Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1861 Page 5
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SUB-TREASURY MATTERS. Thi Popular Loan?The Demand, or Ojaited State*, Note*. The Investments At the Sub-Treasurer's office In the pojMlar Treasury loan pont inue to pour In daily, without the same excitement, but l*Hh the same intcrott as at first. Tbo subscriptions up to ifcrec o'clock P. M. yester day amounted to four hundrod and ilfty thousand dollars; and this, H must be remembered, while every bank in the city Is now a Bub-treasury, as far as this loan is con cerned; bo that the subscriptions, which used all to bo received by Mr. Cisco, are now divided among these diffe rent offices. The sums subscribed ranged from fifty to one hundred thousand dollars. The subscribers are. as t irmerly, of ail classus nnd conditions, but genorally of a more intelligent stamp than th so of the first rush. The old stocking women aro superseded by merchants and mechanics, and the pt oreet classes are not neurlv so largely represented oh when the loan was first offered. The stockings will be refilled by and by, however, and Mien we shall have to record the old scenes ovor again. A full supply of the Tieasury notes toeing now received, tho old circumlocutory proems of ?ciicuiarH and mail lettors and certificates of deposit is ?entirely dono away with. The notes are paid over tho counter upon the recoipt of priticipal and interest,and the well known Ifciruacle family has dissolved its brief ?Connection with the popular loan, and is on tho lookout for another government situation. Tbo United States notos, without interest?or, as they are popularly called, the government "demand" not.*? are daily brought to the notice of tho Sub-Treasury offi cials. Theso notos are a new currency; can be paid from person to person, as a bonk note may; can bo deposited In any of tho banks, like bank bills or specie, ami are, in short, national bank notes, or money. It is very bard to get this faot through the pericranium* of some people, however, and a grcui ileal of fun is the result. A soldier at Washington 1* partly paidolf in this money,and sends a couple <>f'lives ami tin to his wife or mother in New York. Now, if he ?eat Chemical Bank notes, the Rood woman would go off and spend them at the grooery, the dry goods storo i r the 'gnggery?ireH, saloon. .As they aro j (vernmont bank notes, however, she doesn't see hor way clour about it, and so pays a visit to the Sub-Treasury, and engages in a -conversation like the following :? Casiiibk?What la your business, madam? Ou> lt*Dv?Is it mo? Sure, an'I come to collect this? presenting the note?which me dear boy, Johnny?I if> avcnresthtasouiaiitlkeei'liiinwcllAinen?sent mo Horn the wars. sir. Cashibr?Well, what do want for it? Why don't yougo and spend it? it's money, you know. OiDhxnr?Thon 1 don't know anything Iv tho kind. Ain't It a driiit, sure? H've th nk 1 am us ignorons as yerself ? It's the money f want for it. I wants to spind It. To what use is the draft to me an' I don't colleet it? CUtui kk?Put, my good woman, then a uo collecting about it. It'B money alroady. Old>y?Allan' Cashier?It's money already, I say. It's just like a bank note, Just as gfx d as or silver. Oij> l.AtiY?Kb? Why don't you give mo tho siller for it, thin? It's to spinditl want, 1 tell you. lime, lake it, now, and don't bother. Casbjek?But why do you want gold or silver for it ? I tell you it's money. And so on for an hour or less, at the end of which time eith-r tho old lady is made to soe the affair rightly, or en tirely wearies out the cashier und goes oil' with her gold triuhi; hantly. Or, perhaps it is a German who presents tho demand note, and hand tog it to the cashier says, sent uuiously;? (j human?Cold tor dat > Camiieu?My do >r sir, why don't you spend this note and get charge from it in silver?" G/.hjian?Yaas. 1 take silver, as yon shall please. Casmnt?But why do you want to tako any specie at nil? Sec here, now. This nolo is issued by tho g overn ment. It is ju.-t as good and better than any bank note in the country. You i an spend It whero\ cr you pl.nse, Just as yiu could any other bank note. If you wish to put your money in the bank they will tako this note for its full valuo. the same as if it were a live dollar gold plec I\> you understand? GuuMr*?Yaas. Casus*?Then, you see, that you don't want me to pay you anything for it. *11 you have to do Is to put it in your pocket, and wh > you waut to Imy anything for it, spend it. So you're a'.i right, my dear sir. Congratulating himself upon having made that matter nnusual'y clear, gratified at having rid himself of the German 80 easily, ar.d not a lit tic proud within himself of his talent for fluunt nud luc Id explanati n, the cashier proceeds to attor.d to his other business, and reiurns, at the expiration of a quarter of an hour, to find his Gor man friend still standing at the desk, with his mouth ?wide open and his domain! note In his hand. As soon as the cashier gets within range of his optics the German regards him solemnly and attentively for a moment, and thou says, calmly :? Yaas. Very g tot. Cashier?(Impatiently,nnd with fonllncs which must be imagined, but cannot be described)?Well, what (to you w, ait now? Why don't yougo? What aro you waiting ? for? Uhuman?(with undlst::rbo ! ca imioss and an airof dejp reflection)?-Yaas. Very g' ot. I takes cold for dat. And he gets "cold for dat," and a few muttered choice but expressive remarks besides, both of which lie re ceives with equal complacency and self satisfaction, in bis igaoranco of English regarding the low muUeriugs as compliments to liis patienco and sagacity. The demand notes only . -quire time and more general circulation to remove tins ignorance of th. ir true value aud use. Notes payable at the sub-treasuries in other cities aro sometimes pn sinted li?re, and aro generally re fused payment The}- are cashed, however, when tho ignorance or persistency of the holders got tho bettor of tuo patience of the " cashier. Tbo government has not yet decided what shall be done in cases of such presentations; but the only just c< urso of making those notes convertible into specie at any of tho sub-treasuries will eventually ho adopted. All demand notes, wh revor payable, are received, Iv-wever, for in vestment in tho popular loan. The ignornnco of the low er classes in regard to tho domand notes is parall' led by tho experience of the past, in the introduction of a bank noto currency and in tho first issue of postago stamps, /side from this misapprehension, which is by no moans general, and causes but little trouble, the United Stales demand notes are universally popular, and are selzod upon by all classes of peoplo gladly ami eagorly. THE NAVY. Krrsrojnt Statu, ?toam sloop-of-wur, G. II. Scott, ccm manding, from St. Thonris, put in at Aspinwali Sept. 25, for coal, and was still in port on tho 28tl). Ma<Etonian. sloop-of-war, 22 guns, James Glynn, com manding, put in at Aspinwall for water, and palled Sept. 24 for Porto Bollo. IUixhripok, brig-of-war, 6 guns, Thomas M. Bra?hor, commanding, was at Aspinwall Sept. 26. A Court of Inquiry is being hold at Portsmouth Navy Yard, relative to the charges against Commander John Calhoun, of the pi p-ot-wir Portsmouth, which recently arnv <1, Captain Goorgo W. Storer presiding. T)ie gunboat Chocura will bo launched at East Boston to-day. BOfTON NAVY \ vltl). The new gunboats Ethan Alien and Kingfisher wont into commission on the 8d iust. The Chocura is to be launched to-day. PHTLAPELPITTA NAVY YAUT). The project which was for some timu contemplated of changing the situation of this Navy Yard to a point below tho city has been abandoned for the present. NEW SIGNALS FOR THE REVENUE SERVICE. Collector Barney and Surveyor Andrews, accompanied by George Harrington, Esq., Assistant Secrotnry of the Treasury, went down tho bay yostordny ori board tho revenue cutter Biiberk, for the purpose of practically testing a new set of sgna'a for the re venue sor vice. This bus been rendered necessary on account of the Collectors and Custom House officials in tho rebel Stake being in possesion of tho co<le of signals at present used by the United States revenue cutters. EXPRESS TO HATTERAS INLET. Adams' Express Company have opened nn ofllcn at tho Torts recently taken by our forces at Hitter as Inlot. Thoso of our roadors desiring to send packages to their friends stationed there c in do so at t'io usual rate charg ed hy this company to roldiers?half p ;eo. Packages containing spirituous llqu >rs are detained at Fortress Monroe. Tlie steamers Spatlldlng and Ben Peford run from Old Point to Fortress Monroe every other day. Personal IiitclUgrnre. Prlnro do Joinvllie and r"ite 1 "t the Brovoort House early yesterday morning for Washington. Colon"l Cross, of the Now Hampshire Volunteers; JuilgD Sherman, of Newburg; Major 1 angbom and Ma .'or Fletcher, of tho Unite I States Ai my; Colonel H. Cross, of Washington; C.J. Undeihiil, of Boston, ami It. Curtis, of Bridgeport, are stopping at lae Fifth Avunne Hotel. Captain Edward Pnnscotnb, of tlie Unted States Army; I>r. J. E. Turnor, of Bin^hamton; J. 8. Levering,of !><?) ton, and John Olmstead, of Hurtfoid, i e ?t pping at tho Brovoort House. Ex-Go verncr Gardner, of Massachusetts: Major W. Al len and P. H. Bttell, </ the United states Army; L. E. ?Taylor, of St. I/rnis; M. S. Hin t and wife, of C*ta Bioa, and W. Muir, of Hamilton. C. W., are stopping ?t lite Me tropolitan 1!< tel. E Austin and party, of San Francisco; G. V. Wilson, of Bridgeport; A. Honderson, <f tho United .states Navy; Colonel Alford, of New York; 0. Searing, of Long Island; Mr. Roberts, of Waterbury, and W. R. Cobden and wife, d Montreal, arc Mopping at the Iaiarge House. Hon. E. W. Leavenworth, of Syracuse; A. Hovey, of B ston; J. \T. Fuller and wife, of Trjiy; Charles Oax. ford, of Philadelphia; W. J. Wayn?, of Washington; M Durot, of France , A. Punham, t.f Hartford; W. G. Steele, ?f New Jersey; T. Appleton, of Massachusetts, and Ian Sing Pruyn. of Albany, ore stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. S. R. Roe and F. Rider, West Point; P. V. Kellogg ftica; 1>. A. Robinson, Aspinwall; r. Walsh and H. M, Brown, California: 0. TI. Moore and lady, United States Army ; J. G. lilaine, M line; Mrs. John R. Thompson and s> rvi'iiil. Now Jersej; H< n. W. H. Ferry, Utii a; Rev. J. Vagoq,Fiofo8Sor W. J. So ythe, Ynlalia; Hon. C. II. Van W)i'k,Ncw York; C. It. P. Rodger#, United States Navy; C m. 1). )x>n ond lady', Unite l Stiteg Navy; Jos. Terwll'iger, Syracuse; l*l>n. D.I). Campbell, New York; Gcr or: l KtrickLind and Thos, Trickey, Maine; General Tod ! .i;d Maior UfTinin, Uuitod States Army, are stop ping at tba Aotor Jtiouso. Hav'tl and Cotton Cultivation. BBPABTl'K* Ov OtiK HUNUHD AND TltlKTKKN Mil OraNTS gc*E},T<8 ON BOARD TUB VWUL- -WHITE W1VF8 TijRBB k'CNPKI?I) AND NINETY MOKB KM QUANTS TO BAIL K"OON?BTAT18T1C8 ABOUT TI1K COLONISTS, MtC., JCIV. Yesterday morning the bn.Helen Augusta, Captaiu Charles Hutlef, left her authors*.* 'u "le ''aJ' > a"d set gall for the Haytien republic, with fl\ 6 'iun(lre(' l|arrels of provisions aud one hundred and thlfU.?0 colored emi grants. The following shows their nativity >? Canada 20 District of CdMnblfc f Maryland... 1# Virginia 18 Kentucky 6 Alabama 4 North Carolina 2 South Carolina 1 Mississippi 3 I/Hilsiafta 3 Teuni asee 2 Missouri 1 New York 4 Hayti I Indiana 2 Pennsylvania 7 New Jersey 2 Mexico 1 Ohio 6 Mlehlgau 2 Horn in slave States 66 Somo of the emigrants have white wives. In this ro spect, as regards nativity, England is represented by two, Ireland by four, and Ohio by one woman. Scotland is represented by one, John Campbell, servant to a colored man. Forty-two can read and write, and eighteen can read alone. The oldest emigrant is aged sixty years, and the youngest ono eight months. As regards religioa fifteen are general l'roiestants, thirty Methodist* (some being preachers), six Baptists, three Presbyterians, two Eplseoj>a)iaus aud two Catholics, Fifty-fo?r bay* no religion, being, for a large jiart. children. Knur Intend to bo farmers, two laborers and one a seu'ptor. Sixty one are registered under the head of having no occupa tion. Relative to their |>ast occupation, one is a cooper, two seamstresses, thirty farmers, two painters, otio a cotton sampler (from ( harleati n, S. C.), two laborer*, one cabinetmaker, one mucou, one cook and oneaoulptor. Fifty-sight are classified as having no former occupation. Of ilie total number titty-three are men, and tlie rest women and children,and fti'iy-s even members of churches. Arrangements have already been ma<le for their setile mont at a distanc* of s> me eight miles in the rear of St. Marc.Hayti. Thegreatobject in sending them out now is to facilitate the growth of ootton. It is claimed that there can bo raised by these emigrants a quality of cotton tar superior to the beat raiaeu in South Carolina, and that of this staple they can procure several crop* por year with but fit i 'o labor aud le.-s attention. It is further staled that tin very same seed which h >s to be planted in Ijouislatia every year will last for thirteen years on Haytlonaoll. From the same sourco we learn that the government of Ila> i i .s doing all m its power to facilitate tbo cultivation of the "cotton trio,' and that a very l iree quantity is b dug shipped every month to Liverpool by two Haytien firms It is thought the voyago will occupy s mo fifteen days, and not, at ihefarthest, exceed twenty days. The sight presented on vtailing the v> ssei waa extreme iy Intcrostlug, If not unique. The decks were covered with cask.- and a conglomeration of luggage aud freight; and above all this wore masculine and feminine darkey di m, In almost evory Imaginable attitude, with a heavy sprinkling of children, own as 1 w as tho early stages of infancy. One hugo mass of animated otony wan enter taining those around liim with the advantages resulting from the privilege of having more than one wife, each and all their eyes with delight, aud seeming ly pleased enough to consider the nlorewtid privilege a kiud of connecting link between heaven ami earth. In another plsoo was a group discussing the merits of agriculture. Otto of the party remarked, "By golly, do place am great. Drop a a- ed in a bole in do ground, and in three weeks you can pull it n turnip." Some few white women were to bo seen. Ono was fendli; t; n mulatto child. Inquiry led to the reve latlai of the fact that theso white women wore tho wives of colored emigrants, and that one or two of thorn had children with them?all intending to soek their fortunes with their husbands ill tho Haytien domain. Ono wentan was ruihor good looking; the others wero decidedly G UI in the appearance of tiieir physiognomies. Somo of the children, wl lcli we observed in various parts of the ve . el, were m st white. Tlie women and children generally looked strong, robust aud h-iithy. A bcautfnl !n m girl, light in complexion, aud one of tho Mohawk trlb ??th i wife of a good looking but very dark complexion"! Ethiopian? was peculiarly attrrc'.ivo. Somo venerable looking men were seen seutt -red hero and there. This tomu I w..s formerly a whaler, of 240 tons; hut that busincra becoming dull r 'ndoi ? 1 a resort, as we were Informed, to some other line necessary. Among tli so visiting the ship were James Redpath and the only colored mm th it escaped during tho f minus John Brown i ; id. The gentleman rejoicing in the name of "Mrs. Partington" was said to have Just left. Arrangements will ba made l y which emigrants can sail from diffe ont ports during the autumn and whiter. Ninety will rail from Hindu Island < n 'i'u Sc'ay next, aud three nundi cd from tins i ort on the Somo 500 emi grants have hoot, suit 6iucc January la- t. It is under stood ibat tlio. o who cati ?T.y their pass go are expected todftso; otherwise the Haytien government boars tho expense. All moehauioa intending to practiso their trades in Hayti have to go at their own cspcuso. Hio government guarantees to llud omployir. "it for farm, is only. Its demand for agriculturists is said to he unlimited, but for m -chaul-nl skill Just the contrary. Passengers are cha.ged at tho rate ol f 18 for each adult from the United states ports and S-'.r> from Canada West. Children under eight years go for half prico, aud Infants uuder eno year frc< I'atseugers in ail ca; i s provide their own bed ding. Tlio b ard provided for emigrants is as follows:? Dayt. lb H 1 14:? 14! 1 14 ? Total.. D8l 4 3 11 )i 'A lilfi V 4 4 I>j ,'3 X 7 Emigrants arc at liberty to carry, free of expense, ad dition,il provisions to ho used on th ' voyage. The British Cotton Supply Association is paid to be en couraging the production of tlio cotton staple In llayti by seeding out improved machinery aud ottering premiums to growers. The following statement shows the shipments of cotton from St. Marc, whence these emigrants are destined, during the first soven mouths of 1"81 ? Foreign perls, bales 1,147 Coastwise 705 Total, 688,656 lbs 1,902 MORE PliIZE CARES. UNITED S-TATKS lUSTKIUT COUBT. ltoforo Hon. Jud^e llotU. The United SMm VI. tkeickt oner Ilanndk M. Johnson.? This prizo vessel was captured near Capo Lookout, on 31st of July last, by the United States sq a Iron, and was transmitted to this district for condemnation. She was seized with the Confederate tiag, andwascnarg d with giv ing aid and comfort to tho enemy, and also with violating the blockade of New Orleans; ti.o latter charge was, how ever abandoned by the government. Tlie cl.-iminis of the cargo contended that the property belonged to nou trals, that it was in trcn. Uu, and that advances hal b 'en made on the cargo; tint th- vessel do ?red from New Or leans, and was compelled by thoauthoritles there to carry a secession Hag. Judge Belts concludes nn elaborate opinion by saying:? The acceptance of a ciearnt.ce under the author it y of ti:o Confederate Stales wa.i nn net of personal misfeasance against the revenue laws of tho United States, and punishable under those laws as being tantamount to cftming into port without a lawful one; but it is Judicialijr known to tho Court that these ac's were lor a considera ble period, and until open h ostilities wi re on foot by the Insurgent States, tolerated as necessities imposed upon ioyal vessels being absent from their ports of destina tion, until tho rebellti n progressed to acts of open hos tilities on the part of the rebels and insurgents, and ac cordingly those particular acts at such i> riod must bo regarded by th" C- url, in ft prizo s ilt, ns committed pre vious to the recognition by the government of an exist ing state of civil war between iho insurgent portion of tii.i country and tho government. In my opinion, there fore, it is B"t proved on the part of the liboliants that tho claimants of the vessel had actual or constructive notice, Ht the time the cargo in question was laden on board of her, that a statu of war be tween the insurgents and the government existed and was rec gni?od by tho government of the United States; and that accordingly the vessel, her tackle, kc., is net liable to seizure and condemnation for the acts alleged against her. Tho cargo was shipped and laden on board tne vessel at Now Orleans, by residents of that place, after tho public secession or rebellion oi the S.ote of lDuisiai a, and after the 0|?jn avowal of war with the United Btates made by tho Confederate States; and all persons d< m ciled at that place are legally chargeable with the acls of th" government under which they claim allegiance. The property so shipped was enemy's pro perty, and liab'.o to confiscation to the United States SB such. The Judgment of the Court accordingly is, that tho vessel, hor tack e, Ac., bo rostorcd to the claimants on I*ymeutof costs, there being reasonable cause for her seliure, as she sailed from nn enemy's port, under an enemy's clearance, and without exhibiting whi n arrested full muniments of title as a loyal vessel. And it is fur ther ordered that a decree of condemnation and forfeiture be rendered against the cargo seized with the vessel as being enemy's property at the time it was laden onboard, with costs: leave, how 'vor. bom? given to the respective claimants thereof to produce further proofs thut the cargo when shipped belonged t" neutral or loj a; owners. The United Slates rj. V e hark Wiwrif. xi.?The l.ark was seized on tho 25tli of May, 18C1, by the United States steamship Quaker City, under command of acting mas ter P. W. Mathews, on the high s:.<ns, oUVape Henry, and libelled for attempting to violate the bl< ckade or Hampton Roods, in Virginia, in consonance with tho rules adopted by tho Court in the suits before referred to, it is held that tho vessel, her tackle and furniture are the enemy's property, the citizens of^onth Carolina being at th" timo in a state of civil war against the Unitod States; ai.d it is accordingly a 'Judged i hat the bark General Green, hor tackle, apparel and furniture be condemned to the libol ionis as prizo of war, with costs to bo taxed aud assessed; and that the cargo laden on board the bark bo restored to the claimants,but without orsts or damages to the claimants. there being probable cause for tho cap tore, it being laden on an enemy's bottom, and ex)*>rted alter th" ex stence of a siato of war by South Carolina against the United States. Pua*kk:h ma in* Army?Ihe United States Express OsiuiKuiy wltt transport over their express linoe, free of all chai g", b'ankelB donated to the g >vornmont, marked to uny Quartermaster of the Unitod Stales Army. MILITARY MATTERS lb' NEW YORK. THE CONSOLIDATION OF KEUftiV51"8 Four companies of tho 1)1 is* cavalry were y?Jilor<'a'r consolidated into three companies, which, when |>oa?s.'set' of the full complement of men, will be sent on to Wash Ington to be attachod to the New York Mounted Rillrs, Colonel Dickel. Tho following order was issued yester day GENERAL 0KDE11S?NO. 63. S*at* or N'xw Yog*, Dsior or VotrnntiBa, \ N?w Vobk Crrt, Oct. 4, 1801. / Commandants of regiments an I companies organi/cu or in process of organization, uudor acceptance* by the Secretary of War, and now in and about the city of New ^ork, will report forthwith at this office tlie number* of thai* regiments and companies, and fractions of c impa nies, a.ta tfcelr place of encampment. It boing neeossary to form (TMnptOiM into regiment* as early us practicable, they will confer irith each other to oJI'ect thin parposo; if not ell'octod by ihenWdlve*, they will bo consolidated iuto regiments by "the Comeeaeaer-in-C hief. In oomformlty with tN? order* of the Commander in ch lef the He!.! and line officers will Immediately report themselves for military examination. Artillery ami ca valry officer* will bo examined !?>- Colonel W. W. Toaip kins, and int'autry lfcio officer* by Colonel Henry P. Mar tin. Tho Infantry field olllcrrs will lie examined \y Coiouel* Tompkins and Martin a such clauses as may be me lulled to them. By order of CHAS. YATES, Brigadier General commanding depot. Tons. AujCotk, Acting Assistant Adjutant General. Wo mentioned a few day* since that tho Vanderbllt Guard bad been consolidated with the Cameron Legion. Several of the eBleers of tho former regiment havo called U)M>U it* t<< state I hut such i* not the case. The lrii<h lirigade i* making good progress. Lieutenant John Koley ha.voj>eneil a recruiting tout ia the City Hall I'nrk for the completion of comp ny I) of tho Fourth regi ment, which is now quartered at Kort Schuyler. CONSOLIDATION OP TBI H'CLXLLAM INFANTKY, CON snrt TION OUAKl> AMD UONVtU KLOIMKNT INTO ONE OK?, ANiZATiON. At a meeting yesterday of the field and line officers of tho three regimental organizations known an the McClellan Infantry,the Constitution Guard and tho liouvel regi ment, a full representation being present, it was voted to consolidate tho three regiment* under tho name of the McClellan Infantry. In order to harmonize all intorestg ku.I advance tho cause of regimental formation, the com uiunding officers of tho McClellan Infantry and the Consti tution Guard, Colonel* A. J. H. Dugamio mid K. X. Brauiik, tendereil their resignations to tho united boards, and the following (former) Held officers wore re spcctlvoly chosen lor tho consolidated regiment:?Colonel, Smon Levy; Lieutenant Colonel, Edward I otsliy, und MaJ r.T. c. Hiyt. Tim Board of Officors votod, further, that immediate stej s shoi M l>o taken, with the concur rence <f the Oomn.and 'r in-Chief, for (he formation of a regiment of cavalry, to constitete, with the Infantry rr glmeut, a brigade, under the name of the McClellau B igadu, under command of Colonel I". X. Itraulik. The high estirration in which Colonel l'raullk is held, not only by his own regiment, but by all mililaiy men, combined with his long experience and reputation us a soldier m the Austrian and Hungarian ser vice guarantee a speedy completion of the pro[Hjsod bri gade organization. Colonel A. J. H. Puganne, late of the McClellau Infantry, will co-operato with Coiouel Brauiik for the interest of tho now organization. The greatest enthusiasm and patriotic fooling ma: kod the proceedings of the meeting, anl the only regret manifested by tho Hoard was ui separating, even for a brief period,from the late esteemed commanders of the Met lelian Iul'antry and Con stitution Guard. II is understood that the brigade will at once be reinforced by companies of Infantry ami cavalry c ntposed of Canadian French, in tho state of New York, and tneosurue arc already taken for a public demonstra tion for tho benefit of the organization under the auspices of our hi st military and civic citizens. After a vote of thanks to, and three cheers for Colonel*Brauiik and Ihi ganno, tho mooting adjouiBed for active work. It is pr ) er to add that Coiouel Levy and Lieutenant Colonel bolshy of tho new organization are flist clnss < Ulcers, who have both seen extensive Bervlco. Colonel I.evy was for many yoars an odicer und- r General Pellislor, in Africa, and Lieutenant Colonel IKitahy part.clpated in the whole Hungarian struggle for liberty. CAPTAIN PORTER'S (MASS.) LIGHT ARTIL LERT. The First MassachusettsLight Artillery, comprising one hundred and fifty-seven men, one hundred nm! forty hoi so.'', two riflod six pound cannon, two smooth bore six pound-' ors.two twelvo-pound howitzers, one buttery,one forge and Hi roc baggago wagons, arrived yesterday morning in tins city in the steamors Kmplre State and Hay State, from Boston, tn route for the seat of operations. Ihey had been encamped at Camp Cameron, North Catnbridgo, for ttbuut a mouth,and are reported to bo in a hi :h nui ? of cliiciency. Tho me:i nro all of medium elf. Vit muscular f:;!1'w;;:IV'cv,''l:,|'e '~:'Ft'1'" styl*<,{ u "??>??!.., might 1)0 s .ppcM d to m iko >;ood artilleri-ts. They have ull hern recruited In u.vti.u and is immodiat > vidnlty Most of thes ! men (.Id gix d s. rvico in Minor Cook's I.i/ht Battery in April Inst, while stationed in IJalumore. On thoir m riva. yostor.luy morning, Assistant guart umaster llowe r ceived tliem at tie pi. r, mil, having se-n the P vaus safely encainpod on th? lottery, La brought the officers to the Astoi J !? i :se. where he i ntertainod Ui.m privately. Almut I' ur o'clr ck In the altertioon thn whole batt ry iwaded up Broadway to Fourteenth street re tirn.ngiR in to the Battery, v!.. re ihey stopped W vlons t.> their departure. TJwy made a very imiwsini,' npptaratire. Th-y! upnnd d< wn Broadway just in the inidBt of .ho tashi >i al>! ? hours, and the prnmeualeis had ample opportutiiiySo behold the soldiers and thoir h iucn c oath dealers to good advantage. CV. wdB of poo P i*"'-! ih ? sid> w alks as they pasi-od,criticising thorn ac lording to their v irions taut' s a: .! ine.iinliivs. They reached the huttc.-y again about. six o'clock, and ?? , ? l,ar,ni<"1i ?f refreshments, g.;t under way for Washington \ ,n the Camden an I Amboy route battery'?*" 8 ?f th? "Citxrs 111 command of the Captain, Jostah Porter, "f Cambridge; First Lloutonant, Win. IT. Mc artnoy, of Poston: ^eiHw! Lientouisnto J 8 Wcoj r, Jacob F<?U< rh.ui, ar.d Robert L. .Siwin of jjnatoir Quart.Tmaster Mc' artney, of Boston; Sergeant ilivJor,' J. W. U. Wright, of ItoKton. v ' Chiefs (i isl e' s?! Irst, Sergeant J. B. Barnes; Second, ri(i!!' v"w < i " ''?'?"? W. Fren.'ll; Fourth, J. Warcnr; Hitli, N. W. Adama; Sixth, O. S. Snoil. THE THIRTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT. On Tuosday, October 1, lfcOl, Frederick Kolor, Acting First Sergeant of Company C, Capt. R. F. Allason, Thirty" eighth regiment, New York State Volunteers, w.ia accl dentally shot by one of the ] rivates of the company. His remnins have boon interred in a private cemetery and can bo obtained on application to Capia.n Allason at \Toah i^gton. ' A NEW SURFBOAT FOR LANDING TROOPS. Mr. C. K. Ingersol, the boatbuildor, has shown us the model of a surf boat that ho has invented for the pur pose of landing troops or any body of men, through the heaviest surf, without Inflicting any damage to It It w I bo recollect d that the b.ats ijjod in landing our soldiers at Hatteras were broken up bv tin violence of the sea, and the men felt completely Mpless In ?f an attack. The Invention of Mr. Itigorsoll, it is intended, will do away with any such evil, as its peculiar construction dws not render it liable to any of the accidents that ordinary surf boats are subject to. It has no k el, and is so made that | when stranded it strikes in the middle. The model !,?ars i a striking resemblaneo to an Ju lian canoe. It is vorv strongly built and has been tested, so that Mr. Ingersoli Is c-rla.n of Its porforming all that ho promises. Buch very useful in our naval expeditions in laudiuy trcops on th<? bouthorn coast. DEFRAUDIN(i THE RELIEF COMMITTEE. Frauds upon the Relief Committee having charge of the Volunteor Fund havo becomo quite frequent of late. Yesterday another female impostor, calling h< rself Bridget McCormack, was arrested on a charge of obtain ing $10 50 by false!y representing that she was the wife of Michael McCormack, a private in Colonel Matteson'a Second California regiment, New York Volunteers. The pi isouer coufcaacd hor fault, anrf waa conimiuoii for trial. COURTESIES BETWEEN THE PICKETS THE HERALD IN THE SOUTH. One of the Tammany regiment, writing from Pooles villo, Md., to a friend In this city, says.?I am on pickot duty at nicht on the bnnks of the Potomac, between F.d wards', and Conrad's ferries. At this point tl.ore is iui islarid,on which lam posted?the muln branch of the Potomac in ray front, another of Its branches and n of rial in my rear?a had place Tor a retreat. We conversed with the rebels across the river a coup!') of days since One of t hem swam thn river he If way, and <n? of our fellows the other half?thus in a h in bio way imitating the famous meeting of Napoleon and the Fmpeior Alexan der on the raft ut Tilsit. Our fellow wuf> the bearer of a copy of the IIkhaui, ai d the rebel of the Richmond En twtrvr 'Jhey aro all the time craving of us to send them the IIxkaui. NEW BEDFORD AND THE WAR. TO TUil tl.ITOH OK THE HKKAI.D. In your issue of the 4th inst. I noticed an erroneous paragraph relative to the patriotism of New Bedford; and thinking you have been misinformed, I respectfully beg to state, on good authority, that the ?? city of oil" was ono of the Urst to s-nd a company to Fortress Monroe in ! April last, and during the present wook has sent out one artillery company and one company of infantry. In the navy she has placed hundreds, and the city to garrison Its own forts has impropriated $lG,ooo. The ladies too? wo should never overlook their humblo efTorta?have sent to Washington numerous packages of drr goods in tho shape or socks, undershirts, fcc. >Tis strange aftor all this that tbeie should bo so many erroneous state ments as have of hit" found their way into the dailies of both Massachusetts and New York. Coroners' Office. Tub Onnrfwini Stkhet Infanticihk Cas^?Cotmscno*.?. Tito vorllct of tlie jury in tho late infanticide case at 334 Greenwich street does Cr. Wilson, of Second street, great injustice. Since tho conclusion of the inquest Coroner Jackman has bccf mo satisfied that the accused had nothing whatever to do with the a>so, and that the blam i, if any there be, rests on another person?namely Dr. Charles t:?bel. We understand Br. Wil .on is a nhysl' rian of the hitch^st re/^pcctHbilitj', who has rccoMh' ro turned frtTii the army of Vlr, iiit >, where he has beon sen ins his country in the capacity . f regimental s.t'eeon for several months. Dr. Cnbcl ww unified y,v:,.,,HVbv tho Filth precinct [?)llce, and t mmittod to t th >e. tion of the Grand Jury. THE POLITICAL CAMPAIGN. Mozart Hall Primary Election*. Tho primary elections of tlio Mo/art Hull wing of the democracy lock ]<lac?) hui night In till tho wards of t ho city > and passed off with unusual qulot. The prearranged [ tickets wore " put through" without any opposition | wti/'hy of notice. The oloctlon, ia Is doubtless well

knowV t0 our readers, wa? for delegatos to County, Judi ciary, ??..natorinI and Assembly conventions, to select can didates tV>," the Supremo Court, Marine Court, District Attorneyship, County Clerkship, Sheriffalty, four Stale Senators ntiii s?'ventocn Assemblymen. The names of the delegates chosen will bo found in our advertising columns. PeoplcV Vnlon Convention. An adjourned tnecti.lg of this Convention was hold at the Cooper Institute ?veiling, in order to uominalo candidate#for county Mllccs. 'i'ho largo hall where the mooting was held was crowded with delegates, and tho avenues to (ho entrance were besieged with the usual crowd of political hangers-on. At oight o'cl' ^V the meeting organfeal and electing Or. Austin; of tho Ninth ward, cbainn.iti, nwof the delegates made a charge agaUiiit the Secretary thai ho hid substi tuted tho names of delegates of the SevniUh ward for others that were not legally entitled to seats iu the Con vention. After s >rua discussion tho Secretary was eutiroly ex honcrated from the charge. The committee then preceded, upon motion, to go Into an informal ballot for County Cleric. After ballottlng several timotf Henry Dublin Jennet wiw dually nominated. On motion A. 'tnkley Hall was nominated by ucolamuliou for the olllno of District Attorney. The following resolution was then passed, with the ex ception that it should only apply to llio Wards above 1 mrtoenth street:? Resolved, That in consideration of tho Assembly dis trict dividing th" war I, and the propriety of having m?ro than six persons to make said nominatim s. we hereby authorize tho ward delegations to the committee to select from their several organizations us many delegates to the nominating convention as they may consider advisable to give strength and character to their nominations, pro vided said resolution does not alter the pro rata equality conventlou. After the transaction of Some other untmporUint busi ness tho Uiuventiou adjourned. Tlic Burning of tlif> Cutallnc. CONCLUSION OF TilK JNVKSTIOATION UKPOKK -M'STICK WMIIMMM- A OBHKWT tJPOH THB stand - WATKH GAN SAlli TO UK THE CAl'HE OK TllK K1HK. Tim lnvoBtU'iitUiu into th? circumstances attending (lie destruction of tho steamboat Cataline, at Fortress Mon roe, on (he ii\ or July last, was brought to a cl>mo before Justice Quackei.bipb yesterday. A chi mist was brought upon tho stand by tho defence, to show tluit tho lire ori ginate! from tho existence of water gas and not from a criminal act on the part of tho prisoner Lark in. Tho fol lowing is tho substance of (ho chemist's ovldonoo:? Ma H. (hurehiil, .if No. i:u Bast Thirty ninth street, being sworn '.or t!i<> defence, testified as follows:?I am a chemist, and have been engaged m experiments ill water gas both lu this country and Franco. Q. Have you read tbo ovi lencu of Mr. McNaniura, the engineer of tho steamer Cataline? A. I hare. Q. Will you state in what way a llaino, as described by tho engineer. Issuing from tho furnace doors, could be caused? A. L'pou reading iho principal facts us stated by tho engineer, I find Unit "the damper was closed; that he was lowering the steam at the time; that when ho flist saw tho fl.iniu It was olght or ten feet high, and kept issu ing in a steady stream; that while he was watching it tho woodwork caught (Iro, and that tho nature of the dame was gaseous and blue." These facts prove the ex istence of water gas, and not "back draught" as cmue persons might suppose; why it proves tho existence ol water g is and not a "back draught," is because the ilamo was continuous and not in pufife; a l ack draught could only bo possible to a very limited extent with the damper closed; tho manner lu which liie engineer cli s d tho dstrper, and th n roojiono I it. Is exactly such iib would hi' tie st favorable to tho prodtic tion of water gas; tliis water gss was created by a leak In tho boiler, and the carh nic acid confined over the hot coals deconijXttied, producing carbonic oxide; the car lion i; oxide and steam, being in tho same situation, then acted upon one another and decomposed tho steam, in my opinion all the facts, as observed by the engineer, are consistent with tho theory of the existence of water gas with air for fuel, sotting tiro to tho woodwork ad joining tho bj|l r, and th is causing the destruction of tho titer. Tho testimony here closed. An argument on tlio Juris diction of the caurl then ensued, which lasted some time, tho counsel for tho dolondaut contending that Justice Quat keiil/Ufh had no power to act in the matter, oithor as a State magistrate or United States Commissioner. Justice Qiinckenbush admitted that ho had no lurisdlc tion ns a . tato magistrate, but hold that ho was acting legally ua it United Mates otllcer. tho counsel n r tho prisoner then summed up the case fortlio defence, and was followed by Mr. Sodgewick on the part of the prosecution. Locution reserve 1. The Charter Commission. Tho committee appointed to amend tho city cliartcr mot yesterday in the chamber of tho Hoard of Couucilmon. Mr. l'romout was appointed Chairman pro (<m. Too minutes of tlio preceding meeting wero rend and approved. The standing comtnlttocs, through their chair man, reported progress. A report w,n received from Iho trustees of tho North - ern and other dispensaries. This wns in reply to a com mini lea t Ion from tlie City Inais'ctor, and contHli.ed all tho informatti n In their j lower to imjiart w itli roioi once to an improvement in tho sanitary condition of this Mr. I'ciisku moved that nil communications from do partrnonts or other public organizations, b aring on the subject of changes in tho city charter, should bo printed for tho examination of tlio coi'imittee. Several members s;?iko against the passing of this resolution, im tending to iuour a useless expense without any proportionate bene fit. The resolution was finally adoptod, with au amend ment that ull communications bo ilrst suliinittod to tho Board. Tli" Special Commltfo-e on Printing then presented a lengthy io|sirt relative to pnutmg tho proceedings ol' tlio ccmniiltoe. The meeting ibei a-f>'?rn <1 until Friday noxt at throe o'clock. Manilsme* Against the Hourtl of Snptr Hierti *1'Mntl < ' ? K'.'tiAt. TEIIM. Before llio i d -Hi,' rke, Incrshnm and I/eonard. Oct. 4.?Tie t ourt rendered a numbsr of decisions this afternoon ujion ca.-. ?* heard before them this torm. Among others was the case of Tho People ex rel. Has brouch vs. Tho Board of Supervisors. This was an ap peal from a motion granting a mandamus to compel tho defendants to audit certain Mils for stationery furnished to tho county by the plaint ills. Tho Court affirmed tho decision, granting the mandamus, with cost*. TH* Arson Case in Sixty-second Street Honor to Whom Honor is Due. TO TllK KD1TOK OF THE HKBALD. Itoadir.g tho N'kw Yokk IIkiuid of this day, I find an error, which I hope you will correct, under tho city In telligence, beaded "Arson case in Sixty second street." You give all the credit to Mr. Mellon for .subduing tho (lro soquick:y. According to tho proverb "Honor to whom is due," I giv.! you tho names of the tlireo men who wore first on tho s|iot to extinguish the fliuuos:?John J. I I'.iely and Owen Leddy, of Lnglne Company No. 28, and John Geary, of Engine Company No. 7, who hau|icned to pass by when tho alarm was given. Deeming it my duly 1 to usk tlio credit for three gallant firemen. | New Yokk, Oct. 4,1861. LOVER OK TRUTH. Fire at Concord, IV. II. Boston, Oct.4, 1M1. A Arc at Concord, New Hampshire, this morning, dog. troyed tho Union J lot el and souio a yoining buildings. Loss $15,000. AyuKifAlt Iliitr.n So'irrY The stated meeting of the managers wns held at the Biblo House, Astor place, on Thursday, the 3d Instant, at half past three o'clock P. M. Hon. Luther Bradisb in the chair, assisted by William 11. Crosby and Francis Hall, Ksijs. Hev. Lot Jonos, D. D.r read the ninety-first Psalm anil ofTorod prayer. Three new auxiliaries were recognized?two in Indiana and one in Iowa. Communication* wero received from agents and others in regard to the domestic work, anil especially stating what is doing for iho supply of the soldiers; from liev. David Trumbull, Valpjrniso, Baying that ho had organized a Biblo Society at that place, which his two colporteurs at work; from Rev. Dr. Schauff lor and Rev. Isaac U. Bliss, of Constantinople, in regard to prc|>aring tho Turkish and Bulgarian Scriptures, with encouraging statements as to tho datnand for tho fcripturos In Hi. garla, Irom Rev. W. G. K. Cunt i glmm, Slinnghae,China, in regard to tho fbbl/i work in that country, and especially showing thu littlo dependence to be placed on the rebels as to any favorable inlluenco on the Christian cause, (.rants of books were madeof over 3,'MX) copi.s,ln different languages?to iho Washington (D. C.) Blbio Society, for the- supply ot sol diers; to th 1 Clinton and Dubuque county Itiblo Societies, Iowa, for tho same purpose; and 2,000 Toe laments lor the same purpofo to Columbus aud Franklin county Bible So ciety, Ohio; Bibles and Teetane nts t? the Amorican Mis sionary Society, and to tho Paymaster of tho United Slates ship Warren, at Panama, lor sailors and others; to the American Bethel Society, for boatmen on the canals In this Stato, and fourteen volumes in. rsised h-tters for the blind. Six hundred dollars were ajipropriated for colportage In Turkey and Bulgaria Offlclsl Drawings of Murray, Eddy A Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri State Lotturies. Kkstucky, Exuii Class*.52a?l>ctober4. 1861. 31, 3C, 2, 'il, 10, .>7, ~i-\, "i'd, 3", 13, 11, 33, 24. Kkktcwt, Class S21?Ocieber 4, 1361. 40, $4, 3(i, 7?. 23, 1, 5, ?i2, H, .57, 4, 71, 47. Circulars soul free o[ cliaTXf t?y addressing either to MURRAY. EDDV k CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mix A Brntsl Assault?A Very Gentlemanly looking iitir-on, stnndiiw In front of Itanium's yesterday, hml hi? bji' kiio^keil over his eyes by a passing rough, and literally ruined. I!o %.s? ti e gainer liy the accident, h iw > rer, for he stepped into KNOX'S, No. 212 Broadway, n rner of Fejton S're.1, and sunolled himselt with one of fils unej ceptjonable faU style. Knox's assortment Is unequallud, as ; u? Tltc Ornts' Fall Hat of Terry's Is the i Scknowledced g< m of the season. I TKKI'.Y, Hatter, 397 Broadway. I Havlti's Pull Siylc of Otnllfincn'', Hath j Saiciroom Uroailway, near Duane itrtot. TOE HEW YORK lYEEKLY HERALD. Ill* latest Intelligence front (he I'nlon CAinpi Throughout the Country?Con. tind.-il Succcm of the J.oyul Force* in Wrttivn Vlrf{iniu?(irncml Fremont Mt III ||j Commanil In Missouri?Th? Novt'mri.'tf of the Hclich?1111 |>ortunt Krwa from Fort Pickens?'The Disaster to the Grcut Kutrtern?The Lutot New*? Murk eta, 4m>., Sic, Tiik Wkkki.y IIkimi j? for the proeenl wook will ho rei?<ty this morning at tun o'cSock. H,h pages will contain:?Tlio Latest Despatches from the Camp* la and around Wash ington, tho Upper I'oti.tanc, Fortran? Monroe, Western Virginia, Missouri, Kentuaky, nail nil other important parts of tlio Country; Preparations ?f tlio Union Troops in Missouri, under Genoral Freaont, f r a Declslvo R.-?tt:!o; Tlio Movements of the Keb.-ls in Missouri, an-1 their Evacuation of Lexington; Important UitolU<once fr?m Kontucky; Continued Success of tho tluion Troops !? Western Virginia; Interesting Account of tho Cutting Out and Horning "f tho l'rivatoor Judith from nadar tho (iuna of IVux.v.*>la Navy Yard?How ourflallant t\ra accom plished the |v .tl; A Thrilling Account of thro Disaster to tltotirea* Kmterti?In a Violent StiTiti, hor Rudder IMu IWek-ti, PhldW Whm U ami Boats Swept Away, tho Furni ture destroyed, aud Twenty-five Passengers Seriously Injured. The Wkbxi.v Hkxau> will also contain the latest Foreign and [Vsneslic News ??ivod by Mail or Tolograph; Kdl torialson tlio I'rooMiiont Topics of the Times; Report* of the Condition of tho Commercial, Monoy an* Cattlo Mar kets; Marriages and Deaths for tlio week, aiAl all (natters of interest to the reading community. Sin,'I# oepica, In wrapfiars, can be had at the ollloo, comer of Fulton aud Nassau street*. IT ice six cents. 6rntl?mrn who Oealre 11 Fine nnd Rlr gout Ual, should call at EHl'ENSCIIEID'S, IIS Nassau at. Fnll Style Yonag Uents' IItafx. Also, the Oxford Soft Uat. Now ready, HI WHITE S, the Uutlar, 210 iiroadwuy. tin Mop for 45 Cents? Wiirnuiliil. LLOYD'S Steal Plate Map of the fifteen Southern St-vtea anil Oiizctteer, four icet mpiare; price iifty cents or four tor $1. Money refunded lo uuy one linitiitu 1111 ?? rrtir ou this map. Agents wanted. J. T. LLOYD, 164 llruadway. l.ook lit Ihr Map of Mlmourl.?TCry to 1,8011 miles of territory to the Pacini; Ocean. The great Im pending battle there will decide the fate of Missouri. Fre mont's bawi la Jelfersnn City, whltu Price * la Lexington. Both pickets extend to Oeorgetown. which shown'1. it IVe moiit ih liable lo lie omlhinked. Seii LLOYD'S idle ial Nice! l'!at|" M.ip of Missouri, three feet sonarc, draw 11 from anr\ i > ? of i'm li county tor tl 0 Lund Office Dcp irtulellt, anil hi e!y 1*0 loreil m oounilea. I'llce 2.1 cents; eight for {1 Money re lundcd M any one Uniting an error In this n>ap. Anetitscnu sell liunilri'ila. J. T. LLOYD, 1H Bruadirty. Allium I'liulographit?Fnttr for $1; twelve fur Artistic and IwuuUI'ul. Crowded daily. KIM HULL liallery, 477 11 roadway. Splcndlil Victory.?The Prl?.e Nnlal awarded by the New York Stale Agricultural Society for Pyl.i'a O. K. Soap. 8 dd by grocers everywhere. Six Fine Shift a for ?S, Worth SI'4. MOODY'S Shirt Manufactory, 2ti2 ilroadwajr. Cnrtra do V Islte.?Beautifully Finished, life portrait. Card Photographs, 9- per dozen, at the Art liallery, til Broadway. Ringer & Co.'a Hewing Miicli Inm, with the rcuciit improvements, (tie.,I reduction In prices. Call and examine at 438 Broadway. Pure I.iijnoi*.?I5ny Votir IilauoH for wholesale or family (rade at fifteenth atreel Distillery, es tablished In li?12, at 253 West Fifteenth street. A Pure Tobarco.?Yellow Hank Tnhnf co.?OOODWIN'S Pure Yellow llank Tobacco, free from all luipiiriih h, lor sale by iill t'.l>nr< ? mill vgar dculci ?, nr. I .it wholesale by K. liOODWIN A iiUOTlIEK, 217 and 2dU Water street, Mew York. To Army Sutlers?Special Dc?l|;n?, 8<lk Handkerchief* for the army at BAILEY st SOUTllAl.O'S, 27 Park place. Colli*, In linen/11, Sore Throat, ivr. In there cut-"*, no medicine is so safe and so ccrtnln to d ogood as Uli tNIHJKTH.'t PILLS. One do- ? of live o, ?!, t ills often cine at me e S dd at No. 4 UNION SOUAl.E and No. 21)1 CANAL STHEET. Rutehclor'w llalr Dye?The Meat, in Did wo. Id?lliurml' ss, reliable and iusUntauoous. S I,! .mil applied at HATCHKLOK'S win factory ,16 Itoud slrcct. Illll'i Ilulr l)yi?50 Cents, 111.irk or brown; best In use. Depot No. 1 It,in lay street, and sold by all druggists. Cristutloro's llalr Dye, Win* anil T011 pues.?The best 111 the world, wholesale and retail, and the Dye privately applied. No. 6 Astor House. l)r. Tumhlety'* Pimple Hanlsher.?.Price $1 per bottle. Sent by mall or express to any address. Ollice 4 Vj IIroad way. Cray Hair?Its Disease, Chntigo of Co lor mid Rin'ullhiliment; New Treatment lor Ualdnuss, by CiilANDJEAN, Astor place. tiurry'i Trirojiheront Is the Binl ami ches(s>bt article for Dressing, Beautifying, Carting, Cleaning Preserving and restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all ilruglsts. Ti'umi i.-Marsh iSi Co.'a Itailical Cure Trusses, No. 2 Vescy street, Astor llouae, opposite the 1 church. CamChemist and A jiotheeavy,Cor ner of Eighth avenue an 1 Twenty-eighth -treat. .Medicines warranted strictly pure, and dispense,1 with care. Trusses, Klustle Mtoi kliij**. Nti*;>ensory Bandages, Shoulder Br.irea, Ac. Drs. HLIiVEIt A TliOl'.NE, No. 4 Ami street, under Uarmmi's Museum. Married. Jlomjw?Wkii.?At All tiiowi,, Pn., 'mT imday, Oc tober 1, by Rev. B. M. Sclimu. ker, R v. Wm. H. I!ur roKii, Principal of the Alietitowu ? m nary, to Mim Caiio 1 i.nb Wkii., daughter of Of 1 g" I'. W il. 1>.|. Oakijiy?Nintot*.?Ou Tliurs''.a> , irtcforS, by IV)v. Win. Lannard,<>?>. W., of Brooklyn, to Ji UaA NlCH 'ie.of tn If cttjr. Ro.kk.-i?1'ohkr iv.?Oil Monday, September 30, by Rov. Dr. Carter, Mr. O. D. Roiikhs to Mr* r 1 a 1 omfkdy. SniixsiMiKii?OeiKMiitiMKH.?Ou Ti:r.".'ay,<' tobcr l,by Kov. Dr. Hollow*, >Vkhkkick u. ociiiKdXi.K.c to Clakita OlTKNllKIMKK. f^rKKKY?1;* Witt.?At Ilarrinbing, Pa., in the First Presbyterian church, on Thursday, October 3, by the Rov. Win. R. Do Witt, D. I>., Mr. UgoRug E. f^KRitv, of this city, to Miss Kvrg Van Vijeit, second daughter of the olliciating clergy man Sv)i:ciias?Laciiai-f.?On TInirsday. October 3, by th"* Rev. Dr. Taylor, Maiih'8 A. Sosciiax to Cakou.vr 11. LAHIAlfF. WniTi.Nu?RKitTT.?Athema, on Friday, fs i tember 20, by Kov. Dr. A. Elmeudorf, Gilubrt L. Wmnwa to Makk U., dauglitur of Albert Urett, all of Brooklyn. Died. Bri KiJtT.?On Thursday, October 3, after a Bhort ill ness, Mrs. I.rniA Bt, In Iho ?0th year of her age. The friouds anil relatives are respectfully invited lo at tend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from \o. 37S Carlton av?nuo, Brooklyn. New Haven and Now Loudon pupers pb arte copy. Bkkiiil.?On Thirsdiy, October 3, after a short and sovfcre Illness, l'mur,youngest son of Kaward and Julia Be -hll, agod 1 year and 17 days. ! Tho frieuds ami acniialntancea, and those of his grand fathers,. lames Iluebil and Pnlllp O'Noil, a'so the in"in liors of Father Math w Sici jty, are invited to attond t! h funoral,from bis late rtsMenc ?, So. 136 Wast TlnrHoth street, this (ftiturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Br.H.?On Friday iH?rning October 4, Eu/A E. ISkvw, aged 42 years and .1 months. Tho funeral will take j.lace from her son-in-law's, ,1. D. Dayton, Jr., 3D4 Cumberland street, this (Saturday) after noon, at two o'clock. The relatives and friends aro re spectfully invited to attend. Onuw.?On Friday, Octobor 4, of scarlet fever, Gior(;i Wahhinotom,son of John and Eliznboth Collins, aged u years and 6 iiioaths. Tlie funeral will tnk* place from the residence of his parents, No. 73 Ilivlugtutt street, this (Siturday) after noon, at one o'clock. Chatku ikr.?On Ihiirsilay, October 3, Jos?i u J. Cuat*l ukii, aged 0 years, 3 mouths and 9 days. The friends and relatl/es of tho lamlly are rospcotfully invited to attend the tunr-ral. this (Sltvdajr)iHlmxaL at oiio o'clock, from tliu residence of his parents, No. S77 Broome street. Duck.?At her late rcsldonne, No. 8 Hanson place, Brooklyn, Ei.iXAinrrH Dent, wife of tho late Dr. James Duck, in the 58th j??r of her age. Tho friends of tlie r.imily are respectfully Invitod to attend tho funoral, this (iSaturday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Paliiinoro, Mil ,and Engllfh papcra will please copy. I'imosi).?(,'n fftii'.ay rnorulng, October 4, Pathick Di Koan, of a)K>pl?!iy, in tho 4S'.h year of his ago. '1 lie friends and rul e iviare most resjiceif.ilty Invited tc ettend tho funeral, from tils late residence, corner of Fortieth street and Soventh aven:?, tins (Saturday) af ter;" on , at l>aj rwt one o'clock, without further notice. The remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for inter ment. Raw Ori Thursday, October 3, Claisa A. K.uu., aged 08 years and 10 days. The frt?jds of tho family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, frotn tho residence fj her son-in law, William H. Smith, No. 52# Fitsh street, this (Saturday) afterms'5, at two o'clock. Kakwm.thm.?On Thursday, October 3, Ju*?* H*m?t 1 Fahriiwci), age.', #5 years. ! The r. atlvi s and friends t( the family, tOao tho mem bers ? f the Kighteenth prtcinct police, are r< s^ctnuly . 1 invited o at'oud tho funentl, from his lata residence, No. [ | IDS Fan Twenty seventhMrm t,ou Sunday nftoruouu, at I half-i?st or* o'clock. 1 flARAiAy.?On'i . ir>.?tj, O'teber 3. Makt R.,f!aughtor of Francs K. tiaha ,ai., dcoiajod, tn Uta yoar of lior age. : 'Itie.tunoral will take plaoo this (3atun1ny)art rni>'n, at | two o'cicck, from 1'ortland avenue, noar Hani;o<t place, | B/ooklyn. Oap.i >*?.?On Friday evening, Octobor 4, aft r a a'.'.on. . Illness. flkKHY I'. GAltiiNm. The friends of tho f'.m'ly are Invitod to attend the fu n-ral, without ftirtli r not loo, from his late rc.i ,C",253 I West Niuul?.?)mh street, on Sunday af^oiOo >U, at two 1 o'c 01 k. | llhuN.vnisEY?Cu Friday, Ootobcr 4,1.'tuNCK Makv lta ' tosw*\ daughter of FraticlH and Margaret JIcnncsKov, agod 4 y, ai? ,1 |,,J 3 ths. The imi. r;il will inkn |,k we on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock,from iti n M l, U(,fc of her parent*,corner ef llud aon avenue a'xl tlio Clank n\ Jersey City. llt-Nit Hr.?tlu Friday, Oci >her 4, Catimuuxv, tlio bo ioved of John ii. u iiiii kh) aged 02 yean. Ttic relatives and friends of ilit. family, wit those of h?r sons, John P.. Kichard, Win. P., I.'twrence and Thomas J., uro respectfully Invited to atund tlio f .nerai, from li?r lain residence, No. 10 Scamim'l street, on iiunday afternoon, ut half past two o'cioi k. Maim.?On Wodno day,October 2, Aura Wwvm, in fant sou of W. H. and M. C. Miller, aged W months and 11 days. Tho relative* and friends of thefmnllv nr<? inv!ts-? to at tend the funeral, from tl?o residence of bio parent?, No. 1K3 Ailon street, this (Saturday) m ?riiii.^, at eleven o'clock. Mokiauty.?On Thursday, October 3, Mart II., wife of Albert P Morlarty, aged 47 years. The roiatives ami friends <>f ill" family, and of her son*, in-law , II Hutchinson and Yf. Keilineyer, together with the mi'iubu n of Cnncrvti l,o<lge, F. nnd A. M.,nrn r p- i-t fUily Invited' to attend Ibc funeral, which wtll lake pi tee ou Sunday afternoon, at twoo'clock, from her late roai duticc, No. 30 Bothune street. MmDoc*.?On Friday *l't?ri?x>?, Octobor 4, Joir/i G. llrHWK'K, aged (J yours, i> months and .4 days Tl>e relatives and friends of the family, aSiio the m?*m. bors of Olive Pronch I.odgc No. 31, J. O. of (J. K.. are re spectfully invited1 to attend she ftmonl, on Sunday oftsr uoon,at half past ono o'clock,from Sis lato residence, N'>. tt3 i hryst ie strset. Ma< ixina.?Oil Friday, Ootolwi'4, Tiio.wah K., younges4 svi of Uwirg.i and iGute Slaedo*, aged % yearn and O ininlha. Uhe futiaral will taV.vplaco on 5?mday nfTernoon, at on? o'clock, frum the residence of his grouts, tVioondaronue, ono dhor south of Forty eighth street, east aide. Mr?owi*?t)n Tbur.stay, t)cttd?r 3. Mr*. Maiit Mr flow*.*, aged 72 years, ?i bar sor/s resnUnoe, No. JO Sprliif.-itieet. Her relatives and friniAl are rerboctfully invited to attend tho funeral, this (Saturday) r.fturuisn, at ono o'clock McNum.?On Thursday, ',k-t<d>er 3, Si>wari>, youngest of WiilUun and Eiizabolt ?McNulty, i-ted 9 months and 12 day*. Funeral <lhis (Saturday ) aft.-rn on, at t *oo'clock, fr.?m his parents' residence, N'o. 2IT"VVo*t vi\t. itilh st.eet. NiiinKrr.-?()u Tueai.ny, Oct-ab r 1, MM'\,the beloved wife of CharUis Nibbett, ag. d 22 years, 1 mouth und is d.i*s. Toronto i Upper Canada) pa|? m please ropy. Nack.?On i'riday, CK t 'be ? 4 akaii N ick, daughter of th la'.' MatlfklM Nack, after a t-h'irl i:h,e s. ihe trien s of tlu) I'auiily are reijucsted la attend 'h? f.iuiTui,on Suwlay afternoon, us two o'clock, 1'iom hvi late reaidetico, No. 47 Currow stroet, without further in vitation. Shi.vsiii :t iii ?On Friday. Octob t 4, after a severe and lingering Hinet*, A. Arm . it's, infant snuof A. Auj;u.jtii? and Sarah M. Htrasburgh, ajfed 2 years, 6 months and 14 days. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho residence of hi* parent*, N?. fs York Mlreet, Jersey City, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Albany . Washington, Chicago and Strasburg, Franco, papers please copy. Troy.?Of apoplexy, at No. 4 Navy street, Prooklyn, Makti> Tuoy, m native of Clomnel, iriiuid, aged 43 ye irs. llrolbers in law, relatives and friends will pie; s attend th.> fun., this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 4 Navy street. Watorford and Clonmel papers plensecopy. MlSOllLLASBOO*^ ? icisX> i IX WOOL Whole-mle an<< ReU'1' A1 8-m, ^l>Rt(.KS ,0W. NO. oi NASSAU STllBBT. ,RA j.K11K?10 A SONS. YROMATtC SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS. Groeer*, druggists and families who wish to *ti|<pty themselves at the present low pr/ce. h id hotter ma Lr early application. LDOH'HO WOLVh, 22 IWnvr street. At $s?double hole shoes, at .io*rs\ 10 ajcx> 12 Ana nit out; alao, at $3 50, quilted Gongrca* Gaiters* a new m> 1??. At kvk'M)?:* \ \v kddino oaiids.- these celk. bruted engraved Cards Hold only at 302 lir md*ay, cor ner of Dim no street. Ai it. s. l'AssroiiTs issued by edward bis SELL, agent, 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers at. AETIF101 \tJ LEGS AND HAKD8-?BLPHO*8 PATIXf, . 61(5 Broad way. \ WH11'K s PATBN1 LEVER TRUSS RADICALLY j\ ? emeu ruptures.?'The latest invented; ri< v\ principle, action In ami no, lightest and cheapest. I'ati'ph'ets ,rr; tii. T. W. PITTMAN, <? uier d Ag**nt. 4*'.! Broadway, at at GRE GORY A Co. 'S, 'Jj Bond H'n'et, New York. ALL WEDDINGS SHOULD BB iWKOCTKCED BTTBB new ?lv!-'. of Cards aud Euyelopea fnml?heu by A. DEM A REST, engraver, 182 Broadway. Samp!? a by niafl. A N IMMENSE deduction. /V ' El'FERS, OF m BROKDWAY. OIJVrH bis entire mIo k of ladies' and ??lilldren'a Shoes, at Kreatiy re l oad m1c* s. No sn<h opportunity has ??ver been pr< Rented to lad i so; New York to obtain iiia K' "el?:?t sink a lualt of red need prices. JKFKKRrt, 573 Broadway. 7>ROADYVAY EXCELLED.-^INSTEAD OF GOING TO J ) the expensive h'oi-?*h on Broadway, visit th>' ?x tensive e^iabliHhrneiit of HIRAM ANDERSON, W Bow< ry; KnxUsh Carpets, Oil-loth*. Matting, Drwjjgtns, at a tfreia reduction in price*. NoteV.) Bowery. pORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAi L8. EN LA ltd ED \.J Join ta, and all diabases of the feet, cured without pftiA or Inconvenlam * to the patient, by Dr. ZACHAItlE, Surgeon Chiropodist, 760 Broadway. Refers to physicians and sur geons ot this i y. rpACTS ABE stubborn.-HEAD. No. IfW Mkrcku Strkkt, New Yobk. July 20.1881. Dkar Dootoh?I hare teen atnicted with total dualnesa, and thla morning 1 w " i Induced to pay you a vf*lt. No one ran imagine niy delight when, after one operation at yowr hands, my hearing waa suddenly, and without pain, restored to n><*, r>r which I feel very grateful. After beta? totally de.if, almoat-but out from the plcaaure of ualng ho neces sary a aense, to have it returned, and to hear ao dlNtlticUr. retleeta great credit "n you for the immenae amount ??f akUl you iMiaaean. ! beg to thank you for what 1 can ao truly ap preciate. 1 i*in, ?ir, your obr lieM ?/?rvant, EDWARD TEMl'LE harrison. Dr. VON MOSCMTZIRKER'S otflce for curing th? doaf and the blind ia at 107 Clinton place, between Fifth and S**th armiue.7. "CIOR FAMILY USE?BARCLAY A PERKINS' LONDON r J'urtor, (?!?inn? a' Dublin Porter, JJaa* A AU."opp'a Eng. li h Alea. Oaborn a Pure Juice Port Wine, Symlntft ui*a Hra ^wn/.a Port, I oulel it. Onorto: Oaborn'a Vine Grow era' Hrandy, bottle 1 in i'oi?na<r (Frame), for pah* at my V.. dta, Br? ad way, corner of Cedar street. O. E. MENDUM. /GENTLEMEN'S COLD VEST CHAINS VERY LOW, AT VT (?Eo. C. ALLEN'S, 4lj*Broadway, one door below Ca nal atrert. II YATT S LIFE HALS A.M. Rheumatism in ita moat painful forma, alao acrofula, cry alpelfta, ait it rhetun, ptmplof, blotches, old ulcere, fever aorea, the v/orat i asea of Uiae.inen of th? blood, mercurial coqv plaints, debility, liver and kidney <t incipient conauiuptioav Ac., are moat certainly cured by thla great purifier. HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM baa cured '.a of caa<>a of the ;e and aimilar dla? aM* ?, and It wdl most certainly cur? an) ca i which ean be reached by medlelnei If taken ia ae? cordam e with the dire? ?.lona. HYATT'S LIFE HALS AM cured Mr. B. Rice, 32 Oroya street and 21 Clinton market, of Inflammatory rheumatiam and K??ut, after he had be n i rippled for yara. JIYATT S LIKE BALSAM ured Mr. E. B. Holly, dock ma.Hier, 171 Mndiaon street, oi ? terrlllc ulcer, after he bad bev.n in th Broadway HonpiUl hit montha, and then thought to be incurable. HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM cured Mrs. C. Oore, Thfnl aventn and Klftv-flrat atreet, ?>f acrofula, or king'a eviJ. The ulcers had destroyed the (|#*ah from the neck until the windpipe waa exposed, it cured Mrs. Gore alao of Uyape>mia. Principal depot, Grand atreet. 75 cents per bottle; all for *4. yon'S POWDER and his PILLS J All the Insert tribe will kill. All genuine Lyon's Magnetic Inaect Powder and Pills bear the fa ? simile of E. Lyon. All others an; counter felts or base 1 ml ur ion a. Beware of unprincipled imitators. Sold oy D. S. BARNES, 202 Broadway, and by all respectable deal* I LADIES WISHING TO PURCHASE HATS for THEIH children will do well to call and examine lbs elegant variety of Fancy iiaisat TERRY'S, 3D7 Broadway, Second door south of Walker atreet. M EIIOUANTS, DXAXAJUL AClr.NTN -l'ATKKT "MuUjii 8?fe," p.'-iit "lutli-llM. IVin lJ lor markmg K10E A CO., 83 Na.?au f11 --ft. Rlil.SK WIMiri OK T1JE BEST VEAIIS. JOHN DUNCAN .li HONS, Union B>|U*re and Fourteenth xtreet. STRONO'fi PATENT All MY TRUNK ANI) I'ORTABLB Uudiitpad combtucd, corner of Woi rnn nL and I'r- .1 Inny TO MEKCIIANTB A.ND KANUTAOTU&ERS.?MBB rh.iiiM and nmnnlai lur- r? wIjo woijl-J llki- to rnlnr lnti* the Huvnna busiu- nsciin bear of one of the 1m>hI houstM of Havana, wl.o would t?ke chi'.r({ii of lln-lr hiialn- s?. Addre,* Havana, J<'uruul of Commerw olllce, Nnv Yoxk ctty. rPHE HE.ST MEDK ISK IN THE WiKtl.i) K T'lg J. r.urc of I>y?n'-ry, Colic and Ooup. intrru.tUr, and Rheu matism. Cn!?, Brnt?c?, Old SotBD, and PjIiis In 111" Iuu!>?, Slack ami chi'it, OilMrnally, In Dr Tobl i?' V?-n? in l..n mc iiI. The tnoiu-y rHiurne,d If li ever N" one >-h >'ild b'' v.'tlhout It. Only 'is a'LU Hold by all the driig^l^u. M Cort atreet. W/HOLES ALE BUYERS OF READY MADE CLOTll I NO M fureusli enn hnvi their , lection rr?>m a tttat rate at>M'k of fall and ?Inter t 1 'thin# <.?t?ouiy pen?nt (mIow coat, lor una weak, at 3M Bowery. QOOQOOD BLACK (ItC'TH FROCK COATS, OUVI yrom a broken *h"lenale teuadway huuw, W ortU 98. Selling fee $3 30. 68) At EVANS', and S Po'.ton streot, twtweea O-jld anil Cliff *Ul 68) 900 ltLACK OLOTII FROCK COATS, From a broken wholesale Bi'v^dway ql'UJO, Worth *12. Selimg for At EVANS', an 1 ? Fulton street, betweon G>>ld and CUCf ats. _w'_ Innc^ BLACK flench doeskin pants, .\J V/ U From the au>ek of a broken liouiv, Worth . Selling for . EVVNS' and j Fulton street, between Gold and ClMf. ' ?h y O fton KIC'l SILK VESTO. l'iomabr . wholes.lo hoase. Worth Selling for ) At EVANS',: .: ruk Ui ..... beiirceu QmU uui Cilff. tto )

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