Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1861 Page 6
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SITUATIONS wasted? PKMALES. A WOMAN, WHO THOROUGHLYl NDEitSTANOS HER _?* business, wants asituation n pastry rook, iu .1 bold sir bakery. Addrcxs K. L. M., lu x l'.>4 Herald office. _____ AS SEAMSTRESS. AC.?WANTED, BY A RBSl'KCTA. bio German woman, a situation a* seamstress, und Would here it" objection to as? mi In chamlTFWork; cau do ?II of family sewing ami French embroidery. Can be eeen nl her | loaent< utployef*#, 125 2d uv, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIBL WISHES A KITU.V. (inn as chambermaid und wait re IK, ur tu do neraj housework in a iimaU family; has the bout of it'fervnt c. i'ui for two days at 233 Mulberry it., between Prince and Spring ALADV, DISCREET AND COMPETENT, DESIRES A situation to take charge <if a gentleman's house; sulury not 10 much au object aa a home. Addreae fur three tlnyn Alice t!*rltou, Madison square post oflloe. AS LADY'S MAID AND TRAVELLING COMPANION.? A thoroughly competent js'rson would like to ciignuo wiiti a lady us either; can do all kiuds ut sewing; bestciiy ItlttMM. Call at or address 867 3d av., near STtU at. AS COOK.?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, ? situation as cook: thoroughly understands cooking In all its branches: Is willing to assist in washing and ironing If required. Good city reference. Can be scon at BSitihsi., between Irving place und 3d av, A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A situation aschild's uurse; is competent to takecharge of a y-'Uiig Inlani; no objection to go In (lie country. Beat city references given. Can lie seen ?t33 Hammond st. A GERMAN OIBL WODI?D LIKE TO FIND A SITUA tlon as ci ok or chambermaid in a respectable family; Is kbits to do i It kinds of housework. Inquire at No. 8 Newark ?v., Jersey City, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS waitress and chambermaid or as laundress, lias the best of < lty reference. Call at 67 Weal 33d St., corner of Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS cook; Ik a drat rate washer and lroner. Oood ciiy role, rence from her last ulaue. Call for two days at 123 West 28ib at., between 7th ana 8tli avs. A WIDOW, WITH A BOY EIGHT YEARS OLD, would like a (Ituatirn as housekeeper in a widower's family; country preferred. Cull for three daya for House kce; cr itl the corner of Atlantic and llcnry ats., Brooklyn, over (Irpen's drug stole; entrum in Henry St. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED Wo man, to do good cooking, tvashing und ironing. Call ut 247 43d si., between 8th and Oth avs. A SITUATION WANTED?TO DO GICNERAL HOUSE work. Good reference. Call ut ISA 22d St., between 2d A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL IB YEARS OF age, to do light housework or to take csre of children. Can be seen for two days at her last place, US Bedford St., first door from Chrietoplu r. AN EXPERIENCED AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED German girt, wishes to get u situation as chambermaid, Ac.; is also ayood cook, washer and irouer; would take either ol those placet. Apply at 510 Broome it. AN EXPERIENCED COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN a private family; understands French nnd American ro,iking; makes good desserts und is an excellent baker ,<f broad and ?wkc; no objection to assist In washing If required, tlood ciiy reference. Call at US 3lst at., between 7th and ?vs., butt incut door, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do ehamberwork and waiting, or ss chamlter maltl sud laundress; can do embroidery and is and R'."*- . ''iiy reference. Can be seen for two dare at 113 West 16th st., between Otn and 7th avs., fliBt floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young Sootch gill, to oookj waah and iron in a small private family. Best city reference. Can be eeen for two days at 240 West 16th St., between 7th und 8th av?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlnn to cook, wash and Iron, or to do general housework; 111 an excellent bread baker and Is willing und obliging. Best ol tity reference from her last place. Call at 007 3d av., be tween 41?t and 42d Bts., In the bakery store. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM" net-maid and sower or tu assist In the washing and Ironing. Cull fur Iho days at 71 Atlantic st., Brooklyn, se cond story, Iront room. AS CHAMBERMAID, AC.?WANTED, A SITUATION, by a respectable Protectant young woman, as chsmlM'r. maid or to do the work of a miihII family. Refers to her last Slace, where she has lived for the last lour yean Alinlv at ) Charlton st., In the rear. 1 ^ A SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK, WASH AND iron In a private family, or do general housework; no objection to no a short distance In flic country. Most of city reference. Call for two days at 157 Perry St., between Wash ington und West sts. A SITUATION WANTED?BIT A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do cooking and assist in the waahlng, If required, in a email family. City reference. Call for two days at 121 East 39th St.. between 1st and 2d avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTA bl" Protestant girl, as good plain cook, washer end Iron rr. Most sailsfnetory relerence an to ciiaraclcr and capa bility. Call for two days at 213 Wett 25th at., between 8th and 9th uvs. An AMERICAN woman, thoroughly expk rleuced In the cart) hi children. wants a situation an nurse; would teach the rudiments of English; noobjection to le?vu the clty.or to travel. tiood reference. Collator ad dreaa for two nays 11. D., 44 Nortli Moore at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. Art good cook, ami excellent washer mid inuier, iu a innate family; I" u Drat rale baker. Beet of rlty reference. c*n lie ?ecu for two days at her prevent employer's, IIS West litli at. A FIRST CLASS WAITRESS AND chambermaid want! a situation In n private boarding house; no ob jection to go to the eountfx Clly reference, Call at 2430th ?v., blWIw lSUi Ukd lltl st*. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CIIAM bertnnld and <-lill(1r<'ii"t? nurse; l.? a good seamstress; or would m ike heisidt gi m rally iiaefnl, or would do line wash ing; lots the best 01 clly u Terence from her Ut.t placc. Call at No. 4 West 18th St., in ur .~>tli av. A SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NUR8B (BBB owu ' hi Id dead) bv a Toting marrieiB*rouian, with a full breast of milk. Call at tillitflh av., between 4Sib and 4!uh ata., for two day*. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS TO DO WASHING AND ironing at her own residence, or to go out by the day. 4.'allat228 1st ur , between 14th aud 15:h sts., third Itoo'r, back room, fur two day*. A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as .'00k or to cook, wash and iron; understands her limine** |>erf?ctly. Rest of city reference* given. Apply nt 110 Court it., in ilie rear, between Amity and Congress am., Brooklyn/for iwo daya. A SIT! ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS a good plain conk, wa?her and Imner; would do the geaersl Ifbusework 01 ? small family. Can give the Ik ?? of ?lty references. Cm lie seen for two day* at 213 We*i 28th at., between (*ih and Wth av*., (Ir*t (leor, back room. A COLORED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook, hut not to waub: la u lirat iti'i cook. Call for two day* at 132 Went 29th it., nrst tloor, flout room. Beat of city rei'eri ncea. AKESBECTABLK TOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITU utlon a* first class walirea* and chanibcrmald. Ha* aood city references. Call at (21 Ea*l 38th at., one iloor from 3d av. _ RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon a* inok; understand* her business in all It* branches; would assist In the washing and Ironing. Has three and a half year-"' roferenoe fr?nri laat place. Call at or address 2IH2dth at., between 8(h and 9 th ava. AYOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE and to do plain saw |ng or aa chamber maid and waitress; the best of referenoe. Can be seen at SO East 36th bt., near 4th ave. A situation WANTED?UY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and wallers* or as cbnnrtiermaid and Dune; the best of city reference can be given. Call at 332 8th av., between 27th and 2Hth ata. A SITUATION WANTED?11V A VOl'NG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and toaseist in washing and Ironing or as 0r?teliK.? waitress; baa the best cltv reference that can be given ftorn her last place. Call at 21)2 6th av., between lt-ih and 19th sts. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A KESl'BCTABLE YOUNG girl, as chambermaid and waitress or chamberwork and aewlng, or aa chambermaid and oaadst in tlie traahUu and Iroiilnt. or to take care of children: Is willing and obliging; ho* two years' illy referouee from her laat piooe. Call lit 3U Eaat 1Mb st., near 4th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Kill, to do hon*ework in a small private family; good city relerence can be given. Call at 16 4tb St., between Gan sevoort aud lloiatlo. A As chambermaid and waitress-wanted, a situation, by a young woman, ne nhajnbcrmanl nnd waitress or to do huusework in n small family;!* willing Ui make bflrwtf generally iiaetui; beet i4ty referenoe ftom her laat place, tall at 4f>4 Atlsniie St., Brooklyn, for two days, Mwe?n Ne\ Ins nnd Powers, top tloor, bin It room. A81TUATION WANTED?BY A l<ESPB< TABLE OIRL aa eook, washer and Ironer or to do housework; bas ihe beat cltv reference from her bust place. Call for two Jays at 136 Eaat 2?th st. A situation WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE iV. young girl, aaflr-t rate rhuuiberin aid or to do general housework Beat city reference from her !?M place. fall for twodaysat No. US Washington st, between Charlton and Hpring *1*. A SITUATION WANTED-#* a vol NO WOMAN, ? s plain cook, waaher and ironet or to do general houae. work 111 a to .11 private family; Ileal ? liy reference. Call for two da) a *t I7H West 2<)ili at., 11 Sib av. AS WET M KSE -A BESTBOTABLB MARRIED woman atshei a baby to nurse at her own n aldeme. 4>U at ihe corner of S?nitli 2d and llth hi., over the drug store, Williamsburg. A SITUATION IVANTED?TO DO GENEKAL HOUSE w irk fn a a auiall private 1 tm'.ly hi t!ie eountr)-; good r-eutnnmidafiun. t'lillst No. 4 King*;, between Vurlek imd s- ntHiseKeejier or en* in ,1 ?man private I've in no to California wi'h a f.imlly; good ? at 19^ t hrystie at. AKESPK<TAB[.E VOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A STTl.'A tiooiiM ^m i?ur<* ; rtfvi'GDoe. C*u\ .it l^x ington \ Vl>1 *51 ,N WOMAN DESnOB i -'-II .1 JX tion a ahon d.a a: ? ?? ill the , , A.j{| ,, r , children, do plain *evini and assist ? ~u., ? hou?. ? ,ik ! Address J. E. H . Herald olll.e, K nous. ? t*. t SITUATION WANTED- BY \ yo! womTn TO ' \ do good p.nui coking; la an c* 1 Hem wa.heri.i,d iron. ?1; beat dfy reference. Call nt 121 Degrai. ,-t . l;r. i t*vo day*. * ' I A SITUATION WAN!ED?UY A VOl Nt. WOMAN To 1 do general housework In a sum!! private saintly'la a Kood eook, wssher and Ironer; no obj- t ii?*i t"i 1 blldren . ?ity reference. Call at II Essex at., first floor, f..r nt,. d\y 4 N english WOMAN AND HI K DAUGHTER it 'Viah alte.nt,on* in 11 j.i .vate Is i.ilf; the 111 jlher .,* eool:, ihe dBughteraachamberii.alil orHtirM'. or "b< y ? Mild I ?loall the ivoik of a small .,11 'y. Beat references. Call at I SilO Mktngton ht., corner of 37th at. A UrsPE(i'T48l K GIRL WISHES A .SITUATION AS 1 /* eh, o,|v ipsi't a d waltn- ? ity reicrcne" 'f.m Jjc. 'k.t ptat*! vtff. \?<.a ii?lli MlTl'ATIOVS WASTKP~fBMALB?. ARRSPECTABLE married woman wishes soke washing at her own residence; la an encollent washer and trotter. Good satisfaction given. <'uil at 127 Wust 27th st., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A SITUATION hi good (tluiii cook awl i-Kclli ul ? tslicraud iron er; no objection to a laundresses place. Good city reference trout her la.i place. Can be wuii for two days at 127 West 27th ul. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chamberwoik and waiting: would b" willing to do general housework, flood city r 'ferenca from her lust place. Can In" seen for two ilayi at 70 Wllloughby Ht., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE glrL who understands general housework; Ik a tlrst rate wanner and lrot,er. Good city reference. Call at Id drove at., for three daya. A RESPECTABLE and waller, or waiting _t 364 Weal 16th it., ilrst floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY j English girl, m ?haiuberma}d at aiottfc Beat city reference*. Apply at I A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOl'NU WOMAN, AS laundress. Oood reference. Can be aeen for two daya ?it 4<SCCairuti st., near Uudaon, Brut flour. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waller, or to do general housework in a KQiali private family. Oood city reference from lier laat employer. Call for two daya at ISO Went 24th at., third floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT YOt'NQ woman wishes a situation a* nurtn and seamstresa. or as chamlierinuld una seamstress; can cut and flt ladies' dresses and do all kinds ol family sewing. Cun be aeeti at 144 Watt 33d st., for tw o daya. AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS?A LADY IS ANXIOUS to procure a good situation for a v< r > en elentgrl, who baa lived with her a* purse and ftcatr.s! re s for the past three 'ars; she can cut and flt chlklnitl'a dresses; understands tue it?e both of Grover A Baker'* and Wheeler A perfectly i Wilson's i Alison's sewing machine*, and, If required, would bo Willing u>uh?i?i In li(;!it chamberwork. Can I* aeon for two daya at No. 154 West 24th at., from 11 until 3 o'eloik. 4 SITUATION WANTED ?TO DO CHAMBERWORE J\. and walling in it prhate family ; can t'C well recom mended from her last place. Call for twu day* at 84 West 20th at. A SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID OR TO do general homework, by a respectable young woman, who la neat in her person and work; prefer* chamberwork or taking care of children; understands p'aiti cooking. Call for tlireo duya at No. 14 Cliu'kaon at., firti floor. Beat of city reference. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework In a plain pri vate family; wages not so muih an ohlei lac u comfortable home. Call at No. 09 Degraw at., Sooth Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation as Wet nurse. Call for two dnya at IS Rose at. A GENTEEL YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO t^ke cure of children; would do chatubarwoik or wait ln( to a small family. Has good cit.v reference from her laat place. Call at 228 Went 2'Jih st., top floor, front room. A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS cook, wuahcr and lroner: thoroughly understands her bnatness. Can produce good i Ity reference from her lust em ployer. Call at 33 12ih at., between Mh and tith ave*. A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION as seamstress; would tnkc charge of a child; I* accustomed to children; t? a good seamstress and a good operator on a sewing machine; no objictlon to the country or to travel. Can L>> seen until enpnKed at 214 5th ave. A GERMAN LADY, WHO IS AN EXPERIENCED COOK, wishes a aituation In a respectable iurullv: she Is willing to help in the housework. Inquire at 310 lOtli St., between ares. A and B. A SITUATION WANTED?TO COOK, WATS 11 AND IRON. Oood'city reference given. Call at No. 4 Joraletnou st., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwork and w alling, or as laundress and chambermaid, or to take care of growing child ren and aew, < r as uirlormald; has best of city reference. Can be seen at 22rt Mulberry st., between Prince and Spring A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as Drat rate chambermaid, or to do general housework; best of city reference from l ist place, w here she lived six years. Call for two days at I2tf av, C, third floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A lECPEOIAILl PRO tcstaut girl, to do general housework, or take care of children; best of < ily reference. Call for two days at corner Henry and Atlantic ?ts., over Scrantoh'a, room 12, Biooklvn. A SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do ehamberworlt and waiting; would do housework In a small private family ^ Willing and obliging; best of city reference. Call fortwoolya at 2ix) Mulberry st., llrst floor, between Prince and Houston sis. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant gtrl, to do ehiitnberwork and aewlng, or as nurse and scnaistree* In a private family; can take charge of an in lain from Its birth. Best of city reference. Call for three days nt 81 West 30th St., near the corner of Broadway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon as chambermaid and waitress; no Objection to go a short distance In the country. Two years' reference. Call tor two days lit 21.1 West 2t)ih St., betw e'en Hili and 9ih ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon; is wflilng lo do housework. Good cily reference. Inquire at M7 Grand st. A Akfhpkctahl.E yocno OtRL dkkikks A bit!', ation in n private inmtw to do general hnuseunrk (iood ouy referent*. Apply nt 2116 Weft mth ii., near 7lli av AN EXPERIENCED COOK WISHES A SlTl alkln in a private liitnlly; undernames linking; no objection 10 mid*t in the wa*htng. Bent of city n f"rrncc frnrii h"r la*t place. <1,11 in' wen ' rom 0 A. m. to 3 i*. >1. at 210 21ht st., bc iwren int anil 2 l nvn. respectabi.r, PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation aaeu k and to aulst In wanbitik nod irunluy; no objection In ta> a short disunite lu thtt country. can bo !t fur two day* hi 83 5th 81. A NEAT, TIDY HIRE WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and wultiea*. In h private family ; i* nil liru: to make herself seneinlly imef ul. bi nt city refiretko. can be mien at 111 went Iti'.h st., In the rear. ARESPEi ta11le YOL'no AMERICAN GIRL WANTS a hit unlit ii ns n ninmrt ss and to v olt on one or two yming ladle.; Is ii Protectant. Can give the hlghe?t rtty refe rence. Call on ur mldie** E. A. T., i4 Union p u e, corner of 9th ave. As COOK.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOU no woman, an good c? k; is willing to a>si*t with the wa* h inr and ironing. Best ot flty iciertnoe. ('illi at til 21m s,i., corner of tit h uv. A HERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS WAI tress .-mil f f.iintitit-s. Good city reference, full at lyt dhlxli.n at. A SITUATION WANTED?by A rb6pectabu wo man, a? it rat class meat and pantry ecu,k; thoroughly nntlerhiaiiilh her lo.siues* in all iln branchea. Can be seen for two day* at 3v?th ?t., private door. A RESPECTABLE YOt'.VO GIRL WANTS A SITU A tli.n ax plain iook in a fctunU family; n? a g,*>d waa'.icr and imner ami can do general homework. llent ot iltv rete rent e. Call at 33 Cougreaa ail., South Urookly n, in*, otnl f:,r?r, back room. \ TOUKO i.ADY OP constdeitahi.k E xper1e nce JA. n? saleswoman is open to an eticbg'liieut in a stoic, unrjreptionable reference giuen. spc.ika Uoiman. Addreaa for two ditya Y., ilerahl olllee. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid end t"aaal?tln wash ing bd<i Ironing; la i k>?k| plain seamstress; understand* general bouatnrurk; la willing mid oblkgltip; haa no objection to the country. Call lie auen for two day a at 384 Bowery, opposite Fit lb *1. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIIRL WANTS A 8itua tlnu, to do homework In a ar.iall private family, or to doehnmlierwork atil waiting; best of city reference from her last place. Call a! J. t i oat umplojer'a, corner of Bund and Livingston a is., No. 20. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework of a small private family; haa good city reference limn her litat place. Call ut 223 w est 2h at., lu khr rear, between 8th and bib ava. AS COOK.?VANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO iestant yoang woman, a si;nation aa profiled cook; thoroughly understand* cooking in till us bran. h?a, game, eonpa, jellies, loe oreama. pa*try and all klndaol dewaerts; la an exoelleat bread and blacult baker; the beat of eltj reft renve given. Call at 2u6 7th &r. A SITUATION WANTED?by A PROTESTANT GIRL, J\. as v.altrees or abavibermakl and wnknwa; city rute renne given. Inquire at &1 D n\ nut# at. King thu.1 bell. A SITUATION WANTED?by A YOUNG wojm <N, TO do housework In n lannil family, or n . ?eamalri?h; la a good wnaher and Irou?>r. Beat nferenae from her last pln,~?. Call at 180 Degraw at, Brooklyn, in the lot, tor two day*. A TOURS woman wishes a situation in apri vate luuillv aa llrat lute oiaik and laiinilrasa, ut hji e.veel lent baker, and haa gi-nd uty infermiu'. Call at to wiwh 21st st. A SITUATION WANTED?bv A rbspectable W<). iutfn. But <*k)k; n ftrw? rat?? washer rtnd frunrr an?.i a goml haker of bimcl; Wxtd tour year* in lant plaoe; good city refeienop. Call ftt l.ri310th rt., ournertib av. Avorku GERMAN GIEL DESIRES A SITUATION; ts capable o4 uiklug t uargi- ?it <\ houat or to asmtat a lady in liouiek^'plDg; would riot obiwt to acit an Icdv'i maid ??r 10 u*k?? charge of children; city rcf?rouoe*j. iu<tutru at 477 6tb av., corner 2uth at. A SITUATION WANTED?by A RESPECTABLE PRO tmtatit girl, a?* peaniatr?*?? .uid chambermaid; la an ex c^) hp lit reainati'faa: no objection if" h nhort dlntancc in the country. can l e ?ecn tulaulted at 5w7 Mott *t., n??ar Houston, second itcx r, front room. t srrratron wanted?by a respectable il y titi# wowun, tv do (^ainliertvork a ltd wakldgrtn niif r ftihl mii',ss l? city referenw from laat jl.t- ?. cm be fteen for ?w<? tlaya if not pn^ngc.d hi 2^u west 25ili ? Avoi no woman wants a situation, to cook, waib and Iron in a amail privute family. Call for two d.ij's at hs Went 12tlt i t.. thjiw. cn 5t.!? and oui arc*>, lic^i ci'v retereneea from her umt i law. 4 hitoation WANTED?by A reupkctarlr J:\. yomtf wciiian, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to take cur*i oi children and d?> ]hi!n teniufi; the beat city ref. reneon ; wr.iieg ? o object m a ^nd?i home. Can he aecn at her iaf*t ph*u , U) 37tfi heiitimtn islington aj?d 4tli urea. \S WET nurse.? A votno maiuimcd LADY a iniftband haa iref with reversee '. havingreei uily loatlier child, would at oept a altuatloi. m the above c*pa liv; anyflrftclaaa lamlly letjuirtug theae.rvlcero| a cnmjx iit Aim l'ood d'afaihitioned j^eraon, will hud the adrcrti*' ran * ^ eeplfon to the < . oikhi reierence. cau between 12 uivi i o'clock at 114 East bn-a lwav. \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A rkijpw TABLE CURL. hh eiwik; uncerntanda e.^oking in all hranchcs. in .1 would ai<?iat wfth the washing and lr^ulu?. Haa the i-c t city ret ere new. Call at 3ifl Weat fOth ?t. 4> nil. i;-'WANTED A SITUATION HY A PRO J\ teat ant yemnx woman, or a? chambermaid Hi id la um Haa jhe )whi city reference. Cail at 515 wvat^gth *t. \ NEAT, TIDY GIRL WI8IIES A SITUATION a>1 A Xv nr<i el*?0 cook, or to do general housework in a amftm V ? ? " t rnlly, in country or city, naa the licht or cl't , yapply at 13 Atlantic et., iietwcen henry a??i m< !;* , Brooifyn, A wti-ation WANTBD-bv A respectable wo. in ii,' d > ^,.n, t| honaowork in a amall nrivate faml tv; i - j.n o\i ,\. n\ a n-.her and iwner, and ?;?hh\ plain cm k ? < i* v i !r:rn i rel! ,t <>y r,(h u\ , thlru llo. t, i n t,,. r, 4 t,,.' two ojiya, 1' UTVATIOKS WARTHMraHALll. Asitcath.n WANTED-BY A COMPETENT QIRL to iln gruei al bousex urk or cLamberwurk mix! washing lu tli? i\tiy or country. Wages $.r>. Apply ul tie Free Ull;ce, 10 Knot lldt at., between 3(1 and lih a vs. A SITCMluN WANTED-BY A YOCNG WOMAN, TO do general hoiiscwoik or to eook,wu?b and Iron l?i ? small family; oily reference. Call at 207 Myrtle av., Brook lyn, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, TO d? housework, or an chambermaid; |mi good pluin conk, Witklu r and lroner. fall at 23 Stale at., Brooklyn, for two day*. AVKKY RESPECTABLE YOUNO LADY WANTS A Si tuation an 1 hamberiiiuid or acamstrei,* or child's nurse; the best of diy rnfen'iice glvnn; liaH no objection logo a abort distuuco In tliu country, inquire at 92 West 31*1 at. A GENTLEMAN IIAV1NO GIVEN 11' IIOI'SEKEKP logon account ot lila family going to Europe, wishes to place two English servant girl* (sister) together or scoa rate, lu a good family, a? uurac, waiter and chambermaid; the highest recommendations and particular! may be bad ot K. A. Bcbutibel, Ittt Ktilton at. A GERMAN COOK, AND ALSO A C1TAMBEKMAID ami waitress, wish situations together; both understand their business perfcctlv, also washing and Ironing, bo lb ure Protestants, aud have the best cltv reference; no objection to the country. Can be seen at 267 Elizabeth at., two tioor.> from Houston, In the store. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A respectable Hebrew family. Call for two daysal 142 Grand -I. A SMART, TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rook and thorough servant ; bun lived III some of tin moat respectable families lu Ireland, uud baa long and aatia la -tory reference*, Can Le sec u at her prescut eiuplojct's, n wftii at., Brooklyn. Ah expectable yocng woman desires a kitua lion .1* cook In u private family; understands ull kinds of soups, jellies, uud In 1 ad and cuke; ha* lived with the uiosl resptcubfc families; Is willing to assist lu washing and Ironing; unox. e|itb't,*ble reference can l>o given. Cuu be ?eeu ut AS Bond at., roi iier of Bowery. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE G1R1, aa chambermaid or waitress, or would assist lu wi lt ing or Ironing; beal of reference given. Call for two daya al JIG 0th at., In t? uen Ut and 2d avs. A Sire l i(.N WANTl.D?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testaut giii. aa muse aud seamstress, or aa chamber maid unit seamstress; two years'city reference from her last plat e. Call al 82 East 28lh al., between 4th aud Lexington avennt a. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 seamstress and dressmaker; understands her business lu all Its branches; baa lived lu the beal famlllca; city refe rence. Cull nl 200 East 2lsl ut. ABITUATION WANTED-BY a RESPECTAB1E young woinuu, aa chambermaid ami waitress or cham bermaid ami laundress: hna good city reference. Can be seen tor two days ut 77 Henry nl. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and ironer, or to do general housework; ban no objection to either. Can be aecu for two daya al No. 241 Elisabeth *1., near Ilouaton, second floor, from room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook'and to assist with the washing and ironing or house orchauiberwoi k. Haa the he?t of eily reference from her last place. Cull lor two daya at 30 l'rluoe ut , between Mvrtle av. and Jobuaton at. A A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waitress, or would do general bouse work in a stiiii 11 family. Has good referonco from her last place. Can be Keen at OH East oth r.t. 18 WET NURSE.?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE 1V married woman, a baby to wet nurse at her own home, having lost her own babv. Beat of reference. None 1ml those who cun pay for the best of can need apply. Call ut 4SH 6tli nr., room No. 7, lor two days. RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A situation as plain cook ami laundress. Also by u \onug WKinan to do eli'imla-rwork uud waiting or plain sew ing. Best 01 ell* references from their lual placcs. Cull for two days at 225 West 2.1th at., near Oth av., drat floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Voting girl, iu a private family, to do gout rai houaewot a orua waller; can give gtsid city reference. Call at 113 Smith ut., corner of Brigan, over the bakery. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general housework; is a good washer and lroucr, uiui Is a very goo 1 cook; Isuu excellent baker, and is mat about herself and h< r work: is not ttfrald of work. Can be seen for two days at 357 lluoaon st., over the furniture store. A YOUNO MAURI ED WOMAN WANTS A SITI ATION a* wet nurse lu a respectable family; has a fresh bread of mill* speaks both English and German; Is willing ami obliging; no objection to the country. Apply at 212 33ih st., near ?tb ave., for two daya. COOK S SITUATION WANTED-BY ONE FULLY COM jieteut In all respects; understands baking pastrv and bread; wottld do some washing, or the entire Tilu beu' work of a small family. Excellent reference. Can be seen for two days jit lift Allen St., In the rear. pOOK.-A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN \J wishes a situation i,n cook; understands making ail kintls of soups; Is (in excellent moat, bread aud pastry cook; also gaino of all kinds. Unerecpllonahlc testimonial* for character and capability. Call at 1-73 12th at., between 1st and 2d av*. ( COLORED HELP.?WANTED, BY A FlitST ( LASS J cook, :t ftuintion. Apply at 217 Thompson st.f corner ol 4ih, item- Washington Parade (.'round. Drkssmakini; wanted?by the day ok week, by a person who unders'and cutting ami making Ut iles' mid children's dresses, also line and plain Hewing; would en gage by the month oh r general seamstress. (-u)l on or ad dress tiwf* advertiser, No. 67 West 17th st., corner of Oth av. nOCSBKBSPER.?All AMBBIOAN LADY WlSHEft K situation as housekeeper; Is willing to make herself generally useful if required. Best references. Address A. I)., Herald otllee. nOUSBKBBPBB.?AN BLDEBLY WOMAN WAKTS * situation; is accustomed to plain sewing, ami can operate on a sewing machine. ran I e ,ren at 51 Market st. HOUSEKEEPER.?A YOUNO WIDOW LADY WISHES the position <?f housekeeper in a hotel or widower* family, www tin re are no large children. Will give beat of references. Address Mrs. A. M. C. 11., Herald ollhv. NT USE.?A sm'ATION WANTED, BY A RESI'ECTA ble Trotestaut woman, as nurse; is capable of takin? the entire chaise of a baby from its birth or to attend a 1. <h: i In her coniinemeut. Call at or address 371 East Uth st. Good reference. QJEAMSTKESS WANTED?IN UIUH>KLYN. BY THE O week; one who understands cutting and making lad ami ehiidren's dresses. Address Peek, box 7^ Post oflicc, New York, stating where she can be seen. Situations wanted?by two competent girls-, one as chambermaid and line wa?her and ironer. tie* other as waitress or would have no objection to do the cham ber work and waiting in a small family; lias li\el six ycurs in her last place; both understand their business thorough ly and ran produce the best city reference. Call for two das s at .'W* (#th ave, between 24th and 25th sts. CrnJATlOX WANTKO-UY A YOUNG WOMAN, A* ! n chambermaid and laundress, or to do cooking, wardiinq and Ironing. Call at 210 West 20th at., tirst floor, lrom room. H*st of city reference. QITl ATloN WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOl'NU O woman, as nurse and seamstress: i* capable ol taking the I entire charge of an Infant and ia wil ing to make herseli ge nerally useful; has the beat of city reference from her bust 1 place. Call at 27 Monroe at. OIT1ATION8 WANTED?BY TWO respectable I O girls: one an e*e#?ll'*nt cook and is willing to assist wftii | the washing; the other as chambermaid and waitress: good citv reference giveu. Call for two days at 117 East 54th st., Wtween Jlil and Lexington avs. VITI ATION WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS' BY A HE O spectable Protestant young woman: is willing to assist in taking care of children. Apply for two days at h?r presentemployer's, where she has lived for two years, 11 East 22d at. ____ SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, as chambermaid and seamstress; understands ali kinds of family sewing, embroidery and dressmaking; or would attend to children: no objection to a short dinuneo in the country Good city reference. Csll at or address 537 5d a v., near Sslh st. Q1TCATTON WANTED-BY a young GIRL, TO ASSIST O in light chamboi work, or to take care of children *t.d make herself generally useful. Inquire at No. 2 West 45th st. Situation wanted?by a respectable girl, with u respectable family, as laundress, or is willing do general housework; abe csui prodtme lorn; and satislactory reference as U> her cajtafeittty. ('-all st 212 West 25th SU, tirst tloor, front room, between 8th and iHh avs. SITUATION WANTED-BY a RESPECTARLE YOTNG O woman, in a private family, as good plain cook. wa*Uer and Ironer, or to do general housework. Has the best nty reference from her last place. Can be seen at '156 West ItKh st., second floor. TWO SCOTCH OIRLS (RISt'ERS) WISH SITUATIONS? one as chambermaid and the oUier as norse or waius s. No objection to permanent situations in the country. Call at No. 3 Garden row, uear lltli st. and 6ih av. TWO FRENCH LADIER?xeperienced IX TEACH JL iug wiali to find situations, blether or aenarate, in schools or families, as Prol'easora of Piano and French or French and Sj> Address C. D., Union square l'o*t ofllce. ll'AM i'-P- A StTUATZOH, BY V RB8PECTABLE ? f young girl, as tlrst ?Uss waitress; would assist in the chamberwork: is leaving her place on account of the family going to Europe. Call for throe days at Ed 31st st., between Broadway and 5 h av. "WTANTP.D?BY A UE?PK< TABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ? f situation to do gt tierai iioitsewoHk in a small familv; is a good pla n conk, washer and ironer; has the best of reje rencv from her last place, where she liaa lived two years, full at 26 Barrow sr.. near Blectfker st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A I? tlon as seamstress, it? a pnvmo family; ctneutarid tit ladles' dresses, and do all kind of family acwing. Call ai 230 71U ave . corner 85th st. XJLTANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG WOMAN, A f ? situation to do chamberwork and waiting: is willing to assist in washing and iro nln?; underatanda lii*r bnslneuR th.> ronghl). unit bo* !!?? b?at ol city reference from laat |>la ". ('allat'lKi K pi 12th ?!., between 2<Juii't 3d ave?. At,'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VliWY CArABI.E TV y >ung womuu, lo o.jk, ?.isu iu. ( l!>m, i? an ill cook; iii'ai-ix.itvl" nil kindii ot Is willing mi'l olil:., Ing: Kntlun' 'or;.- rrtYrencn cku I*' (;lvi,i.. lv w<'n fur iv.o iIjj'h hi iW tfHleit u.. b*t?r??n 11: ftiid<*n* nTAJTBD-Jt A BBBrEOTABLB WOHAK FROM TUB M .N>>t i of Irelnii'1, ? nil'iiilioii Mud lnui?ji>>*N; tut iDjectloii to tli ? country; ttif very' i tyr reicrenoe Kl*en. <'iin htM-ti for two 'Inys Ht 168 Kiiat 23<I ?sC \\'AS"TED?BY A YOCN0 OIKI,, A SITUATION AH i? i hatiibcrmald ?nd waltrwc ha. t'j<-venr Ik'H "t city rolfr.'tt <? for tint la.'- t?n yurn. (.:.!! at 1,271 Broadway, two ?toon, fnim S2<l st. U,'ANTED? BY A BEfll'Kt"fA BLE (URL, A StTl A tloii to-dn general bouiii'woik, or *? rkambnrmaid; be.t ol I'ltv relerfncc. t'jn l>e necti for two dnysut 100 Ora?({i ?t., Hrooklyn. " WANTED?A lUIhrErTABLE'GIHL, TO oT> (JESERAL V } housework; iiiu.t In- a good w?i lioi and lroni-r. None iic'il ?iiPly without uewtlOoatp from her last place. Inquire it ICMh West 32d Ht., bi-twern Sth mid BOi nt?. \T "anTeD^BY~A COMPETENT, TKI'RTWOMHY WO \\ man, n situation a* nurau; l? tiiialilp ol lakin^ mn of

? hild from tui Hlrth or growing rlilldrni, and u willing u> n iv.-1 hrraalf grni rally iianlul. Beat ?f mv roft i ^n" ? '?n ? f-o fur two days ut bci 13 Weal JS.b r' > I aiwIS^u bv?, IITIattOSS WAMUD-FEMAIiES. VyANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS '? niiKe tamlly going to California, Apply ""i?' dlalely atnc.t...,..,.ul ^jdSvarlV. U o.omt. \\'A.V1EI>-A BrTl'ATION, ~BY A MSPWtAUX li young girl, its seamsircsa; understands dressmaking sud all kinds of tamlly sewing; would have uo objcitk n to u* isttn a nursery; wagi h not Hu much au object us ituou I home. f?ii ut 174 West 33-1 at WANTED?A SITUATION, KOB A KAITHKUL 8KR unit, perfectly competent to litllil the duties Of nurse or laily'a miilil, with a family going either to California, Cuba, or Europe. Apply to ber present employer, 12 9th tt. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS waiter or chambermaid. Host of city reference glveu Apply at 18 Hubert ?t., second floor, \\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young wciiuiii, as good cook; lias no objection to as sist In the washing. Best of city reference given fn>m her last place, ? here nho lived for years. Call at 7tli av., for two days. UU"ANTED?A si:[TABLE SITUATION FOR A YOUNG IT German woman, who for t-everalyears hadeliargool it pretty MWuidve household: Is fully competeut, a? she is a poricct cook and familiar with all other work appertaining to It. She speaks English nnd Pi-ouch as well as Oeriiian, anil I more deslruti* to lkiut n friendly home than high wiupa. Him no objections to go a short dlstanta In the country, "all at or address 4(46 2d av,, second story, front room. TITANTBD?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, BY A H Protoatuut girl; has good city reference. Can be seen for three days ut her present employer's, 3t 10th St., between I imeinty place and oib a v. '117'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T ? Protestant girl, atchambermaid anil to do plain aewlng or plain sewing and taking care of children; is a good embroi derer; eau give the best of city reference. fan he sci'u fdr two days at (itfi Hudson St. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A i'RtOTK8TANT OIBL, to .to general housework In a nil*, ate family. Beat city rt f-reoou from Iter last pbtM. Call for two days at 116 We?i *01 h ?t. WA NThl>?KAMI I.Y W >HIHH MY AN HONEST, RE sjietilaole woman, with gisid reference; no olijectlou to go up town. A| ply to Mary Phillip*. 51H 4th at., between lf>t and 2d av?., second floor, back room, rear. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MOST RESPECTABLE girl, us cook, washer and irouer; understands herbiml neas well, Best city relerence. Apply at 110 Wllloughby it, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation to do general housework In a small family; belt of J elt' rend'. Call for two days .it 1X1 Went 13th at. "11,"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA it lion to cook, wash utid Irou lu a private family. The best of city reference. Can be sceu for two days at 144 East 1,'lst St., second II'.or, back room, WANTED?A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, us plain cook, good washer and irom r; also i liamber \\oi k, or a? tiurse and seamstress. Best of city reference. Apply at 271 'Jflth at, between tit It and KUh uvs. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework: Is a good plain k mid eicellent washer and Irouer. Besi city reference, utll engaged at 166 Smith at., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A situation as assistant waller, and tu take care of chil dren and do plain s. wing. Bent of reference. Tall at 604 6th av., between 35th and 34th Ms., Ilrst tloor, back room. TITAMTBD?m BROOKLYN, A SITUATION, BY A NEAT TT tidy girl, to do general housework in a respectable pri vate family. Cull at Iter present employer's, 12u Bergen at., Brooklyn. TIrAN'TED?A SITUATION, FOR AN AMERICAN GIRE T T IS year* of age; to go as company for it lady preferred; also, for a bov of 11. Wages not so greut an object as a good comfortable home. Apply nl IM 4th St., Williamsburg. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation to do chumbcrwork and waiting', is willing to asnlst in tite washing. Good city reference from her lust plnee. Call for two days at 464 Atlantic St., between Ucvlns and Powers, Brooklyn. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tlnu as eook and to assist in the washing and Ironing, or entirely for a small family; la a lirst class < o ik and an ex rellent laitndmm, Best oity reference of y cars. Apply at M av., between IHtb and 10th sts. TANTED?A SITUATION AS AN EXPERIENCED t iiurse^citu take charge of a baby from Its birth, and (in;i"i>LiikW, bow to make ijitldreii's clothes. Flee years re ference from her last place. Call at 410 3d av., second tloor, I rout room, for two days. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN OP RE apeotable standing, a situation, cither as w et nurse or t<< laUe a etui I to her own house; milk only two months old. Adtlrea* Margaret Horan, 1?.'.' East 3Sth sl 'TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT SEAM IV stress; can cut and tit ladies'dresses; no objection to do light ehamberwork. Good city references. Can be seen ill tU West 16that. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION to tend children and make herseli useful; wages not so much an object as a good home; can give good city reference, fill at 13d Milllvan st. w cook u Oilll u W lirANTKD?A SITITAWON, BV A YOUXO WOMAN, AS if HoaiunttefiA untl a* nufse, or to do Ught chainlur work; unicrstatidn liuir ; cun ?iv? suUhIki torv ? reluivnw from her last A^plf for two tiny* at Welt 2'Uh at., lictwcn Ol!i ana 7th avs, IVANTED?A SITUATION, AS NURSE AND 8EAM \ > nm***, by ti renniH'Uihltt mldtllc aseil ikrote?taiit worn m; tu tiiki* cl?tti*go of 11 niby from its birth; can ?i<? ait kinds ol' family M'wiiif*; will make, h**rtself iiHftnl; no objection to the gt.u;,t?y, iho otBt ul rofereuce. Can be acua tor two iIavk at C4& ihtdtion nl. \\r ANTED?1IY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A TV tlmi ?? latindii **; willing toasslst In cJiamhcjwork. C.i11 beaten for two days at her present employer's, 67 Writ 71st st. wantkd-by a respectable young qiel, a ti ?!. nation uk k mnsti. as and to <lo cl,arai>crw>rk: would trav. 1 with h I ("1(111.1 refereniv. Inquire at lit) lloyt st., batween Baltic and AlUnti: sis., Sotilh Brooklyn. TTARTIO-A situation, ?? A ItHsri-U'TAHI.K 11 voting iroiimii. who is an cxi-ellent cook it ml laundress, in- would do general housework lor is-snmli family; has >:o<>tl rltv reference frum her last place. Call for two da) sat No. 2 1 Till are., third floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABI.E it joitu,,'wo nan, it* plain conk, washer and ironer: the best i?f city reference from her lust place. Call at 112 Wetl I9th hi., second lloor, front room, lor two d iy?. \\T ANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS OR ^ it clrtmbermnid, by a Protestant wnmiiu; Is competent to cut and fit children's dresses; no objection to take cure of glo.slng children; would make herself generally useful. Csu b" heard of at her fcst place, 3S Waverlcy I'la.-c. lias bent reference. WfANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, Ti v. ho has lived four yeais and ? half in her last place, a | situation n? scamaUes*; is an excellent operator on Orover A 1 linker's sowing machine; no objection to do n little llffhi I chuinbcrwork or take care of oue or two growing chlldreu; I I beat reference from last employer. Apply at 73 West 10ii> at., a few doors from Ctli av., for two days. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V* young girl, as chambermaid and waiter or to do house work (or it -.mall family; best reference from last place. Can lie seen nl 181 West Slat St., second lluor, front room. WAXTI'tK-HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SIHl/A T T t'.on as housekeeper lor a widower or a small family: is a good plain ecok and sewer, and kind In children. Inquire in iU Columbia si., near Stanton, sccond floor. WANTLD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND IT Re.uustressHir to oook, wash and iron In alinall luini ly, by u rttiat l young woman; good city reference. Apply at Johnson at., Brooklyn, for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE it voun? woman, al eh?mt>crni?(d and to assist In wash ing and ti ouiu j; best city relereuce. Cau be seen fur two dax s at 77 Greenwich ay. \\TANTED-?Y A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A B1TUA Ti tion us us'?, washer and ironer. Can be seen for two days at the corner of llloka and Degraw ?ts., South Brook lyn, over tbe bakery, top floor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young w Oman. to do the cnamberwork and waiting of ii Hinall private family; Is a competent person and fully nn. diisinmis her business; the beat of city referenuo given. Call at 218 Bill av.. in the store. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESECTABLE M younggiri, as chambermaid In somoreHpcctivblelaailly; i> uoi lung iu ibis emiutry. Can be seen at No. 6 Vunnnti st.. Col Uce row, Brooklyn. \\J"ANTED?BY A WELL DISPOSED, HARD WORK it Ingyoung wom.ut, o situation us good plain oook; a Ii>.->? r.ii washer and ironer; or would do giTicnU housework In a small private l.itnlly; the best city reference, given. Call f u- two i'n> s at 74 Otmiiton st., lielween fluiteon and Varick. "yyANTED?EY A RESPECTABLE Y<QUNO WOMAN, A If situ t: .it as laufldrcM in a private family; has gisid ] city ri'lfi'-nce from her former employers. Call at or ad dress 120 East 20ih St., near 3d av., for two clays. lyANTKD-A SITUATION AS LADY'S MAID, CHII, II di "ti'a nurse, or ux uitcnd.uit upon uu elderly poiwuto by a young woman, perfectly competcoi, who has lived ton j years in her last piaoe. tiati be seen U1I employed at 10 Ura tnertgr park. WANTED?BY A PROTUSTANT GIRL, A SITUATION II lu do the cooking, washing and Ironing of a tuivate family. Best city r ference. Call for two days ot 368 8th av., between 29lh and 3uth sts. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE i t young Engllahmao.'as uoachman or groom, or to take cire ol last hories; knows the city well, and lias good refe rnuccs from Ills last p ai r. Address or call ou C. B., at Mr. Jamas Browcr'a, 211 njygralty place, WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSB. BY A RE IT aperubki woman with a fresh breast of Bulk. Can be seen at 2J0 ev. A, se< oud lloor, front room. i WANTED?BY A PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A ii s.ttui'.on as nurse and chambermaid: the best ol city tci'erence can ls> given Cau be Ken at No. 7 Charles st., bet* een Blenckcr fnd tlh ?L?. | WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A Ti situation as chambermaid, or to do the work oi a small I fsmllv Call at or address |?r two days 2a Ooerek at., up susirs' \l' ANTED?A SITU ATI >N. BY A RKSPECTAUI-E Wo Tl man, a* cook. ? . I Ironer; Ins three yesrs' I ri l. reuoe. Apply at i 1 13th St., near 7th av., firs' floor. WANTKn~BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1TUA' ? T tloti as nurse atifl s> att.s rcss; is cotnpi lent to lake the entlrj- charge ol au infant from Its birth; she thoroughly tin tie,-stands the cere of children; has Bret claas reference ?rom I her ;,im pli ea* t'.iii ai liict, 31 ?r., between 18than<l mih ms. WANTED-BY A RESi'K'H'ABIiE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good cook and excellent washer mid Ironer; no objection to do general housework in a small fatally, lion i it? reference. Ceil at J8 Eaat Warren at., Brooklyn. WANTED -BY A RF.SPKMfettLC YOUNG WOMAN, A II "t. nation to do general WNBwtn-k. Good reference. , Ciil for three da> s nl 215 4th av., belwuen 24th and 2.1th Its. U A mV-BYXRESPECTABl.k YOUNG WOMAN, A , Ti iltnutloti a?good cook, waaltet and ironer; good city I referftire; no objection to do the general h utsework of a I small pi ivale Caioily. Call until suite.! at 81 West 10th si., eoCt.'i tti I "Hi a\ ,,S"conn(Ii ??, back room. ? WANTED- \ SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS t TV nurse onijr, In a familj going to Canfortilti. Adarc3* I M. A. D., ^2 Vmick. ut., Nctf York. SITUATIONS WAIVTED>FEMALEM. \1TANTED-BY A respectable GIRL, A situ A." "" u?ui uagood plain cook and Unit rate washer and iron, er, or would do the house wt rk of a small family; no objeet tioii to tin: country; good city reference. Apply ut lid Wei 20th Mt. \1/ANTE1> ?A SITUATION AH CHAMBKKMAID OR f? waitreai in a hotel, or an wuitrcM In a re*p*?ctuble dining saloon or private family, by a young woman who can biliot the best of reference from her last place, where she haa lived live yt ars. Apply lor two day* at 403 Greenwich st. fANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwork and waiting or to \V take care oi h child and do plain sewing; good city reiercuoe given. Call it tilts bakery, 428 6lh are. WANTKD-BY A RESPBCTABLE YOUNG girl, Ar situation as waitress; would have no objiction to do cliambuwork; goodrefertuce from her last place. Call at 115 West2fith at. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH girl, A SITUATION AS TT Himclass cc ok; can give the best of r^lt-rfun'truin her last place. Can be seen at SV IStb si, between 3d and 4tli avs., far two days. SITUATIONS WANTED?MAIiEM. A YOUNO MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS AND OOOD business eapuclty, who Ik now travelling through the Slate of New York for a house In thin city, would take with bun Home additional business; might travel III other States It desired; references given. Address Franklin, bo* 177 Herald office. A SPANISH GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE TO FIND A . respectable place where lit- could employ his lime In a useful wav; he oan do any serrieo for which an Intelligent, trustworthy |*r?un Is required; would receive no remunera tion until U? la thoroughly known, and has some ineami, which. If united, would join to the business of his employer; references flint class. Address Spanish, ho* 141 Herald office, for four days. 4 MAN, U YEARS OF AGR?WITH SUBIMBM QUALI 1 Y fixations and also a knowledge of law, doslres a situation In ? mercantile boose, broker or commission office; has no objection* to leave the city; references unexceptionable. Address Business, box 210 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?AB WAITER IN A FBI vute lumlly, by a respectable marf, who can obtain llie best city reference. 1 'an ho seen for two days at his last place, 03 Clinton place (8th St.), near&ih av. A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN DESIRES A S1TUA tlon In a t,unity as warier or coachman; understands hla business thoroughly; best reference. Call at 98 Mott St., third lloor, room 41. A MAN WIIO understands THE CARE OF horse* wishes n situation as driver, or clerk or porter; lias good city rclcrt n 'e. Call at 140 U at. AN ACTIVE AN COMPETENT BUSINESS MAN WANTS empolymenl?Is a good bookkeeper and aajemnan, and a rapid penman; has held a responsible position for ten years In one house, and Is not afraid of uny klud of work ut u low salary, Address W. Allied, Hern Id office. EMri.OYMF.ST WANTF.D?BY A YOUNG MAS WELL experienced In bookkeeping, corresponding and business generally : first class references and security given If dealrod. Address G. B., box 1M Herald office. SHIPPING CLERK'S SITUATION WASTED?ltY A y>mng man who understands the business thoroughly; first class city tefereiicea can be produced. Call on or ad dress G. F. C., 611 2d nr., for two aays. TVTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS TT uoHchman anil groom, and to make himself generally useful; hes no objection to the country; good city reference. Can he seen at G4 West 28th St., lor two days. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS clerk or bookkeeper-.would act as secretary or In any similar canacitv to a colonel on active duly. Address M. J. G., care ot L. Heltkump A Sou, No. 3 North William st. WANTED-BY A STEADY MARRIED MAN, THIRTY rf louryearsof age, a situation In snv rapacity; writes and speaks tluently both the English and French language*, and would make ulm*i If gene rally useful In an importing house or any other establishment. Address D. C., box 198 Herald office. WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A COLORED MAN. AS Walter in a private family. Good city reference Irom his last place. Call for two days at 227 West 87th at., third floor. HELP WANTED?MALES. AGENTS WANTED-MALE AND FEMALE, TO SELL the Union Prize Gift Ps< kuge, which contains 75 valua ble recipes, Union envelops and stationery, lu odors, a splendid likeness (ObM) of General George B. McCIellan,.thc Napoleon of the present war, and a gilt of superb jewelry. Ag-Hla arc now making from $S to 910 per day. Send stamp R1C (CARDS A CO., KB Nassau AGEST8-WANTED?IN EVERY COUNTY, FOR OUR pAtent Indelible pencil, for marking linen; |>atcnt match Site, for vest pocket; collee (liter, Egyptlau <cinent, Ac Satisfaction given or money refunded. Send stamp. RICE A CO., 83 Nassau street. A FEW FIRST CLASS AGENTS WANTED-TO SELL rights or establish agencies In counties and States for a new and valuable Improvement, which must come Into gene ral use. For particulars apjily to R. G. Flense, 19 Wall st.. An energetic young man wanteD?to canvass for subscriptions for a weekly newspaper. Address, with references as to character and capacity, H., Herald office. BoY WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICES SALARY St PER week. Address, lu handwriting ot applicant. Judge, lit raid office. 0Y WANTED-!* A COMMERCIAL HOUSE, FROM 16 to 18 years of age. He most be a goo I penman and aide to read and write the Spanish and Envllsh languages Correctly. An American preferred. Address Youth, office of Journal of Commerce, Muting age and reference in both languages. Barkeeper wanted?a young man of good address; French or German preferred; must speak good EngSsband thoroughly understand the business; uncxcep tionabla reference required. Apply at 686 Broadway. B /COACHMAN AND GARDENER WANTED?A SINGLE V/ num. willing to make himself useful, nt mod**rat;' wages, ran ripply with testimonial* Dili morning, ?' 9oclock, to 0., okham, 119 Urand si., upstairs. 1 .EMPLOYMENT.?A ('()M PETENT AND RELIABLE J man can have a p uiiunctit situation and good wages us canvasser, deliverer or country agent. Apply to Johnson, Fry & Co.,-Publishers, 27 Beekman at. WANTED?TWO CONDUCTORS, TWO BKAKEMEN, T ? two express driver*, four girls to travel, one stewardess, two on n to drive horse and carts, three porters, clerk, for shipping office, clerk for a ding store clerk for an uticlion store. Apply ul No. 7 Chatham square. IirAXTED?A RESPECTABLE MAN, A CATHOLIC, TT lmvlngun extensive connection amongst respectable Catholic families, as agr nt for ?n article of constant family lite. Oond wages given to a good man. Address R. M. T? Herald office. WANTED?A .MAN WHO CAN COOK AND CARVEs IT at the Broad meet dating saloon, No. .V) l'earl it. WANTED?A MAN, HAVING $78 TO $100 IN CASH c?n meet with a good permanent situation during tha evenings. Wsg'-s $A to <18 per week. Apply to-day, from 10 to S o'clock, ai 634 Broadway, down atoll'*. q>l AA PER MONTH?AGENTS POSITIVELY MAKE ?IUU It celling Dodlu'K patent Hem Folder and Tuck Guagc, adapted for machine or hand sewing, and other artl clen of ready sale. Call on or Address (enclosing stamp) Jo seph Dodin, 22 Duane at., near Chatham, N. Y. 1 nn AGENTS WASTED-IMMEDIATELY, TO SELL J UU un article Indlywnsuble to every storekeeper In Now York and Brooklyn. Three dollars capital required. The ai tide pay* 100 per cent prollt. Apply to Vcscellus ft Co., US Warren St., up stair*. THE TRADES. A PHOTOGRAPHIST WANTED-AT A. W. JACOB'S, 2S3aml2K8 Fulton drcet, Brooklyn. ApnoTOGRAPlIER DESIRES AN ENGAGEMENT; lie can do anything In the art, of any size, from a daguerreotype ton carte ae vlsite, and enamel the surface in a very superior style. Address P., station D. Gardener.?wanted-a situation as garden er, by a man who 1* perfectly capable of taking the en tire charge of a gentleman's first class country residence; uu dcrstands fully the mnnMement of stock. A -., Ac,, the very highest reference as to character and abilities. Address A. F. I)., Gardener, Herald nOlce. Gold pens.-wanted, a first rate oold pen grinder. To one that thoroughly understands the buM ucssgood salary and steady employment will be given. None but the best workmen need apply. Address A. M., box 177 New York Post office. Hat finishers wanted?at mealio s, no. 4ifl Broadway, corner of ('anal st. TO ALE AND PORTER BREWERS.?A THOROUGH practical man, who is well experienced 111 the manufac ture of all kinds of malt liquors. Is open to an engagement a* operative brewer. Address Brewrr, bo* 3.1W7 Post odlor. r FRAMEWORK KNITTERS OR STOCKINC.ER.S ? Wauled, a food ribbed bund, and one uorustorned to fashioned silk shirts and drawers. Apply to O Htotliard, manufaettirrr of silk and woollen shirts slid drawers, No. 42 Hunter st., Bedford. Brooklyn. TO CONFECTIONERS, HOTEL KEEPERS. AC?A first class confectioner end pastry cook wishes a sltna tion In a pastry business, hotel or dining saloon; would also accept an employment for few days a week. Best rele renccsgiven. Address 11. K., contectloner, Herald oillce. WATCHMAKERS WANTED-FOR A TOWN IN CON nectlcnt. Apply at 11 Maiden lane. COOPER A FELLOWS. Tjr ANTED?TWO HUNDRED SHOEMAKERS, TO (10 TT tot. i nlral New York steady employ mem, liberal prices ami cash every week, c or particular* Inquire at 383 IVurl St., up stairs. "IIr ANTED?TWO HUNDRED TENT MAKERS. TO GO T T to Philadelphia to make army tents; tbrsc monllis' em plot went guaranteed; loft lighted with go*. opened at tlx A. M , closed at nine P. M. Apply to T. D. Wilder A Co., >J South st.. New Vol k*. or 300 Vine st. wharf, Philadelphia WANTED?A SOBER AND COMPETENT TIN AND sheet Inn woiker, to take charge ?! a shop, uncivil Ingexperience In ship work preferred. Address, with relc rence, Industry, Hcruld ofllee. TVrANTED?A SITUATION AS GARDENER. IIV A M\H 11 who has b id several years' experience in this m ntry, and who thoroughly understands fruits, tlowcrs end vnt'eUi. bl> s, and especially gispe*; also the growing of pin. ?ppl< ?, laying out of gentlemen's places, and gardening In gennral. The very best of references given. Address T. K., naru uf A. Bridgelnnn, 876 Broadway. TV^ANTED?API RENTICES TO THE DRESSMAKING. T T None but good sewers need apply at 41 TUltiry St., Brook, lyii. basement door. WANTBD-A TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKER; ONE TT who Is a customed to ship, housr- and store Jobbing and willing to make hlinsell generally useful. Apply at 117 Wall street. "IITANTED?CARPET UPHOLSTERERS, AT ltU Kl'l. tt ten st,. Brooklyn, ?WfANTEDlA JOURNEYMAN" STOVE ' PATTERN T T maker, .it 102 Elm st., c >i ner of Walker. A BRONStlN OA CAJtPEMEKS WANTED?TO JOIN CAPTAIN \\ M. &\! FowlcrS Oi.mpnny of Hie Twelfth regiment, N, V. S M Forty cents per day extra when woramuori tneci.anh nl? . K. j Apply At lh?car) enter's s>i 40 IfsJil st. 1 J9IUP WA\TKD.FEMAL?S. Abundance of good bervanth ready at m ^iltgrsr institute, 1^ lt(h at., corner of (Jilt ave., neal. capable, uivil wouum-~-Ucrm*u, Enghah, Jri*h and Scotch-, moderate wagf h tu unit the tlmce, tor city or country. Good place* ready. Mra. Kloyd in attendance. A* THE LARGE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, CORNER oi llih bt. and 6Ui uv.?For German, KnglUb, lji?b and scutch women, capable and civil; wage* moderate; good place* alway? r*a<ly for cnuabtc help. Order* by mail promyt ly attendedto. Mm. Floyd in attendance. A OOOD SBAM8TRE8S, CAPABLE OF MAKING collar. n'? dresses, and who understands working ou *Mtk?i A <irover's sewing machine., will 604 employment rename week* by applying at 173 6th av. A LI. FREE OF CHAKGB-SERVANTS. WITH EXCEL* -4*- ?">t merenoesafcd hi nil prices, can be had free of a. WE IK'S, 16 Eul llih at., between Sd and 4th ava. Your paUunqge U respectfully solicited. A 0P OOOD SERVANTS BEADY AT TUB I'm ' lle* 138 ""1 cornef ?t tit*1 ?v.j neat. ?*Py*' "v" women?German. English, Irish and He. vh; " ' i* Y""''?. "Si!' ll1" tinwa, lor my or country. U< oil placaa ready. Mm. Floyd Inattuudauoe /^.OAK MAKERS WANTED?AT 413 BROADWAY. \j AUo a number of good operator*, with their own aew. (ug machines. Call during the week. T ADY WANTED?TO LEARN THE COLORING OF ? pnotographji * pleasing pastime for umateurx. and very proQtablu an u btiMoass oooupatlun. Froliclunts employed ai ter learning. Apply at the Art Gallery, 411 Broadway, cor ner of Lispenard st. OPERATOR.?WANTED, A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR on \V heeler A Wilson's Sewing machine: noue need apply but those who have been accustomed to stitching on eloih. Apply at No. 7 Ludlow place, Houston st, between Sullivan and Macdougal. TUB UNION EMPLOYMENT INSTITUTE, 820 BROAD wav. Is the place whcie nit employers are properly sup plied with good German, Irish, English and Scotch domes tics for ever* capacity, In oily and country. N. A large number ol girls wanted. JOHN SllEElIAN. "lyANTED?A OIHL, FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. " >u a small family; must be a good cook,, w asher ana lroner. Apply at 78}f Weai :3d at., between 7th and 8th ava. TIT ANTED-A OIKLTO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK IT In i small family, In Brooklyn; must be u go <d washer anil lroner, and neat and < lean In |irr?>ivwa^i $4 to $3 a month. Addrpsa, wltb reference*, PrestonKleiald ofltci. TANTlyll-A TIDYGERMAN GIRLTOCOOK, WA8II I andiron. Apply ut 7M West 43d at. TITANTED?4 WOMAN TO DO OENERAL HOt'fiK TV work, cook, waah and Iron. Apply at 40 I'lmtou place, Sth at., at the basement door, from 10 to 1 o'clock.. TITANTED IMMEDIATELY?LADY VOCALISTS, DAN t? senses, musicians. violin, pianiat and cornet; also, 12 waiter R'rls. Apply to-day, from 10 till 12 o'clock, at the Con. cert Saloon Agency. 482 Broadway, room 7. CONNER A ST. CLAIRE, Ageuta. w w WANTED-A GOOD PROTESTANT OIRL OR MIDDLES aged woman, English, German or American, to do the general housework of a amall private family consisting of two; she must be particular about her j>erson and likewise about the house: she must bring good city references and she will find a good home. Inquire tor two or three days at t>Z Clermont n., Brooklyn. ANTED?A WOMAN AS COOK AND TO ASSIST IM washing aud Ironing; site mu.t he a Hrst rate cook ami bringgiHid city reference. A; ply at 41 Eaat 16th at., between the hours of II and 4 o'clock. TIT ANTE D?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOUKEWOBIC T? in a small family. Must have good city references. Apply between S and 6 o'clo k at 220 Clinton at., Brooklyn. TITANTED?A GERMAN GIRL OF PKEPOSSESS1NU >V appearanc?>, who con speak aud write English, to at tend (tore. Inquire at 76 Colon plate, entrance in 19th it, from 12 to 2 o'clock P. M. w ,rANTED?TWELVE GIRLS, AS HAT TRIMMERS. who thoroughly understand the bualtieaa. to go a short dUtance in the country. Apply to the Seamless Clothing Manuiacturlng Company, S42 Broadway, up stair*. WANTED?A COOK, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stands her business In all lta branches, and who ha* the best of city reference. Apply at 11 Eaat 12th st. ANTED-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER.?APPLT AT 811 4th at., second bloek west of Broadway. ?tlTANTED?THREE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMENt T f one a* waitress, one as chambtirmsljt and laundresa, and one to cook and to assist in the washing and Ironing. Call at No. 7 11th st., several door* west of Broadway. fit EACH ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DEMANDE?UNE BONNE FRANCAISE POUR SOI gner un Jeone enfant. S'adresaer uu 61 bill avenae, entre 10 be urea et niidi. ON DEMAND^?FOUR UNE FAMILl.E PRIVEE deux Jetines geua pour 1?> sen lee de la table; on prelerc raltden Fiunoala on Almmanr, nouvellemeut delairques. 8 *? dresser a C. B., box 146 Herald otllcc. UNE DEMOISELLE FBANCAI8& D'UNE PAliKAITB education,capable dednigeruue muison; eoiiuaiesunt to lis les ouvrages relatlfs a In brodetle, la tapisserie et In couture, desire une place dans one famille rcspe table. Bot> new lecommaudatlons. Addreca G. O., box 1& Uemld < Dice. UNE l'EKSONNE ITALIENNE, QUI PARLE BIEN LE ir iiicaix, ilcslre se placer pour aller cn Euro|? au uIum vlte, |a/ur solgner des i nlanU, on pour feinme d<; ciutnmre. El'e pent donncr de tres bonne recommnndatioi.s de la daiua chcz qui die demuure. S'udresser au SO West 21st ?L CL.OTHINO. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTRTNG.?LADIBS AND gentlemen having any Cast OH' OMUw Kurnlture, Carpeta and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 4S8 Third avenue. Ludlea at tended by Mrs. Harris. At the new stand, U7 sixth aveni f. ladies and gents can secure the full value for their cast olf Clothlnr, Furniture an4 Carpel*, by calling on ormMrewIn* H. MINT/., 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh! bti eels. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mint*. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.-if you wish to net the full value of your cast oil' Clothing, Carpets, Furniture anil Jewelry, the nest yon can <lo is to send n note to F. Harris, 169 Seventh avenue. There you ?a* M oonvlacad yotrwlll be dealt with to i our satisfaction. Indies attended to by Mrs. Harris. 16t) Seventh a?cnue, near Twentf-iirsi Mmt A RARE CHANCE.?$12,000 WORTII OF <AHT OF* Clothing wanted, to supply California and Westefli market*, Furniture, Car|>ets, Jewelry, 4c. I do not pretend to oiler nominal prices, an la done by Home, but 1 guarantee to J*ty the utmost vahie for each article, by calling on or aa drehhina T- . II., 79 Hltth avciflie, second door above Wavering place. Ladles attended by Mrs. E. H. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted.?Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry w anted, l<? mipplv llic Western market. I pay as follows:?For silk dresses 1 nun $10 to $30; coats from $0 to $V8; pants front> $1 80 to $5. Call onjor address A. Ducus. 218 Seventh avenue, )>etween Twenty-fourth and Twculy-flfth streets. Iridic* attended by Mis. D. A RARE C1IANCE.?LADIEB AND GENTLEMEN?I wunt a large Tot of east off Clothing for the Western market; Carpets and Furniture. I promise lopny the highest price for them by calling on or addressing M.Ellis, No. OS Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. Ellis. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHINO wmM, to till up orders from the Wesl< first rale prices will lie given, and cash paid In current tnoucy. Apply to J. MOKONEY, 481 Pearl street, neit block to Goathnm. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING .LADIES ANI> gentlemen.?Wanted, a lot of cast 0<f Clothing, Furni ture, CaristU and Jewelry. I will par the best price in tlio city, by calling on or addressing M. ABRAHAMS, 233 Xeventlk avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. La dles attended toby Mrs. A. AT EZEKIEL'S OLD STAND-LADIES AND GENTS can obtain the following prices for their caat-o(T Wear ing Apparel. From $A to $28 for silk dresses; from $3 to $18 for coats, and from $1 to $S for pants; also carpets, jewelry, Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by KZEK1EL. 134 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs. E. ACARn.-GENTLEME.V8 NEW AND LEFT OFP Clothing purchased lor the Western market. In large or small lots, tor which the full value will be paid, Without hag* Sling i>r seeking to Impose. Mease call at the stciv, or iid r?*< Thus. D. Conroy, 44 Centre street. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ? IF YOU wish u? dis|io*e of your east off Wearing Apparel, Car pets, Jewelry, Ac., obtain the full value for the san e, jple*se call ou or address at once the old bujvr, II. Harris^ MS Bowery, opposite Great Jonea street. Leaks attended bj; Mrs. Harris. ^ Abetter chance for ladies and gentlemej* to dispose of their cast off Clothing, Furniture, Carpi ts and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay 80 per cent more than an* other dealer. Cull on or address J. AN HALT, 102 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-lirst streets. Ladle* attended by Mrs. Anhalt. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CART OFF CLOTH I NO wanted.?Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry wanted, io supply the Western market. I pay as follows ? For Silk l>t'e <sos from $10 to $30; Coats from MtnJlS; Pants frnia $1 SO tn $6. Call On or address A. Dueas, 21* Seventh hvk? nuc, between Twenty-rourlh and Twenty-fifth streets. Istates attended by Mrs. D. /CALIFORNIA AGENCY, 38S NINTH AVENUE, OPPO U posite the lllind Asylum.?$20,000 worth of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Jetvi Iry, Fire Arms, Uud;llt\c, Ac., wanted Immediately, fur the Cttl'lforntisv market, for which (lie highest prices will be [mid. As we have the agency for one of the largest establishments In i'a. llforiils, we are enabled to offer better Inducements than any 'r liouso In the city. Call on or address Mrs. J. GOLDSTEIN, 883 Ninth avenue. Gentlemen mended to bl Sir. Goldstein. MR S. KURT*, 860 NINTH AVENUE. BETWEEN Thirty-second anil Thlrty.thlrd streels, pays the highest price fur second hand Clothing and Furniture. N-< iTICE.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE ONLY plain to get the full value of your cost off Clothing, I'urpi ling, Jewelry, Furniture, ts to call at S. FELLK MAN'S new store. 283 Ninth avemie, third door from Twin' - IT ninth strei t, where yon may be sure to get the full amount fur all lentils to your entire sntlslacllon. Ladles attended w III Ihnir mil residence by Mrs. 8. Felleman. rtta THE laDIEH AND GENTLEMEN OF NEW YORK, I llnsiklyn anil vicinities.?I am now glvintt the highest esah price fur Indies and gentlemen's Cast Off Clothing, iiyt .'lllnff "o or addressing a note to J. A.. No. 130 Elrhth avo i,ne ftr?t Hour, over the store, will tuect wllir~proiri| t atten tion. Entrance private door. WI5B8 AND LliilORRi THE ATTENTION OF THE TRADE IS RESPECTFULLY* solicited to the superior quality of Hammer's iresli brewed Champagne Ale. This ale Is brewed Iri sh at all t-.-a-' so'ns of the year, and It's keeping quality, especially of that browed during the most excestlve not weather. Is guar uiteetl for any len^ili id time. Charge $12 per hlid. and $tl per bid , delivered In any part of the city of New York. Payment, cash en dellvi-iy. Orders Hammer's Brewerj-, fn Har? ism, will on alleudml to with despatch. KVILROADS. Hi fiKON RIVER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOP. ALBANY: 11 ) tile Netth nml West, leave Chambers sticct at / umt II A. M , and 8:3(1, 8 and 10 1.1 P. M. \T EW YORK, IIARLUM AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? i i > immci 'tit.?Express train for Alt my, TVoy, Nnnh and W"H, leavs T\veriy-*l\th street Station at 11 A. M. 1'UI loo.-i trains v? Urn" Jali!|? Jv;lN liVUoULL.-j, Assls'.nnt S lyciiiilcudoal,

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