Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1861 Page 3
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HOCWj^BOOMI JMj, TO LKT. A HEAT TWO AND A HALF. BTORY HiOU STOOP Houae, (wide), on Weal Twenty-third ?trect, ia Iml rate order; inoderu lmpro?am?Ut?. gaa Bxturua, Ac; reutSftOper ?MStb till May. J. R. EDWARDS, 227 West Twenty-third si. A HANDSOMELY furnished ROOM AND 1(ED room to let tu a gwtleman and wife, for housekeeping; also, a Parlor Ploor, on reasonable terms, for the wiuier Souths. Pi Ivate hoUae, wltb all the modern lmprnt-emeula. iqulre at 96 Pllnc* nine I, a lew doom weal of Broadway. A COCPLE or BRICK SHOPS TO rent-ON west jA- Twunty-eighth street, m ar Sovuulli avenue, iwo sml a half and Uii"? ?torle* im; suitable for a ran enter ?raliuod mmi manufacturing business; w.11 lent tin m very low. ^ J. R. EDWARDS, 277 Weal Twenty-third street. AX opportunity TO HIKE A HOUSE AT A GREAT bargain.?Will give a lease of a three atorv and base ?iaat House, centrally located, wlthiu two blocks of Broad way ; eontalne ten room*, two haaetnenta and n llnr; g""d yanl; li in perfect order, having been recently palmed and papend.ll baa all modern Improvement*; heater, range, gaa and water on every floor; chandi Hers and gas lixlurcs In Karv r<Him. The house 1? ulcely calculated lor three fauu a: will he rented for ?410 a year c**b on a lea*.- for IS snomhs. baa been routed for ?WW. Apply to T. B. MILLER, "ft Broadway. A WIDOW LADY HAVING A NEAT FURNISHED House, would like to let all er a pari of It to a small la ally; the neighborhood la unsurpassed and baa allot the mo dern Improvement*. Apply at 2SJ Adelphl street, Brooklyn. A WELL furnished Ft>UR STORY CAEN STONE A English liasrinent House lo let, to a re*is>nsible partv; ? ia 'a good order, having been painted and cleaned througV etsi Apply at 87 Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth are nas*, from 9 to 1 o'''<nek, dally. A SMALL FOUR STORY lllOU BASEMENT HOUSE to li t, In Thirteenth mr -et, near Second ..venue, with gu fixtures, Ciotou basins, p:iutile*, range, Wash tuba, dumb maker, bath, water closet, Ac., lor $3j p r mouth. BRADLEY, WAK.NhR a day, 40 Union (quart. AOOOD CHANCE FOR A PARTY WITH A SMALL IN com" to got a good lhre< story House, neu ly lurulsh ?4 Miiiplete, with all the modern improvements. Location ?vod, West Twenty-seventh arret. Rent all taken In board. Address Immediately A. K? Post office. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO jl let, suitable lor housekeeping; a good opportunity lor kuM tired ol boarding; luiuse first class; terms only $4 per week, including gas and water in the rooms. Apply at 'j6 Weat Tweuty-tillb street. BHOOKLYN.-TO LET, THE HANDSOME THREE story brown alone House, 370 Ileury streei, with bath, ?as fixtures, Ac., In best order; rent low. IwHilre ef H. M. ILVERMAN, 168 Broadway. BERGEN POINT.?A COTTAGE, FURNISHED OR UN furnished, to let. One acre or ground, fruit and shade traes; opposite hotel grown is: thirty live minutes from the ?tly hourly by boa's; teven mile* liy plark road ; rent reason Mo. Appl.vio HYDE A CONKLIN, 1*3 Wateratreet. Bakery to let?the oi d established bake" ry, 448 Broome street, and also Apartm* lit* In No. 7 Clarke atreet. Apply to N. Hot a. S. D. WILSON, office JilU Tarli.k atreet. TAARM TO LEASE, PTENSIL8, AO., FOR SALE-136 A? acres, with two Dwellings, good *-ofl and a home market, 7A miles from New York. Great inducements to comment# farming. O. H. OLIVER, M Liberty street. ?EU'KNISIIED HOUSES TO LET?45 EAST TWENTIETH _I stieet and 41 East Twenty-eighth street, to private fanil hea;eiwh 12 rooms, with the improvements, In periect order. Apply t<> R. G. READ, AS East Fwenty-scoond alreet, from 1 to 3 K M. Furnished nousE to yorkville,near Tblr I Avenue Railroad; the rem taken in Board If agive ania. The houie I* ro .niv and very pleasantly situated. Ad 4mm J. N., box 143 Herald office. Furnished house to let.?a four story free alone front, and CO.if rtali'y lurmshed House, in the im mediate vicinity of Madison square and Ibe Filth Avenue Hotel, Isolicrid for rent until llie 1st of Mu) next. For carda Qt admisalon apply to EDWARD bCHEKcK, auctioneer. 16t Broadway. FURNISHED HOUSE ON FIFTH AVENUE To KENT lor the wluer?No. 352 Fifth avenue, lietween Tlnrly llfth and Thirty-alxth street#, four stories, 28^70 feet, fully feralshcd, to a private family only. Apply to L. 11. LLD LOW A CO., Bo. 5 Pine street. TTOUSE, clermont AVENUE, BROf)KLYV-HAND 11 aomely llnUhed, in {N-rlect order, newly painted; rent linv to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN UOLLD, Eaij.,M Stale street, Brooklyn. House to let and furniture for sale, at ball Its price, In one of the moil desirable locations In brueklyn, witbln live mlnu'es'of Wall or Fulton ferry; the rent of bouse until Mav next will be very low. For full par ttualars inquire of F. dOLTON, 113 Fulton atreet. JT0USE8 TO LET IN BltOOKLYN?AT I,ESS TI1AN J. half Price; a until three storv basement and under crl r brick House, with gas, chandeliers, Ac., 87 Powers atreet; al??, annul two alory and basement brl.k Hoim>. with i:aa Mid water; lioih adjacent to ear* und ferries. Apply to WM. 8TONE, builder, Bergen street, Dear Powers. House to let in brooklyn.-a handsome two story, basement and under cellar brick lliime, with gas and water, will be let on a lease; neighborhood unexeeption ?his; adjacent to earn and ferriea. Apply to E. Al'liUBACH, 47 ISaim Velix atreet, Brooklyn. CTORE TO KENT?KO. 201 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR U Fourteenth atreet, now occupied ..a a house furnishing ?tore. Stock und llxtures forn.ile: possession November 1. Apply as above or to A. V. WATiwNa * BON, lb Catharine MraaL OTORE AND ROOMS TO LET?ALL ON ONE FLOOR, O *73 West Thirty-seventh street, at a g.-e.u sacrifice. Four building, Iron iront, suitable l or a trmrv; rent ill per mauth. Apply to PETER M. &CHLNCK, No. 409 Grctw ?Mh atreet. fPO LET.?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A BAKER TO COM X ncnit business In llie village of Uutleuberg, N. J.?Two Boases, one a thr?e story, built expressly fur a bakery; the Other suitable for a dwelling; oueli have stables atun he.i, with a good well ot water. It will b? a good chance to any eatarpnalng nian to commence the baking buslnesa. aa there U M good bakar in the vtUat*. Apply to KoliLKK, at the ?team brewery ofKohlcr* Pincke, Guttenberg, N. J., or to Sqoire Dwvera, near the premises, oppoaite Seventieth ?Ireet, North rIter, li. T. ITK) LET?THE TWO 8TORT AND ATTIC HOUSE, 184 J. West Nineteenth street, near Eighth uvmue. Kent #.?0 per annum. Apply to 8. 8. HIM MAN', No. I li: uad ureal r LET?THE FINE FOUR STORY ENGLISH BA8E meut House 154 Weat Fortieth atreet, containing all the modern improvements and gas liitura, In complata order. Bent $200 till the lat of May next. Inquire af A. 1*. YOOlt H18, Kid West Fortieth atreet. mo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASE X ment oi house No. 177 Weat Ttveniy-iourih street, to a small family without shildreu; all modern improvements In the house; to be seen at any Ume. nrtO LET-HOUSE NO. 61 LI8PENARD STREET, NEAR X Broadway; rent low. Apply to A. JOLUNKAY, Jr., 873 Broadway. IPO LET-AT NO. 10 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, FOUR X doors weit ol Broadway, three lurni-.he.i Booms, on the ?e?*nii tliior, witkwi th? modern improvem nw. Single an ttemen preferred. Also, a Bascmmt, suitable torn p.yslcian. r? RENT?furnished, FOB EIX MONTHS OR langer, If drilled, to a private family only, a large brown ?tone llouse, four stories, twenty-live feet wide. 13 East Twraiy-elghtti stri tt, between Madison and Fifth avenues. Apply to the owut;, on the premls ?*, between the hours of Uand 6 P. M., or to HOMER MORGAN. No. 1 fine street. r LET-IN brooklyn, 2?C BERGEN STREET, CON veu.ent to ears and fern**, a tlrst clasa Cottage built Boose, li rooms, lurk and front piazza. Rent 1 >w. Api'iy to WM. M. STONE, 262 Uergen street, near l'owera atreet. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING 224 West Fifteenth street, lu complete order; has all thj Baodern Improvements; arpeLs end oilcloths an be bought If desired. Apply to M. SOLOMONS, 106 West Fil'tacnth ?treat. mo LET-ON ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH X street, between Third and Pourtu avenue a, near Cei.tral l'.u-k, a well linlshed Ootiagn II u-e, night rooms an i a iia? yard Facilities good forgetting downtown. l!eui$2U0a year. Inquire at No. SGD I'eari street, or on the premises. mo LET?AT EAST BROOKLYN, IN A COTTAGB, X Room and Bedroom on tne socond tl< ?>r, an 1 bat k Base Blent, with gas, suitable lor a man andjwiie without chil dren. Rent moderate, in advance. Myrtle avenue < a: n pasa the ciiHir. Apply to R. k F. Hill, aoriier of Uealcraud Ceu tre streets. New York. TO LET-IN HOBOKEN, SOME FIRST CLASS PARTS of Dn cllliigs, at low rents. Alai. amttll Apart neiitH, near the terry. Apply to WILLIAM G. PLUMMfilt, 7i Washing ton stre< t, lioi^oian. TO LET-FIRST FLOOR AND OTHER ROOMS, AT 8*5 Broadway, just nlnnn Union souare. A erst rato loca tion for buslneaa. Will be let furni.-hed ll requited, lnqoire lu the store. fPO LET?A RARE CTANCE -A GOOD CORNER STORK X No. 213^a Eighth av euuc, suitable lor any klaii ax buai msfl. Inquu-e ou the preini.-?a. Reutlo.v. r LET-TUB FOUR STORY BKOWN STONB HOUSB, No. 112 West Thirty-fourth street; loi atlou umixoeptlon able; rent $700. Alan a House on Ttiineeuth atreei; nut $C'J, and several parta of Houses. A.i.ny to ROBERT USHER, Jr., Weat Thirty-fourth fllr< et. riX) LET?THE GENTEEL MODBRN THREE STORY X and attic House M Kast Sixteenth street, n-'ar Irving place and Union square, with nil the modern Improvement*, two baths, i-o.; situation unsurij.i??e?L A.So iio^ae Nu. tIJ Fourth street (Albion place, 12 to 1). J. R. WILCOX, ullioe ,*U3 Fourth avenue. TO LET?STORE 817 BROADWAY; 8JIAI.L 8TORB8 at ijt Twellth street ; ton,, r Baaement and Seooad Floor, 8iS) Broadway. Apply at 81W Bro.nlway, r -.m No. 4, irom 11 to . i A. M., or to JOHN S. KBL8Q, OJ William street. TO LET?FURNISHED, IN TWENTT-F1RST STREET, neair Fifth avenue, a Parlor and ane or two Ba?lr>><>ma, with lur?e pantiles ati.l bath room, on saoond iltair; will ia li t to getitl men or a small family, wi h privilege in kitchen If required. For address apply at the Madixon square Post ollwe. TO LET?THE SECOND AND TlilltD FLOORS OF 87 an a ID Sixth aveuuc, near Eiguih street, auluible for drill, lecture or llllard ruotns; each 26x90 feet. Uuut low. Apply at lis Wavariay place, near Sixth avenue. TO LET?HOUSE 13 GROTB STREET, TIIHBE STO rieHami oaaement; real low; 1,-areuiay lie bad. Can be ? n .1: ny Itme. TO LET?THE TI1RKE STORY HOUSB NO. 11 LA1GHT street, corner St. John's lime and (routing CAtiul street, aultable lor ll^ht hu?ia?aa purposes; rent low. Apply to R. L. SUV DAM, 1W Wavorley place, near Sixth avenue. TO LET?A SMALL BNGLISn basement HOUSE, with all modern improv, tnenis, No. 120 Kaat TwenLy-iirst s.rei t. Apply to TUuB. UAltlilNhiU fcuN, No. JU East Nlneteeritu street. TO let-LOWER PART OF COTTAGE NO. 128 EAST Twenty-eighth street, s. vea rooms; alao, thn-e do. in Cottage 121 Twenty-eighth stieet; also, Baomsat No. lOtiji Twenty eighth street; thine do. at ltd Third av.uue; alai, thre. do. at HJ Third avenue, aad several alee Rooms at 38 Dow nlng street, at low rents. J. it. WILCOX, !M3 Fourth avenue. TO I.F.T?TUB basement KNOWN AS the BOWERY Oymer and Dluuiir snlunn. To * good u-nunt u fivure liie 1 'use win be given. Apply at the Bowery Hotel, ftIS 1 0 i ry. corner at Sixth a ix'et. nto let OR LEASE?ON HOUSTON STREET, WEST X 'ii and near Brt>?|lway. a lour atory brio* houan, twenty, five by sevi nty-i.v . lot tw nty-tlve by loi feet The house is in ooitipleti order, lie* y papered and painted; hps w.,t?r, c.'ia, le. Thelualon Is ?ery deslnib:.-, and it willlw let or I. ased on V. ry favorable ternu) to a responsible teuaut, Ap plj to LUAH. U. MILLS, 34 C#tUr tUtcL iioi'8KB, ROOMS, &c.. TO LET. HStfXET-WlTH 1m j?fl)IATE^POfliflEStfift'N, TUB mt 1 eoud Floor of 20 vtvnxtck street (four rooms!. The He. ?ond and Tliirrt Floor* of 17 Watts street and i* Sullivan atreet ( eight nm?> In each), and all In Una ?rikr.> it 36 Sullivan street, In the basement. rLET-AT VERY LOW BENT, TWO FLOORS OF the large new building 138 We*t Evhteenth street, be tween Seventh end Eighth ..?-n e?; well lighted, and salcn lated for manufacturing puip ?>' Inquire en the premise*. TO LET?SECOND FLOOR. FIVE ROOMS, WITH bath und Cioton water, In heu? ii!i West Niueieeuth street. Rent $12 per month. rpo LET?amd BENT TAK* n IN BOARD, A BROWN x stone four story House, uuturulslicd or |N.rtly furnished. No. 9u0 West Thirty wcoud street. The location Is very de sirable. Can have the privilege ef taking other boarder*. Call on or rddress J. L. k., box z.tltt) Post oluce. TO LET?THE FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT ll.mse, No. 174 Went Thirty-eere'illi street. Tlie louse w In perfect order, bus all the modern luiprov nucule ? nd will be rented at a low r*nt from now till 1st of May iv-ii. Also, the House 1ub he k.-a street, Brooklyn. Rent $ >j0 per an num. Apply to EDWARD 0. JAMKS, xi9 Bruudway. TO LET?a THREE 6TORY, UK 1 !1 STOOP HOUSE, No. s4 Roorman place, In West Thirty third street, hav ln? all Improvements, halls trpaooed, tr. ' Apply to o. ii. p. A k< 111,1;, 2d South ?tret i or m Moorman place. TO LET-TWO LARGE PARLORS, TWO SMALL Rooms mid Kitchen In the house llii Maodougal street, eornerof Amity. Keterenre required. TO LET?in BROOKLYN, A COTTAGE HOUSE, TKN rooms, s'de extension, el?nt L> s, cot tier of l^ulny street atul Kedlord avenue: gat and r1 Igewood waier: rent till Mny $21 a month or tnereab .uls. Pultun or Myrtle annua cars. Address A., box 101 Herald ollice. TO LET?THE SECOND STORY OF DWELLING NO. 1*u Allen street, onnnlstlng ol two rooms mid two bed ro,im?, and uuo bedroom In attic; rent mixleia'e. TWO DE.SIRABLE LARGF, HOI' el TO LEASE.?in quire at 77 East Fourteenth street. (?q per MONTH.?to LET, HAL? OF A GOOD vo House, conveniently situated, In Brooklyn, twenty minute*' from the ferry, and half a mock from the aara; rooins large and well ventilated. Address box 192 Herald olllcc. THE TURF, IilASHION COURSE.?the GREAT TWENTY MILE match for m.lxw will cmne off on Thursday, October 10. 1'. Matthews names s. in. Lady McKenzey. Hlratu Woodruff, br m. Milk Maid. rain or shine. UNION COURSE, LONG island.?TROTTING ON Friday, Oct. 11, at 3 o'clock. A in itch for $Ak); mile heals; licet s in 3. In ii.irt.e ?. Plirorpay. D. i'.uer Dimes t>ay stallion Young J.wkson. o. Young names buy bursa. To come off an a good day. 8I1AW a WHITE, Proprietor*. ^ hokkks, CabbIAOM, &C. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, A si'ENDID PAIR ?t dink brown Carrume hoisex, well luiudud, long tuns, 10 hsu'n hinh. 7 years old, >? irid and kni.l cither lu dou leor fciiu-le harness; stylish drivers; will he sold at ? bargain. Particular* will lie g veil ly calling upon .1. M. Ingemoil, 12.j Duane stroet, between the bonis oi 9 and 10 o i luck A. M. ? ? m ?, Ahorse, buggy and harness, all complete for $125; sold lor want of use. .Apply to U. CO llt yois1er, 119 Fulton Htreet up stairs. A NUMBER OF BUSINESS WAGONS, OF EVERY ?tyle, such as Grocer's, Mlik, Butcher's and Expect*. Every article obtained her< warranted to be a? reprea-nled. Also some s,oond nand WaRons, IngiKMl order. bfea ART S Wagon Factory, Flfty-third street, near eighth avenue Bargains in coupes.?these fashionable andseasnni le Cnrriale* for sal,? at pr ces to suit t'e times, viz: at $!.'> , ?JtKl, f,X>) 5 ??.!, $ Stl, $t<m. $tat and $5 it ('an be seen at vt ood j)i(OTii?k.S. 890 UrondHay, uue ,io,.r below Walker street. COUPE WANTED?ANY ONE having A OOOD Coii|i* for aalo *heap may address box 210 Brooklyn post om?. For sale ?a oood caht horse for sai.e cheap. Call at Manhattan Exjiress Co.'* stal'le, 14 ami 16 Bocrui:i street, Brooklyn. Can be seen at work all this week. For sale?a fine sorrel horce, fifteen han'ls ami one In h high, perl (Oily sound; ha** iH'en used by a young lady for three years. His equril l:i tx jiilj uriJ i)imlity can rarely tie found. Apply at Nodlti ' s s able, Plerri - pint street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. Also, Buddies and Bri dle*. For palf?a very stylish long tail bay Horse, six year* ol<1, is hands mgh, sound and kind and a good trotter. Also a sj. . mild light top u agon mini ? oy 1>. J. Ditsenbiiry: Harness, Robe*, ?<?., ac , f. r f4ij cash. Can be seen lii the stable ef Joiin C* Idell, lloboken, n ar Napoleon ho^tl. tfOK SALE-AT A J/)\ V I'RIOE A BKai'Tinir nt>av for Hrv lui In fri* wlY"^1* die, bridle and halu/ Cant"""; K H<*1- *??' ???-?; ?poll SALE?A PAIR OF MARKS, WAGON AND 1MB * 10 Pr"?"*" #?rs"l?ul^'mo"al^X uThln.;; F? w, n*iEi7nA .FA,D.DLE T,OKSE 0r OLKKCOE STOCK, -i dckCrtnpo?n,u\'!,M ?fi1'" 2 :* ??' ?? *J,*W. To W ?Jn7t m " " , 1, '?" I'tTJ ?1*TW /f ^ ^ k*twi?*ri 8'*rpnu-rutij sn.l I'ljth and 8prinf 0*rd? n and Oreen atraeu. 1"JmiJoS Shoemaker, b<n 11,318 l-oat_oiu,;?. Phtlu.IrlphU. p ri?Ri8ALB._A GOOD. CHEAP nORSEFUR IULI Mrerf *' * ???tiiboat Mw, pier Id Morih j^oR SALE CijEAP-OXK SECOND HAND 0< iA'JIT IK I t?^d orler. Tobcaeen at Omild'n *tai<!?, Fortv-iiin i JVli. ^L ,r'nUff- rutk^ ?< f AVlii CLOSE, 147 nORSE AND DOCTORS CARRIAGE FOR SALF^Ia brown II,.,.;, \..y, , I? h.n..? hi*b, fi/JZr- o.lfwTr *-wnlcd aound, tu id kind In all harucfl. with or without a Boston rli?1?f and harnraa, will lie ao!<i at a bat-Man a a i ,_ owner hae no uae for them. "ar?a.n so lli? w. n. MAPE3, StablelQsMercerItftei. TP?* ^9?.,?ALE.?A HANDSOME (iKaY POSY iLl. ixinr fci WU1 m'k- u h?naimi..; ?*..?!? pon> iur a i<?'iy, Lit beautv cannot l>#? ? #|.,,B Wfcri*nU5d fcoun.l ?nU kind. Apply at <tf rrWO OK THREE HOUSES WILL BE TaKEN TO n w< 2!i*?!'* ?ri * ,Mrra' ab-mt ;our ffMifrom Ilt>iiok*?n Good BkiUe ana ?arc. Applj at 1&> Third a-.'ann? I John i>. ortim'ell. I T1",'?? WANTED, a roadster, WELL , -L broken, ?itb a apeed of thre? itilnutai oi lea* r,., ! wr* ?? Broadway and .-vrrutl, arena,. Twrliih a:, I ilT^enitonr ff'IlBr^d0mee',t4UQ? " | WANTED?A PONY WAOON, NEW OK Hl'CONn ^w&r- Aa,,n- *?? ??? ? ^ | ? lT*?jr?KlLCAn- i ft^au be'*c"!,vLIN' *" 1'e<lr, 'lr"?'' P'rioe. ?"<! wbtr? j 200 ? If , CAHRIAOEH, COACHES, FAVIIY _ - ?o )u?way?, topai.d no i ,p u 6r??-r*-i Bur.iieMW.i. hih lor aaln cheap; ?i3 ne j Hari.i i. ,<vi n?r ?lid 1 onlea l'*? n^eond hand Carriauea. Applv n't Not & ii 10 and U h. rfna atr-et, Bro..klyn, near Fulton arrllUa ? ? , _ _ _ _ MATllI JIO.V I Ali. Vf ATIJIMO.VY MA IMS EASY; A'A 0H ?a, , . now TO WIN A LOYEU Z' he"'!S,?"?/'"Thi^ll'.'tf* 'D "r' *r l" ^ ln"? . ..m ***? Thw U tn* most w<.n?l. rful bo k i vor ffi i!airi<>0||1'l,a I "ttw. ?'ili iiluairaiiona. N nt to all patfc. of U ?country. im.H p .id ,? v|pt ?f -a ?rv" V ? c- 2" HAMMoKD A CO, la .V' ri?'> ' Buoka, SUst.Hia'Xiiiir Vlewa Ac Ac Oataloffue^ aeut ou rooelpt oi ihrej o-ut auiinp. MEDICAL, A FFLICTF.D KE!JTOItRU?ION()RANl'H EXPOSED? IV F?liacletunma?ked._I)r. Hil .lO.V [ * i'arui I?n i ,n atiU N<?w Y'Kk Medical Adviser nud Narrlauo (Juuit* in. f' rrnn the deWlltalivJ and diswd, Inrluilhig t)i w whoatv ten. rant of rt,.- na,UM of Utelr 111 hVoith, an.l wh.^h w , ollupp<i,utfd tM th-?r |)hy.l, ia?g ?r i];? *!," m.UTenlant mode of cttee. Matl-I for $| |,? HICIIAUDSO V n?? n^/V"'''tvI)KXrKU A ^? o atr J up'auitr '''"?Afort (Iraei; or Uia author. ('47 Broadway, A HPOTTOire CAWPED BT MERCURY~AV!) CERTAI N ' " etta/tilly c?r.(t by l>r. \YAitO, Ulj?wiit i Mtreut Tbe Do-'ior in cot\si?bi\t aiu-rui ini*>. I jit. U ARD IKKATtj ALL DISEASIiS OF F/'MAI I'S 1/ wtth u"! irail'-Vid n;c t?, fometbiU* lor ??^r* Ud'y | bl? Oreat Ben, faatur. Oaioe U Lai^ht hirwJ. 7 DU. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS COVFINPIJ hta aiuintlna u? dl a ^ of a oert-,1.. II" In whieh he naa treated no lt-aa thaa 4(\WX)ea-*-, without ati Iu .wtinv of failure. Ills cttwit rem?nly. Dr. Ilttnt^r'a <t i.rm ? ? - ? dlea' ?!!-1"i"" r*f":"T treittmewt ..n'i all ..fl.ft- mro l .. i a-I . V .t2.* "r r<?"l *<"!' in lk- h?l lt? nf Dvsag^ag^Baa?gt ^ D^tn.Moo aitm?;. "?D?tt-t*Il|'rr,u:r:T- UAY m r"*' J riara excluairely de?ou-d to thoaa e!im. ji'tBi?' ^u'-> ??'Khl wai rant a enre l<i all rawa Thi-vi^uu ? 1n", ? u M tie nee In medical pr*i<nndeii can m'*',"*!d contt In, radially cun.d or no pay? "*'? ntU* * ^ of U> DR. R. COBBBTT, MEMBER of THE ?tT^^ Unlreraiyr (Medfotl Call, ge) and ivlvL u V0KK l>>ndon, ran lw cataalied with uc im, l,,ivofiu? ou private tii?v,?(w, at biaofll.^, 2o 0?ire ?^. . ^.eB00 N. K.-tf-e Dr. d.|A ?Kil i bt^Ji lire at No. 6 Ollf Hall *Sre- 1 DR. JAMI-S A flKAU LATE OF (71M7I'?NATT~^rr7p well knort n healiiu tneolttui, cureaall dl^aii.' . , ana chronic ?tln|>ty by the laying on (rt banda witfca^nllS uae of medicine, Otlce 171 Fot?Mi atreet, aH hovira. Hammond on nervous special disrahfs^vT^ Ae., $1. UICHARDSON, No. I Vo,"y .trSSj N.* pROKESSOR rbstell, 1? STREET C4* at "n.'iJl^ '""r t? ** Buaio* yyONDEBFl 8UC0E8S OF nu. WARD, llLAIOHl" Ja ,u u-k lbe "uio BUAUU1NU AND LODGING. A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY, OC eupylng the h autliuljy located houac No. 6 l.<-xIni;t?>ti avenue, rjin accommodate gentlemen and ibelr wivaa. aUo alugle gr ntleai-n, with handaomely fuinlahad Rovuaa aad Irm cUh Hoard. Referencea exchanged. AT a WFST IOl RTEKNTH HTKKET, BETWKEM Fifth an.t Sixth ?A h <u twunely liimiau ed Room, with B.anl, amiable lor a bnij sad ^nnlniuii or two g.-ut.cujen; .U1.0, two smaller koetnit for ccutleuieD; ail , modern iuiprovtniruta. R.lereueea exchanged. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET, TOGETHER OR I ac|airuU\a aultof ?c.ttly lurniaheii Roams, Willi Br.ak faat, to gentlemen, in a plcaaaut kooMlon. lUmr. ii- ea ex changed. Apply at D1 WtM Eleventh tuwl, uear Fifth ?ve ?ue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, DESIRING A FEW SKUSCT B..ur t< i H, unit aacontmodale .1 guutleuian mid wile, or two f?ntl*men, frh u n, *1:1. a liantUom* ly turnialied R . m and good Hxii J, Uoaau ronleto with ererv convenience. Terma mod rate l<> desirable imrtlea. Apply at 130 Ea?t Thirteenth alrcet, vtil of hcooua av. nut. ABMAliL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING T11E1R own b'.iiao, arm ueair. iua ui renting the Second Floor, handaonialy furnlabed, with fla ml. The houat ban ull the modem unpmveincusa and Ih pl.aa.iutl) aitualed. Apply at itsl Lexington avenue. Reference* required. AQENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR a FEW SINGLE ( nttotneu, ran be aecaroiiiod .felt aim ll f uitllv,* Uk Hoard and plcaaant Kiaiins, at 40 Eleventh at real, be tweeu Second and Third avenue*. Aiaa a Reception llooaa fir a phytic an. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS, ON SECON D FLOOR, fumlabcd, in lot, wiUi beat of II .ut-rttug au ouiuio.letloua, U> a family of three or four pcraoim, in a private u welling, hetween Broadway and Fifth avenue, near Thirly-lirat street. AdOrcfta laix 4,llt*t Voal olhce. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM ON THE SE coud (I or, with hut and cold water hii.1 bath room ad joining; also am..11 Rooiiih lo rent to gentlemen, without [1 aid; Iiiiux' modern. Apply at 61 Fourth aveuue, near Niaib a tree l, one block from Broadway. A YOUNG WIDOW LIVING ALONE IN A NICE LIT tie bouac, Would let a planum Room I a lad) orgcuua, without board, or with Hoard for the la ly l!ou>.? neat and Hiiiet; locauou convenient and rt-apvCUtCle. Call ull} Coinni''iv?- airvi't, hear 111. w ker. A FINE SUIT OF ROOMS, W1TIIJ BATHROOM EXCLU ?tVf, may l*. utitalneii by a party of ihr- u or ivi.r, wuh Board; aUo nlnglc Room*. Appiy at 126 Ntntb atreet, a lew 4?>rii went <11 Broadway. A LADY WOULD LET A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, on acennd U.x-r; vl'xtetn, gaa, Ac.; p?i weak, wuk B>uird for two; one lor $7; abo nnc Rooina, $1 Si, without bo.ird. In a miiall korl..l lauilly; home camlorU; Hue baa lion. Call at IS Weat Twenty -ai-veiitb Ptraet, near Broiulway A HANDSOME SECOND STORY PARLOR AND RED t.Mjin, wttb It.iard, luruubed or not, lor a tft'nUuiuaa Hi . wl.e or kin. lo B?ntb iufn. Aim. a third avny front llouin. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Ueierrutva ekchaugud. Apply at Hi Bleeclter atreet. A WHOLE 8KCOND FLOyH TO LET, WITH BOARD, tog. iher or aeparaU'ly; han..?imely luruialied ami with 1. ry 1110.iem nonvenirnor; li? nne lirtl cum. Apply at lilt E at Fourteenth ato-et. Young ganlletneu Will had p.eaaitut R. oiiim, wku cloaeta, at luo.leruie prlcea. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY Of. ruii.vluv a linit u*? hoiiM', re.'}' deail'ably sutnue<l, at No. A) Weat Ninth atreet, betw w.'en Vlf lb anu alttl. avenuea. would let a .ew elegantly lurniahi^l Ruotua, w ith i \e?ilvut Board, on tirat, aeuoud orfooriu lloor, to geutleuieu 01 gentla neti and their wlvea. French and Eitguah apokeu. Roie m-t' eiih.mgpd. AT NO. 54 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET. NEAR UNION atpiarc.?Tiitrd KPT) to lei, with Mo >rd, ftu uiahru, c..a uc. ted or ? Alan l'arl >r ou lit at lloor. A SUIT OF VEHY ELEGANTLY POBNI8I8D FltONT ^ oi taaeaRoo'iia to let, witn g<aij Boii^, in l:ie tcy e airable houae ItiO Well Bleveulh atreet, t>4*r Kl?ha*euD?, lr e ulou and a. oi.nunoilationa unaorpaaaed Family piivata. Refcrencea given and required. AT TI1E LARGE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE BOtJSE NO. 127 Bleeeker atrnet, won of an 1 a'nr Broadway, la a nal.'y lirstcJaaa lamlli K.? 'In* IJ" >a?. alili Roaioa tia?nr pa aed 111 ?1/e and eohifort, In aut ? or ain':le; tha etteaivat place in the city tor the ft) k and quality i f what ta ollercd. AT THE LARGE FIRST CLASS DOUB1J! HOUSE N<>. Mi Bit eefcer alt eet, weal oi and ii'-ar BroadWaj , la a re ally brat claaa lantlly Roarulug U >uae, with U?>wa uua'tr p.ieaedln altc and wnnfurt, In auiiar.r flu, le; Ibtt elovip-at I.... c in tin city lor llio atylo an.I .jnaiit t ol xb*t la idf. VML A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO 8:NtH<K gcutlcui' 11 may nnd a pleaaanl burnt at IB Aab.aud I !???<?, coi ner of W'arerley plaoe. 1 inur r m ?U. AT 11# WEST KOI It TEE NTH fciTRBET?TO I.HT, W JTH Hoard, tbeea lr> aecuid Im, lUrac h.j? Nutiai - e .lliV, eu atiln- or altmle; also, noto for aiitgla (ftmUia. n. Kaivrt n? ca exebanceu. 1 GENTLEMAN AND m.-i Wiff3 ANf) TWO OB three atnf;e gentieinau 1111 aio'laled w"Ji bonrd, and lute I i^c wel. fuinl.b'd K url, .ililt mal I;, oma > i.unoeiing, tngeth. r or aefartie, 11 s Wu?t l^iir.y ? ; atreru Number limited aa ale<va. Na util'lrau. A SUIT OK EUSQAKIIiY FUHKISHB) PAULO K#, ?tj liic I rrl llo r of a urn. lam bona*, wttb B.?r<l Alao Phi'ora, w ttb Kedrooais attached, on toe acaoitu and third Ui a -*, lor rainll ea or alu?lr gi'iitituieti. Private tatile 1 .tu rn, d. Ippl) ?i iu Huiai ?treat. Acentlkman a*d m* wirn, on single okk. U< nan. iati tie aecomatodatad wiili fur a are.! Rwiaa, t. itli luii or i -i' nl llo.i'.i it ml the eoinfnrta ?f a W>in?, In ihu I l-..aauie*i lo..ill in iu Ihe any. Bnrakfexi from lk to ,-)g a'. Ink; ?,in<'r f out 6 m 8 i"H.. in 'AM Four aire. t, pp. it# U*i?ai. (tigtoii igiwr. AT *? TENTH UTREiiT, CONVEX JEJ'T TO HROAD way.?To u? i h Board, k T117 dealralil* 3?.o?d Fl. cr together or aeparutely; a 1 ao u ? r t y i leae-ml iiaalt Parlor aai Kooiiu tu a.i>%;< genti-uiau. ATM Ea.sT TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD. sray? Board.?A v.ry pi'uaunt an* iia/i'.aeinely f>.retail ed fr-dit rtuoiu, al?.. u entail, for k #?: ; lo-atli.n ?*ry dealr-ibl. and oou*. i.l. at; liana* S*'<>1 alaaa; wat rafurenct a olrrnl. a KLIT OF TUKT.i: ROOK* TO LIT?WiVR P.OALii, j\ toeetker i>r arparateli, at <i u"m twtiay-hmlh iirroi, a , ew do.ira eaa' uf Foiirv* -<? 1 *e; be'tee i.ral ?ia?c, <nn taluing a.1 modern KefVr. nu?a ei "-hunge. . 4 LADY, WHOSE rAMILT HATE COfcE TO 'iltM j\ ??r, ulsh"-* tu ;al her K. ??a Itiritiahiii, l< ? loiuia, oourt Uieiu to the f ??< rjTUle farry. Siatep li^a*v, for Board for Iteraelf and 4 1.4liter. AJl<i.-"? B W., Sarat Snore Poet efli<ti*ti u Iuau l. A FEW KICK AIM' ROOM*. SUITABLE FOK A HEN li.-n a:i and wl'e. ale 1 Mngle. lipoma, wit,;. iinirJ, In lite l:iat aluax ll./liae, j6 ki a at Fourteenth tflev^l, beta .>eii Fll di arcuuc ?ud Bi.uWvray. Kai'arauitaa ra%ulrau. AT THE H.tBT CLAM DOUBLE HOUSE U? AKO 101 TV a't Fourteenth atreet?Two au'.ta ot Uimni, u .art fur. tah' d, in auila ar aitt^le, auitubw for iamt..?a or aiiiKie gruUeuicn. AUA>D80KE KT1T OF nOOSR (<K SECOND FLOOR t.i l' t. irimrub'lf or l"f tlu nrlib fall orpai Laai Board, In a private huuac, witli all ma H'.iinP.n iiupro??ui?DU, u-iroa modt-r?t?. il W?at T?.fiii>*UlJi aumt, k*ain<Mii Broo-ivray and Sixth aT.-mie. ABMALL I'BfVATE FAMILV CAB ACOOMMOUATB 1 f?w marrrfd ?r amglngaiittrroaii, deairlug tha c .mii*ta 0 a qiilit koine f?r Hit* vtn>ar. hn'i <a Orxt 3a?a, aad <kiii 1 tna iUl ti>- n.mlern inipnjrf.ia' ir.* .ind eouTani?tn<a V|> .j ?t .tu. 1? ? uuuioqii atrial, o?ruar of %'aviiie; ,.lace. r%r^Ui<? ra^ulaad. AHANDHUBB SUIT 07 ROOMS, OB TI1E SECOND door, to W>. Kith Waitrii. Alan, a lv win nr. .inrd ?f<rr. 1'rH'ra lo aali Uie t'.iaaa. U.a .,-r it >li. &? '^raiia-.-a ni >l, ioj'-l. Fainliy aatkli. Amil# ?<.<i i^uat Tv.?a,l ,h, icm n?dwa) AL\BUE FLRNUHED FROhr BOOM T J LEi-TO t??jp-ulli in -n, ?>ho,it twa.d. Trim' -i>*> '' ifrek fur hum. Air; ai. .1: ml aau?e ^laa-yat, Iv-atBu rfar? ni.^ot W aai> nrl ?i*f a. 1M1U 17 st-L". a pl^oc, Lnruf a*i- t, Utar flu Uao. i/aaua. o:i ite do >r. A SMALL FAMILY, OOCLKYU'O A UuOWJC bTO.Mii lioua , a<4trn tu rv-tit rirralauott Rr/or.i" to ^In^-le ^.'n:li< ui '11 ua ajjeauaiouii rod Mia wl.'e, triUi or wHIieut BOArd. ISI Laat Tim ty-iliird ati^it, 4:a1 h.iua. e.ikl.f 'iliiri'iar 11U' . AUE.VTLEMAX AMU WIFE CA> ilk Acvottxo liAwnl mitb a l*an Parlur .>nd . u>, on iht- an- ou . Iloor; a t Kmim for a n .I ) ucoilrm.Ho i?a onnmt'ta a.l tt.e uio ?;ru impmtuu. ula lrlr.n-.i ?| 0 U <101 .ut^ "i changcti. A; fl> at IX Kaat Twiu?i/-ul*uth atioet, Uitwi-ru i1:ta >kd ltak.a-<u areuu.k. 4) Ayeby dbsibajuj: suit ok rooms on bkcond floor, baii'laoniely furulaUed, lo let i> thijs genu.1111 n 01 to 1; ip'tiUuuian *m' "He, iu a ar. all |>rtra:* lamll/, wilt ot wilhviil Board; g .a, liaUt, An. A^>pi> at aim 1. A LARGE fHOST BOOM, WITH A.N ALCOVE, ON Hi- at-. un li.ior, to lei 10 g' titkemoti, vUhout Kottr '., or vrlta hrrai a* 1!' tr. d. Aim atniilter Bii'H.ia ou Ihi ar 1 n I third fl.mra, <ftU> ga* jad ImUi, la a i|ilH. ivape.-l:i 1/1.- iiecntKirhood. Applf hi 'at ttreaaa a reut, third door iniui uiinton place. \u AOKKTLEMAN AND WI?H, OB A COVPLB OK S/N gle gk.utlenieu, uia/ oa acoonitnndaU'i w1 di ho.rl. in a privateJikinlly. R^tcictiuaa tv^uiicd. Ini| ,are ai 7i Wuat T We t> ?? ond aii eet. \ PRtVATH FABII.T WILL L1JT A U ANDSOMB SUIT JV ol Buoina to ifantlaini'U. \>ltii paaual I'ourd If doalrfd; ai.t.) a ' u^Je lloorii. A)>pi, ai :v> >lntk aii-oM, near FjJiii avenue. Heiureneea u?.snaiigeil, AHMALL PR1VATB FAMILY OCCOPTISO a LAUOK l.m ?!#??? hou?e deatriia to Si I u. ..tie 01 iwu aiuglr U' n. tl nii-n a large *11 furulahad fla iroom, with orei-v ninn v, u. ar K11U1 Aveuae lloanij paftutl B'a-lA If iSMiurnd: wrioa inoderaU'; ran r' nera ??e a ii,?4. Appiy at if batt Twai. y third alrecti Madlaon a^iwi'. A FEW ROOMS TO RBMT-SINOtT OB IN tUITB, with or w ithout IJ'*rd, In a flrkl ?Ihjm hotiao. Trrma moderate. Apply ai 44 tViiai Ninth atreel, near KlOb avenue. A PLEASANT SUIT OK ROOMt*. KlttlSlSHED, WITU drviodtt^ ri'itn, Ae., drtarfcnd If rl^ulrcil; honai. ?rlt.h all the iiiourrn lu.pniTimi ut.^ lurw* rn lora'e; rei'erencaa ? i.ohang<-d. tn.|ulie at 17*1 Wont Thirti -fnmrih atreet A WIDOW LADY DBSIBES TO LET?IN SUIT CB h latnUiiy, a wall fnm.ii'ieil B ">ni, ilou'ile ar alnxlr, n lilt br aalaai. If r<-<iti rcA Hd?ia<- uratclnaMi A f.'? d<n.r? Innn Broadway, bolnw KmirUi ?ifm i. Male ulteodance anil billn.r.l nlila la the houaa. Addraaa Beapoct, atatloa D, Bllde Honae. ADBrilKABLE SINOI^E AN? DOUBLE BOOM CAN he kad oy a ain^l.- ^.-eU.juiHi, wltk or wlllioiit broak fx at, na reipjind, in a am iJaaa nouae, 47 Boad atraet, witk male atu^adaace. AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE, cm TWO OB THREB aingli- m iitietni'n may obtain pli nraat Roottn, with Board, In a prlrni^ lauiSy, t/jr appl.\ iU-( at 19 Woai BfrteetiUi strret. Diaber at U. R.<crcnoe rentttrad. AHITITK OP IIAND60MBLT FURNISHED BOOHS TO 1 't, liilh BotiM, at ;w Union aquiue. Fourth tiriTtoi', id no alnAe Kootaa ^etttloaaoa. Bttfatetiooa ?lv*a aad ruqatred. AOENTLBMAN AND WIFE, OB A MNUCE PERSON, nan be aii-ooiii odiited wilt a pleaeant lioam, on wooed Hour, wltli Softrd. T'-i ait mi d-rnW. 1/a.i 1I011 pluaannl. IL: fcti-n.-ea eaChaoged. Apply M. I4i Weal Tu outlf founh ?trwl. bntwooa Scratirf and Kus>??t arcanea, A NICELY FURNISHED PRONT ROOM, WITH PAN. trli a alao a amali Hedr'iom atla Aed to it, to lei, toijetbor or aa^iarate, to one or twa gmtleinen, ai 41 Blctoker (treal, eaai 01 Broudway. Bent vary low. ATLEAPANT BOOM TO LET-WITH HOARD. IN A private fmnlly. Apply at 40 Duinlniok afreet, keiwewt lludaon and Vatlok. A PEW VERY CHOICE HECOND FLOOR AND FRONT K.m tna. aingl \nd Iu aul a, wtin Bund. The uioat rea :> terma, and h"a' rtii r.'in'i'a en.'liangeil. Licallon I moat ileal ruble. No M Weal Tw?iit>-bfiu aire tit, In Iwt'tu 1 Broadway aud WtoUt avetiue. ^ BOARDING AND LODGING. At greatly reduced PRICES?NEWLY PUR n^shafl Kinnm, from $1 to %'i flu per week. Lodglnga from 3d to37?nUpcr night, at the Frankfort lluuae, coravr of Fi aokfoi l and William streets. Open all night. AT m MADISON AVENUE. ? A GENTLEMAN AND wife aeokiug a home iu a drat clan* private house, hand someh located, can find a Suit of Rooms on second floor, j with Board, an above. AJ*o a room for a single gentleman, o! n fereueea giveu ami required. A HIGHLY RESP ROT A HI.E private HERMAN FA tuily. without children, occupying a liral ciaaa nous*, will let a choice of handsomely furnished Room*, with full or partial Hoard or prlvnte table. French mid English sjHikcn Apply at 4.1 lv-?M Hi*rr?:ivei, near IIroad way. A PRIVATE FAMILY ARK DES1ROUK OK LETT!NO Rooms en mil to on the tlrat or second lloor, to a gentle

Biati and wife or single gentlemen; all one party preferred; with or without Hoard; house tirat eluaa. L'nexeepltenable reteroneea given and required. Apply at 129 Ninth atreet, I bctwei n I'nlveiaity place and Brum!way. AT NO 40 UNION SQUARE, HAST HIDE?FURNISHED or uulurniahed Lodging Rooms, with or without full or j partial B uird, upon extremal v moderate terms. Bradley, ! Warner .v Day, 4i) Union aqu r \ AT 141 NINTH STREET?THREE DOORS EAST OF Hr.tadwuy. Pleasant Rooms, w ith Board, for lamliiee or ?41 igle gentlemen. Ret ere nee required. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH LA ROE Closet, to let, without Board for $3, or with Board for $10 a week, to single gentleun n or a ntleman and wife, in a private family. Uottee well furnished; has bath, gaa, Ae,. am. Ih neatly kept. Apply at 120 Fifth street, near Sceoad avemn\ A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING THEIR own h> uac, iu a most desirable 1? cation, wiah ;o n ni to a party of two or three. who will pay a remunerative price for ii >' rd, a handsomely furnished anil of Rooms; ?ars and ata<|* a I. av. tiie corner .or every part of the eity. lu<|ulre at 72 Weal Tidrly-eecond a reel. I AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Jv Broadway, a gentleman and wife or t*o single gcntle m>'n nan obtain pleasant llo<>ms, with Board, iu a modern house with all the iiMprovmiciita. Board.-!* west fifteenth street, between F1 ill and Sixth avenues. Doui I * house. Uooun on drat ami aeooud floors. Re te re nces exchanged. BOARD.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OR BIN kl g< ulioiiieu, can obtain ueatls tunisicd Rooms, with Board, at No. 6 Weal Washington place. AUoa auilof Par hrs to let, on the lir*t floor, with or without Board. BOARD-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED OR UN PVR ui ncd Koome, auiiah French tabic, French spoksn in the family. Highest re erenoes required and given. Call at No. 1 Liwmtaioii plaoe, Smyvesaui park. BOARD ?FRONT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, SECOND OR third lloor, at 241 K.iat Broadway, between Clinton and Montgomery streets, iu a private ftmiiv, aultable for a gen ii* man aud wife or single gentlemen. Gas, bath, Ac. Tcrma moor rate. Board.?to let, with toard, an extension iiootu. Also one Hark and hod Room, on second iu#or, and two End Rooms on third Door, on very reasonable terms. Apply at Kant Fourteenth atiei k Dinner at six e'cloek. Relerem ea exchanged BOARD-WITH a FAMILY THAT CAN guarantee an ogi-weable and pi asant home, is desired by two vount! ?ion. The a'Hivc st iiulailons are exacted, as the pro llvltn a of'the applicants have a douv a?Jc tendency. Situation mini be brtw? < n Fourteenth an Twenty-third airceta, and Fif h aud Seven til ovenues. B. ttcry, High Bridge and i eonntry applicants will please oi><M?rv? particularly the lo c.Uity, to avoid mcle^a expense of postage. Address A., \ Herald ullKt*? i Board?in twenty-third street, near eighth avenue.?Ou- oi i wo geiitl mc.n, who desire a pi a ant home, can hav? ex?-e 1.'. t a- coin niodat Urn* in a prlvntela inly, with lull or partial Board, ^ddreaa box 1,1*78 Poet oJac. Board?? party of ?.j:kman qintlknbkos* r Ire inflation a for the winter. In a a<?ciaLk privuto faiulkv. French prelerred. Dinner at o of lock. Not above Twentieth atr?rt. Pie.r.a?- nddrosa box 4,722, Post Oflico. , Board.?a gekti.kmak and wife and sinch^b g? inb-men t%?n fmd dcKirable Roomn, with Board, in a small, at 11.) Wcat Fourteenth street, between Sixtli and Kt veutli avenues. Board.?a family and one or two single gentie.UK n v- Siting ? quiet and genual residen< <*, <?*n oetain well furnished Apart merit a, with Hoard, af 01 < "fin < n pi tee, two doora e.iu>t of Filth avenue. References given ?tnd required. Board-tor gentleman and wife, or single & rniemen, in the eligibly ioeated hou?>e No. iil West to irtientb street. House has every oonvenWiAce. Dinner ai #.jx o eloi k. Terrna waleraU'. Board.?two desirable suits of rooms on the seeomi and third tloora, aimaM** for grntlenien ur Qenileineii Mild their wives. Ap,>ly at No. 48 Clinton plaoe ?tr?etj, aenr the Brcvoort IIouw. nOABD ? (fKNTLBUEK desiring BOARD CAN hav? t!?rto1?Ives mijo ti>i?'? and trouble by e?om ulng our U *rd Roplsf-v, whien is fr? ? t-? them ami contain? price, lo o.t. n ami other par.V uW:^. It la pronounced juat the thing noedod. Genaiai Agen.y, 63 Nassau atrceL Board?a handsome suit of rooms on the aecond floor. *111 lie let arpuruti' nr together, lo gentle tru-a and their wtrce, ar ?t jit gentlemen, orXttmlUrg, far ni'V.ed er Miiriirmalied, nt IfflW ? Fouru eiuA (ter n t. I>lu n?r ai C o'clock. R?if?ranect, given ami required. rutMuble, I?oaiu?.?furnished raoNT rooms on mi? ? ari-oml |](nir, with yantrlea, *?., to let, with Hoard; lo ea'i n and ro Ighborliuod convenient and plena* i it. Befe r. u ?*exchanged. Apply at SI Waal Twetity-altUi atreel. Board.?a family tan ux accommodated with ? 11 n?fiirn1?he4 K?mb and Bedroom, on fw ni i:, or. A ?? a fuin ahe4 Kmiu fur a ?liinie I'-otli niua. Teriaa .ml?ruM Apply it 111 Wow T?enir-Mtui itrpcl. BOANB.?!?l ITS or ROOMS, ON TIIF. F.'RjT AND ??.?< urt Corny. front, can be obtained uion at 6! K??t Twanlj-?otuinl strict, between tilth and Klita iit uuea. BOARD.?SEVERAL PI.FAflA.NT AND WELL FCR mal.ed Uooai* on the eocond floor, with II mr<1, nt Nn. 0 Clinton platw, near Fifth nr..Que. Dinner at nil o'clock. BOARD.?A LADY and tSNTUKAIt, OR A PlHnr f t f '<-.r r?'*? p-reoaa, aan be a aoinio.xJn e.1 wiih ... ? Itooii.w '? rtl fl.-ard, iu a anull family; every lmpr >ve mom n the >uee; no athai boarder* taken. Ai<t>.y at Nu. 81 watui.) |ilium. BOARD?AT lto BLEECKKR STREET, OPPOSITE DB va . row ?Fnrniiihed Room* tu >"i, with Board, ?iiltuktc for fan.IL'.aa <a cIngle gentlemen. Tlie lio-'ae bad all Uic mo dern 1 i.proTtmenta. Reference exchanged. Board?wanted, a finished room, plra aatltlT ated Itl New YorV. for a gvatUman ?nd L.dy; B>*>rd fi r . 'W; ? ih a widow lady preferred, whore th.-r.- are noothat boarder*; term* moth-rate; answer* n.u.i ?utelo.n tion, i,-rrv? tn I ?l'w-rltitlon ol room; no others noticed. Ad ilrvaa K. K., Herald oul-e. I>oab?.?to let. with hoard, a anoap floor, ) c u?i?i ng of three r ?.?,?, unfunimhvd, nt a very low :i>;nre. ? l'.!i?r ?? p-?iately or together. Inquire at 41* Fourth dlreat, item IV.auTf. Board, with a handsome parlor and hed room, lr. ault* ar aaporalely, can be oiu lned ftt 1.T7 Ma <il*on, o> tweeu lhlrt.t-aeoong und Thlri >-third streets. Term* to au't tin* time*. Board -to let, nr a private VOOOL a large 1. H>m, with lua?;a. -mwlile Uir two gouflemMt or a K<'tnleui?n anu wife. IIimim h*? all t>? toproTew otk. Al the lion ecomfoita can l>e Mtjoyad. Whlthlhaif bl?ak af (La 1 ? A; ply at 34 King at rat. t. Re/eronnea given gad ra IKHltD F<IK THE WINTER, NEAR UNrOM SQl^ARE. i> V rj pi' .-.liiiiit avcend ?. jrr Uec nu. fiu i.lihiw'l or Uufur liMhad, uiay bu t..''1 by a aruall {niOii), ni two oj thrnepuntl' nu n, at 48 K:iat U gliteraMi mreet, ni ir BfoiKtway. Th? h .n?< laaull tbe m.nlera ItnprovHUrmt*, aad Io>.<.t ,.n da aii>ole. 1*OA!:n for watre rr.'EE patienw wantbd ? l> a i nraon havinc ai* oraruoilatlon lor a imniber of r . ,(t. r hyilropa'hic trial an-tit, alii wli,t:ir. <*> maka tbe ii. -ow.iry irf.iiigrmi-nlrt for their takl ig tba bat^ig n qnlri'd, ifurnlfcii itii'li olh'T aconnmioriaUon aa u.:ty btf h?rn tui. can Irani p..i loalars by iwldi'oai.ias' U., bax IMl'utt, otlice. Bl VRD IN JER8ET CITV.-two Fl'RNISIIED front i: , rn?. on eecond floor, with full or pitrtlal Bfwir ;; , 'i. aud bath io bouse; pitaaant loraMoa. tur-e inlntitoa' w ilk from i ' n'. mdl atri et terry. 11 Onttid atruot. Refereu.jca (IK.HIiJI'd. Board wanted?a parj.or on second floor from, -v th Hmlrootn af.n, W inw d, wttli Board, bj a young g*ntl muiguv'wl'e; %!/) p r month will bo |?,l I !o a-, int . tirf and gnu Inoludcl. location In twaou FottrtrrnUi and TnlrW< I,. ?t 11"?; tlio ueat refureiKr Klvau und rpqitlred: i rl v.ito fnmtlf prefeirod. Addrnaa tf . \t it 2,318 New Yuik Poat offl e. Board wanted?a hakd.-ovki.y muNisiiBD Rtiui, or Parlor and Kodro m. In n lliat elae, lmua% witi permanent Htmrit, Cor a younj ^I'litkuraa ai d wile, from fin early part of Noromlxr T..? room mum nontnln tj.M Mil ooid water, with bathroom oonnnl'iit; lo ?? I oi abnT? \V..>hiiiKto? atjuare. Term* looai not oxooed $1) jw-r AUdtvaa, with full partlauiara, A. Jt. C., box 117 Ile ruld olbea. Board wantbd-i* tub vicinity of boweby at l i t Kruadw.iy, b\ a g-n 1 man und w r om imiat l>e < u the i.rit or bc ond Bo.ii'; prl??te faml. p-eferrf muat bt 11 a , 0jd 1 ?'??:] oi. Tertna not in e~ th, pal I weekly, A .'1 r<'?? 11., box l'Jti lloroid ogl<?, for Iw > <lay?. Board wanted?i* a btrktly moral and rr. littloua prlrale family, by a slnglr s> tiUenian; looatlm ta 1? botweeii K'Tlinib and Korty-aovonfl, a'rt t,, ami l^ad " ay aud Fifth arniive. A ldrena Peirra, lit raid Board wanted?by a beupectari^ makribd lany and her child, fmir renr* old, lietwetn 1-iltb no I l.i ;lith ?r. nana aail Twiwitleih and llilnleth altaotx, wuli an old tarty nr wldww urol^r ?vj. lioxiti n.odertitt?. Call at oratldrow- Mo?r?l, 81 W.-al 'i w?m?y4ilth atioct. Brat floor, for one wm ?. Boaki? wanted?bt a youko ma*, not ABOVE Fourteenth , t: at. Tenna moai be moderate. A..Urt*n Vermont, Herald oBI e. Board wanted-for orntlbman, wife and chl I (?>ae god a hall y.-ar) ai.d nurae, In a firaj eUaa hnnae, with alt modtr* laipiari^nenta. Paj-litr and, ooniBHUting. on aat oud II ot. Term* niunt Ih' niialorute. Ad daeaa, wiii th? fnileat pai tlcnbua. W., box bQ Pun a)U. e. Board wantkd-for a (ientleman, wike, two yo?ug i*lbkiea aad aertaul; reuolro* a good alieH room and hetlrof,? ooaaeoted, iiulurniahftl. with tlie exception of curpcl, gas and tire; good lucatloa; will pa) $TJ unriuontht good referearoe ?ivea. AAdrt-aa D. L. M., bax *,7.13 Paai aClco, New York. Board wakted-betwern kourth and twen aireHM and 8*cuti(l WxUi atenur*. by a ^oatle miui ??d wifo, In untirair Innrtlv, dfirtrouM of rf?lu< inu will ^nv $40 to $4* * in an tit Iwr i<kx1 kn> nod a liMfi 1. AddroM R. M., liiaai-l ?tlc?. BiiarVUug hount; E?t1ier? nt ed aot reply. BOAKD wanted-FOR gentleman AND WIFE, IN a o'lraie fnunly. m ore there are na other hoard weald like a Koom kIUi Ixatroc.m on'1o?e' adjoining, either furl labed or uofuriualieil. LtH^itloti ladow l'weiiiy-tlitrd atn'et. Address, Mating t. rma, whu4> mnat be modoiate, bo* 1,471 Post ofilre. Boardinq.-two oentlemen who can occopy a loom toi;othei( oaa las a.^joinmoilaUid with breaking tea and Board la a prlv.itc family In a llrat elai* Ivality. Apply at rs2 Weat NlO'V-eutii atroe:, betwotm i.lghtuaod Nlntli avenue*. BOARDING.?SECOND AND THIRD STORY FRONT Ro <iiil to let, furn. bail, with l o.kid to a ^enllemnu i d lii? w11n ornliu;!' ?? ntUmen at looi th inert, real'o, I 1. fayette pi,i"', lo. t on unlet ami aualrablu. Termg mo lt rule. Relcrencc* excliaugcd. BOARDING AND LODOINC. Board wanted for the wintkr^-fi rnlshkd . HtKiin or Rooina, Id a private family, for a gentium in, j hU wife tilKl child (one y?*r and a kali old), either near tne Vury Yard er ferry t? HouMtoa atreet, tn Brooklyn, E. D., or New York, between geoond and Twentieth atreeta, mu tn? ea?t aide of the city. AddivHa (J. >1. K. L., limit! ellioo, MUiiluM location*. aoeomuiodatiuuB, and terms per moutU, payable tn advanoe. Boarding?SINGLE OR MARRIED PERSONS WT8U lag goad Board and nine Roenm, at a wry low rate, will please call at 88S W. nt Thlrtv-h ,ih Mtreev; a modern built aouao, 1m a respectable neighborhood; baiha and vtaab iul>t? free. "HOARDING?NEAR lfJtOADWAY AND FOURTH JiJ atreet? Rooidh furnished or anfnrnlahed. To thoac fumlahimt, a liberal deduction. House ha* all modern it*. P*mv< mcnta. Dinner at aix. References exchanged. Apply at 72 Second avenue, corner Forty-tlrat atreet. Boardtng.-A FEW respectable MEN CAN RE accommodated with food litwtrd and ate- Room*, with gas and hot and eold water. Term* $H u? $3 AO. Also a fur nia e-d haak Parlor; would Knit a genilemun an-! wit'.*, at 144 WeatThirty-third treat, he wi m .vvmii. ? ti BigbUiivri, Boarding ?a NEW ENGLAND LADY, OCCUPYING u tlrat claaa house, etTe: a a variety ot Rooms, Mingle or in null*. Apply at 25 Wed Eighteenth at root, near Fiftk avenue. BOARDING? INVALID FEMALES AND CHILDREN ran have Hoard and attention. Thoae afflicted with tpl leptfe fit* can have Board and treatment by electro nut#net* lam and botanic remedha. Apply dally from 3 to y, at 247 Went Be venue nth atreet, near Ninth avenue. BOARDING, M7 BOWERY, OOKN1B OF THIRD atreet.?A few sinklo men can Ih* accommodated with furnished Rooms and Hoard; also a man and hit* wile or a teiiple of young ladle*. Reference exchanged. i>RooiLi)r^io urr, with board, a largh J J Room, containing lun and cold water, ?'lo*eta, X to two g< ntlemen, or a lady and gentleman; bath ait tl.e Nam# floor;. aUo a Room for a Mingle gentleman; dinner ulb)? o'clock. Al'i'ly at hW Clinton atreet. Brooklyn,?to lit, with board, a large Rotun, containing hot and cold water, eloaeta, At., to two g tilleiueu, or a la?'y and geuth-mau; oath on aamn lioor; a1 ao, a Room for a single genleman; dinner at k>}a o'clock. Apply at PJIB Clinton street. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife. or a couple of am I yentlemen, ran be aerommodatea w It It pi Haunt Ro< ms and Board, in a small family, by inquir ing at 216 Chnl?>u atreet. BOARD IN BROOKLYN?Id CLINTON STREET; two front Parlors, wtth bedroom-* attached; aUo a a*uall Bedroom; full or partial B ard, lioem* furuubd er un furnished. Board in Brooklyn ?a small private fami ly, having a delightful anlt of llonm? on the h end fU<or, would rem them, with Board, to a f ?mlly <^r a \ arly of gentlemen. Apply ui26tt Dc^iaw ?tre? t, H. ^okl>n. Board in Brooklyn.?a private family, w ?tipying a Luge double House, e*i>etiJdrely furulahad, <an ofTer litat?las satvomrnodaUonn U> a rentleman and kia wife lor the winter. Dinner at six. Referencca exchanged. Apply at 1193 Henry street, corner ot 11am?on, South Brook lyn. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife or gentlemen ean be accommodated with very nl^asaat Roomnand Boaro, within a few QiinuteN' walk of either Ful ton or Wall atreet terry. Dinner at C}g. Apply at 20 Clinton atreet rlOAKD IN BROOXLYR.?TO LBT, WITH BOARD*IK ? ?. pdvate family, to a gentleman and wife, alary:# nie 1, u i-ahed front Room, wlib pantr;, in a new h?>ui?., ei?n tit rt n ' all ibe modern IfnprovefTvnt*; car? puna In the im m?M L.te vinnity of the bon?* to all Oie f* i ne?. Terma, in di;?llng ttte ami g .n, $'i i?er'Week. Call at 1S7 Dean * tract, hi t veen Iloyt and Bond. Board in broojclyn.?a orntlewajc and rib wii>, or two dngw gentlemen, ean obtain Board and pj. nFant It* oma I y ApplyiiU' G7 Henry atreet, five mimite*' Walk Of VultOO or Wall atro? t ferry. (lOARD IN BROOKLYN.?TWO PLRABAHT ROOITB, f tiruislted or unfurnished, t??gether t?r acpurutelv, In 4h?? hotMe of a autuil family. B?th fu the huua#. Apply ?t 77 C Inton atreef, one door from Livlngsior. Terma m<Hl#rate. |>OARD IN BROOKLYN- so 87 HiOHBTREBT, VT?R J) miuirtea' walk from Fulu>n ferry. A g? nUeman and * ife or' wo aingle gentlensen, in a prlrate famTl; T>OARD IN RROOKIjYN?199 AMITY FTI'El.T, BN J j tween Court und Clinton.?A gentlemait m? j hla wife ean otitalo 1'O trd with a pleaaant Room. Rooma f ?r M?>>?)? g ntiemeu alno. The hou ? U raodarn and the terma to ault the tintua. Board in Brooklyn.?a few permanent boarder* wanted, by a private family. The house is roomy ami pleasant, with *;?*, hath, .te.; a <j.?let and agreeable bono; may i>c relied upon;dlnnar at o'clock;reiorcncoare %uirad. jpply at MB Baada itrnt T10ARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN?for A gentleman IJ iuiA wire or two aingle gentleman; n 1 irge ftont VUnnn and Pantry, with ga*; terma |l7; In adealrable nel^hboHu/od; Otn? paa*i tna door. Alan a Hall Bedroom for $3. Koferencca exchanged. Apply at 213 Court atreet. T>ROOKLTM HRIOHT8.?AT U WllLOW <ri(?.KT. A JL> genth uiAn and wife or two Mingle gentlemen can obtain Room*, with Board, in a email family .pleasau tine ktlon, near tbo Fulton ferry. Terms moderate. B"ferene? a ? x<..banned. Brooklyn heights.?a large and a smaul H mm, handsomely furnished, to K *llh llnnrd,Wt g ntleman ami wife or single gentlemen, In a private fatuity, it.fcn lu es excliangt J. Aj |i!y at 61 Culuikbln mo, l. Brooklyn heights.?a laiu.b noon to let, to two gentlemen, at M a *?ek; a) i otl>- fur a geutleman and wife. Uotue i;i ?t iluas. Iwtli, g is, furnaee, A. l/liunr atfi jcJoek. At 2tS lilcks street, twv miliums Horn Wull strict f'-rrjr. Board on the heights.?a gentleman and wife or two single gentl men ran beaerommoduted elth p easant Rooms aud lloajd In a genteel private family re tldiug In llenry afreet, coovenlnt to South and Wall suvet l? lis*. Address umucdiatel) Mrs. J. Wells, Brooklyn ruat oflke. -pOARD ON RROOKLYN HEIGHTS?PLEABANT J > furnished Re >ma on tn* aeeend (loir, suitable for a fn wily or sl-ijle gentlemen, also a Inr^r Room on tlilrd llwor o-nrli'unlni tha Fmy, at li willow atriet,within three Winnies' Walk of ferry. farina modorate. Desirable booms, with no Ann, for gentle in*'!) an J their wirrk, or single jeutlenien, on modi-rale term*. at 01 Eaaf afreet, betweea Bro?lw*y and Fourth art'. DESIRABLE ROOMS?WITHOUT BOARD, TO LltT. A private family, nceupylug a first <-ls?? hnuw, In view of Bcoeitway, desire to let to single gentlemen ona or two Rooms. fuml-hed. Refaieuoes exchanged. A;ply at No. 7 Bond street. Desirable furnished or unfurnished Rooms, will) B )ard, for single gentlemen or gi-ntlemon aod their wives, with use of i;as aud, ran be ubwdned by applying at UK Madison street. Desirable rooms, with boaisd, for gentlb m?n ami fhelr wives or single j;?ntlemen, on moderate V* rim, at M Boat Twentieth street, bet veen Broadway aud Pourth svc. IjlLEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH ALL Till! J modern improvements, to let to genflrmeu only, with or v Ithaui Hoard, at M Irving plane, one block froiu Union a |tiare. ?pLBGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?FOR Jj kd;a^ aad gMil.emen; Hoard for llic ladles; or Rooms for (lugl* gentlemen. ll"tis-- ilrat .-iatti. Aj^ ly nt Hi Wont rifieeirh street, wJr Tuth avenue. pt?BNcn board.?a prawn family will let JL' son.t nicely tarntahed I!-oina on tbo second storv, ? uli erery uuovenlence, au<1 i:r?t clsas B'*rd. Ap)ly at 1# Writ Tidrtosiiili street. near Fiflfc aronua. Price laodamte. French board? a family of adutm, or a few altiffl# ifantl'-mrti, rl??<i oua of flrat claHaaoeomuiodll tlT?, with Board fn the b?uit?lyle. can br -mlwl In u French f.tirily, f>'TliTin* a modern hanau, at 17 Weal Twelfth Mrout, Ix'tweun Fii'tb and Sixth avenue*. PRBKOH board ?a WELL furnished PARLOR, with aleov tml Room adjoining, anil i'iIo lor a f 'fitlR m in nnd wife ? r .4 ftimlly of a>lnlta: alao Room* for ?login tr titb'ritan cap i f, with H *ril, ill n Kiench fn;ml^ ro rl dit|j at 39 fv< at Twrelitb atreeu Spttnlali, German and Kng liah apaknn. Ijll'RMSHEn apartments WITH BREAKFAST, FOR gentlemen only.?A *<-eond floor, comprising three lirm linlep^nileiu Kootna, with line Urge cl'iaetii and one hull Bi n room; e\cl iai\ e tm? ol )*th room, Ac., all fnll>- and n.oat t-oinfortabl* ititBUhed; brenkfast w-rved In the rooms; lota Uon below ronrtennth strei-t. A aelwt party of g-ntlenn n, of K'X'd nioral chararter aid qtilrt liabits wlilngto pay I or Urn <-la?? ?c- ointoodallon In a hlifhlr rea|>cclalde private fa mily. will r.nd this a rare opportunity. Addreea S. H. C., Heruld olDoe. FURNJSHP.D ROOMS TO LET?TO OENTI.KMKN, without B<?n<l, at ST1 Fourth street, near Lu'.ajeite pUeeead Bwltifi FLP.N1SHRD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO L1JT? with Hoard, to gentlomea and tlodr wires or sln^U- m-n. llemen; ligation uaatirpaeaeg. Apply at 121 West Forty ?u'L'ia 1 atnvt, near Bmadway. I burnished BOOMS TO LET?WITUOl'T BOARD, TO r*utlemen #aly. Hntiae wn'alns a'l the modern tm. provaments. Apply atK7 Fourth alroet, between the Bowry and Broadway. IltRNISIIKD UOOMK TO IiBT-TO GENTLEMEN, wllhutit lieard, or with lirra?tiv' only. Apply ul Sii Fourth sij wet aeeond bio k woat <4 Brnailnray. IfirRNISHHD aANUSOMKLY.?A LAUOE ROOM would be let to a ct-iiiJ- i an un . wife, with full Beard far i fit- Itidv and (lertlalior Hit gioitieman, or wntM lie ltl to ?ln*le gkinle-jtin. Aiseaamall Kooin to let. Apply at 61 Bleeck*r street. C1l.xti.EMRN BOARDING UP TOWN. and I'AYINO X hi - h prt 'en for p> ?r ? wommixlailona, v. I.iiiin^ to e ono n 1 e or ? .-dure t rlr expenaet dttrhiH the Uuid times, will (Hid at N i. Whit-- etreet, "tin Ilwir cntt n Broadway, a (!?iod Ui' c, pie innut muni, ga-<, b.tlhs, and erorythl'.a aa nesr like home a* poaitble, at very rtwaonable prioea. lle?ei? e.n"o* riujnlrod. /GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SINGLE OEX *.Y llrntrn an be seeommodated wl.h Board i.y tpplylnitat lttl Wrat Tw nt>-*i*th atreet. Hou><> iadeairaOly lot-atetl, i;rst i laaa, and eaay of a< ceaa l-y cant aud atagea. Prioes mo derate. Dinner at six. HANDSOMELY furnished ROOMS TO LET?WITH lionrd, to a |<w ty of gentlem -ti, In a (lennan private f.ndly, In Sixteenth aire it, near F.IUi atenue. II "is. first ol ina. HUtlursucea eachanned. Address 11. K., box 1,373 I oat oUlct'. Hotel lodging*.?ti^as, comfi rtable ;un gle ltnoms, from SI r. to i\ SO a wees, or 'iJ cents a nl,ht, al the Union H del, IS < Print*' -trrct, corner of Thomp son. Meals at till hours. Opt u all at ,ht. TBIKSY < 1TY BOARD.?A gentleman AND LADY, ?J or two sfnifft gentlemen, ram !>e acoonnnodaled in a strlt'tlv private (; bouse Urstifass, with nil modern Im proveine.nta; ItK-atlou vi-rv desirable, and "lavenlent to I'a von!^ Mid Ji-rsev City ferries. Addreaa Leslie, Herald otllce. MRS. huntington, 1?7 BLEBCKKR STREET,THIRD bli-vk west of Brtxi Iwny?Has Rooms ier linitie ?etitle iii .landsman lamlliee. Sjo would Uki-Winsnke arrtng. nctHM for fiie * Inter with a few j[ooil boarderv at low prn'ea. Ttrms low s'.d sf-inmodattons to be gued. Ref^ri in s e.x Obsnged. Dinner at 6 eVrlo?*. Murray hill?an elegantly furnished suit of {{(Mini*, including l ath, At , wnHpri. air tibic or Hutrd ] in m prlvnu* one nr two c?r * unmll tnmllr ol ri-?}H*cuibllltv ^ISl tlnd firtt c'.turn My ommoU*lion*. AJdrvrh ' I>ho? . station D, R1t<l? flnn<e. VEATLY FI'ItNWIIED ROOMS TO r.ET WITHOrT I. ? r<J;n t?*. '? v ; t? ? ? rum $l\o?r* i? ? * k. ? km. UjILIj, 1,270 Bivauw.ij , corner ui Tuu-tj-iouiiU Mueei. BOARDING AVD LODOINU. ONE lahok room, WITH CLOSETS. ON HRCOSD floor, un<i uutt on third lloor, wllli small ri*?m, may i* bad, with Board, at 14' Henry alret*t. (^oration ple*?aot, and iw will liwwt (mid ntluto ferries. refereneca in himrit Pleasant rooms, WITH ft ill or partial hoard, at No. 155 IIstreet, opposite St. Joha'a Parle; ulnua Purler and extension k00m. KeferewfM ex ?uanged. PLEAflANT Roomk AND rtith op koolift, WITH Bo ird at No. '22 Wnverley plac *. FRITATE BOARD ?ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN wkhlng an elegantly furnjahed I'urlor and r<d?'oom, with "r without partial boatd, ran he aoermmodaied ma hinhly respectable private famdy; house nnu'tii w throom end every othrr deairahte convenience and la one o: the ill e *t located on Lexington avenue. fcuno out re?<p?in*ihle pui'iiea, end lho-r aijung to |Miy !l)?erally for a flrit ??!.:** connurtablo retddeure, aocd apply. The heat refere.nre an he given and will ba required. addrcai F. u. h., box 217 Herald oolce. privatk BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?a few GENTLE .1. men or ramifies can he accommodated w.ih pl'vinant hoontu on lirai and ht?eoml floors, front, furuiahod au:? uuiur nlbhed r.khuh, 10 hijil with Board, at 221 state street, near Hayt. plea aunt location. Terms moderate. t>ead Till .-TO (jkntlemfin OR PARTIES. AN jt agreeable honse, at .\6 Wont Twenty-eighth street, well furnished, with modern Improvements, well it aptcl for iho** Who 11 ? aomfertund rvape 'lability, with ? r ? ??! table, sui litar uko home an potable. location in fine, ? e^r Bixth avenue and Broadway. kefcren <s exchanged. apply at 55 weal Twenty eighth tirml foi 1 edaya P rntfl tow. 1iook8 akd BOARD larol ROOM ON SECOND t> alory, front, In u first rui*n i want*. dinner at ?iit o'clock. Family small. Inquire at 122 Madison a\? o.e. Room to let.?a mod family can be acoom* inodau d with a s-ioerlor room, n th ll^aid. Impure for one wf?k at 17t> wasnington atr* t, bi'o.jktyu. Rooms to let pvrni&rbo or hnpurnihued, with or without board, at 2)9 Bad tu .11 atreei. Rooms to let.?a private family woruo let one or two furnish' i Rooms, with vcthout partial board. apply at 217 W*st Thtrty-lourth a. -1. fpo gentlemen ro u . to onb ol TWO qhf? x tlenien, a neatly furnished, plenum from rntiuaml large Pantry, with use of bathr "in adjoining. A. ply a' 143 W? ai houston street, corn* r of llaedaugal mo lkt.?TWO HANDHO.vr PARLOHK. \TITil MIR. X rv?r? andcliandellern, fnrnl*h'*d or un'ur i h ? i. wl h or without Board; nlflo nioe ilnirh? hoom^; kn^:'i. h l?^ -jn''ut hou^e containing all modern improvements. Apply at No. 14 Wmmi Ninth atract. To LET - TO SING! e GENTLEMEN, FURNISHED oe imrurniehed rimma, wltli or wab'hir p trr < jl ml. Ap ply at No. 2f'? East Twentieth aircel, near Broadway. ' mo LET?TWO handsomely F(ji!kishhi? ltoomh, j in a Htrh-tiy private famll>, pnltuble lor one or two * in ate gentlemen, (.'ertoaim n eferrod. fn'io r ? *: 1 iu Kant i8th ?t., ?oar Irving plaea. Breakfast and t??? 1' r"*juin d. W ANTED-BY a GENTLEMAN AMD Hit wil l:, a. \f fund hed horse or jwirt of ?.n??, vvitiiin two h?u;?'h rid? ?ftbeelty; rent not to exeeiui $.0 p r uo oth; w?*oa ieic reacea given. addreen g.,ea.e 01 Ueo. A. Merw!n,07 Bur ela> mi? ?-(. \i' an 1e11?a small FURNISHED ROOM BY A. vi yonnk man. w ihont Board, within rfum m'nulea* walk of Fulton ferry, Brooklyn; temm n 'i ovm et or per month. Address Brooklyn, box 153 Herald ofli- e, for two days. WANTED?by TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN. FPR. ntshod Rooms, with partial Board, in a pr) %(?? family. In the neighborhood of Tenth or Twelfth htr?'? t. ??m?r br ad wav, ot u moderate priee. Address, with lerutbuitd loratloo, li * l., hqi paalacee, U1" FANTED?a PI RNMHED ROOM FOB * GENTLE man and hi* wife (buard for 1 he lady ??d ". > uoua? noim have h'ttb, gas, Ac., wllhoit other hoarilr.s With n widow ladr preferred. Address, KUtim; ti rms, ii., box iff) uemld WANTED?by A GENTLEMAN an,') WIFE, in UN* fiirniebed Room, with bi-ard, in a small, j l-.'n private family, wIth no other hoarders; location wi?^t.el Hro.ulway, between hpritigand ponrteanth streets; term* ronat ihj rea aanable. references tiiveu. Addieaa, aitu fall imtrtieularh, p., box u) Herald olwa TIT ANTED?BOARD AND LODGINGS, BY AN ELMR* ?? ly geuth man and hi* two daughters. In a r??? peetablo faudlr orln a ladles' seminary, where insurnction in the Fretten, (J rtnan ai?<l Spanish languages would l>o acr' ptedaa pavmentur part payment, according to clreomatunera. ad di es* B. h. ,l>o* 3,l&2 Poat alike, fiatlsfaetury relerencea given. ? 1WAVERLEY PLACE, CORNER OF broadway.? . ftirnlshad Roams, Including a suit on ator , front* Ing on Broadway, and several single Rooms, arw now to bo ct )n this d-alr "hiy hn-aied building. UrcukluMi or iaij board euu he had if deairad. ao ox ?cheapest bo^RD IN THE CITY.?ni0t5 z?), roont", wiih good Board, $2 2.^ to t'.\ a week, an i upwards. i^dl^a and families sulta 1 %? ry low; nice parlors, with pianos. 4MLl*penard atreet, n<a- Broadway i and t'auul airaet. Also watchman all nigbi, and lodging cheap. 9AHniA.NI) PLACE (PE'.'RY STREET), IN A FIRST rln*? pilvate hotter. *lil? all modem lmprevrmeiita and flu* locu.iun, iwn well furm*h? i Seeoml Ki- ij fruni U>?>mo, with or without Board, to l?t. PoMaaolon g.vcn Immediately. Ruferenraa given and raquircd. "1 r WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, THIRD DOOR JO from Br.?*dway.?To let, to a a .;!* gi with or will. nit initial Board, a large llootn handKuuely tur.iUhed; 1110 hiiune ha? all Ike modern Improvement; n'o boarder In tlx! houae but a ripnuiah ganilcuiau, a prnfeatur. 1Q FIFTn AVEBUE.-A SHIT OF HANDSOMELY J *' fornlahed Rooma. Mailable for a Aral elat* family, with prn-Htt labia only, rnuj U: bad for the winter. Also Room* for liaehi'lon. OO I'BIftW SQUARE?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, Willi Hoard, W faml.i ? AO fMfZiaMI STREET, NEAR I II Til A\ E nue.? Roaraa to let, with Board, for fauil.le* or genUeiaea. QJBVHT TWENTY-FIRST STRr*T. NEXT POOR TO I Urnmdnay?A amull fnml'y wll accommodate two fatnllir* or a few ?liigl* gca.letnen, ?? m'Kl" *<?. frnia, wltl? Mil the modern Improvemeota. Referenda* ai?bai>ti?<l. or AMD S7 WMIMI street.-A LABT OO baring taken thooe iwa newly furtilaiied iironu MuoO I* prepared to feelre fa u, I lee ai d *entl. m?n, with or without ptlvaie table; meat iH-auilfnll ? aliou'ee. between Broadway and I'ltlh aveuue. Ri-??r<t.e?* eiiji?ii,"i d. QC EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN IIRoaD OO n ay and llnlverally place.?Ele.anuy fnriilahed Rooute ea auite, with prlrate lubl.) If preferred, or full Board, to let. Hnperior aecenunodaMou* for private faml tlea. A'.*o several aingte Boom*. Kefereucat eacbituged. OQ BEACH BTRBET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.?TO LET, OO wM Beutd, it l?ig?, wi ll furnl?bed Roam, fronting on the park. Alio two front Ilall Bedraoma, wUh and go*. A A I'NION SQUARE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH AND T"TC Seventeenth atre't*. Sulla of Room* k, k't. with Bo-ird, to famllice. AUo accommodation* foi amg'e gentle men. A A WEST TWELFTH STREET ?BOARD.?TWO VERY TT'X plea**'.! frv?t Room*, on the ib rd ? ry, to let, with Board. at 44 Went Teelfth, l? tm-eii i'lftn and H!?;U aTeuil' ?. Aleo a Ilall Bcdrunin. R-fan n? a . Iianifii. COWBST riVTEBNTB BTBXBT, BETWEEN KIKTir ? )unci ,Slvth aft-niiee.?To lei. ?ltb er w.thoo. Hoard, to S'Ull?mct) or ? gentleman and wife, ? fine ?'t!t ai l .imUlo <1 oouih, <tii mat or ae^owd fUior, huvln),' r*ery aouviTilence UnquoailonaUla refen ni*? gWen and rnjulrod. TO ST. MARK'S Pf.APK, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? ? H.ind-"ineiy furnl*hed ApartiaeaM, with lioird, In .? firm I l*?w liouw. A genllem*!) ?nd hi* wife i.r ?tb< i? genii" ?noil will fltid All the eotuforle of a honae lo a veiy genuel locality. No nervan:i er 'Xlldrtu tulteu. Ti) TKNTII W?T, NEAR FirTH ATENI.'H.?1IAND ntitni'ly furamht-d Apirtniems, an row*' and Mjifile, with full B uild, or private table If preferi'tnl, w lot lo rupect alile purtiaa, 8PRINO STREET, THREE DOORS FRO* BROAD i-?y.?Wnr pn e?. To lei, ie*a?a. hni.daoiiioly itir. uiiuM-meitt. RcuJing rooiu 79 tiLstiail Rooma i?> elne e Rentlemen. Ivjrali n n .ir all the firat cJahs hotel* mid |<iaee* of unit free. faqBte of ANSON HOUSE. QO OREENB STREET, ABOVE BPRINO?ALSTON OO Houac ? Kl-taully lurnlfhed auite of R x.tiid, with was, Oroton water, aod every coureiiianeo for houaekeepln< kco nomli-Ally; )?iril( ularly aultud loratnall, re?.|n?i.lttbk lainlU?n. It. nl low to |jermj>n>'i)t tenant*. Q7 CLINTON PLACE.? FURNISHED OR U.VFUR U I u lahed l'j?)in*, wuh or without Hoard, mil ?ble for nen tli'.nun and tbnir wive* or alujle gr utleini:n. Titiiib mode rate. "I nO PRINCE STREET, TWELVE DOORS WEHT OF J*'mI Broadway.?r.cawint Ilootn* ?nd ^a>'d Hoard li r or genileruen and th?ir wive-; family L .1 >ah; lir-akfaat from 7 k<i 0; dinner at IJ and 6. Uita and baih. Term* low, Rcferer.c ? exchanged. lift MACDOUGAL 8TUKMT?RICHMOND IIOU8E 18 ill) now opened a? a private family Hotel, fur the reoep tlon of single fontli'uirn, or email fainll ?a ured uf ixi.trdltig. Parti* a (leiiroue of liou* k"pplng van Un4 evi:ry convenleuce at the. aliove e?tAbil*hment. 11Q WKST TWENTY-THIBD STREET.?A SUIT OF HO Rot ??? "n iiie eecond (limr ir' titj wuh eeery ronv nl ence attnrh^o; a!*o a law itoijin eultable for a * n :le gentle man ReferwneA required. Apply al 118 Went Twenty thlrdatreet. Location uneicptiouable. 1" rca TrINCE STREET?ST." CLAIR HOt'SE ?KLK *)I) gwitly : urn;*hi J Rooijih, Willi Bedroom* lilUlcbed, with all ibo ivmvenlence* for houai keeping njimplete, in Wilding Kit-, mul Croton water, to let to reapei talile famlllea or *lngle gentlemen. m*""**? FOURTH STREET^?TO LET, A SMALL, NEAT, thr? c auirj- Houae, ivltb b?*em?:iit and lUb-oelttr, In eofwl ord<*i; ha* motlcrn Improvcmenta: rent at the rati- of *400 Can ncii li^tae n tin- ho t* of Hi and .1. For par ticular* Inquire of J WESTER FIELD, 73h Br advviy. mBLEBCKKR STREET ?FAMILIES RETURMNO from th" iKiutilry ie mlrliik;a good and ? onif?rtnbl? nulet home (or the winter will imd it at the a. or.-. Term# mo lerate. Mes * m ailit bus-lneu people. A front Basement to 1< t, fnltahle lor bualne*a. (?1A ELM STREET.?JACKSON HOUSE, THE LOWIttT j?l'' rented and mom comlnrtubl; and <? i.ive/ilently fur nmhed Aianmi-nta In the dty, to meet ibe wantaot ainall fainiilea, with ever}" requlnlie furnliure. Linen, Booking range and atenKlm, goa and Croton water. OA1 FOURTH AVE NUB.?TO LET. NEATLY Fl/R Z')l nlnhi-d Ronma. einijl" or in *utt?, to fannlll''*, with private table, "r Ui alngle gentlemen, with p..niHl il )..rd. The noiiw linn nil the modern imi r veni' Dla, and llie Im-ation l? oanml. lUfntence exchanged. ')7') K1.1 /.ABETH STREET. TWO DOORS FROM Li\ ? Blcecker.?Famlahed Room* forgentli inen; u-riua luudorate. Fl llMTl IUC. A BEDROOM BUIT OF ENAMELLED FL'RSITt'RE JV lor ?2t. in alloolor*, of warranted uiaiiit.,ictup?; ii.iw aolldCh atuiil Cbamber Suit*, plain and uruamcu al at lL F FARRINOTON'iJ,S41 Canal atreal, oppo*lte wooatw. B* loilillahed in 184& TPURNITCRE WANTED FOR BOARD.?AN AORKE I4 able young lady, ??? widow, having t on>1 nr. - lb. lent to larnl.h two or li.r- ?m.H n?mi?, au.l would l-t the name for Board, or any party having !? uriiiture ai>l.abh' to rent ut?u rcaennable term a, ?li please addren* Mr*. M. A. Wll lUntft, Sia'lua U Pott oflkc. _ TfclTMPTO.VS IMI'JtOVr.D PART .OR BEIHTC a:>* AND I .itvrl.rKt ''?*? Kui !i> ? . - ; I at wh >t v. ?? r .11 Mid by monthly p*y" ' n's, at Icntii Mircct, formerly AvaUe??y of

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