Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1861 Page 1
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11 y /^T THE NEW YORK [OLE >T0. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, PRICE TWO HE REBELLION. nporwnt News from Kentu^y. eportt. \l Advancc ' ' the Re bel Fore . einforoeme I for Prom Cine a. IV uatlN; ington. ^lie Advanced Union Outposts in Virgiria. mal Pailicnlurs of tlie >lli?iou of tfie tniOB Troops on feuuday. iblc Transfer of !l?*bel Troops from Virginia to Kentucky* isk Firing Between tlie Hos tile Batteries on the Upper Potomac. of a Fleet of Ves to Hatieras Inlet. Preferred Against General Fremont, Ac., &c. WASIil\?TO\ DESPATCHES. WASiuxaTO*, Srpt. 30, 1H61. LINES?VltIT OF GKN. TO TB<^ OITTPOETfl. Md 'k-llrti uD'l RU!f, including the Count de accompanied by General Burnside, have ylsiKd of thu uruiy of tlio I'otouiac this nftc^iron, natural :i; well tbc constructed fortifl Jlttii Juli's !i iJ Villon's Hi 11a and Kali ? troops IvoM Fall's Clin roll to night. H pk'lcctg now ooftpy o'ie "cJ of Ui? village robel picked t'j i other, both positions being on turnpike. Ihs opposing pickets are not a quarter of a mite ?|art. in the vicinity of Muiis m'a IIill to da; were quirt. forenoon two small detachments of tbo Tl.ird aad the Fifth Mil higan Volenti- ts, aacout, i.:-?r a point v.hare tbo Columbian turn the road;ltidlcg from Alexandria to Fairfltx en sj e?ih oilier. About one railo from tins di?iM>ver>.:d a body of tifty or sixty rebel approaching. Helng or.rnnmborod tLo Cnion tfturuid toc imp. at Uie rob Is \v.;k ctaitrqed *i! an ailvauco in a short Church. At llMnn's Hill some fresh beef ou Ice, and un finished preparations for breakfast, furnished evidence of abasty and *ery rec? nt OTacuatlOU. DESTRUCTION OF PltOPKKTY BY UWTON TROOPS. The wanton destruction of property in the uelg*;jor hood of Fall's Church by Union troops Still 0?^4nue?. Amonr the ho ses burnt to day were thnt ofJj^jW Nutt, together with his bunt and outhouses; tie, tt,(joining res idence of r>r. Bower, who Is now a sur?eon in the rehol ariry, and the dwellings belong*^ t0 uicholas Flbrcy's 'state, with on# ox?option. Tl), ro^idocMof Murray Ma son,on Murray's lull, was lomt early thismorning. The tune int of property destr^ ^yesterday and to-day cannot be less than $?V*,000. With a view to i heck these out rages, the oooi:uri,mnf. otiicers liavo If.-:Md verbal orders to shoot dowuaDy m in W(,e m#y i,0 oaught in tho Incen diary act. To tUfc.- credit It Is roportcd that tho sots of van'i?lf .u conn,uted to ibe vicinity of Mason's Hi.' "?re ?">l P*r" v.jMted In by ttio Fifteenth '.eenthregiments, their commanders hav"g forbtddn > mo!< station of any private property under the pel. ' y of death to any offender. OCCUt'ATKW OF I ALL'S CDUROH VII.LAOB BY UNION PORCT.S?T11R T'/KfUBLB MISrtKK OF TI1E AD VAN'.'tNO THOOii- NAUK3 Ol' TUB KIM.F-D AN? WOl'NDll). Simultaneous with the movement of rleneral M .Powell's division fi m Arlington to tin- enemy 's deserted works at Munsoo's Bill) General William F. Small, com&ianlmg the division of Union tr< o, s at Chain Bridge, under orders from Gonerul Model'.an, moved two brigad* s of bis command. ;yith Burr's Pennsylvania and Moll's New York r<ht batteries, at three o'clock on Saturday after noon, inwards Fall's Church, over tho old read betweon tho two places already named. Lieutenant Colonel Dovin's New York cavalry led tho advance carefully through roads aud 1>> s aths <n rot '*. Tlio first lattallon of the California n. intent, I.i :uteoant Colonel Wistar, headed tlio mala Column. Tho whole force advaneod until they were ajboot tlireo and one half miles from camp, when they were obliged to halt to clear away obstructions placed on the road by the rebels. Tloso ob.-true lion* consisted of heavy trees felled across the road, and extended for a distance of one quaitcr to half a mile. This wa.-i a herculean ta.-k, mid was not completed until after on o'clock this morning. General Smith, who command ed tho troops in per on, then dct&lk?! three companion of ? olor.c! Baker's California regiment to advance m ncoats, the men to move in line at intervals of three paces Tiles-' Ken wore ordered to move forward to scour tho country, ;.'l the time advancing towards Fall's Church. Tho scouta were closely followed by ths main column. Tli-. .|,ht was extremely daik, and tho scouts got dis persed, or tho dctachne nt or line broke in several places. A portion of these troops, aTter wanderlr.g In tho woods, cause i ut on an open field, and were re turning nnililtiklugly toward tho direction of tho place from which they originally started. It now had got to be foor o'clock in th<; m>>uin?,Rnd the ino<<n was by this timo rising, as the scouts tra ??e^ d over the field before mentioned, when a portion of the main body cf their regiment, tiilstaklng them for the enemy, and without orders from their commanding otl.ocrs, ojm tied u volley of musketry, tiring buck and ball cariri lpes. The remits returned tlio tiro, und. despite all eiiorts of their oflie.ers,who saw the mistake, tho jriu : was continued for revcral minuter, wounding and killing many of our men. Another detachment of tho scouti wandered eff their route, and cat no upon the pick' is of General Porter's hii-ade, consisting ot a jmrtion of tk? Fourth Michigan ri>Hnet t. This caused another murderous f:siladc, eai h'm'niaking the other for tbo enemy. TheMichlgau tri*'i s lir Uover a rail feuee alongside of the road, whilo the Californiateoop? ported themselves in a dltcli a few rcdl distant. Thlsmistako, however, was promptly dis covered, und the flriilj ceased. Five horses belonging to Mot is battery were killed 'urlng the nffiir. The follo-.Ting is the list of OL ualtics: ?ll.tKT). Serjeant GlUtt),Comi*n> B, Second Ollfoniia regiment, Colonel Owens. First S t, '.mt Alexander Philron.Coji fcnr A, T!- ker's C*lif'?K? renlrnenf. l'r:vaU- Joseph 1V" *1, Comiwny li^^^^^^BaJ.forh a le^iment. Private Josej h White, ComjMt regiment. Hill yesterday. He w's tj,B gfo,,,,, ?r General Hcaure gaid ut the Ijjjy ]#ttor occupied Fail's Church as his headqo?'lWg ih0 contraband stales that he overhear.! ?overal conversations between General Beauregard and bis officers, and It) Mie Instauce tho general remarked that ho was fearful of attacking thn le Irral troops opposite Washington, ow*ng to the fact that by so doing ho would uunec ~ sarUy ? acrlflce many lives, but would fall hi. k, and within six miles of Fall's Church bn would bo happy to welcome the Onitod States forces with bloody hands 1? hospitable graven. AFFAIItM ON TUB UPPER POTOMAC?Al'PK\RANCI OK A I. aims IIKBIX POltCK AT URKAT FALLS-?TUE RIVKR VNFORttABLE. A despatch rceolvcd this forenoon from tho Maryland sldo of Gr->?? rails, sixteen mi!"* above here, states that tho rebels mado their appearance at thn Falls this morning, on the Virginia side, and that thero wer? about about eight regiments and Fix pieces of artillery. They made a short stop, evidently being on a reo nnofssunce, snd then separated. half of the force disappearing in aii' rtherly direction ouri the other hull towards the west. This is tho largest force that has bieu seen in that direction, and accounts for tho cavalry pickets observe 1 ywterday at Lewlnsville. They matte no deir.nnstratiuu, and our forces did not tire al them, beiug anxious to detect their movements. Tho river to-day, at all the p!ac< s where tho robe'* have any hopo of crossing, Is six feet above fording. Foiling depth .a whore the water is about up to tho boll, i ?ay about two and a half, tht-o feet deep. The rci>n noi*saticc of tho rebels this morning probably de\ek>|ied to them the coudll k>n of the river. A despatch frem Gouoral Stone this morning announce* that everything is quiet on the I'pper Potomac in tho vicinity of Poolcsville. Nothing has been see* of the rebels In front of Ueu< ral Banks' column to-day. Rtni KN OP TUE REBELS TO OREAT fln.T.K- S':thl? FINIKI BETWEEN THE hostile BATTERIES ill K KNKWV DISPERSED. The force o! rebels, coup is ting of eight regiment* and a battery 0f bix pieces, that appeared ou tho Virginiasido of Great Falls, on the Potomac, this morning, and disap peared, returned this afternoon and opened their bat terios upon our troops on tho Maryland side. They flrcd on- hun Irod shot and shell, hitting ai d injuring only ono of our men. Our troops returned the fire vigorously, and the rebels fled. Of conrso it is impossible to tell how many or them were killed or wounded. ACTIVITY OP TUE POTOMAC FLOTILLA. A powerful squadron is blockading Fre- stone Point and Occoquan creek, while Aquia Creek and lower down arc watched by a number of I'nltcd States steamers. The flagstaff which had the rebel flag llyirg at Freestono Point has not been seen since Saturday, and the place is apparently deserted, though this movement looks like a feint. The Van tee has several contraband negroes cn board escaped f'om Virginia. REBEL FORCES COM SNTRATJNO AT TOItKTOWW. Information was received hero to-day by the govern ment that a largo rebel forco is being concentrated ut Yorktewn. corresponding preparations have been promptly made u|on our side. ARREST OF A suspected SPY. At iiixm to d:iy a man was arrested in a woods near Fall'd Church ou susoiciou of beitig a spy. lie could give no satisfactory acount of himself. tbobable tvn unit a v/at. of rebel soldiers from VIRGINIA FOR SERVICE IN KENTUCKY. The sudden d.s<ip;varauce of tho rebel forties, fr?ui ths fortitb .'ti'ai? the-have for weeks lieen erecting in front of this c.ity, confirms the statement in pr?? k>u? ties ]ut'ehes to the Hkrald. Serious doubts ara entertained whi ther, after all their preparation, they will have tho temnrity to attempt to cross tho l'otoma<, either abovo or below this city. It musl be as evidr nt to their lead ers hS it is to us, that such an e3'or! ton bring to them nothing but a disastrous dofeat. In th} mean time, their fcrees have nearly consumed all tho available provisions in Virginia. A depenJfeBeo upon its exhausted resources a en'ry priicpoet to,- ilie n inter ratnpautn. kiUg ar Kent iclty, and Its vast granaries, afforded op;v r tunlttiw to procure for them and transport them pork, beef and grain, they were safe enough; but to be shut out from Kentucky is starvation to their army. I it is a milttar) nac"??ity for them to recover tlie . groi^" ??er~ by tho ac'lvo u?,;,onsiration ef Kom Mv li<y s h 'Stiilty to secession. t0 ^ nnd secure to Kemseivns the vast accumulation^ of porx and . tVr

v I ? ' at LnWAi ami grata? sn . cat':o in ottx r ^Hg^fthe State. they must strike-,without delnv before rvcapcd frnr i P. c1 nx?nd, wcro picked up thi.-s morning hy tbeboat* urour Potomac fio. i. Onlcmhave beanIwiuod by \ks kimi t ^ocrutary of iho Navy, Mr. Fo*, to have tlit'iii brorght up to the city for oxamiiitttlon. COMMKNUaI'ION OF OrVEUAI. M'ltOWULl/fl TROOPS. | CrNKIJ.M. OKIKI! N'V 17. liB/DQlA" ft" A KMT Of TUB 1V>T<?"A(I, ) W'l HIM,TON, Slyt. 'JT, 1 ' I / The V*''T fliuernl Cointnan'lii k talc s l,! pro??li k to th<" trot i s of I'riy oiler ticnarnl McI ' m i ilivl.Jloo 1i. - ttliirutlon at Hi ir a' pcarm on ti c :? .t H'" ( iho iBvii'iv niul liisiicctioii on tlie d i.".ntai. 'Ilie foldio ? lilc ??m ri.iif.' of tit troops, ilie oviVnco tl. ?? if. forilcd of Inrir^clltiti and ill," pliue, aim lh<" cleiuilint ? ai'djrood order ot ihrtr w^ro highly crediNiblo t?> tlo> ofl'cera am! nit'n. nii'l uro ''.vumplcb worthy of muta Hon thriuifhoi't ill* irmy. l?y tomra.iod ? i M i;or tjcneral Mi CK'llnn. S. \\ '| i I.V.Ms, ASh-i.itaut Adjutant ('.< norul. T. K. B. Iwwi.n, Aid ui) Camp. TUB AHUV. J I.lf Mf'iinnl Ch. rVs K. from, of th? Corp* < f Fn^infcrf, h ir becu appointed Acting Assistant Adjutant t:< uo nl to Urlpadicr Cim oral StrvfiiK. Wilton Bnrritow, of New York,Lieut nil in IIjo vo luntciTA, hai b .'o a.sigiW to a pn.-iMon la the staff of Major Uwuerai J sit. IMlUltB OV T1!E BEYEN T-NIKTH. The (tovetity i ,nlh It glanders 1? n, nlu rapidly Mill n up. Al tli" dr>>s paiade thin evening iboro w"ro nearly eight hundrc 1 m n In line. The old nttmbi fs : togi adA> ally roitiruint; to their comradcf. AltKIVAt. <>i- Gl-N'st. litiJ IIt \h'j 111 iJVMDH. M J' r Conert' Hi tl> r nn-l i?rii ?t!i<?r I', ntral l!uri>ide arrlvul k*ft V They liud bo;li beeu d'tailed open H|wci?l which h? : be n performed to tbe com plete 11 the government. Oil ARC K$ fHtfl-NTKU AGAINST tiKSi t VI. KKf'MONT. l rora facts (i ?ti* J h"ri it appear that on Wednes day general IVi mont released iMoael Blair from airest, oatiu lang'.v-e b th - order tantamount to a deflaaco <i the Colon ; to p>< ? nt l-i.< charges f >rir.ail\. oa fh '.i'sday Colonel li;air |'i. " ntocl cbar .?< Genially ag.ilust General Fremont, in r??|iec. >? to th dftlitice. Tit' rtu>x<u General Fremont urtew i Coe nel Blair and .sent him to Jefferson inn rai I.-. On Friday nihht the telegraph was allowed to com ?tunicate the fact that folonel Bin r had been freed from arrest tho previoua Wednesday, but the ofli'tislvc p'na graph in the ord r of rol ;i o wiv suppressed, ii?i tho fact <-f Co'iinel UUlr'8 second nrrei-t withheld. The army rogntatk>u* Allow no oili.-or to bo arrested f' r a longer period than eight day* w iibout charge being preferred. (!en< ril 1 icmont di.-p Rarde l the regnlatk nx iu the caseof Co!u.icl Blair. After this violation u tU?? r< gulmion*. a wend arrest for tin samo caus* and with out charge0, haa attracted alt uttor. and caased remark . General 8cott to-clav ordered tho unconditional relea^ of Colonel Ttlair. this cai^k or cai-taik dovb. It i* understood ihat the Court oi Inquiry iu the nu,-' of C'ptuin Ifc\e,cf t)u l-.><ahonta~. acq ,It him of every cluirge of dl-loyi.1 /. . DKgPATCHta Ot THE f-rAM^II jlMSTKB 10 U1H UOV l.BNMBKT. TheSpanish Meoster l'or\\ .tr'ed another liet- h of de spatches to the raj it (i i General of Cuba to lay. AD\ HUH fBOH kw. late Bdv'ecs have lw< n received from Vera Cruz :?nd tho City of Ifexieo. Tbo new (icstal treaty with the United KtMen h-vl in i bean rat <4*4, th MexicanCongress having adjourn d b'toro it wan reosivt u by the t;overn nteiit. The in., : < =.-im wa. very keneral thai ?b ?'?? an Corirresii was c nvenod the treaty would bo ratiti< d. Thuo Wis lit Ho !t' any iuiprovejaenl in the asjie'' of Bllhlrf. Th>' revolution urns *tlU i<r>H!na?ing iu fiemal "f tin- state--. At Ve-a Cruz th? Awlsb, Frcne.h ai.d Kprat l?l? Heists .. ik thistly exprcted Vpio obje - of thi.< formi u.tiie o. L? canJeOtWtd thui all the would aoou bo ia powe^^iou of TffK Gil*'. 1 i OV An ortler Iidh Just tieen teaod the division which will give gi fasiilies of yoj'tnte* > < and t" the direew that tsJteni v i a b -lipr.-))!i?'?iy nu Kod, wltii regiment ai '' 'ite jo it t one ?very soliiit r, that be aiialj n. t I will be imoafbrvvwd duly ' bw BIPH mil KK* IlKV T1i? bidn fbr b'tilding tivo r fur bv Hi Secretary ot' tbu Irea, day. rtop...-,ii:..w5 *?c si!,<buildera in New York, Hoi more and other place*. Ti?e aw: NEWS FRCM MISSOURI. BEBKL OFFICIAL BEPORT 01-' TI1E BATTLE Op LEXINGTON, ETC'. jEimxaoM Citv| SO|.t. 28,18dl. Goiuval l'rlco'i oftieial r'iiort, giving a aoniewbat da inilnit kctWDt of the bnttie of Lexington, baa btca re ceive 1. Tlio Callow .ng arc the closing para, rapbr? 0'ir outi..< li>. ? in tliis aeries of einjRgemeuta amounts to tw. nty il .e i.iiled and beventy-tw i wounded. 'lho enen.) a |os was much groater. 1'bo vlaildo fruitsof Una almost bloodies < victory ar n> \ About 3,500 1-riH->ii'- e, among whom are c.,i.?nul.< Mnllk'au, Marshall, I'cili il> and Whltli rover, Major Van II rn au<l 11H other coin in it-siouod i , Ova place of artillery ami two marturs, over 33,000 etand iX infantry ami , a ling' tiunt) ,r . f fcabrcn, about 750 In i>? s , many seta of y ?'.]iiiiiini.n; , w. '.Hi.-, t uins, atuii in ,.m, mor? than flUO.OOO worth of I'onriil-'iii y sto: ?. a: 1 :: laigeai.i" lit of <iilnir property. In a,Mil ;< a t> ull this lobtui 'Hi" Hccorat >u ??f the Groat vt ai ef i bo .;u?t?> ami tli i ulilic r4fi>rds, which b I boen n<il.-ii 1 mm tkulr pro. reieto ?t .in, ! ulNiiit liN'o.uoo in moiio> of which the l' uk at tii It 'd Iseeurobbed, ami which 1 have cau.ii ?! to b? returned to ii I oion?! Vat-ghati, a prom loon . It \/> u ofl-exiie ton, who wHik: s d til . nil. c battle, and was i.i ono til.loa p ? .on '!? <?1' tlio rebel.1:, a or! ? jii u . ly that full) iho lmn rod of 1'r - oi in/ were kiHod. 'in ? l.ione; of win.Price sn ? flic ba ilc in Lesiiitfton v . ? sobt- il,understoodhero to ha\<? 1 -en pla <il hi t>i:.?ui i MiiKgan s luiudHfor ?ft> keeping. AsjKH iiil e'e p itch to the SI |<oc: ffrpiAluUH aays:? '11 e ii ii . r-1 . lil - j,e\v - >.. in' rest tr>m Hooneville, <;> i,,eii,v,n, (? in:; >w,Holla oratlHW prominent iioiiits. Captain WulUir, of colonel Mhi.'IwU'm regiment, who v.1 ai | . \ ", arrived tbl morning, having left there Thin lay in .on. He aw no reliel troops bMweou Lr\iugl< e ai..' ?e.!ell i, aiel iy. the mala bo'ly of I'riee'H fitrcip in.' iliejewi. i he deputed, and beiiuvea they iati a i t.i i ike ,< .itsv . and in.-otour trot i < there, a.i tho a Icii.ity is well Uc .l.itcl, itM . tremii ', v.iihdn,', ni ry b?nki>,aii.i with >at brl :,?< n. to trouble an advat.cing entiiiy. All the l"n mollleoM bav bet n rrleaned on par' le'mt colonel Moilin. who refn.-cd to give bin |..i' private reu' mis. ft ncral I*rIeo lias probably 05 000 men, an 1 the roboli on 'ih ir-ila> e. ntly oxpeeted that l.eneral llunlee, with a loreo of 6;000 to 0,000, and Hen. MeCulleeh, Willi lo.Otm mci- v. ero wit Ii In two or thrt?i days' murch of iiie\iugt'They bavo no faith In I! n. McCuli -h as a i 'ii? ral, but tlniik he is very effectiu' with a Filial) of n;-n. Ten tlim.- ,nd i'jliol.1 ware acrt.ri Uie Ml -ouri river snnt from LexlngUin on Thursday, with tho avowad inteution ofat./n king Uetjeral Lane. Tho M; i ef ibo State of Missouri and t'ie puMie ? ? mortis are in the bwls of t'ie rei e'<. Our ti'*'i>i, ha<l no vartridgtv, no grope, uo and no shells left at tile tii.v of the s nreud"r, and bavo I t ti m two to throe hundred ke^s of piwder. The ri be) .iro rttl g all W#<is ot boils at the I., xlng t"n fouii li,, which they are rannin;' lay ?.'i1 night. The rahels are grt ally om ouraK'''l by theic \ .? tory, aa 1 deelari i .at St. I/mla will soon be in thvlr i>' ?>.. r.- ii. A geutlomnn arrived b.,:o thi? n-.ornlBg from tho Watt: utr . ibat he r.<t 11 genUppan, who i .w^i 1 tbl ? igh O re a on We, . > sday i? t, who *a>- that tb" cViUal portion of towah-vl been burned l>^ Oeii. Lane. It instated ilnt th c u? .n.i for burning wei ? that lhiin'1 s bad flr. d on ( 'ir tr.' p trow windows. 1'idou tie" W r near there when no left. ?If !?*?.* >S ' Infomalk n Han b^en ree IMPORTANT NEWS FROM; ADVA NCR OP THE EL bunfoecementb cai.i.i W vdlllJfl.tUN A A |i?t- 'u li m bf i. f<yiv 'I hern | rcR|H>iibil)io guntK-Uian ui [on* li.Dati, | ulK-ct:? ???;cne:al n>??max, >t faiup ft 'lfl Gntril And?ra?u, nl l. uis< ille. ib^ I/udon, about fifty r>iil< b nouthta"!1 lug bun In fores. (.?> n?ral Ai inifm forctuioula w i tli in rca. b to c up. IX) IS II. K K? Tlic Journal ban reliable < vi- ?????** Vl1'' has taken M i: ? r <'!?y .coitttiy. * '? ' turn.f property. ?Iii'l, V"iiir"<>f II r leu ?w.! iy.-?< >? eoi imi'led on ?atui \ |'.r ?idi k ' n 1 Uior." .? a doublful rumor ibal ?lib'"I an < uj.ii'onx'i't wUN > 1 ?? ? > l> 111'! 'Ill I". I., ??ut, t* ?} b'it ???!??-J liloi mfleld. 'ili?* it ?'t if n"t i Tlx- r in I foiee* ;?-r lLinJ b uideU and ^<>ua li": Ibtra to ii > roliabl ? newajfta^f TliOOOrjl* ?f fltl'U'.Tl Ah( a 'liilti' 1 by ujI.-' il :?. I.< Jia f. || I I' ? I: * (iunorul 11 " ku : j i' 'i> irU'i t" I" berg Quunly, with 6,t.?''! j u!:_. ' to dertfoy tb? !ov;k: < nf<.i? m ri\ r. Jaii'O II. ly wj rldwit' I to I mil 1i .iwltn tat ion, tbis tn-irti ? %, to t|>t> t-rm ot lb" I'liltM .-'ut. s Coin. J ill. Jacob went bis b*itl. il.trtlm Helm l.m t.ik< u ion i ,ii n i nr. The t mber ni h> ir< '>'f 4 ,C<iO , iui liitlinK a M> : :.s!| |>i r- ,m ' Glaagow (urnplk brl ? ban btii the r> a \ THE BO iTON N J Tin- pteutner Curlew, wb.ob I ut Yard. mu-< ninnlf full. A ill, 't. ' .III I ? 11 ? I l'otomuc, with * t I onl i h 1m ut ?< ant V mwrtntWnj?i oi i i' . Maiic*.*? Hubert , ill A. ?'nrt i-. M I ? I '1. .. I'M I" ;. Jani< n-y Mall. MitL'kij man?H. E. Mullan. AcHtt'j /'(i.VJii't./.;?W. A. AiU ?i t'ii't jis-i'.'nl f>i//i?i? i?<i-Hi i: II <~ I' Third f'.nMiit Enyinr-r-?IVn 'w Tl:e i-bii? Ino, Llr itcti.iBl < e y sall"d on >..tnrduy rv ii'i'K, nn i!cf illation in Kit|ii" r-c i to ' ? tlio 1 'il Tlio now Bi'-oj; of v.... Kon at nlo Saturday ii'-st. NEWS raoil I ? i i:i: S M UR'AKTVttB OF A l'i.l.KT "I V;,-.t.EU jNI.KT, Kit'. K.'l. f- 'I. M Via H,ii.n A IK- t of Uiit't' '.