Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1861 Page 6
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A ?rauAYioif* w \ s run vvb 4 EKfll*BGTAHL(: YOUNU UIUL W1811ES A 81THA* lion an rhftin'u rmni.l and Wi'.ifrens, or to do gem r i iioaso'Witf'k. in a Mmail iauiily , has the beat of re'o.'enco. t ?l fbrtwooa^aa 23SMuiberij .1., between I'rhce aud Spring A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNU WOMAN, AS rook; in a f'rst rato wash' r ami (run nr. flood < i'y wyo ??u(v I rom h?*r III I place. Oall tor two days at 123 Wwt wtn ?t., between 7th uu<l 6th ava. YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN DESIRES A SITUAj tion a abort, dista ce In the country; will take care of children, do plain wwing and asuiat in general houaework. Addicas J. E. H., Herald olllee. A SMART. TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATIOlfAB coo!\ ami thorough ?????vant; ha? lived In aome or the most n*h|)"< tnbl?* familiea In Ireland, and haa long ami satla facn ry iefer? ncra. Can bo auen at her present employer a, 72 Ib r en at., Brooklyn. A MIDDLE AiiED PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A f \ ?t tion a* eh id's nunc; la eomja teut to tak?* clmr je ?f a y ?unn infant; no objeetlon to go in the country. Bent City iv Terences given. Can be seen at JilJ Hammond at. A LADY, DI8CBEET AND COMPETENT, DEBTEES \ altuation to take charge of a g< nil-man's home; salary rot ao much an object as a home Add re is for three days Alice Carlton, Madia* >n square post oflic e. A FIRST CLASS SALESWOMAN AND MILLINER wni?en a situation out of the ciiy. Call At 343 Canal ?t reel, tirat floor, over the *toi e. AS' "1 kTTOff WAN! Y A R! PB JTAM B %MS* tl n ?:ri, h - .-haml <? m? d am! ^ r???a, ? r to take care ?f children, tan ? v?? k? ?I ciiy rei< rence. Call at 200 25th at., between 8th ami 9th Avea. AFIHST CI. ASS VILLI NT it DESIRES A SITUATION; la a good trimmer and *!???* cap maker, and does all %lni?of/inev vrork. Canal street or Broadway preferred. A'l Ire**J. v., Herald olllre. \siti/ation wam ei>?to do <.i:ni:kal hoivk. , work i*i ,* h'iuU.jarivato \uoi!>. 4'an b* seen f >r two <j.i h .it W* * IfH?ii st., betwet-,u Oth and7thavs. lj^at of ?uy referenda given. A. IB ? MM A IITUV tion r* fliainhermaid aim vaiire** ? r to take care of J' ftlldrcn. Hi* t ?e '-e. t o v n*lorem a A poly at 14b West 7ui at., betwe.t u /to in?i 3th ?? , top, front room. A SITUATION WANTiiD?HY A RESPECTABLE voting w onan; ?o ? unU;r*ork nil 1 waiting or cm.oiU rw ? rk a ?? -??wing. >'o ohieetlori to the country. Can Hiv" f.o r \ i?rs refer^ucea from uerlaat place. Can be s.en AtfcVSrtta a v. ASITO.mN WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN; IS a t'" >d ?k, waaher and lroner; ? noobj? ? tl 'U to go a short d'.^'anee !ti the country; ha?i the b st of < Uy r^fe r?nee from h-r I ?s* vdaoe. Can oe Reuu f. r 'w-> day a* at 45S 8'a av? in ?!:e !?a;- ry. ACO(?K ^ SITUATION WANTED?AND TO ASSIST Li f.lo- a i!dng and Iron'n-;, Can b?? a*-on ut li-r pre ?h- .t. t*.n?luyer'a j .ace, ISO Weat li'.h at , b .iween OJh and 7th *va. A i .i ROTABLE W >M IN Wl WE8 I 8TTFATK N ?/V jta-c ) ahe inder>Uuda making 1! kln.f* ot ao'ip^; U? une omt meat, and pa^frv ? ook, an I all kind- >t ff? ic. lo af of city references. Can be seen for two days AS 1/1 West 35th bt. A YOTNG WOMAN WTSTIES A SWHATION AS COM J\ petent aeuinatre^a an I chambermaid; understands all fciud? of plain aewing and boy's clothes and children'a <r ?ssrs; or would bp willlnK take chi? 'if ctiiUhcu. Best of city ivfercH p. (' ill hi 1W West 19lli st., m-iirfith av. A sitiiatiom wanted-by a respectable J\ ;ouiij{ 01, as emit, tiiul l^rKt r.*t? uraxlipr ainl jroiu'r. or w niUI <lo housework In a umall private family. Bond city reference given. C ill for twi day* at JiX) Ailiin'lu M., beuvcen Clinton and Conn aU., up .lair., over the laucy More. A SITUATION WAXTKD?BY A YOUXO WOMAN, AS -/> fuiHl tilain ri o:>, washer nnri lroner; g<Hid city refo ranee. Call at 3t> Wist l:itli at., bctne-.n Sth and tkka\?.,f?r two da/a. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Kirl, with city rel'creneca, at chambermaid and water. i a private family, or a. cMdren* nurse, or as ptiln co k. all for two days at 120 West Slat at., second tloor, front room. ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL 15 YEARS OF AOE, IIAV." J\. Iiik no pai cnia, want, a Kitiiauon to lake care of cMl dren or do general housework. Well recommended from her Irm l.lacc. A home preferred. Can l>e seen f.>c two <laya at 133 West 20th st., n> ,.r Tl i a*., In the basement. ?* RESPECTABLE YOfl.a GIRL WISHES A SITUA OV tion to cook, wash and Iron. Best of references. Call M907 Uickaat., Brisiklyn. A81TUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework, either In city er country. Best city reference from cltv or country. Can be seen for two or three daya at 341 Ureenwlch st, third floor, front room. A'NURSE, THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED IN THE care of Infants ntid young children, wnnta a sltuatMn; Is m good feamatress; can take the entire ehar^e of an Infant from It* birth and brim?'it up by hand; ha* a<'ver&] years' ciiy reference aa to cliaActer and uipabllity. Apply at 73 3d ?vcuue. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REH PHOT ABLE y<mng woman, af nurse and seamstrcs*; has good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 54 Ea*t 19Ui st. A 8 WET NURflEj-WANTKD, BY A MARRIED WO JV irmn, employment to nurse out. Call for two day* at Ifrs. Kine's, 59th fit, between 2d and 31 a vs., second do<>r east bide of atation bout?e. A FIRST RATE COOK WISHES A SITUATION IX A private family; understands her business thoroughly In ?U its branches; has the Ivst of city reierence; has no objec tion to go a short distance In the country. Can be seen till suited at 323, corner of 2oih st. and 3d ar. ASITCATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant girl, as chambermaid and waitress; is a neat ?ewer; best of city reference. Apply at her present employ er's, No. S West 14th st., one dor?r from ft'h av. A A young lady, a competent DRESSMAKER, woHld like to i} by the day or week In private fa ttuhes. ('.ill at UU 3d ave., between 15tli ami Itith -ts. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do chamherwork anil waiting. an<l will a* ,?t jo tlie waahing and Ironing, In a r?sp?etable family; good city refu re lire Call for two davi at 341 rtlti av., near 221 *1. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 nuw and aearn.tre*,., or as chambermaid ami ?eam ?tress; perfectly understands cutting .ml littiug ladies' and children'* dies?e? and clonk making; no objection to make fcerself u?eft:l. Call at 1IU Wen 27th lit., third door, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chamherm lid aud waitress; would lake care of children and do plain sewing In a private fami ly. Bi'Ht of city reference from lier last place. Cull at 200 fth are., oorner 21th st. A NEAT. TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A first eloss cook, or to do central housework in a small pel rate family. In oountry or city; has the hosi of cily refe nni n. Apply at 113 Atlantic St., between Henry anil Illclui ?ts, Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO J\. do general housework. Call at Mrs. York's, corner of Warren and Iloyt ?is., Brooklyn. SITUATION WA.VTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook; I? a iir?t rale washer and Ironer; food city refe rence fiom tier last plaoo; no objection to the country or housework. C:U1 for two days at 123 West 20th St., twei a 7th and bth avs. i A SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE J\ p;-)t? a*, nt g'.rl. a. r >od plain cook, washer an 1 Irvner; BiestsatUfaotory reference as to character and uin*. liny. Call fur two day. at 213 West 2<ith st., between bib and tlb ars. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A P.P.SPECTABLE young woman, U> do general howsework In h plain pri vate family: lived three yi-am lu last place. Call for two Oars at the bakery, 95 We.t 33 I ?t., between 0th and 7th avi., second floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED ?A RESPECTABLE WIDOW A wom iu want, a .'(nation as wet nurs" In a pr.vate family; has a fresh breast of milk; Is willing and obliging; WMte-i not ?o much an object as a good home. Call at U1 Amity sL, Brooklyn. ASITCATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tejiant girl, to do chambcrwork aud .ewlng. Inquire at ai't Stantou St. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testiint girl, as nunc and seamstress; is a good plain ?ewer and can do all kind* of embroidery. Can !>e s??u at her last place. 112 West 11th st, between 6th and ?th av?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation; l.a g >od eon!,-, washer und Ironer. Tw o year.' city relereint. C..1I at 1 ;7 5th cu Crui l?; >. n for two d_)?. A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CT1AM ?/1 bermuid and waiter, < r to do Chan, rv ,rk snd p..tin ?ewing. Ben of city rrierence from her !*?t s.uiiit, n. Can he ?-kn f? r two days at 111 liuilcr st, near Iloyt, Brooklyn, over ~ e grocery store. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE \outig woman, to do genera! h ocw> ilia -mall pri vate family; Is a good plain cook nd :ir--t rate washer and Ironer; no objection to do cha- ,:>erwurk in the counlrv. Oood rity reft renoe. Call at 35t'? 7tli av., between 32d u:ij ail Ma., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A Yd! NO WOMAN AS lady s mal l and m ? ne>:'"ess; i an do Ure .(-making mid cut and fit lor chlidn n; u> i pl.e Ove year, reference m>m her last plv e. Can be s -en io. two .!*> -? ut 7tf West lflth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, In a private 'amily . un a < umli all kinds of family cook ing, and would tnke e;.t:ra chargo of (he mark'ting If re qul ed; Ix st of sattal'actori reterenoei. Call for two days at 600 3.1 av., eo; ner Sitii st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU at,I n to do the housework of a *m tU family; h.ts no ob jection to Ko n short distance In the coin trj ; I ns best of city ret< rence. i'all at 115 Wiat lOUi St., betan-cu Ctli aud itli mvs., in the rear. A NEAT. TIDY GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK. ? usher ?''d Iruuer; has rood city reference, ( an I* teen lor IW o days a< U:t .(?} ?v , u-ar <o?li .t, A SITUATION WANTED-BT A EESPFCTABI.E Jr\. \ "i"1" Rood i>utiu yrjok ja? k! (irat mto w ^shi r and ironer; uiil <\o general houa -work ('ull tor two dav*> jai her hist place, 301 Stale at., Biouklyn. J A i-ift ' TION 'S"ILD?A t ('Of)K, WASHER AND J\ ire:.. !? Ilia prl,ate family. U-.-d i? ,, lor two<iay? at 1*8 We^t lUi!i st., over iho(;'r - r.j A KITUATI .N WANTED?P.Y A YOUNG V, om , V iq J\ I < private U -nlly; uudersUn m her b iae..*4 i'% ?!. W t? neh. ?. ?? .lis willing to a- In the wu?h ... ..a Iro ^ii'ri i .ii'ed. Can b seen for two days at 121 VS . vt ?.<ti.s , im:v. .-n 7th i.'l 8ib arcs. * SITUATION 'A ANTED?BY AN A ME III CAN PPO ?? :it woman, c# wet ti'li ; L. a fie , ..nd b-sJ ,y !? ? IO !! H Irtol city tell enre. Call I r two ttavf a ;j; 1.1?. l.'nh St., nearave. a. LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITI ATImTToiTa t- do iiouaetv^rkorciiauiber.,?.!>.. c?.?a;? las. ?t , Bro kl., n. A ill :7 ? VoT"V(J"\VOM AN V.T; HE- A f TU. J1 ? ii ae ? linuiu- r" 11 ami ? ? .:n? , e ,1 i.. take i. :e o: chli Iren: no objecli >u Ui walling, and Is e. tiling to ?ak? fcrr.^lf (.< ? eiul. c R ),P nt <M WestPHttM., h?i?. ii 6th ?,e. und Br ay, tirat floor, front r iom. A SEAViTitEss WANTS \ SITUATIO\.-lS A GOO") J\. dri .maker, .an do-11 kin ... aru.l/ ?? vv,,^au. u xt cfcildren s clothe^ lo i'ly; v.ould s ,.?? ...1 :. i. her. ce.'l obliKln n a p* r . -rUi-.i .,r .p.. , , . . , :it cinuioyu e. <1 \\ ? ,? i^ i a , b< ,, u nil . ^ O.a 4 ... MTU ATI OX ? WANTBtt^S|AUBk AMTi'ATION WANTED?HY A YY.RY REM'Ei TA; ldo w? m m, as tu aiuHiims; uudcvfiUuid* catling and fittiua lullwo* awl children'* tiredde#, and peiTc-'tly uud'jr* stan U all ?wru 01 fan.iy s. wlntf. Ucst city reiorence. (Jau b? mm>u for two day* at*127 7iu uv., coruer of 19th ml A SITUATION WAM ED?BY a COMPSTBH? YOUNO vs oiiiau as waitress or chambermaid aud watirc**; no objection* to the country. )! m reference from her ia*t cm* pluyer. C?iil for t * o day* ai 127 7th uv., eorner ot 19th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A 1'ROTESIANT IRISH girl, to do cliumW.-rwork or Hewing; 1* a j;ood needlework er. uid would be wi 111 in; t?waka U? i*ho1igenerally useful. Apply to or addrt as IKS EaM 23d *t., for two day*. A SITUATION 18 DESI1J D FOR A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid, or aschainhormaid and waitre ?; of recommendation*aa U> capability will be given b.v her present employer*, where she ha* lived for more than ti e yem Call at M &a*t 17lh *t. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A PROTESTANT YOrNO JA. girl, an m r c. or to do rhumberwork in a small family. (?? od city reference jjiven. Call at 60 Weat I9ih *t., lor two day*. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do c inking, washing and ironing, or would do general housework In a small private fannlv 1 ha* four years' recommendations. Cali lor two day^ al 200 East 19th *i. A A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A SITUATION In ? privute family, aa cook; unoers an.In Frewl! and German (.Hiking; no objection* to bbsIM In ?Mbing aud ironing. Waj;rs nut ?. much an object a* a p. nuiinent situation. Best of city and country inferences can bo given. Call ai W WealSJd BL, between Bill olid 7th avc?., lor two days. RITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS LAUN dr. t i In a resn . table family; on e'l-tamUhow to Oil the ?ti thnn nluiy. lias UiV.ctury ? 11y rcferenae. Apply ..; U.") kv , between 10th -ud llth ?!*., In Iho utilli tirny A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RB8PECTAB LB YOL'NO woman, ua Beaniaitvsa and chambermaid or na ktp.? and ntime; Is an ex. cll nt tettnm'.r. as; iindeiftindB all kind*of family ncwltig, aud cutting anil litting children's cloth-s; U a good talloreas. Om.d c)ij refofen^. 4'.ill for two duys at 2.1 Wi *1 2Sth ?t., l.i'lu i en ij'.h and Stlli a\s. t LADY WHO HAS EXI'K'.tlKNVliO A REVEHSB OF A fortune, owing to the War, an.l win. Is a (otal reader anil planii-t, would llk? to tK-'iipy a portion of the day lu r iuliug or play in:; to nr.!' vill.t, .r would (the l.?aona ou the piano to adult/.. AddmaE H.,U( (Mow. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A Kl Sl'ECTAUI.E I'RC). teatant wlrl, aa uurim and atun^ nwa or chainlwrmnla iiuU .ii'iikiim. cllv reference from htr laat 1 lace. Call at 317 9:1. ?V., for two day*. i OENTLI IAN HAY7NO OIYEN CF HOOSBKIBFv JY In . u.i a .?oiim nf iiln fa ?. K e?'nK to Kur.ipe, wialir* to pla." two K'?:;.i?li aarvaot ri. I? (?? t-f), tnifetliar >.r wpa* rule. ill.. ?d f.i I v. as nil-", Waller a' I rbamliriuiaU; tin- litgii.'^t ?> ill oi iidail in* and pai llcuUm In ly be had o! K. A. bnalM .. i+l I iiU ?n at. t YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION' TO Do JX. flip g"ii?eai U ju?'work ol u pit n ptli, u* family; under ?mpiIs eiioking, wnaliliiK aud ti?is eo id Wknr of iip>a>l; IwhI l ily re eivu.-e; having no ftlenTu, will to for nio.inrikli) wall's. Call al 2iS West 17th al., bi !w?n 8tn aud '.Mil avi. in tin rear. AKK-n'ECTvni.K YD UNO OIKI. W.SIIES A 8ITUA tion a* rtuimheriuabl and wnltreaa, or elianilw"rmnid aud loaaxlntlu the .taablni; and Ironing; boot of i lly reference from hor ! -t jdace. Call lor two days at 13<j XI. 1 ?t., between 7th aud 8th avu. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO COOK, wish and Irou, or do genera) hounework; clfy crcfinn try. Call nt IK West 1511. si., between GtU and 7th a*a., firnt tldor, bark room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERT COKPETKKT Spanmii woman, who :. 1 to saieaki Uieneh and KiihIIh'i, aa aeonitreMit; can cut, III and make nil kin.Is of cMldrt'H'a clothiM; can lnatruct ehildren lu the llrvt rudimenta of the lautuage; boa the very beat rlty reference. Apply at the free olftre, 16 East llth at , between Sd and 41 h avu. AYOUNO LADY OF SOME EXPERIENCE IN HKpAD. way li'ditc la open for an eiijoueuient aa aaleswomau Reference given. Addreas Applicnut, station 0. A SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION-CAN DO all kind* of family n. tvlntr, cut and lit for children: can do all kind* of embroidery; no objection to tlin care of oiiildr*-!! . r to go a abort diauinen In tne country; tiaa threo yeara' reference frodi her laat place. Call for tin ee diiya at Sti Wei i 13 h ?l , b t a .a n S'.h and Mi uvs. AUKSi-EOTAni.E YOUN0 WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon aacHik; hh.* ii? it Hood cook and excellent washer and Ironer; underatands making bread and hiacull; would do Ihe general lomaework of a anutll family; ran li.' seen lor two dayaiit 171.Went 2Jta aL, b. iween 7th and 8tU ava. The bent of nty reference ??n be giv. n. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A A. young girt, to do general housework or up atalrawork andaeelo eblldren. Oimd city refercii -e lor the last two year*. Call for two duys nt Ml 2d uv., fiont n.oin, tw o pair of mnira up. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT GIRL, to do general homework, or cU.iiiib. ru lit and w iltliifc City or country. W?fC s>3. Apply at the Irce olliee, 16 Euut llth at., between 3d and 4th ova. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTA l le middle ng-d woman, who Ihorongldy nndentunda her bualneai!; I* a lii'Ht r.rr baker; underslitnda all kinds of d aaeita; no olio rtlai. to lake pu t in the washing and iron ing; good clly reference from 1 ;?t place. Cau be acen for two days at 123 West 27th Bt., near 7llt uv. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS I cook and ii> as-Ut tn the washing and Ironing; can be highly recommended hy a Srst class family, wuero .? Up tins lived ilu'ue ye-ira. Cull hi 15S West 2utli hi., lust Hour, trout room. I A SITUATION WANTLP-BY A VERY CAPABLE yuuni! woman, to cuuk, wash and Iron; is mi excellent t'.iok, washci and Ironer mid good baker; has no objection to do gencntl hdiincworl;; ts willing, obliging and not afraid of work: satisfactory ret'-rer.ce call be giieil. Can l?e sceu for two days at 312 1/St. i SITUATION WANTED?BY A BKSl'HCTABLE JY Welsh woman, as ebamU'rmald, or to do general house work In a smull family. Cull (or two d \ s at 17">J Divi sion st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid or to do g'Teral housework tor a small family; Is a good washer and troiier. Call for two do>s a: her present employer's, to) Jane at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIUL, iik i.eam t: >** In a private fnmlly: und-rsiardscutttug and fitting children'* clothing. Call ul 2KS Mulberry st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOBMO WOMAN, TO ilo housow, rk or chamberwork. Good rel'ereuco. Call for two days at 21 West 10'h si., near 6th a v. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion as chambermaid and waitress or to do tli<* v.ork of a small private family. Best city reference. Call at ZM West 25th st, near 9th a v. A YOUNO M.VUUIKD WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATION as wet nutsc In a respectable family; ha* a fresh breast of milk; has lost her child; speaks both English and German; Is w. I! n j and obliglnv; no objection to ihe country. Apply at H2 S6th St., ne|r DtlntT., for two da vs^ . . A YOUNO WOMAN. accustomed TO FAMILY SEW- I ing, wishes a permanent situation; no objeetion to as. tisi In any capacity; is willing and obliging: no objection Co the country; w ages moderate. Uusgood reference. Cau be seen at 87 west st. A GERMAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WET nurse. Best city reference. Call at 405 4th av., corner of 29th St. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS si amstrfjs; understands dressmaking and all kinds of family sewing; no objection to assist In the earo of grown children: can orerate on a sewing machine. Good city refe rence. Call at 08 West 31st st. AS COOK.?SITUATION WANTED, AS FIRST CLASS cook; understands her business in all Its branches; good bread and biscuit baker; with excellent city reference. Call at or addrei s20 Mulberry ?t., near Spring, for two days. A YOUNO HEALTHY WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tlon as wet nurse; has no objection to Wflltamshnrg or Brooklyn; best city refcrcr.ce. Call for Iwo day.i at 37 Catha rine St. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN rook; Is a Rood cook, washer and Ironer; is willing to make lierselt generally useful; has good elty relerenec. Can be ssen for two day* at 263 West 211U St., between 9tb and lOlli avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to take cure of children and do plain sewing; will do general hounework if not suited. Apply at 316 West lvtli at., second tloor, front room. \ respectable GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITU atlon as seaman ess; would have no ol>e"ctlon to assist In chamberwork; can do all lUst ls f family sewing and French embroidery. Can be wen at 42 EastBroadway. \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO \\ OMAN, AS JY chambermaid and uursu; go-.d city reference. Call at 4->-> litll i.e., between 2fltll al. 1 iiUll A FAMILY ABOUT OIVINO UP HOUSEKEEPING are anxious to llnd situations lor two excellent clils, oue aacook und laundress, the other a* nurse or ?.litres*. For further particular* apply to their present emiiloyera, at 38J till st., from 10 to 7 o'clock. A S COOK-WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A FIRST class c >k; undersuin Is French an ; < merlcitn coi It tig, m> ata, game, soup*, jellies and paMr>; the best of city refer ence given. Apply at the store, 513 toh are., between 19th and 20th sta. A S WET NURSE.?A respectable MARRIED WO A man, who has li*t herbal y, wishes one to wot nurse. Call for two days at 249 Esst lRlh *t., room 14. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as chambermaid and waitress, or as chain) er maidaud nurse; no objection to do general h ousework either in city or country; I* u good washer und ironer. Best of city or country reference. Call for tw o days at til West 23th rt., near 10th av., in the rear. AN EDUCATED ENGLISH WOMA N WANTS A SlfTT tlon either In New York or Brooklyn, or would go to Havana (Cuba), ss nurse, seamstress or companion to a lady; Is capable of filling almost any situation In a private family; is a good oaok, washer and Ironer. Cltv referenoe. Call at *54 ilutlcrat., between Smith and Hoyt, Brooklyn. AS WfeT NUKSE-A YOUNG ~M AllRIED LADY (whose huibnnd has met with reverse*), h i, lug recent ly lost hereblhf, would accept a situation In the above eapa idty. Any Mi st class family requiring the services of a coin p tent an I i;oO I illgposltioned person, w ill fiud the advertiser an exception to tha clan. Good r' fereuccs. Call between 12 and 4 o'clock at 114 East Broadway. respectabtjTgirl WISHES a~situation ah ? V. e.<ok, washer and ironer, with good cltjr reforen es; can !-e seen fcr two days, at 16 Koarth street, corner oi llo.irtlo. \ RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITU riON -V ii* i >t nurse. b.i< just lost hor baby. Can be s -en l_ i " ? a ?y?. Be-t of city refcrcuce. Call at 192, curlier j Tiv n y-!i. id at, aud Sevanlb ave. ! A "ION WANTED?BV AN english WOMAN, | I; in a private lamlly; Is a good cook and baker *' ' ".wash-rand Ironer; N'*t of city rent J"',' '"r l ? .-ty ?nd capability. Can he *een at U9 ?4ta b< , i 7 li avea., Hrst Uoor, front r.sMn. \ '' 1 ;?f 's,w-' NTKD-BT A YOUNG WOM VN, AS v. >??! un ?! "T < o k;t* i flrgt rate waah?r anti Inurr; / ri l. it*ace from r knt pmoe. Call ai^ Ham A t I' tMAN GIRL WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH wi . n pi., e In a so . I Am, ricMi family, to do und tloor, fun i I'l a jwei ry aatl SITUATIONS A8ITTATION WANTED?l:Y A YOUNG GIUL, A3 . chutni.nrtviAiUl hihI lftiiuUrt*iiF, or would <io clmmlwwoi'k and plain snwhig; she u lull'island* Ucr huslucs* ihoroui lily, mill can pro J' ion ibe liest uf city refereurH. Call ai Una tiih avo., between ldili ami Itlili ala., for two tUt ?. DBBWMAKBR?A LADY IS DES! imis c.K PRO. nurim. a situa Mi for her maid, who u a good dress maker ami general seaio*tre?*. Oun give LUC best refureiic*; understand* hair diessing. Can bo seen for two days at No. it 4lh av. nOI'SEKFKPER.?AN ELDERLY W OMAN WANTS A siuiutiou; Is accustomed to plain sewing, and can operate on ? stwlng machine. Can lie seen at 01 Market n. HOUSEKEEPER-A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN laily wishes a nil nation in a hotel; no objection to the storeroom or heud laundress; U competent for either, fan be area for three duya at 187 Weal 17th at. LADTf'8 MAID and SEAMSTRESS?SITUATION wanted, by a competent person; understands hair <lrciii>ing and all kinds of family sew inn; no nbjcotlon to as ?lit In taking tare of children. City refereuee. Cull .it or add riss l5S3d av., between lfith anil i7th at*., faury store. NURSE AND SEAM STP. ENS.?.1 STEADY, EXPEIU eneed woman wautsa situation; caft eut and lit chil dren'* clothes; will make herself otherwise useful if required; has most resjMn table city references. Call at 76 Spring St., In the dry goods store. NURSE.?A SITUATION WANTED, AS CHILD'S nurse, by a faithful and experienced Protestant Klr'i can take the entire charge of young children or an intaut, and do plain sewing or llgbt ebamherwnrk; has lived live year* In her last plane, the best city reference. Call lor two days at 804 West lith st. OnrilAN GIRL, THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, WANTS A sllniitlun to assist In housework or to take care of elill i'.i en; would like to get Into a deoeiit family Inquire for two days at 86 Greenwich av., corner of Bank st , of Mr*. RlsliOy. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCOTCH GILL, 811 lehwoman In any resectable tapaclty; would prefer a t'liu -y store; baa hud experience In that business. (Jinter im u its milllnerv. Apply or address at her present employer'*, 471 Sixth are,, iMtwcen 23th and '/Jib its., In the I'aney store. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN girl, as seamstress and chinibermaid; understand* dress uinklng; can h" recommended hy hor lost employer, with w hom she has lived three years, Ai> for three daya at Lieutenant's bouse, Nary Yard, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO girl, as m ainvires*; ean cut and tit ladle* and children'* and boy*' clothing, and do all kinds of family sewing; would do ehumbei work. Best illy references. Call for tw o day* at 144 Harrison st., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?MY A COMPETENT OIHL, AS goo.l eook and to assist lu washing mid Iron lug; Is s lir?t rate baker; hns live years' recontc. nd":lnna from her laf t place. Oh ui 182 Wiitt 17th ?t., third do ir, bai k ro m. OITI'ATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG k? ?.111, t i do Ihe cooking, washing and Ir nlng of a pi ivule family; Is it good plain cook an I excellent waa'ier and >r r, r will do general housework in a small; I' uf a .w litu .Hid olillglng dlaposlilon. Can Ld seen ,or two divs st Ji'i We it S9th it., between 8th and 9lb av*. SITUATION \V\MED? IIY A YOCW0 01BL, TO DO chamberwork and uniting, or *<si?t in washing and Iron ing; no object). i.s to do general housewnrk lu a small fa mily. Best ol i it> reference* given. Inquire corner of 33d ?t. and av. A, Clark'* bottle, top lloor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-A8 LAUNDRESS; IS WELL capable, and understand* her lm.-i.ieis. Call at 9U) 7th av., for two day*. QITUATiON WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, k5 li-ilrg a sewing machine, as housekeeper In aome widower's fiinity, city or country; line domestic per* n; liiMiersiandsdressmaking and children'* clothing; will do her best to please. A ldre** for two days A. A A., box 226 Herald "dice. rjITUATlONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O girl*, one a* flrst rata cook, under*tnnda all kind of bak ing . the other as chainbcrinaid or waitress, or to assist lu the washing and Ironing: best of city reference* for three year*. Call for two day* ni ill Wc*t 2Uth st., ootiier of 7th ave , lop floor, back room. FAITHFUL SER nurse California, Cuba,"or Europe. Apply to her present employer, 12 till st. WANTED?A SITUATION, FOR A FAITHFUL vant, perfectly competent to fulfil the duties of or lml>'s inul'l, with a family going either to Call' WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ?lttial'.on as a'sHlifnt waller, and to take care of chil dren and do plain Aewlng. Best of reference. Call 'at 854 6th av., between 39th and 36th st*., flr*t floor, back room. TV"ANTED?A SITUATION AS LADY'S MAID, CHIL TT dren's nurse, or a* attendant upon an elderly person, hy a young woman, perfectly competent, who has lived Kin years In her last plate. Cun be *ccn till employed at 10 Qrw lucrcy park. TITANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 young woman, to do chamlierwork and walling or to take care of a child and do plain sewing; good city reference given. Call at the bakery, 425 Cih ave. "IV"ANTED-A PLACE, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO II woman, an chambermaid or waitress in a private fami ly. O >o,1 reference can l)egiven. Inquire a'. 11 no.nlntek st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION a* chambermaid and waitress or plain ?eams'ress; would lie w illing to a<si*f in anything required. Good city refcienec can be given. C?u bn'seeu for two days ut No. 14 Latnailine place, Weal 28th at. \1T.\NTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIUL, A TV ? lliiail'iu ?* nurse and si omstres i; uuderslallilsi lilting and flttlns children's clothe*. Call at 85 East 22d *t., between 3d and L> xlii .'ton aves. WASTErv-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY voung woman,** lnundicss; un.lervtamU l.crbusiu' ss perfectly. U"M city reference. An y I'?.r two days al211 Ens! 19th si.. near 1st sv., Uiirvl floor, bai k room. -\IT ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIKL, A SITUATION Y Y lo dochauiherwnrk and assist in the washing and lroit inij, <>i' to do general liousewoi k in a small piivato family; Is a goo.I washer and Ironer and ha ? tin- best ui' city reference from her 1 it place. Cal: for two daj s al 81 West 19lb at., in the basement. TT7"ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIRI,. A SITUATION YY lo do general bouser, ork in a small private family; la u good plain rook, washer and Ironer. Good city tmarenee from her lust pl.i ??. Call for two day* al 1H West 21th si. TTTANTBD?A SITUATION, TO WATT ON A FAMILY YY going to California. hy aeolored woman, ha*one been tbereo.nd returned; good reference; doe not gel understands ihr tarn of children, Lu.Ing had the charge of three from there hire: would like aehancon the steamer o: tlie Ulh. Apply to M. A. Kowler, M i Broome st. TITAN'TED?A SITUATION AS CHILD'S NURSE. BEST IT of c.iy relereuce given. Apply *t 180Conoord si., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tlon o? c',amberinald and to take care of chlldron. Call al 2W W'H 27Ui at., between 9th and 10th ava. "YITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION YY as 0ift rat" wniiress; understand* her business tier feotlv; ha . no objection to do light chamberwork In a (m ill family, "r do line washing and ironing If required. Hem of eii v reference. Call a? 197 7th a\'., near 2}d t'., second floor bunk room. ' " " t?r v , WANTfeD-B? A NEAT, HIGiYl? MECtW mEnuTst;, Ami nlil of is, a situation a< nurse; reafc jnd write*; Is quick with 'lie needle: will v..ill on table; willF, I', the country i<r city; wage* $f>. Call at 184 East Zlst it., UcaV 2d ?*. r ?, A 1 w ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY RESPECT A l ii* young woman, as first classcook in ull its branches; has ni objection lo assist In the washing If required; thu very best of city reference given. Cau be seen for two days at 211 West 26th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION as chambermaid aifd waitress, or to do ohainberwork and pi I ? oik; good eitv reference given. Call for two days at ,'H1 6th uv., between 2l?l and 2ld sis., , ?cond floor, front room. ^ITIT"ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, LATELY LAND IT ed, a situation to assist with housework, or to do chain ber? ork and assist wl'h the washing and lroulng; would make herself generally useful; wuges no object to a good home. Can be seen at 160 7th at., between a vs. A and B. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO YY te>tant girl, asiirst rule laundress, or would do the up stairs work and flhe washing; best of city reference can be given. Cr.u lie ,can for two days at 272 1st av., corner lgih sL, over the grocery stave, third floor. TxrAvrrp?\ s:tu\tton. by an amfim.wv girl. YY as chambermaid and seamatress, or to take tare of growing up ' hlblrea; would like to qperate on a SJWlng ma chine. limit A Webster's or Grover A B iker's; eitv reft ren<<\ Call lor two day* at 122 East 16th St., near 1st av., lop floor, liack room. W'ANTFT'?A SITUATION- AS WET NURSE, BY A YY youn' . healthy mnrrl"d woman. Apply at her pre sent plac ?, 130 Livingston St., Brooklyn. TITAN'TED?A BABY TO WET NURSE, AT 223 EAST YY lDlli si., near 1st av., top floor, front num. Best refer ence*. ?\V'ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY Uernmn girl, to wash sml Iron and do general house work. Call fur two days at 124 Dciuncey St., first floor, back room. ~\\* ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BB0PECTABLB YY youit : girl, to do general housework: is a goo I plain c. ok anil ail ??.vcHuiit washer and ironer; no o'ljcotlon to io a short distance in the uountiy. licst city reteroncc. Call for two days al 3M 7th av., between 32'i an I 3jl sts., in the ?tore. WANTED-BY A RP8IECTABLR WOmTn, THE washing of a Turn ly t > do :.t l.ei owu residence; an do Kr?noh Hut vn. Good referenc ? given. Can ho ?een at any timeatSMCt'.iave., between 2lst anil 22d sis., second floor, front ioom. TlfANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL, TO DO V\ housework < r thamb>-r\iOik. Moderate wage'. (Jafl fo two days at 147 Yaiiok st. \Y-\: TED- A SITUATION AS NURSE. BY A SKILFUL YY Piehcb y nngwoman; ?hee?n aswalltike charge of flna l.lsa'jhinn and Iron In," w.f k; Is a most skilful latmdres* A|q ly for refarences and jai t:oulars at M V, slksr si. WANTED-PT A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO man, s situation as children's nurec, or to iW> ib^ goiie housework In a small fttmlly; understands all kinds of WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN HUMBLE, HONBST TT hafljrvrorkiiig young woman, to do general house work; Is a god 1 pis I *i e?ok and u llrst rate washer and In t,?r Apply at K West l#th st., n?ar 6tii av., rear bulMibg The best of i by i e' given. U".' nt::d a sir r,v ?? j , . ?T peb'iit yout:r w. mi.n,.as chainlx'riuaia sn 1 wj tress; no objetti' u i > as-.r-t In washing an J Ironing; i.i..^. ,m, i,,n! able city rcfeien? -s given. Apply at 168 M av., In the fancy between 16 b find 17th W'ANTKD?A SITl'ATIt iN", by A ' l:rsPf:Vi A BLR Ti young girl, to do charnherwori and flno wash.nil and Iro- ' gov pTaTn sewing, or as wr.lti-esi ?iid . h.v r i M In a privata family; fully capable to do either; h . nine icars' city referene.._ Can he seen fort.vndnjs *t 1241 stave !>o (VI en i.n snd ?th sta., top floor, front roQtt. TTTANTED?A SITUATION, ' BY A RESPECTABI B T ' young woman: la a Urst rat ? ook, waaiierand iro, i - w oil,! do th ? h OI-. .ok of a Bin., 1 family ; c,, l rlty relo rencesiv n. C,u tie seen for days at 17.1 Myrtleave.. . '??lip, :i,e< end t irll sts., Brooklyn. 1 V'AN fEf) .SI rr-ATION. BY A R! ?'I'Ff'TARLE U1 r 7 SITUATIONS WANTED? wtaNTED?A SITUATION, BYX RESPECT ABLiHflIItl> TT to cook, wash ncdIron for a private family. Under KutuJa mak ng (. >?1 bread aud biscuit. Good city reference. Call at 1IW Ku.-t 12th at., between lat anil 2d avs.

WANTED?A SITUATION, l| BCTABLB GIEl/ aa i ?hamberuiahl ami waitress; has no objections to a*?lst with the u ushlng and lronlui:, or us i bid's iiup.ii and h amstrcs*. Tkti beat of diy reference hlven. Call ut l'JO Kaat 12th at. . WABTKl)?BY A PROTECTANT (II 1(1,, A SITUATION an i hauibermiiid or to laku cure of children. City refe rence given. Apply at 373 7ill av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework; la a mat rule coo!:, *?khcr and ironer; would docooking In a small private family; has thrwt yearn' city reference from her laat pine. Call for two du.vs ut 'MS West 34lh at., thinl Door. Wanted?a situation as nurse and skam HtriKH, or would be willing to aa.- Nt In chamber" Tit. Best of relcrcnoe from her last place. Cull ut 114 Wed 28th at., balweon 7tb and 8tb uva. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG (URL, X situation to do general house. rk or to cook, wash and Iron, or to do ebamlwrwoyk and v.iiitlng; no objection to go a short dl?t.-inee Io tin- country. (lOinl reference. Call for two days at i-'SO Welt 40th at., arcoii'l iloor. baefc room. "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE (JMIL, A SITUA TV tlou as cook; ia an excellent washer and lrouer. neat of city reference given. Call L-r two deys at iC04th at., be tween l?i and 21 ava., second lloor. Kuat room. IITANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO KLSPECTABLE W young women; one to cook. wash uud Bon or to do general housework In a email private family; the other as chambermaid and waiter or to do atwliir itnu take earn of children. Best city reference from llniri.i tpl.. where they lived four year*. Call at 87 Weal lemet., between tiui am! Ttii ava. WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMI RiCAN WOMAN, A situation to do the housework id a amall f imlly, or to do ehainberwmk and waiting: la of a good .llseosltlon; willing and obliging, with good reference; no object on to tlio coun try. Can be mien until ungated al227 Weat 17th st. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND lioi?"i-; can Rive general satisfaction and Hy tyf' i< n i. Can be seen from'J A.M. lot I *.41. at l'JS 7th av., in tb? ?tore. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOI'NO WOMAN A aituattou r s nut at? and chambermaid; thobestol city referewe can bo given. Cull at <0 Caarlcs at., bctwecu Blceckor and 4th els. WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A SITUA tion aa housekeeper lor an elderly gentleman, or as chain hernia Id and child'. iiui'ie; haa no objection to truvel llnif. best city reference given. Call at I2S ChutlcS at., lor two da) s. 1VANTED?A SITUATION, BY V COLOBED YOl N'U i T w.i, l.s seuuutiesi, by the wuek o: mouth. Call ut 21 Hast IWlh ai. "IITAN'TED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE film.. T V in a oiniill [.i iv .it': t.itrilly; U wtliln. to do general house work; has good itv reference; no objection io the owmtry. Call at ax) W. at Itftli at., between Dili uud lOih ava. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, its obumberuiaid and ui.ltreus, or aa children's nurae; ia accustomed to the care ol young Infant*: hnsgood city reference, Can bo teen at fill racltic at., between Hicka and Henry, Brooklyn. w WANTED?BY A respectable WOMAN PROM THE North of Ireland, a situation n>, '?nok and laundress; no objection to the country; tlu virv best of city reference given. Cuu be seeu for two daya at 108 East 2.1 J at. HELP WANTED?MALES. Abundance ok oood servants ready at the largeat institute, 138 Utb at., corner of filli inc.; tienl, capable, civil women?Oertnan, Englibh, Iri."U niul Scotch; moderuta w ages to suit the times, for city or country. Good plaeea ready. Mrs. Kloyd In att> ndance. At THE IwVUCJE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE. CORNER of lltli at. and 4th av.?For German, English, Irish and Scotch women, cupablo uud civil; wages moderate; good {ilaces always ready for capable help. Orders by mail prouipt y attended to. Mrs. Floyd in alf ii !?n<-c. A GENTLEMAN OP MODERATE MEANS, WITH A little daughter of 10 years, wishes a personal interview with a young w idow lady compolcnt to take charge of the daughter an.l sujKiriuU'nd the hoouv, Adilre*s, ataling age and where to bo teen, Willie P., Herald oillce. A NEAT ANI? INDUSTRIOUS OIRI, WANTED?TO DO tlii housework of a i-mull lun.lly; must understand washing and Ironing perfectly, aful plain cooking. Aiiply from 9 to 12 at 137 East JVlli at. f tOOK WANTED-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING \J a few miles from the city: an experienced cook, who can brin/ flrsl claaa twommondatloiia as to character and < ajia eny. Apply at No. 3 West lGth at., botwucnt and 11 o'clock on Friday morning. Ladies wanted?to learn the coloring of photographs. An artist of undoubli d qualifications will receive a very limited number of pup Is in thla plesslng and nmtlUifcla art. Apply at the Photographic Art Gallery, 411 Broadway. Mrs. greens agency of employment? Established 184S? Removed from Broadway to Four teenth street,conn rof Third avenue. Domestics of live htgh eM grade promptly supplied to order. N. B.?Entrance on Fourteenth street, southeast roiner. milE UNION EMPLOYMENT INSTITUTE, K20 BROAD J. way, t"> the place Where all employers are properly sup. piled 4vith g(M'd Oiirman, Itlsh, Engllsn and Scotch domea flca for every capacity, In city and country. N. 1! ?A large number of girls wanted. J.illN ^llLi:ilAN. /"ANTED?A GOOD, SMART, INDUSTRIOUS GIRL, to do general houaework, wash and Iron and do plain cooking. Most come well recommended from her last placc. Wa ;es $8 per month. Inquire at 166 East 21st at. TITANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, To ACT IN I T the ' nparity of h< uaekceper to a genil"mau of retiring lial-lu. None n-'eil apply but what ian brli.g raierences ss to cliura ter. Apply to Mr.,lolin R a' he, in the i !!:c- of the lumbar yard, corner of Washington ana Newark iu., Hobo w "llTANim?A COOK, WASH Kit AND IRONER; ALSO, 11 a rhumb- rmaid unci waitress; 1'rotostants preferred. Apply all Hi VVmt44ih at. ___ 1VANTED?AS I.ADV'S MAID AND DRESSMAKER. I! a competent Krrnrh pctri. Apply at 184 Filth avenue corner Tw ?lity-tblril street, iu the evening, or uulil ID o'clock in the morning. "WANTED?A 1T.RSON THAT UNDEKSTAXD8 (MOD VV plain cooking; most be an excellent ?vai;heran<l inner; also an up .itair* plii with good recommendations from their lait pi.ires. Call 1I1U day, between 10 and St 1'. M., at 14 South Gth n , Williamsburg. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS Nl'RSE AND II chambermaid, who Is competent to take charge of an infant; one Milling to iiwkn heraell generally tim-(til and can > i ias city reference may apply at No. 4 Strong place, South 15ro..klj n. ?\X7WNTED?HANDS FOR MILITARY CLOAKS, JACK VV rui and pants, to be m ide on machine; su h that are well recommended can get employment Immediately, at 1M Chamber* at., second Uxor. WANTED?A MRL, TO COOK AND DO THE HOUSE V T work of a mmuII family, Oood refrj'n'"* required. Aiplyatt)ie nort!i>vc?t c^irueruf 40ili?t."iT,d31ttT. - jjr-jT ?T--I" I-J'IJ "-7 ?? TifANTED?V t'UOTKMANT UlRL, ENGLISH OR VV Scotch, to do general housework In a mi>all family. Must he a good cook, washer and Irouer. One bilngma cood city refereiuwill find a good h'>me. Apply tn-dny (Friday), frojjj^ to 0 o'doek( ijt W??i ffU ^if M. *v; WANTED-TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE INTO THE country, a young woman, as dnasmaker and seam* ?treat. The liest of references will be required. Apply thU morning at S8 West 11th st. WANTED?A NEAT, ACTIVE YOUNO WOMAN, TO cook, waah and Iron; must have excellent city refe rence*. Apply at 11)9 Went 31 lit at., between 8 and 11 A. M. \itanted--a girl for oeneral hoosewohk; VV mkst bo a cood waaher ami lroner. One who la not afraid of work, with good city reference*, may apply at 187 Grand at., from 9 o'clock A. 5 f. il. "WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A SMART. ENERGETIC VV saleswoman, we'l actiuaiii'.ed withmilliner} g kiJ?; none el?e will suit. Am>lv Wtween 8 and 10 o'clocK A. M. to Thoa. A J. U. Jnhnion, i? Capal at. ?"II7"ANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND RAR IN THE VV evening* only. Apply at the itotro|?l,i?n Conci rt Hall, 600 Broadway, after 10 A. M. None but those accustomed to ANTED?A GIRL, HAVING A SKWING MAt'HINE, who will work for low wage* and willing to mak> her w aell geuerullv useful, can have a permanent situation by ap plying at 1,169 Broadway, after 11 o'clock A. M. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL, FOR A FAMILY OF two, with child two jr?ta old, to tn 'ke h'-im lf gene rally useful. American or German pr< f.rred. Wage* not pvei $1; good homo. Addr.'ai, with reference, R. M. M.. boT 153 Herald ofiliA <kl nnd -HOUSEKBEPER WANTED. WITH THIS ?PX."v/V/. amount In cuah, a? partner with n widower In opening a Urge, m.igailicent, high priced boarding house, now elegantly furnished throughout and boarder* engaged. None but ladles having the amount In <u?h and capable need apply at 9M Hioada ay, room 43. THE TKADKS. A SITUATION WANTED-AS WAITER IN A PRI vate lamlly, by *j-e*^s?ctable man, who c?n ottjjt^U^; is last best city refi reiinu. Can he wen for two days at I place, 'jo Clinton place (8tk sL), near6i|i a v. . * ?* " ^ w f j.j' r^ourm iv Ao ? M-ri-n iT..... Foreman 07 a hoop skirt factory wantkd to <o 10 Canad i. He must thoroughly un.IcrHtaud itve minufartur* of h??op akjrU In nil its bran'lira. must bo capa ble to learn i?'.? ban '? the making ot skirts, tho work on ftt-wmg Uiitchinc a, A.C., rtnd have good rmerenaea. Addreas IP S*irtiv 5?r of,lce' or ra!i l'W Kaai Sotli flt. T>HnTOOHAriIIO PItTNTKH WANTED?ONB r.\MI X li*r mounting and rt' ?ou??hljij( pmehvd. Also, a k??*o, actkr* and n*HjKin*lt>lr kuKlm^v mnn and u good p?n toUUe of oM<\* buiinca?. Apply at law I'noto graphl Art Gallery, 411 Umadwuv. AIrAMKl)-THRLE r,C0') tlNMEN FOR HEATER 1! w"rk- BAHTLETT At LMSLET, 42? 15road\V ly. w _ tbo*e w ho utiuci'ftan'i ihetr bushie?s mied apply. For ixirit culars apply M Lyuch'a Shades, Fultoa terry this day frntn 10 A. M. to 12 M. W ANTk NO 1NEER, TO RUN A SHALL EX di?" and ttiitke iilnwelf gnuerally usef ul In a laciorr. Apply at tU- I 4 J* Factory, 4J0 West 2Mb su ANTED?TO GO TO HAVANA, FOUR GOOD par> r?, one carpenter and one traoklayer. None but ppljr. for narvl ierry, Brooklyn, 25 rOOl'EK.S WANTEDTO MAKR FLOCR BAH Apply to A. T. Brlg(;a, 64 H\itgj?r';i *l!p. irnHNCH ADVKttTISKMKIiTS. 4 VIS AlTX PLII^ONNE^ RKVEN V.NT DE l.K CAM J\. |??5gn?* c?t an* famillo nnrtan! pour I'B trope.-?Bn s'lvlrcs Hant(lea\jl^arAg. nc6FiaiicaUa a? M. O. <1AILLARD. 51 Sfxlt'iun jAvonuc. pourra procurer une cuinlnioro fran* cals?, vraiw ronton bleu; doa Icatnvi dc chantbn', ljounea tl <?n am*, 1ni<thiititOUvornantfa, Ac., CMltohquf.? ou Pr. t? h ain^t que deaproi^^Rrti^BcuJ?lnlcr?, gnroona d<-uii! \ . On y lr tirara on outre Mr-ilomrat iqt:, * Ai?g 1 ?i Al'i mantra, do tdutca <?paoi{ra. mala rt aruu*m-uU do t u? 1m ordr*- rt a dra prlx en ranport nvco le.n circon" ai..i ? 11 y a pa; nt^i ii a framaiaoa ??t loa doa p? r aoui.'*' ;? aot Anv;. i<, Allomat?<l. It.i!ion? et K^pa tnol. On d? ?!? Iiirm'* n> r?*Rs<y, 51 Sl\i 111" av., iUm rulfclnlrrr? fr??f?at; d" j?*''on?i ordr<\ dea fr.mmaa do rhumbre? dra ? tldtJ's c.t deux jounev do 10 a 15n t?. /?>r: *1 tT\K rnANCAisK. pot;u ;c>i :*F.r> ? .tit's.i *1* ci u-Ui a-!* 3 adr v i- a 44 Ue..ur rn?.. vi. it dix at duui hcurtm SITl'AHOSS WANTKO-OJ YL.K.S. AN ABLE AKiS 13 VKRY DESIROUS Of ClETiINO A situation; will endeavor to please in any capacity, h i it* uwil to J,ni u labor. AdUich* for two d*}* II. K., box 117 llcruld oilic*. AYOl'NIi man DB8IRK8 A situation AS COA( J njan; ian t iliu fh.irse uf a small furui; I* a -e'Od vegeta ble gardener mi.! cau ta,.o cliarpe of co#h: Is not in dread of hard work. Tiiu btsvi of ntforeiioi ilvwi from his last em ployer. Addrmn K I ward Hanion, bos 211 Herald offlce. _ AaEUMAX GENTLEMAN, WHO BI*AKS AND writes English and French fluently, ami with ft mer cantile education, i* desirous nl" 111 uklug un engag .hi 111 in clerk, or in any oilier capu.lty, wiiii uu lm|Hirtiiig ?> 'H*" (fancy goods or hardware prelmrnd), where bin iiualiilcatluug WlIi?op?t) lii requisition. Bent reference. Address C. Flint, Humid oilicn. CAPTAIN S Ort PURSER'S CLERK, NAVY OK MER chant ?ci I'ii'i'.?Tb? underi-lgi.ed, loyal young lo.iii, (bookk. eper., desires the Above podi.lna; in hi of refweuae. Address W., 2U6Smtell It, Hi liiniorn. Coachman ?wanted, a situation, by a comi-e tent coined man, w ho understands his biKlnni in nil Us branches, and Is u gooij ?room and car-fill driver. Ad dress or cull at Mr. Ciwlieads, corner of|0tb *t. and Broad Way, or Brewster's cotrtagis factory, comer of 10th St. and Broadway, lor one ivei k, until employe.!. Employment w.\ntkd?by a you mi man well experienced in bookkuping, corresponding and imaliii ?x generally-, first cla*" rc 'lenees and security giveu if desired. Address O. it., bo* Mem! i ollli'e. TO OROCXKS.-WANTED, I1Y A KF-i! . I'TillIK young married man, a sitnatlou as i- i , ?? w ?... iak? charge of a more, and Invest the sum of $2<?i for an interest accruing theri from. Address Grocer, Hot-aid offee. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A UESPKOTaBLB yi iitf E: gli.'imnn, us co n n.niui or gr om, or |i time care off *i ii - ,11 ?*? Hie c.iv u II, i.nd lia.- noil i c reacts ir .1.1 ais hui place. Addt> -? ?r coli on t.' U., at Mr. Jauu * Browu's, 2! ' irfvu'l'j |>bwe. TJ7" ANTED?A KtTC ATlOtf, BY A V<)1 S? ? M ' N, \s TV hi in 'in i! lit 10 n- m (.? ! ? r ; -i derst u.d- i >ib kind.. oi mmMirs; a.> ? v no r i h ??? > jtrt wa |M>rawatM>t tn. <.i u t -ltj . ,? ,?% i MM Addr. 4H Joint, bin 1#T Herald o <?? ANTED?A KIWATW A( WAN'i'i IS VV\N iE;>? MAI ! 'liar, ltli kAit.' i OI T. ?' MARK M ?30 DAILY, BY J"Y .? > .i ? ? it tiin ies ;.nd buraliu'N !? i i li i ? i or nipiwrs. Re'ail i ? i? ?' ? "i ?. AU'lrchaUEOROE ai; .tm. ?? Yors. AQEN'! s NI. < ? ?? IJUOD COMMISSION WILL BE a i.i*v i .i .v r In a man for uffccling an lea o linop Kk r.ii i11. > i, I. i. the i o.u.try. Apply i t ? !'J Otiane ?t BOY WASTE WIN A COMMERCIAL HOUSE, FEOM 10 to IH \em* ?. aie. lie ui nt be a goo i iieii.u in aud able to roan uud write the Sp iniah and Kn>;!lsli language* ecrrei-t y. ,\n Amerloin preferred. Addr- sk V eab, oliloe of Joiirn .1 nl' Coiunierce, sutinj age and refcrcocea in totli l ingua*;!?. Drug clerk wanted?one that understands hli liio-incaG and can coiuo well rei ominendi il, at I>. Co'.e's, 100 9tu av. Drug clekk.?wanted, a man to learn tli ? retail biutine??. One having V > inowicilgc of the busineaapreferred. Ap,.iy al ter 12 M. at 'Jm Gih ,v. Retail dry goods salesman wanted?ok two or three years' experience. Apply to Joiirneay x iiui n ham, 114 Atlniui. Nt., Brooklyn. AI-ESMEN, AND saleswomen AND cashier, Wanted.?Sa!e?nien for ikiak and ahawldepartment ; s saleswomen for ribbon department. Mnat l?' thorougiily ac qiiaintv'l with the liuaineas. Address, suiting refercuoea and enpectations, Edward Malley, New Haven, Conn. WANTKD?AT the BRAN DRETII HOUSE, A FIRST ela?a Oermun m.itcrj a good man m y Im steady em ployment. Apply early in the morning to a. G. R .<^1. WANTED?A CLERK for A DRUG STORE Ul TOWN, two conductors, twoclerta for grocery stores, thru - r ters, two braU*men, elerk for a coal oillee, one sti war ? ' four girls tn travel, one bisrkeeper, two waiters, une n i - man, two men to drive horse and cart for suirts. Appeal No. 7 Chatham square. WTANTED?ONE THOUSAND BOYS, VV To nell the new McClellsnfMednl. Apply at 5S Nassau struct, Up stairs. WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS HEAL ESTATE OF flee, i\n active business man who la familiar with city re il estate, to take charge of one of the principal depart ment?. A person having had experience In procuring loans on boud and mortgage preferred. Must come well recom mended toy li mestjr and bu-ine.-s capacity. With such libe ral arrangements will be ottered. Adores*, Riving lull name with reference, former butluess Ac., C. A. II. A Co., Heralu ofllco. ANTED?BOYS, FRf)M TWELVE TO FOURTEEN corner"at Grnnd~and GlTryirtto &ts WANTED?A steady YOUKO MAN TO OPEN OYS utk; must umlerataml the buAiiK'Hs aud at?.sisi iu ilie sal ?on. Apiily at 171 Ati nuic f?t., Brooklyn. AV ANTED?A WATTI R FOR A SALOON. 203 Wrt hlniiton street. nous es, Room, Ac., wasted. A SMALL FAMILY WANTS TO MIRE IN BROOKLYN, near the leir orears; a small Cottage or brick House; tuust be in good order and gooA neighborhood. Rent mole rate. Addrens, staling lull particulars, Charles, Herald ofliie. IftUBNISUED HOUSE WANTED.?A LADT, WHO CAN 1 furnish the hrstof references, would like to meet with u family who would mil their bourn*. In exchange for Board, with the privilege of taking u few select boarders, or would In- willin,' to u sjx-r!utcnd a hooso lor a respectable party. Address M. M., I nion square Pout ofllce. House wanted?a neat, compact, well fur nUtiod IIo im', ;.K*ti.-d near or below Twenty-third street, an l between Tblril and Seventh aveoaea, or on Bnok Ivn Heights, liv it small family, without children. Rent not toaiMnl tl.OUO per annum, or an unfurnished House an swering tn tin' above description. Address 8. L., box ?,818 New York fokl oIm, PART OP A FURNISHED H0C8E WANTED?FOUR or live Rooms with Kitchen. Must be In a respectable neighborhood; mult contain all the modem improvements, and he neatly furnished with everything necessary for house keeping. Should prefer a house occupied by the owner. R?ut in cortforratty wii!i the times? to exceed 9300. ^d drew to; one we. ... staling pellicular* as to locality, aoeont> im. ; .s. A"., 8. >1. 8.. box2l3 Herald oM<e. TITANTED-A SMALL STOKE, WITn ONE OR TWO TV Rooms, suitable for housekeeping, on the (Irsl door of a Hiniill house, either in New York or Brooklyn. Address R. '' " " aid dfliee, slating term* . _ In "Ti iBnur ?. WANTED-ON OR BEFORE NOV. 1, PART OF A House, about four or live rooms, between Fourth and Six'.h avenues mid not higher tnan Twi-niy-tiiini street. Bat not to exceed (J00. Address T. T., Hern Id >lh e. WANTED-BYA SMALL, FIR9T CLASS PARTY, A four story House, from Tilth t<? Thirty-'' wrtb street and Third to Seventh avenue, Location must be good and the rent low. Apply to PKET A THOMAS, 820 Broadway. WANTED?BY A SMALL, GENTEEL FAMILY, PABT of a house (six to seven I.ooinsL with gas, bath, Ac., suliabl.! for houeeki eplng; or a small House. Addrew, Mat ing terms, II., box 3,CM Post office. ANTED-A SMALL STORli, WITH ONE OR TWO Rooms suitable for housekeeping; or the flrvtUoorof a small dwelling hc-iic, either In New York or Brooklyn. Add res - R. C., HersM odlce, slating teruis. AXTED?BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, A NEAT ly lurnisheil Boom, without board, in a private aud un o'itrtnMve family. PaTitisnt In advance. Address, for twe days, P. Pun, Herald omoe. Wanted?t-hi2~~Second floqr qf a UplfE, ncu'ly fnmNh"d, with conveniences for h^TisoTpypTn'if R- nt not t;i oxi . i d *A) per month. L.cnt'on above Madison square, between Third and Seventh avenue*. Addreaa, with ftdl partlcuhi. ?. S. itodgcrs, Miidlsuu square Post o'Hce. WANT!;D?11Y A SMALL, GENTEEL FAMILY OF grmvn persons, a front and back Parlor, two Bed rooms and Kit -hen, w ith and water, In a good nclghfior hood, not above- twenty-eighth str. c; west side pre -r.od; rent not to e.M ecd ?290 a year. Adaien J. 1?. P., ti- Broome atreeu W? "a.VTED-A COTTAGE, WITH .SEVEN ROOM J AND Garden, In Broolujn, WUUaaksDurg or ilr.ei point; rent not to exceed $150 per annum. Address, with full par ti' iihirs, for one week, Pr-ston, box 144 Herald niW. WAN J ElTTO HIRE?AN-UNFCRNISUhD HOUSE, ?T up town, between Tenth and Thirtieth streets ami Fourth and Sixth avenue*. Will t-vke a family of three to hour I in payment for rent, with privilege ot taking a few more boarder*. Address for two days \VT II. S., box lOd Herald oQlce. TITIAN TED TO KENT?A SMALL HOUSE, IN A GOt D ft neighborhood up town. A deslrnbl- leu Tit iuu" bo found by auJrcjKii g W. P. W., box 6W Post oU o, statins terms mid locution. STEAMBOATS. DAY BOAT FOR ALB AN Y AND TROY,?THE NEW AN D fast steainr r D.vMKL DREW leaves Jay -tract on Tu <? days, Thursdays ami Sat inlays, at 7 A. M., culling at Thirti eth street. Excursion tickets to be bad on board. SUNDAY BOAT FOB YONKER8, HASTINGS, DOBBS' Ferry, Tsrrytown, 81ns Sing. Ilaverstraw, West Pi J-it. Cold Spring. Cornwall mid New burg.?-Steamer BROADWAY will leave tiler loot of Joy street Sunday morning, at 7 o'olmk, touching irt. Amos and Thirtieth street. Exourslou tlckots to all landing* at reduced prlccs. Sunday boat fob olen cove-laxdino at White Stone, Stmttonport, City Island, David's Island and New llodielle. Btesmer MAYFLOWER leaves James slip at 3 30 A. M.. Dcluncey street at 8:45, Eleventh street at 9, and Tivi nty-oixth street at 9:10. Returning, leaves Glen Cove at 8 P. M. s UNDAY BOAT for KEYPORT?LANDING AT UNION, Rossville, Ti.liens anil Perth Amboy. Steamer OEO. LAW lonves trom pier foot of Bn flay street at 8:45 A.M. lteturcinj, leave* kryport at 3 P. M. QTEAMER I.ONO ISLAND LEAVES JAMES SLIP everyday (HuudAy*excent- rt) at3 P. M. tor Nni-tbpnrt, making tin Imeime'tiul* laiidln,is. R"; jrctne, leave* Norlh Borj .1 5:30 A. M. Fl. ? .io n U!*n Cove Ji! cent*! from Sard's Point. id Great -m uk 10 cents, Friigh! i rora Gl- n Ci ve, Saivi's Point snd Great Neck r-iducoil to *uit lUe timi)*. Hni-st-s ISO cents, end ail ot tier freight in proportion. "rest A urantsT TF you WANT TO ENJOY YD" Hs'elf FOR A WHILE, L ?nd t-ike n uulet lo<..i si the ncv. with a glass of A!" f r 3 -.enlt" and a Sandwich for^3 cents, tall atfei'LN I Klt'S, No. t CortUndt ?t , ntirtbwrat corner of Brood? ay. OY i'EErt.?'THE BIUUKST STEWS, THE I.AP'HvtT Fries, the liugcst R. n and ike mammoth sn.i tie K ts an alv ivs o.: found t Lli'BY W9 Full- n (trvet, near Hei "Id i l ? N. R.?Oyster' ipencd without tracking, thercuy avoiding llu< 11 shell, '.r. };?<).UN OVS, B0BIN60N 3, BOKIUaON'H, NO III || ffr an rei-t. corner of Joli ?.?reet,.s iok 0'ile.lK ?! Hi be the 1ms nl. . e In the elty to get i f i.uu,::iuiu j. aeuuinotl^aof ilurtonorJLuJtluiiUl'ale -Us, UVH1VAV.. ( A great want of moMvV n>i^ es'vik tohamI wun my P In no ImirifMfrttelv. I cannot dt**ertbti it in a Wl?rt a<lverti.s?uiynt, but will au?t? ouh f.a ?1: la out of the mo#t tfl. ^anUy Unfwli?><!, tloubU* rooiul, rartctf U<ga, back thq ?am.. ?Miront, .|c. It la worth do?tbin 1 luk ior it; a ga^l |Hrrif.c? Hill be made to a cu?U cu 'oim-r; coat $560; pflof % 15. Call eatly ut 48 lii^h ?treft, Brooklyn. A SUPERB 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD 1'IANOFOBTE *' ?.treat saendee, richly ui ed legs and case, mnJII ? s ?***'Pl*tn> I'"?'it ?lib M'it. wood, hut >11 thg bv ,'rn.,.',iu'' outdo to ord i (i) tbe prawn! ownei usehut..m .? CutraJtteed fur tlir ?? ye ire, I1.1S I wen la elu(U?iJEa^ ?. !coirt, rs,"< '?<' *>!d for $250. In. s.'u. M,?,rL l t!r?,AI "? a r,""'wr""! DmwlnsKoom ?im?, tnauo tourrier by \Ve*L of Biiu'luHvinvt ??vt f^a Sv?nue. UlW Ut lN?* 7ij w??^woiUy-aiith atrcct, near Sixth A fSufJf*1!*0 ? SUl'ERIOH ALTO VOICE i oti rr tuattjn ln* churcb- Alio, Brooklyn IMMENSE ST7C08SS.W. II TAYLOR, NO. 141 Thompson mi net, ?nwOiee the B.iij In IS leu.,,!!!! t or S3, or d lesions for $1 SO. lvo h !e k.iii satisfactorily learned0? tile money returned. Banjo hour* rrom 8 to 3 every evening. pnmuorroat on uir mHonSri and-votaB 1 Ali!?i ?.?J. R. MAGKATH, Organist of tbe Rev Dr. Pise a elinioh, intend* pupil#in New York end Brooklyn. Addrcst 01 A est liable street, Bri oklyn. T IGHTE A BRADBURYS' NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNO I j ll.if* Pel h tit Insulated Full Frame Grand and Sqnam I uinofortes,421 Broome street. What everyb.Kly says must, lie true; I'vcrylxidy says they are the beat, therefore they iiiunt be the beet, MR. ROBERT GOLDBEfK BEOS TO ANNOUNCE that be has returned to town and receives eoinmunit ,1 Uom ri wanting lessons on thu Plunn, at V ? ?? Scliarfuiiliers ? Lnl". 7W Broadway; 0. TU ctul ig, 701 l5?Mdway,uudCblcl3 erln* ,n hoiis, UJi Bmadwnj. \f? EMANUEL flltANDBIS. PROI K SOU OF THE ?'* Piernn Isreadyfor newpupl.\ either >.t theirveaidaBai '? Tern.i. tii suit the timet. Thtioriu classes ? 111 e ijM'iied lor ladies dtwlring to become Uniehers: $t) foi i :? -ut, In Advance. Apply M 67 Went Thirteenth street, t f r Sixth avent'.c. \ . SIC-INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO, AT $2 PER inmtn, with prlflWKe of daily piaotlce, bv a liuty weB ? . id. l'lipllt) ittUftidvd nt their reaidena a,'$10 to $l2pet Utiamr. Apply at 172 2jth et., between 7th and 8tli avce. MUKIfAL-A YolNd LADY, WHO IS A COM PR Ve t teacher on the pUnelorle, la deal, .iiik of inking a lew more pupils. Teriui. If tuujjlitut her ou.i realdenee, $6 per quarter; If at the reaMence of the pupil, ?S p<*r quarter. A pply to or addreaa Miss Sarah J. Currle, 190 West Thirtielti Bitvet. 7)IASO-i, WAT0HBS, DIAMOKIMI, OOI.D CIIA1N3, I KurnituiT, Ou:;*, Plutoli, i?'; ir<. Safeet Paper, I'ortfo i.. , Knlven, Soape, a Fretu 'i ;>r nt, I'i.i .ilecheup.' Cn li advance*. J. I'\ JO 1>, . Ann street. J i onJ I!unr. PtflD Ml'SIO NO Ut M'UTO,. L Til pretwat hard tlim en-!- Bt r.s to oiler our tvi olo kof Litlmantnbird t'i??.. a. ..nd Modern Mu:io(no ivpd l.rm ? i, over wo- .i.. iil, bt.lqw cost | itees, n?. ac. and 3e. ft pa^e. Tiiat i> ?'";i . t <??, :tv for 12c., .VV\ fur 15c., $1 for 20:. All tiie ivor*i of A ?< !j?-r, Beethoven, Hoyer, fi^r tini, Huntmuliur, Chopin t.'rai.ier, C?erny, Dohler, Heller, Ll?t, Thaii ei < and a ilnu tud other French, G. rman ana Iiailati compiler*. Conn! all; look and buy before It in too let". "Iji' c Mualciile." V. A. WUNDER. MANN, 018 Broadway. t*io door* below Ijaitm K'-eue'g. mwo NEW AND SPLENDID TONED SEVEN OCTAVU X rosewood Pianofortes, wit'r full r rli ltl*fntmir rtrT loped k> y ?, uirvcd iega and ovcrftrunu b"ai>. t? 111 be Hold at a great Mcritioe for cash. Can be seen at 171 Third avenue, private door. These Pianos are made by u lirst class city maker. a Q?r,n PIANOFORTE FOB $225 IMMEDIATELY, AS ip'/'JXj tiie owner la uitif; t ? travel; la 7}i octitV", rn>e wood H'i p ntlne ease, of th" gran iect descrlptt m; eost t';M nine mouth- a.11; four n.und eorn'rs, overstrung h ss, lro-i flame. Apnl.v at 127 Twenty-ilrst street, near Thin! tv nue. Cover, Stool, kx Price $225. Must be disposed oi tats day. a: INSTBTCTIOIT. i CARD.?NEW PUPILS WIM. BE RECEIVED DAILY this week for elans or private Instruction in PenmMWlM B'lokkeepiug, Ac. Full success guaranteed to all. Rooms No. 0 Fourth avenue, New York, and 13 Court street, Brook lyn. " OLIVER B. OOLDSMTH. AS ENGLISH LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS governess or trai ner in a private family or lirst clout holies school; hhe is t idly competent to touch thoroughly lu ail branches of English and French education, aud to Instruct beginners iu music. German and Italian. Address Governess, Madison square Post ofliee. EST SUSTAINED BOARDING SEMINARY IN THE State. B S lit) per year. Brick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. I ^ -lest teachers in all departments. Winter term, Dec. 6. " Address Rev. Joseph E. Kinj;, Fort Edward Institute, N. Y., on tiie Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad. COOPER UNION COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 18 AND Ifl Cooper Institute.?;>i?jn day and evenln?. Course oi Instruction embraces the loliowing branches thoroughly and practically taught:?Uookke.enlng, Business i'enmanship, Comni Tctal Law, Commercial Calculations, Commercial Correspondence, in. littkANT, STRATTON, PACKARD A PENN. Principals. PPEENOH LANGUAGE?BY AN EXPERIENCED 1 teacher, 60 cents ono hour, 7S oents two hours. Ad* uress A. P , Herald oOlce. MiljrARY INSTRUCTION ?THE ADVERTISER PBO^ puses to organite a mllliary corps, If a sullkl mt num* ber will unite in the movement, for the purpose of military Instruction, both practical nn.l Nouc will be ad mitted to membership but those who are u'lln am', will devota ii' lra^t three evenings each week to study and drill. Addresa Military, box 18U Hi laid oilice. iTT EllNEST PERKING TAKES PLEASURE IN life forming his friends and pupils thai he has returned to town, and will resume bis lessonB in Singing and Pianoforte! Address care of C. Breustng, 701 Urondwuy. fPHE COLORING OF PHOTOGRAPHS IN OIL, IVORY JL and water colors tanpht by a superior French anifit, af the pupils' resideneet. 1'ictures done to order b uutlml und at hsli th - pri.e. Ca'.l at Mrs. Le Trank's g..ll ry, 210 Elm street, third floor, from 10 to 12. HOTELS. EAItLE'S NEW HOTEL Canal street, one block east of Broadway, New York. Terms (1 80 per day. The above Hotel will be open to the public on Monday, October 7. The house will accommodate between 300 ami 400; is lilted up In a neat and hai.dsonie manner, and with particular regard to the comlort ol tl ? cuests. The location, being central, Is very convenient t j business and places ol amusement, and easy oi access froi.t .tl! jurta of the city, by stages and small ears. The fumitui a ii of tbe mott modern style, and was made expressly for WM. P. EAKLE * ON, Proprietors. THE ST. JAMES HOTEL, CORNEE OF FOURTEENTH street and Fourth avenue, having be thoroughly renova ted and newly furnished, U now open. I'inuli '.s or single gen - tlemen can be accommodated with Booms, without board or with meals served as desired. passports! A PPLYFOR PASSPOfiTS XaT A a. wTkennedy. . Notary, IIS Bowerf. ? Comer of Broome street. ~ ^ - - Clothing. ? ^ A~GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any cast off clothing, lurnttnre, car pets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on, or addressing C. Mfrfll, 302 Seventh avenue. between Twenty* ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mlsh. AT THE NEW STAND, 1S7 SIXTH AVENUE, LADIES and gents can secure the full value for their cast oB Clothing, Furniture and Cat-pets, by railing on or addressing B. M1NTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleven la streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mtntz. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?IF YOU wish to get the fnll value of your cast off Cloth h??v Carpets, Furniture and Jewelrv, the best you can do U to send a note to F. Harris, 186 Seventh avenue. There you may be convinced you will be dealt with to your satisfaction. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Harris. 156 Scve'ntB aVe&Vo. Twenty-ttrst street. __ A RARE CrfANCE.-f 12,090 WO?TH OF CA8T OFF Clothing wanted, Io snpply Cialforul* and Western markets, Furniture, Carf-els, Jewelry, lu. I do not pretend to offer nominal prices, ?* U dons by some, but I guarantee to pay the utmost value for cach article, Dy calling nn or ad dressing E. H., 79 Sixth avenue, second door Above Waverley pBfe. Ladles attended bjr Mfg. E, H, ^ ^ A RARE CHANCE.?LADIES AND GENTI.EMEN-I want a large lot of cast off Clothing for ihe Western market; Carpets and Furniture. 1 promise to pay the highest price for them by exiling on or addressing M. Ellis, No. 99 Seventh avenue, fielween Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. idd reusing jeni' Ladies uttended by Mrs. Ellis. A A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHINO warned, to fill up m lers frutn the West; first rate prlree will be pi\c:i, snd cash pi!d in current mo ley. Apply to J. MOKONEY, 4t)l Pearl street, next block t > Chatham. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING ,LADIES AND gentlemen.?Wmited, a lot of cast off Clothing, Furni ture, Carpets and Jewelry. I will pay the best prhn in tha city, liy calling on or addressing M. ABRAHAMS, 233 Seveatl* avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets, ' y dies attended to by Mrs. A. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CAPT OFF CLOTHINd wanted.?Furniture, Car|>ets hi d J welry wanted, to supply the Western market. I pr1 follows:?For8(5 Dre Mtes from $10 to $30; Coats from #fi to $18; l'ants front $1 SO to $5. CStil on or addre-w A. \> i :is, 218 Seventh ave. nue, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets. La ties attended by Mrs. D. At ezekiel's old stand?ladies and gents can "btRln the following ortcru (or their cast-off Wear ing Apparel. From $5 to $25 for silk dressy; from $3 to $19 lor coats, and frotn $i to $5 for pants; also carrels, jewelry. <te. A note by post punetiially attended to by EZEKIEL. IS* Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs. E. T TIIE NEW STAND. 201 THIRD AVE KITE, LADIES ?, and gents can secur- the full value for their cast oK Clothln;;. by uiLing on or a-Mreasing C. Jacobs,293Third avenue, between Twenty.third and Twenty-fourth stieeta, Ladies attended by Ml?s F. Jacobs. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.-LADIES AND gentlemen having any Cast Off Clollilii', Furniture, Carpeu and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 688 Third avenue. Ladies at tended by Mrs. Harris. Abetter chance for ladies and gentle meK to dlepose of their east off Clo'hing, Furniture, OarpcU and Jewelry. I guarantee to pny SO per cent tlian anj other dealer. Call on or address J. ANIIALT, 162 Seventfi avenue, between Twentieth aud Twenty-first streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Anhult. /California agencyT 388 ninth avenue, oppo< \J poslte the Blind Asylum.?$30,pno wo rtb oi Ladles' and Gentlemen's Clo'hlng, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry. Firs Ar.nt, Bed IinAc., waated immediately, tor the California market,' for which the h'g'icsl prhes wiil he pitd. As wo 'lave the agency for one of the hrgest estst tl?liin>-nt* in Ca? lifomk, we are enabled to offer etter In-in-etacuU thuij Miv other house In the city. Call in or address Mrs. J. Gt)Ll>6TBIN, 383 Ninth avenue. Gentlemen attendrd to b? Mr. Goldstein. \r < TICE.-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THR ONI.T place to get Ihe full value of your east elf Clothing i rjv-tlng, Jewelry, Fnrmttire, te.. Is to call at tf. FELLii M \,N'S new store 293 Ninth avenue, third door from Twenj tv -ninth street, where yo i may be sure togct the full amount fir all goods to your entire Rftlsiaetlon. liadle-i attended tj at their own residence by Mi <? S. Felioman. < rpo THE LADIES A N'T) GENTLEMEN OF NEW YORICJ .1 Brooklyn mid Vicinities.?I am now tvl'i: the hliiu sl ish pri>? for ladlei ami 'enilemcn i C ist Off Cloililng, n?! oel'iug on or address!- . t ??< nu>.' A, N> 130 BI Mb ftwS ii . flr^i . " ir, ovt v the store, \,ul incei with JtroaiLt aitca tloa. iit.iaucc i?nvute (

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