Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1861 Page 3
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f HOUSES. ROOMAr? TO I^KT. A gOIT OK pi'KNISIIEO ROOMS TO i.rt-ij -TV Twouty-Urnl itrwl, nt-*?r lliouriwuy, ?miiul>!e for would (* let to h party ??f kfiiuomhii or a miumU f* Jflv without chilUrt-u. K?'?i reference required. Apply a MuUimq ?M|ti.irc Pout ofltac. A SECOND FLOOR AND ONE ROOM ON THIRD TC l?c, iu iiuuM*- 83 W??Ht K!t*vt'iuh Mtivfl, furrn*lt*tl or tin Iunilnhetl, to u ?mall hnuilv <>nJv, Iimuirt* on the promt**** E. JL* A B. 6. bUKMl AM, 611 H uiUou at reel, roou wio. a. A good chance.?the large and spaoiout J\. Siote, Willi llin whnlu hntiee, 307 Ei?liili avmiue, l?' Jwuen Twenly-elgblli anil Tv\t'lii.t-imaili alreet*, we*i "I'l**. I' lot. Tb? location cau't l>c eu elled on tlie avenue for aluun?i ny kind of buauieiM. i'oMMeimion iiumeiluhuiy. Inquire m (be ?Uire. Apartmentsti? u:t in a kibkt classti:ni:mkni House, No. 133 Klviti^uui ?treet.?Tlie Ik new, couulne kim and Croton vti< r, Hull* nl live 1<<?iuik. Kui /uriber Information apply to Ur. UliAV'KH, on the premise*. At new bbiobtov; btaten maro-SKousa Villa, twelve rooms. cUliles, fowl house. Itiicbeh and Ituwrr garden, lmvn, Ac. NHuuiiwn and view uukiirixiSMid. Kdil very low. 1 BK vDI-KY, WARNER * DAY, 40 Union aquai*. ACOBNKR HTORK TO LKT?RENT $.10, CORNER OF Kuiijr-k'Xili niifrl ami Third urt-uue; unit tiooond Fluwr, wu!i?ii lariv Rixniia, ululin^ d'>ur*, liiurbltt mant-lH, A''. Rial lit Alwi, Flour* ?nib ft. e Room*, rang'1. hatb mid w.iUr.-lo n, \r ; renin. (>15 ami $10. A pub lu JOHN FliTTKKTCH, 4i& Ti.ird av-UMii. Afilrof 1 lOt'S K IN FIKTY - For RT n 8TREET TO let, culinlitliqiul ttv? hick Ku>iiu?; rem $l;l on'y; uui- other family n the bonne. Inquire hi lli'tli houM went of Sixth av. A HEATI.Y FURNISHED COTTAUE TO LET?AT ^ EI:iat>eUi, N J., 4J m nuu ' liy train* hourly; 3 minutes' walk depot, 9 nx iua, Ugh ground, very ln'itlihy, large pirden. Inquire ol WW II. SCOFIKLD, 39 William ktreet, mar olllce, 12 to to 2 1*. M. ^ T>ROOKLYN.?TO LIT, T11F. HANDSOME THREE JJ story brown stone House. 370 llenrv street, with bath, ?.?m tixtuic* an.I other tuo.lern improvements. Kent moderate. MMTiIro ol' 11. M. SILVERMAN, Bnmdway. BERGEN POINT.?A COTTAGE, FURNISHED OK UN furui?h*d, to let. On#* acreof'ground, fruit ami whade trees; opposite hotel grounds; thirty dive minutes' iron* the ?ilv hourlv by h???*:neve n miles t-yplunk road; r* n reasonaIks. Apply to HYDE & CON KLIN, 143 Water street. Brill rooms.?to let, a number op large and cnp.n l.mih (trill rooms, having high ecilngsand furtt?shed willi stoves, ffaa fixtures, Ac., In lli?* Metropolitan Buildings, No*. HS,1?5, U7and W Sixth av?nue, opposite Eighth street. Kent low. Appply to J. F. bU YDAM, 168 Wavcney place, near Sixth avenue. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.?PERSONS LOOKINtl for Homes for the winter, or longer, would nml this a cood opportunity cither to select entire bulta, with exclusive Kitchen, or the etitirc House; a good Hituation for a dm uir. Bent to uH the times. Apply at 61 Went Fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Furnished house to lkt-at yonkers, de liglitfulljr located, containing twelve rooms, with everything complete for housekeeping, except Ifvmn and silver; rent per niounh. For particulars apply at 910 liroad way. lj\URNISIiKD BOUtt TO IBNfUf FEET FRONT, JP recently and neatly furnished, and pleasantly located, in Islington avenu<>, near Twenty-tilth street. Addrets D., Im 3.US4 Post oilice, or apply Vo W. H. LL'Sil, '&? Fourth avenue. TTnf'BP TUT 4 vn fITU V'MWDW iwb o ? w ' <" ? decidcd bargain.?A v. ry genteel three story Hou^e, III FOrty-eighth street. near Sixth av.-uue, can be rniicil until Mij next at one half tin valu? , ami the Furniture, which recently cost $1,600, can t>* jmrciiased for&SOO. Forpirticnlars inquire of t\ COLTON, 113 Fulton street, near Nassau. HOUSES TO LET IN BROOKLYN AT HALF price.?A neat two story and b tsnnent brick Hou^ with water and gas chanlellers, No. 208 Dean street, east of Fowers street; also, a three story and basement brick House Kit. 87 Powers street; both adjacent to city cars and femes. Apply to WM. STONE, builder, Bergen street, near Powers street. House to let.?a handsomely furnished tour story House in an eligible locality, and containing an the modern improvements. Possession immediately, ana vent very low. Inquire at No. 31 St. Mark's place. IMPORTANT NOTICE.?A HOUSE IN THE UPPKR part of the city, having 13 Harms, and possessing peculiar advantages to be let out in furnished apartments, will be vacauton the 1st of Octol>er. Any person having surplus furniture will do well to tike it, ax the rent will l?e ex?**ed1ugly low for the winter, and no obligation to keep the house unless it is prolitable. Address Horace, Herald ollice, for ous week. PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN A DEslrable situation, with all the modern improvements. For further particulars apply at 37 West Twenty-ilrst street. T>ART OF A HOUSE TO LET?ON FORTY-NINTH JL street, near Broadway, pleasantly situated and accessible Ity cars and stages. It contains all tin* modern intpr<>v?inents sod will be divided to suit a small pleasant family. Kent $2?H) to $300. Addrcas Arnold, box 140 Herald olhca. STOKE TO LET.?'THE CORNER STORE ANI) HOUSE. No. 106 West Broad* ay, corner of Franklin street. Kent moderate. Apply to JACOB A. 11ATZEL, 114 Essex street. TO LET.?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A BAKER TO COMniouce business in tOe village of Gutteubera N. J.?Two Houses, one a three story, built expressly for a bakery; ths other suitable for a dwelling; each have stable* attached, with a good well of water. It will be a good dial*** to any enterprising man to commcncc the baking business, as there ts no good baker in the vnui, e. Apply to KOHLEIi, at the team brewery eC Kohler * Fincke, Outtenberg, N. J., or to fcxjuire Dwvers, near the premises, opposite Seventieth street, North river, N. Y. To let-the following described houses, at reduced rents:?4-d between 7th andMth avenues, four brown stone front*; Jtt7 West 15th street, high stoop; 210 Went 19th street; 171 We-i22.i street; UiS West tttith street; No. 9(Jay street; 687 liuosou street; 41th street, between Broadway and tJtli avenue, several brown stone Ironts; l?y and Store: 2368th a? nue, blouse and k.'ore; also several ?1eairuble parts oi homes. J. ,tW. DEN HAM, corner ol Sixteenth street and Eighth avenue. OUj<?' hours lrom7A. M. to 9 P. M. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF TIIE LARGE bouse 34 East Houston street, near Broadway, coiimsi. I114 ot three rooms, or tie whole upper partoi the same home to Unite on favorable ti^rmc." TO LET?THE ELEGANT, FOUR STORY BROWN tone House 22U Wenr Thirty-fourth street; street lUO i'tiet wide; the lowest rent in the city for the accommodation, style, Ac. JOHN S. KELSO, G2 WllUam sin et. To LBT?6TOBB8 ON BROADWAY AND TWELFTH street; also, M7 Broadway ami East Twelfth street: also, Senond Story, C<?rner and Corner Basement ol' 819 Broadway; alto, Room* for societies, Ac. JOHN s. KELSO, 62 William street. TO LET?TWO PARLORS, A BACK BASEMENT AND Bedroom, f urnished, in u umail family ol adults; h?. .se lias all the mwlorn improvements; rent low. 223 West Thirty-i?rst street, between Kimhui and NWiih avenues. TO LET-TUE SECOND FLOOR OF H0U8B 210 MONroe street, consisting of lour rooms, with water and gas io LET?IN BROOKLY V SM6BBK5KN mki.U, t oiT venient to thecal s and 1 ri? ?, one ol' the prettiest three Story and basement frame Houses in the city, tilled in with hricfc, back and trout piazza, marble mantels, range, pas, water, Ac. Will be rented low or Hold cheap. Apply to WM. M. ti'i'ONE, 202 Bergen street, near Powers street. ITK) LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE X House 233 West Twenty-third street, near Seventh avenue. Location and neighborhood first class. Terms low to a responsible party. For particulars apply to A. BERNARD, 303 Broadway. mo LET? FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT OF HOI SE JL No. 8tf6tiroadway, near Union square; a lirst rate place for business. Inquire at the above number. TO LET?POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY, TliE three story brick Dwelling No. !2 Lumber street , Newark, N. J., three minutes' walk trom Centre street depot. Ir?%iire ol'HEARING A BROS., 20f> Broad street, Newark, N.J. mo LET?WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, IN TIIE BROWN JL none house 33 Bowely. This establishment is kept in ftne order: in a most desirable residence lor tall and winter season*. Kent moderate. Apply on the premises. TO LET?A FINE THREE STORY ATTIC AND BASEmeHt House. 16 Houston strei t, near Broadway, suitable for a public or private bouse. Kent very mooerate. See bill on the house, or apply to Dr. OA I'M AN, landlord, 135 Bidridge street. rLET-A SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURnished, with all the modern improvements, tor house keeping, consisting of larpe trout parlor, two or three chainbers and basement room; t-enna reasonable. Inquire ut 215 SUtl^aveiioe, i?* * Fourteenth street. OH) LET?FURNISHED, FOR ONE Y KAK OK X eighteen mouthy to an eligible tenant, at a very moder-ai* rent, the Ilou?e 161 West Fourteenth street; at present. o? < u8|?mI by the Briti*h Concui. House and lot extra width; t'arpm lu the rear. Apply to IIOMEU MORGAN or K. II. LfcDLuW, Nos. 2 and A 1'tne a tree t. fpO LET?VERY CHEAP, TO A GOOD TENANT, POSJL session given immediately, a very convenient Dwelling House, 18 Main street. Kahway. N. ?T., with 11 its.ins, cllar, garret mid pantries: also cai, water, Ac. Apply at tho store of A. 11. DOLBKRR, 28 Main street, Huh Way, N. J. TO LET-ONE STORE AND TWO SEPARATE FLOORS above; one hotiie No. L'iS, the other 13.'), two floors af?ove. The finest two store* In the city of Brooklyn, local'd in Fourth street, between South First and Second streets. Inquire ??n the premises, betwt en 10 and 4 o'clock. To LF/T-A TWO AN1) \ HALF STORY HOUSE, WITH modern in?pj*"Vo?nent3?-fueii jim gas chaudeKt r . raj v*?s, bath, hot and cold toaier. H>.sein tfood reuair, newly papered, Ac. Terms c.t>y. Apply to D. L. RLED, 12 Cron y street. _ TO LET?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, 232 West Thirty-second street; conUut-s all the nioit.rn Improvement; rem $700. Also parts oi several liourn .* in Thirteenth street. Apply to KOlil.KT USHER, Jr., No. 152 Vest Thirty-fourth street. T) LET?THE HOUSE WERT TWENTY-FOURTH street, con mining all the modern improvements; i;a*, chandelier an-l lis ui? a, gin***suits oi lurniture, Ac. go with the hou.-e. Rent ft oiu 1st O "??i>er till May at th?? rate ?.f $700. Apply ?o HENRY MeEWlNG, VA Clumber* street. Keys of notisr at Twenty-lourfh street. TO LET?A STORE OR A WHOLE HOUSE. IN A FINE business neighborhood, four doors from the Battery. Inquire at No. 5 Battery place, in the clothing store. TO LET-IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, IN Broadway, a very an xious Hall, very doslraldo 1'onny business purpose'; also a dwelling House on the premises;* the whole or part to rt ru cheap to a g<-od tenant. Apply on lirat tloor of 73 Na?*an street. mo LET?THE SECOND STORY AND ONE ROOM ON tween Fourteenth nn<t r'lMeculIi pLreetN; lonu wturtowa an I balcony; situation very pleasant. Rent $12 per month. TO LET?SEVERAL VERY DK8IRABLB VliOOM ON Ninth avenue, n>-ar C'liekea square, conwiniiiK n\ a ami six roomseach, I'urulahed with Crntoti uiU fl\. tores; separate water rlueela, sas meters, Ai.. to c.i'.ii !!ot.r, affording a genteel residence IVir small and l-ei-tw stable faniille* at moderate rents. Apply to I). A. CUMIM AN, No. liJ Ninth aventte, between Twenth thnnd Tweuty-Ur?t Mrivta. To L>r?TBS THREB 8T0BT and ATTIC, won gtoup lirh'k dwelling Hm>" 2t*MYeM TiV' t.tleth teirl, fronting lielsea ?iuare, rcpleti with Crutoti and ilxturea, and every couveniencn that Can bo ilenlred. Apply in i). a. ci.'siiman', iiu Ninth avenue, between Twentieili' :, t Twenty-ttrst etreite. T, LBT-8PLBHDIO WHOLE AMD HALT Kl.oor.s, In pi ivaie unit lull <Jas* tenement homes; thm?- lt< oms, *.' 7i; lour Rooms. $j 78; live l(o ins. #11; ?!.*t #l| *wr month. None I utuiue wnall' < ' lee ntivij apply at 111/ . u4i TUirUetit utrev u Horsrcs. rooms, &c? to let. riV> LET?l'ART OK A HOUSE, SI WEST ELKVKNTI 1 ?lrnl, near Flub uvi-une, uiiU all tbo luuilul'ii iiupruvi menu. TO LET.?A FAMILY OF TWO, HAVING A KfRS' rU?? bniw, wuii all niutlrrii lmprovi-nuiilx, wl.'l li'U vi!i*y, ir.'iit I'jili.r, mi mi fl,K,r, b.un .nn-lv e.l, ul?n Hcilriiom nod KllWn.n, lu u mini mim wilcfo , houwk?*'|iinj^ Supi-riur uiri^bburhoud. Apply EiH i Bnmilway. TO I.ET?A TWO STOKY AND ATTIC UoOSK, IN KICI ur<U r. Niilia'uli* for a hiuhII reupwiaW** I Him 1 v. K*'u $.UX)jii;i'i nnnni. Silual.-.l Hit K.iuiili tr?v . m ur Sixth ave > Apply at in Fourth ntwmt, to Un TO I.ET?TWO SMALL IIOAIMITNA ll'H'SKS, (JOOI, m v nil SI..H-H ami A|mrtin?i>t* fur lam.lira. N. B ? K?r uIp. ttliMil .i c l<.i; alM> u i.kkI Utnr ?M?rj ' hri.i 17 'IV...K.v....,..- * .if Ti.lrH' , firit itraet, to I hi ow tu r. rpOLET-IN HICOOKIYS THK LOWER <> < UPPEI 1 pirtof m lions. leu room*; rent from $s ti $16 per inotub. Haag&a iixtuiv*. Twojp*titlemeii aud tliei v* ivexcould have lii .uU. SLuaie 1 at 377 Adelphi street, neai Fulton tvfuufli mo LKT?TUB SECOND AND Til IKD KL0OR8 OF~ii 1 Suliivuii Klivvt ( I ;l?i nMiUiN), tin* aacond door of 26 Ken wick Hreet (four rooum); the nee*ind and third Mo'.rnoi i; Watt* afreet (?d/ht rootiin); a room and bedr??uin in 21 W.?tu Htreet, and room* and twdmoma tor colored people in tM>, SulUvan atreat, Apply ?' 2ft Sullivan ?irMl rjlO LET?TUB LOWER PART OP A VERY COXVE 1 nient Kn;i?Kh la-emcnt House 72 We?lTP?vwul>-Hm**o< atreet, near Six lb avenue. mo LKT- IK MERCER STREET, NEAR RI EKCKEK _l the uppi r pnri of a House, ei^ht rooma Ooi tn wnu- r l?a'h and ran^*-; the up n ut. Inquire oi JAMKS l'KSSKU 176 Mcroar at reek IX) L1-;T. M J BROADWAY, 0PP081TB ST. NICHOLAS Hotel?Store and H.h*emcnt SU>r?-; .il-toa larce Room ot the fir#?t tloor. Inquire of J. F. WALTER, on the premised rpo LET FN BROOKLYN?A COTTAGE 1IOUSK. TEN J. I'oiiink, nid* ext. its.on: elijht LoU, between Quiuc^ utreet and Oaten and Bedford avenue*. U.:s and Ridgewooc water. Kent till May, $JU a mouth. Fulton or Jd^ riie aveuui car*. Q10 A MONTH?roTTAUR IK7rsi:7 KM: IIT UCfoMS. y I V? A corner Ilointe, nuiiai Ih for btwiiici^ or two larni lie-*, aeven in tauten* aa.k from ! try, South 15 klyn, front lug Ctty Km 11 road. Apply .it 'JJ Columbia atroet, Brooklyn. THB TtUF. CENTREYfLLB OOC7R8K.?TUESDAY^ OCTOBER 1, at 3 o'cloek?1'urae unci Stake $?*), tulle hea:*s bent three in live, to wug<ni?. K. Warren naiif* w i ?y mare La ly Oilroy; owner nam**, gray Ikitm* General M?-Clellan; owner natu<* bay n>are i'auiine. Rain or ah tv Hi; v INS A CON KLIN. Fashion plkamrk ground association.? Faahlon Cour* ., JMotp'av, S* pu mber 30, is 1, at l*. M., MaU h foj (1.00U. i? st J in 5. to waisOrin. Owner nam*-* r. c. DuV-liiuun. Owner mum* b. n- HutU.w. H".?t will leave Junien nlip, Fuluin market, and Tulrty-ioorth alr? et I'errica in limn io ?i?uihti with the one o clock ir .in to <n<* Cot rue; uUo *iaj(c* w.i! leave Thirty-fourth atreet ferry in JU8BPH 6b6oHBRQN, Miimtmr IfAKIIIoN COVBBB PUtASOBB OROITND A88OOIAlioii.?'(Youing mi M..n.Uv, Kepi. 30, al a l". .U. Mat-h tor Sl.tKlO; tulle h> .itri, I'CKt 3 in 5, to Wii^uiirt. J. loiter ii.tnti a b. gelding lluttoii: owner naturae. geltlmi; Km. luntui. J. CKOCIIEKON, MJtUAiser. UNION COURSE. Ii. I.?TKOTTINO ON TCB&DAY, October 1, at 3?^ P. M, Mul* it f. r$-U0. mill' hratA, Iwhi 8 in fi, to wagons. Itr. RichHptoon ju.i.hv, I'h. g. Kroli>'; Mr. Kaminis name* br. III. Kceawinx. Thla malcli to be play or or pay, good day uud good tnu k. Sll \\V A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, (, I.?TKOTTINO ON TI'ESDAY, October 1. 1861. M itch for $3110; mile beat*. heat It In 6, to b.irjii'?H. W l>inltliu lmni s br. stallion Womlpe.kei; L. tv S.tniniiamute-a? h. atallion Ploughbot. The proprietor* art* assured that Plottgbhoy will Mart tor thiw rare, Up having recovered Irutn liU lament m To ? off to kI day and good track. Sll AW A WHITE, Proprietor*. ' HOMES, CAH1IIAGKS, A.C. A SPLENDID IIAY BOMB FOB BALE CHEAP?16 liaiKlxhl h; eim trot in 3 minut-ia; mhkhI and k ml in sinttle or double names-. Can be Keen at 11 South Wlntum street. A GENTLEMAN, AB0CT OOINO ABROAD, OFFEK8 for Ki:l" a line pair of bay Carriage li a son, a lb.rut- to mutch, and a ba\ Ka-hllv l|.irs?, allgood sl/.e ; alxo, a Inr- o family CarrhtKe and a lulu Bieit. Tury will be a?:d very low. Apply at Htwilky'* stable*, corner of Fourth tweti ui! and Eighteenth street. CARRI\OKS FOR 8A1.E CITE AP.?ONE SECOND hand Ooacb, one seeuitd bund iiockavtay, light built, with 1>->1?- and shafts; neatly new; notue Hit/ \ Canons, Mime wiih H')trn:>K top*, Niiiue without top*-; ll^bl Express arid one Groo-r^ W'A^on, wlsli to bo *<>kl u>v whatever th^y w 11 fetch. Appl} Vo M. OURLEY, 21 Eaat Twe.lllh Mrect, N?w York. C1AKRIA0ES?FOR 8ALE, A FINE PDLL I>RE8S ) Ooa*h, i* Oahsciw and a hue Hack Coach, nmiinfucMirtMi by one of the beat maker* hi the country. They will bi* Hold at a aacrl'ice to rlo#e a concern. Apply at f>5l Broadway. Ijior sale?/\ rain ok carriage houses and one ringiv How, bay color, about l.VSf hand* hfcji, perfectly gentle?>n?l believed soun 1, the pro|?.'rfy o! u^'ufl leaving tor Kur*?i>e. Can be aeeo at l*i\vrence'* *ui>1ch. M Went Fifteenth }j!OR SALE?FOURTEEN SOUND VOHNO HOUSES, suitable f ?r down to wo c^rmena' truck*, eoal cart* or any kin'! of heavy work. <',m In* goeu at No. 17 Leroy street, between Bedford and Starker. PilOR SALE?V LIGHT COUPE, BUILT BY WOOD 1 Bmthera; mIko llorwc and Jlano s-. \? ill be nolo together or *epnrat< l%v. Apply to UNDKEHILL & FLEET, Noh. 76 and 77 Eaat Eleventh afreet. TjlOK SALE?A FINE BAY 1JORSE; IS yoijnu, very F liaodM'iiM , h< uno, and kind iu harnegfl or i?a I tie; guaranteed in eveigr iiariu ular. Can be aeen ai I nderhilrs aia li H, Lainjette pla<e, near Eighth atntet. Inquire lor Frank. V510R flALB?A PAIR OP DARK BROWN CARRIAGE J? H<?raea, vs ell mm lied, 18 ham's hijg. , 7 old, pound a'id kin I, < 11 lit r in double <>r Htngl'* Iuli-homm; m\lrxli driv? rs. Will lie h>M low, aa tl^e owner iH about euvin'/ tie* 'Uy, i.'?n be teen .?t Keeler * E\eelMi >r fctaba h, \\ ? hi. Thirtieth' Htreet, near Sixth avenue IjlUK JSAX.K?A MAY MAKK, 7 I KAKK ?)LiU 14 H ANDS hi'jh, n K yi! n driver, and w?rranted sound and kind. Apply iu store ISl E<tzal??*th direct. IjK>R BALE?CERTAIN HORSES, PROM VM T'? 16 1 UhixN hirh. one hohtaii J-o-rW lhr e, prier three line Military II ?i\mk, price from to $1*6; oie* Hi i -i TI??>. . $45; all war. anted in every respect. To be ?i? n at No. 81ja Perry street. FOR SALE?A 8MALL BLACK MARE, WITH A SMALL Hti8in?T?M \Vu:Mi, also leath- r i p Light Wdguu and twe nets of Harriet*, ('an be seen at $17 forbad way. TJH>R SALE?TOGETHER OR SEPARATE, A TALUAr t>le team oi dappl Hr< wn Hornet. hall brother*. six.and imd wvflii yeni-gotd, stvlisb and 1'rw* driver*; also t beautiful hall Morgan Mtallhn:do. one powerful true* Mom, mil nine Rood government Hoists, pri? e $7.0. Apply at 4 * Ohrvstlc m. Houses, horses, hoi:sks.--\vantej>, immi:uT atcly 1,0U0 Horsed. For pmiettlm-M apply to tl?o subscriber at the tuatricK of Post A Niriiols, 7S, 60, ti2, Hi and 86 East Twenty-iourthstreet, near Third sv'ini?r. PHILIP* CQPELAXP. IloilT W \t;oN FOR BALE.?A NEW, LIGHT, SHIRTJ Inn (leather) top We ton: also, a set of light Jl.irnoeit, very cheap. Apply ai 42(i Tenth street. CMSIUII WANTED-A (SECOND HAND CMC ITOKSE O Melgh Cutler. Any pet Hon having one to dis] osc of nta price U? suit the limes, wdlMida cash ? uslomer hy add leasing .Junior, box 107 l'ough Legale I*o?t oflice, staving price and s.yle. WANTED?A PAIR OP GOOD WORK I NO HORSES, and a '^>od SHgh. in exchange lor a splendid pi?-e? of Land, heautltnUv lo? ated in the town of Islip, L. I. Apply to or ad< r^hs J. (iopkins, &S2 Fourth avenue, near T\ventystcond street. PROPOSALS. Proposals for revenue vessels. TmCAStniY i)F"PATlTMF:5T, ) Washington, Sept. 3, 18lil. ) Tho department wiTl receive pmposai*. accompanied tw models, plans and si?ciliratIons, until 12 o'clock. Monday, .10th Sid it*'?:i IX*. I lor i.b?? corn im inst run it 01 mui equipment <if two steam screw revenue vessel* of ?50 ions ea< h, and of three. steam screw revenue vessels of OK) toas curb, United States measurement. Proposals will only be considered from successful steamship builders actually engaged in that business, and the name of the marine steam engine establishment at which the steniu machinery U to be made must be staled, and will hav? due weight. Tin' load draft of water of the vessels of 750 tons must not exceed ten (Iti) feet, and they will be armed with on#* rifled pivot, (fun of 8,(irWlh?. weight, tw-? 22-poundcr guns of 42 cwt, umKone heav\ navy 24 ponnder howitzer on the top-gallant forecastle. Tl?e commie u/ent for each vessel to be 120 person^ carrying provisions I??r sixty days, and 2.HU0 gallons of water it uint;?: to b<?furnished with a condenser for distilling j>otabl< wafer. The vem?ejs to !*? schooner rigged, with flying gaJTtopsails, square sail, and yard to fret flying. The loud draft of water of the veawls of f.i)0 tonsmust not exceed eet, ai?d they will he aimed, ot'Ii, with ?? rifled pivotgtu of6,fi00 I i. v > 32-pound era ot 42 c wt., and one li^tat navy 24-pouuder howitzer on the top-gallant foreThe complement for ea*h vessel will he nin' persons, carrying provisions for sixty days and 2,UQO gallons af water, In tank*, and to be furnished with a condenser for distilling p??tatole water. The vessels to be schooner rigged, with flying gaff topsails, sail are fr-ui! and yard to s*-tjlvlug. The pr..|)<eal wins' Is* t?>r 0*e hull, sp<irs. rk'; ing, sails and canvas* work, mast ec.its, awuin;;s, hummocks and bars boats, anchors anil cnbles, tanks, ci-*ks, binnacles, Ik lis. t::iulture fi>r cabins and mox* rooms. o- tang apparatus and utensi'scomplete, steam machinery. spar* work. ??al blinkers, tilled w ith Buck Mountain coitl, w iih ail Uie equipments and outfit* of every kind, and Ivi all rcspict* r -ady v> tve ivo | her oflkirs, men, provisions and armawnt. and at onoo prooeed to sea. The armaments, provisions, nautiiaJ Instrument* and charts only will be provided by the government. It Is desirable t?? have the ni^lo st aUiiuaMe speed. which nu>i be stated in tie *l!>r, tog' titer with the length oi Mine it can be maintained an? the quantity of cnal Unit nun be ?-..riird in the blinkers for t: at spc< 1, ;Vhi? h should not ba le>s thsn l or fen da\ s of twenty-four heach. The specifications must describe fully the material to be UM'ii; tin manner and site of fastening; ilio detail of the si/c. finish and air. rv-mem of t^e machinery. and of tho I v.ii iouh equipments oututsincluded in tue pr-1. I Th?- pla in must be > rktng drawings, fn m which th?* ew i sel and machine r> enn be 'u nit, showing the uilotnn nt.of , space for ii'-,i)tnm ?<Jai:ona, steam r.>?n. magazines, shell i ro nir. disposition of ? o;u, aud < ??nvcutent stowage must be pr?>\ii. *d. ; 11 ik to He understood that in the contract a guarantee will '. . ' full lent of the cot f draft of w? t?-r. fe 1, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and I otli i points required, with a forfeiture In eits?? of failure. 1 he bidder* nuin *tate th?* i?aat ti#n#? irom the stmnmr tn?> contmet or aeo jr..".ee ot the profxisal w ithin which they will mjip e toeoir?pl< *0 the raw I* ready fer and deliver thnn at aany t*>riH tlicy may n.iroo. The total amount for which thev will enlace to do is 11 that isrequ ,r.*d in t'i>- lorrgcy. in't advert* -fin 'rit, and to be embraced in th?'\r >?|v rUicHti'fnw and pi.iti?, must be stated, and the hid* must he a<vompanied by th?- guarantee required by law that, il' awarded, they will ekeeutn the contract. l*ay mens will b?* ma<le at four different intervnla as the work ppnrresseii, retaining one.flfth of the whole amount for ninety (80) days alter the delivery of the v>-? I, to r epair auy deftvUi that may be discovered within that time on trial I a 1 sea. : The Department reserves the rlnht to aceept the proposal* p made in eonl'ormity with the conditions prescribed which it 1 may consider mom to the interests of th'* c >vernmcnt, and to coinoints the ?i*atr:*t number 01 advances, and to reject any or all of them at its mh.on. j A competent person wiu be appointed by ttie Department j to superintend the construction and equipment of each of the : veS^els. ; The specifications, planr. and models of parties not obtainI ing contract W*y bu withdrawn by them. tftl\ Vl^Act. gm-utr vt the XreMucr. ? NETV YORK IIERALD, MOj BOARDING AND LODGINO. I A LADT HAVING TAKEN THE HRST i LAB# HO< SB b J\ 114 Second HV'Mtiie, corner of Seventh ?treeL h** a few Suit* unil uUo Mioie niiiu1? Ko?>niN to d?i><?*e !'. Gall aft horn*' or uddruMH box 3,li83 New York Fo*l otlfce. i AT 0 WEST KOUBTEEKTH BTRKET, BBTWBEH -/V Kitih aiot Sixth uvcud n lar^e lUoiur-, U*nd*<nn< ly ???r. r n iMtwl, ib mlt* or single. AUo outllfr Kooiu* f??i k< inja. 1 nu n, wiih Kotini. Tin* hou*e tuuiail Ihe rnoueru iiiifnoveliunut. i&<*tfiviitv* nubauiged. 2 A PABTT OF GENTLEMEN DESIRING A GOOD t home with a jinvaia fondly, can n ve a pleaoant milt of Hoorn*, c.'Hi UiLia of a wi-ll furitini.rd l*?rf? r aud ii?drooind on fttvond Door. l'rivi?u? tahli* ti i?re:.*rr.d_ Term* r?a*oaal>W?. Apply ul 83 West Twfuiy-neco'ud attract. > A LADY AND IIKH DAUiiHTKR, HAYINM A LARGE r A h?n?si?, ju*t ln?uiw Union ??piur?', in * luraiam, would llkt* it* luatus af nii.' iiH him wlib oik* kuu?- ur two iinalt lamilion, with Awl Kiturd u>r ib-- winjer. Ad? ds* HM Andtvww, bo* 2,?J3 I*o?i oillre. U? ?*t ?>l' n fcrrut t* felv?n J and r? tiuiird. r \ t? i. a hi ik PIMT class DOUBLI 10011 NO. J\. 127 Hi < ker iuttoLWi-i>l ot aud imht Hruadwuj U?ra* a'liy Hint el-1mi i<tiiiily Ilourdlnt: 11 in**, wltb U<> in* un*urI |kuwd In !/.** and oouiiori, in sull y >r ftinclo; tl??* cb<*up?*t - place iii me city lor the Ntylc aud quality of * liut i* ofTi-rod. 4 A OT'NTI.KMAN AND WIF&, OS A FEW QNOLB 1 il gtiulitsfiifi., 1-4U lm awoinuio tiled Willi lull or |tar<utl hoard, in a hui iII family, and wh? r?' the couiioruoi* :t hoax- can In* ujovetl;' h"Rttc Iihh.iII tbo modern tlUpiMVe- , I iih-uui. Apply at ?.i id lodotigal Mitel AN AMERICAN PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE rot ?u I mm ih*\ r*<p tiv, would I i one or two lt?<om?>, , with Huar i, at a moderate ju*ioc. IIoi.m fliM?ia*h L??m, turn de?irai l . |i hiiiv nt 245 West Thirty-brut mrcci, between Light U aad Ninth avenues. J A KMAJ.L I'UIVATE FAMILY WUl'1.0 LET A HAND" A mtiaciy fuuii*?n d ?uli ot Koom*, a F^rloi and t\su iJ??lrooniH, a l?atli room adjoining, oil the urtxitKl IU>or, lioaid. The hnu*?'ha* i>ll tla* nwHlern tuinrovouwntift and 1-i r pti-aKuutly-luiau'd on Mu'Tuy llill. Impart* ul *JM L?"U?k* l ton avenue, third hou*c ubove Thirty-eighth Htrcct. Iteioi reneea rt;?|uii? d. Amwm widow lai>y oki'! i:< a oimick <? hi ! g \ ntly fiii a^Ut*? iiooaih t > ? nttru* a or UmII'-m. The location in the most pitunsiul alkd'fiitrrl in tin* cliy. Ever.? atUuilon |>411>i ui comfort, Ac. 26 lioad MtrceL AKl KNI.'flKD I'A KI.OK, AND HKDKOOM AIV01V lim, ou * * .ri?l or i Iiipi tloor/to bf t, to a jiaji^niau and u|l>, wfth bent ol .4fitiiaiin?,Sati? ii< Iti Uur.llac, with u p: IvaUi family, nonr TUin^sbiM r*t t, 1h?wi?h linadway and Kmb AnWQENTUDlUI OR A QBXTLBBAB AND RIB Wlleuia* and pb'aaant Koonihin u.-iiuily where them an- bin iew,b? /tr.h ra, by applyaot >UB) Went Kb vnth Ktreei, Hru.idwuy and Ui.lvriuty place. Dinner at bin o < !? ?ck. Asfix of THBSS BAnwOKlLY ki uni: fi Parlor# on the iwwmd .'lour u? ! t, wrh K ?ard, Ui^rith r or ?eparat< 1>, at 104 Kant Pooru* atb rnriet; *iKoat<w hall Ituoiim lor mimle gmiiieni?'ti. A BABE GHAXGE FOB A BOMB.?EABTIB8 WHO wish nice JtoMiiM, furnished qr uoi, without Board or with, Iu a ( ntr.d looatlon, nmy fall at U*? jiarrow miv t. Hotttfu ci)iu;iiitr< if.iH ami all comruienoeN. Tcnuv ino .erutr. Kolertnceit ox* handed. AOBCTJJSBAK ANi WIBB OB 8INOLB OBNTVM* in. ii detihlii# a Lirgi* ltoom or two hail JVuroouiM, v.isIi hoard, in a a %?t family, In the most pl<-a*afit part < : VV ki Fourteetnb ?tr*et, will hud it to their lntereai bv uddr< fis;n# a note to Home, box 420 l'oHtoflie. 'Hk! lauilly beni*; unqueailonabta bUnt; but the tunie need apply. APBIVATB pax1ly bbsxdixo AT no. 5 ludlow pl.iW, near Mairdou^altftreei, would let to a gftuii?*rita!t a:nl wife or ok>;;!? . ^cntl* nn n haiidboiuriy l'umiidj?d Uoaioo, wufi or w. thorn Hoard. A HANDSOME, LAKUK PIIONT l'AKLOR AND I'AKT ol bark Pal lor, H tltablrfota docMU' * oilier, merchant tailor, linjiorter, or auy other light hindue**, to let on ido^1* rate terina, afcH5 Frinefl mreri, a lew doom went ol iiroadway. AHANDsomkly PUBNI8HBB 8U1T OF BOOMS OB i U I fh.oi . of ii |,1>, cktMI boot 1" l?'t, Willi ! 'ill wr ikitllul Hn.iril: iiU.i Hiik'hn li.r ?mi !< . ? fl?-iit<>it Awnlv nt lly Niuth utiv.t, wi'ul o'. ami mar Broadway. K sr IT OP Kl.TMANTLY FC&NI8HED BOOMS TO kM, either on or third tV??.r. wlm i\w bent Hoard, in the very degirable hoimo 16U W?-?t Eievwitli atreet, n<vir Suth Hvetiuc, No better rooms, no l?etter a remit modal , on a can h<> had, und the local ion is mom plraaant. i ti?- no u tic having forge {,'nid<n In front and near; family arnall. Reference* e*cliauged. A front and back room to let?with board, to una their witn He-'io- tn if ?<etnrcd, ftirniahed or unluruuhed. Only a Jew boarde.a faiccn. A K?.oui for a Kiu?ie gentleman. App yajl bl St. Murk * place, Kh?hih fctreeL lduncrat on?- oY.a#< k. Afkw DBBJKABLTJ BOOMS TO I.KT?WITH OR or without Bo rrd, ul 42 \V<at Fifle.nih -nvei, between i iith an i H;xib avenues. H^lV ivurew required. Attention is CAXJJED to THOSE LIVING TN notel? and Itnurduig house*.?There 1h an ctftabliMhmrnt o|?? n< ?i at liO Maedougal Htreet, t!ie rooiua lieiiit; laid out In Htmaand turn tailed with veryihing wm canary lor tioufci' , in order that a family tnuy iiuw' a complete home and live at an inconceivably low rate. There is u rontauraut attached. Am I'JtlVA ri; FAMILY WOl LI> A'-( IIM \MD \Ti; A few married or.?inf !? k* utlam* n desiring a home, With lull or putiul Hoard, lor the winter. 11 ur i cluaa. Location convenient to ?arn and m H?*ki of roterem* utveii and required. Apply at 16 liuuiiuoiio juiv< t, corner ef *WaVerlry place. AlHll 1*1.K AS A XT KOOM-SI'IT \ HLE Foil A < FNTLKinan alio Wife, als? em .11 iiooiu* for *tngle gentlemen. w ith or without Ho ird. Tie hoii<u* ban all r h<- modem improvements, HtiU ih in the lmm<a<li:ile vi-inUy ??t cam and Broadway ku;1 h. Apply ui 4iKi K-miiiIi street. a GENTLEMAN AND I1I.S Wll'L, Oil A FEW SINGLE A MOtlcUl ll OMI OM 111 I?! *..' :. ?*. t *! ? ? i Roomi* wtiii or without Uwurd, at 71 West Fouu< entli atr.-ei, i;rat brown U>uelroutjion<c westof Sixth AV?i.ue, A T 151 MAST TENTH STREET, CORNER OF rOCUTH avenue ami ?>;? short b o< k inn > Broadway, to 1ft, j uiili or wkitotif Hoard. {>1 . suit iront and bm k I*.triors, on ml ti??t?r. They l? t together or aiu.^iy. Dinner at hu. Reicremc* exchanged. ? m \T GREATLY ltKDl'CED PK1CEH-NEWLY I I'f:. nisin'M Rooin*, Irom $1 to $2 .'?n p<*r w? * . I/>dgin*s 11'uiu 'Jj i" .'57 rents }?or i.i .i, at tae Krsi.kfoi !Si??u?e, corner of Frank; 'it aud atreew. open a)! night. A T 30 EAST TWENTIETH STKI'.KT M AR BROADa way.?Bi??r<l?a f? w v? o ' hoi . .-?>j ?mi !iihirui i irojit loom*, single and i.j suit - Iti ?,f reier-.!< ntl'eivd. modern conveniences. iamdy small and seleci. handsomely tarnished. A very ci< liable. location. A LADY WOULD LIKE To LET V SPIT OF RICHLY iornlsliert Uixtiiih u? a gentleman s:id lady; Bo.ird i'or tm- lady, partial tor reijtlcinan ll required; all tin- modern 1 u proven *n is; family small -mi private; no other b ?a piers; to aiion excellent. Apply aloft East Twi uty-lilth street, near ijcxPigton avenue. 4 N AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, 2\ In iir?ti.laaahou?e ttWeit jfweuty*Am sun t, Bear i-iiih avenue, i wo elegant iront Rooms, Hoeond flour, more It desired, lurniahed. Terms very moderate to responaiLle ana agreeable parties, it *st reference giv- ii and required. A nicely furnished boom, with fireplace, to let, without Board, loone ?r two gentlemen. Rent i &I 75 pet- week. Also one small room $1 2o per w vek. Apply 1 ai l<i2 Prince street. A private family, who hate more room i titan they require, would like to accommodate a single I gentleman with pleasant Rooms and Board. House ha* .?ll modern improvements und location pleasant. Tho^e desira pleasant home will pleaae tall at 136 West Twenty-hrst treat. A LARGE BACK PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, J\_ ulao aoi.a of w- ll 1 aiairtli' d lw-> ?nis on se? ?inl and third Uuors, lor famllie* or single gentlemen. to let with Board. Apply alW Wast Twelfth etrect. Reference giv en ttd toqnred. a HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN FA wld let'a oudce ofliandv>mely fanii?.h*d Ro-vni*, with full or partial ttonrd or pmute tuble. French nix! hnclltth Hjwikcn. Apply ll.i-t Bioecker mreat, near Broad way. \ RICllIA' FURNISHED .SUIT OF APARTMENTS IX) let, MJiitfly or K'.;?*th *-!', to single gentlemen, wuh or wuhout br?auklaat, in a private famuy. Adapted to rhoso%vh? auins more i.buti ordinary accommodations. Appy ut 37 East Fifteenth street, Un.ou square. Yr JfcU ELIZABETH STREET, FOUR DO0KS PROM Bleeeker. n few Mu^ie %\ can be accommodated with pioasuni Rooms una -o?xi Board; location oftivenlent to ?airs una stamen; ?HK, oath, Ac. A GKNTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, 0!t A COl J?LH OF '.? ;lc gentlemen, can f.nd a nicely furnished front linom, Bedroom and Kitchen, !i required, with conven'-Mut* tor cooking. Inquire at278 Houston Mtrect, orncr oI Hudson. A FURNISHED FltONT rARLOR AND BEDROOM TO ^ V lei, toe gentleman and iao>, in a private ! anil's , {5 *ml tor'h?* *ady; notund eoM w<?ier, hath and "if. Inquire at 55 King! i., octwccji Y;ui< 1; Hini Mudoiu;ii ..Meets. A LATUiK SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, WITH J:!. ai-ove Bedroom Mid Board fora sjeut v-xmi and w j! , i.?r$V a w? i'k, in a new t,rown r-u iw hoosc \ uh all: i-?dern lmpr-.v. meats*. one /. <v.\v diwrlptioii, in third .tore. i- $8 a week at No. l.ili Earl Tuirty-iifth Bin-# i, near Tiuru avenue. A SMALL-PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING THEIR J\ own hen* . in h iiiwt d-/ i ruble la w >h t#, rent to a jarty of two or th:ee. who alii psy .. i?muu Tati\e pric?* for Board, a hands .ui 'iy furnudted Mat - ; Ro??r.i*; car* said flaw a la., vc th? corner ore very jmrt ot the city. Inquiry at i2 \V< : Thi-iy-fw -^n*. * e rjO.'VIU).?61" i'EKIOR ACCOMMODATIONS I OH CIA- I J) licmcn and lriyca or kiiiJ jr-iJ mi-n; ho 1 ? | | with nii'dern ooi>Yi*ni 'ic an?i ?:! a-niiy lumiahod; <tiuing I footo ootinuatioct ol pitriori and very handsome; i.?i ; dinner u* s;i; lainily very smalt; term moderate. I I Call at 177 P?a?t Ftiurteenth atn ei, n?5iir S? ixnid sventu*. nOAltn?(iENTLEXBR AN!) WI\I-s. (>K 6IXOLB kttn'iem n, eca o' tain u"'*l Rooins v/ith Roard *tt Nr. 6 N.e- t NSa>hir.^">:. i'!.ioi?. or mngio v /. < ftave mrr.iHia' i R(?oi:)*, wliJi'iut iM>arii. I1i? \ i.ui verv plc?aaut. and neatly ??j j..?itc the M|Uar?'. l?cJ n n? e* roqulreu. BOARD.?AN F.LEOANT ?l IT r; fHK>MS. OR THIS j i.U'T Fi'Hiroi* a hoMA#? In Flltli r <\ bet\\?*en Fourteenth nud Tw- niy-third ^trccta, ui', i. ha with Buard, hy a cauple, or a iam!ly of high r v-p Addrc-MM J. V. MindUon, Hern Id otbee. j tjoaRD?AT ? STDYVFSANT 8TREET, CONT1NUAI J> tion o| A ?t'>r pla<e. A trout And l-a k i'iwl' r, uiiturj nn*hed, with Board. A guntl' nmii and wife <?r two ningle ^' uticmcu can l>? oivxiuunotlaunl witu Rouru, w ;c . \nc couiiorw ? f a home ran bo had. BOARD -TWO SUITS OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, tuiubl* for grntlomcn or'ventlenn o . n l tlicir wh a; j one Room on mlrd llfK>r ana ou?? atn.?U i> ir<>otiif amitA- , hit* for a nin^lo jjrntinman, near lircvoort A|n4yat.; 48Clfntot 1 Eighth street. T) OA Til).?WANTr.D, MY A KINtfJ.E (jFATLEMAN, .11 Hoard in a )'rivau? fjirnily; the hl^lM-st r<*i?*ren< jjivrn ami n*?|?ilred; u-i'ins, In conHftiKii-nco <>i t!w uiui?i nut $4 p<T wock. A ltirTKs B. II., Fl^rald olli**. BOARI).~<JENTt.EMKN AND THEIR WIVES, OR i.iniilivs, can !>e iuvonimodated with Kmooin ou wcoud Uoor, in nit r>r JPparat<\ at l?"n W*st Putin ' nth street; h!h>

1'arlor and BrUnt/in on third lloor; rourQi iorMti^ln ^?n. l<Mir*n. Dinwr at *Ix. Term* reasonable. BOARD.?A T AMILY, TTAVING XOCtE BOO* THAX requlif d, would dinp<??*oi excellent a ? mimioriauonfi on the k? eond floor t<? a small, genteel laniily I'or iho <-n?ui:ig winter; l"catioa deMrable: a<ve*i?!ble by cars aud aiagc*. A??Jy p* 172 NY est I wcii ty-arm bircek ST DAT, SEPTEMBER 30, 1 BO V UD1 \'G AM) DOA.HU.-TWt} OKKTLKMKN AN1> TIIKIK NVIVKS nit J # tilkglt* ? MtU'llltftl ('Mil ItllUlll kiiMtlllrtM |M*IV>tlt* UtMlMl, wuh .?ll tin* 111 iilwrii iinj?r? v? ui uu. Uintwrul ??u. Mini Wihi TV Uiw?on Pll'th Anil Sixth avi uuc*. KciMIWIUM1!! CM'tlHll^W), Bouu>-T\vo ROOM8, rURNISHBD. WITH BOARD, IV | . . t v ; l . II W tio ttoukt riHn i toc^tnrr, in ?i lar airy Uou w.t.. a.I thi' lmIH^iVHuuMiUiiiMltiuiakiriAlili) ktotut*. * iii?i??uv at 217 Kant Eleventh hkrint. f)OARI>. ? A K4MT OK ROOMS, ON TIIK HKOONO I I floor, to I? i, with lloar t,? u. l - f?u- a u> lnuum un l vnfo; alnd h Iftryn Room, * it ah|?> lor a sin^l igetitl?*fn in. Lr'-.u-oii wiimi i(?,i -imI aii t r f? r iict-H exchanged. A|>rly at N?>. US \V?*nt Twenty-third Mr-'-l T)QAKD?<IT 144 M0LBKKR\ r KT, NRATt OR \Ni?. JL) Uotiin lor wv( rul >01111*; iift?*n Tvriun in<?iiT;iit?. T>i>AiU> ?TO LKT, WIT!! HOAKD, AT NO ICKKOOXD j) .ivvnit", n M ;lii! hi: ' Ni <i!i rtro , oi, ni?v y t nriilMhttl Root n on n.!rU li?nn\ nti|:uUl? fur a " uiviuan a?Hi lili% a iff, or two ueuiit-u.t'ii. n very d?'hiri?l?V\ Rffoiviiof m pkclllill^'d. T>OA*D.?A SUIT OF n.r.v-wr AKf> VfBLL FUB .1# nhUo'd Ruo.i*, oil lU?* hm.i i nor, .vis U H' aM, *tb3 i'ii iton pl.uv, near Fifth atvnui'. DIiukt at >1\ oVlock. Board or residences is city or country.? Fife ?hrtH-U<?iiK|?|?fii t4Miof?I?c.?nts n?r Bo oili?w# i|ii>HH at t!>? "B ?u'?t U?% jistrv." .'V. '? Bii>a?iwiu. h -urd v.: I, and Dwelling*, in desiraUl! i.xulr os tor uaittn;:.*i-i?t?- :i?. A. f. ,IOM;.> oo. T)OARD IN TWKNTY-TnIKD rtTRI KT, llKTWK. N .I J ilw-h'h hihI Ni stli ivrmr ? 1 > or ilnw ircnM*" i? u, t>f wtiwd uabil^, wln? dr*irt* n |?l*' saaii hum.-, onn iuiv< ? \ .1I. tit aooiMiiinodat ins in u pnvait* 'muily. Dtune ut mx o'clock. Audiva* oox l.'.?7S I'ohi oftU-** BOAJUJ WANTED?FOR TURKK Otf FOUR I'KHSONS in<uu:b u ? i ii ir?'Ot ui irvTolmp tiiiuw, ti Aomeh hirui h??l \vi:?i nil li?* n?o irrti unLi-ar?Mo?'Utn lai? 1 ti?<* twift?ire<'Uun Hrt>okt\n ll?'4:h\n rlin lwu? v .'??? i*mii?*U to-w 1 Ann*r.< nn la mils tlvnr or f???ir f? o *. without children. H<u.rd.ii? lam***- k < j? rs wi'l ool .? n wili:. Tlif lM*>t ol ivl?Tffif??M n>, ilr? ?*. V ft> -nK l?-?* l,u?l bvw V. rk I\?m uiu frtui.tiv' U?*r< till Inu rvirw ?an Im n ?d. [><)AKD WANTED?IN FIFTH OH MADTSON AVKM'K, .1) or FonrNvMb or T^viuy-i-aird wliWt, liy a K*MiiSin<.n. wH?s child aud mailt; nr?t ?ioiy r**>juu-wl, laijf* |.<?ror. v .1 furin*i?i-d. aiiii two i ii'ire bcdi*?oin*, wnii p> lvau* taui?-, .<! per wi'? K fur tdx motuiis. Ad* ire** U. !>., Koudout, N. V. BOARD WAN'TTIIMN EXtll ANUE ^>R TIIK KKNT ui Kara mm;. Wua.<! Hn uiilow to ni|n riai*'iid '? ">?? liolil wiTai.n iiifkiM, or wouM ):k? U? U-io ..' j?urth? > In . i? tA ilKliOti h<? inlin e Imhtm* A?l. i i'hh lur ihivi* Ua>ift Mr J It. Jliiil', L'lltoU M'lllam Post ?'l! Board wan ted. from noyk ber ist? ii\ a gmUnian nd wtfii lu a \ ?: i fmall , ?h n li*>\ or no oiii< r l? arter*?m urn iuriil-ln*.i -?r mi' u *:.-?!?? 1. ljoralion Iwto'.v Tw-iity-ui'Ui Mr-**l nrtrt ^rtw n Tli-ro ana ht*veinhs\oaii' a. Tt'i'ins inutol t?<* mwd?*raie. AU?lr*ws A rt. It., IKua o ?4I "|>OA KDTN'i J?AT J64 TKNTII KTItKKT, RKTWKKN Jl Fifht ay. n?ir a ix?i avmn -A. ii?*nli?Mn?'U and ih*?ir h .v < aa h?* aoconuiHMiati'ti with Hottr?t ai??l R ?omit ?>u Hi*'immt r?'hi?oiiahU> t? iiii-. A hniaW i'arlor, h -h mui hiu! h i* n I'liiM i will U* U't to two, gas lil*'in<l">i. Vim* Iioiim Im* all ll.o uiodorn lni|M-ovsnifUU; Tm oouvf*aiA!ittt?4'ar? and i^OAKDim?ttevtleuen AND tht-UR WIVI R OR B * K.llfi. IVIIVK llU'lt ?*I| *00..lilhUMUIr ! W Ull I lI lM*. ?" Rooms, wi'li or wahuitt K > in .d' i n o w cmn. ti N'<w 7'J Twi ll (it a. i*rct, iadwr. u Third and Fourth av? uui n. R'lo. rcuri h ?*v T>? >AKD1N<1 ?-LAttUE AND riiB.\S.V"NT NEOOKft l) ntory I rout Koviiin to I t, I'urnMied, with Bo?rd, to a "id iiim wil'n or two fiin.'U* ntl-nu n, at iW Fourth *:<eea near l.ii!.<y? tte |*la?-r. Loi-jvt.ot) qutul and nilInl Hi . i n> ** eu r ingetl. Boaiu>rkg for the autumn and winter month* at <llf ij-Ogvo. 1111 ! 11 a i. i >> da i m 1 Triton IIoum*, cIum* i<> tue btvwb; ?? >?? ninny, iuid V? a.lou. Hoard only $7 |mt week, i r $i ."*4l jwr day, v\i fi *Il t!i%- comfort* of nr?*i . laMi hoan*-; h* :y ?>|* llwml.' b ?rhnod unMirtM wd for bvauty. Iloata d.iilv i nnn J uim-s r and IVrk l'trcZOceutK. Addict* J. Mill* r,Triu-n lioun*, ?1. iU5.?v, L. 1. Brooklyn.?two unole gentle kkh mate?talnjtood Rooma, wltii |?.?riia! Hoard, i.? * j?rlvat?* )w>uua, cuuV'Milrtit tolhc Fula>n ai.d Wail ?li#?*i U lrica. KcAlfUi^ r?M|uiivd. Apply at )tt Clinton Kirt*?l, iirooklju. BROOKLYN BOARD.?TO LET, IN A PRIVATE fAMfly, u?nr front Room*, ?r>narat?-ly or mother. I'urai l.?'d ?<r utit iri.iflu (t, in a in* ? !?.-.- bouac, i ui 1* to vtl h all innrownn nu-., one I h*:k f rom ? .um, u*n imiiUt'-H' walk from IVrrh**. A)>}*ly at 2*4 6 late flrcoL. |>OAKI> IN BROOKLYN ? A LaKGK ROOM ON HE J) rond floor, wllh in i< >4*1 unci k, and on ttnrd flour, t?*vUurr or ki|. i.i .i , hm} . bi ippl)iBnmi i U llnor) divcl. Loodfon plaa&aat, n ar Wall Mit"\ and Fulton iVrra-a. Ki-Uivn M'.\clutiU? d. "liOARD IN BROOKLYN.?FUKNfSilED ROOMS, WITH 1) It aril,iu ad I^iiUiiUo a, Milaoi.- for a * 'dkuaui aiwl wi.* ; ulh", f\vu sinxl^ p'Jiti'*!iicn. may t*? ol?mi;??-d m a 1-rivuU iatal. ., terms inodMT.tu-; rricrtiiKM mjuired. A;?ply a I 45 XaMau ativ#?i. BOATD IN BROOKLYN.?A LADY AND GENTLEMAN or uv o hiiii.,;. ?, ntl( me.a can oltt'iin hu|.<m n>r i u:i? Rooms, ill i | t lvute lamUs, iitJtt Stitestr- w!; linn*. ha.sUuli, Ar., Is within liV?; nii tuU'N walk wl' South and Wail sir?wi ferries. Diuiv r at 6^ o'clock. I>? aed IN brooklyn, A gentleman and wife J 01 two or three siml gentlem u, eun hnv?* pleasant Rooms, with Board, at9U Cb^fHr plvv, betwffti ?'i rrlson and Degraw, IJ < ks and Henry mvets; livo inlnuLos' wain, ir.'in Houtii i? ivy. Term* moderate. Board in BUOUKLYN.-LAllUK, pleasant room, ?(iH eoud lloor, aiso ou third, with bedroom ?! Iji>ivi)<4 ii rt*l; t'red, suitable io. jjeu I men a oi their wivesm* s.n.,le penth mer, wl'hln live 'ti?r.u;? < 01 the Hiuilb lorry. ite.iurene.CN exchanged. Apply at 100 Pacilic street. I>?v\TW> in bttooklyn?desirable rooms, with ) Ji. aed, In a private larnily, may uc had al 15 Nathan Mil* I. BOARD IN BROOKLTN?2..1 CLINWN street. A few nie.?ly I un.i i ' I Kooms, m ta 1- for single & ntleitt?-n >r-:< r a KcntJemaii Mid ikU wile, with ?<ood li?'ar I, are oilcp d by a small family, ujxui moderate terms; house i:rnt eUis.-; rei? rere*ch ev? huh; e.l. I >< VAR!) IN BROO!CLYN--DKSlt:ABI.K I I RSINIIKD .1) K. ?i:is in a first '1. r.< hons-, on s?m ond lloor, si lubl? for gciulcmari and ' , or sin ,l? pntleman. r at G oVl.u k. Appiy at 137 Amity street. OOARD IN .SOUTTf BROOKLYN.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, .I) 0x11 i/yinz an elegantly lurn? bed hoiw rhm' to tho ho*lUi f?m*, frill be : !;?. to aocoi nodau >noortw< inmate* for tne wintor. lloi "and < old w tier hath-, le. Reference* p'oitired. Aj ply at % Cmi^re.a utivci, four doors \vi i-. ol' ii? nrv. r>oakd in williamsbcro? in a small private ) fnmily, live yi.iuu't-s wall' 1 mm nil ho \ j . ies; w onl<! ha two I.itr.i- ond m -ry Rooms, with ?as, :t?> aim bo h" urn adjoining, to ;;eniie 1V11. IJ inner at 0. A) ply at 1K4 feoutii T!drd street. Board on rkooklyn iiekj fits.?two la roe, well furnished Rooms to let vniI' He. r I, to two l;?uuius, or single j???nth rn< n. l:i a small, ijunt family, at IK W.IV street, within tnree. loinun s' walk of ! ulton, oi^live ol Wall street terry; terms modcrata. pnOOKLYN IIKKiIITS.?AT 30 WILLOW STRICKT p'litlenisn an i w il? or single gentlemen enn ohtakn Ko.'ins. with B mr.l, In sruuil f.< iull\. 1'liiitffaiU hx-utiuii, !i?*ar rultun. lerry. Teims tnoderuic. tteJereiic^is exchanged. Brooklyn heioii is ?ylry plka^ant rooms to let, w Board.?? ? otl-nwn nnd wives. 01 to siut,i? lieiitlemen. at. No. 6 I'oplar strooL w.'lhin three uiiuuies1 wjOk. ol Fulton l'erry, ?nd eight ol Wulll *tr*< t. TilIU;N< H BOARD.?A WiSU? FLKNISJIKT) PARLOR, J? wltli Ak"ive and itedioom adj-dnln^, suiiuhW) l<ir a Kentleman and wife ?,r a lamiiy of /iduiLs, ran !> hud, witJi H<.-inj In thw best stylo, in h Fr hcli family, resiling at .".'J West Twelfth stive', between Fifth and SiVtii avenues, bpaiasb, German and English spoken. TjH RX18SED ROOMS fOR OBNTI^MEN: I? Opp-isito Nt. Nietii,las H ?m I, 612 Broadway. One birt;o front Room, $1'; smaller ones, $1 sa $1 A(i. In<imr? sp atai rs. EKJBN1SHBD ROOMS TO LRT.?TO fiET,WITK PAR. .2? Llal Board, at No. V Washiu^Loa nlaiv; hoose first ci ^vS, with all the modern improvements. Best of referent** ^iveu and n *iuired. F; rnjshrd rooms to let.-ra suit op WELL furnished, jarg" and well ventilated Ro^msi t/? let, mi second and lliilM Uoors, to 1. t. wj hout ll'wirn; also an u.'lure Ktiitable lor a physician. Apply iu Bond'stroet. I^I RNISBD ROOM TO LET?IN A SMALI. PRIVATE 1/n jjiral, wit]l'iiLi due modern improvements. A^iply at 71 Amity at. l4UKXtt'!lE!) ROOMS TO LKT?WITIIOI T BOARD, TO J1 n only. J loose contains all the modern ini|Tf>vi'ti?? n:s, Apply at3.H7 Fourth mw.-t, lx*t\ree.n liowery am I Broadway. fit I:NI}!J!:D OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OK 1 witti rj, J*'> ii*?l, *'?ri flu* most e.w-natne terms, at J?>1 Last Tenth *LiT*?. The borne baa ail the m xkrn Improromi in s. tj1ursished handsomely?a 1 1kgk boom; X would aero m mo-late two single r/entlemen < r r. jiutn iii:it wife; ?li Board for the lady awl partial for the tentlemnn; room to lot, at Oi Bi'-ookcr street, near Broadway; bath, //*.% TJ^rKVISHEf) room WANTED?IN A GENTEEL PRIF vutis laii ly, c/?fiv;ui'-iit to Bower) nod Grand street. Woior, gnj an J f**t:i preferred. Terms must '* moderate. riven. Ad.lrt-*s, strung purU'Hilars, lor Uireo dj4)T, I1'. It. W., IJetaJd o.w <\ in want or tkry handsomely lx luriiietae* Room-*, having all the ootn forts and conveT.i'-ucci* "f.i first ei.iH* home can Iwi a<? mioiodaled on very liberal lofma af, No. W i'riiiee street, one block Y>e+i of Broadway. /1 ENTLEMAN ANP WIFE OK SINGLE GENTLEMEN "j can find idedsant U< mii .with or v?i:li >?? B >ard, in tin* tineiy located 'iotj*?* No HI V.'? ftt Fourteenth sippt. 11 hiv* <'>yvj oouvetfieucc. Term* moderate. Dinner at C}? HANDSOMELY FIJRNL-HF.I) KT'iTS OR SINGLE ms lor gentlemen and tneir W)V?? or single i;e;itje- j nirn, 'vr.h ; nil or partial B*trl, in a first rl:u- house with ^.;i ] t!,r modern Imj rovemeiils; family smsh hii<1 limited tiumher of b< n:*d- rs taken. For further | particular* itiqtrfre at SI >t. ! Mark V place. VfR*. BLACK, 91 WB8T TWBKTY-FIFTH BtWUff, . JYI nearly opposite Tiiutty chapel, can aoooiamodate inunites and mrkIp K'ntlenien with p??-- ant Rooms and Board , tor the winter. Refer -nces entiuir'd. "VfRri- M. B. SUMNER, NO. 23 WEST TSVENTY-NINTII ill. street, fans one line suit of R'x m* and a back Parlor, ma yet disposed < f for the winter; also two lurya and Kircn hi; ill Rooms. suitable for ?< ntlemen. Ml of them ; furnisbfd. Her house h:.a boeu t?!l;trged and improved, and a iaunury add?'U to It. ORVILLE HOUSE.?STRANGERS AND riTIZENfl, Mnffle gentlemfn ??r small rK|H--tablp famlli-s, may hav? cheap and comfortably fitrnish?M H<suns and Bedr/'Otna, with evry ronv#>nl 'nre tor honsekfcptak* 'turn $1 to anly jkt w*M*k, in n ux??- quiet hous.-, No. 1.16 lllicabeUi ?tn ?3t, ??5rnerol' Broome, opposite th^ Baptist ehurrh. 1>EKS0KS FROM THE ('Oi NTRY DESIRING FUR. nislied Room*, with or without H'mnl, in a p!<-n?ant locality, und at moderate |>ri ?*, can titid ifc?tn. single or in units, it 92 Fifteenth street, lir?l house east of Third avenue. PERSONS WISIilNO BOARD CAN BE FIJ3ASAKTLY uc'oniniod.u*d ut 107 East Thirtv-ninih ?ti? t. M.-dum convenient es, good neighborhood, nouso newly furnished thiougUout. rea?9iuiblv*f liefer* uw^ticnamajd. | . * * 8G1. BOARDIVU JtXD LODtillVO. HOOMM AN h BOARD.?TH B KNTIIIE HKC.lND KMIUK, < linen ill M ln*tcla** hmrr. AIm* hiii.II n-oin?. Kiinllv mhuII .iii.I ill' uiiUuuIiUmI iv*|ioitablliiy. Iui|iilrti at I|.iiliht?n n\ uiln. OINti<E tSKNTI.RUKX OK t;i'..\TI.K\IKN WITH Til I.I It O wIvt H, wuhiiiK i?' oiit.un win iv ?.tl U?w c*??inl**rtM I'u h'UHH, Willi t n, bath. .v ., ? .?n I.* ?lmuld utU *1 9J AiiUty fttivrt. AU.i final* ! tn iiihlmU It tji'Miwl. rinvosriTs Of rlbtiantlx PURN18HXD Kooms. i- ironiin^'on Hn?itlway, < .uiH.nlii*'all ih*r i:i<??|t*ru ooliui W?t, with or without mil ??r jmital Bonnl, or privfcU'tu aU?<> Mingle Koom* ?'or ^ utU-uuM, ou uuavtumotily mo.l?*rau* tentm, Apply at 91.) Kro.ulway. fpiIRBi: LAEdK AlliV kooms, NEWLY FURNISHED, I to r*?iii, to kiu'?Ih 'eulleiii' ii onl; , in a hr-y?luM Iioiim*. c-oiiHilnlos' ..11 r!^ iin|'its; tin* family lb tmiullunu veil. HI |<iMwr. /\yt Iv III III/ .>1 I II m^.li Ninwl. rpilKEE Kl * 1CN1S11 KI> uooms TO LET, ON these1 coml floor, t?? ^euU?'iu?u, win* or wl;l? ? imrtntl B<>nrd; r I>ivim?'n required. Apply at m Thlrt\-lir*t ktrt^l. riMIK WHOLEOKTHE KKCOM) KlAMilt Vi) LET?WITH I or w nhoui Hid.r?l, rumi^iouor iiuiurm*)w'd, to a Kin.ill yv.m? r\ luiuily or ;wo ort'ii'w* nl.i:.U? k* uiU-iii* n, in a hrm 1 i*i i?H lion** and .i plivaU laliu.y, al -41 Went Bl^htertnt li H(r? i L mo OEMTLEMBN -TO i ET, TO ONE OR TWO GB!f. 1 .i n iih in ?i, nmul habk rutin, wiik iim* of bath r?it#m a 1 join uK. in a mi-i Uy i rivuto iatnily. Apply at lis W ?: Ho iMoti mi iv t,?nrncr o'l fcfa< oti;;al. mil DOWN TOWN BUSINESS UENTLEMEN.?TWO 1 rfi'iillivnen, doMirln? to room t-h?*r, onn liii'fl* in h convenient, a l.iij:?- IUniui, with ;<i.tiiiid lilt*, winch will tie v icntiMl iMl .y; /Mi?*r ext'IUNlv< 1. lor urniU-nnMi. Bohi of bu^iiii r i'^mpTlTen and ruiiuirod. Addio** 8. h., llei ?l?t oilhv, iIuvh. rpo 1*E**1V A PRIVATE FAMILY, TO ONE OR TWO 1 u. Willi or wiiti ui iiuard, a | l?Motaut front Uihiiii, WhuI KiiittUiontb Addiv.** i^iuuitir, llurald mo LET?TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, HAND1 rionn ky lit minimi Room*, with break taxi (dinner ii ?? *1 imI?, in a private Oeijuan tauuly, no cliillnu; plf.waiit It n, v? mluutei South wrry. Apply Alal Hemy niri'4 i, MftaiUlyu. * rno ley?rooms neatly furnished, in a pri1 v it.-family, Mint.l?U- fur ?in#lo #ml to n; |>arii*l Bo?.rd tl rt*i|kitri*?i. ll'Mi*.- h in all tin* uiodei ri Improvement*. Ap|il,\ .<-12-S Went ILmwum Klnwi. fPO LI T. WITH BOARD?LARUE A Nl> UMAIA ROOMS i i in wmt ruitnnnnth umi. bvtwfl d Fifth aim Ml.iu rpo LET -WITH BOARD, A FRONT PARLOR ABO BED* 1 room, on hi rond Hour, liari'laom Iv l urnlala*o, euttaule t r igt'uu man ami wil'o or a >' Ntl? uian. Tin* h?m*e 4? miairm tin* modern improvement*. KonuL Minall. A bo ne i i .i . : i -n 1 i 1I4, Apptj ?i -id QnVI fctrcrl, l?e iwivri Rlee?-.k<t and IIuohoii Hireeth. rrvi LET?A FURNISHED ROOM AND PANTRY. OB X im* Uilrd ' o r. in a u nlK'nutn md h m wife or two * .itli'iiK'ti. iyrinn$2 1!5 |M?r we -u, i.??li hu< gun. Mho a Kfilrooiu, andlHoaiM If ^quir*'. I. Li'iulr - at 104 Eujitli at?. rpo li:t?wjtii ok without, iiano^mjcly a iiirm-u?m himivtih. rrivA-.i* mou* u iv?|.irru. Apply at .'ii ??l Murk h pluvti. VERY LOflB AND BAND0ONB ROOMS. IK flUXlfl <?r iinj?k% rau, wiih or \wiuoul Ko.iiil, at4u )V>o?l Hllff'l, \\r vu ntltTKS.?'$!0 PEtt WEF.h FOR A PRETTY HURf l?ish? I H'llll Ko.Mii, alio to.< '..I |.?r ^r^rllllrni'ill nj.l wi ? Willi iitl) lio,ri. A k mii 'o .1 k nil' limn fur ft. lloiiM* i r.-t<*1:ii*h. No. it)2 Wvm Yvvtrriu-siwh *rj> rt. XJLT ANTKD?1W>ARI>, \MTI! A I'hlMi- ANT ROOM, BY f I a holy tr.u li^i , in a priva#* #, p iu , ?>t vibiM'- tb?*ri* ara hilt few l>oar(S?TH. ]?' W S'llltll T?*V41I? itiuilt rati*. A Mr *, term*, L. N., llernUl athrc, lor Inter. day?. IITANTED?BOARD FOB A MAHRIHD LADY, fOB t f Hi.* 111 a private fam ly wli-ov iti? re an* uo n'lit r board* r?<; not above Foilr*e< nfh wit.l Fourth and Si i< aveuiiea. Apply . nun 2 lo 3 iiMn-k to it. I.. Piinw, No. i?WillntnMt r KABT THIRTY PIR8T STREET. AN HNTIftB tJ Himmul Plo<?r ?an uow tie ohlulio??l %uib??r with orwi'UO .t |iri\ a ? u.i lr. AI-?-, ono or two KooriiH lor riu^le k?mteitii'ti. l>tmi* r at *ix o'clock, ltefereme required. 1Q UNION 8QUARE. ? PAJH3X8 WS8HWQ BOARD J / won! Ho w%ll tu?*all at ll??* above iiuuiIht. ']*l*e I wow* I'onmltiM * 11 tli** modern Improvement*, ami the loeation ia t Item tent i'i New York. To nun mouer.tie. Hreaklaiil l'mai 7 i<> 10. Dinner ? 61'. M. OQ UNIVERSITY PLACE. ?TO LET, ON SEOOlVD mmmj .t huh oi' ItoomH, li.ui' rt uk ly . uriiiKheil?-ouiMHtlug of three?but Ii room, to*-., with Hoard. Humily kiiiuJL Keieitiii^N-c tickiauf^d, i)A rNIVEKSlTY VLACB, OORNEK NINTH STREET.? -ii Klega;ol> fiirniftb* a Apuriiu u tc . n mute. with lull Ikuit'd, or on a ta h' II" yiv.'er ??l, let. Ainu v? ry ilenlrable *. tgle Koouih. II.nine lurniMieci with all of the lri.j> . v t incut*. Etffcrmci wqutml, ^ 07 WEST THIRTIETH STHKKT.-TSVO Oil TUHEE O ?M?loct fu 111 11 h and Uirett or 1 our ^ 'UUriiu 11 can la* m<v | caiuinoil.iied wtin auitH or ?iu^l" H iutu^, iu <mi?' ot'tliemc-Ht avmnie. Ta'le ncxt'cia**. Ucicp'iicf* etchanireil. *JG WEST TWKLl TIJ STICKKT, BETWEEN MITH AND 00 Sixth iiwiiii* .?A im!i<1 Milt ol Rooms, U> 1*1 to? ^enitemiti am! * >*'v, loniinlied fir iinlmnnlied a* partl?? iruty Join1; hounc; tfood board; >;ood location. i*| TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH I 1 iiyc'iiiipm.?Wry desirable R*outrtfin stilt* or hln*l", with Board, can Iobtained f??r sen i?*m u ami their wive* r?n?i:l?' ^cntlemeri. The house contains a!) th? modern Improvement*. (mineral six o'clock. A J WKST TWELFTH STREET ? BOARD. ? TWO J T I'l.'HMai ( f 1*J ?ll l KooIllH, oil tin- I it?? ' I K'ory, lll)CN|M*ClCftly vacant, lo let, u f u Board, at i I Went Twelfth htreet, twecli Fifth aad Mull avenue*. Alrtoa hall Bedroom. iU fcwnw'K e\chati::< d. WEST TWEJttTV FOl RTI! STREET. BETWEEN " U l-'i in anil .*vv !i a wiiiici- Tl n enltr Sim-mil Floor, furbished. w?th Ho.?rd,can be had on ronton able terms, in (ill* aboVC UrslcLlSS llollSC. r"I TENTH STHKET, BETWEEN FIFTH AN'I> SIXTH ) 1 u\ fiii.i'.s,?Vi-r\ <K*n!i al*i? Rooms, hi s.*i'? or v u*Knotty furnished, can ?> < ? .1 f??- k..?hU ?.m ti and tlndr wive, or single Kentlemen, wilii llourd, in a lin?i class lioum*.' Dinner at C> o'clock. r j SEVENTH AVENCE, THREE"**DOORS FROM Fourteenth Kiri'iH?KooinB lo let, turnlsli<u or nuuirHshed, wdli Hoard, lo single ucniietnen or j;cnilc:ricii and tin it \t vi h; highest relcritncoft given and lectured; dinner at 6 o'clock. QA NINTH STREET BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLAGE OU und Fillh avenue. To rent, with B-srl, a bas'-immt, piiiUtld'' lor a physician's ofli ; <<i two gentlrmcn; nL*o two sin jc rooms lor'gciuivint'ti. Reference# ext'lianged. Dinner al Mix o'clock. 01 XACD<XJUAL8TREBT (HT. CLEMENTS PIAAGE) Ol a ;renilem.ui and win- o, two or three mIiikIc t*nt!eiin il oati be iH^'ofiiinodrtti'd wish a litini Umiii or a hac* I'arlor And Exten i -n Room, with Board, in a small latill 1 \ ; house has all the mod'-ru improvements. (J(i Sl'RlNU STREET, ADJOINING J'RESCOTT HOUSE fj v au-i o'j)po it? Si. Nicholas?Furnished Rooiiin u? i?L AO GREENE STREET, ABOVE 8PRIN< J?ALSTON fj*f Hoiih" ? Klf'p.'iiulv lirrnishfd Hiiitnot Koom^, with ^hh, (Vo>m waterHii i I'Vi ry Ci uv#*nirni? for houn?'Keeping economically: particularly nnited for Kiriall, ri^imi tiUc fainill'M. lU-Mt low. 11V> PftlliOS bTREET, TWELVE DOOR8 WW or I I" '^j Broadway?l'iea*ain. Kooms and uood ltoiird for KeiiLlern^n oryenfli-rnen and th*rr wives. Bnaktant from i 7t<>9. Dinner at 12 und 6. Family EugllMli. (Jaanikl tmih. Icrms low. RetVnrnee* ??xchani?^iL *|A/r WEST FOIRTKENTH KTREKT.?TWO OR J I ff) three fttiits of Uoorus .in*! ?i single U<?om, \\ i:h Board. ( Th* Iioijmm Is (n>t elas* ill every tv?q*' i and the Nituutiou untturpaKsed, im^; ojxin through front and rear. 1 -* / * WEST TWK.VFYTin KD 8TKBET?OENTLKKXN ' i Lv) and their families, also sinylw gentlemen, may obtain dehiiald* Room*, with Roiird; rel'etenees ete.hang*a. "1 OA THOMPSON KTREKT, ABOVE PRINCE.?'TO .1 " let, furn.tdied Room.. from $1 upward*; *l?o Suits of R 4MUN for families, with every eonven:< ?< ? for hotihekrepinj, Jinrl at lew* ibun hull the usual'rente, to res|>eriaWle pardon* only. T*>7 HINTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE WEST OF J r> I Broxdwuy.?To let, without B'uird, a sei-uinl II*x>rt j e!< furnished, suitable for a gentleman ami wife or Kindle gentlemen; also a large front room, Hullahto lor one or two ; ? ktl(!DI n. 1h>7 WE81 ELEVENTH STREET.- A LARGE PLEA1 I I vant front Room, ?n ttixt floor, to let, with Hourd. to a getreman and wife or two or throe single gentlemen; also two or tlm'f email front Rooms, where lire can be had if required. EIGHTH STREET, HBAD Of LATAYXTTE */ plaee. oat* of the most desirable 1?? jit in the city. Furnished f?ximnto rent to gentlemen and tbelr wives, or to a party of gentlemen with or without Hoard. ] j r TWELFTH KTREKT, NEAR SECOND AVENUE? J ri) Two :dti**e gentlemen and a and wile will nnd pleasant aeeommod.itions. Room.-* and inner Rooms (hiddono communleating;; f? w Ikmrders taken; terms $10 .'I lid $u per week for two; references exchanged. "1 r f* PKlNt'E KTREKT? ST. ('LAIR HOFKE.?ELKLOU g??'i?ly lurn.Khod RouniN, witli Bedrooms attached, all I 1m* conveniences for l)ouceke< ping complete. Including gun and Crolon water, to l?t tn respoctafele families or single gentlemen. *m I EAST TENTH KTREKT, TWO AND A HALF block4 fmin ih?? llowvry.?tjenuemnn requiring ! i.lasan? teruialied Room*. t\ ith <rr Without BrrakfitHt and Tea, will find every accommodation. at moderate iij'plyin. .?.l al-ov<*; and double RoOED<s wilh conveui' once ol h?M?t, bath, ?fc<\ i QAr? WEST TWIONTV-Tf 11RD STREET.?A H(rIT OF M ) l i.rnishH Ehoiii;? to i?-t. '.vith Boar d for a gentleman ami family. A - . K<*?ms. with Board. I'orvmgie gentlemen. iJinncr at 6 o'cl<>k. U< !eretftc<!* < ^changed. fc>fVQ EAST TKNTH STREET, CONVENIENT TO ^jUO Broadway.?T > li t, wtfh Hoard, a desin.V?l* Sceond Floor, togeutlem^n or gentlemen and their wlv*s; alMia very j le/uttnt l>ack i'arlorand fourth htory Room. m A KLM STREET?JACKSON HOI SE ?THE MOST JjI U comfortably and conveniently t'urnialied apartment in tho city, to meet the wan tH of am a 11 Jamil.<m; w, i < very uriilture; claen linen, cooking range an.i U'ensila, pa* and (!rou?n w ater. QCO WEST THIRTY FIFTH KTltKBT ?MARRIED OR 0?J0 nin ?l<?.?r-oniM and hfat what a low rate you ran K [ good Boaitl. in a nt<*e. well kept, modern built hnu*" with j?I".is;iut company: gan and batlrrooin I'roe; alao iroe uao #1 wh!*Ii tuba; cnildren uo objection. ?>7Q FOURTH STREET?Ft'EKIS TIED ROOMS, O c O without board.-?A private tamily having uiora loom tlmn they require, will let a few Room* at prlcoa to unit the time-. Reference* exchanged. OQ A FOURTH STREET, NE \R LAFAYETTE !'r,ACE,? OO i Two or three Rooms to let to ?mtle gentlemen, wilb | broifcfimt. a d met at 6 o'clock Rofenncti eutiMiied. r> i r ks\) f47 bkoadway, clinton iiorsE, over : u tt) Jbleiidi's j*4loon?h;?'ij:wit fiii-n. led Room* ior.gen- I | tleoicn aj)d firaillca, on very {literal term* for t!?e w1uter. covivTiii board. wANi!!D 'A BOARD?F1KM CLASS: TWO ' VV K<'?m? f?r a Kualb'mnn, wift" nn.l nurw, hi*' -hlii*. ton I!rii;nU", Y"?kiT? or Kitcrilalr, wlilim 11.11 mimitFh w.i.fc I ol the l'L-u n 10 Milt Iho tluic. AiIiIi cm. kUUng Iciiuh, i U, 1'., 100m 10. No. 160 jb'ultun siueu 3 ! IPFCJAX KOTK'KS. ^ 7>ROOKLVN C.IIKSH ?'I/UB.?1'imSlTANT TO AT>J> ^ iriirneut, u in f .liiR <>f u??* n?f ei> oi the Kn??ikl.. n will im* on T int'iniinr ^lM-r I, 4t8 o'clock, Hi 14 Court Hfrwt, Krt*>kn, mom N<? J7 Jltiiubtfll and uiliont wtuhiiig iu join uio iuvitvii lu be present. "I> KAPY'8 8EV1.NT1I KKOIMRXT UYMNAH1UM, 2ft ST. .19 Kuiitli m iiijhiii lo tin? putilir. OUiMi*ri t??r ilif M.kMoti for A<'triiH|iK?|| mit| jut|K |,j gymuiuttlra, ?hi?jilb?*nWH, Hpurrinr, *\c.% will ? imuiiwii?w on %!* Ut ?f Oolobur. L;ullo*' rlii?*"* Tu??*ilavh, TliurMlavii an I Sn'tmlayn. Ladifft and i^MiUi'imm ar?? irivfuM to mil and in |m% t tli?? mnaftluia, Ati*., whore ci.t uiars and lull n v\ \ l.-i> i.w.s It* l.ud. AHXl'.li S IlILlDY, Proprietor. TTTOOK BHOWNKl 1,'H I?E.\TII AT IIIH OWN COIIKT, YorkvilU*.?I uur'W liih net INdi^- i' tur., S- ndny mora JIIK. J** )tlr* 111>< i ZJ. \X~i?A lUt* OlWlliiK or th" t Otlft Iml luun.inK, ANi'-riuiin I'ail-v. who for koiio w? . k* pa*t has la*en oilu u. in^ tor Juily liro . m il ?J?irir?i; h n lat<> !< km *tt% 11* an old imt *t?-. ?ii?*ii iri? ml, look ihvrmIoij tot-all tiie t row of citi/eMH'iHHfiubU-il looril^h, Mini announced in a feeling tuanm-r tho Houiev? U,ii. mkuIimi . atii oi Judpr Hrttwnc.ll, ?-r tlnit Court. 4>n the Au!?-1mail h motion, IK-nnla Mi'tWiliy waa call*?<1 m>on to ptHMdc ovit the mcctim/, and I>. B. Tuvltir Wlia upt minted Si- rcuiry. A Oohvnltte**, rnunlau In.: of J. B Tnllv, Knr4?* ami William W.'nlnworth, wa? npiNiiiitt-i'-< auhmit a pr-amhU* atJH rcaolutions nfty)tnprlato to the nciinalua, which iamiiniUoe reported tho fo OW #'11 ? Wliei'**.**. It ha* Di1 iih' I'rovfleneo to remove from nmoiiK iih flon. ,|. StoTiHiin Hr ?u m?", oiu* ?f tin' Pollen J tinticca of tin*city; ami wht'p'a*, tin* d?*i*aa??<l wna endeared to u*#all hy lit* many admirable ?|u.ilih?*H o hoad and heart, bjr hi* I enevoW*nee, elemeney und -natty, in which h?* Mtomi prom n.Mit ataoujf tho m- Ht oittiiiiabln and ?t iMtin^iiKh?*?t or our ciiu? n? timi liy whi< h ho honored hi* high poaitfcon audi beneitt**d iho whole community j tliort'ion* ltoaolmt, That while wo bow with r? M jnntlon to the will ot ilu* l).|niM'riif Lifi'iunl lif.iih, wo ?! # j?ly reuret the dec mho oi tlm lau* Justice o: th * court, uud Nyiupathize with hi* widow ami '.amity. itoaolved, That Hit* court room I** draped in mourning ton thirty da\ * In teatiiuoiiy of 11 ? ?p;>r*** tmn of ita ollWii^ ax well na of tin citi/- ih of tin- di in i, iur the virtuca ui tlio th-M-uM'ti and of their ?. nou lor his Kcanlved, Thuta<o,?> ot' lima#* i e?*,.hiuoni? b* pr^enieft to his wilo ho mioii as tln*y c hi be h titattiv enur .ved, and that * committee ol three he appointed uy the Luairman for thai purpose. Mr Taylor^on rtHiiif* to aerond the adoption of the rep<n., dw?lt hi eouaideiahle ien : h on tin* many virtues ttf the la'o Judge, doeiariUtf iilui, iu Ultf, to ii .vn ib on tho god*Iof tho poor hutrndng K**mT:Aiion. At ter t!* un niiuona adoption of tii?' r?*port auU oiHotutioiiHitiwi ih? apjuii .too'iitof the coininiu?H, tiie iiK OtiiiK aw a>ui to d ; ? in* i lo a )><<4ly hI tlm funo raJ, on Tueaitay iw\t. UI'.NNIS iloCAlCTUY, Chalimau. 1>. B. TAYLOK, Secretary. 11^1 ?'H l?KAL1.ii>' MKKTINti A KIUII I.Alt MONTIlJ Is uuM'tuigof tho hh'W Vol., lj<|taii 1MiJ. iV Ko? i**ty will I i- lit Ut at the Mctri'i* ilinu It- oiux, No. ICO llo-irr ntit'ct, ott TuoUay evening, 0< t??i>' i I, at 7j, W ? k. Hn order, IV W. ! *.<.>, l'i Mi< ut. A 11. MATillKWS, V1.M* rrcnMcnt Joim Rocjkrs, Raionlina Socreiary. mo MKHt'HANTS AND M \NI*FAC'T(THK1W.?MRU* J chanUiaixi manufattLorera who Nv?nil<11'ko to ?*ut??r into tho Havana bu^inena an h?aroi on** ol ii.o i>. ?l hoiiHHaof II ivaiui, wb?? wtuihi fak?? rhat|;e?r th? ir llKinea^. Address Uavaini, Journal of i^itumerrj) ??lhco Now York city. kim M it urmu T>U(JLK, 1?I9 (IRANI) STKKKT?KASY AND FKRE oi e?. llotiiM* oimsii at all lioui*?. Free lunch from II to 1 Uu k. iiAKKlSeW. von nrNNRHON Monday. r Kiiglitth Malum, K<;i?"Uii limn** and Cartridges. For (tutu -rou Tu***d:t\? Jnpyed Hap'ami I'! >/lub Mutton and PartrtduftR. ForMile., Ku?h.*h Me.tiea .n (i uitfh, OrouMt, fiiri ridge, llaitw, Yarmouth M out."im .... % Alw ?n draught. T. KiOll A i: DtfO.S', i?l, ?ft'? M 1hji?\ cvriiitr William meet. Oy-STKJtfc?TH8 m<i ;i:sr gfhWB, TBB XilXOMT Fi'iet*, the Uu;rM U ^ 1.4 mi ) 'ho Hi<mm ah SivlUle lUt a -ih.i]w.i\k!m inn m *ti. * JHiiV H. L*J Fuiloti Hirm?t, m ..r Jl r.iM <?fie?\ N il?Oynter i>-neU wiuiout t-.ra> klng, therm y avoiding nm ptce-sot nil* 11, ,-?e, lMTB0Xi00fi ABOKA FIDE AST IU) I AKasST?MADAME WILfiONf l*flh (lie UO^M'tvl* VOlir \IM, ^kon magic vliarillH Mild K(nk1 hiek for lilt*, free ol riwi^f} 1. lis .til evetw* of IHV?pant, i-twin ami futurv*; < o'iMuluiiioni-oii im?iu?-M*, xickneHrt, marriage. ceui-wta<>, tiav* lit m, At. Si.<* in rim 11*1*1 wonderful uflirok), t*t of tin* ii??- < 1 vi* ler n fall; you wili nwt regret It. 1W Alkn Mtitv t, mi* tloo'.M from S.Motoik, niitiu' 011 the door. Charge for laui? h ami ^rutieiueu 50 wntn. liewaru of linpokii.Oli ASTONISHLNfi.-tfA: A M K Ml HtKOW, SEVENTH tfti tighter, has a t'hit <?i forenldit. mils how mood and ? urn yon will liiimy, an 1 all you wan U> know, i-v^ii your very ttwumhu, or no p.i\; iui ky c'wtrins fn**; hrr Mquul Im not to be found; |??r uiit^i im irf in n?.w in lull opcrallou. 144 Ludlow below lioutt' ii. l*rlee 25 centM. Gentlemen n it udodtted. CILAlKVoYANCK.- MliS. MYSUHIli1* MEDICAL J room* are removed to N". 141 Wt*?l Fifteenth NtiWt, uernm* tif Hutli avt*iiiH9( rntiuu-r 011 FnioeutU street. CouHultiU'iiui on iiickiifftft, (>u>iiK hi, ubnent friend*, Ae., and Hauhfaetum gitiiraiilf-ii or no jur.. IOOK AT THIS.?THIS ONI.Y TRI'E MEDICAL AND J bu?diM*ftH<;liiliAojaniin ihc Uiiittu Huiies. 1< you wUh to I ?mtain omvect lntoruanl"n on ev nut tinai<;h Uh*?purlieu i.iriy iii>*#*iii ui<ii.i*. torn. ur tiLOH'ii prop n\. you Hnouni ?niiMiit her. N. b.?Mm. Mllj'Hi.N .no Iiwui'?uk. Imt ?lven the K-naU'Ht HAliK.iM-tiifii Iti ul> wlio \1m|i ti* r. Sim* manufactured * wa>li that I- warranted to curupiiiiplrMitMi remove iivc.klM, tati iiiiil Huikittirn. ami render* the mUu pariectly ?mooib. JLadleit. try It. 351 Hroonu* ntccet. \fADAME HIIAEKKEU, NO. 2fW SECOND STREET, BEl\l tw*? n a\i'Miii* C ( iiiuii i?oiinet, ? <. <ind lioor, front xmjui, h:ili comlinm? h to u lt about love, niarriAgc, ahai-ut lrienda, bu*in*?> and jonrie yn. iatiiM, 23 cent*. Gcntleu*4-ri not udmitU'd. M adame ray, s&? hevrxtfi avknije. neautwentv-M venih atn i t, *. i iim'm ail who vu?ti mr. The troubled and unlo? y .uoiil?l i? st h?*r power*. She uiIIh your very thou- In*, wy uumhera, Iokhi m. Ladles, 25 cents; gentlemen, 50 c- utw. Madame necok, tiik great foreseer op ioj. tura evenU, cun *r en hi 2iS Hpilng htr? t, h.iHement, nrur Mac-dongal. Khe tella o \> Mr.-, g!\e* l icky niimbrr*, chump* kjh edy marria,,e?, Ac. If you wish Lh? truth, glva Uer U Olll. Mrs IIUNBOE AI'PfJVH GALVANISM for TUB < lire oi lemitle ?-o;.ij..ntH. 1. nil- s e?ri ootuiH iiotird ami ineaiial ti<a;in- i t at 2tf Watt* direct, next to Varick. \fKS. ives, GI-AlUVOi ANT, EfGim SIXTH STREET, i\l. r.r*t h??u*e w ft of Thini avenue.?1 > vfioj ement. reKni'iiUm db?'aRo? an'! even'* ni ry. ry . ind, or foreign, pa*t, pre* nt or future, n? nle with unerring accuracy. *'orr?' j?'Mi ii-Mta to h iMire iioiii -diate at' m iom ^lio il I fiicloHK & return stamp. Third av? nu** t urn the <loor every few iii. mllh k. \r B,?WHO ii >s NOT heard OF THE CELEBRATED Mm<\ 1'REWKTER, who , is t???rn coUmiiIIc.J by thou* Hiin.l -in tlii* an<l other I ?. * ni li entire ?atiHia? tlon? Slio le^ii#<'oiilitteui tihe hu.H no ?-<|iial. She telln the nniitH of futup- r liunbrtiHl, .m?l tluti of h r vi?.iier. If you wiith trnih glre her u taH, at 2.1 Third avenu*;, ahove. Twenty llrit strtn t. Ladfc*, 6J cent^, g Mitlemen, $1. pEAD THIS.?A PHKENOMMilST ANI) ASTROLOaiST I t 'hui heuUi the w .' lM, uti-t ivward tor iii^y one who uhi Mi*h W'l. ..iNG'lo.N, wlm in acknowledged to bo the only lady In iW * ifyw ho ti uthlully iclvra mlonnatioa ttNNHrnlagffWM, lawvuita. journwn, a\ * ni frUtnds, iwve, eourtahip, marrin^e, lieaj^h, w? ??tii, and who will reclaim drunki'ti and nntaithful hu.-kin Mi-s W. In the only pardon in tiiiKcny who hah the ^munic U' and Arabian ta? lismanH lor toTe, /;ooil In k ami nil In n n< hn alfaii-^aod aro guarant4*e?4 l or lift. Delay Mot to eoiumit liua naturally gifted and ImilUtiftll young lady. Lueky nuuthern given, liighl.r n*Kpectttl>le city refcrcnM'ri can be seen at her r?* Hide nee, 101 Nixtii avenutt. mriE OKEATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IS TUB .1 young and accomplished iiadame HYltON, 1 roui Paris. who ? ?!? he connulutl Willi the itriMnt w>n(lf!i,m,fl on all aOaiirtof life, embracing love. courtship, Uup. urns and aiekness; restores drunk** hii'I untaitlihil huHhamls; him a Kf n>t to make vnu beloved by vmir'heart's ideal, ami brings together ibaHu* ion# sopae,. ted. Ladles*//) cut* gentlemen 60 ccuta. Roaidene* No. 1M> Th I rd a venue .above Twelfth street M KOICXI*. 4 N IMPORTANT WORK.?A WIDE FOB THE MAR,/Y rl*?d, or tmise rontemt. attnglL The afflicted, debilitated or diseased m1u>uM not Hurry or adopt any treatment till they have intorined themaelvea of the truth, only found fa Di. LARMONT'S Paria, Lenoon and Sen York Med leal Ad* ? km* mimI Marriage Oulde, edition), muled ior$l by RP'HARDSON, No. 1, and ROSS#.t TOL'dEx. 12i"Xaaaau htrv?*t. Tlit* d?H torciirea all such aflfe ?tons, recent r Mi lout; standing, exj>edlttou*Jy and privately, as for years IwiHt, ainftT Brua</\vii.v, up-stair*, tmintf A. M. to 6 1'. M. A FfBCTfONS OA USED BY KBE01 R V AND MfiM J\ diseas* k suceeaafuily ci.r d by Dr. YV'AHi), 12 LaigLt street. The doctor In couslnui attendance. / lOKFIDKNTIAL MEDICAL ADVICE.?DR. II. A. BAR* V J ROW, of the Royal C<nile?e of Surgeon* and L'Eco]** do Mediciu, Paris, having dovof*d hin exclusive attention to diae.iae*, alining from imprudences of youth and maturity, has, ifiter dotp S'ieniitie. resean h und intense study, difcej). vend a guaranteed and most wonderful remedy for tho efleetua) cure of Nervous and Phyaienl Debility, llcpre*sloii of Spirit*, Palpitation of the Heart, Weakness of the UiuX and l/mis, Painful Hit* ?m* or Im-uhue, Loaf of Appetite and Memory, and de. |li:e of the natural power? of life. L)r. Harrow thus pu 'kiy evinces hin he iitfeli ^rail in .afion on account of the success that has attended bin eil'ort* during an extensive practice of severalyears. Many that have been given up as incurably lout and pant ihe power of hunuin skill Dr. Btirow h?t* n stored to health, happiness and pristine vlgos. Therefur** those pronounced in-urable, or fmv iieen nei;>* ted or improperly treauwl, art' oarn-iiiarlv invited to jwy the D?aior a viall. Another gratify li? leatuieof Dr. Barrow'a practico arc the hi'-'h honors and testimonials In* ban received lor Ins superior treutm?iit"withnut the use of instruDcntp, mercury^ or any other ol tlnme ?hui.'t??iih roniedleii which are Invivriablv uh?m1 hv the unakiiiul. Dr. Barrow'g hour* of con* p iltat Mn are from 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8; Sunday till 2. 1M eeker Btroet, four dowra from ilacdwupiL, New York. Dr. ii itnter if as for Tin kit ykars confinkb hlM.ttumion i?* dlat'aMft of a eerudnclasx, in which ho h.-i* t ?;ated no lfan than fifty thousand cum*?, without an Inkuiik f.41ure, ]11ngivntremedy, Br. liunicr sH. il prop, ? ri * ?* rtaln diaeaHiM wh<*n p'tiul r tr 'atiiH-nt and nil other r- ii!?*'li?*s fall; cur*\i wiUiont di' ilnx or restrietlon In tho ha hit ? ?f *.bs pstlfiit; curv? without th?- di^imilugarnl lisknn* lrieffeem of all other r<rs*Hl1eii; eur^ in new <*a**!* fn leas than six hour*. It root* out the poiaonoua taint tlw hlmal i<? dure to ubMnb nnl? ** the n-medy if u***d. It la 31 a vial, aiul caen? t tw obtained genuine atiywiwn* than at Uw old otiic*, N?. 3 Division street. Book, for n<xhlug that'tn-ata of tho effect* of early abase. DR. roOPER. M>. 14 DI'ANK STREET, MAY BE CON*ulted on all ili*ea*?^.of a ?'?n*U4iii nature. Twenty>eigbt ye?4ra axduaiveW devoted to those complain 'a enable him to warrant a cure in >U1 os*e*. T:?e victims of mi^plaeed ronfl* deiiee in inedi^ii pie^eiidrrs call <^11, wiih a certainty of bs* Inj; radioaily cured er no pay. DR. VTAKD TREATS ALL DISKAKKS OP FKMALE3 with iiupai alieied tucfni. Ho.ivtlilng for every lady, bis Ureal Benefactor. Office 12 Lal^ht stn'et. DR. RALPH, OFFICER 139 CROSBY STREET, COE nur of Houston. Hours, 11 u> 2 and 0 till 9 I'. M. DR. .JAMEM A. KKAL. LATE OP CINCINNATI. THE W-JI kn wn healing medium, cnr*?s afl chn>mc ami iu*ute diM:*M?s alaipiy by the laying on of h ind, entirety without medieiue. Ollic?s71 Fourth street; all hours. DK. R. COBBKTT Vf:-;Mi'.T.R (?r THE SMW YORK Universny M?-d4ciJ C?>lleue, ami College of 8uri(eonsv ' j London, csn be consulted with the most honorable confidence I ou private disss** at liollc e, 2???' litre street, near CbatnTa?rs street. N. B. Pr. C.'m diplo*uaa in his office. Pri\ nie entram e at No. 6 City Hall place. I 11ROFP.SKOR RLSTELL, l'?2 CMA.MBKKS STREET, OAK ' J b?- cvt; Milled, hs tibial, nr by letter to box "J,3o9. Boa ton K?. 8 Iliirrt oii avenue. WOSDEKI'I'L SUCCESS OK I?H WARD, 12 LA1UHT 11 Mreei.? Ctruin iU#ou?c? cured 1Q ImU uio u*u*l uma I nu<i at lull ilio cltKigca.

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