Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1861 Page 3
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BOVliM, MOI I I'tKnu riMT CLAW FURNISHED HOUHB TO Jk laL with all the modern Improvement*, beauufeWy Siiian-1 Mar WaikHg*"- aquare. with mirrore, chaMtaliera, ?wTie Amort deairabfc residence for a large family, ?aCwtil be let tow to a good tenaat. Apply at U? Wavarlsy time, this w?It. 7 NKATLY HU RNISHED HOU8B IN ASTORIA PLEA A santly situated, but Or* minutes' walk from steamboat Ending, will be let till April 1 at $44 a month. Addreas box ^U7 Port ?(tire natll OotoberlO. A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE IN ASTORIA PLEA aantly situated, but live mlnutea' walk from ateaniboat kndlmi, will ba let till April 1 at $16 a month. Addreas box &M7 Coat ofllue. 4 THREE STORY HIOH BASEMENT BROWN STONE JL House, with all improvements mid completely fur SUbed, to Portj-alghth street, hetwe< a Eighth and Ninth ?venuea, to let for $46 per month. / " 1 " WARNER A PAY, 49 Union aquare. A PARTMENT8 TO LET-WITH EVERY CONVB A. (ilence, to quiet famlllee, at re lured rrma. Inquire of (be betisekeeper, on the premiaea, 99 Weal Houston atreet. A NEAT TWO AND A HALF STORY HIGH STOOP House, (wide), on Weat Twenty-tlunl ?treet, In Brat rate ardar: modern improvements, itaa bnurea, Ac: rent WO per aaaalb UU May. J. R. EDW AKDS, B7 Wot Tweuty-thlril at. A GOOD CHANCE.?THE LAIU1B AND SPACIOUB Store, with or without the Whole liouae, .UT Elgbtb ar? ?H, between Twenty-eighth and Tweiiiy-ainili atreeta, weat ?Me, to let. The location cannot t e entiled on tha avenue <Br aim< at any kind of buaiuca*. Unit low to a good tenant, aad puaaeaaton Immediately. Inquire in the atura. Brooklyn?to let, the handsome three aiory brown atone liouae, 37U Henry atn-et, with bath, mm fixtures, *e , In l<eat order; rent low. Inquire of H. M. Silverman, isb Broadway. COTTAUE TO LET?in BROOKLYN. WITH ABOUT hall' an acre of land, fruit ard -naile treea; nelghliorbood trat etuaa; houao I* 40x30, and baa eleven rooma. Rent $330. Apply to O. A. KiSSAM, No. 30 Pine atreet. New York, be tween 11 and 4 o'clock. fjKIRA BOARDING HOUSE ?TWO LARUE AND ELE JP canllv ftniaked brown Siouo Huiiicn. connected, situated fci a desirable and tnabi' nable part of tiio city, to rent ui a ?Mly eaiMihle of keeping u strictly tlmt Usa boarding houae. The proprietor will take a Ian;* t art ?>? the rent In Board. ?44 re is tur two daya A. B., bo\ l,iS7 P< at office. r'RNlKIIKD AS the HOUSE K'oW IS (324 WEST Tweuty-aeiond t(ree(), I will let it t ery cheap to a proper party. Ilcan be <i ?n from 10 to :i o'clock. Inquire on the (remises for terms, or at my resident e. K. NICHOLLb, 41 Weat Thirteenth atreet. rKNISHED HOUSE TO LET?OS 'OURTH STREET, ?|ipoaue Waaliington square, fur:: l ed in a auperior ?tanner, and in perit-ct order; to a timat'1 lumlly only, for ?la or twelve months. Apply u( 73 jltiir-y street. RNISHED HOUSES TO LEr-45 I-. \BT TWENTIETH street ami 41 Twentv i 'Mti at t, to privalo fanil :eaeb 12 ro<>?!-. with the improvement*, in perfect order. I P *M ^ I'weuU second atreet, front 1 RNISHED HOUSE TO UCT AT YONKERS?CON ta ning twelve rooms; full* I ut inihifd, w.tu everything ilew for honaekeejpn., eicept .in. n an I i-llver. Rent Fli Si JH> F p*r month. <-.u U.?tf liumedmtrlj. For rlimiiurb appijr ut 910 Uiu^tiway. S. OUSE AND STORE TO LKT-178 SECOND AVKNUB, tornerof Thirtieth atrei-t, aulta<.le for a h.tkery, la^er >r, orativ e'her IM-Hrieea; 1!>* veti's1 lrn?" will be pen. Inquire an me preuimaa. JJTOKK TO ItKM'-NO aol SIXTH A^E.VUE, NEAR 10 Koiirteen Ji atreet, now 04M-ti|ile<l p a it uae furnialiing aitrre. Stoek >nd uitcrca fo-sal>-: 'k?,C(.hhi Nhvi mla-r 1. Apply ?aabove or to A. Y. W ai'K.N.i a SON, 16 Catharine ?net. C*ORE AND apartments \CK, HAVING OAS O and C'rotiiu, to let (not lor ur'--etleanr liquor), at re iueed rent, lmiuire of the li'Miftefct eper. ail tbe pretulaes. Ml Waal Houainn atreet, near Tnonipaen. STORE AND ROOMS TO LET, AIL ON ONE FLOOR, at a jrreat wtert'ce?Kour at rr In, i lag, iron Iroiit.Kt.l t>?e for a grocery; r> nt $15 pn moutb. App.y to PETER . SCI1ENCK, No (Jreenwleh atrv^'t. TO LET?IN THE BEAUTIFUL LOCATION BETWEEN Rifond and Tli nl avenui a, the Tlitrd Ho> r ol 177 BunI Chifteenth atreet, animating of three lorn* room*, one small ?worn and a acinlety; gua. hot anu * >ld aater, ac.; enly $12 far month. Inquire of Mt. IV, t. t'O., 111 Ui oadway. T? rl.ET?A GOOD CHAK' E Fail A MAKER TO COM menee business In ill* village ot Guitcaberg, N. J.?Two Haas.-*, one <? stor.', buiii < itrcsaly f >r a lattery; the oilier suitable for 11. d\v llin;;; eiub have fUiuiea attached, wick .t good is ell ol water. It will iv n ^mid t bailee to any Birtorpnsing man to oomniein..: ,ut I., hi; lius.niM, an there in an good Iwker In the villa,.e. AM . M K OH the Maen. brewery of Kohler A Kloclx , v ' t tcberjt, N. J., or to Squire Dwvers, near the in'< ni x-' ? pi,oeiie Seventieth atrrrl, North river, N. Y. r I.ET-WELL FURNISHED ROOMft, IN BROWN ?tone Hmiw No. W Bowery, e'.ugly ind In miitm, to ;ie aunirtodate families; also similar Ku,.ms li (5UJi Broadway, near Houston Ktreet. I n q aire in the i.ieiuutra. Frice in ?oaordiince with the times. LET?NO. 15 WASHINGTON I'f.ACE. SECOND bloek trorn Broadway. llui se In jroou repaj*. Inquire an mi. 11 West Tweuty-aicoud str. i , fruui b to ID A. M. and ?nn # to 7 r. M. rLET-TWOlOR THREE WKM. F! P.NISIIED ROOMS, ?n seeoud flour, suitable for housekeeping, In Tweuty tn street, between Fifth anil Hix:avenues; privilege in Wtahrn 11 deoirsd. For address *;?, If at Maolaou square IM alllee. rr,ET-TnE TWO STORY A*T> ATTIC HOCSE, IS4 Went Nineteenth street, O" ar Eighth avenue. Hoot $3t0 per ? num. Apply to H. S. 111.Nil VN, No. JBiuW street. ino ij-:t-thk five story b;. .lding no. m frank X lin street, running through Hi- Hock to 77 V> i ite street, ?*>*) feet, comer of Gortlandt alley, flmt <lo.r east or SraadWHV. Alio No. H Franklin aireet, l&iluO feet, four aOory Hi'ih ilie?e buildings ar.- rtll lighted an J suitable fte aloro ur manufacturing purp- r . Apply at 71 Walker *t. r LET-TUB FINE FOHR PTORY ENGLISH BASE men!. House 1.14 Went Fortieth atrni t. containing all the modern Improvements aud g.t* tixlures, In complete ord"r. Btnt $200 till the Ut of May next. impure of A. 1'. YOOR BIH, 148 West Fortieth Ureal. (TO LET?THE THREE STORY HOUSE, CONTAINING X all the modern improves ents, la. \Srat Twenty-fourth atrnet; gas, chandeliers, fixturer, sta<i ?, .tc., will br left; *nt from Ortober 1 at the rate of lit 0 Apply on the Vtnlio* from ? to 12 or S to* o'clot* to-day, after at I&2 Clumlierx mn-et, up Rtalra. LET?l'UK SECOND FLOOR A.,J> FRONT BASK nietitof housi No. 177 Went Twenl)-iourtli atreet,toa II family without children; all aiudarn Improvements In bouse; to be seen at aay time. IJK) f|H> LET?THE STORE, WITH FIXTURE8 AND BASF." X of tlit* kMM WllllllSIMM, i'erine moilei .ite. A very desirable location. Inquire at 3.V) JJleeck?;r street. mo LET-AT CARMAN8VILLE, FURNISHED OR nN X fiiriu.-h. d, a base n-nt twu rtvi-y uH.o House, large gai- I dan; gas ?nd ivaler .4ln.u1; ipx'd a'lntor reatilenre. j Fbrty llve mlniitto fruui Cnutu c s >.ir< e> and jive nunui. s Train depot *rp!f to W. H ATW ATBR, 57 Mald' n lam1. TO LET?HOUSE NO. 51 LlKFKNARD STREET, NEAR Broadway; rent low. Apply to A. JOURNEAY, Jr., 874 Briwulwuy. rl.ET -IV BRDOKI.TN. A NT- \T HOUSE IN LIV- I lng?ton street. Hl.uaiiou resp.' tn'lc and ?um' ul mum to the ferries, nus gas. Reiit^JTi. Inquire of G. HILL, Mo. i Hanover plai e, Brooklyn. TO LET OR LEASE-ON HOU STON STREET, WEST of and near Broadway, a foui tto.'y iMieK lions ', twenty #v? by seventy-flve, lot twenty-live by 109 feet. Ttio honen to in romp ;e or.Vr, nowly |?iperetl ?i.<i painted; h.u water, K, 4c. Tlie loitttion Is very dealrabie, *ml It vrlil bo let or nert on very fnvnrabie term* to a r -s; .nwlble teuant. Ap ply to CHAS. ?. MILLS, 34 CetLir k.r. et. IftO LET?A GOOD S17.F.D FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND X ltoor, with UeUroout atutelied, furnished or uuiuruii>he<l, ?ull/ibl" for im persons, or a >m^i ?upor Room, euiutule far a einglo peman. Inquire at No. 7 Vnir i avenue. (TO LET?FURNISHED, A FIRST ' LaSS FOUR STORY X brown sione front House, fcjtflii, on a wi le ?Ireet near Kroiidwuy. The lurniture .? euiuplrto tbrough ant, exeept Uitcu and .:iver, and ?ury linnusoiue. Ueni t,, a ?rivale i.,mlly very I jw. Apply to CH.vKl.RIi L. M1LIX, WOeUnr street. IflO LET-TUE LARGE FIRST CL\S> HOUSE NO. 47 X W.<st Twentviitnlli Street, nc:.r Bria.,wuy, i-iuuinirij; tweatv r.'Oios, el-ven marble ba?ina, latth, <? ?., bat ing lo en built for the ovut'i uea. No objwtl'.n to a Urst d.uis board tog house. Apply la the owner, on the premiaea. a\0 LET?ONE OR TWO FLOORS OF A BRICK HOUSE . on Seventieth Sure. i; Croton water anil g..f In tbc hou^i: II oommande a tine view ofthec'ty, and extendetl view of (lie Central I'aik and suiT'inniliiig country. Also, handNiune Vealdenue on Seventy-(fv ond ur?et and Tiilr. .-.Venue, Willi all or leu lots. House ou 8ereiiiy-th ri atr.-. t. All In gin>d aider. Apply on tievouty-second alr tet,i?l n.-r Third .i\ ??mil. J. OAI.LAGHAN. fTK) LET-BROADWAY STOP.E, 817; SMALL STOIlE AT X 4< East Twelith arrest; ci.rner Hmement and -*cond >'ioor mrucr of Sin; also li.wm* for m/ci+i.??, Jre., fivtu^ng Broadway. JotlN S. KEl^iO, 63WUUau I ? mo LET?FfRNTS.IED OR UNf'URNISHr.D, A THIRD X ftoor,l&ififiw hosiCt with all n.oucru iotproroin?iits, %o a sin'll lamtl> l >r huiwltei pin ?. Terms inou- r.t - Apply at the noruiwe-t "t.r.ior of Fourth.. i.u aitd T .'eti.y-ai^bin atrnet, enlr.'n-e on l wentz-ei^titf- ktr f|X) LET-AT NO. 10 WEST ELKVK.' TH I1TRR::T, l'OUR X door* west "i Bri a !* "y, tiiree ' ? , i , aecand Boor, v'Kti all fue modem l.u;i in ..r, ..^ u llenien preiei .- A ?>, ? m , y*. ,ui. fpo LET-THE SECOND FLOOR cf A MuOKKN Rl ILT X English tnux uient llo.iso, '."i ,i . i .4-.i. . ?ir. ei near Sixth s\i i.c. IT .{<:? ? ,, ... 1,410 BP M rpo let-no. m :iRf-\' vat, near waij ack's X lb at re, the ? ? ? res t went; theatores b - pt. v . together or *?, ira ? F< 1 1 .. . uu . , , ...... ._ TO LET.?A I.A : 1R 1 ..." 1. -, r, to let,, r I.r omit a ., n? u C( , irllS or witlie i li >srj. ; > i., days at No. I S. ..uto* rro RENT?Ft'KNlSJi X l'-nter, If desired, to a atom IN. 1 ? four norfes T 'J ? mi - ' *un t, . Kiua 1. venues. Appi: . ti- ? owni??\ o?' ?.?, .1 , . ?? , ,j > <>f 12 hjuI 5 P. M or 1II'). >?? % | ? %tre?n. 0 BIXT I COTOTR ' ' 31 I . t UI v furnl?U^<l, from tb>? o? ? ? j >nv ;u r, ?n, ?, ?, nboat tw ? miles from the ? . i-tei fix?ui tJ?#? Fordbsm d^p"t ? . I'* T ? ?? ? r??r..n tuir.s ?ix Arrt'ft ol' latid, i u-' ??? . v, n-h'^h ?n? in g<.odord* r. 4 . ? h? tv o diuini; ro ii and kitchen -ii thw lir r, with si;; - r mm* on tin? ?l\< idstorv. T! ?' * >?' .-i.Uwa !.e Iu? Tin-rent will Ik low, J r. h,nlui h , . of mo, two or : ? . ? i Ha ( . vii 1 ? iowl Ifwnntod. A'^IyV r ? * nr ?,orijt?ro!' C^nal nnd , ? Vr. lltiA V S, -m-u ?-!%Hi COAL* (lOiL $4 ....... ih F01 B AM) 1 nHt>\ bmTM fVeo, fri:koui wnnu*; wi?rr>nied mH wuiuht. Ia)V1> .v ? ? 23 I. .)?1. & . j .. gi Tw ... C10AI/?F.NGi.l.-H > ,'NM i. AVD tn EBFOOIi0EEEL, ' ?? imj?irtat.on?i :i I d p..r'i il.irly 1 irri"ei??tle use; sUo. j> ire P >i h J, ..-i. Le ?< an L ustMoun um. Prl.e .sj i,.w , . ? ..ui.litl r for. HENiU itEl'-i^, o.i,. , ..uu arci C-'--. nt e, and t-oivivf J. J?ua ub<. V> L.llilicli, I'm TVWUP, CENTRKTILLE OOCaSSr~UMra ISLAND^TBO? llug. ? W edaeeday, October ?, UM1, match far |3M> Wf forfeit, rain ur shine, mile heats, beat three la five. B. Warren namea grajr autre Touchnot to wagaa. D. Pfifar names bay mare Pauline, In harnsas. BKVINS A COHKLIH. Proprietors. PA8HION COURSE.?THE OKBAT TWENTY MILS match for $3,000 will come off on Thursday, October 10. P. Matthews namaa a. so. Lady McKansey. Hiram Woodruff. r, m. Milk Maid. Bain or ablne. FASHION PLBASU RE GROUND ASSOCIATION. Paahlnn Course.?W ednesday, October 9, 1881, at half, past two F. M. Pursa and stake (300. Mile bitata; beat three in live U> wagons. E. Wright eutersr. tn. Bally Ann. George Mai-key, a. m. Lady Queen. Richard Pearsall, b. in. Lady Emma. Wilsou Law ranee, h. b. Silas Wright. Iaaao Poole, g. h. Jim Morgan. Edward Mott, b. g. George. Boata wlU leave Fulton market, Jamea Blip and Thirty fourth atreet ferries In time to connect with the quarter-pasi one o'clock train to the course. Also, stagea will Wave Thirty-fourth street every Ave inlnutee. JOSEPH CKOCHEBON. Manager. Thomas j. miller, auctioneer-rare chance. J. B. monnot will aell at public auction, by THOMAS J. MILLER, auctioneer, his entire atock or Horses, in con sequence of giving up horse breeding, couitiriMug thorough bred etalllon Logan, brood Marea; Colts and Fillies; also seve ral fine saddle Horses, trotting Htalilous, Ac. Also mad Horaea: Mative American, Tartar, Locomotive and aeveral ?then. A number of fine Milch Cows, one pair well broken Oien, and Lord Clason, a tine Ayrshire Bull, twenty months eld. The aale will lake place on I'buis. ay, October 10. IHtil, at 12 e'dock noon, at the rarm ol J. B. Mounot, Clason Point, Wsstchestvr county, live mllee from Harlem bridge. Stages will leave Harlem at 1U>? O'clock for the sale. Cata logue* are now ready at the oli? r of the auctioneer, 74 Broad way, and at 8. W. Armstrong's, Harlem Bridge Hotel. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING ON Friday, Oct 11, at S o'clock. A match for $2t*); milo bents; best 3 In 6, in hame?e. Flay or pay. D. Filler names hay stallion Young Jackson. C. Young names bay horse. To came off on a good day. 8HAW & WHITE, Proprietors. hohieh, carriaue?, j*c. Ahorse, carriage and harness for sale.? The carriage aud harness are neurit new, having bee? ua d but a abort time. The horse is pelfnelly aound, kind and gentle. They will be sold at a low price an the owner bus not sufficient use for them. Inquire of Mr. Hamllo, at Dr. Chilton's office, 93 Prince street. AN ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS CARRIAGES AND light Wagon* lor sule by MINER * STEVENS, 72 Walker street, first door east of Broadway. A HALF SPRING JAGGER WAGON. $33; A SET Off light Harness, $12; a light Road Wagon. $ti5; a new do., $'J0; a set of medium site double H.trnes*, $30; a leather shifting top box Wagon, $80, all in good order. For sale at (6 East Thirty second street BARGAINS IN COUPES.?THESE fashionable and seasonable Carriages for sale at prices to suit tbo limes, viz. at $13(1, $200. $230. ?100, $.130, $400. $430and $300 Can be seen at WOOD BROTHERS, 3116 Broadway, one dour below Walker street. Boarding for horses.-the proprietor of the Union Hotel, Bloomingdaie road, octwcen Seventy first and Seventy-third streets, having an pie pastarags and good stabling accommodations, will receive pro|K<esls from gentlemen who des re a convenient location for their horaes. (carriages FOR SALE?CONSISTING OF SECOND J hand Road Wagon*, one low priced Top Wagon, an El tension Top Pbieton, Pole and Shafts. Ac.; also a Calccbe, very cheap, at STIVERS A SMITH'S, No. 89 Eldridga street For sale?a pair of fine bay horses, lono tails, about 13hands S inches high; very stylish in harness, good under saddle, sound and kind. Sold for want of use. Price $300; about half their coat. Apply at Miles' livery a ta ble, 32 West Nineteenth street, ?here they can lie seen. For sale-a valuable full blooded morgan stallion, aix years old, hi teen and half bands high, stout built nnd fast trotter; also a beautiful dapple brown pony built Home; valuable for a trotter aa formerly uaed. Apply at 48 Ohryatie street. For sale?two heavy cart horses, cheap, for cash; one Canadian Stud, about 13 hands hl|;h, and one Cart Home, about lli^ bunds high, aeeen tears obi; sold for want of use. Apply tn PATRICK LYONS, Cypress Hula Plank Road, near Ridgcwood Reservoir. For sale-a pair of horses with carriage and Harness. Horses stylish and large; color bay and light chestnut, partly thorougnbrcd; carriage and harness in good order. The property ol a gentleman who has uo fur ther use for tbetu. Cheap for cxah. Apply at the Irving stables, 18 East Fiiteenth street, near Fourth avenue. FOH SALE?A SPAN OF BRIGHT mahogany uiv n-.rv,, 1SU hand* hl.h tn"el.hivea?." |u|?, "uJ woiUdmiHllI^l',mr"r0f*?' ',?<* hl"h- TrrJ haudaom? wll be? .idehi? n??'f The above borne* F?ha!nU h^T"4* VKBT FAST BROWN MARE, 16v a^ihTat'T'T kl?h, I year, old; can tmeIn ihrc'< mtnutri; two ll.hMVa? RJJji"* w})* '' Pi ?insle and double Harneaa', Sleigh, Ruhr* ?8 Fifth uvenuu. ? * the h'jibl* to Thirtuinth' atroct,' ri ar of FOIt SALK OR EXCHANGE?A HAND80MK STHOKn rbt*?tnui ftorrcl ilnrsr. n-uilr miiei-n hanaiil?iSk * rar. .Wo^d?r,K3K? ?^^^KS^^^dbSnoemw,w?,? 'P*"1 ??< TTORPKS.-SrLENDID winter ACCOMMODATION T^rmllkaia ^7?*' ?? * /arm ,w?nty mile* troni Lheaiij Ten?a HWptr ujunlh. Apply at 14 Ann atn-.t 7 ._ PETER McQlTADE. Horse and doctor's carriage for sai.e?a browu Ilorae, 16% to 18 lla0(l!1 hi^ 5s?5syg?:vra skats W. H. MATES, Stable JOS Mercer atreat. Horses-wanted, a pair <,f good work <it is'h?"/ii'?,rTif "i"!? r"r * handsome bav piicing Horw Honktn. & S bi*h, *nd 8 f""" "Id. Apply u, or addriii J' Hopklna, *Q l-ourih arouup, Twanty-aacond atreet. W^inJ?DiT'A FAMILY HORSE, sound AVI? ^^naswaare muah imcH, that they wiah to *?u at a low u ?ure will nfama "*?*?A *; W AN1KD?A STABLE, WITH ACCOMMODATIONS and lUmeaaions^ "er?ld office, aiming term., location WAGON -ONE OF THE BEST BUILT wagons /TO (Hnnri WANTED--^ BXCHAIIOB FOH A LOT OP TIN AND ? ? ch'Vjp H'Tand h'tain^HA Wa <*n V? quire of JAMPj <"A KIt. |? We? ThtAy-lhlrt aS^'t WA^P~,A H2"SI' I5*TO '? HANDS high, wf?1 ?vJ teller and wi ll broke, and can tr..\ in lfhcTfro^klX?!>l,*iMJ?C*rfU|,'bIe lf 8 H"un'1 <?n?Utiitloii. bov^,(S0Po*omCj! * AdJre"'' wllh f?" P*n>cuUrfl, WASTED TO PURCIIASE-A LIOnT TWo WUHFf. "ugnwi^i,:1:^,- ?* SI 50 Vu?,A 1-AT T*?"IN'0 nORSE, 15W HANDS z[\itr0^i vrl$! ?waftrilirw4iwa?aiwStW ?. I'?,rd'n- ?"? bu 200 "ftUT fiARJ?AGKS, OOACIIES FAMILY ^*araa^gjK-E~?^g md ?"?;? "??"""?""I lianil Carriages 10and 12 N..,lnsu,,,-t. Krookly^n^Fuh^^^e ^ 8' medical. IVi v ' , -v"' 1 *'-*T atrr-et, and Ri)^ n'f .Vi/ 121 all wirfa ? > ,1, n, ' J"'!."!*"', Hr""S' "P-IHIotulj and ?:if aicly, h? for y -^ ?? , ? i>4, Br-ii i vraf, npsuUrs, from y A. M. io 6 i\ Jf. 4 FFE(TIO\S CAUSED BY MEll.TRY AND c?HTAI? C""" '. } ' r " n I" N>w York, at 612 H? '? ,v ? -,v '? V. .1'V-.-'r,!i It'illu 'liana*#, for l)y^> M?IW I\f ."if.! tn Which llHK ll ,4fcW'l iU?J U0IU|1 *'?? !}? -">SS*a 'hWh* " ,""1 ?ktn a.i * ;-..r jLv M *'?'e*Ja ?? *? Uf"<u^stiol'?,'!c: awtre,*,. IV . rjgJL*g?{S? o* rt? nv tobk y *. , ||^ t' . lf , -J 'v ? n flI Lhwn v Vo. SCI,7iT,npu'^"'ns 10 1,u' E!?Ka ! " ? 4*t 1"; ?!i!lr?J?S|' or be- | TV! '?Alil,,I. OFFICES 139 OKOSBY STRFi r ! 1-' ner of llouatmi. Ilvtrt., 11 to 2 :ml 6 till 9 P SI.' { ( )'"? 'lilP Kn HAV KuK '"illRTY YEARS CONFINED ,; u;:tf^h^T^ SKI!?!,;'X ; irrl's '. J d " "'J "T',y; "r n???^ - li <1 Dr. p, tr-n .it Ji ? r.' tiT, ","ot ","1 ?'? "'fcft tan ?? ? ... .1. ' .Hi;* I"' ? n In the , . th ? dl int itli ? , -ken ' % ;:r: ^"r*; ? ,,n,?,s ??& . ,f, . I' r 'flit til ? |X) vriOUS tuilit th> bJu^l i,i >A\ir\<* 'Vohfiin d ^ V ' fwty ?? urn d. It u $1 a n?|. and N'l :, 1?1. .4 ?., U' ??vWh?Ti! tb. <11 at the old ?in.-e, fn. <ol'ear<v .h i , "*? n'Ahlnc tb.rf ur,.ala of ihe 0:IW,i,Si!St"rM?lH, I I)r ii\ ** siaa'ffi'; time mid ? tm|f , Al: ?(._ ' "*'*? <*red In half the u?tal 1 >K'.'h < h' 1 '.'.[ftV or 2br '1,AMHERS aTKr.fcT. CS- V vO?M, >u. 6 1141 ,i,vU Juu*! ? l<-Mer 10 bos Boston BOAUPCTa AUD tOO?UI8. AT l.US AND 1,1* Broadway?handsomkly furnished suits of Rooms, all Ui? modern Improve manta, with private table. Alao aiugle Room*, with Board, between Twenty-art* aad Twenty-alxth street*, near the fifth Avenue Howl. At ? WOT FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth aud Sixth tmiitt, large Rooms, handsomely fur* aished, ta Sulla or tingle; alio, smaller Rooms for gentlemen, wlih Board. The house baa all the modern Improvement*. Reference* exchanged. A SUIT OF THREE VERY DESIRABLE ROOM8 TO let, furnished or unfuruithed, with or without Board. Apply at 31 Baat Twenty-fourth itren, corner of Fourth avenue. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET, TOOETHER OR ?rparate,a suitof ueally furnished Room*, with Break feat, to gentlemen, In a pleasant location. Reference* ex changed. Apply at 91 Weet Eleventh street, near fifth are' BU?. A small FAMILY HAVE NEWLY FURNIRHED Rooms, for a gentleman and wife or a family, at a rea sonable charge. For particulars call at 408 Weal Twenty-third (tree I. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN FA uilly, without children, occupying a llrat ?laea uouae, will let a choice of handsomely furnished Rwm^ with full or partial board or private table. Krenth and English ?jaikeii. A l i ly at 48 Eaat Blencker street, near Broad way. AT GREATLY REDUCED FRICR8?NBWLY FUR nished Room*, from $1 to $2 SO per week. Lodgings from 2ft to 37 ortita per night, at the Frankfort Houac, corner of Frankfort uud V> Illlutu street*. Open all night. AYERY desirable SUIT of rooms, ON THE Brut or second floor, having every modern convenlein-e, to let, with or without Board, at No. ft 1 Went Fifteenth etreet, between Fifth and Slith avenues. Referencesc*changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOME SUIT el' Room* to gentlemen, with partial Hoard If desired; alto a single Room. Apply at 3> Ninth street, near Fifth ?venue. Reference* eiehanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY, DB8IRING A FEW Sl.LKCT Hoarders, ran accommodate a gentleman and wite, er two gentlemen, frlen in, with a handsomely furnished Room audgood Board. House replete with every convenience. Term* moderate to desiraule parlies. Apply at 130 Eaat Thirteenth atreet, went of Second avenue. A FEW SIMILE GENTLEMEN CAN PROCURE, WITH partial Board, large furnished front Room*. House con tain* all the modern improvements. Apply at 228 East Broadway, above Clinton atreet. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING TIIKIR owu house, arc deslroua of renting the Second Floor, handsomely furnished, with Board. The house hu* all the modern improvement* and la pleaaactly situated. Apply at 3KI Lexington avenue. Reference* required. A RARE CHANCE FOR BOARD?IN THE SEVENTH ward, tor a gentleman and wlte or two single gentle men. A large Trout Room, well furnished, with hot anil cold Water In the room, gas, lire and n?t of bath, utid every com fort ef a home. In a private American family, AI*o, a single Bedroom, for a gentleman. Term* moderate and reference* exchanged. Apply at 72 Henry atreet, near Market. A SMALL FAMILY, occupying A NEW BROWN ?tone Iioumi, a few door* from Madlaon Park aud Fifth Avenue Hotel, would let a few newly furnlehed Rooms, m anita or separately, in gentlemen or small families, with or without Board. Address l>oi 117 Hemid oflice. Attention is called to those living in ho t< la and boardlug houaea.?There ia an eatahliahmcnt ?,-M-ned at 110 Mai-dongal street, the room* being laid out in ?uita and furnished with everything ute e auary lor housekeep ing, in order that a family may have a complete home aud live at ill Inconceivably low rate. There la a ivsuiuront at tached. AT 161 EAST TENTH STREET, CORNER OF FOURTH avenue, and uue block Irom Hroan way, a pleasant front and batk l'arlor, on the second tloor are now \ and will lie let logctlur or singly, and wltb fill! or |utr>i? 1 Boaid; also a Rooiu on the fourth floor. Dinner al sit. Reference* en-hanged. A private FRENCH FAMILY WOUI.D LIKE TO let u welt furalahed front Kooiu, wu.i or witiiout Bedroom attached, to single gentlemen only. Apply at 2.M Fourth street, Washington square. ASI'IT OF LARGE, ELEGANTLY FURNIAIIED Rooms, fronting on Broadway, containing all the mod ern conveniences, to let, witn or without lull or partial Board; also single Room* for g- ntlemeu, en uneoaunonly moderate terms. App.y ;?t i/ly Broadway, Reference* exchanged. A GENTEEL private FAMILY, RESIDING AT 08 Woat Thirty* ightti utreet, Ivtween Ktith aud Sixth ave nue*, have two very nice largo Kooiiin more than they re quire, and will let Ho m, with iloard, to geinlainvii or g n. e men aud their wivt ?, on reasonable terms, Refcreucen e? changed. Asmai.t. private family or adplts, rk Riding tu Twenty.fteeond M.reei, would my tbe aiioife of two or three Ur^e Rooma, with Board, to a lady aud g mieman or w two gentlemen. Addreaa tn?x a (lie#* AoBmrunun and wife, ob a new bixolb gentleman, can bo ar ommodauut in u *n? *lt family,with Buaru ami pfc'aaant Room*, a* 40 Kant Kievemh twcfQ timvond and Third avenm*. Ai?o a lie- ? pt!Oii Hoorn far u pbyeic<an. Asm a ix private family ooccpyiko a la rob fcrfct clMx house re* 10 let K> otw or i?" nin^le g??n tU-men a large weli fnrniahed Bedroom, with every eonve nien<v, near Kltlii Aveuu* Hotel; parual B<?urd If reauirtnl; term*moderate; reierencea eienaiiged. Apply ut *1 fc.a*t Tweniy-tbird street, Madlaon ??|uajtr. AnnunuxriR middle age, tired ofhotel, wt?hr* ft home in ft piaiu, re*pei ifthle. but >ma 1 yilvftte IftiuitY, a willow with UB? tir iwo illlirrHUlig < hiliii'. n uu objection. Addjttftft MuUu us, aiming par.kiilart,, Ucrald ottoe. A FEW flENTLEMEX CAN FIND rLKASANT ACl.'OM luoilfttioun. pafiUI Board, ftl SM Hli'L> at red, i\ It"* luiuulea' wall. tr jui Itaniilion ?T?nn? f?rry, KuiUh Brooklyn^ AOEKTl.F.VAN AK1) WIFE OR A FEW SIMILE g.-ntb-uieu can ouUln hftndftOtnely fiirntfthr.l Kuiuiu. with or without board, ai 7J ?'mi Fuurteeui* ?lrti*; mat bftiWD ftlon* Iron l buuM ?Mt of Hlith ftriimte. A HANDSOME WIT OF BOOBS, ON SECOND FLOOR, furiilahed. 10 lei. Willi be.dt of Boftrding ftc-minioda.limn, to ? f?niUj of ihrre or four per*m?, m a prlvaift uwe.lliig, twlwaeu Broil.:war and Fllih *yeuu?, neai TUlrty-illBt atreet. Add res.-* box 4. llfcl 1'oat oHlce. ^ AHANDSOMELT FrRKISIIBD ROOM O.N TUB SB caud It 'or, with hot and cold w??er aud hmh roomind Joining; fttaoitmsu Roomft to rent to 8?nll?nru, without Wrd; bona* modem. Apply it?l Fourth ?T?nut, nom Ninik ?met, one block from Broadway. k FAMII.Y OR TWO OR nun SIN'ULE liENTI.K J\ m<-u run l>r ftecominodfttad Willi Boftrd in * iftodern huuftc, wlih every conrenlsuce, at ill) Ei??l Twculj -?>?"jml ?troei. Z ijei.liiHTrt'L HOME FOR the winter ?ROOMS j\ lu buns or ?.;oj?ieiy; li-mw llist I'lum In every renpoct. XM Fourth Ktreet, Wafthiuglon aqunre^ A GOOD BOOK, WITH BOARD. MAY BE MAD S a A dwdrftblr rurt of Kr.mkljn, wllii n ?oiall funCy, wlin? ii ixiinlombi* homo m?y rnnile. Two tjorinnn jen?lem"n would lie ftulied. Torait modemt*. Ail'lre?? J. 8., IIer*ld olllce. . "a YOt'NO WIDOW. I.IVI50 ALONE IN AKlliK LIT tie h?nj?e, would ?et a ploanaiit Room t?? a lauv or g*'nue roan, withou; iH>ara, or with Board for tUe U lr. and?)utet; lo?ati(?u ?otivenl-uU ami rwpqetabie. <>a4l at lo Oouimemj street, ntw Bl^ecker. A WIDOW LADY, Wi l HOl. T FAMILY. WOl'LD TAKB a gentleman and UU wife, or two youn*; la-lit*, to Board. Apply at 172 ycwyih i^t, Aran olam ronmiB socn jdvlbt? With all Ihe modern Improvement, neai Wasalin(!?Hi mi oh re, wjih iiiirrorn, ohHlid-lierf. : ft mr?t de?if.ible iv?i Oe.iKt', anil will lei low 10II good u auut. Apply a.1 1U >.* ?erU y plftte. ihl* wiielt. t SUIT OF BOOMS, WITH PRIVATE SITTINO ROOM, A t<J lurnmhiHl, to four geutiomen, with luirliftl, tor (U pi r wehk. ut No. 6 RlT?r terr??, Hoboken, irouuni! ' the nrer. Four miuuion'Wftlk I'rorn the leixy. HANDSOME SHi ONK STORY PARI>OR AND BED rooni, with Rioir.l. funii.he.1 or not, lor a koutloiiina uii.l wlin or slnicle griilh /nen. Also a ihird tuii f iroal Diuner at 0 O'clock, ltuferemo* eiccnftOfied. Apply ftl ?> Bleecker tuwt. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OH TWO SINGLE ()BN i|. men no lie ft.oommo<Ute<l, l<y (i pri?iu<* family; ouolre, newly aud ir ?ily lurnnhod Room*, wi'h BomM. ?l 191 \Yi*t Tweiity eighiii ?tn?*t. Hour lirown Ktoue. iioiiein lroproTrmentft. Flr-t cl uui in erery i*!?jin..t. Term* mode r?K: to ft peruiftJient parly. AGBHTLBXAB AND W1TK MSOI BOABD, in v mi Icily tirlTHe iHiully (? rollgloii?l.iiijily preiern ill, iu nr iioM-tliii SuTGulk w.ird. BnM <M rel'oiouae gi?o? mid n' quired. Adiiieftft M. .1. S., boj( li! HenUi! mlien AIJtDY. IIAVINO 1!E< KNTLY LKASKII TBB BAND fti^mely I jrulblied ho i?e ^o. 3^ hi?. i'o'HIi' ^u*e. i, beiw^en I'ilUi LiulTOM.ty pl?ic, will lei i eholro of Rtioms, with Bofti il, to |.ei JOC. Je?:nu^ Unt olii.-n ftc. Jui modfttiou*. Avery desirable slit ok rooms, on second floor, li.'.r?l)xiiiiely liinilxlied, to let, to *ln^le ^enUnnieii. or io ? gootli iiiftii niul *ii'o. in n ?uiiil tAiniiy. wlih of wtih outbmrd; {a?. >>mh 4' . Appiy u4.15* Ainlty ?ir> n. 1 FINE SUIT OF BOOMS. WITIIJ BATHROOM EXCU - i\ nlvc, tuft* be obtained by a imuy "I throe or four, with B.*im; Htv> ulnglelC.>om?, 'Apply at la6 Snuli .imt, ft low iitoft wen oflti'W'l#? i)'. t T SO. MEASTTWKN flBTH STREET, N li Alt BB0AD wny.?B<ii<rd?t'roni Kuonw, sinsb .m i m milw, imiuly ?miji Hail ?eie": bouee atHotly Hint clftjw: tfiriu* ri ti^onn'ile. Bi;ii r* fi'.fii> - offered, ail uiieJcrii uouru<iiotice*i. WMi'fcu , toy : MlMbl* .mil WWtilWt. Aue.ntl;;man and wife, or onf. oe two sin bIo ae uo iui'ii, oan lie kOMTOiuoiUiMKl with pinv^int llooliu, Willi or without lx?rd, M K Wml Fifte?ntli itlreef, ; betWVCD h if.ii ?u . St\:li avoii i BafArelMMftrequtwd. I FEW *rjiUL.K OENTLBMEN or a oentleman j\ And b s wife, nail b't ftiieotiimo^iilcd with pi-'-asui' .mil ili>.tr?b!e nn n slied i;o 'ui* it'id Bourd at No. 7.i Bucdoun ii ?it' ai 1,'lemeitla plaoe, if. .i liloeoker ?tre(<. but lew j bOftrUMI* tJW.'Oi. lWl'!infll* I" ti'llHllJJIld. A ooou SIZED. PI.K \SANT FRONT ROOM AND I'.ED ?"\ ru on Ki,' tu. ? n. v. i. Ji l?ill, mid pri?ll< " I ior$r?i? vn'ek; or ?iii^iv, :ti" l*r;- -oom for lit!?? iftd the I ftiiwll one lor $2. I/r ailon .Vi7 l ouithftTonu- , oeftr Twenty | t'ftli jiiuM. ___________ .? 4 LADY WOULD LET A P\R1X>R tND BEDROOM, A. on M-oiol floor; doeei, gft*. Ac., ?? |ier week. w.Ill Hiiitrd for wi>; one for also (li e K e mi. $1 25. .riUiiuit b-,?d, In ft ?io?ll **i,il anoly. home eoiufoiu; line lwi?. lion i'wil ft* 19 Wonl'fwcnty-BuTe.nth Mt*et, n??r Bro?Jway, Board -a hasdsomkey fcrnlsued ?i;it or I! onift. on Ui? third i:.?>r o?' a first cIjci h<ai?e, wn* to "i n leinen unu thuli wiviw or hinglc ^eiitieiiii'n. l'?[e j reu^ea .?euau(;ej. Euly lUunm. A,.,!y at U St M >ni * Board.?a front oom on th.rd story of a? llr-.t .-In - - noime I" I o, with Bo*i d. A and wif", who ir.ui.I Itiiviah 11, iruu'.d be pnKorrod. ApfJ *' Ml Wi i Tw>lit>- venlli -Hi-fi. B1 oard -bs west fifteenth street, between Hftb nfld Sixth ftTiwiue*. DiiiiM1 hoiwe. Kftocn.i on lirftt ami Ae"onil floor' . l>frre?!<**exeh;i!';ei!. BOARD.-OL.NTLF.Mri AND THEIR WITES. OR SIN gl ? gentlemen, nr. olil.iin r?iu!y lun lahed Kooni", ?tih Boned ,u No. i Wet Wuehinglon plnee. A!?o * wilt oi rw lot* lolfl'. oo ",he tir?t Boo with or vetiho'il Boftrd. Board?Tiir sprovD floor of t pir^t <lass linune ill Flilbn\euue. lietwivn Eighteenth an^ T'reniy iiiird aifi't'l* may be fe ured in purl or entire, by oiu ! two r .upl-sor by ? ruiiilT, wl:h Bonrd. Addrtw, will i^rtlcn Ur.-,JtMUiM b. liny, ufflu* loawiiiojiroirooauo. Board?two gentlemen can be desirably aaommodwied with Board end a floe Room on the eeoond Boor, with gaaaod bub room. Charge* km. Apply ?i ISO Henry unci BOARD?furnished ROOMS, with BOARD. CAN be obtained at 37 Writ Eighteenth ?ire?t, Alio ?mall Room* for aingle gentlemen. Uuuae baa imcu renovated. Boaku.-A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE, OR SEVERAL ?Ingle gentlemen, e>u be accommodated with very plea aant Apartuivnla, formatted er uufurniabed, with Board, m a

pri**ie family raiding lu a very deelrable location. Apply al m Weil Tweuty-aecond (tract, between Kllth and Sixth are ?ttea. Board.-a gentleman and wife and single gentleman oan tiud deairatde roonia, with Board, In a ?mali family, at 115 Weal Fourteenth atreet, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. Board.-a oentleman and wipe, or two or three gentlemen, can have pleaaant front Room*, with Board, on moderate trim*, at No. 48 Eaal Sixteenth atreel, near 1 nion wjn.ire. The houa? ia finely located, haa gi?, bath, hoi and cold water. Ac. Dinner at ?lx o'cloek. Jtafe remea exchanged. Board -elegantly furnished or unfur nt-lied Konma, at> liah Frenrh labie, French spoken is the family. llgliot relerenoea required and given. Call at No. 1 Ltnugaiou pi**', Stuyveaaiii park. Board?two parlors on ttik first floor, hundaomcly fm mailed, to let, at hi Earn Twenty-third atreet. Board?a parlor and BEDROOM adjoimikg TO let, ui nue or two tingle gentlemen, Willi |ui luti or full Boaid; honau haa all the modem improvement*; private family. Apply at 37 Bleeckmr aired; convenient nelghbor hood. Board for THE winter, near UNION square. Wry eecond atonr rooms, furnlahed or nnfiir Btailed, may lm bad by a ainall family, or two or line* gentle men, at 46 Eaat Eighteenth tlrei't, near Broadway. The houae haa all the modern Impre.ementa, and location de almble. Board for the winter.-a Family or three, having u good hoiiao anil large lurin, in Derby, u?an. Sucean i?v tlti' new Haven rare), would like to take a lew oardnre for the c oming winter at $4 each per week. Com fortable Room* and good table. AJdi'?? J. Williamson, Derby, Conn , erapply to Mr. chevalier, 6:19 Broadway. Board for water ours patients wanted.? Any peraott h/tviug a* > ommndatlnti for a number of per ?ona iiu'ilei hydrojuilhle Ireaimeiil, ami willing to make ilie necestarv arntng< nienta fur their taking the l>.itlia required, anil tu i tii ulali aneh other a>vomtiindatimi aa may be e wn tlal, can learn particular* by addreaaing ii., box 124 i'ott offloe. Board in west fourteenth street?a suit of Room* on second floor, and one miiik'ic ho in to let, with Hoard, in mi elegant brown atone bouw, occupied bv a (wall family; private utble if dealred. Arply at im W?et Fourteenth kti-eet, or addreaa d, box .1,181 New York Poet oBre. Board wanted.?a parlor on second flour front, with Bedroom aitai lied, wanted, with Hoard, bv a young gentleman and wife; >.V) per month will l>e pel tier aniie, tire anil gua Included; location between Fourteenth and Thirtieth alt-ret*; the beat reference given and r. oulrcd; pi-I rate taitiily preferred. Additna M . box 2,818 new York fmt oiiio... Board wanted-in a private FAMILY, BY a yonns gentleman and hi* tvlfe, of veiyaulet habits. mu.t be In .i jyiitee) netgoliorbood. Ail'lrem-, with full par* tlcillmrs. f. B. A., Herald oflke. Board wanted?a handsomely furnished Room, er Parlor and Bedroom, iii ? flril ela?? Houae, Willi pel-maiient Board. for a young gentleman and wile, from the curly twirl of November The room irtu?i contain hot and cold' water. With bathroom (onrenlent; locution alhive Waidiiugioti tupiarc. Term* must not exceed tier week. Addreaa, Willi full particular*, A. h. C., ikix 117 He rald Board wanted?for a oentleman, wike and iwim'hlldrrtt, i,ve .mil eeveu yenis ol age. aimnnht;. M , box i?l Herald oflice, atntliiK IiKiatlon, aceomtnodatlone and term*'. 1'nvate family proferred. Board wanted.?fi rnirhed room or rooms. [lIe*iaantl> located in New York, for h gentleman and villi, Board f.-r lady, nltlin widow lady preferred, where there are no other i o irtlrrs; ternii m derate. \iih a era lililbt aiale lia-aiiini, ternia nnd ileoi rlptiun ol ronuih, no ?,lui*ia i.o ftjeed. Addrem J. l u*., Herald Qfli' i'. Boardina?SEVERAL vi.f.ASANT and well FI R nlnheil ltoo:n>, s^iltablt for gentl'.'nii it anil their wlvee orafen elngli* gentle men, can h<r olualneil by applying al 126 Ninthetreet, k lew djotn lroiu Broadway. Boarding.?two uentlemkn who can occupy u room too ther, can be att'otniw'ul* <i with bp tea and HujuI in u private family in u tirM eluss loentHy, Apply at '2X2 Weal Nm<tee nth lircei, betwetm Eighth and Ninth avenue*. BOtRDINtL?DESIRABLE SUITS OK ROOMS AND hina.e ro<<m% fin tumiiU' -i and winkle ^ iii lfiiu'U, ina> b*j obui.ued nt No. H West Twenty-sixth atrei t, and new num ber J.143 Broadway. Rcferen eon exchanged. BOABDINQ IN WIST FOC'HTKENTH STREET AN entire second second floor or the from Pari or and In ?i room, handsomely furnished, in fir*t elm-* hotme mid pr< vate t'amiiv, to iff. * h Ro:?td, to a gentleman ami wife or small fatnlly. Address F. II., bo* 1,8w9 Pott oftiee. BOARDERS DIRECTED?FREE DIRECTIONS (JIVEN to suitable bomding places inoty or ri.umry by A. C. dONKtf A CO., 3DA Uruadway. Famines having va ancles a ould send th?;ir locality description, term* ami mini let they itaii receive. IIROOKUTK^O LET, WITH BOARD, A UI08 II I loom, containing hoi and colli water, clou: in, ,%e., to two frentiemcfi. or a lady and gentleman: bath on fin* same floor;, alao a Room for a tingle gentlemau; dinner at l\n o'clock.. Apply at 1'JfJ Clinton Street. Brooklyn.?1to let, una hoard. a large Roam. containing hot android water, c. one is, Ae., to two geut'emen, or a lady and K^idlt iimn; Uuh on aume floor; also. a Room for a singls ^endsmun; dinner at 6% o*clnek. Apply at } J$ Clinton street. Brooklyn board? a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen mill i n 1 lt\w Rooms and go ut Board, in moderate terrna, m * private J'an.lly; three minute*,' *a)S front Wall and Houth ferries. Appi> ftt 'J4H Ut?*ka at rani. BOAR!) IN brooklyn ? handsomely FURNISHED iluoms, on eei.omi Door, in a urt*t tiiwn houa**, suitable for u gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Dinner at 6. Apply at 137 Amity street. Board is Brooklyn.?a few permanent boarders wanted,'..y a private family. The bouse * roomy and pleasant, wit** ffas, hath, ?|e, a quiet nod agreeable horno may tw* relied up* u; dinner .'it 6*+ o'clock; roference# rr quired. Apply at lift K.?uda street. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?THREE OR FOUR OENTLE mea ean Mod pleasant Rooms autf goral Hoard at?S7 State street. Dinner ftt o'clock. Terms re?is-i??nbi*. Board in Brooklyn-rooms hi itaule fou ger. Iemm a?.d their wiraa or slnirle ?.rsntlemen, within i?va uilmtbfh o iiie ;^</iitii re/ry. K?tferefieaH ex'-han^e t. Apply at lt)0 Pscl^tt' atraet, Rrouklyn. Board in rrooklyn.?oke cm two sikolk gen tle/nen abt.tin Hoard, with a ??r*,e i con I hedr??om, a pritate family, where no other b^wrifere ?re UK' n. Dinner at nix o'obwiv. Termmoderate. Ap^ly a? .4H it Mtraetv ncur t'ourt, l?etween *.x and eight o e4<- k. in ih? ? r? ning. Board in beooklyn.?tiireis ok Font nicely furnished It..0113% on wond snd third floori*, sulta-ih* f? r Rentlemen nnd their wivra or p:nvl?*ntJei:?fn, may fw had. with Board, in a modern house, pli-jjaemiy loesied, at iiH (.!!int?)ii f .r ??*?, corner of Board in' Brooklyn.?aoksti$vmas and wife, or n eoopie of ?!n>;la ?-.ej>t)em?*n, i be a? ?,oin)o?a]aj4*d with pi' na tnt lto in* and lioflid, in a amsU fainUy, by iiiquir in^ at 216 cliaton atrnet. Board wanted in Brooklyn-by a cektle man and wife in a private fan.iiy r New Knit md pre ferred); location ou or near tlte H<dgi)'.r. Addie?ji, with tflrmi and full fxririfculArt, R. E. II., bux L'.ffl New York roat oflloe. Brooklyn fthiohts.-to let, two neatly vvv ulabed Room a, with Bositf, on tfie f ? o?id llwor, xultrf*hl't for a g?*iitlemsn sndwlfeor sluule ge.; * r. Alaoaplen. aatit a!m;le Roon*. >VUhin tniinu'wn!k of Fultou terry. 1^rm?nuMterste. Apply at lif W.liaw atreet. BROOKIiYN HEIGHTS?a BOOM OH UFPER FLOOR for a gentleman aud wife or ain^h* uentlemen. AUo ;i lar??? Ma it Kedroom on Herj#nd floor, lionso ia ple-iantitiy aitu/'li d. bash, Jtc. A New hrij|lenS family?few NsiitSera eoTiti^uotia to ferrieg. Terms vary moderaw. Apirfy at M Wtlluw ttnmi. Brooklyn heights.?a laroe and a small Room, handa'.-mely lurn.ahed, u> lot, with Hoard, to a gentleman and wife or single ^enttiMoen, in a private family. lU'faiv.iux'*exchanged. App'.vat Oolnntbla ?treel. Desirable rooms, with h^vi-d. for oentli; iouu and iheir wifea, or single fi^nt4etnen, on in<Hl>*rate termw. at AS EftM nijwA, hrlwcn Bnxt Iway and Fourth ?v?. Families or hingle grxtlbmbn can find at the (trge and iirat nl>u?K hou*e 15 t'.firroll plane, r*?n?. r ??i and TJiompj?-n .?tre?>t.^ rery ph?i?-an' R in Siilta or ai:ti;lr, with l.rot lru? lloanl, by .ipplytoif ae a.'?ov? . FlKHXtTff ROARD.?A FRENCH FVMTLY will lrt some nb fy funil?b?l Jtoot irt ?n !.!<?? e.?#-ood fcti>rr, with every, and ilrst rl.ww Hoard. Apply at ft# VYeet Thirteenth street, near Fifth mvenm*. PHre nio terai-e. IJirRNlSIIED K>0*S?IN \ NEW HROW.V S7*O^K V houae, to let to ??>ni]emen. w ith ?? wllli'titt Ho ttd, u r r df>?>rs weal of Madlwi Park, Filth Arenw- Hotel; Hroa lw ?y ftnd Fifth aveiiu? App'y Xi>. 17 W Two?t>- ! aixth street. IpUBBISHED ROOM?* -NKH: COMIOHTABLY FIR.' t:faUed Ruom^ and forttita!! reajieainble fa lailieft, ?*r sinrle gentle.,n-n, from $1 t- ? J J jiet wcok, A{jpiy ; at U5 Elizabeth nve? t, nea Broome. IjirBTflflHED \TARTMEVTS ?FROKTBOOMB, LABOB 1 and small, together rr fu-paratr, uiu^b'.r lor i(* -'m m/?, with 01 witiioiit jia:*tial Board; or would aerominoda'" * ??u* Uemau and wift; piufc house, with use ot' kitclten k?u , bath, Jte. 47 Am\ly ^reet. BRUBBISHED OR UNFlTRNTSliED ROOMH TO t^ET? with Bcxerd, to ? ?k.'imk a and theiV wit->' ?i . >11 tlenien; lormiiou un*nrpfui?r4. Apply .tt '21 W< <? 'y aecocttl street., ntMtr Broadway. rooms to lit-to ^kxtlemiin r wi'hout Boft d, ai J75 Fourth ^teet*?f ae?u Rroa/I'.ray. I^tI!oISHI.U ROOMS TO LIST?WITH OK WITID)UT I1 breakfast; house t.r*t eia^s. Ap|>iy at :?1l Fourth sir- ??? second !>iorii wt-iol' Broaitaray. I1URMIRUF.D ROOMS TO I "I*- WITH partial Board, on the lirat, se*r?md and third floors, ot in s .iU, to ^in.Tle en or geot:<imn au l ? i,.-4r w<?#??<. Apn.v at 7D Fa Twelfth street, neai Broa-iw?? . "JjpURNISIIBD ROOMS TO LET?WITlfOOT BOARD TO I Remleinefi only. House contain^. ?!1 the mo.i rn fm lipotfjrnoiiU. ApfHy at!k>7 Fuittta street, between th iwiv and Broadway. 7 Handsomely furnished rooms, is sum ok neparst'^y, to let, with Board, on moder-U'* t?'.in-? in a desirable vaMwi. b?*;weea 1??<.vev<u*y place and Rumd'waa Apply ax t>htt(oa place. Handsomely furbished rooms to lkt-witiv BoaN, is a nri, Atr tamily, (;*??'.- m and hedroirai^ 1 w 7K) (Irote ftreei. Hefwe. a Hndsoa and RIeei*k?w HAXDHOMHLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS. IN Brooklyn?tJ ?od lue^ !t?n, aad vei*v cheap and genteel to good teaanu. Apply a*. 3W0 Bridge auv'tt, Rroobijr\. HuMEa ON THE H* ROPE AN PLAN.?A HMALL FaML iy of respectability wishing to Itve privateiy can rent two or three one B-oms floss to MadWi souare, with 'lie services of ? p ain rook, unfurnished, for $u0 it mvutli. For ftids aubiv to Hi. j^Ei'UY. M Filth avenue. I .'OAROIHG AND LODGING. Hotel l^iwino&Iclean hinolr rooms, from SI to (1 26 and ft 10 per week, or St oeulaa nlghl, at the Manbaiteu Houar. W Oastre atreet, una bluok from <!lty H*ll I'ark. Htrangrra will find tlile a quiet, comfortable houM to atop at. MA IKON MEUHI.RK, 70 AND 73 WBBT THIRTY ngliih aired K'Xiuia elegantly furnlabed, or whole ttoora, with kitchen, cellar and yard. Houaea aew, firatrkma, four nUiry, brown atone; common parlor; uieala furaiabcd. Whole parlor Hour or Haaement for pbyalcian'a office. MHH. huntington, 107 HLEEt'KKR STREET. T11IKU block w?.t of Broadway?iia? Room, lor single Keuti* Bii'ii and hiii*)) fainlllrx. She would like to make arrange ment* lor the winter wlib a few good boardara at low prican. Term* low nnd aoooimnodaliuna 10 be yood. Reforenora ex changed. Dinner at ti o'clock. MURRAY HILL?AN EIJSGANTLY FURNISHED SUIT <>1 Koom*, including 1*1), A<*, wtib i<rtvau* table or Boaid in * private laoiliy; ,nie or two Kt tiileni>?ii or a email family ?l re?|i?>ciablllty will ilml tlrilclaaa accommodation*. Addreta Lane, station D, Biole llouae. ONE OR TWO FAMILIES DESIKINO BOARD IN A ainitll faintly of iinwn ^mth*iiih, where there will he ao other boardare, In u n<x>d louatlon, |um below Uulou auuare, can add reus Walwtth, box 1,784 l'oatoffica. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A FEW UENTLE men or faiuiliea <*n lw accommodated with pleaeaut K?om? on llrat an<l aeoond ttoora, front, furnished and unfur nloht-d Rooium, lo autt, wiUi Board, at 1BI H|*ta street near noyt. l'leaamu Unatlon. Terma moderate. Richly furnished rooms to let.-a lady would like to let a mil ui Roouih, handsomely furnished to a gentlemen mid lady; Board for the lady; modern lm Erovciuenu; family small and private; Bo mht-r boarders tuition pleasant. Apply at MS Earn Twenty lii ili street, near Lexlngtou arenue. REAU THIS ?$10 PER WEEK FOR A l'RETTV KUR nUhcd front Ki?iiii, width ol ij?<? bouse; alao una lor lor aooupie; one lor $4. u? a geuiieiuan. Uouao timi class. 162 West Twcmysuih mrt'fi, near avenue. Rooms to let.?a small, neatly furnished Room, for a Rtunl? sentieman; terms $1 tmr week; alto a lar^e, handsomely furnished triiuI room, $2; family pri vate. Apply ai 110 (?har2e* street, eorner of Hudson. To be let together or separately, for gentle-nien only. TO GENTLEMEN ?TO LET, TO ONE OK TSVO GEN* t!en?en, a neatly l urnlshod pleasant fro*.; R>om ami large Pantry, with tin* of bath mom adjotulni;, iti a strictly nrivate family. Apply at 148 Went llouuon street, corner Maodougal. TO LET?To SINGLE GENTLEMEN, FURNISHED OR unfurnished RnumK, " tth or . .iiout nui iU.1 B mil, Ap ply at No. 26 Etmt Twentieth utmii, c??ar ilntaUwaj'. \\yrANTKD?A HAHpaOMBLY FURNIbHBD ROOM, If with alcove for heil, or Nmall Bedroom a'.iil Parlor, wlUi hn akfasi onlv. LottUion tuiiMt la; on ?r near Fi'tli avt aue, ami tastween Kljfhth nn'l Tweuty-ne< ond ?t?*. Aitur? sh, fnatinf U t uiN, II. W Ik x his N. w York l'o?t ?(1W. \\ ANTISD?BY A OKNTLEMAN AM) MIS Wfl'E, A ? * furnished House or pari ok one, witliin two hours rifle of the city; rent not to ? \?;red $.0 per month; .ood rele rencen given. Addi?-M (f.,ca>o ol lieo. A. Mt'rwiu, U7 Bujt cluy mri-vi. ait ANTED*?A SMALL FURNISHED koom BY A m y?utnc man, witl*out Board, wiLhin fifu ?'ii mluntew1 wn<k of Fulton ferry, Br/?oklyn; t<*r?n? not nw**r $4 or $5 jut month. AddreM Brooklyn, boi 15J Herald ullice. for Iwo day ?. WANTED- bY A HIM'JLK UKI-'MAN UilSTUiHUK A furuUihtMl Boom, with break; l?>caiitin New York, nut utiovo Kourte. nth street. Audi ? ^8, statitij' terms, F. K., b??x 2,400 I'vut ofllw. I WANTBD-IN NEW YORK, HY A YOITNO MAN, A Millie Room, with partial BoiirU; t4'nnc> not to e&eecd $.l j0 pet we. k ^\ti JrehK S.Ui u. K licrald olia*e. | \\lANTED?A PARLOR AND TWO BEDROOMS, FUR ft uicthed, one adjoinfiiK the {mrloi, on the *??< mid or third floor, wltn Board for a *ent]< man, < Jul I tw<? years oia atid intr a*, in h ?julei funnly, witii 'rw other hoarder*, be , tween Fourteenth and Thirtieth *tr?et* and 1mm.w? ?n S= itind i and Fifth avenue*. Addtva li. M t I four oVIo k to-day, at Die llerjid vfTn-e. N?fi?? but tli- se h<tv|n^ hint rafe w^'uiuio | dalioitK for reaetmabb' prieea need apply. T1TANTED f.N brooklyn?A FRONT ROOM AND T? H?'<lr?)i??i, on or third iioor, with iioar<) for a K^ntleman, wile, ehild aud nu.-", in a iulvata family or boarding house, in a good hel?uhorhO"<l: location on or iiear the lle^hts preferred. Address R B. L., box New York Post ojlu e, Mtatli ?> U-rm* aivd location. WANTED TO LET?SOME HANDSOME ROOMS, WITH f? itoard, * 'ilfaoio for iilU-men and their \\ <ir single ^?'iitl**men. AIho a variety of Mingle rooms. Aj<plv at lu3 Bleeel r r htr.-oL. 9A.-HI AND VLAVU (VEKHY NTREKT), IN A FIRST cl?-> pilvate houre. wi.'t all mtKi ? o tmprovementa and flu" loca ion, Iw ? well furnished Secoi ?1 St< ry front R mina, with or without i.'ojtnl, to let. Po^aest i ?u given In rm li iU-ly. Rei^ivrniea gLen aid required. T X W EST TWE NT V-fc I XT H (STREET, THIRD DOOH from IJi *. way.?To lei, to a finite gentleman, with ?>r wnimut pariini Ko.wd, h la rye Room han<l-'>m*.? lurttUhieii; the house )>iiN uli the modem iiiipro\*onent*.; no hoarder in the house but a SpauiHh geuileiuau, a proieabor. i) i PNIVKKSITY PLACE. CORNER NINTH STREET.? w 1 E'uy.amly furnished Apurtracnu en suite, with full Board, <?. i-rivaie table u* preieried, to let. AUo very desira ble ttooni*. Houw* furnished with till of tbo modem improvements. Rrforewea required. i)0 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR I II Til AVE mic,?Ji><>:un to lot, with tt >ard, for Iambic* or single gcntlcnirn. OQOUXTON PLACE, BIGHTS STREET.-Fl tNIflHBl) wt7 PniJ".- end Bedroom on the ?coud Hour, lo lot, with or Wx.ilOlll R<u*rA w*;Uout Hoard. Qr: OO hat AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?A LADY ha\ ii.g taken those two Lewly fi /oUbod bi-*?wu stvue h?)uc:?M, is pr< imiroil to rrf elve fambbs and gentlemen, with or ari'.hout private t&Me; ivoni beautifully shunted. between Broadway una filth avenue. References exchanged. 07 BANK STREET, NKAB FOURTH.?A ..ENTLfc O I man and wifa or two or three gt-mUxnen can obtain Board and commodious front Room* *t reaanuabie rate*; lo cation pleasant ami near several stage routes au?l Eighth utenue ears; I alb, gaa, Jkc. on WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?TWO OB THREE t> I im ir ?: 11 m at and khrM or fov intknin,of the lira 1 respectability, ran be areommndated with nulla or single Rooms. in one ol the most delightful location*, situated br t wii-n JJjo.iiJ way a lid Fifth uvtout*. Table flrai .iasn. Refe rences e\i hanged. ?)n WBITP TWELFTH HfRKBT, BETWEEN FIFTH 00 and Sixth avenues.? Rooms to let, with Hoard, fur nished or unfurnished, as part tea may iIcmiv. House baa ail the modern iuiproveuients, and ia tu perfect order. Term* moderate. QQ WI ST BIJLKVbMTH STREET, BETWBEB FIFTH 19rJ andSi>t'. avenue*.?If mdsomeiy furniahedApartment* to }??! Jtru: !, nuiL'ii'1* l'> ?" ifuth'??f?n and ih^fr trlrr# par! Mil ..?! ^??ntUiiiru. !I n.;a? firvt Hafc-. Location on a of ?be moat onV'-nleut. Rrfr-rem is ext-hunged. Dinner at 0. rt EAST FWBNT? KldHTH STREET.?THREE li.uifl'emr fnltM of Rooma, with Board; bonne flrat rliMv; lainlly tfmail; convenient to inr* uud terms io%\ . reftrencv. ? \ han.ed. Ai- two Roujnn. 7 /t VARICK HTKEr r, 15ELOW CANAL.?fiTUDT ECO I I W nomy.?A 't.y. hai? n ?n?" Parlor and Bedroom, with J nr without Ihi'ii'd, or 11' dc.sirocl ac. r i,ii?io< a4ion? for fiouae j Wr< plr.g t<? .t .-fi'.Mll ^cnli i ! famih 01 ? jwirtf of ^nDtfiot'D. Hoi water, iiji'' :? .'?cl tw 1, A1m> a Room on aeicond tioot*. l'ri \ ! :;e ol ij(. .loUn'a pu t. T(t SPRINC STRLET, THREE DOORS PROM HROAD 1 ?l v,;?t.?War pi i'e?. To lei, neforaJ handaoutely fur ut?hvd Riruna to aingie ntlemen. lunation u\ u:*ar all I lie in*. ?..r ? hoieJx nrnt 1 l/i' j^r amuacment. room fttas. Joq of A ON HOUBE. or (TJNTt)S PLAt'K. M*?AK FIFTH AVENUE.?TO O*. ' ]??', 1 .? JrJHt:' ml ;?<?i Rooma, will. JJoard. Dtnnerat ! hiv. I" e irnine lnu? all the inodoru improvements audihelo I wation .? eentral and pleaaaut. ! (, 1 ? 1.1 -j iN fi.Ai'i:, nk a it Kuril ivt;ni:j: ?to I r/. I. h 1, a?x?tid ^ ory i 1 out Ko'liia.and other**, eu an lot <ar j Hlngly, with or without hrat ctuaa ii^airil. Itt''.>;oncoa given 1 and r<!<ttifrnd. I (YX ORPPNE STREET, ABOVE KPRTNO?ALSTON | vO Ilou 'e.?Elegantly furnf.-hod suits cd' Kootna, with r.aa, | Crok/U n-uior, nti/l ev-t/y fonvvuinnm for b(HL*<'k*-ft inK ' < q I notnU?lly; paril'-'ularty'suited foranutll, r?fq>e<nab!? fatnllioe. Rent loa: !o permanent tenaiiUi. 1 l(\*i PBtNCE STREET.?TWO HALL BEDROOMS ON 1 J UO a<*r*?nd and third doora, with i. tin*, b*lh, Ac. i Terms very moderate. | 1 HQ FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO LET, WITH | J Heard, !.\vo iront Room*, on the u;?per Moor, , l'or two, thr* e or I ntr youn;; nw-:i, i.Muitioti silent. Terrna rnoderute and Board iirat da >. Dinner at fill. ' 1 JO EA8T NINTH FTREET. BETWEEN RBO A DWAT I ItO and Fourth uvenue?Ho ?a?* juat o|N*ned. Parlor., wliii H'iIjootok atliuhed, for fauiiMi-M, ?Mid Hoou * t<a'aiugle - i**trn n. Xoue but ihHMC. who can giregoo<t ri'forencoa lie?;d appl.t *1 PRINCE STREET?ST. CJLATR HOUSE.?ELK* J ?>!> ^.kntly funilshed Ihx/mf, \r!: P**d? -tr*s attached, with Ml the eonvonienres for housekeeping eoiapleu?, in dudina and Cr*?tjn water, to let 10 raapcclable lauiiitea or aiugle. gentlemen. I 7 1 11,1 K l ,f STREET.?TO LrrP, A KM 41.1,, NEAT, J 4.1 ?hr*e story Uou-ie, with hn*ement aitd .sub-r-lUir, in ,oi 1 -r; ha.-* ail modern impr * rmenm; rent at the -r.u* of ! $&) < i'm In wnn oetvfee/i tf e b<> ? rfl of 10and ?'. For par i. '* !a \i ;:e of J. WESTEiil IEU>. VHi Uv mdway. S B;j:K< KER STREET -A GENTLEMAN AND J 1 f) w i ? i<n.*oinmodat?rd s,t,j .1 mutifully >?? i. -. i\i 1* 0 on aeeond ll'*>r, v \ .h T? . .d \ ? -w air* '0i 1* 1 ' ol1. Uoua * iirat < he*. Diitner ai nix. OA] roCRTEEvni street a lai k ?jl/ 1. !e'twill It -an aud P ' n ^iu : M ,; :viro In < l ir^' ball Rooms to let, with it *??M, ??r ^pudeuo n .wot ti e"1 n iff.* .tud a.11 1 .neo. lit. , <nt a , u . 6. RefoiVn?-lift e\ctiftl Red. CTt A ELK 8TREE1 1 *. M/ 1 >r?'and no f '' J-! ? J < '??/ ' r id-hod A|a: ;ment.v. in 'It'1 i.y. 1' : ,-tth * ,. il lainilb'a, ai'h every requisite in l a ? ? ?, ?? ?a?u; rang'1 u. (jn* ?. A OmCotl r? > e ? 4>yi> eiaZauktu iTRi-Er, 1m,) n < pr; .a ~m i i?lc-ecker.?nUbrd Hojtim* -a* . ? (il r.- i7 RROA.7JW VT, nj\r.)S ' > I' ll.-i' . ' ? ' ? nrl ? |,, I UfiiMr tttU i n iia.'t *.0 iho 'm, . ? . e ? > J tan kotun wii'j t-ic'r ;mir n 1 ;<?. -'I STB A MIIOAT ?i. D\t BOAT KOR VIA ANT AM' * X I Kt" hi. r IHMfil IK I ? * I Tiki 1 hiU'sti^yt. ?.i'l hit'Hil *?*, ',l 7 A - ' 11 1 i Thiisluth H; imlonU'! li'" !?? ' I CTIAXMiT.?POB SALS, TU1 ???:. - ?"? ' ' ! n nutr r'i.iit!tij;<>u thiON ? r ? t , ? ?*"??? Iiifx?m*.* av Iho uuiof 11 ilttri'*'* CjCKOU MOAT FOR OI ?'< AT O Wuit.i .Sum-. *!*????.????". ' . ' V ,r I wiiii N-w R'r li"ll'-.? M'm'iT HAM ..?'A i l. Ji a> ?. t.lutkS >' A H . IM.ii. v? .'i ?'? *i N (A. I.I.-..-K .. Twontj ? 1 '? ?" ?; :a iy-'-n^V.. ????? I.- u < ? ? M I 3 j? H tOTITK.?'Tli* Tlii 1 IitJi L ?>v j ??? tere<l at ]>^tiU's 1*1*ad. OTKAJ .J.'t HW IHUASn hHA"V..i ... O evar 'nv ^?p?e,f r'?> ? , r"'[1" landing* Vf?tnrviln<* '?t-c \ . ' * A.M. F?r? ftv.'r ^'o^, ^ ?!*?? Km- ? !"'????? fr m i. i ."'1 . ". ?ud ?ifm N' t'k ? irrlfd Ui soli ihi. um?* u . ?ud otliti l.eum w i>ryiKiriiun, U"?e?Wceul^ Wl LL OPEN CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1H6I. __ CANAL, CORNER MERCER STREET. ^JAKI'ETISU, OIUIUtTHH, STAIR CARPRTINM, RUOS, DRUOOET8, CURTAIN MATERIALS, CURTAINS, DRAPERIES, ' IN DOW SUA 1>KH, Ac., a BELOW I KUAL PR1CBB. LORD } IX)*. No*. u. '261 OR Nil STREET. 0UUII AND SIIAWLH rOB SALE. LARUEST AMD MOOT ELEOANT ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY, AT VERY LOW PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR. N<>?. 401 lo497 Broadway. Noa. ?>6 to ii'21 (irainl Hlr*rt. Now. 47 Mild 49 tiilliiii iiiB ?lre?l. C1LOAKB, CLOAKS. CLOAKB. J On MONDAY, Oil. 7, we will ?will A large luuwrliiiimi ill NEW FALL CiltCliLARS, at $4 60 and !>.'?; ri'KUlur |>rloe $7. Alao a I rrMi nock of REI'ELLANT CIRCULARS, nil eolora, at S3 and up ??ra?. T !>,?<? i/ftrnirnUar< now tba dh?1 aahlonahlo worn W. K PEYTON, 374 Bnwury. CUiOAKI and 8HAWZA J E. S. MILLS A CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS ORE AT RAROAINg IN cloaks AND SHAWLS. AT NOK. M2 AND 344 BROADWAY. DU R CO()I?S, DRESS OOODS. a,I tliu It a^ing no?rllUii In tin- market now open nt W. K. PEYTON'S, 274 Bow?rjr. Frtm-li Mi'i'inoitN at 50 rcnt? ?n.l miwarilv, m PEYTON'S -74 B?w?ry. Enitllnti Dvluliii'a, Kinall iimiu llgun-. ?i |'2>: . onta, al VT. K. PEYTON S, 274 H.iwtiry. Broiiir Shawl*, from auctlou. ai t'i 25, worth *.., ai W. K. PEYTON'S, '274 Bowery. Ladlm call, before (jut, liiming, at W K PEYTON'S. 274 Rowery. J^ASHIONABLB DRESS SILKS. AN ELEOANT ASSORTMENT JUST OPENED, INCLUDING ALL THE LATEST PAKlTkAU, STY LP. S. AI?SO A FULL AND DBSIRAHLB ASSORTMENT Of LOW PRICE D U RESS SILKS. LUHD A TAYLOR, Non, 4til to407 P.ronlway. fco- 2&>to2rii llruiid ?tti'ft. Nun. 4/ ami 4U iWthitrlnc street. j^KISH POPLINS, PARIS MERINOS, DE LAI NEK, REPS I)E PARIS, OTTOMAN VELOURS, CASIIMKRE8, SAXONY PLAIDA PARIS POPUNS, AC., AC., Juat rcci'tvinl from Ihn RECENT LARGE AUCTION SALES, Together with A VERY LAIIOE AND DESIRABLE ASSORTMENT or LOW PRICED DRESS OOODS. LOUD A TAYLOR, hi>*. 4?il U> 407 Broadway. No*. '2.i lo 201 tn.iOtl Kti-<'t. Noa. 47 ami 4y Catharine utiMt J^YONS SILK VELVETS. BLACK AND COLORED SILK VELVETS ?rriT?iii.K xik MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS, I aeludlng all th?' New Colors, CK1M8US, C ARIBALDI, HUMBOLDT, HOLFERINO, MAGENTA, An., RETAILED AT IMPORTERS' PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, No*. 4(>l l" 4fi7 Broadway, b " H. X>'> A/1 Uiailtl Street, )!??. 47 uud 4V Catharine street. \fACTH Win SAIJS. ill T. Alt rill,MRS IN RrKBONS. * AH PRICES IN KID GLOVES. WAIL COLORS IN KID GLOVES. WAll GOODS. IN COLOR. THE ATTACK IS CHALLENGED. CUE At* MUYEKS <it) To K. 11. MAOY'S, -204 and JO# Stath avenne, Coru*r ul Fourteenth iu mI, OPENING or THE UNITED STATES CIXMK AND MANTILLA STORK. !M and 3tlG Canal street, di.'TlJv opposite MESSRS. ARNOLD, c6NSTABLE A OO.'B, ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER IS, IStl. GEORGE CAREY, Proprietor. WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, SnpL Zlil'HYR WORSTED. I2,V ; NICK FITTING CORSETS, hook frent*, 76r ; Skirl*, oe*l steel, 6" rente. a large .uxoriinmi nl Drra* Trimming*, Button*, Ribbon*, Vdirpli, Ml(l "in ?H Ware", Ac., nil of tilf best quality. N. B tier's Gloves at ELUKU'S, 8?-! Broadway, near Nineteenth limit, ?*mi aide. 250.000 w,uaMl? THE ENTIRE BALANCE or our FALL AND WINTER STOCK or DREWS GOODS, SILKS, CLOAKS, Ac., Ac., AT HALF PKICh, T* be cold pos4Uvsly within the neit rtily days lo clnae the present huslneM. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., In liquidation, 447 Broadway CLOTHING. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.-WANTED, a lot of <*"t oil Clothing, Furniture, Carpet*, Ac. i will liny the Went price, by railing on or addrcnalng M. Abraham*, 233 Sevan th avenue, lietwceri Tasuty-UfUi TvvetUy-ilzMk ?mm. Ladle* attended by Mr*. A. A RARE CHANCE-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN?I want a Urge lot of citsl off Clothing for til* Wcstera rearkei; Garpets ?nd Furnitur*. I promlie to iviy the highest prtoe for them hy .yilllni on or addrmsUig M.TEIIU, Ho. U Seventh Menu*, between SuUrenlh aud Scv*u(i<enth *treets. J.adw* attended hy Mr*. Kill". A llETTKR CHANCE STILL.-412,000 WORTH OF CAJST -tV off Clothing wanted for the Western and California mar KM*.?Ls i!?* aud gentlemen, if you wish to secure the full Tallin for your ulothlnn, carpets, furniture, Jewelry, Ac., ?h? best ymt ran do In to call on or lend a note t* B. Mint/.. No. 1X7 stuh avenue, where you may be sure to receive titty i* neat mor* than Oora any *lher deaisr. L*di< k attended ny MP". M \ir.. No. 117 Sixth avenue, between Tenth anrf Eleventh street*. A TTKNTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?IF YOU A wish get tho full valu* of your eaatoff Clothing, Carmta, Furniture and J*wnlry, the bem you can do im to n-ini a note t<i K. Harri*. U>6 Seventh avenue. There you !M?y be convinced you will be dealt with to your satltifacilou. iodic* aitended to by Mm. Harris, la6 Seventh avenue, u?t? Twenty4m street. A RARB CHANCE.-$11000 WORTH OF CAST OFF _.V Clothing wanted, to nupply CaUfornta and Weatera tnarbeta, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ae. I do not pretend to offer nominal price*, *?* is anus by some, but I guarantee to pay the utmost value for each artlole, by aalllng on or ad. iin'wdna K H., 79 Sixth avenue, *?<-oud door above Waverley pliu-e. 1.^.11.attended by Mr*. E. H. A GRBAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND ji ;e:itl'me*i lmvlc? nuy Caat Off Clothing, Furniture, Carp Hanil Jewelry, will roi tive the hl^hi Hi url<-e by railing ? n n7 B'idP-Mlug A. HARRIS, 688 Tlilid avenue. l*?<Ii<:* at uuiuudMr*. Hurriti. T K/.KKIEL'K OIJ) HTAND?LADILS AND GENTS tan ?*.... i. tli^ ; <Uomns prion* Cor ihulr r.t*L-nll' Wejir Aj t .:. l. 1. . l>' u< ioi vilk dr-whiw: from S3 to $16 ' i' Co . i d : $L to tA for pant*; al*o carpet*, iewelrj. Ai;. V. .-by f.,i t put.. tuitUy attf-mi.-U lu hy EZEKIEL, IM .?? .. nh av.-Tiiie, l* vrnn Kin> U*aUi and Twtntlelb ?lr> ? uU i'Jcd tn !>j Jil"*. E. A ?PTRNYIO*, LADIES AND gentlemen.?if rou ti. i ?h diapef" cf yonr tail oil W?aring Apparel, Car* nd t* 'b' full valui* for the name, dn-i'i 1 . rul^,. r. ton ! iif call at once or a'Mi". ' (JiM " I !' W". H. n r:\ 563 Bowery. ojip< ?iie Great J ? ?< ,'i i ' ?1Iihi att. n<leU l>y UrM. Harris A T TUB NEW STANf>. 233 THIRD AVENTTB, l.\IUE? .1 :?:??* OM? ' the full-value Tor off t ' : '?'? ;e "n or ?.trtr?fr>*nif C. Ja.ulm, i93 T' lrd ( .' 1 * :n'y-t'iiird and T#eu.v-iuui tli Htreel*. i . :" i Ijy y. ,Jn<"'. ? ii'LEMUO D14PHKTI NITV? LADIES AND GEN fie men ol !f(n/Yurk Brooklyn and vl nlt!<*? -'an pro e ? if liiKh< 4t ??. ,i prue for tl eir cast off Clothing by otU or addreaMine J * '????? 13U Eighth avenue, flrit floor, - ?< store. Ledle* atceuded by Mr*. A. Entrance private i'.\-.rn:n c.-fANCE thaw' ..vkk Vur"l'*I)im ? ?fl(l ii*utlemait t?' btala the highest prli>-lor Ihelt caet ? iiiii!. 1 iciarantee to nay th* fol, jwin? pric.-n :_For * ,<M, from ?7 to $30; front ?4 tu $Ufor coat*; from >. f<o i?i i ? ?<> t ?. "!>*;??<, Fttrnlf'tr* and ,/eweIry. ?I or ? I .r-te .1 AMI! Al. T. 152 SoyenlJi avenue, l^'divecn x inhalt rwenty-Ui??. atracta. Ladfes atteuded by . onCEL -LADlKS' AND ?}T?NTLEME?T8 CAST OFF ' ''t-t.aing, F?rnlttire. CerrH-t; aim .lewelrv Soiiilit and hlghtiM prior pud for them at S FELLEMAN'h new . ^.udnne,.., net Nl*th avenue, thIH door below Twenlv. o?t*8iie?t. J^tle*attended hy Mr*. FNlcman. >.'0 HUMBUG, BUY A FAIR FR10R PAID FOR && 4 i?re** ?, Oiats, r*nui \ .#1* Those having the >re .<? dbpu*e W, <-*11.iu u adtfr?*K LKYENS'I'EIN No ate nth a?, j*e, between T*sni>-tlilrd aud Tnanty-fourlh utroei* Lad:e* attaadei to by M:|. L. cxovasioHi, ( 3HEAP EYCCRSION TO CAMPS ON ST\TEN ISLAND ' ' by Suito U!,? nr. foot or Whitehall i ?mwtvn II,-.* i*iitt'trr ?. t <Kb ferry. Boats leave UITliWWl'' 0a Uu? BttJMtaW etcry A

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