Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1861 Page 1
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f TH - WHOLE NO. 9148. / THE REBELLION. Important from the Lower Potomac. ^ ^ ' ( 1 Tha tin. -m ?? uv Virginia Biue oi me Hirer Lined with Batteries. Ten Thousand Rebel Soldiers at the Fortifications. The River Regarded as Effectually Closed. Danger of the Enemy Crossing Into Maryland. Probability of a Granr^ Battle Within Twenty-four Hours. Additional Particulars olV the Siege of Lexington,* Arrest of James B. Cla fy of Kentucky, * and Sixteen of hu Baud. OPERATIONS OF GENrjUML BANKS' ARMY, Ac., ? K., &C. eilft SPECIAL WAS mtTOS *2SrATCKES, W.u'inNOTP*, sopt. 26 .18<K AFFAIRS OK THE T t/VOtWiC?V*F<iS Ki.S FiltEK ICON Br A BATTERY ON rmcSTONK ifOINT?'J'L't M3KL J'OXCKS .A 1.0 NO T JV ur 'KK KIV. Tho btfomi-r l?el?w/>?re.if vpwiiu triunn, arrived"* t the Niry Vsrrt about w-en with a lodyof mariaw from ItuUiflcipLia. Tho <CapK?n rcportf that tho bait'.cry at iYeestono Point v fa unua3ked?wfc >u he passed', t this morbus, tliO W'joJe lnvtug b?<* all cleared s* uy, and that it opened him. llrtecthoiit seven shr'.i, none s>f which took c Keel. tf.ley were all good line s* )U, but -etttv r fell fihtfr*; or wnt over, ?/o Just grazing jis deckOa',>tam CatJiati safe about ftltf v<Mselfl passed the baiter y up anil <\t>Wu, but none wr#j flred at oxoeji' tho Oela"Ware. The r.lTUlr dowr. thu rivor, at Frop&tone T*oilt!, waa not so B?riouB is reported Inst nxht. Of tho tiroe vessels flred at?the Jai ib Bell, Owrokee and Valley City?Ue latter wan the only eno Lt. Bho Ik u cow*non sailing vaasel, with ordinary light fine f.?M bulwarks altovc deck. The teall passed th/o:igh these wurks, entering tho work* on one eido of tki veMfti and p-ibEiug out on tho other *xie,-? ithout doicg any uioro <l*iiuge than can be repair<? I at a coat of fl<ty routs. The day Wore thin four, aegroar were plckad %f> In a h.?U. VUey were escaping from Virginia, to MuyWsv Thoy 'dlvulgwl he fact of tho , ex 1st once ef this bntUry at KrecstOM l*oiut, and yesterday th" three vee?j!a named went to make arecounoicsucce ar a ascertain if tlio uegroes told the troth. Upon appruir.hiiig the Point they saw nf thing hut wiiat appoarud tf. be troes taJ bushes. Several shots were * thrown ink tho thickest part of them,-which was soon responded te by several ahots from a ritiod cannon. Tbo object of (be rocont.oltsaiico was accomplished without damage uc our side, J\ud tlio vest-e.s relumed to safe anchorage. The HelUwcc, LioutiDant Mvgatt, arrival at the Navy Yarn ibis morning, bringing ml lli^eiio? that this now battery vm trying the rauge of lis ? :iu* on every vessel that attempted to po? yesterday aftefn ?>n. A mauby the name of Sborburne reached the Maryland shore yesterday an a raft. lie says he wan a lieutcuaut In theFirdl Arkansas regiment, and deserted because ho to for the L'niou and dared not i tl use K> enter the rebel rank!;. JU* says according to camp rei>ort the rebel force cm the river from JlatJrias Point tip to White House Point will not oxc? :d ten thousand men. Shorintrue is nt the Navy Yard, and will be retained until the government is . satis tied that his escape Is not rule, and that lie in no! a ?i>y- , THE BATTEItY AT FMiESTONK POrNT?THE POTOMAC , CJ.OSEI) BY THE REBELS. From thi' disclosu res of the tehel officer, Lieut. Sherburne, who crosso'l tl-j Potomac on a raft, and came into our lines yesterday, it is aft mined that the battery at Freestone Point woe commanded by Henry J. llartstein, formerly a commaiidar In the United States Navy, and thai there are batloriea on the Virginia side of the Potomac every two and u half tulles from Occoquan to Ma . fhi.'is I The river, is now considered by naval ofUuers as effectually clooed. Our 1'utomue J.'otiiia is lnsufflci tit to cl'iar it of the nuiuerous batteries upon its tanks. A loud forue is indispensably necaf?:1 ry> ! , find It 13 believed that within a few day, jrvir'.rjin j a few hours, the rebels will attempt to c\ihe lower Potomac into Maryland. They will n. t a warm reception; but it may be accessary to strengthen our forces in that direction. fBOSI'ECT OF A BATTLE WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR UOUttS. Nothing has been reported t' day indicating any disturbance along tho t'njou lines. Th refusal of the rebels to accept battle when tlin opjkii unity was so tali !y and boldly proffered by General Smith yesterday, excites surprise, especially after tho trenacos they have thrown out to our army to tea-. - "i??r '? t.. s fo an o ikld battle The conclusion is ihat thoy decline to accept battle in our 1><<nt, ""d by utimiakiiif >!ieir river bat te' i. a at ami tins eiUu of Aqulit Creek, ai shown in auoUier desji. eh to-duy, they are ready for a decisive 1 movement down the river, a?<i by u concentration of 8 iroofm ' t'josita ficnoriil ii nlcs' column, are about to nt- ' tempt t tic haxardoiw fc it of crossing tho Potomac at tho ( point designated ati?v?. If I do nut mistake all th > * Igns by which a eu from a * comnun romfo view arc led tu jud >. of onmiug events, * wc arc to witt.ut." a formilable <! .1 mstratien/in thu Do c jkirlment of tho Potomac with.i. twoi.ty-four hours. After the recoam.isanco of yeeterJay, tho advance of 1 the rebels, their pr:.-ent sjfTiriii;; for the wuat ni all ' Jciuda of woollen clothing, :iad 01, .4u -it Immediate neol 1 of nioro comfortable i^iarteiH t!> ji the' need H id, the ' B'? r.iii/on onr port jfvjien.i.RtV l' ' :ac,now off tin " ally cl.-bed to navtgation by >.,ir fcl:,*v, un.t othsr caasi b ! tnone important (tab Lb >ae namc i i< tern.* aimiM m c pcx.sibie that a co^nun cob kinder <>c prevented, th milu.-ry neccESity J., a movement in great on hothabit.!-'. A In ief jieriod will demonstrate whether I miHtalte the 1 * ^i^ns of (ho tiin'-?. At eleven o'clock t vti.'Kht e orythinj i3 quiet In the ' 7>.\'?rU'.\ciit of ilio V< 1 mac. terser of rus hwi. t ptSAMm in urssociu?re- " JOICiNO C*F TBE iKHGLS. C Til.' inle.i 11c: from :.\?wjri l s otce.voned much ? chagrin .Miiou/tho loy .-, ;)e(:.'jl? he-e. ,iu.l gi it rejoicing g cinong th'tfe who tyic;tu 1 ,1* with the ictel.s. Thj ' f rmer are witting cm ? cjv>n Cwe.J Vremoul * lor his criminal tnrdlr. -as in forwarding re nforconieiitM to tho Kfliant Mullitfiin ami lii?<i '' of lier-es, who w)ry . lired p ptoyO arid lield th?ir jh> 111 e.:i 111' ug enough for 1 "infer vraisln to have e.-nt ' to them, oven fr>. t. Loi.i.-:, whoii* General iVemoa; V.. I n>. Ii?i..nneil f.?.o a i/ll.. ' * ? iiTCUlLinfj 1)1! iPTUWf. List night the w nv rtcc&V.y i "!< ft-ra arret, t!iO M<nU mt?rhUllps ;ii)>lOreoii'! w,ir.n t Ui* unci, Jm In.'lU ol tbo WWit <'f x ul!!> *Ii - :i ' (i o ? ' I ' ' an (UumiuAtltin of tb<sir b ' .-.ft. i ?>l" n;oicjng ov-r the u?fu?t n a ll u.i u. ,! . ' yuic: I E NE / HOW TI1B NATIONAL FAST WAB OBSKBVEB. To-day has parsed with unusual quiet In Washington. Not only have there been no military movements, but ill civil busing* hog been suspended. The departments were all closed, and public business of every klud interdicted. I There aro no movements on tho part of tbn array to record. Evon tho rebels seem to buro observed tho <lay us ouo of rest, humiliation, and prayer. Whether thoy kopt It as a day of Inst, depends upon tho Bupply of provisions they may have o'.i hand. Major General Hacks' whole column joined In religions exercises to-.lay, in accordance with tho President's proclamation. 1 <lo not hear of any inMani? In this scction where tho s?Kg"Stion of the President about fasting was acceded to to-day. OtTB BFXATIONa VTITW HTTtOPKAN POWERS. , Ry tho 1 ist arrival from Euro|ie tho government received advtaos fruiu sev>ral of our Ministers. Hie attitude ot afStlrs relnalns.unch.mged. Tlio tonoof the minis. Uy , astwll as that of tho loading press, waa decidedly more favorable to tl?e federal government. The ques'iaii of tho recognition of the Southern coLfodrracy by eitt..:' of Ukii great Towers was no longer a subject of discussion. THE ANGLO-TRENCH KB* EDITION TO MBXIUO. Tho l.ngli>h irA French gnvernii.eti.i have net asked the co-operate? of our govetim ul in their contemplated naval nut ?Uitary expedition ug.wust Mexico,ai,lwti been reported. TUE 3PAMSH MINISTlCK'a DINNER TO THE PRINCE DE JOIKVIt.LK. The Sf-tuish Mini tier gave a diuier last evening in honor of tho i'rince Im Jolnvllto and suite, at which somo eighte^' invited guests were present, including all tho Pnuuwf, Dukes and Counts attached te the United Stat s Army. Txlay tb9 Spanish Minister was elsrctod several hours wilt Secretary Steward, engaged *t something besides '< fautlug. humiliation and prayer. DKSr-iTOIlKS TOR VHD OWKKNOIt OP CUBA. 'Sudor Tawara, lLa Mli.inUr frrtu S|muu, sent a jnr to New York yrjfc lay wltV. doapatehes of Jwjwttaco to the Captain (if., jral OfVuba. The deepatehs? Mrwarded by the Spanish lUnrwJifr to the Captain Gencradt>l Cuba ^-detailing tlio history ?f tho war, oipreeeen, it i* belleytd, the opiuion thai tkowbols cannot overthrow U\o gov**r.nn!nt, but that U?c IA)er ia tirmur and stron^sr than W er. T1IK W?*ONt '13? BLAIB DIFFICtTtT*. Holiable c? have been rioeivet'. from St. Louis, roBixvjtim the ?>emout and Biair coit'rovi^rsy, which dittpol IU confoWu that iuts heretofore prevailed on the subject. Coleilal lllair niwurcs hts> Mortis tlmt no personal q-.tarrnl iui -ivur taken place totWwu"-ai Fremont and timooli ?.nd thai the rumors of' tiliirulty to connectrih**)th cantmct details, an 1 lift ?i,viriloiii[mtit of patKiuujrf, ara a^Eord an* unfounded, ifce lias never made anj'vf i>licaii?* to tlio oontmandor *f tl? forces to Mirauuri lvhich 'hn". bfen treated disf^rte lusly, or even T*fcsei. Tr e remonstrances hp naa f?lt it ti* dulj to n?!:e have hud eiclW-VO roferenco to the managwaont of matt-re iu the ft*". The f- istn.aster Central, OMonol Blair and ttouir Either, unrt" 1 !n pre.?iug tin- appn'itroent of Gen. Fretnoat. and lot (rtuclnir the Prosidaa* tin nun Ktrri -oxtraor-liM-y po?rerB, tinier M< lull belief that, UiionfVi his exj*rience ahd oitrcfp,*.' deathblow would be *iTutk at -t .suuiuntsiu west cf U> Mississippi, tint pastnvlls woiilr; l?e repaired, wl U-** tti? last veetlge InacrroCUon vitjulJ be Bwept mt?j-fri?? the soil of Mwsoufi. Their i onfldcnce xvas wlfconrded, that, under a (m'.iitary cliMTnin whose*,co?i*??.tion8, and aiiuwe-' d*:.Lr. entitles Uiia U> rospcct, I U? J*t rganized hordae 'of tpiitorn wt. i wero wuftUg uncertain guerrilla wirftre 01 the frontier wU.'l be dlssipbtnd forever. Hc3u:U have pre vAJ that the o?tfc:r.p'.tioiis thus formed wer? art sanguine. G?ura' F."<noot 1? fliown Uimarff to the ta?k rf :iu the bntvy responsibilities ituc. d?rolved upon 4iin3 ?ifl instead of sucuesr. and the nctcoriJIco carocr of Hfi-! jjnph awaited from liini, <litwtrt *u.s at,'tended over; out ?r iiis measures, whiie bt? culpa* 1j DiBglect and tare destroyed the gallant Lyoti etc: I ne cessitated tlx sur rendor, at Lexington, of the brtvwt-ud -undaunted Hull ?an. The reputation of Cu'.onel BUrrHiasfboen noidertllH with loyalty and the success of. tfor. I'nJon movement ::n Missouri, that by it and with IMic m< ist in future?taKd or. fall. At the timo of (Jensnil Frtwont^a elevatloe V.c" o rank of M:ijor General, sccessloiMvM Rt8#goring to 4v,fr!l aider the Titanic blows wiiM i commander*- U'.o Lron and others had dealt hi* in:?t it. Ha<J ?fflr.ltncy characteruod Fremont's conduct, trowa a would, ere now, have been o? irtbrown. Hit> unexpected incapacity and rsodiness to fall into ry suare laid for him by hisejomies,.*?as itiortlti.-d rulii'ir Iton angered hia old triends. They Pirn; ily giicv?.orer tJieilisapiMjictmentul'thL'ir lj'ipos, bet noni > the lessl>?ltvro tLat they owe an uuwav r?n ai id unlliuUiiii^ iWotion to the great national tiose, with w!hc!> Uiey are resolved to sink t hu }m, tu-1 on llus account, Colonel Blair, oft* ht iving orJinut jrc uiu ucutiiH hi ciiHorgaiuauu >n aim na?u_j?iilaid then first before his brother ituid ifler before tho I'rosiiJout and iiw War' r lud suggested the ex;icdiencjrof Geawnl Fi *monlVs Jmiu; replaced. If ho remains lu Missouri, aim ihilatod antfio jonfidance of the public has become ill' hit i ability. ,ii is o ho feared that the rebels will carr^ < vet y thing bulure horn. Hia removal is askod lor to prow jut a consuimmn ion ko fatal to the oaut<o of loyalty lu A at Poctioaol IK United States, and which. If continued,* foi lid have lieett Iwtructive to tha B'aim themselves. As a corollary to all thin, il is but fair Sc a.ld th:it tfeeae ,ory complaints of Co.ouo) Blair show ti lat-nomo of hit ippointmeuts have batn failures, act 1 tk*t it would hivit. jeen better if General ilarney had b'lon let alono andeuuinuod In the comioand and would liavo le ndorod as effi" sicnt as Fremont has made it weak and i?*i .ericas. A BUCCEHSOK POK OENEKAL VKEM ONT. An eflbrt is making to have ex-Secrvtarjr of War Hctt j ippointed M^Jor General, and detailed to tte Department I if the \Yu?t, as the successor of Fremont. i ilOrr.MKNTH OK MAJOK GF.NKKAI. ET1 \VBR. Tljcro haw boon nn:ch ppcoulat ion In repaid to General Sutler's visit to Washington immediately cXw the capture of the forts at Hatteras Inlet, and his liiiu'e to reurn ofterwards to eitherForti es Monroe or U? i-tou thorn Ulaatic coast. The fact-uir?, that when Guncr. il Butler iU.rtci upon the expedition that result**! in Uif cucupaion of Fort* Hatteraa and Clark, the orders giron wore ;?obatruot tho navigation cf tho Inlets and tl&*'rcy or <u>.J*>e tun toi ti.ic.itiouh iiioug uio JSorUi tVtro" ina coast. Upon arriving at Hatterac, the itrength of the forts and the importance ft i\ho xwiUon hvlucod tho General, in tho exercise, <*' lUcretiou. to occupy iustead C destroying th? L'rtr'. fhis departure from the orders nwdo It necessary for tha Joticral to rejiorl to tbs D^purtu) nt here. He had A he 'ratification to know that what .had boin done was ,c*r- ' lially approved, and tho wirdoin^sJ forosight of his sttft atione, iruule two months before. were completely vinzjl:atod by the adaption of tho yrogrjmmo he liad indicated. Hu Iiarf entered the service without fcmc for any arrange- j neut of Ilk busue-s at home, and wont tlicro to attend t,? T >rivate a Hairs, whou he was immediately recalled anil Ulthori/.'xl,tJ raiia' a division in Nuvt lingland for the urther pros 'cttion <>f_ the plan* happily cwn wvid and bfi ::antiy begun to l>o executed by hlui^ej. ATl'AlilS IS CENTRAL AND 80CTC AMERICA. Th'> govern .-at ha.i rectiftd aJ vices from entral iud South America. The aspect of alTaira iu liili is more eseoiiragit^. The new *Unii| titration which a-Just c<me into power decide iiy friendly to the toiled Staler,ual bolicT>"i that the fjueetlons at taue between tlic J we {rev his, ark-iag vat of the laknsof our cltii?iis, v>ij . e liiy be ad jus tod. The -u&>plion of dip: ni.i'tc r'lutious with rent by or ." .eraaaent had greatly eluWJ the I'oruviac*. The tliftiji'ic? existing bitwee.i the t'niteJ Slates 3* cmtdently believed, would H .m bo arrsnpod. Tne linluielr . tlon i3 audor<jt-*.J to l<:ivc modified their ?ji.m '* aomwhat from tl*#o itug.-'tod ti|>on hj the iti)i;..?iratt'X',an 1 is tlij c iu>nre--fi' . that tho nivUn authorities will ac-vdi i> jiv request". , 'fcjTJUN'IOi: or GOVKU'.jHSKI (J'MAN SUPPLIES. The C\>mtui?i<*uer <>r Imliau -r lias ivcoivd lvic- s from SL^?irint<T(h-iit 1 urltuh, /u;i ut of tb 1 ludlav In i Trri if.irr, i;: . -?iieh be irivv." ;?. ' , ! d aeeiwirt Of tl * rn--M . 'r.vifp-t rt"nmer, ^ ;i> Mi-s-mr; -? for Ili? I;. ' -n ' 11 V.'.ii I'l , , I :i ! 'I- . y J"r? 111 tile . 0- ( I. '.'C01? 1 JT6 f W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY, meditated schcmo t0 ,1,^ tho boat ana sa\to the goods, Tor a* soon aa tliry hajt accom|>li?Ued their object the captain and crow <*>Yiunenced their plunder. The agent liad Anally aucce in petting a small body of soldiers at tl.e nearest I .'H. aitd liad takeU nofiutiiuiiun of tlifi boat and t'ATffO. not. however, until lh'* captain and crew had it>>lon largo quantities of the supplies. Th" government will probably de?i>atrli an agent to InvcfitlKate (bin ullkir, with a view of briugiug the guilty parties to trial. AHMY APPOINTMENT. W. N. Stroug, of New York, wool merchant, Las l>oen appointed a liri^adioi' General. A ROLDJKH ACOinKNTALLY KIl.LBT). Chrlntk.n WoorLeaJ, of Uarriaburg, wan accidentally killed ai Yknnellytown yesterday by t'acper Keklentine. TUcy both belonged to the Pennsylvania Reserve No. 12. THE THIHTY-8KVBNTU RKtilMKNT. Tills fine regiment t? bc'.ug put iu full discipline and spirit since tbc rem vnl of Col. McCunn. Tho otftcero of the regiment have recommended Lieut. Col. Jiurke lor tho vacant Colonelcy, and Captain Kavanajrh, of Company K, for Liouteuant tVk'tiel, and it in probable the I>epartiiient will accede to the reomifticndution, an th'so onicers havo Hson mainly Instrumental iu raising Uio regiment aiul prcs.rviug it? morale. run SlimATK FROM DACOTAH. Gcnoral <V>ud, of 1'acoUh, bug been eltcled <Sc'.eguio from tl?a? territory to Uio ^rwent CongretM. KKl'?>4 KltY or WLONKL liAKKR. (W*tl Btiker, of the <*!?foruiu regiment, litfn recovered from (?m eflt'cUt of the 1'aU out of hU c:irriiy*o a lew Uaya ago. and will go to Ph Jadelphu tomuriw lor a bi >uf TO#.. AFFAIRS ON THE UPPER POTOMAC. IUBnktow*, Mtl.,Sept. 21, 18?1 The acc< implied soldier and exociiiive olllccr, Capl? ,n Ttnlw>rt Williams. A.??i>.taiit <<.?ni>r*l .ili/irl." tn Uenc al Hanke'tf.visiou, has oc<-ei><o I tho commaad of a regiment of W<u?s*chuBcttH cuv?Yy . six comiuuf1 s of which have alp-jady been raif^xiHnl cijuippoJ. 14 in expected thai'be will leave here io'^hout tin day a. A word iu^vgard to Colon*! * illiams may ihj <lin inappropriate here. Ho is a ri'irm of Virginia, >>*; unhko most of liw-mt\o relative?, *wlvi arc odlcora ?<'Mio reb I ariuy.b* remained llrm to d?o Union ciuw ^vhen the surgu of'secession rolled *?ver his riativ* ->>tato. Hie falbar, friysrever, a nwpticMt olllclal at \V*j4h.ngtnn, remained ? I,is pout ar. untftavbing Unionist. St is withlu tho wrivrj'f knowledge tliA'v'ol. Williams recently dee .inoil the tvr 4'T of 11 colonelcy f a Now York tfafootry rcgr meat -???w la 6?rvleu,"?tjjd tho .'.lassaulitse.tis cavalry way eT??;ritulnto themvaN es in having tarured tbo iurvieet ' so energetic a?' well skilled a i?)rma:i(!er. Aro.jr pleasing incfaunt occuriad in <t(ie caiup of ll?t lvaata Twenty-*- uth lofrimoiit ya* or.lay. At tV rtiq?^t of Colonel MurUiy and tho Pfowstant Clmpla!n-<>] iii< w.giraent, the Jl*??ren<J Father Jfcigherty, of tlx i. (riwt i ry county, ceI#* a te>l nuss m Ur?i:imp. The wkolt rejf-ca' nt. with ?w> vfrwl 'mads, kneeled and rcciiroi! ii?*" Ci -oacl MurjJj.v tec'JYotostant, but w.u hurpy of tho oe<s?*>n to show t!m; 'ho is no bigot, and .M' rnattTS apperto iing to th?<son*it<.utlon aid the Jaws tint there sic uU' o no div .swn ?>< mntjinc.'.t, even *n ro tij ion* matters. The health <*< tho Thirty-f?n*ff regiment of Now ?"iork, Colonel I> l)uc, is general!',', with the excep < lion of a few ?? e? of tho intent tT- nt fever and ague ^his legimenWins b?*-n pertk?nrt4*<' arduous river guart duty, nine mB'ci in txteiit, tor ?m u weeks, ard tho moi desire a clia* ! of potsitiosv Wsifclvwould seeiu to be in : ^ci oi jubius>- mo rogwmiu'. i in i.ener.n stone 8 on gadc. It itM Uoticcabk ?tKt tb.U? liC oCiceis anJ um ? : Uiis regitiii*v , oa the lui? ijn?.v4P?n., oeiit home to tliuii j lamiliee *nO frleuilH the t>nt) i,.|P 7,000. j The latetff advices from ibt uf ?r Potomac rtato thai , Captain t'jtf')* , formerly<i'?"*>el a;my, was at Dui I No. 4,w?4' a company <*'. ljwf I Virginia!)?, porfurmutj picket <!<*r . At Wilfciumport and fB*K(**W?"n our forcer, liavo l?w<] coupidert'. ly strength .?rj. On tb* Virginia side of fit river, tt* i Harper's Ftrjy tcika i No. 6, there wer< aw u four h??"iroil Vebe.'s ! JU-n<i.?-<>nV, Rhinehardt's tu< Turner * shby'g cor]* 13Ha mac- that I'aptain HiMirtc.-s.-n was rw utly killed la -tfdifrrsiw ounly by ono of hi* yri vutos ?' mod Miller. Thone are about firrHr-inrtrrMk it eoldierg in and ami ml Martla burg; but tiny we re f|?a ally employed In UA;in| up tlx track of the 'lkilttmars ind Ohio haiiroad Aon Opoqf n bridge to IMBeM a .rta ion, a distance of t?voWi miles., mid eix miles tfbove it* per*? Ferry. ITie b41jeIi bavo* uccoeded In curving GOiioive of tha new hwtuno ttvaa and were onjeufiurt in taks g to piecc* four utthars The I comotives, as actll a* the it n ralla, have he?n ?lrop ped- -it Stevenson* ?r tat ion,. Ill > nearest point ondlu Nt iliiug lias b<'cn u, tie towar* laying tbo track frtrn Vim heeler to StraSI'ir*, on it a MannfSftR road. Tin rem >n given is tliwrt cy havn?> cr*n tier. Ar Charleston thsrawere butt wo companies o(?rdb4 ;ii*44 la who nrc heitija'ed a? Uh rers. A? Winchester tbw are froinS ,000 to 4,000 rrtelmi , who are half <J4fc-iod, half Irhod and half Nerved, i Tiff also, are bemused of lain -re. Their condition!? ti'jidrahlo in the eilo ne, an* t- cy perform UiedutJa irtxj. ircd of thein *jti the great*a reluctance. fijperM Johnston rvus at hm 's, Fauquier 3?t-,ihui [Srarngs, where in: h?4 :)c?n stay* ; several rtnys for it Ik .i /?':fit of his health. Of fuel; lero con be no toubt. i lie general imprajt ou atnoufCIA penplo in Winchester j .1: ,d Charleston wa*, H it the timal r crooning into X'.iry ' lw; had passed, nut tt'iut no niton t to do so would now be n'ade. The ohjnsVcJ' moving I > from llanos*** s< kirt n rebel force na -<o cross ov?r ind 'ake \n s.-m#.-' um of Roderick and oU?o' points, pixwk' the Maryland IxgiB lair-" ifnn the ordlta* o or sucewiat !Tj. following Is icJak <1 ae au <** ipllflcation of rihei ibsff-'trity. A cotctnfcsary, nama James Kttlmer refclii ig at Tuscarora,, four milue.tbove Martini. Iwp \ruc* to a closcd j>M> e in Ilia Jd' tor place, otrscd ! by .it Union re fugue, rained CJiv'e? Wesphal, wall | kuuw" in Baltim-ij' and HerlU y comity. Hi:I fiuaU' still occupied Hts private j#-t of the houfe. Mrs . W splial was Is a -Jcllcato cottdi.ion. Kilimor demacd?J the key of the at-re, to sceuru, as be said, sonM ,grooe?4ai therein. Tine J?-ly refusod to give it to him, stating.that there wort) Jd~> groceries iLore. Tbo brute JCillwer. fhen struck h>* a violent blow, prostrating her, And cans ng an almost immediate abcr'iou. She cow li* ut Lb'- jioint of death, past recovery Klllnier wa.i sAtoiBpant.'d by a roan uomid Thomas p. fCt>lUu, a consta. uimui *.uri nsourg. airs. * espuai called pa. Htm to luwriejro, but be rcluned, nrviu< to kill<a?r, "Damn the Iiuith tillcLt*, kill them uii"' There was jt eat excitement juu<ju? the population $ the outrage, jbut tho arin of the law mm powerless before the ueurjpf J military authority. CONVICTION OF THE MURDERER OF MAJOR LEWIg. Dakti-itoii n, Md., Sept. at 1881. The priTatc, Linah in, who wot. mentioned in a previous despatch ad the iturderor of Majtr Lewis, of the Fortysixth regiment of Pennsylvania, k m tried yosn-rtUy and found guilty of Jrwdar. He will be hung as soou a* his .sentence is cocOro.t<J by iLj authorities at WashiucloiSKIRMISHING AT POINT OP ROCKS. Fkkubkick, Hi., dept. 23, lttClAdvices from Cciwel Geary'n command, at Point of Boo':?, brings Information that thi conflict there on the 15tli instant resulted in a rebel 1 as ot eighteen killed One-aJill alone from our battery killed ajgbt robcla. Not .a Jay or night past but :he n:bek' .make their aj>pearaiMO it some point ou tho secesh side of tho rlvor upf toailc Colonel Geary's lie/of gj ird, kotiAuj; bis force i?? c.'MtUtit state of bo'lty exorcise. Ifc i?Jy uses his urtiliery vtien he knows it wUJ be eflectivc. TUB MURDER OF MAJOR LEWIS, OT THE PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS. We hire received the f blowing communicatlo* from the Chaplain of the Forty-sixth regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, relatvo toth. murder of Jfujor Lewis,of tho same regiment:? TO THE KPITOP. O' THE IJKBAIP. York, Pa., tvpt. 24,1861. Tho Niew Vonx I1e:<a-i/> of Uw.ay, in noll< jng the jntirlor ?f Major Leu ?s, ol lW' tort) -sixth regiWt-j.t Pennsylvania Voluuti'Vi, > fcu? uty last, ** u pltriwul .-y lilchi-CH ..di.'v U> Ri.ike ? w; >n? imp, c.-ri"& and l<> do fn at injustice t tl.'> l.?.u?-i;V,-.l i |><ira .'oloi'y ... ,r> .1 to i<.? it. - oi . ri I the jwival I > bn tit I . ?.. it #iA 1 an.* <lr.i. H aloe* too road. It w?* wr .i .. t It: ; t " . .10 'I '"leU. i? l ? . -S Of tlw 6 S" VVC'.'u tli-X --jr.''I :rtj"! .r iiad, OD l.'u> | RK B SEPTEMBER 27, 18(31. march, \ with another soldier, wounding biro lu tlu for tbis odisuce the Sltyur tu t htan tied to oouGf I hi W*gou*, but not In such a uiinnr that ho wa? ilra^e t tif could walk and did wnlli. an.l wtt8 not d.ugnod. Thf WaJ"r was one of the moet Immune and ictuit men that 1 have ever met with, ami w.? poif.otly uuabla t<> l o guilty of Aoythlcg lllco a cruel act tow-anta a soldier. The com par i- Mrhlch ho commanded in the throe months' gervlca a)>laiu almost Hollaed him, and they would have cut the nrirdorer to p;eces if tho uflloord had not takon Jiiu QUI w Uioir reach. J. A. K. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. TILE REPORTED ATTACK Oh' GEN. fclEGKf ON LEX1MGTON. St. Louis, Hcpt. 2fi, ISfll. Tt o report from Quincy to the Chicago tribune, tha' do- ?r;d ^iegel luft attacked General l'rico at Lexington, ii utlorly I'ulso. ( Siogel lias heon hero nc'vur.? w. i k?, and General Hunter reached Jefferson City to du; fro-.-. Rolla. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OP THE SIEC.I OP LEXINGTON. Fr Louis, Sept. 28,1901. LleuUcuit n&rrla, of OeV.ntl M iri-hall a Illinois cavalry wlio was in tho batllo at l-o.xicf.lou, arrive".! liero to-day Hi> latou (hat he disguised hitnfolf lu a uniform th 01: ?u$ iftor tho surret?tar mid p;ussod through their lines ^riiig without t .ktig obligation. I:' re[i .l is that a largo amount of gold, sevro cann 11 rillt.; an<! mu&etB, the OquipniWUS of 0>lonola Mu aVdl'H anil MulUgim's r> giments. i> number of wag >n.i an c?nsidei. l)le tunBtity of proviatona fell 1&to the hau l ; of tin) rebels.

Tliere were 2 "200 engwd on our f lde, the balanc oi tbe men beh^ *lck or anpeu', wilt to the forte of th oncmy is ft at 20,000 euga^e.t &u>l 10,<K)0 out ou nit : twdlng expffttlona. The aurrOKler waa made against U>o strongest jirotoi of Col. Muittfan, who proposed to attvk tho enemy wit tho tiajvir t and die with arms In their haw's. Tho int were to follow bin, Tjut wero *o oxlwirttd tlu they *) aJd havo nuulii K>?t feeble resistance. On -DTadnosday, the Ibth, General Price,havrtig h? n*lr?-?-ved by tlenoraJ* ?;reen ?nd Harrtp, CMnmoiw , ni'vi' determined siege. TK> iii;ht la-vted from nil o*?l sjc Wediesdav Kiornlug till four or leek on Wid i *ft> moon, during vrturh tlmo tho fighting wa* so luci i .n.vt our ca* liad ne'Aer lime to ?ai v-ite" wan very smree. t fhc enemy co'tod ''""iM wotka of ".lonip 'b'.les, ai i 'iired upau the Onion gwrtson from tree tops,bill si ! nn.l roofs of boilsow. f'Werul charge* were made by t J robe!3, eieb rtf whirti was repulsed wlth^aon&iderat . | loss.% In tlio ilrvftflo ou "Wnln' stUiy for t*i? CHkin of t fcrry bo?ts <wn < ( "ir'carw? wcr? onpM^tl, but wt , n tak' ii afuir u Mwon utriiCKle. f REPl'liSF OK if!IN P.EBKL .*?"RCES_MII , TAKT JHOVElftNTS AT J KFFWUSON CUT. ^ Jwkkicun Olf'i .-opt. 24,1?81 , Tho TKWre to dtyTromTunnumbtft V. '-ir> thu oflTnct U CWmv) Wi:niir< >t the I'lli<ill forest., wiia att'tckod 1 , Frkt-vy'-'V tl'? r*+?!s. under I'.tram and Johnson. V the lUttr ?.vir? r? >u1fc>,1 with l?ut- fijr;ht long on lh*& of tltcfnl'inlrt*. <,uit ill Turn T ice, who i;< Uir Bwn CBninandor la t <ail\ .-kt-.-i m.i.fte '.r hundred and'fifty mi'ii to r^Uifo C iVii"! McCIti#!'. Our forces, sontwj) the l ast >rv.?4,n j <ro TMfrttfhr I*\:iiKton, aro r?pi<?t-?-l to bu at Kuaacvi 4 awiwill mov forward on LeXiiiH*>n to-morrow. t fn i;rKl I*v is l'Avon here Mm' rrow, to tukc c<unu? oi'1 lead Iftfii on. r f.w y liftli Initial* <*( ?ero tliir nioriiinR byri nmd'f r l<cTiugton. Tbu Ftr?J Nebraska urriwt- till evening, and havv* t J'-iBO up. a | *<1\"<? <? at 0?i\ge. Vi'? no in.?nlvu rc;?Jl?. as to MoCuliochti fonw ' r-wh/ireabouu. I Th<*?anoHt activity p^rr umber# in th" ra<?canr in ' Hro<^)B. i Miyci Turner, of the Tr?nty-second Indian* regime ! recently tbot ar\r Glasgow, is vory >!'*?, ti iiiii vi ?t any moment. Utail. iackson ig at l*t ngton with the rebel lircns. . MOVEMENTS OF TltOOPS IN MKSOUW. Cut, Sept. -JL. 1S?1 > .Tlwfraln that wotktwresi from here lust niKbUwiUi I 1 llhuoir Thirty til th and brigadiur General liuvm M'l *1 s aWrJ', stopped at Otte-ville to-aay, pacalngoutr Lam I Ilr;d*\ The road ia low in running oriW through . . Hedaha. The next twen with troops will ptwlwbly .ttrough to that poicl. There are now akin*.'the road andm.vtof byracuno '.ho Indiana Twcnty-Qfth, Mteaoi * tteruniluiid Nobrnsk% > irst, tlio larger portion of Coloi Ilu lp"?Mif?onrl reglmsrt and three humlrod and fifty in * i if i>k<be| Uism-ii's Vita i.KT t<-gitu< at. At arid nonr X'.-hm ' yilloi.ttnro are tho inv<a Filth. Indiana EightaastU/Twi ty and Twottff sixth, C ajitaiu ImvidKO'i't' ltotlt ' and M^Jor Eppsteln 'a Home Guards. Matt ?rs are repreaeu'ed ur quiet in Uie neighborhood ; ihcu'j 1'jrccH. West of them tho rehelB arc rusing, a II . Genera! Price's forow In a few days will Ur>ubtlo?R 1 ' ??u?me?ted to 30,000?' 40,COO. ' Nothing line been r.? ri\< d from day. Tho rebels pay that 1! cir loss there wu? tuiiiag. MajorHunter arrivirt) hero to-day. . General Sie-jel wjli arrive to night. * L REUF.LS MAJiCyiNG ON GEOE0ETOS3J. Jkkfkrsom City, Sept. JJO, 18&4. A FiH'Cij l doe patch lo.'.ho St. Louis HrjuiLliairi says>i Colonel I 'aggart, of Ui' Twenty Huh Illinois regimei / arrival irom OUorx.'Ue, where ho fccard yiMtorii . 14 V. Chub .lacki-ou wa? advancing on BooU'iv.Ulo w 11,000 men, and l'rioo wit marching towards tkzn Ktlo I with about 20,000 men. '.he army at Lexingu;c h*vl , b? ii divided for that pui^) ?<;. fc'eueral Davis is in comer and of our forces a' Ocnr, , where n large nutohi;' of troop* can feeconcettral laa short time. Tie rebels were rcportMiiovitog forward to b jrc I Lctaine bridge again, but it.-rag well defouded. gccutlng panties were refocUMl to be acar Hoaaf / last n-.ght. Gcjtiral Siegpl went west ?*rn hero to-day. &r-(;overnor Kiug and Jutve Jiylond htaa bote. leaau'V'y tho roU 'Is. NvUiioR reliable has been .e'jta toed as to the jrbu ubouta cf Hon MeU'llOLh. Two of the cr?w ?f th? etoamsr Clara HoI1b/Imm(? arrlv BownoviUe. Tiey ro|>ort V at ftoionel Mulligan tc puOFu?titui\ of tlic Cu:n liolla and about 011 <v third of I cwgu, oal'ie 12ib, ml then ordered tier to drop dot uyi*jn:a U, bis eiitreuc'-irarnts. Oh'i was afterward# ca tutcd by ,ihu robe In, and tho rttniin lor of her car, jKiixttl. She. was laden t'ltti merch*rdise for .Santa Ft. Nc<x>neid?-able number of 0enow I i''s troops fei iel'l JLexinglw on Tuend^j-. KoiattcriiM were h.-cjb on tho river fcinka bctsrw Lexington and jJiioneville. (ieueeal Sturgis, with 1,190 men, retched a point s! mile.*) bun Lexington, on tlio 19tb; I at lo.\rnin? tbi som*&,(Kjynf Face's rebels were stationed in the wo<x skirting Ibc river., waiting h*. approach, ho marched I Liberty, uid thence to Kansas city. R< jkjub *l>ich are regarded as reliable, saj that Coloni Montgomery, ''f General Lane's command, attacke Osceola, iu HI. Clairrtounty, on Friday last. w?d biirne tho town bjr ahclliuE it and revised a largo forco < rebels. % There arc said to be about 4,00) rebels in fit. Clai county, committing all kinds of dej&edationu npc* Uilioi jion. Torbert & Co.' store at Linn creek has bicn rotbe< uij '.ki, und (7,000 worth of property carried off. ARRIVAL OF GEN EH J L PRENTISS AT ST I JOSEPHS. Sr. Joseph, Sept. 26,1861. | General Prentipe arrived here on Monday evening und ah'ftiimed Aimmini] vrcf.'r/im tlie journal states ti at bo m&b in the whole western arniv could lave be 11 set.t h?re more acceptable to the people noriij 'A 1)10 Hannibal and st. jonoph lutilroad.and ifi it under lite eaiiimniid the i'tilon troo;>?, who'hor fetlar.n or state, ire ?illir.g to i'o b ittie. defeat op the rebels at 1 ai'ixsville1'j:oci.awa,i>o;\ of general laxe. j.kaykxwoktii, sept. 2'j, 1801. godtiii tone's commftn ! a. rpricttl a sm erio- forc? f reb .it i'iipii -viile, mh-.-ourl, 01 the mst, and niter a scvera ttf'jie 1 them, !ort.'j seventeen killed and a [ERA! > large number wounded. Tlio rebel# lost forty killed, one j hundred prisoners, and all their tents, wagons and supJ piles. [ General Lane Is reported to ho moving on Osceola. Tlio gang of rebels which recently sacked ihe town of j Humboldt has been defeated by a force from Fort .Scott, , and their leuiior, Matthews, killed. On his person w is i found an order from lieu. McCulloch for the enrolment of the Quappuw Indians. fcouts at Fort Scott rcnorl TV n McCnlloch. with 15,000 men, to have been within thirty mlli'ts of t'urt Scott on the night of the illst Instant. ' General Jj?!)b has issued a proclamation to the citi?en? of Western Missouri, in which, after saying for what purpose ho Ik thcro, and urging those in arms againit ' tlio government to diw|>erso and come to hiui for pro* * toe t ion, hu uses the following language:? ' Should you, however, disregard my advlco, the stem f visitations of wftr will bo meted out to ?U rebels and their ailies. I shall tin n be convinced your arming for prot>ction is a sham, and rest nssured traitors, wlion caught, ji shun receive the traitor's doom. The cup has boon ux' hatitted; treason will he "f after be treated as treason, 'lhu massacre of innocont women and children by black-lion rteil traitors lately burning bri bes on the Ft. Joseph rutin id satt-<i ftitt us th it a traitor will perpetrate crime which devils would shudder to commit. They shall he blotted from u existence snd sent to that hell which yawns lor their re ceptl in. Tho two roads are open t'> you people of West '> eru Missouri, choose you between them. Tho ono le.nis you to peace ami plenty, tho other to destruction, i, Tie rtoamor Major this morning took to Kansas City six companies of Kansas Militia and five companies of d Jenn'ncn's regiment. s Colonel Cook's command of regulars, from CXa'i, passed h<"t Kearney ou tho 20tl\ Instant. o WHY NOT 1)1(1 FOR ]T? TO T1IK KVITOK OK TIIK HBJULD. > Colonel Mulligan, it is said, hud to surrender because ^ there wJs no water fir his army to drink, tho supply j from the river being cut off. N"w,sir, as there can be i( no dispute respecting the necessity of this element for the whole aniniiK- world, and especially for tho poor soldier, I a*k of nr. -army intrenched for a week, or a day, r in any place, why not dig for MP In six hours, lianda enough being employed, a woll ?\n be dug,*nd with tin facilitieswien, pickaxes, spwles, .Vc., alfordod by ui army, several csn bo created ti a short tim>*. Was th< iy ground near the encampment too hii.h? Wijj it highei <i. than Iexingnnv And are tb'ro no wells there? Are w? . sure that thu i*,mmpt at woK digging wi s cither mail, or thought, of? Call aU'ntlou to this one | over the whole country of loyal States. <-Vi ilig lwiinot,-'is no part if a soldier's creed; and wh-r water caunev be had fu*v ihcsuriaeo,l S'liunit tho del es !|Q til ii r I ii. W< <.)' In illt t.i flu. 1||>||U1>?I? ..ill..* ... >u i il i > 11 tid anJ corpoMki of tii Uthou army, that It siail Den vcr )lo tkii'R to <1ii ter wiUer, rni-.l thathdforc<cnu<.!ng"ii a'HMdio* *<> cut off. T"io v. .'Us eliall Voi>( rem?ln<?v lowl nniiunv?st? of the tiw# aiul of the Uravo wo cnviitu ha I'iiotu. t U. H. ru /^POaMT FROM KENTUCKY. Aw*t of J?me? B. Clay tail of h I O?iifi<ler.t*>>.)ohli C. iirccklnrit.gc Ul **?U Anott ex* lixrape. Cincinnati Sept. *28, >3<V1. ul 'Yesterday af'ornoon L)?utoii&/ut Coliwt'l I*trb*?, wli "" w a?i..cluii?.nl' f Colonel Woodward's p'gtmeni .o^pturi 'ao' s'Htnos tl. Cla*. with ?.xi? n of his nun, ou tl >v?y Ui Join yulllcc'tttr. They taken toCouipM Kobinsn. r,>0.) John C. fc-ackt'omlgn vja?wil!itl*8lr party in the cti nw J but e6ca|*ft<\ ik. , THE NATIO NAL LOAN K PHILiDELPfcL nC Vmi.vnm.mta, 9tpt 20,1861. Thore**<?re eighty-eight fotbvribers to tfiu national io yesterday, tl io Etna sutK*jrit>?: ttmouul!ii( to $74,U)<X THE 1'BJVAPiJ'.ll SUMTER. IteiM.v,Sept. ?(i, !ii<31. Tt>? liork.lliuy E- ."*wu v,'W Glmwster, fr >111 Dt nore or 4th Wt . t mpHrV, (ban ' In |?? r s imUtr wm r ..p;>li vrRJi coal. at. gMtiiueu fr' an Kj p !i?h plant?- caia 0j. Wl'Vs'ht, 1 Ad kIiu Mtilda r-.tttt wurit >11 the Ut il<. MCVEf CENTS OP HON. DANIEL S. DICI1INBO " ' Auapton, I'a.,8epi..'2A, 1K01 lU<* t'n t) *> asii ii(?L Hun. 1 nntel 8. IHckioaon and Ii Wright. addn?,..ud ?i u<?tfnx at Wu verify, Pa., in 1 afarn oon, a*J al.R:rsu?*0!i iu the evening. *Thu numl presoi it ax W<i\irh)y *?* .'ibout ten thowiiid, and H -ran um, ail?? . j*rb but Citrty minutes''IkMi 0 wan gh l)(( cf the t iut'eiiai' , 11TT a-- tt'oncad. The ap^"ch(.B of Ik rent': mucjj ?r?n< )_ujrfly-?j jvaaded. Th?,<ptaco mon" |u(i ceiv *1 tlx'!/ *|ifi!ijt! uit*>i'io;i. Northern l*< wisyivaiih tij real) y tb> IIou (utile I 8. Dickinsuu lor his m terl; ' crtoi * in.behalf oCJjie Union. N?<*\or man 00 hav< ?uroJi.,?;d.*6wchai?,?C<ibt. A&we itJUMUUliiliHSH MO' iHUE. !lcl; Oli> Pom, K*pt, 25,1861 "nJ 1 too fourth '.t f.ol.iiui prisoners, uirluding Mij 10" Br )wn, 8. TonclcJo W.iHw, kc., wwre to <i?5 sent u> -F m'lj Ux uyi.'tte by xbu stnunuT Uoorgo P<mb? ly. "The S. , Sp milling,CajiUUi ikmen, will '(irocooil ir Huttcriui In to morrow. or nd, SALE OF A PJUSLE SH IP POPT'ONED. J'lin.Ai >MLPau,Sept. U5, 1861 Tho prli? tlr.j.- Amelia,of Clirclestun^Mcuth Curolii which wob captured in nJAcmptl ?k to run the blocka< was lo have tu?'U sold , tu mor, row, *.? tj iocd'r str? ' wharf. But ir. ?)ii:<y|Uuoc i of t tio proclaRiution ol t President, upj.oliuti * Uvmorrow hm fxm 6?y, tho ooi has ordered Urn jKutpoucinm of t bo mxic uutil tho ISih Octobcr next. 1 SPLE\DIX> NEWS Fi'OM AVA8HD <ITON. , Tho American correspondent 11' the IsmtlAi S'anda 11' ?Ui?h, we knov jioi. litiw truly, that hor>'dJc?ty iti | Lincoln i? doing mw-li to !.uk< Ki; ig Abratiscc unpo^uli ith? : Her conduct jm ribod a* tint rf' an unAduc-'t*?! ie:nt . without good nense..t.'Ijo has hein finluckily ejtvated In a sphere lor whia'.i ubi can nut (it - horaoll. J .is m.iy 'OK inay not be, l> a ?ri<n tho write in, question, it <l<wigni to clinch tho tutii, ntluH, "In tao , .'Mrs. LincoAnjH in'iki yg a Judy of horself," we Imjk to, <cr unch Uiat iGorroHpu * <Ji'ul undor the heel of our thtf'nst cricketing shoe, a to? he is hereby scnnuiliod accordl')?) V- Making.Judy herself, indeed I WJwt nohb-r .wji Vration, wUi' mc jo huuutifui ambition could fill tho btvjw. of create.! won,c i'Jo 111 herself to be t bride for if mc.V, should Ai ' ?!, Sir 0. C., vary existing arraugttt <>nt 6, or should J'un iuv .vim* mvuuiuiy <n Mocr i<>nnm! tit' CO rreapotklno oil. Standard hua unwittingly bestowed _>n J Ira. L. Iboiixlie pc ftine whicD pen can tot down; and if It betra4tl1.1t iM'y of ?uch a naluro b> Hit Quoon Jj 'gn uit in the V-uu ro- thr North Is, Indeed, to bo congmulauW. We Jiq;.-o h?*r raoro of hor JudyhUng proclivitxs.?.Punch. Hfp York Iilqnor .'Juleri' Hun Conner, tion. '1 Snucca*, Sept j 26,18613'c Purriant to * call a* puyVhed In tl;' cilj* payors, iar J I&rgu acd onthuaiastlc ij-.w. convention </ liquor d<alen "n diatlilejt: and brewery, lrr*jycctive of put ty, woe lielJ 1 tbc City Hull Hi in tifteriwxm. i On mouon of James McOirt-., James Johnfc"m wiuj chairman, whon be upproprwWly addre??e<! the m? etlric A. B Cnfc'wl], chairman uf tuo committer on revolt U?is, reported the following serlM, which waa unanl n tuovsly and. <.Uhua'.astlca!ly adopvjd.? Wicreaa, Tbt liquor (iealera, diat!'.Wrfmnd breweraof thl ix State have calks' * State Contention, to b? held In thlarlt a on Hit 1st of Ocijoer next, ?t ten u'rijjk A. M., lor Die pui pose at co-operatiiK in aome efficient itovement f<?r the pre In tectlonof their n?hls and Intereata Crom unjunt, unequa and arfourarv leeisatlnn; therefore, ? Keiolwd, That ?e. the liquor dealers, i.'atlilera and brew emof Syraeuae, do hereby pledge ou:aeiv?-? to act in ooucer with oflr **ao lat?? throuphoni the KUtte, and toabMo hj -1 eueh action ax that fu..veiilimi nmy judge expedient. I Jtcaolred, That wo d- cm the preaent cxi.M law to be irbltnuy In several of IU orovialnns, nnd that it should tw at d leuet modilfei, if not ul'erly abrogated, Beaolvcd, TVat In our 'ijilnioii no rational di/uM can he entertained that iejioir la in * rery aenae property *nd haa ix m reeogtuii^d an ?l Ii hy the itw of the land, am! (hat It la not aubject to he arhl/rarily wn..*< d from ita uwnera ?r it* sale r to I* riatricted <* prohibited by any lecinlalive or other full terf'renoe. Ki'?o'.\ed, That we hereby j#ote*t agalnat ihe proposed prohibitory iinienduu'tit 11 our Stile constitution, an pa <aed 1 by concurrent reaoltiUi :ia In the L<vl*latim'r,f last winter by the rotes of lunatic* and corrupt politicians; which amendment in to be xiiboult ed o the jieoplo of thia State at tha approaching election, that we shall une our inlluence to prevent the adoption of the same . and ahall wipport no nomlnto thia fall f..r the Senaie or A.iaemhly who In not dlaun trli ally oppmed Ui the adnptimi :if tacl aa?ndmant,ftndwho la not directly 1m terorofttiOM modlDeatlona of tlie present CACiso law which the romlna i convention shall rccornnun<1. On motion, tho Committee on the reception of ue'.egat/.? from abroad was appointed, namely:? I Irtit Ward?Vetor Muckln, F. Gravier, .John Klrntlr. Second Ward?Jacob Zf'il, 15. Iluliin'rlL".', J. Ku ii. Third Ward?T. W. Little, W. G. Sprahiie, D. Ionian. Fourth Ward?John Qreenwnv, I.. Me!nu\/, M. Iiucclius. Fifth Ward?S. Eiimaro, M. iKyden. I). Godfrey. BlxthWard?E., James Mclya?, J. Carii?on. Seventh W..rd?M.Giblin,C. Vrmnan, Jani". McGirk. j Eighth Ward?C. Orange, A. McKn nor, C. Kogei-g. j On motion other coqnmittccs wmi appointed, and after , too meeting rosolvcd, thit all lienor di aler?, distiller*. ' brewersof Onandugo county, according to tho Sutecaii, wti> entitled to soatj and votes in the St:ito convention. 1 The meeting adjourned. LJy. PRICE TWO CENTS. OUR NATIONAL FAST. The Services Yesterday Throughout the Country* Sermons In Short of (he Rev. Messr*. Vinton* Brewster, fhu[iln, Adams Lewlx, Newman, Taylor, Bellow*,Tjni?, Thompson, Thomas, Clieever, ItaphuU and Van Dyke, &c. Ac., &c. Trinity Church. This Barred ediilce (au<l 0110 of th? uhngteRt of the metropolitan churches), around which ,?o many monumental Institution* cling to tell of tho bravory of tho fathers of the I'nlted Slut s in defenco cf tho Union, v. is yesterday crowded to excess to bear tho address of tho Rev. I'r. Vinton. Tho psaltery iuk! soi vices were th ><ie set apart In tho "Iliolt of Common Prayer" for tho litth of tho proMet month, and wero gone through In that form of devnllt-u coLS(>?|i]oct upon such occasions. Tho full choir was prorent, and, ayfim, d liy tho splendid or Ran, informed its duties admirably. After lho religious scrvircp wore conn through, the mo.-t appropriate part of the psrthi 'i ly wloch struck the car, and in which also tho i'cn?o congrepitlon cutlroly jollied, wnB the following \v? 1 julec.tod hymn'? Now, may the Ooil of graco and ynver Attend tho p. t pic's bufttbli cry, Defouii them in tho nceilfui l our, And Kin I delivoraw# l'n tn < n hif,h. In Ills iti ti Hit.u, re hope, Atol in the nur.ioeC Ifrnol'sGod Our tribes soall >1'' (hei I aimers up, Our errniiB Rp'ead their tt t; s uhroad. flic Bov. W Vision tfvu aaccndcd tin pulpit, and lowk ( for the Kvihjoc* of bin dttourso In John, Zil liiHiitor, win TtirFO;? ( Tiny went out from us becac.Bo they \vie not of nn; j for it they liad b' Oii> r us tin j wuuld, rv> doubi, have continued with i ?; Ifcut they went out (lint It tnlght bo tiKi'lc manifest ih u Utey wore not all of ua. i Thu l>octor, aft'Nr a few short prefatory remark*, in ' whlofc ho dlstK'VIy showed llio groat. ovil." brought upon ' tho church of <hnst by tlm (JnosticK, who arose hi n the A postles' time, and its subsequent disunion, 1 nXhouph it hud ptood flrtuly i.nltod up t<> t'iftt ^ feriod, frAft its establishment by our Sttvhmr, Hunchcd out at i.nrf. in un ublo and eloquent tnann r into thu /reat 7 principle* unbodied ill the text, which he eonulerott ilitilor three heads, mil which hi* afterward*, hy tnfl way of simplify iti,< thu driUMiuree t- .hdivided. I-'ir (, the w . ?bdrtwal of these sect iters lVom the church; ?-cord, the iuarott< why limy m? <ded. and thirdly, their llnul expulsion. K w '?'?! b uliii< si an ifuisfslMc uu i. lo give any vivtf description of the able, ehipioiil an I logical dls* c 'iwe of Jh" pie.-,-her on tlcm* threo heads. Ait< r lookEta Ink' at the W'lrdc' in tli-ir literal l?^* theu came to \ . w miom in do ii pnetml bawtur, Mid uui c1?m application thoy l>oro to tho prthtfiil t-uito of things. T so ho liscu.-rod with a power nud a plainness ih hiih carried with thtini their own impressions. Tho ,,4 niir%hiu< u.n>*tu of tho i itriios tu'iiog upnn .snnd hw tiding i from the Union h>* compi* tely I'veihd by h strong ana t rxnuoiittirr u/liU.. ilirt ii Ilia MY TMt?l I >i n h?? P.IVO Of ok , the sla/i) system, ftijtl ti.o i"*lti?n it should hold in ? Christian country, wan a masterpiece of sound and conetitimonal roindedEess. The nloiy of Atn'tica, the y; grentost country in God's- creation, h? hoped had not yet departed, aud implored them Ml, in couclustun, to beseech tlio tiod of battles to turn away bis It -foe anjc?, t.. mid lnal tho cot utr> u( bur wounds. lie urged full and Implicit obedience to the Chief Magistrate of tlio t'nltod ftates, and wild that now, au they were called upon I" wago wur m dot'omeof tholr glortous Vnlon, they i-UouM not refuse to lilt tho pword in defence of that constitution which their fatheis evtabUshwl and cemented. The address *<f Itr VltiMni was n pivterfnl ono, and, all bough It iicrnpied aii hot) r and ft iiaif iu the delivery. was 01 at attentively lUtcuud to, od Strvift' at It<iv, Sir. Ercvt?trr'? Church. ad Tho nor vie,on nt Sev. Mr. Br? wster's church, Seventeenth street, new Sixth svento<", yesterday, w*ro truly hi keeping with tho spirit of tho day. The ceretnouieH N. were opened by tho H*v. Mr. Beftrdsly, who offered up ai> appropriate prayer, in which ho tesod(;ht the Almighty B. In tiiH iufluito in rey t > restore our distracted country to .he it? former fiat* of tranquillity and happiness; that North unrf South inlfcht un?e more on.brace inch other tut members of one great body, and tied uught bring this unnatural strife to a peaceful ou t happy conclusion, on Kuv. Mr. Brewster, a young slid promising preacher, then u proceeded to prea< li tn ni tho f 'Mowing text :? ' Kiplityo-j-iio.-s exalteth a nation, but 1 in In a n preach? fe' Proverbs: 34th ve se, 14th chapter. 1 to TIk preacher s?id that they had cme tog-ther, aureea^ My in the pr? cl.imntI r. of th National Kxi cutivo, to return tliMiks- to AlimgUy God for His past blessings, and uld to Implore Jliin to restore our i nhappy country to tier former peace and prosperity. The reverend g"i tie man then w>?t on to show that In (he Mosaic dispensation, when God manifested liis wtath a/;ain ;t a nation, that it was on account some great sin. Although strongly opposed to slavery,', ho preacher was vory mo derate in hit latnnmge /or on tins huhhIoh. }je rell cted bitterly on K/igland for ,,rt her upparcsit treachery to tbe friends of ne^ro freedom. At the conclusion of the reverend pentlem n's remarks, i!- the choir and congregation sai;g the national anthem, let cotuni-utiiiig My country, 'tis of thee. After which the benediction was given, and tho servicot closed. Stwloei sit Dr. Chupln'* (Vnivcrsallst) :a> Church. lot Vostcrday was duly celubraltd a* a day of fasting and wt prayer by the congregation attached to tho Rev. Dr. !>e niacin's church. At half |>ast ten o'clock in the morning irv thoohurch wan filled by a highly faeltionablo audience? of pritciptlly ladies?who worn tlilih> r to Join tn the general .prayer for tho protection of the Union and tho safe guitaiicu of tbe old American ship of State through her rd present perilous voyage. The usual serviced belonging to a. the UuiversuhAl \iers.iasion having been gone through, the Kev. I)r. Cluipln proceeded to address his hearers, taking us the basis of his remark* the following text, or which may tw? fovod in the 12th chapter aud 12th verse nG of Paul's r.pisito 'lix RotniiDS:? Hf > iwing in hop. ; patient in tribulation; continuing Q(j Instant in prayer. of Flow this text Dr. Chapin preached a very eloquent *? and able ''Union sermon," in which b? took a broad aud comprehensive view of tbe present diniquities now ugitilting our laud, lie besought hi.- bearers to diveBt th rn^ selves of nil party distinction and to join liaiiil and heart? t both domocrut? an l republicans?for the purpose of rea storing tile country to peat e and prosperity onre more. u Ho said that we (Americans) had born a brilliant but not t(J a grout people, and It was necessary that wo should bo humbled by tribulation in Botno shape or other. Hope and patience were tho chief points on which l>r. Chapin biased his remarks, Lot thorn hope fur thj result of tho present convict. It ni'"ht bo only a ho;>e; but, then, oven m ''.meat, they .mum ho|0 on ctlll. Tbe hiBtory of the past f< w months occupied a larg:u- space in the lr'tory ut this n.'tion than that of tho s p:u.t tilty > . R. Hi . e.ii.lii.' . tu.iar ii.s.s iu our S, natlon.vlhistory, we should rejoice m hope. In th'S crisis ,t hope was the ground for action, arid action the ground for h"[>e. Else what meant that mov n.iit which a foreign writor had termed "tho uprising of a great people?" So a man C'HjId make his tdyos)ncraMes go so far as to deny that there way liope. But, were there really uny solid grounds for hope? fit. Ei'st, tho vigor and youthfultie's of our nation. Some of tho Kuropean countries haa I- looked upon us, probably, as a nation of the mushroom kind, mid taught that w had attained our maturiiy. Whatiicr (hey thought so, or only said so, he could not ? tell; but tho object of those European coun' tries was to lash that theoretical democracy in i. Kurojie which was tho practn u! democracy hero. Arncri1 ca had been and would be called the continent of results. Europe was tho continent of transformations. America, r the continent of results, received all the contribut one froni the other continent, and developed them. Tltero was no evil in our institutions which n taogered, really, the destruction of those ii stitutions. Hut, in spite of our institutions, evil had crept in. Another reason for the hope ol' whicb he had siioken wits the loyalty of tho people. Ah, tho jieople were loyal, an I democrat :\n'l republican stood back to back in the cause of liberty. They ha 1 risen, not to subjugate, not to destroy, but to preserve. Another reason was the hope in Clod, for withfx,,! h,?.? of ? ' ,-v, .... ?w,'< ,>(.<ru useless. Wh-'ti Hie very lif? of the natu n was imperilled they should abjure parly, sink porty, and fly to the nation's assistance, i'horo were t oine men who, it they saw their brother dt ownii , would scramble fur their loaves ur their u bstot : . Hnt they abouM sink. party in the prese nt cri them behold tho Roman mothers bricking their j< wcls and tho blood of '76, er draft in 1861. The nation was on it* 1 knees that day, and on rising from its knees it would bo great. After an eloquent a'>j>e.ti to his c<iTicregatiin oa behalf of the Union, tho preacher concluded by <>tl r,nv up an appropriate prayer t" the Thronjpf Mercy, after which a hymn was sung aud the services closed. Scrvlcca ?t Dr. AiUrnii' Preihyttrlan Cliurrh, At half-past ton o'clock yesterday morning Iho Madison avtin Presbyterian church was filled by otic of tho l*rgo?t and m et fashionable congregation.: evjr assombi d within its walls. TUo usual services of Iho Prorbylt.riau cln.eU were 1 1 rated by Rev. I r Mam?, who offered up an e! -juent tnJ powerfulpti.j'e. e .Uuv.^h'y hat ?! > would . between the t' f this constrv f .: 11 Hi* > xtivss victor t t CONTINUED UN bKiUT.t .. , i