Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1861 Page 2
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I'Sf (Ireen, where a wall of solid limestone, two hundrn) yards Id length, forty feet htg'i, thirty leet at the base and atz feet wida at the top, cross a a oeck formed by a bead In Drake's creek, and enclose* a peninsula of two hundred acre*, elevated one hundred and ten feot atiova the river. On the top of this natural mound la an area of throe acres, enclosed by a wail and a ditch, forming one of the strongest fortresses ? the world. It Is not impro bable that the fortune* of war may cause this old fortifi cation built, it is supposed, antecedent to a race of men who held the country when dtarove ed by Europeans?to be occupied by a hostile force, and made to play a promi nent part in ilia civil oontest. Blaniivllle. the county ro it od'allard county,la another place or some importance just now, aa it may be termed the advance post of the rebel army. It la a town off w ?even hundred Inhabitants. ten mi lex south of Cairo,ai^h mites east of the Mississippi river, and la connected with Columbus, Paducah and Mayileld by exaellont turnjilkos On Friday last rebel eii^iueoia were busy there surveying for a line of iutrunchments, and on Saturday a strong re. bel force occupied the town. It is probable that the Brat battle on bind will Iw fought uear there. Cumberland (lap, in the ?a?tutn |a t of Kentucky, near theTenneeaee line, ia a most iui|x rtuut |<oiut for military operations. One of the rebel orgaus in the HLaie expressed tbe conviction that the strategical line from which the North could make a must ?ucoesaful developvmunt of military force agalust^^^ South, is that which will run from Cumberland Chattanooga, Tenn., and that It conccivca to be iho ob.rtt of the United Spates government. The Kentucky Veomun, in discussing the subject, says:? It Is to the last natuc<l amy that (leneral Robert Ander son (ilia garant Major Anderson, ot 1 o. t Sumter lutnei is assigned, with he h >ad<|wu'tere at ilavllle, Kent .< ky. It is lor the use of Anderson's ooluma thai muskets, artillery and m ininoi.s of war are now |sturing into Kentucky over the railroad* converging fr m Otvm.uin and l/>ui*viUe. it is lor this that caui|is are coinuiu i .-d at ifoskiiis' and Crab Orchard anil elsewhere; for this that Koi.kseai's b iga-ie has moved from Indiana into Kentucky; lor this that lireon Adams is attempting by speech"* to reuse the |?.>|>le 01 th" Rouutau s, f .i ibis that Lieutenant N-.son, i?l the > ?v> , If detache Or on-shore duty, to .Iistrib ile arms In K. ut cky, and thus by all these meats, by a mai ch throng. Kentucky, sus tained by the Cmon imriy ol Kentucky, a march of lede ral troops from Hie V rth, ptotoclcd in tijejr rea by en campmenls in Kentucky, comixec.1 nomina ly, if not f illy, of kenluekians, that the federal g.>v 'ii innm ax l* t:lt (Jon. Andersou toachiey the ohiert of olitilni"g |*?s*....<slo.f of the great line in question. I h it would bo.i sore, alamity to the .South, and, iu the end, to the No th al?o, for it would ?nly result m prolonging the war for the oretende . but unattainable ohjoct of reconstructing a shattered I'mon. Is It asked why tho |s ss -ssii.n of tins liu from Cuml>er land (lap is of such strategical ini|a>rtancer We answer, because it divi es the connections of :h I-a la of the South from each other, sei-aiat s the Can. inus to m Ten ?eesee, Virginia frum 'IVbueasee and ihe Southwestern Mates and renders the Com deato Male* Int.. bui)<l|.-s of fragments, not of which .-ou d support or *>.sluln the other, and ol wh eh eaeli, in its torn, may be over whelmed by a vast y o,e to any it iO'., by its ewn r?,c mmaiul. W ti hit line lu p>**Htelnn, the federal hop i hat 1 as: T"nnorse<> w II revo.tagih si the State governm in ami the Cotito.h-rat'' Slates . a <1 in that evj>:ii li e g.m of ,|.,bn c.irlistu At Co., p ayed In Western Virginia, of s. tt ng up h l>ou"is State g v* nment, would lie played .>ut on a second ill atie, inevlt .lily caus ing civil war in Te.ncssue, and g ving to Scott's ba-is ine and d*|Hit of m ii ti ns- wi all th- support derivable from a people as thn In gated a* he eon d d< sir... tf he ean nwCB y that lin< he cans* k? en h lave Slat east of the \nB?- st| pi on both dunks st the. same ntno. With Kist T no esse o in hair:, he <a cormiiavd a column upon Nashv lie Mem h s by tbe navign I n of iht- ('? 111 berlai d or M ssisslppt, anil at th?\ time by rail t Clarksville.uhd to Ns^lii |j:e it^e;; riomsevcnt dirisstlous. FIMANOXAJa. ?ATRI()TIO I.O IV Th. new 7 S-lt? ;>ei cent TREASURY delivery, and n.*) he lm,i f?r CITY KI NilS at either ol ?ur ollioen. TAYLtlH BROTHERS, #io. 7# H'?ll street, ?*iru rof l .-arL ? . , ,fo. 21? rtn??itway, corner of Murray street. We Seal ip all o. la. .. r CW)VKHNM i:NT \M? STATU STOCKS, HA.NK \.\|? ItAlliWAY SIlAllliS. RailroadSKttBiriks, state bonds, city and ? OsMtUrJtuilso .. , ? li uul s?M >1 wM A. (lUTSST. S3 Wwi ? ? t V, inie.l Jmi mi u.n u.i|| Bunda City ?i .Sti.wauk' . $1(1,iMI MitnM|.al H-m l<i 1 a Chicago. Ato... <ew niinu,?i I* Croaae and Milwaukee Land Orant Bun.u WANTED, BinLMNO LOAN. E\TISA 8E curtly given A-id. > Florin, bo* 57 H?r id ortice AQ AA|\ TO L"A^ ON BOND AND MoRT<; AGK, ^*J*v/\7Vr on ur>?uu red estate iu'bin city, ui '*u> turn, for * Wm ?i ve*r-; il*?. several oilier small sum#. 5?, to JOHN K. CoMCKY, It usnraui* Company $59,000 T? LOAN UN HUM) AND MOKTcJAUE' ?... m , tl (in: .. ? '* ATM <4om prwiwii* ???? ? j in ' ? ' <:1U I.r New York. Ooly |irui Ofpai* h|ij Iv A; ; ') t?. R. W V'.l/.KL. -No. 11 TUlul avr mu, tii tlieelotbini; stoic. Coiiiwi InalUuti*. LOAS OrFICBI. AT 7T IU.KP.i . 1M 'VH, Mu-.KV MB hit ALLY J\ ftdvftiiMU in .?.) ?ni '.a. nil (lUmmii'x, w?tch.?, jew.i. hr, pten. ?, *e,.ui?. ? u> ?'?, ?? N. R.?Puwnncoli.rV itiwe lx>u*ht. H NtlV TON, 77 Bleeder ativel, up "tali a. A T lit UBAN'D KfKfifT, THREE DO >IIS WEST OF A Bro?d? ?!U"tttty advanced on Wa. Iei% Diamond* Jewelry, Plate. i?r> -u;; personalproperty of ?-ry (1 Aciipltoa, or oough. ma hi by JOSEPH A. JAOKSON, ftii> ? lio(?nr aud broker ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHED, JEW. slry aud other vstuafc.*s?, or bought tor caub ut lull v*lus, bjr J s. Coi1KN,&t& Hroartwsy, corner of Dunn* Strnet Parties viaitmi at their renidences if desired. All boatd?m strictly confidential. Arm NAHSAI* HTREET?A. IIOSUJMAN. DIAMOND A Broker, maW< - itoerai adi unction IMam mds,' *i .* ? hea, Jewel*), Ac., or titt)s th?IU at tun value, *l Ms i iifat* olll r. 40 Nassau strt-ei, room No. 2, up suits. Business ronfl IwM. AT NO. t chambers IITSBBT?XOIflST TO LOAN TO any amount on Di<?moi. ??#. Watchr* ) ? veiry, by tfce well known nd old ?*. kbit* . -d ISAAC, Hr'*u 1 Com mission Merchant, No. y Chambers Ui?n. S. IS.?N ? buw uea* lr?na?rU'd on wSaiut ?lA\. AT J. H. RAKRINOKH'8 212 BROADWAY, hoom ll-Tbi? "in <t ??.?:?*? ? ? U?e hlKhew ?umft, or buyn or i^b, M?'r?:in ml v , Di.imonua, ?i*J or uuuft; PearU, Wuu'hfh, P;at?', optica) hiaLrmwatb, ?Vc. ?12 iiroad wmy, room liV, ?;p niHirn. MOfflT To I.knd-at MODBEATB RATES, ON Watchea, Jcitvfiry, s?iKer, Dr,. 400 and {mraunal pro periy of ?<1 4< ?. r Jj>.?oiiK. u'i.?v o |vi!- i in *it at any tlron wiihiii ono 1'it.ute <>i . . Vj r.n.< ?? \* ..I ?t"or. H liAHS AIU>, 21 Tnl.d avmiue. thm WA.;. A TTKNTION!?A FEW RPXHI ITH WANTTO AT NO jpL 10 (Jun'Vre hU'ft, to til? tin ratikrt ut Ooiii{>any <>. Flriil mftment Irt?h i?riga<Je, iitnler lh?? ? o atnund ??? t Nufvni. Cap'Hin ,)OKN l ONVVAV FIR8T CLASS MLMCIANS WANTKD?>'< R (iENKRAL Hftkm'nC. f t n..? i'.r >, all, !>,;?, .? at Ktctn a Su loon, 1^7 Hovvety Jioaiomfcer, Leader. LIKI TENANT Y WANTED.?A VOUNO MAN who HAH h?d r.VH %ea r' (nitnar^ exfn:rbah ?? ?te-???* a lteiil?-nniil> Iiiujj InMiitrv c .inaMit now at the ho?i o' war ?>r about i'<. leavt* i?.rit n -on. Can , iirniHh bn*l of :ei*u? n> "s in tv nrd tooanj. " hUeHandcaaracw^r. Ad ireaa Ih?x 141 ileiaid udkre. Wow York. Rally arocnd ttie old or \ri>. THK PIURT ttCoTf LIKK OUARD, Fourth r?-oaf(U .>? w Vork Voluuleers. Col. A. W^TAYLOR. Tht Increase of r**or?uu or?l<-re'l by General Dt* to the United States government bimdard u.ijh been nenrlf ?leied. A few mora iwvtriotle vnluntcern will b#? ?i4X*j>t>-.]. hoM-barinf a^"i. MT- toe prt ferred. Applf m 141 iJrniul .. atraet, between Broadway and Elm street. \Thia reatmeoi ttaa beeii im the Un>te?t Statea KWTlce since May 2. IRftl. an <1 is now stationed at Havre Ue Grace, Mil. Reci'tfl'" Major Win. Jan>bou, i.lent. *iaiuea M/v Donate!, Ooutpuiy P. Recruit* forwarded evetyday to the. regiment. Tenth regiment national zovavrs, colonel John E H'-ndlt,?H?'.id?**n'M> 4n) Br^adw^y,?fiiln regimem, now ii the tu?hl, Ik r?'rrn!un^ ti|? to niavimum Aiandard. l,lH8men. A i?*w mur ? 1 ? < rults wanted. H'-.-nut^, aa aoon an iiium-1 ? ) in, have a fpl?*n?il 1 U\u?vr Mfd;onu firen them and tinm dut ly forwarded 10 K ?rirena Monroe where tb? regiment ifc n? w Ktafo?n? d, doti fc ^arri?oit duty. Lteut^A' Ion* 1 Alex. B. Elder, t^uarteruawhter A. StM-ley, re. cruttinKOlllei>. TO LIaNE OKKltlERS.?A MODEL K KOI ME NT, row manued by luni jietent olflirern, who have >/en netTiee, already aucepied aim whta*e i .yariizatWm in ni-artv eomplete, dewlrea to tr? al %% 1 rh m pnrty who can nrtn^ a eonip tuy or partaCa compare into the reKtinent To a c?t?.jwi? at man, who oan tatluao- e |he req?t<?i nni-tber of m 11. eommuiatou. with tue privilf^e of deMK'n<(tnt; hi-, under olMcera, will be given, Avply to <>r addj'ea.4 the Warruu Rifles, ueadquartera 47*>^ Broadway. rRECRUITlNO AOENTrt.?PARTIES WHO CAN IN fltietuv HqiiM'la of steady, active, wooer and neulthy voting men, hs brt*1 ? iug them to the headquarters of tun Warren Rifle#'. 4?4j-, H. adway, will be paid higher price* tliaa they can on aiu ei.^ewhere. No waiting for the money. The?aMh Is ready. WANTED?ENGINEER SOLDIERH, COMPRISING meetianicx .md mti Illjjent la ?orers, for sappers and lumerM ot the regular army; the m? ti mn-t In* aitle i?adi'd, fiat over 35 years ot a^e, able to read and write, and under stand tht* four ground rules of ariihm"tfc; term of enli>t inent, three years; p?iy, from $13 to $.'U, d?^*endi})g on rank attainf-U by merit auu toldiorlv conduct; also rations, fuel, quarter*, clathiuK, tnedic;ii attendance, ami the usuallKiuntv. Apply davly st No 5 B a ting Green, third tioor, between U A. M. and 12 M. q. a. GCLMORE, Captsiu of Engineers, lulled states Army. WOO?r *XCKL?IORl cam 1- MESS OIIEST DEP<1T, 2 ^.1 S hinvM? liinii.lijntf iiunii..*!* ?tore. No. M K.?urtU av-uu- , i m-r-t Ninth ,iml li to Nie br,% ?nd oh?*p. ?t oulln-ry b..f,.r,. ,Ue wml or(-r?lity plec ?, u Ih Unc -y ' > ?rt . u *umV,l for na ? *n?i ? mm. I'niT u.r i"u* ?'.liwi v $ir,, t?r... $20. Tke> ?re now lu us? by m,,?v ufli. ?i? iD u., ?rB1y ^ WANTED?BT A YOUNO MAN WHO Has sfbn ihres month*'?tiv* ??nr..e, in\ i> iull> >uklkii, .*? p?ltlonw ncounit Lieutauitnt, for wm. It .? woim) n;rr? k> giv? hU Brki montb'? |n>>. Addraiui Liniiteiuin, Harnlrt olb>< HAJL.KUADHL TllTDtdW BIVER RAILROAD -TRAINS FOR ALBANY. XX Trey, the Worth uid We.i, lr?v* OhMiilx'ra ??eu* ?t 7 And U A. k , ??< 3 30, 6 mid 10 14 P. M. NBIT YORK, HARL'RM AND ALBANY RAILHOAD - Satauiar wnB4*iBritl.?Kiprfii train for Att>ftny, Troy. Nortk cad Weal, lum T#enty-*iilh atrtet Station at 11 A. M. Por local train* cm tlnn table. Joa* J#uScHU4a AMMAaUuperiatMOMt SHIPPING* STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND Liverpool, landing and t inbarktitu paa*eng:erH at ijtierna town, Ireland. The Liverpool, N?-w York and Philadelphia 8u-am?hii> Ootn|>any intend despatchIng their full-powered, Clyde-built Iron ?team?htptt as follows:-- _ . ^ EDIXKIiKO Saturday. Oct. 1? 01 I Y OK WASHINGTON Sat inlay. Oct. 11 KTN a Saturday. Oct. -9 Aud e?erj Saturday, ?t noon, from pier *4 North rlrer. UATES Of l'AHIA<SE. First Cable $7r> " to London H(i " tofAiU Hi to Hamburg Steerage $3f to IionduD fl tu Patls 3H to Hamburg SS Pataengem alio forwarded In Hsrre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, At ., at equally low rates. t'erimu* wishing lo bring out their friends can buy ticket* hern at lb* following raiee, to Mew York:?Cram Liverpool or yueeinUown, llrat cabin, $75. $.? und $106. Steerage from Liverpool $40. Krom (Jueenslown $30. Tlo tie (trainer* have superior aceoiuinodallons for passen gers, and carry experienced surgeons. They are hulll In waiertlgbt Iron sections, and have patent fire Annihllators on board. Knr further Information apply In IJverpool to WILLIAM INM AN, Aiiont, 22 Wnter street; In Glasgow to WM. INM AN, 6 Mi. Enoch square; in Unveiiatown to 0. AW. P.SliYMul'K A CO.; In London to EIVKS A MACEY, tl King William street: in I'arta Ui JULES DKt'Olili, 5 Pla.-e de la Bourne; In Philadelphia to JOHN O. DAI.K, III Walnut street, or at the company's offloes. JOHN <;. DALE, Agent, U Broadway, New York. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY, Oct. 12.?The (lulled Sistes niall Htuauier FULTON, J* A. Wottou coinuiander, will aall from pier XI North liver, foot ol Beach Ntrcet, on Saturday, Oct. 12. This steamship? unsurpassed for aafety and comfort?ban double endues un der deck, encloHcd liy water tight eonipsriinrnts, which, he aid** other results, tend, to the event or colUalon or s'rsnd. lot!, to keep the pumps tree to work, and aeuurs the safety of veasel and puventrera. For freight or iiaaaage apply to H, Kc? i *???. ?* T Broadway. I J&e steamer AKAUO will nail November*. NORTH (IERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BHE II. W ~-els coinmauder, carrying the United SunV'iiiiif. will Mil Train pier 30 North river, fool of Otiarn Imrs a.i'cei, on SATU RDAY, October 26, at 11 o'cloek M., ma BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking iwssenirerK to i.t)Ni<t).\, Havre, Southampton and bkemen, At the 'nllowiug ratea:? For the iintl cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $3). for freight or paasaiie api ly to OELRlCHS A CO., 68 Broad street. DIBKt T STEAM--11 IP LINE BETW EEN KKW York, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The new and i-plrndi'l at' am- r. A 1, t'tiNUKESS, Capt. Lunning, 2.-00 tons, rtOJ horse power, Will aall from New York on wednesday, Oct. 18, For Havre and Antwerp direct Prtew or paaaage lor Havre, Antwerp, Southampton #r Lon K i s. "ahin . .$100 Met ord c*t?in pit) | flteernf* 'A5 Chtl i "i? immwoi'11 one and ten vrara?>t a?r*? haK price. F'?r Ir?4,:lu applv to WM. F. KOHM1DT. 7# Braver rtreet. For |?a.? ?e .1, ply to HENRY M. WKKL), 187 We?t Rtreet, corner nf Rrade turret. QTEAM TO LONDOHDKRHY, OLASdOVY AND LIVER 0 |mk?I.?'Tlie Moatreal Ocean Stea/i>?hlp Oo ujianyV ll nt c a*- foil powered, CJi^de hui t Minimi r BOHEMIAN, t-Hf/i. It ria:?d, c.1 ryinu 'be t'an ilian and l ulled Siaten n.ail?, w 4| Nail fr<on tebre neil Saturday, Oct 1*2. Rub" of \ 4H ?a f'r -m N w V<?rk ?Kirni clu**, tocoiding to apcoin iiO la t ??ti, $70 iind i? eer?^?% found witlnooked pro?4<ii??n>, % Ci run ' h . anetl lor lirlnuiio; ont | a*"^ngef? i om ail he prl: ilpal town* in (irrai Htita n and lie nd h \tuy low raUih. I*oi pai>N.i^e h|?|4> ai 2.< Hroudway, New York. 8Af'?l%I? .v rvKA Ul.K <ii neral At.rnta. QTKAM TO IIA.MBURO, HAVRE, LONDOS AND w 7 hAto) ton TV.e I lav i >urj; Am<*i c in Packet Coinpsinv n Iron Meannhip P ATaHIA K. Mrinr romm tn?ler, ran vlug tUr United n> i , v. Ui l^ve from No. 21 Nor h river, ft ait of Fulton atrert, SATI'HDAY October 19, ?f noun, for I! ?mbnri;, \ u\ S -uthanititnu, taking pa.^ent'rrH for Havre, L'?n 'on, (?u iinoti?.o11 in . Ila nl'iiri(. Kir.Ni rai? * , se. on?1 c.i iu, $t>0; Htrera-^r, ??5 T ' *i4'uwt of h ?e wii, l avr evr al ? rtiate Hatur* rair .?'.. i>: Ui? '<? S a < ? tna , I'hr ?'e nirthij) TKUro.M * will n?'V" t e Havana on N<wrmUrr2. C. B. ItlCllAKU ? M'?as i.jl ttro itiway. 1>OYAh MAIL STEAMSHIP PERSIA FOH LIVKK V I.?Th?- PERSIA, O. II. E .Iu?<kfn*> O ?msi\andrr, - ? | in.m the 11?- i.;, on Wednraday next, tiu-Oth ln#?t. A stfui l? mi wlU i?i> hrtwren the compare'm wharf, at Ji'i M't i i y, aud the Persia, tront 9 UilOA. M., to convey og* rv ?tv l?n*: ?n' on board. Sun-' hut. fa??? fi .;era call '?e takrn on board. The AM A will t.iil on tin 2.1.1 inatanL ?. 0UNAK1>, No. 4 Bowling Green. 1,101; LIVERPOOL- OLD BLACK STAR L.'NR.?THE 1 i??u kr< KJ.^O.?t i B, at pier 2i rivet, 's ir .,,. 1 i sSTI t.TlO\ OciOl?er \.'> lie mW^TA. IA iu her 22 For puM?u^e app y lo WILLI A MS FMM aiJKOBN'JA VIA PANAMA. A tnai ?mer will leave New York on the Int. 11th and 21 -t ot *n, it tnot.iu, exnpt when these dales fall on Sun any, when tin*, (lay ?#f departure will tie on the Monday ??>1 los\ itu. For : M>*ght or passage apply at the only oflire, No. bB>W* Uig Orc-n. 1>. B ALLEN. AgeuL \ USTUALl A.?*KANG \ROO LINE FOR MELBOURNE i\ Oo\ >h p ?n iV.? i> li lOlb October. The (U'Ht '? 'ii-H -nip i v !' i- r.;, iu iJin ourthen, u. i, Emery i'oh. nv.nder, ?nii y?t a< o'?oiod*te imi? iw.-t cabin and ;v e ri<i m \ .**?*.igera if early pu) eaiion i* mau<- on <-,.i per 10. i-.uMi river, ur to MAILLKR, LORD .v uUE REAU, Ills VV/iil .treet. 4 USTH*LI A i'lOKbKK LINTS?CARRYING THE I\ i niied js .iiws M I.. j?',* A1 iMUrtii dtp, r *hli> SlAM. Grave* M.? iifw i ;mu!v In n . t or Sv dn y, N S. IV., u r .1 pie I i iia^t i \ i r, ami \\ . .1 be deapalchc t poailiV' Jy L ? ?i to. ? For i n . .hi ?u- p.kMMa.t* appls to li. W. CAME V. *S. yu ll/'JiV' r ?tree UK) JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR VALPARAISO* I and San - . . ?'I''In* l'tt< Um Mail;-' ?? ship C om I ? ? ;? * . - - if { ' u in?w steamship t 'UN. TITI TION, &.%*?! m? I >t' ihr<it t ? ? .1> w York for the?bove pons, ou or .i-.oo.l*ti i? X number ueit. Caoin p;^a.i.-. : . R:o $1&I Cabin passage to Lota .'*.0 Cantn parage tr> san Francis-. 4'.)0 Pr#*!:r;.* ?ari|i also be taken for San Francisco It anillt'lcnt in. dnei'ineiilaarc o*Tered. Apply at. theoUloeof the company, RK Wall Nt|T?l. L^OU M WAN THE UNITED STATE'S MAIL STEAM II anij? COLI dlti V, it <*hard 4d<?m*. Ut# ted Sm h X.tsy, voiiitoaii' titt;. ? ? Ih.ivi* p;?*r No I, N v n Kiot, O't )' - *ihi*9 O. fo .? r f.\ at I J o ,o k, . ? ? H. p r . i\ . AiI lot!;? I h ? 4|i:. .>s tk in iiw P"-<t nth. r Pa?a n ; I a r^jUi-sM III |n c m> ]t)!/ta}a>rtH bftfiim 7ring >;i* n: > F r I'rri Ul oi pt^vugn ?ippfy to Hl'OKKORD, TILKSTON x CO.. 2? Br uidway. 0( l ? AM# tVKISTS* l^YiS. EAR AND LI NO IN! IIWlAUY ?THE MOST IJ hop-- ? ?g??-i of iii'.'iti'.f*?,s biiM n ? ?-on-ump.ion. i?r< whitix, cai' iTii .'tfiil c > onu' . lao.imi a np> > dily cui**m! by Dr. <iUAVKSf ;allsf. L-'ouMutaM'.ii :ee. 6*>.? lito.?iiway. n^oTHiVoi 4 TTI.NTION, LAIHES AND G ENTLK M E X. ? W A STK r>, J\. & lOw of i vHt oil t'loiiiljii,, Kurn turi, i\ rp< ts, ,%.??. 1 w.U rut tlw im? pri by . aliingon or a iroaain^ M. A iranaiiiH, r,ii ti- n\ ??no**, o?*i\vt*i n Twnnty-iiitli and T\N?-tu>-i*ixth ?tn etc. LMii<t *iattended by Mrs. A. 4 HAKE 0IL4N0K.?LAD IKS AND GENTLEMEN?1 a iaivi- Jo: tti cahI ntf OkKlitng !?? ? ?b? SV? an*rn m.iiiioi, i'at |M*t> %t\ ! Ki.? rutin?*. 1 i>roinl(*Mt?*pa> tlu? ln^l ?--t I ? i. ? f<?r tli.-m by ?? in.- on or aii.opining M. Kill*, No. 9i m* ?cnth avMin?, Umwi .'ii Sixteenth and SevunieentU Mti-?eln? l?:i<b'*? attfuJeU by Mk LiiM. i UK iTEIt rilAM'E STILL.?$12,000 WORTH OK t'AST . \ otf fi ????. ahi. i lor Ui?* Wi'Mtorn Mini i nil ornla tnar ? Au ? i?a<l ??* Htid g?'?i?l'nii'ti. If yon wiah to at*niro tbn l'??11 ea.ii* ..? ?' r i . i:hnvi*% rarp**ta, 1 nrnitnn\ jew?*lrv. &c., tbi? i- ? i yoij ran <b? 1- t<x a>4on or kimh! a note to H. Mllil/., No. 137 ?n|\i?i i->renu#>, wi? r.' you may bi- hup* to r? cetv?? < iy a -c . -nt ii"n- t.iHii trom any <>tin*r dealer. Ladii a ati? n iiul Ut Mi-. Mint/.. No. 1:?7 .Sixth avenue, between Tenth uud hb'vi'iith atr?*eta, A TTKNTI0X, LAIUES AND UKNTLEMKN.-'IF TOO SY vsirtb ti> g.*t t?? full valut* of your caaiott't/iotlung, t"<%riN*ta, KuriiitorM and Jew lryt t)?? lient you can do jh to 9+nA a uo*e to K. Harrix l.f>6 wev??nth avenue. There you ttiHf ??? C'ltiv n?> ?i ymi wii\ 1h* dealt with to your hhiimLu i on. Isdftif* attended toby Mia. Harris, 1^6 Seventh avenue, near Twe4iiy-fir?t atreet. 4 tl A ills i-II ANOE.? $12,000 WORTH Of CAST OF K xV. tJ-itbinc wanted, to supply t:?ju.>rnU and MTeat?rti uurki'ta, Kuiiiilure, 0-trpeta, Jewrlry, A?. I do not prHend tv oflrr nominal price-, an m ilon? l>y aoino, but I gu.tiaub'e 10 pay tho utmoMc value for each article, by calling on or ad dn'Hi")n^ K. 11., 7l> Slxtti avenue, #eeond door atxire Waverley pU*4!, Ladle* attended by Mra. E. II. 4 GREAT DEMAND FOR OLOTHINO ?LADIES AND -ii. giintleinvn having in.. Oo?t o r Olothing, Furniture, (Jj.rja'141.? i i *I??we|ry. will rer.4v.* tuo lii^ueat prbte by railing on or aiidr? H??jiig a. HARRIS, Taird avenue. Ladiea at tended by M:?. llama. 4 T EZEKIEL'S OLD STAND?LADIES AND GENTS J\ can obuuu the toilowinu prb^a for tneir caat-off Wear ing Appirel. Kriait $;> io $25 t??r ailk. dri-hien; from $3 to $15 tor coara, ami from $i ut $"? ior panta; also earpeta, iew?*lry, A*\ A note by pi mi punctually attended to by K&LK(EL, 1"H Seventh av? n?e, tmtwei n Nineteenth and Twuntioth atreet*. Ladiea attended to by Mra. P*. SALLNIKD OPPORTCNITY?LADIES AND if EN tleim n ot New York, Hro iKlyn ami vt? uiltv can pro. euie -lie bi^'n->4' ? asn pva o tin u<eir aat off <;i?.thing by r dl ln?; at or addrvAsini'J. A'iron, l.^? Kl';hth avenue, firat floor, or r tU?> at.#rc. La.ilc* atien<ic l by Mra. A. Entrance private door. i T T11K NKVV STAND, i".?3 THIRD AVENTE, LADIES J \ and gouts can secure iho lull value for their lUithuig, v ?-:?Ht??gon i r add reding C. Jacobs, Third avenue. t?i twi-cii Twenty-tiiird and fw-nty-fourth streets. Indies at.ended by Minn K Jacol a. \ TIENT ION, LAI '11 S AND GENTLEMEN?1K Y^Hf -*V ah 'o dtapaae o| your eaat otl Wenring Apparel, t?ar [i -we! >. \e , and to <M?utn the lull vUu- lor the aanie, oan't imti f.Jso , ri ?. n ler-, fur call at once or addr- aa the old full value pave , il Harris, ."WWt H ?weiy, oppi?iu> Great Joueaaircei. Latlli * -i:t-n ied ny Mrs Harris. / CALIFORNIA Art ENUY, Hi NINTH A YEN U E, ui'i'O \J nite t Itiln i Asylum.?L i.ii *s and g*nt!<wnen, take no ti- e. Wan ed, imnie Jiaioly, u lew more loia of east off Wearing Appatel. Furniture, Carpets, Fire Arms. A<-., to make up a shipment for the tirat steamer, for whb h the hu^ieat price wltt be paid. Ad lreaa, by letter, to rli.- above num'a?r. Mrs. J. <.?OLDSTIiI N. Gi-ntlcinen attended by Mr. Goldstein. VrOTK'E ?LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN' S CAST OFF JA OlotninR, ^nuuire, t:arpets and .lewirv tai ight and lb" hktmst (il r paid for them at S FELLKMAS S new ?atanU^bment, Ninth avenue, third (foor u -iow Twenty? nlntii street. Ladles Attended by Mra Feiteman. FtllilTURE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE or $24, in ali colors, of wanauied manulariure; i u ?odd ChamtxT Suits, plain and oruato mal, at H. F. KAiUU NGTON'.S, !Hkj t ' street, opposite Woostei. Ka VabllsUeii in IA& A FAMILY BREAKING UP HOUSUKKRPINO, WILL sei! tbeir V .rniture, sntlloienl for live or shi rooms; any ou< <v>rumeu< Ing hotiftrkeapiug c*n supply thetnHelrea wits ?very nei-oM*rr article at a very cheap rate. Address 1M?>k, Herald <>fUce, lor one w ? ek. Xj<t!RMT0HB VTAXTKI>?TO RENT OB PURCHASB. 1 lor private use, suiUbla f?c a tlrsi ulass four story h?us?*; muM b?- ot good quality and oompriM suits for tw? parlors 5o 'DC'lui'r>l <'?n>eu. Apply lo 8. DINUHK, pU-MPTON 8 1MPROVKD PARI,OR BRIWTKAOM A!*D w , . Iki ' at wk<4.s*l?, n-'.U ui'l 41 !*? ttuih sirwt, formtrlj tf.UoiuU A SITUATIONS WANTED?KKM\LBS. [ A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A KITUA V V ilon mi nur<e .mil aeammreiw, In a private litmlly; la I luily competent to lake mre of uu Infant from it* birth; would not object to aaMsi In a More and ilo hou?ework j wagaaooobjm. Can ijtre lw*t of elty references Can bo aeeu for one week la the mil Jnery (tore 35 Divlalon ai A YOUNG WOMAN WANTO a SITUATION AS COOK; lea lira) rale wimher an<l Ironer. llax n<u?t city refe rence. Ittciulre for two days at 20< Itflli it., between lat and 2d area., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A allnatlon in a gentleman'* family aa chambermaid. haa a Wlieeler A Wllw n'a wwiiik machine. Can be aeeu for two day. ul 8ti Wvi-toll'?i., Brooklyn. AEIRSTCLA88 COOK WANTS A SITUATION; I'N deniUiKla French and Americ an oooklnu; meata, Rane, aoupa, jnlllca and pitalry, and en u ?n-e the be.i of city rel'e rence ?n to capability. Apply at tbe at ore 313 6th av,, be tween 19 li and 20th ata. A YouNO (JIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GENE r.ii liouaework In a private family. Call at 106 Eaat Warren at.. Brooklyn, for two daya. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS aeatiiHU'eiia; underatauda all kindanf family Mwtiig: ean out and Una e, and operate on Wlieelrr k Wlloon'a a wing maeeme; no objection to do li'.ht chumlM'rwork; Ima tiiu year*' reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 126 Weal 37th at., betw>H n 7ih and 8th ?v . A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OJRL WANTS A 8ITUAI lion to ei'Ok, w tab and Iron; would make beraelf litefnj ftnd HKreeiihle. Good city reference front her last pi '**?? Cal at liiStitulth >u, betwaeu Dean and Bergen ata., Br loklya' lor two daya. ARl:8fECTABLE PROTESTANT (I I HI, WISHES A allnalton an aeam.treea, or to lake I lie charge of one child. Call for two daya at Iff Went 2iith at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young wo in h n, to do general houaework: l? a nooa co<>k, waaher and troner. Bout rlty leferenoe If reunit ed. 0*11 ft>r two daya at 183 Wa?erley place, corner of Ham n, id ?t. _ A LADY WIS1IK8 TO PROCURE SITUATIONS FOR two renpectali* girla, kUIith, who have lived With her for four yeara; one a* a cook, the other aa chimbumiiid or w*it?>r; are faithful und competent to (111 either situations. Apply Ht .H) Weal 25th St. A PLACE WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS CHILD'S iuiikc; ia fully competent to take the entire ch w ?>f an Infaut; can <lr? all kinda of plain sowing, the urn**! French amhroidf ry. Call for two daya at 231 Sullivan St., near Amity, in the rear. Best city reference glren. A MIDDLE ACED COLORED WOMAN WANTS A sfitiuilon; iaacctialnmed 10cooking In lar^e boarding houae* and hotela; no objections to washing and ironing una ?'<???? u -hort di*tauoe In the country; brought up at Long In and Cold Spring, >n the amilv of tbe Jones ? best city r#? ler? ucea ean be given. Call at 79 2Mb St., between 6th and 7tii liven. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A MIDDLE AGED AME rican woman, aa ho one keeper, or ?a willing to travel; no objection to ta*itig charge or children; uaderatanda ber businea*. Good reference, (/all on or addreaa K. B., No. 44 North Moore at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do ctiamherwork and waiting or general housework in ? vmill family. Good "ity reference. Call for two daya at S38 Went Jjftili at., Hint floor, front rOOflL AS NIIHSE?A COMPETENT AND THOROUGHLY e?i?rtcnre<| child's nurse wants a aituation; haa lived with a >tn? of the iieat farnillea in city and country, whoae t^?. Imoitla'a alie can produce; ia an excellent plain sewer Call or two da. m at U2 Weat 15th at., between Cth and 7th avK., second lloor, buck room. AYOITNG SCOTCH GIB!. WANTS A SITUATION TO tlo ch'.imherwmk and waiting (?r ? hatnberwork an?l waah if or to f:ike care of children. Call fur two days at i'?i Weat 2U: h at., oeur 7th ay. ABE8PE0TABLB YOUNG Wf)M \N WANTS A STTUA tit>n ua ch'tinberinald and u aiirexs or banibermald and a>'iimatreas Good elty referent** from l*vat place. Call at 136 K ist 25th Ht., near 2d av. ANITI ArioN WANTED?BY A YOUKO W( MAN, A^ cha .?l?ern)? id and lauiwlre?e, or to do the get,cr?t h .use w?> k i a ho.all f.mlv, ; ot>d jl'in c ?k; lour >ear**'clty r< t r n e ran -e ???!? for two uavsut 11S Weal 1'th at., betwaeu rtth and 7 b ava. 4 mmIIION' WANTSU?HY A RES^E'rTABLE PRO /V i? a >?Dr \ om*n, n* ei.-o^ , no obje- ti ?na to a ' o ?r>nng ho : e r ?Se > ou 'iry ; le-' city reicreuce. Can i ? aeen for two da ? a: I7?'? We?t 14th St. A I AUY WISHES T?> OBTAIN A SPTUATION FOR A d ill, aaeook, who l e wt lin^ tob?L.wlU? the w^hmg. A| | I* at 31 l'an 20th at., on Wednenbo, be tween 11 ;*nd 1 o clock. \ itE>PECTARLE UlULWANTSA SITUATION IN A J\ Hio.. l > male family ia a lir^t class Cook a< d ? \? ? II lit baker, untie?atnn.? ul r.lndaof iowl.?, pastrt nni cake- If me a c v uiit aHKlat \ Ih the waabinj; end ironinu; three v. u>' it. reN'r?*n<? lAv> n. Apply at K4 Warn'n St., b?* ween Smith and Iloyt a Hr ?oki/n. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNG OTRL, 14 \ vet. r? old, to mind children, wsii on table and make h?rMMf tivul. tt*;l tor two dayK at 26 Catharine st? corner llewj*, in candy itore, 4 SITUATION WANTE-D?HY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO J\ do general housework in a small ^private family. B#?i rl*\ refeivnee Riven, Can l?e seen lor two days at 77 Wont 2KU? st., between Oth nud 7th aves. 4 UESPEOTABLE YOUNG <?IUL WANTS A SITCA* JA. t oil as cood plain nn excellent washer and ironer* ai d would have no objection to do general housework. Can isiv* th? be?t eity reinrenee iron* berlast r>la<*e. Can be wen tor two dayii at 607, between 41m and 42a sis. AyIT!'ATl(tN' WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MID die iu-/*d w?man, to nsstMt ? i? housework and assist In t !*?? ??hi**of chili!r? n; has four years' reference from her ftst place. Call at 707 tire,uwli h ?t., at the milk and candy store, near Charles st. (!hI1 for two da^s. Is very useful in a small priva * family. 4 PROFBS8ED COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A private Janiilv ; per.ectlv ntiderstand* her business In an brunches; ha> in? and all kinds of pa* ry. Best cttv refe. rence. Call at 120 Wo*t2i)th st., between tJih ami 7th a vs. APROTKfcTANT NURSE OF GREAT EXPERIENCE' snd ii? en-ry way ndialde, Is desirous ot obtaining a situation in a genteel family; would prefer the care of an in f an. Reference entirely satisfactory. Apply at 31 West I'Jtii hi. 4 SITUATION WANTED?RY A COMPETENT WO JY man, foeook and assist in the washing ami Ironing;* on lorstan .J kinds of baking. Basicity rtduren.*" from Iter '* I j la? C< li lor t?vo dayK at 213 West 401 h st., between 6tli and tfth avs. 4 HITIATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE /\ vo:in;> w< iiihii. as nurse and seamstress; no objection t.i lo light chrtini crwork, and ran embroider nl.clv (jood city r-lerenee from her last place. Cad at 90 West 20th *?t., A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOl'NO WDM IN, TO d' general housework m a .small private lamiiy. in city or ountry; turee years'in her last place. Good city refe rence. (fell for two days ai- Zi2% West 26th at., near $th av., in the conie- tl >nery si?*re. 4 SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS COOK' V hy an experienced woman; understands ail kind;* of ? "ops and dessert*; au experieo ed baker. Good clt> refe rem e. Call for two day* at 75 st.t near Oth av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain co >k, ood washer and ir ?nei*. Can be seen Tues ? lay slid Wedlies?iay at I2(i iSnst 4lsi Ht., between 2d and 3d hth., biatlloor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waareaa; no <>b j . lion to the emtwry. Good city reference. Call at 75 West liRh st., first floor, front room. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION to do iijht bou ewoik In a small private ismity. Bee iet?renoe. Can be seen at 163 East 34th St., corner of 2d av.t 4 RESPECTABLE WOM \N WANTS A SITUATION AS j\ child's nurse: Is capable ol taking charge of a baby from its tdrth. Most une\i**|itionable city reference as to characterand capability. Apply at 111 West 1Mb st. 4 N AMERICAN WOMAN. A FTNK COOK, SMART jA washer aru ir. ner, wishes a situation. The best city reference. Call at 104 Eluridgc st., in the basement. A NEAT, TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid. Ha* good eity reference. Con I>e s^en lor two days a! l.'H Myrtle av., Brooklyn. Inquire in thestom. ARESFECTARLR GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS good cook and laundress. Can give the best of rele letice. Call at 124 Harrison st., near llicks, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS A Ix good p.aln cook, lirsl rate washer and inmer and under-' ? and* general housework. Good reference Crom her last place. Call tor two days at 2ti Tollman St., Briadtlyn. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SI n v J\ lion Ui do gen* ral honsewot4; in a good plain cook and f<io 1 washer and ironer. Has best of city reference. Call at 2M 17th st., between 8U? and 9th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL* as chambermaid and to do washing and ironing, it-at ol city reference can be given from her last place, where she lived for si* years. Can be a?;en for two days at 156 West 18th st A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general housework ami plain sew lug. Ilea* eft* refe rence. Call tor two days at So. 6 Clarkson at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER son, as cook; would be willing to /rsaisf in the washimr ? U. Hi >.f . ilu I... . i .< . H A t SITUATION WANTKIJ-BT A RESPKOTABI.E W(> JY hjhii ; in n n<*>* cwk, wauhiT unit ir<iiii<r; (PKid lovkrr' hnK tin* Ui i t' city rrlmtinr. CaU for twu dnjrs at .vv! \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RXtPBOTABLB JV yuuns wiirnaa. m wet nur?>^ her Imby 1h mjvrn wnkH (?l.i; i-aii ijlvi' thi- iwm of i irlt rcm:i-. having nurard in |, X|,iv re*pf< t.IJi' Uutlll-t- In thim lty. Cnn be *oen tor twu du\? if nut I'njfflgMl, at 'J- 26:h at,, twnr.ltl av. SITUATION WANTED?BY a B88FB0TABLS young girl, in ilorhauilvoork ?nrt watting an ! ?*?!.( n hj wubiii< mui ironing, "r i<> do p ain M'winy nod id lake rar??f, uo?Ijj> tiontn n" ? ?linri dittan <? in ihe i .'nirv. Hpm ciiy rei>ieni?. Call at 4<*J 6th av.. between iftah Mil 3>nti ati., room >><>. 9. AM1UATIOU WANOTKO?TO IK> HOl'SEWORK I\\ ania private family. Ow?l city r^fer<vic<? irom her | c?t pt.u p., i all at No. MS 9th it., between lit uid 2d ava, It. I jj j UiM>r. I rout l outub. A SITUATION WANTEP-BY A BS8PSCTABI.B J\ you UK girl, an chaititK-t uuUU and to lake rar* of eh II ori'n or to anaist iti the wuahing wnd ImtUnc, or todwt n h.imewurk <d a ?mall lamtly; hai<K'.iid eity relerence ] Cau tie v eu l'?r tuo day* at 43<)4Ui five i MIDDLE A(iEl> LADY OF 1'LBA.SI.\? KANNBB8 A and th'- higli.-xt mfntaUIH; vriniea a (ln.allou n? bouariLeOI?tr nr HUrtrUi; Is iini pi-teut to (III anv < u(.V tv of tni??; will gu.ror?amill ?ilary anil a t'i?id hotnein the rfty iir<viuntry wliore sue will w appn<l,a<'d. Inquire ol Mrs. Green, Agency Employment, lltli ?k, ooriur of Sit a vo. A SITUATION WANTBD-SY A RRMKBCT4RLH young girl, an uurw and aoamaireaa; caa out end it tor abUdna ami make ladiea' dtvaaea, wr a? chamliermaM and waller; ban no obyeation Ui the wnintry ; the beat ,-Itv r.'lv runniRan lie given, rail at 143.1a* ave, third llooi , fr. m ARRSl'HOTABLK YOBNO WOMAN WISHES A SITf ?4ion a* oook, waaher and Ironer, or to da gmiem) hmim work tu <k email private family. Bert city raf. ri-ni-e Oal

for two dayaot 'ft Raymond at., bet wet a Jobnsun ?t, and MrrUe a v.. Brookly a. In the rear. \ A _ SITUATIONS WAIfTED? PKMAI.EM. AIituation WANTKU-BY a respectable wo rtan, as chambermaid and waitress, or lo Uk? i;are of elul trei and sewing. In luestionable city relerencescan be given ly calling at No. 0 Lculnguin a*. A DRESSMAKER WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION in a icapeciable family; ran out mid fit ladles' and ehililrctts dresses, and understands all kinds of plain ie? log. ('<n b? won for two daya at 48 Dominlck al. ANBAT, TIDY OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO rtumlHirwork and line washln* and Iroulii", or lo assist In wsltkig; boat of recommendations as to capability given by her nre-enl employer. Can be seen at 371 Mb ave., be tween 57 h and 38th ata. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO cook, wash and iron; understand* her bit-in"**; hat beit of city reference for four yam, from her last place. Mty be aeon at 94 Warren at., Brooklyn A ES8PBCTABIJI WOMAN, WITH A FRESH BREAST Jl. of milk. wishes a situations* wet nurse; has just lost Inr baby. Best city reference. Can be seen for two daya at IlC 7lk av., comer of 23d It., serond floor, front room. A respectable MIDDLE AGED LADY WANTS A situation us coin istnlnn to an Invalid lady, or as house k fper for an aged couple. Can be seen personally, or ail drewKO President St., Brooklyn, ail this week. respectable WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS __ Infant a nurse ;i an bring up a baby with a spoon,or lake cure #f nn Invalid laily. Best of referenue as to capability fmm phystcisns In tlila city. Address Mrs. E. M. K., Dot 134 Herald ofllce. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 01HL WANTS A 8ITUA Hon as good cook, washer anil ironer; has no objection tegonnral housework. Cull at 96 Butler St., coruor ol Huyt, Hn oklwi, for two days Best 'if city reference. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable youn* woman, as seamstress or to assist In chamber work; no objections to make herself ?;i"nnraily use.ul; has tb'' best iii city 11 fen nee. Call al 343 Wave., between 21st ai. I 22d ats. ,v' _____ A SITUATION WANTED- -BY A RESPBOTABLE Scotch Prolestant young woman, as nurse and scsm alrrss; she understands the business thoroughly. Call at uer prrsnnt employer's, 13 West 16lb at, where she can be seeu for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable GIRL; l? a good I'fiok, t. asher and Ironer. Haa the best of city re erenee. Call for Awn days at 207 East I3th St., near JUt av., second floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to dn i hiimberwiirk and wailing or general housework iu a small family. Kest city and country reference. Inquire at 4002d av., near 2Sib si. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, >o do general housework In a small family. Call at No. ( Nh j.:,n place, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A respectable OBR mun girl, lo do general housework. Apply al 339 West 2tnh st., between 101 b and 11th at.s. AS COOK?WANTED. A SITUATION BY A RE ?peciable woman, who thoroughly umleraunids cook ing In all its branches; Is willing lo assist in washing if re quired. flood elty reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 746 Broadway, mruer of Astor place. A situation WANTED-BY A RES! E TABLE GIRL, as good cook, washer and ironer. IU the best of ret'e letv-e I rora her laat plat*. Can be seen lur two daya *1247 West 18th St., near 9th ave. A 8 NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS OR AS ATTENDANT IV on an Invalid lady, or as chiimliermalil and line washer. Avery respectable Prole-tint woman withe* a situation, lias the best of city references. Apply at 18 Laight at. Actuation wanted?by a young woman, to do general housework in s small lamlly. No objection is do chniuberwork, sewing or tske care of children; three years' clly reference, Call at 73 tfth ave., second floor, front nsiin. A respectable OIRL WANTS A situation AS cool.; haagood elty reference In tn her last place. Call for two days st 12H Smith St., neit door to the fancy store. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS good cook and baker; is a iirm rate washer anil ironer; understands all branches of family work) is willing to go any ? here to a steady place; good reference can be given If required. Can be seen fur two days, if not suited, st23'.i Mulberry St.. first floor, In the front. ARX8PBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon as ^u-sl plain coos and excellent washer and iron er, Is willing to do general housework in a single family: hs geod city reference. Call st 12S Atlaiitk- St., room No. 6, Brooklyn, for two days. A GOOD UUOK WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and Iron, or to do eneral house work, In a small private family. GoOo city reference. Can be seen for two days at 120 West 2titn St., up stairs, back room. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A REBI'ECTABIJS young woman, ns chitmbcrmsld and waitress, or as nurse and seamstress; run do ail kinds of fatnil* sewing; |? willing and obliging; has the best of city roieivnce. Can be seen tor two days at 490 6lh av., between J;lUl and 30th sU? second floor, (runt ihkiui. A SITUATION wanted? bv a yoiino woman, ah plum rook, washer and ironer for a small family; can tlo cham?>erwork. Can be seen for two days at 120 Tillary sr., outs door from Bridge, hi., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKI)?BY A MAKK1KI) WOMAN. mm ft wet nurse. (Jau (>??. w,en for two-days at 186 31*1 st. AKKKPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a 8ITUA tlon am seamstress. Can operate on Wheeler ,fc Wil son's sewinp machines. No objection to assist In the cham ber work. The heat of city reference. Apply for two day# at 2W6 3>1 av , in the book store. AIIT94TI0X WANTKD?BY A KKsrE<-TABLE young womun, as oil am bet-maid and laundress or cham bermaid and seamstress. Hum ho objection to take cure of children, flan best of city reference, and can be seen lor two d?i>? at 80 Charlton street, In the rear, AS WET NUKSK.?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, a ha??y ui wet nttrne at her own home, having lost her own baby. Best of reference. None but two."*'who can pay for the best of care need apply. Call at 4HH 6th av., room No. 7, for two day**. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon; ia a good cook, waaher and Ironer; would do housework in a small private family. Good city reference. Tan be seen until-siilted at 91 West 19th at., between 6th and 7ili a vs., second tloor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ns cook, in a private l'amilv; under stands all kinds of cooking; no objection to assist in the washing and Ironing if required. Be^t city reference, ('all at Ul WeX tWl si , WiWWfl 7th and Htli a\s. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE (11 HI* to do chamberwork ,tn?i waiting. Beai of city reference t?lren from iier iaat place, whrn* alio lived live years. (-an be wen for tw o day* at Jb'JBih st., m*ar let av., first floor, bark room. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK IN A private family. Satis.nciory relercnco can be given, t all at 107 East itfih at. No objections to go a short distance in the country. ARB8PE0TABLB QtBL wants a situation to cook, wash and iron, or would do chamber work and waiting in a respectable family; uood city reference, ('all on or address (J. B , 34SGth ave., near ?td st. * 81T0ATION WANTRD-nr a YOUNG Woman, as J\ meat ami pastry cook; tmder?>tumia managing milk and butter. No objections to cltv or country. (Jtty reference. Call :it 27 I'r'n w at., near Bowery. S NUK8K?AN ENGLISH WOMAN, OK MIDDLE age, desires a permanent situation In a gentle man a family. Has thorough knowledge of the care and manage ment of growing children or an infant; Is also an cxcclietil seamstress. Can give testimonials as to her Integrity and capability. ('all at 386 Gih av., between 23d and 24ib sis. \ KESPEt'TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SI J:V tuatlon Iii a private family; is a good cook and excel lent washer and ironer; can make good plain cake, bread atul biscuit. Best of city reference can be given from i e last place, lor live years if required, ('all for two days at 'JO Baltic st., rear, between Smith and Iloyt, South Brooklyn. A SSI ST A N T DR&88JK A KI: R - C) N E WHO IM >R It stands cutting and lilting for children, and all kinds of family sewing, wishes to make a few engagement* by the day in private families. Address 104 Euat2.tih at. ASZTUATIO N W A N'TED ? BY A KESPKt T A ft i 41 young woman, to do chamberwork sad sewing; no ob jection to do waning or assist in washing and Ironing. Call tor one week at 244 West 43d St., near 'JiU av. Good refe rence given. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS nr>i raie washer and ironer and good plain cook; very best city reference from last employer. Call tor two days at 03 Pea-rl st., Brooklyn. 4 WELL EDUCATED YOUNG WOMAN, WHO JY speaks German, English and French, and is well ac qtin In ted with all lad>'s handiwork, would like to obtain a situation in a genteel family where she could teach children the above acquirements. Apply to A. Lorenz, 180 7th at., third floor. i SmrATXON WANTED-?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS A cook; Is an excellent washer and Ironer and a good taker; good city reference; is willing and obliging. Call be tween 10 and .1 o'clock at the corner of Smith aud Statu st*., Brooklyn, second floor, back room. A AKESPEOTAR1.E YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A NITli at mil; understands all kmdH of lAmuy couiun v, waahlig ami ironing, best city reference. Oull lor two days at 107 SmIUi si, Brooklyn. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHKS A SITUATION AS CHAM lie. maid, fine washer and ironer; umleritamls her bust ue>? thoroughly. Bc?,t or city roference. Call at 176 East mil kl AS COOK -WANTED, A SITUATION IN THE AMOVE capacity; understands her lajxlnrsa thoroughly; In a kix i>1 pastry cook aud bread baker, ami a g'??l washer and (roilC.I. Call at her present empliiyer'a, 3&2 West 23d at., lie twi?n 8lh ami 9lh arR A SITUATION WANTED-AS NI KSK AND SEAM ^lrc^li^ l>y n I'rutcataiit k1 r'> rccunmicmlcd; under atiimlH (iinvcr .t Itakcr's mnchlnx thurou^hly. Al?u, a?oliant bcrmuld anil Newer, by a I'mtoalant \oun^ womuo, hU'hly (iii .iilie 1 and well <nt|>crU*iced. Can l>e Keen fur twu daj t at i? __ A SITUATION WANTEB-MY A RESPECTABLE PER siin, as M?niktre*?; is a tfood lirenxiiiakcr, having work ed at the buatneiia ai-veral years; can ilo all kimis of family ?rwim;; has no nlijecil. n tn the '11 re lit ginwii children, or to do llt;ht chamlierwurk. Kent of rctereaue glveu. Apply fur twu days at 77 1st at., near 1st av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young *Irl, to do obainbomork and waiting; ban iui ub iection in ai-aist with wiislilnn ami inainiK, or would tukecare ?f children; gi?id city manner. Call lor tw? days at 432 7tb av., bi'iwsei joth and '171ii aui., top Hour, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KESl'EiTABI.E YOUNG gtrl, an laily'w maid and snatnstrftss; iiinleiscanda cut ting and itting udiea' and children's drea<ea. Hon gisxlcity reference. Can be seen ai SI 4th ar., in the rear. ARE.- Pi.' TtHl.E WOMAN WISHES A SIT!' ATION TO da l!ie kltibeu work in a pilraiA lainlly; she is a good plain cook and a llrat rale washer anil ironer; or would do general honaework In a "mail family. Has tha beat of city reference from her laat place. CaLl for two days at 181 East 27lk it- _ _ A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA \1,in a? chamherinitid and tu do plain sawing, orui aaaist witk the care of children. Uood city reference. Apply at 729 tan av., corner of 43d rt. A YOUNO WOMAN WHO HAS WORKED AT DRESS maklng lor private families ;or the Iaat ten yeam,would like a hi luHilon aa seamstress In a private family; would ga by the day, w?ek or month; baa a Wheeler A Wilson sewing mat-blue. Call during the week at 1<S 3d av.. near 17th IU SITUATIONS WANTKD?I'EMAbKH. A' " SITUATION WANTKD-TO DO GENERAL HOUHB work In a iimiill family, or nil chambermaid. Call at 7V Ttllary at, comer of Ja>, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid ami I" assist with the washing and Iron ing; lx-i.1 city n lc rum. Can b? seen tur two days at 824 West 25th at., between 8th und 9th an., Aral floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, an cook. Oull hi 06 Weal 20th at., u< ai 6th a*. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS SEaM" . stress; understands culling and liltiug ladies'and chil dren's dresses. Call l<ir two duys at 47 Weal I lib at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young gl 1, iiaoook, washer and Ironer; good city rele rence given. Call at 85 Win 28th at., in thi' rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTA?L1 young w Oman, us nurse, competent of taking charge of a baby from Its birth; best city rel'erencea from her laat place. Call for two day* at 20 West 17th at. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK; la a hr*t rate wushei und ironur; good city reference. Call at fi8 Eual Warren at., Brooklyn. A respectable YOUNO WOMAN WANT.S A KITUA Uou; understands all kinda of family cisikiiig, washing ?nd ironing ????! city r renin s. Call for two da>s at it Hchermeihora at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A SITU tlon to nurac. la < iij?..i>I?- of taking charge of a baby. Call until engaged ai ISO Weal 20ih at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT, RESPECTABLE girl, as nurae lor cmldren and to assist at table or wash ing. or an chainiiermald and waiter In a piltrale latnily; city relerencea. Call tbr two day* at 120 Weal dial sin ct, second ttixir. A8ITUATION WAN1T5D?ff? A V6t'NO WOMAN, TO du < hauit>erwork and w alling, or lake care or children and da plain aewlog; cltr reler.uce. Call at 177 46ih st., be tween Broadway ami Hlh av. Can be seen for iwo ilaya. A YOUNO ENOLISII WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as good pla n. ouk, or us ehatnbi rm.ud und w-,ulrrs?; Is a ga<>d washer und Irouer. I all on or addreaa Ami Ua Down ing, ISO Weal 17th at, In the rear. SITUATION WANTED?IN A gentleman'S KAMI A ly, by u n api cUtblc young girl, us waiir. an or ua chain laid i tiei ni 1.1 and waitress; ha* the best of roierences. Call at l2H)i East 13lb at., betwei n 2.1 und 3d avs., fur two days. A PROTESTANT (IIHI, WISHES A SITUATION AS seamstress and chuuitiei maid or to do urenstnaklug. Ou iieai-m it 22K Waat 25U> at., fourth door, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon; ia a Ural rale rook; understands ull kiuds i,'f p.stry; haa nooejicilon to assist wlih llie Waalifilg alid iron ing. No ubji utlon to ih> i i > or counlry. Call HI ISO Eaal 37th at., between 2d and 3d uva. Haa the best oi reference!. AS COOK ?A SITUA'lloN WANTED, BV A YOUNU Wninau, as tirst claaa cook; llioruinjiilv understand* her business; can cook ull kinds of meats, game. paalriea, Ac.; 1* witling to assist u ? ushiiig li reunited. Hem ol city r ie reuces from her last place, Where ahe liaa lived lor three unn a halt years. Csn lie seen for two day* al IB 7th av., near 23d st., In the store. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. as senilism *s; ut,ia rsUiul* ilieaaiui.kiug, ciiltim. nd ii. in,' all kind.-, nl .uin i> sewiug; no objection* lo lake Oare ot grown children, or to the country. Apply at .Mil iVarl Ht.,aoc<ind door tr>m Fulton av , Brooklyn. A respectable YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT uniioii lo do plain oookiu., washlug und un.-d.^i in IM/li ing, or to do general housework lor a small private family Good reference f.lven. Apply at 470 Atlautic St., Brookhn, tirai Iloor, irout room. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS A situation as noise and pluin sower; she many >ears expe rience in tliei are of children and run mind a baby Irom its lilnh; no objection lo go a sli..rl distance in ih< country. The beat of city referettie glvao from her last piace. where siie has lived for three years mid four moiiuia. Call ior two ditys at 131 M'icdougal st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation AS SEAM stress; can ? all k u s ol m wing, cau cut anil lit ladies'and children *, dresses an.l "n- ys' ? lo.hlng, would do lie hi rhuiuoer-aork. The n. si o n fereneea can Ih- gtveu. Can Iw seen i or two days at 40 West 13tii at., between 5ih Hid 6th ava., top floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 81 tu ition as iiiiise and seamstress; cau cot and lit clii! dren'a dressi-a; iinderstamls all kinds of faiuil,i> sewing, tin i e y. ar? in licr last |>l?t* Call at VI 111th t., between eiti and Tlh kv?., In tlie liaseinent, 0OUNTIIY HOUSE-THE ADVERTISEK, A RESI'ON siiile i arty, w' h smalt family, whose wl;*e Is a superior housekeepi r, wlli take charge of a country house for the win ter, without n-vit, wlthhi forty miles of the city, t uruished or unfui n slii'd. Addi'i s? Z. K., Herald olliee. CIOOK? SITUATION WANTED, BY A OOMPBTBNT ) youn* woman In the nhove eapaclt>. Bin- thofimehh uiiderstnmts her hi sluean; will be found w illing anil obliging, lias the In st of elti lelcren a from her li at piaee. Lef: in i on eijnenee of the famth hreskln* up housekeeping. Can be seen for two days at 176 East 17iii at. P'iOK.?A nESI'ECTABi E protestant WOMAN \y wishes s situation as rook in private famllv: mid ts'imds making all klnilaof sonps, jellies und dess-rts; is nn ex ellent mem, bread and |*str,v cook. Call at 104 ltflh st., between 6ih am! 7th aca? in the bookstore. COOK WANTS A SITl'ATION-18 A OtK)D WASHER andl'onec; la wiling to ?erve mcl'jror euuntiy. Ap ply at 14D Eaaex at., third floor, hark room. Housekeeper.?a lady without friends in this olty, wlslo* the position of M?<i?ekei?i?>r u widower's family prererred;alieIshon irahleand r lined tnh rmanneia and of a good family, and alio wishes to encave with a lady ta sew snrt assist her with her family car*--; Ke/illemen nod men of honor only, are reipieated to call on her nt 0?Wi>s? 21st st., room 17 for a few ilaya. Humbugs are re.iaeste^l not to notice thla. HOUSEKEEPER.?A WIDOW LADY, OP PLEASING niHiirifT and o' genteel anpearan* e. w <she* to <*uu:a^6 in an elderly gentleman's family as housekeeper Has had good ?cperieuce and is fully competent; is fond ot children. A widower's family preferred, Wages not so much sought a* a good home. Call at 2.0 West 2tfth at., nearVth av., for two days. HOUSEKEEPER.?A IiADY, 26 YEARS OF AGE. OP pleasing manners and the bl^he^t resiiet-iability, wMies m situation as housekeeper. Salary no object; a g?n>d home, where* she will be appreciated, ia all that ia required. Ad dress Mm. 0, M? II.'raid ollloe. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. AS clerk or barkeeper, being fuljv competent to fitl the above; writes a lair hand and understand* ?ecounts, Good references. Addn<*s K., Herald oftlco, or 16 White st. nOUBBKBBPBS.?4A MIDDLE AGBD AMERICAN tfcdy !?* desirous of obtain tug a situation a* l.o isekeej?er In a private family or hotel. Unquestionable reference* ?tven un to capacity*and good standing. Addreas Mrs. Kate Wilmot, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A HESI'ECTAltLK YOUNG Cj woman, as good cook, washer and ir uier; willing to t!o the work of a small family. Is a good baker of i .read and huscult, and can give the best of city reference from her last place. Oan be seen for two days, at 80 West 10th st., in the rear. SITUATION wanted-?BT A HIGHLY RB8PB0TABLB young woman, a> good plain cook, and e\cedent washer and ironer; thoroughly competent .'or her bustnesH. No ob. jectiona to go a abort, distance In the country. Best of refer ence. Can bo aeen for two days at 58 West 23d ?t. QRDATIOK WAN TED.?A FRENCHMAN, WHO THO Cj ron?hi> understands the cultivation of fruns. gnipesand vegetables, and who can furnish the highest tertimonial* of ability and Integrity, desires to tind a situation as gardener. He ia not afraid of work. Address X, Herald olUce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTAi'LK YOUNG O woman, In a private family; is a good plain cook, and an excellent washer and ironer. Good reference f rom her last place, where she lived three yeais Can be seen on Tuesday, from ten until live o'clock, at millinery store No. Broadway, under the Bancroft House. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW u lady from New England, as housekeeper in a gentleman's family, where there are children preferred; is competent to make their clothing and do sewing of any desciiption or any kind of Work that may be required of a thoroughly edu cated N"W England woman. Address for two days Mra Nl on. Herald oihee. SITUATION WANTED AS COOK?BY A PERSON WH > understands her business; none but the best of families aeed apply. the beat of reference. Apply at oraddre* 435 7th a v., between 3<>ih and 37th sts. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD PLAIN COOK and tlVst rate washer and ironer. Call at 405 7th ave.. southeast corner ot 35th St., tor two days. Goo<1 reference gti en. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS O norland chambermaid. Good city reference. Call for three d^ys at 71 West20th st SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTECTANT GIRL, AH seamstress and dressmaker; Is caj stole cutting ami fitting; has no objection to do ehamberwork, or to wan on a lady; can produce stv years' reference. Cat* be seen for two days at 30o 5th si. SBAM8TRE88 AND LADY'S MAID-A TOUVO fO. man wish, s a situation In the aliose capacity. She on derstands liAirdresMng; would assist with ehamberwork. Has four years' city reference fron\ her iast employer. Will b" found willing and obliging. Oan be seen for two days at 17t? East 17th st. TWO GERMAN GIRLS?SPEAK FRENCH AND EN giish?wish to obtain situations as chambermaids and waiting, or to do general housework. Inquire at No. 5??^ Forsyth at., near llester. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS WANT 8ITUA tlons; one as cook, washer and Ironer; the other as chambermaid ami waitress. Have the best of referom-ca from their last plane. Can be seen for two days at VTa3 East 2'J<) st., between 1st and 2d avs., third floor, front room. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH S1TUA tions in a private family; one as cook, washer and Ironer; the other as chainbermaid and waitress; will be will ing to ass s' each other in their work. The best of city r ? - re nee. Call for two days at 22 Lexington av., between 23d and 24th sts. mWO GIBL8 WANT SITUATIONS; ONB AS COOK. X washer and ironer, and the other as chambermaid and seamstress; would asslsi in washing and ironing. G. o 1 city reference. Call at 1,24ft Broadway, between31st and .'>2 1 its., for two days. WAN rKD A SITU \TloN, BY A K, SPJ 0T VBLE MAR ried woman, as wet nurae. Apply at lsl baai itith st. References exchanged. WANTKD-BY a RESPE('TABLE Yor.NG married woman, with afresh breast of milk, her second baby, a situation as wet nurse. Call at 132 33th St., near 3d ave., for tiro dayh. WET NURSE -WANTED, A baby TO wet NURSE, at her own residence, by a married woman, who has lost her tlrst baby; milk two weeks old. Call at the corner of 4th av. and 41st st., In rhe grocery. Wanted?by a young girl, a situation to do ehamberwork and walt.nn or plain sewing, or w?.uld travel with a lady. Can be ^een for two days at ft), 16th st., corner ot 9th av. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, at cook, washer and Ironer, and ? an do housework for a small family; haa the best of city reference. Apply at 346 36ih it TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA n tlon to do general housework and make herael/ gene raliy useful. Can be seen for two days at 2113 <k>ld at.. Brook lyn, second floor, front room. WANTED-BY A TIDY WOMAN, WITH POUR YEARS' city reference, a situation as regular laundress; does up linen tn the be?t stile; wage* $7. Call at or uddrese 184 Easiest ft ^ _ SITUATIONS WASTED?FEMALEM . TIT- ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A respectable ff girl, m imrw aim ?-?m?irfn?. or chambermaid ? d aeamatrawi; can do One waalilnc and Iron lug. Can be a?cu for two day*, at 2U8 Eaal liltu at, ouiw. ru ItuuilMtvi., UiuA floor, buck room. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KKSI ECTABlJt V gtrl, to do the hoUM>?ork of a araall family; g. oJ city reference. Call for two d.i>a attlSliib *L, belweeu Ui ar. and a*. A, top floor, fruit room. WANTED-HY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general bonne work in a auiall private family: ?agea not ito much an object a? a good borne- bunt > ity re erenes Siven. Call on Margaret Conuell, U4 EaatiMh at., lor two aye. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GOOD, competent girl, to do general bouaework. Call at 2*0 Imav., be tween Min and Ifilli ata, WANTED-BY A respectable YOUNO WOMAN. A situation to d'i general b Mint-Work; can g|vc good rnfe rnnue from her laat place. Call for one day at 337 Eaak 9 h at. . WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Prote?t..nt youtin woman, as HU hi- anil im-amilr a or as chambermaid and uurae. Call for two day a at 76 Weak ltltli at. WANTED-BY A NKSPBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN, A b- Him ion uh rhamlwrmitli' and waltreaa or to una st with wanbuig an<l Ironing; no obju. lion to the country. Apply for two ilayx at tSl 7th ?t., room ID WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A young widow woman; baa a good brra?t oi milk, and tlie ri? oinnirndation from her present employer, Apply for two day* ai XH Henry at., near D.-xraw. Brooklyn. Wanted?by a respectable youno woman, a altuation a? niuae and aeainauoa or to wmiuua tidy and new; is a beautiful plain itewcriind unilerHlaniUaUklnda of embr ddery: Im-m o tj re erenoe from I.iat p ace. Call lor two ila\K ai 91 We?t Win M., lira I floor, back room. Wanted?by a respectable younu woman, a ?Kuatlon HH laun ,rea?, or aR cliambcruiald and l.itin dreea, in a private lauiily; go?d taty reierenee froiu ber Wat plane, wliert: ulu- U?ed lour yean. Can b ? wen for two day* at 498 2d av., third floor. WANTED?A situation AS HOOD PLAIN COOK, waaher and liouer, bj a \Oung woman, who inn bp wai iri omniciiilctl, or would ilo liambcrwork and plain t-o .in*. Call on or adiln- a H. 11., 1,278 Broadway, between oS i un<l 33d HIM. WANTED-BY A BESPECTA1ILE YOUNO AMERICAN girl, a altuation on nurxe. or nurse ami chamoermaidi would lie willing to make beniell gcucrally uselul. Can be se?n till enuirgi tl at lM7thav., between 20th and 21at via., lirat (liMir, lia.k room. WANTED-A situation, BY A YOUNU WOMAN. T? dogneral bouwwoi k. Addreaa or call at I'M Went 4lM St., between 8m and 9th av?. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A aiiualioii aaiook ami to aKslai with the winlilrg awii ironing and take the entire cluirge of the kitchen: thoroughly umleri>t?ml? her bono ?*? he t of illy uml oouutfy me rencM. Can '?? seen for two daya ai 69 Went 30th at., between 6th und 7th ava. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A situation AS chambermaid and L> attaint In tin- waalilngund ironing, or would do ho general ho.iM-work of a urn.ill amlly. Bt-ik a I city relerence. Can be seen for two days at 157 Wareftey plate. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAB1* w woman, hh exiwrie nerd ? o<?k in ap'lvale ' "Vat of t? 'DjttcUon '<? go abort (iisuu e in the i-ountry. B-nt ot t+to r?'iice. i a)) for two <!ays at 02 Mast tfouttton Bt. WANTKD?A RB8PB(rrABL8 FKOTE?TANP \ ounft wi man, a Mtnation ns waw,*.!*?*, am) wo?ki tak* car.? ot cbUUrf n or do i baniU't work. Call at 124 3d ave. f?(*.ir Uth Mt. WANTFD-A SITUATION, AH ClilLUKEN'S NI IWB and u akt- bera? 1. Tim be?i of city rt*ft;rtieee ran U* (rtv? n. Apply at lh?> Uon onl il., Brooklyn. WANTKO?A MTI'ATIt.N BY A HKST i l.AHS > ( OK, in a |Mlv: ie fumify; iindc^iHnd- ail kinds of co ktaxi wa-?ld a.-?tMi in ?n- h . i? i?* n I *m| Tue laal of ?! > ? in ?, iih to b? r rhar eUfr and < u| ability. Call ai JkJti So av?%? b tv\?-?n24ib and 26t? WANTED? BY A RK-PKl'TABS.K PKOTBSTAlfT voun< wt man, a an nation i- lima*", ia 'ana 1** ??; tnking the (marge ot ft a-y rom ita lurM ; ? r t b unlnTotald -ad M^aniMrreim. Th*'Ik ?< of rf*<i'ri*in ? a kivmi. (Jan b f-v?*u ?u til fume <1 ai M3d nv?'., )>etweou 24th and 25th tta. IVA TKll-A SlTCAfloN MY A itESPoSfAiitaS JT woman, a a fomi**U;nt Jaiiod>e*a ?#r tu** b< t tna d and tim w ihin^,. Tim i?Kt of city rufrr?*noe on? \ xodiu'fd, h?a (i><*d kjx >ii?ra m b?*r la hi place. Can l** ao?? i or tiro d?>a at 162 Eaat l!Uh WANTHD?BY A HKM'KtTABLfi UK KM AN GIRL. A Ritiiaiion to do gcnrml b?ii?? work 1u a ?rnafl tanuiy. ?< < lty rflerenoe. Impiim at .V? Woi?*u*r at,, corutir e( Bioumf, \\rANTKU-BV A RfCSI'E<TTABI.E YOL'NU WOMAN, A f f Hamilton /?????<! pi .m ?>k; i* an ?*xe? iU*nt waahor ?m?4 jrtMicr. OiH4t? v n-J. n-n#-i? f <?m her l?u\ place. Call atUI ?j<i ?&,, (wMtmo 7i?i and 8th ?, WANTED?BY A KKSPKt TAI^l.K tilkIH A HITUATtO* ??f aura*' und n^atito'iv h, or iihcliainW^rmald ?nd i?aa aiai with thf 4iin^ am! iror.inKi no objwiion t< d ? ^neraft bottM?wt>rk. Good * lty rpfer^we. ('allutltO WrMlHtb ?K^ in tho r?*ar. YVANTKD-BY A UK PKCTABLB PROTESTAJfT y??unjt w < a n'tt.ulioti MUUltHtm and dn ap ?'.n ' muhiiu* ttf.Ht n! rr ! n m her laai place. OaA? 1-4 Weni *Mih st. A\rANTED?BY A YOUNU AMERICA# OIRU U ft yeara of a-;e, alt. nu*n h chip!'* nnr^ ai i t# 4? itewiux; ?*? u?*hI, willing nod obiluinu; reauK and wrtt? i; n*?k jrction to u I uij wiio hoard*; city or touuirv; wau?-* ?6. (Ml At IS4 Kust ttlsi hi. WANTED?hy A rfspeotarle GIRI* A SITDA ui>n .ik mirae hiul wnmiii re-.-; alte im romped-nt i-> ihjm liiargn of itri infant, anij ihoi'oiik.m\ umleralamlh b?r buat ne** a* lo the aare of ''hlmria btli-f ch relmrence an m ehuructerand capability ft otn b> r Lat where nhe h? llveii three yi ar*. Cat. ioi iwu day* mi 21a) k/ihi 15 h ai. WANTED?a SITUATION, HY A RESI'ElTABLE WO ?f man, hh lauodtea*. cull lor twoda>* at liri unmri '??iipli.y. ; a, 67 We<t lllh at. Alt ANTED?by a ItLSi'ECTABLB GIRL, A hitfa ?? don to <lo kenm! n >iim work or rooking ill a oriraae family B<?tcity reference irom bar last place. Call im iwnd.iy* ?| !*5 Court HI., brookun, ba k room, m*cond \VANTED?a SITUATION. HY A SMART industbi i? uuit American wonniu, aa good cook, waalier and ir iwt. aimi a aim.>tfon wanted by n little girl. Inquire 01 laat em ployer, ina kant 1'jlli m. "ITTANTED?by A RESPECTABLB yoirjuj WOMAN, A ?T ?itiiaii'ti km ehumtwrmald to do rite wahintig, ar would do the hnuaewcrk of n aitiali family. B- at > i r r-ei^ eucc, Call for two davh nl 175 vv rnl hi., accond ii'>or, buc? ri?.m. WANTED? \T 1113 EAST seventhkn Til stukkt a coloi-etl girl ludouifeiiiikiiim waahintt and ironing ef a ? mull family. vimm mine well n i-i innx iidc!. tirante11?by A i4l- pettable MIDDLE auro t? n orm n ,i *ii nation an good io' k nd to hhsim wi>h the watdiing ami ironing. Good city relerence. Call at 197 pw sytli hi., for two daya. \\TANTED?a SITUATION, BY A resl'bf ta f MM ?' young woman, aa ohnmht miaul ami wultri. or would it?m?4 iii ilie w.tailing ami Ironing Beat of city irli'r\ ?'a (laii be seen fur two day* at 147 EaM 11th at., betwe?a ??. A and lat av-. Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a *ltnatl >n aachart xrm. i and anresa; hnn ito utun^ tlun to anatst In wan ilng and honing. Good reference. cm be nei o tiii stilted at 11*9 I..1h ljtli ht, olid Boor, Wanted?by a protectant girl, a situation toil" houaework; no objection [odochambea work and to a. slut In the w ashing anil trnnln : n a privaU* im nilly. (j'li^t fiij reieri nce fi ir. hfl hi-i piki-e. Call for tun* dnj? at 126 Kith av., between isth anil 1'jtli ata. Wantkd-by a competent girl, a situation j?r rook in a privan- .a .illj ( ) hrr A/iirnian or kirncv cin i* ?vn at her presem euibloyer # lot two days. N? 3d Went 14th at. Wanted-a situation, by a respkctabui young girl, lo do tin* homework of a xniall family; 1? a go iil p'ikin tmok .uid iintl rate waahi rand ironer, or xta d* < haiui'i i work and tine wiihhing ai d ironing mid l uin ?e? lint. tin' ix'kt of rity rewn noe. Can > e sn-n lor lwa .1 Zif* Went Slat ?l, n? ar 9th av., mcond Uoor, back room. WANTED-HY A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN, A STTl'A, tlon a? niirw' ami ?? nnihtre.i*; la rapitbln of taking oan of it baby tmm |i? birth. tlw> bt'>i n j rrierenic i ? i* given; or would do chamlierwork and waiting Apply at m '6lst at., ih'twi'rn l>t and 2<i ava , for tw.> h. WANTED?a situation, HY A RESPECTABLE uiki. hn nurae and m.?iii?iii >.-; wuuiu naaist in clu mbet w?rt audat'wliig: Would prefrr ?? wmg for < lilldr> tt, as nbc m di'inltindk all kiuila of plain ^ewiug. ll.ta the l?-?t of cHf re:< r ni?. Can l>e wen lor thre? dn>? at 171 Kaat 3ml at., i*m | goor. i ronl nxmk, WANTED?a SITUATION, BY A STEADY, IIESI'bct ai'ii' woman, as i-ooli, mid wuuiu tt^nUtt In wiudiln and Ironing, tho iawt of oil* reletuncu cau iwtlven; or iraam Ki.a i hainb rniitld and uo hue w.i?ltliig and iruutng la ua atm >nu?r. Apply ai 136 31*1 at. in imeu li?taud2uav^ lur iw" daya. WANTED?by A respectable YOUNG GIRL, a aim <111*11 u> do gnnerul iionaewora; giatd city r?lerecftoa gtireti. ciiil at 2i- Wrhi ?5ih nt Wanted?a situation, by a young man, to it'iiu bar, or any other li^ht Immn. ??. Gall at j1 b*w ?>}? WANTED?a SITUATION as CHAMBERMAID AND laundreaa, or lnnnmev. a oue. ben, it rrfiereow at -egiirilm i'l.arai mi am'..ipaii u y. to avoid irotthb hut tl - m>at f.?uiill<;n need apply. Can be aeon for two daya id i-2 7ili a*. WANTED-a SITUATION, BY A reupbcta BLB young woman, taokmc, waah and Iron; m> ohji-clm at ? da p-m iat housework. <loo.| ret. n in e. t:atl at 21 Cor noil. at. No oiijecthmh to (0 a abort diabince In the miliary. v\ AN VED?a SITUATION. BY A lespiictabli " yo nt; woman, a*, vook, and to aaaiit wiiu itaahingand rm-iik, h"ie i of city itm-reucc can in* ^iteu. Aipl ai 111) Weal ;i.ltl ht., aecondf fl<* r. w"a TED?a SITUATION, BY A 1u SPEtTABLE glkzi. ?? ti ill eu ral h ii- w rk; in a good plain w .a ni end iroit".; hue uood city refei'i-nce. Apply ai lshv\a.erey place, rimer ol imbwionu mrer till- gnici ly. \\? a ktbd-A sii iTa itgn "hy'two rkspei tablb m _irla .one n* pialn rook and lira ratBW.ain rand ion r: tbeotlii rn* h lino -riuaiil an i wal rv?s ?r n? cliamliernwdd and eanudieaa, or to do tine wanlilng uid iroalnt; wiilng aao ohil'ilng; iio.h have the i>' at of ? iy r ? erenee Irom their laal plan a ca'.l lor two dava at N<>. 2 union court, lnlveral tv place, beiwien lltli and 12th als wanted?by a bespbctable protkbtant t? youug woman, a altiiation ?a plaiu cook, waniier and ironer, or to do lioiiaework In ,i atnad arivate family* good eiiy referuuie. Call lortwo dayaat We?t 2!hh at, aearythar. Wanted?by a respectable woman, a child to Board, from two and a hall in four years old. in aulre for mia, Lynch, SU3 Mulberry atreeu, near lfleecker, m the rear, llrrt door. ^ Wanted-a situation, by an enoush girl, as i hambermald and aeamalreaa, or would take a nurae'a place. keferenre trwn la?t employer. Call for two daya at fol Columbia ai. jbrooklyn, between Atlantic and Stale nta. Wanted?by a kespectable woman, a situa tlon ?> <va<k; underatanda her huailieta. Best m igly referenr*; w ell recommended by her UuH employer. Cal at No. 2 Baal 17lb al, ooruer of 5lh av. fkor BALANCE OF " WANT*'' st? uqutg i'AGM

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