Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1861 Page 1
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I ' TH I ~ ' \ , i "^OLE NO. 9149. THE REBELLION7 Eebel Operations on the Lower Potomac. Vessels Fired Into from Rifled Cannon Batteries. NEWS FROM MISSOURI. " Important Letter from General * Fremont. RELEASE OF COL. BLAIR FROM ARREST. Sharp Skirmish on the Illinois Border. I AFFAIRS AT FORTRESS MONP.OE. Arrival of Reinforcements for Gen. Wool's Army. Another Naval Expedition Fitting Out, &0.| &c., &c. em SPECIAL WASSHKCTOJ DESPATCHES. Wjlsiiinutoh, Sept. 27,1861. VESSELS FIRED PPON BY KEBKL BATTKK11S ON THE LOWKK POTOMAC. The steamer Yankee arrived at the Navy Yard to-day trithout being molested by tbo rebel battery at Freestone Point, which is about twenty Ave milosi beluw Washington. The transport iV.awaro wa.i fired at yesterday u.; ho passed that point, seven shots being thrown, striking over and around ber without the leo^t damage. Tho battery is represented as boing a largo one, with the rebel flag prominently li.ving. It is thought by oQlcurs at Mcsca to tno roiomac notiiia mil tnero aro other forts or batteries betweon Freestone 1'oiut and Aquia Creek, but that as yet they aro conccalod by tho tro.'s, which aro thick along the shore. The i>oi!cy of the rebels Boem* to bo to first build their oiTensivo works, and thou to clcar the woods in their front. This view of their operations is strengthened by the report of a farmer from Vccofiuim, thut the rebel troop a.o in considerable forco between Occoquan and Aquia Creek. Ho further says they aro building forts and drawing cannon thither. The schooner William Allen, Captain Crammer, of New Tork, loadod with hay, has arrivod at Alexandria, i-hc was fired at twelve times from a battery at Occoquau crock. Two shells entered her deck load, and another atruck lier cabin, fortunately not exploding. They were ftrod from a thirty pountf rifled cannon. There aro circuur-tanccs loading to the belief that this cannon was captured at Dull run. Captain Crammer reports the steamer Albany, which left the Navy Yard yestorday morning, had ca3t anchor and was lying off Indian Head, this side of Occr*iuan creek, being afraid to pass the rebel batteries. Last night and yesterday afternoon uearly every vessel that passed was fired at. None except the vessel referred to was hit. To-day several vessels in coming up were flrod into, and more or less injured. One vessel, carrying stores for tlio government, was tired into and three or four shots passed through her sides. Sonio of the United Stat js cruisers were also fired into. Jtl MOnS IN AND ABOt'T THE CAPITAL. During to-day the city line bceu pregnant with rumors of battles by land and sea, collisions In the direction of Tort Tobacco, and furious contests along the river. Diligent iD'iuiiyat the War and Navy Departments, shows that nothing worthy of report hag occurred. A portion of General Franklin's division went out this morning from Alexandria on a foraging expedition, with the expectation that tho enemy would accept a wager of baf.!e, but, a? in the ease of the rtconnoissanco of General Fmith fivei Cli .in Dridge, they were not willing to tuko up the gauntlet. The impression prevails hero that so soon as tho storm is abated tho rcl Is are bound to make a movement In B .iro direction. They must either como this way or go the other. They c.umot longer idle in their trenches. An attempt io cross the Potomac, either abovo or below Vwu'iinj!' ji, is in "spendable to thrm. Tho city is rlfo with rumors of such attempts, hut tlie army telegraph bring* ao corroboration of thyn. THE EQUINOCTIAL STORM. Ah equinoctial storm has raged hero all day, commencing about midnight last night. DEPARTURE OF SECRETARY CHAPE. Secretary Cluise and Assistant Secretary Ilarrlngton arc both out of towu, and William L. Hodge, Esq., has been Acting Secretary of the Treasury to-day. PICKET FIRING. A private in the Second Michigan regiment was wounded In tho leg yesterday by a rebel picket near Arlington mllir'. This is the first case of uiiy one being so neur Arlington Heights. REVISED EDITION OF TUF, ARMY REGULATIONS. As the old edition of tho army regulations heretofore Issued has become valueless, on account of tho important charigcs and modifications mado by the recent acts cf Ctoogrcss, &o., the following order In reference t'> the new tv\if d regulations Is publi-Lcd for the information of the a'my W.?K DfrPA*TJilflfi, W-trtlXOTf*. Angus! 10, Wb'erow, it litis bein found expedient lo revise tho regulations for tbi'army, and th? sun-;' having been apliAivihl h* ihft 1*1*< i f tl?!? * nit ixl man la that iky b.j published fur tli" information and fiveinment of the p rvlco, and that from mid (iter the date ber<of they >!n!l be strictly observed as the rule and funding authority upn the matter therein ewiaioc i Ni thing contrary to the tenor of these reguUl .on." will be eiyoined in any p.irt ol the forces of tbo Uu.ted t-utee by auv c. mmauler whatever. fcl'MoN CAlliiROX, Secretary of "War. ARMS WASTED IN KENTtXKT. Gentlemen from Kentucky arrived here to day report that the In ion men there are fully aroutcd. All they x-k b arm* enough to supply the men who are willing and anxious to light for the Union, and carry out the resolution of the State Legislature to expel llio rebel invaders ti via the fc'Ute. REVELATIONS TO THE GOVERNMENT. If. C. Manly, recently from Fort Lafayette, had an Interview to day with the Secretary of State, Secretary of War nud General Scott. Uo took his departure for tho West this i^tcru'? n. Ho imported to the officials important information, the nature of which will be made public in a few days. ' TEE EXAMINATION OF VOtCKTSSR OFFICERS, The Military Hoard for the exami>"Uion ut tho qualifications of volunteer officers id cttil in session. Tho labor devolving upon the boardIs immense, and the proceedings arc necessarily slut>. In Uio examination of theso volunteer oEcerg, it l? hot required that they poarccs the tick nlifto aciuircmcnts of regular military officers, but they are required to be willing to learn their duties, and to tho;v zeal iu disciplining their men. About forty ofll ccrs have passed a successful examination, and a few have been rejected. & mo forty six officers havo boon examined by the Board. ARREST OF A CONSPIRATOR. Acting Sergeant Toombs v.aa brought to Washington yesterday in tho steamer Baltimore, which bad taken several political prisouers fr<m .tiicapolis to Fort Lafay- j ctte. According to a report concerning tho facts relating to Toombs" arrest, when on the voyage he approaching two v[ the ion noes told them thai money was > ' E NE vjo made by taming tho head of tho boat to vhoro, ffl the prisoners could mako their escape, and that ho would insure them six hundred dollars apiece for tlioir assistance and thirty dollars a month. Tho mariner, McMullen and McGraw indignantly rejected tho proposition, when ho said there wcro men enough on board to seize the steamer and that sooner than bo arrestod ho would blow her up. Hence, the conspirator was securcd and brought hither in irons. T.ARfiE BUBSCRimON TO THE NATIONAL LOAN. Whilo the great millionaire of New York subscribes to the government loan tlio sum of fifty thoufand dollars ( Mr. Henry Willard, formerly of Willard's Hotel, of Ibis city, luifl mado an investment of one hundred thousand dollars in these government securities. TUE Ait MY. Surgeon George H. Oliver, of New York, who served In the Prussian army during tho Orimoau war, has boor ordered to report for duty to General Rogecraus, commanding the Department of Western Virginia. Paymaster Gallagher, of the Navy, h.i8 given bondB ir tho amount of twenty-five thousand dollars. satis-factory tc tho Navy Pepartroeut, and by order of Secretary Welles ha* been released from arrest. Ho Is prepared to n-ike good to tho government at tho proper timo all the defalcation! with which ho is properly chargeable. discharge or tiik rnsret tok^ or nrm?r?. The inspectors of horses emp'.oyed by the Quartermaster's Department, oxocpt Mr. John Raymond, have all been discharged for caiiso. Mr. Raymond is cow left In solo charge of this branch of the Quartermaster's Department. CAPTAIN TAKATZ RELEASED FROM ARREST. After a thorough investigation of tho charges preferred against C'aptaiu Takatz, of tho Garibaldi Ciaurd, he was released from arrest by General McClell.m y< sterday morning. Ho is now awaiting ordors to join a cavalry regiment with a staff appointment. DELEGATE TO CONtiKESH FROM NEW MEXICO. A private letter from Santa Fee, of the 7tli Inst.,states that Hon. John S. Watts was elected delegate toCongreBS by a largo majority on tho 2d of .September. Tho writer adds that tho rebel army ha3 not crossed tho Jornada, but was preparing to do so with a view of taking ?a:ita Fe. We expect a pretty big light. Governor Connolly was Inaugurated on the 3d ii eta ATTACK ON TUB UNION PfOKKTS. TO THE MMrOB Of THE KUALA. Camp Advance, hkar Waiuington, Sept. 24,1861. In your edition of the 21st lust., under the head of "Attark on tho t'uion Pickets," you say that a party of thirty men, commanded by * captain or tbo Sixth Miiue Volunteer!. attacked an \ wounded two of tho rebel t avulry, 0110 of whom droppod bis sword and revolver, which were brought into c.;mu. Allow mo to Inform you that the party consisted of Captain Eaton aud twenty Ave men ot tho Second Vermont Vuhntecrs, and not the Sixth Maine, as stated, to whom belong the ciedit and trophios of tho skirmish. ONE OF XilE SIXTH MAlNi:. &EWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. FoitriiES3 Mo.vkor, Sept. 26,1 Via TUi.timiub, Sept. 27, laoi. j A flag of truce which cama down to-day from Norfolk with I wont y.five ladies was stop-, e l near Scwall's Point, and tho passengers brought oil' iu one of our v. ,.--.ols, ng Commodore Gotdsborough will not permit flags of truco to come near the licet. A rebel schooner from Richmond this morning ran tho blockade of James river and . at bed Norfolk. OUU FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCEJ'cKiiiE-s Monroe, Va.,?ept. ?G, 101. Prctpetts of an Active Camirxic,*?liti?forcenun'.s Arriving?XtCrssity of a Large Hotly of Mm at Fortress Monroe?The True Route to llkhniond?Arrival if 0'unhook?Another Krpcdilion <m F.r-t?Detlinalicn L'nIn ,'vn?Th'. IImilk if Trtiopt Good, etc., Lc. Tl.o prorpcvtB for an active campaign in this quarter grow brighter aud brighter daily. Tho urgent appeals "f General Wool for more men soem at last to havo met with a gratify ins Tesnoii&e. Tho War Department lias sent us (Jiwn several regiments of well drilled and disciplined ro^ps, which has placcl us in a condition, if not to make an aggressive movement, to defend ourselves against odds. And what is hotter, t!i:ro is a promise of further reinforcements. Whether the l>c[iartment will swell our lorco to a t imber large enough t > m >w an al vauee towards lUciimond or not, h is yet to ho d< t rminod. That theroad to Richmond lays along the .Tames river or Emtio i tiicr stream admlm of little do bt. But to tr.ivel that roa', rx I attain s'lceess, our commander muct havo adequate moans to work with. All that w need is man, a'icl I be :"vo that we are likely to obtain them in a rhort time. With a flying eorpe of ten thousand men, wc could ewe p, aided by the Davy, thi enfite Southon c.o.;st, f:om Capo Hitter# to th.- i<i > Grande, and effect". a!ly break up Beauregard's army, now drawn no before tho capital. That gomcthir.g'wlll 1-e rti nc very son is p He evident to those who canu^o their cye:J; bat what point of thtkiuthern t'tu'es will be set c'.ed ar the s ". n 'of operations, cannot now bo hinted at ever. In th.' vague:--1 m inner. 1 betray no c >nfld tiro when I say th? e is an ^rp-dition alrca ly on foot, which in its aim ami results will th. -w the il ittet-as Inlet affair?asbnl.iiat as it was? C Jto. leU ly in tho sha le. Any fit; th r than tills I am n t permitted to mention; but when th" n!Ti!.* c -me* oil', the He'! ill) will, as tis"al, receive the 11 rt into iit'cio Tif >l"ntlccll<? ."cmved yesterday fri m Phil.tiMphla, where sh" law been u'idergolnrr repairs for d.n-g" ro ceivcdct Hatteras Inlet, aud will take part in tho next expedition. ri>mm:iiuinr f?. II. Glllta. who lttf'rWn in rira., ban )ww 01 in I to aranmc< nmmwid < f t!w Srtnloole, now di-iig . ity i t t'l " i >u <-. -m I. t. D. Ii. Draiue test b <-n ptorf ! i c- -ii.l i?. ill- .nil* oaHft. No ship la tin ni vy h>s per fi-niiei raoro orJuo a and i!>orc brilliant s.'rvk- s thiin the M--ruan) Li' tenant, no',v Li.'tilcna! t Co:>imaa Umr, Brniiio is out:!' d t > tlio greatest credit fur lb" /riliant m>n!i< r ho h- 3 ]><> formed bis duty rs executive an l p . mmaucii.ig ofiii T 0' tho 1liiri. The N'av.v :!C;i i!'tUi 1:! J;:w ;,aid a well dt-jsi rved compliment to Urairie in ajijn iutia.,him to the comm-ind of kh a.-: ivc a sbbi. While at Philadelphia on" of the qiwr tor dock thirty-tw ''s was remove. 1. nnd a sj<] ?.1 did Purri I' thiriy p muter rifled f.<\n was ploc (1 on 1? ard ill it t stoau. Its ruuge is cqr.c! to the b:.; 1 iile l guus, and it.-i accuracy of aim is Eplomlid. II has already b, c >mo a i>'t g< u 0:1 board, un 1 it will undoubtedly do go'.ul service b.'fore Vnrr. The other officers of the 'hip remain as b-roc. Tha gunboats Dawn and Satellite arriv ' l to-day. Tl;o Sab no frigate loaves for the South (bis afternoon or tomorrow. The Wabash may be expect" 1 d.i'ly at New York. The namos of the v e= Is c imp^in - tbo 1! et, which ir> now very powcrf ;! a: tb:s po'nt, it v. >id ;.ot ba proper lor mo to give. Further accwM.s are looked for dally, and when the fleet arrlv s at the re- de/vors I fancy thr>t another large fleet will bo found there, to c >opcrate wiih us In the w t-k before us. The health of the troops hero continues c\colIcnt. Tha weather 1.: quite c-xi and agrteaHo. THE NAVY. Sabatoga, sloop of-war, CO, Commander Taylor, was at Lo.indo, West Coast of Africa, August 9. This vc3scl bad just arrived at the above dale. TowaiTax, cteam sloop, eleven, 2,415 toes, Commander Porter, touched at Curacoa on 30th ult., and nailed again in search of lac privateer Sumter. ARRIVAL OP THE MOHICAN AT BOSTON. MOVEMENTS OF TnU AFRICAN' SQl'AEJ'.OX. Tho United States steamer Mohican, Ommandor Gordon, from St. Paul de L>ando, has arrived at this port, a!! well. The sloop ofwar Mohican reports that the United States frlguto Constellation sailed from Loaiulo August 11 fvr home. 11)e sloamora Sua Jacinto, Mystic and Sumter sailed for homo on the 10th. The atoreshlp Relief would sail for home l.i a few days. TITE CREW OF THE WYANDOT. TO TilE BSUOtt OF TUB UEKA-*', New York. Sept. 27,1S61. I would like to draw your Nttentio:' to the way in which tho ci'cw of the United St<H<s ship Wyandot paid ofl, and l ho manner in which they wore trcat0(1 while at sea In tho way of provisions, it i*. a v.i'.q in the navy that the men shall lie paid off v.p to thy time of their discharge, no matter wtien tho vessel innygoout of commission; but in our ms? thi. has not been followed o; t, several days of cur p?.y having been stnppo,'.; an-l when wo askeil for an ospfunntton or this strange enduct wo received notiihig but short and unsatisfactory au.wcrp. AH', being M sea for nearly two years It is ratlier hard to have even a small portion of our earnings taken from us, without giving us s uno explanation. Our families need ail we tho-ight belonged to us, and can ill atTord to lose evon a dollar. Again, it is customary to pay tho raiu at tho Navy Yard, aud instead of that wo were payed nt an olllce in Nassau strei t, where tho men have !> -n kept waftirg until almost tired out. Several vessels that have arrive! since the Wyandot have been paid ofl and tht* crows dismiss d. This is not right, and if tho public Journals wo..|d but draw att- nticti to the fact, the evi. mirri.t he retro ;ied. Again, wl le at s< a thiro were sent out to us sunc 16 000 rations oi fresh provisions, not cno of whi' h w ? givon to the m<-u, and tho previsions that wo rceeive.i from th? supply ship wcro actually thrown overboard, lu-toad <t being distributed among the into. TUK OKEV. TV ? C NEW YORK, SATURD HEWS FROM GEN. BANKS' COLUM OUR ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. DAM No. 4, hear CUYI.KR'H Mm, i On tbs Potomac, Sept. 15,1861. i Defeat of 1Itbcl CavaLy?Brilliant Exploit <J C I. Laii Firrt Virginia, Rf<jim -nt?7 At Hebclt Fire on the C i Boatmen, <#c. Capt. Carnes, of Colonel I.amon'8 First Virginia mcut, hud the honor of performing a handsome ploc i service against the rebels on FrWay last. Roeeivlti formation that a forco of rebel cavalry, four liun i ov.v.i,b, uuiii r nuuilfr.'uu min flu", iiii'iju [ make an Inroad Into Maryland,by way of surprl.-",'cr<>the river at this point, near Cuyler'a Mill, Cn made preparations to give tliem a eordUl reception, planted lils men lu commanding positions, and about 1 poat two p. II. HW thorn cuter tlio river and ?{ ; -ri the Maryland shore. Waiting nntil th y had re:.' about midway of the stream, ho ordered lux nvn to and they did, emptying Ave saddles at the li st vo The enemy, apparently suppt sing they w. re attache i a much la-'gor foroe, turned tail, and sought. In lily-iit i Virpinia tnt Nothing dauntedbjr th ir Cmml lable pearanco. Captain fames prepared to purs '< the r< 1 back to their dene. In tlio nie inflate, the en -my ha I recrowed, immediately aepariited, and one |?>i i Ml to w>rk carryiuj; out their thievii pt<? ties. They entered the st'ro of Mr. MeQuol on tin' Virginia Kid', ant mmiiniull and drinking whi.-key. (aptain Carnis heic c u 1*111 them unexpectedly tin mi h a byline and t . Or intone round, again I'.i. |vts I the rare.Is, who mo ed their ho.F <s In led h >sfe itnd (le i from lie- bel'd leaving tw i dorul on th? door ste|is. ? .. . el (In cev hoiyi'H, with epilpiui it:.-, were the t ophu s of tills gal achii v m 'nt of'(.'apt. ( a i;. It c:edit on Lainon". entire regiment. The object of th rt hols Henderson and Avis bo to r uder the miv I-atIon of th'1 Chesaiieako a id < Canal dungo nus. Tin y have ,-t motioned the (lrlDg n unarmed boatmen and ill ir hutcln ry in c Id blot"'. f* ral victims Jnvo already fell by tit so savago moans, few days mneo a uumb r of b uitini n were flred it{ when they htidlld their horses together as a sort of i part, and by ca llously proceeding, got out of rangt the enemy's rifles. OUIt DAUNESTOWN C011RE8P0NDENCR. Darnstowv, Md., Sept. 2.1, iMi Dea'hrf a TToun<??f Capl tin?Trocpa Wiihdrax V> Mm,was?Operations of Colonel La V,;; Aya Masked HaltcrirS Across (he Afiiw, ifc., <f . Captain Henderson, of tho rebel cavalry, died at residence of one of bis friends, between Charleston Ilailtown, Va., on Friday la;-t, at two I*. M., from cfleets of tho wound received by being shot by Mlile private in his c mpnny. Miller has been scut to E mond. The report that tto rebels are cailing iu th.'irfo: from tlie upper part of Virginia, particularly fi ]V!k'.oy,ghfttundr.ah and Frederick couMioa, ;wl jem them to Manassas, has fr cti conttrmed. Borne fur c panics from Morgan county htivo also been gout f> ward. 'Wc li.ive also a confirmation of the rumor I no rebel troops have boon left behind, ct cpt a Home Cuards and militia, who wore still engage : in , ii g up tho railroad track between lkiftleld'd Jc; > i Occo^uan bridge. Colonel It I'ea, of the New VovkThirty-fourth, oje play again to-tiny (Sunday, Bept. 23) unon the rel who showed themselves on thi- rhore op;cBite the tn<of Seneca river, and gee tin >1 u bo engaged In tho erec of i nvflked Inttory, or ?onie other Uesrl'.o buslnoc:', at the same tiiu- to tanntinj-ly i.>vit-- n attack. Tuii two oix-pcii'idor J 'tcos flu-il.s were Arc ! by I.leut.' t Jewton,of ttto Sccond Rhode l.'l.tnd battry.upon enemy, with no other apparent cifoct, howe titan that of making thorn tako to t! ir h or to FCro n tliemfclv s within tlio w ids. ,\ss, 11 a provi- its? occi^iun, a P w heavy iciis wr? ill- I orrlor of Co!'r .'! I/i r??i from i n uiicxp< co i .uartrr Bocincd t" <'ht<,i b tin* rebels greatly. <?<?< f tlie re w.-i - r. ?<'gnizeii t<? be a i:i:m named Walk'"-, wlm claims t tub 4 Un it man, ar;! dec >y; ! .1 pn' y of flft of ia I>:i's men iut ) an :imbi-h of robe:* on the ni of th J7tit tuKi., t j ! ,p on our si<!.: of ionr 1 kill".! or mi. in:d otj v. . tiltdci. V. .Ik r \\:i: U> notion) to 1" in a n.rt of cavalry uniform, br.mdi: n;? c .iIrs-s. a fiv ethers anv iitf tile rebels write trMiced v. ear i.nifc .t, . 1 hit 111.) rebels aro iti *0 e f.?ree ?<i site th: mouth or tli in pretty well e latui from th .1 )(! . i c:, u a. : j in ?h eh tiny j r..vj];e h< > demonstraii op ; r m '_? !. l/i l eu. tttMIra ug to .1 ! t of (bocaraUtttt on our side the aflbir of tii Ktii'it.-'.. letweT a reoulr.ig purtj the Thirty-fo-.rth now Yo;k mis and t'i * ?!?. It .? Corporal H.bert ur-eio, .'r.,Ci y II. k.llod; b '.0 ed toCiombie i'oi.'t, 1 x iouMy , > w Yolk. C.i p"ra! Cyrus \Y. t o ngp, Company 1?, nt'B/ing: s poM wwmded. Belonged to Cham) !.?n, ( union comb JV ',v y. I k". 1'rlvato o'irer T\ 1 nrliap. Company T>, Ir.if i'.g. I' M .oil '.<i Little Ri'ili, I'.er'.iice! co-.mty, N w Yc-tk. 1'iiv I" il-r.ry HranVoy,Company 1 >, n-.isi!".jj. !;< ! < <! to M .< .il.' 'sin i Cor. o \Klirist!;. i'/"iigp, C mparsy P, s'trt Of .\fo-Mrr in con)> li spitai, vroun^pt!. Corp<, a) wcipe w 1 m'>st uiim ui> if. After R-!n<? v.-oimdc-l h nr. nap ' e.otnv ) 1 ii..? 'lf in a i -1 of mml and v..tor, .eiuai.. the o mo hours, v. ha- ely H - h<..! -d, and i rib :To'Ti!!i? a! all v.t tl, locality lor!)body, it' ad a'lvc. llo enjoy 1 tbopi. 'loir.; of;. .irlnr r ! . .' ! lli it tivy w.ii'i'.il "i?. t?> li lit tl.' lYenchcoriwra! \i Ii'i.v," ilo loiil ni'i ly (. !>' n them uic li i imb'r-. 'i (j >. "?''.:. n'lvntiy ma-le his esonj.o to the ca: aft r the c.i.iriy r. lire !. lit - jwrty win c luninii 'i t by Captain Spoonar:> Compi.i'V li. a bravo and f . >- oft'.e.-r. llv xr-' i'-r imuo enough to make lits en .ii>' by Bwimmiui.- a > . -aof nitio huvlred yards, th- 11 .ylav riirrav. oii'y t! o losa ol som-.? \n tlo-.;.-: of lis :.i i't.u'y i;q ti'". 'the party was tended by I'oli.ii'; i ;i 1. , c ii. t of bill tlir . wl:o v/'!o to make tiirltrcr oolsiiitr.c; of this !' i t of Virginia, to o-ic r ivernthi'ifi to I'lif- i 'c m tii' ;n y:i.. s entorprhi. that C?s I I., linl rs i o:iii-r r.. i:-:c li.' .'i ( > .**< * . ! a l'"v ,"3 vn' ti'i-rr!,< . |irob;tb;y or..:angcr tli.; accoinpus'.iiaczt ol r < (;; i. I i .lcfl. inf. YI-. t, fr:!t :! .c!.itos Army, '.v::l p:-:.'.;b'y f c ,1. V.'il'iai'..' 3 / !' i.-tumt. a :?; : . .: ! l:m lli -t:. or rail, c ''i-iorc: V.'tMi m . .vi'l'j, ; in r-sumc r m end if t'.i-.': s.'acit .?i : iu"::t of cavalry hi <!: c ii tovr : 5;. i -.-slib-s l!.o I Tty-pi.-cUi. <ho 7i>?i ' ?? IV-uirylv/i - gimoiit liavc j )Pt; ;?* tl tb" :?!? ?!>' 1 'ar . wU grinviM' lul" i:r);)i.rl,nice l\: ai : n ut < i-.;- i 'lillt iry ; ti 'ii, 'if.lie f t':i-.-' ;r v :.. ! t ;ii r. able ' f it. T.;f. Ia'. jut ii'od. o fro;.: C'l'onel Geary's IVnnfylva T-v < j :1j1!i ; ii l!. i-ad-'l at of Ho- ; els 'V.or >v! . want'.'!, roj-orts cvcrytl. <ju,< 1 Chaplain C.iint.of tli% Mar ".r'.orctts ;con<1, rudtjp r-!!.lii;U? CX'-rcif ; Hi l'U-:iV?t?t jlUl U) ' 17, '. it'i r:V. oKkt up'^n tlio B'.ii'.l lnl:at)i'St:U > tin ) '. \ "i'orto Crayon" and Mr. S?ii !l. fifor r iefKr'g, l.nvo rcrortly b ,-?n mr.kusi; > nn lntcr<M akelcbes of tecnca in tli.F nci. 'ibo !.,)>!. viio lott. i tUa author of an int-n.' Irg n "1 vuluiblo ik- tch vil h:is recently niadc is a| i -arnuco in 1'iiiia icl| Ira. r.'UJt' TOWNjMl.jSopl. 24. ISC. V!>t Fh ' iing af j??y'(.r /- wtV. </ the J't*.tiuyln<in<a T titlk li'fin hi?r)il .xiiw vilh ths Jfurder.T?Hi.fea cttrc?Ilir-Hl ?'>:.<tit of the Circumi'anccs Cmiri vtillt the Shcdittp, dr. JOHN 1.AJ.KI0AS, Ti'E Hmf'ST.'SR Of MA.'OT. !I*VT"v"f OF THK W bviAAXiA ror.Ty-siirn. 1 have just tad tin interview with tl.e roun'i rer, J lAfinigan, through the courtesy of the Fr ivtst Mars Captain Stone, of tlio 1 ifth C-mnecticiit rr-.^imont. conpany with your correspondent were Lieutenant Ri I'boatc, cf the fc'ocoinl Maasachusetts regiment; b'chcll, Leslie's nrtist, auii tlio 1'rovcft Marshal. \l'o fu the prisoner shuckled, lyit p in a tent alono upon a be Iiay. iliu uou whs (mji vcry uvcj-, uuv ijiv i..._v v. it. i The prisoner's dinner was brought in while we wore ] sent. II consisted of rice, potatoes unr! plenty of wh some roast beef, we'.l cooked ami savory. A largo dip of cool w?Ur was also among the luxuries of the t dcmnel man's dinner. He declined to cat. miSOJIBR IS OOOTlSF-MtNT.?UIF APriWRAXat, ETC. The prie ucr was coallued in a large tent in the ] oiuCis of too Provost Marshal. It is of tho Si) ft; extended. Upon arriving at the tent; o!i? inp thero were no conveniences for being seated, lai I ourrelveg down upon Uiefc ly, hard by the feet of unTorti.nato man. We lud a goo.l look hm, and iu a few moments found that wm in a converFib'o humor. T r^tiijan t t.?t look likeadobporato n.'n, ait! lj 1. s an Hint docs not always ?vi" 'r < ' ' ' 01 ..'0'.f-a?S'jrcd. I irtifher mora subdued th-mviu- iouve; rather more c | thanflory. Lo far as wo couid o' so: vc, Lunnitfaa, fi from turt.HJ excitement t'rom GXtr.uior us c.v.iros, in prove a tfvful and obeli- nt Mier. No nr.lice is a| rent iuhfa features?in <h.? turn of his lips, the opp once :>f his eye?, the tuno of his voice, the . 'iitom i.f countenance. Ho looks more'tko a hard working, lal log man, who has 1m I sotr.c little education, an a (van: enhancing u naturally in.e mind. iiw c> xyr?--:t*v?ma famit v?iik is rkat-.y to dib, mrr aim roK m*: rx ? of hi* vim*. lAMiiscan mado tho fliowlng statomcnt:? 1 was born in Ireland, in the county of Tipporary. 1 I twe.ty-three years old; have a m.ihr and seven I i thcrs; no t'atluT or sisiers living. My mitber livto t l two of my brothers, near Syracuse, Jf. Y. their ua , aro I"atiick and Davi l Donntvan. My otiicr I ! therR are named Michael, v. ho is at wo; k j Danville, Pa.; Thomas, at Pran'on. Luzerne cm i Pa.; William, near Pittsburg, Pa., in Urownst^wn, J : gh-iny county; Richard, who is in the l-'iftli Unite I. h ] aitiilory, Battery A, stationed at Wufhingt n; .la: who lives in Kntl.ind, and a min 'r In the north pni : (hat I.-lmd, My brother Patrick, and the youngest < j D.ivid, ere with my motli?r at .- Am I kmi )RK E AY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1801. N I hav? helped to gnppnrt my mother from my wfc? while at work at tbo rolling mills ami while lu tho ai'r CAi H? W)H SllOOVlNU VAJOK LKWIH. I ha t no motlvo for sh"ot:on lh? Major. I hlamo 1 ^ Oiptaln of my company (Fitzgerald} moro than I doj 1 urn v?|>uiiii loporica in mo Major inai 1 i , been in two fl;:hta that day, and whs uhvayK disorder 11 ' 1 1 had but one troublo tlut ilay. It was with ono of i 'anal comrades. Ho gave mo some talk, and 1 kicked lii This win after ( had paid (Iffy cents for a canteen whiskey at a lirick hoi,go Just above tin* I'ulou House, regt- Reekvll.'e. The whi-k> y made me ugly. The Ha e of ordered mo (< bo tint to a wagn. After I foil ? jn that I was tied I k.tow nothing moro than getti , , myself loego, grasping a musket from a co uua rade, 1 ding i( from mv own rortouch box, n rd to Hi tug it ?t the Major. I had nothii g again him. wing never knew him boioreh? ordered mo to he tied. 1 whlokey ni.ulo me mad. Am moro wiriy for him thai am for mysftlf. (Hero the prisoner wept profusely.) Hj l.n iw my fale,mi l um ready ' des rvo lo receive half- but I should like to see my brothor Illchard b' 1 >ro 1 d ? ? I have nothing t< I to my m her. Kho wrote to i i he I live woelrp a^'i>, mul said she wanted mn at homo. I i lire, i t in tUu liahit u getting Intoxlui ud very m n I ley. l.(q' or lias the eflTet of making me egly. The liflv cei d l?y 11'aM for the whiskey ban cost mo my own lii'o a tho of another^ whoso life 1 bold more th 'ii my own. up- c inra " and in> t>: ther Tbomu* wi'l tell *11 I have beta say, Kathtr I'ciierty has been here. Ho camo fri viu( lloekville. ' "ii l4>iuignn has been at work in tin iron rolling mill livl- EcmiMu, i'a. He en isled In the Kigbtli Pennsvlvai leu, three months' reirlmeut, and went through the 111* "Jug torsoti can'pab;ti." He re eo'.isli d, and says lie ii imo had no rea >n to Had fault w ith t:.e ir v.iti 'Ot be h is i tiler coived Id the army, either in big ftist or last eullstmei n: t He di-s from t' gratlderl <m ot the p:-sionof an ment, an I may 1.1 tale ba a warning toothers. I,loir ulry iiat.1 Uetts, Company A,("mmce.ticut I'li'th, relieved t bwit pri nor In h.s iolb o:;s relations by p oenrlng tho pi Col. son. oof the esteemed I a;her Itockv'l'o. The sentence is death, but the mode and manner s fo execution are deferred until the approval of tlio senleu )hei is received from Washington. poll a IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. >011 , . "oj COT.OXIL P7UNK BLAIR liEBTORED TO H COMMAND.

1?T. l/itus, Sept. 2(5, ISfll f Tlia following lfl a portion of a nolo directed to t.'oloi Flair by tho Adjutant tieuerai here, by order of tleuei 2 Fremont:? In consequence of a depjiatch from your brother, Pb master tieuerai ltla:r, followed by a lette nuking your the lease, from public reason*, you are h re by rel use i fr< and arrest, and directed to reaume your sword and join yi l5i ) regiment for duty. Captain J. 15. IMuuimer, of tho First regular Infanti r, a . ^ has been appointed t'olonol cf tho Kloventli regiment Missouri Volunteers,and aiaigued tho command atCu Girardeau. r (u Commander Duraorson, two gunners and twenty pal If . t arrived hero to-day, for eorvico on tliu Mississippi rlvi Mr. Hedglm* arrived to-day, with a Hag of truce fri Lexingt i:i, w'tlj a proposition to exchange Col. Marsha hat ' Il'tnoia cavalry, eapUrod at Lexiugton, 1 ^ Prince I.. HudgUiS, n member of the State Conveutlc now confined ia tli'j arena! !i?rc. It is utnleifdood tl. . li the proposition was oc :opt d and IIudgiiiB set at lib r T'.ic foHowiughi Uw text of the original despatch bo I 1 v Gen ral Frcrnoc' to Washington, relative to thorn iitl render of LexUigtnu*? "J ilKJU>^UARTKRS WB3TSRJI 1'KI'AHTJTRyT, \ ,l"" fT. Lot'lF, Sept. 23, 1861. j tion Col. E. P. Tavnmm. Adjutant General:?1 liavo ad and R'C'trh from BrookllId that I "Nil fcton lias fallen it IYh-o's 1 a-ids, lio Uuvini; cut oil''s supply of w J' tor. R ai.orc la.-ntB, I'>tir I :<:uid str. ng, under Hturg mnt by the capture of the ferry Vat *, h el n > nv ?nfs of en i the tug the river n'lino. Ijhio'.s lone, from tho SoutUwef and I >: .* !*', from the *'o >tU ,up a- ad: of etavoti tlai ' fond lnkll,cocl ihoiiot[ t Ui':;.- iu time. 1 ?nt ukt tl !' :; my .'f a-v! | ... o o .1 etrtv, t! > enemy ciHi pun 1 in. "urn't r tl ,1'incii n oi tho vwh under Mo'ulioc by I'iae.o notllj Wo l'i%i i.t inline 'iutu'y. tiu.l J. 0.1 KKKO.NT, ilajor G n i; al Commanding ! '? skirmishing at lucas bend. jllix01 Cmcjr.0, Sept. 27,1801. iu-n Hi'' f 'l)o'.v;:ig is a rpejial despatch to llio Timet o!' tl city.? 'C? Caiko,Sept. 26,1801. M Cant. Stewart'* cavalry, ttoinbeiH?K sevrnty Ovo nv lie l I to'Iny ei>rounieved fony rel>oI rivalry at Lucas Pel wliom th'-y i if<> Jiff. Tin mi son's camp ot B , I(1 monl. I'< ur rebels were killed, Ave raptured and uiai , of v/omnled. The. remainder escaped to the weoda. Our trcops < a* tured all the guns and pistols tli y cow ' bring away with th.m. No tTnlon troops were Injured. up. Tlie report i f tho rebels crossing below, la-t night, oi '/> ffinati d ! cm their ;.i nboat JifT". I'avis landing a ml ? and ? hull bc.ow Norfolk to wood and roconooitro. Ho.1 'it. riv.mpion'aforce i- two iImiii: md. t'g- bcontg report that Gentra! 1'illow is yet at Gilumbm. oun st. louis comjesi'Ondence. i , Sr. T >rr , Mo.,Sept. 24,1801. 'Hit I'M cf L singftn (ti-il IIIi Suj/yreta i n of Ihr fir j?)/. v *. -7/.. FohiUi i?~ tin- Aaalnt Cnur xrf / 'ii vj?T'ic Ft tf the Xeut.- Stilt iiuhr Arretl iy* Oelma' l'rsnwnl j i I'd in the Fi Inderal Troo " /,< Hi't r af Jtj/irt'fii Ciiy art'lth n March up ' | Lcz'f >j'- '?l'reja.,-<i!iun? /or the Cumtai_ii?Twtn , of . Sto'.y.en in th< Kmjfoy of the Gov., nii.n:, tie. I 1U !/.l ( {I/,st;igto?i en itd great exciiement In fi .(ij ! i/.nlg, it had Veen expert <1 fur son | .Ii. \ rs. Yesterday th. :-i. I/jiils i'lttii tt[t A 'no.! appeart " with an nrticli! headed "Tlio Kail of Iz-xlngtoa," In whl< It,'. th .e we; e some severe reflections upon tlio Western 1! i.! ! fartiac.t for allowing a IHtlo army of twenty fh J lnuvl .:d men t.> he o\ crc :ne 1 y a force of fr< m lllioen i t!-8 j rv.ntytlio : iiti-I, \v!i. n tlief w..r : rty th >an I s d .ie 1 Willi i: I', .v ' ma oh, an ! too t c i tment li:i I at It Iinndifis .. thoi. .i. . oi t tis oi rh aut cli.-l !,iS And W4i plebltfuny supplied with ellttte moans and uj i - ol v r. !'!:i i.r'ir'uwiv ai. imp o iv and in.p rU* die loos oiio to i": isr tod at tbo present i n iu Mir* ur I 11 :t ?'{ ,U> C"i:.Uielit* I.; : o. r ?.ol t t wo 0 i XllCtl RimUar to those vIta*i bs it .* ud n> liundredi | l-.j ,i* c /. . I. i :i- !c ii i'o til.- ;>u;K.i- app-n* . 'Iha I i.'a ii. ot at ci t much Import mo? in the o>t j >.r < ut of t i I it li ' itl'.'!1, gl t u;o;-l em, a tlio ill.'. I.ii.( ;e; t:o ; e. in it.-: ;.>a;ty. it sttp|?t t and I v r- ti d iii i |j:. ! . "I i 0, *1, t'm gh it hesitated siightl I v iiiK'1. i 'v.J' ivv ft ft promni[iatoi V'S pr i ; ty <>v - mc ltd c." pk ? an- It .-t" dio Start, ati , , j Mn, . t ?:m )to id oi ii.-i lurr.tiS; in itdvc.ucc of tlio Ml ' , Bom 11> ... cinl. k Aiioiit ..I. lio. raft " t'l pi; 't of hit evening made ii arip .T':i " ? 11: r t iiicc iva: \ iriitud I,}' a IIlo of iliori, I 'I'" ' ?i> '1 . ;.< t ait or 'T tft . 1 .j ; Gene. ul Kr. nr :i!, ,h > d< l: ^ Hvry n.d falo uf tlio A i"t was s;< p; oil, tlio paldisli r.'f art a'i ll. oat ache o: i lio corc rn wero i?-l hi arreijl fill tlio 1> if ilio BHtakw-hmcnt clUHd up. 'it il licit t n'iU-1 "ihr I'd,! i i \r i j:1 >11" liad olfoiKled 111 ton iu.tiii-'T of ih" Wt f- i*i*ii l>(*;..ii CiiioDt, and parti la-1 1. : : > bv that olliolal i.'d Iwon I "id that it w. n't,* cith.T v. ltlon r.i Ui>tati*d hy t'o>i:-1 1'raiik I'laj Mr. : .v id, thi cdi.or i f tlio Hinlefl on l.hatl:-0'i>* tint ll:9 obnoxious cilito.'iiil w 3 |H!liuv r!'d iy him-elf, and v/t.? ni t in any way von luggostc 1>y any?c <. a .*. lie l;.v n<*t for wo ks c -mv.sei: ivi: _ I Colotiol Hlaii m oby political sulijcct, anil the latter Ii i'lvi-1 ai has no luliu'.ncc*, conliol or uter.Pi in Uio ? ) ir* K nitty A 'cut. llie attache*thr coixirn, wit Iin , (j,. ext.*. pti'iii of Jli . (Iris*,m, anil the p b.lsbor, J1 I r. mtcy,* * wIomoA teat evening; bitt Umbo twof? , th-iitt-n are still under aiic*5t in the military prison, bi in*, nl ov.. il to c a 1 llieir friends who citil to pay the ift;8 j-.-f:ji: (i,re allowed sei vai ts at tliu oxpen.-e of it Mr. j- .o.nmcil of tlu tuitod Mates. 'Ihronghout t" da . ill ofiice Hal remained clcsi il, and it can on.y be n " . (ipi ueil by tlie eontent or Hit; Commanding Cenoial. Hi do ailalr has erea'.el maeli exciiemoiit In the city, and tli try. suppress-tt i?f tlio paper is spoken of In sever terra by nci'i ly ah the l">al f itix.: s of Ht. 1, >uis. Had the H jwl'ira*, till lately a secession alicel, and oven no?'9" r'm st daily giving iinportai t Information t iper ihn en'my, in t W:lh tlio f.tto of tl;c New on- the act w'juid have elici cd fay .ruble comment iu a m jority of casts; but ft r a patwr hitherto loyal to 1: ?S , V'.ch.'d" WKN it THtOM tt c. i.'.cisc tho acts t th d' partm.nt arouses public indignation to no a.-v.a ire. CVter-t, (V i'M-nl i-'rw-v.! wfts G.\|vr,tcrt t-i take the fluid on Mm day,but Lis iJ'ii yet go.:e forth to the wai\ He 1b lutem -rv- log t? leave St. l-ouin to-m"irow noou, but may lie ml v.o f rth t delayed. The army is making its rendezvous i (1 n Jc:;-r'>nCity,ar.dis expected to murch upon LcxiugUi and whip c i the roVuh'able General i'rke.. V.m n.u wal" n driii'r t" .'o rts-'rlis. ,1U Tim quality of tlie clothing fnrnl.-hcd to tho army of Hi '< >.* # W< it i> an improvement upon ttiat which alm V1 run eye pUtcly lulled t-> cove; tho nikeinefu of the gold to it, r '' >E tli' l iu'!. Much of ttis inrchaeod direct lrom the dea aim crr. and is not furniaueu by contract, one Arm?that i Tl< -.nor <o?for y< irs transacting tho m"i?t e: !i;ht t ' clothing bustne*s in the West, has ii 'I1"- c . mhnwnt on tho corner of Washingto tni-mio and Fourth street, directly opixisi his ijic [i :o iart'v? cf the yu? t ran aster, an I keeps i' l.irii"' force of employes constantly at \v rk upon a m :<*!?? el ihiiig, and is daily in receipt of tmnvnse quant ties or ready m ule uniform* from thoKact. Thei Ivec. g i.ft. nre purch by the government acco-din<? i th ir actnal value, and are n t p:i*eod tlrot'gh the h in' of a ntrHcl r. 'Ihe y'vanta, a ol thu syst. m over th: ism oflVunsylvanla and oiHer swindling States wilt at en< hro- he obvioi y. vnh G nernm nt h?r unw In its employ upwards of twenl lues I ftearnhoatf The ni >?t of tlium a e at present in use i bro- t ? fporf! between St. Ia.iIs an i J- iiar n City. A trrr In | b at, 1'inir in iisa between this ci-y aril th-I.l,no;s shor nty, | !:?.? been p >rd;-": t by l?n leSarn, and is being fitted i tile- as ft iiunb fit. TUo ipm ?'? buil'ilng at (' oudelet ? ales 1 pr : ie*s fi. ely. t:iort:.i none of th m have ytt bci lien. I a ujchotf. j THE FALL OF LEXINGTON. I I^TiO[?ten u fallen. Wc write It w..h s rrow,for ;t IERAJ ?, n heavy reverse to our arms In Missouri?thn twin ilis;i? i\y. tor to the reverseat Springfield, an.I, like that rovers, ciwily avoidable, had prompt stops been taken to avoid tho it. lbo gallant garrison, under their heroic Irish comtho mnndnr,alter resisting with unlltiiching courage for si* lad days,and repulsing tho assaultn of tho quadruplo b OS legly. ing force, holongiierod on every aide, penned up within my tho narrow limits of earthwork defences, wearied to exro. haustion with incessant watc hing aud lighting, woscomof pelted at Inst to yield to that f?o inure terrible to the In brave soldier than bullet < r bayonet?thirst?andimrjor render his courageous band as prisoners of war. II" li.? , WUUKl UltVO n-NIM U lUIl^lT, I'II<1 iug not his Mipplies of water l>oen cut o;f; bvil * in- tho Intrcnchnicnts at I.exlngton were not supjid plied with walls and other convenieticw ef ft I mono fort, lK'Oti'Be they wero not oona.'ructed 'ho willi tho design of resisting it week's siege. Hotice, i I when the garrison was cut o(f from Its supplies of water I IVom the river ami tho wells in tho vicinity, there wasno It; alternative for tlio famished men hut a surrender. They le. a enow in (ho hands of the enemy, who,by this triumph, mo secures possesion of lib >nt 4,t|(H> stand of arm", 700 im cavalry homes, with thoir equipments, a considerable h. ipiantity of ammunition, several pieces of Artillery, and its the most important city of Western Missouri, ml Colonel Mulllyui porhaps never dreamed of I ho possiA blilty of not being reinforcod. It never entered into Ills j to thoughts that willi 40,000 friendly Union troops within a j un fi w day's march of blm, he oould be neglected, and J -ft to i he ine' cy of a besieging force for a whole weeic, and in llnally compelled to surrcndi r for the wan' of the succor , I la which eoulil have been sent , and which no donb!, h" coll- ] it- Ildent y presumed, would be ^ent. It was with the confltas dent conviction of being protnply supported that, v.lin re asked to surrender by l'i lc on Sunday, the 16th. he imt. swercd with a ringing dellavce. and liiatuutly prepared io lor a ilesparale combat. *11 thought thnl it he shnnld I-. hold out lor three day.?aud he rej-olvod that he would? ho he would be reinforced from tho river, or tho enemy aire tacked in the rear and fo cod to raise tho siege. Hut the heroin ort'.eer calculated too largely on the roof operation of tho authorities at St. I/iuts. l'rlce arrived ico at Wurronshnrg, thirty live miles from Lexington, two weeks :ik" y?*U?rday. Everybody kn^w that ho wus marching on I/exington, and tiiut ho would make a doB]>orate attempt to take it, Itut we cannot think that Price himself ever Imagined he would be allowed leisurely to march to lioxington, sur in r0,|nd the garrison and beleaguer it for a whole wok, with ut being dit-tiirlied in his amateur-like operations I.y in y < t tie thirty or forty thousand federal troops that were within a few days' march of him. He, |H<rha| s, never conjectured that ho could, with a nel ragged, Ill-armed, unpaid, Imli-demoralize I army, with ml out a hag-age train, mid with a iKior supi ly of war mate rial, man li all the way from Hprlrglleld over a rugged road, and attak and ca;?turo a (ode al garrison, support st- ed, or that ought to have been supported, by a departi'o m nt his hundreds ?n<t thousands of tonr of shot, mi shell, jwwdcr, cannon, artillery, muskets and rltles, and ail- tliat has command of all the rivers, all the railroads and all lli steamboats in tho SUi'.o, for the a iowly trnnsporta.y lion i f men and materia) to any point of danger. ' Hut so it is, and l'rlce and Jackson and l'arsons, in thoir " exultation over their nnlooked for victory, must feel po evcu nioro surprise than wo do at being a'l?wed to achieve il without interruption.?St. BittiiiigNewt, irs STt ml,r 23. mi WIV1 i\? 1 l.l.lll. I rjlUiU IiJvN. MWMUar. 'ra Sr. I/JI IS, Sept. 27,1801. Tim following will appear in the Democrat to-morrow:? 'or Just before leaving tho city lion. Fremont wroto a letter 1,11 to n friend iti Now York. Wo liave succeeded in obtalni it fug a cony, which, no it relatrs to public affairs,:in<t pop. ty susses at this t;m> great interest, wo commit no Impront prlety iu laying it boforo our readers:? ir. St. I/if't?, Sept. 20, 1881. My I)kar Sir?I l-'avo at oight oVI >ck III (ho morning, find fei.d you this hurried note in the midst of tho last arrangements before leaving. , We h.ivo to contcnd an enemy having no hosts to l" gar. l-oii und no limsof transportation todclet.d ?.r guard, a_ wlio'u whole fore cm ho la rind nt will to any one point, y while we have from Letivoti wot til and from Fort Scott to ' I'uditcah to keep protected. I wish to say to yon that, though the position Is difii' cnlt, 1 am competent to it, nod also to the en.^my in the ' fieid. 1 am not able at tho same timo to atti>m1 to the ^ enemy at home. Jt is a shame to tho country that ?n k ofllcei going to I he field?liis life in hlx ham's, solely ne i u iled by the serve his country and win for himself Its good opinions, Willi no other object?sb'tt'd be destroyed by asystoin of com cntnr.d attacks utterly wi bout foundation. Charges are spoken of when 8. there are ncne to be made. What is tho object rf the repetition of tir se falsehoods, except io familiarise the . mind to the Idea that something Is wrong? A'lvady our credit, wh:. h was good, ts sliukcit in o.nsu<1 eicv of tho new -pap"r intimsthus of my being removed. Mi n. y is demanded by those lurnKhing suppile*. To defend myself would require Iho tlino that, is . necersary to and belongs to my duty anaiust the enemy. ' If iiermittcd by the country, this slate of things will " n< t Im! to brliif on disorder. 1 am an oxponent of a part :iy 01 lie-lorce of the nalioti directed tignh't tin-enemy of the country. Fvryihihc that is directed against me Is directed aga . st il, and I'lvea Its enemy aid and comfort. | I" My | rlvate chanicter comes In only incidentally?1 do. j len I it because, naturally, his reputation is dear to any . man; but only incidentally. This is the foundation of ni'iuy ofmy ocls. ntid wi.l be if I slny here. Kvcrything 'e that hurts, impedes, or em barrages the work entrust'd to m?'I strike lit without hesitation. I take tin* cnnseqi'onccs The worst tlinl ean happen to rue in reiief from great labor. Yours, truly, JOHN C. FR1CMONT. COL. KI,A [It DKl'KNUINt; I!! M-KM'. TO TIIK EIlITfIR OP THK f-T. t.Ot'lS KttPUBMCAN. My uouduct h:i never hen very ?ati factory I i yon, n mid si; e th?' beginning < f this rebellion i have ubsei ved . thai my action hns been especially displeafiug to yqu. 1 am n-t s irpristid. ihere'ure, that you i.hould havo com? menlctl harshly upon t lie s ibjvct of my arrest, and put an fs un uvorublu construction upon my conduct. Thuro is i lie thing, however, which dees surprise mo,and to which I de-lie to direct pub ic attention, if 1 can obtain the 'II privilege of doiut! s > your columns. The Missouri /Mii'-crot contains the following v<ariigi'apli in its article , on the s .b eel ol my an est, published on Moll lay:? " the ex umlnatM h, which will b of a private chirac>? tor. will n t take piaco, wo understand for pome days." u This inlets,1 presume, to theexiimin.'ii>ini/l th? charges made it mil St me. Tins st if tie-nt in havo been made by a .lli city uf those wholiMve <h- right t-i tlx tlie mann>r and time of my trial, (did n- t and do not object to re either the manner of trie I o.- iuii< < t : g tlio exiiiuina t(, (ion, which iti'.y be llxe 1 l?. tho: e ha' i-ig competent ous thori(y; but lobjfet t" he-g tr/l in the n w-p i| ers, when it Is nnfo.i '.s 1 c u ii. ! _ r.o < 11, i,cv*cuii tho 'l pren <1 tile ( ity were f!is;iO < . to ; ,b: hi'.b .ti-( tho ' p . valence ' f m?: la-.i <? U-t ail -.v be publicly to j. mal e ,'oo.' the fhirr, f; .lilted I j tno /a-?i -na', to have , wade bym t ? tie t ivoinrnetit v/ith l e.aid to the V "!' ??< I 1 1 1 ' \VI i!?, the, of e >\ .' d'm > ip-rt J.' imposed upon r, m- 1 v t)i? in"vi i r I" uu .i u} ,uw, and my "?xt a.'iinutii ii i.s to l>o of u :iriviil'- i.iicter," and t!io <lu' I - >; , if 1 b iv>'any, wh i I 'oe.i thru make, will only I. I'-1 u> r? ?-i> Ui; p.iLJie through official channels, ly it in ufeucrom, to cay the hut, that at incuts such us I y. ii liuvc ma o in your | apcr ot to day should go to tlio .1 public. ii' you re! to com 11 the errors to wliicb you iiavcffivi'D currency y >ur conduct will deser vo a m xh worse interpretation. You cay:? 3 '"Wis understand that tho ditTcrcnccs flrst tirose lu Blair's uttempts to control oontracts and appointments, claiming that he had authority from Washington to keep a supervisory eye over ull'airs bore, and io regulate matte, s and things frcnorally. Colonel lUalrulso desired to iio Major General of tlio Htate fore , and presssd General ' Kreni'intfor lii.i recommendation to Govern' r Gamble for v that otllce. Not succeeding bo well as h<? wish d in manlls p'llating General Fremont, the Colonel undertook to breatc f him by writing letters to Washington City, as stated by the Orrhcral. ,; I rep'.y that I nr>vor askoil from General Fremont a porsonai tuvor that he did not grant immediately. I never lj apke I an appointment for auy one from him that be did not (five it. I never recommended him to gi\ e a contract , to any porwn that be did not use h:s tnticeaco to obtain V it. l"never bad a word of personal altercation with him, and, Anally, I have never or said anything ? hicli '' oould authorize any one to think that tho differences ba|t tween us have the slightest tinge of personality about ir them. |0 I am willing to await (lift pleasure of those having competent authority to disclose the actual ground of dlflb. mice, ami abide tho result of my trial and tho public judgment. I tnke it for granted that 5'ou did not derive l0 Information of <h statements above quoted from tho only peis 'ii who, with ?h? ex. notion of myself, couli know ahsoltttoly wheth -r they were tr eor fal c, and therefore _! they aiw simply your own surmises or those of someothnr peisint^qualiy uuinformed and ciudly prejud.ced. Ha, spectrufly, I KANK I\ HJ.A1K, Jr., '? Colonel First regiment Missouri L. a. ,e St. Lot-is, Sept. 18,1801. n another proclamation from general anderson. IlEAPQlTAimntS I T' AKTMRST "F the CfUBgKUyD, 1 j. LocifViixe, Ky., Sept. 24,1881. J ;i The commanJing General, understanding that approit henf ion is entertained by citizens of this State who have hitherto teen in opp1 slti-.n to the policy now adopted by \ the state, hereby gives notice that no Kentockian shall be arrested who remains at home, attending to his busi,0 ncrs, and does not take part, either by action or speech, Hir " i'i t th" authority of the p?nornl or State government, tl or doe;; w t hoi I correspondence with, or give aid or as|. slitance to, thoso wh" have chos tn to carry themselves ,1 ilj.ll r .it .J . - ' ' I III <l,1-17. /IIIITJV.IT, j- Di'l.'illflr General. U. 3. A., commanding, q Effcflj of the Gulc. le Ai.raxv, Sopt. 27, 1881. ta A pcrfcct gale of wind ban been blowing here all tbo f evening, dolsg considerable ibmnge to projurty, but it is so Impossible if ascertain to what extent, The roofing of ^ j. ;.n G. White's extensive malt house was blown off bait tween oloven ar.d twolve o'clock, and in every section of 'u ttie city chimntes liavo been blonn !< vn. t-.?es stripped , of their branches, shutters torn frun t < ir fastenings, jg and awnings "trippel in tatters. Y- THE STEAMKK FHANCIS SKIDDT BErORTRD ASUOKE* ?' Midnight. J0 It Is ropcrted tint the steamer Francis Skiddy.from 8:i Troy for New York, to ashore on F;uh Island, about two miles above the city, and that she Is In a critical situat.i.n. is Tbo gale Btiil continues in unabated fury. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM CUBA. Oar Havana Correspondence. IUvajU, Sept. 21,1?61. Oprrationt of Southern Hymjrathuers in Cuta?Shipments of Aiim, ite.?A riece of trench Diplomacy?Markets, Health, <tc. Tin; British schooner Izilda was purchased in thin port lust week, by a merchant of Now Orleans, a Mr. llrodilordorf, who arrived horo In tho British schooner J. ll.Toono, IVniiuiKton, master, on the Oth Inst., as reports to you the 10th. find sho has been loaded hy him lu tho past week with a few rases of arms, powder, lend, naval stores, Mock tin, &c.,cleared for Matamoras, Mexico, on tho ItHh, ?iul sailed for her destination yesterday at 10 A.M. Tim ... ? - - . ... a <? ?!<, ?? $1,000. For what part* her cargo Is intended there can ho no question. Thomas Savage, Ksq., Vice Crml of tho foiled States, reported personally at tho Ct.xtom Hondo that the goods on board?contraband of war?were Intended for the disaffected and rebellious ports of tho United States; but thoro wr.8 no legal way under our laws, thollig covering tho goods ami tho bottom, to rotuso clearance, and unless sbo should bo token In tho act of attempting to pass tho blockading squadron?of which there could bo no evidence here?thero c?u bo no remedy. Other like case* will bo treated in tho flnmo way. Tlio French steam Bloop-of-war Lo Volsslor, Commnnder ISrimctte, left for Ship Island on th> lath lust. with despatches for tho Ktoueli Consul at New Orleans? not proposing to enter tho river?taking a good coast and rive pilot, a born citizen of Fram o, who was sworn in on th>' b> the Freuch (Mntml (lenerul and put on tho petty otlicial list of tho ship. It 1st rumored mi.c sailing that t'tmminder Brunette expected to pais tho Delta squadron without observation, deliver bis I- tti r at tho I'm t on IShlp Island. and return. That will lie attempted, and, If aecoiiipiishe l. the tacts will be used to tho prqiudie of the I'tilted Mates. All that could bo U u? if tho Con-ol Oneral was at his |iost bus b-o i energetically attended (o by hia temporary representative. Tho J'orrii Colorado, a small Mexicanschooner, under tho command of a swede by tho u.itiic of ivttoiiou, has been char to ad ly J. W. '/aehery, of New Orlc n.-, and is being loaded with mi assorte cargii, HH upceltle l,t'<>r the Izl'da, mil wl I ?.- i 1 for Mat imoras to morrow morning, having ox passengers Mr. Zachary, late Commander J. It. Mitchell, of the 1'iilted States Navy, and Mr. Martin,an agent hero for some weeks past for the purchase of arms for tho rebel Slates. Tills vessel w.ll not deviate fiom ber voyage in order to run tbe blockade, unless the mastet anil crew should be overpowered by the passengers, nh i aro well armed with revolvers, as tho captnln ]?sl ivcly ref' god to jeopardize tho property of his owners by tuiy ? such eondi ct?h?v ing bi- n duly approached for that purpose with the yellow oil which gives elasticity t" conscience in these days. The Urit sh schooner .1. If. Toono Pennington, is also taking In cargo for Tamotro or Matamorns, of the same description, and will be ready for sea on Wodnesdsy next, tbe 25th, and Bbo will attempt to pass the blockading s,u>dron at or near Ship sen w.ll I.I.CO ivim. nn -to U> ImM merchant of N?w Ovlcaim, owner uf Ilia curgo, nn'l "there at. prcrnt ui known. Tho Ilritish schooner l'arllsmcnt, Glnddlrg master, Is loading for t'svaunnh?bor cargo chiefly caft'cA?will t iU- arms 11 they run 1>m procured und put on board without passing turough the Custom Koi.8!*. She v. ill Inv" as tussengcrs. Mr. W. 1 ixilit and (!. N. Thinly-", merchants of Sayan null, and will ho ready for sea T'lesday evening, thu -.!4ih. She will clear for a port lit the British provinces, and may cull at Nassau, w l nre she torn let on I: r way out fn m Savanuah (reportc I to you) to change I or ling. 1 omitted t" m tit ton that W. A. Hi' Ah, midshipman ot the rebel stertrn r Sumter, W"!>t passenger t>y the l/.iida. Tltu statomentot iln I nof tho S mitor, a.s r<!p<>rtod north, uear I'ort of Spain, Trinidad, is not credited here. Tim master of tin' .) se;>h Maxwell?agn ize of the Sumter? (nit a'liore : y Hicks, am\ol out in the steamship Mtv t.tnz?s,and left for C'ienft.cgos, to tukj pos-H's- km of hia VP! vnt. Tli" RMariirtilp Marion arrive ! morning of the 19th Inst, from New York Ki.? days. Licit. llihlips commander aii'l gave (wo guns oll'lhe Moroou euto'hig putt. to lot its kno-.v t lvit he w as ready to capture rebels if Uieycomo upon hie path. We bavo h id two arrivals from St. Pnmingo in tho past week. giving ns. t!:e usual news of n uteiit, pn-xperity ol thr* propjn and Improvements p ing ahead with Yaukec velocity. A has, iial ha I been err clod at Samntia for ninety j^TFons, and the hea'th of tho troops on tint sido was much better. Tho new government is already organized and hi working order, uning local material for offices in least demand by Spanish officials or Spanish emigrants. Of th?M several arrivals have occurred, all wull received and put in jiosltion to acquire lands and homes. We hive nothing ef Interest hire. Our markets uncharged; sugars, No?. 11 aud 12, at a B>? reuls per Sticks?Uft.OOil boxes here aud at Malanwu--. Shipments lust work?13,600 boxes, i f which but a small invoice fur New York by the Columbia. Molasses?Sales -Ii a 2'-i reals per keg, and very little doing: one vessel loading tor th" Putted stale? ?t $2 per hhd., . !. an eutport. H'>KPheads ot su^ar for New Voik ?l $3 a $3 CO; boxes at 76c. a $1 each. Freights not improving; for F. iro)>e f.l 10 a VI in. KxchaTges?London, 16 a 17 premium; Now Voik.fla 7 premium; United States gold 5 premium. Money plenty. Health tIk* sarii"?not u ciw of fever knev ii tii t-\l-1 nnini'K tho flopping in our port. UrltMi s h'j.tu.T f'(r iU.bert i'cct, loaded for ft. John, X. II., sailed 16th, will call .it & i'Ub .1 port If thn way is Open any whet The I'oliffcnl Ciimpnlgn. Tnr mf.ftiko at thk hkiucai. com.k<;b?hisbatibFACTION, AND KI.KCTIOH OF A NEW CEAlltMAN? Tin: coopru inktitctf. mffttnc?tue taxpaykkb IS t'NIVKKHITY Bt'II.DIWi, KTC. The Vnlon orgnni/ailons held meetings last evening. Th? officers of tho Cooper Institute Ratification Mooting met at tho Medical College, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty third t treet, to receive the re) ort of Mr. Marshall, tho Chairman, v. ho hail boon authorized by tlio Convention to appoint a nominating commlttco of three from each ward, sixty-si* In all. Ho a.' nir neeO tlio committees, which were adopted liy the meeting. An est irt was mu '.c to instruct them to fnako the nominations lor the Legislature us well an tho county tick !, 1 his was strongly opposed, and n warm content was j;ot np on the h cation. A motion to lay that resolution on tho table w.m <!iclar<*1 lust, and then the resol'tti> n do ured adopted,anlidut great confusion. Tho Con ventlou aiijonrm d Immediately. when ahout half left, and tli Pa a-1 i 'maiia d mid org-ui/oI by vailing lion. V. A. Ciiii!<!in to tho chair, and was about to take action when the gas b gun to disappear. l.ight being Dually restored, tie- meeting adjourned at the call of the Ch ilr. The < o<i|K.'r Institute parly, better kuown amongst tli3 politicians as Dr. Bradlord's party, nnt ut room 19, Cooper Institute, early in the ovoning, and took n recess to ace what was done at th'; Twenty third street ti.eoting. After tho latter had closed up they ajjain assembled. and were at ft Into hour collating the propriety of excluding fr< m tie ir commi:t?n all who had participate d iti the Twenty-tlili dstreet. This party will probably make their nominations somo time next week. This is a regular Know Nothti g crowd, dark lantern and all, and havo a few sore head democrats to assist them Iti keeping up the piay. The tax payers' party met at tho Law TlulMlngs, In University place. Thaie being only about fll'ty in attendance, they appointed a committee of llvo to consult with all tho Uuion organizations In tc/ard to tickets, and thon adjourned until some time next week. Tlio National Fast. r.ALTlMOKB, Sept, 27, 1361. Tho Fast Day was generally observed hero yesterday by a nearly total suspension of business. The churches of all denominations wore open, and generally wcro well attended. BrcartsttiflTs at Chicn-^tn The receipts and shipments of (lour an fgrain at Chicago during the woek cuding on tho 24th inst. were us fol> lows:? Il'mipt'. SMpmtMs. Flour,bbls M,:>M 44.240 Wheat, bushels 764.588 693.480 Corn 601,632 1,139.079 Oits 7,262 6,473 Kyo 3,434 10,390 Farley 6 .222 ? 11m I olio wine table shows the receipts aiuoe the 1st of January lor three years:? ISM. TnflO. 1861. Hour, hbls 8VI.SU 8?0.28# P88 15? Wheat, bush'-'ls 4,419,'iOl 8.3?fl.S70 10 680 084 Com :; (<? VJ1 13,913.240 2O.680.8U Oats..." Wiii .487 1.1141) ,629 1 ,096 ,865 ' fir.1l Isn.tlTO 2!)f? la* Sarloy .'7.7.7.'.* i> 5 " ii 270,007 asoiMO .'[ttihetSi Auuxr, Sapt. 27?P. M. Less doing in flour and market Heady. hales of wheat are, Id car lots, at ft 2" tor r<'d Michigan, $1 18 for rod fate, $1 25 I'T atubci M!: h -.-in, #1 35 it |i 30 for wblto d<?. Kye 69c., rteltverr .*. Out'; dull and o.mier: sales 700 bushels Canadian at 4,000 do. Chicago, 33c. Bnrley?Demand fair ;o,d ji'y moderate: sales 3,200 bushels Rouses 1' at 70c.; 800 bushels Canada V.'< t, 7.r)C.; goo.; wilder at 61c.; 4,000 bushels < nutt'ln \\ cpt, to arrive, ;u 7-lr. Corn dull and held higher: wlet> 4,400 b. ->ii-V.'. i . n mixed, in r?r Into, at CO'?<?., and 500 do. aiM* ' '<*. Whiskey??a'?? of 69 bblf. at lDJifr. R'-clvrd i>y < ntrol Itaiiroad Sothaml 27tb for New York?2,SOU b1 ' Hour, 2,100 do. wheat, 300 balee wool, 8,n00"bo-. < heoso, 160 bbls. pork, 1,000 do. whiskey, 26 bales To Cotton?7,000 bbls. flo'ir, 210 do. whiskey tviles wool. Hhb ped by towa 25th a-id 26<h?27&.l>'-o !> ., beis corn, 11,W0 do. ry?, 188,000 do. whest, 11,0"a,io. oats, 0,000 ilo. feed, 6,000 do. wbeat. BriTA?/>, Pept. 27?1 P. M. FHir was quiet and steady. Wheat?The drenching rain which bus prevailed during tbo entire morning ban rendrreo the fharket d'\H; prie s arotlrm: sales 13,000 busbe s Chicago nj ring at OV.. ",C00 bushels red winter at $1 Cfl. Corn iti moderate demand and firmer: Bales 10,000 ! uM.c's at ."Wc. Whiskey nominal nt 16'ie. Otnal freli his brisk at I8??e. on corn, ISc. on wheat to Srvr York. Imports Fine* Wednesday noon?22,0C0 fcb!s. flour, 22V,000 bushes ? beat, 316,000 butbols corn, 10,000 bu.-iieis oat'. Exports ~ime time? 500 bbls. Hour, 343,000 bo-hcl? wheat, 210,000 bushels corn,. 28,000 beshels oats, fl,0C0 bushels rye. 1

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