Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1861 Page 3
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HOI SKM, ROOMHf TO LKT. A SUIT OF FURNISHED K00M4 TO LKT?1N Twenty-flr-t ?!ri d, lie..: Rr.oalwa , Miitabe foi h >us? looping; would ? i to a puny - t * -em eunu or a tfmnll I-1 milv with>?ut < h Boat reference requi.ed. Apply at Mauiaon . ipiuif i' -.? t. 'i A second FLOOR AND ONE ROOM ON THIRD TO let, in hous- MH W? M Eleventh ne-t, furtr.*hed or mi furiiinhcd, to a email fautllv ?mlv. Lop.ire on the promise*, or ol- E. L. Jt B. S. Bl'R^iiAM, (ill HtuN'U utrcct, room Mo. S. ASi'l .ENJMD Fl RNISIIKD HOPBE TO LKT, SO WEST Thirty-md dr?et, na-r 1M?1 avenue, wnh i^ji ty otb-i*, Well atlUai'd. al> ? sp ty uniU1H, all ove tt*r r ty. Tl?? beat pSaee in th<* e ty to rem ->r ha v- rem* I I. m?* or*tore pro per I) iu at K. C.'BISHOP'S, 14 : Broadway, More 11.-m. AFrilNISlIKD IforsM TO LET?A hand t,x'K . limine, '?.?ainifii}'" lo -d mid n? ?tly I urni-hed, ?ii iho llneo! the New Haven Rdlnad, ?}."> miioitr mb-lroin the city; rout low: or would H?< r 1 n futility tor the winter very reasonable. For pMticular* apply to GEO. \V. SNEDEN, 2tid Bowery. A CORNER BASEMENT TO LKT-THE LARGE Basement corner ot Bowery and Madison a; reel, Lued up with iiju, rrotoj'. .A ..'? r clods, kitchen, ,tc. Kent very low. Inquire at 460 Pearl utreet. A WELL FIRNIKIIKD HOI'SIS TO LKT-TO A !? Ri val e family. Tim home hat* juM b en p Into*! at 1 clemc 1 thi i ' !???; i, ait ! has all ir ?ai 'U ?-s. A, |?l* at H7 Ninth wtif i, b u.icn 1'it'th un I Suth ./enuea, tio.u It) to 2, dally. AFJRST I'LAxS St Bl UBAN REsiDKNPK TO LET , or i ise low. n SV I E -.Uty-fo! rlli *n-.- t, ndj.u-eut to C? nirt! iV.ti;, in fnil v.. w; !. us G\W, t - t? i ?*-, fcaiH iii nt, rowu Kton?;, wiili iursiaeo. Al o ^ar i ii, ?.m prUitiK .on lot , uJ! iu i < <*t. or?!? r, and o> i .io om ? I un ?*vvpth?u ?i li . Ap*>ly to S JH Vii-'K, .Vo. n 1' >-11 v? t. A HANDSOME FURNISHED I?0UM AM) K 'OUOOM to l? t, to a :;"lit leiitaii a nl wif<', Jul* lionet k<-*-pi;.: ; .il>o ?L?r?- Koo ii aa<l H i ? a,'. la t< r a ^ ..^. r or *a?i?-r, v>i i t ^ )in i r.v \\ on vou sin;? i . al o -? ? I" Kwo'.o. 111 ?4 lire- at yti i'liott? atri'? t, u tew i o?ir? wt sioi Brva< I way. A RICHLY Fl i.N'I *'U MI) SI IT of ROOMS to LKT? r?uo?..-.f ij.; i!i* Iiio wli vf-cojui lU? r . i i ly oiLtox?'<ii? r, Wiillu;lf t ? orru, ? i* a h s til iaiuiSy 1'o * h.-u-Vkfi-piii'.-, or board ii it ji; r? ?. Iloa n w. Torma mod. rato. Vp^iy ;?t iW W?-?t 1\. vat,^4fth btu'et. Avery desirable fopr story enoubu baH. iu. nt lion <? t<? r ? I'm {<? *'o a, ou Wc<t T-.o" : *.a ?irviet. Tli?' lions.* ih ti-'Ht '.4 hiiit a-uarraug.-d and amply teruihh'd. To a . i ill, j i tvmic t man!, wiii iw n-nU'd at i vory low; ihrro ik a i ..!! \v,.v on IUt* p.n*l?r . ? .r, an tae outm- Iioum* h diltrrt ntlv anau. ? ! l'i out ta? ? ordinary Kik M*h bnM>ia(Mitn i i . ? - ii <?. ^JAMJLS R. EDWARD^ 2J7 V*?Tw iity-tulr i street. Afi rnisiiki) Horse to rem ?a larok i on: hiory brow n nfoa ? U> ?' - , ? i? ^ urai.ih jd tiin/? ^ - out and iu p- r ? ? t order. Tu?i li ?umc is iv; I. ' ? with v\.-i? oonvfut' iiif, I., - nira.t :r?* is n w ai.d v --rvtli.. , w.ll iu kit ?* *r#?pt lim . aa.i . ?!'. To a pri, c-n diii and r - apotisildo tciiuu it vv?il lu* i't'ii? ; 1 i.v. K -r I mm :?r lui: u? lam ..ud k<>- . 'y .J..MLS R. EDWARiiS, 27, \\ l Twenty-third at red. A CO I PLC of HRICK SHOPS to LKT?ON Wli^T T.v? i.iy v.ahth 8t; i*et, .WO an . a halt' an I t s ,:i , Will Ij" r. u'.'d h ;iaia'4 ,\ . i to^r:;;- : a ;ivi ry I <W r?l?i. ,} li. KOWaRDS, liTT \V? st Tw rmy-ihii'.! s rtM-;. Apartments to lkt-on first floor; th::kk Kooiiusand '.n ? from RaKcmcnt, t :t-? ?i?* lor nnd !? ? merly u .Mi tiy a ilo I r. i? iriasa loc-.tion. t- ? \'-?n . ?th and Sixth av ". mcn; also i.vr ito uns on inlrl ? o ?r, vs.i . ml the ftmpr . "i.a ntM. Riut^ll. Apply at No. (.? t'- atii . !*??*. t, iNitwoen Flfih !? :d Si'.th i ?*diU. Afartm.'- NTS to LET?IN THK FIICST <'!'A S TKN'K itit ri! ho si* 4is Sixi.i ..v.'nno, swar T v?\my u tiintn ft, liavinK uas in the hull ani Orotni win--r in ?a i.< m, ami ovrryiain^ iu .napU'te o*d r lor mu ill r? <*p a . :amil.fs. Apply at ro 'iu No. 1, on hi! pic'iniiws. ACONVKNIKNT AM) STYLISH Ct TiAC1 HALF i'uraUi. lo lot, l ? . '-il li.di .u hour''s ii aotn iii ? ally, iu a m ias* n<v;!ih?trhood, with oar urc ot : io, fruit, Ac. ut only fc.d p< r mouth. AppU to J. U. V> i L oo \,:: i. Foui lii a. '11110. Broadway store anu dwelling a . >vk to kt, Cl.s t;\, ,s , ltd ri r. JS ;.*.?! !.; uO; . . . .i In for niu'ini.t I'.ry nd ?aic*ro'ou; also tn ? two Hoora above; svnt $5tK> i; M yn ? . or p ? to bo lentr. iii ?p.ire... in ?juire ot W. I !?..>. J-.'. < ?>, Brooki.y;:.?to l;.;t, thl u ndsi kk three 8U>tv bs- mi If on i'7'l !i**iiry sir-/*., with !?:;!, i:aa fixtun* -*u4? :.-n? impr'?.?? tui-i.: K<titni'nit:ra!'-. Inquire ol il. Si LYKUM AN, i>. Hi oa .\ a;-. 7> ERG EN rOlM'.?A" t'O'i TAGK, Kt HNi.-I! ED Oil I.V t> i'liiniM ? a. ..? i ??. Oa u-ivoi >:r....inil. L uit an I thadie reen; opt?o i:v J ot* I uroun?h?. thirty-.'ive mitit.'? h' Jr-m the ity hooil\ l-y b o*.; r-vcii nrh-v by'phin:. i ?..?!; i? ut it ?>i>na oio. Apply to HVDE ?fc t'dNKLIN, U.'J Wat' i str ? t. (lOAL YARD TO LEASE-FIVE YEARS, WITH ALL J Uie fixtures {?omplite, sii .1 low n o?; Dm- \ard is near ihe East river, Inqmivof THOMAS BOYJ?. SX\ Kniugton n. IjlURNIKHI 1> IIOCSK TO LET.?Till: SMALL EN... 1 ii-h bikons-.* and Imiiniture 05 Wiis' Twenty sixth s?rcet. immediate possess! a g.v? n. Apply to J. it. rUELAN D. 00 WtiU street. EjtUftNI&lIED HOI SK TO LET.?THE THE! : : STORY ',1? dweilitu Hou-it' and Furniture N ?. 7 Amily place,* ^ns street, m ,?r Ami y stree;. Imme .late posse -sion ^iven. kpply to J. B. IRELAND, 60 W II street. jUJRNLMIED HOI ST-: TO RENT?2ft FEET FRONT, recently and a- . ily I'm nishcd, and plca.-antly loeated, m j^exington avenue, near 'I Wenty-hltli street. Address J>., l?ox 3.0S4 Post olllce, or app!v to W. H. LUSH, Uy2 Fourth avenue. H L IN ARGE FROM' ROOM AND PANTRY?GOOD BUSI I in &s location for h dentist or li.;ht business; near trooper Institute, A 1*1 ly al Westen's photographic gaU;*ry, 142 bowery Rent $12. OTICE.?STORAGE BOOM OR LOFTS TO LET, AT very low rales, either lor a short lime or a term of > ears. Apply to UOllEiiT WALKER, 102 West street, corner of LiJtriy. Part or a furnishi i' hoi see to li r?in a be. sirable situation, with ail l lie modei n Improvements. For further particulars apply al .'57 Went Tv\ /ntydirst street. Rooms to let ?nick front roi ms to let elieap, in the new house V.i Division street; one laiy.v Koom and two R edrooms and K?t :lu n. Rent $6 60 per mouth; reduced from $10 00 jht month. STORE TO LET.?THE CORNER BTOU AKO HOUSE. No. 108 Weti Knuulway, corner of Franklin street. Rent moderate. Apply to J ACOlft A. II A'i'ZE L, 111 Essex street. STORES to LET?THE 8TORE AND BACK ROOXIt*. 272 8. eo ml street,;*? n . ? ? fines C an-! 1); rem low; key in millinery store next door. AUo Store an i Hawtii- ni 276 Second street: $?"> 00 per month. Apply to THOMAS FANNING, Jr., 22.*? liowery. STORE TO LET IN BUILD}NO ( ORNER OF BOWERY and Muciisou street. Tin* :'t? is>.mall; has two fronts, an Bowery and Madison street. lien*, ve y low*. Inquire at 150 Pearl sheet. 5TEAM POWER?WITH WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, j large and small. Rents cheap. i'oa>e. t -n immediately, pply lo J. A U. il. WALKER, 182 Centre street. IO LET.?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A BAKER TO COM men; e busines.- in the vidage <d Otiltenber;:, N. J.?Two 4ouie?, one. a tlnee story, Imii: xje.eshlv l\ r a bakery; laa 'ier suitable l'or a ii w ?? ii? n?; ?v- n have statues uttiu-hed, ill a :. .'Hi w e! of it v. lie it kJOOd <1. ' ftee ??? Jiliy Lerprihiu^ in. t. toe.iintoeno: i?i?- baking oasiie a- tlier? , <?o ko ttl imker in t it V|?:>Iy i<< K(>HLEM, iit an tuvwery ?d Kuiilet ?v Fin : . liuti.;-, N. J., or to quire Dwv? rs, n< ?r ihe pr? m..-?<>, opposite Seventieth tivet, North river, N. Y. ?0 LET?IN RROOKLYN, 'STREKT, ( ON veil lent lo ilieears ant hi re-, one of the pn'htest tim^ >ry and bafiiim nt traine llwtifi? s in the.?Itv, iilled in with k, back and front pi.17.7a, marble nian^ i^, iange, wa Ac. Will ue rented low or Mild elueap. Apply to \VM. M. ,)NK, 26- lier^en htn et, near 1'mversHtrecf. LET?FIRST FIX>OR \M? BASEMENT OF HOUSE I No. 66G IL Midway, near I' r ion 6<puire; a first nilo plaeo j usiuets. Inquire at the above number. 1' I.ET?THE IIOt .- i: l.'vt WI.ST TWENTY-FOURTH ?street, cor; tain in# all the modeni jmproveaninta; t:iu?, 4deliers and llxsti!? s, giius"-', stilts of furniture, Ac , go j. the ii 1't. Rent fi'om 1st <).?!iiimr till May at the rate of <"f. Anjdy to HENRY MeE?YING, l.?'J tJhamb^ra strtnit. "1 of liou>eat 1* > Tw< niy-uiurth strett. R 4 ? V m I -2 TLF.T?A STORE Oil A WHOLE HOI SK. IN A H.VB V business ii' :^iib?-'i lu?o'l. four dooiv. Iro.n il. lS,itu?i>. lu ?ire al No. .? Battery j'laee, in the rioilii:.,; store. HO LET M'LKKDID WHOLE AND HALF FLOORS, X. in private and Iliv^t class tenement iumses; tlin e Rooms. $5 75; h ur Rooms. $5 7C?; lir? lUioms. $.11; ehjlit roonn,, $11 r month. None I lit nl< e small famP.loa iu?ed apply at 217 n Thii ti< th stre< t. per i East fO LET?TWO SMALL BOARDING HOUSES, GOOD Bars, several Stores ;uid Apartments Iwr famUies. N. B.?Fersale, abuildme Lot; also a pood three story brick House. Appl> at 827 Tenth avenue, eorner of Thirty first street, to the tiwiwr. qv) LET?SIX ROOMS, IN THE VVVKll I'ART OFTHE X house .r>7 East Twelfth sti^'', betivesu Brna4way ani Fourth avenue: gas aixl |?rivliei:e oi Urst parlor; r?#nt a month. Apply fr???n 1 to 4 o'elo*^. OV) LET-IN SEVENTY-THIRD STREET. BETWEEN X Third ami Fourth avsamis, a three story. k'tfUMn^iK snd under-<cllar briek house, built, thenai^hly dry and handsomely finished, replete with all m?'UiMn impniv??r'neani; local inn; will lei low to a resj^ablo tenant. Aptdy In the plumber's sh?j , 418 TLird aveiuie, or to .?OHK CAL LAG 11 AN, corner of Sev^nty-socsmd street and TiurU uvo nue. mO LET?VERY LOW, ON MURRAY HILL. TO A GOOD A tenant, the h>urst?*ry bmwti *t4*ne House 61 East T1?if - eighth street; all the modern improvement*, eSandeiiers, Ac. Apply at No. C2. iwxt , or at T. L ROSS A Co.'s, Peari street. OlO LET?THE BASEMENT 2'H THIRD AVENUE, COR A ner NireteentU street; has been used as an oystri ?a loon and restaaraut; baM tfas and Croton water; suitable lor any business. r LET?AT A FAVORABLE PRICE, THE FUR nish"d House 324 Wrnst Twenty-second stn*ef. It may bo soen al ter 9 a'elo?**k A. il , when* terms will be given, or else at the residence of R. Nicholls, ill West Thirteenth stn^et. r LET?THE SE(V)ND FLOORS OF HOUSES 4f4 AND 4At> West Twenty.itrth street, r/>ntainln^ front and back rrlors, three bedrooras and t-mall kitchen, with wash house cellar; ('roton, gas, with fix tores, and marble mantels; all to goo<l order. Rent $14 per month. TO LET?VERY NICE TWO STORY, BASEMENT AND attic House, in t;?md order, with four Lots, fnuulng Passu tc river, at Belleville three miles from Newark: rent to a good tenant $40 until May 1. For particulars inquire of C. W. WARD. 41 Water stroet. TO LET?THE SECOND STORY IN THE FIRST CLASS brown stone house .*136 East Thirtieth street, with nice clo sets, bathroom, gas, water closet, Ac. Inqure on the pre mises. mo LET?A~GOOD PRIVATE STABLE, WITH COM MO* X dious eoacb house attached, and coachman's room; rent low until 1st May next. Apply at 36 West Twentieth street. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR, TOGETHER WITH three Rooms on third floor, in a three story high stoop brick house with modern improvements. Apply on the pre tnises, 41 West Forty-third street, between Fifth ??nd Sixtk avenues. rPO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING M X West Fifteenth street, in complete order; has all the modern improvements; carpets and oilcloths can be bought if desired. Ay^rty to M. SOLOMONS. .VV& West Fifteenth st. fllO LET-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 15*2 SPRING X street, consisting oi six rooms on the see. nd floor snd one In the attic; w ater, ws^ep'p*, ^asf Ac : very ccnrcr.icr.t HOUSES, HO'J .>19, ?fcCM TO I.T2T, rno LET?THE KiKST ELOOU AND BASEMENT, WITH 1 a IV !ro I III. i , 1?',, it: I Sail. or a si.u'li I lolly or a i?u.? .. i ,n: lie. ami. - ? ! ? rn? h,?hs, Ah.; iviit | nio i. .vpu!> to J. Hoi KEnS, Futuih avi nn.\ n<mi* i l\vfiily-i?ivuiiii s i>i?i, rru) LKT?TW0|0E Til WEE WELL Pt'KXI&IIED 1U >< >M?4, 1 *>n d p.oar, gi i h> , .j ' cpln/, ii 'IV ?*mv? hot *tn- t, lu tvvf. n l-ltth and Si.\ . inn ; nrivilfif in ki - li ii it lies.iit'if. For aihlreftH u' p y ai Madi^ou H?iUtti? | rpo i,i;t?a dm a Lit Horsi:, handy ami <x?kvk I I nr? "it, m *h? rt ?1 t-t;in?-?* nan tin? Perl . p lVrry. WtU i llaMKhni; ; h< us? i:, >d uid? r; it a* lao-' ?.n . vuU-r, . ? ut ; Ia?|ulrt* at 2ti# Front street, or at Wldianitiburg Oliy I rpo I ?CT?AT VEUY LOW HE NT. KiTHEIl OF THE , J Mo a 'miti 1 N. .11 !?>.; H i v. \ - ill ..r 1M :.i-l Tiiirty->i-<-ond mra? I, N.'tvwi it Sfoatd uihl Third nvomn-s; or 15o7 \V.-*t ?? ?.n\-fi 1.tU Htr?'? t, l??t\v< i 'i Eighth and N'?111?? : ? ? ' itsm'? Ir?* ??a tl HM-s.of M. II . LlOHTF^STEiN. | "I'M :w W . 81 F i ly n-iuh Mivtt, or 4'f Mr. FETiLilElX 11. i 'A'!?lr* y MH'Miid Ktrr*?'i. rpo LET?HOl'SK 51 LISPE ' '*> ST UK ET, KI5AU J Broadway. luqituc <>i A. Jo?k.nE A V, .1 ??, Ii7Ii Bloat. rpo LET?A K'l' 0 VKL1JNO Ili>? SK, I'll 1 \\>*t F??| . V ; has lm? n la-** !v , ?aini? 'I. and 1* ill - "Oil oj d' U "alii; all th'* UlOd ; :i tnprovvnr lit*, HI I Hill h i lor hall UMihl ??!?'.I u ? . iKf i May. J :i \ mi??? f Mr. l?l' FFY, in ?hf ,i ? .. ?:or<, in Fori.-m . on l Mivc:. liciw i* 11 Mmli and 'if vh ?v *?????*-. rpo 111' IN MiOOKIVN AT A BO in HALF THE J ?' i il rent, t;. 11 '. v hoivi on <?litit< ii av??n?f; ici'fS'.M) Br..' \ , i i lv a New Y?? k; i?l?? so Nloi ."ay iifXt, ;ot>0. A-'pl.v ii O. A. ? ill . .07 Hi la \va ?, i urni i F a 11.?: i s i i',N Y., i'l'oui 10 to ii .?'? h? k rpo li-.r A FA'?F A Mo!?R:;X HOISK, FUK I. r ad or iinfn;\.!Vand ; nl- i I! -S .. n I I'l ?<u, ?'I ? Hi ?'.* v\ a. , ? t.ioij... jjJil; t u-atUl , ? an t ii $|o. Apply to }s V ' 'I 11, I7*i ii. oa ! iy, i i-iiu I i. i out 10 ??< 1~ A. M. rpo LF.T--ON FAVollABI !! Tr.IIMS, T ? KESFE< "1 \F.LE I |i.;t - s, Ih?? t v.i j,v y ry Ii . ,-.?k ' J ltd - I VV.^t Tui-my.tUiid ?*<??; ?i o \\<> \\ #? -v Tw. niv-i.?tnih h."r?*t. Apply' . A I.F\:- N, LIV \ <1 tr- t, or i\ HaHMONY'S hV.'S \ t O., V1 lit. ? n\v a Mt?H. rpo LKT?THE LAIit.i: Ff Jls? ( I.ASS HOI'.-i-: NO 1 Wr ' T v. at;, ridt'h s ; ? ?. lir a v ay, ? . i. ,u i ? . h, ??-; fVft;. t hin * i? lit v iapl? fiiKi? !..ha boHruln^ luaihi'. Apply to tlie owiav, oil tiiu pr?' iii^*-. rpoT.KT- AT ASH LA ? D HOL'SK, 15 OROVE . 'T1ET, I , s. i d ii . .as iwH.Siu'tl, i.i -.?M'?i? lulliai'.l T.ibli . t'a. v* il . ?? 1 . . i ?. < ? lioaillH Mt inou/JUi* tu;?i?nia> apply a nah a n oni, Ui Hrui- >?. y. rpo LET-IN NEWAUK, K. .) , A ^OTTACIK, IN' l'Kit I ? i ?.rdr; ; I . in < ? . .p' ?! . 11. ft. i -%v. Imp lvfo hi sO ..>%!>, 2" . I'. . <1 ? t. :w \ trk. rpo L1V' -FI'IIMS .YD Uit t NFL i:NiS?l D, AN FI.E i k .nt I1oiih\ pi' a .titly l ? I * ? w . u !-'ii'ia a .-I > Mit U'.i'in i . Tin- "?t i:. i wi with tin- tini y i.i pi;r' p y jn at of t.a r.-i l it ?. .i.'d. lilo iav ol UwLl.KT AM'i.K SgN, No. 0 i'lty llnll piavo. rpo L.rr?A FlUSi' t' LA. S Ii It OWN' STONE IIOl-E, .1 I'uroi- ht? I or aafi. ??. m!'m .1 i -ar A.;? . an h amif, ul i: ? mi .--in ia>; ovrn .M.i. For piirtuMhiis in-,nil.'of JOHN LLOYD & bO.\S, h> Na^ai h i ft. rpo LET?THE. VIW. ST :.l ll.'MN'O NO :V. ITANiC 1 1 .. ? ? i t, i vin !%; il ? >n ..a tin- ilk to < 7 '? -'hp ? si* ? . *..?\.!u0 ii'i t, ci"-n of t' !? a < v, r.r.-t -oar ?-nst oi H ??? i n\ *i >. AS o No. M I'r.-.ain h a ' l, 'J- tOtf IW*i. I-a::* htr-ry. Boih th ? ilmi s ;?.? \v. II ii/h'a-d and .-a. a lr i.TM ui'or iniimii n it. .a ? pari'-oM"'. Ap;*'.y -1 A\" tlh? -r si. rpo LET PAU r OF A OENTEETi IlOl E, TO A X . I iiuniU ii* p i n??. m-. i nt s d, ^ F?-ar !. A !?p]. i?t I a I tV ? L :?}*> -t ii d si . . aft \ fit ?i>. i* J\ ay and Eighth HVftiUf. I ui*Xf. piiornuih' \>-l na ?? r? ?p.;r? d. rpo LET-TIir: THiti E S'IMEY AM) It ASK M ENT ! Hoi. ? Ti-irlv ?? ?!i-l sti !>??!". ?1 ? a L , ? n and '1 !i:p- av ? ai-s, .v.a. 1?l ? .or a y iu??< l 'andl;. : in*.' v a. i , j. a vV>-.. ri'fit low. Itna-; con th- pr.-nr. ?? i nan iu till 4, ? i ui li. lil't . -ELL, i'J" V\ os Tw? rtu - th : .. ? t. rno LE'i -PAIff ok A dwelling, in- A i'l.l-. \SANT I i'm. i ? ??!, with i.,ill r:i itllpl'OV, 'llcllts, ,v; . i | i' lit lor ! ? .1 I ... | 01 ;,.,ol|t (.,!.?? |,-l unit " ' v'-'i" i- ui i'll, . ?>.' luriticr iuf-j.1. tiit-n audi-. *? ?\ ,i 11.1:11 J .Is: -n, il o:l ... f|10 LEI a ni- ". TIIUEE STORY AND BASEMENT .1 bou ? , in it,.- i i,| caroline sir . i? i ?? t. r, - A., if- ?,! ???!.? 1 ,tv to ?. i tenant, liil ||,? ;?i 1 t_l. ii. sj-.xiou,74t'.i<iuiin- street. '|*> LET?a SMALL, HEAT focb kyory BOl'flt, A .r.aihcl uii:;:.-l? ,> i . v ry itoor. in the xnilli ward, ? i. /? Abingdon h.| i ,:, : rrrtti 8400 per tuuiiim, tu h rwponsiue ii; liit1 ! .y : o. ,. : y; j ,s., lti.iiicoiau ,y. f|h> LET?i.n soi Til iskooelyn, A MILK FROM THE ,f ? -u-1 ?iory of .4 uiv.. il. -u,iv ? ii-fnul huu*e, with kit iii-ii |-iivi>.... f ,r v.-.^liiiiv. i mainly n.rniUi fti, < lean an.l la ?o <; or.jer; . srtiu.'l hnuilv oreupv tua w:.?w* <?: the jivjii.1-i s j. tiic doo: ; ; ;;*\at ?mv'ul eo-iplc, ? k.hhl 111 ral $.< i., $12 p,.i' month. am.ress, Mil,i r. ;,-r,-n k. Lavf, ii- imld ? ... rpolet?THE labqestork ko orandstreet ''jf hw^ry,''wilier with i!i,* it .. nu-til ii <i,-h11-?-u; w?ll located i or an ? .u*its.\e busme.^. applv on the pre mise.*, from 8 A. m. itils !'. il. * rpo LET--the l0,\ ER PART ani) J'akt OF the a Ihtrd Floor ot the kainlaoiik , well mii.-hcd thi-ec story house 151 V\ ulivet, l>c. w? en fcjxili and s?*v?*tilh avenues. Rrnt tip to the l*t ?l >i.iy $42 a month. 1'uum i icdtatoly. App y wn hi ? premise*. ipo I.ET?LAOER BEER STOKE NO. 2o| HESTER I. mnni. Front Rooms, with ll^bt Bedrooms h?,| kilclica ttas, Or,mm watei, tn row house 33 Crorby ?tr.!ot. aoaiv in, ni* in 37 Crosby and 1 '> Fursyth street; i,?s anil urmy* water. to let CHEAT, I.N ei ? i i I T v-se V V n'T 11 STRI-'FT jl neat-Third nv.mi,?Two large ir.uin- hulmliir.n, ,-?-b 20x10110 fi-< t, with k'.t'd arramnimiatiuiwi; m.iibii.r. for ii -ht uiu<i,u.irti:riiii; piirpoo,-!-, jiv-ry hablc, or any ,.th,-r liuhjiiesa rlnt! t '?.! light .-!?| iik-iuy of io mi. Ap;il> io jobtl'll jlcui iiie, 777 tlilrii uvt-ntie. T? ok excil vn<.r-A FIRST ci.ASS HOUSE, l on urlmrlon iimmr. \ onki-rs. The bo:.?- liiu nil tbn rn lmpixivi-initius. gooil uirri.i.-.',' Lone-, at-. 1iijuii?oi 1. ADAMS, room No. fi Trinliy t.ull.tiiic, ill l)i:ja<lw..y. TO LEASE?SIX LOTS SOI'THWEST CORNER OP tt-iith .tvi>niii> mill Fourt<h-iiui mipct. will, ,, h-k 0i:-lr anl ?uim,-. s'll'hhic fur tin-liimb?i or ,.<uil h'i>lni-?-. annlr ti'k. Ii. i.KDI.OW. No. 3 i'iim! ?trvrt, or .I.e. WHITE 1*3 wei?t twctity-iimi ilr,i-l. r|k> rsxt?WITH A PRIVATE fax I li nie TWO vr A i"-r ^.orii-koi hoi.h" No. 87h <-f?t'i h mjui mr: .-i b,-tw,fii S xth iiii.l s'-vctiliinii-iiti..*, c.,:ripii.. mx robin* ami tihuirm-m, wltli lint, (mil i-niil water; n-ir per lllonlli inrl.ifliiij- rj -. None but n ?mull family need apply. luiiuira on the premikom. rraiE upper past or a house To let?with J nil the modern improvement*: will board the family il' required. A lady inn also be accoiiitnodiiu'd with iWrd Inquire at 129 ('liurlton street. 'phe wik'I.E ill! P.VKT OF llttl'se 113 m>I:ho.N* j "'reel it i- a .ri;e ihr. e ?t?r.v ntnl .mm i velli-ti iminement hod , and ? i.l a *ii!iimo iate two or more fainllb-a 'or'-i "'t;-: "??' " " al'ij/'"- '!"? plt'irai-k, or ui i iirnhkl, --'i * rout ati -m, <... n.i ot 1i-jv -r. COPARTNERSHIP kotlte!). \oo<ii> nrsinesft van wanted to iv",.vr , ijniiiy with tin .idvi,i-u<t r, s2,lmlivi;il.I, in a v . .- m perl.'i*uaah oukinv.^f in full ,ipern'i ,:i under United stat.-ti patent. mid wlui n 1uh ? imamlnj $5u,000 per antr.ii,! ran tw rvaliz-wl. jminli-e at S3.' Broadway, third lloor, i >.!?? n,,. 4. Aoevtleuan or LAST WITH ?t.vm TO $1 ???>, enn join Uie advents r with ? i1k<- turn in i-asii In a mire and very prolitable ejiith !m?linv.-: no sp-.!,hi. Ad dresa Culm, f?ox 177 Hertild ofllee. a 11?j11j1;interview. Apartvbr WANTED?in a LIOHT, propitabi B caali iiiaimfiietlir iu- buaiiieoa, well ectiiidiaheii A cood opening for aoiiii-aetive ikt' -l whh >200 iu?a at oomtuaioi Oenernl A^eney, 49 nii -.vji !re ? l. AO(k)d relialil.E l'ARTKER wanted WITH abom or in uirfli, lo pun-bn::-- t(,f laili Inter est of inr j r ?- nt i'-minr, 1:: u lir^t elassc .*--rv now doinir ?r 1 l?vlii?''usineki. Address W. ii w , Herald odiee. Apaett bavins from $ido to i mcan ;;i-. oxb asf.cmihed ij.; ?<h>a pnylii- fvue-n huslnei-s, now , tatiluhed, on app:!.-,.:. ,n to-iuytr?ui 10 uj 4 o'clock i t g.m Broadway, do-.v.. *u,ir*. Dissolution of copartnership.-the copart nersl.ip heretofore exl?tln? between the subs.-nbeni und-i Uie lirai of wlyiikm 4 u ^ldai-j, Is tliia duv dlsaolred by mntnal eo??nt. k. n. WEYMAN. Nkw Yohk, Oct. 1. 1S6I. W. H. ooddari). cofaktmcuatllp Norn t?1The mibai-rib-trs have tins day en. terwl Into eoparineraliip, nn ler the Arm of Wevman A ijiki dard, and wiil obiitlnu" the Clothing and Merchant Tailoring biiiiii,?s at the old fuod, 2u Maiden lane, corner of Nassau ?i-reet. k. ii WEVMA.N' Jii Nitw \o?K, Oat. 1, 1861. W. II. tjoddalu). >j* otioe.?.1011v .1. BOYD HAVING rktirki) Fi'wom < ardiv busincM, and from the urrn ol Hoyd ,t lllnetuii the b?miie? wiil be contiihmid by Edwai-,1 Hineken, jaiuval H. Boyd and John .1. u?yd, Jr. ho YD it 1IINCKEN serteubkh m). PARTNER WANTED-AN afttive BUSINESS man Willi frotn tj.noil tn tio.onoeu) luil, in a hi^ i?|w tole, re ii i ii ii vnulv,- bualnrrm, uot attended with rtai.'; m 1:1 iavir a thorough lnv. ?(igatlon; bast ?f ri-f, ren?e? itiven aud ra i quired. All aammutiWiaUens with real nuine cnsli', re4 strictly aontidentlul. A4di-eaa M. a Co.. b* loti Herald aiki,-. P~ ar$mbb WANTED?WITH $HOO CASH CAPITAL to u?ke an uu-rcm in the hi.tiiu:act?ire imm mile <?f uu ftritojp fi?r the ?1' the army, with mr^ pmltu un i n? risk. ajfp'y to A. RICH 447 bi<minie nlrenl up mho flight. T~ HE partnership HERl^ViPORE "existinii lsnl tween uh- uud r?!tned, haa this dir.- i?. n dbsolved by mutual uttti* -nt The bu>li,esj will be continued by Mr. II. da vlaen, who will seitln tbe a, tints against the concern, and who it solely antb r.ied to sign in liquidation = ? ? HENRV DA VISES. 26 ds-r >TBnrr, Sej,-. .hi. lhf.l, ALFRED LAZARUS. to $4'NI? WANTED. A ti.'od (iROCKRV, IN" ntwurvi a good 1,outlet, tip town: al-i. gome kind of pro. fltnblo ite-niilve business that will bear exaininlnk gancr il Agency, 4.i Nassau sireet. .?qhn _a pa^?bS wanted, to heceive the money at the door and share equally in tin- i.,-st exktldlkni known. ii requlil-a lint two per. una, *ud will iwv # tt"t? Profits divided daily. Inquire at ,'i:12 bto.i.l ?ay, third hiktr, room No. 4. jije> 0(11) ??*'*"nTKD-A PARTY WITH i?2 ?if-d.'/uvr. enghi{e 111 n lucrative Business, i ..el* in, risk and the war doesn ,t injure. princli.ala only " l/es-. m-tchnnd'.-.e, i,?x 2 :y, 1'om o(||rc. ftdft t<1 ^-faotssh wanted in orfi ol the best and o!.tect dinlii:; houses down town, s caring yearly i,ow.?2.i.00(?. Tina is ively rare ?t . uir for business and fort one. Apply al 338 Broadway, room 4;t doard1wu and lodcumb" A PEW DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET-withor WITH j ?i"" Board, at 42 West flf i-enth street, between Filth and ??ixth nveiiuem. heforenrek required. A pok^va,ti? eamfly WILL I.ET A HANDSOME TV S'llt ot Rooms to gentlemen, with pnitlal bosni If de. i sjred; also, a single Room. Apply at 83 Ninth street hi j* 1:1h avenue. kelerem^?*** ex< ituimed. mm, TO n which ! A SMALL FAMILY, 00(u1?y1no A kik.ST CLASS i "^^i t two invutimuneiv fur* nt>hed rooinfl, with Hoaid, in ?i*iitienwn and their 'o ?? ?.,tl H , ?.(., ! m<tm' i pufuer jtift caumko, li a4siu?uoj> ? HO A it I> 1 N 4. AXI) f Alt l?I N <?. 1 LA 1 * V JIAVLSt. TAX K.N THE I I U; I < '1. v >S 11 < )l . IC V 114 .-i ?? > I :i\( \ ? mint S.ventl -im t, luii... .? w t-.m tumid b!m. ..m<? m.K,.,,u?s (.? Ui-i????>?? of. Cull at lii UM* or uddi. - , x 3,-;sH Now York . ?. A T 22 \\1>T ITU'UTEENTH STREET, HETWEEX j\ Ft1rl? itt.* ? lit uv, laiy U.mih h u <u. mi. iur '? -i.d, n ?-r ? ;* Also snialirp Iuhh: ?? for ^cntlis in n, wiili Hvard. TU ItoUrtt h.ishll lln nt uk-ru impiom ln> 1:1. . It ?.?*?? uc s rx* ll lli^i U. A I' V''TV OF OENTLEMEN PES!RINO A fJOOD - * Inum? \\ nli n|i "tini! l. luily, can !i iv ? a pit' ??.nt ?? ut 4.i i:> i.iih, f.?h ivi.M! ??i ,4 w ti l'urtiuiu a i*ai...f nu.i lit a i " ?? ? *'? ii i ii- ??i*. i'riv.,1- ittbu ii picnic- ? i'lruia i ?.<>u,.t.l.\ Apply ut Si W? st l ivi iuy s4-? >ud earn-1. AN AMEIIU'AN PRIVATE FAMILY, 1IAY1NO MOCK .1 room i1h\? ri ?|uii', WimlU b ??m* ?m a ? ? ?I??. . , Willi H PI. ;a a HI- .iM u'.i ju H< m- liini ??!,.-i. L ?. a 21.% Went Thlrty-Urni sire t, Lf I'llUt'll, i SMAi.L PKP.ATE FAMILY W()l LI) LET A HAND' ' -mi*ly lurn-If i * m nt Room*, a ParhirMint ? vo Jii'.l I" .is, a !>atli lo<mi ? IjiMlilliX, nil the Mvoli l I.. : . wilii iwind. The lunihr I i nil (he mi <i(>|ii improVi'imi.M and Ih ; i j-. y hi iii4t4?a on Murray llm. Imj : v ut 2^1 Le\:;m t? n ii\< -iiiv, tin 1 ln>u?e above Thirty-* u^tith stive L Reiu Il llU'K l?'4^UlU'(l. Alt HNLSIIl'D PARLOR, AM* KEDUOOM ADJOIN II ? ? ? sr.. ,1.1 . I ii:ii i Hoop. lo !?*t, .1 IVmb-man ami v. itll Ills' I.| ;i - I ?. ?l:. ?: ? , Ju'vl-'IiM 111 1' ..41 iill/, Willi Jl |l'IY.ii< i irl;, .nut I': nv'is; 11?? !*??; wren Jirnudwa\ ana Filth aw. Au,!.x*h W\ 4,1'^S Po^totoce. \ UESTLF.MAN VNltWlFK OK SINCl.K tiKNTLE* .'V t'? ? ??? ' - 'l.u,. K ? in 4>r iwo ha. r. infill.-, wiih L t. iw a lt? .aKi i laii.: >, ir tin* nv ? t pit [? ipt? t \N si ? i ? 'ill M|.'( t. Will |;| ' i; ?! I!ii';i iiilit .?? I , ,1 liln.s-.iiij; !?> II- . i< . !4.! ? 1 ?.;t i?Uic4*. Tins luaiily U-in^ uu 4ju? ".lonublr' none but tin 8.;m?5 iH'Otl apply. \ I'LL ASA NT ROOM - I r Mi!.!-: I'OU A (JENTLK S\ '.1 n ?;?.?: win'. . siu . K<? ..i ? mm;!.' - ail ru n, w.ii or u.'houtlio i r. *. '1.-.. mm- has ail tl? ? in--l"iu mi I"' N .i' ii s,a:ut ts in 'in> iumu-ati;- virii/.ty ui 4uiaanii i.;- y hU. A|?|u.. ai 4 <? KoUPtti MtriM t. 4 T i:.l EAST TENTH STREET, COKNLK Ol' FOUKTII .,-i ,i Hhori til... irorn ii:*.?,.<t.v.,y, i<> 1.1, V- ?" i?!uii.f Hi'ai'tl, pl? ..?* >;.t trout aiuil>.uk I'.'u i. im, nil ^ > '' p. 'I . > will i>4'l.-t u^i'titer or mn^lv. Diiim-rat hix. K. oinn ? xi haii^'il. A Hl illLY ai:sPE( TAHLE I'ltlVATE (iKUMAN FA u\ i.;.. wiili- ut clill lr n. 4i 4Mipytn;' a iirr>t 4'1.?*.h lioiih ?, v. ill 1*1 . ? i i . ill lian.U ? in iy lu. lasln <1 Koouis, with nil 4.r jai lhil I ' aril m jm t. li.l lr, Fn ia li i nil l-li., li ti ? 4-u A! .'ly it ISEa* K iter -'net, ii".r Br -.i-lv ?>-. \ KirilLY FUKNlSlli.l> St IT OF AI'AETMEM: 'iO i k i m iii ly 4?p t-'/i'tli'r, to *>in^l4' ?{?'ittl? nu'ii, w ith '?r wl-ii Mithn -k i.'t, in a }" vat- lainily. AiSapn n to wlu? ?'? * i1 ? ui .iiHi^ tiinp*'.u i tiltnary iiiuuxl .ttons. Aj< 1 lv at 3/ L>ihI l'li ti'c'i'ih tin t, l>iron Hipuiro. \ T Z-i.1 LLCZAUKTI' . i liEET, FOt K l>OOH * FIIOM J \ lih-f.-k. r. a I .. i ? .'iithMiii'ii. ail hi' ar, .an -l w ilti ploa < ni K > li* a. i- m, 1 Hi.ai4l; ItaMiion 4i.!i\?'ni> lit to 4 .ix ami st h; us, , , t., \ 111 <; 111 - V jrispj. TABLE OEHMAN FAMILY, JY 4i -i i'l s a-, ' . , vci,. .'Miably >itit.? a N?>. '.!?! \\. ? t vinth ,-t t, ??t\v<'4,n Fifth ami Sixth a\<* iiiir>, wuuM 1 a 14*\v ? I > nritl 1 urt.i ?' .! Hoouih, wit!l 4 - Hi* n t lid, rl, to y utU'iu ii 4?r p'litli'!.'!! amt tl.oir \siven. Fn iuh . ini i tt| .a.u.i. HrlVf in--t-u va? a.iii-. .1. A Fii.'Wi U FAMILY, UYIN'U IN STYLE, J\ ?V;?i.I i a- <-"iatu - iaif a : daily t a-iultH, ? ap;rt>4it m i^1?? ^.1'utl" ! . i n a wi ll i\?r:iiHh?*il him ??}' Koonih aiul a i-? ? ?? Fivimm Uil.-I ?; "iily parti-'s l\?r no onlUinry a ?4'4.!;uru?(huionH ivmhI ap{ ly. Ti-rins iiMs ntitMi*. lieKt ns l ivinv.. j^i-. n u i r? ?i a.i ii. Ai'i'lv at 47 \Yc?t Tw?Uth Btn*. l, l tv.i t ii !*!ttH ami .^i\tli uv<*ftut*M. A L VIUJM ItOtlM ON S:,CON'I> FLOOH, t'<?NTAINlNO 1' .1 t ol l Wiler, p iiiirii'#, ?V?-., t ?ii m>h; i 4.- uniur in ' f ', ti-l. t, with 1> -aiil, by a ^ in.?!1 family having a ii w . r ml n-? I'lTln-n; l'H'titlori pl-.tHin", ? ruiM nu??U; r " I ; ? m' i h <-Wiiam;. I. .\,.p y a: i4NV. *1 Twi nty* lour, ii nt I ? r, i. IV. ? M . Vvi-n h an I Eighth avi'iniei. Tl.KM v.. IH S1RKS RKKAKFAST AND IMN is n- tn iy ar. umy to UruMlw&y, botwoon fbirtli *.h amitv ,r.-? ?.?;??? -; ? p.-ak:'a??i aU?ut 8 4?%'I ?. k, aim Uluucr ai'??ui I . ii - A?[' r .? . . ii., iipn.iaway. \!i AMNiMrl Fi KNtSMKD M'lT OF KOOM8?OX lh?* f' ( ..ini iKair, Willi ?an, bith, Ac., to lot to a small i.4 .'1 . with . ,iv? in i, ?-n Si.r h?ai. ? k<'i |.;ng; op w| .rati-ly to ? ? '? F..m?iy privat.-. Ki |. r?'ii ? s 4*/. han^-il. App^' ui ^v r.'( rii-y pi. m*ar Sixth uvi nur. A T fi5 EAST T\\ KNTY ;I(1HTII STHEET?ONK OR -1 two I. ? i.j1;' ai. n i uli ht* haa.iHiMiu-i. u- on.m-'* A 817IT OK ROOMS TO I'EXT?WITH liOAliP, IN A J"\ pi- ? ? iuniv, with a.l th innicru imppuv. nu nta. Li* 4diro ui "t-* t Twi'iity-hcc.iml Kircet. Hf!? rt-ntts iv<ptl?*d. AT. 118 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO LET, l\ with Jiuaiil, th'- 4-ntir- S- ?'oml FUmr, thivo Konn.i rom luuna .iir.;', i*!i ?;iii4* ??r sim;h ; also a Rumu fwi a ^iu^lc gen ti 'ii'.iiii. R -ii't4'nces c.\4fl: iii)ji*4l. A T 86 BAST TWENTIETH t TREITT, KEAR liiiOiO J\. v. aj"?ii >urd.?A li w v ?*i j 4'hoa i* wcoitti floor ami l inkt i'w. 'ns, single .m l Ut sntu. H#*8t n?lVrfivi*g oil*' i*J. Mo.ii ra < ua\4 nl?*ti^'?. Fi.i tiiy small au-1 i?**le?t. Houmm Uau lhouti-ly J m nlshiM. A Vi-ry 4.h ?trabk u>cation. AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, a ^'nth imin and wi^or two mii^Ii- K?'Uthi ite ii r.i-i obtiii;. pit.. .ui iioouiH with BourJ, In a modern Uoime with all the imptwvt un nis. AI^At'K PARLOR, AT^O FRONT ROOMS ON SE<U)KD utaip, lupuistuMl 4?p uj.iurtiiMh'-d, wMh <?r with -ut Hoard. 1m h i; KuHnbli* lop a genth'infin and wile, gi titlpint-n or lauim. KcarcarM and sta^."'M, Apply at No. West Wahk 111;;ton phwx\ W4-8t id Sixth avftutke. a: A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY OF ADULTS RESIDING >u West 'I weuty-se<*?nd imroot, would give the cUni * u( v three Boon:*, will? Boar 1, to U gt n tie man nn I wilaar .. .uUemeti. Address b?*x MC Pott otlice. t GFNTLEMAN AND WIFE Oft IIKOLB QMMTLM* J\. men can !i:?d very desirable Rooms an4 Board la u i* .* hou-e near Filth avenue. Rooms en swtte or sim'U. i'n-es moderate. lulercnoc re^ulroU. Apply at No. MWcm Sixteenth street. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A SUIT OF ROOMS /V on the seootW 1'oar; hat and ooW water bath, Ac. on u?a uirue Hour. Also Wack Parlor. No othar Ixmrdera taken. Location d.;vli anle and convenient to ears am! M.a^jes. Ati <1ti-h :..i\ JM'W Pow <dlice. ur applv at N". 19V Weat Thirty* aeouud street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. A FAMILY DESIRING A PLEASANT HOME FOE THE . winter, tan lin l a beAUilful suit of Rooms handsomely furnished in a iirst tla*s house. Also single Rooms, with full or partial B>?a;d. Apply at 'JA) Fourth street, NVat^iimWia aquaje. A CHOICE OF HANDSOMELY TOKN1SHED ROOMS, J\ on the u to.Mi Hoar, to ?? t, with ltoard, to gentlemen and their wives, ot single fce.aliemcn; modi rn Improvements; terms reasonable. Refer?*ime hanged. Call tor two days ni No. 4 Second itreet, near Bowery, 4 PRIVATE FAMILY ARK DESIROUS OF LETTING JY h m lsomely furnlahed Rooms cn Buite, on tin- lirsl or second Hour, to gentlemen <?r K'uUcmau and wife. Uouse first class. Dinner at six o'clock. Unexceptionable references given and required. Apuly at I2j Ninth mr??t, b< tween University place an I Un a fway. IT 71 LAST TWENTY THIRD STREET - HAM) ^ 1 'loiurjy furnish* I Km mik j?uy l*? had, with H? urd. u i hi-: r ui the i,r< iloor, *Mt private table ?I desired. Lo-u tion near Fourth a\nun . AN ELEGANT .sUIT OF ROOMS MAY HE OBTAINED Wy early application at No. 41) NN y i Sixteenth atruat, ?.< ? w M-ji Filth an i Sixth avenwws, whh a private Liuiily. 'I > uis moderate. 4 PLEASANT IIOME MAY RE FOUND BY GENTEEL j\. itfirllt'H, to jjentlemen and their wiws, and room for one or two >ii ?.!?' Family ?tunii. Apply at 15 Ashiand j?laee# rornet ul VVaverley pla^'. Dinner at six. 4 FrNE SUIT OF ROOMS, FURNISHED, WITH RATH 2\ n>*?in ?xt:lnsiv??, may l><-oUuim <t by a party ot thr?n <?r lour, p'iiwaiieiiilj, with privwie tal-h if destrvd. ApiJy at \ Ji Ntlith s-ir?<'L, a le w dours want <>! Braadway. 4 SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, EAYINO A FIJUST J\ cl.i.^s liatisc, de..-?tre to let to a Uiuy *i.d g?nriomen --r i wo gentlemen a suit of Ipinrtwrnuly furninh'-d i'arlor- and Bodioom^ with ev.*;y tvmvenience, near Fifth Arn.ii.- IIot? l; Jul! iial B ai'J ?( ro<p.ii cd ; n rms moderate. Rer-rfne^s;? l. Apj/ly at 47 East Twenty-third street, Mit ii?on squn r??. 4 FP.KNOII FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO LET A SUIT ^ V <ii l: > infc, w -!l furnished, t<?gether or b<^'finitely, to Hit gleg n !?ui i! onle, In a very des.raoie loc?aion. Apply at 2J4 Fwurth s'.ivk-i, Washin::<*?n square. A? A V HANDSOMELY FURNWHED ROOM, WITH BATH ro.'in attached, o let to t:!ij;:lu gentlemen, iua private Frernvh tamily, with or without partial Board. Apply at 224 FotirUi sLieet, Wo#hin^Um square. T 44 1 NION SQUARE-SUIT^ OF ROOMS TO LET, with ltoird, to families, and aUk/ accommodation lor ri?' geuUeiui.n. FURNISHED ROOM TO - LET?AT 311 FOURTH street, second bio k went ol' Broadway; a very conveui eia-i* In rooms. Breakfast fcf required. 4 SUIT OF FINE LARGE PARLORS. ALSO A MNGLE u'L l.oom, to lot. with i>r without i^oard, in a private laiut* i|, at i > Niatil iftreot* Gait, bath, Av.. A CARD.?HOTEL ST. GERMAIN, FIFTH AVENUE, Broadway and Twet>(y*vecond street. The Hpu-Jiais, on ^ani ai^ke, ro*iin added to this hotel being now in ooio pleie oidt^i-, i!jk proprietor la prepared to a'^unmodate iuuiiiiwh uliil tit*nUemen w ith itoard at table d hole. Hun liiorinly furuishwu smt??s ot R?e?n.s, h.iviru all the mod* in I'ouveulcnces, can be had on very iiied* la Uuum. AT THE LARGE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE NO. 12/ BIwecRer street, west ot and near Broadway, is a re aii> lirit class family Boaniiug House, with li"oms unsur pass* it jii ?i/.e and eoiutort, )u sui?*? or aingJe; iiit; cii? aj?? st place 111 the city for the style and y.iai:t\ ot what Is o;f? red. 4 LADY WISHES TO TAKE A GENTLEMAN S HOUSE, l\. furnished or unfurnisiied, and uoaid tin same foi ihn rent, with me privilege of taking a few lirst <iasn ho&ruvis; aatifttai-iory reference as to character and ability given. Call at, or addreas C. O. II., IU4 Eighth avenue. AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES?NLWLY FUR nislied Rooms, Irtnn !$I to $2 M per we?*k. Lod^lu^a 11. m -.'> to 37 cents |"*r night, at the Frankfort Ho ise, ? ui m.r of Frankfort and V4 iiliaiu streets. Open all n.ght. 4 VERY )>LSi!:.\BLE SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS? J:V On tirst ur second lluor, havinu ever., modern ' nhun'4, to l??t. with < r withont Board, at N?'. o+ Weal Fiue> ntit stie t, between Filth aui bixth avcinie*. I.a \< i?<-c ex ch.inged. ? A FEW VERY HAN DSO.MELY FIJRNiS||ED 1,'io.MS, A wi?l? iirsi > lass Board, can iai obtain.-i by apj lyin , at the large double iv??i..eme N ?. '?2 East Ft.uiiifentn street, near L'nivt r*it.v pia? e. UtTereiiei-a reqmr?Ml. 4 SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM AND ALCOVE, 1\ ; tnil in-!, with B't;:i !!. iof ^enii ii ui and wli ? . ;j?er w-fk, small laimiy, with addition. I room ii iv,ulie.l, i . .. |Hiru.)iiaiely low, in a private t.initi), .u 121 h.tfi i m* ,y. loutth stf'-ei. R?dereiice* exchanged. 4 FEW DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? j\. to r ?speetahP' uenilcmcn or ijt-u w;:ii full ? r partial Board; gas, b.ith it u street. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 79 MACD j^\. (Si. v'e in'Mit a pla et n. ar Rleet . r i!'? i r- /.rtl Room, on second llo >r, t ? t w4.h p .i ilal lloa; .. A! - i Room 1 S.MALfi FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?ON

lii li- o , , liO'j 'Jau.?; at., belWJC:! W u. . | iM*uicna?i4|??^ A ItOVVllMYOt WO an K!.; <;ant si it or i <>v>. ? k i iiK I* Hi HO Floor V\ a l?? ?" in Flllll aVtMtiir. ; . ?> ul'o'll ( '? i ;h and Twem\ (bird slreeu;, uvi\ be had, wnb Beard, 11 \ .i < i?i* it lainily of high iife|?? . Addn.*B 1*. M.ul. < u, llemlil ollloc. BOARD.?TWO suits ok WKMi Fl'RNHflKD ROOMS suitable tor genHem.-n or gentlemen . a I tli*i 1* wive#; niHo* Kootn ott thir<l !!o"i> ami i?n? *iiwll jotlt,> bl? for a ulnglc luutr lin.oort liouwe. Ayplyal is I'm.I n place, Eignlli atn ct. I) HARD?TWO ROOMS FVRN18HED. WITH nOARD, I# for gentlemen and wives, or ?lii?l? g<r?Un ten wIm Would ro mi together, in ;? lui;;e, airy house, with uil the i UI - I> -'v<-Mifnt*hiiU comfortable\ lmiuireaiH7 Ea?4 Ele venth street. BOAIil).?A SI'IT < F PLEASANT AND well Fl'R nl?hed Room*, ?n tlm second iloor, witii Butrd, at *S C'ltoton place, Ik ar Filth avouui', Dinner at Mi e'cks-k. |>OARD?ON MODERATE TERMS, WITH A PK1VATB I) lumlly, for a ^ei'ilfiuiui auil wllo, or two' g#ntle. men. Krh'i-enu!* e\i hanged. Aj?ply ?,t 2u6 Vwi Tweuty. ?et oml street. tmmud.-oenti or cientlemen and .1) iheir wives < jim h;?ve ploftMant Rooms In a i rWaU* f.'i mll.v In l\v? niy-thi ?; mi? <t, mar Ninth i;v? nue. Terms t? $Mor single gciulemen; tentleiuon and wivtfg $8 to$l<). Apply at 1&> Ninth uwiuiu, In thostora. HOARD -Til REE ROOMS, i (INSISTING of A MIDDLE ami ;??!?? k i (?om ? ouimnnic.tilm; wiih .oUling glass door*, ami a muhII h ill Ro?m, with I ullor 1-urtlal Hoard, in a very de sirable house in Kiev - nth atroet, near Filth avenue. AduteMi K<.u?m>mist, Herald uliae, |>OARD.?SI'ITS OF ROOMS, FRONT, can BE OB. I / talned up.'ii appli 'lion al d \\\ > i I ? ? ' .tvtte>umi turret Also a from Hasemcni mi i table lor a ph>>i to. IJOARD.?A UKNTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN UK .1 ? ? ii' o!uin ated wiih lioard ina lulvat" Amerieau family; id 111r<* or t w. ? so(.tie n*nil in- ii. !a?e ui?.n one of the must desirable in tin* t ity. No. 38 Lexington avenue. rfcitARD.?A PARLOR AND HEDROOM TO LET, AT J ^ F..? t Twenty-third street. Also an extension Uoaia on Ho lost iloor. Board.?a frivatk famt? v, o<vim*vino \ first <tua \vn k'o jo Ii. use, \\ itu ail tn? im .lorn im|iio\ in ntm, slcuated In ihe moMt i- aui lol ;>:irt of iin> eity, would 1? t a few ??lfj;aut il?? ?titH lo g- iuli uieu ami tie ir wivoa ??r h>u:',le .v nth'an'ii. Diumu at Bo'i lot k. I ; :-n< h ?.r Mu^lis!* table il | n . i. Rei'erem en given uud rcquil'fid. Addresfl X. V., I uion ??| i'esi oibee. T ) O A Ii IF1' R N IK H F. D ROOMS TO 1.1 .T, WITH io? ii il, in suit.-. ?>r ,si..,_;le, m a nicely l'urnl-aod lioto.-*, with iill tie'moilern ln?|)r?iV' iii? utH; hot ami c?dd water In , e.orll r lolll, \e.; II. gitbnrhuod f',<Mnl?at 145 \N vst FlileeiilU | hire* I. Terms modeiau*. lioAUD. -CiENTI.KMKN AND THEIR WIVKS, OR l J 1 mill, n, v. ii 1 . in ouiuio.! . ? '.unit Ri oiiis on seeond la. a , in soil - r s- j> i. a-e, at ITS \V? s: l-'om - nth Niivoi; also ? r and )) .? ? ? , ih tvrftiagio .?&. | leiiieu. Dinm r at six. T? rim* v< asonaide. HU.UU).?LAUUR KOOMS. \\ I I'll IH.tWI'.TS, t>l'ITAKI.R 11 ii* two |i i xiun, at 1 roui t7 i" Si J>.i' ?<ck; ul*i "In; It! I l: ??mi- for f riiN'iiii'ii, nt aJ ji ?? . k. .. fjiikm ['.? ^ ? > iitu mi I. i iiviuiiut. Ap| lj nt t'U II lk>'ii KUi i't, coruvi cl ilOI'tllll. BOARR?A i:!.\TM:.MAN AMI WHT. AND SKVEIUL Hliu^l-' genii.1 au ii call ot.ialil ileHirabie ajmi tmeals, f?ir nisbetl or unfurnished, w:ih B- ird, In a |?" lainlly. A|> I I.* it Hi \V?*.Mt Twenty-sec-ml street, betw een 1 ilth and SlxiU r>OARD.?A PRIVATE family, Dl.SlRol'S TO RE } dm e < \|t? ns. s, would** a l.?iaily or two p'? te'iueii and linn wiv. v\ it 1? i ieu^.? K- .iins, v. ilh Hoard, llousft bi vvn sU?ne; jilt aMintly lisatcvl, l?? iv ??. n HexingU-n ami Third avenue . Ad. r ?.> F. J. (i , Herald oil;, e. "OOARD.?A OKNTLKMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO .1J gentU'inen who wdl room tog. liwr. nn ? ite. uBttnotlated will, a line float R on tl|%: th?rd *U?r> ol a ill. i . I.O.J4 hmi;>e, wiin lio.ird. Dinm'ralO. inquire ;tt IA) West Twen ty .?cVi u!it Klr? et. IJOARD.-TVVO pleasant SI ITS OF KoOMH, Vh i) secon 1 ll?a?r, with H.?.iid, ;it iil Union jd oe, worm r nl Hroadw.ty ami Sixt. ??nt!-. htr- ot. Board.?a (jenii.eman and wife, or two nir i?er. b in u,-an ha\i'R a?u, Willi | ? iiHiint Ri??m r, havlnr ... s. oath, t?o ?.i.d ?* Id wai-r, A<\, al K.?. 4S F?i>i >lx Ireiiu. sir? <? t. in \i to Irving )ilaeo. Terms 08 *?? ^14 \ wr wiie i^iiiiip, to l:<?.nnM required, l iniwr at six v'tlovk. Relet em e." exelikuged. B B nOARD.?(A IlOUE.) A GENTLEM AN AND WIFE CAN ba\<? a perniam m home In u private ! ?>mily, o.i Yhirt.v - iourtk*trc? i. Tin si of iclercuwa re<iutivd.' Ad 11. L., box ."<7 Post olhoe. OOAKD.?TO LET, TWO LARGE, COMFORTABLE J) Rmima, \% ills pantries ftttachcd, on ill fit o . al: o one on the third, h.i.l.iLdti fur a party 01 g nth men. all wt'll 1 urnlahed. Ga- and bath. Apply ki id Clinton pUca, near the lirevoort H-mae. OA ill>.?W ANTE0 TO KENT, WIT!! UoARl), ROME uitidsome R'om?, suitable for gentlemen und thuir ;ves #r kindle geutlemen. Apply at 16J Bleeciier alivet. Board.?a handsomely fuknihiied front Room to let, to a gentleman and lady; Board for huiy only, nlaoa small I!? > ?m to a lady, permanent or transient, at very Low prices, ai 2-0 Sullivan street, near Amity. OARD.?A W1 DOW LADY, HAVING A WHOLE hou***, w* uld like tii aceointnodate a lady find gentleman, >\ iih Hoard lor tin* ladv only. Location com e nieui and nt?i alii**. No other.boarders or children. Addrta* Mr*. Abey, station G, Post olbc T}OA&D?AT M8IA0VTU1ST88M STUKE, WITH X) handsomely 1 urui?>!:?d Rooms oil tlii* w?cvud tl?n r; mho oua ltoom nil third lloor; Mi;?tcla?a house, with Freneh ubW. Dim rut 6 o'elu< k. ii hi ul ralarenae given and 1 quired. DOAED IN CLIMTON PLACE.?ROOMS, EN SUITE O* IJ singly. f"? gentlemen and their * ives or for utilise fcen tWmen; also the li.t<>cuienl, for an alike, ut 'J 7 Clinton plan*. BOARD IN a private family.?a gf.ntlem an and wUv miii iv u -com mod a ted with u handaom :ly lur* ntatitd Pallor *ud He?room on tb? second UiM-r of tift 'flain luund wtreet, betwouu Fourth and Bl*a<:k<M fcirvata. hU-fV PelUM'S Ivqim-iMl. Board in a private family on Brooklyn Height* may la; hud by applying at lit* Columbia s treat (river side), between Fulton and Wail stroll farriea. HOARD is WANTED* IN A GENTEEL FAMILT BY A .iJ *;rii'J"*iaiin and his hhut, where there ai ' !ew ar u? otH?-r U'.'rd- i<?; location not abov*? Tweuty-lifth Ad* 4rti#i, suiting term* ('vm h m uat b ; tu a? < ordancu with iUm location, Ac., bo* 327 Po?t otlla-. |>OARX> WANTED.?A gentleman OF the HiOFI J) c^t n-K|?? ?:Ui Utly \vl.^h< > to engage H an d I r bimsi lf and vMf<?, lYtfin tlu- lutli of Nnvcmb*'.', in a lirat cl.iiw Uwusr. lvc^fceU nb?v?; Wa*bmgton wjuarc, and bet-,vei n th4Sr-?ouu 1*0.1 SijrUi avunucH. 11<* i?*uon , ? a rh lily ftirnUhfd room (Mf) kl<uv?- i\.om pr"t>*rrcd), oti tin- ??*i'Oiid boor, wI-.?tc they could cujoy lb.- i-uiMluriM ut a ^ -oii honif. Addr**f>? with loll par tlciiltfi-H, stating tcimh, wnieh t.%* moderate, B.C. L., Ilemld ufliei-. Board wanted?for a ladv who ius aciiil? 'km montliHold; pri?^ not ovn p**r ^ ?-ck K-.'ferem^i exchany.fd. A*tdr?*h:> II., box 212 Herald ulll.e, Htuting lo<a tiun and ac.'umtnodatiuns. j>OARD WANTED BY A YO NO WOMAN WITH BED ) room, in a private lamily. at. $? fiU p?r welt. Addrt^H \Mt\ Ho Herald ??llice. poAUD \\ AN ted?for two LAOIKS. ! OU the X) v.inlcr, lit .1 !:t< -1 private fauiiiy; lo atj??n nna-t !>e ^oufl; v\"' -it wu?-' \ ?.!?.* city i-reh'i red, nol above 1?, jiiy-.u all Ktr* et. p?r w. ek w j ? o?* i?Ud, liru and ywa inc:a<te<l. A4 dre^H in. K. W., llvraid t'ihc**. BOARD WANTED?two bedrooms, WITH I'ARLOk a.u.i l.wd, ? u\ ? >;..,-:b geutlcinuui N* ion i^-iwhu Fourt'*? nils and i'liirtteth Htrectfi. Aduius.s Iloomn, box 2,d'15 l oi t ulltoe. Board wasted?itv a young man, in nfw vork or Kroolclyo, wh re he e?n hure ^ eotnl irt ??.! boo.- in a private iatnily, m return fur the board .m 1 tui'Jon in Envf*, tin and Kr n? h. ot a youn# lidy (undrr fitionn) lit ao excellent in ( ?ntieetieut. I>e?t OI r-:- r n ."s v?;i ai^ r.?quir'aJ. Addrciw for twu d.tya C. M., box 144 MomH utlbm. Board wanted?for three grown persons nod thiee children. Twu i -wiu: . Pnruio ramily pr# l? 1 i '?<?. Pi :?*? i.ol more tii. n $2') per wuek. Address 1 r?tik T., ?(? aid f .1 I^OARD WANTED-BY A YOl'Sd I.ADY TEACHKK, ) lit a #??wd private fati.tly, <?- wen 'i'w???nty < r- ud an? 1 hsrty-^e' oiid and Fourth and S-veoiii aviatura. Iu:ei'-'ti_r.s e^jfl^ua. ^ Ad i? ?a lor iwu day Mia? S. S.. >f uliron bqr.are, ; o/d nfli? . XJOARD WANTED FOR A YOT7NO LADY WHO HAS ) j? <y;nUv 1 .-t le r mothar. in a .tr! :t!y prime furully, wovro #?he may exji'.vt t.U( eimfurt?iof a b #Tn??. Kef<?i??nu'?a e icl^n-- d. Addr-M* A T. G.t Union aijUMf P??a! Jar two dayH, Stating n ine , I ? ?; > iue and w r.iu , w til- h inuat ??# moderate. None but tirat. rlaaa p -upl# u? <*d ap^!?. 1>4)AKD WANTED?A IDOH LADY W1SHR8 .\ nr*. .1^ nished Parlor and Bedroom without with ua?, wii ir. .v.: must be between Fonrih atwl Slxt'-enth atreoui arid Fourth and Sixth a\en .r-.;. Addn ???, auiimg ?? rma. whl' h must be rate, P. G.. I!< rwid wttie-. BOARDlNa?A 8MALL FAMILY CAN AOCMMO date one ortwo Ring!*- jn-ntleno u a fuml-iLvd U.-. -im aial huard; houne m<aleiu and lof-atiun iir-itliu#, rMnvmumm exchansod. Inquire at 4W V. >ht TuirteemW Kt refit. Boarding?at 2<a tenth rtrekt, r;;tween First avi-inie mid a v "Tiue A. Gen tier n*#n Hid their /-an if* u."/n>:n*no'li?t?'d with Ii*?ard ai rf lt< ?*i??> ?n tht moat r?'WHonaV%a? u imv A mnall Parlor, l?eur?*??H? %itd clwKiea elon't will be let to two. ga.n U?' l i led. fhe a?*a all t?i? mod? rr. improvementa; is ?anv?nicnt to car* and at(t4#a. Boarding?at 2us ?REi:NWiCH street, ki tween Hilton and V?*?e-* mr^'ta. A few aingle geutla men, nr gentlemen and fheir wives, ran be accouiModaiod with good jloat d at moderate terms. Boarding.?a (* and lady can me a?eommodat^d with k lai. e. wt-ll furniaUed ufi ?eiT.nd lloor; Board f-.r la-iy >uiy; pleiiu o. en.aet naim; ^4*, bath, A'.; 01 won Id accommodaie a *>ingle lady. Apply at i !A'> Greene atri'CL BtiARDERS wanted.?PERRONS desirous OF OB t-.mln^ iloaru for t.e'ir rhildieii (bwyn pnferred) ean i-? a-eoftiiiioda'e I in a prA ate ;lv hi South Rer^en, N.J. RejVi : i s given 11 ml s?? juire :. Apply Mrs. Elliott, IM Grand atrv-et, .Jejaey City, ??r .Mra. M. A. Penny. I hoarders W\STED.?A FEW KESII.CrAHLE MEN J ean an oro u. ? ate.J with neatly fur;ii**b?-d Room a, when? there are 110 hoarder*, with whole or partial Board; 1 leat'on pie.^.Tit Itndjei r a moderate. Apply at 81 West 46th hi.. Iietwet n (ith ami "tii a vs. Eioarding V?'R the AUTUMN AND WINTER t i, ,t c.b=n < v e. ?!?>' ? ilei.t a ''onr.uo *.aM? n^ at h<* ii iiou |fo\ *e, <!o?" t"'.r). la-a< b: ! I'^iiiii^', nh-'Otlng and i.oatlu^. Hoard only $; r week. < r SI W per day, with all t' . r-.Mfof ts of ? t.i ho* *e; h eii' iy ? f the'n^i-bb-?r l.oofi uii'-'uriaiased i . b.mty. H.i.tfs daily fn 1 Jhio* s slip and Peck slip; f..re20 etits. Addres?<*J. Miller, Trit* n House, ?. u v. L I. OK-X)KI YN WO I 1LE C,ENTI.E> MAY OB. D 'aiu go'"! It' ?.> . -l' :ai !, i.i ?? private hoti-e, I convenient to iln Ful in and Wall at'eei '.ernes. Rejv reuce ! r? <ju:red. Apply at 18 1 ft h?? - et, Mruoklyn. I ^ H ' nn, ? on ta'*! I tie !?' and 1 licntlenien. or a bu'y 1 r? . n'leuiali; I a u t . u.e Iba r; ! also a Room 1 r ? ? i .- uetiUe.i.rui; un.n* 1 ti!. o'ciotk. Aj | iy at IV'S Ciimon aiicel. ? )ROOKLVN. k. ? I.I> tun STRJ El. ? Di.Al R ARTE IJ li 'i - t ? lamiil'-- or King!.- : * ?inn ?r?v i with )> ird. IIouk" ? uiitaitiK ttie modem 1 ; ' Ae ;e nt . I Di: ner ??t, hall-|^-l atx. j X brooklyn HOARD.?A PLEASANT I KoNT lit it M I) n||'i ; . J i; ? r !. . !?? f 1 :\v. K'uG' Ue U wJlnuu lo !?????!? I ! 1 ; a!' Ml If.!', li. r an. L?< ati .. d - I ! till: 11 1 .. re S-'thui* Wttil I tirtvi Aarry. Ap^iy ui ?hi mu) ?cu aucc, Brgokiyu, i:oai;oisg AN^ffibix.iivo. I?OAIiH IN i;llo??KIAHuAlil) I'AN IU- Oil l> talncd at l . t'lv.wi) ? t ? -ill* house. 10."? kI . ??ft, live ininutiv walk 4 i *>r.i .s .iitli ferry. I'licea t? suit the! tlinun. RelVrcnc s givm <,nd i*i quired. T)OAUD IN ftf%OOKLYN.?-A private FAMILY OOOtJ .!) * 'hi 19 >\ iub|e ll'Ml-C, C\| rllRlV't'iy f Uflll-dUw, (1 WltVr III *1 class A v VillH) b.tiiolS to ii Olid hiH wit a for the ^ iniw. ii.t h' t iii mix. RftVreiioe* exahan^ed. Ap ply ?t liltt Hem/ Mi urr of ftnrrisen, nomiMK BROOKLYN.?TO BE LET, A HN'K SI IT ,1# of It- oins ?ui the mtmil floor, with bathrnin adeem ing; hWo a back I'urlor ami Red room *>11 tk* uroi lleni i tbe bouse is first rUssand newly !'? rnished Ihrotigkout. Dlnuer at Itali-]Hi.-1 in. Apply at \n Onagri* >tr*4. Board in Brooklyn, m amity htkkrt, be Cou"t and Clli.ton.?A a -uUemau ami Inn wile ?an obtain Board, w it ti a pleasant Rutin; other roems may be obtained alno. The house Is modern, and the terms 10 nuit tin* lime*. Board iv south Brooklyn < private family, ownpytu* mm elegantly furnished cIom to the South ti-irv, wifl ho happy to acoomnu*Likc ou? ?r two In mates fer tu* winter. Hot ami eold WAici baths, Ac. Refe rence* r? <juir#d. Ai?l>ly at % Oongrchs street, four doors wtuit 4*1 U?uij . Boaud in * ti uah BURU IS A rUA!.'. PRIVATE family, fire Minutes' walk from all the terrW; would let. two lM-i'4'r ?r-ti#ud hu'ry Rooms, with Run, giales and bathroom adjoining, U? gentlemen. Dinner at 6. Apyly at l$i South Third sire ?!, Hit AH1) IK brooklyn.?FAMILIES OK SINOLE gcutleuMMi '1 sc. r<*!i ?? a plpiipiint ami comfortable home, can Imvit a ehoi ?? of Ronim, on lirst or second door, fur nished or unf iini*h I, with or without lbuird, ill lv. iiw 207 State uti'i ft, : ? 41 ? all i, nhout ? hdi- ininutoV walk, from At lantic or Wail or e Jerries. Family mall. Diniie.rat half p.itt frix. '1' 1'?-* uokUm ate; re fere nee* e ?f*hauf'ed. B(?Al(l> IN UKtiOKLYK.-A SolTIlKltX FAMILY, <H> rupyin^', i- t.?. - U - ho-iH,'. would like iu Hoard a K?-ml. ? in..II Ji'.id l.ui.;.? uii'l two Mi.nltf ^i 'luleioo/i. i'l? a 1 n rooior, \fitl? ^o^d till Si. "11 lt, ? willing t?> ony a nwisooahle |?ri? ?* for a oomU?rUild lu'ini' \viil j iea?e call ilnn week at Idti \\ ?i*t Warren #>tt ? < t, b> t\i? ? u t Union and Court fct?*et^. BDAIill IN H1UK>KLYN.?<)NK OH T\V<? KIN<2LG Jlooins will he let, with Board, to a ?? iit'ernMTi and wife o. oneoriv .i ( n:Je ^en; 1-mi n; tine^t hH atioii 111 the city. A|?111> al ltWi'lint a street, corner of State. Brooklyn uEiuuTa- it m willow street j.;entl<man an I w ifn or iiiiiale Kentl.m.oi can ohtutn Ko.'iiih. \s till i? ? rl, in a miimII family. J'le ?> 1111 location, near i-altou lerr... Terms moderate. Kefer-mce* ex changed. Brook i v.-; iiekjUts.?very plkasant rooms to let, win 11 Mid. to ^? Mil.'iiien and thi'-r wive.*, or to s111 - t'le Kentl' vion. al >.0. 5 l'ophir ><tie it, within three minutes' walk ot b'ultwo and ci?lit of Walll street. Brooklyn mkhjiits- v i Adt;E asm handsome lyf'irul di'd Uoom, ou third il?>or, suii.Jde t??ra j*** man aiut hin wl'e, witi- n?;! or j ai I II liourd. Also, (im Uoouik i?r hin^l? ?? ntlenvii. The h"U.-e is iirM cla>n, w ith all the modern in.f.r .veio"iit?. Anply at M.i lit nry >'icel, nenrt'Lirk. Rveiwii t-s ov hunted. i>rooklvn iinioiirs.?a lentleman and wii k .1) or single ^etuli iiM*n may *?e??urn ib'sirahie Rooms, with water, gas, A<\, l-y applying at .'17 <'r.iiibi-rry Hirert, near <*o Uiinhia, SitmiUo'u pic iHaut; live minutea of Wail Htreet and Kulnm ferri?M?. B Brooklyn heioiits?no. 4 willow street, ti.;?e i.nuute^' walk Ir.'iu Fulfon furry. A New Eng land 1'idy oUVrs a ph-asant Imme to p irtiea sn isliin? iloard i<i Brooklyn. Hoo.u , lurtii?!ied or unlvunUhed. Kefercncea required. noi klyn HHiaii re \ bri i esirabi b rooms can kad. Willi Hoard, on rea^onahli* n-iiufi, in a pri fum !y on Br<H?kly n Heights, m ar NV all Mret t alid Sooth ferries. For pn t tictilarM addresg Order, hoi KSlt Herald oilh e Brooklyn heioh m.?a lar<je, very i^leasant Room to l? t, totvvo netltlemen, al $3 a w? ? k; ulo a beautiful se oad M<Ty iio'im, for a g-ntleniMn and wife, i,t 24.'UlicV.n Hirei't. lloiwe first clas?; bath, furnace, Ac. Dinner at (J o'clock. Board t?x hu(m)Kly.v HEiaMTs?two lar<;e, well fum;ftk?K? Roomrt to h>t wit!. B??ard? to two fain ( r HiiijiW e* '.'l^uu u, iu a sn ail, i|ue t I..' ..'t,at IS \>' low Btrect, n\ ill u thice iniuuleM' walk of 1- tiUon, or iim; hi Wall stroeticrr>; i a n. modemte. LU RNISHED Jv(M>sis To LEi ?TO LE! WITH I'Al'. F Hal JlwHi'd, ^1 N". it NVahllili^ton l lav; h use first elu ?, with idl tli modern improvements lieat of rcl'creuoe? kiveu aa i p .jlUa M 1M RN1S*|U;D1UK)MS TOLET?WITilOl T HOARD, TO geatU'inun only. ll?ais?' contain.-. u>. the modern im prvvMinetiu. Anilyat?irt7 Fourth o rwwv, b twin Uowery Mi Brtitulv PM'KVKHlltftj ROOMS To LET?To SINGLE (3ENTLE m?Mi, nitli or w ithout ItivaktiKl, in a M.iall private la lolly; U*>uhc iiKH u II the modern boprov* ovnti-. firms r a!Mm?Lhle. Iii(|tilre j^l Wi Went Thirl) >Utti n'red, near Broadway. I^URKHUKD ROOMS TO LET-ONE OR TWO ROOMS L toi the upp"r tloor ?d houaeU^St IrLiii. ? p!.o < ; ah.o < lie hull B?di?' in on Hit; M'Coiid floor; will be let clieap. Inijuire vti thw prt'initoOM. TjIURKISHED ROOIIH TO LET?TO oentlemen. I without Board. A\|?ly at 2lJ Catherine hireet, between MadUon and llunry. Terno moti?rate. ITIURNISUBD HANDBOMEL\ A LA Mill ROOM; would wv.imir??!i te i vo shn?io ^entleioen or a K%-ntle joan ho?1 wife; full Hoard for tin* auiy and juirMal for the i;en tic mar,; wUo, a dnglc r>oni to let, at 01 H??**cr street, nur BrouUway ; bath, g.iM, Ac. I^URNIMHKD ROOMS.-TO LT-7T, A Fl'rnikhed Room, Bedroom and Pantry, with y>rivlle^e in tio par lor. for $"? .V) p. r at 221 i'lirysiie h're-i. ANu a lusher or lowwr pri?? I li*K)in Jtcfortune reqolrfv'. Til OR RENT IN HR<?OK LYN?TWO IWiOl^S, Fl'RNISH. jj +d. with or without Hoard, convenient h? all the eara Apply to J. O. HOYT, llt.nuigne t-treet, noat t'vurt, H?M>oklyn, ?r to FRANK BU01N>?, 42 I'ark*. New Yeik. upstairM. Gentleman and wife or sinole oent!J*:men cjiti Hud lil aaatit Ilooins, with or witlwut Board, in the. llneJy loonW<i L.-uw No. Ill West FovrU^alk street, 1 torso Uaa 'tvajy cwi<rua4?<???. Terms moderivte. Dinner at oolock. HANDSOMELY FIKNISIIED APARTMENTS ON THE Urbl Hour, with private table, U? In k> u family ?u - I??^I?? gentleman, lu Fiftk avenue, below Fourneiiih street. Refw reiMMiniiftiift'd. Aildrics II. O., Hci ild ?Mice, Hotel lodgings?n.EAN, comfortable sik gl<* Rooms, from $1 25 to $ 1 Sun w?rk, or 2a eenta a uight, at tk<? Uniftii llotci, N<?. 106 Prtn.v pin-i-t, cirnt'r ol' Thompson. V?sls ;?Y Ml hours. Open all tr.^Wt. IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE HOUSE, a VERY DRSIRA I Me, largn, well furni.died lion; K?*>m to I t, with partial Bo:?rd it requi.ed. Apply at is/ Hudson street, near J-'t. John's Park. No children U) the house. MAISOM MEUHLER 70 1ND ft tTTOT THIRTY eighth strnet.?Ki.otiiM ?hv..n'ly fa:nt*U< I, or wlion tloors, n iLb kHrU<u. and yni d. House* new, flr>! 1 **?*, funr story, hro?ru stoive; eornmon rl??r; meals furnished. Whole parlor floor ??i Husement lot ji!?;, si? 4nn's other, \TEATLY KIT.MSUFI) ROOMS To let?TO GENTLE JA in? n, v. ilii or wit limit '???? ? >\i n a, on ?!i?? sceoml nn-I t bird floors; horm ? lot* '?nth A< , an ! is within ? *"?? ii'.o-k*. of Broadway. !'? f"' ?<:? s exchanged. Apply at 2ft) On ?: U' street, i-e: wv*n W;i. . rley and Oltuion ji t-< a. AJKAIl I'Mliv ;?Vl'ARL AM) FIFi'l! A V ? MM ONi. i\ or tvro ?/??!.! m ran ? k I* u I i. w 11 i in ni o ?'. lil'f ?. " U;?d Oio Sllpt S'i ? 1, vv..'!?4' od .'}t?.l!'(| ( Ji'Mji. h!?" om? Ho ?m fnrn;?!?<- i. t! . l-' f'h av**nm.\ < tav.Mp, Wltiv lit Hoard. Cali at No. 62 East Fourteenth street to learn | ar ticular*. FiRKOKS WISHING HOAKII OAS BE I'JihASAMhV W'ommodaled at 107 East Thirty-ninth str ? t. Modern c 'UTi'iiienc- a, good i?<'i^hl>orhofKl, iwjnse m wly iurtii>lit'tl tUi onghout. Ten^s rfcasonahle. liefervni*'S ?>..'.hat4",(l. T>LFASANTt 'VV.IAj mtMSUKJ' ROOM8 TO LKT. J. wlih ?{<?'? . Hourit, In n an ! Ui? I; wir?\s or sin.^U' *ientWinr?, i i ^ i?npt imr Ii-mim- kit 1 !o v. JI?? i? -6.-5 St. M;?r-k's jihioe. IXnuM at C. Kelennicwtt exi han;?i ?l. pLRAhANT ROOMS TO LKT?AT 2M fourth AVE I huh. for /;-nUehj?>!i a.v? their rviv^h ia- hinyle gi ntluuieu. On ear nnd Btii^c route. l>inn?*r at f>. ORIVATE BOARD.?A GENTLKMAN AND WIFE, OK A J Mil'ill part/ ef ii'iult prixuiH. enn t?e (ieitonun<?rtat?*'l u ith ]>? 4n1 tir 'i' i? , in a Mri tly private fainllv. II- uko KiiU ! urnitr.: ? n ami ? infant. ] ^ lon mo^t <l??liab!?*. Xoi.e unt 'n.'c ji.irtle J...1 t? pay Iit?? raMy rie.'d Mpply. I ?!?-. ;)???.?( !'?!? ??-??.in . ?? .if. n fn<i wi.l ^ require'.). Add rose A. , '? a .',711 l'o I <. r<*?. Jv-w V ,r<. Private Ro.iPh IX itROOJCr.YK.-A FEW oKNTLE* men or f.irut i*-? tun !)?? a- unni'idatMl with plerihan' Huunih on I;rut atol ? rc.itui iSoovs, !:*?/?'. furn'shed nn-l unt ur iil-hed Rooms, ut 5?)i, with h aid, ut 221 State f,' n et, near iloyt. liMMirion. T? t uu ino^erate. COPER [OR A0<H)M MODATTONS, WITR BOARD, FOR 0 a ?e?<t e:a^4i ao^ v iff. in a liral cUiW hour >: and m.i^b 1 orL ? 1. -aMi u sam ! Jamilv. 'I rais imw!eri.U'. Dine.C! at C. Apwly I or tkroo tiajfl ut 12^ W?-f.t Twumj -filth mntt. Or>*OL* (IBKTLEMKN CAS UK At riiitMODA i F.I) lO wi'.U tto-'f..-#. iurnlslu d or unfurnUhed, wivu wvthout pMi U.UB i**4. OrU kl 2<i Ea--.t Twcntioth Miect, live doora ?utM o! P?i v>aUwgf. rpilRlK LAi?'tl AIRY ROOMS, NEWLY FI'RNfSHEB, 1. to r?Hi*, \*m ? gerKlcmen only, in a Ur*t elaiiN hoit***, o<?nt?1nlii^ modorn itoproveinciitii. tb? laiAllj 18 small and Htri<-tiy prifatt#. A^plt to 1?)7 IT'otlou^al ?stn'?*4. riMIK WUOLK or THE HE? ON'D FIA>OR TO LET?WITH X or m irhom lurnic.hed <ji nnlurni-Jm?<1, to a sm.tll gpulwl tafcully '?r two or three Klngh'g? nth wi -n. in ?t hi st u.ud hiaow- mi; a muuiII private family, at Ml NVabt Eigh teen th at roe t. rIV) OKNTLKMEX.?'TO LKT, IX) ONE OK TWo oE.V. x tlemen, n n-fitly tmn -lo'd, eoml- rfahle K?x.m, with use of baiU r ? m?. adj'dninj:. in a Mrl- tij rnvmr lamdy. Apply at 148 W<-Mt Houston htr<'<'t, (oniei ol Mat ron i. To LET?TO ONE OR TWO GUNTLE.MEN. HAND aornely luru fcki'd Rooti's, with hrealu>' (dtouor it ?U?. Ured), In a pnrnw* vie'.mau tninily. no cinMivn; ji.t location, i.v" ininawh Jr.nn South terry. Appl\ at S6ri II- nry Htrtet, Hrook.lvh. TO LET?WITH HOARD. N FRONT PARLOR \NDHED room, ou Meoond !!?> >??. haro!?'.'ue?> turni-n* intUit)le for a p-ntianmu nnd wii ?? or a Nin^h k*?nth,nn?o. !???? house contuns tin m dern nnprovein'nt* Famil> -a! ill. A home realiw.-d. Jrffc'atton ? l.i;iide. Apply at -J Cjrovt ntreet, be tween Bleecker and lludKon Ktreels. rfio LET?WITH HOARD, IN A PLAIN aMEKIi AN FA 1 mdy, two front Ro un.rf, wIt.ii and both. i' ?td' \ve l filled with sm< d Pra e low to good pay. Ap| ly at 70 La it, ht Ht reel, m ar Givenwieh. rpo LET?FUKMSIIED Oft UNKl*RNI.SIIED U0OMH. 1. with Hoard. Aj'jMy at 233 East Tenth siteet, near m- <u?u avenue. TO LET?WITH HOARD, THREE ROOMS ON THE ?'?. omi l!? mii, handsomely lurtnrh' d, with large ? l eontAiuing imt nod cold wao-r, sultaido fot ^ ii'ieiii a ami their wlvs or ingle g 'tttlemen; dtumu at six -? ? !?? ; i ? In ? f'ni i'Sux' li.ii^i'tl. Apply at N<<. 12 East Tnenlj-. i^hlli -'reel, between Fifth and Ma>ll-.on avenues. mo i.: T -i URNIRHED R04 MS TO RB ? I OR MJf 1 gl?* u.-ntieiueti or for goiuiemeii and their wives, wlwre nil the roni:oils ol a home can la* had. Apply at 173 Spring st.rrt. TO LL'i?'.vITIl HOARD (PRIVATE table), A HAND 1 i... Ss i .i, Hoomn, on so- nd Ho u, with inorei/'-ni If r onlr ?< : i" fi ? :.ien gi\eu and Hunire Apply at a I Ea a>t Tomiieti. ? t. et. rpo LI T?A neatly FFRMSHED ROOM. WITH GAS 1 in t 'is.- ni . .? t? i m ; a.. . .. ?-m ,11 i'.odiooin, with i without Hisird. Injnira ill Mon? 2;Ki Fourth su . t. \\' anted ?UY A YOl NO aMBRICAN gentleman, H H ? n\ ft n ? ? his* Kren ' Tl? ?*m oi r ? ?lV?a, Aa^leM W. tt. Ool 1,^ BeW iorfc foil wUKC, ntlAltniVO AND LODGIKH, Ur Alt PRrrjIS.?$|0 I'KU WGKk l'OKA CltKTTY F1 R. nifrln'ii J;kooin; ttlnii) one tor $ >. for a gentian n and \?Ue, wtJi fiiii Itoart. A Room lor h .< ntiwuiau lor . 4. Hon** flr*t No. 102 W>?i Twe?:v*tuh *'W' WAKWD-i PARLOR AND REDKOOM FOR A Rf.V ?f n PVWM ? 1 plain hroali it U loa twurR fil?ook<<rand Twentieth muvHm. A>W4i-*oK , tort K-at Twelfth blent*. Jl*4t re fe rein-enliven. IITANTKIMS M0OKLYN, HV TWO OKNTI.KMEN. 4. ? f Bl??iir Cm ni%k*.i Parlor, with two ul.jwi.iin^ Ho hoot im; lireakfn*t oiilfrr.nja fed: .stale loeartou ami loriiui. Addi b( x 1,647 fuN( , N \ WAJITin-A? W>HoKKN, a NEATLY Pt/ft.VlSHF.X) ? ? Roe at. st\%k pet 11?1 Hoard, by a voting gentleman irk au Anion private family. JMeaf o a?.ure ?*, btatlna, A. L., Vox i'oet lU'^'u, WAMTMD-IM BROOKLYN, AN t NWtNIBHKEI front faLmrni, on hi*, mil lloor, with Hoard It" a gentle man. wife and um vhild. Musi be in the vlejatty of uin llvlghta. Miid tenet a?u*i be moderate. Addrem J. Y., He I ai(l o/Hoe, N. H. In Ipso KO' c 1 ? IUM* 1 apyl v rAM?KTV-i;T TWO YOU HQ MEN, rURNISHKO 1 Roome, ktrgrtf end sut.iil, i ??mox Mtu;, with Hoard, <\ % wli kept bonne with modern improvemejit*, tutuaied be iwMt vfo*or1?ty plaen and Thirtieth Ktreet and Third and Sixth ovaeuoe; referoiu-ea exehanced. AddruWfc.. Kt*>inig tt'rnih. whiok untet I>c reasonable, J. E. 1\, box 6*1 ?" ? vm York Viea uriloo. \VA ? ? R "1 MoNltoK HTKEET, CORN Kit OF C^TMAEJNB J ? wvt. ? FiMraibiiad Huoms to let to Mnall ?|?.iu*f lami':ie*% with ia<iliU#* fur eoonoinieal houft.kiwpln including nn* Croum v* ? ???, ?e. a'ho, lotting Room* lor tduglt* gentle men, with or n it Wuot Hoard. (j?o or. -enkapkst hoarding in the city.? O ? N ell omi w . ? 12 2d o . ? r week. i?odiee and laniiltch sujinl t<xeeodiU4ly cln-ap, parlor, wiiU piano. A?'* I?i- j?:m ? t tv t. nt ?r Broadway m.t Canui Oir^i't. Alio, LodKinus v? rv low. (\ A SI 11. AM) 1'f^ArK, I'KIUtY STKKKT !N A FIRST t f > 1;ik. privao* Wo?lo, all lhf? m .ifin iioi?r>'V?*liH oi?v two i:ne 1'iMnt ftiK/biH on i|n.? a? c md Woor, wuU or v\ Itliout Hoard,tio Ut fcu la Vie persons. n InKt iloot-, a!no a fi.nit Ko< it, m.K atde lor a gentleman iiiiil wile oi sin!' .- ^iiiii-meu, and ?"ta Room, oil furnished with l.i'Ni?'i'-., to lat, Willi Hoait*. H>4i?o oontaiim all mo.Urn impi'ovemt'iita. Ku lerenr--.- eiehan|<e<i. Iff WEST TWENrY KIX1H STREET, 1 :1 I? D )0B I ? J from Broadway.?An Ameri private lamlly w >rUl li ( a lur^e lloom, hundfloinel\ inrniHhed, wt.'h <>r wlibutu par tial il -ard, lo a -inale in!? man; the Wot.s< oas all the toed eni imniovemeiit.'S. N > ??in-r luiarder In lie Ionise Imt .4 Spanish gentietnan, a pro/. -e . r. Inquire for \1 f-i. I*a.\vr' ea*. Wl.HT TVS KMTY M\T!f STKKKT, A I'MW DOOU? we?t ?-r Xli?v!i?un park, Hnwutwas and Fifth av? una Afh' io- ol acimp!c ur ilirec haU'l-"in !y hu n ?? It <1 is to id t?) ^tfUtiemeii. IIoumo new, ..rblclaa^ 1?:mw'D 17 i)*) rxioN st.M Aui: ~i i umsiu;u rooms to : kt, mj?u with Hoanl, to families. oo ninth htki i.i', ih:? wki:n fipth and sixrlf ?-?) avnuey.?Furu^hed Kooiiim, for^??nllenieu only, Willi out board. 9 ( IJMTKMITY rLACK, t'ORNKR NINTU STREET ?j'I KlcjCHtjil? furnt^b. d ApurinnntM en ?eiiie with t'ui H??ard, o? private mb|e if p.? 'ferred. fo let. \l,-?v.tyd?' Trff bit- : little Roouim. llon.-e furnihhed w.ih all of the moJei'A Stu{ rovemeuiri. ReienMiees r< quire-!. <JHI!!?.NT. h'i'KKliT, IN Till: NEfCIIltt K?KH)|? ol? ?\) the l-eot hoUd.- and i ew attrattl ? I'r. ,,oi>'a? -i Kooms ?<l let, tv> K' udeir- u?,ly. Rooms ;*l $1 to p. r \r ?? .v. Itulia hatta tine yard, K"4^. vt r> ?p iei. *>/\ C'hiNTuA rLAOK?fLKASANT UOO^S FOR FV ?JU miller or ??u tie men. *> | ST. MM IS rr.AOi: ?LARtJK AND PJJ AH \ NT ? I'l K??oni % .c *ilit or sii.'^le, to !??(, wi a full or >al Hoal'vl, toi a : 'i. I) Mid Oiotr WtfM, ? - -:n ' * | Ht| o-t>. IIouhi* tii'bt eta.^t. i.tnl Umit'-d number of bu.irdera taken. Re fer-'itees ur hau^. d. I'MON S^I'AKK.?fiAK'iK IJAXDSOMKLY ?'. R ? It) nl-li'* 11 i Ii Hoard, l'?-r '-o. ii at o l i iaii square, eoriier of Mvi^.-nih street and Fourih ar.-jjn". *JO CLINTON J'LACK ?AN liLKO VNTI.Y FCUNirfliKl* OO Suit ol '.I H fo I I :.I ,h .Joor, * uil-a ? ? iorlw ./.?n t'. 'ueu wi-; | ^ pleasant and (om!ortal)U' a ? ? ? urnodaii-Jiif, with use of flue oath. 11 i- umi ela v. <)(\ WI'ST -IXTKENTH STREET. HETWKI V K1 ? rrf ? )?/ aie1. Si a ? ?. -e'S. ? El?va:o;> l '.e-. it., ot ^ i<> let, Willi iioat ;, hic, l-le lor gentle- e < and tn it w.ves or lor parlies of Mingle g n'l ineu. Ilousi? Iirs?i < Dim < r at hi\. Reftuen^ee ? A- ban;;ml. 4C> wfj*t twenty Foricru .* tkict, ifF/rwr.j Ftttb and KiiUi ?1The 11?? .# r.ttiur on aeoond D?ho . f*:i aif lied, with 15 -ud, ena be ' a 1 liable terms. llou-e fi?mL tla^s. ,|u t'Nios svake, toun;;k of seventeenth I* ' #ti ' ct Mtt?l J ' ??! 'h ii V. \ Iy, it If I III 'h tlemcn iiMt} ab.aia do l.aide Room* ni.u K ? I. I'? l* rt'iic*} required. r I Ti:NT* MTRKKT. BLTWEEN FIFTH SP.Tfl ? /I avenue*.?V???\ desirable If? .11 *-.? ?? w ingle ? ?? ffHVilK> furiiifrked, ? iin be obtained for urnie 1. and t?? fir w 1 vi*.-. or sia^le gaitth'inen, with Board, 111 a In . t i.Ww li'iiiKr. Dinner a: I o'<Toik. r f THIRD ATRKUE, BETWEEN TRUTH AND E! I V ? J 1 enth h 14 ? ? K j>?? .i>aiit and n.el. furnoiied .root Room en wMDiil lloor, in a Kinnll family, wi' i or B"??rd; konsf Luw bath, ?kc. Terms to i., tin tunes. AIsh, a binall UoUrooin. &r KA8T BKOADWAY, BOAUDINtf.?A FEW VERY ? / jleiiNam fcm^le Ki 'tin-, i.111_? . mi id-lo-4., tor -ingle genthnvai, and a Double Koorn suitaek* 1ui a jjeiul titan and wile; ir v?al>l ku l< l loa palty of genUuwien. T'-rins very moderate. ll*xue hit* all the mod- ru improvements. 70 TENTH MTi&EttT. KEAK FIFTH AVENUE.?IIAND I bomsiy furtii-tied A|? irtiiii'ivtx, en suite and single, with f?U4 U+hv4. n private table il preferred, tola* to resjwet itbU QA KlUTK UTRKLT. BETWEEN PK1VE ISITY PLACE t Mini Vi: even w To rent, Willi B mrd, h basement, MiiUkle fur - fkyai?wnt's office or two genii* i;i*i; ah. twn Kitigk* 1 rer ^miewu. References 1 xriiiu^cd. Din ner a* ai* e 'MimJ*. U| MACDOl"^AL HTKKFT(ST fl.nVKNTS PLACE).? OI A gentle a k*n aid wile o. tv~o or three single ^>-1 ir. men ecn do a<-c?ju*>o'?4a'.ed v. ith a front Room or ;t S.t.-tc Tiirk.t 4ilU Kxi?m*? 1 Ito in, with lto ?i\l, iu u mnall fa mily; ho'M?? nhs tdl tin: modern Iinpt'ovoriir'ntM. (y> <.UKKXK STIIKKT. ABOVM SI'KINU-AI.STON ? tloii.v?I'-ii-gMiitiv I nndnh^d Htiiis t?l It ?.!.?. *voi, .-.ig, Ci rUtii whtwrunl ??vory ?*on\ 1 nifin ?? 1 ? >r hoo**'k?'?*|iing ? ? o n /mkull) ; jrai tivnUn !) Hinted |'?.i hioail, !?? I.iioilo*?. Kent low. HTKKET. ?>:?!?<ism; the A end at n.1 oi Jkh.s..-,?Itoom^ to let, ?.% i; Ij lloard, i nr i.?. i.? ?i ' r njifni i: i?. d, - luly,or i(, ?- it.i :*> t'uniile-A or K.ngto P? I"*oiih; U.iitlno di i-.rnble. J'roper ik-:;? i i-nre vivt?n and r? Huire,d. I in MACDOl'CAL STB?;KT--i I "IIMmMi Hoi rs IIU iti# a tfptwo'f! a.-< u private family Hotel, for tij?- n-eep tj-jii o! ffn?!e ?-??n?'? nw n, or sm-n- r'nm'l ? ?? "<??! t?Mrdin^. I'ai litsMli! *:r*4tiN mi fc?' k< epin?' an \:.d *-\ er\ r- 1. vn.e'ive, n' tile n' ?r>: : V If/- \C K T 't I 'liPDsTTU.- ?. T) K'TM M KN" ill) ru. - . - ? ?, ,u.\ ob I mi tlo- J: .,m, h !??.?? r I. r .. ? ... . ,I*. "1 OA V ^ AV.*? NTK.? \ (:!.:-'l ; * H AND l Ov' wiiu <?m mid ill Hn-lr dlHpw^i a ??' il oi K oiiiih, on }.i?eoii'1 (! '??: -vi': B*In n first ' ! ih? pr va'e }???' >e l.and s..wi > I ? 1 e.i: , U-- 1.. foi a fin,.> I", i n. II m of ji-icrei - e 4i?i ri - ad rvipilrcd. lOl NINTH J4THKET.?TO LLT Fl fiNISHED UOOMS I OI on i 13. ?..r; .! ,1 <.n in id L?# ii" ise pi iMite lirst < !m?? I. r ation fourth Iioiism wn t of lir... 1^7 \TKh'l KMCVKNTH K 1 itKi!T. ?A LAKi*K l'LXA It) I Mint irunt Kuoin, on lit a g- m ik two or t qnirad HZ ETCIH1 UTREB TIE AD Oi LAI K Yl TTH * ' ;>l i< ?% one the most de- n iM? lc-n' u. 1 he city. Km ii'./tln^l li'Htfns to feni to [fcti- ni.' i' .in.! Uni.r w or to a party f with < r without B? 1 ,~f iTlTNVF, HTkKIlT-fiT. CI,M!t HOt'SK? KI.M !?)?) tMu'ij a-i 1. "'in-, v th liednnurn :i le d, with the notiv^k*i'ur I|oti.-eke?'p-..4 ?.umpie?e .m < juj.r..n<t (wri^on v.uter, to let to 1 c-peutabl.* faui.liet or aitn?1* -1 i* K nLBBCUB .? rREET. O! POSTTE DI FAU BO iV - JU?) fwraULe.l Uooinn to 1 with Hn/ird. nui n de i<ir fniuUl ?aa i aiu^I^ v- Btk-ni- n. The hits aU the moderu tinprtiroKuaU. Hulari'iive ?nrhaa^e1. mRLHBr:iiiu sthv;i;t. six buhjics west of A n. .. hon.-c, with all the modern im IiroveimiUtM.?Tin plea?ant attie I&woiiim, with excellent ionrd, r.t $4 pw wtHi akiatit frrom 0^ to 8. Dinner at 12*^ UOii U. I IILBIICKKE JITltEET.?A FRONT PARLOU AND IOO Ilodr.H Ui ?n ^eaoml foor, I'nrnuihud. to let, with ii'Kirdt nl^ Vor j^inKle ^ntlotarn. Fiimily small. Terms n?c<Ujra'*. lionwj first class. 1Q4) BLEBOVtft "TUF.FT.-HANDSOMELY PUB 1 ?'?j ni^iool Apa'tmo jim to k?i, + iUi Board, on modi ratt terinw, f<n-tkn winter. l|??nse Ua?% all the modern improve, merit.", uu i eouiirnim the > omforta w( a home with the eon* V'-nh n. rm 01 ?i b?t<). AUo large Front BiUKHQcnl to let, iQftiUi f#r b?a MM. TO I EitST TBWTH STREET, TWO AND > HALB J tj'x Mo i.a irvm tia* Bowerv. ? (..? ntl'*m"ii requninfl olejiKHiit t'lirii'/k^l Ron s, uiih or r. thant lireakt'.i ?t ana jen. wiil tmd arerr aneommodalion. at moderate f ri> es. I?y appl>5n.: iSakore; nluv;l; and double Ruoitih, with conveni ence *d aOMt, bath, gas, ^c ?to M*t, wuli Board for a ^emleinaa \'ih Bv?ai4, I ?r aingie ?;?nilen.en. i?* ? exchanged. OI A ELM MRKET?JA? KSON HOUSE ?THE MOST mM' ?: mi fur:? My and eorverdentl? ? nrni?hed ttpai^iiienta li> tn ? nity, iw ma. 1 tue warn-* o! Kmalt m; with every retpiiMite furniture; ei?an linen, aooklng range and utensils, Kan ami Cioton water. OOf| WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO LET, u?**) pai-j ut Koouih, will: B ?ard. Families anl ?in.:la .1 iith-men ean he ueeouiinixiaied. Term* inod- iate. Ra ferai.' es eti hau;,M?l. | on W EST 'I v 1; NTV TI 11 u D S I UEET ?TO LET, '?J:')!/ p!ea*aiit lurnished Rtmtn.% with Board, to gen tie men ?nid tin ir v\ ivas or aingle gentlemen. COl'MTRY BOARD. rro r-. Mi lies wantino to economize for thr 1 ' .0 ? e-;> ter 11,.11:hs?AccoinmoJritl ?iih can be found In th?* . n > .ill r 1I111 ty mlle.H irotn the city, at the low 1:1 .1 $>.' 1 w? ? 1.; lieai hv iocatlon,convenient tochun hefl and ach?* I ; 01 <\.ily ncee>? hy rail; boating, hhhing ami hnntiriif. Addres* \\ B. J., Herald 0Ulc<*. HOTEM. 4STOU FLACE HOTEL, 73i BROADWAY, NEvir A Toik. M?>-< HOTEL, CORNER OF BOWERY AN DBA YARD Mi're!.? Due huiulredand twenty light, dean and well T.niifthcd lv 'oinK. Lod^inga 25 and 3/ cents per night. riUIE >T. JAMES HOTEL, VORNER OF FOURTEENTH 1 mi ret* 1 and Ioui t'n avenue, having been lh"rough.y rcnova te 1 and neu :y \ imii-heu, Is 11 ?w tipen. Famtlie* or tingle geu? tlem n ean h e t .t?*d witfi Rbou:% without boarU vjf 1 wivtt xu?als miiTtd m aosbco.

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