Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1861 Page 6
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? -w . ?. T; ^ c KiTirvriovs wv\rKn-VK*iLlM. A hITU.\TIiiN WANTED- BV A I.K.-'I'WVAIM.E I'tlO. J\ 11 .wit y.inui; wniii , 111 nn-w; is (ully toTn|?-tuin u> j U .-.niv m mi tn.'.'ini orWiUdn-n or would Uki- h |itwr h? t. eh.imi?iiiM?<' mi l |iU;t) - intlr pood nty ivi.-i-.-tn*1. I'm h be sri-ti m tier |)rt-b-',ti-iii|)lnj'i-i-,ii (Whttr ?he liven ? ourMj, ii Mo. li E Miaul-1 ., tin Mmidi.y and 1 mutiny. ~ ACTUATION WANTED?BY A JtESPElJTABMi J )uunf woiimn, h" w??i.i-i- and iruuvr; ^uuil refe- r< a?iu-? given. lnn'itif m at* W??l Hull ?'?. I Anmnm w**56d-st A iixsvbotasui joniKwiit <tn, u? Hiwiii?ir>-M nil mw; will riit?nU lit mh -nrw, of clill-lr u'm-l llitiij.; 1? lh<ir'-njs!il> ui*iualtuuil \v1tli J Mm< ?!* 'if < U'Iihu; ha* iiiir?c-?t'tl<m?lil.-i i-v rrlereQce fruin < L. j1 1 iht [11 1*. Cau he Men Hi 137 i-.HM 5Ui at. U AKF.SITJCTAItU-: YOENU WOMAN WISHES A SITU#?uim ..h " I Uaiutr-'i* In 11 jirlvati' i.u illy; 1 an J lipnluri- lite Ji.--r i-l r f?-ivn<-?: lui. tt.i nbjecUuu lu liiu'coun- 11 kry. Call for (wu <iuya ?t Ui W<wl Sii-l at. r-? B AUERM *N WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION WITH A ~ ptlva-v Amnrti .in family (i'roti Mi.itU) h? itxik; t>?i?t uf m-i. rt-ui-i- "H Hii a? In i-it)wliiltlii cv HI l'J2 iirwunu ?(., 1 b?iwi-ni w 1 operand liluii-iih nil. li A BESPEOTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO HO 2 nil kind* of plain arwing by llts day or wc-ttk. Cull ut Itfi Writ '~.ri;!i St., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-It Y A I'-MTIlKL'L WOMAN, '< hk niuii'U' hh; . lif po:f ? l.v in.>' r UttiiU ber busincs*, d Mid rpmniiir<l m vi-ritl vp.ira at liVr laat plk'U'j call till up linn Mihlui* anil Kn iti* Hilling. II.t* tin- bent of cliy rrfiTtiice. Umi hi'M-t-ii until i iii>hk' U at lflftU ll Ht., nearM av. j A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RBSPHCTABL* YOUNG e n><iii.ui. ?k ni.r>-f mid w?n.Htn>M>; ia willing uiul a tin. Kiel ?1' < Hv n li i in i' mn re |.;li'i'll. Can In- well lor *w day* * ' hrrriftplK e, ^fi.l 9th av., in itan drug attire. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE 01RI.> > ui ii 'H,, rtadi and iron In 11 muhII family; wlalieato h h.Ici' herai 1' ,'-n<";i :t'ul. Oily n JVri III''*. Can bo hi'ell a Mbr itiri'i' day* at 3*iHKill av., lop Hour, back room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT AMFRICAN WOM AN -i wants .1 aituation ax iiiMMt'lvettiH-r, n nw or *upr<rtn- f tea lent of .in liiNiuutlon, or at-inliiM wi .Illy honorable a allu k Can produee releivnrea, Can bi! aeen tit 384th av. AS KNOLtttH SttL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM- J beno.litis uue\i i puumole ii*;orenu' gm.u. Apply at b J-?t Ur.iuil M. b A SITUATION WASTED?BY AN EXCELLENT OOOK; ~ thoroughly uul irumli her buaiueiu; la-nt eitv ivfe rticeut be given. Cull fur two day. at UW Eimt Ljlb tit., -? twrcen lot noil &1 uf*. hi X SITUATION WAXTEO-IIY A KIUST CLASS WAIT- " JV r-KH/r chambermaid, ia fully uoiitpt tent. t!un he aceu ~ ato two day* it her pres. ut empiuyeiX l&i w cm ltd m. j A SITUATION WANTEr>-?Y A RESPECTABLE WO- K iia auriw, caputd- o ulmv ull clauv o: a Im'.ic l' mun ita olrth: t?-?t city roior?uce. Call at 1'Jd 13th at., be- " ween Int anil 2vl ava. AMIPOI.E AGKO PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A -I rtilu.uiuii lit a hiii ili; i'iV>tU) frailly; is a tfuocl plain took. % .ftht-r ir ?n? r; nent ati?l truMtworthy. Inquire ut 122 '* M>'ti ht., riiiir lion**, r?>?.in No. 6. ^ AQKHMAN GIRL, WIIO UNDERSTANDS HOW TO / cook, wash and Iron well, w!>i?? h u tfiiiitUon in ? ?m.ili -* Ainrriuiii luinily. liHjutre ttl bJ tireeimlcli uv.t orin-r iv i ry Kt. ci _ - |. . i - Ti A COMPETENT DKKXSMAKKfc AND LADY'S >1 AID ~ w.ttiLsu Kuu.aion wtth * l.viy <ir fntiuly; nh<4 thi?rou^hly ; ?i?h w<an<lh cnf< mj aii?1 UUinu ctiihlr?*n'? ?W?ihiiu;, ul-n t.i- J. mu,y *'Wintf ol all kiii ih; no ol?ji>cUonn to bike cju*e of ri hv 1 liU -r.'u; besit m city referttneea. Oau l>c *ecu ht 281 Cili ~ *., near 18tb fct. f j \ k DRESSMAKER. WIIO CAN ALSO MAKE BOYS clothe*, wouiii Ilk*41'? Hiiww with a few more Indiei* tiy r^ ft... duvill- A ...Viva A K .ult. ' - A protectant young woman wishes a 8itua- f itou iMcimni m riii iid and H.t trens, or nurse and u? do *r pUkii good rmereiKe* given. Cao be tan u Tor two 4ti>tf at 166 7 ai a v., Bcennd Hour. J A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A COLORED Jf? woman. OttU ui No. 13 Fuium *tM Brooklyn. between ^ 2A and 2o dock. ~ A PROFESSED cook wisiiks a situation jn a prtviite niuilly; jiflrf' <'tly unU r^ui ls iicr tiu?iinn? in uil " Idmi-hii h<*?; In1* my r*f<rin. *. OJl fur iwu <in>H at 14 W^ni IU'li it., Iictwuuu 8:u ainl (Jib m >?' 1 LADY, BREAKING UI* HOUSEKEEPING, WOULD k A IiKi-lofiiniii |iUoo lur (wo of h<T m-i'YHiiU, elthwr -* ?nukt or wuiircsiMui, wlio Iwvu Ikwii hfr lor .uvarnl Bl jv?r?. Apply b.-ii r. 10 A M, M ruom (ili. Nevr York I. Asnukbe ? a steady, competent woman, ao- ^ customed (o tbe eare ol* children, want* u situation; uti- >v first.nos the rare of a baby from it* birtb; is an excellent vftaln M'?vf r. uo objt'citon u? travel or to go a short ?.b?t>iuoe i the couuiry. Can be * en for two days at 1-U Kaet 21st at., h $bu4 tks?r, buck room. ^ A YOUNG WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION IS A HE- ?** Hl??ctablc laiiuly either as rhant'termaid or to do g"n?*ral fcouaework; fh<* ta willing to mak>' hcrarlit generally useful. Iu?fttlr* ai JU7 10Ui av.( near 35LU st. ? A SITUATION WANTED?FOIl A SMART. INDUSTRI- ?* ous servant fir', to do pi in eooilng, vvat?WiU;< and Iron*** rgeneral housework, etthrr In the rity ??r country; in | ?4 an eveHeiit washer an?l iroru r. ee? * and neat. Refermi's unex<* pii na.1 ht. Call at 113 Atlantic st., Brooklyn. J\ ATOtitfO WOXiJ WANTS A SI'ITATION. TO IK) * tbe general Imtiiework of a piain private latuily; un- tv> 4er*tan<b< oo.tinc washing and Ironing; i* a good baker of ry fepead. Beat city referent. Having no friends, m ill Rotor DM>diMatr wanes Call ai 223 Wtuit 17tli ut., between &b and f ftU j.\ ? , in t:i ' AS COOK.-WANTED, BY A BKAI'ECTAIlf<E WOMAN, U' a Kltuaii ?n an cook; 'h r n-^Jily und* r-?t*n<!a co<iking In _ jkh ItM lir.iiicb*'?*; Ik wili ng to a^ist lu waahin^'arid tr<nltiK ti afnuitvd. Oo?wl rlty r*?f??ronee. Can be He* n at 83 lUth u(., / betwt't-n Irving place and av. -a * situation wasted?BY a highly bespecta- 11 ble young utttnan, toC"ok, wiu>h and iron; is .?u e\, *Jteitt iaundr*ttft; f?o to tb<MM?untry. Reft city r?? er- I eMA* from her last pi.i<se. Call at 4J0 Utu av., betw ccn ifJih man jinn hjm ., room .xi. v. ? A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE kt youii^ w'om in, km goo i plain cook, Wiiaher and inner, Gk ?<l riiy reference 1! required. Call for two day* at V.?I Co. i Uauiui.i At. J. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE ?* yon tig lady, .1* good nook, washer and trotter; Is hii ev. ~~ nlfceiit hreud and hi>< utt baker; no objwtioa to do genct-al I hpum-work; test i itv retpreiicc. CnVl for two day? at 323 1 tt*?k? *t., corncr <?1 D?*^r.?w at., in tbo bakery, Brooklyn. b< A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPBC TABLE GIRL, to do Uoiiwwwrk in a small family; i a^owd plain cook, nudicr and iron? r; tfood city teiVretue if required. Can be J onu i?M two dayt* u 4^3, corner of D?graw and Columbia su , ai iiMklya* #i AOKRMAN CiTUL WANTS A PLACE TO DO O hotis<-work and to do plvitt cookin g w tailing and Ironing; city reference. C ill t?r two day it at 47 C.inion Mt. 1 ASITI'ATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABIJ3 1* woman, a* tfood cook, trashcr and ironer; can uire ?iod refer?Mice 1 rom her la*t place. Can h on lor two ~ iay satl'iAW. 119th bi., ?ivnca 6th and Tth and., third I tWur, trout room. J A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to rook, wiihh and Iron; ilv refen-nre i.n*n. Call for two <l?y? at ?75 Uou ru, Hi'C 'ud tloor, fmut r "uj). 1 A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO- i (('Stunt woman, lu do tWking, waiiam*: and ironing or n tu <! general honu'Wortc. Call for two duvs ut IM >Vem Wth st.. Iwtwccn Tth and 8th am Would line to &u ui tlie juntry. J A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO- ? ittxtant girl, l? <!o chamtjerwork and Mitring or aK nurse I" md sramiiiri iw. tn a firiva.K lauillj; '?ii U?c charge of an tniaiu Hum itH birth. B<'St of nltjr reference* given, Call at . 81 We*t SSth m, near corner of Hfuadwn jr. 1 A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE CTRL, b. oil.' who Is a gi>W cook and good Washer and iroiie*. d. Call at 110 Jld a v., bciwi't?i 13Ui and 14th hu*., tu Q? u>rii. J M IDDLE AGED SCOTCH WOMAN"wTsilKi* A RITU- ^ lion; could cook and a*.si*t in th** waaliing and mutlug , ?r uik tare of children ami tn<tke h^ra* If generally ubeaif y Dot So much *ui obior t tu> a K<*>a home. Can be seen Z. until engaged hi 86 Prcaidcnt?(., Brooklyn. A competent dressmaker wishes TO WORK I out by the day or we*?k; one who can give rvcrj' satJaration iu cutting and lilting ladies*1 dre&*-*. Call at No. 45 ikl W?*i I3ih at. a \4 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CliAMjCIl bermaid or waitreaa; ts rom^teut and wl..ut? to i*ao can o; children. Call at h5 Eaxi H2d M. ^ a yol'.nv, woman wants a mtiratikn to do a J\. general hou<^ work; HhfiH a good plain coojc, rery civil Rl am! o>.iiglnr\ and an excellent \> uud ironer, B? mt tity \ referent. Can be aeon at I to llairiHou a tree., flr&t loor, ^ \Yront room. AKMTATJox h antkif? to tkavhi. with \ i.aov; i unrti'iicjiijils balrdivmiu(; or would i?k- uire ol ubil. ''' Aicu. 1 iHjo.iv for one w.-k nt 133 EaM 'Jtili *t. >>1 ASI\AT:O.N VT.?ntki> nr is K&I'EIUENI-ED m ik^wrbotboi-nu'jiuy undi rounds hrr imsinwu. cno b - hikhly ritddini' iidi'il from li>'i i ixl actuation. wtn-r* alio " livid .iiri'i' yenra. aj p.y ut 105 wem 2/lU iwtw.m 7vu r' mv.l sib av?. Ai'.iwi'iv t\ui.t". i;i:::man vkotestant woman. j with th' ?>? * o; r?ivn??s, w .iita al nation to wait l' ou a ladjr K'nnr, v * ail'ornU; ih u?>r nick, and would u p y attention pb-UK.?.itly to an Invalid or any other nat w a,id *" require the la-rvicea ol an cxuurlcncod puraoo. Addioaa M**a H., 2* 4th a v. j, a youno woman wishes a situation ascham- j' A bermanl and to aaaim in wi.sioaj, and inning; or ?* ? cuambcrmaid and plain s.wer. She adverti* k liom the 11 hciiHe ol h? r employ# ? to-day. No. f?2 Weal 19U) *l. A N EXI'ERIKNCKD DliE.SSMAKEK WANTS EMPLOY. ^ J.\ metit bv the ravoruii'k tn a privau* .ama>. o..n IV Ix. Men at Kau^t l^ih a?., flrst floor, bark r on. * AHKSrECTABl.K yol'ng woman WISHES ASTTVa: 'ii t cook, w.' .-lver and irono, or to doc/utfnlfc'nvork or to atu nd to rbiblren. She undur^tan* ^ her bihlti?M, is I' otdigmg and baa uudnuhlcd n-i'iireneo. Call at Lis CUnton |>li*ce, near 0tt? av., aocond floor,Voom S. ARE8PE<TAULE vol'no UIK A(JKD SEVENTEEN ^ yi-itra, wlsiit'4 * sitnttinn aa chu?'s nurm* or waitr m; j; ui ww neatly and nnbroid,,r. oowi? py re?< rclioe. Call at v or addresa MW a v., betwt en 59th and 4orh si^. t * \ bbspbotabub yocmo woman \m iii'.s a sitl1_/v uiluii iu! ?\?t uur??. i.?ii be ktu tor Ino dtiyii ai m imuni , Abitl'atton wan i kl??ht a bespeotable (iiiu,; 1 ik :i good < !. ><, vv.iA, rund Ironer; lli^ ot city ri-tc" rencr sh.'ti. Can Ut! ai? u lor lw <liy? it Itid ?ib St., room IX. A situation wanti'i>?in a j'kiyate l awilt, i by a y'in^ ftirl, as am-tri aa; can rut and f.t L? Ilea* uml childrvn^a r r. *- en; no obje"H??n to tak" '-are of children or oo li^bt? hambt . work; e in ? w on m>o Unf*?; the \m -*\ r|ty reference given. Call l-?r two dajru at ^ Fulton av., fee coo J | door Iroui AdHpb; nt., HrooWlyn. j A8ITL'ATiOV WANTED?BY A YOUNtl WOMAN, TO ! d?i ciiatnU'rwork, or to .imsI with waFhlna and i mjIdk; beat city inference. Cull I or tvto daya al Wont ltftli ai,, . jroar, gncoad floor. ' A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO i do the worl: of a private family. Can bo ae? n at her |?vaent pi.K.*e, 19 < iiat Itou Kt. i a SITUATION W'ANTJbO?BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL, a* ivwid cook, j;ood pia/n waaher an i ironer; woukl do houafwor in a .small family; no obj -tlon to the country; I env re;i ren-c. <'.?11 lor ovo d? ya at liv 8t., L?ur 7U 1 '#econU Ivor, n oxlt twin. i y .# \ . \ N! JilTCJATIONM TV iSTEU-^EWTALEH.^ A filTUAT'ON V iNTKP-H/A KESI'EOTABii'OiKU fv unrtv.:TiiH*i m:iiii ?uri |>.? ,i **,t in*. r?Mi ??! In lie \%milliirr ,<i ?, ntn;;f v> >>?*] ! >>av? ut? n-m to u*wt i * 'In* .an- .,t 04i, !,t,.i-, *'D! }:, from er iahi placu# l-nu be wen ui I .'17 i?jt?t ftui ?#t, \? w?:t ncpsk?a hi: : k? taki.k warmed wo. I&MJIWI I. to . ? at (wi u 'v 11' . Jit Irrure ?**<-naug^ti. Kt.riii, - piv* lor il>r * ?U*.*at >:> \V '*i ?ii*<f iu liits it ,iit ljjhi Hour, fiout room, between iJ) *i)(j Hih avH. \hkspkotarj.e makuikd woman, with a > o.Kl )>r? H*: <?1 tritlk, v *i s ti KUtuo .un UN Wi-l I; !?*? .ai |?r- uuc<-r? rtliic.tff, i! ar>. I'au be weti lw two .4 V.-. al 2-1(1 7i. )? uv*.. I'm ii f*i ti i. f i iki \RF.Si\EtJTAW-E Vol Nr litrtL WTSifttS A SIT A\ion, tu 04M>i?. ?. u*h an<! nv: iri a 1-1 Ivuti- f mHy. If iM " obj<- lion tu tlo g ntfial n. u<uk. JieKt "i m v rt*ieMK'f, I U'l tor IWU tllJH ..t \>o <>Ul 1* T KL, CorrK-T Oi Hoj I rooKlyn. \UE8PEOTABLK WOMAN WAM'ii A Si ITATJuV hm oook, i*k? < IJ? ?it i a r nifi lit /*<( u.wh- r .n?-| oner, No obji*?'tiou to tr>. II ?* the Im'hI oi' city im?t?mhv from her las jl li-.>>< .ill l'??r two tluyn til ??* Kiu.ibetb at., corner >? Houston, room 12. \YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general b?"u rtork h. a ouall fufMiy ; i* a . ?? ? ! wuMur ml iron r;-o liclty re r oe; n<n?t?j? < tlon o ,,?? a aboil iaiance tu ;h" country Call lor two day* j?i uv, A HR8MC0TABLR YOl KG CTRL, W11II *i? l-iTY r? rciar m'?, vvuut* u muiaiio i m# tin ?u;iio*P*tork ami r..itin^ami u/ Hfssii-1 :u il.r w :?*.!? u?;ami uojout;., ?r toi.'Uo arc of cbiMr i aii/l do plain tiewittg. Call atitt&vVi'fci &HU l, im'twtfi'ii iih ami mi? mi h \8!TCATION WANTKI*?KY A RKSPIWTAKLB young woman, u?? cu.tmot.rui <ui ami wuiP r aiiu u? a*iht in tUf w.i:ihlnc and iromn$. U"0<f city reference irom er la*t t:ail ai 2&> VV r+i Jim ft., between HtU ami tftii vh., in kiiv ruar. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION AS \ ch .iob^nu.ii l ild w.illp hh C'llaliliv i III ilu ao'l IIHI'IK w a camp Kmi" jmrM?n, wlio K it? ll/tnl wliL h<*r iwo years* mi a tthl'. v a tor two t? at 370 mat** hi., lirook yii, A KKSI'EHTABLE YOUJUJ WOMAN WANTS A \ eitua'i ?;i an ni'.iiuhtn *n, u? a most <-x> < ii< ni ?m<-in all iaucb**; in wiiiing to tak?* *virw ol > u?l?iivii or to ?lo riiainct VNork. iiotoi' r< ootnuif;nUaiioU4. C.>il at liwr |;r? m> nt nj]iloy?'r?, l'j tst IdtU Kt. k SITUATION WiNfBD-BY A KBSPlBOTAHLB \ yoiuiK woman a* ia<.ti< r?*?, or ?f?? ehaoiberw >r* auu a*i>> ill U?e vva^hiUij ao?l irouiiu ; i\un th?? (Vr iiiv oui her last |>lu< Call t L'/.J Ucm lotU at., bi^wucn 7tb u-i mb av.\, nffiuil Door, i .ii iihiim'. A H UPBRIBNOiSP OOOK WISHSS A 81TCATI0N \ in .? jiuva .anniy; un -er>?fnn?.'b aimpw, uhmk*; makea oi'i tl'KT'painl 11. h j-u. ry, j.? oil i>re <> au<\ eukc^no obj?-c slice. Urtli at N?. U6 \Y?m iiUt gi. VOOOll COOK?SITUATION WANTED JIY A RKSEOtaoit* gin is a g.H??l wa-lf-t and Irom r; would iia?o no bjfCiiootudii^iieriil Uou*?'\\Mik; liaa 1U0 Ih>i. ciiy n-ieme* from her i ot ?'lac?. 0*11 lor two day* hi No. i\)6 l'auc i?u, iirookiyu. V SITUATION WASTED?11V A RES l*E<-TABLE youn^ woman, a* k -. ihmjv nml>rMtanna conn*; and tunii Lk?<lfaM arid <?hii4n*ri*? Ur? h>? s; c*n m? w oii nm'wiug nuiil'if, no o)>j?'? ii'i!i <i tatf" care 01 mown chiniivn; city rulemm*. Calla 145 <?Ji ?v , tu (lie miUiuer at ore. V SITUATION WiNTUMiy a YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook w.u?i? uiiu iron, or ,i& laundr* *; la*nt diy relV* race. Call lor two ?i.?>>.ii i&U?i(<iitU *1, iiio??kiyn. V YOU NO ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A KlTUATiofl AS h unb< ftitalu or to Uo tlin .1 mi boitM'Worli in a ia.l l.uoily; i* a tfo.ui conn, w.>4t>**r am! Ir-mcr. Good city ii?*i'CMi'4S. Call in lUii W lU 'i-itU ku, room No. o. i situation filTlllMlf A BBHPBCTABLE WO* man, t<? ?lo general homework. Good my rtiereme mm her laai place. Call at 5tW .M a v. LKEHi'ECi'/vltLE YOUNG GiltL WlbllES A tilTUA* dun as 000k, waaher ami Iroiivr in a crivaic lamily^ w no oojt'ctioij to vio (.cinTal nonaowotlt. Call at 1&> \\ cm iJi ?jM bcttv* rii 7ih mm 8ili uvu, k SITUATION U'AMKiNiU' A RESPECTABLE V }01111^' .k uiiHfi, ub I'iaui no-ik, wa?her tunl iivui r, 01 to ih" ^i*m. ral iioum'Wov* iu a Miurii private family. Good t reference j'jimi b**r iutrt place. Call at 87 Went 4>to nt.? iiwcii Gin and 71 h avii. i SITUATION WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HO ISML work in a Hinali private family; ochicity reference. Call ?'7 WcaiJWih at. I Yol KG aiEL WANTS A SITUATION AS COO?, L w*?Um uml iiMiK.i or to <V> 1 ;?i h.M.jM'iVorh; two airs1 city returnio? from her la??l place. Call til iiy Wo*t in stM top liour, front room, till eu^ajjcu. i OVUinOH Wan TED?BY a YOUNG QIBL, Nor L ion 111 i.Ue country, to do ofi<*iiib. r.voik aiH ?mhi i<i ?; wa*iit ig and ironing, or to do cImiuUsi work andi.ike r<* 01 cUilui' U; trt with 1*4; and obliging. Cull at lk) Earn, tii ciL, aeeouu Hour, from room. i Sin ATIO.N WAMT.D-ilv A uksi'Ec taule woV mall. toCOOk, WaMl alld ll\?n, 111 U. MOAil jil'ivali! (aUlU>, u? '.o general In mm work; nhe a..a liv. <i umr year* lit Ik r Ktpltce. Call ior two day* at No. U 6lU hi., lu-ur the ?*. ry. i UESi'ECTABLE YOUXG WoMAX WANTS A SITUAV. tmiii to do mvai botn-rwork in ?t Muad private!' iul^. ,*tot city r- pmkv >;W< n iivm her bi*i place. < aii lor 0 nay* ai 007 :sa ?vM between 4iot ami 4J nk, mi tin* bake1 RESPECTABLE YoUNti WOMAN WISHES A SITUAL tiou art chunii> i maid and to do plain rt? Win*; lkiH iiu .j?c.m,n to Uki* cur* o children; e?m ?.- bi*mly recoin- iidcd. Can bo wscn for two day* at-LT7 oth uv., vomer ol L SITUATION WANTED?BY A HB&PEOTABLfi WOX. man to do platit ooutiig, it* a ,v?d Waah' r alio iroll? r, iw wi/ii. to do anything; no objtu u-iu to go to tin* omuy. Country rwwrmv. Apply atho Uny t ki.. lirookiyn. t steady, hespki table woman wishes a situv. ution nh t ooa or iaundi?w?; nan mi objnitiuii n> <.o /uf it hnu.-eworlt in a minll private .amtly. ii * Uu*. m hi of ty r?-icr*:nc?'. Can be *>?-en 1 or two d;.\?? at ^ia Eiiht ;ub between Ir.t iil aye-,, <iecoud door, back room. k SITUATION WAN TED?itV A YOU NO WOMAN, TO V. cooL, watt:i uni ir n, an i a.-aba WJ h gen. ral iiOUhfwt rk; nirliy r< \* ivnee. Call lor iwo dajh at 'M>2 ?d av., Ucar 2oa reel, i.r?t tloor, back ioom. I SITUATION WANTED?BY A RBSF1 CTABLE OIKI* I. tocvok, waah ana iron; hut gn.ui ?nv rviertMiee. i uji fc?'#'ii lor two day? ai 2&J W ebt 1/ia St., between bib and h a vs. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG V \rom<Ji, as idiHniiH i'iuaia uinl Waiviv.^, ?u* ? < waiireKH n?ne, or ?a clmmtM raiaia anu plain h? wer; in will.n? and l>UxH)k; iwHlo/ r.vy ri?/?'rMu*?- j.iveii. Can l?e at ten tor two Iit4lubt)> ?V., ? Oi lier tit 'Join St. V SITUATION WANTED?i!V \ i'KOTESTANT VOUNO woman, to tmie enre of children ami uo ti w iti,;; u objocuuo to the vu.t.y. Cail iut two days at 111 Weal ith ?t., iK'twten Oih and 7iu a vs. (in the rear). Good refernoe ii nquM i OEBtfAN OIliL WANTS a SITUATION WITH an Amei u an fauioy, to go in tUti counuy, n?:ai- tnc city, ail ill j*li iht tot. a SITUATION WANTED -BY a BfiBPEOTABLE L yuuu?c woman, to do the uotinework ol a Kuiail piivaie tmiiyoi j.,rowu pi-r-ouai ; iv s ^?hhI ?iiy tvleri nee ol two t iti'? <?nd a nail, t 'all at i"J4 W cat 2iat su, ill the rear, be* veen ?ih and Ihh nra. k S COOK.?SITUATION WANTED BY A EBSPBCTA1 bta younjf woman aw eook, wlu? thor.ui^iily uit lerauindft e; bu?inei*f? In all fla itrancin *, and is Willing to ahlS ^l in Hie aHbuiMt H re?|nu**o; in./* the of cUy re eren? irom Je r kSt place. Call at iLiS W * hi 'JMii t.L, between 8ih mid 9tn av?. 4 SITUATION WANTED- BY A TOV200 WOXAN, AS A. Wttitivna or chambermaid Mid waitnv<>; In neat anat^aan i>'Ut lier worly ana thoroughly undei>>tun'iH her nu?inc?M; city reU'rcfiee; no otijeeiiou to tin; eonni-iy. Call i't/Mwo iys at i'-'A W e t 20m hi., i?ccond iloor, near 7iii av. i SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO X. u?ok, wash .aid irun; #uod city relcrouoe. Call ior two i\ h <il 141 East 21?t St., first floor. i lt?*J?fi(rrABLE VOt'ntj WOMAN WAN IS A ?KTUAtiuo as ctianitsM maid and line w.tswer and .roiu-r or ?m aiu\ ik-si city reference. (Jail at 1/y 7th h\\, near 22a hi. i YOUNG WOMAN wish ks a SITUATION as GOOD \. plain ?vM?k and excellent washer and iruuer; would do ms-work iu a small jirivate family; is willing and obliging; > objection to j;o in the ?v??untrv. Threev ears' city reio tice. Call for t wo 'lays at Hi Mulberry st. is wet NURSE.?a YOUNG IfARIUBD LADY \. (whom' husband iims met with reverses), having recently *t hercbilu, would a situation in tin* aoovu capacity, ny ur?d class lami!)' n*quir.a ; the services oi a couipcu at jdtf-KnJ liJuj'OMi-oiH' l p'-rsm, will lind t ts advertls-r in cx>pucn to th?- cia>j?; go?>d reiereucn. Caul between i'2 and 4 clock at 114 East Broadway. I RESPECTABLE GKH.MAN WOMAN\ WHO AllV. rived n l>\v cays ago, w?dl undenoanchi.? cv?ry kind of Hiking, wants a aituation sa<o??k or housekeeper in a re*?c table tanuly. Call at No. 4 I In in? on hi. % SITUATION WAHT1D-BV a RBftPBCTABLE WO* \_ man, io on c/'muai housework in a small JumiJy. City toretice. Call until Sillied at 447 Greenwich si , in Ute ar, up stairs. V RESPECTABLE CURL WANTS A SITUATION A8 c<H>k, war^n-rsii! irouer in t private fnudiy. Best . uy ?# ! ? Cat I r two days at llv i'aciUc su* bctwucu Court Dd Clinton. Brooklyn. % SITUATION WANTED-iiY A RESPECTABLE V yuan# wi>i?i.?n, it?? cuaui.j'Trtr.ud and waitress or to do nam'* i w??r*; and plain *? u;tig; wages not a<? mu-h an <>o? II at- a i?ermunciu siluati'*ij. Ji .. utv reicivnee from h< r isi ? Tiij i ?yt r>. Call lor two daf* at 144 liasi 21st at., third o?>t, Uv k r.Mim. \BE8PI U LB FROTBi rANT GIRL \N into A situation ui do etaiitm arwork i,and waning; will tuko ii?'nl <ulnm n ?nd d?? plsin sewiiig. Bim i*t/ tolomtice. U -A Ueury st., Brooklyn. _ a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUK0 OIKL, AH la. nurst- hiiu >? aai?u ? % ?o io ?lo cKntuoftrwork and w;?n, no ui>|.vUoii io tratft; b . ojI) ici' icuff. i/ull lor two .?,>? at 210 KasC I'J J i St.. between i*t and 2d avs. \KK8FECTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUauuk chaml*Artn?ud and to t> si in Wasnin;; uini IronLuni i' u??r and und?M-?,.iuds U\"! car. o; enlldi- i); is n.?jti^and obtu'iiig; inu> ilie beat oi city relerenee. inil lur ao dnyaat ltd ave. A SITUATION lVANTSD-AS 8EAMSTUKSS; UNDEUt\ s-nidfl dr?-yflm.'ikiiic aud al kinds <if i.mnly sowing; lonld a?s?.ft iu ine car?; uc ciilidreu. Good city iid'oreuee. )all al 156 WW 13th \ * SITUATJllN WANTED-BY A KKSI'fXjTABLK ?jL youiiM ?;iii, as ehaiuafrun*nl an l waiter. u?* to : >i-t in vanbing. ?lai? good city n lVivnce irom but last pUvt\ Call it % East lit h St. A situation wasted? by an bnouuih woman; as cook, lu a privataiainilN ; i* a ^.h> i cook and K-ikor, lad a mosickcflient a uglier ana lnmer. Has tb?- lx?st of < ;ty reit*?uu?; lor non<*iy, sobriety ana (^pat^.nty. Can oe k'vii it .'k/i 7th avM between U?d aud *^1 sis., t*cu>nd iancy more Irom U2vl st. pOOK?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN VJ wishes a Mttuatiou as cook; midorsuiiius ccN>klng i;? all lu bniii.iiif, in uu ekceiicnt moat, bread mid pastry <o.>kf und al: kiuos i>i b'?ups. IvJicelirmt ti'S'un nla.aas n? baia 'U*r tuul uijiability. i^Ioasd call at ltt/ l^tb at., Rear Ikl avM to-day ana Tm-.-mvy. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A voun,)< widow indy, 1'roin tha coimiry, a lio un b'rstanda bon |>? ^ all.! wl.l use all lier e/loi'ts to please. A good home dee red nunc than a h.^Utumr/. AdUlv&> for two u,.ya 11*1A. A , hUillw^ L, MU ay. -?r? ? "W ^ EW YORK HERALD, MONDA *itii\tions wwrro?pbmai?r:h. sr T\K SnUAKUB.?A YOl'SO WOMAN WANTS A \V"A1 .1 ' v k oiaiM a ' ? utiiHii-wnikmMmU ?V v ?iitUxuf iiiuiy >u ?m<. Ao. Call lur two viii-f* U No. 84tU ar., nor Comer Imthmf. illy r.1 nOUfKKKEi'Klt'S 8TTIATH1N WANTKD-HY A TITA! yi' ui I.Kly, *1 ivars ( , iw ij- r .'-n to VV y i: I J I 1J Il'iillJl", <.?llit(l <li 2lih bl. liutl 3d UV., fur IW'I tlujH. I M < '.ill fi>i-'Ml*- li. Julinnju. ih<> i?i N'URSE A BB?nCTABLB PBOTWrrAM Oltit, \VAI Wi Uji'b !l M' .JUUOM UN 1U ikiill 1-1 .iturtlrt'*. ; M TT I i| * lt <nj.' 'it car ' ? ! < n.tby it * hcm rni b**st of y ii e i r .< hi in e.pili.l t.v an<l intruder. Call ?c 10/ nou 1HSU f , lU'.'ir :vi .iv , tih iny uiui J c.-il iy. VITI ATION WANTEU-BY A VUUNU AH HE IMS- \\ '* Oil''-; no oUj? r. t i do 1 . hi rmiinbej Wcr-*; it ? g<H/d chi dre <i eMiiuaker. Uiiil at 330 West hah t. atvive, -. . 107 Kut QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO , O wuutau, a?uiiitiii"et maul an t nil-* vf ?n ? r; would . o t, TITE'l W 'Ml .ul<l Ilill 111 ti Mltal l.illlllv ; beat city ItJleiVlMSe# Cull at ff J 17.'t La*u fttth ??t., third floor, bat'k room. uh wvf CllV ivi OlT(7ATtONH WANTED?BY TWO RESECTABLE front r O ii'i', o. ? at? rook, wis- 'T iitid iron r;? 'o,i ?li> ret'e. r nc ; the o:Iter u> do ^eneml !?ou>? w< rk in a small j^r*v ita \V^* J.+inlly. B?.n ni i*|i v I'l-jfn it e run lier Ituu mn 'lover. C 11 ?F !or two dm n at Cumberland at., Brookl>u, betwci-n wine \ Pulton aii*i A'laniieav'K, Kouital O IT UAH UN WAN IE '?BY A KKKf'BCTABLE PlUh \VE1 O worn jn, wu.? ttily uini ii-UinuH Ut uu.-c ff i itvHs, ui cook, washer and Irotier in a rcspocL-ible pilvuie u* h? r mil n>ily. Good f4tv refvrcnue Liwu. Ai',>h tor two d*}4 at JLM Xuti but 8m uv., ueur 'J.UI st. ? iyA! SITUATIONS WANTED-I'Y TWO KESI'EOTABLK ff ... youiu; gir.n; one as in rah* coo-, willing toamUtft with IJ?at re tua WMiliin.: uud lr<>nhit>; the oImm- mm c)iainb<n*ai?i, ui-o two i!a. to as-ist with tlu? wusbim; and ironiji::, or waitre**; beat ' ity i *"< ? . Apply iur two davn at 2c& ?l., between TirAP IMt lod loth u\>. \y r? *,?.*<! h QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG N-renn O w1?' .. a .| 4iM .A . s . I .. ..I i > r li.i .>e- a' 1U t wt rk* r in h Kiuali laioiiy. C.ui -lv?* reiert'uce. Call tor two o'a? H at ll?'iiry ?t. WV SITI'ATION WANTED.?A LAIlY IS DKSllWltJS TO ?i..iv .,i ohii. uj u Hiui.tiidii fur a inn* un<l ??'?< k., or <'Iiiuh- A?lUi?> h< rniaitl; nlie ha? Mtveu years' re rt*iuv i'mm her prcn- nt - ? * 'ii|.l..ver, wht*re *hr 1' e si cu from IU until 6 o'clock. Oali \\TAI at 10 Breveorl plac, lUtli ?t, \\ k ^ 1 '' " Ciooil Ti VITI ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU Brtwikl O w?-iuaii, to ilo the ^? i.eral h<?ii-.'Work ol a smalt lamily, r would ii<? i'liaiu -e.rwork ami u? -it: l.i tlie w.iB.nut;. B?">t \\TAI t?f ilt> reit*r?n?e an be l?iv? m. looul a No I ('uii/reMM.. ff t KecoinJ Hour, back tiKim, U'lvvft.'ii Kj?ij4 ami Houston. Can miiy. h? men until oUL'aTUMi. viti ations wanted?by a HKSI'KtTAHl.K kn<1- \\ n 0 li ii w<? >111. r in u j>' ianui>; tUr tit>> far m-tini in iiutm*, atoi tno <iao?hit*r >1 H*Hint.tnt miin* oj wuitrt'** or m wiilii < liafp MTin;iiti. t'lrM cIs^k wfomiM-f. A'Mu j-h or MppJy for go hi lit tv**u(L>h, i'nnu 2 to 4 1'. M., u> Mrs. I)., 4*'tttJanal nt. <x*cw<m mwO 8IXTKR8 AUK lUCHlHol'S Ol' OilTMNINU KiT- XyAI 1 li itiuub in a r**sptm tM 1?* |)I'iVmK' fuiuu ; on? aa ox- if i j-erltncod in willing to <iN?it<t wrji iu> * ash in.; ami who *p inning; ihw ofh'T in tho capamy <.i itianitx -im-tni ami tin-1'an whHi'oh, ?>? w??i<I<! br wtlllii; to uhKlut with the \ta>hitk^ or n \vinf,\ H iv?? th? l*'Ht ot (lyrnriPin'i'K. 0i?? ho awn at "VITA! t.hvir urt s nt piaiv, whuro u.? y iiau in od n vomi y?ur?s ttil \\ i W< kI :t7th wt. h?-t bin WANTED? BY A COMPETENT, TIDY WOMAN', WITH fViiVt iM ox??IU*nt ?'Hv nlfj?/?' . a mtu"i?o uk waUiVKK ami t-aninlMM'tnaiti, or to take c?iv o/ i?n* Uv* r and (iarior*vor ?* \\/"A! boumsnaiti; $7. Call ai IK* Ka?l 21s'm. \\ via hni WET Nt'U8K.?W ANTED, BY A KESPKCTABLE MAR- a> Mi * ri#'?l woin-ui, a situation hh w**t nursr in a };iivaa* I?< rni- ? r , ly, ha.i1. loKt in-r own baity; ti**<toojiinl* t>i inn bn?itcl<unu> \y t?*r. I ian?!r*' ai HID Kivin^um si. lor two iiav*. 1 * . .i mi . .. , KCliOQ waNrr:r>?a situation, i?y a kesi-kitahi.k ft youug n?rl. h? nurso umi WMimittvi-H; im? tan brat ?*iiv \\'Ai rWVrrm * from *??! last wh?r*? hIm* hah llv?d ovi-r lour \\ > years. Call at Ji.i!Hii av., bt lwo< n 30tU and aim gu? in th?- tug int ucwnmore. 2,'itU ? . "I1TANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A HK- \\TAJ MM *|.n<rtul<l<? married woman wiili u i ui inv.n- t of milk, ? ' J> Can l?ew^n at h/ r pre^ut empiuy^r n il W< -t.:.2 1 st. Iwm i? ' - vuilBin WANTKD?A 81TUATJON, FOR A FAITHFUL HKR. %.r,. vant, p??rii??tly comi>of?'nt rln*?ini <> ' m.r \V >.r lii.U MI..I will, n <: 11 >; f I v . HU. r .? ' 1 Onbu, or kum. t". Apply Id Ii'it }?r. urni *inplo;.?*r, 129ili t-i. ' "v WANTED?BY A JtKSJ'ElTAM.E UIRL, A KITl'A- W * tkon to do ehainherwork or waJHo ., or to take curt* of highlit children ami do plain sewing ??r b?< *??w-rk In a *riiail tu- berrv * tniU. Meat of retaroneca.. t'all att)'.) I'a ln<-Hrootrvo. Ur 1 WET XCRSC-A KEM'Kt'TAIiUK MAHIUEK H'O.MAK ** ' wf*he? u nit at tun ms wet nui>? In a . ood family. C'alJ ob.Jqlu, or address Mr*. M<1'armlet, corner of 40. ii hi. amJ&jav. %?rA? lie . r. n. <s exchanged. \\ AJ WA.S'TKO-A SITUATION, HV A RESPE0TA1II <E U'IT'T h woman, hi a private tamlly, as oook, wu iut jind Jm/i'-r. Oood re>eren< en will no gu n. b > ??>j.viiou logo a ? 1? short diatum #* In flu*? oumrj. Apply at 73 \\\ s* iS/tli hl "ITTANTKD?HV A B8SF8CTABLEMI DDL* AC;1'1> WO- A > i uian, actuation *.s time t > a ? mv.wid lady; can nare A a, a baby lrum ?ts birth; can do aio sewing; will make her- I*?M'trai self g' nerail ns?-fnl; has the beat ofciry reference. Call tor Appl.\ l two <ia>s at 'No. I'<!ti8th av., l i'ivvcui ."2d uttd 33d *f*. lilliott, TITAN TED?MY A RKSl'KCTAHLK PROTECTANT A<^ f i girl, a situation as f -am>ire>.a, ?>r a* fhitn'*;ritnlid md * * Ml ' iiniiuhut^; run ?lu all kimi* of !an?liv .?ew?;ig and drt-^a- lr??tn oj iu.i.viuk Can bo seen for two da\> at 53 J5?l avo. !>"< - . . n'l:<vi. \\TANTF.D?A SITUATION, BY A NEW EX(jr.AN'T) A | K \> vou-ig wommi, ;ia n >ra-and pla'fi *ewer: in eapnbl j\ ?7. and wilbng to m her*?lf us nl, and would tippreeu.'ie a ': \ ? paid home. Cauls* mich at the ho s?? ol' her present nit- ,'V' p o*.ct V, by w liom she can be well recommended. ut No. 43 * lrriiig pluut*. ; .()K \\rANTED?HY A NEAT TII Y YOt'N'O WOM \\, A j?\ '! Tt hltnavofi i?i do(-bainbffrwoi'k ?nd v ltlng, and would j. wUlme; to i*f*hi>t in tlm washun? and Irohinu, ami ha* ih?* s? ! V . b fdofcd-y r? Jfr/,n<*? frotn l?cr lant placc. O.ill at ti\ liant v"V! .V aa<l a\, n<ar4tnave. i WANTKIl?A PITI'ATWN, ?HY A EE8PE('TARI.E "i" '1T? yorjn? K?rl, t<Mto rlmmb^rw'.rk and w.ialnp, or in uv 4 %i, Mut In the >v?>.h and (r?<nlti^ or p ain nnd to mind A liildn n: tfoor! i iiy ndrrentv. Call at \Z\ 33d st.. between . , * 6l h *??i<I 7tfi '4 -? s ' WANTED?HV A RBSraCTABLE PERSON, A SITUA. (1AN, ti??n as niirne. wi?o )>a? iJf <f purfttl n lot' a long ... time In the b? ol and fnllv coirtjiefent to take tiie entire cbarue ot an Intant from lis Mr/h, and who ?*an II ? bring it up > lmnd if required: al#ncan do plain xewmu; . . befM of eitv r.-'ei'-nre g:v??n. t all l??r ihr?*o da>nai764ui l,"i' are., betweea UM b andllUiaU. /\Af \ITANTEI> ? SITUATIONS FOR TWO COMPETENT ' J , '' V? girls; om- iih w:?itr<'-M, wlm has hvd In hei |?,? w>ot wac?'s p!.i??e hlx yeni r-: the other as ebam" rijald and Inn-lrejsii; j? ???. sTall for two days at their present employer**, 3-PJ 5th ave. Trr vl'l T^TAKTKD?MY A RT.SPEtTAMI.E WOMAN, A SJTUA- mi A ?T 11<mi as class con.;: ran cook meats, pnup* and X Mr pastry of nM kf uN; is an e\.client baker; m> objection to ;:n iu In the country; best of rcferem-c. Call ??or two da* s at No. 7?> whi It West lyth st., foctv i t'll tfih aud 7th aves., rear house. pan tec Alr ANTED?BT A RKspp'T ABLE AMERICAN WIDOW fO J lady, two or t li i*e?? children to Boatd, ('all at No. 57 * " TUtarv street, Brooklyn, for thr? e d. \k. p>'piHa ?*- r~ - - Of lttf I VITANTKn?f?Y A KESPECTAULB ELDERLY WOMAN. f\ a Hi i it.11(' ?t\ as uood plain cook; is an excellent bread *tr aud biscuit buker, and a superior wa-her ami Ironer; would \Y ^ Imvi" no objection to do the gepcrui housework or a small '' private family; uiw|ueHtionable city reference. Call at No. 906 H ? ! I . >.,!<< . f 7;'| a' c. ff ^ \1TANTKD?EY A YOU SO CTRL, A SITUATION TO releiv V? take care of children; car? to plain sewing and operate on a machine; or to do clmmberwotk and waring in a nrivate f.?Mtl y; 1v?st of city reierenee given front her last plii c, ** <i Call ;<t 13* Union court, University place, between liih *ud iogoi? tfthatS. aiUpptl TXT AN TBI)?A SITUATION* BY A YOUNO OIBYj. AS Chathl ff Waitress or chambermaid: t'?? ? !?# >*? ??i reference g v?-n if required, ('all at or address 117 Went IMih si., between ti h \\f ^ and 7th am n 1 1 1 ? illuatr TIT ANTED?BY .A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WELSH ?J ?*?' If girl. a situation as nurse and S"?unstreNS in a private sonaih family, or aa chambermaid and s n-nstiess; bratol'city relcr- Oompn ence. < an be seen for two day s at 107 West 141ii a*.. WA TITANTKD?A SITUATION", I(V A RESPECTABLE PRO- ' V ?T tcatiint woman, as tirst ?-I.ihhcook;can have good city at!i7L itferra v, 3726th ne*i 23d st. TTTA \\TANTKl>? \ SITUATION, HY A ItESPKi "TABLE PRO- * * tu<U0t Oeruian girl, to taae cjwc ? ! cb ?dren ,<n<l do h?rs.J< anwinc; good reicreneccan be given, v'allat 152 Washington rieni?? it,, fiSrat no * i . room No. L rnm i A.NTi J)?}tV A KIRnT ( LASS CtHlK (A SCOTVH \VTA Yf woman;, a situation tn a hotel, restaurant or bo.?r4tng house; iinderHUitidj* ail kindn oi cool,ltir? n?o:it, poups, paltry und game, and all order cooking. The b- til o( city refcren. e given. Apply at lift Yaadcwater at., in the basement., fur two *? * .lays. I Ann TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RBSPBOTABLB WA TT young woman, us cook, wa*?her nn.l irotter, or a^ ** ch ttniicrtnald and t?? as-ist with the w;^hi?)g in a private s< ?i family. II.u* the best ol Hty reference, ('ail at 135 W'rti prop r 30th *t., between 7th and Hth'avs., first tloor, front rooiu. av., Jo \?rANTt:D?HY A HF.Pl'ECTABMJ WOMAN, FAMILY \\'A M ??r gentlemen's washing. Apply i/> Mr*. Morati, lo2 . ... Elizabeth su, ro<un 17, bttU tioor. Reference given if re- io*t Vi'? quired. TXTANTED?BT A WBLA DISPOSED OIRL, A SITCfA- $1(1 ?T tton', in the > :tv or eountry, to ?Jo general housework ^ fit a small {'Unity; no objection to a boarding houm*. Apply 1 at 80 We<tt 2flcti aU \ITANTEIJ?A 8ITI ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? ) ?marr, as cbatntw?nn.?id am! \\altrei-H, orclnim* >( benna.d and aeaiostno obje -'ton : ? as. iHt in o lag iT ,, , , an*, other kind ??f w>rk. Apply, until engaged, at340 Wcat IGth mi., betwcen 8th ami 9tu av*. "tlTANTI.D?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG LADY, AS ?f i-haml**rmai'l ?mi amst ? ? %?: ran doembroidery ; rul IS . crwhe v >rkt #?n do all juu:i.s; no objection to j^?? :* a short d*;tane?? *!>! -> 1 >' c<niuuy; ik v. illuu' ; ? make herself 41 a K?neraily u.'f'nl required* Call at 6<j Blo-uker at., in the . . kit hen.'l r Julia B v. i >. m v* V SITUATION, 1ST A RK8PE0TABLK ,!<5 Ku \\ youin; >v rann, a> p?od plain a>< K. wnnherutnl inm r; / ? * i i* a iir-* i at l?.\k' t ; >r to do houiu wurk in a a small private it fain My; tlic? fcrsi of ??ity r*forene<\ Can bi jaeu fur two d.i)a , ,'i! at 414 7th aw, between Wfc ii an'I ISC'-h him. ^ J! \\TANTED?V SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GTlfL, , ?V to ?Io n*'n?r?' hoiivw iik in a small family; *he is wil- ^ , ling and ohiijjnc: bent city ri4orcD<*. l!all tor two da?? at i U'-J Ku", TtTANTED?A SiTCATTON, BY A RESPECTABLE I V young woman, a* tiftd elas* rook In a *mall private rN ! family; ah?* mid?r.?iandfl herhutflneaa thoroughly; hbe in en- ^ *' pa.?l" and willing to do anything that a fffnueman'a family cornet in n i -tjuii' : "!<<> ran reier t" her last pU<*r, where ahe haw -?*- * I v <1 i (,r tie lattfour year*. Can be ?aco for tw* dayi at 156 \\ * \V?H 13i h st. rll . ? Dt?pev WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A __ r

f siLiuth n at. chambermaid and to with the wash- \V tni:, or jmun <v?ok and aaaiatant washer. Apply at 185 Kid- 1 1 lciiitr ft'., Hrrimd tloor, rear house. ftH? r . - at., up \\TANTi;i)- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION . ff to du gem'ral honsev. ork; ia a first rata cr>ok, fcood \v wuaherandTi>ner and an induatriouft. nober elrl; ban good " city rcP'rcnco* from her last place, Call at i!30 7th avoM between 25th and 36th it*. " WTASJr.D A HTFATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND VV ? ?? s.:.unstrof.s or iaun<ii<;s?. ami would be willing to a**i*t a? t?s?> Jn the can' i f rhU<lr? n; h*? no oy<*? tion to live In the w?un? Ii!tb kI try; himtl?o i"*i ? lty reference. Can beaten at87 WeaHlku at., la UVtf* n t>th and 7th ava. W WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A NEAT. TIDY YOUNG i ff wn.M in, as plaiu ? o ?it, first rate wa*hrr*n<J U ou? r, or to 'o ;vmi ral houaework la a small family; hav the Oeat of TV"A i referent s ir ?m ber laat place. Can l><; seen at KH) Wttil l^th ?? ?u, betwovu tit ii uud <tb ava., for two (by a. cer st. S'h - A * Y, SEPTEMBER 30, ! ri'ATIDVS WANTF.n?FF.^T ALES. MT>;D-A Kf'rUATIOM, ?Y A RKtfl'KtJTABl otitic girlt to uo oiiaiubcrwurt. au<l w.iluiw; I" * I inlty "rlnt. vvfn'k. for a Miitill fit mily. H*u? the b "'I't'.He. App y at 17^ Kant &><i Ml., i'ur two day*. siTKi? \ grrzuTiosr, by a rbspsotabi oiiiu; |rlf a8<fuai MTuiut I tttid to iissinLiii luwwa. liro )li)?\ ortoiJ'?^'n^rulhouR-urork in a private tai I the e o! ? . y r? ?*r n o. ( all ?it i!M We?t &K1 ??U, i, uibi lioor, iOi two Jay*. "iTKD?rtY A PUOTKSTANT VMM AN, A 8ITT Li**ii lo i.ofk, waMi ami iron io a wfRull prlvauj la i city rHoreiiua from her Lt*i ?;i?|>joj?*r. Call at IKK r ;*i uv. WED-BY A KKKPECTA BMJ YOt'Ntf ENOL1: tVoUiafl It Hilli I".I JJS HIMIUM?>S CUB C1JI HJili ti * ' j t eft, or ti t k the enure t.a r?p ??t children wi l ii aim cihiiksu.g; beat of city reference. Call ?t t.-tli h( , IK ui 9u av. r NUK8K.?WANTED, IVY A KKHi'KUTABI ironnt? Human, wun a iiv^li -reaNt of imU, u wiu.iil niiriio in a ri'if}i?it'(ai?lia private> ; ran give ?' Umi thi risen liu ouiunl ai l'J2 La*t i7lU I oui, top Hour. iTED-A SITUATION AS WKT NUK^K, BY A I ?p -Ih1 >ie inarro'd woman; young una nealiii>; ? v I r*''oinm ndti 1. Iit<|ii ro for two tfuya lor M ii, CU Mulo rr> ?i., in llit- r ar. P NUBHE.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS W imw, by.i rt'Mfjeoini'ht ymitm woituus ?!? Iihk i rue hub), Fix month* 61a. Apply at liei Liat not*e.pla ?l oOllt Al.% IK'Ut oO UV. fTBD?/. BTUATIOIS, BY A BEHI'ECTA K LE 011 t uuo*, vv .bUci utul Ironer, In a ui-ai private lumi unniu+'i.a 'i"h fum h r U*t puoe. (Xsu i*t tusvu .h if not milled ai 4'J Front ml, Brooklyn. iTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO iiJUL, m?K, wumii* i ia-( Imuor, or would > o hoiiH work fo limit* ; no,ii ia ibe country. Hem writii n , or tier last i^ 1 ?vei can bo * cn. Call luriwodf Jourt ML., op|M?>lte B>?ri(*n, Brooklyn. tfTED?A SITUATION AS SALESWOMAN, BY >ung in ly <i ?' .(!> i'leuce, eith? r ill a in uitilia an-i clt r in a in llimi); im aucuuLoined to Broadway tra j* hi. G., li'Tahi oRl?*?. sTED?I>Y A KESl'EUTABLE UIKL, A KITUATU i ?io lilt- I'aJ tioitfra on. ?0 a fcmuli p.tvrilr ' mill ufcreniv .mm ii.-r l-.hi plae*\ Apply at 151 bn.fih yn, nrnt Hour, bm k room, lor two duyn. mm-.A SITUATION AS WET HUMS, BY A ] >pe< inhle vu'iiij; u.urieii woman, tu *ome private C.ill at 3"ib Went 4Sth Nt. WED?BY A UBSPKCTABLB OJKl* A S1TI .uui ua nuiae or etianii'eraiitiii; bnN no ?>!>j?rtion to Lin* waM 1 ami ironing; wouiil Uo plain up, a i?^ to maiv. la ru li i;.?n?'ra?l> n?e.ul; no obji't'linm leeouniry. B?hi city rviereucc. t\iUatl7iJ3Uii ii 7 u ana6U& ava? STiiD?A SITUATION AS GMAMR6RMAID A :o <to pt.iin ki wiim, oy an Am- ri aii yo?uir woin e Km Kti^iixii mid iMiMiun. lo?|uire at 1W JO uv. vy Jitore. MTEl>?BY A RRSPR<7TABLR WOMAN, A 8ITI l>"0 .is H ;u'.+i c.Liu iumk, win th(?rou^biy tin< ?r?*ui Miles in |.li Uh ora/j'Ik h, vv ll huv* u? obie^llOMti ii uic HUH ii'/mn-, i n'<|iiiMau, i "i? iii avi'lij *. ?an b' giwu. OhII a. ?i./ ;.|ii ut.^v 2tJ av?. S'TJSD?A PLACE AS WA1TKKS8, WITH ivitUou: ohuirurwork, or ciiuijilM'riii. i t wiiii i ;; froui Uo.m: of ?Mojuoyer; one your'** aervice, i \TKl>?A >(Tt'i\TI<lN, HY A KINl ' TT Wl pouo;, wummi, -H cJiiuuiRTmnlt ?t no tou*t<i?i Willi llltt Watfluiig. Call iit 2lj AtUmic sTi:i)~r.Y A PHoTEBTANT YOVNO \vo\r \n mil 11i<>ii ;?h o -k m*t'hatiil?<mri;ild, ami to Uo i.u< i i?riv it* t'iimUv; r -i.Tt-mv. Call ,u &5i> V\ , l??: wren S'i\ tiui \)th mvk. Ouu ?? w?ui for two d; s rj;i??A Situation, 55 A rkupbctab .Nt ??; Ism hr-: mw-Otik /:ii! ijood wa*ii<Tandiron v ivirri'im* Call for two Ua\ h at 2H Bow?ry, in ry hiore. m4M rii iTION, BY 4 YOUJHJ GIRL, ok, w.i*h <t>?: iitm. City rnl?ronco. (.'ail at 4u0 1^4ji an i ?>Lii Mh. M'l'I-i)?A SITUATION,BY A Y<>17 MM WOMAN i??*l kt vr.t ui.i iroii-T, im o!m??. t">ti to ,i i?ou ?k<?; u* <?' r' 1 '?/ OiJi !>? ?iv m. 0*11 u( i!<ti ,M L, in-?r *?'mh !, lir*t t:?or, front i\>o/.m, lor iwotiiyi .'I Kit? KY A KKsl'KOTAMLK YOl'NO WOMAN >i u.? I n to <i- uontM'ai is willing i1 K. C\?U at Slii 7fu ar,, b6lw??>n 24'.h ami 25:!i *'+. ^TKt??l;Y A YOTNO 01 UJ., A SITUATION To ? rw?>rk .i:nl wn.iiu^-in ?>>i*il yrl/.uci fain ?*n \i;,mV reo r? ;uv. Can b?' ?ii?n for two<iaysat ill ht. 11 EXiP W v \ TJB1"?r l Ii fCs, NTS WANTRO KYIii'YW'Kfwli KOR BOo l?ropiiHi?' vo mi?' tini, M.?4?r- i O i-r tnoi Sroti ?.n?l MeiVilaiv i'r nu?; $l2f?*r 1 roin In ,i;l 12 .t .i.i mi i ml II o clock to tioorgc .7.1 WhI.oT N"\v Yo: 'i._ NTS TVS MAKK FUOM $:# TO $.!t> lUf! Y, ir -* \V. I'M r. paU'Ui '.?? ii?i -\ - au.i bun;: " jnn^'d orlol.v. ?v?ih f.t'?s' ?>r iii|>|>? rs. \U o'iik S?on J'V mail f?.r '*?)*> .h'm. AiltjrchH Geo r&Cn,.&t2 B?-o.nlwuy, S* a York. NTS VVANTKO-Hiif TilTC BEST WAR MA >vm n<i f???nr.-H(.?13ii?.m)?h, / ?*i?nv.*, Q poi'truii*. S? Uii l Oil ill' #!. ?,i *' i l.i I s Meilt ir-<?. .. K. iilo>?l, I'M' I -MoT, hf'^uuiy, Ni*w Yoik. NTS WANTED?MALK AND REM A I.E. TO SK i liuion i': i/.?. Oili l'/?rk. i<\ wht n iMiitiiiiift 7t? val I niow < .< ?ii*i hi <ti? firry, in color* m hh ss (is ;r i ? *??'*?!';. # <? M on ?.1* ihv pr? i*. i war, a m ; m oJ auj? n jch. .ii?* now i.iaiwui. i"Oin u $ji? }.? < iimtiimoUk r uvular. ltlv!iv.\KUS A i)U, ll>2 Nan iBEB, STEADY w fclTBK W\nti!d this j> > ' i j?i i. tiliio.> l um^ lioUv ; un i \\ li-. mi>l?*i v:ai ilh s?; reiViviKT n * d. Appl> ui I'J W?nt 2liu m,. t'A&tER WANTED?fr'Ok A POPULAR IM'JUO \ ( ?ii.i r ii' M. W . iI? ral<l olUw. WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DRY <;?>< re. baJ.ii.v $&> ihr iir*t j?*ar. Andres* mix ?.">i 1 rvivs SERVANT WANTBIX-TO WAIT OK T ii in ui!ti ? ior tn?* oitit*a.r*; lii* \v II !> ' i en ? ? a r4?ri!p?,u?nf m in. with r* . t ?* 'h plain llantiiu;*, a. llo* ?! !il?<?{ IJ rn * ?l St; Uor.n rs, WVeliuwuii, N. J., n??ar > ony-AW-oiid fii an*iliitf. rEUJKO AJSENT8 WANTED?O* i :!:>T m liity, t?. H'*ll 1in i?- count! s Atiit for i Ihmv ; in?l?pi\? in. i\\i Mi l i h) I t < ilwi'l lop Iioiim h, j nitihtc lie ti'.ou p. IV. int\( rv 1 beraL i a * apply to li. 1 fclti a*, l'J Wail .street. JANVASSEKS.?WE AKE IX WANT OK SKVKTi rufci to *olioit rib? i-k to our new , I In ??K?. Li!"Till i ' iucrm -nta ollcicil lo the rL lit i i. JOHNSON, FKY <tt CO., FubliKftei-K, U7 NTED?A DYER, WHO HAS HAD EXPEK1EN iu vi", ?nj? cloth# Inoii'o AfT'iy ut 1H O.intic nt. NTED?A BOOKKEEPER, IN A (jROi'EKY HTOI ?m#? wm? ia n r.?j?i?l pi'niiNiu may atWJre&H liroccr, v Mi i ?*> 1 l. r-.ilil iiilicn. N TED?A CLBIUC FOE A STEAMER, TWO O hh'.iovh, two nix itiiu lor hU-amer*; a V ' M- l iumu', Ahk(??(Ihv, wap s liberal; a ?-4?*ik !< u# i\\?? boys for tnulo*, two ?U*rkH tor-*.rr"i ituve purloin, i*o ekpruhS driver*. Apply al in Mjuarc. N'TKP?TWO OU TIIUEE ENETUJV.T1C MEN b habits, i? ag? ins, to ftubsrr:pt'?:it< iteu workn, pii:>li?in*4 in number*. To i ri^'ht htamp rv-ry facility will bo <*fvuti. Applt r it) It. T. t?b?nnon, Londou fiinilag un<l I'uoltol my, to De> #t. rtbd?a young man (colored prefbrrj lorgi hoij?? work. W.^e* $.? p?r month. Al tfiiayette pl.wi-, from ! ill) 12 A. >1. NTi'.n-I .{ R BOV8 WHO l Si eh STAND wo ir:?I O >rri ?ii*k *tnd finale*' pro**!*, i> NV. 11. Ha?)b i'niiii/ s oltiee, <ia NiiKvati Hli'Ht t.' None out e 1 hand.; need auply. Aino, a s&conrl hand ilonl kvann*d, in i;ood r<irn:ng o:Mi?r. NTED?A BOY W1K) VNilJvRST A NDS Ol'EN] and cooking oysUM'H. Apply at 2U! i?lui 8t. NTED?A HOY BETWEEN lft AND 16 YKAL'S to attend bar. Apfly ?u Nolan'H simple room.% ?(., Ifetwcen') an.I io o'clock A. k. NTED?V YOl .Nil MAN FROM l(i TO 20 YEAilS ? n? ato'iul bar, op n ovst- t*, ,v?\, anil to make 1 n? tally usdul, of' habito, p*nte??l tnauuerfi i\ r commended, may a| ply to i*. W. I'arker, GuJ r'itvo iU\k. Nob.- ? 11.< x* n?fi| apply. NTED?A YOVSH MAN TO ATTEND BAR; Ml ptojii.f n y>v s?fa< Utry reference; Hone Others n OaJl IhMwi' mi ihu hours ?f len and twelve o'cinc rK hi.. Brooklyn. 11\ PER MONTI!.?ACKNTtf POSITIVELY MA '/ It felling l)"'.inH psu?nt U?m 1'old^rana T , uil ipt-M loNiiicilii ur F^w-my, and otuer* r- ads , e. Call on r add re** (onrinsing Mauip) lodin,Duaue .. neivr Chatham, N. V. m?ASMA&T YOUtlO -MAN WHO <'AN lA. hiM pr i urn ;\ .y p. urc < gi od a 1 I a.MtH^sm^' A.uias*. b<>\ is.) Hrrald oflloe. THE rilADiv>. shmakers.?wanted immkdiatelt^ tw y <ir-i^? i-h. Appiy ai U)?s br;uu iaclory, III Ht., Up W4IU. rv HAT TRIVICBRS VANTO) -FIRST . im y h. t trinwu. t r Ixjyn and hu^a. Appi lion hiiTvt, BnK*Jilyn. :di:nkk wants a pwivanknt situation'; arrlp?J; lb un?J< rh- nUh bis business In all oi . :?! w*nl rrf -n nc'. Addi ct .1. I. Thorburn ?k 16 John stn ec. I* CUTTER WANTED?ONE WHO THORUt'GI il?r?U'i'lH II'K buftiuiuw; no Wlmr U<:<'4 ?pi ly. C? ' x'i. Oi"k: C<>m|muy Factory, butwoCB Kroudtrfty iri't't, Brooklyn, EMAKERS.?WANTED, A OOOD TRIMMER AM i\v hwlvri- ' ? 111 llnti' khoei. Ca.l m 163 Cum, 01 Eifcaurib, up Mull'*. LEWIS MKT)?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS BLUE1 [uitiiiticii kiect. Ai; ly at <8 Cliff ?l., to Brouibodii NTED?TWO IUINDIIED SHOEMAKERS, TO ,o Central Ni-ff 1i ; k. employment, liberal pr s.'li I'roryn-iek. Farparu uln-.'s {nnuire at USi I' i 3lnll>. NTED?A FI(1ST KATE CLOTH CAP CUTTER.? other need i'iv. .1. v. mayor jt son". 23 m -: ? ah NTED?15V A OOOD TRACKER JAKER. A SIT Hon as foreman or mnond 'hand; 1m? w 'rii"il teu y< buaiueua; goo. 1 rei ounuunilMluiia. Call at ><i. 23S ] NTEO?EIGHT GERMAN CARPENTERS, TO iu the country. Norm liutaiu.iri woimncn nrffd nji E. E. OWN 1\LI N .* CO., ion ..tut Ins Till i? NTED?FORTY OOOD STITCHERS OR 1IARNJ nmi.t r*. on kiiapwtlu, ul iB Uo'.varU uj., bc'.tvceu J Hud ttiuadv.vy. y v ; * > 1801. ' ^ situatioks wantkd-malk8. [;.? a * coachman.?sitpation wanted! hy a u>>- ani J ioiyjU uittii, iviftuiunau; tuiUer? lauds htabuwiu^Nt hi till Hi branch#**; m.iriy yearn' experience: g<iod reici^uwii, Ad A. li ., Molmtie'Kdrugatore.g;* Broadway. CViiiar* f'K A HTRONO BOV, WELL KKCOMMENDRD, WANTS A ""'J"1!! , -**. auoaUon at tin* burner! ti* bUHinettt. (3uil for two day* 'In 4''1' v' 1 1 Oariuuit s .<i<ty, .\??. Hd (ii i< nwteh it. \j A BUfBOTABLE YOUNG OOLOItXD MAN WIIBKH r. /V u aho*ttwii ua wait?*r in a privufe v; he can give. the * In hi t.f ri*ier< ii. e. 1 uquir* at Molt il., Worku)?u'B Hume, tah U Uoor, roam 41. ? IITANTRD?HY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION AH Crvstal ... ?? a*-l imit lHH?Kk(vj--r )u ?n> ?'Ktab)Uhai?*i)t orangen*'? clerk in a wholesale #roi?ry; i??#t of reference ^ifva. ?t Addrewi ior two day*. J. C. Y., Herald offleo. y R ^ HKLP^ WW l iiD-KKWALLS. Q1AW 4 BUNDANCK OP G ?OD SKRVANTfTREADY AT TIIK Ion wn?ni iuhtituue, iJ8 ll'li ?i.t t-orm r ol titU av.; ileal mh! civil women?vicriiij.n, EngJiwh, IrUb a n't Hootch; 4, iiMiufiuir wii^'h u> Htm iii' i l.i. *>?. jor my or couuiry. uu?u p!u? t it roatiy. Mra. Fl? v?l in at t?'i> dance. Kmnr* ' i liAtet. ,l<:. i U FKKK OP OHAIUlR.-WEhL HKCOMMKNDED n ?i\ mtvuhu. of all kiod* and ut all i>riv-?'?*t lr?*iu m'>uth jh upward*, i'hii tw piMiMimi free of iiuy'cnMi'git at WKiK'tf _____ M?i. I(> Kant liih hi., iieiw wn IM and 4th avn. Par Lieu- " lar utU'iUl'iii paid to nulling private laimlus aud boardiug |j koiWl, Vut.r in iiuUv HilU Ufd. Vy *l AT TIIK LARUE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, CORNER 1 /V ol 11 tli wt. and 6th av.?'Vi t German, J&nt,ll?ki, Irliih and _____ i* <Kfh women, nipai'tc and civil;'ti moderate; good .. til??? k aUvavs m*dy for <v(ja le help. (Inlcw by mail proiupl* ( , l> ull? uU? tl t<>, Mix Fluid ill attendance. "/ N1 t... . nosftn l0f A N EXPERIENCED CIIA.M HERMAID AND WAIT- ouithi' j\- ri'm-, tlin r uiii'mv and ?n fcirl? t<>r luxmework, wauU'4 iwviag 1. r jJihiU Jiliu.'1'n till* ilay, ml Ui? Acnt'.v 32H 4lti avuiiur, ui-ur ,?v iiili <l? wIm-iv wi II iv. umiiicntli il i^iru c?n j[rt fcooj hoiac* TV y* ui litir w.ijji'h wliUiiut (1< 1* tJ" A (IIRL WANTED?TO COOK AND ASSIST IN WASH- Knlnl _ JX inland ironing Ui MO lludNuu ?t. ink fOOK WANTED.?AN EXi'EKiKNOBD WOMAN, ONE -I ' s' * J who i? u ?ot)U luuudi'tMi, luay ap>?y at Wo. 2 Concord ml, *v *es ^ liroukhn. pO.VCKRT SAI.OON AGENCY.?WANTED 1MME. Vj duteiv, In ly* io .il's**, il.tiih us.'h, muHii i. n*, vi?Tj/i, ** '/* iinuiNtnud- ru-'t. Atfo twelve waiu ryuta. Apply to-djty, ** iroin 10 iui i'J o'clock ui 4Si li?o.iilwu\, r* in 7. OON.VEft A ST. OljJXBt A,',?nti?. | l!t U*KKK TO KMl'LOVUKS -Hol'sKKKHl'KKS WILL NOr thai iv. furttl.^1, irnj ?if' cli?ri:ef i**niul?? U* lp highly n inl for uuy Million, ttmkn, ciianux rm?i<t<*, nor^,>?t ,A Ac., at tl?'* lirvJ i;Um A^noy .121) 4t!t uV'-mu*, botwivn 24ih ? J \ Miutttliita m imi ronr oitlnrn. of five l"u> PIKLS WANTED?WHO UNDERSTAND MAKING , vT la? it i'ruiii )n?a* > lor -?;win^ tron>* <>n ?niwti?. N'?n? * i ui ^uoU liaU i* mu'ii ul Nos. 144 auU U6 J:.y ?t., iii uuk- ^ ? ?y?>- j} N|? T AMF.fe WANTliD?TO LEA UN THE COLORING OP * JLi p?i?.tojzr..) uh; i pl^ounu for aiii-tii'urH aii<l v^.ry ' |i) J'M <t ?)<X lli?..UOlU PlO)H5l?*l?l* ?l?J?i? y <! a?U*r l-iiriiuu. Apply at the I'uoio^rapbk Arl Uailory, 411 !A. M"" uiwuy, coriit-r ii. L.>|i?uuril *i. I "u! \T UUSE WANTED.-WANTED, A STRONG. HEALTHY .IN wo m m, to iaK?- .1 ???ld u? nuiKo. Address Uniii.h und r?4?.dnev, K, B J., Herald ?nt'u<\ or? GWOEKS HKVIKO IfACItfSS OPEBAffOllS WANT * u ?/'. m?ui<? }#'it j 111*^H hmiUh will be employed; ?uch ??? . ,V vul) D'Dil.iV . <o?od |?. y ii d auutdy work, Apply uL Anmll, *4 A to w??r r? m. eirucr of Canal una Mercer ?ttwt?, tilii? II r tir.u.-< t.ii tl'Wurti fciivft, t jy LB ~ * IlJ fllllB UN J ON EMPLOYMENT INSTITUTE, 820 IlKOAD*l.? ' ^iiv, U th?* 1 I.uj#* w!i?* ? all f*mpl"V# :u are ptolHwty *upwith ijovd Ui-rin.: n, irlub, Kn^Usli and Sootrli iIohicm* B ? il< * for ever m' Uv, i.i city ujiu countr). >f. K ?A Urge . A uiitubcrof girl* 'a ante a. JOHN SIIKKHaX. B ANTED IMMKDl AT ELY ?ONE OH TWO CJOOD ?y?. ff tonwoiit n *ii in ?I uKTo<>in' Only thOMtf of exjM riIJi en< e in the ?i y rrud uu*diiess will bo rniijiioynd. Apply Afc* .T? af Arnold, < o- ht blc v i?o.'? work room. corner ol'CMiu*lund | Uu y u (U? wr Htratfu, lit m lloor, entrance ou llow-.trd siren, I \\r.\NTKl>-AS LADY'8 MAID AND DHKSSMAKEH TO * t;uiiip? C-lit Kivih*li #nl. A !?!>* a.t I&4 Ktnh .tv? iin?, ? tJili miner Tweruj-lattxl naeet, iu the evening, or unlit U) o'clock in tl>?* mormtij;. 1VL ? ? - . - ... jj ^ C A? TIT ANTE D?A OOf?D ART GIRL. TO WAS II r'J* \f dLdjc*and "h ip in a dining hhnkhi. Apply at27 Ann tul" street. A WANTKtw*A AHODT l.i YEARS UL&, To TAKE !nd ' ' ?'ar<' o!''children ar-il in l^hL housework. Apply at lludHtn At., war Harrow. do' \yanted?a young lady, ok taste and nr. S* ; ff linement, to do plain Mewing. Addrc?a Dnchc.or, He- jV tu?, ? tttanthd?rntHT ct<a8b skiiv.snts of a!.', Kr.vns. K,''"'c YV Situation* ready n<?w.;;t? iin)i*n*(Mmt NL v/n/? w.uilnd wKhont tl??' h??st < I y tviciifii' .*. Apid? i:n!n?N!itirly If at Gii? Kr * OHl Hi E;irti lllh su, between mui 4ih hv.m. ^ TITANTKO?A r?KBjT.U(l ?BtL, T?> OW UENKH.Vk ?Vl ' iHMirU' ip .l ? null f.iinlly. Aji|ily at 6W l'-uilllc sruoxr) " w u ?i 'J1 sk ' t < wf.i HY IlT.VSTKl*?A (iOUD (TOOK, WASIfER AHD 1UONER, aix ?' V 1 .?imd' r?an is IHT till ,in?"<s: waiu-* 37. Appiy ihia nt-rlv* i jj niu)'!>:iu< ' ri/m 'J to i- o'elo K>t at Zii?i ?*t. . r"e \\r AM'l-.D-l *) IATOBS A\'I> 400 rasters OS Phr ? M uiiliiHrv ? *?! "i?;i oiii?UQ( employment. Call at !'S Franklin ?t., third r.our. y0T m- " \u- VITAS TED?A GlUL TO DO GENERAL HOCKEWOKK; it out* who mi i-. r?i oid* inuitm; uii i pi in ? n.i'l an vh tfotHt ?'iiy r?'fer?:iitie. C'al! at 12$ Wt hi 1)1?j I.L Utli wi., n.'iweou Oia and 7iu ah. \\TANTE1)?TO GO A SLlOlCT DISTASTE INTO TttE i h- u <oua:r*, *?v< ml iMr .-?.-u'.i li.n Uliouv r*. None but lev. ttiMclnHK hand* !? o I S. :uul? h Clolaing MauUi'ao> ui;> turiiiu Gotupan), Ui iM.avv. y, uptuatrx. flTAXTEO?A WOMAN, AH COOHL WHO TftOEOOGlJ* ? IT h iiiiMi r-tu > iw r tmu.u? r>a..mi imu ^iv? pmodcity rv\Y, leivmeV Aj'j i.. at lrviut; y>laee, own r ?d 18in hi. " Y\rANTi:i>-.\S < UA>!KKLMAID AM) WAITRESS, I\ Th ? \\ ii ji-iv.ii* r.nuii.i, .i iKMi uii-i illy young gal, wli* a. so DI- m ihi* iioul.igoi iirtf < i??.li- ????? ! rciV t<-?c. ir?Mti 1 i .i , a I' -'iit U. Apt ij ut i!JS U'u*t 2Ut.ii hut tins day, fnun ft) ill 3 oMtflt. And i W .\NTi-:?-AN r.MiUsi! <>u ameiucan ciki, to \ V UK.-tiHt in t k Jlk'*l V Ull t to .JO litjlll tlOli*" Work, WiielV Hj?t? ra;i tiaVf .4 ^otid uwaif. Call lur two dayi at lA2 8.*cki-U rfEI HK h ii, u t'.ruoKlyn. /i h> ml "J1 " " u?KOi*t \\ WANTED ? A OOOI) PLAIN COOK; ALSO THREE ami? w m>K ? - u t wa^fi*; iiuiht iMr w? 11 recommended. Apply at ctoiVi ,*cvt tlie Uainlxm' llou-l, Br- kuiAti hi. *lr?<:t TIT ANTED?A TIDY GIRL, TO D<? Til C OENE&A& iTE *1 1M.1.S \\'y,v:< toi .1 Mil .h iHinily. Sh?' must U- nhli^lng, mi,) J.f a t ' ?<1 I'Uiiu wik, a nr. t r.u? n?hkI c ami iroti'M, iin?i 4 'i'?l 1 ring tii?' l' mo. ?ity r< >rrn?? h. sV^*h &?'?. Appiv i ci-.v-cn j\ , Fur Uuiii 12 oilock iUi? da}, at the bast'me at door, 1&) \V? ?st 37 tii rirrj th/v l.Vl. WANTED?IN A 1JHIVATE FAMILY. A 8MOBT DIR" a|K uii.i u -irtun !)" 1'iijiwt to *,o?ik. w.ish ami iron. M in1 ]\j ') 4<?n <- im' w? 1 r ?iAui?*nd?,?i..To oin- \vU<> will make hen*'M; o ne" |a.?-.??t uwM'nla i;uo?| ami " " 1 w'mu--h will bo -riirfi. Apply at Tue^ 405 Sixili iiviiiw, la*' .< -lib 25ih Mtreets, botvvccn il I? Tirn 1 '' A\rANTKD?A MIDDLE A(!KD WOMAN, A8 CO.OK, cinllv It \n r.?mi iroiter; muoi l?a tviiiln^ to rn.ik*' )u?i>elf IK; ?. msr.tlly ui? till; Uniily nmulL Apply at 270 JUad^on ?t. M? ?v? ath fioia 9 to 5 oVIock. ?; I NUENCII AIIVEHTISKMESTS. tat TTNB KILLS KKANOAISE DB8IBB 8E PLACES E-N<!1 f a t_; niiiuuv bvtnoi' d'uiiniiiU oun? uuc lamlUe Aiuorictliii*. rv l.ih> pyiu ?ioiitknr ul* b *ui?k reic relive*. ndm-x^r at) 2ul >. 7 & nv., i-utte ica 2W etfefc rue*. 1 ?UNE DEMOISKLf.E Qll A L'HARTTCDE I)E L'EK- A m ili'Mrir m- i<.airr linn* .tie lumilli" t'< i"r puivnuitiu' <iu pom lu'inli-H irliHiv''i mi i,u deux enlKuut; Anne m il limit uiij.-iiikiii .< I. i > mi p-u dn couture. Bile pt'iu lourP' l- mr U'? lut'iUfum r. ii'-eisutMiu nis. N'mlraiM'r mi iki WIULiia >i"g utif i*i. ====S= ~~ --=r=^r.?t?^ tOPABTXEBSHIP NOTICES. ?pIy k OOOO KOI.NESS MAN WAITED TO INVEST fath<! A equally It.i tin* uilv rti" ?r, $2,0ift cntita), in u vrrjr suRK p? rJi?ri:.4Mh itl full upnr?li'>n Umi?*r lotted Mntt'rt iv#- j?a*mt, ami wl. 1) a li tl'< puauliu ?.vi,?Ha> per unuum r>ui be kp*. Iin|ii:i*?* a? .CJ brond?nj,t liitr't fUH?r, room No. 4. im* \ I'AUT.N+.K WANTKO?WITH A MOOD CAPITAL. AT Xm. to Into tU?% wool ami leutli.c busine**; ihin JV :t p?>d x\ ? INO :?ir miv mm ut* or any gent wiio luu a nou who itn; A] wonl.l lUm to 1 uii u pHMi For refeiviMw inquire furcoi - ? lit 17 HurUa^ ??lip, ?>r at 44<i Cutuii ?ircct. Jkr. .< 2f \ 1'AUrV WANTED?WITH A CASH' CAPITAL OF mjv^U * ^to $."?>), in lull a half itiUtiVbi in Un- laiui'ilaciur- ? > inm)l ? iuUhmih lor Ihiiu'd JUM ?* irtnipt*. H> hav*j lht? tXMt A (j f?? i.itW'H in tin- world f'?r tin# bmdiie#*. Addr?wsf with real -i\, *, A. 11. M> nt hi, 11. r..Ul otlH ". (Airp? or of and "IJaK'TN'KK WANTElJ-IN A.N <?U> ESTABLISHED KB6tu .1 hii-.i Dry Ui\ 'ryllonwo. Uu^i ntuiif. i?i mil thr \JU*UivH*. A ??md njij oi tuuiiy for a younK A T wiih niHk<iu F.*K'Itiveydui ut. Address box JY t JST om.-o. <Uoih1 ,. ?d B. Mi kat OARTNER WANTKH?WITH $.W CAf?II CAI'I.TAL, TO ?tiet?i I uk?' an lu?*r?>L in \it> rn mMffl iuiv Atid nt* ma . ?~ iir.ii.Hc ior tii*- u^- th? army, vv ih pmtiu* Miui no \ i! KK A;H)iy to A. Hit'H ARD.-'ON. 147 Bromu'- HtraeL u? one A v ^ llUK lll.ul. ' ?-"rl>? ifii- J ?V.n" Jo- (Jlne ?WANTEb. A GOOD MAN IN A CORNER gru i:rv )in-l Ihjiioi More, u> tnk<? foilch%r#> ATI " I'.ivuu i-; Ihr( ?-y? :?? s 1 vim: at $itt * month lor wbolo Immiik*; \ AN u uruu, nmV liv#- 111 hhmiis u?? mrlm inn t; ? . Will tuku <!;?*{* ?UG- p;r r < .ik a umn iH u? t;Ued. Apply at ih) Broome, tM>rner ?n?<l a of Sh^rUI *tcm*t. nmv h <fc9(Ul ~AN NT Bt SINK.-.- YOKNG MAN r'vv'-V: JpwVJU# ^ t< pun ??u> thn iuu*.r?t<t of a raring p\. ) in iii.-r ii? ;? lUiii In : K-r i isiac**, yVJdiiu', without risk, \ J l\r t' !> $l) j> r.?v?- k ov*r r.xp*i.: M. Kefriewr* rv- -* V. * cU:in?i'?l. A-lan SK ,s. .? 1)., hox l7Ci Hr? i.t <fli i. in.irkt to otfe \*s <51 (IHO 10 Si ' *??ti* pi t in bi:mm;s& \rrra J.? p** ' * tPl?V/UU any j?-i.*on who van pur In muoM; tiunr mil ju*) fMaiM net'd j*>-j?iy. Thr pnxluor or .aiy light place. *ai pi? erred. A?iun sh nullum 1 h11 uarutuL?r*. L)., fx'X I To HeraUl olHrt*. \ T1 .}s - A \ ,, C;1 (\IM\ -WANTED, A l'ARTNRR IN A FIRST 'T , J Jpl.UUU. Class D .r, Lumb ?n ' Hlllhr i w, U i uutl duiun h i^ood irtidc; taTurebl** lciuw; runi nvtrly ri*' , ir v <b' in fi uu roortta to. 1? i. Hum tu?Jn< omenta to a good ijuui. "r"'* ' lint Ia'|wU? ol A KOSSKftK, Na*eau et. :?lut .... ? .?? ? , ZZ jf\ ? liiljlilAllD^* itwsai 3 A 1 FIRST CMS* BILLIARD TABLE POIt SA1 ?? Sltir *U, Sl?tc tied, l)r ki r* tiiu It.--; lu gaud order; win nuid X. ch'vtji. Apply t2Ai,hamlii u>uwt. JAS. <i. COFKEY. 4 jj SO TJIM.I \KLM.?MI-UARDS 16 CENTS A tJAMl".?JUL- ^}d ,K sri J3 llHi 'l-J Billwtr.l* I4c.mii? ? piuio, ?i 133 I'lUUin Hlrci't. i>tb.-ri Hut rr?c Jiincb rn-ry dujr. Ala 3 oeaia per gituM, Cull and uvi-mi ?i? the new propi kt'ir. ailem: <JO ? lee* T>ILUARD BALLS FOR 8ALK?TWO SET?, l ilR $7 ,.&rl AJ ''nib, In ivrUciordcr (jun naif ibotr omit), ul liui f'i-?!?Klla House, UrwKlvn. *t U:" Fulum fiTrjr. A^IT NO "DILL1ARD9.?BASSFORD'S TRUE ANOUNO TABLES, A ' JJ 149 Fultou tlreii, 8 Ann und Cnurt wil Rnmwn P. Miwtf. Brcoslyn. CHAS. LORD'S 3 Tahltx, SLflji!' .n, S. j lftrwl L A- TJHELAW S PATENT IMl'ROVRn BILLIARD TAB LB T 11 wig 1 ANI> CUMIIINATIOM OUHIllUNd. \ B? . j. l'rices rpdw'it to mil the ilmr*. FHKLAN A OOLLEXDER, ?7 Crosbv atrwt. OO ~ ~ SPOUTINO. uTiri Francis bctler, no. s vkck slip, has all the TTA1 choke brwnt* tor stock nn(t B iter's luirt)JK>]? 11 w BS3 Cun* and Klca Kiterminator, 50omi!?< lvr bottlo. But- In jv ivr- krr> Hrrnl r*q:, Tr.iinink', DImnubk, jlc., of uo^b, $1. J>u^3 uiifcU^ Bvurdv'i, T. ?tncdf du\ Medicines lor ail v | H nriT hood*. MPORTF.ltM STOCK AT HETA1L, \ At No, M7i> H'tmiiwuy, ivirn? r uf Whit* H'nt. Tie* mij S<-ai ?, imi).i-n' n.1 tfei.iH' Lfrn-n H*u>1ker. llnMnry, Kuirut, .U\ \ " ?i?? *ami i.iix Llm ? hi ID o ut* lu ll. An ('uporMiuiiy tu pufvliior iruia itlH at ImU* prii i?w III no' '> vnr luate lu a lll> llmix Jiiil CLOAK Sit CU>AK..SUI IN URKAT.'ARIETY, AND AT l'uh'KS TO SUIT T[!K TWER. W |{. KOUKK'1'8, ThIkm Kii'i'i'jiuut. . V<1 Bowery,. Heiwi-i'n Prinin ami Hmmfou nfritu. B? nun; yon i.i'i tin- rijjii: mure. 1KB, CLOAliK, OUUKB. PARIS AND N1AV YORK KA8HJ0NS NowTT'KN. ciug nil tb? leuUlag N?v oitlo*, anil at prtoea to auit tb* *V. K. I'EYTON, Cloak ami Hp.i.,llia Maiiufiwtornr, L'.'t ll.iwury, mar iloiialon HtreeL VKfl AND B1IAW1-S. K. S. MII.I.S * CO. I'KLR TO CAi<ll 111 V, K.' HERAT BARGAINS IS CI/iAKS \M> SIIAWIA AT SOS. Sfci AND Mi I1HOAUWAY. UNO RA1.K AT S". KltnADWAY, HORNER OF' ii fiwntli ntri?".? A i-r. mm Knl 1-ui-n, HiiilmHile.1 Kailoy (iO "H, III ln> nil,! lit n gr>-?t acrlllrr to done i sUM-k. Lih'Ii ? will il > wrU kiuiil, and effect a peal in tUulr pn ivhai-'-H. GOODK.-A HANKKUIT llTOOK SBUJNO AT A tcritk'i at 37 ww. ?lki>. Iamh. Drew < Mo.- n km. Iliin-I v. f.'.invlf. Bnrk Cloven. Woullea -yc Altfi-i'h.ii ih are wiviU'd to call. IKS MAM J ?v i?i"ii, a hr11 ' niIt I h'o'-k of af! the new and desirable Imposed, at v?rv low " ? W K I'liVTON, 27< Bowery. NNELS AND BLANKETS. ?MM* ^ ARNOLD, Ci INSTABLE * CO., Ar? now offering, at tin- loweai market prleea, , A lur -H M/ick of OLTSH. WT'si! ANTTT B::1CAN FLANNELS. t?o, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN BLANKETS, rj quality aud aiise. . I Cniiil si feet, corner of Mereer. ICY SILKS," f FIFTY OEM* T'KR YARD, ti A Good A ?"' un"nt lo TLA1DR AND -TRil'RS, ? W.ll be >1'red on MONDAY, SpiemberSfc AXVi lU i, OONHTARLE * TO., Canal trueI, curlier uf Meioer. EM GOODS. ARNOLD, COSSTABLE A ftO. nve now In ?w>rv tbelr lull importation ?f aiiperfor iARNKLY TABLE DTVT-IC, TABLE CLOTH8, NAPKINS, TOWELS AND SHEETINGS. Irloh Sliirttivc t.lncTiH, ol every quality, ull of whlctfc , re aelUiui at verv reasonable rutcEs. Cmal .treet, curner of Mercer "treet, ^ rTRNINO WOOD S. HOICK STOCK OK ill>1 RNUJ6 DRESS GOODS* Juat received, will be offered at retail, on Moaitay, itl.1i <a.'-t,, kj ARNOLD, OtiVvT\BlJi k CO., Canal ktrvel, coraer ?f Mercer otrwet. i'ELTIES OP THH M'.AKON.?DRESS CLOAK AND Bonnet Kreiu h Trlur.i iuf>,<.rtcU, whole**!" and at price* suited t>> Uie uuu's. J. DARTOLX, 63 keratrevr. :mnu OF FALL /ni> wistkk cloaks. LORD TT*Y LOB, Nos. 401, 403, *r, tili W Bn?i)w?f, fijwn OR TH rRSDAY. O totvr :1, a mjipniflrrnt ?wort afClo-ikH, fi.i Ml! ??.' wiutnr weur. aimmr will Ix) foimil rvlu-l." novelties In mateiUlnani ' t sTEA.M.-nnr i'i:> s \ Juki ri'a lv -,, i i inviiR* of flne *a)n In lota to suit, .-li- ... i'-,i- liv F vI!{. ill t,D i KANSHAWH, 14o Dimuu mrent. VL XJiUlA CAMKLS II UH SHAWLS W < SCATIPS, ARNOLD, ?MN-"l~VBLK .t <X Will ?,~ ;r Fatt importation* c, tun i lm??Good? Oil MONDAY p'cinlifrSt) CfC goods havo Iwn I i.n A rturlns thn prrw mi .'rpr.'.-iwd itaio of tho market *111 bo offered at raodrr.ti- jrici'*. <' iih! wiwt, lyirniT.of Mprwr.l nrVR WORSTED, v:ly ; NICE FITTING COKtfBTl ook.l'rnniH, 7V*.; Skirt*, >*t *i?"l. f>!l onU; ulso ;i Imp sn?*nt of ilivhs T'itn-Mju"-. Hn in, Ribbon*, VvlvpL ^ rnnlf Wjirok, nil of t'% Iwsi jua'ity. N. )'?.?Alouf (wloves at BLOER'S, vi Ur<u<iw?y, near Nineteen* , east ?i4ts. MIXiUXKRY. FIRST RATE RALK.-.WOMAN WANTS A S1TI ti-'ii hi the miilin r. i! *;?ii ;.in?ni, luvine hades i> in the LuiMtiesH. AUrin-hs Milliner, U*iaUfotiice, r Li. ^ SDA.MES MATMil.HK A ?'<)., SUCCESSORS TO*. * Nd. I Brfwinr.c i In. , IVuth mvw t, wi!i Iip'-u ]ir im]virmlnns "I l'uria Kali and Winter Milliner, ?oay, th? I hi of (J^tnlHT. | \ .LINERS AND DRESSMAKERS ARE I.VVIT? tO.11 inx^i'i t1>n ?r bbu-j; .iinJ colnred Silk Velveo ^>eImport'<1 for tin' iV(]iiiri',in'Ol* ol Uwir ImijiriM, bjr >LD, ("UNSTABLE A t'n., Canal Mrnct, color ol , t direct, IV YORK MO URN ISO 8T>.)RK. ENGLISH BOMI1AZINE8I ENGLISH BOMRAJNESB jISII BOMBAZINES!!! At M. A A. MYERS A CO.* ( 177 Ui naKny. Vf YORK MOURNING STORE. '. OTTOMANS. KRAI" it IS TNDIES, EMPRESS CLOTHS, BAKKIJE, MS., very novuliy for Muuruin . rmr. M. t A. MYEKS A C(, *77 Brmtray. ft' YORK MOURNIXO STOKE. The.Urci'M unil ticoi utooli ?t MOURNING MiLLIXERY i city. Also Clouku, .Unit' and Shawls, M. & A. MYERS * 0., 477 Brolway. CMKTBIHO. EZEFOEI/S OLD STAN It?LADIES ANDGENT8 *n obtain tlio iiikv-a i<vi' ilu'lr eunUl' VVear>l>ar<-L f'rum 10 $i'> lor nlk ; irmuS to $15 mm, aad from 81 to %i mi pint*, also aarjieMji-wetnr, l note by po?t |itin<;iUHlly ulMnileil lo liv KF.KIEL, } ( :v?nth Bvcnnc, iwi.Tf- n Niin>i?eiiih and Wentiutk *. Ladli'sattended u< j .Urn. K. HF.AT~D*EM ANi) FOR i LOTHj.W.?LACKS AND- ? gentlemen having *n.t <'a*i Oil ClnOilnp, urnliiH-*, i? and .Irwflry, u iU pVriv ih" l>??b''St pnufl1}' culling a ldn'KMni; A. HARRIS, I>Sd Tliu'd avenue. -i.ilii'S iil<i liy Mrs. ILirrm. TUB NEW STAND, 1.7 SIXTH AVKNUELADIES imiuvut* rau secure the fcili vpIw forth!* cast?otT n,r, rnrnitnre anil < ;irfvtws l>y railiugoti or?Ulnf;Hinifc NTZ, 187 Si\i!\#iiv iin*, Wriw. ^n Tenth ?ii Eleventh. Ladie* ultcnded*u? t<y Mrs. MinU. H K ATPiti'Cfi PAID TO I ADIMS AN'ttiENTLKeu tor left off** I t\ing, such Sil.. Dres?es,4nts. Pants, t?, Are. ('.all on or addrr &k J. LKVKNSTYNJtt Seventh. I <\ netweeu T?cu!y-rttlrd and Twetuy-lofih Mreets. I * attended by Mia, J.. KNIION. LADTE3 aS5> OENTI/BNEK-IF TOtT vi^h to pr??t the full vfcltte of vanr cast # Clothing, t*. Furniture and Js*v.-irv% the imat you o* do id 10 ; noli- ?t F. If ii ri 15'i Seventh avenue.''There vou . conrio ?"1 you will ! < dealt xrVU t" yoiumlM action. intended to by Mrs. ilanK 1 >i tic.veuih tsmte, bear .y-nr<# street. j iakry^'ascet?$12,worth' diouinr<>rr 'loihtng wanted, to Ki>t?)>if California lid Western \s, Furniture, Carpet*, Jewelry, Are. 1 donot pretend r tiomitiNl prtees, as Is done by wmf, Irnfl guarantee the utmost false lor i*i:u *i l *le, by catng on or adrijr K. II., 7y ffixih avi-nue, ?e<oud door&lwe Wavcrley LiuMes attended bj Kri B. B / ENTIOV, LADIES AND tJENTLEMU.?IF YOfS vlab t?> disfio&e at' youroaat ofT We.uingvpfiarel, Carlewt/iry, <L>., rtft l t<* oiitain the fuil vatue :?r the ?ame, eaJl on or addre* at o r e the old buyj, II. Harris, J wary, opposite Or eat J<xi<*a street. Laiifc attended by ! arris. }REAT DEMAND FOR CLOTH IBO.--iu>lB8 AND i [tMulemen having anf cast oil clntbJa&jurnitura, ear a< lid jewelry, will receive the highest prfrfby railing on, J resnlngO. Seventh avenue, bfsveen Twenty* ? and Thirtieth strueta. Ladles attended >y Mrs, Mm. f, UTTER CHANCE FOB LADIES AND JENTLEME* 1 i ittspos" or tb**ie ejwt o(T C.oiling, FurtUwre, Carpets vrclry. 1 guarantee to p?y per cent'nore than nay M dealer. Call on or Address J. A Nil A if, 152 Seventh i\ between Twentieth arid Twenty-tot streets. Ladies V ed by Mrs.'Anh'ilt. iH IIK^TISTllY. H IFIOIAL TfiKTII.?DK. LUTHKR, DCKTIST, HAS hh rrmovrd, b?t mill' otiuuufw, mi I'W Sixth uvi-niiv to MfJ beuinJlDl !? ? on pun- nilwr for only on ttne g >14 latum, $?Jj; wurruinml v,qu*l to any in N^w Yuk or irr?\ W IFIOIAL BONE FILLING PGR DECAYED H >pth, Im^rttd irlule b<>u and Kjvln# t>o jm n; *<hni{ fl| ?r m?r?? hh^'.S* gun tkUi <t ami pr?-**rrr.d by Hid <11*- 1 r, J. PKARSON, M. D. Ilu>nua WW Bromlwrty, we** wB n? tfwr fti>ovi? Seventeenth street. N. ?,?ttewitre tf W i*l\y IuuCitiona of rh mp op? ruior*. ? INCr HAD SIX ROOTS OF TEETH EXTRACTED ?:hout any p r,n nhatuver. 1 uue rti* it pk?,mo aniondltiK I)r. J. Jay VtUnr*, o' ?&> Grand aimn, io iPk krlfig f'om a''hi'?; tooth. k Mils. U. t\ KOGi^RS, 47 Vfeat TwclHU *;rvt;t. 4* / i

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