Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1861 Page 2
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SITUATIONS WANTBD-PKMtl"?^ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO diAD, iftrbjimberni' ltl An<1 wnltrwi nr to take mranf children anil nlni I n luestlnnabla city relerences can be give* by calling at No. 6 Lexington av. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, ta do chamberw ork and waiting or general housework In a small family. (>""<1 city rt-ferenoe. Call for two daya at 228 West 2Mb at., tlrat Hour, front room. A RESPECTABLE TM'Sfl WOMAN WANTS A SITl'A lion as chambermaid anil w a'trees or i hsmberniald anil acant^ies*. Good city relerotice from last place. Call at 1J0 Jisst 2AtI? it.. near 2d ?v. ARF.SPKCTARLK MIDDLE AGED LADY WANTS A Bitinttoii aseoii.|ianlon to an Invalid lady, or aa house, keeper for an aged couple. Can Ih> aeen personally, or ?d tli-rHK nH I'tvM.l.'nt mI., MrociKlyn. all this week. A SITUATION WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE GIRL, an good cook, washer anil Ironer. lias the b'at or rele. Tern* from her Hit place. Gnn be area lor two day* at 247 ?Went IttUi at. near Wilt ave. A SITUATION WANTED?RT AN ENGLISH WOMAN, aa conk. Call ai tifi Weal JOth st., n< a 6th av. ARESPE'TAB' H GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS seamstress and nurse. Can do all Wind* of family sew lag. Can cut and ' t. Cull give the heat of reference. l'leaae nail at 118 But Milt ?U, between itd and M mm, Ab beam?trfss.-a lady is piflRom TO pro. eure employment for a resp.'ctahle, trustwiv thv tool g ?woman; she Is a thorough aeamnrcas, tinde.-taiids tsiys' dottles and Wheeler A Wilson'* sewing machine; would lie found a very useful and desirable p. r^in (o sny family re. dialling her services. 0 n b ? seen at her present employer's, aWiwi I2ih at, mtarStb av. A SITUATION WANTKIl RV a RESI'F.CTABI.E young woman, as chambermaid aud waitress. Lived 1l?e years in her laat place. Bel n lereaee given. Apply at M6 Greenwf it at., second fl"?r, front room, (or two daya. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION AH GO. A varness In a private family, to teach German, English, French and murk:. Address 2M Houston at. A SITU ATION W \NTKD?AS HOUSEKEEPER. BY A J\ ?rid'? la ?, .1" yarn of a^c I)niton bted testimonials given. Addresa I. IJ. V., Union square I'mI ortli-e. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO girl, aa ?eim-tres?; understands ail kinds ol embroidery. Call at IIS Wcsi 16th st. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or seamstress; la willing lo a?-isi in the Washing uud ironing. Can be seen for two daya at 2t'l 7ih av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A SCOTCH PROTESTANT, tn do French aud Kngllah era iking, good city reference. 1 at212 Fulton av., Stewart's bakery, Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 cham ertra.d and waitress; la willing io aaaist in tbe care of children. Oood city rel'erence from her lust place. Call at 215 West 2Bth St., between 7lb undHibavs., second floor. A A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTARLH young w inrvn, to cook, wash aud Iron, or to do the gene ral houa-wrk of a (mall family; la will in.- and obliging. Uoed ell ref' p ine. Call for two daya at 41) Eaal :CM at , be tween Lenugtoii and 4th avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESI EOT ABLE yoi ni woman, to do chamberwork and sewing, or would take care of cluHren or waltinz: she has lately coma Irom the country. Good reference, t all at 73 We?t lath at, be tween 6*Ji and 7th avs., lu the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO mind a hiviy aud do plain sewing; can oi enitc on a ma chine, or would be willing to do ciiamberwork and waiting in ? private famllv. Best of relert u'e Call lor two days at Ho 6 Paiohen plat-e, West 10th w., third llm>r. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROFESSED COOK; iindemtands pastry, meats, jellies and came. Can be ?een for two days at her present employer's, 61 West ytli at., between Ath ana 6tb avs. A81TPATION WANTED?BY A KF.SPF.CTARLE GIRL to do general housework, or chamberwork and wailing. Is willing lo K" in the cottulrv. Oood reference If required Call for two .lays st West 26th ?t., in the rear. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS waiter; Is w llin>! to do chamberwork In a small family; can give good reicrence. Can be seen at 341 6tli ave. A8ITPATI0N WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS seamstress; can do ail kinds of family hcwIuk; ?? a risk! ?htrt maker; rail embroider linen and llsirnel; la willing to be uwiruL Call at 2177tb ave., between 34th and 26 h su.; eitber city or country. Aresprctahlp. YOUNO WOMAN wants a SITUA tinn as plain cook, washer and ironer or lo do general houaework in a small family; city reference. Call tor two day* at 124 Wc?t 20th St., between 6th and 7ih avea., rear. A HERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A RE spectable family as chambermaid and u? do plain sew ing, or as chambermaid and waiter. To Imb seen ai 108 Bewery. A SITUATION WANTED?MY A YOUNG U1KL, TO DO chamber work an waiting; haa lived seven tears in her last place. Can lw m?.-n at 162 7th sv., between 20th and 21st eta., Unit floor, ba< k toom. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO WOMAN. AS cook; lha (omjrti'ijt baker. Beat of reference given. \mti be lor two nay* at 244) Rust 13th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESl'ECTABl R PRO | tests ut Scotch girl, ivs chambermaid and waitnsa ?.r take care <4 children. Best of city reference. Call at 195 i Weat 21st at., second floor. I A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, aa cook and lo assist with <hn washing and inrnum. Beat clfcy reference for < harac.ter. Call at 240 East 13th at., be tween lat and av. A. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISF1RS A 8ITUA (ion as chambermaid and waiter, or to do general housework in a small family. Best of city referent** from her last place. Call for two*days at 94 West 24th hl A SITUATION WANTBD? BT A YOUNO WOMAN TO do housework, or as chainIwrmald; is a #ood cook. Has good city rtftmoi, Call ai 91 Baat m st. AUMnOTABtM WOMAN WANTS a situation as llrst claas laundress, or to d ?ehsmberwork and line washing aui) 'ei nlng, in nountrr or rtt". Best of city reie rence from he ? last place. Call at 83 Went 28th at. ARESPEi TABIH YOUNO WOMAN, LATELY AR' rlred from England, wants a Nitnatlon as seamstress; understand* ruttlvr and fbflng children's dresses a"d sll kinds of lamily sewing In general; or would take care of chl ? siren or do chamberwoi k; ha* no obf*? Hon to W In the ooun try. < all f<?r (VOdAfl at l? ?."> Ka I Sfth ^t. ATOCTKO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION. AS CM AM. bermal I and waitress, or <h t ml term aid and se mst-' s?. Has no objection to do light housework, Can be seen for two days st.125 West 2<Uh st., up stairs, back rooms. Can produce \ e*t of city reference. LADY DESIRES TO PROCURE A SITUATION, AS nurac and nlam newer, or as chambermaid an 1 wait resa, for an excellent girl wiio has been In her familv some time, and whom she can highly recommend. Apply at 216 East SOth at. AYOUKO WOMAN WI8HB8 A SITUATION, AS Fin ST rate cook and excellent wrsher and ironer; is a !'rat rate pie and ptidd ng maker T e best of city reference riv en from her lam puce. Call at 232 East 19th at., in the store, for two days. A A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid, and also can assist with the care of chil dren, and la handy with the needle; perfectly trustworthy. Can be ween at her present employer's, East l<> h st. A SITUATION W ANTEI??BY A BB8PBCTABLB young woman, as a g<xal plain cook and a rrat rata washer and irotier; in obliging and willing; haa noobjecllons I to co to the country; h;<s the best of city reference from her last place. Can be aeen for two daya at 333 9th ave.., In the | news store. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI8HE8 A MTUATTON aa g<n>d cook; understands her business . 1* an excellent washer and ironer; best city reference. Call at corner ??f 4>? and Hickn ?t., over butcher's store, Brooklyn. A8ITU ATlON W ANTED?BY 4 \< KK>-fc< TABLE young girl, a?* chambermaid and waHress, or to do general housework in u small lamily; r.o objection? to to thec<?untrv. Good referencn tf reumred. Chb l>e seen fur two days, if not engaged, at 121 Went 27th Hi. A8 COOK.?SITUATION WANTBD. BY A RESHKCTA ble young woman, as cook, who thornuMhly nder atands her huainea*-- and haa the toe?t of referent s irom her last place. Call at 228 West 2&th at , between Hth and Uth aven AC MPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A *ITl A ti n ualaundreau; **lethon?i ghly upde stand^ her h ??< bass. Has the In st of c ty roteiem e. Call st 79 We? t 24th nt SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RF.SI'ECTA BI.K young girl, to do ^enersl housework; is agoode. fk, ' " * natlo wash?'*rand lrone'% or would go aa chamberml? Be t of city refercn ?? giv<?n if required, fall for two daya a. 421 Hit* ave,, betwe* n .tlst and 'M sis. A RE8PECTAKLE GERMAN (iIRL DESIRES A SITUA jfl. tlon as - ha' berm:iid or waiter; is a got*I aeair.sire Has the reeomn end.iti.-n ??f h? r Ihsi employer, with \%b?m ?he lived three years. Apply at l<)th av<?., third tlm-r. ASITUATD N WANTRD-BY \ RESPEUTAhLE OJKf. to do go- d plain coking, wi amng and ironing; i? a d bread baker. < ood city r?! ere nee given. Can be wen ai IU8 West 19th at., between 0fh and ?ih aves. ARBSPECTABLE PROTEST A NT YOUNO WOMAN wishes a situation as nurse and plain sewer, o mir?e and fin?- washer and I toner, or would do the houses -rk of a small family; the best references given, t'all st 43d 8th av,, In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED BY A OIRL LATELY LAND ed, to do general housework In a private family, no ob jection to g a h rt distance In the country. Call at 196 East 17th St., between 1st av. and av. A. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE y.ung h /v. an, h* < lmtul?eHiiai<l or wailre??, or to do ?em r il hou-eworK in a auuill private family. Call at 193 vV'cat 20th Ht.. be w. en 8th an.! Oil. ?vs. A SITU ? T,<)N \V \NTKD?|Ty A RESUEt TABI E a*, woman, ^e^mstre *, under stands cti'itng and n*t ng lad es' andch 'dr- n'- dr?? m*s j mi family sewinp. Best city reference C.? 1 at or addreas for two days d/ West 17th st., corner ??t 6th av Asm \ itTToNVVA.Nl ED BY A Vol N<, <mj., AS C(M>k, WiiHiti'i at.d roner. or would do g m al home work in a priv.?ie (sm ly. Call f??r two days ai li'> Kaat 2^ib at., near 11 . v A 81 i'l AI'Ion hv a RESI'Et T u;i E young g I, to do ? baml>eiwurk, and plain sewing; is willing Un.iKe heme if generally ueetul; has lived three years at her la^t ? mph?\. i * fro*? whom she lias uood refe rence. Call for two days ?t Mm Alien s ooraet store, 439 6th av., near 27'h at. AKBBPKt TABLK tHRL WANTS A SITUATION TO d'?gener. l lions* w ork or chamberw<>rk ?nd waiitm' . Is perfectly comjwteut lo till ths above Mtuatmns . u wiUtnw and obli lug. Satisfactory reference given. Call for two dats at 159 East 2f>th St.. between 1st and 2d avs. A" SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT To I NO woman, ascnani??e? inatd or chambermak1 and wsitn as In a private family. She oan la* aeen at the house of her meet nt emply* r, to whom alie reicrs. Call at No. 4 Strong place, SoitMi*Brooklyn. ABKMPECTABLB vol NO WOMAN WANT8 A SITI A tion . is a go<?d plain cook and good washer and Ironer; nooHJecion to do housework in a small family. Oood city referenc," ?rotn her last place. Call at ,'J71 7th av., between S3d and 34th ats. At COOK*?A SITUATION WANTED BY A BBSPBCT able woman, in ? private lamily, as first clas*cook; tin 4srmtauds all'oanckieik of o<s>klng soups, game, je.lles, des serts o I all kinds; also bread ana biscuit In the best manner. Mas lived in this dtv lor tUe last sixteen y> srs, and lived with 4he moat respectable families. Good reference given. CaJ 1*2 West 24tb at. SITUATIONS WANTED-FBSIALES. kkspki'tahi.k young woman wants a sitwa 11 ? >d am chambermaid end waller. Ha* city refer rncf, Can be seen for two daya, at 20th at., b?lwwi? 7t?? and Sth ave*., rear build n?. A situation WANTED-IT A RBBPBl TAILS Tounir woman of itiwh and Industrious hfthlUi, to do n'nln I'.MiklnK, w n?hlii? ?ud Ironing In .1 MnAllpriv?l# family. Peat of city reference from her lust pi ce. ( all at lit) East W m., bMVMB Sd and 3d iW., forjlhree 4*9*> AN EXPERIENCED AND CO MI'KTKNT DBW maker w Ultra au engagement by the day, to rut and Ht ladles' drea*ee. Hr!rr>-ru*' given l< required. Oaii at 253 West 32d Ht., between 9th and lOih avea. Arespectabi b touno oirl wanth a bitwa. tion, an chambermaid him! waitress or chamliermald and fo assist iu wi??hlfi|{ and (rotting or Haiti how inn; has good eltv reference from her last plat*. Can be seen for two day* at .Vj KhhI Itoh hL 4 RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS jV. plain co*?k, washer and ironer, r?r ohstn'>cruoiui and ?Minatroai and lo lam on of ebtW)rea{ haa ttood ?itv refe. renee from her last place. Can be seen for two dava at 238 EllfabCth Ht. A FIRST class RM0148H OOOK wants a MTU A. tion; und -rstsnda cooking in all It* brunches; bun the best of city reference (Jail at 115 We*t 10th Ht., between 6th and 7th avs., in the rear. A situation wanted?by a rerpeotablk F'?r). ?? r^oniVrr"a*** and waitress; would do chamberwork and sewing, or cbantberwork and anoint In the washing and ironing, c?r take care of children; baa two vear*' citv reference from her last place. Call at 39 Eaat 15th St., near 4th a v. A respectable WOMAN, WITH A FRESH ItRF.AST of milk, washes a situation as w??4 nurae; haa just lost her baby; beat city reference,. Can be seen for two daya at 19f 7th av., corner of 23d at., second floor, front room. AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS JA chambermaid and waftrae* or an chan'>ertoald and to do sewing. Apply to-day and Thursday at 482 6th av., corner 29tli ht., third floor. Kin# third be)]. A DRESSMAKER WISUKS TO OBTAIN A SITUATION in a reapectahle family; mtt cot and (it ladiea' ami chil dren's dresses, and understands all kinds of plain sewing: would take the care of a baby, If required. Can be seen for two daya at 4H Ifcminlrk at. A respectable YOUNG OIRL, A DRESSMAKER, wishes a Hitnation aa seamstress; in witling to assbt in lite ehamberwnrk. No objection to the eoutilrv. Can b? well recommended. Call for two daya at No. 9 Waahington place. AliADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A situation POR A aervant whose aervlces ahe no longer n^ed?. She ohecr fully recommends her aa a Rood waitress and chambermaid; she in grx?d tempered, competent and faithful. Can l>e seen at her late empfoyer'a, 324 Fifth ave. A DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOYMENT?CAN OUT and la. |e 1 dresses. In the most fashionable manner: understands in i Inerv ; terina ?o auit the times. Inquire at 361 3d are., I*twe--n 27th and 28th sta. A respectable toitno girt, wishes to OB taiti a situation aaeonk in a priva'e family; i* a good washer and Irotier and a first n.te bread baker; understand? her per'tctl ; or would be willing to do ti e ^tieral Housework of a am ail private family; la very kind to chil dren; haa the bent of elty reference from ber last p'ace. Call for two days at 214 We*t 36th at., between 8tii and ft ava. AS M RSK.-A LADY IS OKSIKOUS OP PROCUHHO a aituatlon as nuiae for a woman whom h)u* can tecum mend with entire confident e. She baa la*en for n.any s eaia en a?ed in ihe rare of children; ia fullv cimipetent to take charge of an itt'ant. Apply at 2ft Weat 25th Ht. A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A YOUNC WOMAN, AS cook; would anaist with the washing and ir??nin/ h >m the yery be*-1 of reference from her last place. Call f*om 10 A. M. to ft p M., at 84 Eaat 31st at., between 4th and Madi Kon ava., for two days. APARIffifAH LADY, WHO BPRAfCfl mMm? Oil* man and EnriUh wnnla a aituation aa a *lf'*wo? an n a atore. The l est reieren?irtv n. Ajiply to Mr. L. J Den itimlH>a, pianoforte maker, 149 9 h at. AH WET NURSE?A YOC'NO MARRIED LADY (whose I'ttHhand has met w'th rrversi-H1, having recent ly loat her child, would aeecj t a atfuaflon in ?he above ea|Mci tv. Any first claaa fan--lly requiring the *ervl< efi of a eom|ie> teat and good d'snositloncd person, will t'nd the advertiser an exeeptTon to tin- ' Jsaa. Oo<?d referenoea. Call between 12 and 4 o'ciork at 114 East Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED?AS Pl.AIN OOOK. WASHER and I ??oner; no objection to do general housewnrv in a small family, the ieat of city reference. Call at 34?3 3d av.f between 27ih and 28th ats. Alapy wishes to obtain a situation for a young girl ?? chambermaid or to at''"<<1 on oh Idren; no objection 10 goout o? the dif. Apply atKami IHth at. Tor two days, from II till 3o' UKKl'ECTABI E TOITMU OI11I. WANTS A Slfl'A ttott aa ebHiul-crnaid Hint v?itrer*s in a priv -te family. Pest of Htv i^fer* tiro lor the last te-n years. 0*11 tor two days at 13d ljth at., back basement, l>mween 7'h and Stir ava. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RKSPBOTAB1 V GIRL. to do general housework, plain rooking, wawhlngnwl tniiiMig; ia obliging and willing. <??a>d <4 y reference frora her laat place. Call at 212 Kaaf. 22d at., see-ond floor, front r<>om. A A A SITUATION W AN'TF.D?BY AN ACT1VK VOUNO woman, mn cbamliertnaid and waitress or aa wn ir ?? atone, or would do ehanibei work and pl??in aewlr g is w| l >?k and obliging. PM of c ity reference glv?n. Can l>e inen for two dava at 410 lith nv., rorner 2ftfh M AYOUNO MtRL WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN cook; la a K<a?d ????k, washer mul fmner; In willing to make ber??df generally useful; liaa mxxl rity reference. Gall at 21*5 Want 24th *?t., near 1Kb a?. Aoooo COOK, who THOROUGHLY UNDERSTARDfl her bualnes-, uanta a situation; in a gn??d na. try n ak? r a good baker and excellent v aaher and Ironer; beat of recom mendation* <an be given. Call at I2f? West 'Jith at., between ftt k ami 7th a\ a. A SITUATION WANTKP?BY A PROTECTANT YOUNG woman, aa nnrae, or as rhaml?ermaM and floe w- ahernr laundress. The beat city reference. Apply at 252 Want 16th at., first floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RRSPKOTARl.R girl, as rbam'?ermaid ami io in washing uml Iron* ing; In a d?ofl pi.-1n reams'ress and understand* taklm; rare o ebildren; can do general InuiHework: I* willing and objjfr 'n ; would go a short diataneo in the country. Call at No. 9 6 U it., In the rear. AKKSPKCTAP.LK YOI NO GfcKMAN (IIKL WANTS A Rltusitlnn to do rrnera! honaework in a Mmail private fs ? ?v.......... .... r n >vi?r? ill n M(TI?II prtVft!" T *ly and to aa*M in the washing und Ironing, good ciLv ref, - p'neo given. Call at 809 Atlantic at,, Brooklyn, for two day a. Aomait widow wnnM \ erruArton with a pilva c American family ? l'rolenfnnta) ?hc ??k : heal of referenee riven aa to ea nb|iii|eH. inquire at 4iK! Brooma at., Ia'tw? en Wo???tar and Lautvna h?*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A EB8PR0TA BLR 2\ woman a? flra- ra?e ?ook, eT^allant baker and wa#bcrand Jrouer; haw the be*t of rity reference f rom Ir r . ?? f?laeo; haa no objection* t<? gn a abortdt.-tance in th? country. Can be tiewn for two days at Klizabetb at., near Houston. \ SIT A HON WANTED?BY A KEKPECTABLK W(> n'Mi, ?H ;;o??d cook and exerlUini wa%h*?r nd itoner; i n-leratanila I er buai? n*\ Be t of ei>y re.erenr given ?' n U? haen lor two da^aat 12ft West 19th at., la^tween 6.b a d 7H. avi-H. 4 BBHPI'CTABl M YOUNU OIKL WlHtlKH A SITI'A J\ t?on nt ebambrrn ? id or t ? do ffeneraf (i !i?*?wo?K iti a ?m II I'iiu.ll ; l.-? a uood plain ctnik, waal:er uml in ner. Man u Ucity 'er"nc?'. t'.m be seen lor two day a al No. Amity pU?? ?. ae? ond floor, in the rear. A SITf^ATION W ANTE. 11 - -AS t' 11A M H ft I i M A! I? AND /\ wa-treha, by a rt-Hta'elable yonnc; wotmin; i o ? bj' cj n to d up 'in ? m' sJjna. 11 ?.?>4ixxl rity referem Can be- a . a t- r two da . w at 242 l<>th at,, corner of l.?t avc., over the ^r?? rei y Mtori* ARR ! EtTAHLE MARKIHO WOMAN', WITH A arsh : re'Nt ?f rnilk. wishc arlitua. i aa w**t nur^e in a ren|WMtalde jirlvatr taTnily; no objoction t-> tV-e cotititt y. Go<id referetvre e iu be ^t en. Oun be seen far thrw day?at No 88 Wa-hinKton at., Brooklyn. Arbbpectablb oirl wants a am ation?ia a good co?ik, w^she.r and ironer; would do general houaework; g(M>d rity refer *m?e ran be Ktcen. Call at her preaent employer'a, 152 Washington at, rtn*>k vn. A S COOK?wanted, A SITUATION BY A PROTEST J\ ant wotrmn as first e.ook; ihorriu/hly nader.-tranda her bu lrte?i in all it? brafu he^. >oupa, m? a-a. Kame, jelllm and d>'Ma* rta. boucitm of aU kinds of fowl, and iaa first rate ti*k*r; no objeirfioii to do thecoarae part of the w/iaitiag, if requited; be&i of city reference from her laat place, if re. quired. Cal for two days at iy tiih at., between Ud and 3d bva . iblrd ttotry, front r.*.m. ASITI XTIO.N WAN'IT-JP TO DO (TRAMBBRWORK and and make her?*e!f generally useful; good ref'ere?w; no obJ?*;fion tv the oountry. Call for two day* at Wan lyth .? RBNPECTABLE ClIKL DESIKRS A SITUATION IN rerpectubto family, as chambrrniaid and laundreMa; ??**""* '"-t bovine*-# and l>??."? afraid >f work; i;<a?dcity her last place. Call at If-J I'm< 1Kb St. \HK8PBCTAHI.R YOI NO WOMAN WANTS A SITU alion chambermaid ?>r to do ^i?nera houi' work; i? c.fpabl?#<?: either; haa uood < ltf rtrfcrenee. (fail at 24V Adams Kt., irami" houfe, Brooklyn. ARR8PRCTABLR YOtTNO WOMAN WARTS \ MTU ation iw* t-nik and lamniresa; she hr* tt.? Iweitation in -nyiiu! she ooiuider* Urrseli er?mp<?te?t to fill the Htination slie applies for. Th<- la-st of ref. reiu.e given. Oali at 225 Weal 26th at., betw< en 8th and IHh avn. A8ITHAYIOV WAKTRD BY \ RB8PBCTABL9 young girl, as chambermaid an 1 waitre h or Kearn ? t "ss;the lav.t ol elty refVrer.'v given front her Isat pl-oe, <'^11 at Went 25th sf , near 9th nv., fi. st lloor. a 0ITUATIOB H KH Tl D BY I RR8PR< rARLB J\ voung woman, as co< k. washer and ironer, or to do gene* ia! norsework in a am ?d family. Oo-nJ city reference from her ;a??t ! la f Can be win for two daynat Perry at., l?e tween Bleecker ami lludu >n, rear A situation WANTKP-BY A HHSPBOTABI.B ro>.ngf(lrlt a? aeaittMn arid t/i aasi^t with the oiiumf*t?r work, or to assist with ihlHun; iinti<,rslttnda all kinds of f aiilly s? wing, cutting and fitting ch. ? r- n's clothea, and ia an excellent t it lores* Ooofl city refeie-ve. Call for two daysttt 221 V\est 25th at., Viwe. n Mh at i W'J. avu. A " J\ * rrOrrni* irom k 81TCATKIN W ANTED?BT A If KSI'KITABI.F. xV .onnu ?liti.w womito, t.i ilo !hf R<-ner*l h?iiM'w<irK i>i .1 kiiihU faniTlv, or iir ?uur? wmK i.inl i>luin Hewtnx; would ii?re no obie> Hon t<> uo ? *hi>n di?timer In iljroouinrj, In Hhir? Hi 174 Kriil^ at.. Rri<nk!\ n. \N AMKUICAN I'lKlTEHTANT VOUNO WOMAN wan > ? hltuullon ?? < h?.n prmnld nnd BPiimstrrm, .ir in utkfl inr?' <11 i lilliln-n; (k willing arid of.iiuinc. rrfxri nw If r?<|Uirrd. Call fur Ihrt'* dar* ai No. 2 W.illn r at. Ah cook.-wanted a situation by a hrspec Ub.e nirl. ?* wik, Inaan all umilv; m u guod cook; In willing l>< HhHiKl wlili thr whhIiiu)c and Ironing, ^imxI rt>le ii'iu r Apply lur two daja a. SUB 2d avo., top ll<?-r, front m<im. AUEsl-FCTAHIJi TOUNO WOMAN, WANTS A .SITf'A inni, to do tlir bouarwork i f n nn.aU fun-lljr ? had an | >tar*'rl.y it. i ri'Hf, Apply for wo dajn at Xk/WrM 2iib a., npwryili ?v. ABKsl'Kl'TAHI.K V.ilfNO WnMAN WANTX A i+1T(TA. tlun; i? n kikhI plain cook, waahrr and Ironer; hia the U'ntcity n ft-ri'iinr. A).ply for lam day* at iti Sprnuf at., ai'coDa Qixir, front room. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY K YOUNO WOMAN, AH < h >?ii*rm?td nnd li aniMi-raa, or < bainbernutid and walt'caa; ha. tvd cily r>-fi-r.-nc?. Owbt wMtl her laal plve, 103 Willow at., Br ?okl>a. HITVATIOMH WANTKD?KKMAI.EK, AUBHI'ECTABLE OEP.MAN OIRL WISHES A IUTUA lion to do general hoitwwork. Beat referrme* on be glten. Can l>e>e-n III Henry ?t-, room 11. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY a UOOD PLAIN COOK: in willing to ,i -Hint In waalilng and ironing; la agooa UkTO lirMil. nr ?? ohamherhi ild and walirea*, or to do plot* a wing; haa tin objeottini to the country. 11 in koixI i Ity and country rele reneea. Call I or two dayn at 82 king at. AHITIATION WANTED -BY A UOOD COOK, PI It ST rate waihor and Ironar, or to do general hoitaewurk In a Hmall family; rati lilt either place. Can fit? good referenda f'om Iter I it Mt place. Apply at No. 3 Tiilnny pliioo, corner uf Harri-on at., near Columbia for two day*. A RESPECTABLE ENC.I I-til OIRL WISHER A SITI'A lion a* plum cook; Ih wili ng tua*id?t in waab'ni:. Can give (nod Hty reference*. C?li for two d*y* al 4906lli ave., lietvei'D Zytb and 31) It at*., io on 7. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPKOTARLE PER ?on. wlitt In an flmellrni fiimily aeauia rea*, and under aUinda nil kind* of tin* aewlng una lace work ; would tuke lari o! grown children; no nliicutlon in go In the country or to travel; will use her beat enueavor* to pleaae. Call for l?* dm* nl ItHti Myrtle ??., tin<90 door* front Portland a*., Rrnokltrn. CIOLOKRD WOMAN?WANTED, A SITUATION AS ) cook, by an experienced colored woman, in a private la inIIi, Can lie Kri-n at 24*? Clirlauipliet Mt. /CHAMBERMAID AND WAITUESS ? A YOUNG COLOR W eil mil. will! perf e.tu undeiKtiinda I er liu?'new, andean give tin* bichcht rerommendationN wautn a h tuaion in thia ?it.v or Brooklyn. Call lor two da/iat No. IV Tallmau ?L, Bionklj u / 100K.?A COOK WISHES A SITUATION; IK A OOOI) VV waahrr and >r >ncr; no (>*'je<*Ut?u to city or countrv. 1h wPPrifr o do j^e* cra) hoitwwork in a amall family. Call it S8S Molt hi. lot two 'l.iyh. HOUSEKEEPER?AN AMERICAN WIDOW OK MIDDI<H ?>g- d h i??. a situation m* houHckcej-er in cUv or conn tr\, or lo Lakit the entire char; e o a amall family; under aland* a l KI wl* of fanily newlnp, baking, Ac.; salary not ho mm b an object a* g< o<f "rr?<itfrr mm( and a permanent home? refercm* giveu. Apply to or addii-aa Mm. A , 762 9ih ave. Hot SKKKKI KU.?A WIDOW. AN AMERICAN. wlMhe?> a ftiUiattan a* houMekoeper; baa two children, and de*ire a to k*?*p them with her; wag?a will not be ?o much of an object. RHurcmea exchanged. Call al l4&We*t 4.M *t. Inn'dn* for Mr*, Iwxr-U. HOrSKWOKK ?WANTKD, A SITUATION, BY A RK n|MTtut?lr yonne Am?*rt? Hn ff^rl. to do L'anrral boii** vvork, in rliv or country: la a xooil p ain cook, and a tir?t rau* whhIi't and (roner; aliao willing and obliging; wag* h not mm h an <?UJr< t k? a good home. Apply ?t 4<^7thaT., ? e ' 36tn and 3i>th nta. 0?n bn for two da>a it n<it ctt K?grd. NURSE'S SITUATION WANTI D-HY A WOMAN OK m m y-ttr*' ??ww?rienc*'; UhB a lUorotiiib knowl- ? g of i?# r bnalim^; win t. k * 11 a i-iitln* ?*? ar^e of a 1 a<>y from lu? birth and bring It up oy b^nd it rwjul e?l. <' n ?? en tor tuti dsyn at ??**r prfM^nt einployer'*, So, 11 Wot 19th Mt. OITL'AriON WANTHIJ?BY A VKRY RESPKtTTABI.K O woin tn, a-* tlr^t rate cook; h ???the very b***t of city rcic n-ni *' from hi r Ihhi plac**; ha* no objection to do th? coarse ('a 1 ?t or ;;ddr#'K#i for two day * 122 Amity ?t. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A HKSPB<7T/\BLB GIRL Cj to <i(? tint KCiuM-a! tioimi'work >>f h win private fanny Call for two iInvMHt 101 Sio kctt tit., Hro< klyn. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPKOTAHLR TOUKO O woman, to lake care of chllffon atui do plwin unwind uml embr 'Mt ry. Can furnish the best of city reference from b?r la it plv * Inquli c at 'JWi Baft Mill SITUATION WANTKD?RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O woman, um u o d pi tin ook, w.uhcr a d irotmr, or to do homework In a biiimII I ami y; can give gt.-ol city refervnw. Call at?3 Uenr.v a ., lortwodajg. Q1YIIATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS O < hi.m x'rina&d amluuiae; l>eat ol city relor^iu^H. Apply at ,*589 \> nahingion at., until engaged. SITUATION WANTKD?A8 OOOK OR to po OEKB O ral iitmae work; uty refer, ncea can be given. App.y.t I'.l De mi ntriMM, lirst o r, South Brooklyn. VJITU'ATION W ANTKD HV A KKSl'Kt'TAI'.l K YOl Mi O woman, to t oon, w.-ah and Iron, or to do ucntral bousc work or a amall 1..rully; 1m wlijin<; and obliging; the It*m ?if city rot- r me. Call lor two day*, at 119 Alanilc at., Sontli Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTEIV-BY TWO EBOTOTARLI 0 \iitii,.;, in u private fan.tly; om- asg - dctn^k, wanlit r Mild lnmcr, tlm otlu-r as cbamla-rruaid an < waiir? ha. 1 ii the in at of eitjr refcren?-e fr?*in then laai iiitu ?*a. C in be fit-en for two d >h at 100 Jb^atd lKU at., accond hoor, front room. I SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, WASHER AND 1 ? ) Ik ii'T in n private lamify: good < lly relonni*. Call for two du)? ..I 132 Welti 1Mb aU, near 6lii av. MITUATION WANTED-BY A HE8PBCTAHI.E YOUMO t> , iLuiIiic neral ImuArwork In a aitmll private family; u a ??,<] oily reference. Apply ?t 7M Sri av., between fttli ?? a" i? ata rpu r.\MILtK4 GOING ABROAD.-A RF.SPF.CTABI.R 1 lin 11>>li Uu , wilh good releitn e.. In dcairmiauf takiii. rhiir.-c or a furnialic I hnuae during their abaeitee. A lilreaa box l,t>42 Port ttWco, N> w York. "WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS >V chambermaid at;il to aaaUt In the waal.lni! and ironing, or would ?!.. he general hou?work of a aitiall amily. Heal ol 1-11} reiiirrnuB. Can be aecn for two da) * at 107 W avertey UTAHTI.D-A SITUATION. BY A WIFBWiMJ youne "irl Indue n rat lion- w rk l.t a aniall autlly. (???! I lly rrfiirnnm. Can he aeon autled at her Uvt pld , 3i;i Weal ,15lh at., between 8th anil ?tli ava., Ural lloor, I runt nmin. AV ANTED ?A YOUNG OF.UMAN (lllO. WANTS A >1 -Ullalion aa liainlierinaid anil waller, or to do general liiiueewniU; li-Nt city reformer. Call at or addreaa lor tlirca day a 120 Kaat Bruaauay. _ lirANTED?A .SITUATION AH OH AMBERMATD AND VV lauudraaa or Ui do general hou?rwork in aamall lamlly j 1,,'hi city t e; twrnfe. rail at 115 W??t 44th at., ne?r 0th a*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKSTKi'TABI R Eng.I hglrl. ?? chambermaid ami tvallreae or aa iiniKe and to do (-tain Hewing. fall at UK! 7th av. T\ HINTED?* SITUATION. llY A RES1'E(TABLE W Prouvtant gill, a* rhauibarmaid and aeamatiota n.eb iii uona to tin" care el children, beat city reference Califnr two day* al -.l?l Atlantic Hi., Imlween Court and Cllntou, aeeond l.oor, over ihe fancy alore, IIrooklyn. "l\r ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A UllhT (.'LASS COOK, IT n a Mlrali- lanii y; iinder?iaiiiln all klnda met. King; would ?** at in washing if nwpitr.d; baa the l*at ??' ej'ir r'f. renct a h? in character and tajcildlity Ca.i at iln ?. .? , lelween Sitli anil Mill aia. WANTKD?A MTl ATION. BY A I'ROTKSTANT viit nil girl, hi. chambermaid and waltiew.. O n be w> it for two days at l!<4 Km-t 13th si., between Iai and 2d av*. U'ANTI D--BY A RESI'KCTABI.B WOW AS, A SITUA tlon to cook and a.alst In li e walnut and tmulng; thnrom blv ntitleraianiia her Iwialneaa, and i.aklnti ol erery k nil ; i!it-'heal o cll v re ei-enee* can be guren. A|iply at 110 Wi at IlHh ft., Iietween liih and "tii av: H. TlrANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SMART, OUUI >> viuiiiE woman, aa ? hainliermalil and toaMiat in the wa hHa'. IT an purlor loa d. Oood reference. Apply at 37 U'lli ui.. lie wren Slh ami liib ava., for two tla>?. \i'AvrKLI?BY A KF.81V I'TAHLK YOl'NO OIRU A l\ ailniilloii a* intrM nil" -< ?m?tre*it, or aaclininiteuiitilil ami waltreuF or B'?wl pluln . and to do Keneral hottwwork in II Kttuill private family; rimkI reference. Apply at X.' l-Mt iiial at., in the baneuirni. Tt'ANTEl'?A SITUATION, BY A Y K( ITF.ST A NT WO. ?V miln .laconic; lullv iinneratatida her luaii ttaa In all'u lir. n-bea; miiki-HRiiod brrinl anil pa*lry; la Hilling loiiaijitt In l ie witalilniii K'?id refe.tenie unit bo given. Can be ?e.n lor two dava, 7i not enuaeed, at 102 We.i l'.tth at., beiweenmb and "Hi aVH, In Ui? real. WANTED?A SITUATION. I?Y A 11KSI* EOT ABLE \l ProleaUUit girl, ua h?u nil reaannd ebnmi.ermnid or .* nuta-. II Ui ?iaal reierent*. Call at ber preM'tit employer-*, 2.SH Weal 'JOlh *1. II r aNTEI'?IIY A I'KOTESTANT OIRI, A SITUATION >V in do g- tier 1.1 houi^-work in a small family, or idi.'unlaT work and wititli g: haa no objection io go a (Ik rl diaUtnue in Ihe couniry; ean kI> e the I e>* o city relerent*. Can be aeen for two dava at 16 Went 19th at. IV ANTED-A SITU ATION. BY A RESPUUTABLH >T voting woman; i? a good plain cook and eM-el.i lit waah er and Irnner; would do (!''ncral bon^ework In a am. 11 pri vate laUilly; haa lieal i?r nilv re'erruim. <7all at 2?1 llenrv, corner oi i'a. ll.e ?t., Brio'nl;. n. t^an la- m-en untlleiigagrd. WANTKI>?BY A KB8PB0TABUI YllUNO t'.IllL, A alluaUon aa cook, waoiier aiullrom r; no objectloii I* tea'ral liouaework In a iamlh ; good rWt r. nre caji be given, rau tie mx u a* 217 lal uv , betweeu l.iJi ami Hih at?? far two da?a. _ _ __ WAVTVm-A SITUATION, BY A REiJPKliTABLH yiHin ' woman, aa Ural r..t? wailt, or would do, washing und ironing. gm?d city refcrrnce given Apply at Baal Ulh M., pa|*l and 1 ancy note. W ANTKD-BY A RF.SrKCTABl.K YOI NO WOMAN, A ?ltuulion aa' hambetmaid; ha? nooujei tvon piito tine *.?ning; ha-giaal city reteretiio. t^ail Tor twodaya a* 33t Sib uf? our door from 21at at., on I!rat floor. WANTEIt?A SITUATION, BY A RKSl'EITAHI^ young woman, lo do general houaework in a atnaL prl ?nle family; ei?u Kime well recotnutended Can b? wet, iar two dayaat31 Amlt* at . Brooklyn, third rtory, back tituin. "117 ANTED?A SITUATION. 14 V A TKI.-TWor.THY W llrt. wh? understands general bouvewurk. p -rfeetiy, up maim work and *wiu?. or LiUbeJi work. C n be *e.-n at her preeont place, ZjJ Mooroe av. Beat of i lty rdotenor can b* given. _____________ WrANTBl>? A SITUATION. AH KlltST OLASS ?A1T YT re aa; no objection to the country, t.'ali U g3 Ithli at., bt-iweeti bih and 7th ava., aecond boor, Iwi k num. W' ANTKP by a UIR0TABU TOOHO ?SIRU A \ f xlkualioti I" do the general boiihewotk id ? ri *)<?. labia family; no objection to go to the country; beat city reference. 1*11 at 312 M ill ac WASTKD-BT A inrKOTABU Y0DR0 WOMAN, \\ ? attuaHou ill a private family, to tin g-i er.o lnure worit- g'?l eity reference. Ini| lire at 136 37th at., bi i?een T?ii aid Sh ave , lor two day liraNTI.1)?A WTI ATION AS CHAMBERMAID A>D II wai rehs; do pae ??* mg. Beat of oily rolennci. A, ply Ht Sullivan at.. In the tear, for two day*. W ANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO \\ do chainl erunrk and oi Would aai-lai in w;i?h Ittg mid Ironing; Uin la-.-l of city reterenca g.ian. Ualiat ^?i W' at 2."nh at., nearSWi av. WANTED A .-ITI ATION. BY A RBSPECTADLB Vl young woman, lo do general lloiiacworn in a priiate la nitly, or lo cook, wa?b and lion. Call for two Jay a at 6n Van darn at. WANTED-HY TWO UESrEtrTABLE YOUNii CilHi a, ailiuiliona in a finall privnu famlij ; one i.a f.l .lt. n? k,

waaher and Ironcr; Uic ot. er aa chambermaid and waltn-aa. I.ood rlij reterctiee. Call lor two data at Cli East IlHh aL, Oral floor, back room, Wanikd-hy a inncriiii 6l?U A situa tlen an :.r?t clnaa waiireaa, or wotnd i o Ike chitinlier w.rk and walilngin a prli a?e family or a private laiatd ns bouae. The l?at . H> ret. c t.oe can be giv. n l^anU-m en (or two daja at h< r htal cn.ployrr'a, No. 98 haal 20>li at., be Iviivd Br-*dway and 4ih av. WT ANT |.J>?A SITI ATION BY A IlKM-HTAMl.E >V voting Woman, aa<o..k In a amall private family; ?n deratanda general hoitaewtirk, and la a llral claaa w aala-r and (toner; abet tnaki a ttrkt elaaa l>ri ad; h*? the U al of city rt-ra. retitya. Apply for two ilaya at IW Nfeat'iHh al., la the re*r. w; ANTED?BY A RESl-E(rTABLB YOUNG (URL, A Vf .Iti.aiionaa eliamb? rmald and a.v maireaa, or nurae and aeainainaa; no objection lo the ooitnl'X Oan. be atoo for two daya at uer prvneut tmpwyer a, ?W weal inn ?b h ITT ATI ON.s waittkd?kemai/e8 . I\TANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION^ AS ff oook or i?iiiidt<???>; la capable of maintaining any atta in ? >., beat ?aly wfwwwi, inquinu 12V em 29111 si. WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A. tl in n? good plain mink; a lirm rate waaaer and Ironer. A dres* 1x1 1st ave., second (loor, front, for two days. Good niy relereuoe if required. Wanted?a bituation, by a kespectaii l e, neat girl; unit excellent cook; is a first rale hr ???<! and rake maker: no objection to *n*lat In waal.lnn ami ironing. Beat city referent*. Call for two days ill sua 'id av. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid and seaman ess, or nurse miirt aramalres#. good city refeience. No objection to go ii short distance In the countrv. Gall at or ad droit* for two days, 90 Greene at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RE8PECTA blc Kir., lodo cliaiuberwork or nursing;; has lived In hnr imt situation four years; ha* pnod oltT ruferencc. Call for two daya al irtj (told ?l , Brooklyn. WANIE'i? hy A RESPECTABLE PROTRSTANT Wo man, a situation as cook, which she un lereiandi In all lia branches; would have uo objection to aaalal with the washing and ironing: ha* the very l>e*t of city reference. Can be m en al lin){ Weal Washington place. WANTED-BY A HIOIILY ub8pbctabiji WOMAN, ii siniatl.iii with a lainlly going 10 calnotni*. an nu ae and aeumsircm: la a Unit class needlewoman and a compe tent per*,ii to lake charge of children, willing 10 miikn hei - self useful. Ileal ? ity reference. Apply for two ilayaat 19t 3d av., betw ell imlb and llhh au. WANTED?by A rbspbctablb YOUNO WOMAN. A ?dilution a- tham-ermatd and seams.reus: la competent in cut and lit children a d esses, and also to do nil kind* of ne> dlework; haa no objet tlon to go to the country. Apply at 213 Went 19ih at. WANTED?a SITUATION. BY A W IMAN who UN uerslands cooking and baking In .>il Ita brain he*, mid ii III also aeamt at warding and ironing; can give ?otifaclory reference. Inquire at 311 Atlantic at., South Brooklyn, for iwn dnl a WANTED-BY A rewpeptabib MARRIED WOMAN, ti a bab> to wm nuiae at her own bouse. Call for two rtays at the otirrer oi tsid at. and gili ??., over the (tore. Noue but rea|ienable pera- na nac.d apply. WANTED?a SITUATION AH PLAIN COOK. WASHER and irourr, or ui do general huusenoik n a an.ali fa mily i beat oily referent. O n be aoen or iwvd<yatf net engaged at 101 west 20 h at., ae> ond ibx r, b ick r om WANTED?a situation AS GOOK OK laundress' b,\ a middle aged woman; also wlalies heraou. a boy of 14 yearn, ua waiter; haa lh? lieal of reference from beruat place. Call lor two days at ii Weal islh al. WANTED?a SITUATION, BY A COMPETENTYOUNO wotinin, ui do chaniuerwork and lie washing; has the beat of city reierence. Call al 79 W??l -t. WANTED?a SITUATION, by AN hx08llent IT cinik; perfectly understand* her bu-ln<??* n ail alii >a al conking; would hava no oajecilon to a--at la ha wash ing: tbe Is al of oil) and country reference given. Call at 496 2 ? av., i? t? ? n and Slai ata. WANTED?a SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRI.' na nrat lamnlre-* or chambermaid, or to do a- w In ; or lo take cur' oi a child; la capable oj < lliug elibcr aiiu i iimii; bi-ai relerenccagiven. Inquire al 14 Meal 41al at., be tween Broadway and 7tb ave. WANTED-A situation, PY A RESPECTABLE WO man, na clmniherniaid anil to <lo i tie nani.uig; is a neat ?hlrt ironor nni eraianda her hi;Kin ??; yniul city ri fe renne. Can be aeen for two daya at 99 laid ?5tb at., near 3d ave., aecond atoiy, haek room. WANTED?an ENGLISH protestant OTRL, TO DO the housework of a small family; wages $fl |ier month; iflt-reie e fioin her last | lice; none o.her i.eed apply. Ap ply al iix'^ Atlantic at.. Brooklyn, after 10 o'clock A. si. WANTED?A situation, by a competent per" sou, aa a good plain cook or to do general iionaeuork in a >uualt pnvute family; la an eneell.nit waaher and Ironer; b a no objei Hon lo ton country. Can be aeen for two daya at 6 Sullivan st., in >hc rear. WANTED?a situation, ah housekeeper, BY A ?Y competent |<*i*on, whound. ramnda bou^ekeep ngIn all its btikte hea, au<< to be ten' rally useful; or would take charge of a houae for a parly of gentlemen, or a boarding liouae; goial no objection to jeai lug llie l ily Arf dreaa hoiiaokee|>er, ah1 Greenwich at., for one week. WANTlil*? BY A rehpet'TABI.E YOUNG GIRL, A siuuttlon uschnmbi rmaid "lid waiter and to do wash ing and ironing, or would do housework In a small laniily: i oobjection to gu a ahorl illtuince in the country; tin- in-aiof elty reierence ran lie given it required: all yiars In tbe last place. Can be aeeji I'ortwo daya at 244 9lb at., between lal and 2<1 ava., front room, top lloor. WANTED -by A respectable YOUNO WOMAN, A situation to do general bousework. Call at hoxmat., between 7tli and H.u aves. lyANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A M IDD1.R AORl) "elsh woman. a? euok; In.,-,,...! I?ik<-r, ?n.l under ?Uu.Im her hu?inrss; objection to assist In wast lug and llr! i? iL'.i. 1 ^ir"ler,,,M*"- < an be *<-en lor two days at ltd West Mth *i., )m'1 ivifn 7th aud Ath urea. WANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT OIltL, A SITUATION TT as wiiltrrM or chambermaid; ha* eicellent recomuien K*st27thl'l" C' 'rom whlcl1 she advertises, 77 WANTED?A SITUATION. MV A ItlWPKCTABI.R ?V yoettg tilrl, to do general ho.,8 work. lL, th7^" ff clly relen-n ms. ?t MO (Jreeiiwluli ? JUtwem Charlton aii ! Spring ?ti, where aim In ?t present employed. TV'ANTED?BY A RE: PI CTAIJLR PROTI 8 TANT WO TT n an, a situation as nlaili cook, washer anu Ironer or w^r,r^~rk {a * c"'" ? *?* WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE A (3RD I'KR ? *!',"? (*? American), who is evpertenced in houHtke, n. lftg, taking rare <>f chlldrcu unl doing /tiuJa xrwlrig ii.ij tor IWO day*. at IS! OmM ?t.. Br okiyn TyANTKD-BY A RKSPKCTABI.E W M .N. -flENTI F TV men a or family washing, or would go .,t ry ih.- da? JMSsr q u 121 ">.***<** t& WANTKD-A SITUATION, BV AN EXPERIENCED t'i"r " ,t'"l?nt kIH, an mainstreaa and liullea' mai l ?ty ' S days at 44 Columbia at., corner of Delan "VirANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPKITARI H , *iry ?? chambermaid and waitress or cuildren's nnnJ! and sewing or to rook, w,.,h and Iron In a sma"family- ?2 BSStSS^igr WANTED-BY A RESPEOTAIII.E PROTESTANT hi "J,0"1""!!? situation Ila norm*; ia ramble taking the i hargo of a hahy from Its birth; or chambermaid utJ seamstress: bent references given. Can l?e aeen i mil .? KHJ.. <1 at :n?; .Id av.. between 24th and 2.vh at*. wanted-a situation, BY a RHNIECTARLB * , V!""" "un' as seamstress; can cut and make ladles" and entldr. n a dresses and do nil kin ts of famtlv aewinir wuiilil take rareo clldtvn or do light rimiohJTJo k J,"^ and Ui'hZl?' "" ln? 'U>" "l 213 7th b' iween 24th T\rANTF.t>?HY AN AMERICAN PERSON A SITU V T T tlon ,m nnr.. ry governess, or would go ?? companion *!? m Hriadwi? l? ?*Vio?*r. Addre? M. R Y., WANTED?A situation, BY A RESPEITAMI V >nn"K ?1,1, lo uo ehamberw. r. and fi?e to'rti ilk 'n v,"VvV' V HS "r *" ".^"nnald and waltresaand w ?ln ;l I,rU''u" '? fully capable to da bM^sMss fcrfor iivo w ?antk.-^situation asoiiambrrmaid and to TT dow.,8 1 5 II nd Ironing, or a* gixxl (?la n cikm. w.a'.er 7?id In,tier a aumil ian.ll>. I!aa the Ik-mi o elt, reV-r."ce, ll'ZL(ki?m?*r r 'r- A,,,',Jr al M We?t24that.; Wr^f'"-? 7 A RESPECT AM.'! PROTK8TANT n-r- ?rU'oU, *? I !""''on 58 <:''aoihermalil anil ?alu I: ,' 11 V IU1" nmke herwl/?Mi(v rall.v ?"etul 11 s good olty reference. o?u be aeen for two dn\ a at 7fi IM> it., a fnrtr doora from 6tb ave. SITUATIONS W\JITF,D?M VLE?7 A ^otTNo man wants a situation to tend bar Hniald'ofhc* *' th" hl|a'n?**. Addrean V. A. R.,' A yDI'N(J Man. aoed ??, wants a situation ah J\ Romlat, IWlit P-Tier, or at anything; la a im?i writer nnd woiiicl mmle himself generally uanful; wagea not ho rnurli ]3??rySr,^:1ri;^n,EXrE"(KN0KI> IXH.'BLh"^. ? I , ? ^r having aoine li lsure, would like to oeen Rr he loli'o- /*' Arr.., and will work cheap Herald Ia"^ S^T.a^VnJ fX^Sn^lT! QRVAtlM wanted?for a YOUTH. II nana Oold. In a bank or ? >mn wholesale houae; write* a mod hand; I* correct at llgnrea and ia wtUIng to make hltfi-elf K^raW omcir ?f r0iOr''"C*? *lv,'u- AddresaJ. H., WANTBD?BY A MAN AND WIKR, WITH. O ??Ut en-'um ?raiict'; tho rmin am cuuchman anil ul di* W"u,n? the womaif^ui "? "?o^res.s, or cl.ainl>eruiald and a?anistrrax. Caa MMWUNaW reene at., OPKi IAl, Ni TICE ?A YOi'.Sii SWI.-'N (JKNTI-FMAN P,,'";'"" ?,rp?- ??? wuion.t a situation, wu Id liketo "Ai lltirro n p I'"1*" Amm o.n family; h? wou d ! " . n 'n Frenih ?nd tiernian In n;?rt pi vm nt lor York pri;, .";.e?' re,"''nw'" * "?? Addieas LoMlti New WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN PER. Y T lectly conversant with the F.ngliah. Oerman nnd Kr..nch "?. ai aaslBiaiil b.aiki-eeiiror siliianmn. Is Tery d? ?Iroua t". obt.ln a situation, and M wlllinc to engace for a si. piit oltu'i Address W. R., boi 3,7?1 New fork WANTED A SITUATION. BY A STEADY, TF.MPERATH mat,, iSyears oi age; any k?ltl ?f employu.enVli id moderate wages. Was brought up to larmtug In the wSU? l''r Y! ' !" ""m'X ?"*l" himself m 1'JT' ,,,J" A'"? '"r brother*, a.'ed respectively II, UV, and lt>^\e?r?. Ca'i lie beard of unll engag. d An ply to or ad. r, ?s .M. M , 71 Waat 2Sili at , near f.ih "i P xyANTED-A SITUATION \S WAITER, IN A PRI , r"f 1 ?"??3N by Meady, respe, table Induairioug man who can be well t?commendefl Irom tin U?t pbio ? Address Waller, dniir siore corner or 9th st and 4:h a? . for two daya WANT! D-A situation, BV A HTiiADY. KRSPE.T able man, eouTer ant with the ti. ml French langimgri, n? le okke-; would hlmsctf WAIOED-BY A Itl.SPECTAItl.K MAN, A SITUATION ?T to M>m(* wJjoJ? >.,? ji- boiil? ni ujrtfr: in m cari?*nicr hv IraUe.snd Wouki be wilting to make btms. lf g. neroli. use' SM Broadway1 f r"fe"'l,or* I<")><>re for R. s!. T^ANTED?RT A MAN OK BUSINESS CAPACITIES an In or out dror situation In the cllr, or woulil tra?d i'l'wfc "ft "n-v Vllf l, ; " *''!t ?"l"alllU-d with "OTKLg. W1ITNRY HoLVK BROADWAY, OORNRR OF Twe.'th Strre,.? ?.,duutml on Uie European plan wans*? ?' "irzrtjn HILP WASTED- FEMALES. AU. KI'RNIfllfKD, PKKK OK CHARGE, with th>- i.cst dow-stlcs In the city, a. me of wtinm hare referanoea of one lo four year? in Uu places, Cooks, chstn beruiaids, nurses and hooseaoi kers at wages to Milt the times. Houaekeepe's w mill prom ne their own intereat by patronizing ihia establishment, the proprietor having tlfleeu years' einertenne. Call at the Klrst Claim Agency, XtU 4th av., between 24th and 2,')lh ata. Am BUNDANCF. OK GOOD HF.RVANTS RFADT AT THE laigeat Hualilute, I Li lith at., oornerof 0th are.; neat, capaM*', civil women?German, hn(jll?h, Iiiah and Hootch; moderate wa^ea lo mill the tlin?*s, lor city oroountry. Good place* ready. Mr*. Floyd lo attendance. AI.L KKKK OK CHARGE.?SERVANTS WITH EXCEL leul city references and at all prloei, can be procured free of charge at No. 10 Raul lllli at . Imtween3d aud 4th art.. Tour patronage la respectfully solicited. rIOOK WANTED?A NE \T COLORED WOMAN, WILL. J Ing to do the waahlng for two pcraoiis. Apply at 31 Kast 37th at. CAP MAKERS WANTED?TO D > WORK ON MII.ITA ry and other kinds of caps. Coiia'ant employment and the host wagea. Apply to L. J. t J. l'hllllpa, Noa. 04 aud 06 Broadway. /1LOAK WORKERS.?WANTBO, TEN OPERATORS, TO \J work on oloaka. Nona lined apply ?scant those having Grover k Bakers and Sieger's uiachlnea. Call a* 304 aud 3IH> Canal at. IAUNDREHS AND Oil AMHKKM AID WANTED?IN J the country, n ar town; Welsh or Scotch Protestant flrl* preferred; drat rate recommendations lndl?j>ensable. nquire for Mr. .J., at the Engineer's ullice, 1(/J Walker at., to-day (Wednesday), at 11 o'clock. SAI.KSWOMKN WANTED?FOR T1IH WORSTED AND truniul ig ilepurtmeuta. None but good hands need ap ply, ataUfig real naiue anil addraa and where last employed. Direct for three daya Saleswoman, &S7 Broadway. yKWINO MAOI1INH OI'F.KATORS.?WANTKD, BETH H ral K<>"d operator* on the Wheeler & Wilson machine. Those who ara accustomed to rulUe work preferred. Apply (hi* day at Mt Canal afreet, up stalra. TO PANTALOON HANDS.-WANTED, A nAND TO make a qiiautlly by machliie Immediately, Such aa one uiajr address W. G., (lerald olllce, ataUng realdenae, Ac., which will be attended to. WANTKD?AN KNGI.ISH OK HOOTCH GIRI. WILL lug to do the housewark of a family. Apply at 1? Graad at. WANTKD?A OIKL, AH CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS and lo do line washlug, In a amall lamtly. Apply at Si I Reman at,. Brooklyn, bi'twecn elvoca and two o'clock, ti r two daya. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A OOOD CHAM iieimaid an t waitrea* wl.ilug to aaalsl In washing and ironing. Apply lietwcep II an.I - o'clock at 1IM Weal Mu at. WANTED-A GERMAN OR FRBNCU LADY (PRO teataut pr-'terreo) a? resident governess In a geutle inan'a family. Mu<t ala.. be able to Inatruct In English. Ad dreaa K., boi 1,708 New York l'oal olllce. j WANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO TEND BAB AT HO Mercer street, S Nicholas Shades. second door Irons I Spring treet. None nerd apply but those competent far the busi n..*a. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK in .i nnuill lamlly; uu American Fr. teataot preferred. Ap;>ly at 37 Taylor at., Brooklyn, E. D., second door from Medio d iv. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT'NURSE, to I ve In Ihe oonntl v ; one willing to take care of seve ral children, and vvi'h the tiest of city referen aa, may ap|Jy ai.1l Kaat 22d at., between 1 and 3 o'clock, to-day. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GERMAN GIRL, to <lo the ho .?ework of a small lumlly. Apply at 4li Weal .V>th St., thud door, .rollI, for tl.iew daya. WANTKD?A NURSERY OOVBRNESS, To TAKE CAKE of a young <irl who requires some aaaislanc? In walklat; It la necesaatj that the peraou has a good knowledge of Kp nch and Kiigltili, and that alie apoaka Krciich llunntly. Bent city relftieu ? will lie ro<|iilrtid. Addruaa, aUtUng wngea ekiH'cled, Ac., A. W. O., Herald olllce. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A FIRST CLASH DltKHS luaKer, lo go a a..on distance in Itie country: wa^ea $H p r month, aud board. Oue able to take thi. entire charge; oiUer u.-ed afiply. Call from 8 lo II A. M. or 7 to 8 P. M. at 311 4th at, second blook west of Broailwsy. W .NIKD?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON .None but a thorough aud experienced cook, wha eaa luiue well recommended, need apply at 79 7th at. WANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO DO SEWING AND housework; none but Americana need apply; an Kaxt eru lady priTcrri-d. Aililrvaa G., Luis I 'JO llemln o't1m\ WANTED-A NICE TIDY YOBNO GIRL, TO DO TIIF. house woik of a small family: mi,si b? a good cook, washer and Ir. nif, at d must have ih? best of city relerouce. Apply Inuoed lately ml HO Harrison si. WANTKD?AN OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON and Wiliox A GlbbS sewing machine*. Noue but those who umicraland clouk making need apply to A. M. A K. I>?* I's .KIK Broadway, ii|i stairs. Wanted?hood silk embroiderers, accustom" nl to wo: king in 1 ramus, anil to work to Ihe workroom; also, a gold bullion woi k?r. Apply nt Lord A Taylor'*, Broad way kiiil Grand ?t. Entrance In Orand ?t. WANTED-A YOUNG GI'tL WHO SPEAKS FRENCH VV well, lo Luke i?re of enilrtreu and iuak< icrsuli gene rally nseiul; also, ? tlrl for general bouar?u.k. Apply at 6d6bih a*., corner of ?ih ?L. oyer the tore. _____ WANTEl>?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, wash and Irou; Uin oilier for up stairs. Apply at Id Ktst 37tli st. WANTED-A NURSB AND SEAMSTRESS. A PRO teMant. Oood reference, required. I .'all for two days ai A Wnat 25th at. WANTED-A WIDOW LADY AS nOUSEKEBPRR, by a widower having two chitdreu; such a lady would tin.I a good and bappy bome; no objection lo her having a daughter H or 9yearn of age. For Inlormation addrew E. Smlih, Jersey Clly, N. J. _ WANTEI>-A SMART GTRL TO DO HOUSEWORK; aii.. tnusi l?e a good co>k, wa^lier and lnnier en I fully capable In every resiswl. Such a one will llnd a k<hA place lor ihe winter at 96 Went 44lli at. WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO DO OENERAL housewoik; i ne who is not alnil,I lo w-,rk ami ean ounie well recounnoudod. Nono others need apply at Uroomeat. lirANTED?A TIDY, WILLING GIRL, TO DO THE VV gcnersl housework ror a small f imilv of three persons; must be a Hrm rale washer and ironer anil understand mak liiH bread and ilo nm*l ( lain cooking. Wages $4 a month. To those who can bring good clly referenue a gissi steady homo will be given for ihe winter. Call from II till 2 at 10# West 30^1 at., between 7th av. aixi B o.idwuy. HELP WANTKU-MALMj^ AGENTS WANTED?MALE AND FEMALE, TO SELL Ihe Union PrlaM Ulft Pitokace, which contains 7.1 valua ble recti**. Union Envelopes and Stationery, n colors, a Splendid likeness (fit l'?) of General George B. McClellan, tbe Napoleon of the present war, and a glltol superb jewelry. Agents are now nuiktng from $5 lo $Io i>er day. Send stamp for our mammoth circular. our lua RIOKARD8 A CO., 10! Nas*au streeU_ AfiENTS WtNTF.D F.VF.RYWHERE-2.&0 AORNTS. male or female, i-an cam from fl to per day right oil by selling Lloyd's $3 Om, l?l Steel Plate M ,p of Missouri. Prion onli awn>,orei hlfo $1. Lloyd's llOsJocl Plate Mop of ihe 15 S-Milhern Slates, price 50 cents, four for $1. rheae Maps are warranted correct. 25 ''enis csnl'al I* sufficient. J. T. LLoYl>. 164 Broadway, A CENTS WANTRO?TO SELL BROTHER .IONATHAN'8 I'atent Furniture p, lish III New York, Brooklyn, and In every town in the Unl.n. Sales warranted, or money re funded Applv a) 20,-t Bro.ulway, N. Y. I" J. B. HARLOW, Sole Ag'-nt. AOKN-TS ?'AN I l."Alt FROM $5 TO $"<> PER DAY I,poo a capital ot rnm (2 io $10. hy wiling an article of unlioilti d derand, entirely hew. Call from 9 to 3 o'clook, at JO Cortland! ntreet, up slalrs, back office. AORNTS WANTED-TO SELL PATRIOTIC AND Mili tary Packet*, quite new and saleable. More can be made ontbeaelhau ..n anything else; worth J'Ut m<11 for 26 cimti. Si'nd nuuiip for oirctilar. HASklNH A CO., 3o irian Ml. AGENTS FOR THE 8 A LB OF A NEW PATENT AT uchment to alter a fluid lamp to burn kerosene oil la h-Jf a minute; tho cheapeet and simplest Invention of the day can bn retailed at t'J cents. To enterprising country agents the sole agency will be given Tor a town, county or Male according to poichnse. By remillAJice of 25cent* wn Sles will be sent. Address Isaaoseo A Ce., 44 Fulton street, lew York. A I.AD WANTED-TN A t)OAL OFnriE; ONE WHO has been in the business before, resides with his pa rents, and can bring satisfactory re I c re n cos, may apply te Aaron Swarts A Son, coal office, 16H Chrystle a*., 1ml wee a V and 11 o'clock. DIUtn CLERK WANTED?ONE WELL (JUAI.IFIBD I* bkke charge of a retail store and can procure good ell/ reference, Apply at 515 Broome at. I ERRAND HOY WANTED?ABOUT FOI1RTBKN OR li fl'teen years or a<e; wa<es $2 per we?k; must harn^ the rccomni'-n^1 tons for boneiuy Audita i?oi w I'ost office. In handwriting of applicant, giving residence, r? fercnce and where can h?, seen. N. B.?None but those r? slolng In the rliy mted apply. Employment.?a competent and rf.liabi.b man can liave a permanent Situation and good we rs, as canvasser, deliverer or country sgent. ArP'y,"0 .'ohnsoij. Fry A Co., publishers, 27 Beesnian St., tnim V to 12ami I n>5. Wanted?an american boy, in a first class ur nerv store; one th %' baa had some expenetv e and lives with his jwren'.s prefcrrod. Addrtxas W. A., Ih>* 179 He rald office, wtih reference. Hr ANTI'D?TWO CONDI CTORS. TWO URAKKS >IEN, VV 2 entry u en.s, 2 boys for trid'S, 2 girls to travel, 1 scain-trcse I stewardess,!! pi rters, 4 men on steamers, olerk lor a 11 al o'ui'-e. App'y at No. 7 Chatham ?nuar>'.^ II'A NIK I)?AA WAIlKR, AN (Ml AII It IK T> WAN, VV I'.ou-Siaut: must lia. r good city rei. r? uoc. ArP ^ at 129 11Kb -t. nusr llroaUway, irwiu II till 1, ibis da>-(W.'d ncailay.) _ WANTP.1>-A SMART BOY AHOUT 18 YF.AIIS OLD, AS salesman in a bmit mid ahoc store; on>' a. (polluted wi h the huslncKH. K Terence reoture l as to honesty. Inquire at Jaui. s l-cwo', 157 Myrtle av., Ilrm.klyh. WANTLD-RECRflTlNO Al.F.NTS. WHO MAY BE niilcSo procure a number of ni n. Ulieral pay wiU be given tounv so, h by applying Immediately at 9ft Hester street, corner of Bowery, rrom 10 to 12 o'clock A. M. WANTKD.?A QUIET MAN. WILLINO TO see io llresand make himscll us lul in the house, can bear of a peimaneni situation near the cit>, and good wage*; II marileil wife must lie a good plain cook; single prelerred Address with reler. nccs, sbit n^ where i?*lemployed, Coun try R sldeiice, box IS1 Herald office. WANTKD?A YOUNO MAN AS CLERK IN AN UP town v.roecry s ore. App y, after three o'clock to uiorrow, ?15S2 Elgh.h ?v.. neat 41M ?t. VIZ ANTED?AN ENTRY CLERK. WHO IIAS HAD EX VV perlenee In i n.eruig sales In ibe tlrv roods and jobbing business; he must write a g,?d hand and b?' quick and cor rect In figures; none other need apply. Address bot l,80? Post office. WANTKD -.1 respectable MAN TOTAKE CHARGE of the paying counter oi ao old established eating house, as i*rtner, near the best-market In the city. Apply at 170Chatham st. J. P. TRAvEHl 0>1 AA PER month -agents POSITIVELY MAKE JblUU II Dotim'n p?ient Hem Folder ?od Tuck inadapted for machine or hand sewing, and other aru clea of reaJy aale. OaII on i?r addreaa (enciownf tump) JO* ?epb Dadin, 9 Puaae ?!., near (jhaihaoi, H. T. ia. TUB THAPKB, T>OOKKBRPRR WANTP.D?A, YOUNO MAN WHO J. J writ*?? a good band urllli ludlrlnnl aip^iifiiee lo write up ? wt of hooka In Mingle eotrv. Th* situation I* onljr tm Eurary, unless (he party oould Influence a* lex at lowest aiar* et r*l#i wlih railrn id mid st'smshlp ouniMDl'*! of a Hlula article, of which they are large ?-??nsumera. In being a' If te do this a permanent and .trslrable rtiuatlon could Iwn. cured. Adareaa, wllh particulars, 13., boi 2,37* Post office. NEEDLB MAKP.nS WANTED.-APPLY TO JOB THORNE, No. 0 I Inward at. SHOEMAKERS, ATTENTION ?riVB HUNDRED HHOB makers wauled 'mmerital l> lo work on army shoes at advsnced prices, at 43 Dey sireet. rpo SHOE M A K E R8.?W A NT ED, ONE HUNDRED MBit JL to make army shoes, at tid Wn?i 13th at., to the rear. Tailors wantkd.-hoo hands wanted,to makb military Jacke a and coats. Apply at Beruhelmor UreX 199 and 201 Broadway. WANTED?TWO HUNDRED TENT MAKERS, TO OS to Philadelphia to make army tenia; three months' ?. ployuient guur.iuteed; loll lighted with gun, opened at all A. M? closed at nine p, M. AppK t.. T. D. Wilder A Co.. No. ? South at., Nrw York; or 300 vine at. wharf, Philadelphia. TIT'ANTEP?80 GOOD TAILORS AND TAILORESSBS TT for HuiaMngcoata; steady workaudfood pay. Inquire etOOJih at., basement. WANTED-A DENTIST, competent IN PILLlttS TT and plain work. A| plieant* liy fuail will >i?ir tkats axe, hew long they hare bet u tit ousts, In what brancA ikj eacnl, and Mages r 'quired. Address Preterre, dentist, u) Howi iy. Also, a denial student WANTBI>?A QOOO TIN AND SHEET IRON WORK rr. None but a good h nid nerd apply to D. 8. QueaSf A Hon, Henry at., oorucroi Poplar, Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ENGINEER competent TO HDR A steam engine, and i<> take charge of a wt of rr ulUH machinery; must fie s.iber, stendv und Industrious. Aaali 10 E TREADWEI.LS SONS, 1114 Warren street. WANTED-A VEGEATAHLE HARDENER. TO UO TS Nai-aan, Bahama*. Apply to Wm. Knowlee, Ne. M 11 era Iki at. WANTED-A MARRIED MAN WITHOUT FAMILY, AS plain gardener and to takechar;e of a small place Ml the country. One who In wiling to take very moderate wane* can apply, with testimonials, la C. Bookhsra, MB Oread street. t)fT COOPERS ??ANTED?TO MAKE PLOUR BAB. AU rels. Apply to A. T. ilil^s, C4 Kutger's all p. FRENCH ADVBRTHENEHT8. ON DEMANDS UNB" BONVE IRANOAISK ODf aai-ln- i-Inn coud> e cl iairti lea ntlies. S'adresser ? I'Ue tel Slvorl, No. 2 Washington plane, Jeudl, de neuf heures a dUL ON DBMANDE-UNB DOMESTTQUE PRAN0AI8R OS Suisse, bun recmnraandee, qui sa>'he lalre une heoas cuisine et laver et r? |xi*ser pour line dame seule. Sadressa an 4!*){ East 12th si., nerthweet corner of Broadway. ON DEMANDE UNE PILLE FRAN0AI8E POUR HM. goer deui eulauix; 11 laut qu'elle (mt'ln parfalteiueiit aa langtin et quVlln aarhe hlen cmidre. On exlgn lee retercocea ?lelaTiUe. Inutile do *e preaenter aan* etre Protuataate. 8 ailreaaer par leltre a A. W. (1? Herald nfllce. UNE DEMOISELIiE FRANCAI8E DESIRE FAIRS tA connal nam e d un monsieur pour an tuarlcri S fautqu'll Holt d'une bonne ' milled it'une belle taille; ue e'est imn a ?eensalre qu'll sn|i nclie a'll a un bon etat; l*"la e'eal Inutll,' queleaamrea ne pivaentn. S udrt aaer a MaA' molaelle Cleniaulinn, Uniitn aquare Post oQlce. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WASTED. A YOUNO WIDOW I.ADY, OP REFINEMENT and UO. efal habits, w on d I kc U> mtu-t with a party or geat!? lat'u who hi ak< a siuall house, which ?he would furai-% and atij erinteinl, making a quiet aitd genteel home. Mr I urther par tcUWra < r an lutemew address a note to Mrs. 0. B. Thuuipson, Herald o.dce. Apartments for a small family-in aroos neightMiifaiMmI, not iieluw Hieecker nor abor<? FourleeaA street, CAinsisuuK of parlor, kin-hen and two bedrooms. a? dreas W. H. I'. 11 ? r. ld oflii.-e. Mating location, termssrlaS partleulars. Eaa. side pni.i i red. BlURNISUI'D HOUSE WANTED?IN the VIC lCTf of Ne# i'ork or appiT p.a t or the city, for six tn inlhsi a medium wizeil g"ti O'l r r i lied limine. Heal city re SfMMf given. A< dress M. H. K., Post uihee, staling partlculi?a iM lowest rate per uiotuh. FURNISHED HOUSE wanted?NICELYfOBNIMK T, In a good location; icntlaki u ui board, With prwSigic el a lew lirst cIush linard ra; couvenieul le cars or stages. Address Vlark, IH Whitelisll stri-et, stating rent and parties lars. Furnished house wanted?in new york ?s Bmoklvn. ?m .11 md ueaUy lurnished; must be in a siraldn oelghborhoiHi, and witti nil th ? ni'xlern hnpn>T>'me(4K Kent low. No atlnnUon p:tld to olle m unless fall partlrulw* ?re given. Adilre.i? 8. E. A. !m> 2,(^54 New York Post oHk-% Furnished house wanted.-a small full* furnli-licd Home In ihf*city or Bruoklyi , or Pari ol a Huum, consisting nf alwiut four rooms, with privilege Is kitcbr-n; rent not i<> Cineisl $:uu or $325. Addreaa W. w. T. W., Union square Post offlue. HOTEL WANTED? MUST BE WELL LOCATED AMB well furnished, dniiig a fair bualnea*. value aiwat $12,1)01). Any one luring m il to dispose of will be treated with confldentltily. G-ncral Agency, 63 Nassau airevt. House wan ted?in Brooklyn, well located, with l? i or inure Lit* wwrtli I'runi cigbi u< nlxleen ihmi' sauu d<>l ars, lor wulcil u smaller h use, without iniawi bram*. will be (.1 pi and th? balance in cash. Addraa Hona stead, hux 4-,'U Brooklyn Pi -a otllcn ROOMS WANTED.?THREE OR FOUR ROOMS WIT? panutm, wi, tar, Ac.; p.etnitnl location; lor a iamb) ?f three, on n Ho^bb, or a small neat Oottu.e neuJ Uia i lly; Mat* lowest i rmm per mouth, and addreaa fur rtoaa days A. U., box ISO Herald oiUoe. Rooms wanted.?a married courLE, wituoui olilldi-rn, want (vHini i?ur iinlurnlalicd Rooms, Willi faa and water. In s quiet re.peotable houNO In Briuikl> a, D--1 'nlmn li rrj pr - nrrivl. Rent must be moderate. Aliiresa. giving full par I ulitrs, Clerk, box ii,!508 PoetoQice, N. Y. ROOMS WANTED-A PARLOR, KITCHEN, PAN Tit IHA all 1 two I.r ibreo Beorootnit, <n iirat or seuond Uo -r.>' t?f|ow Twentieth ati-ei. and supplied with water..!id ?**. Rent noi morn than $12 per month. Addreaa J. M U.. I r ralil odloe. WANTED?A PULL OR EXTRA SIZED WEI L FVB 11 in lie I House, dji IJui hi or Madison aqiiare, Ki t.i ara nne, or adjacent thereto, 1" he occupied an a Ural class boaed. lug house, wl h i select family. Referencea an't full security given by the it> plieant. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, Metro politaa Bulldiui;, Pine street. ANTED?BY A OENTLHMAN AND WIFE, AN EST are Kirn or 8econd Floor, well furninhed, with housekeeping privl.egea and reasonable rent; situs lea between Eighth and iVentieth streets aim Third and tiiitM avenues. Aitdri a.- H. O., bun 1,6*4 Post ollke, with full pur> tloulara. w WANTED?1NT1L MAY NEXT, OK LONGER, A 8'nall li rnl-iied or tinfurnlsln d Hnuae, locoimn ho. tween Eighth anil Tbiid avenues, ami Kourlii and Kaitf aacoud air eta. Add A. L., ncrald oilice. WANTED? FOB TIIH WINTER. A FliRNlSilBO Houmi, between Koiirieenih unit Thirtieth stroma, .'tad Fourth aim SUih nvi n .ee. Address, w Ith particulars aad terma, box 4,o27 general 1'oai oilicc. WANTED?A SMALL furnished IIOI BE, IN A go ?l iniaii' ii in ii cikijn. within halt a rnlte of the lerrii'a, for a ti n l y oi n r e. Two nr three inmoti-H may t?c I main an bounlera If dinned. R-reretne* ev. tiangeit. ' Ab drt ha. with lull i tleulafa, ,1. 0. Lawreni*, Poat otfl<e, N Y. WANTED - A STORE IN GREENWICH STREET, BE, iwvtMl liar I . MUll Pulton Hiri ia, on tht> west fl,l? mi th A i v i tr&on hMTtng ? b'uMe of a morn 10 da* powi oi mny m.?IcI t t-u J??hn M??hh, lie raid oflice. WANTED?HY \ qbmbxam, A ROOM AND PWD rouin, un urhlhlfsl, atuci ed, where be can l>e ? aura | ly *r?e; rent f'r??ni $i.'i o $LV .* n? mth; h?ca(iou near Hmmu I way |>re 1 orred. A><?. e m, r*uitii? mil [?ariir.u *rs, B. B., bom I 2,iM9 I'lini oUiOe, Keiert*j)r.ttegiven if 1 ? quir? d. WANTED?UNh F.MUIE Oil TVfO SMAIJ, UN FOB* iilMhK' Ho. inn, lu a hi!ll?l?n^ iiH?d in i>art fur oiiii??t or having an Hitiejimiilctu ent anfi' from Ihe mr*eif lor ? lewe of oao year ??r rw re; r nt not to excoed %7b for <??? mc $100 lor two Kooui* p -r annntn; a third or fourth ?torjr pr*? i? rrt;d. Ailtln-iM* K. i\ M., ilt nild oilitj?. ANTED?BY A SMALL KAMI LY, THRKH OB FOU* uiifuri ished liiMtno*; hoiiNf with una ami water, ar?4 W aoout U'a iiiiiur.ei w.iik from O ty llalL Rel'ereuim changed. Aiiilrciw A|nirlnii<iu, box 2,208 1'oat orilc*. WANTED?I'till A YOUNG GERMAN PHYSICIAN, A we,I furiilalitsl ltoum end llodroom, In a gento--i .ad ao< table Am i1 .19 amny. Where he c..n have a ihanoa to Improve In tile Lngliah l.tcguage; tint floor, t'mn room pre f. rr. d; Iota Ion ewat of l!ma.;wity. not above Ten 11 iut-o*. Pleaao adnri Ht Di. f. U, It' i .itd ulllon. WANTED?AN AMERICAN LADY, A SUPBBIoa h.niwai.1 per, wtab -a 10 lake a huuae partly furolibi d, and board a g> i.i.em 01 <<nd wlfi', or a widower wtih chllu ea, l?r the rem, ?Itti pi Ivlliujn of a ronpln more boarnem. rvia l.i-a mu-t be re^p?.. i.*i?|e. Wi*uld like a location bi'lwe?a Fouilli i.nd Thiri) lourih elieota, or ua Brookiyu Uei^ta. Addr< aa Uwinll, nia.ion O WANTED-A KI kmt CLASS COMPLETELY rUR. 11 a ml .11111 Kt 'ry prlvati dweluUj,, tor a e. I ot boant Ing hoime; ?>tu.itivi b?-iween Tenth and Thiriielb atie. la, aud k'ourih aim Sixth .iv. mien, until May l.or longer if dealiedl n et m >??? rati ; ret. ren< a exe.hnngi-d. Addreas, M*Unl> terma and lix uUoii, K. !>., Hi ral.i o,l??. FI.'KXITITKE. ABBDRtJOM SUIT OF Ii.NA.Mdi,I.ED KUR.V1TIIR* lor in all colors, iW war.aBtod uianuli.e.tuic; nai ao.lJ Ch >111111 Cltaoiber Sulta, pl.iln and ornamental,at II, K. AitiliN i I'. IM'S, SOU Canal street, oppoalte Wooatcr. Ua. Utbltahoil iu 1 .IK Ail Kinds of kuuniturb, look:no olas?eiv ., a ..a , .1' , oel.r.v uu :!ion pii ?!??, ? , . ,uie , ..u . uei. t r d ireo. rl ..??? caU at ti. W. SXEDliS',1. 6 .t .ar. iy, between Stanton anil Uinta on .-trceui. Y011 Wm ?..?? xuo^ ney. Note t ie number. Repair.n ; iloua. Enamelled chamber si its of furniture, in alt Colors and Htylei, at wtioleaale aud retail, at a:i4 npwama. also, Maltri vieaand Palltaaaea. WARREN W AlUj. 277 Canal atreet, four doors citat of Broadway. IrtlRST CLASS ENAMEI.I.ED Kt'KNlTURE?PLAIX deoirnleii .mil gr.uni 11; aollil walnut anil oak Seta, licasea, hprttig Bed, Ac. cimu, fruui $23 upwards. J. W. K1SIIER A CO., M.iuufacturera, 6fi0 Broadway, betMeea Hlei-ik.T ami Bond sir els, marble bulldiug. LM llMTl'U ?VuRNITT'RE.?I WI8S TO PURCIl ASl J? aoout ?Z.itiOwonh oi HouaehoM Furniture, Car)>4? MirrorH, ,ic.. suitable tor a hotel. I will |>ay hall raali and one half in good men haniilsc at fair prices. Would like M by the 15th or AHh Inat. Addresn Hendrlka, Herald ollice. F" I U RN i i U It ti WAN l'ED?Tti RKNT OR PURCI' A - 8 tor p:lv.*.e uae, auit iiile iorallniL cluaa lour*tor> i.oui^j must be o. giM?l quality, including sulu lor two p rloia and tour bedrooma, with Carpela, Apply to 8. DINoEE, No. 6 Pine street. IrKlK SA1.E t'HKAP?A NBW SUIT OF OREEN VBL 1 vet and r iwwoo.i Furniture, aeven pleeea. Call at I.J West Forty-cightli a.r. et, near Eighth avenue. Call for twe dajra. SPOUTING. ~ IilRANCl's BUTLER. NO. S HECK SLIP, HAS ALLTHS 1 ihou? lor stoek and sain. Butler's Infallible M inge Cure and Flea Exterminator, SOeenta per bottle. Hat. ler's 'dreeding. Training, D -e isea, Ac., of Dugs," $1, Dtp Board d. Trained, Ac. Medicines for all dlseaaea. WANTED?A OOOD DOUBLE BARRELLED D0CK ing Gun. i. must tie in prfeei or ?r and otTer?4 cheap. Addrcaa, with full deaortftWo, box 4.7U7 New Tm%

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