Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1861 Page 1
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I m HE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9162. NEW "YORK, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1801. PRICE TWO CENTS. jHE REBELLION. lie Advanced Positions of the i Union Army of the Potomac. * ? disinclination of the Re bels for Battle. , ie Upper Potomac Swollen Fifteen Feet Above the Fording Point tirticnlars of the Recent Engagement at Hatteras Inlet. planation of the Retrograde Movement of the Rebels in Missouri. filitary Operations in West ern Virginia. nother Defeat of Lee's Rebels by Gen. Reynolds. iterestiug News from Missouri and Kentucky9 &c., &c.t &c. m SPECIAL WASHIUGTOJ DESPATCHES. WAMMir.To*, Oct. 10,1861. !? ADVANCED POSITIONS Of THK UNION AHMY f Til* KUIUI CNW1LI4NU TO KIOUT. ?The advancod positions taken yesterday by our foree# L maintained, occupying Prospect and Smith's and well Hills, to the vicinity of Lcwlnsvllle, and tbe i^e of Uwinsvlll# lUelf, and Minor s Hill, in tho igbborhood of Falhi Church?thus bringing up thepo ton of tbe right wing in a lino with the advance oC the utre, which was already to possesion of Munson's, .sons, Upton's and Taylor's Hills, to front ef Wash rton, and extending our line several miles furthor .m the south bank of the I'ofomac. In all these move >,,tathe rebels have retired without resistance. They vo manifested no disposition whatever to availthem kvw o? tho repeated cpiiortunltles offers to them for a ueral entailment. They are evidently unwilling to ht anywhere excenfcto the immediate neighborhood of inaasas Janctian, which. Ih?y have expended all their wr and akiil to fortify. In a few days they will obably be compelled to accept battle elsewhere, or re- ( u at or lay down their arms. 1 ?Uneral McOall's division left Tencllytown during last Klit, crossed the Potomac, and to-day occupied Langley, | e miles from tho Chain Bridge. Both his and General tali's headquarters are at Langley. Tho lattor s dlvlnton occupies the position It took yea l*y; his pickets, however, have bcenadvawwd further Jto Virginia. folic ro are no indications or the presence of the enemy, ! eating cavalry pickets, and miliury officers Incline to . e e;,iulon that there are no rebels in considerable force I, tbo whole line of our grand army, or within six mile? I lie entire front. }< .aieral MeClellan and staff and escort went out this I'.nh.g, about ten o'clock, proceeding over theCUain i i |^e to tho advance post of General McCall, whose com [nud extends up tho rlvor on tho Virginia side near l:wiDSvlllo, and that or General Smith, who now holds fowsslon oT LowlusvUle, and that of General Fitz Jolrn Li ter, whose pickets oxtend out towards Fairfax Court J use. He rode along tho advance posts of the wholo jui.m line. Nothing was seen or tho enemy during the day, and to Jigl.t the telegraph announces everything Is quiet in tho ' u!>l<! department. ' FALb* ALABM?THE NEWSPAPER ARMY CORl'8 ON THK ALERT. An amusing scone occurrod here to-day. The city was ,(lod with rumors or a battle being waged in the neigh ' jrfcood of Lowinsvlllo. The army telegraph brought no '\telllgonce or any engagement there or elsewhere, but | to rai?ort was rife, and tho whole corps or newspaper i ^respondents was consequently excited. About three ?fclock this afternoon, In tho midst or a pelting rain ? rm, the majority or them, regularly equipped with flankets and overalls, and gum elastic ponchos closely ,-rapped around them, mounted a varioty of steeds, and h. reeded through m--d and rain to gather items or tho initio. They had a cool ride, splashing through ' {lie mud or the much used rowl, and dodging between Ue wagons of the government trains, aud returned at ight, tired, wet without and within, covorod with mud, uil heartsick with disappointment. Tboir suddenly roused enterprise bad been simply thrown away, for hi y had obtained uary an item by all their efforts. Tbo n my had not advanced, ajv*nir own forces wcro in Lluouo, quietly occupying the positions assumed yes r ay,and waiting, like Micawbcr, for "something to ?urn u'p." Hie press correspondents engaged in this rultlees display oi energy have realised tbo experience 1 f the pursuit of an item under difficulties, an.l are curs L their stars that they were not better posted before tarting. I aw?ic XN THE OTPKR POTOMAC. The rain to "?? mountains during tho last few days as swollen the Upper Potomac until tho stago of wator < (If!jen foet above tho fording point, and tho volume of ?:itor and rapidity of the current rondcr oven the use ,r jKjQton hrldpes a matter of extreme difficulty. L'udor Vse circumstance*, all ideas of a movement ucroes tho l j,>r from cither sido are necessarily abandoned. While h s condition of the rlvor continues there is no proba , M?y or an attack upon our lines or an advanco from them. rilE RErORTED sriutKNrrR of the home guard at 11 BUM ANN, MO. Tbs late report or a surrender In Missouri is denied et be VTar Pepartinont, on the authority of a despatch from 'hatS'Jite. ,'IIEKH'NO NEV.-B FROM EENTUCKY JOHN 1 CRITTEN DEN A PRIVATE IN THK UNION ARMY. The tews from Kentucky U cheering. Tlio glorious Did patriot, John J. Crittenden, in splto of his advanced .lire Is the first private It) tho Frankfort Homo Guard, .. a bas dudarcd bis intention to go into camp and re ;;min in set''ice until every *>bcl Is driven from the soil tjf Kentucky. ; The resolution of tbo Keutuctey Legislature, giving tho iiomtni.iid or U?o State Guard to Thomas L. Crittemlen, a : rallant s >n of <he ol<l ex-Senator, has comnletely broken Li, that organisation, into which thn traitor, Simon Bull ,'u Ruckner, an4 Governor Magoflin, had infused tbe eaven oltreason. The conduct of tbese traitors had driven TrOm the (tat* Guard all the Union men who could not bo corrupt. ,j and n>4ilo it the wuclous Tor a rebel army In Ken u Icy. Tbe proclamation of Gen. Crittenden, when he r ls plated la command, showed plainly that he intended ?> us** the force for the defenco of the Union aud the rushing cut of treason. The consequonco was an abtn lonment of tho organisation. In the meantime the Union men tlironghout the State re filling tho ranks of the nome Guard more rapidly han they can be supplied with arms and equipment*, theis is no doubt that Gen. Crittenden will be oiSerod the josltion of Brigadier Genera) of volunteers. * THE ARMY. Dr J. 0. Koenon, of Frankfort, Ky., has passed cx VERY CURIOUS REBEL SEMI-OFFICIAL PICTORIAL VIEW OF THE BATTLE OF BULL RUN. ttMa/trs nA oa* re* r ') BAKTOti V J HOAStStUT LrNS. *+S \ * B*Tri?<z* -,7^3 oJ*V V vvSl D KwaroMMzra*) ?oltlWitA'S J <4 pi11 / I >Ar""> S'. 1*0.. Ij,' . ??W '? aid '?"neai 'OSSWStOM SnWGS ^ (flrsi lcwisx Mill *oujr> jtk-kelU A Wilson after wounded. !ENTft?Y|LlE MITCHELLS FORD MAhyua.* ? -ooii/nfMg run tiii wSyra? TOWARDS TH?0oroJip* '' 9WRRTBR& S 9 ?W. JOHNSTONS ^iANES ; ? HEAD QUARTERS [ Maior Harrlmn and Lieut. Mliea UUed 1" ihe battle of July 18, ISfll. C?7W BEAURBOARDS AfTtuff r*? SAT Tic or julkjba-s Taur?oIrds sr_> /AurcRs mcra THE. BATTLE J/mVM/LlS Two companiM of cavalry of enemy here ait reserve during the day. In ttai- afternoon cavalry charged to. Jkr wards Georgia Bcventh, and were repulse.1 hm, *l otawer. ?/? "'0 | ^Vl(| **bSV*? MAP or BATTLES BULL XLVZV, MUX MANASSAS, On the Line of Fairfax and Prince William Co on tie*, In VIRGINIA, POcaaT aa'WBi m romnss or thi oontomuti nana amd or in oanai) wtatm or a in Rica. Gono'la BaauncuitD and Johnston commanding the ConfoderaW alio General McDowkh, the United States Foroea, On the 21at of July, 1861, frem 7 A M. to 9 P. X. mapi mOH OMKItraTIOM By SOLOMON BAMBERGER, PvKuhed by WEST <* JOHNSTON, So. 145 Main Street, RICHMOND, V?. M le?? hr?n niiitf but roke I>UB ex&ud S&i ILLS w\ PdQTOCRAPHf 0 OM WCM fffOM THE om/UL OSAWJHS *.&VG/IAVrO Br WATERS A SOfLN.K amination before the Medical Kxamiuing Boaril ami ia approved as surgeon in the army. The recant order of the War Dejiartniout returning to the control of the several States the inilepcndout regi. ments and compauios hitherto accepted, and conferring upon the respective State F-xcctitivcg power to organizo or reorganize them, has creatcd much confusion iu reference to Uic commissiotis of various officers, and occa sioned cliaugoe in the formation of some of the regiments already in the field. Corro?[>ondui)ce upon this subject baa taken place between Governor Curtin, ofl'ennsyl vania, and several offioors who cannot be accommodated in their expectation- as to rank. Some Colone's who havo been in command of regiments will be deposed, and others, who anticipated being mad'- Brigadier Generals, will be disappointed. Tho Governor iR of opinion that lie has no right to appoint general officers, and offers to Senator Bolter, of California, tho Colonelcy of a regiment. Colonel Morelioud, of Pennsylvania, is charged with kid napping companies from other regiments in process of organization to fill up his own, and the Governor refuses to commission him aa Colonel. Colonel Do Viiliers, instructor of Colonel Kllsworth. who was taken prisoner in Western Virginia, and recently made his escape from Richmond, was yesterday made a Brigadiur General. Ho will bo unsigned a 01 mmand under General Kopec runs. Goorge W. Shear was yesterday elected First I.ieutenant of the McClcllan Dragoons, which acta m the ('s body guard, to fill tho vacancy caused by tho resignation of Lieutenant Bracken, who took this meaiiB to avoid a court martial. RESTRICTION OK COMMUNICATION WITI1 THE CAMI\S. The following order of tho Provost Marshal is Intended to correct, as far us possible, one of the greatest hin drances existing to tho establishment of dlscipliuo raid good order in our Army of the Potomac:? IlltMKjrAKTEKS ClTY GUARP, ") Provost MaksimCm Office, > Washinutok, Oct. ?. 1801. ) The Provost Marshal directs that tho attend ion of tho officers commanding guards at bridges and ferries on tho Potomac be called to the requirements of General Ordors No. 2, from tho headquarters. Division of the l'otomnc, of July 30, 1881. Citizens going from Washington across tho" Potomac will be required to have a pass from the War Department, tho head(|?arters of the United States Army of the Potomac, or from the Provost Marshal of Washington. Tho passes of brigade commanders will be regarded only when held by officers and soldiers, or other persons in tho employ of the Unite J Stat s government and connoe.tod with the army. Sutlers, with their goods, will be allowed to pass to and from Washington npon the passes < f brig ide com manders, but no ardont spirits will be allowed to cress the Potomac unless accompanied by evidence of its bo longing to the Subsistence or Medical icpartment of the United Slates Army. Persons attempting to cross the river with intoxicating Mquors will be deprived of their passes, their liquor destroyed,and they turned back with their stores. By command of BRIGADIER GENERAL PORTFR, Provost Marshal. Wm. W. Avirill. A. A. A. General. CAPTAIN FORTOn's MASSACHUSETTS BATTERY. The Massachusetts battery, w mmaaded by Captain Jo siah Porter, exchanged their guns to-day for four ten. pounder I'arrott guns aud two twelve-poundor howitzers. This company elicited universal commendation for profi ciency in drill on tho occasion of the Into review. Cap tain Porter was tho First Lieutenant of Cook's old bat tery, which won an enviable reputation in the throe months service. All the commissioned officers except one, and all tho non-commissioned officers of Porter's, were also members of Cook's oompany. Tho "Bo.-'ton battery," as it is called, bids fair to be a favorite in the artillery. It was created for tho celebrated B ston Fly ing Artillery that had a succcssful trial of skill with Sliermau'fi battery somo years since. TIIR CASE OF OBNERAL GRAHAM. General Graham to day, in accordance with the require ment of Judge Merrick, prodnced to the Court Jeremiah Lyon, the Union volunteer whom that officer trrf'detain ed aftor his reloase had been ordered on a writ of habeas corpua. The lad had volunteered contrary to the consent of his parents. He was now surrendered to their custo dy. Accordingly thero were no further proceedings on the attachment for contempt of Court against Goneral Gra ham, and bo was discharged, ORDER FROM TltE TOST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. Tho following onler was to day issued by the Post Office Departm'-at, viz;? My attention having been called to the circumstance that United Stales Postsaaters at odlcw on or near the frontier line or Canada are still in the practice ?f mailing weekly newspa}- rs addressed to Canada free of United Slates postage, under the old regulation, is*'n d by this Department on the first day ef May, 1861, viz That weekly new-l?per? whioh do not leave the county in wh let) thev are published until they leave the Cniied Slates will, after the lit of Jnlv, 1881, go freo of pottage It is hw. liy ordered that Hie rales #f portage chargeable on printed maner pasain* through the 1. nited States mall, hs ilxe.i hy section* I and 2 of aet of August 30, 1!V>2 >.?? 13 of p.wt Office "Law* and Regulation?," published In l.viO), he hereafter levied and collected at ulloRlcea In the I'niied States upon newspapers and other de ortpilons of printed matter addressed to or received froin fa ?d?: and it is fur ther ordereu. that the regulation* of Mnr 1,1881, above refer red to, which was Iia?e1 on tne pi .ivl/donrf.ot the second see lion or the aet of M r h 1 ISM, repealed bj' tie act of An giixt 30, iij52, is hereby lormally revoked. Tho rates to he collected on printed matter a^ldre?scd to Canada are those charged upon iji,; samo malth" When ndf?,rcss"d to another fltato in the Union, and mud*t he prepaid by United Slates tx tt ige stamps. JOllS A. KA^SOS, Actiug Pottmasfcr General. FROM GENERAL BANKS' DIVISION. OUR DARNESTOWN CORRESPONDENCE. PARsarowH, M<1., Oct. 8,1861. ?ReMl Hiiouwiing Opposite the Seneca Jive'?TKe River Still High and Overflowing?Travel Obstructed? Sritxirr nf Liquorl by Order qf General Banks?I'ronxt Mnrihal Stone?//mo to Send Letter*?1'tnmylvania Election Ticket* in Camp, <tc. Last night during tUo violent Btorm two regiment s of the enemy bivouacked on the Virginia bank opposite the month of the Seneca river. Their lire* were distinctly seen by the picket of sharpshooters belonging to tbo Thirty-fourth New York regiment, Colonel iJilleu. A portion of the enemy took p<^cession of a bouse hitherto unoccupied, and remained there this morning. The spot bos frequently been the mark of the battery attached to the Thirty-fourth, Lieutenant Newton commanding. This force of tbo rebels was no doubt a port ou of the body of rebels some 8,000 Strong which hud bet n float ing betwc n Edwards'Ferry and Chain Bridge for soma time past, doing what damage they could to tJle Union forces, but eperating more particularly for the apparent purp< se of drawing out and testing the strength and range of our guns on the Maryland bank. Frequently trials of skill of this description occur, but without ma terial damage to i ithcr side. The river is to-day higher at the fonts at and between Muddy branch and Seneca river fords and vicinity than since the recent rise. All the smull streams emptying into tbo Potomac at those points are swollen to overflowing by tho rain storm of yesterday and last night, and some of the bridges have been swept away. The new bridge ere. tod across the Little Sencoa, at Pleasant Hill, was within a few inches of being overflowed this morning. The travel on tho rondshas, of course, been temporarily obstructed, but tl e high wind and bright sun of this afiernoon are rapidly rendering the highways more passable for horses and wagrms. The storm, violent as It was, did not have the elf-ct of preventing a long midnight march by tho Filth Connecticut, Colouel Ferry, who struck thoir tents and pursued their way with cheering and in the most cxhubertnt spirits. So glad were they to leave their old quarters that several barrels of good and wholesome hard bread were sold for twenty-five cents per barrel. Upwards of $1,600 worth ot' liquors?contraband?were seize-i yesterday by order of Major General Ranks, I'ro vost Marshal Stone discharged the duty, assisted by his rew aids?Captain James Wenrlck, of Company K, Twenty ninth Pennsylvania regiment, and Captain Joseph S. Cary, Company B, Thirteenth Massachusetts. Captain Ptone has now under charge some twenty live prisonui s, including the murderer I-analian, and. among prominent political prisoners, tbe Rev. Mr. Wilson, of Baltimore, who denies the report that bo refused to preach to the provost guard and others. There have becu a number of fetnal<s detected in the garb of men. following tbo army. Somoact as vioandiere*. l/'tters destined for the Fifth Connecticut regiment should be directed to WUliamsport, Md., except those for Provost MashalStone;Sergeant Odeli, Jailor: Clerk Wm. H. l'ati?, and privates Henry 8. Coe and Charles , who have been detailed t'roiu the regiment for special duty with the Provost Marshal. A rccont visit to Poolesvlllo, Edwards' Ferry and there abouts throw your correspondent into the company of Generals Stone, Lander and Gorman. Their several bri gades aro In superb condition and all eager for a fight. General 1/mder, with his accustomed indomitable energy, end his extensive experience of a mode of warfare whose element is activity and rapidity of movement, burns with a desire for more lively work, fleneral Gorman bos tho crack Minnesota First regiment under his particular eyo and cue: tuid, without liability to a charge of partiality, it may be stated that the Minnnsot inns aro not only among the first in name, but iu drill, discipline ami spirit in the service. A few days ago Ooneral Stone, accompanied by Colonel Lee, of the Massachusetts Twent ieth, and Colonel Hinks, of tho Massachusetts Nineteenth, had a look at and a talk with tho enemy across tho river, before the late rise. There wero two encampments of tho rebels and two wagon trains. Tbo pickets complained, through a loud toULUed spokesman, of a want of j?y. There has been an election for State officers to day in the Pennsylvania regiments in Major General Banks' com mand. Some of the votnrs complained of a want of va riety in the tickets presented for their suffrages, declar ing that th?y we:e tow much of one stripe. Thero is reason to question the beneficial ef fects of introducing politics, in a practical way, in tho field dt nm< a stato of war. The polls in tin Provost Marshal's Guard?these who are mem

bers ot Company K, Twenty-ninth Pennsylvania (Mur phy's) reginuint?were superintended by Captain Jatnes C. wenrick, Jodge, and 1 trst Lieut, nant Wm. J. AuguStlne, Inspector of Election. Of sotno eighty-five votes cast, m arly all were for the Unlou democratic candidates. (.' ru ral T'tnl- s has been on a vis it towards Washington. He has appointed on bis staff Lieutenant Cblonel Andrews and Lieu ut. ant Cope land, both of tho c'ecxiDilMossachj sefo regiment. Colonel Gordon, of tb<- same regiment, has already been appointed a Brigadier General. GENERAL BANKS' BODY GUARD. Company 1, and not Company L, of the Ninth regiment, N. Y. 3. M-. ap stated in tho IIeb.vld u few days sincc, is tho body guard of General Banks. TIIE TWENTY-SECOND MASSACHUSETTS REGIMENT. THEIR HBCKPTIO* IN PHILADELPHIA?TWO SOLDIERS OF TUB REGIMENT DltOWNED. Philadelphia, Oct. 10,1861. Tho Twenty Recond Massachusetts regiment, Colonel Wilson, arrived at Washington street wharf this morn ing. They w ere handsomely entertained at the refresh ment saloons, according to tho invariable Philadelphia practice. The regiment made a splendid street jiarade bofo-eloaring the city, attracting universal admiration. Two so diert Of the twenty secWB I Mas.-eichuset's regi ment f.-n over;<oard near Ambov. while asleep, and ??< re drowned. Their names have not been ascertained. One of them, it is suppose !, was a German, and the other be jongetf jo the sharpshooters. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fiilraw Mosinw, O -l. 9, \ Via Baltimoih, Oct. 10, 1861. J Rrigadier General Williams lias not left for Uattcraa In let, lli'! revenue cutter Pale having been detained by a severe gale which if; now prevailing. The tug Young America, while Bounding the channel of Janus river yostcroay, exonanged a fuw shots with tho Pig Point battery. Several el?olls exploded te ar, her but did uoharm. Tho T'nlon pun In now mounted so as to sweep tho Bond* between the Fortress an-1 8e wall's Point. General Wool anil Quartermaster Tallmadgo have recommended to the tfuartermiu' tor General tlw quarter ing of troops at Old Point and Newport News for tlie win ter, In comfortable wooden houses, built so .is to arcom tnodate two or throo companies oach. This plan will doubtless no adopted. Similar quarters will also soon bo erccted for the con trabands. OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. Fortkmr Moxrok, Oct. 8,1801. Ihe Details nf the Pig Point Skirmish l'u'ertlaij?A NutiU and a Generous Act?J. If. Farmer Auain?Arrival if the Suiqvelta n n<i fr/m llaltrrat?Good Xeuis?Thr Su.; quehanna and Mnnlii-ello Drive Back the. Rebel*, Killing Many?A }MylSteamrr and 7 wo IraTisporlt Destroyed? The Finny Disabled?Dismay ?f the Rebels?Arrival of line Corwin?Return nf Commodo re QMiborxugh?Pnpa rations for the Rebel Steamers, <fc., <tc. Tlie Young America arrived yesterday evening, nnd re ported that while engaged in sounding tho channel of Newport News she was tired upon by tho rob.! battery at rig Point. Tlio first projectile thrown was a solid shot from a rifled cannon, probably a twenty-jtounder. The shot was well directed, but fell short. In reply to this Captain Craves sent in a thell from his b;x inch rilled Dahlgren. Tho enemy replied by another b lid sh it, wliich also fell short of the boat. Another shell was now fired at them, which fell and exploded just outside of tho battery. This aroused tho rebels, aud they fired a shell which exploded quite near the tng. Captain Craves again replied with a Khell, and, having elevated his gun tu about eighteen de grees, ho land d a shell uhich exploded In tho rebel camp in elogo proximity U> their battery. Tlie rebels censed firing and the tug a itbdrew, tm no good eou.d bo done, and it would interfere with hla plans for work to day. An iucldent occurred yesterday which Is us well worthy of record bp It Is of emulation The Seventh New York Volunteeois (stoubou Itifk*}, having hoard of tho desti tute con.liti<>n of ti e wo ? ' i am j it arrived from Hutteras, made up a purse of over oar hundred dollars, to bo equally distributed among those brave and crippled men. The meiney was raised in less than an hour, and a committee was appointed. Am >ng the number was the pood Samaritan, Mr..I. W. Farmer, of New York. Thov came down nnd gave oach man the sum of two dollars. A balance being noccasary to make up that sum, .Mr. Farmer paid it, and a'.fo bought a variety rjf comforts lor the poor fellows, who left In th" boat for Baltlmoro. Had the iKiys of tho seventh had a little more tirad'tbey would have raised a much larger Bum. As it was It speaks nobly for them. The other re.;|menu hero fool chagrined to think they did not have an opportunity of giving something in so good u cacse. They will probably do something for those who nre in tho hospital. Friends of the in hotpltal who write to them sluiuld be car> ful to direct to tho care of tbe "Sure on nf Gene ral Hospital, Fortress Monroe, Va." The Susquehanna arrived to day from Hattcras Inlet, bringing the int lllgonoo of an engagement last S in day, which sh ? and the M ntieello participated in. It appears tho rebel tioneral II ger was as g xh! an in* word, and pent a strong detachment to cut out the Indiana troopg who were at (hicamaeomico. As soon as tin ii.telli genoe ?f Il' ger's intentions reached the v seels they pot under way ajid proceeded up the Sound, an 1 commenced throwing sheila among tho enemy, who wero endeavoring to cut out our troops. During the progress of the fight tho rcbols'seut down a steamer and the Fanny to assist, also some transports. As soon as they came within range the ships opened lire upon them an' sunk two transjiorts and the steamer, and knocked the stern off the Fanny. This kind of wnrk?hshoai t 'lied tho robe's, and they attempted to g"t out of the way of tho shel s; but the ships followed them down tho boaili und kept up a terribly galling lire upon them, killing a large number of th<'in. The ludt.ioa boys retreated down tbe beach, and I lojrn they liavo lost only a few besides thosu captured in Hie J'auny. One if the guns which were on board tho Fanny was carried away by the rebois and tho other is in pos-iesoton of our tro'pa; most of tho ammunition was destroyed; so that, with what we captured and destroyed by th.B sklrmitib, wo are nearly square. The .-as<fit4iai,na is cooling, aud will return to-morrow to Hattcras. Iho Corwin (U. S. C. S.) arrived li ro to-day from Balti more, en rout? to survey th> s irroun.iing watcw. Probably Oca. Williams will go down on her us a passenger. Commodore Goldsborough, who has been in Washington for a day or two |iast, returned this morniiig. There ia not much activity in the fleet apparent, but wo do not know what may be going on " under batcher." At any rate wo expect something In a few nights, when the Yo: 1? town and Jamestown shall attempt to get down the James river. A strensr northerly gnle is prevallirt at tbis time, and the ?ky is very cloudy, ami I think It not improbable that an attem) t will be made to-night to g?t. the ships down. The big gun is loaded with ach II, and the Sawver gun tit the Rip Rj[>s is ready for them as soqu as they are ready to try the " littio game." LAUNCH OF A GUNBOAT AT BOSTON. liOfTTOS, Oct. 10, 1861. The gunboat Wachasett was successfully launched at tho Navy Yard, Cluirlestown, to-day, IMPORTANT FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA Di'ft at of the Rebel* I'nder Oenerial Iiro? Position of (lie Hostile ilrinle*. y.ix Wj?T*H, V?., O' t 10, 1861. General T'eynolils hug made two roconnul'sonces in force within the la-t few days at,'u:ii*t General Leo, *tld ha.s driven ltira from 1'tg Spring, vho former rendezvous of Lis main force. Pim of hi* foroo Is now at Elk Mountain and Greenbrier Bridge?re-t))oc.tively thirty and forty miles from here?and part of It, under Gon?rtl Ife, Is said to have Joiuod Floyd at Rift Bpriug. They destroyed their <\>mp e<|titpngo and ammunition, and burned noveral hnndred muskets, and left th'-lr wagons, fco. The road is absolutely impuysuhlo Tor w/i^ons beyond a poiut twelve miles from Elk Water. CwnxxAiT, Oct. 10, 18#1. Tho Oommereial't Kanawha advices any tluit (feiMral Rosecratis is at Mountain Cavo?a strong |msitio?i? twenty-lire miles beyond Gauley. Ho had advanced ten miles further, to Little P"wall, but the onnmy woty too W'dl intrenched and too ?tiong at Big Sowall?live mil's further on?to bo attacked, nnd General Roseerans fell back, ns a:i invitation to come out and have a fair ftyht. Tliere is no "xpow ?t|on that the enemy will atteinot to f>rce tho position of Gen. Itosecrans. The weather in the Ganley river region is terribly bad. Rain falls almost incessantly. Our tro"pfi are well clothed, having plenty of over coals and b'nnkets. Th" fluid at Cbapmansvllle was a very sharp and bloody afTair. Fivo of I'ratt's Zouaves were killed, and tho re. bels lost thirty-five killed. A do patch from f.eneral Reynolds to Governor Morion, dated UuttunsvUlo, October 8, says.?Tho enemy In our front, cn tho HuntersvlllQ road, has been driven to Greenbrier Sprin.", ;w nty miles beyond Big Springs, thek late rendezvous. They are fifty miles from Elk Water and one hundred nnd twenty-four from Cheat Mountain. The roads towards Hnntorsvlllo ave imp:ipsa j hie for wheels. The enemy have dostroyed h ind rods of musket1.', tents, camp equipage, &c. Several wagons fell Into our hands. OUK KEY WEST CORRESPONDENCE. Kn Wkst, Oct. 4. im. Arrival of ths. British Steam Frigate ifa'tey?Departure of the ChalUnger?iVuli'tfU CotirUties?Action if the ViliUd .Hairs Dirt rid Court?Xarat Movmenlt, <fc. Hor Britannic MajontyV steam frigate ileisey. 60 (one thousand horse ]?'\ver), c'immandod by Cuptuiu Caldwoll C. B., arrived a', this station on the afternoon of the 124th, from a cruiua In tlio Gulf of Mexico. Sho touched nt Havana and visited Vera Cruz. Tho Mersey was to ) av ) remained here until tho 6th Instant; but sumo cases of fever admiring among tho crew, Cimmodoru Dutilop or dered the vessel to Halifax, for which port she sailed on the morning of the 3d. Commodore Dun lop did not trnn.'for bis pennant to the M-rsoy, as reported in our la-t. Ilo pllll remains on tho Challenger. Tho latter ship loaves to-day for Havana, and tukes our mails to m t tho Coh mbift to-morrow. Both tho M?rsey and Cli-ill 'tig . r, ceivod supplies of coal, i water, provisions, &c., from Hie town. \ It is said that Key West wi:l li ? eafter, or as long ns tho war lusts, be made a d'-jiot t r tt.o British fleet. Ono j of thoir siocoships?tho Bulldog?i.; dally expected. A ! new fifty gun frigate Is also oxpecto l from Halifax. The officers of the United States > :ny?Mryor Wm. H. j French commanding?stationed at i ( Taylor entertained I tho officers of the Challenger nt tl e.r jWters in Fort | Tavl ir last evening. Tho oHIcers I tho ships are tie I lighted with tbo attentions they h V ' rec ivel at Key ' West from the United Statin army oTers, as well ns from our citizens. We hope they will visit us n riin. | Tbo United States District Court has released tho prize schooner C. r. Knapp and hor cargo, aud she bos sailed for Havana. The case of the bark Pilgrim, lnt ly seized by tho Brooklyn mid Massachusetts, has been before tho CO' rt, b it no decision has yot boen rendered. Tbo United -ta;e.s storeship Fearnot, Captain Fanoon, Is discharging government stores at tbo naval whnnf. No wrecking news. No ai rlvais from tho North. Tho city remains perfectly healthy. Tho Coiled States frigate Potomac, CSiptaiu I'owoll, sailed on a cruise the 28th iilt. FACILITIES FOB CORRESPONDING WITH THE GULF SQUADRON. The steam transport Rhode Island will sail on Saturday evening for tho mouth of the Mississippi, Key Wcst.Gal ve-it'n and olher places, visiting all the Gulf squadron. This will afford a good opportunity for parties to send lotters and jiacers to their friends. The postage of letter* Is but Ih'ee cents anil papers ono cent. Thi v will be r? coivuil at tho N?w York Post Office up to four P. M. ARRIVAL OF SECRETARY CAMERON IN CIN CINNATI. Cincinnati, Oct. 10,1881. Hon. Simon Cameron and Adjutant Gvtneral Thomas arrived hero lant night, and took rooms at the Burnett Houfts. ______ COL. RANKIN'S CASE. Toronto, Oct. 10,1861. Colonel Rankin's case was brought up again to-day, and af'er the examination of two witnesses was odjourued till to-ra?rmw, when fi.rthor evidence Is ezpeoted and a dc e.sion will be given. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. RETROGRADE MOVEMENT OP QEN\ PRICIJ AND THE OTHER REBEL LEAEERS. Lsxinuion, Mo. , Out. T, 1861. The correspondent of the 9t. I/mis Ih}>utHcm> writes SS follows :? The plan of (.enrral Price, after he eopturod Lexington, was lo remain for a time and operate on the north sids of tlie rivor, and f?r this puriiose, on Saturday, September 28, Im) crossed over Iho river ?t Lexington, with four thou ?and mounted men. tin* foroe took ap lis lino of marcta for tlio railroad, with the view of its total destruction, and thou sad havoc was to be made with all the govern ment forccs in Northwest Missouri. But luto in th? evening A If, Jones, who had t>een released as a prisoner at the Arsenal, whore he had taken thooathof allegiance to the United States government, relumed from St. Ijouta to Lexington, anil retorted that the whole country below was alive with troops?that Fremont was after Prksej and tliat Price might prepare for a big fight in a few days. This seemed lo raise the oourage of l'rice'a men, and they said, "Lot Fremont oumu; they were ready for him." But when announced that Fremont ha4 30,000 inen, and his only fear was that Price would uo< make a suu.d, the latter countermanded his order fb# sending troops to the railroad, and a mens nger was im* mediately despatched after those already staried,am) they recro nod ilia river on Sunday morning. That nighf Price issued orders for a movement south, aud General l' is paid, went twenty miles that night on hid Southern route, ami it is believed>. Jackson availed himself of this c miua el as an escort to get himself ou* of danger. Price oud ail his Core Melt on Monday, the 30th ult., hut hiK train of baggage wagons, about 1.200 la number, did not get all off before Wednesday min ing. If 1 rice had desired fight with Fremont he would bnva taken the Georgetown road, or pos:?ibly tlio Warrensbnrtf road; but instead of this ho has gone on the road leading down tile western boundary of the State, and to IbiS southwest. I Lave given a plain narrative of farts as tb*y hnvS transpired here, and If Price does not ma'.cc a stand awl givi battle, all who are cognisant of his movements will he disappointed. His meat Intelligent friends consider biB course a complete back down, whllo the more verdanj are solaced with the idea that ho has gono to meet Mc Cn lot h, v, iio, from the most reliable information, is some whi re iu Arkansas. The forces of Price at Ixmlngton were very large, but many ot the men were only for ths occasion, and havs go e homo. His force was 16,000 or 18,000 when ho left 1/ Kington, and, as the fact becomes certain that bis desti nation it Arkansas, it will be more decreased. NEWS FROM CAPE GIRARDEAU. CilH UlRABillAU, Oct. 8, 1801. The military authorities, by order of Colonel Phimmsr, of the Eleventh Missouri regiment, commanding at this pest, have taken possesion of the Post (Xllce at this place, and placed Major Bennett, of the Tenth Iowa regiment, In charge. T1IE MISSOURI STATE CONVENTION. Br. Louis, Oct. 10,1061. , The State Convention met in Mercantile Library llalt this morning, and adjourned for want of a quorum. It met again at three o'clock, and thero still being no quo rum, adjourned till to morrow. NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. Cairo, Di., Oct. 10,1861. Six pickets of the Fourth cavalry regiment, stationed four or live miles from Pa?!ucah, were attack A by a large body of rebels this morning. Two were mortally wounde I and two taken prisoners, with their horses and equi;a?e. The rebels had divided their force, arl.ia the excitement, tired into each other, lin y tlicn fled, each |iarty taking the other for our cavalry. A deserter from tho rebel camp at Columbus arrived hero to day, and reports the force there is numbering 30,000. J/iuiRviT.i.*, Oct. 10,1861. Tho city has been somewhat excllcd to-day by rumors * that an engagement between the Union and rebel troops was progressing at Puduuth. These rumors nre traoeable to nn (titthcntlc source, and are undoubtedly fiil.e. II is also rojiorled ih.U 3,000 rebel troops we'll south, ward from Bowin g (Jreen yesterday, iuppeod for tho purpose of guarding the coast. It is reported that John C. Brccksoridgs, e v Minister Preston' and G. li. llodgt s were at Howling Green yester day. Tho city Is quiet this evening. No news; a;ior? or news have been received from any point south to day. INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. I/ICISVILLE, Oct. 9, 1861. Tho Nashville Unim ami American of the 21 inst. says that two gentlemen arrived ljst evening from Fenu-is county, who report that tho Union m"U tboro were vary refractory; that they have killed four or Dvo Southern men, auil the county sheriff. Jeff. Davis liad uot returned to Richmond on the 3d inst. Tho Evansvillo Journal says that the robol Col. Harris has* boon arrested at Paducah. The steamer Curlew, u iih wheat and tobacco, ran into a sunken (lathoat on Saturday and sank, resulting iu a loss of (50,000, which is uninsured. Tho N- w Orleans Picayune asks tho city authorities to put every vessel In the harbor Into commission, and ox tend the chain of forts to the Balizo, and says the taking of Washington, or the occupation of Maryland, is of no consequeneo oompared with the loss of New Orleans and the security of the cotton and tobacco. Hie Marlboro (Indiana) Gazette says tho tobacco crop has I*;en materially injured by tbe August rtlns. Tho city is quiet. We have no news from bolow. TIIE NAVY. The following naval vosfoIh are at anchor In tho North river:? Btenrn fripate Wabash, flag'hip: steamers James Adger. Augusta, Kiorlda, Alabama, Citrlew, 0. M. I'ottii, Mer cury; gunboats Ottawa, Unadllla; transports steamahlpis Hal tic, Atlantic, Ocean Queen, Parkersbarg, Roanoke Giataac laicos. ' BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. The steamship UoSton proceeded yesterday afternoon to tlio yard, where- sho will take on board twenty four cannon, thirty-two pounders, for the Navy Yurd at Phila delphia. . 1'ay maHter H. II. Pangborn ha* been detached from the Rhode Inland, and ordered to Washington; Asbi-tant Pay master Douglass takes his plac*. Maxtor's Mate Garfcld has been promoted to an Acting Master, and ordered to take passage iti tho Rhode Island to Join tho gunboat Bontli Carolina. There are 2,700 mechanics and laborers emy oyed in the yard at presi u?. a ia^go number of whom art- diu^od preparing the steame's and ships lately pure I: as. d lor sea. The two steam gunboats,Oneidaand Adireondack, are nearly ready lor laun-btoig; the form r is nearly plank'd In,and her machinery is ready. The flat bottomed .? unboat, bml ling near liio l>ry Ixxk, is rapidly approaching <? m pletion. tho Is to bo steered at both 'ti ip, I k a lorry boat, and w ill only draw live feet of water when loaded. T&uoid frigate Hrawlyw.iic h.i/: hn i an additional deck put on her, and every other port pinked op, and will Boon leave for Hampton Roads, w her" she I* to bo stattoo ed a? a stop- and In *pit?l ship. Tho steam >r Connecticut is still at the buoy, having her si les caulked. MORE STEAMERS CHARTERED BY THE GO VERNMENT. Tho steamship Marion hus been chartered by tho go vernment as a transport, and 1* now loading at pier No. 4 North river. The steamship Philadelphia, lying at pier No. 60 North river, Is lilting up horse stalls. The ship Ocean Express has also been chartered, and is now at anchor off Governor's Island, taking in gun car riages, brick, lumber, Ate. Superior Court?Special Terui. Before Judge Boewortb. VSCTSIOK8. Rachel Crtgier es. Dlatius M. Cluttlrouyh?A] reference will be ordered to a referee?to be named by tho Court, unless one be agreed on by the litigants?to take proof of the material facts aliegod in the affidavits, and report the same to the Court, to tho end that upon the coming In of tho report such further order may he made ad shall be just. Before Judge Woodruff. Qeorgt Bovman vs. Altwaiulrr Frtar.?An elimination of the papers on this motion doss not suggest to me that ai.y property hat- boon discovered, an* ft appears to me that the appointment of a receiver could beef no use to the plaintiff; and If not, then tl.e defendant ought not to be subjected to further trouble in tho mutter. Motion, therefore, d?nled.

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