Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1861 Page 5
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ffrE FQUTICAl CAMPAIGN. " K*u OLD TAMMANY BEPHDI A* ^8TATK BMINOT-lDDMffl ANU ?; -??$ K. TIU *i5i TICKET TO BE BOLTED OH BJi )l 0n\ MANY WAR AND UNION ^ ^ PRORECDTION or THE WAR FKOCU.'UnJJ>~Tnj,> 1RB" filDKKT'S ASSERTION OP THE NATIO.^*4* AND ing VINDICATION OF THE CONSTITr^t' D? OVERRULING rKKMONT, SlRTAtNKD AND KN^O^" CD?HARMONIOU8 l'HUL'KKUlNUS?CANDIDATES, ETC# The General Committee of Tammany Hall boltl its meet ing last evening, for tho purposo of appointing Inspectors nod Issue a call for primary mating*. A good deal of In terest was manifest, a* something of a contoet was ox poctod on some point which might reveal tho strength of |he two Oictii us. Tho production of au address and ro Boidtions, repudiating the whito feather Kof.'ncy and pro posing to catechise, and, if necessary, ropudiato, tho can didates on the State ticket, turned the interest, however, into a new channel, and all v.out oir with exemplary harmony after all. Somothing of a breeze was started on the reception of the resignai.on of William Miner, of the Second ward, and tho motion to All the vacancy. Tho motion to lay this on tho tablo was lost by n vote of forty-eight to fifty-five, the latter Including the Aldermanic faction and the Seventeenth ward, which, with others also, are not committed to the Aldermantc slate or programme. Tho a'idre-a and plat form, the next matter, was In efleet adopted by acclama tion, although it has been ascertained that three dissent ing votes were drowned in tho unanimity of the proceed ings. Tho First ward preventing the only delegation in which there had been a oout/Mt, it was found, 011 tho pro position of ita two delegates, that they would chooae one Inspector for each, and have the third appoint l,y tho clutlr, which being unanimously adopted, on in"tion Of Petor B. Fwceuy, tho rest of toe appointments became mere clerical routine. The number of candidates whl h will come before tho invention is now narrowed down to tho names of Tweed, "Connolly and Volte, for Phc.-ilT, for Oeunty Clerk, Genet, Clancy, John R. lirlegs, nn.l pvisibly, ms an ultimate 1 ar wonizer, K. F. Pordy; for Tistrict Attorney, Nelson J. Waterbury and John T. iv-yle. The following is the address aud platform:? TO TH* ELKCTOR? Or TIIK t'lTV OV N*W YOUK ? At ft period when tho moit raomentou? Issues that esn ar feet the fate of a nntlon, engross the polillc mind, the post tion of every politic! organization. tn respect to such issue*, should he explicitly takeu ana rightly on-' r*t^?d. In reit erating tho vltuvs which govern thl? Genenu CTommluae, as tii" repre -cuta'lves of the democracy (if thin city, we bavo no desire tn arraign tho patriotism nf iinv other otgnnt7a tlon. The present time b?ron,l any thai has precede I ro qtilr?* every trim frtenn of his country t^ manifest in all his words, Anil by >11 his art*. sec'' un earnestness nf devotion. (hit his fidelity will be beyond any doubt whatever; and then, whoever, for ? ulster purposes, questions the ^ i^'/rUv . pa iltlsm, which is i<like tlie pride of each ln?ll rldual, and the common property of all, commits not merely a wrong ogainst the party assailed, but a crime against the common cause; \vli:cl> is Injured by every ?<>'?'> to reduce 'he number, or diminish the usefulness of its supporters. Therefore, while ilie etlorts or interested parties, in. re eager in the pursuit of olllce than in the servW e of their country, to excite suspicion as to the heartiness or the support given by Taminsny llall to the national cause. mU'lit well provoke retaliation, we are content to keep the platform upon which we stand distinctly presented to the public, leaving every intelligent nud patriotic man to contrast it for himself with llie UwlaiWlons of other parties, and draw hU own conclusions tts t > which I' not im rely the most fervent In expressions of devotion to the Union, but the most sincere in the maintenance of ell the provis ? n- of the ?jn aiitution, upon wMc i the Union is based, and by afaithful observance of which it must and will be perpetuated. From the first occurrence of hostilities this organlxa tion has responded with equal iiniuilmlty and heart - Ue*s to that sentiment of pat.iiotlo de.votbin which has pervaded all loyal hearts. On the 28th of April lust a series of resolutions were adopted by this com mittee, presenting the whole sul'leot of th# ?f, " ? objects, duties and claims, in a sha|ie so patriotic ana ? national, that they w ere accepted by a,l of our citizens, except those who arc the victims of unreasoning famuli Ism, or a meaner treason, as a 'rue utterance of the general voice. r>or have the members of this committee failed to manliest their support of tho country's cause, lu ev. ry practicable way, by ?eu as well as by words. It Is a truth which cannot he (jaln sayed, and which no one will attempt to gainsay, that from . the first initiation of the w?r there has not been even one ninn idcntltieri with our organisation, In respect to whose fidelity to the t'nion, or sincerity and f-M tn behalf of the eliloeiit prosecution of (tie war, there has been the slightest doubt. Tarn man v Hall, faithful to the traditions or the past, and mind! ul of the duties of the present, stands now where ?lie has always stood, true to the Union and the constitution, the maintenance of which, and the well are of this j:rent nation, In nil Its breadth, renown nnd power, ereithe chief objects of her own existence and the highest Incentives to the struggles and sandflies of her 8"tis. Between the position ol'Tammany Hall and the resolutions nd'Dted by the recent Democratic Stale Convention there Is, in aomo respects, a variance; and, in other respects, those resolutions are of doubtful construction. We*annot recede from our position without violating the duty we owe to our country, and, therefore, tho candidates nominated by that Convention roust plant themselves upon tuv? patriotic plat form upon which w?? Man 0, or tbey ran not revive our sup port. Nor can complaint be made in any quarter because we ? take this course. Previous to the meetingof that Convention an application was made to thin commutesi by an outside as aoclfttlon of democrats, to permit them to electa share of the delegates who were to represent the whole democracy of i this city. In declining to grant th* request, reference was made, on our part, to the unpatriotic acts of the leading men in that association (whoare now endeavoiing to be the most extreme men on the other hide), and the posl tlon of Tammany Hall in support ot the county and the government, as it had been I nun the first, was stated emphasis and clearness; and it was lurther added, that if any man does not entertain these views, be can lind no place In Tauimauv Ifaii" If such men could not iiml a P?ae?ln Tammany Halt, for the same r*a?.?n we could not have politi cal assoctstion with them in a broader field. This position on our part was perfectly understood by the State Conv?n tioii when they admitted our delegates to exclusive member* aMp from this city, and is to be taken, as well as its resolu tions, a? sn exposition of its sent! rnents. 4| as a r* The three first resolutions <?f the Democratic State Con . ventions embrace ail the declarations It was called upon to make in regard to national matters. They express oar opinions, and we challenge the production of ary po.I leal platform presenting sentiments of greater or truer nationali ty or patriotism. To justify this endorsement, we cite the '^Resolved, That In this crisis the watchword which should pans through the democratic ranks, railing them together and consolidating them in on?* erect and d^termin od mass in defence of our imperilled county, is the senti ment of Andrew Jackson, that 4ithe Union must be pre "s^That the claim of any State or number of States, of a T,jtht to relinquish at will their o,.'ll."a!.'ons and allegiance to the Union, has no warrant in the constitution; is at war Willi Its letter and spirit: Is Incompatible with good ^ovem tnanl and the pressrvallon of public faith and the euforoe tnent of treaties, and whenever this pretension has been ad vanced bv secessionists, Nortn or South, It has been resisted and defeated by the demoi racy, who have ever maintained, as they sill! do, that secession is revolution. ? Tiiaitho seizure of the foris and property beloneing to the federal (tovemmcnt, followed by the autborlzail n ot prl* s ateers aiiultiat the commerce of the loyal Stales, precipitated the'tmntry into a stale of wart that it Is the duly of their v crtimeut to prosecute the war tnus lurced upon it with all Its ? iiowcr and resources; and that It Is the duty of the people ,o raliy with arms and means to the support of the government, tint 1 tho struggle. Is ended by the triumph of the constttuUon and the laws, and the restoration of the Ln.on If the C.invention had stopped with this patrioticiavowal, onr S'.ipport of the excellent candidates it nominated would . have been not only tree from dill culiy, but a source ol ?r d? and pleasure. It, unfortunately, however, accompanied It with several unnecessary resolutions, of which It Is most charitable to say, that they appear to have been written by some person who had not jet realized tout the country was entaeed in a bloody and relentless war. Taken as an expression 01 abstract doctrines lor a lime ol peace, and tney well enough; but I. duslgned as manacles to shackle, and wedges lo divide, t?o nation, while engaged In a "war for its life," they deserve, ss they should receive, a most decisive repudiation. It Is useless to criticise declarations capable of diverse meanings, and we orefer, therefore, to reiterate our own sentiments upon the. general subject, as it is now presented lor public considera tion This we have done in a series of resolutions adopted this evening. These ate not pnt forth ns a mere expression of our own views, becaute that was not necessary; but we have directed them to be transmitted to tho Democratic, State sandldaies; and It Is due to candor to add, tlmt wo cannot ?nil will not support any candidate for any who does not adopt the sentiments they express. These resolutions tre as follows, and we present them us the tahkamt pu*Tron*: Resolved, That with a deep sense of ihe peril In which the I'nlon and the constitution are Involved, by the reek less war now being waged for their destruction by armed traitors, we bold It to be the first anil mostsa-red duty of every man who loves his country lo devote his energies and means, w ith all his heart and soul, to the earnest and resistless prosecution ,f the war until the rebellion Is utterly suppressed not In a spirit or for the .purpose of subjugation, but with the sole flujret of preserving the Union and the constitution, and vin dicating the national flag and atiihoilty. _ . . Resolved, Thai there is now but one question to be con lldered nnd but one object to bo accomplished?the restora tion of the national authority throughort the whole length and breadth of the land by the force of the national anns itid that so long as hostile forces remain in the I.' Id, seeking the destruction or the Union, this position must snd will be *esolutc!v mnlntained liy every true hearted num. Kesolvt'd, That In the presence of such daiiKCrs to tho dearest Interests of us all, the duty which i Strlntl.m enjoins up<in every man can only be fully discharged by dtsregara ii g, so as may be necessary, all didercnees or opinion or anion on other questions, past or present, and giving to tne fovernment, In the proaecution of the war, a jm>t, generous WB,)?^l'w*l,8TEatft Is the high uud noble duty of the Pre?J 4, nl of the United Stales, nt this critical exigency in our co mtrv s historv, to d< lend preser.-e the rights, honor and Integrity of'the nation, which have been, by a vote of Iho pp' pic, and the authority of the constitution, committed to til* care and guidance; thai, lu the jierfonnance or his sacred trust, he Is Imperatively required, by the strongest of human obligations, to take every step and do every act which m*y be ne. t ssary to secure the triumph ot our anus ana maintain the supremacy of the nallt nal power; and that bis measures, In this respect, will be cashed upon by a generous and patriotic people, ever n adv lo sustain the public set - van'; honestly laboring, with single minded devotion, for the fsibli" good, who, while they will demand It at he shall not s'l short of the full measure of his duly, will also Judge of his ..dons with liberality and fairness, without party spirit, and wiih a just appreciation of the dlllicultics atid etnuar TSKsmeuls by whlcn he is surrounded. Resolved, That we cordially approve of the principle and Dolley of tho action of the President, overruling *, much of Jbe proclamation of Major General Fi^mon ?* ?|r??d, J? ?vo?incipstion of slaves not employed in the service of the trie 11 in, and In other respect! transcended thepowerof ??Re?dvednGThat'thisW[klthful adherence tothslawonthe Bart of th-President was a measure of Justice towards tho true mt-n of the South, who are the severest this criminal rebellion, nnd who hare an Incontrovertible claim, not only to relief fr m the military despo Ism and mob law which now oppresses tliem, but al*<i toj r<ilcctlon In all the rights secured to the several Slates by the ??<^rulcom gw t which cannot he destroyed by the rebellious conductor desire manifested In various auarters that we should abandon our parly organisation aiid 3i;Ue in a Union movement of all the supporters of the gov ernment In the prosecution of the war. It duty to our icoun try required such a course, or If Its Interest* would be pro tno'cd thereby, we should cheerfully take It. Much as WJ love the democratic party, we would give It up at once and fore vcr, ir need be, to save our country. But we see no ?M-eessliy that we should do so; on the contrary, there are ?bundant reasons why we should not. The democratic party Is nn organisation sanetifled and rendered strong by ?mc. It existed beiore tho century commenced. It is uext fn ace to the Union and the constitution. It has proved It ?sir to lw great by the long nnd creditable exercise of power; SK .1 It never failed to be equal to every exigency. until tho sb.Urol of it In the South passed from the men whom Andrew Jackson ti usted, to recent c .averts and basutrd dnmocrats, who w-tc hl? enemies. As a nalloni.l rairty it has nhvnys enjoyed a Inrg; measure of public cou.tdenee, and it is now looked lo Willi lnp? by the loyal men of the South. Ht owli ^ It, history and principles, they regard it a<ttu br. ok' traterf. . thnlr safetv agninst Die Uood tMcso! ?>* Ut! I'l'sm. If II should be merged In the aiguitiSAtIM of * mere tempo rary parly for the war, tlmre In great. danger such a re> suit Would l? regarded at the -Sun Hi a* a prelude to a war (if emancipation; anil lis at, under pressure or the fears thereby engendered. lur^e number* uoiv true to the I7nl> t. WoiiUI Join tho ranks of the rebellion. and thai those who did not would lapse Into Inactivity and slteuoi. livery diiu^-p- of Hut Una abould In* carefully avoided. But ttkg democratic party cannot tie destroyed. Individuals In greater or ?elsffuftV'f'rs may leave It?IU orrnnfratl ri may be aurrenduri d In State* or loeulitiun, mid disrupted In the uatlon?but It will survive all these diassler* j<i?d be< me again a great, united and powerful party. A democratic organization would, under any clrcnrnt-mices, have l>?en maintained In thia State, and the real |?>lnt to bt> ?onatdered la, w hether It waa better fur ll.e country thai fie Jt ' at* in favor of a vigorous pro e- ution of the w*i -hnuld r ,\i vv'l'' their party, and* cure lu orpnnUntlon In a!d of th ? -ment, or desert It for an outside movement, and jf' * "'anee for the deinueratlo party to be eontsolled tttu* Mlow Iw Influence*. It may, possibly, bebettet f r """ patrlem 'uor? and emolument* thereby, toaein democrat*, Who ?'?Ink It beat for the country thai th* don their >?arty; but if* v. ..ofetv of ilia democrat* unitfn : partyshwild be united. A - ,,, a ,?.w party which would with their opponents, mi.flit ?. |iarty would roinaiti, ami caiTy the Smte. but the d ?in?" ? .V^vc.'?? We are determined SiTSK- A twawa'nfti&s <t driven from ilie | alii of duty; aidt J' f ,' l'*"l " Will urn uir me acaence m ncr aoi'.a in me tru. , t t, , ? ;? however, any portion of mtroitUen* dcstr? , " i ..'.f 'i " of that nlweiice for their own ?el!Uli en Is, ''"J1 ' ? 'J falrW, without maligning those who snj joi\ , Hie.iter aauritice, an t remembering the c*?uulr" ,,l'eUS now the service of all her sons. Th? Conftrcace of the I'nion B<vorm Fart lea. NOMINATION Or CANDIDATES VORTPONEP?A JOIN*' TICKET PK0r0SEl> BY TUB OOMMITTKI. The grand conference of delegations from all tho f'Oion organization*, cranted with tho one common view of re forming the administration of the municipal snvorr.nv nt, by inducing men of wealth mid charuutcr to accent nomi nation* for olllco, took place yesterday at Mr. JohnT,i vir-ps too's olllco, over the American Exchange Bank,No. l?8 Broadway. The attendance of delegates was quite full and resect able, some of the most wealthy, .nliueatial and triwtw >r thy merclianbi of tho oily being pr .tor t. and all manifest ing a lively interest in tlio succ w of Die movement* Precisely ut noon tli ? meeting wits called to order, ai d in the at senoe of ex Mayor 'li- inann, v. ho presided at the former meeting, Mr. James \V. Ucek.v.m was requested to lak" tho chttir. Meier*. W. B. Wedg. wood imd Wm. Tucker oti,elated u> s Tlie following deloi atrs ireni the various Union orgacl zations were present;? RYRAOl't-K (OOt'KR INRtriTTK MKltrlNli OOKMIim, Hon. Wm. F. Hnvomeyor, Frederick Wognor, Hon. Jacob A. Wester volt, Wm. K. Ttttko , Waido Hutchlngs, 'llios. 1!. StillniiUl. F. F. Mar bury, KltTll AVENVK HOTKt. PARTY. Alexander T. Stewart, 15. A. Wltthana, Royal Fhelps, J. J. I'holps, Geo. F. Tallmiin, James B. Nicholson. TAXPAVKRh' IVKTV. Hon. Jam h W. Beekman, Z. S. Kiy, W. ii. Wt d . 'wood, Iianinl sheppurd, John Lirin^fiton, Rttljh^le td. sr. NirUOIMii HOTKL PARTY. litis D. Swan, A bort Math' wo, W. L. Solomon, Meigs. I'lliletUB Holt, Mr. CacKJtA.v, on 'akin? the ohalr, roturnc! thank* in a suitable munrer, after which a motion was made to ox elude nil imrlic.-i linn pal ticii>ating In the meeting ex cept dele>;:Ucn. A DEtJtoAi* wished to know if the motion included re porter*, and was into mod that at! outside:'*, even te portcrs, wore embraced in the motion. Mr. Joiim Livingston opposed the esclusltn of tho press, as ho considered that there ought to be no ebjeciion to the full publioation of tholr proceedings, which had only the public welfare in view. A member of the fifth avenue delegation str< n?!y urged th-) propriety of excluding nil out.?ldent, tmd, after some considerable discuseion, the original motion pre vailed. owing to this action of the Conference Committee a full account of the proceedings is rendered iinj -dole. o< r reporter,howovor,succeeded in obtaining a short skelrh of the short session of thi Conference. The tub; ct of the mismanagement and corruptU n of tho muni cipal govoiument, uh at present ai!:mnl.-lered, was thorough'; discussed, and speech ware d?livere<l by Messrs. Ho'.t, Stewart, Havemever, I hel|s, IJvlBfistcn, Wed^uwood, Tallmau und oti.ors, urging tho necessity of a nice ly reform. Tho Conference resulted in presenting no ticket for the stippoi t of the re spectable voter* of the community, that subjoct heiiijj deferred till tho n >xt mo'.-tlug. l ut a very free inter change of opinio, s iud scutimont* took pine , anil it w >? lln.iliy agreed that the virions delegations should con.--.:lt with their resp. ctive orginixatlons, and report the result at tho next meeting, whirli was sot down for ne t Wed lies-lay, at the same time and p;aco. The object of this adjournment, it is understood, is to unab e the gevoral Union parties <nch to nominate informally a c-1 Ob-candi dates, fri m whom a joint ticket, composed of the best men am"n? them, will bo choe -n at the next meeting. Tiio great ft inanimity and harm'ny were cvinccd throughout the proceeding*. People's Union Nominating Convention. Tho People's Union Nominating Convention, having at i.s head Captain Charles II. Marshall, wore to have met at tho Mudicai (Jo)loge, in Twoaty-thtrd street, bat convoked at tho Cooper Institute, ex-Alderman William Tucker presiding, and Robert Bcatty. ami Supervisor Win. C. Connor acted as Secretaries. The Committee of Con foronce appointed by the previous mooting at tho College reported that they had met like committers from other conventions; but Iho latter mentioned not having any authority to act, tho former had not been ubie to accomplish anything. Tho cominitteo, hnwovor, wag continued. On motion, an informal ballot was had, which resulted in flfty-nino votes boing oust, of which Josi.'li W. Brown received forty-nlne; Vultee, livo. Mr. Brown was there upon nominated by aiclsimaiion us the candidate for Slio riil'of the Union Convention. Mr. Wm. Ai.iJIN Hi tlbx ottered a resolution nominating tho following giintlonv n 111 tho Judiciary tickot:? For Judge of Supreme Court?T. \V. Clerk'. For Judges of Superior Court?Louis Li. Woodruff and Murray If-iltaian. For Judtfe uf Court of Common Pleas?J. R. Brady. The resolution was adopted unanimously. and the above named gentl' mon riec'ared duly mm naleu. For Judge of Marino Court at 1 .fit a dozen candidates wero pro[H.3e<l, which on tho first ballot resulted in a complete scatter?Hiram Kotche.m, Sr., recelv iug fourteen votes, buing tho highest candidate. On the second ballot Mr. Ketch'm received thirty YCU-s, and wa> d clared the uominee lor Judge of Marine Court by a unanimous vote. A ballot for County Cloik was then hid. u Ulch resulted In m> choice?L"muel Bangs receiving twenty rotes, and tho remainder scattering. On tho second b illot I-emuel Hangs rec ived tw lity-nlno votes, the remainder scnttor iug. On tho third ballot Lemuel Bangs was nominated by a vote of thirty two Out of fifty-eight, which nomination waa mado unanimous. A billot was had lor Supervisor, which resulted in no choice?K. J. Brown recolvii.g twenty-Qight vote, and tho remainder scattering. On motion 01 Mr. Amor J. Williamson, Mr. Brown was nominated by acclamation. Tho meeting then adjourned to wo t again on Monday evening, at eight o'clock, to c nip'oie th?? nominations. Th* Taxpaytrt' Union Convention. Tho adjournod meeting of this Convention was to have been held at the University Iaw Library, Washington square, this evening; but in conscquence of the notices having boon font out at too late an hour to enable (ho members to meet, the mooting has been further ad journed until an evening in the early part of nest week. Union Conventions. SIXTH SENATORIAL DISTKICT. The Union men of the Sixth Senatorial district, consist ing of delegates from the Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth wards, mot last evening at Brown's Hotel, corner of Broadway nnd Eighth street. Mr. W. E. Frost, of the Kighteeuth ward, was appointed chairman, and Mr. John Hope, of the Sixtof nth ward, Secretary. A quorum of the delegate." not being present (ha Convention adjourn od until l'huisday evening next. UNION AS8EMI1I.Y NOMINATION. Sixlernth District.?The Union Convention met last even ing and nominated Mr. Dennis MeC.bc. A meeting of tho Syracuse Union |iarty delegates for Assembly nominations wag held at llai iem last evening, and unanimously nominated Henry A. Snyre as their can didate. Republican Assembly Conventions. Third District?Adjourned until Monday next. Fourth District?This Convention met and adjournod til' F> iday evening, without making any nomination. fifth District?Jan. W. Bush. Sixth District?This Convention met and adjourned till Thursday nest, without effecting a nomination. Seventh District?This Convention assembled and ad journod over until next Tuosday evening at 7>? o clock, without making ? choice. Eighth District.?This Convention met last ovening. After considerable discussion about the contested scats, the Kreoborn delegates from tho Sovecth ward wero ad mitted. An informal ballot was taken, which resulted in Eps. Ellory receiving eleven votes and Joe l'urdy four. Tiie Convention then adjourned, subject to the call of the chairman. A'inM District?This Convention met Inst evening, and after a few moments consultation appointed a committee of conference to confer with every other political organi zation. Tbey adjourned over until next Wednesday even ing, or sooner, at the call of the chair. Tenth District.?Thin Convention met Inst evening pur suant to call, at the Steuben House, No. 290 Bowery, After organizing, the Convention adjournod to meet u the same place on next Wednesday evening,at half-past seven o'clock. Eleventh Di'tnct ?Tills Convention suet last ?venlng A committee of three, consisting of William IVrss, Henry Camp ami ThoS. Crotnor, wore appointed to confer with the Union Assembly Committee. The Convention then adjourned to meet at Continental Hall thia evening, at half past soven o'clock. Tinlf'h District.?A meeting of tho Asrembly C'tavcn tlon of this district, for the purpose of nominating a can didate, was to have been held lost evening; but owing to m m mlsundorstandlng the room was occupied prayer meet,ng. and iu consequnnco of which the meeting aU j Journed to meet this evonlug til the same plac^. ! Thirlrcrth Adjourned until totnrrrow oven i lug. I hburtf nth District,?Tho republican rte!? ap'ioint . I o . to nominate a r.,? lidato foi thU ?': trict nit 1ur( ?vecin^, AfiCr soo?': little lUscu -lou !> tutot waa tiUm. and Mr. William W. Northrop waVptmnlraously nominal Ml AatenrolyraM for thi.i district. HinnnUIi Re/ttblican Oulrirt.?Till* Oonvontliio mot las oyeuiug. A coinmlttfe of five .vas upinktwlt' ?ufii wi'h the ililTumit organizations in (ho wurd, In regard t. the uoiuliiut.on of tt Union cuodiilaiM. Adjouriiuu W tht rail of (he Chairman. Cliumlifr of Commerce. rnorrt.?i no.v to kkkct a nkw bcildino fok tih CPE OF TlIS CHAHtlKlt?TUB MEDALS FoK TUB J!t. R0E3 OF FORT ftCMTBK, ET<\ Tim regular meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was bold at their rooms, ?: nor of William anil Cedar streets, yesterday at ono o'clock P. M.t Polstiah Porlt, Esq., being Id the cl air. Tho minutes of the laat regular meet ing ware read and approved. U|a u the iniuutea of thu last special mo>t lug of tho Botrd being read, the Pro?ideut stated that there was a good desl of doubt about the legality of that meeting, as well as tho appointment of the Pilot Commissioners, wlticU <4"* j'Uwo {ij yiaj^ Bitting, anil H yju)d h wolj to (indorse the appointments by a*"te of tl\3,Chinib<r. 'tho suggestion of (h" President wtuun.-initnous'ly adopted. The next business in order being thi> appointment of now mcinburs to the lkurd, tho numc o? John Jacob Actor, ir., Esq., was suggostod by Mr. Prosper M. Wotiuore. Mr. Pimm wanted to know whsro those Indiscriminate appointments to m?mbsr.inlp of the Board wore to stop. Mr. Astor was, beyond doubt, a gentleman of t^e high- 't re?p(cLablhy a/id standing, hut ho was not Imrtimllat >!y connected with the commerce of the city of New York. The organic ?tion of the chamber of Cbmmorce vfas sbu.ily intended for men who were merchants, amfrwb^se tmnio diate lutoreet was connected v, llh the buainos.^ tnujo of ft,, s locality. He (Mr. Phelps) had no objection what ever Personally to Mr. Astor, but ho lid net want to i2 frlng^ "pon tho by laws of the Chamber, whlch'expretm,y forbid 4k v appointments but tho?e riogBeKsliig the ijuailfi callous at\ '< said, Mr. W'rrjft. Kk, who propo^ Mr. Astor for membership, Kind that Uio wealth and inlloonce of tho dll . s ipuch towards the ndyunceiucnl of commerce na iu.j oilier materia! of whicft tho Board wn? composed. After noniofurther disenssiou Mr. Phelps withdrew Irs ob.:cctian, *ud Mr. Astor wan duly u. milted a member of the IV ai't. The following gen'.lemon \rere also admitted:?Messrs. Jonathan If liansem,30 fey .'fleet; Edward Mo'.i Itobm son, 8S Wall street; Selali Vau Duzer, New York Exchange Dank; Edward Willeits, 3l>3 l'oail street. The commit tec appointed to procure medals for thoofl! c -is and m n who no gallantly defended Fort Sui'it-T re ported that It woul I cost $1 ,ftCu to ; vovide the name, and, that sum not boh g appropriated, ihey ileslred not to go any further iu the matter without consulting tlie Hi ard. Mr. Pikus suggested the propriety of at ouce going Into a eolliyt'.f u to defray th ' ext out ei? iuci lontal to j>r> ?'.i. ,ug tho me.'.ila. Ue yolunte red to head tho II: t with $100. The Pfmpem here Elated that a copy of the apweh f | Mr. llo't, ucMiitly delivond befora the Chamber, ?a-i now prmtod In pasuphlet form, trad ready for delivery free to any person who might require It. Tho i;!' Mr. H. B. Minturn, one of the Committee of Arbitration, having expired, he wan unanimously ri - .'loct ed to the same po-iii m. Prol'-s.-' r i . iter was admitted an honorary member, and u Ion-' communication was read from tlutt neiit.. nun endorsing ib? |x>licy <.f tho pren?nt war, ms wull iuj e '111 plunentury to tin ( hambcr of Commerce ii-elf. Mr. WrisrouK oll'e ed tli" following r solution:? Resolve;' tho Kxacutive Coromltteo bo Irstructoil to prepare and submit, at the nuxt meeting ef tho Chain ber, a m n.orial to the Congress of the t nltod Staler, a king that authority bo granted to the Assay Ollleo in this ci'y to coin fer the natloual currency si:cli portion 11 roW anil sliver bullion wliieh may be in the Treasury of the United States as 1I10 Secretary and Troanuror shall dtrort. iho mover of tho resolution (Mr. Wetmoro) then went 011 at some length to argue in favor 01 Ma resolution. Within tho last four quartern, end i'iK September 30, nearly ,600,000 In silver end JlflS.OCO.OOO in gold had botn dei>osHed iu tho United Stales Assay Office iu this city. Nearly ^71,000.000 ill bullion had b3en transmitted to l'lii'adel >'hla for coinsgn, and, ara t from the risk ef iocs in tra isr.lsRion, it required four woeUs to return tho coin, while If It were colnr-d in this city it would bo returned to tho own'-r of the bullion hi three days lie hud a g> >?! do:d of ie*j ect for the express com; allies, b :t h deubted whether ono of them could atono for (ho l..?-. of ttsanve cai go. Tho rosolutlon was ni'optnd unanimously. Mr. lluieii'ioen then proeeeded tn read a l^ngthj' a I dresa to tho Chamber, in which he stated that !..? was the bearet >f a proposition from an eminent citizen if tYs oily, which was worthy of attention. That gentleman offers to erect a 8ubst ".ntia.l and commodious building in the nelahlmrhood of William and Pine ?t.r< et?. tho up; <r story 01 which should ba usod nxclusivuly for the bo'.i. i'.t. of tho Cliamlier of Commerte. In I.iverpeol the Intleeuci which tb irChamberexorelsed ha I brought that city t1 iv> one of In ? greatest commercial < of the "world, and it was but Ju?t tl>at the New Vork rinmbo- 0! <"? rri meree sheul l exorcise a liko influence. The got ?'? n .. 1 In question proposed to erect Uifs building solely at hi" own ex|<ense, and did not usk the essiataree nt 1 pin -'r '-m be -of the Chamber, tin ih > top of thebnlldlnr wu Intended to on t m o' s-rv utory and a clock, which M bo feet, the extreme length of the hay, a-.e' which would be a great nssistanuo to marineis iu pasalr.i; in nti'l out >1' the li'iibnr. IheFX'harge rcadlt'g room, it whf i) . upht, could bo also attached to tho building. Nr. p!o ?i.: argued tho tasl Itoneflt which would undouh.eUly . >. ? ?? to the t ham ber by tho occ pttneo of this propositi' n.nnd concluded by prtpcrlng the followiug resolution, ?hic.h was adopted:? Resolved, That a committee 1 f Ih'eo lie r.pprir.led, of which iho Provident of this < hatnber shall !).? cha.rinitn, to take Into cotiSldf ration iinJ report upon the prop m!i 11 this day made for a futuro change of its location. Messrs. B'o<n1good and Ci co wore denominated as s ch committee to act with the I'resident of the Chamber. Tho Ucwd then adjourned. iijnktlc. SIXOLK SCULL RACE FOIS TWO HtTNnRKrt DOLLAR". On Thursday, October 3, JoUn Biglin an! J ,hn McGready rowed a live mile race on tho TIar o;n riv r in single scull shells for a pi', rso or tw > hnndrad doll am, each puty depositing one h'tndrod dollars. McGrea<'y is known as tin winner of the tltst prizi ..t tho late regatta of the Empire City Regatta Club, Mid also for onro i.g iu as second to Josb. Ward at tho rodnrt (>?rnw*li Regatta, r.igltn in one of the crew of the celebrated fourttiT*d fbell George J. Brown, of N<w York, l oth men rank as test class oa- smen. A very largo . ?n,Mhla,-e of si ?-?' la tors Were r:o3eut. The bt.iko boat wan anchored ? if ConradV YorkviHe Park, at the foot of Ninety-third street, Harh m river. At about four o'cloik r. M. ihc Eisnai was given, when b th got off v.-oll to^ntb r. TUo race wan a very closa and tiVb"y nnnteainr one all the distance, Biglin on tho lead from one t> throe lengtlm 0:1 all thi tur''j>. Pigiin finally rcached the J".d>, ''8 boat about one length in advance, winning the race by three pac-nds, In 39.47. Blglin rowel in the K'sic,ljulit by f-haw. of Ncwburg. McGready rowod tho Armstrong, built by himself. United State* Marshal's Office?The Slave Trade. Oct. 8.?Deputy Marshal Anderson returned this morn ing from Portsmouth, X. II., whither ho bad been fat by Mars! al Murray, for tbo purpose of hunting up evi denes In Blave casus. Anderson succeeded In nioct'u,.' with four persons', two of the crew of the Cora and two of the Triton. The Marshal expects to obtain several others of the crew* of slavers *ho are supposed to bo In the neighborhood of !'< . ton. The "ommandcr of the Unitel Slates squadron was generally in th" habit of Bonding homo tho slaver crows in prise vrs-iels, bet tho goviriimoiit ha\ ing orde: od home th? greater portion of the African rquadron, tli ? Marshal resorted t* his own resources to hunt up the required evidorce. Personal !nt< llif;i'nrr. Prince de .Toinviile, aconmpar.i.Hl by Pr. I.eelere, re turned fronrNewport. on Wednesday niyht. Tbe Due da Penthlevre Is now visiting the Falls of Niagara. The Prince paid auotbor visit to "Brady'a photographic gallery yesterday, where a splendid Imperial photograph of him was taken, which will be rradv for oxhltrffton In a few days. Carta de visilct of tho Prince and his son have also been rrevorci by Mr. Brady. The Prince will visit his nephews at Washington some time during the prusout week. Senator Fepsenden,of Maine; W. S. Conda. of Wiscon sin; X. P. Whitney and wifo, G. Liverroore, w. Pago and P. B. GooMsell, of Boston; Professor French, of Wont Point, and B. BuTiiid, of Providonce, are stopping at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel. Lieutenant Colonel Romanoff and wife, of Russia; Geo. C. Strong, of the United States Army; Mrs. W. B. Oreone and family, and G. H. Shaw, of B ston, and A. F. Potig la.-<, of Rye, N. Y., are stopping at the Clarendon Hotel. Hon. T. A. Jencks, of Providence; Dr. F. H. Brown and wife, John I.. Graham and w. Maekey aad wife, or Bog ton; Mrs. John Monro* and family,of Paris; J. 1'. Doane, Joseph II. Pallas and Rev. B. H. Leaeocte, of Pennsylva nia , are stopping at 1 he Brevoort House. Wayne Olwine and wife, of Philarlelptua; H. T. Vacder hoff, of Astoria; (barbs H. Leeds, of 9tamford, Conn.; W. Roberts, ol Walerburv; Thomas Bei'oand wife, ol lfcek man, N. Y.. and James T. Greene, of Fawtucket, are stop ping at the Lafarge House. Colonel C. I.. Cobb, of Michigan; H. P. Lor ing. of St. Louis : P. McKibbeu and S. 8. Carroll, of the United State* Army: Joseph Leonard, of Boston; F. W. Porr, of tin United States Coast Survey; P.P. Ckrlsty, of California. Itr. A. Wilson, of Cuba; J. P. Parker and A. D. Douglass, of tho United Stales Navy, and J. C. McGurre, of Wash ington, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. George Harringtou, Assistant Secretary of tho frcusu ry; Brigadier cenerni Williams, of tho Untied Plates Army; Commodore Aullck and Lieut. SchoonriaVer, of tbe United States Navy; Charles Sagony and wife, A Cescire, Mrs. J. H. Bonnabol and M. Mariondel .of Fi anw, IJ. P. Johnson, of All any, and K S. Justice, uf I*hila<M phia. are stop, ing at tbe Artor House. Col. Steptoc, K. K. Clary, Jr.; Major Bur'ieck, l^iitcd; Stato Army; Gen. Townsend ?nd wife, W. G. Hoatdnian, B. Wilson, Albany; Geo. Turnbuii, Mr. A^uk tou, 1?. N. Richarils, ,L A. Hovey. Boston; Hon. R. 3. Fentjn, New York; M. H. Punn< 11,1nlt".l States Consul to Wra Cray,; Lieut. H. Stoton. Vienna; R. S. Wood^Bermuda; .1. W. Fuller and wife, lion. R. Sage, Troy,ant*. Hon. W. G. Stoole, New Joisey, are ptopplng at the St. NVholaa Hotel.

Hon. J. H. Peters, of Washington; Dr. T. Chi Ids, or I PlttsBcld; W. T. Bury and lady, of England; L. 3. Stock ing and lady, of Now Jersey; Hon. X. R. lo^ersoll, orCon neuicut, sad N. Borry, of Paris, are at the Albormarlc Hotel. Americans In Paris, registered by Lherbette, Kane f: Co., from Sept. 7 in Sept. 15, 1861?Mr. acd Mrs. It. h Stuart, Ale*. C. Gayot,Capt.>trs. end Ml?s Wotton, ?. 0 , Bartholomew, G. Knight a.,id family, G. Blaxome, M. 1>. HaskOt Porby, M. I)., r*ew York; Mr. and Mm. W. F ! New Orleans; Tv F. Metierott, Washington; Wi'. llam Walter i'helps attf wife, Mrs. John Pholpn* Nanoleot Sari uy and lady ,M-.?. n I Mrs. Booncn Gra.ce*. Miss Un met, MifS Miers ;vew York. Gov. Androv, or Ma-"JichusotU, is utoudlug Uio W\ t ultut?J fhlt ftt3W"m;. l(i'il thewotio. wvaa^,.^,v. Wjxt'^vs Arrivnl ***e Ovtrlauil k **ritl?li Co from C?lli.Nr",m? 0,,K?*? *nd ?. PrM" liiDibln?1'Itv Dr. HcoU'? "* l>yl<-*iun Churt.^ ?f San FtitnelM<. Heavy Buliu in CullforNla* Mu% ciiieutm of Troop*, i'??i rf?c? OtOKR ST ATMS, l'A< W TKIWIRAPH, 1 810 Miib- East or .Salt Lakk Crrv, > \1. 2,1801. / Tho puny o\prv?8 from Call'ornia |)(Ui Vd lwre at obi< o'cUx k to-day. I>y it we have the follow lug;- ~ PanFkavcte'vi, Pt<pt. 2;!^?P M. Arrived 23d, bark Dane, Hamburg, 21th, bark >'zzlo Hoggs, Bordeaux. Spoken, August 8, tat. 60,long. 110, i hip Mary JonV?, Howes, of Now IJedlord, oight mouths out, with 160 bbls?% oil. all well. Suited September 21, ship Ambcrciuk, carrying 36,000 rai k.i or w heat. 117 l>oioa silver <-ro ai.ri 18 ca?i s Califor nia wine, for Sidney; also bark Evsngolic, forSidnoy, nai ryii g wheat uuU oatu, a3U, ship l'lir.utom, for Shaug hae. Tho market Is quiet In the nbaenee of fresh arrival.'. Solf: *0.000 lbs. Costa Rica cofTeo nt 20)jc. Small salt s crushed sugar at IBCandles higher and none oflorlug by importers. Salon 'J00 flrkins of butter, via tho Isth mus. at iSc. a 'iSr. Heavy auction s.tios of sugar at a do olliie. SuV'g bbls. Billings' hams at 11VC- Wheat firm, v. iih froe sulci ut Jl .10 u $155. Extra flour, |6. Parley, for export, S5e. a S7f-(c. Ttio nvsitiun taken by the Bo v. Dr. Scott with regard to the duties of tlio church on tho Union question, as ad vised b> tlio last exprors, wag tlio pretext for a popular outbreak :!i fr?mt of Culvsuy ihunti <? -MinUay last. Some time before daylight in tlio morning several tlaiyj li.t l been idue .(I in mo church, while au etUgy labelled " roctcr Scut, the Traitor," hung nonr by. About a tlioua i?td people wore assembled Iu front of the church wh m r\i?; Doctor entered to perform ih" ra >r?lng Ser vice. ,<? mn of the pooplo manifested their disyleaaL-ro f>y luB'lug l im ; s ho passed. Theehureh vriu crowded by mi ondiMco wls> llsteiiod attentively through an lines utptionabie sermon. Tho crowd outaide increase! some. wfj.t befcro tho norvlo" cudcd. As tri") IVictor cani? out and cutoicd a mrrliiL-n in .'umpiiny with ? lady, a rish wat; made U warda him, apparently more'from curiosity than u.t? infill purptiaes. Ther w in also considerable hissUm mid hootlrg r.od tho use of "(tensive im . piage words tke reverend Doctor; rtm tho (po lio.- succeeded in preventing any .?ri<?iN dis turbance it is the general Impression that tltere wore it h.;ndj*o<l ot more thouglitlei-a, oxeited iu'lividuute iu tho crowd wli" were in favor of lynching 111" I'octcr, or riding iom on a i art, or sumo slullar indignity; but it iv not bo lluved tli.'it tke crowd on tho whole would liave pmnltted such luwl ss proceedings. On Monday l)r. peremp tor ily resigned the past r; lii|i of Calvary church, Hold tho house wVoro ho resided, and has made arrangements to s?,il i"r Eur pe, with family, by tlio tirbl clip,.* ; ship ilui artiiig around i'apo 11 ru for thai destination. 'ilis action in tho Doctor's jmrf and Ms i>'? ini>< decision to einigriittrsti Europe, rather than to the devil, tia\ o, to a ;;roat eStoii"??ro>.toro<! km liy feel'ugs toward.- hitn. Tho late troubles on his account arc iono riil!y spolrcn of regretfully. J'.og ? I. o Henry, who was arrested on ft charge of (an 1 oriit wlib i soldi, r, li. s had an examination and burn discharged, liis ? Hone* being |irovod to have been frivolous. Viaior General Hal look rorolved last night a trfoadlor <1 net al's c nnnussi'in for lion, .lames tbl -Ids, ot this city, and formerly United States Svcatrr from Illinois. Mr. Sljieli s Ii'im lately been married, and is now on a wudiling tour to Mexico. 1 he Siprome Court In full bencb l*s decidod the Sun day law to bo oinstitutional. Dates from I.os Angolea to Septrmbor 24 says;?AVo have l eeu vlsiied with h nvy rain for tho lait thro.' days, which ha< nstet:dvd over nearly tho wholo Smthorn por ti. n "f tlio State. The Fiist rogiwut of faliforuia Volun teer.', under I,( ntenant ('? lotiel West, are encamped at il:e lialii na, about eleven milts from thin place. Tbis liu rnlio; tifty dragoons of Captain I>avi 's?nV conuu icd, u-iiler I.ioutenatit Carr, loft haro toosoort the train of wa gons back from Fort Yuma that worn i.sed for the trans i in-Ution of Ilrjant's cnmmund, Captain llivMson having r-wived reliable information tnat an attempt was to be tnude to K?i*' tlio ira.n ? n Its by parties cal.lng the,wives m-..':>ionli>ii). A compat y i f cavalry Intend ed f tOiIouoI Smith's rogiuiunt of cavalry wa.i otg uiiwd lttrl iiif lit, and about Savcnty linmos enrolled. The *:?-outer SierraNevai'a arrived on tlie 231 InRt. wrli ISritlsh Columbia dates of tlio 17lh, and Orogon d.iif tb ? l'.tth li st, slio brought, froiuthe Northern ciik t $!< "iJ0 in ballion, clghty-six packages of cranberries, 4:.n bbl.-. < f a;v, !os. ii' ty live balos ol \v ol, 400 i-ack.-> ? f, a ft?6 paokag'B of biittcr. C'>1. Wright, United State- Army, who ln.-i boon c un mmmil'-K the department of Orog n WaaliirgU-n Tor rlti-rj,rlvoii by tho Sierra Nov ? a a-id pi oe.: 's to t/ig Am- tn aS.-<i.iiio cianniand oi tho army low assotn on, ill re. Wheuav- r ijonural Sumner in"Vea with tho i;i-w r '. iinentp, Col. AVright will com - up to tak<- ?1 m lui.nil, ill his a! senc.e, <-f the California district, lleiore l-avir.g V ithiiat -n t I'ritory I. Wright made a iwjui sllion up nGnvtrnor WhitaUor for a com| ?t),v ot ni Mint ed volunteers to arve f?r three years on th'; frontier. Tlio I'm lie: d Adrtrtif r B tys thai tl i> mir.?rs In the Nez I' no,or i!l i ?? gs art t.iaicll'g groil wages every .'.ay; in the v.u nity .... 1 at Kik Ci y a id .-'ii th 1-" ik.t'a-' min.'iw ave rage from olgl.t t-i twonly dollars (>???? .ley; but they are turning, inuring to winter in that locality. The -> inly tourt h-n.Mnt Alb iny, Oregon,wosdostroyod by lire on Sunday, tl 14th ii St. Hi" % i"t ia pit;-, rs i'h e an account of tho burning of the tow of l^aiinmp b> the Indians. Tho i-i c-ptl n of gold by every arrival from Kra-or river was large. Quite ii number of brick bull llntrs have been erected In Vl'tor'a within tlio ImsI two or three m'-nthi. Two of six new warehouse* ? n Wharf street ure Uoarly cotnidoiod. KsRRX.tNX at Ili:r?wx.TH.?71 e ll:st app-^aianro of the rrefitldlgitateur In Hrooklyn dr< w togother last ovenlng < ;?e oi' the largest audience.? that has cvo" bee;, uss tn blol in the .'.caricmy of Music. Ity five o'clock on the j revious day every float had been taken, and when the dooru op 'lied thoro was a tremendous rush tn secure i v u st,11 ling room. Tho receipts showed on a. dlenco Of nenr'y three thonsiuid perfous, or about one-thiid nmro tlain the sitting accommodation of tho house. Tho ex perini- i.t hi^s been :~o suet..tssfill that iir. II rrmai.ti will t.o O.i .bt bo induced to five a series of his soiroi s In Brooklyn. To-night ho resumefi his performances In Voui toentb street, whore their attraction contlnuoe at powerful us ever. Co ruin ri' Inquests. Tin Gwnwwicii SimsT Isfaxticm Cam.?Coroner Jackinnn bold i n tuquo*t yesterday, at No. S134 Green wich street, ujion the !)? <1y at' the Infant son of Mary Antic liakor, who <1!o-l f, nn the cfTictnof vlolonoo re ceived at Uio bain's of a G> rmmi pjiyniclnn named Wilson. Tbe went to sb< w that tlw mother attempted to brlta a i <apoctable physician lodoawity with tlie ilfo of tho iufftht.M..: il.rt upca lu? roliihal to jxrform She docd she ealiod In Wl'eun, who applied iiuudages to the I ttie ouo r.Qd boc i Suflo<ated it. IIio jury rtndorod a verdict of "l;eath ft cm vlolonco at the hands ofDr, Wi'son; aid consider the motlior, Mary Ance Baker, ?ocejwry before tbe fact." Upm the rendition of the above vcrdlct, tho motlier was taken Into custody, and a warrant was (Vsued for tbo arrest of the missing doctor. Fatal t'wtrr i* wf. 8am Ward.?Cormier Jack-man was not.Hud to bold an lnqieet yesterday upon tbo body of Timothy Sullivan, a native of Iiohiud, agud C8 years, who did at the Now York Hop pi tnl from the effect* of lnjnrfes received the night previous, wbi:e engaged in n ll^ht witb ono Michael Connolly, at No. 41 Mr.iberrjj street.. Deceased, It appears, was dancing iti hit- foetlroom on Wednesday night, when the family living below him. sent up word tiint hi' was making n great 'iisttirhaii re, and requested him t > de.-.-t. I'cccasod | aid no attention to tbe r^qnost, lii wver, bnt centlu;:ed bin Cstnc'.ng us vi.uittly as ev r. Pretty so n Mich-iel Connolly rushed into the room with a clnb in hit hand, and st .ck deceased out be head. A general light then ensued, In which deceased had lih skull fractured, bes! ',<?* recelvl' j? iBtnb in the rw<k and tbl^'h. Thopolici arrived at ti:o sc-'ne of lint conflict In timo to nrrest thaa-wllant mid c t v ''??? w uuded to the hospital. Every attention wrs paid to doecascl by tho physicians at tlie. Now York II ispilal; bat. ho commenced to sink rn: Idly end de d in a fow hours after hie admission. Tbo imjuuj-t upon tho body ol SjIIIv in will le held to-day. Arrivals anil Departures. AHltlVAU'. HiWU< avt SooTHimrT'iM?KtanrasMp I - t'rn?Mrs ,T A Wotten, C Hi rt-'t.i , lm.n lseltnand two net/lie w?, Cum Au Hrk.lfSN; L fli! ?is, ln.iy and ? Mul; I" O Yn.ana anliainl iv, An* l.iin'.ert, F L Alm?lda, TO Ogde?. D 8 T)o<li{? and lady, Mrs Biinnahel, Mrn-V A Xnt!?? ', Mir Rondloeila, E i Ovfpj;;on and fam.Iy, Rngon* l'revoat :?.i family, Mr Mar aoiidet, ("apt Batfnrv ant lady. K J>n| iu?-" ?r, MrCassin, f-fr Bernard, lady and )>lti; Mi IVmining, Till euder and lady, T N earlw. A Fe?*l*r, Meimrt, Ijicrolx, Veiicny ?nd CanUe, M?H Biw ?n liiil'i, Mr Wilson aud faintly, J W<iod, tov Mr Uullbimd, Mr Ir??a Vc.n H.dillliog. LTon Schllllt*. K I. h Solum*,djr and child; MrajMlMra nll!^^e', Mrs Aotie. Mlf ?J Dop? and Dnlr t i., Mrs Odo and ihtld. Mi ? S I' n, (> WMel7, Mj' J'aul.f? rt. ti Ses? nn.irf, 1. Knribaitm, II !>nfi, J Robln?on? C Bi lai-rt, V Von .-k.!u>nre. CVerMaetae, K B^anard, 8 iu athler, Marie K Mikie.r, Mn B <) Waln<?Hght, 11 T Skerl, ! oser Mnne, Miss E ! Rev Mr DawanHU're, J Brncdlc, H L Bolide, Mri | I'liflmn, Mr Pltoa, Mr ltteu. Mr? Iilirnianti and daughter, ; Mrs .Inhn Munne and family. M\t? Oartlly and Uttee cbil> , (tren, Mra Levy iO'l nephew, K baneatel. Mra SK Butter i wertn and fon? oiildren. Tbon Wrk, Mi"? Ci njiieet, M? I Stephen.", ? U*ldstni(h nnd lady,. Mri I' irter. BBro'tn, 0 I Brown. H Hefeilsch* A Woodley, Mra Onereux, Mra C Her 1 mann, Mr Ifallier, Mr ("otto/, F Rle^ln, w|r? and child; ' Mnrla Rlesie. Ad SalirJn. J Blaer.uler. V Feoeiate, T Dorr, | B Klou, L aermite, II Lorenn, A \Vlfinannv J TThiura, B , Berendoen, J Janlz'-t, A Muuh/rt, wife ai.d eiiilii; J Cauuia, . J Perra, F-Lailea, 0?ear ant Salomon WeiL Bernard and i Julius L>*i)ui?, l>Loaoutola,Kr Weudesotb, Mr Derre??KXI in all. riWABTfllUH. j LivriiPoot.?St?arr hip Suropa, feotri "Hn<tf>n?Mr Reyal B i Ri>l)liin? and wtfe, J ti V .'?^in;; aud ? lie, '111-1s Uurgcsa, Mra I Jnht Martin and child, W W KvereU, II S Everett, Tho* P i l'erjv hii'I Oe<> P bar'-, ?f Beaton; 'An Moore, u! Newbury jxiik; Mrs J P Bwee ?eritnd t.hild.jJia Ann MeG 11 very, two ehthlren and servant* at Se*r?port \ Arnold Qreen and Amos lvvry, of PioYiden*.. U 1; Tli i* J Falea, ol II.ui^yrviJ A il ' Solomon and two, A \V H iV. Mr* D B Uile, \V B Tlf I U'iie,.l It Bioakois, Mr* W T adale. Mrs K P Bloaaom, C H ! Thompaon. Kev Tf?: WIlKinsrwx I) II Wlckham, S J Winter, Y. I o?K-iit, K P Miller, pn.v.kan.1 I BZ?br?.o! New York; Mr Harrison, V Johnsnti.o'/Baltimore; Mra Wm K Maxwell, of Brunswick: Rev Anr.fiercon Hellmutb, of Oueher;; Mr and Mrs T Walker, two e/titdren aud nurse, o< Nen Bruns wlek: Marena Starmn.1;. Mi^s Rlleu Stai i.nck, of Knitueke'-t ; Mra Oeorge Starbuek, child and nnrte, of do; FredOReador i?l Svilney O't', of i<oitdnn; Oei Ouimry andwi'o and J P O'indry, ot Piir.'eivhlrc, En^lati.t?48 For ll Vdfa*, i M !e llaron and Madame iioiliean, n aid m M i blid.i.f O'.t'b,' , Mlas T.d ln, Utsa Du; M M l?t.? e.-, V ? :arV w|f,. ,?| daughter, Ht,f C C'httrcnli! and Ml - E'.len li's- v, ?>, it ?.it.,x Th- m Fiater. of N'> i s 'i; ?-?' :. ? ,.| ? ? il'iri'x; US He i-i of Honon: !"m A^tferinann and W H^N.wKwrfwMI 'Cotii,.*. More Prlrt Cnte? Drcldrd. VNITHD STATUS DISTRICT COURT. IWfuro Ilou. Judge Botti. Thf United SkiUs tw. the bark I'ionfer?This vowel was capturodon the iotli of May, J? <iI, l>y tin United Ptutos pi.-ivniur yuukor I Hy, Captain Matthews, for a viola tl n of tliu blockade of Richmond, V.u The government ned a condemnation of tluv v e- "1 and cargo nseno Sop V*'me Co?r'-C hamper.. DKCT'IONB. Efcfoi 0 H ,n- Suili'-i-Lina. Oct. t.?timrjA.. uaru and a"u<>' ?*? CharletA. l/ar. vey tho finding* ?. 1CRSo ,etl'cJ Chnrl, iF.CIa/n w i. '".^'"^',7^,1"' OMt"u' BotUc of Long tsUi, vl?.Vfotton den. ' V?'J'1 1 Joseph II fw in ?s. On .?. '?Thc tnfvy have an orin w for the "'"'Ion on payment of tho oats of tho pl'thrtir* utUirm**. 1 88 l>y tlw Clerk; not otherwise. Costs to neithi* this motion. William IUnLv> * t?. Mm,* > MMhem?Motion for leave to renew m.ttton without ei>?v " 10 Winer juirty. The Heat of A Vnr In ni?w\'r<t The Sent OF WAlt IN VIItaiN.TL and the Wft SK'AT OF WAK AT A OLANCE, on the [Tew York HenM A " Maps; tliirty. two map*, lioauMiiillv col'veil: *M ?( >hrf\ 4tNt60 Inchei, Price only U : $12'S0 p,vTO Ar-i L-t w?iu>d. Addredl K. H. Lloyd, exi'lnM re n?em,? 30S Bnunlit'uy, N. Y. Official Urn\Tln|i ?'?t Hurray, Kdrly' A Co.'i K- ii111ik and Missouri hi'****' L'?tIt rli'ii. K?i?Ti!C?r. ICxtka Class Ail?O. , lwi-3, IHdl. 6.r>, 22. 4". I.'i, 72, 2, '>0, 7, 71. 5fi. '>?*, 71. Kicntpcky, Clash 522?October"!, 1*1. 84, S, 4II, ?>, 75, :i?, !(J. 211, 7*. 24. 3H. 4, 10. Clrcularsa-nt free of charcn tiv ali.'^slns either to MUitKAY. KDDY t CO., Covington, Ky -pi' St. Louj, Mo. | I R*ynl ncTAim IiOftdrv.?l'Vhts Crriliril nud information fnriilahed by TAYLOR i Bubn. 10 Wall (frost, N. V Prlzaa CiiMhrd In All lV>ttrrfea nml information givtn by J0SBPH liATt'K, 4vik\ r, No. IB \\ nil street, up stairs, Sew y ,rk. Gi ntli mvn who Desire n Pine . mif Kle Hat, should oixll ut liil'KIWCHEID'S, 11? N s*au ?t. Tall Style y?<ii?jC Gcuh' ilntu, AUo, the Oxford Soft Mut. Now ready, ?t Will TE'b, tin lluttor, 210 l>rondway. A Tnvly lint anil Clean Hoof* Drill a man.?KNOX'S lad style o! Uata exceed* any of hi-; ti snier effort*, ami ni?Xe? tliem the beau Ideal oi' the Luilf- Vt lilsold Mauri, No. 212 lln.Mw.iy, corner of Fulton Ktitet, may be scan crowd* dally, examining Kiwv.s Ki'Icudid -i kc tton of hatn of c\ i-ry (leisnptlon and maicliu put 'haaea. .tir a but that i;j a hat, wesay fclvc Kt. * a call, O!' all tlio hatli IV lu the town, Kir>\ knock* ibem all. Laillr* ftmn Dhv Country WlihlaK handsome OaitrrH. 12s ; Wltm mid Ties. Oh. mid 7x. per pair. Hoy*', Misses' nml chitdri n'a Hhoen, all styles and price*, at MILLER A OO.'S, Ml Cainl street. Pnre Lit|u?v??>Biiy Voiir I,l<im?rs for wholetate or family trsde at Fifteaath street DUtillery, cs tabliidicd lu 1832, ut 255 Went Fifteenth stri vt. A Pure 'rtilmrrii.?Vrllon Uimlc Toliav* co ?<HH)1>WIN'S l'nre Yi II dw Baalc Tobacco, free from all Impurities, for aale by nil toliai' o and aexar dealer* tinil ?t wlmWle by K. UOODWiN x lilUJTlli.K, 2)7 and 2ft) Water street, New York. To Army HniImi-<Sp*i'lul U^iriii, Silk II indkon hi< i* for lh < army ui BAILKY ft SuUTHAKD'S, 27 I'ark place. Oyninnsllt iii?( hi ??n ure Now Forming for Hit' mju'oii ?t joliN WOOD'S Gymnasium, Nos.iandtf East Twenty-eighth'street, near Fifth avenue. Rrumlri.'tU'>Pni? Act i>? u Mllmulni, rr establishing the power of illaention and excretion. In the oouis aud uillueii/.SH now JUalcntin saffTor tmitermcdl cine can utwili Sold at No. 2d1 < street and No. 4 U nlon mpum-. Iitira IlMlr Dye?00 Cei.ta, liluck or br iwn; I e*t in nun. Depot No. 1 Unr Uy utreut, and sold by aUUiuggtst*. Balcheloit't llulr Dyi?Tl>? Ucst In tbo world?Harmless, reliable nud lnet.aiii.tuieou*. Sold and applied at 11AT<11111,0KI8 wb; factory ,1AI lViud mrtet. CrUtadoro'ii Hair Dye, "Wit^s nml Ton pecs.?The best lu the worl!, who: ?ale nud retail, and the Dje privately appll> d. No. <' Astor IIoumc. Mllllary Shoulder Brncci anil Abiloml roil Supporter* comlunaa?V new and .uperlor article, at MAK'-il & CO. S Tri'.*s uulce, No, 2 V< sey atrecl, Astor llouae. Cliill* nml Pcvcr Can Only be EflVrfu ally en red by llolloway's Pill*. They a. t direclly on the liver anil contain no mine) ill. DlarrleiU Caliwhiw? How lij Brta-kiyo, on Tliurgdny, Oclc ber 3, by the Be v. Saury J. V .11 i >y ke r Mr. Jjinifltui.; kn tiCK, uf New York, to Mias Admc*, dan^bter ol'the late Mr. James Hodge,Glaii :ow, S othmri. KiiAMi:?Wiiurrx At i'ay Mi'v, Kiuslung, L. 1., Tenth im nili, October 2, by Frlenda twntony, Ciiari.ih P. Fhamr, toCarouki, daughter of the late Jaeub H. Willct*. Lank?.Ik^kinm?At KilzaSjth, N.J., ou Wattlnaaday, Octobers, a'. t!:o risidcLn.e ofjaineo JaukliM, by the Bov. Mr. Clark, HimkyH.. Uum, of Kliaabcth, to Locum Ja?kt.v?, formerly of New Rrim- wick, N. J. 1'hk.vti h?Swas.?On Monday, Mai eh 11, at the ruBi deuoa of Dr. H. Kiuih, Mr. N. Hmbpabd Pi SNTMa,only sou of H. K. PrettiM, Kaq,. to MIm Afffj'T. 8wah, all ot tlilH city. Wt'**f?Mrivt.rrr.?At Greet V<ek, L. I., oti Thursday, October a. by Km. 11 r. itirtar, V*.v Wick wiiium, Jr.,of New York,to Jniotraixa I*, >U igliter of tho lato Joseph L. Il'.'wiott, of tbo form r place. Died. Avr.RY.-r-On Thursday, Octotur t, aornAR At**y, afied 71 yea;?. ft moiitha and 2i days. Tbo fritfiid* of the family uio respectfully invilod to attend tho funeral, from l?i? lat?residence. No. 100 Siin ton street, on Saturday morningPat nine o'clock. A.nn.iiu.e.?At tho General Hoipltal, Vr.rtriwa Mcnroa, Va.,onMday.Hoptcmber 2T, of typhoid fever, II. AsNMitM,of Not'wulk, Ccuu.Tag?il 21 yaar.n, 7 months und 10 days. Portsmouth (N. h.) papers please copy. Baby??.?In this city, on Wednesday, October 2, after a lingering Illness, Saml-si. Bakxss, Id the SStli year oi bi? ay. The friends nro invited to attatid the funeral, from his lute resilience, No. 2 Spring streot, corner of Bowery, th.ri (>riday) afterno< n at one o'e.Vck. Bqohmas.?On Wednesday*. Oi'tober 2, at hin house on the Socoud avenue, Bombt Bookman, long a resldont of this city, ugod 71 years.. The friends of the of his brother, James fioormnn, nro requested to attend the funeral, without further notion, this (Friday), afternoon, at one o'clock, from .Vj. 136 Second uvenuo. In Brooklyn, on Thursday, October 8, Mrs. Lyma Bvi-kucy, aged 80 years anu -J mouths. Its J i.Nrxy.?At t) e rinidcaco of I)r. Bibby,Tonkers, Westchester county, Tuomas J. l'% Lascky, In the 40tU yonr of bis ago. Ills relatives and ft land* are respectfully InvBed to at tend the funeral, at St. JMra'h church, Yonkors, oo siatur day, at.twelveoSoloekij vrttbout further rnvitatir.rt. L'oyi.k.?On Wednotdajv October 2, Mary K. Poyir, daughter of Putrirk u.jri SUria Doyle, aged 1 year tf months and 13 days. Tiio relatives and fri'.cKls ?f the family aro;rospectfully invited to attend tbo .funeral, th.K (I'ternoon, from the residonr.o fltiUer parents, 116 Mn 1 berry strooi, at (,nc o'clock. Fables.?(hi Wednesday,October 2, of liptben*. Ho is AfwCrmuiKRS, youuRoel eon of Joi n P. aaA RcsuFarloo, aped 0 years. Ths relatives ond^rlrmJs of tho family irr resentfully luvltud to attend tlai fnnaral, from 01 Ht-to strvut, Brook lyn, this (Friday) urtensuon, at two o'el?jtk? Kay.?on|ii .October 2, William Fay, eldOKt ] Wj-J of Andrew.sJtdi .{uw?nna Fay, aged 3 years, tl months and ]5 day*. Tho funeral wHV take plan.- froir tho reshrtnee of hH I puivnts, 43 Miuluuatjeot, this (Frlijy) a: teraooo, at two o'clock. Froy.?OC apejilewy, ?<? No. 4 *{?vy ati-iet, Brooklyn, Maktin Froy , a latirro of Cloume' firolund, %:oA 43 yeius. li.'ithers iu law,relative? and Mends wt|l please attend tho funeral, oj*Sacardajr aftern ^n, at t?'j. o'clock, from Ills late residinue.No. 4 Navy jireet. Watarford audClonrsel papers' please Ctoy. Oiujs.nax.--On Woduesilay, Jclober 8, Mrs. Mart Gum ma*, aged years. Her frifnita and relativej aro rc:tfieat?d to atfcjnd tho funeral, thft(Vridty) afternoon, wi'ihCivt further notice, from ber 1st* resiilonce, V'x 4 Horat'o ats-eet. San Fraostaco papers pi aim; copy. CiAtutw.?On niursdr/, Octobor 1, ?4aut E., daugliter of 1'rawaK. Unbagan, 'ieoeosed, in tin 12th year of hct age. Thp funeral will trie place ou.Smnrday afternoon,,at two e.cfr'ck, from Pcjtland affinity near Hanson place, Brooklyn. ll*t*t'.?On Tuesday, October 1, TUdikt, the t>oi>ved'o of Patrick WUUam Hsjid,and daughter of the late Patrick Flttslmcu,aged 'Jf> y?uw,ll n?mtlis uncVl day. Cue friends aul relative# ar? ronpoctfuliy in/it?i to *ttoud thofuuer J, this (frl !av> rfterneon, ftt tws o'clock, fi'om her late residonco, No. 2K Helancey stri? I. HiouiKi.?0? W?ln?day, <xrt?>ber 2, Pmuz-HJGGi*** * nativoof Cloueooose, eoitniy teltrim, Irelar.'i. The relatlxts and friends ?re r< ?pectfulljr invited toat tend tho fr.teral, this (Friday) afternoon k at halt past throe o'ctsck, from his I Up residence, McW Btroot, MotU havon, WMtchesUr couoty. His remajas will betaken to Morrb&aia for Interment. Kkllt ?On Thursday, 'Jctobcr 3, P-bsrt J. Kkixt, son or ThunosKeUy,formerly of l>rcgWda, Irctandy jit-ed 7 Dublin and D""ghoila papers plMse <?py. Kknxv.?On lliundsy, October 3,Tukxtot Kexny, rob W R"K-<r and Uargret K<-*-Ay, ag I ?> years aud \ 8 months. The irlenas and rebUvat.i tho faiui.y aro roRpoetfully I Invited to attend the fiutetal, this (Friday) afternoon, ui two O'clock,from tho. residence, Wl I'eck slip, i l.r.iM;sfri>y.?At Aworia, t)n Thursday,October 3. Sam j tjel Uvuosto*, agod 0}years. i Tho relatives in fi fi iends ut tho family are respee.tfuUj I toattet1^ the riincrttl, tin-- (Fruliy) afternooa, a1 two o'clock. VithoutfUfthei Invitation. S\ Ji bu ?.',*?? ;ui'l i't >1 ..-iiia ?: - ; ,?o c ??y Mt..i4u-'~ya .vs' -i A**?ffKUir.ta fnnt son of W. n. ami M. C. Miller, aged 0 months and 11 days. iiif rolativ<?? ami frienils of Ihul'amily are invite ! to at tend the funeral,from iha residence of lils parents,' o. l-.'i Allen street, on Saturday morning, ?' eleven o'clock. Mdkmkty.?on IbuiKtlty, OctoherS, Mary II., wife of Albert P. Morlnr'.y, aged 47 years. Tim r><lativ< s and friend* < I the family, and of her s"Wi In-law, W. H'ttohlnaon and W. Reitiueyer, together .villi Hi ? members of Concord Lodge, p. and A. II.,are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, which will take |?l too on Sunday afternoon,at two o'clock, from her lato re*i detice, No. CO Bethuue street. MeAium:.? On Thursday morning, Octobers, nf'er a Hhort no 1 painful illness, Jons McAru?r*, in the Jfltli year I 01 m, UJ(r, ' ' ,Vin family are respeclfiilly | t Th ' relatives and frieuiiB u> "?wtlo attend the fuueral, from his lato reauMin*. '???? , Friday)aitoruo. u,at twoo'olcik. \\I itiiih, ~*>lciyu, on Thuraday moaning, October Mi)K?i:vix.?hi j,i ? ''tc U7f11 year of her age. a ua 8, UAKtMHRr Morhihim, iu . I tivoof Paisley,Scotland. > ? , i i (->??. The friend* of the family are r^fpfcv" " ' "1VI'4" .? c-; tend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at on? o< ? (vow fhu retijdtnco of hur s<u, William MotIn N111 tor nth s'roet, near Tlilrd avenue. fkiuth Brooklyn, Columbus (Ohio) and Srolt^ 8 Full* (Canada West) |>aMri plonso copy. Mi.Chwam On rhuiP'lay, October 3, Mr*. MuhV Mc Oow.itf, ugcrl 72 years, at liar son's residence, N?'. 'JO Spring atreut. ?Ir relatives ami friends are respectfully Invd d to attend the fnnoral, oit Saturday afternoon, at one oVi tV. "Won?On Thursday, O?u?bor 8, of paralyil*, Mrs. ?miARi.vr Nixon, a.v'eri 'tV' your*. tne rriiUnlHand relatival of the family aro respectfully invited to attend tho Ciido. al, thi* (Friday) afternoon, ut two o clock, from her U'e re-ddeuco, 184 Weat Four teenth itreet. " Pwrtw.? At Statin Talaiu. ', on Thursday, Ortoh r .1, CoUuel IIomer U. I'uhlps, fi,/a ier)y <f Albauy, lu tlie 77th year of his age. ' Uis relative* and friend*, at d also those of hi3 aons are respectfully invited to nti.-s, * the funeral, at Trinl'jr chapel, Factoryville Stnt?n Isisa d, this (Friday) after noon, at two o'clock. Perry |<i r IS North river, a* eleven o'clock in the morning and t 118 In tli. uf tor noon. Albany county ntid tolaaain ? "uty IS. Y.) pajiorB please copy. K?At>?On Wodnesday. October 2, h <wltyn Hkah. Tlio relatives and f. Ijnds if the fa mi'y are iuvlted to attend the funeral,' from hm tale renid? "i.'n, No. 5!l Third av.'nno, this (Friday ) afturno.m, a( ona. 'Vl<?-k. KRIU.V.?On Tlmr'-dtty, Octobor 8 Ma* r l':uKN Ul ,UT. eldest daughter of John and Murv Reiii v. a*?01' 3 yea-*, 1 lie li l lis and 16 days. ' The friends of the fa mil v are resnortftili v iuvitod to at (r. vl i ho f'tnort i, trotn tho residence of le. ynr ' , i'vif t Twenty bbc< nd street, thM (Friday) afternoon, at. two o'ciork. ft,, vtkm.?on Thursday, October 3, Joan kicbis*, ss his rot td"?c? m'>rrl*mii, apod 80 yen?. ... ttio , friends of iho fnniily nr.) P<spec1fal1j " ,l attend t, v funeral, this (ftlilny) afternoon, ;it < lir.xtopl, t'r *tr vl church, at halt pa: t. one o'cln. r .. . Smith. On tlintuday, Octobers, hitnxwr, wif, '0 liok smith, *k?d 88 years. thofrlonn * al"' relative# are respeetfully invited tend the fun. *'rom her lato ieeldonoe, No. 10# h rtnui. 'rooms m1s C b l l Alt b OVH. All wool d. 'obbshirmk #r ai silk, Bucks: 111 Hlul Merino, wholesale and Retail, .,t li>' u)d <?ubltakt)?l atauu, NO. tu NASSAU S tjiekt. prices i.o* IRA pbreoo Jt SONS. A STORY OF uncommon inttthest atfl? pfyw it.?ilnatnn Courier. harper k BROTI. "k|!*, Franklin nquar* *?w York, t>, (iiil?l> day THE SILVER ctiro. V NOVEL, bv SHI KLEY ii HOOKS. j, lust rated. fffaltarm with Wii.kik Ooi-lim* "Woman in whlle.") k?o, paiier, we~i muslin. $1. TO k silver CORD Is ? l>n>imn' new liorei, and in enna# to Wtltfle Oolllus' la" room ?ce, "The Woman in walto." jiostrn tr??"h?ir. ft^nt liy mall, postage Vt "p^'d, receipt of prtce. A CARD.? b. A. HONEYW bll> No. '.j_2 Broadway, cm. r nf Twenty-tlrst rtitet, NEW > ork, THE acknowledged i < OP FASHIONS in cim.) wen 8 HATS vnd LAI) iks ? rid1no hats, IN al1. TIIEli j 'va1 1KTY. FALL AND WINTER s\ ixe8 NOW READY. A ROMATIC SCHIEDAM SOU NAFP8. Grocers, drurctsta and private f linblea who wish to supply' th.-imelvea ut the ureaenl low prt *e. Hud hotter la.'k.' e.irly application* SDOL <'ik) wolte, < tt Bearer ww>t T 8s?DOUBLE ROLE SHOE! i jut JONES', it) ant> "2 Ami street; also, at S3 ?, <jt, Hint' VoagretH tjnitriv, atjrle. T srkrdell'S?weddittq CA RIM:?-tneke At12 A ncr Al U SE, fab9ports ISSUED B!t. EDWARD BIS SELL, a^i'iit, 271 btuadwav. corner oc4.'hauiu.r* at. ARTTFICIAL I.EOS AND HANDS?selpko's PATENT, 516 broadway, IV YYV y YYYT SS8SS YYYY YVYY s93 S80 FF kk YY YY fhs 80S FF FF YY YY 8SS FF f YY yt BB9 FFFF YYY 988 FFFP YY BBS' ff F YY 888 FF YY sm FF YY 8e8 ? s8b FFFF YYYYYY 898 880 ? FFFF YYYYYY s89h3 BALLOU's PATENT IMPROVED FRENCH YOKE SHIRTS, Patented novemlier 1, A NEW STYLE of 8hibt, WARRANTED TO FIT, Made tn measure, alsli^ $18, $2i, Ac., Ac , per dozen. N'> ord"r taken forli ?? thon'half a dozen ahlru. Wholeaale trade supplied on the usual terms. BALLOU brothers, No. 4t?si Broadway, nuw York. . Bordeaux winkh.?vakiouh vimauib JOHN Duncan * sons. Union aquarn and Konrtc uilli atreet. CORNS, BDNIOICH, JXVKHTBD NAILS, ENLARORD julnu, and all diniwn of the feet, cured without paia or Inconvenient*! to the patient, by Dr. ZACII \HIE, Surgeon ChlropodUt, 780 Broadway. Refer* to phyalciana. and *u? geons of thl* city. (1ARPKTINO AND OILCLOTHS. AT GREAT BAB ) K^lnn, at HIKAM ANPKR.SON S, No. 99 Bowery. Eng lish Medallion, Velvet*, Bni**cl?, Three-ply and Ingrain Car pels; Kuga, Mntu, Matting, Dru?geti., four yarda wide; Oil cloth*, Ac. All "ondH guhranteia. No urging to buy. Pit tleulirly note, 99 Bowery. F ACTS ARE STUBBORN.?READ. No. 188 Mmimic Strfkt. Nrw Yonc. Julv 20.1881. Bkjr Doctor?I li**n been afflicted with total dentnea^ and thl? morning I waaladucod to pay you a vinit. Noon* can Imagln" mv drllgfel when, after one ope ration At your ImihIh, my hearing wa? suddenly, and without pain, mat- r?d to mr, tor which I feci very grateful. After being tolalh doaf, almojt shut out ft ?m the pleasure nf using eo neiei rarya ?en*e, to hare It returned, and to hear an iliitflm Ur, reflect* great credit ou-you for Uie Immense amount of :<kUl you noaaegK. I beg to ;T?urk you for what I can ao truly af^ predate. 1 am, ?lr, yvn obedient ?crvant, _ EDWAJlit TEMPLE HARBISON. .. Dr. VON MOSCHZSHKER'rion.rP for miring the doaf ?n?i the blind is at 1U7 iCXiatou place, between Flftli ami MUlb arenue*. /"1BOCERIE8 AN? FLOUR Kf>R THK MILLION... \JT CliuancMt aturi a the trui1<!. Uoods delivered free, nics. H. AONEW, N'?. 280 OrrouMrit li ft. and w Murray at., Hew York. Gold and silxbr watches veby low at obo. O. ALLEN'H, 41ft H adtvay, oa. door Mow Canal street, formerly IL Wall alrcot. Howard association, Philadelphia?forthb relief of il ??lck and tSI?*-:x--s *d, allli -ted with vtrtlqnl unit chronic dlae^co. Medlmtl sulviue Riven krat In liy ?ho act jic/ aurgenn. 'ItluaU- ri iwtj on eertaln i)!?vh,?!kI on lite new remed ji? em pi'.veil In, Ui? dtsiiciiaary, Kent in nalrd letter ? nvi'l 'iir'tfix'i' i f clinriv'. Addrtm Dr. J. fc?KII lin llOl'OHTON. ttoward kw .uAiim, No. 2 South NljiXh ?tre#t? Philadelphia, }?. STRONG'S PATENT AB.MY TKl/NK and PQRITABLB Bedatea H'tomblitfd, ojamer of Warren at. an Itllroadway T HE FUJE ARTS. the DBFTJNDjEBS OF the VHZ jK.y A bc? jtlful Plctu~v, comfrtau j twelve (?ji'traUa of the leudli.g < unmandeifi. Sin*!* copl n, m rolltiiv $1. Liberal discount:*? dealera wl areata. J a?t pul.liDhcd at a/MJl'IL'8, . tit Broadway. UOLE3AL71 H1JYE3S OF heady X&DE OLOTlll NO for </t?h etui have their *? lection linn i? Ur<t c.-tc olucjc o' and vt iitvr i 1 th)a?at twunty |?'i <?ut below c?*t, fo? no.-?Mk, at ?''!? Bowery. ?i\f\QOOJ Iit.ACK CLOTH FROCK COATS. C*\lv Friin a broken Whole.?alij Bi -i'Jway bou-afc Worth $8, Sell, nil fox. $3 60, Wt At EV'AJfS', ai>d ;? Fitfton street, W?n OoVi^aod C11BT at*. ?J_ (U\n BLACK CI .01II FROCK. COATS, 'J v>\J f rcji a bru.cii wholMftlp BcoaJvc# house, ? 8for ?t * At evans", an.l .? Fulton sjcuet, betwawt 0nMui4 Cliff (tat 1 fWlA atACK FLENCH DOKSKIN PANTS, l.yuv/ From the -.uck. of a Woken houv, W urth. $8 Sellius for 70. X I At EVANS', and , Fuitoa slttcl, between Qold tad CHIT. 68 S 2 500 BIC? Sn'K VE',TS' f torn a broken wUolesale house, Worth M Soiling tor 9* At EVANS', and I Fnlton atrcet, bot-.vcon Oold anATHft 63 J / TOO LATH FOR CLASSIFICATION. The INDEPENDENT I'NION ci.I B, <V.'THK FOUBTH and Sl*'h iV'irhold a inciting la' > ivenlnir. nt the hims'c nf Williim Wal 'l 41 Centre air.*-,, Thov ..proinmda <!<?:,? -..i|on 1.1 'he Vnien C. . a'm.,1 r> i> . . ?> thn i Ti,.. club v 111 h?.! ! tic ir ii'i'.-. tno-Ui , ou I-uiinAty ercnirn' r* vt, at S " o.'^k, ;t }f ? ? r 1 ? *UBN$ . UAi'EMitS, Pi?*iU#Ot. i. J. L. DsiUK, SecrcUry.

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