Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9157. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1801.. ' PRICE THREE CENTS. THE REBELLION. HITCRTAST FROM HATTEEAS KIXT / Capture of the Steamer Fanny 4 Laden with Stores, by the Re^fe. Suspicion of Treacher on the Part of the Captain thc Fanny. Important from Fortress / Honroe. / For*friable Expedition of the ?is^iny Down James River. "Slebel Demand for tlie Evacu ation of Newport Ne^vs. /additional JSovelopemcnts Respect ing ttie Oase of Gen. Fremont, oCOtj &c., &c? OIH SPECIAL WA-DLTGTO* DESPATCHES. Wasuisutok, Oct. 6,1301. THB CASK OF OENKKAL FBElfONT. ?hen General Wool was called hero from Foi tress Mon roe, It was supposed that the specillcatlons of the ctia gee aitainst Genenil Fremont Dyvoiouei uu> ij roach horo ia seaauu to ena'jlo tho government to act promptly in deposing General Fremont and ordering Cenvri! Wool pjrward to command tho Department of the West. But, to the surprise of the President, tho spocill CMfoos have, not arrived, although evldenao reacted here rtno d'.ys since that Colonel Rl. tr hud loUgod tliem with General Fremont, whoso duty U is to forward thorn with ?ut dok.y to tho Wux. I?epartment. Geaerui Wool Is, thev. frre, nocergarUy kept here. The monMit the offlcial Copy of tho charges againU General l reTu-rnt arrive, iho prt?"Rmrae announced in Thursday 's licr.AU/ will bo car ried out, tho unwarranted a.-scrtio^s of ?l Now Vorkmorn IBS journal to tho ccmtrtry notwithstanding. , RICONNOISaANOK BV OKN. DIVISION. lnielligjnco from General Sniith'.i division repW.s ?Turyihing quiet. A rcconuoissanoa took place to-*:iy from this divWao. The results wo eaanet state beyond the fact that tho tueiuy Bred Ovo biiots at Taylor's oaiup. The dl-tchargeg :o!l short about oi^ht hundred feet. Two shots wore flred frum our baiwrl-is iu reply, d'-tng, apparently,ftir jus Hoc. This was by order Of Goperul Key us. Every thing is quiet to-nlgbt along the linos of <hr army. ?A IT CUE OF THK 8TG AX HB FANNY B? THE CEBZ'ia at hattkims inlet. Official tcrurmation has ho n rocoivod at the t-avy Do parununt of the capture wf t!io transport prof>eW?r Fanny, between llattcrau Inlot and Cblcantacomico. With her imh taken ..bout sixty of our men, a large amount of. urn ounitkiu and stores. Xt t.i a subject of suvpriso that a tingle government vessel was risked In rebel vatirs. ARRIVAL 07 TBS >?AWNEK OFF ALKX/NIH AA. I The United States steamer Pawnee, from Eatteras In. . ?it, como up tho Potomac to-day, and anchored oil Alex* ?tdrla. AFFAlliS ON Tire LOWER rOTOtCAC. Everything remains quiet on the l'otomac below tVash <tgton. The rebels have positively ubuadorod the' r bat ?ry at Freestone i-oint, and a fleet of merchant vessulc im constantly up and down unmolested. TDK POTOMAC FLOTILLA. It is said that Commodore Craven intend to r tuft tits tag from the Yankee to the Harriet Lane, which arrived it the Navy Yard from Philadelphia yecterda. f, to tilt6 in board her sririatnont, rendered ncocssary ? by tfee browing overboard of her guns while e^e w js ashore lurii g tho atteck on Fort Hatteras. Thr> Hai riet ivu-? fill thus become tho flagship of tho Potoatc fli '"lilla. tKFABTURB OF T01! UNDERWRITER F04. TU E ATLAN TIC 8QCADRON. The Underwriter, Lieutenant Lowry, left the Xary faru yesterday morning, and went dwn t he river tc fortress Monroe, en route to Join tho Atlantic ?squadron Cm is very jwwerfully armed. man stage of the iuvbi. A largo he mtity of drift wood float ingtf'own t tho lover ?otoiiiac, and th'j chocolate color of tho vt .ter, ,bcar tsat! Bony to tho swollen state of the river above. MB ARM -BEARING POPULATION OF 1 HE BTATK Or NEW YORK. At the r'.quest of Hon. Augustus Fr*-.k, member c! jBDjrcs.s front Now York, tho HuperinteiMknt of theCeasue biroau has prepared a statement of lew 'Lite male ?opulation of tho sovoral counties of the Sta to between be agrts of fourteen and forty-tivo, and the ^proportion Wquired .ficia oach coun'y to furnish the \ quota of '.00,COO men. The Superintendent says th- Pta (e presents U> effective *rm bearing population of. ''CO, 144?about toe-half that of all the States eocth of 1 Mason and Ptxon'fi line?equalling the combined miltu ry strength of llabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Loii: -.ifina, Missis, flppi, North or.d South and Tennca: fe. tHB V20LATK N OF THE Hi K'KAl/E BT (TIE STEAME& BEKUL">A. Altheogh no?flicIal information lias been received that be British sterner liormuda,v hich sailod ,f-om TTartle fool, EXjiand, August 19, Las evaded tho b ?ckade and leached Savannah with arms, &: .private indulgence ia ?onsidored coccli sivfi as to Uic fc'.?t. IOMBASCIO BOOt'H REPORT CT /. REBEL VICTORY IS WESTERN VIRGINIA. The Ri-hmoad Enqv.irtr, cf Cc'ober 3, received hero 0-<lay, publishes a flaming account of a splendid victory If Genera1 Loo over General Busecrat 3 in Weite: n Virgi ita. The report is Leaded, ''Another Glorious Victory. Seneral Rosecrons ai d Ilis Wh.ole Force Defeat* 1. The rederal Aivy Retrsa ing out of Virgisiv Ocn. Ror _>crans Mortally Wounded, tud since Repeitsd Dead. Cmoral >e Victor!.:us." TLij Virginia blua^r, coming, as it toes, at the gamo momont with the cotflrrnatlon or tho lews of the camploto si ccoss of ^Jeiiesfc! Reynolds, and bo of Leo's forces at Gre>anl.rier rivor, in "'ir jtnia, occasions much as usMuent. This wholesale o> 3 ??presentation ie a part of the sysu*m rworted to ty . lie rebels to kotp up tho rpirits of their army on tL) r'otomac. THE KXPZKSE OF jTIOIMENTAL BAKT>3. The enormous expense of i Omental bandq, under th? joccut arruDgemantfl in that respect, la occupying the Mention of tho SeoroUry of War. It is ?stimeted that Aia item of music In tirt Union ^rmy costs tjw govern vent nearly one million of dollar per annum. ?LA MOUNTAINS BALLOON ASCENSION. TLe.baibon that passed over the city last evening was loccrtaincd to be La Mcuztain's "-Saratoga." Uc uade to 45Coa?:>s yesterday frstn Geneevl Franklin's bead |U.irl?r3, in tve irfosonco of the Prcjidot and others, wio were there to witness the presentatkn of a stand of jolors. The ro^o broko, and tho ba'.losn sailed off. It ?nricd safely 1%', ni;;ht in Karjiand, eiiout six mJlca ?^-ooi BcltsvUio, wK"h is twclva miles from Washington, ta 'ho BaltiEisro and Washington Railroad. AH&EST OP A MARYLAWD REBEL. j. E^lwln CoaJj a pronii.ent rebel of Mary's county, ilarj lati i, baa bt>eu arrested by order of the government, uid is d..\alned as * jirlsonei for the proKnt on on* of the veesels of .tho Potom.MJ lUiot. *A1LROA0 FACILITIES BETWEEN BALTIMORE AKD *v AKSAFOUS. Tho agilatioa cf tl?o preset of eonstrncting a double uroc'.c air line tail oid h^tweon WauhbJjrton and Antiapo. Hi, hns induced tho rtUtcnoro and Ohio ltvl oa-jOorcp ny V) mikosuch lilVlllvna its Washington b: v:<sL' as j,rcatlji to lDcr^fcgg its capacity. The Improvements now In pro. Tprlll, it is said, treble its capacity for tlio transport of passengers and freight, and will be amplo for all government purpose*. TUE REVISED ARMY RKOULATIONS. A new edition of the revised army regulations is or dered to be printed for the government, at the publlo printing establishment. No more are to be purchased by the government from tho Llppincotts. Early in tlio spring Harper & Brothers wore induced to pub lish, at great cost, their third edition of army regulations of May 1. It was a cheap edltioni intended to bo placed within tho roach of the mascot;. It received the sanction of Iho Secretary of War. The principal c Ft of tlio work was the preparations of the various forms, but a'.though tho alterations m tho test requlrod for tho revised regulations wore slight, tho none liuu of tho government was accorded to the Pennsylvania publishers, J. B. Lippincott it Co., and copyrighted by another Pennsylvania house. The latter contains many i errors, which may occasion the necossity for still another edition, that is to be gotten up at tho government print ing establishment in this city, exclusively for the army. TUB REPORTED SALE OF ENl'IKLP RIFLES BY THE ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. The report that tho Ordnanco Department horo had disposed of tan thousand Eafleld riflos, at ton > ollars each, is orroneons. Ten thousand common government rifles, of fifty-four onc-lnindrcdtlis of an inch boro) wore oxchango 1 for Colt's pistols. In this exchange tho rifles, which cost originally eleven dollars, were estimated at len dollars, and tho i istuls at tho usual contract prlco; but an arrangement was male at th.' sauio time that the rifles should be reamed upto the standard bore, fifty eight ono hundredths of an iuch, without delay, and returned to the government. This courso was advisable, on the scoro of both economy and spoad, a* tho pressure of work at tho Springfield Armory rendered it impossible for tbo work to be dene there at this time without greater cot* and delay. PRESENTATION OP COLORS TO TUB SEVENTH NEW OMR w:oimi:::t. A stand of colors from tho Stito of New Torsey were presented on Thursday to tho Seventh New Jersey regi ment. The presentation was mado by Hon. Joseph Brad ley, in the pi oaeaco of tho President and Mrs. Lincoln, tho Secretary of War, ox Governor Nowell, and other notables. COITRT MARTIAL UPON A MARINE. A general Marine Court Martial was convened at tho Mariuo Barracks to-day,to try Corporal William Toombs, of the Marine corps, upon tho cliargo of trying tobribo *wo privates to nid the esoapo of some political prisoners e;? route to Fori L-ifayotte. The Court fs composed of Major Win. B. Slack, First Lieutenant James Forney, and Second Lieutenants Ha'.e, Harris and Brown. ^ A NAVAL OFFICER MISSING. Acting Master Churchill, of the navy, who was rocontl^ dircctel to take passage for the Paciflo station, not ha ?? ing been heard from, fears are entertained fur his safe! jr. OFFICIAL ADVICES I'ROM El'ROrE. A large government mail haB been received frocv Europe. It brings Co information of special imnoi taaoa. No ofllcla! Intelligence has been received In regar X t? reported visit cf our Ministers, Messrs. Marsh ind fin ford, to Caprera, in to Oa: iba'.ui r.nd t 40 IUJian Legion. ITS GOTKtNOR OF tTiH. John W. Drwson, of iudiana, bos teen ap; pbrAti Gov ernor oflJieli. HART) TIWCT WITH TEF. T/KTISII 7?RESS. The foUowtng estr-ict is from a tottor fro m the publish ] er of lb? lyjndon ih rniiig Herald tUo c trrcap?dcnt-cf that papor in Richmond, Virgin!*-? For year prlve> ? information "i may ? ?]| yen"ha pro>? h?rc is la u doUti*ful condition. There aro rtmors of-;4.' Boris about tho reduction m ot -t to Timet, &c. fcc Prospects appewr very gloomy From tho wirii eourco we letrn that^? rtlue cf ntset. aion tatters-rtritleu for publi-ation fr*?i^ Richmond one round tat shilling sterlt. j par c altiuia for whalot ?r ts used. KEW8 PliOlI THE REBEL ARMY OP THE I"OT)MAC. JSFFnvPON "DAVIS AT FA1MFAX COVIZT Kirs*. [Froth the Kichr ond Dispatch, Oct. 2.) Fairfax Coi-rt Hoi: k. Get. 2, IR31. Tho Prrsidatt arrived night before la#t. Yesterday, <scortcd by tho Adunsfoop, of Mississippi, ho mado a poreocV. raconnoinsanoe in the vicinity ana townrds the outpoSU At Beauri^gar i s headquarters the rain to day jrevcW?l a general review of tho tropin by tho Presi <!ent. He wasgroeted.i' iwoverjby tlioeoidiora, wherever h?v?pptared, with eatb .siu.-m. Thi federals advance cautiously, and hoid Fall's Clu:rcl), and press our line." r. vrAnnQdale. A largo'tol-ume of smokes seen towards '."all's Church. [From the Richmond Pxaminor, Oct. 6 ] Tbi people ol Kictu tid were iutensttl; agitated yesteiaay hi speculations <m tho general submit of af fo'.rr: o:i tho Potoo:?". Rumors of various .credibility werecirculated. It *-ub bind that President l>a- is, iu hn ai'Are - t" tho soldier; at fie railroad station, itad told th?nr ' if they handk ! their muskets wo!J, by text Satur day night they would bo in Baltimore." Other evidences equal y emphatic of tn approaching action weto K id and ? circulated tbo city. Tho well authenticated facts in relation to tire movo ?jrenMt oa tho Potoiua" aro very few. There is to doubt biivti-i.t on lost week orders were issued to tho Confede rate forces at Fairfar Court House to ho!J thw . e ves in reoditi is, with three days' rations, to move lorward. Thin o-dcr was a get >ral ono to tho whole t.riny. The oc casion of it is undursiood to have beet .tho -advanco of sov jtbI thousand ofXhe enemy iu the direction cf Lowins ville, from which, iowever, thoy had at la&fcaccouats retired. OUE DARNES50WN CORRESPONDENCE. LUrnestowk, Md., Sept..27,1801. I lines t </ the Suryrim: of the Thirteenth J/astathuteUt Repim<Xil?Camp Mailers, ?Se. Hon. J.din T. Heard end lady, of Boat oil, cro ca a visit to camp, near this phtoe, attending upon their ai ii, r!i'i is Assistant burgeon of tUn Massachusetts Thirteenth rcgl ment, and has been ill t r some days. Although threat cned with a serious attack of typhoid fever, it is t?'x vod tho crisis Is passed and tin." ho will recover. Tho Ihii'eciilh lUaaacl-i'setts have one of 'jest arranged caTips, If cot the very best, in the division, ^uvoral of '.ha street* crs boaiitified with ornamental etches of evergreen, sauio niatdra:! is ttfsd to decorate tho tents and to scrs^n tho occupants from, the rai's of the sit", some large U 'li leaving been procured froci an ad> nins wood for the latter purpose. Ti e ItM-Jicnr, conKbg apparaUw, ?t-"l other ro<julr^d appeR'l ,ag s ol well regulated camp.-, ar of tho first jAtt-ru fo" uv fulness andt onvcnicm-e. f,'cjtni?s. com pint nee? and util'ty are to bo. bsorvid in every p ?rt of the camp, in the quarters of tho oflleers -,r we41 03 In of tho prirutas. Tlio fitricleat atlcittion u: jiaid to goat1 orde" arr' there has bees* but ope tri vial vunishmout for u loug tiise. Hue guard house is at*! has been tot mtless. Inebriety is iHOwhcre to be seea.acd thecarap is, therefore, exsmpt\frotn the traia of ar lie which is stre to follow the psovalctofie of It 'iifo in tl^ uao of lutojrtr atlng liquors. In theV c.imp C tho 'fhlrietiiKh thej-e api ears to be a placo for ?1veryxhL g? and a go Jri place fot< very good and ureful t Wjg. Col inel Leonard ts much r? pelted as a csamaatcr, and tlio chaplain. Rev. Mr. Givlord, hr?s n place in tl.Vs hooiU of all,for fit'; kindness ird nrbanlty and his con:(iit!?l flOorts for the weftre of each, individual niomUr o<' the turff. The Ttiirtcoiith liave tk > the advantage o" jxisaBasltlg one ot the fines' bands in the division. It is miattly troir Marlboro',. and it. under tJie loaderiiip of Tun# C Richardson,.of thit plate. "Pounds from Home" v?rt; never more nvoctly p!* 'ed than tL.-y have been and twv be by thn silver toned inctruments of this excellent rejii menial b*.nd. He renin vet wag unsurpassed iu appeu.* ance, in pre?Men of ou.rching and other movements* by any regiment on t'SAt day. Adjutant Bradley, ot tho Thirteenth,.jias been oTered a snug fccrth hi the War Ih'p.irtmentat Wellington but he savsi.2 will t">t accept civil offll-o ua.'.il ijt has bsen through at icistonejj.Kxi fight with tho robe.'s. C1JAW2I) BY PRIVATEERS. Tho bark John Benson, arrived yestcrd?> taorniagfrom f ui'co, P. R., mates the followieg report:?Sept. 8, caa tho outward passago, SB U.t.'udo 31 .'3 north, loiigliude,65 15, nianie.a black scliooticr, ajij.aroatli/ under easy tail, wLo hnikU 1 the Amerltaa cw ^n, but^npon ascertaiumg that no mrti-e was taken of it r by dto John Benson, iai mediately made all sail and pr.vo ,ch?se, following for a day and right; but, as ilio was otitsa'lc'l, it was finely given up. Sho carried a Leavy gun on her foreeast'ie. Ihe John IV nson also reports that on her homeward j us J?ge, September 29, Intitude 32 24, long'tude TO 30, was t.'iaeed by a flae looking brig for ono hou', which then ab.Hidoned tut pursuit. MORE STiTK PRISOXER? RELEASED. Cnit?{ States Marshal's officc. fErr. 6??Marshal Murray received direction from ?Washlngtcn yesterday' morning for the release of two prisoners confined at F^,t Ijifayette. Tlio Marshaf des patched officer Buckley, Wktb sealed orders; the deplitj' wus directed to eearch tho t*?0 prisoners to see that they have no pajK'rs of a treasonable ten.iency in their pof.seg. sion,uud thun.on their taking tho oath or allegiance they wore to bo discharged from custody, The eamt s of iho I-a; tics roll aso;l art? tioor^o Myers, of Richmond, Va., and Hetuy A. Roaves, of Greenport, K. I., cdiu>r ai 4 panar cr.lJcJ t!ic rt, publiihod In that towu. THE SEAT OF WAR IN KENTUCKY. IMPORTANT FF*CM HMTERAS 1KLET. Caji'are of tli*. Propeller rauny *>y the Rriiell?TwMity-Ilvc of <l;c Imllnna Tr/entUtUIMslmtnt JladtPrtioKcn, Ac. i'OHTFBSS 11<'NR"K, <'Ct. 4, 1 Via lULTUfOllfl, Oct. 6,1861. f Tiio Pawnee bsrdroturned I'ri m JSa.teras Jniet. Shore jw.-ts the loss of' the propeller Far.ayon Tuesday. Sho \rn oa her wayfrem the Iriet o Chier.tixicomico, the eucr.mpment of-tUo Twentieth Ir l'rr.'t roglr .ent, and was ? eaptuicd by tVr-s rebel tups pat out from Roancko Sklftud. Two r.ticd cacti no, tv.-o.-'ly-Ilvo '>f the Tnditt'Ui regiment, inch: Mr:,- QnaitorSMMrt*" Ira N."iT"t, several of Colonel regiment., atv'. a eurf <?f oammiMwryl stores, fell in o tlic hand? <oi tt - rebels. Tho < iptain of/ tho propeller -n l crew akwc cv.vtp' J. Tliu I'aww i brings no cxher sewn cf tespertancs. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OF THE CAP TUIUi </*? TI'K FANNY. Fortcbss Kowtcs, Oct. 4, TS?l. Th? gut joat Vawnot arr'.Tsi fpons HatUras lalet tlii? aftcracot . &ho bring* tntalligoDC? c\ the ca][Atire til th-> ntuumer "anuy while on her trip frrn the inlet to the cump of tho Twenti(Jh Indiana reg mc-iii., at. Chi?.?ar.('.oo miCE,os. TauJa/ aft .nt w "art, tJ'Lto TCbel while within live or ten miles of the camp. The captain of tl? Fanny tells ttrj story ^iwdflromWr account it s??ms tha* tb? Fanny tnaio gttl&'or ?e Cjhi; but was run ashore *? soon as piwa ole. Tu'.-ro were twenty-throe men of tlio Tn liana reriraos: on board, not including Captaia-B* t, tho/ Qjirttrmacter of the regiment, Mr. Hpeakinaa, the sutjer, and a fear crew of the Sawyer gin?all of vhom were tatK". pri srincrs. Ftrange'.y enough, tha c 'plaiD t f the Fan.iy,und two or three of his crew, cscapod. Th ' captain and crow ero t^tr.ined Here to fcr.rjl ac examination. The ofEcors of the Vr.* dcs'jt tho 'story or tho oap tain very much. K seems very n lysterioua, at all eveatfi. A largo quantity of quartcrm liter's and.?ut!o?'E stores were taken. ARRIVAL OF TWO LADIES iTROU. iPORTS MOUTH, VA. [From the Philadelphia Inqui rer, Oct fj.l Hv the arrival of two ludie from I tortsmoutU, opposite Norfolk Va., wo ere enabled to gi\ e our readorr, Komo very inter,stir* Cacti. TUer lelt there tel ler, coming by a lug <>:' truco to lVrtress Monroe. Qr.c-ef tho ladies ba:: a l.usbat.d in tbo federal ?crvice. Hv. x% a? amount of m n<v iu tlio Yetsmooth Savin** iki?> wa< desiro'is ol'<Atalning it rrcv* o.< to leaving for tUo North, but th- olUcers .-r th". ristieiitioB, learni'.; J ?? t.' - ? .f li 'r husband's ioEition,ina<lfl that r. prclcxi I t rol'i: to tiav it over to her. L'pc: h> r roquesting?uX?e M. Jtaiu the cashier, to l?t her tw o at least a small M.iount i'ic current eire.nses, bt* ilcti'ft. hrr In the mo-t insj.Mng eoi rns To u.xk? a bn/? matter -woreo in a few days ftfter this hUo w.?t tliut her.initare would U: eola for l.h" her.oat or the irou'hera'?'"?Lfc'l racy. l/uv,^'.u.^..on attervrards as the?0'jld possii.l.v do so she does wt what has since ttaoBpiredco?;..rning it, having lell her | household their meny. We subjoin a lift or the pr * of various arur.* in ttiat place, wtial. Mrs. taa kindly permitted ua to <?ree.per -.. M ceut?. Common brown TaAlow candloe.....? y' " '.!q Bacon...'. , Bofter, when il era tie obtained, rrom Wcte. up. Common tea, per pound ^"9*' Common shirtin/; usetilin, per yn.rd. 37 cents. Cotton thread, i>er f.|X)ol 18 A young nmii ?r ;iio lady's oc'iuaiMance, who womt over to Norfolk for the purple of obtaining some cloth for a pair of pantuloens, purchai.'id two yardo and a hair of sathiet Tor $7 60. I/idies' goiters, or a cheap quality, which are purchased in our No*ftiern cities tor one dol lar and one dollar and a quarter, ditilciilt to obtalu at throe ihillurs. This last stiteir.ent, with reference to shoes,our inrormant states, alth^iagh other accounts make them ptectv, is true to the very let /yr Flour, corn meal and potatoes r.:?? p'?nty and cheap. Coal la not to bo had, unless at a pr. e which is beyond tho me<in? of persons in ordinary circumstances, 'iho ordinary table ^alt sells at $10 per e^ck; cdmmon bro\ni 1 ar soiiji 18 to 20 cents per pound,and scarce. Tin is not to bo had. Ono or two merchants if. tho place t ok a trinto Richmond and sevt ral other Soutissrn cities lor t'io purp-se-f purcl-.aeing some, t?;t were unablo to do it, although it was understood that thoy offered $fiO a b( x ;f? it. By this great scarcWy of tin the soldiers Buffer I'CT camp utensils. A the time the ladies left, Norfolk and Porfsm-iutb con tained but about three hundred eoldior-, all tho rest having be n sent away sinco tho botibarUmc-nt at ^at tcrasjnlet. For a losit time proviouk thtro had been froai.ien to twelve thoiisand. As t'uore are very few ]iersons. perhaps, ani'.ng r.s who arc av. re or the niar.m r in which the seresflon ordinance .* as pts-cd in Kichnioud, It Is well to stulc thai tho name

Vtf ovry person who vot< s is tailed out. f i that anybody n"*?etit c?n lieur it. and also tho ticket he votes, which is ret^rdedfer rati ro reference. C'neaqiwntly it can bo ad ce". uncu <?t any tm.o how a man hae voted. Thv Mcritaac is still in the dry 'lock, and it Is cxpcctc-l she w be ready for service by tho first of the eoinii.g m nth. JSonteof tho mechanics in Norfolk have erpn r ?ed an oplnMD til*,. In cons?<inotion or the large ?mount of iron on i.'er up,->tr works, she will be so top heavy r.s to be unmanageable. Should slio succeed, tho rebels calculate upon giving .'ie/A leral lleet considerable trouble. TENNESSEE FOB THIRTY THOUSAND TROOPS. Tlie government of k ho rebel ?tates, through Gener:. Albert Sirin. y Johnston, hna called upon tho Governor of Tenn.s ee for the addlv '<>""? fl,rc,J ?L.,hlXly ,houf'?"1 troops for Immediate act\'? service. The Oeverr.or has accordingly issued a proc'K'11,,t:nn calling for that number of troops. Governor Harrll urgi-s upon a t who maj- be abU to do so to supi'ly them\ 'vc' ?'1, ' nic,st onoctiye arms the country affords, suclK,"9 1,10 Tennessee rifle, tho double and single barrel sh"t^, 'n-. These arms will bo roi lr.cod by funiishing the troopieVJ1'" the regular aimy gun at tlio'parlioit practical periods TTIE MAINE TENTH REGIMENT. roRTl*Nn, Me% Oct. 6, ISdl. Tho Tenth Maine regiment of Rifles, form<!> 'J First, hnving been reorganized, will leave to-morrow' ^itiorning (rfdadaj'), at eight o'clock, for Hempstead, L. I., 6>'rail road, Coloi^) Goorgo I. Bealy commanding. Tho rcgimflu.1 U ?C0 strong, ' l^CSTAHT 5'ROm MIS3QURI. tub fxton forces knt'Tu-'tastic and ANXIOUS TO MEET THE i.EBELS. jKirsusoit Cnr, Oct. 4, 1881. A special dcspR*-.'.] to Ihi! St. I.orr?3 D "ft rrirt k.ivk:? General Meitlrr. ry is not to bo transferred to Kentucky. Ila/wll! have ootamnn : of tho K;T ii d -. islen of tho araiy ofJibeWest, sue v. ill start west ta-mcrrow. It is thought tbrafOncral F/tmont will u'so 1. :?to to-morrow. U? nn<l .j U' ii?ny arc fl.\thu*iastic uad o r.t'.uyat, and are burning to p.^; t tho'enemy. |j Tto steamer Frail:* arrived Vfia opening with t'?c L w*;.: !eu f1rf>r 111 . , mn Aboot r .o Vmdr?d reV^is re j it M nd !u Laxl] j ?? ? on A ? li/'fwiiTii I Mr. lYisrott, a citizen of lexington, who ?was !c | Ce'incl Malllgan'a furtillcatUu* 4 -ilng the s:egf,contra I dllts the report that tieuinl Ptargls had urrivcd there. ] 'V''. Preece l?avs tl..-it 'nrfi General Trice teU RtiB3 Iarid Po-ts-iu ti nt iic.w wiu the to light if they ov?r if.tP'.^evlt^i. and beard tln-pi rttrouas ng the propriety of j falling b?r!e to fortify Rant Hill, Johnson couiity, fifteen j Mile a v.vr. of WarrenalMirg. J!e thinks, however, that i heir 7l. " intention is Ui voire* to tho southwost cr to , Artfi!',Fi?. j BVa?o t'ao mmntter they had cast two cannon at tho I foundry t a Islington, which t..cteased the field to j fourteen. They also bad twet inrtars. Coloer Mulligan was taken Couth with Priee. Most rf our anBy that havo gout; 1c. ward aro roally %vc-ii ap. point cdxnd likely to do splendid figlitfng. Gemrrl McKlnstry's divicio; , under Lieutenant Colonel j Totlt."!, ^aoved west today,.; nd wi'l encamp to night eighteen miles out. Capiat! .8 Abel and Henry flte~r, who wero captarcJ a short U* 3 slnco while carrying despatches from General f remont x> General Jjine, fuidn- oro confined fifty hours in a rlung ^on at Westport, cnnn down on tho EntiivO,'tav lng osooj. a from Lexington. Cnjitn-r D. It. Stanley, of-t o regular cavalry, wbc riistingufe, !ed himself at Dog *n-: ing, has been appointed a Brigadier General, and still us.ume the Command of the cavalry \t: gado of General Fret ont's command. Tho folk a lng is a social desp.-.ieh to the St. I Ante TV publican:? j Colonels trover and WUiti we i loft at I/cxington?the j fnrniT in c crit'.cal condition,;if id the latter likely to I recover. Tho repor of a large amount of loaded shell havir boon dug n inside Col">nol Mi ligan'a intrcrjchmoata, .?after the surrender, is untrue. 7HE FOR*. IFICATIOXS Al.OTJND KT. LOUIS St. I.oais, Out. 4, I SGI. Informali ? from official RouToe. ilifcl(.?c the fact tlia'. on Tuesday Us: General Sturgte, * itli .the conwBanda of lie itgomt-ry a: J Jennesin, numbering 7,i*?00 ?.?, war. at.ianaas City, kee]iing a close ?a. ;h over .?rict'? move * ts. T. fortifieaiie :s on the southwea: eidoiol St. l/ix. gun by Captain Beard, by order of GeWt ral Fi'-^aaont, wct'.y-fivo dayn,.go, wero fliii^httl to-day.^ 'Die othors, begun by the government four week*. bofornHJeneral Fre. montirrivod, wlU "equire five or eis wcek!^!to cot&jiivU; them. CALL OF GENEi'AL McCULLGOH 1WR MOUE TROOPS. ^ [From It: Memphis Avalau h.?.] I Iort SMnr, Sept. l,2P, 1881. A rogit'.ent of Misseirrians under Col fl int ?rhas been d':featc4i y Uie Kacaat rudlans under I^neanU Moutgo tnery, backed by federal troops.;e i- 1 U< Vt^omery ?re upon the Arkun^as frontier. Ge.V McCuI i'^h lia" r.nly about ti. rty live hundred men. A pro cainmion from him, dated Headquarters, (im;> Jackson. ?8?,iit.. 2fi, saj s:? ' j^anss'.' I*, e and Montgi-nerr havo dofeat'vi a JMseourl re.".mect under Col. Hunter, and have burnedOsdeola. I ceo? tlireo regiments of iai -nlry immediatelv I ?viJI ac | c pt them for twelve mo?: the. Le t all those who hav e arms bring the.i, as the ar.ns turned over hj ,'he i?tnte J may fall into tha hands of U-oso nearest to ti.<m. Ia;t those .who wish U serve their ;itate rally to her d<?>nflc at once. MEV. McCCLLOCH, Brigaditr cioneral Commactiag. NEWS FROM Ta3 SOUTIf. Bi'sksvilu, Ky., Oct. 4, 1601. Tho Mos<gomery Kail says Captain Lynch ban been appointed Flag Ofilcer ,to command the naval defences of North Carolina and Vlrjfinia, with ?iao steamers ready, and more to Iw addod. A geatlcmau who loft New Orleanc .ten days since saya a hundred sixty fwir pound?M> Lad arrived there and wero being mounted in varlouc places. Gold was at 14 per cent premium. * The troops in and around tho city do not cuwbor over six thousand. Ho says a number of troopg frouj Texas woro at Columbus, designing to take Paducah. MASSACHUSETTS MILITARY AFFAIRS. Boston, Oct. 0,1801. General B.itler has issued an official order designating Boston as his headquarters, under tho order constituting tho tlx New England States as a Department. The Stair of General Butler is announced, as follows?Major Goorge E. Strong, Assistant Adjutant General, Acting Officer and Chief of stair j Captain Peter Haggerty aad I.!outenant Win. H. Wiegcl, Aids-de-Camp; Gilman and Kimball, Ltigade Surgeon and Medical Pircctor; Captain Taul R. George, Brigade (Juarteimaster, with an assistant Quarter master. Senator Wilson formally assumed command today as Cofrnel of tuo Twouty-second regiment. Tho regiment will leave for scat of war on Tuesday. John Ch'imher?^Jato Adjutant of tho Fifth threo months regiment, has accept^' Ihe adjutantcyof the Twenty.third Liouien-uit Colonol Kur{% commanding. _ Chambers proved himsei * a bravo and cool officer at tho battle at Bnll run, and .!ed two or three battery charges successfully before tho defeat. Tho Twonty-third will probabljr leave next weclc. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Rfpirtfil ri .v.'indWn of Gem Wool?TIjc FVii-ini<Ijh> lo "Rebel Expedition Down James fiiv tr?Hibfl Drmnnil for the Kvncai* Ion of Newport Noiv?, &r. FocntfM Mojmoit, Oct. 4,1 Via Baj.iimokr, Oct. 6, 1801. j GeneralT'ool 5s cxpoctcJ ot Fcrtroea Monroe to morrow tiornlHj. It w us not determined when he left yesterday that ho bV onlfl 'go to Ft. Louis. His visit to Washington, however, ref'jrs to that nibjejt. It in ?,? )!1 i <oderrtood thst'tho rebels will soon attempt to run t"io blockade at OldVolnt with two steamers from Norfolk ar.dJYorktown and another powerful steamer on thi Jm.iee Tlver. Pr.n. ng ers by the Old Pclnt boat say that General Ma grad*: hf*l demanded the evacuation cr Nowport News in twolro h purs. THE NAVY. BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. steamer Florida, Ittely purchased by tho govern ment ,1 was put itto cciaratcsion yesterday, with the fol l? lrg liet of ofllcerc. ths will leave the yard to morrow e? ivrtt tfftv:? Ki+nuWtder?J, T. Ot.'.dFbMoagb. I..&U . uitU inri E&.ixdv.e vffictr?R. W. Fcott. A<tiru JifaOtn?,1 Stoxe, D. B. Navlor and T. W ?*lch. AfUnf.fAi I'avaH'tcr?T. ?. Harrison. jirtiti f Ar aftiiU .''urp <rr?J. C. Co' on. f\rr.l Artirhml '?,;iymef?.1. 8. Smith. /?d,i u ?J. A Studftr. TUirt t AuvJanlf?C. ffemctt, <i. Mason and 0. G fmlth. Man tr't Matet?C. BtUrr, W. K. Mix, J. do Hay, A. A. ~ Owciii It. (i. HicLaruj. The gunboot Tembiuc, built by Mr. Simonson, ts now at the y aid. ar.d w'.Il soon 1 ike her armament onbon*. I. She Is of I ae same modctas ti o Uuadilla, Ottawa, Pencil, Arc., and v. till Ue armed In a skiilur manner, with tho excep tion c f the iarg<\?un pla&rd amidships, which will bo of small *>r caSitoro thauthoSf/of the otfcere. Tho folio ving is tho I at of vfii'ii-rp wlio ul ;o reported for service;? Li vtirum' CiKvcirnXinf?Pierce Cre?Sby. /V tl Auiniant Jinykwr- -Jefferuen Yen-ng. 2' tod Atsi/tant Evniwr;?Jno. Van Hovonborg, N. B. ClarV?, Thad<ious*!:. Th o gunboats Mwcury as d 0. M. Pcttit have taft tholr dock, and will to.dr.y or) u? sorrow go down tuo- bay. Wo J have published a l>t of the r otBcers and their arnvtnent. ; Tho Brandywirre,tVat iW'ueen fitting out, has It.'t her | dock,and is dow Vcsidu^ ti o steamer Santiago de Tho work of preparing II tea her vessels in rapuily going on, and many will be rea |y 1 ir sea in a fer daj*3. THE CHARLES TO'VN NAVY YARD. ? two SLOOTM OF 17.AH 1 i-L 'V TO HE LiT NCIISO?.Or,D VB88KL9 FITTDie Oft? .VOKS 2N T&3 FOUS&BY, etc., cro, [From the Brst ?o Traveller, Oct. tf ] I Business In every ?<^ ..r scorns to ix?.carried or in | this yard with uicomm' I vigor. Already two Bplomtlll sloops of-war are p i?>Vod ip tad catzlkod,and co .ld jo I ln;.n :lieii, if required, in a f ?w rocks?one of item, wo un I derstand, wil; be put an-::i! its fctnlgbt,os her engines aio all ready?the other wiU ha\',ol?,7ait for her u>ctive poas J er. A steamer with side \vh eels., :n<i built upu> the plii j tf our ferry l oat?, is ir. frame. Sbo is flat .on tho floec, i sharp In the ends, and hi;B a rudfer at each ch-p , so that I hor course may be revei tc.d ati;Ve,#rre without pulling Urr round. As she iso!'a v'ery liJiJ^. dir/t o^water,not more, perhaps, than live feet, f!. ' willp<: tdtnirably AU).to<l fo; x jtvey mg trows across rivers or'^a;Ti Tic gun houf Mohw^ti. which arRivt i recently'fru;n tho cow, of Africa, i3 ivtittlcc afloat, other tophfcuiw. and Iv^t yards oro dovfl. Iejbably h*r ri^aiyg\wiiil bo lilted from the lotver uis|i arid eis,*nitie(l in t.V<\yc*. Car-i^O'itere and caulker* rue al>i<>at work upon her. i Theliae of l?at!lesliip Vermont if having her topsit1w*-id decks cuuIked, pre^nratorj' to .being Dtud as a rec> ?hip, us ' ho Ohio Li too michorowded for comfort. Jjit-o the Ohio, wo supprse, the v.',!l havo jury mastsVtui Tarda, fcr the doubia purpo<M of excrcisltjg her pr kii hoiiis ieml for drymif of ckiUies ajd hammocks. Th V* must, lio trjcod up, an-1 must* and j ards are necessary U cioJUpe poitg. V TL?ro is nlso n new Bloop, of atout sixty* tons, in the co'irso of constriietion, designed aj. a powder- 1 boy, to carry UMpplies'to the ot war from thefma gnzinat ashoio In tfro foundry, nhot, shelf, aivj othor destruc tlvo rnUailea ato produced in largo quantities: and additions; works are now in tho cours?.of conHtruoiion to the othor buildings?tho whole forming a very esten ?hrewtaMWuneDl < The roc?at arit/r.g of tho voiunte* navy 1ms sensibly diminished the number or great #tuus which havo ornamented ibo gr jundy above life dry 4ocks. Wo suppose whanth^i vesse.s jiow on tho stock* are launched, others will bo lai'l down in ?he^ place*, for vte havo targe quantities of ship timber, t-;ch us kuceH aiul frames, in Uit yard. BURSCTT OF THE SUMTER. Tho brif (toustadt, at Gloucester, Mi's , from S-'urinant reports thsi on tho 15th September, ofT the port of Suri] nam,eawtk? United States steamer Powhatan, steering cast, and iu search of the privateer steamer Bumtor. IMPORTANT TO ALL UNION COMMANDERS-. GEN. SUMNER "NEVER SURRENDERS." Tho following wrier appears in tho Saa Francisco papers:? GENERAL ORDER?NO. 20. UlLHi^t .UtrtRS I 'EI'ARTMFNT OK PACIFIC, ) San Francisco, Sopt. 3,1861. ) No federal troops In the Department of the Pacific will ever surrender to rebels. E. V. SUMNEK, Itriga lior General Commanding. Richard C. Drum, Assistant Adjutant General. CLEARANCE FOR KEY WEST. Boston, Oct. 5, 1801. The schooner Argy!e ckared at Halifax on tho 24ih ult. for Key West, with a cargo of copper, tin, shoos and gunnycloth, and was cleared and owned by B. Wier, of the Governor General's Council. ARRIVAL OF THE PRIZE SCHOONER JULIA AT BOSTON. Boston, Oct. 6, 1861. The prizo schoonor Julia, cf St. Johu, has arrived hore> in cliargo of Acting Master Odiorro, of the gunboat Cain bridge, from llattorus Inlet. OPERATIONS IN KENTUCKY. Tbo Departments of Cumberland and the Potomac. Close Relationship of Both Departments. Topographical Description of tlic Field of Operations iu Kentucky. NOTICE OF THE MORE IMPORTANT POINTS, &c., &c., &c. Lacaviiu, Oct. <1,1861. Tho city hag been much oscitod to-day l>y t'iroo ru mors, which aro deemed apocryphal?tho capture of Ne\V Orleans by Unioa forces, the Willm# of .lulin C. llroolim ridgo, nnd tho arrost of Uumphrey Marshall. flie flruti camo by way of St. Louid. Thu/iu'Ma'u says tho rebels lu vario i ? nartu of Ken tucky arc told that If they do uot J iin tho r.-hol artny at ouco they will b? forccd Into tho Uulon scr >. Lieutenant A. Mertou, of tho Illinois Volunteers, waj arrested at St. I-euis on Wednesday for tro 11. David and Hurts Well'ord, father and smi, w ro arrest ed at Cat.iwba, Ky., on Thursday, for disloyalty. lite headqiurtors of General Bnckn"r, ou tlia 1st, woro at WoodsonviUe, w ith about 3,000 men. 1Ii;rk8vi;lB. Ky., Oct. 1,1801. Dr. Begirt '?* organizing a camp hen. Last Sun lay Bomo cavalry and infantry surprised a party of Tcuucasecaus, killing seven and tho l'odorala loaiu-g Done. TIB KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE AND TIIU BANKS. Krakkfo! t, Oct. 4, HOI The Legislature has taken a recess till November '.!71 ?reeling tho Commit too on Banks iii tho moanwhile to nquiro Into tho management of tho Hunk of Louisvil'.o. Tho 'flank of Kentucky lins promised tla quota o* hp $2,000,000 for tho defonco of Kentucky. Tho IVu.k of Louisville, whoso quota was nearly >100,000, has furnished $200,000. Tho Northern liank has promised $2' ,000 tn to t'mn its q'lota, and tho Farmers' I link has respon Jed by ita quota of the |2,000,0c0 ro'iHlrod. In discussing tl>is questirn, Senator Sp'c t e.iid that a majority of tho I/iutsvillo hank directors wouM glu'lly welcome Buckner, and open tho ?i ? s freely t<? him, and therefore ha wished the management oxp.s.d. I Senator Goodloo said tho Commercial Pa"!c would promptly r. spond to any demand in thU enier," ncy. Mr. Speed's resolution of inquiry into the c i .dltion and management of tho Bank of Louisviilo passed botLi houses. OUR CAMP EL1ZABETI1TOWN CORRESPOND ENCE. Camp at Eijzai stiitown, Ky., Bor t. 2ft, 1N61. riR nErARTME.\T8 or CI MIIERUAXD AJCIl TliC POT.jMA'\ The [department of Cumberland appears to bo a subor dinate one to that of tho Potomac, or rather but an ex tension of tlio latter fle!J of operations. I liavo no in formal ien tending to show this to be tho cage; but a sur vey of the map and a littlo examination of facts will prove, I imagine, that tho hand which holds, and which* we trust, will soon direct, the thunderbolts < f war in th? East, Is tho gone whore admirable nianageMcut is vis!b''? lu Keutucky. As a basis of operations tho Ohio rivjr may be said to bo a continuation of the l'otomac, anf with the lower Mississippi forming a grsit aMevjda, which has been threatening contraction for a few mouth r past. The officcr in commonfd, it appears, !s only a Bri ga dier General. Would not tho unrestricted cjraro .ad of a military department entitle him to tho rauk of a Major (ienerai? I understand that such is the fact. Another slsmflcaat indicates tbft close relati rr* ship of tha two departure nts, and ratip.fl.iaj mo that Generals Scott and McCieiian wialdL' tho eceptro and plan tho campaign tn Kentucky. Tho inactivity of a largo ariuy la tho East is cotemporary with great bustle and activity in Kentucky. Tho lull lu" the transportation cf troops to Washington win bognn at! a time when the transpo-tation o? regiment a^ter re,ji? ment to Kentucky vu only beginning. All of iho regi. ments brought into Kentucky are from tho dei arim nta of the East and tho Ohio, and tho Department of tbi West und r General Fnaiont has uot been infringed upm in ilia" call for troops for Kentucky, while I fjcik by tho caret iu saying that requisitions made b^ General Fremont oa tlio latter named of these departments w re re lnried by. tho War Department, and the tro.ips named i:t his requl sitions aro now In part composing General -die. man's brl-, gado in thia^.ato. Ohio and Indian* aro furnishing troops for tho contra! and eastern portions of this .State, whildj Illinois and tho Northwestern States have famished then* only for tho extreme western part of thj State, and then' hardly in numbers sufficient for olT:r..-:,ve operations' Those facts, and tho masterly working of affairs in tbla State, indicate, I think, the existence of a close connection between the two departments,and tho of a power ^behind tho throno which General Ai:de;goa c'coiiuies, ? ruling and guiding tlio adminUtratlou of tho Kentucky, "campaign. ,, ?inr. rir.rn or operations is irm'fCKV. " Accompanying this you will find tho p!ato of a man ?showing at a glonco tho present position of n.TiIrs h<re 'and giving your roaders a correct idea of the "situation" la pientueky. Tho topography of tho country is tut clearly Indicated, and I purpose a brief description of tifc nlora Important roints. . "Louisville, tho present headquarters of tho department ' Wsituated on the northern boundary of tho State, Is con' ^aected by river and rail with tho whole of tho NorthoiS and also by rail wish tho country of active opera* The plain on which Loqjavillo is situat^ extendi ^?iniutorruptcdly for thirty-five m??i south, to RoIIuiJ ;Pork rivor, whero rail communication with tho country! . b*y.?nd has been interrupted by tho destVucilofe of tfj, btidgfcs. Crossing this stroam, which U about twobui? d iyt In width and throo foot deep at a ford % tr,Jg9> good road leads through a level <-? '? unify /or asilss, to^tho foot of the sorfos of hiD, ^?Vha?W dr^jii's anis. Their ascent Is of the most r .gged oharaci tcr. Tho lalhoad follows a stir am cal!?d Clear crc'V' cicvtoB iO about half way up Uio accent byatri-cl ?^ork l Jiety Jcet high, and two miles further south enter.,* zl its tsc, Tijpncl Hill, ein.rging again on a smooth anil level plij'n, wlilch extends for many miles south, to Greccv rivor, thus forming tho table land of the State. x Elzaboihtown is four miles from Tunnoll Hill, and Is the prescni posit in of tho advanced encampm?i)t. ft ifc an okl and rather dolapldated town. Hero gathered ? gfirong disunion community, led or mijle 1 by ex GoVerhoe John L. Helm, .whose residence is here. Tho rebels ltwlc forward to it for winter quarters, should tfcoir attempt oa Louisville fail. ^ Xolin tiroek is thu Urst stream of any importance sont!$ of Eli/abetbtown. It is at all times fordabie, tbo raij and turnpike roads crowing it near Its hea I water!?. Green rivor is a stream of moro formidablo proportional noti'ordable, very swift and deep. Tho railroad caWi it by a L.rWg? of largo proportions, now ia possession ut robe's^ acd lik,'-Jy to be destroyed. Indeed, we alrea f hear "from L^ui^viile that it has been blown up, but th.4> is doubted here. TUc, turnpike road apprrach is down q stoop and narrow dccli?"""?)'( couid be ea.-ily defaaded by artillery. ? **"?'. Beyoud Green, and cxtcnling to Barron river, are the, barrens or pratrio la:ids of Kentucky, equal tu quali'y, though not in extent, to tho boundless prairi-sof theq farther West. This country is level and smooth as a. sward very rich and producing largo crops of our staples. Bowling Green, tho present basis of rebel operations in Kentucky, is ft Point or great strategic Importance. Ix>< cated at tho junction of tho two Kentucky railroad# which enter Tenm -se", it affords>ortation to ati almost unlimited extmt, and an army in force thora could draw reinforcements and supplies t> t':o full capo, cii v of the rebel State? to supply them. Tho town had ab ut 2,560 inhabitants, is surrounded by high hills, which command it and its approacho*. Tho northern apJ proacli to the town, nthefr by l-fturc^d or turnpjke, canj be commanded bv a small fope, as the track and pik* each crobS a he :>> over Barren river. Tilti RK!1HIS IN KtWTCTKT. * J In one respect I am sniffled the Union peop.e of Ken, tnr.Wv aro a grand mistake, ia underrating thJ n.htfn^?lauti.-s ? f the in.-n coming against thorn. IherS Lno doubt that they are a liar :y. stout and spirited) Is no uo a j coward.-?-v.-U armed and! claw of ^n-'^ilNL.[:I) [T^nm PAGL..J

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