-h s I iiilemli d f ir I.nrd Rufcel'. Rut ail thin was not enoi^li. Tliee'ipofdeRivili.-m was not yet full, one p culiiiriind 1110.-1 ni;i;ravutiti^ featnrn in aibltrury Koverntnetils remained to be Introilui ^d. A ftp wus to be put lo nil freedom of egri i .- and Ingress, lord I,yens n.dalies to o ar government toilhu$ort ol'qiiittdiiquti lh<M ifra!iu-(ienof tliis oilimit mearutr. Ordinary diplotiinlii polit''iiess"would have impri s-i-d u|xin iheAnu-rt I (-.hi c'lviTwiicur hi" <i(iiy in acquaint uig Lorn i.yons .inn llie oltu r foreign representative* with no iiiiisirtnnt a i fai t as lhi1' n? Koon :is resolved upon. But l."id J.;,huh ' round it out iu :i uotlfe \>ritito 1 in the ttow."|ap.'m, anil ! leaded. "To nil wliom il may coiienrn." IIipkp are i mam. Il concerns Americans, il concerns Mr. Itr'^iu; I it. e. l.flTl.v US llcnnueriat.lhc oivilixml worlil. Th-irU I iiii fin/ til .tm ii 'in (i'irii'1. Pint* ivfnwMifln is w rut -a i'i plain letters on liils document pf tin- Slate Ofllec lit \l ash iin'tuti. The republic lins ''.n lu ll. ! i ilile. I'ho | Am 'i i'Mti luve been praylfg for ; stxitu vvorniwnt; Hliil i! Una Hires n( severity anil Jens i .' iinti dual l i ce. I detii ni'ike a strong government, Uioy have g< I if. Tlnjy tire 1 of Kirn I. r, and they have not King Stork, who Is gobbling them it|> one l.y one. And la-re for th? firis-n' ii hii iii'l of thr ijlt i' rijxrim ?l^, ,'ii lt'i< iiiwrjim'd kWi ?*mlii'U our iltm ipoj/i.v* luiir f?o? aii u toui tl to pi a tit villi mult loud nnii iii.r imt triumph. , T!io I'uloii Pa??|Hirt Kcipilat inn?Alt Kits. li-i> View <if llif Inutility an 1 Iiijiiriuut KflirU ul'tlir ill ensure. [VroDi i lie l.oudon Tiiuch September 13,] ft is hokt that Cromwell was on ttie point, of quitting ] Knj;land for America. when the ship in wlii li li.- had em I harked with his whole family was detained In thn Thames l>y a royal proclamation. The story ha* often been told to illustrate the imfnillcy of forcibly keeping tlio-c at huiin- wholcivo mad' up their mind? to seek their lor | luut r elsewhere. Long before OroiiiwoU'H time of j li'isjuuKii ii ha.l been tie* subject of au urtielu in more than ; one charter, and eve- .inee, while our continental neigh Ii m liuve lio n jealously securing tlielr frontiers with ; iia.'.i and bolls, we. have pivfnrr> d to live with ojien doors. ' At !-?-t Frame hai imitated our example iu favor of tlri | ti ll subject Sweden has entirely atx>ll>heil these . obnoxious eeriiil> ate*; and a g.neral disposition to relax tin p-;s| ort system lift? l> -en manifested i throughout l.tttoj e Xo sooner, however, did th jui-tot' I travellers llinl it elf in ii fair way of being b iiOshed from ; the Old Wurltl than ivoiifht ilsell' n fresh home iu the New. m? 'I livid in our days lie would htt\ t i.-Mi - indeed, ni''! IM'-i It>- in ivtticg out of,.|:itid. but he 1111 *lit, very likely . have foiled m getting into America. Ai corilUK to the last regulation ,"no person will be tilI hi\v<t f" In fhe CiiltOft Mure* wIili<.ill a )mss|K)i t 1 from a Mlulsl'r <t Coti.'iil of the l'tiite.1 .-'tales, or (If a 1 lorei n-'r) from his i.v.n government countersigned by an I'nlle i St ites Minister or Consul.'' I'ure. - is guarded j h\ llio same pr 'l aiitious us ingrrm. and, upon the whole, i it is too plain th" passport n dsance, with all iu well I known features, and of a Hiitllciently mallgniiut typ . has bee?i tnnismltted to America. | We -liniild l>e .i-b.ini'<1 to iv|> nil tl e (ibtrlOtlf olijec lion-win. h we ni'si presume to have tie, n answered by , Mr. Seward in Ills own mind before lie ventured on tbis st"|?. ife eatinoi have liet n ignortim that, while iuipsjn>ri often deter .ho innocent traveller from pursuing the rout eel his e.hoie , ihev are mere playthilif;J to the con . pirator. lie lici t kie w that the strictest, surveillance iweri' ('I'r.i* ntnl Miiziini j'rnm tran rAiiig //(i/y. '>( th-' eon inlmi'itiif * j'w i Jii iii Inlrriny Fruiii < irith thrinnrptt 'inn':i with mn^teroui pitjjacfflrr. lie ninst hase wei jheij nil th'- con e?ptem en or creating induixitnents to rinuitgt . r:ol goods, h it persons, and oi the |m|u icai vices w liicli seldom fail to he developed by a system of espi I oiiage. Ttie diffl' iilty of si alltif; up a seahouitl ol several buiiilri'it inil' .. cannot have escaped hiui. anil that of 1 restrict:1* all comtuunleatNii with Canada socms : to have impressed him so ui'tolt thut any such con struct Mi i* negatived In a supplementary rlreu lai. If the hject he to check the tide of imnugraiion | we run itnilorrJand thin dHtlnctlon lietwgeu pert: and ' 1 rentier town*, h it for any other purjaise II. stri; "rt us a <4'i11- miUtfetiMftli*. Wi. have nil lieanl ?f llu> phiiosoph< r I who <'tii una holf In hte door for the mi anil another lor ilic kiili-ii. t>n:'.vb never lioiiri! of lii.?' -.'ujipta? tip the ; MnaUrr ?>t"?li?- Uva hoU\? in t1i< hi||0 nl cMlmlmg thi> klr ! ! ?.?- ii nhewaaM ??v*>r tbUik <>i going room! by tho t ?thor. This way <>l iniiK'i i.< not unknown to thnageats ?l the t Ameliorates. n,ul /?- lui-r r T) IH'lr JoxbUkat. what Kith a ,fr" "f wn?J> nmltU* ant nt' xi,ntfti!hizn", Hr. it Hart*. irr linril.alili hini*lf. if tie- Smith hJujhII mt'kul t/ir .Vtr'It av<> 'rem* Me writs* iff tint'. ivi'unMoMr <<M.drr vUfbt ttiW'-iZ hi ntativp th< putiogr/mm lliiiinunxt '# ft*I" CmJW.ViwMMlrf. If. therefore. the p<?x{H>rt *.???* i- fa be aiti^itnilpermanently. wr at, Kttsi Sum* ik<> \?*r. we ?m*t expe* r to hear that m-kiin *4of , He iitlahu*be?? pallet! ah.nplhe -oiithcTtiKk?i>*af tTk'gn-nt Iftkmanil tke]pr?l<Tai kovror Ouiailn ami Saw Brnnnwli-k. \K* rag r.isUy tipMi ?f course, fh(* inollO'S vrtiirh hnvo ?< tiratwl lb# * ii-Xhjuiwn frovfrnnirw in wutcticaiiig (hit* at' prauvl ion. Tl??* iBttina'y af tW' poi-t^ml .>mI oaaMwereial rehiltans which -uhHisti-4 between tlx\*itli"ra .lad etriUmin stnie< Ix fore Uie ?ee.eie am . v> hile 1 it prafcnbi* all this crisiu for n whiff, at I he ' iiiii'' I'wUtttorn th? ?nrt erutmi'taiiNai- tbv aiiina af tbe ferteral FbicontiT* flic men of.tha Sonth rj.tmat be 4i*untiui>betf from their MMinics bv ;wjr -iu fl tfst a* the v af SHea* kfpllcd t? llie nn-n af JC|?Rra)n?. Tl>'\? ' 'tUj Ibv awa dialect. ;n< their eue?i!r?. the* arc atWN uaiieit wite ik"?n by famriy tic.-:, iiud hav? ar#iwivj>|?i*<# ?? ?Khevery eifj- in it* turn* *ri>f);iKh lhf\ Hi# im?i MX'ImmM s? cl?-?-ly us t# rirprivf tki'm ?f ( all impart~ tfcry inutti have rn?rtil?*Nililn AM<'i>rty in k?cui?* up iJniet intfrcaur.?? with Kufanf, "iw c n to (" i? wyr.iK tkn? lahpraW ?oii era &?!'*?' ?arl. ? W? rtin r*t<Hly WfNrvo that their emiKtwrir* m?k? iw af Na-tller* ra?V? n*.s a** neam. i h m n verjt in avaktafnMtwi rr. nnrt ibai th?- fewutatian if revnrl fl? ft ii 1-.< tut-p*r1 * ' anil iH? all' r i \Ben?'Hts of puhllr safrfr ifitrmg j civtl wnr ?ti*t If t*rv straeK. It i> na kn -iitss I al ww*. it tt ?fri \t? c.miH pay little :ipyit?>t -?;oli a I iMlii j. ex'-afi thai it i? iuapcjiitiv*. '!% ki'|himiiI< fat pMM i i'ij: tniiLmil*>. .vii im.> hit* mcrryiani>?an in nn i. i Hi*. ' ?*> ?r j*? irnkr ? theoretical emharftn, 10 be ' i-alkniT* a)oii?;i the few Imm whom there f-Kiiyf>o?* to > be reared,ithrajH r- aim* i?s or those \vt>(<-k o>?! Dish *aod I l<C*tlfO?;eS ale ?, OOI 10 11li,>C III f.iut Hf tMItgllr lHy (MM > \ ITIIC-I" IBM HwrtVtflKei vfemlljri have ?o biiM*','S to be, ami x?h-re they .-boi M Vx pn?i >.-dicdfor bo)n#..hiMa* cvnr?w mn>i urimit ibai titers Htecnws m wbtcb partif knexxn io tb< > !:( * mar be kuIOWHUHT -iovi#?l or even arrested in Iran' tut ' But h"?? a p?(* (be i xc<.|>?i?>** i* xvl:n ii are .o v<"i?b?lmmjt hi ?naab?.> ran lanWalc th" mil olyert or #' eefIob. ?r : ?)<) jcrroa-bow ?? ?.- hit ! should net be wra^-Beil oft or i rh:'-?tinwl xvttkout the intervention of it clum*} Scri>* *>. i? , ? hill ?iii never b* PX|iiaim'il. He-.ik-i-, Ih< r i- (hi- addi tiena! weakness m iIn- upolnyy for pas-jKirl*?fli;ti (be : authorities ea?uet boaoii'aimcd xxiih the jier-onsol ?H | tlv*nifcipap.xtifi hwaol >be foreigners, wheaa it? mteim m U> 'xcliide. Thf i tcttsot such ? reatvuiien are an to h>- measure* Vx lb'1 rri inconvenience which it oerasioit* n ?i>i m< ' mi great haMi-h.p ?? pi y a>i agent a lex* -hllMnns for proinrhiK a pa.<?t>on, ??id lit'- ?i ' -"ii y rMo.or to walk hil? | a cobbuI'h ?R*e una nibmit in a i rnss-esiim'Bilimi about ! iwc'tj a?e and a minute in?p>tion of ono'? teuton* .Mill,theoe terwinlilK'* eri.ite a vialble Iwirr el1 betwnen Rupliinrl urd Amor*#, and very p.i^ht hnrric:t of this I kind rb^iFiici travelling, n< a very alight j?ri)oction will I divert the tour.* nf ft H'. cam Noene ran s.ij hoxr much } the absvifo of any ? :rh oh?tacl? may have "contributed I to tlie influx of* from Irri.mU and ffermany. j Wlnth*r Ihix i*A>a hiw Irn'JL'ttd !h' fiiiletl tfst'i, ?> ih* ' ttn!r**y, Ihr ni/ire. ?f Nnt'xnrt ah w jtu'ir. l>ut the | failure of the Know Vothln^ party Bn-ms to pro the f ??B.)ority dwirc to ?e? tlir rrnsu* swolled, (lie abormai krt stocked,auil vtU'is multiplied in tins mv. Now, whatever Mr. I.iliroln's or Mr. S-ward f alri' may tw, tho niHipsKtty of h;iyin(f a puss port will certainly ilelor many Ir. m Hettliiifi in 1 Iv " Nat>I'aoplo ofl' ii marvelled that horn ICnslislimcn <t lriidimou uluuild rhoonorvlifeof drs poratorompr titkm in their crowded cities In preloronro hi M itinufj/ i.f a tmall InH'Ini yrnftt :Jor i a 01 Au.'ti'ilia. I' ll thru there xva.? the i leal rliarm of goi ial C'iua x, light taxation, Ireednnt ul himccIi, and almost complete tudepcDdencu of xuveinmoal o? ui> other RSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26> 18 superior. One by one, war, the great Innovator of insti- ii Unions imd national character, hug levelled or impaired ti those characteristics of American socicty. l*eace may, uo doubt, restore them, and the growth of population in n the United Stales may bucome a.s rapid as over. Mean- n while, however, every fresh obstacle to free trade or free tl locomotion must redound to (ho ad van lay o of our own w colonies. Tins will not be the result of any nnfrlendly t< rivalry on our part, but of causes by which America el profited more tlian any other country during the early Ic part of this ceutury. It Is not for iih to quarrel with o! legtelaMon which adds ho much bone add sinew to our n own umpire. We have a right to complain of Mr. Seward's 7 discourtesy in leaving l.o d Lyons to learn the new ar- u rangement from the nowsiMpors. hut V> afftrt any further ? vrxaium iikiw'i on wee a iraowman wmjiuHiiwy "uu a mw r.

had shut up hi? tliup. _ UarlbaltU'i Cotumlaalon In (he Union i> Army. jl'arlsi (Sept. 12) (V>rr< j?|H.nrti ntc of tho Loudon Pest ] $ It in quite on tho cardx, I can now awurn you, CNut f.; Garibaldi will occopt command iu America, Dublin# for r< tin- caiiH' of the Norih. Tim liberator or Southern Italy $: Iiuk uxkcil th>< |H)ruiin?i(Hi of Kinx Victor Ktuauuel, ami Hi bis Mjjcxly lludx no dilllculty. Thoro ik only ouo ipuwtioti "I uxked?Will (inribaldi'x lii'ttltb permit liiui to tight the in battles of tho tinionr in [From tho Purls T?mp?, Sept. 12-1 iv The Ktatomnot made two or thru; <luyn btck that the Chow d'Albtirx of thii United Stills at lVsrltn had boon u> tlw l- :e of Cabrera to solicit General Garlboldi to iiecupta <l< command iu the federal urmy uc<mfinn>il. We do not. Iiow Mj over, know If In- wont on bin own roNponMbilily, or in obedlonco to Instructions from lux government. But the UnitedMatett tutvo u representative at Turin, iinil if an (; official mias<i(.u to Garibaldi hud been iclven, It is doubtlmx to tliut di^nilaiy that it would bare beun coiilMed. Ho Ibis as it may, the acceptance of Garibaldi appears more uj tlian doubtful, and we do not bollcve tliut be will abandon Italian a tlu I in until the unity of Italy bo jwrfoctly ucoompltslK'd. The Coullllon Acaintt Mexico lit a New In Point of Vlevr. at (From the l?ndon l'i*t i?ovormnetil organ), Sept. 13.] k< in our luiproxaion of the ad Iwt. wo mentioned in our Hi New York aecoiiuta lb it a navul exjx litloo was Ixiinn i,j litlo I out of xome magnitude by Mr. Uncoln'K Kovern inont, but tbat its dMKlnatioti wiut k-pt ?tu li >u*ly scrrot. The luteal advice* from New York, In tnoutlouInK i'x liuv- t! ii)K Bailed, do not record whero to. It lui.i Iraw/iintl, | hovvy r,thal Ht itrstinatii nu M'xico. It cjrfnr* Unit re t ,. en'li) tin' Jtuircs jim-ejrmn til lmt i)iren rmnisfit n Id the j? I'liit'd S'u'.tJ* /; rtrnm-ui to nuin h tn*>p* through v to o, iu | r orda- Iv utmck the. T sun teres-i..nift> w, thrir mntli'nt /ma- vi tier. As iu the present xUUi.ut ^uiericaii nllalr*, and the ,|, hclplesH condition of Moxjooj a larnu Atncriciiu military w mid naval force to bo lafuied there inipht lor various ^puutes not be thought opportune, II iu Murmise l that ibo ' ' eoutemplaled iiitccvontlou l>y KukImii I, Krain < ;uid H|i;uq |j may not bo iWognher un/mwaitd wUh this Imrii in |H wo innit. Bril Uh War Htoiet for Canada. Il'rom tho lAndouTiuMH,Sopt. 1::.] The hired triumport Conway yiwiowtay went alonttf>ide y| iTiKiiiii ii |?rr, in [ircfiur.'iiKXi to urup KUIiH and lower n'on s, ;iu?l will rocelvo TOO ion? of gunpowder for yucl>ec. ^hi> i i>s,'OCted t? sail from Woolwich on Wolursduy next. n 'ihn Aveselin t'i?s also arrived nt Woolwich piorlosbtp war .-tores for Halifax. " FINANCIAL A 8ft? COMMERCIAL. !i Wuikmiay, Sept. 25?6 P. M. Money is freely offered to the broken at 5 per <]' cent. At the discount lionet* dulness prevails, j very littl(< paper is making, and people who have II heretofore used their money in the pnrclmsc of paper are now devoting their attention to Treasury notes. J The foreign exchange market ^losed very dull; t J it was difficult at the clone to sell at 10hJ I Stocks were dull this morning, ami some descriptior.s were a fraction lower. New York Cen- i , iral, Krie, (ialena and (lock Island fell off \\ per i cent each. Missotiris declined }{, with a pretty t* active busiiu ss,ou fears that ex-(iov. Jackson may contrive to get into Jefferson City and declare his I government the only legitimate one. (iovern! mont sixes (coupons) improved J ? per cent; Pa" t | eillc Mail was l/t per cent higher, without any l j obvious cause. Alter the board the market ] was steady at the best prices of the morning. Stocks were a shade better, though dull in the af- J ternoon. At the second board Pacific Mail rose 1 percent. The market cloned tirrn, Uic following j being the last quotations: ?United States G's, rcgis| tered, 1881, a do, ti's, coupons, 1881, 1' ' !>1 a!'l'i';do. 5*s, ls?t, HOTt a 80%; Indiana 5V, j 7TV4 a 77?*; Virginia <!'s, 51 a 52: Tennessee G'-?, ' V.\l/t a It; North Carolina (>'s, (iij^ n 62; Missouri ! i fi's, t:t1 h a 4:i'4; Pacilic Mail,86 a New Vork | ' I Central, 73% a 7'.! V4; Krie, 2f>% a 'ls>\x doi preferred, !(>: Hudson River, :CP4 a M:,4; * i llarlem, ll?;* g a 10%: do. preferred, 25 a 25},; I Heading, 34% a 34%; Michigan Central. 41% a 4*2: j Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a ' l:i''4: Panama, 111%'a 112; Illinois Central. fi.1% a ( | CU%: Caleim and t'liicago, <>9'+ a 09%; Cleveland ' and Toledo, , it 2(>3<4; Chicago and Hoek Inland, ! i ! 1V,' a It3*: Chicago, Burlington and Qnincy, 61 % i ! n (i'J%; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 17 a 17J X; ' ' Illinois Central bonds. 7'ri, 91% a 92%: Delaware j I and Hudson Canal, M a 84%; Pennsylvania Coal, ' a 1 75 a 77. An active business is being done in Treasury J a notes (7. '(<)) outside of the Sub-Treasury. Besides Vi Messrs. Ketcluini & Co., tho American Exchange > Bank, the Chemical Hank, Messrs. Taylor Brothel's ! 11 anil other houses offer to procure Treasury notes j ^ for their customers free of charge. We learn that j s the Africa took out the first parcel of these notes i ' I F | which have gone to Europe. They wore sent to r jj Hamburg customer <>f Messrs. Wliiiclunise, Son ft * I Morrison. The Bank Committee hits been in session all day in reference to the second to0,000,000 loan. ?' The rc*ult of their deliberations has not transpired. As, however, a new demand for aix per cent Trcusury notes at a ,'+ sprang up (his afternoon, it ' is inferred that they have decided to adhere to a their original acbcme. t The business <d' the StHj-Treasury wan as follows , v [ to-day:? I n r.ei'Clptf $1,137,024 14 \ " ?Kor custom* 11.000 00 j 11 ?Treauirv note* ssj.noo ?> ( ' Payment*. 1 410^71 S* , * RMncr n wa rn 1# ' * The capacity of the people of the 1'sited Suites ' <' t? lien'i' a large national debt is well demonstrated ' in the following extract from a private circular;? J flie sreui tbeiae,yi the ureftPBt time.. of fotei^apra. y f?rHfc?ilj?riy Kagtlrhwen. In the v?4 <k?til file rtntnt^lirt"" [ are eenu-artlap tn put itowu ihe rebellion. 11/iT eon . u Will y |>tn<li<;.e<l I In' mi>?i-y <<Mtlil net 1h I'litv il no kmn^ 1 1 I rieea tY*m Ctlia pwiti'iii. Mwvv ?re eounJty l?'ul 10 hskit i dm.- tlmt <mr p rnW v.t!I not. f*1 taseif r?> pity inkimt 0 ii (lie tWi: hihI for ii?e ordiaarv jMirtHweK .j? e?\eri hh li : (' ? that they have not iLia ria< fitly iik cli Iv'.iwt^ tn iJbf-o nl it*; Old :\'*rkt, n-tki patlcaM.T he** wlmievei' uttti may he i u i?po* ibeni. We hiivp > ? <0rtfi he?>ii without h , c kirweal rtehl tlmt >1 w?uW B*t Ikita been' tt?e ? mat ic emery w the Birtirb piess, (lie if^eai ?t.|ert ?!' ] u hleh k<m t# 4ffUr?y ?Hir ortvllt fw Burets a nuioi' 1law? l ieuUnt u?tii? itJl\:ely it) re# r< not- m ttn? ? mutter nrw+?(?; >v?h, tiiwwpr hn* not tx>ii IIV I'lisr. No ?? rfo.iWs that (lie im/rtvi >u itt? til n t&M nut^MniM|Ml v ,W?,fHNr.M(t. .tm U ra?ii> net ' a lr??i ?rfflrmtj ?utces ? revemn#. wkb jni ii as we e-m ri % ?<>!. ia?|i<iKitif Vm Avts that wilt Vr i f. ? galbMt. , N A 4?-l?; * %'' * if-- ?"t ?mr, ft?t> <<? Iihim' -ti *i'? f?rti?i?i t* itrh- ?ennf, uart ?iw In |'"?pnrt t'm it thetr |M]piihit4aa. tb?a ?ur people fcava tn ne' wiai ie?t ? icait tirte^ eai'i. P^er (he iniovtien et" tki? easf nitn.n ' ' ht assiim?'<l WHS 'The P"f> ?f1 he V i?mtt') ?js :>.M#Jie# 'Fan. sum ' \e?x><h,?l kMMtn v # )- ! a ; lats per Iwu.rf. At thai t:aie th" wealth *1 ifcv in.tai \ ? tt.-i iff iiBM Tar fltv ?t' f?\iw dni h..i . ..j i" i telik ff tb?*e at prefer; by ?nr P"?rle. (' )tnt r, b?? exhausted hjr l?nn war- \vhii*)i ba?l <V?? !<?? ? nearly rrt ry f;?rt.?n ?l' h K wa* without i twmiK1 e and with ; u it ma?' failure;-', white ;il I me tber? na* hardly itnj 4< iiimmI in l?rcifcMi uiuintrie.-' t*r the pr*?hints ?' it* 4 ar.-U'iiU ir". W, \??* previrut: t* llw iMil'stmni ?r ?f 1 j labor .-'living wtaekiuvs. ?r !' mij ceitfi'Hrable *rv!*ion ' t> ' : lake:' en lthirh nliw.aMb i? ha?-<t The f*if>;:\ntwm \ i tw? whtely scattered. without mX'ri.ul iMiim rn and 1 : were selely I'dptiis-'sl In providing Inr tttrrr daily .? wiinic. ?h* expeii-< * aa<t rtTeniiee el aeTernaieat wit [ ?m :i tinrrrsp. Minj: s<'iir Ibe trtnl r*poiise.? *l rb? Tm f. led States fer ?Vm> tW<l (kurKwu years after tl.r HiriaatiMi ri ( !' ihr |t?*oi nw ri. e vhisive of (uymenls ol inU rrt-i m a ] lb? rtalk n:tl debt. ?ere $<63,373,478. ami Ute yearly n \ ? i rii*o l">,#l'Z,!'91. whn li Is nboiit,one third r>: the annual w r*f*uiHtures ft the 1 if5* ef Vev York. flu-' -mall * -nm taxed ihe >ndistrie? ot the inmtry much 1 tnorr severely (linn ten tim"s the amouut. m i r;>i? in th* population. would at the (ffCtll R | day. Yet the debt \tiM> gradually redtH <1 till It tva??nly . ' ?4.'i,<KKi WiO al the r limn ii'-? m* lit 1 f the war r | ISli. b I wtom it wu atrvlted i" li-i 000 100 in 1816 Hit po?u- ?i lation nl' the " 'I'liiiry at that tim I? :\i about fc '.00,000. ? ' the rate per heart w.i- tl'< NhIwiIIi-Mrri'iu iti" im- ' i pnvorishedcii lil'fti "f tl? <'"n.ntiy th* payment nf this ft I debt xrnx inmitrti/iIPl; erumvnt <1 an>l iiill; ?o oum 11 raafd in 18.1ft ( ? A nntional d"bt nil fX' fdiii^. tT h< Hil, 1 li-?*? twice it I contru tod and f niil by r'ir p? o|>Ii', is no < iiii ' lor .iai in , p Hut sinru the mali"!) anil payment of lln waitli it f.r " r j 'fplr lij< in' r. u..-c(t prnliabh in IpiiI'dIiI ^rralci ? ratio tliiui that ?>r tbur impnlatioi Tfhc valuation of all ! ft 1 ho propr riv in ibo several SlatcR tor faxuti in in iW s Miuallcd Ki.980-lfti.T71; j;i !<?*. at n ; 1 rrc.ifo 01 nearly 100 per cnni;ihe iwreawoi pepulailin 1 in 1 lie -ami' time was 3ft por rotil. The incre. -e of tin- j f, former bwi b#'it in lhreo!'o!d ratii' to the litter, from th? j q olTeot of th? new Henries that man is roiiMtanlly -ti?n ; li m nniR to bis nid I'ho locomotlvo. iMij{in<"? in th'1 United n yiaies are now performing the libor of ftO.dtK) <wo horse: j The inarhincry Iwnijlil Into use since IRlti In this rutin j <1 try is equal to Ilia labor of 6G0,000,000 men. In effect, | e I ihe productive caiacityaml weaHU of the c uulrv lwve | ( 61. ncreaiKwl aa if the population of tlir country bad gone n hundreds of millions Instead of ai,500,000 Thin statement strikingly illustrate* our imrou* leane, Mill is fully confirmed hy the extent of tin- im< itl commerce of tbo country, which is almost entire lie roHult of the application of atoam to locomotion. ai rhlch ha* been almost wholly created *lnce 1818. T >nri:iKU carried l>y the rutin wild o t tho Stuto of Man tiUrtetU for 1863 was 3,710,728 Uiiw. worth, at the vc iw valuation of $ 100 |?er too, $371,872,800. The tonna r the Krle Canal and the Krie and New Vork Central ra > ids for I860 WW 8,787,7.'18 tone, wi>rth at leant $87i M.QOO?making an internal commerce, for the two 8tat lone, exceeding $1,000,000,000 In value, nearly t 'hole of which ha* h?-on created fttaoo the o|>eniuK of t rle t'antil In 1824. Other portions ol' iho country shi Htiii greater relative prtwreM, a* their public wad av? not only been ennafrttcted, but their population mi lied within the last forty years. There are now In t uitod S la lets 31,MM) miles of railroad, that have cc 1,260,000,000, and ii,131 mlleaof canal, that have co .'<*1,010,000. The level States have 33,1100 miles of ra Kill, coNting $W50,000,000,<tnd fi.OOO imleH of canal eoHlli itKI.000,000. If tho anunal value of tho trade of the pu work* of New York and Massachusetts, with a mllea " 8,180 iniloa, is equal to$l,000,000,000, that of the r aiuder if tho loyal States, with a railroad andean lleage of 23,500 miles, must nurelv amount to a au k icoas lurgo, or $2,000,000,000. The I'hilailolphia aud Wilmington Railroad In i.lanul u Af ?/ ...... ? .? / ! nr. " " '/? l" ? v? r iure). 'L'hc woollen milU of Mmtin. Pooke k Steer reenville, Rhode Island. which have beenmnnii itt Iml! time since May lust, have eoiiniienced ru ng full time. They are nianufactirriiif; armjr at ivy bin. >!. The Manchester (N\ H.) Mirror nayn: The mill* of tills city have a largo quuiitlty of cotton < mil, which taiL-i advanced in price siiu ? It. whh bon<{l mut one million of dollars. Hint owned l>y the Ainu 'a,' t'um paiiy would mil fur 44rill ,000 morn tliuti It cos ml owned hv tho Stark. Alois |,'!.";,000, mid that own* f tlie Manehohtcr Mills $16.r>,0Oo, Sum total, $W6,000. The Toledo Blade snys of the freight business < i? railroads centring at that point:? We believe that never In the history of Toledo li:if tl eight business of the railroad:- ci-ntrlDK here Ixien .ivy as at the present time. Tin- Michigan Siutbei iiilit house this mori iiif! was literally "ptieki d full'' i irioi s kinds of freight, Moekiui' u?auH|?>rtatlun either i" interior or toward tide water. H would se> in iliat tl hoelw of trai?|H>rtation were allegi-thm* eli ded up, at t we have a Larger fleet of ve sels sailing out of th >rt tlmu ii; ual, and all the pro| olh r lluw are being bn i-d to tlii ir utmost to clear away the roiliiic I'rugl 0"ght in by tlia roads ?nU canal. To accommodate tli Jst husiiiess ivirties rontrollIli? the regular liner hie >ade arrangements lor inernudng the immlierol' pro|s rs to run from this port the remainder nl the soiwo nl our fronds in tne cot:ntry m?'(l hare no apprehc o'.s of de.ay iu tho shipment oi their gu*ils. The following amounts of the new Trcaoii; otes Imve already beeu subscribed by or ortlcri trough Hartford banks, its follows?the hulk tc subscription by the banks themselves:? txralx Hank ...f-fioti artford Bunk lot),ti luteBauk sO.fl i rcant Ko ilank Itua Biink innecthait Kivcr Iktuk '>0,11 I'. Bfcwel .\: i *).' ilaitk .">0,1 Kcliunge Hank :!0,C artford I'oiinty Ilank 111,1 Total >7ttr.,(l Stock Kxchitnge. Wkdnwday. Sept. 'J"i. is?l, .000 I'S6 s, 1SC7.. inn; 17 Kb* N VOn KK.. 7!! (tatt'H,'61,rgtd iio?^ 050 do 7;' [tOOO il<i !K>'? 150 J<? ?10 7.'; looo VS O's,'81.coup !>1\ 150 do b:to 75 KiMH) <|o HI 50 do MO 7f aooo IIS ri's.,T4.rmip KO'j S Hudson Ulvcii-itl{ :U 7C0i)rsov,iis<)2... yr>', ;;oock!T&Ti)JRR..?:JO ji iiOOOTrou* B |i?2jrr oh 250 Krlc l(R 2.1 20COOhlo6'K, ltiflO.. tr>o do l>tK? -J" :;i;00Hl <'an l>d.-, no. SO'i ?t Roadmg Ktt & ^iHKl 111 Can rgld bdx 81V ! *> do ?10 :;J SfiiMi Kcntky 75,', 250 Vlicli SiJiN Ind g s :*.! 5000 WaroKna 6V.. HI u ft do :>n ,iOCO Missouri 6'?... <'_'% 7 III4 V-uKK?>cri(?.. <;."i :!fx.(l do 42T, 10 do of 0000 do i,;so 4i\ 100 Clevnji Pitts lUt. ? WOO do < ? 4-JJi 80 do t 5500 California 7. NO .VXiaknm \ < lii lili. W oooilHVn Ititbdr.. h'J'i 250 m OOOChi&NWlRtm :ts 50 <lo *60 o> ft s!.h Hauovcr Bk.. 07 Ml do ?30 <! :> I ark Huik US 100 do s3 01 0 ( oru Kxchanp" Bk 8S lOOi'hi &l!o^kIRR?4 44 4ft PaciUi- Mail FNfn H4X 50 do o6 4: W) do >.iO H4i, aochi.Hnr&WRR.. HI r>o do i.:;o sr. -jr?Mii a- i* du cii KR i; 20 do H5 ftO do 11 5 Del jell ud t'al'o.. s4?, sfconi* noMiii. lOOOrs.Vs, I sen.. 87 'j ;-h- XVorkConRR 7? 1000 ito v.7l? 100 MirJiHo&NInd g :il r>000 liStt's/Sl.roup 01', 100 do Ill 5000 Tri':m 0 pc 2 vr 1?S'4 100 I'm Mr Mail SS Co Rf ::otoobio?'s, isoo.. no <io sao ? 6000 l/iuisimi'i 6*8.. 50 lrt" do S." 2000 Missouri tin... 4.'11 50 do .-;:o 8" 1000 do 4". 100 do (>* 5600Indiana5s 77,'a' IS? do .....- ;io st 5000 ill coup hds.'T!) 8-1 1(H) (V? & l'il Ij-lijfliK 11 loooiirookivnrwi. 08 ir,?w .V Toledo Kl! 2 .?!<?? i(tinifivi:i. i ni in..1, ;m> jiiiu\rra mu nut; li iOshs Vf'.rl.-tVnKH 7.T', CITY COmiWCUX BKPORT. \Vfcin\K.-t>AY. Sept. 20?6 I'. M Aann>.?The murkel wa* lirin. while sale# were limit i #.'? 25 for both sorts. BHWAT)8irKr8.?Khun'?The market exhibited nun hue Dev. ?iili a good di'niimil from the t rade and for etpo liilo prices wore unchanged. Tin* transaction* e raced about IS,000 bids.. ek.MAlt: withitt the follvMri inge of prices:? u]H-rllnc State $6 15 a 5 Xtr.t State, good to clioiec 5 00 * A iiji rflnc Wctorti 5 15 ,i 5 -mmon to choico Western extra 5 50 * rt ivfra Canada 5 50 * ti iixod to straight Sontbern 5 50 a li tralght to ginxt extra do ? 10 a 7 hoieeewri>family and linkers' Uruuits... 7 25 u H ye (lour 2 75 a 4 orn mea!, Jersey and Brsndyurhie 2 75 a .'J -Southern flour waf Ormly held. while sale? emhrn< DO a 81K) bbis.. closing within tin- above range prir, inadian flour wauquiteflrm at quotation*. wilhsnln* Ixint. 1,000 hi'-. Rye Hour wan m good supply ? leady nt our ilgnres. with ^n'cs of ".iohlils. Cofn im as steady, ami in fair demand at ?ur qiiotati'X riieat wjt. more, aetive and the i ha Art flnitiir, ami eji? i an advance ot Lc. a 2e. pec t*i?h?W. The i<?lni foot p about 250,00# bushels. part to arrive. nt $1 25 a f I jr rod Stale, anil $1 2+ a $1 iiO lor red winter iVV-fei J :>3-for very choice. and $1 ijl * $1 :'.2 for amber d I 17 a$l 2t? |V? Rue in* spring mil SortltweiMcrii clt 1 l#a> $J 2d lor MHwaukwi iitnb. #1 20 a $1 21 for amt ?wi? aB'l VTisrunsto. and #1 lb 17 loi t'hic?#?> nrii MN-wa* Itriner. with at^tvo-salH.. cwmiug M an a rival1 ' tr. ?2e. |wm- bushel. Barley ;ea? Imrlr* mult wf nlet. an-i neuiiwi f'atii were sieiuir. with sales of Cim *? at s ;;4e. Kj? wu? HrnU.Ti.laiiit. wrlb salos Vextew Ht t?i?. a 76c.. and or.NSptii i i\*r at 72r. a 7i< Wowm?Ihe nawkw was holt or. 'Hi* -ales imbrue *?wit 4,Wl* baj*?ot liin. at I.V. a IST^V., ami l?o iv. ; tnuuBir* *ni ^ol'iat 1A\i\ a lev. hriM.? l>e >iv!e.? I mm mi n<> atxaU^M bnl? m lots. irt t? ." jum.i ri. W? ^o?ie air^ithtfy n> strut niMII at 21' n ^2?' Khkw.ut>.?lfa:e> ?r> Urm. wMe ?iM:ii*<?ieats v?? >.<?e.ii.w IW l.ifertami IN.Ht? Hu^IkM, mi corn w> CHRPit i? ' bags at 12,'yrt . and 2.MM Hbi*. Ht> ? ^ m, r T?> T Altilctl mi I VI i. 4d. >K-lupf hti**. and (liwir M 4?. T? Ba?r? . ' u* 40 .HU.Wm hnsbo'set wh?id (Wf n|*l?< ?( .ii J4v . ami 2.1! i MQ W?l* *?mr. < hi?UT m ka? Kih?.?Tkr mark"?l vrn* biwvuat. with ? gtnl < tv?tl l*?m tIn- irHitr. Mtw w 2j)(Kl yj.atui- ?i 4t? r leans'* Ka*k. tat\ msO tfc's *>?k at f;j -a 3 .17., a?d _ .'I*' fclWf BKirkerrl i-MMtif :.t f7 '.'I 7 ?t? 1%" 1. aid * "? J't n $."> .j?) l?r Ni>. J. niiti al iU I h. litrrwt V* at?? Win a?ti miix*. wftlic h.i?K? ' ???W?t in L'rlt<* Kitfrr.?aawrurraui* ?we hnu ittiil lh<- It t>*.amw nwirimifr- i?> fcr tnamli?i?til, ttuti rtwv shI^s i.vrr rttir?f ?i,fS W ?$- * ami o( M. R. - .it T ?ta*ChlR vvnfc linv* eiahnn ?? 4'# fcW*. ? tMirraBi .. H?irr IMbor tl<>-.j-r)pi <* * ffruii.* w?i?<lf?? tub htir -iti-.i ?< ftUI pri'-'-s #SrN>.Y #Mmi wn1 mm. Willi j?Ios *f 20# fcuVe at IM>.4 a?k ^ f t R*?* ? A siile <?) 14)0 l?a;r-, 4M rt?? w;i njjt t Btfctea at hit . -ix mwnths. Hay w??- If--' niwl?rati> *?!<-! w?r? Minkin^r hr II .".#>< fx- -hipping. and hi id'. a Mr for any <i-? U**p ? lh? imtrkt t ?#. Krm t? u ?? a<-4ive. Tlif rr vii*t't?d to h?t r>h t 41 |"r c?ni b^Viw tii* mf* aid. I'h? it< - w ii Into t w *v I hn? tlav-Miibnit pfi link1.- Jtf l'*** a '2'W.. and W) . rrnp l*ii/). ;ii itk fc\ ?t?h, iNfitKti wa" #r?n. with a tin?t?ufy tAwiir<U kick ?.-?? fVr(?iil wa* l ed *t $1 *7';, \vhll^fntallwiU.sw? porlr?t iti VI Ml? *1 fft. and 9i al M), a an Mil . ant: |~iri< i a: U>,. ?i\ tie. fcin\ -S nl> Ii l-iv ^^x^ ln?? a' t a $22 M kix ???H illi mtwfrn. I Kin Wit S?!f Of ItiiMfTi M $.) 62'. n $,? 76, a I f.ah^Mt at $.:i 76 i'?>U. Mfii.iw ?.i.? Hi m ami siilfs liniilcd. 4n lilitle f*?r t-o n ' ;> IUI M' t'u . Vat *i Stokk- ?R> -a was in H'mand from no.ip ?>??!' uTinjr Rivi rninnil i-miinu is. Hair-, of j.fioti.i j,.vmiMnir.mnn ? '< mact ..i .f t :.7 i ^ t 44 a f I SO pi r :;Ki l' ml 2ii0 ?pirii? wit. -iM ai *1 l*i a *1 13. fill -1 i,- tl w n? in stparly *< ntantl and prit tv !)i in He a t.fh . willi si!'.' hi Iihl.iri>r IHF I'h'1 Inlhr 1^. frtun lll?- H/itihwriti \/i i 11 fti ilfl 2IVi> p ret |, r ihi >'iv I'.i itii'rtJ m?i k?: ">i itif * rk rmlitu ilirf-' t" it. Thi' inark't hat- liern lt'?s art ITI- th;i) rt- :ftit*. ?;fk. bin th< i' i- a lair ilt'matitl nml bo|t|i-r> i lam tlriu. Tin triri-a Htir? nit # twr l.t-l im irah -a [ i1l Wil \T. tjiwtl. ?J.'.s hhls. , in Falrlnvi r\p. I at $l i.'i pfr p )<?. K"r niaimfat lann;, t, ?|f* bavo I"'" ii 44H iihl- ar $l J4'j, ami no tin at f I ci gallnn. Whale li;i- .i l.oi ri more quii-l sim o i-I. Tbr-alt - wnhati'i'l "'"lObblr iri ^arta'ls IV>r man irlurit!(f at pt tii I irMiitpir*' I. h i tN' tnarhot n.av tiolrd al 4t?< tti 4-if. I'nP tl ilk aliil Wr'iwii In A "it tin! 4t ir guotl Wh.ili utiuf?TIuM' liavii lnt<i no halo- in tl inrket sini o oiir la.-l I'rovimons.?In irk?lit' luaik ' * ;l- -traily ami in ft i niautl frnm tlii Irailf. illi air- nl "HO a Sihi lilil-,, i hiding meJts ui $M S0afl4 (ij\, and (irimc at f t T5 10, Ibo latter Ikuie lor ixira,aua |lo ij fur lUiu uiet Jt 4 up Iteef was nrm, with ??!en at $10 28 a $n 2ft for rewaited Western, and at $12 50 a $13 75 tor extra. Meet ed ham* wore quiet. I taenia wv ill m>od douiand, with galea r (if 40 hhdft. Clear Western smoked Hid** at 0c K- Cut meata ly were tlrm and in fair demand, with sale* of ltfO hhda. at nd 4%r. a 5c. lor shoulpert, and at 5Jfc- a for Kuh. he Lard wua in good demand and tlrm. with talea of (Oft hi htiln. arid Hereon at S.'j'p. u 8J?c. flutter wan aleadf at ry 12r. a 14c. for State, aud at 8r. a 10c. for Ohio. CImmm K? wa* at (Sc. a 7c. for State, aud at 5c. a Be. for Ohio. ,11- lUcr.?A xalii of 25 cant* win- made at 7 V?c. a 7V<s. 8,- Hum.?Timothy w>* in moderate demand at $1 75 a ff. e* Clovor wasqolet at 8c. attc. IJnuefd wut Briner and la tin kooU r?*iuent. The lart sale of moment cmhraoed R,&#? ho l>a?* Bonitiav at atiimt (1 8U1, a $1 84. Rough flaxseed >w Hold at $1 6:2*, ,i $1 lift, cash. ke Sii(i*k<.?The market was tlrm with a K'?>d demand H- from the trade. TUr wale* embraced about U00 hhria.,part he I'orto Rico, fair to prime ai Sc. a fle., and the remainder i?t t'-uba* at 7^e. a Sc. for rdlninu K(*nIi-. and at 8c a UVC nt for grocery Kradin, tlio hitter tiguie for |?riui?, Hid Mi il Ijoxoh at 7J?c. a Bo. ri|( Whimxky.?The market wax (inn with sales of. TH a b- soo bblK. at 20c. Ke ???? . . i.I ??? : THK TURF. m t 1K.NTKKVlL.Ui OOLKMK.?TBOTT1NO.?A 1'LK.TO "y and atake of $iV). ?On Tlmrmlny, Septi-iutier IS, at ii'iloek. 0. M. Yniuu name* Jlultw; K. Wurreu namea lis Howdy; Mv. Ifatll I mini'.- Jupiter, Jr., Mr. Vlmt name* Young < h.Ulipfoli, John Ooullully n*l?e? i.mlv Kevin*. Milefceata r to wajwi, bfKt Unite in life. KEVINS A OONKMM. Fashion i'i,ka.stiue> association.? On 'rtiiiiwtMjr, SfjitHinlier 2(1, m :u, o'clock 1?. M , a ' iSinkn and I'tirw, t'IM. Mile htuiU. In-si 3 in 5, u> linrnm. *,S Oh nor name* b. K> Jauls H-maltcr; owner uaiuen r. m. (.ad 7 ... Kllen; uwucr uami's g. in. I duly Quclie-. JOKKrll (JKtrtlUKKON, Mitnagqr. id ? rU PITER.?-til 18 CF.LKBItATl'.f) TROTTINO STAt.iiim. Itir wiiiut'i ni the Ural premium ai tlit- Niilianal llorsc Show at SprlngtlcM liutl Sei'lciubci-. ? ill hi- exhibited ui Ureal |BnrrIui;tiiii on the "Gtli and 2.'ili iuataut. lie 4a <n Ktaiidliig permanently at (lie farm of liU owner, at (Intake, |,t Columbiaoounty, N. Y., in Ji'i th? m-awiii. 1TNIO.V COURSE. L. I.?TROTTINO.?ON Tdl'KSDAC, Li Kept. 2(*>. at 2 o'clock, u match tor S'HX), mile beats, '<* Iw*t3 in ft. U. Woodrull iiitmch br. j?. 'loni rituinb, to wagea; H. Walter* name* Hey Cult. t>? )nru? ?*. To come oil' on m J# nlotfday. SI! IW WHITE, Proprietor*. TTN'ION COtfl&SE. L I -TKOTT! NO.?THURSDAY, \J September 2fc?-Puric of $.">(), mile hems, heat three in 1<- five, D. Tallman Mirers i?lk. y. Lancet, towmmn; II. Woodo* rnlf enters s. k-Krnnk Tfcinplc, in harness. To come otr u? II mediately alter the inaich. r,t #11 AW A WHITE. Proprietor*. t<? = = s J1. jo 1IOIISKS, ('\KKI\(?KS, iU\ |J I?(>K S*T'E-A 1'AIR OK KAY HOUSES; ONE HA 1 1 K'?ne I" iiM. They will >? sold Ht a low figure, toqeihe r or Hcjj.-imti ly. Also;* bat llorst. H> hands high, oiittAhlef# lit H doctor or coufN*. Inquire ai KINNKiiAN'S, 124 Dilute* iif< place. LIOK SU.K-A MA UK 15 M VNl)S II li:M, SEVEN YEAKH r old, perfectly sound, kind and fast; she is in everr w*f 1,1 j a very desirable animal, and will Ins sold cheap. Inquire it u- Uobertsou's stable, State street, near Henry, Brooklyn. TjHHI ftAL*~A Pill OK OARRIAGE HORSES AM r one single Home, bay color, ubout 15-^ hand ' MkIi, per.(] let tiy gentle and brllrvnd Hound, the property oi a >{cotlemMi leaviua for Europe, t'oo Ih? wwb al Lawrence's Ktablea. It * of Went If'ifteeut?! street. fOOB s a Ui?A VKli V 8TTLX8H BOS8S; OAK TROT KiO * iu three Uiioute^; Bouud, (rood middle horse. Attn ftmt cIjimcity made \Vng??i% and llaruesH; altoffetlier, U?r ..hl \ uroout for a KeiitlemitA aK can he found. Will l>esold .?ea? , lor w nit of use. Addroft* A.. l>o\ Ho'2 Herald office. lilOU SAUK? A BKAimi'CfL OnESTXUT COLORED *X) r Mare, \l% IihioH 1?1?Ii, long tail, nix year* old, a ion ?addl? Mar* , very fast In double or alugb* harness; win bo '.vnmnited sound. Apply at th" private stables 41 I.aat Mc (K) tee nth at rapt, netr wyy avenuo, ? WOK SALK-A VERY FAST TltOTT!NO HORSE, UAKV MH) P Imv, 15,'c hamlk lii^h, Ioiir tail, without * bbunisli, and will f>e warranted sound. Apply at thn private .stalilenlft KusbKlxteenth street, nttar Fouitn avenue. IjlOB 4aLE?A BAY row. M?a H ANDS HIGH, HOC r vears olu, trots iusl lc of three mlnutrs; never woa if >ini'il for miioiml* ? .1 .ikiiiiI itn.l 11,iil< v.mII im> .mi ;-M a hai^uin. Apply at JW Jmiivh w/vcl, ?{' "L10R SALE?THE AMlALVBTAN STALLION 'MM /* r IX).H lie is believed to be the l>eai aaddle home in the country; perleetly gentle and kind, hh well id h.uneaa m ' ^ under the Huddle. Tan b<- teen at KuNton'a, Twenty third hi. T?0 U SALE?A GOOD ft I ZED CANADIAN PONT. SETOH , Jr yi'iiin old, ttillable lor anv business; will be Moid lew, i th^ patent owner having no turther uae for him. Can be 7* a??*ti till aold ut II. A. Hiina' liquor More, corner Suffolk and ] Deiancej ftreeti, N. Y. |T!OR BALK CHEAP?A BLAUTIFUL SADDLE HOUSE. >', I? well liroken lor alady * im?\ warranted nertectty aeucid ,n - I and gentle; alao two laat Tonic*. Addrega for particulars, |S' I H. Ihi* 145 IpOR S.VIiK CHKAP?A PA1K OP HANDSOMK YOWMO ' l I* Horae*. sound nnd kind, long tail*, hay color, 16^ hand* ; high. May be *een at Poat \ Nlchola'86 Kant Twenty\ 'n fourth street. Hold aoparately or together. ['4 LM)I< HALF. OR KXCHAN(iK?KOR A I.OW I'lUOHD ,T, F Iforse, a valuable rtnevoung Stallion, 15^ iianda high, * ? Juki from Canada Weal; alao, two Iwuutilul t*mily Iloraea, fj and a pourrful, fast walking truck Morse; all warranted. ' }t Apply ai 48 Ghrysfie atreet, near Canal. * 1JONSPS, 1I0RXKS, IloRSKS. -WANTKI), IMMHDIII aiely J ,4)00 llorse*. For pirll-iil.irM apply to tha itffc aeribrr at. the atahlea of J\>at Ji Ni.-holf, 7H, K2, 84 aa4 M Euat Twenty-fourth street, near Third avenue. PHILIP COPELAtVD. TTOHSES AND CARRIAGES FOR SALE.?A GENTLB. H man about to go abroad, offer* Cor Male a line |?air ef ? hay carriage horse*. a lady'a middle horae, and a single librae, a match to i?j?> carriage horaea; alao. two rwy line carriages. , i The> will he *old separately, If desired, at a very toy price. ; Apply at BRADLEi'S Stable* corner of fourth avenue?ad . Elghteeni .i utreeu \ fiNE PATR OF B^ACK PONIES. I4;,V HANDS If TOIL * i V/ iH'rtectly matched, t> yearn old, illack. llawk. atock oat ai 'XA Kreru it Canadian inires; ?ound and kind; free drivers. aim one Piuetoif Wazon and Harrirsa eomn!?lfe. In exeetlent ce?dition. Can ?m- aeen at STEWART 4 CO.'S, 162 K?(tM street, Brooklyu. QTOOX for salK-T1H?K(h;*;HBKED ALDKltWET Oewa and Heffera, of all ag?*a; Chineae Sheen, pure and od half bred While Cheater Huh; a No yearling and two year dirt Colta, of auperlor breeda. May la* aeen ai the aubaeHber*! j jarm, Hi rwuin vivnujr, pt. ,t. >J. WIMJAM REDMOND, 43 Barclay street. 2 I WASTEI?-a HORSE OR MARK, 1ft HANDS; MOST 111 ! if Uul.Kquaj > it) 2:35 to2:40; an^ under nine. For f>ueh Dg | aonen liberal euah price will W paid. Addre.M, wttlideMTi|>i|?>n nud prfor, Frank Kaltt. 1U0 South Hixth atreot, WH| lijin.aburu. <?! \Y ?ntbd-a bay rcu. sixteen* hands ... ; ?T I'lRh. f-lntvi iHi!; Iw mum be yoiini;. sound ami tnyllafc. i Inquire of DAVID JuItNSOX. 124 Clinton place. 4U | SO II-ANTED?A S1TERIOR CARRIAGE HORSE, SI*. fiO f O i'*< it liafiila lifyli, Iniin frit, youiiff, Hound and kind. M+| ply hi Mahle, No. 2 West Thirtieth street. 10 i WAXTKr>~A SADDJ.E HORSE. STYLISH, DARK BAC* I I ft to 1.V? hand* htrtli, aonnd, verr ea*T gait?a pncov i with *Ui>rtcauter preferi-ed?low# tail, 'gentle and pertectlf 4ti 1 anve footed; nol over elflbt yeain old. Any mm having pre\ fiwaly audi jt Uoc^ft to sell ran addivaa, for ton days, iiKiiiikg hp- j <*a.>ti price, bor No. .'*41 Norwich* Conn. 01 i VVrAV1B,n-A OOOO SECOND HAND PORTLAND OBTnd f f f ter. Addre**, Mating when* it ean bo aeen, W. E., 301 . j ( MiMt r*. WAMKJ) TO NIKK-HV A VOUKO <?EXTIiRMAHT, i?*l purl oi a stable, in tlie neighb*t Uoixt of !'V>ni'U*otitb siree* aud K4f.ii'h anentte, with an'umraodailon lor one htm |,f* and oik* or ttv% vehMeg, Add re** Stable, box J,23$ Post offlcr. ou' f FISANCHt. f>Hl M icM. BANK-NEW Tr?RK, SEPT. 1?, U6I.?'TH* iw V< '' " fto'l Di' eclors <.r ihi Hunk hare (his day de; ?Sw 4 ijnii i-ierty "f mx hW percent, payable to Lb* ..... ' "**'i>? and after Tuesday. ihe tlr?L day of October m-t' i Hr 01 <!>-r of the Hoard. <1. < . WHA JAMS. ('anhler. J* I >? i TflVIKfi SAVIN** INmnmON, NO. 96 WAKRBN >a i f street. i U^ricit *Ho?ed :?4 the rate of t> per cont on anma from it ?,! Jo ?'?d &??r i'>kni.?>n a'Ninover thut anidunt. DrjHmlta .. o?adV- oo ! ! Ociufofj 1 win ilpow iiHer^M from I ?lp< a 4?uIn t'ro? in A. M. ?> 2 t'. M . mnl ?n Mmnlay, Tfcunin <t?v an# SOtffTWwt en aingit frmii to 7 P. M. l' ' " JOHN CAHTKEE, I'resilient. YjKIDMUIII.T 1. RfTTOX. S'rPMJII V. V?r(('H-fr? THE ASSENTING BONDHOLDERS 0* i> ih^JUi rt-ewo' an* MDwaiikrr RotJcaail Compenjr.?'The ,M" ?f ttmtftvmin" uml pnrcltH*<? (' rkia rami, at any M i<m: tmij be m*(tr >? n, 3. ts?;I, lw\ ing been k? 100 MtiM'il i? k.T nWm $iV0OO,(#ii nf tin* Ijmil Ornnl and Sncoad IWI KnH<?iT Ihr'1 ion Rnnilliotdei'it, tjin sHliscrlbnr* ihi rrr* wlll UK ' i ?i 2'ntiUimii ofrpet. New York, room No. 1, Ufil. ?t 12 M.. to wlC' t Tnivtee* to carry ihe plan * im? N. A. COW DUET, *?i S?i iPUiry of Oommiuee of" Bondholder. la PATCIOTrf l.f>A,\. or ? rfc* ?*w 7 :HBTft*riVHit TREASURY NOTES ore ready ?ut ?? ' wny be hail I'm *'11'Y EV XDS at either ?t TAYI.OR BltOlHERS, lie f 7(( \Vnil Kfreel. enri.ts1lit" l'i arl. of I V). 217 Broadway, coiner of Murray ?treet. ^ ! -ffsims pnrr savings ?:<nk. I L' Nf>. iSH) OAN'Ali STKEEil'. t'OKNER OE VAKICK. *i|y>a #nI1v l(M? 2. and from 5 to 7 P. M. I *r? Per On: i?le^e*i allomi} nit all Milium' $ftUII and < ., I i Add Ei?" Pert Teuton larger umndivl". Duronira Hint ?rr?ru ?t*?i.k I wn.i. bka* iNTvurxr ki-ov tit ?t j>,tk. ,4,. I T1ll? HANK HAS KEt KIVKD N ?W?SIT (I Kl.Ni; THE PAST 19'. MONTHS , j tsni.2rs :n 1,1 E. V HAl'tiHWOCT, Preaiilent. AaI!OMK 0 ?AIMN Se. 'Ifliir\ gi> -fTt*VVtP,ft >TAT?S LOAN 73H>TRF\M KY \OTK8.? cd 1 #FKif I #v krTtmOM, Son A ? o? 40 Exchaiwt laoe, < a r N'kw York, s>pt. L'l* !%!. $ i l*>ir?n??mt t4'to*t.riK?tV>n? fv*ta tlm Secretary ??f theTrcar h irt. a ft?*W h.?* his day to en opened at the above offier* for R'.hsrrtftin**'- toy >rprrlnte*ti#iicv, for Trtimtry Ml' No??f?. ia ae Umed in sum* ol f tty. on? hundred. live Imp. *" *! ?{, fhguuirxl *?i lire tb?n?aad dollar* r4w.i1, t'ayjtbla Aofiivt I?, 1WI. Del \warinc fntere*t at th?* rat? of 7 *>-10 per ,?. fin in ri'f n:iui. anch ltiter?*t payable ftcnii-atint'ulljr, and ief>re>emed by <*eui?r? which may be d<Meh?d m 1 pr?u*nt, *d for p. ynjent *eparmely from the note?. Tf>?? abme r*te n'1 at u ?r?M pay* t*\o ? -mta each clay on evevy hundred dollar** anil f;->' r? i?king :)ie notes must pay a< ifue ! i1'rum to 1 # iTi, ? or ili* note*, Angus; 19, 10 tlu* date of their snbscrtp(.leu. Sublet .kfii?i?K wfU W received during fii'tet-u days from ,r< t!i. 1* *af. MORRIS KKHMII M. , No. 40 Kxchanuk PiJicr, # NKw Yokjc, 21. Mil. * T? :?< llHate the ob|er** far whfeh lite above n^rn<7 ha* be#n **taVi?m*?d, we frill reeem- |'r?,ni tnibaciber*. <ertllietl at ? he. ks upon }be hank* wf tliI-* rj' v, >????! 1 nrreni batik note*? k 1 fMt ris.) ? mi to the rf<|'h(>f1 amount. \V - wfM n'vi, 1! ctrfii*?t, send tf.fl certificates ?>r ttapturt to Washing ii. oblwii. . h** Treasury ii'itesuud l'orward iheui t?? any give* tMdr* ??. Na?*taar#e jrnl ?e made for the above pArvieea. lie I hi rem M ON *OQ. ti"antfj>? a r vnrv. to make advancks to tiik I >1 ,!?*<? . $J iW> yu Coal Or 1 and Work*, l.norablx , Mated, or a f.i n r. Addr.-sk for t?ne week, %*??nl Oil, IJJ H-r?M ofl ?e ur 12*)^ (\(\(\ T() LOAN on BOND AND MoliT(iA(iK? u * Ttn productive real enfaf* in thi^ eit\ m' |?e Mrooltlyn. fci on?' or inure yi?ar?. ?n sunis of #1.0(10 and np- ' >r martin A t to JOHN K.'i'ON'UKV. m ihe oUieeol the Peai|u | ;!# " 4 Kire itia'ot au#* (Owipany, l?6 W.*il a (reel. I jr aiXt.lTA.RT. ,v ( " , CJKVENTH BKC.IMENT UNIPORM WANTED- M.SO11 C; two full ^ la of H-lis \?'?l ' V 'VauiUll. No. 41 * yrjidwu}. A bof wanted at the above number, l

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