Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1861 Page 2
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2 OPERATIONS ON THE COAST. The Destruction of the Rebel Defences at Ocracoke Inlet. ore SPECIAL IV AVAL <OltRESPO\DE1CE, &c., &c.. Ac. OUR HATTER AS INLET CORRESPONDENCE. fokt cijkk, hattikas 1nl?t, N. c., sopt. 13, lbtll. Capture tf a Schoonrr anil f-WUing (J Another?.Sj-ecula' tirns as to the SciMUA Vetftl?The Affair liemaint a M /stey?A Demote and Steiile Sjiot?I'erpetual Sana | Surnns?Inconvenience from the Hand?Th- Water Had, and S arc*?The I'layve of Moi'iuiloa and Sand Flit*? Fith in Abundance, rfc. Since (be departure of the steamer 8. R. Spauldlng, with Colonel Weber's retfimont of Turner Rilled, or, mora pro|?erly, the detachment from that raiment which baa toon occupying Fort Hattcras, nothing has occurred on land worthy of particular notice. On the sea, however, thorn li.Lrt bfon a capture of a schooner attomptuig to run tho blockade and convoy supplies to tho rebels, and tho scuttling or wrecking of another, i ft much larger schoonor, within light o1 the shore. Tho clrouinstanci* of both affairs, so far a I saw them, are as follows:?Two schooners were ob' served at an early hour thU morning making thwr way from a southerly direction, and heading towards the inlet. Tho Susquehanna lay at anchor about three miles frotn tho mouth of the Inlet, In her usual position, and ut that hour had not bur Hag Hying. Tbo schooners approached to within two or throe niilus of her, when they discovered her true character, and also tbo condition of alUirs at the Inlot. Tho wind was blowing qui to fresh, and they wero unable to escape. Ono baldly ntnoi towards the Sus<i Johanna, and,being signalled to como to, jowered bur sails and came to an anchor. On being hoarded by a boat from the frigate, It was found to bo the Argyle. The captain professed to bo bound from tho British Provinces to Key West; that he was in want of water, and had run in for tlio pur pore <? replenishing bis vesssl with a supply of that desired article. But ho jtoutly asserted he did cot know what place this was, or that it was ever fortified or in the rob -Is' hands. His etory was to > Improbable for bnilof,and tho schooner was declared a prize to tho Susq:\olmnna. Tito captain stated that his cargo was fish. Whether this is true or not has not keen decidod, as no examination of her cargo been made. Shu will bo sent North, eith >r to I'hllado'.pliia or New York, in charge of Master's Mate Cook and a prize crow from the Susu ."hanua. The othor schooner and its fate do not soom to liavo been observod by those on the Susquehanna. It wan a mile perhaps behind tbo Argylo, and under full wall. It wu.s 81 en to strike suddenly, and all the masts, sails an l rigging were observed to pitch ahead and go by the board, the bull to roll over onco or tvrice. and nothing afterwards waa seen of her, save two or three large pieces floating on the water. The distance was so great 'rom us, and the sea so high, that it was impossible to <listiugul.-h a human being on the fragments of th0 wreck, even If one bad clung to them; nor could wo see any boats in tho vicinity, and I doubt not all on board 'wore lost. The schooner was a flno largo one, a fore andafter, with stay sails set, and beat ir.g overy indication of being a fast one. Whether she was a nierctinnt vessel attempling to run the blockade, or a privateer returning from a cruise, fir the purpQM of refitting or taking in provi- : ions, cuu only bo conjectured. And we are In doubt as to wbetner she struck on an unknown shoal or rock, or whether she was purposely wrecked, rather than to get Into the clutches of the Susquehanna, the captain and crew preferring tho chances of ds.ith In the b-eakers to tbo risk of feeiirg the halter at some oth -r day. We know nothing of her name, the port she bailed from, or Wh>t her business wan so near Ilattcias Inlet; bat that She was totally )*t, with probably a'l on board, we know to a certainty. Perhaps we may get a clue to Identify her when the fragments of the wreck come ashore. Till then all is wrapimd in mystery. I hardly know what to say of our position hero. Of i's Impo. *uce In a military sense there is no difference O; -pinion, but lu every olho- view, 1 believe ail who j.ave seen It conc'ir In assorting that it is tli tu sterile, u verted aud desoato spot that the sun klii:i<a <?. Tho D '? camp of a portion of ihe troops, sit a'ert r,u the site >f that occupttn! by the enemy befi ro the landing of our .roo|<?, Is to an extent exempt from this charge, for there It is possible to flud a little shade under the insignificant live oaks that skirt ?ha low sand spit, b it as for any "verdure clad fields," the eye looks for them lu vain. Small tufts of slurp spearlike grawk Jwv# pierced through the sterile sod here and there, ??4air,igfrte to maintain a decent appearance, but %> di n'tmg sand frequently sweeps them lirora Sight A lt:w "yopum" bushes, not imifke the whortleberry of the lj"'th, s -eni to get a livelihood Hi spots; but ail else is Uarr<9 aand, that gl> ains and g'ows under a tropic snn, " , 'UfC eya tiras at the dismal prospect, and turns to roitself on the ocean's deep blue and the flash lug siirf. "Twt taaBk.ialfkoly to be buried by tho saad that drifts in clouds over it during the gales that blow hare with in tonne violence at all seasons of the year. And I may horo (tigress a little to say that the aand here Is a confounded nuisance. It is on all sides of ns, under us, over us, in our clothiug, in our mouths, our ears aud u<?li lis. Is> wa ait d iwn to our frugal rapist, our mouths are s<?ai filled with Band that grits terribly as we |?rform the opera, tion of mastication,discomposing our n xvoa and making us uncomfortable generally. I ven our pi|>e, tlie only aource of consolation left us, rewards our first inhalation with sand as well as smoke. It is all sand, sand, sandl We may bo buried In the sand sum" day or other, and none know where to look for us. With all this staring us in iii< 1 ae,e, our countenances are ?;<>wiy assuming a sorrowful expression, Dot unlike thai of the Spbynx, as li<! looks cuit of bis cold, stony eyes, on the desert sands. Hereafter I shall bring a handful of grass down hero to adorn my quarters, and, while here, shall be most h appy to see a man wbo wears weeds on his bat. Tlion, too, though there is water on every stile, wo have precious little to drink, and that of the most oxecruble kind. The water brought from the fort becomes bud when exposed to the sun in barrels, and the well water obtained hore is of a very |xx>r quality. To one who has boon accustomed to driuk good, cool, sparkling spring water. It comes very liard to drink such as we hivihore, but all this can and will be remedied in good time. This d'prlvati n of good water tr what the enemy pr mi.-o I us, and the thought of it af ' forded thum immense consolation for the Iobs of this Stronghold. As it Is on.' of the only two thoy can enjoy, we ought to 1>? charitable enough to allow them to do so id pea<?. The second source of consolation they hava is tlioir practical knowl?og-> of tho number, size and bilueas of the execrable mosquitoes, who rife. tins part of the coast. Co?ntli-s# la numbers, of iniinei*" sire.agl*wishing length and strength of sting, of consummtie tact tn selecting a weak spot for attack, and teua' io is in Its assaults, it is an onemy we dread far more than we fear the rebels, unit one which would worry the life c. it o! a rhinoceros, if it should be o unfortunate as ro (ln.i itself in tlu ir company. mosquitoes, the |M*tiferi ! s mud Hies and other discomforts 1 have barely hinted at, you may well imagine what place wo have to llv<i In. However, wo have ideuty of tish, oysters, clam--, wild fowl, and other good things, it we will only tako the trouble to g -t them. We get plenty or fine fish of Um m?st dainty flavor, and oysters and clams in abundance, o we shal. not starve. Sweet potatoes, mo ions, Ac., out bo pun hosed for a font;. But we get very little fresh meat, and that not of ths best kind. So you see we have our c mforts as well as din comforts; but I am bound to say that the former will not outweigh tho latter. Hut to return to th subject. Both of the forts are now in excellcut c<H. it in for defence, and will be furl Iter strengthened. Altlu gli w may not bo called upon to try our ability to successfully defend our position, it is well enough to aiwuys be pre }>arod for an I had h p tl to be able to speak from personal oosorvati?n and knowledge of tho f. clings of the people on the coast and on the mainland towards th" l'> i n 1 have not been able to isit tho inhabitants as y -t, but to morrow I expoct to St e a depeta ion from the m < nlsn t who cotne to see 1. I tak< the oath of ai egiance, and from the.u I hope to sim the Mate f a; ilis over the Sound. Hut as this letter bo-eut to the IW'tttnore, a 8t?ami aim h loaves for 01 1 Point vei v MOD, 1 will not bo abli to give the results of my Inquiries today. FortCijuk, Hattkka* Ixt.rr, N.C.,Sept. lfl.lSfll. Jfo Signt nf th* Kru my Yel?A miety of the Mrn to Seethe Rebels?Bayonet* vi. H'Vie Kntrej?The Vnmm MW Vn itarsal on thr hlaiul and Strong on Uit Mainland? JCj'rri of the G">?1 ConJuiiof Our Ttooj* on the. Inha/n(ants?Camp (Tool?.Vurvfay, and the Itland Church? The fJnhgrega'Mm?The .Service, etc?An ?rj edition to Ocruokt, dc., <te., rfe. Tlio enemy have not as yet carried nut their Moody resolves to root us out of the sacred nil of North Caroll tii, trunk and branch. So we oootlnue to occupy thin ch^urlns position, a prey to raosquitooa, lie und hum) 1; , ?ud piles our time an quietly as we wwild tn camp In < !? heart of the Empire Slate, and aa pkw < iut]y aa one can when all about him in nalire is dreary, dull and disagreeable. Tb be f o, we have all soils of rumors daily, which w inMUnt quicken tli circulation of tho blood, until v recall to mind the foruclmia threats and the "defend <,* of North Carolina," an l how, llko Hob Acres' courage' tb' y ooze out of their Augers' ends; and then we relapse into a state of perfect dm't care a fish whether tbcee l)' w braggarts come or not. In fact, we are rathor si >us than otherwise to see them. We wish to test , i (Tlcieticy of fot*l steel bnyonots as against rude I iio knives, roughly manufactured by village black t !lig f. >m fiios or piece* of old iron ground to an edge, 1 y which the gallant Tar river boys expect to cut ue into an;iice tnsftt, or more humanely quarter us, so that \bev may distribute us through the State to gratify ew>- i -, wIjo appeal to thom in Inn* age that lju^ j , > vo'ild not reC 'gnise '-r Wiltsler apyrovt*''' Hi; > > ||'? ly to live on '0 a bun. am sort of way, -v,!,, , t ' or,save vci. inous in cts,litilll relnforcoH, .. i h we 1 dill ) by the Spaul ling, ? t'. va'or of Smthi.u .. II,- . a. r '-tr;k< v.aarCa the \ -Jrf ^ : U NE MAP OF OCRi N i f 8FAGM ISLAND lJ % '?? -\VJ ' Atl heart of secession. Wo have enough men to accomplish much even it ihm Miiil; but wo do not wish 10 taka a step backward, and wo cannot s|?iro men to garrison othor | strongholds. If no rolnforconionts roach us wo! bo obliged to confine ourselves to the islaud wo aro now on, aud postpone tho im|iortaut movement on the mainland. 11' they are delayed lho enemy will havo imp.oved ovorv moment of time given thoui, and wo will dad them propared for u? at every point. What is needed now in action?Immediate action?or tho fruits of our victory bore will havo (dipped from our very grasp. The more I mingle with the inhabitants of thin island tho more 1 am convinced of the accuracy of my previous reports in regard to tl.o sterling sentiments for tho Union which they entertain. I am s ire I do sot mistake their truo sentiments when I say that tliey aro. scarcely without an exception, loyal to the Union and the government, and anxious to see the Stars and Stripes again Healing over ovory inch of tho State. How far thoso convictions may impel tliem to go In their defence I am not prepared to say. Undoubtedly many of them will, if invited, take nparms In support of the government, but how many cannot at< yet bo ascertained. All the poop'o on tho is'and aro perfectly friendly to us. Since tliey h ive found that we do not come among them to destroy their property, ravish tliei- wives and daughters and lay desolate their Holds, as they wcro lod to believe by the rebel loaders and politicians, they manifest no f?ar at our approach, but, on tho contrary, entertain us in the most host liable manner when wo visit them. Wo |tay for every thing we buy in the most liberal manner, furnish them with flour and provisions, of which tlw y are in nood, and treat them at all times as friends and citizens of the same country, living undor tho sauio benign institutions and upholding tho same flag. The elfocts of this treatment aro not confined to tho islanders alone. lteport has reached the main IhikI ami the good tiilings soon spread far and wi le throughout tho Suite. People begin to open their eyes to their truo condition and to their wants, and the fear they have entertained of our coming among them his nearly passed sway, and they now desire us to conic among tin ni; and if wo couduct ourselves as patriots and truo soldiers they say tli y will not ofler us opposition, but will sell tia provisions,furnish us wuh information,and aid us by their arms if necessary. So It stands at this moment. Yesterday I accepted the invitation of tho very worthy ilergyman, whose pariah comprises tho island, to attend Ji in h at tho "lower meeting ho se," and meet with :lie islanders In their devotion. Captain Jordlne uid Adjutant Kvans, of the Zouaves. 1 embarked in a 'csa-u," as the rough and rugged fisherman who had ?>nie twelve miles for tho purpose of conveying us across lh? covo denominated his "dug out," and with a favortide wind we |Missed out over tho shoals that lie between Korl .'la:k and Pamlico Sound and struck acioss to amp Wool, which lies on tho west side of the island, lere I lp> nt a few moments in visttlng tho barracks of lie men, most of which were nearly completed, while ilhers were being rapidly push- d forward. Here, hs at 'orI dark, and in-teed as on all the southern pai t of lie island, great crimp', .nit is made of tho water wliich he men arn ohlj ?d to drink. It is obtain <1 from sliallow sells dug in tUe sand, and tho water, which percolates h. otifcli the sand licm the Bound or ocean, is of a in. St detestable character. Uruckish and warm, >vlth suggestions jf fever and ague in every drop,the gorge rises against it, rnd it is not for some time that you can drink it without iriinaces. Aftor a little it becomes quite palatable, but i lanev never vcrv lieaitbv. Passing through tho camp, which is in command of Lieutenant Colonel lletts, wo surer a woods, which extends nearly the length of llic isiaud, in ita centre, except at one oriwo iatervala, where the action of the elements s<v m? to have swept it away. The hot sandy row! winds through a forest nulla dense For tlie const, in which the tail holly, the gnarled and twisted lire ?uk and the 'lark gre?i fig strangely com mmgln. On either aide Uie road wia skirled by low hushes of a character hitherto nntcnown to is, and hero and there the wild grape, entwining ita vines about the friendly trunk of some luiious tree, hung its thick clusters of unripe fruit over the shifting sand that marked our |>a'h. Once in the ihaile existence wan endurable, and through the hot atmosphere we pressed on towards the church, over a road, winding and twisting about hither and thither, apjiar< ully leading us back to our starting point, doiibttul whether it led anywhere. It was not the straight path, ".crtalnly, but faith finally carried us through. Alter a hot rod fatiguing walk of about a mile and a quarter from 2amp Wool, wo found tie1 church, tfter Inquiring the way >f every occupant of the Utile houses nestling quietly in the woods, and surrounded by Uie thick green foliage of the flg, that we would comc u|Kin, imd tliejr are more nunaiou than one would na.urully su|>i? se. lhe Islanders' L^iurrh is a small square editlco of wood, with a high, Sleep roof, small windows, all tiearii'g eviileuce of uge. lhe clapboards that encase its sld< s were not put on hist year, nor have they been treated to a soot of paint In long tm utlis. They were onco while, and gleamed pleasantly through the green foliage Of the sirrouudmg woods; but storms have swept over tlnm, ami summer rains and the snows of winter have fallen against them, and gradually tho glowing white became uiore subdued, and here and thcro throi gh Use fading c lor came suggestions of pine wood beneath, till now, alter years 01 service, the puint has wasted away and thu dingy brown of weathers talned piue stares the stranger in the lac >. The roof is weather worn and stained, but remains |ierfectly Impervious to Wtter. But we w ill pass the shaggy coatL-d saddle horses that crop the short, contemplative herbage about the neighboring trees to which they are attached, and enter tho meetinghouse, through a low, arrow door, and listen to tho smi vices of the day. As wo eijter we soe beforo us tho pulpit, raised abovo the :ongregation and reached by steps on either ?lde, from whieh umiiieuce tho (?us|>ol has been expounded for forty fin, It is a quaint old pulpit, OVMM with Mtd oilcloth, and bearing on tho front the legend, painted by lome unpractical but pious luuid, "1'ray without :e.islng," the letters of which roquiro a clear eye to decipher. The sides of tho pulpit are innocent of |>aint or other ornament, and it is easily seen that it is quite as ancient is the church. The benches that the attentive congregation sit upon aro of plain, unpuintod pine wood, w.irn smooth and brown. No celling orna men ted by Uio hand of the artist hides tho rafters and covering of the roof from the ? yi s of those below?at* v rod below, everything Is rude In tho church, but not the >? devout are the worshipped in this rough and unhandi >inc temple. All the residents who sit ab i.t mo are i .mble ami devoted in th.-ir religious exercises. You lo, lit look iu vain in many anelegaatiy furnished church, here Ilia (iospel is sparingly dealt out to tho rich alone, ' ir such a devout and 'tirlstian congregation as this Rietr resjiouscs. wore audible when the preacher touched ;he chord of sympathy and love, ami their voices scorned >i a me from the heart itself as thoy sang loudly, if not larmonle'isly, tho two verses rehearsal I y the pastor Yotii the one hymnbook of the' church. Whea the strains >1 some familiar Methodist time had dlcd%away, tho worthy pastor won hi read another couplet, which would be mug, and so ou through lhe hymn. It was a scetie I nhall not soon forget?tliat ril>!e old church, with its uonsregatlon of soldiers, in their giyr anlformV find the plain, honest fishermen who tilled it. Tho air was close and oppressive, and from without csme tho shrill voice* of the locusts, as they pi pod tholr midsummer lay from every tree in the woods. Now all silent, ami again the long, drowsy hum "arose, and, growing louder and still louder, made the woods vocal with tho ring Kntnneighboring trees the tree toad an! tho katydid tilled the air With drowsy music, and the cricket chirped within the walls his part of tho chort.s. Under theso in<0 ? II...I ui.'.l nr I>f lun .Irrxrnl uu'....o h,,t ull others escaped the *i*U, amd only nodded nov uud tlien. Mom of uw congn Ration wan imim d m years?I refer U> the residents alone?mil -liowd ma k? of wear. Tho men, who an- wrecker*, lisliei men, pilots?each ono being au fait in either ltu??were of a na,i?w complexion, browned bv exposure to the sua ami sea. with sunken choice and deep fet eyes, tr.ngiwl wl'h shaggy eyebrows, sharp noacs, ami foreheads that time had wrinkled In many a lino. Primed in homespun, or their cheap nttire, lliev wero studies for an artist. The women were sharp featured, thin an 1 angular ill form. All, with the exoepttou of a few young iadioa, who were fair and plump, with a charmin r fresh ness of complexion, showed by their cadaver us aud sidKiw lixiks that they had experienced th> terrible ellbcts of tho fever and agio, that spares no resident of tho isWnd. They wero all dresst'd plainly and with a good deal of taste, but wore calico siri I win nets of v inous colors ami faded to various shades. 1 fo'ind mnny of Un m quite intelligent, but every one waa lavi.-di In the use of North Carolina phrases, and the way liny used theoxiiressmns''Right smartly," "A right heip," Au\, kc., to Convey their pleas, tuj remarkable, to say the least. After Mr. (V.nwiiy han closed his ri marks lie v. Mr. Taylor, the pastor, arose and expressed his gratllicatton at seeing go many soldiers present. Ho waa glad to sec them, aud prayed that thoy might succeed In tho cause they had enlisted for. He had never auknowle ge<l the Southern confederacy?never weuld acknowledge it, n>r tho state of North Carolina in tho post lion she now occupied towards the government. He owe 1 alleginuco to the Union only, and ho wehed to die under its flag. Tlnse, besides many other patriotic sentim'nts, S'-eined lobe received by the islanders with approbation. They all agree with tho pastor in th s re pect. Alter ch irch we returned to Fort ("liu'k, well pleased with our visit to tho " lower ue etin' hots>>." Mr. Taylor v.siis our camp daily, and b. logs in ineynf I hi inhabitant* i who have jo^t ret' i n <1 ff >m the mainland, whore they t lie! vu lUe ca^>ture of the lorta by our forces, 'luvy ail ' W YORK HKRALD, SAT1 ICOKE INLET. . CK^ 4 nuHouss ^ \k QGRACOKE9 s<$*' i ^ "jr A Vc\ \ i u^? mml I take the oath of allegiance cli' erlally, and only ask to b-> protected in their lives and prn|>ei ty. This they prom;* 0(1,1111(1 they have brought baek th-ir uves and now pursue thoir avocations in |>e;ico aud quiet. Tho game feeling that we llnd here is to b? lound on the mainland, and wo need only to raise the Stars and Stri|H>? und an ird protection to the Union Iota from tho volant committ^c* to revolutionize tho Stato m two months. Fort Clark, Haitkkas Tki.ft, Fept. 18,1861. Return of the Ocracoke Inlet Expedition?The ,SitSt[Uehann<t ami 1\nnpest Draw Jbo Much Water arul Return?Tht Landing?Dningi of the Rebel I'rioateers IVimLno atul Albemarle?'i'iie Unin S<iiiailri-n Dentroy the Guiu ami Set Fire U/ the Forts?Strength of the H/rts anil Arma nun!?7he Destruction Complete?Union Feeling at Ocra coke anil Vorbnnouth?Rai-acity of the Rebels?I'n e m Meetings in Untie County?The Union Ft 'ling Gaining Ground?Ten Thousand Men Required?II pe for the Future, dc., <fc. Tho expedition which left for Ocracoko Inlet on Monday last returned this moiling. It consisted of sixty-live men from tho Naval Hrlgade, or Const Cnard, under command of IJeuten&nt Rowo, who woro placed on b< ard the Funny, and a launch from tho Pawueo, theentlroexpodttlon being under command of Lieutenant Kaslman, of tho 1'awueoLieutenant Maxwoll, of tho Pawueo, volunteered, and wot kod tho Sawyer rilled gun on the Fanny, and otherwise ronderml valualilo service during tho oporatl()ng on land. Tho Susquehanna and the Tempest?tho latter a small steaming, drawing too much water to go over tho swash and enter the Sound?ran down outside. They wore unable to approach nearer than threo miles of lie tcou Island, on winch Fort Ocracoke is Rltuated, and were therefore obliged to return, taking no further part In the affair. Tho Fanny ran down to within a mi'.e or more of the fort, and the launch was then aont ashore. Thu one my had desorted tho fort tho night following tho surrender of Fort Hatteraa, but wo learnod three or four days sinco that the Wiuslow. privateer, bad returned, and w >s about transiting the guns from tho fort to Newborn, to mount on tho batteries orectod, or In process of erection, on tho river banks, to defend that place. Pre^ous to tho arrival of the Winslow, the Albemarle, a quasi privateer, had visited Ocracoke and burned all tho gun carriages, navy style, ami destroyed such other pro|>orty us would bo likely t<> be useful to us when wo took poaaeualon of the fort. When tho Satiny arrived oif Portsmouth?a small village of five hundred inhabitants, a few miles to the south of lieacon Island?tho Winslow I a 1 boon gone about twelve hours, ami had succeeded la 0*1 lying away two guns from Portsmouth, where there was a battery. It seems she hail heard of our coming through some mysterious channel, ot which we ku.'.v nothing. At all events wo caught no privateer, *nd exIH'rioi.i o l no dltlluulty in effecting a landing. Monday and Tuesday were welt occupied In destroying or rendering useless the guns found In tho I'ort and at l'ortsmouth, ly blowing oil' their trunious by u solid oi,4il inch shot, ;iud the bursting of thi eight-inch guns. In this milliner four eight inch navy guns were rendered useless, and eighteen thirty twos (long sir.. ) wore effectually used up. On Tuesday ni,ht tho fort was set lire to, and on Wodnea 1^ morning fl was nearly destroyod, though the Humes in certain portions shot up fiercely. The fort was about twice tho sUo ?f Fort Hattorns, and much superior to It In every respect. It was In tho form of a square, with tho angles cut off sufficiently to mount an eight Inch gun in each. Tweuty-two long thirty-twos, mounted on ship's carriages, were ploc d on the curtains of thu work, en I artiste. Tho ramparts were nearly twenty-flvo feet thick at thu base, and about eighteen feet high, strongly built and well sodded. Within there was, in the centre, a large bombproof covering the magazine, which wis surrounded and protected by throe largo outer tanks, wlm h sorv ed as receptacles for the fresh water for the'gari Uoii as well. This bombproof, while woll ventilated, could palely contain a thousand men. Three others were placed near the curtains, more especially for the protection of the gunners in case of a hot bombardment. As I have before said, every part of tho win k was constructed in the most substantial and skilful manner. As wo had no men to spare to garrison it, and as it would be of little vnluo to us in any event, it was determined to destroy it by lire. Several flres wore kindled in the main and smaller hombproofs, and, a fresh wind fanning It, tho fort and the lighthouse near it were Boon in flames. At twelve o'clock the oonlUgration was at its height. Tho pine wood burned like tinder, and tho llames rolled lu waves over tho entire fort. Tho launch had .run out to the Fanny, which was anchored about three quarters of a mile from the fort, and tho night was passed there watching the ravages of tlie^lovastating element. The light of tho coiitlugrat ion was plainly S"en from our position at flatte n- , and I doubt not tho people on tho mainland could disciu u it. In tho morning the fire was still burniug fiercely, but as there was no possibility of the enemy returning to attempt to extinguish it. the Fanny, with laiiu h in tow, returned to Ilatteras. Tho destruction of the fort was complete, and tlmt, with tho other property, must h ivo occasioned a loss to tho rebels of more than $200,000. Tiiut ends Ocracoke. Tho people at Oerocoke and l'ortsmouth villages are Unionists, or at least a majority of them. They were glad to see the de|>arture of the rebel troops from their n^igh borhood, as they hal suffered a great deal from tho freo and oasy stylo which the rebol soldiers had appropriating whatever suited their fancy, without in many Instances leaving the worthless shiuplasters wiUi which they were abundantly supplied, as a nominal equivalent for coin. The soldiers pillaged and robbed most unmercifully fcitiffline out thus.' SUM 'lo.i of nntarlnlnin./ Union sentiments as proper victims to their rapacity. tho officers would give iii> satisfaction for these Injuries, anil all the poor people hail to (all ba< k on was a scanty stock of patience, which Hail before this dono them a r.-oo l turn. Hereafter wo hope to bo able to protect those isUnilcre frotn predatory incursion* from tho mainland. As long ax wc remain they will bo secure m life and property. I learned that soveral meetings have boon lwld recently in'llydo county, in which this |K>st is,ou tho mainland, gi>tt< 11 up and carried through by tho most wealthy and influential citizens of the county. Ono meeting was broken up by tho rebels, bit not until tho oitizens, who were present in considerable nuin be.s, had resolved that thoy would not offer any opposition to the ajMcoach of our troops ; tfcit they would not leave their homes on our arrival, but would remain and iieimit us to t*k< what was*necessary to sup|K?ri the force In tbo way of provisions, So., and would, iu every way, ?ave that ot bearing arms, aid us as tag as they might. The resolutions , a u"1 at tho other moo! fun* "were ?.f a like cKiO'arter. At one; the most rabid iwlic.l in tho county recanted his faith, made a g'noj Union speech, and voted heartily for the nsolutions. He is the m 'St Important man in tfto county, and his conversion will produce a great change In the sentiments of tho iwople throughout the county. Meetings of a similar charm-tor wrro to bo held throughout this and adjacent oovintn-s, and In a sle rt time tho ere-twill be felt all ove.r the State. At Newborn there is a strong and hea'thy Union feeling, smothered at present, but still bursting fnrth at times where least looked for. Of tho truth of th > above farlri I nm convinced, as 1 have conversod with rcliable men, who have seen and know those things. A strong eflort now from the powerful arm of the government will forever oxu ioate old North Carolina from the mire of rebellion, ard break the Ixmils winch now bind her to the cotton ch uiot, and hereafter siie will stand where she stood in tho Rcvolutiuii?a bright star In th* original thirteen. Ib.t, hs 1 must reiterate, we mwl act promptly and at onco. Time Is precious, und we should follow up tho fruits of our first success by gaining others and more brilliant ones. We ought to have ten thoaaand men here bolvro Hie 1st of Oct -her, and before a month elapsed we c niH possess nnd occupy Beaufort, Newborn, WTaahiiigiu, hilI other important jioiuts in the State, and thus control Uio State itself. That would etli>ctual!y uao up^rebelliun In North Carolina, and, dividing the cotton from tfco tolm co producing i<tales, we could operate m the rear of both. Oon. Wool noods mon. If he cm have twenty-live thousand men we can dine fn Charleston or Savanaali before Thanksgiving liuy, I hop* to be In ono of these cities befoi-e tliat, for 1 grow tired of campaigning it on this Bteiil# oosst. 1 send you a copy of Colonel Hawkins' proclaim. ti<in to the people of North Carolina, which was sc ..; over to the mainland on Monday last, and ere th a b widely i Mtribut <1 among tbo people ol tins and leg counties*. Chore are rm yet no alRrs of the S;viuldinp, with Gen. Reynolds and reiiil ceineu'e. What has caused Ihu delay in her coiuin# we cannot imagine. I trust ri.v r:iny Boon be In. The w aihcr Is charming, and the baalth ofthetro>| e excellent. 1 will *enil by the next mall n statement I have obtained from a l td by the name of I'lilllipe, from (' i; < oil, who g (i?| tnrod iiy a privateer oil <> r?coke tli - latn i j itrt J'lly, and h.m been In tlio rebel service slueo, i.n:i we fr ::nU li.tu ai i'orUmoutli yoeUrday and broi^hl lum tvitii u?. JKUAT, SEPTEMBER 28, . THE FRIGHT AT NEW Oil LEANS. [From ilia Now OrleansPicayune, 12.] We have been informed by a gentleman who has Just arrived from Now York aad riilCidelphU, that the most unprecedented cxouiens are helug made in si! tho ship yards and docks of th "so two cities, for the tilting out of tho largest uaval expoditloti evor known m this country. Every carpeutcr who con be obtained Is emp'oyod, and men haul ships are ix lug allured into war ships, and all tho foundries are hard at work making and altering eugiuos for steam propellers of the largest size, as well as f?r small gunboats. It was openly talked of among the mechanics that this Immense tleot of war ships was destined for New Orliaus. ,lt would st.\m that tho pros* nt design of tho onemy Is U> eflbct a f usi,!?" aliurinti us on to take Washington city, thus drawing ail bur nutii forces into Virginia and leaving our Southern coast comparatively defenceless, while they make a grand demonstration on various portions of our coast, and forco their way to Now Orleans at all hazards. Tne onemy can easily allied to let us take Washington city, whieh can be of no great servo? to us, and even Maryland, If they gain I/Miisiana, and then by the control of our cotton and the Mississippi niMi. I very vessel in our harbor should at once hi! put I. commission, and tho chain of forts extended ail lis way to the Italizo. I'EHSON ALt, U K.-WHV HAVK VOU NOT WltlTTENf TIIEItK \J oi'i>t lie some serious muse for thla silence. Let uie hoar frem you Munee, ll possible. Same place. L. IilRAXCUSCA?I WAS, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, ui ibe plscu appointed, but did net liud you. I'lease meet mr ut tliu .ame place, either Saturday or Sundav, at buh-pasUour ..'eli. k. CK.STIIAL l?A ItK. n^EIHH Of SEAMEN OF THE LEVANT AND OK Vo! lunU-rra and Seamen in the present War call on T. L HKAfftAKD. 81 Wail street. Miv. iiAH'iii u. uukualIj, Uit ANY I'KKSON AtfjuaneC with hit pn sent location, may confer a lavor <.n ?n old trnod >( Jus by ^romnnjf a note containing hla nil<!? *? lo A. s., caro box No. 9, Williamsburg, Long Island. *. Y. IK FORMATION WANTED?Of KATE DOYLE (MRU. J M Cab*), aliier of Maria Do>l*. Anv infomiatlon oi h*r v* ill !?? (Iiank l till v re ilvfld b) h j aist.-r Jlaria, S?-\eifty-ninth h\i . i, MtlM TIM ami y?'Ui tb aveuue*, while cottage haute. IF TIIK V()l'NO LADY WHO WA8 HEATED IN FRONT ol tin- g? mi -n an at ihe Ac*drmy oi Music, on Weducaday eveninc, who attracted h?*r nllcntiou and afterwardN rode up uuli her In the Third uvouue earn t?? Forty-lilth street, will send her a?!dr? ns to him at 1'nlon square Post oflk*, she will hnd s?,;..eibin? 10 her advantage. Address

llyi1?u. J A WILL KIND A No; E IN THE POST OFFICE rkdtw1 window), Ui r pi} t" oommunkiUM in Tuesday's Herald. JAMES M. MOOKE IH REQUESTED TO CALL UPON, or coin multiple hi? addrea* to Ja?m-a H. William*, ti5 Wall street. immediately, on binoiieii* connected wiih property In California, win. h may be ol advantage to him. MAutili; 1 sl>AY. 0AMB H M it AND FLACB; d ui't di pp><i;it mo. Why not gite uie name au-l nuiubert Can't tniat it yet? More anon. OEORUE. \f I. 8.?l>OLLYt WHY DOITT Y01 COMB HOMBf lTl. Have j mo in; ymps i) ? If you eould apple late my !o ? lor you y <n would nev? rdeaeit your home and friend*. Wo are only mortal, and are liable to err. if you will return your word shall be law. Take pity on me, do, Tor heaven'* sake. w. K. S. rpHOMAS DA I LEY.?IP THOMAS DAILEY, WHO LF.FT L Randall* lain ml May 7, 1 .*.**>, mi I wai indentured in iOn? I Knlitown, N w.ilcalkon Mr. U. 8. Kaiii*ford, 3J William Hlrt( t, he will hear oi hid mother, lie ia .supported to be now in the United State* Navy. Finns iJk.stle.wan vTno roue down in the third x avenu.* cars with a U4)?and putfd wllk hif ( llu M ii? scum, about two weeks ago, and promised to call on her in Tenth stieet, Mill please address a note to 8. M. 0., station d l'<?ht ollice. rnoMMY?su knkss IN MY FAMILY 1IA8 KBFT MB J_ from iit?* city ainot I saw you but. 1 will it the hotel on Monday, at 2 o'clock precisely. Will you be there? alex. m 8., WHO BROUGHT A LETTER FOR MB FR0M~A A. member of the Serenty-tlrst, will please send or bring it to 143 Greene alivet, and conler a favor on Mm. Irvln. -\ir W.-LL1 ILK RECEIVED CALL AT HOUSE SUN If day evening. AIT ILL THE TWO LAD1E8WHO RODE TO TUB SOUTH f ferry in a Broadway and E>ghth street stage yesterday aftcruoou, and apoko to a youua K<-nUciu>?n who raised the u indow for liiem, and got out ai Howling Ureeu, please send their address i nk,boi 1,809 Pod oBoa. \\ril.L Till. urnYi who bat th08b 8plenV T did oysicra at the l*o|n>n CoiTee Hoiiae pleaaecall and g<*t ins rbangif li?*?t ?(<iallty oyster* cooked in every style and at moderate prieea, ai 115 Fulton street. LOHT \Ml POUND. 1M)V M? V POKVI MONNA1K, IN MADISON AVENUE, : on Thursday, 2*>tU fto?l. Tb i.^tiar cad have it by describing miiik* Mil.I aui!r? ? ?!i?K bo* 2/J Poet office. flDt'ND- IN A TWKNn DIIKH STREET STWiE, A mm id ol tnouet and u diar foi $71445 tu favor of Pullium, Willi*, K tnkiu ?k ('o., wlthbU" owner can have by calling an I proving propejty at the oiice 261 West Twenty-sixth street. M< I KLl.AM; k Pl'UJS. Horse lokt-STKAl'fcD FROM A DROVE IN COM?ng fritft'ThMv-flrst atiwt 4? ctatie* ol Post U Nichols, &l East T j north nrwl had ou ihtei upon hilt hind feet. Whoever returns m.*i I hoi* x mil lv sutUbiy i.wnnled by applying to Post A Nichols, 2 liujt l'wcniyloertli street. LOST?A 'EK'Tll'IC ATK ?'K DEPOSIT ON THE PA elite Bank for $.i,uA>, pay?t*le to the order oi John J Phillips, payment of tl?*? same having l>eon *topp 1. A lllxs ml reward will be p.iid by leaving the sauie at tho Anson House, 79 Spring street. LOST?ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. SUPPOSED while getting out of an oiuuibuK In Broadway, near Warren timet, a metallic sided Porte moons**, containing a sura oi money in gold, sliver and bunk note; ai*? mippoMed, at Maine time nud place, a leather i'ui se, coniaiulni: a sttin ot money In bank note* and * Hudson Hlver Railroad ticket, N? w York to Rirerdale. The under or both ??r cither will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at 53 Park place, up tali h. IOST?ON THURSDAY EVENINO, A BlNCli OF J Charm*, Watch Key, Ac., attached to a niece of gold Chain. The under, by leaving the same at 154 V* iiltaiu stre? t, will be liberally rewarded. Lost?on Thursday evening, wth inst., in Grove street, between Wavarley place and BN*ecker street, a Oarbttucle Bn iMpli, The Oi ! r, by leaving It at fi 11 rove street, will receive a liberal reward. IOST ON THURSDAY aftkrno OK, 8SPTB1KBBR J 25, 1801, paMHing from Central Park, Eighth avenue entrance. to hii Eighth avenue car, or in Eiphth avenue car No. 21, a Poekeibwok, containing $40 in 4 old au l some small chiiue. The Under will be libertlly revsrtf 1 bj leavloi It at John Monas', corner of Powers and Bergen strict*, South Brooklyn. T ost?from a cart. on wednesday last. in J J Cortlandt stseet, near People's line of iienmori, a small bale marked (). 11. A 11. J. AIIIh, Moravia, N. Y. Pleas* return It to Stone, Starr & Co., 75 Dunne street and b.? ro* warded. T OST?AT WALLACK'S NEW THEATRE, ON TIIURS JJ day night, a Pocketbook, containing h m.te for $484 A3, payable to Sarah M. La Urn in. ami a sum ?t money. The Under will please return it to James Douglas, 1HI Wa*hin^t<>n s; reel, as the note isot no u*>e but to u>>?elf, or returu the note Ly mall. T OST.?$3 REWARD.?LOST, ON THE S6Tn INST., A J J Mi morundum Hook, containing letters and papers ot no value to any one but the owner. The above regard will bo lKvld on returning the same to 2V7 Court street, South Brookh ". I OST OR STOLEN?$ KM), IN HILLS ON THE BANK J ot' New Yorl^, either in a Broadway stage of Waverley place. As it Is the property of a widow Who will bo rendered entirely destitute by its loss, the Under Is earnestly requested to bring the same to Mrs. E.J. II., No. 11 (Jay strent, near Waverley place, where he w*ll receive $50 reward. REWARDS. Reward?lost, on Wednesday afternoon, in S.xtH avenue, between Sixteenth street and W?ishi?Hton square, or In Jefferson Market, a lady's Gold Chain and Bunuh of Charms. A liberal rewurd will be paid ou their delivery at 179 Macdougul street, second door from Eighth street. rnWENTY FIVE DOLLARS REWARD.?LOST, ON A Thursday evening, September JW, between the St. Nicholas Hotel and Wtitlark'a Theatre, a Uotd Lever Watch, hunt reward i>y returning tho tame to 6. 0. Wood, <J7 Chambers Will REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY NK1HT, A. OO small sandy colored Seotch Veirl-r about frit yt'Mis old; lost the the left ?ye. Tin abow reward will bo pulil by delivering the lumt to 485 Washington street, opposite Spring street market. Q|(\ KKW \KD.-LOST, ON FIH.DAV, NEI'TKMHER 27, "?IU in Aladisou .iquar.', n ladies' *old VVuieli, hai.ting >a.te {Aubrey, (Jeuava, maker), with I'haln snd K' jm attached. Tin- itiuve reward will be paid for Its return u> 06 West Thirty.first street. C<l)PL REWARD?STOLEN KROM THE Sf BSCRIltER'S qp+jtJ stable, In WhlpiMtiy, N. J., on Thuraday morning list, a bob lulled Kiirrrl Horse, six years old, aboiil |i> iismls 1.init. Iiitlit spot In Iron! hi rljtht hip, mane worn short Inftk from t) e bridle, two whim stirnks on hind pat t ul each lore leu. Tho above reward will be paid lor Ibt recovery. w O. i llr.KMAN. tf? Or RE WARD.-LOST, ON AN EIGHTH AVENUE O^-' ' ear. evening of 2>ith Inst., H (lol I Lever Wab-h, white rn'-e. So 11 0 Ki, J. W. Buiiedlct. Tho above rewar I will be aid an t no ipn stlnns asked, on return ul same to 32>West Ktghtceulh street. C 1.0TUI N o7 " 4 TTENTION, LADIES AN I) GENTLEMEN.?IP VOU j\. w -1 toge.l the lull value of your laat off Clothing, Carpets, furniture and Jewrtry, the beat yon can do Is to send a note U> K. Harris. lid Seventh avenue. Them you may tie onnvln.atl yon will be dealt with to your satisfaction. Ladles attended to by Mr*, liar lis. 1S6 Seventh u.venne, wuiTweutj-tlntt street. t T EZEKIEI/S OI.D STAND?LADIES AND GENTS J\ ean obtain the following prices for ilieir eiu?i-<. If Wearing Append. K rum in |3S t' r allk In am; I ram $3 fa. $15 , lor coat*, and from $1 t?> $5 for punt*; al*> carpet*, jewelry, [ Ac. An-tehy post punctually attended to by K/fckinL, 134 Swetuh avenues between Nineteenth and Twcniu-Ui ueeta. Ii. idle* attended to by Mrs. E. AT TRX KBW STAND, 18? SIXTH AY KN I'K, LAD IKS JY am! note can *ecure the full value for their ca*t off Oolbtn?, rurnltur* and Carpetf, by calling ou or aiMrevKiiu; U. MINT/s. 137 Sixth awnuc, between Tenth and Eleventh strfeta Ladle* attended to by Mr a. Mint*. VBETTFR CHANCE FOR LADIES AND OUNTLBMKN to fli one of their cant ??(T Cloth'njc, Furniture. Gar|x*u and Jow ehy. I g;uiraiitee to nay 60 j^r cent more tha i any M?ii<?r d r. Cfnll on or aodres* Anbalt, 152 8<*?cntn .ivemie, b? fvveen Twentieth and Twenty-llrst street*. Liwlien nit ended by Mr*. Anhait, A GREAT QUAHTITT OK CAST OFF OLOTOINO wanunl.?FtiPiilture, Carpett and Jewelry wanted, to mij ply Western market. 1 pay ar followa:?Ft?r silk di1's* from S10 to $30; coat* from to $18; )?;irtt* from $1 AO to (.'nil onfor addi^a A. Du a. 218 Seventh avrnuf, octw? en Twcnty lourth uu I T\v< n y.litth &trceu. Ladles atiend< d by Mr*. D. RAA BROADWAY, Ul MRS JHEAP ( ?)UO CiisRlraero Pant*. 7*> .; be?.er Ovin'oats, $/>; Faacjr Veila. $1; littaluefca Coata. 60. Uumiuniber, uu atair dliO. Li^ViK. 1861. SAIill OF RKAX. ESTATE. A FARM FOR HALE?AT WYCUOFF, N. J., BIX miles Irvtn l'altsraon, aud twoaml a half went of lb* Uoodwlnvlllo atation, upon the New York ami Erie Railroad. Upon the prAmiam Is a good two itory house, with a dining rnum'and kitchen udjoluiug, alio out bulutlnxacomplete. The farm contains seventy acres, slxtr good tillable land, and the red Is wood; wull watered, abundance of fruit, and only a few hundred yards from sehool hniim and church. It la well located, forming* right angle with two main road*, with every convenience for llsh ponds, and Is a Ural rute location lor a r> : a .r physician. who 1* much needed. Apply to J. VAN W vuNIilt, Muum Agent, 160 Wed forty-sc.ond street, N. V. A NEW AND WJ6LL BUILT HOUSE FOE SALE OR 1* !fl?Locat. d S:;u'h Orange and Millbuin, on the Morrli und Eik'? Railroad. Apply at tbe drug stoic, oor uur or Bowery ami yaurth street. A BEAUTIFUL FA KM OK FORTY ACRES?LAROE aud food buildings, frulti, Ac., fifteen miles III New Jersey, onr-huM mile Ironi lhnilep'4, on the North Sh ire Railroad; also, 71 acres; good buildims;m. .to, thirty miles from New York, la New Jersey; iirlie $3,tiu0; also oilier fill ing. W. II. MEIiluK, 407 Broadway. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE IN BROOKLYN, worth $4,U00, mortgaged for Jli.tWO, to exclianga fur it small farm or residence In the country; New Jersey, Hudson rh er # r Stuton Inland property preferred. AddresJ box 4,090 Pout <im?>. New Yjrk. BROOKLYN FIRST CLASS RESIDENCE FOR BALE? On OH?>rd street, west side, 360 feet south of Fulton avenue; ground 43x200feel; all new; location high and unBiiri'iiKM'cT. Apply to WILLIAM b. NICHOLS, 41 l'iuo street, New York. Brooklyn houses for sale. vw:-tiie northeHMt corner of St. Felix street and Hanson wince, a three story brick, a Ural cluas bouse, medium size, built In 1858; ponacsolon Immediately. Also tivo Cottages, on Rversou streut, near Fulton avenue, Apply la EFF'm II. NIO'buls. 41 Flue street. New York. Brooklyn lots for sale at low prices?on Orand avenue, Ryerson street. Van Hureu streel, Cln?. son avenue, l'utuain avenue, WycknfT and Warren atrceta. Terms easy. Apply to WM. U. NICHOLS, 41 Plue street. New York. CIOUNTRY PLACE FOB HALE.?A CONVENIENT AND J laaleful Cottage, with nine rooms, live acres of laud, fine garden sod orchard, the greatest abundance and variety of choice fruit; good outbulldii^s, everything in completo order: three miles from Stamford, one minute's walk from New York and New Haven Railroad depot; will be sold chcap and on favorable terms. No agents need apply. Inquire at No. Wall street, ta the basement. / COUNTRY HOU^E?LdLliIXn l.irrs?Miwt nranii \J Villa Hi*es can Imj purchased a* ry low prices at Ot-ytesviile, N, J.f utiles above Fort I<ee, on tbe Hudson. The situation fcs excellent sml conveyance to New York convenient. Apply to J. KOOKH, ou the promises. TOO* SALE?A FA KM <>F flVfl-FlVB IdMI OF l1 very superior Garden Land, under btgh state of cultivation; convenient House and Ouiouildings; situated o? the South i-l le of Lon/ (aland, one mile from city line of KrookIvn, anil only twenty riwts from E ml New Y</fk land; splendid nsbing und fowling; also excellent alt water bathing: ??n the premises is a re try tine water ere mi bed. To be sola in one or morn lota, on very reason sbl" terms. For further particulars HUply on the pre nils, s of JOHN UHAtiUAW, New LojH, L. I. tjlOK HALE?TT'K FfRST CLASS FOUR STOUT BROWN atone high pt\up House. 308 Lexington jivenue; the h?>uae in well built, and the pri?'e moderate. The owner can b -seen from 8 to 10 A. M? and fiomlto6 1*. M., ou the premises. T^OR SALE?TWO FIRST CLASS HOUSES, 13 *AST I? T:i it - ?e d t?e t arid 2 5 on avenue; flrql rate , location, and sold to auit ihe tlm-s. tor particulars apply ^ ou taMupio tiiat'*, ironi i) to o o'clock* IjlOR HALE?DESIRABLE EIGHTH AVENUE PRO; perty, situated between Fortieth and Forty?flrst atreeta, two fit t eta'* Houses, with store*; terms to suit the tim?*.s. For pki ticiilars apply to OEOiUiE OOKMACK, No. 149 West Fortieth street. 17K)R SALE?TWO NEW, FIRST CLASS, FOUR STORY, . l?rov". stone front Houses, with ail the modern Improvement!, Noa. 45 and 47 East Thirty-seventh street, between r.irk and Lexington avenues. Inquire on the premises. lilOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FARM OF I1 acres, goo i cottage house, large barn and outbuildings, all in good ouler. It uee. Ac.: fruit and shrubb#pv of nil kinria miles oil tin; Jamaica turnpike from Williamsburg ferry! Stages p.:ss hourly. Terms easy. Apply at No. 9 Morton atreet, from 10J* A. II. to 2>$ P. M. FOR SALE?A MO0 TWO ST<)1:Y HOUSE AND LOT 111 PtU)a*lxth street, between Muh and Seventh avenues, ( i? reasonable terms; third sir ct frum Central Park. Inquire on the premises. tpOR SALE?A LOT ON THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, 10U 1 fe t from Thinl avenue. Now York ?ity, lor property iu Brcokljti, W. D., worth about $4,010. $.r*J0 will I)" paid in ca->h on the trade if ncceauiry. Address box 1,716 New York Post 0(1 Oft I310R SALE?FARMS AT FAR ROCKAWAY, L. I.; 1 Timber Leml In this Slate: Farm to lease at Far Rockaway, L. I.; &M) Pearl atreet. Apartment*. Inquire in the store :W0 IVarl .-treet, or of ri. J. L. NORTON, corner of Grand aiid Eighth street*, Williamsbuig, L. I., or to Mr. NORTON, <-ii the font. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR IMPROVED CITY ' Property, a Farm ot *J3 acres, four miles from Pateraon, N. J.; has u new H .rn and a lar^o Double House. Church and schools n*:.<r by. h id If desired. Will be swld eaeap. lo JAMES BENSON, No. 71 Washington street,, liobofcen, N. J. For sale ok exchanok-a fine farm on long 1*1 ad New York by Long Iskml Railroad), laifie tnr?v?Viai fcUBc and good outbuil .lugs; *<>lluooU; Willi for a house and lot iu Brooklyn; within the bounds SalicA, Bridge streets, Fulton avenue, Stale and Hit s4 streets preferred. Address with full particulars, location, pn?te, Ac., G. Harrison Crane, box 27 Brook!} d Poet olike. Agents need not answer. I^UK HALE UK EXCHANGE?SPLENDID BROWN X1 stone Dwelling, modern improvements, 38? Pari tic, near Bond nn?t, Brook's n, one block to curs; will trade for Furniture, Clothiiu', <ir<series, or WY.ttern Land. Apply to JOHN l(. OAKLET, 10 0 jurt street, Brooklyn. IjlOR SALE OR KXCHANl.E-Trt'O LOTS, 100 FEET 1 frmit. on De Kaln avenue, Brooklyn, unencumbered. Apply wl No. 16 Nassau street, room 5. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?EIGHT OR TEN THOUsand dollars worth of valuable Woods for tenant or store property in this city or Brooklyn: It must*b<> lightly mortgaged, or leased property, free. Address for throe days A. H , Herald ottice. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, containing about *Ixty?three rooms, n wly furnished and now doing a first rate business; must be Hold soon, as the present proprietor has other business; will be sold on easy terms for cash, or exchanged for a small farm near the city. This is a ehanec not often found. Apply at the General Agency, 49 Nassau nireet, near Liberty. 77H)R SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR LUMBER-THE I1 two new ItiiUdelphta hiuh stoop Tenant Houses Nos. \&) and IC2 East Thlriy-urst street, just finished and occupied, paying well; basements can be altered lnt.o stores if desirable. Also the br.>wn stone House 162 East Thirty-fifth stret t. The above wUl be sold separately or together, and ry little money required down. Apply to BLESSON & BoLRATH, 480 East Tenth Mnct TJH)B8iIS OR TO KENT?A NEW BUILDING NOW I? erecting in South Brooklyn, and well located for a livery stable or incr busim sn. li will be sold cheap on immediate application at 170 Atlantic street, basement. WE8TC HESTER COUNTS BACK TAXES?LOTS IN the various villages witl soon Is* sold for taxcv; unauthorized parties have collected taxes since 1865, and huvt? not paid the same to County Treasurer. Bills direct from C umiy Treasurer; also list of lots to be sold can be had of G. \\. DITCHKTT, coi ner of Chatham aud Chambers streets, brown stone building. WANTED?A FARM ON LONG ISLAND, IN EXchange for improved reuJ estate in Brooklyn. |mi>ing ten per rent on com. Address, with full particular*, Ac., box l^wooklya PostoiUce. WANTED?IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN, A GOOD House in?i lot wi?rth about $.'>,000, for wiu? h a lin ol. 1-tion of Oil l'ninNngs, : rained, will be given; this is ue opportunity^ nrocure Oil Paintings, at sprite thai must pay. Address (J. M., 143 Wooster street.. WANTED TO PURCHASE CHEAP?A FARM, FROM 10 to 100 acres, anywhere on the Morristown Raliioad. not more than half an fiour distant from railroad depot, and between North Orange and Morristown. Address, with lull particulars, P. C. V., box 14A Herald office. OO Q/W\ ?FOR SALE. IN BROOKLYN. ACOTT.tfiW House, two and a licit story, situated In the lost healthy nan of the city; convenient to thr. Fulton av hue cars, and thirty minutes' walk fK?m Fulton and Wall street ferries; most ot tin* amount can remain on mortgage. Address Cottage, Herald office. FINE AJ^T8?~ (1A1ITKS DE VIS1TE.?PHOTOGRAPHIC LIFE POR. J trailn. richly toned and beautifully itiushcd, at $2 per dozen, and Parlor Portrait* from $1 to $J0, taken daily, rain or shine, at the Art Gallery, 411 Broadway, corner of Lispenard street. Hoars and tobacco. QBOARS VERY CHEAP, POR CASH.?-THE A88IGNB& O at 17 Hr.ia iway, mtpt close out Che stock. Some good brands of Havana, Domestic and German Segars mill uusold. Please call and examine stock and prices. ASTROLOGY. 4 BONA JTIDB ASTBOLOGIST.?MADAMS WILSON J.\. tells the object of your visit, giv-'s m i?*lo '-harms and good luck for lit*, free or chaiye; n ils \11 eve,its of life?past, present and future; consultation* on bustu.?sn, sickness, marrage, courtahin, travelling, Ac. She i* the most wonderful neurologist of the age. Give her a call; you will not regret it. 1n9 Allen stneet, six doors from Stanton; name ou the door. Charge for ladies and gentle men 50 cut*. Beware of impoBUIqh A STONISHiiNQ ?MADAME MORROW; SEVENTH iV daughter, l?orn with a caul and gi i o?" lorcsight to tell nil that concerns your whole lu*?. Clmiing to cause speedy marriages, and good luck for llie, wi'lmut extra charge. Tells how soon and often you w 11 ma cry. and .ill you wish to know, or no pay; and to your ani'"tng wonder, tells your vwy thoughts at Urst sight.' You mur islv on it, her equals at " not to be fonnd. Her magic iiusg< is now in full opera* Una lSt Ludlow street, six do rs below Houston. Fee 25 cent*. Gentlemen not admlUed. C" 10RA a. 8EAMAN, INDEPENDENT CtAlBTOTAHT. / Medical and busin. as consultations day and evening. Thejselcnce she Enfolds s.? satisfactory to all. it is unnecessary to give illustration ol the astounding ro#ults, but continue* at XMvlstOtt sir- el. OOK AT THIS ?THB ONLY i ll' B MEDICAL AND J business clairvoyant tn the United Suites. If wish to obtain correct Informatl n on events through li.e?partioularly absent friends, lost nrsteien property, you should con. suit her. N. B.?Mrs. MILTON '.n no, but gives the gr? uie.-it satisfaction to ail who vMt her. She raanuiV.i'ures a wash thai i warranted to cure pimples and remove ire. !Ues, Ljiu.'i?->. Iry iu k>i liruonif street M i ITisCci AJRV< V \ vh EIGH f? 8IXtH 8TRKKT, lirnt hous* wo<it of Third nvpniv\. Ifc'vclopemfrnt*\eguiding illw .mt> . nd event* ?>t every khd, local or foreign, jmxt, |>r? r future, made with uann nocuraojr. TUiri avenue ?*ain the d?x#r every lew suii>i?."->. N" B.?\VltO If Art NOT HEARD OP 1 KCELEBRATED Mm I'KHWiriERj who) : it thou- ' Minds in thIp urn! 1'Herrliffs with entire .'#.vtloii? She feels coniuieuv: h?* hn - ? *?<*^|tinL She uUs th* naino of fu< tore wife or in- uul, and that of iu r vi ror. It ynu Ish truth give U?*r a ..i!. nt 251 Third iwnnc, aoove Twe.nty-liist turret. Ladles COcMit*; gentl' iu. ri, $1. 111118 ORE AT. T \V.>NUEH IN TMK WORLD IS THE you or ; -l a .nplift d M."?ain<* l-V- r\, from 1'ariH. i wl' ? ran with t)o pu;? (< *{, e ".(Mence on all | nfl'uirsof III'*, .n* *iu dig lovr, ronrti<!i'p, l.i n,p.-,s .ind ?tok. j ne*a; rvnUuh rfnnlvn and ui.'iithiul nti*h?t win; has n no. ' j iret lo Mike y n beloved by vonr he irt'A-ileal, and brio ? j t >/:ether tl? Jon# Huparated I. ?i! * *.#?<*nt . r/' ni^Vj I oeuUk licUueuce 2io. Wlhird aveuuc,above Tv??;iiill *'r*ct i 4. in. ,? FORIALB. Business fob bale.?a business tiiat^wiliI with very Utile attention, pay $100 per week, will b? old for $1,2U0 <'??h. There 1* manufactured (took that eta be mid within thirty daya fur J'tuO, ulid collmiablt dabfa of $.'U0. which out nil be got wltlilu the wine tliue, braide* w hich the DiMlneaa ran l>? Wreaaed to any extent with a "mall capital. Kauaoua fur aaUiug, going Into the army. For Information addreaa Buslnnm, box 16>) Herald ollke. CONFECTIONERY AMD ICE CltEAM SALOON FOB aale.?A linn opportunity la here oiferod, an the proprietor Intend* leaving tlie city. Apply at S3 Sixth uremic. FOH BALE?TilE BEST FITTER UH ENGLISH ALB Houselu the Sixteenth ward, with Billiard mid Club ltooma; obliged to wllou account of other bualoeaa. Inquire of HKNltY MALLAN, 1W Tenth areuue. Ijiun HAI.IS?A KM ALL hotel, keptonthe EUROr peuu plan, olieap for cash or good security; four yeara' l<a<e: rent #1,200. hold under peculiar clrciuuslitui e?. Klrsi clu/ta house. Apply lo McKEAu, No. 7 Chaiubots street. No ageuts need apply. , T^OR RALE-TUB STOCK, FIXTURE^ OOOI) WILL r and lease of ? Fruit, Confectionery anil New* Depot; to a litHt. rate stand, convenient to a church with a large congregation. Apply until sold at No, 1 Hi dge. street. For sale-at the fulton coffee house, mi Fulton street?at the Fulton Coffee House?:it the Kill, tun Coffee House?at the Fulton Oofl'eu House?at the Fulton Coffee House?best of Pies, best of Ale, best of everything. For bale-thb exclusive trade mark and Receipts for "Knowles1 Insect Destroyer," and "Dr. Williams' ruin Extractor," wltfc Fixtures and twenty groaa ready for market. Apply at 71 Nassau street, room !). For sale-the splendid panorama of the War, on exhibition at Hope Ciiapcl every evening. The proprietors having o'.her business, v>ill sell this timely and magnlflcent Work of Art at a bargain. Apply at 7ii0 Broadway. For bale?a seoar store, ih a first rate location; Is for sale very cheap for i-aiii. Item low. Apply to II. IIINKKL, 08 Beckman street, second story, between 8 and ltf o'ctoek A. M., or I and 3 o'elo:k P. M. FOR 8ALE-A LADIES' BOARDING HOUSE, WITH bar attached, in k central part of the city, one block from Broadway, with a three years' lease; house has all the modern Improvements; sold on account of the lady going to Europe. No ageuts need apply. Address Hamilton, Herald olUce. IjlOR SALE?THE S7?KJK AKD FIXTURES OF AW 1 Eating and Oyster Sttloon, n >w diuug a good business, situated on a h ading aveniw on the west side of the city. Price $10U. Inquire at CLARK'S real estato office, 7(* Sixth avenue. TTtOK SALE?TIIK STOCK mil viXTHnu* r\v ? i?dw F good* mill fancy store, 4tiS Hi\th avenue; tu bo sold tor ea>-h, to close the conjern. A|>pty to Assignee, on the pitwises. For salb-a confectionery and ice cream Store, neatly lined up, iu a v.'?ll located neighborhood. 11 will be sobl cheap to a rash customer. lteasou fur selling given at tlio premhes, 139 Canal street. For sale?very low fob cawm, the fixtures of a Ur-it chUM Grocery, and a line- Express Wagon and Harness. Apply thin Jay at 373 SUlh aveoue. Alto, Slur* to lot. F)r bale cheap?a gun and pistol factort with tools unit inaciilnery coiiplaUt; a good opportunity to coinmeuco ibo business. Addi e?s Rev oiver, box 1U2 Herald oilk-e. IjlOR SALE CHEAP FOR CAS1I?Tina. LEASE or House, Stock and Fixtures of ouc of tiw best paying liipior stores In the Slilh ward; renls collected from tenant* leaves the store at a nominal rent. Apply to WM. ABBOTT, N<>. 4 East Broadway. noll'il AN1) RESTAURANT FOR SALE?at A BABgain; lucati. n unsurpassed. Parties \> tilling to engage In the business \i ill find tlii* a i Hcl It m oHered. Far particulars apply toj. M. HBOWN, 72 Cnrtlaudt street. t>ATENT ICE IIOUSB FOB SALE CHEAP?QAIOlNAb .1 cost$iW; will sell the sumo for $'W, na the room la wauled. 174 Eighth avenue, war Nineteenth street. rvUARTZ ROCK MILLS AND PATENT FOB SALE?ADv/ mitted by miners the very bent lor reduclug Hock aud ether bard substances to impalpable powder, with hardened shifting grinding surfaces easily clanged. bUl'TUWICK ? WOOD, 82 Nassau street. TO BUTCHERS.?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS M"BAT Market, now doing a Rood business; also, connected with tlio above, a Cart, Harness and two line Horses; will ba cold separately if required. Termn easy. Apply at 170 Twenty -seventh street, corner of Eighth avenue. <C1 WHLHIYA WHOLESALE AND BETAIL U1 ' quor Store down town; cost $:io0. low rent aad npartm -nts for a lainlly; will wait for part of the pay, as I ha owner Is g ltig Into the Custom House. Apply on the pn uiiacs, lot Molt street, near Canal. <J?1 OfT -waited, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE PUM. PIZit). charge of a corner grocery anil liquor store; three years' lease of the whole house at $16 per inomh. A family may live In the rooms up stairs tent tree. Will wait for a part of the money, as a man is needed. Apply at 99 Broome street, corner of Sheriff. <5:1 9H WILL BUY A LIQUOR STORE DOWN TOWIf, ipliW worth low rent, and rooms fora family; the owner Is going into the Custom HotAe; must lie sold Immediately; will take part cash. Apply at 104 Molt street. Bear Canal. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C., WASTED! ^ house and lot in brooklyn ^wanted?ik would be pan! fur any difference in value. Address box 961 New York Foul olllce, or M. C., 141 Scherinerliurn street, Brooklyn. A lady wishes to meet with a party haviug sufficient good furniture to furnish a house, for the use ot which she will give good board and u pleasant hornet or would uke a furnished house in New York or limoklym and pay the rent in board. Address M. A. Y., Herald utile*. Apartments wanted?suitable for a man and wife (uo servant); say four Rooms, where rlennli* ness will be appreciated. Kent must be low to suit the time& Address for two days A. F. 8., Herald ofllee. tourn18hed house wanted?between eighth J. and Twenty fourth streets, west o< Fourth avenue, the owner to lake part payineutin board, with the privilege at taking a few otner boarders; best of reference given and required. Address W., box 212 Herald office. Furnished house wanted.?the advertise (for himself. wife and child) wishes to hire till the let oi May. of fer a longer term, a neat, modern built House, in a tood locality up town, well furuisheil; rent until the 1m of May not to exceed per month. The whole amount thereof up to that lime will be paid in cash, if inducement to do a* is ottered. Best of references given. Address immediately Kutludge, Herald office. IjlURNISIIED ROOMS WANTED.?A SUIT OF FURr . iiUhed K')otm, Parlor, three Bedrooms, and Room t or cooking purnoses; must be on one floor If pos^ble; neighborhood eentraf and respectable; no bed or table linen; plate nor china service required. Rent not to exceed $400 per annua* Address Comfort, Herald olllce. House wanted?in a good neighborhood, unfurnished, by a neat, careful family of four aduita. Location uot above Fortieth street, between Third aud Seventh avenues. Rent $4U0 per annum, payable monthly, iu advance. Addn-es Attorney, box 2,440 Post oflke. IIOOMS WANTED?either furnished OR unfurIt ui.shed.?A small genteel family (no children ' wish to lent a suit of four or live Rooms, with convunleuces for housekeeping, in a moiern house, nleasantly located; terms must be very moderate; rent paid uuarterly in advance If good inducements arc held out. Address, stating full parti tulars, B. B. B., Ilerivld ofllee. Rooms wanted?between this and october 11, one large or a pair of i urnished or unfurnished Parlors furnished preferred, auitabie for a private club room, on r w 11 hin a few doors of Broadway, between Amity and T nth streets. Address for three days Club, Union square M otlice. -iitanted? a small cottage, in any convenient T neighborhood: if with a small stable preferred. Kent must be moderate. Address Cottage, Ac., Herald oUie.e. TITAN TED?A SMALL FURMSHED HOUSE, LOCATED between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets and F?nirth nod Seventh avenues. Address, staling terms and location, Richmond, Herald oftlce. WANTED?THE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, FOR it three grown persona; location between Bleecker and Sixteenth streets. Hunt must be moderate. Address M. 0., station A, Spring irtrceUPost oQ.ce. WANTED?TO LEASE OR HIRE, FOR A TERM OF from one to three yearn, a three story basement (new one preferred), with all the modern improvements. Location must be between Eleventh and Thirty-lit^ streets and West of Broadway. Auv party having suefci a house, and desiring a good tenunt. willStddress, for two da stating terms and location, T. U. B., box 144 Herald oilice. WANTED?BY A MAN AND WIFE. A 1'LAlN PUBnished Room and Bedroom, with conveniences lor housekeeping, in Williainshurg or Brooklyn; rent low. Ad* dress Tenant, Brooklyn i'osl oiHce. WANTED ?I WANT SIX ROOMS, BEGINNING WITH the second Iloor, in a house ou the west side, with gas mid water, in n good neighborhood, and where lucre Is out one other family. My laimly is small. Address A. O., box 128 141-4*iiId ollioe. TITANTED?EITllEH Til 15 LOWER OR UPPER PART TT of a small h its*, comprising lour rooms, with gas and Croton water, i n a resectable m-ighbono o i, Octween Grand and Eighth streets, on the east side: rent not to exceed $Q per mouth. Address D., Herald otli< e. WANTED?UP TOWN IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, A SEOond lloor, consisting of two square Hootim, two Bed* rooms, closets, Ac., suitable for bousea* epinii, > a l? tula man and hi* wife; ligation mum be good, beivt* . n Fourth itml Sixth avenue*, utid rrin per muuih. Addr. as Chaeek freight ollli-e, No. 'J Astor House. TITAN TED?IIY A BACHELOR, IX A PRIVATE PA ML 11 ly. In the :n'lglJi >rho<Mt of Fit teenth ntreet and Fifth avenue, a lurnlshed Room, with witter, gaa, large paiuilea, ,\r. Address Immediately box 3,l'otil uIIIlu. No board required. WANTED?BY TWO SINtiLE CiENTLME.V, A .SUIT OF Rioina, cotisls'tnj; ot two t/oiir >oma and parliH*, or two Lu'.if tip irtmema, iih bathroom attached,turn,-h- dor unfurnished; bfltffcii .Muth ami S< \ anteenih stre. l.>, near Broadway. Address H. E , Herald ollice, ntnting location, term*, .to WANTED TO III RE?A NICELY FURNISHED CUTTY Inge In Brooklyn or Its enviroiw, It must be very Brnall, completely liinilslied, and near the railways. Addr' hk, uitb particular*, or call oo? Julius Browt., 271 Ciiuto* iitreet, Brooklyn. ?>-\(\ l'ER MONTH WILL BE PPOMPTf.Y I'AID FOB ?J) LU an uiiftiriilsb. <1 Floor, conUilnln, tan iud mater, by a unlet family of three adults; mum be |.V..-fcilly located. AudreMC. H. T., box l,!i6< Poat olUee. WISIE8 AS1) LIHIOR9. The attention ok the trade is respectfully aoliclted 10 the iuperior qualjiy of lla..imer? lreall brewed I'liaBipngnc Al* Tills ale is brewed tre*li at all sew sou* of Ue.voar, and U1* keeping quality, especially of thai lirew,"l during the tnont i-\eetfilv? lot \v?-ath r, Is guantMeaA lor any length of tluio. Chur^e il't per hhd. an.I $u p.-r delivrrm'l to any i*rtnf th ci New York. I*ayi,-.??l, ptis'i ..n delivery. Orders -cut i . Hammer's Brewery, In Uar-. ieui, villi Or attended to will. despaicli. O " WORTH OF OLD BOURBoN Wills C.-U? ?Jl? ),1 M Ml To ex.-'iange f r dry rl .thlHit !>. .. and y,,i.. . ,nd i a]s, . Address Immediately, K< atiuv.y, room 106 Lalflrge House. SlIlilTAKYt l?evkxth beotment I'NIIORM \va: - o two lulls'* i M. ; A i 'r. laU,. '.7 Uroauivay. A boy wanted av the above nu'itoer.

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