Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1861 Page 2
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INTERESTING FHOM THE SuUTH. INTERESTING FROM RICHMOND. I'm o\ Ui rrrM., Iliomtoito, Va.,8ept.l6, 1861. Pk/k i AtHtH?\n opportunity presenting ItselfIn the form ol a Hag of truce, 1 i<la lly avail myself ??f it to assure you of my ultimate recovery from my mishap. I am now getting on a* \v> i: us I could liopo for, If 1 except the dull, tedious way of i> sing the time?Moing nothing and hearing uothn g ui w. V\e h ive no paiiors wd very little rending matter. W< rise, eat, drink and sloop, and in thin monotonous inaoiwr wo pan away tho weary di.ys, by no means pie* antly or In oonsonanco wifh my ta-'toi or desires. Hut 1 >vait patiently, neverllieloea, for tiie ilay that will bring an end to all. Thero was on order promulgated to il. < f1uot that ull the wounded jiri oners who had 11ml -f amputated should I e soul home with ottr do. tors. Tweiof our doctor! are still kept to attend to us, and when they leave a good tuuny ol' us will probably ho M< nt bon o with them, lor there are many had case" among i s. Hoping Boon to be restored to my h me, 1 remain, yow aflfeelionateaon, \YM 1\ DEMARSBT. TI1B REBEL ARMY OP THE POTOMAC. TOPOHRAPHY AM' POPULATION. [Correspondence of the New Orleans l'tcayune-] Fajkkax, Sept. 19,1801. From the region of the Chain bridge, In the direction of tho Upper l*otomac, 1 find the oountry much loss broken nt.d rugged ihau before Arhnglon Heights. H ih also under better cultivation, tho soil w hollar?especially lor fruit ?ud tho oereal grains?and the horsoa and catt'e larger, finer and fatier. Tho peojile, moreover, are of abettor class, luve longer h -en in |?>8K08Ston of their estates, and consequently, us fumiliud, have a dee|?er Interest In tliem. The late occupants of tho s< il in lowor Fairfax county utid the Virginia side of tho old llistriet of Columbia, were, for the most part, new comers from New Jersey, wl*?t>ougl>t out tho old worBout lauds, lu the vicinity of the federal capital,at a low price a f.iw years since, and wore busy m iking most out of them when the war opined upon tliem. Tho most of the ii oritiluaiiy sympathized with tho Northern army,or become committod to it In its advance,and afterwards Hud with it. Not so witli tho )>o>'ple of loadon and other counties alnive. Mosi of tho presout occupants of tho soil inherit i from their fathers, at-in y did from their fathers be fore tin ui, and with the inheritance all the pride and careful farming which intnelics to a family possession. I found tlieirhov.s * an<lbirnft, therefore, in good con dition: their Ileitis well tallowed, and their orchards of apples, pears and poch ? well tlllod with rl|ie, gushing fruit. The Vines also ill of luscious grapes, and everything Indicated n p.n vroua and coutented people. Only a few new come those in tho n xlib. rhonl or Washington, have '. n tho coentry, and pr' btbljr but few who remain in it Ii tve been disposed at any timu to give aid and comfort to tli* enemy. Nor have they been temptel,e.\c pt by o-caslonal invading tiarties from the other side. It Is not believed even that the ma jority'f the people ol Maryland, on tho opposite shore, are disaffected towards us, though It is probable they have ti appear in favor of tho black republican cans- so long as they have u Northern army in their midst. This r.rtny has n rrer at any time been very large, but 8 itllolent to alienee an unarmed country people. The condition of a poor fanner, surrounded by n family de pendent u|ion hint, ii t'.i ? midst of un invading army, to miserable) and helpless in the extreme. Whatever may be Ills political sympathies or personal dislik ?,he is compelled to the in si abject silence, even to give fo id and lo igitig to thot-e upon whom ho may 1 -ok as his own and country's oppressors. This was tho ess.-w Ith thou fan is on the Virginia side of thu Potomac dnrlrg the ad vance of the Northern army, and it would bo strange If It was not so to a great extont m Maryland. It is lolly to say that he could i osist,h .wver nrich wo may admire the spirit that would dictatc It I! is Clearly Imp' ssible. II ? w uld thoreby lay him. elf liable to arrest an 1 Impri sonment and his family to insult and banishment, while his and their homo would b .? made desolate. Tho l's'iol course in such o ises has be -n for the head of the family, or one of llu ho combatant members of tho same, to remain quietly at home,.while those capable of hearing arms entered th* army. It was thus tho invad ers found only old men an I women In their advance on Manassas here in Virginia, au<! I pres lino the same Is tho c iso iu Maryland. In 1 ? fl, we know very well, from th ? i um rons enlistments from tho other side into our army, that this is the case. At eidy there are at least tlireo thousand fighting Maryland! i s doing service in our midst, und vory many <.r them ure from the counties on the op posite shore of the upper l'otomac. now THE POTOMAO IS TO BK CROSSED. Tho I'ppor Pot 'inac fur iho distance of many miles, lie i ween l,eesburg and tho falls below, Is fordnble ul many places the whoa- year round, exccpt during vary high wator. At present, however, iho water is very Imv,ami, I learn from the count v i?<oole, will continue to row lower till about o.'15th of November. For tho ?l?ce of six week*, therefore, military operations, can bo carl iod ou with iKirfotl safety on b .ih sides < f uio river. Wo hara pa.-sed the rainy season and already outarel upon the dry. Mauy of tUe mouutaln run* art'still full from I he effect of passiug shower*, but tb 'ir contribu tions have but little Influence ti]K>n the river. For nearly two weak* now it hag boon easy for large Issli of men to pass over at tho principal fords, and within tho space of two works more, 1 am as ured, il Will become fordablo al almost every point. The current iu many places is rapid at all times, hut tho bottom Is Arm and the water shallow. A well equipped army, moreover, has a thousand advantage* in the p.issago of a river over the common country lasjple, who cannot make f<r .Is ill will. From my ow n observations ami what the neigh boring people have told me, the lore, 1 hav? no doubt that the Upper Potomac c ui be cr?i<sed with safely by a large an 1 well appointed mny, al aim >st any pla'c iio tween \jo isburg and tho fulls, and any time between this and tlie first ot Novemb" .without danger of b dug cut off from tho base of its o; n ations. Sluuld tho i<ople of M iryl.uid, in leed, prove tu true to n as wo have reason to bolleve, that State niii.ta of itself oai-aiy bo made tho base of operations F>|?ce.ttlly would this bo the caso if the recent successes of tie .. . al I.eo result in driving t lie in vs lor completely iff that'll of Northwestern Virginia, and gaining possession ngmi of the Baltimore and Ohio liailroal from t.'raftoti down. Theouetnv wou!.1 then bo completely checkmated oii ill si los?at Harper's Ferry, at Lnoeburg, at Arlington Heights and at Alexandria? while the union of the two victorious armies wo ild Nxm drive the oppressors of Jlai ylaud biw-lt to their own soil. HOW GKSEKAI. M'CLKi.t.AN INTENDS TO BLOW IP WASHINGTON AND RETREAT. It is not b.'llovod here. indeed, tliat the en< ruy will link" any very derisive ftand anywhere, but will blow up iho I apitol buildings and ub union Washington on our Ursl advance. TITB YANKEES WON'T FJUHT. Th'ybavonot th" men, and cannot get them; and, if they could, they could nol nuke them stand. Th? mode rate people of famiie? and substance have no interest in continuing the S'tpoort of this bl tck republican war, a iimst eve'y principle of Justice, an I without the plegi bility of bri .gin.'.; it to the conclusion thoy first propos e l; and wl l not jo it, further than they are c >mi?-lle 1 to b,. the presence of a superior force. Our advance, there fore, will not only bo Uie cm .in in.ition of a I good people iroui the uiihard of ty-r ".ny now r ignlng in tlia North, but will be the br?aVing up of the tyranny Itself. Throughout Maryland we shall bo bulled as an army of dell e rs. Tho shore of the Lower Potomac, below Alexandria, Is even m. re rough and rugced than that above. It was so dittl.- ill for heavy artiil ry, indeed, that the direct!..a of tho luva ling army was . h.M g d afi 'r it b gun t march, and only two days b'for-e the battle of the 51?t of July. With tlie except., n of the immediate shore m the n Ini'.y of Alexandria, all ill' r<e ; h country ir h*ld by us, and can be made a strong position for fu-ther operations, at the same time it furnish" t'i n lant for.i..- for th" army of occupation. Krorn t. ir . a'so, under the protect 11 of batteries in progre-s o; . i o lion all along the Virginia shore, nn nrniv can safely bo movod across the river Into l/iwer Maryland us above. \V u-hingiou would thru be flanked on both side , at ' i-u.{ the danger of being cut off from communication w ih Annapoils and Haiti more, tho d.spots there enthrone! would not long discuss thu propriety of a retreat. It is doubtful, indeed, If they could ko I an army Hi , e a I .y wlthont the risk of losing a ia-g i<ii tioii f f tleun as i .ners, and all thoir stores, artillery and?mtn nitlo:. ? .*?? ortmuly not su army so demoralized as that which lied in a panic from Hull i tin. As to the people ofl. eve "ivlmd. ther* can be no doubt of their am -i ana Imous sympathy with our i a'tse. Therhayi u i from the beginning, an I continue to favor us, tin ? 1. lo pe ;ile, in the mosl ma kod inannor, and freqi'e! ; . ta-? r.slt <>' th ir liv-'S. 1'Ik r country, Indeed, is now i.eariy the only one through which fugitives from ll.e N'ortii can iva li their I. uno-" and fitei.d? in,tl.e C'onV eraie HUi -s with saf tv. An ?:rmy oi do lvera ice s cb aa we >hall toon belnaoowli. tlon to sen 1 ?! em, t\ u 1 "vry a h rc he lriiled with rap lores id joy. They v uid, in i.eov?r,furnish to us, of their abiin i'nuco, the n> ) ius lor f jrthor pros.', uting tho war If necessary. TviNiBitiso aorrn or the powiiic. It appear; from th ? lolio.Ting t tho i.lo.i has bean prom Tgtted by telegra. h to uie S<iutherti pi v^s that tlie rebel antiy will go into wi. ,tat"ss ,tli of tho Po tomac river. The Savannah ?V . 'j, alluding to this ties patch,says-? It Is ra'cul.-'nd to have a 11 ??( -pres^tig e:T'-t on tho minds of our p p.e. . the coiiitin:i.c?<suo:.l o." tlio war wo have u 4 rc .. <? i m . e unwelcome or.iuvrc uuox pocted uows. PICKWEISIK lli I KPEf. RANKS. [l'roui t:.? I ii. ? ten Mercury.] Tho terrible sat .i n y . ..f our army npon 'ho ^ot -m-.c !? .a ma'teror pi ti. il'estt the whole peo pie m the OonleJeiate states. '1 aere are few In tho Con f?''"i.'- s who li v?not noar ro a i i's Rt Muiasens, or i n t ie i ' . p: and th so wb" have i t should be 1' ? frightful coti.litl..ti ? tho camp Is i Sbb^ci ol . i.iTcri.-il interest andalnr.i. UNION PP-T- IM T (From ii.e I T'lO Ylli'kcO pi two lmn lie ! e: III t. i St. amor K. 13 Tc . They by the Vancoy Ouard O'u ' Hayties, i-i. 1 w.< e ret. iv o Washington l.lght Tn'atitry nt men. They were takon to ih will bo sent onward to .V :w O O'c! >c'c, via tl.'' V'. bile ? ? tS Oh The p i* mers bal' i(;e 1 J .ive.iib ?t.d r ?!. 1 i !i tlei rl'.y ( f New "i < ri. i u Ma n#, 'ii.ere was lmm I l.iipnlty put utxni i k lu tlje uows bunlm ?, . t on-pies Stiff; but ihes . tv II i be prisoners w ? 1 v 1'. 8?a few vlfdte i w cit' qitarters r* ring tin Jloft of tl m wore Ii n'th. They up i Was but ono tolly c that the North i.'n 1 very taUl, lopes that tho two - i. i.i Intercede a. ? orih w mld now i al H v. aft l .0 lat TFTE I?EPKL STATES, ?une, Sejd. ao.] as I s staled, at.a t ??. iv luornli'i'on the * t om Virginia anan county,Vs.), Captain J'?,re .by V ''-Oo Cadets, 1 >1 mo .nted i' VTa and uooii ,ui fyur 1 la the sty th. r ?irteonth, and tao Second nt I at tfc* rocep'! it, but no a >v- bovs, mof i of them It Oira- u'.t to kocp thoir to th ore ov. oi ton t >i- Ilia | ->.i. i tiny and converse w.tli tliem. In excellent spirits, and ail in cood ,r? (1 to l.svorr.y one Idea, that in ua It ted on ell'ior side, and that was the F /tub have out. A am i ,4 them bald that ho w .= now hi l'r i P >\ret'S?Unglund a*id Frail'1 .tit'-tb-' matter, as he thought the je willing to compromise. When told i lo c . on.ite lie co ild nut utidi r It. ITo (1'ltml "Whyt" When answorei' that be cause tho South wished to iettle the whole matlor now and t'oitMrue, and she would not uousent to a compromise, lie appeared to be amazed. Wo 1, urn that, liieie areievera' among thom who ha.t previously live I In Mobl'n for several One of those wo aconversation \uih, but to the last be uonlu I his lit 'titity. Ah ill instance of liow Southerners treat prlioneri we will state 11 fact. 'I hero wore s. uje two or throe of them b ueti. ted. An Alnbamlen raised a suhsci'ipti n and gave the in li. hum to hi y ah Of, mi'I a'an a nice little P m to disl. ihut" aue ng tho m st needy. The "blue beliie'l" po lion did not like to hear that "old .lourdsn," with bin Cm piny Of colored Creoles, was to escort thorn through Urn i-iiy of New Orleans. What la surpt ising, most of them d?d IJncoln, and ?aid that they did not vote for him,but votel for Douglas. When ii- I.e I wl at they wore lighting for, thoy answered, tbu "Union." one, the Captain, answered boldly all q> est ions, nml said liu fo ght on pi iuciple- There in S"ine littlo knave about Uie"boM Captain." Home of them wero surprised with the treatment In Mi bile, us they Raid fiat i h*?y expected w bou they ar rived here to ho "almost ta >n up." <1110 .said "lie did nut exjann to got no far South no soon." At about half-pa?l three o'clock four oomi'*nlea of the Second Volunteer regiment, under Lieut. Col. Ingoraoll, arrived at the quarters, and eacortod the prisoners to the roll road depot, whore they embarked for Now Orleans. There was an immense crowd not only at the wharf yes tcriisy morning to receive them, hut also at tin chib in the evening to s -e them oil'. 11 uiUrt'ds of lailiei were on hand, awxious to see a "live Yankee." THE 11EBEL AliMY IN KENTUCKY. [From tho Nashville Union and American, 0 1. 2.] lt' iissoau is retreating towards lxiulavilte, It is doubt ful whether we will have any lighting uutil we gel to Louisville, unless we can overtake thorn. At a meeting of the ladies of Howling Green. on Satur day morning, two hundred and fifty dollarewere raised for our sick soldiers. Following Ih i example of these no ble women, the cltlzoi.s bold a meeting in the Court House the same day, after diuuor (addressed by our cor respondent and others,), at which a largo amount of money wui paid and labor wibiciibed for the purpose oi completing the fortitlcatiom: hero at tho earliest momnut. The city of Howling Green is full of refugees (as ex Governor Helui says, who is there), "from Justice." Three companies a>e now iu process of formation bere, one of winch will perhaps bo made up entirely of refu gees fiom the vicinity of the Lincoln camps iu this State GRN. ZOLLIOOKKKK'b BRIGADE. Corporals Shaffer aim llitinpas-., ot Col. Rains' regC meiit, are iu the city, ha* in* b ei; sent here for the pur" |Hj?e of carrying on supplies of wiiuer clothing for said brigade. The brigaie is now at Camp Uudiuier, Cumberland Ford, Ky. Messrs. Shair r and I!umpass go directly on, and all persons having blankets, socks, shoos or any other articles tor CoL Kama' regiment, will Bend them forward at ouce. NEWS FKOM GEN.'B CAMP. ? [From despatches to the Southern press ] Nasiivili.k, Oct. 1, 1861. The Bowling Green correspondent of the Vniun and Amrri- an, under date of the 30th ult., says Gen Ruck nor is advancing towards the Ohio river, driviug the Home Guard before bun. It was thought lie would rraoh Owens boro', thirty miles above the mouth of Green river, on Monday night. (?) The same correspondent Rays tho advance gna-d of tho army at Bowling Green moved forward on Monday to a point ten miles beyond Green river. There Is a re;?.rt. in Bowling Green to day tlirt the fedo rals have barUu-'d Huwotiviliu aud Cloveri-ort, on the Ohio river. liuckner has blown up a lock in Orcen river, near Rochester. - r.i [From the Memphis Avalancheoxtra, Oct. 1.] UowmxqGkktn, Ky.,Oct. 1,1*61. General 11 ic.loier's advance column, two thousand strong, took Hopkiusville on Monday last, captiuing tho small arms an I artillery of the enemy. The t'e lernls dis williout firing a gun, nn I it waireported they shot two CmiMoral ? prisoners b fore retreating. [From ihe frankfort (Ky.) Comm iiwoalth.] Mr. Harvey K. Brown, "f Islington, has the bagle which summoned ifollicouer's men to action, ft was pre seute I to him at Camp Hick Robinson, on Friday, by Col. Woulloiit, it having been taken by one of hii men, J. 1*. Sj>ek, who killed tho bigle? at tho encounter near I!ar boursville on Saturday evening week. Seven men were killed at the lire, ono of whom was the bugler, aud the whule force, numbering about 2,fi00 men, then precipl lately lied. [Correspondenceof the l:nion and American.] HOW THE BEUL8 CEI.EBKATED THK ANNIVEKSAKY OK THE UATT1.K OK MONl'KUEY. iuRT Hunky, 'louDBShiiii Kiver. Sent 21 is/ti nil day being .1,.anniversary ,.f thV baltlc of Mon ??2mta?r aI? yl"r' ,h'' Ul tlll<Sl y ? w'w <"rect "'I 10 (1, 0 * .-aims of eleven guns at twelve ??vu?4c. The reiflment was formed onthobank of tho beautiful Tenn^eand the xaiute wai tired m admirable stylo, iu the presence L mf i"""1 i"ri'lf',! an I gentlemen, the stetmor Kir .man having lando.l with ?. pleaaire |>arty on board. Ih. gun used was a beautiful six poundi-r, from tho manufactory of our enterpi Ising fellow citi/en t. M llreiinan, Esq., and It Id Indued a monument to his skill In the manufacture of guns. This piece is such a favorite hi's " Bt'i th^t tlioy have named her " swoet Alter thesalute the Colonel Invited, and th? whole com n drinking ?' long life to Colonel ll.lmau." One of the soldiers, altar a slgnilleant smack of tho lips A BACY oikkral orijkk. At ar?. parade this evening tho following address was This day flfteen years ago was commenced the battle of Monterey, an e ngagement iu which the Tennessee troons tillered inoai sove el, There a,e Vivid recollections or the scenes then and there eimcto l It was a strugglein which the reputation of the whole nation was Involved, and ..specially of that iwtlonof it which now composes the ''ConredorateStatoa if America " for (he soldiers furnished by the South in the war with Mexico were volunteers fn sh tr.m the walks of private life entirely unused and unaccustomed to the privations au<l liaitUhij s o. a campa^ii, strangers to the scenes of bl>md and c.iruaKe incident to a hard Held. They trtve un for the time the endowments or home, laid ii.?ido the p ?acefnl employments of civil life, and al their country's ' assumed the regalia, took up tlw arms of the uii'l undertook the stern duties of war. ' Tho hosts that llion ?t ,od shoulder to shoulder confront ing a common enemy aro'now arrayed ncrainst eaeli other In this unholy, fratricidal war, wbi. h is being waged Inst the S.?u,h; men who then fought side l.v aide are now Ugh ting face to face; officers wh . then rallied under nvalbanner's* "" "?W <,trut?!l"? ,or,liesupremacy of or.wEitAT, scorr is cohtlimkntbd. The old soldier who then, in (ho prime of life, was Com. mau.lor ln-< hiel of the whole forcca in the country uuw in his dotago, comraan'ts the Northern army, which seeks ^'mh#i0 a" J ovorrun> cou>luer ttQl1 subjugate tho whole To day Pav is, 1 lean regard, Johnston, I/?, Pillow Foster Choaiham, Magrudcr, Bragg and the other gallant lea lera of the arur.or . 1 tho t-y.uth, ae colohraliug tbevicto-v won at Monterey this lay, Ufteou vears ago when SoJtt w ts Oomiuau-lor in < hief, while some of tf,em are fre h from the bloo IV it. :d of Muaassas, where they were *g L.ill) tri unphfmt over too gre tt commander lb., anniversary of the battle of Mo.otore}?a day to be remrmh'1,.,1 by f iinjsseoaus, when the '-bloody first'' tirbt'dsy UUli ? m"" k'"0d RU,t wound?l' " "io Some who n w occupy place.5 iu th-so ranks well re m. u.her the a.a filter and the victory . f that Jay so glo rious to American arms. ' * Ho who now commands the Tenth Tennessee regiment was present and a.- isted in thai sir, ggl?, i,oie its t . suited in the victory w.m.atal 1,. , . to le ul ih h lU, to the prtMot war, to Vlctorl., full* U.S briil ant am. m ,"h lees fatal than that ol .V|, nt. i -v. With n t -ar oi sympathetic iom.mbr.jnco to, tho.,e who so gallantly ~ 118 'l? ?-*r the victory so nobly w.,!!. and m B"? ."''u J"y ?"U a l ame more durable than m lamenuU brass, le, i.s, on this, lis annlvorsarv co t uaiit with each . th r and o-tr commander, that so'i w as Iks in our powor that g .od name shall ho pirpetu .ted. A NKvV MOVKMKI T IN AltKANHAS. [From tho fo. ahootas . A k ) Herald.8apt 20 1 For some time past the c.tu. m of t'li. vlelnlty huve * t.r",.?H,u,?a?r <;??>orai /uido# "i? rdcrou t ? Ihe M , :i, ivr, ami the ord- r h i; 00ma. On yesterday moping Colonel Cleburne's rest ijient left lh? r camp it Hix s terry f the \|?< ? -.h . riv. r. and it ts (Upootfld thatoaoh sacoMditic dav ?-il bring orders for another reglin i nt,, ah ib-tro. ih it an now in this country (except haps, two regiments) will be aeatioB their aarchea tward. ' The cause of thte move is not kn vvu to tts, but wo can K^itmil. \fl",n m " ' roocntly rocclvedfrom n.eui .< rv\, .u, io tii -y arc g"fnf: to. An "X Tn !? an i : nt Fort <?? li th-' 20 I from rnlo Ue Men \ at e b,r ?in,; ; , s ... ? M.t!o between a c< m ,"1 r'V- J'-1 '"a:ie'* regiment, nud ? tiHiiih -r of l\,i,, ,iajh.i,\: iu w:.i h the Cher, i e* kll.ed twenty-sit. and tliree killed of the Chorokees one " whom ?? ' ?-*?? i. .lames . ...; o gjr bioiher o." the late well kuowu Jack lteil, TIIK HEBKL COAST AND ITS DEFEyCF? HK8FATCHKS T'J TIIK -OfTiiruK P!tt'>H, ?nieRi lin^nd oorre?)ooieSr that pa i r fro n ... n ...rk . tlu a form? lafle fe I.C3 expedition ts destined for Bromwlok u . An . ment occurred onW.-dnos Ia-. i, u, ti.i b-itterl. ? bad tie eaeroi s V,W , ,ef I- ' , ' V'"1 *le Potomac, ab ? t A i ia"crec!{. ihj *M-?iiers h . ?V'rr crl;i 'ied. H i -n ane ha* (ia .lev Ti\ r ami N , , ! lUmi'i lcm'h 'ek.tal wi" ????' Ave cou jK: m the Wlmington (V. C ) n*rn!d,1 Drunsv loK n situat d on tile mirth si lo or Turtle river on.- bun. I red ru 1 ? xt.v eleht mil. - trum Mills Igville n harbor |> imported specious and eafe, and one o? the b ? on th Sou'hern < . t Tlw Tnrtl ? river and Aliemaha a 0?neeted by the Brunswick cow? n>e I nan J' i Floridanatiroad,extending towards Pansao tla in .'m a, 1- in the courser.:, .ne?!.,- . '1 -a to-vn Is th''.".#.., I a I alf miles above the bar. an 1 e sht a'wve t..o i. ? on Bt. Simond s Island. \ sell rawing over thirteen foot of water cannot cress the bv at 1. t , ;e , he .- . lotion of Hrnnswick Is set down at iw . th-i.-isnd 1 l e.leral troops, If they w?ra k-ic ?-* .p ll.i ereatlv a-tt'.oy the surrounding cvmt.-y. Put n,is wi'l , ev.'r l e ri'.e peop e of Georgia are fui v warned of the ; nt, and they will acajtel/twrU;t it tj ?, ? .', ? 's of the en?my, iilLlTABT 1 rEPAKATIOJ.-J, A%7> rfiRTiriCA TI0};3? every hak to nniLi.. [From Uertjialelae to th ? & thtrn pres? J Th^ 0 ... ?( Nkw 8>pt. 23,im. IW * '' '^crs to.;: y t..enf.T.-e the t> : 'tla 6"o records'I on. V' ' * Persons refusing or evading the ti, ,,'h. y0 i! .' ' ' 1 a* s-i .driousaiid cnomies io era or over see. i ' ? a' w.d, unless foreign I'I'm v the c ? ,1 ii, . 1 compel disci hriu ? * ? 1. nr*i-? is tl \ l '^rs. Tho wo lo Toot, vi noi oil e? at three o I other military prepara that hanks and la ?J i '? In the after > "vk, ?j c.Mt orcry jus sro x?ro A HORSE FOR GFN. A. 8. JOHNSTON. |From the M m| Inn Advocate, Sept. 30.] Al M isrs. Mil) A: Tul't'i* mammoth stables, 011 Court street, wo ww yesterday a m ignlflcent charger intended forte n. A. 8. J< hnston, and presented to him by rr. Morrlwe.her, or Kansas. If we are Dot mistaken it la tho celebrated raoer 1'mpirc, Ihut was brod m this conn try,and subsequently taken to England, where, In '>c tober, 1860, he won a match race tor 1,000 sovereigns. Ha also ran In tho Epsom races tliat year, which wore won by Thormanby against thirty starters, ami wu se viutli, bin war not placed. In the name year ha run In tho lioncaoter St. kegcr races (won by St. Albans) and came out sixth: but was not placod. In appearauco ho ia tho beau Ideal of a horse. Of a dark sorrel, ho stand* iifle< n bands two Inches in height, and, to use the lan guage of his groom, is as "limber as an eel." TUB l'KKACIH.T.N' ltKOIMKNT. [From the Helena (Ark.) Shlold.J A regiment of troops from the Southern part of the Slate passed up last Sunday, m rovtn for tho teat of war, that should properly bo sty led the "Preachers' regi ment." Tho Colonel, Bradley. from line Bluff, is a Me thodist miniHler, an l, beside? him, there are no less than eight preachers in tho regiment?one of whom is over soveuty years of age. [ From the Pocahontas (Ark.) Tlerald.] Oh no, Mr. Shield, Col. Bradley's reglmotit is not en titled to the name of the "Preachers' regiment." Col. McCarver's rogiment, now organizing at this place, has forty-two preacliora in it now, aud will liavc over flity when organized, iietice wo claim the title for Col. llu Carver. WIN'ilK CJ.OTII1NO FOR RKBEl.S. [From the IUchmond Enquirer.] Georgia has set a noble example in providing for the winter clothing aud comfort of her soldiers, at an expense of about $300.000. She has 80,000 in the Held?2(1.000 being iu Virginia, porno of theO oi gla ladies also have must gonerouslv projx sod that, if the soldiers will send a part, or the whole of (heir commutation monoy to their sew ng associations, they will purchase cloth and mako up the clothes without charge. This expedient will at least avoid the skinning of our soldiers by the tradesmen. NOKTII OAKOI.INA (JKKEN TEA. The Washington (N. C.) IHspakh anuounces that Mr. Selby Spencer, of Hyde county, has succeeded In raising ten or twelve bushels of green tea?tho veritable China tea?on his premises the j?rosciit year. The seed were obtained years ago from an English captain,and tho />?.< pa'ih th'uks that Mr. Spencer's experiment demonstrates that it can be successfully rais< d In North Carolina it is said to make a beverage neat ly equal to tho China tea. PKOrOSEI) MONCMKNT TO FAI.I KN ItEBELR. It Ik proposed iu Kockbridge county, Virginia, to raise a subscription to the sum of $5,000 to bo appropriated to the purpose of creating a monument on tno grounds of Washington College, in honor ef all the sons of that coun ty who have lest and will loso their lives in battlo. TIIE KNIGHTS OK THB GOLDEN CIRCLE SURPRISED. A DESCENT MAPK ON ON K OF TIIEIU CASTLES. [From ihe Columbus (Ohio) Journal. I It has long been known that a gang of "Confederates," called Knights of the Golden Circle, has b"en infesting the whole country. That they were working secretly in Ohio against the war and the government has also been known. The Marshal of the .Northern district has tow nvide a des out upon them?h" assaulted pu" of their "castles'' in Mai Ion yesterday, and bore off a "Com mander" as a pr is oner to tho Cleveland Jail. Their re cords were also s ized. Below are found the sworn state ments upon \* hit h lh.- M made the arrest:? I, Samuel Cheney, of Marion comity, Ohio, of lawful eg ', being llrst duly sworn, depose aud say (hat on th evening of October 3,18(11, I wai at Carter's school hons\ iu Green Camp township, in said county, and with others present being Ue.drous of ferreting out and ex posing a secret association known and distinguished to tho uniniti ited iu Knights of the Gulden Circle, called ou peter Hopklus, who whj presejit, out of said school house, and after some preliminary tail it was arranged that J s'i "ild be initiated in regular form, said Hopkins informing me that he win a reg ilar member; wh-reui'xin we proceeded to a wagon somo little distance from tho school house, aud in said wagon I Mas duly initialed as a member of said association by said l'oter Hopkins, he ad ministering the oaths and giving tho passwords. Signs, grips, kc.t In good faith. Tim oath was taken In this wise, said Hopkins, tirst repeating a part of the same at a time, and myself repeating tliu same after htm. After said initiation,said Hopkins informed me of the names of a number of said association residing in the neighborhood, which names I tor the present withhold. The uaths, signs, grips, passwords, Ac., aro to the liest of my know ledge emho lied below, and are as nearly correct as I cau recall them from memo: y. I am particularly pssilivo that the parts in italics relative to wading in blood up to my knees t > serve Jefferson Oavis, as containod in tho oath below, was In tho oath, and my memory is particu lar and distinct on this part of th" sobject, also as to tho sUns. grips, passwords, ke. 1 he oatli as given is truo in substance, if not In form, as 1 Uu e to depend entirely on ray memory for the same, and turthorsaith not. FIRST OATH. I do trupt and solemnly promise ami jwo?r that I will not reveal any word, either directly or iudi'oetly,of what I am about to r-uoivu,except it be t<. s mo ttuo and faith ful brother of this order, and not to him or them until after Kirirt examination I chull liava fonnd him or them an justly eutitled to the name a? 1 myself am about to be, under tho no lesn poaalty-of having my body severed into four pa-la; the tirst part ohhi out at Iho North gato, tho second part ut the South, the third part at the Radt tutd the fourth part at the V ent Rate. 1 furthermore piomise that t will always hail and answer all signs and signals that are given to me by a iirothur of this order if in my power to do so; audi furthermore promise and swear that 1 will protect and defend all constitutional democrats, their lives, property and porsonal liberty from mob vlqlence during- tlio Southern insurrection, si long an tliey obey the Imvs of the lT. S. A., let it come from whatever sourc e It tuny ; this .bligatiuu to bo bind ing on me as long ax the war shall Inst. 8B'1>ND OATH, And T furthermore promise and swear, In tho presence of Almingty Ooa Slid the member* of tho Golden Circle, that 1 will rot rest or slu-p until Abraham Lincoln, now President, shall be removed out of 1111 I're Hontlal chair, nsd 1 will wade Iti biood up to my luiees,ad 8ojn us Jef ferson Pavis i^eeti proper to march with inn army to take the city of Washington and the White House, to do tho same. So help mo liod, aad ep mc steadfast to do tlie same. The undersigned, under oath, state that wo have read tho above statement, and say that we were present and heard tho oaths administered us stated In the above affi davit, and that the statements therein are true. T. II. MCKERSON. J. W. ilOOI). I'AN'IKI. SN'YDEB. C. M ARTIN. Sworn to ond subscribed before me this seventh day of October, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-on \ J. R. Qarhbiibom, Mayor of tho Incorporated village of Marlon, Oh!". FINANCIAL AND COMMEPXIAL. Saturday, Oct. 12?C P. M. Foreign oxcliange closed firm for to-day'ssteam er. Money in in brisk demand among the brokers, and tho rate must be quoted at G per cent for call loans. The Increase of speculation on tho Stock Ex change afford* fair employment for capital. Stocks were higher to-day, with a large increase of business. Government sixes roue to08J<4 for the coupons and 93% for the registered stock. Thus led, the whole list of stocks improved rapidly, aud tiie market became buoyant. So long as govern, nient stocks advance i roportlonati ly with the re.-t ol the market, the rise may be considered substan tial and worthy of reliance. The mo.'t iiiark?<1 Im provement and tl.o greatest amount of business were in Erie, which rose (at the first board) l'i; guaranteed Michigan Southern, which ro 2%,and Toledo, which rose 1J^. The advance, however, was general. Pacific Mall ro.-e 1, Central 1, Hud son Harlem %,Beading %,Michigan Get trnl '4. Michigan Southern, old, j|%, Caleqift l,and Book island %. A very large buoinesB was ti. ne in rail way bonds, generally at an improvement over last sales. In s-tatc Stocks the business done was limited, except in Mirsourit, which ro.-*c % per csnt. At tl.e close of tho bt ard the mur; c t was not ffiiite so rampant as on tho c all. Attic second board prices were rather lower, but tl.e market closed steady, the following leing the lit t rv ta tioiis:?United States 6's, registered, i i, 9:1% u ?03%; United SUtes C'e, wupon, 1 '-i, a 94; United Stat of6's, 1671, 82% af)%; Treasury notes, 0 pvr cent, a 09J,; Virginia C 47 a 47%; Tennessee CV, 42 a 42%; North Car< Jit.a G's, C ?% a 01; Missouri 6's, 43% a 4.">*.i; racily Mail, 93 a 9$V; New York Central, 7?J 6 a ;, 31 a 3J%; do. preferred, 48 a 49; J 1 ' 01 ' ivcr, U% a ac.fb: Harlem, ISjiifa 11* H': do. pr-,. ied, 29}i a 2 %\ Be 1 ling, 26 a 36%: MitV. an Centril, 47'4 a 47%; Michigan Southern and Noiihcrn In diana, ls% a 1 i%\ do. goarMitet ,1, 3'? .* 39];: IV. nana, 11^ a 11?%; Illinois Central, 66% a 06%; Galena and Chicago, 70%_a 70^4; Cleveland and | Toledo, a 37; Chicago and Book I l,md, 4'\ | a 49; Chicago, bmlirgtun and Quincy, ( . _ ,55. Delaware, Lackatwu.a unl Wuuni,t ? ? jiji. wnukee and t'ruirie dn Chicn, lu n j : a >i< Genual bonds, 7's, 83 0 69%: Deluwcu. ai.ti Jfutl eon Canal, fc3 a 85. Mr.CiM'o antfunocd to the Board of i5: th's !??? i.-ing that the G per cent fre.5ft.ry uotea <#buid beicceivcd by tho government i.i j v.-i . j,t tot 7-3) notes from iulhiduala a - v cli *sir m banks. Thesi 1 <-tc? at u v n e to \ ? 1 :ir on the aBHWin?cmej;t. Wo ni"> ri juested to -.ate i that parties urc re ptlrtd in fxtha1 ? t .. y an C per cent Treamry 1 01?fi t three yon 7 3 per cc it do. (1 pesit a Mitt, at ? ; ol n)< v with the I ' tes given np to rua the at, >,.nt < principal (upon which to i .- uefcew l .:. >) an.ul tiple 150. The exebanges at the r.t nk Glonn TT^ :se tl'? mori-ing were flO 1 l,f'<7 4 i, t 1 ii e l.aii ? to-dsy were $113,981,352 38, being a dally average of fl*,00B 06, against $18,447,805 22 for the week ending on Saturday last. The businesa of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Total receipts $433,392 10 ?For customs 20,000 00 ?Treasury notes 201) 673 15 Payments 827,701 73 Balance 10.802,803 62 The following are the earnings in detail of tho Galena and Chicago Railroad Company for the first week of October:? I860. 1861. Dfcrratt. Freight $51,105 04 85.739 55 16,305 49 Passengers 17,781 21 10,418 97 7,362 24 Mails, &c 1,250 00 1,100 09 160 00 Total $70,136 25 49,258 62 22,877 73 Fair at Chicago: large paRsctiger business. The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad earned the first week of Oetober:? First week, 1*C1 $19,266 First week, I860 CO,817 Decrease $1,561 Tho earnings of the Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad for the week ending October 7, 1861. were:? ToUl $21,660 Of 29,849 43 Total since January 1 776,166 62 722.0+4 22 Decrease iu 1861.,. ? 8,288 49 The following were the earnings of the Puuama Railroad for the fust seven months of this yeur and last:? , 1860. 1861. January $161,620 107 ,f>99

February 163,56$ 111,132 March 150,316 109,787 April 132,063 126,097 May 127, GUI 112,864 Juno 113,134 117,419 July 116,081 112,660 Total soven mouths $076,542 797,559 The anthracite coal brought down by the Read ing Railroad this week amounted to 25,587 tons; same week last year, 40,21)8 torn*. The bituminous coal, not yet reported, will be about 6,000 tons. The Schuylkill canal has brought down 2i>, 170 tons; same week last year, 35,438. The amounts at the several depositories, subject to the draft of the Treasurer of the United States ou the 23d of September, were as follows:? Draft; Si<'?' it On Pejvitit. Drawn. tDraft. Treasury, Washington...$1,336,432 80,811 l,2! vi..I Asa't Treus., Boston .... 3,247,649 387 225 2.S';ii,4... Ass't Tie , New York.. 9,112,538 2,317,035 6,854 t',o2 Ass't Treai., Philadelphia 1,239,806 22t,415 1,oil,481 Ais't', NewtOrlemis. 146,226 22,853 123,372 Ass't Trcas., St. Louis... 1J667,'181 1,306,381 102,51)0 Ass't Troas., 8. Francisco 471,3: 3 884,481 ? Bullalo, New York 1,078 306 772 Baltimore, Maryhnd.... 54 003 1,416 62,677 Richmond, Virginia 14,097 2,3M? It,70S Norfolk, Virginia 11,706 1,062 1.1,732 Wllmlngtou, N. Carolina. 0,088 737 6,361 8avaouah, Georgia 4,874 1.151 3,722 Mobile, Alabama 18,225 3,465 14,700 Nashville, Tennessee.... 4,8*? 261 4,613 Cincinnati, Ohio 501.260 893,305 207,0^5 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 726 7 718 Louisville, Kontucky... 205 ? 205 Galveston, Texas 1,811 1,006 1,805 Baltimore ? 20 ? Norfolk (Sawyer) 1,413 ? 1,^13 Cincinnati (Sherlock)... 1,118 00 1,022 Louisville (ItaMeiuan).. 609 609 ? Little Rock, A kausas.. 68,092 54.605 4,187 Chicago, ll.i ois 3,810 1,265 2,0^4 IH-trolt, Michigan 6,287 3,229 2,001 Om: lia City, Nebraska.. 089 637 462 Falls of St. froi*. Wis... 6,000 ? 6,000 Olympla City, wash'gtn 616 ? 518 Tallahassee, Florida 679 679 ? Omaha City (OiBlnoro).. 9,210 ? 9.210 Assay Office 17. 8., N. Y. 202,518 ? 202 613 Mint U. S., Philadelphia. 190,654 ? 100,654 Branch, Charlotte, N.C.. 32,000 2,832 20,167 Branch, Dahlonega, Ga.. 27,050 ? 27,960 Branch, New Orleans, U 380.267 ? 880.207 Branch, 8. Francisco, Cal 500,000 ? 500,000 Totil $19,261,119 5,512,074 14,102,199 Deduct overdraft 413 155 Balance $13,740,044 Add dllfercnco in transfers 405,000 Net amount subject to draft $14,244,044 Tho traiisfefs ordered were as follows:? To Treasury T'nited States, Washington ffltXi.OOO T? Assistant Treasurer, San Francisco Ooo.UOO Total $1,200,000 From Assistant Treasurer, New Turk, N. Y.. "05,000 Annexed is a statement of the business of the United States Mint for the month of September:? Gold dojosits? From nil sources $3,023,240 81 Silver deposits? Silvor and purchases 196.600 02 Total d?j>o.KltH $3,210,939 S3 C<?p|irr cunts (<>. 8.) received In exchange for cents of Ui'ir issuo 6,926 00 Gold cilniige? A"", of pi'UXS. Double eagles 14X,1M) Eagles 27.200 Half oaglos 160,622 Charter eagles 235.<108 lollars. ? 12,000 I'ino bars 2 Total gold 643,232 Silver coinage? Half ilfillars 863,"00 Quarter dollars 722,000 l;im h 100.000 Half dimes 110,000 Total sliver 1,290,000 Copper? Cents 6)0,000 Kc ajnlvlaii n. Hold 643,282 S.lror 1,200,000 Copier 900,000 Vali*. $J.988,000 00 272,000 (X) 80.1,110 00 788,270 00 lli.'HX) 00 1,144 26 $4,789,624 20 $179,000 00 180,600 00 10,000 00 6,600 00 $376,000 00 $0,000 00 $1 781,624 26 876.000 00 6,000 00 $6,170,624 26 Total 2,633,282 The following is the income account of the Chi cago and Bock Island Railroad Company for the year ending June 30,1861: J *80. TV. July 10?To paid Ir.torest on bonds $L> 895 A1 k .at 1?To j ;il'- o iu'?. r :tit I o rm Ut'Htich,. 1801. Jan. 10?To paid Interest on bonds I , b. i?To } aid 6 wot.ill.- i . ut I ooi ,u Brm ch.. June 30?To oMr> ting expeii s $7i>; ".'4 To loss on ourrcncy 4":i;'0 To paid Uixcl, 02,CI5 To balarro due fr m Bridge Co., being a defl. ci. Hi j- ? 1' earnings to pay wto< ? -t and repairs lie; e^ifure it... iile 1 lii ?m nset'i.-d uce< mts*; To | "lit ami !' is, lie'm i lost . . .icy prior to July 1, i860, ?? e mnts against w oil elsnnil i ii;i-h1,' ns are claimc 1, tmdtiad ai.d il" btful d'Ms bsreWWrs ire eilli. un settled uccoutils in hands 01 casnlei* To sinking tmil T# l.Uanco Total $i,.J0,3C0 I860. r July 1?V\ bt'snce to ere W of In- tn? ftcccuut $i"2 "is 1801. Jiwo80?By 1 <?-?= ?!. ;sr e.\. uuifS - 112 I3y freklit earnings 7H4.022 By Will earniiffs 21.200 l:yn .Us t'ruw otlie. .. rose 2d,0r.> 02,600 4S.895 62,600 731,020 oi .ns "1 >. . i Total y I tiianc tucn.litol ino me account.,. . 421,702 6 lot it 1'.: $7000TJSfi's,'Sl,rtf 63 4000 U ^ O's.'ol ,i OU W-'<'? 7000 U !> 6's,'06.... &7 6000 do Hli( f.()i o U 3 6's, ' T?,? It ? 6000 it 6t 00 Troal 2;*'' i >< ' 1 <n 87-1. frea 6 p> t2y ?r . " 1000 i lili GV, t; j 2000 do., to 1000 lil cM b V, ("2 . ? 2 5000 N* Carolina C s. 6<'\ : tooo Missouri 6 s. .. ??">, 5000 i'j 4 . 64010 do ?. . hO '> i!o b30 48\ I'll 0 Mill:: 8 p C b 1-0 1000 N Y Cent 6>... 63 6?C0: VC n i !>?! 1 \ 7000 ERK4ib w I Is ... 6000 do 1000Mi - ? Ut in b.. ; > j 20i'" N la 1st ni, *. 2000 Ml < k b. 7- j 4000 i &N\\ s f Ii H (,oc 11 Krlit W 2 1Mb <0 100o iUrln 2.1 w I) 12 ; .<oi l< v U T<! < ?? i? *.?: ??& t'n n?rtt in N V. s 26 Met chants'!' k. . |f in U I f ' !< eikK, 1 I 6 lianover iiatik... 70 ?0 Arner I vi iai |0 3k S-1 1, >iJ t'o 84 : j racl.'i '. > C? i.'-A' s>!'i I .0 tlo ii2)4 II 0 do IKIO 62*4 110 do 92 lot) N V 1 e<i Ki!.. .130 TS 120 ? 7 1( , do bi.O 7* , 1 0 do tOo 7?t>< A, ' do 7 , ?iCO d ? MO "ii.i trhnnss. . 1.13, len. fiusi.s U-.idKiv JUi. \ 60 ^ T.\ . MK 60 c'.o 630 3f3. 20 lit: 1 in RR 11';( 400 do 12 ??' liar: m RK pre . 29 1(0 do MO 29 800 do bSC 20 V 2'- ? do . 1 v do 29 ii %>'? Pcsdlng IU5 ,?7 3(10 di Sflij' 6o d i b60 3" 100 do st'O ? b'4 2" ' w ,T. : ? y RR.. 114 2> v .i tut*- 1 nn.. 11.: Ii?" M chO ll RR..010 47 70 d.> 47 ^ 1( ) do f SO 4 7'.. 60 do 47"\ 60 i..i 47 >, 50 do I-TO 47', 1 ? m:, ?.\ Mi ...ut is i ? <?' 18 'i 80 do ?" <0 do 1S\ ?00 do 19 (>") 10 1(1 2'i1 do b:0 10 (,o MSoci/'l g sk.stX) ::i> r.f ;. i 10 do i" 89 V 6.0 do 89 ?, 2 ? do -!.o ;i0>? ll' l 111 Cvl- ?:? MClip. Ol ' 1"! <lo fit!), fx) do st.) CO loo iv / i',tts r. t. ii V, t' fi flu I'll. 88 l;.ocal&Cii tiiiR.l 3 7i l'K? 71 b.'>0 di 71 so do co lcocciovfcToin::.. n t 800 do 7 8* 660 do KlO 78 * 100 do b30 7S * 60 do Bib 78* 360 Brie HK 31 300 do 3 1* 200 do 315,' 60 do blS 31)4 100 do 1)30 31 V 150 do b30 81* 150 do 31 * 60 do 1)10 31 * 60 do HlO 31* 100 do bIO 31* 116 Frle RR prof 48* lOOlludRlvRR 37 60 do b30 37 * 60 do ?30 3fl* 150 do B?0 80* SECOND $10000 USA's,'81,reg 93* 2ooous6's,'8ilcp 93* 1U00 U S6'b, '74,cp 82* 6000 do 82* 10000 Trea 6 p ct, 2y 99* 12000Tenu 6's, 00.. 42* 16000 Ohio 6's, '60.. 00 2000 Mich 6 b, '79.. 83 6000 Missouri 6's.. 43,V 6600 I.kK\W2dmbg 40 80 Mis flank of Com. 82* 60PocMailS80o.!-30 02* 25 do i)3o 92* 100 Del,VHudCICo.p60 83 100 N YCuutRR..s80 78* 60 do 78 * 100 do b30 78* 200 d.o 78* 100 do tflO 78 * 100 do b30 78* 100 Erie RR b30 31* ^00 do 31* 60 do h30 31* 160 liudsou Riv RR.. 36* do do hSO do b30 do BflO do do h30 fc R I KR.n30 do do do. do BlO do S60 do s30 do hi:. do 1)30 do hflO do bIO Iltir k <J Rlt.. I. ii West RR. BOO 600 700 400 1400 200 50 Chic 650 50 200 50 50 100 100 100 200 50 476 Chi, 10 Del, BOARD. 100 shs Harlem RR.. 200 do 100 Harlem RR pref.. 60 Mich On RR. 8,10 IOO do buO 20 Panama RR 100 Mich S & N la RR 60 d> bIO 100 MlchS&N la gua b 150 do b30 100 III Cent RR sc.sriO 60 do WIO 60 do 1)60 60 Cal 4ChicRR.l)30 60 do *46 600 CIot k Tol RR.s30 100 do b30 350 do 160 do 1)10 100 Chic & Rk Ik Rlt. 60 do I>30 100Chi,Bur&QRK.s30 100 do 87 V 87* 37 80* 37 87 48* 40 49V 49* 40* 49 49 49 49* 4?* 49 64 70 12 12* 29'; 47* 47* 118 18* 18* 39 39* 06 66* 66* 70* 70* 36* 36* 37 37 49 40 64 61* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. SATURDAY, Oct. 12?2 P. M. Floitk.?The market was quite steady, but without change In prkcca, though closing with more firmness for shipping grades; the sales .unbraced about 16.000 bbls., Including extra shipping stock, at $5 40 a $5 55, and fancy do. at $6 76. Wheat was firmer and In bottur demand 1 with BaluR of 160,000 bushels, Included In which were Milwaukee club at $1 15 a $1 10?the latter figure in store. Corn wag firmer, and about lc. per bushel higher, with galea of about 100,000 bushels, inoluding good to prime mixed, for shipment, at 56*c. a 57c. Pork was firm, with Hales of 200 a 300 bbla. at $W 75 a $15?the Intter figure for full weight; prime wan at $9 75 a $10. Whis key?Sales of 500 n 600 bbls. wore made at 20c. a 20*c. Freights were unchanged; to Havre wheat was Uiken at 2Sc. per bushel and (lour at 96c. per bbl. Markets. FlIILADELl'IIIA PTO0K BOARD. I'HiLAPKi.rau, Oct 12, 1861. Stocl* firm. Pennsylvania .Slate 5'g, 76*; Reading Railroad, 18* ; Mora-Is Canal, 86 ; Long Island Railroad, :> ; Pennsylvania Hail road, 40. Sight exchange on New York at para 1-10 por cent discount. PiULAriBi.Piin, Oct. 12,1801. Hour $6 60 for superfino. Wheat declined 2c. a 8c.: 4,000 bishels red at $1 23 a $1 25, whitj $1 33 a J1 37. Whiskey dull. BcmLO, Oct. 12,1861. Flour unchanged. Wlioat firm and par ilea apart: sales 25,000 bushels red winter and amber Western at $1 05 a fl 07; 1 hicage spring is held at 96c. Corn steady: sale* ?1,000 bushels at 80*c. a 40c? In part to arrive. Freights firm. Ijiko Imports?18,000 bbls. flour, 816,000 bushes wheat, 60,000 bushels corn, 8,000 buskols oats. Sailing of the Bohemian. ... ? - Qucbbc, Oct. 0,1861. Tho steamship Bohemian, for f.lverpool via London, derry, sailed this morning, at ten o'clock, with one hun dred and four passengers. PERSOSTAIj. Arespectaule widow, whose husband was killed at the t attle of Mxnaftsa*, ha" a ut ile child, luur months old, which s'.ia wUiiKS to have adopted iu pome ro -pixtatde family, a< she has not the means for iU support, .ill requisite Information will be given by addressing J. B., Byoefclya Poet ottm. ADOl'TION.-A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOULD LIKE to havu some responsible party adopt her batie (l>o\), tlv months old, with the piIvlleg* ot remaining with It till .t i* wenned; it Is fat, handsome, and healthy. Address Ueoive, New York Post oillco, staling where the mother c,in take the . hil l to be seun. None but respectable, responsible parties need answer. ANNIE.-l CALLED TWICE AT 78, AS VOU DIRECT ed me in yours of the 10th lost.; you was not there, l'lease write uie another noie, same address, an.l say when and where I can see you. V. W. S. "/ "tlUCKEN"8MITY?NOTE RECEIVED; SANE PLACE \J unci hour, to-morrow (Monday) cerUlu; will give ex planation for not being on hand, Ac. INFORMATION WANTED.?MK. CANNON PATRICK will please call on or H?Qd hU addrobs to John Rudolphy, &3ti Pearl btreot, Now Turk, whore lie can hear l'rom hia father. Information wante&-of miciiael callioa* . who left his hum? in Wffft Farms, Westcheeter county, on Saturday, the 5lh inatant, supposed to be iutoiieated. In formation that will lead to his wn^reabouts will be thank fully received and liberally rewarded by his wife, Ellen Calllgan, West Farms. Information wanted?of joiin butler, shoe maker, who It ft Hrintol, England, in 1851, and resided in Newark, N. J., and sinee then removed out West; or his wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Coughlan, and left Cardiff, In Wales, in l$i3, for the States, and joined her hus band. Any Information of them or their whereabouts would be thankfully received bv tho inquirer, John Coughlan, care of James Lynch, No. 14 White street, N. Y. Chicago papers please copy. IF MRS. WILLARD, WHO RESIDED LAST WINTER IN Sixth avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first Mtre^tn, will please send her present address to John cicott, Herald office, sho will oblige a friend. IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF JOHN O'DON nell, who arrived from England about two months ago, a^ed 24 years, and since enlisted into some regiment, will l?e send his,address to W. Fisher, 69 Worth street. New York? His mother and sister are most anxious t<? hear from him. IF WILLIAM EDWARDS, JEWELLER, LATE OF 77 Summer Line, Birmingham, England, who left hie home Januaury 21, liJfiO, will communicni" with h'.s distress *d pa rents, he will K ?r of F<?methlng to his n !vantage. Any per son who can tdvo t?uch information us will ieid to his dinov ery.itt requested t?? impart the same to Mr. C. Robbing 13 CUIT street, New Y?>rk. When last heard of, in ? :pu-mber, 1HI0, ho was in Providence, K. I. TP THIS SHOULD meet the EYE OF UUFUS EL X bridge, late of Memphis, will he please address a i old and dear t iend, A. II. A., Madison squcte Post office. IF the LADY IN BLUE, W1IO RODE DOWN IN A I Fil'ih avenue stage, or the lady in gr en, wl.o i?- up in a Madison avenue stage, or the lady in no particular color, \\ xio ro le d'-wn In a Fourth avenue nV?:'e, or any other I nly, wi.sheH to form my acquaint :ik?' (wh! -h may or may not ' e advantageous to her), she can now embra -e this eligihl ? and h'-arirenditig opportunity. Address Don Juan Jenkins, tnlon f qunre Post ollice. N. P.?No relation Jo that other Jinkins. IF THE Y< NO LADY IN BLAOK, ' 110 ' ? I! I stage jmii.,; down, and reco&ni/.ed a ; e.'lemen in a at.age Zoning up, at th? oruer of Dome Sir-*?-i, on Fri lay afternoon, at live o'.'lr. k, wll send her a ' Iress ??> S. R,, box *7 Broad w-y Post oiiiv e, s'ic will heai-of fcomelldug greatly to her ad vent a jje. AIR. JKMMY HUSHNEI.L.?A LETTER FOR YOIT IX I It] '.he H? .?-> % y P. i?tie. JOHANNA JiELMoNT. MIIS. M. FULLERTON WILii FIND A NOTE TO HER ad'lr. ?s in station (J Post ofll/e. \VrIiJ, TITE YOUNG LADY WHO RECOGNIZED AN i >V old friend In an omnibus at th?- corner ot Hie? vker ami t'avmlne :.trc, ts, yesterday, aidivss Gil. Holt, I station E, F hth avenue? XUDWARU . RE WARD.?STRAY SO, FROM 104 s-TATE STREET, ! ?' t) ?!? kh,,, II M..k i ,,(TV rl''!, ? nh i Icitbor ??? ? nr. m u*k< d it. T. Y\1()6 State street. V. ! >< ver w i1 return him to the abi vf number will receive the above reward. r REWARD ?LOST, A IW.Ai Iv AND TAN Tl RRIER ( v ?) Slut; aufw rs to the name of Fannie. Whoever will ?rti h.-r t- tin- FI'?r?ii e 1! tel, corner of Broadway and Walker street, will receive the above reward. REWARD?LOST OS thursdvy EVENING, > ?>) O t . t 10. tl or Li ? r tii.' A-atlvmy of Music, a . r\ br->wu P? k t ok, omtHuin;: a sum of money a'?d :vr valuabh :??, und important ji.4 i h that can be 01 no use i any p rs^n cut t!>e owner. The ve reward MI be iv. t o any ? ?'?r ?n rcturni;-^ it to 4lt We : Eleventh stre? t. ftjrrt lir.w \ra?to r, ok Friday S'ko, i?e >u r.ui'ij lui.rtu I'm rij <1 Furtj slu.U . e: an?* ''. u.t a.tic, n wo.nvi'n si1 > f'. ck-t, c unt ill.;, g 1..0O .u . . . i i ui r .on .M.-si -it**'i Il.ii . . 1.. I , I.I K ill! r.,rk ruiik. rn<. U:. IT > Ul r. i.. the ?..> 1. A.ird by ie ail g It tl 1j Vast 'i'eutb *,r,f . rf?:d.u Buii.linsn. W :i. IIART. Bil.MA.KDS. "1 )i; ,1.1 A !U' .1:1.ES : Oi; 8A:.a.?TliR! K M.VR|.1,K X> d I'.iUu! : < si 1! S'M ' ' ?? 11! ?.1 ??? |'.C4 fur 1 ,ili. .?i'| io liLNt.l' YUliitU, Uk Lis li HSLiuio. VItD3.?TWO FIRST Ct,U< MARB;.K RKP1>KD > 'i' a.ln. to l?t to ronj-tin-.:? i . . m- " i. h -U ?? .[ . in i'lir.1 f .r full partiAunrs of AJWL1.I.S, fi3 l'< rliiui it ? . <<l VF.KILY BUM EVE OCR UK WAS AT Til A r I i. '.v t.iMir.l n.ilivin, 1 "J 1 'vilr<>i? itrniit, to H I- tliut 1 :!..?? .. 1 .tuy ; h-K ;tmiii[ ling .ill uliji.i - ? uitt.s u!>< -uliful rttroin; >]; ndld .11. hot fm'l.i ii; t!irior>"iii . . .k,sit I con. 1 1 lie 1 > 1 Lvr? tin rr. H y.i \> 1 !>. '? l.iiig a. to ketjia in di.cii comjia y I di.a t nitn.l." T>I1EUAJ< S 1ATEMT IMl'ROVKH r.TMJ.VRO X'ABLU JL 1 ) OOMBINAriON UL'SUId.NS, Pries 8 ir . o (i nt the tun ?. IMhliAN A i!t>L?l.' KPKR, 67*'r f'r.'e', \XTM 3. SHARP OFFERS FOIt t. W B FiilST cr?VSS >> llUlliu.l TaW-h, with l-.B t:r? v 1 ,.,r . ! jj..u. i,t .n t ma, ?njiri-lor to iinj iiovr ui i..o,.. 1 1,1) -iaI eitiis. Inquire a* ,:o iii.iiiiUae'.orjs, Fulton it.'iot. Alau a few icc'iil hau l 'i ubim. NEW filHL!CA'nOS?T 1 1: Hi iN 11 N I't/R is , ' 1 UK r '1 , |>V TO-DAY.? 1 J Ilia io!> t Hans .1 1 ? 1, ? 1 u-i 'I i.trsl rnfav ln.,s. its . 1.' ?? 1 a - ?? ,-iU rin 1 iik pattern. Office 40? Broadway, New Vork. T. TAYLOR A SON, Importer*. MILITARY. )NAT< Of ARD. ATTEN'TIOFI?'iit, N tioniu Ou.irt!, L'in.0 ni, .11 ill I 'v ] 1' . it .1 e for It. Iii.| iirc of A. L. t'ASB, 7TH RF I A to.i o* rral ESTATE. iiSSSrSsSI fi^s,A.E5w?? 4 "? *"*?*&?& op.& !y?appfll&SSSSfi. S!Z^mu tzhber ^u~* A mue*??, nkfipknce a* a sacrifice?Fouit k"0<i buildintra , i, i? plauk road. four' fim ya^gfe"r3 I^"?l?k .nx^finuv?dtw(|'thass FOR 8all to Portland, 43i2u> ?trven'"",i fr"ul avenue. Location I'iniurnuzi * a i ^,ulh of k"110* 10 w- b mic 1!olb hln.pi\?e^ or 308 lti^* htoky ?i0h !3S= -c~ ?sua w or ti10?, cv,'?~IN BROOKLYN, PRICE ts mo which $l,.mj0can rcuiulu on bond and mortgage t ),'? ,[' , 'r of naamiu place: lmndy to the Navy Yard. anulv ?? i Pone?ion given Immediately If denire<l. IfOR BALE?FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY DROITS miih v. ^Thlrty-wwond mrcet and 2u h -vein"nit w11ihl'u/i v'"' i"'1'-1* ,vllh ?'l -nulin ? promu^'for ??>''*? tlu*,. Inquire on ibm 'c'or SALE?a SUBSTANTIAL HOUSE WITH nogtww? wl'lhsllf a n?U * pr,t!",8 holol <ir ar.vcrr. waydenol r' i, 'v kuiln' A?J"|"l"klheilly limiu. and i?u. btreM. vacant, and opou at all times, 407 fourth vor SALE OK bxchanoe-houses IN BROOK! ym of ii. DARTO. t-'yiuer street, Brooklyn, b. D., F? ?b to, excuanuc-FOR GOOD CITY os lowi. r. ? ii>r',i,,s?r y* ^o??try 8anl at new? ofjrluud; as'&ax f??r ^ IHELAND ?k y\ EBB, 83 Cedar street. Holies and lots for sale or to let at wai prlrea.?l for $1,000, with 6 rooms; 1 for si 2(h) withl th!.h."'ii wl,ll^ rooms; 1 fur h,2'X), Willi 8 room/ western LAND for SALE.?the advertiser ib auxloum to tsntwr tin* war hiui in <, _ . > ? ^33^^?&mwtss?S a lrANTED?a COTTAGE AND A FEW acres OF LANS ftJ^JW^4S?:s#ea a.ri^tmrSfSS!'""" 800 col-NTRY SEATS, houses and low i .i ( 'ol*.fcnl'' or u) exchange. auo real estate of eve?3 dscrlption tor aale. If vou wlah to purchase a house ikraim country ae?t epply to a 8ektl EA &T, l" w.11 stl?'t. ** ?"l 000 ?wanted, dry GOODS, yankee NO "'st.hi in ll?"i' "??>ware. Furniture, Carpeu, ao_ m '.i. exchange for Chicago lots and ?om?ouk o.tic# *' bolt Hartford (Uoun.) 1*2 ^ FOR Sa?b. A RAKE CHANCE FOR lithographers -a^tb5? x\. tleinuii who lias lieen longoitubllthe i in tuc llili .trmljla ^?hlnes. in one of the lir.t <5tl?. l? canvlu,"vl" , ' u./tt " . of i. l ??!'1 ' ,0u,r"'.'ro frnm and M ould dls. ^llv *> or^silmte^^l .appjyobthep,^,^ A n.?f'p ESTABLISHED grocery for sai E OB /^jountry store for $2,41)0?one OF THF nvn y~J location* in wcstohtister coi'iitv al lino ?u) 1 mortgage; u mile* our ' *,?sp0l!m?# ^?nco oa zzvn iflr; r5tle ]JSuJss W.'tt Wouut vrnou. jolln S. youkk. t7ricss0n ENGINE for SALE?of TWELVE inoh iimc and for'.tl u,' ?'k? '",mp in o?e l.uta^ss THIRST CLASS FAMILY OROCERY (CORNER stormt tesss^^nsp mx? i"? ?"t. Addrew W. w. Onion, herrirf^. f,?k s^e a bakery and conpeotionery im i^or SALE?THE stock OF A FANCY STORK ??? wm b'^'r1:""^ ?.df??u?"ka.ss2 f?fn XtttfXS Kfr w for ?r "pon e.iay txrnm, with s.tij.f icliiev (iccifrasf maldfn la^'tpw'^lc!0 ranwoli'u " untl/oton, fl r?lte> waodn, uaa " sfe<s?tfcnu!5a??jp -*?" new ai.d deairablc, and will be ?<>ld rb?ai? for emh v? ({"lit? ueed ?'I'l'lr. af^ly al li)9 Fulton avenue, Bro iklyn. gasagajgg&^S.* oob salr-THE jumottoi HOI'se. corveroi 1 fhlrtj-i ourtU street and B. oa.lwav, tb? pr ,yn, ior ha? clfeap" 88 ""ller 10 lt"" * 'I w"1 dlapoap of the in/f an or Ki al i: t . 7 6mw,n nrvr.r.itw ? *o fan v Poi'iltrj, spanish dok'iti^.'i^^i'ens u sjffv"r??ot "i ii'vln m"'"" nl*m"- . A >, h?tween Fourth ? 10,1 and Foriy-Uvth and Fony s vemfc r??, H'W,K, LOW-TUB FIXTURES OF A FAMILY -mbvwi,^ ?? "kin'g ,;~r ucvi li VLVS FURNISHING kstadufcument FOB yam 7 ( r ,,!! ktrbrt^nm^ro.idway^ ^ ^ ^ npv. of E : j KOl'NDS FOR SALE CHEAP?AS I AM ? >?' tii!* InihinosH R^alloncc noriheas* rorne? ? '1 .* nwi and Forty-second struct. Can be seen iron ? ?liovlM-';. VITOOD FOB SALE?GROWING ON 190 ACRES A1 VV Kiiton's Neek. Huntington. Lorn; I-land, vi/. ?Oak C!w mih\ lfickor'? I mat, It^ I Cr< ?ir, M ?; !?? and Heach, all iarff1 dm' - r, sii: ftb:n f??rcord w-iod, tenee rail.-, heav.v post* r; iim ,<! ii> , Ac. Apply to KLKANAII SOl'EK, Northport, 01 to JOHN <' IStffDV, on the farm. <E*9nn W,Lr' ?'? HrTl.AsE THE STOCK AND FIX" Oi-iV/U ln:va!'i an e\e< lient and well establu i.e-t I'hdc? ?i V.t.-tv St ?.'??, en li e best bm innss avenne. Wry luw vm ami (! in,, a fcow.l busiucs. App.y to T. GAFFNEY 4 CO., 170 Qhatiinm stroct. CI AP.n V ST<>i:IC OV GROCERIES FOR SALE. V I j : '1 oi.e of the best bns n kh stanHg in Orange, .? .J ,i<rr nt; ; in n ?ist year's a a a exe eded ^U).0J0; an ? \ !?m>! '-pp.- f nity for a' h l?* . \ 1 | i* !?? cash lmsf r with ;? in; .i. into inves' 1 T)t of capital Apply to ii .1: .??. 1?LA' 'kVVKLL, ft!) William ft * e , N. \ from i> jJ A. y..; 1'J Main s>r t, Orange, N. J., i'roin 1 to 5 J*. M. LOST A ?> FOl'HiD. nor, ~$3 HE' r.LACK ANI) TAX SLUT; ?/ hi. ? "f a i ?? the n i N 11. The :rwiilj. ? -iv? ihe a'?>)Vt! r? ward by l.rlti^. r to Jauics 'ih.-mp.- a, 113 Ea*l 'J'wmiP. street. 05W.?.STRAYED FROM THE STABLE OF THE SUB* u r. a laiv ;i*.d i- ;!t Red (5ow, with brans but t*^ ? ii I.' r ti ^; kii>? teats. VVimi vci will r ?!'!! n o"' Ivf mf ?invui . ?? .?;?.? may he tour.d, w.l! be I b?*r?il v* r ward- d. c. corner Pineapple and Cubanbiastreet-, I5ro. L OST?ON Till'IJ JNHT., IN CiOINQ i I'rmn T > rtrv ? a BiiK lr.) h it ir ? rontpinsnj; P' ill e^an^e, The j i at No. 30 Ea*4 L? Tlili t( .-nth Strrct, by >\'. i K,s -ON 8UN':> .mill rt, TWO 8T;TTEBX)OOS, - t>, i'l n s , L. 1. A mutable h|' ? ' returning tbcm to Ocorge Note, 63 tiifl MiQ. t, Xfw V k. I OfST I'AST 1 ? AV IS WALrjkClv'S T1IBATRB, Jl <>r ii r ? mnet' " it, a l.uiy'? small bl;4> k ui'tra i . i 11 bring It 'o thfi AlVn'.i'le IIo 1.1 v i ;,?t : i-ii'If re<v.u*dn<i< Nn qaestluDi a?k?d. T (i.- I ?FRIDAY, OCTOBEIlII, QOIKO FROM FOURTH I j ... ,wi i'unth Seventh, acroaa Division avenuo ler r . ti l . r .. ? u v'a MrrMj.Mil l'nrw, contntnln;: t'U? . ? . .*4'j . f? on the Btink of New York. Tho 1 j 1, , . ?.,y rewarded by leaving It at v.- - ai)u e SevcnlH stri ct, in Divtelou avuuufi, \Tllliaji? i j -r- iN FOURTEENTH PTRKET. 80MEWHBRB I j tw m tho cui ner or Broadw ay and 8Uth avenue, ua s?ti r '? it i 'i noon, betvvnen tha lioura of three and fonr, ? i,,!i L . ? \ ml. At y i : rson having found It will ion era fir or ui"'n t'i own, r by leaving it at 190 William atrc ot. rr-T- N THK BVKSINO OF THE l'.TII INST., |j, , jug! ?? 'hr Kvi 1 tv Hi )..??? In), Broai'.WHy, : i^hi hnui. n 1'', to thr Jottlb Ft riy, ,<'ry v.-ri .> n d 1 umbnia, aI 1 val 1 or Itup -n ' H^.vo'.rl . t <? owner, A pm ard will t>1 I 'id to t! ? nn-1 t on leaving them with Mr. Olover, y ? Ireenwicli Ftr< ft, Ne# V?rk. ?-T-A LI. TIjT; BLACK F.I.CT, V.'MH A WUITB t. n Ijrr lir 1st, a ,m ,1 , u the name Of Faany ftlio r vi ,ii rr irn t ? i'? ,".iit to Ho VTert Broadway will be 1 , 1. , : ? ir tl r in uble I, ? t from I lie corner ot ti, 11 Walk tetioot.n, o 1 Situiilay r.ftern ion. I- o.tT-O# SATl RDAY, I'AHT OF A OtU.D J.INJC j 1 .... 1, v.lih Hi s utta li?J. The finder will < ->:.f. r a ii.-at . ivi 1 tint bp : beral!)- r wnrttel In* rett#Blng it 10 \V. K ni in n, i.i7 Sixtli avsiiue, comer 1.: T>v<.ut}.ai^ street. SCOTCH TEltniBR LOST-OK SEPTEMBER 80, 1'SI; 1 it\er n Urn on bis not k; un?w - :o the name of Darti Kl. 1 tail: '.rlt r - i of <>m< of his lilr.s Tri ftndef w 1 rr.-rlve $1 in ' r t. i.j; him to J). Hl?' Biding Academy,

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