Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Ekim 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Ekim 1861 Page 7
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todies or thorn Lave not sustained and op posed at different times in the history of the Christian church. Within the -triot sphere of their duties the clergy are useful. They do good when they teach practical Christianity, and set the example them selves; but when they become party firebrands, kindling the worst passions of human nature into a flume, instead of inculcating charity and moderation?in short, when they meddle with the mire of polities?they are out of their ele ment and deserve to be rebuked, or, if the public safety requires it, to be even 1.10:0 sternly dealt with. Tiioir cloth gives them uo exemp tion. In no ease is the rule more appropriate than in tli 'irs, that every man should stick to his own tra le?lie sutor ultra crcpirfan. By ?departing from it they have bcvonn* a prime ?cause of the Southern rebellion and ol the war which a'iliets the country, and they ought to be held re pon-iblo before God and min. The professed preachers of the gospel of peace have stirred up national strife till the whole country is in a blaze. If they do not spot lily mend their ways the civil p?wer must take hold ?of them, and put a stop to their blasphemies and seditious language, by which they are ?damaging tlio cause of the Union, preventing j ?enlistment, aud giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Thk Skats ok Wak.?During tho coars" of ft p war not 0: !y have we published the fullest and jnost relir.ble reports of every movement to which it was proper to give publicity, but from time to time we have given, at consider able expense, accurate maps of various sections of the H'-at ol war. with the positions of the federal forces and forts clearly denoted, thus presenting, I.oth pictorially anrl typr ?rrapLical ly, a coiii iU'te view of the theatres of action, and all the great events transpiring thereon* Kentucky. Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia and the Atlantic seaboard ore poinfs of great Interest, at which formidable operations must very soon take place. All eyes are anxiously turned tj them, and, with tlio greatao.^ oi* our stake and the imminence of battle, the popular thirst for news increases. Those maps are therefore particularly interesting at the present time, and we shall continue them at frequent Intervals during tho campaign. We yesterday published a complote war map of Western Vir ginia, aud to-day we give one of Kentucky and Tennessee. Our readers can thus see at a glance the fuce of the country in detail, and, l>v the aid of the text, become thoroughly informed upon all points. Nothing more comprehensive, we think, could be desired. Revival ov Bvsinkss.?As wo predicted, over two months ago,tho fall of the year has brought with it a revival of all kinds of business, which renders New York city locally insensible to tho material disasters that have been brought upon the country by tho Southern rebellion. Money is abundant; the specie reserve in the b-mks is increasing instead of diminishing; places of amusenioat arc thronged night after night; jewellers a; d fancy goods stores present an ap pcarancc, nearly as animated as wn - witnessed one year a;;o; capital is finding for itself new channels of occupation, and trade and com merce are establishing themselves upon a safer and loss precarious basis than ever h:ts been known before in the United States. While Great Britain and other European nations are Buffering from the less of the American market, and our imports are diminishing, exports of Western brc.'.Jstuffa are multiplying so enor mously, as to make nearly every foreign l'ower our debtor. The energy that is beiug display ed by the President in carrying on the war, inspires universal confidence, and with it all matters are looking upwards. Pkoobsss and tub Herald Crrt cclation.?A long time ago we found our cir. culation so large and so rapidly increasing that it was necessary for us to procure the very best presses then in use, and since that time we "have been printing the Herald upon Hoe's light" ning presses, each of which throws off twenty thousand impressions to every hour of running time. The improvements in these presses, how ever, have by no means kept pace with the in crease of our circulation, and a short time ago it became necessary for us to stereotype our forms, in order that we might run two or more presses at once. Our stereotyping pro cess is now so perfected as to add greatly to the legibility of our sheets?it being* in fact, equivalent to a fyll new set of types daily. But. besides this advantage, wo arc now enabled to issue onr regular daily ?edition of over one hundred thousand Heralds at the unparalleled rate of forty-six thousand impressions for every hour of running time. Indeed our facilities for printing are now only limited by the capacity of our press rooms. It may be a drop of consolation to our impecu nious am! complaining neighbors of the Tribune to know that our advertising keeps pacc with our incroasing circulation. A Member or tiik British Parliament Col i.udixo wrru the Rebels.?Among the arrivals at Richmond last week we see chronicled that of Sir Jame< Ferguson, Knight, a member of the British Parliament; and it is staled, in con nection with him, that he brings letters to the President of the rebel confederacy from Dud ley Maun, one of the rebel Commissioners to Europe. If this be so it is a notable instance of the violation of neutrality, and deserves to have the attention of the English government called to it. Any subject of Great Britain who would identify himself so far with the rebel cause as to act as bearer of despatches between traitors at home and traitors abroad can have no very nice sense of honor or self respect; and as Sir James must have passed through the Northern States to get to Richmond he has doubtless given the Jeff. Davis cabal the benefit of his observations, and earned in addition to his knightly title that of spy, so that he may be known hereafter as Sir James Ferguson. Spy, M. P. We wish him joy of his new hosors. Destructive Plre at Cincinnati. cixnjrxAn. Oct. 7.1 SOI. The whito lead factory of Harrison. Hall & Co. was entirely dost roved by lire on Saturday night. $25,000. Inj ured for $20,000. Arrivals and Departures# ARRIVALS. LivEnrooT.?SteanvKlp Niagara, at Boston?Rev Mr Ban nlater, H H N? n'? and wife, Mrs Jttdean, Mr Wooley, wife, child ami rv.r f; MN* P Andievvs, Mrs Slants, Merldeth, Mrs Thaver. Mr Hammond, wile, child and nurfte; Capt. L T Donnell. C tin (i J Moses, Capt Knowlea, Dr McLean. R .1 Andrew*, ' iit-and two children; S Thomas wife and two children ;D Tit miss, wile and man servnnt; Mr Button Craw ford and wife, M '.ism Griffith, Sejjar, Thlsbandean, Clark, Glob, Morhind, O Benjamin, A L Edmunds, I, S Kdmnndf, Sheafe, <* H Kollar, tVmmhs, Frost, G T Lyde. c OrlflUhr, Penam, Ti*omrm RUfieJd, Selietnrael, Ohufl'art, R II Newton, Harris. L T -iM'an, Waltord. .1 B Bliss, Borroland brother, Jno SirM r- ?i. A <i S ilu;ru, Robert Cofl', Johnson, Da vies. Ah k C>-? nd. s .f Vinson, 1' A A me , V Dassc, II Lane, t) 1' II ? jr. ii Ila.tin^s, A S Howell, WdliatnJ Croke, J " v H ,7 C CtH>k, Barker, Ml.? C C Rouse, Rev William II . .Wi., I'I ll.trHey, .Tames II,* .am. .7 s Bry ant, Mr I- ? l.'.-v p II ??.:?!? and s?-rv."nt, ?l Kramticii. From 11 1 L - d. T Kud, \V I* i'<<n -ft. .1 W Emery, J 7' , E I . i. *, J I? Uclclicr. l; V, i'i Aigr? loui \Ij. THE POLITICAL CAMPAM. Rrpiiulli uu County Convention. NOMP.'ATION OK JOHKP1I UOXIK FOR COI'NTY Ct.F.RK, OllisoN 1)1.1 NT FOB SIT) HVISOU, W. II. OTBWABT FOB SUMMIT, AND I>RS. K. COLLINS, L. NrAVMAN, J. V. ItANNKY AND II. B. MlI.I.AllD FOB CORONl'.US? AFI'OINTMKXT Ot A UNION CONFIHKN't'ti COMMIT TKK, KTC. Tho Repttblloau County Convention, composed of five delegates from each ward, met last cven'n it tho repub lican h adqttartors, cor-nor of Broadway and Twenty third street. Hou. 1. A. Conkllng presided. Only one delegate via absent ut roll call. Tlie Convention proceeded to nominate a candidate for tbe office of County Clerk. Somo oight w t"t? candidates wore ottered on the first ballot, of whom Joseph 111r;io, Hiram Kotcbrm, Sen., and Geo. W. Dilks reeved the highest nuinhor of votes?Mr. Hoxio coming within t!ireo of an election. Tho sec ml ballot stood as follows ? Iluxio C" Kn by 22 DitW 15 Ketelium it Mcl'bersou 4 Tela! 107 Wboronpon Mr. lloxte was declared chosen, and Iiis uouiiuati ii made uuauirai us. Tho nomination of a candidate for Supervise next cam1 ut>, ami Tho < iiAiiiMtN ;iropoped tho n&moof Orison Ulunt. Mr.Bmrnt?bkm to tho aoBUMikm, u gli?that Mr. Hit:i-1 had not liotio anything for the ropubiieun | arty, and proposed the muio oi Sheridan Shook, oi the Third ward. Mr. KtNiiwvY wis also opposed to Mr. Rinnt, as lie would bo to any Rus'i alio wa ? not true to l.;s par y. lie rsgretlqd tbit in thj Custom House and I^jbI Otiioe nirn m e l et lined uinl ap;>oiu>wi who wi re opposed to tho domli.ant party, and who said that they wo,hi not lot mops pass tiirou&h New York io protect tlie uat'.onal ounital. Consul, rab'o discussion ens'.ol. and Mr. M'iMi;n onco more ti < k ibo lloor. He had hoard tho name of Mr. Uinnt offered by a number of tho iiela g-.t p, and hlfl nomination nr?od bo-at no lie was an honeet nan. .Now ho (Mr. 8|>o:icoi) had no objection to Mr. Urast pwonnlly. llo l>a ! no douht he was an honest iii :n, bi t ho w. - op;i:, ed to hav ing a m:,m retain o:.;.-.> lor lif? for that nun*1'. It s:cha ip'.a'iOeitiuB w. s 1 lb t wa ivc -saiy for offic < h-?' lor* u would he :us well t ? make them hereditary. Ho would further like to !;:? .. i; tho ropublie.i.i* wj.c hue tin,; ail (iver tho city oi New Yoik, aul 1 ue l ijjjer.e-, cm.Id find i lily i no honest man. Mr. lilunt was .i very good ni iu and was making a good thing : e,:ii:g oil'his guns, tut b (Mr. Spentor) hope l that no ono would make speeches ab ait the patriotism of a gunsmith in time of a p unsmiih in time Of war. (Mi', dap;>lau:;o and hissi K.) A twi lot was th n taken with tho following result:? Wunt CI Mil* k .".8 Scattering 21 Total 108 Mr. I"! m was d ?( iaie.l electcd and liis nominatl1 u male unanimous. Tho Couvuation lust procoedod to a ballot for candi date for Me ri l'. ?' vera! name* wore ollwred, <;f which Messrs. W. K. Mowiut.O. W. Itnnmin and 1'. r. Speight rocoivo ! the hijib'. st uuntber tf votes. The second ballot result 'd as follows:? Stewart 66 llrennan 41 Scattering 1 Total 108 Mr. Stewart was declared nominated, nnd his choice ma le unatiimo'is. The tomli.atlon of ff-ur candidates f>r Coronor next came up, and oi motion it was decided to aoloct tU^in ono by oue. Tlie !irst ballot resulted without a choice. The second ballot was as follows:? Dr. Edward Co.linn.. 59 I)r. Is'wis Nauinan 27 Dr. 3. W. Runney 8 Scatteriug 13 Total 10T Dr. Collins was declared nominatod and li!s ch net- nudo unaniiro'is. The noxt ballot resulted as follows :? Dr. Maenvin f<4 Froit. Oln stead 22 Dr. IUnney ?0 Scattorhj; <j Total 1?? On motion a prcvlo-s resolution requiring that candi dates ohtuin a maturity < r th > votes of tlio entire Conven tion, in order to cieutli n, was rescinded, ami Dr. Nauman was then nominated un?i tnvmsiy. On m >!i 11 tl<' previous resolution to vto for ram!i ctati's Fitigly v. a.' re.-winded, un i il wu decide ! to i hi>i>:<o tho remaining candl intos together, each delegate voting for two at and tho two candidates ivu.uving lliu highest "number of votes to bo docl.irod selected. The ballot resulted as fo lows:? I)r. Hanncv 74 Dr. Millard S5 Frod. Olmsteinl :-,3 Dr. Denjitoon .'il Soattoritig 30 Total 203 Doctors Kantioy nud Millard woro thereupon duclaroi elected 1 d their nomination made untinlmour. A motion was made that :i committee e insisting of fivo delegates l>o anpetnted to confer with till) L'nion organiza tions of this city, which,lifter considerable discission was amended, that the committee consist of one ile'erate from each ward, who t-hali select seven of their number as the Committee of, and so adopted. The meeting thon *d|ouritod to Monday evening next, with cheers for the ticket put in nomination. Pioplt't SlanlinU Nominating Conven tion. The above Convention assembled at the Coojjer iusli tuto Uu-t evening?Mr. William Tucker in the chair, and Holier! Beatty and W. 0. Conner acting as .-ecrctnries. After calling the roll of delegates tho Convention went iulo ballot for I iatrict Attorney. After taking two bal lots Mr. Richard O'dorman recoived the nomination of the Convention, liaving toceived forty votes out of the sixty cast. Tho Convention then wout into nomination for Coroners, twenty nine names being mentionod for the ofiiee. Kx-Msyor IIavkmbykk ruminated ox-( hi"f of Police f!. W. Mat.sell, stating that tho services which that gentle man had rendered in his former public pi sltlon w; a de serving of a recogmtii n at the present time. Another delegate urged tho tc mi nation of Captain John Wil ioy, who, It may bo recollected, so gallantly recaptured the colors of tite Sixty-ninth when taken by the robels at the battle of Bull run. The fir-1 ba'lot b ing called, It was found that Dr. Nor man hai roc ived hall" of the votes, whoroupon lie was declared ununitnoi sly one of the nomli.eos tor Coroner. On taking the siiccnd ballot tho ranc s of (J. V,'. M itsell, Fro lorick olilm-tedt and John Wildey woro fo ind to havo the largest number of votes for a nomination. whercupou a motion was in i^e and carried to i nanim-msiy designato them as the remaining nominees for Coroners. Mr. Dugacno move I that the d leg ilea to this Conven tion confer with the delegates In the Senatorial and /s scinbly districts, fend report their choica at the next meeting, for th ? endon-etnent of the Convention. An amendment was offered by Mr. Oliver thai delegates from tho Senatorial districts suit tojhis Convention meet and make their own nominations, which was adopted. Tlic Tnmmnny Hull Primary I-'.lections. Tho primary elections for tho selection of dc'ogntes to tho various county, judicial and legislative conventions of the Tammany ivjiiw, tcok place last night in the vari ous wards of the city. Tho affair went off most swim mingly, the political machinery, well oiled and wo. ked, bringing about the insull calculated by the grand tuanu gets. It is paid tbo conveniens will meet in the follow ing order :?Ci'i ntv. thi - (Tuesday) evening: Judiciary, Wodnesday night: Senatorial, Thursday night, nud As sembly, Friday ni;.;ht. This arrangement leaves very little time for canci.slng, as the nominations will bo rushed right through without delay. Sleznii Halt County Convention A meeting of the Mozurt llall County (oavention was hold las! evening si I lie aew headiiuarters i f the party in Br< adwuy, betwi tn Eleventh and Twelfth streets, for thi p?;rpo e of muking nominations for the varions ofllees to bo filled at tlv approaching election. Benjamin D. Fair child, of the Twenty-second ward, oceupied the chair, and Ignatius Klynn, of the Ninth ward, and Patrick, of tho Third, acted as secretaries. Tlio Convention having been called to order by M r. Genet t, I he I Ion. Fernando Wood, in ? highly eulogistic speech, n minatcd Mr. I.yncli f ir Sheriff, which nomination was hailed with loud applause. <(n a Imllot lint g t?e.>n gone Into,Mr. I.ynch received 103 votes, tw o oeiegatcs being absent, and only five votes cast sgsinsl him. On motion, however, the nomination was mad" unanimoi s. Mr. (ii nelt then spoke in favor of Mr. fleorge K' ser for Supervisor, and concluded bynomi nating him for that oi'lcj. This nomination was carried unanimously. The following resolutions woro then adopt ed, after which the Convention adjourned until Monday next, the 14th Instant, when it is Iho- ght they will com plete their nominations ? Kesolvi'd, Timt we present to the people of Xrw York Mr. James Lynch, a< mil eandniate for Slierltl'. It'iolvi d, Thut beliis the only nominating body which has been ?elected by th>'j 'opic in tin ir prhnary ininteity, Mr. Lynch by tbls n unlnmi hi l? ili ? true representative i t t!ie popular Impulsi s. Ue:nxa ann of the people taken frmn ib? great ixjdy of bis fellow eiiliens. solely, Iwmims of hit personal merits, we present hi* name, confident of the result. Resolved, That this is no time for old pnrty hacks to rum" forwnrd as eandidi t's for election. The'people w ill not res|x>nd tosiiehnom ti.-::oas, however pro-ur rt orwht-ri-ver made. The nissses w ill not now 1 awir for eleetien those who seek 110 other o< cupatlon than the holding of public ollice, and reject a man like Jsmes L) nelt, who lias lived priv it? pursnlta alone, nnd who Ims eaten no bread not the te .v. i I of his own holiest iudintry. A Kooit eitlturn, M honest though poor man, and a true patriot, we nail bis Hag to tin mast, determined to fight and conquer under lis folds, rontldent ot a glorious triumph in November, Itepnblioan Third Assembly District. Ihe Republican Convention; dolegated to clioose a can didate for the representative of tho Third Assembly dis trict of this city, met last night, pursuant to ndjo' i meat, At the Fifth Win Hotel. No nomination ma th ) Convention adjourning agr.iu to next FriJuy (jven.n.:. Clnern's C >?nty People's Noininii'l?r?. Tho lieop'.o o: t..t. . ..Vio Hty h.-U a lnr.-o tin.i ?.ntli ;si MttoCouventioaat lUs Couit liiusa, tu U jip-Uad, on Saturday, the 6th inst. F. (loverttor King callnd tlitf mooting to order, and nom'nated Richard Bustted, Bwj.t as President of the Convention. A cammitte lag rf four from eaeh town, representing nil parties, woro chosen aj .1 commute to namlnato Stai > and county officers, and tlio following;officers wore selector an 1 pre sented to tho Convention, which were unmiimously adopted:? <'imty Judge?Henry W. Eastman, republican, of Roslyn. FKerijff?RernnrduR Hendrickson, democrat, of Jamaica. Surrnffiit?lieii.i. W. ])owning, democrat, of Flushing. C untji Clerk?Htnry l'eaiball, republican, of ltocka way. J/ia'?rj of Af m'hi?First At-sombly <!l*!rlct: T-aac Cote, democrat, c; Oyster Day. tjocoui! do.: ll>;n. Johu 1'. Townt>ond,d>m icrat, of Astoria. Tho Hint at Mermen. Considerable ov.-itotneut was crcatod la Hints n City and Iiergor. yesterday by tho announoemont in one . f I ho morning papers that a torrlblo ri t bad occurred n.'. the above place between a number of tho Barney Rifles and tin citizen* i>i' iiie place. Tim whota uirnr, it seoms, grew out of a t lmple barroom light which. c nirrod at the Nee kirk Uouso, and which was pa: t i l; atoiI iu by about ten or twelve of (ho Barney Rifles, who, it aW?, wore somewhat under tho influonce of liquor, and being; at tacked by tha bartender of tho hotel, who knocked one of tbom down, they made a slightafack upon tho build ing, breaking Home eight or ton panes of gloss, but d >lng no very serious damage. T'.i? Mayor of Hud sn City, it, whli endeavoring to quiet ovoral who were anxiovs to bring about a general tight l> tweon tho Irish population of Iho place and the regi inent. was noeidolitully hit iu tho head by olo of tho members Of the Itillofi, but sustained only trilling in juries. Tho disturbance created considerable fear on the part of tii" (itl/ens 11' the p! uie.aud the Miyor, h 'tf. big tliat a li';e disturbance might occur, owing to tha I'lflcs h tiding a festival at I lie camp grounds on Mondu) afi"r ii'viti. ordered tlf H"ds?n brigade, under Oolovl Van Houghton, (o iioid themselves in readiness. We are happy to any, however, that not the slightest vhlng oc curred to create any disturbance, and tho festival pa'ifA oif very quiutly. Tiik N'hw Comkby at Wijctrji UiHDtv.? V new oimofy, from the pen of Miss Maria (Irace Waieot, was pr, s til. d last evening at the Winter Garden. It is partly a trans lation and p irttyon adaptation from tho French convdy called ?' Cesar {iirodot's Will"?(Lt. JetJanv-nl (Is (V Oi r i lot). Tho title, however, has b.ien changed, thou; it not improved, the F.tigllh version being introduced In tho name of " The Cup and tho IJp." Wo confers to bslng Ignorant us to how much of this version is origin i! and how much borrowed; but tho less of lt that comes .aider tho former designation, tho bett r for th ? ij- -re.:-;. rep Na tion of tlic fair drama'.! -t. If Messrs. Tel .1 and Ville tard, tho French eftitlemcn who aro responsible fo* tho pnrcntago of " C? sar (iirodot's Will," had ine conscience to make a live act comedy out o.'s ieli scant materials, and with ,'flicli a po\ crty of dialogue, w e can only Bay thai tho time spent In clothing their j reductions In tin English garb is thrown away. Miss Walcot has undoubtedly shown skill :r;d tnsto in gottin : It even Into such a pre Rentable shape,and, wlllle we iinvo not a w ord or eulogy for tho production, wo recognise that tho translator and the actors and tho management have muJo tho most of It. It is tho old story of tho a scmbllng of gron;ie of rcU. lives to lie ir read the Inst will and testament of a wea thy eccentric bachelor uncle. With a ward of ironic h .iu >r in rogard to oach of his relatives In turn, ho gives a rea son why he or she should not inherit th" property, and wlion tho list lias been gone through with they find that not one one of tiiem is the heir. It is from this phase of tho comedy that I bo title of "llio Cup and the Lip"?al hiding to the many slips which tho old maxim says lie between thorn?is borrowed. Tho will, howevor, pro Vidcs that ail the relatives shall moot at tho houi o of the Notary In fourteen days after its first reading, and then and theie proceed to elect by ballot tho <ne among them who Is to iriho. it tho wholo of the property?fur old C-sar desired that it should all remain iu the hand-, of ono only?with the condition that anything lik? tntrigu" s'tal) vitiate the ebolee, ar.d that tho \vh ile shall go to on old frloml, Monsii ur Moss las. Notwithstanding this provl sien, any amount of intriguing Is carried on between the relatives, and the result id that the majority cf votes Is given to Ilorten-'o, th ? ynun; wife of Lohuchoir, a rich <11 manufacturer. She lias hid an affair of the 1? art with her c it:.- in Luci-n, who In.I s'lhsequ -ntly coon tho error of his ways,ami had devoted hlm-te f in a moro legitimate maimer to another cousin, I'aulinu; and both I.ucicn and Pauline, resenting an Insinuation of Ilortenso'B their aflnctiou wr>n oi ly a mutter of interest, lookin? to securing tho inheritance, had givtn to lloitouso their voles. The lattor, becoming aware of tbis piece of mij canlmitr, dertlmo'l to f"kf- advantage of it, and do n-itiu-ed i l.o fai t tliut she bad hoapht up two ethor vote*, thus vitiating liar rwn ol'cU u. In tlie miilul of the scppo Massia* produces u letter from Win testator, written riibsequc-ntly to tli" iUto of tie will, giving his entiro for tune to Pauline. She ami L-.cien are made happy,ami, t.s they I) havo pcnorously to tli > other relation.-:. t'ie de n uitnent is sali-ftctory all round. Tina Is the whole of the raw rom -Jy, j.u-"> :? will! e at onco so -n that i;a ma terliU do net tuftil; mo e than a one act production. Mr. Walcol wo* excellent i'l tl.o character of isldon?me of the relatives: and Hnvi-'i.- wax quite at h ni - m that of Ivbucholr. Yunu Mr. WaleiH made a favorablo im pression in hit tIrlmt Th* ? .-lie-iro was slim, but disposed to be appreciative. H tm ?--?? On- vK tho orch -stra oxo cuted a modley overt ?' -untied '-Jeff Davis'Inaugura tion." However ?t .1 in it miatiit t>o in a nigger min strelsy performance it wa< ?!? i lodly out of place ill the Winter Garden. It i? jo <iul:u- ? en the public taste wliicb should not ho ropoatod. "Oh*AT E*pk<iatio\s" at Hakm'm'h Musbi'M.?The play of "Great Expectations," dramatlxod by Mr. (J. L. Ailccn from Dickons' last nov I, w,u? produced at Barnum's M i settm yesterday. Mr. Itanium doliverod a speech ii|.on the occusion, an i bofore the play. He retailed, both in pootry and prose, tho wondorx of his managerial caroer; sai l a great many truo things about the exc.-Hence of hid eBlabllshiwcnt; told a go>d story of a Br:d.< -port friend of bis who g we a war contribution to St. I' tor's church, because St. Peter was a fighting a;>ostle; related bow Mr. GteenwroJ, his manager, had boen sold bj a coiintr-y tnan, who offered him a cherry colored cat, which proved to bo I bo exact color of a black chorry, and which was exhibited on the stago; and then retired, amid great ap plause, promising To raise "Great Expectations" with tho curtain, And play th"1 Dickens afternoon and nightly. The play was then presented in very excellent style. I.ike all dramatizations, it did not satisfy compkt-ly of the audience who bad road Dickens'story, but wo do not remember a dramatization in which less iilui' ties were taken with tho langungo, characters and plot of the author. A tvw fin.ifr?the novel having really no conclusion?was aim >st th- only sceno introduced. " 1 ha scenery au.l appointments wore capital. Miss Ila-.i-hatn, Fstel'n, Camilla, Ma.trwltch and Orlock wore characters very finely rendered, and censidorin^ bow very unreal that of Ml?s Havishain is, Mrs. Francis' rendition of it deserves cspe.-ial mention. Mr. Hadniva; s Joe (.a.-gery was n miisterpioco, and became all the better as the play progressed. It take; rank with the same gentleman's im p.-rs'-naticn i f the old toy-dealer in lb- "I'Mcketwj the Hearth/' and equally surprised and dclightc 1 tho audi ence. Altogether the establishment deserves tho greatest credit for the manner in which the play is produced and .act'-d.and -'Great Kxpectations" will certainly have a Hue run. Personal Intelligence. Mrs. <?'? mmodoro i'erry and Mrs. General Ripley aro stopping nt (he Hrevoort House. rapt. Rcskell, of the steamship Kdinburg; .1. R. Vor nam, of Albany, and A. Wiggins and family,of New York, are stopping at tho Everett House. Major Kolli'iid and wife, of Niagara; A. (?. Day,of Ton noetic-lit; T. II. Iln.m -11, of Philadelphia, and K. Douglas and wife, of Now York, are stopping at the Graiuorcy l'ark Hotel. George Mcfall, G. .1. Rodgers and R. Maxwell, of En : lat.d. w. D. LelDngwoll,of Norfolk, and c. a . Custon, of I'onglikoepsie, are Btopping at the Clan ndon Hotel. Major .f. W. l'ayborn, of the United States Army; E. A. Hamilton,of I.ivcrpool; H. ('. Denney, of Pittsburgh A. II. IlilKin, Jr., of Dubutpio; W. C. Wliitcher ami wife, of Cincinnati; .1. M< rso, of Boston, and G. II. Corliss, of Providence, R. I., are stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. W. A. Grliwold. of tho United States Navy; A. II. White, of Wadiington; A. C. Moaton and wife, rwf Mary land; .1. P. I Jock with urn! wife, <4 New Orleans; I,, lioard man and wife, of Cunnccticut; S. 11. Smith, of St. I?uis, an<l R. Hildreth, of lio.-t ui, aro stopping at the St. Nicho las Hotel. Adjutant General Hillhotise, of Albmy; Colonel Do Rusncy, ana Captain J. C. Duane, of the United States Engineers; 1'. G. Washington,of Washington; j. tairiite. pher, of St. Louis; Mr A. 8. Dlven and daughter, of El mira; W. Parker, and Mrs. Denning and da tghter, of Canada; ,T. 'Newnuiger, of Ilivana; Captain Oliver El dridge, Captain I>. S. Rabcock and Amos Tack. of llnston; GeorgoPegram, of St. lamis; W. S. and M. B. ituford,and H. .1. and 0. C. Todd, of Kentucky, are slipping at the Astor House. Captain Haworth; Queens Messenger, .Win A. Vander po I, of New York; John II. Vornon,of Albany; Augustus Wicgin and family, of Rye; Captain IJoskell, or steamship Kdinburg; CiiarUs II. Strang, of Albany. S. Kelling.of Jamestown; Harry Hall, of Buffalo; D. I,. Hough and wife, (f Now York; Ogden, of Chicago; R. Cresson Stiles, M. D.,of Pittslield, V -s.; L. B. Tucker, G. I-angdon Mor rison.of Albany; Mrs. Mason,of New York, are stopping at tho Kv rett House. Tbt blftnie of City Kalironil Cars. hlphkmb court?spkcial tkrm. H-I'ore Hon." Judge Leonard. O r. 7.?The .l/.tv.c. iff. (if Tine York, m. 1hr 1h\r<l Ave nw KailrimJ.?' was a suit to recover a tax of $,">o per < ar from the deft ndsnt*. 'ihe ? naltv is directed by tuo Coriwatioti ordinan es to bo levied M|>on all comptt nlcB WBO rim can v. :'.hout a lie.use. The rotiip'alut Ml demurred t". < a C ? ?.-.?ltd that it old n - V v ;t :ti cient cau e of uctiou. lb.- c< .i; tiny claim lliut Ibo plain t.s cotii-.i not I- p i ly mal-- 'he ordin.UK a iu -v c tl a ur'cFi the ;k>va--to do lh- sanio bid been s;wior.v c-ut ? ft ft''I on i'.i '.a by the 1" . - lure. The plaint al'a insist that lit. !i ? ? ? en . .i fs.jlit t> link S'tcli >r4'fanCCS by vkrtuc vt tUo city chartor. Devisioa r?3crycU, CAPTURE Of THE W. C. ATWATEH BY THE REBELS. Intcrenllnpr Statement of (lie Captain of ?J?c CaptaiWl Schooner?TUe llurbnrlty, Dcmorullzutiim and Atrocity of (Ue Tkultort?slui mtftii Treatment of Cup tain Alien it net UN Drew, ?S?c? Cuotaiu Henry Alien, wk?*wan in cemmaiid of the gov eriwtit schooner Willlaw C. At w iter, when flic w in captured by ,i rebel craft ctiSM the Spray, 0U the 10th of last May, oT Cellar Keys, 1 lorlslu, arrived in town yoster dty uiirning, htvln;;, together with his crow, enjoyed 111" "I.ojj'.ialUlM" of tiii' rebels l.i tUoHki'lt ?f hie own ves* re', at Ajuttit liicola, for a period o" Cvur months. From Captain Alton 's statement, which we give be'msr, it appears tlmt the rebels who came ?io(ler lili Iminediato observt lion nr.* tln> most cowardly and ill-conditioned set of scamps in the worlJ. The treatment which linn- If and crew i*ci'i-ivod atnieir hands has been of th's most iliihijir, H aii't si.mi ful dObcripU m, and tho captain now blesses liis.i'i - that he got out of their clutchcs alive. The folio-., i ig is the a; ATKMKN'T OK CAPTAIN AI.T.KV. The sch'Kiner William C. Atwator, of which i wnv tne captain, b longed t New Haven, un 1 wus in the a tvIoo of the govet'ttuii lit at the tini" ?'f hor capture by the rebel steamer Spray. Tho crew of my Bchooner numbered eight men. We arrived oflT Cedar Keyg, Klori la, o.i the 10th of May, on which day w0 were captured by tho Spray, which had on board thirty one men armed to tho teeth with bowio knives, rjvolvcrs, musket*, with bjyuuots. Ac. Tho captors l.wk ufi to ^ Aptlachic >la, where we nrriv 1 on the l.'Uh of May, when j myself ntil cr"w were pla. d in conUnoiiicnt hi the | co'.'kpit of tho Atwater, and a strong guard ?'i over us. i Th ? ivbt-U treated i.e. in a . h . kill,; wanittv. Suiiotiiiioi they would came aboard at twelve o'cl >?'; at night, pri me out of my hot, and o::'er all sorts of m dl;!nllie? to me. Un one of llvto occ.i::ou. s vo iat of them .?n;e frau'lcally in. hi a l.e,?t'y bUteof intoxication, uhcie I was sleeping,druggist me , Xlt* on deck, Israii'lediPd ku.ves, bayens'ta ami 1 ih T wi ivhuis over my hea l, and thte itened me With t strait I

death. One oi'them ftruck In the clie:-it wiiti ntuyr net, wot:: 1 !!?; in ' 'lightly. wh'.'.e oilier.-, eari;. ;an ropea til their hainls, shoiitod out. 'Itm.'g tno Yank e ran oi a I b?li, he r.v st never soou tho Nsirtli again." They did not, however, cirry their threats into execution.and alter ih V am; ted thcniselvi s at inye.vp u e r.iru-jaio tim ? I 1 aiget, I agir.n placed in eoniiu taeui. We w-re ofie.i /'ft three ri al fo-,r dayr without -t I of f'od "f a ; kind ,aud theotiiy mualis if subsist""! e vvchA.I wus by 11: . hiitjr catflsh an ' cooking th"nil)y >-!,l<-r t. e rh 'i> would i>. L a,low u.- to go into tho galley ? r to lit lit a il . ... laetinioc there woull he frouitwealy .n>- lo ' .my r- Dais on board k vplttK guar!. Ihirliig th ? l- o. joo iths we were pr.KMie-r 1 r.cver saw a pibcr man among 11.0111. When I arrived at A'nla hlculi,on the 13th >i Miy, the r ?'? ???.! li"W? thai th ??' t f i icr was coming from K> t V. t> stlack them, upon winch they iluni.' diuli'ly prcvi'l ? I lliem*elvcs with a ipiantity of spirits if tnrpeetlii' e i four or live b -i of shaviiK/, in order, they rial 1, lo lull n me and my ve-sel up if llie lUilsci pate lult.u k eh ':!il ta!:e The rehe's are u I f' r titled at all in tho v .eluit\ ol whi'h I speak They havo grn ,i llitle hati I b.itt 'ry down ou tho We-1 i'a*s, th entrance lo ApnlachlcoU. 'lh>.v In e aho. t 1 >01' haidie l " s<ds.i 'IH,'' most s i them boys of fourteen and o! I men of soventy. slaliotn-i at Si. Viin < nl s i slid. These'" in n"e very 10 it'll d:.s a:!' t t" l a:auug th :oselvc(s, as tuey'i) auJ very lttle fo-.t. They hav logo in their ha.ol'oet. Sumo invo but half a shirt, and nearly ul! or them are perfect ly r.i :god. The} ti'ive got olgtit g'.ns mounted at St. Viae, nt, bstl the;, ar ? vjry short of ainaun!tio:i. , throe weH.s ng.i an alarm was givou thai tho f" 'oral | tr e) ' wet ? ce iling down on them from Rosas Inland, ftiitl j tlioutin st ???tnst.einitnm wascreated among th m. The , n a:*m ?tan from soma of the rob 'I scouts l.avit'g goeu will cattle n^hiug in la.vo ii'ti to rs around Iko wooilH, a id hence they infermi the t'nloli mo a wore alvencing tin tlieiu. Hi" roe. It w is tint every one ot them le'.t their g .lis and n.i'.form'tl tho ''double quick.'' 'they are in a m.?l wrotohed sU'.o for want of food aod riiment. t'olfce is Ulty cfiiu-apountl, ami they ennaot procitro it wift.nit : monov, us r.o olio wout 1 lb ni. thoes, th it o ni!d I before be |ni chiaod ft.r $1 SO, cumol now lie obtiiii d | for n cent l ss tavn?l Wi; enivospioutly t'nwo men l. i. ? . turned marautlors, gf,i':o flhout tl.e cm nt y p.un'.o.lag , the farmursof ovcrythiag '.liey caa lay hauds on. 'Hi - I rebel Otlouel Hopkins, from Florida, wus lu command ol St. Vincent when i left. | finally. I was taken to Richmond ant placed m Hie lower prison, slliift?ot!?n llw corner ? f Main and Twelfth streets. They saal as I wus an *' i.teti ei e..t? to- t wtmitt plttc.s ine therefor f.afo keeping. 1 was mi irisn vi Uore on tho low r tloor, among a panel ..t di au n'el nwhiuery and tl'tli of every kind, lb^ned.f C.i.caii ! GH-b- vrno w.ts In command of 111 ? place, not t i k-wp mo in h a (1 thy hole, and l>'t ci> lit hisnJ ? ahuv. me lii" privilege o' s.ieiag General Wialer. To..-, la-tt , ,ue-l wa.- conceded lo nie, and i told lltt Ucn ? ai ot tho ui-n n r in which 1 litd been treated. His reply I "IK, \-ou '.va'-it to be t't atcd buttfr than a'i llie others: 1 You havo the crow ??f the !\iv.i.niah in N ".v Voik i.i lronn, aud we a e ^oieg to treat yon in ihesain" way " The t.ot eral also rem irk d that he was sorry h i liiid not a v/ >i?o placo to put me in. 11 <wever, t'.iro \li th' tallitwaa* or the Secretary of War, I was not a-enti shut ip In tho prison, haviae i?"*n p'.i a t in aprha'e bouro. whero 1 waa ctinllnud all tho time. Unally, 1 was taken before th" AttOTUcy Co-.-rulit clmrfid. aad !.<* re n;;satl mo f? r the sinipl-' i eas n t a it t as 1 had d''.~t oj o 1 mv charter ptrlvp Ivately befoi"' ilia r-ne's roahi ;?-t h'iel of It) fiero wero no j':st ,;r ji!nds f ir ditlainlt'K mc. At tiie time (hi Atwater w.h cspi'ired ahe v.-ss in lnllnut, n:i'1 |T ??<?? llli? Tort-yi.* for lumber. Ihiiikful teI'rovi'cucofcr havit g K''1 ' f "? eifiy ! ?f t,i,c.e commenced my JO'Jlliry to N\w York. Ah at. tig lht> routr th:> rcbo',i; ri'i'lf* nio cotv.-yo' t 11 *4 !.i i > of th" carp, whenever a itoppage wis intdc, to cihihil invie'tf to e.witcd am! t!e*ir.ived'g lo she, '.Vsi-i lewlad lii'e and threnloned my life. I only got three meals during ire tourney from A pain eh ie^ '.a to r.h hmond. 'liny would uot even soil myself ami three of my crew, whim I hid alsst i! with til" any tiling, a' t'.iey stid they w mtod la ft trve us to d. a'.li, un 1 they did n t want m: to ever see th? North a, am. The Atv. ater is, 1 under,, to ho Bold by tlie rebel goverimifiit to-morrow (8:hlnst.) They ln\si got the Merrimno hanse l over with heavy limber and i.ialloablo iron in tho No: folk Navy Yard. She l as t-n ".lis on board. They were paseiiig mn into tho wrvlee wh n I left. A strong fe-Ilng <T th?ir success over tho Northern arm* prevails am.';:" them. I ar rive 1 ,n Now York this m >? ning, mid must say that, 1 i, eoreirnl four audi m st-able months in io\ hto ;m tbor.s i:i which I v.m 3 .hjcctod to 'lie "tender ui rcics < f the rebels. ARREST OF CAPT. I'.ERUY. OP THE MARION. Gap!. Michjrl !Vrry,lainof tho team-hipMarion, was arrested iti (hi city yesterday iv. niir.g, by detective lt.iy rinr, of Brooklyn, and sent to Fcrt I afayetle on charge or t it,von. T!:e police hod be?n searching for tho C 'p'.a u forovortwo weeks, but woro unab'e to And bin wbeov boot*. Kinaiiy tlio Brook I j n detective gol v.lflj of ibo f-gitive's billing place, a.ul arrostod irni v leri'ay.ns already ?< Ml. The ox?ct ritnre of the rh-.rf n-p'Tred a;ainst Co pi. Ho lias n it transpired, but it it. suppose 1 that lie won n3i 10ii as a c iiilldcntUl agent fur .lofT". I?uvis. His syrn; atliy for the Southern conic .iarucy, mill tho Palmetto flag oepecially, is n>ter:ooy, and the only wo:Aat is, 'hat !;o ? not r-.n !uct" I to prison Ion *ago. Hi- *t a'lirg undor the rebel llntr, and bis OJI -)i avow ;l i f .-} itt; ,'ilh.T for the c.'-rri of th < I'moi at Charleston and olsi whero fonder.-'I h';in n I'angc.-oat man; but Im is tni.v placed in a portion wli -re be cannot ant ngainBt the I'liiou cause, even if he felt ever bo much d is pes id to do so. His movements of laic have boon characterized with tsi'ich secivsy, and there is no kiionr. Ing bow much aid on I r> mfort he lias extenrfeJ to th" em my. but henoiorwaril it is presumed Capt. IJ^rry will occi'si"n us little troublo of <moasim<s. Kntnl llafliOiid Acelilciif. ClN'I.WATT, Oct. 7, 1801. An cniin" an I throe ca-s of a freight tra ii on tho Ohio and MiSfis-lppI Bailroad broke through the trestle work near ('< ehran, on .Sunday m irning. The engineer and Qrcman were killed. Market a. Pntl.ADKLl'llIA STOCK IMIAUD. I'll i AiiEtniiA. o t 7. 1361. Stock" firm. Pennsylvania S'ate .Vs, 70*s; Heading Kuilroad, 17J<; Morrt* < anal, 3/>!i: I/'tig Island Railroad, I i). !' ?' ?.lsylraniaKailixad, 3J. Sight drafts uti New York I l*r rilll.ADKI.PIIU, Oct. 7, IRC1. Flour dull: bs'.os l.(H;0 bbls. at $5 50 for itu|mrllno. ! Wheat firm' sales 6,COO 1j: she's red at $1 30. whit? at f 1 40. Corn advance.) 2c.: sales 5.000 hufhels yellow at j 60c. Menspor!(. $15 a $15 50. Hams, He. a 10c lard, I 9'.c. a 9%r. Wlriskey Arm at 22c. Ama.vt, Oet. 7?P. M. ' Flour?Light supply and in active demand. Loss doing in wheat, but q not it ions show nn upward tendency: Bales 1,000 bnshe s white Michigan,#1 -iO; red Stale, In car lots, at $1 24 a $1 25, mi l whito Gone^eo at SI :!(). Bye st;ady at 70e. for car lots, delivered. Corn is with out change to note, with a moderate b.sir.c s; doing, Ho rej\ ors do not press tho nwk-1:?till, s 28,000 IhmIicIk a'. 83for Western mixed, atloot, and 54e. in car lot-, mid I including 6."00 ln?hols on private term.-'. I'a's sternly | and In light supply: s,ile-> ?t "S--. at tU" ro:id. nud 3.1',c. delivered, foe Mate. Barley steady but unchanged: sales 3,800 bushels Ouiada Weu, alloat. 70c. : 7.'0.000 four rowOd State at 65c.: 2.000 do. bright do., 70e., and car k'ts at 02>^c., ileliveiod. Also 2,200 b ich'ds winter and spring, in ear iots, GO". Whiskey?.-'ales 150 bills, at 21c. Feed?Sales50 tons, 18 pounds feed nt 52,'jc. OswitiO, Oct. 7?P. M. Flour nnclianged. Wheat scarce nnd no sales. Corn scarce anil quiet. Barley dull: salc.1 1.400 bushels Toron to at 68c. Bye a :arce and nominal at 60c. for prime lots. Caua! freights unsettled or gru'n: tl'sir, 42c.; wheat, liic.; corn, lliic. a 12c. t?) Now York. lui|Hirts?10,000 bushels wheat, W.000 bushels corn, 41,000 bushels bar lev Kxports?5,210 bbls ll nir, 5,300 bushels wheat, 22,000 bu.-hels corn, 21,0C0 bushels barley. Bomta. "et. 7?2P. M. Flour steady. Wheat firm but qmot: buIos, 13,000 bushels Clncito spring at 08c., 14,0<0 do. choi'-o red winter at $ 1 12 a $1 13, thcoxtrome figures. Cbrnstcady,demand fai: : sales. 00,000 bushels at ,"J^e. Freights?Id!ie. on corn and IKc. on wheat io New York. Imports for the last twenty lour hours?20.IKK) btiln, flour, 370,000 bushels wheat, 2S0.000 do. corn, 4,|?tX) do. barley. CanM ex perts?5.<*io bbls. Hour, 240.000 bushels wheat, 372,000 d,j. c rn, ,"K},000 do oats. 3,000 do. rye. Btkfai/), Oct. 7?1'. ?.r. Flour f-toady. Wheat firm; demand moderate: sales 20.000 bushels CT.,cavo spring ;it BCc. .i POc.. .1,000 busiwla Hi'wauke" cl ib ot ?! 0C>. 10,000 bushels wh te winter nt private ' rn.s. ''cm steady: sales 71,0<>0 beshels at :'0'.e. Whiskey steady: sale.' 70 bbN. at is.-. Otiiul fr< ;ut? 'ii rrt: I'i' hi 1 orn, IS.'. "U wI' - 't t-> Vew Vrirk. h "i ?1-!.o-./j bbls. !!? .r, 20.000 bushels wh at, 37,000 I b-i.-l '?> c e, 5,it'O b" .he's b'rley. F.xp rl ?l.OOQbbU. I fljur, GO,'jU'J h'i.heU wheat, 1,000 busUcia i yo, IVon-Ari'Ival ?f tlio North* Briton. Booton "> i <i ISrtl. Tla> Father Point line luis bwn InterruptUnoe Imlf pint eight IV M., (it wiiicll (imi there were ?'> ?>t' the gleamer North Tlrl ti, now duo with I,!vor|"HX)i dittos to tho ST t h'. There was i heavy fug on the river. The Karopn nnit the City of Knv YoTk Outward IJonml. ('Aft Ha r, Clci 7.1 The *tcam*i^ip Euro].j, which nailed from R'Htru m Wolttoiday laA<, and Halifax on Tim, , lav i.i,;ht, | .. i l thin point at tvn-n o'elo lc en Saturday rvenlnjf, rvclrt ig <ie?i patches from Now fo'k (1 -iiiv d for 10uro|?<, limn tfilc iiii! three (1 iy.i' 1 il*r intelligence tl;uu in r dny of dej ar tnrc. Tho KtoamaUip City of No a York, which Bailed from New York on Saturday, is e*p\ tnrt tr> puss tho Cnpeon Wednesday morning. All donotches left with Goorre Stoker, oomm oval tel?s;r.i; it a , ?, Mo. 115 [(roadway, Now York, lip lo T'tofdrvj nftori"*m ? t. flreo'elwV, will touch th h elation and bo put on btttrd. Court Calendar?Th la t>n y. Sctrkmk I'oi KTOiicmr?i ti 1.?N, s. 134/5,1000. 171. 209,355, 41 J, J IMI, Ail, .ri.'i7, aic, for, BJt, fjl, l>30, 711(11,. 7->7,1(44, ?5T, 1010. Purl 'i a ' on no ! to day next. General Harm.?Nh, 3M, tH, SHitMittt, ".11. 410,417, 419,42", 4"1, 42'-', 423, 4'.'4, 425, 4SI -!"7 *28, 431, 432. 433, 434, 485,4;w, 4;t7. CotKt ok Ovkr a.m> Twuii.xku adjourned to Tuasa'or. llith. Coimny'art 2.?Son. 713. ,1307, 740, l.V?, 138.1,1384.1385, 13SO, IMS'). 1300, 11W1, KJ02, UJJl, IWA, 224. i'art 1 adjourned till Wednesday. MAILS FOR EURUPF. The New York Herald? V!HIt ion fot Rnropc, Tie? Canard m il! ?teamj?hip l'min, Cnpl. Judt.mi>, will leave tit - port to-morrow for Liverpool, Tim European m tila will close in this city at nine o'cloc k U -tnorrow mornim; The Kt'roi'kan MnrnoK OfTOR Hi:rai.p will he published at eight o'clock in the morning. Single enpios, in wrap p -IS > f rent)!. Tlio contents of tho Fvhomc/.v 1'nrnon ov rttr IIuhai.h will comhltio tho new? received by mail end t l graphat the oflloe during the provloui week and up to tho hour of publication. .Simps, ti I.ow, Son & Co., No. 47 Ludgato Hill, London, England, will receive odvortlsoinonta and guhticriptinua for tho 11 Kit a t o. O/Jlclul Urnwlnga ??f >Iurray, Ktltly & Co.'s t?' mnckv ami Mix'ioui'l Suite Lottcttaii. K' m' i kv, Extra Ci.*.-.a .'i;.?lK'l(bi r7, 1801. 65, 33, I 1, 3), 17, 7*i, M, 7". till. i>, 20,36. Kkmtockv. Class fii'?(V-'ober 7, lsci. 15. 17. 12. 24, (IT, 41, I, 03, 40. Ill, 43. Ciri i.lai ssent I t ee of charge hv addresMtiw elliinr lo M i t !M! ,\ V, KUl)Y ?'.* I'll,. Covington, Ky., or Ml. Louu, Mo. PrliM tntlird in All !<???;itl'T.etl hnttcrii'*, ".lot IntoriiiHtion R.ven, by JilUHlMI BATKS, llroker, 17 anil J J Wail (treet, up suIth, Ne? 1'ork. Royal Ilnvnna Iiottury.?Prlif* Canln-tl nmi mid Information furnlfriiod l>> l AVl.Olt A CO., Laiikers, 10 Wall? reel, I,onk at tlif Milp of Ml hiiiii'I. K1CY TO 1.800 MII.KS til'' TKIMMTOlll TO Til P. PACIFIC on : v n. T!ie great Impending bottle ti will decl lo the fate of Missouri, Ki*,uniuir? na?e i? JeiCerM :i l-il\." !'rl?: ' in l^xlnwi in. Ito'.i nteketa exieml toCeorcoi'.iwn, wlii'-*, mIhovs IIihI ^einont id I aliki la 1> ? outliiiiikeif. 8nn IXOYD'H (l^< HCIal im.atk mac op missouki. mr.e t,,-i (??inure, drnwn fr?on K(|1 of earh oounly t I' tin, t,mot (Mloe l>fi,Hr.mellt, I'.Till lliocly Color '1 in 'ie*. t'riiy* reitfM; rtjiit tor :f i. AIhii. LLOVO'S ' ill ,-.'i PLATK Ml I.ITAliY MVP Or' TlIK KIKTHKS MllT]iKi:S STATKH. livo loin iiii'ue. I'rno on y ,r4> ret'.I* , t'oilf I<>v jtl. LLUYO'S MA!' <>V AMKKU'A, four fret n,iu.?r?. l'n,, :y, e.-inf: elitht for ?!. l.lalYli'rt fldO.noo nTKril, I'l.ATM Tr.I'lillltAI'llICAL MA" OK V1KOINIA, live loct hiiii it i tlie eraei itopv ot' tbe nuij) line I by (iiuiorui S.'ott. 1'rle.e $1; tintoi J;., Money reluioieil lo any one liiidintt an e<-i-or on tliesc imiiBi. A ???tiLa onn sell Into In d '. J. 'f, LLOYI), 1G4 liroadwiiy, A Tiuty !Ial ii ntl Clean llootn Drrn A Mhii.?tt Nil i'1 ill Si - of ll.-t.lH ex,-, e l any of tii.-? foruo-r I-D'oria, an t runt'. *i i.' ?? ? 'h"r t eitt trteal or" tho l.'iiti. . At Ii.h ol l ataiMl, Ko.Sll Bra idw y, noraar ot' Kulio.i aurwil, i.iay bo wi'ii itiiiv !? it- ty ovitiuifini: Kinu'n ajden Hit aetejtlnn of liiu? ul rvoiy U. srrl;:'i.i.., ni! i lakiaj; pmvii.i K.u'aiiat ll,.'t 1* a, we :i.i\ ;iv,' ICiiivntAll. til nil the liJttrra In the town, Kaafc Uif*. l\? tucm nit. Sprrinlllt.?.H'iiilc lii-o.'i "Carte* dc Vi it . ' all m vI' n; CaotojfiVl:n.'lt" Auiluoiypea, 4c,, at |ii i.-i s otrnoiiltnary. 1' .,t llina !?'.?>, roraember. Ciriut liapiav. ntiiil.1 it mi ('real Krdnc* lion In tb,> pi it * nl Nniyer : (/".'a 8rw!:i;; M ?ehlne , vaa!;ini? ttietn the In*'t and clteai'OKt in the world. Call ami i-xaitilue al 1.5 Hloa<iw.,y. Pare Tiny Your Iiiquiira for w11'!"'rtii' or faintly Iraihtai l-'iitinob a'reet l>latillery, a ti-i l lii'U i:> 163i4, at -">5 Weal I'MtuieoVll atre.el, A Pcif Tob*rro*Ti'llow itantc Totiaeeo. ?a 11' V, 1 \ 'S I*,: i e YalluW I; nil, ToI?b<to, free fn m a'.I tin. poniifH, lor ml" by all Inb orn and Hi gar deMei'A, ali i at whi.!i.-ale by E. UOODW1N ii BRorilKK, 207 Water'atrcet. CJrny Hnir?11* Dimixrs, CUnitKc of Co 1 'I* iiU'l Hiilcdiisli'lieijl; llt'W Tivatlucnt fO. ltalducSH by OR \NDJEAK, A i i place. CrMniloro'iIlalrDyr. Wi^ un<l Tou pct.!.?Ti e l>c?! In t'ne wurldi v. li lesalo and retail,and tbr by 0 p iiv No. 0 Alitor Hull.*'. Hatchrlor's Unit- Dye?The i'ciit in tlic world?Uarml'ss, roli.iblo mul Insiutit.trnHeis. Hold and applied at HATCH KLUK'b wig factory, lb lint J utrvot. Beautiful Cumplnxi*u.*-l<iijrils'ii J.(-.]iiiil l'carl has aelih'ved a cclebrhy as having no euual for prr. serving ?nd beautifying the complexion and akin. Hoi i at 439 Bruadwuy, and at ail druggUie. Trusses.?.Harsh >1( Co,'a Ilndical Cure Trussed, also Military Shoulder Hrsee and AWclomiiial Sup* Rirt?r < ombined?u superior article. No. IVify tl., Astor ?>usr, opposite tbo church. Hurry's Trlrofihoroua In the Best and rh< < f>esi article for Dresninic, iloftiitifying, Curling, Cleaning rn'R'Tvuifi and restoring the Ilalr. Ladies, try It. hold by .:ii drttfMa. Cramp*, Itheuinat Ic Puin* ami Still' Joints aro prom] tly alleviated by tbo immediate use ol Hol loway's Ulnimcnl and l'llla. Fall Siylo Yomij; Gcnla' Hivtx. Alto. Ilii? Oxford Soil Hat. Now ready, ut W'lilTE'ri, the llutter, 210 Broadw,i?. Hill, inimitable Cutter of Hair mid V'M-k'TK, No. I Br relay street. li itr Dye. 50 < ?n; bl.Tlc or t,ror n; best 1" *!??. Hraiitlrctlk's PilU Act as a Siimitlii*, jr efiahli.-.tilng the power of duifxiion and excretion. I? the i oi i* iimt tiillneiiias now prevalent. no i.?fer or heller medi cine ran '??? uwil. AT AO. 294 CANAL ST1SEKT AND M>. 4 I NION K^l'AKK. Dlttrrled. Cali.anan?Donovan.?On Sunday, October 6, by tl:o Rev. Father Hcyc.'1, at Hi. Mary's Roman Catholic churol", I.abukv k Joiix Cailaxax io Kij.k.n Aasra Lvxovak, boiii o'' ti I > city. Cork,, pa;<ers please copy. ItouK?Acki.and.?On Mmi'lay, October 7, by t ho Ho v. A. A. Willi!?, of iirooklyn, Jou.* W. Row* to F,mma Ack LANO. fT.\< :oof.r?Bmor.?On Monday, October T. at Contro Moriches, I- I., by the I'ev. AugustusT. Bobson, Mr. Hi< haiid Stai ruoi k, of tiny city, to Miss I<.? tit A tit.uior, < n!y daughter id Mr. .1 <i >li II. Bishop. l/'nK bland papers please c ipy. Van Rk-nhusi akk?Kofi-.?>?i Wednesday,October 2, at the rnsidenci <f fJr. J. V. I). Barter, Belmont, N. J., by th ? Itcv. Mr. Studdiford, .Iauii-> II. Vam 11b ?m-slash, of BellevUlo, N. .1., to I/ii isa R ws, daughter of ihj iato I.ieutuant Edward C. Ross, ftiit?;il States Army. Died. Ilijutexm.?On Saturday, Octob r 5, James W. Blssciur, K_-?|.. aged 71 yo irs. ?llic relativi-s and friends of the family, and those of iiis sor.s in law, tli ? Hev. Samuel l>. Dcnlson an I H iiiort (U.illilii'un, nml a's'j the Iioard of Slock llrokers, aro Invited to attend tlio funeral, fri ro St. John's ciiapol, ill.? ( I uesday) aftornifld, at hi p-u?t two o'clock, without further notice, liis retnaltis will V?? token to Trinity Ce metery. Path.?O.i Sunday,Octob?r c>, Thomas Ratii. The r< latlvei .iu<i fri m is nr? rasyectfolly invited to at tend the funeral, this ('foes lay) morning, at Urn o'cl ielc, f'nm t! ?? horse of llook and ladder Company No. 14, Xo. Otf CharkU stw. line i K* Y.v.?On Mon ay, October 7. Hf.kry J. I!ram;b | i,kk, in th.: .il -t year of ins age. I Notice or thi funeral will !>? gir -n in this evning's pa I MTU. list jrr.?At the residence of hi* sister, Mrs. George Richmond, Bwna Ridge, Westchester county, on Mou day. October 7, Thomas Bbvxt, of Baltimore, Md.,agod The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully iuviteil to attend the funeral,from St. Andrew's Episco pal church, 127th street, between Third and Fourth av?. lines, Harlem, on W"dn< mlay, at twelve o'clock M. Ct'NMM.iiAM.?In Briskly n, on Sunday, Ociober ft, An ?ukw Ct'NXtMCHAM, In the U>d year of Ins ;igc. The relatlvos: and frionds of tho family are respectfully iDVitcl to attend the funeral, from St. Ann's church, cor- | nor of Front and Gold streets. Brooklyn, tins (Tuesday) morning, at t?n o'clock. Casky??On Sunday, Oet<d>er 0, Brhvikt, tho h loved , wif<" t>f .fames Ccsey, in the 38th year of he >ge. H'-r friends are respectfully invii'd to att<'ti i the ftwe rol, this (Tuesday) afteruisin, at two o'clock, from her late mddecce, No 71 Montgomery Slroet. Dixon?At Grecupoint, on Saturday, October '>, Kijm turrn A. Ciiah. wlf"of Henry l>lxon. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, (ma hor late >. ?hl> , WHshiiigtor street,between.1 und K sire ts, Green]?:nt, i this (TueMay) afternoon at twoo'clo< k. Or ait.?On Monday morning, Octobcr 7, Emjabctb | lh'att. d uigUter t.f Willtun and Srr.ih Hyatt, ago.i three years and 6 months. ] The friends of the family sre invited to at tun .1 (lie fune . ral. this (Tuesday] afternoon, ?t i vv?. o'aii^ck, f oin the re> idotiC'- of her pareu' -, 113 Weet Forty Urst stto . near Kislitli a vend". IkitiN.?On Hondas . <> tobcr 7, .Takh, wi ' of Tv ma IMIii,'who departed t!;ie I if" in Hie Skit li yc.n (>f 11. ;? . ba'iveof Anu' l.' ,. c.i ntv Gn'wav, lie' ...-i. The 1 iien<'a if ih? fluui'yao reelsc'\iill\ I el t att -nd t!ie fuc il t! - (T r ' < ) ;?Tter . o'c:? ?' at her late reside n.e, iv >. 4 ut Hec jn?l avenue. lipr retuaitis w ill be < ikeii t >' nivary Ceip'jte y for i:.l t niunt. i Utuw.?At N?w Uix'li' llo, otj 'Muuilay, Vat9b<ir 7, I after a lingering illiie-s, I/iuim tiiuf, 6 y< m d tu.'!itvr c f W. li . n I HI/.i!>nUi fiilw. i uueral this (I'm I'ayl iifienioon, ?| tiro o'clock J. ilN-oN.?Oil . I'.mlikV . Oct .bor (I,Ut tit ? II* r ? of li r iii.rii', Williim li'iihim, X.>. *.?; \\\ i. Hi ?troet, Buul Jturanoi. a uvaor KtlM.?oaitiy u ntoo ilorry, I 'laivl. iKC l ili; >d:r .v.<l ?:! I' wrvwt* tit tit (T'?'.-'::y) i?''i?><, r.'. ,mr? oYYcl:. T!'? i ".ativt ?< ;ui'i frl"r. u'--i il ? i ;r uIht* .of lh? Su 'v-? ? o:vl ,<Mv t 1'roVoy rhur.'h. i> v re?; ?ot? , fully invite I to att'tid, without further m\ t; t>. VuTU ?') i Kri.l'.y. April 1 ??. Axxiiuuijk V. U:n.;.r, lipid 1/ J.'l "l!i . . IV, T!l I ' l\ , < t. | .v? .1 /? w.t,\ , tKud V year*, Uau^lit t nuil of en JW| J<> ?*-. i M. K" y. t'lli'illl nn.'J .??i'lioilu t?l|Tr? l ie ' ? <;;i| v M.'lfX On \i Jay, O-tuln-i i Wii m,?m Marmi, fornvrfj nf On* Vii < n nty, K-v. Vurk", iri.t a oliU-'r In thewarSfI|J3. WlSTyosn ait 10 mo tlis. Tbt rtMrait *1 frloiuof thofainUj m km toUWIf I invito i m Mhttd t r. this (Tmndaar nft TOOOI , I at Iwiir |i;ut ano o\ to ask, from Hi M. t'n*1; t K nvjopal cVmh, l:i I'c *?ty tillr?! ?*tr .t, ii"iir 1-f-,i.'t!i avenue, with out further iij ri'-itn n. Mfisi'it .- Baniiny, 4Jr? 6, Jrti* At; wir?* of JoIm J. Mur| h..i?< i uil.?rai:t. It months and il'l.ya. T.:? Ira-ads am.'relatives 44 ths> family. .a?.i'w lh?w<?rf h'-r firotlu-r, Julia viil JatiiKt t.ilchrrtt, u&p invito*! 11 at leu 1 II'.* fiM'Tiif. Tri'tii Irr I'lio re I rce,4!> Sp-'ftifC tr< l ,uoiiicrof Mulberry, this (Tue.'iiUy) al'tertii.w* at i'i c i'c! i k. Wi>i'ii>ihton (Pls'rietcf ColnmMa), j:a]vr.- ?l. i?ocopy. Mil n:.r. -UU Ml.:(Ui/ evening, iMtohi r ?,ui i unsuinp Uont M<s. M ? ?? MWi irlfeof Joint tfsefctor, he. M4 Brow. * iy. ai;*il I.; vo.ii k ami (i inontim, untlv ? <4 tlir oounlr ul i .irk, !r iini. TI;o f-i-???: ;? ./t a?* !"?|,it#t>?vfi of i!m* fnriil'jf arf'r#' 8|i?ctf.illv ii.v i i to attonii ili ? !\moralrlriiiii lier Cut rc Mdcat?<.' ? t? tit trwt|lM* (ftt -li:y> ?f? tornooti.iu tw>> ov.o,u. viio rctuaiaa will Lin laktn to laniirj try lor itiurnmut T li'i !?1 i^s !>|pm ? r > \ UcMAWca.?On Jtl ni'lay', fVi<-K<r 7, of r.uisinnplloii, f* vi :: J. s, laJo of Or.iim . I, o unty lAli?forUv li Ha;wl, ii^eit :W yoarn. The fiuiorai wtU ta*?. piano fr. m Ui Into ro.iiiUmco, No. 7 JamiM Slip, covnor of V.'alcr fctnvt, ta.i (i'uosday) after noon , r.t two n'i loclr. \ ongfonl (t'Ohutl) tploiiso copy. II : ;tnY. -On S.a l.iy, O tub ' C, MrCrnnr^ <rjr?1 51J montliK .ui.l n iliiy.i. T!i r t.ttivi a will frlomla of tlio lamlly arc r.m|>' otfully ItlviU'il loatti'lul lilt'fillit ra , from li.s III!i-o-.ii! Ire, Nil. 7'!!>'oi.lli TMrd s'.rroi, noir Si\ili, Wl ' 'in hitrg, tlita iT n-Htliiy) al'tornooD,ul two o'citn l>, witliout fartlior iuvi tttjan. O'ft't *\ . -On Moii'l -y, Oi tdiicr 7, af'or n long IIInetM? ' t ww U'lJun-.w, n^wt S3 yoaru natifo ot l.U.'.o. ai,, t, Ci k, Irolaml. " In1 frtoi'.iia anil rolotivea ol'tho I'onii y pro ro'-; ???'?tfiiiir Invii.-d to nttoml tlio f a ?-ul, fn m Iu n 1 ili; i ;-f-iil 'ico,S4S I\ a-1 Htroi-t, on Worm v aft <iiim n.ui uv - n'i-1, cl. Smith. ?On Sunday, O toin-r 6, ni l r a sli >? t 111 Kuvero Itln i, llr, On. K> siitit. lit tlntlit jmr o( his igf, HI rotitattu wiil l? > l ik-nt fro:a his i.ilo . i-.-l Ki ii' \ So. 2-. I'uUiarlno a'.root, tli ii ( 1' u a '..y) in .raiiiK, at liaU'-paat ton o i ' to ft;. ,!naio C ruvli, wh?r# a ivq ilom li'Kh nvua will li ' polobriitoit tor ttin l opiw" of his soal, antl Iro.n tai-iro to Ca'vary (' m"lery. IIin ro'iitlvcs and frl'tnl:, alrothofcofliirt 'co'liar H ?-? n-il, an>l Ui.t fathor iti I iw, I'atriok oraly.aro ros,>o tl'ully luvlteil to attend' w.thont fnrtlior i;.vl;i.t;on. f \n.m>.?At IUiI in Pinnlav ?i>t?ri>n.'n, f)ctoborOt SAMrri. K. :<> im n, af ?! 4'.? yea- a and :! linya. Tlio r litiv.smt t'/iiinda ar?? Irtviioil t<> attond thefit iii', t'li ;'iv i iifriiin^, at t.-ii iiviw k, from bis Into i cviilmico. :<trcot, without further invitation. Miriet'a (Ohi > ; apMS plouso co/y. .'?AW MI-IIN l II M. mlny, tN:llil>0!' 7, I'tTwnc Samubk* 8n'., iii tli.' CVIi y -a;- i.f his a.iro, a i.ativo oi'county Cavan, p(iri:-h i>! Ki'ilnl'on, Irolaail. Ti:o Irion '.j .v. i r ?( livr-i are roapeotfully Invited to at ton l fio fun"" it, on Weilw s i iv ni'teriioon, at o?i" o'clock, frotn tlio roii lenoe Of lit< son Inlaw, MaMi.-w Tali, 1S2 Kvl Sixl"rnth xtrri t. The friends?>f hit* Bona,Tliomad and William, are tVo Invitel to att nd. i: ?(in Miiiulay alter noon, October 7, .Iamicm Si.aok, jr.. aged M jn ars. Tlio ri l it .yea and frl 'ti 's are roHpectfully invilort to at tend tli - femoral, oil Tliur-idiiy aft-?riinan, at hall |M?Bi throe o'eloc!:, from the corner of Court and Scherni"r>iora sl reel it. Si'mav.?On M< ndny, October 7, Aijck, wifo of Jolua Pea til in, &S5 Oram! street, ?;:?(! 72 years. ,mj'oinn r? ? i 'lent tiuis? will bo fi-leb. ated for the ro? po -.oo. lie- t oil at St. M try "a ch'irch, tliU (Ti'f silajrj luortiint, ut nlno o'rlo l:. The funeral will tako plac* f om tli ? <-h irra li.itD'v f r m.w. The friends at the family are ra i i ri-.;icelt';i'.ly Invit-d to attend. | ;?? r*!;ii,w.?At.- tap'rton,staleti I..'a, i!,on Monday,Oo* t i' r 7,Ttn*Aa Ijiiw-aw Htkv.mxs, infant sot oi li-wy I? m. I Siruii I,. St'-libins. n ? il n months and '2 day?. T ? l i i -n N and a. ana In i.moos of lh- family are r"a;>ect f.'Iy invited to attend tho funeral, today (lues lay),at t ."ivoo'clock tl ,I'roni tho re.-iiloin'O of his parents, 21k Van i"nscii ftve -t. Ivna.v.? l i Monday, October 7, Wti lis, youn';? ?yt child of ,'lir.l'i-l an I M iry T.'iian, acid ?< years mat it month*. The rrlondi and rnlatlves of 'ha family a-o tnvrtod to {itten I tlio funeral, whi'!i will lake plaeo ill's (t etnl-y) nrirrncon, at half past t ,vo o'cl.H'ic, from t!io i "Kl'lenoe of his pirept". * o. 217 (.'i l 'mJila str. ( t, U tinUIyn. Tlio ro* liiains wiil ho taken to Calvary CemetL-ry. Wn:\v!i.?In Ilabokeii, K. .1., *-n Snn lay, tjotoboi1 flL Rom V.'kiaw, wife of r. o. Wipand, i.i the 2M year of Iter are. aftor a abort and severe Dint as. HWMiy iw*l?y '.?yum-y ?wm^mmr*w*ar ??nwt? msoaitiiMaoo*. A EVANS' EXTENSIVE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, CGand C3 Pulton a tree'. Between Gold aui CliQ si reels* May hp to'?i/1 One* of the large*! altu'k* of in the city. Tim assortment in R?ieh tfiaf not one man in a hunlrcl fails to be nuilfd in o.or/ h*h;>.'< t. ^ROMATIC SCHIEDAM Kt'IINAITS. Gr<K*r?ra, drujmiaia an.I pmato \rho lvfali to supply tfu*?n?i hi-H nt iIk* present law pri?o, h ul Mlci mikccarif application. UDOlA'llit \V??!?:-ft, *J Hoaver atreet. At w-double sole shoes. AT JOKES', H AKB 12 Ann ulrect; also, tit $3 fiO, f|uiitod Coii^iohr Galtor^ a now a!y|t?. AT KVERDKIXK?WKDDINO OAKD8.?'THESE CBI?B? tmtted engraved Cardaadd uwly at 2U2 Broadway, cor* A CARD?DR. DAYMAN, IIKINO ABOUT TO AilSENT lilniftelf on a vU t to Enrnp \beg* to anno n r thai Ilia J\ FELL, a strut, 2711>.-"M hv.!v. corner of Chamber* at. A RTIKICIAL LF.t;.-) AND HAN r>8-SELPHO'ti PATENT, J1. 5i6 BruHiiwajf, \ WHITE'S PATENT LEVER TBtfSS RADICALLY, J\ ? riirea rupture*.?The latest Invented; new prin.ipto, n< tlou i.i and up, lightest h*u! clu'*|ie*t. Pimiiibit-u gratH, T. >V. PITTM \N, Gutter*! AR'Mit, 4S2 Ilt*<-adwi?y, at titGRKr GORY 4 CO.'S, 26 Bond street, Xtnv York. A BOLD Ml'itOKE ?IMPOltTfc ft'n STOCK AT RETAIIa il *1 .'I7U hroadwuy. (oriK rof White x reM. Neek Tl"? nna Si'arfu, L?dli?* and Oentlamen'B Lin n Handk'r?lil ?('i, frnm i'nt* I i it eatli: Mi n t Hosiery, Shirt* ami Under Clntlilng. SiKoin,iau:!i<utrei'? *!?:?!; i.f Men'* ?n I Boy*' /superior flu* f.lir'ii, il 10 rent* eneli. An opportunity tn nureitaa# from iirtt IiiukIi, at )a!f price, w ill no! a.curagalu in *Uf* T) ALLOCS FKFFFPFFKFFKF VYYV YYYY KSSS8 KKFKKFKKKKKKK YYYY YYYY f.S.-l 898 KK FK YY YY SSS 838 FK KK YY YY 883 KF P YY YY 8SS KFKF YYY SSH KF F F YY SS8 KK K YY 88S KK YY WW KK YY 8SS 888 FKKF Y Y YYYY S.<S 8SS FKKF YYY YYY riSSSS BALLOU'S "PATENT IMPROVED FRENCH YOKK 8H1RT3, Patented N'.iv.-mber I, K>.?. A NEW STYLE OF SHIRT, WARRANTED TO FIT, M.ide tii measure, ,it >1;,. jvl-t, Ae., Ac , prr dozen. Nn order taken for Irsi, tlion tiall'a rinzi-n -hlrt*. Wholesale trailo nnpplicil on th-* nmia! terma. Ji U.I.OC KKOTIIERS, No. ?Kl Broadway, Ni*w York. BRIDOEWATER PAINT-TESTED ELEVEN YEARS wnt'Tiimi llrci/riiof, ulli'a nnd Iron?Indi-atrnctllile. D* |?it. No. 7t Maiden Uno. W W. BUTTS, Oatieral Agaot. ttOP.NB, BUNION INVERTED NAILS, ENLAROE1V J j'tlmn, itrul all dimsaacit o tho li.'i't, cumi without paitt or inconvanlcncc to tha patient, by Dr. ZACHAUIE, Sur^eoA Chiropodist, 7(W Broadway. Refers to pIi>nloiann and au*i? geona of thrts city. I.TINK r.(!tirs, SHOES AND (MITERS. I' ftIt<K)Kr;, l!if b'.otma'ier, ha-, rouioveil from tiia old hui <1 in Kult'in Bliiset to 434 Br^Hdw.iy, comer of Ho ward street I.OKIN H'KOOKS A SCN. iiila I l*e-l IM?.> Ft OR COMPLAINTS OF THE LI.'SO.S?MILLER'S CELK hrnU'd old B. urlion WhlsUoy, In bottle.* or by tli* gallon. O. I'. MKNDU*, 00 Citi'nr *trcf t, coru'r <if Broadway. CI IUXTERIES AND I'l.iU'R KOR I'llK MILLION. I Chea|jeat atore in :ht: n <irld^^ t J^inc - ,(lr|lvprc<l^fi'.'e. Son. 2C0 On ?!??; Il ft. nnd K'J Sorray *t.. Ne? flirt /"IOBLET8?ONE DOLLAR A DOZEN. AT HADLEY'8. \T Ooo|ier Inatllate and 171 Eighth nvenae. IMPORTERS CAN OBTAIN MX 1'KR CENT TREAHU^ I ry Niitiis at adlaiii.tnt, In mim.- t -nit. of L. A. VAN DERPOOi', 54 Walt ?tr*et, ?ppo?iti. .Men Iiauto r.xcaange. T ATHES GOLD BAND HRAt'KLKTS KOR SALE LOW? Ji By OEO. C, ALLKNi N tr> liiuidway, one doorbolow Cniuil f?tr?*ot. nTRiHU'S PATENT ARMY THINK AND PORTABLE JS iini.<1 ,;:,n inr,l. torn ? r of WarrcO at. aad Broadway ?;Si?COLATE CREAM DKOKK CAKAMELf* S and ivrnt Al oonda. of dell.loiia llavor; al?i>, 2 ? kinda, K/rn -h 'm l twrli-an C.mfoi iiimery, al t?1- ',<?n'.?t tan?5g Hiore, ftT? Br i*dway, opjuwttc Laura Kecnc's theatte. milK CONFESSIONS AND EXPHttlBNCR OF A'A IIK I '-'.I?Published r.o- Ihi- b.-oelil and at a v?-ar-,lr<{ t<?. who M ttTiT from nerve ttdoWllly, prema^ug* <!?? log ihoBioannof *?ijl -.ire; by one . /tx?c?ir?4 I iUel. 'i [?? ' !? : P ?? ?' 11 "\!>en * through .nedlcal ira i . . iv. S gle ? may be of th? " N \T!! ? i'IKI* MVYKVIR E?o B--dford, i n ;ty, N. V.. b -i .?> 'If' .' ?' !<?>? I'ddrca envelope. EXCCRMOXS. /?lltntP FN'1 U*ms TO C\MPS '?? , STATES ISLAND. ^ far. -i 1 by Staten I Intid l t.v, fwjtof Whitehall aiivt, tvtwreii tin' is.iti 'J ntij S , ah ferry. Boatalear* ??> ft "? V 1 . to . P.M. uu ijue Suuditya everr hull bout to 7 ? %'. A t'AS^X'OHTS. I'Pl.Y I OU 'pa l".'-,vrs TO A. \Y, IiENNBDY, try, t.'vj Tt wry, C^taci ut UcwuiM lUcct.

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