Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1861 Page 2
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SULES AT AUCTION^ A" ~ D. CAl'LKTNS, Al'CTlONERR. KXTKA LAKOK 8A1.K OF ELEOAM' UOl ShllOLD Kl'ltMTCMt, Thi- pioprrty of Mason J. Van l>yrk, ):?], Till" day ? Wedussdav). (Ictobrr 2, at 10)? o'cloit piwlni 1>, nil thn suptrli en I conlv Kurnii..r<\ K.'arfn*'* Biatnnrj nuil Works of Art. r?o\v ol Drawing Room a .a, el<*Kanl i n oouvn Pianoforte, Mirror*, Valval C:irw>t?, Ac., c< n:it*In the private rxNiduicn No. 218 FourteenCi street, srar Eighth avrntis. The utnltoitrer rail* the >.)>prldl atten tion ol li.e pnhllc to tbih a . It', lie- til? the WrK* *' and ru-hi'St ?us.iriiii.-tii ? II u-linll K. minor- vU'arM at su-Uou tula ?chhoi) ; thr f r it uv was a I mad* for ijfpri-scut owner, and la In iMi).|>leti> orili-r. Tin' whole wllTXe ?persaviftomy and aha .lute ? ?-l! w thont r: ?i rvr. fli.AWINll ROOM KURN1TURE conof rarv- ii r-.-ewond Hn?fccrr?, marble top and French plated oranud bark; lady's vv -rk, Inlaid with m.ilher ol p -srl; r >a-w'.oj Oentr i T.ible, nUtuary ma two full suits of Drawing R.Hint Furniture; -Ir^-at Toie-a-tew two Arin.lwo R-eeptlon and c ght Hiirk tihatrs, carved rosewood frnnnt?, and covered In three color--1 satin br.xta.le of the moat n\penalve docrijitlon, roiislsdnu of two Console I I Inlaid In ltl ati-11 rt.o-.- kIo-.I; llronide and Lain Curtains; a \ light ormolu and brou/t- t' rs, lmpo:te I from l'arls; Krepeli plate 1*1. rami Mantel Mirrors, will) ri. h -rill .r.-. u-f; super.i H.-vrea ami Oresdeu China Vases, rl hlv denira'nil; I'liriHii Mar-'-- Slain*! of S'-.i Hons; at" stle lit n/? -, representing Mi-'itand Morning, I'an dora, l'uliu nx, I'oelr , Music. t.'rua.t. era, Ae.; antiuue lava Vaht-s I t'om !l.:iv. iinettm anu 1'ouioeii; ohonj OardTabU., Velvet (' irpttts, Huh, Turkish Easy Chairs, hronxa Ciouk, runs oik-month; Oil Paintings oy itonaaeau, Imuau, Uuti lin-ttnli, Chile, l.-'--ran I- - n?' other eminent artn>'?. MAUNIKICI'NT 8KVKN OCTAVE PIANOFORTR. Caned ei> am! I'M? |\ lour rottnd eortK-rs, linished all round, inlaid with pearl an t ho id pearl keys; Mti-Ut Ka. lt, rosewood Stool, coveted In bro.-a .a; onnroldi tvd Cloth Cover. Ho.>ks and Mils.a; hall rnsi-wood Mainland, Oilcloth. H: uk , Stair Carpet", .ke. ('u .inte-ra, soeond story?Rlt-niy carve l rone wood H.'dft ir\s. ? ylo l,oult XIV,; iturvaus and Ooinmodi-* to match; War u'otn-H, ltiec-ltiK and Toilet Tables, S.tavlug Stands,, Couch, Ann Chairs, Ourt ilns, SinnW, Cornl' e?, llult M.tire sacs, l'ultiasseh. Feather Beils, Bolateis und I'lll-iws, niaukets, Siie. ia, ^.ulta, tiounterpaties, deeo ruted l '.ItnuToilet buta. Oral Mltr.-is, IJinlitK K->ou> Furni ture. China Ware, Oluaa, Sliver War-*, A--., tkc., of ?very kind. Also, kltehen, Ac. bale positive. Auction notice. Ul'LLETtN OF SALFR. THIS OAV (Wcdneaday, October L Attractive stih ol' BMURDiOF.RIFR, bUAWl,S AND CIjOAKS, STRAW GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, In exnclleut uaaortinuut, AND STAPLE AND FANCY DRY COODS. TO MORROW (Tltor?rtay\ OCTOBER 1 At No. M KAIit.'I.AV STREET, Ai 11 o'chick. Ralanee of the st-?k..>; Me?,-.s. SC1IACK A TIOTOF, Saved tn nearly good or ter f: tit their store lately burned in Murray Ktmtt. FRIDAY,"OCTOBER 4. LARGE AN1) lMI'oitT.NT REiil'i.AR SALE, IMCt.OKIKU MOST DESIEA.'il-K WOOLLEN GOODS. 10 bales, Z)tt pice- ? ilia. ? and ? ol "fed Sealskin land Flushes, for Cloaks. 10 hales, 200 pieces Black und Colored llroad Cloths of till grunt's. ? bales, 100 pleues Henvv uit.l Fine Beaver Cloths and Trteot a. BLACK AND COI.OKED MRRINOES, Aud other d-nln.Wa WODLLl.Ns. Catalogue will he r > 'v f-n the m Tii ng of sea eh day's dale. WM. Xoi'l'IN'i; k CO , Auctioneers, Nos. 9 and il l'ut k plaw?, and ? ->1 array street. ASSIGNEE'S SALE or KLEOANT l- I KNTTL RE. An exiraonllimry opp-irturlty for ilotiM'keeiHtrsai'd ill ? ti.u.e. Over *12, 000 woi'th ?'? r?rh ami * st!\ If ?u?eholdi Furniture, To-m. ;ou (Thui-.sdHyj morning, ut l< o clock pre. Hfiv, Comprising fh?* b?4autif?il and y F.irnitiire ooiititiucil in the largt*?! wfllixife house A52 Woxt Tw j'Jitv-Mr^r Mr<'cf, ntvir Ninth Hv? nn<', th -whule i'or HhhoUitc and ptriMnptory pal", rain or shine, lunib miug ot Eni:! sii V'oiv.-t, Tapestry uini 1;> graiu CnrppiH: j .ww?)in| I'ar or Furniture, t'H Muito, Curtif risin ' < hvot* ; nil nullf, rklil.v ?utrvf??l, ;ill ut* whiuh are coverou in rich s,ik bro^ajel nn?i of the clewrfption; ro?i?. wood Centre antt fier Tallica, Turkish Chairs in l>lin? ami fjohl, nnd nioque:; Jioinask and Lare i'lirtuinH, Vplvct mid Turkish L?-u ^. s. M niU'l and j'iu- AJin^rw, ttm- row. wood Ku'K'1 - s, ri? h Si vres and Dr^Hdnn Munu i Vwsea, ar tistic l?r>ii:/.i-N, Bi>quu Figures, Marhlc Pedestals, J'arior Or naments, Xc. Elf/ant F(?\ en octave Pinnoforte, M;ih). t-i'.binet, H'ool jind (.'over. Elegant Bureau., Be?l8t? ids, l'j Ifmr Mattresses, Chamber tiuits, in rimewnOii; Bronze (Mocks, spring n??at rh:i:i\ Mir rors. Bi*dKand lied lin^, oak L*-tension 'i'ahlc, two t?ola jitcadH, rich *y'ut ol evi ry d. scription, marble top Iln tii I, Oiliotb, rich CiuU!*Mi<T.*, .l?. S ie p??bltivo, rain or ?him-. . W. WfiSTC()TT, Aucti a. r. AfttORTlMTSB QRIFFIN A CO. HTOTIONBBK8. ? Magnit: .*nt ilomtehoii! Furniture AT rUHUC Ai i T[itS, Property ot a family d?- linii -' houseKeeping, On t!?ls day i W-n'n' j.uay), Oet. ?. Sale eooimem i.'u; ai H'o't i??? k. Rosewood 7 ot iuvr Plan' 'ort-*, r ?- -wood Dr iving Boom Suits, rosewood and main u any Med room Furnituro, Oak Dinini? Koorn FuruJinre, Faintin^s, btaiuary,, Ac., At the r^sid-nre ni M. iiiiili- < li< > nan. fc.Sq., 48 WVst 8lx icentli street, !>? tweeu Fiftu ; r?d sSixth avenues. Drawing Room Suits, Envr*** am'. Hoi?k as? s, Mirrors. Xi"v? t ,ns. Vi% Oil J'.iirilla-s. Statuary. Velvet at\d Oarivts. KxtenMon Table, HuilVt and China TaUl ii tlery, VV rurors , Iialr and t&prtug Mat tr- .i.'s, v'ommodes, \Vas?isi., Oil hnr.s, Stair and ingrain iJarpnts, >oius. liock'.is?, Hi.-mV' ts, H.-ddlr^, Budta?-{nls, \,r. Al ? a assortment of iiaMidient Kitchen Furniture. ISale n t eipUiry. \ICE'S SALE.?WILL BK SOLD AT PUBMO i.t iumi, at the M? rchnntH" Kxchange, on the 10th day of 1>< '.oNn , 1 Mi?, fit III o'clock M. of t!> it day, under the direction or t. H. Ll'DisOW, liiieitoner!*. >tll loose certain Lo;?< In Brooklyii hituuto.; an the soutnvvesti'rly side of Carrollatre.ct, ciistant 1? ?/'.ami!) Inches nnrt!v\>esterly from Third ave nue, and beiub UK) icet in irout on ? nrroll stretit and JUO l'eet 6 inches in the rear, and 132 feet. 10 inches in depth on ?'iie aide and 142 l?-et 4 lnrh' n on the other. Together with that eertain other piece of Land situated in the rear of andadjo' in? the sa ne, ( onmiencing on the northeasterly si<(. of 1-. ?trcet, 425 lei-t nori tiVs. Hterly from Third avenue, and beintj 12a teet iu Irontat -t rns.r ?v 10 ? feci in depth on each side, bein#: the same pr? i-ey-i! to (Jeorne A. Hamilton and Kobcrt Donaldson by deed ua. al May i, ItUH), and rerorded the Kegisier's oti'.ce, Kings county, in Lib. 539 of Oonv< v nnces, page JM0; together with the I'aner Mil!. Machinery, Fixn;r? ;? and improvement* thereon. 1?? be rtold subject io two mortgages?one tor $4,ikHJ. and the other for iJl0,0iK), ami InU'rest. Terms of sal?Ton per eent cash and auctioneer'p fees on the da> of sale, aud the residue in twenty days, when deed will lie <l?divered. THOMAS li. GORDON, Assignee. ft T * UCTlON NOTICE.?I WILL SELL TIIIS MORNING, ^?\. At 11 o'clock, all th .?Ifjkj.'iiu an<l costly Household Fur rnitur** Pi .Dr. Mux i'-try, at his private residence, JUS ?Wfiwriey cornet of Sixth avenue. All the Furniture is iu scry good order an* cry little used. The sale will com mence at his oftice, eon*i ,tinK of one Bookcase, Chairs, Sofa, Mirr<>r, Table, Engravm.. , Ac. Parior?One solid rosewood Parlor Sun, covered in French satin brocatel; rosewood Etc [ere, mirror doors mm back; marble top Centre and Hide *aHes, Turkish AriuchitlrK, Curtains, I'alntfngs, Bronze t'!o *k. .i c. Chambers?Om- elc^aut solid black walnut I'xflor Suit, covered In hair cloth: ronewood and mahogany Bed aieads, Bureau**, Washstands. Corner Stands. Sj rtfi^ and Hair Mattresse*, Beds, Bedding, Lounges, Rockers, \r. Dining Kodui?Solid black walnut Extension Table, Chairs, mahogany Sofa Bed, Glass, China and Silverw;ir.\ Table </iitiery, Ac. Also Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Ac. The n< ods must b- removed twciity-four hours alter thv sale. Terms each. Sale positive, E. ROTH, Auctioneer. AM. MET? WIN, AUCTIONEER. . JJy BANGS, MSiliWIS A 0<?., Irving Buildings, 594 and 696 i' >adway. WKDKKSDAV EVENING, OCT. 2, AT 7 O'CLOCK. 8TANI>AP.1> AND MlSCELLANEOCfl BOOKS, In part fielecifons from private libraries, comprising great va riety in various' departments, including Scientific, Classical ano School Books, <!fcc. RIC H A RV9 A CCT i ONE E K.?FEKEMPTO t< Y sale of B<<ots. Shoe* and Bro^ans, atau'tion, by It I* * * I A1 A . . AKDS A WHITING. on Wedir-day, October at. 10}? , o'clock, at store 44 Cortlandt eireet. Ihis sale will comprise 1 almost every variety of fall and winder goods. Catalogue? and samples will be ready cany on morning ot sale. AUCTION notice.?m. DOUOHCTT, AUCTIONEI /?. salesroom Hft Nassau street.?Household F.irniuir*, Brussels and Ingrain Carpet.* ?kc.*~M. DOUGHTY will u?)l this day, Wednesday, at h?lj o'clock, at th** salesroom, 85* A.'.ssau street, by order of the assignee, the ?mtirc stu -k of Jlrst ciar.s Furniture, removed to fi.iiesrtn/ai for convenience of sale, consist ing in part of solid rohewood Parlor Suits, co vered in haircloth and brocatel, marble top Centre TsU*'s, Bookcases, Extension Dining Table* Dressing bu reaus, WashstnuUK. BeusieanJlan Mattre??es, Palliasses, Lounges, Car^? Li, Oilcloths, Office D^sks, Ac. IVTION NOTICE.?AN EXCELLENT OPTOBTTNITY l ty lor those common cine housekeeping to get good Fur niture. This day, at 140 Ki^htu street, near As.v>r place, at lot^ o'elocj;, ore of Erai'. s parent grand action 7\j octave Jfianos, iroa frame; one Parlor Huit, covered in velvet rno quet; one do., covered in medallion; one do., covered ir? hair ciloth?sev'-t pieces eacli; R<?cker:< Kola Taides, iaahon*ny, :roscw?K;d and cane scat Chairs; JiitiK?cls and Iniwiin Uar ?|)eis, Crockery, Glassware and th- Fut iiiture of ei^it Is&d ]*o(?ms coui jleie, and everytJiiug b^looghix to a flrai tive atory house. Will be m>M without r?mu*ve. ?vi S8TGNi;?\S SALE.?WM. WITTERS, At CTIO^KK, , JX will sell on Wednesday, at 1U^ o'cUvlc. at &J4 Pultoa j * >i!reel, Brooklyn, Store Fixtures, iJeskut, Mirr rs, Ga* Fix- ! tures, Stoves,".Shades, Signs, and all othergood# o? tin4 J*v mines. B> order of assignee. fDBO#KE k NICHOLS WIZiL SEhL DAT ?w-'D JL^ ufls.(ay), Oct. 2, it, one o'clock, in front >?? salesroom. ;>&?? >'d.<ai* street, a \ailiable black iiorse, *eivu jearK old, !?'. t*', u aial i nail hands lu;:h, warranted .^auut. kind ?Uid , tJc; a styHsh. prompt and fast horse, of -r? at endurance, Mo 1 und(?r the saddie. Sold without isr^^v^. B| OWNS & NI< a ?!.- \* ILL >'KL - XHS9 DAI .U ED nasday). Oct. ui on? o'cb?. k, In front oi HajeMn>'?r> X> Va&*au Hlr? et, a very line pair of bay Hoises, pony built, lo?/an stock, eight years old, fifteen hands '^h, w;o r.n\ted ^und. kind and gen tie m every particular; n complete pair J thttrmGF for all work; good single as veil as double. To be ? >ld without reserve. >RoYNr. A *?I4 HOLH ~Al i'TION''ltiUS--W?LL ?ELL 1 I this day, Oen?ber2, at 1 o'clock, in mm; ot ollice ^16 Nan* * latreei, a ver., dne pair of pony built Black Mares. 9 year* old ' ^ 'mnils hiKh, *oundv kind and ?cn'4c; h.-we been driven toc> Hhcr for the pan tour years; ootng'od in alng!* narr-esa Uttdi-r the saudle; h :<j for no fault nliate'ver, tiu* ov. ner V.?v 'r: furthei us< ! . hertu Sale fltho I restive. RSTABLE'8 SALE. R1CT1ARD WA1 VEK>. AVC i tioneer, mdU this day, by virtue of AD exwutu?a, at Lv)>c -,vlo? ik, at 13 Ea :t Broadwa>, a u?>o?i an i^ene-^J jm# Mttaent f i?'\ trniture of all KukIh, eiiu-iisiinu; <r" Sot am, Chairs, Bu Vino I, Beclst .i'?s Tete-a-tet. s, tnarl> 1 m and othtft' Tables, , Bcddlm;. Mattri'sses. l^r.un s, ana * \ wievy c& other i. Sale pwaitivc and ualiiniiru. goon job: FOlR^ Coe^t?Ne. ^rA JOEL A. MATHF.Wi, ACCTlo:*F.ER, HAU-^lw>i?\T 11 7u Nassau street, oetMwu Fullon am arhn street^ ii \ SDKOMiu UOU>KtiO'J> Fl RN'il'i ItE, I'lVSO, ri\*'r.L V. MATHERS will sel*. at a letthis i\.?y /W^fies<lav),Oct. 58, at UVH ' oV?> ^ a% the prtjftU miuence L. wTtet Forty-iourtli sijr. c-t, beiw? ?n Ms ^ anemic and ^ ?, ?iiv the conteaU of the abmt hou?a, e^iRtvtuiR in i td^et'ii mt rosaNNc.?n\ Parlor Sult v. in French satin, bro |Su?h; ?*on?T'? *?t T.W.N K?s ^rV.Mich Mlvrurt, ?''>iuu,U' jinl irnicji?. )?h> Jwt? Sutx-rt) 'Iiuimllo'i, v.-Avri, .. uU>iUM > FtoorcbU".; ?"?' k >vuu.ul ...arU. w|.? r Suiu nuv , nn,i other Chambeir 1- ucutuv e. Hair Ma?Ut s.? , 1 v BnldnTH *nd VI' VH, l.tbnvTy Bin'knar, H-kci V. liiu >er ?'i" t'n.-i ><??:>. ?!;?<???hit, ?????. ' ^ftKVvibl.? Ar.. Mt.-U.i-.- ?.tl. i* Ki7hco""*. v.. ,hir'< tW -wV. wiU ii?mi,?'?. ?ii,.lo?iieini.?*?' icnrty, iuU uuty an bwl at tin. ?u?U?n-iT-? offlw, ?? Na***" 7=TS?aT ASrflOKKK -. I-.'" sinvKs-AN liXTl-.A G^';? ,, . TTdTn 'vS & ' A .1. micr Vlll ?<*U .... V .-?> :?>, IheslvkOiA <,i:\H.\M, A- igiwe. aale. ?H^v.-;.v^vV,v; " ? Vl.H cn ul r tjile'l liy 8AI.E? AT atrctiojf. DanikiTa. mathkws, auctioneer salesroom nu 79 nassau street, between fnl:on unn J"iju *.'?eia? muktgauk baus ol?' jlutbjiiiold fulimtu&fai ROSEWOOD PIANO, madb BY chickerino. a A. matilkwh will sell at auction, on Friday, October 4, l.sdl, at l'% o'clock, ut his salesroom, No. /y Naa> sail street, by virtue of a chattcl mortgage, iho loilovring Household Furniture, viz?'Two eta* not carved rosewood pmlot* suil*, in brocatel; one mahogany Parlor suit, 1a hnirrluth; one Voltaire Cuair, one Rocker, tbrte Reception chan*, in fancy reps; ??u? rn^wood ceutre Table, marble top; oue ro*uwuod Library Bookcase, four ibe^slnp h lreani, clave French Bedsteads, flair mattvessen, sprint he-in, Ex tension Table, lining cfiairs, Wardrobe, Wa*i.*iuml*, ena melled chamber Mat*, Ac. Also two elegant Tape?try Vel vet Carp* is, Ac. ai no a superior rosewood round corner 7 octave 1'iauoiortc, made by (juiokerim?. Term* ea*h. By order of LOUIS 11. V17LTE, Attorney tor mort^a^ce. i^dwaud 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER, aj ASKJ(jm\ k h salfc Or ? sul'lk*; itol m.iloij* kuwotube. By edwaku schk.v k, tb.s d y the 2d **a*t. at il o'clock, at his salesrooms. Noa. ififc and 15t broadway, the stock of one of the linen; cabinet makers in the city, con Htn Uifi in part of elegant *.<?;id curved and plain rosewood Suit*, in ?atin and brooatel, plu*h and rep*; ?iegunt rose wood Amoirc-u*Oia;o, mugiiilieem ? ate wood round c orn-red Bedsteadsand Bureaus; do. in blivl; w tuut, tlnlslied in oil; roaewood and walnut Secretary, Library JJoo;;? aite, elegant rosewood and walnut i'tcp-res, curved walnut and oak Buf fets, oak and Walnut library and ijimng k>om Chair* and other elegant Furniture. the abo\< is ail ??i the very beat manufacture, and \> Ml be positively bold by order of asst^m e. The particular attention oi those ttt want of elegant Furni ture is respcctiuuy icunetted to ihi* sale. J. B. F UK EM AN, Assignee. FOOLTON, auctioneer.?EXTRA LA HOE SALE ? of mew and kecond (land Furniture, Mirror.*, carpcis, oilcloth#, (in Fixtures, rich Parlor Furniture, ihiiliii: Room do., Kitchen Furniture, <jla.m>ware, oiiiee rurimure, oa'., Ae.?This dav (wednesdar) Oct. 2, at 10* ? ovbn u, at tin- auc tion rooms, iih Fulton street, near Nassau, the entire Furni ture of a large four story bonne, removed from the upper part of the city, thli sale wili embrace evfiry jt.n i and de nt r i>uoii of good Goods; also all kind* ot' Carpet*, odeioths, Feather Bed*, Hair Ma.up sses. larfte, and ?utall Mirror*, tu te a-Tele Sofa, french Bedsteads, !)ro-*ln Bureaus, marble toj? Centre and Card Table*, toother with every description of Bedroom and Basemen' Furniture. al*<? onn larita Mir ror, 20 feet in length, suitable lor a hotel or restaurant. Halo will tie peremptory. geoliue COOK. auctiotfekr. asslon'kr. S SALE of FIRST CLASS housjsiiold Ff/rntturb. To day, et 11 o'clm-k, at 141 Broadway, a large stock, consisting in part of rog?-wood Parlor Suits* m bro< ?ide, bro eatel. ph.*h and haircloth; Library a mi jl? oni huiis, in ki'heo reps; rosewood a'; ! bluo v wulaut l'arlor S"ereuuies, library B )ok<v?>cs, War ivi>\n .s, k c: res, sm? boanis, w< i k t.i ?les, Extension ami F in/y Tables, ros -v<u?? i, black wal nut .and maiioi;a'iy tie<isteaus. Bureaus, \Va.?.hstau?1s, llall Stand*, ac., all of the be*f, quailtv nud lo be poaltiveiv sold by order k. V. WlLBFJi, Asst.-uee. N. 15.?on saturday, at 12ovlock, per account of whom it may concern, five Cold Watches. 11 LEEDS i ,.A' 1 ' '"^rcKlt?HRVBT H, i.i II o '? L Thursday, Oclo. . , a' " ' '" k No. XI N ik?;.u street ai.'V i"!r !"'!i '"'""py uk,:" ? win.-.., iimin: "imj ii all of wiiivbate^iuta* i , u?(l a? ril ? .?:? \ <nnt\Z 1?m..ui*w ?:i Importation* ami *. ! ofim ! obM,?,} i i',I'";' f1"' H"ntl" rn II.? u!e. V e tut* *?' 'I*'*?t Bt'rlii*. which gave entire satisfaction in (he i 'ir cliu... rs. Jt.-an.iie-, Sh.;r. les, Madeira R,.,,, rl'' j^laretJ^V''' ' i i''' 'if~'i""1 {'1"1' O'.u d,.... ? ,? 1 ? *; "i ??> ? ?<???! ii><>n?iii aw ? " oil' brand an.I l..hel of ,r h.?i?"iii",.", |"i(I.,r?.,| Montreal, IMiul.-iin, nival golden unit im.,v? sh-n ? ? c\iiu p do. and nuuviixr ?t>i J'l.rt, very nr.. 11 -1. \Vi cii! BiumU, old um, , |??rs (l , ?lvI luu f!-oiii lilt-pi'hatf ?ti. k <>l a : ? nil Ulan rlsui r i'l" J?"1""!"'- '"'? l'idll" h I'i * a.w.; Hill. ..!. V. O. P. (IM1) r al" bberry. .I?. Ma S. ira. Brandy, Ant,una Bum, .v. j '. *'? ?niim-Je < ituimi tntt'iii ..f IIuvmi.i .s.i'iiik imrr """ b*1,4"('<' remiiiniiii. from Hal., m ijil, J,,.,.: lv ~l vvm.T- 1,1 '? ?????"?-. Bmam.-u. Yar. .e L'of< ru-.otn, ?,<,iton Plant. KM'fntiide. Oil.,.., I'nu.-it H'i w.'c fu..'u.r?',1v .i ,:U,1 VM,,"-V "lh"' '' amis, |? ,me.t,,;Ub?nd I1"111' r *>o.\?*, in lots iu Min puri:iias?r.s. I I'-iV v'-'vrV'^"^ JtUCTIQNEBB, m-V.v fr-l.J... I1, i ! ? t (k?i "" ??'"nt auction, TOW. ' 1 l'" j 2. Hi12 II clin k, III in.nt 111 store, No it Va? U hnI Br .1'" I. "fV K" " 1,1 **"rt"ij.*.??, mail.. I.y US. d. panel Hide*, iu jjood orU? r aud v?ry litUo I! !'iN-i\w .. ^CCTIO-VEEK-HRXRY n. LEEDS ,v (?(,. will ...iJilml, ,m ^"m^ ,"l I"! ' i ijt II ii '?a..:k, in 111.* ? alps r No. M-t N ,s- miin at u^:?' ns;' r,u- - ^ ???i oSMgMr 7 I Kxnv n. i,;-;rj-n. a nrTK>VERR. U h'V?; ,"i' ?' :1 s"H at uiictii.ii, mi USnJZutiT ?*' "?"'""l or f ?? 1?" luiiVxarr 'ittcTlnVvl'ry'?W5" s"oJ travel "?ld reKurv,>' H" thp ""'Her 1b .V: I'?o. kawi.y, milila t? orUur, w ith Dole ooinplctu, :?r|,ri.?.. Ii, Ku?(l oid-r p J } ' w'.'Y i1.'. '"TtONEKR. 1 ii , Oiili'f ''-1 ? ' ?ii.k'raviiii.K, c.,ii',,"ri"'iiij", til" Wui-.i, "! . , , l',!,,,,.,. |{. .M?,,,1 Oil I iHI-'.'lil, IJ' \\ , m; v..jmi j? ,w i' m. ...... j ?> j'osti.'i';,.1." uViT.i"" ' Nl1"::1" iu"TjK ? '' '. n ol tin,. (>i i-... ila-Itlim, (;o|',l, KMih,;4,VK,'Vp."w!r .u"su.,,)''|.j^ll '|.iJ' ?Miilr. J..H..|.li v.tii I. < all... (tui'r. hfn.., Itr.'.wn J (' 'riioin' Th,. jfcy nENKV QMfit. An-nONKEU-WI!,!. Nl 1,1, Tills .lay, n H'.'j ii ? lo.-k, at il?. niton 1:M V\ ill: im '. i.M^.lii.imty.,! < Ir... .-ilrs, \V lues, l,i,,,i?r8, .*.? ? ImLs f- ?"??????!?.?.? Mu.vlin.iU'u^ V.:.,.,ucm, (iin and Wliisk' y, .s<'^:?rs, ?tc. |*OHN LLOYD. AUCTIONEER?A8KIOXRTs?a batw -t 'Vn S(,)NSwiil -?|1 ?? T.miVmIuv. S r'ygp. ^ ?>? TOW R Havts. A1 CTtONBXS.??9D 0A888 ?nt?T<" ?i?,Mii?at;.i,i li..ii, <m Tlitirsiirtv. Oct. 3 at ! iv..t J" ,H' ,l;,'v"r,'u ?* u;r..rti ,iiiit .' i i Ub.Jimlil.* iri.'.ds, direct from in?niiUcmrer?. l.ut.ilogiies on iimrnin^ of tl??' J P. TRAVKU, AL'CTrONKKK?<)FFTCK 170 T'll \T ? ham ?\\ ill h?? iI lUlH il:?y, 10% ?V| i-k '- J7') hlt/HU".. M?.Tf n?ur'HI-ling, two 'pimios Iii r^o I<-? Huxf liar Fix iu rt-H, n???v ULihh {%*<> Sm i'-v' te.Trni,^"' Mturcli' ttsh. Me?'. Plow; JOHN 11. BI.KI.KV, AUCTIONERU?8T014E 114 \',Z el lial ftri-. t-HlilHclltbU.lay, ,.t 2 .. , lo..|{ at Vo ?IUr ,V,.l Ktr.-ct, near Varlfk, all th? Kurnitiirc In Wl|,| 'i,,,,,^..' Voii-i.t. Idi, ..I horij*. t hulr., ( ui-|,. t?. !?...kiii,t HIium-h, Oilolutli? cmi. m. llcij Suit-., Jim., iimi ..tii. r M.,it?-?w.,? HcMim; (i !, V ? tuiKS, J'k:lui'-?, t'.uikliiK M..VP*, tVntru ami otii.-i Ti.ll. s oi;aliv i. .ckiUKunU other t:i..iti>,uud Klurhct) Kurnluir? wltti whirii tho sale will comnieu'T- * JOSEPH BEOS MOT -<i\ FKDAT OOTOBBK 4, AT 1 I- r/Ll'r ^l^ " Lll ll'e VVjJ), ?url,l>y. CIII-K.-r oC 1 car Nil.. 1. Hi "okly ii?K very unit pair ot Mute*, 1;. l.amU ) inch l)i;'ii. H'.-ijjt.i Jt>< wt? I.rnke to Hluylitniitt double luii uess, wan-anted wound and kind. 7 OSEPII JIEUKMA V. tf THOUSDAY. Oct. S. At 10'.. o'clock. A. 21., at Kayntoud street, between Pulton i'.nd OcKalh avenues A_genernl assortment of ^..od Piirniture?lte?e.vno<! Parlor Suite III fn-ffri -.IIISl,: r(?tc?-o..d B- okciiM', niaboKauv Se re ' try, ?w. Jitecerc, tViitre Table, Kunravihk?. i.Mb.?ii'?\ Jl..,j ii'-id', Hui-nut.s, M"".i'ert-c>, Pain'.' 1 Set, |. -i ?- ?.. . | ;r_ "?* Murbl" r .p JJull.-i, Kxienst.ui Table! I.oui,^.. t :n rn, ? ulna, iliass Ware. ItrusselH and tin-.'.- i>ly I:.irneV Ole loth*, two 0a< Ch.ui.k'!iera, Ki-ackets. Jkc. Mt>UT(i.\liK S.\I,E OK H0K8E.H AND WAOOSS?BY ,,,V1j>K;' I 'lLh. oM W .luoiiay, at ilo'clo W, in front .14.. t"ilton Htrcct. Brooklvn, t-..iisiHtlii? of in . Coaches two llKht " auoiis, two U Hoi-xph, line Koad JV w .tie Ifaddli) Morsr, Han,.-?, BluukeW, Ac. ' |?A? NP.K?iKiili'S SALK.-B. LEVY, AITTIONKER, 3 J. ,tn-ei will ?cil, ihl.s day, at In'; k ?llk .iii-l other , Mart - (jiillm, Blankets, hliirts, .Sheets, ltfwqucs, Slumls, Beds, Pillow.,, men'* Cii.the* Watches, .li-welry Ac. By order of j'-. I'AKKEit. I > A W ,V llliOKE R'S SALE?M()3fl>AY. !nt< O'CfOi'lt J. :it HKLL INt?iiAIIAM'S auction Sew Howcry, 3u(l tot, -aoerior men's ClothiiiK. Particulars Ii. llm... By oi-ili-r .Mis t'olieii, corner of Colombia and Hi-oomc tun .|s Pawnbroker's Bale Tuesday, by ord. r ol M Ali .-rbaelv. 4H.1 (Iran.t stri ct. J ' ,u 1 'n AWNHKOKi'U S. SALE.?W . N. LEWIS WILL SELL n[ op stairs. I.y (?| VV. js IM 1? - P HON A ro., h luruo <\u?nuty or unnMU ??nn!?l , o^' K.'k'" ^ ^ I-'huij*, \c., Ai'. Hule to at lO^j j pAWNKK'llCK';^'S SALE.?THIS DAY. AT II O'CLOCK ' l .IHIIN Muiiri .Lit will ,.?!! |arKe 1..I of W ane,'i ! w-nnnu Vi.i'H 1 ??!, cot.slstlnr ot |?r. Silks su.wl I Cloaks. Ac. My ordernf.L LV.VOII, Pltii-and sti-.-el. ' I CIXTII FALLTRADE SALE OK 11ARDWA RE.?JOH N I ? 1'.. VAN A.N 1'V\ liliP'.s WIN, Auctioue t, will v,.|| ,,(1 Thursday, October :i, 1361, at HI o'clock, jit hi-. -al?sn. ini 7.1 tlliain street, liDM lots nf-.,rted English, (I rinau ami American Hardware, Cull ry, Ac., coni| rislnf, in t.,,i su..e not P.s'kcI Knives, tme Table Cutleiv. Axes, II.-Ires,' K.lee To.'!-, Cinils..-ml ami Trunk Lix-ks, Mortice mid lllni-Locki English radbs ks. Chisel Handles, Alliala Kau. els bras* Sci. wHook*, bruf.1 Table Hliig.-, do. Ten Bell.-, lira's* and while metal Hand Bells, I'. i- Pfasks, Shot I! Its Bolts n, Mil ieu, Hat and Coat Hooks, Butter Tru is Mai ets Slates Scissors auil Shears, Butcher Knives, Coffee Mills, ,t', aJm! English ?ud (lertiia?Oun? and RifleD, Ac., Ac. Xenns c,,?li. SHERIFF'S SALE.?BOYS' CLOTHING, AC. CHAMBERS A KAIRCHILD, Aoctloneeis, Salesroom ll'l Nassau street. Will sell this day (Wednesday) o -. ?, at il o'clock, at H'< Knlton street the stork of a Boy*' Cloihimt store, etintlntinu nf a ilc.lrable assortment of C..-4ts. R .uiu!ab.,nts,.lackets Vesis, Pants, A<\, fur sutumei, fall and winter wear. ' JOHN KKLLY, SherUT. QBSRirr' 8 M.I' - FAN.'y GOODS, AC M CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Aii.-iiinmer*, Salesroom 1111 Nassau street. Will sell on Wedni wlar, October:.', at 111 o'clock, at 1 OAJhan. -r* ilreet, a larue aseortmeut of Fancy tjoods. Military Or tiamntits, Beltf Il..o|. Skirts, Yankee Notions, lion Safe A. JQHM KKLLY. Bbcnff. ' \V'M, W1XTEKS, Al'CTfOVHRR?WILL SKf.L THIS '? nuy, at J o'clock, at 4M t'll nal atii-et, two Parlor bill's iu,'"!!'! ;'!nt do- in plush; Centre. Dining and Tea 1 ml. s lioitsi 'it u, ^ A'-. '-ooiot.- ay s-ts ai tii lcs o?lir "C W l arpe'". Ac., together with ail othei "ft ^u*"-,,'lj' t' ?iid(lia large le sruing house. By order of Thomas i:,i?'?i, , \,t,,r?_v Utorney for mortgagee. Oltce 47'H'n and intei." i.lli ' "',n 'v '''? 'lays. Also, the right, lillc ami intci. ?i. \,lil Ixi sold r<> u? pmuetda of the above W^br*'.^ Al'i T10JJEKR, WILT, sl'.Ll . ,k' 1 ''4 Canal Mu-et. a! M -'^ 'v^b i F1 >a!ua' ji I Muiinas, IJn'.hc ,v,.? , n?iii <j. i, ( , i??-.? I*, j . ? iV<>oil I iauotarw, I,1'; ? p'c'ng ..?,| Te-i Tablet. ,j, |, } ' in, fai str. utid other C., pet-. Hall and j Bmcmrn' Oilcloths, ma) o^anv Vi< J Hi'r an<l otner M uu.'.;??v I " I". H.aukors. T* o ?????L.n ! i>?. ^,\V:.v!: -laodfr. T i >l:. . T ? T:#r F? ; I;- and i ? ? j ' , M - ?? ? ?!?*. N. if. -i.,m i> 1 ? ?'' . :.. ? . 1 Cotfn, ? Bed Be.lis, .^h<*??!?, 8ALKS AT AUCTIO*. TITE W0VL0 CALL ATTENTION TO THE 8AI.E <if Tr bonded uiid unclaimed Gooda to ho Mold at auction tai* d?JT by E. li. LUDLOW A <;o., at S7 New mreel. w. *. BOLUNUSUEAD, AUCTIONEER. .BOOTS AND SUoK.s AT AUCTION. ALEXIS BRAOO A WARRK V, 30 WARREN STREET, -t'H Of| THURSDAY, <> TI )?!?:.: 3, AT 10 O OMJCK, I.UUO CASK i iiUO'lh A Si) SHOI..S, ComnrlalnR an us urtment of fre*h anil se<isonabl? flood#, to WAicit tbo attention of the trades i? rehpeuti ully invited. REGULAR W~LY AUCTION. BALES H KKJiA K. KKoN i ll I i' -DAYS. ALM> A I I k] . A I i: SAlJi. BOOT> AND ailitfc ; V TI1E PACKAGE Of ever/Ueaurlni ion, r low. ? |-rb? * LIBEllAi, r \ 11 ADVANCES on c? i >0?iu*;niH. WILLTAM AHBOTT, AUCTIONKKR. Larue *?alc of Smvi hi . 'anion on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The entire Block coinaiied 4m tii.? *?', ve i'\ -tory, No. .*172 l'rirl etre t, consisting 01 -vciy deacrtj . n ;m>j -i/.*' ol * "o. ? Parlor, Kirromn. Aihaidoi. Meteor <*a ' urnrr, Ruby, i-'.ve. nui;: St; r, Fancy Kraurlin*, Vic y ri.u , Cu-le 'i.nn Cookii ?: ami Levuithuu, Olobo, and . . .rat variety l> rtai ami J.tundrv uae, without reserve. Haiti to commence at ld|? -* iot> M. IIUPPlNGi AM WRKKIA ULivVM'.N NEW YORK AND rpool, lundiufl and embai Mi.ii pa?#eni?ei> at Qu i ieTlvtr, Irriand. The i.iv <?? d. Y-a Vo-k ami Pni!adH| dia ff. uui> l.-|. Tom) i: ' i' i<? i:i; ? i ?>! ? . theirl'uJl-iwm*ued, Chd< -i iii't iron i. ;itu.-Muaat? ltdiowa;? CITY OK NKW YOiili Saturday, Oct. 5 KDiNBUKCi Sahii da\, Oct. 12 hi. . . aturdav, Oi t. ID 01TV or W ^ "irr\ - Saturday, o< t. -6 And every Saturday, ' noon, i m pier 44, North river. UATKX or sick. Flr*t t'abin *>7a I Su-tu^p .........$^50 44 to London Mil " to London .-'I 41 to Phi in Sal 44 to Pari* .'W 44 to ll.imnurg.*. r.5 | 44 t?> Hamburg PnsfteugeiKahto iorw-ii <(*><1 to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, An'werp, .tu., at cj i i'i" low pr'i'cs. I'crK. tin wf-thlnu t. i< ou? t'udr f'H??nd? can btiy ttck-etB Immv at thn tollowini; rj.?oK, to Nev\ Y'-rk;?Fro in ijirHrpool or Q-U'i'iistow u. 'ir,;i. cabin, $#". f hih! $105. Ht?rr..^o fn?n, Ijv??, pool SI*' From <*Mm?*nMo\vo 5?.'0 These stcanu': ii:ive superior accoi?)iij?,d*>tion8 for pHf-^en cer#, and carry experifia?.? Mirpiiis. Tliey ar? built in \Vatcrii;?!it iron scciio/jN, and have, patent fire anuihilatoib on board. K< r farther information appiv In Liverpool toWTLT.T\M IN MAN, A^'io.22 \VnlHisir??v; iuiiU' Ut \VM. IN .M A V, 6f-i. Ku?. it : io 4'Jn. un tf. U . |> rtKYMOl U A ? i t. : in London :<? i-.i ,v MA< KV, 61 King William slrifetr in PariM to .J 1* LKS bKt'Ol'1'*, a i'iof do la l?o i;rw; in PbiladcJplici uiJOHN O. D.\ ill Walnut street, or at the couipai.y'8 oiliuea. JOH N '1. IMLK, Apuit, !.'? Broadway, New York. niuK BUiriHH ani> No?rrn amkkican kuyal 1 MAll, S;?aMMl!!>. FBO.X SUWYOlt* TO MVMtFOOU. Chief cabin pas $].'?') SecOfid caldn r i-i-ap' Ki:o>l ijm.jmM T?> 1JVi.i:c00U (Thief cabin pa-;,-. $ll'> J>?''"OJJd o ?bin p 'i'-''-'ii'4 I'd The slop.- r 'in N. * Yot k rail at Cm*k harbor. he .shtp i t'roni Ue t??n call a H *?11 lx and < >rk harbor. !?; Rfll v. i ?. I ? I AFttli A.Capt. ghnnn m. AI: A BI v. ? . tie. CAN.miA. i ot..,I Lcitch. .\.-l \ i tt. AMl'JH' A. a;?t. l? H-klcy. ALSTitALAcl.v.N, .Vi \(i,\ i:.\, I''(it. Iki. C t. ('ooli. | KI'Uopa, Cupt. Anderson. St.oTJA (u?'W l?inldi!.^.) Thei?o vessfIs<??n> .i clear \vhn. li?;ht at jna.'+ibead; greeti on starboard b..\v; n-,t on n? i ? u??w. PKR^IA, .! ..M.-s lcav>> % ?? York, Wudnmday, Oct. 9 NiAOAKA. M udle. " i;.m n " Oct. 1(? A "dA, 41 N? A York, 4* Oct. 'A CANADA, Mulr, 44 Hnv .?. 41 Oct. W AKiUCA, ShauMon, 44 N"'\* \t-rk 44 Nov. ?> AM1*.t::? A. \son, 44 'on, 4* Nov. 13 j.cniiH led s. ,-nrt i imiil pal.'. !'?> An ?,*\prn?'.ri' d Miifg nil on board. Tii-' owners of ? l?r ? -hij-s will not 1m? an:able for G* Id, sliv. r, K..!!iori, Spe- ie, J-wrlrv. Prr? loi.s Stones or JWrials, unless ,'i.h of l.idin.: are smm-d there.or, and the value thereof therein e\pp-s-? .I. i i I ply to K. Cl'NARD, Su For sottiiampton and havkk on sattrday. <)rt. I'J.?The I tut. 'I S\?'? s mail ht. amer ITLTON, J* A. Wot ton ? enm.indei. wd s.?il from j i?o o7 North river, foot of ltrjieh suret, on *a' nrday, Oct. 12. This M-amMrj ~ Ut)Hiirpai!.se<i foreatety .4(1'< ? .iniori?has double en^'iur.s un d? r dei-k, en"l sed by w-itei tight. I'onijwvrnoentf, which, be. Hfdea oilier rt^oiis, if'nd. in tne rvent of eollision or s?ra'id lnif, to tlie pump> ; r. ?? work, and sr.-urr the safety of vessel and p i- ??-!? ? . ? 1-Vr frid^U*. or passa^" aj ply to \ M I I" ii AT. i* O \ ) . . . v.. J 0|>/.n.|,|rn-ir Cfco >1 Vl'liEN/.IK, * v?-r""'. N"' 7 Br('?<lw?y. The steamer AltACO will nail November9. RAM To TIAMBI KG, IlAVKK, LONDON AND Si'tf ha.npt-.n. The 11 ?a?b.i',v A oeri- an P.irkel iJompnnjr'u iron steamship SAXOMA, M. liners cotnmamler, earr* it.;-, ti:r i nred Suites mail, will leave fraii pier No. 21 North river, loot of Fulton street, PATI RDAY, Oct. ft. fit noon, for Hamburg, via . - ?aiiamj i. lak lug pasf.t?engrrK for Havre, London, S"..11, t M?ton and H.'m > ij-?. First ( aMo, $Pm, h??con<l catdn. $6??; wteeraire, ?*V>. The Hteu;?iei> of . s tue will le ?v*r evcr> alieruatc Satur , carryitm tde ITn ?*?' States mail. The fcteanmhip BAVARIA will sure^d the Swxonia on Oct. 19. C. B. UlCllAKDS A J50AS, 151 Broadway. ST rpilK NORTH <iKHMAN" LLOYDS STEAMSHIP BRE* 1 MEN, if. VV -?, 's command-r. carrying the United States mail, will will from |>i*-r 30 North rivci, foot of Cham be l a street, ? , SATURDAY, October 26, nt 12 o'clock M., Knu P.ltEMEN VIA southampton, taking passengers to LONDON. ILWlli:, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at ho .'oUowuigr tt<? ? Tor tin* !ir<t eabto, Sl'.W; second cabin, $lk>; steerage, $35. For trcij^ht or passage <pply f" OKLRiCHft A CO., Broad street. QTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLA8GOVV AND LIVER k pool.?Tli.' Montreal ihu'Hii Steamship Company's hr*t clahs. Cull pov? red. Clyde t?n*it steamer J1 RA, ' j l >in% carrvlrtc the C,m<uiian and United Smtes mails, will sail from m-\t Saturday, O t.f?. Rates of oissaee fnun N?-w \ ork ?Kit * ? lass, a ordtng to Mecoinniooation. $70 and $*6: steerage, found with cooked provision. $'td. Certificates is sued ;'?>!*britit'liik' *?ut u'*.scngois from all the principal to* us in Oreat Britain nn i Ireland at very low rates. For pieyugc apply at 23 Broadway, N?*w Yor*. SABf1 i \ SEARLE, General Adonis. Direct steamship link between NEW York. HAVRE AM) ANTWERP. Tlic new and .sj;i"{i<Ji<l st-aim r, A I, CONGRESS, Capt. Limiting. 2.S00 tons, home power. Will sail from New York on wednesday, Oot. 10, For }] ore and direct Price of passage tor Havre, Antwerp, Southampton or Lon don ;? First cabin $I<Hf Second ca dn $00 J Steertge .*55 Children between one and o-n vear*? ? age half price. For in Iiltt applv to VVM. F. schmidt. 7<s R> av-r rtreet. For pavsarc apply to HENRY M. WEED, k>7 West street, corner of Rcado street. ? FTOR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.?THE packet ship i 1 LTIVATOK, lying at pier 'J7 East river, sails Oct. 8 Tile RESOLUTE Kails Oct. 9. For passage or dt <.rt*on h'f land, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS A Ol'lON, *tt) Fulton street. 171 OK LIVERPOOL?T A PHCOTT'S LINE.?SAILS ON the Mil October, the celebrated packet ship OCEAN MONARCH. Capt. P.- :o, h ingat pier 40 East r.ver. and the packet sh;p constellation sails 10th O.-tober. For pas aa.e, at I >w rates, upply on board, or to TAPS(JOTT X CO., Sh South Rtn-et. IilOR LIVERPOOL?THE splendid CLIPPER SHIP 1 MAKRIANNE NOTTKROHM. Captain Larni?. beH-n one nt'the finest sh'.pH ailont, wiil sjii'. on October H. Splendid ucrmninodations t??r all eln; s ??f pas-encer'. Apply on board, pier It Kn?t river, or to JOSEPH 3ILRPHV, ui South strift, ne;: r Wall. 11*1 OR LIVERPOOL?THE FELL CLIPPER SHIP KL1LEN VI'STIN. hauls in the Stream this day h i four o'clock. I'. M . Iiavlfn? unetjnaled aceomniodaiienp for h:I ? las*"* of I-asseru'.ers. F?>r jws aije. nt tlic ioweM jHHt>ible rates, pply on ?? aid. or to E. COLLINS A CO., at the ofllce on pier N?>. 5 North river IltlK LIVERPOOL.?RLACK HALL LINE OP PACK Cts -Tlie el;J } ??!? slop ALEXANDER VIARSH ALL hauia ill the at ream th:i* c.ay, and aails tomorrow. The Nepiune ?aila on the Mth of <')et??bcr. For passage nr. Woard, ? E^OH HAVRE.?THE SPLENDID CLIPPER SHIP CITY OF .YEW YORK, Caputiti Salter, positively sat is Oct. 2. Passage $!8and found with pro^iMon^. Apjdv'on )>oHi d, at pier No. North river, or to V\ M. I'EMAREST, K) South si. (pOKV'AUFORNIA MA PANAMA J1 A lirsi ?iaaa aieamc, will leave N? x York on the 1st, lltii and 21st of each montJi, except xvh ' these dates fall on Snn day, uiieii rhe day of departure will be on the Monday tot- ( lowing. For frleght or pa^aa^e apply at the <?n\y ofH? e. No. 5 Bow- i HiiffGreen. U. K. ALLEN. Vvjeni. i 4 I'STMALJA pionker LINE?CARRY!NO TfII INI J\. ted Stn'*H Mail. The British elioper aliip SI AM !h now r.ipid'.v I" i liii:;, i<t pier l.'s East elver, for Sydlirv. New South VVale*' direet. li t * iMMJrp.'iaae*! a? < <,n?' ?? f?.j- first snd second cabin pasaccn-ers. For fr<Mgbt or passage, apply to R. VV . CAMERON. W Beaver strnou \ I STRALvVN SHIPPERS LI>JR ?-tukt viirt.'P.t, :\ ? <\ ti. nrs' , :.4S-. ?lij?jei sht;. CONTINENT, will receive freight. :i lew days longer, ami be de?patened for M#'i i?onriie, direc;, positively on Saturday, 6th of October. Ship pers will plea *e eomnlet* their sluometits and s?ml in bills ?>f lading t?? the ofllee of the Mihs. r*it??'i . Can arennunodate a ft w more im.^en^ei> Apply ??n board, at pier !:! Ka>; rivrr, or I' H.-HEK. HlrARDS .v CO., 84 Wall itraai. miu neuvitas \ st. JAt.o ni; s.ulon V <?n Saturday, October 6. at 2 P. M.. the new in.n s^ imship oriental. I.&00 tons, armed with rilled cannon, Benjamin Tu;.?? commander, i* rendy to receivo fri ight lor'ha above ports at pn r * North rivi r. foot M<?rri? #.rr??e:. F? r ( r^tght. or passage apply to MORA BROS , NAV'ARRO A C(A. 54 Escchanfre place. Vo cargo received or bills of lading siuocd on the day of sailing. Port of delivery inuat be ma-ked on every pacit.ige. pOR RIO .JANEIRO, 1A)TA (NEAR valparaiso) and San Francisco.?The Pacific Mail Sic.ooshh' Com pany will denpateh their new steamship CONSTITI j iON, tons burihen. from New York for the abo\c poi v on or about ti-1 t<? I fit! i November next. Cabin p is sage to Rio .$150 Cabin passage to Lots .'VM Cabin passage to San Francisco. -Itfcl Freight will ale > ne taken for San Francisco If suflk'icnt itt din ? ment * are offered. Apj lyat the ofllei* of the company, 88 VV all street.

X VTRI MOfl IA !L?? AYOi'NO WIDOW LADY WISHES TO FORM THE acrppiintiim c of a geruietnan of ample me m* and good position, with a view to matrimony. Admires d rk hair and eves -itid a handsome iH-ar'd. Address A. M. O., N*e Yori. Post otllce. T YOUNG MAN 18 i>ESLRf>l^5 W POMlNfi tSk 1\ i fpiaint uiee o?'a hi ly under 22. of good standing, fresh looking. heaRhy. large and noble appearance, we.j-hing 14ft ibv at I" ?*t, w ith a vi-w to matrimony. Addr?*#* Anrioua. box ?4 Broadway iv>st office, giving particulars, for one MATRIMONiArl?AN \ MKiUi 'AN OENTi EM \N, IN . manhood'F prime (4?S), pn>i unc. J nrcp -m-.-i^g, M liDeral eiuc.fe n, fefnod mannc's and high ? "ial\ -blon, j i.,-sing ?ne proi ? riy snn n r> :<%?> ; t i t-, ? 11y ikes t ;.i- method of .*i ?.i iii< a mutt alaiv. atne o with ay ?ung l.uf' or a young e i ? . -ooltany ? ? .il.' d. intlen ot -natn re? i >. To w sitv.-n ? re*i>ond' ;ii the au^aeriboi'>? real furno sti t uncx eptl wP . t ?.? %vlU "oo given. Address B. H.? U,x l.'io Her: "1 e. N w v-.ik. .y. CCUla /'?o-v?, ?i .v iim: or vLirv 01 < oal for \ ,'!>*. i le I i.' _? without t'ilivt; ? ?|.t WAtTanted. LOVD & Ci)M ?'2*i E^htU avc-u$, our&ir of bt oDiy*s*.v? t . .i. . SALES OF REAL ESTATE. l BEAl NKUL FARM, 40 A0RE8, K MILS ?BO* DS? J\ put, 15 from New York, In N. J., $1,61*1; 74 do., two mu '? front Input, lit N. J., Si) mile* frooi New York, 09,(3iH>; 27 sci?.*?? RockUud county, $I,9W: nood building*. frtuls, Ac" on h: W. H. MliLll'K, 407 Broadway. A HOUSE AND LOT FOE HALE-ON northeast /v i orn. ro* F, iv-rU>hth street; e.i-ilv iiN-r .1 to u m.uv. I'-qulieou the pr nines, or of WM. FE'lTKKiVlI, US t??t Thirty-second streeV Any person having an enclosed vacant lot In O.reiiwood iif l-ry, .<?.! willing to dlv of H lor c:nh. ?'* red need prl e, timr learn of a piirelu. ?er by ad dressing Uresuwood, llnmld olluie, stating locution, size aud P' - / 111 \ Til AM, N. J?A TASTY COTTAOE, TWO STOR1F8, 3d feel si11 'a re, with I * i> not*' . if .'round, three mini.i'-s frmo |Hit ou Morils A K*s< x B&tlrniid; fruit, ' o j? widiij trees; line scenery. Address bui 'ifili New York l'o.t oii.uc. TTUKM TO exchange FOR CITY PROPERTY?OR A P t> "i k In trade, in or near tin' illy. Inquire of Uie owner at 91 Bar lay stieet. T^AUM?WANTED, FROM FIFTEEN To THIRTY ACRES, P <n- tiini-t' willi li aise and liiill'liitc* on It, fnor iw. \a miles .1 on Now V ik. I'leaw *)?>.? mate, riui and luase. Ai,i1p>> L. X., Elillhiish l'osl olliee, L. I. T.10r SALE?TWO NEW. FIRST CLASS, FOtJR STORY, I' rowo .'-loin- tr?nt i 1 >"i -? >, Willi nil till- U-." .' ii. lin n,. ,i *, x ,*. 41i hi.,I 47 East Yhlriy-?evonth street, heiween Fi rk lin 1 Lexington nv.'iiiii s. Inquire ou the premises. T/IOK SALE?AT A OREAT BARGAIN, A HOUSE AND r Lot. having fill Cie inoderi, i.u|>?'ov.'m.-tititi<- niHii* Forini pj if ?i, r- ir.-i t. l or particular* apply on ihe prainl*e*, N>. 1(17 West Twi nty-Otlh Htreet. I/OK SALE?AT PRICES TO Si l l THE TIM ES. TW EN F tv*iiv" li-ime ..H i hr,. k Hihik ?*, on S-v, -eighth, i'.i: ht>'>-.' >o l mi l Eijuy-tliir I street*, ii tin* ' t improved ot v. ikvlll", lit pifrom *!,?? to to $?.i<<l<l,auil n >M?nn?ilnlliic tonnn of f)?iyrn?*nt. Apply to JOHN r? K NEK. iu the paint store, Eigluy?Uin mi i riuiul Third avenue. T/oIt SALE?OR WILL exchange for A NICE r lull llouae in Brooklyn or this nty, a jM"d puvi.'ig down town .Sal,Mill and H tr, \v ; i j* " i nt a L ir pi',' ''? nil,OS A ROSSKI'EI,, 73Nu-?an mreet.^ T.10R HALE?OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOIl WESTERN r land or good Ootid*, a im? F.irai u. l iin ioen uctvt, w.-ll w.itcroil, piciity (?' I rnit, 'If arubit-!' ??iillnii, a I u' tu*w hyu ,", Iniiiloi orlek nii'l foil''. :'? l.y 4? l''?-t, nei' N-nin-i di'p"t. R,m klaimri nnty. NV'V V rk. Apply to 11. Y. BROOKS, lol \V<' 't Forty . iiu ttrml, N. V. ________ 1^011 SALE?A HOUSE AM) LOT, IN SOUTH BROOK I1 1 y 11, "".' lit ti Fulti W'lH ?'.net anl South li'r.l. lioiis-- aii'l ni!t^iilnirlio"?l l:r*t 'i..' *. |-i . '? $7,t*nl, liall o.i morli:ai'e nu I Oi.lnii>'.* in 'n* rcli,iii'ii*i, railroa.l, iiiniii,iu< e uii.l l,:ink " k, or :i muhII i 1 n-'- in the eouniry. Apply to V,. I'. SAi ivETf. IT.'W . i'-r ir t,'Orii rol 1'iuc Hli"-i. T.tOIl SALE?FORTY .MILES <>N 1 o.Nti ISLAND. A I Inrnio. nt^.y ihieo nut t,%-iiiv tliHi *. Id in. k, plenty ol u kiiI, wilier mid Iril;; near 'lie i e.i -ii; r it 1"Willig. ..HlllllK, i'O.l ? H.ili.llg. : ile.l.. ill .0,'Htloll, K?"ll *??'? i/iio.I view. Also one I nulled miier 1'aniii-. tl. BLAKE. No. HChuinlierSKtnvt. T.10R SALE?THE FIRST CLASS FOL'R SToRY i'.I'.OV,'N' r h'olie lll-,ll , ? II U1M' ."II' l,e\mnloll .ivnue the ll " H8 V L^OIt SALE?A DININil SALOON; ONE OF Till: REST r 1" I' .1 i" 11? 111 tlleeiti. Inquire ill Xx.UUVeHeytittVel, oppo site Waitningloa market. TjlOR SALE-Oil WOULD BE KXCHANUED FOR f c mti.i.g or lor Hrn.iit Olollia ,iud t' i-?.i.i'-i e?, two l|,"i-eH -r, Brooklyn, eoiivel, to the lerrlea. Call on or addieml o. H. SiURi', l'?l Fullon iiire-i. ijiOR SALE OR EXCHANOK-FOR IMPROVED CITY I I'ri.i i' >. n i'.n in o! D.'i in ii-h, l"Ur inil"? Iroiu t'ni'i ? ii, N .! ' H i* 'i new B.iru mid a !;ir.:D?n, ? !!? uwi-. C!nir ii am" 1,-hooU nenr l>*. Si ? k l> ? b ol ;l aen red. VI ill lie poltl ,-lie.i! . \ pply to JAME.s BENSON, No. J4 Wastnngtoli Street, Holioken, ft. J. T.KJR SALE OR EXCHANC.E-HOl'SE AND LOT IN P Bronklyu; ?llllie mild eiieap f.r e.-li, or will be ex elnniieit i or a sti?'W ol Uoiiorc or a lutuor nlore ill:-: i.oing II _..i?'I p-iiliii; hiii.lnei--,. Adli-' Hi A., Ill" I'^S Herald of1'1'1'. T'or. SALE Oil EXCHANCK-FOR A DWELLINO I1 l!-ii'. In N'?w York. i'i" . ' tin..hie F.u mini: L ii?;, biinitiiull'. Mtiuited n?:ir South Ovsi. . Buy, L. I. Apply to A. Mi'CO'/ fLR. 1-H Fillloti sireet, N. Y. 1,1 OH SALE OR EXCIIANOE?VOR CITY OR COUNTRY 1 pt operty. two valnaoi' l*.iii-nt Kigliin, and ii i.ii isi' num ber ot manuiaetured (Jmin. I'aiiu<ind ^iiaru Rock Mills, "1 uillerenl ?l/.en, In good llniiaild. BKii.'S .t liOSsKTF.U, 73 Nasmiu -IP et. rWI! SALIi OK EXt'HAMlK FOR FARM NEAR THE J' '*it\?tiriii-er'H Imsii.i-f.', Si",k in trade, lli-i'e mill w.-isnn." lo.-e nil e.M.e; : re niii'iui- uity lor i >;..oil bin! neHK. Apply at No. 2 Moiililuiib place, Fi'.ioklyn, to JOllN brainekD. ,lilit s tl.E OR TO LI T IN BROOKLYN?A HAKD Millie - .nr M IA Dwi Il-Oia, I I I led !:i S-I'lld iilaeo f. r sale, pri'-e $li.'Jtil), ol'wlm i SS.lf'.l may remiin; iil-olli. Ki: ? nitui e mid Lil.i.iiv, e,..,t $3..>m, pri." Or will ceil Hie I-'irniture and ler-t! the houiHi. Inquire ol J. J. BONNET .V CO., 34 Lilwrty ?t. / 1 RF.KNWooD 1-OT WANTED --oTHK L.i( A'IIi>N Vf t l'/e nnii lowent caaii priee." Ad<lr<-M i.ivenwood, Imx 117 Htsreld oUIgc. . ">frRR\Y 1ITLL?tfALfc. M ^ LOW PHK'K, A. JVL !.?!?? Ui'ii pbrown II? J1? *???? Union, wHb *>r wiiimu. |"f furnttur *. i.?*\vty |?ainija. v,i;|.j <!<'.; ojie <?: * uuifonn U Iuim'H '/ifth ;?'id Sixth uvi!inic;i, lUi.i tl?i' in?]'ln M' ?? r.<^ liiif Ktr-pt on tin* Ml!. whMi w-U thruucb.Mii, built up on )>oth iin<l with ihv I<*:ih1>ui pHV"ii.e:it, us are lis - tie- tM 1 avi-nnei. Appiy l" 'j. M. , I'l^ MPTON, 1?S ilr. ..Iway, mem No. S ?\*r?STt:HESTER COUNTY BACK TAXES ?UJTS IN' \V tin' V'lrjoiiH rHlatcen will noon I''- "oiil taxes; itnati thoi-ii.nrii' h Heeled taxes amee ISftS, and have Hot ,wi.i il.e si, 1.1. I. -iin- >? Ti-ea- ,1-er. It'IlH i!ireel I ron, i ..itniy, Tieas'irer: also ll*t ol iol.i lo i"",d ? ii iiudol O. \>. Di l i 11 ett, I'omer id Chatham and Ciiamoeuani 1'iown stone blllMtllf. H'ANTED?A SMALL FARM, ACCESSIBLE TO NEW It York for daily hiKine-.i. Addft Mating p.irtleula.s aad price, l?ox lfly Herald ofliee, H'ANTED?IN THIS CITY OK BROOKLYN, A ?OOt> \\ ilouae and Lot, worth aliotii 1X1, lor n lii;-n a line ' - 1 l.i. ti-111 Hi' Oil Fainting*, I raine.., w'oi lie given. Tills ia a Hue opuortunity to pro? ui>*. <?'i J'aintin^s <tt a rrkv that uiujh O. M., slif-ft. lAfAN'Tl-.D TO BUY?A HOUSE, FIRST CI,ASK, WITH It inoderiiie in, rtitaite and ^oo,i iieli;hlioi'V.oo,i; will nive ,i lai ite riort In part payment. Addrefn tor a lew daya. with parti.-ulara ot pri '-, locality, iil. ilinbranee, .Vr., Buyer, lioy lir.l lleinid olliee VNTED?TO HUY A LOT IN YORKVILLK OR Vf li -ititty Ol' N'-i \"ta, lor nboui $1, tM, JUJUiaith, or ll small Uoiiait anil Lot for ahont $1.M)U, iash. Audress Mr. KliiKMoivn, station I). Post olliee. HILIiUUDK. BII.LIARDS.?IUSSFORD S TRl'K A NO LINO TABLES, it'l Kuiioti hire.". s Ann utreet. mil Court and Rem>,eii Mreets. Hn'okKii CHAS. LORD'S 3 Tahlea. Stiiltietnn, S. I TillFLWS PATENT IMPROVED RILMARD TABLE X ' ' AND COM HI N VTION rUSHlONS. l'rlfos jci!upf(! tn suit ihf PHELAN A COhLENDKR, C7Oronbvstreft. VNTKD? A Sl'A'ONl) HAND BJLLIAKl> FA hU?, I'ht-iairs cushions. Addi-cas t'. M., box 1.0S2 Post W MEDICAL. IN IMPORTANT WORK.--A OlIDK KOKUIEMUJ ^1. ried, or those ontcmplating it. The alMb ted, debilitated or diseased should not riotrrv cm* adopt any treatment till tho\ have iubuiued them*rl\Vs of tin* truth, oily f.*nnd in Dr.* LAKMoNT'S Hnr'S London and New \ ????:: Med teal Ad- t viserand Marriage Guide, edition/, untiled t??rSl ??y I UlCll AXtDSON. No, 1 Vesey street, and K< >>S A TOl'?*>E\. 121 N '.srfrtii ?tre? (. The doet'or cure*a?i such ail'cciionh, recent orcl l??nu standing, erped?;tonslj> and j>rlv?it?iy, us i'ory.v?i\s )??-it. ut 047 Broadway, up atiurs, irom A. M. ibt> 1*. M.* AFKEt TTON.S OAVSRT) BY MEROUV WD CERTAIN" diseases successfully cured by Dr. Ward, iii Laigiit sinwl. The Darinr in cciwhii! attendance. /lOXKinKNTTAli MEDICAL ADVICE.?DR. II: A. BAR " KoW. f the Royal College of Surueons and L'E ole de >tcdicin, Paris, lntvintf drv ... d his > \< lusive attention to ' diseases arising from imprudences of youth and maturity, | ha*, after deep scleniUe' n? ??? jr' h and'intense study, disco, v r. .1 h guaranteed and most wondeiiul remedy fur the fftWtttu! ?? ore o: Nervous juui Phiaical Debility, f)cpiesaion ?*! Spirits, I'alpifaii <\\ of the Heart. Wcnkue.* of !!??? Buck m l Vfiiiiv. I'aiufui Dream* or Incubus. Loss < J Appetite and | Memory, and decPitoof the r.a-airu! |i"wrsntT'M I>r. P.iriou' i j uhn* publicly cvincea his heartfelt grirliicath -non aceo-mt of I I ?lm' sueces* that has annulled tils etioris durki# an ex>t,>a\e i | practice of' severs I years. M-uythat 'mvc >*?#? r? chen up a#* i I ttu'uralri'. lost and j*aat the power of human akill Dr. Bam?w ; I has restored fo healih. .tappine-* and priati?**? vigor. T! ore- j 1 fore those pronounced men tible. or nave been neglected or . j improperly tr nted. ate particularly Invited to pay the l)o? j a\ - t. A .ehe-:."*alJf'yjni< feature of Dr. rJa: i*o*w> prart 1 | are the hinh honor* and testimonials he haa received tor hia j . muj vnoet :'catn?eiu without the use of inst tmients, nvrenry, ? or anv other of Ihime ???????.*?????.ui? tmiettlr-* ^ h 4? ?* fil' ii 1 ' ????*??'! U\ ?l,M M?vKJlnil. I>t . >tuU*>? c?t nill ' ??uU.?Uun arf I'roin II till - and Iiorn 4 *ill8; Nuaday tiil-. | 104 Mlee? kerirtrf?ot, four dcw K from M:ied?. ius'.I. N? \v \ork. DH. roOl'ER- .N?). 14 M ANE STUTiKT, MAf BKCO.N ! suited on all d1 weaken f.t''a certain nR'ure. Twenty-e.i;ht ] yearspxciuaiv^ly devoted to iIu nm euuiplaintnenahi<> hun to warrant a ? aire m? a'I The ?>!' inlwyrhte^d r.aifi de.nee In medieal pratendatH can call, v?i?h ac?*r'alnty of l?e? ing ladiralh eurea or no ?aiy. DK. I?. (TOBBETT. MEMBER ? V THE .NEW YORK I'nivenoty Medieal i'??llege, itr I t'olh g'V of Kur^eonH, Londou,fan l?e\roiiauiied wi'h the h"je"t?h!econfidem*** on private di<4Vi?<'s, .?i li??* oUi<*e. ? >ntre st r#et, near f'hani bers street. N. B.?s? ? tn. di| (tunas in iuii otlice. i'ti vato entrance ut No. ?> h ity Hall jiU.a*. DR. KENT HAS P.EMOVE1) To No I7ti BLBE( KEU Rirpet, weal of limadway, near Sullivan. DR. WATSON, TMK <*ELE?YRATKI> I'IIYSIv IAN IN disrair^ nt a |' 'i*a'.e natur^f may bo eousulkd Irom S A. M. top P. M.,a* Broadway. DU. HVNTI'.U M VS FOR THIRTY YEA US PONKINiTi? b|iattention todlaaaaea ?f a eertain ?Ua - . In whlak hu baatreatixl no Jeaathan lifty tUatsanu caw.a, without au tii. ??f failure Hla ?'(reat rvmedy. Or Hunter's Red JAtep, c?tr' H certain'tim4asf'^ w hen r*mdnr ?:^atm? i'.! and all "th r"ine l\<> tail; cam s wfthooi dletji.>: c?? if-rwra-lion It. the h.U its of the valient; eurew without tb-* di?euatln^aiid sh ken ln^: effeetn i }' all other remedies: <*ur?*?? in ?.i? ^ ? iM'sm.???>??? than j?t\ ltot\r*i. It root % out the poi?nueu tain' 'lie blend ia aure to absorb unt"Hii the remedy \r> usnj. \\ ta ^1 a ' in!, and cannot be ??'.?wtnMd u*unlvii any w.'ore tb au ut tha-?ld ? o ' c. No. 3 lWvlaiou atrcet. De?k for aothlng that t?a?.ta cf the. ctfcctaof ??rly abuac. DU. JAMES A. NEAL, LATE OF CINCINNATI, THE well known !I'alintr .M. (iitm, runs all chronica: aru'o diarasfa almptv hv th layh.^ on if tiand*, enliri h without metlicin.. < >:1 371 Fourth street. AU h.atra. Du. r.AM'ii, orpicEs V} ckosbv street, < or nor of Hoimi ?>?. ll'iur-, U ii> 2 and ti tIII 9 P. M I 1\R. WARD TREATS ALL DISi' \Ni;s OF IT'M VLKS ' 1 / wHh nner.rjiBt ? '1 aier.".'., 8 'inethmu lereverr ?n.l Inn j gi'-..t t? uefu . OnS'f, 12 lamtht Mrcei. I mHE "OOSt i NT RATED 1' HE" Toll MO j ! ) i!ifv. i' *t ? I's 'i1 !dHt 7i- '' iiy, ? 'hi i.t i,> i\ K ?li AC.. H.t ??>:???) I'./unfy. j : . V. ( r'-! - v \ i - II by niHi S< li.f . n ;? -in u ? ' .I" .JiUJ I'll M.T I <?? If ? AH0, 12 IiAfi.t'T it i'ir .ti cureu I . > t';?? 'uur isttif U'.C I.! J?> foi! !il?: a fiifcbed, unci pay inr hainUouo ly. -a wMltU ?tro*k UitiOH A KOS8ETER, . ^SHHSLT? 1 ^Wl.Vfl MA. A FIRST CLA8ff WHEELER A WILSON K chine for sale cheap at Mrs. W# Mag's, 377 VY*. ? fltrfift, corner of Reach. A GOOD CHANCE.?FOR HALE, A NICELY KITTED up Liquor Stor?, in a j*ood location, doing a good steiety bi.-IutThe owner in going to the war. Kent low. Apply ai 2oi Fourteenth street, near avenue A. (COUNTRY 8TOPE.?GREAT BARGAIN, 12.800, ONE OF J the boat buftliK'Mk location* in W?-4 'hosier county; $l.OU0 rnili, balance on mort '.age, on the Harlem,'"at A? *1 Mount Vernon; rich country, thriving village, good bouse, nine room* and large store: three Tenement Houses, ? City Loth, Hue spring, fruit. Ac.; old htaid; rt*uU * 11 pay the interest. Tj.Ki- the il o'clock A. M. train at Twenty-sixin street, am* Impure of the ticket agent at West Mount Vernon b n?*'d Kpply. J. S. YOU NO. DRUO STORE FOR SALE.?A SMALL STORE WILL be fluid < h?*i?p for cash. A good location for n doctor. Jieasun f<>r siding, the owner ia going to the West Indies. Address Medtcus, Herald oihee. Di:r . STORE FOB sale -mc;-:ly fll rBP U I* AM) d in r n no aJ re;,tJl uud prescription bustie'SHi well lo? ?mI; will ?>?? bold cheap for cash. Address U. F. L., bo* 160 I) RIM STORK FOR SALE IN RROOKLYN?WELL LO I doing a fail* busnies. Apply to JOHN P \Y.VK \ SON, 51 Fultou street, New York. l^OR SALE?A CONFK?TloNKRY STORE TV I'.OoR X lyn; could nut be ben* r located; -for" ut < fuiiy tilted in -, nothing contained in st<K?k but wHh: itely r? ?pined In the business; business disposed of in iu< ii'e of tin- owner j- I og the army. $200 >vlll be required to buy the Stork and Fixtures, at which rate it will be a perfect sac rifice. Inquire at ii/i Atlantic street, Brooklyn. TiTOR HALF?A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND Dinim: ."vtl win, In a rood business location down town, well e.Htai?iiNlo'd; retP 1 ?\v. Neatly UUted up and d? dug a go>iiu h business. Wunta to settle on a farm only reason lor celling. Apply at 115 John street. T410R SALE ?? )?H)o STEREOSCOPIC NEO \TIVES, i one Frete h <' or.era, for s .H, and one tor instatane us view*. ?>i.? ? S\ 10, t; - r w tS Si? k and -Materials. Apply to Mr. S V0K KRS1>(#UFF, 47'.' Third avenue. WOR SALE?O.N THE MOST LIF EUALTKRMS, THREE I1 extr???ni.-ly valuable I'iitenfs, tor a: l-ir. cjuirt;o and lumie.imn'U n *ed?d y govcriinient. A largo fortune can be tialely and sure.\ luac'e. feoI 1 11 WICK .V WOOD, ?2 Nassau street. T^ORSALK?T1JK STOCK A NO FIXTURES* OF A FIRST I class Porter 1 lot ? ;eatiy iitt' d up in a yood lo 'aiion. Will bf sol-1 nit ae oitntot* the ill health of toe proprietor. Apply at 2ft'i Sprite air. et. T^Olt HALL?A OESTRAHLE SALOON. WELL LO' " c;ited lor a tiisi l usiuin ; ba.*? ail the bar natures' some 11<tu??r, ?n oyster siund, fr?*e lunch apparatus, and every conveni'm-'- rcudv for ' "sin. ss. I'OUTKK x\, KiiKi LL, iioa Broadway, office 17. f^OR SALE?A t'ARRONIO A<"'fl> GAS OKVtflCATOR end H ?''.ling \, i u itu--. in r uo|.it t<* order. Will be sold elieupby i'HAS. H'u'KINS, 51 I' o > . tveet. I^Oi! SALE?TilJi STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A CAN X ir ?nd S<car Store. Has t.vo large show windows and a I v "-' bai lw room. Apply in the store lU.'iSixth avenue, se c >ti i .*>fore below Thirtieth street, west side. 171i?R SALE?A LLl}I OB STOIM . Nil'ELY FITTED 1 P d od do.o^ a p'*?u "u^inegs. 0 ?od rettsou given for sell ing out. Apply a: T?Y> Third avenue. SALE?A COXFECTfONERY AND IfE CREAM Si >i e. neatly tilted upf in .t Well locat' d neighborhood. It he sold cle- ,p t?? a ca.slt customer. K? a-"on ior selling givej i; )!ir preiiiifces WU Canai street^ H.^tween Centre street and the Rowery. IjloR SA'Lr-A HANDSOMEI Y FITTED CP LIQUOR J1 I" tore, with Lense, ?.u 1 a iine Bagatelle Ts .? d g ?? & ? ! husiii.'^s; this i < rare chaw ? for a young man to inake money. Iwjuire uuiil 1 Id at G2& Sec-uid"uvenoe. I^o;: SALE.? AN ASSORTED STOCK OF DRY OOODS I ' ? thcr st-.pli' merchandise, amonntiTVT to ; roni to lf?<.o mutcd, ixi six mouths ci-Mii.; ^ ' uritv uiveu; dry g.H ?e pnfei red. Appiy to {JOLlDTt k SCH AP, 170 Chatham T7*OK S AI K < HEAP?A PAWMIiOKLK'S TICKET OF II a ."4i?..i>'1c ijoid hunting piiten* lever watch, m pledge tot e:,si wiU Sell tne ticket cheup. AddressS. M., box 1-1 11'-raid i?Uice, stating when and where an interview may oe h.ol. I^OR SALE Ci: KAP?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OP : tio- ? d rsui'dislied Fruit Stand, corner of Fourteenth St. and S1 xth ;;,-enue; is doing a ,\ood uusin :hs; the location is the b? V; in ['??? eitv; satisfactory reasons ?J.vcn tor selling. For further itdoi oiation apply on the premises. IJ10U SAL C EXCHANGE?A LONG 1ND VAXUA ide L- > u% with new Furniture and Stock of a well es labliAhed lio.i i; de-ir.-.'-le location, down town, and doing a good busineHc cRYMOlR & WillTON, 132 Broadway. II AYHARD llol SE, NO. 171 THIRD AVENUE ?THE Lea Si -t k ainl r'i> tur. s of toe above named house lor io a l.r.?iw%ss unni; It will be a good investment. To be ? l a -? ' < .*.?,h. VTOTrCE n> WT'T< HKRS?A FIRST CLASS M ARKET for sale* ifi ; ifo< 1 location, near Uronklyn Height?; the reason for s? dime ts. i.e owner lias other business toaiteud to. Ap(d) at 37 II street, Hn?ok1yn Heighu,one door lroia Midda^ii siiiei. Also a boy wanted. J PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY.?FOR FALK, IK Ap plied tor vV)ii*ino?#? ue. k, the neatest, ehcapcst mid best lorauat Gallery in the city, up but one flight ??*!' stairs, just opened and already paying expenses. Will sell merely the Picture mi with apparatus, At,, complete. Apply at 301 Ca nal street four doors from Broadway., PAINT rfllOP FOR SALE, CHEAP?7.14 THIRD AVE .17 nue, between Forty-ntnih and HCleth streets. T>ARTI?S HA\IVG PROFITABLE AM) LEGITIMATE J business to dispose ot', wither merchandise or manufac turing, can find ca.Ml> purchasers at the General Agency, tiiJ Nassau street. No humbugs noticed. "11 ARK CHANCE ?I'OU SALE, THE LEASE AND J.I- Stock ot .i Dry ?..).)?? More, v. *11 located, ami capable of doing;; lwnre business; hxtti: s<- 'uplet"; satisfactory reasons given for m ' i' ;:. Apply'.oO. A. .* MOSVMiAY, 2tW Grand street, or to John 0. Kellogg, on t: premises, 277 Hudson st fT!o COAL WEIGHERS, DEALERS AND OTHERS.? I Two sets of Platform ScaU-tf, in perfect order, very cheap us the advertis?r has got oth. business which requires his attention. Address Weigher, H crakl otlice, stating where an interview can he hud. Lathe. A anil ot itoortid m let, Apply at 325 Third avenue, near Tweniy-Ufth street. rpO MARKET MEN.?FORSALE. IN ONE OF THE BEST .L markets in th>* (,ity, the Good Will and fixtures of a poul try ami vegetable stand; price, one half its value. Inquire at .W Bowery. AQA WILL BVY TBS THREE !MT LBAM *|pOU and Fixtures of a wholesale and retail lienor store. Will take part, cash and give time for balance. Call and see tor yourself ai288 East Twelfth..street.. QTJAA ?RAKE I'll ANTE.?FOR SALE, A NEW AND ?DOV"'? attractive Panorama, on a very interesting sub ject, with all the properties complete lor immediate exhibi tion* a highly desirable entertainment and great bargain; would?e willing to t rade for real estate or merchandise. Ad dress box *>10 Post office. QQi W\ WILL PURCHASE THE LEASE. STOCK AND */vr Fixture*, with Bar attached, of a first class (Iro. ??cry, wdl established, in t"be ea>t? rn pan of the city. For all further pai ieulars please apply at the ofllce of 1)." BURKE, Auctioneer, 135 Bowery. 0>f| AfVA ?FOR BALE, A TWO-THIRDS OB C0?* i?l trolling interest in a, lie . aiivt nanufactur in:? business the proprietor being ttn.ib'e to give it his per sonal supervision, but is willing to retail* one-third interest. To ? j>erami ivishirig a sale cmm business, requiring a small amount of capital, a bet ??? opportunity seldom oifers. Ad dress Bank Teller, box 4.546 New York Post otlice. Specula tor* need notappiy, and jio mfexcept bona tide applicants. FINMCUIk. CtHKXIFIED CLAIMS ON THE WAR AND N'AYYDE partments cashed ??y ,f01IN B. MITIRAT. Hanker, No. .19 Nassau street, opposite tiie Post office. LMKE TNSl'U ANCF sT<?CK AT JMilV ATE SVLE. l" The subseribcr to invest in Treasury notes) offers for sale the following Fire Insurance Slocks* all old companies. an I pavimr l'r??m 10 to 20 per cent yearly:? ?V share* Netv ^ ork Equitable $14(1 UO ?* Corn E:.eba.}\'c 125 30 " Home . 1 la 31) ?* Empire City 115 IS 44 W t!iti\r??s-'*.'irii City 110 40 " Firemens* 110 40 4i J'eople.- '. 1(H) 20 il jEttia 100 2" *' Washington M ?' \r.-it.... u*i Inquire ??f V M1LLKI1, I!87 Canal r.treet, or of E.J. DEN! SON, W W *11 Dlreet, Till ICD AVEyf'E SAVINtlS BANK. Corner Third awn ?e and I^venty-fifth street. ' 'via htv a no W>4. SIX PER (EST 1 NTEIiEST on all deposits, Fr:un One to < )ne Tin osand Dollars. INTEREST Wll.L COMMENt.f. FROM OCTOBER 1. Bank open d*iiy from 10 to3. Also on the evenings of Motiuay. Wed n'sdr.y and S iturdsy. Irom ? t.. S. SPENCER K. GREEN, President. STKrrtKX S. L'uu.m;, Secretary. UMT* iiD STATES LOAN. 7 :M0 TREASl"RY NOTES OrriCK or _KjeTt?imii? Son A Co., f *4w 4^) Exchange platv, c JS^ir VonK, Sept. 21, lA/W. y Pursuat?. to instructions from the Secrctarv of the Trea sury. a bo >k has this day bee'i opened at "Jie above ofllce t or suP?, under inv fatp?*rlnten?ierife, for Treasiu/ Notes, to bo i.-siieo in sum ?of lii'ty. ope hundred, hve iinn ured, one thonsaTjd, '?r five, thousand dollars ea^h, nayible August 1861, ?*nd hearing interest at t ie rate >f 7 3-1# per <ent pc^fartnum, su< h Interest payable Remi-a^nally, and rwprese ateil ! y M-ipons. which may be lie ached AQ<1 ilresent e?l for ;,<ayment separately from he n'-^rs. The ubove raie of intesvs; pays two < ,nts eac'j day < *i every hundrsd dollars, and taklnt; fclie not^s mirjl pay ac crued interest i rom ?oate of tlie aotcs, August W, to the date #i their snbscrijakji. Si .%scriptic<kft will bv revolved dtn itu; f ftevr. davs from tbte MOKRJ& KKTCHl'M. No 40 Exisian/;*/, y Nkw fottk. Sept. Zl, ls?. S to faeiirx.-the '.,,-cJs for wUch thv ah ?\e Agency bss i b*?eo e.v(Hi?UshC'i, v ? will receive from snbfk-rtltev^ certified ccJcm ? btap. 4 , . ? ? . o u... i , j eurs? v ?? furnUhiug ? ' -in to tl*- required aue imt. \ ?? ilso, ff <Wsired ????'tr' tl ttl deposit io W.:.shingSi*n, obt . ft toe Treasury nuies, and forward them | . u> any jiven a V.v< - j,. | No c'b^rRe wittbt made the aW*ve services, j New VoKK. Sept. 28, 1861. !U\?pl'beeMiupplied tl?e s? retary ot the Treasury, I j fttu urn-. { r< | ? to funiish Tren^ury notes bearing Interest I at th" rate ei 7 3?10 p^'T^-eut per annum, payable to order as j required, an,) ? i ihe. \arious denominations immediately uj on deposit therefor in .id or entrant funds. ? >JUU* KETCH! M. ' \V'ANTl;i)-ON "BONO AND MORTGAGE, ON flOtTSES it. -la-?. .us, in N* v York ? ity, the foiled t v-um*5* - 500, Wnor-e valued a? S8,0t)0. do. do. fUVU*-' i do. $j MM). Address kJ. ( l">x 10J Heraki oflice. v4')"", C.O TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ? 4iOe (m! on ju . t-.-e ? ? .i ? In this city, in sut/ta ? m n- . ,,,p it one or mo y . Ap v to i'(?>' i;V V, in the ofrce of the I'Coj <vs FUuluatt' ? ta. Cul ii,CC \?i? itict .. MUSICAL. A magnificent 8KVF.N "(>C^^ROSRW^ Pianoforte ivr sale?JKkbly carved I*nd case rouud curner*. full iron plane and liicu with satin wood, owerslruM DoM, Inlaid with and pearl key*, made to order for ths pre sent owner by city ma&r*: fully guaranteed for tttree years: be^Q nl use but Ave months; oost $.r4M>; will be *oWl ff?r Including Stool hiuI Covei*. Alio nu elegant Drawing ftnom Suit, cost $300, for $i:& Inquire at 70 Weal Twenty-sixth ?trtvt, near HJub avenue. A FINE BOJ'RaXO SINGER, WHO HAS BEEM SINK. Ing for live years in several exroflenj choirs, desires to flud an engagement. Addi^st A. li. C., Hern.'* oflice. AH GREAT WANT OF MON?Y FORCK8 ME TO PART vviih my FIiiao immediately. ' I cannot dest'Tlbf it in a short advertisement, bat Will mate one fact?If ta of*e the most elegantly finished, ao*ible round, carved teg*, ha** the name ad limit, <f<\ It is WOf111 double I ask Ar it; a sncrtlice will be made to a ?7a?h customer; cosi $650: priu!* $~i& Call early at 48 High street, Brooklyn. JR. MAGRATH, organi8t OF REV. DR. PISE'S ? church, teacher of Plain'forte and Vocal Music, hug re sumed giving lessons in New York and Brooklyn. Ad dree* 61 West Baltic at reel, Brooklyn. ______ IESSONH ON THE PIANO IN EXCHANGE FOR A J furnished Room.?A first clans teacher oa* established re putation will |PV! an equivalent of leg sons for a good sized furnished Room, without Hoard. House must freinaguM neighborhood. Addiess immediately Piuno, Herald fcfllce. MR 1.! T <?OLDi K BEOS TO ANVOTJNOH that ho }ia returned t?> town and receives commu'itab* ti i < ng h-s-ons on the 1'uino, at Messrs. Scharfenb^fgl A rr>9 Broa iway;C. Breusing,701 Broadway,andChiuk-e erin - ;; / Midway. MR. EMAMEL BRAN DEIS. PROFESSOR OK TUB Piano, is ready for new pupils, either at their residence or his own. Terms t?? suit the times. Theoretical classes will be opened far ladies desiring to become teachers; $t> for 12 leaaons, iti advance. Apply at 57 West Thirteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Magnificently carved rosewood piaxo forte of the grandest description, of serpentine cuse, which but seven months ago cost $560; is 7% octave, of im mense power and purest quality of tone; overstrung bass, iron l rame, cover and stool. Apply immediately at No. Vlf Twenty-first street, near Third aveuue. Price $&.'& I)IANO WAJfTSD IN EXCHANGE FOE A YALUABLS lamily horse; also one or two pianos iu exchange for clothing on u Urst class house. Address M., box 411 Post office, Brooklyn. qIqNOIILI I0i DANA II ATI NO RET! i:\ri>YoToWN. k? will P'suno-Ids Si'igini' Lessons as usual. Call at or address 47 We i Twenryslxth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, New York. rnwro new and splendid TasmisKvrs octave X rosewood Pianofortes, with full nivUlii- frames. scol loped geys, carved ie-s and overstrung bass, wli! be sold at a great na< liiice tor h. fan be ?n n nt 171 Third avenue* private door. These l'lauos are made by a tirst class city maker. r i i K N () It SIN'; kh wante D?H ) R a catiioli* X ehoreh; must liiiNea true voice. With good compass, and be will.tig to -ii ; lor $100 the first year. Apply atDaly'a mush* store, 41!HJrand Nt.. between 10 and 12 A. >f. VITANTED-A i;i ol> PIANO. IN F.xcn\NOK FOR tJ5f v f ei'cumlu red r? .1 estate in the West. Call on or address W. B. Ing'-rsoii, 242 West Twenty-third, New YorlL lNvriti c nox. ArARD.? FEW Pl'PII.S WILL UL UUCEIVKD DAILY this week tor clans or private Instruction in Penmanship, Bookkeeping, .tc. Kuil su? ceas guarauo ? u to all. Kooma No. 6 Fourth avenue, New York, and la C<iurt nr ?>, Brou&? l>u. OL1VKU H (ftil.l'.sMlTII. ACADEMY OK PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPINO, 3<iJ iiro.. ;\.av. coiiiitoo-d o> V?. C. liOOtiLAND, for many years Oliver B. Ooidsmith. New pupils received this day and <v ning tor thorough pricti^al iustructiooin writin , iHMikk-i-cjdng, Sc. Terms moderate. AYOI N?i QERVAK LADY 6f GOOD BDUOATIOH may iimi a nome for the winter wltu an European fami ly, wituout ehiolren. i.i eonsmerauon of whh h 1< ls exr>ecte<l she will in-irti i the lady of the to use in Music and the (?er inan lan^ua^e ana ten*.*! herself generally uneCut about the house. Addvesft for three uays Mrs. A. B. D., Brooklyn Post office. # AN AMERICAN WIDOW, WITH EDUCATION ANI> J\ exrH'i i- nee, wishes to go to Sotitii AmcHca, Havana or Caliioi iil.i. as nursery governess, ti> take fane of an invalid or as horn eKet-per; too objection to go to Europe as travelling companion; best of refer- nee given as to ability and resp^cu* eility. Address immediately, with full particulars, Alma, Herald office. ~ \ n. i: it ic a , lie vo vk v. (TP i no, pen mans itip, aritii !iiet?c, j;e,f arc laugbt at 62 Bowery, New York, and 2.'>S Fulton stree;, Brooklyn, in strictly private rooirvs, all hours of the day and eveniiit!. *4As a spi? ndid penman and skil ful teacher. Col. PAINE has no superior."?Newport News. a i Ki.v h lady, an Ext^HUisvKD teaohbk ^jl oi her native idiom, having taught in the hrsi schools in New York, wishes to employ some honor? hours in T"aehh?cr in schools or private l audio's, either in the city or Brookf < u; terms moderate; best references can be given. Address 2diS* <?>., Madron square Post office. 1>RYANT, STR VT'iON, PACKARD A PENN'S > ( Oul'EU I MON MERCANTILE < (>LLE0E, 18 and 19 Cooper Institute. Fill- NCH LAKOtJAUR?BY AN EXPBWENCI D teacher, 50 cents one hour, 75 cents two hours. Ad dress A. P.. Herald otllcc. THE SPANISH LANOl'AOE IS TAI iiHT, AS IfKRB tofore, by OIPRIANO (JA)HitJN. at (Jlint'Ui Hall, As(*#r place, room No. 7, idhrary tloor. Othce hours irom t# lO*^ A. M. ?r from 4 to ft P. Vf. B DA\CJi\G ACADR?IIKS. ADOOWOllTH'S DANCING AOAOKMIES, ? No, 2ar> l?ifih avenue, cor. *t.? New Yoefc. No. 137 Montague hi rent. Hrooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Friday? iu'ilrooklyn, uik October I. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturday* In New York. Commencing Octobf r 2. In th? new building on Fifth av*nuo reeentiy erected f?r the purpose, will l>c tound every requisite for such au e*tab litihmeni. In addition to the daneitn:, classes will aleo oe formed for ex*rrn?e? m a rtuw system ??( Caimthenica, esw. eialiy valuable to Indies and ehilurea ??f delicate frame. Mr. J)od Worth would be glad to make :vrnilinements with weoiU uarles for Irssou* in I)anclntf, Calisthenics or Military Drill, Circulars for terms, Ac., may l>e b%?i at either academy. ROOK KB' DANCING At ? ADEN Y, No. Ml BKOOMB street.?Indies meet Tuesdays and Fridays, St >6t\ ?K (ienilemcn, Tuesdays arid Fridays, 7& lo I . M. Children. Wednesdays and Saturday*, ?, to b i\ M. Ladies* | ri:nar*y classes instructed by Mrs. Brookes. The new daotos-are received, and will be produced Lti rapid succession. Ail the fashionable dances taught In one course of lessMs. In connection with the hall are rev<-ptionf dn^sitig and practising rooms lor the free use of pupils. Soiree every Wednesday evening. DAX('IS<; AM) OALISTHENIOS.?THE NOB'S M. vate Dancinjf Academies, &'> Wi st Thirty-fourth stre*-i^ New York, reopens Wednesday, Oct. 2; IK) South El_htti sirer't, Brooklyn, l'l.D., is now open. While ail the lashionaite dances are cure fully imparted, deportment und the physical training of their pupils are not over looked. Private Icmioimi and schools in the city or country attended to. Send lor cir culars. IpEHUERO'S DANt'lNO ACADEMY, 69 WEST KO0B. ' teenth street, opens Saturday. October 5.?Mme. JDUBIENK FEKKEKO hetcs leave to inform her friends and patrons that owing t ) the departure and temporary absence of licr brother, Coionel K. Ferrero, at the seat of war, he will be replaced in hi* provisional duties hy his motile*. tVine, Jackson Ferrero. Circulars, for terms, Ac., may he had at the academy. PRIVATE DANCING CLASSES.?MR. ClIAIiRUATJD rcsp?M'tfully acquaints bis patrons arid the families wti<? may b?? desirous ot tormina classes at their residence*, to leave their name and address as soon as possible ai No. liH East Seventeenth street, where circulars can be obtained* Hoaruing schools attended to also. ASTROLOGY. AKONA FIDE ASTROLOG 1ST.?MADAME WILSOIC tells the object of your visit, gives magir charms and good lucSt for life, free of charge; tells all events of life?piu-t, present and fattire; consultation* on business, sickness, mar risge, ??ourtj?l.ip, travelling, Ac. She is the most wonderftA astmlogist of the a^e. Give her a call; yon will not regret it. is# Allen street, six ?!ooit from Stanton; nam-- on the door? Charge for ladies and gentlemen 60 cents. Beware of impo sition Astonishing.?ma^amb morrow, seventh daughter, has a gift ot foresigliu tells how s??<>n ami otten y'Mi will marry, and all yon wian to know, even yotir very thoughts, or no pay; lueky charms free; her equal Is noi to be found; her magic image is now In full operation. liA Ludlow street, below Houston. PriceS cents. Gentlemen not admitted. C'l LA 1 RV< )YA NCR. ? M US. S E YM OUR'8 M F. DIOAZb J room# are remov al to No. 101 West Fifteenth gtre?t| corner of Sixth evenue, entrance on Fifteenth street. (Jon Miltati??ni on sicknev^ busineas, absmut friends, Ac., and saiisi.k- tion gusinnteid or no pay. Y GOK AT THift?THK ONLY TRUE MEDICAL AND _Li business clairvoyant in the United States, li you wish t* obtain eorrect information on events through lite?particu larly absent friends, lost or stolen property, you should con suit her. N. K.~ -Mr. MILTON i* no humbug, but gives the greatest satisfaetiun to nil who visit She manufactures u \n ash that is u itrraniad to enropim ?i*>?and remove frecJU*a* tan ami M"atuiro. *nd renders tho sklu pr.i fevtiy auioofb. Lvi*es. try it. '*>1 Bro?>me street. Madame hay, bnth wbnue. ^eartwen* ty-scvemh Mri'ct, mirprl*"* .ill won visit h"r. TUe ?Ick, tro'ililffit und Hfiincky nti.mld ti-?t hfr powers. Sha teUnyoiirv. i^ tUoushlit. lucky numlior*, Ion *n. LaUies.25 wtitii; BMUeawn, 30 oMits. MH.-. MT.'.VROE AI'PX.rE8 UAliVAM.SM FOIt TUB euro "l mmplulnti I# u-* <-?n ol.tuln hourdaudtaudluUureauiK'ui hi ituWau* ur?<fl, uoxl to V? rivk. MKS. IVES, CLAIRVOYANT, EKJ1I TV SIXTH KTREKt tirst kotisi. *n?i in Tfil.-.: iiv ,nw.-U-\ iv*?rd tni; mn! . vriitH of (?vr.y kind. l'K'iil nr loroUn, put. pri'jent>ir iiinir^, uiade. wltli uiH'rrli.if uwuracy. Cono?? pond<>nU will tr.Knrr lmme(ttr.te stlemk! > by cm Kulugii i-e Itmramp. 'lUird *vonu? ck.ih jihui* the d?Mir. ME8. SECUS, T1IK ORBAT KORESKER OK FtlTURK rvfiiti,<?? ' r .? '-n m Il.H Sprln:: ;irwet, blUienirnt, n?ar MmMinugal; slip tell# >>1' l-^??ii; gii'PH lu> ky outabur*; rmuM ?pR*4y ins'Tim^s. tf \ou *i?h lh? tr ?tli *);ive her a cmll. MR. ( OUntiWTER. BVStNESH, MBDICAI, AND TKST Medium, can < .ibulu-d nu any Alulraof Lilts, ai. Ins r'>nms,371 Koiirlh ?ir?vt. near Lafayette place. N- V R?who has NOV HEARFoF THRtTELEBItATEft . Muu*. I'REWSTEX, who h i*bren c.inaiilted by thoa s:mds in ihis and other ci?fea w itli emire ?ali?lrtclU>nt Sh? leel* eoii'.idcnt sht- Uhh to equal. Slip if)1 ^ the b&u??* of fu^ tu-c wife or hu?baud, and thBt of hor vi siler. If you wisln trmli kIv her a <?*;!. "? 251 Third avenue, at.ovo Tweuty lirat airwt. Iindlce, 00 ''in'.s: jjpntlf tieu, $1 Read tais.?a \'Ui'.kmh.oiiist and 5otboi.ooistp that lwaUIhe rid. mil rewartl for any one wiitt cntieiiunl Mia* WEI JLINOToJi, who in aoiaowkdged t" bo tlmonW in this city wi\u trut!\fully given tnlormatinti canwrnlog lVn>???, twrwiltn, Joarnen, abwnt friends, lore, ronrtxhip, miurlac?, healiA, wralti. and who will reclaim drunken ar.d mMtafnl huahand'i. Hlw W. li thi-only per aon in tbinelty ?!??> Ii?h ;U' Rpniihie Roman and Arabian m lisniani for love, good It yk und all liontnoM ad'Htrs" and ar? lit aranwaforlU''. D- Liy not to roMUlt tbii oatunuly Kifcd and iwantlfulyonng iady Lacky number* J^vn. liijiblr r.?Mteeia?ile?-ny rclewwteacika be Men at her ixaidenee, 101 Hivth avenue. hb"greatest wonder in the world is this , vtiutig and at onplltthed Madame KVIloN. from Part*, ho can lie consulted with t Vistni test euniidem-e on all Nfl'aira uf life, ? lubrnelng h m, cpnrmhip, I'limlteMand iick ji.'.g- r??tnre^ drunken tt^d ttnvaltbful huabauds; h^Ra*'* rret to make jrou beloved by your hint's Ideal, and brings tnitether those torn.- '??parnted. Ladles25c< tilf>. g'ntlemen SB cents. Residence No. a- Thlidavrnue,above Twcllthstreet If" RO VE".V. NEAR BROOME STREET.?MAOAME 1 I >.) w tt( ' :n. V Irv.n'llt ind Uitteti ?|.:ltl.Rh i?d,V. "I> vel.s the )..>!,t??it so; lu'.nrtty, lore.mur: utt. ul sentllfrnds, I s r.' ? ?; |?V- s :ie? fot ..11 diseaKs; (alialucky I uuiubtiia, ^rojt i.) lusl cr . ?, At. T

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