Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1861 Page 2
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^ SPECIAL NOTICES. A SOUTH BIDE V1EWOF TUB LATE BULL. RUN Disaster.?Wllllarn, the escaped iUr?, from Virginia, will lecture ilili evening, October 3, at Ileihel church, Becond ?treet, between avenues B and 0, at 7K o'clock. Wllll:im ?will ?t?U< wliat be ban seen ami hoard ul*'Ut tho late Bull run <li?iuiter and lta results, and give a South side view of affairs a* they existed In Virginia at the lime of hi* escape. He will also lecture In Zion Baptist church, Sullivan street, near l*riiice, to-morrow (Friday) evening, October4, at 7ii oolock. Mr. Jones, bis rescuer, on both invasions will make u, few In troductory remarks. AU are respectfully invited to attend. CONVENTION OF IRISH SOCIETIES. Delegates representing the various Irish civic societies are requested to attend a meeting ut Hilen.ian llall. No. 42 Prince street, on Friday evening. at 8 o'clock. on business or Importance. JAMES SANDKOKD, President. Jons A. Kmnrr, Secretary. _____ Queens county agricultural fair ? NEW york AND FLUSHING RAILROAD. Flusiiimu, Thursday, Oct. 8, ???? TRAINS WILL LKAVK MW YOllM, 7.15 A. M., from Hunter'si'olnt. 9:00 A. M., Mattano, Fulton slip. 11 00 A. M., from Hunter's Point. ItOO I*. M., Mattano, Fulton slip. 4:00 P. M., Mattano, Fulton Slip. 8:00 P. M., Mattano, Fulton slip. 7:3t> I'. M., from Hunter's Point. Steamer MATTANO connects d'rocl.and t'ckels through. No ticket arrangement with the ferries. Hunter's Point (the New York lei minus of the railroad) Is accessible by James slip ferry every half hour, aud by Thlrty-foiuili street ferry every IS tuluulea. l.KAVK rHJSUINO, 6:30 A. M., to Fulton market slip. 7:te A. M., to Fulton market slip. 10:00 A. M., to Fulton market slip. 1:00P. M.. cross Hunter's Point forties. 2:45 P. M , to Fulton market slip. 4:65 P. It , to Fulton market slip. 7-00 P. M., cross Hunter's Poiut ferries. Take notice?that my note for five thou. sand dollars, order B. D. Deuliy, dated Sep!. SO, 1861, six moms, No. 29, has been fraudulently obulnod and pavment mopped. , C. B. BltESLER. THE EVERGREENS.?THE ANNUAL ELECTION FOR three trustees, to 1111 the places of Me-isrs. Dr. O. H. Smith, Tunis H. Duryea and Kober$ G. Thursby, whose term of offioe expires, will take plat* on Monday, October 7, from 8 to 4 o'clock, P. M., at tlie office, No. 6 Court street, Brooklyn. By order of the Board, ( _ JOHN BENNETT, General Agent. \ F. B. Stryker, D. D. Win ant, llenry gelbert, Inspectors of Election. HOII8E8, ROOMS, &V., WANTED. A SMALL FAMILY WANTS TO HIKE IN BROOKLYN, JV near the ferry or cats; a small Cottage or House; must be In good order anii good neighborhood. Kent mode rate. Address, stating lull particular*, Charles, Herald oiDoe. A WELT. FURNISHED HOUSE WITH MODERN IM provenients wanted by a careful couple; located between Fourteenth aud Tli Irty-socoud streets ana Lexington and S - Tenth avenues. For n neat bouse in good order $1,UU0 will be paid. Address A. B. C., box 208 Herald offioe. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WANTS THREE OR -fx four rooms lor housekeeping.?Wants them furnished, ? except bedrooms; must bo pleasant location, At'.; rent $12 to $15, pal l promptly, and best references given. Address _tht^wcek, C. W., llerald office. -."EWRNISIIED HOUSE WANTED.-WANTED TO RENT ?.?:*ib Brooklyn, Williamsburg or In the vicinity of Nuw Y"rk ?'ltjj a furnished Cottage by four adults; prlcc from $'JJ to 930 per month. Addtcss Lesley, Herald olllue. TTIURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?SITUATED BE X' twoeu Bond and TUirty-iourtU streets and Fourth and ttixlh avenues; must bo fully furnished. Satisfactory refer ences given. Address, autW location and terms, box 614 l'ost office. HOUSE WANTED?BETWEEN FOURTEENTH AND Tweiitv-thlrd streets and Fourth and Mtth avenues; the owner. If desired, to take paym 'iit In Board, with the privilege of taking a few other select boarders; one partly lurntsned and near Union sijuaie would be preferred. Au flross C. C. F , Herald oillce. House wanted.?a moderate sized house, for a small family, between Fourteenth unit Sixty-Jiiih at reels, will) moderate rent, not to exeeeil $4>I0. Address, atatiug location and terms, J O , box 140 Herald office. ITOUSE WANTED?A lllGIl STOOP HOUSE, BE X tween Tenth aud Tweniy-liltli streets a:nl Fourth mid ighth avenues, until the 1st of May next. Rent most be low. Agents need not apply. Address D. B., box 111 Herald office. Room wa^ted-eitoeii in new york oh brook* iyn, for a gentleman, fumiaheil and with c?>nvi*n?**?(?!?? for lire; rent not 10 ex.c<Hut SI per woek j rcterem-es Blum if required. Addresa D. W. B., box 438 Post oiliee, Ne\v York. SUNDAY SCHOOLROOM WANTED?EAST OP SE cond avenue nnrt lietwee.n Twenty-third Mid Forty-second ?lr. t w. The second story of a mi ner building would be pre ferred. Address box 4,t&2 Post oillce. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE HOUSE. ABUVE FOURTH street and lietwen Pint ami Seventh avenues, (our or Are Rooms, suitable fur bou*?keeplntf, by n lirmlly of two persons; terms must be mot-rate; reference giv< n and required. A ldress, staling termn, location and iloor. S. M., Herald office. WANTED?A SMALL, PLEASANT HOUSE, IN A OKN teei location In the upper part of theiity, b-itwn Fourteenth and Forty -second streets and Third and Eighth ?renuea pre: erred. lten". not toexeeed |Mlp?r month. Ad dreaa, stating real and location, M.'C. D., box 171 Herald otBce. WANTED-A KIJRNISHED HOUSE, BETWEEN Fourth and Sixth aven-lea and Houston and Fourteenth ?treeta. A small bouse preferred. I'lease addicrs S. E. 11., Herald office. WANTED-A HOUSE, THE LOWER PART, KIT FOR ?tore and onion, near Broadway, between Grand and Fourth itreeta, Adtb<m* Marchant, box6,U24 Fust office, with terms. WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, OB A SUIT OF furnished Rooms, with modem conveniences, suitable for housekeeping. Furniture must be good: location unex ceptionable, and terms low. Address A. O., box 70S Post once. ?OfANTED?A MODERN THREE STORY HOUSE IN ?* good order, between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets. Third and Eighth avenues; runt not to exceed iOM. Ad dress box 1,680 Post office. WANTED?A SMALL STOUE, WITH ONE OR TWO Romis, suitable lor housekeeping, on the llrst Hour of ? small house, either in .New Fork or Brooklyn. Address R. C., Herald odlcf, slating term*. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, A SUIT OF UNPUR, uiaht-d ltooms in a house with modern improvements, in a pleasant location between Fourth and Fourteenth street* Address, stailrii; terms, A. B , bo* 47t> Post ofllae. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF FOUR, PART OF A small House, containinggas and Water; must b"i In a eood neighborhood on tne eaat sale ot the city, and botwei-n Tenth and Eighteenth streets. A ldress W., Herald ortlco. WANTED-THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE WHERE there is but one other family. It must have tlid tnodern Improvements and be on Hie wejt side. * ?J,m Post oilice, with particulars and prlca. WANTED?BY A FAMILY OK TIIRKE PERSONS, THE second door of a house, with Board, ill a centeW pri vate family. Location between fourteenth and Thirtieth etreela. Address, stating location, room *3, St. Nicbslas Hotel. _ WANTED-TUREE FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH A private family, ?ttli?bl>> lor housekeeping, for? man, wife and > nlid two yens old; east of the Bowery and not Above CauiJ street. Address, stating location and terms, which must correspond with the Uiuea, J. 8., United States Hotel. New York. WANTED IN BROOKLYN-PART OF A HOUSE,CON staling of not le** than four Rooms, with the modern Improvements, for a gentleman and his wife, not over ili'iocu minutes' walk from the City Hall, and In a desirable l<s a lion. Unexceptionable references given. Address H. W. D., Herald office. w ANTED TO RENT?A SMALL HOUSE, IN A HOOD neighborhood up towu. A desirable teuiuit may lie found by addressing W. D. W., box ?!>3 Post office, stating terms and location. Fl'ltSlTlUK. A"~ BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED' FURNITURE for $2t, in all colors, of wairauted manufacture; also aolld I'besiiini Chamber Suita, plain and ornamental, at II. F. KAHRINUTON'S, 3CS Canal street, opposite Wooster. Es tablished in 1SW. A SUPERIOR ASSORTMENT OP DRAWINO ROOM, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, for sale at a great sacriOee, consisting of 7 octave roacwi* d Pianoforte, cost $600, for $240, including Stool and Cover; Parlor Hui'e, ?coat $30t), for $130; Bookcase, Ktegeres, Centre Tables. I'amt inga, Mirroia, Lac? Curtains, Kroii7.cs, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mtttresfes, Bedding, io.; Extension Table, Huiret, China, Olaas and >l!rcr ware. Wlllliesold for half the cost. Hua been In us<i but seven months, and is in excellent order. In quire at No. 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Bureau bedsteads, at war prices, at 2<9 Spring street, m ar Hudson street. Second hand furni ture takenln exchange. Enamelled chamber suits or furniture, in all colors and styles, at wholesale and retail, at $24 and upwards; also, Mattreasesand Paillasses. WAKREN WARD, 277 Canal street, four doors oasl of Broadway. First class bnamelled furniture?plain decorated and grained; aolid walnut and oak Sots, Mat treaaes. Spring Bed, Ac. Suits, from $24 upwards. J. W. FISHER A CO., Maiiufactnrem, 63U Broadway, between Jlleecker and Bond streets, marble building. Furniture, furnitukp. purniture.-the hioh eat price paid for seoond hsi, l Fuaniture, Carpets and ltlrrors, at 660 Hudson street, corner of Ferry street. Coun try calls attended to wiUjout laU. a g.?d stock of furniture at the above a tore alway? on hand, cheap. Furniture -the household furniture of a large, elegiut house, furnished throughout last year 'Will be sold at a bargain, on account of breaking uii hiiuv! keeping. Address B. C., Herald o01< e. V TRON BEDSTEADS, IRON BEDSTEADS.-TO ARMT X contractors.?1 ron Bedsteads, lull slje, from $1 so up. wards, hospitals and schools supplied. Parties liii. lv to have <*>olraets should call on the subscriber, JAMES SCOTT, No. 170 Centre street, opposite Earl's new hotel, between Caual ?ud Heater atreets, but not In Caual street. STEAMBOATS. _ < J*DAT BOAT FOR YONKERS, HASTINtiS, IHMIliS' i Kerry, Tarryunrn, Sing Sing. Haverstraw, West point, ? ' Spring. Cornwall nod Newburg.?Steamer BROADWAY \ I 1 are pier loot of Jav street Sunday morning, at 7 o'el.s k, ; Itiog at Amoa and Thirtieth street. Excursion iLkeia to 4 1 tidings at reduced prices. ^ .?>AY BOAT FOR GLEN COVE? LAN1UNO AT i Vhlte Stone, ?trnttonport. City Island, David's Island ? i .Boehelle. Steamer MAYFLOWER leaves James .r .ia .10 A. M., Delancey street at 8 tS. Eleventh street at 1 I Twenty-sixth street at 0:10. Returning, leaves Ulen - at $ P.M. I VDAY BOAT FOR KEYPORT?LANDJNO AT UNION, p Ros vllle, Tott 'ns and Perth Atnboy. Steamer OEO. ' I '. leav.'S from titer foot of Barclay atrect at 8 45 A. M. , 'Uriiln.'. leaves Keyjairi at S P. M. . . r,L J JU HOIISES, CARiyAOES, AC. AN assortment of first class carriages and H?bt Wagons lor sale by ?? ? ,, MINER A STEVENS,72 Walker street, (hut door fit at of Broadway. A turk BLOODED BLACK STALLION?SIX YEARS old and lit for any aristocrat under heaven, fur rile cl.eap, his ow ner having no use for htm. Ho U la-t, showy, hpl i i let, ? Hi! cl, kind mid evslly managed. and rides ami drives wall. II" never been put to murua. I'i r particulars address Editor, Went II iboken, Hudson county, NT .1. Ambrotype travbllino OAR for sale CHEAP. Apply to 0. seely, A. M., 2U Canal street, N. Y. riARTMAN S BLED WANTED?ANY ONE HAVING A \ J g >od one horse Sled, but llttlu used, which be wishes to sell cheap for ? nub, can iar? a customer by addressing J. A 11., Herald office, staling priee and whero It can b? seen. IpO* sale?A STYLISH BLACK HORSE, 18 HANDS high, 6 years old, soutnl mid kind. A handsome sorrel Horse, is', bauds, 7 years old, sound and kind; can trot lp aide of Ome^mluiitc*. A brown Hitmbletonian Mare, 15W haiula, 4 years old; can trot lu 2:45: sound and ktnd. A Coupe, iimde by Brewster, new Inst fall, silk lined. A Fliw ton, with pole and shafts, by Brewster, new last summer. A light Trolling Wagon, by Dusenbury, weighs 130 lbs. A a.orlland Sleigh, a double Sleigh, single nod double Har ness, Blankets, Ac, May be secu at stable In Thirteenth street, rear of M Firth avenue. IjlOR SALE?FOUHTEEN BOUND YOUNG HORSES, suitable for down town earmens' tmcka, coal curls or any kind of heavy work. Can be seen at No. 17 Leroy street, be tween Bedford anil Bleeeker. "LlnR PALE?A SORREL HOUSE, FOURTEEN HANDS A htsh, suitable for a lady to ride; can pace a tulle In three in nutes; lusounl and very gentle; six years old. l'rloe $130. Apply to J. WILSON, 000 Seventh avenue, corner of Forty-sixth street. IpOR SALE?A HANDSOME DAPPLE ORAY MARK, oight years old. III teen bauds high, kind and gentle, suitable for Central Park driving or other light work. Prlne ?120. Apply to WM. F. OSiiORN, No. 219 Weal Nluoteenth street, from 7 to9 A. M. and 2 to 4 p. M. For sale ?a pair of brown horses, six years old, sixteen hands high, warranted kind and sound; suitable for town or country. Inuulre at Pelton's Stables, corner Twenty-Seventh street and Broadway of 0. II. Post. For sale?a splendid pair of oarbiaoe Horses, bay, long tails, very stylish, seven years old, and perfectly sound; they are very line ssddln horses, and will oe sold Tor half their value, as their owner has no fur ther use for them. Can be found at Montague 'a stables, 06 and 68 West Twenty-third street. For sale-a handsome pair of bay mares, tirtoen hands high, kind In all harness, and good saddle mares; can trot together In three tnluulvs. Inuuixe at 18 Woat Thirteenth street. For sale?a thokoi ohbred, dark brown saddle Gelding, well broke, eight year? old, about 15)^ hands high, kind ami g 'iitlo, and lielfeved to be sound, of high spirit and lino stylo and a-tlon; has frequently been ridden by a lady, ami Is also accustomed to military trap pings. Can be h?on at the stable of Cement Company, loot n Hank street, from 7 to ID A. M. and S to 4 1\ M For sale-a dark chestnut mare, ig? hands high. sound and k n 1 In harness and to saddle; inn trot In 3:10. 0 in be seen for a week at Walkor's stable, Me run' street, between Ainicy and Fourth streets. FOR SALE?TWO PONIES; one a handsome ORAY, 14 hands high, 6years old; its beauty cannot bo beat; would make a good saddle pony tor a lady. Also, one Hay Horse, 14)$ hands high; trots inside of three Minutes. Both warranted. Apply at 90 James street. FOR 8ALE CHEAP-TWO SECOND HAND COACHES. To be seen at Gould's stables, corner of Korty-tbird street and Sixth avenue. Particulars of David Clone, 117 Fullon sireet. Four or five houses will be taken to win terona fiirm about 14 miles from llolioken. Warm stable and good care. Apply at 189 Third avenue. Horses, wagons, harness, ao.-ioo light fami ly Rockaways, top und no ton Buggies; 60 Horses and Pontes; Grocers' and Business Wagons, Gigs, 8'itkies, 4c, for sale cheap, at 10 Nevtns street and 181 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. HOR-?E, WAGON AND H ARNESS FOR SALE CHEAP? light and stylish, with extension top; the horse young, kind and sound; together or separate. Can be seen at Kazan's livery stable, Twenty-second street, two doors west of Sixth aveuue, between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. Horses wanted-by the Washington ceme Utry. A pair of good Hiring, sound, young Horses. No objection to l.eauly. Apply to EDW.MtD KKNNV, the President, 399 Clinton stieot, near Third place, Brooklyn. Horses wanted.-a first rate sixteen hands roaeh Horse, w ho ran gn in 3 to 4 minutes; also, a pill'of l.Vj hands trotting Horses, who can goin2 40to 2:50; all wltli long tslls and not over 7 to 8 years old, who can go in lino style and without pulllug. Address Mr. Julius Barnard, box ISO Herald "Hire. HOI18FS BOARDED FOB THE SEASON?BY THE AD v. rllwr?, w tin has urai rate mmi d .tlnns and len 1, with nil nppltannes nee ted. Best uf refercn e? given. Ap ply nt 117 Fu't m street. SLKIOH ROUES AND IIOKHK BLANKETS?FOR T.VO li re'. waned. Any iv-n.lemaii ilu-Jrlng to null out rh ap m iv a idres* box 1,591 Post olllia. Wauon WANTED.?A SECOND HAND ONE UORSE spring Waiton, sulutlilu fur carting. and capable of ear ning thirty ewt. with ease, will be bought If offered low. The body must be four feet wl l? by about ten or twelvf long} wheel* to tit the Jeriey track. Ail Ire/M, mating price ana where It nan be seen, E. D. S., box 139 Herald ofllce. WANTED?EIOIIT OB TEN HORHE8 TO BOAKD during the winter; term* moderate. Address Joliti N. Provost, Nyack, Rockland county. New York. WANTED?A flOOD FAMILY HORSE. SOt'ND AND rV kind, in exchange fur trull and ornamental tree*. Tliin In a good opportunity for any gcntltmau bavins a country plane and more horses than ho wanu. Address W., U West Thirty-eighth street. ?FOR SAI.E AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, A VwwU. gray liorso, top Wagun and Harttes*. The horse 1? aound and kind, and wagon and harneM nearly new; rout over WOO. Apply at M East Twenty fourth atreet. Dear Third avenue. THE WAll. ATTENTION ?RECRUITS WANTED, FOR "REWARD S Oarn Ke iineiit," lor the la id tiannpnrtatlon o' army mori-a. Headquarters 161 Varick atreet. Applvfnim 10 A. M tUI 0 I'. M CEO. TEN F.YCK, C iplaln. ATTENTIOW-A FEW RECRUITS WANTED AT NO 10 t'enlre street, to fill the rank* of Company D. Fir*t regiment Irish brigade, ujider the command of Colonel Nugent. C.ap'jiln JOHN CONWAY^ (1APTAIN JOHN H. NUOENT, OK THE SIXTY-NINTH, J again In the held In command of Company I), First regi ment Irish Brlgule. Headquarter* 433 llroadway. Only a few men wanted. CERTIFIED CLAIMS ON THE WAR AND NAVY DE. partments cashed by JOHN B. MURRAY, B inker, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post olDce. D Eft ROM'S PATENT PORTABLE COTTAGES.?'THE simplest, neatest and cheapest mode of house huildin; yet prodoccd for temporary or o:hcr purpose?; purtleu'a'ly adapted for military cantonments, as quarters, hospitals, mesa rooms, sutler's shops, Ac., seaside and farmers' cot tages, settlers in new countries and oHires, Also for grei n houses and S mill American buildings. They ran be net up In a few minutes by any person of ordinary lul'-Migence. For purchase of Co'.'ages, and alao S'ate, loinly or in livd ml patent rluhts (prices liberal), or other Information, apply to A. DEItltOM, steam carpentry, Patcrso i, N. J, Refers to II. V. Butler. 13 Park place, aud Cooper, Hewitt A Co., 17 Burling slip, NewYmk. National zouaves, tenth regiment, colonel John E. Bendix, stationed at Fortress Monro-.?Per sons wishing to join this regiment can do so and lie forward ed Immediately to the fort, fully clothed an I equipped, lle i roiling olllce*480 Broadway, and Firiy-elglith street, near Third avenue. Lieut. Col. ALEX. B. ELDER, Quartermaster A. KEELEY, Rccruiting oillcers. li ALLY AROUND THE OLD OUARD. TI1K FIRST SCOTT LI KB OUARD, Fourth regiment Jtaw York Volunteers. Col A. W. TAYLOR. The Increase of recruit# ordered bv General Dlx to the VnJt'Ml States government standard htta been nearly com plete f. A few mot? patriotic volunteers will be accepted. Thof e having seen aenrfce preferred. Apply at 141 Grand Hreet, between Broadway ami Elm street. This regiment hanbeen In the United State? service since >!<?y 2, l.s#?l, and id now stationed at liavrc do Grace, Md. KiM-riiUiuK oflUrers?Cspt. Chas. W. Kruger, Coin)>any D; Lieut. James McDoratd, Company F. Rccrvita forwarded every day to the regiment. SIXTY-NINTH, OR FIRST REGIMENT IRISH BRI gad*', t<? be commanded by Colomd Nugent.?Company I of this regiment Is recruiting at 44 Prince street, where a few mure rwn will he taken by npply1n,r immediately, Uni forms, rations and quarters on signing the roll. TilOMAS SCAN LlN, Captain. TO REGIMENTAL PAYMASTER**. Tin* ray masters of New York State Volunteer re?ji ments who have not yet settled their accounts are hereby noli lied to do S'> forthwith, or thHr bonds wl!t be pro-e uted. THUS. B. VAN liUKISN, Paymaster General. ^JNION GRAY CAVALRY COMPANY.-AN ADJOURN tliemselvf at 3>? P. M., at 76 William Mtn-ft, up stairs. WASHINGTON MURRAY, Chairman. Tiiko. Homrtklt, ftec'y. cetltijc of thos<> ^entlemeu who propose form In? ? into t ils ei.mpaoy, will be held Ft idsy, October 4, TV ANTEIJ?ENOIXEER SOLDIERS, 01 >M I'KI.SI.VU luechanti'S and Inti lliseot ialxirrrs, for s*pper? and miners of the regular army; the mm must be utile Imi,licit, not orerSSyearsof line, able to read and write, and ulxier nUsnd the four Rround rules of arithmetic; term of cnli-l meut, tlip-e years; pay, from $11 to $.'U, d< |>eiidlii!t on attained by merit aud mildlerlr comUii t; also rations, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attendance, ami the us-.;at i .maty. Apply daily at No. 5 Bowling lirccn, third floor, between 9 A. M. aud 12 M. U. A. U1I.MOUE, Captain of Engineers, l ulled Slaws Army. ITQTII REQIMEHT. CA.MERON HIGHLAND RIPLF.K, lO beini( iiri^intzod by Colonel Elliott, under the *!*?(u] ausplt?? nt the Secretary of War. Coinpnnles or m rults have a rare opportunity to attach themselves to a llr*t cIiih* re(t> meat. Apply at hcaduuarters, Ui Major A. C. CASTi>E, Fourth street, Washington square. REWARDS. to REWARD.?LOST, A MEMORANDUM BOOK, ?J with call skin cover, and a number of kiiuiII accounts. L'f S? e*i:e|it to the owner. If the Under will leave it at 81 Miiid<;n lane (i.|| ntore), he will receive the thanks of the owner, A. B. Demareht, and the reward. SO REWARD?LOST, A TAN 8LCT, IN THE FIFTH ?J avenue. Her nadir t* Jenuy. Bring It to HB Urand I'll, WOLFE. r\ "PWARD.-LOST. A K.MALI, SPANISH POODLE ?ptj !>??. Answers to the name ,d Mincry. Whoever will return the same to ibi Sixth avenue, over the shoe store, Will receive the above reward. REWARD ?LOST, ON wednesday AFTERNOON, between two and hall-past, in a Tweutv-tliird street stage, a Pm:ketbook, conulalng tirteen dollar* in cold and ?even in hllli, some small chauge, 4c, The tinder will reoitve the above reward by returulng the saoie to 2 4 ?',? Twentv third street. C'k;rr reward and no questions asked.-if *V*d*J the party who took away from No. flti Wall street, home books in the French language v\ill return the Mine. <>r give Information wii they may be found, the above re ward will be paid. Apply to R. Curtia, janitor ul building* 60 Wall ?umi una it'41'iue, WPI1CAX.. A FINE SOPRANO SIN(lER, WI,lO HAS BEEN SINo" Ing fur five years In several excellent choirs, desires to Qui] an engagement. Address A. I). C., llernlil ollice. A great want ok money forces me to part with my Pluno Immediately. I cannot dcxorlbc It tn a short advertisement, but will stale one fact?It 1s one of the moat elegantly finished, double rotiDd, curved legs, back the ?ante an front, Ac. It la worth double I ask for it; a great sacrifice will be made to a cash customer; coat $550: price $245. Call early at 48 High street, Brooklyn. ASUrERB 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE for *ale at a great sacrifice. richly carved lcgH and cane, overstrung bass, Iron plate, lined with Hatln wood, hus all thu modern Improvements, made to order for the present owner by city makers, fully guaranteed for three year*, haa been In uae but seven mouths; coat $500, will be aold for i>30, In cluding Stool and Cover. Alio, a roaowond Drawing llomn Suite, made to order by West.of Broadway; mat $300. for ?130. Inquire at No. 70 West Twenty-sLlli street, near Sixth avenue. A FINE TONED DOUBLE ACTION HARP FOR SALE In perfect order, with a selection of Music and Mnslc atarid; urlce $100. Apply at 219 Foraytli sireet, near the cor ner or Houston, at Mr. McQay's. FOR SALE.?A ROSEWOOD PIANO. IN EXCELLENT Condition, together with the stool, will he sold at a very low figure If applied for immediately. Lowestcash prloe $80; coat ^300. Apply at 167 Oxford at., Brooklyn, betivecu 2 and INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANOFORTE AND VOCAL Mualc.?J. R. MAGRATH, Organist of tbu Rev Dr. Pise's church, attend* puplla In New York and Brooklyn, Addresi 61 Weal Bulllc ?treet, Brooklyn. Madame m. johnson graver having return eil to thla city, will resume her Instructions mi the P|i'no October 1. Address 38 Went Twenty-sceoiid street, or at Scharfenberg A Lula. 709 Broadway. MUSIC.-A LADY, WHOSE MUSICAL EDUCATION thoroughly lita her to give instruction to advanced pu plls, may aecure a position an resident Teacher in a seminary within one hour's ride of the city. Addrosa for three day*, box 1,703 Post offlce, N. Y. MR. D. MIRAWDA, TENOR VOCALIST, RESPECT fully announces that he has again resumed his Teach ing, and will give private lessons at lilt realden -e, 491 Fourth street, New York; also In the city and Brooklyn. School* and classes attended tn. Mr. M. i* open for Oratorio, Operatic and Concert Engagement*. MU81CAL.-A YOUNG LADY, WHO 18 A COMPE tent teacher on the pianoforte, I* desirous of taking a few more pupils. Term*, If taughtat her own residence, $6 per quarter; If at the resldeneu of thn pupil. $4 per quarter. Apply to or addreaa Miaa Sarah J. Currie, 196 West Thirtieth street. OTTO MULLER, TEACHER OF THE PIANO AND Singing, continues to give lesson* to gentlemen at !I23 Broadway, corner of Twenty-llrst street, room No. 10; also lessons u t thn residence of pupil*. Particular attention given to beginner*. Term* moderate. PIANOS, WATCHES, DIAMONDS, GOLD CHAINS, Furniture, (Inns, Pistols, Segars. Safos, Paper, Portfo lios, Knives. Soaps, a French Organ, Ao., Ac., for aale cheap. Cash advances. J. F. JONES, 52 Ann atreet, second floor. Removal?Horace waters, agent, has re moved to 4SI Broadway, between Grand and Broome street*, where he sells new seven octave Pianos for $130, and warranted. Second hand Pianos and Mehsieona from $25 to $130. All kinds of musical merchandise at war prices. Pianos and Melodeons to let from $2 to $6 per month; rent allow ed If purchased as per agreement; monthly paymeut* received for the same. Signor luigi damahavino returned to town, w ill resume his Singing Lessons as usual. (Tall at or address ?7 Weu Twenty-sixth street, between Broadway ar.d Sixth avenue, New York. SOPRANO. ?A GOOD SOPRANO SINGER WANTED. Apply this day and evening at 117 Broome atreet, N. Y. 1 Tenor sinoer wanted-for a catholic church; must have a true voice, with good compass, and be willing to sing for $100 the first year. Apply at 419 Orand street, Daly's music store. TXT ANTED?A MELODEON, CHEAP FOR CASH. MUST TT be of celebrated make, Improved pattern. No objec tion to a second hand one. Will pay $75 to $125. Address box Hi Herald ofllce, with full description of Instrument. <3>/{ PER QUARTER FOR LESSONS ON THE PIANO. OU Apply at No. 40 Stiiyvcaanl street, near Second avenue, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. Best references given. Mis* DE LYNES. POLITICAL. _ /CLINTON HALL SEPTEMBER 30, 1H61?AT A MEET \ J Ing of the Thirteenth Wsrd Mozart Hall Ward Com mittee, held In their room* this evening, it was Resolved. Thst tills committee unnnlmmisly endorse tho recent action of the Delegates to the late Democratic State Convention held at Svraeuse, and that wo heartllv co-ope rate In tho support of the Union Stale ticket, and stand by the glorious Union at all ba?ards. JOHN KAltRELL. President, WILLIAM D. BOYLE, Treasurer. William Frjonci., Secretary. Democratic republican obnfkal committer. A ropii'nr monthly mrci'nif of llio nbuvn Commlllrc will Iv hold nt Mn/ni' Hull thin (Thurwlnv) cvenlne. nl h?lf piutt T o'clock. By order. JOHN COCHRANE. Chiilrman. UKO. 0. OENKT, Vice Cliairinan. r^,\R,DrT,"P,0N' I S^rt-uirlc.. Democratic rkitbuca Tatumanv Hall?The met i meeting of the. Committee. to )cl. 3, at half-past acven o'clock ELLL A. B, ROLU*S, ) fl,w,rp.Arl?a Jon* Hardt. {"wwwnea. DEMOCRAT! C UK PUBLIC AN GENERAL COMMITTEE. Tatumanv Hall?The member* are requested to attend a meeting of the Committee*, to bo held on Thursday evening, Oct. 3, at half-past acven o'clock, liy order. ELIJAH F. PURD7, Chairman. XTATIONAL DEMOCRACY. i\ Mo*ART riAM., Oct J, 1M1. Pursuant to resolutionflof th* National Democratic Kepitb* lionn Committee, convened at Mozart llall, the undersigned, a social committee ii|p dnted for that purpose, Invite the democracy of the aeveraI wards of this city to meet at the r>!accs hereinafter d??slcnated. on Fridav evefiin??, the 4th iik|., between the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock, and elect five persona to a County Convention, for the purpose of nomi nating candidate* to l>e supported for the'oflice of Sheriff, County Cierk. Judge of the Supreme Court, two Judges ot the Superior Court, one Judge of the Common Pleas, one Judge of the Marine Court, District Attorney, four Coroners and Superviaor; Five persona from each ward in each Senatorial district, for the pun***" of nominating candidate* for the Senate. Fifteen person* from ear.h ward which within itself com pile one A *-"*mMy district, to nominate candidates for As sembly: and in each ward which dt e* not compose one As sembly district there shall be voted for as many delegates to the A-? *rnh|y district Conventions as there are eteetlnn itts trieis in the 'ward apportioned to the aaid Assembly district comprehended within the boundaries of the ward. Tne County Contention shall meet at Mozart Hall, on Mondav evening, the 7th inst. at 7>* o'clock. The Sena'oris I Convention shall meet on Tuesday evening, Oct. 8, at 1% o'clock, in the several districts, as follows:? Fourth D.stricl?At Blair's, corner of East Broadway and Gouvcrneur street. Fifth District?At Columbia House, corner of Columbia and Stanton street. Sixth Distriei?At Morart Hall. Seventh District?At Scubai h's National Hall, West Forty fourth street. The Assemtdv Conventions shall meet on Wednesday even ing. Oct. 0, nt o'clock, in the several districts as follows ? ml D!?tr let?At No. 127 Liberty street. Second District?At Charles Kelley's, cort>erof James and Batavia streets. Third District?At Waterman's, corner of Canal and Varick streets. Fourth District?At Seventh Ward Hotel, 173 Madison st. Fifth District?At Z'ger's Hudson House, 344 Hudson st. Sixth District?At Tinth Ward Hotel, cornfcr of Broome and F?>rs\ th streets. Seventh District?At Jackson Hall, Greenwich avenue. Eighth District?At No VIA Pitts street. N.tith District?At No. I'M Seventh avenue. Tenth District?At Burke's, corner of Third avenue and Twelfth street. Eleventh District?At Mllliman'a. corncr of Twenty-sixth street and Seventh avenue. Twelfth D;*tr>et?At No. 230Third street. Thirteenth District?At Seaback's National Hall, Forty fourth street. Fourteenth District?At Baird's, corner of Seventeenth street and First avenue. Fifteenth Dls ri. t?At O'Danhel'a, Third avenue. Si\te.n h District?At Clare's, corner of Fifty-aeventh street atid Fifth avenue. Seven nth District?At Molony's, Blr.omindnle Road and Nlnety-eight!? street. First War*!.?Inspectors?Thomas Roche. Daniel Brophy an t Michael Ryan. Polls to be held at No. ICS Cedar street. Sccoud Ward.?Inspectors?Wm. K. Edgerton, M. M Fur tadoand Win. J. Brou n. Polls to be held at No. 101 Fulton Street. Third Ward.?Inspectors?Wm. O'Keefe. Michael Mn'ann and David M. Roche, l'olls to be held at No. 127 Li erty street. Fourth Ward.?Inspectors? Hugh Murphy, John Byrnes ami Mathew McCarroti. Polls to be held at No. 375 Pearl str-et. F1 th Ward.?Inspector*?Daniel Kennedy, Mfc'iael Madi gnn at.d Henry Evan*. Poll* to be held at No. 7 Lalght street. Hivti? Ward.?Inspectors?llufji Downey, Mtf*hael Brophy and Rolnrt Carroll. Po-U to l>o hold at the dixth Ward Hot* I, corner of Dunne and Centre streets. Seventh Ward.?Ins|?ectoi8?Patiick MeNamara, Michael Howuid and Michael Mooney. Polls to be held at Blair's, corner of Ea*t Broadway and Gonverneur street. Eighth Ward.?Inspectors?Win. Ouiti, Jante* Armstrong and N. Linn. P*-lis to be held at No. 3 Unloa IU11, No. GO Vanuatu street. Mnth Ward.?Inspectors?Henry Rogers, James Ewlng snd W.IM tn (Jrcene. Polls lobe held at J:tckson Hall, comer of <?' eenw ich avenue and Horatio sfr et. Tcith Ward.?InsiM'rtora?Asa JJ. H< gart, Samuel T. Warts snd Frnncia Maha 'y. P*?lls to Te henl at the Tenth Ward Hotel, er>rnerof llxoome and Forsyth streets. F.l'youth Ward?Insneetora?Peter Tracy, Andrew Kelly an l Piter MeOutre. Polls t*> Is? liHd at Peter Weir's, No, 121 Pitt Mi eel. Twelith Ward.?Inspectors?Wm. Martin, Dennis Ilanly snd Stephen LarSUn. Polls to h*- held at Edward Murray's, corner ot Fotinh avenue and ISAth street. Thirteenth Ward.?Insp*M:t.?rs? Frederick Sin/.i?f, M >n!i Leormrd and .Stephen A. Srnltii. Polls to be held at Chtitoii Garden. Fourt"cnth Ward.?Inspectors?Cornelius Cassldy, Hugh Br.over and Ja i . Eagan. rolls to )>e held at John Bttsh's, No. 2U2 Hester street. Fi t'-enth Ward.?Inspectors?John P. Caw, John Smith and John Ft lan. Polls to be held at M ?zirt Hall, Sixteenth Ward ?Inspectors?Arthur A. Mo*)ty, Frank Me K ?nny and P tri**k Metilveny. Polla to be held at No. 1$| Si-venth aVetiue. j Seventeenth Ward.?Iuspectora?Wm. Burke, Thoa. D inn I )>oc and 11;* h ud Hannah. Polls to be held at J'utnam Halt, corner nt Tweltth street and Tldrd avenue. hichteenth Ward.?Insiie?:iors?Jas. Owens, Wm. Pari suil Rl? hard <>*Brlen. Polls to be held at Baird's, corner of Seventeenth street and First avenue. Nineteenth Ward.?In*|*'ct?m?Wm. Clare, John Butler and Barney Daylon. PoIim t?? be held at Wm. Clare's, corner m Filth avenue and Fifty seventh street. Twentieth Ward.?Inspector*?Kevron Perkins, Frank Cook and Thomas MeConkey. Polls to be held at John Riley's, corner of Thirtv-ve md street and Ninth avenue. Twenty-Unit Ward.?fr?spector>? Hugh Brady, Thos. llasey and John Mullalv. Poll* t" be held at No. 361 Third avenue. Tweniy-seeon*! War I.?Inspectors?Kdward Egbert. Si !x?t Ungemai h and Thomah Nolan. Polls to be held at National Hull, Forty-fourth street, near Ninth avenue. No delegations shall be deemed efec^il where their election in not eertiilcd to by the Inspectors of Election as designated above, or a majority thereof. MOUGAN L. HARRIS. PATRICK KEKRIN, DAVI? ROWLAND* THOMAS CASS I.N, WILLIAM BA1RD. Coram iUoe. P| EOPLE'S UNION 8YRACUSB COMMITTEE. DELE gated to nominate a S nator lor tV* Senatorial district consistingof the Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth wards, will meet this (Thursday) evening, Oct. 3, at Brown's Hotel, corner of Eighth street and Broadway, at 8 o'eioek; also the delegates of the Ninth Asaeinbiy district will meet at the same time and place. , I)EOPLE'S UNION NOMINATING convention.?THE I 1 dcl'^atea >\re requested tn meet at the Cooper Institute, j ivoui ^u. this (Thursday; cvemu^, at6o'Uv/GlL BALES OP HEit KSTAT1B. A HOUSE AND LOT FOB HALE?ON NORTHEAST come rot Fifty-eighth street; easily altered tonton, Inquire on the premises, or of WM. FEIT RETCH, 166 East Thirty-second street. AN ELEGANT HOUSE FOB BALE OB TO LET?FTJR

nisiicd or unfurnished, 129 Cant Nineteenth street; tirice and te rtns favorable; the neighborhood Ih good and the muse* every convenience. Ctui be Men only from 8 to 10 A. M. and i to 6 P. M. A SMALL FARM WANTED-ON LONG ISLAND, TO hire, or would be willing to purchase, if Hold on Very easy terms, of 10 or 15 acres of good Land, with good house, burn and outbuildings, within the distance of from two to four mil** of Brooklyn or Williamsburg ferries. Any parties baying such will address, with full particulars, for three days, H. M. Herald oUloe. ' A BEAUTIFUL four 8TORY BROWN STONE front House, Bssemoat and Sub-cellar, with all the ino. dern Improvements, on Brooklyn Heights, opposite Colonade row, Columbia street, with a line view of New York Bay, will be sold very cheap and on riuty terms. For further par UcuUrs apply to or address T. Simpson, Si avenue D. ABAROAIN.-FOR sale OR EXCHANGE FOB NEW York, Brooklyn or Jersey City property, a small Cot tag-, three Lots and Stable, at Ravenswood, L. I. Price $3,000. No Incumbrance. Address A. M., Heruld olliee. Brooklyn oottaob for hale cheap?five minutes from Fulton or Atlantic oars; price $2,200; $260 rash, balance can remain, or a portion monthly. Apply at 211 Ureene street, coal office, or to FOSTOB A LOPEB, No. i Sands street, Brooklyn. Farm wanted.-fob sale ob exchange, for a good Improved Farm of about 100 acres a well selected stuck of Hardware, Ac., amounting to shout #9,000, with the business well located on a business thoroughfare down town. For further particulars address Hardware, Ac., box 109 Herald office. I1ARM WANTED ON LEASE.?A SMALL FABM. WITH good Buildings, within twenty miles of this city: will l>e kept In good order. Address W. Morris, 100 Broadway, second door, N. Y. First class brown stonb front houses 2a and 25 West forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue, to sell or rent at low price, containing all modern improvements. In quire on ihe premises or st 31 Wost Twenty-sixth street. For sale?first class four story, brown stone Houses, No. 13 East Thirty-second street and 215 Madison avenue Murray Hill, replete with all modern im provements. Will be sold to suit the times. Inquire on the premises for partlctriars. For sale?a splendid country residence, contAlnlng 40 acres of laud in a high state of cultivation, large modern built mansion house, containing U rooms, with numerous outbuildings, all neatly new -three line orchards, plenty of shade and ornamental trees. The place is situated on the Jamaica and Hempstead plank road, one mile from Hyde Park station. Apply to CHARLES H. THORN, 195 Hudson street, New York; or to M. VANDEKUAW, on the premises. For sale-a valuable fruit farm, within one mile of the city of New Brunswick, containing sixty acres. Also two other Farms of sixty, one of seventy, one of 127, one of 176 and one of 3ti acres, all tree of Incumbrance. Inquire of WARREN HARDENBUHUH, 58 Wail street. IjlO* SALE VKUY LOW?A NICE COTTAGE HOUSE ut Whiteplalns station, situated in Lexington avenue; In splendid order; Iot?0i22l>. For particulars inquire of R. M. JONES, Harlem Railroad office, corner of Fourth avenue ?nd Twenty-sixth street, New Yoik. (GROCERY WANTED?WELL LOCATED AND LOW T priced for cash. A Grocery W.i^on and Harness and 127 acres ol Laud to trade for a fast Hotse and Wagon and Harness, Apply at 12 Centre street, corner of Chambers. ZEGLIO A HASTINGS. HARDWAKE.-FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. A WELL selected stock of Ilarwure, Cutlery and English Skates; will be sold cheap or will be exchanged for dty or country real estate. Business established nearly fifty years. Apply at the store, 411 Broadway. Murray hill?for sale, at a low price, a fine high stoop brown stone House, iu splendid con dition, With or without part of furniture, newlv painted, walls panelled, Ac.; ono of a uniform block of nouses be tween Fifth anil Sixth avenues, and on the north sole of the finest street on the hill, which is well sewered throughout, enlrcly built up on both sides and paved with the Belgian fivemeut, as are also the two avenues. Apply to G. M. LYM1TON, 98 Broadway, room No. 8, SMALL FARM WANTED?FROM FOUR TO TEN acres good land, from ten to twelve miles from New York, with good house, about ten rooms. outiiulldltiKs, barn, Ac. Address, stating location and rent, Trinity buildings, Room 88, N. v. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS.?FOR SALE, Ex change to let or lease, with or without money, two Lots on Fifty-second street, between Second and Third ave nues, street lowered and paved with Belgian pavement, cel lars already dug. Address M. II. Underbill, No. (0 Delancey street, N. Y. TO EXCHANOE FOB BUSINESS.?I WILL GIVE IM proved Real Estaln for a Liquor or Grocery Store, or Hotel or Saloon, or Westerh Lands. I will buy for cash, or trade for House In WUllamsburg or Brooklyn. Address D., box 137 Herald olliee. VVTANTED?A SMALL FARM, ACCESSIBLE TO NEW vv York for daily business. Address stating particulars and price, box 159 Herald ofllrc. WANTED?TO PURCHASE FOR CASH, A DECENT farm of about 100 acres. Dwell ng and outhouses tn lie In good condition, location IK"! t'uutljr healthy mnl convenient t? railroads or steamboat landings, mil over l'JO m'le-i from | New York. Address, with iwrtlculars, Win. K. llnina, 21 i Nhi-8 111 street, room No. 4, New York. 3d avenue stork property, NEArt twenty third street, p tying a large Interest, to exchange for a modern limit d welling, In good locality, from $7,1X10 tn $!l,U00, not lea* than 20 IVot front; would gi> to Brooklyn it near Wall or Kultou furry. Addreaa L. 11. 8., box 147 llorald offloe. (f?Q nnfi WILL BUY a valuable lease of vOi'MM/ i-Uht yeni-s, with right of renewal for twenty nun, <>f a Lilt, ?lih two good 1Iou*<*: la down town, and rents for JI.JOU. Ten aere Farm In New Jersey lo Mill or exchange for a Lot Jo tin* city. Apply at 12 Centre street ZEULIO A HASTINGS. INSTRUCTION. A CARD ?FEW PUPILS WILL BE RECEIVED DAILY this week for clam or private Instruction in Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Ac. Pull sun-ess guaranteed to all, Rooms No. 0 Fourth avenue, Now York, and 15 Court afreet, Brook lyn. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. A N AMERICAN LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACIf. j\. Ing, desires to make an engagement as governess In a tainllv residing In the Weal Indian; or would be willing to go to California In ilie same capacity. Can Instruct In the com mon and higher English, the rudiment* <if Fn-nch and Ger man, and can also give lessons mi the plauufort^. The lady I* a widow, and his a little daughter seven year* of age, whom she would wish tn have with tier. C in give highly re s|iecUiile reformers. Address E. V. II., 11 igli llidge, .Stain lord. Conn. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A RE-ENC.AOEMENf AS tsacher In a so lool or ?s roverness In a family; will In struct In music, Freti-h, drawing, painting, with rhetoric, logic, anelenl and modern historv, botany, algebra, geome try, and English lira i hes generally. No ohjecSon to accom pany a family travelling. Terms moderate. Refnreii es ex cl anged. Call at or address Instructress, 117 Washington street, Brooklyn. BRYANT, RTRATTON, PACKARD ft PENN^S Comuiercial College, lit and lit On >per Institute. Bookkeeping, Business Penmanship, Men smile Law, C Cat--illations, Commercial C<?rrn*pnndence, Ac Best sustained boardino seminary in the State. 911U peryear. Brlak buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Ablest teachers lu all de|iartments. Winter term, Dee. 5. Address Rer. Joseph E. Klir.', Fort Edward Institute, N. Y., n.n the Saratoga and Whitehall FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROFESSOR E. TELLER!NG, 81'.l Broadway, corner of Tweltth street (established 1S.V2), will receive applications for private instruction in either language, Ijitin and Greok, and make translations. Emcigne I'Anglais uux etranger*. INSTRUCTION.?BOARD AND A IT BNI SHED BED^ room wanled, by a lady, in a respectable family, where lessons on the pis no'or le would lie received >,s an equivalent; the highest reterencus given. Address for onfc week, Instiu - lion, Herald oillce. Madame j. vTcXuciibis, English and FREfrcn Boarding and Dar School for yoing MK West i Twenty-third street, will reupen on Monday, September U. A elnss or Oil Palming and Grecian Art, on S.itnnlavs, taught by Mine. (J mcliois. Particular attention given to tlio primary department. Mi iriRYllisTbucrion ?tiie advvrtmbbIbo pose* lo orgnnlxe a mi l ary corn*, if a siilllii.'lit num ber w.II unite In .h - movement, lor tile purport* of military Instrii'Il in, lioth prnoUual ami theoretical. None will be ad united lo membership but III ise who are able and will devote nt least three evening* each week to study and drill. Address M.iitary, box lf?l lli-ial I oilier. "l\f AX FLOWERS.-A LADY IS;DKSlR0US0F01VrAlN TT lug |mpilsfi,r instruction in this elegant art. either In classes or i^ligly. Apply nt IMKust Fourteenth street, cor ner of Second avenue, or at CASWELL, MACK A OO.'S, cor ner ol 1'iilii avenue and Twcuty-fourth street, where sped mens may be seen. \\TANTEI>?A (1KNTLEMANTEACHER, QUALIFlSb TT to give ieswius lu l>ailu, matiiemsili s *a4 tlie wl'iices, In n young ladies' school, one hour's ride from the city; to u student desirous of curtailing Ills nxpei a -s this oil'era a fa vorable Of oDice, ible^o^portunity. Address for three days, box 1,793 Pool 1>A>CIIV? ACADEMIES. AM DODWORTM'S DANCING academies. ? ? No. 2J5 Fifth avenue, cor. Twe.nly-?lxih sL, New York. No. 1.17 Montague sireut, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tiiesd.iy- and Friday! In Brooklyn, CLASSES?W odiiesdaya and Saturdays lu New York. In the new building on Film avenue recently erected for the ))ur|s>se will In* found every requisite for such nil estab lishinenr. In addition to the lianclmr, classes will alao lie formed tor exercises in ? new system of Callstbeuics, espe cially valuable to ladles and children of dell 'nte i ranie. Mr. Dodworth u-onlil l? gl id to make arraiigements with semi naries for lessons In Dancing, Callstbeuics or Military Drill. Circulars for terms. Ac., m it be had at either academy, Ballet master dumaivs dancing academy, ? 1W7 Howery. Lessens (I |ier month, Mondays, Thurs days, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, lor children , and 1 ai.lcs. Tuesdays and Fridays, $2. Private le.-s ins llfty cents. DfiBANcfNtT AND I'AMSTIfEVK'S.-TRI.'NOU S PBT vaie Dancing Aeadciiues, (14 West Thirty.lonr'.h street. New York, reopens Wediuad.iy, Oct. 2. 0D South Eighth street, Brooklyn, E.D., In now oi'ien. While all the fashionable dances are carefully Imparted, deportment and Uie physical training of their pupils are not overlooked. Private lessons and schools in the city or country attnndiil to. Send furcir culnrs. FERRERO'S DANCING ACADEMY, 59 WEST FOUR, teenth street, opens Saturday, October 0.?Mine. IWntKSK FF.RRERO bees leere i/i Inform her friends and p:iirons thai owing to the departure and temporary absence of her brother, Colonel E. Ferrero, nl Ihe si at of war, he will lie replaced tn liia proi'eiaioivil duties by bis mother. Mine. Jat ksou Fcirero. Circulars, for term*, Ac., may be bad at the academy. "ORIVAVE DANCING CLASSES.-MR. CHARRUAUD X resnecifully acquaint* bis pntii ns and the families w ho may bo diMtiro'is of iorming clanses at their residenc es, to h ave their n?me snd addn-KS as soon aa |sisaible at No. 148 East Seventeenth street, ?ihere circular* eau be obtained. Hoar ling schools attended to also. N. H.?Theclssa at Mrs. Steers' boarding aehofd. No. M East Eleventh street, will commence the 29'h Instant. Days, Tuesday and Friday at three o'clock In ihe afternoon. KKTKSIOVS, C1HEAP excursion TO CAMPS OS 8TATEN ISLAND. J Fare six cents by Staten Island ferry, foot of Wbttehnll street, beiween the Battery and South ferry. Boats leave every hour from C A. M. Ui 7 P. M. Oil Jiue Sundays every bitlf Uvur tu 7 i*. M, _ FOR SALK. A physician, WITH A small CAPITAL, WISHING to locate hiniHcir, can hear of an excellent opportunity by addressing or calling for tho owner of bo* tM rost olllix, Tarr^wn.N. Y., immediately. 1 A PAINT AND paper HANOINQ STOKE FOR SALE Iti an excellent location; the owner will hell the whole 'heB,ocltUie Purchaser. Apply to W .If. UKE A CO., 37 Park row, room 17. A SPLENDID NEWMAN'S COW FOB sale?OK T11E best quality, with a oalf by her side; warranted to give zttquartsor milt a day; also to make 14 pounds of butter a we??. Apply at 106 Eaat Twenty-fifth street. DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN-WELL LO doing tt fair business. Apply to JOHN i A YNE A SON, 61 Fulton street, New York. FOB SALE?A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND Dlnlnu Saloon, in a good buttlnea* location downtown, well established; rent low. Neatly fitted up and duluK a good eaah business. Wanta to acute on a farm only reaaon for aelllng. Apply at 111 John atreet. Fob sale.?$290?400 stereoscopic negatives, one French Camera, for atlll, and one for Instataneous v'"Jr,'?on5?Si<'' together with Block and Materials. Apply to Mr. SACKER8DOKFF, 47?Third avenue. IFOR 8ALE-THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A PIU8T class Porter House, neatly lilted up In a good location. Will be sold on account of the 111 health of the proprlutor. Apply at 285 Spring street. FOR SALE?A CONFECTIONERY AND OYSTER 8A loon, doing a good business, with the Lease of the bouse; one of the most convenient in the eiiv. Inquire at 4Gt Sixth avenue, between Twenty-eighth and "Twenty-ninth street*. FOR 8ALE?A TEA AND GROCERY STORE, IN A very good neighborhood, on accouut of the owners hav ing some other business to attend to. Stock and Furniture will be sold very low. Rent only $17 per month. Inquire at No. 9 DeUucey street, or at 904 Second avenue, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh streets. For sale?an old and well established am brotype and PHoto^raph Gallery, in one of the beat loca tions in the city. Satisfactory reaaon* for aeltlng given. Address J. A T., Herald olllce. For sale-one of the best corner liquor Stores in the Bowery; has a long established trade and is beautifully titled up. Satisfactory reasons for selling. InquireofD. Bl'KKE, Auctioneer, lis Bowery. For sale-a corner liquor store, on one of the best avenues up twwn. Lease and fixtures at a sae.rlllee, as the owner is going to the war. Trade and busi ness inviting For particulars inquire of D. BURKE, Auc tioneer, 135 Bowery. FOR KALE?HARDY'S CHEAP LITTLE STORE, 329 Greeuwich street, eatablished 15 years; a slock of Ho siery, Shirts, Drawers and Faney Oooifs. House and store to let, with fixtures. Will Ih< sold on fair and reasonable terms, as the owner is going out of business. Apply at the store. ALEX. HARDY. IjlOR SALE?A LICENSED CORNER LIQUOR STORE; lias been established for ten years, and now doing a eood business. Rent low. Apply at 34 Bridge street, Brook lyn. For sale-a confectionery and ice cream Store, neatly lilted up, in a well located neighborhood, ll will l>e sold cheap to a cash customer. Reason tor selling nlven at the promises, 189Canal street, between Centr* stroet and the Bowery. IiH>R SALE ON EASY TEKMS-TO A PARTY WITH good reference. Lease, Ac., of a lirsi class English Ale House; billiards, club and chess rooms, kitchen, Ac. Inquire at tho Chelsea, 129 Ninth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A LONG AND VALl'A ble Lease, with new Furniture ami Stock of a well es tablished Hotel; desirable loralton, down town, and doing a good business. SEYMOUll A WUIl'ON, 132 Broadway. LAW LIBRARY, SAFE, DESKS CARPETS AND Ap purtenances of a law otllce, with the good will of the business, where a fortune has been made, for sale. A Hue chance for a lawyer. Address Lex, Herald nftlco. Photographic gallery.-for sale, if Ap plied '"or within one week, the neatest, cheapest and best located Gallery in the city, up but one flight ol stairs, just opened and already paying expenses. Will soil merely the fixtures, or with apparatus, Ac., complete. Apply at 301 Ca nal street four doors from Broadway. Quartz rock mill and patent for sale-con eeifed by miners the very best for roductugrock and other bard substances lo linjuilpaole powder, with hardened, shift ing, grinding surfaces easily chanced. __ SQUTHWICK A WOOD. 8> Nassau street. SHIP chandler SELLINO OUT.?DESIRABLE chance.?A Ship Chandlery and Ship Store Establish ment, who are closing up their business, are desirous of sell iug their stock and fixtures as they stand. The Block is light, snd the store can be had on lavorabie terms. -Address X., Herald olllce. TO MARKET MEN?FOB SALE, IN ONE OF THE BEST markets in the i ity, the Good Will and fixtures of u poul try un<l vegetable stan.1; price, one half its value. Inquire at SUrt Bowery. THE HOTEL and restaurant, NO. S7 COBTLANDT street, for sale.?ral lies wishing to nngiice in the bust n 'ss will find this a chance seldom olfcred. For particulars apply to J. M. BROWN, No. 72 Cortlandt street. FINANCIAL.. _ Atlantic savings bank, Chatham square, open daily. Deposits from 25 cents to $5,1100 received. Si* ]>cr i_Kill Litcrrsl allowed. Deposits made before October 20 di??r Interest as from 1st. M. D. VAN pelt, Presidedt. Joscra P. Coot'KB, Secretary. CERTIFIED CLAIMS ON THE WAR AND navy DE parttnenis cushed by john B. MURRAY, Banker, No. 99 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS negotiated AND hills ai'iUmt government cashed on liberal terms by BLANCIIARD A CO., 2.1 William street Third avenue savings bank. Corner Third avenue and Twenty-fifth Street. CBAHTKRKn 1.S64 SIX PER cent INTEREST allowed on aH deposits, From One to On" Thousand Dollars. INTEREST WILL COMMENCE FROM OCTOBER I. Hank open dally from 10 to 3. Also on the eve nlngs of Monday. Wednesday and Saturday, from 6 to 8. SFENCEB K. GREEN, President. Stbphkn S. Cbilds, Secretary, UNITED STATES I.OAN. 7 3 10 TKEAfllTBY NOTES. Ornca or Kkti hum, Sow k Co., > No. 40 Exchange place, > Nkw York, Sept. 21, 1&60. 1 Pursuant to instructions from the Snrrctary or the Trea sury, a book lias this duy been opened at !he above olllce for subscriptions, under my superintendence, for Treasury Notes, to be Issued in sutns of tlfiy, one hundred, five hun dred, one thousand, or live thousand dollars each, payable August 19, 18(51, ami bearing Interest at the rate of 7 >10 per cent per annum, such interest paynldn semiannually, and represented by coupons, which may be detached and present ed for payment separately from the notes. The above rate of Interest >?ys two cents each day on every hundred dollars, and parties taking the not?s must pay ac crued Interest from the date of the notes, August 19, to the date of their subscription. Subscriptions wiU be received during flftee.n days from this dale. MORRIS KETCHUM. No. 40 Exciiancb Place, t Nkw York Sept. 21, ISC'., 1 To facilitate the objects for which the above Agency has been established, we will receive from subscribers certified checks upon the banks of this city and current bank notes, ourselves turn>siting coin to the required amount. We will also, If desired, send the certillcates of deposit to Washington, obtali; the Treasury notes, and forward them to miy given address. No charge will be nude for the above services. Nkw York, Sept. 18, 1*81. Having been supplied by the Secretary or the Treasury, I am now prepared to furnish Treasury notes bearing Interest at the rat,' oi 7 3-10 per cent [>er annum, payable to order as required, and of the various denominations immediately upon deposit therelor 111 gold or current funds. MORRIS KETCHUM. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, NO. 4? CANAL STREET, CORNER OF VARICK. Open dally from 10 to 2, and from 5 to 7 P. M. Six Per Cent Interest allowed on all sums of $500 and under, and Five Per (Vn ton larger amounts. Drposits had* DKroUK OCTOHKIl 20 Witt. 8KAK IMTKItUT FROM THE isT INST. THIS llANK HAS RECEIVED ON DEPOSIT DURING THB PAST 19% MONTHS gVM,22-l SJ. i. V. HAUGIIWOUT, President. Gaidxxr S. Chamjc, Secretary. WANTED-A PARTNER WITH $5,000 to $10,000 CASH, to purchase a slock ol goods and continue the business either in this city or elsewhere. The stock i? small and can be bought for an exceedinghr low price; hair lash, and the balance on time. The a Ivcrllsec Is a young nisrrlert man of excellent character and reputation, an! h?< an intimate knowledge of the business, having been In it lor the last ten years, but has not the means. A young tn.m woul l be pre ferred who would lake an active part. Money can be made out of the stock, as It would linn ^ more at auction limn it will cost, Ag.'fi's need not answ er. Adlross In confidence, Cask, llcriil I oillee. Mr (\f[(\ TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ?JpO?).l/V?U on productive real estate In thla rlty, In sums of 32.000 and upwards, for one or more years. Apply to JOHN K. CONRKY. In ih ? oilloe of the People's F r i Insu rance Company, 66 Wall street. LOAJi OFFICES. AT 06 NASSAU STREET.?A. HONIGMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jeet'lry, Ac., or buys them at lull value, at his private oOlce, ?0 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business confi dential. AT 111 GRAND STREET, TUBES DOORS WEST OF Broadway.?Money advanced on Watches, Diamond ? Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods an I Jieraonal properly of every de scription, or tonight and si.ld by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auc tioneer and broker. , Advances made on diamonds, watches, jew. elry and other valuables, or bought for cash at full value, by J. S. COHEN, 30ft Broadway, corner of Duune street. Parties visited at their residences if desired. All business strictly conildential. At no. 70 Nassau street.?a. k. Thompson ad vances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Scgars and all kinds of Property, or buys out. AMOS K. thompson, Auctioneer. Hales attended to In all parts of thecltvand Brooklyn. Room No. 3, seoond flour. m AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO LOAN TO atiy amount on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry. Ac., by tile well known and old established ISAAC, Broker and Com mission Merchant, No. !> Chambers street. N. B.?No busi ness transacted on Saturday. M AT 77 8LEECKER STREET-MONEY ADVANCED TO any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., Pi anos. Segara, Dry Goods, Ac. N. B.?Pawnbrokers Tickets bought, m 77 Bleecker street, up stairs. ONEY TO LEND-AT moderate RATES, ON +.wm. Watches, Jewelry, .s.iver, Dry Goods and personal pro? perty of all kinds, li.xxla may be redeemed at any time within one year. Private oillee entrance, hall door. II. BARNARD, 21 Third avenue. G GOO TO ADVANCE-IN SUMS TO SUIT, ON Jplw.i/e/t/ Watches, Diamonds and other personal pro. periy, or bought for cash, and the highest price paid. Olllce hours 9 till 8 L. JACOBS, 43 Cedar street. Brsni li 407 Br >adway. ?OA OOO TO ADVANCE, BV IIENRY HVM4N, 4S fZU.UlIU Broadway, room No 3, on Watthes Dla monds and merchandise of every description, from 110 and [ upwards. Meicha'ii.s in want Of noat> will do W?ll tOMll, 1 btunucssSU'lvily ijnlideutiai. ?HIPPING. between"new' yorjT"ani> town lan(iin| and embtrklug paiu???nger? at Queen* **r, ?y>*BUR,> .::::::::::;::::::::::^;Xy:^:? Aud every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44, North river, unuorriiuua. Flr?t Cabin $7J ~ " to London.;... HO to Pari* 86 to Hamburg.., HO Steerage ,....$30 to London 3S to Purl* 3S to Hamburg 36 Passenger* also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam. Antwerp, Ac., nt equally low price*. ' Persons wishing to bi Inn out their friend* onn buy ticket* here at tho followingrat**, to Now York:?From Liverpool or Queonstown first cabin. $76, 930 and (106. Steerage from Liverpool #40. From Queeuatown $30. Theso steamers have superior accommodation* for pasaen 8';r?, and carry experienced Burgeons. They ara built In ? utnrtlgbt Iron section*, and bave patent Are annlhllator* ou board. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WI MA Alt inman, Agent, 22 Water street; In Glasgow to WM. IN MAN, ? St. Enoch Hi)uare; fn Queenstowh to 0. A W. I). SEYMOUR 4 CO.; In London to EIVKS 4 MACEY, 61 King William atrgwt; In Pari* to JULES UKCOUK, ft Place de la Boursa: in Philadelphia to john Q. dale. Ill Walnut atrcet, or at the company's ofllces. JOHN O. dale, Agent, IS Broadway, New York. FOR southampton AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY. Ofli. U.?The United Slatea mall steamer FVLTON, J1 A. Wott.n commander. will Kali from pier 37 North rivur, foot ol Beach street, on Saturday, Oct. 12. This steamship? unsurpassed for safety and comfort?ban double engines un der deck, enclosed by water light compartment*, which, he aides other result*, tend, In Hie evrut or collision or brand ing, to keep the pumpa tree to work, and secure the safety of veaael and pasaenters. For freight or passage apply to SAMUEL M. FOX. I A?.'7"v. OEO. M ACKKNZifi.?Agenttl'No-7 Broadway. Thesteamer AKAUO will sail Novembers. STEAM TO HAMBUBU, HAVRE. LONDON AND Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company'* Iron steamship SAXONIA, II. Ehtera commander, rarr>lngtha United States mall, wUl leave from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Fulton street, BATt'RD VY, Oct. 5, at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passenger* for Havre, London, SoiiihaaMrtMi aud Hamburg. First cabin $100; si ootid cabin, $80; steerage, $35. The atratneis of tli.n In., ? Hi le tve every alternate Satur day, carrying the Unit.-.I States mall. Tho steamship BAVAHlA will succeed the Saxonia on Oct. 19. V. B. RICHARDS 4 BOAS, 161 Broadway. The north oerman lloyivs steamship Bre men, II. Weasels commander, carrying the United States mall, will anil from pier 30 North rivor, foot of Cham bers street, on SATURDAY, October 28, at 12 o'clock M., row BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LORDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates:? For the (li st cabin, $100: second cabin, $00; steerage, $30. For freight or passage apply to OELRICH3 A CO., 68 Broad street. STEAM TO LONDON I >ERRY, CiLASUOW AND T.IVER pool.?The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first class, full [lowered. Clyde liullt steamer JURA, Capt. Stone, carrying the Canadian and United States malls, will sail from Quebec next Saturday, Oct. 8. Kates of pttasage from Near York:?First class, a wording to accomfuodatton, $70 and $86; steerage, found with cooked provisions, $30. i'ei'tillcstes Is sued for bringing out piwcugers fro in all the principal towna In Oreat Britain and Ireland at very low rates. For passage apply at 23 Broadwav, New York. SABEL 4 .sEARLB, General Agent*. Direct steamship line between NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The new and splendid ateam A 1, f> CONGRESS, ,f Capt. I.unnlng, 2,UK) tons, sOJ borse power, J| Will sail from New Vui It on t. WE1)N KSDAY, Oct. 16, ' j For Havre and Antwerp dlrei-t Price of passage for Havre, Antwerp, Southampton or Loo don :? ? First cabin $100 Second cabin $601 Steerage 3$ Children between one aud ten years nt atie half price. Fur freight applv to W.\l. F. SCilWl l>T, 76 Beaver rtreet. ! For passageapply to 11ENKY M. WEED, 187 West street, corner of Reade street. FOR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE?THE paakct ship CULTIVATOR, lying at pier 27 East river,, aalla On. 3. The RESOLUTE na,Is Oct. 9. For passage or dratt*on Ireland, Jtc., apply to WI1XIAMS A GUiON, 40 Fulton (treet. For livkrpool-tapsoott's line.?sails on the 6th October, tlio celebrated packet ship OCEAN MONARCH, Capt. Page, lvblK at pier 40 East river, and the packet ship CONSTELLATION mils 10th October. For pas sage, at low rates, upply on board, or to TAPSCOTT 4 CO., SO South street. OR LIVERPOOL?THE SPLENDID CLIPPER SHir MAUltlANNE NOTTKIIOH.M, Captain Lamb, lielngone F ot tho finest ships afloat, will sail on Octobers. Splendid accommodations for all classes of passengers. Apply on board, pier U East liver, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 South atrcet, near Wall. POB LIVERPOOL.?THE FULL CLIPPER SHIP EL LEN AUSTIN haul* in the at ream this day, at 4 o'clock P. M. A few more second class passengers can oe aeeommo Passeuxer* are reipiested to be on board before four o'clock. For passage apply to K. COLLINS A CO., at the olliee, on pier No. 6, North river. FOR LIVERPOOL.?BLACK ball line of pack. et*.?The, Upper ship alexander MARAUALL, now at anchor in the stream, sails this day. Room lor a few morel lecond cabin passengers. The NEPTUNE s .la O ;lober 14. For passage apply toJACOB V. 1LSON, 103 South atroet. TjHIR london.?THE SPLENDID SHIP RHINE sails J? October 10 from pier IS E.iM r.ver. Passengers takes la socouJ caliln sitii-'io uns at reduced atMcr.ige price*. For passage apply to TIloS. C. ROCHE, 83 South street. Xline FOR LONDON.?sails MONDAY, OCTOBEB 7, the splendid n.ickct skip K. H. TAYLOR. Cupula lying st pier 16 East river. For passage, at low rates, ill* on England or Ireland, apply to TAI'scott A CO., 7, the splendid packet cililp K. H. TAYLOR. Cupula Lord, ly" '"* ~ ordran 80 South street. For havre.-the splendid clipper ship city OK NEW YOltK. Capt. Potter, p is,lively f?U? to-mor r >w at 12 o'clock. Passage $1S nn (fon d with provisions. Apply only to P. SI. l)hMA RES?, 40 .Soutli street. Australia pioneer lixe-carkyino tub oni teil Stales Nail. Die Mriiisb cl.pper sbipSIAM Is now rapidly loading, at pier l;t East river, lor Sydney, New South Walea, direct Has unsurpassed n< c uninoilaliona for first and second cabin passengers. For freight or passage, apply to R. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. Australian shippers link-first vessel off ?Th? lirst dii per tdiip CONTINENT, will receive freight a fetv days longer, nnil be despatched for Mai bourne diiect, positively on Si lucday, 5th of October. Ship Crs wil pinnae complete their shipments and send In bills of ling to the office of the. subsanbers. Can accio-imodate a few more i assen.ers. Apply <m board, at pier 12 river, or to FlSHEB, RlCARDS A CO;, M Wall street. AUSTHAUA.-KANOAUOO LINK FOR MELBOURNE. Clears positively on lOtli October. The noblo Ural class ahlp.lACK KR<1ST, 2.000 tons burthen, O. T. Emery Com mander, enn yet aceomBiodete one lirst cabin and a lew "'.. nil cabin passengers If ?arlv implication Is made oil IhiupI. pier I K East river, or to MAILLeR, LORD A QUE REAU, ItM Wall ttreet. FOR RIO JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR valparaiso# and Kan Francisco.?'The Pacific Mail Steamship Com Ewlll despatch their new steamship CONSTITUTION, tons burthen, frtitn New York for the above poru, on or 11st to 15th November next. Cabin passage to Rio MBO Cabin passage to Lota 5J0 Cabin passage to San Francisco 400 Freight will Also lie taken for San Francisco If sufllrlent in ducements arc offered. Apply at the office of the company, 8H* Wall street. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. * The British and North American,royal mall steamship KARNAK, rapt. Le Menurier, will sail for the above ports, from the company's wharf, Jersey City, on? Saturday September 14 Monday October 14 Monday ???? November 11 Paasngc money to Nassau $? Passage money to Havana (0 For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, 4 Bowline Green. POK HAVANA.-THE UNITED STATES Sixth STEAM* ship COLUMBIA, Richard A'lams, United States Navy, commanding, will l"?ve pier No. 4, North River, on Tuesday, Oduller 15, lit 12 o'i.Io k, noon, precisely. All letters must pass through the Post office, l'ats ngorsa-e reiinested toprotjore passports before securing passage. For freleht or passage apply to 8POFFORD, TlLEtfToN A CO., S3 Broadway. MIUilSERt. ATMHCES TO SUIT THE TIMES.?All ELEGANT As sortment of full and winter Millinery I* now offered, consisting of bilks of every oolor, black and colored Velvets. Straw Bonnets. Ribbons, Feathers, Flowers, Ac., aX Mrs. WM. .SIMMONS', 037 11mad war. Pl'RS, FURS, FURS, AT PANIC PBICES.-P. H. PHILIPS, 279 Urana street, patent fur manufacturer, wishes to inform the public that he hat opened his large bio k of fine Furs. lie offers such an Inducement at this es tablishment that every lady will lie'-ome a purrhaser. P. H. PHILIPS, 279 Urand street. Madame r harrts a son, 729 broadway, beo to' !nf>rm their friends and customers that they have just received from Paris the latest novelties in BONNETS, FLOWERS, HEADDRESSES, illUDAL WREATHS, AC. Their assortment of Fall and Winter ?Fashions Is now com plex. R HARRIS .* SoN, 729 Broadway. N. B.-Ruches et lnWrieursxle KicurspourCliapeaux haul* nouveaute. Thursday, October a, C. beatty, im fulton street, Brooklyn, will open for the inspection of pur chasers n lirge and well selected stock of Fsll and Winter Bonnets; N. B. Prices moderate to suit the1 times. DENTISTRY. Artificial teeth.-dr. lutuer, dentist, has not, but still continues, at 1JH Sixth avenue, to lusert beiiuii, nisei* on purr silver for only on Uno ??ld and platina, $25; warranted e.|iial to any In New York or elsewhere.^ Artificial bone fillino for decayed Teeth, Inserted wlille soft and giving no pain; aching teeth or mere shells can be tilled and preserved by the dis coverer, J. PEARSON, M. D. Rooms S59 Broadway, west side, one door above 8. ventuenth street. N. B.?Beware of the trashy imitations of cheap operators. "T RTIFICIAL TEETH.?ONLY FOR BEAUTIFUL A and substantial sets, on pure silver; on Une gold and platina, $2.1; single teeth, $1. Teeth lilied and extracted without the least pain. Superior bone filling only 50 cents. All work warranted. Office 138 Sixth avenuo, between Tcntlx and Eleventh streets. Dr. LUTItER, Dentist. ACARD.-DR. LUTHER, DENTIST, REMOVED TO 104 East Twenty-second street, Invites his patrisoC ten years past to call at h'.s new ft] a: tiiicnts. Every Ir n It of denilswy attended to as usual. Artiliclal teci u \v,n ran ? 4 unrurjiasacd, 75c nts lo$2. Painless bono tilling. 50 rents. Bunding wiioottt |>ain National drntal oaLLERY, sixth avrnub, c >rner Twenty-??n>nd street? Larcest and most replctk for iiianufacinrliif, put 'nt "Oumolyie" Tc ili; gtioiantec# first Class dentistry ; p; i -es exiraortfttlnrv. Silver xcik front $.1, rnblier $10, gold $2.1, single teeth si. Five prenil'iMI invardcd. Dr. M AXSON, DeCtiScU rpEETH. TEETH,. teeth?THE AM ItRUN T??.T* I Company.?Pn? Ileal dent'M sic ii , in.: bcautifm full acts at $5 and $10: |siri i>. is ,'i'rc , . i-1< ib, w**r.'i>4> ?wl; hall the iis inl pike. Booe lilliiig, 50 ccola. Jot oppostm Futli street.

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