Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1861 Page 5
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MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. THE CAMERON LEGION. Th# Vonderbllt Guard. Colonel Raymond, has recently attached itself to this regiment, and will go luto camp a; Saltersvillo, New Jersey, by Id day next, where eyuiy preparation 1b bolng nude Tor their recoption. Uwiug to the consolidation of these two reglm"nts, Colonel Hay moud Iuh adopted ti.e position of Major, which was formerly held by S. J. tocksiader, who ou this account resigned by ropiest of Golonol liiinham. Their head quarters still remain at No. -14 Groeuwich street. THE TENTH REGIMENT, NATIONAL ZOU AVES. Col. J. F. Beudlx Is now recruiting In this city to Cll up to 1,048 men. L.out. Col. ludor and Lieut. Aaron Seeloy, the tjuartormiislcr, are hero on recruiting servico. Tho regiment Is at Forti e?s M >nroe. The Lieulonunt Colonel being very sick, thetlutlcs devolve on tjuurtcrnioster Heeley, who Is working night und day for the regime nt, sending oft by mom cv t ry train a largo squad of recruits. Those wishing to join may in>ly at 480 Broadway und corner of Third avenue uml Fifty-eighth stieot. THE ENGINEER AND ARTISAN REGIMENT. Colon ol Sorreil Ii vh just returned /rum Washington, with tin order from the Secretary of War?to be approved by Governor Morgan?directing I lit* regiment to be mustered In as a regiment of engineer olttoers and soldiers. They are ordered to Fort S'huvler to complete their organ i/.i tlon and proceed to Wusringt-uwith all dispatch. The Increase of lay which this giv e* will doubtless flil up the ranks at oree. T'io oU!c--is nro nil cuginners of exjte rlence and the men are nil mechanics, ami none but tkll ful men in iho various blanches of mechanics aru ac cepted. THE IRA HARRIS GUARD. Colonel 0. Deforest has been fully authorized to raise this command to a brigade, which is now very rapidly being con victed. Il numbers at present fifteen compa nies, encampod at Camp Scott, and by Saturday next the brigade will receive furthor reinforcements, wh eh will make u complement of fully two thousand men. Captain Crainni arrived ut camp Sunday morning, with his full couirany. Ou Saturday Vsjor McVlcur brought on from Rochester. Captain Suinley's company. The Major re turned re>x<niiy to Koonosi r, wlmro he will suporint ud Hie complete :i of the following companies:?Captain 'Ward's, which is now in an advanced state; Captain liou Viggnr's, ut Albion, and Ca,jtuLu Mul'Oiiuld'B, ut Hosooye 1 alls. TUj ilaioi will locturu at diiloi ent places during lii.s abtonce or. ml'iutry subjects. one company from Michi gan is o.\pecUid i.i U.II uuyn. Tho brigade will be fully equipped ?ikI ni" nt xl as six n as the horses can bo pui ? based, so ua to have the in n as eftlclont us possible bu l'ore they ui-u oru-> od n Wa?lii<igton. it is probable tlut Major McV.cir will reoclvc the position of Lieutenant Colonel of ilia Secoa I regiment of tho brigade for his in defatigable exertions en behalf of the organization. THE MO KG AN LIGHT ARTILLERY. This reg'mout will huve a frit champctre and tlag railing ? his afternoon at their camp. Kim l'urk, Statcn Island. The boat will leave with the g>:csU of tho occasion from the foot of Corthiudt street ut eleven A. M. )RK, "j I- J PROFESSORS IN THE FIELD. In tUo recently published lists of appointments as brigade surgoons wo Und tho names of three professorsof colleges?Dr. Frank 11. Hamilton, of Bol.evue Medical College; Dr. John C. n,of tLe New York College of Physicians i.nd Surgeons, and Dr. Uuftis King Browne, of the New York Medical College. Tho learned thus furnish nn example for the laboring to enter the servico, as iho tlutios of tho army surgeon are well known to bo of the most onorous c.hai acter. NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS. BBCUU1TING, Al'l'Ut.NTMIM,-!, KK.SIUNATIONS, KTO. CKMtllAL ORUJUUi .NO* 102. Cbskiul Uiadodarixhs, St\ r? or Nrw York, AMUXAST GL.1kH.iL8 UmCI, AuuKY, Sept. 21, 1861. Tho following promotions mi' appointments have n on made by the Gove nor in the Now York Statu Volunteer regiments Rim e ib< publication of Ouneral Orders Mo. Vi, of Aug .st U,mi ? r r'i HkoiuRir. n.siry A. s-ud tu l- n.- ii, -uptembor 20, 1S61, vice Jamas A- Ua- . i? - . ? ? ? ? ,!? X?, *SWT. l.t*i.i.uat> .? i i a i i Ni Captain, August 2, 1M r?? J n v. . t. Ij ? .1 i? ? v i>? Captain, August IS, ?. ** ? ? ,i..?d. 11> . . ? '? ti lie Captuin, July ? a* ; '?nb -ted. , . '? Ueutenant, July 27, InSI, % i . >; i ?o"4ed. k ? - I - itenant, July 27,1S61, ?M?J I! V" ? 1 >?'? .. uiwiant, August 2, 1801, vioa J 1* ? . 4. it tmrg ai.i - .? M Mirom to be Lieutonunt, Afiii in, M?4, v ww "-I.U Xifuiis, promoted. k. oo'naut, September 3, 1801, vice Umry Jan*. i?. i"- tu .i Sorguam Jori , ?, . b, Iiisign, September 0, lsai, vice Joini M<a.iUic>, i.n.nd. SuigeaiU J.uue* i..- n mi be ensign, August 2, 1801, vino tieorgu Tailo, pit utoU-d. Private Jolm XchKf-r lo bo ensign, September 3, 1801, vlco August Kolbu, resigned. diaries U. Davis 10 be Ltisign, September 20,1801, vlco Edward ii ritt, never re-,K>rtoJ for duty. (Jeorgo Gould to bo lUisign, July 27, 1801, vice J. J. 1 lagan, promoted. Thomas H. fisher to bo Knsigu, July 27,1801, vice E. ?'T. Wilson, promoted. Assistant Surgeon Iaj Roy M,;Le n to bo Purgoon, Sep tember 12,1601, vice R. It. umt>cou, promoted. Tinki> itKMiuurr. Lieutenant Jcilm 6. 1 ay t j bo Captaiu, July 2,1861, vice Abel Smith, Jr., promoted. Lieutenant Erwin A. Jones to bo Captain, September 14,1861, Vice S. VV. h nllet ten, deeeuseU. Andrew Wliito tu bo Uuutenant, July 2, 1861, vice John li. Kay, promoted. Sergeant F. V.. Werner to bo ljislgu, July 2,1861, vice Andrew White, promoted. FOURTH Ensign Nathaniel 1'. Bob worth to be Lieutenant, August 26,1S61, vice Houry Rogcne, resigned. yuartei n aiuor Sergeant \V liiiain Soi iber to be Etu-ign, August 20, lbtil, vioe N. P. BohWorth, promoted. FliTH KK .IVKNT. Lieuteuant Colonel (Soverneor K. Warren to be Colonel, September ?, 1861, vioe Abiam buryee, appointed Bi ij;u ?dlor General. Major lliram Doryee to bo Lieutenant Colonel, Septom toer 3,1801, vico G. K. W. rron, promoted. Captain Hurman 1). Hull to be Major, September 3,1861, vico Hirum Duryee, promoted, Uentenant Churchill C. Cnmbretltig to be Captain, Sep tember 3,1861, vice tl. 1). Bull, promoted. Lieutenant G"verneurCnrr t> oe Captain, September 3, 1861, vico Robert S. Dun.ont, resigned. Lieutcuaut William T. l'nrtt i Ige to be Captain, August 14,1861, vi'-e JutUon hilpit.iiek, resigned. Lieut want Wilbur F. Lewis to be Captain, September 6, 1301, vlcu Abraui Den Ike, nttigtutd. Lie itetiant Oliver Wetmore, Jr., to bo Captain, Septom ber 8,1861, vice C. (j. liar lieu,appointed in regular army. Lieutenant Jacob Duryea to be Captain, September 8, 1861, vice J. a. York, appointed In regular army. Sergeant Major John CjIIUu to bu Lieutenant, August > 14,1801, vice W. T. Partridge, promoted. Ensign John 11. liradiey to be Lieuteuant, September 3, 1861, vico C. C. Cambrel uig, promoted. Sergoai.t George O. Haj;ei to be Lieutenant, September S, 1861, vice G. Carr, promoted. Sergeant James 11. Louiicbury to bo Lieetenant, Sep tember 6,1861, vice W.'F. 1/^wiu, promoted. " Sergeant Charles W. Wright to bo Eusign, August 20, 1861, vico C. F. Davis, resigned. Sorgennt Felix Agnus to bo Ensign,September 6,1861, vico James Miller, resigned. Sergeant ltalph E. 1'rUne to be Ensign, September 6, .1861, vice Chai Its W. 'l'orrey, resigned. Sergeant Charles Sargent tu bo Ensign, Septembor 3, ..1861, vice J. 11. Brad l"y, pa moled. 8BVK.NTU KBUUUNT. August Becker to tie Chaplain, August 27,1861, vice J. A. F ioisch, resigned. Lieuteuuut Augustus Telliu to be Captain, September 9, 1861, vice E. C. Wratisluw, resigned. Lieutenant '1'. S. GlBubouskloe to 'be Adjutant, July 29, 1861, vico Louis Schaflher, reeignoJ. Krn-i^n Max Boettcher to bo Lieutenant, September 6, 1861, vice T. G. Giaubeiifklee. pronioto<l. Ensign William Uehrond to be Lieutenant, Soptember 9, .1861, Vice i\. Tellen. promoted. Sergeant Merits Hnoin t?> be Ensign, September 6,1361, vice M- Ucettcher, promoted. Sergeant Charles Hointberger to be Knsign, September ?*, 1861, William BcUreud, promoted. NINTH KSi.iMENr. Sergeant llonry S. Eyting to bo Ensign, September 22, 1861, vico J. 1>. Mitchell, rescued. TKVH KSulllKNT. Ix>uls SchotTner to bo Lio .tenant, Septembor 13, 1861, vice Edward Greenwood, resigned. Norwood A. Hulsey to !>,? t-jujign, Septembor 20,1S81, vico Vdlnoy Wright, resigned. Sorgoaut James K.. muh to bo Ensign, August 20,1361, vico Danlol Fin ley, resigned. Lioutenant Aaron Seeloy to bo Qnartennsstor, Septem ber 16,1801, vice James i id i.e. resigned. TWIUni IISUIMKXT. EUtign Charles B. Randall to be Captain, Septembor 3, 1861, vice J. C. Irish, ri sign* d. Samuel I). Sudden to bo Enitlgn, September 3,1861, vice L. Smith, rosignod. Ulysses li- Eddy to be Ensign, Septomber 20, 1861, vie Charles 11. Randall, promo leu. Assistant Surgeon A. It. f-hipman to be Surgeon,Sep tombor 13,18til, vice R. W. i'easo, resigned. liiland A. Weed to be Assi&sttt Surgeon, Septomber 20, 1861, Vice A. B. Shipmati, pn muted. nrtBRNTH RCUIHEXT. Clinton G. Colgate to bo Lieutenant Colonel, September 14,1861, vice F. B. O'Keele, dismissed. ?IXTMitni HKOlilKNT. Ensign Robert P. Wilson to bo Adjutant, September 20 1861, vie ? Joseph ilowiund, promoted. Sergeant Henry F. Sanwrd to bj Ensign, August 28 1861, vice Joseph Holbrork, dec wed. KK.llTKK.VTll KJKilJiKNT. William Russell, Jr., to bo Quartermaster, Septembei SI, 1861, vice W. V. Horsfall, resigned. TWB.VTY-ni.SI KKlitMKNT. Lieutenant George M. leaker to bo Captain, Septembei 20,1601, vice W. G. Albergcr, promoted. TWBNTY-MKUWI) RBCnUMT, James W. Schenek, Jr., to be Quartermaster, Septom ? ber 6,1861, vioe 11. l>. Woodruff, promoted. ' twbwty roi Rni rkqimknt. Lieutenant Bellendrn Hutchinson to be Captain, Augue 7,1401, vice E. M. Paine, reeignod. ~ ???Lieutenant, August 7 l'nsign Wiiiam L. Yockley to . 1. 1F81, vice P. Hutchinson, prom'**- ? Ensign, August 7 Sergeant James A. lirowne to' 1801, vico VV. L. Yeckley, promoted. Twum nrni mtaaawf' , . ",ni Ensign Nathan T. Lee to be Captain'? August 3, in vim A. L. Graham, resigned. Sergeant Major Thomas W. Maxwell to be Captain, Au gust 3, 1861, vico Daniel McNamee, resigned. Kusign James Edgoworth to l>o Lieutenant, .August 8, 1801, vico Theodore Alien, resigned. Ln.-;gn Junii>s Dovoy to bo Lioulunant, August 10, 1881, vice Rubort Johnson, promoted. JohuA. Kress to bo Lieutouant, September 10, 18 31, vice F. Webb, resigned. Alexander W. Shaw to be Lieutenant, September 10, 1861, vice John Barrett, resiguod. Sergqtnt Epeuotus I latt to do Ensign, August 3, 1861, vice James Edgoworth, promoted. Sergeant Robert McClynu to be Ensign, August 10,1801, vice James Dovojr, promoted. Craig W. Wadswortli to be Ensign, September 10,1801, Vice 1'oter M. I i">r, rotigued. William U Griffon to be Ensign, August 8, 1861, vice John Kolly, resigned. TWK.NTY-8*VBfni KKOIMKNT. Major Joseph J. Bartlett U> bo Colonel, September 1, 1861, vico H. W. Slocum, promoted. Captain Alexander Duncan Adams to be Lieutenant Colonel, September 1,1881, vico Joseph J. Chambers, re signed. Captain Curtis C. (iardnor to be Miyor, September 1, lMil. vice J. J. liartlutt, promoted. Liouiouact CharlM A. Wells to be Captain, September 1, 1861, vice E. s. Lewis, resigned. Li 'Uteuant Henry R. White to bo Captain, Soptombor 1, 1861, v>co A. D. Adams, promoted. Liei. tel.ant Satin.el M. Harinan to be Captain, Septem ber 1, 1861, view O. C. Gardner, promoted. Ensign i aluyette Cross to be Liouieuant, August 2, 1861, vui William .A Sheldou, resigned. Ensign Thomas W. Dick to bo Li niteuaiit, August 2, 1861, vie Henry F rd, resigned. Sergeant Eilwin Omstock to bo Lieutenant, August 7, 1861, vice 11. C. Jacksua, resigned. Ensign O*orgo II. llurd to bo Lieutenant, September 1, 1861, vlue (liurl,a A. Weils, promoted. tnsign William 11 Swun to bo Lieutenant, September 1, 1861, vice Henry It. While, promoted. Sergeant I avis C. Hartshorn to i>o Lieutenant, Septem ber 1,1801. vice S. M. Harmon. promoted. Sergeant liurton Kreemau to bo laisign, September 1, 1801, vico CI arli-s D. Rice, resigned. Sergeant Edward Williams to be Ensign, September 1, 1881, v i<e O. H. Ph llliiifl, roelgnod. sergeant James C. Craft to bo Ensign, Aui^jt 2,1861, vice Thomas W. Dick, promoted. Sergeant Major Charles L. Caul to bo Ensign, Soptom ber 1,1801. vico William II. Swan, promoted. Private James wing to be Ensign, September 1, 1861, viec George H. Hurd, promoted. Sergeant trunk E. Noi tbup to bo Ensign, August 2, 1861, viM L. F. Cross, promoted. Sergeant Albert 0. Xorthrup to be Ensign, July 21, 1861, vice i 1 ark, deceased. TWKNTY SNlinII KrOlMKKT. Captain Elliot W. Covk to be Major, September 13,1881, vice J. K. Mitchell, resigned. TltlKTl HR-T RKG1MENT. HonryKoith to bo Quartermaster, September 20, 1861, vico llaron tumpgun, resigned. THlRTV-SK JOMU IMMUR. l'lisign William O. Wyckoil to be Lieutenant, August 9, 1861, vice J. H. Tichenor, rusigin d. 1'iisign ita) inon Koig'iss n to be Lieutenant, August 9, 1881, \ ieo W. Y. Fair.m i s, resigned. Sjrgoont Major Horace H. Oiey to be Ensign, August 9, 1861, vice H. Fergusson, promoted. So.geant Edmund Wallace to bo Ensign, August 9,1861, vice VV. O. Wyckoff, promoted. Frank (iodine to bo Ensign, August 9,1801, vice W. N. Atchison, resigned. William H. Forbes to bo Ensign, August 8,1861, vioo Andrew l'uikor, resigned. Til I ItrY-THIRD RKdlMIWT. Henry N. Alexander to bo Quartermaster, September 14,1861, vice H. L. Suydam, resigned. Samuel ( ary to be Ensign, September 20,1861, vice P. R. Ryan, resigned. THirtTY nvrn rbi imbtt. Lioi.tenant Lorenzo U. to be Captain, Septem ber 6, ?861, vice G. E. Elwoii, rosigcod. Jehu A. Haddock to be Lieutenant, September 3,1801, vicel>eoiga Merrill, declined. TIIIR1Y-MXHI RSCilVE.VT. Daniel E. Hungert'ord to be LieuU uu&t Colonol, August 6,1861, vice Thomas J. Lord, rosli Bed. Lioi.tenant Cliarlos A. llu .Moulin to bo Captain, August 5 lsol, vine <;. Dupela, resigned. i.iouienunt James Host in to b?Captain, August 21,1861, vice William H. Dennett, resigned. Lieutenant Abel 3. Chappell to be Captain, August 21, 1861, vice Walter Pari vent, l osigned. Lieutunant Hubert Jurkson to bo Captain, August 23, 1861, vico T. U. At wood, resignid. Ensigit Horace R. llowlctt to bj Lieutenant, August 5, 18G1, vice C. A. I)u Moulin, promoted. Ensign K'waid Armstrong to bo I ieutenant, August 21, 18(il, vice . s. Ch. ppoll, promoted. Sergcunt Ma.jor (ieorge H. Moure to be Lieutenant, August 23,1861, vice Rob rt Ju< k.-< >n, promoted. Horgi'ai ' Robert H. Jones to be Ens .gn, August 24,1861, vice Kwb. t I'utterson, resigned. Sergeant Charles Eccleston to b> Ensign, August &,18G1, vicc 11 R. Howlott, promoted. TH1KIT-SS. KVTH KWUMI WT WilaonBarstow, Jr., to be^n, September 18,1861, vico James 1'. Boyle, resigned. KORriKril KKUIMI XT. Second Lieutenant James E. Mallon to bo First Lieuto nant, September 13,1861, vice Isaac L. Taylor, rcsignel. Second Lioutotiaut John Locke to be l-imt Lieuienant, September 11,1861, vice Charles II. Stone, discbaiged. Serg ant John M. Turnbutl to be Second Linutenant, Se|)tember 11,1S61, vice John Locke, promoted. Edwin A. Storer, to beSei ui d Ll ul nant, September 11,1861, vice John T. Brown, i enlgnnd. romr-miKr hki.ixk.nt. Sergeant Einil Si!U ib;rt tobe Captain. August 3, 1861, vico 'Iheodore Biaeklen, resigned. Sergeant Major Rudolph I'otetson to bo Second Lieute nant, July 30, l'.fll, vico John Bucb, rcfiignod. ?Award 11: Martinda'e to bo First Lieutenant, August 3, 18G1, \ icoF. X. Braulek, resigned. The poisons hsrety promoted and appateted will im mediately ropcrt for duly at the ho.ul'j .arti rs of ihelr respjetive regiments,except tie s) in the Tenth regiment, wh > will report toLloutenantt'ilonel Elder, in tuocity cf New York. By order of Omnia! dor in-Chief. 'i'HOS. HILI.Hi I SK, Adjutant General. CARBINES FOlt THE ARMY. TO TliK EDITOR OF TliK 1IKKALD. nail's carbine is a breech ioaoor aud condemned by tho government. They have bee:; sold by the government at Uto public su es Held at '.ae various United State* depots at $1 to each. Phi ;io's aud other brooch loudlng guns ure improvements on Hall's, hence render ing tliem obsolete. i'ha cornru >n store price has l>ei?n {1 to $8, and whore found may n.vv bo bought tor (IU, wl.irh Lj a dear price. Any hlj/Iur prioe paid by the government is tsim;>ly a swindle. l'KO liONO FUBL1UJ. A NEGRO PREACHINGSECliSSION DOCTRINE. A r.egro named John Jouch wis brought beforo Alder* man Chipp, at tho Jefferson Ma. k. t 1'oiice Court, yester day morning, on a charge of disorderly conduct preferred against him by policeman Booth, ? >f the Twentieth pre cinct. The officer stated that ho found the prisoner mounted on a flour barrel in Thirtieth street, preaching accession dcctrine to a large conconrae of men. women and children. He was determined, he nakl, to get down South nnd help .letf. Davis to whip the\ ankees,and was going on at a rapid .ate ab ut the utter hop lessness of attempting to conquer the rebels, when the olncer canto np and pushed him oil the barrel. The sudden interruption irritated the colored gentleman beyond endurance, and, hauling oil', ho hit the policeman full iu tho face. A struggle tlion followed, and for a few moments It was doubtful who would come off triumphant; bi t the ofllcer's club turned the sra'.e, aud the negro was lu.ulty compelled to s bmit. Jones was evidently do mented, altnough heciaimed to bo of sound mind and a man of more thau ordinary intelligence. He said he un derstood the subject of negro slavery most thoroughly, and oould convince the Conrt of the truth of his argu ment if ho would only be allowed tbe privilege of con tinuing his harangue. Alderman Chipp waa not anxions to h.Mir the lunatic's ravings, however, and cut the mat ter short by ordering him to be locked up. THE VOLUNTEER FUND." FRAUD UPON TliK RELIEF COMMITTEE. Anna Fellen, alias Bauer, was brought before Alderman Chipp, at the Second District Police Court, on charge of defrauding the city and county of Now York out of $17 50, under tho following circumstancesThe prisoner, it appears, callod at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of the Sixth Senatorial district, No. 16 Fourth avenno.oii tho 2d ot August, and presented a cortitlcato to the effect that her husband was in actual service as n private in Com pany 13, Eighth regiment New York Volunteers, and re oommendh g that the bearer bo paid the sum of $3 50 weokiy. The certittcnto was signed by the ollicers of the Lighteenth ward,and appearing to be all right upon its face the woman was permitted to draw upon tho funds of the committee for several weeks. Suimequently it waa discovered that Mrs. Fellon's real name was Bauer, aim that she had no claims whatever ui?n the charity of the Voiu iteer Fund. A complaint was immediately Instituted against the impostor, and yesterday slio was arrested by otllctr McCork. Tlie prisoner stated lliat she was thirty - six years of age, and wan a resident of No. 418 First uve nue. Committed for trial. Coroners' Inquests. Scsnciosr of Inpa.vticide.?Information was received at the Coroners' office yesterday to tho cffoct that a child was lying dead at the comer of Jay andOrccnwich street* uuder circumstances which warranted tbe bellof that i* bad been foully dealt with at the hands of its mother* Mrs. Kredorika Baker. Doctor 0. F. l'etltejean, who at tended Mrs. Baker in her contincment, hays that the mother offeredihim $lf> to destroy the life of tho infant, but that ho refused. Subsequently ho learned that a Ger man physioian hau been callod in, and that the child soon afterwards died. He Is of opinion that the infant was su"t>cated, and thinkB tho case demands a rigid investi gaiion at tho hands of the Coroner. An inquest will be held upou tho body of the child to-day. Fatal Accidww.?Bertha Tousle, a child about eigh years of age, was run over by an omnibus, at tho junc tion of Houston and Second streets, yesterday, and al most Instantly killed. Coroner Jackmon was notified to buld arilnquest. A child about six years of ago, son of Mr. Ilarr, No, 34fl Pi tth street, was crushed to death by a hogshead of to bncco falling upon him yoetorday morning. Inquest CD day. The body of an unknown man, supposed to be that ol David Mansell, an Englishman, was round drowned at Um foot of Murray street yesterday. The remains wsr< sent to the dead house at Bellevue Hospital by Qrder ol the Coroner. THE NAVY. Constellation, sloop-of-war, 22, Commander Thos. A, Doraln. Tho marine department on board tho Constella tion, now at Portsmouth, N. H., number* thirty-eight | Wnk and nio. Orderly Bergeunt Rotha* hell, wlio *-.?a tt2I*in>and of tho guard, served with Uiiierai Scott in tuJ*wkr w'1^ Mexico. MORE VE9SiTi<s F01' TIIR GOVERNMENT. Tho steamers Vandet Atlantio, Baltic, Roanoke and Coatzacb&lcos havo boon chaT**'?^ ^y government. Thay are now taking in coal and liltui* "P with borthu to occcmnwdate a largo number of ttiops. The stoamers Matanzas and Orieutal have boon cfwrtcr. ed by the government for uso during tho prosent war. ThogOT'jrnment has also purchased on private terms tho propetl#rs Scnpca, Uncus and Sachem. TRIAL TltlP OF GUNBOAT SENECA. Tho Umwd States gu?'boat Srneca weat on a trial trip yesterday, 8tk? left tho pier at tho Novelty Works, foot of Thirteenth strwit, Ko*a river, shortly beforeten o'clock In the morniotf, nnder the charge of tho well knowa Siudy Hook piNt. Waguraa, and at onoo prooecjod down towards tho bay. The weather had sonr what of a low ering aspect during tliw day, yci on the whole it was plott. suit, a very ..grooaWe l*>roe/.e provuiling, though not suf ikieut to be iu any way equally. A slight shower at ono time fell, putting a dami rr on tfc? guests' feelings: b it, havi: g Boon passed UT thk-'ir countenances brightened accordingly. Tho scenery and voyafivd??wn tho hay have benn m >re than ouce described," aod oift the piwuent occasion it id only nei sssary to say every ot*e was batwfled. The nve rago time nude was nine ami' threo (juai tcr knot)', or about cloven miles per hoiw, lUe range loin* from nine to nearly eleven knots during ili? aamo lum val of time. This avcinge was taken of tlie'wlJp.e trii>, belli outw.?rd an ; homeward, wlili the tide and against it. 'ihoenyiuea performed an average of eightphil'sa per minute, aione tune uemly making tho hundred. Scarcely any biigo was made during th(< trip, whicb intended bwyoud tho light ship, around which the Senoc* sailed. The vessel, although fcho had not her artuainanU <?n board, tcarcdy shown! any sign of rolling, speaking QMkparativt )y, an I the usual accompaniment of trial tri|??eia sieknese?was therefore dispensed with. The Seneca is of the same model and birlid as the Una diUa,and hiir armament will bo the suMie?namelyrune rilled twenty pound Parrot gun on tho frrecastie, an eleven inch Dahlgren ainiilshi;*, and twbnta* forty-two howitzers astern. Amoi g l ho guests our reportor notircl f'mninodore Gregory. I nlted Siates Navy; Captain t'< aaateek, of the ltaltic; Captain Forbes, of tho Doetoa ship! uiidimr Arm; Judfo Richards, Messrs. R. Allaire, Buck nam. Hill, of Mystic, and a large number of naval officers. riiip build ers, s.iipinaiters, military officers, Ax. A very (jJeiu-ant repast was furnished by Mr. Logan, of No. IS '^cnuo D, wtoe catering appeared to give general s.uisi'.iction. Tho o.Uccis of the gunboat, as far as appoiiiUrt,.afe as follows:? Comniu,id<r?Lieutenant Daniel Amnion. First Lieutenant?John G. Sprostcn. Chief Fn in&r?1>. Kraft. First Engineer?T. Allen. 8'.u nil As- istant ftopineer?H. H. Ilurrltt. Thiol Assistant Engineer?T. Lynch. THE BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. Tho barks Brazllliora and (>nm of the Soa-s a o lilting 115 and will shortly bn ablo to pat to sea. A rumor has beun?. ntl .at that the itrazflllera had boon coudi'iniied by the authorities. Such Is not the caie, as th m n ure busy preparing h?r loreervtce. She is *taun< li and strong, aud will carry six guns. The Gem of ttio? in u ill carry four. Unless tresh additions are made t ie Navy Yard docks will soon bo empty. Tho United Slates steamer Curlew, rccuitly chartered by tho goven ia nt,arrived from llor-lon yesio day morn ing and anch ei off ihe Navy Yard. The Curlew is the fastest of the I., vessels bought, being ablo to make six teen knots. ; i has a bateery of rlx 82 s and a I irrott gun on the foi ? e igtlv. the is well supi lied wuh shot, shell, ammuull.on. 4c., and will undoubtedly dc xood sir v;co dunug the war. Sho now lies at anchor in the North river waiting ordors. The following ia a correct list of her officers:? /.Untenant ''<mmantiino?G(xirge H. Cooper. Mauler ami Excrvdce Ujjiccr?Horace E. Million. A cling Mahrs?Robert Spavin, K. A. Curtis, H. N. Pa rish. Assistant J'aymcuttr?W. A. A ikon. AniistatU Surgnm?M. L. Lam tier. Fir ft Assistant Engineer?<i. II. Kmory. Third Astislant Enfiinecrt-'John Lloyd uod T. Swazoy. Masters Mates?Charles Duncan and Sidney li .11. PHILADELPHIA NAVAL NEWS. rwUtnirtllAfOst. 2,1R61. Tho Harriet Lano sailed to day for the South Irotn hero with an incomplete armament. Tho gunboat Sciota was launched this morning. TllE DESTINATION Ob' THE NEXT NAVAL EXPEDITION. Tho Taunton GatelU publishes a lottor (: am a pontic man on board steamer Massachusetts, doing blockading service at the mouth of the Mississippi, Lu which tho writer ways:? There is no doubt that on attack will se a be made on some of the principal ports on the Gulf. We ex pec more wssela here every day , and this place is to be use I as a rendezvous lor vessels in this part of the Gulf. 1'robibly Chandolaur Island will bo fortified and held until wo can rocaptuio Fhlp Island. Last night, for the ilret time since July 8, the linlit tdjlp on C'haudeli'iir was iHuminate 1. Tlio lantern and llxturea were carried on shore nnl set up in their proper places, und just alter sunset ihi< rebels were greeted with the sight of the light. Our 1* ilors li ive been cleaned of some of the salt, and wi wqicct to bo all ready to start again by Friday night. SOLDIERS' PAY. Supioso a private to Lava served one year,and that being the end of tbe war, bis accent with lb" govern ment, leduced to a cash valuation, would MMM aboot thus:? For 12 months' pay, at $13 per roonlb $166 For 12 mouths'commutation lor clothing, at $3 42 For 12 numbs'commutation for rat.ons, $12 144 For bounty 100 For giant of 160 acres of laud (in prospect), valuod say at 160 Total for tho year f8o2 .And supposing his avorago travel Irom the place of en rolment to the place of ra ister to he 200 miles, e re ceivo-3S0 (lll'iy cents for each twenty miles), anil th? sumo on his discharge, and if in the cavalry sor\ico$2j in addition. Festival or rn* Roma:* Catholic Or.rirAji Abtxcm.? Ex tensive prepKrutions have been made to render t'io an nual feftival of the Roman Citliolic Orphan Asylum, of th.s city, which tokis place at tho Academy of Mt? r, to day, a line affair. Two grand entertainments are to be given?one at two o'clock in the afternoon, and ihn other at half-past seven lu tlio evening. A host of distinguished artists havo generously volunteered their services, and the programmes for both afternoon and evening present good selections of theatrical and musical plcces. Tho hu mane objects and the beneflis of the institutions are ap parent. Lonely orphans, deprived of thepow- "ful In fluencoof parental guidance, are tenderly takin within their sheltering walls, whore kind teachors endovor, as far as |k ssihle, to make up for tho loss of maternal love and paternal care. Police Intelligence. Siiarp ntAcnn?A Ji'DtiB his Victim?I). K. Maynard, Judge of tho Marino Court, appeared at the Tombs yester day, and preferred a complaint against John J. Hrown for having defrauded him out of $322 32, under the following clrcumstanees:?Tho accused, It is alleged.called upon Judgo Maynnrd. and presentod a cinim for collection at a time when tbe latter had no money in his pocket to meet it. In order to obviate the difficulty, hownvor, the Judge sent Drowu to the ollleo of Coorgo II. Purser, with the re quest that the lattor would draw a chock on Lho liroa l way I'ank for thn amount, payable to him or order. In stead of doing tlii*. Hrown, ns it is charged, got Mr. Purser to draw a check payable to bearer, and afterwards drew the money from the bank and appropriated the saino to his own use. The accusod was arrested ou a warrant Is-suod by Justice Osborne, and committed for examination. Ptixbt ItomiBRY.?As Christian B. Morrison, of No. W West Twenty-second street, was on his way home < n Tuesday night, ho was assaulted by a tbtcf and robbed of a gold watch and chain valued nt $150. Mr. Morrison raised the cry of stop thief," whou policeman Warren, of the Eighteenth precinct, hastened to the spot, and gave chase to the bold highwayman. After pursuing the fel low for several blocks the officer succeeded in overhaul ing him in Grceno street. Cpon searching tho prisoner the stolen property vas found upou liis person. He gave his name as Kflward Madden, ami upon being oonveve.1 before Aldermau Chipp. at the Joflbrson Market Police Court, he wns committed for examination. Cait hb of a Jcvextlb niRoi.Att.?Josiah St urges, a boy about Gftean years old, was arrested by police aim Irving, of the Twentieth ward, on su&p.cion cf having broken Into the dwelling houso of June Scott, N"o. 223 West Forty - second street, and stolon therefrom $33 50 worth of pro perty. At first the lad denied all knowledge of tho bur glary, but finally ho mide a Till confess ten of his guilt, and gavo auch information as led to tho recovery i f th ? greater portion of the stolen goods. Josiah had nil tho appearance of a respectable boy. Ho hail oviilently fallen into bad company, and boon led astray contrary to his na tural inclination. Alderman Chipp committed the pri soner for examination. Pabhw a Worthlk* Check.? Norman A. Bennett, of tbe Arm of Freeman h Bennett, jewellers, of No. 826 Broadway, appeared before Justice Imaoubury and mad^ o complaint against James II. Iiigrnnge for obtaining a diamond ring, valued at $69, by m^ans or false pretences. The prisoner, tt appears.represented that he wae a resi dent of New Orleans, an<l was a man <.f wealth. He fur ther stated that he bad an account witb the Banfcof Ame rica, and In payment for tbe ring tendered Mr. Bennett a check on that Institution for tho above named amount. Subsequently, when thejewellor had parted with his rin^ It wait discovered that there were no hinds In the bank tr meet the check, and that all Lagrange's statements w?r< ffelse, and made with a view to defrhQd. Officer Cacgll arrested lagrange. and by order o( (be magtwat* lj? wai 1 locked up for examination.

?T?.?To night the great magician Hbkrmann at IWiVw a Brooklyu audience. The make# his appearance brfnr, .wlte,t tricks of his in. bill of the evening ombraeeetba -,?,n tb<) UI,,?,ir. auguratory and comic pr< vummes. ?" of a , mice of tho box slicct there ?vur>' y 1 ami brilliant house. City Intclllgeii Kt' Ermopal Diocvum Convmtion?flu * Annual ?nven tlon of the clorgymen of the Eptsco, di0l'"'ti "f New York resumed their session in &l' "j* chapel yesterday, pursuant to previous a. joi, mint. The Ki^ht Reverend Iilslmp Pott >r cupiod tho chair, and the attendance was ni ?1 more numerous than at tho former mooting, a woek ago. The time of tlio Convention was almost entirely o.vuplod by Bishop Potter's auuual address unit i lively discussion ' with regard to the propriety of dividing tho dlccesa. In the Bishop's ad Iters a b. iof allualmi was aia.lo to the uin tractod stato of tho land, sftcr which tho si?. tkt;r gave u Byuopsls of the business of during tho year, from which it appeared that tho number confirmed was 3,342?a large lucnaseover the number of the pr?vi< s year; eight churchy and chapels had been eousecrated, Jive corner stones laid, twenty llvo clergymen transfiir rod, two displaced at ilmir own request, and I wenty can. ilidates I? ir orders nr..annul. Tlio deaths In lb'1 mlu.stry were thirteen, and the Increase of clergy ovor the nuiii ber I:i-1 year wnn forty nine. Sermons li id b<ec pria di ed and services held in ali lulls of the diocess visited. 'Hie IlistKip referred to the policy of dividing tho lUduess, which he disapprove 1 in the preeen: state of the conn , try. The ipwstiiHi belonged to the General Convention, | an I Hie introduction of it at this time might be Injurious to the clniiih in this dlooess. Hie labors, during his vi sitation, worn eki.un.iive, ai.d he thought he unghl iu future years require assistance, b t 1m confessed he co.ild not but viewsucisa proposition wuh deep interest when he considered tl<e present sta;o si' thodiociss. At Ih ' couchision i f the Bishop's ad'lrej i the discussion r :* tive to tlio division of tho diocess was taken up, and, a ter a warm dob.ito, thirConvention adjotuned to this morn irg at nice o'clock. Tub Anwivkjwaky or rui Amkbican Hiiiir I'm <x took [?lace at tho church cerser of Broome ami Elizabeth streets yesterday mornlpg, the Rev. Thomas Arnutago presiding. The prooie lingv were coullnod to tho election of a board of officers a:ul tho reading of tho annual ic ports'uf the Secretary and Tress iter. According to tli > stat'lM'llt of l>r. l'armlee, the receipts during the past year amounted to $21,3H9, and tho expenditures to $20,880. The Union will reassemble (his morning. Uask 1'au?Mirrt'AL or llobonti vs. Atlantic o* Uiioox i.yn.?Thoe# celebrated clulia will play a match on tho grounds or Ui? former at Hohokou this (Thursday) al ter noon at tw ?o'clock. They will, an usual, attract u large concourse of the base ball frater nity and others interest ?d In the giitle, tho reputation of both clubs buuig first class. iSmonal Inlilllgcnii'. Captain Hewitt,of ihe British m m-of war Riualdo, nnd Edwin .lames ;.?d wile, of Lemon, a?o stopping at tlio Clarendon Hotel. Governor Mori;* nnd Adjutant fiineral Hlllhonse, of AUmiy; (amain Putnam and H. Vf. Ooo|>Ar, of ihe Unite I Staios Army, and P?\'. J. W. Dark nnd Homer Ramsdell, of Newbnrg, are stopving at the Astor flouse. General Hurnside, of Rhode Island; E. 8. Kimball,of B 'Ston; W. C. Hurand,of Connecticut; Mr. H. Morris, of Baltimore; Mr. Statrer, of Montveal, and E. Bak 'r,of Pennsylvania, aro stoppinj at tho Kiitli Avenue Hotel. Addington Venal lei, of Oxford, England; J. M. Brimmer and U. I). Forbes, of I)oston; C. C. ,lohn?on, of tvnini.ti cut; G. H. Welch, of Rhincbock; J. Roslyn, of England, and J. It. White, of Philadelphia, uro stopping ul the Bre voort Mouho. E. S. Edwards and wife, 0. K. White and .T. B. llume, of Ni w York; M. Wiener end B. K. Mills, of Dunkirk; 1. ?It llayileu, of Watorbury, and J. liirdsey, of Cleveland, are stopping at tho ijtfurge House. Lieutenant Mclaughlin, J. Andrews and J. W. (Jorrton, of tins United Stales Army; J. 8. Waterman, of Philadel phia; U. H. Hicks, of Oh to; J. M Livingston, of Utah; A. Stetson, of Boston; E. E. I'a'mir, of California, and E. M. Clark, of Ithaca, are stopping at the .Metropolitan Jute). Kdwurd Ball, S.Tgeaut-nt-Arrn of the United States Homwof Representatives, Captain Hazard unii wile, of Buffalo; Peter Rowe,of Suhencctady; A. llilss and family, of Troy; .Mrs. Judge Muhon ant son, of New York; W. M. Mcl'herson, of St. bulls, (Uptain l/>eke, of the UnitmlStates Army; IT. ('. H. Paige, of Saratoga, and Rev. Samuol Duel, of Pouglikoepsic, aro stopping at tho St. Nicholas Hotel. Markets* rillLADULl'UlA STOCK BOAltl). Puii.Anui?ina. ??r?. 2. T891 8v cks-steady: Pennsylvania State 5's, Heading Railroad, 17, Morris Canal, 35; Ix>ng Island Itnlroad, b*i; Pennsylvania Railroad, 37}j. Mght exclunge on New York, par to 1 10 per cent disc-aunt. I'lliLAIlKU'lllA, Oct. 2, ltiftl Flour uctivo and unchanged. Wheat firm at ;>j 2/> a $1 3D for red, and $1 32 a$l 40 for white. Corn lirm at 6flc. Provisionsllrm; uioks pork,$18. Whiskey 20>^c a 21c. Albaky,OcI. 2?1'. M. Elour in better demand. Wheat?Salts in car lots, rod Stale, $1 1U; red Michigan $1 20, white (leneseo $1 24. Ojts stvady nt 32>?c. alloat, and car lots, delivered, 32e?; at railroad, 31c. lor Chicago, not In good ordur, sains 30.1SH1 bushels. Corn dull; demon 1 fair, hut holders pre fer storing; sales bushels Wastoru mixed at 53c. Barley iu lair supply but not active; stiles 8,mmi bushels. Whiskey, 21r. u 21 l4c. Received by^Cnntrsi Railroad? 5,273 bbls. llour, 77 bales wool, 395 b.ign wheat, 247 Idils. wines. For Boston and Esst?2,093 Mils, flonr. Shipped liy tows to Now York, Outober 1, 40 *00 bu.-hels corn, W.litSl bushels wheal, 00,300 bushels oats, 3,000 bushels feed. liMVAU), Oct. 2?1 P. M. Flour Arm. Wheat steady; sales 13,000 bushels ( hica pe spring at 98c., 20,000 bushels amber Iowa nt f I, :t,000 bushels Milwaukee club at $1, 7,o0o bushels Canada at f 1 05, S.DOO hu/hels ivliito Ohio at $1 10, 7,(XJ0 bushels reil Wabash on private terms. Corn steady; demand moderate; rales 17,000 husncis at 3dc. I'eas in fair do lii ind: sales ft,iS?o bushels Canadian at 66c. Whiskey a shade I'lkinr: biles76 bids.,at ll'ie. por gnllon. Canal freights better: lSl^c. on corn an i 20c. on wheat to New York. Imisi ts to-.lay? bids, hour, 32,0(K) bushels wheat, 140,oro bushe s cirn. Exportc?209,000 buholi wli. at, lti3,(X)0 bush".s corn, 6,7<hi busliols rye. BtlKKALO, Oct. 2?r. M Flour Ann. llrm: sales 2'J,000 buKhels amber Iowa, 13,000 do. Chicago spring at 06c.; Its,000 do. on private terms, 3,000 do. Milwnok -e ch.b, (I; 8,000 do. winter M elil^iui and ('hin,$l 10; 7.000 do. whit" Cn.a dian,$105, 7,^000 do. red winter Ohio,$105; 10,000do. Milwaukee club, private terms. Corn urnmr: > ,iI jm 2.1.? 000 bushels, 84c.; 4,COO do., 38>iC.; 2i,000 do., aui. Peas U m: sail'.. 2,000 bush"l3Ht 6flc. ?? 18^>c. on corn, 2Qc. on wheat to New York. Im;?u ts? 12,000 bbls. llour, 340,000 bushels wheal, 121,000 do. corn, 3.000 do. rye. < anal exports? 248,000 bushels wheat, 156,000 do. corn, 11,100 do. oals. Oswkoo, Oct 2?P. M. Flour steady. Wheat In moderate demand: sales Inst night 3,000 bushels No. 2 Chicago spring ut $1 60, and 4,100 bushels winter red Indiana, $1 13. Tins morning 12.000 bushets Chicago spring, by sample, $1 04; 2,000 bushels prime red Indiana. $1 16, and 3,<i00 bushe s No. 1 Milwaukee club, private lei uir. Corn scarce: sales last til^lit, 12,000 busUels Indiana, 42c; to day, 3,500 bush, s Illinois at 44::. Barley and ryo quiet. < anal freights un changed?Flour 40c.," wheat 13.,corn 12c. to New V>rk. ImjMirls?3,000 bbls. flour, 4S,0C0 bushels wh at. 23,000 bushels cjirn. Kxports?2,425 I bis. llour, 32,lOt bushels wheat, 17,600 bushels corn. 41,000 bushels barloy. Our "War Slaps?Colored Edition. A now edition of Hkkai.d W,:r Maps, with late ami inr portant Maps, now ready. Sizo of sheet 40x50 in lies. Contains thirty-two Map?, beautifully colorod. Singlo copiuH 25 cents; $12 60 por 100. Ag.-nts wanted. Ad dress E. F. l.LOYD, occlusive agent, 208 Broadway, New YorJC. IitornM Cheat Wi:jtary Mat of Virginia awi> Mary i.asd now ready. Size, 33x40 inches Colore 1 tn coun ties. 1'rico 25 cents. Agents wanted. E. F. LLOYD, 1'ublishor, 208 Broadway, N. Y. Look st the. Dlnp of Missouri? KEY TO 1,800 MILES OF TEKHITORY TO THE PACI FIC OCEAN. The great Impending bstU? there will decide (h? fain of M laiioiir;. Fremont's base is JeffVrsoa City, while I'ltoe's in Lexington?both pickets extend toOeorgetown, winch xhi>w* . iTi'inont Is liable to be OUlIiunK d. Reo LLOYD S ! OFFICIAL STEEL 1'I.ATE MAI-OF MISSOURI?drawn ; from surveys ol ench county for the I'ind ouicc Uepartment, and i "l ired nicely tn counties. Prist Ml., ? i^iit for SI. Money refunded tv ?oy one fiiullri? an error in this map. Agcutscan s 11 lmndredii. J. T. LLOYD, 101 Broadway. To Army Sutler*.?Special Designs, Silk Handkerciilelsfor the army v. BAILEY A SOUiUAKD'S, '27 l'urk place. Singer <Sc Co.'s Sewing Maclilnti, with the recent improvements. (ireui reduction In pr.css. Call and examine *1468 Uro:t<lwey. A Pure Toliacro,?Yellow Bunk Tobac co.?GOODWIN S Pure Yellow Bank.Tobaeco. tree from all Impurities, lor nh l? by aU tobact < aridrHc?i.r dealer-', nud :*t wli->U-s.ile by 15. GOODWIN ji BROXUEU, ?07 auu 'ijJ \t altr street, New York. Batehclor'a Ilalv Dyt?'The Best in the world. Harmless, rsllublo antt instanteni m?. SiiMaiad ap plied at BATCUELOkt'S Wig factory, ill ls-mii slices Batchclor'a lialr Dye?The Beat In the world?Harmless, roll ibie and iii.^lai'.uuu.-oua. Sold aud applied at BATCHFLOR'8 wig factory, It! Houd street. Cristudore'i lialr l>y?, tVigs and Ton Bies.?The be?/in ilit world, wh ilesale and tetail, and tne ye privately v. i>llfd. N . li A ?11 i llt-use. Hill's fialr Dye?50 Cents, Black or brown; be?^a use. Depot No. 1 Barclay street, and sold by all druggists. Gray Hair?Its Diseases, Change of Co lor uud Embellishment: New Treatment for Baldness, by URA/.DJEAN, Astor place. Beautiful Complexion.?T,aird's Mqald reaiirous achieved n celebrity as having no eijiml fur pre senririgdnd beautifying the complexion and skin. No. V.0 | Brw.dwny. I Barry's Trleopheroua Is the Beat and (ifeheapeet article for Dressing, Beautifying, Curling, Cleaning I Preserving and restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by | alldriigists. ' Trusses? .Harsh & Co.'a itadlcal Cnrc 1 Trusses, No. 8 Vescy street, AJtor House, opposite the I church. j Dr. Tnmblety'a Pimple Banisher?Prlc? 4'ad"0' BCDt 8MkU "rMprM*10any address, oaioi Official Drawing* of Wmrnjr, Kitrtjr iS Co.'? K?in?uckv and Missouri Slaty Lutterion. Kh.MUCK y, Kxtiu C3? \?S ft 19?Ot t? b*t2, 1861. 3, 49, 43. CT, it, 2^, 41, 64, 60, 53, 61. KkMTDCKr. Class S.'O?t(either 1, 1361. 43, 17, ai, 53, 40, 1, 60, 24, 14, 7, ?i?, f.fl, 30. Circulars scut free of charjr ny ad I rvi -n . either to Ml'KKAY. BODY Jk CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Tlio Carve Mitt, or the Ijlnr of Brnnty, Iji everywhere displayed In Nature, mid eaii In iiotli iij he seen to lietterMudv unlade than hi Hie**'* K.1I Styl>-of llats. Tltey lire perfoel items in the wtty of'.ushion, and wll In crease tho i.ilf-re?i)e<L of the m bLuotVulnl'inoii I'lie tnne ?i' it, will, h is helng dally lii. i''.imvI at ktmx'a, 212 II I way, is the wont complete ,tn>l elegant to he found In tue city. Full Style Vouitg Utntu' Huts. M*o, l)i? Oxford Soft lint. Now ready, atWlllTB'P, the llulier, 216 Broadway. The Finest mill Mont Oru? etui lints Tor 'Irinnu'a wear In N< w York, are uiauulu-tured and sold {jy'jj fBNSI-IIK.IO.IWN-.w.hi.eei. Jliiirltll, .Mood.?Olt Wednesday, October a, by the llu.inviN- v'rawford, JoWPH C. Baldwin to Kxua J. Rev. W. 1>. 0. % (.u Moon, ail of th. At"st. 1'auVi Methodist Episcopal church, l ,V', A|N,vTw tuber 2, by the Rev. Dr. Lindsay , a* on A i tint stlii) , IX. ,h. |j . 1Un. AgA |.. [AON) ?i it ,sh slated by the .ov; i <lttU hu.,. of Hro,. u B. Uine, Into of kill, to MiB# 0'J't Middietowu, (oun. ?on Tuesday evening, October X, Mi <*? in^-inia, Motho'llst FpUcoiNU church,by nt th < W uthingtnn squat ( j,- Mkhkmore, of liall, Ca a th ? Rev. H. Mat tin on, Rev T m. Forguson, Fsq., da Wost, to JkaEib K., aatit ol'this city. vsdnv. October 1, by Rev. Nh? i.m?Utkiwok.?-a ? - 10 An,a 1( hvkimo*, Dr. Hawks, Wiibiaks W. ' all nt tlii.-, city. , Tl1?l1n v October 1, by tho Re*. Kii HARI' Met v '. V. iill HAHl , U. 1>., Of IT. C.minings, ot >1. bteputns, ? . iujg (,Uv l'.iltimore, to Miss Jk^'kI ^ ai ^ipieml ,,r ?<> by Snuuiunto Mae ti e 1^'v liuc J. KoUocft, KhwMIOK U<KKT VlkSKiKK , both ol thiB Clt> . Newark (N. J.) poporb {*<? <*py. ^ Harnfj "Io this cliy, ? wSuiewfy.J ln;go. in? IHM?, Samuel Hxnw, in the 4vi > y??'ul uls ViliofrloitdB arc Invited to alt?nd the fuiiuriil % ''f* lute rcel>tein-ri,Mo. a t*priii(! atr^-t, cora?r ol B.?mry,?*i Friday al'tarno*, at one o'clock. ;Vwse on linounAN.?0? WotliH'Htlay, October 2, ?t his V^soon the Scot nid iivwm*, lUminti I>h>k*a:', Iuiik a rmii.'*?? ll,,nw TrlnudH "'hBfuoiliy.andoC his brother, -J'*'* Bearnian, mn rwmxtnl to unond tiie. lui..-ral, wti ? ? lurtli ., on yrlilay uftcrnton, it ono o clock, li>w* ^ CAiiu'Aur.-?Oa^VuAeHilay, October a, at ono o'clock, H 'lho^.Vu'lw^nntUrtBlds of the fatnM?, a'?o tt"' mP?; ^ "i n i?ld(ince, 10S It.uiinont Htiowt, on I' r 1 .lay morning, at W^nSt^^a, William LUly, Ut the "wTi*. f-m W. M. fmU~?. ?us avenue,on Friday alt?coon,ut twoo'cUk. Ko*. On Suinlay altornoen.^'jiteinbi r 20, o* coutiumiv I!, n KicuaMP Fox, in tlu1 <Wtk year of his ago. Tlio friend* and relatives oftb# family are r?ptH.tfullj re^ud Wattend the faimral.thlH ??.?? inc at hall iuuU ? oUxO;, from his lat? c-tlil .vaa , N . ?.m'wwt Forty nlutli Blrmd, u?*r llth avoiiuo. H.s ro i rr'is will bt' tnken to .lumnlca, I.. 1., lor iulei mot. Okkknk.??On luMday, Oou.ljer 1, Hasaii A?c. only daughter . f Hvnum and the lute Agnci OrecuaP ngod 1 years", 8 months and 17 dayn. . r The fuiternl will take |.hu? fl(,m 'Xn^l v ll^Kk Uu h.irrl lirocnc, Kent avenue, ?inr Willougliby, BrotK ly Tite?1ay, Oetober 1. . Ub ixiet. tU. 'rbo friends and relatlveE aro i ?siie<-.lfiilly inv ited M) atler.d the funeral, on Friday ufWaoou, at two, from li#r late- reatUence, No. T12 Petau:ey streot. 1 Loins-in lirooklynlw. U., ?a Monday. Septeiabcr i?l,at liia reaidnnoe, WilJJA* ?. Diswinb, beu., in Uie TIS5' friend. ?f tha famtty nro respectfully inv ted to attend the Wneral, :rom UU late rcfildeaca, soiiLhwetacorinr or Clermont ami Wlllonghby nveuyos, this day (Thursday) without ruithor lavltatiou, at two "'^?fS^and^ndEof the^nlly Eud the rnetn r^i dance I'M West Nlnetaonth ?tr?et, tb*? (I'hursday) mTrS'ai nine^'otook. withont further Invitation. Hi. i en * nits will bo taken to Klng?t)i idge for Intoi mout. Thuraday, Set.tctnbor au, ol noiiEum'.itloB, Tiiomae Kk>?, native of ti.o city of Watortord, Ireland, In the 36lh year of his ago. Pt. Uiiils and rallfonila pa|Kiifjiloase ?'P?- .. I.kwis On Wednesday, October i, ol buart disease, l*Tli" ffiond's and relatlvea aro lavitod to attend tlio funeral from his late residence, Franklin street, botweou Ja^?.Img! tlctober a, after a abort and painful Illness, Nancy MoI'af.un, aged 4.'. '1 lie relatives and friends, of the tumlly are respectft y lavitod t? attend tho funeral, this (Thursday) altcnioon, ,ltvr. .K1( <)U Wednesday, October 2, Jamw Wesi.hy, Iu fant sou of W. H. wid M. C. Miller, aged 9 month* and II relatives and friends of the family are InvltalI to at tend^tho funeral, lrom iho resi<lc?? of his parents.?o. 1ST Allen street, on i-'aturduy morning, at eleven o clot k. MihiViy?AtWhite 1'laiw, Ulan, he, daughter^ of 1 i;:jard and Henrietta Murphy, aged 1 yrurandlm.mth. Tho frlen la or tlio family are roniosted to atu n l the funeral, lrom No. 1H8 f-c>.iid avenue, near_Twel?h street, ?iii? /Tiuirtclav) al'toruoon, at tluceo'clocK. Mtniiv. On Tuesday, October 1, John Mukut, a native of county Monnglian, Irelnnd,nijed M yenis. A so', un. re,mem'mass will bo oilbred up lor U.e .cip<?o f?f iiia soul thU (TliurwJiy) ino.iung, at nim? o cliick, at St Mary s cb'ircn, corner of (Irand and Ridge Ktreets, from wh ince the funeral will take place. The re ativoH a-ld irU-nds of the family are r.--,?ot.i?l.y uiviw 1 Ui'? * . tend, without further notice. The remains will be takon to Olivary Cemetery for iutermuiit. ft)R ? aiI0j O'itiuKN.?On Tuesday, Octoberl, Joiie O Bsien, agoa +l'l^o"Trlends and acquaintances of the i'umily are r^ sneetfullv invited to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, .'?? Scammcll street, this (Thursday) afternoon, 'll( /uvwn^on Monday, Sejitombor SO.MaOTHa OmKK.aged " VliTr^lativca a: d friends are rtapectlully invited to at tend tho funeral, without further notice, from No. 172 We?t Tenth 1street, this ( afternoon, at two ? 'i?r^Dr.?On M-nday, September 30, Wit.t.tAM Joiie, youngest son of Monmouth B. audJaite 1'urdy, uged 'T.Ari.SilS?* I, Mr.. ?... fts i aii'im-x! i jiwI Imr son-in-law, li. Siaith Claik, iire'rwipcctfully' Invited to attend the funeral, with ?ut further invitation,from Calvary church, tourtii avenue, ooruer iwnty UrstsUeet, this (Thursday) afternoon, st IVKead ? On Wednestlay, October 2, Boiawi Read. Tl" relatives and frl-nds t.r tho family ^oinvitedto attend tt.o funeral, from his late residence, No. 59 lhird avoiiuo, on Friday aftenioon, at one o cloek. KRVNiH.ns._0n Wetlnusday,October i, Caiuablne, wife of John Reynolds, after a littering i.lm sa. The friends ol the family aro respectfully Invited to a ? tend the rimeral, from the residence of hor mother-m law, No. 120 Fast Twenty second street, on ?rUlay aftor n'Shkiu?an^J0n?Tutes lay, October 1, or consumption, 1 Ikiwot, only daughter of the late Kdwarl and Anne Tho mlativw* and friends of the family, also tho mem bar# i>f i 'rolector KngiLO Company, No. '2l, und tho Liberty Guard, are invited to attend the Itinera!, from tho resi dence ?r Utr mother, No. 151 Madison, street, thin (Thurs day) afUraoon, at two o'clock. StRhL?At Hudson,New York, oa Sunday, September 2'J, Hezekiab Stki., aged 77 years. New Uiiean* and Hartford papers please copy. Vail On Tucs lay, October 1,. Anh Vail, in. the 87tU your of !.>er age. The relatives and <jiends are rmpcctfully lavited to at t' nrj the funeral, from the residence of her nephow, Thomas Hrown, No. lol Attorney street, thu (Thursday) afternoon, at half past one o'closk. Tatlor.?On Monday, October 1, Ronm Taylor, aged 68 y.'.ira, a nstivs of Moy, county Tyrone ..Ireland. 'Ik ' friends of the family uro respectfully invited to at tend the funeral,from his l.itu residence, No. 80 Wont Nineteenth suoot, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Irish papers-please copy. Van Bkuht.?In Brooklyn,, on Tumday morning, Octo herl,Aucft Evklts, lnbe of James A. and Maria Van Brunt, a ee l 1 y> ar, u months and 10 days. Vnneral t'4is (ThurwUy) aft"ruon, at two o'clock. Woomxrr.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, October 2, Henry S. tt\H)i>Kt:FF,u,oi 25 years. His relatives ami friends, and those of his brother, Franklin Woodruff* und his cousin, Albert Woodruff, are invited to attend tie funeral, from No. 238 Henry street, this (Thursday) morning, at nine o'clock. The remains Will Ire tak' tj t'ont.e :tiout. ZutULLA.?In Brooklyn, on We'nesday, Octobor 2, of bram fever, in the loth year of li. r ag.-, 1-lora, eldest dau ;hu r of Charles 11. and Elizabeth 8. Zugalla. The friends aud relatives of the family nr.? respectfully tnvi.eil to attend the f' ueral, from the residence of her parents, In Clinton avenue, near tiate3, this (Thursday) afternoon. at half-post two o'clock. ??*""?? ? j._. 31 ISC ELL. AN IMMENSE DEDUCTION. JEKKEUS, ()!?' 573 BROADWAY, QVcrs hla entire stock or ladies' and chlidren's Shoes at greatly reduced prices. N> sueh opportunity has ever been presented to ladles of No*v York to obtain hl? k "*'? at such a s< alo of reduced price", JEFPERS, 673 Brood way. A1 IT. .4. PASSPORTS ISSUED BY EDWARD BI3 SELL, ?k< nt, 271 Uroadwav, corner of Chambers si. ALL WOOL UNDERSHIRTS,*0. ALSO Silk, Buckskin and Merino, Wholesale sod Retail, I at I he old established stand, , ; NO. 61 NASSAU STREET. PRICES LOW. i IBA PEREOO A SONS. I t A WHITE'S PATENT LEVER TRUSS RADIfAIJLV ? cures ruptures.?The latest invented; new jirlncti>l<m, ! action In and up, lightest and cheapest Pamphlets ftaiis. . T. W. PITTMAR, (leneral Acent, MU Broadway, at at URE : OORY A CO.'S, SO Bond street, New York. ? I ILL WEDDINGS SHOULD BE ANNOUNCED BY THE a 1 A new etyle of Cards and Envelopes furnished by A , DEMAREST, engraver, 181 Broadway, Samples by mat}. MISCEUAKEOFS. T> RIDGE WATER PAINT-TEKTID ELEVEN TEARH At water and fireproof, ?ilh ? ami Iron?Indestructible. Uit pot, No. 74 Maiden laue. W. W. BE /TS, Geiieiul A*ont. CIOHNL bunions, iwkuied MAIU. ENLARGEu / Joint*, milt nil (I. teUlei rif til" feet, cured without palll ??r noonwnlenee III the patient, by Dr. ZAfll ARTE, tfarncoO Uhiropodim, 7(W Broadway. Kufers to physicians and s?nr ?<*011* of tuin city. / 1ARPETINUS AND OILOLOTH8 AT OREAf BAR 1 ' (taint at HIRAM ANDKKSON'.S. 90 Bowery.?English M <lullion, Velvet, Brussels, Three Ply and Ini^min Carpets, Rugn, Mat*, Maitln^, Druwefs <4 yards wl?!e), Oilcloths, Jko. Alt jtoods warranted. No urging to buy. Particularly ik?U\ +J Bowery. * Free library.?the attention op appren. ticca in invitei! to the Apprentices' library, No. 479 Broadway. This iuKtltntlon I* well supplied with newspa pers, reviews, ma ?/ine?, pictorials, and with convenient tables and seats tor realers. A considerable number oi new workshavealsobaenrecentlypurchased. Ills raqtHrnd 10 be open from 2 to V o'clock P. M., but la geuerally open in the forcnoou kl?o. Turks.?All persons employed as apprentice?. *?y mechanics or tradesmen, and all female* en plovad by 1 lem m their business, on pi'fseutlnK a proper certificate ina\ have the pri vileges of 1 he library without charge. Journeymen mechanics or tradesmen, teachers or pupils in schools or acadcmles, young men In the oillcesof lawyer*, !>lty?ielaiiM.srtlsta, a.-., on the prose nUtton of a proper cer tllit iU* and the pi.yineikt of one dollar a year. The admission of female* to the privileges of this Institu tion, thouah u it a 11 ? ? w feature, iius not beforsr been pul?li< ly antioiin?f?d. They lire now Invited to avail themselves of th?# opportunity thus otV< red usefully and plcasautly lo employ their leisure. * 1 * r # The Krot? Drawing ClasK*a will 0 tiuni mco on Monday, 7tli ?"Rt' A|<pllra'l?>ns 01 a,li*ilsilon nu be made at Ibe rooms. No. 3o Crosby street, or at the Library. C^ENTLKMEN ? rit;AlU<' HNS, if i AN I) "$2 K VC!I, AT I U. 0. ALLKN >, 410 Broadway, cue door below t'.uial street. TYON'S powder AND IIih pills J All the Insect tribe will kill. Ail K' nulnc Lyou's Magnetic lnnvt Powder and nils itear the fa simile of IS. Lyon. Ail otlvTSars cou a or baao iio t ttions. FVwareof unprincipled Imitator* Sold by D. rt. BARNES, 2U2 Broadway, and by all n.spec!rbU> dual 11 OWARI) ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA?FORTIIM relief of the Nick mwl distreshcd, aiUMed with \Irulent ..ini chr <nic dUe.,*i s. Ai< diuil advice given grails by ihu act in-,' surgeon. Valuable 1 e.if ?i t? on cci tain diseases, and 011 the new remcdlcN employed In the di tpensary, sent in sealed bnJ-er envelope* free of chav,; ?. Addreaa Dr J. 8KILLIN IIOt tillToiv, Howard As*<x tali ?n, No. 2 South' Ninth sinH*tv Ph4aii* ipiiia. Pa. SIVWtKMNG MOSELLE V?1NES.-JOIlN JHJNCAN k SfiN.S, Union si|uare and Kourte. nth street. QTROflO'S I'.vTKnt ARMY ffiUrNK AND P0RTABL8 O Bedstead coml)in??J, < orn< r of tVaiTen st. and Hft'tdway rniiE jiisht mbuh'Ink in tii?. world vu* tub X cure of i^ysenicty, Colic and Croup, internally, autl Khew luatisui, Cuv?, Bruisr**, Ol<l Sores, and PaliiK in the fcni'**, l>a<'k and chi it, m:terna4ly, is Dr. Tolifckir Vsne'uin Lliune-nt. 11 aiey returned If k>avai fails. No one should be wtihottl It. Only'iftcu ?ts. Sold '?y all the drugget#. D^pot &6 0ort Inudt street. TO BUTLERS, Mess caterer/; the medical department of the army and ttwy, Attention tmrnlf^l to the asleof Wines, Bi .?n dies, Sejtar*. Ae.t otsThursday, ia'e the prnperlj of i\n 10 sol /cut importing b? Sse. Se?? a?tv* rtisemrirt in adctlonco* lutiMK HENRY II UWNAOO. TO MEKCIJ ANTS ANt) KANUFACTl! aiHCS.?MKIt c'.liiau Hiht ui?iinn*Mri'rf who woiilil 11 k< i to ??hut In It* lli ? H?vnr.j? Illiniums, cmOit'ftr of not of the husf Kon: "* of wImj tvmilil tiiko clmr^r .if Iki-lr bnitlne^*. AiidrttM llavanrr lo'irnul |?( t.'oiinn. fc nhh r, N.'W VurU ' .ty. Wiioi.izmaijE blyerb cik B&ADy madecjuutuino lor i*ti ii kin UnlyMlMtlM from i Mrit MtMuk ot fall and ? intrr i I Hiinn ni twpiay p?-r < twlow cuMt, lur on* week, M M Bowiry. PBRtlOSAk BIIOOKI.Y*? ANOTHHH WIl.ll KM MONDAY EVE I'lruw it Uik. (Thiirmlay) uve, sainii time and 7>5 u'olook. BHOOKLYN.?P1.EASE CALiU AT 9V STATE 8T HEBT. corner of Cllntaa, if you wlsli a large front K iom, wllii itu utnplu Pi.ntry^iui l rfoo.1 Boapl. Wminrbtln I*. M M.-SEND YOUR ADDRESS, AND SAY WHERE ami wlu'll to meet, to It. 11., lirurt.iwuy l'o?t offlan. DON l'EDRO KENDEZ?WHO LEl'T MONTEV IDEO ou Uuur l the May Klowcr, Captain lI?tohlii?n, In ISM, can learn of innUHm of irnporuinco to luui by calling uj*>n EUWAK1) IIAYNEM,2.V1 P<-ar! Klivi't. OES NETTIE WISH TO REE HE* LITTI.K FRIEND figalnT 1 NtionUI think not, ur aim wt.uUl an.witr hla l"tter, to the name addreaa ai before. BclL vi- mi* ever your Irlond, CONSDM.MATE. c D E LANSING.?FRIDAY, AT 10O'CLOCK. THIRTIETH mreetaud Sixth avomie. Rain oraKloe^ ANNIE?TIME KLIEX. TO DAY IS BETTER THAN " to morrow to urcurn I.lfe l'orlrilt Cartel do VUlta at $t l? r dozuu, richly toned and U<raiitlt ully tlnUlied, at the Pho tographic Art Oalli-ry, 411 lli'uidw..y, cornel Ii?|wuaril at. GEO RUE MUSK INTENDS TAKING T1IE O'CLOCK boat on Vrhlay, and will wati li lor Friend Horn bovine, bui. will not Mirak until nv|iicMed. If not roni'enlent for Friend on Friday, he will be at Diiawldorf OaUery on Satur day from It) o'elock until 4 o'clock. lihKltl BS. INFORMATION WANTED?OF HARRIET ELIZA AM itn.vH. aged IK, ObM-lolta. age l 11; Ida N1 shoU Andrew% n-e'l 'J?three bUutm?by their father, Jonatlian W. Amlrewa, 1/5 Cherry .treet. Any luloruiatlou of thuui will be thaak lully received. IN. O.?FRIDAY, WITHOUT FAIL. 4 1'. M. SEVENTH ? avenue and Sixteenth atreet. Do net fall. It l? Impor tant yon .houtd not. U. N. O. Jack?AM! you IN TOWN? WHEN and WHEKK shall wc meet again? Anawer through the iiOra'inaU. JIM. LE. L?THERE IS A LETTER for you AS BS . fore. olly?WHY DID you not ANSWER MY LETTER. I waa there last night. Aunwcr through "I'craoual*." F. H. M Nelly ii?, of waverley place-there is a latter lor you In the general Font otu e, from ft-a Broad way. Call for it; It U to your advantage. Rich developementh. The three gentlemen who wore accidental wltnenaei of "Rich Dcvelopwncnta" will confer ? groat f.nor on thoaa In tereated In the above by calling (a. requcalodj at the plao* tti 11 evening. UIIall LEAVE THE CITY THURSDAY MORNING. O providence. The person who addressed another in jay atreet, Hrooklyn, la*t Tueaday evening, regret, mm ere ly the act, and If permitted will make im Ii explanation aa Wul be. autlalaclory, and remove all cauoe for oil'enun. RELIABLE. rjlIIE FIFTY DOLLARS RETURNED TI1BODOH THE i. mall, by a of Jeiwy City, waa duly received and restored to the owner. WILL MRS. LEWIS, LATE OF THOMPSON STREET, or Mrx. Ureen. late of Twenty-seventh afreet, acini her iireoent addl es* anil oblige an old I'rioudt Addreaa CuAcy, box 113 Herald olUce. ILL LILLIE MEET UUS TO-DAV, AT 2 OCLQUK. al the bhiiiii place. Letter not received iu time. w 14ml1 ANJD VOiNU. Found-in one of bradi.ey a co.'s cauoi/ .ger. a aniHll plid'of Jewelry, wliti h the owner t? ,ro by proving property and |uylng for tlila advertlaenicmt on ap. jilylng at the otlice corner o! Fourth avenue and JOxl tc< uU? ?ireet, or Noa. 8 and lu Eaat Tiilrty-urat afreet. JOHT?ON tuesday, IN A BROADWAY AND FORTY J second atrecf autge, between Tenth and T'ttel ty until strcetB, a lady * einbniloered 11 indkercblet, with, Ui tnttiala L. H. The Under will be rewarded by leaving It at the otiica of E. D. Stanton A Co., 22 WUlteni street. LOST-ON saturday AFTERNOON, 1*0 M EAST Broadway, through Canal ktreet to th'n^v ,th nveuua caro, one Gold Braciilet. The tinder will be. w wardMl on leaving the name at 363 Broadway, up atalrs. LOST-A POCKET MEDICINE CASE. ItU i FIJIDER will receive the thaidta of the owuer Iky !,nmrluj it at lliirlburt'a American Homeopathic Phariw?y, 437 Broom* afreet, near Broadway. Lost?prom m west forty-four/rn street, a black and white Spaniel; liaa black and tan suuta over lut eyea; anawera to tins name of Flilo. A?y peraou return ing him to the above place will bo auliably regarded. Lost?0ct0ber,a.> black silk, waist, rlkeves cape ami cuff, uuilnlsbed, andA,r?iall plena of black Milk., going from Twenty-ninth street a-ul .m roadway to Twen ty-*eveuth street aud i'uth avenue. 7iu? Under will be re warded by leaving tbcui at 38 Went T v?nty-nlDtt?trnet. Lost?on toe afternook oa evki.imj of monI duy, SepteiuUer 3u, a lar^e *l/? browii KiiveLupe, con taming order* (rum lb" War De|ui;Un>:ui at Washington and otuer |<apera, ol uo value to any orv but the ',auc?r to wh im they wi re artdrossc'l A liberal reiurd will bu pud for their return to J. hubert Tarn mm, 4*7 hjuiidway, u.i stairs. r OST-un THURSDAY, beftevber ga? A DRAB CO* ii lured 1'arrut. Any ppr^oiumtuiiiiay tba suno to No. st WestThuty-sUth street will be sullenly rewarded. Lost?on the ist insi- in oobjo from new York to the village of westchester, s, black leather Tra velling Bag, coatalnlng one Llack clmh nruck coat at j oue pair i ? paiitnlxins and vniL second wiormfang, and two shirt* and u few mure Hinall articles, beiuiv;i ng to a poorjna*, The Under will by aultably re"/?riled l?y Icarliwit at !>1 V*st rte vi ii viith "'.reel, ur with Mr. eulut, pjdprtrtur ot the Harlem aud nealch*?ter stage. t 08T?jn going 3rom TUE cuaner OK **JLHAM jfcx ami Beaver turrets to no. l''jw street, ?? black mo* hk-cii l'ojki'tbook, coatalnlug giiiil iuil b.ll?, together Willi a Ukcnesa. The linden will be sulLjily rewarded 'jy leaving It at 30 Plae street. T oot?on wednesday AFTK.ftxoon, c?T. 2, A koll ju jf Bills, Knapped over a letu-r. with tlu> name (if th* loser. "201 wen Thirtieth street," ?,n it. tb? Undet ?wll be suitably rewarded and receive tu a 111.inks ,i the oi-ji't by leaving lta.? above, or with J..C. waaall, 131 Fulton street. Lost?ts reward.?strayed, from vji henry street, N. Y., u small dark colored i.lai k an-jtuu Oo?, s l ight about 11 pounds -, ears out, ami anwve.ra to, i?s ii:iiuj of ".Spurt." Any person returning him te BonwrtWo*., 41 and 14 Greene street, will receive ihe above r, w4fi 1 and the ihanlis of the owner. any person found la po?s.x?Kiu at said dog lut'.'f this date Will be prosecuted to Iho lull *xteui of thn law. Lost?on MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. jll, A small Scotch Terrier; answers to tiiu nana of Jack. $j n\., . ward will be paid for bit to <il Fifth avcnui*. LOST-A LARUE BLACK AND whitr NEWFO p^rd. land Do,;; answers to the name of Char ley, and a rusty chain collar on. Three dollars reward for jn.. on# bringing him buck lutll,1, Second avenue, or to 0' street. too iatk pou ChASSlHC \TIONi Benjamin, Isaacs* auctioneer -will sell iuh day (Thursday), at 10,% o'c|p\:k, &t' ^ wesi Fifteenth atreet, near Eight* ?*v^uiu\ th?j Kuriii #?rt. of af(>ur story hout^?Cotifclsilii* of enameim* Bedro Suit*, mahogmy ; , had ufw k wali.?t Bedateiula,,haro*wa tables, washaiautf^ , ii' ir and Biraw mattresao^ </ ?a k??'^ir^a, Hofaa. lotingh an-l ' very aupevi^r rosewood o.blnei umudm Deitk, mahogany ' | Extonaloa Table, Hruaaela Hui li'^rain Oarpeta, Oilcloth ana v MatUlUf. (?laa?ancl chliif. Ware Ivory handled Knives, with a l<?t orKitrhon i iena? ?h. uo<|dd uiust be removed aauie dsgr | aawu'3 Hnle