Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1861 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON I1KNNETT, EDl'iOR AND J'ROPRIF.TOK. PPPICE N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU PTS. TM*.fra<l in aif rand. Uonryfn! mail ?W fit nt till , id at tie sender. Amir hut Hank Inlti airrentin A'eir l'.iri taken THF DAILY HrUAlD, ti>o rente per eopi/, $7 p*r annum. THF WFFKLY HFHALD% m*ry SHur.luif, at n.'rrent* v'r fopi,, or $3 j?r annum th' F.urojtran Fl-'ti? ? i roeri/ Wr-iti'i f uf, ot nix cent* perctp^; $t t>*r annum to m.y fnirt "f tireat fintaiiu ch 9>Ci 12 loom/ juirt of th* f\n\tinrnt% ??>fn to (wlu'lr vonfa'/e; the (atifomin F.ilifintt i f the 1 aY, 11 //i aiul+ist <>/ m<h month, at wx * per rojn/. or $'.! j.ri o*r annum. TJtF FAMILY llhh'Allf, on We*ln<: fajf, at /our ant* per < rmy% "r n |fr annum. VOIVST.Wi Col!)iHSVn\nt XCE.'O. ' 7tnln(ftmr>orr.i,.' ? *tr*, 'tn/ front '"?/ oiiilt'nrni' t),r iI ?</,iri'l'e lihenilli) j.n.l lor. i?j?~<>iir KorkIi.v Cokiii irosm . rs tun 1'AHTiriTi, ??i.r Rrqiikhtko to S'kai. ai.i. Ltrraiui ar?> Pack ionmtm , y<> fti/TH I taken of anonymous corretpor^u'nee. 11' c.'onof return rmertr.t nuntuunienlions AIIVVHi MX ?nnera every <1<t a l> rrt,"-merit tn. sr.lnl in th* \VitfKiv IIhiai.ii, Fakilt JIkhai.1#, and in I ha California "" ' I' >> <ni, Ktltionr. JOH I 1,1.Ml Mi ?Jurulnt with ntulnns, c/rupntu and tt>. f; airh Volntnr XXVI Wo. 37* amusements this evemnq. ACAT>EMY OF MU8IC, Irving Plaoo.?Pnor. Ukrrxann. WIN'TFf! CARDF.N, BI oad w ay.?A Ot iss !ir Dayi.IUHT? Cl>DI KH I.A \WLLA( K\S THEATRE, N... 811 Broaduay.-TliK Siw 1'lUSIMtM. LAURA KEENE'8 THEATRE, Bmndwity.?SlTKK 8o.*i. vrw B WFIIV THEATRE, Bo?ery.?Eva-No?Black Evrn Si'san. MARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. Broadway.?TMy an I Evrninx?. .1>T ? nt ? ? t '? Won I- im lUi-'-i' ? i'mamrkk? IlipporoTAMC.s S':a Lion, and Oiiijb Cl'RIOMTIFiS. BRYANTS' MINNTREI.S, Mf<-|,nnlc^ Hall, 47-' Broad %'!? SOXij, bA.SCKN, liHBT.KSUUKS, <tr.? lJOVSX I.f UI.D K V K V. Ml LOIiK(>N CONCERT HALE, No. K? Broadway.? fl'l", 1)A\\H, bCKI KNUUK8. AO. ? Kl\ AL AtTHJW CANTEKBi'ltY ML'SIC MALI,, ?J5 Broadway.?Sowo-, Da.M'H, i!UHLb>?i:kS. ao. <;AlKTIi:S CONCERT ROOM, CIS RrcadwaT.-niiAWi<?a Room KNII 1ITAIMUKMS HAI.l.t:T<. I'AtlTOUlSIES,' FaRCKS, AO. AMERICAN MUSIC IlAI.L. lit Bn.alw.iy.?Soxc?, Bai. 1 ttS, 1'ANIOHIMIU. At. ? KoilKItT MlKI. AIl:;. CRY8TAI. I'ALACK CONCERT Il AI.L. No. 45Bowery.? Bt'Ri.KMtSE?,Hongs Uanchs. Ac.?U'Flaxkiuam attuk )? air. METROPOLITAN CONCERT I!ALL, 0.0 Broadway 8ono?, Danck?. Karcks. Hoai t.iQUr?, Ac. New York, Tneolay, October 1, 1861. THE SITUATION. We Rive to-day further particular* of the unfor tunate mistake made l?y our reconnoitering troops on Sunday morning, who fired into each other. It whs a lamentable attiiir, but alter all it was an event of no uncommon occurrcncc where two largo armies are in such close contiguity. The disappearance of the rebels from all their positions directly in front of Washing ton contium'8 a mystery. Rome speculations have broached the idea that they have gone to Kentucky to make a demonstration in tho vicinity of Louisville. It is certain that a force of about eight regiments, with six pieces of artillery, mnde their appearance on Sunday morning near Great Falls, on the Virginia side, but the\ were observed to return yesterday. The Potomac was discovered not to be fordable in that direction, nnd hence probably the expedition?whatever its design may have been?was abandoned. Norcbels Lave appeared in front of General Hanks' position, and General Stone announces everything quiet in Uu? neighborhood of Poolesvillc on the Upper Po tomac The activity of our naval forces from Fortress Monroe has evidently startled and astonished the rebels. A fleet of ttniteen schooners left there for Uatteras Inlet on Sunday. Tho frigate Koan oake left Old Point on Saturday, lor some point farther South, probably Savannah. A private letter received from Fortress Monroe states that Norfolk can never be taken by water, that the coast around there is lined with heavy guns. On Craney Island alone it is [ said that there are forty-six large rifled j cannon. The rebel troops around that ! vicinity, however, arc reported to be be- J wildered at the operations of the naval txpeili- ' tions nt Fortress Monroe, ami at the same time ' very much disheartened and disgnsted. TJr - naval branch of the government service appears to bo the most energetic these times. We learn from Pensacolu, where the privateer Judith >vas so gal lantly cut out the other day, that Colonel Ilrown has determined to force the rebels to action by a series of well planned exploits, which, it is thought, they cannot resist. The news from Missouri is important. General I'rjcfi is said to have 35,000 men at Lexington, and large reinforcements under Ben. McCulloch and General llardee were daily expected. It was ? iid > that a force of 10,000 rebels wns t-cut across the Missouri river on Thursday last from Lexington to attack General I.ane. Should the different bodies of Union troops hastening to the attack of Lexington be met by bodies of the rebel forces at different points, General Fremont may And him self in a difficult position when he reaches that i point. THE NEWS. Our correspondent at the city of Mexico states that the Congress met in extraordinary session on the 30th of August, and that by the action of the j majority Juarez is us lirm in his scat as any Presi dent Mexico has ever had. A forced loan had , been imposed upon foreigners a- well as nativi s. j Up to the latest accounts the menacing attitude of ? France and England attracted but little attention, i Indian depredations and robberies and assassina tions were as numerous as ever, and foreign resi- j dents were particularly the objects of plunder. It was reported that our Minister had obtained favor- j able propositions for a treaty. We 11ml iu the last files of Havana papers that the cultivation of cotton Iris begun to occupy con- I siderably the attention of landowners throughout j the island. Old worn out coffee fields, which have i been used a" mere cattle enclosures, arc t agerly j nought after by speculators for the purpose of con verting them into cotti-n plantations, and the prices of those so-called w aste lands have sudden- ' ly risen to a very high figure. Th re ur* already ! three cotton plantations in tho immediate n< igh borhood of Havana, nnd the mania l r the enter prise appears to bo quite considerable in that city. A despatch from Boston states that the pri- j vateer destroyed by our gallant naval forces at Pensacola was the Lady Davis, commanded by Renshuw, formerly a lieutenant in tho United States Navy. The ship Grotto was seized by the aids of Port Surveyor Andrews yesterday, under the Confisca tion act. One-sixteenth part is owned by persons residing in Savannah, Ga. The Hon. Henry May, member of Congress from Baltimore, recently arrested by order of tho gov ernment, on the chargc of favoring the intended movement in the Legislature of Maryland to cff. t the secession of that State, has been removed from Fortress Monroo to the "Hotel de Lafayette,''at tho Narrows. He arrived at his new quarters res terday morning. We learn that other prisoners of State from Portress Monroe have been removed with Mr. May, and among them several secession members of the Maryland Legislature. The liquor dealer* of New York will hold their Statu Convention to day in Syracuse. The object of the meeting, a* the cull states, is for co-operat ing in some desirable movement to protect tho rights and interests of liquor dealars " from unjust, unequal and odious legislation." Tho last Legisla ture adopted the following amendment to the con stitution, which again comes up for concurrence before the Legislature to be chosen this fall, and if it should meet the views of a majority of the mem bers and be again passed, it will come before the people in 1962 lor adoption:? The sale of Intoxicating liquors aa a beverage te hereby pri'!iitiilo<1; mid no law sliull t> ? enacted or be 111 force, nf ter tho adoption of this amendment, to authoiizo such sale; and tlio l/'gl lature shall by lu\y preeorlbo tho ne cessary Unta awl pctittillcs for any violation of this pro vision. The Republican County Nominating Convention assembled last evening, and after considerable dis cission and wrangling, succeeded in getting so far with their business as the taking of a ballot on u candidate for County Clerk, when they adjourned to next Monday evening. That section of the Union party of this city known as the Cooper Institute wing, met iu Con vention lust evening for the purpose of making county nominations. The Convention continued in session till after midnight, but, without making any nominations, adjourned till eight o'clock this evening. The Hoard of Aldermen met yesterday, and transacted considerable important business. A report of the proceedings may be found in another column. Tho Hoard of Council men held a short session last evening. A resolution was referred to tho Special Committee on Advertising designating the Herai.d, Tribune and Mdi'opoliUni lit cord as Cor poration papers, advertisements to be paid for at the same rate now paid by individuals, and discon tinuing the pr< sent official organs. The Comp troller was requested to inform the Board at its next meeting the amount of stock taken of tho $250,000 of Central I'ark Improvement l-'und Stock appropriated last March. A resolution was adopted last year appropriating a set of colors to the Ninth regiment of New York State Militia, and on motion a committee of one was deputed to pro ceed to the ecat ol war to present the colors to the regiment, now in Maryland. A communication was received front the officers of the Fifth regi ment of New York State Militia, asking tor a new drill room, which was referred to the Committee on Finance. A communication was received from the Corporation Counsel in reply to an inquiry as to whether the resolution in favor of grading Mount Morris square, which was passed by thir teen totes, ?u< legal. He is of opinion tluit the resolution was legally adopted; but, as there was doubt in rcferenco to the wording of the inquiry, the subject was laid over. The Committee on Finance reported in favor of concurring with the Aldt mien to make an additional appropriation of $'2.10.000 for improving the Central Park. The report was laid over, ond will be called up lor action on Thursday. An interesting communica tion was received from the Mayor relative to the Allotment system, which will be found in another column. After the reception of the official an nouncement of the death of Police Justice Brow nell, and tho concurrence in resolutions adopted b\ the Aldermen, the Hoard adjourned in respect to the memory of the deceased. The Hoard of Excise for this county will meet to-da,\ at twelve o'clock, and in consequence of the defects in a large number t?f the application* will adjourn to tho 18th inst., so that the appli cant* may perfect their papers. That will be the last sc- iou, ami applications will be received until that time. The number of licenses grautcd up to yesterday was 70.*t. The office of Collector Harney was besieged during the whole of yesterday by an anxious crowd of office seekers, who were desirous of adding to the written applications sent in during the month by a personal interview with tho great man him self, and fondly hoped by that means to clinch the matter, and ''put it through"' before the month expired. The investigation into the circumstances attend ing the burning of the steamboat Catalino at For tress Monroe, on the 2d of July last, now going on at the Jcft'erson Market Police Court, was post ponod yesterday until Wednesday, in consequence of the death of Justice Quftckenbush's niece. In the (Vurt of General Sessions yesterday Francis Iyoeb was tried and convicted of forgery in the seeond decree, in having passed a #10 count' rfuit bill on tlie Atlantic Hank of llo-dun upon 1$. Corwiti, H 1 Broadway, on the evening of the 18th ult. lie was sent to the State prison for five years. Thomas Wright and Samuel I.ane, boy.-, indicted for entering the premises of George Sharp. MS Hudson street, pleaded guilty to an at tempt at burglary, and were sent to tho llou-e of Refuge. William Smitftflud John Tomlinson, who >verc convicted last wt*ok of forgery in the second degree, were each sent in the State prison for five years. Emanuel Fario was tried for stabbing David Munnel with a large knife, at 127 East Twelfth street, on the 12th of September. The evidence showed that Fario was threatened by Manuel, end the counsel for the prisoner succeeded in convincing the jury that Fario, in tta" scutllc. might have inliicted the wounds accidentally. The jury brought in a verdict of "Not guilty." Breve!. Major General George Gibsoo, Commis sary General of the United States army, died in Washington city on Sunday night, aged eighty-six years. There, w.. < rather more doing in cotton yesterday. while prices were without change. The sales embraced about 025 littles. Wo quote middling uplands at 21.',c., at which the mark'closed with steadiness. Th ? tirmne-s In rrelgl.ts, combined w ith tho Inif.nrss of commercial bills of i-schange, tended to d >pros.- the mark t for bread stutts. Mour fell off about 0c. a 10c., and iu some ca?cs 15c. per barrel, while sales at the concessloa wero to a flair extent. in good part for expert. From the same cau.-e.s wh- t wi.a lc. to 2c. per bushel lower' with fro? sales, mostly for export. Corn was about lc. |*r bushel lower, while .ales were tolerably free for the Knstward and for export. Pork was steady, with ->?lisof me-: at ft t "0 a $14 62 li: prime at $y To a $10. H'-ef was firm nt Saturday's rate-'. The govern ment contracts for 1.200 bbls. pork and 9,000 bbls. boefl it was stated, fleri tRkcu at $13 'J4 for the p. rk (mess), and at $lu II! for the beef (extra tne^iO.nll deliverable ! between tho prefont time and the 1st Juno, 1S62. Su gars \v"ie firm, with sales of *00 bin's., at full prices for all fair an<l higher grade.--. Coffee was firm, with sales of 2,000 b?gg Kio at lo.'.-c. Freights continued to rule firm, with a fair amount offering. Was ion- Dkstrcction' or Puopkiity.?It pains us l<? again road of tho unneces sary destruction of bouses and other pro perly to large amount during the advance of our troops upon FalFs Church on Sunday last. Both Unionists and secessionists suffered alike i:i this wanton raid. It appears that the colonels of the different regiments have made but little progress iu the discipline expected from them under the training which they have received since the battle of Lull Hun. Tliey | nl"D' are responsible for those outrages: for if they had checked thorn energetically in tho i commencement thej would not have been per severed in. No commanding officer should hesi ' tate a moment in shooting down tho first offender iu this way who disregards his orders The very existence of an army depends upon jhe strict enforcement of obedience, and there is nothing which calls tor tho exercise of so much severity as the repression of the-e acts of bri. gandoge. The Coming smtf Hin t Ion-Its National lin porta nee. The eyes of nil good citizens, throughout the North, are turned towards New York, at the present time, in hopes that its endorsement of tlie patriotic course of President Lincoln, nt the coming Stute election, will remove every vestige of hope still lingering in the breasts of Southern traitors, that there is u considerable body of sympathizers with their rebellion to be found in the non-slaveholding Slates. If any. thing, therefore, should excite burning indig nation in the popular mind, it is that, in tho midst of the fearful struggle in which the coun try is engaged to suppress insurrection, every effort is being made by miscreant politicians, in our midst, to throw impediments in the way of properly prosecuting the war. The basest and most villunous conspiracy has been inngurn ted, by the rotten, democratic leaders of tho old barnburner faction, w ho gave an ascend ency to abolitionism fifteen years ago, to roll up the anti-administration ticket which was nominated early last month at Syracuse, and the open boast is made by Richmond, Cagger and their associates that they are being aided, in their iniquitous machinations, by disaffected republicans, who are resolved either to rule or ruin, and will sacrifice every principle rather than permit an endorsement of the cncrgrfjc and Mntesmnnlike measures that have been adopted, within the last few weeks by Mr. Lin coln and his advisers. There is not the shadow of u doubt that the I copies ticket, headed by Daniel S. I>ickinson, and closing with the name of Frederick A. l.illmadge, will be elected by a majority of close upon three hundred thousand votes, in November next. The great principle of na ti",l<*' "Hity?so potent to unite the sympathies and concentrate the strength of an enlightened and virtuous people?has been aroused in New j \oik with all its force. Patriotism, reverence foi the past, respect for established authority, | and love for our beneficent institutions, all con tribute to maintain it To impair the oneness of the republic, or to believe that its integrity cannot bo restored, appears a sacrilege, from which the sensitive mind of every true hearted citizen shudders ; and ti e odiousness of the word treason attaches to those who are striving to rend the purts of the homogeneous whole asunder. To it lias been owing the spontaneous outburst of enthusiasm, within the last six months, in favor of u vigorous and efficient policy to re-establish the Fnion upon its pris tine basis, at v hatevcrcost of life and treasure that the exigencies of the case may demand. Tho hundreds of thousands of brute soldiers who are arrayed against rebellion on our frontier, have been sent from their homes by futhers, mothers, sisters, brothers and ' wives, to perform a sacred and solemn duty, and they will not shrink from its performance, nor return to their firesides until it has been ac complished. What punishment can be devised, however, severe enough to inflict upon those who would fetter their hands, or obstruct their progress in so holy u cause. Lver siuco the bombardment of Fort Sumter rebel sympathizers, in tho State of New York,' have been busily engaged in scheming how they could best thwart the measures of the Preside t of the Inltcd States, and safely manifest tie sympathy they cherish towards Are-eating rebels. For a while, they confidently awaited a reaction of popular sentiment against the war. und encouraged open manifestation of hostility against the government. As the con viction grew upon their minds, however, that, with each succeeding week, the people were be coming more ardent, and more deeply interested, in the movement that had begun, they changed theii tacttcs.and adojited the Judas fscuriot poli ty of profiling greater zeal than tiuuc who had imperilled their very existence upon the issue that had been created. Thus we see Confi dence Cassidy, in the dishonest Albany Atlas n?d Anrus. declaring that he and Peter Cagger, with tho paltry faction of which they and lticb mond are lb" heads, nre '? alone capable of car rying on a successful war, or securing an honor able peace!" Yet these very men have been playing into the hands of the ultra-abolition faction, led by Harrison, Greeley. Raymond and Wendell Phillips, for nearly fifteen years. They lent anti-slavery fanaticism, in 1818, the only strength it ever possessed, and laid the foundation of nil the disorders that have since befallen the land. To them more than to anv other individuals was the discontent owing at the South which culminated in rebellion. There never was a ticket put forward by any faction, f or a more unworthy purpose, than that which is headed by Floyd .Jones, and which is pledged to opposition to the most necexsary steps taken by the Chief Magistrate of the I'nited States, to crush out treason. With the infamous ninth re-olution blazoned upon its banner, it appeals to the venality, profligacy ami want of public feeling of every petty dema gogue, and allies itself with the most incongru ous elements to magnify its power. It will bo defeated of course; but is not enough. Its partisans are every where sow ing dissensions and distruet and they ought to be prevented from doing any more mischief. In common with the nigger worshipping editors of abolition organs, who are engaged in reviling Mr. Lincoln for his moderate and patriotic rehtiko of General Fre mont. they ought to be sent to Fort Lafayette, or. if that stronghold is not sufficiently large to receive them all, to some other federal for tress. It ought to be thoroughly understood that treason is to be cut off root ami branch, in ; whatever shape it may present itself, and the | fanatic endeavors of Richmond, Cagger, and j their Tammany Hall affiliates to paralyze the , energies of the President, ought not to be al j lowed to continue a single day. ''IIonk-tt Old Abk" ox Diuktinq rx thk ? Wkst.?It appears that the President has "put his foot down firmly" against drafting in the j West until the Central and Eastern States shall I have raised something like their proportion j each of the five hundred thousand soldiers called for by Congress. New York, according to this test, is still some twenty-five thousand behind hand. Accordingly we must again call upon Ma jor General Morgan to push along the good work of recruiting with renewed energy. What be could not accomplish in the military line as a Governor, ho ou^ht to be competent to do as a Major General. Dkkrxckof Fkemoxt.?We perceive that quite a number of radically inclined anti-slavery , newspapers are engaged in tho up hill business j of defending Gen. hremont. They are wasting j their ammunition. Fremont's defence is in his | own hands. Let him administer a good sound ! threshing to the rebels in Missouri, and his de fence will be satisfactory; let hitn fail, and he goes to the wall. We are waiting for news from Fremont. Imvoutant Decision op Judge Dbtts.?Owing | to the groat pre#.-ure of advertisements upon our columns, the important decision rendered yesterday by Judge Iietts in the case of the Hia watha, a British bark capturcd on the 20th of May lust as a prize of war, is crowded out. The decision is against the bark, con demning her as a prize, and is impor tant, not only for the principles of maritime and international law laid down, hut for the reason that ten other vessels are virtually in cluded in this judgment, and their eases will be ruled accordingly. An understanding w;is entered into by the counsel conducting the various suits that the arguments covering the common grounds of do fence should be limited to the issues made in throe cases?the bark lliawathu, tho bark Pioneer and tho schooner Crenshaw?with tho reservation of the right to parties in the other suits pending to be heard upon the facts and law peculiar to the suits in which they were specially concerned. Mr. Edwards, as agent of the l*ritii-h government, was leading counsel in the general defence set up for all tho vessels, which consisted of the following points:? 1 tins Court, M u I'rl/o Court or otherwise, lias nojie Isdictli n over tlin act lone. 2. That the public disturbances BOW through out thi- co tnirjr, or bUv ?en dlil'erent of tUo I'ntti <1 Slatee, i!o not u i tato of war, arr; iiu w t! ii tlip con-iHiMonofi or incident* of public war, under tlio |>i lilii law or Juw of natii n." 11. lhat mi lawful bli rkaile bus been established oy the P'ven luoiil of the Uuitnl states against ui.y*|.ort wimin tin- United St afos; nor has a blockade bam maintained coni .i innb'e to the rules of the laws cf nati'.jig,or been Vlolut' (I against surh rules within the Uuited Stun*. 4. 'lliat no particular state or Biitntura of particular States, or tho citizens or inhabitants of particular siatrs, i .vi beeonrn or be treated (is ei eimes of tho United States, by I lie i "v rnmont of the latter. f>. Tlmt the I'rc&jdent of jhe United States bug no t>nw r, without uuthorlzatl' n by Congress, to create or ni-ciare u state of war with o,>y State or States of the 1 ulti'd Slut-s, or I m liiblish a blockade of any port or ports ?ItLin such State or Slates. All the claimants deny in substance the legal ity c>1 the blockade of the port of Richmond, the knowledge of the claimants of its violation or that the master of the vessel had authority to prejudice the rights of tho claimants by any un lawful acts on his part. In the case of the Hia watha the following facta were established :? The bark sailed from England, despatched and laden by British owners, for City Point, in the port of Richmond, Va., with a cargo of salt, and to bring back a cargo of cotton and tobacco from that port on freight. Hie was regularly documented as a British

vessel, and was commanded and manned by British subjects. She entered the port of Richmond, and arrived at City Point, in that port, on the James river, about sixty miles be low the city of Richmond, on the 20th of April. It was clearly proved, by a letter of Lord Lyons. May 2, to Mr. Seward, asking for an ex tension of the time for leaving the port, that the captain was aware of the blockade, and it was further proved by a private journal kept on board the vessel. It appears that after his knowledge of the blockade he took on board tho cargo. The Court therefore decided that "the vessel and cargo were condemned.'' This case has already created much discus sion in England, the principal point being that the government at. Washington did nor serve duo notice of the blockade ou the British government and other European Powers. But the best authorities on international law show thut this is not necessary, it bring sufficient to bring home knowledge of tho blockade to the parties concerned or their agents. Tho other main ground of reliance wae> that a govern ment could not blockade its own ports, unless it were in possession of the ports themselves The reply of Judge Betts to these objections will be found in the decision. We rather think j after it reaches England few British ships will be found willing to risk capture by attempting to violate the blockade. Tiik Wak ami tiik Nbwsi'atkbs?The Tki btne CrBTAn.F.i>.?Between Saturday an<l Mon day morning last the Now York Tribune, was very sensibly curtailed of its recent fair propor tion*. In the t\yr- of the sheet, the width and length of the columns, owl fn the quality of the paper, there in a manifest shrinkage and deteri oration. suggestive of a bold stroke of economy at the expense of Massa Greeley V subscribers. We have thus- the most satisfactory proof before us tlmt the daily Trihine, i-" losing ground in this community. But why 1 Simply because, instead of cordially and zealously supporting tlx' conservative Union policy of "Honest Abe Lincoln.'- it is hankering after and mon tiling over the abolition programme of General Fre mont's unauthorized emancipation proclama tion. Thus Greeley is lofting the confidence of this conservative community, which will not agree with him that this war is or should be a war for the extirpation of Southern slavery. But the Tribune does not stand alone in its misery. The blighting effects of this war upon various classes of our newspapers all over ihe country are like the hot sun upon a field of mushrooms. Everyday we hear of the death or contraction of more or loss of our public journals on every side. Among the latest casu alties of this sort we may remark that the daily Auburn Democrat (Regency) lins incontinently suspended: that the Syracuse daily Courier, and also the daily Journal, of that city, have been shockingly razeed; and that the Lexington (Ky.) Statesman (secesh). the acknowledged home organ of ex-Vice President Breckinridge* suspended on Tuesday last?that is. a day or two al ter the flight of the disunion Senator from the Union soil of Kentucky. And so we go. It is only the newspaper which stands squarely up to the government that can sustain the pressure of this war. Public opinion is alike opposed to abolition crotchets and secession proclivities at this crisis. Tub LvrER-FEPKRAt. Confijct at Falls Chirch.?The deplorable collision which took place between two bodies of the federal troops in the advance of Gen. Smith on Falls Church on Sunday last, following so closely upon several disastrous mistakes of a similar charac ter, will, wo trust, direct the attention of the military authorities to the adoption of a plan for the prevention of such blunders. We can not admit (hat they are unavoidable, though we hear of their occurrence in the rebel array, and have read of similar incidents in the history of European campaigns. The fact that they so frequently happen, and that they are attended with such calamitous results, should before this have suggested some mode of guarding against their recurrence. Why cannot some system of night signals be adopted, by means of sound or otherwise, which would enable bodies belong ing to the same command to recognise each other when advancing from different points? If there were attached to each regiment a tew sig nal men, instructed in some general system of this sort, it strikes us that we should he^r no more of these disasters. We trust the suggestion will not be lost sight of; for nothing can bo more distressing or humiliating than the reflect tion (but ho many valuable lives ure sacrificed by mistaken that might easily be avoided. The Exploit at Pknhacola.?The (luring ex pedition from the frigate Colorado, which has just resulted in the destruction of a privateer and the spiking of a colunibiad under the guns of the IVnsacola Navy Yard, is an incident winch will figure prominently among the naval exploits of the war. While showing that the same courage arul stamina which gave us so many triumphs in the war of 1M2 mill exist in our navy, it suggests the feasibility of cap turing, with properly organized expeditions, not only Pensacola itself, but all the Southern ports of importance, and we trust that it will not be long before the administration Is in a position to carry out this design for obtaining possession of these rebel strongholds. Board ?>f Aldirmrn. The Board mot last evening?1 resident Jf. W. Genet in the chair. Tho Auditor's rey>ort for the thirl quarter for tho cur rent year was received, and shows:? Amount expendod iu treasury or city oc conut fl.SWriS 28 Amount expended m special and trust ac count 2,170,959 10 Total $3,54S,018 44 TIIK MATH OF JUhTlCB MtOWN'gLL. A preamble and rcsuiutUnfi, eulogistic of tho lato J. Shoi man llrowncll, were rend and adopted. Tho Common Count il rooolved to attend bis funeral, to have the flag* < f the eity half mast high, and to wen. the badge of mourn. iriK fer thirty days. Iu connection with thin melancholy event the Mayor S' tit in tlie following communication, which wa3 ordered on file:? Mayo*** Orrrrt . Ni w Yoi:k, Sept. 50, 1861. OKNTLICMKM OP THK ('OMft.ON Cot MOI.: ? l?eutl? ha* frtMiumilv ? 1 lato < died upon u? to mourn In our |>uMir capacities tin* loss of di- .inguished citl/ena, bull tiiii Ni.rc you will atm '\M? mo Iri the de Urati u that no ono endeared to lib by foehn;,"* of derjM r r .'aid or who po< *e?*ed a high r claim to our ? ? ha* ilmrtnl f. ?iii among us than was the late Jon ph Sherman Hrownell, the incorruptible magistrate. It m with tho Blnceri-t em tions of grief that I coinrounn an the blen and uncvjwted de mise of this truly p*#d man. Though without ndlttarv fame ho noverthele.s- puss- .1 ? ?1 an cxtraordinaiy hold upon popu lar e*tecm, tho re*idl ?.t a noble and geueiotu n il ure, a i?ng i ff of disinterested puh'.Tr s? t vi e and a at-rn and iidhw* rv tng fldtlitv to justice and the o<ptal rh*ht< of his follow 'ItI /??mm. A.* ho was thuj% ende ? rcl t*? t.s 11 while living ho are hi* last mortal remain* ontith-d to th- re-ipertful tribute of an oilioii t burial ceremony. 1 ro *omtneud, the refuse, the pas sago of Kiii'a' lo resolutions ??I" e< lulolrure with 1.1-1 family, and ihe ittondance of tie- Common (>uncil and other city authoi'iti '.s at his funeral, to tale place in morrow (Tuesday, October I>, from liia lato residence, in Crove street. M;KN W OO WOOD, Mayor. THR AI.I/VTMKNT BYSTk'M?TUB Vofb'NTKKftH. The following communication was sent in by the Mayor:? Mayok'* Orrica. Nr:w Turk, Sept. CO, 1361. T'THK IfOXOJCAHT.F, Til K t'oK MOM t OCNCtt. ? tiknti.kmkv?I beg respect foPv to cad your attention to a Hubjo-1 ot yrra* iu.| ( ri i?i a. lht? tu .?, invo?\li?^ r t ouiy th?! lu'erc .t? of tho <'orporaJi'?n, tmt i t 11;? ? >? who have on listed a>? voluntoora ir'<.o tho city of Now York t?? aortaln tho crnin . I t ? ? or I I! i ro ? I ? m? i 11 *y the act of Control**, pa.^M-'l July 0??-u2d. IHtil, for Uu* wtiiug anldt: of a |w<rtion of tho p?y of votuntei rm lo aid ??t t!%???r lainiliog. By fti*cHon t-.volv of t'uit act an alh-tt t ?ygu*m i 'provldod for, by which tho iwuilv of" tho vo\ ntr.-v n.iv r^ Ivc siwh ivir'.??:? of tho pay a- I. - i..a> I? ?; :? t. Th hoiior.iblo the Secretary of war, ii pur mbmi L provl i ha leirleed a syiitam tor iu | ;n i *1 ?*o .. .a whioh \vill on i'?lo iU<. voluntofi.-* t;? do-ignato ust?o . ? i ;.y of >'? \v )m>< no tho ro<ij>jont of th?nfundatd f'-?r !' ?< dlP'ribution a; iloUuatod by tho r/dlic.' tilur-lf. ThtJ War DtWirl meat, howl? I, has i;>? .?ui . ? .im (ho M-lrcfion ?.r tho trufcio*' i?r ' f the mod * of iii-?ttit>ut; n. T.:,* ^e. u w >i;L?l soom, i ;i;> ..i.ty t?e fi'.rtiUlw ? I ' V V-UlO . ? p?*r'IV < >Ui.ltlUt? d t- M UU tlunrv. it is iou i<# l>? ? pivMiincd that tho volunteer* them Ki'l\-e?' w? uld cither i: ir *!-r rxprtiHt- or ngt?*o. up n what would be requlalte I rial purpoae. Incite absence of such l<?*al arraiigeni'ut? I ?'? i>r t!?o . ( n^Ota .hU ftoollcnt *vh tern would lw lo?t nit; :???{,< r. un!?*na lh?* t'orp 'ra.ton ? p.? in. VV" have nln-ady pr.?Vt '."I a jirojier wlicmi' for the dbtritoi. ti.ui of the t!i.r|K?ratl.u land to tiio fatnili* .* of vuluutorrH, arof, iti my judgment, aptdionO ?n of the -atm? t :n to this fuud "would anawot tho pur|X' .e. Vho Coaiptroller, b<? iiilC tho lineal oiHn r of the (*orp? ntt^n, h?? I ontirf ly coi.v. r Hutit with iho auhjeot, i: anpeara to m.? woalu l>. the j uj or otlieor upon w hum t?? e u. < r t'.e ti i:.t? <hip ? f ?aehi; i allotment*. The character of that gentleman will ?Mfninaud the ot-nlhlencc of Inith tho^e who g.'veand receive the money, am! t?h knowledge of t?* ? <nUjr. . .ruo* rn him the t.rojer ufi, cer to he enniiBtod with th* duty. A- ? ?in j ?n> l??:< * hi ??!? ?u?> mlttcd, for the conpiitcr. ftnn of thf tlm.mon CJoul 0, rc?olu tion?' which, ?f adopted, ill cany out Into piw?4 -al execu tion thiamoMt t.? rertcer.; n- r n:+. Th" x Ivan'ago* to bo de rived from tho allotment ?y?twa'. must be anjiai\ ni io all. Now the No'dier i? pai l o:.f? in two month*, wheretrer Matioue<!. and ittooorbui happon*, In the ah*ence of t.u-ili tic* f??r transmitting niouoyio his ^hu Uv, that what in not paid to the Quartoi o:afc'?*r ?>! the Sutler i? qu;ind?*red In an itnpr. per manner. Many of them, who nre eari;f??t!y do?i?-oti* of dividing then \ ay wi?h th?"tr ift'Otlie*. ax* prcven'od from doiuK ho by th.^ hii/ar.i . r ir. onvcn* tire of rr.r.hti*n r^mit tan< oh, whiel it not outt oquouily o<*uia that th* Kilttatiou of the regiraontrou itV eommunica't n with tils hnu**hotd al? tofcjoihej. Tbut. largo ???>?? of n ?ney whtefa, unU?r t he allot mont ?>atom, woul^l Je cxpeudc) tn N/w Yrtrk, findtholr way into the poekcia of camp fo'.lowcra an I armv sj?emln tora, InMoatl of ;tvlnj: ti>? no? o**?,rtca of Ittc to th ?<e near and dear ti> tin: f^oltUer hiiuaolf. The paper her?*wltli trani* mltted will ciplain IrneMT. I thi:ik ittvilln;eet . e ???iso. I iu?po it may reeoive your ?42ate ailcntiou and Miiicfion. that no time may bo loot ftii ftvtiig to ???;r - Idlers and thoi familioa the benefit of thi? tt **A? wiao .*nd pailauthro; W- i#r> \ i?ion of the i'ovcrnoo-nt. Ail of whu h i* reaprrtfudy awb ii,tu, d. FKRNANDO WO(>l>, Mtyor. Whoroaa, by an order of tho Seero.tary of War. iwmed in accordance with neciion 12 ? f the act of I ngreta of July 22, ISf I. entitled "An nci to authorize the *mp)nymeu? o:" Yolun ti-T*," an allotment *y*tem ba* heen art<?p'ett an?l u now In foiee by which the family ? f tlie roiunieer m^y draw *m h por'ion of !?'?? pay a* ho may, t?y whii-h ?ynten??:n h ei>tt?pauy of volunteer* i* authorized to appoint an a-;c:.t or trtiHt- ? to receive aurh allotment* and distribute th< iu t*? the famtli* h P'fliieetivoly; ntid uhorrar, :t t.itne duty-?f thi*ttor potation to airord every facility in its nower to tho:?e lirave Dion v% ho have enSi^cd for thedciVnre ofonrconHiituth n and our Union, to accomplish a d? no n? ai their hearts as the r iuport and wolfare ot' their f*niilie^; therefore, Rrv !vori, That the ( otopiroller be and he 1/ hereby ftutho riatfirt vt.-i r 'plotted toprolfer, in the name and on behalf of tin* Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty <?f the ei y T New Yorl., lo tho rc>iiuient? and e ntp.'.oieH wlio have ?? .li^o .[ in thi> eity, t i act m* thotr .'uerit or trust.u* receive aiwh nun * a* the H<ddl 'r? tnay allot, and to dl*uihuto tho same to :<uv-h jh r.-toiia and in * :"h o atm r .i they may roquet.!, in M?m? plianr#' with the a-lopted l y tho \\ ar liepartn.oj.t. Hi ?? .ivoil, Th: * the Tomp:; aller Oo and he in fi reby autho lb?d to emph'. - II av<intf?m O as maybe n-? -o.-*ary t'? give full force and t-tl? t to the puriv ot the fo;-. going resolu tion. ?rrtt: n 40$ o> run rmr zo? avks. Hi * following was also sa?nt i i by t .e Mayor:? .V vYoit'a <?ith i . New Y??rk, Sept. 3i?, 1861. To T'll IfONORAKf.E, TUK t'OMMOM Cot'Jtl !f.:? Gi ntuhkx- I ''?.?n?mit herew th to your i.oriorable body a copy of n lettei rc-eived by me front t'apUin Wildeyfof the SVv% Vol !. Fi: ? Z oaves* i?lative ? the *t jtnl of e..l-.-rs \ r- -Uted to ii at reLooont l.?v the Common Council. The bta<< 'nent of Captain Wildey ladoul?!y "ratifying, - mo- ? ly B*?nvl??K the ?it'ejy of the ilag*, but vindicating the gal'ant tvgimeut to whicli i?c 1 i t'ron; the*uspici- n of nefrlect. I ) r un?e thr otiicer* ot the i'ire /<" .\\es v. ill take uo aaurea to obtain the colors in the hand* fCao .in Yi. \;?r FKUSANPO WOOD, Mnyor. Dkar Sir?T >?c by the proceeding* ?;* the Common Cotn. oil on Monday ?rv'<*olnc. pt< uib? r 2'f. that vou ha?'e rtrcoived a eximmntd ati? n tromth- i'rov- -t Marshal ot Alexandria atoting that ho had found the regimental i!>4g* ??!' tKievotith teci'nor.t, Klr?t /. ? ;a\r . orcseutid by the Common fVyuucii of t!i?- rity i N'e\. V i t. 1 huing*C:iptalti of the in eonipany, and th* on. , ?mcor of tin* r ^imrtit in the dtv. I d< cm tt my duty t ? the n ^imcnt, to the by aud to my!?< If. t<-slate why hud how these i!ng* spoken of by the ProvoHt M it. gvi't ?iai.;: * d li.-M the tegimeiit. It w ill be recollected whe ) wo h-it. N *w York for *ne war we had ? number of flag* ores ntcd tu th" ve?;lment, pome eight or nine in all, of whi- h only two could be carried Into battle. The oth? rs were stored by the lamented K: sw?.r'h, hA taking charge of and t orinpj them without tho knowledge of any other ofDcer. So that after hi* do, th, thouah I made rc i?ated a/arch for the aimed I wa.- unable to find them; lit n e the regiment returned without them Hut the iiagw preMUited by tho Comu? >n C'or.ncS were with u? always, and where the tight raged the hardest there were seen our r?'gi? mental Hag*?a proof of whi- h Is (lie build torn tlagi, whi h c;in he arena* m\ house. N-?. 177 Sprmg street; and I hope and trufct to cany them in triumph to lib** rnd of tho war, and return thrrri to y?-n. as wo do now- .-is being in the thick est of thi? fight. Your* truly, JOHN WILDEY, Captain C -mpan\ 1, Eleventh regiment, N. Y. S. V. To Hon. Fkrna.ndo Wooi? Mayor. The Committee on Finance repot l?*d in favor of atuend ing the ordinance approprintimr $1,00".000 for exteudiug tboCYoton Water Woilcs and building tho tn w reservoir, by adding $900,000, making the total $1,900,000, which in the gt;m Rmlted by tho la I LegMali t. Idopted* A4 journed to Thursday next. United Hlnlrt CnntmlnDlonrr't Court Beftw Jobn A. <Jfborue. K-q. HOBBEHY OF THE T.OM1 IST.ANP MAlf,. Skit. W.?George Whiting wiis brought up uml charged by Mr. Ilolbrook, Post Ofiice Inspector, with rubbing the United State" mail between the depit at Farmingrlalo and tho poet olBce at Atlanticvillu. L. I. It wh shown that the accused hud opened several letter!', one ??l which ron taine 1 ftfty dollars, and that he appiopriated themoncy f> lii? 'iwn uses. WbitinR was cnn.mlitertfor tria'. John Chase, mate of the AMi'-niv.n ship M. C. l^y, Charged with inflicting cruel and unusual puni.-bm<'nt on John Martin, <ne of the crew. It app- ared that Muiiiu had inflicte.l a severe wound "n the mate, and the Com missioner dismissed tbe complaint. William Monroe, n seam in on board tho American ship Helvetia, was heM to an-wer in hail of $500 for an us garH with a dangerous Wi ijn-'U on Henry Curulen,second mate of thai vessel. Tho Artisans Bank. APPLICATION FOB A KKt:t:iVKK?A1TOINTMKNT 01' A KCKKKKE. Si m Mi l?t RT. Before Judge farnsrd. Pr.j>T. 30.?Tn consequence of lh<< city of Now York making a levy for taxes for ISflO. to the amount of $12.0m>, on the exploded Vrtisan* l:unk, in Nassau stri ct, the directors of the institution applied to <lsy for the ap pointment of n receiver. 'Hit; ordi r was granted and ibe case refi rred to Mr. Samu.l Joins as rclereo. Tho his tory of the bank would form a curious and instructive pag ? of our general financial system. Prrionai Intclli^rnrr. Major General UuUerand stall lit the Fifth Avonno Hotel on Sunday night, ami pri>ceed by the lust tvm> via Philadelphia and Baltimore to Washington. ? l'rince de Joinville anil hisjton. the Due do Wnthievre. ] have returned Irom Washington, ai.d are Occupying their 1 former apartnv nts at the Brovoort Hour/>, the Prince and his se n will visit Newport, R. I., so^q# timo duriug tbe piesentweek. P. -birglaw,of the United States Army;C. H. Mathews, of the steamer Constitution, and U I?e Russey, of Br life - | port, are stopping at the As?K flkce Hotel. The Ofnrwf Valley Cnnal. AQUEDPCTB A Nl> OUM'KKTR WASHKlt A WAV?ORE AT DAiiA'it: tu I'wtpfcKTV. lti.KtussTKi!, IT. Y., Sept. 30,1861. Several culvorto and aqueducia aud in ich of the em bankment of iho Genesee Vuliy Canal have been was hud away at different points. Creat damage litis be?i done to property by the liood aloug this canal and the Gemae* river. IV..its are new pajLinj tli-j break lu the Erie Caual at Ui'lley. The Stt-nmcr UiilicmfaM. M ? nihui., Sopt. fO, 1801. The Father Point line ha 'b en down since .-atufilay; coiLsmueutly we bavo no ti?li'i;,s of thesisumur Ilohiimi an, now dun i ll that point wii!i Liverpool dates of ti? Itfih Hud Londonderry or the 'joili Inst. The Aii^1a>9ai<m Oulwitril R<11<11<I. Katiikr Point. Se;it. jjil, UJ61. Tlie nle tnnship Aug'o-^ixon, i"i-<? n yucbec for Liverpool, passed this i>olut Huturdav eventujr. Tim IIcbhxan.v Siii.t:.- ilio I're,ti'!igltuteur will con tinue hi.-i comic programme, aided by Ma-lame, during the whole of this week, Thursday excepted, whea he will perform in Brooklyn. Tlie attractiveness of tnep* lierft rni iuces continues undiminished, the audlunoe last nltrht being as large h? on any previmn occasion. p**i sona are not satl.-Qed with seeing Mr. Herrmann onco. It re" quires several ovcnlngs to satisfy the interest excited by manual dexterity and skill in optical dee ptlou such a* have never been equalled by any other pro'essor of loger den.aiu. Wivrw: Oari kv.?Several new features of attraction have been a ided to tlie entertainment* at this house. "The* Aef ?? by I>iyllght,'' a comedietta, written ex pressly for Mrs. Johu Wood, was produced for the ftrx !irao last evening, and met with a fair share of success. For this il is Indebted more to the manner in which that inimitable aetrcs3 amplifies and enriches by her bur lesque talent tlie poinu nude for her than to the merits of tho pleco itrelf. The favor with which it was received, nevertheless, just Hies its roten turn on the t is. A b.illet dlveitiasnment, ontitlwl " Kl I'lor do 8evllla," Introduced two new dancers?U# flunw i rnliim and Signor Xitnenee?to our pnMlO, fortner has considerable personal beauty, and 1 ossj tite be. t dancers that has appeared here for s> no >oai Her, 3 U i:- purely Spanish, and she astonish' -t by wonderful hupplene.-s of her ni'vements and the pcrfj grace and pracBkHi with whklt bar boldest ftlflili taken. Slgtor >-in n s Is, we should J d te froas little Hint w> have se,,n of him, sn n: t'?t of n irlv inJ excellet tv. Tie ir duiiclag appeared to give uubonn| satisfaction to tho aadlence, who ootap Med an Mm aftt r they had twice rea iper d to bos their thus) . performances concluded with "Cinderella," which until went considerable excision to afford room for thcie frq additions to tho programmo. MAILS FOR EUROPE. Tlit> >'?w York Ilernltl?Ktlltloi Kmope. Hie Cunard mall steamship Kuropo, Captain Ander will leave llostou on Wednesday for Liverpool. The mails lor Europo will close iu this city t| afternoon, at a quarter-past one aud at half past o'clock, to go l y railroad. Tin. KrROPKAW Eorrios 01 ni;: I]kim;.i> w il l<e public at ten o'clock in the morning, Stugle copies, in pern, six cents. The contents of tho Ccaoi'K \x Ktxt^x of tor H? will cocnbinc the news received by ms'l and telegraph the ofliea during Ihe previous week and up to the houj publication. Sampan Low, Son A: Co., No. 47 Ludgate IIIU, L01 England, will reccive advertisements and sulsscrlj for tlie Hsuald. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. Kew York Ilcraltl?Califuvnia Killti | The mail steamship North Star, Captain Jones, leave thiti purl to day, at noon, fi?r Aspitiwull. Tho im 1.-for California and tdlier p.iris of the Pi, will close at half past ten o'clock tin* morning. TI10 Niw You;; V.'r.SKi.v Hkraii>?California oditi^ containing the l;.t> . t Intel!ii-eue-e from all parts t world, with a Inr^e quantity of local ut>d luiscelb matter, will lie published ai nine o'cI.h-L In the mo Single cople- , in wrappern, ready lor mailing, six I Agents will plea.'O send in tiielr orders as early a* sible. Official Drawings or fllarray, Bddjf I Co,1* Kt-nluckV and Missouri Htate Lotteries. Kinvcir, Extra < i.?n S15~rieptember 30, IWL It, 411, 52. id, .i, 2, 67, 47, ,S4. il, 8. 20, IS Kurcut', I'lass 610?:-?pt?inbci 3t>, 1961. 28, 4fi, tili, '11, 77, 34, .14, a?. 12, ?, 36, Clntilars sent five of charge ?> sdiirrr.*Ui? eilher to Mt'itKAY bi.Tiy ? na, ('wingtun, iCy., or flt. Lottie, f Royal Ilnvnnn lottery Ri(r?onllnM. See olllcial drawing* of September 24. In auothar coltimn.1 Prlio Cb?IifiI In all f.egali/.efl I.ottcrll ami Information 1 f 011, by JOSEPH HATES, broker, 14 T"^ streel, New York. The Br?t Kl'jcti nf the Times ? imi luenta flourish; the p 'ople have lis much conlld enor in] fit tu iv as o 1' - p. KiM'X. 'in Hit* eornei- 01' Broadway and r ton Kireid, produce* Ihh 1.1II style of Oeutlemcu's Hats ltli* usual ee:a>, achieving '? success that argues WSIt ior| republic, it being ft ts-rfect beauty in Mhtpe, fabric, style sod elfcct. They will, we predict, "ell .11 a rata ( could 1I11 % believe i-. would make .leeessit ntsis desj ever breaking the indomitable spirit of the .North. Speech of Tltnma* FrnncU JVIeaght Buxton.?For a full report, see THE BOSTON PILOT for this week. For sale by nil the news dealer*. U. HEXTEtt A CO, Wholesale Agents, 113 Nassau sti Devlin ik Co. Havltii' made nn important and desirable change firm, we beg to Inform our friends thai ourcn.ire re: are tn .v. eniplove'l ir. ail rtJitenalvi' mil ?' ;onu> pro* of the city retail and r*-'1 wh"l?*.ilo Men anil Boys' C| bnnlni We enter 011 Ihc f.ill and winter season with n la w-?! 1 as-urted M" t In rvrn department. Stylish] Made Clothing, (or men and boys; ureal varletleaof I Cassitneres, Beavers, Vesting*, A -., to m.iki in ordcrS a! h >- tuple ?? 11 t l merit of nil descriptions of ArmJ Navy Cloths, Ac ,t'i supply the largest orders. 1 Tlie rates and 1 imin every department of our b\| ?hallbo In ki-epinis with H spirit of the times via:? I low rsuriT.-, rituMitnesh, cash. UKV LI N A Corner of Broadway aud Warren mid Urand ( Our War Maps?Colored Edition A NEW EDITION, WITH I.ATE AND IMPOKTAN| \nol!ifr ed; ion "t the lloiceit Mips that have lis!:' 1 j.i the Herald Is now ready. Printed on?i i.i. sheet of line calendered p.i|>er and bcaulii till! ?' t!. it tl v .-an lie hung up In library. oPlce iif ?nir pre?err?linn and reference during the war. Hliej 40*50 inches; cuniair 32 mups, all ol wM '1 were <1 eogtavd expressly for the Nrw York II'-raid. Tl plainly and correctly the whole Seat of War, and 1 lions 6t the armies as they liavo occurred, aud ay and ih' .1 licit war maps issued. PBICB, ONLY 2* rEN'TS. Sent nuywliere on r?.cc>iit 01'price. Agents wnnteH v. hero, wno will be supplied at a liberal discount. 31 d ieriptlvecircular. Adilresa KI>\VAKD K. LLOYD,1 aire agent for the colored edljon, 20b Brisiilway, Ne? Album Photograph*?Pour for 91* or twelve fur f' arti^'ieallv arranged and beautifully Unlshed, by KIMBALL, 477 Broadway. Holmes* Heailqnartera, Park Gallery. ?Jil4 Broa l.vay.?Ambrotyiics, I'.ird VUlU-a, I'arlur PortraiUi linest. of the art and lowest price. To Army Sutler*.?Special Design a. Silk Jlsndke:. hlefgforthe urtny at BA1LEV A SOUTHAUD'tf, 27 l'ark place. Singer A t'o.'s Sewing I>lueliinca, With tl.e ri cent improvi menlj. Great reduction in prices. Halt and examine at 4M Broadway. A Pure Tohacio.? Y ellow Bank Tohar. 1 o.?<IOODWlN'S Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free t rim. all impiirlih'S, for sale by all tobacco and seitar dealer*, said at wholesulu by E. U0ODW1N A BROTUElt, 2D7 and 2JJ Water itrei t. Sew York. Cray llnlr?It* Dlseain, Chunge ef Co* lor ar.d Embellishment; New TreaLinenl lor Baldneae, by UltANDJEAN, Asl?r 1 lace. Bcantiful Complexion.?Lairtl's Lli|ald Vcarih .sa liieved .1 celebrity na having no eonal for pre a.-rv.ti ; unit Lcautuyiuu the cumple.vloa and t.kln. No. 4J9 Broadw a.v. Bntciielor'a llnlr Dye?The Beat' in the world. Harmliss, rclnbleand in?t.tni in" 11-. Soldand ap. piled at BATCIIELOH'8 Wig factor;, iti !}? s.d street. Illir* Hair Dye?"50 Cents, Black o? brow 11; best in use. Dep it > 1 Bar- lay street, ami sold ijr ail drtig^ists. Bfttchelor's llnlr Dye?The Best In the World?Harmless, reliable and lu-uautain-o S>lian?l applied at BATGHBLoR'S wig factory, 16 Rnud stri-il. Crisiatloro's Hair Dvt, AVIgn nn<l Ton* pre*.?The beat in ih* world, Mbuleaale and retail, and the Dye 1 that' ly applied. No. 6 Astor House. Barry's TrL-opheroia* i? the BrNt nuit ?lien\>est artlels for Dr 'ssing, B. antifyin;, T'l-ing, CleatVag Pres. i-vingsnd restoring twliatr. Ladles, 1y.11. Hold bjr alidiugists. Coal Oil, for Burning.?Fine tonality. 40to?0c<nts per gallon, according to quantities. Dealers and conftiiners can u' uiti it at the above rate* of XAV1EK GEX, coal oil rcflner, 75 William sncct. Trasses.?Marsh & Co.'s Radical Care Trusses, No. 8 Yescy street, Attar House, opposite th* church. In India and the Crimea, British 80I dierswrre amply provided with llolloway's Ointment and Pills, for Wuuuds, Sabre Cuts, Ac. ^ Lord'* Scouring and Dyeing Rsiahllsh> mem, 4S# Broome street, corner of Broadwty. Ladies' drfMesaod g>)Otlctn?u'igarmcQts clftaed wlthqut rifr>?<

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