Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1861 Page 7
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LAUBS AT APCTIOIf. _ , _ A UUHET MORTIMER GRIFFIN ACO., AUCTIONEERS. 11 #18,(100 worth of h bkoant first class household furniture. To be peremptorily sold at public auction, V ' ON MONDAY. skpt. 30, W PBOFERTY OF A OE^TLKMAN LEAVING FOB I KUKUI'K. Bit nod 7 octave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawin* Room Sattr rosewoodand mahogany rhaml>er Furniture, Oak Dining Room Furniture, 1'iiliitlugn. Statuary, Bronze*, Chandelier*, \ Mirror*, Velvet Medallion Carpel*, ,41 maideno of Dr. Phillip Ransom, 43 Went Sixteenth street, t Between Fl'th and Sluh avenues. SALE COMMENCES AT 11 O CLOCK. finm rb SuIin, carved In solid rosewood, covered with (Ilk braSecretary and Bookcase, Ktegcies, bronze Clock, run? xaneoio 'itli; pier and mantel Mirrors, embroidered Int o Curtain*, uiv III' I Ornament*, Centre 'fables, King's Patent Re. ri.uini Ch '?'r. Oil Paintings, by eminent art Jut*; bronze and luarble Si*'"ary: two superb match Paintings, Scenes In ' Wwl tzoi l:,i i.\ -by Cole; the AMIimplion of the \ Irgln, a corI IM copy i ror,' the celebrated painting In the Louvre Gallery, Tartu, by L iji.'d; Fruit l'lece; Winter Scenes on the Danube; akMaut Palming * <>n silk, by Healy. Ma;nltlce>.'1 seven ootave rosewood Pianoforte, Ca> 'terbury, Stool and Cover: HaUtrod, oak llml't, Extension Table, china Dinner and Tea rieu, crystal ware, richly engruved Table Cutlery, olid Silverware, rose*. "ixl an>l mahogany Bureau*. Bead toads, Wardrobe*, T> 't Table*. Commodes, Dressiug Tables, Imlr and ?t>rlng iU'CHMMi Osuaterpanee, Blankets, tfihocK Towels. McGraw's L'atentSofa Bedstead, Bookstands, Toilet Tablo, jjrusheU unci ingrain Car|?ei*, Oilcloth, Stair <2arpei. Also, a large assortment of Ba>( ment and Kitchen J'urniture. 11ouae to let or lor sale. For further particulars ee Auctioneer. A D. CAULKINS. AUCTIONEER. Jl. MORTGAGE SALE. Kich and costly Household Furniture. Elegant rosewoofl Pianoforte, Rosewood Parlor Suits. In brocatel. Valuable Painting*, Artistic Bronzes, Marble Groups, Ac. Monday, Sept. at the elegant private residence, 220 West Foui tecnth street, near Eighth avenue, Commencing at 1(J^ o'clock. The sale comprises the entire contents of the house. The degant parlor lurnlture was made to order and is iu solid ji>eewo<*l. The whole will be sold to the highest bidder fbr ' cash, offering extra induoementa to purohaaera, ae the entire furniture el i no house is nearly new, and must be sold to clone the nortme. Elegant roue wood seven octave Pianoforte, with all modern Improvements, overstrung bass, pearl keys, Ac.; Ooet $.**>; rkh rosewood StooL covered In satin, and embroidered Cover; ihn e elegant roll suite of roeewood Parlor Furniture. In rich brocade and sailn; rosewood Etege res, splendid ami Costly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, Ac.; also a magnlUceut collection of rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, In line rops; rosewood Centre and Side Marble Top Tables, tieblj oai i ed. Chamber Suits, in rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Withstands, Sola Beds. in line haircloth; leu pure II ti Mattresses, from forty to iny pounds, guide to Order and In excellent condition. Dining Room Furniture, consisting of Hue oak Extension Tables, Silverware, rich China, Ivory nn 1 Silver Cutlery, Tories, Spoons. Ao., with heavy cut and engraved Qlisi ware ef every deeertptlou. Bale positive. Bs oroei of D. J. BAKNEY, Mortgagee. AL. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAY, ai If o lock, the entire I urniture of a I imilji giving up fcousekecpii.g, In the private residence 137 Eighth street, near Jsroadway. fcveryuiliig must be removed tins day. ASSIGNEES' SALE. An extraordinary opportunity for Housekeepers ami the trade. Over $12,000 worth of rich hihI costly Household Furniture This iliy, (Monday) afternoon, at 2u'cIock precisely, Com prtain:: Hie beautiful an l costly Furniture contained In lie large dwelling house 132 We*t Twenty-flr*t street, near Seventh avenue. The whole lor absolute ana peremptory sale, ram or shine, consisting of English Velvet, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpeta; elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, en suite, comprising three full suits, richly carved, all of which aro .covered In rich silk brocatel and of the best de*< rlptloi.; rosewood Centra and Pier Tallies, Turkish Chalra, in blue anil I fold aatin and moqiiel; Damask and Lace Curtains, Velvet mid Turkish Lounges, Mantel and Pier Mirror*, line rosewood Eiegercs, Hen Sevres and Dreadeu Mantel Vases, Artistic Bron/es, Bisque Figures, Marblo Pedestals, Parlor Ornaineuts, Ac. ELEUANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Music Cabinet, Stool and Cover. Elegant Bureaus, Bedsteads, 12 llalr Mattresses, Chamber Suits in rosewood, Bronze Clocks, Spring Seat Chairs, MlrJ-on, Bods and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two Sofa Bedsteads, rich Cut Glass of every description, marble top Buffet, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, Ac Sale positive, rain or j- Hiimr R. W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. A UCTION NOTICE. ' A LARGE SPECIAL SALE OF k- A JOBBER'S STOCK OF f STAPLE DRY GOODS, By ordor of Asslgneea. TO MORROW (Monday), 8ept. 30. We beg to call the attention of all dry goods buyer* to our large sale of seasonable goods, ratalogues ot whlcn are now ready, and nil of which will bo aold without reserve, by order of assignees. Also, BOOTS AND 8IIOF.S. 190 Cases BOOTS, all new goods, received direct from Eastern and city maker*. WM. TOPPING 4 CO., Auctioneer*, ho*. 9 and 1} Pnrk place, and No. 8 Murray street. AUCTION NOTICE.?THE PROPERTY OF A PRIVATE family, leaving the city. No. 232 VVaverley place, east of I 2 o'clock, t Hihighest bidder, without reserve, consisting of two black walnut Parlor Suits, comprising In each suit on? Sofa, oni' Aria, one Reception aud four medallion buck Chairs, covered in (re?D Bilk reps and haircloth; rosewood Etegere, rosewood and black walnut Side and Centre Tables, X^unges, Kocki rs, Chairs, Sofa Beds, Bedsteads, Bureaus Waehalaucls, very lino Hair Mattresses, Bedanml Bedding, all made to order; Brussels, Tapestry ami Ingrain Cariiets, Clocks, Vaaes Curtains, Paintings, Chandeliers, (Hats, China and Sliver Ware, Table Cutlery, Extension Table, Stoves, Oilcloth, Btalr Carpels, Ac. Tho'whole Ol the furniture mu?t be removed twenty-four hours after the sale. Terms cash, In bankable money. JP? A UCTION NOTICE.?M. C. EDEY, AUCTIONEER.? u\- Stock, Fixtures, Furniture, Ac., of a Wine, Scgar aud Fruit Store. EZRA LUDLOW, Jr., will sell on Monday, September 30, at 10J4 o'clock, at the well known moms ls2 Broadway, near Broome street, all the Furniture, Fixtures, nd slock of Whies, Brandies, Fruits, Segars, Ac., on said nremlacs; also a Patent for making Black Japan Varnish, coat $3,000. Auction notice?crockery, glass and China.?Large aale of the above u1231 Pearl alreet, on Tuesday, Octobeal, at lOfo'cleck, in lots to still city and country dealers. Uoods well packed for shinning. J. 8. H. BARTLETT, Auctioneer. Auction notice.?b. h. seixas, auctioneer, will sell at the store of N. t. A R. Mathews, 273 Pearl street, on Tuesday, October 1, at 10 o'clock, a large assortment of white Oranlte and Olassware, Just arrived, which must be Sold lor cash. Auction notice.-you can buy all kinds of Furniture, Looking Glasses, Bedding, Ac., cheaper than muy other plice at O. W. SNEDEN'S, 263 Bowery, between (Stanton aud Houston streets. Note the number. Repairing dene. Auction notice.?am excellent opportunity for those commencing housekeeping to get good Furniture . This day at 140 Eighth street, near Astor place, one of Erard'a patent grand action 7,'j octave Pianos, Iron frame; one Parlor Suite, covered in velvet inoquel; one do., M covered In medallion; one do., covered in|halrcloth?seven pieces each; Rockers, Sofa Tables, maho-any, rosewood and cane scat Chairs; Brussels and Ingram Carpels, Crockery, W dataware and the Furniture of eight Bedrooms complste, Slid everything belonging .to a first class live story house. ' Will be aold wiibout reaerve. Auction notice?pawnbroker's sale.?bell A INGHAHAN will sell thla day, at 10X o'clock, at their auction rooms, 26 New Bowery, 600 lots of valuable Pledged Goods?Ladles' Clothing of all kinds, men's do., Watches, Rings, Charms, Ac. Also Onus, Pistols, Ac. Sale jtordllvo. By order of Mr. C. Cohen, Pawnbroker, corner of Columbia aud Broome streets. (A UCTION SALE OF CRaCKERY, GLASS, AC.? ji HKNHY (). EVANS will sell on Tuesday, October 1, sit 10 o'clock, at 83 Maiden lane, in lots to suit dealers, a large assortment of white Granite, Light Blue and Common Ware, l Olassware, China Vnm s, Ac. Sale positive without regard to ' Juice. Goods carefully repacked for shipping. Auction sale?at no. 40 myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, Monday, Sept. 30, at 10X o'clock, consisting of at large Wardrobe of Theatrical Dresses, of every style and battern; 1 large lot of Books, 7 Swords, 1 Gun, 4 Pistols, 4 Watches, 3 lois of Jewelry. Also several articles of ready made Clothing. All will be sold without reserve. _____ WILLIAM BANNY, Auctioneer. Auction sale.?ready made clothing.?a. m. CKI.STAL AH, auctioneer, will sell, this day, 30th, at 10Ji o'clock, Casslmere, Cloth, Satinet, Frock, Sack, Business and Overeoatfl, Pants aud Vests; also Watches and Jewelry, Fancy Goods, Trimmings, Ac. Auction sale.?j. p. travis, will sell this day, at 10t? o'clock, at No. 1 Bridge street, corner of Slate, a choice lot of Groceries aud Fixtures, Liquors and Begars. Assignee'S sale.?contents of A RESTAUrant.?A. M. CR1STALAK, auctioneer, will sell, thla dav, 30tii, al 10 o'clock, al No. 74 Chambers street, the contents of it saloon, consisting of Brandies, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Counter*, Shelving, Fixtures, Signs. Awning, Ac.; also j5 boxes Curacoa. By order of M. STERN, assignee. BROWNE~k NICIIOL8, AUCTIONEERS.?SALE OF fine Household Furniture.?'Tuesday, Oct. 1. at 10% o'clock, at ti 0 private residence No. 28 Hamilton place, Clymer street, Williamsburg, all the furniture contained In said house, const ng of two rich Parlor Suits, Brussels Carpets, Chamber Furniture, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Pillows, Bolsters, Ac.; Extension Dining Table, with Chairs and Bulfct to match; Crockery. China anil Olasawarn, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Also a line collection Of Oil I??inlm s v...? el?,l,.?. ?r.l. to. . city made B-ven' octave rosewood frunofurte. Catalogues ready early Tucs lay morning at the house. BROWNE A NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS?WILL SELL, on Tuesday, October 1, at salesroom No. 35 Nassau street, t In % o'i lock, the contend of a Unit class private hoiu<\ which will lie removed to our salesroom for convenience of consisting of rich rosewood Parlor and Chamber Stilts, French Plate Mirrors, Velvet and Brussels Carpets, DlningXoom Furniture, elegant rosewood seven octave Piano, to(other wilh all the Kitchen Furniture, IJIaBs Ware, Crock?ry, Ac., with which the (ale will commence. Particulars to*3 or row. ROWNE A NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS, W1LL~SELL, this day (Monday) September 30. at one o'clock. In front of salesrooms. 38 Nassau street, a very line pair of bay Hors?s, se\e? jears old, 151< hands high; warranted sound and senile l,i every particular, prompt anil stylish drivers: to to be sold without reserve, a? the owner leaves the city this day. Also, a second hand Bu^fty, in good order. j B~ K THOMAS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL ON Monday, nt 10)^ o'clock, at 65 South Fourth street, WilllauiH'm.rg. a quantity of Household Furniture, consisting Of Tables, t'lialrs. Looking (Hasans, Pictures, Carpets, Stoves . ?nd Kitchen Utensils, Wardrobe, Bookcase, Ac, Sale positive. T\ANIEL A. MATIIEWS, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM JJ NO. 7? NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND -TOIIN STREETS. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOS, AC, DANIEL A. MATHEWS, will sell at auction on Wednesdny. i iciober 2, ut 1(>S o'clock, at the private residence. No. COW ml F iny-fonrtli street, between Broadway and Sixth tiic entire contents of above house, consisting tn ^^^^hart of elegant carved rosewood Parlor Suits In French ^^^^ atin brum tell, Cantre and Sldo Tables, Eaay Chairs, oiled ^^^^^BthIiiii Librarv Suit In green reps, elegant French Plate, Mlrroi s, t onsole Table and Cornices, nronxe and gilt ManClocks, Brouxes, Vases, superb Medallion Velvet, Brussels ^^Hl three plv Carpets; mahogany French Bedsteads, Dressing \\ ashsiands, curled nalr Mattresses, Paillasses, ^^^^^Hsters, Pillows, Toilet Crockery, Library Bookcase, WinShad's, Extension Table, Buffet, pining Chairs, China und Tea Sets, Glassware, (las Chandeliers, Brackets, ^^^^^^^Bilso one superior Plinoforte, Harp, Ac., together with a assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which tha ^Biil commence. Catalogues will be ready on Tuesday, 1, and tnay be had at t'ao ufflce of the auctioneer, ^^^^^^^^HNass:i n IIOLHROOK, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, Mocjougal street, n?ar Amity street, on Monday, i )i o'clock, the entire Furniture of the house, the usual assortment of Parlor, Cluing Uuvlu. Kitclicu turallure, Ac, N T SALES AT APCTIOI. Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer, salesroom Nii. 79 Naitaau ?i i-eei, between Full<m and John ilrwli? DANIEL A. MATHEWS will aell at aiietlua to-morrow (Tuesday), it his salesroom, a general assortment of Varlor. Library, Dining and Bedroom Furniture. Catalogues and goods now ready for elimination. "C1DWARD l'ETTINOER, ArcTIONEER, A-i lliy Pearl ilnvl. IiAROE SALE OK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. EDWARD HETTINGER will sell <>u Tuesditv. October L i iu i) ctocic, ihe cniilinii of the large private hoarding house ft! Orchard street, one door below Grand, consisting of Furniture of every description, Kitchen, Dining, Parlor and Chamber Furniture. Parties wishing to secure bargains will do well to attend. Dealers are respectfully invited, dale positive without reserve. Catalogue* now ready. IjMtWARD PETTI St! Kit, AlCTIONKER, 109 I'EAKL J street, will sell on Monday, Sept. SO, at 10}j o'clock, at No. 6 Amity place, between Bleeeker and Amity streets, all the FurnitureRontnined therein, consisting or "Beds, Bcddlng, Carpels, Oilcloth*, Mirrors and a general assortment of Household Furniture. Sale positive without reserve. GEOKOE IIOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, at halt-past ten o'clock, at No. 12S Macdougal street, near Houston street, all the Furniture In the above house, consisting id" Parlor Suits, Tapestry, Three-ply and other Carpels, Oilcloths, Centre, IXning and Tea Tallies, Pier Glass, Curtains, Couches, Rocking and other Chairs, lualmgauy, French and Cottage Bedcteads, llulr Mallt-ewex, Beds and Bedding, Bureaus, Toilet China, Glass and Silver Ware, Stoves, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Alto a splendid Wardrobe. Henry green, auctioneer, will sell tuts day, at hall past ten o'clock, at the auction More, 191 William street, the Liquor Casks, Tea Canisters, Measures, Orooerlei, Wines, Bitters, Li'piorH,*? Scgsrs, Ac., the contents of a retail grocenr and liquor store. Also, 2UU boxes of Herrings, 30 Ikjxch of nkceiironl, .le. At 12 o'clock, a quantity ol Ready Made Clothing, Diy ltd Fancy Qoo4li Ac. J .NO. S. IIKTTS, AICTIONKER.-AUCTJON NOTICE.? Household Kurnituro.?GERARD, BKTTS A CO. will sell, on Monday, Sept. St), at 11 o'clock, at 5.1ft Grand Htreet, two diHirS west of Ludlow ttrcet, the t'urniture curtained iu the above house, consisting In part of Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, Rugs, Drugget cloth, Oilcloth, mahogany Sofa, nuhocany Chairs, iu lialrcloth; lias Fixtures, Mirrors, Mantel Clock and Ornaments, Window Curtains, Shades and Ornaments, Bed Chainl>er Furniture, Ac., Ac. Also the Kitchen Furniture, Refrigerator. Ac., Ac. The whole of the furniture must be removed the day of sale. Terms cash. Bankable money and a deposit required. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER?AgSIOXmffl SALE.? JOHN LLOYD A SONS will sell on Thursday. October 8, at 10M o'clock, al 375 Broadway, tho entire stock or Boys' Clothlllir Cloths Tilmmln.. ... B-l. .......1... I rain or whim*. Catalogues wtfl In; ready Iho day of tale. By ordei of A. 1>. WHEBLOCK, Assignee. JMORIARIT. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, THIS day, at 10o'clock, lit No. 173 Chatham square, 80fas, Lounges, Chairs, Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Fjpather Beds, Minora, Chsks, Ac. Also a variety of Shawls, Dresses, .lewciry, Cutlery, and stock of goods damag**d by fresh water. Large sals of household furniture. An extraordinary opportunity for HOI SEKEEPERS *AN1) THE TRADE. This day, (Monday), at 10>? o'clock, the entire contents of Um largo pr nMcreildcD 128 WAVtriej place,01 nerof Sixth avenue, consisting of three handsome Parlor Suits, covered in brocatel, silk, reps ami hilrcloth; solid n>*ewood Pier and Centre Table*; a very line r<*e.t?od Ktegere, with gliss doors and back; large oval French Mlrnnn, Turkish Chairs and Lounges, Curtains. Vases, Bronx - Clock, rosewoodhiid gahoguny Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Sofa Beds, Chair*. Louum's. Clocks, Corner Btauds, Mirrors, Tables, Hair Mattresses, Reds, Bedding, Brussels*und Ingrain Carp-'ts, oak ExteiiHlou Table, Dining Chairs, Glass, China and Silverware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. E. KOTH, Auctioneer. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THI8 day (Monday), Boptomb r3tt,at in1, o^olotLii sale*room 86 Nassau street, a general assortment of Household Furniture : Brussels and Ingrain Carj?et?, rosewood and mahogany Parlor Suits, covered in hail cloth and broeatel. Book Cases, Mirrors, Extension Dining Tables. Bullets, * Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, Washstands, Bedsteads, Ilair Mattresses, Palliasses, Lounges, OAlce Desks, Tables, Iron Safe, Oilcloth, Ac. The whole to be peremptorily sold. Philip n. wilkins, aictioneer.?PHILIF r. WILK1NS will tell at auction, on Tuesday, October 1, at 10Wo'clock, at No. H7 West Forty-nevumh street, as adjourned from Sept. ss (sale piremptory >. an aaaortment of Household Furniture, Books, Paintings, Ac., consisting iu part of rosewood Sofas, Chairs, and Ymtiilre Chairs in satin broeatel; inarble top, centre and sola Tables; Bookcases, Paintings, Mantel Clock, Pier, Chandeliers, Freuch Bed ?:einiK, enamelled chamber Suite, Velvet, Bi-uhm-U nnd Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Ac. Alitu n large number of Ktaudard Rooks, many of them rare anil valuable. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?W. C. UIOGINS WILL SELL, this day, 111" 30th, a large assortment of unredeemed Pledges, viz: Coats, l'atits, Silk and other Presses, Woollen Shawis, Bo'ila, Shoes, Blankets, Quilts, Feather Boll, Carnet*. Jewelry, Ac. By order of HENRY O'KAKRELIj, 267 West Thirty-filth street, aecond door ealitof Eighth avanue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?B. LEVY, AUCTIONEER, 22 Catharine street, will sell this d ?y, at ll)>? o'clock, Milk and other Dresses. Quills, Clnaka, Shirts, Chemises, Shaw l*, Skirts, men'i Cloihra, Pillows, Sheets, Watchca, Jewelrv, Ac. By order of II. BARNETT. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL, to-morrow (Tuesday), at 19S Bowery, up stairs, a large assortment of unredeemed Pledges, consisting of tnen'a winter Clothing: to commence at IOWA. M. By order of W. A R. SIMPSON. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?A. M. CRISTA LA R, Auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell, on Tuesdav. Oct. 1, at lf>}? o'eliM'k. a large and general assortment of Msn's Clothing, comprising Ooatn. Pauls, Vests, lleinuauta, Ac. By order of s. .1. ygrr.m Broome street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?Tl*KSDAY, OCTOBER 1. JOHN MORTIMER will sell Ht No. 15 Bast Broadway, a large assortment of Silk ami other DreUM, Shawls, Quilts, Blankets, Pillows, and a great variety of otiier (Joodn, Hiiiuihie for the season. By order of II. Barnard, 21 Third uv. RT. 1IAZELL. AUCTIONEER.?WHITTEMORB A IIAZELL Invitr the attention of buyer* to their sale of Tuesday next, 0< tuber 1, to be held hi tfieir salesroom, 158 , Broadway. In addition to a large aMsortmeut of ! HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Ac., there will bo included in our sale an tuvoice of Edge Tool*. Ac., c.ompri?ing Broad and Bench Axe*; Claw, Hhinsling and Lathing Hatchets: Claw and Adze-eye Hammer*, Framing Chisels, Butchers'anri Family Cleaver*, Miners' Hammer*, Sledges, Pick*. Ac. AI*o. Pocket Knives and Scissors on Otrdl, Howie Knives, Pi.-i ?l% Ac. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?TUESDAY, OCT. I, at 10>a o'clock, at the auction room* No. 1 North William I street, mortgage sale of Household Furniture, Sofas, Tables, 1 ('hairs, Bi.oK'-a-e, Extension Dining Table, Brussels Carpet*. Bureaus, Washstands, Gas Chandeliers, Bedstead*. Bods and 1 Bedding, Kitchen Furniture; also one Billiard Tkble, two su| perlor Sewing Mschines, Show Caves, lot of Boots and Shoes; also one Horse, Butcher's Cart and Harness. C2IIISltll'l"S MAI.K-URY (iUOIIH. AC. O CHAMBERS A FAIRCIIILD, Auctioneer*. Will sell on Monday, Sept. 30, at 11 o'clock, at th<>ir saleiroom, III Nasmi'1 street, a g uneral assortment of Dry Oonda, consisting of Calicoes, 1J<- Laities, Sheetings, Shirtings, Alpacas, Muslins, Ribbons, Butting, Sllk>, Collars, Sleeves, Cottons, Needles, Small Ware*, Ac. JOHN KEI.LV, Sheriff. SALE OK STEAM ENGINE ANI> BOILER, MACHINERY, Ac.? CHAMBERS A FAIRCIIILD, Auctioneers, will sell on Tuesday, October 1, at 10 o'clock, at No. 3Si Attorney stm t, one slxteen-horse Strain Kngitie; also Boiler, Shafting 1'tilllc M, Belting, Ac., throughout the building anil now running, and can lie examined till day of Bale. Private bids will be entertained till day of mile. Apply to D. CONUEK, No. 9 Rutgers place, or to tlie auctioneer!. 113 Nassau street. SHERIFF'S RALE-LIQUOR STORE. CHAMBKKS A FAIKCHILD, AUCTIONEERS, will sell on Monday, September 30, at II o'clock, at No. 12 Pine street, the contents of an Eating and Drinking Saloon? Bar, Counter, Ice Box, Table, Chairs, Crockery and Class Ware, Liquors, S*gars, Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. qherifk"s_s\le?MfijDLniNoa. yj <>iiA.nnr,na ? rAini lllliU. AUUTlUKKtiKf, salesroom 113 Nassau street, will sell on Tuesday, October 1, lit 11 o'clock, al 206 West Thirty-seventh street. aliout 200,1)01) feet Wood Moulding*. JOHN KELLY, Hherin. Third fall trade sale of olassware, JNO. K. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Auctioneer, Will sell, on Tuesday, October 1,1861, Ai 10 o'clock, Al hlii salesroom. No. 73 William street, 600 PACKAGES AMERICAN FLINT GLASSWARE. Samples and catalogues now ready. Terms?Four months credit. -yy M. HOLLINU8IIEAD, AUCTIONEER. BOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION. ALEXIS BRAGO A WARREN, 30 WARREN STREET, Will sell on THURSDAY, Ol TUBE It 3, AT 10 O'CLOCK, 1,000 CASES BOOTS AND SHOES, Comprising an assortment of lrcsh and seasonable goods, to w blch the attention of the trade is respectfully Invited. regular weekly AUCTION. SALES HKKEAFTEK ON THURSDAYS. also at private sale, BOOTS AND SHOES BY THE PACKAGE Of every description, at lowest price*. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES on consignments. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 East Broadway, sells on this day, at 11 o'clock, the Stock and Futuresof the (Jrocery ami Liquor Store, 278 Forty-second street, nenr Te ith avenue:?Walnut Counters, Scales, Soap, Starch, Kegs, Boer Pumps, and all other tlxtil res. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?CONTINUED sale of Carpels, Oilcloths, Rugs, Mats, Ac., nt 11 Bowery, on Tuesday, October 1. This Is an excellent opportunity to purchase Carpet* of all styles ami qualities, front the iinest English Velvet to a common Ingrain Carpet. The bslunee of the stock must be sold. Any number of yards will lie cut to suit purchasers. Thl? sale U the entire balance ol tho slock of the large Retail Carpet Warehouse, No. II Bowery, and must be sold. Sale will commence at 10% o'clock. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON Tuesday, at 10}i o'clock, nt the dwelling No. 203 Enst Twenty-third street, all the genteel Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture of the above house. Catalogue* nt sale. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, Bt two o'clock, at 451 Canal street, Furniture?a large quantity of second-hand Carpets, Oilcloths, Desk, Counter, Stoves, Chairs and a large M i.-rur.. By order of WM. AUKLEY, Assignee. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at two o clock, at 454 Canal street, all the gcufel Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. Ac., of a large house, consisting of Pier and other 0lasses, Pianofortes, Bookcase, Centre, Dining and Tea Tables, curtain*. Etegere, Velvet, Tapestry, Three-ply, Ingrain aud other Carpets, Oilcloth*, mahogany, French and Cottage Bedstead*, Hair Mattresae*. Feather Beds, Sheets, Blankets, Comforters, Table Linen, Marble-lop Dressing Bureaus, Washitinrla. rhlnt (llna? MllvOf unrl nlhnp UTieaa ?? Hi'.ven, nHk Tables andChalrs, the whole comprising a valuable a.smrtmen t for family uie. I WM. WOLF. AUCTIONEER, OPFICE 49 JACKSON street, will Mil on Wednesday, October 2, 1861, at I0K o'clock, the rich anil costly Household Furniture contalnM In the private house 121 Eldrldge street, between Drlancey anil Rivlngton streets. consisting of English Velvet, Tapestry, Ingrain Carpets: elegant n. so wood Parlor Hulls, E'HKires, On Ire anil Side Tables, fainting*. Curtains, Vast", rosewood and mahogany Bei! steads, Bureaus, Waslmtsnds, two French Mirrors, Mattresses, Lounges, Chairs, Clucks and Dining Tables, Glass, China and Silver Ware, Table Cutlery Ware, Ac. Bale to commence at 10>j( o'clock, rain or shine. WM. HOLLTXOSHEAD, AUCTIONEER.?I,(Ml CASES Boots, Sh.i.-e and Hroj.ans At auction, on Tue> lay, October 1, at 10)< o'clock, at tho store of J. T. V, lilt house, ?5 Corilamlt street, comprising a wull selected Urn I; direct from manufacturers. Al-o a retailer's slock, of Oooda, Catalogue* ou moruluK of sale. EW YORK HERALD, MO f _ _ _ . ^AR' "a . ss?I8Tant quartekmasterh~ okfice"no.7 A ' fowling Omen. Npw York, September 2^, 1S6I ? Wan tea. ?i"? ^undr"' t"?P1"ler", who fully undrr.tand dnvlii" nt> ''ukl|l* <'ir<i Of four-hone team*. Apply at UiU ofllct'imTiu Pf1"**! 1 *? R SA\?()V, <?r?>lntna Asmataut QnartermMter Hulled Slate. Army ClOMPANr D FIRST REdlVBMT IKISII BRIGADE, J will receive* .w<motJ! ni?n at 453 Bruudvvav. JolHi M Nup'ni, rap. :ll"; Ml ** ?. * Flags and banne^**-J',-,BOESE continues to imlut Flu?? aud Banner. Emi T1,'1 atreet. Portrait*, Conla of* '"J Ornamental Wurk, alao Panoramic and DecomtiVv ' tiexccutoU in the hh hcM style of ait. VA.> r. ? . KTftni A WAVET J I'll.Am fa ? rAllSHT i'AAVr "VJVk" chf.ip and lng*nloiiH Camp rtt<*4 . .1, reorntly larented by NATHANIEL JOHNSON, ot .thI"4 ?? an.(l {h dSw manufactured and sold b\ him at bin AV ,'J " uriiiture hstabilibiuent. 490 Hudson street. S. .f. >?*V '1' " ' ntl'< rdiiiR ulil and comfort to the brave- " un' "KB""* under the Siurs uad Stripe*, In bavin; prep?r?t " comli.rtal>lc seat Jnut adapted lo tne wail'.* ?>P a xoldler I* *"'P Hi?. The Caiup Stool U ronvonleut fur hotel-, '. lulling e*enr*ioiis, caiup meetings and picul< panic*. flint cfUU each. Musicians wa.nted.-first class mimcta*^ lor Washington, Apply at Uud?i rib * ItHiiti oflirt', 4si Hrcximeat. FRANK M. jUUII. NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS. MEDICAL 01 rector'a Office, corner ?l Elm and White streets. Com mandani*of companies, regiments and camps are urged to ha\ e their resp dive commands vaoclnated a) once. Vaccine vlrua will be supplied on ie>|Ui*ltlnn by the medical director. Colonela of regiments are respectfully reminded that the power to appolut regimental taeaioal o Ulcers feaides lu the Governor of tho Suae Rally arocnd the old guard. the FIRST rcott LIFE GUARD, Fourth reulment New York Volunteers. Col. A. W. TAYLOR. The Increase of recruha ordered by General Dll io the Culled State* government standard baa been nearly eoui?lnted. A lew more patriotic volunteer* will be accepted. hone having seen service preferred. Apply at 111 Urand street, between Broadway and Elm street. This regiment haa been In the United Stataa service since May 2, IM1, and is now stationed at Havre de Grace, Mil. Recruiting olllccrs?<!apt. Chas. W. Kroger, Company D; Lieut. Jaines McDonald, Compauy K. Recruits forwarded every day to the regiment. Rare opportunity.-wanted, two expkrienced and ca|wblc Artillery Cupiulus; two Fitst ami two Second Lieutenants for batteries n >w lu service. Foreigner* who hate seen service referred. Also an eipericnivd foreigner who speaks English as Aidde Camp to a BriK?>!i'-r at 91 Liberty streei,*?Cew York, with testimonials of Character Hllti qilNliliHtioilH. Rem foe saul?i will bill a first hate Rifle that <-ost $40 tor $20; has been used but little; has a globe Might; loads at the muzilt* and carrion 70 to the |s>und; Intended tor line shooting. Addict Mr. Sharp, box 128 llcrald oflicr. SBBQBAMT HUBBARD, Of COMPANY 0, NIMH regiment N. Y. S. M., Is in town and will I ?vc on Tuesday morning to rejoin the regiment. Any letter* for the in en? be re, ii left at the City Guard armory, C.r?4 Bmadwny, duriug this day (Monday), ho will t>e happy to deliver the same. CJUTLERB, 8UTLEH8, RUTLERS.?SUTLERS CAN HE k? supplied at New York prices, hv calling on EMILL 1)1'1'RU, 330 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, 1>. 0. To BUTLBBB, mess caterers, a? \ -WK CALL THB attention of person* wanting reliable goods to our sale of Wines, Lluuors,|Srgnrn, Ale, rorter, Ac., the stock of an old Insolvent Importing and jobbing house, late in the Southern trade, to be h< Id at our oflloo, No. 23 Nassa t street, on Thunday, October 3, at 11 o'clock Bale peremptory and good*guaranteed. HENRY 11. IJSEDS A CO. To 8UTLRB8.?MABCHING AND BIDING LEOQINS. Regiments supplied with a first rate article at n amuiablo price*. I.oniN HKOOKH A HON, CM Broadway, coruor of Howard street lOTII REUIMEKT NEW YORK STATE MILITIA.COM. ImI pauy 0.?The members of this company will assemble at the armory on Tuesday. October i, at 9 o'clock A. M., to be mustered In the service. By order of WM. FOWLER, Captain.^ member* of tin' above command, and those who intend going out with them, arn requested lo timet at Jefferson MarRet this day, at S o'clock I*. M., to make arrangcuieuta rotgoing Into camp on Tuesday. JAMKS CltOMIE, Captain commanding. ?5?-| f\/\ TO <190 WILL BE GIVEN FOR A LIEUTEN PJ-V/U aticy, drat or second, In any volunteer regiment in service, or for either ttosltlon which can be secured In the United Stale* Army, uy a young man who ha9 seen over four mnnthi' sen Ice In the field and la fully <a>m|>eteiit for the position. Address New York .Militiaman, Herald olllcc. " FIIuiciAL. Chemical bank -new york, sept. i?, inci.-tiie President and Directors of this bank have this day declared a quarterly dividend of six (6) per rem, payable to tho stockholders on and aftar Tuesday, tne first day of October next. By order of the Board. Q. O. WILLIAMS, Cashier. Irving savings institution, no. w wahren street. Interest allowed at the rate of 6 per eent on sums from $1 to JWOO, und 5 tier cent on sums over that amount. Deposit* made on or before October 1 will draw Interest from that date. Open dally from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M., and on Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings 1'roin 4 to 7 P. M. JOHN CASTREK, Prealdent. Vanokrimi.t L. Buxtok, Secretary. Logan county mining and manufacturing .Company.?The semi-annual interest on the bonds of tills company due October 1, 1 MCI. will bo paid on presentation ot the coupons at tbclrofliee, *1Pine sireet. B. V. WEYMOUTH, Treasurer. Third avenue savings bank, Corner Third avenue and Twenty-fifth street. CUAKTKItKt) I8A4. SIX l'ER CENT INTEREST allowed on all deposit!, From One to One Thousand Dollars. INTEREST WILL COMMENCE FROM OCTOBER L Bank ouen dally from 10 to 3. Alio on the eve nlnga of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from 6 to 8. SPENCER K. GREEN, President. Btkfhkn S. Child*, Secretary. United states loan. 7 5-10 TREASURY NOTES. UrricK or Kktchiih, Son ft Co.,) No. 41) Exchange place > N?w Yo??, Sept. 21, 18110. ) Pursuant to instruction* from the Secretary of thx Treasury, a book ha* this day town opened at the above ofUce for aubacrtptioM, under my uywatend?w, for Tntnry Notes, to bp tusued Id suina of ftl ty, ono hundred, five hundred, one thousand, or live thousand dollars each, payable August 19, 1861, and bearing Interest at the rale of 7 B-W per cent per annum, such interest payable semi-annually, and represented by ooupons, which may lie detached and presented for payment separately from the notes. Thp above, rat* of Interest pays two cents each day on every hundred dollars, and parties taking the notes must pay accrued Interest from the dato of the notes, August 19, to the date of their subscription. Subscriptions will be received during fifteen days from this date. MORRIS KBTC1IUM. No. 40 Exchaxuic Puck, ( Nkw York, Sept. 21, 1X61. s To facilitate the objects for which the above Agency has been established, we will receive from subscriber* cerlllied checks upon the liauks of this city and current bank notes, ourselves furnishing coin to the required amount. We will also, If desired, send the certificates of deposit to Washington, obtain the Treasury notes, und forward them to any given address. No charge will bo mad* for the above services. Nkw York, Kept 28, 1861. Having been supplied by the Secretary of the Treasury, I am now prepared to furnish Treasury notes bearing Interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent per annum, payable to order as required, and of the various denominations Immediately upon deposit therefor In gold or ourrent funds. MORRIS KBTCHIJM. <X?7 Kfin ?A SECRETARY TO AN INCORPORATED ?Jp I UVv/. Company wanted. To a party who can furnish (lie above sum, and give Huf.sfactory references as >o character and cnuacity, a very safe and highly profitable arrange LOAM OFFICES. Advancer made on diamonds, watciiem, jewelry and other valuables, or bought for cash at l ull value, by J. 8. COHEN, 31)5 Hrondway, corner of Duane street. I'&rilcs visited at their residences if desired. All business strictly confidential. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY ADVANCED TO any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., 1*1 anoa, Segara, Dry Goods, 4c. N. B.?Pawnbrokers Tickets bought, at 77 Blcecker street, up stairs. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO I.OAN TO any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., by the well known and old established ISAAC, Broker and Commission Merchant, No. 9 Chambers street. N. It.?No business transacted on Saturday. AT J. If. BARRINGER'S 212 BROADWAY, ROOM 13.?This old established ofllce advances-ihe highest sums, or buys for cash, Merchandise, Diamonds, set or unset: Peails, Waiches, Plate, Optical Instruments, Ac. 212 lirnudway, room 13, up stairs. At C6 Nassau street.-a. iioniqman. diamond Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Watehes, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at Uls private olllce, tkl Sir,suit street, room No. 2, up. stairs. Business confidential. AT 79 NASSAU STREET?A. R. THOMPSON ADranees on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, See*i s aurt all kinds of Property, or buy* out. AMOS ){. THO.MI'SON, Auctioneer. Hales attended to in all parLs of the city iiud Brooklyn. Room No. 3, second floor. Money to lend?at moderate rates, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver, Dry Goods and personal pro. i perty of all kinds. Goods may be redeemed nt any time withlu one year. Private.offloe entrance, hall door. H. BAltNARD, 21 Third avenue. <?Ofl Ann TO ADVANCE, BV HENRY HYMAN. 43 IpZlMJUU Broadway, room No. S, on Wat he.?, Diamonds and incrchaudlM ol ever.y description, fmin $i'?and upwards. Merchants In want of motley will do well to Mil. Busiuess strictly confidential. POlilTICAL. ~ ~ National democratic com mittee. Mojakt Hall, Sept. 28, 1P-Ct The undersigned. appointed a Special Committee by the National Democrat!- (letter*) Committee of Moiart II*U to receive the names of Inspectors. Ac., for the prl'nury ?lectlona of delegates to the ?everal Nominating Convention* for the cn?ulng cleotlon, hereby give notice that the* will bs In uaalon at No/art Hull on Monday. September 30, from iri to & o'clock P. M., for the purpose of receiving the reports ;rorn the several wards and for such other buslneaa as may tome before them, In pnrsuauce of tbe resolutions under which the, wer,nppolntM. MOROAN ^HARRIS, chaui.ks francis, david rowland, thomas ca881n, william baird. .Special Committee. The eleventh ward union associatiok will hold IU regular weekly meeting at Busam's ( nrtuna Hall, 220 Second ?treet, on Mondav evening, Sept 31, at $ o'clock. Every cltlicn of the ward, without regard topartj. Is invited. R L. lakkemore, PreskSnl. Edwin Stewart, Secretary. milE PEOPLE'S UNION GENERAL COMMiTTEE A will meet at room No. 19 Cooper Institute, this (>onday) evening. Sept 30, 1361, at 8 o'clo>-&. JAMES M. austin, Prudent. ASA B. OtHDMKR, ) Con ka i> SwAUKitAimCR, , Secretaries. c. s. Bihdjali., ) IJEOI'LE'H UNION REFORM CANDIDATE For District Attornc;., Col. Til Oil AS B. YAM UUOfitk NDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, AMUSKMEirrS.^ WallaokV" " Curlier <?f Broadway ami Thirteenth alrect. D"or? open at 7. To couirarnca at 8. Ei>pcclal attention Ik directed to the announcement that tl performnncaa will In future terminate before II o'clock. The extraordinary facility of esrena wax fully evldenci hv the fact that from the full of the cm-tain to the exit ol tl laat auditor, onlv ooeuplcil three minute* and a hall'. Notick.? It la respectfully Intimated there will b? no fri 11*1 or complimentary udmlaalolia, excepting only the ilHU prlvllegea of the I'reaa. MONDAY AND EVERY EVENING, Will lie acted a new Comedy, by Tom Taylor, Ea.|, In lhr< acta, with appropriate SCENERY, APPOINTMENTS AND COSTUMES And Incidental Muale entitled THE NEW I'KKSIDEN f. rBKitoH. De la ItAinpe, a theatrical manager Mr. Inciter W.illac Belcour, a leading iii-tor Mr. Kloy Vaiit?'-I|e( llr*t tragedian .Mr. Wlulei ll.icoiitln, tlrst old,man .Mr. St. Job (Irlnoulaifl, low comedian Mr Brown Llndor, walking Konlleurtu Mr. Ilai I Toupel, w lg maker Mr. Willi La Joconde, leading acircn? Mm, Hoc

Colombo, her daughter Mint Madeline Ilenrupie Mile. Itoncoulle. Mr*. Reeve i Crocke | _ GKliMANS. "r Waldnteln Mr. C Ki.hri., " I u! ! "rlh*l'n (Prime Minister) Mr. Nortoi rhc ^iidgrmveofBruiin* Mr ReTnold The .^iiron Von Darapfuoodel "...I..Mr uL' k toneri.H?raiiuhack .'.Mr. I'amlo Krebu, chief volet lo the l>uk? Mr Yotmi Colonel KiXto* Mr. Hark* H**rUuk Mr. Ghaifa The Prii?cea? ff Uhr lmiu* (the Landgrave's m.i w , . afater Miss Mary Mi lie M\\*.. Von (Jrifftaikefm (hi?r lad? in waiting)... Mrs. Varnoi The Kmi-oiio** Yon ihunpfnoovlel. Mia* Mary Uauuot Kraulcin Vgii I feffier Mikh Curium "kicks.?Boxe* and Parquet, fiOfanu; Private Boiea, $7 Orchestra Bull* $1, and Family Circle Sftoont*. WINTER OA It DEN. FOUKTII AtfD last WBEB Of the brilliant and beautiful Comedienne, MUS. JOHN WOOD, who will appear on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 39, in two character*??? ANNE BIIACEGIRDLE, In tin- petite Comedy o! THE ACTRESS BV DAYLlOlif, written expressly for Mr?. John Wood. Scene? London. Po tlinl?lotW. * AIho ai CINDERELLA, In the bnrleaque of that tulc, with NEW BONO AND To crown this riming work of the perrormiwi'oa of thin, perhupa the most jiopnlnr un.l attractive arm sh who liaii'iei ii|'|N*an!d on tU"' N?w York atage, tho management him plea miiiv in unnoiincliiK an enxugi'muut with the celcbrutod Kpaululi UalM'i'i s, UENORINA ISABELLA CUB AS SENOR JUAN'XIMKNES, who harp appeared with ih<' niiwl iinimnnjcd tinccm at th? Kojritl Opera Houses of Mudi-iil, St. l"ol?'iitbtirg, Con -imitlno pie unit Vlennii. and tin1 l.vuuni theatre. ?iitl?>11. Sneakim 61 her appearance in London Um Times says:?In uppc>uanc< tb? Donna Isaoel Cuba* embodies the idea we have been ac customed to attach to those msgnlflccnt Andaluaian beauttei who have maddened the brain* ot" ImhIi Moors and Chris', ami have been the theme <?f some of (he tnostcharm Jng < impositions <t Hie SnaniKh mine. Her costuine? (foi the audieiice wi re d-llghted with two sets of natlouul < harar teristlc dances) \v< re at once simple and costly, and distill guliked by thi) moal eiqulill taste. Her dancing emphiU< cally belongs to the grandiose school, if we may use the ex preion, and has nothing tn common with that petite eic gance which rendered lVr? a Nona so great a favotlte * >m? ns since; but the energy and Mtlvw wbioh i were oi course prepared to witness in Spanish dancing is by Donnt Isabel subdued by a most exquisite elegauoe and refinement which produced so decided an ell eel upon her audience as to leave us no hesitation in deviat ing her debut "a tiaasceudcm success." The performances will embrace:? 1. A new Medley Overture by Koppttz. 2. The petite comedy of ''An Actress by Daylight," Ir which Mrs. John Wood, Mrs. (J. Skcrrett, Messrs. A. 11 Davenport and Baker will appear. 3. "the Nightingale Polka'* (by desire), by Koppltz unc Lothaln. 4. A divertissement, euttllled 44 Flor de Seville," in whirl Renora Isabella Cuhas and Don Xlinencs will appear, with i full crps de ballet. ft. The inuidcal burlesque of "Cinderella," In which Mri Wood will sing her celebrated comic song*:? While they're here, If they Interfere, Wont we give them a warmer. ?And Whack, row de dow, Where was you, (J en oral Patterson Nightly received with UNBOUNDED API?LAU8K. In the ball scene fctanora Isabel Cuba* and Senor Xlmone will dance 4> I?a (lillamilla y el Curro." Spkciai. Noticb.?Doors open at a quarter to 7; oommeuo at half-past 7 precisely. NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS AND MKNAU^RIE, PALACE (iAKDEN, Corner of Fnorteeiitii ?trcet anil Bl?lh avenue. BENEFIT, BENEFIT, BENEFIT, ('omiillmenurr Benclll to RATON STONE, EATON STONE, EATON STONE, EATON STONE, Tin-'?ivat Rider of ?ti<> age. TIIIS (MONDAY) NKillT, Sept. 3ft Entire change of pi ou'i'urninc. Entire change ol programme Entire change of puogranimc, Emlre change of programme NEW AND KM ' i A NT SCENES I N ' III" CIRCLE. m ue.Louise roi b.airk Mim io i ii o rnairr ilme. LOUISE TOlJllNAIRLf Mmr.LuLlSh 1'oUKNAIUK The priile of the Arena, received nightly with enthuaiaiiili applause. Fi rat night of tlioae a*toundii.g (ivmnaata, the Cun rail Brother*. Conrad Hnnliera. Conrad Brother!. Conrad Brolliei*. Conrail Brother*. C>urad Brother*. EATON STONE In a thrilling ai l of Hoi'UFiinanahip. THE BUFFALOES. THREE CLOWNS IN THE ARENA TO NKJHT, Ainungihem the celebrated DKN STONE; alao All llir Splendid E'|ii"i>trlun Troupe. Admiaxlon 2Acent*; children 15 rent*. Tueada; night Benefit uf the mother of the UAI.E SISTERS. N ew bowery theatre. Hole proprietor* Menara. 0. L. Fn* A J. W. IJngan MONDAY. Sept. SO, 1861. The grand hixtoi lral drama ot EVA, THE IRISH PRINCESS. Cathullin Mr. O. C. Bon I far Andy o'Loughlln Mr. o. L. Fo Evii Mrs. W. (J. Jone The musical faree of no. or the glorious minority. Frederick (with aonga) Mr. Jamce Dun (Ilia Ural appearand this Huaaon.) And the nautical drama or BLACK EYED SI'S AN. KumAn I;AIIIUL?IU UKI'IIAN Ah*i.i M?TIIK Ai> iiual Festival, ill aid of the above institution, will tak iilsce at the Academy of Music, on Thursday, October! The entertainments, consisting of two distinct performancei one i.> tii" ifUroooQ Md another in tii- eriolng, will '?? "f very superior character, supervised by N. M. * lark, Esq who, in conjunction with John Brougham, Esq., baa con ducted the performance* for asveral yearn. Caution.Tickets fthould be purchased mt the ticket offl'-vs only, clthr before or on the day or evening of the festival, or from thou within the building duly authorized, and who m ill !>? dlitfti gnished by appropriate badges. ThUs caution is rendere necessary oceann-r spurious bill* have heretofore been paaa^ n change by parties not empowered to sell tickets. IOOK OUT FOR THE GRAND REOPENINO OF Til! J Stuyvesaut Institute. The moat talented company c artists in the world will positively appear. Minstrelsy.?wanted, to join a band, for short campaign, a violinist, banjoist, and a performc on the con^crtlna and guitar. Munt b?? good negro dclinci tors. Address Immediately J. F. G., Herald ollice. rpo VIOLINISTS.?A PERMANENT SITUATION WIL X be given to a good Violinist; mnut be a ^ood mu^iciai Address Music, box 217 Ilerald ofiice. mi8cellweoun. Boots and shoes.?a large, fresh stock o seasonable goods, by the single pair or case, at wr prices, at GKORGE R. CONNER's, 377 Bowery, next t Filth street. C1artes de visite?photographic life poi f traits, rli-hi''toned and beantifnlly finished, at $2 p? dozen, ana Parlor Portraits from $1 to $50, taken daily, rai or shine, at the Art Gallery, 411 Broadway, oorner of LI penard street. GEO. II. FULLER, FORMERLY IN THE FIRM O Robinson A Fuller, South Attleboro, Mass., inan.ilat ti rerof .J'bolng Materials of all kinds, for repairing Jewelrj plnstems, joints and catches, split rings, cluster setting! chain ho??l; i, ear wires, Ac,, No. 0 Pleasant street, Pawtucke R.I. All orders promptly attended to. Braus and Germa Silver Hi adless Pins constantly on hand. G1ENERAL GEORGE H. MoCLELLAN AND OUR NE\ T Union frizo Gift Packages arc to lm wondered a Seventy-five cent* worth of Indispensable articles for twenfj five cents. Agents are making from $.r> to $10 per daj Agents wanted, male and female, everywhere. Addresi with stsmp for circular, Rickarda A Co., lt?2 Nassati street. LI 10IIT1 LIGHT! LIGHT!?A GREAT VICTORY. CAM pheuc and fluid exterminated, and Coal Oil is king The UNION COAL OIL BURNER Gives the greatest light the world ever saw from one slngli lamp, with no danger bv explosion. and at half the cost o anything now in use. Camphcn* 1uiii|m altered at a small ex jh hs?-. an i no L i nps, Coal Oil, 4 W \ . always oi nan 1. Righ:? I . N 15. ? N? -m of theselami ireaennlne n pof j itenl ip plied for in front of the bonier, and u ?h<?it which It Is un lawful to make, sell or use my Improvfrurnt I*trnp? slterct at any place in the city, or bv express m the eo-ititrjr, on no tice bv letter or otherwise, being lefi at ray pUoe of buai ness, *No. f<2 (Catharine street, New Y k * Satisfaction i.s unarant" c l !-. f i i sk*d. john '4 llvaky. VTOTICB.?TO HOTEL!?, KKSTAUK A N i H ^ I> IIOU8E i.i keepers?Spoons, K irks an ! 14 H?rr><i a 11 kin<la r<* naire<l and n?ptat?"l in ib? I?*t trsotwr. * ?-h ?n notice, b; ! the Manhattan 1'! r<- ' mpflJIJ SPRUCE TIMBER WANTED IN EXCHANGE FOI Leasehold Property located In my of New York. Ad drew Spruce Tlm'ier, bo? I jfl ll-r.ii I oflu e. SAVE THE KXI'KNSK OK BI'TINU A PRESS. B' lulling on II. HOMKR, Machinist and Dealer In Nev and Second hand Tools and Machinery, where nil kind* o press tool* are made and culling Mil and pi.-rang douc I order, at U East Broadway, near Chatham square. Trv a pair. $.1 00 Oeuta' calf stitched Boot*. 2 75 " " " double soled Balmorals. 2 SO " " " Congress Gaiters. 2 M " patent leather slT'.cherl ('onsrets GatMft. 2 SO " " " " Oxford Tie*. 2 SO " calf tap sole pegged Boots. 1 SO " " " " Balmoral*, 2 00 " " % A. I H Boots. I SO " (tout pegged Boots. 100 " Congress Gaiters, pegged. OKOR0E R. CONNER, S77 Bowery, next to Fifth street. VERONES' ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATHS, 11 Fourth avenue?Attended by Protestor Vermes, th tnvcntor; celebrated for the eitractton of metallic suf stances from ;he system, and for rheumatism, chronic dti eases and disease* peculiar to iad:es. Wl??? AJID LWOttS, THE ATTENTION OK THE TRADE IS RESPKCTFULI.' solicited to the superior Quality of Hammer's fres brewed Chatnpogne AK?. Thl? ale Ik nrewed 1 r? ?li ?t ali sei sons of the rear, and It's keeping quality, especially of th< brewed luting the moat e*oea?lre not weather. I" guarantee tor any length of time. Charge f 12 per hlid and ?rt per bbl delivered lo any part of the city o! New York, Pn'm^n cash "D delivery. Orders sent to namaier'aBruwere in Hi liim, wlU beMten4ed to wtU de?i?tdi. 1861. AMUSBMBW'N. W% WVNAAA^WW\/\A' .. ..v^x.- > . .^YV^WWWWWS^W t IAI/KA KKKNK'8 TIIKA1RK -Ml IIA lil.KNK'S TliKA'I'KK. LAI'It A KKKNK'S TIIKATKK. SB OliUAT HUCCIS8 < or tun 1 Ml WBW TUBHE ACT 1 > UNKW BCRr<EfK}ITB. UNION Bl'KI.HsQUK. 1 'ft UNION MUKUSStJlHi. I TO-NIOHT, TO-NIGHT, ( ANU 1 e hKV NU5HT THIS WEEK. t /EHY NH1I1T TII1S WKliK,* ANIl 1 NEXT 8ATIUU?AV AFTF.KNOON f NKXT HATI!|<I)AY AKTKRNOOX 1 MiXT BATI KDAY AKTEltNOO? 1 K SKVliN SUNS. ?1 BKVliN MINS. MKVKN' MUSH HKVKN SONS. 8KVKN KONH. The TTeruM of BepleiiilMT'iaHayn:? 1 Politic* iiros tiik Staui:.? In ilift now burlotla railed "The Haven h'oM," and produced al Laura Kecne'a theatie on Miiml.i v avi tunc, llii" qucittiona of tlia rebellion and Mm causes, ami ot t he conduct of Bltgland toward* thlH country, ara very fully and freely dlacuatcl. Indeed thincould hariSly have been avoided In a nurlesquo \\ liK h in designed to Iw tl? vehicle for hits at i he maniiprii and matlora of tlie timet, for theae very qiiPHUon* am thuac which occupy the public iiiintf and abeorb the puliUi attention. It wa? nutloeable, at (ha fliit reprt-erutallnn of the play, that the applause which followed evavy tailing hit fmitomiead that Mis* Keene had not only aelected popular aiitijecta tor hoi dialogue, but had hit to a nicety thtreurruni pnMic ,pinion upon theaa subjects. They applauded hoanlly u plilllpyk auuluht any peace mougcring until the reunion waa put down. Ilila at the bunking ai oouraaof the biutllah preae, and at the libel* of ihuTime*' ci correspondent, wara aliui eo.iiially rucetved by the audience, li and d'Miunciatiuii* of abolltVnlata and arceealonlaU alike u] were vehement^ endorsed. Of couraa there hap|>encd u> tie , a few liidlvliluam among tho crowd whom aome ul these ?enUnianU did not | tenae, and who :ried to hl,<a the place. Their llorta weregreet*<l with inmicadoua cheera, however, aud with apphtuae anJiarlo of "turn them out." ? MID THE ri'BLIO T PBONOUNOBD TIIISTO JJB TO* 1 : nKST Sl'Kt TACLK YKT PRODUCED f. BK8T rtl'KtlTAOI.K YKT PRODUCED UR8T SPECTACLE YKT PRODUCED .EST SPECTACLE YKT PRODUCED ON THE N ! 'W Y( iKK. ST At J K. ON TIIK NKW YOKE KTAtlE. w ON TIIK NKW YOKE STAtlK. ' TT? Dally Ttmea *ava:? an lu Kuro|ie i here Ih In every country one matroptrHtan theatr> I bat la lire oinluaut for lui acenlc and plaatlc aifacta. Miaa Eoenc, by her tact, good judgment and t tale, ban secured tola fo iiinunction lor nor<me iitue place on liroauway. There are two or three tableaux In the "Seven Sons" which have never be? n -ur|a<sed in America. The experienced eye can dwell with pleasure on lueh picture* a? the "Coral Cave," with its curious spiral sUirc<?wi; the "Ascent of the Spirits of the Lake," where ; , artmclal figures ure Introduced with happy ' fleet, and the great Walteau scene of Arcadian nymphs. recllnlug among their Hoiks?a ro*y picture of peace and plenty. I I H. /rurdtd hs a literary production, the "Seveu Sons" beloug distinctly to the wint? family ait the "Seven Sisters," aiul thoao charming ladies, It will be renu mbered, were not remarkable f or their intellectuality. The snme cast of thought pervades both pieces. There t? a sermon and capci in every * >?' ? lie. And, lot it he observed, the critic ran well afford to lay ; aside hit* carklug cares aud anxieties?-even us the public i does?when be witness!* a piece so beautifully produced, and so faultier-ly played ax I* this. It is m.tddening, no doubt, * not to be able to classify the work, aud so bend it to a com* mon wheel on which the weak articulation! of its tlire? acts "l could bo broken. But (to be fresh end vigorous) "a thing of r beauty is a Joy forever," and although wo have no denim to 1 be reconciled for the rent oi our natural life to the "Seven J Suns," we ure pretty sure that ?t will prove a "Joy" to the amuseuu'iu-uotng clans tor a long tlnui to come. The dialogue '* touches on til the leading topics ot the duy. Every man, wo- \ ' man or child, who has a dozen lim a to speak, is a walking 1 * "leading article." There are hits on both sides of the mo- <>v r inentoua question which now divides the North ami the k South, The struggle itself la dcpklcd In a family-like vein of J'1 , all-fory. 1 The Sunday Dispatch says:? , I The new burlesque of the "Seven Rons" Is a success. It w! Ih a brilliant production?full of sharp hits, huinur and wisdom. The house, ou each night for the week, has been aa crowded with Men mid hearers. The "Seven woi" la put .. ? on the stage, we think, with even more splendor than was ,,t' the "Seven Slaters." it Is moulded on the same idea, but is J1'* more elaborately sketched out. The scenery, songs, music, jr> I daucltig, drills, marches, evolutions, Ac., are exceedingly at- l"' tractive, and are bound to draw everybody to see them. The > new play has been gotten up without regard to cxpeuse, and * will hold the stage for the season. 'J' TlIK MUSIC OF THIS OLLA PODRIDA, or including a new overture, introducing a fairy uiitiuet, compoaed aud arranged by Thomas Baker. EXQUISITE SCENERY l>r MESSRS. ROBERTS AND LBWI8. ai ini 1 .t Ciui.ui 1 ui A I1KI.I. IN TlIK I'ATSKIM.. iUUTAL or km. ruifo, w SURPRISE PARTY OK SEVEN HONS. ? APPEARANCE OK KIFTY FOLLIES. A Tory pretty ilanee, called Le Kollcl "TJliH'i." ? A IIALL IN HADES. ? COLUHBTA'S HOME. u PICTURE OK ANARCHY. DISUNION >' ENDEAVOR1NO TO SUNDER THE UNION. "Heaven be thanked, In memory still W0 cln-rlnh the Htnry or Old Bunker Hill." 7 THE rt 1*1 KIT OK 711, TAHLEAUX. J TIIE RATTLE OK HUNKEK IIILL. ai Plenty of the old grit left lomiBlatn the Union. c< NEW YOUR HOTEL. SEVEN SONS ON EARTH. CORAL CAVE. THE PEARLY PALACE OK DTAVOLINE. ix TUB FAIRY PoLLYWOGS. PAS LE DEL'X OK THE CORAL NYMI'IIS. DRILL OK THE POLLYWOIIS. ' ESCAPE OK l'Ll'TO AND COLUMBIA. J THE SUDDEN HPRINUINO V OF THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE IS A SCENIC ACHIEVEMENT OK RAKE UEAUTY. GRAND TAULliAUX OK POLLYWOdS. , ACT II. I RK AT I Nil POND. J THE BULLY HOYS OK NEW YORK. THE FIRE HOYS AND THE LANTERNS, HI, III, III. COLUMBIA'S RETREAT. *' SEOUESTERED NOOK. IN TI1K DEPTHS OK THE FOREST. THE PEERLESS POOL OK WATER I.ILLIES. SUMMONING <>K COLUMHIA. ASCENT OK THE SPIRITS OK THE LAKE. A MAGNIFICENT TAHLEAUX. KU1.L OK MECHANICAL *| i KKKECTS AND ARTISTIC UR0UP1NU.S. 4' Dully Tunes. ACT III. A FEDERAL PICKET CAMP. 0 DRILL OK THE EMERALD OREENfl. * EXTERIOR OK THE HALL OK JUSTICE " ? IN THE ELYSEAN KIELDS. NORTH AND SOUTH Tilt NORTH * CHAIlfik AUAI.NST TilK SOUTH. THE SOUTH'* UKrKNCK. 11 A Trial by Combat?A Momentary Bercrao?The North at a DilMUlVUIlUigC. TDK NORTH ALL RKJ1TT AGAIN. HIIK MKAHR HC.I1T. COLUMBIA'S DESPAIR. "No more w 111 I hei-k the hilnht light of the ?wn, ^ [. Till the uallou of Waabintton once more U ou.e" ? IICKMK I.AST. L A STILL PICTURE OK PEACE. h , INNOCENCE AND BEAUTY. I a ARCADIAN NYMPHS AND SHEPHERDS RECLINING j! AMIINIl Til El R K LOCKS a il by the v MOUNTAIN TORRENT OF REAL WATER. r SHOWER OK PEARLS. ? E NI) OF HURLEStJIIE. i- The French have the revue, the English their pantomime, it Mlu Koene combining them in thcLeii Ilurhitta, the sole J object of which In to provoke laughter anil amuse. Good taste determines a great many thine* In the unrM. It Is a gil t whlcn so few posses* that they who have It are ? very apt to lind themselves mysteriously enriched thereby. ? ; Mi** Kconc we a:l know la an actreas of great merit. In a g " certain line of lci l:linate bin-lno* she Is probably without a I superior In thin I if. Hapi-emng ky a blunder of fortune to t> a manager instead of continuing to bo an actress, she A ha* unejpectedly developed a genlu 1 for spectacle which will r pi hi alily govern her action* for many years tocome. In a j. word, she possesses taatc. The fanciful thing* of the itnaglnation become pleasant realHIe* beneath Iter hand*. Sue presents them to the eye a* picture*, to the ear a* music, but p r seldom to the Intelligence u* serious plays. We have not (j , heard thst Miss Kcene ever made any pretence of literary ij merit In the "Seven Sister*," and In the ''Seven Sons," the pie. e selected lor her opening night, she expressly disclaims = anything of the kind. According to her own words It is an "incomprehensible mass of dramatic nonsense"?a deilnltion which no one can object to. Criticism is gagged by a iwidesK tf >overpowering; all that can be done is li/regaid the ir piece a* it is placed before, us, and to uppjjuill the cUV< U, i .o which. If frequently Illogical, are always >fcry beautiful.? 1 Daily Times. ' r CAST OF CHARACTERS. I- Diavollne, an old lavorltc, formerly ono of tho ir Seven Sisters Miss Laura Keene n Columbia Mi*. J. If. Allen f 8- .Sntanells, another of the Seven Sisters... .Miss Sara Stevens ]> Turiaru*, afterwards Ike, u Yankee boy and j HezckLih Pea body, a Yankee peddler Mrs. Lotty Hough ,v JP Asmodens, afterwards Hank, a fast boy, after- p i. wards Mille Marie, u French lady, afterwunls j, r a Klre Zouave, with a Union *on? Mrs. Cfaanfrau ji Dlavolus, afterwards Tim Toggles, an lui|>orted M t' tiger, afterwards Dr. Uaslmway, an equstri- y Misslone Burke si Moli'sses, afterwards Jack, a sailor .Minn Frances i, Uhadamantbus, afterwards llany, a newsboy... .Mm. Dillon D Sulphurus, afterwards Hftlis, a Dutch bojr, uf- o ter wants t he Fraulieii pumper neckel Mrs. Marlowe \\ Mcinphlstophlles, alterwards a young man 0 about iowu Miss Robertson Pluto, King of Hades, afterwards Cuiree, Irrepressible ns ever, In everybody's wiiv.eontlniially breaking out In a new place, with a new Vnion song Mr. J. O. Burnett Cicsar, afterwards Dr. Fussall, special war corresuodentof the Thunderer, fully Impresnaled U with the belief (hat lie who don't light but ti rnUK away will certainly have I lie best chance of living to llghton another occasion Mr. Levlc Jake liuti, a New York boy, other than which no description la necessary ,...Mr. H. F. Daly Fred. Flutter, an Engll-h lop, formerly an olll- A cer in the Crimea .Mr. Marlowe Mickey McUlnnls, one of the great mi washed, a Sixth ward politician Mr. Dillon M Machliivelll, alterwards Sleekwlt, an Exeter ji Hall philanthropist and lecturer, Just arrived ' In New York .Mr. J. II. Btoddart Al? *anler, alterwards Yon Hlyck, a gentleman of Teutonic origin, who lias been spoiled by his A appetite Mr. C. Burnett Policeman, one of the regular blue and pew. ter Mr. W. K. Richardson fl Imp Mr. J. D. Bllby Mrs. I'luto, the mother or the S-eveii Hons, as w ell as the maternal parent of the Seven Sis- _ trrs (It I* trusted the excellence of the (Irst rendition of this character will a|xiloglac for r Its second introduction) Mr. C. Peters ,, Coral nymphs The sisters Marie and Augusta Doors open at #>?. Commence at 7}*. Box book now open, Seats secured ten (lays! Ill advauce without extra , charge. J NOTICE. ' < In order to accommodate HEADS OF FAMILIES, ' LADIES AND ' CHILDREN, , who wish to avoid the crush attendant upon cj evening performaocc, there will be A GRAND MATINEE 07 THE ' SEVEN SONS ON 1 SATCRDAY, Ot:T. 5, 1961. ? Doom open at 1; committee at 2 o clock. . Children 23 ccnta. ( TWO LIVING WHALES , NOW ON EXHIBITION ' 9 At JONES* WOOD8. o AdmlMlon SIcmiu: children nnl?r 1U. IS -1 nt'j. >- thk 3eookd and THIltD avenue cars i- Tnkn im?ciigi x* to Slxty-liflh itrcet, within fly# minute#' wa.k nt' Jnur->0 Woods. Banjo and violin taught-by jas. rvckley. i M White sirewt, nrnr Broadway, In thn bem and quick- ? f < ?! ir/inur. Pupils guantateod to lonra the note* In two h 1cm?1i9 When they can liraru from two V>eight tunc* earh i- I'^aou, tcuns SO cent* per loiuon; 12 litbsont Si. Apply as a ybovfl (nrly. d ? ? : 1 Tuf. greatest company in the world will noi.n reopen the 8tuyve??nl Institute, tiW Broadway, i r; which In being lilteU up with uew lUxu nwucn. dnooraUvu*, < Aa, 1 1 AMV#HNBNTS. A^.adkmy ok Mtrsir?T^krmann. HERRMANN'S laht MCRfORNanc'bs, a> tho of tho Op<ir? now jm N?w York?IihvIiik a?i-Qk. ?^??-nU for 11 itvmi 11 or *uro| i\ mid will ?b?i tl> r?i o (h?\, "iitry?*iTu!i(j<'ii\eulH hu/? bcrm iiudr, prior w? 1,eiTWur(iAl, V^NIOHW OK ITAXfAN OPERA, JVhlrh will in- iriv> " 0,1 Thuiwlay, Ortote' 'ilh and 21-1. OOMI'LIMFNTA "lV BENEFIT TO *K. I'M.M AN. In sniiMMiiiruaH ot 'l1* "wcmaiy pritvtrallom lor the* tola iilMlila, nnd a pre*.'""* 15?"f?,1e",,ou' c I Kit KM ANN 10 Iipirar l?.' PhlUdi.lphl* Octob tr H. tlicra will '?AnV V\1KKY,1'k>.KNINO of Til.'? week, 2*n*|?t Thumday. when the a bad bee.ljfrtvlouiqf tiftttted for the Orpliuu AnyluiK- ur.mTa iA.'i'T N10IITH LAST Mill T? .AST M1U11TH LAST JMUIlil* THE <,OMlO?VROnitA.MMB, til k rOMUJ imumikakjhe, TIIK ruMIC I'KIMIICAMKI. THE COMIC I'KOUKAMMK, Vhlcli lias boon rrielvml wltli IliniKMiiM' iipi 'aui*. Positively this only iiIkIiU of LA DOUBLE VIE HY MADAME herrmn*. LA lMIUBLK VI'K HY MADAME IIKKKMANlT. LA DOUBLE VlIE KV MADAME HKKKMANN. LA DOUBLE VlIE BY MADAME HEllltMANN. Doom oprni Ht 7'4'; to uonunrncn lit h o'clock. Admission AOcmlK. Amnliltlii'iitrf 25cents. Reserved seats 2& cents i*x; rn. Orchestra stalls $1. lV>x ofllee, Academy of Music, Hlboll's uud 0. Browsing** On HATt'UDA Y. O. tobor 5. at 1 o'clock. FOHIVIVKLY TIIK LAST MATIN1R. j-iiniTIVRl.Y THK LAST MATIMB. POSITIVELY TIIK LAST MATINKK. Itt Answer 10 niiiueroua requeeta for repetition of the I?411 nncity Programme. ky many | eraona who were prevent* I from ae??lnic it, tlia timnatcr reapeetfii 11 h >nouiteee that will be ulvun onoe inure prior to Mr "pn?t re fur I'lifledelphfa, of wkieh due ac t ee wilt he (hr?u. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OK MUtflU, Thuradav next, U lUu j. ONLY NKillf OK HKUKMAMN. For pirtlrulaia m 0 spe. I.if advei tiat:n>ent. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. J OPENING NIUI1T ir the wung of 18(11?62. Til IIRSDAY NEXT. OCTOBBR S, AT O'CLOCK. Mr. Ulliuan reauecifully inforina tint unbliq that MONt). HKI'.IIMANN. TIT* OKEAT PRESTljMUITATtUB, III sire one SOIREE DE PKBBTIDiaiTATIMf, allied liy the ORCHEHTBA OF TUB OfKKA Tim nrogrmnine Tor the aolrea will I - 1 hr muni a* that ptrruied by Uurrmuun upon lil* nveiiiiiw nkla In New York. TIIK PRICES OF AlW'tiSION Will he the name nr. in New Wrfc Adniiaalon fiOcent*. Amphitheatre its tenia. Keaerred seatH 2Aeent? extra. OroheHt'a Htnlla 91. Ho* oilier. Ai .idemy of Mualt;; Klbell'a, II Wall Kiaeet. . Notick.?The Hiile or aeaiacomineiirea Wadneadat, Oct I IABNUX'8 AMEBIC AB MUSEUM. LAST VVKEK AND CLWK1NO HXIIIBITIO.* r.awr ivRW AND CLOM1NO EXIIIBITIOh that moht'ul and extraor:'' LIVINil III I'POI'OTAMI P. LIVIM1 HII'I'OPOI AMUS. LIVING IIIIM'OPOTAMDH. LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMI!.!Yee, reader*, this It ih? lint week and uloalnj fChlhlUonw ia rare and coloaaal animni. SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER R. SATURDAY NEXT OCTOBER 6, ['loaea hla Hecond engagement, when he moat give piece t#? h'-r attraction*. Have you wen lilni? ltnmentier that ke ihe moat extraordinary creature u tho whole aLhnal kingiii?that it Ih declared hi Htcrfd Hlstcry, (Job, ch. xr.) that ipon thr earth there Is net his,r It Ih coneeded by cry biblical student who sne* him, and hundreds hav# ilted him here, and mnnj of the clergy are so interested In :ii tkuit their vtelle have been repeated uamrru'M Uiqm. lit he W . TilK (5REAT BEHEMOTH OK THE SCRIPTURE* H'h Ih ho glowingly described In the hook of Job. Who, thou, onn full to pay him a visit? Remember that III*' vs here are numbered, atld al ter leaving here [IE WILLNKVKR AGAIN BR KKENIN NEW YORK. sue? the importation of embracing this opnortunity. Kffclft* '-ortipanied by u native Arab keeper, who Ih hIho a great at> ictlon to persons who aio interested in that Oriental r.via of* on. H<-Mdrs, may also be anru the BEAUTIFUL AQUA III A* Itli iIh myriads of living tish, and to which have just bee* Ided many new how linens, beside A LI VINO SEAL, till A ION, MAMMOTH BEAR KAMHON, THE WHAT IS IM 4 MAN MONKEY, IIAPI'Y FAMILY, Ac.. besides TWO SUPERB DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE** VERY DAY, at 3 and o'clock P. M., at each of which oduced the elegant Drama, FAINT HEART NEVER WON A FAIR LADY, id the laughable snd inimitable Farce. THE HAUNTED CHAMBER, hleh has never failed to convulse the house with laughtflVe During the entertainment will alHn appear MISS TOKDT, THE WONDERFUL VIOLINIST, And MISH DAW RON, In a Patriotic Song. And, notwithstanding all these novelties and attractloMtr le price o< admission i?ouly2A rente: children under tea pars, 1ft cents; waile it would cost ten times thai amount t<a? *e the same things at other establishmeat*. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS?MECHANICS' HALL, 47f' ) Broadway, above Grand street. Monday, ScptcnbcrS#, ml every nifjht during the week. First uppearance of tlft* ilobratej wizard, Mods. IIAIltMANHESTOPRESTODIOALATERIST, Tlie Heventh sun of n seventh slater. The professor bens leave to announce that Ills fantastic ulocontologlcal (jlastlcutus n il! bn transmogrified into an ANnKIlHOUSRHINOCERIOUSOSORIIORSB, OK THB SYRUPOrSQUILLSIIOMANTIIEUM. The Tiiin.itinnloii, Raw Recruit*, Itr. Tumbletr. > r. CAMPBELL, EPlf. HORN, NEIL AND DAK BRYANT. Honrs open at 6\; curtain rises at 7}i; ticket* IS eenli. - ^ PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OK NEW YORK. TWENTIETH SEASON, The rehearsal* and concerts of the present aaaaon wW. {alii take place on the aamo day of the week as lu former ;ar?, vte: exclusively on HATUKDAY AT THE NEW CONCERT ROOM. IRVINO IIALL, Directly opposite the Academy of Musta. Subscribers, associate and professional members are r*> insted to aeetire I heir subscriptions by applying at the place# i-slgnaled below, wliere GAINST PAYMENT OK THE AMOUNT OK HURSCRir. TION A SET OK TICKETS KOR THE ENTIRE SEASON WILL ME DELIVERED. The subscription Hats will bo opened for subaorlbers of fotler acaauuH no TUESDAY. OCT. 1. Mew subscribers cannot lie received until MONDAY, OCT. 14. Tht first rehearsal will take place, ua above, OB SATURDAY, OCT. 19, At 3^ o'clock P. M? rhen the followingorcheatrai pieces will be rehears*/ Beethoven's Symphony, No. 5 In C minor, Berlio7.'a Overture, Le Carnival Roma|o, K. Wagner's Overture to Riouxi, Fndcr the direction of CARL BEROMANN. Terms of subscription for Ave Concerts and flfleeo Ra* tarsals:? Hsoclaie members, one admission to nil $9 rofessional members, one admission to all M iibscrlher* three admissions to each of the concerts only. .UK Ixlra Rehearsal Tickets .Woents eaah* Snbscrlptlona received at the music stores of Scharfenberg A Luis, 7U9 Broadway, corner Ninth streat* C. Breuslng, 701 Broadway, and at J. (J. Belahelm s, Secretary, 373 Broome street. Or at Irving Hull, during tin: time of rehearsals. By order, J. O. BEISHEIM, Secretary, A 373 Broome streak- ^ CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, / J .W5 BROADWAY. ' GRAND ClIAN'lE OK PROGRAMME. / tSKAND UHANtlK OK rKOQKANMR. GRAND CHANGE OK l'UOOKAMMB. GHAND CHANGE OK PROGRAMME. MONDAY NIOIIT, First time of (lie celebrated burlcgqua N BALLO IN MASCIIKKA, ) N BALLO IN MA8CUBKA, / 'U BALLO IN MASCIIKKA. / UN BALLO IN MASOHARA, Mt UN BALLO IN MASCIIKKA, mk UN BALLO IN MASCIIKKA, M UN BALM) IN MAWIflBBA, UN BALLO IN MA84HBRA. UN BALLO IV MASGLUSRA. N HALLO IN MASC1IERA, ,'N BALLO IN MASCIIKKA, IN BALLO IN MASCIIKKA. UN BALLO IN MACTITKIlAt UN BALLO IN M/8CILKRA. Wllh the following powerful cast of characters. :harle? Augustus Sum SharpJey T. Burnhara Jr-a.La Moat. 'u^anini har]?y F/ik Irntor of the Erese. K. Hfnar: ithiuH 1ii?l Rcrg?c*f iiwlv Macboth Miaaltuaaum tilily () Brlen Mint ChatiMf lysterious Frog A. iVIIarn u>dc?r I > > Ag. /tlmro* . yktiy Cfciuiey Ku? ; ?rry O'Brien Tt. -K I Ail VI a anion Jiu. La* So .it fllcor . Oha rtry f .* "niter Wfcya. M jm tber characters by tin- company. THK CANTERBURY MTNSTR 3LH, THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS. THE CANTERBURY MINSTIlEI.8, THE CANTERBURY MINKT'iEUV THE CANTERBURY MINM" 'IfcXX, THE CANTERBURY MINSTHELS,. ndoubtedly the finest organization of tbe daillri || ,U0?MI? y in new selections. Re-engagement of the eclabrUedt TROrl'E OK GYMNASTS, TROUPE OK GYMNASTS, TKOUl'E OK OYMNAiiTH, .8IITON ari'l ROGERS AND THE NELSON BROTHER!* Monday night, Lrst apjjea :*ni? of [R. W. N. SMITH, MR. W, N KMITTT. tR. W. N. SMITH , ? MR W N. SMITllt TU? riMil ni tU n.inA fti'pr I .* ?*. _ _? * iir- iiiijui umnil' U niiva m '** ? -/ - * w 1 nr WUriUt IN ACTIVE PRKPAKAMCN, And wtll l?- produced shortly, ORANMAIKVSPKCTAr.^^^ M NEW SCENERY, _ ,EW 3UESSES d ^nKtIJ ** DRE.^E. fox A cl'k&j x, Proprietor*. pM wonders of THE WORLD. Frisian cabinet of wo|?EKf and anatomt. 5i;3 Broadway, next door to Bail. A t o., New York. The wonders of tlio world and beau* , of nature hithert* Jddennow revealed, showlug that 1C handicraft of nil allow* on the heels of nature. Wonder* of the brain and pontVMf jlH, where tba Hat of he mind or soul In supposed to bo. Wonders of the live ?en?ts?seeiiy . hearing, imeHing, laaM "ExVniorthnary freak* of namrt -towther with wonder* 'mm Paris, Florence, Munich an* Knnrind. Wonders of life, actually thowMT K hidden Ufa within life. Exciting, thrilling and uusurp* i?ubl.; wonders and curioaU in lUe rotunda. Wonders of accouchement, I tomler* in hermaphradltefc ivonders In o!>? tctrl<->, won lep i of embryology, wonder* OC >hwost!erful-i,:<? pah'.s of thk human bod* It one view, nud still ?ir atcr wonder* in sepulchre or )a.tho'.oglcal l oom. Lectures daily, together, with snvpriflng, interesting an4 H ?nprecedeiited> ?i*'iiinenrslnehe?4istrv. Will ou"ii dully, for genr lenien . jnir, 0:1 andafler Saturday, Scot 23, lu in Ike tr.ornlug ^{h & at uliht. ^ Admits"'" l&cent*. I Frank rivers* mel'jdeon, ?i callowhili? i street, PhiiH lochia, w ,,i f?r the sen son of l?l ana I tl2nn Thursday, October?, 1061.?Ladlet and gentlemen thai I ire ? !;, ,,-ed for the coml j , ,, n?,n will govern themselvesac- I urilliulv. and return to t|,,. ,mSe niantmer at the green room, I u 1 P. M- or that day. fitED a. DUBOIS, SUy Manager. J WOODS THE .f|K CINCINNATI, 0.-THIS THEA- M \> trew'll Of M for llie season about the 10th Ocii-.ben. Member* ?i " e , I wi-hing an ent??oinen? for vuj lesson will ,1, address (stating e?pecTeJ Hilary) ll>f. undersigned- Also, Slars travelMng West will sd? w l^giuaauMl.

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