Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1861 Page 3
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HOtriBI, ROOMS. At.,I TO LET. AKIMT OF FURNISHED ROOMfl TO LET IN Tw<uily-flrtft stive I, near Hroadw av. wiittblB for Iioum*tarptntf; would l*? Uh to a |-uty of tsrutlt'lntut or a Kinull fantily without rhlldivn. Best i-efereiire lvqulred. Apply at HadUMjn nquMic Pout oflice. 4 UDY, 1! A VINO JM'FHt'IKNT FYTBNITtJ HK HOH A A Jirwt: i?Uir> houite, wooltl min it to a ivapnuKiul*' party fvtiiu now uutil Miiyu* a *?r> l"W ret**, or with Board fur term*It'. Ad tr**NH for t >vo day* H. S., Ri'rultl office. AHM4LX, NKATLY FI'BNIHIIKD AND PLEASANTLY U>< aw(t n Ktoue fium Houm) in Boat Tuhty fourth tit;ft, u? rt'ut mi:II May I, I,%02. Thu ?nriipaiiU %vtll take Ptrt ol th?? riMti in bount if ?gr?x ablt*. AdftrvM M., bo* yt?t* us l olttceAfll'LKNDlDLY It RN181IRD IIOl'KETO LBT?NO. .*? Worn Thirty Urnt ntr*cl, with I'orty oih? r#, well1 "tuiat* u up loan; ?) /? filly iinfurtf)*b?*d, aM e' war prli*e?. Tn. )* *? plate in tiiiH < iiy to rent or liav?* rcutwl lloum sor Store Pro* pcxty, in at N. r HIMfOP'8, 141 lir.ui.Uay, more iloor. AJIOOU OHANt K?TUB LAKOK AND HI'ACIOITR "Hlorc, with the whole. house, 3A7 Kuhth avenue, l>e. town Twemv<lK!,ih mimI Twrntv ninth street*, went *i<lc, to let. Tii<* i?H atU?u?annot 1* excelled on ti e avenue for almost iiy km*: i?i \nitiinbM. Vomomwti ironloUUtely. Iuqwin: in tke itu% AFIJRNIflMED MOURE TO LET? I'NTXLIST OK MAY next, or louu^r ii UoslreU. INikhchkIoii given Innm <il? *f.-K Alililv III! I'Vtlllwi . V<. (<m; (.'...nill ftl-rt*! iio ?! Waxhinguoi ?<juare. Tfvnsi iii:i> iioiisrs to let-to riuvate fami f ll'ts ? ?!> - ri Tvv?-i?Ii< lii kir t, <Jl Kant Twenty ?^otn! riMT.t, 7*? K.:?m Yw <?nd -41 Kant Twenty" ?ly]?lh mi- Apply w .Vi T.v? my wcond street, from 1 m:uv u. rjujknfshei) hw'sk to let in yonkeks? near J/ lK?* railroad sUliwii HU'anil oal landing oil Vt r.v rt'U*<inaM? t< riiiit, (III |?t of M.iy; it ttuuirauds ' hue vl.-w of the il\**t*. i* 'lamlpufui ly J'crni -'uMl,. ut ? ?xn.s and fur ** ? . Apply iu WILLAJ'.D ?v HOWK, 'M ttraudway. HorsR TM LEASE -~T1!K Tl'KLB .STORY ttlU.OK ILoii*e 170 Lexiu ,;on uvmul. lias been thoroughly it. iM&jn;. . jut-p< n o, <t< . uiroi.^houi; cmairH u I (hi* ttipriiYCTU'-uts, ami now muiy ' ?** 'ci-unuiion. For town* tpplv on tin? prnuiiiM t* from* 10 to 12 A. M. and 2 (oft IV M., or vf John fl. with Waller Unmn, U) Piue Mli't'i,1!, 1>aht ok a vuaislmll.l) HoTsE to llt?in a de tmv.ble Mtuatlnu. with iwU tin* mooern improvtoirnui. For further particular* apply at 37 v.'ot iv <ut>-ur>it street. Pa' t op a Fl unts!iim> iioukk to lkt?thtiu> ?! ?c?r north of INitiaia uveiui< . ?<w i-ao aide of Franklin HVtMmi, iiriatkiyn. kiM'/uriiiH i>:<} !or* ami three or iVnr bi-dnut nn; ??t li*: g??l'? win" i, *c. iu tin? houae, Kent ehejip to <1 >XOO?l L' li.iiu. KE.NTS REDUCED.? APARTMENTS TO LET, WITH very eouveniencp. Ken'uff $1 AO am! $.1 ikt m< ntlt. kite|vlo <' of the Ij? i . <*iv?,i |h i\ oil ibe |'U HiifM'M, UU Wert IIoUR* Ion stroet, near Thompson. rLET.-A GOOD CIlANi'K FOR A BAKER to COMmen"' busliu sH ni tin- village? f Outtcaber^, N. J.?Two Uoum h, one a Uin e story, Imilt? *i>r *??)y f??r a bakery; ihe Other hultui/w- for a duelling; ??nen have stauiea attached, with h "<n> I wed i t w^'cr. It vv.l! (o a k?'0<f < tiam'c t?>any uu'rprimi.g imio ft roinint'ioia?* hakiiii; luihinehs, us tlim o to no b?fcker in llo* vut.?.\ 4pj>ly io kouleli^at tin* U??mi br< u?*iy ?>i Koltlcr ,w i-nncki ouiu.'tila'r^, N. J., or to hqmri' Uwyrr?, uoar tint pi? in rppomte tkvvniieth tr* *?t, North river, N. Y. rw-nm ri/nm or ho. im bkudwav fittent icMMtioii for laai'Mi* i?iiMim*KN. Al?o h'-'-ontt Fl'K>r, furnished ir UDMirninhoil. H?ii r ami pan on cuch tloor; bath fcn tin? housr. A1m> a rv*ui>ir.iiii;tiuu h?.-tl lo the houw*. Infillro on ih? pr?'ird?i'H. r) I BT- AT EVE, w rtTUH s I'KR CO I ' I v. A NBA r lwt> klory, ittk alii] M ? , ?iti<>P\ )'tra, C&truiK1' ll<aii?', a. (iar*l< n itini over three iter*'* of ground. AU'nl low. Ap^ly at N'< . .r? Ludlow pfaee. 'HO LET?A cottaoe AT F1SI1KU.L LANDING, TWO 1 X hotit'N fiwi ' Itv, ' ??utatiling ten rooms, pitntrlrM, cpI- i Ur?, Ae., completely t'urni?b?'d; *Uo, barn and KUildtn, lour , acn-H of ground, direnly on the lludxou. v\it h .Ine view, ami uear the <!f|>ot; will la* h i in exrh.nuje lor a imully furnished j hotno- in town, fr??ni O.-toVcr lf? ? ? Mov? uiher 1 t?? May 1. IH??2. Aiipiy to F. A. DEW INT. Finhkill lanuing, or to U. FUK- j MAN. 27 <yortlaDdt stTVt'U Nrw York. mo IMM?TUK FOVM STORY UOCH& WITH AJf B X li ncion two ktorieH, Kiloale N??? iJ4 1I?'iihi?>ii street, l?e- | Iwt'fii ThompKou and Sullivan M'reei*. haa all the modern ! imprt/V' tnriiiH mid ih hi i/ rU'ci oidrr. Anpl> to UDOLPHO | WOtra, No. 8 Peavi r strict M^n t t."T Vn IK IBfCf T?I I I DTV UAItliTII CTDPl'T A < J. line l irjre four glory nto?i* front roaowond door* i *i?d Iiuni woik! triup.oi.K* ami nuitr% witii all lite mo?irrit imj>rov< moniH. Inuulre <>l S. W. BEN JiDlCT, corrn r oi'B;o?'!way an'1 Thirty-tilth atreet. rl^BT?-THE TfiHBB fiTORY BUCK DWBIUKOM wfi? Kir te??ntli nlre??1,in lumipleto order. Hah nil th? uoxit i /i Improvement*. ? -Arpt'i* arm <ari foe bought If ilealicd. Apply lu iM. MjLOAluNtf, Weil Fifteenth ircct. r LET?AT WEST HOBOKKN. A KM ALU NEAT AND I well nitwit ? **'! lioutM*. having NiiifaMr Jtrofitnioilulfon for ] a reftptclatole lamuy. Kent, $13 jier iimiiib. Apply to W1L- j Li A M aiNULAlB, EjUlwadtf avenue. TO IJiT-TO A SMALL FA MILT, AT 201 WEST TI1IR- j vy-l'ourih mi "l, tli" sejond Storv, w'.th Extehkiun, containing live rooms, with kitchen tit basement; ' ouiiilMi tbe anotlcin improvement*. A|>|>ty uit 1 111 premises. mo LET?A SMALL < ()TTA(IE. IN FIRST CLASS LOt'AX lion, comple.tcly furnished, uti the. iiortli shore, Statnn JUIatw, u> HIKIHIX, irotn Nuicmi-cr r XJi < eiuocr L for live months. Has a furnace, and water fori ed Into the hou?e. i'rlc? (300 for the Verm. Address A. 11.1'., Herald Wllnc. rpo LET?TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, 1'AKT OK A a House, situated In a unlet neighborhood, with All the improvement*. 132 Henry street. rLET? HIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. R6B 11ROADway, two doora above Union square; a>- place fur htMiuess. Also, the Basement a I the snine place. In%ut*? on the premises. rIJST-T0 A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE whole of the thir l floor, In a strictly laioily, obtaining mo lar?c rooms, three bedroom*, kitchen, k?? aud water; lite house in newly painted; rent, with idnln I nr. Dilute, (10 per uionth; without, $14. References exchanged. A?ply at .138 Weal Thirty-tilth street. nw LET-THE F017R STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, J. 232 Weal Thirty-second street; contains all the modern Improvements; rent (700. Also parts of several lluuse* in Thirteenth atreet. Apply to ROBERT USIiEll, Jr., No. 1S2 Waal Thirty-fourth street. rpo LET-TWO OK THREE FARTS OF HOUSES. IN X Eaat Thirty-thiril street, between Lexington and Third veaues; all modern iinproveineuta. Terms luoderule. Apply at 1U5 Eaat Thirty-third street. rliET?VERY LOW, TO THE 1ST OF MAY, THE Second Floor, together with three Rooms on third lloor, with modern improvements, in a three story luglt stoop krUk bouae. For further particulars inquire ou the pre liaea. No. 41 West Forty-third street. rl.ET-THE LOWER PART OF A MODERN BUILT House, with halls, furnished, gas fixtures throughout, aaalalnlng six rooms, with pantries, will be let low to a small iamily. Inquire on the premises, 173 East Fiftieth street. ITO LET-TO GENTEEL FAMILIES, FLOORS, OONX talnlng si* rooms, pantries and water. Rent troin $'.! to (11. Half Floors, three looms, pnntrtea mid water. Kent from to $6, n houaes 206 and 207 Eaat Tiiiriy-luurili atreet. I Apply at 23m Spring street. r LET-AT LOW RENT, EITHER' OF THE TWO Houses 141 or 161 East Thirty-second street, between hesoad and Third avenues. Innuire on the premises, or at 207 Weat Forty-eighth street, of LlCHTENSTEIN, or of JOHN FETTKEioil, 416 Third avenue. flV) LET-SECOND FI-OOR OF BKK'K FRONT HOUSE , X 143 West Twentieth street, containing fourrooma, with at KlUc room and wachrnom in thr. rear. For particulars (?Hulre at 468 West Twenty-illth street. Kent (11. j r LET?AT LOW RENTS, THE HANDSOME NEW I three alory House, having all the modern Improvements ibroughoiit, 162 Waverley piaee, near Sixth avenue. Apply to L. HUYDAM, 1M WaVr rley piaee. j ITO LET?THE ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ! X House 22? West Thiny foni'th stiret; utreet ItXI feet wide, j She laweit rent in the elty for the accommodation*. JtiHN S. KELMO, tf2 William street. r LET?FOR (J00, TO MAY 1, NO. 1?0 EAST THIRTYeighth street, an elegant three a lory high *10011 House, J With all modern ItnprovemcDU, newly frescoed and in goitd 1 ( pair, itx ludlnggas lixtures, Ac. Inquire on thi; pp inlses. urul JOHN MATHEWS, 82 Namiiu reet, room No. 8, lr?ai 1 to 4 o'clock. mo LET-TWO or THE PRETTIERT THREE STORY X Houaea in theelty; larue eourt yards In front; all modern improvements. Rent (2UU until May. Will lease. Inquire at 180 East Tl.irty-ihird street, near Second avenue, or of J. E. SHAW, K2 Nassau street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. f|K> LET?Tl. SF SFLENDID SUITS OF APARTMENTS. J. Each haa a wash room, kitchen, three bedrooms, |mri,ir and dining r.Kim, km and Cretan water. Kent fluu, (116 ml (ISO, mull May. Inquire at the corner of Fourth avenue and Foriy-hrst etrcet Murray Hill, ur uf J. E. SHAW, 82 Maasau street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. f|H> LET-ONE FOUR STORY FIRST CLASS BROWN J. stane House, frescoed In gold. Kent $550 nniil Mar. Will lean. Alio, cue for WOO. One 01 the beat localities In the ?Hjr. Inquire at IS Weal Forty-sixth street, iietween yilth and SUth a?enu?, or of J AH. E 811 AW, 82 Nassau street, from I to 3 o'clock. (TO LET?THE THREE STORY HOU8E NO. 11 LAItlHT X atreet, corner St. John's lane and directly iron ling Canal street, suitable for llgb I business purpoitee or a* a dwelling. Bent l<?w. Apply to R. L. 81'VIIAM, 168 Waverley place, ear SUtb avenue. qV) LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE JL House333 Went Twenty-third street, near Seventh ave dm. Location aud ncighlairlioiHl first ciaaa, Term* low to a responsible jxrHj-, For particulars apply to A. BERNARD, Broadway. rI.ET?STORE NO. R17 BROADWAY, AND SMALL Store N i. 4fi East TwelJth street; also the corner Oasenenl an<l Second Floor, comer, of 819 Broadway, Booms for societies, clubs, Ac., Ac. JOHN S. KEUW1, No. 02 William strewt. mo LET?THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE, CONSISTX Ini! of two parlors, two bedrooms and kitchen, with C'roton, to a smalt family: rent $10 per month. Apply in Fifty-fourth alreet. fifth house weat of Slith avenue. O LET-IN A PRIVATE" FRENCH FAMILYT NO. 310 Fourth alreet. neiir Broadway, two nicely furnished P. r]ora,oneof w hichtmay be fitted a* bedroom if required. Pri e Moderate. References exchanged. No objection to light buiusieaa. fpo LET-FURNISHED. " *FOR ONE YEAR Oil X eighteen month' to nn eligible tenant, at a very moderate rent, the House lfil Weat Fonrleenth street; at preaent<ic>\i. ied tiy the British Conatil. House and lot extra wftlth; garden in the rear. Apply to HOMER MOJUJAN or E. ii. J.VDLOW. Nos. 2 and 3 t"lne atreet. rLET-FOR $12 PER MONTH, AT 70 NORFOLK atreet, the second Floor, suitable for one large or two OMll iamtl'es; has water and waste pipe, halls ollcloihed sad lighted every evening. Possession immediately. T~0 LET?a Hl'LENDI d SUITE TTf rooMS, CONsTsTof parlor, (lining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, seven doMl*, gas, water and wokh vutia, and good yard. The lirat or will lie rented tow to a good tenant, lin.ii re at 483 Finn' ave., between 34ih and 36tl. out. rl.KT-A FOUR STORY HOI KE, >aKTI.Y~1FURnkabed, near Broadway, betwecu Bond and Eighth street*. It haa all the modem Improvements, and la In good srdcr It desirable the owner's lamilr, constat, ng of three, would board with the tenant in jiaymeut tor rem. Address bol 2,382 Fust ofliee. fJET-FURNISHED, A SUIT 6>-RobMS ON FIR8T floor, with B laemeoL, very nicely I urntahed, wuh every eoessary for hun<rke"piug if desired, or would let the rooms separately to geuuciucn, with atteudnnce if required, i Amij at lit) Weal TUlriy-jtrcuUi street. I / ] HOltfKtf, ROOMS, tfcC., TO LET. rpo LKT?PAHT OK A MOliKUN IIOI'riK; Hi;NT \ 1 x low. AIionII (he fluur, H\ i* tt^nitk, nt ;2s Bi way, ui a Blorw tiuil tlirrr*, rent $lt) AplJ tiMJTtf, I7.r? bn?*tf*ay, room lit, Irani 10 to 12 A. M. TO LKT OR LK NfiK-THK TWENTY riVK KKET VHi hU'O Hikd atuc*, IHO Tenth uvpihih, \% ith I ImprovHivnrup, suitable foroue ?r two fain?!? "?; i $MIO. Apply t?i 1*. H. Oil ASK, No. ft N*-n kIiccm, bciwee j uutl 'J or ai Kll'th ?wrni?, at 8 A. M. anil H I'. M. j rpo u;t on i.e\se~a cointry skat, tonta , I itiy Uaij-f.?i) itrrvh <if < U<it <- Iuud, Clun* qtiaxu-r* < ) mil** t*otith of tbf Htv of and art joining j Kr?icmaH of M \'Ms?, K*q. TM bonw* i? lar^i? <??>nino?tw>u#, tin* pl.???* ? >!! ?toiakiu] with IrtlU ohrubb^rv, *n<| thn suU?k, A?\. couvcuienl and In aoo<! 1 i)? i. To Ij*' hi, c.uupl?tH) (urni*iioti, aiul * itii ??? wilt | horn***, currla^M, . mIoh jfivon on ih?* l?i of vj'iiiIht. Kur pmi ticiiitin lnonirr on the* k, ??r ok WirrriJNTON No. I llanor*riui*pf, N. v. ImtiEK MUST OLASS IIOITHKS TO LET?ON T Httuib t?|?l* o!' Ki;I.n lifiit Mfft'U trlm-rii Th?r<l ami J ingtoii avpuura, with all Modrrii iiuproviMnotua. Apply lhi.? h, from I to 4 I* M.; will t ? UH?*?i*>ap. AVotli hor.H-s on Sxn? ? avenue, Korty-innUt ami Flit! ?lrc# i*, to t#? in v*?rv l??* in ttiHirn. to u haul*. Appl ?2USixi)? avriiuf. lo JAMKX O Ht'KCHKLL. WILL HE KKNTKD 1'IIEAP?A Nh'K IIOI'SE, Wl! 1* uuil furoi?h*?<l, )>J#*ji?amiy lo? au*<t iti vi? Ini.y < f YalUv Oranp \. !.. U ;*! n l*?l *?1 O b r mxkI !*t ??f Jrtuy noxi. Pur iMirti^ i'ar* adtlrcH* box P<*1 .-IMvo. ,? QTv HARROW MTUh<KT.?TO LET. A SUIT OF KOO ?'*/ furnished iiici'l.N, and having lath and g;m, will l>r for $( u wi ck, Also a h?viiiUl ul I'ailov lor W'Kftiliuul pilc?*t uufuruitflit'd. i'uU :nuui't\\:ii*iy. Reteret'.'vi> ?t'angrd. I *? I 0:14111 |,KU ANXI M.-TO KENT; A NEW T< V* V*\/ hi. ry II ih", in Ui?? villas of Won ftlo'.xikrn j < ?]?!> vt-ry hrattliv; n?*C aior* tbuu twruty initmt**** w I lniit* tlio lcnl*>, iM'Kidi'H Ni.igcM run 4.* very low Hiimi?of?; j every eonvonieni'o fur a "inall, wnieel liunily. Apply ti II, WILSON, ivnrvwi WaMtiiiutluri ?ud Ptiat s:irou, l?oketi, N. J., or W 1 At 'KSu.V A61 limudu uv. N. Y. HOUKK8, KUOI1S, ciCM WANTED. A lWRTMENTi WASTKI>,?A KI.UOH, I'ONTAIM v>Kj||iy, ??r |N\U Uo?4'?, ofl iho OHMl . l\0 ??1 tju; not h?d??w Kl^hth Mtvi't, wiifit#<l hy O'luln l I. fCfcli! IKK '.v.c"H(i $U |ht m-'Uth. l*oHiion near a ' i y rathcMd. dr? ?f, MiAtitig f ill |?-ii-ik-u 'rs UN t<# l(N<Htton, unctmi d.iti i.h. i? Y., box ll'!i lleraid oJIkv. A DOCTOR'S ObTU'K W.VNTKD--AT A MODEKA win. AMivhk, wilh full )>arthuli:r*, tor thnrcdn Sur^fi ii, Mailou A. ! \ rOAMUiifKD HOOftB WAJitKD?908 A Wl J\ rate li.H ty. to tak?* - I'W I ill r I'm or U-ivwoii Foiinh ami r < . cr< ? (?*. Fourth mo<{ >, i<i'liiirH, K? at a'.Hiui * t jm'i month. Apply to N. Hi*hop, 1(4 Hittadw;i\, ftoro iliNir. FjU'ENlWIED tlOPHE WANTE P ?I'!tE AT>\ I.KT!S 1 would like to litre .* Hinnli ViiMiifehtfil IIouho, tor * mi lnmily. i ?'t i?*o ftift^rl* up in Ity. ?>j ? nvpftirrit u> th?? 1 14* iu Ur<H?kt^ u. itt |?i ?.|). i ty im.-i ?.? in 4ii(tiT, i witii i?l!' ? .. . ffi-y. W.-uI.l liav<? no utWiii^, ilu* |ii'?)|M'i tv I *?r i"?** * * 4ii* luoro A4ldt?*hH M. Hi 4i ??f Eicuini; INIM. Tj^URMSIIEI) IIUl sK WANTK1>.-A SMALL Hot } I1 ni?-?-fy i ui iiiMiOii, by a liinu iuM^ n Hponvibie party, two |>- r^??iis. :r??m FoiiruMMiih Io Thirty fourih mr? ? t??. Ii in'-'?>ii ..ud lvglnh uv**inn'H. lo j.lion nai" :>< r d, and ii iit about Auulv at 82li . av. PKET k THOMAS 1>OOMS WITHOUT BOARIr?A nirTl&l ROOM A \j two Ik'.I 'Minis??t . hut I pri'U rr for a Ihi* U.\ lour p? r-.? us; l?> Iw !t I u< t i-! ?M, im* wH ii $ por n\..i will l>* ulvrn: uocx?:. ptl? na'?lr rrl< r? ui./?? gS?;.? .?n>i will roquireu. A-?dn kk Ii iaid oillc??. TVTANTKD? FOK V SMMA* I'AMJT.V, A RoOM A] f two ifcd ronton, hi it ri>p?'?tM?i?' i?? u iiix r ???> i, not im Twentieth i?li? ct; w<' ' Ai<U? o! f|^*j t*iV> t< r-ifrtol. A i ialating u* ms, location, ue., (iasurd, N?. 2 Aim birct I. UMNTKD-AN OFFICE, EITHER ON LOWER Fl-O f OA- i.?bl utoiy, eligibly Jo< a led ia iho Jmve* p..i< of tit) forth** transaction ? !' t!:?? wlu>l- ilc .. ,tor, at\. UMm it* ??i mum be low. Addre#*, s\i h uarfL nlai S. T. N" I .110 Herald office. 117ANTED-TWO OR T1IUEE I M I'RMSHKl) ROO it iii a ,;ood locally , briwii" lau.iiy prci? rred; mot m be mtHiciiiit1. Ad drew H. S., f 1 < ?ld oilier. \V.\>n;i>-?? w;t op \ ;majj house, extii Jr n|i?r or lower purl, ior ? in^vty of tlij ot>o:i*; too tip town; r?ut mnsi be reasonable. Aiiof-stf it. II i* raid office. 1 \T A NTBi>?A If A RT of * HOUSE, IN * RB8PK1 Tt able neighborhood, between Ko rthandt nth and Tenth ?ml Tw? -my-.'inh sir. "t*. with wnicr arid yjtm, a small respectable family ot adult*. T? rms om?i b?- in. rate^ rueicepunnshlr rcfeivnee given, sn<t *ern?"i. tenant* socortai. Addr?**.o lor ope week S. A. K, IX?-< i-Hi- **. \ffANTED?I AUT OF A HOt'hK, BY A FAMILY I? three, fi?riifs>b*l for housekeeping; *eonnd Uoor t frfrnd; m>i ?)w:rr TuTnty-ilfih itrect. The, parties will jMfntiM&t, Mid Wish tn|el will -i m nadl ?iui41 tgiiilly t?>i winter. Adiires* lor two day* J. \V. K, Herald oiik?. WANTED?A t>MALL, NKATIA FUKN1HHKD IUH oi' H or if Rooms, vs nil ail tli<> mo Vrn improvement* ! a quiet ami peotopl tiri-'Ubc.rhood in the eity. Bent no autre t $40 a month, mm to be paid by the month. H- hi care taken of furniture, aud Mtti?fa> Cory reiVrcucc giv rail ai 29 Wept Twenty-sixth Mrert. WANTED TO IJJHK?A HOTEL, WITH FIFTY ( sixty acres ef land attached, for a term of yenrs, * the privilege < f buy tug it at any time mi a ret priee. will 2UU miles ot New York. Addrcga H. D. J2., Jamaiia, i. PROPOSALS. \RBOATTA WILL BB 9A1LRD FROM DAVID P al Halierhville* N. ?l., <?n Thui-Hday, 8< pt. 20, 11% o'clock prrrlwlv. The (irixe* will ronuist of a m )en< wi?>f <*oU)rn for rmh rlii8?, rioop rijifr**<l ar.d oat lifted, ei cl*M in Mart ?e|iaral?'Iy, and no eniranct* IVe. In cane, i weather shonld prove uniavoiabl?> the riMv will taki* plure the next lair day. A grand fhowder. Siegee leave Jeri i 'ity ereiy hour. Far#-' 10 o?tnt#?. PROi'OHALB FOR REVENUE VER8EL8. TnkAHVRY DkPAH 1MKHTy I wasiuacton, ^?'pt. :i. 1h01. t The department will receive proposal*, at ("unpaiiffd iiumIi'ik, plans and ?peclfl<attotw, nntil 12o*?'i<N-k Mom); .Ulth September, 1861, for ihe complete conatrnetioD a equipment of two ntwim wrew revcntio vc??ejs of 750 tc each, and of three steam scrrw revenue vessels of <KM u each. United HUKI measurement. I'i iijxihkIk will only be considered from successful it earns] builders actually engaged In thiit business, and the name the murine steam engine c*tabll?hmnnt at which the stei machinery I* to be made uutl be stated, nod will have d weight. The lorn] draft of water of the ream'1a of 780 tons mum i exceed ten (10) feet, and they will be, armed with one rill pivot gun of 8,Off) lbs. weight, two 32-plunder gun*of 42 rv and one heavy navy 24-pounder howitzer on the tnp-gallj forecastle. The complement lor cach vei-sel to be 120 per* I carrying provision* for si my day*, and 2.HUU gallons of wa in tanks; to be furnished with a coiideuaer for distilling jio ble water. The vessel* to be aebooner rigged, with flying gaff lopsa! square nail, and yard to net flying. The load draft of water of the vrs?l? of 000 ton* must i exceed feet, and tbey will be armed, wuji, with one rit pivot gun of 6,5001l)ii. weight, two32-pouhdcr*of 42 wt? a one light navy 24-pounder howitzer ou the top-gallant fo eaat'.e. The complement for CArti vessel will l>e ninrty-flvc p on?, carrying provision* for sixty days and 2,?>0' gallons water, in tanks, and to be furnished with a condcn*ci distilling potable water. The vessels to be schooner rigged, with flying gaff topaa square sail and yard to set flying. The proposal must he for the huJl, spars, rlpging, sails a canvas* work, mast coats, awnings, hammocks and lia boats, anchors and cable*, tank*, casks, bimuicies, bells, I nlture for cabins and lueesrooms, cooking apparatus a utensils complete, steam machinery, anarc work, coal bi ken, tilled with Duck Mountain coal, tvlth a.'l the cqiilpinci and outfit* of every kind, and In all respects ready to iti her olllrera, men. iirovialon* and armament, and at onoe D ceed to sea. The armament*. provision*. nautical instrument* charts only will he provided by (he guvormuent. It ts desirable to have the highest attainable speed, wh must be slated in the offer, together with the length of ill It oan be maintained and tlie quantity of cool that caa carried In the bunkera for that speed, which should Dot lea* than for ten day* of twenty-four hour* m?eh. The specifications must describe fully the material to used; the manner and size of fastening; the detail of-1 ire, finish and arrangement of the machinery. and of t various equipments and outtiu Included In I ne propositi. The plans must be working drawings, from which the v el and machinery can he built, showing the u|)otnienl space for accommodation*, sleam room, magazines, si: room*, disposition of coal, and convenient slow u?o. must provided. It I* to be understood that In the son tram a guarantee v be InserKd of the fnllilmeDt of the condition of dealt of t ter, speed, fuel, satisractoiy working of the machinery, a other points required, with a forfeiture In cuae of failure. The bidders must slate the hiast time from the aigniug i contract or acceptance of the proposal within which tl will agree Incomplete the vessels ready for seji and deli' them at any ports they may name. The total amount wbteli they will engage to do all that is required in the fore ing advertisement, and to be embraced In their spcrllicatii and plana, moat ha stated, and the bids must be accornpan by the guarantee required by law that. If awarded, they * execute the contract. daymen* will be made at four different interval* as I work progresses, retaining one-lifth of the whole amon for ninety (90) day* alter the delivery of the vessel, to rep any defect* that may be discovered w ithin that time on ti at sea. The Department reserve* the right to accept the propos made In conformity with the condition* prescribed whlel may consider most to the Interests of the government, # to combine tin' greatest number of advantages, and to rej any or all of them at lta option. A competent person will be appointed by the Departm to superintend the con*miction and equipment of each of1 vessel a The specification*, plana and models of parties not obtn log contract* may be withdrawn by them. B. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treaaurj DRY GOODS. (CLOAKS AND BRAWLS. J E. 8. MILLS * CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS GREAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. 342 AND :m BKOALIWAY. ON FRIDAY, SEI'T. 27. 1*61, BY LOCKWOOD 1IR<>1 EilS A UNDERBILL, 2J Mnrraj is tree I a:>dS3 War treet, regular ml insiHin oi Domc'tii?, Cloth*. Cafedmerea, fair eta, Vesting, ShawlH, Hlobona, Milks and Straw 0o< together With a general aaaortincnt u! Staple an J Fa; gooda. ~ hiuueari J^LOWERS. Some of the fairest trlilea in creation are ornimei flower*. A speciality in BRIDAL WREATHS AJTD BOUQUETS, are tbc perpetual favorite* of civilized *<* l"i v. JAMES TUCKER, 789 Broadwaj Mme. railings having .tust received t Fall Style*, aelected in Pari" by her hna'iand, ? h?* cdtlle* for obtaining the moat de?lr?til" Pattern* have 1 been appie lated by the ladle* of New Yorl, will open Ml iustatit u select asaortment of Pari* Millinery. lien totueraami the public generally arc invited to call, with other InvltatluD. Mo, 31a Canal itrcet. i " MATRI MOfli I AL>. A GENTLEMAN OF S< ME MEANS, AND OF EXC: lent HUn.ini - and cha ncier. ?lrf? 10 fi rm the quaintance (wi h a view to m . lmon>)oi a I ilyo. landing an< c.hara er uho a mi ami.- Tii-.naiH own, and w o la i>"i I m inn. i, n and < I -. pomnv n : iuawllltie n ..ere,l->trl I e fl.leitlal. dresa Henry A. < rringlun, New Volk city P. at oOLe, ?ta fc, J&tKi.hUi venue. SEW YORK HERALD, TE BOARDIKO AND IiODGTWO. V \ BMAIjL l'ltlVATK K.VMII.V Yl'OVLI) I.KT A IIA rut i Y H'im'ly fwrnUhod Ktii? ot K<*nui?, a i'arltit and two | montM, a hath room ad inuum*, i?n ilir MH*?>nd Hour. * | Hoard. The hotiM* liatt all ll??* modern imurov?*m*'iw* ai jil? aa*ntly Uuati'd on Murray llil). Inqulrr ut 2*1 !.< ' imt i 14,11 *V4,|,U,,? third Iiouh? ubovo TUtriy-ri^luli *tro?t, 1< ^ 1 r^noei rMjuirnl. rj A I'ADV HAVINd TAKEN THE FIRHT t'LAKS HO J\ 114 Heeond avenue, ournorof Seventh Mtreftt. ha? a Hull* and mUo moiim? * Ingle Room* t?? of. 4'a! boitae or oddreim box 8,3Ki New York K??*l uflloa. AT ?! WHHT Vol*KTKENTH STREET, HETW1 '? il Filth avid Sixth avenue*, hup* Ilmuo*, iiuudboiiu'ly mi '*In milu or aingle. Alto Minaller Kooui* for #V J* nun, with Hoard. The hoiine has all the modern Imur i.iiit I Ki'I<t? uoi'? r\( U?nu<i(l. in: A T l,l? AND 1,138 BROADWAY, BKTWEKNTWK* j J\ lifiii tin] TA't'iuy-fhlli NtdNiUi, liriti' Klt'iii Avciiiii> II ! hundftoiiie *ulu of Rooiiia, with private talile?; nil tin* hum .... : flowm nee*. Ainu Kooui* lor hIiiuIo u?*nUciuen, i "?E j in" i \ DWnUBlM scir ami OTBKK VtRY M iMljj ' iV aant U>H*nu, in a hoiue kept ulre nml private, with . i ia*M Hoard. Fnvate table If |ir?MWHHl, Refer* net h 3 rhuiifcd. Apply at Itf Ltiivci?jiy piuoe, corner ot Ninth ? lT A f ?W5ATLY REDUCED PRICES?NKWLY F ' -*V nUheo Koom#, lroiu )l to$2 .V) |-'T a??'k. Lodi; I rum *6 to 37 cent* |>er night, at the Frankfort Ilotutvxii ^2 Fnuiforl mid VYUiiain ttlreom. Open all night. A KI' UNISI1K1) I'AKLOR, AN1> MEDROOM ADJC J\ ifitf, on Keeond or third iloor, to lei. to a wntlfman * wile, ulili bent olaceoiniioHiaUotiB In hoarding, with a pii l.iimiv, near Tlilrty*tirst afreet, betweeu Broadway uml V ' ivrnut), Addr?M(N t 4,198 Font oJOoe* At the LAnaa rxusr clam double docu im7 Bloecker mieet, we*t of and near Br< adaay. if " V ally ur*t cUhk luinily Hoarding Hoium*, with Loom* nn ,y : pjflffritIn il/fland aom .n, Intuttiioi !:?u!< ; ttooitea '. plaee in tUo city tor the style and quality of what in oM'e ' J | IJi. ' A SMALL i'RlVATL FAMILY DKSIRK TO l.r/T TO ( j or two tangle g-'Mlomen a rhlily lorniAhed nail I Ajlartincut*, toother or (dngly, with or w"Uout p.i { II ?ard. Huumj combine*ovory modern ix?nvenicnce. A ^ a. .)7 ItlM Tin, . i.Ui mt. I liiion iqUATf. vO i I'lUVATK FAMILY WILL lhy A HAMiSOMK S *Y Uootti , 1 II) I ) )> .1 or not, to Otlff " too PR |0ltUci I wiui iHU'llulliouriii* ilcfcircd. Alto a Mngivs iUu iii, A at.V< Ninth btreeL, near Fifth avenue. !uo A T M KAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET?ONE * i tHu lamiiio* (all ho haQdaouiely u^'tiiumodan^, 'k two or there " ingle ; < iiil?in n. Home* ni*t clane; in email; teriua low. Ut it r? iio h o x~r hanged. \ FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON KEC< iloor, liandMiini ly l'urtiihheii. to let, with B' ard, ,s. | nUe for a gentleman and wile. a1jm> a?"oinmod:inou I *'h j Kin le K^nUeuiuii. A oiti.-l home nal'/.**u. i<rt>i,viae * eiiao^'d. Ap|iiy at &J urove atreet, between Bleoeker ! Hudson. i'k I FEW YOUNG MEN can BE A<VOMMODA' * *H j J-\ with gi od ii'iatd; aifco a law younj^ ladies. No. 40Kr ' 1 .i Ktri et, near Broadway. md j - - ? ' i n"' '?i i'm1 t() ! A (iKNTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND A BEAI A| mi trouf Room, furnlabod of uul iruifbed,ou mm ' l.ot>r, with 1'rtutri.fc aud privaUt ? ath; alw? < ther plea f", | IUhiui* lor 8tn>,l?' g*:iitlt*nni), with partial iivurd, ht y . j m* n Kor mrevi% corner ot Thompson. " ' \ FIIONT T'ARI.OU ANI> HKDKOOM, ON 8KO llooj, han?i#"moly 1 uruihlicd, to l?-t to??n?* or two Hi I lill UU'll i?r it (,? IIill'IIillli Mid Wlir, kit U HIIDill lUlllii.v. ' or wi;Uoul Bu.?ru; bath, Jfce. Apply utt>4 Amity ?ir?w S'I A I'ttlVATE FAMILY, IIAVIKU MORS K( " I -.1 Oniii they i piirr, will i. I u> KruiliMiu i., without R?i !l , u ii.uiiUoiuvly luruiahcd K^im, wuu rraio .mil A M il ' i Bro in? r* fcnl A* W*ST TWENTY FIFTH SI KM ! BA " 4\ sonu-ly I uriii*hrd Koouia to l< t, with hrat Hoar u'? J iamili's or kid;1?? tfenthmen. Locution v* t y pleuMunt, < ^ mil MIaft* i >.\ ?. i.?. Avaxvcu Family, OOOUCTIMtt a MODI houar*, would accommodate a family of adult* ui | party of'a f?tw single gentlemen, with a well furnished se. ??r ApartmeiuN iiir'l ii ur?t class Freueli table, The best i h?x r?m?*s given and required. Apply at No. 47 West Tw? h!l ? t, 1>? Iw * '!) Filth and Sixth avetiue*. 118 i A 8MALL rim* ATE FAMILY, RESID1NO AT NO. u*i JY Writ Fortv-ihlrd street, between BnHttWMy and Kit . avi inn*, would diftposa of two ur three pl? snail t Km mis, y Board, on moderate term*. References required. PI u- t IT 'A* EAST TENTH STREET, v'ONV ENIENT 11., ?.! Broadway, to let, with Board, a d* *lrable t?2?-iuhl Fl Wether ?-r 8pp.4r.tte, lurnlfched or unfurmshed: also, u pi. a?ant hack l\u lor and large fourth storv Kooiu. T. . u. * , I T NO. M EAKT SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR I N 'or j JY h iuu! e,?Spacious Kofiiift to let, with Board, oonitei ?l? . or * ingle: also a l'ai lor on llrst l!i>or. Mil I ? 4M I A TIKSf RARLK SI IT OK ROOMS FOR FAMIb j a'V. wishing a plca:.ant homo for the winter; aluo *1 " [ Koiiium with full or partial Board; ltottm* Urn* cla*a, dell OF J 1'iiliy located, at *2) Fourth street, Washington mpiare, Mfe. 1 lH I IT 126 NINTH STRKKT? A FEW POORS WK.ST UiO J\ Bloa?i\ ay, io II tlib Hoaul, a flM I ?<t < ? K ? v uh bathroom attached. The accommodations are am pit a ?:iiko I'i'Uiiiv, or would Ik divided. R<*f? if u?wh ?xchai SE ? - ? ? , m 4 BACK PARLOR, ON FIRST FLOOR; ALSO SI t ' > JX. of haudhoiiiiily luiiiiahod Rooiiih, on *'?oiid and l "1' il?>or\ nultablc forinmllie* ?n ainnjlr ^onil' iiuui, to rent, t*u. Board for th?* winti-r, in a (lrat ciasn houaa, So Want Twi win el, ne?r Filth avenue. Terms reasonable. OR A StfAiX I'ltrVATE FAMILY OF ADl'LTS, RKS!D ^h J\ in \V<>t Tvm'ijI) -Mron.i street, would girt- ihe rholr ain ! iw?. or thr**" l.irs" Roouih, w ith Board, to a gctilleman I wife or two ^I'ntlenx'n. So objection lo one small ^hlld. dr?*ss box Md Post office. a vievi v vnnvffinvn vpovt on/m vo 1 pt ?* [)L I A or without Bourd, iu a Hinall private lamilv ; home l at Ma well lurnlshod; Km bttbt Ac., and is well k [jj-j terms moderate. Apply at No. 120 told No. ?M? Fifth an u h near ?econu avenue. on 4 PLEASANT HOME FOR THE FALL AND WJNTJ ivy iV On a farm in Conneeticut, \vli??r? j/ood necommodat with every comfort and convenience curi tw bad. good 1 in^ and tl&hing on a lake wiiMn a short distance ol' the bo Apply at Nassau street, room No. ft. 4 RMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE R< hv J\ than lin y require, would accommodate n gentleman ny. wife, or a lew single gentlemen, with Board; lb* hou* rid pleasantly located, and contains all the modern impr him meute. Apply at JM Amity street, Brooklyn. A' " LADY, HATING a HOtFfllS IN A QOOD LOCATJ will jet the Room* eu suite or singly to gentlemen of their wIti1", <ir sfrtjle gentlemen; references exehanj ?m meal* pun tual. Apply at 66 Weal Tweniy-lUth street, at* ;ue door east of Hixth avenue* iot A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW SINC led A gentlemen, can obtain >,*ood Hoard, with pleasant t., nMie I or unfurnl>hed Rooms, in a private family wl ml rtnre are but t'?w boarder* taken; terms moderate; rete na, re* ex banged. Apply at 215 Clinton aired, near llenry, ] (er York. A GENTLEMAN AND Witt, OK FOUR SINGLE 0 J\ ilemencau obtain vc 17 pleasant Rooms, iurnUhe< unfurnished, on second lloor, v\ Itli hoard, on mode iot terms, in a private iamlly. Inquire ai V4 Carroll *11 Brooklyn. nd r"- 4 PARTY OF GENTLEMEN DESIRING A GC ./V h^me with a private futility, can have a p.'eaeai* "l of Rooms, consisting of a well lunuhtied Parlor and I ;or room* on Benin.I Ifunr. Private table lr pre re rred. Te ,or reasonable, Apply at H3 Went Twenty-second at reel. lu> * QEKTLKXAN asu with: ok a COITPI* Wl nd J\. gle gentlemen may be accommodated with Board ... private family. References required. Inquire at 7*5 V fir* Twenty-second street. "nd A WIDOW RESIDING IN A NEW STONE HOT llt J\. newly furnished, between Fifth and tiiirh avenue* lv?? town, ean give Huperi?*]r t*ei"Minio latlouM to'a, lady and 1 ' t;euuMu with Hoard or the lady stid tall or partial Board the gentleman. Address J. U.f but J26 Hrrald t * ACCOJUrrxsiiED ^juirtPwioow-. FROM T ich ' #0uOiVy, dr#4TV ? Board in a hotel ?w rcnicef. hoi me waero her mcrvlOM an?t society would be equwaient^or p lie i> so, for Board. Add re* A. J).t >1 artisan /njuarr post ofli A'* FEW KICELY A fit) HANDSOSKIiV FURNISH Rooms lo Jet, without r^aftl, to gentlufaen only. Lbo eallonl^ three d??t?rs irom Mmiidway a0<l#ne.arlv opp<j Lhe Ball, iilaek ACo.'m. Appty atti^i'iince alreet. ' ob 4 SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THJ of J\_ own h<Mise, are debiroiiH ot renting a handsome ** < . 11 eonauulng ot three Ko?uns, with baih <>n same ll< bu u1h<?, a very pifanant iront Room on tnird iioor, to a part) rmiiemen, ar a amall family; the hnuae contain* ail mo<J rill improve menu}. References required. Apply immediate^ va- 2ot L* \1 ?gu?n avenue. v A CARD TO BACHELORS.?SEVERAL WEIaL F "* ./jL nished Ro<unii will be let to gentlemen, with full bo. Theac-omuio<iati? n? are liri?t cia?8. and would be dei?r ["er lor a parly 01 friends or a small club. All >, two or tl lor g^iitleinen can liave dinner only, If dtIreU. IS# I- if tfi n\ Ko- - /n5 A N ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ?UIT OK ROOMS jii J\. ae?:ond lloor, to lei, with I'oaiu, wui.'able for a family; rul so, R?ioms lor siugle gentlemen, at 74 Fliih avr. mi AT?8 WEST FOURTEENTH BTKKET, BETWl A. Fllih and Sixth av*inue?-,i>o.4C<l, will* pleasant au,i Hovuis; al#o, Room? for ^in|;ie gentlemen. iielereucen changed. Dluner at six o'ci^k. Ais ...11 . . ~ i'j, A DV1CB TO ?K?TLEMEN DESIRING I'EKMANI i,?i -A. I?>ard.?hitpt-nor lurcoimnodatiouii cau lie obtained, \ uct u1' the eoiuloits 01 itn ugreuuiile home, lnitaoilal pre family in Jrrary Oily, located In Ike mo?t de?lr..l>lu j pnt within three mlnuti-n' walk ol the lerry. it-,.'rente* Lbc changed. Addrraa >1. E. S., Jersey City Post uilleii. ,ln A 1UUHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE CEHM J\. f?m lie, without children, occupying ? no.t < Ul** iki r. vi .il lt-t a chile- ?l handaomclr 1 uriilnhcd Rnomp, with ? or paitlal flunrd nrfprlvate tal'le. French anil Ennllnl poken. Apply 48 k*?i ?irerr, near JJroniiua A private family wi..l lbt a lakoe 8e0(. .A tlnrjf front Room, witli single ted*. to two grj men. wua oieaklaat and tea. (3 eaeb. lli& Went tie It-mill * Licet. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, WHERE THERE / -[j. il. no oo.ird< raor e nl.ireii, baring mole io -tn uian i ri h r"' w"' 'vl ,l P"rl"r un'4 on nei olid ll<->i, ir a.1.1 elegantly .uraifhiM, with room al joining, g> iil.cinaii, without board, Inquire >u 17 EinlVvlnii>i j, A SMALL FAMILY HAVI.VO MORE ROOM TI u,? J\. I bo) req iir.. ..ould l-t on- onwo well furuii iiuuinn, ;or g iillen.e:i and llieir wlven; Mac, ban>Jaome ir?m nal. itoom*; imit&c lam cla?<; dinner at ?- Call at No. 11 Ai'iuguoi. failure. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DEW RE I'll L BOJ J. V iii ii h rv Uy private l'amily wiere tneiv iireiino bonier*, in h x .-d location, miiii a pi> ?-.iiit ivulk 1 r-u;i Hal a n Relerenoei exchange I. Adi.rewt Doctor, s.";i Ci street. Artr.ll FluMMlfcu itu.iM, wiul t ilii. II, a gua, Ac., lor a single gentlrnni i. ana mrne , Foiirut avenue, 70 eum Twelflu mree?; a week, ine ' g n In. lu le.i. 'IE 1JOARD.? 1U !Ei . WI I'll HUAIt;1, T II w 11- -I) hiev- ut'i .ji" t) a l"i (h ,iv-h u,iu ttiivci piimw,? vend M?iy i'ront Runm. >urn<xi e . thu ? .i . <H- l)OARI? -A Smile tiE.STI.KMAN ok lady tan out 1) accommodated with lull, partial or without Hoard, p; rate latiuly. at 116 Vartok ?ireet, twn iIihus mini Brou t'aii all tile week. BDARD.-WRLL FURNIHIIED FRONT ROOMS

lei, with Hoard; iiei|(liL?>rhiH?l pleaaanl; bvatinti a - I venienl to earn ami at.i^ea. A|j|ily at HI Weal Twenty-a IIKr* aireel. Reieiemea ??i bunged. Ii r "" 1 -? AU "I>?)Altl>.?A t.KVn.EWAN A Ml WIFE, OR TVVi) I A' - I) tile neiulemeii, tan outaln pleamiit R unm In a inn liou u..u?e, with all Hie impruvciueiita, at Hi ti.nib ?ircei a doora weat of Hroadway [URSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1861. J boaroiyo v\n nOAKD HWKKHlR irrOMMOftATtONfi FOK OKN- nPK> H? ?i? j I) ttainon *ml wiv?* or licinlomitu; wpkit I iii*>.ii v% 11U with modern ? ouvoult ?)? ? *, ami olt?.iniiy ii;rni*M'd: mtihig i In n or * id t? i rtNini ('.iitimwtlAn id iiarlorft mid vrry handsomer, tnoif iiivi ' iiUmi'K* i ;Im* I c!aa*; dm no i *' (Aiuily v?:iy Moalr, i?:iiih modorau\ j trie- ai 177 K.i^t FourtfPiith Mtv.-t, near S.eotid avimir. j . |>OAUD ? A SMALL I'RIYATK FAMILY, OCCUPYING i T.'?w.| USE ' Uu'ir own honw and having apart* room*, uirrljr fiirnlah- j K?hi Tw (Vw j ml, would a?< ouiii?mt;it?* oiio or two uemltuinii and itivlr I 11 hi ! MivoH. ll?n?H<a with nil ihr in?H|rro imprut'*tr<. ut*, idc.tKaiit- j L^t'Kh | ly 1<><*lod in T**fiiiy.hUth turret, nrar l.c*lni;loo avfiun*. X1 ??*i . ArfdivfH ii. C., Midikon K^uar.i 1'oat o flier. IUM>vt?nti?* tix- provaqi om , dMMifsd* *md IN n"ll- | I>OAKl>.-A ll.\M>SO.MK SJ'tT OF KOOM8 ON TjU'.ltH o\r- | 1 ' iMtcoud tl?M r to r?mt, with full or pari ml Hu>iril. )Ioiim> r ll<? in mi t'laftM, wiih mod*-mi tuiuroYtiinrniN. AImi Room* trr m niiwiII tiiiuk lonilmnou Apply at 1j9 .Sidlb itr<*u(, weato/ Broad- Haai TU IT\ i way. oirf, , /1EN1 l. rn "noAKlr?A UKNTLKMAN AND WIFE AND HKVKJIAL II lit a iih I* Miifcle geiiihuun run obtain vrrv )|oumnu a| irliuctith, floor, wI I I'tirnitli^d or iiiil untlidmd, wlch Board, in a private family, p>iu ? occupying a lioti*"'in a\t?ry dralrable and ?onvrt)tr?i iorail- ?tiwi, , F. A- I t.v. Apply at 34 W?at Tweoty*arcoud Hn-fi, bfllwrru Kit'lti iiVit | uud HiMli avoiiik l"" | ijoakd.?to t.kt, with hoard, a j1am1somk1.y pi] ! IJ turnlwhrd Parlor and Extrusion Room, $1 ft jwr wM; UK- ! nlnoa thud ?tnry Html ami mid Room: i nn?$l"? i?? r \v??U; 1TANI im;u 1 ai?o luo mid K "'Mm, $4 flOund $3 p*r wrrk, at IfWlSaslFonr- |"| ,,r rurr 1 i*ruili *tie? i. Diiiiirr hi 0 u rlm k. lUlnvmv* ?X' h*j g i). ^i-n'leio all the i , ~|>OAKD.?A LADY, LIVING ALONE IN A MODERN | ply at N >1\. ' 1) Iioium*, woiiM Hk?* to l?rt a plCHWitil, uivtllly lui'ldKhrd | and ' K??oin or Suit ol' tonnnH, lua lady and i, Hoard lor , i v \j Viiitj | ? ; < <?nvrniiMii lo ? jij * Hla^i *. A.??? Wrt. Gordon, t 11 ii, Mfth | Muuimin Mfuarc Fi?*t oiluv. j curi a < avtuur. ?- "OOAKD.?TWO VERY NICK ROOMS ON TJIK HEl'OND NO, ' lloor, uvula Mr lor turn and th< u ornliigle 1 1AM tit" I r nilrmt'ti who nomd r< torn (oM**hri Tlte houM- loiitalnf Q hu Kur- I 'u U,u uwdrrn iiniuovemonU an*; \h in a central lo alliy. num. J prfit ' I*r?r?*N rearfoiia">!? . Iitqulrr at 37 lia-l Elrvrmli hln n. rr Ntn<?> B'"1' OAK'? IS V I* K1 \ \TK K \ M 11. V A GF.NTLKM A N lion arid wi(? ran t??^ u? '>.iiiiiiialai?*d with i handtumiflx lili- | 1 ?i-i ,Ar' nndwd I'firlor ami Bedioom >-n thr m-rond iloor of till ilutn- , ;?<vouun rtl- i ' *n,,,,d 'ir?m, briw?H u Fourth and liUvrkt r atri-rU. Alao u ) $| jyo j < pply I'-uotu tur a ?;oml-n?an. Refmvnrmi required. cornmi IJI'AHD IN A PRIVATE AMERU^N FAMILY?FOR A 11UT1 I) pmiitaman and wife; aIm* <<n<'<>r two M figli-Ki*nitanu*ii; I I $1 I IT iik.... inn one oi tUrbt ^iin int. en , i-S i o\in^t>in avium*. iiatian ?? ?. I V?rk. i fi'ly IJOAKU wan"l.;i)? HV two 0ENTU5MEN. IN a ! muiim. I) Htnrtll fitinlly whcrti thnreHut fttw hmriltn<; hrviiK- ! t hwd and tea du?ui^ tint v?et k; dinner on Hundayii; bullion 1 Ai*K OR iwtwrrn Twenty tl.lid atrl Forth*ill sirfi'in, md M.uUnoij and *) r,. al*o | avrnucM; r?*li rrui-irit ^ivrn and ruqnll'rd. Addreaa Imix utsUed mily jfcu y i*. m oltk* t ,||| ami UtM IJOARD WANTED?HY A TARTY CONSISTING OF A )ND I> ncniIt'inaii and wi.e, <? Udy, daughter ajfwd ??*vpu, and T ARU ll . - i .nni ii.ii. up four gmuemen. The locution um at toq 1 j or ?r a I p*nt?*i'l; 1 he iiMims, t urnitnrr :iiid hoard llrxt rliiiM; ilio prit-rH | nillv. m 1 r\. to Milt t'n* tiin.'.i. K"l\*rrnri? !* * |i?iA'ldnuM Omli rofc, i(rulit*:n and box l.iWO I'omi oniiv, hivoi^ partlrnlarH ol looation, leruiK, Jkr. T OM BOAUl) WANTED?IN FIFTH OR MADISON AVKNIJIJ, h an ??r l'ourt?tcMi li oi i'vvrniy-tliird atrroi, hy .? ^I'Utlrinain h^litan auk* wi!' . rhilil ami in.mi; U(*l *tory r?(|uir?-d; taiyo j urlor, writ furniHln d. and two Urur Ix^diooiuw, with pri.aii* lahic, at \ I KS. |a r wri'k lor Mix u. intliN. Addri?hH D. !>., Random, N. V. J>| .,i LTI ) j it i.i r.h i I Ju \KI> WANTKU?KOH A OKSTI.I M\N, WIl'K, Ewryu -J?ni j 1) tiirrc I'luld ? u, maid M*rvaut and boy, and i?nviMiU'iir?' hoiiMt*. US i : 1 cptuinl wiibln nUtiol N 'h [ own roc I Yni k i l:y, in uoi?. aliby itn-uiiou. Addn f*t'outiiry ii\ .ird, I a day. | Hcmld oiuce. >NU I I \|HK lute |31MUD WANTED? A SINGLE C.ENTLKMAN l>KSiUKS , lYl With _|J a Room, lurniMied or nnfurni^h d, with pat (tut Hoard; j tl.i?iin< ?*t. j l* rathti} west of S-vf'iiih avenue hi til between iwuui) i Mr lor; j anp thirty *uth*ireeu. Ml tuiaw*th must *mte loeathm and 1 >OM j i rniH, wtii< It iuu*t be moderate. Addrt vt I'axion, bUlinit T, *\I EW ard% I N?w VVrk.rity. ll ill pply I - - - -- ~ Utll ||ni Board wan fed.--a professor of mtsu? de m??u-* all** a Room, lumUhed or unfurnished, with partial lull situ! ND- ii'Mrd, In exehatige for tuition. Would | ay part money. tivogr?> d, to Address ManulnK, ?ta: t>?n t', New York. and ?oj, t'ars ? ?"* - I hour fr Board wanted?in a res i*e< tabu? an ok the iau livtuh lamlly, by a ^eum-iuan and his sister; two RAYM illN ' K? oms, either separate 01 adjoining; loeaiion bi-tweeu PourtU >r a t alio Fourteenth sirreth an i M'rono and rflxih avenue*. Ad- 1^^* ' hull j dP-sK, RiuiUiK term* and lull particular*, A. 11., box 176 lie- ?\ Tl raid office. if dealr 'lltli [ - ? leri-m** Board wanted.?a gentleman and hiswifk ttrhiiH Board iu ? |rri.ate family, on tin- west Mine o: the \J D'lt j city, frlow nut to ex* ?ed $U) per m?>iilb. Andres* J. M. U.t -i^l v* ?hth j j'Hj button street. lilnvt'in Mtb moder.i Board wanted-in fifth oh vadison AVENrr, j not above Tiurty-iouith street or below Fount ontb i YJERi" TO | strei t, by u ^entbuiun, wile, ehild and her rant; i j out room, I a-' ,Mt\ j with uufi or two heuiooin* adjoining, on ?**-oiid ttoor, r? - de.rn ca very j <;i; </Hi, and will b<* iak?<n for the winter; private family pie- ni*hed j fWrrd. Address Jackson, hoi 1,211 l*ost> oflh-c? ?hai?isei ION I -T>nABl>IN?J?AT TKNTII KTHKKT, BETWKKN I -t4?ii |j Firnt avenue and avenue A. Gemlfinen and their wive* I uin can be aeeoniittodated with Hoard find Hoonis on the inoat Fowitei reasonable terim<. A ciukll I'arlor, lbnlroom And clothe* men. 1 IKS c.luset will be let to two, giiM included. The house ha* all the ntfle mod<'i rt Improvements; in eouvenieiu to ears and atageM. I>AR'l Mpt* I BOARDING.-GENTLEMEN AND TIIKIK WiVK**, OR jTuth ? ttinff}" gentlemen who like a comtortahle and eheerl nt ' veriow, OF homo, wall a noilly gftial table, in a small lamlly, ? an tllid ) ins, *ueh u ? -ointnodaiion* at 101 l^wirnee utreet. RrooUlyn. in \ \ !)<><)? 1 for ?'ctiU*al nodd^nirabio iie?;'hboih?M>d, within thirty minute* of i VtJ igeii thi; M n bant> Excliangu, New York, ferry liu--lu'ilrd. Teriun ' j?ji ?bi)i ino<Jeni<e. rm i iifrd OOAKDINtl.?FURNISHED OR I NFl IvNISMKD I |\, wl with IJ wuh or without Board; terimt, btiaid, $1 i?i Wt-nt S IfHa $.1 no. AIhi biu k 1'itrlor; would nult a K<*iitleman and wile or pliyHlclHti. with jmm and bath; U'.ruiH moderate; at 144 Went I) It'll Thirty-third #tr*?e.t, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. ,!Ml 1 frfS ?i.d TJOAUniNO-A rilOlCK OF ROOMS ?'AN NOW UK iimrto tf J) obtuiued lor one or two fainille', at re.iKonable priei-*; Freneh A ' ?lho Mingle llooini, with eonvenienie for lire, Hultable. for or tbrei gealifinen; dainei atO o'okH-k. Apply at 41 Earn Fifteenth loriuMj mm wireel near Uolof) nqnftir. "ft: IJOAKDIXO.-A YOUNO MAN, ENTIIIBI.Y '>NlI'K" S^'ai ?' J J tent to U*aeh th?? rudlnienln ?<f nn^K', either Vfr?| or 1 foi th? piano, winh< K llrcaklabi with a faintly whore hu mo- ff^o <; vle?*a tea her will be taken as rompcnaatlon. Addre??< A. I ,\, it ha kj.1 To,.n. n.i- .i?? * 1 H?* IJOAItDINO.?ONE OK MOKE KROVT ROOMS TO A,'|,lv" " J J In, with Hoard, 111 a binftll piivati- family; (hi- hollar haa f|K) | tvnry <onvenl?nce. Apply at 210 'id ave., below 13ili at. ^ f,irl >OM O ROOK LYN?TO l.ET, WITll BOARD, A I.AHUE 1 , J> IJooiii, conialnlnK hoi and colli wain, cioa<t.?, 4fce.. Ui two j, jn K'iiitlrinrii, or ?liwly ami gentleman; liath on th?* aanie floor; i on /'.v. il,s? a Hoom for a Hinglc grnllcmaii; 'Iiuum i.i ^ o'clock. m mini Apply at I9B f'Hnton ftrrtt. twodi* os IIROOKLTK.?A WIT or rooms To LBT, WITH I nm \ I) H<*ur>l, Mjllablc for a family <>r inntietn*u; u><* ho on 4 m [ J wj, _4,.i. jHiaaantly loraii'ij, convenient to either Fulton avenue or I ?. j Myrtl?- ha not* earn. Apply at 94) IjhtMV.lxi* aircet. Kef?-- | ranoaa ^changed. | rp4) jj ,,F i T)ROOKLYN?M CLINTON STREET?DESIRABLE iTj.hP? IJ Kooimk for familu'K ormn^ln gentlemen tuny be had. 4'nt Tz torn wlih Hoard; alaoonr hall Hootn. Houm; cpntailit Vlie mor.'u dern Jnipiofementa. Dlnni>rai 0. rpo IJ Suw "BROOKLYN?tltf HENRY HTRKKT.?TO LET, WITH D Hoard, to genttamen and their wive*, two large front P? Koouih and back Parlor, or would l?*t them to Mingle gentle- Mormbln for ?fn- Hvjimi lifea all the modern improvement*. Ucferenega *t:' TJOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A VERY I'LEASANT HOME T"" -1J umjf be found by laitillira or rlnr.te gentlemen, wltli ion i holor ot Koom*, lorntahed or nnfui niaio-d; lanul) r-niail; nih wiir ' /,}# location deilrable, being near South or Wall mtreet Jerry, at -venue * (i 71 HUitc atreet, l?? iW. iiii Henry ami iMmlon. ntH fiOAltl) IN BBOOKL\N?MARRIED OH SINOLE HEN- VK'" .13 tlemen can lie acrommodateil with pleaaant Rooma,with fort* IfN "r w^hout Bedrooms attached, in a ftrnt clasa Iioum*. liood 1. " nelghboihood. Convenient to all the icrriea. Tcrma mode- ii^ANi rate. A|?i ly .it 47 Cvjii? o: ii atxvrt. W S3 Board in Brooklyn ?a large room on se nH!^, eond floor, with lln* cloacta, and oii<* on ihird floor. toge- _ * ??jn l*ier or "^arately. may ? * had by applying at 132 ll<'Tir>' ~\\T k\ ] I atrect. Location plcaaant, near Wall street and Kullon fcr- V* .* * rie?. K?*ler?nces ekchane^d. ^ ^ IJOARI) IN BROOKLYN?DESIRABLE ROOMS, FUR- I"'""1 IIF J3 nldlied?r niifurniihed, Willi Board, In ?pnmm funiiiy, -??r \K ?b?rc ?4I tliec(i)(i(orti< of it Inline iiiay l><-huil. Mi;?l of r?lr V> *M rfWigiven And rrniiireU. Tph walk Oum FulUiu ?,th kl ?l* ferry. Apj.ljr at (U Nawuu ?rr.?L Apply a IRD TJOAKI1 IN BROOKLYN.-A OEXTLKMAN AND IIIR TXTAM Lu- 1) Hifp. "r tw? KlncI'1 mil nlitain Boiird mid fT m patw plfAnitiit KiKiam by npplj iiiK " 07 Henry Ktrcut, live lnli.nte.'i' f ji-lur t w.iiiof Ktiltoo or Wall Klreet ferry. prelem SIR TkQASD IN BROOKLYN, MB AMITY STREET, BE- ~1 W\\ und i3 iwei-n i nuri ai.d Cl.uUm.-A gi'nUi-nuin and wife urn >?> X ? >} ti/r, lam I^iciiil, Willi h plfiiwiiit Jiutiin. There are >>\her rrtomM fr<intluj r in uia>. Tbi! tiuuiw! In mwleru aud vonveuWnl Ui ihe cat h and gi-niii'm lern Xrrrj. ? y at ? rj W T50AKD IN BROOKLYN?241 CLINTON STREET. A I R1.1 ?? 1) lew :ilc< ly lurnl heil Ruiimo, wuii rikmI Bii.iid, ari'i<l)R lentil liy a Kinall IiiiiiiIv upon inodrratn urni?. Hoiim' Urnt j r c jrd. iln??. 'Ri-ierencea exi banged. .! ) t able ' ' " Parinra ire.- TJOAKD IN BROOKLYN?DEHIRABLF. ROOMS, WITH lin n. 1 'v. .D tti.urd, tn a private fami.y, may be liad at Nu.lrt Nuhh?ii ? - Rireei. 1 H W ON 1 I i, ; a - TJOAKD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, atone In D ti.-riipyniK an elrgantly fnrnlahod boui><! cluac lo the wIukmii South ferrv, will be nappy to a^niuni'idate inn! or two in- ful Inca iEN milieu fur trie winter. Hot and eoW water lattlia, Ac. Refe- from Hi a ui reiiwa recpnred. Apply at flh Oimgreiia atreet, four doors ? e?- w< at"( Hour)- QQ I O'lAlU) ;N H rill ItKOwKLYN?A SMALL NKW KNO- ' ,.KT J J I.,nil ! ii), r. in a lira, elaea houae, witti all tU? o I N 'N .| modern unpimi ill. nta, will let the Reonnd Floor lin t onn /^l- j> raw *'?< " ' " > ui a larauy or ai pa rate. Apply at XI ~ ,1,. . uir[> Tc napkin* pl?t. tX" T)<jARD ON BROOKLYN HEIU1ITS?TO LET, WITH 30 c JJ Hoard, n hHinUomely fumlahed I'arlor ?ud Bedroom, ul^i ?ln, t.v Miitnlile fur a njiiilemaii and wli'e, or slnc'.n gentlemen. Ap- niim.i 5? n> at MdTU?my atrix-t. BefwrtBoantqglml. q.ureo. i!"a |^k7olTLyiilibi'i.i/w. 1*0. c<ili'm?ia street, * ? aj> iivt*r ?i ? ,?>%moo*,me lay.?it om , ?.r in | " 1 1,1 y- KUitfl, on wend I'oor, in one of the ttn**t hIiiih'.h n*ln ffrook- Worn i. ' iyu, <-an !> * ob.tiii<*d, wit h . bnnvrro Wall ui*d h'uiton Keier'ii terhen. Diutanr at 6 o'clock. Reformers exchanged. ~ ?/* I '?>? "II ROOKL.YN HKt'.IITS.?PLEASANT KOOMH, WITH ?U I IJ : till ??r partial Koatd, m 37 Cranherrj nlp??et, near to. square, luniH.i. Kltuntion d* lightfitl; live ml u^s of Wsll street and Fulton letviea. llouae huA modern improvements. oq jj |*1y 1>KOOKLVN ltKKiilTH-NO. 4 WIuLOW STREET, (?J2 nv u> a 1> tlm? iftnuttn' walk It- tn Fulton 1. rry.?A New Kng- J V : )>iu4 lady >),.m n pit h?hi)1 Home Vt parti* m ? tacliiti^r Hoard; ' Hoomafurni led or unfurnished. Itaferenees required. tAJf IIKOOKI.YN II r:n'i>lTS.?A I.AItiiE. VEU* IM.KASANT 41. a two ' K' to let. lo two ^enllem *i?. ;?t $J fit) i week; alno one witli P< fur a tfenil?'m#n and v ! . at 2ft Htcka street, war the fer- ordinal ri"?. hath, ^as, furnace, Ac. Dinner at mx o'clock. Rrfe- lroprovi renwex* Imnged. *? n.Vi TJ<)AKDC)N BKO itYS HBIUIItil -A UIIMTUMaX 46 I j J> ml wl;e, or iw. <r hr ^ jiUrmen, run lie secommo I. furnish* "ill > ? "" " K ird, ill R prtv:.!.! family; ?r rincl in /Jt'i-n lm|iriivnii<'iirK i.t rofervuues rxchaiiKctl. v*?;l ill 27 I'.iplar s.r-i'i. w? W i is 4t) , , T,M,K<;ANTI,Y KlKSIBIiED SI.'ITS AKI> SINliLK Mini JrJ K?N>inrvf'ouuiliiftn^ W the mooerit ei?n\? i.i noes, tolet, I f,eheJ with < r \\i U? itt full or ,* Hoard or private uhle. Terms noune'l ? very moderate. Reft ren ?** exchanged. Apply at yil) BroadKt*T wey, ln'tW' <11 Twenth ih una Twoiuy-hm gu'ci'tn. ?Uy I Q i TOOUt'J'KKNTII HTKEKT?KvlMILlKH OK HI SOLE 410 * F cetithnnen n-turoliiK iron the eountry. *vlH And plea* can oMl BI2 Mini ft ?omM, w\Uk Bonrd. T*t>le un<nrpiuuteit. Tcrmn rca tn a nonuble, Apply at Hrt Haul Kourieeaili Miert. Wt mw. t)0 i IjH'RNInHLIJ R4MJM8?WITH ROAKI), AT RKOrrEI) , o uvoh y ^rir?*(i, Itir fMmtlh'H ait.1 single centhtm^n, in a j lfimimt W1.V TJ TO j,ml nhl?? lamM>, ai ItVi NW??l Twenty Mixth nlrei-t, near f nnd ?* ?? Klg)jtn avenue, llefrrencea gheii and required. l>inn?r at t>. I i Uih iix oVIiNtk. I uprovi TirRNIUllKD ROOMS ?A J'RIVATK KAMILV WI/Jj OANJ ilN- .F let u 1 a 1. r %n?l Hedruom 10 one or two finale ^entU * OU hi l?Tii I tn -is. vU h | i.p'i ! itoHt-U. to a 1. ntmi and wi.?-. Ao| lv single w lew a to Wen Iwcioj-tlmd lirwi, btivvcvii and HUib k cholreu i avenuti. 1 lcrancc no\rtnt!Vf; am) i,olm;f?vcj. ISIIFD JIOOWK.-NM'K rOMFOKTAHI.K fVH- i >'?t III UUIM unci Hi'tllHHtUIM. t'<1T tUMUll f.illll- V inflr grnilmuu, from #1 to #? tier week, with ?*on?r- p >r tiouiieliAfpiUf, ?*i KJi/Abi'ih m??r IlttllBD ItOOMfl ON TIIK HSOONtl KUMtH TO ( -To a grnlltrnuti mid lmly, with Bonn) lor Ihc li??!v. li t htrliig h quint h??me Would find It <*?ir?'?4ubW*. No. 31 ??( o*i>ty-*<v<>ntb ulnuL iwur Jkta.Ii ?iii ftvnnoc. - F >iSilKlk KOOMS TO LKT?WITHOUT HOARD, TO 4 niW-uieii otijy. Hoax** ronuitiN all th? i?io?l?'ru lui- w phi*. Apply at !Vs7 Fourth mr?H?t, botwrau Bowery al NtOfft) ~r? n IIXIIK1) ROOMS TO l.BT?WITH Oil WITHOUT I ucil, to * Kmiih'UiMi i!ml h ||? o? mngli' Bi'tiilnmen, in f' Ih IvhIc family Tut in* uii?l?rftU>. Ii)<|ulre at IU5 K in; ihtril attt'vi. fiBMIN AMD TUKIK W1VBS CAN I INK MAI ( hi 111-iti Koimia. fuinUliPdiir niifiiriil?ln',l, mi atvunil " III |>iin(rl<'N mill lutllt. AI?o plrtoutnt Bourn* fiimln- ?l It UH'll, ? till l ull or (Ml'lUl Buartl, ill No. 14o lllKiM'kur ornt-r at Tb?in|Hiaii. ( LKMBN CAN UAVK MMIBABLB H KM-IIKD it urn', ?iltiuut Imtinl, tt( 371 Fourth tlritl, o?-ar U(t 01 ? < . HI MOMBLV PUBNISUSD BOOMS TO I.KT- WITH ( >\ itll>Mlt UoHl il, til II l.Pllllrllllin Mllll wll'n or ?llll!l? i n . holIM III hi 'tliiMH, In it I iii'l>;liliiirhiHnl anil with 0 iin?inn * uvciiiriirra. iviji'irin rM ? *? nangi'O. A|?- " 0. ft Ludlow plain*. II 3SOMELY FURNISHED KOOMR TOUT- WITT! "I *ard, In ?iiiLam ?dnj(ly. An *nu ly application will ho- J Unlet? mi tii \\i*i*l Tnruiy Uml *uV??t, comer ol Sixth T )SOME ROOMS?W1TII HOARD, CAN HK FOI'ND 1 liald** for n and th?alr vt Ivr* or nlniili? ?intl?** J* iliu' i vurleiy o( ingle itnoui*. Apply lit iiQ Hl^nrk- ti :L LOT>l.7Nfi8.~YlH'XO MKN ABOUT TO KSwill liud llilN )iUOnvf*ni^nlpl;l< '* tosttimluit'iryciii) l?o 1 (uiiitod 1 mm 12 m25i-4-nt? j r ui^ht, or from $1 2A to J r wnek, at ihr Union Hot'-), No. Itff Prlfl<? itroet, A : 'I In* i h 'M. Op?n .ill nl|hl. Jj ;l l.<>dmnoh.-clkan himjlk kooain. kkom to $2 a woi?k, or 2^ renin u hIiikIo mj lit, at inn Man- "I Iioum , J9 I'cutu h(rr?rl, our ntock limn 1'liv II.ill J Straii^it* will IIihI Hi in a quirt,.comfortable place to *' Hi 1 M i\ son HOUSE, 210 Kf*M ktrkkt.?'TI1K LOW KST in* i aid in mi to 1 od e mvi i kinily fur 1 Ypu/tn. iitn in tin* < ity, to ?>! t ihn wunt'i of wmull I 1, with <*ry rf<pi)*ito turn tin re; tlnnn, looking range i" ii^iIk, mis tiiui Crotnii water. '? K KKnNT KOOM8, WIT1I AoA1U>, kuunisiikh unf..j nli*hei|, at ?11 F?*.f Iti'udw i lit a private ta- I it'il>l?- tor centlrman and wile, nr on, <>r iwu hiiiyir I ii ; kuk, built and the comfort* ot a home. iinc1s at moss hotkl, cobNEK bow key ? it Ha> uril iitriTi. One iiuudnd .:inl twenty i Iran, ii well I'm nUlird rix.m*, Ml 28c. and ;i7c. per night. 1 orntov hah takrx tmi; iiot'hks noh III p iti ji;t nif? riLcr Hlivct, v\ twit ul iliou?lvtay, t?? m.i-ive " m. ll?T nn'in.H uiv linx'' and ?'oinfortably lurnl^io'd. * itenUoii will )' ' to tlo: comfort of thaw lit in r r.n iK'H breaking up hou?? Vi4 .-n;:i|{ cuu ftirnb U tin ir 1 hum 11 they i hooKf. Tramdtni Lmhuumh reoelvrd ai $1 J m b mmrxit, I No. 22 W'-nt Tw??nty-nlnth ntriM't, I ? fln?% Hiiit of front ItomnH and two *in;.l?- oikh, mil la- o ji'iiiJi ini'ii, ??oi y?-i iii?)>t;H4*'l dj for tho Wuilcr. IM^IITON. s. I.?A LADY. HAVING TAKF.N m- r?* r-ldrm on livi rgrrrn Hill, known mm thp llumil' 1 odon. um-iH hW|M'i i??r ucrumniu.luii'in for two laiuilb-H ' {'ml Nitu'lo ??n ivamtmthlt* tormH, for th? )? , wlnit*r month*. 'flu* houao ih Mtirroiinded '>y ex ion f undi, with beautiful \ i w s ??i the buj and vicinity v J illlaril lultlf, IimIJ rurriarico, gaa, Ac; half un ? "mi the ?iiy, ion ilnii'M a day, and live in'tuttr* from dlug. Apuiv on ihi* prrmly?H, or to WILLIAM l\ 4 lit, I IH William utrmt. a .. I I - ' ft 13 Mr UK AY HILL I'AltK ?FlfttiT DOOK UK LOW ? ulrty tilth *trvl. A Hilt of Uooms, wi ll private table I1 ?'<); also hhItm and ftlmie room*. Tin* beat ut re4 JLY RJRNISHKD KOOMS TO LET?WITH Oil 1 itiiont partial Hoard. lo gi nth'men, hi No. 11(1 Went " .It htrn i, ln-tuiM ii Filth ami Kl:?tu avenue*. Terma to. < ? ? 4 UlNH WISHING MOAltl) ?'.\N PTC l'LEAHANTLY t omtnodafud uiria. Ill/ Knxt Thirty-nimh Ktrei t. Mo- ti uv< ..ii'ti< t m, go-d nidghbnrt??.od. boma* newly fur- 1 throughout. Term* reasonable. Roli'itui(!< mi J if*ANT KOOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, ?' iiom iii C)j| o'ijijt-k, ill the v !?> Urd h? i;h* 111 Wm nth ftrr i, t'orgmtlrmon ami \viv?t or Jingle gentle- L IJouMf ha* overy coarenlewe. TQl'nn hmxIci a^. | "1 Al. HOAKD WANTKH?IIY a YOt'NU MAN, IN JJ wi rmily prlviil? family, Iwtwwn 'IVnth and Twentylii't'ic. JVdilri MM (i. t?., bo* UO 11 raid oill?-e, tinting which muhi bo moderate. US TO LET-WITH OH WITHOUT HOAKD: I'll/. | ,i*i table tJ required. Apply at 31 8t. Alurk'tt pla^'o, " Mll1?Ol. >' - -Win ? y ?tS TO L?T?VriiMHIIKl) OK L'NKURNIRIlED, 4* mo Koard, for Jaiuilh'M or uentlenton, at No. 23 iktoi.uth Htrnet, neat rlfth avfuut*. | l.\ KiriiNISIlEI) KOOMS TOJ.ET-JN TI1K I IK.ST II uiiiw/i iiih.hi iu nir ruv, union M|iiurv; uou*e iii ?#r/ler and newhr furnl*tif<l; any arr?u)(enifliit van i.n ' i p'kuiii to inrulH, whi'-h >f given vtnuiil be in the beat style. Theopi ominlty in an unnftuaily Rood one tor two crDllMjtfii who denire in bo p"i uiunenilv ami comi located. Addict** boa l' office. KAL PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, ?11 \*f?t Fourteenth Mif.i t. K? leieiiee required. KNTLKMliN.?'TO LK1\ TO OMIi OK TWO OENBMII), a IMMfttfp flirttlfelMd, OOlttfOrtibtfl ImMH, with am rnovn, adjoining, In a ?trhtly private iamtl}> t 148 W? hi liotibton Ntm*!, corner ?>i Mai'dongal. .KT?WITH BOARD, TO A I.AUV. A NEATLY ] utahcd front Room. Apnlv at 51)^ Went Thirty-awond ) teiwetn Broadway ami Vffih aveou*. KT?A T.AROK WKTJ/ KTHNIBIIKD ROOM, KOIl r or two gentlemen, with or witm in part in 1 lluanl, hi " AMJy al 6i Weft Tavniy-*luhth MrvM, ra we*t of Kixlh avraur. R?*f??r*ncoa ** dang"). LKT?PITKNTSHKD FAR]-OH AND BBDROOM, Lh?asaMi Lath, In a ivapee.tahl* location. 11i<|Uii?* and ft met. Alao & few Rooma for pingl* gentlemen. BT-A I'LKAMANT UNFINISHED ROOM, WITH aid, to a genOrman ami hi* wur, with privlli^r of nation un?urpaa?e<L Apply to-it ay, between 11 ami Went Twenty-MTond PtreH. Krte relic* mint red. t -- . .. a :T?IN A KM AM. PIITVATR FAMILY A T.AKMV. ? "It KoOftl C?u tilt* ? < ( 11 Hi UoOl. Willi Vet'UIIUah <Ml?ioir<l, l; lor u vctittomai) and bta wile, or two Hini/lt* ? nth Ian and bath with full or partial Hoard. Trrmnna* Dinner a( n|i. Apply for (brto diyioa (be pretu** # JoillfB plMM. ( ENT?WITH BOARD, A FRONT ROOM OH 08- K id lloor and onf on triii'1, tout tide tor two or Uir?o ji ten \\ tio wiMii to room tDgciinT, or u gentleman ana u at No. 71 Wrat Twenty-*ev?*?U> Street, nem'Hlxin r PLBAfUN? ROOMS, WITH BOARD, IN A *3 ON<* iicM i> fin iimhvil. A K?*m1 uido and liouir imhii j Ft-rnis moderate. No. 3 Al .don p!<tce, -110 Fourth *i TED?A NICELY FIRNISIIKD ROOM, WITH " \l*i BomH, In a ri'ipe^tahle private family, b^tw^en and I w? !?iv.third streets and Kilth and Hevc.ith iwr efereriee* exchanged, Addre** X, l?o\ 3(8 Post office. TED?BOAKI) FOR A LADY IN A I'filVATF. i mlljr. in wliicli ii'i <idi<*r iKiuril'-niaiv (Hk<'n. Atluri-wi * M., lli-ruld olUee. Bnl <>1 relereSce given and re- 1 TED?IN A DENIRABLE LOCATION OP TOWN, ' Kf-nllt-iniifl to Muni; mi *i* uriitl KUirv. I'ront, f ih,g.?, Ar.; Umily iii-.v n; Ulmirr ki 0 o clock P. M. j (70 Etuu Thlrty-Mgnth Mr? t, nnir Fourth uvrun*. it TED?FOrt T1IRKE HENTLEMEN, IN A RE- " |M*t'uililta (i? rou?n private house, iihtof Hroodway, a g tiid two Bednooift, nicely f uriu. I: with hiraktaet id. AiWwm a. B., bos fM pdtiuin; ^ 'EKLEY PLACE, NORTH I TO RNER OF RROAO- j ?Furnished Room*, lu<-luding a suit of large rooms t] j Jii?.a I way on second story i also single noma for i ten, are to let In this Tory dewlrnWy located building. ^ R$T TR'KN'iy KUTH 6TRRRT.?yURKIBIIlb > niin to let, with or without meal*;. f AKROLL PUCI, CORRRROP BLB8C1CER AND *' hoiiipfion streetH.?'fio let, with Una class Hoard, and Hi drooms suitable for fainllica or Mingle gentleDliiner at six. KKTTIVKNTY SIXTH STKKKr.-A CHOICE OF A "j w newly I uiniahed Kooim in a first class new brown to let to grrul men or Hrnull families, with or j* Hoani; al?>n salt of tinfiirnlnhed R?om*; delight- , Lion, one block west of MadiNon park and a lew doors -oadwiiy and Hi th avenue slaves. JNIQX Stil AUK.-KI RN1SHED ROOMS TO LET, J villi Konril, to tiuuiliea. *' ? * m 1NTH BTKEF.T.?ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, n nr\'tri Hint Hsdroolun on (lie artmid (lour, almi Ko(iui? " niirtli tluor. u ,'NION SQUARE (FOURTH AVENUE).-A SUIT f h.nwUnini'Iy lurnlahvd Hi?>mn to lot. wliii Honril; J <li- R.h)iii? fur jti'iii.i iin'H. Il?*lelMlie? unit re- | ll r. MARKS I'LACK.-IIANDSOMKI.V FUR- _ [ahis! Knuin*, rn hiilti* ur or without ;,.r c lull lin n uinl lht:il- wlvtsi, ur hlnnltf cnllilrllll'U. 1 ice g!Wn mh! iv^QlrwI. Jr. rjfTON 8QUARB.?VORMBUKP ROOMS. with ? I. m il, fur lawill'-' mill ?lu?ie lifiitlemirn, ui 36 UaJoa M corner of Sutffiith nn-t'l <iwi KwuUi avenue. isaos street, kt. joiivs imrk.-to i,bt \ Itii llo.u-.l, Ur uooiiih, froiiiliiK on llie m ninii o Room*, wltlicrat? ktid hum ill e..cb loom. n mrfntbta, TUmmkHmih j, KSlil hteekt. MWVBUX fifth and sixth ~ venue*.? Vcrv denirutile K.oina, in milt* or ?>iiii;le, , >ard, run Im' Obtained for Keiiilemcn nnd their wlvin -? ? (.'entlemnn. Tim lionn ouUltm all Ibe, modern t mini*. limner ill i -x u'cloel. * TWKNTY-KOl KTII STREET, BETWEEN i, ill and Hutli avenue*.?The entire Second Floor, rj, with XoHrtf. Alirn ; urnislied Room* for I'amilicn J eyeiitlemeu; hoime llrni irlu**. Term* leavwabl''. in EST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN HKTII A jim Sl<lll .IVCllllfi., K1L Mill fault.>' H llhilcl- I! I urn ?ti. <1 .runt n.t.lng Room, with :wo !?'dro.iinii at- M to ku tuKuihiv or ? piruc, with ur ?ithiut Hoard. _ irM cliu*. Term* moderate. Convenient to earn aild 1 ikiom imari, corner ok hevkmtiili.nth 4icct t?n > KoiirUi HV? n?t??u . ^.mleuifu r, itu tvtaril. K?!f? r -ncc inquired. >Sl> street.?rooms to, in suits or * InRle, meond Hour, h.iii' ... K .nrnUlicd, connfeUug irxexndone uniJill R.. m; |i. w lii i r.'jiuI gun, j ie third Hour the anui eonil; pri"$IA Uieaktea will be fiirni-li'-.l In il)i r.?nn U ibmi oil at a fair V, -in.;!' room*. Willi ?l 30 to $ ' All the modern , ini'iitn ill tin'. buiiKi'. "l inth street, hetwekn DRnftMTT AMI nl Fifth avenue.?tii'iillimoil nn.l their iviv* und J *nllemen can obtain Itiinrd In .t firmclu** huit?c, with xi I ruunia In ?iiiu or mtigie. iliuuer at <i o'ckvfc. Re- K< giv#u and required. di 3 BOARDI!?? A\D '/I AMITY STKKKT.?TWO ROOMS ON TIIR Hl'.OONI* l\ 1 lloor ami I.In- ?i, u?, t),!!,! lliior, h lib lioanl, loi a ainall flviitw family of fo?t. Uurii?r bout*. ?"1 WKST KIKTKKNTH sTKK.ET.-A KLltNJKllKD 11 lldii.v to let. Ri-iii ,.iiiy fl.ikki. Thu w mi opportuujrwl Jiuu Th? k<i:iw U lir.t .lam, verjr nma, uud wnlrr ii viK'ti floor. ro THNTII HTUKKT, NKAIt K!I-TII AVRNI E-II ANf>*mi miuii'ly lurnmlit-tl A|>.?t tno-iiu, *n ?ult<' unit BiiiKli-. Kti full Il'uird, or |>rl??ti' ulili* If preferred, to lei to retp^ct)lv (in rill!*. '(1 KA8T SIXTEENTH STREET, SI'.AH ST. <iEOK(!K'H O ihnnli?Inn pilviUe f-itull v?tliw ontlr>- w-><.nd lloor, ir >4 gonUfin.vii mihI wile ?r two or three (Ingle gentlemen. ' IVh'Ih'm* I'iclianged. kast foi'kteknth street, near ukoad lodulrd with d 'v!rnl>l?? Rooma, at inoderato price*. Dlnuer i oV|<?'k. K? i?TfiK? m rxebaiiged. n CLINTON l'LACK, NEAR FIFTH AVIiNUK?AN fintin' aoroud Floor can now b?? ohtahwd rith^r an lit* ?? Kindly, vslth or without tirat elaa* Board. Alao, on? i" two Room* on third and fourth floora. Reformioe given i?d required. OKEK.NE STREET ABOVE SPRIMi?Al STON / 9 IIwuhi*.?Klotfantly furniahad anil* of Room*. with f?a?, roton water and every cnnvcniciu o for h<Mi*ek?"-fiing <*co"iiiit'ulljr; particularly auuc.d foraiuail, rcbpaciabtu iaiuiiiea. tout low. ar WEST Ki >1' KTE ' Mil STf E I v T - I \t < fit C IJ throe aultaoi Rooms and a aingl*' Boon), wl'h Board, he honae ia itt'Mt fliiMft in every reaped and the .-nutation nilurpa?aed, bmiitfnpen thionj;h front and rear. "|/| MA<U)Ut7GAL STHKKT?UI(!!IWOM> liOt'SB l? I" now opened a* a prlvi?i?? family lintel, lor the ren pon of ?iu|(lo KClitletuen, or to ill fainU'en tl**od of boirdlng. art ira ilraJroiia of houNek*'epinf can itod every eoitvcniefii?i I the atwva c ?t:il?liHhment. OA TKNT1I STREET.?A FEW SINGLE OENTLI- MEN J\" tan and |?l?-asiiiit itooniH, witti flrat rims Hoard. ! ??, aoeornniodutloua for a lew day hoard" r*. Location *ntr<tl and p1tai"ant. Diinn r ul i? o'clock. Rclereueea ektanged, OA THoMPSt >N FTREET. ABOVE PRINCE STREET ? 0\J Fur.tiidtrd Rooma to lot, to unlet, irhpeetrm!o per lis everything new and anitcn for iifre <j im fainiliea, niul i vnry low run % from $1 upward*; every attention paid to i< ti '!it wort ot teiuntv. 1 / AND US EAST FOl'RTEENTH STREET, CORNER l") <>: Second avenue, lo? afn.ii hea' tifu.?Two elegant mta of Roninit to let, * n parlor and arrow i ..tori , to taintkm and *ingl<? K*utlcnicit. Term* reasonable iortiieaocom nidations; miiat ho aeen to be appreciated. r(* I'KI NCjB STREET -ST. O LA lit HOUSE?12LE. Jvl jM'Uly tarnished Rooms, with Bedroom* ntfn? .bed, rith all ill" convenience)! for housekeeping roniplrtr, mlodlu;;iraa and <'roton walar, to lt*i to r?rti?v.vtutdr fatniii^ r ingU* ^rntlwmrn. rrr> i?! EKCKER 8TREI J' SIX BLOTXS w EST OP I U lit' adway.?A wrw houb^ with all tin* in<? !? rn imrovn ii-iits V han Urm. ly furnialt. -1 llotnn. wiin \r? llrnt oat?1. Sin;?lr umiii> 50 jtrr \vr? k lire, kfaat lr?'rn u'j U' ; dinner at 12,* j and 6. (19 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?KritNISIIEl ltooniH to let, with lioard; alao, an entire ?<'troti4 oor, iJiifiuj)!-i??d. R*?frri'iJ<r.< rirhanK' d. i\6) RT.Et.VKF.R STREET?If ANDSOM FLY F1Hf ' ~Lj i.iKhr 1 rm?t PiiiMor !.r*' !li or in'n .! fjunilf r | any of ciolb-meti. Abo . Koomft t > Irt, wlili - ;<rd, ft mode rata f':i ni?. A law ! i ??t bailment to let, Nuii&bi* i?r bmine-tn purj> leas* it' denlmd. n I KAhT TENTH HTIIKKT?TWO ASD A UALV I r HIih-kh 1 torn Broadway.?4ittl?*in a miulrine Iriisnnt ftit iiinjtfil Homnis with or witbuiil Himikfaitt lod ea, will tlnd every nmne.modatlon, at moderns prior*, by nplyltit; :ih above. Single Mitel double room* with conveicii'c f boat, bath, 'j[ux, A<\ )(U) WKST TWKNTV TIIIKh 8TKI5KT. <>Ni; DOOIt '-j fro?:, He. Mb avenue.?A fiuIt t'C }l<io<uts on |jr*t lid s f?.nd t! o. - #? lei, with Hoard. A!m) l\\ ? -ut'e Room*. iitlnii iitiMirpimed, and bouh ' has ail lite modern imrovment*. ?0(1 U ST FOPKTKEvrif HTKKf T ?TO f.KT ?> ?*/ bun -uoiily titrttikt . ?l Kooiiim, Willi yiod Jiourd; Allittii H or r-iitd" gentlemen Ut'eomn *? ?-.!; terillH aoder.'ito. i H i Uh'K. Itelei mn. * c armed ")/?1 FOURTH AVEN.UK.?'I'O LET, KOOMH COM?1)1 fort. ,.iy and neatly It)rnlvh?,/1, miiikIi >r In kuKk, Ui hi illien w it jiiivnle table, or 1.0 miigl?- giuuleiie'n with parial tb ard. 1' u-Immiho lian lln- inoUto n Improvomenta. Re renre* ex !nui,"**d. >Q I FOUKTH HTRKKT, N'KAK LAFAVKTTK I'LACK.? JO i Two or Hirer Room* ti? !#jt lo itlemen, with real-taut. arid dinner at 6 oVIork. U?*ftsrem?: exchanged f lu HUOADWAY (PLANTERS' UOTtit PARTIKS /'.I < !o > in/, fur Board ran flnd ele, intly furnished tour* sinui'.ilo for families or .single ? n ihmk*a. llo;>#? r:-.t el ihn; # ?*,,I ta'de. Term* very re&Monahle. Transient Killrilet ft yl 00 j.e;* day. iJlnner at o. COUNTRY 1IOAR1). riOl NTKY J<OAiUJ-FOK FALL AM) WLNT22JI, AT U J'ul? , i!1.1low pi lee frt $1 per ue? V, in a ptea*ant iK fttini), in m;r ot the mo"t .if;.e.-ahle of :Un, ami vvhrm m' ;iu hare ill the comfort* of a hump. ! "*?* further partiulars nail at 73 1'owvrn Htiept, South Hrook'yu. 10INTKY BOAUDINO ? A PItlYATK FAMILY, REJ aiding In a j I canant village in We*teh<m? i enmity, would ike to an'oniiuo.txtf' a ?ma)l Jainily or m*o oeraonw nr the winu c. References exrhung'd. Inquire ai 121 Last 'hirfy.fourth street. IIOTI.LS. i/ii mboK s, m ? -II X Flint door w#?t ol Itroadwav. LATE OF THE Oi l) STAR HOTEL, LiajM*nar<t ntrw|, *' All the wav Iroiu M i* indicate r." 444 tfroonie aUt*ct. iraoiAL jroticEfi. tpUKE LI BRAKY.?THE ATTENTION op AITUKN F tires Ih invited to the Apprentices' L ?m trv. No. 472 I road way. This Institution i? well ?uppHcd v. i?ft newapaasra, review, magazine, plckrials, and with conven ent al>!es ami r" um for reader*. A considerable nvinber ot new vorka have ai?o been recently pur?\'M*:*cJ. It j- -trqulre.l to ?e open from 2 to Vo'elock I*. At., tail is (literally op<m in he forenoon also. Terms.?All j*?r?ona employed a? apprentice* for mechanic* ir tradcMineTi, and all females eir.| loved by them in their on presenting a projier rertificat#! ma;. have the p iliege* of the library without chare*. Journeymen mechanics'?r tradesmen, tea<lnrs or pnpiU n schools or academies, youn? men Jn the oi; f>*of lawyers, hyidclana. art!*ta, Ac., on the juci?'nUtlon of a proper* ceritieate and tin* payment of one dollar a year. The admission oY femaiea to tho prl* lie^e* of ihis infttitulon, though not a new feature. Huh not la-fore l?*en pitV. tely nnoiinced. They are mm invited to avail the/uHcivc* of th? pportuniry thus offered use! ul!y and pleaaauily to employ heir leisure. JoumnsYUBtf covvsctiokbrs' assooi itiow Tbfta Norl?*iy haa always men a: hund representing all ratx-he* of the trade, i< supply the want* of employers. Adre?*H N. Y. Conditor, Verciu, 2tXJ Third street, ?,r Fran/, 'iarher, ?M E.i?t Houston street. Further we rtxjueriall r?Mr ney.uen who an; not members of the aa?o jjitlon, to join s ti? <?ur eoiotuon ?nUT'ft, in c.ine of aieku(>?H or .i iveraity. GEO. S. ROTH, President. It. Rchott, CorreHptJiidiug Secretary. kTOTKK TO TAXPAYERS*.?TffK HOOKS FOR TAX KM .^1 on IvrMinnl K?tRtr will ho apenod for p*ymoot at ihi* lt?? o on Monday, 8**pt. 3(1, 1861. from 8 A. M. to 2 1'. M. Due will bo giv?n wlion tlo* Rml Efttntc Tax Hooks will l>? pcmd. JAMK8 KKl-IV, Kw^ilvir vi Taxo?, ?w tTourt Hon**, Park. ^OTICE.-R. A. 1ISK IS HEREBY Nf >T] KIED THAT 1 two mnw mnrktd V. No. 1 and 2, porY*'- Tbllt, wbn-h rrlvwlln O -cotifi', 1s5(\ atti to be delivered in i ni hiu nut aym?*ni of <-har?r?*. If not wiibilrnirn hi f"i- lu? ldtb Oc>m*r ??r\t, thehhvI (hvrw will n?* nolri to pay i\p*nikh. Ap)y toJDiEH 1.0klmjkk, Nmmuiu ?tiret.* rO EUBOPRAK TRAVELLERS.?A YOUNG GKNTLKman, nbi .t K'arting for Europe, d?*?dri * t<? muke ihn |ictialniance <?f & party or part leu an ('mnpu#noii? do vora#e, r havingI'xp ri^iuf in Euro}wan travol he would take enargi* f a pwmni vinltiug Europe for tb?? flrnt tin y. Rtf*r*nv*H lv?n and r? quired. Ad<ln?iw X. L. Y., box 4,riH l'oxt nfllce. jtrruuAm, an escaped slave, wiu addressa ?Y Meeting ht tho Sblloh J'rrsbvierlnn rlmreh ?Hrr. H. I. ff.irnM'F,, Kov. J, N. Gioiief ?ier,'pa*for, j?i ? torn, corner : I'l iHf an.; Clarion utreoia, #^?h < J*J<i?r*la?) veuinx. Sept. at 7% o'clock. William will atate w ha; In* kttn.vs ami i*?ard o| the laic Hull run fltfbt, and will givo a South ^ido low of ail'iilm uk tbey existed in Virginia two week# atfo. Ir. Henry Jone*. the rrnr.urr of William. will alfto mnKc ft w Introductory rem ark*. The Meetimt will uu doubt be an Qteremlng one. Allan* invited to mi?ud. = A HAKE t'HANCE.?LADIES AND OKNTLKMBN?I , i_ wan* ? uirgc 101 or cum on ciouunK lor *.r% wea'ern mrket; Cari?ft* and Furniture, I promlM? to pay the highest rtce forthem by c lllng on or a? Hireling M. i?UUf No. 9ft eventki avenue, betweenSjxteemu ana Seventeenth street*. Adiet> ttttf uded by Km. Kill*. A TTENTIOJf, LADIE8 AND GENTLEMEN.?IF YOU \ wish toget the lull value of your cast i>tf Clothing, Arpfti, htrnltare nnd Jmlry, the bent yon can do in to end* note to >'. Harri*. )Atf Seventh arennn There yon lay be eouvln ?d you will be dealt with to your Httbuaooti. J aid I *attended to by Mm. Harris. lfr> Heventh aveii?, near Tweuty-first etreet. A TTKNTION, 1.ADIK8 AND GSSTLEJIRN.-WANTED, \ a 1 ot o.' <i?Mt off Clothln#. Kumltfir#, Ar. guuramee to jmy Ihe hlgheM prb-e by calling on or addrmsrg M. Abraham?, 233 Seventh aven ?e, beiwet.-n Tw? nr.y.fifth ad Twi my-*lxth Hireeta. Ladies attended by Mm. A. A BBTTEK CHAHCB FOR LADIES AND CiBMTLEMBK \ to dipp<?.e of tliHrnuit off Clothing, Furniture. t'arpet* ml Jewelry. I i?.<.irantee to pay fiO per <vent more ihun any her deaJer. <\?li on or addrei** J. An ?h!?, ia2 Seventn venue, l>et\v? <?n Twentieth mnl Twenty-Ami ?ueet*. Ladle* t tended by Mis. Aubalt. A OHKAT DEMAND FOJl rLOTIIINO.?LADH5S AND 1 g< ntlenn u having i.ny t'ast ON Cltbmr., Furniture, arpetunnd J /.'<! I ry, will p eeive lb* hiuhoMt price bv railing n or addr'-KSln^ A. HAKR18, 5tW Third avenue. 1 Julio* atjnded by Mti. Harris. \OKBAT THICK FOE TAHT OFF CLOTHIXG AND Carpet*.?For Hi IX drtuftrfc, $7 to $32; <> $/ to $A); hi tn. $1 7fl t? $\ Call on ? r addnsft J i.KVKNSTYN, No. 13 Seven b avenue, Ih uvmcii Tw tit)-third uud iweulyMisth streets. Ladles r. tided to by Mm. L. i T EZElvJ KL\S OLD >TA.N1>?LADIKS AND UKNTfl ran ohtani the folio v. lni< nricee lor th>*lr east-efT \V#-ar. in Apparel From $j to r< r fulk drf>?eK; ir<*m $:j to $15 u coau, and t'rotn iri Si Jo' pant*; also carpel*, jewelry, r. A note li^ pout punctually attended to by LXkKlKi*, \i h V/?n)Ji ?v fifteenth aud Twentieth rri't?. it attended 10 by Mth. E. VN OKItEK I<ECblVED.~$8,C00 WORTH OF CAST off ri to tm*rhniw i >r Callfori"' ??d W 'sti'm larketit; Puncture, t arpeta, ,h \ elry, Jkr. I do not pretend > offer nominal jrioea, but ! k -nitre to pity th?* uttnoat line for <*ach-inlcle. by calling on or addn***lng E. H., 79 ,xth avenue, second door above Wavcrlev place. luitaivH ui nded by Mr*. K. H. k T THE NEW STAND, 137 SIXTH AVKNl'E, LAD1E8 V and Rent* ?an * < >m the lull vaI-h- f r their <-j?at off lothlnu. Km niton* aiul by railing on or a?lrtiv**infi . XINW, I'M Sixth aren 4.* Iwtween Truth and Eleventh reeu. Ladle* attended to bjr Mra. Mmlz. k CARD.?OENTLEMEN'R NEW AND LEFT OFF V Clothing pfiivhaneri lor the Weatern market, in farac <>v oall lot*, ! -r which the full vhIum will Imj paid, withouthagin" or xevktnif to Impose. Pleaae t ail a; Uie store, or au? rm Tboa P. Vvmroj, U I'MW Mrwh

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