Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1861 Page 2
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'fflTERESTDIG FEOM THE SOUTH. Southern Speculations About an Inva sion of the North. Ben. Joseph ?E. Johnston, Commander-in-Chief of the Rebel Army of the Potomac, Ths Rebel Forces in Western Virginia. Who Are Alton Kiicmics of the Confederate States? Arrival of Union Prisoners in Cliarle^ ton. MUTINY AT FORT SUMTER. Tears for the Safety of the South era Coast, &c., &c., &c. demand von a FonwAitn movement of thk rebel AllMY?DISADVANTAGES OF DELAY. fftrom ill., liioliiiinnd inspnti It, Sept. We have not hi athU journal presumed to criticise the movement' nts of 'our generals. We n?ild noi hut soe, what all the world must Imvo soon, tliat a movement in advance one day, or oneweek.or even two weeks, after the h ill!,' of Manas as, would iiuve resulted in adviu luges to our cause, which it Is almost im|iossible to conceive, far loss to estimate with matiieiuui ieal precision. Wo knew nothing of military tactics; but tlm m > licnm or Ctiinmun sen e with wh eh we wore gifted l>jr our Creator, einbird us to doubttho jioliry which lull to a conquered and dig) irited enemy tlio leisure to recover from his terror, to restore discipline, recruit his forces, to drill his men, to er ct glrnntic fortification*. Hut wo sai l nothing of nil this, becnuso our generals had the matter in their own hands, nnd best know what they were captbl ? of porformlug. Wh -n, therefore, wo liiarti ed that their reason for not following a panic stricken enemy tw nty live miles was I hat they had not provision ami triuis|H)i I a t ion snlllcieut t ? > carry them that dlstanc", wo tij<> .->? 111 the piihlie ought to he satisfied. Still the public, deeply it? tboy were ehagi inod at tho disappoint inent. ncqaiesced u the apology for the generals, that thoy hud not trai.-pnrlut.oii and provisions lor so short a distance, and we telt no disposition to disturb Its verdict. We have already sai l that tile t!vantages which would liavo en:<liod t > the Confederate States from an advance at that period, w in not to be cstlm ited by any procops ki.own to arithmetic. Some of them, however, lie so palpably on the surface that we c innot fo bear to notice them in passing. We sitouid have captured the city of Baltimore, and purged it of the b ul vermin whohavo con vorted it into a nest for tli- lr tribe. We sh mid have pre vented th? al> b cUon and incarceration rf our friends, whohavo b en ab I cted and Inc.irccia'.ed only because thoy worn our II lends. We should have cipturod the Baltimore and Ohio K.iilro.ul, aad by throwing a strong body of troops noon the rear of the Yankee maiundeis in Western Vi.'giri i, buvo rondo od their capture iukI tics truction inev iuihle. Wo shoaid havo prate ted North Ca rolina from tiva-ion. We should havo arrested the pro gross of tlio Yankeo arms in Missouri, and placod that gallant State in her true p sit ion. We should have en abled Kentucky to purge oil' the vile locusts that tnfost her. Wo shuul I havo entered the Yankee territory nnd made them tremble for their own capital. H'e tkimhl have la!.tn I'hila I l/'hin, and h 'M if ii a phrdgt f<.r th~ wi'h tiawl "f Liruiln'r tan mUeU from ftirtresi jfomve, anil of his ,ll"t from the Wtckade''four jtorlt. In a wi.r>1, w should have none into tho midst of the Yankees, broken up thoir military organization: . laiil Ho*lun iitnlArw Ytnk til our feel, C'lm pdUd them to sue for term', and exacted ample iud'ninity Tor all tiiuir robberies, all their injuries and a:l their Insults. Another opportunity now offers itself. Wo havo a numerous army on the I'obnwic?it burns for distinction and panU lor Um< h >ur that is to call it into action, if its ardor be not restrained before Christmas it can plant the colors of the Conederate States upon l aneuii llnll. It will have battles l" light, but that w what it n ost eagerly li ngs fur. It will havo rivers to c osn; b-1 Colonel Na pier lolls us that rivers, so far from bolng an insuperable barrier, do not even form a gc.oi iHmitioh. If they cannot bo crofsed at ooo place th"j- can nt another. W'h.'ti did tii9 Rhine ever constitute an ins iperablo object to an army wishing to invado franco < r Germany, > r the Id to an army to invade l/nnbardy y \V;en did any grout river oile. an lusup ratu ? obnt no to a resolute General and a bravo array? In tho namo of the united South, then, let our nimen advance while the weather is Due an I overythmg propitious. THB I*OLICY Ol' TUB KKUKI. OINMiALA?Till. ADVANCK vr TUK NEAlt WAHU1NOTON AM) TllKtlt 8L<B8K4Jt'E.NT WITHDRAWAL. [Kicluuoud corrt sp. ndei.c (Sept. 13j of the New Orleans Crescent. | The Cabinet is now, and has been for aomo time, divided on the policy of a forward ill ivement of the army of th ? I'atom ie. The object of delay a|*pcars to rise from nn apprehension that an attack' upon and a destruction of tho capital would thorough.y arouse the North,and would Speedily heal all the dissensions which h we grown up and aro sou increasing among th i people upon tho necessity of pence c a further prosecution or the war. It is urged thlt the i n.'ire North, io a man, with means nnd money, woiil l tlock t > the support of the federal government, and instead of an army of two hundred and III" ty tlio ii-aud men wo would have pres-ing down upon its a million of frenzied and revenge:ul soldiers, ready to butcher, iay wn to and destroy. Thu dilllcuilies which now besot tlio Lincoln icovernmcnt in recruit ing and tilling the regiments now in serviuo would 1mm rite y vnni ;b, nnd the entire >forih. in forty ?la>s. would be one ltninonsJ cnc.inipment. Others assort the ti uc |silicy is to await the action of tho Fr nch and Eugltsh i.oveinmonts, that our dUIlculties may bv> ar rang 'd witlwi t further etlnsionof blood. Ttiuuimyilo slri's an onward linn en??nt, tlio capture of Wa- : in?-toii, the ceiiso^ui tit uprising in Maryland, and the |?i>sef?ion of Kaii iuiore for <p artorlng tic army in the winter. What co rse will be ettli-1 upon is unknown; o; wh-ther the army will crofs the lv tomac or commence tueeroc tion of winter (juartors on ting side, is also unknown. A few days will etermine everything. It is evident that a change lias tak?*ti place in the councils ol the federal lead ?i . in legard to the in xt Uel.l of m iliary ope utii lis and it is also i videiit licit the a ithoi itie. hero are a;i.? ised of till- change in the tactics of thy federalists. A? this moment large bodies of troops aro being a. nt to the pe ninsula from liichmoti.l. Kr.e thousand men nnd lour hundred m-aii.ted men liave been ordered to Yointown. A letter in the DAli, dated Camp Leesburg, Sept. 7 ?a v a:? ih ink heaven, our commanders ars as fully lutortii..d, of al! Northoni uiovein h'.h us il tot graph wires run into the otltccs of tlio dc;m Uncut et Kichmon I, and, despite of ?ill threats of Fort I jilayette, our agents aie n nn rous nnd sicejilefs, braving every danga., and succi-sgfully Accomplishing th"ir h.iz*rd- us missions with the ste.ilthi Iiess of Crows or HiucU It jet Indians. of our numbers and preparations in and around h.<ro 1 shall not speak ; but everything is as our best lriends could w i-h. Maryland, oppoi-ito all ourcntn|>s, is in a fever of excitement, and laj'go bodies of men aru sightly joining u.s at Aquiat reek, whenever ll'.ey con elude tho federal c aft; t ut should the enemy ever dream of ad vancing into Virginia again n ine of them will be left to tell ih ? tale. LATK STICKCT commissioner smith APPOINTED A MAJOK (IKNi.ltAL IN THK ttKDKL AltMY?OKAEItAL jOSK.rtl K. JOHNSTON ASSl'MES CHIRK COMMAND OF THE HKr.KLS OS TUB POTOMAC. [From the Richmond 113patc.l1,Sept. 20.J Tho I'resi li nt lias confirmed the important mmnifssi in of Major (ienefa! idu?> Major 0. W. Smith, late .-uperln tendent of Strisos fur tho city of Now York. Gene ral Smith Is ?native of Kentucky, and was one of the distinguished class of cadets that graduated nt West I'oint in 1K4o. He graduated at the head of his class, and beat McCiellan for the highest honors of the institution. Ho went in ) the corps of engineers of llioamy, an I in that capacity s-xrved through the M >xican war, winning a higher reputation in army ci than any oilier olllcer of litK grade in llio service, and was br'vetted a Ma,or. By the univ( rsal attestation of all tho old nruiy. lie is a man of extraordinary abil.tie-, tle uv.d Smith go s up to Maiia.eee this morning, and will take command of the army hei etof. .ro comtnandod by General .log ph K. John ston, Cem ral liemregai d letainiiig comma' I of own. General Johnston will assume general command of the two columns I' may be safely said that these three generals p. e.-eut an army of talent and s?ill not to be equalled o'l the continent. A KUKNC1I PK1N0K ON OEN'KKAL 1)EAl llEOAllD'S STAFF. [l-'iom 1 lif H1? ]|:in :i 1 i isi?itrh, Se|H. 23.] Prince I'nl'gii.iC, ol Kruno, lias r ci-ive I an appoln'. mont iiiH^i (?eiieral I'ei iregard'B stall'. wi.h the rank uf Lieutenant Colonel. Hi! 18 a grandson <>: the fany.>n* Prime PolUnac, who was imprisoned lit ll.un I'm- tus fidelity to (buries X. He is reported to bo in closo eom ntim cttion wltli Umis Nnpo.oon, and men terms ->f Ititi ma, J wiili i. iiit Mnrny. Hi* cornea lil^liiy roiortnn"nil'd by our friends in I'arH? is about thirty years old, anil exceed Ins I) pi unpfetondtBg. 1 i is rnuiiy bail en joyed ih titl.' of l'rincc Cor live li .ndrod ymrs. THK ItKBBI. KORC* IN WK.STKKN VIRGINIA. (1 nun ill ? Richmond Ins, atcht30pt. 21.J Tin' in ! , h i f the enemy in Western Virginia is ba ll'-vd to be ii. tv'i en forty an I Buy th Then-are now menr ?i' u -riil Re. I olds, in and about Kundoipli county, abmit iw ,:y-fivo tliiUMind. (Jcneial Ci.x his hetw- en six an \ ???? utho-salid in tho Kanaw ha Valloy, and (i neral K? e ..ns us mid to have 11 t' ell th i it-ami?some s.iy eii', n to twidvo thou ind. Thus there ar ? ri' Mili.j not 1 tli.ui forty, a:id lav ?? may bu m arly UlIy lb j.i.^.niil i>; th'1 caeaiy'B lure 's op -. a ling iti Wcatera Virginia. WowMl nut, for prudential reaa tsa, present In detail a staiunieul of thj strength ol our forei a in that quarter. Siillee it Hay t . it <; -nurala I<no ami 1/iriiiK have a ? nf ri ?!' force t<> w th, and that (ivlierais Floyd and Wise :i ,< Ul? ?i ii *: nder iho dls ?dvaatagajal kMiMmMt disparity or numb ! Wo und irslaml that several regiments liave li u ordered from Lym bburg to reininne nir nrm, beyond l.i wis liurg: nnl that .-till furili r forn s will he seiit f rwardto this aain.' destination vi ,y promptly. Tin a ws ino iglit down by the Central train yctciday was * tiat Ci'ii1 al I/-e liad again fallen hack u|hih 1ns lornvr po.itlon, his forward movement having b en de-.?ted from for aomo strategic reason not transpired, 'lhe of (Jenerals Floyd and \\ . ? have changed their p i "itinn from Sewc ll's Mountain t" Me1 low hi ill, which is ft this aide of U?e Sewell, but fortJier to thi'wi'st, in tin' direc tion of Summursville. The j^ltkm th y now oi ? ipy ,? upoa what Is called the Wil lemess roft l, leiiing i;do (Jrcoubrlcr county from Summertvilli', along whi h On. Roeecran* In approaching with e'ovon regiments.^ It was with u view to moot him on his march that Generals Floyd ami Wise liavo proceeded up tho Wilderness road to Meadow Illuir. If tho movement of Gou. Rosecrans he correctly reported, wo may expect to hoar <T another buttle hi that dlroctlon In u few days. Tho enemy con siderably outnumbers us, and tho light will come oil', If at nil, before the reinforcement* just ordered on to (Jen. Floyd will he able to roach him; but, notwithstanding those circumstances, we are very conlldcut that our bravo lit tlo army, wb'?e melal has boon twice tried and proved, will give u good reixTt of itself. FLOYD'S KI.IUIIT OVKlt TITE OAULF.Y HIV Kit. [Western Virginia Correspondence (Sept. 10) Lynchburg Republican.) Ifad On. Wine roinforcod us wltn 1,000 men, or, hud It been possible for tho North Carolina and Gco.gia regi ments M have comn to our assistance in time, we could douhtli (-s have whipped Kutmcrans as badly on ilio morning or the 11th an we had done on tho evening or tho joih Indeed, we lluuk it liigh'y probable wo could have whipped him anyhow; hut, as retreat would have been iuip< ssiblo under the tiro of the oin my, suil in the |>05-d hlo event ?.f a defeat wo should all have b en slaughtered or captured,our prudent General thought it dangerous to h i/urd ho much U|ion the cast or a singled*. To retire to thin Hide or tho (iatiley, th Tciore, was the only Halo alternative loft us, and the wisdom or thin movement w in fully endorsed on tho next day by a dispatch front (Son. I?eo.advising us or our danger, and auggesting the step we hud taken. Our withdrawal was as brilliant a succors as Our defence. We lost hi this movement not a man, a gun. or a wagon, and wauld not have lost a single article or value had not the removal of our largo number of sick required the ns > of an unusual portion of our moms of transportation. The roul was very narrow and wi to enough only for tho passu?ot a single wagon, while tho rapid an I rugged tiauley had to hu crossed on two bouts and a tornpo rary tool bridge, just completed on th' morning of (!io fight. Tho feat was accomplished in It s- tiiaa llv liourn, nud in the darkness of the night. our subsequent movo ineiits liavubeen entirely governed by those of the enemy. The night after tho light wo oncumpcd at Dogwood Gap, on tho main turnpike, mil way between tho Saturday and S mday roads, and about ten miles from Camp (iauloy. On Thursday intoilig ince reade^d us that the on my w is criwgmg th ? tjauley at Hugh -.V ferry, with a view of c it ting us o!f by the Wilderness road, at Meadow Hluff, ? te n mi.'tw this gidu of Lowisb irg. Wo at once mnvod back to tins point, so as to place ourselves in striking ill' tance of tho enemy should h > appear in lluu quarter, a id ai the s un * time t > bold the strongest and moH dolensl ble position this snlo of Caulcy bridge,on the line of l ox's advance. If we are attacked here with us many as tea tiioi sand men, 1 think we can defeat them, uud we a -o anxiously anticipating a light In a few days. The writer urges th ? importance of ih * government sondirg forward men and provisions immediately. A1.I1-.N KNKMIKS OK THK CONPKI'KKATB STATUS. J From ttio Richmond l?i.-|iot(b, 8>jit. 23.] Thin In ill ? Inst clav of grace allowed l>y 111-' statute or thoConfV'd :ato Congress for taking the ualh el' citizen ship in the Confederate Stales Those aliens who omit to .piilify in ?y subject themselves to I Up disugrc ahli alter native 01? being sent forth l?y tli-> marshals byond tliu limits <>f the Southern cnul'oderaey. As to the i|ii>*?tloii, what residents of the South are aliens, li?il?:u to li ? troated its such uniler the statute in question, we publish to day an opinion of Juil^eI'ears >n, who in tho Confederate Judge In North Carollnn, whoso reputation us a juriat g.ves his letter OH the subjoet of alienage especial value ai.d im portance ?t lb ? present Juncture of affairs. The following arc iho letter to Judge Pearson aud his lh nor's ep.iiMin:? li s 11"M>K I'WKF Jl.frn-K lUAKSOJf:? Having so ii the proclamation of Iho PresMent of the Ciiifiiierate Slate-, I am dosirous of knowing whether 1 ant it'll cte-l by it, or wonl 11. ? considered a citizen a< if a native. 1 was b >rn in th> State of New York In l7tK>, ii:i'l in 1820 removed to North Carolina,, w'i -re ! hav ? n si-led over sine*. I marrlad in North Carolina: a41 my pro|icrty Ishorot am an acting Justine of the Peace m Yie kin.and have been for iiuiiy yours, and liave h<'!d i nio, h of trust ami protll under the Stale, and have rs |K>it-d!> avium allegiance to North Carolina. I s,-Hl?d here to remain permanently, and have nnvor altered my intention of remaining. Am I required to do any net under that proclamation? An answer will oblige, yotirs, truly, J AS. K, l)OI)i;R Yaiiki.v, N. C., August 21, IStll. Riciivi ?? Mill, A'lgnsti 2fl, 1801. Jamks K. rt ilKl*, Esq.:?IVar Sir?Upon the lur.ts st-itijd In your nolo of the 24th hist., my opinion is that the act of Ci nvret s of ill ? Confederate States promulgated by the 1'res i lent dors not apply to your cose, for tie- reason Hint by tie' aet of removing" to ibis SUtc ill H20. w.tli an in tention ol rcina-tiiia; lie. e pnrm neatly, and b. coming a citizen of th? state of North Carolina, you booame one of our t itizons ''by election," a< fully, to all intents slid ptirpos -, as ir you ha I been bom here. Aflor that art you 110 longer owed allegi uico to the State ef New York; the State o. North Carolina was tin u eniitlol la your alii giancousnf right. Tiie facts stal-d by y?w?holding otilco of trust and proflt, ledng now an anting Just e ?'f the l*e,iro, Jte.?have an Important b 'aring, and furnish unequivocal evidence of the intention to become* a citizen ? of this Slut-. When a foreigner?a citizen of Franco, fir Inslanco?removed to tlii United State*, al though with mi Inlo'itlen of rem lining permanently and upcoming a i it /? 11, h- did not liecome a citizen uiitil ua t iraizert according to the forms required by law. Hut when a cUlz- n i f one of the States of the 1'nltcd Slates re mo* ? I touaolker of tho Stales with a like intention, his purpose w.v, /?<?'<>, accomplished. There being tto law requtt i: ft any pai tic.nlar mode of proceeding In order to h s tint urn t.zatii n, his a-tot eloction had tin logul ell -ct of making him a citizen of the State to which ho had ro moved. This inference results from lh- relations created among tin- several States of the United States by force of their uniMi. Such has been the univoisal understanding, and iustaucos without number could be referred to wlioro cltl.T-ns of oiJ*T Stales have, by this mode of elijoiion, b<? coutc citizens nf North Carolina (Chief Justice ltiifTlu, Hie late Jmlge Strange, Judge French. Judge Heath, occur to mo i, and where citizen* of our Statu have a.*asod to bo such'anil hueomo citizens of other Status, simf ',y by tho act of removit'g and settling there. ? It lo!l> ws tSiat when the SUttoof North Carolina with drew from tini United Suites, aihl Joined issue with tho rimf.'dernto States, you, having l>eon elected tooltiee by her i lti?'ii?yboCiiliiiJ a citizen of the Coiifinhir.-ito Slates, ho ofciurse you do not lull back under tho deseription of "an alien." Indeed, being a a citizen of tlJ* Statu, ai>-l as aticb a citizen of tho Oanfodnrato States, it wiMilil not h*consistent for you n ?? to make aiieelara tion of an intention to become a citizen of thu Uailodoruto Tic act of Congress was liilcmlod to apply.tothut. dn scripttoo. of persons wll ?, being elizelis lit rtates .1 I boring to the l ulled states, happened to Im in uoine o| tbe t'on fe-lorat<- Stales for a t niiwrary purisw.', without an in tention of Nvoming citizens, and with au intention of retiimhig: in respect to whotn It was deemedex|>oiliont to rniuii tiioni to leave tliet > Mil c lerate St a,, '.i unless tliu I condition of tilings Induced them to change their purpose | of returning to the State of which tlw> cunliiwcd to bo ,i citiaeti.*,; nd to become citizens of the <'onfeile?atoSt:Aes, I. which 111!-lilion thoy are required to deoliuro -'iu d'le , forro.ui-Xn-wledging tbe a. th'.rity of this K-?v?rumcnt. Persons of this description, having coine into what i ^io .v tho Confederate stales, v??ro ontitled uinl-rthe?constitu tion of the United state (artic'.o *. section 2) to all tho nrivilogca and immunities ot citizens ol tie; RcverM. Suites " without In l?ct becoming Citi7.oiu of tlv? Btiito,m wlilch iie v liai i>ened to be, not haviug ol< cAed lo doaat and il wiis pro,ier, under existing circiimstanceB, to iwn 1 tliem to their i id ion, and reijulro formal r\i Jo?ice?f iU j if thoy BlHjedanioiigus. This |?ilicy bai no more, api(H- r cation to yoli, Who have already nnde your elect,.im anil | become a citizcii of this Slate, than to any other uitiao? of any Statu, f lh ? Confolerate States. Yours Jto K, M, rK.\I^t?r? AlUtlVU, OF UNION. I'ltlSOSKBS AT CHAJU.KSTO*. (From tho Charleston Mercury, S?pt. 14..1 Yesterday Hie Yankee prisoners of war. who.hinl. '??*i expccted on Thursday, reached the city at all lustr when tuo-t of our citizens were probably still sltimdcf.uig in their be,'*. Tho arrangements lor their recejUlon which bad been i> *lo hv Col. Branch, c.onunandjUi? llio military w?re carrisl out quietly,and In the must h*iIs la"tory manner. Tho detail for thi? service the Fir*t regiment rill' s, to which was. attached a squadron of cavalrv. Owing to the fact thut the trsin wan expect oil at midnight, tic detail was larger than it> wwtld hav? othcrwiso )>?eti. , , The several <i>mpaules wor* under arms all night. At a uaartor to ?ix A. M , tho order toforin. *ns glveii? the train havug beon aignallwl. The /ouaro Cadets, Cunt Chicbe; t ir, were iliecially detailed U r?oeive tho pnaonersfrori tbe cars. Tim forming tti two ranks?? intorvaU of two pace*?1*.'.tig inward*? Kiving a v?.ith of twelve |u..?, ??u the right of tin- 7ouav.? tiie llrst platoon ? ?!?? 1/nnsian.i v< 1'iiit 'iTM wore stol; ??n tho left, tho kcooiiu plat'-on?I jHving an .epemng for the prisoners to march nto the squarexltio otllcersciting llrst,follow ? ed bvtli soldiers. Aas.hui us thiawai cunplolod, the prisoner* with their fiard wert BBMch.Nl nto an >ther {.olio* siuare. formed at the Wxsb^too l.iglit Infantry on !he >tgbT the (leiu*m Killetnci. oa tin. l it. the Ilea... reirar'i I.itsht Infantry and Moiiltrlo (iuardontho ri>,'ht 11 ink antl the I'almeUo Riflemen, Carolina Mght Infantry i and Jamison Hitles on the left took. Iu thisordor, ac cmiaiunle I by llio C^arlesUm Ligbt liragiHius in front,an-.', tleXiernnu lliissais in tho rear bo'.h under command c.| V vor Kvan, the i i ps being uisier command of Oilonel .. i itrai ill pro, e- ded through VTaahlngton,Cuih mn,Cim aling, II-' iiifsin, Mozyck and Sligaziue sweets to the i?il, where pro\>er -.jrangements hal previously been tt wle for th-ir tent erai v reception, by Capta.n lhcodoTeti noig.sii - ill ? .1 tailed for the duly. After the prisjners ha I been duly p a, ed m their quarters, thu compares of 1 toe ril!" r- iiineiit, with the excepli ui of tho/cuaves, were disiMv'd. Colonel Branch detailed the \V jsliing son l.iglit Infantry to escort their Unrsiana cougadtR to ll g 1 hark-ilou Hotel, where thoy enjoyed tho uci.fled rest a*i, their toilsome journey, which had bieu rondereil doubly arduous by the ('di stant guard duty rendered ueco-arti v by the presence of s . large a body -.1 prisoners. TIijZouaves woro detailed for guard duty ai the jail. Tiie Yankee oillcers,thirty four in number, were placed iu tliioe g'iotl airy rooms, on the second IV *: of tho jaih lh" privates, to tho number of one hundred and twenty, occupy twelve rooms on tho up]ierm<w? story of tho building Nouo of tho rooms contain tv y furniture, but tho pi i,oners all hail their Wal k ts. and seemed ut no loss to in iko thorns. Ives tolerably comfortable. Wo on ei.vorod to got a copy of tho roll of the prison e'B b it this was refused by tho oiliror in charge of the military itiard, as a |H ssible brwch of his duty. Wo have as'' 't tained, h iwovcr, that tuuong tho prisoners arc tho folli wllig otr.cers ? Colonel Wilcox, Michigan First; Colonel Corcoran, Now York Sixty-ninth; lieutenant Colonel Neff, Second Ken tucky ;(!") Major .1 ? !m W. 1 "otter, Thirty-oighth Now York ; Rov. <'? W. 1 'otlge, Chaplain or Eleventh Now York ; ltev. H. Eddy,< Uapliiia of .-won 1 Omnuotlcnt. Sttfy ? .?Grlswold, 1 liiny eighth Ni w York ; Groy, United Hilfs Army; Stone, United State# Army ; Con nolly , Sco 'nil Now York; Harris, Soe.und Rhode Island. < a; 'ainr.?Downey, Eleventh Now York ; Eish,Thirty second Now York ; l ariith, Seventy ninth Now York ; Drew, Second Vermont; Shiirtlill. Seventh 0 lio ; I,. Got* don, Kloventh Mii s.ichu.-ctiB ; ? hiuington and Jenkins. Li'iiientnti.?Toy, Twenty -fifth Now York ; llxmblin, fs.m of tUo aotor of that numo), Ih i ty eighth Now York; t'l d ? ;> li, Klov< nth New Yo k ; Worcester, Suveaty-flrst Ni v Viiil; I ? mi fey,Second New York; Wileox, Seventh Ohio; Gordon, Seoul dragoons, United Stales Army; Kont, United Mutes Army : Citloff, Kloventh Majsachi fettB ; < onnolty. Sixty.ninth Now YqJlc. l'l?; l'! ivato .ire tte.i ly ail from Michigan, Mas?aohu?. tU ami Now y w. \ Withmopi^ jv^r meutioueil thwe prisoners oh having been " solected obletly from among those who had eviiu-ed the nn^t iusolent an<l insubordi nate disposition," but tlv ir deportnunt yesterday was generally as orderly as could bo desired. They .'ill w ar Ui 'ir uniforms, although some of those are In a spmowhat il l ipiduted condition. Tho otflcers have trunks, but Hit men aro encumborod by no superlluous baggage. Some of tli.i ofllcers, including Corcoran, aro uot yet wholly re covered from llirir wounds. Tliey aro generally abun dantly provided with money (spucie), and worn very solicitous to bo allowed to hire a c<x k to preparo th .ir imals. We loam that iiiHtcad of the uaual coarse prison f.ire thoy will bo served with good substantial rations from tho Commissary Department. When they tlrst arrived thoy wore gonorally taciturn, but during the day bourne communicative, in somt> In stances even loquacious. Wn may mention th >1 they evinced a holy horror for the newspaper report ers?tho very natural consonances of their ex perience with tho representatives of tho uuprln cip'o I press of the North. Their views wiih regard to ilieir pr< bible treatment hero wcro various. IS mo of thorn imagined that tiny wore to be placo l immediate ly in irons, while others f-.'spocially the olllci .s), labored under tho loud lm'lucinatlon that they were goicij to bo liberated 011 puroln Many of thorn busied t' oin- .'ve? with devising propositions to communli ate by 1 ;tler with their friends. 'Ihe plau mopt |mpuiar among them s temod to he to liavo tl?> ir packug ? of letters sent out to the blockading licet tinder a Hag oj trace. 'lhu p Isoners will remain In the Jail until next Tuesday, by which time, it i.i ox|N?tod, CistU' I'iucknoy will t>o roaily for their reception. Meantimo the Zouaves will continue th i neces ary guard duty. Jfo one excepting the guard- w as yesterday pornlltod towe the prisoners. A more suitablo eiistnlian than Oipt. Uoan could scarcely havr been selected. While ho WW In no case 1)? UlinwJ su- ily l.arsii, he possesses in an eminent degree tho Urni iicsh ueci+sary to onforco a propcj discipline among Itio captive Yi.nki es. KBCAI'K OF Hit. HAt.K.Y A:N> 11IH BOW. fFrom tint Wiislngion Kopublu on, 'ejit. UU 1 On Ki 1 :.iy lust Mr. Julin Hnley and bin "? m, M irtin Hi I")', arrived in this city, direct from Charleston, which they Juil i?n tho lilU irist. Mr. Halt'/ in a ros*l''iit of mojo than thirty y mis' stand ng iu Chn'loston.uiid kept two of the principal livery stables In tlrvt ciiy. lie is a man of i'. K.'xielublliiy and menus, mid i;. /ery inte.iiu-'iit upon ChirlMMi aflklrs, Hipn m tlm Mtowb>g ?tote moots;? Thero nro many Union men iu Charleston *iut tlioy giro no imbli.? utterance to to'.?ir seatimonts. th.yknow witU1 other, nil 1 priVata'y exchange ih lr tho ,'hi', hop s and fours. His lldopty to tlio Southern coid'-deraey wit* douhtod, and they began a system of annoy.inhs. lli-> son"8 loyally was also doubt.-.1, nnd he ordered to join ;i iry organization, which ho bravely dw-ino 1to do, nnd said bit " >vn.s born untior the /morinun; and ho int?iidod to ilie under it." For tine troraonahlo lat g ug> lw wa.H arrested and Imprisoned, and ooutiiiued in |> I..on for threi' ww win n he whs released nj.( * bail. His father now dotn'mi ied t? send htm to tho North, id foon ui tor tn ii>n.?t< i. '". *? -? t his mm o lio, ?h?ro Mr. Hairy o o'clock i . on the cii> _ ..vwiui on iuo srii A mils, Hindu Ills way iuto tho country on horseback, ai d after ndli g about twenty-two mth-s reached Summer viile, win11? ho to. k tlii< cam for A.ugtnta, tia., and Ihcnc1 11 Kuoxvillo,Tenn.. whi'-o he found his :-on. lie now hired a wagon and thought to make way into Ken tucky by way i f tho Cutnherlan 1 t.api.bnt when he re icli ed tlm (Jap lie foun I flvo r- zinn nts of i eh da thero. The soldier stopped linn nnd sear< inil hi- trunks and lii.s pors m. In bin valine ttiey louni* $-i,00 in gold, which they kept; son in iiOO liv Kentucky money, concealed 111 li .s boots, they did not liud, and with this and u few a' ticles of clothiu^ ilie rubhom nl lowed him,ho ma hi Ills way lia-k to Km crill\ Mr* these Ki?iiii?v-*i ' ? nun pidiii ui tor to follow him. lie adroitly ttiunag"td to Ret his son out of thu city , ?ud b" made liis way to Knox viUe, wh<*ro he awaited tiae arrival ?>f his fall e . Mr. Haley having arrnng'd all tho prehminariis, nt two o cloc.!. on the morning of tte Itlh turuml his b;.? 'f uj ou t iie city nl i h.-irleili.ii and, avoiding all tlm sen J nuls, mmlo bin win inii> ? S iW ?l III -. |f S sohiiers search and rob every 'fivtflcr. ||e u tliciii tako $70 i . om alaly, when thoy vai-v. ^h ? had no wire. He asked hy whoso authority !??s m 11 -v was tiikon, and was arswered? -Ty order ot he ^ ? nun\,t, which nets half and wo tlm other hall ?" xlmy woii'd not tell him who conunaudud the tro-ipi< nor wh it roi;i neii's wore thoMi, nor would thoy give Uni any receipt for th i inoi.i y taken, ti ir the nam ? of thuiHlwr by wie in it wan taxw. In his second at*.empt to get cut of Tc!):<?imiw> ho was more successful, and after a vane1 yv o? alventures tinuiKh I'eimessoo and lv> uti cl>y., th y lenity arrlveil swicly at St. I,' .is, and there to ik i ..tesi t?r forClucln n??'.i. They were often Stopped and- ini'-f 'lid' by iehi-1 soidtors. notwiti.stiindlnk'they had tt pain. 1#o!? (ierte at \\ i nil, couutersiKra-d by (u ncial Huclajen Kuoxvillo ho found ilie Iioiiso of the ; ttirnt I'nrson r.l wn'.ow Kunnled hy yi |diu:s, to proteot ti Irmu mob violence, 'llils waj done by order of liena: ;t ZoUiconvr. The parson rem iiiin true to his I'tiion prlu< ptos..and i'o'. Ii.aij'er will m l allow tho mob to wroako ?vengeance ii|hiii htm. 'nf.rocKliout all tlio country ho traversed,4 m lar^e nuiiA-rs oi robot soldi -is and wont to a nun ?r off their Ur^e-enraiiipmcntA. ilo gives llw names i '-tim cnm|? and ft)hi ofllcers iu command, and a great deal of. vhJ- nlile information, which hu wi'l, if desired, lay he ?>? tiv* War lH?ji.irtmont lie says they uniformly over -?$lniate (he iminftnr of their trooji*. ItLTINV AT FOKTiSOllTMH. \nwinn tho soldiers now at Fort Sum'or is Jr. <'ttb?I,, who, a lew wo ks a :o. ha l tho hrn " try to sey 4oit when the ITnioii lleot ur n iu siglit, 1 ointc Ui'el to ]i?ko the i^iins of tho fort. For this cxin e>" i ?< attain (sou of th 1 editor of t^*i( h:irleUou MrrCHry\ or d.>r ? t hlui to bo tied across a iv.niind wltipjKi I- i*ro'.?lvo oue friudrod and tw -nty-tivn li-hns, well la: ' On. The soMii'ts in the 1'ort rob. Hod n?.:?.uirU the lnlMlaa o(' this punishment, nnd so alarming as tin inutiny tlra IC.nit soouen Fort M uilti i.-lor soldiers to .piell it. 1 sw-ujub, and mo nun was w ilppctl. T I'siinciiient, mhu h niicumiU huitiwo or tlmo weeks ago, shows the state f-ifaelieg :nm'.a; the soldiers in Fort iSi intor They a:?inostly fuvntjners nnd N-irihorn men, -.tho, having no w rit, win iiiinjid to r > into tlio army t i-ltv1. AKFAtltS AT '.'.?AKt.KSTOK. Tlnffitiens of every discr.-ptaiii is dull, a!rroj?,i r?? ppniM. The sti res on M->cuiiig and King strf ^tc ol3?e a?i *?n o'clock, so that proprietors and ciork.' nay :?t tMdi drill. Kveiy man ij ..required to do inslitary Even Governor A .ion la a private in th? Hro?k?' 'lowd. No dry goods lrvvu *eu reo-dved thtra fur a ' taif time, ami the hlof 'tvio: appears to be rltetual. N > ve--- - s arrive or depi ri,*;-:>*pt a few littW s hwaers vnhlel h g along the sho e. Hny sells for $.'! M p nevrt., an.I- butter for sixty con'* a pound. The rullrnad 'oi'.v>.it into- business?few pa M'.nger;<aud no freight. 'Ilie bn to.fare almost entirely dcseited, not. more thai sis or ri'llit hoarders being at liui.MdU ilousa or at the Jtizrlx Ion Motel. Mr. Mixer. Into pro| jk-i??r oiT the Charleston If' el .ii cl riwintly ntOoluinbus (io, Ili>-de.ilh wasiiuilc Hidden. J# a from liowell, Hi as. liU Jon is now the i . .^triulwr it the hotel. I'll ? only commerce Oharl?PU'0 now enjoys Is cjnrtad on t.y the in and route tuvughi.tiw rivers aait mUta fiom viviuiuiih, Keaufort, & Tiio ]? |' ii olticeis' pay liaa. baen reduced fr-; to Zli. and from J4U to 5 JO, in .<niaequence of thi i?ar .ity 4 money. lb ? boring of th '?rtegia|i woll still continues. Tlie n 'ws of the lla^twaia Inlet atl'air cri ntml, rpat ton :?ti i'ii:iliOii lit I'liai 'iipii^i. K.verj man was ordeietl to Juld himself in reaillnees tor dut^i?t an hour's uolLe^ and to perfect them.-elvi 8 in Ahe ua el arms. The citizens had eoulldetiUy counted on I ho sreasatnn of KentiickN , and v bin they heard of thi' act ion id the Ijgia they wer i sorely di appointed and aggi1 ?cd. Immodiat'j y the ny irs of tho capture??''.JKaUorns, soldiers from a'I pari4of 'he Malo came to (. ivarlesion, nnd wt? sent to Uillerou! (joints al ng the coil'bto np|sisn the United St k.'J lleet, is tile} anticipated .u wttiuk. The Washington \ptillcry *as sent to Hull's Ii i.)i,i]niMo Of tc n milesI'n r$,\'tiarli'SLo ? other troops wero. unt twHeaii fort. an I all tiiio LuleLs ar> protected by lilt!?. .?hooucrs? or. as they say y hy thp r<m fedora to navy. N't soldiers are nl osved tn rniiuin v tiluu the oily of Obe.vJestoa, inas much is tho Homo is to do duty then. Tbaro aro no fori ilie it iona about t-#> city, but uin'm thi Uattory thoro are a few caiiuon, A large mi ruber o? ''at citizens have I of. ,lje city, nnd those who ferinqrly sp ?t their summers ot sal;.van Island have tlio iiioikaiiiins. VttlV ATEKRS. There aro live, js.vulecrs or piratuai vessels now in |x>rt- .lne Cordon,.'Aixie. Sallust and two rujfe, uamos not rocoUoc(ed. Tt-vv' remain in port l a-aase they daro not atlvmpt to ruts lie bU.ckado. Four of.,thi- crew of thu Jeir. Divis nro iu Jiul for mutiny. Th?y-,c*o charged with utteti.'i>f.^ig to 8Uti,iiU'. l'KKVAlVffJOM* ON Sl l.t.l Wtv'ST..VHI>. Upon,this nil'! bank Fort Monltr>e h located, and be for? vhe lull of,3ciuAer there wm qvte ndiiuo little vil lago, and u lar^tdiolul for the accomodation of city visi tor. and Iwai'^iurs during the nummur or s.ckly S'Vion. Til It. hotel wss mu)h iujor?sl during t'ifl homhat'i.ncut. and it Is no * used ns a bar fAck for Vie siildiers. A mmiier of tlie houses n.-re -vlso n.tu U.hijnred by cannoiv balls, and sinou the llaileras njair. the tamilles have :>e?u ordered oil, anil niotitul' tte buildings torn down, lent ilie ''Yankees" should us# them when they take (.'*irli'st"ti. Kvory pari of the ir<i iail is bi'iug fortlflod, aid a large number of soldiers now at work there, tijrowiu j upfortiflc itious. All the *:iiis oi\ the island an I avghboring fortifications,. ejia'|it iii>seluFort Moultrie, wpre scut to Virginia, hu'., after thi aarual of tho Ilatier?q.nowsvthey were orderedi back, jjjtl they ore constantly -etinatog, and aro beir^, rephujil, so us to defend tho i u bor eji'i its ap)ireaclie.s. ItKl'OUTKU EN0A0KM?i? AT rOHT HOY AL. T* i of Sept. 17 says:? A soldier who came up Iran Fori I'ulaski last nightie. port* that au engagement h?t\veeu the l.lnc dn tleei jjul Uplift at I'ort lloynl ct?,|i'.eticed on Monday allc.vuxui sj.d continued tlirongh Ue whole i>f yesterday. lbs-giiU3 wore distinctly heard f?.t i? loirt l'uingki. BKACttAST DKFENCK*. The Now O Innns I'ivtynve a iiiiog that the ea&titro of Hattoras by tli ? to,hi al Meet will prove a barres. victory, iiiaxmiich as It Im*. orouf.od ail th? Roalmartt^late* to tnako vigorous i)i .Hftraiiiits to rojtel like iuviitfiuns. It Buy*:? Wo but speak vf iho feeling wbieh is everywhere mani festing its, ,f Inrtdenmc* to Ibis matter arcing 110. The enemy. whetlivr ho approach by goa or land., will bo met hs vigorously i?ero as ho Ikm boon in Vlrj;anil in Mis 8 wri. Tim < ?wj;etic Bvasnres whU li arc everywhere In pnign .?8for bm retention, under ilio a<.ive and judicious tli root Ion \! the Ccuifederato and Stuhe authorities, will reeult, wo Lave no distrust, In placing js iu a complete Rtutc of Aefenco. EYACT7AT10N OF KHtp ISLAND. [From tin) New Orleans Uul.\tin,Scpt. 18 ] Nigbl before last at eight oM ik, the evacuation ?f Ship Isl .nd by the bjuiMana Uovps was completed, th? fori di,-m lotted and the ki.Ho, AMUOuliitlon, &o?, remove,!. Thirty two hours wero oo. s mod in destroying the fort, Kiddie.k' qtarters, ttr,., and ui removing the trotfM aua armament, during wh.cli Uiixo two war steantors, tveo frigate* and aevonil smalior vuasels belonging tft Old Abe Lincoln's fleet ?or<> in ki,.;UI. but al a respectful |M?-l u?w, they not daring to intcrlere With the debark, fit cit" our men. Had not the officer* of the Lincoln fle<4 b n I r ' \ frightened by the aiyoaranOfc W ouf tran?|>o., .1 i, 1 >i ? vi oitifty of the islasW?evfdentlf thinking that I .. y <> ;it fbimorcements w the garrison?the? might ii > v? eur men muck U?v>yauce, if Ml frokt loaa u . " ai evrtcuiitiojjtJ ,?hi|i I-land ?m a military no. ? f n>i the ufflut>i a who had charge fc# the work do.- ,r 1 crvfaif>r the admirable arf Hl?cen?ful fimup' r , u >fT# t?ecut?d. tin tiiuukK^rsi'ws w ?? *'-iiid, approached the Island and threw several shells into tho descried fort, and llnllng no onnmy ou tho island, vuliuntly liuidud und hoisted the United StutOH Hag. MCKENOE OK TIIE CITY O? NEW ORLEANS. 11)8 Now Orleans Delia states tlio fortiftcatl<"'?>l above Curolltou arc going ou tlnely, and will bo complut til in two weeks. 'fltoy are represented as sulllcionlly ?ln<ng to prevent tliu invasion of the city from that di reel ion by any force, however large. The lW<cmt is ap prehensive, however, that a vis it from the United Status forces will lind the cily uupre:mrcd. U nays:? In our humblo opinion tho time hw come when every resident of thin city should come forward and give ovi I'cnco that he Ik willing to talco up arms lu Its defence.

Tlio day is past when excuses of business, dislike to empty show and .Sunday soldio im; should bo held as valid. Those who really intend standing up iu the hour of ne"d, and not shrinking their duty, should show tholr ImikIx. Tlioy ghonld lie pr.pi?lng thi iim lviM l>y earnus t training to do g<.< 1 service. Companies, battalions and arinieaaro not formed in a day. A crowd of Itn-stwrlonccd and undrilled men cannot ilefoud themselves against a regularly or gaijzed at tack. 'I ts police Jury of St. Mary's partA have appropriated $fi0.(i?0 to b < used in home defeiic i, $^>,000 to bu placed in tin bands of Con fed ?i'at > ofllcers at N *w <>rh wis to bo ex; "^ed In tho pai ish, $10,000 to bn applied tosuplrty lug thu wintHof absent voluiiteer.'<. Tho Mayor of Mobile advertises for out thousand in n to work open the fortilloaUons of tint city. Two I uinchei li ive h -i'i complete 1 at Mobile, to be wind us a <;o;ml guard from Mobile bay to NewOrh aim. Koitf more are to bo built ut New Orleans. What Ht?y will S" able to accomplish f! be judgod from their dnua'Hions uud armaments, which aw given as follows:? These boats ?re thirty-seven ft' t loin;, nlli" f'tt beam, three nr.d a halt fe t luild. lCach boat earn a tu -aty four men, otio twenty f<sir pound howiivir and twenty four Muskets, and is Iwadied by twenty larsmen. | 7IALK ON 'OHA.NOK. [From the Now Orleans <'<? ??-< cut, So-1. 1S.| J Thoro w. i' gulls rin.aon t.' ?? i.i??* of Carondelet yfibr day. True, they <111 a, it ITXI'I Til ui''?rp*>ral'.'guard,hut '.t is vvuli profound feoliitxs of n irrow that wo have to 10c Jfd I lj;it tllO prestige Oi (sTOIIitl'lel Street in villi' or I ho till! '{It that woro. Wu ulluda'to it m tlie real inso or the word. So oottun mi iIih market, coivsequcn' y on exchange link iri.K True, there uro orders for cotton fur ih ? >pmiisl> ui.irkfi ranging i:p to itli* m 12 rents Tor :nl Idling. Tim cotkati is not hi market, but is mi the plantations; .ni l \vtnr.i Isabella the Second" recrgniirs ilm Sritliern cou r< -'. ?. ?ry polltlc illy, ,-is well an < mum rci.dly, slit- may receive th' hundred tliouHmd l>?Ui- from Now | Orlean*. This is the gam-al tnt!k: but ilvrt ii a great ileal oV>iM? t i k going on. "lie sei|o?irut|.>u ?? t In freely cotumeMcd on. lor tlin lrtnrm.itt n ?,|' .ill bi'iun.hiw of Korihern Arms wo have to ??.? (<? that tliry 'v required tn pri -ii'M i fiill balanco idi ???t to tlv uuihnrn lea. For friatnure,a ' opiirtinT of a Nw'hi'rn comuieiciil iirni M required to cIukj at onrn an !> mlj .^% the balances. It tliero bfanythliig due to Northern onpi^Uiors it is under ? ration. Wo hardly know how to baluiN* nocnuats with Carou licit*16trii)l, No oolton, no oxoKtHgo' itnrt no hll.l> lug? tli '>:l*ritiua MiapoiiHion of coin |<av moms by our lunks h.iviftg imoitkul iho shavers?riliyloncii?cum th.' middle of ii-kSm'Wth or next yoar?alui M. ? ub to write thi- opil'..i;li of Curi n Mot. Wo ?m Mfcod h.w 1'otnmy S. r>rrfl|i|y*out of tho Bastl!? /,? wnsnid hi ihn time ~t hie irr ?t th ? I,iu ??olnitv:) r?ml I i.ot mako in ich out ot bion Oiri-xiros ^KiotlH aw< "??!*( moil. Jiu wui report M t? Inr ,-tu agent of Ih' liark-of Kngiand. Hj was just oh iiiuuh sia agent as t itK',*11 t'uipnvu'a hiwM drayman. 1 ti.v\ rill Iias j;ot out ol tho IjiBooln ikiKtllo, Sonm of O'T t ivoillrl VU t'luil to t'i;virr curtaiu lial.iUi'iM l?r xt.tou li.ippi'il tbroiigh M nu KUADK OK NKW OULBVSd, T!'? Crstent bou^U of tin Icimii-h oi thivMtjr, tin I h;.'.> that with1!! tin tw 1 w *o!\S hfiv* b'" i w or eight U'K< lioa'org tlio o I'rom li'i'.'ini: wd.huy ii;K Sitl>|)M"x fer lllt'li liou.-us, .ill I r.-tahi rl'iiiig ii *!* re laii niri wish 111? -~? rcliun!8 of Now OrlniSB. Tin iituck of c^tVoii on Iho lii'h Iti8t. \vmb-5C.W4 Hjilrs. i.ur Midat ??>?. ?? moMi s, S2c.\ lloar, MS Bt $-S, i tiork. f40 Iii-rhhl.; b.iwu, 1S<- !vUX*i>; huy.iSO p Utff lapil, t}3?. u 25c. MfLM'WC* MOVKMKNTJ IN TK.iiliH. Ror.ruithig appr:?<? to lc Kolng on urtivoly luT'?xw Th.* tjiircftior has-1 4vu calliil uu t"r tnrue tibim ami moto troopa. Ni tlitirnl ar? t? k ? lain oampyaixl tomo u panics of imaniiy i'.viI four of artillory ii. i tomp onit?u> const u!nl the Kn/(m* unln. A tit >uiiloU ri-^inMt-ivtk'.tti^ tab-oil. t'ta; ci'mjKiay is tlii.s ilrHiiriboil ty l'ia Hountuii Wrjii aj:h: -* "flio ii ?.ir'ar" tt*? linnilr \1 anil fo'ir in umnhor, om't armi'il wil^j a donl^i Virrrllu1' sh'it itun, ii >r.. ;t)?ioU?r a lxnvio kn'i'a, ttoniilo edged, two fi-et lung 'inU lyor^Ji r.^ tliror ixiiindit I'-ery man l.i a purfcot li 'i scruau und Hplimliil shot. If thfct riginnml docs not Ktaka i'?iuar'v i n tlui l.lMioInU"* llii-ii! U ii i virtuu in slri'injll). .uiuajfe, lutriotism "i ill li:im u(?i knowlodgo of tlm uu of liorr.mi' and arms." A Texas p'tyrr lbs f.illowlug rum ir >f ! v<iatoii:? "Kmnor suya 1 **,*? t ihotii*atid to l. r tl, or ratlwr Unlti-d Statu woojis^liMrebei ti landed atSia R!a?,or.iit' s mie othot ])? >nt. i s tho l'oiiilic cou-it of M< ?, tor tlu) purjioso of m;>r?'<*u} HoaoeH t!u c untry to.y.ird Tu'-?ou,. and formmg a luueiiun with lli?>|s In New ^n/jJia ami Mexico, and ttfcn eittiviTiK T -x ishy wa '?r'' Kl l'.mo. Ii such is tin- csmki -they wiii probably !>.? s irpriH^d-toli'iirn lliat their frlonds liavo been i'-iptur< <1, and 'lu'ttlu:y jvjJI have to moot a dwiij force inat^nd of strong badyy of federal friends" Tho Urow-tisviltin vnnv of tho o-jiaitcd Uilor ferente in Mesiaati iiKaii'j by France and V^jkind, oalla for tint occupati'??$ Ni-itiwrn M xica by ii' jtlieru troops to at loust thii S'r TfR Sl.ulre. A Mniltorey ? SAfospondt 'it of tbo Kai: Antort,liowfover,t?lc s a Uil'srent view* lie su> :? ?'L??t i:s bo oov-Snead *iliM tbo taking of gipcra Madra, eiiher l?y volutilvry unaexati'-ti or b) lorcc, will bo il'.? downfall of hlavt'i ylr.? n*whore in S Vjm would it. j ay, or i-ottld it ? o?n)of> wiih native labor, S? could wa mUuHiiIi nili'h i\ Mfrt-i?r lit pr??vAlil tl" ? oia\ S rUUUiug IntlA Mexico." AttMS Asr >UUT,WIY CnDUBS FKur AliaifO. A Uah'Mitoil " ?ili'i'- [:?,uuenl of the Cra, ml, writing Otv tbo 10th ult., ? -Mikes tbo foil;,wing refer Hue.- to the ro? c-'ptlon of arms 'rotiilluxko:? '?Tho InilianoW4i/t4?r*iuys neverul th' isand rifle .'i".ili musket rartri ig "saiol.-iBToral tons of In.; 1 arrivud thorn, on Sunday las' tr.' i'i the ltio orande. J see by tho Lit. vaoa Kt 'j that tXjtt. Jord.ui, of the (iree". Lake tininpanv has roinrned MWxiitoros, having aacoodnd in pr i o irmg thro) hi?? m ofirliteM and 1,100 poti'-tfaoi powder.? A lotto.- fro-kWCurpHa Chrlstl, dated August 11), pu'.u. lifiiod in the <! ixx.;i >?niaj)crs,Hiiys:? "llroat qua: UUts< oC ja?wdor(lend a Uperciifslon c. ra aro in transit from Min*Seo to tho Into, -tr of this Sir: >v and a very ex> inaivo. puri-lwse of arn' u-\nniiutii :on.Tiit e pilpiueiiis I,--- iniV a'iy has been oi' Aid at Vera Cm :j. for tli? eonfod imcy , ou %-ory favorable urms." A fr^nvtbia 3b(? alao vtjuotly brongh' 'A. San Antonio t'va tho-aaan 1 siick." oi ga" HOW I ' Hil-.L-JSt M t'l.CSIlKK t ^KNTt'CKT. [Priim tin l.'unsvllle ?louriin', S?pt. 27 ] Every day v* ba\ t v. record ai" .of theft, robbery and all .-orb of dcmstnluliulj, i.oniir j?il by maraud; ig bands from i> u> n tlu T 'tniew-o" li' t und by predatory companies fi- nvltti'-JMaer'a and Zoltii. a?.i s tumps, ntnl -y. regular und roegular aocea- ion sipi iki organizing th- -u a-iveafor p' oiler n.tfl(Terent neijih ii|\hums. The case < f the stukfrm incursion i a hiim'red mour'aJ TotitieMoean > HitnAIViny, near th" ,?;aid river, ml thoauiaure 4' tto 71ns, th ? good, .unit the gold of tho quiet citizr n^viuk-' ot a 8;K'i'ini"ti f?what is donod .il>' Inscoieso' placaa- by banda afti m under regular '011 fedriatoa .iMirlty. ,aid led 011 byr Iu^ts with Confodirslo coimnt.-sioi^.n tuuar pocketa. (o oj ettixetisof alii mli of opinio a. liavu been accti.iu uwt to liopo tlia'.,, if thero muatt be war, it won'i t at hmat ho -ou dueled 1 u^ii' tine high and houurahlo prln>lylM roeognizi 1...-linoi.'nl civilized 1,. <h.h- They know that a state it, war .are, at the I .?<*, is ever a dr. \iiful ovil, hu ' .tU xy Itnve oarnestly ru.tnl that the p-o#rnt. war, we .t^tliinwaK those claim 11 ^ to t>o tho most e- igiit. ouoil p-iH?!i> of ill the oartli, - jfi'd ho managed ou.nll Hides In .ui'itaatordanco with t'i>, loftiest rcptir ;n?ritsi of tho 1 iblc<itaad 111 out retine-t ljivalry. Hut, iiif '/yid of tlu) reiviintion. if their liopo a n^tcuai. they now .uliold the On ifloratii armii sand tl ?; lilies of those arnii- uilho inidst'it'ia-sn piging daily ami glity in the pro lyution of a s .jtom.oifpiilai;o and dtprodatiun upon tho i?>ssei. sionsi r.prlvta*) citlzuna uttc.v/^lUgiaceful to the -aunlry. and .:U.tie :uge. Tl>5M?iuti?propersensc-afix that the Coti'tfleratiw and ' alJlea are earr |^? 0*1 in our Soutvn>B apd. Snu't] oaotarauul somi'o(o'i^ interior counties. It. can. not >t> diynHlod with t!.?pnuii> of warfare. !t> knows not',jag "f tho laws and rule3.'Jiat warfaro 1'Wigtnsv'*. It: ,n,g.ytaBiic system of hflit, robbery, pilla'ji, bi-isam! aj; .Jiuiii piracy,assasslaaU'tti; iml those win . -.wry it de nr^io iln- most aw ful .sijialti* that can ho .r^liatod. iy oc.tii.U-o* bi'uven or hoi i CUAKACY1# OV, THE REBELS. [From the R; jbnw>; A YVhitc,Supt. VJ Bj? war, i:i drawin^l?"!'' <?ir midst tlio lv/jyttur.lkdent unruly <>C our iiuJauui, has als > NgplW fteir p!;wcs wiUi lit reprcki*ut%U >,?s of ih? most r^ggproatand 4>rru|'t classes of fUtiftr cAfeS?ruffians wk >,vvt>uld tut a Uuroat for fifty ceiVt poriiotrale tb. ,yos?i>s<l out runs against law .? y?i luimanity withou... Mie slightest uumpunct it us or ccwflcifiu ?je. ITEMS FROMUTFT& CHARLESTON ? QfiQSKf. Mr. Haley brought wid tisiii \ copy cf tlie Clarlestcm JtenuryU the Itjlv.iUV., whlah coni&lxo, an, amount of tho arrival of cvir.Rivljaoiul prisoners. We gather fruiMnthi; Alrreury a var':.^ oC interesting little items. It gives notUuth#&hereafter it will d#. business c? the cashsysi m The Se<] ties :??ttoij> Recclvars are a)><"u? going to vo>rk. liy n n et li.anvil a lot of limes li^vo boeii rt?ttiv?il. (S mulnxlj "in,!, !i?vo ru? the blocka lp.\ ibe odlti i.:;nj t!v?t in.ismuc ? an "our yjulsiana friends wVt> brought on the Yankee uriuonoriv fcavo hail a very oiufonjitui.l disagreeable i' ,<11 to vniform, that they ougbuto l\? woll treated," au (W a steamer wi.l be rjlaced ui Lfceir disposal,,. uUai they may visa Forts W uiirioand Seamier. Mies Ifcitt, vh- N'Hrtolk ?authr ?ais,"- who wrote a\r>. ume uf, ?Uly poems,entitled "I^lsnrjS Moments,''is ex tensively pulled. Sum" versi: ate iusarlb.d to he,-?, in wlik'u sbo is cnlloi an ' Olym- vui j^ddess sublime,' with "a sale but glowing form." "Wno says the Scutbern cuofedoraey can t produce, authors, and aiUUtf esses, too;"' 'Sbey liave infantry," \*hos?e first duty was to tiki- charge *K ?H n. Beauregard's prisoners. A gentleman wlio re^jjtored his namo n.- Ri thnohilil. at the Charleston lintel, t,*s excited tho autpicicn of tho CUartataniuns. by l.<< ^reloading thai ho wmiM leave tlio city In one dlrcc'.fcm, when ho wont in another, and, therefore, tlioy ar rC8te I him. Ho had ? flllod with fOld am) "a trill)'/ t?io heavy fur clothing" Thoy h 'lievo be la one of the Hothschlli'*. \ weekly sl Aemi nt if the condition oftho hanks, as compared wt'jfo the previous wnth, notes tlio following c!i; i ;?/, decrease of circulation to the extent of $11:ji specie of $39,785 Hit; in discount*. $1H,S1?; in $730,483. In domestic exchango, $100,613; and n .o.eign exchange, $479,021. H' Davii captured tho Santa Clara, and conlls <">i' .1 ,t-Mid her carg<\ Spanish claimants have pre jt. . .nselvea. and the is botug tri?d before *<0d,r ? >' i-.'ath. ' .i i n < Of Kingstre* have organic# ft "SoWUer?' f' . ; .<? vand, t? carry out Ity etyects. of itfi ,.i vent the roumls itp Main (tract and collected ' SJ. ;?'! ? lieh they return thvtr warmest thantta:" 1 lie yi> irti'rmastor of the Tauth regiment returns i '.hw s 1.1 i!io Udiea for sixty five pair of drawers. 1 ill h . jUu Mtw,*h? Uv?4 yl?l*d)?>' tjr to "furnish the Carolina Light infantry Volunteers, who are defending" their bomeH and lireakloe, with cloth inc, hospital stores money." Lou. John McQueen ? canfidat* for the robot Con gress. "Colonel Hatch's battalion, for special servloe," is offi cered by a nuinbor of West i^bit graduates. Iho pious ladles of Charlotte^ meet every day, at the rooms of the Young Men's Chrla'>u Association, to raise (/'>natloiui for the sick and wounde '1 rebel soldiers in Vir ginia. Another aid "and relief association'* Ms been organized to a- .i3t the gov ernment in procuring tiaderclothing and blankets for "our brave volunteers" ajjairflt thoa|)J>rcach ing winter, a.? "all supplies uro cut off iruiu ubrrmd." They urge families to giva up their blanket* ?nd use the cotton comfort. Ouo of tUe chivalry, Just married, ad vortb e? f?r a mili tary suhstitot?. Tliey want m drummer at Fort Sumter. I-owis M. ll?i *h Is raising a lUht battalion for ."Jerial service in the vhinlty of Charfetton. Tin y will ornate in boats and on teot, ami will have a few heavy gnus. "Young men of rixt< cn, who can *tand a duy'.s bait, \?H1 be received." Battalions are bring raided at HilfM Head and at Beau fort, 8. C..for coa.-1 defence*, wht b/ll view of the do^ cent of tho at)fmyr" they deem nectfury. The Irish Volunteers were to in ;ot ou the 18th, and match to tho catbodi tf yto be prcu nUtf with a ilag by ltight ltev. Bishop iA.v.'h^iu bclmlf of the yonng I uliea of the a.a tomy of the sitters of our Lat'.yof Mercy. Citizens are invited. If advertisement*, to join a num ber of battalions i ow bHiej nrgiud/xl. A luge number of ri<>i,vay.s are adv vtisod, which W aid hci m U> Indicate lb." tlie; rr people want all ba;my Mid contonted. 'llie ar.ct.nfi sain* of slavoois aturery l?w obb, only one family, t^ldeirTom and Snrab, .iro ad vert j-ed for ??ale. By order of (ioveruor 1'icW'fy; or Mouth Carolina, on tlie 8th of August la-t, tho 8t<cHtthry of the KoutJiCirollM Trcmury depo.-ttud in the I. ^incr'i*Hank at l'tefcmond, V.i., the cub of twenty tho'iMWJi doltvs, for tl*> u^eof tho rtcfc, v/ouude I and disihiod trotpit-of South Owolina. to *tt)*aM official notice of tin- J tetlirj of tlm Trmt iry, liuw !? e-oiTwt th" general itnpi *sion '"kit tlocth'.'aroll n v has mnue no provision for Iter' <tek uoUiars in Vt '5(lLia. ThofoWiwitj;/hams are from tl.i UkhiuiMd DitgaMt of September &>?.? i uiua rmtm mum dkfcctivb f ?<**? tkaiwm* tation. The pIci^iops, MDcertainty rttflatofttt of ral>"i<} I n*?iH]iortut-k?i in tiitSouth, (wjicclaB'/'iii'Vii'ciriin, is ft*' i liclng a i.i*. Won vpn the ? veiatfcufi, morons uml iivtho last tl ?i f,' tunate in it* eeawe'iVBci.B. .M any other t'.wn than taring a period nT war,*lho peoptv mix vk afford ifl> pay (even dollars a r.tck'f?* salt a:id tWidUy.aitil lUnymiMi u pound for St*<4wa; Mif (hey uro forced imnweasar if to |iay these FrtqeS d'?sMj tlu peni/tfey of \yi>7, a> Ia?? ? tux is extort*! -from fceiu by priv.neupecula .? ???, \v' I'i iiJiiniu. lit'M Hi u (krlli * capa city ;?>r coi:t ih'Y.iflg Ucff t? the couutry b*UJHtr>*nM. Not might sitg?r, ?Jt, uml nearl)*'ell arS^Vs of South ifn production^ hiijriKwrod nt reasWsiAlD v ?#?,lf tiif r-i'lc-iA l.s '.vniiMJ iinly transport tlio freljlMoC tl?*t>o >? pie, b'H'mn >.v sir' '.ros not ?f Southern gr-'-th Who matoriiii/. bitfttftiV dtnwi u prio-s. Wo u ?lor. tan Hh i depots i .--(<?'? iifid KeHftickv arc tilled "MM dfj^aul mtscella *??s c> Voacrhfl'm from the Nor* feeferfrtfce cotmnun *'Oloi,3 \vlt'i -tbe oiway were cut n*, and i tat thoi i' vvo'iM1 |.|tin) H(Hir-?iij?o( larg t variety j:f i Ms nee lei i * Ha public^ if only ilie rairoads w^illd bri S oil tin* i'i wnitfit? for tr?opo -t'?tion. Tbcponj" * might bo ?ay(*il, piv".*#MJy, hiurt the exiienses ?.* ih? tmr in the lowtv prices itifyvAiold fc*ve to pay for suppllx-"1 and goods, <x>ly thi rai);<aii*e emi t On iirouto do their duty. Wo trout that the .'UMuuon mid nc.ti'.ihy'of' the public v<C be'lixed u/jou t3*v subject uutll iriMre- ; form is wroriv {oi c no (fulie iiio.tuoppnwMivu evil* rtftbe i day. TtiSTAJI AK? "fiAiirtt- vm Tlfii KKDrX'*. ? Mn;h good "xv bo docvin tbe-pw^ross of ttie pn'sfttt C'linpai.Mii by 1- -yv Mrr-:..:h wv'' at* r Ah or ?>?>. r t \ ''M pom-d tn ai l o tho ilUtriu??<n< ?? i'oTi>,')ous litei Mtflfro* aiuouu llio sole fcrS. luiloi^^ nnHrh lnnaJniuJly boon -oht in th 1m ri'Hfx c>.,nlir'sifbi' 'itod cemiminloa'i n wi.l ?l.otc.' Thoro Rio ni.u'saMl m?n in -cunp and Hold l"vl would bo ;;r.i:olrl for tlie f bsK vfti r*wn of a ginail tra? ?? and by t-ius t; 'i;-.nj a KOBO?al,c.r<i-n?li? n irom oni 'a1 another tho ii>*!?t if ii>!i;rh>u WfiUh ;nuy p 'lietrate mitfls " hi'hortoobliVi >r;. ? j:?r. (Jo.'ioral S ipc r iatoodi'iit ul th ? iSnp'.i;'.!: ?" V'O' S5?rd hi Vli'Klut ?, write.1* to i'3 *s to V >*v'?"Thi It.ipti^f (\>lportas(<J U<>'irt! located In tiili c uy. I l6--|iiciHsh.Al n CJr.i il.s oi" 700,000 " pavjoa of r^kiouJ-tracts add.-mrsod ininrfdlnrs, and luv oj ra.'igiHi iW liw i?iW?ca4ii??i oi i.fXHi jimrkot Tostacnoiit-i, 2,CO!) of which v/o ypnot toTVHMVi1 r.i x*. Wc Invo col|x>rt?iurs at va' i :;ecoaRvii ?ent4vitla i thoSta'..-, who aro Miuriug with very groat wtctiatsi Btides tbis, we propose to supp y '??afilnins, .in*', alt >p?n sons who uiay d-'.-ii'i' to do (,''"*1 by di3tf<hiiUliS' ici'.t|j??:s tracts. U'r i shall hi- glad to lia* e't'i^innmo^ot'sneii.w may dosire to j aid in ihii most lin|?>Kali' workv A UNION I'lilNONKl, eUVT Ki**- lX>? JWWt> OUT OK A V.'IN Id I V.', Wm. C. Baric, ri pri ?"?*??!' war,.o roi>:vi*?l in tho Tenth ceiiioany ot the }?'??%en't'hir.?!rK?v?Y"r's ii'Kiment, wag <lv'.t on r-Vw-'l ?y by i ' nl?lora? ce-siiut-i, lor turbu kme and disobe'iience tl' ordaHs. '."lit p.?J?mor was, c?n 4rary lit Mrilm 1 utiin'ttift fcf wvoiinv^.-ttiil wholi t?i.l t<i with'liaw blniself V. a?'i aSmpml Miu out r^cousiy,aud li uvd I: ji in > lumt; vdiUti^ in obedUui'-e Ui th ' orders he li ul re r.'ivt*l frott>'WB sspCTiors, ho pro <t<cde<! Ui do. Uuclc ths-samu -toy. \ tikatm of a unki'X yirifiowKs., jrnMciixoNi). 1 Sanutei Tobias, a privutiwi tne Xmet??iiAli New York | 'regiment, < |i isener of war, diotl ou'liauisnuy last, at one I j|' tie horpitj's ia Kic.LlAinih EKINKOHCEMEN" sor J'.BBHI..lK*V-JSTltY. ! ;jfrom tho Fairfax Guneujniud?nco of. thu itoi'Uinnham 1 ,ili[ister::} A lady, residing n.'ar t "4a rtfatiuii^ifew/jfcys sitino gave 'b'rth to ti?roe childron, a!l<boy?. A't tluoe are hoallby a-nt lining well Mho has nam I thera- Jolvnutou, lioe and lleuiireg^rd. Kockiugha (.aite-tfrQij u? work again. At ibis rate the Southern confederacy*v/tilo?on have suili :jaut boys lor anothei ai r-.y. NEWS FROM CUSA. i^rrlval of tlie Knrnafc.fsnnv Havana^ Oi part tire of Bcbei iVe*c?ii for Rebel Porta?PHrtbmn -?C. War Jlltwltioni for Hie Kneniy?Aii < ra.1 of ? linll?h Vcs 3tl freni Itcaulii. tji&ti. ?tr. ? 'lheateatuship Karui?'u.Copt..l4> Meysnrlar, from Nos Emi., N. P., and Havana,: rr.ivetl at rsLfasJ^W.ur yesterday caorning. Dates from t ,\a.former plaso-'aru to ttie30lln :anJ from tho latter to t .a OHlh nit. There is no news frorvNnst'au. Bealth in Havana gr mIIji impr?v>trtg. G*ly two cases oflyellow fever roporte i x tho hotp^iai. frea tho shipping, cjul they improving. Wo news of lmportrAoe- frem Ifavuniu B isincss dull. OL'B HAV.ltUu COltRBSrONDKfDE. liavAX.4, Sej)t. 23, 1861. Htfiarture nf Vtts h 'sr.-jVariowi Southern Parti?Arm , rfc., Deij-atched? of JUm. E' .5. Wallace?TKc Ifamm l'nmng(. ai'af-?A'tWi OvUtfr ia Rsgnril to Ne groes ami Ti n tart- Jitrfiiau of a ?\>ie Cliplain C u rat? Ma rkrt.<, ?fir., ?fc*. Tho llritish rebel >it.,hivo d spcreed 't?m our port Tor ; ?various destination y-tlio last ".wing tUs British schooner < Parliament, Gladd ?g, for ffc*u?u, ob> the 20th Inst., | toaded with cofToo i;>r Hjivuii *Ji, I pBOScmn. having two j passciiKora, Mr. I?4 nnd Mr. Tbirioz, citizens of tha jplaco, mii^ogod in juit Tho coll'oo i-?l about $22,00f,> purchased at $10 *>$16 50. Tha sehsaoer J. H. Toon if' Pennington, mar^w^for Tc??pico, having on board, :m jMuweugor, tho *jcoBt of ?i>? Conf?i??rnto governmoii, called Colonel M iTtin. a .ta'Ji man, t*fc remarkably slo,v, and with bis CN ?i*ivo OH4}ts (JlSfyOOO) ho has oxponmi . something tea , ithan $1 JtfKH) itv ".war munitions. Tfcii . schooner bad t<a. board. ono h**?iBnd stand of atat% brought by t jt?iUI|> Rri?berg, awnded for a com;?.iy 0rganixed in ;?w.OrleaJi?,withit?>accoiitr?mfi!it)<?<u;Wt Enfield wear .-a, ritled ntuekeVi. with bayonet?and one hundred old ^ipkotn, tolomiiin order, with nivtvta nances, sov.wil cobos ?-parcMfe.on taps, and otlu'M'-ar stores. Ar tvqd. tho 2Qth utL, tho British si.huuner 1'rinco of >/?lef, Sw*re?(y, ria>?*<T, loaded with rijerfroi? Beaufort i x U'vvn d*y?, making hor tliird voyage. By the Jr;ti:Oi.Htc*#irdii^ Iiirnnk, 22J Inst. (swuit.wel cotno bai i}), cainc JKfparsenger II in. F.lisha J. Wulbice, appointed Consul do Cuba, accompanied by his Interesving ilau^'lier, Mi* Caroline L. Wallace, Mr. Wai, iacit w;a-prcfont adj-oo tb? Captain General by f?iama:! Saj vage, Wq. .on tier 25Q<, unci on the 20th received Oreili ie.ln tu H'Untt ?? iiKeut al that jxirt until, his exequatur cm*?l should be r*voivod from Mn^ftud. R.v f?-?o sparser V? n 11. lalnhild, Esq., aad. Mr. Ctairlea Gutjiv<, both pipJ^rng to pn.vlde t lie granite nutorn no Cf"*avy torrent; tkccityoC Havina, wh'plWi to h?gieoa ovtitv]ithebc*i-nrdi most een>i>etcnt,us to (Hlevamlpectmi .1 y, r<,s|? n -<i>ilit.v.ou the 1st of October. Kfliirt.* v?ilt bo iojuio. to twr.ucu this largo mn'ract un ^r: KpanWhinames md fur Utn bonelit of Npanlsh enterprise and industry; wjicrcfors-ifc is very doubtful whether uithor <4 U?o jfi>n tinmen will swctcod, mill's* under local rover. The Wfgro traders Have a new order t? *?? iiinter. Issued on the 21st by rhe Captain (i. aoral. w.bxh secures identity or our negro giavo population, ami prevents pa.-si* toeing given t? IJi-a ile nrgx* s in transit I"rem i iic district to another. All negroes not identified tiy their pn\?rs an slaves, hiilonniiig to Ui"\vn owners, fre.'of srs piefcvn m being coast trailers, are to he verified by the Uocunwts of solo, transfer, jr., if reoord, before iioing allowed passe*; no pa|*>rs Kibe givn by the local, mnlcl pal and police authorities ferover I'.vo negroes on one pass, with the required Idenliitfaticns; for a larger number, thn pass only granted bjr the superior authority, or Governor of the Hist rie.\, upon tbo sami undoubted evi dence and restrictions^ This order will do more to Im pede tho successful l-jno ol the lmfamous tratllc than any Spanish edict ever issued, but it will bo evaded, although at a [;re*t hazard, by concealment of ca-pti: s Inmied nt the niost remote estates, at>d when tak<>n from ono dl* trie.t to another the same plan will be pursued. The steamship Aurelta was struck by llirh'nlng on the 24th. a divided column of iiuld descending the mainmast and foremast at tho ssmo, tlmo, crossing each utter on dcik; tho branch by the mainmast passing out nt the bow chain port, and from the foremast through the main cabin aft, djgtuibing tbo biscuit locker, but doiiijj do other damage. Krports say we are to have a new Captain General, and among others the name of General Itubre is given?the best beloved man In all Spain?not at all likely that he will accept this trial ef his admitted abilities Cuban* have b?#n spoiled by the too food administrations of Concha and gerraof. TUeir placet may not be easily filled. Sugars?Market Art*, qsoa tbf bull Not. U Mid 11, at $4 24 to $4 60 per 100 It*.; Stool getting low. Molasses? 2X to ? rials for clayed. Pales of small cargoes. Freights? pywa ift h*<U- gwtf, ({ |9jH W? ? 1 ?" ? 111 ??? ? 1 tasses.$2 per 110 gallon*. Sugar hoxetvII to$1 45 eMb. Fxeluinges-?Ixindon he., 60 <!ayn light, 15X to premium. Northern cities and othor points payable iu Now York, 6 to 6 do. 1'aris, '2% to 4 do. T?e Harauk leaves Willi u good freight and a few pea*' eengers. Tho Wnrniy cruising in the (iulf. Tho French war steamer expected from Now Orleans to-day. Tli? I'rinco of Wu!i b brings utt telegraphic news from ail lha Southorn States to tho 1411). Tho health of Havana much better?the people d> voted to amusements and festivals; tho plantois with good Btanding prospects in tobacco and si gar. It is .said that the (.'-onfuil General is wanted at In a jiost. Ho is expected by tho Columbia to day. VESSELS LOADING AMMUNITION AT HA VANA FOR THE SOUTHERN CONFEDE I RACY. Captain Loupor, of the Rritlfb brig I<ury Darling, arrived yenterday morning from Havana, rejiorts that the schooner Gilda, formerly a St. Marys (Ia.) pilot boat, but now under HriUal) colon ; schoonor W. M. Thorno, l'endloton, under U itinh colors, und schooner lted Vox, formerly of New Orleans, but now under colors, wure all I fending at Havana when lie left?the former with loud and li m iskolii and. the two latter with ainrn lull ion, all bound to i New Uric-ins. Kcdudhn In the Trade of I<ra*~e with Aiiit i'li it. [From C-tllgnuni's Messenger, An/ '34.] /^?(Jnrdiiig to the last oltlci ii ret :rn* of Kiwioe the ex porl ?? from Franco to ihe Unite 1 .states sUmw a gemral diminution, viz.?Winen.#!5,Tf>9 li 'ctolitr - in SMV, instead o!' j;)> WW in 1S5?- bran.ty, 13.424 hoc lolitres itwteid C0,ift?7. millinery fr'lhn value ol' 112,521 francs itiitoiid of for SIT,.#2 franca. The extort of silk goods, wh till i!i liiof amounu-1 to 20,fW> mutrKal fiuintald (22414" !*?. inch/, has dur.?i r-the preiw.t your bono only 16,1)03, artd tho groat fal'- iirr off ha* beeu almost entirely owinji,' o thai suite of u''.<rd in Amnrtca. 'iliu metrical quintal >f .silk ih worth iw the least ill oon fr^airn, which m 1V * a tf'^ninur titi of 100.WJ,000 in I.V exiorf* of thri arlicU it bine. i??in? will? in i ? wi'm-m?r BV FINAf^lAL AND COMMERCIAL, ? SATURDAY,. Oct. 5?C P. M. There wart nA'teeoond Hoard to-rt?y, and tlio busi ness of the ^tcckv Exolrt'.ypj, though very large at tho first board, wis limited in ccm&cqucitcc. The moat active stocks of the'chvjr wore Missouri sixes, which sold very '.argely it<i *n advance of 3 4 per cent, and wera wr listed at ttie close without sellers; Mew York Centra", which wbe-i-xteady; Toledo, which was very firm at a I'f rther advance of %'< !*"d Krio? which rose and*dosed strong. There were evi dently a large naa&ber of out??ide orders at the botwrd this morning, :'i?d the MUti'-sity of trtoeks rea died it impossible Jill the^ni eicept at a small adTinco. GorornmtJtfrfcto^k* vtipe all veryilrm, wltb ? light offering: After 'he rife of the past day oi) two a reaction vfc'j gentrnvliy looked for to day. fi:it the market closed fira?| wiith no appear ance !.f realizing by th > BUOtiessfsl operators. Monay is in brisk ttmsftid at ?? ;u<S per cent on call. Fsreigti exchange closed T^eals,. with very little brniaees doing. The following were tl. ?? lludsoi Hiv<w Railroad jarnin(t-? p+>r ;?*> tombor,. 1S30 < !W),ooo 14 'Ki|>teinbar,,t8IM - f.4*5,424 80 locrex^o ^$?1,575 76 We road' n the Uichinoni lijciumrter of iseptom lilt ?,!i 'ps of ?v.-ry sort is vor; -Cud, and iboro !? aithiag ,<l<tr?jguxcnpt id> Uij articles u :*? |iroviaici?.*jTuut yirm'orios, imtt 'jtlior arU?tes of ii'cossitj vtoich ar?"..8tiVB' and In kk>nw?k] in a H*?.l v, ay. Kx?4aago on Now York, Phil:< liUphiriam1. iMltimora 8 to real premium. The In krrs *r? tfvlliux 8|*t:io at lao' fti>?wiiig ral:*:?Silver, 1C/"3ulh, to rent? 9 to 0"ti por coat. SWooofT^-fi'^ 152... r.9U0 0 SHi'x. W/-OU. 76 2000 U 3 5:3,. 1M?.. IOJOO 41 d >-a,'7Vt>u. IttOO Ohjo'6's, 1 s.L,6. lOMHsioaUioky i> *.. ?:!W) Hi M?o|> bds,'70 SO 30?i'Te?? O'B, '90.. 42 C'fWJ ? dOi... do JOW) Virginia fl'a.. j"Wv Mjv??:t'i 6'h.. TOO? dt?, do.......... do ?10 42H dO hlO 4'iJi d<?. . 5)10 4 2? Stock Exchange) ! '*titkpat, fx?tj J>, S861. 0.r!'4 150 rbs EricltK -*)i VI 100 <lo ,,plS 28Jf 87% 150 Hodsiw lllv HR.. 3-1 J? 82 50 (I'l. l?0 90# 100 <!?> NJtt 34* 101) do... ...f^ 248 ilWhmrKR lov 42 41Ti 100 Uplem lilt, pro*'.. .'i'ljJ 100 do 25 jJ 100 do b3? 25 45% 400 26 a ;om) i') i?? 20m ;? 4. 42 H 42# ) ? M. OH&SUK blO 46 W lMKMUl 7"n ..... 2 ??*?>?< liloriiy w Um. ]< "Wfliw jin bd[? .. . 1.1*? C, li v^KSj -lxla 92# 5<90 do. 5l00?6tt t>?> skf.l 119. 0( ?O '.iUU! It&.ox Jit. lOOO IiKriiiW lftn'xl?; 3r *W?alACliie2mi>s. 92 # 77* 87# 65 H(! V tfifc Mftnhato:t?Blc 115 60 Mechanics' Bnak. 93 f- ir.iL t'ommviio.. 80# 21)0 30 MbltCan RR 43# 60 Vioh,i-o4iN Iaitll 14* 77 do.s It# 200 do.i....H99> 16 150 do'. . 16 50 Mich'!* ikti I (,'nat- 32 # 60 <!ik 32V 100 do;.. :aji 50 riorf...,KJi 33 2"0 do 33 10FF.-MfiM<KK ?18 4'.t do 117 # 50 111 On- KK BO.. b33? fiti # 50 do 67 50 do-. ski# 50 do .. ..ndO> Kfi# 50 do slot CO# UK) CI vn&Vittf KK 12# 2: Metropolitan Hk.. 6> do.. .......... 60-Iftl tollttd ?til To. 1!'?.'iollh: Ml ?*?!.. do. R6 8fl# 85 91 91 75# lid 76* 100-< do MO 75# I60.. do MO 75V, 54 >? i'uJ BlO 75# 23) KHaRlt 25S # H i do 28# UO-w do b30 28 *4 12 50' 7fiC -/ vY C- i) KR. .. J"0 t!6 250 Crleim A: i'li jr. RfS 70# 100 CI jest Toledo K1? 82# 100 do- 3''# 600 do.v 3_># 700 do.. 1360 dOc. 32# 200 do Fill 32>2 100 c: )0?fc Kk Ihld KK 47# 50 di?. .Rl? 47# 150 do o 47# 160 doi. lif?C 48 25Cili?r?ur&y Ri? 62X CIT"B COMJir.RCIAT< JJKPORTP. Satu: yot-. 5?2-1*. M. '"topri?Tav market was quite Urm. with an* activa t,' .TTxiiid-; cliif^iy for France. Tli attlus ( 7nbrr*^fc about 25,{*<0'bills.,c':ti3<at full prices f r?.?!?'. tuul ?.W?Vtii. Wbkat Ww? iu jt'xid request, mos ijrfoii expp< i aiic#, Dai nrm for good slopping qualiti( a... Til? Fa'.sa ombraced uXKit 175.000 bit -hels. Cokn.?T!? saJcs ombracod t.Uaut 150,0iMii kuShel* claeiug ux. Me. a 63c. for good -luisol Wo itert :nisod. 1'okk.?Tb-> market was steaoy c.ix! r.o<t.,,,<'il. 'Ilu aalos eminaced 280 a 300 bbls., 1 :$j.4 00a ?Hi77? for roeaa and $0 'Zin. $10 for prlmo. Wilis***?Saim of 200 a 300 ' Jla?-.wcr? inula, in snial lota, a lilKp. FWKiirtB to Tjverpool were d ,1,'and finaito.France. U)ST WD FOllfllto. DIVt.!'OHN7>?A LAIWfE BW.QK ANU^V'ldTK DOO o^.Tliursdlljr, Oototor 3. VJ>n.<>wnen;ui e Ulm bj liiwjMpnipiJTtjrand payinget>-rv?e8. If noicalti'd for la So Mill! 1?1 pay o^.;tu?C?. W. A. K., box KjiSciv Turk I'iHt ofll. e. TpeurfDf-CiX SF.PTKMBER ?r TWO, HERD DOO8, ON P IrtiiiK l?J*nd meadows. TMMiwnci oftr. havn tliem bj nr.winu prinyeity and paying jit,<e!ipir4kec, ?t 152 Clilf street, N?w. ViQrk. FUKJ>-A SMAU- BOAT) FL0/*T*?O IN THE EAST , rlvnr,whleh the owner nan havj.hj proving propertj, | iHttil. payi?i; charges, on np>at?'.wM( tt>, C. B. Lockwotxl, 1J. ' South m wet, up stairs. * 06*?ON thursday october 3, IW\ Bi. Sofremeenth mreet, brtnepu VI jh and Sixth awr ar in> VM'th avenue, near S<>'??teauUk ?trect, a black i.*q? Veil The l! wtll be lrxfjtlly W-Wardod hj-returriiig M. to K iv 41 Kit ill avenue. I_OST?A SAFE KEY, wTl.CV* ON A KINO WITH i several other keys, ny mussing them to 7<w V) ashing t?)u street the Under will VvnulUil >* rewarded; or sejd p'urd t?> rlie advertUer \*-herc I Juy ar?: t?tx fouod. K. BIRrS'VMj. Lost.-tf the i^rson who picicrm IIP Tlip; Unlil Watch, ubtiii lout o'clock, in front o^tbc 01are>it? Uotol on Sa'.uniny uli'.v' noo?, will Wing it to t je olllce ui.tba said hotel, lij w ill r?$4U?M(ultabit reward. Lost?on Monday bveninq, sei'-< so, a wau Scotch Terrier answers to the name nf Jack, Tbjrcf dollars reward wU!(bc pan! for his return ti 61 Fifth IOST-A WIITUS. VET DOO?MARKED YEUil>W OI J the rnrs .iril ttaak, named B?b*. xho Under will n celve a Kuitat.e reward by bringing It to 96, tolwmbtt street. Lost?ox ? iu'iisdav nioht, t < ooino wirooob Kighte "lit street, fit>,o tlie Tel ?h to the tliU-d avenue and the Tiiiril avenue car to RirlngV1 street, uid ihrouzl Rlvlnnton arect near Esse-:, a h.ivy Gold Sraetilet. Tht flnd.T will !.e lil>erally rewarded b> leaving il H Oh**. I.ean k t'o.'s, IVI Uvand str.'ct. rriiF. attention op the trade is respectfCllt L solicited to the snperPir qiu.iiy of Hammer's ires!* browed Champagne Ale. Thi t . is brewed Iiw.:. at all tu? wins of the year, aoAH'skecpli tf quality, especially o: H?? hiv?' d during 1 Wi most excessive hot weather, li guaraivued for unj length id time. Chuvve $12 piT hhd. anil per jbl., delivered to ^?^y part of the mj ?f New York. Payment, I cash on dellwiy. Orders win to Ha nmer'sBrewery, ui Hap lera, will U' alio tided to with despatch. Gn? isrouc ALE VAULTS. No. 1 PlnO street, corncr of Bro?rhvay. Dunlap's celebrated XXX and Philadelphia Alcif, Drawn from the Wood, and retailed at 8 C&1NTS A BDIPIft " " " BXCtRilOMS. /^^TbXOORSION to CAMPS ON sTaTRN ts'l \J Fare ux csnu by Staten Island rerry, foot of WblU? eet. between tpe BatUr# and South ferrf. Boaw leav r ftpm 5 A. 1C, to 7 f, 1 ery'kounniCT UM VWTJM fiat Sunda^a1 t ?

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