Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Fkikav, Oct. 11?0 P. M. Money is more active to-day, very few loans be ing made below six per cent. The street has rather more stocks than usual to take care of just Ilow, and this causes some running about in search of money. It has long been evident that the price paid by the government for money during the pre sent war would become its Btandard value in this market, and that loans at five a six per cent would eventually be put up to that point. Foreign exchange is Htifter to-day. Wo quote bankers' at 107% a %, and francs 5.35. There are very few commercial bills in market; none that are first clu** can be bought under 107 a % for ster ling, and 6.37% fo? francs. This sudden recovery in the market takes the public somewhat by sur prise, and demonstrates the necessity of keeping a watch upon our imports lest they grow heavy again. At 107% for bills on London there is hardly any profit on the importation of gold from Europe. Gold cannot be exported until exchango rules at 109%. A large amount of business was done to-day in stocks, and prices closed generally better than yesterday. The most encouraging feature of the day was an advance in the new coupon sixes to 93%?the registered selling, as yesterday, at 92%. These sixes, all things considered, are probably the cheapest security on our market. Persons in want of a permanent investment, of undoubted se curity, and yielding a handsome income, will find nothing more desirable on the stock list, and we are not surprised to see them advanco steadily at the rate of % a % per cent a day. When they arc in demand at par, there will be a chance for other securities of a less substantial character. There was no ohange in State stocks to-day, and but few transactions. The speculative railway shares struggle vigorously against the reaction, and to day Central recovered %, Erie %, Toledo %, Galena %, Bock Island %, and other stocks in pro portion. It seems to be tho opinion of the street, however, that a large quantity of these stocks have lately passed into weak hands, and would be likely to come upon the market in the event of any untoward accident happening to our forces, or any sharp turn occurring in the money mar ket. The railway earnings for the first week in October are not as favorable as was expected; but the bulls have a theory of some kind which consoles them for the disappointment. At the second board to-day the market showed more Strength than in the morning, and stocks closed firm, the following being the last quotations:? United States 6's, registered, 1881, 92% a 92%; United States 6's, coupon, 1881,93% a 93%; United States 6's, 1874, 81% a 82%; Indiana 5's, 79 a 81; Virginia 6's, 47% a 47%; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 42%; North Carolina 6's, 60% a 61; Missouri 6's. 43% a 43%; Pacific Mail, 91 a 91%; New York Cen tral, 77% a 77%; Erie, 29% a 29%; do. preferred, 47 a 48; Hudson River, 36 a 36%; Harlem, 11% a 11%; do. preferred, 28% a 28%; Reading, 36 a 36%; Michigan Central, 47 a 47%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17% a 17%; do. guaranteed, 87$<f a 37%; Panama, 117 a 118; Illinois Central 08% a 66%; Galena and Chicago, 69% a 70; Clevel Und and Toledo, 36% a 36%; Chicago and Rock Island, 48% a 48%; Chicago, Burlington and Qntnoy, 63% a 63%; Delaware, Lackawane and Western, 67 a 72; Milwaukee and Prairie du. Chien, 18% a }9; Illinois Central bonds, 7's 88 a 89. The imports of dry goods for the week ending to-day foot tip $313,519, against $1,266,198 same week last year, and 11,518,460 same week of 1869. So far as we can learn there is no fear of any revival of importations by our dry goods im porters, though it must be expected that the European manufacturers will continue to send goods here on consignment to a certain extent. A leading importing house, being taken to task by its foreign correspondents for reducing its orders, gave three reasons for its change of policy. It informed its correspondents: first, that the Morrill tariff levied prohibitory duties on most classes of foreign dry goods; secondly, that, notwithstanding the tariff, European goods were selling here below cost; and thirdly, that even if goods could be sold at a fair price, it (the importing house) would not know to whom to sell them. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts $1,364 ,441 93 ?Forcustoms 17,0<?0 00 ??Treasury notes 1,676.978 00 Paymonts 714 5)3 S6 Balance 11,197,113 25 By the arrival of the Asia this morning we have European ndviccs to the 29tb. The funds were quoted % better. Money was, however, in more request in London, and the Bank of France had raised the rate of discount to ox/t per cent. Cotton continued to advance; breadstuff* were quiet, and, the reporters nay, tending dmvuwanl. The Asia brings 1104,000 in gold. With regard to American stocks, Messrs. Baring Brothers & Co. remark:? In American slock? wo havo little variation to report. United States 6'S ol' 1808 are quoted 80 t? 83 , 6's, 72 u 73; Massachusetts sterling 6's, 96. Maryland 5's, 6.">a70; Pennsylvania 6'S, stork, AH a 70, bonds, 71X; Tennessee 6's, 37 a 41; Virginia 8's, 48 a 50; Pennsylvania Central Railroad bonds, 85 a 87: Now York Central 7's, 1804, 89 a 81, Illinois Central, 80, ex coupons; shares, 38.',' dls.; Cana da 5's, 101; New Brunswick 6 s, 108 a 109; Nova Scotia fl's, 108X a 109 The London Times of September 27 quotes as follows:? American Railway*. <tc. Cl"rinp Pri' tt United States 5's, 1874 72 a 73 Virginia 0's 48 a 49 Erie shares, ex-aasoMsment scrip 22!aa 23 !j 1)0. 7's, preference 43 J* a 44 Do. assessment scrip l?Ja 2 New York and Erio 7's, 1807 ?2 a 94 Do. do. 2d m., 1859 89 a 91 Do. do. 3d m., 1883, assented 76 a 78 Illinois Central fl's, 1875 78 nr 80 Do. do. 7 s, 1875 x.C 79^a 80>i Do. do. $100 shares, $80 paid dis 39,'j.i 38 Do. do. all paid 58 a <K) Michigan Ceutral 8'u, conv., 1869 79 a 81 Do. do. sinking fund 8's, '82 x.c 82 a 84 Michigan 3o. and Northern Indiana 7's, '85.. 65 a 70 New York Central 6's, 1883 83 a 85 Do. do. 7'S, 1864 89 a 91 Do. do. 7's, 1876 91 a 93 Do. do. $100 shares 65 a 67 Panama 1st mortgagor's, 1865 99 a 101 Do. 2d do. 7's, 1872 95 a 97 Pennsylvania Central 6 s 85 a 87 Do. 4o. 2d mtge 83 a 85 Do. do. $60 ahure^ 34 a 36 Philadelphia and Rooding $50 shares 15 a 20 The London Times city article says:? Lato in the afternoon news was received of the Bank of France having advanced their rate of discount from 6 per cent, at which It bad stood since the 22d of March, to 5)? per cent. This movement was not entirely unanticipated, ? MM having been entertained in Paris daring the past week that an increased demand for money would soon bo fell from the continued grain purchase's. In its effect here the stop may prove salutary, slnco It will tend to induce sumo of the capital which seems about k> bec"ino a drug to seek temjioiary employment in Francs, whence, in case of ueod and the return of higher rates on Hi Is side, It will immediately How back. Although the Fronch pur chws of wheat In the English market have much diminished, they are still continued on a moderate scale. There was a slight Increase in the demand for discount to day, but there has rarely been an instance of such an over abundout supply of money in the nvirkel at a period ?o near to the end of a quarter. Several transactions of considerable amount ha\ e ag.tiu taken place to-day at 2\ por cent. The return from the Bank of England for the week ending September 2r, gives the following re sults when compared with the previous week: Rest ?3,796,020 lucreaso ?5 14fl Public deposits.. 5,810,424 lucroase ? 74h 4<ifl Cither deposits.. 11,967,808 Decrease 4,-,6 012 On the other side of the account:? Gov. socuritios..00,450,800 Nu chango. Other securities. 17,439,269 Increase ?160 227 Notes unempl'ed 8,107,915 Inerease 120,660 The amount of noteB in circulation is ?19,!>73.680, being an increase of ?137,400, and the stock of bul lion in both departments is ?14,242,241, showing an increase ol ?242,449 when compared with the preceding return. The Hartford Gourartf says:? The Phonlx Rank has ordered $65,000 worth mere of the T.80 loan, making$325,000 in all, $250,000 of which has been already given out In this vicinity. A largo number of persons are waiting the arrival of the note* before they subscribe, desiring to make one Job of it. The fol lowing is a specimen or letters received bv tho bank;? Mease cuter my name on y r book* for $2 0<H> of go veranient 7.80 bonds in a Idttton to my former subscrip tlou or $1,1X10. 1 would lake more if the governm-nt would slip their hind down maror tho butt end of the ?talk and strike, which they Lave ?veutually got to do to have their bonds worth a rush. Re?|>ecU'ully your#. At auction this afternoon the following sales of stocks were inmlo on account of Jessie K. Dtr Lois, Auditor of the State of Illinois:? $1,000 Virginia O's, lsxo, and coupons of July, 1801..47.^ fi.000 do. 18S8, do. do. . .47'? 21.000 do. 1S94, do. do. . ,47i^ 3,000 N. C. O's, 1884, do. do. ..60 Si a,ooo do. i8su, do. do. .. eo ^ 2,000 do. 1H80, do. do. ..00(? 3.000 do. 1887, do. do.; 12,000 do. 1S88, do. do. ..00% 2tooo do. 1K8R, and coupons of April, 1801,80 '4 10,000 Michigan 0 S, 180H, 831, 211.000 Tunn. O's, l?92,aud coupon of July, 1801. .42% SI ,000 do. 1898, do. do. ..42% 1,140 do. coupon, January, 1801 41% Tho above on account of the following bank* of Illinois, now in liquidation:?Garden Htate Hank, HutsonvHle; Plowman's Bank, Taylorville; New Market Bank, New Market. The Galena and Chicago Railroad earned, the first week of Ootobcr? First week, 1801 $47,268 First woelt, Decrease $22,878 The earnings of the Chicago and Hock Island Railroad for the first week in October were:? First work, 1801 $20,1)10 First week, 1800 39,350 Decroosc .^2,431 We have received the annual report of the busi ness of the Rock Island Railroad Company for the year ending June 30,1861. The gross earnings of the road from all sources were:? From passengers $.'138,112 Freight... 784,022 Mails, &c 41,883 Total $1,104,018 An increasoover last year of $70,084 Ex|>ensos for the Minn-'period, including 30,091 for extraordinary ropairs 708,064 If av ing not earnings $4.r>5,903 Cost of new works $53,808 Taxes 32,016 Interest on bonds 97,610 Kent on Hooria and Bureau Valley R. R.. 126,000 I/Ms on currency 40,360 340,343 DaUnco .$100,019 Stock Exchange. Friday, Oct. 11,1861. $1700 US8'?,'02.... 90% 100 aha Hud Hiv RK. 35^ ?2000 do 90% 50 d< 35 V 2000 I' 8 6's, '81,reg 92% 100 (lo sflO 36',, 3000 do tti % 000 Harlom UK 11**' 20000 l!S9'a, '81 ,COtt 92% 100 do t.CO 12 fiOOO U 95'a, '86.. .. 87% 100 Harlom RH pfd.. 27% COOOTreasO pc 2 yr 99% 100 do slO 27% 7000 Tenu Op, 'SO.. 42% 100 do 2f*? 2000 Virginia 6's.... 4714 200 Reading UK. ... 15'., 2000 N Carolina 6's.. 00% 200 do bio 36\ 4000 SCarolina 6's.. 5ft 200 do 35% 10000 Missouri 0 8... 43 100 N .1 Centrul RR.. 113 5000 do 43% 100 Mich Central UK. 40% 5000 do 43% 50 do 46% 5000 do .... blO 43% LOO do sl5 46 % 2000 California 7's.. 81% 50 do slO 46', 2000 Mich 7's,war In 87% 50 do !>30 46% 2000 N Y< 011 bH, '76 100 50 do 1.30 40% 4000 Erie RR 4m bda 72% 50 do 4(1', 300011 CSpclm Bfcb 95 100 M S AN laRR.bOO 17 600 do 94% 150 do 10% 600 111 Cent RR bils 8?" 360 do 17 1000 I. Er ft W 1 mb 70 100 do 17% 2000 CalftCh 1st m. #8 60 Michflo ft N I g at 37% looorh ft Rrck Ibdri 94 50 Panama RR 117 10 shs 15k New York 88 100 111 Con RR scr.s.TO 66 40 Meclianirs' Ilk... 95 100 do sOO 05% 6 Hank of America. 100 10 do 05% 61 Com Kxcli'go Rk. 84 60 do 66 50 Pac M SS Co...860 90 HO Clev ft l'ittsb RR. 10% 60 do :bl5 91 26 Otev.Col ACin RR 98' 100 N Y Central RR.. 77% 50 Ual ft Chi RR.slO 69% 1800 do 77% 10 do 09 365 do 77% 200 do 09% 6 do 77 600 Clev ft Toledo 11R 35% 60 do blO 77% :?K) do 35% 60 do s30 77% 260 do b30 35% 60 do b30 77% 100 do b30 35% tO do b30 77 % 50 Chi k R I RR. t>30 47 % 50 do b60 77% 50 do 47% 60 do sl5 77% 50 do b30 47% 50 do slO 77% 100 do 47% 25 Erie RR 29% 530 do 47% 100 do b60 29% 100 do b30 47% 60 do 29% 280 Chi, Bur k (ju RR 03' SECOND BOAKP. $11000 IT 8 6's,'81, reg 92% 126 shs Erie RR 29^ 1000 U S0'4,'81, con 93% 400 do blO 29 K 6000 US 6's.'74,cou 82 100 do s30 *29', 6600 Tr?)iuil2 p c nta lot 50 Harlem KK pref. 28 lOOtK) Ohio 6'g, '60,.. 89 % 200 Reading Rlt 30 4000 Twin 6's, '90.. 42% 100 Mich S & N la KR 17% 10000 Virginia 6's.. . 47 % 50 M S ft N la g s.blO 37 '? 3000 California 7'a.. 81% 60 s;io 37 100 aba Chi,D ft QRR 63% 100 III Cen RR scrip. 66% 60 do 68% 60 <1h1 ft Chi RR-b30 69% 26 Continental Rank 7(1 100 Clev ftTol RR... 36% 76 Ilk of Commerce. 82 50 do... *30 36' 40 Pantile Mall F8 Co 91% 660 do 3fl :i00 N Y Contral RR. 77% 100 Chi ft R IKK. 1)30 48% 100 do sOO 77% 60 do slO 48'. CITY CODIMERCIAL REPORT. Friday, Oct. ll?fl p. M Asmis.?The market was steady with small sales of both 8orta at $5 25. HmtAiwitFa?Klour?The market waa heavy, an.I State and Western common ami medium grades were lower, and cloned at a decline of Rc. a 10c per barrel The sales footed up about 15,000 bbls., closing within the following range of prices :? Superfine State $5 15 a ?; 35 Extra State, good to choice 5 40 a 5 73 Su|>ertlno Western 5 15 a 5 2.1 Common lo choice Western extra 6 40 a 6 60 Extra Canada 5 40 a 6 65 Mixod to struiglit Southern 8 00 a 6 25 Straight to good extra do 6 30 a 7 25 Choice extra family and bakers' brands 7 25 a 8 00 Kve flour 2 75 a 4 00 Corn meal, Jersey ami Urandywim* 2 80 a 3 25 ?Canadian flour was dull aud heavy, whilo sales em braced 600 a 600 bbls., closing within the range of the above figures. Sell hern Hour was scarce, while pVio s were quite steely, with sales or 1,400 bbls closing within the range of tho above figures Rye flour was in lair ropiest at our quota, tiona, with sales of 300 bbls. Corn ineal was quiet, with sales of Jersey and Krandywino at quotations. Wlient was irregular, especially for common qualities, while prices were in the main unchanged. Prime white was steady and in good milling demand. The sales footed up lor the day about 225,000 bushels at *1 40 for white Michigan aud Kentucky, $1 ::o a $1 37 for white Ohio, $1 27 lor rod State, $1 25 a $1 28 for red Wostern, $1 17 a II 18 lor Racine spring, $1.10 for amber Michigan. $1 21 for umber Iowa,$l 17 a $1 20 for Milwaukee club, chiefly at tho inside rate, and $1 10 a *1 18 for good ( hioago spring, tho latter figure for choice. Corn was rather easier, though 111 f ilr demand, with salosfor thedayof 145.00# bushels here and part to arrive, at 56%c. for Eastern mixed, and 60c. a 50%o for good Western mixed, for export, with sonn lots of prime to choice quality reported at 67c. Hurley was steady and in fair demand, with sales of 7,000 bush els State lit 62 %c. a 0o%c. Barley Malt was firm at 75c. a 80c. Rye was steady, w ith small sales of State at 76c a70%c. Oats were steady at 34%c. u35%c. for Slate aud 24c. a 34%'c. for Wostern. Cokfkk.?The market was sieady, with sales of 3 000 bags Rio on private terms. Cottox.?The market was firm, with sales of 500 a 000 bales, closing on the basis or about 21 %v. The influonco of the Asia's news, ir any, wis not developed. Fkkiuiits.?Kates U> Liverpool were susiained, while en gagements were light. Corn was reportod at 12d. iri bulk, and wheat in bags at 12'.d. Flour was at 3s.; cheese- at 45s., and lard at 40s. To London wheat was 14d., chi es<> at 50s., aud 800 bids, flour were engaged at 4s. To Havre nb'iut 50,000 bushels wheat were engaged at 25c., and 3,000 bbls. Hour at 95c. May.?The market was steady, with sales for shipment at 45c. a 50c., and for city use at 60c. a 05c. Moi.Ar-Mcs.?Small sales Cuba were making at 24c. a 28c. limns.?There has been a fair demand from tho trade and some Inquiry from out of town buyers, at rull |irlces and on some descriptions there has been an advance of %e. per lb. The market has ruled firm throughout the week; and while some holders are willing selfcrs, others are holding their stocks entirely withdrawn from tho market, f-alus have boun?10,000 dry Buenos Ayres and Montevideo 20 a 23 lbs., 22%'c. ???,, 0 months; 0,500 do do. and kii>s, 11% Ihs.. 20c., cash; 3,000 dry Oronoco 20 lbs.,21c., 0 months; 0,000 do. Maracuibo, 22 lbs ? 19c a 20c.,0 months; 8,900 do. Central American, 19 a 21 lbs' 19c. a20e., 6 months; 4.600 do. Vera Cruz, private terms' 1.600 do. Mexicans, do.; 5,000 city slaughter, 55 a 70 lbs., 7%c. a8c.,cush. ' Lkatii>r.?There has been a fair demand thlMeek for the bettor grades, of which there is no accumiimtiott. Several out or town buyers wero in the market and bouyht pretty rrcely. Naval Stokks.?The market was quiet and sales eon fined to about 75 bbls. spirits turjK'ntine fl 45 a $140 Common rosin was quiet but Urni. Pko> . vs.?I'ork?Tho market was firm ami in fair do raaad, v, ith sales reportod or 1,500 bbls. at $14 02% a $15 Tor mos.<, the latter for rull weight, and at #9 76a'$lo ror prime. Thin mess was at $14 48. Tho government con tract for 1,000 bbls. full weight mess was taken within tho rango of $16 a $15 20. Reef was m moderate de mand, with sales of 2o0 bbls. ut $n u0 n $10 60 lor re packed mess, and nt $12 a 13 50 for extra. Cut meats wero steady, with sales of 40 a 60 packages at 4%c. a 6c. for shoulders, aud at 6c. a 7 %c. for good to clmice pickled liams. Lard was firm, with tales of 250 bbls., at s%c. a 9%c. Rutter was in good demand at 13c. a 15c., the lat ter for fresh and cholco Slate. Ohio was nominal. Cheese ? as at 6c a 7c. for good to prime State. Ohio was dull at 6c,. a 6c. R" *?A s:ile of 50 tasks was made at 7,%c. . t 0AU".?Th0 market exhibited more buoyancy and atil , e sales reached about 1,200 hhds. Cuhas, chielly within the rango of 7%c. a 8%C. Dort"1^?}! coutiniiea In good demand for ox Kont'uckv nt 7?'^^"y advancing prices. Sales 317 hhds. . W os.iv ',V ' " 1: " ' Ts , n#"s wcdleaf at 7c. a 9%c. OOObb ?,~o W"S *?'""*? wtth sales of 5tH.a : T.O, -Iho dVm n rM'111101" ",cxtra ''"rolsat 20%c. ! limited owing to the sxiremoTigMnl^'of Vlock**lSw cl. .red Of the. e d.-s. rli* I,,J h? n'arkot 18 ab"l,t J ilve'y neglected, but are he!d'ilrm!y^^i"rZr'>,nlW"' > PKRHOIt&Ii. _ AU1RL LEFT 11 Etc HOME ON THURSDAY, MM tniil., named Amy Phillips, aged 11 ye?m, had on a gray Ulan dim, low reek. Any Information ol her whereabout* wlUbe thankfully received by her parent* at 100 Eaat FlHr nlnth ?tract. A RESPECTABLE WlllOff, WHOSE HUSBAND WAS killed at the I nitio ol' Manassas, ha* ? mate eliUd, I.Kir months old, which alio wishes to have adopted In some re spe. table family, a* she linn not thenuaua for Its support. All requisite Information will be given by addre?siug X B., Brooklyn Poetoflic*. Any person hearing anythino of albio* Chick, n compositor ill some paper office in this one, and will Inform his brother, <1. r Chick, on board ship Enoch Traiu, at Johuaon's wharf, Brooklyn, will be auila' ly rewarded, or addreas box 194 Herald office. CLARA WILL KIND V LETTER IN UNION SOI'ARK Poat office to aamn addraea aa formerly. Friday, 4 * P. M., or Saturday, same Uour. I. EDWIN-IK YOU HAVE A HEART YOU WILL NOT tail to relieve, and promptly, the anguiah of your poor Innocent, eontlding and devoted victim. L. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MICHAEL OALIJOAN who loft his lionie In West Farms, Weatebester county, on Saturday, the Bth Instant,euppoeed to be Intoxicated In formation that will lead to his whereabouts w ill be thank fully received and liberally rewarded by hie wife, Ellen CaUlKan, Went Farms. INFORMATION WANTED-OF THE WHEREABOUTS of Juinw Nnhan, of Staten Island, by a friend, who Is tolng to Irelnud, and would llko to see him belore |e?> lug. f this should moot his eye he will oblige by calling at 41 Atlaulle *11001, Brooklyn. IF THE YOUN(! LADY WHO TOOK A NINTH alrect and Sixlh avenue stage opposite Bnrnum's, at about 5 o'clock, and left It at the corner of Niuth sirei i and Sixth avenue, will lend her addrcaa to 1'. K., Imx 67 B mad way l'ost office, abe will hear of something to her advantage. IF THE FAIR YOUNO LADY, DRESSED IN BLACK, who got into a Broadway and Amity street stare at Kulion lorn yesterduy morn inn, at alMiut ft o'eloek, In eorapany with' another lady, and who found she hud been iniatukeii In thinking us at llr*4, shu had paid two fares instead oi one, will address u letter to Alexander, Herald office, ahe will beer of * friend. IF THE LADY WHO WOKE A STRAW H.\T TRIM mod with lilaek inside, thxt rode down In a Fifth avenue sUge, Thursday evening about II o'clock, and got out ul tile cornerof Spring street and Broadway and went Into OS Oreene street, wishes to make tho acquaintance of the fteiilloman who r.ot In at the corner "f University place and Thirteenth street, she may address Charles Uoriloa, Station A, Spring street, staling where an Interview ma;/ be had. IF SENA SMITH WILL LEAVE TIER ADDRESS AT Union square l'ost oHloe, directed to S. S. 1*. Siu.lh, she will hear of something lo her advanutge. TK THIS SHOULD MEET THK EYE OF JOHN O'BON nell, who arrived from England about two in uiths .ago, URi'd 21 veais, and since enlisted Into soma regiment, will he senci hl'saddross to W, Flaher, CO Worth street, New York? His mother and sister are most anxious to hoar from him. IF THE LADY WHO RODE Ul* FROM FOURTEENTH street. In a Broadway sia^e, on Wednesday afternoon, wearing light silk with two |inrplu Uoiinees, will send ad dress to J. 11.11., Broadway l'ost oll'.oe, She will oblige a friend. TV THE LADY WHO RODE DOWN IN A HOUSTON street and Maiden lane stage ou Friday afternoon, w ear ing: a black silk bat, yellow flowers, will send her addrcaa to II. B. B , Broadway l'ost office, she will obit e a friend. INFANTS TAKEN FOR ADDITION. APl'LY AT THE nursery, No. 6 Haminiuiil St. JENNIE?will meet YOU AT BROWN'S, AT J o'olodk Sunday afternoon. JOSEl'HINE?NUMBER FIFTY-NINE, HALF-l'AST two. FRANK. 1IZZIE?DO NOT HURRY YOURSKI.F GOING BACK, J but walk into the same pla v at 2 1*. M. HARRY. M ark wonders why he has not he ard from l1 is deaf chilli. Will be there to-day, t unc hour if clear. If disappointed, wh it ilayt Mrs. m. fullerton will find a note to UER address in station (1 Post oft*. RS. T.?REMITTANCES ALL RECEIVED OPTO THE ? 9th. Please tell me all about your troubles, and let uie a -e you If possible. Write to the same n ttne and box. w SARAII.?VON MESS OK PORRIDGE. MKBT ME Tuesday evening at the place of meeting last time, at o'clock. Auk fu* wAM. SEAMEN OF THE UNITED STATES SHIP W ATI ASH pteafe 1-all on Til OS. L. BRAYjNARD, hi Wall iM. OIREN.?I COULD NOT EXPLAIN TO YOU YE8TEU O day. Coine to me at noon to-day. <?r drop mo a line whore I can see you In the evening. Perhaps the mermen toft? dineiftthti AmUer.ralacc. SEA. WATTED I'NTIL HALF PAST SIX O'CLOCK. Write again, and. it ixmcibie, let me ?ce yon this eve mug. You Wtirmuohobligo WALDO. ILL THE lady WHO RODE V P IN A SEVENTH avenue stage on Wednesday last, about o'clock, fa vor the gentleman who v.ot in opposite the Park, and left the stage at Twentieth street, with a further aciualntanoef IMmshu address J.Johnson, City Post otlice, 368 Eighth a ve INSTItrCTIoV. ALONZO FLACK, A. M? PRINCIPAL OK Hl'dson River Institute, at Claverack, N. V., reeeiT s students November 1, for a term of twenty-on?? weeks. Terms?Board and tuition in common Etnzlish, including Military Drill un der an experienced orticer, $1A0 a v?iar. bnperior advantages for young ladies in l'iano Miifcte, French and English. Write for a catalogue. j AYOUNO LADY WISHES TO TAKE PRIVATE LES . pons in Pre itch from an e (Relent teacher; will have no objection going to the house of the tutor. Address t ?. R. B., station E, New York, stating lowest terms, locality, Ac. AS BOOKKBBPEUS.THIS BEING THE SEASON ./V for young men to qualify themselves for luislncKs, a' teution is Invited to our terms. Bookkeeping, double entry, 1<*smius unlimited, $10; penmajishlp and Arithmetic, $10 |w?r Quarter, seventy-eliht lessons each. Ladies* day aud evening Writing classes, $2, twenty leg^ms. PAINE S Mercantile Colleges, 62 Bowery, N. V., and 2S3 Fulton street, Brooklyn. As a teacher of Bookkcemng and Penmauhhip Colonel Paine stands unrivalled.?-Brooklyn Journal. ACCOUNTS, AC.?MR. DOLIIEAR, ft>9 Tl'OADWAY, kcmis the largest Commercial Ins'ltute New York. New punils will be received on Monday for priv un or public lesHitns in Bookkeeping, Business Writing and Arithmetic, s'cheap Writing class* l.a ties' cheap Writing classef AYOUNO GENTLEMAN, ALBANY. IS INFORMED that a Commercial Course, including Double Entry Bookkeeping, as applied to, every in* inch of business, Pen tnanslrp, Ail'hmctle, Commercial Correspondence, Political Econ ?my and Commercial Law, coats oniv $20 per nunrier, at Nug? nt's Commercial Coliege and Piomtum Writing Rooms, over the Meuhanh s1 Bank, in front of the City Hall, Brooklyn. The distinguished principal is E. Nl'liENT, Con suiting Accountant, member of the Society of Arts, Manu factures and Commerce, London, and of the American Geo graphical and Statistical Society, New York, Ac., &c. Thou sands of our tlrst class business men have bet n raided t?> wealth and inUuencu by the education they rceeivftl at Nu gent's College. A S TEACHER.?A GRADUATE OF A NEW ENGLAND xY college, and an experienced teacher desires a ?ituaiiou in some family or Institution, for one or two hours a <1 ?y. Best of references given. For particulars addtCMt E. H., Union Theological Seminary. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. ARITHMETIC, 'JOMMERt TAL LAW, POLITICAL ECONOMY. NAt TIC A L ASTRONOMY, NAVIGATION. M E<' H A NIC AL DRAW ING, &c., Thoroughly and practically taught at NUGENT'S Coin menial Coll ego and i'remlum VVritiug Rooms, over the Mechanics' Bank, Brooklyn. Principal, E. NUtiENT, mem ber of ihe Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, London, and of the American Geographical and Statistical Soclcty, New York, Ac., ,fce. Thousands of our buglnessmcn who have itudieri at Nu gent s College certify that it is unrivalled in this or any other country. NugrnCs famed College, our country's pride. Lends voting men to fortune on business' tide. Open day and evening. Students may enter tit any time. Best sustained boarding seminary in the State. $1 lu per year. Bt ick buildings for ladies and gentlemen. Ablest teachers iu all departments. Winter term, Dec. 5. Address Rev. Joseph T'. King, Fort Edward Institute, N. V., on the Saratoga and Whitehall R.illroad. / 100PER UNION commercial COLLEGE, \ J IS and 19 Cooper Institute. Instruction in Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Mercantile Law, Mercantile Arithmetic, Ac. BRYANT, STRATTON, PACKARD A PENS', Principals. INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, 201 WEST FORTY-SECOND street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, New York.? All persons desirous to have their family sewing done can be accommodated iu this institute on the shortest notice and in the best manner possible. <tenth-men's and ladies' tinder garments, children's clothes, and dressmaking in the most fashionable style. N. B.?Uooda sent lor and returned to any part of the city free of expense. ALE ENGLISH TEACHER WANTED?FOR THE primary department in the academy 85) West Warren ?t, Brooklyn. Apply personally to*day, between 3 and 4 M TI1K SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAI'flHT, AS HERETO lor.-, by C. UUHIUN, at room No. 1 Clinton Hull, Astor phwr, LlbrsiT lloor. ONIce hours. to 10!^ A. M. and 4 to 5 r. M. Also lessons nt the houses of pupils. TO FOREIGNERS -!OtRMAMA, ITALIANS OR FCENOH. wishing to learn the English language, will timl a com petent teacher by addressing S. V., station 0. DAJICISiO A< ADKMIKS. 4 DODWORTHS DANCING ACADEMIES, J\. No. Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth ?t., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Fridays In Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays In New York. Circulars t'or terms, 4c.. may be hud at cither academy. All the new mrCM-at hilloroye sa. u>e ray. No 206 Eighth avenue, near Tnenty-first sireot. CULM'S are now forming, on Moudsy and Thursday after noons, f. r ladies, missus and masters. Also an Evening Class, for ladle* .inil gentlemen. Apply as above. DANCING AMI CAMSTIIKMCS.-TRENOns 1'IU vate Academies, 65 We it Thirty-fourth street, Now York, and 9U South Eighth s'r. ct, Bro'>ltlyn, E D., are now open for the wesson. While all the faahlonable danees are care fully imparted, deportment and the physl. al training of ih^ir pupils are not overl'o.?' l. Private le.s ommd school* in th? city or country attended to. Send for circulars. IflERRERO'S DANCING ACADEMY, W WF.ST FOCR teenth street, now op?n for the rec-ption of punils Cl.ifsc Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Mon lav sand Tl urn" days for misses aud masters. Evenlug Class for gentlemen Monday* and Thursdays, at 7,4 P. M. ' DENTISTHT. ARTIFICIAL "ui'MOTYPE" TBET1L?BBAUTIFUL A prl - s extraordinary, guaranteed l.rst class dentlstryj live premiums awarded, sliver sets from $K; rubber$10; gobl #2'): patent vuleanile single tr-eth $1; extracting teeth without pain. National Ix-ntnl (lalb ry, Sixth avenue, corner of Tw< uty-aecond street. Dr. MANsON, Dentist. \ FACT.-TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN BY JV a nev. :.n I harmless process (praetleed by no one else), wltb.ut eh I -t tm ether, e'eculcty or rrrezlng. If Ll'TIIKK, Sr., Dentist, It v nior (established ten years In 'Uri.tdwiyi r in v o I? 101 K s Tw nty u >nd strc u taiiteda In.Iiil Teeih, on gold, platina stlvei or rubber, 7^ i n>sM|J. Dine Oil.114 nltliout p t.u, Wctm. nOAHOINO AND M>DOIIVQ. IT 21 WElIT rot RTRKNIII KTKKKT, BbTWKirx ! ? V !? ?" '"tli ?>fuuf?? A ?fn>, fura ?n mi Ro'iin, wlkb H tfJ, ?ulliiM*' fur a U?l> ?rt4 ??? ? I'-iwan or ' ui*?mrn, ?1m>. tw? a**i;., K?*?a ftir jiiUimKi; mil modern ??m-ma. Il'iai rrw*a .?%, ftaru^d A flMALL I'KIVATK FAMILY OTtTPYINO TIIFIH (.?iib'MiU'.tr' <ji mum** tr,? *!???*, I?ft?*ly fomlafcrd, ni|>i UrmrH I h hon*- h%? .1 *i?

m?l**rn im|?rirr?u?r??t? an! m | if*nnLir ?Muamd. A|>i>lyft4 ttt Lrx u*. ?n K?rwwMii rntxyiir?4 Alady ??r Tiir iiioiik?t rmpl* tamlity, ???' , rti| ?lu? ?h* *?ftWUfully i m+i+*i b m* Ha | I4rftia4ta.1t ?vrti??#, ran ??*' 'tww^wt m l ifcrtr ?hm * .? ftnglr fli')??*?? ?*, wflU ltat.l**rr!y fmansk# ' K-ou.a *tt4 Am ? Um II *rl IV form** ?tcfc*ei0?4. Attmk labor riRMTOUM douilf Horns NO. 1?7 B *cAer i*rm v, ? ?t ?, ? r n, , - s AW ,, % r. lily flrii et?Ml AtfRllf H'>?r4lii| tlaaftr, mO K m* umitr. )*a*rd tfi ? i' ' ?mfwn. i? ?mha >r iti^v U- *?? *|r ?* plat* ill lh?' elljr l?f Uir M)W fttil -|<*ftiily ?f w k*4 !? wfirtrd. \r?w vrryiwoue krcomd ruv>i AWDrR^xf K>n mi, irinjrtr m4 la anna. ?It* *<*f4 m<?M r*? ?tnuibh trrm?, ftnd t- ?* r*l??T???*i ?i? hftujni L -?tiu gW4 doaii*N'% Mo Wrat T?rut) |?ftli MPMN? btU^u Broadway and liisili ??-??***. VT74RAST TWRMTY Tll!ftl> *TltPli T~ N A W Dm > MRLY IUmju* ictftf U bftJ wtffi B?i J UtO<? ooftf I- ???rt h aVrftnft, At 1,1:1 and 1 iis rhoadway -ti4nihh?iiii m m .?t K ? "?*?. w?th t?riv?i? t* >k ?#r I** * H?Hr, ?U ?*? ?<! Alio Rn-irtii ?itji H??H 1, Twenty (iftli ftnd Twain -iirii ? rma, r?P4i tfca Pltlll A??AW lluili 4 riomr K00M AMI Rfcl>K?* M ADJolMMt, rut J\ H-J'tBll Hu*tf |<? lit, wttl P* I, fn?nl-t*?<d II - ' t?i?e i elan*: hi* ft*d ?*W Wftirr tfcrwtjrHoni. a td t?a iiftp >*f tUe *w*4 di'nirikhUi It* In ibi> 111 y, Ala *? l?r ????? ?>|-(?%?? Mtiicl** K**ulWrnf*it. A|if?l| ?' JK* H AWHoLK HKCoNI# rMMht Til I.KT, WITH *?4KI> ngrtfciTor ?yirftMy| fc^n- ?.in?- ? A %u<i ?n? #???17 modfra t*?M% n. o -, k.? ??? fit*i A|?v*4* M I'^l Ki-'lfouri^ nthftrwl, k ?*?**#' ? ????n *? ?l! Hi* ! i?? ???t K .arm, wlUl ehm 'l*, ?| u\ *\rr*< |?ri ? At tiik mi*T cu^ norm-* iiotiii im aku m WfKt K.??nl?nM? ?<???? <4 k m,??. kuift4 ?itui*l| hirt?Uh? ri, til Auiii or i t '*!.! (or ?r Hln^Ut n. AYOl Ml MAN l>r.K]HEll ROAKH !M A 0RVTK.KL prlYftH fiMW Pl iiioti II ail ft 1 ?( |? 11MtkuA Ivn HfUhlt. ?-r#? *11 I tft,? I Tv itif A Ui i ft, N?*w York; b<*-I of rriirpftoi hIvmi. Rdmr'Un^ u#mic lupii nt tul not ntiMWi r. A'14r? *?. * J%^l| P ? ; ii ? A1UUIILY K&HI'KlTAftlJ: I'lilVATfi tiftKMAll KA lulljr, WltbtHil ? hit lr? it ii u -4 ? h Mrm will If t ft ciiotw o( hftB I vifitHf f titi l?li >1 H ???*? W'lk * *11 or |urtml li?iiirU 01 | U'?W. I ? ? L ? 1 ?IKilicn. Apply ?t 4H Kk?i lii'^- 'v'. ? ? ??? ?*t H ut^ftjr AI*R1VATE FAMILY HILL LUT A aCAMluumft - IT of iog^niWmfit, villli|*#?rUfti I' ?* 1 if >\> *ir ? hUo 11 iliittk* K?m?oi. An?lv at Xt Jtin .? ? ?ri, *?*u l^iftki a foil u#. H.'!hiviic? ?.??*. h \ SMALL PWY An fAMILT DAM AT* UMIKMMf* A J\ f? w ni irile?! or ii??n, * ?ri ? <*#? f < of a 'Viki'i hotiiff, for lii?* ft .it1 **r; li>>tiw '? ? ??' ? l .?? ??*?! r ? t all tip ill Ki?*ril iiuprt-ri'itM-u ? *?i'l ?x??? ifnn-ii -r* Atvi ? 1H lUmi.ntitvl atrial, i*orurrol Wavrrlry |tU * K<*( r u< * ? mjuirml. ASM ALL FAMILY WOI'LD LET. To?iKTI!KH OR *K^, a suit ??f neatly f iml"li?*<l H ? ? 1 * n tl*? ?.v . m| II'MM, Willi 4j.llll.ll iiuftl.l U' ?'H?' Of tWO U< I'Im.I' I,, IM ft |<taft* fttni location. Apply nt 91 Wfal Kl ?*?*!.Hi ??., i?? ar rifUi a*** A LADY?UAVIJUJ TAKEN TUL F1 HUT ? LA.- Mill >K iV N". 114 S ? oml avi?nw\ corh r of H* ? miUi : ). ? ?? a Ii'W iult-< ind ?lido Mitiio Hln|c K'M'Hii to fti?p ?a- of 1 a< hot iso or .ullivM bo ft Poai om? e APBIVATK family would LKT A Ml'IT oy Room* on tUo m'coml II ?or; lui? h ?i an.I???. 1 w ?? i, itatli room, A?'., 011 th* Kum^ Hoor. AIm> In a Parlor, n Hi^r board*rs ?tk-n. LooilWii (ImIiaM ?. rou*? uU?m to caraaMid h. A'l lr? ?w Ik?x JAihi Pout ?>ili ?? <m ftp|? > ft* Itfll # ? ?> TU11 ty-.v?oml mreH, Im ^%?i??n Kl^lch an I Ninth ar# A LADY. HAVING RECENTLY LKAnRD TIIK HAND Koim-ly lurnUhftd Ikhiii SJ Md fwirtftNitti ??r*^, tw tw?*(*n Fl.tli avnu*? aad l'nlv*?rnit> pta < , 10 %tr? ..f I iU<?h park, will l<*t a t lutlrp of ltootiia, witL li aid, to |ht? ct* f Hiring Urut Was* AOHimmodalintta. ~~r ? ??- - - - - - ? - A (3KNTLKMAN AND WIFE OK TVI'O OLNTM J.X. may lind a pf^iHant home at U A?nlau>l pu- ?. corner "f Waverley plnce. Dinner ai (J. AFKW HINliLKOKNTLKMEN. WISIIINO TO ROtiM T ? K'>thcr or acparatf*ly, can liftvi* )>l''a*ant K<???hi*, wuh loll or j>artliil Hoard, in a prlvato family; l^ftDon l??'ral?l?'for builii '.na tnun, wiibln our t>lo k ?oal ol llroftdwui. U -l. renr-ot exchangml. Apply at 124 Spifn^ ANKWJ.Y Fl RNISIIKD FRONT PAIU.oR AND IO D room conni (itlng. on fti'i ond lloor, 1?1? t, with Rnard;*l?> twe ?inub' Itoonis; l>a<li ami nil tonv?Mil?*ri?????4. Priv.* ? h???i?r, 21 Sffvriiili avi'inir, between TwidfUi nii?l Tnlrlrriiih ?u? oia. A >'HW HINULK OINTLEMKK, OKA UKNTI.KNaN UX. and I.U ulie, can bo aoi'MUiUHHlittftl wlh oi<Ui .,,j .lt.slrahlo furnished Rooms nn I II.. r.| m 75 y . ? .11 ?trect, St. ncinctiPajiUc*. near Hlcorker .Uvvt itit i.'w boarder.* taken. Referem-oa exchanged. A PROFESSOR OFMPSIOCAN HP. AtVOMMoD ATKD J\. In a private family with Ituum. 1*1111. an.l . 1 tl ?rd t art payment tak .n In h-ason.. A k 11 ileum. ami mi 1110 sliijjli, Ki'iiilnuwn cau alio Ik- a>voiniii> II mm- . irn'ph?Ji?"li"'!Sr,l X'MuUbi'rh.HHl dasiraW... 1(0 rhiMy-altih atreot. between Seventh aod Elihtii av.-? ?,? , Releren -tw exchanged. \ S.1:r'.KM,,n >*l'?tN!SII HO PWtl.Olt, wTril TWO rf. f*ri\rovm? studied, to l>t to a u? itl? in ?a ah.I wife, or i?..*liiBlo gentlemen. Also Parlor Floor lu let m> ? i .-mlV ,.11 letuonable terms lor ih? winter. Premises have all the u,o dem Improvements; yb Prl boo street. A ;Sl:,T OK,,l,A^'IH"MI';r'Y PI'HM ?'Mf'D n.iOM-i T.? 1 J> w Bonv.l, at 30 Union- pur.' (Pourm av. i...e. hU,,, K.H.nia f..i'K .?'l,.mcn. Referent. ? given and r.Njul.ed.' A 'JANDSOMKLY furnished front parlor or kj, . 5a 0 1,1 I '? >??" smaller Room., ir..? to $3. Ill .t quiet a ml respectable llci^li !m.||io..| III ,1 ll'W noiui*, wiili modern improv iu?'i.t<. Apply at JHt.iv. im airtet, between Amity aim Fourth street. 11 A LADY AND OK.NTT. EM A N DESIRE A. FURNISHED ua. Jioomntul II 'i.r.Him, witu conwnlen e* |,? A^mrnpB'.uTu^v 2SS? A OENTLEMAN and wipe, or two sinule ue.v , i;,Mn?n? ,#in Hr-??Tiimoi1iii..(l n ltli rljol. .? l!,,.ui. wi ll Board, at UfI We* Twi m>n:lglUh!mvet. Tlo.VV^i J!1''"' ' TV*|Vfi,e lan,,,y- lir?t < 111 every r.**p ct. IVrun 1 < ?i*o table to ii permanent party. A M EASTERN I.ADT, OCCUPTINa a NirEl.v Pi it ?o^" no ! . *" "I I'll Improvements rail >u>-ommodatu a gentleman and lady (Hoard ei.1.1 will, a suit of nicely I nrnlKlii'il Rooms, or sl?X R.m.I " prifHogg of pianoforte. Address or apply at 1<? n?* ?(, A T.m!r!iII;!>1l:V',M WAIfTK.I>rWITn or mmopt ilr W s n V.;. ? 5"""? I'f..n-??,r ?.| ni.ul,'. I "!; y lit, '|' 'r,'ferre'l"" A,"' 'In *?? I n)lu?aor, Maiiou D, HiiiI.'iioui'. -At A OK'.IOilTl-l I, III).ME Fl)H THE WINTER.?RCMIMS In a.nta 01 ?.??uu.U'ly ? I.oi.m* llrnt cla -a 1.1 ever. I.'aiic. t 2?i Fourth sin-i'i, Washington ? pu.r.-. "sl"it. |)OARI>?NEAR IJNION SQUARE, I Is EAST TUIlt .P.,. trr"t,h sirH !i" ' ,i"1 *???;?? 1:....,,,.,, ,h"., Ili.t.i, alao haclt r.i.i.n and nniall room on ll.p lanrll. I*, or* lu"t Hasa tillwith Fion.ih table. Dinner at alx o'cIim k' Hratoi ri'feri'iu*> glvnn mid required. "cl ? UlM ?? BOARD-SEVERAI. VERY PLEASANT ROOMS 1IAV lux ?.is, l.atli, hot and oil | wnt.-r, .*? ,,. rtll|j p. arrt, modi-ial" lorma, at ii E <?t SMwnth Mir , u.'lr J.lV'li'.'ftl fwo t- m i?i '"??'k, ordlii)? to r. 0111 ri'qi lrcil. 'OARp-Ei.EOANTUY KI'RMSHKD OK rvFt':" J J niahad K.ioina: xivli-h Fr,.:i h 1.1I1I." m' I <h. .? ? iiolijhhorhood. l-'ri'iich an,I EiiKlUh ^Iki',"' i,V Uie'V^iT,4 "m-K'Ve"- Ca" -S"' 1 L.vlns?on 1)0ARD.?AGENTI.KMAN AND Ills WIFE OR SINllLE v, "Vi"' >y ""'l Rouni-i. with Board at K.'...' a. 1 1 '-ix-iiilon convenient to Broadway stu-i s and rourth iivpiiiic cars. DOARD?AND ('HOL E OF NEATLY FLRNISIIPD X> I"?)ms i?r the winter, with a fo< t.l l.rlrale famllv Hiiiyl'' or vntl,,nen and tl,i'u.'i. ffl onit'e " * A,ld,<""? x X.. box 1,155 Post Board?economise in these iiru, timk^ ?l.'iilk'tnei) will Hud fine lingle aud doubl" It.. ,i"ii luriilahed wit Hoard, chean'el,.,i ^^ Jbe'^i '^CaMa w?'j?;r^ eenuivloi! J>OARD.?LARUE FRONT ROOMS, FURNISHED Oil . ""'"rni'dicd,.with pantry, at 211 Ea.?.t Hroadwav in a l'r'vV'' ""'illy, a'lltable lor nenile.nan and wile .,r two iinule feen lemen. Oas, bath, and comforta of honi". B?-^rKJ!VKRAL ''I-EASANT AND well l i lt, nil.lied Rooina on aer. nd ami third floors, with Hmrd Xlh a,,U E1"",h . ?i.h all' Board-in a plain \merh an family, wherp the comiurta of homo can 1m; had- two i'i|?,. aant Rooin? on a,? ?nd, with p.a and Hie fnrliide/ *H |ier work for Apply at 71) Lai?h. J,reel ' ^ .W?ST FIFTEENTH stheet. between XI I'll th find hixih avonues.; bounp. Kocins <>u Ui-ml and neoond floors References exchanged. """ Board, ap -in a private family in a new four atory brown alone ho,With all,vemenu v.r Laigc b.v'k parlor and bedroom adjalninc Iwo larue minis and two bedrooms on the Ur?i il,..,r ..ver tlie parlora BVr?r^r1Tna'!!,tdu!!.:',,B80Od TJOARD WANTED?FfJR A LITTLE BOY FOUR YEARS XJ old, with a t>rf\atr? faintly who have no childrou of th iV own; muMt be kind and aireeHomue; the country nrefeir, d &do??reM, "Utl"g loculio" and IJOARD wanted?FOR V GENTLEMAN AND WIFE It Infant and nurse. A plain, genteel boardin* bo. so Vi.a nliy ot St. Georcr'a ehurrb preferred.^ month, (ire. .v., included, llt rerence (?vrh.VnJ .a .*n ^ r c. W.^X 156 Post otlW-e. re,in,-e cxchan^ d. Address li()ARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE family FROM offlfii. 8trcet- Address ior one week M , box 1,290 Tost TDOARD WANTED,?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE wrr r thersPart??! it 'bt^dr raV'partlai" board "Virionti ^na W,ow Ful"-th ?i??f Addrew Board wanted in brooklyn-by a voi xn g> ntleman and his mother. In a private family (C I'hoiin preferred), not over ten minutes'walk from South Verrv Address, staling ierms, Joseph, Brooklyn Post oUici. X' Board wanted in brooklyn-by a oenti f rn in, f"r himself, lady, child, two years old, and Bernini ? n large and .mall room, commuulcallng, on .,v ,nd ufT.r The house must have all the modern improvement.. Pri,? ? Boardino.?A SPIT OF ROOMS, OR THE FNTIIlP* Fhe.r "I a handsomely furnished ho'.se In "l?h ave , "?iow Twenty-third .li. et, will l,. i,., ?i,hn ? il 'man and hi* wife, or a f .im.'y, ' AMrt?? ) r T M if"' bii'iare Post uiOee. 1 ? 1 ? Mmlou B BOARDING AND LODGING. n"u:Mv. v KKW RE>rE<'TABLE VKM can BK ?- ? misinlxr l wtili x >u<l Hoard ami nlo" Romim, wtili Rai at.J b?l an t r 111 ?atnr. T? i >i? $3 to (3 fill. Also h fur ? >a ..-d Iwk Parlor; ??i!<l ault ? ginileman an t wmc, at 144 Waal Thirty.third atrret, Iwtwirii Srvaulh ami Eighth uvi a. HOARDINtt.-A OSNTLKMAX AND WITH, OK TWO OB thraa Mafia tti'Dtk'nwii, may !?? pl.-ammtly aecommniln tad with Board. *i V Clinton air -at, Bru iklyu, oourunltsut to i i. m i ImMim wrrtM. HOARDINfl -A LADY AMD 0ENT1.EMAN CAN BE a> otnmialatml with H iarj, Board fuilhu l.idy only. Ap ply at M, ? Aimiy pu r. BROOKLYN.-TO i.kt, with board, A LARflE Hoo.n. Miuialnlnii hoi nod r. 1.1 water, oluaeta, Ac., to two ?? htirmrn, or a laly Mi MHlNMIj hMkM Kami! floor; ai-o. a B?-ira for a ain?l<- aaniU-mau; dluuri at 6>> o'clock. Apply at IBt *'Hit ton airrrt. UMooRLYX?TWO aiNOI.R gentlemen CAN BE M>. MI?K|<||'<1 with a large airy Urdrnom, with ww of ?Mi i? ri?o? aud partial Board. In a raapautabli- private tu rn y In II in-lii*!..? air*?-t T>-riiia (A a work lurlh? two. A l i- a. M P.. h..? IJTII raM offirr. nKOOf LTW, t? CUNTOV HTKKUT.-FRONT rooms, ?Mond ?onr, fur a fnnilMnan and arffa, may tw> bad, w ui? Boat*. AJaa a law Ruaw for two danle grntlemen. U 'or at kail put ait. llouaa ouutama tbo uiodern mi * m?au, BR1"'*!"-* VERT PIEAIlNT 81'IT OF ROOMS to lot. Inru ?k?d or iiafiiritna"d a lib Hoard, Hou?n baa ? 1 f??* hi Ml? m impfwTtniUti, ?uJ Im Atlou in uoiuriMiied. A>?|4# MMHuhim him. Htitmo iv hk<h>ki.yk?no. 67 man street, five Miii'.tM walk from Fulton Irrry, A g**ntleiuau and ?mar I Jir |HIio?n. In a prlrala family. BOARP IB WOO?^?.-A FEW UKNTLKMKN ?A| la ? > <niot.-la'?d la a Mnall prlralr family wlib pic a aam Room aad pa< ?l IwN; mvnaoknla Apply at 73 IWtAa ?* ImMNVB II aod llict*, tlirr** mluutoa' walk al i> lib f?rry. Un*Bit I* BUooKl.VM -A PRIVATE FAMILY, oc. 1 jnfePMA a la>t* Amlda Mono MM mdr?dv fiirnlalied, ?an up! nrai ataa ??.. ?> mi ulailoua to a ? . .-loan and Ilia wi'a t<? iba ?iii'i-r Inunrr at all. ttiiOivwwa atekanfd. v t at M II' ary atrv.t, no urr of llarriauu, South Brook lyn UOAMH I N BRooKLVN-A MMTUHAI AND HIS Wwa, ?w i?o ?lii<l? wntlrniru. ran ? li' iln Botnl MM l mi ii "mi v , IiI'ik it t? III nry ?u ???!, Hvr minutca' ? a.t al f tinoaui Wall a.rart firry If MRDIM nKooRf.Y* -PL*V*ANT AiTOMMODA D diWk, Wtlb alt tU? r.'<|al?l . - of a ?.ni? . i ran In bad, a* taili rati' trrma, wuk a family raaldliiaUv* mlnui ?' ? ??I . irotu ti ?ii'i i?n? Addn aiQ., b?I 1*4 Ri-ral l ortirr. Batin im b?'ik>\R' ikd or himolk (mil < a ba a>?^>oinmilaml "lili td M<aHI Uooma, w:jh "i wi'S .-.i Atlachid iii-i^bbortiiM.d. <' ia??aib?al to all lb# farri'n. T? rm? aai lair. Apiuy at 411 oai%#d atraai. II ' kkf' J* HIHlOKJ.iril- II CUKKl* HTRKET TWO i' . al_ V " "".k attach ad, 10 parman.nt ., ,L V "V .?? .iruta ....K; ? 5L? "'ih li'AKH IN UMKKI.iril 44 HAND* 4TRBKT, KEAB I# A.taW* ?A ?r.|l|. MM .|..| wlf. a?.| ,, ?r ,|ir>^, lln,.|? fl-nilviiirn ? ?,, ?'. a.a ?wrltrnt *???.! .im.lvl<.n?, .>n rrry "l*1 "" 'TIM. I.. I, |..?i?a Ml Um Xa.j Y .rJ *111 uu.l ll*li ? *<-tf mm- ?<-in b> aiiiiti ' HOARD IN Mil Til HIKh.icI.V* -flKoT .I.AM4 *4% r 'in w?l .t air. ai, ; H 1M1 i t? *i' In a litmU iiiicIi fur II ? im*/ tha lirr? II .i m ix,.ill vairrlii ?II r.a.?a A|tj4v .4 M ? .i. ;inaa MM HOARD IX VU.UAHMIMU.-A UKVTI.RH\N AMD wif- %m tw.. ant*!* a** -II* mfii i-itu b.> a> ? .inn, .dai.-d ??'? hi ? family. IV ?.mh Ninth Mm t H ?*m a.tu nl! Ui? n..?!. r? Mnpr ?wmutia. Hiti?*i.t* HRI0MT4 - ? dfmr4*lr wit or K . ,i... ,.. fc-t, w.O. n?f.l an i?i| n al> ihr h .iia. la p ?iaanlh twal-- 1, hart ,a ?tl Tk n .4?t>i Hni, .vruiruia. A.n-I ? V H?.ry mrm*i ??? ImRyril UOARD D* TMR NRltlWTft-A <.?:?TI.KMAN AND ?* J"" ?*?.h"?n?ii ram ?? a**, tat. .1 ? J! ""I!! *????? and H ar4 hf ?|-n ,4 | laiailt ?^?r ??<* ? o%. iii. i,i u> H , "J'1 f-"?-a A t.lrraa luiui?lui-1; Mia J %%?*'!* ft#1' !*???,t I nKMftiiAiiku u? au. iimM ami* family *rw In* a.--..?.i. / 4.M.. at ah. a I . a*.J .? tla- moat r-aa??<a?4r totnaa, at*,. a n .Aaiy fw.l ' . I R .?, for a ranua U.lf In^mm M M Huh aa*n*-. ?MI W .4iiu?i.? p.a ?? , - ??? j 1 lF.MK4ftl.fc Kim.m. WfTHtft'T HOARD, TO IJtT ? 'A iwliaia fa?, |f, .? HuJAii- la.. I,,.*... ? nl |lr ?. ?.)r. In |h la il ||r f^ntlr ,?m ?* ?'? 5 "^??; Ai<r'r ai Ko r P'Ril itrw-i 1 \K?IUAHI.I. Hix>Ma WITH MAM fl)R tlR!*Tl.K J# m?>. aii ' I" i ?u-., m l..#lr |. Uyma, al IS Baal ? r?*i Un* i Br al??|??4 I ,k KTII AVKNI B. MKaII MAI'I- i* mfi AHR ? ?KRT V.!.' K.-' -a, ? Ut . ? I 1. .? a ... I TA|/> fa*. r-a .lnK ?? 4lfr 'ir al . . Vi ill H *aa. wi ll a* all 11.11. A l 4** *1. a m *? [,If a (. i?llf |<li)ai> In.. 4,'in r Hi lh? ui I t ? . u*. FW.M II BOARD-A rtw M~va.R ..KITimwi '? ?? ' .'*? "f 4 "I a- Hi", -la! ? ? ? II m, 1 |. ?i, ?t a?jri-. Mia h. . ,i i , ,(?, , ??. .( r<i.|lt4i air.' hr.a'm Piftk and hlilh H'Iiiim f|>a? Uarnau ?ol I i.. |j*l rmuhkd \i*aktmcxin with nrr4kr imt mm J uiili4 ?-? n l II . nmii, 114 Ur? Urai link!? H'lwi: H'Miuia, Willi Um* lar4 a. ' al. : I.I. 1}I.( )| .1 WW, ? .-lalial.a imh ..I,, Mr. a., t II v ai*4 mil p*>iitf irlal.|jr r , null...I, l.r'aila.1 xrwl i? ib?. r>wma K>? ll'W M'|? r Mir.. -Mil al!?*.| A a. .. i |?rl? nf K iIh-hvm ?if IP .h1 moral ??ha#?'k-r?i .1 qui i Iiil4ia w|.ii .4 la mi r.*r MM'-la?a .unnniKi NMIImi In aM.iili n aii. ?? inivato la ni'ljr. will (mat t It in a MBO0BH im j< u c lleiald nl! or. J?l'U'MIIKb !'? ? iM4 \|i K, ??<?Br4iirr4ni.R FI R P nlali-it 14. 1 ma ai 'I II *.li.??i.. f..i , i. 0M1 ,1 lan 1 I na ur aliiclr ?a. ? , 111.,r al |l| :? . . K I ?ra lairticiilniljr a lafi .| 1 .r r?.na 4. a , ma 1., Hra r4. 1. ?Mi unlet. A|>|il> ai IK Kli/al? ik * in i.rar Biwmw . FI.'ltSI<HKI? HMiiv-i ?ij| 4F< 1 iSn A*tD TniRD K?> r? to irl (ii mp ??r l?r?? a?-til^'ti t% in ? uyi. *|# \Attuiv I-Hth. A Itrj lrr Kk '? t??'i i, H C ?y uri l Fotirtli **<??#. MrSru..^ ,t. ? ??linn,**! I pi-KNHHKD Kim.vs. WITH BRU 4K ? A?T IN A a. atrlrtljr luivai. ramlly, h.iuar W|?I, |? nuii imalani im iM?n ??!!?.-hi to Citm ;i'i : l> t* W|.?1 Hi'Vi-uli iiulk aireul, tM-tMran urih i?,d HI4IU arriMiea Ti'i'iiiw mi 1 j.?r I|*i;knisiikh uuuMm to i.r.r?f?ik si^iilk i;i,\ti.k r nn!y, Witli .iu , , i_ at X ? IH.aMi.ri "Lit ItMriilED K<XiV.4 TO I.Kt -A Ml IT OF L4R.II J. airy li" |||? III l>- Ir'. a..|.*r .1 ? ?r ., i|,. ;, ?J . * " "" "I" ,1 ii.r aii' .n 1 1 1. A|i|iljf alftl B 1 I ?>r?-ri ' ' UANI)MIVl.|,Y FI KXIHHKD R(X?4I|? To I I I TO gfU'taltl' M, ill AMiiK I.r m |>?4t Mli . v .? i .. it . i ? i ui, 1 51; A? ? H'Thn M v.: :v . "? 1 ?? ??.II i?. ? 7 .? ?oil. Ml Hi 1 1 "? n|| | HOMF. .'OMF.IHW AVI) I.F.LMHT- f. I: h.v? xn Ih> <|l tilurd Willi ? .mall r?,*, I , . ? I, I I ?1? ,v''? v ' 1 ? ? ?...... ... | a?cn p. A l it??? n 1 , i: . . S M a "tudtlv j-iiiVAn: >t<< *k_\ hi v of^irv I In Isr a. w..|; r irtil.l... t fn.i I Ho 111 1.1 '1 .. I . i?"i?rU If iv |n ... , . , , , , t Ii<?f. A; p.> at IV II 1 4 .1 an.. t, 1 ?.ir ' I jm,? a'|.?i<, 4 ] I p.4BTI\l. noiRfl n \\T?:i. 4 I ' ,v IN I. 4 |>. vi'.. . 1, r ...k ??, I 1 M*y rrarli <,(' li ? 1 ? :. .. - 41 I,, .. M?lan teMa a,, O. 1' . I nit 411 I'.nt ..i,li?, K v. 1 ' TIIK TIIRKU 41ENTI.K.4IK\. 1 .11 .,. .,| |\ rail .1,it 1411 Ha,. Tn-ity Pi -? - , . , , ' ' ' [ .an be n. . ..linn *;. 1. ,1 i,y .Miiing " T) LET.?TWO IUKIWimR |-,4!:f,. ?i:>* \4 iT|i 4|ir iv!,. ml ? 1,,,i?|, i? 1 . " | will., It 'ar.l; 11 ii ... , htHttariinUlaliiffallii ?, Woat .Niii.'i 1. "IT I ? W qio l-UT-TO (INK OR TWll OFNTLi 4IK* ? ? w I V 1 '?? " I nt II a- .1 H i,,.. ., joining, nhi-re t?i? ...siif.. ? ,.f , 1,. , , .ahrrboai-ila . k, ,,.. ? , ,Vr,.. ,r '. M Rlffbth avrti t<\ vi-??ittlijr A -i k i i UrANTED?BY A 8IBULR URBTURMAB ' "MFiiBT aliln Amnmanu In n 1. ,1.: . tLrn.y; wll.-rr 110 ixhrr h.<ar.|ai a air uk. 1.' ,. dro??. 4Vith tcrina, J. W H II ,a|,t,u. \\' 4NTKn_ I S BROOKLYN N \ nilii'i'r^ nail, f: ..m i' , . n :, r* ? M v, . *'?">?! ur '. ?? ... i),, | ? . . ?It I wlla, a iti.iit or h-.. k R i? wi-,i ' " . , II ai J I ur an.l Br a*ra?i fi.r tr.-iiU.-nkn ' 44.i'Jv. ' ^lali.JIK '" HI t 44 jlj Jl |. ;, % ? . ?, \ | . Post ->*b* | "W7"ANTED?BOARD IN BROOXI.rX. FOR A L4D1: A> f f ''m 1 ?irnlfhf ! |l?-t! . ?? w i> jmall f'uinily. with no , ???, r !-mM ^ rn-abK mid In r|ut. t i-jji, , lt. m ? sir?o? preforrMi, n??i inor? fit ah * A<l(!r>-?fl J. K. U, ? iRijrii I* , j;, m, [ (k ASUI AND ru< E (FBRBY RTBEET . IX A MB?T ? I rln?. |>i I. .1, h -., ? Un# l,ioail,in, Iw.i wall furnlali.- i - * , , . with or Boar.1, u. lat, |- .. .. Haft-rcmra glvan ?n.l rv,, mmsJ Iff WEST TWENTY MIXf|| STHf ? ?, T l Itll AO from llrim Iwav.?T.. l.'t, t., a , _ , Wilhont |)*.rtlal Board, aiaiy R.nw. Iho hum. ha? all thn m. J. rn uni.i*. nw,,,. 1,1 1,^7 J the house but a Spaui?Jt n 1. n, ?u. ? ;? . ? ' 81 nWK<T T4VKNT4 MATH Mitt I . , v , , f'irtiwhH Hoonii'nH, i., " with or .x r' ;t~? i ;| ? y -.up,ik; HIU.4.IW .... |*. ... a , mi<1 ftrst d*A? broirn <*iot?e. 23 ^?? r.FT.? ?"?b _ in,p.?It....ui, : .... .. |i Rrnlletneti. 1 4 < 4>Q GREBRB STRKET-4 IIEaP nWHm MnVi dSO to 1.1. f?r$I.$lii r. .? ? ,.| ,L . , Also frontan<l twick Ro.imn, oo *?rwf tl... r. urH , i* , ?i?ni .m n ,? ft AND 37 WF.-T TlllliTirTfl MRi:: 1 x-., yO Imhhh t ,k..? tlioar tw,. nrwly f,,| '".'"?J, "I'.'" ,.r..,l -Ire ,, | . ri without piIvatr taMi'. moat,ill, ?|i i,.,. 1 Brou.livayan.l V.ltli uvernia. Hrftrri r, fc gjl" Xm?* o- EAST T\VE!>TII STREET? Ill IV. I . 411 I? ?.W?X .'uli 1 v",1V",-"T i : I. . f ui, l.h. I H ?nl tnlrt S.'.Jt 1 rr'V1"" " l" >r>.. 1. or lull ,7A' '. ..J '? 8,1,P?rl"r ?c? foi private I Hca. Alkoaevml kinglr Room,. Rrfrrence. e?'har'rfrd I'itS !!K,iVV.' s'rilK,KT BT. John s I'ARK.-Tii U 1 miihii 1 ,rk 1! I .iriiNlii'd H 111, fr, ?IHlRIik V? " "ll!l ???!.? '-i.Q S5S*TWEtFTH HTRBET?BETWBBM FIFTH AND f hixth uvontion, a H<> >in to lot f uruinh?-i| o,-unfuiiuv ,t to ft gonL)<nftftn mid w ifr.? on on?1 floor, nil (!;?? im. Im n im piuvcnii nU, jiIwo a Boom on third floor ior ono or two tingle | gcnueiufu, uoitsc in pcrtcot order; terms moderate. j 52 BOAltlH.VG AKD LODGING. A A FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN BOWERY A NO HE ttT: cond avenue.?To let. with full or partial Board, a liumUome front Room, to mil! gentleman ami wile in two single geutlemen, w ith all tho modem improvements. WEHT FIFTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIKT1I mill Sixili avenues.?To let, ivitn or without Board, la geutlemen orn gentleman and wile, u flue milt of furnished Rooms, on first or second floor, having every couveuieuce. Unquestionable re fereuoes given and required. r O ST. MAKE'S PLACE, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? ' ImI Handsomely fun Islic,I Apaitincti , \vl li Ho ir.l. In a first class house. A gentleman uiul his wife or single gentle men wilt find nil the comfort* of u huuie la a very geuteel locality. No servants i r children taken. Cf EAST TWENTY-KIOHTH STREET.-TO LET, WITH lit) Board, two or three Suit* of very handsome Rooms, suitable for families or singla gentlemen. Ilouse lirat ctasa. Terms very moderate. Relcrcnct-eexchanged. 7Q TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?HAND I ?t somcly furnished Apartments, en suito and single, wltb full Hoard, or private table If preferred, to let to respect able partita. 7Q SPRINO STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD I tj way.?War prlies. To let, be vera I handsomely far nlslimt lto >ms to single contlcmcti. I.01 ation in near all the Hint clans hotels ami place* of amusement. Reading room free. Inquire of ANSON HOUSE. OA KAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET?TO LET, A SUIT OlJ of handsomely Furnished Rooms. suitable lor a faintly of regpoi talillily, w ith private table If desired. House Ural i lass, beautifully located, one ttoor from Lexington avenne, with park privilege. OK CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENt'E.?TO 0?J let, pleasant ftirul .lii'd Rooms, with Board. Dinner a* ?it. Thu house has all the modern improvement" and the lo cation Is central and pluusnnt. Q1 CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?AM t7A entire second tloor can now be obtalnnd. en suite or singly, with or without firstclass Board. Koferetic ? glvm and required. AO (iREENK STREET, ABOVE SPUING?ALSTON ?*0 House.?Elegantly furnished suit* of ltooms, wltb ga% Croton water, anil ev.try convenience for housekeeping eco nomically; particularly suited for small, respectable fauilllee. Rent low to permanent tei^uts. lift MACDOUOAL STREET?RICHMOND HOUSE IS J. i.\f now opened as a private family Hotel, for the recep ti ni of single gentlemen, or small families tired of boardiug. I'st ties desirous of housekeeping can find every convenluneo at the above eslabli?hment. "1 "1A BLEECKER STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR llu Broadway. Pleasantly furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, single or In suits. Meald served In Rooiua If desired. Transient boarders accommodated. Location pleasant and rent: at. 1 A TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE? Rooms i n aeeond anil third floor ;, l'roni, $9 und $10 I '-r week for two, full Hoard?two single gentlemen and geu? ileumu and Wife; lanilly small; locution pl-asant. lea PRINCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELE AtJU (aiitly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all llie conveniences for housekeeping complete, in cluding gi* and Croton water, to let to respectable families or single gentlemeu. m FOURTH STREET?TO LET. A SMALL, NEAT, three story House, with basement aud sub-cellar, in ?<> t ord i; has all modern Improvements: rent at the rate of *3l>> Can lie seen between the hours of It) and 3. For par ticulars Inquire of J. WKSTKRKIELD, 738 Broadway. 1 A4) uncni STREET-FAMILIES RETURNING YoZt from the countiy w ill find good aceoinmodationfc Rooms on aver) tloor, single and In suit, to let, with Board, . n iii odi ra'e terms, MesU to suit business people. A front l'4?-tllrti! In let. tinl WE^T FOURTEENTH STREET-A large, m'U ftnuaat Room and Bedroom attached, and two i.r- halt Ruoni*. fot getnlMnen and their wlveejor singe t. Itk-moa, wi'b B ?rd. Dtuoer at 6 oYlook, breakfast at T ? >"? I.s'k Reterelires exchanged. I i.m WEEtl.-JACEBOM Hot'SE, THE LOWEST . hi. a n .a moat comfortably and conveniently fur i Afarunnts in the city, to meet t:.?Wvant? or small ti.iatllaa, ? li pvry n-qo.siui furnltn e. Linen, cooking rang* and uteusils, ga. and Croton water. Oi\U WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.-FURNISHED ^t") It i s |.. ?. i. l*h Mosr-1, lnr .* gi'titletuan and fami ly ?l? i i siogh lit cue ii. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Befo re ie aa i >- hai led 210 HOI ?KM, ROOMS &C., WASTED. __ LUFMTLBMAN ami WIFE, WITHOUT ciiildrbn, lrnals i a" ~T'] f"1 n'-h-j front Rood, on aeeond floor. I ii 11.... hi i li .its wni) moilern Improvements; price i i at ' Jlopo mini t h: i leaning of riHiin anil gal ta il It f I need. AddM ?? S. 8., Herald office. L" lt*If*llK? IHH'SK ANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS ' f io-at: ? ?l rv ''it rent or a portion isf it would lie 1 I?ait Jliai!. ?wh pil?ll.?e oi in king a lew other parttea| ?n . ? i i . ., .. an l handsomely furulshe J. Address , \ I I H'>- <1 'OK-e, for three dava. . ?> ???-??? KNISIIEO ROOMS WANTED?SUITABLE FOB i. > * *ke p'sjv h< i? K'H!|*iiisn and wife; would require I lw ? three ?refurnished pl.atant Ranin?; re n t must be I n. 4. ? ie a i p? l pro nj In advauco if required. Ad' iiirssi I Ks 1JMPi m efco AI r HOI -r. w ANTED-BY THE SUBSCRIBER; LO i. e,i h. i*?rn '?tfiii aail Eighth avenues, and front r?. ..t!> ki) ot> aeooad ?u--?u. Aldress B. II., Herald etur ? -a? - _x ^ U'A.MH' VK L\KiiK oll TWO 8MALL UNFOR fv ? l-' d K ? ins, 11 ? ii.iildlng uwd iu |sitl for oflloea, ar baving an ni<i.>i<rnd>-at MMM tan th" street, for a i i .i r i,i iii u .t to ,'ir. ml $75 for one or ?I *? (<ir tnr ? Rnonx fN-r minnm, .1 thli I 01 fourth ?t??rjr [. .,,-1 A.t.h * Y IV M . ?*?. II II' * STKP Tu 0 QRNTI.RMBR WISH A PI'KNIKHRD ?t H mi, with tb oi 10 iHmr. In it atrirlly i*T r t i?iui > I'l l ? ??' , > ???'?<?4 #1 vpi wnuk. Lo> atun o?/l MM ? Pm,i Mt?rt A?l<lri'ft? I' I,. U., nut ulliiv. U'AXTtn ro RENT oft L.F.AKK, A km AIX TWO QB If II ?illi ill >'l' ru Hiijii. vemi'IitH, WMI . i li> *.!?..) ii ! ???? i"' ??? Kinl lb hi*"" !?? a ameU fam I.. lit a ?' ii .'l?l..>. b> I .IMrwi bot 4 017 INiat offlee. U'VMl" rilK U>WKR part Of A IIOl'SE, WITH tii in M ? ii I i' .-eiaeaia, f n a f.inn y of tblW ? . ii ?<ii' ? ? '.* i !ty, Wlow PiiiMtb mm. id 4 m *. * P., li. r-14 ? \l' NTi f? * *1 IT OP ROOMS FOB A SMM.L pamt. fl i, h m mil uri kni ; itui lil|ih<Ti)mn I'lintclh MittCi K',1 Wi'?li H.i ?vrn Ir Rufer> nii'? t'hi" ilully exi'liangad. A ' '? h ii' tratnia >f riKima, Ar , or nu nolle* uka V V M . boa l?i 1 i.l?? , \RrAKTRP I i KM III D KOOMK, si'itabf.K POR " t it. I n ?m ill idii'ily, in a privaM bonne, ?u l lit ? s - I l? a't ??? i rum ii bi i iS'Hiib.f Artdrcsa I... lo . ?!,>? I. II , Heralil oMM. U'A -TFIi PART OP BOI'?R, PCRNtftHED OR DR" . ? |?. e I. ?i h <? iiini' iv? fm a I*.'illy nf kll per" . n- *' | i. "i*r A...ii >?*, aritb lull I'nil luara, ii., Nl .17 !!?? 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H . h?IKNII R| I IRPR1N R.M.k*. A?' ROi'iIMT POB I ?') .* I'llilr -. ? ? .. . h- ?e?-ii ,Nl .III Ml gll RRIT Kli W \NTI.I?- KM" 'ill TO PI HMIMI A p* i? MVworth, paaia a .J anh. ftaO'l'?* a iraaK fi (it mtllii. A lJra i R^ b> ? MwnM F'l 'iNrTI RR WANTRP -A NRWLt MARKltD i.hiM mu ? '4 kwwk'epi'.i. ?..?il4 like t? } ?r. it i?e f.. in imi Iiiim^W toj in B?e h'ini|r"l <1 ;.*r? m h '?( f'trnittir*. a frtiernl ?????rtaiea* r. .r iraH. Parvlra u*>?mi ilta ??"??? f~k.-?^t l*"? rmsk nt; ? kir>-n r'nral i .r? HttiK-a A, ?priu< tint! Pimitoi s imi'Imjvep rmutR io:ii-rR ftiiK aid ?.ik r #r?t ? l?a? P irti ' ii ? ft-; 1. w ?> ? ??le . rf . I i.y at n? >''? |my"ae?'a. M IM Tha'hurr. I rB'.l) Xj i itai Aia-leiu I l?e.i?'i RUED A5IO LIUtOIII. 'pnc attrstio* optiip. tkamr h RRnrp. rpi ix* X mil ?e.| .<? 'iw ?ap?n"f 'I 'll y >?! Hiom r ? fi'-aii tor?"l I'ha ttlftp' A'e. ThWali'u . 1 Ih-ak tl all aea M II1 of ibe ?rar. ii?^ u'a k- ping aaaMijr, r?v>'ftU* of thai bi'-*''il darlnf ih. m.>ftt ph-"'#"!..-hoi ? llliir,l*|WU i ?<l f. r ?ajt l< n^'h ..f lime. <'h?r? $ltj ??. . I in I |? r !<bl, i). '? ver- I ? nay |<tri >?f lh? I'* '.f Hew V ?ril Pn'ineat. .Ml 'IfllTary. l>ri. n?en i. Il*?> taer'ftBn wery, (n ll*r l?iii, ?. I (t atCrn4t a in ? ,'.i . ti rro LIOIOH UK A1.ERR ANII nUIURt I I' aVJ a I .1,... ?iiitt ?? Mai* Wbi>* al M?" t? jiei aa-i Br?a ilv aii.I R'lin, $- I" ft1': "i Oln,Ti3 11 ii ft I 1 III .*? 'ila; Krrn< It hjfti' t?, I <. "tiI? All fr in t.e ? i I ?i ... i! n . ji ( ?> Pine Mplrllit, 9) eeni> THOM. a I'KVVIt, . i?n . I X I It Tenia iiutl l.ttiM^MUS W uL^ui?' m|

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