Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1861 Page 3
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TUB REBELLION HTcro Troops Required in the Army of the Potomac, Interesting News from tlic Indian Country. The Red Men Loyal to the Government. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Reported Trial Trip of the Armor Clad Rebel Steamer Merrimac. Departure of Reinforcements for Hatteras Inlet. Return of General Wool to Old Point. NEWS FROM MISSOURI AND KENTUCKY. Forward Movement of Gen* Fremont ill Pursuit of the Rebels. Sharp Ounlboat Stags gement on the Mississippi, &C., &C. OUi SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCfiES. Wasiiisutox, Oct. 7, 1SQ1. *UOOrB FOK THE CAriTAL?VI'?!! ON THE COUSINS. U.C.-0 t-li' iuIU. be no o station of [up dar efforts to stimu late an increase of the army, (articular <y In adding to tha force in this military department. It should bo remem bered that tho forcos under General Dix, at Pa'tiworc and Generals Bcuks ar.d Stone,on the Upper 1'otctr.i.c, rn well as tlic nruoy of observation bi Uveeu this rlty and General Ranks'column and thai along tho I/iwer Potomac, cannot be wi'ie uvai able b} Cc; oral Mo( lellau for active "peratt ns in the field. The )?? siilf ns held by those forces are all iinpoi lai.t to bo maintained, and in Ilia event of an engagement immediately In fiUkt of Wach&gtou tho commanding Ccr. ral would not have at his diap< sal near so mary men as is genet* ly ?uppcted. It >3 oily projr: that litis fact thocld b.) known by 11 c public, by whom lhc number ol our forces iu this department Is evoesi-lve'y overrated. It is duo alike to General JltC'.ciuin and to cur jullantaimy this sfcvtctnent; liould bo made. Why cannot tin loyal ouce raise an army tui^clently largo to out tfw rebellion u-lliout do ay? t-'mh an ;.rray, wli so overwhelming numbers will overawe tho rebels, would by Ks m ral forti achieve a bloodless victory grando: than any over win by il o sword, and far more benoliclol Mi its rcru is l? this j it ion and to the world, l'ofh on (ho ?uiumns. rNsrgCTioN of inn Troops. General McGlollan and esowrt inspected our outposts from above Oiuiti Bridge to KunsonV Hill tj-day, and re turned this evenin,' by the J.engD. idp\ General nr.d several otlwr members of G or. oral lfaOlhm'; staff, have b?*n en,tilled all nay inspecting trco,.s i n this ide the river. AM, QUIET AI.ONG TltB I'KION LINKS. At i'cv n < 'dock t')-t ?'lit everything is reported q*tict in thiu dc; urlmcttt. TIM: REBKt, I'KKiiTS. Then hi pick'iK-nlvani e <nto the hill a mile 1)9 youd Fall's Church dr.; ing the day, and tetire further Tiaek from the hill r.l night. ai t Atna oktue i.nwrit votom.ic and at ponntES* MONJIOK. Tlio steamer Philadelphia arrive.! from Fort roes Jl'mroc ?to-day,and repo-tn n'.l ?j<di t throughout tin \vV !e lcrgtU of thj Lowsr Fovmae. The rebel batteries along i-horo hftv ' made no tit iaou>;tratloi:8 tor at vend days. T1m> Phltadolf!i:a bronght <;;> tho Assistant .Secretaryoj tho Navy, Mr. Vox, wholiad paid a Hying visit t > thu fortress, and n!?o Commodore Goldatorough, vvio bus come up r? r roxsaitntion with the N'uvy Pepartm it. No news ^importance Is brought front lie fortress hy Daily exchanges of icleas"d prisoners an 1 persons, pro?ided with passos arc made ander luvi'.q or truce at Crimvy Wan I. KKWH FROM TUK INDIAN OOrNTRY ?I/OVM.TY OI' THE BITO MEN. The Comrrr*- sioncr ot Indian Affairs returned to tin city this morniug, after a brief visit to tho indies country. He visited several ot tho tribes north of flho flmge,(ud held mnny councils with them. He I'ouad ttusnnll 1 iyal, evincing;! Bfevngatlnr! mont to tho leknl fovemmoat. It appears<th:.t enl.v three tribes, who ape nr. acevaaiblo, and beyond t ie reach of the govcinir.m'., are disloyal. Be in of or-* 'ion that troops ought to beidespa'.iibod at ?ncu to the In lian ooutlry for tho purpose <of reclaiming them. mcrmiOK of thb xkbej. sj-ramrx aranMirxc ADWAHDR FORTRESS i.VNKOH. A gert'enui i who arrived lu m Koptress Honroe this ?vei.itif. re.-wi m that tho Merrirnac, having been put in order afl/T- olng rii .-<1 by the rrtiefc, slenmedout of Norfolk h*r. >r late yesterday af ten. wan, and rami' within Mgljt fr.?m 1? rtri. ? Monroe. :Ujoin??.s th, roughly ateel plat.'1. 'here appeared u>i?oa ifull .ooiopleiotnt of men on feourt. and site la > vi<V .;tly raniy.l'or ervice. and milking a.!] ,aJ trip She will ',e ivci. b*?l ct.stomor to our fleet. THE tiKA>D 4&CVIKV OF Tllr CAVAI.KV AN1> \R TILLSRV. Tlio carxiri .t:d ariiil. iy review tomorrow will be a grand nflta". ?ft/0'u;h only a jwrtlon ef iUi t pavalrr under romitii'iU chief of cavalry.,, and tout ap rti'M #:o Held artillery ?:-diarge of the ohlef . of ?r: : ry. m ; , - ry. are ordered to pnrado<<ir rev i.<w. T'Ml.i.v Uwwo f '"lent.-?fl'.o rtrat ' .Kr*'y. the In . ditna r.ud tbe LhioIu Cavalry?weiH-eui .to tiiopio.tde ground to [i.* i. for tho review Uwii-iruw. These re;rintonm are as j?t untrained. ItoM: .'nun and ho W?i ire drilling. W tiiey aro compwoil?f .. ? ftneuiuierlal aa ?an be fouod .in t?JO s"rv ice. W.tii prm^-r attention to drill they willmako^Acient trne-w. "IVith ?ueh u it -ri d H wt.1 l.o tho UM oCIJ.0 omcers aud :n- ;i Uicm^ohe.i If ina Irt'o time <-? ? vcaut er cavalry duos lot rivvl ih ? result i= in efl.eieuey. Tl."i .i.^ling difj alLM rib >i.t (he ct.kvi '.'i"? of two or .awrvofcnteer e;:vtjry is gt rdh- their h*'.motion in drill ..? d .'i.j.-ipllne. T1 <? dii'i. ?j't ios avovnfirtunato. Tl .. '.-r.M bo settled,promj>tl| Delay oal,' indoccs Lijanuvrihuution, and aufiuite iu j.ury to tl" for vice. i:K:( .ItAL V,-QOU'ii ITsritB MOVIJ1ENT-. H is asrorgained ben as ojl cial source (loccrai ?Wuoii' *,a jltl,rceelvid no inntrnetloue. Itat ho trill ?jpwcxutl to ijfcncuri ia nt? uBcej'.iin. Tin: ai:mv. kukiai. mi.viR \d.-fT2. War ^'fpartm 3-i. V ??;:ivrox. 0e?. 7.I<W1. Brigndltr (iemral W. If. huoiig. rnlunteer lorees. |?i aaaignodt*. duty i/t the sfalTrf u i or f>oner:.l Y^moat, cotr.v.tndi-v ?? iVpartment or the Wut, and will ima)0 dlately- report In |K raoit to tlint iTfiiuv. Tiie ?'t.H u of tk-' rre.ii'i nt l>avt.'i2 been tailed to tha case of t'ol.iiirt l>e Aliua.of tlu> Indi?;ii-1.^(4 who wan tried find die'it I tk . e of IK/' I'liliii, . '!at-? ?t by a ?general emirt in, vli'eh ?< t.iV.ii 1.?;,.(^n:i??. 'in., theSSth ultimo, by virtue <T ri rrJ.'rfixin* ?'he V. -t ?r? nepartmant, he has I *i > 'cast Ho dii -ettli^rrsiora. tloe of tlnit oi 'i-r (o hi- foi iner po^'.nn in ?' iKvol-.-n teercorvico r.f H?. b*nit,.d Ketea, and that o rhrfi.' re CCiveyny for the tirou tl ?nt lie be:- beenout of!s u vi'e. I L. HiOJWS, Adjutant 6-:? ra!. 1 OEXKEAI. OiiliEK?NO. 83. War DRfAKTMEJiT, ) I ArurTAKT Grnscai'm Oitki.Wa'iiwjton, Oct. 7 IRtll. f ' it is observed thai uxuuy clUvivrs of tho ariny jay ^ post t!?i? on official communion tk*.s u'lrc-scd to tho Ad jutant Genera), and that ollioi- addie.- taelf cummunl cations u> tbo jLvi^tant in i!i ? Adjuluut GenonilH oflieo. Both of ths.) practices Oi*e wrong, and mucteeasa. Iho Adjutant General Is authorised to frank and ro< oiv? let- | |i>i* by i o-tfreo ?' iwwl.???;<>. 'Hi v should, ill >refi re, l.e left unpaid, a i ;; '.dr< s d in all cases to tho Adjutant General or ili ? army, I Tlie attention i t' cfiloers hiving part In the <Htvhar>re of soUlters for disability ia i .lied to paragraph* 107 mil ICS ui tlio Br viced Be*: litlons of Hi" army, to U.e h.. :<,:c!Vj8 for tbo c- mv : <'er <t t| o 1 company,contained Ui the t?rni <>f t'w certid aloof < i i. - - ability, page 325,B*vised Uepilatiors. and to note V >. 1 uttached to that, form, which in In ilia following wo.v..: - "Vv hit. a prul able O wii) for pen.- ion. . !?i ' . nilM i .? takvu to stato tl 'degree of disald:uy." 'ilio neglect i f oompaiy i-oi.un uidors to stato th- cu.:-- ? win n known, iuhI other fai t. eo - ocU-d wiili tho disability, and of tho surgeon to siati- i;s degree, may deprive worthy sum of tho pensions to which they aro entilled. li. THOMAS, Adji.taut General, TIIR HAVV. Captain rove, late of tho l'ooc.bontn1, who has born honorably ac |Uittod hy a Court of Iuquiry of tho Charges against him, lias born ordered to a command upon cither tho Ohio or Mississippi river. AWAIXS AT TUE NAVY YAltP. The ptoswr Baltimore rook to Fort tvss Monreo today with n largo quantity cf heavy shot and t lie!). Tho Pawsea is at tho Navy Yard for somo slight repairs to hor maclrfoery, Tbo PocaboutflS la tit the Navy Yard to exchange her pr< rent armament for a heavier one. A orew fer tho new gunboat Just launched at Baltimore has been sent thither from tho Navy Yard lioro. There aro now at the Washington Navy Yard more vessels of war than have been sefti there at ouo time be fore for years. Among them aro the Pawnee, Pen?aoola. Harriet Line, Pocahontas.Forces, Baltimore, Mount Ver non, Philadelphia, and a number of other steamers, largo and email. Tho . ailors aro drilled daily. The din of preparation is hoard continually front all parts of tho yard. Commander Dulilgren and Lieutenant Parker ar# coutinu-.lly on tho gut t ite, ' TERRIFIC "rORM ASH HKAVY RAIN. A tierce thunder storm has succoedod tho intensely hot weathor of tho last few days. The rain I.- pouring in tor rents, and tho vivid lighting will probably m< nopolire tho telegraph wil l's. TUia stoi m indicates tha approach of eold weather, which w ill prove a serious inconvenience to tbo rebel troo-s on tho Potomac, who arc known to bo unprepared for a cold term. DfttS'ER TO GENERAL M'CLEU-AX'S STAIF. Tho dinner mentioned in last night's despatch as havirg be n giv.n by General MoCleHan's Muff to the Court do Paris and Due de CUartrcs, was given by Lieutenant Colonels He.dson, Colburn and Scltrer to their associates on the staff, in conimcmorution of tl.eir recent promotion to tho rank of I ieatenant Colonel. The Princes, who arc members of the . tan", have returned tho compliment this evening, and exti nd thi Ir iti\ itatioLs to tiio wholestaff. General MuCicllan atnl tho Prtnco do .'oinvilie worn present as pucrts on the occasion. Speech"-. and sent! moots were oflbred, and tho affair passud off elegantly. l/ MBP. LINCOLN AND TIIR OELEAKt' rRlNCES. For son.e two weeks past there has been a steady flow Of disccssicn in diplomatic circles of tho striving event lately recorded of two scions cf a royalhousecf Frame entering cur a; my. Both Irsido and outside tho dip'.i tnat io corps It has been pronounced inexpoc'i? nt, if not also i ladeocrors, in our goven.m nt to a .< pt among their military j rotefes th- two lYcrch prii cot? ir qneetiin, be cause there princcs r< pre.- cot th; Orleans dymifty, which is said to be the in tl popular in after the H?:fHi of Bonaparte, tuid is, therefore, regarded, if not w ith hos tility, ccrtainly with keen and re;.t:o..s jea!uu*y, by the reigning Emiwror. liiejo is no doub! entertained 1 ere by thoso co:n pet ut to form a judgment that Napoleon III. will bo surprised and displeased at this act of our government. It cuuimt be e-jrsidored wire, In any point of view, to incur, much '.vs ? court, tho displeasure of s.:ch a monarch t"s Napoleon, moro especially at n crisis iiko that tho North hn-? now to oontena with, 'iho gie:.t<Bt curirsity is prevailing to loam who arc the u.einlx rr of the ad ministr&tion U.ut' r.t tlum elves to this Impolitic mea sure. It is already that the Prince i!e JoinviUe was at the bott? m of tho intiigce, but it hrs yet to bo ascertaineI how ho moused to r-irry ou. his r?fcotial j oliey, which is inimical to tho last degree to the lk^: ripr.ita family, by gotting liia royul no[ hews into tho fwiml army. It was general!}- J-ujiffscil for a time ?!.: t t!i ? president lad been won over to such a doubtful sup by tho mjro nfous per roast* u of tho Prince do Joinville; but a fuel has leaked out lately ihat throws ibis rumor into d-orcdit. It appears that cm effi'rt was'undo tudajs ago to lm'uco thePrtfUtent aid Urs. Jiroiln to Riva it banquet to the Orleans princes, iu liic t-tyio i f that ul i::b wes '.ately j.'ot up in hotter of 1 ? 1- to ? t: jwjVi < n. Tim Prrpid- lit, with thit native shiowiitxtB win U charqc t rlzet I im, I I'. itfci <t. A reigning Emperor, niiii that Knipw r {KI !o.h?ci ufU'.e ? <1 it more politic to please, or at leapt i t to (f,.nd, tbar any rr.mbcr if kin,,? in futvro ?-f tho Orlooui; Itoarc. 1'civro d._-ci tho Ptoi iiler.t, actuated by the: sum eapcity, th u~i t it be.-t to refer this drlicato and dij>!ur..utio qmr t?n to a higher tnbui.i.l then bis cwu judgment in such a matter. Tho lfa'y <f tho While Ho go win not c;ly cr.i.M.ltcd, hut tit* tir.r.t derision of tho qtiostlon of ab.r.-juet to the Orleans pritxer. was put in !i or hands. Wt tiicr the Prisithtit regurds i; aa her prjcclti! i rovlitco t'i select tho g :e. ta for his hospitable table, or whethe. l.o has bo elt.n profited by the race pors]?icarity vlj'iiani tuct ?f ! . ? singularly intelligent Pi o;: wo have, of ooarso, r.o mcaua of know it .p, but certain tt . iu his p.'rploxily h .vv to a t iu this tick linn matter lie.arkod tho co-o|ieratk>n of his clearheaded wife. 0.: a very brief . ?tV: tion of the pros and cons >-Ue decided lb.( it v.. s in < very way uncall d for and iqjudi. cioi.a to invito the exi''-l i'reoch princes to bur I'ib.o. Wo cannot nty <: this fact is as yet gene rr-l.y k..<????, bet ws fippoct the aollve and r-b>or" viWt l'r.nch Minipte: fiJly wri ?r it, and hasproba Wly uwuo II knov. n ? ro ti at the wat< hful Court of tho T'lStl'Icr. Co,i; !??'?.. .*'? u > thi;r f .ct is lust begin niig to attractmi a mark. Int'pitcoi tho ad* miiuhl ? ca'.t.' 1. "1. L < <? hi it f iTjS (nit that tho wily .Secretary of ? . ? i . 'it :;i tlio t ftp ?f tho Princc de .'?> u\ .!",*??' : . ! ?ns b.ducol to gi t up a -c stiy uintiei lot'.' . ? ! In. thetir.e.n-s family. Tills WOS nil1....!; i r lii :t. ?C0f tho biad of tho r'iat> Dipvtnrint. lo < i !?t to comprehend the rc spoosib?it\ ? f hi * high Mt. in. and i > know that even a civility of bit. u*> t-.u Si i ?. i^cs a; th< ? o we arc sp ak ing of cannot 4nt have groat weight, an>l perhaps Impor. 4ant and uni -oked for ro;i.'.ts. Ho lur. thought lit to overrule, jt wore, tho prudent example wt by tlio }'r<nMcui and his lady, to t ivo u showy enter* ta'nmeut to tha Orii'tus \S ill not tin i'retioh Ejnpjrur reg_rd this us u rudenchs frrra the Slato Bi'imrtmnnt to hirn-r.lf, if i.i t an ?niiet:t-i?ary dtopiny of ke>?t!iltyf it is tatoihcr qac^ticti, and an mi {Ktrtaul at -:, h iw far Na h on will eHeeni tho govern luciit responsible for such a manilV^tMion of ?) miMhy with bia a.rh 11. !i:i'k, the ??; n and grandsons of Iio-.ils Philippe. But to rcti rn u tho cotnmissiocs recer.tiy pi. o r t<i tli'r Count de Pnrto ijsial the DnkodcCHsrt: . ;. in tiio ft loral amy, which is?ccrtuiu to <d*cdto Ut>'keenest an.'! yance to tho Smperor. We tnqulro once mnro, a ?verybody h-ro is Just now?Joing, who was the poreoa, or what v "s th" lnfloenee*!hat erabled thePrincodo Jo.svillo to gi-itify his fi personal hatred to 1/iais X.-jxioon, and at tin i-a:ne time ac: rd his ?:piriag ws a . !?a'lC'?? to Rttra*'. >? little attri tion on both sl 'es of tl. ? At'antic? Your (. rref rcn lent proposes tio 1< -u up tbisia'.erotitiui; iui'ifc iiiiioti. and wi.l i< .w.trd at tin cariiopt Mioniont th:< v tnam. ini'ornmtion. Xiio | dlplontciti.- work: are entirely or :?< p, : in* this topi.:. IMPORT VST TO I OJtHEsPONDIMI Of TUK ill' liKfAkVVii ?. p< rs ?. wr tinf tho si'Veial i ? <?s of departmenis vrotUfUia that rea civ r.o .an?r, -rs to then letters. It if proper, lii re(?.-8, to state th >: rfc? departmonta wcro (Kganiw 1 on ti - !?r> is ft p<-a e. ') :? busili si ij' < very ityMrtiuf'ti i M<; tod at tho ; _ moment by tho ao?'di'ii iji il rL.ik of u formi 'a'.iiv otvH v> ir. Only i^ucit oiIi? iril ' n< Becassarily ro iur c achcuiwledgnioot r ci ho ivihwcred, ?It::? a greater mus of igorrtstxsndence ll?on| i. uu.ui?i )\vioiK'<. icceivoe,,so 'at as po.s.-ibio, duw attetit'on. Tt e TitnjKi r w tin tiik r-ta-.?WAi?: ixm/.vs. Tl.o count tr- ity toneUried bc'.wicn ihs Deiuwura Bi dians aril tho I * !???<! .-<-?!> ?.? m ofiicUiy pt iclaii ??<!. It prrvides for His comilti'wsl purclip.t of u":o .o m ?'* Eurprn Ian '-bj tuo Leavf'k'vnrth, Pi*i..oa*d w stem K.\ii..<d Ci^tii any ? f Kai"- *, maidtrf j c i irn , .n of a raiiroad .itar .<iri tin' o fk ^Iwl bor reset lie at.*iLer cf act'.F is ivsariy t?v &cn<:i <' d tli .. iit ait jyiiirgw v.tiutsli of tao 1, V'.u I and oi^uty ? viV tHovtoad doll irs. tiik t'T.\*i ixni.'.x .?i ! KajrT;.:.Ti Kx-Oovcn; ?./ I\ l" 'y Ims |. ??< at>|>o,i; ISupnri* tci J.nt oi ^tSiirs for l.'. :h. ITe v. . leave !u at few dtiyj to ;t>st'MO th<t it u ties At hM position. I ? l . ; TIONPt vroa KJMYMzn FATOOMS. Coniplai:tt.i aro; i lo by farmers rJ-ujg t!:o toad be tween il' ? ityaii'i (ieu?rul IiaMtk.- ' c^iaat!' 11' depreda te ,-s cmtntilloil by tho teaniPti rn -.f ri pjjly trairys, jhey iftfokovioiottivnfor Uieir grniu aad forage, iho Rovvmin 'i* !' provld< ! w!::i , "n*h supplies, an 1 pariiesc; mmlttin;'these depredations will bo severely punished if apprehended. THB CASK or COIONEL KINRTKIN, Colonel Finsieln, who whb rnder sitsponrion, bits been metered oatof Uuiservice, there uoeourtof in tjuiry lu llio imc, CtUKtiKS AQAl.ifT Qt AK1 U'.V A ' MIS. Ki merotis !aiuts mid o'.aigi s liavo boen preferred ok >:!is' certain r<' imentol Qusrteruunteiii for malfeasance in <>fli.\->. Tli* matter will forthwith i>o Investiga ted, and the iNU'llrn, if found guilty, puni-hed. Both Genera's M> and Van Vl.-lt deny Iho statement that any ofl oor of tho regular army, connected with tho Quart 'imastftr B Department, la implicated iu recently discovered peculations. Pt'KUUASK OF FOKAOE. Tlic g ivernmrnt has already prewired a large quantity of fOrage at about ton per centum less than is paid by private Individuals iu Washii glen. PROMOTION OP CKNT.ltAt. M'DOWKIX. Brlgndiiir General McDowell is to bo tnado a Major General of Volunteers. NEWS FEOM GEXJ. BANKS' ARMY. Darmcstowx, ltd., Oct. 7, ISffl. This morninp and during tlio middle l:our.? of the day guns wore repeatedly heard iu tlio direction of Conrad's Kerry. At threo o'clock this afternoon General Balks rude thither, aii<l has not yet returned. It Is surmis-'d that tho tiring was from our guns to protect the pre parations smd to bo progressing there fur croti iug the ri\or. Tho First ivigade, cemmaudod by General Aborcrombie, It now resting near nawsonville. Many of the Union farmers complain of the tyranny and Impositions of persons connected ?\ ith the Union regimental supply trains. They Mate that they take e\ ory thing from them in the shapo of fodder, grain, Ac., leaving none for their own -t :clc durlcg tho approaching winter, and, if ex postulated with, (Ivo for answer, "Then sell your slock to Uio povenmjeitt." Tlw health of this division continue? gor*j. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE AND TIAT TERAS INLET. DBTAIITIIRE OP RKIM'OKCKMK.M'.H KOK HATTKKA8? APD1TIOKAL PAKTICt'LAKS OP TH13 ( At'l't KK OP TUB FANNY. FORTRRriS Monroe. Oct 0, ) Via Baltinors, Oct. T, 1861. | Tie P. R. gpeulding has tailed for HUtturus Inlet, with 600 tree;*. Gen. Wi.ol returned to Old Point this morning, and will doi.btless remain. Gen. Jl.inKl'.cM goes to Hatteras Inlet on the Pj .lulling to a-sume chief i omm md. Mr. Fox, Asf i- laut gocrotary of th-? Xnvy, tho Assistant Postmaster General, and Others, hav* spent the duy at Old 1'oint. Mr. Fox came dcron on tho sleamer Philadelphia,direct from Washington, with ordnance stores, and left at four 1* M., aflor a:i intorvii w with ('>mmodoro Gol<lt> borough. Commissary John Clark. late editor of tho Bast .n Cou rier, v.a.s on thu Fanny, but left with the Q.nt loat load of s tores, and thus ercaped being made a ;>ri s^ner. Tho captain of tho Fanny Is severely censured, IB ;.t appears the rebel vox els were not seen until within f ?ar miles of tho propeller. On Thursday morning two tugboat?, having the F.isfpie Lanna's launches In tow, and laden with tlio remaining Kter 3 of the Twentieth Indiana regiment, left Hnttftras Inlet for the encampment of the regimout; b it it was ru mored befcre the sailing of tho Pawnee they had aban don' C their petition, and were on their way to liattcrue Inlcl. IKPOETAKT NEWS FROM MISSOURI. increments of the llebel General Price and Giuirsl Freoieiit. JannKfoji <'iTY,0' t. 0,1381. A special dei-patch to the St. LouU IK-.i-erut? l.itilo doubt is eutcrtaiuod hor? that Go. oral I'rlco la o i his way south with tho main body of his force. His 'orre, rcpori d to bo niaki:i<j (lcmousl-fltloca >ar George town and fledalla, In mertly a detachment, for tho p irpteo at keeping our advani o guard ongagod. When last heard from General fries advance guard was at Clinton, lleury u .iitv. It i" | si.jip-'sctl that Brice will push foiwn.rd to the Arkansas line. Gkitu ral Ficmoct will folk w him c!on 'y. aud gi\ o him l attlc *1? vor he can f.ud him. A force ol' between tin co and four thoueatd libel crivalry has fceoi ce si nea: IJpinn, who/e ob.ect, tt lr pr., If to pet be lt.' en our- advance guard aud t.'s.'.s p'a-e, and then fu'l l.:i! k upon somo ; tray re&imeut or t anFporla ti n train ;.olng out. Colonel Co:Y. of Boone vlt;e, p?V'fed Uifi's-gUfccio for St-T^ids; but It has been aecor taii.eltha: he is on his v,ay South with Important docn inoris eentalnir.can oloelal record of Un procee tiiifca of ? he mock I.eglslaturo 1) Id at in,;;)on recently. A scoutt iom Una ere '& ienor:s the probubJw death or the notorious reh.-l leader IVv. Miekel Johnson, who, whl'e la ving some of I upont & Company's p w dor on Friday rifcht, wax d::ngi rotisiy wooded by the expl' si?.ii ef < n ? l.e.r. Guneral Fremont and staff will pro bably leave fi r Hodaifn to morrow. A special despatch to tbo St. Ijoair< EepvWcan says:? It seems to be tho belief in niilttery circle? Lore that General l rlce will avoid a battle with General Fremouti it j- iblc, Lut others catc. lain the opinion that ho ( ric ?) intend a surprise upon gome point tl?e lea*tpri tected, an 1 that we shall have a light in a few days. G mora Fremont ? c ign^ to follow tho rtUel army into Arkansas and forro to fight wliCiievo hocan encounter them. The p.iy naoteis. who brought fl.200.0C0 to pay oir tbo to t. e'wtftof August,havo discharged their duty and re turned to St. Ii>uis. flaib. Jackson is reported tii rou'c $? Texas. Tho farmers of I'u'.tia county recently oiiinre i to furnish General Fremont, gratis, with $-60,000 worth o!'g,- n. Captain Chantpiou, the rebel who was hero l ist \\i ek, has l arrested is a spy m Geo, aud is now a prisoner. MOVEMENTS OF GENERAL HABNEY. St. Lot is, Oct. 7,1601. General Harney, ar.d two or three other distinguished military men, left by tho' Ohio and Mississippi train thi3 evening, their destination being unknown. OUR JEFFERSON CITY CORRESPONDENCE. Jki :a i: ,on Cirr, Mo., Oct. 3, lfcOl. Tht War yi/tc?J7i>pitl Coneentra'i' i! </ iV. ?jh?Otmvnl I',Tin nt Conjl 1 nC ty" Xacces*?L-. 'n{rton tti Sc'.ac of ih ? ComingCMjli.l?TU- Ib'.K Fbxd m th" ban "f Conflict? Gen. F.cmml't Otmp at City?Tht OutUmat Al io Era I "n-tMe !o II *ch Jtftrscn finm tht litH 'J the H'attraf the Jlfistourt, < V. "The hi.ry note of prepniatiOB'1 Is tlie only sound to bo bcaid aroaad this city. Troo;>sare constantly a. rivii g fr' in below by boat ;.u 1 by rail, an I after a d. t ution of a day or two are : ent abi ve to Scdalia or (Jeorjj' tovTU. A fore i <!' about 16,000 i.< iu and asound Jefferson, but is daily dUnlnishcd hi the nutul"rs . at forward to ,t p iut nearer acttvo <; e.atious. Thero is a go'd pn portion "1 cavalry and artillery, ar 1 thu whole a -my i-.- t.ivt takinr ay-. Her oral Fremont is cond lent that ite <; a : ui ? ? i lly the w ho'" r; belf"rea iu Mi3 wasii. t'fe'i only <!**!"essa few -.ays' fitr'htr pre; ara: .ti. It ii liti . a 111 tliat (i.Ueiat Price will mak ? a r.tau 1 at Lexkigtoo, au t < tho force of Gen 'ai Fr? m ?>:,? vli 'ii it irovs !' li'wnrd. fhe latter will eonvpy Ids troo].<g an I ions of war to .-;..i|?!ia by rail, whence tho dintaiiee to l.-iii >?; on tij'iyJIvc iniey, which will require a n . three dajs. 1' vi;l b- llv.; e,r fix days frora tin I ntd'-o bi-foie t'ie (j uidanny wl I move from Jef t 'ii, ud you ?n yafelf |"'t all nnaious taiion i I' starUiiig Jr \vs from Mlsna iri unlfl !!?? X2lh or 15'.h Instant. (ieinnui ??inter will no? ,al-p the Oe!d with tie maiommy, hut I* te-ojxrate on the <>age river, kce; ii. a watch 1 vei theferri o; that sir'am, to prevent th-J c !? i of any r? ? i l rehilor. mentn frei.t the s irith , ? ? "t. ie i .I >|i Kiii'-Wy will le.wl the foremost brign.e I whiik"\' r Um)battle <k. nrs. Geucr I I'Vouiont iuu liis camp aVout half a mile '.ve t of the t .n. i n an ??!. vati- n vliich connviajnla the e. i a 1 liol.l ! the .iimroarhes from th ? ?ilvectlon Cf Hfirinelie.'tl and Vuffcumbja. runco lus arrival h" has at t misd ei i riy te the purgedien of Ui.; urmy and tile com \ ' ? ion ( f pi', ??> a;i' ??? fer a forward tjoveimmt. TI,o SlicsSii ri river in now very )</??net m?re than throe fc*.'t 1-1 iu tiio cntuinel .between'Lexington and J i.c.vuJtt t it}'. The gut.boat Mew I ra, which waafitted t;ti to a..: in tho attack npealiexinj; ei. v.a.: I unable to come op the Mir1 mri, and isaa returned to St. J to tig. . bERK&rADE IN PUI].AP?:LPHU TO a T.vlv NESSEEAN. tnuui suruu, Oct. 7, l'.fll. A aeretiajA is projxv 1 for Wia. B. Cart r, at uldnifht, at tl o Continental,a# a reprectratalivo of tfia Joynl ; 'pie ] cf To:iue??ce. Mr. fa. or gives asivtrnnce of the d?ep j /hniftb iat?iit -ympatliies felt luihatiUate for tlw I nloa. | m baa just returned from Washingt ), where he had re- ' oelrt '1 assurance of nctlv ? supiwrt fr< :a ojr goveri.m nt to aid the loyal men iu tint S'.aio w?th money, arm.--, Ac. Re will pt.oceed at onoo to Kent'iuky, to operate for the Lnion causi",,aa4 (8 very sanguiue uf a saco03?ful issue. VZH7 LATH ?LIZ EICQMOIQ. Two Days Later Papers ft'orn That City. THE WHEREABOUTS OF JOHN I'. CI!EC! INUIDGE Tclegrapluc Iucxv.i from Georgia, Tcoacsr.eo and Louisiana. Arrival of the Union Prisoners in New Orleans. lle-Elcction of Governor Brown, of Georgia, Ac., Ac., <fcc. We have received a ropy of the Richmond Examim r of Saturday morning, the 5th Inst. It docs not contain auy important news, and does not c mflrm the llauiing account published In the Richmond Enquirer of the a<l luit. (if tho victory of the rebel Hon. l<eo over the Union Geu. R'w^ran*. On the contrary, tin news received In Richmond on the 3d related, probably, to tho reoonnoUxanoo of Gen. Reynold*?an account of which has already been given in the Uk:uij>?and lu which the rebel* got tlie worst of it. Appended teall tho Southern nows of immediate into rest that wo can tlnd lu tho t'jtamiiter. It will he seen that tho telegraphio acoounts bom New Orleans, Augusta, (Ja.. and from Nashvillo, Tonn., are to Friday, 4th Imt. THE DETAILS. [From iho Richmond Examioor of Friday, Oct. 5.] TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, BOH. JOHN 0. BltKCKINJUDOK IN VIRGINIA. Lv.m uiiuko, Oct. 4, 1S81. Hon. John C. Breckinridge and other Ken tuck urns were at Abingdon yesterday. It is understood that Mr. lir.vk Inridgo wi.i resign hl? soat In th > I'nltcd States Senato, iss-uo an addict to Ihe iteojile of Kentucky, and actively engage in the w ir. It i? believed llta'. ho will bo in Rich mond in a lew ilu\ p. FEDERAL Yl.PSKLS OI K NEW ORLEANS. 1\ew Okm'.**.>?, Oct. 4,1301. The s'oop-of war Vlncouncs, a largo propeller, tho stc.tmor Water Witch, another sloop-of-wiu-, a sclioonor and a pilot beat arc now ut llcud I'as-os. GOV. DROWN, OK (IKOROIA, BK-EI.ECTKD. Arc.i hta, Oct. 4,1801. Joseph K. Brown lias been electod Governor of Georgia by a majority of between live anil ten thousand. YANKiJE l'lllSONERS AT N*W ORLEANS. N'KW OitiKl.VH, Oct. 4,1801. Tho prisoner* arrived this evening, and were marcltod to p; ifcou under an eecort. DL.I ENTtON OV TRAVEL.

- I.YNCHn' K'ljO.'t. 4,18#1. One hundred parfen^rs are detained in Lynchburg uuli' l<-morrow, in consequence of the failure of tho traius to connect. BALKS OF CO'lTON AT NEW ORLEANS. New Oulsajm, Oct. 4.1861. Cotton rales of ibe week 475 bales. Ijow middling to middling, fe>,c. a 8^c. block 11/.ob bales. Whiskey, 76c. iNt. TUB TOrOMAC LINK?CKOfBlNO OF TflS ENKMV AT OCOO<|CAN. Information wis obtained yivterday, through official, that the enemy had cmummi the l'otnmac, In oons-lderuhlo force, in l!i?< neighborhood of Ooroquau. Hie object of their crossing i* urn!.-.?stood to bo to csf y lha captureof ?".ue of our rlvar batteries, although cir cctustenoes, which it would not bo proper r.ow to men tion, Indicate tbo Invading force?tuiid to bo t?n thousand stren;;?arc not advised of tho locality of our w i?l?('ii tUolVtomao. Heforo tin day cloecs it in pro bable that tfis oiemy will be nlta-knd. VICTORY 0V OCR AHMB IN TIIK WE!=T. On yest; rilay eve:! ig an ofticii-1 tics paleU wac. rocehrod by live ;-'c rotary of War, Riving a b, u< tcleftiajihJo m C iunt of u victory gftiua 1 by Gen. J.u.kson over a largely supoito' fi rce of tha cvmy. 1'i.rllct.i.oe w*ro not giun In ilio .leHiiRich, furihor iiia.'> lliot on the uiomiii;: of tUu 8.1 List. tha enemy, with live tliousuud men am twelve pleui? o. artiiioi y. sonic of v.UicU v. ore t illed <a no.i, attacked (J< neralll- R..!.?kcun's oomtnun l,tv.-> th > sa.. I live hundred i4:*'<ni(. The 0?iM lasted four hm r . dot. g which tbo eaeni . undo rnj eato I uttempts to torn Ceni - ral .;a :kn it's liar-ltd by tumult, *f well by live tuio of tha at tlilery, bat wui litiolly repulsed with vory heavy leas. Cur losr; wuh small. Tt'K WANTfl Oi-' TTIK POTTTI. While the people ol ibo &>tuh have been liberal In ft fauK hi t?m<Wbig tbc'.i par*, brotlio.-N, hut-bmidB, and eVeaflitli-is, to tlio war ; whir our ; ncaltutiMU ha.-o h it c ibod to the loaostf giverumtat wituunjrca dcutod ; ati i'Mi m ;.ud Hbemiity : wide cur stnnmi l.ivo ? mo i <? rri-1 i liy then- grata too* labor anl b unty, llio li<: ;>it. and ?iu:>.Ltttiv ate < f the k .vice; there to ?.n cAi?B of u..nmt. nr. v. hi ii tevo cot !i n prof lcted, Mid which, at thin ttino, is ibo oue iu< ot in;, ortnot to our suce* SB in llio st U|>g!e. It is weil known that oif; .Hit:iyoperatic s nr> greatly embft" n*' ?! by t!;o wai.t ft van? tv of article; i. h have h?r?st< for been matt rft' <! ej.eioF oiy,ora'ui t altogether, at the N' .rtli, 'ilio chief deficiency of th" Bouth h. s boon i. m for >iiu tnaaui.u li re o1' mm ill ar;nf. Tbero are u ?veat many chomn .!.< ?bit h ha-.e never heretofore be n manulactarcd in the fcV'Oth, but which tnixht eaei.y i.r produc ?<! in indefinite qnumitea if till! Iimtiy C'.o I ca 'Mi:; in we ban MIHUIg I k r <)? perly a*-i tel. Wo n.i.;ht i. t only prodcc ? mil plmr, fdl! etre, jtow.ior, p.taFh, a hi mn'c tiais or ti.ftt nature, aoaniant fir a!! the wann c f our military rvlce, i >t we m ght su|ip'.y the vli '!c v.crld with tiiriu in time of pi nee. Tim in pouiiiiy Of the South to in no mariner btl.iid that of the .North iu tny I'.ppftrtm nt of iuvi utlon; in tlio <!<?; art in tit at firearms, so much greater to th- I'outhoru familiarity With th' f. , that Sou'l.crn ingenuity far o..tnti i]? that of the North la ti.-i.s branch of Invention. The Mor egur.i verybody wl.o knoivs anything about guof, kndWH to be fully equal to the Haynard, an.) it Ja onecfth sc admirable weapons that I!eu. Mc' nllet b car ri' H with him inateii I of Fv.nrd or |>lstoi: as a eotiHla-it pi t and nub m id. Tiie Parrott C-uiiion Ij? b ft little, it ons", Inferior l? the Arm-ti mtj, :indcoaM he iiiui er?>-t r. ?! in definitely rt the K inb. iliere are i t leiH two breach loading inventi 't: ' of cannon by s-.titborn moo, wli?h hive b. en pi'onoiiticid by nblo boa .Is of artnyollx -r?t trjoin tent, to be f|i^'l to tire Armetroiif; wbivh, how ever, Inve not.yet bei-n brought into roqi 1 iltlort for the want of the sinall u 'I'itai r.^i'iircd f) manufacture t'jetu in nflici'-nt ne.intx.ra to prove tl.eir e.xcfitouco in praeii e. We m'friit c .nt line the iirt of a-lirl.-n in < li Reeled, lint r .t f?..?KOj'-ed in yii'.Kt lent qtln: 'ity by the Month for the want of capital neeessnrv to th'-ir in ntifacture. The el t?i* of in n to which we all i ie, ther ifore. as hav ing prr vrd di linqiieiit in pebhe duty dariup the war, l? the eapiia'.istc ?.f t!i ? Sniitli who refuse to amist ^kill aild {renins lu ttriiig'iig tltolr Kfflowled v and their Invention into the rervioo of tho jmblic. There is room for great and frievotip o-inr, lah.t ai th.- Cft'.tiou and th" iostiv< n -ss of the capita!i?t? <1' tho country. Mow is th moinent for ejico!ir. i:ing In every way manufactures and tlio m-chanli ai aits in the Sjuth. tiiv ? lb ni a start ?.?rw, while tit y eanaot fail to prove remunerative, and they will g ' 'n s'Hh root and vi,K?.r as to he able to stand per ma''? tiy wh'*n [K-aee rhaliciisae. Now is thw titno when the utwopt iiherality can l;o expended on th'.'ln l.y capi tal tj wiih tin least pofsible risk of loss. It is almost itn^io :;?i*??c now to los. m'noy In res tod i:i e.-eful minn factnring and mechauioai c.iterpi'Uan; there should bu no scareity of [f.w ler or nruis of any sort, or chemicals of eny nar.i >, or improved cn'inon, or anything that invent t Ion nis.l .nt; rise can produce. The capital! t who nil' uld fr? niept M> nil in enroiiragi:;?r enterprise in tie- (iriKlne tieti < f tliese s would bnd bu ample re>urn in tho profit of iuv? -i'it-. .( and in th ? e< m:i: indalinna of his c'.imiiy. lit xvho wi!l now c.: ii>.! h In the South tbo itiatiula :t lie "fa ly art :1c-not heretofore produeod within her'Units vv;il lay th r mndation, n to::!y ol n 'w prj.i l^Tiiy to ibe country. but of a fortiHie to hinn -tf. lira i3 the dopai'tineiit in which the Pojtb itm stdf i Iklcti;, mill ;.3 11 which sh' in tlie raoet e;:ihft inss.fl. It Is this deparlm tit in whi'dt notio b'i' !>-i.^talls'.s can I re)I ve her. and In w.'ileh, ho ft p.iid .ritli r. row , ??iio h.iti I r?uw her e.ipi!: l'#ts the leist liberal ai.d < lmtistmiive I In iho presont struggle \te heard a !'-.v w ' ks after the 1 ci .atneiK ? ncr.tof tlte war that a e-ijiita: , ,.f a< kno<v !' -d "'.tecp ? e, in V.tehmond, v.a; ab ? "t to .'S-Uiblis'i a lari;.fch nit. ai laboratory, un^er tba dir- t'onoravey aiCOt'.ii:!i.-ht U clieuil.-1, i.t one ? ! tlie wiioU f.- ?' i.; sloro? in thin city. i:at the sc'iem (lid an j;o into eifirt. Pos t'.h'.v it f tund licit really money cttld iind a mora pr lltahU) iuvcistiiijnt in coU'ee, sncar, salt and dry p'K?d?. U"?. i. si th ? capitalist: of th - Softh v.i;i n t prove th m l.'.^gardni.ieh long,;;. Tl.oy cr. .Kitd emnch moroinoney it". fu| <..itorpri ?tbim lu spec ;latien* In Hi, 11 e.. <iiii\-i i li; ?. T; Bf'C ;:!at iu ?W<J ci eellen is 11 fate a'Ctt.'SO* I 11 a'l tood men and tiie ju-t frown:-! of tlio eonii'ry; to ! speculate in ibe tier diiection i:i to bet tw pn'-iic bene* I't.etofF, nt: 1 to Wh. th ? '. .ve a:id J n? f/i' Irian and wa tum. i'li8e,i!| italis'8 who s.nll t" barl: his menus in any | ? <viteoterjii'ir3 of value to Ibe public, wl'i win aamii I i-t it tial ti.ankt: r.n tli; gc. ! 'i. m wins a b vttio. MOVESTAtrrS OF JOII* C. BrECXISRn US AM) GOV. M40ofij:k. Hij tO)?;itt|.h b i" .? ,w th ? ;r:.!ifyl?if lntenit;eRcc t!iat VI-i. Tr' t id iu Rr cvin; idj,c (J iveruer Mag'oiim totri ' ireatt to n co .- j, , a ^ h tier i?<ile a .-'.aa j ' i-- ed by t!.' military -s\ i j i;e Co! -tifcl Huiuj.iirey ?V.ii -1i ''I. Ov. 'M was the "> :na r co .aty r i }fi\ Ilreciiiti ii X tbo It'.te l're; id. atlai < .? tlen, v. t/l.lia goaie tw.'K-o or fo rie'-n linndicd majority, a;id is to ilav al u: v\ tiiiaiilmniu f irfoo: Ion. It v.ns the <$cunty wuiitb ?ive the in umioib b-vb.., ne on t! o Sth ef !;? ; nioniii in Com .it WJlaudifchiuu, wl ore thero were ten thous.uid JK. J1>. tAvu- bJtP ?: -tren.t military p ,. :i bMwecti tlieKin (?: 'ley arc. Llckbtg ilver s, i i a hi ? ? r< llini; ?? 'untry, f . v mill's '??? C<\ r-tmi: tl, - . j ai-ate i frcnt tli - Ohio i i cr by tlio K- b and Ti n Jlilj creeks, and distant i n inilus fr in lliorh r. Tli -e str -mmIttv b-tou !i!n3'iianks,:- >nte ; times ri da." to t he height of th. c huadic l feut, and are ; ass ib'e at \ few p.-. ?< ?. Owen s ' i 'urr etc if d by /he ftron? Feeey on attd ?Vfi!o'U'r, >.i ...of it, J! v. a. li: ,i. r ml t a, Jiitne. (i.Ulatlj,Carroll tujtf it'., ry, mafai : an a,'!iti<<tate Iiopulati'oti ..i b',euty-iive Hoi..- ial. < apr.i.. f fariiisiuug tea thous.^od volant t Bea'de^ th , it is In the heart of csstral Kentucky. r.nrt aecse.-ibli to tbo chi va'rlc yevtnjf r.i :< of tt;o m-xtutalo ? .?*. and of the eastcfii ,;ud uorthern pt>j'l of tic State, W# can tafol^ tLo^^re, ivy on it'goiaij aufl Brackuu.lg .as. .?t: l by .ch aitL ;?a Mc.-haf anl t'i) n.'li. o i W. Ji-im ja.n'phow of "Old Cm m ii li," maintaining their position until tienerala Johnston tun' Bucktu r gballarrt\o before Louisville, ou their way totlnc'nnatl. u;r:a? of COiTCN to nkw obmjaks to bv: STOPn r. v.'n 1 :irn that petitions nni b.'lng circul- if "?! In Sew 0 1.mi x pray .n,; tiiu Uovernor to take Instant andell'eelivo tocafiircK to arrest the shlpmout i>f cotton from the plan la' inrs to tho city. Th - stock now on h ;u<l In tho city Is reportel to I. ? lO^ti b.n!rr?r ;njall beginnim:, but dan gerous as a Ih giwjliig of a \ iolul i< u Of public policy uud ciuiy, M0VEKENT3 01' TBI KX- 508RTARY OF WAR. !!? i.. p. Wu'i; ?, M now nt Himrsvillc, M? ,attou'llnR to tho organization oi' his bi lgado, wblch wit) NWIt K four reuimeno. 11 infantry too! olio of cavalry. 71i? bri gade i\ 11 rendezvous at iluub \ illo, and probably bo or dered to Keutixky. .N JIlTHUllN EXPEDITION A0AIN8T FENSACOLA. A gentleman, arrived South from New York, states that tlii- Lincoln government havo fitted out vessels for an ?-xp. jiii.ui i.galuM 1. i m..tna, Ponsncola, and a port on the coast of Georgia. Tho \ trails aro to carry i0,000 men. BACON AND LKAT1IKR NOT TO BR KXrORTKD KitOM N0BT1I CAROLINA. Wo referred, some tlnio ago, to tuu uro tarnation of tho Oovrnur of North Carolina, prohibiting tin- deportation from tho Stato by ihalers of ibo a.-t'i'.on.f bacon and loithor. Wo loam that, la pu.suuiii. of this procluma t. 'ii, ii largo quantlty?of bacon and leather, m n.utr t<rr Vi gtula, tho property of Hpoonlat'>n-, was stei?ed at tho ili-|H>t of the North Carolina ilailrtad, in Raleigh. Another quantity of bnc u, bought ou g]kcu!atiu, aud Li stimd lor a pilot out of the State, has been seized at High Point. Hio o are m'n nina of Hrv.'rlty, although it is h gh tiiu to rc ist and p tnish the multitude of specula tion-, intent < u t. Ivi.i0 : eiilfh advantage of the uecesHiitcti of the co untry. SiXJUSSTKAmON op YANKEE l'HOl'KHTY. Active lu 'Ob iron arc rotiorte 1 to ho in p;.i;n i-i> in New OrU iina for the expropriation of Yankee prop rty, under tho provisions of thesjqiMtttration act. Mr. WilliiinB. A t ra' il Geoixo Opdyke, of New York, aro sold to he largely iutcnotod in the real e>tate < 1' N? w O.leana. Tho former law a'so been discovered to be the owner of six hundred shares of tho tUck of the llauk of Louisiana, worth, in ordinary time--, $1&0 per share. A close and searching fcrutry w ill ho nocewury to discover tho sleeping and illeut parlucis of many of our Southern fir us. MOVEMENTS OF FilE-tlDENT OAVIP. President Lav is wait expected to return to this city yesterday from M;inai:sas. TVi: BANE CONVENTION. Among tho arri\ uis at tho lOxeliatige Hotel yeRtorday, wo notice that of ,'amos T. (libbei, K?i., of Charleston, S. 0., Secretary oftiio Lank Convent ion. A rcp->rthi;d heeti by ?om? means circulated In tho South <M an uct i d< t to Mr. (Jibb s on the Tennessee Railroad, whii'li iu t.'lligoiioe his numerous friends will be glad to loaru was without any foundation in fact. AR1UVAI, OF VANKKE PlUSONKtlP. Another icpiad of Yankee prisonei t* arrived yesterday froiu Kuirfax, by the Central train. Tlvlr namos are Cor P ral lliiKi;ii:reyn and l/sti r Wort hit" gton, of Colonel Young'n Volunteer Cavalry, of Pennsylvania', Daniel Lar r.-ll and Ttiomas M?rpliy, of tho Thirty seventh Now Yotk Militia; and Porter Smith, a frou negro. 60LDIKH8 ARRIVED. Twooompanier orrivod yei-terday turn Tetan,liavitiK started a month.-iuci1?thd Aids,from W.i tun;.ton county, Captain Ri biiifon, 100 Htroni', and Po!U Coui.ty Yaukeo Hunters, Captain J. N. Tumor, 100 men. Th ?> mo thd last two eompan'i a of the two regiiueutif culkd lor by tho !*resliloot'k pr iclamatlon. IKTEREST!?iQ KEWS FROM THE SOUTH. I/jnavu i.r, Oct. 7,1801. A (Ire, corner of Washington Btroet and Ccatre alloy, Memphis, Ttennersee, September 29, destroyed $:>0,000 worth of [T' j -rty. It ex(o>ded aroi'tid to front row. Wio Memphis AMlaiKSehas absorbed tho Sulle'.itt. A Memphis j-uper of tli ? 30th nh. Ra\ tlwt thirty caws of Kufluld tn ?kcte?part of thl llfty thousand?which c mi up Southern Forks somo tlrao nine.'1, liail arrived at Mi mphla, and arc on their way to Columbus, Ky. Memphis was literally alive with soldiers ou the 29th I ultimo. The Southern Commercial Com entlon awtmhles at Ma con, (ia., on the 14th liirt. The University of Mississippi was about lo bo closed for ili ? wunt of patronage. Jin oh iliompaoa hus Ljj.i nominated for Govoruor of Ml." ,KMJ pi. lh? Pocahontas Advr'.Lw Mtya J. C. flludman had oh* | talr.i J 3,000 mere men from Arkansas for General liar dec's command. j Ex Governor E. Lewis Lowo of Maryland had oscaped to Richmond. ] i: a. cl'aVi irt, of Richmond, of le flriii of I. & B. I>a vonport.gave u chock tor $10,000 to the f?oathiru ooo fc<l"racy, which was c.\\ ing to Southern ere lhors. Hie Northern Bank of Alabama r f j < ruled sptcln pay D.cut at tho )!i*t-iiico of governor Moore. In X.iahwllc '.lie merchantb had agreed to receive Trea. sury notes ut j ar for debts and goods. HariMt command h id CaV.en back to Hitman's Ferry on tlio Arkanao.s line. J. H. IJ. Jonif. lorniorly editor of a rhi'ftdelphl i paper, I Secretary in ths War Popartmant at Ricl.iBond. Governor Mooro, of Ixjtii i.ina, has order ?1 to r>ccuro all pork from New Orleans speculators, who hail advuui oil it to J60 |i t ba ret. 'l!i ? e. tinnt <! Yankee property in tlio tato of Virgi nia under thn ban of the tc j ''sir..lion act amounts to fSJ.OOQ.OCO. A Mobile paper Mtys tint the <1? fences <if that <?:? y are vigorously r'ni.-on. The municipal authorities of Mo bile aro li'Miing Bfi'iiplaRlors In smali air.oiints. On fed: rato toilers, upccial.'y in Western Virginia, aro guttering froin the want of tobacso. A v :-:-el with 1 000 liej-hels of m t from I.iiguyi'a had itf cargo taken fr< m rrazos river, and a Richmond prize schornor was captured near Galveston recently, with 200 nark, of collteo and 150 .0 .0 s 'fiats. A X. shvlllo ; or i f t!i ? 2d siys h< avy rain?, have car ried away the bridg1 s "u the 1 ;u>t Tent o: uec Railroad, nnd celayi d trains Irom Richmond thrco days. /. I>'wil:(.'renn correspondent of the Xashvillo Union nnd American says Buckocr Is advancing towards tho Ohio river, driving the Horn" Guard before him. M. J. Wicks, chairman of tlio Military Committor, o Memphis, says it is desirable that no more colli n nor to hncco be shipped tliero tili furthe r orders, and if planters desi't flt>p fchipnlng the military authorities wiil tend the cotton Imck into tho country at the owners' expono. Tli; Kort irr.lth Hvruld ays the Chcroiioes will furnish three, the Creeks two regiments ai d the Semicolcs one battalion. ' Humphrey Marshal lias escaped into tho Southern con federacy. Tiie Journal to morrow will state that Hen. W. J. Slior man has superc< ded Gen. Anderson an tho he id of the PC, artment of Crmbertand, Gen. Anderson retiring on artout t of i|] hea itli. Tho Richmond I)?!patch says Arnold Harris has been uueonditim ally released. Tlio Gnifedcrato government has authorised General Win ler to arrest all Yankees who may venture th?ro in concern f< r t'ici: former rights of property in liie South. There irf a report that Jurw s Ferguson, Monitor of I'ar jlament, nnd Hon. Wm. Burke, of England, arrival at NarlivUle on the 30th ult., en route for HicHmotvI. W> aro informed that a freight train going Kast through a bri'lfre of th Ohio and Ml 'Hii-tiippl railroad at ('t'cln.'in's station, near Aurora, on Sunday night, broke in, killing the cnginoi r and break man. UNION MEETING AT SAItATOOA. Paratooa, Oct. 7,1861. Tlic.-c wag a Colon mating en tho old battle ground at Remifi' Heights to-day to listen to elo mont s;>e!>et ? from ' 11 >n. J.y'nan Tremain, Bev. A. 1). Mavo and Benjamin Mott,all if Albany. Flvo thou: and people wers present* Mr. Tremain spokocf the irr 'at value of our Union and tho necessity of all uniting to sustain tho government, riuyiti.: that it was iiard to cducato pome old democrats to support Line In, l>ut tho question now was Lincoln or anarchy, llo clued with u qnotation from Webster on the Evil ji ct r f the Union. Mr. M 'yo sp ike of iho conspiracy that bad boon for forty year.-' culminating?whirh had haen put oil front time to tl;no by compromise. But, as James Buchanan liul just wild, hat t!:u time for coinj'r^mi.oe was pa?t, | ho concluded that none would now be lierrd. I!cr"i ' tiii'ied,showing by statistics that tllfeHitfcto should send I i! )? e \' untoers mto ih ? ti'.'.d. With a population nearly j as lar;-e is the sec d l States, ft had not jent as many J r : it a.H Tenncss c und Arkan^js had on tlio ? th r ' side. j Mr. Mott devoted himself to tho exposition it the ! ninth resolution of the State Democratic <' nventkm. I Hi prcmninr.i'<l it runic Calhoun i.-m, In it^ worn f.Jrtn j Thai resolution wan r<?je. ltd by tho Committee oa K"?otu ! tlons, :?? 1 by all democrats, e.tccr' thesa in tho Ojuven" lion, l'ho gr<at error of that :?solution was in saying that ihu p"nornl government wis made by tho PtMe*; neither tt<n', or th" r?"! val <lo< trin" t:int lii" ? 'iicriU t o v li.-. -lit mule ?'?: Slat!'?, wm "IJ.e truth v.a* the p op!" :?! cf>nv< ini <n a "mtin-l ere tod the gov,iriuuoi:W iio'i' "i the Si ami lit n. All the spe 111'.! ttoro :< ? eiv?I with enthusie' :n. : ARREST OP COLONEL KAXKR" IS C.WADA. 1I..1K ;r. O.t. 7, l.i I. i A <U-. !*t?:h from Torouti> nay.- t 1.1 < ? .ou-l lie:-kia,! the !'r>vi-. i ll I ?!.'i imehl, Jat -ly authorised t> ear., luient of Irm.'T:'. \v;i.. n r. sled tlu ro yostor ciay f..r vioiutio.i of the uoutraiity i. ws. ToRi-xri, C. \V.,Oet, 7,1S01. Colonel Itankln wa< arrested in this city to day for vio lating tho enlistment act. NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. GENERAL ANDERSON ASKED TO BR RE L1KVED. LOUlnVILUf, I'y., 0. t. 7, lKti!. I have poaitivo Information tliut Cecal Anderson h:iE oslcod to bo relieved from tho coniiii?iul of tills de partment mi account of 111 health, anil bus inu la tbis ro qiii' t In writing to the War lv t art men!. GUNBOAT ENQAGEMKNT ON TIIE MISSIS* Biri'I. Caiuo Oct. 7, mot. The g-mluuts Tyler ami Lexington. w.iiio mconnoltorlng down lb ? river today, full in with the rol.,-1 gunboat Jeff; Pavls. They cba.sod hor to within two mi!<?? of Colum bus, when tlio bntterlos on tlio Kentucky ?l<i opened ou tlicm. TUo rebels flrod noma twenty, some of which wi re rilled cannon. Tho cngagia at lasted oa linur. No damage was ilono to the bouts. The rcbol lu.-s Las not been ascertained. MASSACHUSETTS MILITARY AFFAIRS. Bosto.v, Oct. 7, lstll. Tlio Tlilnl Vis'.ichuselts battery, Cupt. l'ollolt, won ro vlewo.l this afternoon on tlio Common by .Mayor Wi ;ht? man and a largo crowd of ?-it iz.-n--. Th ? battery left for Now York to night, wlioro it will awnit Iho arrival of tho Twouiy-socond regiment, to which It Is uttuchod. The Twenty second, Col. Wilson, will ur. Ivo from Quup Schou li y early to-morrow. Tbo regiment will bo roviowed by (iuv. Ani'.row at too o'clock, and a standard bo presented by Hon. It. Winthrop. Tho regiment will leu. o at ono o'olocU 1'. M. via tl.o Worcester and New Uavcu Railroad. the navy. Tbe United Mates gunboat Jatnes A !gcr wont down llw bay yester.lay morning, And returned iu the evening and anchored < IT ? lie lUtttry, United States s'eanier Mystic, Captain I.n Roy, from the wast coast of Africa via I'arbauos, nrrlv> I at tbo l'hila. dolphin Navy Yard, Philadelphia, yest-rduy nf^ornoon. Tbo officers and crews of tl.o liritlsh and American nicu ef war on tho African Etalloti ware all wall. THE NAVAL MKP1CAL EXAMINING BOARD. KAMKH OF BCCCIlSarVL OANI'IUATKS. TU'' Naval Vlodieal H' :>rd, composed of S'trgeors I.ock wood, Wlieelwrlglit and J. Y. Taylor, aro hi daily Hasina at tbe Naval 1 t'W| l!al, Krooklyu, to oxnioino candidates for tbo p'-ft ? f Assistant PorfCD. Proterly qualified ino dlcal men have now an opportunity of ' i tcrlng tbo navy under favorable circumstances. Candidates, who must not be over twenty six years of use, shotM n>t''y to Hon (?Ideou Welles, Secretary of tlio >'nvy, requesting p.'rmlH slon to bo examined, stating tbel.- asfos, ptaeo* of birtU nnd residence, accompanying their application with suit able tost imr ilia's ?f moral chara. J 'r. Tho examination is rigid, but fair, upon fucU branch's of proft-iuional knowledge as are tangtit in rorpeetab'.o m .-dUal schools, 'ibo following listcont-1 las the turn < of n icec.s.'ul candl d. t s k ?'.( c'.ed to Ail vacancies croota 1 by r cent Im roaso of the corps. Tbe number of vaauioicd j ;t icuniniaj t> be titled is about t'.v. nty live:? J. W. IfrapK. Mnss. T. 11. A. Lewis. N. Y. tico. U. lir.tsh, W. Y. Ed. KlrelKKT, >. 1. Cbas. Cur1* r, N. Y. Wt.i. 11. Munn, N. Y. S -pi: v.J. Clark, N. Y. J. IlowciKoa:,;,! tt. E. K 1 lodge, 1'u. B. I>. rayiie, I'a. R. T. lilcv, Me. C. II. IV,ry, I!. I. P. I!, roreman, V. J. It. F. l'iereo, Ue. Wm. i o-t, N. Y. ]) F. nieWetts. Md. J. II. 'limning, N. Y. Goo. T. Shipley, Mara. A. 11. II ei'ihip, I'a. llcher Smith, N Y. J. -II. Haxclton. N. H. ' i~. Pletdmaii. Mass. Fd. i.r I'iddeti. N. J. P. M Pktni er.M. J. Jo^ejib 1'agg, N. J. T. Camrroo W ilton, .V. T Wm. C. Hall, N. Y. Louis illn*in, N Y. R. H. KiU.lcr, Ma s. K>i>uIii'h Pi'ctciihtnns to ilkr Gnu it > I .'nixlst Hie following nrtlK>,*?li!pli wo translate from a lata number of tbo E>) n;ifi of Madrid, !s citrfiua .is pre.icntlng tbo reasons fur tho claim wliic'i Spain saris in regard to tho Chmchi and I/.Ix* Islands, generally Miami us Guano lilaiulH. off tho coast and bctonshtt to ihn republic, of Peru, iu11 U derives soma imp irtauce from hav in^ bjen QOpk'd into ull tbo JuailtiiR pup Tg ol' iiriri ). At tlrsc, 10 m tho In iicrous attmnpt at reasoning, wo wcr? diB po<'d to IMiik tho arllclo a Joke, t> it J--ki n it a qiMb> ll'y of tho Spanish character, and wo 1: vow doabt it la S' rMi.-ty rrosnt:? an' i.-.. oici t-,T q' e^tion"?Ttr;: ni'AN'n ov rant?. [Translatedfrom tbo Efcjsuia of Stwii!! for il.o Nuw York>.] I -t <>ur /ciders not l>o sui'p: ???!, white 'ho g!o; ions fu t of tli" r I' c irporati'in of tho !>? a'.n ca . republic in fcr.ih in tti.' ml*adn of (i',wbi<n we toll t'.i n.i nomothiug uboiit lb > )*?"? ,i<m:< wbl h wo hold i'i tbo wat ts of tho Plicate?i'tiu xhieh laie nci'ti ? ctvzl l<> bcinigtoonr cm''iy. .Ye refer ti tbo g.ttiio isl.tiis, si-.'j tiitocbi trvTl.nbos. ?'?'".r'cO. th> form r o;>; U; tin- bay or cot# of Pl<cn, tiii.i t o otbUi'H s von deji-< i t^frtiM';' north, op> posito 1. ;n' ayoqtia, tr . ? all of v.'hk'i lb.' 1' g-.v. rtuu ..t ?' rUcu its principal ^ocuumry i outc.osby sailing lh < j.iM dep'ifiis with which tii y lira covered, an I which, known by tho abovo mc.itloued in mo of guiuio, is tlio boi t In' ii uaa ?: ? tit vo.e i ..|> t>? thbi pro :nc. flic original Icbablicnl : Ivru o.-ed !t,artd have iiover ?? 'aaod tM."- it i.i tb'? W" ara aware that l>< n (it- rgo John n:i t I).' n Av.' nio Ifttua wero t'10 i!.. t \vh > scribed it. and llw faiivirs Humbo'di. tho fi:>t. tpi- os?! of th' llri't, v,h i IntfO'ls:o! i*. ai'u Ki,.op::. Tbo <:irr :ro*tariff ihut i' liororr. ... v ihoeo region* ?Xpiitii k U.o In. re iible rapi'itj with v, h i tii ? rsuiino oe < in!:.' ., not only in botlij. oij|is <i.Iui'U. but a'ao, i' Hif's t f t !n .'?tob great abi-ii loncc, at ? mo jdocoaco tii ? oiuitlm ut. Wboii H? < x;xirtatioii to )'? r ocn^i srchly inrroanril, thoi'.nuiviaugovorum1 .t I'mrt">!!iti i ? do;i"?iU( would !>o o.vlu ted In i' f'-w yo.i r?, lust the p In :; il , ? ami of tlio Cbim ha r oup bMut! > ximilncil by tbo Knglirb < ?>ij-sii! la tho ;'opnbilc, Mr. H. H. WilBjn. it v>m i> 1mite<l to con t'ii?. l",'X'),tX!#ioBB,a*id tho wiiotogroup IV m 20,000,000 to u i,000.UU0. T.'i ? 'I 'i?"?'iton tlio j/ibr?T^lan-Vydlth ?-.-.?**?n-it r.oabyn dant na IIioho of tl?cCblnoba.?, ii'Oyot vc y l irfc ', ao tfiat It may bo liai l that aoin'j of U>0 rtoky bl .:ii ! ; of thoPa clflf<o:i!aJi: in-no ricliis tfian rn.'.uy t.10 Ivtropcaa to rltO'-lcE wbuh aro h 'lluvcd t . pors'ti. w o!th iu aijiin ditni c. SnP'n it to nay that in lff.-l t.'iiro wo.*ettporto<l to tills on:t of t i" world 235,111 tons,, at tbo rati 0. .nljwiit per ton (which la tbo rate at which w lioliove the govoruniuct Uih fixed it.) .unounta to tbo Important aum of $2'5,'t49,!Ji7? '1'iiia amount would bcv.iti'tcrftjJIy IncrMecd if ?!?< r,:ono .o!y wbiuli that govcrunwrnt practlora woio r<"in iv 1 and tbo deport at ion of tbo (foano declared fire at a d'lty of 100 to 150 r.'n'H per ton. In this numu-r tlio trado In lbj article would inert :<ro |s? prtert to fa! ,'ous proportions, sinno, balng tiilnitoly cheap; aod, no cutntiy in Kurope woaia fall to it. On wh:.t cau T'crn baao the legitimacy of itn dominion over tho k ;m) s of iho Clui; and I'erhapt; oa tli" i .v/s i.t (Miuitcatt Rut the fact is that a shot, liaa navor been llvml "ti tli;.??.? Island?, nor Invo tboy evor boon Inhabited; consoqw'ntly tlwro'l rm:roly have b- 'ti r.ti insurrection there. Osi a purcjiaae? ltut slnca wo are tl:o real owners, and t':ey have not pttr< h 'sod them I'l^'in i.?, it Is clear that i'oruvlm right docs not mi ibat. parht; s s in" dlp'omat ic arrangement inay bavo be'pioatbcd them to bcrr Tint nCUhor, lieoairso the two only t.i at ii^j wo attempted v. l;h Unit country Ml to iho ; and !;ocai,.:o eve:i tho'ijjB another should bave nrren -"d the matter witb the l'ei.tvlan ropublie, It v. iaid bo tin I, slaeo no one baa a rk ht n di.<poeo of acy tbii.K without the c i?r' x of the owner. >nd beyond tli',a lej, il gniund, h >w can that republic, ?U'lioiont in n ival power and n merc'iaut marine, pretma to tii" -i verei'.inty of isl'tadfl '.vhii h, l.l:. tli ? outermost of tii l.o i K,r.rt lisiant ti.ty milea from be Peruvian main* Uiiid? Tlir only foundation for tbo nse.or ratbjf tha acl'tal wrltitiy of tlioso i. ia tlp. Is no t><h r than tli/li S %in lit's forpMiti, owing to tbo v..un and rtvolu ti'? rs t through which sho has 1 as? ? I in tho prcsont c ?ntrry, that?b w> ?< I ha Owner of a tr<.: tiro skeltered b./ in -.'ly a rock bwind klo which the I'a i.i: !av> a. But .p.-1 p.aisoi! caiiniiUies produced f<'ulu( m, th- Mute ?f J'f f'. < >'ii ? S-, lintyi' Ul In; ti, otigh' to indrre If i* !?> t fflii'.' ? I'ftKi it <h 11'Wit tt<f. '< n irletltg kf; for by o;v>rntlrg in tfc matci >> wonld tM only t ikn.g what i< h'r own, and cons?t(uciit!y oould ni et with no dally on t!io imrt of otb.v uia itimo nailoiis. l.-l it be lxirn " In n>! d Ifta! tli ; r'i;b'-j >f int'.nr.i dres not fall, p r re, by tho lap"" of re "ti:' number of yows, as i.i tin ca-f! "f [irirate ituliirl ln::!i liini that ihos ? very 1.ati ?:liut ta to g.,yt tho :C.niinder <f Iviropc nvd .' incri- a?wo tld bo plcasi d liiat wo uld tako poi??i"s? rion Of tli?-'3 IsJarnls, Bill CO wo ?: il li'i .uhze tlio ok? po.-t iiion'4 ,, :ana,uucoi'i ins t- tlio?v.nlltiM ' mentioned abo',at d all VTJUld be aMe !-? tt o it at a v. ry rcat- na b!c p I.'. v."e v ill r. .tcl'id ? by lh t wc not mi-J bringii.,! i ?? a ou."." 'I. wiiii il"; tfffCtim;/ pn.t-sff ne ?, , .lit . ?? c>'- tr iMi a and ?imgorn at'^ idh'g [' ?t , ?' : i i * :: <??:?' ?: i.-' t 'rntai') : aid besides t!iii 0,1 vl; ? ? -'it w pre: "titly alfti'd,oar m?i'<antilo ia riu.'wookli-'icr-1<" very ni'ich; aLic.'. stirc of a rotura fn lit, It ? ' ' I iU trip# t .ill t'lepoiataoftlM \ < i h tlio Pen i. e I ' ei, at the s-ima t i. th t th" p.*"leclt it r>"< ? sary i'i* tht> tiagw-jnld open fnr ihs i >u ? a c.'Wttaa -shooi ? f r>. .ih .ii>i)re:itir;i?l Ip. a :'.c i>'- ? .y vl.i'ii bruili ..tha ^atagouian aiiora. ? Xlie i >. A e aria lo In..- b..'en replied to by 1km H. Garcia >.eio, iu /.<< Kfo-a of il.oUid. ub^wlng that Spain having imp'.lcltly re gnlwd tlio uvcr ignty of I'ora, autm< t, "with any shadow of ju?tive,': o'a-in property in th'.' C<..uLo hland?* OMtnary, TTW. fTKiiflfcY s. BtWHAH. Ti? '!?>" Kir 'Y tv IVtit: S' i'"S Senator Ir.itt JJiolii ??;, dii'| >.i apostesy. t bis rw' <?!?* ??? Oik. "'i i 'ir ' ;-. Hp w?i~ U >m In Camillas, O. ? Hrfn a c; tnity, Khi- York, T'''<'u'*r 16, 1K0S. Ht r???? Ive-i u tftir >n, nn>l was emtjj p'. c 1 in the MHcc of a lav yer . ?t<r> k, where ha m ' 'i years. Tn i-ri h? cn ... fito?l to Miction) *i,'l soli!" I urwh ft fm:n. Klrcl*-! in 1837 to Iho MlOnU IWU Lcgislxt :ic, lj>> ariVfd Ave > ?; r .u ? muniicr of tliat l ; y. lie nitvrwu.'ds .-.on ' ? y>ni's . rfSpeaiitc of t!w .-.?.!?? t? ? iy. Tie svr: ?Ji .>.? <".'.vive in Congross r ?n MXiliriiii !Yon> H;!i to 1 " I. ".<1 mrvo l during tli i rm i.n tlio Committor or t our. ? i*c. la 1851 h* v. .i <>'?. -u-1 rovornor <if tli ointo,?i:>! boltl ili*t nocltioa till 1853, ViUoa lio Wus elected to tUo I'uikJ StatM Senate.

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