Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1861 Page 3
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aa*>, ; ra HOCSRS, ROOMS. &<%, T<? liBT. TUItRE 8 TOR* AND BAB KM KM' KltlCK HOUSE, with all Improvements, to let, "t 2-' West Fortieth n rent t^OU per annum, or ui t~"> !? month to Mny I. Sao ud 11 ioi' of Uuu-u 63 Wcsl lili veuih atreet, In c family only; rent low. Alio, Second Floor Of IW .. nth ilnHl, ait roomii and liathr> in, with all ltupr, v .nU, to a small lamily only; rent ndtU'd. Inquire of <fc A. B. B. B I'It Nil AM. 611 lltidsnti atreet, New York. A furnished 0OTTA0H ON TUB HUDSON, TO JK. Lrt, onn from New York, and three minute*' from Malion; ail the voml orta of a city rc.idenoa, with an m i .- of highly cult ivated ground, conservatory^ Ac., lu tine order; nut low. Apply at 48 I*rout atreet, New Yoi U. A WELL FOBNT9HF.D FOUR STORY OA F.N STONE A English liasciu' ui House to l.-t, to a re?jM>iisible party j It la ?n good order, having been palntf I and cleaned through out. Apply at 37 Ninth ?Unit, bclrtccu fifth aud Six ill aw ?nea, from <J to 1 o'clock, daily. * MOOD CHANCE-THE LAHOR AND SPACIOUS ?A. Store, Willi oi without the whole House, 367 Kigl ib ?Venue, between Twenty-eighth and Twoiity-nlnlh atre< a, Weal Hide, to let. The locution cannot be excelled on the a-e Hue for almost any kind of biisn Kent low to a good tenant. Poss salon iiumedutely. Inquire in the store. A FURNISHED HOUSE TN ASTORIA, VERY FLEA smith 'tiualcd, containing nine r?mi<, will be let till April I, .it 515 p r month. Immediate poii-asaloil given. Ad dle j Ihj\ 2,157 I'oatolUce. A FIRST CLASS FUBNI8HBD HOUSE IN FLUSHNH. A I.. I., to lei.?Aoommodloui modern built time t iy House, uuli all ihe modern Improvement of hot and e Id water, stat.onary waahmbs, lathrooui, water cloaet, fur ?ace, Ra?. furniture alum,, and In k, ,-plug wlili the house. Thero is u stable on tlie prcm sea, conulutiig two Anew pruwn stone three story and higu ha . mi ul Hour*, with over) Improvement, lu East Fif ty-tilth itreet, near Lexington avenue, to let until May lor $t& per month. BRADLEY. WARNER A DAY, # Vwim square. Furnished house to?let?handsomely fur. nishedand well situated in Seeond avenue, Ninth atreet. For terms apply at 99 John street. TOURMSHED HOUSE TO LET ON brooklyn X1 IM li'fc.?A small IIrat cL'.ks three atory brick House, Ho. 110 Henry itreet, between Plerr pout and Clark; newly Suu-ii in. i ? and out, anil in peric-cl order; ve.tibule en nce, ami plate i;las.H window* in basement an I parlor atoi y; I ami cold water to second atory; range, inaaml heaters; double anl furniture and Wilton velvet carpet in parlor, with Brussels carp'ls and role wood and muhni>any furniture in bedrooms. 1! nt t.. a small ill'ictly private i'.iiatlv, $.SUO per annum to .May next. For further t artlciibtri and to tee the ?r-jinlsea. apply to DANIEL WADatVOKTil, 207 l'earl atreet, Few York. Furnished house to rent?a freestone front four story aud comfortably furnished House, in the Imini d.aie \ h l ihy ol the Fifth A* enue Hotel, la offered for rent uuiil the lit of May next. For etnls of adinlsaion apply to EDWARD SCUENCK, auctioneer, 1Broadway. HOUSE to LET-IN FIFTH AVBNUE, BROOKLYN, between Dean and Bergen atre-ts. (iiaid tena.,1 le ttutred. Frloe betweati $230aml K'OU. For luriher inforiint U0I1 apply at Mr. FRANK OTARD'S, 43 Beaver street, New York. ?JTOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOB SALE.?A JJL new trick House, tyi siorl ??, very desirably loeated in Brooklyn, to let, and the > urnitnre for sale. ju?t ealculated fcr? young couple. Address Benner, Herald olllco. TYOUSK TO LET IN BROOKt.YN.-A HANDSOME I 1 two story basement aud sub eellar brick Haute; gaa Bxtuiea and wuter; loeatlon unexceptionable; adjacent to four city cara and ferries. No. 47 '? aim Felix atreet, near Ful Wq and Lafayette avenues. Will be let at a very low rent op In the Im of May ni!\t, or upon a lease of three or five years. Apply on the premises. HOUSE TO LET IN brooklyn?A NEAT TWO STO ry bas, ruent and auli cellar brick House, with (jus tix turea and water, adjacent to four city cara and ferric a; No. J69 Dean atre- t, east of Powers street: will be let very rea sonably. Apply on the premiKea, or to E. AUERBACH, 47 Saint P lis atreet, near Fulton avenue. 310 LET.?A 0000 CHANOB FOR A BAKER TO 00M mence bnaiuesa In the village of Guttenberg, N. J.?Two ?uacs, run: a three story, built expressly for a iiakery; tlie ptber aultalile for a dwelling; eneh have ntaldes attached, With a good well id water. It will be a good chance to any ?uterprlsliii* man to commence the baking biisineas. as the e la no good baker in the village. Apply to KOllLER, at the ?team brewery of Kobler .4 Flncke Uutteuberir, N. ,f., or o Squire Dwyers, near tlie premises, opposite Seventieth ?treeI, North river, N. Y. r LET?THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, 1<4 Wt at Nliioteenth atreet, near Eighth avenue. Kent $:..i0 yer annum. Ai i 1 y to8. S. HlNMAN, No. 3 Hioad street. r LET?THE FOUB STORY BROWN STOXB HOUSE, No. 232 West Thirty-fourth street; location uuexseption able; rent iTOO. Alao-a Itouae on Thirteenth atreet; rent fttfO; and several parta of Houies. Apply to ROBERT USliKK, Jr., Ii2 West Thirty-fourth itreet. r LET-FURNISIIED, IN TWENTY-FIRST STREET, near Fifth av enue, a Parlor and one or two Bedrooms, with large panlnca and bath room, on second floor; will lie sat ta gentlemen or a "mall family, wl.b privilege lu kitchen If required. Foraddve?s apply at the Madison square Post ?fflce. f|W let?HOUSE 18 OROVB STREET, THREE sto J. lies and basement; run low; lease may be had. Can he mo at any time. let?AT VERY low RENT, TWO FLOORS OF the large new uuildlng 133 Wi-at Eighteenth street, be. een Seveuib atrl Eighth a? noes; well lighted, and cal< ti lted fosmanufacturing pnrposri. Inquire on the premises. fJV) let-IN BROOKLYN, 3tSC BERQEN SI'reet, t ON X ven.eut to curs aud ferries, a lirst rlra Cottage bnl'.t liouie, 12 rooms, back and front plaz/.a. Itentjow. Apply to WM. M. STONE, 262 B-r^en street, near I'owers itreet. mo LET?OX 11 ITU STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND X Fourth avenues, near Central Park, a well finished Col lage House, eight rooms and tine yard. Facllhl's good for getting down town. Rent $200 a year. Inquire at 269 Pearl Street, or on the premise*. XO LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT Hou*e 92 Thirty-second street, between Lexington and Ird avenues, suitable for a genteel family: has Oroton, AM. Ac.; i '-:U low. Inquire on the premises,* from 10 till 4, lr of R. Rl'SSELL, 127 Went Twenty-fifth street. tnO LET?THE FIVE STORY BUILDING NO. M FR ANK A lin street, running through the blot k t<> 77 White street, Cx200 feet, corner of Oortlandt alley, first door east of Broadway. Also No. 54 Franklin street. 25x100 feet, four Story. Both these buildings are \vll lighted and suitable for store or manufacturing purposes. Apply at 72 Walker s;. IK) LET?ONE OR TWO FLOORS OF A BRIC$ UOUSE on Seventieth street; Crotori w'ater find ga? in the Jy?u*e; commands a Hue view of the city, and extended view 61 the Central Park and rurrounding country. Also, handsome ?denee on Seventy-second street end third nyeni'.ft, wllli or ton lorn, House on Seventy-third street. All In go * i order. Apply on Seventy-second street, corner Third avenue. J. CALLAGHAN. TO LET-TWO HANDfOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for two q n lenvn and their wive* or twsing'e gentlemen. Inquire at 111 East Eighteenth street, near Irving place. TO LET?NOS. M AND 38 GREAT JON ICS STREET.? These two four story and basement brown stun.* lions s Et, separate or togeth *r. Rent for each house until May, ; or w 11 lease them for two years. Inquire at 34 Great is street. TO LET?FURNISHED.?A COTTAGE HOUSE PLEA - j d'-v located; the owner, a widow lady . n?I two daunt less, will take Board in payment of r< nt or the house and furniture will be let at a low ri nt until May 1, next. Apply it 349 Atlantic street, between Hoyt and Bond streets, Brook* TO LET.?THE SECOND FLOOR OF A MODERN BUILT House, in one of the most d? sirable !?..??{ :s up town, frill be rented to.- small y without chil>:r n; eery con venience for housekeeping . couvenh nt t??ar- i.; i % Apply imm 10 to 0, at li Boornian place, West Thiit/Uhird Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. mo LET?THE PREMISES 03 AND *?."> WEST TWENTY JL ty*nfth street, between Sbth and Sev? nth avenues; tin; llousc is 60 fe?-t oeen, 34 feet 6 iu? h *s? in front, three story and Elite, and originally i uilt .''or a rectifying distillery, for bich it 1* admirably*adapted; there is a well l'ghL--d ofll e rear of the. main, end ft ble <j i'?. .* of at com isolating six horses, with c rriage house, io hieh there .s a commodious entrance. Will be let reasonably to a goo i 6uant. Long lease,and immediate possession toivcn. Apply WM. T. WALTON, 32 New Bowery. TO LET?AT HARLEM. SEVERAL GOOD HOUSES* wiili modern improvements, at low rents, and conveni ent to cars and boat. Apply to S. B. REN VON, Third a1ve liue, corner of 123d s*r< et. mo LET?STORE 817 BROADWAY, SMALL STORES AT ? 48 Twelfth street, corner Ba-ement and Second Floor of 8)9 Broadway. Also Rooms for societies, A'*. Apply at room Mo. 4, 819 Broadway, from 11 to 11 ^ A. M., or as per bills. TO LET?THE VERY DESIRABLE FOUR STORY House, 22lJ West Thirty-fourth street, 1?J0 feet wile, Belgian pavement, At:. Rent low. Immediate p ^session. Apply on the premises, or to JOHN S. KELSO, 62 William st. TO LET?THE LARGE FOUR STORY BROWN STONB front House, 116 West Thirty-fourth street, incomplete Order, furnished or nnsurnished. Will be let cheap to a pri vate family on y. For particulars inquire on the premise s. TO LET- ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER OF TOM P. kins avenue, l-.a t Brooklyn, a nrst class store and Fix tures, Pallor, fioni Basement and fell ,r. Location ev, lie t for bakery, drug or grocery. No opposition. Kent, to an .i lerpilaing man, ol widen a large portion will be traded oat, f9 per month, or will lease the wle 1 thr* e story biL k, wi h Kltigewood'M* on every lloor, for per annum. In. quire on piemlses, or of owner, N. J. BVRN K, 2/ Franklin avenue. TO LET?THE LARGE FIRST CLASS HOUSE NO. 47 Wi st Tw. :ity-ninth street, m ar Broadway, containing twenty rooms, eleven marole naains, baih, Ac., h.ivingbe. ti built for the owner's use. No objection to a Hr*t c*a?s board ing house. Aj ply to the owner, on ti.e premises. TO LET?THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE NO. 273 Greenwich street, near Murray, occupied ten y-arspast as a boanling house. Kent km. inquire only at 190 \\a !? lug ton stieet, uear Fuilou, at JOHN LADEN'S, Possession Immediately. mo LET?AN ELEGANT HOUSE. FURNISHED OR I N*. X furnished, pleasantly loeat. d betwei-n Fdth an i Si: ih avenues, to a private family without children. The owner will Board witu the faintly it desired in part paymeutoi rent, laqulre ol bOBT. ANDERSON, No. 6 City Hall place. TO LET?IN A FIRST CLASS, ENGLISH BASEMENT hous*% the whole or part ol the First Floor, f'irulshed, suitable for a physician or UH-ntlst. The house has every eon vetiieucc. FaiaLy very small. Apply at 111 WestTwenty seoond street. TO LET?NO. 12 ELEVENTH STREET. FIVE DOORS west of Broadway. It will be let furnished to a ?*ood tenant win will pav a quarter's ront in ad\ an- e, for $100 p r jnonth till 1st ol .nay. Ksas-uis, owner U ^ i< b in tue couu try and wants the money. Call at the premises. O LET-NEAK BROADWAY, A LAKtill HO(?M, WeT.L furnished, wiihoiil board, in a Urst cla s imvute house. Rent, with gas, $10 per montU. Apply at 378 Fourth street. fro LET?ON GROVE TERRACE, IN THE VILLAGE OF A West Hoboken, 2 two story Cottage Hous *, very de sirable for small families; good faciliticH for getting to the <4ty. N. B.?The above property, incluulna three other Housen in the same location, is for ssle, or will exchange for Oity prop. rty. Apply to A. ANDERSON, corner Palisade an I Patyrsou avenues, West Holtfken, N. J.; or to W. JACK SON, 551 Broadway, N. Y. TO LET?PART OF THE TTOt>E 33 f'LTNTON PLACE; contains all the modern Improvements. Apply on the premises till 10 o'clock A. M? HOX'SK*, ROO.HR, ?c., Ttl IKT. mil LIT OR LEASE?THE THREE STORY ANO HASE Jl mciu brown e>tutie I'r ml dwpUInu limine N>? 2 I tlty avonnd *treei, lietweeu Eighth avenue ?nd way, in t. r feet order, with all the modern improvement*, uhandelura giufUtitre*, Ac Rent $MK) I>ur year to a good and ?mull family. Itiiulre ue>t door, No. 3, or of II. OM>ER UONK, N.,ack, NY. TIIU LBT OB LEABE?THAT DESIRABLE HOTEL 1 Ki-I.uufti.lhe River Houae, at Harlem. Thta U one of the oldest aud btfot cRUollnI^d hotels in tuo neighborhood of New Yoik. Connected with the li mo there Ik u fine garden, good nuililt-a, barn* and every other accommodation nw.*# nary for a flrat olana hotel, T'llala a bo?h1 npiiorUiuity for an cnterprUIn* man to nmko n fortune Hi a few yearr. A|iply to JOSE I'll McCUIKi:, 777 Third ?v nue, between the hour* oriiiuddi*. m. _ *Q HI MONTH. ?TO LET, HALF OK A SdDD ?TO Home, conveniently aitmied, ii. Brooklyn, twen y minuuV from the ferry, mid half it t'o? k from the can; raonta targe and w ell vcuuUited. Address box 192 Herald ollli*. _ TUB TURP. BW YORK FALL RACES, lhttl.?CENTRE VIU.E ?. Cotirac, Long Inland. Oot 16, 10 mil 17. Flr*t day? Handicap Race?$100entrance, $M1 forfeit. $2% declaration; the proprietor t" a id a *H>er pitcher, value one hundred dol lar*. K. Morris eiUvra f. Ii. Throg'* NI ok. li, by Cracker, dam Sally Ward, li t Ibe , also eutere b. h, Prophet, 5year*, by Imported Monarch, out of Cnuulit, IIS lb*. 1'. C lltiali eo'eis b. h. Tiovalore, 5 Years, by imported Mon arch, out of Mam-ma, by Yorkshire, 114 lbs.: also enter* b. f. Cyclone, i yearn, by vandal, out ot Marygold, bv Sir Lealln, 98 lb*. Same day?Slake for three yeara old; $100 entrance; $85 forfeit. F. Mori is enters to. o Avalanche, by R.veuue. dam Sally Ward; also enters eh. c. Revenge, by imnorU <1 Monarch, out of Fashion. Edward H? yuolds enters Non| < v reil, pedigree not given. Second day?Purse $200, inile heats. Third day?Purse $;JuO, two mile heats. Tin proprietors lake pleasure in annon icing that the ((tablet of Messrs. Hunter, Morris, M-uinoi, Mai Iliard. Ba. li, and other well known turf in**n, will be on thctfrouno, whicii they deem sutflclent to give assurance to the public that tine rating may be expected. Car* leave the South, Fulton ami Wall street ferries at short intervals fur bant New York, where extra cars will bo in readiness to convey passengers ta the course. N. B.?Meals served at all hours at Bevins' Centreville House. BEVINS A CONCKLiN, Proprietors. _ rpHOMAS J. MILL Eli, AUCTIONEER.?BLOODED 1 stork at auction.?J H. MONNOT having postponed h.s sale in cous? que nee "I the storm from the 10th tilt.* will sell, at public auction, 011 Moudav, Oct. 14, lstfl, at 12 o clo \ noon, at his farm at Auson Point, Westchester county, liv miles l'rom Harlem Bridge, his entire stud of Hordes, in con* sequence of giving up horse breeding. The stock emm rise# thorough bred sta.llou Logan, brood Mans, Colts and Fillies; also Trotting SUillions, Road Hors? s, Ac., together wUli a number of superior Mll? h Cows, one pn r well broke Oxen and Lord Anson, a superb Avreshlre Jtull. twenty moutMs old. The attention of lover* of iborough b;e Is is Invited to this side, as every lot wul up will be posl:iv? ly s.dd w lhout reserve. Stages will leave Uarleni at 1<?>s o'clock for the kilo. Catalogues now ready. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TBOTTOfO ?ON M< ndav, Oct. 14, at three oVlock, a match lot Si*1"; utile hents; be-1 !i in 0, in harness. D. 1'flfer names b. in. Klny Clover. C. Collin* names s. m. To eom<* off ?o a good day. SHAW A WHITE, Troprletors. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING AND PACING match for $000, on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at Uiree o'clock 1*. M , mile heats, best two In three. R. W. Woodhull names b. g. Ue*>rge Cooley (trotter), to go as he pleases; Wm. l)oble names s. g (pacer), to wagon. A good da\ and track. SHAW .t WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE.?TROTTI NO?ON TUESDAY, OCT. 15, at 1 o'clock; a match tor$2tA), mile heats, best three in five. In harness, plav or pay. D. Pilfer names b. stalls u Young Jaokson. C. Voung names bav horse. A good day aud track. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?ON THURSDAY, Oct. 17, at 1 o'clock; a match for $40U, mile heats, Left three in five. W. Doble names black g. Star tiAzcr, to wagon. H. Woodruff nam? a br. g. Tom Thumb, in harne?r. A g od tlay and truck. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. HORNRS, CARItlAta-.M, ?k('. , flMKROaf of FIRST CLASS CARRIAGES ANO L light Wagons tor sale i?v MINER A STEVEN'S, 72 Walker street tirst door east of Broadway. I10R SALE?THE FINEST MILITARY HORSE IN NEW York; color rich chestnut sorrel; sixteen hands high, six years old, perfectly sound and kind, and for stvle cannot be surtwscd. Can be seen for one week at J. Ferrfs's stable, 30 Amity street. Inquire lor Milo. FOR SALE-ONE IRON OKAY HORSE. 16,*^ HANDS hl^h, six years old, very stylish, nound, kiud, and war ranted in every respect; long tail; be bus been driven ror the last months 10 coupe ami pleasure wagon; If l>e can I - matched, they would bring $l,3oU toge'her: lie will be given away for $2tK); the owner Is responsfoie. kinulre for JuliN W1LLIT, 119th street, between First and second avenue.-, Harlem, from seven o'clock till six in tlie evening. IIOR hALE?A FINE SORREL II0RSK, FIFTEEN 1 hamir three inches high, ? Ight old; would mske a splenuid carnsg" or cavalry horse: sound ami ktnd, and is a good trotter. Apply at the stable, 143 Liberty street. FOR SALE?A Sl-PERIOK BROWN SADDLE HORSE, 9 yoars old, 16 hands high; lufapted for a general or at a (T officer; free from fault, vice or blemish; will stand tire and locomotion. Address box 144 Herald office. T7I0R SALE?SEVERAL FINE ROAD AND FAMILY i? Horses. One long tail bay, sixteen bands h gb, fan trot I t t'nee minutes to the \ ole; one tine pacing Horse, suitable for a cart; also one team of work Horses 'or sale cheap; also s veral fine single Horses. Apply at 208 West Tweniy-suventU street. L^OR SALE?A SORREL HORSE, LONG TAILED, 15'4 r baud< high, 8 yeara old, sound and kind; has trotted a mile in 2.ft) to a wagon u lihiu the lust ntontb. Also a Dusen bury A Van Du?er Wa.ton, nearly new, and a new set of Harness. Apply at 4H3 East Houston street. Horse for ?ale?a good cart or truck Horse will be told for $30, as the owner has no use for him; warranted p? rft ctlv kind. Can be seen corner ol Prince and Crosby streets, at Metrois>lltan Hotel. Horses and carriages wanted.?the adver tls?T will ex- hangc one or two farms, of about lit) acres each, located in the town of Hartley, Saratoga county, about three milt s from the North river, for a city livery, or with any gentleman who may wish to di noose ot a prlVate stock ot horses and cauls gs. Farms free fiora encumbrance a ml clear title. Address Saratoga Farms, Herald otllce. Tie subscriber may b* m en on rhursdsy, Oct. 17, at the Llbby Ho use, Warren street, from 10 A. M. to 12 M. NEW TORS TATTER8ALL8, SIXTH AVENUE, OOR ner Thirty-ninth ?*trt*?-i.?"Thursday, October 17,1661. at 11 o'clock, auction sale of Horses, Wagons, Harness, Blan kets, Ac.. Ao. Sale peremptory. Cttaloffues ready early Wednesday morning. J. L. DODGE, Proprietor. SADDLE HORSE WANTED?A STYLISH, EASYTROT ter very gentle; must be warranted sound. Addrass bux 3,060 Postjofflce, N. Y. QTABLE WANTED?IN THE NERJHBORIJOOD OF kj Fourteenth strict and Union square; must be above ground and at moderate rent, Aj pl\ at 34 East {fourteenth street. COPAUTNEltSHIP 1VOTKK8, TJARTNKR WANTED?IN A Lie HIT MANUFACTURING X business connected with Yankee Notions, d:u^istsOnd stationery. A young man of undaunted d-rsewr??nce and energy would be accepted with very small capital. A good salesman wanted mere than money; om- who can live on about nothing utrii the business is dstaollshed. Audreys box 153 Herald office. 11 HE LONGER THE DEPRESSION IN BUSINESS IS the greater the chance to make money. A capital ist, wi h from $5,000 to $10,000 Is wanted to Join the advertiser in starting an enterprise that Is success fully cart led on in the principal cities of Europe, and is very much needed here. It will be of great benefit to the popula tion at large, and it cannot help being remunerative to the proprietors. The advertiser understands all about it, and will explain by an interview. Address Poor limes, Herald olliee, lor one week. AQAA WANTED?A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDER tjpt)UU Stan- s siucle entry bookkeeping, who will ie satiafl ?: w Ith f-t ? ) salary pei an turn du n, I loan the above ani unt on security. Address, w ith real nam , Bookkeeper, Herald olllce. (J>1 A A A WANTED.?ANY PARTY HA1 0 I ?1?1#UUU sum on hand, and wishing an j-t- n y '? n i e but a few hotut eat n da),?ill ai S2 Cedar street. MEDICAL. A FFLICTED RESTORED?IGNORANCE EXPOSED ? j\ Fallacies unmask eU.?Dr. LARMONT ?S Pai r L >r, 1. n and N? w York Medical Adviser and Marria.;e (?:.ioe in forms the debilitated and ? Useascd, in.?hiding th >se w ? > a. <? ignorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have be. disappointed in their physWaos. of tjie most, cerfa'n an I convenient mode of cure. Mailed for *1 by RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vesey street; DEXTER A CO., I i:s Nassau street; an t DEW1TT, 13 Frankfort street; or the author, 64/ Broadway, up stairs. Affections caused by mercury and cer tain disca * s successfully cur. d I y Dr. Ward, So. 12 Lai^ht street. The Doctor In cons;ant attendance. Dr. ward is treating all female diseases with unparalleled success. Somi hing i<t averylad.-, his Great Benefactor. Olll< e, No. 1^ Liight street, near Canal. TV?. COOPER, NO. M Dl an: 8TREET, MAYBEOON A ' suited on all diseases of a certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable him to Warrant a cure in all cases. The victims of misplaced confi dence in medical pretender* can tall, wUli a certainty of be ing radically cured or no pay. DU. R tOHlie.vr. MEMBER OF THE NK'A YolCC University v:ical .I g"> and (College ol S;:rgeoas, London, can beeousnl <d \\ih me m?>?,t honorable contidenee on private diseases, at his olll< e, 20 Centre street, near Cham bers N. B.?See Dr. (Vs diplomas, in his office. Private entrance at No. 6 City Hall place. DR. EVRT.'S (1KEAT REMEDY?I.N illE I .'CM OF A pink lozenge or sugar plum, delightful to take; r< quires n ? restrb tion; eur?s in half the ummiI time. $i per box by mail, or on application at 63 While street, N. Y. Dr. lines can e consulted on all dt eases of Females with unparalleled success, at. W9 Eu,oi neveu teentli street, nea Third avenue. 1 FESS4 i: . ESTELL, 162 CHAMBERS STBEE1 i 1 . 1 be consulted, .i-s usual, or by letter to box 2%'&J. Boston oflice, No. 8 Harrison avenue. 3IATmr?IOMAJL. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES THE ACQUAINTANCE OF JY a young hi !y (under tw nt.\dive> with i n -trim ?>?! 1 view. She must ><? good lo king, fleetionatc and vlvaeiou-. ( - mmunh i i ns coniidential. Address Guy Neville, New York Posi o.I.ce. I AM A YOUNG MAN OF TWENTY-TWO SUMMERS, just come from my lather's farm, In Westchester coun tv, and, seeing a lot of these advertisements In the Hjckalp, I thought I,d put one in, so that alter awhile I might e? t married. ( p uty u ay the girls think me rather good look ing, and I want to write to a g|? l that is real Handsume at. I g.M>l l/."?i. Money is no object, beca'.se us s??on as we aie inarr o I we will go right home tti jiai's farm. Adt!re*s me. box 14U neiaid olllce. Hope no one w on'i try to fool me. REUBEN MILLS. M ATItlMONY HADE EASY; OH, H(I\V TO WIN A I,OVER; With Initrurtion. for <?onrtlng. In or.icr win the of the oppnnlte km. T!ii. in the mom wonderful l>o It ev> r piililiHlira, containing 102 l>ago?, with llliutrntlons. Sent to all iiarucif tin' country, post p.ild, 011 ra.v|pt ?f 28wni? O. C. HAMMOND i CO. 1W N ?r,.ct. N. B ?Print*, Oarrtf. ? oks, Sttrioacoplc Views, ic. Ac. Catalogue. ?ent on receipt of threo cent stamp. VrATUIMOMAL.?A YOUNO LADY, 17 YEARS OF ill atie, deslrfs u> w)rie.p"nd with a gentlemnn of lortune Mod rexpHciablllty, with a view to mutrimony. Ha must not lie HKive 35 year* of ng>\ A clergyman pr. furred. Ad dress MUs Lucy Stone, care of Wm. Bonnet, 20 i'lne stieet, room Mo. & BOARDING WO LODGING. AT XI WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN J\ Fifth ..II I SilUi iVMiua .?A arge. U. mltouif :y turnuui ed Room, with B .ai'd, suitable fur a lady i.ud gentleman or tw..g riLetnen; also, two smaller Rooms foi g.uUeiuen; tui uioderii improveme nil, H Ierenoes exehaugea. AHHAIX PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING TIIEIK own bouse, art* iIosIiouh oi reinic,; the 8?eond Floor, handsomely furnished, with Board. I . lias all the modern improvement una is pie. sunt!) situated. Apply at i?Sl Lexington Hveiiui-. References required. A T I.I2S ANX> l lJi BROADWAY- HANDSOME SUITS A hi II .iinn, with j.rl.ii .' i. l<9 ur uiiie d'hote; all woi!. ?rn improvements. Also Kn mis I'ur gentlemen, wl!h Board. 1' n Twenty iiflh aud iw .iti-..xtli streets, near ihe Flitb Avenue Hotel. A FRONT ROOM ANl) HEDBOOM ADJOININO, ON second Boor to let, with I'm .aid, furnished. Hons ' ttl*t cl; *s; hot and cold water throughout, and in one of the luosl ii. Mral.le locations m itu u:y. Also acujimiiudatlou* lor ouo ur two single gentlemen. Api>ly al 280 Second aveuun. A HIGHLY respectable PKIVATE GERMAN FA mlly, without I'llUIrco, o copying u llrnt aUi>4 hi)Ub<a. will lei a clioioe of handsomely furnished Rooms, with full or partial Board or private table. French uud English spokeu. Apply at 43 East Bieecker street, near Broad way. A LADY?HAVING TAKES THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE, Nn. Ill HecomI avenue, corner of S v nth street, has * low suits sml also some singe Rooms tu dispose of. Call at house or address box S.lttkl Post oflii e. AN EASTERN LADY, OCCUPYING A NICELY FUR nisliod House, with all the* rn Improvement*, can accommodate a gentleman and lady (B> aid lei' lady onl ) to tlh a ault of nicely I urulalied Room*, or Mingle Iloom, wi .1 privilege ol pianoiorie. Ad lress or apply atl25iiie noil. A LARGE PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR AND AN enure leeond floor, elegantly i unlisted, to let, with Board, lo fauillle* or h ilL- neulleuien. Reicrrnce* given and required. Apply at 53 We?t Twelfth stmt, betweenTlitl and s.xth aveuues. A WIDOW LADY IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING Board In a private lanuly; board must uot Acee.l $1 t*r week, the balance paid In sewing: uan do all kinds of la mily sowing, cut aud lit I .dies' and children's dresses in the ueaiesl styles. Address Mrs. II. M.. Union square l'osiolllr?. Anew house ?im east fourteenth street ? Geiitieinen their wlvea and single gcmlcmen can olimln pleasant Room*, with excellent lloar I, In a new brow n it. ni: house, newly furnished, and b.auiilul and convenient loiatlon, by applying an above. AN AMERICAN FAMILY, LIVING IN THE FIRST J\. class limine 214 West ftilrty-llrat street, between Eighth and N.nth avenues, would let utdi Board the second Floor, handsomely furnished, at a moderate piloe. Location de ?iranle. Dinner ut 6. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with Board, at .10 Union square (Fourth avenue);>, It.mi,in lor gentlemen. References gl'? C.I1 anil required. Anew England family, lung at no. :i7 We?tEighteenth (treet, nave units ut Room*, wlih l>..,.rd, anif alaoaiugli R.iuui* for goutlcincn; the house and neighborhood are hr*t claa*. A WIDOW LADY 1IAS SOME ELEGANTLY FURNISH ed *. cond at.iry H.iiiiiih to l.-t, aiugly or en aiiltc; fmully ainall and\ery few pemon* taken, bath room, Ac. 25 Uoud street, AGENTI.EMAN AND HIS WIFE OK TWO 6INGLE gentlemen can ..bulu a haiidsomelv rurniahcit ltoom, Willi two large Fann ies, on very ruusonabie tenin., at 124 V\ aver l.-y place, near \VUnilltij/lull squurc and SlMli avenue, with full or partial Board. References exchanged. A HANDSOME Hl'lT (NT BOOKS ON SECOND FLOOR, lo let, separately or together, wilh full or partial Beard iu a private houao, with all the modern linproveiiwiits Terni* moderate. Aiiply nt fti West Twenty-sixth street, be' tweeu Broadway and buth avenue. CCOMMODATIONS FOR F'AMILIES AND SINGLE gentlemen lu a new liiHt class house ; rooms furnished ui iinutniiiihed. Apiily at 34 Weal Twenty-fourth street, h.' tween Broadway uud bixth avenue, near the Filth Avenue Hotel. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN OR GENTLEMAN AND wlii can have a pleaainl and nicely furnished front Room on ihe'aecond story, with Bomd, m a respectable fa nnly, on moderate terms. Dinner at mi. Apply ai, ftS East Twenty-eighth siren, near Fourth aveuue. FEW OENTLBMBN OB tiENTl BMAN AND WIFE, miy obtain plnafaui Rouius ou il.iru lloor. In A A .?iieie lucre are but .nw boarder*; dlnm r at (i o clock. Apply at .No, West Eleventh street| near Broadway. A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARI ORB ON the llrsl floor ..t a tlrnl elans house. Also i'arlor* wltti bedrooms attached, on *eci nd and third llooi*, with Board 1./I' lamllie* or single gentlemen. Apply at .So. 20 Horn A WIDOW LADY-ABOUT. SEJTL1NG IN A VERY .?V healthy village, 200 mile* from UiIm elty, would like t.< lake IK" ur three ki ?*> n person* or children to bunrd; a lino a.a .cuiy in the i "I'lm ther inlorioaiiuucall on or ud dress Mrs. Crosby, SI herond str. cit. t ?KUK.M II LADY-WEI,I, KNOWN IN NEW YORK, wishes 10 Hud a good home and Board. :n a tan.l . where Instruction on Piano and French would he considered uh eijuivalelit. Address B., Union sijitare 1'ost oillec. A NY PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING FINE ACCOMMO JV ilatiuns for a select parly of lour or five friends, will mo. t with d< sirable o> npants by adilresEing 11, b ?? 2,Stil Post olllee. Full or pari al Board required; location must be good and positively tiu others lakon. AQENTIiEMtlt AND LADY OR ONE LADY CAN have a pleasant furnished frc.ut Room and Pantry, witli B .aid for lady. In asmall pnvate family, with a widow lady, In Thompson *treet?235?coiner ol Amity; gas and bath In the house. A TTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN H0 ^\. tcls and boarding houses.?'i'Lcie is an establlshiuent opened al 110 Maedougal street, the rooms being laid out in Hull* ami furnished \vl:!i everything necessary loi housekeep lng, in order that a family may have a complete home and Ii> e in an inconceivably low rate. There is a restaurant at tached. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OH A FEW SINGLE gentlemen iau obtain pleasant Rooms, with or without lWrd, at 163 Prince street, a 1'iw blocks from Broadway; ait>o u tropt or bark Parlor, suuaole lor a physician. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO RENT, WITH BOARD?IN A private house, with all thu improvements. Inquire at 7.1 We?t Twenty second street. Relcrenees required. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO LET A SI IT OF ROOMS, handsomely furnished, to a gentleman and lady; board lor the lady; partial for gentleman if r ;wired; all tiie mo citTii improvements; family siuvll mi i j .ilvun ; no other boardr rit; location plea?aiiL Apply at 0i> East Twenty-llfUi s tree?. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OH A FEW SINGLE GEN tlcmwn can be aecomniodatt d with ni e Rooms and full oj initial board. H< tand cold water, bath, Ac. D'nnrat G o'clock. Call at 14* East Forty-elghtli street, between Second a id Third avenues. 4 i'IUVatS FAMILY."rebi'Sino I*NWEBT TWENTY J\ second street, would like to m< et with a p?ily ot iwo to Ov.*:?ipv ii large Room, with fine < lo is a:.d every lonvc nience. Auuress box tod J'< s*. ullU e. t FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OE A GENTLEMAN 1\. aud his wife can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and good Board. House contains modern improvementa. Location desirable. Apply at No. 10 Fust street, near the Bowery. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND U.\. Co?'i to let, with Board; also one Room on the third lb air. Dinner at sU o'clock. Apply al 125 West Fourteenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FEW ROOMS, jl\. single or in sunn, furnished or unlurnlshsd, board. fhe house in si < 1< >h, has ait the modern improve ments, and very pleasantly located, at 145 West tlueenih street. I pleasant, WF.LL FURNISHED ROOM, FOR A p'T on of qui* t ha: its, will be rented by m s null famil> ; a bo one or two Bodiooms. 42 Uuiveisiiy place. A furnished FROM' RECEPTION ROOM AND j\. Bedr< m adjoining, on the hrat lioor of tV- English basement house 21 Second a\cMi'?; suitable for a Physician's of'.lce, or lor a ladv and gentleman; K"s and l).ith. A LADY AND HER daughter, HAVING A LARGE hous**, just bel >w Uuion square, in a desliaNe locution, w oul i lik?- to make arrangem uta with one large or two iinaii families for the winter; private tables if desired. Address Irving, box J,7o5 Post olil \ LAHGf AND elegantly FURNISHED SUIT OF j\. Rooms on he ttrst ti' <?r a' No. - W-si Tw nty-hiih stivet. corner of bioadway. Piivat? tabiea l'uriiiflied li'pre ferred. Also a Suit on ihc second floor, beat ot reference required. BOARD.?ELEGANTLY furnished or UNFUR. msiied Rooms, stylj h French table; frst < lars house an I | neighborhood. French and English hi -ken in the family. li?fht references required and given. Call at No. 1 Livlngat,0u plscc, Stuyvesant Park. Board?and choice of neatly ki kmshku Rooms for the winter, with a so. lal private lamlly, for Singh' gentlemen or gentlemen end their wives. T'smsin accordance with the times. Address X. X.. box 1,155 Post Ollice. ? Board?for a gentleman and wife, with large second story front Room, closet, hot and ofi water, pantry, and bath room, jj r week; back Room.sam^ lioor, $7; third story j<?.nt. $8; single Room, $3 60, in a brow n stone house, l.'iti East Tliirty-Ufth street. Board?vsitii furnished apartments for latijil.e,- or'ningle gentlenio.ii, ean be procured at No. j Fourth avenue; a most desirable location: gas, ami all the j mod* rn improvements in tue house; cai s aud stag?s p'tb? the | door. HOARD.-BOARD WANTED.?WANTED, U0ARD FOR I i> thie peiJM.ns, in i k ieah Ut loca ity ami h*>t ciit^.i fan I- I ly, rootna not ab -ve se? r-nd story. Price not to exceed fcoO p ?i month. Addre*h Gordou, box H*-*r.??d ollice. Board.?an opportuniiy for one or two gen lien.en who wish iu eugage board for tini winti r, Is no v ?.pen,in the Seventh ward, in a private family, where soei 1 and pleasant s?ie!ety can be enjoyed; references required, ('all at M Pike street. Board-?one or two single genti kmkn will tind most deHirable w inter ac^ommtaiHtloiiK, with a^mail u.uili, o eupyntf! a newly r rtusUeu Enft.idi !um ineiit hot f Iir2 V\ est Thirty-slxih kiic t; hoi and ? In wao-r, u>>r- in the Rooms, and bath on tin mh o n- . Teim very moderate. Board.?a gentleman and wife and single gen omen < in tuul neureide Rcoins, with ll< arn, in a smali lainuy, at il.>VYesl Fourteenth street, between Sixin and S< v nith avenues. BO A KD.? GENTLE IEN AND THEIR WIVES OR single gentlemen enii o'. tain n a !> furnlHhed Rooms, with lio.tra, at 2i3 W e.t Fiinenth strut; al>o a nit of Par Torn, unfurnished, on the. that lioor, to le-, with or without I. Board?a small family haying more room 1 Uodi they require, Would let a hnmlHom iio??nv or hull j ot It" ins, on the second G?? ?r, toalu.y ami gentlt man, Willi > l.oaid I n the lady, very moderate. Address A. L. ! H , Ni.odaou square Post ollice. Board.?a gentleman and lady or two or twice young genth im-n < all l?c aceonmi'dated with good . jioj.r i on re.isonabiy terms, with Bat k Parlor and Bedroom, ii tney umoao, at 32 Wu.oughby stiect, Broikl)n; coiive nlent to the cars and City 1! ill. Board wanted?in a private family, from November I to Ala.., by a small family having a home of their own in thecoun.rv. Location must be .move Four teenth street. Addresa for one week M., box 1,^J5 Post ofllce. Board wanted?a gentleman and wife de .ni 'B<a.rd and Lodging in a quiet, rcsner'table family

for thu winter. iiiti g to pay $30 per month, iucludiug J^e and gas. Address box ioo lieraid oflice. BOARDING IM) LODGING. nOAHD WANTED?BY A lady AND GENTLEMAN, .1J link; (I i'??r the Luiiy only, in a pleasant location, where ail the romf'orts of ? ?| ,if t home can bo oujoyed. AddrSbsJE. L. W., box 1U6 Herald oiliie. Boakd WANTKD.?IN A HIGHLY respectable German or iVench private family, where English is spoken, for a lady; none lull those can furnis'u lot* beat aeeouim.da lions ii? i-d answer; the beat of refci\DC? given ana reumrod; the we?t of the city preferred. Address T. A., Herald olilce, for two days. Board WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN, wife AND child, two yearsold, want an unfurnished Room, with Board, in i r?n?kl>n. Private lamil) preferred, and board not tocNcrr., $3per Wf?k. Addrcs* J. A., box itU7 New York Post om e. I)oard WANTED?BY A widow lady AND DAUGII .1J ter, in h good nation and on 11?? i ?? ,te terms; ahe Las sullleient furniture to furnish sevt ral Rooms, which ah# would like in lot m nan j u n.< i> . . t o-? nces exchanged. Addr? a^ for throe da\s, J. E. H., Hera d illce. Boarding.?single on married persons wish. ing good Boaru urn! ni e Ko< uis, in a uio Uiu built home, in a reapertabh nei.d.Uo, hood, will please cull at West Thirty-tilth street; balh und waahtub* lie?. Chil dren no objection. Boarding.?a suit or rooms, or the entire l'loor of h handsomely n nMied house In Fifth avenue, be low T\\i t) -t1. i: 1 - * ui i>. U t, wit it 11 ar.i, t - a gen tleman an I In.; wife, or u tarn, y, Address ,J. P. T., Madison Square Posi olllce. HOARDING.-A (JK: tinman and wife, or two or tin ? ?? :>,.!?? g'-nth in"i, i'uiy be pleasantly aceommoda* ted w i n it ?r%l, at i uli.'on street, Brooklv n. convenient to Fulton . lid '1 Kitii'.n, f\ , rl. r>0AT<D1NG.? ITEMKHED OR t Ni l K'NlSUED J I loon is !o let, with or without Hoard, at >?4 Tenth ati oet, v ?. m l ir.-t ...line and avenue A. on the moat n as??i.a lo i-m is. The house has all the modern improve ments, g <s, l>uth. Ac. Boarding?near Broadway and fourth Mhvet?Rooms furnished or unfurnished. 'I'o those furnishing, a liberal deduction . House haa all modciri ini omvements. Dinner at six. References exchanged. Apply at 715 becoud avenue, corner Fourth street. "BROOKLYN.?TO LEY, with Hoard, a LABOl J J Room, containing hot und e.dd water, closets, .K\, to two gentlemen, or a lady and gentleman; bath on ssrne floor; also, a Room tor a single gentleman; dinner ut 0)4 o'clock. Apply at 108 Clinton st reet. Brooklyn ?furnished rooms for gentle. men, without board. Apply at 14 v lit ever place. Brooklyn.?rooms to let, with or without Roan), for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, at 134 Court street. BOARD IN HROOKI.YV- NO. .V II hi II STR*:i-.T. FIVE minutes' walk ftom Fulton lerry. A gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, In a private family. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?PLEASANT ACCOMMODA lions, with all the of a genteel hwuso, can be had, on moderate term a, with a family residing tive minutes' walk from South ferry. Address G.,*bux lu Herald oilice. pOARD IM BROOKLYN.?MARRIED OR SINGLE Ji g^nthunen can be a-? i!nmodat? il with pleasant Rooms, with or wnimut liedrooma Hliached. Good neighborhood. Convenient to all the ferries. Terms modfrale. Apj'ly at 47 Concord aireet. Board in bhooklyn.-a gentleman and lady, or two a?n<;l<' genib nien, can be nc. ommo.Uied with g?>od board In h urivate family, within live minutes' walk of Fulton ferry. Dinner at ball-past six. Apj ly ut No. 'JA High street. Board in Brooklyn?desirable rooms to let, with Board, suitable for a p' litlenian and wife or gentlemen, within a few minutes' walk of either Wall -ir et or Fulton ferry. D.nner at halt past six. Appl$> at 24 Clin ton street. Board in south Brooklyn.?single gentle men, or gentlemen and their wive* ma y be accommo dated with pleasant Roomaand Boards 'l'M\ Union street ; rooms either furnished or unfurnished; houae contains all ihe modern improvements. Teruia low. Board in south Brooklyn.?first class ac comniodation and Hoard to bo had in a handsomely fur nished house near Uie South ferry. II >t and cold water in all the rooms. Dinner at Apply at 94 <'oni?ress street. Board in south Brooklyn ?a new kngi.and family, living in a l'ir*i class house, 114 Firs! | la' , would like to taie n family or thr**e or lour mh^.c &-ntlemen to Board. Terms to suit the times. Board in Williamsburg.?a gentleman and wife er two single g?? .tleuo-n can be a .mioodan d with B?'ard in a private fa oily, lft7 South Ninth street. House with all the modern improvements. Brooklyn heights?a large, pleasant second stnry Room, with pantries to l<-t. to a yentlemau and wife, at 243 Hicks sn cet, i.oar ferrnta. llous? first class, bath, gas, furnace, Ac. Dim ei at six o'clock. Rcleiencea exchanged. CI HEAP FURNISHED ROOMS CAN BE HAD?WITH ) or without Banrd, at 4f!7 Cauul street, near II :ds< :i ut. T\RESSMAKING OF AI.L KINDS AND FAMILY SEW 1 J lug .. i urate',y done at short noti< ? ami on the most reasonable terms;* !so, a neatly furnished R? om for a voting lady. Inquire at 61 Sixth avenue, near Weal Washine'ton |?<qoe. T^LEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS?F<?R GENTLE Hi men and their wives, and finale Rooms for ^end- men, si No. 1 West Twenty-fourth street, opposite Filth Avenue Hotel. Dinner at six. IUMILIB8 OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN FIND AT tha lurge and urst class hoi.15 Carroll place, corner ot Blcecker and Thompson streets, very ].'.: a.<ant Rooms, in suits or single, with tirst cI*?h Hoard, by iippJvinu as above. IJ1RENOH BOARD-A FRENCH FAMTLYCAN AOOOM ; commodate a gentleman and wile, ? i a party of gi-nt?e* men, with nice Rooms and tiist class Board at moderate price. Apply at No. 10 West Thirteenth st, near tilth avenue. JlIRfiT CLAS8 BOARD WILL BE GIVEN TO THREE single gentlemen, wilh two we-1 fuimshed Rooms on third Uoor, comrounicalir.g with each other, for 11 .V) each per week. Dinner hour, e1.; o clock. Lo* at on, Madison ave nue, near the square. Address T. N. L., Ileruld ollice. Furnished?a neatly furnished back par lor to let to one or two sin;rle gentlemen, wi.bout board. Inquire at 143 West Sevent"entn Ftreot. 71URNISIIED apartment TO LET. 7 A t 712 Broadway. IjlUKNlSIJED ROOMS ON SECOND AND TlfJUD ' ilo rx to let to nfi't or two gentlemen in a private .'a mil". Gns, bath, .Ve. Inquire at N??. 5'J East Twelfth Ktr? ut, b< - tweeu Broadway 41 x. I Fourth *v?uu#. Lefcrences ex changed. IJ1URNI3HRD ROOMS, WITH BREAKFAST. IN A ; s; rl tl> private l uuiiy; house. rep' u; with modern im movements; mveuient to ears and .?*?Appiy at 4* W< t Seventeenth street, between Fifth and Sixtn avenues. T rms moderate. ?J.UT.N'l^HED BOOMS To LBT.-A M'lT OK UJtur, 1 r airy Rooms to bo. let, separate or touotber, wiiiem' Baud. AIho au OflUe suitable for a physician or deutiBt. Apply al So Boud street. ClUKNISIfED ROOMS TO LET TO GENTLEM1 in J? suits or separately, at 37i Fourth btreet, near La.; ette place and Broadway. i'; RNUUJED ROOM TO LET?A NEATLY . R ISHED 1/ if- o n 101? ijoiitj. man and v 'e or <oujileo( In^l ;j'eut: ui?'n, with partial 15 >.?rd? The house is a thre ? storv brow n atom* fr- nt, with all the modern Improve;,enu. would ho li t <*u reaeonaldo terms to a party who wouId stay the win ter. Will ^ive privilege to (!,?? parlor and kit* hen. Call at 191 West Twenty seventh street. l^URMSHED UOOMS TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN, Jj without Hoard or with Breakfast only. Appi> at 7H Lex ington avenue. ( ^ KNTLEMEN WISHING TO M \KE TllE^R A T.'RANG F V.J moots tor a hom ? during t?.?- winter can Mult tiiouiS'dve with p'.eisant Rooms, newly neatly furnished, wit ? Hf.*r at jjs| Fourth street, b? twecn Bmtilwsy and IJ ?wery. Referemes eveli ? 1, /I ENTLEMEN BOARDING I I' TOWN. AND PAYING \T high pileeM for poor acof-i.-Hi 'datloua, \v:ll find at N >. 80 Win;' > i .et, one east of ii;?<?.i ?way, j.l R<,om?, a ?ooJ table, g-'M, baths, and eyr rythlm- a > in ur Hive home an p..risible; terms reasonaMej reieienetjs required. /GENTLEMEN DEMRJNG A COM TOUT ABLE HOME \JT with a p ivat I amity, can o>tain pi nsant, well fur nished Rooms, on re i-on..bie teni.*, by apply,n,' a h3 Wes*. Twenty-second sir et. Private table It preleiied, Refe rence* exchanged. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?with Board, to a party of gentlen^ n. in a (German private family, in Sixteenth s'rent, r ar Fiftn avenue. Hommo first cla>s?. References exchanged. Audrest* 11. R., box 1,278 Post omee. n'.NDSOMELY FURNISIf ED ROOMS TO LET-IN suits or separately, io ^ ntlemen, w ifhout Board, ?t with breakfast only. Vpply at 311 Fourth street, second block west of Broadway. UOME WANTED?A YOUNG SWISS GENTLEMAN, being at present without a situation, is desirous of o. - taming ii ^',r?d home in a re#p eta >1^ private Amerlern fami ,y; Ije w. ulu likf to instruct in Freneh and (J -rman in part payment of his board. He' t of references Addreh.s box 026 New Vork Po?t oilier*. HOBOKEN,?PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS ON . H'-e ?nd llor r io i? t. v.'ith ]? ,ar l. at 21 Hudson terrace, li? si bi??ek lrom the ferries. Bath and t?as. MAI BON MEURLEB, 70 AND 79 WEST THIRTY . eig*itb street.?Rooma, elegantly furuUhcd, or whol? !i ?.rs, with kitehen, reilar and ) id. IIounos? now, lirfc-t ela--, four st*'?ry, brown stone. V. ils furnished. Whole parlor tioor and basement i??r i hysiemn's oiliee. MADI60N AY EN I K HOTEL, CORNER OF TWENTY" seventh >'hii ac- r-mmodate a lew peimamu;! boMideih '.vnil go?- i Ri.omH and ^ood^ Board mi ni 'i' r. prl es. A New Knglund landlord and .New Euglaud s.yleoi C0i kin^. \f(). 51 WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH i> snd Sixth u'.i To let, with ie ai.l, ? lur^e, plea? b i.t, well lurnish ? t iw.iom, '.vta lar^e panir t s, on m ? ond (K)or, ill a house p'ea... o tied and la..Jig all the m - Uern iinprovt im i:ta. Dnin r at G. Terms\er> moderate. vro. 3 WEST T W E N T Y- FOI * R :T I STREET,?TWO small B r" in:- to let t<? Siii.;ie ;;--n;le:i ? n, in a lir^t <-iass house Witu nil modern a eommoda>i"UM. Dmn rat six. ONE OR TWO COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS U) let for gvntleincn, w? ? i >v;tiiout | ain 1 Board, in a private fanny, w neretheie are wuly a few ooardcrs. In-piire at Amity htrect. pLl AM, v FURNISHED R04 M TO LET, w IH J I'. a"!, in genii.-in' n aod their wiveh ??r si?;g,e gentle men, at 240 West Twentieth c.r.rt. Dinner at six o'cio. k. qtudents* hoarding.?tiirke students can ^ i?e aecouimoduie<t with tin be-t <u board by calling at No. 180'East Twenty?llrst street immediately. riMIE FARItlSIl HOI hE, 1C EA: i II ilM'ON STREET ? 1 Large pal .or Beuiooll.s a - l . lili_ ??? B< .. o .11. f to l?-t on reasonable terms, and .i In n. Basement, teuiiublc for all otller?. rpo LET.?TWO HANDSOME l'ARLORB, WITH MIR X rors and elmndeliern, furnished or tin umi he ;, wnhor without Board; also I,i. .- k r. ,l iimun.-; i^ob!Uh . a^eiii?*nt home con;ain:n., all modern impiovements. Apply at Wo. 14 West Ninth street. rpo LET?TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, A NEATLY JL furu'shed front R .om ami Bedroom, run ''a'hiuomal joining, where the comforts ;? home may be liud, as ? o other boarders are kept. Breakfast if required. Apply at 20 Eighth avenue, vicinity of Abingdon square. BOARDING A M> LOTGITO. mo LET WITH GOOD BOA !> ro \ MIDDLE lOBO X gentleman and wife, tl ? second Floor, containing large 1'iout roan, w 11ti rwtsu for a bed, ami a lar^o rem* room, both well lurnished, with bathroom and closets. li?>t and cold water, gas and tire included, !??? ><?<) per mouth, In a highly resj>.?. u, '.eighboi !i ? ? I. ronvi'iiinii to cars and stage* to any pun of the city. l)nl> ? v\ v adult Americans In the fami ly. br*idr-? ? a vant. N-?. l.ildreu. No other boarders. Re faiences ? vv.haityiMl. rail between 10 ami 4 o'clock at 2J6 ? West Twenty second strec;, until ?U fi waei, Wednesday. rpo LET?A SUIT OK FROM TWO TO FOUR ROOMS, X unluini*dn ?t, for a gentleman and wife or single gentle men, In a n< w first? .?->* juwn stone l ronfcs iiuiitc, \x I ti all the modern n ??.?, in J*exim.ionavenue, near fiftieth ?ireft, a priv.te famd.. . i.|?> inu tin- r- si d tin- house. Rent l??w to Baiisiat tory p..ruc .. Address 11. C., box 110 llerald oillce. rpO LET?W ITU OK WITHOUT lit) A It l>, TOCETHEll I or separately, a veiy im.i Hmi of k. oms. at M \Ve?-i Eleventh street, near Filth a\ nui". tioue is urst da*# iu every re* peel. Relcrencrs exchanged. VERY HANDSOMELY Ft UN 1811 hi) ROOMS, IN 81) 1TB or separately, Inlet, with H '"ird, on reasonable letinn, lu a desii ble locution, hri*i n University place ami Broad way. Apply at JW Clinton place. WANl'Kl)-I.V BROOKLYN. NOT OVER TEN m ndnu'es' walk from Pulton ferry, iu a private f im ly wh ro there ate few or no other boarder*, by a gentleman and \s e, i front or b- k K < in. with g.'is, hath, .?? ; full lb ai d for lady, and Breakfast for kentleinan. Ail u< mm, Mat ng "inn (whh h must be moderate), N. 1. A., Brooklyn Post oillce. \IT ANTED?BY TWO <?E NTLKMEN, ONE PABLO It u and om? or two Bedrooms, with oreaktast and t?u or dinner at night. Location between Twelfth and Tweutietu Ktre1 t?, a::d Third and Sixth avenues. Private families, w i te there are but a few boarders, will please address, stating p.?i>i ulars, Mr. L., bo* 4,148 Post (di ce. IjlTAN TEI>?BY A UENT1.EM AN, A ROOM AND Y i Breakfast, If convenient, in u bouse with a lady; where there are no other boarder.* or children preferred; comfort preferred to eh gaucc. A !dregs, with lull particnlars, It. M., ll< raid otlue. v<k> ?CHEAPEST BOAI'.D -NICK ROOMS, WITH good Hoard, $2 Li* to $.> per week and upwards, latdies and familicipiiuited very low. Nice Parlor, with Piano. 1H Lisp* nar.t ureef, near Broadway and Canal; aUo Watch man. Lodgings cheap. OQ TO $ld I KR MONTH TO GENTLEMEN ONLY?A <PO Lime furnl?hed Room on second floor, suitable |\?r two g'utlcmen, In ai quiet bouae; genteel location. Apply at 17 ^t. Luke'* place, Leroy street, between Hudson and il?'d ford utrretK. (i ASHI ANI> PLAOB (PERRY 8TRBET), IN A PIRAT vlu?H private house, with all modem improvementa and fine loca i n, two well furnished Second St ry frout l<?<nns, with wi without Board, to let. Possession given Immediately. Hole rente* given and require I. Hill STREET.?NO. 1M WEST ELEVENTH STREET.? A beautiful 1'At lor, on first or second floor, one single Ko mi, containing inoicrn improvements, uh-ely carpeted and t urnlsln d, to let reasonable. Good location. Dinutr at t>. Refer* ucett exchanged. T rt WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, THIRD DOOR lt> from llrondway.?I' ? let, to a winkle gentleman, with or wlthont partial HoirU, a large Roum hutidsomeiy furnished; the Ikiusc ban all the modern iinprovemeiits; no boarder in the house but a Spanish gentleman, a professor. "1 r BOND STREET?FINE FURNISHED ROOMS, IN I ? / suits or s!n?,l.i, on the second, llillM and fourth Mount, to let. Breuklast aud teA 1Cdesired. F?rst class house in every respect, and a very central lot atioii for winter. OATH 8TRRR*.?DR8ULABLE Rooms, WITH BOARD, ^1/ for gewtlerhen and their wives or single gentlemen, on moderate terms, at M Kant Twentieth street, between Broad way aud Fourth avenue. 4>*J BRKVOORT PLACE, TENTH STREET.?PURN1SH Z<o ed or unfurnibhad K :oms for faiuillcs or single geu tleuten. References exchanged. i) I UN1YBRS1TYPLAOB. CORNER HtNTQ STKKKT ? X Elegantly furnished Apartments en suite, with full Hoard, or private t*Me If preferrtvl, to let. Also very desira ble single Room*. House furnished with all of the modern improvements. Reference* required. | EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEXT DOOR TO Broadway ?A small family will accommodate two families <-r a fevv single gen lrmen, on moderate terms, with all the modern improvements. Rofertuces exchanged. *> | ST. MARK'S PLACE.?A HANDSOMELY FUR Ot nlshcd Suit of R muus, "ii the second if orot a first class h > >se, to let, ttlth lull o? partial Board; also Rooms on the third Hour, for slngfl* geutb men. References exchanged. Off AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?A LADY t)cl l aving aken those two newly furulslved brown stone houses. Is prepared to receive famiden and gentlcim-ti, with or without prlvnte talde; most beautifully at muted, between Broadway aud Tilth avenue. References exchanged. OQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenues.?Ele antly furnishe ! Rooms to let, with Board, mi table for gentlemen and thMr wives, or for parties of sltnje gentlemen; house lir-t elasc location one ol thv? most convenieiit. Dinner at six. Rcieieuces ex < bang? d. M FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN BOWERY AND SE : cond avenue.?to h t, with full or partiul Board, a handsome front Room, to suit gentleman ami wife or two single geiitteincu, win all the mode, n improvements. r 7 KAST TWKNTY EI'1HTH|STREET, NKAR FOURTH 9j I hv'i nm1.?A tine large Room nil tli** second Moor, and one on the third, i 1 rIiIh for gentlemen ami their wives, < an bo Intd, wnh Board. Also, one Room suitable for two single gentlemen. References exchanged. 71 WEST TWEKTYTHIRD STREET, BETWEEN I JL FMV.i and Sixth avenues ? Booms furnished oruului nished, with Board, suitable lor families or single gentle men. Terns moderate for the locality. # Referent es re quired. 7Q 8PRINO STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD I 1) wny*? \Y..r prices, To lot, several handsomely fur nished Rooms 10 tingle gentlemen. Locution Ik n-iir all the first class hotels and place* of nm linemen t. Reading room free. Inquire of ANoON HOU8J3. Q1 CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?AN U L entire second Uoor can now he obtained, **n ani:e or Kingly, with or without iirst class Hoard. Helereiiees given and required. Q*J GREENE STREET, ABOVE SI'RINO?AI.S r< >N ? 'O 11<mi.-i' - .11 ;: i il mi it* ???' Kooms, \vi'It t;aat L'roion water a i. . i tum for housekeeping #r.o nomi 'illy; part ?mail, respectable larrviiies. Resit 1<#. ||(i fWAYKRLEY PLACE.?HAN ' V FUR J 1'' nished It'"'him, on second and thii.i 1 o >r<, for innr re d ui ntleiiwn. Al*o Rooms for single vm!eue m T*ims mo lerate. BatLhroorn, ynv, a. d ail re<jul?ute ruruodilhns for ihe 1 inning season, to suit nrht das* boar i?? 1.. mBLKECKEIt STREET. WEST OF AM? NEAR Broadway. Pleasantly furnish' I Rooms J with ? r n I'll >ut Board.* hi unit? or in suits. M ??:? I? si r\ *? ; . II . s if desired. Transient board era accommodated. J. r.hyi pi* .; uni and font! at. 14)7 CHRYSTAR STREET, ONE DOOR AttoVE J ^ I Brume s.t?,*,t? Furnihlie i L ?? m- to iet, 1 !i ? r w; 1.1 wilt Hoard. Alao a few ladles can be, aecomm 1 ted with Board. 1 OA TENTH STREET ?A FEW SINGLE OENTLEMFN J ?M* ciiri be accommodated with very pleasant Rooms and good Board. Terms moderate. I>in:ier at si x o'< lock. Also, a co;n 111 odntions for a lew day bo,.riers, Hr EIOHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE ? ) place,?Furnl hed Rooms to let, with or without H iiir.I, to gentlemen nnd their w ives or to gentlemen only. R"!ei cnc 's exchanged. 1 r/j PRINCE STREET?ST. CI.AIR HOUSE.?ELK J ?)') gantly furnished lt-ono*, with Bedrooms h'I.i he.I, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, in cludm# gas and Croton water, to let to respectable fatuiiiea or single gentlemen. ml,EXIN(J'ION AVENUE.?Fl EN/SHED PARLOR - and Bedr -om, n a. wi.d lloor, ?>r 1 la,;e Room on third iloor, will bo let, with ilreakiast and Tea, to one or two sdng.c geiitietm n. OAfi WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?FIRMSHFD iiUl) Rooms to lei, with Board, for a ntI"io.i 11 and In oi ly ; also for single gentlemen. Dinner at C o'clock. Refe rences cxehanftid. ELM STPEET?JA<'KSON HOUSE.?TilE M()ST eomior.alny and conveni* ? f.irr-died Apartmen a in tin ? ity. to meet the wan'4 01 sin: ii Lunilies, VMtiieviy re-pi i e furniture, ( lean lin^n, to. king range and utensils, gna a*.d Croton water. 7Q < BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THE NEW YORK I *) t II -el -De (i.Mo Parlor* with Bedrooms .. d, to !? t, for the winter season. \ " ?? hed to .li ? iiou. e 1- a very supe. or restaurant, tinsurp' s ?! in 11;?? ? .ry, with 1 ri< e< suited to the times, fveiy atteirmn paid to the comfi rt of th' S. patronising this establishment. HOTfiSii* 4L0TON HOTEL AND BOABDINO HOUSE 686 HI D j^V s??n sire, t, c??rm r ot t'nai l' H. Rooms ?ui . ido lor Murrie.i <r >iu^le person^, in suits or singly, at lr?un$4to $0, for single persons, and at from $7 to $11 for married, iu ciuding Board, gas, Ac. T. LAMbEKT, Proprietor. |>A7NBOW HOTTCL, HI AND .H BEEKMAN STREET.? J \j uu the European plan. Furnished Rooms, for families r single gcmlonien, very low lor tiie winter. Me .Is at al h ours on the most reasonable terms. Lodgings 2j cents per night. WHITNEY HOUSE BROADWAY. CORNER TWELFTH if h p'et, eonducte l on the European pl.m. Suits and am;,1c Rooms, lit extremely low prices, to correspond wnh the pre ?nt times. H. M. BENNETT, Proprietor. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C.. \\ ANTED. HM KN1SIIED ROOMS?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, IN L a piea?ant location, a suit of five or six well furnished Rooms, w ith every 1 e.p.iMte for hous. k? epinu except linen and able ware. Address A. (L, box 708 Post ofllce. I\"ANTED?IN A PRIVATE HOI SE, ABOUT FOUR ? ? Rooms and Kitchen, for an invalid lady ami servant. L ? aii' n w? ? * t .side of the 1 ity, near .-omh avenue \ relerred? not al?oV'- Fourth street, nor below Spring. Address S., box 228 11 era I I o lice, with particulars. WANTED?BY TWO LADIES, FURNISHED R00MS, ?? With privii Mt'.' of'-ep1!).;. where le* n| - ii music would r ? eiv< d a whoio or p *n p ?? nent. B? .. of rci'i n ? ,,-ven /??of required. Adur^.s VV. E. L., box New York Po- oil! e. UrANTED?A SMALL OR A PART OF A NEW HOT'SE 1 . New York or vicinity, a small family <u adults, well l(KAt?'d. All tlie modern conveni'nee.i. Low rent. State. 1 nil paUic.ulars and address M. C., box 16- Herald office. \irANTED V SI'IT OF 1 : K OR SI X DESIRABLE VV Rooms, in a private house and good l??ealion, smUii ?e for hons'-keepin.', tor a small iarnlly h<dwi? 11 1 I: I . nd .urnuu.t 11 J smith "1 T? n >-.ifili ?'rr't |.r. .. r:. d. TV nil* must Iim iii.iileiaio. AtlJrc'HS fc. L. A., Ht'iald VS'l Kl)?1(V A KAMII.V <T TO Ki:K i'KKijOMSl A I'.ir. ..I 1 ho .?.', nbuiit four unfurnUnr I U.x.n.t.; |M uid water, ?nd noi -o. to up town, wii . t! m .1 > an -.1. V l.lti'J, I ""*> Hnornt, box 2,'JOSNewr l>..KUlttl.U __ _ URANTED TU IIIKK-IN BKDOKI.YN, Nl'.AK Kl LTOW I. n ., u .ni.iM II .?>?. I" 11 ?""<1 uCkImm.iI.-ki.I, by n re kiiunaibl.' |*anj. Kciu i>"l l<>? k. ??? <t ia>l A->lr.'?i*. tailing full iii.i-l.-i.Um, wli. ro boii?t Is Mlualc.l, At., 0.11. 0., bui 1711II -nil.l offlon. \\'\STKI> TO III HE?r.VFL'RNISICHD AI'AKTMEN'M Y> for i.mall f?unily, Aildrm v. it. u., Unmld .m ?, ... mi", lr'.*hti -ii .11 ! n fi 'I i'. s. ? i, t on .it' til.- |i! i'mi..i'i,. l.' iii t" ?( "hi' terms, .v . ic ik h.I au.wer unkHs tbi'y fcne a full tlenoripUun uf preml*c9t Ac. riHAROIAli. Atlantic savings, en ini.ot squaku. Ol'K.N DAII.V. J>?po >lt*- from 25 < ent* to $5,'jOU received. Hi* |'i*r if id In I'1 m 41 allowed l>i*pi>MitM nmde liefnre Ui'tol't i '.!i? draw lntrreat uh from lit. 11 l>. VAN PELT, Piealdout. JOKKI'll P. CtlDI'KR, Sool'L'tu. /iiiitTirmn claims on t? ir: war and navy de V' ]UU tiiii'Mln I'.mheil by JOHN U. MlUHAY, Street, o|'| 'Hltr i ho Po?l otlk'o. / 1KRTII'l Kl> OIiAIMS AOA1NST TIIB UNITED STATUS * ' ([iix- 'iif ni iu?ln <1 on lil>. rat teinie l>y ULANCIIAUU A CO., 2i William street, battinent. flUlIRD AVENlE KAVIXCS BANK, X Corner Third a\cnn. in.I Twenty flflh atreet, KM. SIX I'EK CENT INTKItl'.sr , I mvi 1 on all mini* from out* tn oio*'liotiHHua riot In i m, l>i:.i '.UTS MADE on Oil III.KI'UK 31.11 ot.lOHEIl U ill, DUAA 1NIEKEST KltoM ot To It Kit I. 1Juii? iiu?ii dully from lOtoX Alao on lh?* evening* of Moinluv . \\ ,'din'a.t.iy ami Saturday, from G to ft. KPKNCER K. tjUEEN, PreaWent. STKriiK* S. Cwi ns, He. retiuy. UNION DIME SAVlNiiS BANK, NO. ?2'J CANAL Sl'lUSET, i oRNKR OF VAttlCK. Open dally from In to ?, und from 5 to 7 P. M. Sin Per Cent Interest allow il on all attins of fLSOO and under, und l-'ive Per Genton tar^ r uinount*. Dkto.hits maub surouk. Octoukk 'Jo win. rtoi i ?? i ? ?? -t . i a Tim lir inst. t'lllS HANK HAS ItEt lilVKD ON DEPOSIT DUKI.Mi THE PAST 111# MONTHS (mi. ?1-1 as. i: V. IIAUOIIWOUT, PresldeuU Uahdnkii s. CiuriM, 8?oretary. Compt'a Female reelln die. In,', ul'li aeroll, globe, dr.; aliip and steamer In dlatunre. _ METROPOLITAN HANK, New York City. View of sunrise. 1000 Female with apear fland shield; *1, globe, Ac. Specimen frorn Hotlgea'An e ican Bank Safeguard, des ilblng every genuine not#* in America. Knowing the tru* bill, yfp can detect the falae Price $2 JL). M.> ltl Fulton street, Publlaher Salaguard und Hank Note lleyorter. i)(\l\ WANTKP, $2,:oo, FOK ONK WEEK, IN i<" m/# putiing forwnrd an enterprise that will yield a certain p.obt ..i nearly one hundred per cent a month. No aitenta need apply. Addreaa Enterprise, care of Dr Pear* si n, &'<) Broadway. ?9 Knn WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN. NOW EN gaged in the IT. s. *er?lee, tire*re* to obtain ti.!.? amount upon nis House an I Lot, valued Ht $12,0(M, wish* ing to |ea\? ine anmo for (he support of hla family, inert* yatf'* now on the property for>it>out $7,.*W*) Addn-ax box 126 llernld ofllee. Additional IxmdHmeu will be gkven. LOAN OFFICES. AT 77 BLKfiCUtR 8TBEET- MOSBY lalUKKALLV atlvauced to any amount on diamoatia, watohea, jewel* rv, pianos, HeKarw, dry ?o<>dn. ,i?-. S. B.?Pawnlmikera' tfeketa bought. H. N E\VT0N, 77 Bleeeker atreet, up Ntaft i. AT NO. 4S OX0AE amSKT.-OLD IBVAILUBBD OF tioe.?Muiicy advanceti on diamond**, wan hen and jew elrv, or bought lor <a?h. Htrictly pirate and mm.dontul. Ol'l gold and ail'v?T bought. L?. .JACOiiS, Auctioneer, branoh otn?e. 407 Broadway. Advances made on diamonds, watches, jew elry, and other meroUaudi-c, or bougut for <^&ah at full vahie, by J. S. COHEN, N??. 3M bl udway, corner ot Duanf htreet. l'arti.-n viaited at their reaideinei if desired. All bu^tnHMM Ktrietly c?mibl?ntial. No loen oihce algus about tho pretuiaea. Ann TO ADVANCE, BY HENRY HYX4NJM 9 Broadway, naun No. 3, tn Wiit-lu's I)!a tnondrt and men handitm of everv description, from $1() and upwaid-**. Mercbanta tn want ol money will do well to call. Bualiiehtt Htrictly eoniidential. Til E WAR* AT A REOUIiAB MEETTNO OF THE MEMBBBS Of Compnny B. Sixty ninth regiment N. Y. S. M , on Fri day evening, 11th iriataut, at 42 I'ttrice atreet, Un* lollowing preiimbleand ieaoliiti?<na were unautmoiuly adopted:? Win r?-an, learning with unfeigned regret and di^aiitUfao Hon Unit our former captain, Thuitiitii l/iub, Ksi|., baa ten dered bin leHiitnatbm as enpta-u of th h eompany; and where at, that by Captain Lynch withdrawing 1'roin our n?H<>elatlon we wouhf lone a good and d? votod ( Ul/?*i?, a goo I dlK? lplina* rian and an honorable atid hiuh-iuiiided gentlemen, and a true and trustv Irishman. Be H therefore Keaolved, That, In conoMeration of the ab<ive fa^ta, a eorn mlttee ol a"\cu membera of thia company be appointed to ^alt upon Can alu Lynch, and re?p est him t? withdraw bin resignation, it auch resign it ion ha ? been tendered. lie olved, That the f? regnm,' preamble and resolution bo published in the Sunday Herald .toil Irish American. Committee.?Sergeant 1'. Doyle, Sergeant VV. P. Ilogera, Ser eant 1*. Nevina, Joseph Murphy, MatUiew Beirue, Michael ilyan, 1*. Caatelio. S? rgcaut OEO. CANAVAN, Chairman. Sergeant W. P. Romans, Secretary. A SWORD, SASH AND BELT For *ale v? rv low, ua the owm r haa no further uae for them. Please adunaa Sword, bok 175 Hern Id olllce. N OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS BETTER III AN A pound of cure. (Jet DERKOM S PORTABLE COTTAGES, OR ARMY HUTS, preaci ve the lite and health of your lriendsand mako them comfort ?bb*. I'rb ca i,?i.h?* from 40. to 7W eeuta per squire fiNit, Sixea and atylea to auit any fancy. For in form itn n apply to A. DEHlluM S Steam Carpeuiery, Pater aon,N. ?). /MAVALPY, C VVALllY. ? I II I KLN YOl'NO WEN "7 wante.i, for a well organl/.ed regiment, already pre part-d to <ake the fa-Id. Liberal compenaatlon will be made. Addr a box New Yoik l'oat o 'i? c. A nEADOVAllTERS SIXTY NINTH REGIMENT N. Y. H. M., .New York, October II, i-*01. At a nieeiln ; ..f the Board of 0:1 < ?*ra, held at the regiment ill arnioty, J.?8? x Market, to roi.-ider what action sh? uld ba taken in r?k'ai?i to ti.e remarks made by Thomas F. Mej.gher, E>'p, ?n reier? nce to this ieglui4ant, at tlie A<'ademy of Muaie, on Sunday, Oe o' ? ri?. 1HI5I. the !<dlowing pr? amble and re?o luiiotis were niiauimotisly adopt* 1:? \Vher? ns, Tb< n h Kn?n< Is M? i?hcr, Esrj., In his orntfon at the A<at!ciny ol* Mu le, on Suud ?y evening, October G, l.-M'-l, made cer'.ii :i r un u ps r? 'o -tin^ on the el;ara"ter of the olll ceri. ai t' ii" ?i.b'-ra ol this rr^ie ent?ataiing that alter liia brigade leti New York there would be no Sixty-ninth, end If a rcglmcrt p.traded under 'hit numfor It would b* acoun terieit a d n eomnian<led by inip<?*tora. The la- tani>?ami lie must 1> t c Known ti?eio?'.hat most ot the oflleers in tho Sixty nl' h roglmcnt New Yoik State Militial?a\e been l??ro moat, .nd bt i!o :r exertions, and at gre it expenae, have per feeted an Irish inillUiry orgaiii/ation wh!< h haa proved itself a credit to :he city and an lioin r I > our race; and that these v ry olllcera, at the llrst c.ll of duty, lett their allt came fornard?some of tie in under heavy pecu niary aaci4l..:ea?without hop? or expectation ol either making capital or t - befer their ol re urn stance a. Their doni/a arc n- Jore the country, and they are satislied with the venli.-f, bttt tleern it necessary to defend tho organ./utlon ih"y r- pres .I from, to say the least, the uu geni'ious iis| ersfon- < ns? lu'alust it bv tin Ir late eompaiiiou* in 1 rnij, tlie above el .p.i lit o ator. Therufore bw it lles?dve?;, That while it is nvi u j rl-:?? we s< t? /mr country men forming an IrMi Brigade. l"i : be prot? ctioii ami | rc.s< r vation <?:" our r.lor oiia Union, w hilt; we hope an 1 i xpect ft w ill .'n;i.'ate the deeiis of ihe OJti Bi'l^ Foiitciioy, and add m w lustre to the Irlah name, we i . pi I the baae calumny atieun 'e l to be < aai upon the old men. -ci m of the regiment, who .? ' .ires, Ian . \ lb-* or bo d < ?nnectioiiscompcl them tor* main. And , e,tker, fpun w .atevci motb . , whether of mallet , sc.f-u^ audUi no nt, ? r Id for populhrlty can Injuro the nam ? r impair th 11 ig ol t le Slxtj ninth r ment N. V. S. M. IleaoU-ed, that the olfleera of this regiment lling back with umjtia11"i"? l h orn the tal.-e, ungrateful and base was. i tioi.s ot the apeak r as unn- c aa:y, uncalled for and un true. By order of the Board **' 0!i.v? rs. Major JAMES BAG LET, Chairman. IJeut. Wit Ut n.ini, S?r reiui \ pm t?*m. OUR I NION FOREVER.?FALI< i V FOR Tl'E IRISH Jiri. a . ,m\iy-iiiiith, or Fira. r nimeni, to be ri,mtnand <i by Coion.d N.i ;i-nt. Company I o: i ds r ..In eut wants a few ni' re abb* bodied men to ? orn| b ,f> tlie - ripany. now (piartered at Forf S' linj l r. Y u., in ti w ; to join lliia apiei.dnl <?< p?, Will have to i.p'i!. Mom dlan b . at 4i I'rinco .???leer, l.'UCi ?.by street or at it??; t . t in th Park. Capti n, 1 hoto ?? S? aiiUn ; Fir^t Lieute'iant, William Fogarty; Second 1,1 -i t. ant, J. P. Morris. ^ITLER 8.?SILK HANDKERCHIEFS?SPECIAL DR. lO tlgn.s tor the :n my. Every <oi? Ii*-r nee Is th u before winter. < > ! i ?* 11 ? *n iinkii* imi Sutler*- inuKt be arvompanietl with the ? ey, ui "H th?v will i ?? f;n'lifiiily fiIi* d ; ml for warded. RAiI.l.Y it SulTlIAKl), 27 Park pl? ee. S<t TLER WANTED.?A PARTY HAVING A SUTLER'S O app iiutiikt ni in a line re^nu *nt ? f eav.i'.ry, want* a part ner oi ti,?' nnht s rt, with *?.nu-*. Rare opportunity, t .?II iron. 11 to .'5 at ;u Pino street, room No. 7. rrENTH RECIMENT NATIONAL ZofAVES, COLONEL I John E. Ii ii !lx.?11''H<?(i'inrt** : k 4.4) Bio* 1 way.?Thin re-uuent, now in the limd, i* rfccruitirut up to inaximam arf%.i'i. 1,048 men. AtVw im,: " !? r.n:h waMlH, R"rniii*?t ?h a H>n as iniiPti'ird In, huv? a H|*i?? /aniave unliorui given them ml immediately forward.-1 to F -rtreps Monro**, wh<T'' the ;eminent ia n<<w stationed, doing ^arrtaon duty. Lieu?. f'o1oM? I Alex. 15. Eider, Quar.en.,a^* r A. Se. 1< y, re Giuitiiu otll< e. rpo THOSE ANXIOl'S To GO TO THE SKAT OF WAR, 1 now 1st' ?? time to enlist in a hrat < a?M regiment, now btatb !.*?<) ti W*. hinglon. \ few mm w 11 >? ? re'-elr* d f< r the '1H1RD REG1MENT E\< I-.IjSIi >11 (SICKLE#) BRIO ADR. Colon* 1 MIL ON T .Yl.Oit, Commanding. Pay, $13 per month ami r In f for <miii>s. Ka I -us ami pay eommenei f ii Homing. I miftediat ? ;ra importation *o the seatol wii $l?X) bounty wll I be j> ul ?m* h i an on Mm lain* )i"i onibly <iis< ii;!iu??d. Each man vvi.l ?>?? provided with two k itc of uniform. ?U0 Broadway. Lieut. PENNoc.W U[KITED STATES MUHTEJII N? ? OFFICE, 79 WII 1TB fc;i' *'t. O fober ft, iMil.?A*; mi ' th-?t p army on !??*? erni lng hervi- a for region nt- in the l- t wishing to h* ml forward retails, re list mak? re?p i*ui.,n* for tr??n*po**t?tlna at ? i . offi'-M b' lor? 3 I*. M., a* a *p<" ial t ain wi! ? de k|)uf<??eeh day at 4 P M. I). H. SACKKT, impeeior General,.Colonel IT. S. A., Mustering oiie< r. ITNITED STATES VOLL.STEER It Rf G A DE?SCTLEIl J want*--!?A man with 11 om "?,?**> to $x,'*>0, to join a aut ler hum" ; a ? Iv; none n* ?-d applv but auch mm have the 111o11' \ i;ow n Int.d, and on fin >f?h the very best of relc r?m-?*. Ad-m ss Arau? I, Heraid otfi'-e. \ 4 r AN 1 EI)- -E N? JIN1: KK SoLT?I E its, COMPRISING V? in - liHiiirs ind in * I-nt lii?o..*r?, for Hi m . r? ami iirrern < r the r'^ army; the m t? niiint b? uble'it, ii"t ov? r ;j.) vi?ai s of a^*?, abb- to read and write, ami uiider k''<nd tin* I ir ground rub a ot arltl mi't!c; t? rm of en'i t m?*nt, tiir? ?' ymn; pay, from $iii to \ I, d- |" a-uuij on ran'c attained hy II '? t M'l I -oI'Mi-rlv C'-n I?;? .; n ? ? ration*. In- 1, quart'-ri-. ??n-ihin/, medk'ai atiendan- ?, and the oh ilbounty. Aj niv da' v at No. 5 Bowling (jre*u, thiid lloor, b<-tw?*n A. M and 12 M. g. A. UILMOliK. Captain of Engine rs, ti lted Mat .? Army. \\rANTED?IMMEDIATELY 25 OR ?n AHI.K HODIED ? V me i, to till up Company it, or fh ? D Ep.n??oil Z a- ? 4. A Inmnty of will be given t<? ea k nun on hi* en wtn? r.\ Apn'y at 12t> Leonard street, in the ??mt ature, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M., on M- ndtiy. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-* C\TABLE SFC ).Vf> M Lieutenant, for a company in tin; D'Epineull Zouavr?. None m ed a| ply uiiU m.s* i , \ ?u ? -.It thirty-hN mm m t? u dnyi*. Apply a 120 Leonard k: toi l, In the ?ptrit ?tore, iroiu 10 A V. ' U' M , on .M n t ?>. OM MEN WANTED?FOR A COMPANY IN A REGI ?d\j ment under marvhing or nici'h, iui* wh.cli the hivt>e?t ml -e will be paid. Adureaa J. G. D., t)T5x S,o&i PonloiUce, COilti. /<o\I. KLD ASH (I'EAt !I OU' II v RD), LEIIIO'I v; and L ?- nut Mouutai i w.vnri purr at tci. - at loweai n ai ket i-ri ? a tr t?i y <i ?. b, .y - s p?*i ton 1 ! toui boa In; A?- o. L..?rp?d Ouv ami Lit 1 h Cannel, " Uio hi hi qua ities, at curr? .u i ' . l.ENKV REEVE,? ?rucf of Canal aau Centre au?l coin? i of Jan6 and \V??t

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