Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1861 Page 6
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A A irrvATvom wahtbd-fsm Y01 SO ? v,.\ OF H< MR EXl KRIENCE IN BROAD <' H\ irt'lrt Is op-a 'or an enj; t"?*ment as saleswoman i KtMVrcaiee iV.'U. Add re* - Applicant, h'atif.n C. A Bill Alios W \ NTK.n-nv A COMPETENT UtRL, . to do 'I'MifTnt U ' .!? ?? >vork, or ehatnb !i?vork -out w ning. City or country. Wh. < $f?, Apply at tlto tree offtoo, 10 E.?si lltn st., between Jid and 4vh uva. \ i; : PE 1'MM v; 1 AN ( THL WISHES A SIW J\ atton as seamstirss; would have no oheeet ion to In chamberwork; tan 'in all kind* ? t family sewing Mi'i French tMiil'ioldery. t" n be >< *??i at 4- l?i;st. Htv;t<?wa,y. A PROTESTANT (J1UL WANTS A NITfATlflN AS t hambe.rmald au?l seamatros--, or to d > guui.! house Hork aml plain cooklm:; ? I rea-icuce cau be Call Ht82 Monroe st., near Pike. AYOUNO QtKL WISHES a SITUATION AS CHAM bcrmaid and seamstress; i* a ?d operant on Wherler , 4 Wilson's sowing w a**h4ue; is wU\lug to l?e dinl with chil dren. Can be tor tw?? daysat her prewara employer a, | 27 ?( t \v . Hreoklyu, _ ____ K ('t)OK-A 8T1VATTON WANTED, BV A RESPECT- i ,4.i able young v, -roan, at* < o >k, whe fhorouc'sy under- I Stands her bnsincsa; !>?? -? ?i" cifv refe^'me from her last plMB Q?B tOPg Wett It'.li ?C, aww?.wh and >th Wfc MTUATION WANTED?BY A RK.SPKCTABI.K j\. voi , UK n, ii' iiiiii i i'i"*" 'iiiil nii11r-? - , iu h in i *?ti'i'n tlv. !>? <i ofc.iv revivn.-n frrro her but place. A|?i>ly ?t J28 29m m , I'ffv'i ii .stJmW'iKh nv*. AN EXITTIIKNVSD 0??'?K ?WHEtf A KITUATrON TN it i ll. itr *:i11? ?!; . I'i'i'i' ' Uy <l\dnr?Un'l? tlio critire ra:ui aK iiriil ii ii kli. f i'ii; i? an dvpllent Imki'r of l>ri'in1 nr.d ?aki-; lnwUliiii-1?' > ilio ? n?Wns If ri'qulrml; Rivnl i-Hy re ference. 1'u'liit U'> W"e?t betwi'cn7lh und 8ih av?. * KITI'ATIOV WIN KIV-BY A YODNO WOMAN'. TO il i a. in'i'iil t his .ivlk,<Ar H|mi?\rRw.irk;ril)i"'i' in MiihHi Ivii ur Suin-n I Aiiul; rikmI ?t^'imimeiiilation. Cim lw won In *>?? Im'Ih * , Kuitou New York attlft, frt^n 8 until 2 o'clo -k 1*. M., Siiiurday. As i t r \r*. > n n\vrr:n-rY a i.ady, vno ha l n\^-h experleiK ? ij) th?* k;?.?'*.!Ty of r in alar?o boating h.?u - vonld prater a* hotol; can furnish beat re I en*k-e. Ai>j>1.v*) or ad<lr Mr?. Oltatfe, Brandreth House, uorter <?f t ankl*at. and Broad% *y. AOOOK*8 8ITUAt OH H A nteo? by % * BRU cafa ble, obliging j' woman; i? nn excellent plain eook mnd a vi?ry uooil w&nber and ironrr. Unqueftionable etty ref??rfiif'?vs from the fiiaco nh?? last livod in. AUo a eha nber mald and wuitreKf/ hitnation wanted, by a competent, obltuiu^ youn^ wmvirn; no ol>j?ci?t*a to a^Hlui in tho w ishing and IrouitiK. Yery^beat eitv reference from tin 'f ur ily she lias just left. Applv at VI West nU, near tith tt\second floor, rear buii.liaj; ASrri'ATH?N ANTKO? UY AYtKNii Wf)%fAN, AS good plain eook. washer amd 1 rones'. Uood city refe rence. Call at 20i Spring St., in *he store, for two inytt. A FITTATIOX \K ANTEI>?BY A lUESPBCTABnE CITRL, Jr\ to do the rooking, waskittg and tronlns ot' a private family; in a toofi plain rook aod evvdl' tit watherarid ironer; ViilI do general housewc rk ; lifts an obliging disposition; tcoocl references from her last p?.*?e?. C.-'ll at 210 West 25th St., te tween 8th and ftu avs., top ifcoor, frnrrtronin. APUOTl'STANT tJlUL WAN'i MTV?TO 1U tlTXlUtAL hons<-woKa; must lie a good washer and ironer. Call after 2 o'clock ?rt 2v>*? Ea^t Hroadway. ASlTl'ATVoN \YANTK!>?"BT A 11 .M'KCT iHI K yoting wwtnan; lias lived tive years in her present situa tion; a ?ood situation is nreferable to hifcjh \vu>jes; iv ?biec tlon to the eovoitry; can be seen until suited. Apply tvt lUl>a Wi st 27th bL AYOUNQ GTltL, 17 YEARS OT.!>. WI8TTKB A^fTPfA. tlou to iht light ch.'imberwork ana waiting, or to mlud children and sew; has the best of city reference. Apply at 222 7th avenue, between 25th and 26th sta. AS Wlf NTRSE-A TO0M lARKlVD LAST (whose husband has met with reverses), havfng rrci?nt Sloct her child, would accept a situation tn tin ob re ( tpn ty. Any iirsi . s family requiring tbe a*>rvieea of a com pet ent and gooti clispoMitloned person, will find the advertiser an exei?pii?.? to the class. 4J??o<l reference. Call bciween 1 and 4 o'clock at 114 East Broadway. COLOBBD Woman WANTS A SlTUATfOH IN A small family, to do general housework; she is clean, saving and obliging; would take the entire charge of an in valid or widower, or a party of gentlemen. Inquire at 43 St. Hark s place. Ii*UROPE, CUBA, AC.?TWO TiADlF.S', FERPKCT LIN' !i guists, teachers, travellers and sick uu-ses on bonrd <>f i ?hip, wish to travel with families or in alidRi w to teach In ibis city; best of references given and required. Address Ijangusges, bo* 30 Tost ofllc**. nODSBKEEPBR - a v,idi>le AOED AMERICAN lady wishes a situation in a hotel; no objection to the Storeroom or head laundress: <.s competent for either. Can be seen for three days at ls7 West 17th st. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITi ATION WANTED.?A Y'OlTtfG widow lady, of good address, wishes to engage with aomc gentleman as housekeeper; has some furniture to dis pose of. Address Mrs. Barton, box 110 Herald office. nOUSBKEEPBB'8 sitcatiov WAVTED?BT a BE spectaMe young woman, with good recommendstious; Is capable of the whole charge of a house. Address Th, M. D., box 12.S Herald office, for two days. I A DIES WISHING TO EN<1.\(SE AC.ooH M'KSK. J whose long engagements are ended, can obtain one ready, with the very best references, at 337 4th ave., near 25th st. SITUATION WANTED?HY A GERMAN ' ? J K L, AS chambermaid; best references given. 1 all at 141 ?th st., between avs. A ami K, room No. 7. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO take care of children and do plain sewing; understands taking < arc of children. City reference. Can be seen for two days at 88 Pierrepont st., Brooklyn. "\1T ANTED?A SITUATION, For a KAlTIIi'UE SEK ? w vanf. perfectly coini>etent to t'tilfil the duties of nurse -Or lady's lot il, with a family going cither to California, ?Cuba, or Europe. Apply to her present employer, 12 Oth si. XVr ANTED?A SITUATION, TO WAIT ON \ FAMILY tV g"lug to ty.jlifornia, by a colored woman, having been 4liere and returned; good reference; doe- not get s-a-uk: understands (he care of children, having had th?* charge of tb ree fr?t?\ there here; wottld like a hsnc?'on the st tamer 4>f the ll h. Apj ly to M. A. Fowler, fiii Broome st. -IV' '? A CTTCTATTOBf AS WET NURSE, BY A TT vouru'. healthy married woman. Apply at her pre #ent place, 130 Livingston st., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do housework or chamberwork; moderate wages. Call for two days a' 143 Varick st. TIT" ANTED?T>Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A iT sitnation to do jjenrr il housework. <*ood r- f?n?tK;e. Call for three days at 215 7th av., between 241U and 25:h sts. WANTED-* ACTUATION, BY V YOUXO GIRL, AS jt.'aiuKjn vs; understands nil kinds of fainilv ncwliic and dressmaking; ha*> n>? objection to do any light work; can #ew ' n Wheeler ?fe Wi.'? n's Grover ,t Baker's wwing machines. Tim1 very of city reference given. Can be Bc+n at IH2 7iU ?*\, between 22d and 23d sts., in the store, for two days. TIT"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A f T cituau'ou as wet nnr*e, Apply at 301 Stale *t., Brooklyn. \Y nt?:i>?a 1 irrATioN, by a young woman, ah chambermaid and waitress; brut city reference. Apply *f. 169 E.-i- c 17th St., near htnyv?'*ant s pmre. \\f ANTED?BY A LADY OP EXPERIENCE, A KfTUA* ?l tien as forewoman In some manufacturing establish, gneut where sewing machines are used; has ten years' exp?* ri**n o; heht of reference. Addre*? A.M., box 226 Herald ?flloe. ________ AN'11'D-A slT1 ATION, AS 0(K)r) J IMS COOK, waftl.i i' m? l irouer. Call at her present place, 13 Pierre pont st., Brooklyn. \\rAMi;0- A baby To WJTNTI.VK. AT :"Ji KA>T ?? 19th st., near 1st av., top floor, front room. Betf refe rences. _ ANTED?BY A~ RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A HIT!TA ? V tion as < o ik and to assist in the cashing and Ironing of a private family; thoroughly understand* her busine?; .t<t?i hns the t? st city reference. Apply at 2U210th&vc., between ?4ill and 25th st*., up stairs. THE THADESI " CiRTRTDGB HANDS.?WANTED, A FEW HANDS who thoroughly understand the business of making cartrMjjct. Apply at iW Broadway, between 2 and 3 o'clock, ^sday^ _$ ? ? ? Gardener and farmer.?a situation wanted as above, by a man without encumbrance, who is Oio? roughly af\'pi;flri?ed with both departments; is a first <as cr?p grower, and a practical plant and vegetable uardener. The hi testimonies as to character and abilities. Ad dress Gardener and Farmer, box 11 > Herald office. H'ARNFSS MAKKR.S AND RTlTCIIERfl WANTED?ON . military work, in a good, airy and commodious shop. Apply u' C.'> Last 25* h st. SHOEMAKER8, ATTENTION. 600 SHOEM USERS wanted, to work on army sh ?<?,, ut 4.1 D? y st. a"<? ILK IND P< 1 BR MB!YER8 \ THOR in . practical man. who is well experienced In the msnuf tur< of all kirn's of malt lienors, is open t<? an i es ??; erniive brewer. Aut.'re:.* Brewer, >. 3,2S7 i'o-t o:he.-?. rro confectioners, hotel keepers, ac -a J first class confettoner and pastry c?v<k wishes;, boa ti-TMn a p,is?rv', hotel or dining m! on; >\ouldiWo ?ecept an employment f?r a few d ivs a w ???!;. h.m referen ces ?!*?( Address ff. K., C >ufe- tioncr, H? ? a'.d office. '\1* '? ED?1 ' HUNI R] D i UOl MAKERS TO GO ?T to?'t iiM i' . York. Jih-avly euipb .vment, JjS-Tai |>rie^ ; ui.d e?i?h every week. For particulars lmiukc at S6? l'< .?rl fct., up stairs. It in a l br R " I. Addl st in# ternirt and ability, t/eo. 11. Motjn, Washington *t., Dostciu. \\rA VTHD?A FOREM AN FOP. AN EDGE TOOL FAC ? > t <ry; ntoit; b<?t a i.rst ?..i^ man who under.- ands all th b an 'b'-.q need apply to Brouioa-clier .V J.) pew, 7$ Clitl' st. Or ?v.ol?KR9 WANTED?TO MAKE FI.Ol'U BAU JJ'J <\n. A, ; :v UA. T. iJ.l ,s, 01 ll r^ r'ssl p. PllKNCII AP-VKKTISKJIOTS. on DKM.iNnr nmR rsE famim.i: privet: \ f den\ j it.k i :* 1; servlof de H table; on pre:cre , n i velletncnt de!*arqu.'H, S'a' rait ? O ?1LALDI^UNB BOSKB VRAKOAISI poor . . ..i*" rV'1 ''11,1 "? >1 i"it nn^m>nretentcr &!!? ?. A ..-Jt-r b\ U , 20 Bam P,A,S?;E IJS KRAtf* ?:???? iii ' ? ndranM-rbox4,057 V?w Y?irkVnetotltca TTSE PEUfONM. I-AI,T!;.NSK ',"1 I'Altr.l BfKV l,E t< I rill'-" is . "1 <? ??'! .. I II Ei I p.. HI, ? ' vf'' r-i" u"' P"'ir -If ciiuini'rf. !.'? ]?out ''t'>:incr (!' I.' i i.t- 11 ?. .,r n , u ?? chft qui rtle thaiwum. . Irewfr mi aa We?t tl?t ?'? TTSE CUrsr.ME. '? "l.' .V rAi'AiW.K I'C'U I F\ 1/ n.i! ii ut:-. ?_ rt <!.!> f.ip:u ?, i <??-?. ,.r ?l:in." iinr l> "umll.'? * f ?? . ?.? jin;.; n. ...n. n -.iliHOAOrf. | J ' I vi'. BOA B.?Til A IN.1 FOB AI.KANY ?n I II A. iiii.l iI. in.i IU:UK If. "" L,BS ' VEW YORK. . NO ALT < VY RAJ ..'in V .0.? J i Mi'iiiii"1' M r ?-.< train for A any, Troy North and H n v. uk street Sta:;-. e' 11 A M i-'or .< 'at .. (,i oie. JO i V > k , Assistant Supciiiatvndcnt. SITVATIOSS \VANTr.D-HAI-F*. ^ 4 GERMAN CVNT1.EM AN, W1IU Sl'EAKS AND A ur ? * Kv.lUh and I tmi. Ii fluently, and w.t'i n inei* eaiitUe c<lnc;;t:mi i*-V. ? ol miking &u en:'* 'Uiient na j cl' 'X rr til au.'tll . ?P? I V. all luipol ,i .i'J Ivum (fancv c?>'lm>,.ini i'i !? 11 ed',. where hit ?|iulMca) v/ilj.-niu-lnicuulailiuu. Unit nihNiiiw, Addruiia 0. Flint, Botmld oBlce. * \ \ - : I, , \ yo > . MAN WHO HAS BEttN FIVE 11 year*in a ? ''n ' Houae, a altu.oUo an aaleKinun; ho in iicuijitli'ti'ii w ill li*'H"i*ti butiilml merelmute, and -,v II i :?> i lie- bualheMi: Ms trade * ill II" prln.t laily In Neiv Y \'fv.v?vv, Whlr'tfttU and IlUnoia. Ad (ln'j* K. t'.. fi'ix J .'? "Hut. -l\rvNTKO-?)V AX AMEBIC4N YOtmi, AO El) 17, A IT initiation nit clerk; mmin wholesale koiine prel'i-riedj gt pcuman. Addrcai,, uutlrg pat'LiculM'*, J. C., Hcralu ulUca. o<>r: <msii WILL ?ic given by the adver tUer, ivliii Is wellijivaUllcit ty experience and cdu cuilm for a altuatloii hn I ?ikkeepe?. eutry, uhlpplng, cap tain'* clerk or salesman, ,lli- I igheat references and recnmmftiidatloiic ex pee hut a ine*3 ? rate compensation, HI 1/1 la willing te go \ vjiiiicd. Ad.trcaa for one week E. Clark, 116 Nassau su, V Y., room TJ. IIKlil? V. AMt5 P?FUMAUBS^ ABI'VII VM r; f ) cuolt SU'.VANTd READY AT TH K largoat inatl'Mte, liW IHh a.,cjin?r ol <?th ave.; neat, capnhf rlvll wiici'.?German, Englnsh, Irish and >: otch; moderate wages t<i suit ilie i Hr -1, fur rlty or crmstry. Good plac4 ready. S r?. Floyd In a'teuilanoe. A LI, FRET OF CHANS ?SERVANTS, WITII EICEL li?nt rettemnwa ami u.1 ill prtoea, can l* hud frco ? if charge ?t WHIR'S, 10 Eaat'.lth between 8 ! und-tth bvk. i Y our pattxn" ige la re?|**itfij'4y Miliciled. KNirrr.i) M\rp.iyi operators wanted?at *t!.Broodway, t .Kin No. (. TAtllfS WANTKU?I.EVBN TlJt COLORING OK J l>b ituumiilih. An urlUt hi uiidoiihrnd (iniilltimll'iim Hill j ren'ivc very llnittcd r.-iinbor ill'pupils In tl is pU'in-lun an.l I BnilitVilo uru Affily'Ct ihe l'lioiogrnchlc Ar. Uallcry,411 nroac* vay. TBE UX\ON KSri.OYMENT IN^TITHTI,, FA) BltOAU way, the til?"? u I.en- nil rmjiniyrrtt Mr pruprrly mi|? ]ilk"il with ki>?4 Gortnan, ltisli, Kui_"'ish *nd Si oliii iUiiim s tlrs fur ?,*im v f.*piir..ty. In city and uriuntiy. N II ?A large nvmlieruf girts \?r?ited. 'JOVJJ :<HEKIIAN. ? YAJTTBD--A OOOD nUAMRBRMA.'l- AMD WAITER; f T one wl\^> c*'. do plain w inuBt fcavi* Rood city refe rence from Im'I'-Iv.hI place. Call a. y.'i E*3i Mill "I. "TirANTBD??' Tir>Y YOVS'i <>I?L, TO TAKE CARE VV of tw o uMlilt !I and to iS> vl4'n Revving. Wagea $i to Aiijily Mt 27U U ?i Z!il ?, i/elivccn the lioura ot I an 1 4 I*. M. ?\irANTED--I1Y A PRIVATE fMWILY, RF.SIIiINO IN 7 7 the (U'linlry. a I'lHiitiUin't wnnian bk couk, waalier and Ironer: miiKt on l<ir>taiid the making of butter and milk ing. App;y?t3?i West Warren at. Brooklyn. "HTANTEVi?FOR A RTBAMEIt fOYAOl TO FRANiIB, T1 b jwfHnn as Bli'WurdeBH, net niilijprt to ?e? ?lckii<'??, (o B'-comiuiiiy a lady and take care if a young girl while on board. O ioil referenced require.! Apply at ? South Will iam at. [\{\ OPERATORS ON MACHINES WANTED?TO GO A t)U ahortdlntitnee In the ouuntry; aiemly work throu.h li e winder. Apply tbia day, from 8 o'clock until 1, at 'M Ui-y ht. \ITAVTED?A STRONG, WILLING GERMAN GIRL, TO i 7 take cure of a thild and bi-sIhi In houaework; wagea $.%. Ap;>ly In Wnaliingt ,n av., a?coud door Routheaat of Myr tle ar., Brooklyn. TII ANTED?A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON GHOVER M A Baker's aewing machine, at Lord X Taylor'a, UroBd way and Grand at., entrance on Grand at. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL TO MIND children; must coine well reconimcudrd. A kihmI home and $3 per month will l>c jlvni. Apply at Syi Bowery. VTTANTED?SERVANTS IX EVERY CAPACITY; 8ITC TT alioiis ready I o v, at ino lerate wagca. Non ? wanted but tho?e w ho are neat and tidv and have good refereucea. Nn. )C Eaat 11th at., helween 3,! and 4th nva. W'ANTED?DRESSMAKERS WHO THOROUGHLY UN deratand the liuaineaH; only hrat claaa handa need ap ply. Call at 14,1 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. ?nTANTED?A 8EBVANT, FOR GENERAL HOUSE 7 7 voi k, who ix a Ron I plain cook, windier and Ininer, and Is willing to nuiku her.-elf generally useful; good city reie r.-ncefi required. Apply at l:Vt Went 43d at. \\T-ANTED-SOME LADIES TO LEARN THE COLOR 71 lng of Photograph* for ii command of aotno biiudrod In Hilary pieturea. Togooii lianda constant employment lur nlahed at from 98 to $12 per wreek. Apply for one ilar, at the rhotogriaphio Gallery, 210 Elm atrcet, third lloor, from 10 to 3. HBXiP WAIITBP-MAliBSf A CENTS WANTED?MALE AND FEMALE, To 8ELL the Union Prize Gift Package, which contain* 7.r> valua ble recipes, Union envelopes and stationery, in color*, a splendid likennss (t?x 10) of General George H. MeClillan, the Napoleon of the present war, and a gilt of superb jewelry. Agents are now making from $5 to fHdper day. Send stamp for our mammoth circular. RICKAKDS k CO., Iu2 Nassau street Agents can make from Z5 to $30 daily, by mc I ngWheeler's patent to rrevent thieves and burglars from opening door 1* cks with tnUc Leys or nippers. Retail price 25cents. Sent by mail for 30eonts, Address GEORtiE WHEELER <fc CO., &u Broadway, New York. Any respectable single .man, of business habit*, who Hin wanto. employment, and who can command from sixty;to one hundred dollars, may hoar of u situation by applying at 1?5 Hudson st. A88I8TANT BOOKKEEPER WANTED?A SMART IN telligent lad, to assist at thf books in a dry godds com mission houite; one who is quick and correct and willing to attend closely to business, and with first rate references, may address uox ?30 Post oflke, New York. Compensation moderate. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUTH, lf> OR 17 YEARS OF AGE, JV is wanted as attendant on a lady and gentleman travel ling. lie must bo of the required age and of American birth. Address II. Preston, box 170 Herald office. Boy wanted.?a smart and active boy, in the kiti hen of a dining saloon, and dean knives and forks; must be willing to make himself generally useful in every way, and come well recommended. Apply early this ruorfling at 1'JO Pearl st. OA LEGMEN, AND SALESWOMEN AND CASIIIKR, P WanU*d.?Salesmen for cloak and shawl department ; saleswomen for ribbon department. Must he thoroughly ac quainted with the business. Address, statieg references and expectations, Edward Malley, New Haven, Conn. \ITANTED?AN ENERGETIC MAN TO SELL BOOKS f f iu thr country; libera^ waccs and percentage; must give $IW) to $150 security. Call at 1K>9 East I0th st. \\TANTED?A SALESMAN IN A WHOLESALE DRY f f Goods and Notl m House, who has a trade on the line of the Er'.c road and Western New York. Give reference and salary expected. If answer re -mired through mail en ? .o e stamp. Addre-s box 223 Herald ollice. TIT ANTED?A ROY, 17 OR 13 YEARS OLD; ONE WHO ? T understand* attending an oyster saloon and bai; best of reference required. Apply at corner 31 av. and lit list.. South Brooklyn. WANTED?A CLERK FOR A DRUG STORE, 2 CON doctors, 2 brak"tfrnen, 4 girls to travel, 1 stewardess, 2 boys for trades, clerk for a coal ollice, clerk for a shipping oflf'v, a first class bootmaker, to go to New Jersey; 4 girls for a new hotel. Call at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED?IN A PAPER WAREHOUSE. A YOUNG ft man of good char.uter who has a knowledge of the trade. Apply bv letter, prepaid, with references, addressed Shnttleworth A Ensor, 22*1 !? ulton st., New.York. IMMEDIATELY, A MAN TO 00 TO CUBA, Competent to er?*ct a ro*ln gm works, and to build a gas hot b r. Apply at 483, tfOsfid 493 Broadway. \\mnti:i> -A BOY IV A STORE. TO CARRY iffv *f dies and act as a light porter. Apply at 121 Chambers st., up stairs, after 2 o'clock. TITANTED?A GOOD, SMART, ACTIVE BOY. IN A f ? st-?re, 15 or lo years of ag '; ono who writes a good hand ar||Hs id ^ p/n 0 w *IQ v'*Ul 1'urt.nts. "1 IT ANTED?TN A RETAIL CROCKERY AND OLASS ? ? ware stare, a smart, strong boy who lives with his pa rents. A German who has been fn the bujincs and Who speaks English preferred. Apply at 03 oin ave. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED* fjMJRNISHED house wanted?in the vicinity F of either Fulton or Wall street ferries, Brooklyn: for ono well furnished a fair price will be paid; parties that w il l take Hoard In part payment preferred. Address O. N., Herald office. >USB WANTED- \ KB AT, COMPACT, WELL FtTR II. tii-he.i 11'' isc. lo-ated n?-ar or below Tweii:y-thirl street, ai d between Third an f Seventh avenues, or on *Brool: iyn Heights, by a small family, without children. Rent n t to exceed $1,000 per anuuio, or an unfurnished House an s a ring to the ai o-t> description. Address S. L., box 2,818 New York Post ofllee, House wanted?between amity and four teenth street . the ? wr.-T to take part payment in lio^r.l. Address b >x 2''7 Herald oflice. UP"ANTE ) -FROM FIFTY P ) ONE HUN1 RBDBE 03 D I ? hand sixteen-trm ? 1 braidin/* machines, for ho*?p skill us"; those <?t EasU ru make preferred. Apply at 02 W aric i fctre t, New York. "TXTANTBD- IMMEDIATELY, A FOl R $TDRY HOUSE, y T with all the m .'ein improvements. to be situated be tween Eighth and Tw n: th?rd streets, and fourth and Se venth av< . ueg. Ad r.- ?' F. C., box 145 Herald ollice. UrANTED?A FURNI HED HOI 3B in IfB V FOl X or Brooklyn, the rent to be taken in Board, with th?* privilege of taking a few other boarders. References gtv n and required. Address Bradford, Herald oflice, for two days. T\rANTED- N SM ALL I I F \ -ANT H?)I SE. IN \ < 1 N ff tcct location in the upper part of the city, Ivt-.v. -n Fourteenth and Forty-seoond stree ts and Third and E.^l th avenues pr< ferred. (teiij. i; it to exceed $U? per montli. Ad dress, stating rent and lo<a ' n. M. C. D, box 174 Ho;aid ollice. __ _ VITANTED?A SMALL FURNISHBD Hot B, riLL t\ May next or longer, by snrfll privat-! family of t;.'>e l> r- us; location t.etween 'Uourtli and F< riy-s? ori 1 btr?-cis and 'i'niPdand iiiuUtb Addtrss J. 1j, B.. Hern id TTTANTED r ) RENT. 1 P TO 181 OF MAI 1 A y V tin.:;I unfnmished ITo i.-e In a good lo. atiou, not below Wnshiu ? :i pine**, and not above Tweutv-< gbth str? ct, be tu . n Font ;U and Sixth avenues. Pri vMor ix months not to?-xe?-. I Address, stating price, box 7fc3 PostolU \ HfAKTED-lY A G FN TLB MAN, A FURh yy ?'? ?m, with gas, but wll'iout Board, near Fulton ferry, lio k'.yn. Address, stati' torms, A. M. C., Heraldo/N*-e. U! '.M : > V SMALL HOUSE OB PAB OF I H n in N?:w York or v? inity, bv a small family of a-luiM: ,:,nst )y\, modi, t ti iuipro ?n.enti and be well 1 ? atcd (i i\ ; < ui! p trtfc.ulMr <-v it \vir o* tw^ attended to Kent must bi) V '.- moderate. ? ,, c', M., box ilk) Herald ollice. iy.%.v;-ED?the i;pr?-:R part of a house, con 11 l - ' i ' 'n" ' ' a j) ?, ;r> *e '(.-jits, on the west -m :? n i l 'i theic is but one ? t-r t.arully. Address box 2,-ieW i'"St \yANTKr) It) H':.vr IoH TICk V/rXTEK?A SH VI.', "ho " r t"1:?, 1 ?wo hour*' rt :i TV-ANTED MrHICAti. ^ I \ <;u ; 1 WANT OK MONEY PORCLS ME TO PART J\ with >uy Piano Irorm?1 iutely. I cannot d?-cnbo h ?U lV short advertisement, but will state one fact?it 1? ef , ' likONt :iy finished, double round, carved legs. the same us t > >nt, Ac. It is worth don bio 1 ask lor iW a great sac rt lice will he made to a customer; cost *,yk): urlce t'HIx Call ourty Jit 4"* atreel, Brooklyn. 4 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAv& ROSEWOOD Jx Pianoforte for sale?Richly oarvedeg* and c,??>? round corner?. full Iron plate and lined with Vitluwood, ovevstrutig baa?, Inlaid with and pnurl key?, ixr ide to order for the pre rent owner by city makers; fully jr uir.intoed for three v.-;?rs; been in use but live mouths; Wk $&U0; will be sold f"i* $'JM, Including Stool and Cover. Alf,o an elegant Drawing Room Suit, colt $..00, for $135. l/.quire at 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sivtb avenue. A COMIC It AT, LAD AND A CATALOGUE OF BARK Sporting B *-*it to any address in tho country ou receipt ol si imp, by J% fi. MORPll V. 29 Ann street. N. B ? Amenta need not apply. IjlURNIHJIED Jtf>OM IN EXCHANGE FOR LESSONS on the Pian?v?A Ural class teacher will give an equiva lent of lesson* lor a gpod sized furnished Room. House must be in a good nek-hborhemd In the city of New York. Addreaa immediately IVauo, Herald oflice. INSTRUCTION ON TICK PIANOFORTE AND VOCAL Mubio.?J. R. MAGRAT1I, Onanist of the U? v. Dr. Pise s church, attends pupils in New York aud Brooklyn. Address 61 West Hvltic street, Brooklyn. IMHTK A BRADBURYS' NEW SC \LK OYKKSVlU'NO J Bass Patent Insulated Full Frame Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody nays must bo true; everybody aaya they are the best, therefore they nmHi be the bent. MISS MARY E. HAVVLEY RESPECTFULLY INFORM her puplla and friend* that she has removed to 251 West Nineteenth street, where she will resuuie Instruction tu stuging. MU8ICAL.?A YOVXO LADY, WHO TS A COMPE tent teacher on the pianoforte, in desirous of tating a few more pupils. Terms, If taught at her own reiddenrc, ja?r qnarte-'; it at the residence ??f the pupil, $t per quarter. Apply to of addreaa Sarah J. Currie, 11M> Weil Thirtieth afreet. MR. D. MIRANDA. TENOR VOCALIST, RESPECT fuJly announ^s that he ha? a^ain resumed his Teach ing. and will tfjve private IcMsons at hi? rea'deir t\ 4 >1 Fourth street. New York, also In the city and BrookU ii. Schools and classes attended to. Mr. "M. is open for Oratorio, OpenuU aud CoiKcri Engagement*. MR. JULIUS JUMTZ INFORMS IHS PUPILS OF NEW York and Rrnoklyn that he is ready to give instructions on the pianoforte and Minting. Apply at his residence, KM St Ate* street. Brooklyn, or to Messrs. Firth, Pond X Co., 617 Broadway, Ne*Vork. MK. EDW<WD SEGITN, BARITONE. ELKVE DU Conservatoire Irnperiale de Musiuue, Paris, begs to an nouiice that will give lessons in Hinging this season, at tiia residence, IIS AYcttl. Twenty tirst ati-eet. PANIC MUSIC. NO HUMBUG. The pneaent bard times oeeaalona n? to oiler our whole stock oi Ltllr.'uiaphcd Classical and Modern Music (no tyo? prints), over works, retail, below cost prices, at 2c, ami ' . ,i That Is?'if) . for Pc., 38c. for 12c., ftOc. J - ?r 16o., $1 for ii.ll th ? works of Ascher, Beethoven, lioyer, Ber lin!, Burgmuller, Chopin, (!ramer, Czerny. l>ohler, Heller, Lis/t, Tliaiberu aud a thousand other French, German ami Italian compoeeri. Come all; look and boy before it is too late. "J.a \Correspondence MuBleale,1* P A. \VUNDER MANN, 618 Broadway, two doors !>eJow Laura Keeri'-'s. RE MOV .41/.?--HORACE WATERS, AGENT, IIAS RK moved to 4KI Broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, where he eell? new seven octave Pianos for and warranted. Second hand Piano? and Mclodeons from $25 to $131). All kinds of musical merchandise at war price?. Pianos and Mclodeons to let from $2 to $0 per month; rent allowed If purchased as per agreement; monthly pa> menta received for the same. SIGNOtt LUIGI DAM A HAVING RETURNED TO TOWN, will c'-ume his Sinking Lessons as iisuhI. Call at or tuldre.;s47 Went Twenty-sixtn street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, New York. VOCAL MUSIC IN CLASSES, SACRED OH SECULAR - Mr. G. C. BEXFOKII, vocalisL will arrange with par ties for the fall and winter; also for musical conventions abroad. Comryunic,vi ii.s may be left at Wm. Hall A Sons, ft4S Broadway, or at the residence of Mr. R.. 65 West Twen ty-eighth street, New York city. Private lesson? as usual. q>/J PER QUARTER FOU LES.--ONS ON THE PIANO. Apply at No. 4ti Stuvvesant street, near Second avenue, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. Best references given. Miss DE LYNES. INSTRUCTION. ACARD.-!fEW PUPILS WILL BE RECEIVED DATLY this week for class or private instruction in IVnmr.mhp, Bookkeeping Ac. Full h icwkk guaranteed t?? all. Koomj No. 6 Fourth avenue, New York, and 13 Court street, Brook, lyu. OLIVER J5. GOLDSMTH. A SPANISH CJENTLEM A S WW LI) LIKE TO FIND nn American one, to exchange lessons iu the re spective language*. Address F., box 2,540 Post office. All this month bookkeeping}, penmanship, Arithmetic, Algebra, Ac., are at PAINE'S Mercantile Colleges, 62 B<*-.,-?ryt New York, and 2S3 Fulton street, B:?sik lyn, at reduced price*. T, wiles' private writing classes $2, twenty lessons. %*i 1 Paine, the. well known teacher of w : ling, Is one of the beat instructors in the State."?New port Mercury. A GENTLEMAN WISHES FOR A FRIEND?A HIGH. ly e.iu at 'd and reiine I young lady?a position as in struct res'in the English branches, the sch km s, Latin orinu *le, wl b some polite faintly in the city. Please addre?*? II. G. It., Herald o^Uce. AN AMERICAN LADY, EXPERIENCED V< TEACH A ing, desires a situation as nursery governed, or emu* paid m to a lady; best of reference given. Address Al. F. V., 807 Br< a.iw ay, N. v. A FRENCH PROFESSOR, A GRADUATE OF THE faculty of Paris, having taught with sut cess In some oi the best institutions and families of N?w Vork, and furnish ed with the m- s? unexeep enable references, wishes an en gag'-ment in P dla lelphis, H <.a ?. Baltimore, etc. Addn>s Mr. M It. It., Professor, No. 90 West Twenty fourth s.reet, New York. 4 S UTSTRr'TKESR?AN ENGLISH LADY OF MANY 1\. yearV nxperieuce in teaching dctdresa* neag'-ment tn a family lor some hours daily, to instruct in E igltsh, French (acquired in Paris), and musle, both vocal an t lustrum- nt???!. No objection tf? go to liie West Indies Address S. B. E., station C Post oiUce. JJEST hi* STAIN ED HOARDING SEMINARY IN THE $110 per year. Bti< k buildir-gs for ladles and ffentlemen. Anient tea hers in all departments. Winter term, Dec. 6. Address R?*v. Joseph E. ivln r, Fort Ed ward Instituie, N. Y., on the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad. /COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 18 AND 19 COOPER 1NSTI \J tute, BOOKKEEPING, BUSINESS PENMANSHIP, MERCAN TILE LAW, COM MERC I VL CM.'. LATIONH, ftlMM ERCIaL CORRESPONDENCE, AC. BRYANT. SI'RATTON, PACKARD a: PENN, Piio-ipals. Havana.-wanted, by a neat and respect a bie girl, a situation us nnrse and seamstress, or tc? teaeh children Spanish and English. Best of references given. Can be seen at Myrtle avc., corner of Hampden St., Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION. ?BOARD AND A? FURNISHED BED room wanted, by a lady, in a respectable family, where lessons on the pianoforte would be received ^san equivalent; the highest references given. Address for one wee k, Instiu ? tion, Herald oftloe. " 1 KT TIIUSE TFvAC'H OTIIliKS WHO THKMSKI.VKS J J excel."?Such was the sage advice given to all man kind by the philosophic poet. Its wisdom can- scarcely be called In question. Tiie President, in order to indie tie his high appreciation of the system of Instruction pursued at NUGfcNT'S Commercial College, Brooklyn, has been pleased to appoint, recently, several voting gentlemen, students of the College, to positions in our army and navy, viz:?II. B. Beeches Lieutenant. First Long Man i rogine'nt; ,1. 11. Per rv, Jr., Lieutenant, Forty-eighth region nt N. V V.; A. W. B'elknan, Purser. United States Navy: John Van Uovenlulrg, Engineer, United Stales Navy; E. V. Weekes, As isiant Sur geon. United States gunboat Kingfisher, Ac., ?te. Besides Fmpnrtlnj a thoroughly finished and pra ;l al commercial education, Nugent's College, Brooklyn, pivnares young gen tlenien for entering our army and navy. Piic 'ipal, E. NU GENT, member of the Society of Arts, Manufacture.* and Commerce, London, and of the American Geographical and Statistic d Society. New York, Ac.. &e. Thoic-suds of our bust cis men certify that Nugent'* College, Brooklyn, Is un rivalled. Nn jenUs famed College, otir country's pride, Leads young men to fortune on business' tide. TE&SON8 OF FRBNCFT LANGAUOE AT 25 ( EN PS AN J nOulr, rj? an cxp&MruvOd teacher. Address J. Gerard, station E Post office, N. Y. Madame j. v. cauciiois. English and French Purdlngand Day School for young ladies, 2.V> West Twenty-thi ?! street, will reopen on Monday, S ptembf r 9. A class of Oil Painting and Grecian Art, on Saturdays, t u ,ht b.> Mipe. (Jauchois. Particular attention given to the primary department. A. DANCING ACADKMIES. DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, IS*?. 2'1 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth St., New York. No. 137 Montane s'rcct, Hrvoklvu. 'SES?'Tuesdays ahu .? rnl:?S s in Brookly CLASSES?Tuesdays an<T Pludio s in Brooklyn, CLASSES?We,ine.*-' tys nnd Saturdays in New York. In the new building on Fii t'n avenue recency ejected for the purpose, will he found every requisite for such nn estab lishment. In addition to Ujo dancing,'-lasses will als > ho formed for exercises in \ new system of Calisthcnh s, cspe cially \altiable to ladies and children of delicate frame. Mr. Dodworth would be glad to mako arrangements u ith scud nai ies f or ies% us in l>aneing, Cali*thenies or Military Drill. Ctn*ulnrs for terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. A LL THE FASHION VBLK AND APPROVED DANCES j\ tauj ht, ti a e,< w O, .? iril!e (the Amerie.-n Con ine j la ?). by r. HILLGRt>Vh, te? h?r of D. uc'ug, academv 2"W ELM'i\i\enite, i;e*r Tw*?niy-flrst street. Classes on Mon days and Taur-ca s. afternoon and evening, commencing October 10. Apply us ab ive. TRANCING AND CALISTHENICS.?TRENOR'S PRI 1 / vji'e A* ,<demles, C?."? We- t Thirty-fourth street, New Yo? k( a oi i>!? South Eighth str et. Bro <iv yn, E. I)., arc now o;>en for the season, whi'.e all the tashiouablc dances are care ? i y nparu I, deportmeutand the physical trainingth 'r pupils are not overl o ;ed Priva'" le s us *n<l sciioois in the city or country a't ruled to. Send for circulars. T^ERRERO'8 DANCING VCADUMY, :,9 WEST FOUR r teentli street.?Mine. DUHKLTL FEURERO respect fully announces that the above Acaoemy will a pen for in strnciio! on Saturday, October 5. Circular^ for terma, Ac., may be inul at the Academy. STEAMBOATS. I^OR NEWARK. N. J., FARE h) CENTS, AND RERGICN Point, faro 10 cents.?St"ainc.r THOMAS P. WAY leav s pier 2 J North river, '.o >t of Dey stre< t, s* b)>^ A. M. and ?>>? P. M., on Sunday, October 6, uud every <lay Ci\ DAI BOAT FOR YONH ER ?. ! 1 ' 08, DOBB :" O Ferry, 'i my town, Sing Sing, H iv<; '-.r.v. West Pein?. 1 Spring. Cornwall and Newburg.?Si m ? i BROADWAi %\ill leave pier iootof Jay street Sunday m irnlng, at7 o'elo* k, touching;t' Amos and Thirtieth street. Excursion tickets to all landings at reduce d prices. OUNDAY B<' VT FOB QLEN COV! \NDING k I O NValto. Stone, Btr?ttonport. City l-'nn I, Mni.i's Isluud and New Rochelle. Steamer MAVFLOVEH l -ivs James slip al 8:. U A. M., Deiancey sti eei at 4% i arh gtrc>f at 9, nnd'l ?nty-sixth street at 9.10. Keturnitij;, leaves Glen C ?\ e ai ii P. M. QUNDAY BOAT FOB KEtPORT-1 DIK AT UNTON, K? ' Tott us -n i Pe< ih A b?e . S i,AW ieev -M ir m pier foot of iJar? . stiav. l'.? tt-ruln , !? vV- sK yp- at 3 P. M.

U! S?. EAMlill I ('NO ISLAND l.BAVES ,Md' A HU! t :l !? M. fnr NorlhiMHt, kill); tli" ii'i'. n ' ii i'" i''R. 'iif-iwiJ ?. l"uv IK ri ,'t !i<) A. M In i lilon 0 ivn SP? m ^ . li'H '? , in I li!' ' > 111 .' n: 1 F.I' ..'it !, ? V ?? s,.' . pn.nt -Il I (.r-HI Np-k !?'?<!':.? .-li I ? nil 11 . >c? u-'Jlt.', **ud a.. Liiliv 1111 iu yio^i i.uU. -? _ poit aiUiK. 4 1M INT AND PAI'J-R HXSGISO STORE FOR SALS?? i\ It; un e* client lo< utluii; the owner will j-ell the whole <,r f m?? ?he to suit the purchaser* Apply to W . A. UKE 4?Ie CO., :;7 Park row, room 17. A FIK. T CLASS BAKERY FOR pale, LOCATED OS j\ tit*' Sixth avenue; a!?'*. Bakeries for Mile on all n.e leading avenues of New York awl Brooklyn. Any one in want of a Bakery would do well to euil at MITCHELLS ltuMue *A < nc>, 77 Cedar street. D1UJU STOKE FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN?WELL LO il und doing a fair busies*. Apply to JO jg PAYNE & SON, 51 Fulton street, New York. EilOK SALE?A TEA AND GROCERY ST<\ft^ A 1 very good neighborhood, on account of t^tnvn<*, ;4 jJav. ing si inc other business to attend to. 8tojc u,n4 ^urnltur? will be ?<'ld very low. Kent only $17 tier *>onU? Inquire at No. U D? lancey sreet, or at 004 KuCojid avenue, between TUii-b?\ih and Thirty-seventh recta, IH)K SALE?HABDY'tf CHEAP LITT7.E STORK. 529 Or enwieh street, tiSirvMlahed 15 yeM*; a stock of 11* sj ry, ?si.!rta?. Drawersk-iii Fancy Goods. Ilouae und store to let, with fixtures. WuV be sold on fair snd reasonable terms, aa the owner 1* going out of business. Apply at the stotv. ALEX. HAlUiY^ T?OR SALT^-fO WIRE ROLLERS?THREE PAIR I eMUod lro? rolls, for rolUnv wire, for sale etreap; the buy*", can have ibe work of the cn.stomers. Inquire in tin? bas-nemt, unAtr the Feed Mill&mplrc Works, footwt Twenty Uf?h street s*d East river. BIOK SAL??a KMALK HOTEL, on THE STROPEAN plan; 1iiht class; ehc;.p for cash or good sfteiii'ity; sold under }>eOMliar circumstances; would suit a French or Kng lisli man. Apply at MoCEAU'S, No. 7 Chambers street. IilOBSAUMTUB LEASE, (STOCK ANT! FIXTURES OF a flr?4 elasN Liqitsr Store in South Brooklyn lfit|Uire of JOHN KEILLY, corner of Hamilton avenue aud (Carroll *tree>, or corner of Fulton avenue and Clermont avenue, in the liquor store. I7*OR SALE?AT A GREAT BARGAIN, A HOUSE AND Lof, having nil the ni- dern i.upruvements, including Furniture, it' den*red. For particular* apply on the premises, }f i 167 west Tv anfy-fifth street. FU>R SALE -THREE EXTREMELY VALUABLE PA tcnts, on h" most liberal t u rurt nowgreath needed and immediately equifed by government, or will take partuer with capital tr no*rue in a company. SOI THWK'lv .t YtoOD, 82 Nassau Ftreet. IjjlOR SALE?A WELL FITTED UP OYSTER, DINING 1 and Bar K >om, on a flood 'loin u^hfare; pr,< $300< /ish; cost $8U0;goial reasons for selling, Ac.; a bargain. General A*," ley, lift Nassau street. BIOR SALE?A LIGAT, WJCRATIVB CASH OITICE Uusini'ss; price SH5t); also, u J u - Un and domettie Fruit Store; nrice also, a IWli^ Manufactory: price N It.?No connection with any other place. Oeneral Agency, Nassau street. IIOH SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED SEOAR STORE 1 and Barroom, 815 Broadway, in-ar Twelfth street; rea son for selling the owner has oilier business to attend to; also, a smart <5erman barkeeper wanted; must know some thing about the segar trade. Inquire in the store. TTUlR SALE CHEAP?AN OLD established GUN A1 Rllle and Pistol Factory; a x;oo<l opp. rtuinly to com, me nee the business. Address Eufleld, box 102 Herald oftloe. IIOR SALE?A CONCERT R\LOON, PROMINENTLY 1 si'uated in Broadway, and fitted u;? in elegant style for immediate occupation; 14 ii*atta< bed and r?*ut low. Apply at 654 Broadway, Ironi 10 to 4 o'clock to day. TjtOR 8ALE?A SMALL TOY AND r\N'?Y STORF.. V t-all at 313 Ninth avcuue, between 2i)ih and 30th streets; will be sold cheap for cash. For sale?the bowery hotel and dining sa loon. The stock, ttxtuws. le me. Ac., of the Bowery Ho tel, 3'to Bowery, corner of S!Mb street, oj>po*it ? Tompkins nuirkei and Seventh regiment armory. Price $7,000. Hans* factory reasons for selling. For sale?a good butcher shop, situated ?on the corner of Eighth avenue and .lane street. The owner wishing to sell on account t f ill health. N. B.?A good patent Ice House in the shop. In pilre on the premis ??. For sale?a confectionery and ice cream ?tore, in atly fitted up, i i a well located neighborhood; it will Ik; sold cheap to aea-h customer. Res^ u for s dllng given on the premises, 189 Canal street, between Centre street and the Bowery. KIOR SALE-ONE OF tiie BEST AND WELL LO L rated Gnarry ftn<t Liquor Rt><r?-s In the Eluhth ward; has over 50 families in the sa.ise building dealing in the store. For all further particulars apply to D. BURKE, auctioneer, 135 Bowery. Quartz rock mili.s and r vti:nt fo'r sale? ('?une?*d-*d by miners th* very bent for reducing rock a..d iither hard substance* t? Iripiiipabie powder, with liard ened, shifting, grinding'M*'! a ? <* .'?ily o ?? I. SOUTH WICK A WOUl), rtJ X u sau street. rilo rHOTfXilCAI'HKKS-A.V i:XCf:i.l,|;NT 4 4 TI'BF It IIIKTM, and Stand ouu|ili-le. !o, iW); alio :i U ,T|' ",i"'1". ""lh -'"I "ther; .-unor" M r* ' teVv?;^Vu "a, iV.,' .v.'' U"!m- AW...vutWC,,?rt rjif) HI I' 1/tKS,? i'<??; \ i g LEASE \ i5 FIXTITRii'Ci I of a v.vll I'urlt S, In ..on .V?U "l.r't l,i- 'l, ,V, Thlrty^BnitltW't. ?**?*? ZS T> J}1'?'," Kun--11 ,r SALB, a i'iiTst i'i7vssm ? AT *7- "'m : ""m n K"'"l e UhlKhed civi't-10 )i'.irn, with two <??, t , i| The owner I v Htfintl in inirk<t. cv.iiimi a' r-. ? lo both ?? at 1711 Tweutj-n'venth atrert, corner ot . :vi, HV.'mie. 1 T"1 ?ii'ic, nxriu: ksTIt, ok stoi-k 1 corner of Forty-fifth wreet .,..1 S iil, ,... rhj-jip; only a few iiundrnl t iIn rash venule ,|' 'will t.o ?ol. at weal lmrjs.iln if ? a',^ ? \? annii a:nl Ilant^ss. Aim 1 v to ,J \V (ill I ipj vtt ziiuml 2)7 H'mtilncton wl. X. If. UlLLlEd, ?3, ?nuS'lSSfo?8aSd i U tnd 8 R i82SFV' . ? '-t-lv l-tirni IV, tin- li,' 1 I..,' Apply "1 sv. \2 I'ontre ?t;-.' Vh-tml-Vif MtOMl) x HASTlNljM. I $900 1IN ' Af ! ' 1 MUKi'llAtlB uiii "iV ',vr 1 ' ? ??' '? ?" r J-:-'--? ?ew"voJit,q"lr0 ir j("'T.'SI^I-rKHl); V MINI SaL VXKOUs; ii^nrtu- I r\t r?" t, Wi. V, , t salts au.l* an 1 1 in- il ir &?'?? a 1.; a Inns For Dale in lww? i:, .(.Ij.j.t'o B,ilt ,",,':uue Umt,? I BA3H1QHD X MUL'LTON. 85 Beavor atroet A HTH-Icui, LB03 a SI) II V\,.v ? t> r.i'-'n!, .ri*:i3 T>r'?atl\vav SSSS?: ; quality coaits >tjj oi/han i. _ ' Jofl^ic. HOPrgu'"' BMV'k WANTED; AI,S() I.AR'IK canal BO VT Mn?t Ii.. tmc r 2'KI Ir,-. |,.n? 21 f. ot wl,'.. n,., .'t ?'T oraft; Owncrt wishing to charttr wll! atUirciis F. O , I'ieSud I^UTCII HUI UOT'S KOOT.v ?A VERY riJOIOP IOT ,;'n^ ?x-^. i'^.r !;r Uiitranntl -h ? tin I,- ,?rn , vi:'|,^!}' A,"'u sc"uci![Yrdt ioebSu^Vi^^^ T\B? JAMB8 A. XKAI-, l.ATi: OK CINcfw ATI TilF acute ,l^eas"g""n,'lv "{iv Vw Uv!^. nn^f ' i"'"1'1''/",1 wlijuitjt Mtdleino. ? \ , r ??Z>u rtlELDOZ^AH KS-SPS 01 ISS88 ?*? i !'?w K'""8. war's ii-a'llr utrifr. The I,,.,I MicaoE&M IBR-ater^blUhMwUi W 11 M Bromtw?y. S SS? SfiHSSSf ?.?t>apfwatroiter, it;,tardaI SUTkmma?n KIWK?nS^5 m'E. ? ? '-nts * * ii.'---... , i ? v.;;; U'""e!S 0110 blwk lro:? "rJaway. Savo yom ti ? VN StfbTS?8 ',T ?Ei>pcnos rsr tountryoA'v.jiu 1 uitH i si.mi. "v' Uom the 1 r.UUII. fe, MAXTKLf!.- THK I'XDKnSICXKD, H WTNO ft til M v in rrff?i* "r Marble Mantola, Htatuarr \ n':!'S: 1:K;,rA'']IAXTS AND iioi;se I >Anis.? NOTABLE Mmtok ni:i.j5M(, , by (h?T?.A0KP!MK?f Oil... rt.i ?y "?"'?Mtnv. and tho nn re Shawi - llJ i n ?' >i t Kr diPCM .??'.mJtoi'/ii';'..:!;'? *? *?"-y w?i. 1M.i- ''^ii.!- I-M.ils.iii Ffrivrt; N,'? 4 r'le V. nar* aa^SS c.i'tl.lin'' ^ in'tho nu^flaitcrin^'ern'a'bave^uptl i?ent!;'?' Jj!'.r '^i ?!'?1 ^ I V - i *y-?k?amkr. :il rV)',- Xlmivi?'Kt'akiill11n? i Tl'; ! ? ?.V(i>u--' ? : s a*;n cinru*. I r ' t'> " ''' ? "/VitV 1 *'%'; -r? Ul Pa : | . ""iH 3aVl''' Du,,'HP,y. v.v d0 r**blmo> 1>KI'i?Ii'I T0I7B BtfTCRXB'8 KILLS?yt'viTtv M XV -st of , h.Mj i,r,.sv; ,,uy at U^ .ii^ .t ,, ,',. ! 'iv.'llil ''" -0" -WlCiUtlVoul1.^,' moht chaw. ?i ?4? l.'rui ' I'lir ITi ' V f"Ih t 'ail'H, A*l |,ri t. ArV ' ' ' ' ;i b.?; io l'?> .t oiii, o, Biaiing atyle, WiV,Z\SU 5?D^TB\ABOUT IS etitaici.?;u. t>|un<( twuii, tnBrpkdwi/? SAI.K8 OF F.jjjaj, ESTATE. AN|^'lir.V n',!"' K(,K HAJ.K OR TO I.CT-Pl'n S?Ilv ,ili! f? 'r 1 II I, Hum Nlunl>-<-iitli Unci; CT? ? ... t>, ...-iitUb ihood U . 1 au.l iho 8 to to a. M ? jr**ry r ?iiv??nieucc. Can be seen only from ?.V 4 ' ?ad 4 to 6 P. M. _ ______ A I'" ''?'< ?? FUI Ii SIZE *T<tNB MONT 110"SH ON t... w'h on street, Hour Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Western , ,4City 1 o?* areoffered At usacrifice tor any kind of .#*>'\sn<Ms? taiapted lor tlm California market. Address ^ 4,215 iVjt otlicc, with n tine, Ac. 4 BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT jtV House, Basement and Sub-cellar, with all the modern improvements, on Brooklyn Heights, opposite Colona 1 ' r"w'? 6i Columbia street, with a line view of K<?w York Hay. w.11 be sold cheap and on easy tern is. For further particulars ?r iy to or address T. Simpson, liJav nuc. I). 4 FARM OF ABOUT 100 ACRES, 88 MILES ON LONG JlV island, near steamboat landing the beach, Post oftlee, store, school, Ac. Good house, barn, fruit, well, Ac.; 30 acres wood, balance tillable, for sale or exchange. R. BLAKE, 1* Cbamberi* street. Back taxes, back taxes. THE GREAT REBELLION. IMPORTANT FROM WESTCHESTER. 8,000 LOTS, K.4KN) LOTS FOR SALE IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, Commencing October 10. Men of New York examine adver tisement* at 276 Canal street and Have your property. There are from 6,000 to 8,000 !ou in the various new villages in Westchester county advertised for wile on the 16th of Octo* ber. The subscriber will make a clean settlement of the back tax business for all who ebonite to employ him. Nothing charsed for examiulng advertisements. Let'ail examine at 276 Canal street, October 7. 8, 10and II, from 10 A. M. toft I*. M. N*. It.?You who have m mey to invest protitubly call as above, 27tfCanal street, near Broadway. JOHN STEVENS. Brooklyn (Clinton avenue) property.?foe saie, six Lots, with first class House 40x40, with piazza, furnace, range, gas, hat-It and closet; stable in rear; garden has peaches, cherries, pears and several kinds of grapes, which are pot surpasued In size and quality. Apply on the ir? m:>'?*, third house south wst front Myrtle avenue, or at 1 fcijjru-ce street, New York city. IP ARM FOR SALE?WESTCHESTER COUNTY. NEAR ' New York; over one hundred acres, mostly tillable; suit able buildings, fruits; water year round; near railroad and si earn boat landings; in Rood neighborhood. For further particulars address Jamen Newman, Post ottlee, N. Y. IjlARM WANTED?OF FROM FIFTY TO SEVENTY-FIVE ! acres, with water frontage, on Long Island preferred, ant more than 40 miles from New York. Must be cheap for cash. Address box 580 New York Tost office. TjVXRM WANTED-FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, FOR ' a good improv ed Farm of about 100 acres, a welt selected stock of Hardware, Ac., amounting to about $*.*,000, with the business well located on a business thoroughfare down town. For further particulars address Hardware. Ac., box 189 Herald ofllre. First class brown stone front houses 23 and 25 West Forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue, to sell or rent at low price, containing all modern improvements. In quire on the premises or at 31 West Twenty-sixth struct. FOR SALE?AT A GREAT BARGAIN, 10 ACRES OF Land, two miles from Grand street ferry, Williams burg; finely located; perfectly healthy, and accessible to two lines of stages. Address H. J. K.. box 214 Herald oftice. TMI SALE-AT PRICES To SUIT THE TIME8, TWEE V ty-iivc frame and brick Houses, on Seventy-eighth. F.ighty-seeond and Eighty-third streets, in the best improved parts of York-vlUe, at prices from $2,600 to to Jtf.tKJtf, and on accommodating terms of payment. Apply to JOHN TUR NER, at the paint store, Eighty-ixth street ami Third avenue. *fl >R SALE-FIRST CLASS FOUR STOLY, BROWN J1 stone Houses, No. 13 East Thirty-second street and 215 Madison avenue, Murray Htli, replete with all modern im provements. Will be sold to suit the times. Inquire on the premises for particulars. For SALE?IN' CLAVBEACK, COLUMBIA COUNTY. A neat and convenient Cottage, with Barn and Outbuild* ings, situated on a small farm of 37 acres, and commanding a tine view of the Catski 11 range. It is within a convenient distance from railway station, churches and post ofllce. and three miles from the city of Hudson. Thirty acres or the property are in meadow, and the remainder in a high state of cultivation, with a thrifty young apple orchard and a good scl<*etion of other fruits and an unfailin? spring of water. Address W. R. Mercer, Claverack J'ost olllce, Columbia coun ty, N Y. FOR SAI.E?CLINTON AVENUE PROPERTY, IN THE city of Brooklyn. A s;>lendid House, newly fttted tip, with all the modern improvements; parlors and nails beauti fully decorated; situation southwest corner of Clinton and Greene avenues. Two, four or eight Lots can be had with the House. Sutble on the premises; fruit trees, vines, shrub bery and flowers in abundance. Terms satisfactory. lntiu;re of J. II. HAVENS, ?il.5 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, T/IOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FARM, OK 19:) ACRE8, 1/ stunted nt Pompton, Past-aic county, N. J., 2t miles from New York, under a high s'ate of cut ivatlon, and bav ins on it two dwelling and out buildings for rat h. Price $10,000, of which two-thirds may remain on bond and mort gige; or wiu ex'Hsnge lor unincumbered New York city propyl ty or a smaller larm, nearer New York. Address The odore Rogers, ttrandreth llouse, N. Y. FOR SAT.B <>R LEASE?A SMALL TWO STORY brick House, situated No. 259 West Thirty-sixth street, near Ninth avenue, with a reur biilMiag, suitable for a stable or workshop; alley way nine feet. This property will be sold or ratted i heap. For further particular* inquireat^2 Caual street, up stairs. For sale on to lease?a small farm on long Island, containing VI a?re? o< L?nd, dwelling, with 11 Room*. Barn and Outbuildings; location Cypress IItil*, near the water Works. For further particulars apply nt 113 Adams street, Brooklyn. T710R SALE OR TO LET?AT ELIJ5AUETII, N. J., A " nrs' class Hons" with all the modern improvements, fully furnished. Will be let to a good tenant ai a moderate n ut for one or more years; or will sell. The place is situa ted In il?e pr *tt|est part of the town, with about one acre, leau'.ffully laid out; nlenty of fruit ami shade trees; also car:hg,v house. For particulars address Montgomery Day, I' : h, N. .1. " 7 ! ? ?\vt> f "T Fort s \lk. $lw;: ::; y onh J I. two sto'" House, and Lot, with live r ?mi. Terms from $!'*) to $o.'K)down: the balance can be psid fro.u $100 to year; also, one for $1,G10, with six rAoms; 1 it 25 feet by I7.? f -et. Terms the s ;i?* ??s ab iv.\ Inquire at the office corner of Fourteenth street and Fifth nvenue. i>. 0. i) VNIELS, Brooklyn. TMPROVED PROPERTY WAN KD?EITHER HOUBE8 1 a* d LoIh or a Furm, In c\ 'i.ui e for a first class nnd well established H' siness, Lea sc, ?ic., or the stock alone. Address U. D., 3<i4 Canal street. "VITANTED?A LOT ON OCEAN RILL, GREENWOOD. t V Any person having one for sale, will please address, with terms, Bobbins Mail, box 66 Poctoflftoe. TXTANTBB?BBTWBBM YONKKB8 AND QKO srsi;, if from one to five A *res, well m< Aed with fruitand shade tr 's, riv-cr front, good bouse, strtble and carriage house. An<wers t ? l>e lett with Dr. CAIMEK, 1W Franklin street, between U and S P. M. \\r A NTK 0?TO h IY OR IIIR E F<) 11A TERM < VF YEA its, V\ a House and Lot in Leonard, Franklin or White street, between Church street and lJroadway. Address W. box WO Herald office. WANTED TO EXCffANOK? FOR A FaRMT)F 20 OR 30 tt acres, on or near the Iluls>n river, a Residence at II.'!. rugs, on (he Hudson, live hundred yards from depot, Witii t'rult, shrubbery, Jte., in ahundanee, and neatly an acre of ground. A tdress E. \V. C , box 10.) Herald o|pc?. IITANTED TO PURC1IA i.?A NICE C'CJTTAOE NVITH it a good garden, plenty of fruit and a lew acres of land, adjoining a village, within fifty miles of this city. Parties replying must give full particulars as to location, price, Ac. Aa<fr? *s H. R., box 1 Uti I'ost ollice, New York city. CLOTHIWGU A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any cast oft clothing, furniture, car pets and jewelry, w'U receive the highest price by calling on, ??r addressingC. MISH, 302 Seventh avenue, between Twent. - ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. Mish. ATTENTION, LADIES AND tSENTLEMiCN.?IF YOU wl?b to get the full value of your c*st ott Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelrv, the best you can do is to send n note to F. Harris, 166 Seventh avenue. Tl:ere you may b ? i. nvlnced you will bp dealt wi.h to your satis;:, uon. T?i !i. s attended to by Mr?. Harris. 150 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-lirst street. 4 HAHE CHANCE.?$12,OUO WORTH OF CAST OFF A C! uMng wanted, to nunply California and Western markets, Furniture, Carpets, jewelry, Ac. i do not pivtrnd to oiler nominal prices, as is done by some, but I guarantee to pay the utmost value for each article, by calling on or ad dressing K. H., 79 Sixth avenue, second door above Waveriey place. Ladles attended by Mrs. E. JI. AT EZEKIEL'S OLD STAND?LADIES AND CENTS can obtain tiie follow ingprices for their eaft?o(f Wear ing Apparel. Fj ? m $/> $2o for silk dresses; from $3 to $ 15 tor coat*, and from $1 to $.5 for pants; also carpets^ b'welrv, Ae. A note by j?:>st punetually attemled to by LZF.IviCL, llli Seventh avenue* between Nineteenth and Twentieth street*. Ladies attended to by Mrs. E. 4 BETTER CHANCE STILL.?$12,010 WORTH OF CAST oil't lo.hing wanU \ for the Western and C-ilitomla mar kets.?Ladles a d g -ntl^men, if you wish to secure the full v.ilue for your cb)thit?g, ejirpcls. Jewelry, Ac., the be it you can ?'?) is fo i-all on or send at) order to It. MINT/., \'M Sixth avenue, where you may he sure to receive t?/t per cent moro than tVom any other d .?> r. Ladies attended by Mrs M'ntz. No. 1H7 tr'iMh avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. 4 BETTER CHANCE FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN to dispose of their eas? o.T <'io '.:ing, Fuinlture. Carpets and Jewelry. I guarantee to p..y AO percent more thau any i fher dea'.'T. Call on or add e?sj. ANHALT, 132 S- ventn avenue, hetwe n Twentieth and Twenty-lirst slrct t--. Ladies attended by Mrs. Alihalt. 4 GREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING Jx ?Furniture. Cam??t* and Jewe y win ? 1, k? supply the Western market. I pay as ? il? w:;;?For sjik dvi-^^es ft <im $10 to $3i); <???;? t^ from &.? to ?1S; jmts f^oin $1 50 to $5. Cull oil; :* add* e?s A. Duens, 2l!> .*? V-'iiLli avenue, between Twcntydourth and Tweuty-mUi streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. D. /CALIFORNIA AGENCY. NINTH AVI NTK, OPPO V7 po-te the blind Asylum.? worth L iii'-s" and Gentlemen , Ckvhlng,* 1'-rnit .ie. Jewf-iry, Fire Arm". J'ed !in Ac., wanted iu:m ?. at- ly, tor tin- C l:forn a market, lor which ihe highest pr i <* wi 1 l e paid. As we l.ave ill" ageiuy for one of iho 1 ti^est establishments in Ca liforni*, wo are enable ! to o/f? r bet;er inducements ta in auy oih rl -i i^'in the e.ity. Call on or a 'd.rss Mrs. J. GOLDSTEIN, 383 Ninth avenue. Gentlemen atu.uded to by Mr. Got.! tein. X'OTICE?REMOVAL.?GEORGE LEVIE HAS HE moved to 5^1 Broadway, where he will open an assort ment of fashionable 1 ; ly n.m'e < milling, at "toe um. t ns t t:u iing prln s ever Ileard of, viz; C i-?-iin- re Pan;a, To ???nts; C.issimcre Vests, 60 cents; Business Coats, *2 ?? I: JJ iver Overcoats, $5. GEO. LEVIE. NOTICE.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE ONLY place to get tho full value oj y.?nr mst oil' CI ",in r, Carpeting, Jewelry, Furniture, Ac., is to will i S. Flii.LE MAN'S new store 2.':5Nlntli ..venue, lu'r! . ir :u Twen ty-iiiiith street, waer - yw nviy I e nure t ? ? -t the till amount for all gonds to your entire j ti-- r'lcn. Ladies ; ttcnucd to at tie Irown residence by Mrs. S. Fellrnmn. T\0 . i: LAD! BS 1ND OE TI E MBN OF NKW YORK* iirco.Jyn and vicinities.? ( am now givie -the highest. c;i 'i ' i-i - ? f'?r I >dl a'vl jj^ntietn^n's Cast OIT C.' dhin^. Py cj 1 < a ?>r ndilre- dug a note to J. A., No. I',)i.( bta ave nue, lir oor, over the store, will meet with pronfiipt atten tion. Entrauco private door. WINES AND LHiUOUS. VTBW 01 DEB OH I'ASO AN".) VOR H\!. -FIFTT 1.1 jari. ii' ir t?... Icr, <M 12U Jl<* BUNTIMI . HBB. rnrir. atr' nthin okthetbaue i- ::i- . ?' f?t.Y I I lo till' ?'I| ? ? i >r qi.i.Uv M' II ? ? ' 1 ti -?-1 i >ijiiinit?ne Al*. I'M-all'in l>rr\unl 111 i a.l ? iR *?!!> >?!' ur. ami ii*" If. l-i K quality, ??-, ? a: tuowi'il '.utln < "lie m.iii.'H'i'- ivo l ot v ?th< -. i -.iMiif-.l r ; nv |. i.,,ih i.t if??.< - <'!' it: " P-r " ? ' 7 ?T '?M. Ti'd mi imy pirt nt tlii* ? IV n! I'i'W i ..iynumI.. p.. .'i i,n rj . '< ipr#' ;iM > if?nimir .iilrcvv :i}, lu U&r lew. wiu uc iitU:ttU?d lo Willi ae?i>utvli, MiiPPinra. s TEAM WP.EKL* BETWBEN NEW york AND' 0 Liverpool, la ruling and embarking imssen^ -i?* at Queens town, Ireland. Tho Ttlverpool, Now York and l'hiladeli>hia W^Hrnwhlp Conijuai* Intend ilesjatching their full-powered, 1 Ivdv.bniit Iron teHjttshlpe as follows:? CfTY OF NEW VOKK Saturday, Oct. 5 ED! N B UHU feat m day, Oct. 12 ETNA Saturday. Oct. 151 city OF WASHINGTON' Saturday, Oct. 26 And every Saturday, at boon, from pier 44, North rhur. r,. . ? , , KATK8 Or PA^SAGI. First Cabin 5,7a Steerage $*} to I/Oi) l?,ij HO 41 to London Jvl 44 to l'aris 86 44 to Paris 31* 41 to Hamburg,,, 41 to Hamburg SS Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jtc., at equally low prices. Persons wishing 10 bring out their friends can buy tickets' here at tho following rates, to New York:?From Liverpool or Quoenstown, l.rst cabin, $75, $*3 and $106. Steerage from Liverpool $!<>, From Qurcnstown $30. These steHiners have superior accommodations for pawn iters, and carry experienwd surgeons. They are built-in Watertight iron sqcikuu, uud have pateut tire atyiiihilators on For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAMS IN.MAN, AiJCiii, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to WAf. 1NMAN> 6 St. Euoeh square; in Uieenstown toO. AW. D. SKYMOUft A i'O.; in London to KI VESA MACKY, 01 King William street; in Paris to JULKS DEt'OlJK, 6 Piac? do la Bourse: in Philadelphia to JOHN G. DALE, 111 Walnut si reel, or at the company'* others. JOHN* O. DALK, AgenL 15 Broadway, New Yorfir. For Southampton and havre, on ^ati/rdat: Oct. 12.?The United States mail steamer K' LTOM, J% A. Wotton commander, will sail from pier 37 N>>rth river, loot of Reach street, on Saturday, Oct. 12. Ti ts steamship?* unsurpassed for safety and comfort?has double engines un der deck, enclosed by water tight compartments, which, las sides other results, tend, iu the event of collision or strand ing, to keep the pumps free to work, and secure the safety of vessel and passengers. For freight or passage apply to GEo! MACKKNZlti, I A*8018- No' 7 j The steamer AUAUo will sail Novemlicr 9. TEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND 1 Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Coaptnjr'a Iron steamship SAXONIA, H. Ehiriscommander,carr.vlngthe United Hilltee mall, will leave from |>irr No. 21 North river, foot of Fulton street, SATURDAY, Oct. ft, at noon, fur Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Havre. London, Southampton and Hamburg. Kirat cabin, $1ik>; second cabin, ,00; steerage, $ '.V The steamers of this line will leave evciy alternate Satur day, carrying the United States mall. The steamship BAV'ARiA will succeed the Saxonla on Oct. 19. C. 1$. &ICUAKD8 A BOAS, 151 Broadway. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BKE MKN, 11. \tfW.s commander, carrying tli? Uuiteil State n mail, will *.iii from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers street, on SATURDAY, October 26, at 12 o'clock M., roH BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, takine passengers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN,. at the following rates:? For the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $G0; steerage, $35. S For freight or passage apply to OEI.RlC" .'IIS A CO., C8 Broad street. Direct steamship ltne between NEW YoltlC, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The new and splendid steamer, A 1, CONORESS, Cant. Limning, 2/00 tons, S00 home power. Will aall I rum Ne? York o? WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16, For Havre and Antwerp direct Price of pabo iye for Havre, Antwerp, Southampton or Lon don :? Flrxt cabin ....,100 Second cabin $80 | Steerage 36 Children b?twe< it one and t?-u vearaot a?e half price. Forfrelfcht apply to WW. F. SCHMIDT, 7'i Hraver rtreet. For pamage apply to llENRY M. WEEl), 187 Weal street. . corner of lt< ade ?ii ,-t. ROTAL MAIL steamship PERSIA FOR LIVER pool.?The PERSIA, 0. II. E. Judklns <? uniaander, will sail from the .-tream on Wednesday neit, th? 9th mat. A steamboat will lily between the company', wharf, at Jeraev City, and the Persia, from 9 to 1# A.M., to convey passengers and b.^age ou board. None hut pas*cn, er? can lie taken on board. The ASIA wllls..ll on llio 2:)<l Instant. E. Ol'NAKD, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR LIVKKI'OdT.?THE SPLENDID CLIPPER SHIP MAHRl.lNjii? NOTfEUOIIM, Caputin f.a'iib. being ontt of the finest slii( 3 alloat, will sail on October!!. Splendid accommodations fur all claasea of passeaLen- Apply oa board, pier 14 East ilver, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 ^outh. suect, near Wall. ITIOR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.?THE packet ship cultivator, lylni; at anchor in th? stream, anils curlv to-mnrrow morning. Room for a few more passenger*. The Resolute sail. October 9. For paa siis? apply to WILLIAMS ? UUION, 40 Fulton str. cL POR LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOtTS LINE.?SAILS ON Monday, October 7, the splendid packet ship OCEAN monarch, lying at pier 40 Eaot river, and tlie packet ship CONSTELLATION, sails October 10. For passage at lovr rates apply on board, or to TAPBCOTT A CO., 86 South St. FOR LIVERPOOL-BLACK BALL LINE OK packets. The clipper s'.iln NEl'TCNE sails Oetolier 14. For pas sage apply on board, foot of Beekman stiect, Last river, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. XI.INE FOR LONDON.?SAILS MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, the splendid packet ship E. II. TAYLOR, Captain, Lord, lying at pier Hi East river. For passage, at low rates, or drafts on England or Ireland, apply to TAi'SCOTT A CO., . 86 South street. FOR CALIFORNIA VTA PANAMA. A Urst class steamer will leave New York on tli* 1st, 11th and 21st of each month, except when these dales (all on Sun day, when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. Forfrieghtor passage apply at the only oTV o, No. B Bow ling Green. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. * ustralian SHIPPERS LINE.?FIRST VESSEL JY off.?The lirt: class clipper ship CONTINENT, will freight a few days longer, and be despnti hed for Mel bourne, direct, positively on Saturday, 8th of C?i tuber. Ship pers will please complete their shipments and si>nd in bills of lading to the ofUce of the subscribers. Can accommodate a few more passengers. Apply on board, ut pier 12 East river, or to FISHER, kiCARDS A CO., 84 Wall street. Australia.?kangaroo line for m;:m!oukne. Clears posiii.elv on lt)th October. The 11 -''le lirst class ship JACK FilOsT, 2,000 ton* burthen, G. T. Ein- ry Co u nninder, can yet accommodate one first cabin and a lew soeund cabin iMtamngers If earlv application is made oa lioaril, pier li?. East river, or to MAILLEU, LORD X UUE REAU, 108 Wall street. I710R RIO JANEIRO, I.OTA (NEAR VALPARAISO) ' and San Krnt.e son.?The Pacific Hull mulifp Com pany will despatch tln-1r new steamship CONSTITUTION, 3.31)0 torn burthen, from N>iv York for the above port*, on or about 1 <t to l.">th November next. Caldii pnKft'iue to Klo (ISO Cabin p?s?u?c' to Lout .? O Cabin passage to Sun Francisco 4X> Fr"lght will al?o lie taken for San KmncUcO II sufficient tn dncement* are oifered. Apply at the office of the company, 88 Wall street. FOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES .MAIL STEAM, ship COLUMBIA, Kicharil Adam*, Unlteil Slue* Navy, commanding, wlil 1. >ve pier No. 4, North Rltvr, <ri Tuesday, October 1ft, .it 12 o'.lo. k, noun, precisely. All lntlersmuat pi'sa through thePout "I., ?. Pa-s.-ngers are re<|iiestcdto procure p.ifc*|mrts before seeming paasaje. Fir frelrhtor passage apply lo SPOKFORD, T1LESTON A CO., tJ liroadway. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The British and Noith American ri val mall steamship KARNAK, Capt. I.e Me>urirr, will Fall for the above porta, from the compan) s whajf, Jersey City, on? Saturday September 14 Monday October 14 Monday ???? November II Passage money lo Nassau $45 Passage money to llavmia (it) For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD. i Bowling Green. PBHSONAL. Any RESPECTABLE PARTIES WISHING TO ADOPT a hue in1 ?ltliy m lie child, one month old, cm do ao by applying at 314 Broome street. New York. BIANCA?You WILL FIND A TREA9DSST NOTE OF $100, pavable, r.iln or s111ne, In fashionable Photograph!? Cartes de, atf2 per dozen, or beautiful Parlor Por traits at $1 each, at tlie Art Gallery, ill Broadwiv. CLEMENTINE.?MRS. MARY BltOWN WHO LIVEO in liti street thive years *ln<v>, or h r alstir, will oolite an old friend by addressing J. C. W., box 3>XI llciald olllce. Friend bryan.?please meet friend b., on Mondays and Wednesday*, at half-past 7 o'cloik, same place. GEO ROE?YOU MAY OET MY PHOTOGRAPH AT TIIE l'.ii'k Uallery, 2#l Broadway. Shall leave hy steamer to-doy. All well." Love, good bye. nOBOKE.V.-TlIE YOUNG LADY WHO CROSSED1 from 15nvlaj street to llobokcn about sis o'clock on Tbur day evening In -omp inj with a lady and child, after ward* walklm; along W.isnhi ;ton street, will confer afavoi up ..'i the gentlem in wha attracted her attention il she would allow him to m ike her acquaintance. Address K. P., Post olllce, Hoboken. HE.VRIETTK.-I FEAT! YOU MISUNDERSTOOD ME. I li i v ? be" i ei i't- of Twelfth street and Fourth avenue tli" last three ; at 7'j o'clock. C nil" to nlqht, 3th, or on Sun.lav, a. 1 i'. ,d., or addrcas (VS. K., s'atlon D Post olllce. "CIIICKERINU SAM." XNFORMATJ IN' \Y A N'TED?OF JAMES AND TIIOMAH Clark an I Mi 'uc! C i'^idy; when lewr h-irl from ?vi? In Indiana, by lit -tr a -iter It -idget Ciark. ?.">fi E ist Fourteenth street, near avenue i A4<irnsa are of John Fay. IF THE PARTY V, <10 IS WRITING IN RELATION tO L (1. II. or II. will discontinue tlio correspondence they will obli ?*??. I .i l-m; sine,, banished entirely from my tuiadal. i -oil- ions waicli have made in" iiiaappy. CARitIK LESLIE. IF RAYMOND Wf)i;LD LIKE TO IIE\U FRO* Sl'SIB lie cm da so by sendine a note to the Broadway Post' orflctt itii.:: wh'tv an Interview can be had. I have node sire to in jure v- in/ only object la lo see you once more. The children are ill well SUSIE, ^ Tetter rhcxived?'I will try vnd come dowh J duiMi:; In 1 " ^ 01.1,1II C.M ARt'il. Mrs dbie .ino, mm or obrrit h. driklino, of Ro-hf.H ????. S. Y., win s.ilied !'or U 'rmany in SepteiH Iwr 181*), all I iriiiili supposed to have returned and to hn now In tills ci'.,\ r: ri'.pie* ?' io call at tin Consulate Geno ral'sof tlie Net le ?; inJ". 45 U i h.nig" pine ?. Any informn. lion III re,!' d 11 said |i u'sou iviil bo thankfully received, and may be dfruci'' . as above. KS. WAN 'Y FEI.L WILL PI.EVSTi RBND A NOTE ith her a i . -ass. to Mr. M >rri , II iral I o:lice. MSB. JtJLlA A. CHADWICK WILL HEAR OF BOX* n .\v< 111| - i.|.-.,.i(:n{e .... sending 11 note, giving her adi dri S, to Mr. W .'.kins, Harill olUne. M. II. VAN BEUREN, THE FORMER WIFE OF Charles V.i-i i". ? n. .. < in h u*a mtihlngto he r ad van ti.y: by patting a . i with her a ldi ) lu tlio general l'ual OUlce. U.rocttoJ. II S. Mm. -have r:;T'"usb!>, and will be is . itro.uiway at I ,>'cl ? k to day i, 4atn rday), and irotilJ I . I .1 I.,-? ? ? vim tiier ?. Asnver. II. II. ?\\r\NTF.l>?SOME ONE fO ADOPT A BEACTIFUl \\ l; ye O" 'Id, n:' V.n-'rle.m par-nta:". None bill ? d I pill.-, v is lor on., week D. L Cli..' >n. lir ia i .viy Postolnco, N. Y. XV"11'!' r" : GfiVTLEMAN W.f.I T.IK BLACK M0U9 It le he an I .tr? *e I In 'erown uu. -I lu:. . whiero'* e I 'lie !? tori f ? r.- in W- l v ? day u u- > n ) 1 .cr '2 a'lei v.- r 11 -.v.i.* 1 1 tin P.lit >n stree', ,? ? i-i:e to Ml* Fannie *t ?, Urial.viy P'-t o'1 \ - aln ; how an into* TWW uiajf ttf U*4 WiW the pan/ suudtu* uvu luotl MBw

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