Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1861 Page 5
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the fall campaign. Condition of Partlet ??d Poltt leal Org a ?I* ia lions In New York?Result mt A? Ubon of (be Republican, Mozart, Tam many and the Union Organization*? The I'nton Conference at No, 148 Broad way?The Germans Waking Up? A New People's Organization In the Field? Their Platform?.Names of Candidates Placed in Nomination, die. Tho politicians of all parties have Improved every mo. ment of timo thus far this week. Coucuses Mid conven tions have beou held si alt hours of ihe day and night; bar gains have been maiie, broke* and re-made; delogatee have been purcliased by candidates for office with all the <X olness that a butcher purchases his l>eef at Bull's Head, and tho fate of tho city turned upon such transactions. Tho groat event# of this week have been tho meet ing of tho Mozart and Tammany County Conven tions?the former so Monday night aud the lattci on Tuesday evoniuj. 'Ihe Mozart machine wias well oiled and In good ti Im; the slate, as had been arranged so ? far as two offices were eoocernod, was put through w ithoul any exertion, and everything went ot harmoniously. Tho managers, not desming It prudent for thorn to nominate an entiro tk-kot on that eveuiug, appliod the brakes and postponed further artkni until noxt Monday evening. Tho Tammany machine was not in ho good a trim, having two sets of would-be managers trying to pull it In opposite dt. notions; there was a nice litUo struggle, and a trial of Strength somewhat Interesting to look ujiou.tosuy tho least. The warriors, braves snd sachems of ancient but aomuwhat dilapidated Tammany woro divided jnto two tribes, and bad boen spending ao <reral days preparing their foroes for a general struggle for the control and the occupancy of the old -wigwam, rer -red for its past associations and for being olco the headquarters of the big Indians in tho i'a ? when Tammany sachcms sat around the council flres^ beating tho marlw of ability and conducting them selves with tho dignity worthy of important characters. These tribes were known as the " Ring" and " anti" Ring," and the result showed that neither had much tho advm.tage of the other In numbers. The struggle at (list was a d >ubtfnl ono, and tbo waving of the scalping knives and tomahawks during tho contist revealed a struggle tliat excelled any former contests among the Indium of Tammany. As soon, however, as tho a?lso und confusion dlod away it was seen that the " King" had como o(T victorious and gained possession of the Old Wigwam, with all its papers and tho big soul. Tho '? auti-Kmg" party fought to the last,boldly maintaining their groiuid, but were Anally forced to yield, and Tammany was on tbo spot turned over to the tender mercies of tbo Aldermanic King, which has for a long time past bcoii struggling for the control. The promises that were made, the solid arguments used, tho spoils divided and to be distributed among the victors to bring abort this result, we loave for others to imagine, considering it only our duty to record tho fact that the Aldermanic King is now in full possession of the wigwam, and tho uther side ore engaged buryiug their doad. Two of tho Union organizations have completod their 'Dominations?namely, tho Twenty-third Btroot and the Taxpayers' I'nion. A meeting of the Conference Com mittee of these numerous organizations was held on ?Wednesday at the ofllce of John Livingston, 12H Broad "way. Tho meeting was secret, and all outside bar. barians excluded, in order that what they did should be kept a profound secret. But no sooner did the delegates emerge from their room into the Uiall tbau they themselves, by their comments upon tho proceedings, furnished all the information that was de. Sired by tho reporters. The Fifth avenue organizs 'tion was represented by Royal Phel|s,fieo. F. Tallman, R A. Witlhaus and James B. Nicholson; tho St. Nicholas by Otis P. Swan, W. L. Solomon* P. Holt, Albert Ma| thews, M. Gallatin, Bunker and Oucixey, the Twentjij. ?third street by Messrs. Havomeyer, Tuckor. May bury, ihitcliiiiRS, Stillman, Ketchum, Wagner and Told: the ttkxpayeif,' Union by James W. Bookman, Ely, II. J. Hart, Rogers, Mead, Livingston and Wedgewood. Mr. Boekr tnan occupied the cliatr, and Messrs. Wedgowood and | tbeker acted as secretaries. Tliey to< k no action in regard ito candidates, owing to the fact that the Cliairman of tho .Fifth Avenuo Committee and two of his associates were ^absent. Several communications were recolved,which called forth an animated discission from Messrs. Mat 'thews Swan, I he'ps, Hutchlngs, Livingston, Wedge wood and Hart. Among the communications was one from tho ?Conference Committee apjiointed by the Kepubllcan Coun ty Convention, asking to be admitted to their councils, and it was upon this that the debate was principally had. .'It was, however, decided that no committee from any of i the regular political organizations?oither frcm the repub lican, Mozart or Tammany?should be admitted to their -meetings, and a letter was ordered to bo sent to tho repub lican comniittoo notifying them of that fact. The conferenco then adjourned to meet at tho Everott House on Monday ?evening next, at eight o'clock, when a ticket will bo agreed upon. There was a general good fooling among tho dele .gates present, and a general expression that thero would bo no trouble to harmouizo and unite on ono ticket. Tho Get mans, It seems, have got their backs up In re. gard to the Union movement in this city. Their special point of oflence is that they hare not been recfignizod in the formation of any of the nominatiug committees .Meetings were held on Wednesday night in eighteen ?waiis, at which speeches were made.and the Union or ganizations classed as Know Nothing concerns. Delegates wore?lso elected to a central organization, to me. t at Pytliago: as llall. should tho bulk of the Germans respond to this move their action will have a telling ofleet upon the res ill of the coming election. They claim to be tor the Union, and we may therefore have another addition to the numerous organizations in tho Held. We have discovered anothor political organization since our last review, under the tlKoof "National Union Allies." But little Is known of thoir movements or strength, but rumor has it that they number thousands. Their pro gramme is to wait until after the nominations aro all .made an I then Interrogate the candidates, and If those nominated do not subscribe to their doctrine they will nominate their own candidates. The officers of this organ ization. wo are informed, are Chas. C. I/*lgli, Ninth ward, President, andChas. F. Valentine, Twelfth ward, Secre tary. Tho following is their platform:? We, the undersigned, associating ourselves politically ifor tho support of true democratic principles in our gov ernmental i<>licy, do hereby declare our readiness to ??ignoro all minor ]> issues of tho past, and to organ ize as "Tho National Union Allies," for tho furtherance of a fedoral policy, embracing the following thirteen articles:? . , . 1. The vigorous prosecution of war aealnst seoofsionists ruutil tho Union sliall be restored to Its complete integrity under the consti tut ion. 2 Inflexible opposition to all attempts at compromise which may involve a return to any complicity of the fede ral government with slavery, or to any protection or recognition of slavory on tho soil of our American ^republic. . ' 3. Tho confiscation of all property owned by traiton, rebels ami sympathizers with secession; such confisca tion,under tho strict letter of tho constitution,extend ing to the crops, usufructs, rents and profits pertaining to lauds now possessed by secessionists, or by sympa thizers with them. 4. The liberation and emancipation of all persons hold In servitude by secessionists, and the colonization, as .soon thereafter as possible, of mich persons. In Central America, Haytl, or some other locality, not in the United 'ft The nianumiss'.on and emancipation of all children who may bo bom after tho year 18C1, of persotis held to chattel service by Unionists in ths Southern States; so that the natural inereaso of slavery shall be checked at .once ttint forever; all loss or damage to I nion men arising therefrom to be corop insated for out of the proceeds of property in rebel hands confiscated, or wit of a fund to , be created by law for the purpose. Tim banishment of slave labor forever, so tluit our ?Countrv shall be henceforth a white man's country. 7. l b" assertion and maintenance of the doctrine enun ciated by President Monroe, which declares that no Eu ropean l'ower ought to be permitted to meddle with the future politics of our American continent. ? The establishment, as soon as practtoable after tho rollo ut ion < f pc wxi, of ninple railroad communica tion*: Wtt'.i the Pacific States, aud the reservation ol' an adequate force from our present armies, to bo employed as semi-military laborers in tho construction of a Pacific Railroad ami other necessary public works, so that ]*o vi-i 'n "hall b'1 msde at tho same time for our country's pe maixut dofancs, and for ths industrial growth of oi* territorial possessions. ?t D mocratlc reform in tbo army and navy, so that mcriti rious sorvios shall be rewarded by promovioo; and democratic reform ia dtylowacy, so that our national go vernment .hall hecomo truly republican, and claim recog nition its such abroad as woll as at home. The nominal** conventions are still at work trowing o- t their candidates on all sides, and a peram would think by the hubbub that is kept up everywhere that about one half of ths city would soon be nominated for some The following are naroos of those gentlerw* ab^ndy placed in icmination ft* tho county and Judicial offices:? Turtnly-th'dt.Cniu*. Taxfxnrrt' Union. Ovptr bn'tt Uni-m. SHBBtrr. J.nali W.lirown, D.fred'k Vulte.^D. .Josiah .Bso-wn, D. Lemuel Bangs, K.. .Elijah*!?Purify. D.Henry W. Genet, D. SCk'KavisoK. E. J. Browu, A Orl*m Blnnt, K ? PlSTItlCI ATTOUMCV. K:> D.A. Oakey Hall, K...A. Orti(T Han. It. ' auniKai: cih-kt. ? Thos. W. CleVte, D.Tlio*. W. Clerke. D.TIies. W. (tAf, D. Kurmtion cuuiit, T B. \Vr< 4rulT, R. U B. Woodruff, It.. ? Jl iii-raN HolfaiiSirB.J. M. Barbocr, I)... ? (xmifo* rt.K vj. John K. Brady, D.. John K. llrady, O... ? MA RINK COUHT. 11. Kch 1; ?III, Sr., R.II. Ke.irhnni. Sr., R. ? OOitONVH.*?. I??t. M,.11,r. .Dr.Maii}!! P.-yn> R.I)r. E. MeFarlan. RtpuMiam. Tumwiny. Motor! William R. Stewart. Wm M. Tweed Junes LyuT* COPKtT CLICK*. Jaaspk H<iia Uenry W. Genet.... ? ?0PVRV1MII. Qri*? Blunt Elijah F. Ptirriv... .Oaorgc Kasar. DliTRIPT ATTOKHBT. 1. Otker Hal If. J. WAteffcary.... ? ni-puvn CMKT 1W W. OUrke, I>.Thn? Vfcra*, D. ? at ,????? mvm. I*wts B. WoodrufT.Cl<Mi?a u ? ?anil... ? Hurra/ Holt man, D.John .. fcrMur... ? rnvjwi nui. John R. Brady, D.. .John r araar ? MAMIMK COURT. Robert A. Adams.. .E. L. Ilearn ? cuRONrn*. 1 r. Tx>ulaNauman..And'w K. Ji.rkinnn, ? I t. Rdward Collin*. Frtw'd S.VeC'>?nrll ? lr..'?? W. Ramsay.Cluia. .1 Porghcrty. ? It. H'jr U. 3lill.Mil. .Anthony EUlioff.... ?? Ptoplf'i I'nlon N<imtn?llnn Cnnrrntlnn Tlie People's ITiiion Nominating Convention, originating tinder the auspices of Captain Charles H. Marshal, mot ?at evening at the Cooper Institute?ex -Alder man Wm. Tucker,of tlio Figbllt ward, presiding, and Supervisor Win. C. Connor and Mr. Robert Henley acting as secreta ries. Thn object of tho meeting was for the purposo o nominating candidate* for the Statu Senate and l/-?ta latnre. Mr. Amor J. Wilmamson, a member of tho committee to whom was referred the nominating power of can di ties, reported that the delegates of the Fourth Sena tort; 1 district did not meet, and inasmuch as the nontina tK?- that might be made by thn committees mlulit not suit ho people, ho offerod a 'resolution that the nomina tion). for Senators and Assemblymen be left to tho dele gates from the rea|>ective districts. 11m- reaolntlou caused considerable debate, which WM final), laid on the tablo. Mr. Marhi kt, Chairman of tho Committee of (V infe rence. made a verbal reimrt to tlie effect that a oonfo ence took place at No. 138 Broadway, with the Fifth i venue, St. Nicholas and University delegations, und that no actiou had been taken ?n the Bubjrot, but the whole traMer referred nntll Mondav evening, A nuirbur of resolutions were offered and debated,anil one delegate charged that tho Fifth Avenue Hotel Con vention Intonded to coalesce with thn republican party, and he asked what wou'd then becomo of tho nomina tions already made by this Ix rty. Motion to discharge the Conference Committee, and that nominations lor Senators and Assemblymen be made this evening were offered, and after considcreblo debute the resolution were laid on the table. Mr. Isaac J. Oliver, in deb iting upon the motion of tho OonferenceCommittee, charged the republican party with bad faith, resulting in a great deal of crimination aud ro criminatv n. A motim to discharge the Conference Committee from further consideration was lost. The meeting adjourned until noxt Tuesday evening at eight o'clock. Republican Convention*. FIFTEENTH AS^KMKLY DISTRICT. Thii Convention met last evening and nominated F. C. Johnson as their candidate for Assembly, by acclamation. THIRTKKENTH ASSEMBI.Y IHSTKICT. This Convention met last evening and, after some de bate. adjourned over until Monday evening next, alter ap liointlng a Committee of Conference. Tammany Hall Senatorial Komlnatlom. FOURTH JHSTltlCT. Tlie Tammany Fourth Senatorial Convention met last evening. Judge Brennan presiding, aud nomlnatod Chris, tlan 11. Woodruff by acclamation. FIFTH DISTRICT. The delegates convulsing the Tammany Fifth Senatorial Convention assembled l.<st evening. Alex. Proudfoot in the chair, and Daniel Slote, Secretary. On the first ballot Samuel T. Webster received twelvo votes. Charles (J. Cornell received twelve votes. On tho second ballot Charles G. Cornell received the unanimous vote of the Convention. Cooper Institute Assembly Nomination. Hon. Kobt. C. Mulchings was ni mlnatod for member of Assembly on Weduesday night by the Cooper Institute Union party. Senatorial Nomination. At a meeting of the delegates of tho Puo[le'S Union Convention, hold yesterday evening, for the purpose of nominating a Seuntor from the Fifth district, Mr. Charles 0. Cornell was unanimously nominated. Mr. J. L. Miller presided. German I'nlon Convention. The German Convention of delegates met last night at Pythagoras Mall, to endeavor to organize tlie German ?olers in tliis city with reference to the ensuiug election It did not, however, accomplish much, owing to some of the political wirepullers doing their utmost to prevei t an organization. The meeting was composed of six de legates from each ward, who were chosen the dny pre vious by tho German people st their ward meetings. The room was crowded with heterogeneous elements. On the roll beeing called it was found that the debgv Hons from tho Tenth. Eleventh nud Twonty secmd wards were contested. l)r. Brugmann was called it[sw to art us Chairman f>rn tn* , and Mr. Steinbrennor as See ro tary. The matter of the contested seats lieirg settled.a mo tion was made to effect a p 'rmanent organization, when the gas was turned off and the assembly were left in tlie dark?whether accidentally or with intent did not ap |>ear. After considerable difficulty and loss of time, a light was procured, aud a committee of one from, each ward wus organized to nominate |iermauent officers, but the committee at a late hour had not como to o conclu sion on the subject. Addresses were made by l?r. Wllhelm Steinbrennor, Brill, Frank and others. The delegations comprised many prominent and leading German residents, as woll as politicians of various antecedents?democratic and republican. Tlie object, as stated, was to effect a union of the German voters of I with parties, in view of the fact that they have been entirely ignored in the for mat l< n of the various I'nion |?rties, to the g oat dissatis faction and chagrin of many. TuJ Mozart Nominee* for the Legislature tor tlie See??"* District. TO THE EDITOR OF 'TBE HERALD. the Hkrald of yesterday was !n error in the publics' tiou of tho named of Felix Murphy and Paulel I/'amy on the Mozart nominoos for the legislature for the Second district. Tlio truth of the matter is and was that the former named gentleman received the unanimous vote of the regular Convention, and was accordingly declared tho Mozart nominee. The latter gentlman, Mr. Leamy, it seems, was nominated by a faction,composed of three persons only, not acting in consonance with either wing of tho democracy, hut claiming falsely to be the People's Union, when every voter in tho Legislative district is |>er fectly apprized that neither one of the throo person* con stituting the Lcamy Convention is recognized either by tho Syracuse or the Marshall wing of tho People's Union Convention, lhe gentlemen composing those committees respectively are well known in the district, and it will sulfico to make the statement that neither one of the three Leamy convontionists arc recognized as members of those committees. W. New York State Polities. Fo*r Kdwahd, Oct. 10, 1861. Tlie Washington County People's Convention to-day nominated 6. H. Taylgr, of Fort Edward, for member of Assembly from tho First district, uud P. II. Neber, of Hebron, for the Second district. Aliiajv, Oct. 10,1861. The People's Judicial Convention of the Third District met pursuant to call in the City Hall at Albany to-day. John S. Anable, of Columbia, was ehoseu Chairman, and Dr. D. Pruyn, of Kinderliook, Secretary. On mixtion. Hon. Thomas Miller, of Hudson, was nomi nated by Acclamation for Justice of the Supreme Oourt of the Third District. Anuml>erof delegates who wore in favor of the nomi nation of Mr. G>ok, tho republican candidate, withdrew from the Convention. Tbnt portion of the delegates which retired from the People's Convention after the nomination of Theodore Miller, reassembled in tho City Hall and nominated Kras tag Cbok, Esq., for Justice of the Supreme Court,Third district, who bad prev iously received tho nomination of the Republican Convcntton. Supreme Court?Circuit. Before Judge Hogeboom. THE WALL STREET FERRY I.EASE. Jacob Sharp/: w. the Mayer.?This case, to recover damagoe for non-performance of the Wall street ferry lease, wsw-i culled up yesterday morning, auil further jkjsi pitic'd to Monday- neit. The case muM thou be iiroeoeded wMt. Markets. riin.AHKt.Htia, Oct. 10,1861. Flour firm at $i fi r superfine 11 c $5 > tor Ohio. Wheat buoyant: sales 10,000 bushed at $1 26 a >1 .TO Corn advanced: i-aleg 4.000 bushels at Glc. a fil)a'c. Mc9k pork and lard unchanged. Whiskey firm at 22c. Aitusr.Oct. 10?P. M. Hour steady: recolpls light. Wheat very dull: the only sale is 80 Mile, while Michigon,(l 37. Kyo sold in car lots at 70c. Oats in fair supply and domand; sales 26,000 bushels at 38c. a 3S^c. for Suite and Weetern afloat and car lots. Corn steady .with limited supply and offering; sales 14,000 bushels Western mixed wt 63c. ulloat. Barley very dull: offerings fair and not much deeire to take hold a* asking rates; salon 1,600 tuifhelc State four rowed, in car lots, at 61c. a 6Sc., and 2,000 boshols Wayne county, private terms. Whiskey?Sales lOObbU. at 20o. a21\?c. Received by Central Railroad for Boston aud Kast?-4.345 bbls. flow, 61 bags wheat, 246 bake wool; for New York?7.::f#bbls. flimr, 88 bags and "M bbis. wheat, 264 bb'.s whiskey, R03 tub* butter, 1,043 lioxss cheese, 131 bales wool, 873 bbls. apple#, 222 pack ages tobacco. Shipped by tows to New York, Oct. 0? 101.700 bushels corn, 106,600 boshela wheat, 21,000 lMMie'.s oats, 6 000 b?ihels toed, 11,000 bssheis barley. Oswrco, Oct. 10?P. M. Flour steady. Wheat without mat erial change: sales 9,000 butfbeis No. 2 Chioa^o spring (U (1 at $1 02. Corn firm: sales 6,000 bushels Illsiois at 44o Itarley in mode rate demand-: sales 3,400 bushels Bay Quinte at 54c., 10,000 Irtish1"!* Teroato at 5Tc., nnd 6,000 bushels choice do., delivered in Albany, on private terms. Rye scarce aud quiet. Canal freights?Hour44c., wheat IV.,corn 18"'., to New York. l-ike Imports?100 Mils. Ilwir, 23,000 bushels wheat, 36,000 lev lie's cern,36,f 0(t tasbels bariey, 2,000 Isislicls rye. Canal exports?-f,t43 Hits, f.our, 12,000 I?;slu>l? wtie".t, 7,2C0 bushels corn, 186,000 bushels barley. BcttALO, Oct 10?1 P. M. Floor quiet. Whoa; dull: <.?lc*! ,i(i0 btsl.Hf red Michi gan at $1 06 , 6.600 do. red Ohio at $1 07,14,000 do. red winter Toledo, 0T. 16,000 do. Milwaukee club on private teims. Corn steady: sa'es 70,000 bushels at 3l>c. (i.n.U frei,?!.:.? (Inn. Imports?16,000 lti.s Hour, 240,(00 bcslM'lf wheat, 210/100 do corn, 6,000do. bar 1 >. IjquTtP?7,0Ctl bblf-'. Uutii , 253,000 bushels wheat, 100,000 do. cot a. OrmAnc Ahxanuemicntb for thi Wintsk.?Elsewhere will bo found several important oironlars of Mr. Pllman (omitted yesterday through the pressure on our billing* ct.lymns) in relation to his preparations for the fall and winiCr seasons. The loag advertiKcment which lie p:b' llahes in addition complete* many of tlie details upon which he has i^crcly touched in these documents. It will be seen that i*.'err ^?ui premises bravely, the war ?lid ltd uncertain!ii ft t0 1,18 contrary notwithstanding. Acadrxt op Mi vie Tlie wonder working powers of the great magician are apparently ^exhaustible. night ho exhibited new examples of tho C??rvelloiu to n largo and delighted audience, and iddod my?'cry to mystery with a liewildoriug ettbot. To attempt ? description of hia |H>rformanco* is almost lni]>oa?il)le; but when we fay that In the four new trick* introduced hint evening he produced several bowls of Ash almost simultaneously from tho folds of the satno handkerchief, and a dozen ducks from as many egg*, and converted the fragments of a dinner plate Into a whole one by simply firing them from a gun, some alight idea may bo formod of what re quires to be seen in order to bo appreciate !. This last ia called tho "Awkward Servant." Tho latter falls and breaka the plate, on which are two watch'a Uint he is conveying to tho Profeanor, who Inline, illately picks them up, andf by tho process indicated, precipitates the whole into a target frame, tho wutches appearing on each side of the perfect plate as symmetri cally as in a Jeweller's window. Tlie host tricks of the lnnuguratory and comic programme were presented with variations sufficient to give tlmm frosh Interest. Mr. Herrmann, we are glad to learn, intends continuing the programme as given last night, aud a better selection for the exhibition of hia powera as a proatidlgitatenr could not bo made. New Bowckt Thsatss A highly sensational drama, entitled "Tho Spirit Krtcnd; or,Tho Angel of Night,'> waa produced at this house lost night for the first time. Whoever has soen 11 Tho Coraican Brothers" will nut fail to notlco the striking resemblance between the two pieces. There la, however, a stronger splco of tragedy alHinj '' Tlio Spirit Friend '? than the other, and the declainatlon is corres|ioudiugly intensified to funt the tnste i f the patrons of this establishment, who would probably con sider a play without a murder or two in it a rut her dull thing, and an actor who did not writhe In appn-ently Inexpressible agony on the stnge, too insipid to be tol ? rated. Tft ? "Spirit Friend" is spectacular, and so far "a psychological drama" that the souls of |>oople do near, ly ns active service in it as their bo.lh a. chief actor in tho piece?Mr. K. Eddy?Impersonates two Individi u's, who look so much alike that it is dllflcult to distinguish who's who. One of those Is murdered through Jealousy and his spirit, talking aloud and looking the psrtectii u of bodily health, ascenda to heaven on a cloud of tire in an effective tableau at the end of tho til J act. The scene is an abbey cloister, in Milch the two murderers have Just previously boot k od in a sword combat with one of the two Henri's, represented hy Mr. Eddy, wh"m thoy, knowing blm to be in posses sion of th" secret of their crime, luid attempted to mur der also. The two dead bridles lie in the foreground, and the surviving actors, kneeling In an attitude of awe, be. hold the gorgeous vision. The manner in wliii h the au dlence received the performance sh wed that their tastes were exactly suited. A roramtic drama, entitled "Tlie Minerali: <r, th ? I'yngGlft"?a lively piece for tho title?succeeded, and the comic farce of "My Wile's Come" concluded a treat thril'ing and daz/.'irg enough to satisfy the most inveterato of cravers after dramatic excite ment. Fink Arts.?Mr. W. H. Powell's jiortralt of Genera] Anderson, paint"?l for tlio Common Council, is to be ex hiblled for a short time at the ivrl y Art Institute, Broadway. This fine picture will wo'.l repay inspection. The Prnpo?rd T.I lie of Tilrgraph from Moscow to the Month of tlie Amoor. Colonel Romtmoir, of the Imperial RuaslAn Engineers, attached to the Governor General of Eastern Siberia, has recently arrived at New York fr< m St. Pelo.-sburg. This gentleman ia here in order to look at American tel - graphs. In view of theoonstrcctton of the overland lino from Moscow east to Hie month of the Amoor. He will visit the Chamber of Commerce to day (Friday) at twolve o'clock. Ho will remain in the I'lilted States sotno months when he will return to Itussiu, and thence overland to Siberia, probably to Irkutsk. FromOnrk th? line wni bo continued to Irkutsk, when Colonel Human* fT will carry It over the Altai Mountains, nnd thenro down along th? Amoor to the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, probably, within three ye<u-s, there will be a continuous line ol' telegraphs from the I'ai tile, opisisite Jupan,connecting with tho whole system of Euro|ican telegraphs. By letter received at Nlcolalefskv. mouth < f the Amoor, Jnne 17, 1S61, it is announced "that the government telegraph (Russian) from Irkutsk to tho Pacific Ocean will soon bo commenced, on the plan of Colonel Komauoff." City Intelligence. Aw Aptsal roR ths Poo*.?The extreme condition or suffering exhibltod liy some of tlie poor (umilii?.< that daily come under the supervision of the St. Vim rut do Paul Society hen Induced that excellent association to issue the following appeal to tho public Tor assistance:? Ihe Society of St. Vincent do I'aul, In opening their fl.'th festival, for tho benefit of the txmr, feel c R stralncd to in"ke a special appeal in behalf of the charity to which srC .lovclr.:!, ^ appeal made necessary by the extraordinary condition of allaim m iiiis o?u&l> y. In the ordinary state (if things, and wh ti b rrounded liy tho blessings and the abundanco of peace,there is <ven then more suffering Sm"ir.g the de. titutu ";Mi It is in tho power of beneficence, whether individual or asi'^'lated ? to remove, if alleviate. As to the increjig.* of (hat snft'etllVf. under the scourge of the present calunity, it were liardiy necessary, if practicable, to make an estimate of its actual, far less of its prospective amount. It is sufficient to know that a dark and stern winter will soon draw near tons, with its attendant hunger,ami cold,and nakedness, anil storm; and, whatever m:iy bo tlio Issue of tho national contest, tho battle of necessitous life mcst (??till bo fought, nnd often without human aid, even to the hitter en 1. To such unfortunates as are knocking nt our \ cry door, our own stricken brethren,so near to our heart I rand hornet, assist its to give some of tlio genial warmth of < hristiun sympathy and succor in th( ir extremity, nnd tlio voico of struggling humanity shall ascend to tlieGod of mercy and of peace, to bless you and to sup|x>rt you In your own conflict, through the dark and narrow way to lite eternal. A Nkw Cot'NTKKKKiT ix Cir<ti.atio!?.?Counterfeit "lives'' on the Columbia Hank, of Chatham Four Corners,appearod in the upper part of the city on Wednesday night. The police made several arrests and pot sho| keepers on their guard against receiving the bills. Catharine O'Brien was caught offering one of tho counterfeits at tho storo of Thomas Gllllck, No. 4R7 Third avenue, In payment for a lialr of shoes. John Williams, who profesced to ho a coachman, war al/suarrested fir having attempted to pass one or the l/i!!s at the drug store of ,'otm \V. Shedden, N'o. ."63 Bowery. Justice Kelly oommittud the prisoners lor trial. Tho counterfeit Is not a very dewptive one, tho engraving rnd paper being rather Ixilow the standard. Tlie figure of the Goddess of Liborty ou the left hand side of the bill, and the best of Washington on tho right , should he examined closely. Tuc counterfeits puijiort to be of the Issue of September. 1861. Acxibsxt.?Harrison Ft urges, a carpenter at work on the new ferry house now being built at Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn, last evening accidentally fell from the scaffold, u distance of some thirty fuel, receiving w vero injuries. He was taken to his residence, corncr of 1 rincc aud Wil loughby streets, itroi klyn. The ship Liverpool, Captain Kenrner. from Ijondrm, arrived yesterday morniif, brings home the body of the late Captain Kearney, who died tn Paris, August 17. Coroners' Inqnest*. Fatai. A'xiiutwT at Csmsal Pass ?An inquest was held yesterday, by Coroner ruilrnwr, u|*m ihe liody (/ Danielv h'-edjr, a native of Ireimd, a^nd forty two years' who was accidentally killed by railing from a .ofTbld in tlie Central Park. I oceased, ii niijs-arcd, was descend ing from his position on tlx- scaffold In order to he out tS tin- way ..f a blast, when he caught hold of a loose piece of rope for support, and was precipitated to the earth, a distance of o\ er thirty fret. Verdict,''Accidental death." Cahtaltt on mr UaKi km Raiihoah.?John Mirris, a w lUhraan in tho employ of tho Ilurldn Railroad Compa ny, was accidentally killed at 100th street <?i Wednesday night, by being run over by a train of oaw. Deceased's licad wns rut o(T, sod his body wne otherwise badly mull iated. It is supposed that he fell oxloep at his |?et atid roiled down upon the track, when tho train came uiung and killed him, as already stated. Cbroncr Jack man wis notified to bold an inquest. Hatchway Acc:i>BTr.?Coreoor FcMrmer hold an in quest at the New Tork Hospital upon the body of Dennis Csshen, a native of Ireland, sged forty-five years, who wns accidentally killed by falling thiougli the lutohway of the sugar refinery, N". 28 I.onniud street. Vordiot iu accordance with lift abovo facts. Fatal Fall mo* a Winpow.?FHen Stanton, a native of Ireland, aged twenty-eight years, fell t'ri*n the second story window of her residence, 5o. SCdierry street, on Wednesday, and was so revnroly mfuied tiwit she diod yesterday at the New York Hosjslal. Corouer ^Slimier held an inquest. The Pennsylvania Klcrtlon. l'rrreirun, Oct. 9,1RM. Tlie elect ion yesterday remitted in the prtootlnu of tho republican ticket, With th" exccp?Wni. perhaps. ef Trensu rer, which is slid in dm.lit. Tlie \ otels snwillar thun^useul. Erik, l'a., Out. 10,1861. Lowrjr, the radical repulsion candidate for Stato >V?-.a tor In the Twenty seventh district, is elsoted ovor tlie VUon candidate b> two tho -.ajid unjonty. IIovvfTATK Pa.,Oct. 10,1S6], Tie t'nion coyntjr ticket is elected in tl is (Wayne t? by r.' t l?. ? tit; m ij i liy. THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. OfNKRAI. M'CI.M I.AN'8 ORPKR CONVKNINti A COCRT ai AKYIAK ^?J|? til J TRIAJ. OK MILITARY OHWHMU,

A general Court Martial ll now convened at Camp Williams, Virginia, for the trial of all military nfftmci*. General McClollnn Iiiih a|ipoitited aa the proaident thoreuf W. H. Bmwne, Lieutenant Colonel of tho New Yurk Thir ty Dint ri giment, a talented lawyer of this city, who, at a very eutlv ?? e, distinguished himself in llie war with Mexico. We glvo a copy <>f the oQlciai orders for the Court Martial Bl'KCIAl, OltDRlW?so. 81. HiADQrABftcRM, Army or tiik T'comao, 1 WASinvcitiN.Pept. 27.1801. J A general Court Martini I liuroliy apiiolntod to o in vena ?t Camp w illi.ims, Virginia,a' tar o'clock A. M. on Satur day, WieMlh day of Srp'.i inl>or, 1861, or aa aooo tlire u t?r as urartlpable, for the trial of huc.1i prisoners un may be brought before it. ntt'An. ok tub rot'RT. 1. L'eu tenant James U. Campbell, Fourth Artillery, Judge Advocate. 2 Lieutenant OJnnol W. H. Browne, Thirty first regl menl Vew York Volunteer*. 8. M yor R. J", Hoisted, Fortieth regiment New York Volun terra. 4. Caplaiu M. B. lAkcman,Tliird regiment Maine Volun. leers. 5. Captain 8. C. Whltobouse, Fourth regiment Maine Volunteers. 8. Captain Ixivl A. Fuller, Thirty first regiment Mnine Volunteers. 7. Captain W. H. Koi>lnaon, Thirty-second regiment Maine Volunteers. 8. Captain A. A. Glsnor, Fort 1-th regiment Maine Vo lunteer*. By command of Major General MiXUCLLAN. S. Williams, Assistant Adjutant General. THE LINCOLN CAVALRY. This lino regiment of New York cavalry has received orders to move Into Virginia, about three mile* from the Bridge, on the main road to Munson's Mill. The camp will be delightfully situated, and the opport unit les for drilling and exorcising horses of tho very beet description. The regiment will there be Joined by throe,or rather parts of three regiments of regn'ar cavalry, tho whole forming a brigade, with Brigadier General Calmer as first and Co lonol McKnyunlds as second in command, This is con sidered a liigli compliment to tlin Lincoln Cnvalry, which is by far tho best drilled of all the volunteer cavalry regi ments on the Potomac. Captain F. C. Ai'ams, who d d io Inorpniilzinr tlie riplmv'. is tow in New York trvii g to relieve It of the < i-bts Incurred in its organI'a lion. II Is a fait worth) of notice that this One regl rael t, now nearly fourteen hundred st'ong,received no assistance from ttieStati, but a paltry pittance from the Union Defence Committee, aed y I will only cost tli general governm nt about seven <h > sind dollars for its organi zation. Il ought iilso t" li" mention"'1 tliatilf o-pmiiwition began on or nbout the Hot dav of May, and not a man was mustered In until th" 90th of Ju'y. TM ? small ex pens ' attending the orgaulMtlon of this replm ut Is the result of its having been very wisely kept out of the hands of politicians. SEllRELL'S ENGINEER CORPS. Tills duo corps of volunteers, numbering about six hun dred pitied mi li, lave received maichirg orders,and are expect i1 to leavo Quarantine, Ptaten ls'and, to-day (Friday) for the s-iit of w-ir. '1 he officers are all oxre rfenced enginiors, nnd the pi h airs have been s Mooted with ciro from the various nuvlianicat walks <f life. 1 ho men are uniformed, but will not reo lve their nrms an i oipilpments until th".v reach Wanhlrglon. Compe lent mile ih will r in'iln boliln I to recruit for I' e re i m nt. so that any one who l? desiroi s of Joining a li st rate corps of engli.eera will have amnio opport i nity for so doing. Tlie follow iug arc the names of the olllcera so far us organized:? Colonel, |? w. Serroll; Lieutenant Colonel, J. F. Hal!) Ma or, Kie.lard Butt; Adjutant, Burger; yuaitur inast -r. John I* lamontsgne. V mpany .1?Capt. lames B. Grant. C'-m^nv B?Vnc.iut. <'? imww!/ C-?Ca,d. J. 11 i o. Cirijnny /)?('apt. Fred. F. (Iraif. ('?tvip ' tt '/ f?Capt. A If. S'ea'S. (' 7n: ? vi i ?Capt. F. Neale. fJrinji mi C?Capt. At* i od. r<iMfoitv If?Vacant. f-Vimrnnv I?Vacant. Own) any ft?Vacant. THE I)EAlii OF LIEUTENANT HAMONICIElt, OF THE LINCOLN CAVALRY. At a meeting of tho oillccs "f the I.incom Cavalry rogi ment,held at Camp M'-igs, Wnhkitlon,on tho 7th Ins'., Major O/le wis c alled to tho clisir, when appropriate resolutions w?ro al'-pted In re/ ren' e to the death of I.ientenant i hirlea Hamonicier,of C< mpany H. I xpres si tisot con'iolenc " were cmveypii to the friends of tho doeentied, nnd It waa decided to wear the usual badge of maurtdog for thirty days. rtcitunptl?iii of Spi'dr Pa ymciita by (he riltJliing Hiinkk, Itrrani'i n, Oci. fl. 18BI. All tlie bunkR of this city have resumed s; ecie pay ments. AirlvnU nml Drparlurn, AUIVAIA TlAasrnn ?>cn PomtAMfTOM-?SteHtnsh'ii Bnrarln?A Tlio m li-n snd ladv, I. (Jon.e/, A Cam arena. F (Helm, (I We* en darp, All*Srliuelit, lady, <hilit ,ml wrviin'; Madmne (luil lor<i, I'ai.llne LnewiaMihn, .lose Vega, l! Veca, lyonie Kam lre11*r and Hv eldldren, A Ce/erae, Madiune (' 7erne, C Relinaitiuigk, Mlunel I"un uga. Win Mix ker. It Vnndnnhove, A Kilnn nlei^. r F* rlieipiien, E Organ, F Asalehllon. J Cade nue, P Memo tt, S Kellurr, M Pastor, c V. ri. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. New York Herald-^California Kdltlon. Hie muil steamship North Star, Captain Joucg, will lenve thin port to-' ay, at mxin, for Axpinwull. The mull* for California and other parts of the raciflc will close ill half-post ten o'clock this morning. llic Xkw Yohk Wkkki.y IIkkai.d?California edition containing the latest Intelligence from all purls of tho world, with a large quantity of local and miscellaneous matter, will be published at nine o'clock In tho morning. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, six cents Agents will (hum send in tlieir orders as oarly act pos hIi!''. ' Official Drawings of Murray, Rddy i'o.'s K'*1111j<*kv ari l MUiw>?irl Stat* Lotteries!. Ki NrrcKr, Extra Clam 5 V.?Or; brrlO, 186!. 73, lit. ? I. 20, fin, 63. *14, 13. 5, 37, 1. Kkktcckt, ('UH 6'M?October 10, 1861. 37. 15, 41, 4, IB, 2, 4*. (!7. 30. 14, 29. Clrcularii sent free of charge i>v addressing either to ML'ftKAV. KIIDV A CO., Covington, Ky.t 1>r St. Lnuis, Mo. Royal Ilnvaim I.ottcry.? Prize* Cashed niul Information furnished by TAVLOK 1 CO., Bankers, No. 16 Wall street. Prize* Catliril in all Lrgallinl Lotterlea, ami lnf?rmstlon given, by JObEI'll HATES, Broker, Nob. 17 and 19 Wall street, up ?iair?. On Comparing Ks|?cnscl?cl<r? Soft lints Willi rtiiixo <>t the lion-manufacturing dealer* three things will strike tie oinenrer?their superior quality, maw taste ful slia|>i? and more ream n ibleprlw? ESl'EXHCIIEID, Manufacturer, 1IA Nassau street. A Sign of I^oyalty.?All good Union Men are gentlemanly In (IrrM as well a? principles, and tlinseof our eity appear to make it a point to wear Knox's Hats and Caps. The great sensation, however. Is KNOX'S Kail 8tyle, wLi<:b is to be seeo and bought at 212 Broadway only. Fall Style Young Gents' Hats, Also, the Oxford Sort Hat. Now ready, at WHITE'S, the Hatter, 216 Broadway. LatlUi, If You With Handsome Gaiter* st 12s., HHppers and Ties at C?. and 7?. iier ixalr, with Ladies, Missi*' and Bt.iBoots and Shoes, patronize MIl.LKIt A CO., 3S7 Canal street. Pare Ijlqnors.?Ray Your Iilqnora for wholesale or family trade at Fifteenth street Distillery, es tablished In 1832, nt 255 West Fifteenth street. A Pore Tobacco.?Yellow Hank Tobac 00.?Goodwin's l'ure Yellow Bunk Tobacco, free from all lm DurtUi H. fur mile by all tobacco and segsr dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 2U7 Water street. Crist ndoro'x Hair Dye, Wigs and Ton poes.?The l?est In the world; wholesale nml recall, and the, o^f palvately applied. Nu. 6 Astor Ilousa. Hatrhrlor'a Hair Dye?The Best In the world?Harmlesf, reliable and instantaneous. Mold and studied at HATCHELOR'S wig factory, 16 Bond street. Hollo-way's Pills will Positively Care sny bllleus fever if tskeo In doses of ten, night and morning. Married. Basks?Vaw Wrcit.?On Wednesday, October 0, by Rov. Ik*. Porter,Chablm Hamks, to'/.. K Va* Wyck. daughter of Wniltun Van Wyclc, of South Carolina. IWrrs?I>s Hctoisk.?In Uro< klyn, E. D., on Wednesday, OcUdxt 9, nt the hintae of the bride's parents, by tho Rot. Mr. flecker, Mr. A. Mshkkoi.k Bvrre, of Newtown, L. I., to Miss Kucira Ph Hsvoisb, daughter of Mr. James De Bevolso, of Brooklyn, E. D. Coktast?Pattkhmw.? On Monday, October T, Mr. Arot' to Miss Jkanru! I'attrrso*, both of tllM ctty. Brooklyn, or Tuesday,Octobcr 8. at tbo tburch i< the Holy Trinity, by lb? Rev. Dr. LHtle Jolm, Edward A. Haia, to Mart Lovba Wravkk. I.i:b?ixn.WMW.?In Brooklyn, on Tun-day, October 8, nt the (burch if tho Holy Trinity, by the Rot. I>r. Mltlo Jptm, Wiu.iam I.EBto Sarah A., daughter of the late John R. Simoueuti. Ifiutou?In itvT.?In Brooklyn. cm Thursday, Octoljor K), by I'.pt. 1'v. Hip, Mr. F. B. Nation to Mit*> Fasjck A. IHjora. a'l of Brooklyn. l'ATClim?Ti %tr*i s.?in Brooklyn, on Wednesilay, Octo ber 9, :tt St. I an!';! clinrch, by the Rev. T. gTlVowne, Hmt Patum*, i< l>m>itigU'n, Vt.., to I.tima 1'kirtc, daughter of Oaloe??-l I unlet U. Tompkins, A.-sistuut yuar terni.uner Oeiierul I'nitnd Mut<'S Army. Pattki'.?io5?lit'! k.?In Brooklyn, on' lhnrtvlay, Octolur 10, by the Rev. Mr. yonde, lUsjurr J. 1'attrr8i'.t to Mi-* Aitiwa A. Rrw, youngeet dmighter of the late Frederick W. !ta?fc,nU of litookl^n. Rliia i*? sisrr.?On WViintwday. Cetober 9, by the j Rct. T. llaiston iT.iltb, Mr. CtiAniJcf K. HutiARrm to Miss V\rv K., cldivt daughter of William 1!. Uney. l-i-i., all of I tin* eity. j WiiooM?Owjorjis.?Oti Tl.ursdsy, October 10, by tho Tlailt OHAIM** StTIAT WinBCUS*, <fr. 5:,5wtBS5ftftk ??.??: of Now York. . . ?~,_ Phlhtdelphia and R?1tlm. ^ W*? *Joa9c'coW A wan t.?On Thursdu^'afuirii *5\' 9';{"bor ling?! In# illntwn, Kliia Piiancim, w. tf;[^ Aiihcmi. Tho frleuds of the family are rust). , J I.8 'u,' ?!**?, attend the funeral, from tit<r late r< m "Jf '. J' 1 III third at reel Yorkvlllo, ou Sunday a. 'ru t 1 O'Cl'Ck. . . Baoiky.? Oo Wednesday evening, Octol 'J. Vj*J" Rumpiton, Jan* M. FUui.kt, relict of tho late u * , . Tus relatives and friends of tho family are tu\ V '? t ].?'k lend tho fuueral, tins (Friday) afternoon, at iwo v 1|U1 ' from It r lato residence, 118 Forsyth street. Hor rt*. will lio tals u to (iroetiwood for interment. , Bi'kn*.?Oil Wednesday,October 0, Mrs. Sophia Hi ?%. ' the bjlovod wife of Wm. Hums, In the 27th year of Ikt ago. 'llio friends of ttie family are respectfully Invited to at. tend the luDeiul, front Uer late resldouco, No. 401 lludaon street, thin (Friday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Portland (Me.) Ikmucrat phase copy. ?At St. Ixiuis, Mo., on Thursday, October 10, J. AuxisMit Browslek, hou of tbo late Rev. Dr. W. C. Brown lee, of this city. CHHfriA*.?At Flushing, I.. I., on Thursday morning, October 10, of consumption, William F., son of the lato Samuel and Phtobo Christian, iu the 21st year of his ago. Tho fun. rnl will take plMu on Sat iruay afternoon, at one o'clock, fioni the house of I'eter Fort, Flushing t'ooPKR On Thursday, October 10, Gkoki.k W.,Hon of Gourde W. and Small K. Cooper, aged 8 years. 11 lUoiiOia and Zi days. Tlio relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the fun rai, front the residence of his parents, Fifty eighth st eel, near Second avenue, thin (Friday) alternoon, at half |<ast thr> e o'cli? k. tiai-wou).?In Brooklyn,on Thursday, October 10, of a abort and severe illaoas, Hbmhiiuta Vikuinia, wife of Stephen M. Grlswold. Tlio relatives and friend# of the family are Invited to attend the fuueral,ou Sunday alu moon, at two o'clock, from tho residence of her mother, Ourltou avenue, north of Green. Hau On Wednesday, October 9 p 1LkmiyII.hi 24 yearn and 5 months "Y 1UlJ'' Syracuse papers pleiao oorm. Huvnkko.u.?On Wedn?Sd*y, October 0 A*, n?v? w;d 80 y *r?>6 ?"????ia .taya ' Hvv"* Jakvih.?ou Wt diiMday, October 0, of marasmus Vm t'IN.A llllt'lB, daughter ol .l?seph t lrSli Jarvls. uKod ? m titha and 20 days. K'r 1 " 1 lie friends uod relatives ol' (hp family are Invited to attend the funeral, this ?lreel, 'r?m h?r '*te riB,,lt,?c". -No. 208 Divisiou K.i.ucrr?At hi* residence in Holiokm.. X j i.M?s X.u?rr,aged 4(1 year*, a native or Kelta, comuy ii'^ The friends of the family are reapectfully invited to ai tend the tiinoral,from hi* late r'.IMemV, N.T ^ Wiltow frti cot, Hobokeu, or at St. Paul * chureh this (Kh laTt ?? '? Stttt Ki.t1?On \\ o inesday, October 9 .Iohv k'?v ..... , 4 d.yi?h Un<' K,eP. ??ed l'year, 6 mouths and The relative* and friend* of the family are reanectfullv v? ri; rti,.ftU"n'' "",uuertt'' r,on'"ato re^ldeKvlf 3fc3^,ra,o%of-Korl,elu "treet-lhw mmh?r!,N^,r->S5lUrdn.y ? jJctob*r 8.nt of hi* ^.h l^ofliar roct>Wnxu* M. Mason, in the ,,010T?d wiro Ihe filnnils ft the family are res|>ei tfully Invited to at nma',<'lA*m~iia W,.'?D"s!!a)r' October ft, after a short ill yenr'of he* "e. ?f ???rgU W' I" the 43.1. The reJMive and friend., also the member* or Sylvan il rnb aX N:.2 5', o o tbu i? K N ? V . ' 0 * ? ? nr" respectfully nn ite I ,.Vh, I r i ' " (''"rlllaV) a teriioon, at two ?"M<nce,No. i!Ofl S.iilivan Htreet. PHm^Z ?T^ vL H .,y' 0ut- "? "K,t,,""r Cordon h.ii iMKii.aved .>3 years, lor many year* nuraer of th.. Kteamei* plying between New Yoi k an.l Charleston, hi. . ? .if b" tak n to "eeowood Cemotei v rrom SSmStg&S? ??r.""V-(>" Wodnwidny, October ft, of congestion of the K%ttsr,2sr ",tu of ,h",lrra Hi* friond* and those or the family are msjiectrully in. HIV1!0"" 11,0 .fune "? wl"<* w?? m ? one 2? < Krlday) afternoo? 11:48 A M "V'l! ?S"Ul" f"rr>' at ('"nn" 00 WwI,??'J?y.oct. o, Tl" remain* will !?? taken to Hartford for Interment Hartford and Springfield pujierx please copy. \ an Akxdaik.? On Thursday nuM-niiiR, ?>ot. 10 Waitkk II.. youiiKc*l son or John and Margaret J Vai \r?, '.ir. a?H 24 years, 2 monll * an,I ft .lays* V "" Aretl?l0 The rrionda aud relative* or the ramily,al*o those or In* biotho-s, Andrew J. and J., and the oilliuis and member* of l-.-rry Ho,e Company, No. M, are re '"v""a tn nU,?'1 the rnnerai service*, this V, iiV "X,'""."' flv0 ? ri"'" ,lls lale residence M o. ?; Hl" rpmalns will be taken to Montgomery, Orange county, on haturday, rnr intcrmw.t Orange co t.ty (y,.w York), papers copy 0 I*v\.k ti'in "I'"! v'V "" fVm1r,>f"1"y mornlnK" October ,.V . I ' 1. 1.1 wlfo "f Inward T. Voting and a till |V 'lays! Zl'lm Cu!V"' "K'd'Jl year* Her husband's rrlends and those of (he famllv are m. |iect"||y invited to attend the funeral, from the re*i dmicc of her father, No. ;i2H I'ocille street, K ..oklv u tin* theMnVltaaU.Tn.<Km'at oV1'ck' without fir W8T A\D FOIINU, TTOKSR LOHT-A SMALL BROWN MARE ON WFD K Third avenue?00'' reWUr'' wl" b" {>" Tt1S?-&?P*?A*0-,>x r"K afternoon ok mon J J i!?\, 0( tuber 7. a KUttu prrrha i'ockft Hook ronLii/iinir ? "inn of moiMy ami other paport. Apnly to Mr F nt gJT wh"r" ? descriptlou To{ eomenU'will T/wt.-rtravki, from tiii: staki.i: ok thf st h IJ Miriher, a large and w.H built R, | (w with T,r..-l,o" ton?on her h.,r.,s: hailarg" udder and t^.u' v , , tlolumbU.t^u Broiklyn, ' ?u<l 1 ,9??~B'"IWI'KN' THIRD PLACE, RROOKLVN AND J J riiirlj-liif. stivet, New \ork, by I iii'oi.n...,) rm HM,i HroHdway and Klttli aveniH' stage, *to;.pinii at ? irt'? Hiiling. A.'.rhnr, A fo. jand W. *. i. Hbmne^ a May IlraeeTe grdd . with the Initials H. V. H A Hultible re. Third placef 1 Ieavl"i{ 11 1,1 265 Broadway, or at 75 T.Q8T?Ojf TlH RSnAV. THE I0TI1 INST. IN (JOIVO I J from Thirteenth street to Ninth Ktreet, a Silk Cru. bet I nr?e, mntalnliig fifty dollars and some small ehnn;'i>. The finder will be Kb,.rally rewarded by faring It at No. .W East Tiiirteentb street, by the lady who lost It. T OST?$S RKWARK?A WHITE I tXIDl.E DOS. WITH J J a brown spot on the hack; an?wen< to the nan l anny. Any one rMumlng the ?i,mo to 29 We U Bevenlienth street, will receive the above reward. 1 OST?A PAIR OF COLD OPEN WORKED OKNTLE ?I. * 81,';';v",,,!lU"nH holding a little .tick ?r r,.d' eoral' 1 he finder will be handsomely rewarded, as they are or great value tn the owner, on calling at UU West Ilira lu ay. T.OWM>M TCT8PAT, OCTQBBR R H.ii. A MOSAIC XJ Itraeelet, either In front of H? Broadway orinm.lrio Wl'i'i'l? !V" 16 K,i"1 Tt'lrty-secoud street. A liberal rewird will be |<i!d on returning It to Ja*. It. Taylor, 48 Pine utreel T OST, MISLAID OR STOLEN-A PI'.tlM ISSi )RV HOTE' i J tor the amootit of eltht hundred and five dollars and eleven tent* due Nov. 4, lstll, and drawn by Me??? Ton er A Klnibrougli. of St. Isnd", Mo. The finder Is h 'ri.i.v n i fled Iliat payment of the same has t>eeii stopped, and n'ot to s. RSfiSftidSK? "??* POMTKAL. ?V40ZART IIALL.?AT A MEETINO OF THE RKtJt'LAR Jamm Rta.i, Secretary. ' COOK' POLITlt AL BANNERS OP EVERY DF^rRTi'Tfov Silk and Bunting M.Ks, allstze, on band tor taring and Ornamental Painting \,n cinvai 'sfik 1 ^ J^r,VRnAr r^tanv"' '"'i1""1 ?">?< Oruanient*!^1 Iiol strilefT ' M?'"ifa<'iiiers and P.dntets, #7 Duaue TI,K. .l*DS]^.XDB?T, 1 NION DBKOCBATIC OLtri J.H, "nPATMCK, Tammany iiaix<.?at a meetino of tiie foi rtii Senatorial Oouveptlon, hfthl at LuircPii Firth Wuni fi? - let pursuant to the eail of the Democratle ItopuUlnin ^O^nerai Committee, the Convention aelceted MitUhcw t itrm>> mS^i cr ^ r,d' -^hMi^'n. ,.i:i . ! *l"Pbf ** Scupftlariiik The Conrvution t?ro wMeh l?J'!'l7l!i''|1''" f"r H*nai"rof said district, whlrh reaultiHl in notuiiiatlnz the lion. C. B. Wuadrutl by *'Hum*'Mitrw ATT"Hrt r ??KNNAN, Chairman. MtCHJI.t C. Mcuput, I CTII SENATORIAL DISTRU T -AT THE MEETINO <*' tJ the delegates of the Peonl.-'s Cnloo Convention for the rinhSi-natorialdlMrtct, Mr. J. L. Miller was eall/sl to the chair and Mr. C. Fo?iU% anpoinuxl Secretary. Thp roll wna c.ilh <1 ynd the ordinary bu.slm:.?ui commenced. The Hat of rioiei^at^e being called, tl?e miimHutefl for atutetiiee* were j?ourt4e/J. It vrai? moved and secoud^l thai we proceed loan informal Italioi for Senator. Carried. On Ifle vote l ehig tnkoci, H \m? found that? ('harlee (I, CurtudT received If to***, Luke F. CoteiM 7 ?? Totai. 34 vntea Ii \va? moved and seconded that Mr. Oorneli nominated by aorianmtiot). Carried. Tt vra? moved iuh! ise (<jtii!ed that a oommittee of fom* bu a]K)mnted to acomtint %tr Cornel! otf* hia uomiuaMon. Mr. 1*. THACET Mr ASHMAN. ' Mr. J. MATTHEWS, Mr. \. LEWiR r)r" M .'"??'TRItT-THK DKLBOAT1 *' I? Jl , Oft.! >eiuUirial disirl. t, ??onuirl ii ? it Tenth. Elevrnih, Thirteen'h and ^ve^t-vnth winls ?1,r ,"tlpec.ll ennM.1tl:1? ir., , |. .^?.r i TDK the inl. fire. t, Mr. Al'v,. iVoidf.sVt ?ni\"\ ..-Iij, and an .iloriiinl t illot was orrb tsd, w i ?? i hP.-i . .YV Corn. II revved 12 v,;,^ Mr ???niU'1 T. Webstw re-cir.. I 12 votea?whrn i.n .. oti?,i M u ltso. Cornell wa, up .niinoii^i* i ' 1 t? S: .ot s, S' tT * a i>''''" ?'W*Ui>FOOT, I . 1 innn. MrscKM.WF.ouv j^ROBATIO SOUlEDAM 80HNAPP8. * Growl's, drufgUMf and prlvste families who with tn mipplv themsetvnit i?l ilii; iireaent low price, bad )>?? ri.? i make earl* application. I'DOLI'IIO WOLFS, 22 Bearer street. At rv-noT Hi.K role shoes, at jon?h\ w and 12 AnnMraet; ibo, u |1 quilN Congress Gallery | h new style. A1 U. S. PASSPORTS ISSl'KD BY EDWARD MB ^ II 1^1., hi;>'UI, 271 Broadway, corner of 1,'liaiiibem at. RTIFH'TAL I.EOS AND IIANDB?SEU'IIO'8 PATENT 610 Broadway. A All wedwnc.s should be announced bythr now htyl?? of Card* iiu<I Envelopes finished by A. DhM AltKS'l, engraver, i?2 Broadway. Samples by mail. V BTIFIOIAI. LEGS AND HANDS, SBLHIO'S PATENT, Mil BROADWAY. LI.OL S ifi'pv v'CEFf'FFr wvr WW sssss FSFFm '? I'KKKK YYYY YYVY RSS SHS lK ?? TV YY SS8 BBS lv " W YT SSH tS f VY YV 88.4 1*4 v? ?? rwr v if A' ' .?? tuP ?siflOU 4 PATENT A NEW STVI.R HSfUFT WAEMAKTE?TO PIT, Made tn mi-uura, at S*L ?I8, ftM ?.??? *?. Pf' N<> order taken for i?*h thnn half * do*en shirts. Wholesale trade supplied nu ."he ?""v, __ Bl*LIaOI7 BROTHERS. Wo. tOO JIrdndway, Neur Tot*. C^IUTCHAMPjWJNNR, UO?T.KTt?ANI? WINKS, ONK DOT,. J lar a dozen, at HAiiLKY'S, (Super institute, ami 171 Eighth aveumv / TORN8, BUNBMft, TNVKWTKI) |/U BNl.ARGKD \J Joints, and all disease* of *4ie feel, rure F iWthout pain 01' Inc-oureiilenee to the patient, >>y Dr. Z t<"ll \ JMK. Su Of eon Ohii'o|Kidist, 7tW Broadway. Re Wrs to p'lytnmttnK aud sur eon* of thUcuy. ("1HOICBBT GBBEN To AS pot PAMII 1 USJL?JOHM J DUNCAN A SONS, Vnloti squnrftand K. MvleenUi street C11IINAI! HOUSE FURNI8Ht>W GOODSftl J COMPETITION DEFIED. White China Dlnln;: Platen $0 W'ner doraa. Gold llaml Ti n SrU, 44 pleivs t I* per net. Btone China Tea Sel?, 44 pleoM 2 tK?per set. Silver Plated Tea Spoon* 1 oo per dozen. D ? corn ted Dining Sets, lfitf pit-em.. 40 HO (**r set. A largo assortment of Dinner, Tea and Toilet \\ are. Titbit (Cutlery, Silver Plated, Japamif ft nnd BrlMnnla Wiir- Ac. it. M. HHUNDIUK.232 ll^eck?>r Kiwi, NV?r York. DOWNUK'H ANO-TTIK I'Oin^AM) KKUOSI-.NK Oil, Tb?? prioe of mir hiaiiiI ?ni KrntMrv Illnmfaatliig Oil hui beni hi ill further n*duiwd to meat t?fl? market. AUh'tiiKh thiM oil In Hiiperior to an;< other, It wfll he sold At the name orire an the oxolo&ive oiU i.?>w In M?'ii<>ral iiKe. J. II. BHMNDAtlK A CO. US and :W Hiu ltnx ulip. YMNAKTI08.?CLA?8E? AKK W)W KOKWl^O TOE \ J i!??? KPAson at JOHN WOOD'S (Ivii oaKiuni, 4 and 9 Ea*t T\%i'Utjf?idghth mreet, near Plftn avei Tadieh* card cases?rilvkr. hbaAu at , fo* J sal** by UEO. C. AJLLEN, 415 Jiroadwiii, one door be low ('anal fitreet. QTROKO'S PATENT AICMV TKrNK AKD POKTABUI |T^ Bedmeiid ooinUlned, eoru^r of Warren lit. and Hron.lway QOARLET LAMB8WOOLSHAKER FLAWNHL, SHAKER O knit nilk and merino l'lideiKhlrtN and Draw, in, at tha low est raah pri< eH, at the Shirt and Collar Depot, No*. 87 and M'J William street, one d?or north of Maiden lane. THEODORE <\ Oil ANN lit. Agent. TO THE riTBIJC.?THK PROPRIETOR Or THE SIIILIJNtS HENZINE toeautfon the public auaiiiHt Iniitntlonn of thf? popular article now being net afloat among the tnuie. lie will esteem it a *|>erlal favor if parties who as'.e fur the Shlling ll?*n7lne at any drug store, and are offered an imitation article will for ward the name ef the dealer so ollVi ing to the principal do THE GENUINE SHILLING BENZINE, Whli h In alWHVH r?ltMble, IS DKNSIjOW'S. See that his name Is ou the laliel'or refine It. Depot 1M Broadway. PKIlSONAJbJ ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING JOHN K. BEARDS ley will be tliniikfully rnoolred by addressing John Wll ami, Brooklyn Pu?t ullloc. AW.-WIU BXPBCT you to>day, and kvkry . day until you call, from HI to 1 o'clock. \V?? iiadly ills ajipoluled. If vou are dolayi'd, write me by mail. Direct t* K. Newcomb, 65 N. htreet. ARTBUB N.?ABB yoi: now satisfied W tiib I?rlldy of fairies? C uno to me to-rtar (Friday). Kl.I.A, 2? M. BOOKLYN.?FRIKNI) OUT OF TOWN, WII.I. NOT bu bai k Friday. Poatimned till next week. pLARA will FIND A LETTER IN INION SUl'ARK V ) Post otlii-H to aame aiblrea.s as formerly. Friday, 4.'^ 1'. M., or Saturday, same hour. I. pDWIN?IF YOU HAVE A 11BART YOU KVUU NOT lllti'K'ent, I'onlidliiK and ilevuted vlrtlin. B J fall to relievo, and promptly, the anguish of your lj^?p INFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMES KENNEDY. When lant henivi from was ititendlnK to go to Chicago. Auv infiirmatiori concerning him will he thankfully received by his brother, Patrick Kenn- dv. Direct to the care of Job* Bennett, ltedbank Post oflict*. Monmouth county, N J. INFORMATION WA.NTRD?OF JOHN TAYLOR, BV his Mon, Robert Taylor. AJsohis two uncles, John and J imes McQuoid. Any Information will be th wikftillf rc.-e;ved l.y calling at (X\ Ro(^cvclt>t. ROBERT TAYLOR. 19 THE YOUNG LADY WHO WAK AT BRYANT'S Minstrels on Monday eveninif, and m>iw a young man on the aide aisle, with a card in his hand, wishes to make his aequaluiance, she can do so by addressing a note to Carter, Spring street Post oflh-e, stating when aud where. IF Tllh LADY DRESSED IN A BROWN SILK, AND bat trimmed with searlet ribbon,who j;ot into a Broadway and Madison avenue st.uje yestcruay (W ednesday) afternoon. In Nassau street, near the Post ifllee, about 4>?, will sent her addrusa to the gen lie man who stood near her at the time of entering the stage, wiili privilege of seeing her he will esteem it a great honor. Addn ss Confidential, Post odice. JOHN WILL BE PLEASED TO SEE S. T. D.-OM Monfhiy evening neK^ tu 7 o'clock, corner of Tweutj* sixth Mtreei and Broadwav. JOHN?RECEIVED YOUR LETTER. WILL I'ASS your hour*" at 4 o'clock I*. M. to-day. JOHN. TOHN K ELL AN I)?P. K. S., FROM LONDON, IS IN fw N? w York. Adilreaa immediately to Misa H., ll'i,?U oJlloe. IOHD KEW IS HK^(/ESTK1>, TO. CALL, WITHOUT J fail, at It) A. M., Friday, the 12th. Elhel ha* returned. Mum. m. fcllkkton will find a note TO HER aililreaa ifi station G Foal oflhf. MArK-W(>NDKRS WliV HE HAS NOT I IE A It I> FROM hi* dcnr cUhl. Will there to-day, aame hour. If disappointed, what day? Ml'NIC.?YOt'KH RE<'RIVRD. I TKt'LV 8YMFATHIXR, with a feeling of pain and regret. You may place im? p.Icit reliance In my fidelity. L?'t come what mav. you wilt Ilnd DM a trua VRIEnT. SIHRN.?FORWARDED A LETTER HUT FOUND TUB addrea* wrong, (,'ull at. my office to-.lay. LEA. TO MISS KATE MORTIMOKU-IF YOU ARE IN THK uUy let me know where to find you. II. W. THE MAJOR, WHO LEFT NEW YORK ON KATL'R day, ?t 3 1*. M.. tor Rhinei?eck, will return as aoou as pouaiMc, for hi* wife ia very hick. THE LADY WHO OCCITIRD AN ORCHESTRA HEAT at Wallack'A theatre on Wednesday. Oct. 9\ wearing a white and bla^lc plaid ahawl, and after th?* performance took/* Fourteenth strivet ?Uige, with her two frlftnda, will oblige the iC'iUl'Miian who htood up in the parquctte and followed her out when aha left, nend a Hue to Waldo^ Union aqnar# Fo*(ofli<e, and oblige oue who l'eela much Interested in her. rpilE TWO GENTLEMEN (ONE WKARINO A 80FT X hat. light complexion and mustache, the other wearing a cap), by calling upon Henry A. JJavla, No. 82 Remain* street. Brooklyn, will be repaid for their kindneKft to a lady oppoaite the Metropolitan llotelj laat Saturday night. VEVA C. CL.?I DID NOT RECOGNISE YOU PLAINLY Wednesday evening. Won't you make another appoint ment. "OUS," N. Y. Gen'l r. O. WILL FRED., WHO RODE UF IN THE FOURTH T? avenue atage yeaterday, Wednesday, met a gentle itfau In the atage, converged with him about the cond Mafwa^'htiMctts regiment, please address M. C. T., roat ollice, and oblige the friend that g'?t out at Franklin street. M' C T* ?QQ1 ?7-PA8SED YOU TWICE SUNDAY EVENING; OOli otiee on the street hack of your house. If you will allow me to make your acquaintance, answer through ' PorHonaP of the Herald to the number of my house. REWARDS. I EFT AT THE MAIhON DOHEK. NO. 42 EAST FOUR J teenth atreet, a lady's Caclie.nex and a Gold Ring, which the owners nuiy rcco* cr by tfplyiU? ut the office of ihe MuliK'ti Doroe. <HO nii REWARD?LOST, ON Tl'EHDAY, OiTO" (Jy iwr i, a Mii'Ul ?lnl? color ticotetl Teriior Slul. with Ian r? ?*?, f?<*> and hre??t; answers vo the name of Low).'. kMurn loW>WMla|IW ..treet. d.?> REWARD. - WIST, <>N WEDNESDAY AHTEltNOON ?J)?) in if"- neighborhood of Second avenue and Second street, * small Mark and l*n Terrier, mnrked over etch eye with toll, ami to the name of 'Bounty." The Under will ii"rive the above reward by leavlutf Iho dug at No. W Seoood avoone. 0*X RKWARO.-U)ST, AT STATE!* ISLAND, ON (HIT ?JP'J 9, n Pointer U'lir, color whit" anrt liv.-r, w lib tun ?)iot? over Ibe eyia. Any per?m who willbrlna the ilog to Jonoa or J. Q. June*, Ncnr Brighton, shall receive the u4?.>v ? rew,ra. Ann WILL BE OIVEN TO ANY ONB WHO WILL ?p^* / nH'irn to No. 82 Varlck betwi-n the hours of fand ?, tlM' <told I*V'*r Wat :li lakiti oo Friday, ihp 4th Inst. Said wab'h having ? g;>ld dlni, with h vi*-w of Albany, iiimln Iiy Thus. Bleixl' ll, Liverpool, No. 4,46*. BHni{ the ?ift of a dercs""d i ar.Mit It \r.i* efpedally valuiv!. N? 'i>ie?.ions uHl t>r o?ki <l. Watchmalterl and imn uh:ok'TH win irtcaho notice doeiTt|.'tti*i. (ftQfT REWARD.?STOLEN, A SWITCH TAIL ( ANA ji) dlaii Pony, hay, ri o-it 11 I,amis lilglt, 1?h!i kin'. a (irtu i|, f"th?<^i on in-'l.li1 ol left tt,l^h, fore <iuart<>nt 1 >w ajiout llvo years old; alio a tr>cw*s topped Waci n, marked J. S(4inle, eorner of Btnyvrauil audVuIton avoniuw, Brook lyn. Any one returning the san>? to tlio iibove itddiv.s wlit rVi.(4ve tho n rvitrd. (JO," REWARD.?LOST, A DIAMOND BREASTPIN, I* ? ^ ' nminj from No. (1 T.ioui|Won si roc t. The liadir wa please return it 10 Mrs. A. Brown, L14 \Vo stfivui . i. C> 1 n KKWARD WILL BE PAID FOR I'HV RETUBN, c I'' 'M <?. II:!Kserty 4 Co.. 87w Br.^.iw. y, of ? * ?! . - V. ulo.-it < r Kt' l n from the i-wucr,ott Uiu4'i-ay, [ S i> . 10 1604, anu uu ^utaviuiu

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