Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1861 Page 7
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SALES AT AUCTION. Ed. calxkins, auctioneer. hake. Klch and cot th Houmihold Kurnlture, Elegant rosewood Pianoforte, Koaewood Parlor Sulta, In brocalel; Valuable* Paintings, Irtlatlc Broiues, Marble Groups. Ac. Saturday, O.-i. 5, at the elegant private tosldenoe JIB Weat Fourteenth atreet, near Kiuhui avenue, Commencing at 2 o'clock In the ;itt<Tnoon. w Tba aale ooiuiulavi the entire contcntaof the houae. The JU< ?ant Parlor rtirulture was made to or.ler, and !? la tidld ' ?o- wood. The whole will be sold to Hie hi client bidder for ?eah, offering extra Inducements to purcli i? t ?<, us the entire Vitruiture ot tlx' house la nearly new, and luuat Lu aold to the mortgage. Elegant rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, with all modem ^mprovcmcuu, overstrung bass,j<oari keys, Ac., ?fch rosewood Stool, covered In satin. ami embroidered cover; Ibri'i* elegant full nulla of rosewood Jrarl<r Furniture. In rich Brocade and satin; rosewood Et^gercSt splendid and costly ?>ai tan Ornani nt , ilcb Vases, Ac. Also a mugnliicent col fisctisn of rare Paintings, loscwood Turkish Eisy Chairs. In Jjtuj reps; rosewood Centre and Side marble top Tables, richly Chamber Suit-*, in rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carv ?d Bedsteads Washstands, Sofa Beds, in i.iie haircloth; ten 0ure Ilalr Mattresses, from 40 to U) po mJs, made to order And in excel,, nt condition. _ Pining Room Furniture consists of fine oak Extension Ta plea, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and SilverOntlerv, rorks, Bpoons, 4c, Ac., with heavy cut and eugraved Glassware oi pvi ry ilwiinUou. Sale positive, ^ M. Ci 1.T1N Si CO., AUCTIONEERS. Elegant lirst class Household Furniture, Paintings, A It A Statuary, Bronzes, Ac., At public auction, on thin day (Saturday), a110% o'clock, l the ten < dice of Chas. Bevere, 52 W? s Sixteenth street, stween Fift \ and Sixth avenues, catalogue comprising the .rgest una r heat assortment of liousen<dd t luimuo;, Ac., Tered at auction this season:?Solid curved n m wood Piaiio rto, Drawing Room Suits, Brocade ami Laco Curtain a, oronze and ormolu Chandeliers, bronze Clockh, Bookcase, Jtegeres, Centre Tables, Oil Paiutin^a by eminent art relict and Brussels Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China * * rJL r * ~ ' ~ * itegeres, Centre Tables, Oil Paintings by eminent artist#, ?t and Brussels Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China Or 3Uts, cak Sideboard, Extension Table, Couches, Arm a. Silverware, Sh<*llleUl Table Cutlery, engraved Glass ware, rosewood and mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Ward OlK!S, Commodes, Bedsteads, pure Hair Mattresses, Bhiti* eta. Oilcloth, Stair Carpets, Ingrain Carpets, Solas, lockers, Chairs, Minora; also, large assortment of Basement ad Kitchen furniture. ? A M. MlvKWIN, AUCTIONEER.?BY BANGS, MEIl all WIN Ac CO., 594 and r??M>Broadway, to be sold by auc tion, on Monday evening, October 7, laol, at halt-past six 2'clock, a private library of scarce and valuable Books in all le departments of litora ture. - ? ?-? ?' "1 ?? i ? 111 AUCTION NOTICE. SI El IAil AND ATTRACTIVE sale. TLIIS DAY (SATURDAY), OCTOBER & We invite particular attention to our aale <>f this day, which will be found to include assortments of desirable RIBBONS, SILK DRESS (JO0D8, Full lines of Shawls and Travelling Shawls, Fl 'l assort rneuts of Woollen and Coltou Hosiery, Jackets, Shirts and Drawers, ?vc. STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. BOOTS AND SHOES. 1U0 cases new Goods Received dir?*ct from manufacturers. ALSO SOFT HATS, STRAW BONNETS, <fcC.t AC. Catalogues and go?-ds now ready. WM. TOPPINtf Ac CO., Auctioneers, Noa. 9 ami 11 Park place and No. b Murra) street. A UCTION NOTICE.?AN EXCELLENT OPPORTlTNITY j/V. lor thos?* commencing housekeeping to j?et g??od Kumi itire. Tills day. at HO Eighth street, near Astor place, at I0>i O'clock, one ot Kcard's }<atent grand action 7'^ octave Pianos, lr? n frame; one Parlor Suit, covered in velvet miKiuet; one Ho., cor?? red in medallion; one do.,coveicd in haircloth? feeven pie?vs each; Bookers, Sola Tables, mahogany, rose ^rooU und cam* ?*at Chairs; liruasels and Ingrain Carpets, Crockery, Glassware and the Furniture of ei^ht bedrooms Complete, and everything belonging to a lirat class live story )lotibc. Will be sold without reserve. Auction notice.?a family giving up house keepiiu; will dispose of all their Furniture at private ?aic at a great sacrifice for cash, consisting of two Parlor J!uits, covered in rich brocatel; each suit coat last May $200; *rill be sold one suit at $1U), and one for $W; rosewood Ete {?erc, Centre Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Bed Jding, Curtains, Carpets, Ac. Apply at Waverlcy place, loorner oi Sixth avenue. Auction notice.?new and second hand Vehicles, this day, at 12 o'clock, by EZRA LUDLOW, Jr., at nis salesrooms, 85 Liberty street, one door west of 'JSroadway, '^A ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF CLOTHING, PIECE GOODS, jsx. Ac.?A. M. CRlSTALAR, auctioneer, 2.1 Bowery, will 0cll, ou Mom *y, October 7, at 10^ o'clock, a large and gene ral assortment of seasonable Clothing, comprising Cloth, Cn&felmere, Pilot and Petersham Frock, Sack, Business and Overcoats; Doeskin, Cloth, Cassimere ami Satinet Pants; pBllk, Satin ,-,ud Velvet Vests; a large lot of Casslmeres, Satinets, Plots, Beavers, Petershams, Vesting*, Alpacas, Xtnen Drl.imt', Marseilles; Buttons, Trimmings, Sewing Bilk, Shirts, Drawers, Ac.; also Boois and Shoes, Watclu s Bud Jewelry, Ac., Ac.; also a large lot of Gutta Pcrcha Vbods. k A B81GNKE S BALE OF BRASS GOODS AND DOMES liv lie II irdivure.?WHITTEMORE IJA/ELL, uuc Alouecrs, will sell, nil Monday, October It, at 10 o'clock A. M., at 16 Piatt street, tlio entire stock of I In- above mentioned fiods, together with Iron Safe, Desks, Counters mid OlDce urniture contained In said store. Terms cash. By order of ^ J. CUTLER FILLER, Assignee. A RARE CHANCE FOR DOCK BUILDERS.?BY VIR g\. tue of u i tiuuol mortgage I will expose lor public sale a Floating Steam Pile Dtf vlug Machine ol superior power ?nd Jn Hrst rate working ord r, on Wednesday, Octobei 7, at 12 O'clock noon, nt the railroad dock loot of Atlantic street, South Brooklv n. THOMAS KEATING. Constable. Browne a nichols, auctioneers, will sell on Saturday, October 6, at 1 o'clock, in front ol : leg room* 34 N< - in street, a very fine pair of Imy Horses, pony built, Morgan stock, 8 years old, IS hands nigh, war tsmod sound, kind and gentle in every particular; a com ?lete pair of horses lor ull work, good single as well aa ouble, one a superior saddle hoi Be. To be ttoid without re Serve. Also, A close second hand Carriage, city built. In good order; tlmi a city Second hand Top Wagon, a Coupe Rockaway, turn over seat Rockaway, one extension lour scaled Car riage, very light, pole and shafts; two no-top Wagons. ? ROWNE ,t NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL > on Saturday, October 5, at 1 o'clock, in front of sales Mim SS.Nis^wi street, a bay Mare, full 15% hands htgli, ? xid stepper and line road mare; can trot in 3%. Perfectly ound, kind and gentle lu all harness, and a perfect saddle east. >ROWNK A NICHOLS, auctioneers, WILL SELL ) on Saturday, October 6, at l'J% o'clock, at salesroom 39 Bissau street, the contents of a to st class private house, Mrhlcb will lie removed to our Salesroom for convenience of ?ale, consisting of rich rosewood Parlor and Chamber Suits, Vrench plate Mirrors, Velvet and Brussels Carols, Bluing Bloom Furniture, elegant rosewood seven octave Piano, to gether with all the Kitchen Furniture, Glassware, Crockery, Xe., with which the s ile ivill commence. ]T\ANIEL A. MATHEWS, auctioneer.?SALE S Jy room 711 Nassau street, between Fulton and Jolm streets. MORTGAGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ANV ROSEWOOD PIANO, MADE BY CHICKERINO. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will sell at suction, by virtue of chattel tnorgigc, on Wednesday, October 0, 1861, at 10% o'clock, at Mi salesroom 79 Nassau street, a quantity of Monsehold Furniture and one rosewood s ven octave Piano forte, made liy tlhlckering. The sale of the above was to liave taken place on Friday, the 4th Inst., but was adjourned until the above date. By order. LOUIS H. VULTE, Attorney for Mortgagee. DWARD 8CHENCK. AUCTIONEER. SALE OK FINE OIL PAINTINGS. By EDWARD SC1IENCK, this day, the 5th Inst., at eleven o'clock, at Ills salesrooms, 155 and 157 Broadway, a Collection of line mo lern OH Paintings, comprising Mari ners, Landscapes, Exteriors, Cattle Pieces, Ac., Ac among *rhlch will be found several GUARANTEED ORIGINALS, Wl*:? AN EXTERIOR by DE BRAC.KELIER. Do. I>o hy VAN SEVERDONCK. f INTER SCENE by SMhTZ. OONLIGIIT by KEltRIMANS. ANDSCAl'E by HOESSETS. Also many other*, by well known artists. Tlie Paintings ?re now on exhibition, and the attention of those In want of |Bnc paintings is invited to the same. FCOLTON, auctioneer?LARGE SALE OF GEN . teel Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors, Ac ?This day (Sa turday), Oct.iher 5, at 113 t niton street, to nr Nassau, at 10% ?O'clis k, rose .nid Parlor Suits In bro 'alel, mahogany Solas, ten or tifteen Carpets of different kinds, Feather Beds, Com Sorters, large and small Mirrors, thirteen Oitlce Di sks, Hair Mattress ,-s, p scwood and mahogany B -dstca ls, Et> gere, fclack walnut Bureaus, six dozen curl maple Chairs, Louugje fceii. Stoves, Refrigerators, Bureaus and Wardrobes, together With a large assortment of other goods. GEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER?SUPERB IIOUSE 'VT hold Ftirnlture, this day, at II o'clock, nt store 141 Br adway, consisting ol Parlor, Chamber and Library Fur niture, en suite and otherwise; Sideboards, Bookcases, Etc f;er> s, Work Tables, Wardrobes, Extension Tables, Ac. Cata eigne- at sale. OEOUGK COOK, AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY, AT 12 o'clock, at store 141 Broadway, live Gold Watches, for ?ecount ol wltom It may concern. Alsoaune Gold and one Silver Watch. TTENRY II. LEEDS, auctioneer.?HENRY H* J1 LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auction, on Saturday, Oct S, at 10% o'clock, at salssroom No. 23 Nassau street. To con fectioners, hotel keepers, Ac. The entire Invoice of French Fancy Boies, Sugared Fruits, elegant Cartes Pieces, Ac., to decorate tables; Green Fruits, Chocolate Figures, from til celebrated house of MHSsou.of Paris; Flowers and Viim-s, ,Fastllloge Vases, with Grapes, Temples, Bouquet, Ac., for (11 li ner parties; Numbers and Letters, of all sizes, for military; Cordial Dingoes, Fruits, Extracts, Miniature Champagne, Trunks, l'a|>er Boxes, Ac.; Pate* de Foie Gran, of various (lumbers, and other articles for decorations of tables, Ac. The abov ? tvere recclred direct front Paris, with directions to i>e sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Can be ex amined on the morning of sale as above. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer-henry h. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Saturday, Octo toer 5, at 10% o'clock, nt the Captain's Exchange Hotel, 431 fcrootne str.-et, a few doors east of Broadway, the Household Furnltuie contained in the aliove restaurant and hotel, con sisting or a general assortment of mahogany and black wal nut Furniture, Iron Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Mattresses, Feather Beds and Pillows. Oil Cloths, Stoves, Mirrors, Curtains, Sheets and Napkins, China And Glassware, Restaurant Tables and Table Ware, very tine Bar Fixtures and Counter, Clocks, Palntln;sand Engravings, Kitchen Ware, mid other articles, without reserve. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer?henry 11. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Monday, Oetolier F. St 10% o'clock, at 61 West Thlrty-feventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, genteel Household Furniture, the nruperty of a family declining housekeeping, consisting of welvct and Brussels Carpets, Pier Mirrors and Cornl'-es, rosewood Parlor Suits In crimson silk brocatel, Center Table, Clinks, Ac. Dining Room?Of oak, Buffet, Extension Table, Chairs and Couch covered In reps, China, Glass and Table Vare B liooms?t 'ounce Enamelled Suits, Carpets, Cur tains. Spring and other Mattresses, Ixiungcs and Brussels Carpets and other furniture, including Kitchen Furniture, ivitli which the sale will commence. Hk>r/gi:een, auctioneer?will sell this (lay, ?t 10% o'clock, st the auction store lM William ?treet. Groceries, Wines, Llnuors, A'\ ; Smoked and Plekled Werilugs, I'l kled Ifibsters, Smoked Beef and Hams, Prunes, Vermicelli, Maccarnnl, Tea, Spices, Anchovies, Brandy, Gin, Sum, Port Wine, Champagne, Cordials, Bitters, Belters Wa ter. Segars, A Also, at 12 o'clock, one Grover A Baker's Bewlng Machine, quantity of Coats, Pants, Vests, Dry and Fancy Goo,is, Yankee Notions, several Gold and Silver wnlclies, Jewelry, Ac. "Vf DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 85 NAS sail street, a few doors trom Fulton. MORTGAGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, .. Bi u-s.'ls Carpels, Oilcloths, Parlor Suits, Ae. pv GII'I'Y will s U this day (Saturday), October#, at io'j o clc k, n'. the salesroom V Nassau street, by virtue of a Chattel Hi i cnge, one rosewood Parlor Stilt, covered In prlmson and maroon brocatel; two black walnut do., one #o!id black >\ ihim Dining Room Suite, covprftd In reps cost f250; ni ? top Centre Tables, Bookcases, Et^geres, ^rus ST. ,*0 . 1 < !irp< t?, Bntrots, Exierwion Ditiinff Tables, < Div~-J?tin fftus, Wn?h?(ainls, Hcdstends, IaM' *\\ r L' 5C-?whole to bo soli) tor orUci of L. Auorue^ for Mortgagee I SALES AT AVCTI OS. Mortomji; sale.?by viutVk ok chattel moot E*Sf, I Will **11 ut auction, OH Sal unlay, < Mir kh- 5, at 10'j o'clo k, Ht J11 ?lr,-et. Machinery. wimiirUIng one Cutting un-t outs Drilling Machine, lot ot I uilie#, Belting, Vieea, Hammer#, Saws. Chlscla, Bcraw 1"^?* l<*8' Cramp#, Square#, BcruwOrtvirfi, iiand Saws, riles, 1 lauca. Work Benches, Rocket Cramp# am) Punching Frame*. Tonga forKus lilting. Lead Pipe lor punching Scale#, Dv?k#,Ch?il?a, Tabic, Iron S-ite, Wrenches. Anvil*, Pits*, Stove, and every thing amtained in i-atd establishment. HKNKV W l.ST, Attorney for Mortgage. _ MORTGAGE SALE.?JOHN H. BURLEY. Auc tioneer, will sell thin day, at 2 o'clock, ut 444 Canal street, marble top and other Bureau*, Sofas, Sofa Bed#, Wardrobe#, mahogany Rocking and other Chairs, Suits, in haircloth; Centre and other Table*, mahogany, black wal nut and other Bedstcada, Washstands. Bookstands, Pier, Muntel and other Glasses; oak Buffet#, llatatands, Cooking Moves, II new and lOaecond hand Hair Mattr?#?e#, Feather Beda, two of Wheeler A Wilson'# Hewing Machine#. Gas Fixture#, Oilclotha, Tuzzar#, Blauket#, Comforter#, Bedding, Cutlery, Ac. By order of J.tinea Whiting, Attorney lor Mortgagee. Also a large quantity of Brussels, Velvet, 'ihree ply and other Carpets. SAT. BOG A ET, AC CTION E E RS?-O FFICE NO. 1 NORTH ? William street.?Con#taS'l<-'# sale, liy virumol a wuri\ni[ to ine, directed by Jame* Kelly. Reviver of Taxesfor the city and eouuty ot' New Vork, 1 will expo#? for *ale on Thursday, ths 10th day of October, lrttfl, at 11 o'clock in the lorenoon, at No. 117 Nassau street, all the Furniture and Fixtures ot the Artisan* Bank, consisting of Counter*, Denks, Table*, Chair*, Stools, Gas Chandeliers and Fixture#, Bank Vault#, Iron Sale#, Carpet#, Oilcloth, Ac., Ac. JOHN. 11. HILLIBR, Constable. CJ A J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEERS.?MONDAY, OCT. 7, at ll)>3 o'clock, at 180 West Etgh teen Ih street, near Eighth avenue, Household Furniture, hola*, Tables, Cnaira, Carpets, Oilcloth, Looking Gla##, Bedstead#, Beds ami Bed ding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. L2 A ?> BOOART, AUCTIONEERS?THX8 DAT, at W% O. o'clock, at the auction rooms. No. I North William street?Mortgage sale olUee Furniture, consisting of two Wilder Sales, one Herring1#, one Delano, two mahogany Dc#ks, Chairs, Stool*, Benches, Stove and Pi|?e, Copying Pre*# and Stand, Matting. Ak?, a lot of household furni ture. Sot a*, Lounges. Table#. Chait #, Wa#h#tands, t 'ar|iels, Ac. Jl> 11N W. BOMERlNDYixE, Attorney for Mortgagee. SA J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS?THIS DAY, AT 11 ? o'clock, at the auction room*. No. 1 North William street?*Assignee's sale of the entire Stoek and Fixture# of a Thread and Needle Store?two su)>eiior Sewing Machine*, Ribbons, Trimming*, Buttons, Lace, Hosiery, Gloves, Broche Shawls, Counter, Ae. Also eleven boxes Coil'ee, four boxes Tea, and a variety of other article*. "WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. ft Large #ale of Stove* at auction on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The entire Stock contained in the Stove Factory, No. 372 Pearl street, con*isting of evciy description and sue ol Cooking, Parlor, l!;irr(Hiin, Albanian. Meteor, Gasburner, Kuby, Eve liin; Stir, Fancy Franklin#, Victory Range. Uncle Tom C"oking and le viathan, Globe, and a great variety for tailors' and laundrv use, without reserve. Sale to commence at It)^ oM i k A. M. T1TILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 4 ? f East Broadway, sell# on this day, at 10>? o'clock, all the Furniture and Barroom Fixture# in the liquor store 370 Water street, Counter#, Bedsteads, B hling, Beer Pumpa, Ac TSTILIjIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 4 n East Broadway, will #ell on Monday, at 10}? o'clock, the contciils of the fancy Barroom No. 1IG Bowery?large French Mirror#, Oil Paintings, splendid Counter#, Oilcloth, Beer Pump#, Fancy Door*, Ac. FINANCIAL.. 4 TLA NTIt' SAVINGS BANK, CHATHAM SOLA HE. JV open daily. Deposits from 25 cents to $5,1)00 received. Kii |>? r wot Interest allowed. Deposits made before October 20 draw Interestas from Int. M. L). VAN l'KLT, President. Joseph P. Cooper, Secretary. flERTIFIED CLAIMS ON THE WAR AND NAVY DE jlOHN B. MURRAY, Banker, No. 39 Nassau street, opposite llie Pout office. PATRIOTIC LOAN. The new 7 3 10 |>er cent TREASURY NOTES nre rea Iy for delivery, and may be had for CITY FUNDS at either of our offices. TAYLOR BROTHERS, No. 76 Wall atreet, corner of Peart. No. 217 Broadway, comer of Murray street. We deal In nil of the other GOVERNMENT AND STATE STOCKS, 1IANK AND RAILWAY SHAKES. Quarterly report of the chemical bank, ou Saturday, the 2lst day of September, 1801 ?? HKSOl'RCKS. Loans and Discounts $1,74#,844 48 Overdrafts l,lt>5 72 Due from Banks and Foreign Hankers 140,487 33 Due from the Directors of the Bank.. $3S,9:ii> 89 Real Estate M 423 09 Specie 2,902,318 99 Cash Items, viz.Cheeks, Ac., mostly received In regular course of business of the previous day 239,885 34 sio ks oi City and State of New York, of the Suite of Ohio and of the United Slates. Bonds and Mortgages. 11:11s of solvent Bunks. Loss and Expense Account. Total $5,829,805 39 LIABILITIES. Capital $300,000 00 Circulation registered $481,900 1)0 Less notes on hand 84,300 00? 397.MO 00 Profits 7*1.859 2(1 Due to Bauks 130,113 67 Due Treasurer of the United States 52,3t'iO 00 Due Depositors on demand 4,218,992 52 Total $5,829,805 39 State or New York, Coustrr o* Srvr York, sa.?John Q. Jones. President, and George G. Williams, Cashier of the Chftnii nl Hank, an Association located and doing business at New York, In said eounty, being duly and severally sworn, each for himself saith, that the foregoing Is, In all respects, a true statement of the condition of the said bank before the transaction of any business on the morning of Saturday, the 21st day of September, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one. In respect to each and every of the Items and particular* above speclliel, according to the best of his knowledge and hellet, and that the business of the said bank has been aud is transacted at the location aforesaid. J. O. JONES, President. G. G. WILLIAMS. Cashier. Severally subscribed Slid sworn by both deponents, the 3d iluy of October, 1861. II. C. Tallnax, Notary Public. KAII.KOAI) SECURITIES, STATE BONDS, CITY AND County Bonds of every description, bought ami sold bv WM. A. OUEST, 33 Wall street. Wanted, $50 (S:0 Municipal Bonds City of Milwaukee, $10,OHO Municipal Bonds ( I > of Chicago. Also, low numbers of 1a Crosse and Milwaukee Land tlraut Bonds. UNITED STATES LOAN. 7 5-10 TREASURY NOTES. Orricx or Kktchum, Son A Co.,) No. 40 Exchange place, > Nrw York, Sept. 21,1860. ) Pursuant to Instructions front the Secretary of th" Trea sury. a book litis this day been opened nt the above office for subscription*, under liiy superintendence, for Treasury Notes, lo be Issued In sums of llfty, one hundred, live hun dred. one thousand, or live thousand dollars each, payable August 19, 1864. and hearing Interest at the rate of 7 .4-10 per cent per annum, sucli Interest payable semi-annually, and represented by coupons, which may be detachcd and present ed fo r payment separately from the notes. Tin' above rate of Interest pays two cents each day on every hundred dolbtrs, and parties taking the notes must pay ac crued Interest from the date of the notes, August 19, to the date of their subscription. MORRIS KETCHUM. No. 40 Exchange Place, > Nkw York, Sept. 21, 1801. I To facilitate the objects for which the above Agency has been established, we will receive from subscribers certified checks upon the banks of this city and current Iwuk notes, ourselves furnishing coin to the required amount. We will also, It desired, send tile certificates of deposit to Washington, obtain the Treasury notes, aud forward them to any given address. No charge will be made for the above services. Nkw York, Sept. 29, 1801. Having been supplied by the Secretary of the Treasury, I am now prepared to furnish Treasury notes bearing interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent per annum, payable to order as required, and of the various denominations Immediately upon deposit therefor In gold or current funds. 1 ' MORRIS KKTCHUM. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, NO. 129 CANAL STREET, CORNER OF VARICR. Open dallv from IU to 2, and from 5 to 7 P. M. Six Per Cent Interest allowed on all sums of $500 and under,and Five Per Cent on larger amounts. Deposits maiik IKfOItt OCTOSIilt 20 WILL BKAIt !.> ri.'RMT I KO* THE I.ST t*ST. THIS BANK HAS RECEIVED ON DEPOSIT DURING THK PAST 19>? MONTHS im.Zl* 33 E. V. IIAUOHWOUT, President. Oard.ver S. OnAPtff, Secretary. WANTED?TO LOAN, $4.0?> FOR ONE YEAR OR tt more, for which a liberal bonus would be given and security on real estate in Brooklyn worth six times the amount. Address II. H. II., box 214 Herald office. a./in nnn at s,x pek cent, for a term of ?P vJV".V'' 7' / years, to loan on bond and mortgage, on Broadway property. Principals only need apply to GEORGE HUSSEY, 50 William street, basement. Also $4,000, $5,000 and $7,000 at seven per cent. DIIY GOODS. Auction goods, auction goods, auction Goods?RON ALDSON .t ME A RES having removed to corner of Nineteenth street and Sixth avenue, are now of fering great bargains In all kinds of Goods, purchased at auc tion. Ladl ?* will find bargains In Hosiery and Undergarments. A full line of Ribbons, Velvets (all colors), Trimmings, ,te. Embroideries, Laces, Small Wares, 4c.; afresh lot of Kid Gloves, from auction, 63c.; worth $1; a fresh lot of un dres-ed Kid, from auction, 25c.j well worth 75c.; 2,1**) Neck Ties, new styles, 25c.; Broadway price, 5s.; best Needles, 3c. n paper; l'lns, 4c. a paper, 4c. KONALDSON X ME ARES, corner 19th st. and 6th av. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. E. S. MILLS ft CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS GREAT BAROAIN9 IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. 342 AND 344 BROADWAY. (1 LOSING SALE AT 885 BROADWAY, CORNER OF J Nineteenth Street.?A large stock of Laces, Embroide rs* and Fancy Goods, to be sold at a great sacrifice to close out the stock. Ladl's will do well to call, ana effect a great saving In their purchase!. Dry goods.?a bankrupt stock selling at a sacrifice nt 37 Chamber* street. Silks, Laccs, Dress Goads, Merinoes, Hosiery, Shawls, Buck Gloves, Woollen Kim is, Ac Merchants are Invited to call. IMPORTANT To BUYERS' OF HOYS', YOUTHS' AND Children's Clothing for Fall and Winter Wear.?We have now on hand a very large stork of the above goods, w hich we will sell lower th in any otter house In the city, wholesale and retail. JONES A LEWIS, I3;l Fulton street, tip stairs, between Nassau and Broadway, Sew York. Window ahades . at lowest prices. buff and white Holland, UOLD and PAINTED. J. C. MORSE, 638 Broadway. ?\VANTED?ABOUT ONE HUNDRED YARDS OF car T T peilng in exchange for Diamond* or Watches. Address box 222 llerald office. ; ~ HlliUSTBRT. AT MRS. SIMMONS', 637 BROADWAY?1 beautiful assortment of Fall and Winter Millinery, In every shade and color of Velvet* and Silks. Also, Straw nnd Hea rer Hats for ladle*, misses and children, at the lowest cash prices. Mrs. 11M. SIMMONS, 637 Broadway. Bargains this day-fall bonnets at $s and $i>, worth $9. Prices reduced. Children's Hats, new styles Velvet Bonnets, Turban Hats. Old Hsttrepalred. L. UlNN'S, Millinery, 681 Broadway, up Main, THE TURK. UNION COURSE, U I.?TROTTINO,?ON TUESDAY, October 8. ut S o'clock, a inauli for $1W, nil!'" heats, ln ?t three in fire, in haruciw, play or pay. !>. I'flfer inmci l> atallluii Vouiil' Jacluoni C. Young unm?* bay horm. Toenme off ou a good Jay. SHAW 4 WHITE, Proprietor*. HOUSES, C A K HI AUKS, ?SfC. An iMaiamyCTiaitoUMi carriages and light H ugons for aul<- l>y Ml NEK a sri'.VKSS, 72 Walker ?lrcol, lirst door east of Broadway, A FINE BLACK SADDLE HORSE. SOUND AND kind, ttn? driver, $1-1); 11 line giav Horse, wniml uml kind, got 'nver, $100; a brown Horse, apleudId driver, $8.1; also a ur..\ Hoi s,., a good business horse, Apply for three day* at 72 Charles street. I poll SALE?A HANDSOME DAPPLE GRAY MAKE, eight yearn old. fifteen hands high, kind and suitable lor Central Park driving or other light wot k. l'rlce $120. Apply to WM. F. OSBORN, No. 219 West Nineteenth street, from 7 to 9 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M. BpOR SALK?A DARK CI1KSTNUT MARE, lft^ HANDS high. sound am! k n 1 In harm'snam! to saddle; < an trot in 3:10. Can l>e Keen for a week at Walker's stable, Mcrter street, between Amity uml Fourth streets. 1.10R HALE?A HANDSOME PAIR OF HAY MAKES, fifteen hands high, ktud In all harness, ami good saddle mares; can trot together In three niluutes. Inquire at Id Weet 'I hlrteenth street. I poll SALE?TWO HEAVY I'ART HORSES, CHEAP, 1 for cash; one Canadian Stud, about 15 handa hikh, ami one Cart llortie, about lt?>? bands blah, seven years old; sold for want of use. Apply to PATRICK LYONS, Cypress Hills Plank Road, near Ridge wood Reservoir. FOR SALE?THREE HORSES. AMONG THEM ARE two of the handsomest family horses in the city, live and six years old, both ilupple brown, 15)^ hands high.* Also a beautiful fast trotter Station and Hue work horse: price $65. Apply at 48 Chryatie street. "pOR SALE?ONE 81 NO LB TRUCK, PERFECTLY NEW: I? also Pole and Whntlctrees. One Double Truck, i?eeonu hand, in perfect runtime order. For cash a bargain. Apply to j ADAM BLAIR, Columbia street, near State, Brooklyn. jfcoR SALE-A PAIR OF WELL MATCHED IRON 1/ gray Mares, Jtyi hands high, six and seven yearn old; veiy stylish. Also a two seated shining top Wagon ami dou ble set of Harness, new last May. Will be sold 'cheap. Can be seen at 41 West Tb ?t. enth street, tram 9 to 12 A. M. IjpOR SALE?NEARLY NEW, A ONE HORSE WAGON. ; with shifting to]), suitable lor a business wa^on or light express; to be seen at 151 East Twenty-third street, lor two days. IpOR SALE?A PAIR OF HORSES WITH CARRIAGE 1 and Harness. Horses stylish and large; color bay and light chestnut, partly thoroughbred; carriage and harness In good order. The property of a gentleman who has no fur ther use for them. Cheap for ex ah. Apply at the Irving stables, 4,8 East Fifteenth street, near Fourth aveuue. IlOR SALE?A HANDSOME GRAY HORSE, SUITED for saddle, 15 hands hltfh, kind and K*'ntl? ; has been used as a military horse at Washington. Will he hold cheap, as the owner has no further use for him. Also, a military Saddle and Bridle, Ac. Apply at Van Ranst's stables, 27l Canal street, near Broadway. IpOB SALE AT A BARGAIN?FOUR HORSES; WILL 1 work in alttglc or double harness. Also, two spring Trucks, suitable for express business or heavy work. In quire at th'* stable, 340 M'ldlsoti street. IP OR SALE t HEAP-TWO SECOND HAND COACHES, : in good order. To be seen at Gould s stable. Forty-f ird street and Sixth avenue. Particulars of D. CLOSE, 14? Ful ton street. IflOR SALE CHEAT?A STYLISH BAY UOR8E, FIK ' teen hands high, six years old, sound and kind in single and double harness: also business Wagon and Harness. Ap ply to s. D. LANTKK, M Third aveuue. I poll SALE AT A BARGAIN?GROCER S TOP WAGON, 1 Horse and Harness, separate or together, at hall pilee. Can be seen at the TattersalPs stable, corner ol Sixth aveuue and Thirty-ninth streets, for two days. I OFFER FOR SALE THE FINEST AND MOST STY Ush pair of Horses in America, lr> hands high, bays, long, full, natural tails. J. o. TAYLOR, ageui, 105 East Twenty.fourth street. SOME EIGHT NEAT GROCERS' AND EXPRESS WA gons for sale cheap; also one good Feed Wagon, st STEWART'S Wagon Factory, Fifty-third street, between Broadway am) Eighth avenue. TRUCK WANTED.?A SECOND HAND TRUCK CAPA ble of carrying 45 ewt. Any |>erson having the hum*' for sale cheap can lino a cash customer by api lying to HENRY HANF1ELD, 39V Washington Market, V* cut street side. "IITILL ARRIVE THIS MORNING FROM LIVINGSTON Tt county, N. Y., one very line pair hay Horses. Will be one red at a low price to make quick sale. Can be seen at MctroiKdltan stables, corner of Pi aud Crosby streets. WANTED?HORSES TO BOARD THROUGH THE winter, on a farm near Troy. Eleven box stalls; best English hay. Price $5 per mouth. Reference given. In quire of J. DEWEY, 117 Bowery. A THE WAR. 4 TTKKTION.?RECRUITS WANTED, FOR "SEWARD'S J\. Own Regiment," lor the land transportation o army stores. Heudqnarters 101 Varick street. Apply from IDA. M. till J 1\ M. GEO. TEN EYOK, Captain. VTTBMTIONl?A FEW HORUR8 wantkd at m> 10 Ceutre street, to till the ranks of Company 1). First n giment Irish brigade, uit<t<(r the command of Colon**! HttgHlt. CapUln JOHN CONWAY. NY ONE hayini; FBOM TWENTY P1TBTO THIRTY men on hand, w ithout waiting to recruit, may s em e any reasonable price lor the gam > aud ffet them in the bent regiment in the country, by addressing W. M. Noble, Herald oftke. A MILITARY MAN, HAVING A SMALL 1HJXBBR of men that are now ready to 1m* mu ate red into a com* i?;uiy noirly full, can hear of a good chaoee for a S u und lieutenancy in the best regiment in the United State*, by addn Ming \V. Z. Z., I If raid oilirw. DERROM s patent portable cotta<;!-:s.?the simplest, neatest and cheapest mode of house building yet produced for temporary or other purpose*; particularly adapted for military cantonments, as. quarters, hospitals, mess rvonm, -ntler'n shops, Ac., seaside and farmers' cot tages, settlers in new countries and olllces. Also for green houses and South American buildings. They can be set up in a few minutes by any person of ordinary intelligent*. For purchase of Cottages, and al?o Slate, eounty or individual parent rights (prices liberal), or other information, apply to A. DERROM, Htearn carpentry, Pnterfon, N. J. Refers to II. V. Butler. 13 Park place, and Cooper, Hewitt A Co., 17 Burling slip, New York. Drill room wanted-in a central position, for a new Military Corps, for their solo use. Address, stating terms, Ac., Military, box 180 Herald offic \ Irish BHIOABfe?HBADQ1IAETSBSH8uhdadway. A meeting of the oflleers of the Fourth Regiment will Imj held at headquarters on Monday, 7th inst., at 10 A. M., to re port the condition of their companies. By order. HENRY M. BAKER. Col. V- unh Regiment. IRON BEDSTEADS -TO army CONTRACTORS-ALL sizes, from $1 50 upwards. Contractors should call on the subscriber, JAMES SCOTT, 170 Centre street, opposite Earl's Hotel?-in Centre street, not Canal. NATIONAL ZOUAVES, TENTH REGIMENT, COLONEL John E. Bendix, stationed at Fortress Monroe.?Per sons wishing to join this regiment can do so and be forward ed Immediately to the fort, fully clothed and equipped. Re cmittng offices480 Broadway, and Fifty-eighth street, near Third avenue. Lieut. Col. ALEX. II. ELDER, Quartermaster A. SEE LEY, Recruiting oUlcers. NEW CITY MILITARY CORPS.?-THE ADVERTISER proposes to organise a Military Corps, il a sufficient number will unite In the movement, for tlie purpose of mi litary Instruction, both practical ana theoretical. None, will be admitted to membership but those who are able and will devote at least three evening* each week to study aud drill. Address Military, box ISO II raid office. Rally around the old guard. THE FIRST SCOTT LIFE GUARD, Fourth regiment New York Volunteers. Col. A. W. TAYLOR. The Increase of recruits orderel bv General Dlx to the United States government standard has been nearly com pleted. A few more patriotic volunteers will be accepted. Those having seen service preferred. Apply at 141 Grand street, between Broadway and Elm street. This regiment has been In the United States service since May 2,18bl, and is now stationed at Havre de Grace, Md. Recruiting officers?(.apt. Cha*. W. Kruger, Company D; Lieut. James McDonald, Company F. Recruits forwarded every day to the regiment. RECRUITING OFFICERS, ATTENTION.?RECRUITING Tents, heavy duck tops, from $4 50 to $760, seven leet high, seven feet long and seven leet wide, at 474 Broadway, basement, a few doors above Grand street. SIXTY-NINTH. OR FIRST REGIMENT IRISH BRI* gade.?Notice ih hereby given to all enrolled members of Company I to appear at 44 Prince street this morning, at nine o'clock, or be dealt with as deserters. A few more men wanted to complete the company. John Kkllct, O. 8. THOB. SO AN LAN, Captain. SUTLERS, SUTLERS, SUTLERS.?SUTLERS CAN UK supplied at New York prices, by (Jailing on EMILE DU l'KE, 320 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. The volunteer engineer regiment, colonel Edward W. 8err.ll, Lieut. Col. Jaines P. Hull, Mujnr Richard ButLhas been accepted by the War Department ?* VOLUNTEER ENGINEER REGIMENT, which Incr. ase* the pav of the soldier to ($17) SEVENTEEN DOLLARS ($17) PER MONTH. A fe*v mure riggers, huat builder., ship carpenter*, poll tormlers, blacksmith., miners choppers, lumbermen, ma chinlsts, rockmen. wheelwright*, boiler makers, and rail roaders will be received. N"ne but healthy and competent workmen need spply. The regiment is ordered to Wa?hiugton In two weeks. Re cruits are under pay, mustered Into service, and furnished with i|iisrters and rntionM at once. Families are taken care of by the authorities. Headquarters corner of Chatham aud Chambers streets, New York. A few competent men. horse sboers, or men accustomed to horses, or wagoner, will be received in the " I'ARROTT HATTEKY " of si* rifled cannon. pp.ciited by Mr. It. P. Parrolt, of the West Point Poundry?James E. Smith, Captain. Enlistment for Hire" years or during the war. Tu o military contractors.?all kinds of pressed Leather W"rk, as Cap Pouches. Shells, Feed Bag Bi'ttnins, Ac., can be furnished by Wil. MANNHEIM, Id Mott streit, near Chatham. WANTED?ENGINEER SOLDIERS, COMPRISING mechanics and Intelligent laborers, for sappers anil miner* of the regular army; the men must lie able bodied, lint over 35 years of age, able to read and write, anil under stand the four ground rule* of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three years; pay, from 913 to $34, depending on rank attained by merit and soldierly conduct; also rations, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attendance, and the usual bounty. Apply daily at No. 5 Bowling Green, third floor, ln'tivecn *9 A. M and lJ M. O. A. UILMOKE, Captain of Engineer*. United States Army. ?\1TANTED-A CAPTAIN AND SECOND LIEUTENANT VV for an organized company In a first cIhsh regiment. Must be able to furnish u small amount of cash to complete the company. Address Commission, box 100 Ilcruld oilloe. "IITANTEDA CAPTAIN FOR A CAVALRY COMPART TT now in the field. None but an olllwr or soldier having seen service In this arm need apply. No money or recruits required, merit alone considered; also a Leader of Band. Apply at No. IMS Broadway. WILL BE PAID FOR TF.N MEN TO COMPLETE a company, If brought immediately to 42.1 Br Midway. 7QTH REGIMENT.?A FEW MORE RECRUITS I O wanted to 1111 up this gallant regluieut, now in the ad vanced im-t of honor. Headquarters?Mercer II..use, and Grapes Hotel, 17 Crosby tuuet, liouU MATHlJitfO#. $50 ANtlBMBirTS. "IITALLACK'R, TT Comer of Broadway and Thirteenth street. Proprietor and Manager Nr. Wallaok Stage Mana .? r Mr 1/ ster Wallack ]>??,))?? open at 7. To wimiitctici1 af 8. OPENING OK THE NEW THEATRE. Pronounced J>y the PRESS AND IM HUO Till: Ml)ST COMMODIOUS, E LEO A NT, AND best VENTII.\TED EDIFICE IN THE COUNTRY. Especial attention ia directed to the announcement tlmt the performance* will in future terminate before 11 o'clock. 1 TfOTlC?. --l?t ?. ? ? ? e U ti A . ? 11 ? VlTI be ii" | ?? o list orcompitmeutai; admissions. excepting ouly the u?uu! privileges of the prt *?>. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING, Will be anted a new Comedy, by Tom TaylorrEeqM In three acts, with appropriate

6CENEKY, Ai'rOiNTMENTfl, INi 1 DENTAL MUSIC ANI> COSTUMES, Eutltled THE HEW president. rw ii. Of la Ramne, a theatrical manager Mr. Lesltr Wallack Belronr, aleadingaetor .Mr. Kloyd Vaubelle, tlr^t tr. ;edian .....Mr. Winters (infoulard, low comedian Mr Browne La Jaconde, leading actress ... Mrs. Iloey Colombe, her daughter Miss Madnline Henrluuea Mile. Roncoulle Mrs. Koeves Mile. Gironette Mi** Oucker Th** Grand Duke of Kleinstudt Waldsteln Mr. C. Fhdier Count Wetterhalm (Prime Minister).. Mr. Norton The l<audgrave of Braunabaek Mr. Reynolds The Baron Von Datnpfuoodcl Mr. Blake General Kraunbaek Mr. Parsloe Krebs, ehief valet to the Duke Mr. Young Colonel Krebs Mr. Parkes Herduk Mr.OhMWl The Princess Wilhclmina (the Landgrave's sister) Miss Mary Miller Mile. Von GrRTentaelm (her lady in waiting; Mrs. Vernon The Baroness Von Uamplnoodel Miss Mary Gannor Fraulein Von I*IVflier MissCartnau The Orchestra ia under the direction of Mr. ltobi rt Stoepel. Scenery by U. lsherwood, assisted by Mr. Engles. Family Circle 25 cents Boxes and Parquet . .50 cents Private Boxes $7 | Orchestra Htulla $1 IV INTER garden. TT LAST NIGHT LAST NIUHT LAST N1U11T Afro FAREWELL FAREWELL FAREWELL of the brilliant and beautiful Comedienne. MRS. JOHN WOOD, Mils. John wood, anil of the CELEBRATED SPANISH DANCERS, celebrated spanish dancers, HE NO RITA ISA It EL CUHAS, SENOlUTA ISABEL CUBAN, ?M> SKVOIt JI'AN XIMENK8, HENOR JUAN XI MEN EH, who w ill appear for the LAST TIME LAST TIME In New York. The jwrtormanee this evening Otober 5, will embrace I. A new Medley Overture i*v Iloppltz. if. The petite comeds of "An A trcas by Daylight," in which Mrs. John Wood, Mrs. O. Skcrrctt, Messrs. A. 11. Da venport and Raker will appear. li. "The Nightingale Polka" (by desire), by Koppitzatid Loihuin. 4. A divertissement, entitled uFIor de Be villa," in which Sciiorua Isabel Cubas and Don Xlmenes will appea:, with a full corps de ballet. 6. The musical burlesque of "Cinderella," iu which Mrs. Wood will sing her celebrated comic snugs:? While we're here, If they interfere, Won't we give them a warmer. And Witaak, row do dow, Where was you, General Patterson? nightly received with UNROUNDED APPLAUSE. 6. A new Spanish national dance in the ballroom (for the first time), LA MAPR!LENA. Pas Senl by Senorita Isabel Cubas. M ndav, October 7, will be presented a new comedy in five acta, by Maria Oraee Walcot, entitled THE CUP AND THE LIP. MILITAKY. GRAND FESTIVAL OF THE HIRAM BARNEY RIFLES, (Schwarze Jager), for the benefit of the regiment, will lake place on Monday, the 7th of October, at the Hudson City Arsenal, near Hobo ken, on which occasion two stand of colors will lie presented to the regiment by patriotic ladles of New York. The ceh? brated German Liederkranz will kindly, for this benevolent object, give their co-operation, with other varieties. Noel's celebrated Band und the Regimental B ind will perform on this o. cat-ioti. The friends of the noble object are respect fully invited. Tickets, 25cents, for a lady and gentleman, can be had at the festival place or of the following gentleman Joseph Mann-out, Pythagoras Hall, Canal street, Groseh .* Ran, 141 BVI'IIUH A. Bf'knr, 11 ikrxn ? >i iln Hull.-. Win. Riink, 174 Grind slrwt. <>. I.lii'1'oinullcr, 199 Bi'Wery. Join. Otlurr, (irmxl Rtrecl. In Huinm r'n Hotel, Hofer'l Holel, Holtz Hotel. In Ji-iiM'y Citj?At tlir Turn H?ll<\ Iu beloiU <>t th? reglulPnt. \V1LMA<M MIIII8, W. STERN, KKItL). KONIU, Oils. WAHLE, V. K<)lII.HKK(iER, A BKKK, Committee i>I ArratiRi'mcnt*. WINTER GARDEN. ?Y LAST NIGHT OP CINDERELLA. BRING THE CH 1 l.DKKN BRING THE CHILDREN To see this beautiful Fairy Spectacle. israoLoaT. ASTONISHING.? MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, ha nit gift of foresight, tells how soon and ol teu you will marry, and ail you wi.-h to know, oven your very thoughts, or no pay: lucky charms Ir; ??; boroqual is not' to be found; her magic image is now In full operation. 1S4 Ludlow hired, below Houston. Price 20 cent?. Geutle men not admitted. Took at this.?tiib only true medical and J business clairvoyant In the United State*. If you wish to obtain correct Information on event* through lii'?*?u larly absent friends, lost or stolen property, you should con* suit' her. K. U.?Mr*. MILTON is no humbug, but give* the greatest satisfaction to all who visit her. She manufactures u wash that is warranted to cure pimples and remove frrfrkles, tan and sunburn, and render* the akin perfectly smooth. Ladiv*, try it. 361 Broome street. MRS. MUNROE APPLIBfl CJALVAMSM FOR THE euro of female complaints. Ladies can obtain good board and medical treatment at 26 WatU street, next to Va rick. Mrs. secor, the great koreseer of fut( re events, cuu be seen at 218 Spring street, basement, near Macdougal; aim toils oflosses; gives lucky numbers; causes speedy marriages. If you wish the truth givo her a call. V B.?WHO 1I AS NOT HEARD OK THE CELEBRATED J.1 ? Mine. PREWSTER, who has been consulted by thou sands in this and other cities with entire satisfaction? Site foe is confident she has no equal. She. tells the name of fu ture w.f" or husband, and that of her visiter. If you wish truth give her a cull, at 251 Third avenue, atxive Twenty-first street. Ladles, 50cents; gentlemen, $1. Read this.?a phrenologist and astrologist that beats the world, and $6,UM) reward for any one who can equal Miss WELLINGTON, who is acknowledged to be the only la<ly in this city who truthfully gives information concerning 1o h"s, lawsuits, journeys, absent friends, love, ourtship, marriage, health, wealth, and who will reclaim d unken and unfaithful husbands. Miss W. is the only per s mi in this city who has the genuine Roman ami Arabian ttllsmans for love, good luck and all business a flairs, and are guarantees for life. Delay not to consult this naturally gifted and beautiful young larly. Lucky numbers given. Tllghly respectable city reference! can be seen at her resi dence, 101 Sixth avenue. The greatest wonder in the world is the young and accomplished Madame BYRON, from Paris, who can be consulted with the strictest confidence on ail affairs of life, embracing love, courtship, business and sick ness; restores drunken and unfaithful husbands; has a se cret to make vou beloved by your heart's Idea), and brings together those long separated. Ladles23 cents, gentlemen 150 cents. Residence No. yu Third avenue,above Twelfth street 1 {' r. RoVvfeKY, SKAil BROOME 8TBSBT.?MADAMS ll/t/ W/DGER, Clairvoyant and gifted Spanish lady, tin veils the mysteries of futurity, love, marriage, abfent friends, sickness; prescribes medicines for all diseases; tells lucky mimbrri, property lost or stolen, Ac. MKDICAL Afflicted restored?ignorance exposed? Fallacies unmasked.?Dr. LARMONT'S Paris, London and New York Medical Adviser and Marriage Guide in forms the debilitated and diseased, including those who are ignorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have been disappointed in their physicians, of the most certain and convenient mode of cure. Mailed for $1 by RICHARDSON. No. 1 Vesey street; DEXTER X CO., Ii3 Nans.tu street; anil DEWJTT, 13 Frankfort street; or the author, 647 Broadway, up stairs. 4 FFKCTIONS CAUSED BY MERCURY. AND CERTAIN J\. diseases successfully cured by Dr. WARD, 12 Laight street. The doctor in constant attendance. DR. WARD TREATS \!.L DISEASES OF FEMALES with unparalleled success. Something for every lady, his Great Benefactor. Ofllce 12 Laight street. DR. R. CO BRETT. MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK University Medical College, and College of Surgeons, London,can be'coasulted with the most honorable confidence on private diseases, at his ofllce, 20 Centre street, near Cham bers street, N. B.?See Dr. C.'s diplomas in his oilice. Pri vate entrance at No. 6 City Hall place. DR. COOPER. NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON suited on all diseases of a certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable him to warrant a cute fn all cases. The victims of misplaced confi dence fn medical pretenders can call, with a certainty of be ing radically cured or no pay. DR. WATSON, THE CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN IN >11 diseases of a private nature, may be consulted, as heretofore, from 8 A.M. to 9 P. M., at 639 Broadway. Dr. Watson's work, "The Cause and Cure," on diseases and de bility, the London edition, with all the plates, may be had at the bookstore, 522 Broadway, opposlteltnc 8t. Nicholas Hotel. Price 91. _ __ DR. R4.LPH, OFFICES 139 CROSBY STREET, COR ner of Houstou. Hours, 11 to 2 and 6 till 9 P. M. DR. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED his attention to disease* of a certain class, iu which he has treated no less than fifty thousand cases, without an In stance of failure. His great remedy, Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, euros certain diseases when regular treatment and all other remedies fail; cures without dieting or restriction In the habits of the patient: cures without the disgusting and sicken ing effects of all other remedies; cures in new cages Jn less than six hours. It roots out the poisonous taint the blood is sure to absorb unless the remedy Is used. It is $1 a vial, and cannot be obtained geuulne anywhere tbun at the old ofllce, No. 3 Division street. Book for nothing that treats of the effects of early abuse. Hammond on nervous, special diseases, mar. riage, Ac , 91. RICHARDSON, N<?. 1 Vesey ntrect, N Y. PROFESSOR RESTELL, M CHAMBERS STREET. CAN be consulted, as usual, or by lolls# to box 2,559. Bosto* office, No. 8 Harrison avenue. SURE CURE.?DR. POWERS &UCCR8SFULLY CON suited with Dr. WARD, 12 Lafctbt street. Quick cures and low charges. Separate rcomaand consultation free. THE "CONCENTRATED CURE' FOR NERVOUS DE bllitv, formerly sold at 742 Broadway, can be obtained by addressing C. K. Bliss A Co., Boscobel, West Chester county* N. Y. Price per vial $1, sent bv mall. Send for a circular. TATONDERFULL SUCCESS OF DR. WARD, 12 LAIGHT j? street.?Certain dlsoa*c4 cured iu half the usual time and at half we charges. AJH'SKMHSTS. LAURA KTENE'lJ THEATRE LAURA K RENE'S THEATRE. LAURA KEKNK'S THEATRE. this (Saturday) An'EUNOON, THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, THIS (Saturday) AWliliiiOON, In order to accommodate 1 Alii KB HDd CHILDREN, Thcie will bo A GRAND MATINTK A OKAM) MATINEK A (JUAN I) MATINEB or tu?; Union Burli THK SEVEN SONS, HONS, BE V EN SONS, SEVEN SONS, ? SEVEN SDNS, Which will be presented with all Its BRILLIANT SCENERY. NOVEL EFFECTS, EXQUISITE MUSIC, AND * ? CAST COMBINING THK WIIOLB STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY. DOORS OI'EN AT ONK, COMMENCE AT TWO. CHILDREN TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. THK SEVEN SONS , SEVEN SONS Will be represented TO-NIOIIT TO-NIGHT TO-N U111T AND EVERY NIOHT NEXT WEEK. EVERY NIGHT NEXT WEEK. EVERY NIOHT NEXT WEEK. NEW MUSlc u* i iiujIAS BAKER EXQUISITE SCENERY BY MESSRS. ROBE UTS AND LEWIS. SCENES AND INCIDENTS: A DELL IN J'HK OATSKILLSl ARRIVAL OK MRS. PLUTO. SURPRISE PARTY OK SEVEN SONS. APPEARANCE OK FIFTY FOLLIES, A HALL IN HADES. COLUMBIA'S HOME. PICTURE OK ANARCHY, DISUNION ENDEAVORING TO SUNDER THE UNION. THE SPIRIT OK '7f>, TABLEAU. THE HAITI.E OK HUNKER HILL new York hotel seven sons on earth. CORAL CAVE. THE PEARLY l'ALACE OK DIAVOLINB. THE KAIRY POLLY WOO S. PAS DE DEUX OK THE CORAL NYMPHS. MARIE AND Al'OUSTA. DRILL OK THK POLLYWOGS. ESCAPE OF PLUTO AND COLUMBIA. THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE. ORAND TABLEAI OK I'OLLVWOGS. SKATING POND. THE FIRE BOYS AND THE LANTERNS. COLUMBIA :i RETREAT. SEQUESTERED NOOK IN THE DEPTHS OF THE FOREST. THE PEERLESS Pool, OK WATER LILIES. SUMMONING til' COLUMBIA. ASCENT OK TI1E SPIRITS OK THE LAKE. A FEDERAL PI'iKKT OA MP. DRILL ()!?? I'llE EM1-.RALD GREENS. EXTERIOR OK THE HALL OK JUSTICE IN THE KI.YSEAN FIELDS. NORTH AND SOUTH. TRIAL BY COM HAT. THK .NORTH ALL ItlUHT, Mill! MKAH8 CliJIIT. COLUMBIA'S DESPAIR. PICTURE OK PEACE. INNOCENCE AND BEAUTT. ARCADIAN NYMPHS AND SHEPHERDS RECLININO AMONG THEIR FLOCKS BY THK MOUNTAIN TORRENT OK REAL WATER. SHOWER OK PEARLS. Doors open at 0>?, Commence at 7H. Bo* hook now open. Scuta occured ten days lu advaucc without extra CllHIKP. NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE, PALACE GARDEN, Corner of Fourteenth itreet ana sixth avenue. We call the attention of the LADIES AND CHILDREN LADIES AND CHILDREN To Tim 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 TWO SPLENDID ENTERTAINMENTS 'THIS 'DAY, Satnrdav, October 1IS61. MME LOUISE, THE CELEBRATED, T1IE GREAT. ToURNIAIRE, CONRAD BROTHERS, EATON STONE. ToURNIAIRE, CONRAD BROTHERS, EATON STONE. ToURNIAIRE, CONRAD BROTHKKS, EATON STONE. TOURNIAIRE, CONRAD BROTHERS, EATON STONE. The two l> 'Ht humorlM" In Amer1a% DEN STONE AND JOHN FOSTER, The gracelul ScbtiHllan?i|m wonderful Duveroey, Ami ull the NIBLO OARDEN EQUESTRIAN CORPS, Together with the EDUCATED BU KKA I.<>E3. Admlmlou 25 n'lii*. Children ICoent*. Se?tH have been arranged for reapectablo colored people, and they will tie admitted, commencing thin day. CARKOLLE FAMILY have been engaged and will appear on Monday. JJOWEKV TH HAT JIB WILL OPEN MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7. WITH TIIK ORION CIRCUS. TnK OmfAT The most eelohraled lWiug^'niVl.ume, who created such pear?Bc? Hi lUlH theatre on H,U ..bc.Uloti r Ur,t *P" n. j .. ., A HOST OF STARS, Ever I? W""" "" J^HOADWAY MUSIC 11 ALL. music HALU 4*5 AND 4HS BROADWAY, ?83 AND 4.5 HROA'WAY, ? inn dour Imluw Broome Street. IMMENSE attractions. IMMENSE ATT It ACTIO N 8. The bent performance In Amcrica. wonderful. Complete In every particular. Complete In every particular. Comtdcic 111 every particular. Coinp ete in every Imrtlciilnr. BEYOND competition. Distancing all the plaeea of anm?< nx nl In the uuunlry. Flrnt week i>r the great CAHI.O T ROUTE, CARLO THOUPK, CARLO TROUPE, In their wonderfltl performance. First nlghl of the engagement of the ruoompllshed vocalist Miss LOUISA I'AYNB, Ml."* LOUISA PAYNE, I Th'j BROADW AY MINSTRELS, I BROADWAY MINSTRELS, BROADWAY minstrels, BROADWAY MINSTRELS, Composed of the Mile of the Ethiopian profession, In a choice aciciuion of Songs, Glees, Choruses, Ac. HILLY BIRCH, BILLY BIRCH, BEN COTTON, BILLY BIRCH, J. A. HERMANN, J. A. HERMANN, TIM NORTON, TIM NORTON, J. PIERCE. J. PIERCE, TIM II AYES, TIM HAYES, C. R. BISHOP, C. R. BISHOP, The world renowned negro cnmroediatia. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, The best Comic Sinter and Clown In America. OK AN D MATINEE, (IRANI) MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, (IRANI) MATINEE, ORAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, ORAND MATINEE, I ORAND MATINEE, ORAND MATINEE, Tills (SATURDAY) afternoon, at half-past two o'clock pre cisely, for the accommodation of LADIES AND CHILDREN, LADIES AND children. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Sole Lbnsee. Mops. LA THORN, S'agn Manager. The management uiVi glTnl p!?'asttit lu announcing an | engagement with the celebrated Tenor. M. AINSLEY SCOTT, who will appear on Monday, Oct. 7. CCANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, J Broadway. This day ORAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE ORANI) MATINEE ORAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE roit LADIES AND children, LADIES AND CHILDREN, LADIES AND children, LADIES AND CHILDREN, LADIES AND children, LADIES AND CHILDREN, od which occasion will he pei formed, for thu last lime, UN bali.O IN masci1era, 1'N hallo IN MASCHERA, UN hallo IN MASCHERA, UN ballo IN MASCHERA, UN ballo IN MASCHERA, In which the whole strength of the Com pant will appear. THE CANThRRl'k Y MINSTRELS, THE canterbury minstrels, THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS THE canterbury minstrels, III new songs, witty sayings, Ac. By particular desire A. M. HERNANDEZ, A. M. HERNANDEZ, will perform his celebrate* act of the DANCING MASTER. SIONOR ABECCO 8TONOR ABECCO Will ?lng "The Flag of Our Union," An>l MLLE. MARIETTE RAVELL Will dunce some of the most dltllciilt flpnnlth Danees. ASIITON A ROGERS ASHTOff A ROGERS ASHTON A ROGERS ASIITON * ROGERS A*n THR NELSON BROTHERS, NELSON BROTHERS, The celebrated Gyniiiants, continue to astonish every beholder. DE VERB, DE VEItE, DB VERB, DE VERB, DE VERE, l)E VEItE, In his great Leap for Life, ik the wonder and admiration of alL MONDAY NIGHT. W'll be produced, for the first time, THE GRAND pantomime or TUB MAGIC LAtTBEL. MAGIC LAUREL. SCO future advertisements. FOX A Cl'RRAN, Proprietors. HE IRISH BRIGADE FOR THE AMERICAN UNION. In aid of this patriotic organisation, THOMAS FRAN CIS MEAGHER will deliver an oration in the Academy of Music, comer of Fourteenth atrcrt and Irving place, Sunday evening, October 6,011 tk?t"Iri?l? Soldier, Ilia illatory and l're Nent Duty?lite Obligations to the American Republic?The National Cause, Its Jiwtiee, tlty and Grandeur?Thn Me mories of lb* National Flag, and Its Promised Glory?The Triumph of the National Arms Assured?The New W01M Ytn diealeh I Is,-If Agaln*t the Old." A splendkl luilluiry band will be la attendance. Doors Open at hnlf-paal six o'clock P. M. Oration lo commence at eight o'clock precisely. Tickets of admission 25?e?ts; reserved scats SO Cents. To be had at the Academy at Music: Hall A Sons, Broadway; Klrkcrs, 09# Broadway; Havertys. Hi Fulton lUwt, and at the Iiish American oQloe, Beekman street. Academy of musuj.-iierrmanns LAST MATINEE. LAST MATINEE. ADMISSION 80 CENTS. children 25 CENTS. To night (Saturday), last night but two ot lit r comic pro gramme. Oriental FREE CONCERT SALOON, G26 BROAD. way, In Un basemcul, next door to Ijturu Kccne's theatre.?This Saloon will op-n with t.iic beat mmpsuy In the cliy on Saturday evening, I). >ol/< rS. Tin- la ilea utui gentle, men engaged for this Kiloon will ylea?u in ?11,hie on the stage on Friday and Saturday morn 4s for rehearsal, be. twut'U 1 lie hours ol 11 and li o'c.ock, pr"|iaro'ory to open ing as above. By order. J. TOWNER, Agent Twelve waller felrls wanted. KEiNflY A BURNS, I'lO^rleluis. 1 _ amusic1ievt*. A CADES* r>k MUSIC?hay *?(d EVENING* i.: <T <atan?AUTi\nkvuav)- at ^'"wck. li?t GRAND matinkii! LAUT GRAND MATIN eh. .. i ), (svrurday), nii; i is d v\ t s a n it da v , at p! 'fins day (SATURDAY), at ik LAST MATl.vek oci.oric. o'clock o'clock. ... . , i-ast matinek which, by general requeat, will commence at 1>j o'clock 1*. M.. ana conclude at 3>?. ADMISSION 00 CENTS. no RESERVED skats ADMISSION 6(1 i'kms. NO reserved hkath children 2s cents. CHILDREN :5 CE.Vfri children 25 CUNTS. A SPECIAL PROGRAMME Will be given at till' matlure, inrhiiln.s the THROWING CARDS. throwing CARDS. THE TWO rab111ts. hik TWO RABBITS. tub CANARY BIRDS. tiik CANARY 111 h US. thr rings. THE k1ni1s. i.A DOUBLE VUE 11y MADAME HERRMANN, LA DOUBLE VCK .'iv MADAME HERRMANN, BESIDES KIC.I1T OTHER WONDERKl.'L TRICKS. BESIDES i it lilt OTHER WON DEREUL TRICKS. t i kiln l'ur tin- Matinee may be obtained at the Bo* oil Ice of the acudeiuj of mithlr aiut all thn mu*lc Stores, . t?v? EVENING (SATURDAY), AT 8 O'CLOCK LAST nk1iit BUT two OK THE COMIC l'rookammk. B,?Seats may iw had tn ajvunw for the Inst thru* ulchta ut thn Comic Programme. New bowery theatre. Sole Proprietor. meaars. Pol ft Litigant. SATURDAY, OCT. ft, 1881, For the laat time, EVA ; OR, THE iihsii PRINCESS. To bo followed by tlj<- drama of ROBERT mac AIRE, Concluding with the dram* of uallold HAWK. ON MONDAY, MR. k. EDDY, the PEOPLE'S pavoritb. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. SATURDAY, OCTOBER ft, 1H41, LAST DAY POSITIVELY, LAST DAY positively, LAST DAY POSITIVELY, And llnul exhibition of the ' li VINO hippopotamus, livin11 HIPPOPOTAMUS, LI vino IIIPPOPOTA mis, livino hippopotamus. The nio'-t wonderful and surprising LIVINO curiosity IN existence. The llrat ami only one ever in America. Reader, have von rnitn ihi* wonderf if not. rememlww thai only one day remain* for you to ion It iiimiu lilni. the like of which has never been keen upon the earth. hcuwaato Philadelphia, NEVER AGAIN TO 1JE SEEN IN NEW YORK. Don't forget, SATURDAY, October 5, SATURDAY, October ft, SATURDAY. October ft, i ? li e vorv laat of hi* exhibition at THIS GREAT TEMPLE OK AMUSEMENT. and if you don't ace htm now you never will in New York He la oil exhibition at all hours of tlifl day and evening, and every hall hour u exhibited in arid out of the ? ater, showing all iiih peculiarities, and ik described by a gentleman conver sant with all his characteristics. He Ik accompanied by a na live Arali keeper, who u also a curiosity an a specimen of that Oriental race of men. Besides majr alao tie seen: the beautiful Aquaria, with Its myriads of llvlm* tiah, and to which have just lieeii added many new specimens, beside a living Seal, {tea Lion, mam moth Bear Samson, the What la It? or Man Monkey, Happy kumilv. Ac., beside TWO SUPERB DRAMATIC PERFORMANCES at Sand 7H o'clock P. M. Dnrlnsc the entertainment will also appear MISS TOEDT, THE wonderkul VIOLINIST, AND MISS DAWRON, in A patriotic BONO. Admission to a'l 2ft ents; Children under 10, I ft cent*. The manager b ". i leave to announce to hij patrons that tb* fall and ?Inter dramatl - season will commence on MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 7, iflrtl, ami that he ima had dramatized expressly for hla museum the last popular Kiory, dickens' GREAT EXPECTATIONS, which will bo brought out on that day with'entirely now ap ointments, new weimry by Mr. George hcilgc, one of tb? boat acenlo artlsis of the age; new properties, new oostumea, an<l full orchestra. Previous to the commencement of the play Mr, uarnulg wlh deliver, both afternoon and evening, an oltltilnais POETICAL ADDRESS; alio lntruduoo a NOVEL SUR PRISE. BRYANTS' minstrels?MECHANICS' hall, 47* Broadway, above Grand street. Monday, September 30, anil every night during tho week. First appearance of lb* celebrated wizard. Mona. 11 AIRMAN iiestoprestodhialaterist, tin' seventh Hon of a seventh sister. The profcuaor bey* leave to announce that hla fantiuufh iiolocontoln|{i' a! klahili'iituk will !?? trim .moiiriflcd into an ANTIKIBIOUSRHlNOCERIOUSOSOUIIORtiE, OK tltlt syrupoksquillshomantheum. The tinpanonlon. n.nv recrtilta, D1. tumble v. 8. C. CAMPBELL, El'11. HORN, NEIL and DAW BRYANT. i)onr? open nt 6%; eurtnlo riwi ?at 1%\ tlckeu 25 conti. Rkmarkablk exhibition, At No. 633 Broadway, opposite Boud street, of THE BUST MAN, _ A LIVING INDIAN loOI Born without arms or legs. >." Only twenty-two inches hlgfeu This wonderful curiosity may be sei-n FUOM SATURDAY. OOTOUEK 5, 1S61, EVERY AFTEKNOON, From 2 to 6 P. M. He Is th#? moat singular living belw* ev??r presented before the American people. I In Is thirty yertrs olo, an 1 win lound on the altar of a cnurih Indonging to the Indian tribe of th? Panehimah-oi. has nothing repulsive in hl? appearance; his intellectual faculties and all the organs of his head are perlertiy developed; Kjwiaku fluently two different Indian dialects an 1 the Oastlllan languaif \ lie was worshipped by the In.bins at the church where ho was found, in the niost Interior department of the republican San Salvador, Central America, as a tuipcrnatural being. lie travels within a small bird cage. He is accompanied by an Indian cacique, who Is himself ?? marvellous curiosity, and will explain to the visitors t!ie hia* tory and ail the interesting anecdotes concerning this MOST EXTRAORDINARY BEING every afternoon. Admission 25 cent*. STTYYKSANT INSTITi'TK, BROADWAY, OPPOSITE Bond street.?Grand opening night, Monday, October 7? aud every evening during the week. TUB GREAT ETHIOPIAN CONFEDERACY, FOX AND SUAllPLEY'S MINSTRELS. Consisting of the LEADING STARS OK THE PROFE8 8IOS, whose chaste yet laughable soirees have been patron* Ized by the elite and fashion of all the great cities in thO Union. In this first class organization will be found the in imitable comic trio of artlsiH. CHARLEY FOX. HAM SHARPLEY AND DAVE REEDl CHARLEY FOX. HAM HlfAKI'LKY AND DAVE REED. And the acknowledged champion dog dancer, J. CHILD8L supported by the best vocal quartette In the profession, aud a picked corps of instrumental artJst#, under the leadership or the very talented violinist, T. McNALLY. The programme will embrace the LEADING COMIC ETHIOPIAN FEATURES, Legitimately performed?the leading choruses, solos, duet# and rpmrtetu*, exquisitely sung by talented artists?together with (piaint aud (pilot bits of satire to null the times, by the STAR COMEDIANS. For full particulars see programme. Doors open at 7, to coiumouce at 7% o'clock. Tickets 9 cents. -+ W rjMIE WONDERS OK T1IK WOULD. PARISIAN CABINET OF WONDERS AND ANATOMY ft?13Broadway, next door to Ball, Black ,t On,, New York. The wonders of the worl I and beauties n| nature hitherto hidden now revealed, showing that the handicraft of mu follow* on tin* heels of nature. Wonder* of the brain Ami pons rnrlallf, where the seat of th<' mind or soul 1h supposed to be. Wonders of tin; litre senses?seeing, hearing, smelling, last* and touch. Extraordinary frrriks of nature?together with wonder* from Paris, Flore nee, Munich mid England. Winders of (If, actually showing hidden life within lire. Exciting, thrilling and unsurpassable wonders aud eurloal tie* In Die MUtt Wonders of arc >uchemont, wonders In hermaphrodites wonders lit ubstetrlcy, wonders of embryology, wonders of oslealogy, WONDERFUL?1,7(10 PARTS OF THE HUMAN BODY nt one view, and still greater wonders in sepulchre or pathological room. Lectures dully, together with surprising, Interesting and unprecedented experiments In chemistry. Will open dally, for gentlemen only, on and after Saturday, Sept. 28, from III In the morning till 9 at night. Admission 25 cents. 'INTER HARDEN. * The management respectfully announces to the publla the ptoduetlon, on Monday evening, Oct. 7, of a new comedy, by Miss Waicnt, entitled TUB CUP AND THE LIP. In the company selected to ri'present the comedy will b? found the name's of the. celebrated comedian, Mr. CharlM Waicnt; Mr. Charles Walcot, Jr., with a song, accompanied l>y himself on the pianoforte (his first appearance In lils na tive cltv); Mr. Charles Kernble Mason, Mr. Charles Hale, Mr. Charles Barton Hill, Mr. W. Davldge, Mr. T. E. Morrta. Mr. Ilinde, Mrs. Walcot, Misses Ada Clifton, France, A1. 4c. The Scenery. Properties and Costumes will be new and ap propriate. The Orchestra will be powerful and effective, led by the celebrated artist, Mollenhnuer, who will Introduce, for the first time, a new medley overture, entitle.I JEFF. DAVIS' INAUGURATION, With the following movements:?!. Allegro Caterwnullana; 2. Andante Catguttiino; 3. AITetiioso .Spittoons con Tobbacco Ju Idano; 4. Devlluik# dultlmo. TO DAY. SATURDAY. AT IJ^.-IIEKltMANN M ATI NEB. ADMISSION 80 CENTS. N<> RESERVED SEATS CHILDREN 23 CENTS. CHILDREN 23 CENTS. This night ISaturday), at 8 o'clock, last night but two of IU? comic programme. jQISBKOW S 8KATINf} OYMNASIUM, Fifth avenue, corner of Thirty-ninth street, Ojien every e\ entng, from 8 to 10 o'clock, For ladles and gentlemen. A band of music will ? nliven the scene. Admission free until 1st of November. Remember, . LAST NIGHT OF THE CELEBRATED SPANISH DANCBR8. Who have created such a WILD TUMULT OF DELIGHT. REMEMBER, LAST NIGHT IN NKW YORK Of the lovely Spanish Danseuse, SENORITA ISABEL CUBAJ. "VTEW OAYETY THEATRE, ALBANY, N. Y.?STARS XN wishing to arrange for nights diirlng.the ensuing season at the above theatre will address John T. Raymond. LEVKES OF THE UTLLE FAIRY, DOLLY DUTTON? 10 years old, 29 Inches high, and weighing only fifteen pounds, assisted by Muster Geo. Monk and Miss Wiilielmln* Kappas. She will give Levees as follows:?At 3 and 7)< o'clock, Fort Edward, Union Hall, Saturday, Oct. 5; Olenn'B Falls, Newman's, Monday and Tuesday, Out. 7 and 8; SartUv go Springs, St. Nicholas Hall, WedneMhy and TUorsday, Oc*. 9 and 10: lSailslon, Wavcrley Hall, Friday and Saturday, OcL 11 and 12. Admission 13 eniiU; children lOcenU. ALBEHv NORTON. Manage,- K. M EU.sTIS, Agent. ?\I7ILLIAMS' ORE AT NAUTICAL EXHIBITION OF A W SOUTH SKA WHAL1NO V'oYAUE w ill onen at Hone <'hao?d on Tuesday evening, Octoner tk This unrivalled exhibition tins been received ed enthusiasm, by tensof ih.oisands. in all tht ^ trie E istern Sint's Including Boston, New Hediorct, new London, New lis* en, Hartford, Springtield, Salem, PorU mouth and Pertland. ntl,.?, L> r o 'n at Ti o clock. Commence at '4 to B. AdmMon 26cenf. Children half Prlu? liriNTLR GARDEN W REMEMBER, ' LAST NltlHT OK The brilliant and beautiful MRS. JOHN WOOD^ IWERV THEATKK.?THE ARTISTS ENGAGED FOR thee ues , a son at this eaulilishmeut will ua-embo ii, t|,t i cel. uuj tlin (Sat irdar) morning at 11 o'cIim k in? rcUwit^. Tii-roif x Asuiiv, turn,**, B

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