Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1861 Page 5
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nillions of Hhollt ionized negroes, nt least during tho flrRt 'oar, for tho procuring of seeds of various kinds, agricul |)ral and horticultural, to be planted and cultivated by i'ir own bauds iu viuw of the second year, whou tliey .houlil huvo to depend In a great measure u]>on them selves? Hut we have. teen another part of your tcheme, which it, hut the nrt;rots, once emancipatedf might dijluse lh<-mvlves Anuykaut th' fre Sta'e>, I'rul especially in the North. Well, v?u htul them in the North, ami there are xme fill ri m> lining, hut they are becoming few in number!, md dwindling (Unit of lev the style of the Indian*. How do if"" treat these that yon have? Are. their feelings not outraged m e.ieiy itrn r of our streets? Are then mt calleil "black g ni/per," with a Licit approval even of those who may have a hurt,I in their running aivayf Ev it in thisgnat city rV New i'ark, though th, ir money is jutt the name as that Jtehich white people me, they cannot be admitted info an ont "r 11 rail, oad car occupied hy u hit* peoi le without be ^*ing r< mintled by a printed tign 'h<U il it a privilege and not a ri'jht. Are these the benefits which you inUnd to UtUno on the Utkrmte t negro population of the Southf Whatclsef In th South free blacks are tomeiimes the keepers qf retpecUM* h<'ttls,aii ! w althy planters chime to jiatr nize Hum. In it No. h if a 11 n l ni" i were rich enough to purchase the iter House, he u ul I I . r <?o white.gue ts. All these things intjd liav been foi ,j> n and l e.'.td to by j hilanlhn pists efore att m/ting to inaugurate a second massacre like that Aaini [)' iuiiii/i'. Now, bef'To concluding, cue je/ieral word about slavery. Wo know from rcred writ that Abaham [iossessed slaves; that M?, In hi* piaiutivo mood ptcodod, before tho Al nighty his kindness tohis slaves; that Musesdidnot striko ut the root 01 slavery, but only mitigated tho hardships to which thi; bondman was otherwise sub ected; that our Divine Saviour did not teach or prescribe any law in reference to that espoctul topic; th >? tho Church, In the exorcise of her inline* ce, employed only religious and lin nd suasion to remove tho dan. ">rs which surrounded both ill.- in. stcrs and the slave* in their mutual relations to oat h othi r. Now, not to speulc of other legislators, the Catholics of this country, and perhaps the Clthollcs of I'll istendom at largo, have made it a rule to Imitate tho example of our rd, and to u\ oid?except In the way of tho Church, as above referred to?all interference with slavery v.hero it is once established and constitutes an ?lenient in social and civil life. For this the Catholics have been praised, and no article in Dr. Urownson's fw>rt, rig Hieicia can induce H < n to forsake the wise and good old i utlis of their Dlvlt V. ist r and of His Church. The author whose wori s n~ writer In Urownson's Re vie u profcsies t> crilicit-u?viz: Aug' tin Cochin, knmct nc 'ng nf vih"t slavery i.i in the I'nUid slater. No t!u rcy/tr:, utiles he shall have lived a t rip lime in Ihisroun t"i. is rwUft'l to write rn 'his tnl'j< <~t as i> if known here. . here is n ' .oahgy between the fa v. ry known am ug pa, unii- , whether i. ore ce or Rome, uud that w> ieh i.i i igt zed In our ^outU- rn State?, in tLo forim r cist- thy blav's were, if not altogether, at least hwi'jially of tho Caucasian race. Ihoy were ofteutime* ti'j countrymen misters, speaking tho same laa^oage, and not unfrequeiit'y by far the superior of Btfr masters laeduoat uid n Inement ef manners. Kw lb.Ill I he transition '?(?m bondage to freedom, und< r the auspices f the Church, was an iasy and almost im IK-r. c ptible trarsiiM.n. Slavery is derivable from tho earliest annals of the ho m' n race, 'ihetirst necessity of a man, not being him self the head of a pow i l' 1 family, w-8 to cling for pro tection to some sucli^Heaii. lie became a slave voluntari ly , but on condition that he should be protected; for if ho strayed from the family bo became immediately an out I cast and a foreigner, aud liable to be seized and brought .'nto servitti'1" by those who chose to take advantage of bis unprotected condition. A? lime went on families, especially un ier the Mosaic dispensation, were aggregated int.' coimnnnities, civil rights became recognized, and the whole so ill system, including the rights of slaves and masters, waa surrounded and protected by laws, h man we should call ";em, but in the cape of the Jewish people, laws of Pivine origin. Nations must always precede their legislation; ami the law of nations could be nothing more, at any civ-en time, than either a mutual agreement uin 'tig themselves or the usages prevailing p-ovionstoany reciprocal understanding aai^ng tber . Now, down to a recent period, the law of onq .ost in w..r gave to the vicior the right o. life and death in rr' 'rence ui his cap tive. In modem times tho progress of civilization has mitigated, even in war, this "Ignj 'Uje- Civilized nations no longer t\u a their nrfccVi sTito gjaves. tohowever, that there i? no analocy icitC.Vft atie'w slaiyry and II, i' whir1 prevails in this coun'nj. Whon tho Spaniards obtained ?. oting in South America th- y b >gau by burying whole tions of living Indians in tho deep caverns '1 their gold aud silver mine?, to dig ont f ir them the precious metn'e there hidden. Tlcdr bishops remonstrald!?(hey appealed to tho Pop< ?tho practice was condemned and an.tllnma t'znri?becauso the Indians were naturally free men, and it tv?? a crime against tho Lord and li.s Cliri't ')C avarkfl to bring thuni dowi into the bond " 'o slavery. Ti en Attention was drawn to the condi tion of tho nsgrocs in SoulhweaUu n Ali ica as likeiy to ?apply the want of lal. . that was e.xperienceil l>v the Invader. The Holy See never approved either of thl \ or tho other system, lint tho JMy See ba.-^ only n v.iice, me! uo armies to rex date th inter jienetrulieii of Justice ?? d injustice,oven among Catholic nations, found the f.obe. The Al'rica;i slave trade co." menced, an I tho < x tstonce of slaves in ttie SouC rn States is its actual con se pience. We cai^not go so |>r as to agree with ail emi nent Catholic . irist and i'iw,. er, in sayitsg that slavery is a Divine institution. Th rest of his e'.oiiuent diss1 na tion on that sabj.-ct is far fr< m bull ({out of harm -tiy with tho princi|il^H_of the C-jhoJie CU .-th. It is atluist a Oivlne pcrmTss'i 'n 'of Cod's provider And now let us took at llie matter from beginning to ond. is-' oil known Is a country of savages, not having the all. Liusrt gleam of bope a.i to pros; octi.'o civilization. Wo may saj that, in all the Southwestern seetii n < f Africa, there is no a :ch 'ung known as tno Idoa of a natural freman. 'I ho Ir ! ? In the ii ' rior aru in ]ierpoiual war, and the laws of war amonj; lieiti ore, . tint a prisoner may either be exemtei'o;i the s.ot or sold as a ? 'ave. His but la".'v tu t tb sa (tilled Kin," of Dahomey immolcted 2 me say 6,000, bis prisoners, or subjects, to crimson with their bloo s tLo grave i f his equally savage fail. r. This \<as accord in? to what, in tho barbarian spirit of lint country, wis called "tb? great custom." Now, t our phiL.iithropkia if tho abolition school would l ay i. s.i^liie-.t atteiit1 ,o the instii-.cts and hopes of h tan nature, whether n Africa or elsewhere, they w ntd c.u iiy rmipre lend that these two or tlvo th usand victiti , would ir titer slavery to decapitation. Tbis they ntlght iinder jtand from what gees en hero continually?viz: that a poor prisoner who is conden ned to death by the laws of his oount;y chooses invariably, if mercy shou.d interpose, the pe'nit'iitiavv for life in prelorenca to t ie iit'tnp of thagal.- vs. TbiS i< homaa nature, of vbi h our abolitionists do not appear to have any adequato coa . cep.l u. Now,Bnppoee that the savage K ing of Dahomey sont his subjects or pi i^uiier:- to si mo of iii" factories on the eiiast and sold them as slaves, wmi!'1 ho be more guilty tlrnn if be h'ld cut their heads oi>? tiujtpose tho slavora at the dock pViuld buy them off V. ?i &i a boat! 'rom tae massare of uieir barbarous tyrant, '.vu'ild they be doing wrongV Ihe would only have to cl jos.> between leaving the; wretches to bo butchered or trans]>ortmg thorn t> 8'>me of tho colonies of America. Wo, of course, beiievo that no genuine Christi: ?no deceut niun? would 1'0 engaged n; thin lri ' of hiudues"- still, we can nut dtooover the crim n of ine slaver in snatching them :'ro;n i' 1>utcb ies prepared for til m in thoir i ' ?<*. When they arrive in those coi .1 ; bo a crime (01 humane masters to pur ??. a sum which prohi ui lively might cover ?? .? ? 11 . or semiannual wages given to laborers in o . is of the world" These purchasers sh -uld be houc n l If they are men ol conscience they would bo bound, to take care of these i oDfnrtuiute poople. Under the clr< ?mutance.-i, It ia very j d ?cuit to discover In the puril; .cs any moral tl -m" > g ? .^i'jn of the law of c ;<mI or of tie law of man wlie. e ! thai traffic is authorised. The terriilc part of the <p I tion is, lh it not only tha individ a!., brought to the An:e rlcan ?vutiuent or laiauiis are themselves to be slaves Jbui, th' ir pcMority, in like manner, for all time to come. Ting is the only ten ifie,feature about American slavery. And yet a is not ali 11 I mil the condition <f mankind iti gene ral. Original sin Ins entailed up.m the human race Its cunse inoticis f-?r time and eternity. And yet thomen wli'i are Iivit),v now iiad no par' In tlie cemmlssi'n of ori gh a, s.ti. Tlw drunkard,the thief, the bud man i f any 11, gc. ij'-ion, cti ;.iia upou li.s postal ity evils which 'he for f m e of hi own t.ersenal life cannot prevent or repair. M'r uro awai e. inde'.I, that on tho score of morality m eh ranbo fai l wiih truth against .'?' ivory. The anar rii;:ebond, Crritin: the relation be'wfOnhuFband and wii antoit; sIavi'0,18 not always f , ti 4 fry their mas ters. F '.milivfi. if one e n cal' thorn so, areDt " a up? ?h ? h ifband sola in one dlrei ii.? and the wit ? m aitothei wiiiistlheir children are disposed of according to ilie highest price of.ored ir m any j-oir.t i'f tho cmpa^s. Tl. s i are hnrd.?iii| . i>rt cpt in th< right "fsfllingoo 1 dlspe ? iiig iamiiii s, they ar t, ui fort .j,. 1 ? ? 'y, pi. > li ile'Si th. Tile degraded cot. 'ition o: Hi -a of fema'es in cur lirge cities in hi free -ta'os fume ii. - a hint th'-t It is for thiih 1 who tro without fin to e i'he flrst stone, that men nhould taVe the b. ?mo'.itCi their ( wiii vi iieforc they attempt t<> spy out he mote i; ? liolr 1 riibors. Nay, wo w mid ask, Is there a rmi alist, eve i of the abolition sehool, who ? :<e- n-.> l i.o.v hat there la jiot va ling ail our t roe Htati s (and j**- iVdy n.any of tb ?e in whitu slavery is rcci-RulM-- i, in ore tit aciouco by ivi 1 h, inordi-i- to prnteet an mim.irriod ffeitiale from p . l! 1 ne, both tho Hit tiier and her unbo n child are do?troyed : y a hrutai. I arbaro oj? ? 11. This 'i |i : niay be tak- n into consideration by our phi laiubn ,iists but it cannot b ' ti u-ttod of in a newR)>apor wKh 111.i [1 >per ic^ard for t j dtcency and dolieacy Of pure in ral* i: it v aro tireii of this topic, id we have on'y now to iy iiut f"' 4 '/'i/c, in the > it of ttU OalkoUcfithi '?111"' of inc.this toar mfceixitnt t' 'A<- fhi'/tntb-, <t n >1 vn?" oj a'ji>lUt >1 in- It; c< rtam localities abiiitionli 111 miy tend'to e .' ate some nspiratit to o(B- . But states men, onco elected. view the i|nestion as state men are 1>i.11,el to do. Iftneyare chartred ? ith t!ie n'imflnistri ti in of Hib ft 'oral ffivernment, th y are bound ui look to tho North anil the nith, the Fa.-1and the V.'"-t with the s*mo just am! impartial a]ipreclation 01 th ? r';; in.-- oi all our I'uople. If any portion of the ;<eople sh. nld array thomselv-s ngilnst tho govern!?? id, then that [or tion shou'il bo brn id to ord r eitin r by civil law, 11 ihat will bo .submittod t , or at the cannon'? moutb. tut to Bni'1'u.-e that this'Ten lit #ar is a trick by vir. h.: i ? ;tly riianatted, our : overnment and oar lir ive troops ire r.iadt ?i iioped to be ma te, blind iMctru meats ?>. ti I'itionl to en ry out their "Idea" iB the EouihcriSuUvs, is 111 insult to tno 1'orth (r in-rally, and to Ctuholii-M ger/.-i'. !.'y T'e have ? j. en ; ? at. Dial Kovortunetu profe - 10 gulfle its iftininist aiion accord iti? to t, un-'iniri umit;; of the eonstttuUnn. That govern Mont, uii'er tho< tion ? f the eo. stitntion, ha? l>"en 1 by tho 1* t ie th< iseives. Having been ;hu? criMitei, if U fhonld be i ?!> '.'itpported, tiie jieople will have uric I traitors to thom ves, and allow the ir"Vern ment to abdicate. Nothing ol tins kind ooo, of course, cvor lvipjien; h it., in the 11 eantimo, the goverrunent, lie peiiml ;rovernti out of ti ? United Hatos. shall and mu.'t J> ? 8ii,?;.-<rt ?t) )>> all tho tre.i ureh a all tho blood, if ' 0 e.i ss iry, o' loyui ei'.ireus. But, at All events, it must be ?uppoi tod. N 'i??Arrlvr..l of the Noi'\reginn? Fathkh I'oi.iit, Oct. 7- M Tlte-e are n? yet noslgnsof tho N01 .veg .u. 1 v d 0 r?ff this point, with Liverpxil da ice of th dor 'erry of tho 27th l.ltitno. ' tp Jure, for T,lv rjir 1 . -.c .. j 1 , botureav night. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Oct. 7?6 P. M. To-day's bank statement compares as follows with that of last Monday:? Week endina Leant. Specie. CxrcuJ'n. Depmitr. >*|.t as....$126,128,326 38,123,652 8,638,730 06,651,898 Oct. 5 148,045,488 39,809,901 8,884,066 120,607,549 Increase,. $22,417,102 1,680,349 246,276 24,066,661 This statement reflects the second loan of $50,000,000 made by the banks to the government. Of that loan our New York city banks took $35,000,000. The whole of this loan is not show u 'n the statement, on it was not passed to the credit of the government till two, or perhaps three, of the six days represented in the above average hud elapsed. The increase of $24,000,000 in the deposits, and $'22,417,000 in the loans, is, however, signi ficant enough. During the next sixty days the bank loans will run down until they again approach $125,000,000, at which point the third fifty million loan will ogain swell them to the point at which they stood on August 10. It will be noticed that the operation is an exceedingly simple one, ond, unless some unforeseen disaster occurs, one which will prove equally profitable to the banks and con venient to the government. The increase in the specie column is rather more than was anticipated. There is reason to believe, however, that the next statement will show a further increase, and that the banks will go on increasing their specie strength, at the expense of Europe and of the Sub Treasury, until the government balance in the lat ter institution has touched its minimum. Money is rather in less active demand to-day than it was on Saturday and Friday, thoughmany banking houses continue to lend all they have over at (J per cent. The true quotation is 6 a C. Paper continues scarce. The right kind can be readily sold at 6 a 7 per cent. Foreign exchange opens heavily for Wednes day's steamer. We hear of a heavy sale of francs (bankers') at 5.37%. Sterling bills may be quoted 100% a 107% for bankers'?with very little doing at the higher figure?and 105% a 10G for mercan tile bills, with u brisk demand for good bills. We have to report another buoyant day on the Stock Exchange, and a general advance in prices. The cause of the present advance has been so fully noticed in this column that we need not advert to it again at tliis time. Sullice it to say that, while it has not taken our more experienced operators by surprise, they would not have been ustonis-hed or disappointed had a moderate reaction occurred to day, after the rise of Friday ami Saturday. Each day, however, seems to bring with it its budget o^ favorable news, and the bull party receives fresh accessions of strength daily. This morning the mails from Europe contained much thut was en couraging. The deficit in the harvests of Great Britain and France is reported to be large, r.ud grain operators write that countries will take, for eignt months to come, all the food wo own spare, paying for it, of coursc, in gold. A few ordcis for our stocks came in the mails? chiefly Missouris, Tennessecs, United States sixes, Erie and Central. Some Europeans are buying our 7.30 Treasury note:*; but most of the letters seem to intimute that the European capi talists will wait to see whether they cannot get a seven per cent stock, with twenty years to run, in December or January next. Large amount- of money are beini? held ready for investment here as soon as the lorcign bankers aud brokers advU< purchases. The market to-day was strong from the opening to the close. Alt kinds of government securities were higher: the new sixes (registered) rot.; J?, aud the coupons ?>?; the fives of 1874 and ti.i per cent Trea-ury notes Among St 'te stocks the most active were Missouris, which ad" vanced % per cent. Virginias rose %, on a tale of a single bond. All the railway shares v. ere higher. New York Centi il rose Erie, 1; Har lem preferred, 1%; Hudson River, 1%; Southern, guaranteed, 2; Galena, I; Toledo, % and Rock island. The demand for these shares, which seemed to spring in pa.t from the large traffic in breads tuffs, which is now secured to us, continmd unabated till 'Jc close of business hours, though the bears, at the Becond board, showed a tendency to put out their options with more licedoin than they have done for the past day or two. The following were the last quotations of the day:?Treasury G's, two years, Oi'?/ a 99%; United Stntes 6's, registered, 1881, 92JH i 1)2%; United States 6's, coupon, 1K8I, li2% a 1)2%; United States o's, lh74, fc2% a 82J<; Indiana C's, 71) a f-0%; Virginia G's, 40% a Tennessee G'b, 42 a 42%; North Carolina C's, .5'.% a CO; Missouri C's, 43 a 43%; Pacific Slail, '.>1 a 91%; Kcv,- York Central, 70% a 7G%; Erie, 2: % a 2;;%; do. preferred, 47% a 4h%; Hudson Ri' er, 36% a 36; Harlem, II; do. preferred, 27% a 28; Ik-ading, 36% a SG; Michigan Central, 46 a 4<i%: Michigan Southern find Northern Indinna, 16% a 16%; do. guaranteed, 35 a 16%; Panama, 110 a 117; Illinois Central, CG% a (;7; Galena and Chicago, 71% a 71%; Cleveland end Toledo, 33 a 3S%; Cbhapo and Bock Island, 4?% a 4s%; Chica go, I'nrlington and Quincy, 63% a6fl%; Milwaukee ru ,' ic dn Chien, 1ft a 19; Illinois Central i ? Js (7'b), f-7% a 68%; Delaware and Hudsoi t >nal, 6f>% a 86. 'Hi's hsu been a busy day at the Sub-Trea, ,Y . '.'iscohas paid to th> banks $1,010,(1)0 c .uunt of popular subscriptions to the loa), an ? other parties, on public drafts, a furtl r 1 ... sum. lie liar, called upon the banks for 6 per .r additional on Hie fin;t loan of $60,000,00^). ^ the banks paj up this instalme nt to-morrow nio.a ing they wiil have paid 72 per cent on the *. ' amount taken by them on August 19. It . hardl.i be rem :rVed that t:io heavy dipburrement of the Kub-Tre isnry go diiect Into bank, and thus? that the : jicc'e reserve of aur ba; Vb is this even ing considnably heavier than is ,-hown above in the bank statem nt. Several loan agentB have paid into the Snb-Trcusiry the amounts sub' scribed vith them. These gentlemen have re ceived instructions from Jir. Chase to continue to receive subscriptions for tnc 7.30 notes until he directs then to cease doing so. The public con tinue to subscribe fixi-'y. The following was the bus incss of the Sub Ir: a'-ary to-day:? Total receipts $721 "U7 27 ?plMf 12,000 i.l? ?Treasury notes 677 9l;t Payments. 2,4f>f.,si!4 4.7 Kalaace ,-W,0Slo <K> Wo notico With pleasure that .Mr. Kthin .Allen, Assistant District Attorney, thismornirg dismissed the libel iu the c:iae of the Southern moneys and Stock* sc! *ed fnfflc 1 mt Rince in the ham's of the Merchant ' Bank, and surrendered them to the bank. The public will be as ,;lad to lear that all thi* Southern moneys, stocks, bonds, 4c., so seized have b 'cti.- irrendeied, as they were grieved and ashamed to hear they had been.?</zed. Mr. Jan W. Bleecker's death was announced to the l ' oek Exchange this morning by Mr. Presi dent Verniilye, v.ho, aftt 1 alluding to the virtue f;f the dweased and to h'r, long connection with the liouvd as Treasurer, gave way fo. the following resolutions, ?fiicU were unanimously pawed:? Pc :?lv< ?*., lh it In re nrt to the rnei ory of .'antes W. B'c. k< i', Hi" In'e vftluot! Trra .\r r of thi- Iirt<1, hk1 us an expression of tbo hi;;. ostein nm! repaid int<\-Uihr.a fcr oiiB ?s a man of unw n.lin^ Integrity, .<?! as on#of the foundor? of this I?> ai tin' sorind si'ssiw to* morrow be dispersed v. itb, to enable its metrbors twat tend tl; nmalofttet much lamented late Hesoivtd, That tlio I'.'csidoat transmit to'tho family of our late 'sported a oc.ato a copy of tl,!s 'to sin! au as-"rat..< ,'f our dc(\> sympathy iu this ' Ulctlvo t or . \ u men 1. Tiic cxchrngcs at Uie Bank Clea.irig Bouse this morning were $24,271,453 SJ, ar.d t'.c balances $1.104,031 91. The foli 'T.'idg correspondence speaks fotiIsoVf:? I Nsw YohK,Sept. S7,1861. gnv_\VV> I v tho fav^r your iafo-'.ning up v.ho her any Unit vies in ? i.t1 <>r other tax will l>? li on pons ? ,i ti'?( tf Ivci'ire duo 1 Ainoric.111 Koomrl t'"' -...n-c t orotherwisa,owned b. Kui ^peaustosi lit nbr' id fo j t pound tins <1 ,?ry thi l yen rw\ M ruulilvd to sutikf/ vwlou. forpi^u voneppovlcutq r.u0 now hold or may purchaso United States bonds, fcc., and have written to us Inquiring 08 to tlrs poiut. Your an swer, we believe, will bo in tho negative, Judging from tho law recently passed; ami if so, it being authoritative, it* publication would immediately remove all fear of such taxation from the minds of Europeon ca; ttaltata. Wo havo tho honor to be, sir, yo'ir most obedient Bervunts, BARCLAY & LIVINGSTON lion. Salmon P. CiiASB.Soerctary or tho Treasury Thuasicy i Ki AKrwi .vr, Oct 1,1851 Cbntibmbn?In reply to your iuqui y . I the 27th till , I beg leiivo to say that the existing laws of tho United States do not Intp. se any lax uj>oti uocurii eg of any kiud, held l>y foreigners residing abroad Very respectfully, your obedient servant, S i' CHA.-K, Secretary of the treasury Messrs. Oarplay & I.lT'HOSYoS, New York The last Bank of Englurid statement shows the following variations, us compared with the previous week;? Iter tan. pttriate Public deposits IIWUHO ? Other deposit* 86,170 ? Notes lu circulation ? 14,816 itest S,<I04 ? On the oi her side of the account? Government securities No change. ? Other securities ? 13,613 Coin and bu1 iion 850,300 ? Notes unemployed 30" 040 ? In relation to American stocks, Messrs. Daring Brothers, in their circular per Niagara, remark:? In American stocks prices aro firmer, without leading to much b tin ss. We quote I'nued Stales 5's,72 a 73; 6's, of IStiS, 83, Massachusetts sterling & s, 00. Boston city 4>i per cent, 84 a 85; Pennsylvania 5 ?, bonds, 71 a 72. certificates, 69 a 71, Marylund sterling 6's, li5 a 70; Virginia dollar 6 s, 47 a 4'.'; sleiliug & -tit a 40. Kentucky O's, 68 a 70, Tennessee 6's, 88 a 40; Canada 6's, 101; New linnswick 6's, 108'4; Nova Scotia, lOtj1^. The following ure the rates of discount in the chief cities of the continent of Europe, sliowi.ig no change front last week:? lit'nk /trite. Ojtn Market l'cr Ct'U. i'er Cent. Paris..... 6 4 ?A Vienna 6 6 Lcrlin 4 S?4 Frankfort ..3 2 Amsterdam 3 3 Tui in 5 6 Bmssels 4 3 H Kmburg - il'j St. I'ele. sbtug .*> 7 ? The three trunk lines have restored tlio schedule of May (!, both on passengers and freight. The rates for westward freight are as follows:? first M, mn l Third Fourth From New Tori Class. Clots. Class. Ci iss. Cincinnati $1 35 1 06 C5c. 4>Sc. Co!iinib is 1 10 P2 55c. 40c. Si. Louis ...... 1 84 1 43 87o. C3c. 0.i. ago 1 45 1 15 08c. 60c. At cne time of the light first class goods were taken to Cincinnati as low as 40 cents; to Colum bus, 25; to St. Louis, 75; to Chicago, 60. The Boston Daily Advertiser of Saturday thus notices the money market of that city:? The money m..rk- t affords no new items of importance. 'Hie supnly contlmies to increase, and the arrangement e:iW I'd !>.;!ivoen the bw.ks nod (lie Sub-Treasury gives grcatt r facilities to business < pcrutiutis, and liu;iai?ts a more cheerful fcelir.g in commercial circles. The prici isgrov ing easier. The change of the week are unini|s>rt aut. The tanks stiow a further g un of $*22,000 in <pccie, ;it d hold ?6.698,300. The Chicago Tribune of Friday saye:? Currency has been ri.tlior more ,)ii.'i:y; l>"l there is still a e.' np|d"rab!e <!? tlcieiu y felt i>Vw York exchange is j.l'Uty. with no change in rates. Outside it ru!< s at par a ?the more general price being ,<<. Hank rates '4 on round lots; a flsw charging '# on small bills,and a lets iiniuber charging K. Go.d Lujing at ?? a ; selliugui a 1 per cent pnmium. l)emat:d not large. And the Milwaukee SentiurT if the same day:? yothing whatever newiti m<" etary matters yesterday Exchsagewasplenty i ' *?insas at tiba bui.i..' oatte ';vcly, nolwithsttuiduij, the state of the weather. 'iati'S cf exchange were the same as heretofore noted? current selling rate at t! e bank 1 per cent premium; out side >ai< s a pert >rit: buying talis jar to ,S; i>er ??lit. Soi;.o of our bankr c >ntinu( (wyiitcout considera ble ?' nadlan correecy, and it appears to go in-'.y cnotn li. Ir the hollers i f this money shall sustain a loss ot' i ti two or |? ssibly tin ee per cent cu itbyuL^hy. it Willi bo iti:' Uj.U oiir ctiug to wutu theji of their The Cincinnati (Inc ite of Saturday remarks:? The i?ajm nts ye.-tcrdiiy .ere not be !arge us usual on thc4lh. lliscot nted rotes wtro at tended to fully, but -?i n.e of the liot'ses I ad a large amount of rolled ion paper I Hover. Thsre was a liiode.ato demand for loans, and ho matkc'was caf y at 10a 12 |?' cent. Th" j."'*'''111 nn t t dlsbt,;scmrnts h^v'O cat^eii u tx'nsideraUie lulling cir tin demand f?-r loans from ct>nuactors, and added, in vio| ortlen, to ti e active of bankers, ihe ex cb-ti gi- maikei is dull and priccr rule heavy. I ank'-rs' cl.cci:. sold f: < m a pr'mio.rt, but '.lie latter tiguro -,vnB .n mort en^i'S adhered to. Gold was '>-fs active, but ,t iciui.iued tin.i. jrooo I! S 0>. 'G2 9(1 2<M,0Uy 0'r,'81,cou 9i\i 00 do 1 <K)0 do ftsootl.? r.'.s, '<16.... IS 00 r H 6 s. '74. oil 11.000 a 6 pel. 2 vr 0 ObiO 6'.-, Ihi!... SoOO III am I. >, '77. I00O ill CCill !uli>. '79. 1000 Mu ll 8'K, 7 ?... 1000 Mich war lonn. acoOTenu ?'e, '00... 2000 do ?27000 MiVe-.crl I/?... 30C.0 N Y Cen RB o* 2<;00 Krlo UK 1 n l.rf 103 TOCO Kr;eRR3mb,'*3 85 ."80 Frio RR4 b3 71 2iX.0M'f polno t h e! Pi f.oro c, n MjJ.Kvcb 92,'i Mtrh S 1 ill liilB 82 30CO North hi I m.. PI i;t OOIIK'eoKHIi.' x int 1000 (111 N Wlm ir.oo Ijikc E.VWlm l> 9'.' \ 92 g 8. i 82'.: 99% ?9V fit' 84 82* 87 42 42',' 42?< 02 CO flif Mnnlmtt.' U lik 115 ?25 1'k 11 Commerce. 25 .\m Kxl.iinge I?k. t"> MetrupoliUn Ik. ; o I el & Hhd Can Co 100 1'ac Metl 8fe Co... i5 do 186 N Y Ceo RR 100 do 100 do.... 'ft ".00 do.... Stock E?'tann;t. Oc'.. 7,1861 41.0 hihB NYCui RR 76 -i liOKriaRU 28?* 300 do FfiO 2S 1,' 50 Ilo 2*3i ICO do at 60 do 29 ii 327 Frle RK prof.... 48 250 Chi, J;: .'c JRK.slO 63 01 do *10 03 1>J Hudson Kiv RR.. 86 60 do, so do 100Harpr?f..*30 ?2iio Rcadir.ff RR 125 MichCeti KR.... 635 Mich S&N luu RR 450 do 150 do 50 do 1)30 250 Mich ,-v'V V"dstk 50 HICeDl!Rsw j?.h30 ICOClov & 1 ittfc RK.. 200 do CO Galena & Chic Kit 60 do sl!0 450 do 2860 CTcv fcToled- ICR 200' do h30 100 do. f.O do. 100 do MO 150 Chi ARklslanORR 136 do 50 do ?10 450 do. 250 do briO 100 Mm kVi duChuUR 87 % Ps 60 81 83 8C}? SO 60H 0O.U 76M K>i 75 ^ 70 :<5 ?; 36 27 88 45 10 16'i 16 1C4 34 U 07 )* 12 a 12 U 70 J, 70', 71 33 . : o 32 Ji ' " .l.'i 48.'? 48 4^' 4s 48 * 18 do. EOARIJ. 50 eh*N YCRR.F20 50 do ro do boo OX) do 100 Erie RR >00 do 1.30 JCO do roK h On RR ' r. Mich So k N laRR 69 Panama RR 50 111 Ccn RR acrip.. 200 Cleve k Pitts RR. 60 Gal & CI RK.... 1000 < 1< vc &Tol RR.. 150 Chi fc Rk 1 RK . . 200 do. .. .810 . h?0 76 J, 105 Chi,Burl A Qy RR 76 Vt 7o;< ?MX 76 'i 29 J* ?2'.i;4 2?>i 46 1? 116^ 07 12 71'4 33 4HS 48 ij, 63;,' vr York C'Z^y B^nki. CJ?. Otn.' . . *??. /??. Ai. or o $d.M)7.9S0 3/.61,0U0 .>>?? c.y.-}j4Dgo.. P%1^8 3,112.417 Atlantic 821.0t9 00,442 Bctcb. tirov'8' 2.lG i (15 862,7*4 ??. adw :iy 3,200 .-v I 689,282 yull'S lien.d 463 790 67,885 <:tv 2,662,964 ,2??8 Cbcmt-al 1.846.131 3,026 464 Commerce 17,65; ,12s 3,4.i4,685 CVtlwr.J 915398 122,992 ( i.iM S61.i67 179,340 ' in Km l.nngc.. 2.508.026 SSI,240 ootl: enlai 3,784,079 500,4: 2 mm'nwc ilth. 1.393,447 262,007 irylock 3s:?.140 01,152 r 1 1 Klver 452,378 69,894 , .itcfl 1,708.684 801,318 t.'rocr wlcli 481,681 896,619 ' fi' 6:4.797 133.681 H UM.v.1' IJkHjm 24H,989 irvinii (to:.'2.(2 109,6-9 Ini|' k idois'. 8,211.375 459,121 I.ent'ii ,'lanuf ? 1.925.477 604,655 Mauhattoi 6,122.278 1,002,797 Meic'ioi,!.-!' 5,96'.',015 l,-9<?,4-!6 M. c'viavs- 4,541,120 048,144 Mer. KschatiRO.. 2^09,187 389.256 Mocl\ \ '1 .M rs' 1 203,603 316,398 Nercai.til-) 2.5130,003 748,773 VftiopnlitM ... 2,151.240 y.n.kirt 1,S47,U:?7 318,001 Matiw 981,349 248, (<30 M' lt').'A?!B. 1,090.4/8 234,304 M Kid Van... 940,709 173,750 N. V. ;?? hargo. 8M.547 22.703 N Y. County.?. 2B0.0H1 117,8V3 >'ow Yo'k 6,800,401 1,079,'2'.0 Natio> 1 2,601.818 7^6,16? N <ivi r.... 076,446 113,084 ?.( America.. 2,ISO,380 ;<2' 72 N'a^ao 2,0:'2.108 621 ,hs Ocowi 2.1*19,693 070.7'Kt Or I, 698.068 105,879" Pail: 5,Ga.H& 1,824.353 I' 1.17 ..510 266,564 PoajilC't "US 206 133 >0 I ... rix 4,232.106 1,279 743 Refiohli' 4,2.:-021 1,010,101 Se -cuth Ward.. 1.398,497 l.,0 .41 Sate 4,399,494 1,007.381 St. Xt. lio.-ir- 1,437.386 1)0 544 .-?hi o S; L<s.liter.. 3,093,860 809,110 ' rivi.'PicMi'a.... 2.11C.6S5 2^1.560 Union 2,877,324 t,'2.909 I olio 5,1 SOI. Circitl'. Dr/ioiits. 138.282 7,010,008 194 4&6 7/.82 '.2'l 100^08 64" 012 300 *>46 1 71,0.7 1 862,301 2,833,883 131,525 368,018 ? 2,374,156 422,155 4,441 6*0 1,975 11,5M.829 101 's:l 022,3.'. 4

144 211 737,144 17' J1S 1,831,650 204 09 2,183,210 2<; 5,703 1.048,344 l:. '.369 198,666 10',063 826.893 1" .420 1,&0J,42J 151,281 490,361 61,967 602,327 ' i.ivo 1,203,?1?; 127,982 738,3*7 205,824 1,630,919 280,648 1,308 340 279^64 4.5.",:,-"it 109.8*5 4 320,680 247 .692 3,626,851 116,06# 1,478,366 157.013 1 239 366 2!i l7? C,174,777 249.691 t? 796,^29 1,304,.r'.i) 882,839 951,715 607,914 248,402 288,105 180,829 1C6.003 t>8,3l3 l15,190 81 *63 63,687 3tn,916 4,S3C.980 118,009 1.841,106 '.8,167 629,400 A3,087 1.63* ,202 139,t00 1,CIO,000 70,0-2 1,601.9*4 100.2P1 4!?,',2-< I 268,424 6,476.978 104,514 1,022,164 92 015 0t?,364 rw.r.15 8^02,938 218H31 3.275,t?67 1H,814 1,042.197 241,408 8A&3/?B f>?,703 Tl3fl,6M 2; j ,571 1,816,023 220. ?46 1,2'J7,107 180,432 2 858,543 yi49,318,48839,808^818. >1,063126,607,64 CITY COMJIBKCIaE REPORT. J..-.11UY, (k -?0 p. M. Auk.?'The m rlcctwus (toady, with ro .11 saks at $?25 for both norir. Ujueadctvii*?lio\.r?jl.t} p:a.kgi wa? t\ctiT.', y,itli a good demand for most grades, both for domestic nao and for export. The sal's embraced ab. ut 22,000 bbls., closing within the following range of prices:? Sui-erlljlO Stute $5 40 a 5 60 Extra stftic. flood to choice 6 00 a 5 75 Superfine Woitorn 5 40 a 5 50 Common to cboico Western extra 6 70* 0 SO Extra Canada 6 75 a fl lb Xixod to straight Southern 5 70 a 0 25 Straight to good extra do 6 30 a 7 25 Choice extra family and bakers' brands 7 25 a 8 00 Bye Hour 2 75 a 4 00 Corn meal, Jersey and Ilraudy wine 2 C5 a 3 00 ?Canadian Hour wan llrm, with a fair amount of Bales> which closed at tho above ilgures. Southern flour was firmly held, whilo sales embraced ubout 1,200 bills., closing at tba above quotation*. Byo flour and weal were steady at our tigure, while sales were light. Wheat was lew buoyant, and the market was from le. a 2c. per bushel lower. Tho Miles for tho day looted up al>out 212.000 bushels, here and to arrive, at $1 41 a $1 46 for Kout rky white, and $1 41 for white Canada: $1 3U a $1 42 for white Michigan; ohoii'o was hold at |il 45; $ 1 37 a $1 44 for white Ohio, $1 32 a (1 33 for red Slate, *1 30 a $1 88 for red western, and $1 3d for author Iowa; $1 21 a $1 23 for Chicago spring and the same for Racine, and $1 24 a $1 20 for good to choice do. Coru was active and Urnier, while the d'man.I was in |iart on speculation. The sales reported aggregated Tor the day, hem and to arrive, about 2lKI,(ii. l bmhcls, at 50c. u 61c. for damaged, 64c. a 65c. for tlu eastward, and at 5.'> ',,0. a 5fle. for prime shipping lots for export. Rye wan in lair demand, with sales of 3,700 h.sliels State at 76c. liarluy was steady, with sales of 8,'-00 but bo Is thoieo Static at 75c., with some Canada West at p. t. Barley mult wus steady at 77c. a tfOe. Oats were steady and in fnir demand, and prices 111 m, with sales of Westei u and state nt 33>,'c. a 35c. Coiskk.?1 he market wus ttrm but comparativelyqulot. A sa e of 875 bugs Kio, cash, in bond, was made "ou pri vato l-ims. Corro*.?The market was unchanged, while tho sales, in loin, 1 mb.'aced about 600 a A00 hales, closing on the buais ol'Ul>?c. fur middling uplands. Ag<sil portion of the l ust luua Sural cotton, rocently Imported into this port, it was said was about to bo real Ippcd to Liverpool, be nig considered unsuitable for manulucture in this couu try. Kki:u;tb.?Rates were sustained, with rather more otR-ring. To Llver|tool about 40,000 a 60,000 bushels of grnin were engaged, i; eluding com, in bulk ?nd bags, at lid. a 11 *4'1-, and wheat nt 12d., in ship's bags. Flour was nominal at 3s., and 60 iih'ds. tallow at 35s. To I>m iloti [yo boxes cbeete wore c.uagcd at 60s. Tollav/e froigh'e were In good demtnd, and about 4K.000 b :shels wheat were engaged at 26c., 111 ship's hat s. with some 2 000 bids. Hour ut D5c. Soui shipowners and agents de manded jl for Hour. Naval Siinuts.?Sales of 600 bbls. spirits turpentine were made nt }| 40 u $1 42li Common r< sin was quiet. I'Kovnioss.?I ork?Tiie nun ki t was unchungod and the demit;.d mo b rute; the sal s embraced about 400 a 500 bbls ut $14 50 a $14 76; full weight newly in?|iected was held at 16c.; pritno sold nt $9 75 a 110. Beef was in fair demand, with sales of 200 ft 300 lilt s. ut $10 20 a $11 25 for repacked W< stern, anil at $12 25 a $13 75 for extra. Cut 111 ats were] quiet, aud sales contlned to 60 a 60 pack ages at 5c. a 6'*c. f' r shoulders, and 5',c. aS'ja. for hams. IjimI v/as if good demand and active, with reported of 1.1,00 I) .s. at 8*4'e. a 9Jjc- Butter was In fair roquert ?t 18c. a 14' . for suite; cli.'lee fresh faH do. was at 16c.; Ohio was at Oc. a 10c. Istate cheese was at 8c. a 7c., and Ohio at 5c. a DC. Km k was liim, with small sales at 7J?c. a TJ{c. for gootl lo prinv!_. SfOAUa?Tliemnrket was quiet, whilo prices wt re llrm, with sales conllned to s:nall lots of Cubas at Utgt week * prices, and lfcti boxes at p. t. Whiskky.?The market was steady, with galea of 400 a 500 bbls , closing at 21>?c. roil HALF.. I BAKE l llAM I! IN "IIIB I it.full Tl'ADK?IN A coiMcuuenee "f the death ot lite lele Joint II'Im porter of Wise's Irt.-h whiskey, ?'i? , tock, and fix tures nt' 31 Old Slip, will be sold cheap. Apply ai No. 6 West street. \ FIRST CI.AP8 HOTEI*?IN ONE OK TIIE FINEST J\ lo.ati< ns lit !l>e clly, t?< ing a Jrut in.; bi viicss, will be sold 1 .w for faith. In conse.|tiettct.: o; ti e oiwir IIH, 1 lift uttier business. Agents need not up,tty. ho. 1*0 Nassau street, third lloor. t RARE CH ARC*?FOR SALE TIIE stoi K AMD FIX ,/Y tures of a fancy iwl-stoie 11 tin- Jlnw? ry, v. 1.1 locultd ut d caput le of doir.g a '.art'.* liusinesK. SaOaiafory reasons tlv< .1 selling, Addn ? . K. i.. M , Hen i 1 1 QMS. V CORN Ell LIQUOR STORE, WITH LEAKE, STOCK nu'i Fltinri s 1 >r sale, in 11 fin ti p lo anion. Ap| iy on the premises, lioullieast cornc.- ot Math u\cuuc antl 1 .irtieth St. pi'SINESS CHANCE.-FOR SALE, TIIE STANB NO. 4> if!ri U e?: We?blrt| ''ill J' ti ket. ?prfMian 8ALOOX?WITH fOCB MARBLI BSD J ) Titi 1 ?. all lurnlshed ctieiplete, and iwo 'i.nd litind Ta bles, lor sale tlieap; r :ut low. Inqure ot W. II. VtUBLN, 5.'ll Brosdwity. T\RU? STORK FO.t SALE-WELI. STOCKED, Lova J * established and dom? a gistd basiiicm. For purlieu. .:s ;i(.j ly oil the premises, M'l Third avenue. Dill-is sroiiB Fn:t SAi.E-v.Ei-L locatkii and doing ail excellent '.-itsiii' sit; ugoodctiao 1' tor t ;*liysi elr.n; none hut a c??ii pun liasnr lined apply, at.WSThlrd avi nue; the pr.-si lit owner piinu 0111 as in ? 11 to the m .ir. I VHIWI sTtiitb FOR SAIJl-LoNd KsTABUSHKB. >>N .L ' : fr ol.ient corneri.nwn t n ; Well stoc'.ei'. and tl 'I1.3 1 K.iod 1 ut incus; will be sold ut a lair price. Ado rasa l'liyei viai . t:ox 170 Hi laid oli ve. Duro SiJUE l-oii. - i; in iu;ooklyn?w bli. lo eate.l ami doing a. tair b.'.sines*. Apply to JOHN i'.vYNK ?k HUN, 5i Futon street, New York. lilOK SALE?ONK THIRTY H0118K POWER H0KI2ON. 1? tnl steam En*ln? ; one twelve li'?r^:?? pow< r uprl<*!.t Pf am Enpi' *? ;irir{ IMler; one fl^ lit ho: ?? power ?ir r ght Sfou. j Engine and Holh ??; one lour h uw, j>o\ver ho/l ; n\Uil nil Kiiytno ;.nd Boiler Toe*' ftnjiues an* all in first r?W? i lining <rd< r. and will ho sold ne ap f or rash, Ap ply to AlihVsli&vS & Mr-LAKES', &d and 8fj li ratio strert. T^Oft SALE-7HK STOCK AND FIXTURES Of A li* I!os.?t.v and (In,tit-men's Furnishing : tore. The stock in new ft ml desirable, nod will bo fold cheap for cash. Ap ply at 10I> Kiiiton nwnue, Brooklyn. No agent* need apply. TilOFt SVLE?A OOTTAOE IIOrSE IN BROOKLYN, J* very pleasantly *i uaod; neai iy .ill eiui r? in u:i on niort y_.??{??; | il . *:'? in>>. " Woi.l 1 exehange for a in the coun try not moi " than tweuty to thirty miles from New York. For 1 jiariiL.iial'! sddli . s bo* JM5 N* VV York i'nst nJIi'e. K fc \ 1 -12?VllE LKAMJ3 OF A Fo|/H STORY TENE meut House, with Fixtures of Bur, Dining Haloon, Jfce. ?! it. r-ji-T.t and (Mlnr. Kent wry low. Ai i;ly on the oitc, at 3% Flint avenue, northeast corner oi Eighteenth t IjlOR HA Mi?LEASEHOLD FKEMJ^EH J 94 VARH 'K J_ street; part cash and part trade. Addicts B. N., box 6&? Fost olflce. TilQF SALK-IN BROOKLYN, A NICELY FITTED UP J1 t'oim r Grocery Store, on one of the oe? t, avenues In l<r*okIyn, in si growing neighborhood. The stock is new, small and v r][ sel< e'e.l. Good reason given lor scUiog. Ad dress Oroeer, box 178 Herald ofllee. IjlQB SALE?THE LEA8E, WITH STOCK AND FIX . tore* of a fir t <-ln- < Grocery Store, in a good Jo vision for i?usiiM ?? and cb<ap refit Time v> i?i be given to pay halt the i>> ?i ? y il desired. The ovt'iit r cann t atti nd to it. Inquire t! 427 Third .? venue. 7,1 OK SALE?A GOOD BUTCHER SHOP, SITUATED JP on tii' corner of Ki^htii avenue and Jane street: the owner wishing to sell ou account ol ill health. N. H.?A go'Kl patent M<! house in the sh< p. Inquire? on the premiss T^OR sale?IN a MOST DESIRABLE NEIGHBOR 1* ho ?d, ii roo t Groecry and Liquor Store, with three years' l ase, ne.v dolntc a Rood Cash, and will be sold at a Ki ? a? saerl'i' hh the pr?*x -tit propiietor is engaged in oth< r nusmesR ?.ud cannot atten I to both. For full tMrtlrtilars call in th ? liu?ry stable, $.1& Eighth-avenue, or 150 West Twenty eighth street. l^OK SALE-AN EXCELLENT WATCH DOG; CROSS 1 heiuf ? n Newfoundland and niaxiii)gentle, and ja?r Ici tly r? l.i'oie. t;. n i>e seen until s?dd at 47 Broad st., > . Y J mil \I.K?ONE SETTER DOG, WELL BROKEN, fur tr ?1 '-an ?" Jiad; one St. Bernard f><>#, lar/.- t in ti.cclty ;o . N? wl? undland Dog oi mammoth si/v, t bla k; r?ipy..ol Ma me stiH-'i; ore p-iro f<r< e?i Er',;Jisli Mastllf Pap, weight 70it-s., ?U inoniiisold; one pure S oteh Deer Ilound; annni'i i o; :e f\.? \ npn P.?((?*; Id.e k ar <1 tan Foj ?; Dog.-? ot uli i .n-eds. Address iT Gurducr, corner ol" Fii'tiutn street and Broadway. T^OR BALE-A IIANTSOM^LY FITTED t'l? LIQUOR Si-;e, with a btiK ile Uible and evcrytliing complete, v. uh ?ea ? This is a ra 1 c! ace for a young oian ReahOU i< r n'llm z made kmuvu .ho store, 6^3 Se cond avenue. |7?>U SALE CHEAP- \r.' OLD ESTABLISHED Gl.'N, t Rile* and 1'liitol Factory. A goodopporinull > to e im rnence the business. Address Enfield, box 1112 Herald office, JJ101 BALE VERY CHEAP?OB WILL EXCHANGE I i a small Iioumj in Brooklyn, a good paying down drinkin; saloon, well fninished and a uoo i sOhK. BIGGS A ROHS1TER, 7'i Nassau street. ]J?OR SALE FOR CASH. OR EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL i. rtn ii at* the city?A first elass <irocei's Stork iii trade, ! Horse and W 'gon and la ase, in >;ood location. The estate must be< ; >sed. Apply at No. 2 .Montague plaee. JOHN BRA1NERD. ARDWARE.?A WELL ASSORTED STO' K OF HARD lor sale, a* low prices. Fo kei and Table Cutlery, .. ... . J i-sors. Chains. Horse Kails, Anvils, Shovels, Spade.", A Bargain** oll'ered to cash buyers, as the stock in'iHt le . I- s?d out i . short time. No. warren street. 7>AKlli:S HAVING FHOJ'EKTV JN BHOOKLVN. AND .1 wiiiit.g to exehanne lor improved New York property up t >w n. ) ? > "'g ten per cent, will please address it. M. Taj lor, Heratu oillce. II Q TAUT/. KOt K MILLS ANU PATENT KOIt . VI.Tv :<je<l at ihe miaes (he very bci>i for r?il?cln? i"i ,,i (.i!,ur bard BuljhtaiM'e* to impkl)?l '<? pov der, wltn ?r tii'itec! <uttiuu erlndliig ?urt'?ce? easily .'liuiiiiflil. KOUTHWIOK A WOOD, 83NiUWa strwt. CSOUTll BEROEN Bl'll.DIKO PLOT8, ELEGANTLY iT. I-i. near Dutch U.'lonae.t?nd I'lesoyto'Uachur tfu1 11 .? I .i11' mil" from Jersey City by hnisc rntlroad mn r li.K .v tea minutee', for ealo v,rj Lw. Aj piy el No. 41 W ?ter uwt V'l 9m -I'OH SALU-TUE K1XTOEES COMFijBTEOF '? ft (irnctry aiiI T-. i (Store. aUuated on one of the Ik.hi a' nif<s or th? dty; ul*o tho Block, 11 tpquiiL"!. Apply , i est s Mh -vcuue, beiwcau the liour* ol'gand '0 A. M., uud c 1 .*;( I WILL BUY AS OYSTER 8AL00V, DOIXQ A ' jfood bUBln.-if!!, i'ul in r y>od loCiilVty, nowly lidr.i r. . ill ' a';..': wljl ctrr ?*(t^fiKTtory rawii lor rolling; will in s Illi,'li T.p. Auplyon 'Uw anwlMi, 72 TUtrU avt iiuc. or to Mr. fAYTON, HDMUhd strcot. ftonrt wirr, buy the stock, fixtures and ?<)y V turniture?? lung lenee M #13?of n Saloon doing it ij. 1 h islnesg; good l.).-ation, near nroedtfay*! ownf;V iolnii .fcuroi*. Apply to UVL^KUOii 4 UOiMES, ho. ? 'V k- ' ' * ?! T " " : ' '' Gil 000 -*?!?'AMOt-KT WU.T. UCY A GENTEEL, V J.UyU, | rfliablo no 1 pcrf.' > biiMneee, ".-enred by in'"1'!, and with a good Block ot. atu. Can ntakti tl.MO annually In it. BIUUS A BOSS?TER, No. 78 Waiian irtr.iet 000 IRR^A Ct>l NER flROC'EUY; < >NE FOR >. j.vyi J fljw; candy atorn for $0U, |S,tH0 for a paijcr Atl.l uotbe Hudson, with lfyt-i mi l land to exchanga To/ ? n *rj tot id buaincu^ Aptly at No. 12 Centre <rt?t, .or in,{0t V>m^r8?^a-vU JBEUUO A EASrijiiiS. NALK8 OF REAL ESTATE. An ei.eoant house for hai.e <>k to let-fur nihlieit or iinl'urnl?lieJ, lift) East Nineteenth utreet; juice ami terms farurthle; the neighborhood Is ?uo<l nml tlio home poKMwse* ewy convenience. Can bo seen only from fitolOA. M. m?1 i to 0 l\ M. \ BEAUTIKl'I, CORNER HOUSE FOR SALE? 2\ Norllieniit corner of Flfty.clKhih ulrcct anil 8eeonii ave nno; ?n?lly altered to ? (tors. Apply on the preaiUug or to WM. KE'fTRETCH, l&SEaat Thlrty-Mcond street. A FIRST CLASS 'VfinAr, STORY IlRICIv HOUSE FOR sale or to let?Furnished; neighborhood unexceptiona ble; located betweon Fulton and Atlantic avenues. Water ntid una. Will be sold or let to a amall family low. Will well the Furniture and lot the House if desired. For particulars apply on the premises, G4 Elliott place, ouo block from Ful ton avenue, Brooklyn. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House, basement and sub-cellar, with nil the modern Im provements, on Brooklyn Heights, 58 Columbia stroet, oppo slteUolonade row, with a lino view of New York Bay, will be sold very cheap and on easy term a. For further purticu laraapply to or audress T. Slmpaon, !W avenue D. CIOUNTRY RESIDENCE NN ANTED-WIT1IIN FIFTY ) miles of this city, In A good neighborhood, near a rn 11 road depot, schools, stores and an hi i? copal church, ??onaiat Ing of 25 or more acres of good productive land, with fruit, running water and some wood. The buildings must be am pie, substantial (modern preferred) and well shaded. Ad dress, with price and lull particulars, Nelaon, bo* 168 11 "raid olllce. CHATHAM. N. J.?A TARTY COTTAGE, TWO STORIES, 36 feet square, with two acres of ground, three minute* from depot on Morris and Essex Railroad; fruit, shade and ornamental trees; flue scenery. Address bo* 2,675 New York 1'ost olllce. FARM.-WANTBD TO PURCHASE, A GOOD FAUM, near the city, cheap; must have good comfortable Kulld lngs, good Soil, Fruit, Ac., for which a good tirst Mortgage will be given. Apply at 118 Fourth street, Williamsburg, or address box 118 Herald olllce. Farm for sai.e?near the raritan river, three miles below New Brunswick, N. J.; lit) ai r. s of first rati' land, a rich Randy loam, well adapted to raising fruit or for market guidcniug; good buildings ami well watered; price $10 per acre; terms easy, J. r. MUK&'UY, 17 Nassau street. I7*ARM FOR SALE?CONTAINING 22>? ACRES, SIX acres wood, the balance smooth land, well fenced; no buildings; brook runs through the lot; location very line and healthy; price $50 an acre. Apply to WM. WOODS, Bound brook, Somerset county, N. J. IjlARM FOR SALE?ABOUT 14 MILKS PROM THE CITY ; of New York, one of the linest loeaff?>.<* on the Ha?'ken sack river, New Jersey, containing ab?.ut 100 acres, 14 of wnich is woodland, the balance uml ugood cultivation; abun dance of Fruit of all descriptions; large and convenieji : ItnH : ings, In good order. For particulars inquire of THOMAS WARD, on the piemlscs, or of GEO. A. II. BEN NET, No.J2b9 Grand street. Tj^ARM FOR SALK-50 ACRES. TWO DWELLINGS, I outbuildings, good orchard, stock and crop; price $4000; 2.1 miles from the ?iiv, on Long Island. One ol 42 .u r ?, for $2,400. Inquire of Mr. DEAN, stoue yard corner of Hicks ami Baltic streets, South Brooklyn. Farm wanted?about 100 acres, under a high slate of cultivation, within 1% hour of New York; must have gocd buildings, water and iruit; water view denraMe though not cMscn'iui. Frlee must be low. Address, giviug full particulars, box lift Brooklyn 1'ost office. Agents need not resound. IjURM WANTED ? AN ACRE OR TWO OF LVND, 1 with bouse an I l>. rn, to 1 tv, wi'h a view to nun-liaise, 1 deslied by t! e s ?b c ib t ; o b ? witYn ? iu' tt mil s of the city, near some ra.iroai* Addiess !)<? n, Herald olUcu. I/lAKM WANTED?A FIRST RATE IMPROVED FARM, V of over 1 Mt acres, with nice B llUlings, Fruit, Ac., in New York, Ohio or Southern Wisconsin, In cxchini./e foraCoun try Heat and Farm near Tarry town, which if (led red "an be ex< han .ed any day for city property, A . .?? with full par ticulars, box m Fust olllce, Tarty town, N. Y. I,10R SALE?fNCLAVERACIC, COLUMBIA COUNTY, A ' neat and convenient Cottage, with Barn and Outbuild ings, situated on a -mall farm of 37 aercM, and command' a tine view of the Catsktil range. It is within a convenient distance from railway station, churches at . post office, and three miles from the cityid Hudson. Thirty acres or the projM'rty are in meadow, and the i. malmler In a high iat.? of cultivation, with a thrifty young ap *>? orehard and a ;??.?? I selection of other fruits and an unfailing spring of water. Address W. R. Mercer, Claveraek Post olllce, Columbia coun ty N Y. TTloR SALE-FOUR LARGE HTONK FACTORIES, WITH I ?m .out d u water power, large arm int. ( f tools, Ac., n i'Mt le f ?r f If manufacture of guns or aiy other manufac turing purpos"*, 'nrge. mansion; losses for men, with 40 f?cre?; of laud, i'o-s ion bum. (Uately, Wi 1 i>c -nM at a great burg: -;n. on eajVy app.lcaiion to .JOHN LI OYD k fcJONS, Si" hi hi ret t. LV)lt SALE?AT A SACRIFICE, THE MOST ELEGANT I? Iv l.nislied Ifou-e In this : H), similar to tlu bo-t. bouses on Fll'ih aveii'.te; ?t mo front, 'p.tji stom1, goo 1 m Igborlmod; N.. J21Khm 1' ri>-eighth street, near Thud avenue. A, j iy ps above. Bill up. TfOR RALE ?TWO NEW, FIRST CLASS, FOUR STORY, JP 11 ?wn ht^ne trout HouseK, with all the nu-dein lmprovc im it?a, Nos. 45 and 47 Eist Thirty-seventh street, between 1'iit'iv and L'-> (ngiott aveu' es. Iieptln; on .he premises. For raumwo ksw brown si hb frokt 1I>-e. ', finl.?lied In the bfst my e, r? plei? . lib t'ae mo dern Improvement.?, and on ??ne, of the 1 'st wites in th < iiv. Inquire on tli ? piemist s, 41 and 47 East Tiiiriy-sevcntb jUect. I 10R 8 ULI ro CIA ?>': kK ESI K1E, A FIRS P 0LA88 V 1 (tjuse in South l.roi.klyu, convenient to Fulton am1. Wall street fet I'rl * 47,000"; ^:;,500 ?an remain, and balanee in nici ehi.udi e. s'. c>.? mortgages, or a small farm in the eo.intiy. Apply to W. 1*. SACKE'lT, lbS V, ster street, cor tier ?t iMtie, New York. Ijioit PALIS?AT riilCKr TO Hl'lV THE TD?ES, TWEN ' ty-ttve frrme uiid brick House#, on ??'cventy-chihth. Eighty ? ond no d j'l..h;.v*ihi)d rt'cei*-, in fli*r best improved part ot Yorkville, mi pi if?g from $2 :V>M to $.1,0i4), fin I on se commi'dstii;; ?',nn 4? f I'iiymriii. s?pp]y? ?JOHN 'JTKNFSR, j nt th#* i.aiir .lore, Eighty-sixth stre._, and Third ..venue. TiluR TALE ? A COTTAGE AN1) LOT IN VORKV1LLE | I will - ?* H"M cheap unci ..n luvwr;.L?ta t . in. Apply at . 4731'ort street. | TjlOR BAT K ? " fANGE?FOR FURNITURE, CAR- J F . r?', a neat mianer Ruoi^nw on S iirji ' ? , water!, three ininnfes' \v.ilk fr >m . ruilroa ? COVJSTTtf & SCHARPS, 170 Chat ham Ml ? ' < V* J I<1oRS\J. r r:.'.' JA.NOE?IN CUSTOM STREET, Rio d 1; ? i' .n's, u morb-rn stone front H- ?se eiiy Lot* and V.Vm< ? for Oro erie.x, Dry O o.<?, ?'lolhiug, or ari\ . ml o( merchandise adapted lor the California market. A JdiChS I,, x i.215 l?of t office. tjlOB SM : OR EXCHANGE?HOUSES IN BROOKLYN J1 tor n mop!'farm, lots, lumber, dry g? ds, hardware ? r merchandise. Inquire at 40 Clymcr street, Brooklyn, E. D., of R. BAKTO. TTIOR H \LE OH EXCH AN*?E?FOR CITY OR COUNTRY J1 property, two Valuable Patent Rights and a large number of man niacin red Grain, Paint ami U?. rtw Kock M/lhof dif ferent tly.ts, in good demand. MOOS A ROSHETER, No. 73 N^sau street. FOR SALE OR TO LEA HE?A F L FARM ON LONG IsUnd, containing 13 acres ot L; ml, dwelling Hon*", wi;h li Rooms, itarn and Outbuildings; In '.a(ion <res* IT ills near the Water Works. For fuilner p.i. tlcula. ;dy at 148 Adams street, Brooklyn. Hardware wvnted.?any party h well assorted k ink of Hardware suited lor . >t trade, to dt-pose of. ai d is willing to exchange the s?? on<- half lis value in -al estate ami the balan ??lorc?sit undoubted pauer, m ill please address box U90 Post ufliue, w real name and uddre.-a. Real estate for sale.?farmers, gardeners J and milkmen, J! you vNh to purchase live, en or Ihirtv , aeres of ill" best Ijfttid In i. bufih, only three from tiie City flail, Brooklyn, -it pre e \ to suit the times, call on L. T. BERGEN, 79 Ccaar street, New York. Valuable country seat and farm for sale? With commodious and extensive Buildings, Orchards and fruit* of all kinds, grapery, ^.lveiihonse, ei?'.;r mill, vine gar loft, Ae., Ae. It is Hiluatcd wi'h(n one hour of the city, and eomin inieates by railroad and Mr For healthful nr>Hai?d beauty of hjeition it is iniwirp tsM- t. The furnJtnro in good order and the tine stock, of the farm efi be h ul also. Wouldexidianne in pi.t l??rg"Od pro1u -tiv.? citv prop - ly. A*ldri ss Proprietor, box 2,137 Pu?t oilke, > ? v Vol k. (t?0 pnf\ W!U ni'Y A FIRST GLASS FOUR STORY )VmI brick H?.u *?. fn eemi lete ? !er, all in?? 11 i n im> (f,ovemet t . In the most ('elfghfft.l ?rt <- *? y *''t^. 'JVrnt< $UP)< uk'' $4H) in six moi.'hs; ba! >v c. i*n), ->;n ren ? n on hot i An I mort:;aie. pim-e co-r to huiid iu over AdUi' J. A., Ix x '70 Herald olllce. REWARDS. d?4> REWARD?LOST, ON f NDAY MORNlNO AT ?Pmi 2715 E Jith avenue, betwe. ii Tw- rity iouriu aj.d TAefity-liith streets, a black rnaniel abo i nlno months old, answers to tli? n-ime or J>arke> : b?* had a? ?>und bin neck a leather collar with a smail tewliock ar.daiop ni laehe 1 to It. The abovr reward Will be given to tin.'J ler and o questions a^ked. djO WILL BE PaTD r )R THE RECOVERY OF A stray do.r; he iia<l < u a c</]lar w.'h h's n ime sti i nu ? her on it; be is a mimII lor with red ts a* (1 tull eyes, a slim t ri' S *; answers to ilie name of Ve<io. The i? ?y tlo'twnsln eaiowt htm will be m ieh obil^ed to au> person thai *vi I r' turii him rs lie will feci the loss. A\ ply at No. 4 j East Eighteenth street. Q ~ REWARD WILT BK PAID TO ANY PERSON RE tjpt/ tun ingabiark niid white wl?; indtaml Do-', strayed away on Saturday, Ojt. 5, to McEvay At it. dhers, oHO <iia" 1 street. dfcf)^ REWARD? HORME *M) WAOON ST?/1 K*" V?*9J from fs) >J ?nr? e street, 'J'oes?!a", O. *"!. >r J, ).^?1 a rray mare, about 15 hands high, fly bitten; box wagon. \sith iop. painted black; frilver f<iaietl Larneso i Dtit< h c liar;. Kersey blanket s.nd bailer in the wagon. They were hired by a man wiio called himself,I C. Adams, l'rom New Jersey, and stopping Jersey Hotel, 71 Cortlanit stree.i, to goto Jamaica, I. ?ng /sia.'d, and have not been returned. Any o r. son who will return the same, or give information thai will lend to thefr recoeery, wll! receipt* t!ic above rewat d from Thomas K? rr, fit) Monroe ttreet, N. Y. Sew Yokk, Oct. 4,1*461. HOTELS, K LBION HOTEL AND BOARDING HorsE, v. HUH. iV sonaireet, corner of Char; s,?Rooms in suits or single, at i*roin ^4 to $?? per week, single persons, and from $71 ?fll. married, incim' nc li fhrd. gan, fic. (tae viry corvenientana 1'lensant suit of Rooms, *.'.liable f"i ?? family, v. ould be let cheap to respectabie fartics for tl.c WinJet. T. LAMiiERT, Proprietor. T ELAND'S WESTCHESTER H01::e, i?. r > I'tiY AND J J Broome strect.?iSnropean plan; newly furnish d 1 inougbout; choice family Roo>ns c i f;rs* U or, '$7 per ?vec?.i siugle Rooms 40 cents and 60 cent- p. rdlcm. \v. \V. LKLASl) t . J. TirjlITNKY HOUSE. BROADWAY. C.hl^vg p Tf Twelfth street.?Condu- ted oil the Euro jeHn p|,4. Suits and single Rooma at extremely low r<r? -e >. corre^vsmd log with thj times. U. M. BUNNEIT, fropri-.tor. LFC Tl JNKS. IE?TURE.?RE *. W. If MlLBUlN rviLL DELIVER J a Lscture in tiie *ha rreet Mc ?<? ,ut Episcopal church, 'his(T c s<l ?y)cvenb;jp ?>.t8o*e!??',si r nie?u- ' Aaron Burr.'* Adn ston'.A cent". 1 jketstob- ??' i at the ?loor. SPJCCIAL nOTU'EM. Boat hi;ildjjr3, attention!?tub jouh:.kv.vkx Most, liniidei rt of Ne*v V >?' vicinity an requ t.? ' tostf n J a m <?dng 1 .? /??.. hi Hi'el, 17SI Madi-ou aivect, ca T .!?.*? lav - o /' k, business of im pdr;)me f'i? { be ' -w. > I tvferr ; tuvv^f BOARDING AND fjODOIXtt. AT ORBATLY REDUCED PRICES?NEWLY FUR. nl?hed Rooms, from $1 i<> 50 per wee*. Lod.pi h irom 25 to 37 coots per night, at the Frankfort House, coru i' of b raukfort and William streets. Open all night. AT* 130 MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND wife seeking a home in a first class private house, li .mi* soinely located, can tind a Huit of Rooties on heeond floor, with Board, us above. Ah?? a room tor a single geutleman. Bent of references given and required. Asm ill family, residing \t no u ibtno. don square (junction of Blocker and Hudhou mh-- u), in a first class brown stone man>.iont with all the modem I u. prove men is, wiU accommodate a lew boarder*on rauonai-le terms. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THEIR own house, arc desirous of renting the Second Klo ?r,' humlsmnely furnished, with Hoard. The hous ? has n't till modern improvements and is pleasantly situated. Apply at 281 Lexington avenue. References required. VRAU CHAKCB FOB BOARD?IN THB SEVENTH ward, for a gentleman and wi n or two single gentle* men. A large front Room, well furnished, with hot and cold water in the room, gas, lire and iiso of Isiih, and every com! fort of a home, In a i rivate American family. Also, a -oiglo liedooin, for a gem Ionian. Terms moderate nnd leferemcs exchanged. Apply at 72 Henry street, near Market. 1 S M \ I, I i FAMILY, OtVlPYING A NEW BROW If J.V stone bouse, a few doors from Madison Park ami Fifth Av< nil" Hotel, would let a tew newly furnished Rooms, m suits <>r *> 'parately, to gentlemen or.N.ndl .amides, with or without Board. Address box 117 Herald olllce. T>OARD?AT NO. 31 8TUYVE8ANT BTRFKT, CONTINfT I) a: Ion wf V tor place.?A t'entlem ?ii an1 \s I ?? < r si.,gin ge'.,i<mon can be ne ommodated with Roomh. luini*hed ot% unfurnished. Dl <m r at 6 o'clock. r ?? i enient to catsand stages, House has all the modern ?i.?piovomcnt&. IlOARD?A HANDSuMIILY FURNISHED SUIT OF ) li ' iiiH, on the iLilrd li''or ?>f a tliSJ cli:is house, to n nt to c 'ufii'fuu and their wives or sin, lo ? entl men. Refe rents exchanged. Early dinner. Ap> y at b'l St. Mark's "HOARD.?\ FRONT ROOM ON THIRD STORY OF A I ) '"'rstela.-s hoiiHO t ? !e . will. it > n \ !,? ji.m ,nri wife, who would iitinlsh it, would be i oturred. Apiilyat 6'.> \\ est Twinty-M venth street. BOARD.?A NICE, LA HUE ROOM TO LLT, SUITABLE for one oi (w?i i.? ,lo gentlemen. Reference required* Apj ly at 44 Irving place. BOARD FOR THE WINTER ON MURRAY HILL.?OKB or two g nt'.emen ami their wives, or a lew s..njlog n ti? men, wil! I in.J *ery plcaf.uut R< oius, with Board, In a MnutUf "ml htrlc ly private family, residing in u iirstehoa house, by ap !j in# i; ?(> \\ .'Si Thirty e nth street, The is new at. . (onvei.i nt t rarj ami Plages. nlABD in WBST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A, s r IT of Roms on ??" i tlo >r, ainl one hlugi Ho ni to let, with Boar 1, In an e! ^ant t*rowu st in - hou ? occupied b, a small fan.!ly, private tab;? if desired. A| p! v at 155 VV st Fourteenth street, or futures < Board, box 3,iM New York Post ofhee. "OOARD WANTED.?A PARLOR ON SECOND FLOOR I J front, v. .in Bedroom at; v md, wante.L with Hoard, by a youm* gentleman ami wh-; p. r month will "opal' lot* soi e. lire and gas ,,u Imje.l; location between Finite* nth and Thirtieth streets; tlen best ret'* rer<v iven ami r quired: pri \ <te family prefericd. Address M , box 2,dl4 New York l'ost ofllce. nOABD V INTBO ?TWO QEKTLEMEN, WITU TIIBIB lj \vlv? s, <|e.,.re Hoard In a gri ;el p oe t.i.mly for tl o winter. F ?? two Bedi o;uns an ' I'arloi, % the s - o.ul tioor, well tiirutfih<"I, in a hous ? nli ti .i.?derti improv - m nts, tire? and gas included, ftoni ^6!) t p ?r month will be paid. l/? t:ot above Twcnty-'.fi t> sir. et. lict-t ret'e renees given and reip'iiod. Addrc^ik box I 4t4 i'ost ofUee. BROOKLYN?45 CLINT M BTR1 . I FF INT BOOMS w Ute '.jeomi (loia* to tent, w:th il an1. a front Hall Room lor a sin;,!' ntleman. il.-u-. ?? o. ains the ino dern improvements'. Dinner ft f*a o^lock. "nOARD IN BROOKLYN 16 CLINTON RTR ET; TWO l> fr.-n? !'.?r lois, wii i bedroom^ d; ? a sm dl Bedroom: full or partial Board. JJooom furm b d or uu fttmlshej* DOARD IN BROOKLVM im AMITY, BKTWEEK ? ' Court ?.?<! Ci.nt* n f.r? e >. A Rent, man ami wf can oh'ain it pteftxaut furnished ffooni;als-? . K o n .or ??nc ? r tv ?> single gemlemeii. The bouse is modern ind the term.-'to suit tin times. \S [I BOARD.? <?NE OR TWO S! NOT.K <? FNTLM. i n, doHirons ot 40 ?? avomnu'dn! m. IP.tW, ri fli < ,,1 si)le, eun be suited in a f en h, oe?up\ 01^ tin >t ela^s house Went Tw? Itth streer V i veen Fifth ami Xlxth rfvenues. tfpai.lsh,German and lOrn. nli spoken. I/! ilNISIIKD ROOMS?IN A NEW BROWN STONE I' I ni'.; % to let t" ??eii';!f,.Meji. with "r witlj ?m iSo?rd, ? f w do'<i.i w?si of MadiRjn Park, Fi-th Avenue llo el; B-oa ivviy am! Fntii avenue images. A,osy at No. 17 W? st Twenty six^li street. F T^URNISIIED ROOMS?A STRICTLY PRIVATE FA 1* m?!y, consisting of er pe s'tus, will let a luiielsome tr'.nt Room, on the se.otld or, lo a gent em n, with br?;aK fri; locttiion Sevetitecutl. ?tf? et, bctwe 11 FiUh an i Kixtti Avenue^; reference# exchanged. Address 1>. P., IleraUl office. / 'T:.-."rM. :i:s' />?rr? TifKifi wives ok finhi.e <;hn V X ti ?; 11 be uc .limi'Mii'.l wlih K.i'iril liy a|.|il\in, at lot W. K1 Tw< nty-nr.'.h i w.. Ilo.i*.- ih . fii-kli.v I .-nti'.l, tirRt cliiKH, nml cir y of u.crp. by c&i*? ?u-i ht, I1. to**, mo derate. Dinner At ftlx. TTANDSOMHLV FritNI.-'.HKT> ROOMS, IN PIT1TS nit J ? t.t ki, with it. urd, <?ti III ilrr-iii* u-nn^. in j. ?rnl'l ? Im-atliin, Iwtu wu University |iluco and Bronaway. * pply at SB t'li nt 011 pS*e*. pnOMS TO X.KT?AT SO. 1H 8TATK : ri'Kl.T, V/I.'l it. or wliliuut Uuttrtl. Very pl< uaaut front U innut, on llrst mo OENTLEMEW?TO LET, TO ONE OH TWO CEN 1. tb-ni?n .. ??v . ' ntr. ?l pie-i Hunt front Itoouri in. I I'.tiit , v it, <<:<e of i n!i r ???m ? Ijoi - in a .-trl tly iwlva'o family, Appl} at 148 West Houston auvet, corner Va ? fj'> OK XT LE M E V ?> NEATi Y FURNISHED FtiONT JL f?<?.??it on tin* omi floor, with l '.r?c \ an trie* wild bath room 'ii ?'i? 'lit. lo i 't, ",i?1 iiiiii imih: iL t> ? < ie or two sl:i,;M M"H! men, in a \<iy j?ri\ .to laini'.. at .? ?. 12 East '! we lih street, betw -en UiiJv? rsity pla e it lie! Fiii.i avenue. rp i LET?TWO handsomely Fl JMSIJKI) ROOMS, I In a .'n< t y f nv.v?-|;lnu,y, ? r ? ? ?? '??? iw?. <?igto ^'?fnl'-iii- n. ' .(?! m.u ."ivi'TM-I. I in|1' r? fti 11I East 18tb St., tn ttr Irving i tinre, Breakfast ami tea if r. <j .11 ?? f. iitantkiwa HAMJSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM, *f with alcove for b- I, or small Boo ><?man.: I',trior, with breakfast, only. Lo.wifoo mu*t he ? n or near Filth avenue, Aii'i Eighth it i I Twen:> - e ??riVJ Address, Muting t- rms, H. W. box luS New York I'ost otHee. OQC LINTON PLA CB, B1GH til rREET.?FURNISH ED jLj ') Parlor and lk JiMunion the se ;ond lloor, to let, with or without Board. AO WEST sixteenth STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH rU an?l S?^ih ^ ' ;ni? s. ?A 1* :'?? < i* famil} vo a hand so nely lur< I r??n? Siitik^ H mi, and iw ? Bedrooms t<> let. lofgt th* )r n'fit rule, with or vichout hoard: hoese f.r t c'ash; tetms raodeiate; refercnci* t xchaug d. Covetiient to CUI'H Htul HlHlfLH. (ii ri.irTos rf.ACK, sk c FfF-rrr avenue.--to fJ 1 li t, m"cufid story trout Roans, ao-i other*', en t- i ei or singly, wHh or without llrst cia*s Board. iCoiercmes given and i ? ; aired. MACDOUOAL htitr.ET?KIOHMOND IIOU.SE 18 now opened a* n. privuti* f.uni v Hotel, for the recep f single geutleiien, r small famlliett tiled of boarding, les desirous of hoi *. keeping can lii*u every convenience ? above establish ine v 110 ilt~ IU.KECKLli ?Tuhl T OFI'OSITE DEI'AU ROW.? J )?) HamWi 'ine 1< . ? ? !??!, v h tf-.ar1, Miibahle for fa tiiiii* ft or Miigio yenile ? ihebo' se i.<?M all the modem improvements. Ri'fer* exchanged. AAQ BHOAl>^.\>-4 ITERS' HOTEL. PARTIES >~rO \>>r\Anr ? . '.Hi J.I ? l aurtliy lur h. I itoonis, suit bl?* f1 ? U ? ? ?;* rrit-.g) * gen tenien; term ea fronable; good u.Me; #i?? .i nwvbiu^iit, lor buHtness ;ucu; dinner at 0 o clock. * LOST AND For Hp. Do-; LOST-IK TWENTY-THIRD STREET; A BLA K aud tan dog. A suitable rew rd w.'.i '?e p;i 1 for his re cnveiy. P. TIM 1*90w ?? Wa 1 street. (X) LOST.?LOST, ON flVNDAY KV hNINO, OTII inft., a while Fox Dog, eUout tw 3 *: . Any p r 1 r; ' Iilm )>. < k tr >!r. J." ??1 ?, } 0 Ti-i t Filte itri ?t, 2 s.? t 1 V, illli.m street, or iiroa > *. 'j, will i>e libe J) lilOUXD?OM IWOVDA V voir tw, * CEfiT' I' Mi. 1 lit, ' i M I.'".', Ill-ill II 11 II . II"' r Tr., Whil'l 1.1 Mil r. i tu?? by proviugl>r< [>::i-:v p .*lng for llil? auvci-1 -n 1.1 UE (iii.E VOICE,88 Degrawr street, d -ml Brooklyn. t or- \ raw x.i.hts hei-ovoino t-> company i, 1 j i'ii 'M ?.ir ill (I ,iii I'i;. A liUv. I rvwnra ?'ih be pal't I or th i 1. .in n ut 4t l'ilui-n utr. ?*. I U.ii'?ON THURSDAY BVKN1NO, OCTOHI.R 8, 1M ,ij v.-nt. -oiii hetwci^ri Fifth nnrt Sixili Rvtuim-ii, or in fM'th tvn. i??, m ar Seventeenth mrwil, a blu k ijom V ,i i .? 'ii r w 1 be liberally rewunleU by r> .ui.:ng it to No 411- Iflll ".c'llUO. 1 OST.-IP THE PERSON WHO PK-'KHO 1 P THE I J GnM V'aoch, fi'ioui fo'ir o'clock, ill front of Jie I Vr*:iulon H .id oil Hitnti . tj afternoon, 'Vllt l/rlni< n to tlio o!Ik*e ot tho wiiil hotsl, i.j wifl re< i ive i suitable reward. IUST?<)N SA I'l'HDAY, BY A LITl'LE J iwren Fuuriiifiilh and CAUal c ? .iiiialnliiKn*?niy-l)\e iiollamln i.'? Whoever will r.:t"rn it t? tho It-r kuiiji'iii; i'i wjiil awl ihe tli ii.k . i i :i jj? T ost -on kku'a . 'rna n il rxsr., is i.oino I j uoinlhcTi hm'i- buiMntR lo 1 ? .ill-Hi'" ? lor..'.'Ct? i'ockrlli'Hik.coni."iiihi In i '"-:' ?" * 1;u ;l- , . I...? ,-i int.t.W iViii'ii'N, ?i " i?*.i"' ni'iC' ?'!'l to Lieut. A. \V I'i 1 iii. W6 Kuli ?ii ?treet, Bi-o-'klyn. I be .imtnr w.ll re i"-lvo tliniika by U ^vlog ?.c ?Uvu at 1H Fulton itrect, Brooklyn. - T oST on SAIUJOMY, CHECK no. DO. FOR J J ii l>? i.V* ? ?? ii?" to i ho order of Iiowrey. Dt>na ?'*? n x (';? th" P iyi.l?*nt of which m fttopp nl. -o ?'t Hwfipt Book. ?. '* . .i m i":i.iljlvr(<wiiri! 1 L :av*iniz It at C. JL. Ti.''iinder h ii ? ?"iUblyiBW?n! 1 b;-'saving ii .a C i,oc*\>'oo<l'n, (i71 Hr.'ii l'vu\. . ?r o^T? OR lAKiiN 1'ROM OI.'R OFFICE, 71 I'.R'iAD Jj .treel mini ,1'..I,|>T 'Viilny hi.t, tivo Bxiks, It tlf ... D>ty l'""k ftud Unlgpr. A Hl>-rai rt-.\?r.l will l?s ?l?for viic return of theme 1 t any loformition thet iviil lexd to iii? loovry ol th? ? KELLV A MnCASS. t ost?ftBTWBl N NINTH AND SIXTH AVENUBS. IN Ij Twenty ci:all- iiveoue- .n-, on Wmlnrs . iir evenlliu Oc*. !?-l' S, ?? P'lS'SRVOOlt contallllug | .l,.. rn ol A^atui- toMty one Ml the <<?*.!.?. The filler will i?<?> i" ihanivs *n.i i?vy for trouble by ktwlng it w th Mr#. EUnn* B?rii 7 rf'Mh ftve'iue . . T OSr-OK VONOAY VORN'tV: FROM IS ST. MARK'S ii i,.i fuwn ' ilonl v.. in . l>og, ai.-v.jrl.'H ?? tu? naim'of Nnrt,Vrl'.'i b-at'itf emlnr h ' bra** l*l???-*v^ with the name nf : ionu? II ?k 'r, , .,.'1>1i?. '.nought to Si. Mark's tilaro will br r. - " ' ** ""-tr troupe. COil'. ^ BEsr COAL Ft,n wotjjgj V.' r. I gc 1 he; burns I !?:<?, w alio-it i/i ,v t. .. CO.. ? , e, eoiiicrvf V 'Uty = niAWKBY. ? K VKOI-Pi 1.LY CAlXa THE ~\f V .. ? ,? |.!cnilM^f?ortMcnl . j, wm i' .i .?"i"'. lion on ' Ml r> s'ylMH'-1 Ol'' 9&U1U . *1|. ,vt u ei I3rv*4w?y.

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