Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8160. THE REBELLION. Imposing Military Display of the Union Forces. Grand Review of the Artillery and Cavalry of Gen. McClellan's Army. Sis Thousand Horsemen and One Hundred and Twelve Field Pieces on Parade. Arrival of Released Prisoners from Richmond. Harm of the Rebels at the Naval Pre parations in the North* Intense Excitement in the Gulf and Cotton States. Five Georgia Regiments Recalled from Virginia. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. Forty Thousand Rebel Troops Concentrated at Columbus. INTERESTING NEWS FROM MISSOURI Tlie Reported Future Move incuts of Gen. Fremont. ? rvilo Insurrection in Jasper County. Arrival of Wounded Union Prisoners at fortress Konroe, &c., &o., &c. UE SPECIAL WASHJ\?,r<>\ DESPATCHES. W-iPHmoroN, Oct. 8,18fll. TBRQ1UND REVIP-W OF THK AXTILLKRY ANDCAVA1.HY. I tie artillery ravnlry review to day was by far the grandest speo.tar.le of ilie klt>il ever w.tuesscd on this con t.n at, and probably tho mast imioMng that ever will ?c ir. Tbere ware six tho,.band ca\.<lry, and one hundred kjul twelve gnus, with all ihc appi rtenanccs, iu the ? jar.ido. Tlio cavalry was drawn \ip by companies in five ; ?toes upon one side of the field, ami the art tilery formed ; tho other side of a square at right angles with the caval- j ry. Tho 8e!d of review included about two hundred | * en. Homo portions f tlio ground wore wet and slip- j jery; but, taken abogetlier, its a Captation to the purpose ?ouid liardly be excelled. There was room for the ro rww, tint not for any display of the troops m a drill. l?ng bolv re the hour fixed for the review the popate. Aon of Washington, oitizens anil i-irau^'ci*, of all uges, noxea and conditions, from the arist erst to tlie citizen on fimt, in omuibcses and every imaginable ?iyla of equip age, was tn Timte lor tbe Ce.d, nbo t n milo east of the A guard was rwcssarv to keep intact tbe Mhos of the review grotxd. The rrcwd w*s scattered ateng tho whole i xteat of the lines, i, t was thickest and deepest in the vicinity if the Hag iliai marked the posi tr-m to bo occupied by General Mc? i< I Ian and his stuff. i>'-nouf. the equipages in attendance woro uoticoable those of (.early all tbe foreign dignitaries. The cai riage of tho Presl ent of tlie Ur ted states, in which were seated Mr. Mcteoln and Mr. Seward, was conspicuous in tho throng. Vnt Prince tie Johavtile was also present. At twelve o'clock, the l.our fixed for tho review, General Met lellan, att*nde ' by all of his statf who were not other wise engaged on the Belli, and acccwpaniod al his invito t*m by tiineral lilcckr and G< n* ral Sickles, each with his stnl', ana escorted by tl.o mounted body guard under (kptaln Baker, appeared upon Cho "field. His appearance was t; e s^ual fur the review to begin. He was received Kith 1 he customary saluto from tbe battery on tho ex treme right. ?flic artillery was commanded by General Barry, tho c-velry by General Palmer, und the whole review was r'mnnjidid by Geneial Stoneman. Tho forcos tn lino were placod in "j>eL order, the artulery by batteries and the cavalry b> comjuiniee, and subjected first to a rapid review by the General and his staff, as they rode along the ranks thus termed. Upon the instant he had taken Ms position tho wholo force was put In motion by the powerful voice of General Stoneman, and pasted in re view, giving tbe military salute in passing the General's po-sition. I.argo as was the Held, it wae Insufficient for a di ill, and tho troops had to be hurried otf tJio Held to make r,?om for tlie others. Tho ground in mauy plucee was soft, but tbe llnee were maintained with ox collect precision. The cavalry in the lino wore all vob nt 'ers, except the Fifth regiment United States regulars, 0 mman .ed by Major Oakoe ; a portion of tbe Kixth, not yet complotely organized, commanded by Cclor.el Emory: and two compatible of the Fourth, and one of ti:e Second United States regular cavalry. Several of the host drnled onvalry regiments and a number of batteries cf artillery wore not includod In tho review, as they were on doty with tbe divisions to which tbey wore attached. Tho review was ered itabje to both officers and sol<1 tors. Seldom, even in tbe Immense armies of Europe, has snob a La'ge body of splendid looking cavalry and artillery soldiers been brought together. Th" men were stalwortb, and tlio horses generally in good condition. Thi y mude a splendid appearance, and elicitod many high enoo tniums. Several distinguished European military officors who woro present expressed surprise at tho wonderful efliciency of men who had been drilled so short a time. Tbcy viewed It as one of the evi dences of tho astounding resources of this great country. At the close of the review General McClellan turned to General t-"t< lieman, tbe commander of the review, and c ngratulated him upca tbe wonderful Improvement made by the cavalry and artillery. General Stoneman was also congratulated by General Blenkor, who remarked that while such a si>octaclo might be expected in Eirope, where immense standing armies are maintained, tho pre" Mutation to-day was startling for a nation scarce throe quarters of a century old. The Prince de Joinviile, who has enjoyed opportunities of witnessing the grandest military reviews in Europe, said he had never before seen so many cannon in one field at one time. It waft truly a grand sight, and one to make Americans proud of their country. Upon every side, among tho spectators on tho field, the regret was expressed that such a body of cavalry and artillery wae uot in action at Bull run, for it would have swept the rebels from the field. A demonstration likothat or to-day cannot be described. It needs to be seen to be appreciated. One hundred and twelve cannon,attended by fifteen hundred men and horses, and six thousand cavalry, with sabres glistening in the sunlight In one body, is indeed a formidable array, Tho commwidw # tUymw owted that vov Of tho moat splendid and best drifted batteries upou the field wu from Massachusetts?the Boston Light Artillery, commanded by Captain Porter, which has until recently been stationed at Baltimore. EXPLOSION OP THE CONTENTS OF AN AMMUNITION WAGON. After the review to-day a most unfortunate accident occurred. As Cooper's Pennsylvania artillery was pro ceeding from the field to their camp, in pausing along Pennsylvania avenue, and directly In front of tho Presi dent's mansion, the contents of caisson attached to one of tbe guns exploded. The cause of the explosion lias not been definitely asoertalued. It may have been from faultiness in tho packing of tho caisson, or from the ex plosion of a cap on one of tbe shells. A scone of the wild est consternation ensued. The front bourd of the caisson wus not injured, the top was only lifted, but the back board was shattered, and the cont nts of tho caisson were thrown in every direction. The sidewalks were at tho moment crowded, and tho shells and fragments fell thick among them. Only three men wero Injured. Thoy wore private# of the company. One of them was mortally hurt, and tho other two were ablo to walk away. This accident rellects no discredit upon the insisting officers. Expe rienced men have been detailed to instruct every battery In the mode of packing fused ammunition, ami the care taken in this respect hus unquestionably prevented a number of similar accidents. A KHIVA I. OF TOYSICIANS FROM RICHMOND?CRUEL TREATMENT OF THE UNION PRISONERS T1IKRE? ALARM CAUSED RY THE PREPARATION OK UNION NAVAL EXPEDITIONS?THE REBEL PRESIDENTIAL QUESTION, ETC. Doctors Bomiston and Swan, of tho Fourteenth Brooklyn regiment, who wero captured at Bull run, ar rived hero this evening, via Fortress Monroe, from Rich mond. They wero released on their parolo, and ram" with the fifty-seven wounded pilaonajr* who we e a so released. They give a most deplorable accout.l of the condition of our wounded, and the manner iu which thoy have been treated by tho rebels. According to (heir ac count our prisoners have sullered the torments of i lie damned, and the wonder is that any of them ar-: in w alive. It now appears that the fifty ?even wo n<led whom they released were cases that rebel physicians could not cire, and hence they were permitted to return borne. The rebel government had learned something in regard to the probable expedition South, and it had produced Hie greatest excitement throughout tho Gulf and cotton States. It was believed that va>t numbers of tho troops now in Virginia would be called to the respective Status where these attacks wore apprehended. There was great scarcity of provisions and also i f medi cines. Our wounded frequently had to do without In many critical cas 'S. Tea, colfce and sugar were almost impossible to procure for love or money. The question of a successor to the Presidential chair occupied by lefferson Davis was.being agitated through out th-' South, and tho general belief was that Alexander H. Stephens would bo agreed upon. The feeble state of Mr. I avis' health was used as an arg; ment against him. In the event, however, of a permanent restoration it is tho intention of the rebel government to make him a Lieutenant General. ANOTHER RISE IN THE UPPER POTiMAC. The heavy rams of the lost lw>'iity-four hours have swollen tho river to *uch au extent, as to preclude its p^fsng ? bj tho rebel force. It can now be crossed only by the bridges, all of which are in tho posvetamn of our army. AFFAIRS ALONG TUK UNION LINKS. At a late hour to night tho army telegraph reports all quiet along tho whole lluo Of tho rotnnuc. TBK COMMANDS OF GENERAL KOSKCHAN8 AND (JENE ltAL I- RUM ON T. According to a despatch from v.eroral Rosecrane, lio will b ? able to fully sustain himself against the combin"d forces of t;en rals I/-e and Floyd, tie ther lie n< r dare ral VTemont will have occasion to complain of an iusultt cient loice, an vho administration is not unmindful of the of affording them al! tho Bupport which their several positions require. TAB CHARGES AGAINST OEN. FREMONT. Hie official record of the charges against Gon. Fremont has not yet reached heiuli| .arters, and the case of oca. Fremont remains in tiutu quw. CAFTUKE OF A REBEL SOLDIER. Some of General Kuyes' scouts, wuilo rcconnoiterlng beyond Cpton's Iliil this afternoon, took a rebel prisoner, a private, hnviug in his possession llvo h jrses, thirteen cavalry pistols and ono sabre. Ho was sent over to General Mi'Vllan's headquarters to-night. Ilieru wore Ave othois with the rebel before ho wus taken who es caiied. The prisoner, having nothing to communicate, was turned over to tho lender mercies of the l'rovost Marshal and the prison for rebels. TUB DUTIES OF BRIO APE SURGEONS?IMPORTANT ORDER tR-'M (ItNEitAL U'CLK.i.LAN. The following older has been issued in reference to an important brunch In the service:? UEXBKAI. OKPKH NO. 20. HKAMIUARTEKS AiOJV OK 1HE POTOMAC, ) WASHJJKif iN, Oct. 3, / The following regulations respecting tiie duties cf flri gude Surgeons are published fur the government of all ouueerned:? Firth?The Bi ign-ie Surgeons will frequently iespi-ct the police, e.ookiug, clothing and cleat lines* of the camps and | men in iheir respretlvc brigades, th' position and con i dnion w( the sinks, the drainage ol tie c* .nip grounds, the ventilation of the tents, Ac., making written reports to the brigade c mtruoiders whetievor. in their opinion, any errors id these respocts requiio cori<ctk>u,and sending d iplkaics of thieo reports to the Medical Director of the army. Second?Th y will see that the medicines, hospital stores, instruments and drepsingr of the several regimen tal surgeons, are kept constantly sufficient in quantity, in good order and always ready lor active servioo. Third?Ihey wiii collect from the several regimental surgeons, atKl traismit e . < ry S uurouy morning to tho Medical Director, a copy of their morning report ma le to tho commanding oiUcer of tlieir regiment, ttnd will ac company thi?e with remai l?s showing U.e character of the principal disease prevailing. Furtk?They will promptly . e|?irt to the Medical Di rector ail changes iu station or locution of themselves or of any of th ? medical officers iu thcii brigades, w ith the number, date and authority of the ordor by which such changi s were made. Fiflk?-They will inspect carefully aU men receiving certificates of disability for discharge, and if they ap prove tlioy will countersign certificates. Siath?The hospital attendants, to tin- number of ten men to a regiment, and the regimental baui s, wiil be ub sombled uu'ler tiie supertisi< n of the Brigade Surgeons, and will be drilled one hour o-.cli day, except Sunday, i y the regimental medical olllcers in s>tung up anu dis mantling the hand stretohm*, lilteis and tulj.;luu(?<, in handling men carefully, placing tbom u;<in tho litters and ambuiance bods, puttiug thorn iuto Uio ambulant' s, taking thorn out, Ac., wrying men 'ipon the hand stretchers, observing thiat the loading bearer steps oil' with the left ftxit, and tiie rear bourn with the right?.n short, In everything that can render this service eflect iv>' ar.d tho most comfortable for the wounded who are to be t insported. Su-JJi?Brigade Surgonos will see that the orders of the Coniniaiioing General, in relation to Uie usee to whi. h ambulances are to be applied, are strict y obeyed, an i they will report promptly to tiie brigade oowrHuiidein all tafructieos of lii"t-e orders. Seimlh.?Whenever a skirmish or affair nf outpost* occurs, in whicli any portion of their brigade is engaged, they will sue that the ainbulanc<? ami sU etcJiem, p. oper ly nianued with tiie drilled mi<i, we iu imuuxliate readi ness and attendance to bring olf the wounded, and tliat tho rngimeutal medical ofllcers aie at their |H*;a, with their instruments, dressing and U'-i>iUl ktiap.^.. ..s it. complete order, and roudy for imme iiai- US", so that no duuy may occur in rendering the necessary Surgical aid to the woi ,tu:ed. Ei-ihVt?They wiil report in writing to tli" Medical Di rector, within twenty-four hours altur ai:y ui:air with the enemy, the name, rank and regiment, of oacti of the wounded, the nature and sitnatinn of the woupit, and the snr*ic?l momis adopted in the cuee. AimJi?Brigade 8urget?is will bo held ropocsihle that the hospital service in their brigades is kept constantly effective, and in readiness for any emergency. No remiss ness in this rcspect will be tolerate! or overlooke<l. By command of Ma,or tieneral McClellan. S. WILLIAMS, Asst. Ailjt. G-n. Not*.?The Medical Director desires that ejection of the Bhoulder and elbow joints shall be resorted to, in pre ference to amputation, in all casi* offoi ing a rensona'ile hope of succefs, ai d 1'irigotls operation at the iinkle should bo preferred to fhopart's, or to amputation above tho ankle, in cases that m ght admit of a choice. THE ARMY. Don. Mansfield has been requisted to pay a visit to Hatteraa Inlet, to inspect tho fortifications and the condi tion of affairs there, but he remains, for the present at loast, in command of Fortress Monrc. Gon. W. T. Sherman,as has already boen intimated, will take the place of Gen. Anderson, wh> se health is inadequate to the demands of the Department of the Cum berland. Brigadier General Strong, of New York, will, it is said, immediately leave for Miss ouri, for the performance o: im portant duties connected with the Quart rma-tar g De partment. INSPECTION OF TIIK I'lTTSBIRO CANNON FOUNDRY. Secretary Cameron left Washmgtnu this foren on to therougUy Umycct the IMtst/urjj cauuoa [vuudry, w.tii * view to pramuie an increased supply of artillery for tbo ase of the army. ARREST OF A 8KCESSJONJ8T AND SKIZl'RB OF MAILS IN MAKYLAND?TDK KKHKL PLAN FOR CROSSING THK LOWKH POTOMAC AND INVADING MARYLAND. On Saturday lam, by order of Commodore Craven, lieutenant Cash, of the United State* Navy, with a de tail of ten men, accompanied by two i!et>'ct!vo office?, especially detailed, proceeded to St. Mary'? river on tho Jacob Boll. On Sunday they arrested John Thomaa Tra verser St. Marys county, who was charged with aiding jhe transportation of men and provisions from the seces sionists in Mnryland to the rebels in Virginia. While on tho expedition a landing was made at threat Mills Post Office, In St. Marys county, eleven mites frern Piney Point and fifteen from Lr marJstown, the headqn triers of the St. Marys co. nty rebo s There the m.til was seized, as well as the mail just arrived fr< m Biltimore. The Postmaster stated that there were a numhor of letters in the mail from Virginia. Tho iwty arrivod here to-ukIiI. Coming up tho river this morning no signs of rcbe n in camp or liattory worn lis jove -itilu at M it thins Poll t. At Evansport, at the mouth of iho Quantico, camp Ores of the ret** a were seen extendm; threo mi )?* along sboro. Dui'Ihk the day Uenteur t I baplin capture! ? n 'gro making his way from the Maryland to the Virginia Fid ?. Ho reported that there w. r ? a largo number of wont boats, capable of carrv ing two h mdred raou each, ap tlio Ocooqitan and Quantieo, Ue had beard in the p hel camps that thoy ii to i led to make a crossing 01 the IV tomac in tho neUhborh wl o( Evansport. Tho battery at Freestone Point was Intended to keop o(T the Umiii fleet and proloct this crossing, which wm t<> be elfccted by forty thousand men. In the meantime, Freestone Poini hap b?"n positively abmdone by th>i rebels, and the in lioations are that th y have abundouel the idea of crossing till' Ix>wer Potomac into Maryluid. They are wltein tli's 'lefermuatlan. Pci!ia(.->' they know what preparations were In Pt'-re for ih m. RKSULT OP TUB VISIT OP THE OP INDIAN AFFAIRS .<> TltK KANSAS AND NKBUA.-'kA INDIANS. Thefomn iM <ioner of ind no 'flairs (\ a!o) bus ret::"ned from hrs official visit to tfci- In linn t? itton in K and Nebraska. He was r> <!iv?d I v them with >;iidnws. They o pht every ojiport' nlty to express to him iholr friendliness to tho United - a''>s. He conversed with the eturne l Kansas officers, who took part, in the ba i if SprinKtiold, ; nd w1 informed him th tt no s | a ai.-.y i.', zed Indian forces wen wilh the rebels on that ocr -n n, hut that a comparat'vWy "W of the half breeds o.ily w in tho rank* ?f tho ? ? ny. The efforts of tbo rein I- to-i.-ruy the Indians ij, ^n?t the I'm ted States. s<> far is the finmroissioncr could le.u u, wore attended only with success. The iodi l is, as a elai s, uie disposed to be friendly, bat thnae wli > are in hostility have been C>.' ret to this omrse by tho rebels. A.o doubt is entert.u i"il'but it would re intra no per suasion to raiso a li?i> ? i. utn foroo in Kansas ard Ne braska to o)lerate .> nil -t thoMMho may bo broi.ght iiito the flel i by the i.L MliltE PKNNSV V N1A MOIMKN'TS. G metal J. . Janv ? rylvania, who is now I.ere has procured an order ' r .ii < arccptaueeof tbree ments Irom Uiut State, ..>..v.od of mountain u>.'u, .tho enter fur tlie war. THIS (IP.i OttTF.I i> VTIi OF BKN. M*Ct!U.OCB. A doubt is th'owii . : >? reooi t <jf the death of Bon. MrCuIIm-Ii, ho 1m os'ii. Tli ? .u'count t.-om llio West speak* of life v . Jiaving astnmed command, but there is no Met.'u ?' u; h ,lr., to vMrtj ont this pro REMOVALS FROM VUG TUKASt'RY DKVARTMEXT. Two or three cltrt' . novd !.y Secretary Chssto duy.onthegmon that. ' had rclucuut.y and car. les- i.v perlormed the extriserv .Hmqulrod from .homii. ilw pr..,Miration of Treas?ry notrendering wvwiU of H?- m unfit for ixkiio. Tim S. crouiry In determined that no per sot, sliall b? employed in hta doiwmwut who In not will tog t<? submit tofome U tl* Inconveniences toservotho country iu it# pres<<?'ow? < "?? ieg ItKTi'BN t't Mr. UAKKIKUTON. Assistant Sre:etary Hamilton a-, returned from the Korth, after on abscuce. of t*,vi? weeks, ruuch rocru t--i in health. , KAU.KOAIJ SI'IH 'JNI ' KKi) TO IT.S OWNERS. Tbegov-rnmeDt, wh ? h Jiii' bail tin- management of tbe W.ifhlrjit u brunch < r ' hi Paltiiworc and! Ohio Railroad for several months past . . stored it to tho control of that company to-day. EKFBl'Tg OK THH i'KCENT HAIL 8T0RM. Tho bull storm yes--..-; >?'??} damaged a P* rttou of the Loudon and Hami?shiro Railroad, thus preventing the passiig of government t. one from Alexandria to fall's Church. Tire necessary *irs were made to day. OUH WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wamunctq*, Oct. 6, mi. The Iuw Made About th> Kunotal of Ftenvn ? Thr Pro' gramme Laid P?wn Jcr Hi* lUnuiaU~H'>u> Fur il W'o* Catri-d Out?Oau-'t* t-i aHny to Change the in-igm<d Prnyramm^?Oftia-dl ft <* l and Uc Department (if the Wnt, >te., ?#e. a furious onsl. tight has been made upon tlie ITkk/lo, by oillcialdit^it>"'? ? ?'"dthe Pre*1. North. KaRl and West, on acoount oi tho statement of Its Washington correniona.nt iu refct.:,.* to tho proved .emovalof Cn-ial Fremont, it U Ml jwl to lay before tho public a plain statement of taci?. rbe issue made is simply one of fact. Whether tho chords preferred by Colonel Uiair against tho commander nt the Department <rf the W.*t are in . -i whether tho removal of tho General from that , at tho present crisis of aflair* In Missouri, is wise, is altogether foreign to the issae, and cannot aitor tho faots that existed jI li.u time the statement was made. Whatever changes may <> ? made in the programme on account of the exoltcnieut create- in Sf. Louis and the outcry occasioned elw? .? ? by its publication, th. de Uils of tho despatch ,?;i.i,.-l.-U in the Hiwalp of Thursday ltu;i were at that time ?u. uy correct it is tru? that >? order h.<d been iwut-d... ? ?b (.p'.at'.y true that ?.? WH-n as the cerlifit'. but un< fl '. ? <?? J'"" ' iwi tiv <'ol. i'J iir apa'-i.-Hl < en Irtm .nt wasreceivod nor ., It whs doi?rn.ined that i ?n. j-iansiield should he font to Fortrefcf' Uomoe to reiie\ ? u. A\ ? -o!, who was bo im mediate,} .died hero t , h. iu roadine.- -to be s. nt to Mjf Jhi.ri to reiieve (Jen. T'lei K Pt u(K..n tho receipt of thd uLara' 6 throi.Kh the othi '? channel. Ibe'nt part of this ... ?(. was carried out (i t . k..."field Wt- s-nl t. Fortran Monroe, and (,iV- w?*'i was hastily s -u u.oned to V. aabin-.'ioa to await ? ,,0-v I'p to this thn- tie programme in.treated wiuj ku?w., only to Lieut. C,. . c al .teoti au* or bis aids, ami (ieu Mao^floUl; but '-Oic l>*t in;d plans of men ai.d micj aj! .'a-.e oj?Iee. ' Tbo pr.-Kramuie was acci icntally dte cioa?l and. with the i ha.juristic enterprise of the Unuii.. p? bit-'.led bei .1' '.lie i iilte pr. llmlluiries tor its c ?m.>l"tc ."xocutiot) hn ) 'Virtod. T1 ;? ai-nounf 'm'-nt cf tiiepror-ffe.1 removal of t.eueral Fremont, ttw- ms; c.rated so m cb rxrit. inei.t in t I"Uis nstooh.-ltt ?m the Mr.rrtarr . f ^tnUi th stotemont by telegraph, which was also strictly tree, that (iei.e sl /renwnt was not ordered to WjA-lkIot, nor fr m -he fl>ld,nor was 1 jltiv cour' nvU'Ua.1 o;iic< *? concornIDS bun. _ . . Th. . f&i it. rword & t!v?' rMnrnod preferred by a>U>o?? ; Blan had not arrive '. H o orders tor h.s r-mioviU and for Ui? onnrt martial, ?i ? < rv t of inquiry, should be bns.rf i iii-'u il. r- id- It h" ii tyt reinhM its def.lnatton, | alth"egh il is the d iv rf ..oaeral K-enrnBt himself V. trai -'iut it. The ovnif .l at h .vo transpired the I 'plication of the inteir i n to dhe< t the removal I of liie commander tl? Idiriment of th I have occasioned a delay ia the exocutkja ..rtln pniframme. awl ?v\v possibly result in its total ' .. >p.i In tho m-? lime <;? m-ral Wool lias obtained I to return to jv-'t.w Nouroe, to be absent fr?m Wnjhinit' n for not oseeedinp four days, to rloeo up his I ^ ZlrtVit the fort-, ~s before ROM g West; hut the | ultimate execution of wliat had been dotermiuod has bo come a question ot policy , . .. , Various caus.s are op. -aung to effect a change Inith* r>r< Its anuo .nceineut has p -ducod an unpre re Irni?l press'ire upon the civil and military authorities in prevent its exocution. The President, Cabinet minis ters (ieueral jirotl, O-urr, McOlellmi, and oth r high functionaries, U ve b'-'.u hurltM.-e-d witli innumerable iltTers and tVte ?,hx despatches on the sub ect. An SCilin, nthM be -ii created by 11 i. Pt I/mta. and loud expi.-sio?s of disupproliallon are 1heard from other parts of the count y. It is represented j reliable gentlemen that tho proposed chauwe ut this wo.^d be rreu'.ly harmful to tho public. Inter-sts and the of the UWen in that department. Hi'sides the arpoiritinert <4 General Wool to a position o s .cli va't im..oi t.ince i not consistent with tho course hlthe to p.'rsued to'var.r- him by (ieuersl Scott , and it ir, known that the Preside- ' is not perfectly satixded with the s. le- lion, t'.eneral Wc*.l is h,m?elf avetse to his as Kienment to that command. When ho arrived hero ho wus Ignorant of the purpose Tor which he had been sum re ned and i pen ascertaining tnat It was pi-op<??d to "emlbi'mto relieve General Krem .nt, hp expressed his di'sstts action with the designation. Although 'ikW advantag'1 f the tiecivwi'y deiay in the decision of the question, he is Still technically here awaiting orders: hut, on ,cco nt of his ape tind the toilsome demanos of the doi^rtment now under the charge ?.f Kremont. ho would prefer not to bo < ailed upon to assume that command. T'ds combination of circumstances may ami probably will induce an alteration of the original purposes m reference to (Icner.l Fremont, but they cannot clwua? of i'aiSli'/ tbO f#<il8 tll<7 at the time of their publication. If thl* announcement wa* premature, It was also, in vlow of all that, has hap rn'iiiii,fo iiiimu for tho country. Although gentlemen hi ,'h In authority may express astonishment uh to (nor tin? illgcliw r was made,and hy what mentis a know'.slv of it w; ? obtained by the Hriui.n oorrespond ill. the very prematurities* of tho unnoui.ramrnt seeras like!/ v ? ve the administration nnd tho.orntry from dLa*" j that t Itnowanp -ent won lit snroly have resulted from asnl. <ten and complete execution of the programme originally proposed. NEWS FRQM GEN. BANKS1 ARMY. lUHMtsrOWH, Oct. ft, 1881. Yonr correspondent frequently has his alt. Uncalled to newspaper paragraphs purporting to ooino fr m and giveinformation In ri'x'ril tomatters and movement : In tills >' mmandl which were never hoard of o.ittl tho po persroarhei hero. Th ? most sei-i i s mist latom?r,t, how ever. <>; this n i' ro is tic reported atteiipt. t" ion.i ?&, natoOolimei Ktilp unit "Ul? l.'ol.o.l,. hj Iii., no kuowWg'- of any soth i^ilr, rtor if ho b (f pfortm*t 1:1 regard to tils son, as ho haw hw .'. . . <.i>a.i n bly ow.t 1t rlKiu to tho follow/ ? -A ?..n >?'??? c uian, of t'otultUM manner and ip\? ..-ii ? ti r , 10 tho rfeglni'; i, van dotal1'd as h< Hal ntri", In<?ii o fhott'iiioll a, ho bo. am ? .o < ' 'l"' *.! m . d to iy> in i mutilate life of th" w n -h li an i guarded moment, 'iv ilj-V''' the Tact Ji?l ?!)" ? wl'? of OP 'f the p. IVhMM. Fl' la" ll'll S.A I I-I ; I'll lil t lea't'it'v I. ? h ? v to t)< 'li-si ivgoil, sif ln.m .ivl to Oli'ant' ? ? :i*i ho suard a ill Mail" Iter way. s'l I in'.?;?] ' '.i'. Ion nelifl.b ?'irri Ww had ! and !>o n I up with a Imn l! I '-'i t ^ t<l boijsod t mo mi ili ? our "?> it. SI'o thru ? iUil tlai, li. wu.j tlie i. in ol ( . nul Knlpo, that ho had i- ? o , at-i'ihHiiv ; I by i piiv*'i > fri nil of In,.a li .i? . I .sir' 'i ? ' ? ???(?.? I th" ?' " ! In a.t n(i ? ii/ I to -'.iv V. . i? \? ? mrn mi'' hc:?y ! t > punr.o ?. ? ? V. . i;? 'l o, wl" . k- w ' bad k >p". .-p'o'i . >..i >r i i..' ,. il If* to [ i: ffc .'t-at I. ?; ? I.mlwflfn III i'r-ll, lint l?r ? \ i!>p j thero i' ???'? f-r.n th" h!Ii?, a . 1 .mi. t Klori: b on heard ol' exocj >.: cr! ps, by tbo rep-n tiT who .so liu .} f rni.-b. . th ? |.i : ?? v. i.'.h tho In'O nii.t. in r . i" it .shot ? 'o ;au>''lit neiti. , i[ th? ?nrv.e"i.a tn;; to tho ? rly-cxili win-? iubtr .in !,wl In pnllmtj the ladlvl'! a! iii the h nilal (Jij[ artllio.,t It may ;iei'ja|nbc .veil iu this o in<- ' ? :i u? siy that IjuuI. i.i h;u nn In no attempt -pau h'Sowo I n>-r l?v

Capuin Stoio.tho l'vinosi Ma ,'ial, uiiy lali'i'niAtion from Wii.'lii'v tun conrern:T,g hm i ltonato puo ?.:mi< nfc < fi(.i mi trmonr, of lb - New Vo k Ninoti-cith, tiaa h?'?'i Apfw,luted ?-t Mariihal at Rockvi'.le, to * ppi<?? ih i:ur-r iniin't >ivo of ardent spirit, .in prob.ot th- eiti tr-n.e fran ,r>by law lew men 11 t~. j;i.i- ? ot jt'aeiioA ef the army. I'lio solectl n of CupUiu A. w is a goivl ono in ? very report. Ih'' llri. g h. a1! j"' sterility a: Con. i'1'n i orry wa.. from an i4tt bj a body of i iibvia and our n..s,.. ? to thflir guns. I'AitMC iown, Mi'., <a t. ?, 'SSI "li" abbi'tli in General itu.k c mio. n l is ut with great ei.irtitudo. No ba in- '-a wt a! si., .t, i\ n-.o-d .ry i i ... b..' t> .1, and in ui n't of tlai rogt.i?ro'iijii.iiH t!. vl. >..? mo Irdd at le i:one durin,: th ? oy The only m ?*!?? by the I amis l^ tliat aiiactcl io th ? . a.-i"u. Tbo weat!i?r t^r tho pust tliroo (iay- lwi ? lie wtremo ly hot, no' at a ! tuJ?rti?l lo the ..t ; b t ti e nlRbis are I'iriih.uOly rool. To iji( lit tttb 'odoi fio : lit i. .!>*/.i^ to tli. noi th.wtof h iii the diKfinoe. Ih" ti jn'i. r -f femiiilw camp I ' .#? ,-s ia fwi rnlof Hie r.a'in . nt. Uiotii't i an or.lor fo-tiici < .. uvloii. This iu<iv..icg Ulr.-o army wayc.i.n tUl. dw.tb this i were In-?varitri) to W ..shlngt< n, and W W to follow. As ; grj; ial thi*.?' thoir ?ow'!. s bra*' ie a ? t am of i dcrradatlou, pot 1 sseued or mwiibo ! by ex; w .to to tho i in tb'i opinion of pome cm cm i!.c r ?'?oi u ru. wb :.i lan v,fclt unovrd up the f1' '?-.uic with n.-ch i? nip andcircutns.aviuv, has pussed over the motn'iiius muo Ifi'ti' ? VI', .ma, or rn! irtd M upog thu nwntiti " :ia It ban r.i't i "?n < in r r y,'V 'ill d.iys iwl. ! vcrylhii", :.ui boun quiet h.!? i-~ our linos to ?' .?,. Si> *?.- a.- T lir,v learned x.ot t.'i ?<i i. t;un oi i.t,>V-oL Il k liO< I. In''II i lo (Hal tu< Ft iIIIk t of II C"t ..try " l>u ' ll. .Uu IT *<?>?:?.i, win d ..lueiai v I Ian met Uomoi il Rn k? thb aftorno 01, uc ir tinddy ri\. at tho camp f tho New York Nineteenth, w . . ?? Inn waa n[*_ut in private iiil.irco' r-e. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. GENERALS JOIIN^m*, 1'uLK ohkatam AND l'ITJ/)W, WITH FORTY THOUSAND i;E:;e:.s at CCLUiiiitv. ('/hid, Oot'ihn- 8, 1861. A deserter from General Pillow's. nvmy, {? rinerly a . sldei t of X?. thorn lUiii-fs, arrived here Ia? t nialii M? ripor's that <<cn A.'obns; a is i i oninnia.) > a ? .; r , bus Willi fcrty thnuf.uid men. The/ have iurttfiud iliu bin Us of the river fo> four rutin.', lI.ovo tloluml.'is,. jk- i ii'g .?? a;'ukfrom theUa.on forces. General* Ch atari, Pillow, I? . m... jo!iuston,.ire ll h: Oolumt. ... 1:.< e b 'J army <it that point r> well a-ujed and <?. "ppod au' have lar^. ro.(i?soi cavalry. . On 11?<; "jyib of So| i??nitior Jeff. Th?m|>C'., hail r thtn.Muid mi'u now Bolraont. His urmy : In iu^ docimnu'.: by lie >rtioi.s. Tho Ko.v lira arrived from dt. I/tuis lu.1 night. iHE PRISONERS AT RICHMOND. A mi n.!' r of tlic sum nty flmt r aiment, vie in em ftnenibut at Hic'iru' ..4,forwards the follow i; ? lisi. ?jf j ri* Miners there oi hi ? regiment:? lid. Colo O Iitpauy A Not *vour. e i. C. Witpeos < aipariy A .Vol wo. <>&. A. Hyde 'oini-nny A V,'..; ? arm. Serg ant Worster..'viini mi', B Won inurm. Ir. H?ud'T8i ii tympany J1 ' oi ?o' ndort. T.idil. us Company C Not W'Mii; ii I. B. Va -ii-.u Cono ui.v i> Wurnur . in (ace. <;. A. I'avin ??iiiip:vy K V. u?it . .1. I'. Ii.iiey 'mi .arv K No., v.n .. (I, ,T. W i'l ' ii s O injtiny K Not v, J.' srtamiff Oitr'puiy 1' Woundel In hand J H H. ?ia-.uie Company V tVoon le in l"g. D. W. Whlttn'.cr ..Oini?ny K Worn o<I p t. Wtn 1'. I i uiarmt .O mpany F Woiin :? l in arm J. VV. How or* tVjirij ijiy K '.ViKin'i I >n i f 0. V'.bic F Not v, i ?i. '. If. ,'ar ....Com; any F lost bis toff w.-m. T. I *)?->? Oumpany G Wouuite4 ;i iutr E. Tompkins (imip.uiy G Wonnleo m hand. (j. '.r. Smith Company II No! ..onnV't. G. H. Gn-oa (tonipuiiy 11. W.-nndeil InsU'ider J. W. Mold Compaey I V'o I'd.'1 in'irtn. J. 1" .illott .itiigia . r Go- s Not wound J. ? Hi illo I iro Zouaves Not wound.-d. Th<-- followiug lottoi' is fi<JCi Wllliata W. Gage, u inotn bor of Company A, Seventy-moth roritnunt, a (irisoncr P.idimond, to bis parents in l.:U ciiy:? RlCHM ivu, Va.,Kept. 19, 1861. I |)k.vk Katiikk ash MorwtH?Aa there is auoip ii .nity j of ynjr roceirxgalotttrflrnr, jjji, thr.ii"h tin kindi-'-i ' rfbr. l^wi'll, who i? about ?tumin^ hoini', 1 will pen | jrou a few lines, ao ua torol.cvo yoor minds in reRiidio j my wollaie lioie at pref>nt, i am onjiying very Uir . health, and have recovered entirely from my wound in lac l'U. Hut yoti must hoow. ? ear failiei, h ? Imr I w. n j foi any one who has enjoyed th<? jvivllegai of liberty to : t e <snu|K*l up in the v ay i.< priri nor of ww hit ? t? ?? I but 1 w: Uay.l hnvemoio j r'vile^estlvan s mooth' ?,as , 1 "njoy ilijcontldeui'o of n?i- ci. ??!?, and one om?*.wliy, ; a ilr. Warner, of whom I ? ist |ieak, aa b" ha be?.4i rj ' kind tome In giving m - < '.umgoof t.K>thmg,of wl hi , bail none on my arrival here; anil a? I ha\o the Myoy montof bcii'K out in the air 1 am much improve ). S i ' you can !>fe, fathor, th?re i tn chance lor n* to como ' home until ( get an hint ahlo dii-'cluirg^ or am rele.ifoil on paro'n by ray captors, which 1 hopo t may rccriv at their handt s?me r f those days. 1 w ?'id not attempt to escape had I tbo chance, aa Mi. Waraor lias put imp!) It faith In my w^rd not to umlcrUiko to '-scape from this place; and through th" kimlm-M of him I was ailowml ; . ri main hore while othors were sei-.i to CharlesUin Of which I waa very iha kful,aud I !. .a the time is not far dUtant w h ti I will see you all agtin. Ileur fnltiar, yon wrote ill your last letter yoti vrmild 1 iko to see me 1. me, if I c?nld procure an honorable dincbargo or a parole from our captors. I am afraid it will be some time before I will bo able to nroeuro the pa olo, for tb-y ai e not sending any ho;.io on (laroiu except tho d uxors and some sailors; but should I be ablci to ;et my vel^so I w.ll write you. But a? I have given my word t<> tlii ei'lcers here not to e?< o or un<ki take the mme, I shall bide my time, and never disgrace tlio Uthor and meth'-r tliat reared me, and when I come home I shail cow.e home honorably,or c<>t at all. The prisoners h<T0 arr jmoo very well at present; bnt sometimes w? have a guard over us who are a little mor? im|>c? ious and hotheaded than otherwho abuse us soiue. But the oilloors b??re?General Winder and others- .tack themofT in hot baste, so tbey cunoot practise any of il.oir ?buso on us; -nd as for the wounded tl.ny have been well taken care of hy their doctors as well as our own, and I am sure Mr. War n"r does everything thai lies in hij power for tlio beneflt if all th" prisoners, especially the wounded. And as you would liko to know ? bat olUcc Mr. Warner fills, I will state bo is theCommiiRary of the 1'riaonors Oepartment. 1 will not teli you tn write me, a* I do not know that 1 will re ceive it. Truly, your affectionate son, WUC. H. SAGE. To Capt. S. Gau?, No. 7 J once street, New York . y. INTERESTING Fpi^M MISSOURI. HUMORS OP THR MOVEMENTS OK UKNBRAL8 FREMONT AND WOOL. St U<ms,Oct. I.18M. A special despatch to thj llrpubUcan, dated JoffeMon , City, the 7th instn t,tays ? General* Fromi nt and McKlnatry loft for the Wwt thin afternoon. It U ulltail lwt thtl Genca1 Wool In now on h i way to St. Is to lie follow* d l>y tlitvtho . wl j troops, half or wbum ir? to slop at. Cincltm .1 i and c > Into Kentucky, whlln tho other half nra to enter Into active o"i>rut|nns In Mn.touri i?n I supply I ho p 1 ?o of General Kr inent's army. !t is General Fremont*11 intention to fell f.enera ''nro r iplJly and eontimiu:y. After I .?? v Jn t -ml 11 la l>e w 1 march from twenty to toity ml' -1 a lay.a cor'l I'HC totho con,lit on of th ? ????is, mi l if 1101 -?.? v hn will ???it.- r Arkansas. Ho save i?- n h> d'*M rv t want. .ut' nor* men; (hat ho has a suit:- ? sst 'orco togo mi ?lw??' '?.>>? eh fho South. Hn seem.- n> lutve entire eonO' ? <j 111 inB army, ind bin soldlorn r is*.- (fro it tru>. In bint In ormatton having been roc,cued thai Ban. Mc Cnij ich'B fore < 'vor on the ninth b. 1of th? vHsa.-o river a law ?) ty* slneo, wit i tl o inter. 11 of lulling ?'IT (1 oorni (?' -i tuoat't ? mm wication with m t--u '.undthen ai.u(shlni;on that e?tv, ami 'iimced coating t.? rtieit Lttvoboon i-. n.out. 1 scour the ?hoi- lower Osage e utry. In Ttnailon Iws b?ti received b re tl. it about tbroo wm ;s ago a slava f ?? mo was attempted In JMpor ? ?- ty, and th'! ?l lit Hi rtv-tlvi (f thn negroes were 1. '?'! and a Her I of c !i r i w to to be lunged, Tho ? ?very i f tins pin'. proved th'lt th-? insui ? lion was v . u-prrad, nut that lit" In cs Intended to murder tii if maalet 1. nd por.pi t.r 1 ill in.inner 01 bur aritiei A ren ' 1- turret t'tit two thouitir.d are tv.' 't; tm ? fr. 11 ;i - jjn, marching tow irda th? ; ? 1 r, Willi tli mteuleiu ' b nlug tUi r * Und' wti h that treara. Tli ? 1 ;bols are ta'd t? b?) u-: ei.--.I by Rev. Si tiKNBliAL PntJM N'l AND 1'tiLON . BLAIR. ilifciixi' k.-1 win UurvHrTMXNTiV !?? .'M, .-j i. ' 5,1WI. | S'K? In ?? >'"? 14 ?-?!. ? n-l '. iuni Ir'i.i \out bri uer, !'?. .? tm '? ..,'f, 1,'lievveil by a IrtUir a-u.uip. y 1.. ' 1 p ?, 11 m ? in,ling (jet ? M'\ 'Itiit y< 1 mi li ? by rc|e?s. d fioio rtwi, ?ud dlro' . ? > "ii wiird aud Join your 10 j,tin- t I r Uiuy II . m direct:, me to iiiferta y ? 'hat. . 1 " .? >'i.liter, t!? ?>. iii linn bit Md uo u 1 ? 1 ??.. t 'i ? i' 11. I it '??n ?ir 1' 1'tu.v (tORit 1 .a 1 u-jei h, 7"i 1 to 11- ru.i.e 1- with uiisiisthtiicilaocMn t li fore ?? I'r 1. - itrl i..| tlm I rontdent'' cir, Vlcn til lb1 ft "??? nti i .-i (?' tie' I 'Wil "nriously m> |ih 'r. ;!i 'i ? i Hi, lcpariw . .tlien it bccanto he duty !? est 1 i. i in'ennui 1. 1 e (ieiti rul, in dl .K-'.UiK V*?? ir mi ??.?'? !'??? 1 ; to i.ii.' ?? iimi oi duty to in ? t so ov '!?n< hrefci 1 01 ?. n:-?propriety. Very ospeett ...>, >. ? ? (d.ent nei ?? ... CTiAUNCI-A' M<3vi:KVKK, AbmM. Ailjntiui' i;< tieral. Tt Colonel KkaXk P. IImis, Jr., Fii'bl MiuAuuri Light Ar tillery , , lion IS. 1 H " t 'M, lKtll. jji-i.'.i' 1 ? (ieO 'ral I. I'll')" ? |jii! r' ? I of the. Utiitml S'lteH Army, VVio-li n iu :i City, I). C.:? 1 . ? uul:.?I 1 .. letter -1 tn Captain M I ?? or, i\ - taut M^iuivi: ?? ?ue ? ,.f. 'I.,-I'd 1 ? lie* 1 j ' . W . . l > ? . il ' ' . I 1 '.111 ' > idit t'. \v 1 htern eiartineut, wtn .'? n mfed -eiiUtSibMi , IW. and w,i? t" 1 lv<'i! by 1. ? hint "ell.'Yoitirdl nrr U.?t Ji ? 1 ttoi . d? rj toy ? ? i. -v from arrest, i' l.tli v in cor.H.'i; ? ? ' 1 . .1. >1- ,y In e n r ? Ir. " IK' . i ll '? ? . 1 iinpHinu tii jrde. f ).' my el asn A 8 lit l. iel'll I'll .I ' ti e bf<?; ?'t ,<( . 1 l;.i y proj,-: 1,y,' n! wh li st 'i** 1 ii" " lieet! v nily. it ii', 11 ? r. 1 i- lliii tin nH'TOpriety "ir? I,- it* ?? my lamil;, ?< ,. n to lay jivi ,?>ii- 1 ttoi":, v. :tb niin'tnUuiurl ..v ? ? before thu I'reslden dlsturldng t. 1 sli'.lttlt f ??? I ;i. ? ? ;i fhe e lire v . 'I < ;l| , mid p-M ini.'-ly imp.ui 1 t.1i? fitlce ? v ?? i:its ii<|iait M Bt.'1 I j , 'cl myi>"ll' consirn nnd to s-.? Umt' ?? i.-e Dot, m my "PI '..??!, I,??| j;nilty W ? V UCt. el ,f.| . h ;t |H, " 1 p., ? imei! n'y-ijo.iJe ? t; tv the 1 . ,1. .. t bitlieai;t I 1 wulU the luitei' ? ' ' w 1. r, In.-.c al ! tbo iiiauuicooi' the 1 ? "i-uit himnclt > 1 u.n un WW itiiniler nu> isin ?>i,iue< 1 /> bIuuM ruyneil i'l'fim i 1 ? ?., 1 b11i' y li" a,, lineiii^e ur fnver'i any uid vhluul j 'i el not,with in 1 I'ti utter di? i*t;:itii !"? .1- itn etvua -t?i j m tiii e. at) , a ? :i. ernnn, imrml' tho stutinu' at that 1 !.?. ? HMto u isiiftae ?' acccsai'OUH :? i Vhn com 1 iij..- ,1., la 11 eal of tb - uopartri:u;it t" (?? tviUioul 1 nottcj. and tboi et'ore,. ???? mi.-u?e .harges e?n bujuauu in form, I shall transmit them to you tlnoiigb the pro{ier ci', ? be I'd ' ?!'??(" .1" I'ri-id'Ut md,if 1: -?lu?li w: in- ,1 o\i' (Kiut 1 ". 1 11c in 11 irttatl, ' ' ail be r<r , are 11.. n >.-uiai th" ????.'hi utl u? .?? ade. ;aiust ??b ? ? nl;lif7 l ei: ' ? f.bif !? tatrtle ?? I. ,1 in'- mean 1 '? , ? I t:tid my 1 tn, motives iv "1'ifl l', " ? injblii 1 ?? if th:- cur, neli, und r tie in. ij. s veiilai.ii w 1 'i mut in iiis dei-kirttneot 00111bardly hay been >i'i . "leieeu; h\ t'ie ?dtietfun o< ] thei'imtrmdir.g (iee,.'inl, and aa my arrest aul it le.e.*, w, L til'! tuy'.liat ge crei . d u.:..'.'ll" till !u.,- y: I rise ? '>. i . ii i>(i?i<i nil my 1 : *ei*r a nu ?;<. -?.e n ?i 0 Acautl ut ? .uiry. t" 1' i ion an o^] irtutiitj 0! .'" in -1 ii . it al Main . t matter wlii li .'1 anu'er >*ilaJ t< thl boner ( !'II ; 'I' I ind u: v. -I 1 V" that I hav i' t'-.l for 'lie ? ' ". ef th nunrii: ?! a ? I'asp -t fully, yi i oiiuiicui.- i *aii', !"<AN' !' IILAUt. .Ir , Coi i....i Kirn . tineii! il.. . u. . la,. ,? At . . ry. TliE CANADA JINUSTMKYi ,ysE. (From th> ' ? 1 '<> f.luli.-, ii, , ; ] AKi>L"T Of XI!. A:iTl;U. IUNK1N, H. I'. 1'. -.M.l.KCBlJ Ban a on op tiji-: k)kkii;n k.m.ikj nu>r *o. tlu Saturday M Arthur Kn.hi i X !' I". fu? I'jy t, i .ii i it . ;l U' 1 r"Mv aij.t i?v ' i.nlii qiwrt/Tr ...t ti-a KvspUi I i.e V?*i .,'..y (Hujulnyj afternoon, ?' 'our o'clock, b<:MkftRarretted (In r m : tu R?? itt Ho iv i' '>v jSorgcaist. M'Oor Mc' jrrr.r <1 win in v irrunt (l !>;. i, -r: ?/' rnetl, ft- (. | :i ??? i.j.gii t te, ci; ? him ..I'll'.!.., i i- j -I at (in F' ro , . I till' Mil, IMP ? 1 \ il'lh ,Vi ar of hl< >? j*tjr ' in)* OiH.rpu UT., chap. 00. Tli* virrutfw i ifil ci; ?:> "luio." nu :a ii lefo ?/.?? .|,<v . . K truti), and b*i|i |i i, ? lii .Ir. iobit V .-on, ? .ii r ? ! mtii', t Unrcli 81 -i 1 : r ? *f " tfugKi .)? hn ' Ui ? <? ? ? c the" '!? c?-i I," V.t,;|l] .S|;,\Ul'r!- v ir r f h.'I c it iim .iti.y. . tli bfli. wr.lil: i M, ,; ? a ; ?[<)?!" hI o hue m-:m> editor "i (h>* /,*/????? f, tl :i i ,"i in1 in i 'in wiu! b 11 -r- t!i :i 8'M;! il c n symu".uil?> r" in * . litu?'t<*t m ?* ft.: i?i Wl* ii M~. lunl.m was ari-' en -???aunt Mai"? il i #?,. !. rincJ I i i .ut hf i,. i 1 ii iimtrncWMl t : ju* t ? biui bill wwiii " <!?:< (?( 'I for M'- a;';? ?r.r." ? rtv ?<, ? * j 0 nrt oa T'i'fi' .y?Lite, wif to $1,000 tu.'l iw, sureties m ' :'AJ0. Ut. luak.u Hit ill hi W MlMd tO '<VU .the II II if 1 ?ccD '-r, and fur Ih'ii p rpow, M<<<irj>p,*l y-i the Se | mt \u r t'i the ? ? ? C" nl t1,o 1'oii.i Mug 1 ii, | .(?ii?. is Kn-ri. Hewa-ulu e informed (bat itn- iuf i mauo.i h 11 In'i.mi '? t.'ura 11" by John \V;.h'<b, "lb? in*uI?"trut ? ui , ired i! In was rea< y to put to tu, for hi* ippoftiiM o oi Ti..,. .y, ?xhun llr. ? ultui if tli#un ?/u!.i ti be tri.j'i cfi MonJny, but tlio mag; f i ?,i u, him In , ? y to tlii.- qooetioti tl,M (iitio w- -M ly roq,m, ,1 Uijinic. w)tni??j-. .* ?irrlatrow.m ih?> procureu m ? Mr. KaiiKi.i procco.!"'! to i <* for b ,i" iucbirgenf S?r K<tatV-. ? \ ilnv ' I. Br. N jror fjow? i.ol ft: Al'? > Mcl/'ii.' rtinrnod wi'.b blnti t, thon-fin'iiin? of ib,ip<, lk? ma^Hiatn, wb-n thf uoi.?^a> \ lioudH wvc ?i^oo4. aud Mr. Has!:)!) llb.fiiti-,' from riiwo'y. ft?nay p,t> jier lo m?nu-n that Mr H'for Dawes eromeetio of Uk> ,,i rctli"- tho uii'lerftiD ;,ng tlirt ih, <h, i w*t t<,' ? < b lami^ to tnko hid p?W) li'its morning 1\ iortug oq tb" hi l/oodfc wo, Mr. ;u. ' r $l,t<iO, l'r. *ay, ? ilm> .. if.ot) iui,l Mr.Jf. MnL?uii $.r>i)0. The invmti^ itl'ni wUi .u ;?? ikk at ,iio t'olloe (Vi ir t i,n Ti.oartay at u-a o'ckicW. 'IhcBtWhOf II* 'irr'fi Uno*.-ii a t ovir lo.v i Iari evening a- ?' croatcil < (^.r, tccib'a tJi k.iuil It wn^cunoDt lyri'iK?t<?i lliat tb" iiwoinAtlon boo boon h'jrorn tn I y S.' . w" Sb<; i%. . Ar w hav *afct heforw. ho rcvor, Mi. .In*,,, Wllacti ih the ?< nnl o"?i|'lai'iarii. .he fulxiwlii* ' the "information" sworn to by b:m. I'anatfa, city i ronto, u> wlt>? The Information and c^nptalnt of .JohnWUBon, ef (he wlrl city, . otletnan. ta! wu on oath before mo, W?or?;e (iorrpn, ; nq., l'.JInj Mn^ir-trato of Bal'! oity, tbin dt'i (j'u nl Ontolii r, lwil, Oomptatt'iuit. ii| ori hm i.tlh aforonald, niith tkat lw \.w ; h-a Inform-) . mil believes that one Arthur Ruiki!., ' la'-'y rifkliiiKi'i the i<* my of t>S"X, in the Kud I're ? Tlnco, am' brini' at tlio prfntit In the f.ii'l city of T ron- ' to, i-aq., Uto sai<l A .lw Hit kin, b*li s a (iatiiral born J fiubjuct <if her Maj>nf;, tho t^uom of <!r ut liritain unrt j ila iic'i*n,''m k>a, h. ?< Uiknn, orarnepteil, or agre<:d to ' take or .tcccpl, a mllit u \ c ??iiH.'sioii .ui l to enter Into 1 h service ol ;i toe, ij;.i 8t te, to wit, of tho United Si i?-h i <>: Aaierica, without tho t avo or llco gool hor Kai l Ma jesty for tlut p'ii pit li.ui und obtained. An.I furtl'.or, Uiat tbe rfai'l ,\r;iju Rankin, within tti? Pro-'intoof ("miidu afnr>:caid, to wit,ID the dtyof To ronto aad Aih <r pl.M en in eald f'rovinoe, haa within tha poriod of thro? m^ntlis iaft pant hirt><l. retained, and .n K >X<!'I or prot red, or attempted or eudeavori'd to hire, retain, en^n^e, or proiuro .s,-vcral peis t:?, bemir naiuial Iw n *i bjorti" cf her Majeety, u enii.'t, or e.i+ ^e to enlist,or to serve,or to bo ? mpl >y da* oflleore ir aoidiori iu tho si-rvieo of the foreign St.u,- iforreal.'. ' aotB of the sid Arlh i FJuk n beli'R it* vio lotion of tb'i laws oi H e apo, and i?*pioially of iho pro visionaof the Imperial statute, iiaj-st"! m <ho 6Wth year oi' bis Majesty King Uuorgt the Third, chapter SO, kuowu as '? The Foreign Knlihtm ntAct." Therefore, oomp!al,uuit prays ibat a warrant tniy issue against the Artli. i', .n order that ho may bo railed on to am wur to s. i! ciiurgntand to bt fi.rtho: dealt with acci riling hi law JOHN Wll.-'OJf. Swo-n before me, i.k w.s OraNrrr, Polico Magistrate. The following is a co y of the warrant on which Mr. Rankin was arreted Ifovlnco of Canada, city of Toronto, to wit.?To tho Chief t'onitable aud all oth' r (imstables of the city of 'lor. ito, ,k0. Forasmuch as Artlmr Rankin, late of the county of Kascr, in caid I'rov ece, and now of the naiil city of 1 ironto, Esquire, ba? t!i ? day ben charged be;ore me, Georg" Gti nett, Fsq? Mice Matistrato of s^aid city,on tl < oath ol a ciedibio ivitncss, f',r thai he.tbes.iid Arthur lUnkia. being a nat'.ral tun n >ub ect of lu r Majesty, th? Otieen of Great Britain, Ireland and the deperdenck-s bas ' talc,-ii or ai cepted a mili a y ci mmiBsion m the s ; vice Of a foreign State, to wit, tho United Blat " of Am rica wliliout the leave orliv ut of bar -aid LUjCity for tbat purpose, had ami ?>! >tuln? <l: And forasmuch as the caid Arthur Rankin within the said Province of Canada, has within the uparo of three months last pattl, hired, retained, engaged or procured, or endeavored to litre, retain, engage or procure several persons, being natural born subjects of her Haul Majesty, to cuter, engage or enlist, or to serve or be employed in the servlcc of said foreign State, in violation of the law* or the land, and especially V tho provisions of the luip. riai statute 59 Reo. IT]., chap. flu. These are, tliercfore, to command you In her Majesty's namo forthwith to apprehend and bring before mo, or tho sitting Alderman at the City Polloo 6mrt, the body of said Arthur Rankin, to answer the satd oh argon and to bo further dealt with according to law. Herein fail not. Given under my hand and seal at tho city of Toronto aforesaid, this ULh day of Ortoher, in I bo year of our lj?rd 1801. UKO. U URN KIT, Police Magistrate. Darsorr, Oct. S, 1MJ. it is believed that tho charges against Colonel Rankin for a breach of tin neutralit y laws cannot be sustained. In any event his arrest by tho QinaUiuu authorities will not impede tho prompt organization of the regiment of lancers, now being rendezvoused here. Over thirty re cruiting offices lu tho Northwestern States are actively at work, and upwards of ftvo hundred pickod men liavo already been enrolled. Colonel Rankin was brought before the mapi-rtratcs tblfl moruing, but liis trial was postponed until Thu t>day, on account of tho absence of important witness. THE TWENTY-SECOND MASSACHUSETTS REXJIMENT. TOHSENTATIOX OK A KTANDARn TO TIJE RKaiHCNV BY HON. ItOBKRT C. WINTflKOP. BotfK'.v,Oct. 8,1801. The Twenty second Massachusetts regiment, OolcM| Wilson, received an enthusiastic ovation to day, on Its march through the city. The regiment was sup liod with a collation <m tho Common, and luft about three P by thi- Now Haven route. I if Hon. Holinrt C, Wlntlirop presented a standard in the Miiflj-'ichusettsTwenty-second regiment to day, and ma''e an eloquent and stirring addiess, whi. b was re si "ii '?it to by Colonel Wilson. l.ig'it showers prevailed; but, notwithstanding, several tin) sand citizen' gathered to cheer the soldiers and wish thi m " Cod speed." ARRIVAL OF THE THIRD I.NIIIT RATTEBY FROM MASSACHUSETTS. T ie Third Light Battery, of Masaaclitisoti*, .. hlch 18 to ho attached to Colonel Wilson's Tweuty'.'end regl i.ont, left Boston at half-past eight !"cl. on Monday cv ni'. g. and arrived in this city yeslcr lay evening per r"'I at (he depot in Forty-second str< i pu I Kiurth ave nue. Previous to their dejiarturo from lfc ? i on Mon day aft ruo"ii they wont through several u> uiouvrea in tin-f" -on. e of Mayor Wighttnan an i a Uu c >noourso people,on the '' n. rheii move mm u is said, \ver? Ixiautir.illy made, and mucli almlr > t y compe tent j .<lgve. 'Ill'' b.utory consist* of ?.x br.u* *un*?two i ilt 'd,two smooth bore und two howitzers- -' .t twolve i d c.\itbve; ono hundred and flftj ? u men, omImb i uu I lorty i-ii h'.rses, two forge , two j. ggugo wu tent and rump eqdpage, Ac. I ipfaln I ollntt, w'.u i- in command of th<'batt'-ry, v ? c uue. -ted with Co" battery, which rcodon d efl'.vu. . o co in the l?- ut war. He Is represented as bet a (1 St class i i'. .I 'l l. Fust Lio'itt umil Martin u>< ?< no -r?y a cap J uiui in ? oi'incl Bowdiu's regimout, of Mn. -1 t is its. All ! 11', nilicers, non-commissioned i flic th u t most of tho : j *. i uu* d^d artihery service in tho Mi'-voi campaign. ! mid ?" nie'liing very eilectlve may ttvnd' be ..rpeeteii IIroin lie in in the pitt-Out crisis. The in.: hi. mpiipped ti. bust style, ami are mounted uu looking i t rpii . raised in Vermont. During i?"-t night tlie bat ! l' i a i if artered in on ? ef the Harlem Hxrii <-ad dejiotB, iic , , h'.rses, Mi., having b.ei n:,?e?'.l in a yard near n\ s t the arrival of S-'nator Wll r's r g.ment to I ? n v.- ii iblishi.d the progrummo <X m-day's proceed , ii i:i \ -i. iday's H*k*h>, and no doubt tli. ovation to I l): .' -|.,. iirtl.l rcgim.'iit will he ono of tie- In ti.-st ever I i i r i i<> au.v cor|? which has iMuacl through New i. , - nee tho ootbr. a*t "f th>. war. T ? t lit. w ng is a list of tho oil era of ino battery >? , i?1 exter 11. Kollctt. r' rt '.Atty'eiwrA?Auguaius P. Martin. ,*-? ? (I lAtiit-->iani?' ali b C. E. Mortimer* ? . lit' /,rt ni?Va .'iit uo M. Duuu >i.r u 1? iitcTKint?William W Snetlmp .??\riy>uU ?Aaron K. Waloott. (>-u i-;?rnur" rr't StTflnml?,!alu<-s A. IltM. i V.i ? f t'lsrrx. nnJk thf runic nf X>r[i?fin>?I T. M. Car Rili; K. Prtshy; a. it. B. Brown; 4. 1'. ft. Poller; 0 " ri. Tylor: ?. H. stod'ler. (/'uivr. miih the rank of Curparal?l. T. B. Osgood; 2. J l' W <, itt It. J. H. Wheeler, 4. W. II. Prescott, ft. W. H. Thoni !? li. W. II. Nichols. ''In , . CuitiofU, with Ik raniL t Oi.-j?1. 0. C. I !V '2. H. A. Itoynes; 3. A Kwlett, 4. II. W. I it.- ??. 'ieorge E. Tywr; 6. tlwrlesL. lord. 1?1. C. <" Smith; 2 Warren I'reaoott, 3. 0. L. j ''liimni ' 4. B. McNiot; f>. S D. WailK (If. ?William V. Steer. H'asji n-- ?W ll;n i II. Follett 67<i William It. Nassau,.Ir. PK WXTATION TO THE BAJiVRT lUFLES. s <Km i loetiv il and presentation iir ' muu Mon ! '.i> J'vrtiooii, at the old Stato Ar?>ni', Hudson City, .? !-:< was pa-tlcipated in by the llu i)?-y Hides ami a ? r^f :tuber of their frlemte. Tho lady IV tends of lbs rudiment, tt teems, have bail oxocutfd a beautiful ?.inb:'i ''??'??l tink, ami Monday last ws.: let apart vi !>?? -nt to ti.em the sumo. Ii-?tween two anil three ? u>? ? l-vinrf parsons, most|y (fertufiu i tai go nuin hn. ' )* whom were ladies, wern prusent on til- iTrein-l to witness tho cwitnnw Among those were the Deputy Oill'-ctor of thi' port, M.ijor ru. L.. ft. V. Wright, Jndge Mayrmrd, C. H. Meeker, h- : and several prominent member > of the Oerm&n erkians Socl?>:y. At ball-past thron o'clot k the rugi vnt ?. i* .rawn-, p inirontof u suunl eruitod for tba j I'ftwwi; . by O.lone) Eugene A. Korlai wi*-n Mr. C. H. " "1 - ? lu .1 very appropriate speech,; r> i mod a tvantl . .-I <Jt eews bh a Klft to th regnt wit from tlio j 1h<>:? Coi' oz'.uy responded in U'-man, thanking ' 1 .os for ihe kl:i< f? -Iiiik Hiey had evinced tow.iron : . ?<! rfMlttrwl i hwm that they would mer ramenlxir ^ t liwt had prompted tti? Ktft. The Hag, which *ii.- wMt? and blue slik, whs nehly omtiol j .t ?. : ?.>ii the one Fde Mirmounted by un Amort . c, nnil on tlui other tho Aiiu-man shield, 'n.iii . , tho AtuofOTin eagle, und bearing the following I j ii(n??< Idirney Rllies, t olonel Ki>-?ie A. Kozlay." " ?r '.lie presentation ol t!i-- Hag ba't b. en concluded? .. h, i<y the w.<y, we must give credit t<? the eelc hi-ai d urti-d, Madamo l'rHtioW^a Klein?a richly mounted ?,vord A;t; pre.*ent.ed to Colonel Koxlay hy the meinborii it tiin tin man Liedorkrtuiz Society. The eoui)iany I; , ally, at a late hour, udiourned tea la go tent, where hoy iron- nurl holmtBhly entertained by the officers of ' -e- im>..t,.-! Hue hand of music also In mj? present to ?n ivi'ti the ooe.iv inn. The regiment, It i? thought, will . -,i v? * t he sent of war on Thursday. Tho following are the o.'iloers:? rti'i Unr Oflirm?Oilonel, Eugene A. Koztay; I.ii 'iiwiant Col'iuel, Alexander Hoeh Mn;- -r, K. L. I.ittrow; UtriHMi y A ,1 nji'iun t n'-k'-r; R, CeptAin M- Ii.--. t',' apUnti Kt/nij:; I), Captain Kohlborrer, K, Onpt-'n Kriederfeld; F, Cai lain II- m>W; C,< aptaln ? chrauh;it,fapialn Hiring; !. to 'ain Wahl. K, (.iipiam Arliby; Sur.-eoii, l'-r. Ilagen; Af -taut Bur,;>i<,u, I)r. Drescher: rter?e'tnt Major, J. Brandt. City Intelligence. Com lUMATton iiy Aiu:hhihuop Hi liitK- ?;-hi- interesting oeremony of confirmation was performed yt ,-.u n!;.y morn ing by the Most Roverend Archbishop H>y!i. at St. Ga hrt- !'? Koman Catholic eJmrch, 1'Aat T. irty-s.xth street, whii h was crowded with a most d> vout ooncrregatloB. .1 I the children and grow n persons to be 'vmflrmad were heAt-<l In front of tho aluir. the KtrN at ' w< ncn e othed ill s,?itl i?s ?-hlte garments, wl h I t\g vi!h .nd wroathH ?t Bowont ormimiittiiti^ IL- Ir beads, and itu boys dressed ir ih<-'.r best suite. H gh mass wes uO .p hy the Rev. 1- ther McNulty, who administer?' cotnmnnlon to ?ra:-iy ihnaitiro eJiugreg vtion, assisted by ti. n -emi'd ptator, Kiiii .? 'iowrey. At tlie coocmishi* Uio cm nice of tho tn .?.x. 11.,rehbishop made :? few approprlale rem.\rk8 itslnuvf to 'he Bolemmty of the irv.r . tii'iit of riinflrma lion, nlior which his (irsee p oceiueU i ifUninister con flrm.'ttiou ti Uie applicants. I vokltii; the spirt; of wln d< m, iindo's'anding, cotmc-l fortitod?\ knowledge and j ly njn u them, he mndi- the p ;-t ?< U ? iinw with tlio no'y c'irism on the foreb ail of eacu, and calling thetn ? th --rch son names. s?ld tu eaeh:?"I sign th--e with tb-- sign ol Ui. erffs, and iwuflrni Uhk wi h the chrism of ? u ? ii ii.: in (h?-i?imo of the Fiu iei tad >r th (ton, and of Hi Holy flhoct." After which It- mrk . :m b slight y on the ( ?.?*, saying I'ax Tecum T'ns concluded the ceremony. I3r jm j. i.\ tiis f'HOTON Tax Omcis.?A very lit oiai \e d nt net awarded yeF''.rilay by theCrotou Board for laying trap block pavement iu Rleeeker stroet, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. The lowest bldd?r w L. Krown, vclto ;ot tin' oont-act for $21,389. Tho receipts ?t the otllee ot the Recelvr of Tax- s yesterday for i eisotial tiixe.-i amounteil to { ?2.f,63 24, something "f a ile-j-iso compared with tho dm!y deposits during last week. Ktt.LRD bt Fali ino Oct or a Wwnow.?Coroner -l.ick m m held an Inquest yesterday, at 293 West l orty-fourih st reet, upon tho body of a child named Peter W. Van BUrron, wbo was accidentally killed by falling out of ix second storv window. Dvccased, It a p- ated. was silt nK on the window sill, whi-n he prised liis w.dnlit aganis* the shutters,and ihe string wliich fnstontMl them b-eak lng, be was precipitated u> the yard b?nnath. Thr jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the abovefScis. ACCDUT4tSnWma Amur.?Betwi-en eight and nine o'clock last ovenmg two sergeants beloi ging to Van Amburg s Forty fifth regiment Vew Vork Volunteers, while skylarking together at the quarters of tho r-'gl_ ment. H I'.irk. Third avenue, one of them Uiok out his pistol l" lay II down on the ground when it srei ri utallv went off. the ball enterit g the neck or the < ther and IrM.'ing tn the i n k. was convcy- ! to B lev io hospital wtiero b..l little hopes were elite a,i -tjfot his recovery. Th- ir mum could uut bo sscerUuwd.

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