Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1861 Page 2
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r 2 THE SAAITAKY COM)II >0> OF NEW IOER. Stntrnirnt uf lltr City InoprOtOr* Mr. IVtavun, t!ie> City Ins;* -etor, hae presented a utatetacnt t? the 0ommis8ioin r? to amend the charter of the city, to 'taming win liii)i'rtiut nu^i'stioim lor the butter ccuuurnutiou oi tho 1 loullU k']iutiu lit, i>t which the lolIowbu^ is tUu Bultsuuice:? City TviwronN r*EAKY?iKKT, > N.:w Yo!.K,N>pt. 17, I-61. ) To mis Hovai'tut tub Ommivi ciKiia to Aml.mi tiibCilamcr ov TIIK ClT V OK Nkw Y'IKR ? Ccsii.icMRN?in compliance with your resolution of tho tHh tiist.,1 have tile h >nor to present for your consideration curtain reforms and alteration* in our saniUry xystorn, u upplliiable u> the department over which I have tbo honoi to preside, to which I bo,; leave to call yojr early attention. On ih litre; liholil of my inquiries n# to the moft effl_ cient < teni r >r tho ;ir.'ie< lion of ihu health of tlio city, in st of ill cmhiirriissmouli) which huvo attended all proponitiuuK aud plana for sanlte.ry reform have come from tho ipiurter Jo which I would naturally look for practical ?i! Kris Hons an I harmony ofopini >u. I refer to the niedlm ixui. Ii uiliiln r 1'arilini' it with all re ppect, and auxi us tor the ai t of its eulighteuo4 counsels, I have % looked for lhut harmony of sentiment by which I have been wit ing to ho guided. In this (1 i.saxreenit'Oi nm iif,' "doctors,^' t > often alluded to as a complaint which ii.t- hoeoruo "chronic," I huve bi>n com polled to call in euob other assistant Rtiidot a- the n-oossiiy of my position us 0110 <f tho guard law of tiio health of tli" city Imposed upou m", and to t?.;o couui-ol from my own practical exi* rlonei a* t ily Inspector durinp the last two years. Ah an < .ecutireorflc -of the most important brunehof our city II 'mIUi l? ?rtnwnt. I htve b ?n cotupellod to deal with fool*. initio moiij learned m-dica! expounders have been i iny vi lli tbi'ori *, and I shall endeavor to present brt iiyw tUpr.u) .ci ti v. 8 ns my not unfavorable opportuuity lor *bseiva i :i ha* onah eil mo to form. A e i vU-rriUi; tn ti n nut ral > 1 it. to good halth which the city <:j..yfl, Mr. , "lav hi hois on to say:? l'ofis,-ivi'd ol 111' !*'' , .it i .il i.!,'i?, it in not ctrar^i that lo. no many yea s .lim s-emeil to be lltllo disjinsjtion to a ui.a imy'lib lit sys mil iif culinary preeantim, and, iua word. 111 I h b.' i th ofth" city, so w ii Ri.ardo<i by ii ibiro. Kh Id i o lell i.> tako caro ol it.- It, and rein in ui!K>>a>?<i:it by any etlo : i. hitnuii skill. At tlist tiuvu'diili - worn por. hi oi'i. by tin CI fc oi lb,'Common (Jouncil.and il r? . ? u Hi w.4itu a few years puM that the aiU utmn <4 th .i I o iy b id caned to th' inn that, with t .e u.i eMtht: -nniioice o: ilio city, n iili its a lib d llal'tlitif lo Urn no nation o tit a." and Willi til t-anltary ?. reHsilir<> whi< h t.'i coin-equenc.<-s of an inc o.ui.a :>op itat ion, iho previu a ruleless |H>liuy mii^t Im superse t by dHnc tm r oi ii .-! n. c n mot niore cluni ly approaching t" a . i in. It : inti-i ptnii-u;ul iu->iriic tivi to Dai o ti e in i in : o. tiiu city a iUii>ri(tc? alter their tn.-.. aru .-i .ill n. tuprol-cl ihj hfj.tli i.f tho Clt) , an t ttioir oli t- in a new v. caiion, iti whi'b tho \pt'fU<mni .it trail fiH't.n it to h.' an t . r want ol know leu e nt 1 .no i rn.i i, ii.s an i law.-, wiinli lorn' the Insis oi H.iuuiy i.i.ot. Uil ii llu ir movement* were ni.< ortaili and u i suco. s naii.-' i, itn-i u i- nm h in: htrnn>;o in Such a r. ii ;'(i...i ot ; hi ii,..-, o i mom. nt s c ni ion lu r t coin lie e ns tin., nm.illc :! : .us UiuMti) toe .User valort. o ill t' lblic h altl. a. o .'army if ovor dreamed of in th" m in u of in ji in rn oi our itv . mm. lis. H oh hi . may he tlietf inteh'.ion*, or with what \lliix ii'iMrnl.i. uut ui'i-t llU|X'!ltti l bruuli of public duty, wli.i |K>rn.>i)u. .1% ouimniifcitv rvcr dreams, m thi'ir hi'), i.x n,uf thel qii*.ilit:at.i<4tM for tlio moot rotp;iui>ilil<'t'u i -: giui .ui(i iIih ;n luir liunltlir fo little ( an ill l V| ? ti ll ol tlll'lll. Ill 1 llO il: rlUL"g" l>f llllH bl'ttlu'll of ifiei. it v ill 11; w?uiU bo auiiori* .mjun tocond mu 111. Ill, ;? iIiim . II'II Uf Itl'iKO (lulli'H, iMICUte iUld vital iut Uie> ur> . tin uii'oiiii.uio. <il which hover entered into tlie m i'>>> ?r t.. > viliu cltv.tuii tht-m. It may ba sal'-l) Kiii' ilui ti" h?."<:iii u i.l ?l ? lor our'city count I * on t,.< s jii*j u, tlifir liui. oh lor tli pinservti tion oi Uit'uiiitii. i Inn tiling ulmotii unknown. Other tiris,wbmiK?roi p.rtu?iii ?{.?> .mis or on lii&lier fr.-outiiis oi tlm wenarc >?l t ic t il.y, be rupm-i'il. but this tout, nuri y urn the lean mi umt, has been und will r'-muin ii.ibPfiie 1. * * w * lleluydul .. >risi?!i luimy out- ^suluUry,?om?t|m(ia Minuet iui'i'i' idi'', niu.i . i.'n 'iiu|i|r.u'iitotli j\J>Uo health, bo product!',i'm,o"i. irpu.uble injuria^. trotu ihe prcsenUu his n: ' iap?.: it. i>y tin- City iiui(<entin, reqi.i,-inn i?:u? .mi* -i's !>, io i &. tttno ?>i tli- corroclioL of ti>? Mb ih.'.um.iIii f lit .? i '1.. it.ty e,ao.:e to jive ? wiuisnre-iiil itutnbiou t? Uie im.-i b. i util tli - ? without auy inu'iuiou I on the part m the, nui ii' ii l> nu i. to intor)**" fcuy hlnderitnci'11 bm mi:gi ,.i. i.?. I'll" public, hettllb bemg but I Mil IncuK nl U? the nr.iiuary tii'.i.-. of vB. is b il t o Apt tu b" jiOrttiioiM'u i)\ tii i >i vs.- u 1*15 of olli. r matters which eixro-s tli .;!<) "I our city rcprciM^D'jitivtn. ! But thpe ay oi";i?-ii..! ii' : ? in ollW-t al most In promoi, I hihi C'l' u).i prom; '' iiniv"i siti.'iiei haulers I against th. mtr ?lu n?"i Ufa*' which may l>e kept I b.nk, hutonio utrixli >! < ui with uiUtcuity be checke i I Or extlr|*ted. for th.- . ni.-, them should bo u.iowcr MUliig; In eihe. ha i! liwy be ready tn p.. u.-otj .is I lbno\i)! !> j may ii..-" .1 ui a divided ri'sp.msibilny, t which may suit ihe .> . inticliuu Irutn ?.ici b<?iy in another, shettld b ilic .u.ii (l:ii. to b (Kji mitted. Tuor<* are oilier cjui|>licatioiin uommviou with the pi-esi-ut^nystcm, vrlii'h lie. i s-u. . y l>:: with tin in iuaclii.;i and do- I lay at ilm very crisis wh*i action umy be imperatively demanded. 'I lie Common Council first acting lit ono capacity as locai legislate;* i.!V.ei thu tlts.ulv:uitagofi In viu vl 1 luva called your attention, lltueo disadvaiimges in*, in" il'i lily apparent when tlioy re o v. tl iut< an exclu>i. b dv oil one subject aione, an . the wii"le process hec mes r.iurantariuid with au ionm leucy w hich would !>< re gk >!e? as ludicrous were t n. t that th? subject is t'nj vital jm|(Ortance > ? ho l>ht.y dealt with, Wli n the matter his lb .s been bac.tiej about, it corner up th" Unrd tune In the body w iero It originated?the circuml >cutkm having run iu n> m. I?an 1 eit.l;' for a w w start In the circle where it b< aa. hat-infill the mcaiitiu made the sllglrteRt a Ivuuce towards t:i" presei valion of h.-health ul the city, the warding olf im willing, or ivllaj iig actual |?mthrl.ce. Such is the reistruetioli of the Board el' Health,one branch of ourKiniury system: and the other, the CwoiMi.-Hton-rs el Health, is open to equal object iou from the manner of its oigani?aioa anil the want of 8ut!!<:xttit power. fins bodj us oauiiiog-d of six persons, besides tbo Ma* er, who is a m-mlmr at i '7Vi<i. It consists <>1 lite President of th? Ho n il of Aldermen, the President of tic Bou-il el' (.'oiinclltnen, Iho llealm OUJcer, the Reskiont 1'hygicmn, ihe ifr alth t'nnmusnioutfr an<l theCl'y Innp? tor. !t will !>.' seen tbai the ComniuH Council i." i >re agiun repiesonled in two of its ni?ml?ers, and th" lioird ha? tie bcuellt el' thro ui< dic il ottlciais; but, id liaviD^t ?u. rred upon it the lull ix.wers pwioteto..*! by the Hoar s ol Health, it cannot, i;i many instances, e,arry luto elft't the n -.'asures 'eeuied by it necessary for the prc-ervat! n ol the public health. down to tlio present day, U~- not ti'ld a -ingle ii.u. tmg tool, ider the su::itary *ixi?-f ? f the city. With m;ch a system, can then ' a w.iuder that the iiauiiiry condition of t!>>? city is n : improved, or tii.n (h < ity luepectnr In crippled iu hi* |?>wt-- of action in ihn laWi**!? Nor mi:.H the consideration be kept |'r< m \ h a , III it the memberti ot the Common C nuv.:., the Board of Health and the Citnnii-.iionors of Health, are ull, from tho man neroftheir app ftitmcnt, subiect to pftrt'nan influence, ro expect u i?;rfo<.t sanitary sys -in under such a condiMooof things s t" etp- i t n lm;<j&>ibiiity. Toe Ur t groundwork of reform, in . ? o,uu).>u oftho ui'l ti i.h J, Is to Iwstow upon n-<mt? I ly itiili-rently cotistituu.. oil power over the sin.t try atl'.iii'B of the city: an J iliis j" done, ad o h -r ,?r> of rotorm will bo deprived of lledr essentially ben< ft a! feature . To escape pr. Beet comp'.ieatiai is the first great point to b? gained; and.thi- p ?.i: h. nr.' :. simplicity, prompt ness and ellkioocy may 11b .t tod for ineflicioucy, complicate >n and delay. '} in-- ouKiructlon.' rene.v d, tho groundwork ol reform i* at otico prcs.>aic<l in a sys tern long established in this ci.y, and kiimvn io>ly to he cherished and reflected for t h" gixid works which have been tlie fruits of its Inlaws J el'er to our ili.S: system, tho poweisol "sefUioc :. of which may do so ex leadeda.? to meet. must, If tu : all, the p uiiUry requirements of the d .y. Tli" boti. ii n whicli this city is daily receiving from the a/! furnished l y tle'sc dispensaries cannot bm'ver estimated. Tit Bvedispeiisuriesili; I .butcd t tbronrhout tin-city number* d as iKUietr.s during t4i year i J sou 1:16..286. or ltV-tjO tl.thc wholi|)opiilntioB,aii(l'ifK- half I ol the city's aininnl HIiuhn. Hi; proportion of fori ii;ji to I nulivu dispensary jatlens has been as high .13 tiireiI quart' "s to one-qtia tei, but during the last three years it has flood in tli? proportion of to 64. -N"t lew than I foir hundred and tlfty patient-?:m avcrstje <!' ninety to M'b dispensary?apply dally, and receiv imnWInie aid and attention from these in ttt'itfou:--. It is estimated that the per ccnlage of deaths was -evmy wve i !um dredtlis oi une i"T cent. "Hi .-e il?|<ii..i ,i ?, while they ^ constitute the most Important hraueh of iiir puMI -rttiTtarj system, aie rarely mentioned in eoniection with that bv.-t m, so far as tii" act.on of the Common Coined ?r ;hii Hoard of Health ij cno-niid. Their I S labors uri' u." noiseless ,Ij> they a Co utMcleilt. Thevutr J cliielty supportm! by voluntary e.uitribution*, anmia'i ap pri>|iriuiinuF ii'im int* i - mmori i o . vil uiul oron i ml small contributions C i>tn th.< State. lu tiwti ?r(!tMiiu)tion ann Internal polico tliov ?... fault! a.;. IV iius t!io jjencrnl confi lenr.e of tL peopV>, tbry aro presrK"! over and their ntliirs direrteit liy Oar liest citizens, prof. ; 8i?i>al as well a." non |iri f? - -waal. Tii" wtiolu laiior is ki..tuitouH, find equally so ibrir ilisirJn.ti m of medicine'Tin ir iniportiinci; l<> t'.io l it; 111 u pe rum. v view m <y lie ?is?iinate?1 h> th' statement of u few W. r t'io rle tituli sirk, t'j whom Hi'v l><.ompoiled 10 'h'onn Ii0?j-u?ta and um-lri. i", and the of ?.xS ~ institn' i ih to r *ro mi the mmg a. n ,Vl ,?>r tin dolihrs jwr riipit.i, ttie iri iiit thrown upon tv.. . py would!" fin irm<"w. S:'!ip'~in: i :iat a feurth of the onmI Ixir rel *cd by the d! piiifuri ? w?re thr .wu npon our lvwi'i'al i aud a!nihous<'- it >v M .lUiount. to nn aim :.i! cip (. lure >f a quarter :?" '! d.iii irn. l!uv the ,i.|l vaninpi;:* of lh-i? in?tltntiori? in th pr. r rvutiuo of the genef. health i f 'hi r.!/are >1 ufiiarjci.-r "rr.ili ly I their i,wn, derive i f-oni tl.? \ ry tian's of tli ir oupu ./. I tion. T!h> dl-ivniMiry pl>> Kii' un, from :ii l fTwiiir-i.t nslt* i t< the abo. . of the di -iHuK'Sick, ig omo.ig the earliest i to discover lb' pro .< of 1111 i-pidwnk'. Tb'i dii?l ertsns wh'isomvi.e- are -,]K 1 to bo apprehended? 1 the epidemics of if: of yellow finer, -niudpox, if not cholf in?rn" i fr.- pieutly \* -m th.-ir ri'i' unon# tin Bnuaior am: w. r'. "l. -dii' o. am *u:?l"s whru the diipmrnary phypeii: <: to visit, utyl his opp rlumUca nfolwrivti oi, t in t-r.1 i dc the-." o( ;hr;ru .iians of the )iiihlir h'iltb. Tl.i- prai-t 'tioiior* iva. , rtln" officially liifn'.in i.i, -ir- i.Aiawh.y gi.-eurut- ?.f met); l colleges,. a ?' ti? i !y them hav < u>i) ,-d tin- a Ivantagos iif bospiw! pra tli In a tvord tl. i tr~ i. in all raspe ;s. lor ?!w .;r ri . >/.- .I?lr .If . < lo which they ' '' " .*ii;r hu in ,, thi <: who lall utid' ih i- -i I' i. ii' :,i m" (,. ji k tory plipill'lt lie' . v?'u<? ! ;.: ! ' ;k the ! 1.1 dit^iarvesl .f'rlc . .r<- \j < i i > :: ,v. m! < or to mlasrans11 'm. nftertv. . t :rti ? ; v : j ?od in (It'' di c" o .. i:h > ; .-r. ? ? .. . ? treatm-ti. fort1 <-: ' .1 i.- - . no> ^ Mtimg tli :n'.ri !i - t.h nn i... it.'. . the pr':v*'? '! (" j ?ii ' i t vat inui.t-u.iiy bi i h- mo to tb?t; N j vntlon. Ilare. ilton. In tliwu amwwtry iMtUiittowi, m j loiinri HI mini iu.ihti ii i< r mu d.imh hi uu <tu?< k ijry impovom hi, and uii eiliot ui sanitary ponce aiwav* or haul, tv'tclifni aid o\me~VkUl of the iK'niUi of tlio city, 'llv orKntiliaUon 01 tin*" Inalitiltloiw ik Hit urtniirable tliui I %oii4U not veut'lie to lutorforu with it iu tlie alteluest dog root hat while it is ? riaiu that witiiiti it* |ir n?.it s|ihoie or u^t-luUi> sk it 1a without rival y, it s aug};u?to<l that tlus H 'Imtc may ho so fxtec'eri as tn i;iv? it (treat r responsi billiy iid i power, by coiim ct a in a mure tottuito form v ill tlio organization of tlio health aena InkuI of thu city. I propose, then, th it u l ew Hoard of Health hi- formed, ! to convict! of tlii' ,yuyiT,< ity tn?|v?otor,suiui li t?tlicer. i huirntun of the ' oniii)itt-i"netn of Public Cliarilias miii Correction, ProHtdim of Hji>r,miimis#ionor?of Ktul/ra lion, 4'r indents of tiui live llspem-tiries. and three pby*i< i.itis, to he I 8 n by each of the Hoard* of Trustees or the tiro ?Ji.-p -usuries, i'? tuvv during the pensure nt" tlio appoint :,|r l>>a <4. Tin- itl in ra ta a lliAiorlty or tin' 1 loan I ot lialtli uiuW:..l to u. Th s constituted, tlii- i n riioi II" i!th is to pui>e'?<ide the present rvfi tn. or theoommis-iKlieis ol II it th and thu Hoard of Health, nuil 11 enjoy a I thu powers b'loni}Iritf.'it present ii> theec bo ll.i-. *1 w >nld turthcr wcont 'net d that the s.dd Hoard li;i o power to d -termino and poss upon all not* iloomoil tic 'rss.i y to the preservidii nof I hi- public health, in iv posse mmI Itv tlio tYintmoM i 'mincil, atid to i-naliie them to act v th .ihciency: t.n the Hoard of S?l?ervisor? audit and [my u.i nee* s try ?'X[? nsis in etcrying tho ordiiiaiu i'B iiit) clfn t. I have already ? tiiouvorvil to shmv the nwi Kjtity of s"ino s ich delctfatftd power ns s corrective against the one 'i taint* and i-onfuBioil whioIt his hftbei to attended the divided coiinstrla to whose care the Ilea lib of our city h.ts bwu entr ated. Vk an additional meus iro of rnloriu I would i"comrneoit thuaboliKhiri'iit or the present ayatem of Health Wardens, ami tho consolidation of thii- ' oll ceia in the visitii pjiysiclaus of the dispensaries, whoaru toreo,etvo nn '/"IlljHHK- U mil OIUJ pay l.??W l*l??V. '4 ?. ' ?? o- I1? I ?n Wardens. I.itlnK thischange thecity will haveth? p i1 "si security its inter st will bo attended to with promptness and etlleiency by it body of m 11 in all re s|iecwiquttlitJod for tholi- duties. An'no political considerations or iiartisan (uteresi are liable u> come in coniUct with u body cnslituted on tho basis of limess anil ca pacitjr, It can hardly bt* <j>i rationed thai thu chungo will lio approved by all i:ta.-.-u s hi our vitiZ 'i *. It is so simile hi its plan, and go unnr.umbered with the machinery of the cjcisiuiK system, that n will adaiit Itsell to the public \\.Li11s witUO'.t the . lightest di-arrangi'mint of He pin ts, un>l it may quickly be put Into oporatiou with no tear of di.-org miration, and with no additional e.tpiviso to tho city. At ?>re si'iit tho dispensaries semi out tlidr physicians i:i? alwno Fortieth 4r el ou ill- i.xst riv T, and not ubnv<? Sixti Hi street' ii h Xort 11 hit. t!i .i :li many persons c nm to ili" dispi u.- ii'ji s for treatment from !>' ve these I?'ii t-1. Xcw liis" fi sai icp for Yor!;ville and Harlem and for Muihiutuiviile wi I have to bo established heroa'1 r, but until they aro so est .nlrihed ihn ill ' . usarit a wh .-so d strict* nutconliKiio wiii r'-ij ;ijo an additional n ,tn hor of vMitlng physician* or healh warden* to traverse tins vie stvo s ciion to cst.ouil over it tlin sanitary rare of the Hoard ol il uUlt. Tins .Mi e; ari' i- ?ro the N rllicasi"Mi utid ihn LR'iniU. There are in service in the tlw[irn aiii'S t'ourt-tu visiting; physicians. divided as I'd i< ? .?\v Vork Cily I'lspciim y . It\ ; Northern, two; hastiirn, throe; l>eniilt, t?v.?; Nonhead em, two. Total, fi u in n. To meet this demand the city ha.-i..> nty-iw.? hi lith wardens and iw -nty-two a- - ..u: heu'.th w..rd. i s, total, forty-lour. Un i -i ih pr . lit iy.-tmn the e is n health ward' n an i ana -jsI ml health Mai .en fur ouch of the wards Tin- visit .n.; ph>si. i uu oi tin di.-pe -?rl ? are apt- inte I l"t sects-Mis < I the < it\ pro.r r si/e, called dlst.' K ts. Tho ict plan is ulnpiwl ionaMy tliu botl r of the Uvo; lor wlido snjne wa oh are not to la. i to he Fint:ln disli icts, others a^aiu arc of too ureal dun iiihIoiid far that objec.t. War t boundaries i>r distinctions a c value! s;) as oistricis for sanitary s- rviee, as sanitary ef forts are imiMiriani and us '.til in projmi tii n to the density ef tho popinatiou und ti.e u n b r of its p km . The numberol d sfs-imiiry visitliiK districm will hive to be increased under the new Hjsti m, and the, ext. a ntitnhor may he .ipoortioiicd to the i.pper pan. of the is and whore n? vi .img physiciaiis now tio, and in pa t am UK the dispon-aiiis whiihioipti e more visiting s> r vice than Mat aic "lit attorned. ,-o w<-II, however, is tho service d sir lu.ed I hut additional physicians will he wunled hi ne.iriy ?'qual p ojk). tii us,that oil or nu>re to < luIi dtepeaury, which will not aqUI ihetn;ebr of hi alib wai'ieiiB and MX'irtaut hsu th wirdunsat pioseut in tho employ of tluicuy. Thnox|? ns" for till.- a I litional service will fall short of tho amount, annually a y opriat' d by 111 city to (h i r ty oi heath wardens, Willi" Ihn h neills nftho ".'lan.ti to tho community, ui a sanitary |Hni.iol w*. cams it l>e mrnUatM. ? ?? * The i'.itlure of ma y uew projects of horii vo enee |? very apt to rtft. t from the a-optir u of so in ny idi teles a al balanci>' ill" u uipii' ations ol the systoui ato lae c,vose of its mil' fei i ivorii,. Bs.and ihe very exco.-s of caution lira' -st abase o[?iat. ? a: a cltecic U;whi lltai s;ni"il> mid decnloit ac.tiou, in all e isos invulvtBK th" public health, is the luaiti ob.ect lu bo accomplished. (.'ai-liinvs betwoen professIona'sand n n-pnnfi sslottuls as to th? origin and charucicr ol diseas<? ure almost Hiiro to arise under the a lopiiou of a compiii uted sa .ilaty mstem, and while tli" quarrejj of ttio loetor.-. ire rnyini; as to h >w the disea-e came, tho iliseas" hk If Is m:i\.t,|{ I fatal hi ndwav. Hut in til' s'lii'ae pU.u proimseo, it is sUimlttco il al most of tbe-c . Wien ie- will l> avoided. Omtldence heitrueii'li"i>iil>livitii(llh<'); a diiuis of'he pub. I Ito health liit' iy esi.W;: hist, a JI mi point is m th it calming ot the pop mr uund which u|u?ruloa Ivallhf.i.l.v an a. lavs panic, whcii is a r-uly ptoai in" aud omenti-r of disc-.tse. Th.- ( <?><<( humble. win' bi<vi.* wyi'yot! tlio hem-lit* oflhc.-o hay# learned to lee) rUi( tl?ey are in safe hands,.;u<'m < ?:<? "I v'<? '"if < ( ( ?r I mm nan I ilw:i-c 'Jia continuance 01 that lee uik will prove of great turnout In minim{ ti?<- public mimi and fortifying il against any critical <n>"'M>ncy m.iy arise. * # * Thnhealth system of I/milon anil l'aris in the .lie to whicti this promised plan is Uremlcd, to some exl-i t.. to assimilate, w iili the exception that in tl?' se cities i -m .1ler pro|K>< t Ion is made to chub slof mclici. nj'-n than m the flan flow recommended, and il is prop, sed m i!i s f lan thai tlit* boaril shall lie sot .ic'.tet. <1 as to 4>I<a<*<* tint advisor;. o iwit nu?i y m tlic hands of men educated 10 tho medical I> j.-.' u. At tlii' Kami' time I would sfito that .while mmt 7r,a!<aiK th;:t Iheae I'Uau^'i s should ho made, 1 am e i m.lj divided in the opinion t it th City liiS|ieclor aiiocl.. Iiq a nonprolossioual, or t ?in;iii. chos' n, not for his liudic il acquirements, h it lo, his practical abilities and commm sense qualltiaiions. There are m i om.ectlon with his oITIcp other duties :han those nipin inn \ know n ige of nn-dicine, wli -h alii cl tho interest of tl:r city in a sanitary point of view Under existing laws it'.- mad.-He nuty of the Mayor and Urn C< mint-.-loner of It.n li lo render their a;.vice to the Hoard oi If I'llli an . to tli) t'i. v In-l e tor, who Is the v(HUtivo oilleer to carry iheir .lori.?ii,nn into < ,1i' t. His duti'-s heiiiR of that i ll irncter, It is lint Just to tho oil,en >m his being a ci nstituent part.ot the proponed B<>aid, he th'"Hd be most fully apprised of its view: , so as Vi co operate with the (Jieale.-i < i rleii.-j in ^ivini; them practical eflecl. (In nil examination of the public. r conis of the City Inanector's, when administered under tlie sii|?r\ isi'.'i of Jnspei to:-ij< f the nudica: proiessmn, 1 have not In en ablo to discover a siii>r e satiila: y improvement.or even a p'nctical ?.kk? si,on. i.s eoni.nx from th' in iu their reports to I he Common Comici'.. * * * By a refercnco to tin city ocd iit niees it will lio sen thai tin- ("ilv lnsix ctor ih>ss -s.' o hi t limittsi ! u r. I and that power is purely executive and cotitiued to i.he execution <>f ill" laws passed by iti Common <Veined anil the B >urd of Health. In :ti - p.'.posed plan, the deiy el tho Board of Health is to dir ct, ami to the t ily Jn- 'ecur is loft the fluty to ex 'C t , mid this distinct division of duty will l>o best maintain d by a oontmuat c of th i powers and dntuf) <? (hot ity lnup <uir .s utpwiiti". isting. for it ,s luM"V"d tii?: w 11:t \i r c, tnplaiiitshavo bt'on muiitytgamst the existing system it h x not, Ixvn charted tliit whatever has ben ordeied to be d, ,ie by the constHi.ted mmJii'iMk 8 liu* not been promptly performed by tliu ( ity Inspector. * * * * ? * Th'kd"|Uirtment,' a it pros *nt organised, has the. follow ing bureuos attache ! to it..?Tho liurnan oi" -:?i tr;ny lns|x'CLinn and Sti < -'t Cleaning. the Bureau of and Statistics, pie-tdcd over by a physi 'ian; tho Bureau of Inspection tint! Regulation of the I'ubiic Markets, and the Inspection of Weight* -ind M> mutes. With the ex, - ptlon ol' the latter, bur. a w are immediately eo'inectoU with the sar.ittii v ali'airs of tho city, and tli< i.- change to any other d'-parlmeiit w?.dd, If carried ihtOeM'eet, prove u grievous error. The <!llo"of inspection <>i w igiits and tm asurcs mi^ht with < i?>ty li cliuivd to .1 .me other department , should sic ii a .in;u be >ie m-l necessary. Hut each of the remaining bureaus have, 114 I have observed, an espei ial relorenco to the 1 uis 01 public health. Willi the cimiu.e to which I Iiavocndcd your attention. H w> ild b ir.oro eillcier.tly <>ri;.ini/.?u tiian any other iry le a ini.ttit in esiso-nce, not merely in tliis. but any oiler country where (lie .-tiles Dt sanitary sen-nee arc d 'i r.i d worthy of ob-i rvation, anil . ft an <>x1 ense trilling in coni| ar son 10 that iEeurred in either Kng'nid r hranee icr the [lerfnimanroof^imtftir duties. in .li s connection, 5 will advance another sr.g^estion, not peril i[ s 01' paramount imp nance, lott worthy of consideration a.- connected with the proposed reforms. J"., titl.- of tho oillce at pres-ut pr< a-tits but iti iui)>erfect. idea i>l its character and duties. Were it d to that of the Health Department, and the tit le of its chef officer to that of Health 1,. jeer uncriil, the real alguillc-nce of its powers and dui> -v.onUl be it.iicIi uiei" e.e.n :\ defined than mider the v.s to tlt:e at ;>rcseiit attached t? it. winch conveys no tear idea of : y p-r ta-.uMr class of diltti <, anil if it have I'.v |>a: ticular , n nili'ance, would see/n to be connected with tho commercial rather tlian sanitary interest of the city. To 0tv<> assured ofHci-ncy to the plan, the beneficial ellec ts < f whioh 1 have endeavored to elucidate, I would a'.-o r commend that the elVe of City Inspector be pro vi'!" I wirh s;;lllcienl cli s li against sudden una frti|i:ent political changes in our le al elections. The permanent ?ll is m any s\ at* m can never be fuhy tested while the ficr. oual force under which tho system is to be carried into efject Is liable to constant cliange. The advantage* already resulting from 011 r pre.-ent dispmisary system are in a 1:10a!. measure owing to a freedom from Hut in terruptlon i.f le.tiori which seems to attend upou everything into wh'i h the n - lutol party strife are allowed to 1 nt>- r. Tho oillce of f'ity IitfjH tor should bo as d.i mbarrassed as possible from |H>litic-al inlhicijee ; of eithe r part) . hn tinnire ot his oftV-e should b ilxed ?Dd certain, w timet |>K<-er <>f dlsphc nicnt or removal for cause t/i tie adjiidii Me.; by a 1 rib inal having evpre.-? authority 4 r that pi:rp?.e. Thus guarded and protected, tho continuance ol tlie bcie tlts of tin' pr? -ent. dlspen f>ary sys"'ni, with >i<rura of ufiefuluOM.t so nnlurgedaspi | i embrie " ;dl 1 his^i't. I'.'our p?.|iulation, will be Ih tr .y es- j 1 tabiv (?. (1..1111 iwr cpi.eas wil. enlov a i:eiiPa of sufnt* from tx -i. ''4 dlMSMtowtiMilluj I Imvo Itfvet""rf >??-n trait, , #. , In tliU;qoriniitui,vM.h<D 1 b><vc ronlii.c.1 sayseif tu ttijf. I < ! l!i" in' t F i'ijilt mil pr.irti ^i I'harur.b r, j hav itii; < >? ..( hop In ill" cliliri- |nuati>-.ability of ill plan I hftvc pp'pl "I. I h:iVi"'(IM.lcnnli<VMCC lluillt-tts |i|.'j.rtll i-amn -i-ii ' ly .lvit'-t have In-i'iy nrdvi'l th i lit )>:\i ml ".in ' f t;." i ; I .lie, Umt f?i J.r I :>! iuu vv ill Id cm . ilmwlwift (k ib!<* fcirangth nDMrtbt wuir ipbon of i ?. ' n t> w i li !' i- in v.- j< < i to tic extendid. V ry report:nil. . y< .' !. !. . rvart, IMNr.Cl. K. i l l.A\ I'Uy In ; CLl ir. Tin; kosm'th <a;/u:n J'j. n tii* . j ii r'-tcrt'il n ?:? ! ! ur willlm> W'rti I iii ii..v. BecrtU Ittf gfloH -or t'i ? ro^lraciit u.-c , lcK-iLto-l a'. 5'i Im .irn ?uvci and ii Utucvy. F.W TOBK TIER A LT), MC Oar n*r?a? CorrenpootUnre. IUvaaa, Se|>t 2t, 1B#1. RnyntAmty Edirt?Gtrture </<?? Ameriean Slaver with &'U tJundrM ,u?l TumtyJhv Ntgrot*?.V<hm frtm* T? , iftui'.'a and .Vtzkc't?(lU-Jift inert J'nr AVi? Orlean* and Suttuinah?Jiaallh, (/r. iHjbij.Jicil (JOCh) ruyui <'<iut t'ir drafts to fill tho Tanuicim i'i> : ij iu W Sji mifth .uuim- at home iw.<l abroad, oauwvl by n:u> jJti'#, expiration of S'rvt-i and f<<r a r wrvo of ' J>,000 m ;), \ fur mir euwrgvuoy or nucpwiiy .f liif 3UK-. Aft i tho ftruiv it MM t" i ? woiking coiii;iiprnm?i "f Uoooo mo , ihoni* ri'mani.iiK ivr if tlu> rtxriutM botwe'n twenty uud twuty-ofio y'm s of a^'ii nib atuichi'J t? b.iuulii iu< 10 tli' ir nunvo |*oviui-ik until ihe.v urn n*i un-d for activo hoi \ Ity tliis m mn .ijiain nlw, > ? ? <>u hand ,1,000 >v '1 drillei Kolillory, rvudjr to rmdur eOicient conico to lb Htivi'i ei. u hi I thn country; ut Iohj.1 they are saved fi-' iii n ulituioti i>. > >? tWil.l ? . im . u iu ...ntiti iftl f. ,r t.hi? llfKJ, tune un ltT llio. A Bpamsh i-rower bronchi int> i>ort a low 'lavs KiDi*> the American brig Toeooa, with 63 ?> Mgrouit on Iku'iI. captured on lliii norto sido, <?' til# islaud, nil in irood e.itni tiou Tliej go uto Uir "cuiiiiicipailo vuuki,'' Hlavi'.s fir lil'c, *itb the prfti.iJe?l r.gliU of freedom. Wo iiavi> uo more of the "Lin ml. ami 8pa ?b uu.vd uurtuf juatk*," whob Rivul gotno or the utibjtols >tl I -si from | irptituuj bondage. By tliu Spanish mm! temn-r Cuba ( wo hnvu mwi iVi-iu .-i. jk".uiiL.. .? i lit. 7th iniA. \une.\ ati n mi-i (1i oiviiv/ i! mi |ir<w*viSin{ b..vonil must Maiigumo ewemt.i us. I'i, i iiiinii. .-inn for 'unlit nig mid aiU'isunent of accounts .^ainxtibo >uu?'nt for uiutaui a.iu nr. nl i x ? n.-> < hi?lii tb?'ir *: ?n iWy for sixty I'row til 14 it < ; .Villus. , r w). ti auit able nrriuig men's will tna<ln for tlim:* jw.j ment i?y instalment* or a rnd&g ntoocKg to bo bnsod 0111 i\,n nix. Th? Cntiiauutdaut Mui ijto pub'irh < i'i Hi oiimal Orgill 08 ftillutt ?"Ifuvtli.hi- . i'c -.J '.--j jli iiM):- i ,. tors im' v""*i?ls, when cnlli. g for their i'i.-:o :uro i>>vi> . what they bad to |*y,owner* and nuts ten* are hm i>< formed ilia' t o dull' .- whitevi are :> i ! iti tin.'. ? *! for tbe tr ami' V nor for iliis eoneindae, ia." Kr<. (ratio an I sailor*' neb's in n now r?\:mu NoWKi 'unt Voii?'/i!' '?? ' untax, 7th of Iv'iteniN r?j>"t go favorable a revolution bv /> i'...'in of i.ho troops 111 tlltt cnp't.ii: th out coverture til in ]>! IMjn (tine" wlio wool i rot I'wien); o.iez alto: .t i ? ittor, v, Inch he bii* "irs' it i M .'i'pt. I i? in > a.'-. , nititlii by tile tl'<-ope i I Cnubobf a ><l 1'H.i i .il> :< tlv I'on.titu tionsl sin 1 . .'Mi in the Vw 11 xiiiwii i '.ii.'e! (>t >), wl'tiout knowing what lia.! b cu loo - ii (lie 'iiitiil. Public. coniiitenoHi w'ncli rem. ' ijrejy lion, t I'is end cl.v oiirnljzeil.iu I ill re .- i in to he no I. ;>e fo! tliO i'Ou." v <t llio moflient e.n no Me. r in -.1 . > In li:i.~ til sti'i i I H o v lit,mi l lij . ;t ver,-|i - t. of |xtiso'ial honor and lote -ri \ Uy .'it iiia^nilleoiit British lenw frigate M"r- .i >i i man icr1 i ?riit we ha?i: <ia!.e* from t ?' ; Mrxii o to tin' ;)il .-fc. Tie' e:.t:i?ori!"'.ar> : .-joji I ('unxrc OiH'i cxi on ilie 3d. .'lie nie>-. ..; oi Hie fr< Hiu'i i nuitii'iV a .'in ancr"' una inn to a "II II ion "l' p" ie.. . t -ul il i ;!> of .Die j opre.;. nt.'iii to le lorli. or ctianii'i rs. cIiai'K 'S the ruin of tli ronti;ry up n tli "d-iniHSinoy . .. id Jnnnn," as tbo cx;n;rii'. oo of ovary day uiak more t'l I'lfUt. Vii'.Tirrl retin-uoi] en the 1- h of Aur si fvom L:inip?*n to JIi uier'-y,. |'.!i:,: k lu.liifii :.' ' Ii ol ill - gttvori in.e.t. wii . ii. nui . 'iii tin i mi i\ hi 111 in" s.t'ii r;:1., in v. I Jim ramilv, wid tim n-cliii'Mit Oi mhir -it. iii.m lilt* I'ltei': s (!. lierul H ' H Willi nr. ill f pii-|-:i the pit-wrui" o' (' :u Vmiit. it> ,.m<t hint lasin' .? prCM'i.anal.'il'.j'.isiiiyiiii: i:lH\i0W!!. Allll 11 :Ii il t ill iifoy till' ki 'V J. i: .< />' till1 l"> "II |. r |> ttl" til' lit in K' liii i 'ill I1 i'ri! to .: ! <( tl1(. nouniry in cni>t> ant iti irm hv tliclr |'r 'ill ; \ vtsil-. Tlio wports of IHibiii lo mil i :.rviual Iniliril"' tltai MtMta .tii'l Willi lh?lr :oi'.i. 1111isf, id ;> c \ 'ay/ , i' i!?,i:mli to tlmirpowr a.-, wuii miporlor l"<i:tliiiy \u"t In- kiiia! Hi in Hi Tliurc nv tiw BIMlllMK "Hp n Ill til ' th.'.l.-ia' i ti ll Mt 'III ll i '.I if cmiliti"ii< Cor v.Iii'li iva-on, porlm,". I:;ii)iiuil aim I'Ya.u o, in; lb % ..???. ttio Arm-near ri rfu iv In tlio (it,If in 8I1FWU1 a riivoju:nrm in M. \tc?). Tin-It h?li ftrlnmniir Pari in mi'Ut, <Jla'! >iii}', for .-.r-.mHull, Wt'.l C lli-o III . iti">;i.- , ,\t\. y I- I?'IIV .otfl ill 'JHlll; ill siv, ".u. r H. T *iw, lVtriln-.lon, (" r J w < 1: a..-, to-morrow uin.ring. By 1 ho Mr. i: 1 K'"'H I'U.-n.'ii'ri , ivtio ?;'f ? 11 out lir-rp 10 huy'-ir >n v.i.niilie 11 1- 11 it t inp^l: h '1 mil' N, !'*>r th:> rvb -isa;' 'he .S"illl:. S v ri.i ]i'.'ivii:?f In IvItlualH, 1111 Un ir own aocouiii, h. v.. <|i>nc a (idler l> iin K '. The Ii' 1.tli <1 lltv.'ina If Improves! to sui'ety. f-uxiin n-lvuiic>iv. . Minify nay. mtmmmu. * t-uu miiwimhw .nn?m I'KK '< N.i >. AN IW.W .1, AH1M.Y r AN UK A it OP Si>%T J-. : illMi TO . ll IK mivnuiHu* liy H|i|iiy.nn uV or wmlr-n; V" :>'i Wililu.u MXWi N. V. /"1ENTBAI. PVBK.?WHT HOT SEND MB VOfTR V' uii'v! i-i I ! 1 111..1 I ( y.'ti Iri ilati ,.| I hiiul 1 ' X '. iniiiiii' f'-.111 vim * > 'll I'Hi.-' liy d.'i J j . il.ij r . WW ii'ivs. AddCMU pi in, T. 1>. J. /1AHKIK.?\VK WILt, BE l'AIO Ol'K THIS WI!KK. HY \J Ji'-ini-iii; ymir it-li'T-si-10 I'n. 11..ah, Ky.. wh-ri. \vi ir?*>.'iU'Hi. il, j >,n w ill iv Ir n-Mii 11 1.1.1U ? 1:1 ,.tin. 1?. m. lnlM-r up I mi"' iiir ; .*'-11 ah i il'i ynti. J. VV. KAVUiMK. Ski-ii vniitii l!u, 1MU. TK Tin . K.MiV V* ,TII ^ HI.A' K M ASTI1.KA, Will) t!tiT 1 lii'ni Wi'i iiitiikrii imron Mattiiilny a.t riio.*ii.ti|.l< h h>mi1 ll.'- llnii... ' J 1 i 1.1. ' " I-U I'. M ' out, will ?. ,iu |i, 1 . - 01va* (' *?. n. r ., pii-niui mv.iv, mio wui <??n;er u iavt.r *wt lU<* UflilU';na?? v> lt?? o>.n?t -t nj? nel 1an . 1>\TUI?'K GORMAN WILL KIND I US SlsTKR MARY .? I'.i. i* |?i ton, N'*., N' \v Jiticy. know i? h.j.hIp^. rrnoMAS I) \IL1Y.?I F THOMA.n UAILKY, WIIX) LEFT I Kui> nil* Uf. Ii?i M i) T. 1 -?i, tit . v\* I *?1 i.. . It., lislttowi., N ?!.. witl* i;l mii >1r, (J, S. K.?m ... .iif \V .'lam i-tr t, hi- w i.? Iiim mout?u*. lit* trt.,u;>|) . a I ? br n<?w 1m ih" I .*??i' ?I Mau'?? S- \y. rpni: lady who i.kkt tiik oiiild on Thro su> ok J inn ii v? i i.ji i nil fori iimmiwI t.> call .ml ilnnfhii.] U u iluy*, ?ii* it will N?* ,\iv*n for Hij'?|?(ion, as *h?* is known. .1 a M KS K< tlioil. W ANTED? PARTICULARS OK FAMILY OK JANE rT May-'?(or M yuo?t Inieot Oamuht M..rn?*i! Jann-h iitf it a "tit l.viO t?1 flf d n>x?iii IHM. A>|>I\' i t fin . it- \.i Mno'i tvkd ndtEVi tin) Ni*m V-.t k. IttlUtt i>r? nn -itni w 11 !?? ready iihonly, !! ? \ ii.i.s' Intlr Register, t I IK'MI Kii;, t-, lt^at'M'r, ?tid Ol J-I l.f in 1 i!* ;?I lii Jlaln nu t lu? ( ' . iale?, (rom KM U) l^ki. I'r ?o htil>s? t .)? is only. LOST ASD SPOVNll. 4 SHALL WHITE DOG L08T?WITH BLAHR BARS, JL uutios, l'rui? . wilt b p.ini it urxtigtii i?? cm Hiou.uh hoo LOST?LOST, IN BROADWAY, ON SATURDAY VfttiiiK, a fff.un fotor-u j?'.? ft) : aMM'.vra to.. !t?* n uih* Hy r t ivmn !t.m to 'jji (in so no street, the lutuer \\ til r otVf a suitable. reward. I (1ST?A CKKT1KUWTK OK DKt'OMT OX TIIK PAitfC IJ Hank or i"( *<| June X4, ISiit^and |??> t-'ti't-iio tiriH.r >ti Aim S. Stfpbt'iiM. All p. >ir? ht ji' >y maitu-U itui !.?? n. :??!iutr* h*?t.i riiticatc, tiH pa> tnent the mime bu8 It*?t?ii at th?? IO^T-THR For,LowtN( i>r.^'?t:n:KD ?'I:!:TIKIJ ratrs o( ilfpitn on ? ' uti iIimIv, oaynitto to tii? onlcr oi (\V. ill!:, hnvo I^mi lust, \l/. ?? * )ur ?? Augm . 24. Two of ,'tiO Mn-h, August 24. Two of 5. y*J?wh, .lab August 1!4. $lm) rt'warii will Im-jMJil t an>f j ( rMort (("Hvcrinij them to tin* mi isi.i i.H-r, . 'i.iitl?*r ?tl' thtv4'uf?nii(*al Itank. or fi>t Itirij'sdiit^KCi-lt InforiiHili Jii a^ m. y l? t?? ihriv r< ? ov. .y, ao-l 110 qttf?Htioti!> :iHkeM. ii. \V. IIJJ.L, 116 Went Tw"lith IOST? ON FRIDAY KVENINO, V SMALL I.lOilT <H?. J lorntl M il.i'vu .) tint, witU a . I?l u ail, ii*>m fu me loitp, i??t>l a Hulfnlo ttp. The .iMiler will $."? t?u lf.ivit at ih? olWrr of lim ('Urea.I nt liotei. | OST?ON SATURDAY EVENINii V, IIII.K l?ASS|NO j i np'w .'ii * ji' ai ran;. i tuny " inn inn 1 *U'.ri a/i'tiuc, :i Mi in h of" wnito llklr, imi ?i ?'.?r rufllt'iry parpe n*. Any p?T?on !* (timing tiw numh to f?? V ith ^vntun will be * mwuntad. j OST?ON RATimn W KVTMMi, S".!*TKMi'HK 28, |j .lti??rin (jtrt'ivk, lamml N(?i i <<il Iti Kim Cay Hank. Tim :;n?l**r will j ivimn to K. 0, j?utl<*i, No. 20 Norfolk and r< w vi r?*ai-n. CtTRAVRD? KltOM THE HE-II>K\?K OK TUB OWNER, i; oil S it'll lav, < !'J**. a lar^? ' i. k N'MWlonmlland I >05. ']':<? 'ih'Ior v. ill in* u?tai?ly .? ;?r?li'.il by muiryin# I iturh'H K. I' ! mr, Tm7 State Hiu' -t, ?.roo?.!yn, or 5*J licknittn K. V. fflHE LADY WHO fXQ17TRKD AT \ STOKE IN SIXTH J avenue uao day L.-?t wabout a tjo?<l Chain will pteuao < all again. 2UBW \ RJMk rt?"l i\ 11KWARD.?LOST. A IWl'ULK OASEP SILVER * " W.ifi h, ^iilvatiucd. l'awnUr< * rs pl-aH' -top It. Any jitTHon who can give any information ub#til it will trail at Ik'? M^rif-r turret. REWARD? KOR THE UKiCRN TO II. KIV 0^' ' i>?-4U'V, i-orntM'"? Bumn;*:. p .11* l Waior M^ri'fi. . f a <j? iii Watch.'with huntinginu'lv ! ? ? or *:<>! u in a i'ltth av. nut' Htai<?r ??u (v ay . r i* ?r. tn way. by the pontotll<t? and H'Wi'v'h r? > ;. ut William mn'fi, ou Saturday alter&uon. No <i?n?iti him ??*kt?d. MILITARY. mWKLFTH REGIMENT,COMPANY \ "Mliol.n mkm. J i'xtm ami ni: the v?kiiit*ai r* wi;o rvi-d in thin rompuuy !tt tbo late ni<?nti,8' campaign, are pp<|n#?m?'il to meet at the Armory, V.H Broadway, on M .u.. .y .\?*nhw n?'jit. :suih hint., nt M o vhwk, a* burnt .?* ot int'Mv*t to ,tll o. Ib?*ni will If brought l* lore tlio in.T4.uu A full ait. nd/itn** j, a< *ir ?l*le. Tin tUjdert*'?ned li i? h at thin to have the opportunity ot rejiewlru: th?? a^jnarritani-e loruoft during the lertii of Mtrvico of ihii Old Tw?*liyth. LIB r I. MILTON FERRY. 1<)TII RK(i!MENT NEW YORK JWATE MILITIA, COM* I Z Iuim r ? I ru- ttw o.!>. ? ? , f ??.w . . .v.. on 111 im'artnory, ??'? tur m>, ?Mwb?'r ! ? j <Vckicfc A. M., to bo miuw rwl iu ?ii?? mm i.r. My onkr or WW. WJWLE1}, Capatn. lOTII KPOIMBNT NEW VOKK STATli MILITIA, POM\ jmi J^triv I)?The rnrolW l rucm .*r?, .nut !? *? vriMiinu co jdiii, ?vtll ni?'<M i?t tl??? liuu.^, S**ptfmU*r3D, h17M m\ cick, '< link*' arrau^omriiis, to m nu. / li.?: tv, (m to* i-. i By ardi . Lieut i" . ;; v s i> 4 unmm ling TOTH Ki:orMK.Vr N. Y. H. M.-ritK oKnt'KKS OF I i b ? . . ? <>ii'ii)am)? a? tV'ir r?*? j .o?-?iv? quart. ion r?>- ?, ? (> t. !. ai 9 o'?lo.k, l<?r inim*-r inV>t*Mi'v*< ;^?t rn|ii?j ?i mkt into cainp llfciNKY A. WKKlkS, <' /k>noi. i oIL. W V'OMTN<i VA1.1.Y COAL?*: Til K ULftT COAL Vf f) 'V ' IJ, - . f .1 ' v. | |*,,? . , ?. li.Mlt 1 ? >:; iji. v , t 1,' VI) (v CO,,.'J hi.hth arc nui, ? o; i,? riil T\w n - v < nth MTt*?t. I EXCVMIOKI. i:M</ > W O < .?1'AII'N I 'I,ANl>. I \J r lir i W'.s l>\ M-.J- ' i(il < f i/ioi WhiM'huli ' a f t: ' U . . . i?. ; i rn. Hon - ' ' ' ? > A. M. to J . .M Oil l u . w & c v i>' I liu.i hour lo i lv ii. >NDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1 bfUPPllfG. SWAM WEEKLY HKTWKKN NKW TOBK AND Lit. rM0l lau.iiug Hint .muimi kniK JNU10Q91 r**t Qumoti town, Jivliujii. Tba N?w V?rk Mini l*lnla.!?'l|?bUk 8utnm*hi|i Oompan> Intend UeMimtoblug ih?ir l'ull-|>ovvt>jeil, (II 'It-'m-ill iron ?'fa?iinhl|w4 ub 1'oUown;? 0!TY OK NKW VOKK Saturday, Oct. 5 KlH.NLK JKU hiuaititty, Oct. 12 U:.'A "?utur luy,, Itf UiTY OF W HIM* ?? finurtiy,O t. St$ And every Kutur'uv. nt uo<m, Irom liter 44, Norui livur. M.^TKk OK I'W.KiK Fli#t <'abtn %7b I ?.$30 " to IvMHinu I 4* to iioitiUm X\

44 to I'urlM.Hf? | 14 lofftd# is 44 t?> llttiii'-urn... ?>i?| 44 t*' II .lu'iuri! 35 ]>a h<anff*T? i;*? / rw titl.M to Havre, Hurmn. Tl4itt*nUiu% An wtoj, ,1t?at ?*<|u.illy 1 .w |irn-e?. r? if- itm within;: " brim; ??tn their tYiimrth pan buy tirkota her? .n !hi* ! nil ?wim^ (<> Nmv V irk ?Vr<<m Liverpool or (j!\ii'?'iiKUiwn, i,r rubin, $v? ami $10.\ Hiecrafp !/<? LM. tf.n,,: $|(|. Ki.,in QuriMiM.nvn *?> Tlirtw Ht?. Mif tmve mijm1 .?r mojoiuiui '.'aUon* for p?*??enw ? . ;it<i r.4 iy exneru-iu-eti Mm Mm*. Tuey are built tn \\ i " jj?hl iruii fuvuonic, am! have patent tiro amiiiii! .u>i> on i IN * N, A em. '.2 \Vat?*r ?!r<*?" , m? ? \\M. 1 \ M A V, 6 >.jiorh ill (Ju fiiNlawii ???('. V W. I> SliYMOl'it A * *'' J: f4<>cik??111 (. rlVKS A M \il Y, til King ll i UKOOl'K, 5 ! In riiil . JOUN O. DALK, Ui V\ nutmrvet, or at tin- t. |N | 15 Rroadwuy, Now York. rpi!!2 BHITJSII AM) NOHTH AVKKICAN ttOYAL 1 MAIL KTKAMMms. ri(OM SKW YOUK TO MVKtU'OOl*. OhU'i ral-m v\" ?. $!?) S*' )!i?l cabin 75 ruoH nut r??v to uvmirooi* (M'io! abln .$1W N - " i.l bin |iiu-m^i' 00 i . \ v . : <' r |i? or. 'i t. *li ptfrotu Ilo?t?in rail ai U '.lifa\ iomI <Jork harbor. PJ.MS f A * !^t. .luii rih. A Kith A, i 'apt. Shannon. ' :? \ II! r.:\ U.I. Su.n.?, CANADA, i A.'IA.O r. I ir. l.'iU, AMKKh'A, flnpk I! M klry. AU.STivAi.AM \ N, . Nl \<IAKA, t^apt. Mnodttt. !%);??. <*?iolL El'UOl'A, Capi. Aud?*m.>n. SOOTIA (n??tv bnllilloa.) Them* vj sh?*N t-irry i ?->;r whitf ul uiA.siiir&d; grw& i>l. Aiti'lviaiii hi \\ ; i?m1 .in i?o t how AT'liJ Sf.tunoiv, Uvvt * >. w York, WeilriiMlaf, Srpt. 25 Ki Of* A, And ii. ,k r . . M * i. J f . isi a, .h?It ?, ** Ni-w York, 14 Oci. y N !AGAK A. Mobile, " In. 44 <>cl. 1? A; >1 A, Lull, 14 N?*w York, 44 Oft. 1W Hcrthh n??t nrciwfi nntll paM for. \ti i*Kn* ri?*m "1 nnrifwui on fo??ard. ovviii'm ??f *Mil*.; will n il b#? ifonnnt.iM* for fM<l, ?S||r<i\ HuWon, SfM*i if, .Iriwlrv, Pr<*? n>nn Ston?u? or >!?'i *l.s, nil .** lulls "f Inlliiu art* tl>#-r*lor, aod thu v* . <* lUoruof t*\|)r? * imI. Ki.r . n*uh ? r pa^ M^u, apply ia 15. CtJXARD. N.?. 4 Rowlii MJr. < n. i f^OR SOTTTliAMPTDN AND I!AVHI!, ON RATrRPAY. 1 ( t. 12 ?T . 1 i i^lhu ?'* tilHil .t"/-n?T Kiri.T(? .) ; A. Woitoii i^oinmatuliT. will sail i rom pl?*r .17 North riv ?, It.oio: tf? .?rl. Hiri!?%'.? '!? SaMiiday. * i? I. 12. This ?l?s\in?iit|>~ inmorp >.-r.| f.?rsi.i !> .if; i row r:?ban ! ? n.inrg uri i !? ? k. vin,li..4i?i| l y .v.- rr i;>;111 com|m?.mrntu, wbi?*l\ Ik'?*!.] s i*?l?#?r / ? ??.it-, l/?ini, in tfu i?vi*iii ??i coiiitib>n or k i iind? in- u. k? '^? ibe puippM ln ?- to work, and Mconn* ?l sa ?fy of Vi-.-. ni ami jiaR^ouirr**. K? r ? ;t!it nr |mih-.ik? HppW l ? li'uticknzJii ' N- 7Broadway. Tt>p Atairiicr AitA(.Y> v\ ill mi.I November 9, OTJiAJK TO HAMBUKU, HAVRE, LONDON AND 0 Southampton. T 11;iin >*,]' ' Ainerl *an IV ei (Ioiiim wy's iron ntfiimahlp H\KO?>iA, II. K ('; a*r, -air 1 Mliel n't? i.*s;t -v M '1, >vili leave from i'irr No. 21 North liver, foutot* Fukou btreet, SATl'RDAY, Oct. R, at noon, for Hamburg, vm Sotitham t .ii. ia* jx<,?-wipers for Harrp, 1* 'ton, S' Hiieiae'l il.i'iHuit'K. ?"JrKti ;;i In. $1(4); > < < Mil etihii, frt'iO; nf'TiU'j ', Tlie stf imeis ef lhi.< liur will le..v.; ev-ry alternate Satur(] >. rjiirvlup Iho 1 >'Mail. The BAVAKJA will ae I th* FhvolIu ou Oct i'J. 0. H. KICHAltDft A KOAS, 151 Broadway. QTEAM TO LONPONDKKKY, GLAtfCoW AM) IJVER1 ' }..? ?!?) lir >|.<hu'"h1 SteanMrp iJompany'h ar*i ? ?ho >. l ull ?> ereil, Olyae bnUt sit . nil ;* J I RA. (' ?}?t. Stole1, ? r tin# the I'arui'llati aii'l United S'.?ten mail.:, wil. >:.>\ font ( ! ' ? . n?Xt S.m?nl iv, 0?t. 6. llitwso' p from NVw \ ' * * ?w ??Flot ela ^ a to a< < otnnioo.i u. r?. S7i> an.l $ nlf-1'n:!*. found t\ n a ? ooke?i proviso i s, ' cM.ilii'atcs ih ?'? -I brui in/ <? . r p iasen^i rH Ir >m all the prin"ipa) town* in ?;re?i lit it in an I Ireland .:i very low ruie.a. tor passage uppiy atHroiuin .r , Now } or... . AilKL .v SKAKLE, General Aj?cnU. rpilK XOUTTI <5 JCTJM AN LLOYD'S STHAMSHlt* IJKK1 .Ml' - M. W :> !? command.*r. e rr the United rnali, will sail from pier ?U> North river, foot oi Chamber? street, on SATURDAY, OcM??*r 2G, at 12 o'clock M., roK fcKKMKN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking i?at*Menur?tM to ION!)?;:: HAVKE. BOlTj! YMPTON AND BREM* at llw? following ratei Foi me ar-Kt eaoin, Reeond cabin. $00; Hteerapr. $fi5. For lrci:;ht *>r latH-ap* i'l>)4y ?" OELI i. 118 .v CO., 68 Brotduwtmi. T?t?K Ii" N Kki'OOli -"THV v\ MirLIIM'RHSnir KT.LEN t Ai Ml.V, tiapliun O .rrle;., will onuiv? ty haul In Hie hU'Minon M >iie,.v, S fi'iijJ* r.'*> a . In,r uxt?-?,n*itl?**i io- oinin ttaiioii" or ai elates of j as*M*u erw. j aswatje, at s rate.-. a|'pl> on hoard or to K. COLLINS i ll., t.t t!i'* ofUre on pi. v .no. 5 North river. poa LIVKRrOOL?OLD BLACK STAR MNK-TilK I F l>af t hliip <' ! .Ti V \Ti ?H, 1\iry: at pier 27 K.:m r.ver, I i*ii;Ik Ofi. ?f The UKSOLUTh RatlK O. t. V. I'of ;-a*-a.-re or J ?li ; is oil 1 l'ela'.iii. <ki*.. aooJ-, to Wil l LlMS A OLlU\. 40 Pulton ; ITIOK LTTE RPOOL--TAPBOOTT il LIN8.?SAILB OH I I t!)? >?h il:?? <, ! (.I.o?.*|;?a slip OOl'.AN j MO.NAROIL ? .^'1 i ii it !?? r id Ma-4 r.vvi. ami the p:i u i Mop CONsTKLLATlo.S H.iiirt lOtfc F? r \mxsu.'<', at low r . n, apply oo tmurd, or in TAi'rfCUTT & CO., Si Soilll) SlTI ?>l. ClOi*. LIVKRPOOL-?HLA^K K M.l. T.INE Oj? PACKETS. I Til. ship ALEX V.*?. ' tt ' . lid t.h i.-tof u t?.b?.r. For p.?*Aat^ upp.y t?> J/V('UU WILSON, HAS rt<?ut i divet. V LINK FOR LONDON.?1 MLS VONDAV, 8EPTEMlii-j* .<!>, ispJwitlM < |'f- .wi?fJ Iyin : ;it pi ; hi i , i*t river. For |'?\ss.i,;f, taki i .<i I??.. rai ?;, or ?.rai?rf . i.- M i oi* Gk-ent i* it.i i. ??r Ir**uiti.t, apply on Ijoard or to TaPs>i ofT a- CO.. Sii jSouth j?;re? t. l/loi: HAVRI!.?THE SPLKV01D ? LIH'F.R SHIP CITY I <>y NKW YORK, ('iip.aiu Sa fer, p hwly Hhi)h 1)> l. 1. Pa?>.u $18 and found wtili provisions. Al ply on board, at !>*? / No. if >< rti? river, or r M. OKMA fli-'jiT, 40 South st. I.^OK CALlFor.NlA VIA PAN AM V. I v Jjrsf i'Iussau ainrr wil! b an V*?v York tin the Iflt, 11th l an.i Hist m.' ,*i.? h month, except wh n ?h<-?c d.^ti** tikll on Sun* cay, when the day of departure will ie on the Mouday follow ini/. For i'ri' ulkt or passage apply at tli* only of!' <v No. f? powHut Oriru. D. B. ALLEN. A^n;. A tfSTRALlA PIONKBR LINK ?TARRY I Mi TUT. t'NIiV ! St/.j.-i Mall Tee HrnMi clippcr xnip SIAM ?* now r | ?ly ' ..?d?nr;, a? 'i.< r Y.\ Ka.-t river, or S>Mn.>, New So'Hb ! YVal. , direct. Ku.s unsurpassed ??. imnotaii>>nK foi itrnt Hud H' 'oU(l cabin | a*; ei, ,;r ? -. i > r u -i,:m or pah-a/:<?, aopiy to i? w . * A3i ?.' N 90B ivei tirot.' V?>K AUSTRALIA? FIRST VESSKL TO SAIL.?THK P tv* .. hi t < iipp?T sh'p JAt'K FROST, no v. f?&r /' ir M-'boijme, will !>? d- spaf' /o : <?t. < r ab?,ut Oct. 10. For lr.-i .'M .?r p.?Rs-ik?o, liav ;i^ >pi?*11''11i :o otnnt'iil.tttoiiK ;??r ur>t nn1! mi- .ikU ca.Din pa-?t apply ? ?. 1?< i-l .it picrl01.?*st rkv< r, or to MAILL?R, LOi;X> .v QI/KKEAT, No. lib Wail 8tm*t. LIOR N i'.l VITAS A; ST. JAOO OK t'URA.?TO SAIL ON" I i Snii nlaj. < -rr 5, at P. M., lio* u- \\ iron M-arnsliip <;lfiJ*'.ST.kL. foil", iiritioft with rifi?*?i ?*/innon, f(<?nj kniin Tu/. --oil. ai.-lcr, I1' rc.niy to m?"\H tVeiclit lor ii?o altovo P??rts <i pli . 4 N >rth rr foot ?f Munv s:r ??t. For ir??i or j'n -sh: app.yto MOKA BROS., NWA UfO .fe <'0., .*( Kxciiun :? pl.k?c.* No <ar^? rkvoivil or Inliu ??f Ikdii-.i ^i,nic<1 on th<* ''av of ^riiing. Port, of delivery mu?t l>e marked on ev<-ry fukeka^e. tpOR RIO JANKIRO, LOT V {NEAR VALPARAISO) f un?1 San Krrtivsco.?Tin: PftclJic Mai' Stca?n.sliij? * <>;?I pany will ip-bpan-i. ihclr new ?l?. .n.ship i'-ONS rn l/nON, 3.3t)0 tons VmrthH/k, from N? w VnrJt lor the above ports, oik or 8l?out Isi t'? l ?ta Noveinbor ikcxi. I'alan p.i*"R?m*. to Ri i $150 j r in p.k^ikap* to lioia 'JM> Cn'nn to Sau Franelsco i'?0 1 F.?el ;l?t will n!?o h#-t/;l:en lorSxf: Fnu'.eijieo if sti(!ivii*>iMn<1t\( ' u>h'Hk T%re? ?>tl'ere<l. Apply at the olUcc. ol ibtM oinpanv, I I 8S Wailstreet. IPOH HAVANA, 1 THE l/MTED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP MAKION. J. TV Pitii.r.ti'P, United Stw* Navy, flomm:irvl',r, Will !i;ave pier N<?. ? N<>ri}i rl?- V on Saturday, Octolnir /?, at two o'clock P. M. pre?-l*eiy. Ail U%XU V- must, >a.*'* f.hroinrti the.Post oilier. Before securing pas* p.t* rnyin arc requested to procure >?th. lor freight or na>*n;v u>p!y to ^POrFOUD, TILERTOtf ,% CO., 2 J Broadw .vy. IIOTKLM. \ro.-JS' HOTttL, COitNKK <?F IfOWKltt ANf*BAY M l) jVl. >ir?M r.?One hundred and twenty \> at, . Imii .*;<d tu-li I'urni- itt'il Kooms. Lodulnf?* '2% mm 37" rent* ) ?t ?*ivfvf. j HOI SKS KOO.UM, iU ., Yt \ VTKD. j "IIT ANTED?TO Kf NT, FROM TUP. I'lR:X O' NOYKM- I Y? i?T, n on ill Hoiinc, with n hi it good neighborhood. t*;ttt:ily ?<? > . ? ' - U". Hent , not lo ?*v ' ed S'l.'V). Addtva*b<?'. *? N. Y I* t '.U' *. \y \sn i>-A nin-ly vi u.n siu:i> o;: i -f; umsh- ; V\ ?*d )foM*<\ in >le h? lit'', b. v .ti %'I r? - }i? ble party; must hav? nil i!\- modern impr < and the rent low. \i?ply at 820 Broadway. \lrANTKD?A LAKl.F. 11;itNlSH Kl? ItOuti. OH TWO \t hijihU oni'.s. jo t.'jj* vi? iiilt) "I ? -,"? It. tiiute, by u j getwlctnan and wile, without board. I! 'terenee < e\:-t?ang? A'l'lrc- stating terms, whi?'h must be low, Drawing Tether, i Bern Id ofll< . \Y VNTED- V MKWI'M SJZKD IIOTSK IN A HOOD *1 lo ation, ih?? furiii.-oi-d, by a g.iod ie:n?ut. Addr^-.?, Minting term-', ?V?.. pox 1,27.'$ Post ofli? \\TANTKI'i?liY A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, A HAM'. \? some null of Room*, p n . ii < i t Im fiitho ui i>t?r part of tfie city, and well locatn.l. wh-rc t'ueri are no other ?n/ardrrst snd with a widow preferred. Address (J. X)., llereld oitice. ruBwmRi. ARRDROOM Si;IT OF ENAMELLED FPHNTITRF. lor $-4, mi all co,(<rk. <if warranted manufacture; ? ? > M?lid <,*h?'-tnut riiamt>er Suit!*, piain and ornamental, at li. F FAKKLNOTOX^, 308 Oanal atmit, op|K>?tt^ Woonlcr. Ehtabhahed m 1>48. ALL RI9TDB OP Ft RK1 rURE, LOOKIKO ILABH1 s, Rmtdln^ ?tc.teheaper tu;nj if ? ?< tl( n, warrant <iand i'.< IIt< ! Ifrt i' . - m 1 NT. SNBDEN iHB ry, l?'i ?rc??n Htanioii and Jfotinton ytr? ? t.s. Tou will .*?%> utoney. Nolo the numtxT. Ii.-miring done. Bi hi 11 ibd toads, kl h ib n cbs, at 7B$ R|?i nx^trret, n? ar Hudson <?.:? "*. Bcwnd band furniture Uikfti In f-^rimnwi TMJRKH 8 P01 jfTTI RS I XPREHS VND PACKTHO J.J -dahlitthrrient, IW W(*( F'i vf.tivto vtre? t, Fli'h in nil pitrtMiif lliu fc'irld. Ci.Ti'iiiwi) r . fin- rctrioving iu.tun lulu fount j*: i'lin.ltm<- ht> rrit. 1^1 KNITCKK, r.Mll'f.TS, Bl'OK.-J, A;'., uor ITT I nr. I; i Mil;.'iui)i>e.v, nll!..'S S xth ff i'eiiii', I 'tevi'iMi JS'intii Hint Ti ilk atrmu. LM ks; rrii!. i irnt i be. r uv.ti i. -Tin: lucn " O'.t J>1I' I II- Hill ,|i I : i , (\tri'. it' . Ill 1 .- t'-i, ;?t ft V II.i>' ''M 'j'i ? t -?i'ii' 1'. 1 y lir ( '. i '. ill* I try o?U? aUcnil.'il to wttfeooi tntt. a good t-tobk w fomllun Bill' i ''VP hti.1v yd ??ll ii, I, l I.V|>. rill IK 111(>ll i: .1' lTl'-i: I' \Ii) KOI AM. K1NPS OK i 1 i i. ii"- i , .mm ! ,.i. 4.0 T. .1- I . , r - , .....|| ,. .. ... .1 .. til-r- i < ;". \. .<. -A j.l wlU I.'. -JZ i buvjtiu .ii.ii X f'urullure n I way a jit lr id. 861. . i ^ % MUSICAL. A GREAT WANT OK IfONRY KOROEH ME TO PART with my I'tmi) iiunuMliutt lj. I rnuwt dencnbe it in a '??pt advertisement, but will irnUe one fact?It In on* of the liiohi ?i?ki4 ?ntly tiniahed, double round, carved leg*. bark the aaiue aw front, Ac. It It worth double I ank for it; a gr?**| wi<Tillra ivtli be marie to a cnnh customer; coat $600; price $24&. Call utly at 48 I huh atroet, Brooklyn. A MAONTKICKNT S1CV1.N OCTAVE KOSEWOOD JY 1'iuiu f??rie tor aalo--lilohlv curved 1 '/r?an?l c.ule, round corner*, t i.tlimn plate an t Hiumi with aatlo vond, overstrung b.iHH, inlaid with and jw trl kev?, made i ? r.trr for th? prem? ,t own?T h\ olty makers; t'u'l) guaranteed lor three yearn; bi-en in uae but live month*; v.Hi be koI<1 for S2.V0, tnrluding tCooi and Dover. aIno an ei*r.n't Drawing Ro? in Suit, <- ;t $300, for $ 13& Inquire ut TO W< Ml Tweuiy-aixtU ?tr<?*t, t ear St *.tit avenue. AM At. CIKICRNTLY CARYF.D ROSEWOOD PIAKO. fiu ie, nf t .? ^rand* at dcMcripnon, (? m ulo* luomUa a?<?, for ?uunc'(!iai? ?l.kj ??witl; pr're ocu*ve; hit* ?Arve.i lr ;ii, 'oyi ?irui?;( Imh?. Apply at 127 l'wouty*Ur*i b.r'M?t, nour Third ivenuo. rl U1TAU AND WMilNO.?XAPOI.EON W. <iOl/LD% X Ouitarl.Hl, enablr* M?* piiflln l?i a f. u hh t?>a<< .?aimnjr mhi'jh und play HI'< lively And?*ooH88 I'mirth Mvenm\ mm '1.nitli xip-i. JUhi untiRiK (I, ih.? ".Southern lieu-cat kgU'p." Alfco, now rod :s an 1 fiioN. T H. M AH RATI!, ORGANIST <)! ' REV. I>R. Vl>K H *) ? h : cli, tea r.?*r of* I'witM.f >i.? anil Vne'l MtiM?, ha* reMiuii'd j;IvIul* |i>s?.ni* in Netv York, and BrooItlyn. AdtireH* 61 Wo H?.111<* uirtMtt, Brooklyn. 1 KjIITK A lilVADBl'KYS' NEW SCA1J5 OVERSTRl/NO I J Ra** Patent liiMilat* d Kull Iimiiic <ii?md a ml ct?|U*?r? Pian"f?'rw?, -! Hnwiine nr?Ti. everylNxiy hh>*h iiuhI 1mtrue; every Inn: nays lliey ar^ the therefore Lhvy 111IIaI In' tl?" Iih.nI. MISS MARY E. II AW LEY HKSI'EUTKILLY INFORMS her jwij lis .m i friend* that she Ii.ih remove 1 to 2 >1 Wont N'.ii> utiih Mirni, where uhn will rcnumo instruction in bUi^in^. M'USiO.?INSTK10TI0N ON TUB PIA.VO AT $'2 PER luonth, \vii!i pti> of daily pru< li<?, by t ladv well ?fu?llf?r<t. r?ii? ai.HH'lfd at tlinir reauli'ncet-, ^ill to $12 p* r quarter. Appty at ITS Twenty-hl'th auvet, between Seventh and Eighth .tv<*n?;eh. QK1NOU MJIC1 PA.MA HAVING RETURNEDTOTOWN, 0 Will r? ^i>?ne hi* SiM'tUft! L***#on* a;' initial. CaH al or uddru.oH 47 We i T *hiy-hKCti ntrcet, between Broadway ar.4 Sixtn AV^niit*, New Yo:'k. (JI'MMUD ROSEWOOD VJAS>KOICTtf FOR $!W, 1 ' wni' li ?:OK .> 'J.'*,' Ill live moillli.H .?: ??; i* ^ ootaVr, iN*>41. 1i illy oriiHttiect d, wrj ent?ae pearl inlaid fmtji. u < n fr<iTi.?, over-tr.n I -s, mj-liop it, > *, found Aj>pi> a. iit-tu.dely at lu4 SUth avenuo, near Tweut)-ui'tli utroct, # '< ond Moor. rnwo NEW AND 8PLBNDID i?'v. ID SKVBN O0TA1B 1 rowwoml : U*tf, wllh ?'o!l .iliiVfiiaei*. *> ol? lt?j?r?l k^yn, carveti ie^u ami or rHtruatf I n. \%iu in* Ko,ii ul a Hai rlflce I??r iuMi. Can l e h?*en al 171 ?'liro avi u.??\ priv.iio aoor. Tm ?o I'ian ?? aia made Oy .i tust clAMtciiy luakm*. TIT ANTED?'TO KXOHANCK A SEi'o Nl> I'AM^'IAVO, tv.-r i ao? >iii $'t)0, lui- oi?o in hip.ri?r ijiijilltv. ihe <lifI'eifiiei i? l>r iu catfh. AddroM J. IS. O., U>\ l u^t oliice. : 8TRUCi \ MEMBER OF TUB UNION Till UXUO UL 8EMINAJ\ ry o? ? - u .i:t itlon to irai li > * \ lu.-irs aw.rkina M I iN.i or priv. .e l.iUi y. AlliirM J. 1)., Union Theologkul S mi h ,u-v. New YorW. A liADt DEfllRF. ,x ENOAUKMBKT A8DAILT tfk JA. r> i. I'M' :? ! < . Kiv; isli. I iii! nod iiut-ar: wo>iltl cllkHn or ?>i i I'f ?v<-. t.:J K r.*'. i .ni-fM \0 .1iv>k tor one v\?fk t -nolle;, lio West 4.0ih ht., between Itroi:da ay uud tiw i<. 4 TEACUER'S <?!t GOVF.R.NESS? SITUATION A liv y !: ? >-. Wi. - iiiiii rI . nch r,n Ixo . Ivo MMll 0 I rt If - u if ? r-ii4; l?.?h i-rlu o and' ini itn. TTin* moderate. -Apply *2 Cottage piuce, between lileccki r Mnd Housum mk 4 CARD - .', . V. fLL BE KE EI ^ mij v'LV ./V ihiH work '*?? . private u .eu id P- nman*h.p, h.w?kkf*?pl|l4, .<(. !<\i. Minrsn UIUI!'!!" M to Jill. It m ; 11H N\?. G Fouitli 'uenue, N? v\ York, :i > i ibOourt *?? < ., H ???kOl [VER i; GUI U >Mi! i! ATStsauWRM'lNi! lJ^SONS; BOOJvKF EPING. .i V $i(l, ! : <> . > . 11 in * ' ; Peiittniustii , TKl AI ntli a lie I IT 'j art. r, 781, -s'-'iji, e . i. l'AI.^.KS \i Tr-Htmlf ffli Bowry, N. V., am. ^w.'i 1-ulton il.ooklyn. tiuvo .?nj?;>.?<! it bir&r e.umtr\ -i* well u ?i y pa. r.-n.. fur w?-lv? y a:H |',m. From Go\.*rnoi ll' ntJn m??Co orid i''H i)CHimniU;>(:ei:n. iif. .,f p i.i.iand'wp .m-l ui* long e\pi-t i,si ? a a tivicsh* rowtuoi fail to l\+\ t* n him a thorough matter of ll.S pioletaioU. 4 CADEMY OK PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING, J\. Jij*>?iv\ ay, roi.t > by \Y. C. ilOOti LAND, for it tail, je L'-s wlih Ol >rr}; ii? .nth. N w pupils received tlu? ?!a> and i-v?'nii.^, nd ?v : . \ - d?< io?; the week, inbiruction practh i.i atid tLi?>i <?;ij,*i. '[ui.*? nwdei ate. BOOKKEEiWG, PEN .MAN8H IP, AJUTJI VETIfJ, W.Hc.uitjle Uha^-H, <'Oiuiii*>tv.i4i Law, i'o.itl' l F"*>nomy, NuUti al Astronomy, Navt^.'.n. i, V -uarticai Draviu', ,<r th ?n?'!;'.lily tail ;hi ut Nl ?.> mTcial <' t.?^i- and )V? fiiittm Wnri lio.?rn**, ovi h.Miics' li.iuk, in t'rwnt of (Jffy Hull, JirnokJv'ii. rt.\, K. N?t?*ut, tni'm!>?*r <?: the S u irty of Ar;x, Mano.i: . itu?i (J.?uiin?n*?*, Ijonrti-f, ami of the Am fl nn </ . ! . :>vl an<l St.vti^ii.-al S;?. r. -Cy, Ni'\v Vorh. Ti.??t*f. in .'n 1 buMn- sa ixwn In Nc?v VorkHii.i iiro tklvm, ..n . i- .x out t1i<* Uiyi< U .suitcn, whi? havt* HtmJifii at . t ; , f, crttry tint it in unrivalled aa a loroliiaiui a mitiheii buMiu*H8 ?"luruititi t. pOMMFJUMAL CoIJ/rHJK, IK a; i) |?l COOPER 1NSTIV.' liitf.?Oji? u ci;?y ai.U ? v ... .i-r n> uu .i ?n in htinkI\? i'pi??l{, lui^inoss p'nrt?ati>hiji. nu ? ?n:>l?- aw, i lftnm- r< Ul Uii< -Jauoiw, ? ? ru!:u r. <?ni sf- i.t'i nrc. ,v<\ KKY \NT, 8) !:ATTi>N', l'A< K Kill) x I'l'SK, Prlndpali;. LIKKNCII INSTITi TK FOR VOI'N.. (JEKTlJ??MEN, NO. 1 -Id Kaht Twi'iity-iouiili .hi? J.i?..ii{lnu an<i day H:t?ool, cla. sical mJ connuercial, I iurti??*n U'*rh?*rs?six A?ii?*rt(a<i., un KriMich, two t.*?rjs:inf on?? Hpaiithli. A primary il^parttn'Mit atnl *i, uvmiiimkjui.i. Sr>% prnHtu-ctu.- f<>r ?Ih ils. l'ro:r!.,t)r Kill, t lLvRlJIiK, V/ill hv ?>n TiifMiiuy, "Micro -? r IV. IHOEEIGXERS KISIUNG TO RECEIVE LEMONS IH I' Kiu-I'.mIi, can o. h.> i j.>?r i your.;: Itiiericail lady, sp? ukmt{ Fpum'M, by app!;. Inn at 4?> Stuyve.vmt Ktvi-ct, iio ir S? r.^id avftnj?, I'mm !i t ? ? ??'cio'.k P. >?, .Ml^H J)E lA'NErf. T^KlCNOU AND GERMAN I.ANOUAGES.?PROFESSOR I). '1 LLI.! 'j:l S' i. .S19 Ufouovvay, ?v-rn?*r ol Tw--Ulh 8tre?'t ( >?t,Jilh'n il 1S.VJ), xvill K'f. ivt) a -plica- r? r f)r<v.i'ft iiimirn.',} m in i ?i r I ni^ua\ i'lti ami Gr^rk, rid niaxo tratiflalioiia;?(,?nBeigo^ PAn^laiH .tux igor*.M ^ rpRBMOlt LANGUAGE.?FREE LECTURE At MR. I? JLK)?-.BEAU'S A< inirjjiv, t'4)0 Hr >adw.i.v < orri'T of'ln btn ft. Thi* ? vimn , at 7)j o"fUH*k, Pron'FMir Itiohwrd will d'-liviTH f r**f Lf?ttitr?' on ii:s new otiHur;).*j*iod ?yHlom to teach Frenrh, and will furm n?-w ? !ns+rfi. TNSTRUOTfON.-HOARD WANTLJ? IN FAMIi.V FOR L a yoor.r lady, wh??ro t??a Iwir of Music .unj Kn^ib?ii K?nr!i's w.ll be mi?(piivaletu :o' ai-r Hoard. Refcrencc f?xohatn;fd. Addr<vH M. \. S., i)ar?iM (JPANIft?fT.~ LADI ES AND (. ' NTLEMP.N DKSITIOUS OF tO qu.fcli.yni;: ihf.usiclvira lor a m-;? .. j and comttirreial mtoriaotir?A with Spanianlfi, <*?u uj'inirt ? know!' I'^o of that lan^o?t;n in a mu*rt timff, L> iln* f.?h> onsIuMt a-foted by the i.-t t r-i;'?i-d. Ad !l >J. 5t, S ' J Poil offil . rpnov FEMALE SEMINAR v.-. U;,s INSKTUTION 1 oiler* 'In- a'-f'imu!atf.i advanl;. ' * ol nearly til'ty yrars ot Btife'-safui operntioe. Every Huvkay is ]>rov:<led" t??r a thorough eotirse >1 u-e.nlaiui orranvn .o 1 /'.fncHtion, tinder the direetion of a a*p* of moro than rM'tity pro! .-swh a?ni nvi riirr*. For circulars apply to JOtliN li. WILJiARD, AI I. mo ('\TlI()Lin PAKLNT.-'.?$l<f> FOR TEN* MONTHS' 1. Board and Tuition of a jtr*?ih?m! ;j?? iniclli^rtnt Aijm H* curt youth, aj?ont I(? or 17 year's old, i t a tost rl.? s* hoarding h -ii ?"?>). A?Mi-??kh Mrs. Loiita, cart.* <>t .>f*. J. Tiu^ley, Fulton str. t-i. Teachers wa itbd.?two male teachers mmi'iiuiiciy; oiy? lor cl.uwicm and music, tho o?U?r lor and ti.'iliffiry Ui.-li'-s. N. K?School iriifctcoH, { |uls and fi?'H can hear o?" n??inp. ;?t teach rs at tbo Naliouii Teauberj*' Iiibtitutc. '?K> Broadway. UirK .V ANDREWS. \y i v i j;i? by a young >y accustomed to V? I'Mi'htng, a posiilon ii* a m?*1i.?< !. ...-a- v,.?iri,n, ^ovrriwrv, to loaeli the branches, K wit, in and Musi.. Would I't in rd iri; . . fitnify. Address M. M., care <d" Chlcke?\n? .V i^uih, 004 Hi... Uv. y. \\T A NTK l>?INSTkI)<*TI< iN IN vjfK KRKN'i H LAXV? uiia^c 1'fMin a 1- n-neh U !y. a! ln-r ,v- idev.c, b> a >oun? Ci'O'J' Ji' 'H ; In#'rii' ii< a f:? ^;vcn .it u in tin* eveni???:. Address lor day?-, staim*! ternm per 1< son, Jerome, Broadway I'oft ofttco, tiro;-, .way. \V A.NTKD?AN ! NSTRUlVi'OK IN KN'.:.4SU tiUAMMAU i \V and f*ompo?lilon, by a youutj ' *man, at N! dence in the central part < !' the cit>; ! ?. is to be mv. n after I ft:'VP(l o'clock ill tSl" cvt'ivr,;;. KoIl?? 1>ut thtwo thoroughly | rompefcent need o, i lv. Addn l'<?r th'"? ' days Hiatln# term*, I whloh mu.-*L be modelate, A'upil, Broadway A'oht oilier, 422H I Bnwdu'uy. DWCINO ACADEMIES. VDomvo'cirs dancing a< adkmtep, N?.. ~Xt I* it ;ii avc.iup. for. 'l'w?'iiiy-Nutiu Hi., New York. N". I.i7 .M ii' *i*!i ' ?, Brwutyti. I ^LASSES?Tuesdayand Friday* in Brooklyn, I CLASSES?Wednesday* and Saturday* tn $!' w ^ rk. iVnuncneiii!! Octoiwv 2. In fit" new building on Fll'tli f?,* re ntly ? tvc. ?! for | tb?* p< < jhw, will l?t> ioiinu c\my lor: li #v*fal?I u hnuMit. In addition to the 'dam-in;:, olat?*e.? will ulr o be lorniR-i l/>r rxentsos in .* immv *yr,cehi CaiiKtla nb s, ojw. Hally valuable to ladi<M n\d'diUjreii of de'Vuto iiamo. Mr. 1 XK?<t\v?r?h would be ulad to nuiko i< taDj;t*mefitH with | Uiirln.'- for W-Mons in D ( \'n m?iiI<m,r Military Drill. I Citxjtilar* l'or temiK A>may bo had ateiibar at-uimny. 4 NEW V^Al'RIUiK NY T. li)J JjIIKOVK, J\. To t !o v ?f dancing. Academy Eighth ..venue, near JVo.uv <r*i r?'of. Cl.ASSKS WIl.'i RE OPEN ON THURSDAY, OCT. 10, AS mtiioob uid n fag. . t?j :; * ib y. Brookes' pan* in ; academy, no. aei broomi? Ktront ? uli.v meet Tti?and Friday*, 3 to 0 P. M. OntlomtMi 'laydays and Friday*, 7'J 1>^ 1'. M. n rhUilr-'ii, >\ "dm lay and S^tnr lays, *to *' M. Ladl<V primary*-h in*oru?t>cl bv Mrs. Urook???. The iii w (Linoes aro received, and will bo prod*:ecd iu rapid si < ? ?U n. \ A ibe faiudonabio cjanrr i r? In on" covrac of b^sona. I In ? ?ntu' tton tt'ith tho hall are reoeptiou, droittlng and Im u' (si n n r m :ii?* f<?p th?* free u*e o pupiK J Soire?- every Wednesday ev^nin;/. TjIEHRKRO'S tfKsrjya ACADEMY, &j WEST FOUR?.-*:ith >ir*? r, f i? n# Katuroar, 0?*tub"r K? Vfme. IH'BlENfc rhJlftERO brctfe are t??iu:<?nn h? rt'rb mis and jiatrona thi*t ov/in* to Uie de:?a?*ti?r* and temporary abMneo of her brother, i on t E. ft-irero, at ?iie atot w.-'r, he will bo r??i '??*? 0 1n his provisional dutl'*- by liis* mother. Mm". J;o k- ?n r t*m Ciroo\ar?, l or trrn.?, ?fc may he had aC the academy. PH1TATX >AHCINQ CLASSES HR. CHARB1 lUD I rf?#p?ri(i.!lv awi??ol;ifH hi* and ihe famlllr* ^bo may In oi forming r . ? hi tiu ir ro*idf r.?to ! l< :?.v? their natoo and mldlf'** :?h v* .i.iipoi*ll>l?M Kn. 1^ ; i:.k t s^eventi-i-i'th h'v. i-i, wheru ciivukum cam bevbtaincd. ! h mnliv. ?eho,? snthv, ird t<>?! . i t>UOF. BONOS danc rsn CYMNASITTV AND 8K \t5 iti, Vt?d??n?.*, '.-7a lVivckt? Kir?'i4t, X*'\s York. .Vow ! (?la?K. tornonj! f-V M<iidi;\ s nnd l hui: 'lays t -r difsand arivh ?> ? rt, Wfdrx .''d^vk and Satiirelays i?t j .\? niV.i ril pi mar, ha i.LKV MASTER of til.. TUl; \THES ! J. # Km J it V r l?. . ;?'! H'S<-v. ? I n -i. . in . r 17 I!ow. r>.* k ? :i' 31 : or ri?>r,th, ov.-ry ti: lit. !' !.?\> ind I Fri 'nvs jPiivau; ifs^onti 611 rcn".<. .> . tlcmotui STEAMBOATS. I v r \! . x^T'iiMV vir.'Kw .< \n lJ >*< w DANIKL DkiiW kwiexJay ?trrci on 'fw . j n<im s, at 7 A. M .'a riA-u> t".^ ''e ? J^xc '.vjjIoh u?.kct? ty uo h*d ' joaru. iauc9 or bem hstatb. i Back taxes, sale or real estatb and search i ?t 'J'i<L- au. nUnii tn fur WcafclirnU'r eoiinly. H.UUU vlllntS lutM atiiiaivii In Miiuni Vurooo, KJoetwood, WuiiMiulmi villi-, I und uU oihrr nnw village" lu tlie comity, Hdvrrilintd in be i 'I nu the li th of October. All owutug |>mi?ny Id the i c uuty h i<l lii-Urr call ut 276 t'.mal ?tn*fl. on Hie tut, ad or Uh 'I of w o er, from l?>i A. M. 10 ft 1'. M., ami niamlne advtrUaad urojieriy. A varietyof Real JSiiaie for Mile. _ JOHN STEVEN8._ (AOlTNTltY HOUSE?BCILDINU LOTH -MOST OESIRA- I J Villa SiIiih run tin purf.!iu.-i" I ill very low prtr..** at I Cnytckville, N. J., 1% mften a >ovn Furl Lee, on tin* llnJnon. Tl?i' hitiuti' ;! If cxvi-Ufiit and tonvijaiitt- iu N?w Vork oon VdntnuL Applf lo J. k'OOKS, on tU? premium. Dro<; stork kok sale?nicely kitted up AND I itUnu h gi?xt rmll and pi'i v i'i|il|oii well U> caiml; lie Mold chi'iiti fur cash. a'tdic.* o. k. L., box 161) H Herald nIliOM. T?AltM?WANTP.n ntiiv kii'i'ri. v r i rimrrv ?crw i or mom, with houMs and bwii.m} - on it, tun or iwntrt mil * from New York. Plea#*? iuiu place, rvut and lean*. Addiva* L. X., Klatbuah Pout offlci*, L. i TjjTAftW.?A BARGAIN FOR MKICHANDItfE. 1ft 1 ariva. lu roiumbia county, N. V. Auiuy to J. ti POILLON, flil Pu <1, st'eel, Bn ?ki\n. 1J10B SALE?A FARM OF PIFTf-FIVB ACKE8 OF } very n. p rior M*rU< n Land, under h?;ii ntaie ot' cu?U vafion: coin <tntcut liouw au<i Om uuiling*; hiiuati <1 ou toe South side ot I,?>11^ island, one m il1 'rum city line of KhmAilyn, and only t?. .-nty rial* I'rwm Ki?#t Nhw York laud; #pl*n* did liahim; ami fowl,ng; aixo exceilenf -ait water bathing: *t? tl?-? pre mi hen la a Very tint* water ereaa bed. TobeaulJln one or mo if loin, on very raaouable imuh. For turtlor ticuiaraapply on the preimaeaaf JOHS BKA<tUAW. Now Lotta, L. 1. TjlOR ^Al.i'-TWii NEW, FIRSTOLAgfl, POORrfTo r! Y# 1? I r>\\ it atone front Itouaea, witb all the modern impioveincnta, Noii. -4.1 /an! 47 IvtHl TUiiiy-Ki'Vttiith t*ir?'? t, noiwueft t'.uand Lk Kington;?\< niu > Inquireoa tha/"? ml oi> 1MB SAI.K?A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE I'AKM OK J1 imtvk, |;uoil ioi'ar b<?us", li<rg< h?ru and . uilmlldlnjv nil in i$ia>d onier, IVuce, v.; fruli ami ahtuhtiftry or nil mo. la, 4% tni t* on dt Jamaica turnpike from Wllli.iiiwUtin; terry, huge* |> Hs? hourly. Tcrnm umv. Apply at No. U Monvm iriit, frum i"'i a. M. tot% i*. M. *CV)K 8ALK?THE KIRRT r.LAHH FOUR STORY RROW9 F M one tu^li *u> p ll>?sp.'50? Lexington avenue the tiooM in wi I bm.t, and me price ru ? e a :.e. Tie own r can fee h. ? n from 8 to It) A. M., . ud trvw 4 to 6 P. M., ou Umi premise*. IJIQR 8ALB OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED GRT I'rop i .y, u r'.inn oi y*i ac? ce, foui mil'a iroiu i'aterao^ N..!.; lias \ new lfurn and a > jr;e l>ou .e ]I?n.-e. Ctiuroti and im'IkniIm mvir h\. 8t<?? k. can b 1 hn! it <l?*aired. W1U b?> wild ebe.if.. Apply io J Ail US UkiS&UX, NV. 74 Wiutbingtat Htl'eoi, ll -ixm-UI, N. J. TiU)R BALK OR KXl'Il\S<$E?MI'LEft'IKD HROWM 1 .tun- !mm llui., mod m iih|m veto;V-*> . n *r h (, llrooklyn, out* bi'M-k to. urn; v\iii iraiio tor F^*n.:ur?\ 1'IwiIhml', . r -h, or' Wattrru Lnml. Aiy.y^* JOHN K. OAKhfcV, lt> G.iurt Mie<a, Knw.kljn*. TpUR SALE OH J XCHA.MJK?E'iCHIT OK TEN TK<Hf 1* mnd ?ioll.trn worm ?? valuable ia?otU lor umiuoi or *uor& ffo| ^rt> iti 1I1H ?*iiy or UnniKivii; it mul?t bo tix'iil) mart A<Ulre<>i> ior three ?luy?, tiiviax parck-?iW?s A. B. Ilentld Dflkt. * 0 House and lot fob sale?no 547*1 1 : weht?. #lxoi smt, w?u uf o ?t? h^j p. Hr ? $ -. " \ Htat ? . ?i> r?*in?!i) on fi.oi i ; : -' . Aiso llu ^ No. 26i) Mo t >tr?*.-L l'ii ?? 'u $vl ,"VX). V| ; ly to .iol 1S UOOLKS, Uoi4*?-A,,? ui, r.? T?# .? . HOlI.SK AND LOT KOIl SALE OR KXl'il\S'iE FOR A , rtn. ill fur ? ta New .l?'r ??v, nenr V u* Vork, or a ital l\U?' roar a i.iul i.orsffi. Tlx is a L'}* -L 'ty , w;ui ?At' imion, lo. ivtoU at No. *1 Auia|M?ii* riitl.itniplAik For [WtirtH.ttm itii|<(ire .it tf7ft Sutli avenue, In th?* ollk?\ QEYKRAl FARMS FOR S \!,K OH EXCHANGE FOR t; < lt> | m" fi t ; II <1 l,o s tor or ? x haio. e; whnir How -< > i) u - I ih/'ncttio l?i ;U n f ici ?j ivu'v Inquir** of I'l.xDAlC & MSlloP, KlaI Estate Agent*, No. 02$ Ninth u rnnf. mo fiXOHANUE FOR !'-siM -s.-i \: i,!, OIVH IM J .1 nrovr > Keal i',t' v a M?|?iur or tir /t ry Slop*, ??r 1 lot',l or Salmon, or VVi^icru L viiUH. J will buy for?v*jih, or Jor ?i:i.i V\ Ullauifttxirg or lir? oklyn. A-lures* i>?, l???* I >7 Ht*r*l?i UTB8T0HE&TBK OOCNTY BACK TAXES -LOTS IN V? tiio Van M?- vill.tij. m w.?] Mooii oa ko{? i f tnxr*; homitliori/t il uarnfii liuvt* ro uv?. mi. . i.?v.. ma paid tb?' .s.itne to t'<? .n > Treunurer. Hiiln uir ? i front Couiivr Tr-'it uin r; hUh litftol lot-* to b?* s.ild ran in* had ol G. ?V.i DITCH ETP. coi ner of Chatham >tisam?en?, I) ro wo gl.>ne building. (JO /Win ?FOR SALE, ONE MILK FROM K MY PORT ir?*" "* J. landing, smmdNtanre irom dld'wo *<{, Oe*utlt' il iu'.id Coiu.cH ?uh' , burn, iu-nn ry, lm hou-?- and all nere.ssary omouildlugs, fruit andaluiibbery, A'*.; pla'*** 111 e*i nt order, I'j acre* ?f tho beat "f land pi?H? tvlth nil Linrts oi' vp ;euiolen, two boat* h d?y to N?*w York. l,'?/" tlili it eAlinot J>e surpassed, Otii) otie-fn.lf down. luquir? at No. 'J Morton sun t, or o? JOS. AKKOWSMITU. >>q , tsteanwoat Key port, foot ot R.ibinMm aUvnt. FOR SALK. A GOOD PAYING EXPRESS LETWEEN SEW Y(#KZ and Brooklyn f?>r N?e-, at a bar;;.in \\ a^nn, ll.rn.HH and Fixture*. Apply to G. R. fcXLYliN.S lit# I'm4OII Htlf?ot. CU)l?NTi:V S I'itUK.-OKK AT B AI'.i.A IN. $2.S?M, ONB ?K t the? be?t htltfitn'HM Ix-ailou* in W- t .n'Mlrt rmirity; $l,U90 ?aah, balan <? on mor*uat^-, ou the ll.irl'in rail.oio.'at VV? m Mount Vernon; ri'-h ronntry, thriving village, good kottM, nine mono* and luive Morer ?hre-Tenement House#. Of ty Lot*, flue ^p-inR, fn.ii. A< ; old him ml; r? ms v. <11 jmv the InieroHt. T:?k? tin- i?V|M:k A. M t<. in at Tw; n?y -.ixiu sire? t, ainl impure oi the uck??t agt-ni at Weat Mount \ ornmi atatlon, 14 miles from New York. Noni;rnu> ueed apply. J. 8. YOUNG. FOR KALE?A.TiiA AM) COFFEE STORE IN ONH of the p:irtc^T.tl4H*enuo8 in Krooklvn, d ?!neagood bu*-#? lien*: reaisou ftttbu on account uf bad health. Addr?%f box 329 Hornto ifcfly^ TjUiK FIXTURES OF THE I? II.11 301 <-?j\tj? av/-mm; the 6'.<k* * i.i w etui ilnv'irfttUMUl VfcJUf uf(w?ier; lora ion deairabl ?; wi1 bp MoJii F<*j9ri^pi^, Vi-., appk ?u the piofuiav# or to.) AMES YrtfAtWS" .. SON, K> Catharine mnft, F'Ott SALE?A JWiffN TOWN DINING SALOON AtfB jj t, with tbe whole h Mine, and ev< rTtblng iu4 and< v>?.>p?. t"; >loHu;about $.0(1 pt-r uay ; will mli at a very low ( iloc or ex Uanii'' lor other property. BludS A KOgsETKR, 73 N? F.111 htretl. tjlOR SALE?ON BROADWAY, a NX AT BOWLI&& ' and Oruikina; S ?lo ?u, wita everything neeenh .ry wr buslneM, with ??a?- Ale, Ac., un buuJ. Ex|H-?ei.? of the fuloon very light; I i .w.iou firbt ratt?. POUTER .V tfEKRILL, :i36 Rroadw.iy, oftlee U. Ijlt)R SALE?A GROCERY, CONSISTING OF STOOK. 1 Fixiun ?, iior*?-, tVA?{on, Ac. For further j arti< ulart?-it?> qitiro at 77 hart-lay htreot, Ihhwci'U 10 and lU" el ux. I7IOK SAUH>N2 OF THE MOST FLOURWBIK? Ml Reati?uratiu? down town; ?i.?ily receipt* $2U'.o^jO; ui^o.nly rent, Apply at the Union, 23 Lio- rty Htreet. FOR SALE?A DfiUGSTOr ^, CONTAINING A LAR -B auu amp? i tor kio k; Iciulllul nxturt M; <111 exn-ll: n^ ?ik ration; ren> live >#-ar?% Incitnlln^ bniiuaouit d tellinp anartun-otn; a :*.ood I 'l tututy tor a ph>>4^.i.o*. Appiv ui \\ . A. URE .t < o., 37 Park row, room 17. JlOR SALK ? THE BEST FAYING GROCERY AND * Liquor Store in the Fourth w*rd; u large ?. k -f >_'i ? ?riie*, uoiiiKa large bar trade; gomt lease ; ?t.| r.-ni. low; wjU h. II i<?r lonl its value. Apply to TKAVEll, No. 17?* (itnu bam street. "TlOIi SALK?DINING AND LODGING ROOMS. DOING JL" a llrfetrat** }.. y n., busio *ss; long i??ase; i/tir rnu; a very tiling in working nr.,. r; will take. real estate in exebati/,.^ but will fc?il t koupuL' lorc&sh. rail immediately at 211 Ligiiih avettu . 1J10K SALK-A DINING AM) WMtVG ROOM, NO# : doing ? protilabi- buslne* , with favorable lease. W 41 ukf rem fsfj.'i* in rx h.iiige, U unincnuibei i d. Will pte H<hm| reasons lor selling. ('all at 'III Ki^htti uveuue, near Twenty -lirst street. ^ IpOK SALK CHEAl*?A GUN AND PISTOL FACTORY ' with tool* and maehinery ? *m plate; ? good opport n to commence tbo business. Address Revolver, box 102 lieraid <>tll> e. IjlOR SALE LOW?1fUE FtXTURBS 6f A RKST r elass Grocery Store, on Broadway, above Union pla.**.% together with a favor.i ??le lease ?? the premis-a; a rai-e chance for a person wishing to embark in oirl.ies^ in a g >od location. 1 nquire at 3o Cedar street, up auuis. VJIOB BALE OB EX( JJ kNGE?LE USB AND FIXTURES tj of tl.e old establi.-.ned Hoot and Shoe ft tore, with ptit41? ^'h of htmx; must be nolo this we ?k. 3o3 Sixth ave.t^e* uear Twi ni) -tirist btreet. Reasonk given for selling. you S.Vuli >'; TO ,K'r-AN OVSTEKAND JtlNINQ ' Saloon, In iJ 1 ! ?f part of the Eighth avenue. Tiie proprietor t.s obliged to heil, urving to ??:i:?id to other business, uiid woo id vKf in i in payment alight business Wagon. Apply at i!S6 Eighth .w enne. /^TltOCERY STORE WITH STOCK AND rpQl R10 \T lor Hale; n??w d? iiig a guwKl ci*h buxlne.**; reason lor Soiling. the owne.r has other business to attend to. Apply at I i s JManoey street. |1AV^ 1BO HO USE, NO. firt TQIRD A YEN I K.-T;iE XX Le.-ve, .>to. it ' o Fixtures oi the above named house 1 or Kale to a bn nens man; It will be u good investment. To bo * 1id at a sai ritlee for cash. II I ST BF, SOLD THIS WKKK?AN OLD KSTAltLISIIKD ill l.'uiiipltMi'* ami Fluid mut. AlPo;tJI<>i uiul S* i ;"!i v i li an vellfht runt**. The above will i *oiu >.q tin: tiiopt r?'iwKonm.i.* trrmH, "lihw H^jmratoly or t gather. For purlieu);*:"; inquire iuiuirdmUily m Ho. 93 Wooaier buct*, n?ar Spring. "OARE l.HANCE.?FOR SALE, THE LEAHE A NO I I; iSu^'k ot a Dry (toons Slor?t, well Uvai? (I, and cupAbin j? d ihgn lar^r l?tiMili*,.<o<; liXturHtfroinplMr; nut isfactory givmi tor rt'Utug. Apply to O. & J. MOWHKAY, -uj Cimud rj-0 BE H*?.D CflKAl*?THE LIQUOR STORE SITUATED L at '?!;-}? Atlauti'* street, tlinw door* from Hoyt, Hro.>kl\n. Ewrv arc .'imoJatJon tor lining h ;{ckm1 oytccr bimiccbs, w ith n ? ipiMt^itlou. lieul low. Uea?on lor *?lijug given at ibe pre niiK?:rf. WE CAS SELL, ON TIIR MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. TT ilirvo rvtrHWely valuable mv.mioi h iy artL'lf* jrequired and gruatly needed by ^overnuu nt immediately. A Ulm fortune can w? rtatnlv mad**. SUl'lHWlf'k ?fc WOOD, 82 Na*?ati streei. Q>1*(\ ?FOR SALE, OYSTER. COFfEE AND OA KB tj?v)vl? Saloon. now uo|nj< a food paWn# *nudn?*<; ?<?d r ifco iH-st. <>'. rtiMMins: nxtnrea aloi worth double the tnotiey. Apply i'i th<' suliNin, 277 Broome Btrent. A1 OA WILL B0\ V PAYIHQ LIQUOR 8T0RB?CO0T $&W. Ijow r?-nt, and efvi/t;n?*!itM I'or a la i.iiv. ( aily tiktur**A and go *1 liquor*. Wi : uk.-j*m. o*)i. Own?-r | ln^'ing Into other buauicws Apply at ItM Mull street, tit .*r i OttmL ' ^ fiWJinHML Huns<>S RTVKIl UAH.UOAD.-TK.MXS KOil AU1AXY, T.ny, lli" N?.ih?nd iv.- I/Tmuilumalnei?l 1 ' am! 11 A. M., t 6unrl !0:IA I'. M. ' VEW YORK, UARI.FrM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? I IN ? it rt..?K . i" < train for AIiciiijr, Tp<t, Norlk ;.ii 1 ?' *1. Ii'.'.mm i'w. 'Uy-i\u> sire I M&liuli ul II A. 1 M t'.f loci'l I- i"' >!' la'jl". .IHIIN HUKtiUlM* >'-?isnt.t .< ii'Ttn^ndrnt. HATRIKOHxiUH I 1 liNTlK'AX J 1 VIS IF ACii, OK P1NF. AP ' . . , w ... i.i i im i.m I'luliituD of ni'iii" I \. . i u. - ii r i 1 t" .?? ipinxoiy, **.< n ''' " ? , una ii.?:ii"i i .-i-r m.?.i r.-. I'* " r'l'.irlli.iiLif't .i :>lr* M. .rice, i-i ?M ili'wjKiyu i'u*> 1 juice. ^ *

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