Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1861 Page 3
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INSURANCE ON PROPERTY IN SECEDED STATES. IimiiMl Ows or Hsnut Hojiio, > No. 1X8 Bhi'auw**, Nkw Yoi.k, Sept. 1u, lhol. J Utah Sin?Floaso inform me it' loyal citizens may insure what property they possess in tl>o teoeded States against re without iufriuying tho procfaunatlou prohibiting commercial iutorc urge, iin Infringement of which, as a loyal Oltlzen, I desire to avoid. Tho kindness of your reply ill exceedingly obiigo yours, wobt obediently, HENRY HONIG. ft the Tlunorable Wv. H. Seward, Soorotary of Stute, Washing ion. Dkpakimkkt or Statu, WAMiwcTON.Sept. 21,1r61. My i ?ah Kju?Your letter of tho luth September has keen received. 1 see no objection to loyal citizens of the United State* Insuring "what property they |>- ski-hs In tho seeded Stales" against loss by lire. Very truly yours, WILIJAM 11. SEWAKi). St Hurt Homo, Esq , 118 Broadway, New York. atliern I<anil*, Negroes uuil Bonds la Court?A Southern Cuse. supkehb court?okkeral tekm. Before Hon. Judges Clerke, lugraliain and Leonard. tmr. 24?James C. WilUtt, Shciitf, tie., ads. F. iley W. Mtorr , et ?1.?This case came up on amieal from tho Court helow cn an action of replevin tried before Judge Kmmett Uui a Jury, August 18, 1868. Tho defendant, as Sheriff, la Aug'.at, 1K68, levied en an execution under a Judgment, * la which Mcliougall and Clarke worn plain tifft, and lillhert L., defendant, <>u tho sohooncr Oooruiu ?, th?n lying ill the h;i?t river. The plaintiff brought this action Maitj 't tl.e defendant to recover |xiasegsiori thereof, ou the ground that by an assignment luule by Uilfcort L. Ifooio, a resident ol' North Carolina, in January. 1868, he had a*sif:uoJ all his lauds, negro. 8, notes. bonds, real euUte and olhor property to the plain litis, they to carry on his busine?if tor ono year In order to pay his creditors. The schuoner In question was owned by thu assignee, but was at sea, and never came into the actual ossetsion of the i s igueo, having boon sent on a voyagi from the West ltidies to this port, and arrived In Jan rnry, 1868. the was next takun by a process of the I'nited Idstr lot Court foe supplies and wage*, and remained In custody until the 7th of Ju.y, when toe libels were dismissed bVJurtge lielif. ijhe was then surrendered by the nivalis 1 to the plaintiff, who bold her until slu was taken in cxecutii n by the Sliertir, and held bv his deputy until she wai rcplevluod by the plaintiffs In this action. The questions In the c->se are:?First, whether thu assignment aaade in North Carolina was valid the statutes of that (Mate; the -lefendants claiming that It was void as being agaiost the statute oi yueon Eiiiabatli against frauds ?nl fraudulent conveyances. Second, tho property In quea lk>n having brou altachod under the laws or this State. Mr. 3. u. (iirard contended that on this statn of facts the I Judge below should have demurred tho complaint, but the CMC went to the jury, who found for the plaintiff, as tho law of North Carolina us to the valiittty of this assignment waa the same as in this State. The Jud^o was wrong in aot deciding by his construction of the statute cited, whother the argument did or did not on Its faco come Within Its provisions, and not have loft to the Jury to say what was the law of North Carolina lu regard to the va Mdlty of thia assignment. The vousel having been seized ta this State on the litigation here, the construction of tho Statute must bo given according to the decision iu this State. Aa thia was a contest between attaching credltera under the laws of this State and foreign creditors claiming under an assignment made for their benefit In a foreign State, which to void by our laws, and their being M delivery or the vessel at the time of the assignment ad the attachment issued and levied in thia State before the aaaigixes had possession of her, tho croditors have a pier and better right than tho assignees. Thu lien acuilred under our laws must bo preferred to the claim of Wt foreign assignors who claim under an assignment H^^^^nder^ouMawp^^ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Satcitoay, Sept. 28?6 P. M. The money market continues very dull, the demand for paper being in excess of the supply. On Mil the brokers are fairly supplied at 6 a 6 per cent. Stocks were steady to-day, without change of otc. Tho most active stock of the day was Hock Uand, which advanced yt a % per cent, with large alec. The increased traffic of the third week of September Is the alleged cause of the advance. The other Western shares and the shares of the scar-by roads were without change. There is ry reason to believe that the conference which ti now being held between the Erie and Central managers will lead to the settlement of the pend mg competition and the adoption or a new freight tariff. The occupation of the Baltimore and Ohio Bailroad by the belligerents ought to be worth a great deal to its three rivals. Pacific Moil was steady and in demand at yesterday's lowest price. United States securities were firm at yesterday's flotations. There was a heavy business in Treasury notes (sixes) at 1% discount. State ftocks were irregular. Missonris and TennesH*s were steady. Virginias and North 'Osrolinas both declined heavily. No cause iter the decline is assigned. After the board the Mrket waa steady, without much business. At the soond board the market was dull, and stocks closed at the following quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 90% a 90%; do. 6's, coupons, 1S81, 1 91%; do. 6's, 1874, 81 a 81%; Indiana 6's, n^i a 73%; Virginia 6's, 48% a 49; Tennessee 6's, A3 ft 43%; North Carolina 6's, 69 a 60; Missouri 's, 42% a 45%; Pacific Mail, 8^% a 88%; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 25% a 25%; dopreferred, 46 a 47; Hudson River, 33 a 33%: Harlem, 10% a 10%; do. preferred, 26 a 25%; Beading, 34% ft 34%; Michigan Central, 41% ft 41%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% ft 13%; do. guaranteed, 31% a 31%; Panama, 115% a 116; Illinois Central, 66 a 66%; Galena and Chicago, 69% a G9%; Cleveland ad Toledo, 29% a 29%; Chicago and Rock Island, 46% a 45%; Chicago, Burlington and Quiticy, 62 *63; Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 67 a 6S>' Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 16% a 17%; j Illinois Central bonds, 7'a, 92 a 92%; Delaware qpid Hudson Canal, 84 ft 86; Pennsylvania Coal, Te a 77. Tiie banks have deoided to take the second 150,000,000 loan. Details will be settled on MonThe Fall River News says the linen mill is runihur three dava ner week. The Metacompt mill wOl resume operations on Monday, Octobcr 7, and will also ran for three days each week. It is Nported that both these mills will run until their present stock of cotton is exhausted. The Lyman mills, of Holyoke, will start cp again Mxt Monday, 30th inst. The Columbian mill, at Southbridge, is now run tng on full time and employs fifty hands. The ill contains fifty looms and 2,369 spindles, and there is four months' supply of cotton on hand. The Woonsocket (R. I.) Patriot says:? TIjocotton and woollen mills In this village work th? qtaal bourn in the evening, contrary to general expectation. This is an indication that the busiuess Is not badly 4epreeeed. The Cincinnati Gazette of the 2Gth says:? The notes of the People's Bank of Kentucky, at Bowling wort refuse) by some of the bankers to day, WnUe they were taken as usual by others. AH other tanks of that State were taken as heretofore. The Philadelphia Bulletin says that "the bank presidents of that city, at a meeting held yester4mj,' unanimously agreed to take the second instalment, five millions of dollars, of the $150,000,000 government loan." The snbscrlptions to the national loan at the gency in Norwich, Connecticut, on Tuesday, the penlng day, were 130,000. At Burlington, Vermont, $25,000 were taken the first day. The country papers teem with statements of liberal contributions in their various localities. It is estimated mt the Treasury Department that the sales average million dollars per day. The National Bank, New York, has declared a dividend of three per cent, payable Octobcr 10 proximo. The Shoe and Leather Bank has declared a semiannual dividend of four per cent, payable October 8. Stock Exehnnge. Saturdat, Sept. 29,1881. (1000 U S 6'i,'81. cou 81 'i $1000 (;?l k Chic llub n 6000 no 91 ^ 20 shg M?'tropt,| 15k. 85 10000U 8ft'*,'81,rrg 90 6 Del & Hu<l Ca Co. 84& 10000 I! 8 6 s,'74,c?u 81 2C.7 Dae Mail RS Co... 88 lOOOTrea 12 pc us. 101 300 do *20 MX 40960 Trea 61> C 2 y'r. 2M) Cla' & Chic RR... C9>i 10(0 0!jio C'8, '70... 60 682 XT Out RR 73,'j 1700 Ohio ?'.<>,'86... 90 1ft (to 73?f loou III cou bd.?, 70.. 84 60 Erie RR 26>5 4000Michigan 6's,'78 100 do 2ft?? 2000 Jlichlcan 7 s... 87,'s 100 III Cent RR scrip. 60 2000 l\.un 0 e, '90.. . 43?i 400Clev it Tittn RR.. 10 1000 <!o 43>j; 20 (lev, Col &Cin HR 96 8000 Virginia 6's.!?30 49 200 Clcv k Tol RR.... 29J? 2000 Co 49*? 37 do 29* 6000 Ao 49 26 do 29J< 10?0 N Carol inn 6'e. 69 % 350 Chic 4 Rock 1 RR 46 48000 Missouri fl's... 42*-, 100 do 810 46 6000 do f20 42S 60 do blO 46* 1000 liOUiMana 6's.. 66 500 do 45 MOO California 7'?.. 81* 200 do blO 45* 6000 do 81* 260 do ?10 46* 1000 blclyn CityWL. 97 * 300 do 46^ 1000 ERR l?t m bs. 103* 100 do *30 45* 1000 <lo 103 100 do 860 46* MOO Hud Riv RR 1 m 103 N SECOND BOAHD. $6000 USO'l,'81,rcg. #0* lOshBPacMSSOo.. 88* MOO <10 WOK 26 do B0 8H>i ltlOOO IJ S 6's, '74,con 61 240 M S & N I* f 8lX 2?K?CK? Trcitg 6 J>c 2 y.. ?SW 60 do b80 81K 90(H) Mu<?ouri 6 s... 42* 20 N Y Con HR T3? 10000 do J>4 42X 7 Panama RU 114 201*) Virginia 6'u... 4V 10 do U4X 600 111 Con HR b.. 92? 10 do 116 SHOO L KrloAW linb. 67 100 Cleve & Tol RR.. 2??< 6 ?Us Pacific MSSU> 88 126 Chi & Rk I RR... 46S 87 do BHt< 6 M k P DuCh 1 pre 12 60 do aao 88 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Satcrpat, Sept. 28?3 P. M. Fu)rn?The market for State and Western was 1cm active ana ilrtu, with sales of 9,000 bbla., Including extra, at $5 80 a $6 70. Wheat was without change of moment in prloos. Th# sales omhrnood 140.000 bushels, including red winter at (1 40 a $1 45, and Milwaukee club at $1 30 a $1 33. Corn was Ann, with sales of 140,000 bushels at $1 61 a $1 64. 1'ork was quiet. Salos 800 bbls., at $14 60 for mesa, and prime at $9 76 a $10. Wiiihkky.?Sales 500 bills, at 20 Xc. a 20?(c. FOR SALE. BREWERY FOR SALE (WJTH FIXTURES COMPLETE) Cheap?With a plot of ground, 7# feel a |uare. renled on a lease, uiui paying 11 per ecnt. Pus* of puivintse money can remain on bond and mortgage. Situate on the corner of Lafitvelio and Marcy avenues, Brooklyn. Inquire of JAME8 BfiNSON, 74 Washington strvet, Hoboken, New Jersey. COUNTRY 8TORE ?GREAT BARGAIN, $2,800, ONE OP the best business location* In Westchester coiinty; $11)00 cash, baliir.oe on mortgage, on the Harlem railroad, at West Mount Vurnon; rich country, thriving village good house, nine rooms and large store: three Tenement Houses, eigbt City Lots, One spring, fruit, Ac.; old stand; rents will pay the interest. Take the 8 o'clock A. M. trnlri at Twcnty-siith street, and inquire of the Ueket agent at West Mount Vernon station, 14 miles from New York. No agenu need apply. J. S. YOUNG. For sale-a tea and coffee store in one of the pctocipal avenues in Hiooklyn, doim: a good bu<iliii an: reason for selling on account of bad health. Address box 22D Herald otlice. IjlOR SALE?THE LEASE OF A FIRST BATE CORNER ; Liquor Store, surrounded liy three to four thousand mechanics and laborers, on the uoiv Lonjj Dock. Apply to WM. It!.EI), southwest corner of Bloomtleld and Kourln streets. Hoboken. For sale?a fine painting by van zandt, ok the celebrated trolling mare Lady SulTolk. Can be seen at Williams A Stevens', Broadway. IpOR SALE?300 TONS MEXICAN AND CALIFORNIA Rosewood, Mora Wood and Mahogany, in quantities lo suit purchasers, at low prices, by WM. T. COLEMAN ? CO., 88 Wall street. For rale or exchange?a lono and valuablo, with new Furniture and Stock, of a well established hotel; desirable locution downtown, and doing an excellent business. SEYMOUR A WHITQN, 138 Broadway. For sale-A butter store, in eighth AVEnue: on a of the belt on the street. Address A. b. C., station e Post office. Grocery store with stock and fixtures for aali'; now doing a good c.ish business; reason for selling, the owner has other business to attend to. Apply at 148 Delsncey street. HOTEIi AND RESTAURANT for SALE-AT A BABgain; location unsuriutsaed. Fart leu wishing to engage In the business will find this a chance stldnm offered. For particulars apply to J. M. BROWN, 72 Cortluudt street. Lease of lot 137 duane street for sale -it is now used us a coal yard, and doing a good busluess. It Is a good location for a store or saloon. Apply on the premise?. TO BUTCHERS.?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS MEAT Market, now doing a good busluoss; also, conuccted with the above, a Cart, Harness and two tine Horses; will he sold separately if required. Terms easy. Apply at 170 Twenty-seventh street, corner of Eighth avenue. WILL BUV THB STOCK, FIXTURES AND ip^iU Lease of Segar Store corner of Twelfth street and Eighth avenue. Inquire of H. B. MATES. JIS Sixth avenue, Ironi fi to 7 o'clock. P. M., or II. B. GATES, United States Life Office, 40 Wall street, from 12 tu 1 o'clock. CtV/UWILL BUY OUT A CIOOD BOARDING AND Porter House, with good stabling attached and convenient to the Albany. Boston and Philadelphia boats. Apply for three days at 138 Liberty itreet. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED REtail Tea, Cofl'ee aud Dry Grocery House. Must understand the business. A good opportunity for a young man with $2,000 to make a safe investment. A'ddrcss box 1,760 Post office. dfcl nnrt ~A PERSON, HAVING ABOUT TIII8 tPl-vwU. amount in cash, may lenrn of a very desirable opportunity to Invest in a sale cash business, or If preferred secure a good situation at a liberal salary and security for his money until satisfied of the safety of the investment. Address J. C., box 1,211 Post office. $1 nnn T0 ? put in business witn "Pl.vUU any person who can put In as much; none but responsible persons need apply. The produce or any light mechanical preferred. Address stating full tui'Uculars, D., box 170 Herald office. <2*1 ^nn ?wanted, to join 4 ?? a Vl.UV/V. very protttable business, with a grand pros peel (established but two weeks), or will give a rood s ilary snd secure the mouey; location near Uarnum's Museum. Address R. D. F., Herald ..Ulcr. ~ ITEAMBOATg. J^ Day boat for albany and troy,-the new and fast steamer DANIEL DREW leaves Jay street on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 A. M., calling at Thirtieth street. Excursion tickets to be had on board. For NEWARK?FARE It CENTS, AND BERGEN Point, fare luceuw. Kteamei THOMAS P. WAY leaves Dler 20 North river, foot of Dey street, st 10J< A. M. and i . in., uii r?uuua? ?uu f??ij uaj. TEAMER LONG ISLAND LEAVES JAME8~SLS every day (Sunday* excepted) at s o'clock 1*. M., for Northport, making the intermediate landings. Leaves Northport at 5:30 A. M. Fare from Glen Cove TJ cents; from Sands Point and Great Keck 10 cents. Freight from Glen Cove, Sands Point and Great Neck reduced to suit the times; horses CO cents, and all other freight in proportion. ~ clothinot At ezekiel's old stand?ladies and gents can obtain the following prices for ihelr cast-off Wearing Apparel. From $5 to $.25 tor silk drosses; from $3 to (15 lor coats, and from $1 to $5 for pants; also carpels, teweli>, Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by EZEKIEL, U4 Beveuth avenue, between Nlnetnonth and Twentieth streets. tidies attended to by Mrs. E. GREAT DEMAND >011 CLOTH I KG.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any Cast (Iff Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, SiS Third avenue. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris. T THE"NEWSSTAND, 1S7 SIXTH AVENUE? LADIES and gents ran secure the full value for their east off Clothing, Furniture and Car]wu, by calling on or addressing B. XIINTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh flreets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mints. BETTER CHANCE FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Co dispose of their cast off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry. I gauraatee to pay 50 per cent moro tnan any other dealer. Call on or address J. Anhalt, Kit Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-Ural streets. Ladies attended by Mnt. Anhalt. GREAT QUANTITY-OF CAST~OFF CLOTHING wanted.?Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry wanted, to supply the Western market I pay as follows:?For silk dresses from $10 to $30; coots from $8 to $18; pan Is from SI .Vi to $5. Call on|or address A. Ducar 818 Seventh avenue, etween Twenty-fourth and Twenty-firth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. D. hotklbv ^ ^ __ A CARD.?HOTEL ST. GERMAIN, FIFTH AVENUE, Broadway and Twenty-second street.?The spacious, elegant dining room added to this hotel being now in coniRlete order, the proprietor is prepared to aecouiraodate faroles and single geutlemen wltli Board at table d' hote. Handsomely furnished suits of Rooms, having all the modern conveniences, can be had on very moderate terms. MOSS' HOTEL, CORNER OF BOWERY AND BAYARD street.?One hundred and twenty' light, clean and well furnished Room*. Lodgings 25 and 37 cents per night. FRANCIS BUTLER, NO. S PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE choice breeds for slock and sule. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, SOoentaper bottle. Butler's Breeding, Iraluliip, Diseases, Ac., of Dogs, $1. Dogs Boarded, Tiained, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. POINTER DOG FOR SALE?THREE YEARS OLD, warranted, well broke, odor liver and while; lowest price $40. Apply at the gun store, 48Chalham street. WILL BE SOLD CHEAP?A GOOD SAILBOAT, WITH sails, colors, oars and everything complete. Price 830. Boat can ne wen in me waier k\?mu n?ia aim nuuuirn street*. North river. For particular! apply to THOMPSON, ! 382 West street, N. Y. Wins AND LiItil'OKS. The attektxok of the trade is respectfully solicited to the superior quality of Hammer's fresh brewed Cnampagne Ale. Thl? ale is brewed lresh"at all seasons of the venr, and it's keeping quality, especially of brewed .luting the most excessive hot weather, is guaranteed ior any length of time. Charge SI'/ per hhd. and $0 per bbl., delivered 1" any part of the city <>! New York, Payment, ui?h on delivery. Order* sent to Hammer's Brewery, fn Harlem, will b< attended to with despatch. RAILROADS. HOMOI RIVER RAILROAD.-1TBAIK8 FOR ALBANY Troy, the North and Went, leave Chambers street at 7 mid 11 and S:?), 5 an.! 10:15 1*. M._ NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? Summer arrangement.?Express train for Albany, Troy, North and Went, leaves Twenty-sixth struct Statiou at 11 A. U. For local trains see time table. john bl'koiiill, Assistant Superintendent. PASSPORTS. UNITED STATES PAUBPORT BUREAU, Ml BSOAD* way, corner of Warren street.?United States Passports issued (as above) through J. B. NONES, United States Commlsj-l'iner, Notary and Commissioner I..r all the States. Naturalized citizens must produce eertilicates. PINE ARTS. "pUFlI.8 WILL BE RECEIVED AT the ART GALJ. l"ry. 411 Broadway, to learn the coloring of photographs, till Tuesday next. Parlor photographs taken for 51, and the fashionable cartes dc vlslte, beautifully tinlshed, at $2 per dozen. MATRIMONIAL.. AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN, S3 YEARS OF AGE, wishes to form the acquaintance of tome young lady, not less than 18 nor more than 24 vests ot age, in view <V. matrimony. She must be tine lookinit nud graceful, well educate.!, and fond of good society, ati.i In every way calculated to make a home bapiiy. finch a one inn; answer in Iho utmost confidence. ?? all communications wilt b slrl tiy confidential, and letter* returned requested. Ad.'rew Charles Thomas, box W Herald uliice. EW YORK HERALD, SU I IIOISK8, K(M>MS, Jit., TO LET. ASl'IT OK Fl RMSIIEU ROOMS TO LET-IN Twenty-Bret atroct, near Broadway, suitable for housekeeping ; would be let to a party uf K?nileiuen or a (mail family without children. Ilsst re fe1 t'luo required. Apply at Madison nquart l*o?t office. A SECOND FLOOR AND ONE ROOM ON THIRD TO let, in house AS Went Elevi nth stroat, furnished or unfurnished, to a small family onlv. Inquire on the premises, or of E. L. A IS. 8. BUKNUAM, SU Hudson itrcet, room No. 8. A8ECOND FLOOR TO LF.T-ltB WEST ELEVENTH struct, In a first class hmmc, to a small family only, conslating of nil Rooma, bath room Ineluded, with back Basement: all improvements; can be wen at unv time. i'ossesalon Oct. 1. Inquire of E.LA B. S. BUKNUAM, 611 Hud. aou street, N. Y. A PAKTMENTS?FOl'R ROOMS, WITH EVERY RKQl'IJ\ alte for a small family. In an excsUeui neighborhood; rant moderate. Inquire at ti9 Broadway, in the store. ALAKOE BOARDING! IIOl'SE, AT ST. JOHN'S PARK, to let; part or all the furniture for sale; good location; full of boarders. For particulars call at 207 Uroenwich atreet. A SPLENDID FI HNISHED HOl'SE TO LET, 39 WEST Thirty-first street, nuer Fifth avenue, with forty others, well lituated; also sixty unfurnished, all over the city. The best place In the city to rent or have rented houses or store properly is at N. C. BISHOP'S, 144 Broaduay, store floor. A GOOD CHANOE.-T1IE LAROE AND BPACIOU8, with the whole house, .v>7 Eighth avenue, be ?rrn ? n?-nift -ri^nin aiiu I weliiy-mimi SirceiS, WCSl HUe, lO lot. Tin* Itwatlon can't be excelled on the avenue for almost any kind of buwnesa. rosaession immediately. Inquire in the fttoie, Auction store to let-iu Nassau street. l*os*cs?if)n on the 1st of October. Apply to GEORGE G, 8ICK1.ES, 79 Nassau street. Apartments to let in a first class tenement House, No. 123 ivivingion it reel.?The houae is uew, contains gas ami Oroton waier. Suits of live Rooms. For further to formation apply to Mr. GRAVES, on the premise". AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND?ENGLISH Villa, twelve rooms, stables, fowl house, kin-hen aud iiower garden, lawu, Ac. Situation and view uiiMiirpussed. Rent very low. BRADLEY, WARNER 4 DAY, 40 Union square. -dftooelyk -m let, the HAMDiOlfS thkbb _1J story brown stone House, S70 Henry street, with bath, fas fixtures and other modern improvements. Rent moderate, nqnireofll. >1. SILVERMAN, 158 Broadway. Basement to let and fixtures for sale very cheap?Of an old established restaurant, the best location up town; republican headquarters and dancing Academy meet in same building. Apply at 469 Eighth avenue, corner ol Thirty-fourth street. Bkrqek point.?a oottagb, furnish kd oe uk furnished, to let. Onu acre of ground, fruit and shade trees; opnosite hotel grounds; thirty-five minutes' from th? city hourly by boats: seven m ibs t v plank road; rentrcusouable. Apply t<) HYDE ? CONKLIN, 1*3 Water (tract. rmu? UKNT IN A CENTRAL LOCinOI. ?THE \J Third Floor of private hou*? No. 3fi5 East Tenth street, iienr the square, will be let ut f 10, worth 911 per mouth. Hour line ruoms, duwlt, pantiles, Ac., Ac. ~1\1(ILL ROOMS.?TO LET, A NUMBER OF I.AIUIK 1 * and cjipucloua drill room*, having high eellm:* anil l urnlahed with stoves, gaa fixture*, Ac., iti thu M< Irooolilan Building*, Noa. 93, SB,97and 99 Sixth avi>nue,opposite Eighth street. Ken! low. A|ipply to J. F. 8UYDAM, 188 Waverley place, near Sixth avenue. IjU'RNISHED HOUSE.?TO LET, A MODERN Til HUE atorv Honae, well furnished throughoul; rent will b? taken in hoard; also half of a limine to let. Reference required. Apply at 171 West Twenty sixth street, near Eighth avenue. FlIUNISnED HOUSE TO RENT?2ft FEET FRONT, recently and neatly furnished, and pleasantly located, In Lexington avenue, near Twenty-fifth tree I. Addreea D., box S,UM i'oal olQco, or apply to W. II. LUSH, tVl Fourth avenue. Grand opportunity?a good three btory House, newly furnished. wl?h all tho Improvement*. In good condltlou and good neighborhood, tolet, In Went Twentv seventh street, and rent all taken In Board. AddreaaB. <'., Po?? oiilce. 1>art of a furnished house to let?in a deJ sirabie situation, with all the modern Improvements. For further particular* apply at 37 West Twenty-lirat street. SECOND STORY TO LET?A VERY PLEASANT FLOOR, consisting of live Room*, Croton water, water closet anu ira* on the floor: rent low to a amAll rckn.x?iAlil? fumitv In. quire 011 the premiact, lit) East Fortieth street, near Third avenue. STORE TO LET.?THE CORNER STORE AND HOUSE. No. 108 West Broadway, corner of Franklin atreet. Kent niuderate. Apply to JACOll A. 11ATZKL, 114 Essex street. TO LET?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A BAKER TO COMmeuce business In the village of Uuitenberg, N. J.?Two Houses, one a three story, built expressly for a bakery; the other suitable for a dwelling; each have stables attached, with a good well ol wivler. It will be a good chance to any enterprising man to commence the baking btislntaa. an there la no Roml baker In the Tillage. Apply to the steum brew ery of Kohler k rlncke. Uuttenberg, N. J., or to bqulre Dwyers, near the premtsos, opposite Seventieth atreet, North rWcr, N. Y. rpo LET-TI1E FOLLOWING DESCRIBED HOUSES, AT 1 reduced rents:?Cid gtrei t, between 7th and flth avenues, lour brown slouc fronts; ,-W7 West 15th atreet, hltjli sloop; lid West 19lh stieet; 171 West22J street; 18S Weat 2tilh atreet; No. ? Oay street; 087 Hudson stroet; 4tih atreel, between Broadway and Gib avenue, aeveral brown stone fronts; IK) Weat 18th atreet, four story, high ?ioop; 1318th avenue. House %-W; DKNH AM, corner of SUteenth atreet and Eighth avenue. Vuicc hours from J A. 11. toflP. M TO LET-OK MYRTLE AYENUF., NEAR TOMPKINS, Eaal Brooklyn, No. 830, a llrst class Store with Fixtures, front Basement und five Rooms on third door, with Ridgewood water; location excellent for a drug, bakery, fancy or shoo store; rent for the whole, tie per month. Inquire on the premises. Also, First Floor, Basement and Cellar of brick House 27 Franklin avenue, new ly papered and paluted, with marble mantels, sliding doors, gas and Rldgewood wi. ter and wash house. Rent $8 per month. Inquire on preraise*, of H. J. BYRNE. J TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, SECOND FLOOR, and a portion of the third if wanted, in the modern house 100 Allen street Inquire on the premises or of H. L. bl.OTK, H3 Fulton street. rpO LET-THE FOUR STORY HOUSE. WITH AN EX tween Thompson and Sullivan streets; lias all Ills modern improvements and If In perfect order. Apply to UDOLPIKJ WOLFE, No. 22 Reaver street. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE LARGE house 3i Eiibt IIouKtmi street, near Broadway, consistIng of three rooms, or the whole upper part of the game huuse Ui lease mi favorable term#. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE 263 West Thirty-fourth street, replete with all the modern improvements; rent low. Apply at 213 West Thirty-foarth street. rLET-A PART OR WHOLE OF A FURNISHED House, No. 93 Thompson street, by the week or month. Apply on the premises, next Tuesday and Wednesday, from 2 fog P. >1. MRS. SAUNDERS. TO LET-THE ELEGANT, FOUR STORY BROWN atone House 229 West Thirty-fourth street; street IOC feet wide; the lowest rent ill the city for the accommodation, style, Ac. JOHN 6. KELSO, <2 William street. TO LET?STORES ON BBOADWAY AND TWELFTH street; also, 817 Broadway anrt 18 East Twelfth street; also, Senond Story, Corner and Corner Basement of 8M Broadway; alio, Bloom* for societies, Ac. JOHN B. KELSO, 62 William street. TO LET-TWO FASHIONABLE BROWN STONE Houses, Nos. 1(19 and 109)* Eighth street, St. Mark's place; gns fixtures and water to the top; have rented for $850; will t-,ke $325 for the remainder of the year. Inquire on the pre mines or of A. S. LEVY, counsellor at law, GS William street. TO LET?THE LARGE FIRST CLASS HOUSE NO. West Twenty-ninth street, near Broadway, containing 2t rooms. U marble (mains, bath, Ac.; everything is in cotnplcU order, having been built for the owner's use; no objection tc u first class boarding house. Apply to the owner, on the pre mtaes. TO LET-TWO PARLORS, A BACK BASEMENT AN! Bedroom, furnished, in s snail family of adults; house has all the modern improvements; rent low. 223 West Thlr ty-lirst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. TO LET?T/fE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 216 MOX roe street, consisting of fonr rooms, with water and gas TO LET-SIX ROOMS, IN THE UPPER PART OFTIIF house 67 East Twelfth street, between Broadway anc Fourth avenue; gas and privilege of first lioor parlor; ran $39 a month. Apply from 1 to 4 o'clock. rilO LET?IN BROOKLYN, 20C BERGEN STREET, CON X venlent to the cars and ferries, one of the prettiest threi story and basement frame Houses in the city, tilled In Witt brick, hack and front piazza, marble mantels, range, gas, wa ter, Ac. Will bo rented low or sold cheap. Apply to WM. M STONE, 262 Bergen street, near Powers street. TO LET?A SMALL COTTAGE, IN FIRST CLAS8 LOCA tion, completely furnished, on the north shore, State: Island, convenient to landing, frani November of Deoembel 1, for live months. Has a furnace, ami water forced into tin house. Price $2U0 for the term. Address A. B. C., Ueralc oiupe. TO KENT-NEAT NEW TWO STORY HOUSES, IN TH1 village ot W?l Hoboken; locality ?er/ healthy; uu more limn SU minutes' walk from tin- feme*; stairs rui every tew minute*; has every convenience for h small gen teel family. Apply to J. H. WILSON, corner of Washiugtoi an<l First street*, Hoboken, 5. J., or W. JACKSON, 66 Broadway, N. Y. TO LET-IN SEVENTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEI Thiril nnd Fourth avenues, a tlir?e story. Mwimill MM under.cellar brick houav, newly built, thoroughly dry nn< hutidsmiifly fiiiiahcd, replete with nl! mortem Improvements flne location; will lie let low u> a respectable tenant. Appl; l.i the plumber's shop, 418 Third avenue, or to JOHN HAL LAG 11 AN, earner of Seventy-second street and Third ave ntie. TO LET?VEITY-L<)W, ON MU1KRAY HILL, TO A GOOI tenant, the four st jty brown stone House 61 E:i?t Thirty 1 eighth street; all the modern Improvement', chandeliers ! Ac. Apply at No. 62, next door, or at T. L. ROSS X Co.'s, 8 Pearl etrcet. rpo LET-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A LAROl X front Room on second floor, with verandah enclosed suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen I g.-r* and bath; lull or partial Board. Terms reasonable, Ap I iily lor three days on the premises, 16 Cottage place, betweei Moeofcer mud Bouton TO LET?A SMALL COTTAGE, IN FIRST CLASS LOCA tlon, completely furnished, on the north shore, Htutej If land, convenient to landing, from November or Decembe 1, for live mouths. Has a furnace, and water forced into th house. Price $200 for the term. Address A. B. C., Herali office, rpo LET?A SUIT OF APARTMENTS, WELL LOCATED X consisting of seven rooms, with all improvements, twits bio for a teacher of music, l'ai tof th?i rent would be takei in tuition. Apply to LEHMAN* A BROWN, 1,235 Broadwaj rpo LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, Till X House 233 West Twenty-third street, near Seventh av? nue. Location and neighborhood first class. Term* low to r^-ponslble party. For particulars apply to A. BERNARD WB Broadway. rpo LET?NOS. .V, AND 38 ORE AT JONES STREET X two four story and basement brown stone Houses, to h oi base; will l>e let to a private family until May for $&}

each, or $700 lor boarders. Inquire at 3l Great Jones streei rpo LET?FIR ^T FLOOR AND BASEMENT OF H0U8I X No 96A Broadway, mmr Knion square; a first rate plac | for busim Inquire at the above nuinUr. NDAT, SEPTEMBER 229, 18< HOl'SKS, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. TO LET?POSSESSION GIVEN IM.MKDIATE1.Y, T1IK three unry brick Dwelling No. 12 Lumber atreel, Newark, N. J., Hirer tmnuiaa' walk from Centre atreet depot. Inquire of SEARING A BROS., 266 Broad rtreet, Newark, N.J. TO LET-WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, IN T1IK BROWN 'lone hnn?< Bowery. Tliia eautllnhmeni la kent In Bne order; la a mom deairable residence for full aud wiuicr ar*aotia. Rent moderate. Apply on the premise*. TO 1,ET-A KINK THREK STORY ATTIC AND BASEmi'nt House, 1C Ea?t Houston street, near Broadway, ulteble for public or |>rir?te houa?. Kent very moderate. B'-e bill on tin- house, or apply to Dr. OATM AN, landlord, 136 Blclrlilgf street. TO I.EASE?A FEW ACRES OF MEADOW LAND. wlih Water rlijlit, at Waehawken, New Jeroey. Hula trin t la aululilfl. for iimnufnrlurliig purposes, iuiiI 'would bo lenaed for n term of yean at a nominal rout. Address V., box 197 Herald oilier. <?1 J fi kob tue balance of the year, at na V I ? * ' East Thirtieth Hliret, between Lexington and Third antines?Apartments oil the entire aeeond lloor, consisting of alt rooms, with k>i> fixtures, wash tuba, wat#r closet una bath, for a small family. HPECIAL WOTlCWjU HI' "ZNASSKF, PAWNBROKER, 1IA8 REMOVED from 4S1 Hudson atreet to No. 3 Oliver alrect, near Chatham square. . II^l'OR DEALERS' MEETING.?A REGULAR MONTHJ Iv meeting of the New York Dealeva' Society will lie heliI ut the Metropolitan Rooma, No. 100 Heater street, on Tuesday evening, October 1, ?t Tfi o'clock. By order, j. v?. Efnun, riTniacni, A. to. MATTUEW8, Vice President. John Rogers, Recording Secretary. V'OTICE TO TAXPAYERS?THE BOOKS FOR TAXES iy on Personal KMate willbe opened for payment at this oili? e on Monday, S? pt. 30, 1801, from 8 A. M. to 2 I*. M. Due notice will bo given when th?* Heal Estate Tai Book* will be opeued. JAMKS KELLY, Receiver of Taxea, New Court House, Park. NOTirr.-THR rUBLIO ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST negotiating a N<?t?i made by Shearman k Rich, dated Augnit 1, 1S61, at fi months, for $G()0. Said Note having l>een fraudulently obtaiued is hereby repudiated, and will not be paid at maturity. TO MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS.-MERehanlHand manufacturers who would like to enter into the Havana busine** eun hear of one of the be?t houses of Ila\una, who would take chst'tie of their business. Addret* Havana, Journal of Commerce office, New York city. iuiicjuu AORBAT WANT OF MONEY FORCES ME TO PART with my Piano immediately. I cannot describe it In a 'tort advertisement, but will state one faet?It is one of the iiiottt elegantly Mulshed, double round, carved leg*, back the same as front, Ae. It is worth double I ask for it; a gp'at ssrrlflce will l?e made to a cash customer; coat $650: price $245. Call i arly at 48 HJ^h street, Brooklyn. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale?Richly carved leg* and ease, round corners, fullimn plate and lined with satlnwood, overstrung bass, inlaid with and pearl key*, made to order for the present owie-r by eity makers; fully guaranteed tor three years; been in tise but live months; cost $500; will be aold for $'2.r4), including Stool and Cover. Also an elegant Drawing Room Suit, cost $&n?, for $135. Inquire at 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Guitar and sinoino.?napoleon w. gouldt Guitarist, enables his pupils in a few lessous to accompany fongs and play efleetively. Address 88 Fourth avenue, near Tenth str< ?t. Just arranged, the 44Southern Retreat (Quic kstep." Also, new songs and solos. Henry sciiroeder'B piano, violin, guitar and Singing instructions, J>y classes, tilleoniMsoi the first week in October. Terms ?o per quarter. Further par- I Uruiara can Iw obtained at the aubacrincr'a rndrtenoe. No. 87 Orchard street, between Hester und Canal, from f? to 13 o'clock A. M. Private tuition at the pupila' or subscriber'# re?klence attended. Jr. maorath, organist ok rev. dr. pise's cliurcti, teaclier of l'iauuforte and Vocal Mimic, has resumed giving le.tona In New York and Brooklyn. Addrvaa 61 We-t Baltic street, Brooklyn. LNJIITE * BKAPIIURYS' new scale OVERSTRUNG Has* Patent Insulated Full Frame Orand and Square Pianoforte*. 421 Broome atreet. What everybody aaya must be true; everybody twya they aro tho boat, therefore they inn?t be the heat. Lessons on the pianoforte, at $6 per quarter. An English lmly, who take* great iinlna with her pupils, v tahex to have a few more ladies to Inatruct at her residence, at $6 per quarter, with privilege of pianoforte to S-artlce on, or $IU at the residences of puplla. Call at iV inn atreet, between Varlck and Macdougal. Musical instruction.? guitar and piano taught by a lady who tins had many yearn' eiperionn* In teaching; terma moderate. Apply In the moruiug at No. 136 Kant Eighteenth atreet, near Third avanue. Otto muixer, teacher of the piano and singing, continues to give lessons to geutluim u at IKSS Broadway, corn*r of Twenty-lint street, roou? No. 10 ; also lessons at the residence of pupils. Particular attention given to beginners. Terma moderate. REMOVAL.?HORACE WATERS, AGENT, HAS RH tuovedtoMl Broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, where he sells new seven octavc Piano* for $191), and warranted. Second hand 1'Unoa and Melodeons from $25 to $19U. All kinds of musical merchandise at war prices. Pianos and Melodeon* to let from $2 to $0 per month; rent allowed If purchased m per agreement; monthly payment! received for the same. OIUNOR LUIOI DAMA HAVING RETURNED TO TOWN, Sixth avenue, New York. WANTED?-TO EXCHANGE A SECOND HAND PIANO ?T worth about $((W, for one of superb" quam.. ? ; fen?nee lo i>e paid in cu?u. . %>. o., t?ou Pott oilioe. <J>?? PER QUARTER FOB LESSONS ~0?TTHE PIANO. ?jpv) Apply at No. 46 Stuvveaant street, near Second avenne, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. Beat rofereuoea given. Miss DE LYNES. () c pianofortes, and mu8ic taught in a few jL'J lessons.?26 Pianos and 1 Melodeon to let, at $2, $2 SO, tl $4. $8, and pearl kejed at $7 per month, or for sale at 2(1, $.'10, $flS, up to $160 each, by Prof. DUMKDAY, No. 200 Grand atreet. IMgTRUCTItm>~ AT PAINE'S-PENMANHHIP AND ARITHMETIC?STU. dents receive three month*' (seventy-eight lessons In each), or Bookkeeping Lesson* unlimited, for $10. Ladleo' WrlUng Lesson* $2, twenty lesson*. PAINE'K Mercantile Colleges, 62 Bowery, New York, and 283 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, enjoy a large country aa well ucity patronage. Academies of penmanship and bookkeeping, No. 6 r'ourth avenue, New York, and Ifi Court atreet, Broolcivn. Open for private or claaa Instruction day anaevening. Fall success guaranteed. Separate rooms forprl. vate instruction. OLIVER B^ GOLDSMITH. A CATHOLIC ENGLISH LADY, ACCUSTOMED TO tuition, d< aires an engagement In a gentleman's family to go to the Island of Citlia lu the capacity or teacher. Havi lug resided many years in France she oan teach (besides the English branches/French and Italluu, and has a knowledge of Spanish. Tlie applicant la already acellmated, and has no objection to reside In the country (en el campo). Address Leon Hernandez., 20 South William street, where references and particular* can be obtained. A' french LADY, OF RESPECTABLE FAMILY, AND middle aged, would like to receive Board a* an eiqulva lent lor ?t*l vices, m runveruimn una imum in nrr nmvn language. Quod references. Address French l&dy, 223 | Greene street A YOUNG GENTLEMAW WISHES LESSONS IN French at his residence, In Brooklyn. Parisian lady iMchfr preferred. Address, stating particulars, box 163 Herald office. A YOUNG LADY, J (JUT AKKIVED FROM GERMANY, wishes a situation ax governess 111 a private family to teach German, French and music; alio fancy work of every description; shit sneak* the English language, and haa no ot>r Jcctlon to go anv distance lu the country. Address Miss W. ( A. S|ience, 16 W all St., room 82. C' UBAN INSTITUTE AND MILITARY ACADEMY, AT New Hamburg.?A classical and commercial boarding school, where Die common and higher English branches, ancient aud modern languages, mathematics, music and mlllI limy tactics are taught. English, French, Spanish and tier. mini ti'kc'hers of the highest reputation In the institute. Also, a primary department, a gymnasium. Hue playing grounds, 4c. The school Is under military discipline. The languages spoken are French, German and (Spanish. Pupils admitted at anv time. For circulars apply to ANDKEM CA8SAED, New Hamburg, Dutchess county, N. Y. ; POOPER UNION COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 18 AND 19 [ \J Cooper Institute.?1Open day and evening. Course of In strurtion embraces the following branches, thoroughly and practically taught:?Bookkeeping, Business. Penmanship, Mercantile Law, Commercial Calculations, Correspondence, 4c. BRYANT, 8TRATTON, PACKARD A * PENN, Principals. French institute for young gentlemen, no. 48 East Twenty-fourth street. ? Boarding and day school, classical and commercial, fourteen teachers?sii American, fire French, two German, one Spanish. A primary department ana a gymnasium. See prospectus for details. Professor ELI It CHARLIER, Director. Will be re-opened on Tuesday, September 17. G0VERNES8.-A LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND HAS gone to the war, desires to obtain a situation as resident fwerness; Is competent to teach the English branches, rcnch, drawing and the elements of Latin. References eichange.d. Address for one week Governess, station D, Astor place. INSTITUTE RIDING SCHOOL (CAPTAIN RALSTON) 115 and 117 West TwentythlrC street, reopens for private and class lesson* October 1. Circular* and any information can be obtained st the Institute School. Trained 8aHie Horses for road or CeOtra^Pai k riding. MONS. L. DE GRAND-VAL'S BOARDING SCHOOL, collegiate and commercial, Hudson Terrare, lloboken; terms $20U pei^animiu. Hi Terences:? Mr. E. Ponvert, No. 30 Spanish -ladies and oenti.emen desirous op qualifying thc-m?clve* fur a wjclnl and commercial liitrr) rt.iir?e with Bpanlard?, '-an aequlro a knowledge of Hint language In a short tin"-, by the ea?y method adopted liy tliu , nigmliiiN, AddreMS. S., boi 3,191 Pent iBm, QTA.V MERINO CURED IN* A FEW LESSONS, BY O. ; O VAliE. teacher of Navigation, Surveying. Draughting, ' \s ith Perspective, Ac., corm r of I'earl anil Frauklort utreets. ; Also, prellminary Itudiwi, if required. J* rpo STAMMERERS.?INSTRUCTION IN A NEWLY DIS1 x covered method, which remove, the eau?e. Cure guaranteed 1-y L. BOYD A CO., office tvlth Chaa' B. Norton, 694 It roadway. 5 rpROY FEMALE SEMINARY.?THIS INSTITUTION 1 X oilers the accumulated advantages of nearly fifty yours V of auoccssful operation. Every facility is provided for a thorough course, of u>?rul and ornamental education, under the direction of a corp* of inore than twenty professor* and teachers. For circulars apply to JOHN H. WILLAKD, Troy, n. y. !' mo TEACHERS.?\ TEACHER IN SCIENTIFIC AND J. practical navigation, who can upare a few hours cach week tor h moderate compensation, may addrens J. B.C., S box 165 Herald office. 14 "VVAX FLOWBR8.?A LA0YISfDESIROl SOrOBTADT '? rf ing pupils for Instruction in ibU elegant art, either In classes or singly. Apply at 146 Enui Fourteenth street, corner of Second avenue, or at CA8NVELL, MACK & CCV8, cor\ iht of Fifth avenue and Twenty fourth street, where spec!t mens may l?e seen. 0 U *117*ANTED?A YOtTNO LADY. AN ACCOMPLISHED ?V Plnnlftt and Vocalist, of pr>posfi' t.sing appearauee ; one 2 who would have no objection to travelling wrh a gentleman e on a Western tour. Compensation will U* perfectly atisfac. lory. Address Amateur, Godfrey's Union square i'o*t otllce. 51. dky goods. AT VKUY OREAT BAKUAINS, AND WELL WOKTU attention. GOODS BOUGHT AT THE I.ATE BANKRUPT SAl.ES. English Carpeting, Oilcloth, Ac. French Paperh?nglnf* Window Shades, Ac. Fine Velvet Carpeta, $1 II per yard; fine Brussels Carpet*. 86 cents; line three ply Carpet* at 78 ixnti |>?r yard; line all i wool Caniets, 40 cent* per yard ; good Carpets, M cent* per yard. Auto, 6,m)0 yard* very thick line Eugll*h Oilcloth at ST ] cent* per yard. Also, French gold and velvet I'anor, 80 cent* |>er roll: flue French satin Paper, 12 cent" per roll; .1,000 |mlra a lino cold Window Shade*, $1 )ier pair; line gold velvet Shade*, SO per pair. Also, gilt Cornices, Rugs, Mata, Ac., at 1 COATES', 314 lludiutn street, altove Spring street. ^ A card. W. JACKSON, Ml Broadway, having purchased a large lot of Bombazines at panic price*, la offering them at retail at lesi than cost of ImiNirtatlon. " Alan, Black and Second Mourning Sllki In every style and quality, at unusually low price*, together with a large and ' Scneral assortment or deMralile Mourning Oooda, purchased uring the recent uanln, which h? l? offering at little mora ' than half the coat or lni|>ortallon. Social attention la called < to Black Silks at 8*. and $1 per yard. W. JACKSON, Importer of Mourning Oooda, Ml Broadway, between Spring and Prince streets. At hai-f price? NEW JACONET BETS $1 25, WORTH )> 80, AND THE FINEST CHOICE OF SLEEVES AND SETS. Both Lace and Embroideries, Of the latest Imuorted fA*hlnn. LEURAIN, 729 Broadway. Witvnrlav tiltwm. At *2 a dozen, Gentlemen1* Linen Cambric Handkerchief*. Ladle*' do. at $2 and $2 2ft?extra line, leukain, 729 Broadway. Corner of Waverley place. Black thread lack veils *2 7# and upwards. NOW OPENINO. Black Guipure, French and Thread Lace*. ALSO Piirlnand Scutch Embroideries Point Lace*. Collar*, Set*, Barbel, Cape*, .tfc A new lot of Valencleune* Laerg all wlilth*. All at a marked reduction from th? uaiial price*. e. WILLIAMS A co., Late Pete.r Roberta, 429 Broadway. Balmoral skirts FOB ladies and children, Juat received per ateainer All If*. a. t. stewart ft co. Baroains in embroideries, purchased at the late cash auction sales. a. t. stewart ft co. 1 ? . , / qloaksi cloaks!! cloakb1ii in oreatvariety, AND at prices to SUIT THE TIMES. f w. r. roberts, . ? Crystal Palace Emporium, 1 262 Bowery, ' Between Prince and Houaton street*. ' N. B.?Be sure you get the right atore. qloak8, cloaks, cloaks. paris and new york pash10n8 now open. Embracing all the leading Novelties, and at price* to suit the time*. w. k. peyton, Cloak and Mantilla Manufacturer, 274 Bowery, near Houaton ttreet. CURTAIN MATERIALS. new importations. BBfiniTIft. 9 ATI N AMD ni T.A1KI' DAMAHKS, AC. keltv'h, 880 Broadyay. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. ?. 8. MILLS A CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS QKEAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOB. Mi AND 544 BROADWAY. DRY GOODS?A BANKRUPT STOCK SELLING AT A sacrifice at 57 C'lintr.U'rx itrect. Silks, Lacen, Drews Goods. Merlnoes, Hosiery, Shawls, Buck (Jloves, Woollen Knit Goods, Ac MiraumUuttanMloosJL Dress goods. Now oj*:n, a splendid stork or all the new and desirable styles Imported, at very low price*. W. K. PEYTON, 274 Bowery. "piAM1LY AND HOTEL LINENS, of eveby DESCRIPTIOnthekviceable AND CHEAP also, house furnishing hoods, curtain materials, window shades, CORNICES, CARl'ETINO, OILCLOTHS, RUGS, Ac., Ac., at very low piicei. lord a taylor, 411 to 417 Broadway, 2K> ti Ml Grand street. 47 and 49 Oalliaribe street jjm-annels and blankets. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Are now offering, at the lowest market price#, A large stork of ??GLI?H. WKL.HH Artu . Also, english and~american BLANKETS, of every quality and sice. Canal street, corner of HeroBT. jjlashionable cloaks AND shawls. MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP the heabon. LOW PRICES,~AT RETAIL. lord A taylor, Ml to m BROADWAY. JVi to 2B1 GRAND 8TREET. 47 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. TT1ANOY BILKS, V ^ IT FIFTY CENTS l-ER YARD, A Good A?*ortmfnt In PLAIDS AND STRIPES , Will bp oOVred on MONDAY, September 90. AN NOLO, CONSTABLE k CO., ' (Jamil direct, corner of Mercer. QEORGH A. HEARN, No. 425 BROADWAY, WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, 30th in*., A LARGE ASSORTMENT or NEW STYLE PARIS I CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, PURCHASED BY HIMSELF IN PARIS. 4UO A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION or PARIS DRES8 GOODS, IN ENTIRELY NEW DESIGNS. LYON* SILKS, A LARGE VARIETY, PLAIN AND FIGURED, ALL IN THE LATEST STYLES. INDIA SHAWLS, A VBRY LARGE ASSORTMENT, MANY OP WHICH ARE IN QUITE NBW DESIGNS. JRISH POPLINS, PARIS MERXN0E8, PRINTED VELOURS, REPS, DE LAINES AMD FASHIONABLE DRESS GOODS Of erery kind?fine ansortmcnt now readj kORD A TAYLOR'S, ~Hil to itft Broadway. | 236 to 261 Orand atrftet. 47 and 40 Catharine street. J ADIES' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. In thin (lcpnrtnif nt of our More, 461 to 167 Broadway, which la under the direction of LADIES OF ADMITTKD GOOD TASTE, may be found all the newest patterns and shape* of anderclothlngfor LADIES, CHILDREN AND INFANTS, at very reasonable prices. Orders promptly attended to. LORD * TAYOB. T INEN GOODS. J ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. nave now In store their fall I in jortAtlon of superior BARNSLY TABLE DAMASK, TABLE CLOTHS, NAPKINS, TOWEI-S AND SHEETINGS. Also Irish ShtrtlnR Linens, of every quality, all of which they are selling at very __ REASONABLE PRICES. Canal street, comer of Mercer street. Large additions Will lie made to our POPULAR STOCK OK DRESS GOODS, At l.H'io. and 2&.\ per yard. On Monday, Sept. Si) A T. STEWART A CO. \?OURNINO GOODS. A CHOICE STOCK OF MOURNING DRESS GOODS, Just received, will be oiTered at retail, on Monday, 30ih Inst., by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal street, corner of Mercer street. PUT OOOPi. VTEW PALL GOODS, Including 1-UINT3. BILKS, DB LAI NBA. IBAVRLLINO DRESS OOOIJS, MOURNING GOODS. KID GLOVES, AO. Also I Urge lot of ' . . , BALMORAL SKIRTS, Embracing every varldy ami price. . Also, I new Invoice of rBBNCU PARIS CORSBTS, n allalze*. Al?n, (HAKElt AND PLAID SAXOKY KI.ANNELl, LINEN SHIRTINOH AND SHEETINGS, DAMASK TABLECLOTHS AND NAPKINS, DOYLIES, AC., Together with a complete aMortment or HOUSEKEEPING 000D8, tfui'h below the prcurm viilue. All of tli* jtlHive, In adillilon lo the entire balance of our full mi<l Winter St?k, at very reduced price*, In order t? Joee the prcnent buxlntni connmstlon. BDWAKD LAMBERT A CO., (In liquidation,) No. 447 Broadway. J^"BW PALL DRESS SILKS. RICHEST STYLES OK THE SEASON. JUST RECEIVED. ALSO, LOW-PRICED SILKS, NEW AND DESIRABIITTN GREAT VARIETY. LORD A TAYLOR, 4IU to 4(17 HIIOADWA.. 116 to ?il (lltANI) STLEET. 47 and 49 CATHARINE ST. VfEff FALL Cl.OA.KH ANII SHAWLS Li Oil Monday, September 80. Id style, price and quality mil surpassed In ibis city BDWARD LAMBERT A CO., In lliiulduilon, 447 11 mad way. New mournino goods J list ri'i-eIvrit. 0|*n on Monday, Kept. SO. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., Iu liquidation, 447 Broadway. VTOYBLTIES OK THK SKASON.-DUESS CI,OAK AND 11 Humid French Trimmings, Imported, wholesale and retail, ni prices suited to the times. J. DAR'l'OIX, U Bleccker street, QPENINO OF FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS. LORD A TAYLOR, Nos. 4SI, 483, 466 ami 4C7 Broadway, Will open on THURSDAY, October 3, a magnificent assortment of Clo tkH, suitable for tall and winter wear, amon which will be found exclusive novelties lu materials ai>| ityle*. Paris novelties lie DRESS SILKS, Just received tier last steamers. A. T. STEWART * 00. Popular trade in silks. MO riECES PLAID. RAY. BROCHE AND LANCB FANCY DRESS SILKS, At Am. snd $1 per yard, Purchased at the recent CASfl AUCTION SALES, Greatly below the cost of Importation. A. T. STEWART A CO. R1I. MACY, NOS. 214 AND 206 SIXTH AVENUE. . NOW OPENING FROM THE CASH AUCTIONS. fall styles iiat ribbons, new embroideries, LACK GOODS. VEILS. Ac. FULL STOCK FALL STYLE FKKNCH FLOWERS, HEAD DRESSES, RUCHES, Ac. ENGLISH and GERMAN HOSIERY and GLOVES. LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING. WHITE GOODS, LINENS. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. TARLATANS, Ac. Fl'LL STOCK YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac. N. B.?I.OIKI doxeii BEST QUALITY LADIES' PARIS KID GLOVES, ALL THE FALL AND WINTER COLORS, 63 CENTS A PAIR. It. H. MACY. j^EAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARFS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A 00. Will open their Fall Importations of the above Goods Oil MONDAY, September90. These goods have l< eti purchased during the present depressed slate of the marked And will lo offered at moderate prices. Canal it reel, corner of Mercer. RIUOi OPENING or SHAWLS, MANTILLAS AND CLOAKS. A. T. STEWART A CO. will offer on Monduy, September 30, h *plendld assortment choice paris novelties, FOR FALL AND WINTER WEAR. Broadway, Chamberaand ?* ?!'? O '>M0N ft HART, , . A** offering tn whnleaale mio reiatl buvere, ror ea.h and ?hort time at estenalvelv l?w prices their ftocll CURTAIN GOODS, FURNITURE COVEBINOS, UPHOLSTERY MATERIALS <>f nvcnr description, (JOLD AND PAINTED WINDOW SHADES, AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN PAVER HANGINGS, DECORATIVE AND PLAIN. Their mock of Ihi- above goods la the largest In thla market, anil runtains a great m.inv lines bought at aui linn and from bunk riipt slocks, at prirc* lower than cost of Importation, wliii li tni-y are ftblfl in offer nt great bargain, TO WHOLESALE BUYERS. ao casks extra duality and new designs PRINTED MERINOS, CASHMERES, MOUSSELIN DB LAINES, Juat received per steamer Persia. A. T. STEWART A CO. Window shades, buff holland, WHITE HOLLAND, GILT, NEW PATTERNS. Price* reduced. KELTY'B, SSO Broadway. ZEPHYR WORSTED, 12M .;NICE FITTING CORSETS, hook fronU. 76c. ; Skirts, mat steel, SO cepts; also n large assortment of Dies* Trimming*, Button-', Ribbons, Velvets, and amall wares', Ac.. rill of the best quality. N. R.?Alexander'* tilnvea at ELuEK'K, 8S2 Broadway, near Nineteenth atreet, eaat aide. IAOO PIECES YARD WIDE .UUU ENGLISH AND DOMESTIC LONG CLOTHS AT RETAIL. ONLY UK CENTS PER YARD. A. T. STEWART ft CO. ~ mii.u.vekv. AT MRS. BELL'S. NO. S CATUARINE STREET.?THE latent atylea of fall and winter Honnela now ready. N. B.?New pattern* of Zouave Baaque*, Gored Dre*aea, Cloaks, Mantilla*, Waiita, Cajiea, Sleerea and Apron* for lndlea and children. Stamped and Eaibroldcred Yokes aud Bunds is great variety and dime to order. BAROAINS?BONNET BARGAINS.?FALL BONNETS at reduced price*. Our $G imd $7 Fall Bonnets ar? worth $10. Mourning Bonnet*. Ribbons and Flowera, Chlk dren'a Hut*, Tartagi Huts. L. iilNNS' Millinery, 081 brrmti way, ofijioalie MMmpollian Hotel, up stalra. MESDAMES MATIIILDE A CO., SUCCESSORS TO b. Lent, No. 1 Brcroort place, Tenth atreet, will o|?-n theli [Tauat Importations of Purl* Kail ami Winter Millinery, on rTueaday, the lat of October. Milliners and dressmakers ar? invited to an inspection of Mark and colored 811k Velvets, spe? cIhIIy Imported for th** re<|ulremenU of their businc**, bj ARPiOLi), CONSTABLE k CO., Usual street, corner oi Mercer atreet. Paris fashions?pattern bonnets.?mrs. if. FEELY, Noa. 7 and 7)? Division *treet, bee* respectfully to direct the uttentlon oi merchant* and milliners, front every section of the country, to her present large ana unrivalled stock of Fall and Winter Bunneta, which will t* offered to the trade at the lnweal price*. iiovseST rooms, ac,, wasted! H' OUSE WANTED?FOR A YOUNG DOCTOR, ON Sixth avenue, lietweeu Fourteenth and Twenty -eighth atreet*. Address J. w. II., care of Dr. Dodge, 10 East Seventeenth street. Rooms waxted-between this and ootobes 11. one larw- or a nair of furniahed or unfurnished Par lor* furnished preferred, ?uliable for a prirate cluli room, on or within a few door* of Broadway, b?-tw?eii Amity and j^reeU. Addreu for three day* Club, Union ?iuar? SEVENTH REGIMENT UNIFORM WANTED?ALSO two full ?eta of Belta. Addrea* J. A. Crundall, 471 Broadway. WANTED?A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, LOCATED between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth atreeta and Fourth and Seventh arcnues. Addreu*, ktating term* and location, Richmond, Herald olilc*. WANTED-BY TWO SINGLE OENTLMEN, A SUIT OF Ruoma, colikJating ol two bedrooms and parlor, or two Urge npartmenta,wltb bathroomatlMhed(furniKhed or unfurnished; between Ninth and Seventeenth utreota, near Broadway. Address II. E , Herald olfr'e, tinting location, term*, Ac WANTED TO RENT-BY A SMALL RESPECTABLB American family, until the l?t of May next, a Flool of four rooms, with water and gas; rent riot to < xceed $1( pei month. Location between Fourth and Thirtieth street#. Address J. M. O., box \,UH Fo?t ofllce, pout paid. WANTED TO KENT?A HOUSE, IN NLWYoRK OB Riooklyn, from now till the 1st of May next, for* itmall family In exchange for two kits, In a thriving Western city, and near railroad depot. Address Iowa, lli-ra'.d ollice. ilTANTKO?TO RENT. FROM THE FIRST OF NOVEM* 1 YV tier, ? icmiill House', with modern Improvement*, In good neighborhood Pamlly consists of three persons. Renl not to exceed $J50. jtfdi'rem box fi.OSfi N. V. I'iwi otttce. XtTAKTBD?k tffOKfc AMD DWBLUNO, FOR A BMAIX ? V family, with live or nix acre* ot Land, situated within Shirty or forty miles of New York, in the State of New York. Address fi. Gladding, Klngsbrldge Post oflice, TITANTED?APARTMENTS, Kl'RNISHED WITH VV every requisite for housekeeping, for a very small family. Rent moderate. With a lone lady preferred. Address, with full pnrtiaulurr, O., Herald oflice. WANTKD-A R KNlhllKI) jforSE, ~WHERB~THK rent or ajHirtlon of it wouLl be uken In board, with tUe privilege of t%k'"g h few select boarders. Address foe two uavs V. W., M-dison square Post oflice. "VVANTED-BY SMALL. OBMTUL FAMILY. A i part of a House lu Brooklyn or New York, of wnirU 4 the owner would oceupy the other part, so as to render the residence a permanent one. House must contain the modern Improvement*, and rent not exceed #3U0. Address I). >' , l?'X a,.'?S4 Post oliire. New York. WJ"ANTED TO HIRE?A NICELY FURNISHED COT- ) I! tage lu Brooklyn or Its environs; It must be Mry 1 mull, completely furnished, and near tbo railways. Ad. I dress, Willi particulars, WW on( J :>ilus Bs >v> t., 171 I'liuu* , ? street, Biooklyn.

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