Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1861 Page 2
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NALF.S at auction. T?in II Nh'Dl.AV. A tTloNKKll, WILL A |V ,i?v |T f i sda.v), Ociibor 10, at 12% o'clock. at the 8 Oi'kml'-T" i? . ?">- Wlhlam xireet, * good vurl'ty of City In allianceStock*, Han. Slocks H?nUt> and other aeeurLi.ja ?tillable for Invca.iucnta. K r lull particular* ?e? World, O .'iiiiKT'lal A(l?>-rti>crand Kmnlng Po?u Catalogue* can b ? hid lit the salesroom. AD.[0.U LK1NS, AITTIONKKR . MORI'tMOK HALH. Klch and eoitly Household Furniture, I'.l.gaut roaewood Pianoforte, R.ncwnol Purlin- Hulir, tabro a -I; Valuable Painting, ArtlMk B on*e?. Marble Oronn*. An. Thuraday, Oct Id, ? Hi'' l"?a>t private realdencc 213 We?t Fourteenth atreei, near EUi U ???nue, Uiin ncu. In ; at 10^ o'clock. The aal? rompi'i-a-a the entire 'omenta of the houiie. The elegant Parlor Furniture tvt.a ma le to order, and la In aolld l?*ewood. Th.^who.e will lie Hold to th? highest bidder for cash, offering extra Indu eraenta to purchaet ra, as ih>; entim Furniture o ibn house la nearly now, autl in ml be sold to cl i*e ih ? montage. Klegant roeewood *eveu octave PUnofortn, wllh all modern Improvement*, ovimtrnn^ l??s, yarl k' y?, Ac., rich rc?ewood Stool, covered In kuiIu and embroMered Cover; three elegant full ? l'a ol roi-tt a ood Parlor Kuri ure. in rich Irecade and aalln; rosewood Ktegcrea, uplendld and costly l'a iiui Ornam-nm, rich, .Sc. Alao a ina<n:leent col lection oi rare Painting*, rosewood Turkish Kti>\V Ghana. la fine ie)w; rosewood Centre and marble top Side Table*, richly c m d. Chamber .-.nil*. In rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved H'd?tead?, \Ya*hstands, Sofa Beds, In Dae haircloth; ten pure Hair >1 .tirnnana. from 40 to 01) pounda, made t? order and In excellent condul in. IMiiIik Uoom Furniture conalats of Sue oak Extension Tallica, silver .vare, rich Cblnn, Ivary and Btlv. r Cutlery, Fork*, Spoott*. Ac., with heavy cut and en^avod Ulaxawam of every dcacilptlon. Kale positive. By virtue of a chattel m rtfi ge. \ W. n. ORAPMAN A OQ., AUCTIONEERS, ii. iiAUiiB bALE OPdri'KKloK HOl'SfcllOLD FURNITURE. On this day (Thursday), October M. at tho private residence of Dr. Joi u f. Hung *rford, No. bU Wont Sixteen; n street, be tween Filth aud sixth avenues, Nile commencing at 11 oVlock nnviselv:? M"<!allton Velvet Carpets, two superb Suit#, carv? d In solid rosewood, ooverod with green and gold brocatel; HecretAry Bookcase, Biegerea, Pier aud Mantel Mirr<*ra, embroidered latoe Curtains. l?lit?nry, Rmiwrt, Yaa?s, Centra and Curd Tables, Reclining <-hairs, Chandelier.-;, CftQdslibras, superb artistic Bron/.e 1 L;ures. Ormolu and Br<?iiZ" Cluck., rntJ* one month, OH Tainting* oy eminentartists, Sevres end Dres den China Ornaments, Parian marble Statuettes. Ma.1,?iii cent seven ociave I'l-inuiorte, t^anterbnry. Stool uml Cover. HaNtand, oak Bullet, Kx'cn l .u, Chins Dinner Set, crystal and ruby Class ware, Table Cuih ry, solid Silverware, rouewoud atid inaliUKuny Dreaaiu^ Bureaus, BedHte.a<i?, Ward roben, Co in modes, Dressing Table, Ilair and Hprinx Mattress es, CiMUttirpiiniM, Slteelti, Towels, Blanks is, Sofua, Chairs, KtM'k rs, Mci.raw'a j;atent Sola Bedau-a?!ss BuokHtandn, Tol let iables, Hruttsels and Ingmlu CarpetH, Oilcloth and Sluir Carpeui; also a ! r^e assorltuuut oi' Basemeut ami Kltenea Furniture, lloiifeea to let ur fur s.*ie. Fur fun her i>!trUculars see auctl'-nurr^. A8SIC,NRK'S NAl.K OK BtKCANT FUKNITURH. Aa ektraorJlnsry opportunity lor housekeepers Aud the tratie. Over $12,000 worth of ri- h aud ro#. 1 Household Furniture, Thin (Thursday mornlut{), at 10o'rlo k precisely, oomnrisini; a.e beautiful aud <s?stly h'urniture eontained in Ihe largo ilWflnn^ :iouse, 163 Vfest 'Twrenty-iirst street, near 8- veuth sv<*uue, t' o whole tor absolute and peremptory sale, run ??r shioe, oooslstlng ??t Bogliah Velvet, Tapesii^r and Ingrain Csrpi'ta; i l?%auir?>aewts?d 1'srlor Furniture, en ?nlte, ^>nij iuing three full Suits, rlrhlv ouivjtl, all of whuharo ,oo??red in rich silk brocatel and ei the best descilption; n^s? weod Centre and Pier Tablos, Turkish Chairs, iu blue and gold satin and moquet; Dkuiask and l-a< ? Curtains, Velvet sndTursish Lounges, line rosewood Ett g *re, rich Scvn sand Dresden M ?ntel T.?a? a, art!s i: Bronzen, bUtjuo Figures, Par lor Ornament*. ?kc. KLfiUANf ttFaVEM OCTATH PlANOFOHTK, Ml'SIO Cabinet, siool and cover. Elegant Bureaus, bedtftesus, 15 ha r Ma" l eases, Chamber Bulla, iu r<*sewo?id; sprtng -eat Chairs, Mirrors, Brds and Bedding, brou/.e Clock, oak Hiiesision Taiuo, twoSoia B?-d ?teai^i, rie-S Cut (?l k??H o evo y deacnption,marble top Uutrnt, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, \ \ Sa e jteiiiive, rain or shine. R. \J. WoafOOTt, Auctioneer. Auction noticb.-mortimbr ortkhn a co. Auction-ere.?I'urlor Suite, Carpets, Chandeliers, 1 Um forte, Mlrrora, ut |i ibUc auction, this day (liiui.ilay), Hi o'ltock, hi the private residence ol Samuel Clark, Kmi-, OW West T.Ten'.y-Hinth s'reei. near Sixth aTenue. Catalognee at the home, Parlor Chandeliers, solid rnw?o *} SulU, oorered wltb Kn-noti brooatel: 7 octave i *<*v?iiod Pianoforte, -m broldered ft rtalna, Eieceree, Centre TnUlea, Cuinar Et-geree, It '"k( * , I'alniltige by eminent trU-il* BruaseU Can?t?, China rases, oak Kxtca.ji u Table. Siduboaid, Turkish Lou > ??. CU.4l? to matok, French (-ulna lea Si t, mild Sitrer Wlire, i; I Rngn??cd Ul tu-. W..r", Table Cut lery. maciro..,. ah I mahogany DreMlng Bureaus, Hedsleads, Washr-anda, llair MiUUhsvs, K. ?:h?rlW?, Blanket*. 8ofn?, Buckoi*, Gb 1 rs, Sulr OarpcU, Ingrain Larpeu, Clocke. Also, large assortment of Baeemenland Kitchen IfuruUure. 9ali* OumuiMi.xs ut 2 o'olook tills aftoruoou. ASSICNBH'S SALE OP BLBOANT FUBNITUBB.?AN ertraor.i,itaiy opportunity fur liousek -e, srs und doalrn. UrwlOil'iW' 1 ri u nuil -ostly Heuaoboidt uiultiire, Ohua, China end Silverware, thie day, nt 1UH "''V'rk pr'J coruiTteing tU benuilfml <hd '?"!*, Furmtni?Vnwlnwd fir the large w 'ling hmnm IIS W arerley plaoe, conier of J> *th arenne, the while f> r abeolutt i>nd peremptory W?, r.i.n or alilne, c n-Is nt Bug'lah Tap -?:ry ana In*r?t? CerpeU, eii'Kiin' n>"?wl T u i'?r Kurin'ore, en mile, comprisl !l' wo an t- nott.1 Riaewood, al'of wh ok are eer- rol lafrlnh Mlk 1 brocatei, an , ui ti e v. ry lx?t .iti? ri|<4lo?; ro?. t 0?uir? and l'1-r I ables; Bteg. re. wi?L mirror tjark aud doors; rh h chin* Va*.?, Pain-ins, Curtalue, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureau* Wsehi.amda. Loungea, ArmUaalre, Sofa l\vti Chins, llair MAttr^uiei, BrtuM and B^dttnw# Clock*, Extension Table*, Dining Terms nut*. Sal* posltire. B ROfHt Au liuoeor. i WOTIOH SALB.?THIS AFTBBNOOH, AT TWO f\ ,1'dni'k, at Uie larn? urnl oIjmw private Hoaraln* Hoiiee, llMWaverfvs i Lto. , be?we?u Waahlng'.an tqu'.re aud tlkih < areuue.wmaUi.lnu of HriuuoU and" Ingralu (,o il? U Oil clo?h?, bh*n l' Hen, one roeewoad and one bliu-.k walnut 1 ar lor Bute cawed in rU-U Mlk Kr .c*M>? and made to order laat May; Centre and iJUe T^bliv., Kaajr Chair*, Coi-neialam.a, large ovhI Krciioh Mirnir*, Kk. gr. ?, Cartatii^, Btolateitdo, Bu reatu, \VaiO??iand*, llalr and 3traw M?Ur?*be?, B >latera, l'taoWH Tea Table*. l.'liKk*,*, ^ha iuN, OIa)? aud China ?ware. Table Cuib ry, Kiieiuioa Tibia, lluakouMie, Lounge*. Jlo.k?'m, dr. Sali- poalUve. All tbu good* n?u*? be reiuorod twenty-lour hour* *rter the aitli*^ mrnoN kotiob -an kxcrli-knt ofpobtunitt for thoae rommi'niing hounekneping ? get ^Mlhurnl ture.?Thla dav, at 144* Bightli atreet. n. ar Aator place, at 10., o'clock, on. ot1 Bram'i p'tent ? aciion t,ve PUno fortea. Iron Iraiue: one K.rlor SuU, oorered ln ? lk r. p-. <>n? do. covered in medalU m, ?<??? u |de. ?? ea< h: B.wke.., Sofa Taldi-a mahoi^ny, riwewood add <aa> anal (.nalrt, Bruiiael* and Ingrain (^rpeM, Cr.>ckery,OUsaware, and the KurnltuP# ot ellht Hedrooma complete. i?nd everything l^.o.iKihg to a llrnt iUt? lire ?tor> hau*e. WIU t>e mild without re?ev?e. AU0TI05 8ALB.?J. M. FBANOI8 WII.L SKI.1j, AT the l'hilad) ipiila Hotel, Jersey City (u- ar the lerryl, on Thursday, Oct. lOrat 11' M. the Beaidence now o*upi<M by 1>. Walker, altua'ed on iKe l!?ken*ack pUnk road, In Wee haw ken, n<-ar Union lllll. N. J., 2)4 luiba from lljfK)ken, 4 acre*, well laid out with fruit ?n.l lorenl trees; large house, 42x31. tw# ?u>rie? and attic; ?ardcii?i'? house, l?rlck uou?e, two Mtoiie*; barn, tihedM, Ac., all iu rftwd order. A purl 01 the ni .ney ,?u re.rnalu. T!.e prnp-rty >?n h-';-e,>??7 time during thu >i. y Apply t? J. J- LY^'Nfl, K q., Uobokeu, or D. WALK Kit, 17 Out h etre.t, .Neirjf^rk. Aircnoir vonot-too <ui buy all kind--of Kurullnr. , l>mkln? Ol i^m. ?, Hiiddlng, A>\, eheuiier tbau e.ii' oth' i pi,ire ui O. VV. S.tliDKD'.-', iiw Bow.-ry, ootwt-cn SrXnlon and H<m;?o: WeeW. 1'io.w.e call, you wiU ??ve mo ney. Note tl.e number. K DOT!OK NOTICE.?M. DOUGHTY, ACOTKHfSBB, A will ?ell this day iTlt v ? ). nllOX oVl.? k, at e.lej. room ,.re<-t, ? lar.. a?- rtment of bo.iaeUo.d V 1 ntture >d a family deoliii n* heusiikeeplug, conalstlng 01 n ?e wood parlor Milts, covered In orooateV mahogany do. In li?lr ?loth; r>>e-rood and trntbog ny nmrbU top Centre ruble blnck vrifc.nut Book' a ???-, Bros, -U und Ipsra.n nrp-t^, B* tuniiioa Dlnlui! TaM BuiTeU, oak Dining Ch i-r<, China Tea S?* * Cutl- ry. Bo u-inrwi (llaMwaro, Van* ?. Oruam^ntii, l?r< KHin? lSur?aut?, VTat?hstand*, BodsU'ain, iiair MiitlrcMCSt IjoiingcA, ,ta, ?<\ Auction :,orn b.-thr larqb ind^sflbndid v\n re room, 438 iwrcei, r. * idy ?or th-* jvo?p tlonol l'iunil?i(,?, ijtiuu.n-y, l.c? . a?d Vurnlture of erery liesi-riptton, nu commit 'n. A rare chance tor tho-e wUhh.g to dispose M on/ of lh"*^T^! l|l^r,1Vll5nl' tui'e PAY1D D. KQAN. AUCTION NOTIKE.?BURNIIAM S PUltNlTURB HX A prr.-.- and l,a.-Kl"g E i'?UI?hment, IIS We.t EletentJi sueet, betw. on KI.Ui and Nixlli aronuea. Household Kurnl turn boxed und ?otp|K d to all part* of the world. Lirgo covered ?u. :u foi irmnriutf furniture to und from oountiy Furultiire t.r>r"d. B OOlS AND isIIOES I AT AI'cnON. ALEXIS 1JK.* ?:?? * VTAHl'.EN, No. 30 Wirr^n ?ueel, will tell oa TUUK^DAT, O toN* 19, ?1 JSli '"<*? BOOTS AND SHOES, I rmb 'Ut l neaianaWo UOODK. BeguUr auction sales of li-ou .nd hi-,. AD. Anctioiiecr. ROWNB A NICHOLS, AUCTION EH RS, W11J. SELL on 'I imrwity. October 10, nt 1 oVln k, In front of ?nl * roomi'tl N. ".-'tu su -el, nbcautlinl dHi k bro.\ n, lon< lai.-d bov'fl I'Otiv, 12 hand# hi ih, 7 olil, sound, kind and oeutle: t- r>llent ???? r kbes.:ddU and lw sing * or double f.rnesH MMlj gentle for rh.ldrcn. Alao . ladv e aiddle H,rr"< ; li-a'itllul tmr h-rse. tt. La rrenoe iIkU *en old. IS hau U hub. e<inaHf K"tvl In sl-igl or double, h iroe-i noun i, l . g..iiUe; rawed by the present own-1- iiver. ..?y,l?h a:i 1 i"*?. rue owner havlug no lurther u-e or ? ui i i ? ?" ? wllhmil reeerre. BP.dWNB A M'-||.?1.A vi ' "I OfKKRS-WILL SELL this any ( >, at 1 ov;0 ?<, in front of snlesroom 3.'-Nai?fJUi sir* et, a dark i rov*n 1? r-w% h'ku?.*> high, / yeati <?ld- warranted sound, k.* i :?n.l w n i- ; prumpi u'iv*'ll',r ana v -rv .(wt ? !? riold tor fault. Al '*o ? ???eond haud top w t on 111 'llrnt r-i,e or.l. r, U-j-ll er with rtngle Ilarn m. A'.ao T'i> no Tip X.'K'tii, 11 I'ark Phn-lon,Cvupe, poia j - t -ry li-dit II' Ittlng wa.011*. ?).. K'NB k NICBOLB, A0< IIOMBSBS, WILL s:;LL K I, Sai.irdHV 110'4 n'clO'k, at aalcsruoms SS N imiuu aire. t u'i ac. ouut ol ? n. iu It may concern, SuO b:ue aud gray Arinv B . k ?U', In K" .1 order. I, o . i: Jk NICHOLS, AUCTIONEER^.?'THIS OAT IV ir ., .d t) Ot it', .t 1 oVlock, In front of j?le?ioom?, \ i 11 1 t.'a gray ltora , 'i bands hn.h, 'J ye?i? J-; , ...nn. kIiih . ui'" "t ' very p .r?i? tl?r. * . , . . . . , in<l good In ati i n- , tine, htjUah dr.fer and 4 ,, , lM sol I .11 iiO'll i< ' rve. isv VI .)/ A CHATTEL MOBTOAOK, I WILL |y 7* Ei?ut!. T-nue, the - ? it 1 Wajon, I K"t of llarncai, ir, ... i, t ... i. Si-; ?, 2 Deaks, 6 Oil Can-, IS dosen i ll A--' i aTTS, Altorn'-y forM "rtga?c^_ BY VIKV '? OK A < UATTBL MORTOAOE, I W11X , . U l -k . We.-, liri'iwus;-. tJie eonteii1* of i I ,.i-r 11'' r Ki i, . muter, 'la dot. I'll isiea, Plcl'ir"i, 1 I.. c ? r- ?;?. Huru re CliKk Clialre Sola, (iUuCa. e, Bcdai' sd? i ?. Kc. II h.: ill WE--T, Attorne for Mor?)p*(!?. I M;0'"' tV, OLA-S, CHINA, 4C.-W W Sini'I.EY, ? ? -r?Ki olay, <icioin-r 11, at loo'cix.'k, ni - IVi ? i 'ii ir , enl f' -loi-k, t ? ' 0 ;i i.>k (m :i.t i ! o.-t /;?, s, oi -.osiii uty a.ulcountry dcuutr*. for law.i. Al.o, s.. !?:?., Cou.itir*, Cas- ? a-!. No p sip -..em ut Cio?'d? i u ed I ur shipping. I' II. LUDLOW. All ?' SKI-.R.-AI CTICS SAI fc OK j j, i n ... .ii' -i t?o Is 1 11 l.l DLOW A CO will sell ui ? BonThtir* v uAwlT.IM at llocloek, at do a (.r?i'ri wl h 11 i-'t, ny oider ni J \? Ur...e?, Hit; lolto^ir.j gmida, aiiiiiw linviiij i< ...ili'.cd In store uti-?!:r.e(l for a perind of 1/ moiili.a. or no v, v|?. ?1 B u, contents m.known, war*I'd R B Ca.l. *? d. IU R.u|itf Bairei* narked M. Ab i. 2j Bnrreli ol Coal oil, marked II W Aduuj. 1 Cask, con ent." unkrown, marked O A. Sel.arpt. JS KEi'i~^<TuMiK HAI R-OK "STOYES, ADVRR \3T I ' d I J K. Duu 'jto it Co., Ill Nassa . s reel, for ' Kto Ijer 10 ;lv', i clock, Is hereby sdjoarned till . iot.erl, on account oi ill uoaJ'Ji. ,1. r V AN ? CO, nalkih AT arxjtiom^ EDWAltD h' h \ck, AcTlTONEHIt. llA.N'OSlO.c. ii'), HI i! >l.I> fl IfMTI.'RE, AT NO. 221 kast liuutietu stkekt, bw EllWAJID llh.m'K, n utliiy. ii.ii mat. (post p r .1 ti? "da , on aocottiit -f ;u? storm), at o'o'o It. lit th? above house, a large usKirltiieni ul' Hue House h n i Furniture, con-lMliis of iui elc, ant null of Parlor Fu?" Mime, rcni int iii mhi!m nrocati.. Mru "els C'airx'h through, out th? home, rosewood Ktegere. tosewoed Cciilie Table, La, ei'iiiialnn elei'iint hronxc Clock aud Fl?ur. ?, Corner Bland, Chandeliers null Oik Fixtures Ihioughiait tho house, Kllen*l"i> Tshle, Dliiiiij, fiialr*. Out 0!ux>, China. Ac.; Cut lery and Platrd Ware, malmn.ny no i iiaiuclleit Bmlnmni kims, lie,isicu !*, Bureau*,>, Ao.; flr.-it utility curled Imir Mailtemeu, leather Bnlsimi am) Pillows, Table ii, is! Blanket*. Ac. ; HellIterator and the usual va riety of Kitchen furniture., An elegant ba hombtuh, ma le by frod8ham. All aniiuoldk, made by FKODSHAM. Oil'- i'o kl l com |ulmh. Hliould the weather prove atormy tho sale will l? poucil until Friday, the Uth inal. FOOLTON, auctioneer.?EXBCUTOR'h HALE op ? all the Furniture removed iroin a large three-story house, coinpil-nug every style and description of good Fur niture, twenty Carpets, Mirrors, roue wood Pianoforte, 1'nr lor Sulla, Ac., Ao. This day (Thursday). Oetaber ii), lu 1uu o'clock, at No. 115 Pulton street, near 'Nassau, all the above named gnod* and many inoro will be offend by catalogue, and must be removed thin day and Friday. There are many ovcellfht goods in thin sale suitable for parlor*, dining rooms, bedrooms and imminent*. One very sii]>erlor 0\ or lave i'lauolnrie, lu use but three mouths; Msulel and Pier Mlrrora, all kinds of Velvet, Brussels nnd Three-ply Car pets; 21)0 cm led Maple Olialra, lleja, Mattresses, Wardroboa, Bureaus, Solo, telc-a-Tete Lounges and inarlde top Bu reau*, Bo'keivic*, Arm 'Ire, l'lule <jlaai, Wardrobe, Ilalr Mat tresses, ii bj pnteiit Extension Table, twenty feet lu leugth, together wiib China, Ulussware, Kitchen Fiirnltiire, Ao., Ac. Ab-o .ilxuit fifteen ? r twenty Ollieo Disks and Tallica, dale will he peremptory and early In the moriilug. f~1 e0. COOK, auctioneer. l_T ah8iunee 8 SALE OF kleoaj.T HOUSEHOLD furniture. To-day, nt 11 o'clock, at kIihy lil Broadway a large slock ol ii:it chut* work, confuting of l'urlor Bulls of rarloua kloda, Chatnlier Bulla of roaewooil, hlai k walnut nnd ma begany, Secroutry and Library ilookcaaea, \Tardro!ma, Kte tj"ica, Milan Cabin ih, SldcboarilK, Kxtcri^ion Dining Tublea, Conlri'ami Pnncy Tablee. HutlnaiMii, Vanea, and a general ?ariety. Bale poaitlvo. Oaialoguca at aalu. nENRT n LEBDS, AUCTIONEER? UENRT h. lkkdh a co. will ..oil at auction on Thursday, Out. It), at 11 o'clock, at ttn< njilivaroouia No. 23 nassau atrect, a nbolue Mlection ol tine L'qnorn, Winesan-i s?gar?, In original pack a^es, ooiiiiatiu^ ul' Brandy, ul'i ami Rum. Bourbon Wluakey, Wherry Port, Clan t, Champagne, Blackberry Brandy, pure Bnirlta, In '4 ,ind t, cask! and honea; ClareL Haul Saute roe, Cliam|?i;ne, of the following branda:?Ay Moin-aoux, im jx> rial Oal.lnel, Vencenay, Vln Imperial, Veuve tllloqnol, wu bicn, Jr., quarta, do plnia; genuine Havana seuari, war ranted; i,.w> India, tJaiuulolea, M ilia, Kotalla, b1 Liicerc, lot lutrepldez. Aleo a choice line of r -ry fine imported Havana w, iatr.4, oi the cholci hi braiwia, la '4 uinl 1-11) boana, coating froln $2A to $'?.") per l.lkXI lu linjmrt. Alio all the Oillcc Kur nilure, l)e?ki, Coiinten>. i<l'|iiiir Pii;ii|h and Measure*, and eiupty ilarreU, Ac. To be *old without rcaerve, by order of tlie a.imlno'-e. HENRV II. lekdb a ?!0., AUt:TIONEERS.-exhclx lor'a snic. On Tlitusiluy, Oct. 10, at ii o'flia'k, at nur hkl' hroi.m, 23 .Naasati stieei, a lot of Judgment Notes, Ui.iium, H ,ii,la, S'.i ckf, Ac,, without reaenre, to close tiie estate. Partic ulars will be given. Henry b. hkbts. jr., auctioneer. Peremptory sale of a line pair of Gray Oarriaes Iloiaea, Oiien Birouche, Uarncaa, Ac., On Friitay, Oct. ii, at 12 o'.-Uiek, noon, lil Irontof no tf Chamber*aireet, being the eritaMlaiiiueut oi a geiiileniau who i* leaving the i-t'y, and to lie h>I,1 to the hi;ht at bidder without any reserve, coinpri.-mg ln'o line giay tainily llmaei, lull 10 ban a i lih, kin 1, (Mltti an i very good tra'clb ia. Alao, one open Ba rouche, In gte^d order; one set of Double liarnese, ? liver C'ited, Ac , An. Terms of sale, cash lu bankable uiuney. May seeu as ab ive one hour pievl >ua to tho sale. Henry ureen, auctionksr. will bell Tnis day, at ltl>i o clock, ai Uie a,., Uon store, lw William *;r,i-t, Groceries, Wines. Ltipiora, Sugar*, Fish, Ao. Also a 12 ? clock, Clothing, Boot* and Hhoea, Jewelry, Pens and Fancy Ceods, Ac. JOS. HBtiBMAN. KRIDAT, October 11, At I0>? o'clock A. M., at ih? < Miles reoms, Willoughby hi reel, corner of Peart. Regular weekly sale?Handsome Pier Olaaa, mahogany ?uil walnut Il"<l*;rad<, marble lop Dressing Bureaus, Sofaa, Chairs, Hair Ulittwum. Featlmr Beds, Crbekery, Gla?*wai c, Urocertes, Wheeler A Wilson's Sawing Machine, Counter, Ac. Ala ?, at II o'clock noon, Balance of stock of a milliner?about 3) fashionable Don ?els, fresh make; children's Jockeys, Ac. J P. DAVIS. AUCTIONEER?1,WO CASB.S BOOTS, ? Shia*s and liroirunM, at auction, oil Thur?.lay, O t. 10, at KiXn'.loik A M., at Ktoreof J. S. Levcrcii,* Co., 161'ortlsndt ItreeL comprising a lull assortment of fr?sl> aeoaonablc goods, aiitial l? fur city or uouutry trailc. J P. TBAVKR. AUOTIONKBR?OFPIOH 170 CHATHAM ? aireet?Will ilu* Oay, at ltt?? o'clock, at 2W Haat Twelfth street, S (' mnU'rn, li-er Pumps, H'jtWs, lee Itox, Ui? -a Cum. Store, K-v*. S aoked Meals, Soap', Candida, Sutt'dh, Split'.*, LttjUuis, iin^aia, Ac, JOHN K. OAKLBT A 00. WILL SBIX, AT AUCTION, ihla evening, at 1% o'clock, at their sale-room, No. 10 Court Hired, Brooklyn, a fine aasurtinnnt of elegantly earvitd AlaimNtcr an I Stonn V.i??w, of ol&aalcal devUua, (Win the late Importations ftom luiiy, of Messrs, ViU Brothers, of Philadelphia, Into V11n, VIU J; Sous. The goods will be oa exhibition during this day. MORTiIAOB SALR.?J. H. BUItT.Hr, AUCTIONEKR, will se.ll IIIIH day, at 2 o'clok, at 4t I Canal street, Sofaa, 8)1 a Beds, marble top and other Bureaus, mahogany B<>r.k lug utid oilier Chalni.C mire and otherTablea, Mer, Mantel and other OImik'm; Waahslanda, Wardrobes, Hair and other MaUrewrK, Pea the r Beds, Brussels, throe ply and oilier Carpeta: Oilcloths, Laoe Curtains, Oornkea, Rawing Ma chines, Xeelhiun's Sola Beds, Cooking Store*, marble top Bullet*, Blanket*, Comforters, mahogany and black walnut Bede'enda, kitchen Purullure aud everything tor home kee|4og. TJAWNBP.OKKR'S HAI.B.?W. 0. HIIitllNS WILL SKI.L X this day, the I'Hh el October, at 10^ o'clock, a lance a? s .rlmem of men and women's Wearing Apt-arel, ?!/.: Over coats, i:oai>, Pants, Voau; ladle* Dreaaea, Woel aad Dux-he Shawls, Feather Be Is, Be Idl ig, An., Ac. By order of Henry O. Farrell, J'jf VToat Thirty-tilth street, coruur ol' llglila avenue. PAWNBROBKH'S SALE.?THIS DAY, AT 10>? O'CLOCK, BKLL A INORAHAM will Hell at their miction to New Bowery, 4*?l lots Men's, Women and Chll Iren'a Clothing; C'oaiM, I'miu, Dresses, Shawl*. (Jullie, Banker*, Hadlrm*. Alto a lot of O dd and Slirer \T.u- hen, Jewelry, Ac. hyonlcrof H. D. \V J 1,1.IS, M Umtorull Klu ct. nuranonM baul?w. n. uwn wtth skli, L thU day, at 2i Chatham die'*I, a large auorttn"iii of Men'a aud Women'i Wearing Apiwrel, Blanketa, t,iuili., ICemnHUia, B iota and Klioea, Ac. By older of J. B <k J. Simpson. To commence at lit o'clock. KT. ItAZKf.Ij, AIICTIONBEB. . Kit KM II TIN.NKDWAIiB.AO., ATAUCTrOX. WHITTKMORB A U.U8LI-, IM Broadway, will Inol'i.le I la their sale . f PRIDAir, OOTORKR 11, A Isrgo lutortoient of Frcnch Tinned Ware, romptlalng ISjx'nn", Sklntmers, Wa?lih.t?lK?, l*l?te?, Cti|w, liettl?s, He^ontid Frv i'siia,(iolfce Pol*, Saucepans, Ac. A so, Eti tin died \Vare, Hcrew fcyea, Sorew :uid Drlre ir.oke, Japanned Ware, Waiters, Trays, Scrub Brushes, Letter Paper, Aii SA J. UOt I ART, AUCTIONEERS?OFriOF. NO. 1NORTII ? Will a>o street.?Const*! le*ssale. B> virtue of n w tnurt tome, directed l>y James Kelly, lleeelvtrol Taxes for tue city and twuuly of New York, I will expose for sale on Tlitirs day, the lutli day of Octoleu, ldtil, at 11 o'clock In the fora r.o-iu, it 117 Na*f ?u street, all tlie Furniture noil Fixtures of the ArllMit.s Bank, c<ui>lstiiig of CotinU-rs, Desks, Tnldea, t hairs, .Stools, (jr.s Chandelii rs and Fixtures, Bauk Vaults, Iron Safes, Cart ets, Oilcloth, Ac. JOHN H. HILMER, Constable, O A J. BOtiART, AUCTIONEERS? 8ATl*RIV\Y, OO IO? lobor 12, til lOJi o'elook, at the auction rooms, Xo. I North William stive:, Hons-hold Furtittnre, mahogany Sid'a lleiUteads. Parlor Suits, Bureaus Tables, Chairs, (Ur)a-la, Oilcloths, Bcdateaus, 11.-da snd li Iding. Kl'chen Furniture, Ao.; also Consul lo's .... ie of seventeen Barrels of Flour. M. DOODT, Constable. ynBRH '/'S SAI.E.?HAltDWA U!'. O t 11 AM 11 BUS A FAUtcmi.D, Auctioneers, Sal.'xroom 113 Nassau street. Will cell, at 18 Warren alreet, on Thursdnr, Oct. 10, ni 10 o'l loc!:, the entire s?o. k of a wholesalo Hardware dealer, ct in rising a full auoriineut of alu if and heavy goods, of Ameriuan, English and ( iiianufa iuie. Catalogues will be tcady ou lliu morning of the sal". JOHN KEI.I.T, SherilT. SHERIFF'S SALB OP DRUOS, PBKPUMBRT, AC - OIIAMBKRS A PAlttCIIIIJ), Auctioneers, Salesroom 11S Nassau street. Will ?ell on Pilday, October 11, at 10 o'dis-k, at 414 Broadway, a Urge assortment of Drugs, Patent M dl clnes, Perfumery, Store Pin tires, Iron Sate, Ac .Aa ; also Itnmeillately aftei wsrils, at IV) Leonard atn et. av the manufactory, h large quantity of Hair Uesturanve, In Imttlns, lot ol Emptr BotUea, Ac., Ae. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. rriHOMAS J. MILIER, AUCTIONEER.?SALB OP J. B L Monnot's Horses, Bnnxl Mates and t 'olta will take iJiv o this duv at 13 o'clock, at t Ia?"n P dnt, Weatcheater iwinty, live miles frota Harleio. St s j losve at 9 and 10}~Z o'clock for the sale. ? TO CARPENTERS AND OTHERS I'lTTfNO UP S'eres ? Will be sold at Auction, on Friday, Oetolier 11, UW1, at o'clock, a large and sat iable lot of Shelving, Counters, Cases, Ac., at NJ Warren street. REUOIOti KOTIOII. / Mini- ,l \5 CHAPEL,SrVKNTERXTHSTREET N \K \ ' Sixth avenue.?Allred N. Ollberf, of Owensbero Kv., will ores It this (Th<tr>. lay) evemiig, at 7,'jO'clixk. Bainlsia will be administered at tlie close of the crvUcs. BILLIARDS. BII.LIAEM.?TWO riKsf CLASS M ARB LB BBDDED Tables to let to reapottsti 1' parties, or w III s. II chesp. In'jitire for full p.xrticalars of Mr. V? ELLS, .'>3 Cortlandt a:. BILLI ARD 1 VBLIK.-Foi: -' \' ??. TV, n RPLENKIDLT finlahed Table*, wilt mart*! beda and the In test In* proved cinblotis, with tusr ?* . rit everythingo?m> plete. Will be aold cheap. Apply at 2UiBleeckersir<?t. rnrTBBN balm pool~onh sri por sm.b l1 cheap. Apply a: rilOS BUI'NS'. Wedding Card l a graver aud l'i inltr, All) Bio.tdw.iy, unp site the sit, Nicholas Hotel. T.-tuii sme-will i:M-;nNt;r, roi: fiitocEHiF.s 1 (n" liQit'ir) or dry good*, ai lair prliv, a mahogany bed J; lllard Tatde, Balls, Cues, all In g'sid order. Address W J. W,, Herald oOico. "L^OB SALE-A SPLKNDID STOCK OP NEW AND SR. r cond hand T.ihh s, for $71. I'tK), f a"0and $'.'W. Complete tables to iel, and orders by m ? I a t tided to. __________ "? urnFif'ini, it#Fuitoa?isr11. ?nilKLAN'S PATK.N f IMPIHiVilD BILLIARD IABLM .1 AND COMBINATION t U81IIONS. Prices reduced to suit the time*. I'llELAN A COLL' VDI-R. ?7 Crosby slreet. MIIjITAK V. : 7TII NI W YORK REGIMR.NT ?NATIONAL OUaIID I uniform for sal*. In whI i>rd?r. Inqi.t e it hi West ! : nli ty-second street. New Totk, al lu o'ul>s k A M j nyji 8ALB^seventh BB0IBBNT national L Onardcnifiirfn, fiomplele, and (n goal erdei; -uimbla i f'r a man I've feet eight Inches In lie! .hi. Pik"(J0 Iuquite I of C 11. Betutuey, Engrarer, 83 Buwery. NILURERY. A A(is0i:TMENT OK FALL AND WINTER J\. M ncry nf . X ry vitrii*ty Hiitl of III itylos and n i|>f- in n mv olTfi m| m price,* to gall 1?? *?rnt ?, At A*--, .i.i - OVIIOAb AMAONIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for null-? Richly carved legs and ease, round corners, lullirun plate und Uueii with satin wood, overstrung bans, inlaid with anil pearl keys, mad* to order for ihe pre sent owner by city makers; fully guaranteed for three yesrs; been In u?e but llvo months; cost $800; will be sold fur t'iM, Including Stool and Cover. Also an elegant Drawing Risjiu Suit, root #300, for t lilft. Inquire at 7U West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. AN BXPEItlBSCBD AIjTO DESIRES A RE-ENOAOK rnent In a Protestant < liolr In New York or vi.-lt I'y. To any onn securing her the tame, leu dollars will lie paid. A'm? twenty-four piano lessons tbe present season for $10. Ad dreaa for one week Alio, station (}, Broadway. I SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO V forte fur |130; must be removed Immediately: la lull "tave, Inn frame, overstrung buss, elegant Cover and ? a e., ,lc. Coal $300 but nl ne montha ago. Apply at 127 weuly-Iirsl streo'., near Third avenue. AaREAT SACRIFICE.?$100; ORIGINAL PRICK $27?| magnificent seven octave Piano, large size, nearly new, In perfect order, beautiful rone wood cane, round corners, overstrung Nik*, full Iron frame. Apply at the residence, 2s Third atrect, near Second avenue. Baptist panormo, professor ok tub piano forie, begs 10 alate that he In prepared to give Instruo tl#u In Music, at bl? residence IK! Adams street, Brooklyn, or at tbe residence of the pupil. Term* moderate. BAROAINR TO CASH PURCHASERS, VIZ:?MAUNL ticcn t grand concert l'lauoforto; float when new $1,01)0 far $350; In perfect order. Also line toned Pianoforte, $<W; others, al lery low prices. MoDONALD A OO., 3SH Bowery, near fourth street. C1AS1I WILL BE PAID FOR A GOOD PIANO. ROUND J comers, seven octavo. Address Teacher, llerald odlee. FOREION MITBIC?ORB AT EXCITEMENT.?O I'll wliole slts'k of lithographed clussl al anil modern Mil fclc, IkiIow cost, at ii touts a page (lift cents lor 8 ceuta). A aluilbtr occasion never occurs avaln. P. A. WUNDBRMANN, C1H Broadway. 1 NKTKUCTION.?BOARD AND A FURNISHED BED I rooui wanted, bv a lady. In a respectable family (In New York or Hruoklyn), where lessons on the pianoforte would be received f,s ail equivalent; tho blabeat rclerence* given Addreaa lor one week Instruction, 170 Adams St., Brooklyn. LIOIITE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVBRSTRUNO llass Patent insulated Pull Frame Uraud and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody atya inui-t be true; everybody says liiey are the boat, therefore they ?iusl be the best. MR. JULIUS METZ INFORMS niS PUPILS OF NEW York and Brooklyn that be is ready to give lustructlona on the ptnltolorto and singing. Apply at his residence, J.VJ State street. Brooklyn, or to Messrs. Firth, Pond <k Co., 647 Broadway, New York. Mr. d. muranda, tenor vocalist, rbsphct fully nnnouncea that ha lias again resumed hla teach lnga, and willglvi private liisonsat ills residence 401 Fourth St.eel, N. Y.; also In tbe city ami Biooklyn. School* and olasaes attended b>. Mr. Mlrautla la open for oratorio, ope ratlo and concert engagements. M18ICAI. INSTRUCTION.?AN EXPERIENCED PRO lessor of luutla wit.lien to engage a furnished Room, with Breakfast, In a resectable family, In exchange for I?m sens on the Piano. Address B. II., caroof Godfrey's Untou square l'oat olllee. ORaVNIMT?AN EXPERIENCED OROANIST WISHES an engagement In a Proieatant church. A moderate salary expected, and the best references will be given a* la qualifications and character. Apply to J. D , at 31 Maiden lane, New York, or al 191 Adaliut street, Brooklyn. PIANOFORTES?A LAItOE ASSORTMENT. FULL I ROW frame and over streug; a seven octave rosewood at $1-0; Piano* to rent. J. P. WAKE, 182 Fulton street, opposite St. Paul s church yard. PIANOFORTE.?<5ASH AND WBSTERN LAND WILL BB given for a lino seven octave rosewiaid Fir no, one used a short lima or a new one. Any one having one 10 dispose of It Is a good chance. Address M., box 130 Herald olllee. Removal?Horace waters, agent, has rh moved to 481 Broadway, between Orand ami Uroome streels, when' he sella new seven octave Pianos for $1S0, and warranted. Second baud llanoa and Melodeona from $211 ta $130. AU kinds of musical merchandise at war prices. I'iaaos and Melodeons to let fnun $2 to $4 per m-iuth; r?nt allowed If purchased aa per agreement; monthly payment* received for the same. UN Ml* Yiirk I'ost *' Addrea* Hoi.nuio, lwX $5 SsVT?V??Tad^ tbao"b? donees or hor own ?f? ??V! IIt&o<r r#*i dn-M Teacher, bo," UI H?r* la"flC ^ 10 b**,nu*r"- Ad ? ^IBrSTIlUt'TIOl*. z AT IMi'nXPsh^Un?^ b^SL'JJS W ???>AIWaT, ?nil evening. ?i<raiin^ winning ftru ""'Kht, day klwirihan.i writTfi*. will l,?v? fn ^J0!".'.1?- * 'tnowlodij" <>? IftMonUng rorballm repm-ler*. uoc?M?r)r faotUllea ?f AT *2^2!?B^D*!,r ov pknmansiiiVant* Pupil* arentoeRou'd^Si'ewnftj r,?rW>y Inalnietlon, and atparJluly and canrollv frHutl,,u T^Tmo&r^ ' *' Wg A'iiSiSf.SJ;?i>u";Zi'TM ""???? gS^SSsSSSx&SSp f*r yotit i* kkiUv* in i*iniiA m ... i . i>Z u *rtIlor for S ratilSX. ' *Ud Kll?,llh? WpI 6 A WOULD LI KB A H1TTTATIOX AS mi^i"ru i\ pi ljngiiHij branulicM la a b<hot>l t>r / TBAOIIRB Hoiillit-rii HL*tt*a or w??l liullw. AJuraMN M flfti ?quant 1'oal olllce. "'*? "? *?. Uniu? A JOPMa. LAr>* WISIUtS A am'A-TIOK M i n aal&S A YoiJXQ GBRMAN LADY, RWP8wifjV infinmn ???( fourth. ^MuKton'^uiuo *??*"???? Mrret, A T-THH, SI";''l?(>T SCHOOL, 3B WEST THIRTY THIHn feH?E!5a^?'=E|'P AJara & Mssraas'srtf&wa A FAKISIAN r*I>T ffOI'IiD PRVOTR ON'Bntl Mnfii Vi .?iwuZ'n::!mZrl. ndA^.ply'^'Y* t?"> M om 101? -j ? { to L M ,J J 7.1'"?r "r I'or-orwU!}-, Amerlotln, 40 Howard ?lr. rt, N^w York Kor *Vuu<? BS??raTAnwD Bouona anrauiir ai inn 'it '???' ?*?? QOOMM CHIOS OplHfBIU -a:. ooUIOl ~ r ^ *8 and It) Ooop?M'IuKfihiL/* Meiyamlle'liihrnii"'X-''"8' I'"":,ii4n"hil'. *emaiitll0 BBTAJTT, nB? ! u v', p ? OK >i:r> \ VKJOt, Prti fault. TNiHWUIAL KOHOOIk 201 WT58T Poiitv cr<?f.v n rHriTi^ ntM, rhil'ircri'k clnthrit . i i\T I A5. w'lfoa'nn<W fHflhiotiablu myl?. N 1J ?Goo.Ik " l,;" nu,hl l?r. i.f Iho city fret. BU,t ,or ''Humcl to any leac.fapin, Olx'ti I'nr i'm ? I' ,.i .. ' r ?"??king wlii?ii?or liigtltnte nod eU.-v. hera, r\' r.iMm.1 v r lr"t:r,'"'i1"" r. M.; dm wing iM1., TrKitK \"'1 .1 to 4: matV.MHU^, (tnjf lavT^i V" ru t[iiii, 7 to 8; urttingaud boi.^kMuiiic 8 to it! Hi i ! " T"fo^VvT"oKH;vlaV,K rSJ-U:,}UT- A* ?K?". : ?..:V*? lrSH2lx* *1,,lM hou""* or pupiij^ ANrEJ> IX BROOKLYN"?A L\DY Trt mvu rv REWARDS. c|?"l RfcWARi).?LOST, YKaSTKKl)XY^^iS ' niu?^v\ n nkI ylrivt, a >m?ll f'.Mi -n ?.-(.?* . Kf'.R | being p?1zoa au a cstfl Ihc aliove'i'?r-i^|t< ?1i ''lr U; ,f W,n bO l?ld OU k*MVlli? 11 at I WALTM P. 8AYAOK. ; $2 f)0 gKft .s;?ay, o,;r?v wiih tan fwi fac^ a-,ii'h- *'J.rolor TarrierHim* | Lowla- IMwni.tom Wxhiuglon t?5S!*^ 10 ltoo """e * : <&'> -I/1ST, 15 At A i DUN I v,K, snXtt \t7t~i I . u J Ihln In ^KhTAtuwTrH !n u"' u.,me of'" ^''an'n,"i'" j fa^'^;r^Wi,rd>ri" ^ i $5 i -? s - $10 ?*m8? 52S[-? ?^ pam.apaib vlO SSika1m ,.1L:,;r ?'" WA?ig own*?r hall Kn ?i. ?^h fourd. ind I)o? I ' ? V .'*'">?? . ? " on<>' fn.-r , Th-UuJ, ' , , i '?"JW ?Meant?i,J ?JrMnn l(r2Bt,iiH? rncl. ?"? rC?uru liim to M., $liO n;;T.A,1:,!'r> "\.V ? SHSL-mjw? S1 Hjirt^Ujr ?treet,jh? aUv i , .,,? j or $40 'JUa'^rMr'A'^W* ^,IR "ETDRN fan d Watrii iy?? ,,, ^ i?79 fl'Onlway. o( a iold H'Ji. IB. J.sci, -t^n^q,,IgtioL?Mkcde UWnCr' ?U B,0l,<lwu.?.

KXClIlsiOVs. C"Ka^r."am^.y?tMaT^S?|M d8f0N KTATE-V "tAND. M.^. t, l?uvfc? the~ ,nT'i rfIyf r""t "fWliltohKll fTf rv hf,ii, from f, * yi ^ p >, H , |th f''r,-y. Bonta lnitr? ' .. i-. a. 0" 1 "* "??<'?}' ??"ry klUPFINQ. STEAM WEEKI V liKTVV KKN NKW YORK AND Liverpool, landing ami ?mt>?rl.tiiK 'avengers at iJiiwi* town, Ireland. Tub Liverpool, N wYork ana rtilhul tplna Steamship Company intHii'l dcspuclung their full-powered, h'/, 1 r?11 *teaui*hip? u? follow*:? ?'riv Saturday. Oot. If J.I IY OK WASIUNUTON Hat inlay, Oct. 13 liT,J A\ .Saturday, Oct. 19 Ami every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. iutiis or tint Cabin $74 " to London MO ;; to PaiU. Hi to Hamburg.... M StL.-rage $10 la London i'l to Pail-. ,i :? to Haniburn 34 Pas*cngeri> alsw forwarded to Havre, Bronien, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at eijua'ly low rales. Persona wishing i? bring '>ul their friend* can buy ticket* here at I lit* following rates, to New Y ?rk:?Krom Liverpool I ir y; " r?t cabin, #75, ?n 1 $105. Steerage from Liverpool $4<l. Prom OueeiiHtowii $3c' Thcar steamer* have superior accommodation* for paa1* 'ti gers, and carry uxu, riouued surgeous. Tlioy are built !? watertight Iron sections, and have patent lire annlbllator* on board. ./.'.'I'urt.herf:,r.l!i*lk>" ?l>plylo Liverpool to WILLIAM IS.MAN, A gout, ii Water *' net; In Glasgow I.. WM INMAN, b St. Km" h iHju ire; In Ouecnsmwn to C. V W. D. S1-, YMoUR A CO.; In Londnu to ElYKS A MACEY. 61 King WI I ..m street: In Paris to J I? I.KM DECOUE. 6 Place de la Bourse; In 1'hltadetpiila to JOHN O. DAI K. Ill Walnut street, or at the company's offlce*. JulJN (J. DALE, A^eut, IS llroadway, New York. FOIl SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY, Oct. 1$,?The United Suiuis mall steamer PULTON, J* A. Wotton commander, will aall from pier 37 North river, tool of Beach atrcet, mi Saturday, Od. 12. Tbl* steamship? unsurpassed for safety an I comfort?baa double en^lui a un der deck, enclosed I y water tight compartments, which, lie sldrs other results, ten 1, In the event or eolllaion or s'relict ion, to keep the tree to work, and aecuro the safety af vessel and -erH Kor freight or lataange apply to OKO^M AtlKKNZlfe, i A*rnW' No' 7 The steamer ARAUO will aall November9. fPUE NOKTIl HERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BP.E I MEN, II. W"km'I* comiiiaudcr. carrying the I1nl ted State* mall, will nail from pier SO North river, foot af Cham ber* (treat, on 8ATURDAY, October 26, at II o'clock M., ros ItUP.MKN TIA SOUTIIAMITON, taking paaaengera u> LONDON, HaVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the I olio wing ratea:? * Kor the lirnt cabin, {lltll; aeeond cabin, $00; steerage, $34. Kor freight or passage** pi ly to OKLIUOIIS & CO., 08 Broad street. Direct steam-wip line between NKW YORK. I1AVKB AND ANTWERP. Tke now and i-ploudid atraiucr, A I, CONORKS3, Oapt. Limning. 'J.hOO tuna, tWJ bars* power, WIM (all from Now York on WEDNESDAY, Oct. IB, Kor Havre and Antwerp dlrw t Pi Ice of )>aa*ugtt lor Havre, Antwerp, Southainptaii orLon don Kirat cabin. k $111$ Mecond cabin $fi01 Steei Hg* 36 OU1I lien between onnand li lt vaarani age half price. Kor freight apply to WM. K. SOlIMtDT. 7Ii H< avor rtreet. For pateige apply to 11HNliY M W KhD, 187 West alreel, onrner of Reade (treat. STEAM TO HAMBURG, 11AVRB, LONDON AND Sou'.Hampton. The Haoihiirg AmfHcun Packet Companv'a Iron ateamxhlp BAVARIA. E. Meier commander, earryli g tie Unltoil Statea mall, will a avo from p<er No. 21 Nonh rlvor, foot of Piiltoa atreet, SATURDAY, Ootober 19, at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taklny paa>?ni;eni for Uavia, London, Souibampton an I Hamburg. KlrM cabin, $1110. second caliln, $(j0; ateerage, ?5."i The steamers of ibta line will Ii ave ever) ulu ruate SaUtr day carrying the Un ta ' ? atra mail. The ate.uiu>bip 'lEUTOMA will sun'eed Via Bavaria Mi November 3. C. B. RICHARDS A BOAS 151 Broadway. STKAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLABOOW AND LITER pool?The Montreal Oceau Steam^Mp Oomnony's Uiat e aaa, full |K>wered, Clyde built alennier BOHEMIAN, Oapt. 11' rland, carrying iho Canadian and United Stalaa malla, wiU aall from (juetoeo nam Saturday, C< t 12. h tes ol' pas sa'e from New York:?Plrat cluaa, arcoidiug lo aivoinmoila t on, $70 and $86; aieeisge, found with cooked provlaions, $ '4>. CertlUcatea luaued tor bringing out |-a*seugera fiota all the principal towns In ttreat H ltn ii and IteUud at very law rate*. Kor iMiHeiige apply at ? t Hroadwny, New York. SABEL A .Sh V itLIi, Ocui'rAI Agent*. IIOR LIVERPOOI/?OLD BLACK STAR LINE THH packet xlilp ItE.-'OLU I'K. lying nt amilior In the s ria"t, sails io-iin?rrcw>;. The l,"t)NS i i 11.'I'lON, (alLo Ocu? F Ipou LIVERPOOL.?'TAPSCOTT 9 LINK-HAILS OO 1 tuberU. Tim favorite packni abtp OONSTKLLATION; hnra xonimndatloiie for paaaengera aie auperior. For pia. fM^o at )i?w rati-a apply mi Ihuu-'F ai 1 Jt'r 47 n.ul river, (ir u? TAI'SOOTT 4 CO, ft> South *treet. I.^OIl LI UK POOL?TUB HI'I.BNDID m.II'l'El! SHIT 1 MARIANNB NUTTKBOIIM. (Vpt. 1 itmb, willanttt. mormw. The Mhlji VANUUAKD, Oapl. HaileU. wttl nail on the 12ih inst. For In both ahliia apply on board, pi <r 14 K.u? rlrur, or u> JOSIii'll MURFUY, 01 South Klrett, iimt Wall. _ CWIHAP 1'ABHAQB TO LIVERPOOL, BY THE BLACK / ball linn of pnokata.?'The fa?t aatllng < llpjier Hnlp NBPTUNB aalla the 14th of October. For pustule apply on t"mnl. fool of Reekman street, EaM river, or to JACOB WILSON, 1DK South nlrret, 1RST SHIPS FOB LONPON AND ANTWERP.?TUB ? plcudld uhlp RI1INK, Ht pier TJ Khu river, l .r l<?i. l i?, nail* to- day. Ship HIK KOBY 1'KKL, lor Autwerp, *ail. til * few da\ a. For p *v **t\ at reduced rate*, apply to THUS. 0. KOOIlB, HJBiiuUi ?.r?i. XLINB FOR LONDON.?9AIL8 TO-MORttOW, TUB favnrlte packet ship B H. TAYLOK. at pier l? Fee r ??!?. Ro <iit for a few p taaengera, ukrn at lovr ruee.t or uralta on Oivat Britain or Ireland. Apply to TA1'MCO'l f A CO., Ai South street. | Australia pionbrr mnb-oarbyino tub United Statea Mailt. T:ie K'. Rrlti.dt clipper nhip 81AM, Oriivee, nuurter, la ninr rnpi .1) loading fur Sydney, S. W., direet, lit |i|pr 1.1 Kit-1 rlv.-r, and will lie deapatihed >i<1 vt-lr , 17th O< to>*r. ForOeUjht or paaaarfii apply to W. K. 0AM R BON, 90 Reaver atrcot. IpOR california VIA PANAMA. ' A first claaa at-unv r will leave New York on the 1st, Utk and 21*t of each month, except when these datea (all on Sun day. when tho dny of departure will bo on the Monday ."ol lewlnc, Furfrleghlor tiaesafle ui ply at the only ofli.e, No. 6 Bow litis Oreen. I>. B. ALLBN. A?w>t. For mo janbiko, i.ota <nkab Valparaiso) and San Fnuiriaeo.?The l'uiilie Mail Steauo hlti t Join - tieny will denpali h their new aie.unahip CONS'llTI "I'lON, MU tuna burthen, finin N 'W York lor the above porta, on or almoin In! to 15th Noveuilier next, OnVln to Rio f 15# ra'olii paiaage to Lota, ? S4 Uuuln paasut.e to Inn Pranciaeo 40# Freight will aUo be uiken for San I'larrdmo if aiifilfdetil In dneeineiilaaro oiTeretL Apply at the cH'co of th? ro'pnany, ? 86 W?U wweu - ?? ??? ?* C OkMUTN I0HSHIP WOOTCgJU 7 ] \ GOOD, RKLIABLB PARTNBB WANTKD-W1 I( IV $1,500 or $2,000 cuth, in a rh-Ht claati nmcttry | iiuw di>1fi;: tt ?oo?l p^yin^ rash bu*ine*n. Kiafl iMruou can had by U?l? d:iy i?n (I. li. JONhri, Nt;. 191 ]Vail AOOODUHAN< B 18 kow OFFERED TO k RESPECT. alilo p i " u t?. go into tho ph??t< hiiHlr.eiw an part ner (either active or hilnnt) with an opuratorof twenty yi-arn* experieuer. C '.pttal reouiro \ $JW. Inquire at or atluix'AM 75 South Seventh street, Williamsburg. \ PARTNER WANTED- IN AM B8TAB118IIED 0A88 J\. he?lhe:?>?, yielilitu a sure and h itiilw?*no income. To u bi^iftosM rnan, with $200 to tliin ofl'ein r iro induce mentn. Apply At 129 Broiidwajr. C. B. H0WB3 A COa VNT OENT1 BMAN HATING $>,000 CAPITAL, WISH* luff to engago in an entirely nrtw and exceedingly profita ble ciuth husiiieHM, in which \ foituuecan t)0 tuiide ?n twelre ia?tilthj?, nrotected t>y Intern y???!:nt, can me/U with en oppor tunity sel iiun ollen-d by imi iirinj at 424 Jiroome alreet, sc oond ilour. PARTNER WAN'TKD-AN AOTIVR BUHINR^H MAN, with fioni $5,000 to $10,000 capital, in ;? highly lOMuecta bie, rouiun?Tatlve buaineMi, not aicen<it d with nsk"; will Iwr a thorough Investigation; lx ?t ?>!' rolVrenota given and re quired. All eommunieatlons with reil n.?iuo con.sitlered fttrU ily confident! iL A Idw -j U. -V Oo., box 106 u? nil I o Ilceu pARTNKR WANTED?IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED A Straw floods and Hat Bufltne.4rt oi fifteen yt ;rs' tuiudlng. A iinall cash captta! rt quired. This k ? rare chauoe for bu slneM. Afldrcus S. A L., box 1,271) Post ofUoe. T>AETlfBB WANTED?WITH FBOM $1010 TO $10^00$ J. capital. In a j -ctable cash husluuKM i;? this city; will jwy at least $I?\10>> iH?r annum; will hear a thorough inrcs tiC'.tion, n no but a bu?iKSM n an wanted; rofereoooe CX cbtofBi Addr i Busincs , I?x 188 R^reld ofiioe. WANTKD?A PARTNER, WITH FROM $10,000 TO $12,in th ? lluuorand wine importing an.1 Jobbin." buslne**. Auiip i m (i. T. WaLson, FTcrald ollitse. AQAA -A PARTNER WANTED, TO TAKE POUi ?POU\/? charge of an excellent restaurant ami drinklnu; ^aloon,locatrtd on a good corner tboroughfm e down town, do inrfaiurgo bi.AiUiS^. Ap;4y to T. C?Al K.N hf, Kti 64. ?PARTNER WANTED IN A RT^IECTABIJi ^UUl/? cuish paying buslnei^. e?ptahll?hed l ?r theliat lourt*'''!! ??*nr*. Apply at 9Ssnd VO Wcsl&dih St., near Broad way, in tho lumber yard. <IM ?WANTED, v PARTNER. IN A WELL ijpTaUl'U# e.5t.:hlishcd Oa-!i BuKim'w. Want th?* in?ui"jr to fili a government ?a?ntrae:. Addivtis Coutrat t, box Uu lie - raid oiliue, wiih it A naiue. DAM iNO Ai AOr.MllX. VDODW ORTII'S DANCING AO AI ' M1B% ? No ^01 Fifth atenu^, c<.r. Twent>-alxth ?L, Ketv Toik. No. 137 Montague street, Br*?okivn. CIiASHK.s?Tuasd iyi i\nd Fridays iu"Pr\N)k.lyn. I'i.A. .KS?Wednesdays anil i>at.milays It) New York. Cl vuUrH for terms, Ae., may be had .?t eitheraoedeiry. V acadrmt, .SO S) SOU'.... ?':lyn, no v op n for the r- <. ption oi pupils. All llio fatihiouttblc d^uees are taught in one cout-M-of le-son?, and pu; ?U wl!l lx? received., anytime. For terms apply at tho A demy, or fw nd for a < lr?niii r. AM'INt. AND CALltVl'llKNICB.?TRKSOR'ff I'RT % iU lemlos.65^ riiirt) mrtl . et, New I ? , 00 i h LI Ih striei Bi . u, E. P for tin; .-<c:i?oii. \Vhilc all the !'>i4iil'<tnab:e dau . ai eeme t l'u!'y ii '.parte ). ft vmrtuicm ..r 1 th'' phy* i pupn si ?? n ?t ov? ri< o'tcd. Privav* le-s > eliy (ireotin ry mi tided to. Send for circuiai-a. i cnassRO'B dancing aca . i wi i four. . r toe uh i*r?'et, now 0|-en lor li e re -eu, ou'of p ipil*. ' guni 'reoniuei < ?? ftror.i t!.e <ia v uf < i ry. I>.ui.i:-dau lorp 'iiileu ii, Mond.i}! and lu-j. Ja). ui 7^1'. M., eorii uieii' ingOit. l<). 1) WI?K* AND JLt<iVORS. rpHB ATTF.NTION Of THE TdAW! ts j. le the lu^rlor nuaUijr of H.t;n oer'a (n un brew -tl i/liur p.gii?Ale, ThUiile ii< hrewed tr>ch atnli m a son. of the var, and It'a keeping iinnUt', eapeclally of that bre.\ed dmlr.K the moat exoeaalve hot wither, la niiar ia '< ? d lor any leiurlli uf time. Charpi! $12 |>er hhd. inn {if. ivr bM , ih liven d to ary part of the city ot New Yerls. l ayiurnl, i aali on delivery. Order* ?eut to llnmuitr'i Brewery, lu Ha: - leai, will be attended to with de.patrh. aAXliHOADS. I DSoiTRIVLR FOR ALBANY, Troy, the North and Weat, leave Oiininbera alrirt at i and U A. H? and 9:?>, 0 and UHJ f, M. NtW YORK, harlkm AND ALBANY~RAII.RO*P ? S immer airan<rmrnt.?K?pr"?<i train for AIN.ny,, Nartli aad W< ?t, lcavea Twenty--ith alrect Stati. u at 11 A. W For lo"?l tralBfi f" lime t.illo. vvaa - itnUJiMMai rov\ jiAi,n. * hake cuancb fob iJJTHOqrapiieiU).?A.GBN. i\ tleniaii who liss been longivt .bilfhe i Id the lttfa<>Kr >pine business la one of the lirst eltleb In C mada, wishes, ou ao i-iuulof bail !)>-?'Ill, I* retire from business, aud would dls of it oa reasonable ti-rn.a. Fbv particulars lo WILLY WAI.LACH, l.ti WUIlaw fork. A RARE CHANCE?FOB SALE THE STOCK AND FIX lures of a laucy goods store on the Unwary, ? ell heated and capable of don g a larun business. rtnilsfaetory reasons glvna tor soiling. A lidreas K. L. M., Herald oilke. A restaurant and baloon for halb?mow doin? a vi-rjr tine business; will ai'll It cheap, its tbu ewter bus got in go away. This will be found n r ire chanoe. Alae, several lino Llqooi Store* lor sale. Apply ut MITCH ELL'S Buslueeg Agency, 77 Cedar street. BUTCHER'S SHOP AND FIXTURES KOR BALE?NO ?l<l>oal Ion In the neighborhond; the fixtures ure now, and ivill l>'* xild .'heap for cash. For particulars inquire la the store, three dmirs from me corner of Forty-brat street aad Fourth avenue, aunt aide. BAKBEIEB KOIt HALE-LOCATED OH TUB FIRST, Second, Tulrd. Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth avenue-', linkers and otliera who wish to purchase or to dell their l/ualm ss pistes, would do well to apply at MITCHELL'S Hnsiuuss Agouoy, 77 Cedar siruet. BAR ROOM KOR SALE?ONE OF THE BEST STANDS In ili-cuy; must bo sold lhl? week. The owner havluf an appointment as sutler to a re,;luient leaving for the seat M war la obliged tn dlspos* of ft. Apply In the bar room, Morris atreet, oirnor Broadway. DBUG STORK FOR HAI R?LONU established AND well I e ited. In a li adlnjj thai oughfiir , and Until;; a fa r taisliona W II l>e Mold low for cash, H i tlio proprietor la about having tlio city. For particulars address Bualuess, atallon E "iirk Po.i offloe. 1 uvlng t New riii T) ? iKJr? STORB KOR SALE?A SMALL HTOllH CUEAP fii ?"V.1"" Proprietor UoblUod to leave the city. Address Alpha, Hmall oillce. DROO STORE KOB SALE?IN OEKENWICH STREET, doing a 8Mi.ilI jobbing and laige relull business, will stocked and lituxi up; to a competent aud trustworthy le r Miu It will be sold on favorable terms; urloe about U.W0 Address with real name, no other nollced, W. D., box S.74S i'osl oUlce, and au Intel view will be appointed. Fob sale- a larok oorPEH dkyinu cylinder. Apply at the Uulou Print Works, Klfty-iourth street aud Third avenue. IjlOR Sale?A BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY lit llro.?kljn, oa i he corner of Uond and Livingston mreetn; oue nf the beat sunda In tbu ulty. Inquire ou Uie premise* ler lurtlier particulars. For salk-a i ink corner liquor stork, on one oi ti e beet avoilucs on the e**l aide of the city. Te be (old or lutorUioed this week. For partioulara inuuire ot D. UUKKR. Auctioneer, lii.j Hnwery. IfOR BALft-A FIRST CLASS DROO HTOKB, LOCATED In one of the moat popuhiT tboroughiiirca of Rnmklvu, I *w fer cash, or upon easy terms, with satisfactory nvrurftv. For pertlculurs aputy to RANDOLKU UUNTINUTON, 71 Maiiian lane, N- w Vork. I^OR KALE?A KIR.sf CLASS restaurant AND Dining b'aloon, tn o ie oi the besi mialn>^a loeailens down ion ii; has been established over IS ) y urx; neatly lltu d Ii^OR SALE?A KKESI1 DURHAM COW; PRICE %S?. To be seen at Norris' stablo, ilSOUnlou placo, ?TlOlt SALE?A GOOD Ml/1CHER SHOP, situated J1 on the Curner of Eighth av<-nur aud Jane street: thu owner within*; to sell ou mccoimi! ol 111 boal.u. N. it.?A good patent io? house In thu shop. Inquire on the promts s T7IOB SALB-THE STOCK OF A FAN :Y STORE; RBNT I She ip, liu lui'lng .he uxlures aud furniture. Reasons will be given for selling out. Inquire at 6? Eighth aveuue, betwei'ii Thirty-ninth and Fortieth streets. |r*pR SALE?STEAM ENGINB AND BOILER, FOUR I i o.u r Iihiiiis, 24 brulilers, ou i cotu.n r an i I'oubler, sie< 1 r. lis, ?cr. w pr as, shal l lug. Ao., low lor uu>h. A| ply at the fautory, South Sevei.ih street, near Jersey avenue, J. rw y City. FOB SAI.K?A CONl^EqTIONERT AND OYSTER HA lunik, doinK .1 good business, Willi Ui leuae of tin' house, mil' ol thi- m.Mt unuvenlent In the city. Inquire at 4t(4 Sixth aveuue, i.etiveon Twenty-i l^hth and Twonty nlnih alreeta. Ti'CR SALE?TUB LEASE AND KIXTUEKS OF TUB J1 Chi iM-a, 12? Ninth avenue, with Oiob lio-i.ii Kllllai Is aud Obex* B.ioius, or would let Ui" furniture. Ajiply on lbs pniulses. Must be sold this week, ou account ot other Lntsi FOR SALE?OR syould EXtHlANOB A FIRST CLASS cornrr<'ery and llqaor Store u.iwn town, for d< i>ii?a. .lie fancy or ury gnoda; lipase at very low rent. A lari;e eiuok ol Groceries wui be sold low for i- ah. Antdy at lg Centre Street. ZKi.lio * UAST1MUS. UV>K HAIjK?A KlRST RATH OYSTKR SAI Oo?f ivn wars? t'SgttlX'1' ma? WlUl ? ~p?uu. jtSd^U T. TT'fR SALR THB LEASH AND KIXTIIKF^ au . teississsl^ F?5.;y*a, KKjasva, BBMyg I-. $AUI?i'n'i? :'" "'" *"*? Inquire of' l|'^ SALE--THB HTOOK AND FIXTliliKS au . r iioni ry Hii'i G<mi11ciuoii .? Kun -2,?V'??? .PI ? F^d^KL1,? A T,'i'HB a: wid.i ?nd I wo tet>l ace m?h ti(.J? Anv.IT?-^ # mch?*? ?' A flPLRNDn ih" leading uT. ni,o. m thn rlly, ,Tnn '? aiotxl^nj'h?" ?* A''"" * i> Soukh; IrfittSA.'S'a^^E SWS??5 y-trlOQ-.yi Kl.?cker Mj-iwt, eiirt.'ir Mniuily A"uu,? I Ti':y? ?-? }' "i""n~? "E^OK 8AI.E?A SMALL LOT OP ASKnHTPn~?fPD stsja rf Un i tonfth.?, lor salu <:h<-ap. -chine*,oni/beeu m U** F?L?.?^* I? ft! i1?R WwB STORiT wrTH toff WarptrUouUre?ppt^ln tlia >u,r... p5???l& fcgW. Uau^nr^^orM the TfteSt T^OR 8AI.B?AT I'ANIO PRICKS A BR. ,,Tr .T,,T A wwortnuuii of l'lintf. -1,7 ... ? , "uAl'1 II-L'L r.. l!ly l-ounil :?.d i.ruu.ln.ik !i, i?j SJm*^ Vulta. M*niuir,i!i 1'artor forirai ?l . a, ,1 ? * l"*>?*?ii. II roadway. e*ai* At Ui? An UiiUwy, 411 F0s,^LSr^r*AR^ WUSOK TOR ?^'H'IW on Bna'dw^ furnUhrd'Vl'i'h a"' {iI'm u^' '"'""J'" mniu Api ?> *' ti4 Jr*>*Uw?.y, III Ml.' bn*.. MathMWOWpm ??,dWorloingto(n?f j.nYu^'*' F?B^r,f:;^\i!;}S,,;^--? 'w-d' 1 wrGusif^'Ji x5?^Sa,1,II'iai' AW/ t? tuoma^lmgu; nUhcu lliii.UHliL.uli twA,. :*'|J' ?'*???? 'ftut? lw Ai.i.i,uii;0. 'utPti*' ?"?;;;v:,xRAVKR,r G/^SSSS/ffl ^o^S^SdL??*, AND "X!?4P. Tllm (Bftmro cliiuca Xm oSm Su'S1'' n ?w>r? fftron lor aolliaA out AuoiV !Vh i ? . rwrwultl Irecl. no?r 81xth avenuo. l*WEl?ie,Klr F>BSTAUttAKT FOR 8ALE?LOCATKD If ovtTTTL hLmocT' 'n clijr. A.uir-ojt, (J.^x JWg M WOMU l?o.|.v.r? wen ?i ltr.?.;w?y. * l?l?*?Ur aniot, i A OIIWKKY HTUUV. FOR I '"Wing. JlSitrn"!.",.,,'".'JlH"?d ^.wb lur j immlnc. * ??'*??* -k . cmjormr of ^i.(,;;!>." ? ' ,; " ?' BUT A .; , ' ured . v teal and with ' ? , : ?'??'??. J $>'\OUO Annual./ in it. 5 'k 0,1 ,u?'"l: i UKJOS ?C". Jiti."- ? T' nm '"q \r I -? ?' NiMwau itmi, I ?PKCIAt. MOTICkh. ' 11 ,' /PROTON AOl'EDLVP^ Hi ? x? ? r v., , .V, , O 18t;l ?l?ubij< noti( in )" hn?Ai?5^R ' n*U.- o! ten lji-reut will V < V, ' 1^?',! thVA,Mrtllrr ,)e" on ihe l?i Jajr 01 N?>ember in ?t uii|uil W ntor Reiiti, ' R. C. JIANOK, \"OTICE.?THE FATHER llATitKW T A B t'tfrv "ill hold ibelmunvol m<T ituriailie i h 11 vi n? "ilieo!, (.a Tliur?d?jr ' B>^rf)"r of"' W* IIutr, BMordlncsS?y. ' t'r,:,?"i??",? SPORT IN O. JCOR SAI.H-ONK EXKIBLD RirLIS. Will. PR SOU) Wolf;"' owner him n.? r^i-U. AJ^iesn rrtarje, VTACHT IV W'TKD?OK Al OOT SIX lOKii gflTI I lowest <nHl, J,r?^, womig... ...n .1 ?? .J ? Kera Iv tie SALES OF RE4L ESTATE. VHAUTIFUL COItNKR HOUBfT FOR 8ALBU corner of Ftfty. eighth itreei and Second av?h nue; en?ll? . ??A Soww^PI)lJ un the premlMt or It WM. FKTTIU la? KtJlt Thlrty-aecond street. A superior ?RANOB COUNTY FARM FOR 8ALB.?? J\ Thin Farm e?X ** acrt*11 of Aral clans land, miliably divided into plough, w ?w?w?ndgraying; 5 acre* wood; ha* a good apple orchard a*'" ?'"T fruit; li well watered aa4 fenoed. The hou ba* \ r,K,ros. with modern Improve ments- tarn, ntabli-a. Ae., nearly new. Apply to A. W. FRANCIS, ?29 Bro id way, jlv>fr York Brooklyn-first cxjk9k' residence forsajjl ?1' gantlv finished, with git***?? "mending from Oxfora to Portland, '48x'<SU0, commencing ? 3 1 f?et south of Knltoa avenue. 1,30* I toil unsurpassed. At '?'/ "U the premises, or f W. ?. NX0H01.8 (owner), *1 Plaa ?. r'??", N. Y. T?ROOKLYX PROPERTY.-POB HALfc, YEKY CIIBAF, \ . Houses, on < I'TMymt avenue, Wtween DcKttt ana Lafayette avenues, with all the modnrn i.nTJoveuioaW. Must lie sold. Iuqulre of P RICHARD CLAIfFY, OB *? premises. C HATH AS, N. J.-A TASTY COTTAOB, TWO 8TORIB* M I set equnre, with l?n acn-H of ground, three minute? Irion depot ou V >rris and Essex Railroad; fruit, sln.ue aa4 ornamental trees; due scenery. Address box t,m New York Post ofllce. (10UNTRY residence WANTED?WITHIN FIFTY J miles of this city, In a good neighborhood, near a rail road depot, schools, stores aud an ?plaoopulohurch, consist ing of 25 or more acres of goad productive land, with fruit, running water and some wood. The buildings must be am ple, substantial (modern preferred) und well shaded. Ad" dress, with prion aud full particulars, Nelson, box I6S LIurald oOuo. FARM.?WANTED TO PURCHASE, A GOOD FARM, near the city, cheap; must have good comfortable RuBd* Ings, good Soil, Fruit, Ac., for which a good ilrat Mortgage will be given. Apply at 118 fourth street, Williamsburg, ar address Im>x llrt Hi-raid olllco. If ADM KOR SALE?ABOUT 14 MILES FROM TJIE CITY of Now Yoiit, one of the lineal locations on the H.u-lten sack rt i r. New Jersey, containing about 100 acres, 14 tvlikib Is woodland, the balance undergood cultivation; abaa* dam* of Fruit of ill description*; large and convenient RuMd* Jag', In good order. For particulars Inquire of THOMAS WARD, on the pietulsea, or of GEO. A. 11. BENNET, No.JW Grand street. Farm for sale?a bargain, or bx<;hangr? lor merchandise; 153 acres, In Ooltimbia cuuniy, N. Y.; a splendid I.ullittns site. Apply ta J. II. POIJLLON, 53 F?|. ton street, Hrooklyit. Farm wanted?in bxciianob for oity pro. party, of from thirl* to slviy aere?. wlthla thlrty-tWa miles of New York, worta from $7.iK*) to (U.IKM. Owners W farms |>leasn rail on or addren* P. H. BROWN, 27 Third are. FOR HAI.E-IN OLAVBRACK, GOLCMBIA (.BOUNTY, A neat and oouvenient Ooltage, with Barn and OulbuU. in ;s, situated ou a small farm of S7 (vre?, and corn in it rv flag a Que ?iew of the Cai.ikiU range. It Is within a conventual iil?tance from railway station, uhumlies and poat olMiu-, aad three miles from the city of Hudson. Thirty acres or lAo prop.Tly are lu meadow, and the remainder In a high Mai* of cultivation, with a thrifty young apple or hard and a gMfl selevil'm of other fruits and an uufalllng spring of watar. Addrvan W. It. Morcer, Oiaverack Poat oilico, Oolumbia onaa ty, N. Y. * OR SALE?AT A SACRIFICE, T1IB M08T ELBOAIf? Ijr liulsbi d Hoosu in ibis city, similar to th? best hoasot a Filth avenue; stone front, hljrh stooi>, good nelgborheadk No. I'M Ejst Forty-eighth siruut, near Third avenue. Apf^ as abvvc. BUI up. Fob sale?the thrkb story and basbmrhi brink Houso and Loi No. 9 Union place. South BrooMja tinee minutes' walk from Hamilton avenue ferry, b>'luuglag M the esuue of Stopiien Weart, rec.Mitiy deeoiuied: will be s?4g law to close the estate. Apply to JOHN 0. GILES, execoff 11 South WliliaS .street, N. T. FOR 8AI.E?TWO NBW, FIRST CLASS, FOUR STORT, brown stone front Houses, with all the modern tuipra** ninnis, Nos. 45 and 47 East Tblrty-aerenth street, betwsaa Park and Islington avenue*. Inquire on the premises, TC'OR 8ALB?A WELL FURNISHED OOTTAOR HO F ? In Jersey City; good nelghliorbnodj gas and w. throiiKhout; few minutes from the ferries. Price $1,' Apjdy at M John street, New York, betweea 13 and 1 oViaaKa J. WBBKKHL I loll SALE?THB junction HOUSB, CORN BR W Thirty-fourth stioet snd Broadway. The proprietor ham lug an appolutuient as sutler in the army will dispose af M a'-ove cheap. For halh-vrry cheap, or will bxohakob fi.ra small House In Brooklyn, a good paylug dowutow dining and drinking saloon, well furnished and a good llrni" "li1'!'!!* ROSSKTBR, 78 Nassau ktreat. For hai.e?a lxasriiold property, in m Ktfri.te. nth ward, oonsisttng of a three story and base ia"fit Dwelling, with modern improvements audlniluearda* Lease si venteen years, with privilege of renewal. Apply ta 1'VH A CURTIS, No OS Sixth avenue, between Thirtlctaoia Thirty-lirst streets. brick Duelling unci lot of LaniL No. 17 street, r .>f N -w YerU Wextttien Bridge aire;* a?'l tte Hug OrM-f, ^pposlto tho Battery. The hmito U In) Fob salb or bxchangb?houses in brooki.tb for h small farm, lot.", lumber, dry goods, hardwares* nssrehaiKHfta. Inquire at il) Clymnr street, Brooklyn, B. Du tt a jtARTO. Fob salb ob exchange?eighty lots, im Breoklyu; title free and clear; assessments sHpaM. Will be sold on easy tortus, or exchanged for nlaliii goads at fair prices. Aldreas Lot Ovular, Herald office. Fob salb ob exchange?dairy, stock un tiraln 1 arm, 230 acres; 100 la valuable timber, balance.hi Ruluvatioo; well fenced. and watered by two durable Ml brooks; Urge two story house, with extension, whlto, wNll green blinds; twnivn rooms, panoredand juUiund Ihrougbaue so. il.18 n<i\v, flue cellar; wood house, wash bouse, Jto.; Iftcgi barn, shed and hay loft, corn and carriage house, elder huL hug Ac.; all In good repair; large apple, butternut mm sugar orchard*; spring wutor l'mm an elevation suUlclaat ta wifi<ly the hotiBH throughout, also fountains sud Gsh paadtf location pleasant and healthy; neighborhood first ?n oiiurtbes and schools near; two miles from a Tillage, tfcreo from d?(H)t and nlue miles from Saratoga SprHtgs, Nov Yea*. Pru? $.S.I*0; )I,!WU cash, $2,3110 on tnortgaipt; the balsaee Hi <1 v or village pniHjrty or mrchandlse in any line. If or printed circulars, giving full description ami J particulars, a/V drew Parmer, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., giving full description ar property sought I* be exchanged. FOR SALB OB BXOHANGB?A LICBNNHD WHOLE* a ile ?nd retail curlier Liquor Store, \rilh or wlthoril Meek; liK.i hi on i stabilshed the laat uh* years, and new tie tng a good business. Ap|>ly to J. COLB, 360 Kultou atpeet, Breeklya. I10B SALB OB LBASB?WITH PRIYILBGB OP PUK chawing at p iff all I price, one of iho best built aud out* convenient lim es la the city?107 Fourth street; rmmm ?b4 opes all the time. JO 11 If WOODWABD, 40T Fourth street. FOR SALH OR TO LRT?A ONB STORY BRICK PAO> tory, JS feet front, with steam power, lit Kortyiflh *tre?t, west of Tenth avenue. Apply at the Amnrlcan Tata Works, Forty-sixth street, east or Tenth avenue, where Ike re U a Large assortment of (las i'lpo for sale. For sajlb or to lease?thb large, tbbbd ^ ... . - In lh-? ell' leei. #iild the lot U 125 feet deep, extending to the lane In Hta rear opening on KHtlge street. For further Informatlou atniy to tl>e proprietors, on tho premises, orta 0. J. * ? l>l. W1 IT, Mo. 8J Nassau street. Houses for sale-several snuq modern 1*4 proved biiek Houses, moderate prices ami easy terms; aH In line order, well rented, good neighborhood; owner wishes U> leave town. Alsooulco tenement to lot, Aprtr U J". OC'DBIRTH, 'MS Bleecker strept, near Charles, Rkvt, kst vtb, kreb of incumbrance, and in a good business jiait of Nowark, N. J., to exchange far Watchea, Roots and Shoes, or any other merchandise. Ad* dross J. N., box 12." Herald ollioe. Qni r BFBOEN BtTTLDINO PLOTS?ELEGANTLT 1 0 UHjitied t,lots (four to thirty atty lots), a mile mid a half1 1 mi ,1> -JsyOlty; by horse r?l!road every ten niluutaa, Nc! ;hi?< : lit :td ami loeiiii mi unfturpa.'ued. l'rlce low and easy Viriu ). Apply at 41 Water street. rpo P.EAL ESTATE OWNBBS.?WBAT-ED PBOPOSALB J. will l? received at this odlco until Thursday, October 17, for the purchase of real estate by the corporation, for tha l el th'? Kirn Department, looitedas folloWH:? IJu.i Lot, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, and Party fir >t and Forty-fourth streets, for Hose Company No. 1J. One Lot, between Third ann Sixth avenues, an.I Pnurtaemh and Tiventy-s'-cuu'l striw-U;, for Hone Company No. 29. On i Lot, between Broadway and Seventh avenue, sad Twenty.??renth aud Thirtieth auects, for llase Compear N J. 37. One Lot. between Second and Lexington avenues, Twenty-nixih tuul Twooty-ulntk streets, lor Hose Company Bo. 39. O.m L tt, between Hudson. Greenwich, Oanal and Sprint ' streets, lor Liuae Company Ne. 41. One Lot, between Elftbtleth and Ninetieth streets, wl tlila IM feet e.tint or west of Third avenue, for Hook anil Ladder , C?m|iany No. II). Prt>posiils will nun tain a diagram of the property bOTored. with uiuiensious, locality and character of luiprovciuentik ? any. Preference will lie ijlven to vacant lota. Payment wla be made on ijlving a clear and midsfn/oonr title. Tho right is r served lo rejoot any or all pruixisals. Rot I'tKT T. HAWS, Oi>mptroU?r. Citv or Nhw YonK, Department of Pittance, Comptroller's of litf, Oct. 10, 1861. THB subscriber WISHES TO BCTY, FOR ALL OASII.^ a llrHt el?bM modern built 23 foot fnul iloiiKe, in a gee* ? leol ha-atlon, between Twrnly-llfth and Thlrly-thlnl tUroei", ami Fourth and Sixth avenues. Preference given to a housa ! ntidtir $20,00'). Address B. M. N, atalion O Post ofllce. yALDABLB COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM FOR SALJ With commodious and extensive Bulhllngs, (ir iurds Riit! frullj" ?.! all Kinil", grapery, gref-nhnnao, rider mill, viae- I gar loft, Ac., An. It Is situated wliliin oit? hour of tho cltv, | and . inimiinlcates by railroad and ste imbost. For healtlifiii' ?QKsand lieauty t.l location it Is unsurp,iwied. The furniture Iti good order &a I the Hue atock of the farm can be had also. Wouldexchansto in pait forgood productive city property. Atldress Proprietor, box 2,137 Post office, New York. WANTED TO PUBCHASE-A COUNTRY PLACE, WITH front on the i ?<t ?hore of the Hudrou river, south c< Tan rbnvn, to oontaln from 3 te 23 ncrcs, with or, buildings; If with bullUluga lh >y must l e of l rick or atone; i s: ias.-; the place mi st have good wa'er on II, and be in a healthy situation; a h> h fro~ ?III l ot bo |;UUl. Ad ircs*, \r _li description, H. M. P., box 20? Yonkars. ( UESTAtRAHiTS. |> HOOKS' OLD .?TAR," 414 BROOMR STKEFT. FIRST .3 9 li ???-or Broadway, aiul formerly oi Uipfnanl < now pen and gujiplird w.'lh the bctt of \Miiph ana , :rik >, A i ? ana Port* r, clioVo u-s, an l a good usaortnifiiit \ A:.!? . . .in an.I Tv.ii?^-onn ? i!OPS and STEAKS?DIRECT FKOK 1HE j ' ' 'i"i.UNCH, I WE LWsrn, ?ri u LUNCH EST. YOU UlTNCH. HH I.UNCIlKn, THB? LUNCH. An ; wc nil will lituch at WJftJden lane,-corner 01 M'lllianxl sheet. T. RTCIVaRDKON, Agent. J Ov the b si In tfc* city. L'v ulnp'a Ale, in HoeJ eaedlilon. / \ YrtTKR ?'?the BICOEST SVr.vVS, THE LARGEST 1 * I Frlt.t, the Uup ?! Roasta *r <f tha mammoth Hn.IdleJ R,.. ks can always be fo nd L'.i BY'S, 153 Pulton street,! rear raid oUlo ? N 'I.?t?ysur , u! without crsekUtg,! thereby aroiding line pieces of m -u, ht, " " Rainbow hotel andit tsiso rooms, beekman ht-ett.?The business (4 (his lions" I. Improving every <i*v. The charges aro i+tjf ,B to suit the times. Lodging twenty-liv" ecnu? per rii/ lt Dinners and ale, 19 cents. Smith s Philadelphia i \rj nd sandwlith, dcerts. W. T. H. VTCiU mXy TALK AS MUCH AS YOU PLEASE ABOUT J your Al?*. but ev rybndy acknowledges that ROBIN son, 111 W Illam sine t, corner of John, beets them all with bu English Burtt n a' ,ld e?m India Pale Ale. HOTKI.S?. - WHITNEY HOUSE, BROADWAY, CORNER Oil Twclltk street.?Conducted on tlta Europ-an plaa.B Suits and slo >|e Room: st entremelv low prices, i*irrps|io?d?l : in; wliUty, tiiaej. 1!. V. BENNETT, Pr.vtcicwr. fl

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