Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9158^ NEW YORK, MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 18G1. PRICE TWO CENTS. i the REBELLION. ? Visiters at the f Ca^Qp of the Nineteenth New York Begiment. | i Interview Between Generals McClellan and Banks. .* I The Rebel Commissioners in Europe. ! How They Maintain Interconrse with the Insurgents at Richmond. INTERESTING mm MISSOURI. The Charges of General Fremont Against Colonel Blair. The Search for the Privateer Sumter. Details of tlie Capture of the Union Propeller Fanny. Zioss cf Over $130,000 Worth cf Public Stores. Important News from tlie Cherokee Nation. John Ross Declares for the Inion and Summons His Warriors. > The Scene of War in Western Virginia, tlfij &C?9 4i<? Oil! SPECIAL WASUftCTQN DESPATCHES. W.uhiihgtcn, Oct. 6, 1801. EVERYTHING Ql'IKT ALONG THE I.INEH. Tie voxels nave kept tlii'ir distance to-day with rc. nmrkahle adroitness, for they have nut appeared within rIttr vannon shot nnywhere along the lines as far a? heard from l>y telegra) h. and to-night everything Is quiet. ViVIT OK TI'.F. PRESIDENT, OENKEAL M'CLELLAN ANl> OTIIVK OFFICIALS TO THE CAMP OK THE NEW YOitK NINETEEN VII KEUIXEKT. IT' ideut Lincoln. tleneral Met 'ollan, Secretory Sew ?M? Colonel Thomas A. Scott, Assistant Secretary of War; Mr' F.N-w..rd. Assistant Secretary of State; Mr. Sylvester Seward, .Mrs. !?'. So ward, and the Misses Virginia and Mag gii' Cameron. daughters of the Secretary of War, const i tuted n P'i !y that left this city this forenoon at teu o eloek and proceeded to the headquarters of the New York Nineteenth regiment, four mil's above Rockville, an 1 sixteen miles from this city, where they met Major Genetal Hanks and staff, hy appointment. While it was a trip of plcasttro to (ho whole party it w.i? also one of businees with Major Generals V- .o.l. i and iiuiiU:-. Tlie interviews between the |> ii ties were exceedingly pleasant. The mooting of th0 two generals, both distinguished fur peculiarities ahk? essential to the great interests of the country in ihis er.?i*. was the subject of considorabl> discussion between the other members of the party'iu which tho President scctui'-l to exhibit as ti-iteh curiosity as any one else, ex ?;cpt Gciierui Scott, m hose indifference showed that he knew im*<? than his countenance manifested. After iwrtaking of a soldier's collation, provide 1 at the ?j-.arti n of the M..jor commanding tlio New York Nine teenth regiment, the party left for Washington,arriving bore about eight o'clock, all much delighted with the Journey and especially with the soldierly liearing and imposing presence of Major General Rinks, wh> wan te n f< r the first time by most of the party in his new position of a soldier General McCIcllan is particularly gratified with his military experience with General Banks thus far, und I have reason to believe that his expectations of the man arc quite flutter ,ng, and thai they will be realized no one can d< nlK who knows the great capacities of the lattor. THE Ally IMSTi: VTtON AND i.KXKKAL FBEMONT. Th; g 'verument in desirous t ? allow General l'remont an opportunity to save hitu?"lf partially, if not wholly, and is itetmamod toglve him a little time in which t? do H, hence General Wool has been granted sufficient time, not to ext il fo'.r days, to rot urn lo Fortress Monroe and siptari up hi." private affairs, wh ch ho could not do, ow ing lo tlie ) rent ha*-te in which ho left ou Thursday lust. TJtK iir.JUX I'OMMIm-IOM KS IN Kt'ltOFK?PTKCUASK or MATKKIALI* fUK Till; INHlROEKTa. A g- nt Ionian in L . 'ton, writing t<? a biveruiueni official in tlii-* city, states i* silively that the reh.I commission er* are in regular communication with the Rlhmond cal 'I Ihey recetve audsend leiuis by evo-y mail In it my Instances, ho Bays, they arc brought by spi" ial bearers, stmirti by K:>..'?-h and French agents, lie says further that agents of tlie rt-bel government are constantly emplojej In j nlia.-ir.g ma terials oT van us kinds for sLl|-no nt t '? jorts Vewete. too, arc ilttwd out right i r.! r tV.c eye <>l the 'English authorities. the Movtuws or mr raiVATT: i; s-v^t'ju The Ni<vy IVjiartme' l h t ????,v <t a I-ttcr froi: (V':;i nwndcr 6 ?ntt, of the K- ? -t--; -1**? ? . ' 1 " ii'i.wai:. S-'ptcml r 'Mi,'' in v n-h t !.?? hi' n cruising oil the coast of Y' ..t<rt. t h id < t.iin* : ,n format <S? eitln-r of th- -'m ?? ? ?!-?, jr.:'- -< ||. was nllko u:. u?<-e- - i:l m lit s . i r th 1 t p. ,-,,| Cienfuegos. The .-?.itiiUr it ? u ? ? . n-i -ui r. : :. pro cure < ml i Duiuarara and (taient ?, au i *?? r iu> Tho merchat-ts of l'ar.Mv.i.''"> nv v . ? i! .lined i. fur Mb real, H .t v. i ll.inl. ? < ' ; i d Irov M S !nt e. Comm.-.) ler Scott M\> Ci.'t ' -'??? n .war our ' ui >? .!.? I 1 rn, n?*; that i:, icue *riil i. t a. .tin a_> ?, ,u in th- V t l:e". Th" fact i. . r:aln I tv t.t L-; ^e.:;it?" has t.?> . i ? v ?cral pr./t s uu<iu? ti e Rr.t.?;i I. ?.* ..tot dt<e< jr??j <ejjors undor our own iw h the Tit: rn dt'\ l. y>ti < ? ,-?.<? as a waning I 1 ' i-it' lSU'. :rei?ni;::t ti. The \Diy Bradf'rd, (M| lured cfl I'imt* > On -lie ja Jlply, is til last prl*J taken hv th - :-'limtW, the I ?? ? 4 nrlrt'.li numbers si*iy-fo.:r n. -i.ii : ?rj ?' ..?? ?! 1 tifM. H'veijil of tli'iii l.a .o > . 1 r-l will I'- t ho.Hi. TU?. JJLBSI.!* J'KKCTINr; FATtTHWOBKg SIM'. FAIRFAX comr noifr:. Since the with !rav,-il. v tS i.' ( ml! ? li ? 1 p'.-iti lei |Ji--y itl.iieietltJj K | o fitter !h - * ..I il a:: ilr, tliey liave Ivan wwii I - ?!< :.t. Tii r i ? I.' .i.-vor. in from ?!*? I. : I arte: . f'- *i- ' , JU w. 11, at Upton's ii,.' It a;: an t :.v ?: a, . r. ?:* BM-uB'l between Vicuna and 1 ..rt{. irt fto-wt, r?nr the point where they lift.-! fe"- t ii - to ; ? ?, -.t tl;? Advanci of our nrmy wh.?n It !.ist w.t t : K..:r: Court If'iuso. Tbej arc at w.i ic ut t. ? ? . .?ai i' corks, eviucijily iu anticipati o of an .? Ivil tr- n our side, J'liit-0 FROM A KKI1EL HATTFnY NEAR FALL s I lil II. Ycdionlay at sundown O-.uvrul Keycs <3rvYQ ou( lo the THE SEAT OF WAR IN WESTERN VIRGINIA. The Localities of the Army of Occupation?the Positions of Generals Rosecrans, Reynolds, Cox, Schenck, Benham, &c., on the Union Side, and Those of the Rebel Generals Lee, Floyd, Anderson, &c. 4ID0LEBURM ~*0(W/UJ)SV. lARIETTAj Iv/ibtfM&s':. ATHENS ?BELL v) \c?. /! VPU\ SUTTON 'COAL PnLD ^/V) S/\HIN FLKHo fgeuaercH 'filters SrSon . ~7?toootnin>p?xV v 'V >s J \ ?^PRidce'. ., ? ?, ?SM MK^^ChLW\ jsJF /f Z^D - tfVr H0PE&f ^TrfXj^v(ijM -rtfop ff \V Ti^^rfps^Mi. i2? ^v/?n N* M /? WA?cS*' 1%A W ^NSTON^ I V? / ^ ^vA^/lpWvELD t^>j4>X/3K-ii village of Fall's Church. Re was accompanied bynnoof bis staff and two orderlies. The party were lirod on from a battery located in the woo Is on tho dirt road, leading from Fall's Church to Fairfax Court House. One of tho shots struck within twenty yards of tho General. The other three were out of range. The rebels wero replied to by two shots from a Parrot t gun on Munson's Hill. Nobody is believed to have boen hurt on either side. An observatory has been erected on Upton's house, from which a fine view is obtained of the surrounding country and the advanced guard of the rebel army. PICKET FIRINO. It is not known that there has been any pickot flring for a week put, or sinco our advance to tho positions lately evacuated by the rebels. GENERAL ANDERSON TO EE RELIEVED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE ON ACCOUNT OF ILL HEALTH. It is understood, from good authority, that General An derson will ask tojbc relieved from active duty, on ac count of declining health, and it is probable that General Wm. G. Sherman or Major Ceneral Hall, now on his way from California to enter service, will he appointed to su persede General Anderson in his command. DINNER TO THE FRENCH I'RINCES. < A splendid dinner was given this evening to theOomto do Pan? .aid the Puc dc Charlrcp, at Wormley's, by the M.ilTof General McClellau, ami all tho members of which were present. General Fitz John Porter and General An drew IV rter were among the invited guests. At a lat? hour of the dinner General McClellan, who had iost ro turned from a visit to General Banks,made hisappearaoco and remained hut a short time. To-morrow the Princes of the house of Orleans will re ciprocate the honors of to-lay by giving tho staff a dm ner at the <ame place, which is a famous resort for die tmgu.tbcd military gontiemcn TUB ARMY. 1 ?t"rday Colonel Sweitzcr, ot General McClollan's staff, Inspfiied General Hirney's brigade. Governor Sprague, of Rhode Island, will, it is under stood, be promoted to a Major Generalship. Brigadier General M:Oook will leave hero to-morrow, 1 giving b en ordered to rej irl himself to the commaudor o: -he I ?; irtmont of the Cumberland. His brigade will '? 'le tho First Ohio regiment, of which he was former :y the Colonel. T1 General who is to relieve Gen. Anderson is W. T. rfh< rn: n. brother of Use Senator of that name. G i ? ral !!? int/< Imatt. havl: .: c "impleUsly recovered from hi wound, im? bp n assigned to the command of a di vision. r. ..r M>>r( in, of New York, has appointed Captain !!.i\:nx.,of the in t J Hi -1? Army, to be Colonel of the 1! rt; ?- nth r?- fat at of jhat JI 11. 1. : . i i . nel . Jurhe was elected to succeed Onlnnol J' 1 wt w. <r r. 1 fnm Washington. A commit v <? ???-.. till s.nlor oapt&ins of tho regiment, have ?i . t . - i, ,'c i.i waited up n General Mrt'lal w m ' m ?? ? rn their choioi of a cdonelcy, a r< ,. i ?.? i . i .i will probably comply. Thoobjec t 'i i- not nl ipiti.i Ku< nun, but to tU? interference of <? 11 i'r M t. ... r I the regltient claim the ri 1 i" u: iK' ib ? ir ow . select tan. ..''i>.' iir f.irtv rly under the command * ? ???' '> . j is to it !<t -vii hereafter as the Third >'? ? "f 1 ?"."lv i-its. Jjctitenant Coloi.el Oweus, *' ' ' di.ubt, will ha appoinle I tho clnof mvi.aid. " rl " ' : ' prMoicaa important position in ' - i! ' y fc,r f?l-'ti-M Jena; H. Frendh, (? Ma.?ra. <b .."< .'tie (f tto' best military men t that State. " ' '?"* w 'r"'' !v ? ! noth ng,ns Colonel French > : ' tho conraon 1 or a vniW.-r r' itnTrt i i - ? *. s* *?>, would pii b.tbly i t. entertfio ?> ??> * 1b':F '? ?? <or l?te. Pi ch a shoti! 1 bo :? Ihrf I ? Iff** 1 EXAMINATION OF COIjONHI.S of cavalry. Gonial S . neman, the Chief of Cavalry, of General 1 M<<A'li.ui *-i - ? at morrowwrdcr<ci the eoleiHiso rivalry to r>-jK>rt to the examining b'iar.1 tor examiuatlou as to their qualifications. Tlii.s excellent movement will bo followed up by similar ord th to tho lieutenant colo nels, major* mid company officers successively. ARTILLKRY AND CAVALRY HEVIKW. There will be to-morrow the grandest artillery and cavalry review ever witnessed on this ci atinent. It will include six rccriments of cavalry and twenty complete batteries of artillery. Tlrs morning Colonels Hamilton and Wright, of Lieu tenant General Scott's start", crossed the Long Bridge and mode u tour of the fortifications on the Virginia sido,ro" turning in the afternoon. APPOINTMENT OF JULICS BINO AS CONSCL TO SMYRNA. Julius Bing, not morefamous for iiaving beon captured at Bull Run and conveyed to Rleh>n< ud and for his return to loyaldom, than Ills connection with Ripley and Dana, of the Now York Tribune, upon the Appletou Encyclopedia, and hit fame in Boston the "Athens of America," where the name of Bing is as well know n a.s any in history, has been appointed Consul to Smyrna. ADVICES FROM MEXICO. Advices have been received from Minister Cor win, from the city of Mexico, with dates to the 10th of September. There appears to be hot little encouragement for a peace ful solution of the difficulties which distract that country. The Juarez party stiil maintained its nscendancy in most of the States. Ilia new postal treaty negoti ated at Washington was not satisfactory to the Juarez government, and has been returned. An extradition treaty had been completed and despatched to Washington forratiilciitifin-. The commercial treaty, tho skeleton of which Minister Corwin took with him, was still under negotiation, w ith little h'ipe of a successful or satisfactory arrangement. It appears that the demands of the Mexican government, in compensation for tho privi leges ami rights desired by our government, aro greatly in excess of those contained in the late treaty which the Senate r< fused to ratify. TUB RUSH TOR OFFICE AND CONTRACTS. The War Department is overrun by applicants for offices und contracts, and tho Secretary's door is con stantly besoiged by persons who want interviews with him to subserve personal ends. Tho Secretary desires it to be distinctly understood that there are no vacancies of Paymasters, Quartermasters, or Commissariea in his gift,nor are there my app tintmontaof ofTicor3 of tho line to bo m:i 1c, excepting in the regular course of promotion. When second lieutotiancies aro thus vacated the plnres will be filled by appointments from the ranks. All con tracts fur supplies, munitions, frc., are made r< spectively by the Quartermaster General and the Chief of Ordnance, and toUtem nil parties should apply who have proposals to make. Application.; for appointments iu> acting quar termasters and master's mates should bo made to the Navy Deportment In writing, and not in person. Tho War Department can furnish the "Revised Army Regulations" only m> the officers of the army, and not to Members of Congress and other applicants. KO VC.'IENTK OF PENNSYLVANIA POLITICIANS. Penney I v.: ia p iliticl continue to arrive. Tiiey haV>*^ not ail succeeded, however. In crossing the Potomac, for tho p<ir|??n of electioneering F.very facility has been uflordod by the military authorities to tj1B fherill's depu tized. who are entrus!' i with (lie delivery of blank re turns for Tuesday's election. IMPORTANT FROM THE CHEROKEE NATION. JOBS ROfS DECLARES FUR TIIE UNION?SKIRMISH WITH RKIii L SYMPATHIZERS. St. I/d is, Oct. 6,1S61. N ws has reached hero tiiat about two weeks ago John ltets,Chi?ror 1!.o Cheruree nation, had called by pro clamation S,000 Cfcorokeei around hiui and declared for the Union. Read, an influential half-breed anl 1 i 'ler of the rebel party, had raised the jtaaduid of revolt and had a ,.!<ir misli, ne.ii v.. ' juah, with Rose' body guard, in which tho gutter wan vi< torioos. Tills conflicts with tho recently

published accounts from the Cherokee nation, but an oc I tlve f'ovcrnm nt scout, thoroughly aoqua.'eted with mat- j tcis in pie Southwt*j. p'ronvuuixis it reliable IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. GENERAL FREMONT'S CHARGES AGAINST COLONEL BLAIR. St. Lori!". Oct. 0.1861. Gen. Fremont's charges ntid speeitlcatioos against Col. Blair, including Col. Itlair's letter to Postmaster General Blair, are published in yestordny's morning'# Democrat. Ool. Blair was arrested the second time for writing tlw letter which he addressed to Adjutant General Thomas, after he was released by Gen. Fremont, aud because he declined to resume his sword and tako command of ins regiment, then on its march to the hattlo field, when or dered by his commander. Captain McKeever, Assistant Adjutant General of this department, has received a despatch from General Fre mont, slating that the charges and specifications against Colonel Biair, published In the Democrat yesterday morn ing, received publicity without his knowledge or sanc tion; that lie has telofcTaphed the Prosidont and General Scott that the act meets his unqualified disapproval, and requesting Captain McKeevcr to investigate the viola tion (if his confidence and Interference with his papers, that the perpetrators may bo instantly procecde.l ag.iin&t and punished. Gen. Scott's release of Col. Blair Is understood to bo peremptory, until such time as the charges are nrido against him. The Dimorrat, to morrow morning, will exonerate Gen-, oral Fremont from any knowledge of, or consent to, the publication of the charges and 'specifications against Colonel Blair. INTERESTING FROM ROLLA. RoiXA, Mo., Oct. 4, ISfll. The following is tnkon from the correspondence of tho St. Louis Republican:? Thirty-five of our wounded arrived hero from Spring' field yesterday. Three ambulances left this forenoon, and others will start to-morrow for that place, to bring away moro of the wounded, about 100 of whom still remain there. Letters received here from the Southwest say th it many of the wealthy and most prominent citizens in that rejji >u are moving their families and efforts to the South. Captain Asa G. Smith, nt the bead of H"mo 1 500 men, ia punishing secessionists in Barry nn I Stone counties. Mrs. John S. Phelps, who was so active in her atten tions to our wounded soldiers after the battle of Fpriiig field. Is Tory ill of typhoid fever. John Gullet. State Senator from Lawrsnoe ooimty, who was arr sted here by order of General Hunter, has boon released on parole, but is not permitted to leave town. NEWS FROM KANSAS. Leave.nworth, Kansas, Oct. 2,1961. Th? correspondent of tlio St. Lotii.-i Rtpuhlkan says:? A full battorr "f iron six-pounders have been presented by weultby citizcns to tho Home Guard of Leavenworth. They were cast in this city aud arc superior to the finest made in tl.e State. .\ft r the fall of Lexington. General Sturgis made a re quisition upon llajor Concral Stone, of the Kansas Militia, to > VI out tile militia of the eastern couutie- if Kansas. The people ro.-ponded heartily to the call, mid pourod into Wyandotto in largo numbers, Thoy Wire immedi atc'y sworn iuto tho UuiU .1 State- .. rvice f.?r tliirt> daysi andnowcomposo part of Geaerai sturgis*Command at Ku;..s.i; City. The Sei rid Kansas i cjriment. under Major Cloud, h atoo at C;t;*. Captain Mitcholl, the C'fn:n..:.dor, Ig rapidly recovering from bis wounds received in tho batti > of sprhiv ield. I Nine ttgimoi ts, most of which ar- fu'l and tlx- ro?t rap d'y filling t:i>, have be u fur;.iih- J by K a? for th war. In addition "to this we have twice responded t<-> tho caij of the mtfcorit Jes, and furuiabed thirty day men whe&fver danger thrwt?ncf. THE PUSITION OF NEW ORLEANS. THE I'NION FORCES ON SHIP ISLAND. Lorsvitii, <)ct. 6. ifeOl. A reliable informant from Now Orleans B'iys tho fede ral forces occupy F!i,;> Inland and tho Cliandiler, an! that they have lumber mi Ship Island suflioient to build accom modations for 10,000 to J?,000 troops. our informant thinks the announcement of the capture of New Orleans premature, but Bays th<- fedciral forces can take that city in the rear and silencc their batteries*) thus rendering it easy for tlio fir t to coruo up tho river. Advicos from Now Orleans to the 30th ult. My that tlio Governor of Louisiana had ordered all tbo stores to bo closed irt two o'clock of each afternoon, and that all per sons capable of bearing arms had b.-en ordered to drill tho remainder of tho day. An attack from tho Union floet being consklored imml. nent, tho rebels had planted columbiads at Corrolton, nine miles above New Orleans, and at Euglishtown, below the city. FROM GENERAL BANKS' DIVISION. I>.wine-town, Md., 0( t. 4,1861. A gentleman, who camo from near Poolesvilto last evening, states that lie heard firing at noon in the iliroo i ion of Edward's Ferry. Ho saw a great smoke arising from the same point, and thinks it was caused by the burning of a warehouse on this side of tho river. Rumors are current that General Stone will shortly lead our ad vauco across tbo Potomac. Tho force under his command 1? boon : trengthened largely of late. Private W. L. Myers, of the New York Nineteenth, was recently tried and sentenced to bo shot, for deser tion, by the General Court Martini; but from tho cvi. donee it appeared that ho was on his return to his regi ment when arre.- ted, and that he was overtakon by liquor, causing him to bo absent longer than his permit al lowed. Tho members of the Court therofore unani mously recotomcnded him to mercy. U|>on hia solemn ; roiniso novcr to d sink any intoxicating liquors, General Banks commuted the sentence into a forfeiture of five liars per month of his pay for ono year, and tho gratified culprit was yesterday returned to his vegiment An MK'.nllrmcd rumor was circulat ed yesterday that tho rebel* had fired into and sunk a canal boat, conveying I heavy baggage for a brigade stationed on tho Upper Po tomac. Tlio Potomac is now passable at several of the fords between tho Great Falls and the Point of Hocks. Tho eni my arc known to have a largely aucmcntod force in tho vicinity of Leosbnrg, but military authorities are of the opinion that it is only a feint, and that oa tlio first dtmoiistration by our force.-: thoy will fall back upon tho Manassas GapMtallroad, and them e down to the Junc tion. No apprehension is felt of any attempt on their part to cross the river, or make any serious att ?? k upon us at long range over the Potomac. Tlvre , not a word of trut'i in tho statement of th? us sassiuation of Colonel Knlpe, of the Pennsylvania Forty sixth i cgiment, or the attempted murder, or execution (f tho murderer Lnnahun. NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. Lornntu, Oct. rt. ISfll. It is conjccturod th >i General Bnckner, with ft.ooOmen, Ins got:o to join General polk and make a Joint attack on Paducab. Are' -j1 attempting to shoot a picket at Oonoral Shor man's cam; , was arrostc I at MtiMru .kIi'. ii.'l, aid will bo tri> l by n military e n -., s-. ?? to morrow Hon. Jtkbs F. Backner. a leading bum of (" OOUIitv, cadenvo; I 'L to en |e,wa taken by tho Ken j tn tyiii eis and carrkvt into Tenii'^see, the remaining twenty escaping. 11 ghf-it-rvai ! thre? ' accused of treason, wore 1 IT'*- 'it 1h ro to n i:' iv--i ' iror. Ii ?? it y Council i- ' ' ei| a resolution Instruct ir.t' the Mr. or to ' nail otlloers (SUspcctcd of d lov.-il v fbroxaioi 1 ii. Jn-- "(int'l no. It. I>. ; Tib. Tlios. Quip ley, .I B. TF.!<' i'. Br. I' >'? E'." Ju Sp ? I. v.. re v ? t ?> ' iy plwWd we ctors ul lUo JUmuviiie MidNashvUk Kailroait THE SEAT OF WAR IN WESTERN VIRGINIA THE SITUAHOIC OF THE COMBATANTS. The Reported Battle Be I wee u Lee and Rosecraus. The Improbability of the Truth of the Report. The Positions of the Union and UctH'l Forces. OUR MAP OF THE VICINITY. The Victory Over flic I tobeI General O'liuiutian. Tho Troops Engaged at Clnat Mountain, &(.? &r? Kt. We present our readers this Jay with :i new map of th9 roK">?? known lis Kanawha or Western Virginia?tlio s of war of tho Army of Occupation under (Joneral Rose crai s. Tlte map lias lieen onjieclally drawn and engraved fur tho IIKini.n, and is fuller and contains the names of a larger uumbor of Important points c?miie. ted with this strlfo tlian any map or diagram h< retoforo it-hid d. It em braces au area extending from the bi rilcrs of Kentucky on the smitliwest,and Ohio on the nortli v. ?; t, to the Alio gbaui< s ou the cudt and Pennsylvania and Maryland on. tho uorlh. It shows, also, the Baltimore and Ohio Katl road, now in the hands of the I'nion troops, and running from tho east through Cumberland to Grafton, Parkers burg und Wheeling, with its cmnectioi s in Ohio via Marietta to tbe West, mid those held by th rebels, viz: Tho Virginia Central Hailroad, running from Wliit Sulphur Springs, near Lewisburg?tho reeer.tly i eportod position of Floyd?through Covington, Staunton, fee., to Rich mond, and connecting by branches with Manassas Gap and ?other equally iinpoitant militaiy lines; and iho Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, by whlh a regu lar line comtiiunicatiou cat. be k< pt open be tween Memphis, Nashville, &<?., throutih Lynchburg, Petcrstmrg, Ac., with tho rebel capital and other military locations. The map also embrace., such itoliils > f Interest as Cumberland, Romney (lately taken by the Union troop*), Lynchburg,Covin: ton, '.ewi'burg, Cumberland Mountain. Ky., the Kanawha and if.iuley rivers, Charles tmj, Parkersliurg, Grafton, Rich and Laurel Mountains, Clarksburg, Cheat Mountain pass and river, Montereyi Hnmmersvllle, Curnlfex Kerry and "tie r places of, at pre sent, let- lm|)ortai.ce. Tilt: SITUATION IN WESTKKN VlitMIMA. The local Itiu at ;r>?ent I fore our notice are those of Cheat Mountain and the Kanawha Volley. Cheat M' uutnlu is to tlio right of ih ? < 'iitm of tho map, and of this wo will llrst take notice, it will bo per ceived that a short distance south ft tho mountain in tho Klk Tork, tho location < f Cniop Kik water, while to tlio ni rib of the saino Is Tygart'a valley, tliro ]h which rurs the Tytnrt river. In thse 1<>. !|ties Geueral Reynolds' forces are tu i sltim, u d at a few mile.' to the east is situated M? 'rcy.wh'oli has been rep rtc I as tlio headquarter*- f tie tHie'. Cental Lee. '1 lie(iie. nbri"r liver h - it ??" ? o neat the neighbor hood of F.ik i''urk, and runs p liberty (ill il empties itself into the N w river, sone di .-t . we?t o: White Sulphur Springs. It v;oil this river, doi.btle-, . near Cheat Mountain, that the recent battlo t u between Con. R?*ynobis unil ue lories and i. u. And r .1:, .villi reb I troops Ullib r Colonel.- Job: :?mi,.I u ks'-ii ,< ?' i \el1 and 'I IrTH" Ibis battle tool; pitied on tli ? I i ist.; b ;t In tho report published we do nil hud the name of (ieu. niuutiiuud. He muy or may not have removed to some other |*ihit of attack, Ltid the contest brought on b;. Con. Andeison been merely a foint to cover >< ni" ne .-emeutrf of tho principal commander ol the rebel forn - In that neighbor hood. The Kanawha Valley may bo . a,d t-i extend from Gal lipolis and l'oiut I'loasuut, nt which point tl.< river < f I ho game name empties itself into the Ohio, to wliore thu New river, one of its brandies, crosses the Virgin in and Tennessee Railroad, at tho extri mc south of the map, and u!so where tho Greenbrier, Guuley and other biancliex begin their descent from the mountains ami j< in the pa rent river. The Guuley has b' cii lor hi iuo time before public notice, from tho fuel that (Jen. Cox s fori', s held Gauloy Bridge, and that the battle of (arnifcx Kerry, b' twoen Rosoerans and Floyd, took placo en this river. llow is the |?iKition of affairs here from rei nl advices ? From Washington, Oct. 5, the following announcement his been recive l:? The Richmond Enquirer of Oct. 3, rec dvod here to-day, publishes it (I lining aceount of a splendid victory of Gen. !>?? tien. Roseoruus in Wohi- ru Virginia 'lhe re|>ort is headed:?"Another Glorious Viciory--Gen. Rosocrans and His Wholo Force Defeated?The Federal Ai my Ku treathn: out of Virginia?Gen. itosecriuis Mortal y \Voiud ed, and since Reported Road?<ien. L"t Victorious.'' Unfortunately for tho correctness of tho above state* nvnt, we lind that the Richmond Kn/uirrr, DLftx'ch and /.>inii>iT, of Oct. 3, had hi :i received in Baltimore, but not a won: of tho said "glorious Victory" by Lee appears in the papers of that city. Further than this, where I/mi was last reported to be, Gen. K . ecnms hud not, as far as kn .wn, recently visited. 'It Is, how ver, probable tliat lye may have chan^od his tactics, and taken nji a pi-si lion where Vise had recently commanded; for it Is rejiorlod in the Richmond papers that the ruuaway General hiui ar' rived in that c ty, on the sick list. The above recorded victory must have taken plnco about the la. t day of Soptember to have reached Rich mond in time for publication In tho paper of the 3d. and which is printed on the evening of tho 2d. Our own ad vicos from the region cf the Kanawha 'ate about tho same time, and put a different complex ion on tho state of affairs. Tho following correspondence shows thu Union forces to liavo been victorious ovor Gen. Chapman, unj that Geu. C' jx w as at Rig bewail Mountain in pursuit of tlic runaway rebels:? Cams1 Exvart, Sept. 30,1301. I am nt last ablo to report to you the re.oiit of the expe dition r fi rred t" in my la t, as having started from Camp Unyart to look for it body of Gen ial Chapman 3 Vi'gini i rebel mllitin, in theCouiriv 'r region. The cx|*n did'n c m isted of a strong d-tu d n. nt of the Thirty fourth Ohio, uuder Colonel A. :? un-icr* Piatt, and a por tion of lie First Kentucky. >m<i r I, ? tenant Colonel Unyart. They found that Colon .1. I eieu Havis, of Creei brier county (of w hich l/>wisburg, Floyd's pr sent headquarters, is the c utity >t>, had actually up to Chapm ms\I'le, witi tiforcoof tUr>eor four hundred, ^fter a shsrp little tlj'ht the wero utterly routed. Their 1-s Is stated at from thirty to forty, though the e is the usual i.ucer tainty about tho extent to which th y hav suffered. Hi1 telegraph, shoul I it cot hold o| th - story, will doubtless at lenst doeblc tin Ir loss. Col. Runs him* i i? sal 11 > be mortally wo,m led. I re.r. ? to t .ie tlia suecesv cost n.* the lives of fox* of <? ir n-d-.'e soldieis. : h Harvey,of Cincinnati is th - ii'' moot the killed wll>'SO l a'ne I can now give. fhe This ty I' 'urtb regiment are h l>!y gratified with the reult of their ti: si ex; ditlot). a- lithe., m-y be. The trooj i have no' all ret :ri I >et. A ih'tm hment is till out about fight mile In p. en the other (so :th) side of t e Kanawha. Alt Will !>: tl-. jv. n,n,; or in the morning. Future in v in n' - cannot be ascertain d.thv.ghlt supji " d th t the I'iitt Zouave", will .-!?? lily jnin Cux'a ad van at RiijSowallMounta:: ,..n tiie Lewish.irg pike. "i.? th - w-.-t of this place, near R i d ersville. Colon'-I . r'- Vltglulu regiment has twa e defeated the rebi j sympathy is. 1: m advices of the 2~>th appears that at tha' date Gwioial Roaecrans had joined C ncrul Schenek ml taken up a position in the angle form- I by tha junction of the Gauloy and New rivers?General Cox b. ing t'ourt eu miles u\ ad, doubtless on tho mountain. Allowing that L..,. BhoiitU have Joined Floyd, and advat ? I from Lewis burg up i Ko" 'crnns" force; honiist:. >? ari;) lUUiS Big S-v m'I M" tii.?in. i- 'ie c juld not well i't 1 ? the Gailey t> come upon tho rear of the Union tro '; us AotiBgt.oneral Mcl ? ! k hold (tlie ferry, at. 1 Ih ? i .l:.".d al storing have II n the streams too much to iiliow of fording. Thu '.from more ciii H tliaa one the rebel news appears\ i hal. One tlonk' is certain, tl'1' tho battle re, [CON1INUED O.N iuIGillU l'AUK.j V