Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1861 Page 7
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JAL19 AT AVCTlOn. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER, Will mill, (lili day, Thursday, October 8, tl 12X o'clock, Ml the stuck salesroom, No. 52 William street. REGULAR SALE. 10 I. imar Insurance $100 20 Wash Market Tin $100 2/1 Kin** County In* SO 40 Rutgers Inn 25 60 Brooklyn Out. Ktt . ., 50 10 Guardian Life In* 100 30 American Exch. lus... 100 10 Importer* A Trad. In*. 1110 30 Metropolitan In* 100 40 Hope Ins AO 40 Columbia Ins 100 45 Lorlllard Ins 25 JOMontauk Iris 50 20 Ooodhue Ins 100 30 Phuinlx Ins 60 10 Central Park Ins 100 *25 Pete*Cooper In* 20 40 Broadway liauk 100 ?Irving Bank 50 25 Bull's Head Bank 100 40 Citlaeus' Bank 25 25 Butch. * Drov. Bank.. 20 $2,000 Virginia State 6 per cent Bonds. $5,000 Lee County, Iowa, 6 per cent Bond*. Am. b. chapman ? co? auctioneers. ? $15,000 worth or X LEU ANT FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, To be peremptorily sold at pulillc auction, ? ON 'IHI8 DAY (THURSDAY). OCT. J, "THE PROPERTY OK A GENTLEMAN LEAVINO FOR KU HOPE. K m?' ii 1 7 octave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing Room ?uiti, rosewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Room Furniture, Painting*, Statuary, Bron/.es, Chandelier; Mirror*, Velvet Medal lion Carpets, At the residence of Augustus S Maynard, Esq., No. mj Welt Sixteenth street, hetw< eu Fifth and Sixth avenues. ' SALE COMMENCES AT 11 O'CLOCK. . Superb Suits, carved solid rosewood, covered with silk bro cntel; Secretary and Bookcase, Etegeres, broitxa Clock, run* otie niontli; Pier and Mantel Mirrors, embroidered Luce Cur tain*, Mantel Ornaments, Centre Table*, King's Patent Ro dining Otaalr, OH Painting*, by eminent artists; bronze and marble Statuary, two superb match Paintings, Scene* in Switzerland, by Cole: the Assumption of the virgin, a cor Teot cony I rom the celebrated painting In the Louvre Gallery, Paris, by Lecard; Fruit Piece, Winter Seen us on thu Dauubv, ? elegant Painting on silk, by Uealy. MagnlU 'i'tM seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, Canterbury. Stool and Cover: 4fot*tand, oak Bullet, Extension Table, china Pinner and Tea Sets, crystal Ulassware, ricbiy engraved Table Cutlery, solid Silverware, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Bed steads, Wardrobes, Tullet Tables, Commode*, Dressing Tables, Ilalr and Spring Mattr-asc*, Counterpane*, Blankets, Sheets, Towels, McGruw's Puteut Sofa Bedstead, B >ok ?lands, Toilet Tables, BruMoUand Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth, Slab- Carpet. Also, u large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. House to let or for sale. For further particulars see auction er. A M. MERWIN, auctioneer. J?. By BANOS, MERWIN X CO., Irrlng Buildings, No*. tKM and yM Broadway, Kit IDA Y EVENING. OCT. 4. AT 7 O'CLOCK, PRIVATE LIBRARY of choice and valuable English nnd American Hooks, in flne condition, including a variety of II lustrutcd Works, Ac. For particular* sue Catal an*'an.I the books at the salesrooms. Also a few OIL PAINTINGS, to lx> sold aficr the bOofc*, ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF ELEGANT FURNITURE. An extraordinary opportunity for Housekeepers and tho trade. Orer $12,000 worth oi rich and costly Household Furniture, Tills (Thursday) morning, at 10Jj{ o'clock precisely, ? Comprising the beautiful and eoct'y Furniture contained in the large dwelling house 152 West Twenty-first street, near Kintli avenue, the whole lor absolute and peremptory sale, raiii or shine, cons.sting oi English Velvet, Tapeslry and In grain Carpets; elegant rsocwood i'arlor Furniture, en suite, ^comprising three full suit*, richly curved, all of which are covered lu rich silk lirocatel and of the best description; rose, wood Centre ami l'ier Tables. Turkish Chairs, in blue and goid.aatin and moquet; Damask and Lace Curtains, Velvet aud Turkish Lounges, .M.iutcl and Pier Mirrors, line rose wood Etegeres, rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases, ar tistic Bronies, Bisque Figures, Marble Pedestals, Parlor Or nament*, Ac. Elegant seven octave Pianoforte, Music Cabinet, Stool and Cover. Elegant Bureaus, Bedstead*, 12 Ilalr Mattresses, Chamber Suits, in rosewood; Bronze Clocks, spring seat Chairs, Mir rors, B"ilsand Bedding, oak Extension Table, two Soi'u Bed steads, rich Cut Ol.ini of every description, marble top Buffet, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive, rain or shine. R. W. WESTCOTT. Auctioneer, Auction notice. EXTRA AND SPECIAL sale, THIS Day, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, AT NO. 58 BARCLAY STREET. AT 11 O CLOCK, Being the balance of the importation OK MESSRS. SCHACK A HOTOP. And comprising the remainder of the stock ssved In a sound and partially damaged condition, from their (tore, lately |>urned ill Murray street. The sals will include ladies Dress Trimmings, Ribbons and Taney Silk nnd Cotton (iood* in great variety. Full particulars of which will be found In catalogue* now jready. WM. TOPPING A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, Nos. 9 and 11 Park place, and No. 8 Murray si reel. Auction notice.-the sale of household Furniture of Dr. Max Petry, I2d Waverley place, corner of Sixth avenue, postponed yesterday, w ill be sold this after noon, ?t 2 o'clock, positively, ruin or mine?Consisting ol wo solid black walnut Purfor Suits, each suit comprising tone Sola, one Arm. one Reception and four Medallion Back ?Chairs, covered In rich silk reus and haircloth; a veiy hand some rosewood Efgere, with mirror door and bak;rose ?wood and black walnut Centre and Pi^r Table*. Corner Stands, ('lock, Vases, Paintings, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waslisiamis, Louuges, Sola Bed*, Ilock ?ra Chntrs, Hair Matlresses,, Bedding, solid black Walnut Extension Table, Olas?,'Chint and Silverware: Table Cutlery, Stoves, Oilcloths, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, Chunilcliers, Ac. Terms cash. The good* must be removed twenty four hours after the sale. A BCTION NOTICE. A LARUE AND IMPORTANT JALE Friday, ot to BE it 4. TO LADIES' CLOAK MAKERS. /? will Include in our Ru}* or Friday The following desirable Woollens, Tit: 10 BALES, 280 riECKS IILACK AND * COLORED SEALSKINS AND PLUSHES FOR LADIES' CLOAKS. 10 SALES, 800 PIECES, BLACK AND COLORED BROADCLOTHS, OF ALL GRADES. 8 BALES, 100 PIECES. HEAVY AND FINE BRAVER CLOTHS AND TRICOTS. BLACK AKD COLORED MERINO CLOTIIS. ALL FRESH GOODS, JUST LANDED. Together wlih FULL ASSORTMENTS OK STAPLE AND FANCY DRY OOODS. Catalogue* randy early on morning of Hale. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, Nor. 9 ami 11 Park plice nni No. 8 Murray street. A UCTION NOTICE.?BEW ANDSECOND HAND VEIII ul clesof the beat city make, such a* light Rockaways, l'he tons, coupe Ro .-kawavs, top Bugjc, llxlit Wagons, Ac., this 4ay at II O'clock, by EZRA LI'DDOW, JR., or at his sales rooms, 8S Liberty street, one door west of Broadway. AUCTION. NOTICE-FIFTY ORATES OF EARTHEN ware, China and G1ik?, liy E. T. WILLS, on Friday, at 10$i o'clock, at Ma auction rooms, No. 15 Murray street. Sale positive. A L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAT, ? at 3 o'clock, the entire Furniture of a family giving tip housekeeping, in the private residence 137 Eighth s'.reet, near Broadway. Everything niuat bo removed this day. ASSIGNEE S SALES OF BRASS OOODS AND DO mettle Hardware.?W1IITTEMOKE A HAZELL, auc tioneers, will k 'I!, en Monday, Hth day of October, at ten o'clock A. M., at So. lf> Plan street, the entire mock of the ?bore mentioned goods, together with Iron Safe, Desks, Counters ami oHice Furniture contained In sal I stnrr. Tertu* caah. By order of J. CUTLEIi FULLER, Assignee. Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer, salesroom No. 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John streets. MORTGAGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND ROSEWOOD PIANO. MADE BY OIUCKERINQ. DANIEL a. MATHEWS w ill sell at auction, on Friday, - October?, 1X61, at 10)i o'clock, at his salesroom. No. 70 Nas aau street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, the following Household Furniture, vl??Two elegant carved rosewood Parlor Suits, in Rutin brocatel; one mahogany Parlor Suit, ia haircloth; one Voltaire Chair, one Rocker, three Reception Chairs, infancy reps; one rosewood Centre Table, tnurbic top; one rosewood Library Bookcase, four Dressing Bureaus, , three French Bedsteads. Hair Mattresses, Spring Beds, In tension Table, Dining Chaira, Wardrobe, WasiittamlK, ena melled Chamber Suits, Ac. Also two elegant Tapestry Vel vet Carpeta. Ac. Also a kiipertor rosewood round corner 7 octave Pianoforte, made by Chlckering. Terms caah. By - order of LOUIS H. YULTE, Attorney For mortgagee. Georce G. HAYDOCK, AUCTIONEBR. AUCTION NOTICE. . EARTHEN WARE, FRENCH CHINA AND GLASSWARE, BY ROBERT HAYDOCK, THIS DAY (THURSDAY) AT 10 O'CLOCK, At his * tore. No. 1U1 Liberty street. Preach china, plain white aud decorated rich Vaaes, Tea floi packages Ami-lean Flint Glass. A l*o for cash, to close a concern, ?0 crates Earthenware, white granite and common. lUO packages Glassware, Kerosene Lamps, Ac. . /GEORGE COO kT AUCTION EE R ' \JT Continuation sale of assignee's stock of elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. This day, at 11 o'clock, at store 141 Broadway, consisting of Farlor, Chainlxr, Liliracy and Dining Room Furniture in va riety; rosewood Eiegerea, Bookcaa?a, Secretaries, extension Tables, Sideboards, Ac. Catalogues at sale, which will be po sitive. Great assignee's sale of btoyes.-a good opportunity lor dealers and others warning store und otlice Sti ves, Heaters, Ranges and Cooking Stoves. J. F. DUNCAN A CO., Auctioneers, will sell, on Thursday, Oct. 8, at I0}i o'clock, at 111 Naasau street, $13,01)11 worth of Stoves, the stock of a dealer. Sale positive. Terms u.ish on day of salo. W. H. GRAHAM, Assignee. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.?henry h LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Thursday, Octo ber 3, ai il o'c:.,ek, at our salesroom. No. 23 N issan street, ?pedal and peremptory sale of flrst class Wines, Brandies, Ale*, Porter, Sa lines. S ugars, Ac., all of whi> h are guaran teed genuine, n - ording to sample aud description, being the balance of importation* and selections of an old jobbing and Importing hanse lu the Southern trade. We sold part of this stock last yiring, which gave entire satisfaction to the pur chasers. Brandies, Porta, Sherries, Madeira. Rum, Gin, Ac., In cases, deniijolnis sndcasks; also Chainpngne (\in Impe? rial), CIS rets, *c. Al-<\ the bn lance of a select Invoice of SOU dojcu oi Uinal cases, brand anil label of ?ne of the oldest bouses In Loll. >n, Imported via Montreal, consisting of Don Pedro Madeira, royal gulden nnd brown Shrrlei. extra Pale do. and superior old Port, very rare old English Wild Cherry Brandy, old Brandiea, Gin, A '. Persons desiring a supply for private use, will do well to Improve this opportunity. Also, a lew KWufl lots from the private stock of a gentleman leaving lor Europe, Including a few dozen line old V. O. P. <1H44) Pule Sill rry, do. Madeira, Brandy, Antigua Rum, Ac. Also, n l irgc and select importation of Havana Segars, pari in bond, the balance remaining from sale orWth June last, vii:~Choice Conchas, Operas, Regalias. Bntauica, Yamie. las. Breves Concha, Presadors, Ac., R. Medlanos, of the lol lowitig celebrated brand*Albnrne Pannrjta, La Bouquet Bmperadora, Cotton Plant, EI Clntode, Otlon, Punch, Figa ro, La Rosa, ami about twenty other brands, In one-tenth and one-quarter boxen, lu lots to suit purchasers. HE.VItY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?11ENRY H. LHEuS A CO. will sidl at auction, on Friday, October 4, at 11 o'clock, at their galleries No. 23 Nassau Street, valuable Oil Paintings, by order of executors. A line collection of Oil Paintings, ido entire gallery ol a well known connoisseur, deceased, comprlslnglhe works of F. Flores, Tempests, Ge rard, Adam, Menser, Loarols, Lncatelli, De la Rocne, Cevet 11, Tintoretto, A. Durer, Halle, Gottzlus, David, Rubens and others of great celebrity Also a number of very line modern Oil Paintinga, from the same collection, and an invoice of miscellaneous pictures to close invoices and to pay advances. They can be examined as above, on and from Thursday, Oc tobcr 3, nnlll day of sale. HENRYI). MINER, AUCTIONEER. 1IENRY D. MINER nil! sell at S'tcilon, on Thursday, JK-tober 3, at his salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post ofllre, at II o'clock, a private collection of fine Oil Paint Inge, Water Colors and Engravings, comprising, among others, the works of Cooper, Turner, R. Morghcn, I. Oliver, If. Poussin, Ho,bem. Wouvermans, <\ Norland, Pvne, J. Hnsklns, Copley, Fielding, Kuyp, Wilson, Sir J. Reynold*, Mulr, Joseph Vemet, Cane, Ouenhlno, Brown, J. C. Thorn, and others; nl?o three fine proof Engraving* and the n n,| ,,f "Wellington woven In silk, a rare and beautiful work ol art. The above are now ou exhibition. smty OEEBxTAlCnoNEKR.-THIH DAT, AT 1Mf o. lock, at the a eetlon stoie 191 Wlliiam sir. ct, a lot'," Groceii.'^, l'ic 1 ?. Fe.ii, M i aioul, Vermicelli, I'u.ues, H, Liquurs, Seflai h. a.l. RAMI at arctiow. ^ HENRY IV miner/ AUCTIONEER.-HENRY i> miner will sell at aretlou on frtdav, october 4, at 12 o'clock, at hi* salesroom, '17 .s street, opposite the Post office. two full blooded black Russian Bloodhounds, eight months olil, 30 Inches high, wall broke and tralued for hunt ing, Can be seen this day from 11 to 1 o'clock ai the sales room; valued at itw, HENRY (lltern, A i'ctton ker?DRY AND FANCY Goods. ci nthlng, h?o'*?ivt Hboes, Ac.?'This day, at 11 o'clock, at the an lion si">-e 1 .?* William street, Dry and Fancy uikhIi, Broche Shawls, uitw Pieces Hosiery, 1uu pair lloota anil Shoes, quantity of rcsdy made Clothing, Ac. JOSEPH HEOEMAN. Friday, October 4 At 10 o'clock A. M., lit the Central sa esrnoms, wl'loughby street, comer of IVail street, Brooklyn, Handsome Furniture?Mahogany and walnut Warlrobea, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Centre and Extension Tables, Wanlistand*, h-dstiats, Hair Mattresses, Feather Bed*, Te c a-teles, kiug's patent Extension Chair, Bookcases, Chair*, Hatstaud*, ,1c.; Carpels, Counters, gloves, Ac.; large l'arlor Organ, suitable for u small clionli or school. Also, at 1 o'clock 1*. M.. One sorrel Horse, k year* old, sultablu for a doctor; on? set of Single Harness; also two Grocers' Wagons. JOHN H. BURLEY, auctioneer?WILL SELL THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at 444 Canal street, Solas, Sola Beds, Wardriibes, nrxrble top and other Bureaus, Waslmtauds, ma hogany Rocking and other cli.ilrs, Centre and other Tables, three large 4'lur Glaaaes, two Mantel and other (llsase*, mi bognny, black walnut and other Bedsteads, Hat Hacks, Book caws, large quantity ol Brussels, Three-ply. Ingrain and Stair Carpets, Keather Beds, tine llulraud oilier Mattresses, Oil, lot lis, Stoves, Blankets, Bidding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Dealers and housekeepers will attend. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, auctioneer, WILL Include in his sixth fall trade salu of Ilardwarr. ihl* day, October 3, at 73 William street, eight cases hist quality u-'.rmau Uuna; also 20 kegs, 100 lbs. each, ground Red l'aiut, adapted for Irou work. Terms cash. JOHN LLOYD. AUCTIONEER?ASSIGNEE'S sale.? john LLOYD A SONS will sell on Thursday, Ociohei S, at 10^4 o'clock, at 373 Broadway, the entire stock of Boys' Clothing, Cloths, Trimmings, Futures, Ac. Sale positive, rain oi shine. Catalogues will lie ready tho day of sale. By order of A. D. wlleelock, Assignee. JOHN f. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER ?mo cases boots, Shoes and Brogans at auction, on Thursday, Oct. 3, at ll'x o'clock, at store of J. S. Leverett A Co., 10 Cortlandt street, fresh, seasonable goods, direct from manufacturers. Catalogues on morning of the sale. Pawnbroker'S SALE.-W. C. llit.UINS WILL SELL, this day, at 10>? o'clock, a superior assortment of Kali and Winter Clothine, comprising c >als, Pants. Shawls, Quills, Sheets, Feather Beds and Bedding, Carpets, Ac. By order of II. O. Farrell, 207 West Thirty-fifth street, second door from Eighth avenue. Pawnbroker S SALE-THI8 DAY, OK FIVE iiun. dred low. by JOHN MORTIMER, No. 13 E ist Broad, ??v, at !!)}? o'clock, of a large lot of M"us' Winter Clotbing vli:?Over Coats, Kroek Coals, Pants, Vests and Shirts; sl?o Ladles' Clothing, Via:?rich silk and delaine Frocks, Shawls, Cloaks and Remnants, together with a lirgelot or Ladies' Under Uarinents well worthy the attention of the trade. By order of H. B. SOLOMON, JR.. Pawnbroker, No. 131 Spring street. n. B.?One hundred and tifly lots of lien's Clothing. Pawnbroker'S SALE.?john MORTIMER WILL sell on Fridsy, Oct. 4, at 11 o'clock, at IS East Broadway, ?tot) Lots of Unredeemed Pledges, consisting of silk, satin and delaine Dresses: bus-he, splendid woollen and oiber Shawls; a large lot of lirst rati- Blankets aud Uiillts, Beds, Sheets. Ac. ity order of FECAKE A CO., 1V7 Orantl street. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAY, AT 10)< ? o'clock, at No..'ids Hud* in street, mortgage sale: the Fixture! and Furniture of a Saloon and Birmotn. CHARLES CHENEY, Attorney for Mortgagee. SA J. BOOART, auctioneers.?THIS DAY, AT 3 . o'clock P. M., at No. 1,"JOS Third avenue, betw - n 123d and 124th streets, mortgage sale: one gray Pony, two sets Harness, two Wagons, one Sleigh, one Ice Box, one Meat Box, Table, Tools, Fixtures, Ac. JOHN k. fakrington, Attorney for Mortgagee. A J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.-SATURDAY, OCT. 5, at ill o'clock, at No. 300 Ninth avenue, near Twenty ninth street, the Stock and Fixtures of a Drug Store, consist ing of Conn lor, Show Cases, Scales and Weighs. Show Jars, Perfumery, Fancy Goods. All will be sold without reserve, as the owner leaves the city. SA J. BOOART, auctioneers-OFFICE NO. 1 NORTH ? Willi mi street.?Constable's sale. By virtue of a warrant to ine, directed by James Kelly, Revolver of Taxesfor the eity and county of New York, I will expose for sale on Thursday, lha lllth day of October, ISiil, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, at No. 117 Nassau street, all the Furniture and Fixtures of the Artisans Hank, consisting of Counters, Desks, Tables, Chairs, Stools, lias Cuandellers and Fixtures, Bank Vaults, Iron Sales, Carpets, Oilcloth, Ae., Ac. JOHN. 11. 11ILLIBR, Constable. SIXTH FALL TRADE SALE OF HARDWARE JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Auctioneer, will sell on Thursday, October 3, 1361, at 10 o'clock, at his salesroom, 7.1 William street, 3110 lots assorted English, German ami American Hardware, Cutlery, Ae., comprising, lu part, suiie rior Pocket Knives, line Table Cutlery, Axes, Helves, Edge Tools, Cupboard and Trunk Lock-, Mortice and Rim Locks, English Padlocks, Chisei Handles, Alhata Faucets, brars Srrcw Hooks, brass Table Hlnger , do. Tea Bells, brass and while metal Hand Bells, Powder Flasks, Shot Belts, Bolts in variety. Hat and Coat Hooks, Bitter Tryera, Mallets, Slates, Scissors and Shears, Butcher Knives, Coffee Mills, Ae. Also English and German Onus and Utiles, Ac., Ac. Termseash. oheripf'8 sale.?jewelry. o CHAMBERS A FAlRCUILD, Auctioneers, u 11 sell, at their salesroom, 113 Nassau street, on Friday, Oct. 4, at 10w o'clock, a large assortment of Fancy Jewelry, in the usual variety. JOHN KELLY, Sher,if. Sales at auction.?metropolitan police sale of unclaimed property this day, at 10 o'clock A. M., at drill rooms over Centre market. Ty M. HOLLINGSHEAD, AUCTIONEER. BOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION. ALEXIS BRAOO * WARREN, 90 WARREN STREET, Will sell on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, AT 10 O'CLOCK, 1,000 CASES BOOTS AND SHOES, Comprising an assortment of fresh ami seasonable goods, to wMoti the attention of the trade Is respectfully Invited. REGULAR WEEKLY AUCTION. SALES IIKKEAKTKK ON THURSDAYS. ALSO AT PRIVATE BALE, BOOTS AND SHOES BY THE PACKAGE Of every description, Ht lowest prices. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES on consignments. William ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. I.nri(f sale of Stores at auction on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The entire Stock contained in the Stove Factory, No. 372 Pearl street, consisting of eveijr description and siie oi Cooking, Parlor, Barroom, AllMtnt.iii, Meteor, Gasburner, Ruby, Eve ning Stir, Fancy Franklins, Victory Range, Uncle Tom CoukfciC and Leviathan, Globe, and a great variety for tailor*' and laundry use, without reserve. Sale to commence at 10% o'clock A. M. William abbott, AUCTIONEER-CONSTABLE'S Sale.?This day, October 3, at 10H o'clock, in front of the auction rooms. No. 4 East Broadway, one beautiful < re:im colored Pony. P. J. UANBURY, Constable. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, ut 10 o'clock, at Centre Mnrket drill rooms, all the unclaimed property of the Metropolitan Police. Terms cash in city I unas. ^^AgTKOLOfiT. Astrology.?professor Wilson? the cele braird Astrologer, may be consulted on the past, pn ? sent and future events of life, at 8ft EMrltlge rtrhet, one floor above Grand. Fee 60 cents. Time of birth require4. At tendance I rom 10 A. M. to 8 P. M. Astonishing.?madame morrow, seventh daughter, has a gift of foresight, tells how soon and often you will marry, and all you wish to know, cvt-n your very thoughts, or no pay; lucky charms free; her equal Is not to l>e found; her magic intake is now in full operation. 184 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 25 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. Clairvoyance.?mrs. SEYMOUR'S medical rooms are removed to No. 101 West Fifteenth street, corner of Sixth avenue, entrance on Fifteenth street. Con sultations on sickness, business, absent friends, /to., and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Look at this.?the only true medical and business clairvoyant In the United Stales. It you wish to obtain correct information ott events through II,e?particu larly absent filondm hist or stolen property, you should con sult ber. N. B.?Mrs. MILTON is no humbug, but gives the greatest satisfaction to all who visit her. She manufactures a wash thai Is warranted to cure pimples and remove frecltlBs, tan an>l sunburn, and rentiers the skin perlectly smooth. Ladies, try It. 391 Broome street. Madame ray, km seventh avenue, near twen fy-tevrnlh street, surprises all who visit her. The Sit-k, troubled and unlucky should test her powers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladles, 25 cent*: gentlemen, 50cents. MRS. M UN ROE A PPLIESGALVANISil FORTH E cure of It-male complaints. Ladles can obtain good board and medical treatment at X Watts street, uexi to Vu ridk. Mrs. secor, the gbeat foreseen of future events, cau be seen at 218 Spring street, basement,near Macdnugai; she tells ol losses; gives lucky numbers; causes speedy marriages. If you wish the truth give her a call. B.?WHO HAS NOT HEARD OF THE CELEBRATED ? Mme. PRKWSTER, who lias been consulted by thou sands In this and other dti'-s with entire satlslaetlont She feels confident she has no equal. She tells the name of fu ture wife or husbund, and that of her visiter. If you wish truth give her a (.-all, at 251 Third avenue, above Tn enty flrst street. Ladles, 90 cents; gentlemen, $1. Read this?a phrenologist and astrologist that heats the world, urni *5.UW) reward lor any one who can equal Miss wellington, who Is acknowledged to lie the only lady in this t Ity who truthfully gives Information cottcernln; lo-?-?s. lawsuits, Journeys, absent friend*, line, courtship, marring-, health, wealth, and who will r?-c|altn d unkon and unfslthful husbands. Mis* W. is the only per s.m in this cltv who has the genuine Roman and Arabian tillsmans for hive, snod luck and all business affairs, and *re guarantee* for life. !>e!ay nm to consult this naturally girted and beautiful young la ly. Lucky numbers Riven. Highly res|iecubl" city references can be seen at licr resi dence, 101 Sixth avenue. The greatest wonder in the world is the young and accomplished Madame BVRON, from Parts, who can be comulted with the strictest confidence on all affairs of life, embracing love, courtship, business and sick ness; restores drunken and unfaithful husbands; lias a se cret to make you beloved by your heart's Id.-al, and brines together those limit separated. Ladies25 cents, gentlemen 60 cents. Resilience So. 00 Third avenne,above Twelfth street IRK BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET.-MADAME Av)?J WfDGER, Clairvoyant and irif'tcd Spanish lartr, un veils thetsnysterle#of futitnty, love, marriage, absent friends, sickness; prescribes medicines fur all diseases; tells lucky numbers, properly lost or stolen, Ac. BILLIARDS. Ipoit SALE?BILLIARD TABLES; 1,000 8PLENOID j ' Tabl-H tor $7 , $110, $2.1) And $22 ; eveiythlt g coin; I * . Tables to let. Oiders i rn-'.i "In. W. II ??BIFf-'nH, H^F.Viou street. PHELAN'S PATENT 1M PROVED BILLIARD TABLE AN1> COMBINATION CL'SUIONS. Prices reduced to suit the times. i'HEI.AN A COLLENDER. ?7 Crosbv street. Thf. finest room. Tin: best billiard tables, the chc?| es cue, with a r'.ei p Lin h t'r.unt r Is at 139 Fulton 11 "et, netcl door to the Belmont Hotel; Sharp's taides. Free Lunch from 11 to 1 o'clock. 8 PORTING. CAIL BOAT FOR SALK-an FEET LONG ANP 12 FEET O beam; cat rig e l, built In ti c best mi.nier, irt > in etc ? rder: t tin j old. Can he seen SI the .. .t of Forty-third sued, Nortli river. Apply t \\ It FREEMAN, '.-assist, curiiero. Tnculy-louriu ?uect w AMT'SEMESITS. IKTEK HARDEN. LAST HUIUT BUT TWO Of the brilliant and beautiful comedienne, Mr*. JOHN WOOD, Who will appear tliii evening (Thursday), October X, in two characters?us ANNE braceoirdi.K. In the petite comedy of AN ACTRESS BY DAYLIOIIT, written expressly lor her, and us CINDERELLA, iu the bur Uaque of that title, wlih now song* ?ud dances. 8ENORITA ISABEL CUIUS AMD BKKOR Jl'AN XIMKN1 B In two of their national dunce*. received nl/htly with A TUMULT OK DELIGHT. The performances v?ill embrace:? 1. A new Medley Overture by KoppiU. 2 The petite comedy of "An A< trc*s by Daylight," In which Mr* John Wood, Mr*. U. Skcr.ett, Mc**r*. A 11. Da venport and linker will appear. S. "The Nightingale Polka" (by desire), by KoppiU and Lothain 4. A divertissement, entitled "Flor de Seville," 111 which Benorita Isabel Cuba* and Don Xttuenea will appear, wlib full oorp* de bullet. ft The muaical burlesque of "Cinderella," Id which Mr*. Wood will ?log her celebrated comic songs ? While we're here, If they Interfere, Won t we giro them a warmer. Aad Whack, row de dow. Where waa you, Ueueral Patte.*. ? nightly received with t'NBOl'ndeo APPLAUSE 6 A new Spanish national dance in the ballroom. LA MA OKI LENA. Pa* Seul by Renorita Isabel Cuba*. FRIDAY, BENEFIT OF MR8. JOHN WOOD. MELODEON. ftS9 BROADWAY. CHINESE ROOMS, between Spring and Prim* atr.-eta. The pioneer Concert Hall of the world. All the talent In the city concentrated at the Molodeon. Read ?h?- names:? ANKETTA GALLETTI, MONS. VELARDE, Acknowledged by all to be the two heat dancer* iu th* world. The great RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, Known the world over aa tbo beat Ballet Company ? the world. MR. J. H. OODEN, The Emperor of Irlah Comedian*. MISS F.VA BRENT, MISS ERNESTINE DE FAIRER, PROF. NICHOL8 AND SON, MISS KATE PKNNOYKB, MISS ADELE CALL A, MISS josephine BERNARD. UI'STAVK BIDAUX, MISS FANNY CLIFFORD. MISS ADELAIDE MILLER, REN YATES, And hi* Ballet Trotiw of TWENTY-FIVE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES, the entire tronre of the Melodeon, makiuc A MAMMOTII COMPANY OF ONE HUNDRED STAR PEUFOItMEIlH appearing In all the various professional specialties ever pub mltted to the public. First week of a new ballet, entitled IIALY PACHA AND LB OKAXI) PAS DU CARNIVAL DE VENICE. Notice. J. H. 00DEN'S BENEFIT On FRIDAY, Oct 4. Mr. Ogden begs to nnuoiiuce III* llr?t lieneflt in America will take place on Frl lay, Oct. 4, on whlrti occaaion he will use his utmost endeavor* to please hi* friend* and putron*; a. the same time be return* hi* sincere thank* fur the very liberal encouraKcment bestowed on hi* endeavor* to plea*e the American public, and to assure them that it will be ins constant ambition to continue to merit their kind approval. Rememlier, Frldav, October 4. * Door* open ut 6)1. Concert to cominnuce at 8 ?'clock pre cisely. DllY GOODS. TJEDDINO, BEDDINU.?THE GREAT RUSH AT WM Jj MAXWELL v CO.'S Miittre**. Bedding and Upliol atery warehouse, 402 Bowery, in ar the Cooper Ins'itute, Lite ?f.M'l Broadway, b.i* Induced them lo continue t'te sale at Var price* f irii abort time longer. Parties wanting any of the shove aril l?s thould apply early. Brussels t'arpet* made and laid at 6 cents yer yard; Threeply and Ingruln, 4 cents do.; Oilcloth slid Mauiiw, 4 cents do. All kinds of Up holstery work done at reduced prices. Established twenty live \ears. QLOAKSI CLOAKBII CLOAK811I IN GREAT VARIETY, AND AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. W. It. ROBERTS, Crystal Palace Emporium, 252 Bowery, Between Prince and Houston streets. N. B.? Be sure you get the right store. CLOAKS AND KlIAWLS. K. S. MILLS <t CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS GREAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. 8K AND H4I BROADWAY. 0 (1L08ING SALE AT (W5 BROADWAY. CORNER OF J Nineteenth street.?A large stock of Lane*. Embrnlde* r esand Fancy Good*, to be sold at a great sacrifice to cP> ? out the stock. Lfti 1 ?* will do well to call, and effect* gieat saving in their purchases. Dry goods.?rake opportunity to opbk a brunch store.?A gentleman, a resident in the best litisl ness rttv in We?tem New York, with an extensive trading connection established, wishes t' sell dry goods on comm * ?Ion or otherwise. A Isrjie return guaranteed City rcfe. runce given. Addresa Dry Goods, Drawer 'J1 Post ollioc, lto Chester, N. Y. DRY goods.?a bankrupt stock selling at a saerlflce at 87 Chambers street. Silks, I .are-. Dress Goods. Merlnoes, Hosiery, Shawls, Buck *ilives, Woollen Knit Ootids, Ac Merchants ure invited to call. PEMNG OF FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS. LORD A TAYLOR, *55, 2S7, 259 and 201 Grand (tree* Will open on THURSDAY, October S, A tnagnlflcent assortment at CLOAKS Suitable for fall and winter wer.r: among which will be foupd exclusive novelties In material and styles. EOPENING OF THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, 304 and 3fMi Canal street. Directly opposite Messrs. Arnold, Constable k Co. GEORGE CARET Ha* the honor to announce to the ladle* of New York and vicinity, that HF. WILL OPEN the above eligible premises In a few days with a sumptuous collection of RICH PARIS CLOAKS, and other fashionable outer garment* personally selected In Paris and London by MR. W. B. mackenzie, long and favorably known to the publi ? In this speclnlitln us a dlstlnxul-hed fashioner, and whose invaluable aid he !? fortunate in having secured us general m uugcr and super intendent. Tills advertisement being only preliminary, further parti culars a* to the opening will appear in succeeding announce ments. R RH. MACY, N09. 2iH AND 20? SIXTH AVENUE. . NOW OPENING FROM TIIK CASH AUCTIONS, FALL 8TYI.ES HAT RIBBONS, NEW EMBROIDERIES, LACE GOODS, VEILS, Ac. FULL STOCK FALL iTVLKS FRENCH FLOWERS, HEAD DRESSES. RUCHES. Ac. ENGLISH and GERMAN HOSIERY and GLOVES. LADIES' I NDKRC LOTH INC, WHITE GOODS, LINENS, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. TARLATANS, Ac. FULL STOCK YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac. N B.?1.000 dozen BEST QUALITY LADIES' PARIS KID gloves, ALL THE FALL AND WINTER COLORS, 63 CENTS A PAIR. R. H. MACY. MEDICAIi. _ 3727TZZ AFFLICTED RESTORED?IGNORANCE EXPOSED? Fallacies unmasked.?Dr LARMONT s Pari*, Loudon nnil Now York MedWl Adviser and Murrlagi- Guide In form* tin- debilitated and diseased, including th'w who are Ignorant of the cause ol their 111 lirnltli, and who bant Iwien dm ipiiiinlcd In their phyal'lrui*, of the tn< ?t ru<i?> and convenient mode of cure. MlM for$l by RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vo*ey street; DEXTER <* CO., In Nhmiu sit eel; una DEW1TT, 13 Frankfort street; or the author, 047 11 mail way, up stair*. Affections caused by mercury ant>certain (Unease* successfully cared l?y Dr. WARD, 12 Lalght street. The doctor In constant attendance. Dr. h. a. barrow, iw bleecker street, four doors Horn M r rlun^al, N. Y., may he eoiit"!?nUnlIv con sulted, an usual, in all case* of debility ='"'1 impurities of th? I system, acquired ur hercdilary, from 11 till 2 ami from 4 till 8; Sunday* till 2. Dr. r. cobbett. member of the new York Ui>lvci*ii}- M ltd leal College, and College "i Surgeons, London,can be consulted with i111* most honorable confidence oil private diseases, lit hi* niDce. 2U Centre street, nutir Cham her* street. N. B.?Sw Dr. Ca diploma* in hi* office. Prl vale entrance at No. 6 City Hall place. Dr. cooper, no. u dhane street, may be con milled on all disease* of a certain nature. Twenty -eight year* exclusively devoted to these complain I" enable lum to Warrant a euro In all case*. The victim* of misplaced conII. dence in medical p.-etenders can call, wllh a ccrtalMy of bo Ing radically cured or no pay. DR WARD TREATS ALL DISEASES OF FEMALE8 ?iih unparalleled suoce**. Some lit nf tor every lady. Ma O mat Benefactor. Olllee II Lalght ?twl R. R\LI'li, OFFICES US CROSBY STREET, COR nor of Houston. Iloura, II to 2 arid 0 till 9 1". M. DR. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED bl* attention to dlseane* of a certain el a**, In which ho ha* treated no lea* than fifty '.housand cases, w tbout an In stance of failure. HI* (III at wsn? dy, Dr. Hauler'* Red Drop, cure* certain diseases w hen regular treatment and ail other remedies tall; cure* without dieting or restriction til the habit* of the nl; ctiroswUhmit th ? dlsgustlngnnd sicken ing elTect* of all other rmndles; cures in new ca*e* In less than >1* hour*. It root* onl tbe poisonous taint the blood I* sure to absorb unless the remedy I* u*ed. It Is SI a vial, and canniit he obtained genuine anywhere than at the old oliice. No. # Division street. Book for nothing lhat treat* of tbe effect* of early abuse. D II Dr WATSON, THE CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN IN all diseases of a private natnre, may be consulted a* heretofore, from R A. M. to 9 P. M., lit &0 Broadway. Dr. Watson's work, "The Canae and Cure," on disease and do b lit v. the London edition, with all the plate*, may be h?d at t ie liookstore 522 Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel; price SI, AMNIONS on NERVOUS, SPECIAL DISEASES, .MAR ilage, Ac., $1. RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vcsey street, N V. DROFES30R RESTELL, K>2 CHAMBERS STREET, CAN X lie consulted, a!* usual, or by letter to box 2,359. Boston oCOce. No. 8 Harrison ivenue. milK "CONCENTRATED CURE" FOR NERVOl'8 DE 1 I i.Jtv, formerly wild nt742 Broadway, can lie obtained by addreKains I'. K. lill** A Co., Bosctjbel, Westchester county, N, V. Price [>er rial SI. sent by mall. Send for a circular. llfDKDERKUL 8UCCES8 OF DR. WARD, 12 I.A1GIIT <> strict Certain diseases cured lu hall the usual time and at hall the charges. COAL. ~ / V) A L 84 W ?THE ny.ST QUALITY OF COAL FOR - ;-n i hi ? ' iee hiin. in:, withoirt dual; weight v i intml. I.OYD a CO.. S? liigV avenue, coiner of 1 nenu -seveuUi strevu AMUSRJIB*TS. Tir ALLACK'B, v 1 Corner of Broadway and Thirteenth ulrwt Proprietor and Manager Mr, Wallaek Htuge Manuger Mr. I.eater Walluck [)n<.en O'H'ii at 7. To commence lit H. OPENlNt) ?>K I'll!: NEW THEATRE. Pronounced by tlx- press ami public tin.' moat cominodluu*, elegant una best ventilated odiUce IN THE COi NTRY Ki,p<"',*l ttttonllnn ik dire- ted in tbe announcement that llio performances will In future terminate boluro II o'clock. The extraordinary facility ot egress was fully evldeuced by tlie fuel llinl I ryin tie lull 01 tin- curiam lo iho ('*11 ol the last auditor, only occupied th?v'' minute# and a half. Notici:.?It 1? i.'B|K>< Uiilly Inllmiut-'l llicic w ill be no free lut if complimentary animations, excepting only the usual privilege* of the press. TO-NIUHT AND KVKIIV EVENINO, Will be ?eie>l ii new Comedy, by Tom Taylor, Esq., la three acta, with approprlai e SCENERY, Al'i'OINTMENTS, INCIDENTAL MUSIC AND COSTUMES, Entitled

THE NEW PRESIDENT. raKMCu. De la Ramne, a theatrical manager Mr. Lester Wallaek Rclcnur, a leading actor Mr. Kloyd Vunbelle. first tragedian Mr. Winter* Uriboulurd, low comedian Mr Browne t.a .lacondc, leading actre** .Mr*. Iloey Coloiu'ie, her daughter Mi** Madnllue llenriouej Mile. Itiinnoulle Mr*. Reevra Mile. Ulrouelle Mia* Crocker The Grand Dukeef Klein ulv Wa'.dsteln Mr. C. Fl*her Count Weiterhaliu (l'rline Mliiauir) Mi Norton Tbe landgrave of Bmiinatmck Mr. Reynold* The Baron Von Dampfnnodel Mr. ISIako General Fraunbaek.. M>. Parslue Kreb*, chief valet to the Duke Mr. Young Colon"! Kreb* Mr. i'arkc* llerdnk Mr. Cilalle* The Princess Willielmina (the Landgrave'* ?later) Mia* Mary Miller Mile. Von Orilfcnhcim (her lady In waiting) Mr*. Vernon Tbe B.iione** Von Dampfuoodcl Mls? Mary Gannon Fruuleln Von PfeOier Mm* Carman The Or. heatra ia under the direction of Mr. Hubert|. Scenery by II. Ishcrwood, a*al*ted by Mr. Englea. Family Circle 25 cent* lli ixes and Parquet 40 cent* Private Hoxe* 57 I Orchectra Sulla (1 MEI.ODF.OM, SXf BROADWAY, CHINESE ROOMS, between Spring and Prince aireets. J. II. OUDEN. J. H. Oil DUN. J. II. OODKN. J. II. OW1 EN. J. ii. Oi;i?,;.v. J. II. OUDEN. BENEFIT on BENEFIT FRIDAY. OCTOBER 1 Don't forget TO-MORROW NIGHT, TO-MORROW NIU1IT. TO-MORROW N If! I IT, TO-MORROW NIOIIT, J. H. OGDF.N'S FIRST AND ONLY BENEFIT In Amert-a. J. II. Ogden will use his ninioal endeavors to please hia friend* and patron* TO-MORROW MtiliT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4. Admission a* usual. Come early. Ureal fun. Academy of musio. ANNUAL FESTIVAL In aid ol the ROMAN CATHOLIC ORPHAN ASYLUM, Thursday, Oct. ,1. J.ifil. TWO (llt.\ND ENTERTAINMENTS, At 2 o'clock P. M , and 7>; ouloek In the evening; Door* open at one and six o'clock. MANAGER, MR. N. B. CLARKE. The Committee have the honor to announce to the public that tne follow lm; distingulJicd artiata have inokt generously volunteered il.eir v.ilujiulc aid oil this occasion ? MR. F. S. C1I.VNFRAU, MR. O. L. FOX, And from the Italian opera. MME. VON BERKEL, the favorite Prima Donna: MRS. IIENRY SAl'NDERSON, the favorite American I Inuict; ? MR. LEHMAN, the popular Bar.touu, MB. T1IEO. FCIIR1ENER. In addition to the above, MME JOHANNA F1CIIER, The favorlte Soprano; MR. F. FIC1IER, PIANIST, AND MR. JAS. Dl.NN, The celebrated Tenor. And, In addition to the above, will appear the celebrated llliKit CLINK, Alao, Mr. C. HALE. Mr*. Q. W. STODDART, Mr. U. W. STODDART, Mr*. HIND, Mr. HIND, Ml.* FRANCE, Ml*<e* iVESTEN, TAYLOR, *<v Mr. DAN MYRhK and Mr. T D. MATHEWS The |?*rformaiieea at Iwo o'clock w III commence with the bcaulilill comedy i nlllled WHO SPEAKS FIRST f Captain Charle* Mr. O. C. Boniface Kineat Mill.ant Mr M Potter. Mr. Petrie Mis. M.l1 ant. Mrs. W. O. June* Smart Mr*. Harden Mine JOHANNA FICI1BR will sing 1. "I'm a Merry Zin ?-?" Balfe. Accompanied by Mr. F. Flcher. and 2. ''Viva I'Ameriea," pntr'o I - II. Millard a'.-cuiiipttnteil by Mr. F. Flcher. FavoHte Son* . Mr. Ja?. Duaa Tin', world renowned H;t\ ANTS' MINSTRELS Tn tb? lollowing nelect piece*:? Introdurtory Overitire Bryanta' MlnatreU Opening chums "Crow ned with ihi- u ni|??t'? Company W alk along John Mr. Eph Horn R i k me lo sle<-i', mother Mr S. C. t inipln 11 k. low d? now .Mr. Dun Rr>ant Finale, Tyrolra.i warblinga Campbell and troupa Zuueve Clog re< I I'i el an l (letting* Ti e Raw Recrul: lupaneae Tommy Together with the I tughitble nnil laii ulitrcomedy of SKETCHES IN INDIA. Tom Ta)?" Mr. Cha*. Hale Ci unt Ulorleux Mr. O. W. Sioddart Sir .Mailht-W Seragt* Mr lllnd |)"ir n^ion Mr. C. Th <rne, Jr. Mil o i Mr. E. Tnorne l.a<)> S r.icifi Mra. Hind Sall\ S.-raggs Mia. O. W. Slod art Pw.ln Misa Franoe In the even ns-at 7J? o'i lock, the perlorinancc will com ineuie wiih the farce ol ihe LOTTERY TICKET. Wormwood Mr. O. L. Fox Cl.itrlea Mr. M irden Cap.a* Mr. Petrie Susan Misa A llu'.haw.iy All ?. Corset Miss liidrldxe To be folluwed by a Concert, by the followlug diatingulahed artist*.? PBOORAMME. Overture of "Semlrnml*" Ro*ainl Arranged and performed on ihe piano by Mr. Hairy Sitnderaon. Aria of the "Page o'l the 11m'* Meverlieer Seng by Mine. Vmi Berkel. Aria of the "Pardon de'Pluerinel" Meyerbeer Sung by Mr. i/'bmann. Ballad by Wallace Sane bv Mine. Von B ik l. TilEODORE RCIIR1EN I'.R, Organlat of St. Ann's eblireli, lia-. alao Modi) volunteered hi* valimbic aerrlces it;< Cmvluctor of iH;? Opermie Concert. The Pliino used on tills oc. a ion Is from the munufactory of Chlckerlng .t Son*. Alter which the mlrt'i making Fa ice entitled the LIMERICK BOY. Pndily Miles Mr. F H. CIIANFRAU lienry Mr. C. Thori.e, Jr. Job Mr. West Reube i Mr. E. Ti.orue I)r I'oale* Ml'. Hlnd| Ml*. Fidget Mr*. Ilind Jane Mlaa France In addition to the above th world.renowned HERB ( LINE will present hia extraordinary perlurmnnce on (he CORDE ELAVnt}! E. In which be lias long been acknowledged without an equal. l'laninilon Banjo S< lo Mr. T. D. Mathcw* Tamlvirine Solo Mr. Dun Myers The whole to conclude with the Fnp-e of A KISS IN THE DARK. Mr. Sellm Pittlaone Mr. C. Hale Frank Faihnm Mr. O. W. Sioddart Mrs. Pet'lbone. .Mr*. Sioddart | Mary Miaa France Admittance 31) cent* to all purls ol the iiouae. Metropolitan concert hall, coo Broadway, one 'lour Iio:n the Metropolitan Hotel. CHEAPEST CONCERT IIALL IN NEW YORK. .Tust look At the names oi tin? company:? The old f.ivorlie. BOB HART, who acknowledges no ntiix-i 1or In lite Ethiopian business. MISS PIKKBE JONES, MISS DAVIS, MISS CARLTON, MISS SMITH, VALENTINE BROTHERS, MISS ROBERTS, MISS WOODS, J. CONNER, SrONOR ALrHONZO, D. SAl'IZEE, WITH OUR FIFTY PERFORMERS. FIFTY PERFORMERS. FIFTY PERFORMERS. FIFTY PERFORMERS. Remember, the admission to the Metropolitan in FREE, providing you patronize the bar u> the amount of TEN CENTS, which we charge in order to km^i out disorderly persons. METROPOLITAN,'?X> Broadway, la the prettiest, BEST CONDUCTED Concert Hall In New York. R.-member. wegivs FIVE HOL ES' ENTERTAINMENT fok NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTRISO. Olve ua a call and be satisfied. rpHE R'.'I'CAR ARMY AT TUB WHITE HOUSE 1 EVERY NIGHT. EVERY NIUIIT. PLENTIFUL SUPPLY OF RATIONS. GOOD WHISKEY AND COMFORTABLE BARTERS. Remember the place, 113 Urand aireet. mwo LIVING WHALES 1 NOW ON EXHIBITION AT J ONES' WOODS. Admission 2S cents; child I'' n under 111, ISei buu THE SECOND AND THIRD AVENUE CARS Take passengers to Slity>lll'lli siieet, within live minutes' walkol Jones' Woods. Vf Its. SEta IN INFORMS HER PUPILS AND FRIENDS ST1 iliat'he baa resnmed her Leanons in SltiKini;, hi her resMeU'v, 111' Wmt Tweiilv-lirat street- A class lor beginners will be turned in November. BA gills for the Ron/ant Bullet Troupe?the beat ballet troupe in the world. Apply to Mona. Ruuiani, ballet master, Melodenn, 639 Broadway. "It'ANTED?A VIOLINIST, PIANIST, AND CORNET, \l Lartv Danseusea, Comic and Sentimental Singers, Ac. for a lint class Concert Saloon. Impure from IU'.o 11 u\ lock to-d.ij at tbe Varieties, 6M Broadway. Also, Walter (Jlrls. RESTAUR A XTS. MAURJCE-THE BABY PUNCHEON (THE FIRST OF the season) wilt be ehri?i ned at M.'.'snn Saturday evening, the 5 b inst., sure. Don't f ' " n Nassau street. Irtsti whiskey. Null ced. NO. i CORTLANDT STREET. NORTHWEST CORNER BrWhvay, is the no plus ultra ol all places; Is the only place where ymi can get a glass of tine Phludelphlt Ale fur 3 rents. A inodrlXuuch Counter attached. SPENCER. OYSTERS?THE EHMMT STEM'S, THE LARGEST Fries, the lnufest Roasts ami h-i mammoth Saddle Ro ksenti always be loimd hi LIMBV S, 13;> Foltoii street, near Herald olllc>. N II ?Oysters opened crw kin;;, there! y avoiding (Ine ple 'l'S o shell, .vr. Till'. RAINBOW -W. p. HOWELL WISHES TO IN. form Ills old friends and the ptll.llethat tliMinth the "mlalorttmra of war." wbeieby he got sllghilv \\ iind-ri, he has returned to Ills old ,l?hment, ?|| re )le li"| a to re cetveftcnnllirianec of their pa.--' favor--, -i-s .rlnr 'liem t'.at every aril le* n-rd i.t? lull i>- te ? . -t. ih li> a f' i>? stwk ' I'! ??: H: 11? iv. Ales att<J Wium. Mi. Howell Will CiUVt lilt' good feast bi t-1 , AMIISRMHVT*. I AURA KEKNE'S THEATRE. CONTJ N UKD SI'CCESS ?>r TDK NSW THREE ACT UNION HI RLESQUE. TO-NIOllT AMD EVERY NIOHT THIS WEEK EE XT BATH HDAY AFTERNOON, TIIK seven sons. The Hkralp of October > nays:? THE SEVEN SUMS CONTINUE TO DRAW , LARGE CROWDS TO T1IIH HOUSE. ? _ IN POINT or WITTY DIALOGUE, SPLENDID COSTUMES KINK SCENIC EFFECTS, ? . ?UPEBIOR TO ANY PIECE lot produced under Miss Keeno's tasteful management The pleoe will lie prcneutcd with tha following brilliant case Dlavolltie Mips Laura Konc Columbia, Mrs. J. II. Allen. Satanell* Miss Sara Slovens Tartarus, Mrs. Lolly Hough. Asmodeus Mrs. Chanfrau ? , Dtuvoius, Miss Burke. Molassus Mis* Franco* . . hulpburus, Mr*. Marlowe. Rhadamanthus Mr*. Dillon ? _ Mephistophlle*, Miss Robertson. Coffee Mr. J. O. Burnett Dr. Fusaall, Mr. i.evlck Jake Butt ... Mr. H. P. Daly I'luto, Mr. C. Burnett. I red Flutter Mr Marlowe Mickey McGlnniss, Mr. Dillon. MachkvelU Mr. J. H Sloddart Mr*, i'luto, Mr. (7. i'< tcrs. ? ?????#? NEW MUSIC by THOMAS BAKER EXQUISITE SCENERY BY MESSRS ROBERTS AND LEWIS. SCENES AND INCIDENTS: A VUlJj IN THE t'ATSKILLS. ARRIVAL OF MRS. I'LUTO. SURPRISE PARTY OF SEVEN SON*. APPEARANCE OF FIFTY FOLLIES. A HALL IN HADES. COLUMBIA'S HOME. PICTURE OP ANARCHY, DISUNION ENDEAVORING TO SUNDER TIIK UNION. THE SPIRIT OF 7#, TABLEAU. THE BATTLE OF HUNKER HILL. NEW YORK HOTEL SEVEN SONS ON EARTH. CORAL CAVE. THE PEARLY PALACE OF DIAVOLINE. THE FAIRY POLLYWOGS. PAS DE DEUX OF THE CORAL NYMPHS. MARIE AND AUGUSTA. PRILL OF THE POLLYWOOS. ESCAPE OF PLUTO AND COLUMBIA. THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE. GRAND TABLEAU OF l'OLLYWOGS. SKATING POND. THE FIRE HOYS AND THE LANTERNS. COLUMBIA'S RETREAT. SEQUESTERED NOOK' IN THE DEPTHS OP THE FOREST. THE PEERLESS POOL OF WATER LILIES. SUMMONING OF COLUMBIA. ASCENT OF THE SPIRITS OF THE LAKE. A FEDERAL PICKET CAMP. DRILL OF THE EMERALD GREENS. "XTKRIOK OP THE HALL OF JUSTICE IN THE KLYSEAN FIELDS NORTH AND SOUTH. TRIAL BY COMBAT. TUKMOHTII ALL HIOHT, Ml MKANK riOHT. COLUMBIA'S DESPAIR. PICTURE OK PEACE. INNOCENCE AND BEAWY. ARCADIAN NYMPHS AND SHEPHERDS RECLINING AMONG THEIR FLOCKS BY TIIK MOUNTAIN TORRENT OF REAL WATER. SHOWER OF PEARLS. Dbors open at 6%, Commence at 7>?. Boi book now niH-n. Seats secured ten days la advance without extra cnurse. NOTICE. In order to accommodate HEADS OF FAMILIES, LADIES AND CHILDREN, who wish to avoid the crush attendant upon au evening per formance, there will be A GRAND MATINEE or THK SEVEN HONS ON SATURDAY, OCT 5, 1S?. Doors open at 1; commence at 2 o'clock. Children 26cent*. N IXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS, PALACE GARDEN, Corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue , TWO! two: TWO! TWOI TWOI TWOI TWO! TWO! TWO! TWO! ORAND PERFORMANCES THIS DAY! THIS DAYI THIS DAYl THIS DAYI THIS DAY! THIS DAY, THURSDAY, OCTOBER S, 1SGI. Commencing Aliornoou o'clock, Evening R. GREAT TltiU.VPH of the beautiful French Equestrienne, LOUISE TOURS I ARK, IjOUISE TOURNIARE, LOUISE TOURNIARE, LOUISE TOURNIARE, | who will npis-ar in n NEW CHARACTER SCENE. The eun.ordinary Aoroliats, CONRAD BROTHERS. CONRAD BROTHERS. CONRAD BROTHERS. CONRAD BROTHERS. DEN STONE. THE .TESTER, SehuMluit, Dcivurney, Burt, Elllnghun, Rosa, M:irry, and tlie Nulor Brothers, together with nil NIBLO'S GARDEN EQUESTRIAN TROUPE, Every Allernoon and Night Ibla week. Admission 25' etit*. Children ISwnu, THE CELEBRATED CAItROLLE FAMILY, jutt returned fioin Europe, arc engaged, and will soon appear. GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM, C16 BROADWAY, ONE door from Laura Knm'I theatre. The above pi ice of entertainment la well known for the ?real amount of * BEAUTY AND TALENT planed upon the stai;e. In addition to the usual variety of entertainments, au extensive BALLET TBOUPE, composed of the BEST LADT DANCERS In the profession, have been engaged. BEST LADY VOCALISTS, BEST ACROBATS, BEST LADY VOCALISTS, BEST ACROBATS, BEST ETHIOPIAN DELINEATIONS. BEST ETHIOPIAN DELINEATIONS. Tn a word the BEST OF EVEBTTHTNO can lie seen at tho daieile*. (i. n'leiiien will observe WK ADMIT NO BOYS. thereby rendering it a? agreeable a place as if seated in their own p.irlors. it Is needless to repeat, what Is a well known (act, thai till! PRETTIEST WAITER OJRLS PRETTIEST WAITER UlltlJt PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS prettiest waiter ijiuls PRETTIEST WAITER OIRLS lfBETTIIST WAITER GIRIjR PRETflEST WAITER OIRLS PRETTIEST WAITER tilllLS prettiest waiter girls In tlie United Sla'.es stt> n J to the calls ol visiters, and sitppt; them with the best of wines, liquors anil scgar*. Admission? Orchestra seats 2i<oenta; Oallery 13 cents. STUYVESANT INSTITUTE, BROADWAY, OPPOSITE Bond street.?Orslld opening night, Monday, October 7, and ever* evening dull ik tlie week. THE GREAT ETHIOPIAN CONFEDERACY. SAM SIIAltPLEY S MINSTRELS. Consisting of the LEADING STARS OF THE PROFES SION, whose '-haute yet laughable soirees have been patron lied by the elite anu ??.?hion of all til" great cities In the Union. In this llrsto!a?? organisation will be found the in imitable comic trio of arf|?i?. SAM SIIARI'LEY AND DAVE REED, SAM SIUKI'I.EY AND DAVE REED. And tkejlcknowledg- 1 ? Immplon clog d meer, J. CHILDS, supported by the best vocal quartette In tne profession, and Milcked corps of not.-uin'-nt.<I nrtis'-, under the leadership or the very talented violinist, T. McNALLY. The progrsmme will emtmee the LEA 1)1 NO COMIC ETHIOPIAN FEATURES. Legitimately |>erformed?the leading choruses, solos, duets and quartettes, exquisitely ?ung by tuicntoa artists?together with qnain' and quiet bits of satire to suit the time*, by the STAR COMEDIANS. For full particulars see programme. Disirs open at 7, to commence at 7& o'clock. Tickets 23 cents. B 110 AD WAT MUSIC HALL, M I'SIV HALL, 483 ami 480, 488 and 485, One door br'.ow Brnome fltrrct, I Nl'RKCKDENTED ATTRACTION. POWERFUL POWERFUL COMBINATION OK TALENT. COMBINATION OF TALENT. TO-NIGHT, TONIGHT, FIRST APPEARANCE FIRST APPEARANCE or TIIK CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPB, CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPE. CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPE, CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPE. CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPE, CELEBRATED CARLO TROUPE, In their won.lei fill aclH. HERRMANN OUTDONE. HERRMANN OUTDONE THE PRODIGIOUS TATER. THE PRO-UIGIOU8 TATER BILLY BIRCH aa the great Negro Mun-Sir MEN COTTON, J. A. HERRMANN. TIM NORTON, J. PIERCE. C. R BISHOP, Tie world renowned negro comedians, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, The beat coaaic singer and clown In America, The great BALLF.T TROUPE, BALLET TROUPE, BALLET TROUPE, under the direction ot PAUL BRILLIANT. ROBERT W. BUTLER, S I. r MONS LA TIIORNE. Stage Manager The management have great pleasure in announcing tin en gagement witk LOUIS PAYNE, LOUIS PAYNE, the ?M?mpl?he4 vocailat, who will appear on Saturday. Oi'tnlwr &. Notice. GRAND MATINEE on Saturday afternoon, at h ilf-paKt two, for the accommoda tion ot LADIES AND CHILDREN. CCANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, J to? BROADWAY. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF THE NEW BURLESQUE. UN HALLO IN WASCMF.RA, UN HALLO IN MAS) HERA, UN HAM.O IN MaSCHERA, UN BALLO IN MASCIIERA, Wuh Hie following powerful earn-.? Chnrle* Augustus Charley Pox P. T. Barnum... .Paul U *rger I l-arrv O'Krl n E. J. MeWlUc Pni>:iutni ..J. H ttu.itvorih I Recruiting OHicer.... Menili?rnl the Pn'?* .F.Spi ar 1 J. II. Budworth Lady Macbeth. Mile, Bi?alle | Myalerloua Bull Frog.. Muae Siii. Ahecon| A. M. Hernandez Sjkwy J. II. Rudwoi'th | It I tidy O'Brien diaries Pyihnia.. Paul Berger | Waller W. Kosa Ke-eiieng.-m.'iit and di nt appearance. J. H. BUDWORTH. .1 H. BU&WORTH, tl>e celebrated Ethiopian t'onu-dtakiv. First auiiearunco a: th<- well knot* n Bkmuv >1 AINSLY SCOTT, m. ainsi.y scorr. M. AINSLY SCO IT. Great ?ii'oe?a"f the World iciiom nod BO> L PL . * KR, BONE PLAYER, W.N SMITH, W. N. SMITH. MONDAY next i Will pr'.t ill thU li niae 'lie I GRAND FAIRY SPECTACLE AND PANTOMIME, GUANO FAIRY SPECTACLE AND PANTOMIME, ) entitled tlic ' MAGIC l.A', RF.L, MAGIC LAURET., 1 MAUlC LAUREL, MAGIC LAI RBI<, wlikU ItMIweu lb" ifoi.ih* In in. tuti ii. t'UX Jt Cl'UUAN, i'lDpncturs. AMr?KMK!VTS. A <I'ADEMY OK MI SIO-HEKRMANN-FKIDAY. ill, ^ V N ''AST PERFORMANCES. A* inn artist* 01 the Opera nn in, /.. . , ,1 "knekitsto mk. ullwan n I illl' a niwVa'V.lirjl n''n' ,0I''V I,!vl">ratlnll*f0rthe?0 K?ia MliiSf; |?evlou* en Iiirnl contracted by Mr. IIKItK U pf.'iir'.'If.i >' 1 I'lluilc'.vilrta October u, ihere "' '"li! ?W"r""',e byl,|,nn?-w York. v.lrk L 1 T " . tioi?-rfurmani;e this evening ill New c;?houoo^^-iXl.nfi ihe wm'*{ tuw To-morrow, Fri luv, . nA EVERY EVENINO of'TIIE WEEK, Im .}*"*".A""u'ln.v had beenpreviously en LAST n?m r* I'AST NIOIITB Mlllirs LAST MOUTH Of THE COM Tc PROGRAMME, TlIK COMIt: I'KiMIKAMME, TI K CtiMlr PROGRAMME, WhiAh s..i^T,1K COMIC PROURAMME, h*"W" with Immense applause. LA Iininii n""viVS15r ,hl' "n,V ??lghU of LA il Kl' ,E "V MADAME HERRMANN 1A Do Ml K fc SX MADAME HERRMANN. IIKRHMAkS: ?5n!" wuu" Mm8 a j I Hl * *? * <#wi?ucne<? hi s o'ctook AiIiiiihkIi ii Wcenta Amphitheatre 25 cent* Reaeryod ?'?u a ccnis extra. ra stall* tl Uoiom.v, Academy of Music, SlbcU'* and C Rrualna'a. ON SATURDAY TWO PERFORMANCES Mat.nee h? 115, iml In 11.evening ^ LAST GltASD MATINEE _ , . . On Saturday next, October 6. Woka, by general rennrst, will COMMENCE AT 114 O'CLOCK P. M And conclude m half-past t It will be ponltlvelv THE LAST MATINEE. ....... TilE LAsT MATINEE. ADMISSION FIFTY CENTS. NO IIESERVF.D SEATS ADMISSION FIFTY CENTS No RESERVED SEATU! CHILDREN TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. CHILDREN TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. CHILDREN TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. A SPECIAL 1'KOUllAMME Will be given at tin- Matinee, Including the Tbrowing Card*, the Two Rabblta, tlii- Canary Birds ami the Rings, anil LA DO I RLE VIE, BY MADAME HERRMANN. Saturday evening, last night of the comic programme. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OK MUSIC, THIS EVENINO, ONLY NIGHT OF HERRMANN. On Miihilav next. HERRMANN'S LAST WEEK IN NEW YORK. POSITIVELY LAST NIOIIT BUT TWO OF THE COMIC PKOtlRAMME. Positively last night but two of THE DOUBLE VIEW OF MADAME HERRMANN. winch ha* produced *uch general *? nation all over tin- town Brooklyn academy ok music?this evenimj. OPENINO NIOIIT?THIS EVENINO. HERUMANN IN IIUOOKLYN, MONS. HER ItMANN, THE GREAT PRESTlDIGITATEUR, will give one SOrREE DK PRESTIDIGITATION, assisted by the ORCHESTRA OF THE OPERA. The programme for the soiree will bu tin' name ntflial pen formed by Herrmann upon hi* opening night In Now York. THE PRICES OF ADMISSION Will bo the name a* In New York. Admission 80 cents. Amphitheatre -i nt*. Reserved aeat* 25 ernta extra. Orcheati a alalia $1. Boi uOlce, Anailemy of Mimic; SilieU'*, U Wall meet. Noticb.?The Mile of acnt* commence* Winlnnmlay, Oct f. EW BOWERY THEATRE. Sole Proprietor! 0. L. Fm end J. W. Liugaril THURSDAY, OctoberS, UWl, the romantic Drama of THE THREE THIEVES; OR, THE DENOUNCER. The beautiful Drama ol JOCRISSE, THE JUGGLER, and the comic Farce of CLUBS ARE TRUMPS. N B AllNUM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM. LAST WEEK AND CLOSINObKXIIIUITION LAST WEEK AND CLOSING EXHIBITION Of thai niont woiiderlul and extraordinary LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. LI VINO HIPPOPOTAMUS LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. Yea, reader*, this u the lam week and cloning exhibition of thla rare and coloaaal animal. SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 5, SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 8, Cluaea lila second engagement, when be mnal give place la other attraction*. Have you Been hlmJ Remember that he la the moat extraordinary creature 111 llie whole animal king dinn?that it la deulared In S icn d Ilalinry ft.lob, ch. xl,) thai "upon the earth there la nut Ilia like,"' It la conceded hjr every bllill al auuleiit who ai ch him?and hundred* hav? rialted him here, and many of the clergy an1 no Inlerealed in him thai llielr vlsua have been reiN-ated numeriiua Union? thai he la THE OREAT BEHEMOTH OF THE SCRIPTURES, which ia an ginwlualy deacrilM d ill the book of Job. Who, Lbeii, can tall to pay liim a vlait? Remember that bla dava ai-e numliereil and aller leaving here 1IE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE SEEN IN NEW YORK Hence the Importance ol embracing ihi* opportunity. He la Hi cumiainicd by a native Arab keeper, w ho la alao a great attraction to peraoua w lio are Interested in that Oriental race of tii"n. llesl lea, may alao lie aeen the BEAUTIFUL AQUARIA, wllh Ha inyrUda of living liah, and to which have jnat been lidded manv new apeclinena, lieaide A LIVING SEAL, SEA LION, MAMMOTH HEAR SAMSON, THE WHAT IS ITT or MAN MONKEY, HAPPY FAMILY, Ac .bealdea TWO SUPERB DRAMATIC PERFORMANCES, every day at 3 and 7>4O'clock P. M. During the eiitertaiiinienl vi III alao appear MISS TOEDT, THE WONDERFUL VIOLINIST, And MISS DAWRON, in a patriotic Song. Admiaaioti to ail 2jcents. Children under ten UoenU. The niauagi r Ix-ua leave to announce to hla patron* IhMtM FALL AND WINTER DRAMATIC SEASON will commence en MONDAY NEXT, CO T. 7, IMI, and that hi- hits b id dramatized expieasly for hla Muacum, the last laipular story, DICKENS (JRBAT EXPECTATIONS. which wlil be brought out ou that day with entirely new ap poliunienta. New Scenery, hy Mr. George of the beat acenls artists id the ai;e. New Propertlea, new Contumea and full Orchealra. Previous in the coinmencenii ntof the play, Mr. BARNUM will d liver, linlb afternoon and evi ning, an original I'OETI CAL ADDRESS, and alao introduce a NOVEL SURPRISE BRYANTS' MINSTRELS-MECHANICS' HALL, 47* Broadway. alKivr Orand street. Monday, September!*), and every nlpht during (be week. Flrat apfwaraaoe utlb* celc'ir^iied wizard, Mona. IIAIHMANnESTOPRESTODIGALATERIST, Tim seventh son of a acrrntb alaier. Tim profeaaor l.ega leave to announce that hla fanlaatie, polocoouiloKi. a| clnsllciidia will lie transmoinilled Into an ANTIFIBIOUSRUINOCERIOUSOSORHORSE, SYRUPOFSQuf*LSHOMANTUEUM. Tin Tinpanoiilon. Ilaw lie rulta, Dr. Tnmblely. S. C. CAMPBELL, EI'II. HORN, NEIL AND DAN BRYANT. Dooraopen at curtain riaraat 7%; tlckelsUcenia. Roman catholic orphan asylum?the an nuai Festival, in aid of the above institution, will lake place at the Academy of Muaic, on Thursday, Octobers. The entertainment*, consisting of two distinct performance*, one In the afternoon and another In the evening, will lie of a very superior rh/iracier, supervised by N. B. Clark, Kaq., who, In conjunction with John Brougham, E*q? haa con. ducted the performance* for several years. Caution. Ticket* ahoutd be purchased at the ti-'kel odice* only, either before or on the d*y or evening of the festival, or I torn thoao within (he building duly authorized, and who will be dlstln gulshed by appropriate badge*. Thi* caution la rendered necessary because spuriou* bill* have heretofore been pawed u change by |uirtiea not empowefcl to aell ticket*. rpHE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. PARISIAN CABINET OF WONDERS AND ANATOMT 603 Broadway, next door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. The wonders of the world and beantle* of nature hitherto hidden now revealed, allowing that the handicraft of maa follows on the heela of nature. Wonders of tbe brain and pons variatii, whore the aeataf tbe uiliid or aoul la auppoaed to be. Wonders of the five acnaes?seeing, hearing, smelling, taato and touch. Extraordinary freak* of nature?together with wondera from Pari*. Florence, Munich and England. Wonders of life, aatuiiliy showing hidden life within life. Exciting, thrilling and uusurpa/Muble wonder* and cur lue tics In the rotunda. Wonder* of accouchement, wonder* In hermaphradttee. wonder* In obstetrlcy, won lera of embryology, wondera of oslealogy. WONDERFUL?1,70(1 PARTS OF THE HUMAN BODY at one view, and alill greater wonder* in sepulchre or pathological room. Lectures dully, together with "urprlnlng, Intereiting and unpri'i edented experiment* in chemi*try. Will iiiM-ii daily, Icr gentlemen only, on and after Saturday, Sept 28, from 10 In the morning till & at night. Admiaaioti itfeent*. Academy op music. lSKKKriT.or tiik KOMAN CATHOLIC ORI'H AN" ASYLUM The following distinguished arlsis have vi'lnn'eered (heir valuable servers lor this eliari a'i'e institution, vii:? MADAME VON IIKKKKI. Justlyceiebr iir<l Piima Domm of Uie Italian Opera. MR. HENRY >AnL>EB80N, The eminent Am rl:un i'lanlat. M. LKIlM ANN, The celebrated Baritone, In in the Orrman Opera Troupe. THKO. Hi:i!KIKNKK, Organist of St. Ann's church, 11 conductor of the Concert. REMARKABLE BXHIBITION, At No. 6Q Broadway, opposite Bond street, of THE BPST MAS. A LIVING INDIAN IDOL, Born without arms oi?legs. , , (inly t.venty.two Inches high. This wonderful curiosity mny Is-*"?;?_ , KRoM SATURDAY. oiTOHER 9, 1361, EVERY AFTERNOON, Prom 2 to ts I'. M. lie is the moat singular living .in ever prevented before tl?e American people. Hetslhli': ? rs old, an I waa found on the aliar of a cniircb liclongln ? ? th<i Indian tribe of th? Panchlmaleo*. He haa nothing |- -Ive In his apism-ance; bis Intellectual faciilllns and nil organs of In* heail ar? perfect!/ developed; speaks t|i ? t.vo iliU'erem Indian dialects and the Caatllinu languu lie ?hi w< rRht|>| ?(l by the In i.< ,? it the ehurch where he nan found, til the most interior <I< |. iinent of the republic of San Salvador, Central America, :i- . -ti, being. He travels within a small Idrd eng.-. lie Is"aorom panted by an Indian ea' t')ue, who Is himself a mm ve'.louH curiosity, and will explain to tlie visiters the his tory aud all the it MOS ever.y frfkernoou. tory aud all the Interesting anecdotes concerning this MOST EXTRAORDINARY BEINU Admission 20 rent* ISBROW'S T \lapwvw o If SKATINO GYMNASIUM, Flflli avenue, corner of Tltii ty-ulnth street. Open every evening. from N to lOo'olock, For ladies aud gentlemen. A baud of music will enliven the > -ne Admission (with nrwllege of skating) f Children (under II jVnrsof ag>'> '*? QWBBKY SAYS, I WILL CiiVE YOU SOMETHING fc thai win ^^VHnD Tli^ NAVY."' *??? the ? ::and STHBET. nuTVVTlt, " THE ORIENTAL 5 SiiJnTAL r,IL ORIENTAL ' VllfcE CONCERT SALOON Will ore., -a <, r B ?I- ????? h;;ri:reai,eM'v 'v K > fn ,l1 RKBXTX v i'.ri'.NS, rrv^ilelof*. VKff OAYETY TIIBATRE. ( ALBJsT,# u, iu? ?uumi" wiu adUuo? Jsltu i. ttarowod.

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