Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1861 Page 2
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ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT, NEWS FROM CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Anxiety Caused by the St. Pomingo Affair. The favour Obsequies Inter dicted in Chile. f astilla, of Peru, Again Threalciiin? Ecuador aud Bolivia. Government Successos in New Granada, &c., &c., &0. | Hio steamship Northern Light, which two-o'clock P. M on th? 26lh of September, with fifty passengers In flrst cabin, one hundred and forty In second Hid aloera ,-e, and $932,776 in treasure, arrived hereyca terday morning. The following is tho IffW'l!! 1.1HT OF Till NORTHKHM I.WHT. Richard Patrick $30 000 P. Naylor $10,000 (Howland ft Aspmwail.36.426 Wrn. Selimnan ftf'o...30.000 ,?>rder U,:,7B Jauxoii, II md ft Co.. .10,000 K. Meidnr & O. Adams 9,000 J. B. Newton ft Co.. .10.093 "Wm. Heller 4 Co 13,"00 Jennings it Bivwster. 19.000 iDeWltt, Kittle ft Co..30.000 Am. Fxchange Bank. .."iO.OOO A. K. Heeht 9,500 A. Itosonlmum ft Co. .17,800 Ball in ft Banders 80,000 J. K. Hay ward 16,000 Bcholle Bros 19,700 Metropolitan Bunk.. .63.149 Trnnk Baker 1K.463 C. W. Crosby 16,900 (J. Strauss, Bro. ft Co.36.874 J. Pholan 11,900 J^igene Kelly ft Co 75,000 Duncan,SherninnftCo.90.083 ^ C. Hawtoy 6,041 Harsten.HuUlngsiCo.lO.OOO J. Heller Bro 11,300 Wolls, Fargo At Co.. .*61.600 ASt*l!tWAlX. Volls, Fargo fc Co $208 B. Howard's Sons... .$1.010 Co I cat e A Hodman 917 Horace Ripley 1.021 |<J. M. CUballos tiOO l.a\vson Bros, ft Stake 250 |JH"r4'iie? fc Missoras... 331 Ordc* 6,000 iRibhon ft Mimoz 1,600 Total $932,776 Tho Koystone State arrived at Aspinwall on the 23th, ?from Surinam. After coaling they expected to go to Key West. Tho last they had hoard of the Sumter was out of Cturlnara on the COth of August, staniinj cast, and under ?ail. Tho Macedonian left Aspinwall o? the 24th for Portobei ?lo for water. IfEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. I , Oar Panama Correspondence. Panama, Sept. 26, 1861. The Panama Railroad Company's steamer Columbus, ?rom San Joso do Guatemala and Intermediate ports, with two weeks later advices from Central America, arrived fat this port on the 20th inst. the brings no news of im Ifwrtunce. All the republics of Central America remain 'tranquil. In Salvador Sr. Irate was recently arrested on suspi cion of disloyalty to the government, and of being at the 'bead of a revolutionary party. There wore found among 'ti J |Mipers letters from a Salvadorian now residing in Ifunama, intimating that the writer was engagod in ac? nqoiring means to set the revolution on foot. Among tho passengers i>er Columbus was Br. ninet United States Consul for Cjsta Rica, who proceeds to the 'United States In tho Northern Light. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. Onr Panama CorrripoiKlrncr. Paxaua, Sept. 23,1301. Tki Government's Success in Cauca Cmiftintrri?7he Stale of Panama Still Urulecvled?The Privateer Sumt-r? Arrival of the United States Minister??The United States CutuuUAtjif of PamnM?Loyalty of General Poswla? Vetselt of War, <fc. There is nothing of special interest to communicate ?from this country. No further advices have boon ro ceivod from the Interior of thoConfederation, except that by the arrival of tho English tlearner IV>>?<>t:i nt this port on the 22d inst. inleiiigonco has be -n received from tho 'Suite of Oauca, via Quaya iuii, of an offlcial character, fully confirming the previous now.s of tho taking of ipapayan by tho government forces under Arboleda and ^Cordova. Several decrees of Arbo!cda hove been re ceived here aud published. They aro date 1 nt I'apayau, the 11th and 14th of August hut. Order has been ro-Mtnblished in Tajmyan and other detriments of the State of Cnuca, by tho appointment of various oflkia's necessary to carry on the ali'aiis of tho government. It iaaaid that Atboledahas 500 troops at Culi,and that it ?was his intention to mako a dcscont on Buenaventura ?oon, which port is still in (Hissehsmn of tho rebels. The legislature of the Slate of I'unumi hnvo takoi no further action en tho UuardiaMurillo proposition, recog nizing th ' govornmont of Mosquera, &c. Tho matter is still iu tho hands of the commits e to whom it was some time afnee refbrn d. Ai I state 1 In a previous letter, no further action will b" had on the subject until further in .te.ligonce is receive i from ti.o int nor of tUocotiiedera tioti. Later news cannot be iwpeetel until the 3d proxi (mo. when the steamer U om Curtliacer.a m <iuo in Ast>in wali. "Hio English steamer Tamar, from St. Thomas, arrived i?t Aspitiwull on the 22 1 inst., and report* that tho privn teor Sumter hpd overhauled at sua an American vessel Sxmnd for Aspinwall, took about 160 tons <>f coal from "toer, and th n re Ml mod her course towariis tlie coast of illruzil. The Tamar also reports tiiat ti.o United Stat s ?teamships-of-w&r Powhatan, Richmond and Keystone IPtate had been at St. Thorn*", coaled and put to sea in ?quest of the Smnter. Tho last named arrived at Aspin ?wail yeMerday (25th). Among ilio arrivals from NVw York per last steamer were the Hon. Allan A. Burton, t'mte I States Minister 10 flldetit at New Granada: Alexander K. McKeo, KS')., VdHmI sIHmCnuol for 1'ai.tma, and Mr. (Jiurchman, ^7nito<l States Consul for Valparaiso, chile.. Judge Barton ?Joft for Bogota on the "22>\ illst., via Cifll' AC'ii1 The following ships-of war nre i:i f .*t:?United State* tfagshlp tancaster, British ships Terr ,iagan t ami Tartar. *nd French sloop llavonnats. The T' rmtgant will sill f ?' 4he Mexican c asta* soon its tlin 0jllo arrives, whicl) ? daily oxp'KJted. Ait affrav took place here a f.*tr nights since betw,4e* a ?ailor atUcfco I to the United SfctUf , t'rigate I.tnc i-ti-r and .a native, it which the femur' mtlicfil a sever* wound jtipon the kvstcr with a knife, f> %? , ttio effects of m nieh ho 1b not ox|*cti il to recover.. T ne sailor is now under ^arrest, anttvill be trie* la ?r )U as practicable by th<> ?uthorit? ofthe-plac*. It Is iiinliri?!oocl thul the oninr or tho State of l'ann Jilt declines m-ognizing Mr.-# ?,>.< as < ^nsul of the United SSUti'K ?>f x\ jji Tint at tJn*? | ?>ri under tho exequatur ls.?U?d by Mooquoia'4 ipiviTiinu-nx I t fur the present, hut lias contented W allow :itm lo act as commercial a^ent. gt the 80li<iu*lfin of Mr ( urwin, the retiring Consul. . This ia.all that aould he e?gi cted undor the oxUtlng state W thing* in thit oouutnr ft ,ij,) the Governor do other ' '?wise he .would virtually. B> i(,t in fact, recognise Mosnuera an the chief exfrintive 01 ?# . nation, when in reality ho is dimply a u?tir|?i>. Pledged hy only two out of the night States of tile ? .Hfcdcratlon; and those two are ?BocBded-Stnies. .?od ttii' m ]v imr8 jn f.?t whore the autho 'rity of tlie legiti-matn gov rnni nt is disputed. It ipifi?;t<-r K' .<Uitn tti uMr. M' Kim! did not ask to be *'recotfttiW' under ttnr?* equator Issued to him. n<>r does toe expert it. a*aiuU*r Rtand, as otherwise it would not -old. ' th(, (jovernor of the Suite, but his own gov?nmtvetiai"0>. (j81l jou)nin I*osadi, a veteran officer ol (*?? iv-ttiilile and who had command of a divi f ion of the mttotmJla .'mv wll(,n (lin rapttRl f,.|l Into Mos ?fpjera's hands, he*f< rover put at rc>t the charge made jigaiost his lovaJtyt , the constitutional government. It apiwars that h< w* j at last accounts, detained a prisoner *t |).Wiu.atn*t?a Mosiiuera demanded of him a renun eiaiioti is wntiuf of his allegiance to the legitimate govorn ?n.,nt, on pain ? r sovero punishtn nt or binishmont, -Which be 1: declined, preferring to take tho conse jque?C '?, raUier lhan sii;n what he terms a "real bond of slavery. it F ,.rs?tls held as prisoners refuse to acknow ledge Mo?titer a the head of the nation, it is not to bo ?xp*oted thai (j psjuuip who aro untrammelled will con sul tnhts re ;e y y SEWS from the south pacific. ? or Panama Correspondence. Panama,Sept 26,1861. fh.T ngllsh steamship Bogota, from Valparaiso and in ?tr ipert .ate ports, with two weeks later Intelligence from tli1 ith Pacific coast, arrivod at this port on the 221 iwtl- Dates are Valparaiso September 3, and C'allao Uth. 'Jti' /igota brought an unusually large amount of spools i?rf i/ht for Europe, say $72f>.fl2fl. caused hy the heavy i***1 t inces in Bolivian coin hy the merchants on the soi ist v, ho were unable to obtain exchange on Europe. CHJI.K. *4hit' 4-!..'tiox of tjiukkw hkk.-juk.nt?nis irr nomsoo af 1--AIJ-- H'KF.RAt, HONORS TO 001'XT CAVOI R?8TAT1 HE\ K M K- -MAKkKrs, K.rc. Sei.. Don Jose Joaquin Perez was Inaugurated Presi dent i f the ropublic on tho 1st of September, having i/iccu if ??".lared unanimously clcctcd by the Electoral Col ijjpy.. iiu the 30tb of August. Congress convened in extra -s. ysii.i4 on the 1st of September, and was to adjourn on ?*h<* ith. Among tho subjects discussed of public In *..i i st was the recent annexation of St Domingo t" Spain, sr.- ii ting in explanations beinp demanded of the Minister ol t ic Interior. The aggressive pu icy of Spain Is very V . ii . ,lly reprehended throughout oouth and Central Gu erica. ? Wiuifctor a]i^iuted U. Home under IU act of Cou gropB approved November 3, TP60, Is about to depart for the Imperial City. . Tho funeral ceremonies luhonor of thotaw Count ui ?our worn not celebrated In Santiago or Valparaiso, by tlio Italians, Iu consequence of :ho iiit?r<lict ol tho Arch bishop, referred to in my l^t. Tu the meantime the Consul General of Sardinia to Chllo lias protested to tho gov eminent against tlio course of the Archbishop, \? *i h ho considers derogatory to tho honor of th<! Italian na tlon in.(I Ins % ivcrninent, which c< titlnuos to conform to tlm political system advanced by t'ount favour. but which the AreMilslu p characterizes in his circular u.s a transgression of the commandments of tho chnreh.and u usurpation of her temporal possessions. Tho UWiop of Serena has shown himself to bo more enllghtonod and tolerant than the Archbishop, having consented to the use of the churches In t'opiapo to Hit* Italian residents in that sortl.m in whleh to perform th" funeral rites denied tlieir countrymen In Sunt ago and Valparaiso. There Is littlo doing iu the mineral districts of Copiap?, owing to tho continued low price of copper Iu Europe. J'lie report of the Minister of Finance has been pnb. lislied, showing tho public income for tho year XKiK), from all sources, to amount to soveu millions four hun dred and ninety four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, being a decrease of Ofty-flve tV?u and nine hun dred and twenty-nine 116-100 dollars of that of tho year 1889. Tho income for the p-i i"< of thirty years Is given, and amounts to one hundred .md fifteen mlllious, four h mdred and sixty-two thousand seven hundred and eighty-two dollars. Hiring thrr year 1KG0 tho Mint coined in gold six hundred and twenty-two thousand three hundred a id lifty-six dollar*, and in silver one hundred and forty-four thousand three hundred and eighty four dollars. During the same year tlwre were granted four thousand one hundred and sixty patrnts? Hi" mi the Potent Office being hovcuty ni&*ihou sand on<! hundred and eightcn dollars. The Valparaiso market Is again very dull, there >eing scarcely nay demand for any description of imported goods, and, as regards exports, thero is a complete j*a.{ nation. Hrwr copper is <pioted at fit) per quintal, b'A no trains*! tions are roportod. Floor?Hie demand for exportation noticed in my h?H having ceased t article ho* become almost Vdrug, th* present demand toeing lintAeri to |>.tal wants. BfllVIA. TREATY ?ITII TTIK PV1TSO , >fM R (TI1BP?T.UtT.IA, OF I'Ria;, Aiiii* rmd m-MW wau. ThoIntentadvice* received 'iati la lli.tbtoiiltol, nre to the SKIiof August IT* I'rii visional Conpr *8S ad journed on llio :!*lh id tlutl ni" ?'k. Bwore it wl.ji erned tl? treaty V-tweo:i the L 11 t? t >t?l"< of Amoi lit and IMivia wan ratified, with a slight r??luloat:o;ire..*ierta thfffreo navigation oi the rlvors of IMiviit. It ? ill ti iro for? have 10 lie submitted av'io: N> tho Senu'c uf the Loiift'l States. Mr. K. H. Carter, jr., son of the I'm tod Stat * Minister resident :it H"l:vl'i, I* the bearer of the treaty to Washington. i/e proceed* m Ni'W iurk id l.w Nortfc< m Light. President Acha mid Cabinet, It in wM. havo loft I-i Par and gone to dm math "if Itolivia, in ono?e-|ucnce, it>s sup posed, >f tho Ihroatciioi hostilities u^iinst thai country l>y Pom, or, rather, by Caatilla, ui"> k ns do tor mined to bring on a war between tb- two republics, notwith standing tho friendly overtures mode by tho former to th" latter a short time since. Cistilla, U appears, is also a^aiii threatening Ecuador. VKltU. r.KtKRAL GaiKXiqPB II AVIS'I Kl) IIY CAffltmA?TT1R KMilISM HTF.AMHIIII" OOMI'AWY, BTf. It will bo reoollcoted thai in my list letter I announced tho fact that (ieueral Echoniipie had lieen bono: ably ae qulltod by the tudiclal tribunals of tile ennntry of tho charge of congplrii y n<rainst the government, but that be wn* .stiil detained a prisoner on board o> Peruvian shtp-of war at tho island of San lAirnnzo, by order of I'rosidont Costilla. He, together with imniii four others, has since been li tnlsliod by C:,?tillat Tills Itighhunifud act of the President Ins very naturally oscited ai general fooling of indignation against that funotinnory throughout Porn,and will probably lead to a speedy revolution aid the over throw of Costilla's government. Tho IVuiamq SUir utul llerahl thus notices tho manner in which1 the* outrage was effected:? "The officers of tho navy ail refused' toe corevey General Echenlipie away, on tin- ground tho6 the-at:t would bo ille gal. ami Costilla llnally became so enraged that ho drew his sword 011 one of ilio captains,and was1 only prevented running him through by one of his ministers. C-aslllla lbialiy s iccoeilod in getting Hi follow to eariy Kcheni pio oil'on it transport vessel, by paying hlra twenty thousand dollars for tho job, and promising him tihrc? hundred dol lars monthly for four years in order to live aim. id,its bo dare not return to after thus flagrantly breaking the laws. This is considered one of the- most highhanded acts of injustice over committed in Porn, and will not only bring universal opprobrium on Costilla, but. greatly strengthen tho cause of Echeniquo throughout thj cum try. So:lores Rivus, Elosptiru and Larranaga wore also banished at tho same time." Tho vessel which corn-eyed Fcheniijiue and party front Peru is called tho Iquiqtje, and was formerly the Oeorgiana, one of the Amorican vessels seized a few yoars since by 11.o ivutborltlos of Peru, and which cavsod the . usp tision of diplomatic relation?) between tho United States and Peru. Th- Pacific Steam Navigation Comniwiy (English) have obtained th:) privilege of constructing an iron dock either at Callaoor S.m I/>: 0117.0. and at o of u grant of land upon which to erect foundries and workshops for tho reotir of their steam >rs. The michlncry for the works'.lojs and th ? material tor tho construction of tbo dock are to be admitted duty free. Kf:tTAT>nn. TI1K I.ATK TREATY Willi FRANCR?CA&VWJk, OF PRnU, W TKItFEIUVO?WK COLUMBIAN IfKITIlIIC, Jim. A sp'Clul agent from tbo (fove.nmerit of Peru arrived at (ii\ava<|ull about t'io loth of September, with President Cistilla s proti st to the Kcuadcritn government against t'le act of tho Congress of that country, nullifying the treaty concluded with France when ho wis President facto of Ecuador. Tho agent, it is rai t, refused to dellv r his despatches to President Moreno, who ho.ipened lo be at (iunya jull when h ? arrived there, but proceeded to Qi;lto, to deliver th un to the decretory of State, in ac cordance with l>is instructions. ThH circuinst'.nco h is induced the belief that Castil a tneditati'S 1 war 011 K> ia dor if she persists in her refusal tori.tify tii : treaty made between Peru and France. The government of Ecuador has srot Col. Natos and Sr. Iriart" as commissioners to Bogota, to ci nfor with the ? ivomntent of New Granada as to tlio prantlcability of reorganizing .the old Columbian Confederation, whi h \va; i"imposed of Venezuela, Now Granada and ICcuiw!"!'. 'Ibis, at least, is supposed to ho t!te object of their mis sion. Hut it may hare reference t? flr)rT7iing an alliance between .V'-wGranaila and F uador to resist the oncroach ni 'ttts of Costilla on the rit fi<s of the latter. The commissioners arrived in Painran, en routr. for Bo gota, on the 22 I of Septem-fmr. Halifax Mayoralty Klwtlon. fPAT.IFA*, Oct. 4,1881. P. C. Hill has been uleebed Mayor of Halifax. LaesiniiltYi Bsllrr Wiplonlon. Ticiv, NT. V., Oct. 4.1861. The loeomollve Bnllnton exploded! its h>ller at the ntnc tlon station of the Rensselaer .unL Sarniena Railroad tliiJ morning, Injuring Mr. Bragg, the on^miyr; Mr. King, tl? fireman, and Jcsepb B. Cunfling, bmkdinan, but 110110 of them fatally. B INOOH T.t'MRKK M'akkkt?Aev,smt *>f lumber surveved nt Bangor, Maine, from .htinuiry 1 to October 1. 1S61. compared with the amount surveyed during tho same pofioil in 1^59 unci ^flO:? K.'ffl. 1800. IKfll. Green pine. 4fi,r)fW)iTl 47 l'2H,1.riO ?1,W2,0?H Tirv pine 737S.1?8 7,77!),S29 ft.8?l,7J( Spruce 58,?70,?58. Cd.ft'il.r.SS 60,441 .Alt Hemlock layifr.Oft* 13.2JS.87G 8,1:I5.?." Total... Virt ,06K ,'23tS 130,660,911 87,77:?, .3*S Marttjivh ToiUfw^Clwr.? Tho Marlb-vro' (7>~ell? il-?tos thnttw tobacce* crop fa \lmt county wan eonsi lorwbty lwwoacd by (ho eonttatwO. prevalence of r.iiti in August, ."iid muoli of it b<wn sorloimly dannicd Hin<:e.?ik.'ti to !&? house. tijf tho ifnfavorable* weatlior for (firing. 'IImv nrop wUt bo bokiw tho avorago in qttnn'jry and quality. Arrival* anit Departures.. AK1UVAI.S. Asfivvtai.l?Stwunthln Northern Ijiitht?Mr< C Addis, Mr" K li Kri'finun and child, Mrs T Madam*, Oiw< ?<?! Swords, V S v. mid wife; Lieut N Merliler, 1T S A, mid trlfo; Captain .1 (I Park, !' K A; Lieut O II Moor.", I' S A, unit wife; Lieut I'nlmn-I (}eoJ Footer, It A; II \ Lvono, .? S llai rlo. .IN Kinit, .1 S Woodman I' O I'elU. V S N; 7. n?lb .1. l?SN; T M ll.iklun i. t: S N; K II Wharton, IT H N * K Chassann, V S N; S W CraKB, I'SN; S Cmnln. I' S N. A I) Campboll, J S N; T A, t's N; 1) 8 Hntherftwd. wife anil child: A \V lto?s und wife.; Henrv Selimi It, MrsAM Pn *<*<>*1, A MISm and wife, A 11 Lewis. Mrs N M Cnsi> ?nd two children, >lrs I, (i Bookman, T II Blount, O II Home, E A Luno, UK Carter, M-lit'-obi, l>r lllne* and wife, John Xantua, A Kohinaon, I- Tarni, T II Boatwlok and wife. THE FIREMEN. milF. COMMITTEE ON FIRE DEPARTMENT Or THE I Board of Counollmen will hold a mectloM at No. 5 City Hal!, on Monday, October 7. 1861, at one I'. M.. to h"ar any nartleo who m i* l>c opjioa "d to changing the proposed loca* tlon "f iIn1 boll tow er In Flfty-Hrst street, bet ? wn l.t-vln^i oi and Third avotunjA, and all parties who may be luteresti>d in the fame, and to trnnwiot mail othor Inulnuxj as may have been refered to them. A?'itN kkfi'H I Committee on ANTHONY MILLER. i Department. SPORTING. RIFLE FOE BALK?I WltL 8KLL \ VBRT FIlfE Rifle that cost me $10 for $20. It ih finished in th*? bent manner, and for shooting Is as i?ood as can be made. Carries 70 to the pound, and is muzzle loading. Address Mr. Sharp, box 128 Herald office. SAIL BOAT FOB SALE?AO FEET LONG AND 13FEET beam; cat rlg^e l, built in the best manner, in complete order; one year old. Can be seen at the foot of Forty ?third street, North river. Apply to WM. B. FREKMAN, druggist, corner of Twenty-fourth street and Ninth avenue. TTTANTED?A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. APPLY AT 133 TT South street, up stairs. SKGARS AND TOBACCO. QB0AR8 VERY CHBAP.?THE A88IONBB, AT no. 17 n Broadway, 1m selling th? stok of!' at very low prices S..11 e k.mhI brimls ill Havana, Domestic and German Regars "till unsold. An examination of stock and prices wll! pay. EKVMXOII. (1HF.AP EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON 8TATEN ISLAND. V / hi;r?- six cents by Staten Island ferry, foot of Whitehall street en the'Battery and South ferry. Boats leave fl_"m r> A. M. to 7 I*. M. On line riundaya c?crj half hour to 7 I*. M. floAI. $4 jn -TIIK HKST IjI' A I.ity OK COAI. Ki iR \ mo-i s and ninijea. tr.w burning, without dimt; weight warrant' d. LO\D A (,U., Eighth avenue, corner of Tweiity aeventh street. CODMTHT BOARD. rno families wanting to economise for the I f ill tnl win'er monthH.? 111 tuna can b# found III til' II Itry ahiMit thirtr iniiea I rum the . v ai the |.w 1 .... * ? r ?c. k.i. I.. I-.. ? ." t ii-hitrchea uviMt-i AddrcM\VV. B. J.^llcrala ufll'Je,' ' U*llin?*u<1 BOARDING AKD LOOGIKO. ^ A SMALL PRU'ATK KAMILY, HAVING A class house, desire to let to a lady and gentlemen or two gentlemen a suit of handsomely furnished Parlors M.nd Bedrooms, with every convenience, near Fifth Avenue Hotel; partial Hoard if required; terms moderate, Keferences ex thanked. Apply at 17 East Twcuty-third street. Madison square. AT NO. 22 EAST POVRT1BENT1I STREET, (flOHSB formerly occupied by Mrs. .leiiks), parlies can find de sirable ltooms with first class Board; modern ir/vproveinents; private bathi, Ac. AI'kivatk family it: ii>!> v at m \vi:rr tyvkn ty-third street, betweea Fifth *ud Sixth avenues, will *Vl *\v" ^ree I'ariois, with Bedrooms attached, with Board, to families or Finale gentlemen. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOl'T CHILDREN, tftfCU J V pylng a new four story brown atone House in Yvesi For ty fourth street, Ix tween iiPbadway and ?*i\th avenue, touvo pleasant Booms to let, with Hoard, and will make it a j fea sant hoiue. Kel'erencts exchanged. Addisis bo* 1,311# 1'ost olllee. AT THE LARfJE FfRBT CLASH DOUBLET HOUSE NO. 12/ Bleecker street, went ot and near Broa 9tvuy, in a re ?illy tirst class family Boarding House, with Jv?oms unsur iMiM.ed in s>4? and comfort, in suits or single; 'i%o cheapest pNue In the dty for the style and quality of wh?'iis offered. ASM ALL n.iv iTB FAMILY WOULD LET i HAND* . somely furnished siiU ol Rooms, a Parlor am) 5wo Bed rooms, a bath /^om adjoining, on the second l!<ov, with Boa-'il. The hot lie has all the modern improveme nvr and is pleMr-nntly situatH on Mut ruy Hill. Inquire at 281 SUjxIntc ton uA*nue, third house alwve Thirty-eighth street. Refe rence i required. AFKftNCH FA\?DI,Y WILL LET A FEW FUKNIS lED Kihmiis, with lisSt elnsa Board. Apply at No. 10 ^eit Tbirtec%*th street, new J'ifth avenue. Price moderate. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR TWO OK TUItilfe Klu^jrKOnil(>mt*n ?un find a ple/iwant Kimm, with *r without I*i Hwr partial Duard, at W sixth avenue, throe (loo*# lroni Went ITuMhiiigtot) All AND: f>MK SUIT M* IWOMJ* ON SKCOND FLOOR, lurnihh?'J, to let, with?be?L of H?nvr?liug accommodations, to a family ? f throe or fi;ur portion*, iti a private dwelling, between Broiiiway and Fifthavcuitr, tear Thirty-Unit Htreut. Addrew* box 4,JM)S I'ost Ofllcn; I AT 1,123 AW) 1,125 3110 ADW AY.?HANDSOMELY* * ja. furnished units of K< *>m?, all tha* modern improve ments, with pri* %v table, /inn single ICo-uns, with Board, between TwentyKlfth und T:venty*nixtU' streets. near the Fifth Avenue IIi; \ HANDSOME WIT OP RV)M8 OS HlUTMD FLOOR . to let, with lutt crl*iss tioai it. Also tiro Rooms on third l' ?or. Dinner at 6 ^Mok. Fai;\4ly small. The bast of r?*fe rMice given and repaired. Apply ut 41 East Twentieth alrret, n? ar Broadway. \VKRY DE8TR*JlfJS 81'IT OK ROOM*, OX THE lir*t or aocoiid n x>r, huviug every modfc?fl'eonvcnfc'nc#?, to let, with or without Board, at No, 52AVost Fifteenth sii-net, between Fifth and Six tfi avenue*. KttlVreneefreiCchau^cd. |W 7HB PIR8T < I 108 DOUBI 8 HO08B I IB 'M> i"l j\ West Fourteenth ?tr<*et, two SulU of JKooma, liaiwl' soinely furnlMhed and n?wly p iloted v also one Mingle Room. Term* moderate. Relt,*enc?*s tj ch?nged. A'. SMALL FRIVATK FAMILY, ^OtJl'YTM. THEIR . own liowwe, would li t a A'arldr utH two Bedrooms, li.u 4<onj?'U-1 iiruished, wl ih Hoard. Inquire at 281: Lexing ton wvei.u . References rrquird. \ ELIZABETH STIBSf, PQm: DOOM ilOM 1\ Bleeeker?Double and single ll.?oms to let, with. Boaril, to single gentlemen or gentlemen :wml their wives. (Jus, hath, Ac. Location convenient toorottnd stipes. \ HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM' ON TTTK 8E J\ eund floor, with hat and cold water and bath room ad jolnin ;; also small Rooms to rent to gentlemen., without board; house modern. Apply at 61 Fehrt/b'averme, ua&r Ninth street, one block lrom Broadway. Ar A BTY OP SINOliV GBKTEBMKSfc OK* A PAMTLY, ciiii It" accommodated with Beard'at .5 Irvui& plane, corner of Fifteenth street. \PEW ROOMS TO RENT?TO SINtXE < I5NTLRMIKN or gentlem-n and their wives, at No. 44 Wes& Ninth street, near Fifth avenue,'With or without BOt'.vd* A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING; A* MV)D ern house In Eleventh fctreet bi iateeti l it h aieC Sikth avenues, would accommodate h gentleman with ft-neat y fur nished Room with partial Hoard, if ctenii^d. ICS fete nct?#? ex changed. Address V. H., station*O Post - slDcs. AT NO. 21) CLINTON PLACE ?TO LOT,?A\FTUNTFTfED front Parlor and Bedroom, iwith biih, hot and coltl water, on the second floor, witli or without Bchwi. Afptyat %?. 29 Clinton place. Eighth sh ock 4 HANDSOME SUIT OP ROOMS OVT THE: JBWOSD J\. floor of a tir*t clas* house to let, with fillll or partial Hoard. Also Room* for nln^to gentlemen,' wioh on-without Board. Apply at 119 Ninth street, west of hfoadwny. A GENTLEMAN AND -WIFE AND A FEW SDEVOLE gentlemen can be uocf>tn:?ii?t lated v.idv fnll or partial B ?ard in a small family,* where the com forts of a home can b?* found. Terms moderate. A pleasant loe&tio.j) ?l?West Thirty-third street, Ninth avenue. 4 LL AND EVERY Lr XlTRtf; WITH TWE QIIOT AND JY elegance of private life, may be cbtuiHed in Uie 'iome of a Southern family, by a party of gertUemen, or ? small family. Private talde if desire.1'. Table appointments unex ceptionable. Apply at 02 East i'ourteei.Ui street-; A FRONT 11 DROOX AND SIflTINfi ROOM* HEATLY furnished, with every eotvenlencfr for eoc>klrt%. will be rented to ? gcnt.lctu in ami wile, 01-two tdngi^ ? Uoies; refe rence required. Apply at VH I Hit fNvi nty-aftl; ?tiruK. 4 HANDSOMELY FT'RN?.*tIlBD PARJUQR; RECEP," J\ ti? n Room and Chamber, to iet together or : sparately- t with K > iid. at reasonable raterj at Mt:--. -Coles, fl W.'wt Thirty second street, between Broadway iaio Fifth aveuittae. A HANDS'>MSUIT OF KG **HCt?TD FLOOR J\, to let, w iih It ml, it; 1 I mi class private ha vise, hind s unely located, at 13J Madlsoi. a\ rnr.e. - J Jam. 4Vt?kagle Uoom for a single g< tleriuui. Best ?f> iefe: s?io^? grv?n and re- J quired. t PRIVATE FAMILY tA? < ACCO.?fMOiWjflR A FEW ; J V. married or single gentieietn desi 4ug a fjuuet home foi j tiie winter. House contains a t tka t'rslichis*.- modern iin provfuents. Ilefer"u?o r?te,u.reri. Ajgily at B Mammon - ! htiee*, corns:?( Wavnrley ph?w. AT 127 ATIITY ,STI*ET-"1\ ? MJAK SIXTH. *YKNCK.--U Jv tnnn psi his wile e-en, '? ?.icoi cutou-iU \d with lionr I,.. where they a-*ill hare the nomjtrtn of a hoi;**. Also a ft w . young nie? ? Meehanics pref rrort, APRI 'ATM FAN'I,Y. WOUJitf)? LEW A SUIT f)*r It ? ? ua on the si com! *oor, l srt hult'vdnl fold waiir, balhrco , A.C., ft i the. WCU4 .How AMU> t*? k parlor. .No othor b? AidS.krs taken. Laeprion dejlrable; <*mv?tumit tor snsl *ta&; Address bo*,.;:. 4'ost *&m1<io, > j.-jpply at 199 Tbirt)-*j4r md street, betw ton Eig ftfc rwd Jfinth avenues, A< ^vri.KMAN DRSIP^ A\ CO WORT ABLY TfJJR i ifCvtMl Hi o.n. w ith V'U iiel , Jon**l,, h som ? hou ^*be- 1 twee 1 JriU.1 and Twetii/ |J%h h? amU iurwl Fourth and >^vth ! nven*.?s. Address, givu* Vurm*?Ac?? l?. II., llerab. ^UV>o. A SUIT OF ?IANl^CWVHU^rV:>U?#lKllED RIM T<+> J\ let, together O. f4Atw??te,. t ReHtAlSSieu and lad I a wlljh, )io 4 Cor I'tdies only .in a brow^w.iaatr housu, replut9..witU) lie* ra tin; r iveme. -a ^o?xlitaV.W?.#id all borne j (>,. ^lega^4 ai-a >ij'd Apply at ?3 Y'.eet lfJtr ?nU streeL <IKNTLEMAA WfSl HOARD, IN SMAJi^ i\? private fan?: $, ft r.,his ?lyr?^ sdsters and hiri^clf. c yon between '.^|rti}entl ^ ^ Thirty iourtli 04-1 l*?;*rth and Sixtl ^wetiues. VlldwvsN A.'l). P., P< ^ oftlee. A HIGHLY iraPKCrPRIVATK t: 5>t>U,Ss r\ mily, wit'iput children, ? sr.iipvuvt; a ftrs^ elahs h A*.se, srill let a elioir J, haadsi 'furnlsliod R<><m*^? wU!j full ; ?r partis 1 li? r\l ? r | i;w?'h- table. Frem-b anil Publish spoken. Ap| it at 1"?I'iai^Ulyjfcker street, ner^Hro id way. ! 4 nilVA'iH i'AJHUY w I I.KT A 11A MWUHj* SCIT t u l of Roi? ^s to ;*?nlJj?i iv<s \ partial l\vH'd If. jtesir^d; I also, a siimlt. R^om. *>4 if It v at ^ Ninth suftet, u,.?tr Fifth avenue. Rvt>ruucea,?;s Utatged. 1 DES.NAWtf sir'IT OK FRONT THE | lY fix* c^l th?'>r, ?3vl w unit ?wj hack Ro jyis ot* the third , floor, to I tVt with Htttutlfc *t reaaoimblf ra' s Ilfvf^'t'ces ex- , changed \pply a\ .Sx>,5l Wo*-j Tiventy-t'^rd str-**a, between, J Fifth ar.J|.>Uih av#4,o,?*i. A l'^KASA^f \N1) OJiKERFC?,, HO\*t FOR TWA J \ children. \lhdy, hjtfltig u pl<*.?s?nt ? otniry hnust* * short alstancc fr??tu tJi-? Would r??yeive 1:\ W?r family U?t> ehildYm.for b >?y"<l, *nd tuidon on moderate 'a?nns. Call. <vh or ;n dyeas L,, si Hir?M k?n street, hn,f door. VMANDSVV*KliY FURNISH'/*) paivuc.t, ON WKST floor, tul#U Us??a large f'r*?nt 1'aiiwr, on secondi floor, aivi front Rtunw with Hall Bedr?.vm adn.feilng, on thltU Hoor, w *4i Hoards Tfcrius ii?asonabU\. Family select. Reference r^uired. Ij?ply at. 151 Lexingjan ave.u*?. % FEWxINOLR (iKNTL'iJMKN OR GENTLEMEN AND .?V tkfi." wives, wishing ^'inl'-tr'uWo Room:; ami eood Hoard, m very reasonably nrlce*, n?ay apply at .S*) White street^ nil > door oast Oi llroulwuy. House modern and first class lie*?rding. RclVnvnt** nquirvni. VURCE AND MCELY VLTRNISIIED ROOM TO I *t, on the sit i\\i' Hoar of n private house, in a central location, with gas atv.4 oiher accommodation*. Can bn had with or without lJiwuM. Price $.1 a week. Apply at No, 398 Broome street, h?ml# Broadway. Board,?su^rs of rooms. with hoard, can be obuu'.ed Vhe ti\*t class lions ? No. ^7 West Eighteenth street. Also suiall Rooms ior single gentlemen. Family small. 1>OAJIU.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY NVOl'LD LET JJ ii handsomely furnished Suit of R >oms on the s ???.m \ R>om and Bedroom "U the third llo> r, witli or without if'?.U'd. The house h is alt the modern improvements and pie iH'tntlv sltiial -il Inquire at 127 Ninth street, four doora west of Broadway, BOARD?74 FIFTH AVENIE.?ELEGANT 8CITS OF Rooms on lir.4t and second floors; also Rooms for single gentlemen. Board?at i:> carroll place, corner bleeck er and Thompson streefs. (Joi t'.emen and their wives, or single ^cntlemcu can obtain very pleasuut Rooms, with lirst clans Hoard, by applying as above. Board?at lis bast thirteenth street, with handsomely furnished R .' ins on the second floor; also 1 one Room on third Hoor; first class house, with French table ! Dinner at six o'clock. Host of reference given and required Board.?07 clinton place.?a few very de sirable Rooms tor gentlemen and their wives or single I gentlemen. Board.?handsomely furnished PARLOUS AND | Bedrooms, in suits or separately, with or without lloard. | ran be obtained at 312 Fourth street, second block west of 1 Broadway. Board.?a privatk family in twenty-third street, near Ninth avenue, can accommodate a few I boarders with very pleasant Rooms. Term*?$4a week; two rooming together, $J 30 each. Apply In the store, 135 Ninth avenue. i Board.?front rooms, with hoard, second or third floor, at 241 East Hroadway, between Olinton and Montgomery streets, in a private fatnilv, suitable Tor a ?? n | ti? man and wife or single gentlemen. uas, bath, ?fcc. Terms j moderate. ? Board.?a private family, desirous to re. duc? ripens*'.-*, would accommodate a family or tw > #*n tt.'men and their wives with pleasant Rooms, with Hoard. House brown hour; pleasantly located, between Lexington and Third avenues. address F. J- (?., Herald oftlce. BOARD.-GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, or families, Can b?* accommodated with Rooms on the second floor, in p .Its or separate, f urnished or unfurnished, ai 178 West Fourteenth street. Also a Room and bediooui on third floor. Terms moderate. Dinner at six. Board for the winter, near union square. Very pleasant second story rooms, furnished or unt ar nished, inav be hai by a small family, or two or three gentle men, at 46 Kist k'ffiiteenth street, nesi* hioi: hv tv. The houh*1 has all the uwdeia impi oyeiucnu, aud iqc?t.vii tic? sirauie. BOAnmyo AwnrcrooiVG. '4 O ?!;[>, AT i: > HAST KKOA1AVAY. -A HaM)S?>MK *( it <li pired; ulio, ?>]? liooni (in fbint floor luiil'out* or two un lourtk lloor to lot to single gcuilemen or larlktn. Dinner nt 7V0ARD WANTED?tOR A OENTLKMAAND I!IS T.? wile ami infant; a ^ttingroom unci Uedroom; the house uiiiHt fiave the modern convenience*; in a hou*e Where no oth?v \*rder* are taken,.???! u widow'* preferred: com for t and plai V fare all that in expected; up town or withIC two or thrcr imii'v of the city will filt; not more than from1%Xi to $W per m uMb will he natd, if finding cax and lire, in advance if desired. Aotliess Mrs. it., .'Ox Gtf lirookly n I'oat olliat. TJOARD W^TW-BY A tfftNTLEMAN, WIFE, W J J fuuland h*rva#it# iu a prl.att family, ;;?*?d location (w*?t stde and near Ataa<fkv"wy preferreoVwhere the comfoi ts of a home can be enjoyed, Hoard, witlj lire and ?aa, not to t * oeed $60 a month Address IJ. ii. G., box 211> ijeraltl office. BOAItD WANT*??'IN BROOKLYN, HX A YOl'NO holy, near Wall or iioutli ferry, i; a quiet family, where xlie conhi huve a lume. Terms not to etceed $4 per week. AiMn ha M., l><?* 167 tfewld otDoe, for ti ??? diyA BOAItD WANTED.'?A HINiJLE L ? DY Wii* UBS TO obtain hoard in a 'vivafe family and :4v? ?? ?? <.f her furniture, including .i '*vei? octavo rosew ?od- pmaw, in part w whole payment; Joja.tnu raust oe l>< (vv? **: Vw?*iHtth and "9h?rttoih ;-urc??ts and K nrCh ami Sixth i#*prviie*. Awidrcss JHk H. II., stall ?n (jr.

BOARDING \T THE IVf ? ii . ? U BWT1 fjmte, No. 15 .Laight a >**#???., mo > ( be o ? vp.'aceM lu the cfcjr few * Inter boarii-Ts; r??ouis? pl?< jant, ?i>-* strictly iiy givtfr; fcalhsand gymnas. ?*t\ fi-ee; dancing <rco a jj\orf*ep'*a, rh"Uinaiism am' other chronic dine, cuivj) in a s^vt f mic. If yon are ai< >and want to pet \s ?*!)?, corn e-nui boand wi - " FANO *Vi: A MILLER, 1 '? prietoei. BCttltDiWa?TO LBT, 9WBP BOAJUX A fQ IT ?W Yitounvttly situated Rootts; on second *torv, w*.ih 'lartjM pantry; aJ*Mhre? other Hoo.,'??, mxitabie for g<eiii?? men ? i gT"! lumen and their v/freflb Terms moderntf. I>ir? nor at '>?/N 1?-rk. Apply at 25 Afeiilifdon mjuarc (Eighth ave)' BKCXl.tliV V-TO LET, W 'tH* BOARD, A I AliOR" Ko< m, <-oi <u?ining hot and c^l water, cloaeta, JLc., to*two gentlem W. or j*lady and gentler in; bath on the aame tWr;. eIho a K Vm I Mra aiiiKie gentltrftanv dinner at (i>i u'cIjHjIc^ Apply at U&Olirtlon Htreet. Room on seeond floor, an?i Medri?om r?saar ro ?w. dmwwrel ??* o'clock.> in ?w.klyn -to u^flrn sire room* ,k*i- mprwrule by a privala faintly. lbehouseia vo dtm ?t? ' i. 1 *lwv' '?' bu"a uml 11 -m%t\' un tv BROOKLYN.?TWO 14r(1e, wf.LL tuit of the Atlantic f?rry. rolerenceii ext- mgcd. apply l'aolllc iweet. ?? r" u^- UnL- Apply at l!ib !l''nry sti ??, between Stale *1 \ atlani1c street*, m?ar South urry. ? ,, .inn in bromcltn?w1tbih 1 fvk MINUTES' r w?lk uf \\%\\ *nv>?t ferry. A gentleman and hi? wile - !.?> uccomn?fiiliilud Willi large and pleasant Room*, with -oiims attached, ?"? til'" k<>('"n 1 al11' third floors, nicely *?, Ished. appeal 1h0 llcnrystreet, between 1 lerrepont uni Clark stri-eta.- ___ . Hi ion tjj brookxjtn.?thru 0? fow NICELY furnished Rooms, on second and liiir.l floor*, biilialde nllciien and thelmvlyet, or (.High- a bail with Board, in o nvodern home, pleasantly located, al nton street, cor new of State. w\. a^ssm s&z tfesaco nreolent loci mxu -wiitlh 3 IN brookchv.?A SMALL family, occu hw. c all aa 34l> atlbftite mreet, between Uoyt and Bond kl.wu?. ? tcuv::\ '?'.."."""m ?'^Aj^njisplsi j\ t'onit i i* , ,'ji?m?uiiit Room ; other rooms may k3?fts^32 "i he ^wj&.ud the terms to huw tli'? times. ? y?>*R? i* bbo" mt^-l^ninlte/^ js i!)"?(? grown |-r * si gl.ntleman or <1(?:r, mould let. wall ' ?ai:u." Room, i" * >??>'?> gentleman and wif?% " ' minutes'walk from te^'watl st^t't fertT&tUw required. Address AiJB; i,.'., Brooklyn )'<? 't o ?we; ., , ?? ' i r jtr> IN rrooi u. t.-T1TO pleasant h'toms rail mki i tihfii tnc?rtbor or soprtrutely, in the s^tliiwl fumU "'"sihi'n minutes''walk of three biith In the i ho ??*. t- ml moderate. Apply at i7 fcfi?t<?k?resl, one do.? r f ? ?>i a nrv rllooic 1.\1t>?TWO t>b THREE GENTLE ... ?ied vv-im, jiurd It. a prlvale r n>'\ -?or in a most d ell jttul parlor fhe city, and w-lthln a ,i,' wi!k of ? tl?? tbi- h?!commoi\a.lon?* ?r? .mnsusv^te.irahle. j vp, iv ... 3S c. r^ton si reel, between m , i ft! <? int n stre -in 3* mrii-ibh i>i bho( )k ;vn. iiarbikd OR sinolb 1 i -1??itvnifii cin a'itl: lxnns, r4lh in without It. ill ??> 11 attained. 0'?'d "el?l?hort''''"' ;v.uvrn>-at to alt th? (tain, t. ??&* moderate. Appl} at ;J ooti.-srd strei.t. n\ks) CABLE roo* ? rwiil.rt?in si it ok r1nole. juk ftwrd, iil w st Ninth,?txevl, lx-lweeu 1 mil anil slxt!.'i'?t>..l'8 Frf-v-i?ri> ai'a ni rv.:?ts?s;rr:s>s wom ajd .ir^taum, with- - eas., f.r irn-lemen iii- ?cent and will , v, nil .or wlllumt Hoard, on leasontlde '.nnnfci. ?lwi a Uedi-ooi . o at'ie iip|?Ttionr, at 4,^ gt'eu ___? 17^1; ansiikn 1'ab loaav t. hwdroom or bedroom r -.i lei i.'O le.dlta-. eli'leluen, wit1, br ?ivklllst if je?~wl. in ?? private! ,i.n w. I ? ? 1 ? ri???? '.t No. St) East Twelfth ,u,tw it 11 Hr.j. lwi^and eom sh avenue. References re?v<&4tttd. . ? ? Fl'mosliko ? to: ms TO i ik XT.?a GENTLEMAN ?astwife, went vlricji llrst clifs stone house, lu n-,?*ii.?h'.'sl v* 'h vvetiue liolel, will rent to i:lii-'le gen v^m-du er ge.i.b.oal an^ v.iife on.-?ilire l'luor, with al! ln^ w ieipn.vewut .taa, Ba.num. at Ollice. Apply at 72 e^iirweriiy.j^ltdl trei*. 5ctjkn 1*112? h oomk TO 2f.T TO gentlemen? j' tVlth.w* i'.air i, itn.lih lifruitaa?t only. Apply at 311 '.V'urtl. mtree?. ??? >?l i i ?-li w?'?t i hn.idwii,. emmlsislfrd /.:<>( m-to wb TUB times.-nltui, v roml'h/w>le!koo a# ami ivdroora* tor ?mall respth trtnle ''-nuiilifh t-r kiuki ? k?l ?tl?m?n.? <'o?v?mii?nce for ucuhf $1 tr^2 ii r w^!:- tlm-y *{?? imriic.ilahy uw |airtt w cl uwnii^' to. ?th*?&? and quirt. apply ?at i:l"> ksl/aunh Mtre- tii^far 1-ivome. Inurntsl!edro*hhto tietv-wetlloot BOARD. OR ' wish ureakfa^' wuly. A .;?.>? al 7* u xlngtoii nvnpsomely >'0iin1s.;ei> TO REST?at u oniveriit- 'jiu.oa Wtth uirenae stage route, one blmk west of Biviaway. Hotel loimngr -*lkak. comfortable sij. din ruuini .fnii.i $\j5i'?#l St a week, or '2a cents m nrcti. at lb'' l! lin hot ^ no. 1kc. frinee aurel, corner f Th.mii|i*on. M. nil ?.urs. oy*n all night. IN A stku'*Y l'ri -wte iiwsb, A VERY D^'.sl <* i mi large, well fur1 j^hed liiavt kihuu l<? let, Willi p.. v?>1 lttil-.l if re, ilre l. A ,?iy at t>i Hudson street, lieu-,St. . . Jiiui's i'ark. nochll. leu In tlmhonse. ______ . ! MA1SON mel'B'itth, 70, AND 72 WEST Tit wty eight * street.- iV.on.? ^Vgantly f?.nisUed, or -ihole Hours, wlt'altehen, ,'ilar amsyurd. i nuses new,111 >j*"1*1*. lour Htnrv.i.rown s ?\t>e; eomjin.n parlur; u eals fin ?tht'd. Whole pi yior llikjr 1 j Ba?enw?t for phyxlelsu s ollice. Ms \i B si.un Ell, NO. 41 WKST TWKNTV.MSTII ?.^'el. hasi lie largu un.l two smaller>ui-, ? for L-eatlemeu, ml >et ul.s?jsed or for the winter; hand sotneli 1'iiriilshij. Her iiuuse bas, been enlarged mid lm proved, ami a 1 ^inilry a<Wed. tvbduced pri0bs.-newlt rtjrnlshb* ROOMS, IV l'ro.11 si to per iveoi. Lodgings inin ?. '" ?>< ci-^is ls'r ulw.l, .* the hVankion House, cornef ..1 Kranktort and Will it* street*. Open all night. Room a to lpv-ei, knished ok u n t.'/r n i sh kd, wilv Board, i.-r l?m|li"s or single geuU-i*'ii, at No. -3 i we?l sivteeiilh >v*eel, near Kil'th avenue. ^ i T)(X)ms as1? lti. VKD -I.AIMR r ?mk connkl't r ing on se.^1.1 n .or, alio s ,...11 r km..- k In a llrs <? mt h.ui' r and .ivsira'de oecu| ant<. Dinner o! ^ix. Inquire at ij*2 mndtbon avenue. 1 cl perkwis mioommodations??'??* TWO GENTtE s nie.1.1 i|',ii. t'.iii >ili, in the plersaw^ mliwied anil we, I'lirnishel u his 1 ot a i uiy w;th,iiil faiwiy. 1h- .i.a ^ivri lu-'e aiul hiitidsnme. hr akfai w.nil.l ? ? serve i nwl talr | terms 1.\p ? led. App'.y atlff Kast eleventh sti.el, ue*t rtt. Mark's chuivli. ! mogem-LKMES -TO LET. TO ONE OR two "EN i t ilenien. a Iie.illy lun.lslied peasant iront hootn and uree l'uulrv with use uf lull'., riivm adj,lining, in .1 slri tly l iva.e ni,.'ily. Apply at ujweit Hous,in ?rcet, corner i mawiougal. ! nrtwo VBRT dkstrablr ROOMS (FRONT vNP baq1c), T ,,,,l?bi;.v.r gentl-men and their wives, or s "gle g..-iv le i j7,,? ?, iiwr:ments can Ik; ohlalned w t?' ev elli'm boll i In a f.i-nlly where only a very few 1 r i.l..... 1 ,kei an i where llrst class r ?! ere nee* are given ! and raouesleil Applv ..1 US East Four nth street, llrst door ite',oiv Third avenue. Also, two ?miUer Il.k.m* lor | gentlemen. TO LET?WITH board, A ROOM OX THE SECOND floor, suitable for two ucntlemen, or a gentleman and hi? wife, with two l?ir?,% chwt*. House contains .ill the Im provement*, und i 4 'within half a block of the Sixth avenue curs. Call at ,"H Klnj street. R tferences given and required. I rno Li.T?a; ;k. wkll ri rnisiie;> parlor, j X on the second tloor, with Bedroom attached, suitable for I a gentleman and wife or two single qentlemen; also well fur- ' nished Rooms on the third lloor; bath and gas; only a low boarders kept. S t. 1 St mum street. TO let.?two OH THREE SINOLE OENTLEMEH can lie .i ? ?i:nni" iated with genteelly furnished Rooms, with or without partial Board, in a fashionable house down town, and s'l iftly private. Apply at 43 Forsyth street, be tween 12 n nd 3 1*. M. TO RENT FOll B ) VRD?A THREE story and BASE ment brick houie, in Brooklyn, supplied with ^.is, hot and i cold water, bathroom, ?fcc , lar^e yard, for Board of a gentle I man, wife and ehll 1: plain llvlnu ami a companionable home j desired. Apply at 37 Park row, New York, room 21. 9 ASHLAND PLACE, PERRY STREET?IN A FIRST class prlvnle house, wilh all tin) modern improvement*, two tine front Rooms on the second lloor, wlln or without Board, to let to .-.tillable persona. i) J UNIVERSITY PLACE, CORNER NINTH STREET ? ^''I Elegantly furnished Apartment* en mille, witli full li iar l, or private talilit if preferred, to let. Also V"ry desira ble single Room*. House furnished with all of the in,Jim improvements. Referenies required. OA UNION SQL'ARE, FOURTH AVENUE ?a SV.'IT OF Ov handsome!) fttniUhed Room* tolo.l, Willi. V.mrd; hUo small Rooms for g'litlenien. Helen nee given r,nd li (pi(red. O | ST MARK'S PLMJB.-HANDSOM.fiLY FURNISH ? ) t ed Rooms in stills or single, to lex, with Hoard. Re ferences cx hsnuod. Q- BAST TWELFTH STIIEI'V BETWEEN BROAD. ?>?' w'?.v ?nd University v , e -I. ? mtIv furnished ?? 'i * * ? h prlrK> n.Mi t: , -i, or r?n Board t l"t .? 11; ? 11. r "r?nimod :iona lor private fauiU llc?, MTCiai ?iu*lc ?',uuma. BOABPCTO AMD I.ODni?G, Or? UNION SyL'ARK.?1.A1UJE UANMKttU&Y KL'K OO lil-li. ii Howm*. with Board, fur fumtlir., ut L'# Unlun rewire, corner of Sixteenth street and Fourth avenue. QA BA8T TWELFTH STREET, BSTWEEBf BROAD* tJ" * way arid I' iversity place. A few tin J handsomely furnished Rami.-, with Board, iu a i .4vate fa mily. Term* m ?>rate. 07 WEST THIRTIETH STBEET.?TWO OR TI1REK fJ I K?>ls';t fuinillcti unU three or four gentlemen, m' he lirst re;-pectability, en a be accommodated with suits or single Rooms. in cue of the most delightful locations, situne I tween Broadway and l-ltt'th avenue. Table first class. Refe rences cxeh?ifv?0r|. A A WEST WASH INOTON PLACE.-ROOMS TO LET, "I X with J wd. The house is desirably located, contain ing all the modern Improvement*. Ke 1'ereuce* given and re Quired. A A UNION SOU A RE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH AND ?Rooms In suits aiwl Mindly, to l#!t? with Hoard, to ilimUicg, and accommodations for single t?*:tilemen. C& Wi'ST SIXTEENTH stkket.--vk*YDBfHBABLB w Uoorjta to lot, w th Board, to a gentleman and wife or siutgle gentlemen; priori to suit tl-e tlmeH; dinner at & 0|T|XII7 BBOADWAY.?B0AMH90?JM F8W VSKT \)rj pli*4Kant Singh- J unmu, neatfy lurnifrtwd, for single gentU new; i.n I a Dou'dt Hooin suitable for a <r*mlemnn and wifcv ?r would be let to 15 party of gfpllemen. Terms Very ?nodrpatK House has all he modern improvements. Ti) ?NTH STREET, N *AR FIFTlf AVENUBx?HA ND LA "??fiH'ljr furnished A jwrtments, en suite single, with fu'J Won<rd, or private t*Me if prefeiTOd; to let'Uv respect able par fx 96. OA NIT *11 STREET, HK'itEEN UN! MmsITT fLACE O*" ani- mftlj avtmue. To *#nt, with BowrM, a bnm went, suitable fer ^-physician's oQlcc'or two gentli-men; ii'is* two single roo?a?for gentlemen. Inferences 1 \tnanged. l)iu ner at six cfctaefe, OA 8BCC1 IB? AvENI'K, ftftB K17TB STRKTX CU Ilandi-^tnely furnished linoms, with ilenrft, to iur riedor ingl<rgoiwlwneit; also* irge Parlor ufMB ?ut?t elans. Sliuatkm very desirable. OA EAST - WftNTV KIKST TTREET. -T V LKT, ft. O*/ suit of t .Hid some ly fnrnls'^ad Room*, s'lfiMe lofm family, with p tVat? table if desired; location one of tfce finest in the city, vne door from Lextegton avenue; liirk pri? *U?ge. ^ _ Or. CLINTON ?<LACB, NEAR T'TfTII AVENUE.?TO C5*J let, pleasai: furnished Rooms, 'vMi Board. Dinner at" The house hfvVJ tiie modern improvements and the lo ealkiii is central anU^pieasiint. QQ URKLNE S*EKT, ABOVE SPUINO?AI/'ITON f/rJ ?Klegaatly furnished suitirof Rooms, with ?hs, Crototi water and e"^f>r convenience for hous^k* eplng eeo non-ically; purticula. a suited for bmall, it'spectable fa mi! tea. K??uj low. STRING STRTUrr.?PUBNIS1IED ROOMS TO let, adjoining t! r Prencott House, opposite rft. Nicho ;Us>Hc4ei, on reasonable^terms. TjiJC WEST FOITV flKENTH STREET.?A SUIT OF J Rooms on the <*>oud and third lloors, and a Room> for a single gentleman v/fth Board. The house and situation Art* the tw.Ht 011 the strutand combine elegmnoe with every icoant oitfc. 1VMC WHTII 8TBBE NBAB BBOA 1>WAY?TO LKT, 11"/ to a gentleman and wife, one large P&iMor on the first MtwvT. Also one large Room on the seeond floor. Ateo sfngle-flbMimH to gentlemen.' References exchaug* di* Diuner HhHkXiPido e.k. 1HH MACDortJAL STREET?RK'HMONL II M'SK IB il'/' now opened as a private family Hotel, for the recep tion <??' gentlemen, or small families tired of boarding. i'artie?<le*irous of housekeeping can tind evory convenience at tin ah??ve establishment. "1114, ifcLKKt'KKU STREET, WEST OP AND NF.\R X L"/ IHnxadway.?Pleasantly furnished Rooms to lot, with or without Board, single or l:i suits. Meals served in rooms if desired. Transient boarders accommodated. Location" phvrsant a?ad central. IO7 '.W'KST ELEVENTH STREET ?TWO OR TH BBS XO I furnished Rooms to rent, with or wi'hout Board; also m sm all Book and Music Store to rent lcjtws also Stock and Fixiures for sale cheap; Sixth avenue. l,j r T.TOLFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENPE.? XTU Double Rooms on second and third tldors, front, for two single gentlemen or gentleman and wife; full Board $9 and $10 per week, for two; single Rooms for $1; location de sirable; few received. Undoubted references required. 1/T/? PK3NCE STREET?ST. CLAXE MOUW OO gantly lurnished Rooms, with Bedrontns attached, with all tha etmveniences for housekeeping complete, in cluding gasand Oroton water, to let to res]>ccU?bie families or single genAl?men. 1 (\0 BLHKCK *?! II STREET.?HANDSOMELY FUR JLiJ ju nishe-.i R??(?tns, .viu /j' or in suit, t-? l"t, with Board, on inodorat*terms for the winter; also a front-Basement, suitable for business or a family. 9ACi TWENTY-THIRD 8TBEBT.?FURNISHED &\j\) Hmxaa to let, with Hoard, for a gentleman and fami ly, also for -Mingle geutlemeu. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Refe rences exchanged. 91 A ELM STREET?JACKSON HOUSE?THE MOST 4mJ 1 v comfortably ami conveniently furnished npirtioents in the city,,to meet the wants of small families: with every requisite furniture; clean linen, cooking range and utensils, gas and CroOoij water. O7O FOURTH STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS WITH 0| O out; IxHua, in a private fatuilv, at prices to suit the tiixiea. IMQ B1CDADWAY?PLANTER'S HOTEL. PARTIES "' .tO liking for board can find elegantly furnished Rooms, suiiiMe for fa milieu or Kindle gentlemen: term* rea sonabl*: g*d table; location convenient lor business men; dinner at ?U oVlock. QIO (tttBBNWICH STREET.?GENTLEMEN AND Ol thair wires, or single geutlemeu or Kindle ladies wishing to oh ?'n I'hvm int lto hum and good Board, with a pleasant family, accessible to all Eighth avenue cars, and Kfages, on vc;y reasonable term*; hot and cold water and gas very r<-..ncvn ~nt; location desirable. HOTELS. poYAll. #PKRA COLONADE HOTEL, CIIARLE8 11 sirai?t/.?JL James, London, England.?This new an I vast hotel, I sinti'JAy and conveniently situated in the Wert Kad of Lo; ??. 1 ... rsunrivalled accommodation for families and genthmmi, aL moderate charge*, and is particuiHr>y worthy the attention <a< rlaiter* from the United Slate*. Every com fort and accommodation i* provided. rilHEH^T. A,*E? HOTEL, CORNER OF F )URTEKNTII J .atreetand Fourth avenue, having been thoroughly renova ted and newly furnished, is now open, Famili*** or single gen llemeJi A'an.?>?* iWhxninodated with Room*, without board or with ineala sea fed a* desired. LOST AND FOUND. " EOUND?IT* A FOURTH AVENUE STAGE, ON FRI day, Oou?ber 4, a child * Waterproof Cloak. The loner can obtain it aiJdm 1*. Moore'* Son*, 204 Broadway, by. prov ir** property Hint paying expense*. IilOUND?13. V WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET ' stage, Thursday evening, a Portemonuaie, containing a email sum of money. The owner can havo the sumo by call ing at 22 I'noJi pb?v, up stairs, and paying for this advertise merit. IIOUND?OS SEPTEMBER 26, TWO BIRD DOGS, ON Long bdatul meadow*. The owner can have them by proving property and paying all expenses, at 62 Clilf street, New York*. KITTFIiBiOST.?A MALTESE KITTEN. HALF GROWN* witS?white feet. One dollar will be paid upon delivery at No. 44*East Twenty-first street. I OST-A LARGE BLACK AND WHITE NEWFOUND J lavul I>?g; answers to the name of Charley, and had a ru?ty viiMltt collar on. Three dollar* reward for any one brlnglig him hack to 611^ Second avenue, or to 5J William Street.. IO&T--0X THE 4TH INST., A FANCY SEGA it CASE * J \*ith a Furlough in It, belonging to Charles W. Turner, Fifth. Regiment. New York Volunteers, coming from Jersey CUy Hbvry to Fulton market The tlrjer will oe liberally re waviiMi l>e leaving it at No. 8 Stanton street. IfcST?BANK BOOK NO. l:>,0>i ( N T11E INSTITUTION j for the Savings ot Merchants* Clerk*, 516 Broadway. The Under will please leave the *an*e> at the bank. v OST?ON THE FULTON FFvfcRY BOAT, ON THE;3D instant, a Purse, containing $20 to $25. A suitable re ward will be paid on returnii g it to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ofllee. I OST?CROSSING THE ATLANTIC FERRY, TO J Brooklyn, a Roll of A c wnt*. The find *r will hesiti | tably rewarded by leaving thi*same at James W. Ei\v*4l .tr Co.'s, 57 South street. I OST?ON THURSDAY fVEVING, \ SM VLL PORTE* J tnonnale, containing about $12, in Laura Kneite's Theat re' or In corning from there in ; South ferry stage to the Howard Hotel. A suitable reward vjU be paid by returning it to>Mr*. La Mont, Howard Hotel. I OST?ON THE SD INST., IN THIS CITY, OR HIE J Fulton avenue cars, Bro >klyti. a Hair Ne? k.laoefc with three Charms attached, wo**, an hor an 1 heart, all gold , mounted. It Is valued fr?-m b in; a de*eas ? 1 n? s hair. ; The Under will be rew irdod by leaving i at l'JJIIi ster street, New York. I OST?YESTERDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 4, BY A J hard working woman, $2A. enclosed in a wntie onvelope, j marked Unur*e, In going from Twenty-third aireot, near Fifth avenue, and 55 WSIlett street, in a Re.iblrd stag**. A re ward will !>e given and *l!i?*ere ihankn on returtiliig the s imfl to 55 Willett street, or 46 West Twenty-third street, near Fifth avenue. REWARDS. (O REWARD LOST, ABOUT TWO V >XriI < 8IN0B, ;? wilt to Po atte, amwerin.; Id the n,yrte Fide. Who ever will ivtiirn \wr to H5 Fifte-nth ?treet \vt!l wlr? th* above reward. <T?fc) REWARIX?LOST. A GOLD LfH'K'&T. WiTtI A young ni.uV* Pi -tore on one aide ami hair in ttio other. L ? t It in Yves', Broad .vay, bohvp-u O.knal and W ?'.ti? s :e?ts. T i?* ll'i'J'T wtj& receive the above reward byretmn ng it to 372 Canal Hti?.*>t. <2?Q REWARD.-LOST, OX FRLDAY, OOTuBF.R 4, A palii of gold Spectacles, In going through Fnl ?:i and Sonth stircts. The tinder will receive the above reward by leaving at -'H9 Pearl street^ Mew York, lirst Hour, front room, or at 444 South Third street, Williamsburg. Oil A REWARD.-STRAYEJfc FROM 11. F. JONES* tjpJLvf stable, M?'rc?:r street, near Prittcft, on Thnrsdav, 3d instant, a ?p ?n?*d roach Slut, The above reward will by pail on t'.H return a* above. 4">A REWARD.?LOST,, ON THURSDAY MORXIXfJ t >'?!. 3,a tfnnt's diamond <Mi'Mtor l*?n, in ?irm ro r\ fconrtUstreet to Ilanovm *?i ur.\ s?o{>|4m; nt lfr "?ksHrr firs' e.'? .thing slur \ Th?* \> ilirecvive the above r v by returning the pin i< ? l-'onrUi sfcreot. feOK ?LOST. IN HUDSON. STREET, OS Til UF ,Rf>AY f>renoo?\ viz .?three $?Vs, Farmers' Hank. Uridif?* H<?*. , Hank ot Fi-hkiil and Hank ? I Oramp*! own, mi j ,,n ? $10 una l'? msylvai 'ti1 ink. A reward ??l $5 will " ,nl d at tho drug ?t?>. trpfir Eighth av<-uu" and Went T?velf'* ^ direct. QOr. ltr,;W \ni> ? IIOIKK AND WAO^y 8TOLKN fvom 30 Monroe n ' Tuesday, ^xuober 1, IStjl; a i.'iay m filmut lihanis h - 'i. 11 y bltt <?n; box \v.n;oti, with t-'Vvignited Ida* k; silver |> .ted llarn (Du!?*h collar). Ker.MU ' .Atiket aii-i huStcr !:? iUc wagon. Tlo y wero hired by a Van who ceded hini>?d. J. 0 Adar^ j'r.i.u NovJer*oy, an,i hi o.p;ng at - ?; Hotd, 71 <*ort' H.reet. to fio to ,!;?? tauten. I^m? Inland, and Wave not '^(.,i reuirned. Any ) er Bon who will return th- .m'hm, or ^Ive tnt'opaaf Ion that will lead to their rec.u-ery, w..i ><v,? ,y the ttUova ivward frojji TnomaH Keir, W Moiih??; At N. Y, hfcW VyRji, Owl. 4, Util. POLITICAL. TW PUMtOWCB OF THE AO VON OF TluToEJ^RAL X Commute#,MWd Tuesday o?Sk''ng, Octob. i 1, lsfil, the republican eleci-rs of tue Elevati*! Ward, of the city of Brooklyn.will inset al Una Hall, ?m.*er of Myrtle av-ime "i" ' eut, ?u Tuea lay eveirivg, Octobers, 1361, u> elect three delegate* Bach to the County aa '1 Senatorial Oon WJ'?i *'"i delegates to an Assembly A>'ouvoaUuu. Pull* i>|?n from 7}? U> 'J I'. M. By order of the Waru1 Automatic*. ??? w o o JC1IV ?? PEKBY, Chairman. " Jf. W. UooDiticii, Secretary. ODWAHD.?MOZART llALI, NATIONAL DEMOCRACY.? '/ -^tii .primary clectiou t^lil at 127 Liberty stfeel, ou Fil day rvcuin.T the following lletet was el,-vied ? t CoKTKirrioit.?Benjamin H it, Patrick Kerrln. Thonsw I. i'rendevllle, Edw.'.id II. U?,sh, ami Jnt?*s Mc Clonkey. Hi Nsiywut CoSTKMTioif.?I". triek Kerrtn; Jumee Oodr. Bnu,-h MM lb, John M. Mimne. ml Louis 1'. Aldileli. Asskmmv.?First Uietrb't?D.ivM M. Roche, Patrick Kelly. r*id Wllll?r:vO?Kt'ulfe. Third DistHet?EdwnM B Heath, DAVII) M. 1(04'11E, ? W W O-KEBPE. : Inspectors. MICHAEL MuCANN, J 4T<% WARD.?*0>4AKT IIALL- WK, THE UNDER signed, Insiiertom of Election, (1 "dare that the follow* lug ilek.'t was efeclnd:? Coo.vtV Con??n fie*.?Stephen Lyrsh, Riebnrfl .hiyoe, Eugene Snlllvaii, Thouas White, and R *tiard F it/iiutrlck. Skiat umai. Ovwamuit.?Thomas Fit Herald, Joht/Moeret Hugh Ki line, Pete# .1. Tiilly, in.d Matthe t MoQownu. AssKMa-^rt?Klri* WiWicl?fatrlct O'Di rtuell. Second Dla trl'-t?William Cook Jairses Oorrtstor, JoVn Byrnes, Jbmeff Oodfrey, Timothy it'll! nasi, and Muithew J tee. aW<HI MURPHY, ] JoiiM HURJiS, > Iuipectoen.' flitfl'THEW MoliOWAl^J -TII WARD.?AT A I'RIMARV ELECTIC* HELD Af KJ No. 7 Ealght street,uim*iaut to call, tho following tickei was duly electcd withoix'oii|)*siiioii:? County Dh*.oitio.t ?Dauiidl Kennedy, I;>Bry Evan*. Michael Madlgati, Alex. .ffcOa.-ron, M. J. Kelley. Hknatokial?.A'lte HI'h Scj Wjlllam Witters, Jo ti Lohman. M. Sullivan, E. Kenne**"?. AssKitsLT?Wm fi. Craite. Wn. R. Murray, JiWit Dtigaa, Daniel Kennedy, Jattieli Oi tl<Wi, Thus. Collier, ne ry Evans. Jeremiah Casey. HEN It V /WANS. ) DANlEI, KENNEDY. f In weton. MICH **11> MAPI PAN, > 6TH WARD?ATA PRIWhltY ELECTION OF TUB Mozart! national dei.iooraty, held at the ShlkWart Hotel this tlh day of-October, ^.*0^'1M61, bcttween tl e*l;oure oi 1} sad 7 P. M., tL* follow tig ticket w.u unanimously elected:? CoDMTr CONVKNTtoif ? Rlehftrl'Btiwry, Edward Ro\t# F?. trick O&iTick, Patrick ftorhgoi)', ***n.*y McClunky. Bknatohiai. CoNTKNItoK.?William Carroll, Mlcbae! Hro i>*iv, Tli mnis McManus, Ktonry O {?'efr, Barney Maloney. Asskmbi.v.?FintdUtr.kt?OwnrrBnnnan. Second dlst. let? Mllciiael Dunne, James Itvnn, Ml, 1?iol-Sullivan, Peter VVar om?, John Carey, Robnrt 'A|Carroll. i'uiarth district?Michael iLkrauah, James Devms. HLTG^ DOWNEY, ) MICLVlEL HROI-HY, Slnspectoro. KOBfc KT I". CABHOLL,) T"?I WARD?AT THE tNNPAL-ELECTION, HELD' ?l Blair'a, corner of (}o> ???rneur sm? and East Kroad WI??, on Friday evening, Oct; bcr 1, 18Crhe following tlckei 1 wn^dnly elected :? Koctrni Hkmatorial Co.svK;*r?rte?M*<tiael Mo>ncy, Patrick MltN'iauara, Michael Howard, Oeorgc O'Connor, Andrew ' HheMiivn. Gia-ftrr Contkntio!*?Daniel IIiikIic*, "Miotnas King, Rich ard O'tiridy, James Knnis, ICdwnrd Ii tVvliK A?3EMHI.r?Fourth District?Tl.omas Oreen, Tim "thF Wal*h,Etirhard Ktaus, Peter Mi'tji'.iide, Payton, Wm. J. Mtbi'Vltt Eighth District?Hol>cri W. StiiiHon, Jamee Oltui.ey, Thomas Clarkin, Bernard ?.fl'Tahon, Michael McKw no. MICHAEL MOONEV^ 1 PATltli'lC MoNAMARA,} Inapeotora. Mlt^HAKL HOWAK1I), ) irirrai ward ?at a primary efiBCTMN on octo II. bertl, at 0 P. M . at 121 Pitt street, In | urvuance of th? call of ti e Mozart Hall National DeV.orrnlte Oeueral Com* r*l?t?e, the following ticket was duly eliKrod i ? I'iTT^AifoCotJNTr.?Peter Tracy, Edward Cbetello, Thomaa J! Carltnm N. S. Reed. Peter Mi'Ouire. Si:.nvtok*at??Win. Oage, Peter MdC vlsttl; Joseph Belle shciin, Win. II. Landerx, Oeo. J. Campbell. AtsKMDi.i?Twelfth District.?t??o. J. Campbell, Michael Dunn, Lawrence O'Connor, .las. M. Plynn, Abraham M- yer, Allen Jlmnwrson, Win. B. Ouiiin, HrnryOnlon, Join Lan der. Anthony Thels, Joseph Bukhart, Deni'laCampbell, Wm. OcgAtlam Miller. Eighth District.?Peter W'Ws, Robert C. flager, Moots Meyer, James Eee. PETER TRACY,* ). ANDREW KKLI.iT} J Inspectors. PETER ModUIRE,'l TlfTTH WARD ?AT A PRIMARY ELECTTOML HEED AT 1 ri Mozart Hall on Friday evening, Octobei 4.- IS6I, In pur Bxaoee of tl?> rail of the Democratic RepieiKran General OAmmMeo:. tho lollowliig delegates were elnirtod:?To Coun ty Convent'.an?Ounrgo C. (ienet, John P. C?wr Morgan Ik lIirrls,'M4riue McNuTty, John Smith. To Srwjh Senatorial Convention?Joint Folan, Patrick J. Oalllgxni> K. J. Oenet, Edward Leuliv, Robert K. Orace. Fifth Assembly District Convention?James Cunningham, John Kolan, .folin M'Cau ley. Seventh Assembly Convention?Patrick J. OalUgaB, Morgan L. Harris, P. McCabe, William Leonn'id, (J. ('. Oe tie t. Ant bar Boylan, Robert Elf. Tenth Assembly District Ckiuvenliuu?John Smith, William William*. JOHN P. OAW, ) JOHN FOLAN, '? I nspectors. JOHN SMITH, ) 16 TIT' WARD.?AT A PRIMARY KLECTIOPT HELD at 121 ScTctith avenno, thi*? oveiiinu, pursisant to the 1 of the* General CommitU1#*, Mosurt Hall, f hr following tktcrt, having received a majority of the votes ?ast, waa de? cl?tr*M| clectoo:? '.'iYv and <*oumtit.?Wm. B-.annan, Arthur ?iooty, Petar Fdllm 'r, John-(Jall'ry, ami James M'-Cluskey. Kn> ar.Robert Barklcv% Patrick Lynch, >Orlando P. 8mlt'i, Patrick (JtifT, and William Doll. Ahskmhi.y.?Charles A. May, Patrick Olbnfjp, Franklin McK ? >'?a. Edward Montague, thomaa Lynch, Eowert Hr?Undv Pi'tt'r Klruhhoir, E lward Glaaa**y, ISarnard Smith, Kenneth MaUi'aon. PfUrick Gallicer, John Ruddy, Joha Gorman, Ci ai4os VViuuvjc, and Michael McCann. ARTHUR A. MOOTY, ) FRANCIS McKHNSA, Slfrapectora. PATRICK GILNKY, ) ir II WARD ?AT A PRIMARY ELECTION HELD u ? last .?veil'!iii?. at Putnam Hall, corner of Twelfth ?lreet ml Third avi rule, pursuant to a call of the Mozart Hall De nvcratlc General CammlttM, the following delegates werf elected to the w-veral oonventloae:? OrtOTrT'CAKmjrTion?M. Dalton, T. Donohtte, Iboa. Kane, 8. Rooblns, Win. Soli loss. SrtATOKtAL Con vkxtiox?P. J. Cozang, T. 1 shin, Jamea Duly, John Pyne, J. H. Coleman. As-<k*bi.y 'Convkxtioxs.?Sixth district?J. Harrington, Jas. McMenenw, Owen H?My. Tenth district?M. Halm, R. Hannah, Owen I>onohue, W. Burke, 9iln? Ling, P.Oahlll, W. Thomas, 1\ Welrlch, T. Zoeller, M. Kane. Twelfth die trict?It. Ii*ii thiwdt, J a a. O'Brien. J. Mallon, J. J. Connor, B. Gicquei. W. BCRKE, J R. IIANN.VII, i Inspector*. T. DO NO HUE, > __ 1QTH WARD.?WE CERTIFY THAT TUB FOLLOW lO in* tleket wan duly elected:? CotTXTT < Oomvrxtiox.?Theodore B. Voorteee, JamM Owens. Kluhard O'Brien, William Balnl, John Oi Lyst. Skvatohi.'.i. CoxvaxTtox?Ware I). Parsons, James Ma gr tth. JolmiO'Doniiell, Thomas Knenatl, Cliarle* B. Cornell. A"Skm?lt? C*?xvicxtiox.?Jamna Kane, BartliiAumew Gaff, nev, Jo 1,1 IBp.krn. Jainea Sheehati. Dennis Oalvin, John M. Supple, Stephen O'Hara. John K. llaekett, Matthew Orillln, Tore net! .\Wirtha, Patrick O'Brien, Thomas Tketicy, W Ulan Sinnott, Junea Leavy, Thomas Kearns. WM. BAIRD, ) JAMES OWENS, S Ttwpeetora. RICHARD O'BRIEN, ) Q ATI!i V/AItD.?-AT A 1'RIMARY KLKCTIOt* HELD AT Zi\' tliedionse of John Riley, corner of Thirty-second street an t Ninthiavenue, on the evening of October it pursuant to the call off the General Committee of Mozart.Hall, we, the undersigned Inspectors, do certify that the following ticket was duly elected:? I'OUMH Cr>xvKXT!OK.?Jnmi's Reynolds, W 1111am Bradley, Kevran I'l' rklns, Richard Flauigan, William MfcOonkey. rfsNatoriAtfc?Darld Rowland, Miohael Barret, Leonard GalmiftO, William J. MeGratb, Barney Swenr ?y. A?r??iH.r.?P. O. Maloaey, N. Hill Fowler,.Leopold Haas, Thomas Klemau, William Murray, Edward dinner, Frank Cuok.Jthn R. Farrel, Thomas Bacr, Michael Hara, Loren zo Aikeruuin. Thomas MctJonkey, John MeOlnn. John Riley. Win. Wltzpatrick. KEYRAN PEF ~ KEYRAV PERKINS*) THUS McCONKEY,' /Inspectors FRANK COOK, } WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRAC*.?AT A PRI - I mury election held a! .TSi Third avenut*, the following tl '<Ht w is unanimously elected:? < RUN.TV Coxvkxtiox ? P"ter II. Jackson Hugh Brady, Jt~n s. it tts, Jeremiah Walsh, Patrick J. MUtlvihill. Sr,x*A.TomAl. Coxvkxtiox?John Mullaly, Thomas Honey, Charles Guidet, MlefntftlCommerford. Johvi Homing. Ass** .;.r Coxvkxtiox.?George McDonalit, Denis Oalvln, ,In-ii"< S "ilton, John, David Murray John Walsh, Dr. ft. D. tl mnery,Thomas Dwyer.J. L. Mgiitiin. Win. McDonald, .!( m. M -clou :h lan, Oi-orge Curren, Ji.lmi Oonnully, Charlea Fi'xgerald, John Wheeler. HUOH BRACr, ) THOM AS l!U?:iY, S Inspectors JOHN MOMUMUr, S 2 >D W ARD ?AT A PRIMARY l tUCTION HELD At w Siftbaoh's National II til, WevUfWtjr-fourth street, on evening, Inst., the following Urfcet having received tlic largest innnliTof votes was dcelaind!elected:? t'ojNrr <'oxv".vtio*?Bi-niiiinln .Pi' Riirrlilld, Dennis F. Rorw. I, ik" Mullen, Edward Tin Dtanlel Witter. SKiAroRiAi. OoMVKxrioJt?.lamus Btirnhain, Henry . Se.lm k> -, Edward Exliert, John Jasper, Tlioinas Nolan. Assk 4iily i!oxvkktiox?N. .C,- Hasted, George Siiencep. Geor^ii Birch, Win. 8eebach, John Held, ?Terrencn Riley, Thomas IIi?glnK, Matthew OofUsol, Hdward Egbert, Jr, An; ? f\y 11 l<-k< John McGah'Hi, Jn..?iaUh Crowd y, SI lierl I use ii:ic:l B. F. D.iv. John Met'orina k. With power toilU vacan ies. fcDWARO EGBElllT. 1 SElUhRT UNtlEMACH Inspectora, THOMAS NOI.Oh, ) WIJU?TA?V. EYBRY SOLDIER FtiVV-LD !#VVE THEM. PR Jif'CKD. ?Ilk haudker hiefi. AtWIiUjMt of Sutlers ami (Quarter* mast?rs I", "spedally c:\lU d to th^ '^e assortment ollefeil by ? the New York Dying iiii) Priut-ui; Establishment,' Ji)nana s'r*et. \NS OF THE WAfk MF 1812, OF T: ?? CIT* ? a id tii ? i IjaeerA coisiitiet, tre re'inested to treet to-mor. low (Sii i lav), at tl/|,corner ? < Wn.Lty and Woostr iktrnets, at. 2,'J o'ido'k P. M., t'laUend tftv Ajulty struet i'Ui' .|4l,.by ilivlc. i.nljn of the Rev. Dr-Wllllians, p*stor. H. HJUYMOND, Brigadl f.peneral, An*., ("jlonol. Hlfclil. A K I>S. BtU.I\RD. SAVOOA- WITH FOUR ?*UHI,E av.if Inblp*. : I'urttMhri! rtm.tplel?, jwhI twn iQnond h&nt t?-* for *,iU ?h?snn. Inquire ul W. II. UR&BM.. 5S? Br.ia'lw^r. t-%. 1)lIEIi.t^B I'.VI'WST IWROVKD BILLIARD TAJBL* AN1> Mjy'UtNATIOX CUS140SS. l*rioe?;reJuc?' I Ui.suil ttj?ilm*. Vllgbfiji A OOL.LE NDEKtW.Crnsfc^.-.ifPot^ " WRHlTtRft. UNtMEUJU> CHAMBER Sl ^TS OF n'RNVfURE, Jtt _Ti uU oilon and Htylei, nl ivhiJrsale *nJ retail, at $2S and upward*; aU", Matlresxi *and I'aJllassen. W'.VKRKN WARD, ?277 1'iiuul street, four door* nu v, of Bro.tiway. TjMRST CI.ASS ENAMRifcED I t SNITV'RE-PLAW. L' dceorated and gratncd;solld walnut and oak Sets, Mat; IrodSPH, Sprlim Bed. Ar. Suits. from $24 upwards. J. \V. KIS11KK .V CO., Mainif.iclnrt is, CM Brtutdivay, bolwceu. Hli'ri kerand Band streeU, marble building. Tjli'RSITTTRK FOR SAI.E?A ORK l'LKMAN, HAVlfUJ IJ a li iiiw; liandaomi'ly fttrnlxlied v.-i\h every artlelo m^d> ' c ! for liion"kee]il!.^ In every department, even to ho.>e?, i>*, would like tu tul! tUo whol ', or ft portion of I - :i,i', at .i reasonable price. Addroaa Salisbury, "jtrral^ ITIURNITUMi CARPETS, BOOKS, iC? BOfttl FOR r > .omy nt 1J3 Sixth avcuue, botw.-t^ hlnlh and Te-.ith ?ir>H-U. ' l>UMlTOV8 TMI'P.OVKO PARLOR HRi?sTi:\i>S ANO , I ? i >.r> . la l ariiir,; ?. .1 0l m !, r ,U and I by n'l'iHV. ay!.ion'.?, a; 11) T.r.t'j miciL I'.fui'-rly NaUulUtl I A?au??ijr ui in.

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