Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1861 Page 7
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BALES AT AUCTION. A 1L 8. CHAPMAN A CO, ArCTlONEBBB. A( tlMOO worth of Elegant nrcT cl s iiorSsnota prRNiTUBB, To be | ?rrnii .111 lly sold ul nubile Ruction, O.N THJB luy (FRIDAY), OCT. 4. 'THE PEOPERTY OK A UIONTLEMAN LEAVING FOR EUROPE. Haw wood T octuve Plunofurie, logwood Drawing Room Butte. rosowo i.l no'I tU;iho<Moy Chamber Furniture, OaJi D.i ing Itomn K.iruftarc, I'ulu ting*, Statuary, Bronzes, Chandeliers, Mirror*. Velvet Medal lioit Carpets, At the residence of A. S M .i , nard, Esq.. No. 48 We*t Sixteenth street. Win-, en I'tith und Sixth aveuues. _ HALE COMMENCES AT 11 O'CLOCK. superb Suit*, caned ?oild ruwuq d, eoveriMj with silk bro 4D*tel; Secretary and Bonkoate, Kipgerea, broue Cl ick, run* out! month; f i. r and Muun 1 Mil roi a. iinbroldtitd L '.of Cur tulns, Mantel Ornaments, Centru Table*, King * Patent Re dlining Clialr, Oil faint in ;S, by eminent artist*; bronre and >i?rU? Si.iliuiy two superb watch PitintliiKS Scene* In SwItxerlanJ, by Cole; the Assumption of the Virgin,* cor com front the celebrated painting In the Louvre Gallery, Pari*, by Leeard; Pruit Pipit, Winter Scene* on the Danube, ?lngant Pointing on silk, by II< nly llagniito nt nevpn ociave rosnivood Pianoforte, ( anurSuiy, Stool and Cover; IlaUUnd, oak Bullet, Em*?union Table, china Dinner and tfea Sels, crystal Glassware, richly engraved Table Cutlery, ?'>lld Silverw.ue, rosewood and mahogany Burt ana, Bed au-ada, Wardrobe*, Toilet Table*, Commodes, Dressing *J*l>les, lLtlrand during Mattresses, Oounlen* inu, lllaukptK, Sheet*, Towels McGraW's Patent Sofa Bedstead, Bmt ?tanO*. Toilet Table*, Uruucls aud Ingralu Car|>eta. Oilcloth. Stair Can Hi. Also, a large nasortiuent of Basement ami Kitchen Furniture. Houie to fct or for sale. For further particulars ane auctioneer. A D. CAUL KINS, ACCTIONKER. J\. MORTGAGE SALE. Rich Mid oootl; Household Furniture, _ . _ Elegant rosewood Pianoforte, Rosewood Parlor Suit*, In broriitpl, ValuaHe Paintings, Artlatlc llronzea, Marble Grout*. Ac. _ Friday, Oct. 4, at the elegant private residence 218 West Fourteenth alrect, near Eighth avenue, CamniencttiK ?t I0>< o'clock. The sale comprises the ontire conienta of the house. The tdecant Parlor Furniiure waa made to order and Is In solid rosewood. The whole will be told to tb* highest bidder for Cash, ollerlng extra induoeincnlii to purchaser*, a* the entire Furniture of the house 1* nearly new, and must be sold to clou the mortgage. Elegant rosewood aeren oetave Pianoforte, with all modern Improvements, overstrung bass, pearl key*, la, Coat $a?); rich rooewood Stool, covered in satin and embroidered Cover; three elegant full Suit* of ruse wood Parlor Furniture, In rich brocade and satin; rosewood Elcgeres, splendid and costly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, *r. Also a magnificent cof tnction of rare Painting*, rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, In One reps; rosewood Centre and Sldo marble top Tables, richly carved. Chamber Suit*, In rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Withstands, Sola Kpds, In line hair cloth; ten pure Uu.r Mattronses, from 40 to SO pounds, made to order and In excellent condition. Dining Boom furniture consist* of fine oak Extension Table*, Bilvei ware, rich Chin*, Ivory and Silver Cutlery, 1 orks, Spoons, die., with he*vy cut and engraved Glassware of every description. Sale positive. By virtue of a chattel mortgage. AM. MERWIN, AUCTIONEER. ? By BANGS, MBit WIN & CO., Irving Buildings, No*. ?04 and m Broadway, FRIDAY EVENING, OCT. 4, AT 7 O'CLOCK, PRIVATE I.I lilt All Y of ehoice und valuable English and American Monk*, lu Um- condition, Including a varieiyof Il lustrated Works, .vo. For particulars see C*taloi;u<' and the books at the salesrooms. Also a few OIL PAINTINGS, to be sold alter the books. Auction notice. LARGE AND IMPORTANT SALE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4. TO LAOIES' CLOAlv MAKERS. We will Include lu our sale ?t Friday The following desirnble Woollen*, viz: 40 BALES, MO PIECES BLACK AND COLORED SEALSKINS AND PLUSHES l'Olt LADIES' CLOAKS. 10 BALES, 200 PIECES, BLACK AND COLORED BROADCLOTHS, OF ALL GRADES, e BALES, 100 PIECES, HEAVY AND KINK BEAVER CLOTHS AND TRICOTS. BLACK AND COI Of.KD MERINO CIXiTIIS. ALL FKE&H GOODS, JUST LANDED. Together wllb FULL ASSORTMENTS OF STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. Oatalogue* ready early on morning or sale. WM. TOPPING M CO., Auctlonerrs, Nos. 9 and 11 Par* place and No. 8 Murray street Auction notice. HAl.ES t'HIS DAY AND TO-MORROW, FRIDAY, OCT. 4, AND SATURDAY, OCT. 5. We beg to t all attention to the above sales, FRIDAY 8 SALE WIIA CONTAIN TUB LARGEST AND REST ASSORTMENT OF Wool.LENS AJSD STAPLE DRY GOODS that hat* beeu offered this season. SATURDAY'S SALE WILL CONTAIN Invoice* of Etbtions. Shawls, Embroideries, silks, Dress Goods, Slilrtsand Drawers, ami Staple and Fancy Dry Goods generally, tofstherwlth Boou and Shoes?ISO cases of strictly seasonable goods, Received direct from manufacturers. Soft Hats?An invoice, lu variety. Catalogue* ready oil morning of each day's sale. M M. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneer*, No*. 9 and 11 Park place and No. 8 Murray street. ASSIGNEE'S SALS OF ELEGANT FURNITURE. An exttauiillnary opportunity for HOtSEKEI-.PF.R8 AND THE TRADB. Over ?12,0ut) worth of rich and rosily Household Furniture, Tbltf day (Friday), r.t 3 o'clock precisely. Comprising the beautiful and oostly Furniture contained In the laix>' dwelling bouse 1S2 West Twenty-lirst street, near Seventh avenue, the whole lor absolute and peremptory sale, rain or shine, constating of Bnglikh Velvet and Tapestry and'ganl rosewood Parlor Furniture, en suite, coinpi1*inj three full suits, richly carved, sll of which are covered in ileh slik brocati 1 and oi the In st description; rosc wood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Clislrs, in blue and (old satin and mofluet; Danmsk and Lace Curtains, tine rose wood Etegeres, Velvet and Turkish Lounges, rich Sevres and Dresdcu Mantel Vases, Artistic Bronzes, Bisque Figures, Par lor Ornaments, Ac. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Music Cabinet, Stool aud Cover. Kiegant JBurexus, Bedsteads, 12 Uair Mattresses, Chamber tsntls, In rosewood; Kronae Clock, spring seat Chairs, Mir rors, Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two Sola Bed Meads, rich Cut Glas* of evi ry description, marble top Btifl'ct, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive, rsln or shine. R. W.^VKSTCOTT, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.?BARGAINS FOB HOrsEKP.EP, ere and Dealers.?The property of the late Mrs. Irving Will be sold nt public auction at the residence, 132 Waveriey jilace, near Sixth avenue, thin (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock precisely, to the highest bidder, without reserve; eon ?istlng of rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, two elegant Par tor Suits, coveted In the richest two colored French silk bro catel; rosewood Centre and I'ier Tables, one eleiantly finish ed rosewood E'egcre, with mirror back snd doors; rich China Vases, damask and lace curtains, very handsome rosewood Bureau, Waststand, Comm ido and Bedstead; black walnut Cult, covered in green silk reps, consisting of one Sol's, one Arm, one Robepuon and four medallion back Chairs; Corner 4Jtands, mahogany Bedstead, Bureaus, Tables, Sofa Beds, JjOiinges, Rockers, line Hair Mattresses, Beds, Bedding, Cl icks, Shades, Curtains, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, solid black wa'.imt Extension Table, Dl.iing Chairs, Glass, China and Silver Ware; Table Cutlery, Ac., Ac. Also, 1% boxes of dine Soup, a i|uautity of line i.l<|iiors, Wines, Ac. Sale posi tive. Terms cash In buukable money. E. ROTH, Auctioneer. Auction notice. We Invite particular attention to our sale of this day, ?consisting of ?*? cartons PLAIN AND FANCY BONNET RIBBONS, in new and desirable colore all of this season's Importation; also BLACK liROS DE RHINE SILKS, GRO IMS NAP and MARCEI.IKE SILKS, in new aud desirable ?hades; FLOWERS, FEATHERS, BONNETS. Ac,, together ?with a full assortment of Dry Goods, Cloths, Canslmercs, Testings, Hosiery, Ac. Sale to commence at ten o'tl s k. LOCK WOOD BROS. A UN DERHILL, Auctioneer*, 29 Murray and 33 Warren streets. Auction notice.-m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell this day (Friday), October 4, at 10% o'clock, at the salesroom 85 Nassau street, a general assortment of Household Furniture, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Mlr Tors, rosewood 1'at !er Suits, mahogany do., Book esses, mar ble top Cer.ire Tables, rosewon I Eteceres, Oil Paintings, Ex tension Dluing Tables, Bullets Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, Wushstands, Bedsteads, llalr Mattresses, Lounges, Wardrobes, Chair*. Ac., Ae. AJsi, 2 Howes' patent Sewing M iehlm s, 1 Singer's do. Auction notice.-a family giving up house keeping will dispose ol'all their Furniture nt private sale at a great sacrifice lor cash, consisting of two Parlor Butts, covered in rich broeatel; each suit cost last May $201); Will be sold one sutt at %VM, and one for $Sv); rosewood Ete ?ere, Centre Tables, Bureaus,,i*, Mattresses, Bed Ing, Curtains, Carpets, Ac. Apply al 12d Wavcrlcy place, corner of Sixth avenue. Auction notice ?fifty crates of eartuen ware, China and Glass, by E. T. WILLS, on Friday, at 10}. o'clock, at hisauction rooms, No. 15 Murray street. Sale positive. T T. SMITH, AUCTION EERTwILL SELL THIS DAY, J*.# at 2 o'clock, the entire Furniture of a family giving up housekeeping, In the private residence 137 Eighth street, near Broadway. Everj thing must be removed this day. A" UCTION NOTICE.?ISAAC D. AARON WILL SEIjI this day, at Bit Nass?ii street, an elegant collection of Oil Paintings, being the balance of a bankrupt dealer's stoek. Halo positive and without reserve. By order of assignees, AUCTION NOTICE.?FUBMTUBESALE.?TBIB BAY, at I0W{ o'clock, by ltEI.I. ft 1NGK.VHAM, at their sales rooms, 26 New Bowery, comprising a general variety. Also, Pawnbroker's Goods, from last sale. BBOWNK a NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SBLL on Saturday, October A, at 1 o'clock, in front ot sales rooms 36 Nassau s reet, a very fine pulr c bsy Horses, pony built. Morgan stock, S years old, IS Imr) Is high, war ranted sound. ktnd and gentle in every particular; a com* plete pair ot' horses lor all work, good single as well as double, one a superior saddle horse. To be sold without re. ?erre. Also, A close second hand Carriage, city built, In good order; also ? city built second band T. p Wagon, a Coupe Bockaway, ? lorn over seat R ekaway, one extension four seated Car riage, very light, pole and shafts; two no-top Wagons. BROWNE A NICHOLS," AUCnONBB MLWIufiSELL on Saturday, October 8, at 1 o'clock, lu front of sales room Sfi Nassau Mreet, a bay Mai e, full 1,'^ hands high, a stepper aud Hue road mal e; can trot in 3>j. Perfectly noniid, kind and (,entle in all harness, and a perfect snddlo beast. BROWNB A NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL 8BLL on Saturday, October 5, a' o'clock, at salesroom 3A N :*^au street, ih* cjmtcnts of a nrst class private house, which be removed to our salesroom for convenl<<acc or iwle, consisting of rich rosewood l'urlor ami Chamber Stilts, Frvneh plate Minors, Velvet and Brussels Cnrjiets, Dining K 'm Furniture., elegant rosewood *'\en octave Plauo, t > ?nhrr with all the Kitchen Fiunlture, Glassware, Crockcry, Ac, with which the sale will commence. CONST *BLK'S*SALE.?THIS DAY, AT ? O'CLOCK, AT 1M <' inal street, two Tays*st ry and two I ngraln Carpets, lot oi Oilcloths. Sofa, Rocker, sis Parlor Ch.tlnt, Bureau, ?ti*s, Bedding, Curtains, Tables, Stoves. Alsoa lot of Li'inoi.% Counter, Plattorm Scales. Also Mi.sleal In um -nts. THOM AS CI'SHING, tTonstable. B VNIF.L X MATHEWS,TvUCTIO.VKI'R-SALESROOM 7'.' "Sa i-ait street, between Fulton and John streets. MORTGAGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUBNITURE A.1D ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, MADE BY CHICKERINO. DANIEL A. MATIlliWh will sell st miction this dav (Fri <iay), Oet. 4; at I0,'? o'rlo>>k, at his salesroom, 7U S'assau etre. t by virtue of a chattel mortgaRe. the following House, held Furniture, vis:?Two rosewood Parlor Suits In sutln hroeatel, one do. in plush, maho^.iii v Sofas, Chairs, Booker. Voltaire Chair, Reception Chair* in fancy reps, rosewood and nitihoiatiy Bookcases, Wat lrober. Dressing Hureatts rt: 11 ni. aity an 1 walnut French Iledstfnds, spring Beds, llalv Mat I reuses, ivashstatids, Toilet Crockerv, (filtia Mantel "'"ei, brotwe Cle k, Louu^es, enativ lied Chamber SulU, ?legatit fiiis'Stiy Velvet Caija-ts, Pier Mirrors, I'betal Glass, JvMeiis.on rubles. Bullets, Dining Chairs, B'tokruck*. Divans. C liu>c Centre Table, Carrl Tables, Iron Be.t?t,-ad.Oil P.itnt in s, f 'lung Mucliine, China, Ulu-aware, stair 1; ids. Win <t; v shades, Ac. Also one superior rosewood 7 o 'are Pl.i no Jor.e, IllVfe l.y Chlefcelllig, t ,! tal viles an I good* IIOU jetllli foi ttS'i inativiti. Tet'Uiacash. Hy onlemr 3 LOl'ls II. VULTB, Attorut v lor Mortgagee. ~ _ BALKS AT AtJCTIOlf. 17dward pchenck, auctioneer. ill sale ok kink OIL. PAINTIN08. By EDWAXD SCIIENCK, on Saturday, the 5th Inst., at eleven o'clock, at bin salesrooms, 155 unl 157 Broadway, a Collection of tine mo Inn OH Paintings, comprblug Mari ners, Landscapes, Exteriors, Cattle Piece*. A1*., ft"'., among wlil li will bo found aeveral guaranteed ORIGINALS, viz ? AN EXTERIOR bv DE RRACKELIER. Do. fti by VAN SIViUtDONCK. WINTER SCENE by SMETZ. MOONLIGHT by KKRRIMAN8. Landscape by koi.^sets. AU(. limuy others, by wi ll known artists,. The Palllttnga aie now tin exhibition, aint the attention at tliutc In ? ant of Hub paintings la invited to the name. T. Wll !,S, AUCTIONEER. earth e n w a he, glass and cniNA. H E. Auction in,iiie.?Kilty crab-s Earthenware, Chin* and Glass, bv E. T. Wl 1.1.S, tills tlay (Friday I, at XOW o'clock, at hisauction ro ,mi, 15 Murray street. Sale positive. ET. I1IM 8, auctioneer ? AUCTION NOTICE. ? Gold W. t iii'?, Diamond Rings anil Chains. This morn ing, ut 1? o'clock, .ii U Murruy street, two Gold Watcbcs, Chains &nd Diamond Ring*. George cook, auctioneer. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. To-monrow. at 11 o'clock, at alore U1 Broadway, a large stack of first class Furniture, consisting in part of Parlor, Cliiiuber, Library and Dining Room Suits, Secretary and Li brary Bookcaaus. litegcres, Wardrobes, Louugcs, Easy Ciiilm, Ac. N. B.?At 12 o'clock, foraccount of whom It ma* ooncero, Ave Gold Watohca. Henkv II. leeds, AUCTIONEER.?HENKT H.' LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auctiou, ?>n Friday, Oct. 4 at 11 o'clock, at their galleries, No. 23 Nassau street, valuable Oil PalMtlnn, by order of executor*. A line collection of Oil Paintings, tlii' entire gallery of a well known connoisseur, deceased, comprising the works of F. Fiona, Tempests, Ge rald, Adam, M"ii.ier. IaiUvhIs, Luoatelll, De la R<sne, Civet ut, Tintoretto, A. Outer, Halle, Gotulus, David, Rubens, aud otliri*s of xreat celebrity. Also, a number of very line modern Oil Paintings, from tli? same collection, and an invoice of rotuci'luuieiiuH I'lcturea, to close Invoices and to pay advauoea. They oil be examined aa above on and from Tuesday, Oct. 1, uutll day oi hale. EN'RV II. LEEDS, auctioneer.?I1ENKY H. LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auction, on Saturday, Oct. 5, ut lti>i o'clock, at salesroom No. 2S Nassau street. To con fectioners, hotel keepers, Ac. The entire Invoice of French Fancy Boxes, Sugared Frnlta, elegant Oartea Pieces, Ac , to decorate tables; Green Fruits, Chocolate Figures, from Ihe celebrated house of Masson, Of Fails; Flowers and Vases, Pastlllopj Vaaea, with Grain s, Temples, Botiqtftt, Ac., for din ner iwriles; Numbers and Letters, of all sizes, lor military; Cordial 1 Jingoes, Fruita, Extracts, Miniature Champagne, Trunks, l'aper Boxes, Ac.; fates de Koie Gins, of various numbers, und oilier articles lor dcooratlona of tablea, Ac. The above were received direct from Pans, with directions to be sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Can be ex amined on the morning of sale as above. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer?henry h. LEEDS A CO. will aeil at auction, on Saturday, Octo ber 5, at 1I>X o'clock, at the Captain's Exchange Hotel, 4:11 Broome stroei, a few dooraeaat of Broadway, tlie Household Fiii nlluie contained in the restaurant uud hotel, con sisting ol a funeral assortment of mahogany and btark wal nut Furniture, lion Bedstnads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Mattresses, Feather Beds and Pillows, Oil cloth*. Stoves, Mirrors, Curtains, Sheets and Napklna, China and G.asHware, Restaurant Tablea and Table Ware, very linn Bar Fixtures and Counter, Clucks, Paintings and Engraving.-*, Kitchen Ware, and ether articles, without reserve. Henry d. miner, auctioneer-henry d. MINER will sell at auctiou on Friday, October 4, at 11 o'clock, at i.l* salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post oQlce, two lull blooded blaik K'l-.villi, eight months old, St) inchea high, welt broke au<i trained for bunt ing. Can be seen tlila day from 11 to 4 o'clock at the sales room; valued at *250. Mortgage sale.-by virtue of chattel mort gage, I will sell at auction, on Saturday, tM? >er 5, st il>% o'cio. k, at 211 Centre street, Machinery, comprising one Cubing ami one Drilling Machine, lot of 1'allies, Belting, Vices, Hammers, Saivs. Chisels, Screw Plate* with Dies, Cramps, Stp.area, Screw Drivers, Hand Saw*, Fllea, Plain -a. Work Bern lies. Rocket Craini a and Punching Frames, Tongs for gas lilting, l,e:ul Pipe for |>t.ncliluJh Scales, Desks, Ch..l s. Table, Iron Rate, Wreiioliea, Anvils, Preaa, Stove, aud every thing contained in fat.I establishment. HENRY WEST, Attorney for Mortgager. OFFICE Ut BOWERY.-D. BURKE, auctioneer, will sell at auctiou, this day (Friday) at lo>i o'clock A. M., the Lease, Stock and Fixtures ul the Grocery and Liquor siore, 277 Seventh avenue. In lots to suit purvhaacrs anil positively aold without reseivr. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?JOHN MORTIMER WILL aed on Friday, Oct. 4, at 11 o'clock, at 15East Broadwsr, 400 Lots of Unritdeuuied Pledges, consisilng ol silk, satin and deiaine Dresses; broche, splendid woollen and other Sliawls; a large lot ol tlrat rate Blauketa and Quills, Beds, Sheets. Ac. By order of PEGARE A CO., 197 Grand street. TJAWNBROKER'8 SALE.?B. LEVY, auctioneer, X 21 Catharine street, will sell, this day. at lu)f o'cl.s k, silk and other Dresses, Skirts. Quilts, Blankets Sbirls, Che mises, Sheets, Bisques, shawls, Beds, Pillows, Men's Clothes, Watche', Jewelry, Ac. By order of S. Pakker. RT. HAZF.LL, AUCTIONEER. . WHITTKMORB A HAZELLwIU Mil ol. ?>>?'<Ion, thin day (Friday), ai lvi? o'clock. at their salesroom, 138 Broad way. HARDWARE, CUTLERY. AC., Comprising in part Saws Hammers, Hatchets, Hook* and Hinges, llai uml fun Hooks, Mink and lint Trap*, Rivet*. | Nails, Oil Slum-, Chains, ii.-il S.n'ws, (Miry Combe, Coal Scoops, Shovel*. Ui'n.'.li Screws, Coffeu Mills, Slales, i'ulile and Pocket Cutlery, Ac. SAJ. BOOART,auctioneers-OFFICE NO, 1 NORTH ? William street.?Constable's sale, Byv irtueofa warrant to me, directed l>y James Kelly, Receiver of Taxes for the city and county of Now York, 1 will expos? for sale on Thursday, the 10th day of oetober. I<*>l, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, at No. 117 Nassau street, all tin* Furniture and Fixtures of the Artisans Bank, consisting of Counters, I )esks, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Gas Chandeliers and Fixtures, Hank. Vaults, Iron fc> ilea. Carpets, Olleloth, Ac., Ac. JOHN. H. HILLIER, Constable. CI A J. BOOART, auctioneers.?THIS DAY, AT 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North WlliUm street. sTieriirs sain of elegant Household Furniture, rosewood Piano, Ac., consisting of rosewood Parlor Suits, loalx "any Solas; Parlor, Easy and Reception Chairs, Gas Chandeliers, Velvet and Brussels Csrpota, Oilcloth, curved rosewood ited steads, Dressing Bureaus, Washstnnds, Etegeres, mshufMny Wardrobe, do. Extension Dining Table; Library Suit, in reps: Hair and Spring Mattresses, Lounge, Dressing Class Iron llat Stand, Iron Bedsteads, Card Tables, Bureaus, Wash stands, China Dinner and Tea Sets, Crockery and QIasswam, Refrigerator, Kitchen Furniture; also, one superior cart til legs acreu octave rosewood Piano and Stool: ils >, one large OigJii. john KE1.LY, Sheriff. SA J. BOOART, auctioneers.?SATURDAY, OCT ? S, at 10)^ o'clock, at the atirtlou rooms No. 1 No; tit W illiam street, Mortgage s.ilo of Oil!en Furniture, one Wllder'a Iron Safe, one Herring's do.; Desks, Chairs Stools, Store and Pipe, Copying I'resa and Stand, Ma' Ling, A -. john W. SOliERlNDYICE, Attorney for Mortgagee. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS,?SATURDAY, OCT. ? 5, at 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North Wil liam street, assignee's sain of the entire stock and fixtui a of a thread and needle store, consisting of Ribbons, Trimmings, Buttons, Laces, Hosiery, Gloven, Counters, Ac.; also, 11 boxes Coffee, 4 Tea. SA J. BOOART, auctioneers.?MONDAY, OCT. ? 7, at ll>>? o'clock, at 181) West Eighteenth street, near Eighth avenue, Household Furniture, Solas, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Oilclom, Looking Glass, Bedsteads, Beds and Bed ding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE.?JEWELRY. chambers A FAIRCfllLD, Auctioneers, will sell, at th-lr salesroom, 113 Nassau street, on Friday, Oct. 4, at i0}{ o'clock, a large assortment or F.iney Jewelry, in tho usual variety. J011 ,\ KELLY, Sheriff. \ITILLIAM ARBOTT, AUCTIOM.K''. TI Law sa!' of Stoves at an tluu to. !' jesday, Oct. 8. The entire Stuck ( i .tlaloedlri the SNnv Ifl./rj, So. 372 Pearl street, consisting ol eve]y d^scrlpth.u and one of Cooking, Parlor, Barroom, Albanian. M ?? r, Gas'bmner, Ruby, Eve ning St.?r. l'aney Fr.ti.M'ri*. V: \o.y Range, Uncle Tom Cookln: and Leviathan, Globe.: n I a great variety for tailors' and laundry use, \\ ithou; tvscn e. Sn!'; to eoumicnce at 10|? o'clock A. M. WM. WITTERS, At CTK INEJ.JI?WILL SE'.L, THIS dny, at Socio I I Caiml street, a huge and valua ble assortment "I Furniture, Ac. Two Parlor Suits, Pier and Oval Mirrors, ( :. mis, Centre, Side, Dining and Tea Tables; rosewood Piano, O.i* eivtuies, rich Velvet, Tapestry, Three ply and other Carts-is; Oilcloths, mahogany French and (!o; tagc Bedsteads, I [ale Mai tresses, Feather Beds. Bankets, Spreads, Sheet#, Table an I Bed I.lnen, m.trble tip Dressing Bateau*, Withstands, Toilet, Chiua. Glassuud Sliver Ware; Wardrob.-.s, Dmlug Room ami Kltchun Furniture. kntension Tables, chestnut ami enamelled Suits, Lounges, Solas, Sola Uodsteada, Rocking and other Chair?, Stoves, Tin, Wood and other Ware, Ac. m S. McILVAIN, AUCTIONEER ?GREEN HOUSE Tl . Plants at auction, this day, st ll ;? o'clock, v.t No. 9 John street. Sale comprises a select assortment of (' imellas, Rhodedendrons, Heaths, Ferns double Chinese Primroses, Cacti, Ac., Ac., from Louis Menand, Albany, N. Y DRY GOODS. AN IMPORTER'S STOCK AT RETAIL, At No. 378 Broadway, corner of White street. Neck Ties and Scarfs, ladles' and gents' Linen Handker chiefs, Hosiery, Shirts, Ac. Alio men's and boys' film Linen Collars at It) cents each. An opportunity to purchase from first hands at half price?will not occur agnln in a life time. CVLOAKl~A.ND 8'IIAWIA J E. S. MILLS A CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS CHEAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. 342 AND 344 BROADWAY. (tLOSINO SALE AT 885 BROADWAY, CORNER OF J Nineteenth street.?A largo stock of Laces, Embroide ries and Fancy Goods, to be gold at a great saerlfiee to close out the stock. Lat'l's will do well to call, and effect a grejU saving in their purchases. Dry coods.-a bankrupt stock selling at a sacrlUce at 37 Chambers street. Silks. Lace . Dress Go.)ds, Merlnoes, Hosiery, Shawls, Buck Gloves, Woollen Knit Goods, 4c Merchants are Invited to call. PER STEAMSHIP 1'EKSIA. Just received, an Invoice of line BDNTINO. I'ur gale In lots to suit, cheap for cash, bv FAiRCIIILD A FANSHAWE, 146 Duane street. "DEOPBNINO iv OF THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, 304 and 30t> Canal street, Directly opposite Messrs. Arnold, Constable A Co. GEORGE CAREY Has the honor to announce to the ladiea of New York and vicinity, that HE WILL OPEN the above eligible premises In a few days with ? sumptuous collection of RICH PARIS CLOAKS, and oilier fashionable outer garments personally selected In Paria and London bv Mg. W. B. mackenzie, l ing nnd favorably known to the public In this specialise i as a distinguished "fashioner, and whose Invaluable aid lie Is fortunate in having s cored aa gencr, 1 manager and pupcr Intendcnt. This advertisement being only preliminary, further parti ! culars as to the opening will appear in kttcccuding unnouuee 1 incuts. WANTED?A RETAIL STOCK OF DRY GOODS, am muting from $10,(K*) to $I2,IX*I. Any pcrsott hnv | lug such stock and v I'liing lo dispose ol It for cash, may ?d I dress A. B., Iio* 143 Herald oMM | BJmJWAW. ~ Hudson nivr.r. railroad -trains foe alii any, Troy, tile North an I Wi <t. leave ChnniUers street at 7 and II A. M., an :ft), Sand 10:15 P. M. N EW YORK, IIARL1 M AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? SimiMi") aiivinwmcrit.?B*|?res?iraiii lor s' 'any, 1'ioy, Nort'ii and West, leaves Twenty-sixth *tlrei s..itu>n at II A. M. I'orlOCiil IV. us u ? :ni' tnhie. J011 ,n UUKUUILli, AulsiantS iiieriiaeudent. THIS TURF. VfATIONAL HOBBK KAIIU-AT THE HABTFOBD -11 Trolling Park, Hafiford, Conn., on Tueaday, Wednes day and Tittirsrtav, <Vtoher<, Satul 10, 1861, under the man. agmtout of the Hartford Ilinpe Association. Arran'jamrnta have been made null the N<*? York and Hartford Bteain boat Lino, ami with tl>? Kailroiwl line* communicating with Hartliml, to carry horse* al half prloe, or "free on# way." Nutnrrona entries have alrcadv been made, and liiformatlua received of mauy others thai are coming, I winding several of the must celebrated hor*ca In the country. The division of the Trolling Horse* In several rlaswi, arranged acoordlug to their B^K-evI, meets with general approbation, and will call to Ioilier several Ileitis of well matched, young and speedy trnt Ing horse*; while the larger purses or $300 ami 9IU0, will he competed for byf-everal ol the f,talent trotter* ou tli? turf. Altogether this Fair Hill present great attractions to the lovers of good horses and rare sport. HOItXKM, CAUAIAGKB, AC. CAR IMAGES FOR SALE-CON8ISTING OK SECOND lintid light road Wagon, one low priced top Wagon, ouo tvo a,'at cUciit>.on tup Phaeton, pole and shaft*; also one raleibe Coach. Will if s>ld very low, at KflVJSKd X *M ITH'B, No. 89 Eldridge si rev t. Fob ralb?fourteen sound young horses. snltahlu for down lown earmeuH' trunks, coal carta or any km.I of heavy work. Can he seen at No. 17 lasrojr street, lie ns ren lit dford and. lllumker. Ij^OR SALE?A HANDSOME DAPPLE OBAY MARK, ' right year* old, llfteen hands high, klud and gentle, suitable for Central Park driving or other light work. Price SI JO. Apply to WM. K. OSllORN, No. J19 Wcat Nineteenth street, frr>iu 7 to i? A. M. and Si to 4 f. M. FOR SALE-pA DARK CIII.STNUT MARK, 1M? HANDS high, sound and k ad In harncs* and to saddle; can trot In S 10. t an he seen for a week at Walker's stable, Mercer atrect, beta pen Amity and Fourth streets. FOB 8ALE-A HANDSOME PAIB OK BAY HAREM, fifteen hands high, klud In all harness, and (nod auddle mares: ran trot together In three minutes. IautUre al 18 H est Thirteenth atreet. For sale-a black <pony build, suit able for a doctor or express, gentle In hurn"s? and a fx>d saddle horse; one Bay, a tirat rate truuk horse, weighing* 4tH pouuda, pony built: cau't be beat for heavy work. Ap )?! to ROBERT BTODDART, 167 Waablngtou atrei;t, near iki.g rB BALE?TWO HEAVY CABT HORSES, CHEAP, for raah; one Canadian Blud. ahottt IS bands high, ami one Cart Horse, about I6\ band* high, seven years obi; sold for waut of use. Apply to PATRICK LYONS, Cypress Hill* Plank Koad, near Ktugewnod Reservoir. FOR BALE-A GOOD PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, large size und good action; used to Broadway and per fectly steadv; will lie sold low for cash or good note. Apply at J. O. Tuylor's stable, 1118 East Twenty-fourth street. ynm sale?two ponies; one \ handsome gray, A? 14 hand* hl>.-h, (Iyear* old; Us beauty cannot lie beat; would make a good saddle pony lor a lady. Also, ono Hay llorse, I4>? hands high; tints iiisldo of thiea minutes. Both warranted. Apply at M James street. IV)R HALE?THREE HORSES. AMONG THEM ARE 1 two of the handsomest family horse* In th? city, live and Hi\ year* old, both dapple brown, IStfc hands M>'ll. Also a beautiiul faat trotter Stallon aud hue Work horse; price ?.A Apply at lh t i.iy?tie sir. el. T/IOU SAI.E-ONE SINGLE TRICK, PERFECTLY NEW , 1 also Poln and Whitlli trees. One Double Truck, second hand, in perfect tnnnlna order. For cash a bargain. Apply to ALAM 11LA1K, Columbia street, ilea; Stale, Brooklyn. riOVR OR FIVE HORSES WILL BR TAKEN TO WIN JT terona farm alM>itt 14 mile* from llobukeu. Warm stable and rotid care. Apply at 1-W Third avenue. Horses for sale.?two good express or Cart Horses for sale; sold for want of use; one lor $.?>, the other $t>A. Can be seen at Metropolitan stables, cxirutr of Crosliy and Prince atn-etl. H(?RSEB WANTED?TO BOARD DI'RING THIS WIN ter, on a larm m ar the city. Warm staUes and good care. Price $7 HO per mouth' Inuiilru of J. MAR TINE, No. 70 Nassau a I roe t. I OFFER FOR SALE THE FINEST AM) MOST STY Ush nalr of Horse* In America, lti hand* high, bay*, lung, full, natural tails. ,1. O. TAYLOR, agent. 10S East Twenty-fourth street. SLEJ0II WANTED.?A SINGLE Oil DOUBLE IIORSE Sleigh; niiist be in good condition and atalowprbe. Apply at 170 Fulton street, (up siaira.) rnRICK WANTED.?A SECOND HAND TRUCK CAl'A A Id" of carrying '"a t. Any (sitson having the same for salecheupe .u Hud a cash customer by applying tollLNUY HANI'IEIJ), 3SW Washington Market, West aireet side. ?firANTSD?BIGHT OB 'JEN BORSBS T.) BOARD TT during the winter; teuns inodeiate. Address Johu N. Provost, Nyack, Ro< kland county, New York. \1LJ ANTED?A FCIINISHED llOl'sE, RSTWBBM V? Fourth and Sixth avenues and Houston aud Fourteenth sir. ei?. A ate.aU bouse preferred. Please address S. E. H., Herald oflLe. THE WAK. ATTRNTIOK.?RKCRU1T8 WANTKD, FOR "HEW AltD'S O.mi Regiment," lur tun iiuui I ? jvimpoi Uilloii o army more*. 161 Varl<k *tre.-t. Apiily from 111 A. M. lilli 1'. M. UJSO. TEN KYI'K. Captain. ATTENTION!?A KJ?W KBCRl'ITS WANTKD AT NO? 10 Centre street, to till the rank* of Company II. i Kind regiment IrUh bri??Ade, under th? comiiiHiid oi Colonel Nugent. Captain JOHN CONWAY. A TTENTION.?$12 M WILl. BE GIVEN TO ALL GOOD IV ablebodit d men on being mustered lu lo jolu ;v tir^t ??las# regiment, accepted and now la camp. Apply a* 2X7 Bowery. /TVPTA1NS AND LIKI TT'XANTS WANTKD- Kolt A \J new and tlrst class regiment, who can furnUh either men or money lor i -i imtiai: purposes. 000 tiien nlreadv en listed. Call oji Cue Colonel, 'U Bund street, Irotn 9 to li nnd 4 tu 6 o'clock. C1I2RTIKTKD CLAIMS ON THE WAR AND NAVY DK. t psrtinentE i. ashed bv JOHN H. MURRAY, &tnk r, 50 Nassau oppoalu; the Post ofu*e. DIJRKOM'S PATENT portable COTTAGE**.?THE simplest^ neatest and cheapest mode of koosr butldiiiq yet produced lor temporary or o her pitrfwv?o#; particularly adapted for naftlltnry cantoument?f as quarters, lionpitel*, mey-a rooms, Mutter's shop*. Ac., seaside nnd farmers' e?|. rage*, senior* In new counties mid offices. Also for green houses and S oitll AiTtfileHit buildings. They can be ?.? t up III a few minutes by any person of ordiimry lntelUgea^e. For purehaae of Cottages, alio al.-o Stale, < aunty or Individual patent rights (f.riees liberal), or other Informuliou, apply to A. DKKftOM, Mteafii ?arp*u'ry, Palermo, N. J. Refer* to II. V. HufJer. 15 Park place, and C??oper, Hewitt & Co., 17 Burling slip, jiewYoik. First regiment new york voLrsTKERs.? Wanted. recruiU for this ivgtnient, now at Newport Newa, Vh. Men \\ ho want lo serve ran hare pood pay, ra tions and cJofbfM'.'. and an opportunity of seeing aerv Um In a ?rat elass iv^ftteuir. Recruiting headquarter* at Central Htll, 174 Grand slree.. Outre market. G. DYCKMAN, Lieutenant Colonel Commanding. Flags and bannkrr-ii. continues to paint KIag? and Banners, at hit rooms, 116 Ka ?t Thirtieth street. Porfrsi's, Coafa of Arms. Gold Ornamental Work, al?o Panoramic and Decorative Painting*, executed in the highest style of art. National zouaves, tenth regiment,colonel John F. Bendix, stationed at Fortress Monroe.?-Pet sons wishing to join this regtmcnl <an do ko and be forward rd Immediately to fho fort, fully clothed and ^qwipp^d. 11* cruiling oflko*480 15roadv*uy, and Fffty-eigMh street, near Third avenue. Lieut. CoU ALr!X. H. 1-XDKU, t^uarterniubter A. HEELEV, Recruiting oClceiik. KALLY AROI'ND THE OLD (il'ARD. THE FiHST SCOTT LIFE OI'^RO, Fourth rn^tm nt New Yoik Yolunteerf. Co!. A. \\. TAYLOR. I The Increaae of reerultn I by General Di* <e f!?e ! I uited States kov? rnno-ut s'aitdiird hrs been tuarly eo'n | i i^tc*!. A lew more patriot!.* rolunt^era will be ne'-epted. j Thoae having s?*eu ^e^?vice preferred. Apply at 141 Lrand Mreef, between fit oad way and Elm street. Thin regiment has been in the tfhiUd States *erviee ^Ince Wav 2f ISSI, and 1< now stationed at Havre de. Graee, Md. It** ruitin^ oI'm* *rs?i/.'.pi. Chas. W. Kruger, Company D; Lieut. James MeDotiald, Company F. Recruits forwarded evei*y day to the rexitocnt. QI TLERSHIP WANTED.?$500 WfLL RE PAID F<?K a Rood ana satisfactory Sutlershlp to any tutrty holding mieh a po^lrlon, and which he ynay have (be i Ight lo dispose of, bv a p'ltty of meausand bur-inf^s habiu, and who ejin ftirnlsh tl?e right kind of tevimonials. Address A. T. M., j box 3,'Ml Post office, K, Y. The iRtsn brigade for the american union*. In aid of thih patriotic orgatilrathui, THOMAH FRAN* CM MKAGHKK vtli dcllv?r anorntfiin in ih? Ac*(fciuyoi' Mimic, cornrr i f Fourteenth sliei-i an.i Ivvhie Sunday pvpnlog, Octet>cr8 . -f'lrish rioldler, IIN UI?tory aod Prr wnt Duty?l!i* uiiiv ? n? t? the ^mrtlo?n Republic?The National t'auxe, it- JtiitUee, 8*Dctfu in<! (irnml it?The V' ? niorikiiof tin; Kj ? <at FUii, und !.< riomtoi (jImt?Tlie Triumph of ?he N" ^MMlArTt. AsbJrcd?''flic >'? i\ Wull 1 V in dilates Iiaejt'Al jium ?IieOk1.'' A eplfuCi 1 uilHtary LjikI will be iu att ujan c. Dotr* open at hatl-p .ix o'uiovk P. il. Uiatlou to cumuiem.? at fight o'ctOrtf r"?u?dy. Tic'fc"t? oi viuit?Moh J6 cent*: re vrved seats SO Tu he had at th- Academy of MukIc; Ifell A Sons, Broadway; Klrker'a, NO Broadway; IIaverty'8, 11i Fulton Mrect, and ?t the Auirricnn otlfcc, 32 BoAnj^u *tri;et. TO M1UTAKY MKN, ?WANTKD, A MIf.lTARY OK*, tlcman.of meana. In join tliu mtvertlni-r tu r?I>luK n eavalry ri'Rlmeiit. Pleiime addrtas Cavalry Odt' or, Iierald ofllee, givuuin j an Interview. UNI OS OBAY OAVAMtY OOKPAKT.?AK Alt Journed nieetiDR m those gonlleinvu win) propose foi iu in|IhdMtlvn liifi tliii?)m|iny fill bo held lo-day, ?t 'A'i 1'. M., at. 76 William * reou up Ktaira. WA&IIINCiTON MUKRAY, Chairman. Theo. RooirrrLT, Socremr)-. WAKTJJD?K NQIJfE K R SOl.DIEKH, COMPRIHIVO mechanli h and intelligent laborer*, for iwnpers unti minor# of the regular army; the men must be uble bndled. not over 35yMra ot'age, able lo read mid write, and under stand the four ground rul"? of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, tluee your*; pay, from 913 to $31, depending on rank attained by merit and aoldlerly conduct; alxu ratlonn, fuel, Xu?rter?, ckithlng, medical attandanr-e, nnd theuaiiulbiiunt*. pply dally at No. 6 Bowling tlreen, third 8001, between "g A. li. and 12 M. Q. A. lill.MOKK, Captain of Engineer*, I nl;eil S'.ati * Armf. WANTED?TWO FIRST I.IEITKN V.VT8 IN A OAVAL ry comiKiuy, for u i-eultn.-ni ?o>v ciga?iiilnK. They lnii*( b? gem lemon, with mean*, and wllllog to help rocrult tlio ennipiiity. Add[fm Command' r, box 4.J74 Pu-t olT.ce, New York. Refeeenci * eM;itangert. ?WTAKTBD?TWEN"T* RECRl'ITft FOR COMPANY K, Vf Jhniliattan iclltea, to mtitti r in at once; pav and r.i ; lloun toctiruuieii e In mediately. $2 SU per man Will be paid .n * on n* must j-o 1 In. AIho an espcrlonced orderly Mir ; no int wh i e;i|j i"itig u few men. Any recruiting nijent. 1 hiring men lo dlnjHiw of will be treated with by applying at no'tcut by the ht'itue, in lliu t;liv Hall Park, lo tfawtaiu i Robert Aver}-. TtTANTED?A CAPTAIN FOR A CAVALRY CtiMPANY, VI now in it-nice. None bntan oflicer urHoldJen having lu en kervlee lit thla arm, anil fully comixdcnt to take i .m n ..mi, iiopd apply. Apply at Kromlivay. 9th RKllIMKXT N. Y. S. W.-LIKI T. .1. D. W1CKIIAM ?ill aeiiil on a ?.|iiiid m liltj mi-n un Tue?iav i?.-\.. i. mi nieii will i | ply lit be.i I'pitirler*, corner L'niver!.ity pli e au i I'li.i I' lUl. llett. Soou Itm will be taken to till up the eom TwTII REOINEXT. cameron HItillf.txd Itin.hS, < oeiii. or.Hi:ize.t ? Col nel I'.llloti. nndei too *? i.,l I'll j.i(f?of the S 'oretury nl War. t'oni|>anii aor rnruitahavn ?< n>: 'li ui null) ton iilcblheniM Ives to ii (ire! i .<.? i, ui Applj ot i . t? llnjw A. 0. CAf-TLH, '415 Kouitb meet, Wa-'hluno n M(u i.e. AMrSBMBBTTS. WALLACE'S, Corner of Broadway and Thirteenth ?treet Proprietor and Manager Mr. Watlack Blagc Manuger Mr. I<?"ter Wollack Door* ni?'u at 1. To commence itt M. OPENING OK THE NEW TIIKATKK. Pronounced by the urea* ami public rtiv moat cuuimodloui, elegant aud bent ronillated edltitc IN THE COUBTRY. Especial attention In directed u> ike uniioiincrment that the prrforinanrca wMI In fuliire terminate before II o'clock. The c Kimnrdiratry facility of egrei* ?ta fnljj evl lenced bf die fa !i thHl Irom the tail W the cMdl to Hi.- evil of the k n auditor, only occupied three nilnu?e* and h fealf. ItoTiL'ff.?It la respectfully IntiiiMlcti lltrre will be uo flee ll.?t Mfcomi mueninry adwl*?li?B*, excepting only ike uaual prlTllegra of the pre?:?, TO-NIUHT AND K'ERY ETBUlNd, Will he acted n nun Comedy, I y Tom fwyior, Ebq., In three

wu>, wlWi appropriate BCBNEKV, APl'Ol N 1 >fRNTS. I M l DENTAL MUSIC .W?l? COSTUME#. Bulllle* TllE NEW PKKSfDENT. rtKKoa. D'> la Rum:*, a theatrical manager Mr. Wallack Hi luour, m IcagiUHauior -Mr. Kloyd Vaubelle. fir** tragedian *r. Winter* Urlboubinl, l"w comedian Mr Browne La Jacnndn. leading aoirvn "4rs. |(oey t'olonilie, liei' dwiiLUter Madnllne Il*nri<iue* Mile. RoiicoHlk Mr? Reevea Mile. Wirououe Miaa ttrutker GKKKANS. The Grnnrl Duke >f Kli>ln?tadt Wablaleln Mr. 0. FUher Count Wctierlmln* (Prime Mlutater) Mr. Itorton The Lundutnvc of Hraumdiack Mr. Brvrndd* The Uitron Von Dunpltioodel Mr. Make (leueral Kraunbarlc Mr. Patnloe Ere hi, chief valet to the l)uke Mr. Young Colonel Kreba Mr. I'arhc* Herduk Mr. CharlM The Princrxa W llhidmlna (the Landgrave'* ?later) Ml** Marv Miller Mile. Von (Irltl'i nheim (her lady In walling) Mr*.vernoi? The H krone** Von Damprnoodul Mi.-* Mary Uantiou w Prauldu Von Pfefllrr Mis* Cartnau Tlie Orchestra I* under the direction of Mr. Itolmrt Stoepcl. Scenery by II. I?hrrw??td, axalatcd by Mr. Eaglet. Family Circle St cent* Hoxeaaud PuH|iit t aOcent* Private lioxe* (7 I Orohe*tra Stall* )1 l.NTKit OAltl KY. The management huaaiiu'ere pleasure in devoting the performance* of ih!? cvciir?g to ihe KARKWIU.L benefit of Ihe moat brilliant Hiid beautiful roDiedtenue, MUS. JOHN WOOD, being positively her LAST APPEARANCE BUT ONB. Ht:e will appear on this occasion In I wo character*, aa ANNK UKAA'EOIKDLE, la Ui? iietlt* comedy of THE ACTUKSS BY DAYLIGHT. and ua CINDERELLA, In the hurlcai|Ue of that ml?, ? lib new ?ong* and Juni f*. 'l'lie tnHnagemcnt h?aal?u to announce, Willi regret, that owiiiK to urevloii" cnguui'iiiciita. tills c? ? ulug will be the L.VJST APPEAM ANCB BUT ONB of thou* evlebrateil SiiauUh damwr*. SENOK1TA ISAHEli Cl'BAH Atl> DON JI'AN X1MENE8, wliom Ind the 1, of iniroiliniiiK to the New Yurk iMibllc, .ind irho huve lie. n pt'ct lvi d with wuch a WILD TP MULT OV DELHJIfT. The perf< nnaiK ej will fain*1' ? I. A n?w Meittey Overture bv Koppltr. , i Tbe fietli i comedy ol' "An A'tresa by Daylight," In wlibh Mr*. John Wo.?l, Mr*, (i. Skeriett, Mcun. A. II. l?;f venpoii i<nd Baker will nppe*r. S. "The Nlghliug.ile Polka'' (If de*lre), by KoppitZ and Lo'.lintn. 4. A dl*ertl??eincnt, enlllled ">"lor de Sevllla," In which SenoriiH Isaltel Cuben and Don VnurueH wlil apin-ar, with a I'llll COI |i* de ballet. ft. The miiKlcal bll:1i'Hi|iie of "Cinderella," In wbtch Mr*. W.oud willeitu' her colcbraletl conile *oiig?:? While we're li!'le, il lhey Interfere, \N iin't we give them a warmer. And Wliiick. roa- fie ilow. Whore wax you, tlcueral Palteraonf nightly reeelictl wlih UMIOCNDED APPLAU8E. R. A neiv Sp.iiiiali national dance In the ballroom (for the lirst tliuc), LA MADRILENA. Pa* Soul b> Kenorlta luabel < 'ub^*. Mouday, (>< luber 7, w ill be prca nted a new comedy iu llr? aut?, liy Mail* lira* >? Wnlcot, entitled THE CITP_ AND TIIF. LIP. XriXON'S ROYAL CIKCI'S AND MKNAUEItlE, 1> PALAl E (1AKDEN, Canter at Eonrleeutli afreet and Siath avenue. TWt> UR.VXD PEKKOKMAM F.8 THIS DAY, Pridav, October 4, 1HHI, BY DAVI lOHl WD tlASLDlllT. The Matinee commence* at. Uti o'clock ppeelaely. The, evening comuieiice* at S o'clock preclaely. On both o<vn?!ou* it BRILLIANT t llANtiK OK PKOGRAMME, In which the mom taleuted atara In the e<|ueatrlaa hernia pileve perforin. MM14. IXit'ISK. THE CKJ-EBBATD, THE 0R8AT TOUBNTAIRK, CONRAD. MOTHERS, EATON STONE. Tori&NIAIEE, < l>.VkAO HKOTIIERS, KATON STONK. TOTRNIAI l<K, C<>NRaD HiUJTHiiKH, KATON HTONK. TOCRN1AIRK, CONHAD BROTHERS, KATON 8 TO NR. The twobest hjunorlsts in Ainerle.ii, DEN STONE AND JOHN FOSTER, The grateful Sebastian?the wouderlul Duvtmey, And all the MBI.O HARDEN E^IESTRIAN CORPS, Together w lih the EDUCATED BUFFALOES. Ad in Us:on 25 cents. Children 15 cents. Scuta have been arranged for respectable colored peoile, ?n*l they will he ..rlfnltt ?<{,'ii irtu this day. The celebrated C A EKOl*LE FAMILY have been engaged and will appear ou Monday. MELODEON, Kl? BROADW A V?OH 1NE6E ROOM*, between Spring ami Prince streets. Remember, TO-NIOHT. FRIDAY. OCT. 4, BENEFIT OF J. H. OODEN, On whi? U oc<a*L>n a bill of unsurpassed Attraction willbf ?(fared. AdmiH?ion as usual. QWKHSY SAYS, I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING O that will ui*el with your entire approbation. THE ARMY AND THE NAVY, Now the popular toast of th* WHITE novate, 113 tiRAND STREET. DENTISTRY. Artificial teeth.? dr li thkh dkntist, ha* not removed, but still eon Unties, at l&S Sixth avenue, to insert heautii'ul s??u on pure silver for nuly $8; on fines g dd ami pUtfua, $25; warranted equal to ?uy in New York or els ew here. Artificial bonk filling for decayed Te<*th, inserted while aotX and giving no pain; aching teeth or mere shelts can be filled and preserved by the dis coverer, J. PEAK SON, M. D. Rooms Broadway, West Side, one door at'ove .Seventeenth street. N. B.?Beware of the trashy imitations of cheap operators. RTIFICIAL TEETH.-?ONLY $8 FOR JiKAVflFVft and substantial fets, on pure stiver: on Ann gold and pl.n inn, $2A; fdtigle teeth, $1. Tenth tilled and extracted without tue least. pain. Superior bone tilling only 50 cents. Ail work warranted. Office 138 Sixth avmi" between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Dr. Li'THEK, Dentist. fllEKTH. TEETH, TEETH?THK AMERICAN TEETH J. Company.?Practical dentists are inserting beautiful full K"ts at $}, and $10: part sets, 00 cent per tooth, warrant ed ; half the u t tai price. Rone tilling, &J cunts. 334 Bowery, opponite Fifth street. MATIUSIO^ilAIi. A FRENCH OENTLEMAN. 48 YEAKfi OF AGE, A widower pnd resident of this country lor 25 years, wishes to form the acquaintance oi some lady ot education, with s view to matrimony. A widow, witl o u children, pre ferred, and ?/??t:t 35 or lOysrs of age; she mu*f l.e every way calculated to make a home btppv an i possess mhm means, as the gentleman 1- poftscs.-?ed of h good ho-.tse, well furnished, and is alsoa mtniol business and very resp eta I hie. 8 tcli a ladv may ai s<ver with tlm -.itmost co'ttidou'W ad nil communication* will las ftvirity co.'ifidcn'fal and letters re. turned when r^M'testi-d. Address Chur!e>i Au/i'-r, box J31 Herald oflko. N ? Use io answer this if no; sincere and true. ?\ITIT1I VIKW TO MATRIMONY.?A GENTLEMAN OF ?T re*|M<etable chanieter wishes to form t he a^iqiiaintaiico, of a young l idy. highly r^sperlablo and with means. Ad dr?-sit Not AlJ'.'s Bliss, station D Tost office. NKDICAL, I A N IMPOUTANT WOBK.?A GUIDK FOR THK MAR I -^.V. ri d, or ilio^s contemplating It. The afflicted, debilitated or diseased should not mat ry or adopt any treatment till they l?ave imon:e d tii<>niS"?ve? of the. truth, only fotind in ? Dr. LARMONT'P I'srls, Tjondon and New York Medical Ad | vs'iMud Marriage Guide, (JWlh edition). n:alied for$l by HICHARDSON, No. 1 Ve-e\ h'pM, and ftOHK k TOU8EY. ' 121 Nassau street. The doctor ??ures all sueheflTections, recent | or <??* ivtiu lauding, expedittongly and prirately, as for years i iWst, at tilT Broadway, up stairs, front 1) A. M. tod P. M. ! i KFKCTION'S CAUSED BY MKRCl'KY \M) CERTAIN j 4 V dfs"ssfs trttrr^gt/ftUiy ' tired hy Dr. WAUI>, I'J s'r. c?. The doctor in constant attendance. Dr. ir. a. RAitiU'fl?. ii4 ifMciiktt ?iIrket. fovr door? from MucdottgaL N. Y., may l>e eoniidennsllycon I 5.ul'.e'1. as ususf. in ail esses of dehllPy and impurities of the s?'<?;eii, a< nuiied or hereditary, from 11'till 2 end from 4 till ! P-, Aiind*yk tilt 2. Dr. n. (obbett, membkk of the new york University M -dical t'ollejje, sml t^oll"*^ of Siugcons, i London, can \n>'ronsnlie>j with 'he most honorablecooOdence I t ou private disciv s, tit his oftlee, "jo <-autre street, near Cham t berssh^et. N. B.?See f)r. c.'n dlplom'?a in h's oniee. Fi l ; vate entrance at Jfo. 6 City Half pis? e. DR. COOPER, NO. li r?{ Wi: 8TREET, maybkcon Miiied oil All dMc * cev t.j ;i rcrtatii nature. Twenty-eight yeerM exelusivelr deroJi d i?? iijese complaints enable him to , warrant a iMiie in all'lines. Tiie victims ol'misphved conti i dem.e in medical p.*ctender ? an call, wKU s certainty of he I Ing radically cured or nn Dr. ? iiiv trR*t? 8t'< <:K?sn f,i,r Ai.r. nisKAKKs o! i'cuih!> %. Home hing lor every Udy, his Great Bene : file tor. ODicft 12 LaighT ftrect, near < 'anal. Dk, watbon, the cklebratkx> fhysician in nil d senses of a private nature, may b?? consulted, as I heretofore, tromHA. M. to 9 P. VI., at (Tit) "Broadway. Dr. i Watson's uark* "The Csu^e and Cure,1' on diseeses and de blHty, the London edition, with all the plate?, mav l>e had at j the fiookslore, WTi Broadway, opt o?itil|he St. Nicholas H"tel. Price $1. | T\R. HCNTER HAH FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED XJ his attention to dleeases of a certain < la s^, Iimn hlah he , has treated no tbsn fifty thousand cants, without an in stanc? of failure. Hl.s ?reat remedy, Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, j cures certain diseases when regular treatment and all other ' remedies fall; cures without dfetfng or restriction in the hsbiN of the naii"tit: enn*s without the dU;;ustlngand sl?:keu In# eliecjs of all other r-mtedles; cures ?n now ??aes in less than sit hours. It ns?ts out the poisonous taint the blood Is j sure to absorb unless the remedy is used. It t? $1 a vial, and ' cannot be obtained <entilue anywhere thau at the old <?tllee? ! No. H Divisioti street. Book for nothittg that treats of tho ? . effci (s ot early abuse. i DR. IULPH, OFl'lCKM 13D CROSBY STREET, COJi net- n| Houston. ll???ir-?, 11 to 2 and C till 9 P. M. "I V \MMOND ON NEItVOCK, SPECIAL DISKAr :'?> V Nit I I rls?.???, A'-.. $|. |<?? IIARDSON, N"'. I Ves.y ^ ?<?? 1 >R? ?KESSOU REST ELL, lfi2 CH A MHKRS 8TRK1.T, C \N I ??? consult'd. a* mmiuI, or by ictU'r to bo* 2.IVjO. Boston otll. tt. No. K liarrt.-von avenue. rv i -: : "M i \ , o\\TI 0 ('I HE' FOR .N. I. ? 1 - t I M.>, ; in? rty d ut 712 Hn*adw. v. ? in'??? n-? "j ? t :-'|'li-?>dn'.,(<. K till - .% C ? I, U c^'ch* -tt r nu, N. V. 1'r.v |>ei v i $?! s.-nt by r?il. Set t 11*r a ? ii ? olar. W'o.nmm t l st'e. I>- of Pi;, vvap.l i. L Wcnr j 11 Kt ? ? C?;r*n!u ul.e . ,ur? ??? tiaii t. : . t a. sad ioi . :iic oht r.c?. Axuresraurrs. J^AUBA KEENE'STHEATRE. CONTINUED SUCCESS 01 Tl'K NKW TilRKB ACT UNION HI HI I SOIIE. TO-N1UUT AND EVERY NI01IT T1II8 WEEK NEXT SATURDAY AFTLU.N OON, Til hi Th? Hj.-ff.fMi <>f Ol h'avv-NS THE bEV SONS i on i'INUK TO Oft \W LARUK CROWDS l<0 THIS HOUSE. WITTY D*A3WWE. '* roWT or splendid OOSTIMFK VINE SCENIC EFFECTS, IT IX ' ? . , , PEEIOR TO any PIECE Yet PfOottcfj] under Mi.-** Kri'iu^a Uh?>(iil tiinTiajremrnt The |5eoo will tn pnaeirtrt with the roUowloa In.llMii out: U'?VI,"U" ............ uL umSitSSSi Mm. J. II AUrii Suinnotta ? ?? ? ? - ? ? Mli? SuraNtrvona T?rfunis, Mra. Lolly Hough. Aamoilatia Mra. Chanfrau BUrulua, Mlas Burkft *'>l?*sua Mtaa Franoea _. , Sul ihnniH, Mrn. Marlowe. ?fcMMMmkag Mra. DUlon _ MephimrniliHeb, Plise Uobertaon. 0u*?? .V.... . Mr. X O. Bureau T . Dr. 1?ushii1I, Mr. utivlrk. JakaButt M*. H. F. Daly _ . _ Pluto, Mr. 0. Burnett. Fr?d Flutter.... Ml". Marlowe u. ku ... *l"ki.y Mi-JInnlm, Mr. Dillon. Machtarclll Mr. J. H. 8loddart # # Mra. Pluto, Mr 0. Petal-*. MESSRS. ROBERTS AND I&WES. SCENES AND incidents: A DKl.L IN THE CATSK1LLS. ARRIVAL. OF ??S. I'M TO. SURPlilSK I'AUTY ?.<!?' SEVEN SON8. APPEARANCE OF FZFTK FOLLIES. A HAI.L IN HADES. columbia'S HOWE. PICTURE OF ANARCHS. DISUNION XNDEAVOBINO TO SUNDBA TUK UNION. THE SPIRIT OF '76, TABLEAU. THE BATTLK OF HUNKER HILL. BEW YORK HOTEL. 8EVF.rO> SONS ON EABTH. CORAL CAVE. THE PEARLY PALACE OF DIAVOLINE. Til E FAIRY POLLYWOG8. FAS DE DECK OF THE CORAL NYMPHS. MARIE AND AUGUSTA. DRILL OF TUB POI.LYWOOS. ESCAPE OF PLUTO AND columbia. THE SPIRAL staircase. GRAND TABLEAU OF 1'OI.LYWOOS. SKATING I'ONl). THE F1KE HOYS AND THE lanterns. COLUMHIA'S RETREAT. SEQUESTERED NOOK IN THE DEPTHS OF THE FOREST. THE PEERLESS POOL OF WATER LILIES. SUMMONING OF COLUMBIA. ASCENT OF THE SPIRITS OF THE LAKE. A fkderal PICKET CAMP. DRII.I. OF the EMERALD GREENS. EXTERIOR OK the hall OF JUSTICE IN TIIK KLVSKAN FIELDS. NORTH AND SOUTH. TRIAL BY COM IIAT. tiik NOKTI! ALL HUiHT, MilK MKAN3 flOHT. COLUMBIA'S I) MS I* AI It. PICTURE OF PEACE. INNOCENCE AND BEAUTY. ARCADIAN N VM 1*1 IS A NO SHEPHERDS RECLINING AMONU THEllt FLOCKS ur tup mountain TORRENT OP ItEAL WATER. SHOWER OK PEARLS. Poor* upon at Commence at 7f|. Box book noer open. Soul* aecured ten days in advauce without extra charge. NOTICE. Xu order to accommodate HEADS OF families, LA OIKS ANJ> children, who wlah to avoid the crush atteudaut upon an evening per formance, there will be A (JitAND OF TIIN SEVEN SONS ON SATURDAY, oct. 5,1861. Poor? open at 1; commence at 2 o'clock. Children 25 cent h. YXTINTKH OA It DEN. ?? The management respectfully announces to the public th? nio<!uctl??i., on Monday evening, Oet. 7, of u new comedy, by MUa Walcot. entitlfd the crp AN!) the LIP. In the eonipiny wlrrted to n?pr?m nt the comedy will be found the ltmnt** of tb? <elebrated cojwdiaij, Hr. Ohariei Waleot; Mr. t'harl *h Walcot, Jr., with a aong, uccoinnanied by htniMelt ot\ the imtuo'nrte lirNt apimanuu:?^ In iiIm na tive eity); Mr. Chat fen Kcmble Manxin, Mr, Chariea Hate. Mr. Chariea Itnrtou Hill. Mr. W. Davul^r, Mr. T. K. MorrU, Mr. llinde, Mr?. Walont, m Ada Clii'ton. France, Ae., Ac. The SriMierv, I'ropertb'tf and tNmttinica will be new and ap yroprlate. The Oreheatra >\ ill be laiweiful and elloctlvc, led by the celebrated artist, Mollenhnuer, who will introduce, for tlw tirat time, a new medley overture, entitled jeff. imvi.v inai'ui;ration, With the following movements:?1. Allegro C;?terwau1tnna; 2. Andante Caluutiuun; H. AH<*tuoao Sj'lit?K?nb coll Tobbaeco jiiteiaim; 4. Deviiuia lultiino. Bowery theatre WILL OPEN MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, WITH IIIK ORION CIRCUS. The Krc?t RLLa zovara, The most celebrated llvinr cqnei-trleniie, who created inch a profound arm* lion la*t winter ut Niblo'a Garden (ami who Las not Kinap|?-un I In tin- city), will make her lirel ap im'.ii a lire In tills theatre on thin EH' a inn. A HOST OK STARS. comprising th<; mirni eminent Athlete*, (iytmiaRU, Equestrl una. Acrobat*, Jewra, Ac., buve been engaged, forming the 111161' EQUESTRIAN TROl'PE ever In the city. Broadway MUHIfl HALL, MDMO 1IA LI,, M A*t> 1H5, 483 AKn 485, 433 A.xn <??, WilsWi, one door below Broom* *1 net. IMMENSE ATTRACTION. IMMENSE ATTRACTION. ' The Be*t Performance In Amenlca. The Bi 't Performance In America. WONDERFULI Complete in Every Particular. Complete lu Everr Particular. BEYOND COMPETITION. Distancing all the Place* of Amunement in the Conn try. FIKKT WKKK or IIIK (ikK tT CARLO TROUPE, CAULO TROUPK. carlo troopk, carlo troupe, CARLO TROUPE, CARLO TROUPE. CARLO TROUPK, CARLO TROUPE, in their Wonderful Performance. BILLY BIRCIJ, HILLY BIRCH. BEN. COTTON, EES. COTTON. ,1. A. HERMANN, J. A. HERMANN. TIM. NORTON, TIM NORTON, J. PIERCE, J. PIERCE, TIM. HAVEN, TIM. HAYES. 0. R. BISHOP, C. R. BISHOP, The world renowned Negro Comedian*. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, The bent Comic Sinner mid Clown in America. 1 IIP. BEST BAM.ET TROUPK BALLET TROUPK BALLET TROUPK lu the city, uuder the direction nf PiiiiI iii illiant. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Solo Lessee. MoJta La TflOK**, Slay Manner. NOTICE. GRAND MATINEE OR AN D MATINEE on Satardajr afternoon. at half-paat two o'clock precisely, for the acaommwdmtion i t i:.i'|e* and chiMren. N. B.?The management haw great iiloanire in aunouncing an eiigaimjoent wJiTi lh, nivo:npll-lird vocal Im, MIS-I LOUISA PAYNE, win'will appear on Si.tttrday evening, Octobers. On it nove.iii, k In ucilvc preparation. / 1ANTEUUU RY MUSIC HAM., \ j M Broadway. La't two nleh'a nf the hurle*uue I N BALLO IN M ASCII ERA, UN BALM) IN MASCHERA, Iff BA L1.0 IN if ASCII Eft A, 1JN HALLO IN MASCHERaI UN BALEO IN MASCHERA, With the whole strength of the company. Continued auoctia oi the great BONE SOLOIST. BONE SOLOIST. BONE SOLOIST. BONE SOLOIST. Third n11;h: of the celebrated Ethiopian comedian, J. II BUDWOKTH. .f. II. BUDWOHTH. 8IGS0R ABKCCO, SIGNOR ABECCO, BIUNOR A1SECCO, SIGNOR ABKCCO, The great (enor, in Mew bona". MONDAY NIGHT Will he nrodin ed the new strand FAIRY SPECTACLE ANlf PANTOMIME, FAIRY SPECTACLE AND PANTOMIME, Emitted tliu MAGIC LAUREL MAGIC LAUREL MAO 10 LAUREL, MAGIC LAI REIj, which lis ? ecn three month* la preparation, v. nh NEW SCENERY, NEW DRESSES, NEW TRICKS, And nine! won',erf uleffect*, making it the 9n<>st production of the idud cvci ?cen in New York. EOK & CCRRAN, Proprietor*. MELODEON, :.'W BROADWAY-CHINESE ROOMS, between Sptina and Prince street*. Ketnemjci, TO-NIOIIT. FRIDAY, OCT 4, BENEFIT OF J. H. OODEN, On which occasion a bill of un*urpa*?ed attraction will bo oflered. Admi?sion a* uktial, rpilF. ORIENTAL THE ORIENTAL 1 HE ORIENTAL THE ORIENTAL FKEE CONCERT SALOON Will open on Saturday, October f>, ut 020 Broadway, next door (<> Lama Keone'* Thrntir. HnrI"W|'i> *, Sin/ji/ig /ind Darning. Also. the prettiest waiter til la in the city. Oiveiia a call. REENT* A BURNS, Proprlelora, Academy of music?Herrmann s LAST MATINKK. LAST MATINEE, TO-MORROW, SATURDAY. Door* ope nnt I'JV o'elocit. Commence ?t IW. ADMISSION 00 CENTS. CHILDREN 2i CENTS. fltHE RfHILAB ARMY AT THE WHITE HOUSE 1 EVERY NIGHT. HVERY NIGHT. PLKNTIFCL SUPPLY OF RATIONS. GOOD WHISKEY AND COM PORTABLE QU VRTER8. IJemember the pl?c~, 11] WILLIAMS' OREAT N\UTJ< ALEXHIBITION OF A SOl TH SEA \\ HAL'NO VOYAUE will open at Hope ChatM-l on I'ltaaday evening, October $. Thin untlvailecl cx!iibili,>U ha? ?'?en reeeived ?itb tnl,ouud ed enihtnttiam, by tenanf Ihuuianda. In all the targe cities of t:ie Knptirn State*, im ItidltK Motion, N rt Bmiiortl, New Emit"ii, N'c v llaven, liartfotd, Spring",eld, halvm, Poru mouth auJ P.-nt. '. D ? ?open at 7'; *<'H k. > 'om-u i"-e ?t '4 to 8. Adii.l*Hi.)n2?>-' in*. ?' 1 Mrei; half pitce. MEI.ODEOON. BROADWAY-CHINESE ROOMS, tatn ecu Spinig and Prinee *U*?'ta. Itememlwr. ToMUIIT, KKI DAY, OCT. BENEFIT OK J. IJ. OGDEN, On which oe' ??'on a Wil of uiiant |ntn'il attraction will be oil, red. Admin-don tu Uliil / \U1ENT.M. ERKE CONC ERT SALOON, <526 BROAD t t way, in the l?i? ne-nt, next diair to Ijiiir.i Kecne'a t ii' 1,1 ? Thl* SnliMW ?* ill open ?Itb the bent company in the cU\ o-i Sit ,i'il;iy evening, f?clolHr5. The ta lie* an,1 gentle 11,ei >? n .? ''V il for nil* Saloim will pleaae aawmbln on I he s 1. ? on l'i t lay onil Saturday liiormng* lor, bc tni" 1 tin Hour* ol 11 and 13 o'clock, i?rep.u.i'oi'> to npen iii-' asahi.v.. By oriler. .1. TOWN Kit, Agent. 1 wt'Wo \?ai't. U'ta wntited. LLiNBV A Bl'K.NS, Ptopik-tors. AMUSgMgSTTa. Academy ok music?herrmann?'this evenino 111:lilt.M ANN'8 LAST PKKI'OHMANGES. .An tha urtiaU of tlui Optra now iu Nt*w York?havfii^no c^ptod engu^eim'ut* for Huv?rm and Huroj ill ttlioiiJUf leave th?* c<n:u rv, urran:.'?ui??n?M have Inu'ii ni.idf fop TWO OA I. A NI (11 ITS OK ITALIAN Oi'LRA, which will I*. given j.,-lur to tliivr lfi,.ii lure. on l il l ii.SDAT, Oct. 17, mid MONDAY, Oct. 21, hi COMPLIMKNTAKY lll'NEFITSTO Ml!. ULLMAN. In ciiiiarquenee of the iuunmij pre|*r?il,malur the e i{nl* n'Kh??; '*>'<1 a prev'oua cm-aui'tneM cnnlrui ted by )lr. 11K11IC MANN to?;>)? :\r in Ortoiier ', there tvlil "Oljr We given el^ht, night* mora by lilni In New Y>rk TIim evetiii i (Friday), Mil to-morrow even4n: (Saturd-iyl LAST MOUTH last MOOTS LAST MOUTH LAST MOI1TS or THE OOMIC l'ROORAMME, Till! COMIC rill Ml HAM JIB. Til K OOMIC PROGRAMME, Til K COMIC I'ilOUH v\lMH, Which hit* been received wl'h immense applause. I'wkIuiely the ? nl. null'* of LA DOUBLE VUE ?V M Mia.VK UKnnMANW. LA 1)1)1 HI K. VCK RV M AI>\.M K IIEltltMAlll*. NOTICE?Thin 1h tin) only pr.\'>;inim? in which Mmtt HI'JRKMANN will appear t?? i ela'i'vi'jant. l>.(ir# oui'ii at 7'i; to commence at 8oeli*'k. AilmiaMnn fl#)i; 'i'N. Amphitheatre 25 rem*. Rem u-ved aeat* 23 cent* t-xlr.i. ?>r< ln-Htrn i'iiII * $1. Box ofllce, Arndeinr of M i?ie. 'HIliell'i* and Itr itlng'fc ON SATURDAY TWO fCLFOI'MANCKS, Matinee id 1 , mill in tin- evening at &, LAST <iKAM> MATINEE _ On Saturday next, October 8, Which, by Rem inl renoeat, ? III COMMENCE aV l>i O'CLOCK P. .... And conclude lit half ixiat 5. It trill bo poaltli fly _ lit? l.AST MATINEE. ADmSSION FIFTY CENTS. No HBsKHVED Slim C .DK-N TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. CHILDREN TWKNTY-HVE CENTS. A HPWU;. PROORAMMK Wlllbeg^natthe Matin*e, itv Ui.Hni; the Throwing Cw*W the Two Rabbit*, Ibr t'nni.iy Itinlsan I tbe Kmcs. and LA DOU1ILE VUE, BY MA Da Ml'. 11KRRMANN. Saturday evcuing, last night of theeomic iironramiM, On M in'l' v next. HEKTRMANN'R l.AST WKKK IN NEW YORK l'OSITIVKLY LAST NlUilT Ill'T TWO OK THE COMIC I'flOdllAMKB Tli ltKt* for the KUtindr may In* liuil itl all ibis mil lie ntorM XTUW BOWKItY TflKATRK. 1.Y Sola Prnpi-lffc'r* M???rK. O. L. Fo* A J. W. LlogarA KHIDAY, (KT1-OHEK4. 1891. BENEFIT OF Mil JAMK8 DIINB. KOI'R OLORIOUR 1'IKCHa HINOINO AND OANCINO. The romantic dranut nf JOWATHAN BRADFORD. Duett?All'* ?"f>ll . Mr. Jamr? Dunn anil Mr. O. A Llnfar4 The mimic paiitoiuiini' of T1IE KOUB LOVER3. Song?Vlre 1'America Slgnor Alieaoa The mnalcal butlrttn <.f TUB WATERMAW. Tom Tug, with unnga Mr. Jftm'i Dnn* Banjo Mcrntrlcltli'* Mr. J. II. Budwurth Auil tbe romitnUi' ilrama of RAYMOND AND AONE8. QABMVM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. LART DAY HCT ONB, LAST DAY BUT ONE. LAST DAY HUT ONE, And p?i?IiIti-I? tli?> flnnl ?tMMtlon off LIVINO HIF?'<>l'OTAMCrt, LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS, LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS, LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS, Th<> mort wondnTiil mil minirl^Ing I/IYTNO CURIOSITY IN KXIHTKNCB. The llr?t end only on* CTcr In America. Reader, liavn you imrn thl* wonilrrf If lint, remnrrthaf that i.nlv two dor* remain for yuu to huik upon him, the Ilk* of which lia* nover bveu accu upon tlio earth. Hegneeto Philadelphia, NEVER AGAIN TO BE SEEN IN NEW YOBK. Don't forget, FRIDAY and 8ATURDAY, October ? and 5, FRIDAY aniv SATURDAY, October 4 anil % FRIDAY anil SATURDAY. Oetoher 4 and A Ik the vorv last of hi* exhibition ai THIS GREAT TEMPLE OF AMUSEMENT. and If you don't ?ee lilni now you never will In New York lie in on exhibition at all honra of the day and evening, ui everv half hour la exhibited in uud out of tbe water, ahowlafl all hi* peculiarities and la deanitbed iiy a gentleman convex *aut with all hi* chur?cterlnlle*. He i* accompanied by a oa live A t ab keeper, wliu I* alio a curloalty aa a apeclinen of that oriental raee of men. Beaides may a I no be neen: the beautiful Aqnarla, with lis myriud* of living tlali, and to whW h have Juit been added many new apeeimen*, benldoa living Heal, Sea Llon.maa. moth Bear Samaon, the What la Itl or Man Monkey, Ua|ff Fanillv, Ae., healde TWo HUPEHB DKAMATIO PERFORMANCES every day at S and 7K o'clock P. M. During the enlertalninenl ?III alao appear MISS TOEDT. THE WONDERFUL VIOLINIST, AK> MISS DAW RON, IN A PATRIOTIC BONO. Admission to all 25centa; Children under 10, Iftcenla. The manager b.-ga leave to announce to hla patrona that tka fall and winter dramatic aeiuuin will rommence on MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 7, 1H61, and that he haa bad drauuittzed expreealy for hla mumm the lait ixipiiliir Ktnt-T DICKENS' GREAT EXPECTATIONS, which will be brought out on that clay with entirely n?w^ pi ltiVment*, new scenery by Mr. Oeorgc Hedge, one of MM beat scenic arlUta of tbe age; new properties, new coatuia?% and full orcheatra. . _, , Picvlona tu the commencement of the play Mr. HABlly* will deliver, boih afternoon and rvoning,an OKIGINAk. POETICAL ADDRESS; alao Introduce a NOVEL 8l'? PRISE. BRYANTR* MINSTRELS?MECHANICS' HALL, 47? Broadway, above Grand atreet. Monday, 8eptember9% and every lii'slil during the week. Flrat appearance of tb* celcbjiite aNHESTOPRKSTODIGALATERIST, The ai'vi nth *on of a a'-venth *l?ter. The profenaor l.e;? leave to announce that hla fantastic noloooiiUilogii'al KlaKtlcutii* will bo tran*tnoDrlfled Into am ANTIFIBroCHRII INOUKKIOUHOsOIUlORSB, OK Til K SYRUPOFSQU ILl.SHOM ANTHF.UM. The Tlnpanoiiloa. Raw Re rnlla, Dr. Tilinlilety. 8. 0. CAMPBELL, El'H. HORN, NEIL AND DAM BRYANT. Doora open at ; curtain rl*ea at 1\; ticket* V> ccnla. Remarkable exhibition. At No. Gfi3 Broadway, uppoaUa Bond street, of THE bust MAN, A L1VINO indian idol, Born without arum or lf(;s. Only twenty-two inches kl(h. Thus wonderful curiosity may In- seen from SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1881, every AFTERNOON, From 2 to (t P. M. ne Is the most singular living being ever presented befom the American people. He ik thirty years uitl, un I was lonnik on the altar of a cnurch belonging l? the Indian tribe or the Paiichlmalcos. He has nothing repulsive In fliit appears noaf bis Intellectual faculties and nil the organ* of bis head an perfectly devMlojs'd; speaks HueniJy t.vo different lailiaa dialects and the Castlllan language. He wa* worshlpi od by the In ilaiis at the church where ha was found. In the most Interior department of the republic ?l San Salvador, Central America, an n supernatural being. He travels wltliln a small Idid cage. He ik accompanied by an Indian cacique. who Is himself ? fir IH im?uij'auivu UJ nu luuuill hhiijuc. nuv ir uuuari marvellous curloalty, and will explain to the visiters the I tory and all the In most every afternoon. tory and all tin' Interesting anecdotes concerning thta MOST extraordinary BEING Admission 25 rent*. CtTUYVF.SANT INSTPrtfTE. BROADWAY, OI'POSITO VI Bond street.?lirand opening ntgbt, Monday, October t, and every evening during the week. TIIK GREAT ethiopian CONFEDERACY. FOX AND SHAItl'LEYB MINSTKELS. Consisting of tile LEADING STARS Of TIIK PHOTO SION, whose chaste yci laughable soirees have liecu patron* Ized by the elite and fashion of all the gnat titles iij Ikl Viilon. In this tlrst class organization will be found the In, luiitatiln rninlc trio of artists. CHARLEY KOX, SAM siiarpley AND DAVE REED^ CHARLEV KOX. SAM SHARPLEY AND DAVE REED. And the acknowledged champion dog dancer, J. (-HILDA supported by the best vocal quartette In Hie profession. ana a picked corps of utstt omental artists, under the leadership oi tho very talented vlidlnist, T. MoNALLY. Tim programme will embrace the LEADING COMIC ETHIOPIAN FEATURES, Legitimately performed?the leading choruses, solos, . 'lets mill quartettes, exquisitely sung by talented ar:ista?Iugethet with ouslm mm I quiet blla of satin: to suit the times, by the STAR COMEDIANS. For full particular* see programme. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7?? o'clock. Tt kets 11 cents. Philharmonic SOCIRTYOV NEW YORK. TWENTIETH SEASON, 1SSI-0S. The rehearsals and concert* oi the present season wlB again lake place on the same day of the wnitui in formes years, viz: exclusively on SATURDAY, AT THE'NEW CONCERT ROOM, IRVINO HALL, Directly opposite tlio Aenileiny of Music. Subscriliers, asooclatn and professional members are r? quested hi seen re ill. ir subset iiitlolia by apphltig at the ptsoea designatedbelow, where AGAINST PAYMENT OK THE AMOUNT OP subscript WON A SET OK TICKETS FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON WILL BE DELIVERED. The subscription lists will be opened .'or siibtcrilMra of for mer seasons un TUESDAY, OCT. J New subscriber? cannot be received until MONDAY, OCT. It _ will take place, lis ah SATURDAY, OCT. 19, At :i'i o'clock P. M.. when the foltowlngorchestraI p.ei-s will l>e rehearsed:? Beethoven's Symphony, No. .1 ill C minor, B?rllo/.'s Overture, LeC'irohal Kotn?|u, R. Wagner's Overture to Btcuzl, Under tho direction of CARL BKRflMANN. Terms of subscription for live Uoucerll and fifteen ?? hearsals:? ssi 11 lull members, one admission to .ill - pa Professions! members, one admission to.?It ? Subscribers three adistisalocis to each of the < on-'ert* 'utly..lC Ext,-a Rehearsal Tl? k..? JOesntseasfc, Subscriptions reeelved at the music stores of 8<'liarfcuberg A Lul*, 7tT9 Bvaidway, eorucr Ninth street, C. Breusing, 701 Brosifway, ntid ?t .T. O. Belsheim's, Secretary, S7^ Broome street, Ol' ?' Irving Halt, during the Mlueol'rchearasls. "riler' J. G. BEISI1EIM, Secretary, S7S Broome street. T IWO LIVING WH ALES NOW ON EXHIBITION AT JONES' WOOD*. Admission 2iieent?; children tinder 10,15 m*. ' THE SECOND AND TIIIKJ) AVENUE tIAP.S Take passengers to Hlxty-QIIU sircct, wUhlu live n.Inula# walk of Jones' Wootl* MEI-ODEON. 539 BROADWAY?CHINESE ROOMS, butween Spring and Prior ? ttrrots. Remember, TO-NItlHT. FRIDAY, OCT. ?, BENEFIT OK J. 11 OtlDEN. On which occasion a bill of unsurpassed ftttra< t on bib >? offered. Admission as usual. _______ D^O^^NG gymnasium, , t Firth svenue, corner of Thlrty-nintli street, Oi* n ' very evening, from K to I" o clock, For l:idi"* and gentlemen. A bund of nvtti. will enliven the scene. Admission iree until 1st ol No. ember. M K OUSTAVU8 (IE VKY GIVES PRIVATE LESSONS iu in Slniilnuau I ft 111 lit irte sccompatltmi t.ts. at M* resi dScr- N" WEs.i Ttvell!'i 'reet, fl?e doors Ir-on, Broadway. Alio at tho? 'ii l.ts ,Da. 1;" Ho*- seminnrles sttendA Onli ct ctosM-* fur 1. dies and gent! 'tnen In tut uiallon. Uslles cbtsser to meet two days In the w; "l geutU incu s two even ing*. Illt'ortniltlon at the above it ldrt t*. _ ^CADEMV "^'VlRAND mrA1ne?. . , . TO-MOUKOW*. S \Tl;HDAY, at half-put one o clom* Adiiii?sM... *.^ 'Y^ENTV-FIVE'l'ENW. CHILDREN TWENTY-KH E < h>l* X'J'.W GAIETY THKATRB. ALBANY. N \ ",.bl ig to... rang, lot* ..igl.f .i". in?. ?? ? ? " si tUe above Uia.tirv will address Jofch K Raymond.