Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1861 Page 2
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NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. AfTiiiraon <l?o Potomac?'I'll? Conf?*?U?ate Lonn?The Po?t Oil!,n U.pavlmfBt-The Wuiu'D" turn of Arms?Drfcut't of the Couat. &i'>, ivc. AVTAIUS ON TI1E POTOMAC. [From the Klein "ill 1.i-, ?,??.!?, Oft. 9.1 V Sept. 2'i, IR01. LruM ui, Id Hip federate a vatic c I upon our i >, k"t.?, who Ml li [i k In.mi tli Ine by MTiaon'a n tit Mas n'a liills to l ull's Cl w The enemy j>rt-a, il l'o'win'I and oeeu| led our lit;.- t'lS":nidi t i ov. Tho Twoutj ?:? ? .< n t h Virginia w ' in a tvA." ?*, out 0.; th? appr' a-h of the cno iny fi ll luti.k, lonvhir! behind ih'i.i too '->'hr v rt.rays," a Mi)|'U c.m. luiy. who wor notinti.l 'I of tin reino\n] of the regin, 'in hy tli * Bu'i.i-ar.t muinr who p- si - i tli"in. Hi. ongli tl.-.j night ihoy viint ,i.n ,1 ilielr position, until orde.ud. it hull |i.i^t hi\ Ih. in .ri a1 i>> join tle'lr nvi meht. 'i'hi- ab.-enco gavo r'sa to ? i? ht liui' lh?y h 1 bcou oaj t it 1 hy Iho f?**l. ? lib-, mi I :?S i.| ??? , Ilk olhnerli\ i i'in ,i ui I of t'.i. Twoi.i. m\ ouL'., ie.iue.iiatoiy atarUd i>i ? i'i |?nr ? it i ?*' IA.- 1 \> rot.': : n pr 'l;l< 1 tier. tla, i "' t v ?? etuik .?.:?! ? tn' ny. un.l th ? poll' ? low 1.1-1 ? i,i 1 in" of i>, lor w n< lung I"' ^ ' ke a ?n ft dark nl ht, with ovary thread of nna'a clotboa ?Wj rated Willi with a <hilled hmly, and with 'iiin.1 Biroatns li n k.n.u i..t 'one's boots, is hyiioin .ma a uhoerfnl oi lunation l in y wit# WM ail ri,h' however very wt, '"tit and hungry, b'.t with in ,r i .i, ci thnxia-m i.ud vigi'aw-e uu ' ? 1 lij 111 m. on rotbo rejiln ?t the*?Graya'' wore r-T(,nii,i with great p'.'isuie b tii-dr companions, who .' n pi ?, . ,'i ;ii I of* ilnor alter clmcr hu -t forth it ii'ir return. Kor "onco, at least, Iho ??<:iays ' I 'I, nl tholr in.ittlo ton i d, for it 1-t s- h t-' vini i iroiii. mjioi'-f u? those bring out tli * truo tjuanliea m m -n. .lb ,ut t? -'v? o'clock to day a large nonhnrif the enemy' |i M M:W,in'.? lint ami made pi?r,,:iriiti,uii for a: o .. . tttii". Uiey , ??? ?!hi> Hivn aim i; i g cliattiuv, jil'iyint,, nil mil ni'.imil..'tu. .i.-olvo i!oiio;i ,y if ?< a |i, , l,on ol ill, i .i' ? ii |.|?:;i .,,? i-, ? o. j."I T u 'In, I of .: ? Kii ' K icltj rivini" 1.1. , . up to iho tnoi. ,,l llu hill ro, i ),i, ,mrcJ to drive I in '"roll, Tl"? n Kwiitiio'.'ivns w, ro i-laton ?? a iuo.-|, i. of u b v h Hit eii' to. and in im! |>: tly up to the . ? in which n. / it th ui Inn. In h n. Kor .i 'iio.r . this rcRinirn I i ii iI'h rvi-n and tin* li nl tiuiothey we ? . n v. in ity t v ill n-.'lv<8. Tiny li iv,' mi. i*it in.?n> buy *n I we ?? .??!.. in'roll hnvo b ......n wit., l their t*.u!" or |>i> vi Hlona ; i-i o oivouc-ii! in .very p ,-e th 'y linve y,t ? M:t .,i ? hivouoiij Uinr full Hharo ??; i a . " , |.. i -nu ipliki't duty. Hut ihr : ii it all wl. I tin in i ? n 1'it'j'!?tli - i'i u i::r,ii \ ol ,-i fl /In?w ,, MVOf framed Itletn. Wh*l v w tlw t - of ilriliin. I* 1' , ii'mil 1 'lK?ti not have a i l,.i!i ,'to I:.,?v 11? ?;.. Ji 'ln'Kiiey. w. i beyond tln ir ree'ui.uli'g. Th > en lid irk a a rii i 'I.-it .i U uidrrd > ?!: ? ., ! <1 ? >' a na.l tit iy, ai. i ii. it ii UK,'1' .- pii ei ? t i.? ' lndi i.l x Eioniln to ; I ? t :? mark ax as a > V .' it r i llnietb yt' i l;v :i olvi's im.i '1 o-i, ,, h ?? i.i t? l.'iio . tlliit 11 'it I hoy h id "iilnro'l w if i: it lie a "tor ail. t, ?' ir f.'vlor ko),t tlioin at i.. li . i has tii"i.i ii- . itiliilled probably, n. any in n ? 1 naturaiiy ? rl, <? di-poniti-n. an ? K .,| ii \v crnfl , tier h> ttol-'. lonol 'loni 'fa,. , llioi n. linn i'i r of ? ' r't Kolit'.n ky r ti, lit, i i. ,1"" i 4 cir.ion of it ir ? nio would w : i to linil. i .?? i bnarorof d sp 1 -j 1.. in our itovrnm-n't' ton some tini' ? u.i there nttr o i d t onsi lei 1 ?. > tic" by hu null' , ...r and p 'Woiful fr.uiio. T' o rej,' :|i in was formed in line o( battle at In - fml of tba bltt, and la npanlw, ooe on ettber al l , ,|. ' yed as akirmi-liers. Uwaalliowork of a iiioineu, i. ! ? column wa.t or,' "d forward at lioublo ipiii k. t , Me hill they li.mbl.'e -,v Ih ticmeii'lo'iM V".i.. nnl u? loo h'li \V' i.t tli" Vi!l-'''eK last u.i tli'dr i-vfl woul ''t'> them. Ser i ! the enciuy .s h i nun sit t and, loiipiui; i >'i !? fi .iies of a break ii,rk li"iglil, i.ia.i L. ? t> ' r.ti I - f<r tbo distant f,,'tille ui?i ". Hut .' w wc'a In', ii 11. eii si b ; one coir 'any'a tli.'Ki,. i .i" , <1. ohargadtta lrriflaa t taw nam, fttid tin' oi th< lj'il rals were killeil. ' tor i% in_: Ihem a big seaiY, ,? .. fio< iug tli-1: ..ui'ilislar.Ci on ih 'ir join ney h un'M: Tayloi wlilvlrovv from tin hill. I .iter in lliu evoniii ? parly of ii ? w nt baeti to roei ver s. me urope ty, an ' a ? compli-lieil ttn ir errand v'thout beiiiK nioh-tnd. About tba Iftto affltii at LiwluavlUal bare notbin f'ir th'TioH,,. Vltb,' igh tli V^'es ran at tbo nr.- i ? ? m ipatl ?" i f tli'? approoch of our tn?ips, Hi re waa sneli i "hoah" in-idv ? t 'bo v. h ile a fair tint it did not r '?> :n in "i b to our i "In. 'II.i Pglit wa- i IJ.i.-h in i li. pm i con.ple;'' "fizzle," to ttse a common but not \ cry ol"< i I cxproHi^oi Thia i vei.i'i;.'a a.ul eight mot my eyo a,. I was rioing on tba torn uwHb Annan-lair Tw^Sorthraa mti, ti e and I, y d Yh'^iniaus, I a I their tai diles ii ?' i. ,nv tiling lh -y i :e'fl h irr dly taka with th-su In w.'ir ns, n tli n w-ytiK. ''it's. Tlinlr housoa had been l>" nod by theeii' i.iy, n. ' h u'i^i.kaiid horn.'Ie>s,with tli. uvin^s of yea. m,' ?; V"'l In a iiv'in'lit, tl:".-? ikm. viet. w u> aeekiugs'i ;? i .1, our li", .?> to proioet thei ?. . > orn ontrag.--. It woiil.l have mado the bl-n, 1 o' nny \' ;uii .11 bull .villi - . l to hat h s. en toe sight, and t>, Ii. ve . I th ? ni >rti(!.-?, .. f beinjt povve l- maidor reveo,-* tl,",-. The': 'iia - s In,i e be^;i b'ii '..';l, u I Iholrlsinu orfi' .n lati nia?I 'ik,*?Ji" Id ,vo'd \ .-rj nmeh be'ler?' pi!la.'?'.l t.iid ''. 'ait.i* d. It i- rotnorn I that aovi*r I buildings in Falt'a CUuroh bavo a:.., b :i itaatroyud Witbi'. the ]. Iwentt four 5..-U a. Ab I Wiite, It i.4 ri'iHirte'I tna ii ? t'eito,als, n ? ? hundred atl ng, lutvo taken p ig-e-^i?m of I . i The f.M-i, n tl'.e i'"p.'>rt, baa cans * I >| 'it*- ii' i. a no*ig th ? ladi ?-* who have b,v:i h >:ir*!ii. h . ft'ao cotipl Icrab! ? i v it.-mcnt amoi"; tli ? i i- . ti? know w. ii tl*.ii if tba town falla im i .. 1.1 ? that not a buil'liiig will 1"' lift, l-'ai 'a ' ? i. 1 nix miles ti ui tlietv.ut Iloiif. AN Ml'AI'KD PKIt-'ONr'.U Kla'M I Or. *?: ? SK . O. W. Alexander, the companion fthe" ci.-hl who recent-iy escaped from l'ort Mell"".ry ? ??. Rtobnt md.iiti'' | ubii li ? ilic foltouii . i'i ATirXTHW, ?<'OJlK O (? >i ?11 R. Tholltas I t a I'ft.ltiVi! in 1:1'* ll ?!>?? "II'. I , his Cri in!.-' a! incited to meet this "ten ..?? busim .-v.. All ire invited. T i y ; . I ? 'lo. < views, homo in the m by I.iiiiii'ii.ii t <;? o'j vV Ucxau dor. A battalion must bo formed. IV we cam-, v n> with bim ti> ha-'1 for oeai Maryland, w wi.lca \ Ms n rno there. I tiro[.''-i > to raiH" a body of mn,ti ocniedtlio " '/arvona Zouaves." <);k> of the Oiloii" 's < ? ? -i ones is already in the ilold, armod anil eqni p.i li ve wire an- wanted immediately?ipiieal. "\ rv sort of thing are " played out"?it is n?w ? itnitt'rof " Wfi you or w?i?'t yon," There a c n iii' s iioro who ar ill"; come and examine?j. in,an 1 y m li viji t ou lutich work as yuu want. :>ow ..??? a ? c m; ?iu learn how many talkers th re u.\< :nn ?; > Hi. i' fuels f ;His plans shall be adhere I t". Mo I on Tenth Sir et, t ? twe n Main and Cary. I wo ?'<>?? rs . ?? mv Stvad'a locksmith establishment, at night o'el- ck I'. M. 0. W. A LEX .vis:, Vdjuuwt. A MAHYI.AVIt BATVAMllN. Tito Richmond Prominrr oV iiet"hor 3 s*i \ t' ere a*c from live hundred to a thousand utile bodii- iti-'ens of Maryland now In Kiclitnond wh > hav ? nll' d a mo.'tijiij to I'm in a hatiallou, whijli is to I. ml in hi ill in|it to drive the foderui troops from ihoir uittv" -I it". , THE CONFEDERATE t.HAN. [From ill ' Uichuiond Kxauin . itet. 3.) It is thmight that fongfesj wi'l ho ni,y fnlnc d to pass a m insure of ro!i"f for tli" i?l"t.! 'S. in the case of prolong- 'I <!"1 'v on the part o th - row uinetit in s i in_' Bt eroi* subscribed to the prod c ? I iu. fhcbiireau charged With the negotiation o' t1 ? ??m, midt the s i pi'i'inteniienci'oi .1. P. B. I'elVnv. }.- i . v\i; . w onder Btan l, shortly isriie another cin v letter to the planters, advising them of tin- pi- s ? . |sional relief, a-" t here has been will' re- l.icU'ii o th e'l.nof the planters, fri-m the apprehension 'hit t v'rn tnoiit may lai i' to res >rt to fi-reiv) sales, to ih r w-i prejudice and less. Subscriptions to the loan f r n tinii" Hint mil. Wo are Informed that n< t a day s vi Without the incident of visits nf a Hearts, oil'.' g to gell, not only ^ I'nil rce, but every oth T conceivable arti cle, for ConVi i1 rate h auls. l'( 1ST OKFIt.'RH IN TIT 15 SKt'lUK.D STATES* [Kroin the W.ishtncton Ummo'ica , <>ct. 5.1 The I'ollowiti" statement shows th" linan ial i-.-laMon of post ofllc"s in flie -cceih-d si-iies to l i" 1'-st iillico 1 e partm nt on tbo 1st day of Ociohcr, 1861:? Or. Balance in hands of post musters April 1,1 SOI.. .$277 401 Siainps and envelope* ???nt subsequently l'JI .'54 Tota! ?Tiy.U.>5 Cr. CtAm''^ and envelopet rettrned f.1'i.717 IV'posits by snii lry jio^tmasteis 11,4'.?9 Drafts on p. stti:a teis collected 6nfit'4 Taid by p - ti? .nt -is to :nai! contractors... 7t?,I'0 1*8,411 Balance unaccounted for $210,544 The |M*t!<nt !er ut Ki w Orleans notifies tin- ?l?. partment th .t there are in his hands, i.hj?ct to its .or or, si .inc. mil euvel i|hh anin.intra; t ?. ..$13,120 tlio pi ??.tin: sier atSLi.<'..viIle, T'-nm ssi e, a '.iioxvl eilvi s k lialaucc due th" J partinent, mb,. ct to drart,of ^ 1,782 Which turns, deduct .'d fr in the '?a'"?nco ?tntnd ah >V", h avea ?? ? h- tola! iudi hteiloe-i- of .S iuili ern (S'slm isti i < $195,671 Hie who! ? n un'oer of i>imt ofllce.< In disloyal Stiic>. and por'kwBof Smi s. is 7,017 01 these, n ten.s Imvo he n n-'ji |v"d 0 - th" ti s', and for thy whole or a part of Hie s coiid quar !m b ?; 1861. fi ? m 1 .*4S f4.769 l-eir iig 5.7ti9 which have made n'j returns for tiiis pr i iod. It so.?ins that tho adirtiii'S' .ition of tbo jiostal alftirs by t. i. J'o-tiuast" (!i h i I, Koagaiv, does not give satis faction. Th papers are complamini; of tho irregularity i>f tbe mails, and charge tlio Insufficiency of the system to lbs h( aJ la the .. >. tinent, an I demand lUs removal. Xbc Kny? ltd-1'le (Toi.n.) <Hm> rner says:?The conviction pi i-DiS ti be ilxini; luseli" i|mn the in.nJs of tho psople that Ho" .!? lm H. Hea^n, Pi.-iim.i>t"r (t.'iieial of the Conlede m'. Rtn' :i, is nt?t th" man for the station ho Is attempt leg to till. He has bo^n In "Hi el >r months, but ha.sdouo tii hint!' n?n to the public, wo boar it said, to commend bi n to their favor. ? 'ill" ( li ir: t 'ii Ot irlcr iema?'kn:?Will Mr. Postmaster r nerai r is^an be so onllgtnj ,is to pay S 'lnoattonUi n to the mal's? liavit,- very icdwctrioisly warned off all ex pr"es 'iiHrag irs from ?! inj what they would have done to B ipji'y the falluii? of j , ,'jji (lu I'os.mastor Cicneral Bhould emltavor to c<j -on.ot'iing or sive place to ouu who cold tn<i would. 8ECK8SII.M :s rlIK rUESBVTKttlAN CIIL'RCII. Pc<er. I t tb" prinbyte-1 sol th" -Id school I'ri shyto tia i liuri ii in t < 0^1 f? .L-rati) fctati s lukve lield their re frulai tall la ? ltijjH, and, without exc ^ioii, have pasnist Acts ol utioi ir ii., the Ceneral Asscnibly o| th.. church 1 el a,jp -UttS'l , jac^ to ntt< uU at Augusta, (in.. od the 4ih nt next I>? comber, lor the pur|iose of form in ?! Iio-tri I A , n . y if the Southern confederacy ?Cl tl t ? f 1 I' '1'0,1 4li< a. - ? jjorMi:n ram.?.' a in western Virginia. p 11-1 'in lhe ticUir. n'l Dispatch, Oct. 3 ) .. On S iii ay g, tin Kth nit.,Captain Pate's com pany ' 1 510 ii t ? i Hangers aweiilod an lut>enciiei| cam i of I'mmii i-,"\ rlllt.v t. -o; ift a place enllnl 1'oud I ork on 1- t "ill'i. In lio c inty.Vn. Tho Unionists or ? . . ?>?!!?, t> e "XCfptlon ..f CrinK ot.e K-in r.H''I., k ' ' i s for safety. The lis .. erscapt ired fi.ivi.iiie. ;1 ? i"-1 ) -i . Uiree of v-hom wores ibse n neatly released, and the remaining fiatrteon him now iu Wiohnmad. Thews followii are naul Jo bo ? Uo i> < ? ty who burned the ftoone Court House uud have boon ooiuiuitllng various depredat ions iu the county. BKI.I' ASK OK U1.B8RS. MA'illAW AM> IIA1UU8. [Kmro tlu< Ulehtnond Examiner, tK t. 8 | Messrs. M'i;;rnw and II irris, who iin rotiony riimo Willi,n our lines from Washington, l>. (' , i tar th ' battle oi' Mnnae.iia, on tli > ? 21*1 of July, and wi. > wuro detained in custody therefor for two m >nttts run, In thin city, li ivo h I'll roloixed by the Sorrotary of War, nt'tiii.K 'li ne 'i i'ljj to allow that limy w ro either alien enemies or ! r iinlcal to ttio govern in ut of tlio Cometh'/an Suites. ! Their ji .ilron, in j?r Ik nors,h''retofiiri ,ih" ,1 I nm deprive iham of their reputation as high mlndo 1 ami honorahlo 1 ;? nil nu ll. Ill insllite to them wi will slate a fa t, emit j (utiuirale from a reliable sourc ,a- to their I ilni o '*>??*' i ' iiHtl ii. Mr. II i'tIb will leave In a tew d <ys tojon hU | brother Koiituokiuns, ami Mr, M (>rnw, a n itivo oi Mary | i .ml, will rutin ii ti> his ow n <iut<?. HUM .IK In I 'IK 80i.l>lKR?. [From tin' in i.iitm d i n(im-.T, i her8.] Irmy (oolitic with ;?.? < it Uie crisis Of th,' nick. es .im ngoiii si rs I - i -1 H ? 1 ,lH^ 'hat ?il u ly anmtioeuhii'?i) uis ul. " In ill" i'lia l* i tor "f our c ' u p I'll- pr ai"iit ly hold f-'v- ? t ? far lo . vi ? ui-I rn ii ily.and yl'M with comparative i in .Mm In.ehi il tf?? .tineut and p "I tiuiKit ? sMi'1 1 i .V fevers aro also r.i pi.lly ao il i; . i xjii . \ > rat: -ii'K. ri'rui i in.'1 ,nu"i',Uct 'bcr 3.] It has j. ? ? ' I1 ? .-ii ri-' i I'vi'iildays pun.. I i, ? ?i ? ' ? v. iiv militaiy in iv nviiis it *!"??msss, id it ilio i.'.'iii'ial commanding has deter hi.ii t. ? !?? ? ' ill ii that point it.I our alck nn t< i.. ? <ui . iinur was continued t i'", i.i i hi urual i! two hundie and thirty I b I C mIiIu ?' I Mill' i "II ll.." |.'. THKBKK i n I ' U CO IN ItldllMONK. (From the ltlciimond Ex tminer.Oci. 3. | Th* reimrts ciu.ulutud for some .'iiyii post of the .sure of i largo qua itlty of tobaeco In this city, under i ? -. 'ijii. titration art,as the property of Mr. AOkuhI llel lu iit. of Now Y'lik, uf.i inc u'rovt. We learned .venter day, h iwover. thai Informat'.'n was Uletl with the re (? IV' r, under the provisl 'lis of 'h < a -i I r such in rorma ti ui, Hi a Mr. It.'iinoni, or Itelmont * To., were Inter ? me . by p (u olli". we, in a la 'go lot of tobace t :i this my. The ipmntit. of tobacco in question is | iv. o ih ?' huii.lie) liii|(shoads. Ti e ri-oelvor h s not y< ; upon th i Inforuiatiou or made any examination of the <;a e. VtKOINIA IHOK ro.l i'\V<uV. IfiOin till K .'limrll'I I'is ; ti;l(,0''i .i.| Tli no. 1 four-pound rauiioi .11:i in of Vit "I lia Iron, il..' have been fit loi... ii tl 'i.i untory, a ?> b reboreti and rtll' d,ui ,ei lie I'.o ? it Some of th guns wore tost d yest. ida; . wl.ou ail . t ? > tin- t !'l 'ri il r'larire,au I upon ? ? mo."leg U|<on on ?, ln.l oftoilliat. ly ROli 'li d il btoMl :i i llaruo ?il'1V po in V of |iO-.v j'r, with a siiot of 7'j i>o" d?, Willi > t iuj ry. As t!i:'"e-.|aart. i * of a imuud til' powder and u 7'J ,'i ii ? ? tlio "vio. i h ? " lor the iiei.i, there ca t ? 11 i,o doubt r.ii i it the o ii':i'i of these gains. THK llli.'UMUNIi ARMORY. I i - in the Kitill no ' iir r, Oct. :i | 1 u hi is now in f b'a-t in Making, repair M i ? i 'i? ? inils'.(<th i* r b" .,' of our (iimy. Ihe din b s" uMtful operations la cluufly that ' .* ? ,? '.vlilentlally I. envoi ed atH trper'n Forry. M . -live uf the .il u.I loelc in iskels (ire b ung t ?( ' o serviu.'.'il. ?? ? ? . i-sioii guns .it these ?? > . \noni 5,(o(i of i si, w.a; ms ycl remiin on . . t I. :i t ii. sand ' r in e?htilongiiiT to the t.'orn i '.. i Ii?: .., prol> >bly, sea.ti iod through the State. Till. It: IIKX IIBNIdlALS. Tin1 in i. " ui' lis in t ho innf "Irr'itr ;u my ' , Im ii'l .'d tbr limit ill n ' f live general "Ili i-.' pi 'ii .V h rxisiing laws of tlin ''tmf. d u'ato i i' i" - hi.ii'o:- lietw n I tic provisional an l i'on i" or -? r iliir in<inl/ation is .hat tlio ftniiier ox i.ii oi.' i tormlnaiioii ot the war. In.I* I Ni'l OK Till. COAST ill NOKTH t'AttOLINA, 1 ' ? ii i 'i?< liarl lit' (N. ('.) lleln s'i at, S pt. HO.] . .i" I lat Oi^v lai'K Is notv doing all Ii can In da ("'? i ib. .list, an >. ti ling foiwa d roinpiiiiins nid raiments aa last as tti*-y can be epiipM .i. He luade a "i *'?'"ii( ? \ t i' -iii tiuyni Win that a few well i It1' r. inn i u t>? to o .r coast, pi ..uisliig to send u i'* \ glr.i.i oi atpuil ii mb.-r tif new roginvnts of No: ib i. ii';.. i troops. |>.|t the reijiiest lots i.o lie. n . It. t wih In tho Ct ofodorato giivornii''.it. \V ? , ? Ntnih' ji ;i i is eiipi'c.led to defend lie e n ' I. ? I ind tli-r. ?n v roro scxorlioi.s shouli b.-mndoi i I' ' -ii i*o will "t drl.iy, which w' ao .i-s-i. i i ' ? <.i.; d'no, ni'd til it liberal cili/. lis of the oasi ir. ii .i ., . 'ii. nth.n itle id .. ? an by prtvalo fun. s an , HI . t'l.i 1 I''II >? TIIK NOltl II CAHOLINA OI'AM . Tb IM'I whicl. Vmi Million,ttyathe M itiuin. ? lil ! U'b ? > loll t'i ro last Sunday, an<! ; 'i'' i i:.o >? ol. s ,.1111.? i ji? u in ihi' viclnltv<? 1 < i I ? ? ' 1 oat" it w ire ? II Ww Inlot hist wo k. i . i i ?, ill a n w passnvi' 10 Wihnii ;.l. , i ? . ' river above Forts Johnson and Cns i it or ten miles of Wilmington. ? it HKI'KM KS OP Ml) III I.E. 'i 'i'. yii 1's.iys,? Ibis work is going on rapid . 'cm M.ioilc havr met thr call of tlio Mayor i. -.nnl !i iinwith ehar.icterlstio libera ity, an I in .ml iiii in y In ci'infflui lion have bt oii a < for frraly ? ?i.ii .1 moet 'ill dcmanils. Wo aro llulebtod to our . in li io'idn lor liberal oilora of no^ro labor. SKI/IMi T11K HUl.llU.VDP. ? I tl "Sb" O ,, h ( I'l'llll.) / n Hliys lint tho (loilfodl' ' .ism til" 1 i ?< have t:i';en pos. i : .?k>ti of tHi'Tffi'. ?I, perl i: k, other railroads, t>> enable llmm ? ? i'y In pniir. nlruto a1 -! materia s nf " it ? .i.nt, with greater pr?mptnou> and ce lerity Jii.n Iter. lofoie. ?IK. Kl.l.ANKOUS SOITIIK.HN I'l'KM.-. 'l'i" A' n -lit C'/iC ?" /?? Pi\f; 111 ' il is iili'lriMirfxl tld- v i n', nt I.?? an <?r<lr 1*>r a si'ia'l 11 imb n of ill- n w'y mv< nt(!> b vech ItuiliiiK e.aiicoi. m bo i xe< u .'.1 ntniMirf tboexteuslvo Iron ? ' i* hi AUaMi^(fctifl( \V. N. ill. nan, edit' ril' I!..' I/Hii<vi!lo VoiuiT, arriv o.l it Mom In . r 'in on 1'iav uay. Am il., ill >a l'i-. iin iit KiohiiMiul mi Wednesday, wore Mrs. I'radl y I. .1-?*n>S'in anil Mrs. (inn-nil linger, of Ma iVand, anil Sir lines Fcriiacd Kitinl t,M. I'., Filmland. he I'm nt in rsi i\s t lint .v,/' hrivp.' ?In I'rrsi ?Ifitl IKirit fri in U ii. .1. Jtwllrji Mann, M"(." i/? / '.r< yt Tli"foriv now in tnr field iiiuli'r Geaeral I<eo liive boon r. inf irecd by tlx' aPiiimi of a battalion of the Fourth regiment of Louisiana Vohmtei"s. lliii shipment ?i: >-r-liin?: ? to N>w Orleans still conti nue- \ lew ii..ys .ii;. lour r mi.on and two pioous, mount ed, wit.' shipped for harbor defence. Colonel Charles I Immock, < liicf of Oriinanro, calls up on tho people to 8. n I all old guns lo tho manual at Ki'.h iii nd, to In1 ro|>* ."oil lor sorvioe. It is Mated that In smno pa; ts of th ? hoiith rye, ns n kiiIhi it'ite lor colli ", is bringing .-?3 per bu.-lii'l. T.'io st amer I' an 'f, lo I. by coming into collision with tbo steamer Delaware, is reported in tbo Examiner lo bay be n sunk by tho guns Smith's battory, mar Aijnia cr.'i k. Virginia has bnrn divided into sonuestration districts, fur . ho convenience of receivers under the Foqu-'.-trat inn act. A requisition lias been made by (li neral Magruder upmi tho citi/"i>s of the counties of King William, Kins and Qnotin, (lion"' stor and Matthews, !'? r on ? third of their <41ici?nt m il ' slave population, t > \v<irk . n fart ideations. t.en. Win i-; at bis reside!.co in Richmond, cnidllied to liis rootn by siikiiess, Nitrato "f silver, an arltclo which Is extensivoly used l y .liii;i|prreoiyin-ts atnl Mirui . ns, is new mnnnlae,t ired by I>!?. ('. K. r.uikiiiii.a chom: -t ol Charloston, K t'. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sl'NIiAV, Oct. 0,1801. The course of trado does" not vary. Our im ports continue light, our exports heavy, tlio move ment of specie inwartl. Our imports at this port for the year, to date, only vary about a ipiarter of a million from our exports of produce and sp. io. The leading articles of import last week were cof. fee, sugar, tea, wool and guns. We note an im portation of 330 bales of cotton from Europe. Tiie following are the olliclal tables of the trade of the port:? ? Impoiiis. hhrthevyek. H'U. 1?90. 1861. pry tjooiii ?l,? i :>.2 l,ftM,fll9 S47,n4H <? merchandise. 'J,f>'tT,141 2,041,102 1,142.403 Total for*tho week,. $4,227,_>Ofl 3,703,731 1 ,?>1)0,052 1'reviously reported.. 1W2,0S8,(.'.'1 181.411.1S7 97,'.)20,KJ0 Since January 1....$197,216,197 185,114.968 99,611,172 ExroKra or l'Bonrci: *ni> Mkki ii am j^k. 1859. 18 io 1-01. For the week $1 520,164 2,7un,2.'i8 3.041',1433 Previously reported.. 48,448,576 66,!M>1.535 93.UH. .08 Since January 1.... $IU,?6S,740 69,757,793 96,057,241 Exports oy Srw re. 18."i9. 1S60. ISfil. For the week $727,?n 6S9.419, l'.'i vin iSly reiiortel.. 54,288,?76 09,866,352 0,245,27fi Since January 1.... $.V>,01ti,65T 40,4.">4,77l 3,'.245,275 The banks will probably show a train or specie to-morrow; the actual receipt of gold during the week at the port, from California and from Eu rope, is nearly a million and a half. I.ast Monday the specie average shown was $38,123,552?an in crease of si,:il*,:!75 from the week previous. Many persons look for an average ranging from thirty nine to forty-millions to-morrow. The reserve can not increase much ut present, as the amounts drawn from bank by pirsotw subscribing for Trea" sury notes pretty nearly balance the disburse ments of the Sub-Treasury, and Mr. Chase's drafts are kept out West and elsewhere, and used as a currency instead of being sent here for payment. Mr. Cisco Las not been Obliged to draw on the banks for any money since our last weekly review. People who bold government drafts will not pre sent them for payment?they are found so con venient as a currency. Next week, in all pro bability, some of these drafts will come to hand, and the Sub-Treasury balance will run down. M.eau\yjiile the bauks are receiving at the present time interest at the rate of 7 3-lOths per cent per annum, or about $*0,000,000, from the govern ment?not a very bail operation for Hi cm. Money is in prctiy fair demand at 5 a 0 per cent on call; the Vest paper goes at G a 7 per cent, and fair to fcood paper at 1 for cent a month and up w.inl. It is evident- the ,i.'rii'neut loans must make tl.o standard j.r ?<? for mcu y duving Ilia war. W'b^n the governy offers 7.30 per cent per annum for all the money that seeks employ* ment, it cannot be expected that it will rule any lower than thin rate in open market. Parties who want the privilege of calling in their money at a few hours' notice must of course be content with a triilc less tl Ji 7 -In, und borrowers whoso credit is not u > , >.? t a that of the govern mailt must cxp-. t to ; y more, liut the standard rale will be that which the government pays for i mcy. If, when Congress meets, as we >??' hone ??>! believe, the work of suppressing this ' ? lliori h been so far achiev'-'i that the govemt . nt ea* >--?>row at 8 per own less, the price of m?...? y . the o;ien market will fall; but until ' ?> It will not do to expect i;. ? market to rule trr. j. boluw 7."0 per cent. Bankers' bilis or?l4r>ndon sold yestvrday at 10''.'^ | a 107 per cent, and ua.-iitury mercantile bills j at \0!iyr At t'i>? tit 1 ln-re is ft handsoni (?ri ilt on iiniKirtf Im i-. ol gold IVom K-;i' pe ..<?? it may be ex)? r? <?.I Unit i in sill ri w ari v i almost every sioan . r. Il.-t ;..-y the ehuN?e * I fl'id the Lonlo.i r.. . kol in i s! oiiditlon. Tin rate <H int? mt h ? b n duccd to a very low po it, tui t!i-* bullion in the Hank of K?: hmd le" n ^ed slcadily for several siicces-ive w-i-k i en p>r? :i teu or twelve mill >? iihoiit i.t nim-ci a- -I we presume w .it t..-.?.?? t!. u ,? a ? 1 elapses. It, h,ivi er, vxcImi ... rhould < for ni'iro than month to rule ut iU p point, or If it ho \l i'-i: 'I i. -v r, the 1 upon the Loudon ?iuuk-.<ts t- r i-vov" ?? The loss of tr i ni !. i ? j ,i 1 in n <iueiice o the ??<,? lb'.: i rebfllb.a <? ?. '? Ut ' -? men are now abet fug) I; .- In !: r.l ?????< i,, palling. The export of 1 -wW fro*'! the port >' Liverpool l?-iv?- <i '< lined 75 p ?> cent tnd, it ? ? ? that we can 1 ate, i 1.v t i- > i-iosi*-"to! tin (!? clhie being cheeked. L'uder our pte^ n taii.'l the inducement to i-npovt I". ?? 'ry ?,<_><>? i- ? very small lndo? and it is now cor? tain that the do1" >, . i< alh ? d at the next session ol Coiigi",- will j if lutr be in creftsed than cli ? i r '?;*. n free trailers who oppo.-. d the ' -,i!i t.i from first te lu*t? now aceept the :i'' iti<. r?i..i foi I!.. -.u? oi b.i In nee of trad - .. nd th< t ? n1 tr n of oui -| ' are uot hvnhi i 'ibitoi diaio* (? i i tin. I i t plain thai Iv ? >? ...? .??. ,; , ; . tIt* 1 ? ? ' whielt we are now < ? rtii ? j!,o ?????<??.? it is i xpece I w- t . this winter. !t ???, \ . ,,u t. ??. i portationt of foreir" drj g> '.nd ? i It:.; d! - low n to .? nomi.i I figure a w .? ,t now 1 >? ? wi .-hull d? "i? itp.i ? l ughi Im duly ot si | : ?? Mit- i>l foi I hi prof., cm .mi o ihf Wtir, i* t b H'k ii.-tei i ol sn.-'.i t: . puyme: ? . ? i' . . > < ? I. ? -d !i ? *. < d ?'(> , the wai b? '! ? i it f w stroit;.i 1 itinl t as the war i ? , t" ? t, at. i-. e!o.-e ;I? ? . eDorinousapecie s.11". 'h .ml the ?( ?-?up; ! ?, nature of our country will retulei New Vnr'. iii epntre of the fiiiaut'al w tld. I.etuoo'u ?! -t-.' v ? w a? chimerical. If any one hud t 1 ttetiilu'i'last, when the pos 'ibility of <11 ? ? ?.< nt ?! !i gun t i be conceivt d, that annul v. uv \ ??!<! o inenrt within six inoiu!?-. ainl tlia v, u it, j the ? ? reserve of the banks in \; ? k \ ? I i . n'ed, he would li \r b en ?> ?? ,i inu . j ? ? u. In like manner, ii ai y on . m -f ? ? wiun the banks plaecd to t' r,,.i > the government, had predicted tbtit t: ? fund held by tl>o New York banks in. Su'-'i ? fury would not diminish a dollar in , ... in- 1 would have lii-en laughed at, so i ? ? < m . > it. croakers that the gold would d s. ;?[ ?? and be no more seen. The c vet I in botl (.i b: en stranger than the most u hn>d t . untieipnte. The same laws win ; i' ? i d Uiesi events,if applied to the preM in-i n . . oi the country, will teufrh us to e\ . . i > r.diml -n crease of the specie strength ot otn I un.. .: I? i ? <?nt the war. . The following table t-diows the ? it fi.. ?.tool; market dining the |>-t ?( k ami mont'. .?v i'. 7. Sipl. 14. .SV) 'J' !>? Mtaaourici 4XX ', 4'J:, 4/ v. V. Central 7 \\ 73 V. ' ' Reading ;? Krto -?'> v, Si'i 2ii', , ?>?, M11 -lnxa 1 f.-' U>i 4'J 42 }??, South. guai'.ilitood 30Jf 30 1 ^ II !ifi|g luntral... 67>i ?rt 65 *>. <???. (i.iluiia in\* (',!)?; flu 1, in1; 7 Uotk Island 4:i 4'i\ 44 4 . 1; , Toledo 30'., X';"i -2" l'aii?:ll:i lO'.IJ., 110 10". 11:.,, i i 7 ?, Mii..,-'.ii l:r.?r -:>i 3a)< 3- . Pnriil. Mall 19U SI 83 mt\ The course of prices during the w.- ? I: ? been upward, though at tir.-tt the spirits ?? w :.>|.ors wore dampened by the disaster at !.i *i ,? >11. Missouri" suffered when it was known \,u > olonel Mulligan had Mirrendemd, but have - ?? im proved on a better understanding tlx- .1 The shares of the trunk railways have lt< en hi l> t ter demand since it was announced thai 1 c ? 1 < 1.r ri 1 between the Krie and Central I1.1 I l.n-n ad justed. These roads are now doing a \. 1 _> large business indeed in carrying grain to the seaboard. From all that we can learn Hie prices obtained for freight are highly remunerative. The slop).:.go of truilie on the llaltiintuv and Oh" u ud has naturally thrown an uuuxuai amount of business upon its competitors, the Pennsylvania Central, the Now York Central and tiie Krie. The increase in t'.0 business of the Western roads has likewise pro* dnced a fuvorible effect upon the stocks of the Toledo, the Galena and some others. Panama has advanced considerably, on the generally sound condition of its business, and Pacific Mail Ins m> ;u pathized. Govt rnment ?to :.ks continue to advance steadily, though slowly; tile new sixes are gra in ally tending toward par, and the lives are growing very scarce. The advance in the stock market which has taken place withinthe past day or two causes no snrpri.-e to people wiio have watched the course of finan cial events. For some time the government has be- ii paying out money at the rate of over a mil lion per day to oil:/ens residing in the loyal Stales, Tltese payments have bc-i ti made in United States notes, and Treasury notes or diaf'ts, which are paid with money received at the various government Sub-Treasuries for Treasury notes. The amoents paid out are thus an absolute addition to the cur rent capital of the country. For all practical pur post s the effect is the same as if California, instead of sending us $:i.000.000 a month in gold, were to begin to scud us $7,000,000 or 1^,000,000."* Every one understands that, if the yield of California were suddenly to bo increased 150 a 175 per cent, a general expansion would ensue, and the price of all commodities exchangeable for money woul ad vance. This result might be delayed by various causes; but ultimately it would be inevitable. The creation of a million dollars a day in paper money must lead to the same result; the movement we are now witnessing on the Stock Exchange scnis to be the first premonitory symp tom of the revolution. It is not likely that it will move swiftly. Confidence received so rude a shock last winter that it cannot readily be re-established. Men who have money are cautious how they in vest it. Many enterprises seeking public favor arc not believed to possess elements of success, and their discredit operates unfavorably upon oth era. Dut all experience shows that, while the ope ration of general laws may be retarded, it cannot be hindered altogether; and however slow the progress of the present expansion may be, it can not fail to be certain, unless the fundamental prin ciples of the science of political economy are fulsc. With regard to the operation of an expan sion upon tlio stock market, some distinc tions must bo drawn. That United States stocks arc cheap there can be no ques tion. For twenty years tho funded stock* of the United States have not ruled so low asthoy have douothu Bummer. United St; '.us 6's are undoubted* Jy TCiy cheap at 02, and United States i'u at {?. Even should the rebel 8* ;i tea make good their rub'1 Hon?a hy pot lie-tin utfej-Iy absurd to all who under stand the plans am1 the resources of tbo govern ment?the loyal Stab s are richer and better able to pay their debts than the whole confederacy was when the United States H's commanded a premium of 16 a 20 per cent. It is therefore prohibit that a guueral expansion would operate favorably on these securities. With regard to the slave State stocks whioh arc so largely dealt in lure, it must be admitted that, with the exception of Mis souris and Tenncssees, they stand in a dif ferent position. The future of Virginia, North Car* mm and Georgia is a matter of grave urn riainty. Even after these States shall have i' en brought back into the Union, no one can say i -it the StnU governments may do. it is under : nd that sweeping measures of confiscation have , as iid l v the rebel Congress at IUchmond. v., r toe State? would not avail themselves of tin a-called acts to repudiate the largo portion in i'., ji debt hold at the North is at leant a doubt In! .|.ii -feci. In any event, however the war may end, tlu pecuniary responsibility of Virginia will lie giiiv ly impaired. The rfl|muroes of the State in ? ii i')i "(iiit t?? meet the interest on a debt of ' n'ty-tour millions, and recent events have si. i tier ed public confidi noe in the honor of the peoj !- of tlie ttld Dominion. Missouri, however, occupies a d!"V"rent position. It is ovideat that the war will l>.tvA til paotical efl' ot of su weakening slavery ;tt \ffgsouri that it will become, on the declaration of peace, a free State to all in ttntoand purposes. That moment it will beooinv a t'i>tn-i lal'lc ,\n jiei K>r with the Northwestern Htntos lor I Jtti* ;iii tiiirr.ilion. Missouri is, in many i . ' ( | hi- fine ??. St it'- in the West, its pr< 1m - I'm ire lif'ie varied than th'' ;u'' ary <"?'?. A'est ni Si ?? Ii produce-'. wi,- it, com, cattle, tobac ,t. it in" aud'ciiitou; ". land is universally i. li j agriculture; its mineral resources are pi an ii ? those of any other State in the Union. New, if i'lii State became free, so that European iii' , i ni- co'-Id settle tli re, i , ovulation would

l ubuh v double in a decade, and its wealth would iortv .* in a surprising ratio, its debt?s one nil)??would be a mere trille, and the into i est on" wMild be re ilily provided by the rail I/i wli .se construction ii wa- incurred. Iie-.e considerations will naturally opei t in fa vcr ot'Mi.-souri stock is soon a the alann etc ..let] by ihe fall of Lexington subs Vs. Railway -I " !.- niil probably be affected by an exp.i: s'on in the ratio of their traffic. n n mher ol i e I. a ling roads will naturally suffer by Hi" war. i'lie I>:? ltluiore and Ohio appears to be mined i be busine s of the New England rea.l ? mu t sof ter. i he Illinois Central must lose Iho tr llie i.hieli formerly chose that route from Clm igo to teach the Ron them S ate 3, or from the South to Chicago, last year it carried a good deal of cotton and sugar North. The busine is ol the . r at. lines of road between the Wesi and the i iil> mil must be lai'f e throughout the prcx-nt imd ile eon.'ng year. Every ear on these lim ? i ? fully employed in the transiiortatien <1 grain and I' i his have been lately raised wi 1 nit re dtt iii< the amount of traffic. Kcithei t:?= Krit nor .' i utral can carry the proline w .i ii i? <.;tn d to iioth. It ia now certain that Ha. i''n> ..pi rii ai v. is are so short that both ' '. i alt'i ?ao <? aitl require all the food we <-,<> >; ? i !???? ?otter ;>? I next spring. This insure-, ,?< ; b- ? ...y ?it . : the (Salens, the Burl 1 i i i * aed oil., r roads traversing tl! . > . N ?!. ???an i'B. s, tho Toledo and I . ' f ? i. ? .i JYnu vhania Central, New x. ?>!i ( .1 ..?? : Erie, for year to come a t least. i,uil. ? <! . i, ,,ry of the contingencies of the war. It t. d that a tew months mori of audi I n - ; ? i.'i>?e roads pi n t c* uiwt'tntial -pritig dividends on in., t ? (, an this pros pect will naturatty attract ib ? : mu of s] di lators, when a general i . ? t s mani fest. CITY COMM I0IK ; \ I. HM'-iKT. N I HI.. ? t' -It ! . M. Amiks.?Tim market whs |ui< i ??-?*? ? n 2b a 80 M la.,at $5 25 for both son < ceil 8C4 i I. s. potsan.l JOO bills. |n"i i I <>7'i bh: . jfBKAiiMorf.?Floor-?Tl'i; .??. . rin ml in goad iii-ma id, in iutrt for export i "? ?iw more ?ctivo, ami embraced abi l i-." i.1 lo.iug within tli ? rungu "f "!(1 following q. i ? i -nporlltioStnta ..;5 20 a 5 35 I'.xlru ;? tu>? ?. good to choice ?> V; a ft 75 sii|?.rimf. w> -to,'ii jo h ft as ' onimuti to t li iico Western .it * '' 11 i ti 50 Kxtra Canada 5 a ti 75 Mixed to straight Southern ? i t> (M) straight to ,-o, ,i extra 4 (. 10 a 110 Choice extra family tin btl. ' i ? .... 7 >o .i h IM> Ilyo ilour i.i ? 4 W Corn meal, Jersey iiui B.'un . > 1 '!.r' i " 1 '0 ?Canadian flot:r v.'is scarci . ? ? i ? ? ? . es wo o ? lulto llrni. Thedoinand w - f? ?<umi up abaci 1,100 libit. within i o. tig 'iw. Southern Hour w;m linn n?? ii ? .'i M part:??? xport. Tin' sales r fiij ?.-? i vl" .ii " , closing w illuu the above que:at>? I ' cm at our II ; res, w ith sales of 26o I i 1 ? ? .inn, with small salt's ?f Jt-rwj ui I tat q1 ut dlons. Wlirat?H lie mark't. w.islom woac j.ri' without change of Mole lit. I'll ti 1 O. . vils at'i vi , chl "V lor trance. The snles for tii- m> i.i tod ??? < i 2OO0O bushels, here ami to arriv ?'? i 11 ? !:?:????, :?? $1 U ti 46 fur white Kentucky . *? m ? : tti prime white Ohio and Michig .. ?. ? 11; ? 11 $130 a $1 37 for rod W ? 11 >1 35 for red ."tale. <1 27 .' ?: /' timber Iowa, #1 26 a $1 20 fur ??<??? ? . rl 21 a $1 25 for good Ru-ine spring $?; . * it' ? ..g s,ir...i:, a'.id $1 16 a $1 17 for oiu ' 1 a kt ' 1.. ' ih m, but A'i'l iiiit i|noiab'.'c! ai . . 1 ?? ? ? i-.i- d'in i\d w is goiw! botli for 1 he 1 i 1 o.jn; t. t|ui sale.-'embraced about 22a i t tl 5ui. a t'.l.'a.' lor damaged, 54c. n 54 .'if. tin I 1?. ami at iOc. 1 fifle. l'tir good to choice 1 - - ot tern mixed, ltarley was In steady dui. 1 . . w. .. 0 11'; prime It ur rowed State at 75c. Bai i--,> 10.>. 1 lu lu at 77t. a 80c. Oils wore steady and t tuii . . st .it 32e. a :Ue. lor fUtiadinn, nnd 33>je. a fir i> :t rn.and at 34e. a 85c. i n St:.te. Coikkk was M'tiet lint firm. jsaU s of 300 bajja of good to pi into Kioat 15 a lfl'^c. OinT n ?The market was quiet ''"t ly. with sales, 111 snitili lo's, imoiinlitig t > al>. 1 2ft0 bales. We continno I-1 quo'.u mid'lling uplantU at 21,'-e.. yi.r.i- 11;-..?^tit's t l.ivo.jit. I v. m'O easier and e gag. ? 1*1 ill.-; iiiTk!, rale. Alioct 30,000 b -' els of corn were 1 .1 j ? .?! at 1 Id., in ship's hags. A Ma . f when', w.ts relet at ill1, , and another at )2<1. KIoh, was notniua at 3s. 'lo ; 1 t.n'on engH|j;e!iiOiitij were limit i : ,.d 1 u s noiiuliai. To | if . re ra'ts w rt (It m, with . n,; ;omeiits "I si 1110 40,000 ! a 50.000 b -lrls wheal at 25o.. and 4.000 bills, lionr !. 11?l ry c d was lull, .01.! moderate sul a wo:e Ilia t! ?! ?%! a *3 I2tj. M i ten 1 Wits steady, w ith fair ! , 1 s at t" i<' .or N,'. 1, J5 2"t 1 i" 50 UT No. 2, and it! .10 | for o. 3. iliirrmg was al 20c. a 25c. lor 811:0 ', i fuel at 12c. t lfc. lor No. 1. 1'iokled mid gutted were un ] tli nV; . -x ? ? : . ? 1 ih it.?He marVet was l?*t> "dive, the gli were I brill ni to,1 11 to advance. tSa'es o: layer raisins were i im? i.i; at .;2 75 and bunch at ?2 37,'.. Currants wero II. mly h< id it iOe.. i Hay w ? s'uidy, with moderate -aletat 45c. a 50c. ft' I sin j' iiig lots, itltti at ,'0c. a 65c. for eity use. JIkmi'.?Tin last salt) comprised 2.H10 bales Maniia, ?ut pns.'tl to hav. been at itthl inoijihs, or live per I eiit ie-s for cash, an 1 3.200 bales, In lioston, on specula tion, at |<. t. ll--is. -Tito m.irket was linn, with* gonl husinoss ih niiind. S.1,1-8 0. l.M) bales ol IS'il were niado at 20c. a 23f\, ami 200 i!o. Istio at l?c. a 20c. Imin w s 'inchangt d, Willi sale of 150 tons Scot h pig, w illini two or three lity ,ai #22 50 cash, and at $23 25 six int.nth?. Ij.vk was in goad supiWy. Sales within (wo or three day.*-have cinbiacetl 3,ti00 a 4,000 bbls. at 60c. for com mon and #1 lor lump dockland. Moi.a-sks.?.-ales of luO lthils. Cuba muscovado wero lUiiilt; .'I 2^t'. ?* Navai. Stokbs.?Common rosin was nominal at $4 60, mid CO bbls. spirits turiieniine wore s"ld at 40c. Oil.".?Cnitlti whale and sperm were iju.ct. l inseed was Orm and in fair rcj'iest, wi ll sal -s hi jobbing lout a( 00c. a 01c. Olive oil, In cask, was selling a- }l 10, and in t>o\es "t $3 10 cash, aud f-'i 15 four months. Sales of l'altn were made at 73J^c. for selected, aud of city red at 51c. a 62e., and No. 1 1;\%I at 70t'. 1 Provisions.?I'ork?The market was unclinngcd, while prii es weie steady, Willi sales of 400 a 500 bbls. at 1 50 11 $14 75, and choice brought $15, and prima ?:> 75 aflO. iloef was steady, with sales of 225 bbls. al $10 25 a $11 50 for repacked mess, and at $1.) a $13 75 for extra do. Iteef hams were held at $16 a $17. t ill meats were in limited request at 6'ip. a 5>Vc. for hams, and at 4'<<e. a 5c. for shoiililoff. ljirti was steady, with sales 01 200 bb'.s. at 8ije, a (*?{<;. !<aeon win held ill O'^e. a 7e. for Western. Iiulier was in fairMemaud at 13c. a J4o. for State,1 and at 15c. fur choice fresh dairies. Stale cheese was quiet at 6ot a 7bi < ihio butter and cheese were nominal. Skkoh?Timothy was In gmul demand, with sales at $1 76 a $2. I .msec 1 was Arm, with sties of txleiitta 111 Boston ni J1 80 a $1 S5. Koit^li flux sells at $1 55 a $1 57. Clover was quiet and nominal. Si'OAKs.?Tho soles embraced about 1,800 hhds. Cuba, good part fair grocery grades, at 8c. n R\c., and roflulng grades nt 7^e. h'8c., mid 206 boxes at p. I. Whihkkv was lest buoyant,aud st.Ks of 300 bbls. were made at 21 *AugW at auctioy. ? M B. OH A I'M AN * CO., AUCTIOXSEBt. ?iV. KLBQANT HlltST Cr.A8H HOUHiHOLD FtTHVI. TUBE AT PUBLIC A'UOTiON. Magnificent sevon octave pianofore, 1<osev. ood Drawing Rom Suits, Velvet M 'flail!on Carpets, Bronze and Ormolu Cbaudellers, Oil Paintings. Statuary, Bron m, B";>ewood Chamber an Oak Dining Koom Furniture, China, Glass and Siivenv.ire. Tabin r?utiery, Ac. The eatalogu* eomprisir-.r tlr larKei?tand ri<di assortment of Household Fundi tre otf. nd at auction thiaseason. The hotiwe was furnishrd all new . st May. and is in i jinpleU* or der, the properi.v of Abtuhi ,n Vaudarj < ol, h<-?j. Thoaale comtuen'ing on this ib y t Maud iy), Oi t. 7, at 1 >,l? ovlo?.k, at No. 4S We?? Sixteenth street, ?*? il&een Fifth and Mvth avs. Drawing Rooms?Elegant bronze n d oru. >ln Chandeliers, Caudelabrasand Bracket*; two superb Mantel Mnrors, l* . r do.; rosewoodDrawing ilnom Suit, carved In fruit and flow ers, covered in s um bro Mtel; E- ^er?;H Statuary, ma Me top, mirror doors and back; S? "ret..ire and Bookea*e, lined with sat in wood; Centre Tal los, Mnuuts, Velv?a and medallion Caritets, Rugs, embrobb'i <at I. ; e Curtains, < 'orn' ?' s .?i??l Rlcidea; artistic Bronzes r? j t i i i 14 Clu valle doM?u!e, Ni?ht a >U Morn Vk, Ci a-edm .Vc.; O'i Pain :ings, by Itan ney, Chapman, Martin. Vamlc; pool, and other ? ncut ar? Met* ; Oaidena <-* Veiv:i*ii?? aim 1 -x e >iv 'r^, by Da i ini* lino ula'e Comej>tion, by Legt .id: Flemish Interior, bruits and Flowers, by Rannev. Wintei .Scene on the Dam be*, <r molt) G'lock, runs oni mi nih; Sevres .-md Dresden cMn i Or naments, two magnificent Sevres V a.- a, from the eul'ecUou of Jerome It ?nanar c. MAGNIFICENT SKVKN OCTAVK PIANOFORTE, cr.rved !? ?.a arid ceee, round corners, ilnUdn.u a;* round, inlaid with . itinvoud, rosewood Su>ol, Mns'c JJooks, embroidered Cover, Mu le, jt.u K,; Hatstaml. Oileb.tU and Braf<elas:air Carpets, s..\ Chamber- -Richly rved m.-ewoii. Hi ' ' ?.d-, My!i* Louis XiV\, Bureaus mi -'jm modes ? m.? Wardrobe , Di ^miu^ and Toil, t Tables, Slia.i and 'an !*, Co eh< s. Arm Cinilr>?, Curtain*?, Shad' 3, I lorn I . h irM itt! m a, l'aili .en, Feaihi 1 Beds, Bola! <- Fill * Usnkets, Hhe.e s, Quilts, Couuterpauea, deeor?,S('? I *1 i#i!i i -'s, oval Mil corn. i)l N i.N<1 KOOM Solid O.-ik^U' " t, richly ? arv? '; oak M tension Table, 16 foot draw; ll?*rt/ patent Aria Ciiair *, iiutlcr s Tray, Couches, Sli. *r Ware, Coireo U)?i. Oyaier Tureen, Tea ?*-t, 6 piwcea; NiM. -1 Rings, Egg Stand ai.d 1. . r..Ue Basket, Caaters. f>'i-'i',ns, K<?rkK, r I'ltrii- rH, .c mi engraved Clona and Ui.?SM re, from ihe e"J"' r,ii- i h<ntse of l>< pin A C . I'nri.-i, viz: I*- inter -, Collets, Charnpa:;nes. Wtn? s, Caratt*' Fruit r.d Frf scrvey Soin-li, r.?m ii iiowl, e Ta'Id CiUle* 4'r Uuon, frr\u Und Din icr^vt, i:*:-' ted Tea Set *. Aib?; I' ? "? ili?'.tit "t nmnir. I iv Itch en Furniture. A ? p.. son v.ilbein ?tten?bince to pack, shtp orce in. . , oodn. 8alej - nMf , ra or shine. N. B M I). <' 11A 1 viA .V CO. wiM :.l 'e tb.-r ticuis fcte.nti'),, to thf pale oi furio'ure of l'amlli s de*. ? . ^ home** .-epinK* a MiTroN n( 1. i' - v D. c \i i :?; A'J? 10 J\ i.LDtJANT ilfl I'Hoi : fl Kh, The proj-erty of a r?v!i or*... ,> iion*? MONPAV m:r 7,-ii Ht'iO' .'>C1C pr.uUely, all tin s"<t rl> a i?t ? ;'?? I'l.r *?, I*. ' "Mi M, statuary and Wnrk> 1 Art, i.; .vn,,. I^Kot .Suits, eii*4ai.t j.even octave FumoiOi'ie, >rrr?e>., "eivet Car;, in, \e., ?ontained In the r- Ideom No. 21S \V Fourteenth atittrt* between KightHand NU.tb avenoc *. Tne auctioneer eniU the *pi.cial attenti 1 of < j?. blit to *.):*>- -.-'.c, an b-'!rg t'.c largest and ??ieh?-?t an^ot ?o?" t of r.?useho!d Furir.t' "? olft-r ?d a :ction ibis s<-;??The Fut'un was all m.ale fo? tii" ,?-v eul v,1 a- in in t un)?le*?* order. The whol'; will b ? pcn niiieM ?.v en 1 VjoV- ? Id ithvilr, ics'. rve, LitAvVfVO ?Ck?M ifLUi^lTUPE con.%lsi>. of carvtd ro^en ?od f. ? ^??rea, u";r! !e tops and r^tb-H pi-?le doois ar.d b;iei, : i, iy". V> ?. ri Table, inlaid with m ?lh? r ?>' pejirl; roKe' C? ''1 e'in'de, slatur.; iarble 01; mil pui.'s of iM'Awinp Boon. .)rs: "or. -< c . 1 ? Te e a-tet< .-ot'.s, two Arm, two i?e< r,,i i, 1 nd ' bt < ? > a? k Ciiai ?. ? arv I ro^ewooti fr'tnieH, ov. r -i'uiti ? . , j?d satin br.?a?le of the ino-ii e". ?ensi" i'-;rip:' n;f.vo( .n^o' 't\.> inla.d buhl and t r. ?ls? sheli; l?i ?.? ' ?? Curtai'-s, ormolu and broir/e t naiu' In s, Pi.j.o- m ; Ma . 1, 1 a 1 an/ v Co.; Can. -a b.-.t < ? , t < ' plain !*ier a i l Mantel Mirrors, wila ?i? it r.iit li.iim , ; ? ?-b Sevres .i-.d Dresden China N'a^rr ri<-bl^ ? 1 ? marble S..i tu -t?es of ll.e Seasons, fu -.oLiuH: n/.e. . ? ntiiitf Ni^ht and .'dui ni. ? Pand- i.., Fa .'int, Foeir , jfli.xie, c waders, ?Ve ; an! i |iM* lava Yea'S, iroie llerjbi m and I'onurb; ebi-ny c.u.i '!'??' 11 , V' lvejt Carfv , 1 , Turkish 1" iirs, bronze Clo. K, . .<s ?. monti Oii Falntin s, by U'Uis.sf in, 11.riaii, iluiol .*:on, Cole, L"m..o?l a oi other enu m n' ..riisi'. MAUN1FICI5NT SKVKN Ot:TAVK J'fA N'< m'OHTE, cjirve?l lrand ca. e tear- r un,i c -r.aeiv, iii i>!ii .J al! round, inlaid with fnari; M ?<? H.-, 1 ?? wood 1"' ?? , rove red in broiade; enibroid?i? < ? C-v u. Honks and M hall r woo<i iiHtstnr Ui ? i-t!.f S'.ai; Ca; ( et, .;<? (:i,an,J?ers, s omi story?Hieiiiy car ? .,?evvood B' iMi* its, htvie Ijouis X IV.; ? ami Ci.i. rj. to m.;icb ; VVa '-'tobi !>??? ???? inu ml Toilet Tabic, .^w vii:^ S.? n is, Bo <k ?n i C. u?h, Arm Chairs, Curtain?, . ; ? ?<, C? rni-???, Hair >!??' ressi s, l'.il''aft-C3, Feather II -i . K usi.-rs and Piilowa, Blanket . s:. ,t*f s( (jjuib?, r.. 11 pur,*-, ii,- .???! t'? . 4 Twiiet Sets, Oval Mirror.-, Dining ilooiu F*.n nll irc ol tv ry kind. \ SkICNEHS* SA:.K < K ? i.K -.VN'I PD UN lT'"ltE. i\ An ? ?>. if.- ? ? ,i;yi#i(i;nii. t Iioi KKKi t'i:ic : ?.:??> Till'. ri<adk. Over $!"? im.) *?i ri- Iy 11 ehoel Fun i'Mre, T!.i< " ?..u.iy) 01 ?; :u/ie a: i ? ci? pre '??? ly, C Mij.ri-oi;: tj?'- beauti? .1 ?,?> ! > ? y F iraitu?*ecoiita'ued in t i" ! 1 v; ?iwt ding boost* 1511 ?? i'w in v tirst si re i.near s .entii avenue, tbe v:U for .1 'lilt' nd |>ere'nj?' ry rain or slum\ ??on: f : ?. t: of Kmlid; el,at,> ami 1 rnin Can.-'U, . v - i I'-r' ? Furniture, e"- ii:r, ?? mprifttn thr-i I i? m .i. eaned, all <-f which art im .a red in rub ? Moan-1 t?d of tiie dcarripiien; 1 noiKt Centre 1 to ia ? Tubals, T i hCii.iiis in oiim s'in .tal naaja-t; D'.uia>?<. o'. L.e ? ?:'Uius, V. 1. et an ! f r l !f I - inai.-s, line rovo . ? <4 i ? t?a ra n j-i-vre., and in. : n M ? ;el Vases, Ariit'i.- i< ??, si.^U" Figures, l'arior < ?ra in? n ? v.nt ^kvt^n octa\ ptanoforte, .Ml S|( < .ilJ! Nil. Si , ^ M) .MVKit. l'da-Mnt '.i 1: ae?, ils . . f! Ir M.-litresie?s 1 f.imb#r Sid ,v, m ros.'.ui.'d; vpri;.r ? ? a.i.rn, M.rror-, , .{? ? d B < -mg, Jtroir/e Clo ? o - ?, . n^ion T-'bl? t B-e s:.. .ims, rtvli CuMila^s of v\ ? v s-r:p-'???r., u . ? I ' 1 ? ? Oiii l ab, rnh C'.aad'dii rs S.-.b- . ? i i ? m ? it. W. VVli.^'i'CwlAn i lacer, ~ \sssjgm i:s' s ij !? or <.i,oTni>a, rrEcE ?;?>.?ds . Ac.?.A M CIO. . YLAil. ? iioneer, V- 11. ? e.v \vi i | Hi, tMs a . O ?? r 7, : It'1/ ? '' ?eK, .. i i? ? ? and* *;< ? la. ilS.sort.mcot '?! *i? i ? I .!?? ?'l Ulii.', ? wTUpl isllitf * "li>ih I re, h: i ,.n ! I rsh. ni Fi?m k, Sa-'k, Bus !.. ? j Oveivo?ts; Doe,k CI ..a, 0>?s?nt?" ? -inr ?.uii'.-t 1'. ? t S 1\. I-rt.i<i i Velvet \? > .; a iat. ? lo! <>; <>.. j i re'is, I'lo..,, i,, l'? i' i ?!:.*ii?V. ,\'| ? . I.iim-ii Drillii ? dies; Hu ' i Ti 1,1. ;?iink>-. ???v.! Si.n, Shtns, Draw< t>, ?<.; aUo J? ' a :? ml S!> f , \\ and Jewelry, Ac., Ac.; uImi h lar*e lot* of Guttu iVn! . a s. richards vU'Tion^kr.?regit. r v il. of aboui i'iH) . a - - o li, , v, >!,( .? i. ? auction.?RiCl t A ilDS .x WHlilN.; w'i . ' on \\ ?? 0< i ?bcr 9, at o t .O'??!<, i rniiv )I Cortland' s truer .> and well sele ted at wj. >1 :p m. #ooua, Uir tit ir??n ih lectures. Sold n act . . i ataiouues uu nn rn Rule. A UCTION NOTICE.?V SOLID iiOI ::\VOOI> VAi .??' u\. Suit, covered in l-'reu* h satin ' . . .t. I, ?.*u *2'?. >? si ld for $123; on?? do., ?-? ?cn pi ?< s, mi ; nbo i '??? : rosewood and block waiuui I* a*, i .nd B.-droom i- ii, t *i Apply at the resid noe, 124 W*?ericy place, corn ro. r>.\ a uvea in*. A UOTION NOTICE?QBOi KERY, Gl AK8 AND OH! > v _ JtX. .!? S. H. BAUTLETT, Aid ;on er--L ;r?i.hd : i ? . sale of the above, at -SI I Vai l street, Toe* lay, (; . , 1 ' ? oMoek, in lota to suit city and .i inhv defers. L? -'r w packed for shipping. Auction notice.?b ii. seixvs will sell t l.ho Store of >V. S. .V it. M??:? i? vt, 27:: I'-arl *li?? o Tucsiiay next, Oct. 8, to suit ci'y and ?-? tin it deal? r-, \ I ir^e assortment of whi'H i.i ;'t , c :.ui r?. 1*1 ekir. >?. i Glassware; also, a lot of Lamps, which tuujiL oeaold I'm* ? ? -: A UCTrON NOTICE.?VOtT CAN HI V ALL M J\ Furniture, Looking Glasa>-s. H d iii , , -I.e. any oth. r place at O. W. SNEI>K.r \ , ?'?; Bower Stanton and Houston slreita. l' ase eiiil. Y(?ti r o i ni 'iiey. Note the number. AUCTION SALE OF CIIOCKKRY, CHINA V-: ^\. Teas, ,\c.?IIENKY G. EVANS w.ii .11, ,n d' llrrs, all kinds of white grama- ali i ? io:oo;i \\ ,? and Oi.isKware, on Tui*a'av, 0**t. 8, at 10 o'. 1-M k,, at .i .n Inn. . Sal-' positive, wi.hout i?v..lrd to price, fureitsii. tn> . carefully r? packed for ahipptn . A SSIGNEE'S sale OK BRASS GOODS AND !)f)M JV tie Hi; tl ware..?Wli IT!/.>!( a'!?; ,v '.1A/ELL ? ???iv, w'dl s'!1 on Monday, (??i II, a )?? . ? . .M . wl ir I * 1:111 >', ? < !, I i i e entire ???, i .,: ove I i ? - n?i ? ?..?? together with Iron Safe, IW- a. Coniv? r- ?.??! O.lic V .i. tare, eolit'iitted in .-?aid stof ?. !''e- e sh i y ?Ti:ei o J. C( I t.Kit Kt LI LK As i AUCTION SALE?ON Ti KSIAY, 0< T?: BER S i 0 JY vv.\>: ' A.M., tin So k aid I vtur- o. . ? I. n ? e irner < f Grand and Oo-Tik atrepts, cte.n prising ('?? ?., Stalui Casiis. Barrels. Butties, Ac. i It VHE CHANCE FOR DOCK BUILDERS. ?BY Ynt J\. tin iu' a i liattel tin.n1 w 11 e\p o. p.jldi-- s .;?? it !?'<?a!i . ^ eml I'i!e Drtv.nj; M i. hi?if? of superior | -w n?d ia ili'^t lute working order, ??u this day, o n t t\. o'el ?ck tioo.i, at the Itailroa i k. o-t A l unie s re.a, S nith Broofclyii. THOMAS ICE.v.i1. N\i, c..uista. JJOOTS AND SJioKS Arc HON. ALEXIS BRACfi .v WARUEN, No ;U> W-.ri < n street. wiil sell on THUUSDVY, O -lobor 10, at li)^ o\ lock, Lihmi rase a BOOT;5 AN i> SHOT'S, fres'i a?. : inable GOOl'S. Regular nunion *' ..(??; of ii*.'-i.i a??d S ioes w-??klv on Thnvs'l'iv^ \V M. M. JfOUilMi -HEAD, Aactionwr* BY VIRTUE Of A OHATTETi MORTGAGE J WILL sell o.i >liuul y, O' l ober J. pi ?<iV; ? r\,? k. I he St- ??l* and Hxt'itsoi In* . r^e Or ?wry mkI i< p.or Store filK) Bro<?me st-vid, in duiiltn, /ha T.-. j? ..ud ?u,j is, Wine* oi t* . best btamtsajaia . a ra4 .i>s?u,? a nt oi . (J, ti- s. \>o an exctlleiit Honeanu Wii^ou, D. U' Klv'E, Aa< lio-o cr, 135 Bow ry. { lONSTAbLfc M HALE OF \YI> KS.- 1. M. C'H'STALAU \J Auetioa. er, wilt -el . this ltv. i-ctobe* 7, at 11 o'clock , in the torcnoou, 2 uw*ka of Rhine TV me. B or.a L. O. BLi?LKv CoiiHtablc. 1 DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AITt'TION EK R.?SALES room 79 Nassau s'r* p*, >'? avefn ^ . ? :? and ,loi i stre, I MORTGAGE SALB OI ltoUM-JL)L!> i- l'r. ? Tl CE. | AND ROSEWOOD PIANO VWE BY CHi? ICE :. .VO. : DANIEL A. MATHEWs will -'11. t aucti-. wirurof | a chattel mortg??;e, on Wedtu ay, Oetoier ' at : o'eloi k, at aalearoi'm 7J Sw*mi street* a j'-antl'y of ( Household Furniture an>. on?* n?s wo?.d a; y -n ot* ive 1'iaho- i forte, ii;a?le by I'hickerinjj. la mIo ?d':'.e a' ve .va* to ; have taken place on Friday, tit'* lt!i lust., but ?w ? adj^oe.i aed , until the above date. Byoi^cr. LO' IS H. VULTK. A .'orn. y for Mo^a,^t\ i Edward schenck, ArcTiovEFJ?.?mortiiaoe sale of second hand Fumiturp On 3 ni'-v, Jtii iaau, at U o'clock, by EDWARD SCHENCK", ai lit -i ??ias, Nos. 13.'? and 157 Broadwa>, a larp. ?:?? >rtra at ot s '>1 1 hand Household Furniture,?na.-*>Mto' in par t>' one elegant solid rosewood Suit, consisting of tiii ee Sofas, A rtn and Far l?>r ('hsirs. Velvet, Brusael." atid liifci'sln .* | ? t? ; ro.?e;vood J), easing Bui'eaua, B?a!siead ?, i%wv*'voi .1 w,,? car. Book (a e, lirst quail'v Hair Mntti^->es mi l J - i' nr. S.i i i ig Stand,fTnrkisii Chair, in green satin; d'tto, i i do'aine. D.n in^and Bedroom t.iiaira, two i h.ldren's Cril i?n:? itouJing, rosewood Music Stand, Canl Tabli*. nitt'Me . ?<' Mitre Tab , silver pt?ted Tea and Colfe ? Set, Wait* r, ' 'wc.od Worm Table, Child's Wa^roii, oval Mirror-, t vo ,t>? > pier Mtnoi Frames* bronze Chandeliers, two I in. ;es, , \ ? levant assort ment ol cut Glassware; also a larw assort; ent ol Kir-hen Furniture, in good order. Alao a light four sc&t Rvaka.vay; has never been nsed^ 1,1 DWARD SCHENt'lv, Al CIIONLE'C !J HANDSOME HOrSETlOLD I I'i ,11 W\ AT NO. 221 EAST TllIKTIL f w sr,.,.*:; r. By EDWARD SCHENCK, oi Tu.s.', ir^., nt 10)^ o'clock, at the above house, n 1?i%.* .ssoriuedi . i 11 tt ** hold Furniture, consist in// o' en eie^an: at-it i r ' r let? nlture, covered in mtln bin : t i, Bru^si i- C?it p? ' <1101 sh out the house, rosewood E ove re, rosewood t >ntie Ta* !e, Ln.e Curtains, ebv?nt brnn/e Clock and H-.ui ', C-iner Stand, Chandeliers and G is Fixtures thiol),- nt i 1 ta * h. use, Exteusioa Table, Dining Chairs, Cut Class, t ' on. A -.; C it l?'i*v end I'la ted Wtire, nadiouiny and "Haiacla. I Bedroom Sin's, Bed*'cuds* Bureaus, Withstand.1, A-.: irt on-aity eurled ban* Matt es.-es>, teaihei Bolsters 1 nd Pillows, Ta' in Linen, She?ds, Blanket.*, Ac.; ReDigvrator and toe usual va riety oi Kitchen Fin niture. ALSO. An <\f BAROMETER, n a 1 >v FHODSI1AM* An ANi R'-IDE made by KRUUSMaM. t tlio 1'. .-lit t COJlip/SS. ?AMM AT AUCTION. Am. mebwih, auctionker?by bangs, mer. ? ?l.\ 4 ('<>.?living Hulldlugn, KM and b'.'H Broadway.? Monday evening, net. 7, at 7 o'clock, Private Library of choicer 1 ucoioxlcal ami Classical Hooks; also, m large variety ol vaiu able Standard Works, In gon^ra^miscellancouji literature, Ac. r >r parti ulars see catalogue. Henry ii. leads, auotiokker.-iibkey h. 1?KEDS A CO. will Hi ll at auction, on Monday, October 7, at li >g o'clock, at 61 West Thirty-seventh t>trect, between fcifth and Sixth avenue?, genteel Household Furniture, the property of a family declining housekeeping, consisting of Velvet and Brussels Oarp in, Tier Mirrors and Cornlcee, rosewood Parlor Suits in crimson silk brncutel, Center Table, Cio'Us, dec. Dining Room?Of oak, Bullet, Extension ThI>|?, Chairs and Comb ?. vered i'i reps, China, Glass and Table Ware. H-d ooms?Wattage Enamelled Sous, Oar] ca, Our* tains. Spring a*i?i other Mi. tiro sea, Loun e-> and Bru selc Carpets una other furniture, including Kitcheu Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Heniiy ii. uoeds, auctioneer.?henry h. leeds <t<'0.,vwll Roll, at ail t un, on Tuesday O t. 8, ;.t l'i o'cloelc. in 1 ront of store Nassau t, I*a ' uev Shift' g Tol? liiiht Wagons, by one of the best N w Hau i in k ra, leather trlmnieu a mi in linn order; also one l:_'' t v ml Wan on, wame maker**, cutimely new and veiy 'Vvl'M? d^'io <u? ^allcrh s over our m ?re. a <p?autitv oi lim ;11? i'sui .p u? w and of th ? most dt-ior.tble stvls arm M/? ?, utid a i u> Pi*?r Mliror with base and cornict s t<> ??.nh.aUu a i vi ? el Mirror, medium size, with ? ror ftv.meB. Positively without reserve. By order of the a e. Henry n. leeds, At otion hi n by h. lbedc & CO., will sell, at au-tion, u Toe' 4 ? \, 0? i. 8, at k o'clock, ai the salesroom, 28 N it -c? IIouh ho'd Fui r.Uure, removed lor conve ? ? ? 1 - < < >?">-istl.ifc ? Bins sds and Velvet Carpets, cat ? d ? Suit-* u.-ho; any Booktase, r?'K? wood an ! l'i ? ? ; mat <.*a ,y B r.*nim, oat Externum Pining Taldc, i ? \ md . s iu rii ,n plush: hair Mattresses, mahogan> ? H Ut* u1*, black walnut do., Bolsters a? lVlo ??s. lnj 1 ? ? | ?s. mar ble top Centre Tables; m*.'> ;?.? ? .vir...?t> tui? to eessary for furnishing a tirst cla** d v. oing, llo? x>:. H'KNKY GREEN, Al'CTfONTKR-WILL 8FT.L ON Mondnyj o. a. 7. a* iul.j o' lock, t the store 1J4 VN iJiaui street, Oroce'rie^ \S ? Li<|Uors, Scgnrs. Hponne, lierrln- **, ?v? ; also f.: 12 o -I u k, Pools, Slio , < lothing, Dry and Fancy . Is, Yanki ? N >th live W tcl'.es, Ac. J P. THAVER, AUCTIONEER.?OFFICE 17^ niAT ? ha? i rent, will sell lb s da , at lwU o'clock, at 168 East Iv.??ven*n tn ct,2 Co? ? u i , i I -r l umps, fee Box, 01 ck, K Bar fixtures, R a ? s ;o?j?, : arch, Oundies, Ac. Tf><l.*.'n ITfJGEMAN.?'Ti i f-W Of'TOBFR > AT b ^ ?I oVlo k A. M.,at the ?ai a:, -i . in VVK o >, c ?n r V arl, lieooVlvn. K..< i;?Aanl.?.i ? nu 3*i.? . ? (Unluet Ktirnltiire, b u t!?e bain. <% o' a in. aula Hirer. connU ing of main..?y a 1 n ^r? lJt? r1-*N Bookcases, mnh?<;ao, *?nd .?alnut It:' ro';n1 rn-is; hard^ome marble trp !? *?dng Bur? .? o?. ju cl^.i \N .dist.iuds. V\ ardrobeK, <kc. TOHN H. Bl 1'? IV, AI ?' .'iONEER, Will. \At ON 9} T < sday. O rt. at IQlf ? doek, at300 O; , te, et, the contents o* the turn:wbTn!? store, consisting .te-s-s, ('roif? s. Wni' o\.- > i t .1 *1? ?. (ijjs Fixtures, B o,'A)J r? S io Mi i a1" r i'.?p r Sums, Tables. > ?? Chairs, P..i' ? AturcS, Tassila. Count*" s ?1''* By ? -J JOHN >V?iLP. JMORT VHTVf. At . ifiNi-:.u. WILL El THIS ? clay, at WoYto'.k. at 17?4 Chatham s?pia?e, FiP i. turc. a gooil ua. ?>t.tieut removed lor eonvedonoe oi trie; .liso F?'aii;oi |i* I >> i*'i?.i.i?^ H"1.1 ?>, < :? 1 a!**.' ^uawls, Still to and a \ . . iv ..? !' ? o. a.?o,M. | AR.iE . a: i; ?r k y:tr,\NT u.-t Kt'oi.D kurni J J tore, Bros1 Tapestry ami Ingram Carpc s OiU-lotfa, i I; ndeli. ?s, .> ? p:,-,- -t> ! : - ui- Mi> S. lUmatd, ?. 0 \S avei i? ;? '1 St\i!, ,o . v. ?t, \- , i ,(i pntu lit ?u?'tiontlii - V > ) at tert.oon at two ?? : ?.j precis, ly, to the hl^h'.-st bidder without res ?vxv, eoindMiter of a seven Oi-tave ! ?.< .> ?" . I'ian ,ort? . a - 'i ) i ?s? u ? . : :'.-rlor suit, was n. . b ? ? r :? > -hr?" month- hv Mr. N- w',..- cov ert <t in crliii-" !! ? ?u| .ar-l; a 1 .-loI; one . o. id tck w.'ltiut ?? V??r? '? " I i.. ?i .Uik rv|<-i; <u- elegant iiaiuied r>?-f i ? ? with i-'niub ii?tt ? ? ? Us and i D .I -i; ro." a?.?. . ? .a d ? ? ii;. ? ?!??. ? la ? .J t '. i i'reu?l M. i O- h, 11' !i .Ii. ! ? . ilv i '? . ?.!???./? . . CurtAllia, Paintinga, <Vt . i se^v< od ami m' tieivjauy Bureaus, Boitt>tead% \V -i;i;in 'y, 1 had u i'.5res ? I.oIsmu I'll.. ? ?? a Be- S, Chilis, L'-'i'i , Mr i' -i, ClO' ks, I 'or 11 ? ? .1 iilasa, t'tiii, a ui < \V" * ? ? 'I.I1 I'aih ry, 'It ? Walnut I. eusaui ... d T l I h '? "i kin i -ii Smjvos, bo.ves ot fin ? .i so . . i.i ty >f tint Win .s anl la juors. I*-* ? \ Te. * It, in h.uii. ?? ? in one/. Aii the i;? o !? ;??? ? r-nno, ? ! i ? .t /'otii h ?rs ait-r the 8ale. ii. iiuTIi, An- n>ncer. "11 I I).ila,M > 4f."i !>> ? ? ? i NO. 85 iVI. Nassau n> V icel. M. i'' ? : i i I i 1 *i >? tM . ?>, ! ay, a citi.k, at '????) III, .v> N ? .'I ?": ? > ?, I t- "f - i U'. ? i oi House* hoi-i !?'urni!t*re, a i ? >.ii ?v i'arh-i S - :-, i overt'd IB brot fti' l. m ibo . n? do , (?.. . i, d la j e olh ota< k walnut an>i liii'i.u:u y do., rov- eed lit r< p.-* hsircb th; marbl" top <' i. r l'i ? , B"oi .'i.-,. > Buii-is, !.-? tension |i;ni. . T.iVd's I.*11??? . Bu- aus. \Na li staiius, ii y..'p Pail ti> ?, Ac. (\|OLTtiA(il S\i,: A. !. ? At OTION ivl e. r. w;Ii t'u.s Ur <?, . ?? 7. atli c at J 2 )?.' rii'ue ?*? ; ?? t o? ?a*n F P ? . r, ? . .u Saw lJ.ue ii is By oiu- . ... ti : - ? . ? t. ; the M -. , , ?. | >A\VN P?i,? ? i?:i a \\ f.!i PJ rolhliON TK?S .1 tla\, 1 /?!, .. 1 :.s I, . . \i . I.. Worn. t> i;m.ain^ a laiuo loi .. 1- r , a . ??>?"<? !? a s too nu m. roils i', ,i> i I ?, Ji .JlN . i.l?'l i v; i: ? -t .m er, 15 East 1..-IHidV. IV. ? ? ' ? CI a It Oi., of sale. We i vituU?\ tl, m'mi*;- f ' ai pubic in general. Nr .. i < ? i i , j.? . v - ,,m I'awnbro k. Iij-'i II. - ? i.. e? I )\\\ V ij I ?K I.?' ^ . - \V\LTEB8. AUG 1 ?? *Im ? o. ? 7. < : 'fo link, * 1' ? ' ? ? 'i ? '? ??? V? ri and Wumcii'l ? ? ' ? ? . ?!?: - i At. iiy order 1'? i? i>i.\i ? License! Pawnbroker. I i \ v; mo.i.kMv - m.F ill;- D %V,aT li li O'CLOCK. ' ? ? 1 i. .V I M.,i '? ? ?? J.. . ,1 Mums, 28 N ? v v\j]l ?. I ?? s ... .it, '. children s '?> ? "<? . v. ?>.?!, . . n ir, and oms* Cloth ?. r u |. ;,s, v <? ,.\ ?? ?? . t il r ? . ab m; also - ???! ? *v\ 'i"v*. u; o m ?. Vi- ? C?)HEN, corner ? si I Mru. n. aire* * |>AWNBK >KKR i KALI -B LEVY, \LVTi >NERR, 22 ? C . ! ?? u i h !I h'.s ?< iy, at iOia o clo k, ; : ami ?? ? ? 'js ii! ink V, quilted skirts, i -, .-t i , Si. ct , ? li ? . I.:*., i oiks. M<-n'.i Clothes. Va < * B> ordn : II. HARNETT. .1 ... I. !;???./. LT, At ' TiO.NKKllS ?MONDAY, OCT 7, O* <- ' 4 wk, i l*<? VY KijfiitM mi* sire* t, near ? . ^ ? Household Fu. in .re, S ?; is, l .ii l. s. Chain; H i 1 il'.v.S, htickl-T*, iiUHKillii til ISS, t.roilicry Slid < ? *"? V s, Carpets, Oi.'loth, Slows, B< dsteads, Beds <T, AUCTION EEKtt?<>Ff'K E NO. 1 NOKTII ? -i.?-Coi.-ta b- s sule. B> vii tue ol a warrant by James ivt liy, K.jim ;. er of Taxes for the York, I vviil expose forsalu on Ti.urs y of October, IHoi, nt U o'clock in the t'ore ?s ii Mr?'? i, all ihc Kurniiurt! a'.ul FIxiurcH of k ron?lstiuj; of Conntci-8, Denkfi, Tables, ii Cli.inili'ii' in and Fixtures, i>auk Vanity , - lo, Oil' lotii, \r. J OtlS II. HILLIER, Con ft table. i, aiTu^i oViook, at 9'1 Crosby mr?*i:t, by ?I tnori^. , tin; cont?>nt8 of a Liquor Store, i. iJrt8 Fixtnn'R, (-oiinU'is, Hliciving, !)? . L.tpiorrt, 8- gars Chairs, Table*, Kefrige I ;.il tu on- iot. !??-i KKiNDYKE, Attorney for mortgagee. AM -HARD W A HE. I'AiUi liiLD, Auctioneers, 11?' ?!'(!? *iii 113 N..-rtnu fitrce!., ! ? ' M-ii <?! r; r. . ?) lu, at ten (/olo k, at No. 43 W i* ivn str? ? f, il>e 'ttue *;.ock ?'f a wiiolewale bi.i'dwarts <l? .I* . ?? n;.ii i ? I. assortment or" beavy and shelf ;k, of At ?> ;?;? ami German mutiuiacturc, JOJIN KKLLY Sheriff. rJ H: v; v ?. ... ? .? AUCTIONEER?HARE CHANCE. 1 I ??? i .t jjiibij. au- tioii, by T11<)MA8 . ?' 'it f.l.- ii m'.8 ? ntin? stock of fiorsos, in con } v ??!??!. ? f ... ? i? 'i r? ???ling, cotnpi'.hiiu' iioiough ? - >? ? ? ' ?. Colisami FiiUes; alaofeve !*?? >' ?. ' ? iil"Itlolis, .Vc. Al.-o road I 1 ^ ? v i. ? ?i, i 'it.ii, locomotive ami several ; ? 1 1 ' ^ " r o: ... .Mie \ Convh, on- pair well brok u , ?" ?'?. h ? .>? u, . i ne A.U'v iiv Hull, tvv< nt) months H>[- I' ..I. p .i ? ??u r ii > ay, October 10, 1861, 1- ol a the aimo. . 11. Munnot, I'lvsou | j lot, Wcsi i i nuiitv, nub's from Hailern bridge. | : ? s\v iJ . ? fl '.??n j.i lo>? ? i"'-k l"..r the Mi'.e C.ila the "ii:-? of the Hi cjioiifM-r, 74 Broad irony's, !l uleui Brittle Hotel. \\TI.MJAM A V \I?T1'>N'KKR. n Lurt- -?t. ? -8 at.-nr ion on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The entire Slock on ? ? t:> S: vc Factory, No. 372 IVarl Ht; I* I, corsif ili iy desrrl]?tion ami M/.e o! Cooking, I'. iloi, Ban Aibit.i' ii. Me' ?< r, (Sasburm-r, ll iby, Kve n n SI t, Fao . Frank! as, \'ictory Range, Uncle Tom C okini; ami I. v .alum, (?lobe, an i a ?reat vai1*4ty lor tailors' an ! latm iry without reserve. Sale to commence at lol? o\!.(k A. M. WILIUaM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 4 ?? Eart llroadWAv, villi sHl or, Monday, at 10}? o'clock, the rotifcnis of the tnney Hariooi.i No. 11 fl Bowery? large Fr m il tVjrrors, Oil l*. i splendid Coiiutcrs, Oilclotn, B? r l'um; Fancy Do.<r-, ?vc. W M. Win l*'.RS, AUCTION KHR?WILL SELL ON MON ? I flay a. 2 o'clock, at 1M Canal street, all the elegant IIousi told Fu ui uie, Jii"., of ii l.irrfe house. Velvet, Tapes try ami ? ilit r Carpets: hall and basement Oilcloths, iwo t arlor Suit*. Centre, Dining and Tea Tables; pier and ether JVIIrrots, BooKca-e, Wardrooeg, marble top Kur *atis, tiulet, ehl..a, vi-i-'*, silvt.'i* and other Wares; Sofas, mahogany French eu l (J.j'iavii* Be.isteads, feather Beds and Bedding, lace and <; ' irtains} Stov? s, D ning Room and Kitchen Furniture, A<*. All ol the above goods positively be sold for c^tsh, /fee., suitable ?r tamilic and o h'M-s. TFJf. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL TI1I3 IT day, et 'J o'clock, by virtue of several executions, two tap. ury, two tlnee-ply, and ..n" ?tair Carpet: lot of Oilcloth, ?;ii? S.ia 8ix Chairs, one Table, Bedstead and Bedding, Stove, China, Glass, Ac. By order of Thomas Ctubing, Con stable. \\r M. HOLL1NGSHEAD, AUCTIONEER.?1,000 CASES ? l oofi. Shoes, Browans and Rubbers at auction, on Tin ?Uy, Oetoht r S, at 1? y9 o'clock, at the htore of J. T. White house, 25 C'ortlan lt street, comprising a slock adapted for fa41 tr idc, t > ?vhiv ti we invite the attention ot city and country buyers. Catalogues on the mot ning of salo. THE FIREMEN. THE COMMITTEE ON FIR8 DEPARTMENT OF THE Boar.I of Councilmen will hold a meeting at. No. 5 City Hall, tin Monday, Octo'ier 7. 1861, at one P. M , to lo-ar any -allies w no may be oppnte d to changing the pn posed loca tion *f the bell tower in Flfly-urst street, between i.e- iuKton niii! Third Avenue**, and all purtles who may be interested In the anie, and to transact such other business as may have been refered to them. l Commutes on ANTHONV MliXEB, 5 F,rc l>?P?rtinen.. PMJTICAL. i * MEETING OK THE PEOPLE'S ORGANIZATION OP I j\_ Hi.' Nineteenth ward will be b?.|tt nt 814 8lxth HVi nt.e, ! hi ween Korty-nlnth ?nd Finn th slreeU, <m Mondny, 7tl? i Ortnber, at 8 o'clm'k, 1'. !B. Tnxpnyerm and other* ar< in( 1 vlt.'d to attend. Speakeraof emin.-ncu will a4dreu the in.-oi Ing. PHILIP FiTZHATRlCK, l'realdcnt. V.. A. Nuobkt, Socrvtary. N PURSUANCE OF THE ACTION Ol THE GENERAL __ c?m nittee. |i.i?m-d Tueadity evenlnn, OctnlnT 1. lsOl, the rapuhlicati elector* "f m- Eiievcntli Ward, nt he city of it r< m ?k' \ ii, will ineetat Una Hall, corner of Myrtle uv.pue 1 an.t Aaelphi Mfi et, on Tuesday evening, Octiil?-r 8, l."01, to elect thtee deli ^ati-? ea< h t.i tho tJounty and Senatorial Con. 1 ven i in, Hti l llv^ del' Uate* tu at> Assembly Conveuiton. PolU<>|?n Iruin in a 1'. y. I By order of the Ward Aasoifatlon. .loilN C. I EltR\, Chairman. Wji. W. Goodiiich, Swretary. i -7TH SENATOEiAI. DIRTBIlTT.?TWELl ill, SEVEN I I t Ciitii. T?i Mittli. Vwi-nty.ljrst .-utii T'.i tilj-sccond !*. r.emtlari im:n -'-fPco;Ui i nUuuvenwn 1 iur benntur, U. ii BUAPFOKD. r

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